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Slocan Mining Review 1907-01-31

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 ������?   \
��������>. j. . _W.     A   ���
Devoted to Adver-*
tising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sc^tItQ-,any adclress,
for ^-r ~u''" '���   a
If you seeTTOrTthe
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 33.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Jan. 31, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
New Denver, It C, Jan. 1)0, 1900.���
3. A. Macdonald will never forget his
Visit to the Slocan. Whatever the results of the struggle of Saturday next
will be, it will be indellibly engraved
on his memory that a Liberal crowd at
a Liberal meCing at New Denver, rose
en mass and cheered lo tho echo, Wm.
Hunter and Hon. K. MeBride. This
unexpected outburst waa no contra
demonstration. It was a spontaneous
outburst of public sympathy from both
Grits and Tories for the man who, it is
recognised, will best servo the interests
of the Slocan, irrespective of politics.
Gallantly Mr. J. A. Macdonald smiled
graciously on the sea of faces, for he
knew that as much as they respected
him aa leader of the party to which they
belonged, they had decided to support
the strongest candidate and albeit the
choice of the people.
Mr. J. C. Harris opened the proceedings as chairman, and briefly related
his opinion. A Mr. Thompson then
stook the platform and boosted tor Docksteader. The audienro suffered on in
silence. The climax came just as Rex.
Ii'eOonald, a Tory orator from NeLon,
wne about to speak. Rising suddenly
from the body of the hall, an enthusiastic Libeial raised his hand and called for
three cheers fu* Hunter. The denouement was sud lcn and startling. The
uHielieiiee arose as one mau and roared
their good wishers, and even " the ranks
of Tuscany cjuld sources* forbear to
cheer." Without interruption, the
meeting then went on, ami J. A. Macdonald delivered a spec h hinting an
hour. His remarks were of the stereotyped campaign kind which he has
gained so bad a reputation for throughout his-stumping tour. His points fell
on baircn ground. The electors of
(ho Slocan are wise enough to do.their
own thinking. He icalizcd that before
he had spoken five minutes, but he
valiantly kept up his tirade. The audience gave him a most practical
answer, by rising at the conclusion of
his speech, and again cheering Hon. R.
Mi-Itride and the conservative oandidate,
Win. Hunter.
J. A. Macdonald and R. F. (ire-ii met
on tho public platform at Kaslo last
Monday night, and the result was the
inevitable extermination of the big
lawyer man with nothing but wot
powder and slanderous hints. To the
satisfaction of the large audience Kaslo's
late member nailed the Vancouver
World's latest lie, and literally wiped
the floor with the Liberal's champion
traducer. Like a nun with a four Hush,
the enemy of labor drew to the Kaicn-
Islund-Mrs.-Jimmic-Aiidersoii bugaboo,
but it was chilli's play for the late
Chief Commissioner of Lands end Works
to dispose of his adversary.. Point after
point he 'made which laisud the enthusiasm of his supporters and antagonist* to a high pitch. Macdonald is
���sorry he went to Kaslo. The Conservatives are greatly obliged for his condescension and timely assistance. *
Perhaps the limit fooled man in the
country will he Archibald Hone I lock-
���leader on Saturday night next: Nobody is taking him seriously, and surpassed giggles do not have the effect of
daunting his zeal and cock-a-doodle-doo
confidence, Archie will go down to
posterity as a brave mau although some
peoplo fancy his bravery borders on the
Docksteader has been foisted on us
by a syndicate of Nelson politicians who
desire to get strings on the Slocan tu
pull as they desire. Yinir is another
poor unfortunate. Kdltor Deane of the
Nelson bladder desired the nomination
for hogtown in the worst kind of way.
He didn't get it. ��� The columns of his
paper have not yet been thrown open
to the advantage of Dr. Hall, the
Liberal candidate. The reasons are
obvious. That's Deansey; that's his
jyliticn. He and his colleagues hope to
��� Wirow the net out and secure Ymir aud
the Slocan.   We shall nee.
The slau that Mclnnes gave labor
while at Ronslanri a few nights ago is
having a telling effect all over.the Province. ' Midlines being tbe mouthpiece of
the Liberal party, his Utterances can
well'be taken as the attitude of every
J.jlie*riil candidate in the .province.
According to him. the Liberals want to
In* independent of the Labor or Socialist
element. In view of this, how can any
Liberal candidate expect to receive the
votes of the working men ? ���       '���*���'�����%.
The Nelson News has strings on Mac-
donald's travelling scribe, for wherever
he goes he works the wires ad extremiim.
The hot-air he peddles to the Nelson
Howler is so ridiculous that we are
tempted to discredit the rubbish.
Whilst hero ho kept the wires hot, nnd
among other stories he forwarded was
the fatal accident to a man in a mine
near Ainsworth. Tho News has it
" Man Killed at Sandon." The article
also wired which appeared under the
caption of " Macdonalds Private Car "
was a puerile attempt at cheap heroics.
" Macdonald missed train connection."
Rubbish I There wero no train connections to make. " Macdonald walked
the ties to Throe Forks." Wonderful!
A three and a half mile stroll on an
excellent track. A good conservative
here offered to hitch up his team and
drive him elown. He declined becauge
he urged the stroll would do him good.
"Macdonald was carried to new Denver
on a palace band-car in the face of a
howling snowetorm." Rotten! The
snowstorm was purely imaginary.
"The meeting here iu Deicksteader's interests wns a great success." Now,
wouldn't that jar vou?
What do the decent Liberals of British Columbia   think of the  situation T
The  managers of  the   party  have sur-
tendered to till! Ottawa machine.   The
machine  has   imposed upon   them the
leadership   of   a   discredited   and  dis-1
graced political adVOIlttlier, who hns ah-'
solutel\*non|lieri|iialificationi for leader*:
ship than thnt he  ii  *'nn   expert"   as!
" a liar and a slandvrcr."
The quotes are not on IS, They are the'
testimonial of ths Liberal Toronto Globe i
to \V. W. II. Mclnnes, nrd WO suppose |
the Globe shujild. .know. something !
about it. _.
As illustrating the general coiirensti"
of opinion M to Doiksteader's chances'
next Saturday, a well-known authority!
made the break on Tuc day that he
conld'nt believe otherwise than that
two of ihe gentlemen whoso names are
on Docksteader's nomination paper
would vote for Hunter, It's a cold, cold
world, and poor .Archies will understand
the moaning of the term " cold decked"
in a few 'tours.
All the talk in the world will not alter
the opinion formed as to the outcome in
this riding. Hunter is tho man unquestionably. The fight now lies between him and Davidson, and the
people realiza that the Socialist candidate is playing a losing game. The
Slocan needs a representative whose
every interest ii bound up in the future
prosperity of the Slocan. This talk of
distress in New York and London does
not affect the Slocan one iota. We have
troubles of our own. Mr. Davidson, the
Socialist candidate, is a man of conviction, but to say the lefst, wc belicvo
Iuh convictions are far ahead of the
timeB iii this country. It ia up to every
man to think (or himself. Hunter is a
man who has proved himself a friend of
labor ou many occasions. The money
he has made for a competence was
earned by1 the sweat of his brow. His
investments in this country arc our investment*. Unless the Slocan goes
ahead, his returns will be nit; the same
cau be said of every man who has anv
��� e, ����� * .1, ��� *
interest in the couiitry. Hu admittedly
knows the! nee-ds -oft'the Slocan better
than any man. Ho will devote his energies to the upbuilding of our staple
Industry to get action on his own money
invested. If he succeeds he helps us all
Hy protecting his own interests, he pto-
tcciji ours. By fostering his private
interests he fosters ours. Wc aro all in
the'same boat. The Slocan is being
depleted of Its p^iflc ���JWy dav because
capital will not Come iirto'deVciop our
properties. Are we all to wa!k��.put
because capital has not conlidencc
enough to invest in a country whose
ligure head is a Socialist politician ?
A man is no enemy of; labor when ho
disavows Socialism. Helmsthcgloiious
privilege of using his ' franchise to the
dictates of his conscience without let or
hindrance. No man dare say that
William Huntor will not protect the*
interests of the workers of the Slocan.
He is pledged to do that. Uc has done
that when no' pledge was,necessary.
Your vote in his favor Will he the
stepping stone to better terms for the
riding. He's out for that. Working
men, be just to the man who stood by
you in the dark days of strife. Bjw-k
him with every confidence,   .Vote:
Twin Cities Play
Good Hockey.
New Denver skinned Sandon on the
home ice on Friday, by five goals to
three. Hut the score docs not represent
the true aspect of the play, ns the game
should have concluded four all. In the
fust half it was 100 to 1 that the Lucerne boys pulled out winners, but the
second half bad the spectators guessing
until the final tootle of the siren sound-
eel to emit scrapping, from the preliminary lace oil" to the call of time there
wns uo semblance of rough play, and
the game must go on record as the most
gentlemanly exposition of tho popular
pastime which was ever witnessed in
the Silver City. The game was extremely fast and the exciting episodes
were not expected and therefore enjoyed
all the more. The spectators wero unbiassed, and any individual or combined
piny of the visiting seven wns applauded vigorously. The game opened sensationally. Thirty seconds from the
face-oil', Denver got through and put an
nee in the hole, and the pressure they
kept up for the next 15 minutes was
fruitful of three more goals. Shortly
after the whistle sounded the half time
Snndon was able to get through by the
aid of Langille and Cliffe, nnd although
it looked all over bar shouting far Denver, the crowd stayed to the finish. At
the resumption, a reversal of form was
noted. Sandon went out to bring down
the scare and win if they could. Langille at cover point was a team in himself. Time after time he eluded the
vigilance of the opposition and took the
puck to the mouth of the Lucerne goal,
but that custodian was a defending
unit par excellence, and he kept his
citadel intact for some time. Snndon
was going some and the Lucerne boys
Were forced to adopt defensive methods.
A beautiful lift by Langille from the
���15 yd. line whizzed past the Denver
go .lie and the crowd grew more than,
interested. In two minutes more Langille* was up again and another goal was
registered which the Lucerne custodian
had no show of stopping, Billy Cliffe
then showed some of his old tlmo vim
and by a nice piece of combined work
between him, Purley Wnffl and George
Hope the Denver goalie was sorely taxed
to save his net. Sandon kept up the
pressure, and six shots in less than HO
seconds we're cli verly saved by Kennedy.
Promt, ni.ee clear Cornwall got away
and easily bi-at the Sandon goalie nt
close quarters; rive to thrco. Not nt all
discouraged the Silver Citv hoys threw
themselves at the defence, ami it was
little short of marvellous that tho goal
remained safe. 'I ho call of time still
found Deliver on tlio-jdefcnsive.
Result: New Denver 5, Sandon t).
The features of; (he game were the
sterling sportsmanlike qualities of all
the players and Hie whirlwind play of
Stan. Langille.. This player is a new
acquisition to.'-the home team, nud
beyond question ha was the finest puck
chaser in the game*. Rutherford, whilst
not showy, Was solid nnd reliable, and
stubbornly contested every inch of the
ice as point player. Billy Chile played
like a man 'in.love; but he woke up at
the.linish arid rendered yeoman service.
George Moir should have been put on
the fence for vigorous slowness, and
Will Tattrie would have clone better if
the puck hnd been a eurlin' stane. For
lhe visiting team Cornwall was perhaps
the most conspicuous figure, but the
work of the cover and point men was
excellent. Kennedy, the Denver goal
keeper,^ 's�� the smartest custodl in we
have seen for many a day. His clears
were clean and faultless. At the conclusion of tha game rousing cheers were
given for the hoiire and winning teams,
and thv referee Norman Ilurlhurt, was
also honored iu the same way.
The following were the teams!
New Denver. Sandon.
M. Keniie* ly,       goal W.  Tattrie
,T, Byrnes, ' point Rev. Kulherfoid
J. just, cover point       . S,, Langille
R.Cooke, j rover.     ,'.,   G. T. Moir
J. E, Cornwall forwards ' ' P. Ward
R. BTueniner * W. Cliffe
C. Macdonald ��� 0. Hope
���*. "
Nyw Denver turned.nut on  manse til
witness the return match on Monday
night. There was a record attendance,
lind When referee Fisher blew his whistle
'for the fun to commence there was
scarcely standing loom. Now Denver
immediately began toattack, and following up their tactics of the' previous
match, scored a'inost directly.
Sandon were kept on the defcnsiie for
some lime, und Denver speedily added
another iroul to their credit, but .when
the.whistle for.half lime was sounded,
tho score was 4-2 in favor of Sandon.
Recommencing n gre*at change cume
over the game. Sandon played the
game of their lives and made rings
n/ouiid their opponents. Goal after
giial was scored and when the whistle
���sounded lor the finish, the game stood
Sandon 10, New Denver 2. Of tbe play:
.els iu the Denver team no particular
mau shone above his fellows. The
backs division were perhaps the motet
conspicuous in the second half, but
without (titration the.Denver goalie was
the hardest worked hoy of the bunch.
It was a gentlemanly grime, mid the
spectators wire distinctly impurtiiil.
For the visiting team Cliffe and Bloom-
lield were  tbe -tar men,   Lungille was
too e-iosely tsetifced for bim to create
any furore. Conil)inittion won the
battle. AM refcre'etM��. Fisher gave
great satisfaction to both players and
spectators. At tbe conclusion the home
team tendered a banquet to tho Sandon
lxiya at the Newmarket Hotel.
The line up was as folio***:
Sandon New   Deriver.
Rev. Rutherford goal M. Kennedy
K. Wilson point       N..I.%rnes
G. Hope cover J. Jost
H. Langille rover      It. R. Cooke
E.V. Bloomfield forward* J.E. Cohiwnll
W. Cliffe A. St. C. Biindle
P. Ward ,..    C. McDonald
The New Denver nxjflrey team desire
us to publicly express} their appreciation of the excellent spread put before
them by Wm. Bennett, pt the Reco
Hotel after the- hockey match last
Friday night. The funds of the local
hockey team were never more regally
drawn on.
Sam Watson, of Silverton, was ��ut
at tha Sandon goal to act. as umpire.
Rev. Rutherford was the goalie, and
therefore Bain's remarks at sevornl
exciting incidents will never be chronicled. Oh, iluar, oh dear; when Sam
afterwards learned that his goal-keeping friend was a parson he went searching for Captain Clifle wilh a wild eye
and a football itch in his right toot.
It is regrettable that in every country
there nre so many who pay such little
attention to the real issues before the
people in election contests. Sotn* ere
governed by political traditions, only
voting Grit, Tory or soino other party
simply liecauso their ancestors voted
that way, never considering that in
purely provinci.il matters these party
names have really no significance. They
wore adopted in Canada in the days of
the old Family Compact, when tho
Tories thought it was their first and
prime duty to support tho wishes
of the governors, who but too often paid
little or no regard to the wishes of the
people. The n formers of those days,
of whom the Grit party is the illegitimate oHVpring, labored tinder Haldwin
and Lnfontain lor Responsible Government. With that secured there is no
reality in the party name. '
Others agaiii vote the Conservative
ticket because they belong to the same
locf'-o or society, which of course is a
There lire still others who go ns their
neighbors go  on  personal grounds or
because l,be*v   make something   immediately out of it, and this h most liep-
The ballot is a sacred thing and every
man entrusted with it should have n
dean knowledge of the politics of the
government of the country, if all parties
that are appeal insj-for support and vote
for the preferable policy only. We are
looking for the inateiiil improvement
lind advancement of the country in
whiedi we reside; ami after familiarising
himself wilh the effects party politics
arc likely to have in'accomplishing
tlicss ends/ the voter who uses his
franchise fronr connection is the true
citizen'in everything that goes to make
up a proper citizenship; ���.-... . ... ,
Our advice to the electors in the present contest is to study well the effect in
provincial iinprovemeit, of the politics
advanced by the several lenders, snd
adopt |hat by their ballots, which com
mends itself to their lust judgment. * If
this rule is followed out by all tbe electors WO will sooner have the nourishing
country that nature, designed Britisli
Columbia to be.
Vote For
Sell-confidciHO at times instils confidence in others, but vainglorious conceit crushes itself. Mr. J. A. Macdonald- -not tub J. A. Macdonald, but the
gentleman who is travelling with him
as hot-air artist and general flunkey���
wss proudly introducing the lawyer
man .with gubernatorial aspirations to
the Sandon buys as the "future
premier." But a Sandon boy " hae'd
his doots," und called the bluff.
" What's that you say ? " he remarked.
" The future premier, sir," answered
the blow hard.
���' When?"
" Next session ! "
.." Gotrany money ?���'.'
"Sure!"  ''And  the  contents of his
pocket were spread on the bar.
"That, all verg.t?"    .    ,
"Yep.". , . '    '���
" Can't Yer pull the "future premier's "ear?"
" Call yer." (decisively.) *
".Go yer. "(decisively.)
The money is up,, and Bob Cunning
is stake-holder. Of course a grit, who
was standing near, had to be funny
snd rcmnik that it was too bud to see
good Sandon money leaving the Country.
It wns after the Spend is t meeting on
Saturday night that the following conversation was hoard.!,), tho Reco Hotel:
"Ah!" said the Liberal mini, thoughtfully, "It's a good thing to have money."
" It's a fine thing to have imagination," said Che Socialist, its he shoved
out his chest.
" And it's not .an altogether contemptible thing to .Jinye tome practical
sense," chipped in a supp irter of "Bill"
To his honor the Mayor and City Aldermen, Sandon, B.C. ',
I have this day completed  the auditing  of the books of the City Clerk, and
find same absolutely correct, for the year 190(1.
Yours truly
-    Auditor.
 , , . 1 __,	
To Interest account  t 823.78   By Trades license aceog-nt....    f 215.00
" Water and Light account.. 61.60   "  Lqtior licenso accouut      2400.00
" Police department  54.50    "   Dot/tax account          28.00
" Scavenging depaitraenf... 119.25    ''  Assessment account     ttyfQjiO
" Firo     dept.      equipment
10 p.c. for deprr.ci.itlo,*,.. 221.21
" Police  equipment,   6 p.c.
for deprecation  8.88         ,
" Scavenging  department 5
p.c. for depreciation  9.57
" Flume account1, 10 p.c. for
deprcciati >n     886.20
** Office, furniture   and  fix-
tttres,5p.c. fordepreelation lft.61
'* Side Walks account, 10 p.c.
for depreciation  B7.26
" Flume maintenance account 181.28
" Creek nnd Crib account... 4.00
" General experse account.. 452.88
" Fire   dept.    maintenance
account  lutl.80
"Clerks office     720.00
" Road improvement acct... 24.80    ;
" School account .-.  327.05
" Health and relief  247.20
"Sidewalks  maintenance... 12.85
" Tax sale expense account.. 467.44
" Balance to City of Sandon
account  1471.74                                                     v
5787.20 5787.20
To Firs Dept. equipment....   | 1990.87 By Debenture account     ���11000.00
" Police equipment  78.70   "  Accounts payable  236.80
" Scavenging equipment... 181.80   "   Suspense account  00
" Plume  account  8050.81    "   Balance to City of Sandon     1!101().2*��
" Real estate account  5002.50
" Furniture and fixtnrei... 878.00
" Cash account  382.57
" Sidewalks ucoount  605.32
" W.H.Lilly  ifo.01)     *,  ,
'��� R. 15, and I. fits 1900  386.90
" R. E. and I. tax 1-901  177.21
" R. E. and I. tax 1902  175.W         .      .
" R. E. nnd 1. tax 1903  1151.84
" R. E. and I. tax 1904  1192.1*
" R, E. and I. tax 1905  2407.7*1
" R. E. ami I. twt 1900*..... 2598.67
25246.W 2524(1.1*?
January 1st, 190(1 to amount Jsnuary 1st 1*306, Ryamount'      **��   :
to debit this date     ��1823,'.86 to credit this date,     ����4774.8K
D.-cember 81s',   to   balance December Slit Bv  revenue
account      18010.26 aceouut  1471.71
26240.12 . 24240.12
Expenditure Receipts.
Salary of teacher, 11 months... .4��60;Otr Ry Government grant'.    8365.00
Salary of janitor, 10 months .. 100.00   ������  Balance   paid   by  City  of
Insnrance ,'  65.50         Sandon      S27.0:
Fuel  .50.00
Water  18.00
ieneral expense, (incidentals) 8.66
892.05 ���.-.*> 892.05
Gr.xnt to Msyor     flOO.Ol
Shovelling snow  75.35
Printing, stationery, etc  77.00
Audit of books  25.00
Fuel  28.50
Clerks bond  15.00                                                     *
Hardware ,  4.85   '                                  .
Incidentals, stamps, telegrams,
telephone*, post office rent
and all accounts not properly clas- ed under any other
heading  49.88
Insurance on Court house  82,eriO
To paid Swan    *260.00 By totul collections    f030.76
"     "   Collector       180.00    "  Balance, (net cost)       110,85
" Printing receipts,..*        10.00
450 00 ������ 460.1111
Salary c4 police, 1*} months ... $'I0U90   By lines and penalties collected   fUTI.SO
Salary of magistrate      100.00,    "   balance, (not cost). ,**���,        ,54.50
Removal of prisoners  12.55
Feed of prisoners  H 60  '
Telegrams  1.95
Man watching 2 nights  4.00                                                 ���'  '
Interpreter at tHal  t.Oil
lucidvntsls ..... 'ft  1.00
���'c i* ( 427.00 #'.00
To balance on hand Jany.'1906 By Interest account   ( 808.54
Sinking fund acoouni:;. $ 400.00   "  Water and  Light account        01.50
General account..,;,..:.. 689.12   ���  lM^.ur,ncei,uui ' ���m(K)
Interest account ,...    -44.76    ���   Mj   ' .,,. (10
"  Police account  872,50 ,. ���                                , ,.J1M
,, ���           .  ����I'X. Scavenging account  450.00
" Scavenging account 880.75 ., ...     , "   V       .              ., ono uc
,. ���,    .   ,.                        . ���   ��..����� Jiredeoarttlientequipmeut 2.12 SO
" Trade license account..... - {15.00 ,, ,-,              .  ,       '          , ,*, ���o
....         ,.                 .    . ���.��������� Flume  maintenance acct. 1M.2!S
" Liquor license account  8400.00 ,, ���     ,        .      .,,.        ��� , , ���,.
,, ,>    , ���". " Creek nnd  cribbing acct. 4.00
" Dog tax account  '���   89.00 ��� .,        ,                 " ,f,tta
., ��� ���"   .       ���'.-������ .,,- ����� General expense acct  45i.88
" School account  665.00 ,, ...     ,   .        ��� , ,,,.,,.,.
"1002 taxes       '                   , 7(M) ," 1'W dept. mnintenauce... 03.60
..!���''���������  I'm " Clerks' salary  720.00
.,   X   ..   ��� ���"'��� *mm '���' HMtlllnprovo1no.it  24.80
...on*.. *' School Bcciiiit  898.05
��� 10lm   ��� ��, rq    " -Health and relief        857.80
" 1(106    "             Sol.58    ,.   ,.,,       ,. .  ,
,, .       , "'..   " Sidewalks     maintenance
" tax sale expense....         12.64          ,s w
" 1901 taxes  8.80    ��� -T        , inn nn
<��� Collected from.Donver hotel 5.00       T*S e"'e C56peU'C  m���
'��� Collected   account,   burial	
Simmons '.  10.00 _ . , ~ta,vi ���,.��
" total cash received during Total r.67^.M
year  5015.57 Balance on hand Dvc.81st, lfiOH. _88**,57>
605lwi .. *�����*-���*
; '++*+++���*++*���***************
t tocnl anb <3enewl.
I'tokeil up by Hutting in Kverynbers.
A deal which will have a direct bearing on the future prosperity of the Sandon camp, was put through on Tueeday.
The Thunder Mountain, situate about
a mile and a ba'f from town, and on
which it is popularly supposed tlnee
well known leads cross, was sold by Jno.
McKsskill, ot Cody, to*J. W. Power, of
Ijsrslo, for n good cash consideration.
Ilie property adjoiin on tho north ther
Eureka, which is owned by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
of Canada, and the Slocan Star ou the
west. It also directly adjoins the Colonial group on the east. We understand that some splendid surface showings have been located on the propertr
and that Mr. Power will put a crew to
work as  wn.ii  as the snow disappears.
Henry Stege, of the Newmarket hotel,
New Denver, is the latest victim of the
" grip " fiend.
Mrs. E. R. Atheitjn and children
arrived home from a visit to Spokane
on Tuesday.
Miss Kitty Hope is visiting friends at
New Denver.
MrB. (Pi.) Gomm, was very low this
week wilh pneumonia. We aie pleased
to report she has made tbe turn for the
Siys the Cranbrook Herald: Tern tho
rascals out.
Sure, there are too many boodlcrs
and shyster lawyers in the Liberal
rnnks seeking election.
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte returned from
a tiip io New Westminster ou Tuesday.
Tbe hospital iserowded with la grippe
and other patients. The nursing stntr
arc working night and day in a manner
which is meeting with the praiso ol
every person in town.
Tom Fox, Fred Erlcltsot), MikeWarjo,
Archie McDougall and E. J. Vaustone
are in the hospital with " grip," Tom
McAllister was n patient, but he has
returned to his home lit Cuily.
Mike Kerlin, who has been down
with gn'p, returned lu Kaslo on Tiietday
accompanied bv his mother and Mrs.
W. E. Hotkler.
Dr. Rronso arrived from New Denver
last night to boll a consultation on
Johnny Cunniiic, who is d-jwn with
pneumonia. The patient is reported
to ke slightly better this afternoon.
Mis. Iteddleston, of I.a'eliier, B.C., is
visiting her sick daughter, Mrs. Gomm.
Jacob Emos, a miner of Kaslo, who ���
is well known throughout the Slocan, wss
killed nt the Pontiac mine near Ains-
wortli list Monday, A missed hole was
the cause. The unfortunate fellow's head
was torn from his body.
K. S. I^nnie, of Nelson, and Wm.
Hunter were billi d to orate at Sandon
on Tuesday, but owiig to the express
not arriving from Nakusp until 11 p.m.,
the meeting was necessarily abandoned,
'llrcr Kafir, of the Nelson Canadian,
arrived as a substitute for Mr. Leniiie.
and Sandon is the loser (ir his nonappearance on the platform.
WalterThomas Mills, tho racialisti*
leoturor who ii known as the '��� Little*
Giant," spo) e to a f.iir sized audience
at Sandon oil Saturday night, in favor
tho candidature of U'm. Pawid.on.
The sky line expri-e arrived to day
live hours and a half l.tc, owing ton
heavy fill of snow.
It is with profound regret we le-
coid the removal from li mu ti
eternity of our worthy eiimin, John
Caldwell, who passed away at the Millers' Union Hospital, Sandon, on Monday night. Mr. Caldwell, it Is thought,
contracted �� cold whi'st assisting tho
fire brigade at the* recent Filbert hotel
bliue, uud not improving at nil, ho
sought admission into the hospital,
where he was found to have developed
pneumonia. He gradually grew worse,
nud the final siruvgic came at 10.80 on
Monday night.
Mr. John Caldwell was an old-timer
of the Slocui. lb* came to this country
in 1*92 and since then hits accumulated
many mining and other interests. , Ho
was an owner in the Chambers group.
As a man bo was a prince, and the Slo-
c.ni can ill-afford- to l-*s�� him.
ft can be safely written that ho bad
uo enemy among his fellow men. His
cheery disposition and willingness to
assist iu nny effort to brighten the life
of any unlortiiiinte member of sociotv,
will long lit! re'lfie in beted. Hits clr'ntli
estnie as .-. great blow to our little fifty,
and We extend cm behalf of the oomun-
ity iitiisincer'cst regrets and condedences
to his grief stricken relatives and friend?.
Immediately after his death, his; sis*
ter-in-law win Communicated with nt
Itemise j.>ir, Man., and also his brother,
W.F., ut Cobalt. His mother, who is
bc-l.ie-ved to be iu M rivale, Ont., has
also been notified of the sad event.
The deceased was :i prnni'iieut mem*
ber of.the local lodges Of Oddfc Hows and
Orangemen, nnd was a'so a member of
the Kaslo chapter of MasoiiB. Tlie latter lodge have utsumod control of the
interment by special desire. It hu.
been arranged fur the tuner. 1 to take
place tej-'uy at Knsle. . ,
.<!jTtt> THE SL(X.AN MiNL\T(i  REVIEW,  SANDON, B.  C.
(Cnqtinued From Last Week.)
wiu-ii sse went te sleep she neve>
knew. She was certain that ber eyes
were rebellious for a long time and that
she wondered how her gray dress
would look after she had slept In it
ull nigbt. She beard low singing as If
lu the distance, but nt'ter awhile tbe
stillness became so intense that its
pressure ulniost suffocated her. The
rush of the river grew louder nnd louder, und there" was n swishing sound
that died in her ears almost, as she wondered wbut It meant. Her last waking thoughts Avere of the "black patch"
poet.  Was he lying near the door?
She was awakened In the middle of
the night by tlie violent flapping of her
chamber window. Startled, she sat
bolt upright anil strained her eyes to
pierce the mysterious darkness.   Aunt
Fanny, en her hnd of grass, stirred
convulsively, bul did not awake. The ,
blackness ot tlie strange chamber wns
broken ever and imou by faint dashes '
of light from without, and she lived
through long minutes of terror before
It dawned upou her that a thunderstorm was brewing. The wind was
rising, aud the night seemed agog with
excitement, Beverly crept from her
..-ouch aud felt her way to the fluttering
doorway. Drawing aside the blanket,
she peered forth Into the night, her
heart jumping with terror. Her highness was very much ufrald of thunder
nud lightning.
The fire in the open had died down
until naught remained but a few glow-
lug embers.. These were blown Into
brilliancy by the wind, casting a steady
red light over the scene. There was
but one human figure in sight. Beside
the tire stood the tall wanderer. He
was listless and t-ontless, aud his arms
��� were folded across bis chest. Seemingly oblivious to the approach ef the
storm he stood staring into the heap of
ashes at his feet. His face was toward
her, every feature plainly distinguishable In the faint glow from the Are. To
her amazement the black patch was
missing from his eye, aud, what surprised her almost to the point of exclaiming aloud, there appeared to be
absolutely uo reason for its presence
there at uuy time. There was no mark
or blemish upou or about the eye. It
was as clear aud penetrating as Its
fellow, darkly gleaming lu the red glow
from below. Moreover, Beverly saw
that he was strikingly handsome���a
strong, manly face. The highly Imaginative southern girl's mind reverted
to tho first portraits of Napoleon she
lind seen.
Suddenly ho started, threw up bis
head and, looking up to the sky, uttered some strange words. Theu he strode
abruptly toward ber doorway. She
fell back breathless. He stopped just
outside, nnd she knew that he was
listening for sounds from within. After many minutes she stealthily looked
forth again. He wus stuudiug near the
fire, his buck toward her, looking off
Into the night.
The wind was growing stronger. The
breezes fauued tho night iuto a rush of
shivery coolness. Constant fllckerlugs
of lightning illuminated the forest,
transforming the treetops Into great
black waves. Tall reeds aloug the river bauk begau to bend their tops, to
swing themselves gently to und from
the wind. In the lowlands down from
lhe cuve wlll-o'-thc-wisps pluyed tug
with jack-o'-lanterns, merrily scampering about In the blackness, reminding her of the revelers lu a famous
Brockeu scene. Low moans grew out
of tho 'havoc, nud voices seemed to
speak In unintelligible whispers to the
agitated twigs und leaves. The secrets of the wind were lining spread
upou the records of the night. Tales
of muny climes pussed through the
e>urs of Nature.
From geutle undulations the marshland reeds swept Into lower dips,
danced wilder minuets, lushed each
ether with infatuated glee, mocking
the whistle of tho wind with uu angry
swish of their tail bodies. Around the
cornices of the Inn of the Hawk and
ltuven scurried the singing breezes, re
luclunt to lenve a playground so ideas
Ing to the fancy, Soon the ulght became u caldron, ii surging, hissing.
touring receptacle lu which were mixing the ingredients of disaster. Night
birds Hupped through the moaning
treetops In search of shelter; reeda
were flattened to the eurlh, bowing tc
eel In silence, aud he knew'this. Vagabond or gentleman, be was a clever
"The eye Is weak, your highness, and
I cover It In the daytime to protect It
from the sunlight." he said coolly.
���That's all very nice, but it looks to
be quite as good as tbe other.    And
what Is more, sir, you are not putting
the patch over the snme eye *hat wore ,
it when 1 first saw you.    It was tbe   Yet Z-*"----*uk  Has Completely Cursd |
left eye at sunset.   Does the tronble !    S�� powerful aie the healing essen
In summer time the wee lambs broose,
Tlie lo-1' lies blue in shadow.
An'  tittle breezes 'ell thy name
To a' the ferny meadow.
Whan inither left me, pair lone lad.
An' a' the war!  was dreary:
Sue kind thou cain'.st to-comfort me
Wi' blue eyes, lat't an' cheery.
atie saw hint throw his iirmsftloft.
tho sovereignty of the wind; clouds
roared with the rumble of u million
chariots, and then the sky iuid the
eurtb met In one of those savage conflicts that make ull other warfare seem
us pluy.
As Beverly sunk buck from tlie crash
she saw him throw his arms aloft as
though Inviting tho elements to mass
themselves and their energy upon his
bead    She shrieked involuntarily, and
he heard tlie cry above the carnage.
Instantly his face waB turned In her
"Help! Help!" she cried. He bounded toward the swishing robes and
blankets, but his impulse had found a
rival lu the blust. I.Ike a flash the walls
of the guest chamber were whisked
away, scuttling oft* Into the night or
back luto the depths of the cavern.
With the deluge came tlie mau. From
among the stifling robes he "snatched
her up aud bote her away, she knew*
not whither.
AY nil storms be us pleasant
as fills' one:" Beverly heard
some one say with a merry
laugh. The next instant she
was placed soundly upon her feet. A
blinding flash of lightning revealed Hal
dos, the goat hunter, ul her side, while
a dozen shadowy figures were scram-
bllug to their feet in all corners of the
Hawk and Raven. Some one wus
clutching her by the dress at the knees.
She did not have to look down to know
that it was Auut Fanny.
."Goodness!" gasped Beverly, and
then it was pitch dark again. The man
at her side called out a command in his
own language and then turned his face
close to hers.
"Do uot be alarmed. We nre i|tiitc
sufe now. Tlie royal bedchamber bus
come to grief, however, I am sorry to
say. What a fool I was not to have
foreseen all this! The storm bus been
brewing since midnight." he was saying to her.
"Isn't it awful?" cried Beverly between n moan uud u shriek.
"They are trifles after oue gets used
to them," he said. "I have come to be
quite at home in the tempest. There
lire other thlugs much more annoying,
I assure your highness. We shall huve
lights In u moment." Even us be spoke
two or three lanterns began to flicker
"Be quiet, Auut Fanny, you ure uot
killed ut all." commanded Beverly
quite firmly.
"De house Is snub to blow down,
Miss���yo' highness," groaned the*trusty
maidservant. Beverly laughed bravely
but nervously with the tall goat hunter.
He at once set about making his guest
comfortable and secure from ihe effects of the tempest, which was now ut
its height. Her couch of cushions wus
dragged fur buck Into the cavern und
the rescued blankets, though drenched,
agalu became a screen.
"Do you imagine thut I'm going lu
there while this storm ruges?" Beverly
demnnded as the work progressed.
"Are you uot afraid of lightning?
Most young womeu are."
"That's the trouble. I am afraid of
It. I'd much rather stay out here where
there is company. Vou don't mind, do
you ?"
"l'uradlse cannot be spurned by one
who now feels its warmth for the first
time," he said gallantly. "Your fear is
my delight. Pray sit upon our throne.
It wus once a bumble carriage pull of
leuther, but now It is exalted. Besides,
it is much more comfortable tbun some
of tbe gilded chairs we hear about."
"You are given to Irony, I fear," she
said, observing u peculiar smile on his
"I crave pardon, your highness," he
said humbly. "The heart of tbe goat
hunter Is more gentle thau his wit. 1
shall uot again forget thut you ure n
princess and I the veriest beggar."
"I didn't mean to hurt you!" she
cried iu cousternntlon, for she was a
very poor example of what a princess
is supposed to be.
"There Is no wound, your hlghuess,"
he quickly snld. With n mocking grace
that almost angered her he dropped to
his knee and motioned for her to be
seated. She sut dowu sueJCealy, clapping her hands to ber ears and shutting her eyes tightly. The crush of
thunder thut came nt that instant wus
the most fearful of all, and It wus a
full minute before she dared to lift her
lids again. He wns stuudiug before
her, und there .('us genuine compassion
lu his face. "It's terrible," he Bitid.
"Never before huve I seen such u
storm. Have courage, your hlghuess.
It cau lust but little longer."
I'QoodnessI" suld the reui American
girl, for want of something more expressive.
"Your servuut hns crept Iuto your
couch, t rear. Shall I sit here at your
feet? Perhaps you may feel a small
sense of security If I"���
���'Indeed, 1 want you to sit there."
she cried. He forthwith threw himself upou the Hour of the cuve, a
graceful, respectful guurdlaa. Minutes
went by without u word from either.
The noise of the storm uiude It impossible to speuk aud be beurd. Scut-
tercd nbout the cuveru were his outstretched followers, doubtless asleep
once more In ull this turmoil. With
tbe first lull lu the war of the elements Beverly gave utterance to the
thought thut long bud been struggling
for release.
���Why do you wear thut horrid bluck
patch over your eye?" she asked, a
trifle timidly. He muttered a sharp
exclamation and chipped his hand to
his eye. For tbe first time since the
beginning of their strange acquaint*
anceshlp Beverly observed downright
confusion lu Ibis debonair knight of
tbe wilds.
"It bus has slipped off," be stammered, with a guilty grin. U!s merry
insolence was gone, his composure
with It. Beverly laughed with keen
enjoyment over tbe discomfiture of the
shame faced vagabond.
"You can't fool me!" she exclaimed,
shaking her linger ut bim in the most
unconventional way. "It was intended to be a disguise. There Is absolutely nothing the matter with your
He was speechless for a moment, recovering himself.    Wisdom Is concel"-
transfer after dark?"
He broke Into an honest laugh and
hastily moved the black patch across
his nose to tbe left eye.
"I was turned around In the darkness, that's all," he suld serenely. "It
belongs over the left eye, nnd I am
deeply grateful to you for discovering
the error."
*T don't ..pee nny especial reason why
you should wear ir nfter dark, do yon?
There Is no sunlight, I'm sure*."
"I am dazzled, nevertheless." he retorted.
ll'o  Be Continued.J
Mazooindar   Opposed   to   Hindu   Emigration   From   India.
"I hay written to every prominent
newspaper in the Piuijuub, advising
th-* editors lo use every effort to stop
the emigration of Vindu-T to British
Columbia. My report to the communities of Bei"--| that sent me here to investigate will be of exactly the same
This was the remark made by Mr.
T. C. Mr.zoomdnr ot the University of
Allahabad, who has been investigating the conditions ns iiffeotine,' emigrants from Hindustan to this province for "some considerable time,
writes the special correspondent of
The Globe at Victorin, B. C. Mr.
Mazoomdar is an educated Bengali,
who came here to look into the prospects and circumstances of the Hindus already here, and of the many
who had hoped by selling their farms
i ees in  Zam-Kul; thnt in some cases
which have been pronounced beyond
I relief tbey have worked complete
i cure ! Such an instance is just re-
I ported from InvoTn.iy, Sask.   Mrs. J.
M. McCormick of that place, says:
I "About    seven years    ago my    face
broke   out  in    rough,   red    blotches,
which burned and itched nnd smart*
i ?d in turn ulniost beyond endurance.
j f commenced lo try every known
I remedy I could get for face and skin
I troubles.    Some of them gave a little
relief, some none, bul no mutter how
. much   I   used them,    as soon as    I
went    out    the trouble    started    all
over Again,   I consulted doctors, and
tbey told me there, was absolutely no
euro for me, but that I should have I    History  repents  .���lelf.    The sensn-
to  wait   until   I  outgrew   the  disease,   tlon  over the  new   battleship   Dread
"Finally  my  husband sent    for    n I nought,  which can outshoot a d out
supply of Ziim-iiuk.      We applied a I steam  ��">'   other   battleship   afloat
small'sample to a smnll patoll oi the ' and  for that  reason  would pro e sin-
disease.    To our delight  the portion I Ble-hanrti
treated  with Znm-Buk    very quickly ! "���*- P"*
healed.   Wc then obtained u propel
supply,   ami   began   the   Zam-Buk
treatment.     1   am   now   delighted   tc
etute   thai   after  having  used  n  few
boxes,  I mu free from the old trouble1
ind completely cured.    I will neve)
It is no wise to love sue weel.
An' iliou eae i'rave an' tender;
But whan thy blue eyes pitied me
"f was a' ane holy splendor!
It is Wise to keep the Nervous System in
Full Health and Vigor by using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
An' I but tent thy father's flocka,
Auid  Angus Donald's laddie;
Sue meanly elnd the bitter wind
Sweeps through my scanty plnidie.
I matin's weel try to gain a star
As thy sweet lips, my dearie;
I matin's wee! try  to clasp the cross
Of gold en Kirk o' Mary.
-���Garnet Noel Wiley.
Science   ot    Naval    Construction    Advances Ranidly.
elnnjiorous oppor int to
navy of nny othei jowrer,
is almost exactly paralleled by the
excitement created in IWO owing to
the Inuneh of the French iron-plnted
frijate Qloire.
Her armour wns less than four
inches thick. A third-class cruiser
of   these   dnys.   therefore,   would   be
long ns I live, and to nil who art
tr&ubled with skin eliseases in an)
;'6rm, I would sny, waste no time
in obtaining a supply of Zam-Buk.
Since proving it in my own case, 1
invc obtained n supply for an olr.
lady who hud an ulcer on her lej
.'or'thirty years. Throe boxes wen
iiiflicient to close the wound."
Zum-liuk cures cuts, burns, bruises
to come to this province. Despite j jcalds, nnd nil skin injuries, as well
glowing reports from Hong Kong that i -��� skin diseases. Applied to eczema
induced the invasion, this competent |se.|lp sores, pimples, poisoned wounds
investigator "bus decided against Brit- rmildrehS! rushes, ulcers, boils, ah
ish Columbia and Canada generally j ,oe^KPri ;'���.*,, rt0ro back, festering nnri
as an outlet for the overplus popula- : jjsci,ttrgjng WOunds, etc., it nets like
tion of India. | A  e\iHt.m_ n nH  antiseptio ingredient!
'Oh, not only tbe cold weather you
have in the mountains caused me to
come to my conclusion," be said,
"there are many other things. Every-
thiticr here is so different. Punjabis
do not know your manners and customs, and besides religions and other
considerations nre strongly against
them. There is no organized effort to
send Hindus here, and the rumor of
1,000 coming in one steamer is, I am
sure, erroneous."
"How many have come to this continent already?"
"The exact figures are 1,482," was
the reply; "but not all these are in
British Columbia. There are a few in
Seattle, about 40 around San Francisco, nnd a dozen or so in Oakland.
Of the balance, roughly speaking,
1,400 at, the most are in Vancouver
and vicinity, although a few are on
tlie island and Victoria. Of those
in Vancouver, about 900, are at work,
while others are idle. There nre 400
out of work."
"What is the renson of so many
being unemployed?"
"Well, those who went to the mills
near Revelstoke found the climate of |
the mountains too cold
back to Vancouver, and, though some
got jobs, many are destitute. Another
reason why some ate out of work was
trouble with tlie Royal City planing
mills. There are 200 working there,
and an arrangement was made that
they should get $1.60 a day, but when
pay day came they only got If 1.25. Ol
course they quit. Many others-have
never secured employment."
"And what is the principal work
of the employed?"
"There are about 200 at tbe American mill, nnd most of the rest work
on the C.P.B. truck running east from
Vancouver. I like British Columbia
very much, and believe I could get
along well here, as I have received
an Knglish education," Mr. Mazoom<
dar concluded.
be without Zam-Buk in tlie house at   ���),],, ,0 riddle her like a sieve in five
minutes, and that without taking
the trouble to even come within
range of her guns���such as tbey were.
Nevertheless, sbe wns rijrbtly adjudged the murine marvel of her day
and generation. Tbe wooden vessels
of lhe world, including, of course, our
own, were powerless ngainst her. And
in consequence we promptly retaliated by building tbe Warrior, our premier ironclnd. She wns the lnrgest
vessel then nfloat. except the Great
Eastern, nnd cost iUOO.OOO.
From thence oiiwnrl Dreadnought
succeeded Dreadnought. Two years
after sbe van launched, the Warrior
wus ulniost us obsolete as Nelson's
Victory, so bewilderingly rapid was
the advance of the science of naval
construction. But what most startled
the nntions was the exploit of the
United States frigate Merriinac,
which, plated merely with old iron
rails, steamed into Hampton Roads
enrlv one morning in March, 1862.
practically destroyed the American
nnvy; thereby sounding the death-
knell of the' wooden line-of-battle-
sbip, and rendering obsolete the navies of the entire world.
kill ull perms and prevent inflammation and festering. Then its henlint
powers' conic into operation and build
up new, healthy tissue. All drupgisti
sell Zniii-Buk nt 50c per box, or ob
tainuble from the Ztim-Buk Co., To
roiito, for price.   Six boxes for $2.50.
Death Has Removed a Distinguished
Physician  and  a  Man  of  Rare
In the death of Dr. Lnpponi. physi
cian to the Pope, a personage hai
been removed from life's scone win
,vns scarcely less known throughout
lie world than the pontiffs whom he
ninistereel unto. He wus a wonder
iul man as well as a distinguishci
jhysician.-���Ottawa Free Press.
It may be added that Dr. f.appon!
���/as n man of jure courage. He bar'
io fear of that bugbear known ai
professional etiquette.; When he fount
something good in a medicine be did
lot hesitate to say so to the world.
.... i He  proved  this  when he  wrote    the
i"'.?-.i {*���1 I D''. Williams' Medicine Co. strongl)
indorsing their celebrated Pink Pillt
;or Pale People ns u cure lor anaemia (bloodlcBsncsis) and certair
nervous disorders. In tbe interest!
sf tbe thousands who suffer from an-
aeinin, nervous disorders and kindred
troubles, it is worth while republish
ing Dr.  Lapponi's letter. a�� follows
"I certify thnt I hnve tried Dr.
Williams' i'ink Pills in four eases o
the simple anaemia of development
After it few weeks of treatment, tlu
result came fully up to my expectations. For thnt renson I shnll not
fail in the future to extend the use.
of this laudable preparation, not only
in the treatment of other morbid
forms of the category of anaemia oi
chlorosis, hut also in cases of neurasthenia  nnd the like.
(Signed)     Dr. Giuseppe I.npponi,
Via dei Gracchi 332, Rome.
The "simple unuemia of development" referred to by Dr. I.npponi is
of course that tired, languid condition' of young girls whose development to womanhood is tardy, und
whose health, at the perioei of that
development, is so often imperilled.
His opinion of the value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nt that time is of
tlie highest scientific authority, nnd
it confirms the mnny published cases
in which anaemia nnd other diseases
of the blood ns well as nervous diseases hnve been cured by these pills,
which, it ui'cd hardly be mentioned,
owe their efficiency to their power of
making new blood, nnd thus acting
directly on the digestive and nervous
system. In all cases of anaemia, de-
cline, indigestion, and troubles due
to bud blood, nnd nil affections ot
the nerves, ns St. Vitus' dunce, pnra-
lysis nnd locomotor ataxia, they are
commended to the public with all the
greater confidence because .they had
the strong endorsement of the great
physician who has so recently passed
The lending artist of n jrent New-
York newspaper committed suicide
recently because on his return home
he found bis apartments in disorder,
tbe painters nnd decorators bung in
This is :in illustration of overwrought nerves lending to insanity,
and, whatever may be the Inst straw
to unbalance the mind, there can be
no doubt thut exhaustion of tlie
nerves is always n cause of mental
Discuses Of the nerves are common
to ull wnlks of life, und' the earlier
symptonis nre sleeplessness, nervous
headaches, loss of memory, inability
to Concentrate the mind, indigestion,
tired, languid feelings, discouragement nnd despondency.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food cures dis-
ensps of the nerves In the only natural \vay, by actually increasing'the
amount of nerve force in the body.
By ils regular nnd persistent use
the mint severe forms of nervous exhaustion, such ns partial paralysis,
prostration, nnd locomotor ataxia, are
thoroughly  nnd completely cured.
Mrs. j. Batcher, 224 Sherbrooke
street,    Peterboro,   Out.,    and   whose
husband is a moulder al tho Hamilton Foundry, states:
"I had an attnek of inflammatory
iheuinutisin, which left me in a very
rundown state of health, and in fact
my whole nervous system seemed exhausted und worn out.- 1 could not,
sleep, nnd at times the pnins in my
bead were almost unbearable.    As u
i result   of   these  symptoms   I   wus  un-
j tibia to attend to my house work,
und felt miserable most of the time.
Oh the advice of a friend I bcj.Mii
using   Dr.   Chase's   Nerve   Food, mid
, can sny it hns proved a very great
benefit to mc. I nm able lo do my
own   work   now,    ami   fee]    stronger
'nnd healthier tlinn   I   hnve for veins.
, I ciin truthfully state that this is due
to the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
. which    I    oonsid ir    ii  great    health
��� builder."
, If you would feel strong nml well
and avoid all the ills and weakness
so common ni this season, enrich
your blood nnd revitalize your norves
by the  use    of  Dr.    Chnse's    Nerve
| Food, 511 rein,- u box, li Luxes for
$2.50; nt ull dealers or Kchnunsoii,
Bales e*e;  Co., Toronto.
Tha Outlook In Klondike.
There is a note of real cheerfulness
in the paragraph given below from
The Dawson News. The means of com*
munication with Klondike are such
that it is now a good while past
Thanksgiving, but the paragraph is
worth reading, ns showing that, in the
opinion of those on the spot, Klon*
dike is far from being a played out
mining camp. Tbe note reads;���"To
day is Thanksgiving Duy. Klondike is
among the districts which can return
thanks with no straining of the imagination. We con be thankful for the
most perfect public health of any secJ
tion of the Dominion; for the most
glorious weather; for uninterrupted
navigation; for a past season of activity and profit; for the doubling up
of the value of claims; for an entire
season of full employment for our
workers; for a cessation of political
wrangling; for many beneficial laws
enacted; for the absolute promise cf
greater prosperity next year; for the
close of a season more profitable to
the country than last; for a year of no
idleness in the camp which was not
voluntary; for the restful certainty
that the coming year is to require un
army of employed double that of tbe t.
last year; for a nearly oomplete ab- | The insurance reforms secured by
senceof disaster, and for a well-stocked I the Armstrong committee oMhe, New
market and the wherewithal to put-
chase our turkey."
Lonely Labrador.
It keeps one busy these days to
remain abreast ot all that is going
on in this big country. The geography
of the West changes every week, but
Labrador, the great eastern unknown
land lying bsside Canada's front door,
is gradually awakening from the sleep
of centuries. Dr. Wilfred Grenfell
writes that the mission he represents
is adding a fourth hospital in Canadian Labrador, which will be 200 miles
from the nearest other hospital. In
this work Montreal, Halifax and Toronto have taken part, and the extension of the Government telegraph line
is of great assistance to these people
who have never had n medical man
among them before. Witli almost the
same mail The Quebec Telegraph
comes in with a report that owing to
some mismanagement of the mails
places from Natashquan eastward and
northward failed to get their lettere in
September, and will not now receive
them until the winter mail in January.
A  Biff ACoiqolto.
Mosquitoes grow to great size In
Burma. A young Scotchwoman who
was making her first visit to thnt country hnd heard travelers' taleS of the Insect pest and wus prepared for the
worst. When she saw an elephant tot
tbe first time she snld, "Will you be
what's called a auskeetae?"     .._���-���
York legislature went, into effect yes
terdny. For 1H07 nnd thereafter no
company will be allowed to write
more lhan $100,000,000 worth of business n. your.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Four officers of tiie-general staff nre
to start for Japan for two years' service in the Jupnnesc army in oreler
properly to study methods of training, strategy and other matters. These
officers hnve been making especial
prepnrations for this service, and
among other things they have, tuken
a course in Jnpanese.
The   New  President.
Sir David Gill, F.H.S.. -who has
been nominated to succeed Prof. Ray
Lankester as president of the British
Association, has just returned from
South Africa, where for many years
he occupied the position of the King's
Astronomer ut the Cape of Good Hope,
says M.A.P. Sir David is one of tbe
greatest living' authorities on the
stars, and first be<-an his researches
nt the .��ierdeen Observatory. Later
on he directed the observatory of the
Earl of Crawford (then Lord Lindsay)
at Dunecht. und organized the expedition to Mauritius for the observation of the transit of Venus. He has
traveled extensively in the pursuit of
his studies, and has taken many wonderful photographs of the heavens. Indeed, it was he who first pointed out
the great possibilities of photography
for advancing astronomical knowledge.
Sir David ia a thorough all-round
scientist, is a member of numerous
important bodies, and has written
many standard works on his favorite
topics. In 1883 be "as elected o fellow of the Roval Society, and was
created a K.C.B. in 1900.
Ethics Versus Grocery Bill.
Curious pleas are sometimes made
before judges, and some judges have
a happy way of meeting these. There
was that judge who, being told that
a thief should be let off because she
was afflicted with a disease, Mepto-
niania, replied "that is a disease f am
sent here to cure, and I prescribe
thirty days on jnil diet." The other
day a somewhat new plen was set up
at King's Lynn, England, when Re*.
J. M. Barnes, B.A., a former Unitarian;
minister, was sued for a grocery bill.
He claimed that, having no settled income, the debt Bhould be cancelled.
Ethically, he could not regard himself
as a debtor until the State guaranteed
him employment in keeping with his
education. The judge said that i.e
would order Mr. Barnes, "ethical!,/
and witlr due regard to all interests,'
to pay ten shillings per month.
Sherlock Holmes a Myth.
Here is another blow to the ideals
of our childhood. Sir Howard Vincent,
who has been for twenty-six years
connected with the London police
force, is certain that detective genui-
ses of the Sherlock Holmes type exist
only in novels. He believes that the
regiilation requiring detectives to
first be policemen is essential, and l.e
does not think the rule keeps any
clever men out of the force. He believes that the success of the English
police is greater in proportion thau
that of any other police force. A New
York paper says it is a cause for astonishment to read that whereat In
New York there are often two murders in a day, in London, with its six
millions of people, there are never
more than fifteen to twenty murders
or attempted murders in a year.
No  Graft   In   It.
"Soo here," said the lieutenant of
police, "that countryman claims he
told you of hiB experience with a
bunco man, but you paid no attention to him."
"Dat'n nil right," replied the oop.
"He didn't interest me none. He admitted de bunco man had took de
last cent he had." ��� Philadelphirt
A Leavenworth business man re
turned home one evening with n temper. "I've hail a beastly day," h*
told his wife. "Every time I.steppe I
to the door I met nn ornithoryn-
ehus." "For goodness snke, what's
that i" asked his wife. "Look it up
in the dictionary." he replied. Sho
did. "Here it is," she said, running
her linger down the page. "Ornilh-
orynchus���a beast with a bill. Was
there, really���ob, I see." ��� Kansas
Citv Star.
The prosecution of several allege '
Polish Nationalists for holding a public meeting without government consent resulted in their discharge from
custody. One of the defendants wnr-
u candidate for the Reichstag.
A benevolent old mnn who lived on
his farm in lowu never refused shelter to nny who might nsk it of him.
His mnny friends remonstrated with
hirn nbout this characteristic, knowing that mnny unscrupulous hoboes
and tramps would avail themselves
of the opportunity nnd that there
wns grent danger of the old mnn tieing robbed. To these remonstrances
the old mnn invnriably replied thnt
he believed in "practical Christianity."
''But," said one of his friends,
"this seems very unpractical. Suppose one of these men took it into
bis head to rob you one night ?"
"My dear young friend," wns the
reply. "1 bid all enter in tbo nninc
of God, but I prove my belief in
practical Christianity by locking up
their pnnts during the night."���Ttt-
coma Ledger.
Useful at all Times.���In winter or
in summer Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will cope with and overcome any irregularities of the digestive organs
which cbnngc of diet, change of residence, or variation of temperature
may bring about. They should be al
ways kept at hand, and once tbeii
benelie-ial action becomes known, nc
one will be without them. There is
nothing nauseating in their structure
and tho most delicate enn use them
Parrels Post.
Advocates of the parcels post, nre
publishing some interesting figures
showing thnt tbe Britisli post oftiev
durine* 1905 carried 07,000,000 parcels
at nbout one-sixth the charge paid
for like service in this country. At
the snme time the British postal surplus was $24,000,000, while the United States postal deficit wns $14,000,-
000. On the face of it this might
seem to show better management in
England, but such n conclusion would
ignore the more difficult problems of
the American postal service, including our vast distances through thinly-settled country, ns Compared with
the short mail routes in populous
Britain. The burden is on the advocates of an American parcels post
to show thnt it would not bankrupt
our government,���To coma Ledger.
The first division of tho armored
cruiser squadron, under Rear-Admiral
Neville, has been selected to represent
Grent Britain nt the Jamestown expedition.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
The Daily Mail quotes n friend of
tbe late Baroness Burdetl-CotittH ns
saying that the bulk of ber grent fortune will go to her husband, nnd that
it is unlikely that her will contnins
large bequests to charity. Mr. Bur-
dett-Coutts was formerly Wm; A.
Bartlett. His mother wns u Philadelphia womnn.
Better Without a Stociiach than with
one taat's got a oonstant "hurt'' to it
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Taiilets stimulate the digestive orenns. Let one enjoy
the good things ot life nnd leave no had
effects���carry them with yon in your vest
pocket-40 in hox,  35 centn.   48.
Owing to the cold weather in Vancouver the mnchiniHts employed nt
the C, P. R. shops were forced to
stop work. The fact of the men quitting gnve rise to the report thnt they
had gone ont on strike. This was
denied by C. P. R. officials, and the
above explanations given ns to why
the men hnd not been nt .work.
Pleasant ns syrup; nothing equals
it as a worm medicine; the name is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
The greatest worm destroyer of the
Unearthing Roman City.
Paris.���At the Geographical Society
rooms, Commander Esperandieu recently detailed tbe results of the re
searches he hnd made at the order o
the French government at Alls
Saintc Reine, n village built over the
ancient ruins of Alesin, the Roman
city built by Julius Caesar nbout
fifty years before Christ..
The work of excavation wns beguii
under Napoleon II in 1861, but wn;
abandonee! a few years later. The
resumption of the work last
year bus already brought to light
many interesting portions of the old
city, among which nre two moats
built, by Caesnr around the town, and
the ruins of an ancient Pagan temple. A Roman amphitheatre baa been
discovered of very large proportions,
which will be fully dug out next
year. Coins bearing the effigy ' of
Vercingotoix and some statues of
marble and bronze have been found,
Tho official Gazette states. thai
copies of the Japanese Socialists organ Knkume (Revolution), issued nt
Berkeley, California, have been confiscated, and that its circulation in
Japan is prohibited. The paper urged
the assassination of the" Japanese
Emperor and President Roosevelt.
.TL    IOR    PI-
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting-give, hwlthful res
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. 4 a.,
r*tfo*a        ��c.-��tdrat-.tortf.
*vUl V��     N,ttoo-1 Drug * Chtm-
ualCo.. sU-nUe*-*-
Minister Speaks
to Mothers 4
Tells Bit Wife's Experience for the
Sake ef Other Sufferers.
The following: letter has been sent
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd., for pub*
Dr. T. A. Slocum. Limited .-D*��r Sim: Within
the tut two 'eetrs mv wife iwlio In ol �� deilicat-
coiutttutlnn) haul had two .evert eUtack* ol I-
rippe, both of whtcli have been speedily corrected
y the use of psychine.  w e have such faith In ths
Icleuciy of your remedies (hat aa a family we
use no oilier. For toning up a debilitated system,
however run down, restoring to healthy action
the heart and lungs, and as a speclHc for all wast
lief disease's, your Psychine and Oxomulflton are
limply peerless. Yours sincerely, Rev. 3. J. Rice,
tl Walker Avenue, Toronto.
PSYCH INE, Pronounced Si-keen,
is a scientific preparation, having
wonderful tonic properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak organs of the body,
quickly restoring them to strong
and healthy action. It is especially
adapted for people who are run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, '.aGrippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption and all
stomach or organic troubles. It
hat no substitute.
is for sale at all dealers, at SOc and
$1.00 per bottle, or write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
King St. W., Toronto.
There is no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE.	
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure and
permanent cure for Rheumatism, Bright's
Disease, Pain in the Back and all forms
of Kidney Trouble 26c per box, at all
You cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains tbe system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
la i-Ib. and i-'.o Tins.
tattle) with boron ar* d*na*roun
���and ft conatftoc bhuM to ptrnona
���Utf oth��r cftttl*. Dehorn them
���quickly and with aU-f bt pain with a
all over InUuiiDotee. Notaharab
Method. Leaves a dear, dean cut.
Cowi glTe more milk i iteari mako
tetter beef. Send for free booklet.
IVMcIhm. PtfM. Oitirio, C.I.
S ���ANODYlrf
For Internal and External use.
Kolit'Vfo rbflum��tisui  ami  neuraleia.
Cures lame or lore must>leB, etraiue,
spraitia or sorenetta any-wliere.
���^ ami ��0 cents.   Sold by drugglat-s.
I. J. JOHNSON A CO,, Boston, Man,
W     N     U     No   620 f\
���t 5
���f A Series of Articles Oescrlb- ;�����
2 ing their Lives, their Alms '�����
S and their Influence. J
2 61 ��
I        REGINALD P.  LAURIE.       2
a * * iinrt <rr mat vr* r**s * i\
Prince  Albert  Times.
One of the best known of tlie lis-
inu young men of western journalism
is the subject of this sketch. As a
journalist and printer of experience
lie hits a record that fe\y>Cttit equal.
He has his own excellence as printer
and editor to thank fur bis present
Mr, Laurie was born al Barrio, Ontario, about thirty years ago. the son
of Alexander Laurie, late of Haddington, Scotland, and Frances 1). Oiury,
of Barrie, Out. His first school years
were spent at Barrie, and the balance
of his education was acquired in Toronto. Though he lef school at tbe
ago of fourteen mid sjicnt a couple!
of years with the crockery firm of
Gowans, Kent A- Uo., lias still applied
himself to night studies and pushed
forward in this way. Being strongly
inclined to journalism in a practical
way, he wisely set himself the task
nf learning the art of printing, that
it. might be of benefit to him when
he should reach the higher branches
of the business.
After    serving    his    apprenticeship
with   the well known printing firm oi
Jas. Murray Co., he came west as fai
as Rat Portage in the mining boom
days, and obtained employment with
the News, under the late E. A. Chapman, as reporter and business   manager.    Later he was  associated  with
Mr.  F.  A.  Demoresi,  then publishei
of  the   Keewatin   Enterprise.    Aftei
this   he   was   for   three  yours   odito,
���if the  Fort Francis Times and    one
year with tlie Virdcn Advance.   WitJ
all these Mr. Laurie was occupying ,-
salaried  position,   but  in  November,
19(),r),  the opportunity of getting int.
the  business    for  himself    occurred
and  in  company  with  Mr. John   \\
Young, late of the Chatham Planet
acquired the    Prince    Albert    Time;
from the estate of the lute J. D. Mu
vepty, and tbey have made* the papei
one of the best in the west.
In July nf this year a very inter
csting event occurred at Regina
when Mr. Laurie met tlie lady of hi.
choice on her return from an cast
ern trip, and he was married to Mis.
Maude Beunesl, of Brandon.
Nothing except physical misfortune
could prevent Mr. Laurie from tafcini
a foremost plae*e among the journal
ists of the west, for bis ability is un
eloubted and he possesses that in
domitable courage which has char
ucterized so many of the journalist,
of the west, and has played sueh i
large part in the upbuilding of ihii
boundless country.
Judge (to lawyer)���Mr. Sharp, an
you defending this prisoner?
Lawyer���I am, your honor.
Judge���And how much is lie charged with stealing ?
Lawyer���Fifty dollars,   your honor,
Judge*���Well, we'll let him go; he'll
be punished enough anyhow.
Lawyer���What do you mean, yoiu
honor ?
Judge���Why, by the time you get
that fifty, ami then he works "out tht
"ther hundred you'll charge, him
be sorry enough he ever was dishonest.-Toledo Blade.
..The President a Slave to Catarrh���O
T. Sample, president of Sample's Insta!
meat Company, WaHhiiigtoii, Pa��� write.,)
'For years I was afflicted wc n Chronic
Catarrh. Itemedien and treatment by
aneeialista only gave me temporary re
lief until I lined I)r. Af.nffW'8 Catarrhal
Powder. It nam almost instant relief.
50 cents.- 19
"Billy, you've been fighting again."
"Yefi, mum. I've saved half a
crown, though. You know that tooth
I'd got to go to the dentist's to have
Out P Well, Jimmy Sloggers has just
punched it out."���Ally Sloper.
At Siilhani, a small village neai
Rending, some men working in a
gravel jiit there eatnn upon seven
prehistoric; British urns containing
human bones more or Icsb incincr-
nted. Near were found the ashes o'
a large tire. The character of tin
pottery is that of the bronze age. Sev
oral flint instruments wore found on
the spot.
It ii alio a specific for
Cough  Pill   taken   in   conjunction with
ANTI-PILL--"The  Great  Syitem  Treatment" -is a positive preventative of and
cure for La Grippe,
Sold by All Druggists or
The   WILSON-FVLI   CO.,   Limited
Hunting the Walrus.
Whalers began to turn their attention to walrus catching about the
year 1808. During the first part oi
every season there is but little op-
uoi-tunity to capture whales, tbey being within the limits of the icy barrier. As a result much of tbe whalers' time during July and August
was devoted to capturing walruses.
Men would be landed on the Alaska shore in June and left to watch
for the animals to haul up on the
beacli at certain points. According to
the e-overiimerit reports the walrus
must either como ashore or get on
the ice to sleep. When a herd is well
ashore one or two old bulls are gen-
orally left on watch.
The best shot among the hunters
now creeps up, and by a successful
rifle shot or two kills the guard.' Owing to their very defective hearing
the noise made by the rifle does not
wake them. Tho sun is then put
aside, and each hunter, armed with
.i sharp axi*. approaches tin* sleeping
animals, unci cuts the spines of as
many nf them as possible before the
utbeis become alarmed and stampede
for the water and escape.
The white hunters rarely make use
of anything but the two long, curved
tusks with which the animal is
equipped, and which average a bout-
five pounds to the* pair. If time permit*, however, the flesh is boiled, and
the oil saved. To many of the Eskimos, especially on the Arctic shore,
tin* walrus is almost a necessity of
life, ainl tin' devastation wrought
among the herds by the whalers has
been and is yet the cause of fearful
suffering and death to many of the
The flesh is food for ineh and dogs;
the oil also is used for food and for
lighting and beating the houses; the
skin when tanned and oiled makes a
durable cover for the large skin boats;
the intestines make waterproof clothing, window covers, and floats; the
tusks are used for lance or spear
points, or are carved into a great
variety of useful and ornamental objects, and the bones are used to make
heads for spears and for other purposes.
At the present time the Kuskoepiim
district is tbe only one ill ���which the
walrus is fairly common. In addition to hunting the walrus themselves the whalers also purchase from
the Eskimo's the tusks or ivory that
they have secured.
An   Experiment   Which   Show-   Ho*
Little We See Anyway.
Prof. Claparede, of a Swiss university recently asked a class ot 54 students eight simple questions concerning tbe rooms they dally visited at the
"Are the columns tu the vestibule
round or square?" "Is there a window facing the doorkeeper's box?" "Is
the celling in the large amphitheatre
plain or decorated?" and to on.
Forty-live of the Hfty-four atudenU
declared there was no window at all;
eight remembered that there was a
window, but each and all attributed a
wrong situation to it; one, more sincere than hts fellows, candidly owned
that he hud not the least Idea whether
there was a window or not. As regarda
the shape of the columns In the vestibule, only six answers were correct.
By way of continuing the expert-
meut, one day a man conspicuously
costumed suddenly burst Into the classroom, where he performed certain antics and uttered certain emphatlo
phrases prearranged with the professor. He was then thrust out of tho door
as If he had been aa ordinary unauthorized Intruder. Here was a scene,
says the Grand Magazine, eminently
calculated by reason of Its strangeness
and unexpectedness to Impress the
Imagination of the students.
A few days later, on some pretext or
other, Prof. Claparede asked his pupils
to describe to the best of their recollections the person and acts of the
masked man. Out of the 22 students
who had been present on the occasion
only four described the man accurately. The rest either admitted that their
recollection of the Bcene was absolutely at fault or gave such a description
that It might have applied to anybody
rather than the correct person.
Willi*   Allen.
The White nuts of Ceylon are very
Industrious, Their hillocks are about
the size of a coconnut and contain
sponge-like nests, each Inhabited \y
thousands of ants, l'iuhead nodules o*
white fungus are cultivated lu these
nests as food.
More energy caa bo extracted from
one pound of plums than can be got
from a pound of fresh pears or even
from a pound of dried tigs or a pound
of prunes.
Whole Wheat.
It Is a re-'oiiiini'iiiliitiou from a dietetic authority that whole wheat
grains are an excellent pick me up between meals when tbe craving for ���
bit of food Is strong. The wheat kernels should be well chewed and ar*
better, according to the dictum quoted,
than the usual cracker taken ut sucb
Alligator and  c 'roroellle.
Among the many differences between
tbe alligator and tbe crocodile there I*
a striking one���the alligator never
leaves fresh water, while tbe crocodile
often goe>i to sea.
When the nose is bleeding never hold
It over a basin or bold the bead down
lu any way. Tills only causes further
rush of blood to tbe broken tissues in
the nose. The head should be held up
and* back, the flow being caught In
handkerchiefs or cloths. One of {he
most effective and simple means of
checking a nosebleed l�� to press on
the upper lip.
You Must Agree in This;
That headache does not necessarily
mean there is anything wrong with
your bead! That being so, you must
mole to some other organ for the
trouble. Is the ache in the forehead,
and does it cease if you presR it ?
That is neuralgic headache. Is it on
one side of the head only ? That is
A'bat the ��� doctors call "megrim."
lioth these forms arise from lack of
,ono in the system. Is your headache
general and accompanied by sickness
.it* foul breath or constipation ? That
.cind oi headache is due to liver nnd
stomach disorder. Nine headaches in
ien arise from these causes. There
.ire two methods of treatment. One
is to take headache powders. This is
eike trying to escape pain by taking
chloroform. The other is to correct
the organs which by their derangement are causing tbe trouble. That
is the ililcan way ! iiileiins cure
headache by their beneficial operation
on the digestive system, the liver nnd
the blood. Correct these properly
.ind vou will have no more headache,
Mrs. 0. B, Black, of 35 lilovins
Place, Torc-.ito, says: "1 suffered
acutely from headache, Tne attacks
were most violent, and made me ���*<0
ill I could hardly do anything. The
headache was aooompanled by digestive trouble., heartburn, and constipation, and it seemed as if I were going from bad to worse. Until 1 tried
Bileans I was unable to get anything
which gave me relief, llileaiis, however, acted like magic They not only
cured the headache, but also relieved
me of the indigestion, heartburn, and
constipation. I have proved that a
few doses of Bileans will remove the
most violent headache, nnd as a cure
for constipation they are absolutely
unequalled. N'o family should be
without a box of Bileans on the
Bileans are purely herbal in their
composition and arc also free from
alcohol. They are a cure for all digestive and liver disorders, constipation, piles, debility, anemia, blood
impurities, cold and chills, rheumatism, wind spasms, female ailments
and irregularities, sallow complexions
<due to bile in the blood), dizziness,
etc. All druggists sell at 50o a. box.
or may be obtained post free from
the Bilean Co., Toronto, em receipt
of price.    Six boxes for $2.fi0.
She glided into the office and quietly approached the editor's desk. "I
have a poem," she began.
"Well?" exclaimed the editor with
a look and tone intended to annihilate her, but she calmly resumed*.
"I have written a pciern on 'My
Father's  Barn,'  and "
"Oh!" interrupted tho editor with
extraordinary suavity, "you don't
know how relieved I am. A poem
written on your father's barn, eh P
I was afraid'it was written on paper,
and that you wanted me to publish
it. If I should ever happen to drive
pa.st your father's bam I'll stop and
rearl that poem."
Beware   of   OlretmervU   for  Catarrh    that
Contain Mercury,
on mercury will sorely destroy the sense
of smell and completely ilerango the
whole system when cnterim* il thrnuirn
the muooiin mirfancfl. Such articles should
never be useci except en prescriptions
from reputable physicians, ns the damage the*,.* will do i�� ten fold to the good
you cau possibly derive from them.
Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured hy F.
.1. Cheney ,t Co., Toledo, Ohio., contains
no mercury, and ia taken internally,
acting directly upon the hlood nud mucous surfaces of the system. Iu . buying
Hall's Oatarrh Oure be sure you get the
genuine. It is taken Internally and
made in Toledo. Ohio, by F. J- Cheney
&   Co.    Testimonials   free.
Sold  by  Druggists.    Price, ?5o  per  bottle.
Take  Halls  Family   Pills  for constipation.
Father-in-law���Now, my dear son-
in-law, toll me honestly whether you
.re satisfied with my daughter.
Son-in-law���My dear Herr Schmidt,
I hnve nothing at all to complain of
���except, perhaps, thnt you didn't
throw me out when I asked for her
hand in marriage.���Bombo. -
So popular is Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup as a medicine in lhe
treatment of colds nnd coughs or ailments of the throat, due to exposure,
to draughts, or sudden changes of
temperature, that druggists and all
dealers in patent medicines keep supplies on hand to meet the demand.
It is pleasant to take, and the use of
it guarantees freedom from throat
and lung diseases.
The Neue Hamburger Zeitung says
it learns that Gen. Kuropatkin's history of the Russo-Japanese war, which
wn�� confiscated in Russia Dec. 28,
will he published in Leipzig in April,
in four volumes, with many illustrations and maps.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
While performing an act called the
"Lion hunt" in Toledo, Trainer Harry
Ray, of the Ilostook animal circus,
was attacked by one of the animals,
his sides and shoulders being laeer-
ated. It is feared his injuries may
result fatally.
Give Holloway's Corn Cure a trial.
It removed ten corns from one pair
of feet, without any pain. What it
has done once it will do again.
Tt waa announced in London that
Andrew Carnegie has given $750,000
for Ihe construction of a building to
be used hy the bureau of American
republics. Provision for the site already hns been made by. the United
States and South American republics.
Coininon  Vhiui-..
Mary is tbe most common Christian
mime.  Out of every thousand English
people C8 are named Mary, CO William,
0'.' John nud CO Kllza.
New York** Chasuiber of lomu.erce.
New York city has the oldest com-
iiii'i'elnl corporation lu the United
States, (he chamber of commerce, organized May 5, 1708, in historic Fraunce's
tavern, where Washington had bis
headquarters and where he bid farewell to his o/Jcers after the Revolution.
-.,<--(�� to the Sweet.
When Sterne wag In love he sent his
eweetheart, Mrs. Draper, "a pot of
svreetineats and a pot of honey, neither of whlcb contains half the sweet
peculiar to ipm-ielt"
Keeps your body
warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
- knit, not
woven,���   A^
- it fits,   / \Gu-im-leed
TdoesPEN- /      \Agaiuit
ANGLE f        \Shrinkage
__    Tiede rjarti
/Trade-markedin red. In a"
fvariety of styles, fabrics and ,
rprices,   for women, men and
A Ten-mile  Whistle.
East St. Louis now baa tho biggest
steam whistle In the world. It is a
remarkable triple machine with three
voices���a three-chime whistler, whose
capacity for the annihilation of peace
is extraordinary. This whistle blows
a ten-mile blast at half. steam, and
with favorable wind has a disturbing
power of twenty miles. It costs a
dollar every time it is  blown.
But this great whistle is not all
noise. It is an idea in economy, a
whistle trust, a noise combine. Almost all the little noises, yelps, toots.
and whines of smaller mechanical
throats is East St. Louis are now
dumb, The giant whistle trust
whistles for them. The independent
whistles have to whistle off time to
be  heard.
Within the rango of this whistle
are said to be 100,000 people who tell
time  by it.
A baby that de^s not eat well and
sleep well, that is not cheerful, and
playful needs attention, or the result may be�� serious. Stomach and
bowel troubles make children cross
and sleepless, but a dose of Baby's
Own Tablets soon cures the trouble,
the child sleeps sound!'1' and naturally and wake,-, up bright Jiiel smiling.
Mrs. .1. B. Hurley, WorthingtOH, Out.,
says: "My little one has had no medicine bul Baby's Own Tablets since
she was two months old and they
have kept"her the picture of good
health." You can get Baby's Own
Tablets from any druggist, or by mail
at. 26 cents a box from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., lirookvill.*, Ont.
"I'm very sorry, madam." said the
new boarder, "but 1 have arranged
to leave at the end of the week."
"Indeed!" rejoined the landlady.
"Are you going to leave, the city ?"
"Oh, no," replied the n. b. "I'm
merely making a change on account
of the water."
"Why, what's wrong with the water
here P',' queried the landlady.
"It's impure," answered the other.
"I frequently detect a slight taste of
coffee in it."���Chicago News.
Millard's Liniment  Co., Limited,
Gentlemen���Last winter I received
great benefit, from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack
of LaGrippe, and I have frequently
proved it to be very effective in eases
of Inflammation.
Mrs. Alex. Bellamy, of Leon, Iowa.
is dead from a large dose oi carbolic
acid which she took because, while
putting her baby to bed she cut the
infant slightly with a pair of scissors.
This sent her into an outbreak of
emotional insanity.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Elmer Dunn, Clarence? Bennett,
Wm. E. Casey and Win. Hell, all of
Newark, N.J., were killed by a Lehigh valley train at South tMitinlield,
N.J. The boys were stealing a ride
on a freight train, and stepped off
the train directly in front of the Chicago-bound flyer.
A Cure for Fever and Ague. ���
Parmelee's Vegetable Tills are compounded for use in any climate and
they will be found to preserve their
powers in any latitude. In fevor and
ague they act upon tho secretions and
neutralize the poison which has found
its way into the blood. They correct
the impurities which find entrance
into the system through drinking
water or food and if used as a preventive fevers are avoided.
A group of prominent army officers
gathered in a prominent cafe New-
Year's eve in Madrid, and almost
created a riot by shouting "long live
the republic," and demanding that
the orchestra play the "Marsellaise."
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   in
William Rosser Cobbe, for many
years a well known character along
Park row, New York, was found dead
in a hallway just off the Bowery. He
was 70 years old, formerly well-to-do
and claimed to be the author of forty
books, including "Dr. Judas," a treatise, on morphine.
"Regular Practitlonei���No Result."���Mrs.
Annie O. Chestnut, of Whitby, was for
montli. a rheumatic victim, hut Mouth
American Rheumatism Cure changed the
song from "despair" to "Joy." Hhe snvs.
"1 suffered untold misery from rheumatism���doctors' medicine ctid me no good-
two bottles en' Mouth American Rheumatic Cure cured me relief two hours after
the  first  dosc."-5o
The Observntore Romano of Rome,
announces that the transportation of
the body of Pope Leo XIII, from St.
Peter's to the church of St. John La-
terim would be strictly private. No
date for the ceremony litis been determined.
In a shop on the Corso, in Rome,
there is a card with the following
words in the window: "Here all the
languages are spoken." A Russian
entered, and spoke a few wods in
Russian, and, finding that he was
not understood, tried, German, then
French and English, always with the
same result. Finally he said in broken Italian: "But who speaks the
foreign languages in this shop P"
"Oh." replied the clerk, "lhe strangers who come in to buy."
A Benefactor to All,���The soldier,
the sailor, tho fisherman, the miner,
the farmer, the mechanic, and all wTio
live lives of toil aud spend their existence in the dull routine of tedious
tasks and who are exposed to injuries and ailments that those who
toil not do not'know, will find in Dr.
Thomas' Eelectric Oil an excellent,
friend and benefactor in every time
of need.
A despatch from Tangier save:
Raisuli remains nt Zinat and watches
the gradual withdrawal of his former
friend* in impotent rage. He has returned to his mountaineer's costume.
He carried his rifle always in his
hand and scarcely sleeps at all.
W    N.    U    No. 620
Dear Mother
Your littla one. ere a consl.nl cue ia
Fell and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done lor so many > It is said
to be the onlv reliable remedy for ail
diseases of the air passages in children.
It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure oe your money
is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
aad all dealers in medicine sell 3,4
This remedy should be in every household,
Used   Extensively   by   Chinese���Little
Goes  to   Enc*land;   but   Considerable  Comes This  Way.
Originally the only means of sending a remittance in the form of nil
order payable on demand was through
the post office, but, owing to tin*, fact
that these orders cannot lie cashed
at all oilicos, the use of the express
money oielei* has become common.
At one time the express companies
were satisfied to curry Hie actual
Basil from one person to another; this
involved much risk, extra labor, and
consequently higher rates. Gradually, however, it dawned upon them
that it would be safer, cheaper, and
nuiii* convenient for everybody concerned, if, instead of requiring the remitter to put his money into an envelope and seal it, the agent .voult
take the money and give tlie remit
tor an order 011 the express agent at
destination, tu pay the money to tin
payee out of funds which bad accumulated in liUc manner at the destin
nt ion ollice. The same object wai
attained; the money was transmit
ted from the remitter to the payee
but under conditions which wen
much more satisfactory to the CUB
tinner and to tin; express company
Starting tints in a small way. thi
convenience of the plan soon realized
and the business increased, and, at-
it increased, improvements in tht
methods of handling it were made
from time tc) time, decreasing tin
cost and increasing the effectiveness,
till now the express money ordei
system lias become one of the great
est public conveniences ever clevis-
ed, and today there is no other system for transmitting money tho I
gives'more satisfactory service to si
many people, and at sueh small cost
The express companies claim that
by reason of their large number 0
agencies throughout Canada, and by
theii connections with the expresi
companies of the United States, thej
are able to give the; public a service
that no other institution, not evei
the government itself, 1ms been abb
to give. The express companies arc
represented at every railroad statiot
in Canada and the United States-at
hundreds of places' where there an
no banks, nor even post offices, am'
they thus serve thousands of people
win'- otherwise would not be served
a', all. In the larger towns and citie;
i.br. express companies have appoint
eel drug'gis's and storekeepers bra* ch
agents in convenient localities, both
iii the business and residents! dis
tricts, where the public may be sor
ved at all hours of the day; when
one may buy a money order or ge
ono cashed at times when it wottli
be impossible to get accommodatioi
anywhere else. The convenience tc
the public in purchasing and cashini
money orders is not the. only benefi
derived from the express companies
One feature ihat appeals to thos.
who have had the experience is tht
facility with which a refund may bi
obtained when an express order i
lost. Application for refund tuny b
made through any express agent ii
Canada and the United States. Tin
applications are dealt with promptly
and refund will be made to the re
uiittoi* or the amount paid to tin
payee, without extra charge, at an>
express office. Thus, if an order i.
issued in Toronto, and is lost by th.
remitter, or goes astray in the mails
(or falls into the wrong persons'
hands) the remitter may apply for 11
refund at Toronto, or, if he be il
some other part Of the country, he
may apply to an express agent wherever he is, and it will be arranged
and, if he is. traveling, the amount
may be paid to him through an express agent at still another part 0
the country, or, if he prefers, payment will be made to the original
payee, wherever lie may be.
Curiously enough; the Chinese are
as a class, the greatest remitters oi
money by this menus. The statement
wa ��� made by a prominent official ol
the Dominion Eirpress Company that
be did not believe there was a single
Chinese in the country who did not
remit more or less regularly through
this channel. "Wherever we have an
agent anil 11 chink settler in tlie same
town our.instructions are to cultivate
him, for we know that, sooner in
later, he will be sending money,"
saiel lie. "From Canada alone the
Chinese remit at, least $1300,000, (Chinese silver dollars) every montli.      It
is all, or nearly all, sent via Hong
hong to what are called 'People's
Agents' there, with instructions sent
by letter as to whom payments are
to be made in the various districts
of China proper. We also send considerable amounts to Yokohama. In
fact, as you will remember, we sent
The Star's Japanese Famine Fund
Poles, Russians, and Italians also
sent* various sums of money to their
relatives in the Did Land during December; It is very rare indeed for
any foreigners in Canada to receive
money. The stream is almost invariably in the other direction. On tbe
other hand there is considerably more
money sent out in this form from
Kngland to Canada than vice versa.
-Toronto Star.
For Colds and Jk   Finds it An
Excellent    Htm   Kemedy.
Didn't   "Locate." ���
A Richmond man hac in his employ a colored man of advanced age,
who, by renson of his thrifty habits,
had accumulated enough money to
defray the cost of his son's tuition
at a negro college in Alabama.
When the darky's boy returned to
Richmond after the completion ed his
course, he proceeded, much to his
parent's disgust, to air hia opinions
on various subjects in a more or less
diffuse  nnd   florid  style  of speech.
One day tbe old man took him
aside and addressed him as follows:
"Richard Thompson Jenkins, Use
bee 11 listenln' to yo' fo' seberal days,
an' It's iny opinytin dat yo' talk an'
talk an' talk. Vo' doan reach into
de stummick of yo' subject.; but yo'
jes argufy an' argufy. Vo' eloan locate, Richard Thompson Jenkins, yo'
iloan' locate '" -Harper's Weekly.
Capitol   Buildine,   Salem,  Or*.
Stale of Oregon,
Executive Department,
l'eriitKi Medicine Co.,
Columbus.  Ohio.
Mountain of Marble in  B. C.
A .^rike, of unusual character but of
great importance to the welfare of
lhe district is reported from the vicinity of Chiliwack, 15. 0. This consists of the discovery of a large quarry- of marble of excellent quality
about eight miles from the town in
the vicinity of Mount Cheam. Mr.
Davidson, of Chiliwack, was the prospector who made the find, and the
reports be brings as to the extent and
quality of the deposits are such as to
assure 1)1* prompt development of tlie
The marble* is said to be of varied
colors, some of it being of that mottled variety which is capable of receiving a high polish and thereafter
being especially valuable for building
purppSSB. The character of the stone
is sueh that, large blocks' even up to
fifteen feet may be taken out in this
line,- the find being different from
many discoveries of marble where the
deposits are found to be commercially useless because of their fracturing
too easily.
"I saw a burglar get into the house
next door last evening."
"Mercy !    Did you give tbe alarm?"
"Yon didn't r"
"No, he has lived there for some
time, and 1 didn't know he was a
burglar until he was arrested this
morning."--Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Dear Sirs���I have had occasion to
use your Peruna medicine in my family for colds, and it proved to be an
excellent remedy. I have not had
occasion to use it for other ailments.
Yours very truly,    W.   M.  Lord.
It will be noticed that rlie Governor
says tic hee.-. nut hail ocension to ttsc
I'e'i'iiuii  for other ailments.
The reason for this is that most other
ailments begin with u cold.
Using I'eriiini promptly to relieve eolds,
he protect*; hie, family against other ,-ni
This is what every either family in Ununited state., should do. Keep Peruna lu
the  house.
Mrs. .fosephine tiillcti. M Morris St..
Portland, (ire., member Patrons ot Hu��
Ijuuelr.e,   writes:
"I'crunti has proven itself of Fmch an
told value tu as that wc arc kIihI to give
it due pralBe. Vie have hud It In tin
home  for moro than eight  years
"It restores health in a few short weeecp.
takes away headaches and hacleachcB, io
creases tne appetite and restores lorn
nerve force. Jt is a specific for colds and
Mr, Hiram A. .stiles, Middle-ton. Mass.,
il*ho has reached the age of 82 vears,
"I hove taken several bottles "f I'erunn
wilh treieiel results. I cheerfully recommend   it   to all   whci  are*  afflicted.
"As 11 cure for oatarrh und a tonic for
gouoral debility  it  is seldom equalled."
Ask   Your  Druggist   for   Free   Peruna
Almanac for  1907.
William and Mary farthings by Geo.
Dowers, 1(190, was sold for two guineas at a sale of rate medals and coins
at Messrs. Sotheby's. A similar sum
wa? paid for a Charles II tin farthing  .ii   1884.
"My Heart wci. Thumping My Lite out."
is the way Mrs. ft. H. Wright, of Brook
villo, Out., deRci-lhes her sufferings from
niiieithe-iiin-, fluttering and palpitation.
Afte-r trying many reinediea without
ticncflt, si.v bottles of Dr. Agnew's Oure
for the Heart restored her to perfect
health. The lirst dose gave almost in
slant .*i*licf, and in it day sufforlne
ceased altogothor.���M,
The king 3i*nt his bounty of ��.3 to
Mis. lienhnm, Fortune Qato road,
Harlesden, who recently gave birth
to triplets.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Who Gets the Most
Out of Life?
Not the wealthiest, not the most learned, nor the idler���but the
man who has good health and works for his living. This truth is
trite, but not trivial.
Kvery man should guard his health as his most valuable possession.   The more so because health is easier to retain than regain.
Keep your grip on health by regular exercise, icasonable care
in eating and requisite sleep. Take Beecham's Pills occasionally,
to tone the stomach and keep the liver and bowels in good working
order.   And don't worry.
Observe these simple rules and you will agree that the one who
gets the most from life is
The Man Who Uses
Pr.pereel only ky the Proprl.t.r. Thoraa* Beecham, St. Helens, I inea.lilrc, Ung.
Sold everywhere la Canada and U, S. Aaurlca.   In be.... jg cent..
Your Grandsons Will Be
Old Men Before This
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Out
Send    for
FREE book���
worth   your
Roof your buildings with " Oshawa " Galvanized Steel Shingles
this year, and that will be a GOOD roof in 2007. We will give
you a written guarantee, backed by $250,000, that such a roof,
properly put on, will need no repairs and no painting for at least
twenty-live years.
make,roofs water-tight, wind-proof, weather-proof, rust-prool,
fire-proof for a century,���our plain guarantee keeps it so for
25 years  without, a   cent of cat  to the man who buys it.
Get the facts
you roof
1. thing.
Of Oshawa
Made in ONE QUALITY ONLY,   of 28-guage,
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-galvanized
They lock on all FOUR sides-the ONLY METAL
shingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on���a hammer and a snips (tinners' shears) are tools enough. Cost
LESS and last longer than any other roof. Tell us the
surface area of any roof on your place antl we will
tell   you   exactly what it will cost  to  roof it  right.
voi n y��'?,r5,',���,    ,, ,T0,\'o,,,o , Ottawa loiulon Winnipeg Vancouver
S21-3 Ofklg hi. IV.   11 Oolborn- St.   CSS Sui.e. St   69 Ounces* St.   70 l.oii,b.ictst.      Ill r-ndc-i St,
102 .. ���:'*"-.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,000,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-Presielent���Hon. QbobgR A, DbuMMOHD.
General Manager��� E. S. Ci.ouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Slocan fliMnino IRevtew.
Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advertising Pates:
Notices to Delinquent Owners - tf 12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    M50
"      " Piu-clmm* of Lund   -     7.SO
"      " Liccnso to ('ut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for .Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
They'll do it. They will poem. At
���election times the poetic fire kindles
and bursts out into flame. It's contagions ; but we'll take chances. We
found the following "poem" among a
heap of correspondence yesterday. It
���was signed "Tame Cockney."
Elections come and go
Don't you know!
The game's so bally slow,
Don't you know!
Oh! I get the bally 'tiinp"
Even* man's a bally chump,
Wheii his vaote goes o'er the dump.
Don't you know!
Now, Archie boy's a dear
Don't you know!
But to me it would appear
Don't you know!
That the little Nelson game
Js too awfully beastly tame,
He willniiss his blooming aim,
Don't you know!
This Socialistic craze
Don't you know!
Is a game which always pays,
Don't yon know!
There is hope for every mucker,
Miner, lumberjack and bncker
To skin some wealthy sucker,
Don't you know!
The Cons are not too bail,
Don't vou know!
But that's a howwid fad,
Don't you know!
They'll do us all np brown
Skin us up and Bhin us down,
But. they'll poll the most, in town,
Don't you know!
"What we want right 'ere
Don't you know!
Is a man who has no fear
Don't you know I
A man who'll surely smother
Bone Docksteader and tbe other,
And pack them 'once to mother,
Don't you know!
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given thnt tit) days
from elate, I intend to apply to tlie Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described buiils, situated in the Slocnu
Division of West Kootenay District,
between Ten and Twelve Mile creeks
and about one half mile from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. H. Corey's S.E. corner post, thence
North 30 chains along the line of Lot
102.1, theme West 20 chairs, thence
South 20 chains, theme East 20 e*bains
to point, of  commencement,   40 acres
more or less.
Located 22nd dav of December 1000.
Notice is hereby given that (10 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands situated
;n tlie Slocan Division of West Kootenay District between Ten and Tweivc
Mile Creeks nud about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. H. Coroy's N.W. corner post, thence 40 chains South along
the line of Lot 1024, Ihence 40 chains
east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains west, to pointof commencement,
160 acres more or less.
Located December 22nd, lilOG.
3 1 07 Locator.
For Sale Cheap.
A 50-Egg Chatham Incubator
and Brooder In Pei feet
Apply at tbe Review Office.
Notiro is hereby given that CO days
from elate, I intend to apply to the lion,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, B.C., lor permission
to purchase the following described
lands situated in the Slocan Division of
West kootenay District and about .1
miles south-easterly from Silverton, B.C.
and adjoining F. J. O'Reilly's land purchase on his South side; commencing
at a post marked C. Brand S.W. corner
thence east 40 chains, thence north
40 chains mote or less to the south boundary of F, J. O'Reilly's land purchase
thence west alonu' said boundary 40
chains, thence fconth to point of cotn-
inencemei t, containing about 160 acres.
Located SeJril Jan. 1(107.
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced Prices.
At Cost
BovelPs Syrup
Is made from the simple old  fashioned remedies youi p,raud-
molher used.    It Is safe  touse for both young and old.
At the same time it is EFFKCflVE AGAINST
Tin*, couch that La Grippe
leaves with you.
Atherton sells it in Sandon.
cHelsons Drug Store
'Phone 10, NEW DENVER.
Go to Wilson's for
Heavy Ooods,
,    Oats,
i,    v ��,��,*���*-*ab(esi
Iron, Steel, etc.
Zhe Slocan Ibotel
Gbree jforfts,
36. C.
Headquarters for Minin g Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Whereas at the Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese kitchen help is
at present employed, to tbe exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Snndon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M, reaffirming its on-
position to tbo employment of Orientals
within  its  jurisdiction,   strongly   condemns tbe position taken by the management of the properties in question,
and counsels working  men everywhere
nnd those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to bo governed by this
A. 8HILLAND, Secretary.
Silverton, J8.0.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be tlie Pest Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. fll>. Spencer * prop
J. J. Fingland
provincial Elesager
anb (Sbemist
Sandon -Assay Office
Late 1*. II, HAWKINS.
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead. Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 oaob.
Silver with Coppot or Load, Manganese,
Lime, $1.00 each.
Zinc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $3.00,
Oold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc-
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and l.cad   $8.00
Hold, Silver, Zinc*, Lead and Iron, $-1.00
For Prospectors Minor-ilo/loal Examination, and all values indicated, til.00
Special Rutes for Mine and Mill Work.
;i Cartage
id. ttxjrmiJH!r*r
Orders receive prompt r.nd careful
a ten tion
Certificate of Improvements.
" (*hfi*aitn l'-rrctloiittl " unci "Pullman Frae*
tifiiuil'* nittici-al clulms, i-llii-te In the
Sliie'ien Milling Uivlpion nf West Kuotenny
cti-trict. Where Located:���On Cody Creek
Slop* of "Kro.lcllc Lou" iiioiintalu.
Tnke nolli-e thnt I, A. It. I'oi-ksieeul-r, -���
n^eiil for itiuiIc l*. O'Neill, free miner*" rer*
fii-iitci Nn. i)78080,Intend, Oil days from iho elect*
hereof, to apply to tr.e Mining' Itottordor tor a
t'crtliiruto of itnproveroouttt for tne purpaM
of obtaining uOrowuUrnutoI iliueitim-eclietmie
And fin-ther tul.e iiotti'0 Ihr.t iiclliin. under
icctlcin 87, mint lie commenced before the Isiu-
mice of .inch t'ei iiliriilci of Iiiipinromenlii.
Deled thin luih duy uf November, A, li l��c��.
:.  Ibotel .:
7THIS Well Known
** Hotel lias lately
been purchased by the
above, aud he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
oue. Everything strictly First-Class.
Silverton * B.C.
To Michael Penrose, or to whomsoever
he may have transferred bis interest
in the " Young-  Rambler "  mineral
claim,    rituated    near   McGuigan,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded the 17th dav of' October,
1000, in the Slocan Minnie- Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under tbe provisions of tbe Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
cate of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of tlienbove-
nieiitionecl sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your interest in tlie paid
claim will become the property of the
undersigned, under  section   4 of   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act,-1900.
Dated at Sindon, this 27th day of
November, 190G.
If you receive
this paper it is an
invitation to you to
Send in your sub
For Sale.
* ���
Sandon. Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is 40 x 28, Lot extends
from Reco Avenue to Main Street.
Apply to���
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.    Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
Mrs. J. F.  DELANEY.
Application to Purchase lands.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day*
after date I intend to make application
to the ' Chief,. Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described lands in West
Kootenay "district:; Commencing nt a
post marked F.H. Bartlett's S.E. corner
J lost, situate near tlie S.W. comer of F.
1. O'Keilly's L-ind Purchase, about
three miles S.E. from Silverton; thence
west L'O chains, along Mill's norlh line;
thence north 00 chains; thence oust 20
chains; thenc-. south CO chains to tin*,
point begun at, containing 120 iic-rer
more or less. F. II. BaRTLKTT.
Silverton B.C., Dec. 22, 1U00.
27 12 00
I' cV   .t
Review Job Printing
�����-***-H++++**************** ********** ********************
ftbe San&on Ibotel. I
���Robt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Choicest xtquore, Wltnes ano Cloars.       :
****** ********** ***** S"r"f ** *********** **** *******
The ������
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Iyiqttors, Wines and Cigars
always oil hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarters for flMning an*) Gravelling flDen
Mteals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms large, Clean anb Cos\>.
S William Bennett S
J. R, Cameron
The Kootenay.Tailor.-
X ��������>��������������������������� ****************************************\
&i***4'i"i-*i"Z<'*ivl"i*>i<'if4rl'4r&t>*'i Iff* "S**��������� **I**.**i**�������� ���!*���.���*;��� *i*���;��� ������S'.J**!**;*�����*���:��� 'I*��� 'J*<-
Is the standard for Excellence in
Canned Goods
Why use inferior goods wheu  "Quaker"
can be bought for same money ?
Say I Give Quaker Peas, Corn and
Golden Wax Beans only a trial. If you
do you will always buy them. Full
supply always on hand.
-    - ��� ���
TO. 9-./Bbacbonalb
j Virginian Block, Sandon j
**++****+*****4>+*+***++<*+ Ml ���^t*-t"h*+��*+*++*<***f*+'!*<">*
There ia no better home in tlie Kootenay* (or
the Mining Mnn to make hii Headquarter*.
Viiitort will find au up-to-date style of cluing
buiine-i, And the Uarkeeps are nrtiit.- in their
The Finest Wines and I.iquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
s S
Fresh Grocernes
In Adjoining Freinim.
No. 8i.      W. P. M.
Meets every Saturday croniiig at 7:30
p. in. Visiting Brother* inu cordially
invited to attend.
10-It A, Shlllnnd, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Frnttjiity Hall the last Mon-
doy evening of eviry month.
J. It. Camrron, \V. President.
J. G. Pottkb, W. Secretary.
Send in your sub.
(A Nourishing
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade,
Wc guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon (HMners' Tttnfon Hospital,
Open to the Public.
Ralea by P'lbi-crip'ion |1.00 per month. ISon-aulncrilwra $2.00 per ijlem.
 Hospital Staff	
HARttY DKEYEK. - -    WM. K. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
Colin J. Campbell [^EB
Assayer  Notary Public Conveyancing
St. James' Hotel
New Doaver. B.C. EXCURSION
Visitors to New Denver, th�� heauty spot
eif tlie* Continent, will lind this liotoi
to he thoroughly oqillpintii Inr
fur tliei comfort nf Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent bbntiiit*.        Gruml scoitsfy.
ril'l.KXDII.- .S.\MI'i,K KOO.MS
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
l*'lNK sample rooms.      .,
Specie.) attention given tn Mining Trade.
Splendid StOl'iury, Fishing. lJuating, rte*.
Hi. S+EQE.
No iimtler what Iii** oc*
enpiition, may enve
imniey liy KeUItig hia
Slmcs MjuIii to .Ordi-r.
Fur a Minimi S'.on
tin re i* UOlllillll hi'ltrr
11111 -1   till'   f.ininlis I) \ I,
C.AI.I*' or K11* UI'I'Klt
with 11 jowl, suliil,
I111111I nii'.di* liottolti	
Fare and One Third for
Round Trip.
Proiii    Revelstoke,    Pernio
aud all intermediate and
branch line points.
On Suit: Limit
Peb, 11 to 16. Feb. 18.
ftpply to IochI ti<��i'nt< or write to
IC, J, rovi.it, J s. (Vviunn,
Viinuoiivcr Nelson.
TIipco siloes eim only Im uot hy
le*iivini_' vour older with
P.  W. WAPvD
Shoemaker - Sandon
Dr. A.
/   Vinits .Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerrurd rmgularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C. j
IE. IM. TOlibbowson
(10I1I, Silver, Copper (il Lend, rai-li, $1.00
Gold-Silver,.$1.50 Silver-Lend. 11.50
Zine. .$���_�� 00 Gold Silver wilh Copper or
Lead., 9.50.
Vrcnii|it intention *.'iven to nil *nni|ilc<��.
25 jiercent. disennnt nnon five sainplcsi
BAKER ST., NKI,80>f.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
���ffS the Headquarters for All
Milling Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout in a
superb 111 tinner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming j-ummer
r**xcelletit  Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good .Sample Roonis.       ,
NEL50N, B. C.
A. 1IKUDER Loenl Atf ut.   Piirceln loft
Kilhert Hotel receive proniyt iittcntion.
San&on TLobqe,
No. 24,
K. of P.
Moeti every M'ednesiliij
evening at T.80 in Fraternity Hall. Visiting BrwUiren conliallr
invited. GKO. Hrs'ro.V. (��� C.
'-��� A. SirtiLA.fn, K of R, A H.
Review Job Prlnlinsr


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