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Slocan Mining Review 1908-04-30

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 1 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, April 30, 1908.
_el���,   ���
Prin|e*l in New Denver, the
Beauty! Spot of the Continent
aud C-tli t Hub of the richest
SilvO-j .ead District on Earth.
Single Copies get
] Si James Hotels
hirst-clasa R.ioms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to 1'oii:-i*=t3; Luxcry and comfort when visiting thia
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting; ami Mountain Climbinsr Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing !a!ce and (glacier this hotel offers all that ia required
to make jour visit a memorable one.    Write or wire te���
J A. Jacobson. Prop., New D��nver, B.C.
Turkish Delight
I IN DRUMS, $1.50 per Drum, or 50c. per Ib.
35c. per lb.
Box 44.
3ft QtieAcjCe*
Big Fires at Nelson
The sub-station ol the West Kootenay
Power and Light Co., at Kelson, was
totally destroyed by fire last Saturday
On Monday morning at 3 o'clock, the
car barn and two cl oniric street cars ol
the Nelson Electric Cnnpany, leased to
lhe City of Nelson, also went up ill
smoke. Taken in the light of sensationalism, there ia tlio essential groundwork
for a dastardly plot to be unearthed, as
the lelatinns between lhe W. K. Co.
and ihe city are antagonistic. There
are etrong reasons to suppose
incendiarism was (lie cause of tlie outbreak at the cily ear barn, and anolhcr
very suspicious detail riveting tlie attention of lhe people of Nelson was the
draining of oil from the transformers
which was discovered three horns after
the outbreak. This trifling detail may
appear a very insignificant factor in the
Iiituro running of tlie street and private
electric service, tut bv reason of there
being no oil reserve, the city lias been
in darkness for several days this week,
excepting where coal oil, gas, and
candles have been obtainable. A
long string of peculiar coincidences has
marred the progress of the city towards
owning and operating their own electri.c
light system, and as Monday last was
the day when the lights were to be
switched on for the first lime, the concomitant series of disasters were, to say
tlie least, decidedly suspicious. An enquiry has been held, hut beyond proving
that the man who was responsible for
the construction and operation of the
plant was " buying cigars" at the time,
nothing very startling was divulged.
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourist* and the traveling: public all the attractions and
creature comforts that heart of man deeirea. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Oscar V. White and wife came
from Sandon on Wednesday to
the day in town.
To the Editor.
Allow me, through the columns of
your invigorating paper to acknowledge
my warmest thanks���first to my brother
English colonists of "Alamo" for organizing the entertainment, and who at
expense and personal inconvenience eo
creditably contributed to the harmony
of the evening. Secondly, to the ladies
and gentlemen of this district for ao
readily giving and successfully taking
part, and thirdly, Ior the friendly actions
of ladies who volunteered assistance hy
providing for the practices aud supplying
refreshments, kv.
I gratefully accept all this kindness as
an expression of good-will and sympathy
wliich is most encouraging.
The satisfactory financial result of the
concert covers the amount advanced
towards expenses since the memorable
month of October last. I also appreciate
your generous contributions.
Yours hiihfully,
Mishionaby Baynes.
Town Improvement Society.
Emporium Mineral Claim situate in
the Shiran Mining Division of West
Kooten*v Di-trict. Where located:
On Payne gulch adjoining tlie Mercury
Mineral claim.
Take notice that I.Wm.S. Drewry,
acting as acont Ior Win. II. Yawkey.
F.M.C. No. I34UC8, Wm. H. Yawkey,
Cyrus Ya* kev, and Augusta Lydia
Austin, F.M.C N'��, P.4969, executors <i.
the W. C. Yawkey estate, and John D.
Fanell, Kree Miner's Certificate No.
1117580, intend 60 days from the dale
hereof, to apply to mining recorder Ior
a ceitificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 23rd day of April, A.D. 1908.
Stout        j
Put up lu Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade. I
We guarantee ita Strength and Purity, I
madb ar mu
New York Brewery
J    * i____________t_L_>________ ���**- **- -**���- -** eta ���__. att a% A ���**- -*���**- ���*- -***
Sudden Death at Slocan.
Death came painfully sudden on Monday night to one of tlio oldest lady pioneers  of  1 lie Slocan.    .Mis. Haltie C.
Winner, nfter toiling steadily for twelve
yeara  in our silvery   land lias gone to
that  bourne Irom  which   no  traveller
returns.   She had complained of indisposition for a month, hut she preferred
to did in harness rather than  am render
to what she supposed was a passing cold.
Employed as cook at the Victoria Hotel,
Slocan Cily, she  prepared  the   evening
meal Ior the  guests,  and then quietly
retired to her room lo wrestle with grim
death which was even   then beckoning
her to  tlie Gieat  Unseen.   At eleven
o'clock the same night she passed peacefully away iu lhe presence ol a lew intimate Iriends, among whom were Mrs.
Newman, Mrs. Garrett, J. A. Anderson
aud A. Stewart.    Dr. E. E. Arthur, coroner, arrived  the  following   day   from
Nelson, but no inquest waa  necessary,
he certifying that heart failure  wiih the
immediate  cause   of   death   following
���yrtie interment took place on Wednesday aiternoon in tlie peaceful God's aero
adjoining the city, and a large cortege
of sorrowing friends accompanied the
mortal remains to their last resting
place. Rev. A. Keumure performed
the last sad rites of tlie church, aud Mr.
McLean, oi the New Denver undertaking
parlors, conducted the funeral arrangements.
Miss Winner was born in Stanton,
Michigan, and wan 56 years of age. In
her girlhood days she lived at Dayton,
Ohio, and later sojourned for some years
at Seattle. She came to Sandon in 1894,
and two years later went into the catering business at Slocan City, aud has
since that time been associated with the
Viotoria Hotel, owned by Alex. Stewart,
who purchased the hotel Irom the Sloan
Brothers at the time tlie deceased lady
arrived at Slocan City. She leavis
many fiiendu in thc Slocan to mourn
her loss. Her sister, Coar, of Kansas,
has been apprised by telegraph of the
sad event.
Silverton  Gossip.
A birthday party, in honor of Grover
Taylor, was given by his mother at Sil
verton last Saturday. Some of the boys
who think they are entitled to be classified in the particular friend category,
are roaring because tliey were*" not admitted into tlie magic arena. A good
time is reported.
Chas. Isenor, Sandon, visited his sister Ibis week.
The family of station agent Jenkins'
have arrived from the east.
Olcott Payne, manager of the Hewitt
has been to Spokane and Nelton on
company business this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKinnon made a
trip to the Lucerne this week,
P. J. Gallagher, the Slocan lumber
king, was here on Wednesday.
Your correspondent has learned that
Mr. H. Lowe has secured a lease and
bond on the Silver Hustler, a silver-lead
propei ty of meiit adjoining tlie Idaho.
Bruce White, Nelson, waa here this
week, fixing up a deal On the Alpha
group with N. F. McNaught.
The town is now displaying its verdant spring clothing, and gardening is
well under way. J. W. M. Tinling is
greatly improving the land immediately
adjoining his real eslate ollice.
Dan Macdonald and Pat O'Brien will
open a photographic studio���that is
when they have conquered a secondhand camera they bought from Harry
*���______________________________ ___5__  ______
General Merchant   ���  New Denver   J
Is offering goo.l values in Men's underwear, in Pen-Angle,
Big Horn, Pope and other well-known brands, also shirts M
various kinds, i.ome specialities for miners and men in lagging camps, gloves, mitts, socks in large variety, collars, tie
sweaters, overalls, blankets and comforters.
Call md inspect our stock ; it will be appieciated.
At a regular meeting of the T.I.S. on
Wednesday night, C. V. Nelson in the
chair, much useful Work was accomplished hy the society. A very pleasing
feature was the large number of replies
from Great Biitiiin to the article
from the pen of lhe secretary which
appeared last month in "T. P.'s Weekly." These communications were from
the very cream of British eel tiers, who
tiring of the drudgery ol an indoor life
in tlie old land, have been attracted by
the halo which now surrounds the magic
letters, B.C. All are men witli from
���.1,000 to $5,000 capital, who desire to
emigrate lo our land of many resources
and join Ihe army of prospective fruit
growers thnt is even now marching
towards Slocan to take po��eeesion of our
unrivalled bench lands. It is all highly
encouraging to the indefatigable members of the society, and we are confident
that much good will accrue from the
propaganda of advertising.
Minutes of the last meeting contained
a vote of thanks to all who had assisted
in the Cafe Chantant a few weeks ago
from which a handsome sum of money
was netted. Further routine business
consisted ol a discussion as to the merits
of an advertising envelope, which has
been submitted hy an eastern firm, and
the matter has been left to the judgment of the special committee. A letter wns read from W. A. Galliher, M.P.
in which he said he could do nothing in
the matter of the Government building
a new postoffice, for the reason that It
was unusual for the government to build
offices in small towns, and he pointed
out that he tried without avail to secure an appropriation for a new post-
office at Revelstoke, a city of great importance in the Kootenay.
It was decided to begin without delay
construction of the wharf at the loot of
the Glacier trail, the special committee
to have charge of the details.
Tlie secretary, (Herbert Cue) at the
conclusion of Ihe general business advocated tbe adoption of a colonization
scheme under the wing of the society.
He forcibly pointed out Ihat a large
influx of British emigrants was trending
to the Kootenays, but Slocan Lake
would not secure a proportionate share
unless special efforts were made lo attract tbem to the immediate district.
He therefore unfolded a comprehensive
plan in which the land owners of the
district should amalgamate and send a
capable man to Britain to lecture on
the fruit growing possibilities of the
Slocan. He had no doubt that a large
number of very desirable families could
by this means he placed on good land,
and the foundation of a great industry
laid. A very interesting discussion oc*
cupying an hour followed, and ultimately it was decided to go fully into the
project snd invite all lhe land-owners
to express their views on the matter.
Fresh onion sets; best quality at
Nelson's Drug Store. Faesh stock ot
new seeds just arrived also.
Hugh Niven, of the Slocan Hotel,
Three Forks, accompanied by Angus
Cameron, paid town a business visit on
The Quebec Battlefield AsBooeiation
is making a strenuous anl worthy
effort to celebrate the Champlain Tercentenary, and they propose that the
Dominion Bhould commemorate the
founding of Canada by securing for
national possession the sacred ground
of the battlefield of the Plains of Abraham and St. Foye, where the destinies
of the New World were determined and
the foundation of the Empire and
Greater Britain was laid. Surely it is
fitting that we do not only this in honor
of our country's birth, but that we
follow still further and sweep from the
surface of this historic ground the
gaol and everything else, and from out
of the negleted fields of to-day evolve
a national park, worthy of the heroes
who there gave up their lives. Any
sum for this object, however small,
may be subscribed at the New Denver
branch of the Bank of Montreal.
Those of our readers who are contemplating a trip lo see lhe old fulks
iu the east this year should not fail
to avail themselves of the excursion
rates offered by the C.P.R. Rtad
their ad. on back page.
.*: **
Slocan Fruit Lands
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notico that Clara Gertrude
Spooner, of Nelson, B.C., married woman, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north cast corner of Lot 8774 Group 1
Kootenay, thence south 20 ehuins,
thence east 20 chains, theme north 20
chains thence west 20 clmins to the
point of commencement and containing
40 acres more or let-s.
Win. H. Courtenay, agent.
April 18th, 1903, Jy2
Tbe Beet Climate  in Canada.   Fine soil,  most beautiful scenery,  prise fruit, good markets,  no
doctor's bills, no frost bites, no rainy season, no mosquitoes: good fishing, hunting, boating, bathing,
The variety of SLOCAN grown fruit is astonishing.    Not the meanest product easily cultivate
here are strawberries.
K_trii_t from ths Nelium Dally News of July llth, 1*907,
" O. P. Wigen, the celebrate, strawberry culturlat known throughout the Province, ll
In town to-day.    He na. a the _ea���on la almost over now, and hat been a succetaful one.
Off about four acres ho has shipped berries to the amount of 1*1,000.011, and hss mnre tt* ship
yet.    His land in stiawberries ln worth to him. at 10 per cent interest, |6,UOO.OO en acre."
A Ten-acre farm in the Slo'can will give you a better income with less labor, than
a hundred acres in Ontario or any other Eastern provinces.
If you are interested iu fruit growing YOU ought to communicate with us in
JUSTICE to  YOURSELF.    Our illustrated literature is worthy of a place
in any fruit-grower's library.   Just drop us a line while you think of it - -
to-day - - NOW.    Details by return mail if you address me,
W. MOERAN, Manager.
Sunday School Convention
The convention of the Sunday Schi )ls
of the Slocan district was held on Tuesday April 21st in the Presbyterian church,
New Denver. A jubic meeting was
held on Monday evening. 'Ihe Re v.
W. M. Clialmers led the devotional
exercises and occupied the chair. The
Chairman introduced to the audience,
Stuart Muirhead, secretary ol the Eastern B.C. Sunday School Association who
outlined the purpose of the convention
and gave a detailed account of the
world-wide organization of Bumliiy
Schools. This was followed by a biiof
address given by the Rev. A. Kenmnre
of Slocan City.
Exercises at the lirst session on Tuesday afternoon were led by Rev. W. M.
Chalmers, after which the Rev. W.
Gifford was appointed to the chair. Tlie
chairman stated briefly the importance
of the convention, and called on Mr.
S. Muirhead to take the floor. The
early part of the session was devoted to
the discussion of tbe "round table leaflet" proposed by Mr. Muirhead. A
copy was given to nil present. Tlie
various details bearing on lesson construction and presentation methods ol
teaching, and illustrating, and other
interesting methods were di.cussed at
length and invaluable help was derived.
The able and convincing way in which
Mr. Muirhead replied to the many questions asked, was very gratifying to the
teachers, and proved to them clearly
tbe vast importance to the Christian
Church of Ih >rough methods of sound
organization and instruction among its
Sunday school scholars. The scholars
from the public school entered the
church at 8.30 p.m. and were shown by
Mr. Muirhead by means of the blackboard, the value of the supplemental
lessons. The attention of the scholars
was hell completely by the object lessons, which proved that the instruction in our Sunday schools can be made
intensely interesting by appropriate
object illustrations. The scholars then
left the church and the remainder of
the session was devoted to another discussion ou organization and the importance of leading the children into decision for Christ,
The evening session convened at 7.30.
The Rev. A. Kenmure, of Slocan City
led the devotional exercises and occupied the chair. A letter from the Rev.
Mr. F. A. Bartlett, af Silverton, was
then read by Rev. W. M. Chalmers.
The letter contained an expression of
hearty sympathy for the Christian
cause, and an expression of gratitude
and good cheer to the Slocan clergy in
tlieir difficult work, together with some
valuable suggestions for Sunday school
work and work among the mining camps.
The Secretary of the local association,
R. J. Dodds, was instructed to write a
note of appreciation to Mr. Bartlett for
his interesting and encouraging letter.
A very interesting address was then
given by Mr. Dodds, which was very
practical, and heartily appprccialed.
Mr. Dodds has done excellent work in
the Sunday school at Silverton, of
wliich he is the superintendent and
organizer, and we are glad to have the
office of Secy.-Treas. of the newly-
formed local association embodied in
such a worthy representative. The rest
ol the evening was devoted to the discussion of a masterly payer read by
Mr. Kennedy, of Silverton. It described
in well chosen diction, a statement ol
conditions wliich not only every clergyman or Sunday school worker but eve*y
man in the Slocau district ought to lay
seriously to heart. These conditions
are all too well known and need not be
mentioned here. They can be altered,
and men, you can alter them. We
wore very pleased indeed to have at
our convention a man known all over
B.C. The words wliich he utteired
were few, but full of meaning and made
a deep impression on all present. It
is men ol this kind that we would like
to have in the forefront lighting tlie
Lord's battles j and why should tbey
not? We thank vou, Percy, for your
encouraging words of cheer, which we
can never forget, nor fail to appreciate.
Towards tlie clo.ieof tbe convention the
question of bettor observance of the
Lord's day, Sunday closing, the furtherance of Christian works in tlie camps,
the strength of public sentiments on
general moral questions, wore discus-sod
and a resolution was unanimously
passed instructing the officers of the
executive committee lo consider immediately and initiate such steps as can
be taken to further these ends. The
convention on the whole was a decided
success, and we hope the first of many
future convention?, which will prove
a means of help to Christian workers
and a betterment of present conditions.
Fire Consumed the Building
In Less than An Hour.
Tlie famous New York Brewery at
Sandon is no more. Shortly after four
ocloek to-day (Thursday), llames were
seen it-suing [rom tho roof of the boiler
room by J. A. McKinnon and an alarm
was tin ned in.
The proprietors of tho brewery,
Messrs. Towgood & Bruder, discovered
the outbreak too late to be of effectual
sei vice and in an hour the brewery that ���
has produced malted beverages which
have earned Ior the indefatigable firm unstinting praise both far and near, was
burned to the ground.
Being outside the city limits there
were none of the city's hydrants to attach the hose to, but two small reels
owned by tho lirm were quickly in
action, eo fierce though was the blaze
that the small jets of water were insignificant, and of no service.
The renowned fire fighters of Sandon
were rushed to the spot in express
wagons, but although just in time to
assist in the work ot salvage their
effort to save tlie building was futile.
Some of the personal effects of the
members of the firm, and a small quantity of malt was saved, but it is estimated that the los3 is $15,000, of which
$7,500 is covered hy insurance.
We learn that the brewery was built
in '97 by Tattrie ...Brand when Sandon
was the busiest silver-lead camp in
Canada, Messrs. Towgood and Bruder
taking it over just after Sandon's disastrous fire of 1900.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
17. Berries are graded for the season
as follows:���
'��� FANCY "-Which    shall    mean
berries sufficiently  solid that the
grower   will   guarantee   them to
reach Winni peg or equally distant,
market   in   first class   condition.
Tbey inustalso be absolutely clean
and free from sand.   Any in  thia
class reaching destination in bud
condition,   tbe grower  agrees to
accept all adjustments wiih party
to whom berries are Eold.
" B "���Sufficiently  solid   that   the
grower guaiantees them lo reach
Regina or equally distant market
in   first-class    condition.     Any
shipments not  arriving in first-
class condit-on the grower agrees
to accept all   adjustments   made
with party to whom fruit is Eold.
"LOCAL"���All berries   which will
not grade to either oi  the above
classes must not be  shipped, except to local points and must be
marked " Local."   The  place for
all others, the cannery.
18. Any package ot fruit  improperly
graded or unfit for shipment will  be returned to thc grower at bis own expense,
from point discovered.   All  employees
of the Association will be instructed  to
do this, and their positions will depend
upon the degree of efficiency in inspection
Therefore, do not try to dissuade them,
for tliey are  under instructions which
they must follow, and have no alternative.
19. The Assoeia'ion has decided to
adopt the following prices for picking
and packing berries this season:���
PICKING���1J-. cents per halletk or
enp, heaping full.
PACKING��� % cent per halleck or
cup, properly picked.
The Kootenay Fruit Qrowers Association.
I need ecarcely disclaim the authorship of the rules for picking and packing
strawberries which appeared by mistake
over my signature in last week's issue.
These rules are modelled on those by
which the Hood River growers havo
built up their great reputation andeare
worthy of our consideration.
One point of importance is that perishable fruit should be cooled off before
being packer! and shipped to a distance.
Another point on which there is much
discussion ia as to the necessity of
picking, then soiting ovur and then repacking; this Is the rule in Hood River,
and the advantages are great, though of
course it involves extra work. By eo
doing the over ripe and imperfect
berries aro sorted out and are either
sent to a factory or disposed ot locally,
A few soft berries wfll spoil a whole box
very quickly, and careful sorting insures
that the fruit is in perfect condition
when packed. Less trouble may also
Cmtinnedon page 4.
program of Presbyterian Concert.
A Grand Concert will be held in the Miners' Union Hall, Sandon, on Friday,
May 8 th.   The following is the program :���
Instrumental Duet-Selected      ...     ........Mrs Towgood and Mrs. Fingland
Solo  "The Golden Harvest     ��������� -Mrs- -lowgoon
Recitation' '-' Charge of the Light Brigade " Mr A- Pemherton
g0]0 " Tn Hannv Moments     ite*\. ii. rsaynes
" In Happy Moments " Kev.
  'The Three Chafers "	
Messrs. Beames, Pemberton, Jackson, and J. J. Atherton
Character Song���Selected    Mr. A. S. Macaulay
Solo���Selected Ernest Atherton
Recitation " Shainus O'Brien "  Mrs. J. Thompson
Trio  " Sweet and Low "	
Mrs. White, Mrs. Towgood, and Mr. Gifford
Solo " Down the Vale " Mrs. W. Robinson
Costume Song���Selected Mr. P. Wells
Stump Speech���Selected Mr. S. J. Towgood
Costume Song " Father " Mr. H. Angell
Duet " O wert thou in the cold blast"	
Mrs. White and Mrs. Towgood
Recitation���Seleoted Mr. J. J. Atherton
Duet ...,...,. " Beautiful Moonlight "	
Mrs. Towgood and Mrs. Itobinson nil;   SLOCAN   MINING   REVIEW,   NEW   DENVER,   B. C.
��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans;
"Lena Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc
Of the davs which followed, Maddy
had no distinct consciousness. She
onlv knew that other hnnds than hers
cared Ior the dend, that in the little
parlor a stiff, white figure Iny, that
neighboring women stole in, treading
on tiptoe, and speaking in hushed
voices ns they consulted, not her. but
Mrs. Nonh, who had come at once,
and cared for her nnil hers so kindly.
That she Iny nil dny in her own room,
where tbe summer breeze blew soltly
through the window, bringing tlie perfume of summer Mowers, the sound oi
a tolling bell, of grinding wheel, the
notes of a low, snd hymn, sung in
faltering tones nnd ol mnny feet moving from the door. Then friendly
faces looked in upon ber, asking bow
she  ielt,  nnd  whispering ominously
to each other ns she- answered!
"Very well; is grnndpa getting bet-
Then  Mrs.   Nonh  sat  with  her for
a time, fanning ber with a palm-leal
fan and brushing the Hies nwny. Then
Flora cnme up with a man whom
they called "Doctor," nnd who pave
her sundry little pills and powders
dissolved in wnter, niter which they
all went out and left ber there with
Jessie, who hnd been crying, and
whose soil, little hnnds Ielt so cool on
her hot head, and whose kisses on
her lips made the tenrs start, aird
brought a thought of Guy, making
her ask, "if he was nt the funeral.
"No" Jessie said; mother wanted
to write and tell him, but we don't
know where he  is."
And this was all Mnddy could recall of the days succeeding the night
of her last wntch at her grandfather's side, until one balmy August afternoon, when on the Honedale hills
there lay that smoky huze so like
the autumn time hurrying on apace,
and when through her open window
stole the fragrance of the later summer flowers. Then, as if waking from
an ordinary sleep, bhe woke suddenly to consciousness, nnd staring about
the room, wondered if it were as late
as the western sun would indicate,
and how she came to sleep so long.
For a while she lay thinking, and as
she thought, a snd scene came back
to her, a night when her hot hands
had been enfolded in those of the
dead, and that dead her grandfather.
Was it true, or was she laboring under some hallucination of the brain?
If true, was that white, placid face
still to be seen in the room below, or
had thev buried him from her sight?
She would know, and with a strange
kind of nervous strength she arose,
and throwing on the wrapper nnd
slippers which lay near, descended
the stairs, wondering to find hersell
so weak, and half shuddering at the
deep stillness, ol the house; stillness
broken only by the ticking of the
clock nnd the purring of the house
cat, which nt sight of Maddy arose
from its position nenr the door nnd
came forward, rubbing its sides
against her dress, and trying in various ways to evince its joy at seeing
one whose caresses it had missed so
long. The little bedroom off the kitchen where grnndpa slept and died
was vacant; the old-fashioned coat
was put away, as was every vestige
of the old mnn save the broad-rimmed
hat, which hung upon tbe wall just
where his hands hnd hung it, and
which looked so much like its owner
that with a gusli of tears Maddy sank
upon the bed, moaning to herself,
"Yes, grandpa is dead. I remember
now. But Uncle Joseph, where is
he? Can he, too, have died without
my knowledge?" and she looked
around in vain for tlie lunatic, not
a trace of whom was to be found. His
room was in perfect order, as was
everything about tlie house, showing
that Flora wus still the domestic
goddess, while Maddy also detected
various tilings which she recognized
as having come from Aikenside. Who
sent tbem? Did Guy, and had he
been there, too, while she was sick?
The thought brought a throb of joy
to Mnddy's heart, but it soon passed
away as she began ngnin to wonder
if Uncle Joseph, too, had died, and
where Flora was. It was not far to
the Honedale burying ground, Maddy
could see the headstones from where
she sat gleaming through the August sunlight; could discern her mother's, and knew that two fresh
mounds at least were wade beside it,
Hut were there three Was Uncle Joseph there? I3y stealing across the
meadow in the rear of the house the
distance lo the graveyard was shortened more than half, and could not
be more than the eighth pnrt of a
mile. She could wall: so far, she
knew. The fresh nir would do her
gonil, and hunting up ber long unused hat, the impatient girl started,
slopping once or twice to rest as a
dizzy Inintness came over her, and
then continuing on until the spot she
sought was reached. Three graves,
one old and sunken, one made when
the last winter's snow was on the
hills, tlie oilier fresh nnd new. Tbat
was all; Uncle Joseph was not there,
and vague, terror entered Muddy s
heart lest he had been taken back
to the asylum.
"I will get him out," she said; "1
will take care ol him. I should die
with nothing to do; and I promised
grandpa ���"
She could get no further, for the
rush of memories wliich cnme over
her, and seating herself upon the
ground close to the new grave, she
laid her face upon it, and sobbed
piteously: ���
"Oh, grandpa, I'm so lonely without you ull; I almost wish _ I was
lying here in the quiet yard."
Then n storm of tears ensued, after
which Maddv grew calm, and with her
head still bent down, did not hear
the rapid step approaching, the manly step coming down the grassy road,
coming past tlie marble tombstones,
on to where that wasted figure was
crouching upon the ground. There it
stopped, nnd in a half-whisper called, "Maddy!  Mnddy!"
Then, indeed, she started, and lifting up her head saw before her Guy
Remington. For a moment she regarded him intently, while he said
to her, oh, so kindly, so pityingly:
"Poor child, you have suffered so
much, and I never knew of it till a
few days ago."
Mj_*d_&y_ stretched her hands .toward
nim, moaning out:
"Oh, Guy, Guy, where have you
been, when I wanted you so much?'
Maddy did not know what she was
saving, or half comprehend the effect it had on Guy, who forgot everything save that she wanted him, had
missed him, had turned to bim in her
trouble, and it wns not in bis nature
to resist her appeal. With a spring
be was at her side, and lilting ber
in his arms seated himsell upon her
mother's grave; then straining her
tightly to his bosom, he kissed her
again and ngain. Hot burning, passionate kisses they were, which took
irom Muddy all the power of resistance, even had she wished it, which
she did not. Too weak to reason,
or see the harm, il harm there were,
in being loved by Guy. she abandoned herself for a brief interval to tlie
bliss of knowing thnt she was beloved   and of hearing him tell ber so.
"Darling Muddy," he suid, "I went
away because you Bent me, but now I
have come back, and nothing shall
part us again. You are mine; I claim
you here at your mother's grave. Precious Mnddy, I did not know of n,l
this till three days ago, when Agnes
letter found me almost at the Rocky
Mountains. I wisli I had come before, now that I know you wanted
me. Say that again, Muddy. Tell
me thut you missed me."
He was smoothing her hair now, as
her head still lay pillowed upon his
breast, so he could not see the spa.-.m
of pain which contorted her features
as he thus appealed to her. Half
bewildered, Maddy could not at first
make out whether it were a blissful
dream or a reality, her lying th.^re
in Guy's arms with his kisses on ner
forehead, lips, nnd cheeks, his words
of devotion in her enr, and the solt
summer sky smiling down upon her.
Alas, it was a dream from which she
was awakened by the thought of one
across the sea, whose place she had
usurped, and this it was which
brought the grieved expression to her
face   as  she  answered  mournfully:
"I did want you, Guy, when I forgot; but now���oh, Guy���Lucy Ather-
stone I"
With a gesture of impatience Guy
was about to answer, when something
in the heavy full of the little hand
from his shoulder alarmed him, and
lifting up tlie drooping heni. he saw-
that Mnddy hnd tainted. Then buck
neross the meadow Guy bore her to
the cottage, where Flora, lust returned from a neighbor's, whither she hnd
gone upon an errand, was looking foi
her in much  affright.
Up ngnin into her little chamber
Muddy wns carried and laid upon
the bed', wliich she never left until
the golden harvest sheaves were gathered in, nnd tlie hot September sun
was ripening tlie fruits of autumn.
But now she lind a new nurse, a
constant attendant, who during tin-
day seldom left ber except to talk
with nnd amuse I'ncle Joseph, mourning below because no one sung to
him or noticed him ns Mnddy used
to do. He had not been sent to the
asylum, ns Mnddy fenred, but by way
of relieving Flora hnd been taken
to Farmer Green's, where lie \va3 so
homesick nnd discontented that at
Guy's instigation he was suffered to
return to the cottage, crying like a
little child when the old lamilinr
spot was reuclied, kissing his iirm-
ehnir, the cook-store, the tongs, Mrs.
Noah, nnd Flora, nnd timidly offering to kiss the Lord Governor himself as he persisted in calling Guy,
who declined the honor, but listened
quietly to the crazy marl's promise
"not to spit the smallest kind of
spit on tlie floor, or anywhere, except in its proper plnce."
Guy had passed through several
stntes of mind during the interval in
which we have seen so little of him,
Furious at one time, and reckless
as to consequences, he hnd determined to break with Lucy nnd marry
Maddy, in spite of everybody; then,
i as a sense of honor came over him,
| be resolved to forget, Maddy, if possible, and marry Lucy at once. It
was in this inst mood, and while
roaming over tbe Western country,
i whither after his banishment lie had
I gone, that he wrote to Lucy a strange
kind of letter, saying he had waited
for her long enough, nnd, sick or well,
be should claim her the coining autumn. To this letter Lucy had responded quickly, sweetly reproving
Guy for his impatience, softly hinting
thnt latterly he had been quite a
culpable ns herself in the mntter of
defeniiiff their union und appointing
the bridal dny for the ��� of December. After this was settled Guy Ielt
better, though lbe old sore spot in
his heart, where Muddy Clyde had
been, was very sore still, and sometimes it required all bis powers ol
self-control to keep from writing to
Lucy nnd asking lo be released from
nn engagement so irksome ns liis bad
become. Neglecting to answer Agnes'
letters when he first left home, she
did not know where be was until n
short time before, when she wrote
apprising him of grandpa's denth
nnd Mnddy's severe illness. This
brought hiin, while Mnddy's involuntary outburst when she met him in
.tlie graveyard, changed the whole cur-
rent of his intentions. Let what
would come. Maddy Clyde should be
his wife, and ns such he watched
over her, nursing her buck to life,
and by his manner effectually silencing all remark, so that the neighbors
whispered among themselves whnt
Mnddy's prospects were, und, as wns
quite natural, were a little more attentive to the future ludy of Aikenside. P***-*- Muddy! it wus a terrible
trial which awaited her, but it must
be met, and so with prayers and
tears she fortified herself to meet it.
while Guy, the devoted lover, huitfi
over her, never guessing of nil that
was passing in her mind, or how,
when he was out of sight, the lips
he hud longed so much to kiss, but
never hnd since that dny in the graveyard, quivered with, anguish as they
nsked for strength to do right. Oh,
how Muddy did love the man she must
give up, and how often went up the
wailing cry, "Help me, Father, to do
my duty, und give me, too, a gre.it��*
inclination to do it than I now possess."
Maddy's heart did fail her sometimes and she might have yielded
to the temptation but for Lucy's let-
t.Ej_..fulI of Baiter aiiUcJutLtums *-** l!*e
.lappy Tfiife w.ien sne and Uny siiouid
never part again.
"Sometimes," she wrote. there
comes over me a dnrk foreboding of
evil���a iear that I shall miss the cup
now within my reach; but I pray the
bad feelings away. I am sure there
is no living being who will come between us to break my heart, and as
I know God doeth all things well, 1
trust Him wholly, and cease to
It was well the letter came when
it did, as it helped Maddy to meet the
hour she so much dreaded, and which
came at lust on nn afternoon when
Mrs. Nonh had gone to Aikenside, and
Flora had gone on nn errand to a
neighbor's, two miles away, thus leaving Guy free to tell the story, the
old, old story, yet always new to him
wbo tells it and her who listens-
story which, as Guy told it, sitting
by Mnddv's side, with her hnnds in
his, thrilled her thiough and through,
making tlie sweat drops start out
around her lips and underneath her
hair���story which made Guy himsell
pant nervously and tremble like a
leaf, so earnestly he told it; how long
he hud loved her, of tlie picture withheld, the jealousy he felt each time
the doctor named her, the selfish joy
he experienced when be henrd the
doctor wns refused; told of his growing dissatisfaction with his cngnge-
ment, his frequent resolves to break
it, his final decision, which that scene
in the graveyard had reversed, nnd
then asked if sbe would not be his���
not doubtfully, but confidently, eagerly, as il sure of her answer.
Alas Ior Guy! be could not believe
ho henrd aright when, turning her
hend away for :i moment while she
prayed for strength, Maddy's answer
cnme, "I cannot, Guy, I cannot I
acknowledge the love which has stolen
upon me, 1 know not how, but 1 cannot do this wrong to Lucy. Away
from me you will love her ngnin.
You must. Rend this, Guy, then suy
if you cun desert her."
She placed Lucy's letter in his
hand, and Guy read it with a heart
whicli ached to its very core. It was
cruel to deceive thnt gentle, trusting
girl writing so lovingly of him, but
to lose Maddy was to bis undisciplined nature more dreadful still, and
costing the letter aside he plended
again, this time with the energy of
despair, for he rend his fate in Maddy's fnce, and when her lips a second
time confirmed her first reply, while
she appenled to his sense ol honor,
of justice, of right, nnd told him he
could nnd must forget her, he knew
there wns no hope, nnd, man though
he was, bowed his head upon Maddy's
hands nnd wept stormily, mighty,
choking sobs, wliich shook his frnme,
and seemed to break up tlie very foun-
tnins of his life. Then to Maddy there
came n terrible temptation. Was it
right for two wbo loved us they did
to live their lives apart?���right in
her to force on Guy the fulfillment
of vows he could not literally keep?
As mental struggles nre always tlie
more severe, so Mnddy's took nil her
strength nway, nnd Ior mnny minutes
she Iny so white nnd still that Guy
roused himself to cure for her, thinking of nothing except to make her
It was n long time ere thnt interview ended, but when it did there
was on Mnddy's fnce a peaceful expression which only the sense of having done right nt the cost of n fearful sacrifice could give, while Guy's
bore traces of n grent and crushing
.orrow as lie went out from Maddy's
presence and fell thnt to hiin she was
lost   forever.     He   hud   promised   her
he would do right; hnd snid he would
marry Lucy, being to her whnt a
husband should be; had listened while
she talked of another world where
Ihey neither many nor are given in
.marriage, nnd where it would not be
sinful for them lo love encb other,
nnd ns she talked her face had shone
like tlie fnce of an angel. He lind
held one of her hnnds at pnrting,
bending low his bend, while she inid
the other on it ns she blessed bim,
letting her snowy fingers thread his
soft brown hair nnd linger caressingly among liis curly locks. Dut thnt
wns over now. Tbey had parted forever. She was lying where be left her,
eold, and white, nnd fnint with dizzy
pnin. He wns riding swiftly toward
Aikenside, his henrt bents keeping
time to the swift trend of his horse's
feet, and his mind a confused medley
of distracted thoughts, amid which
two facts stood out prominent and
clear���he hnd lost Mnddy Clyde, nnd
hnd promised her to marry Lucy Atherstone.
For many dnys after thnt Guy kept
his room, saying he wns sick, and
refusing to see anyone save Jessie and
Mrs, Nonh, the hitter of whom guessed in part what bud happened, nnd
imputing to him fnr more credit thnn
he deserved, petted nnd pitied and
cared for him until he grew weaiy
of it, nnd said to her savagely: "You
needn't think me so good, for I am
not. I wanted Muddy Clyde, and
told her so, but she refused me and
made me promise to marry Lucy; so
I'm going to do that very thing-
going to England in a few weeks, or
ns soon as Muddy is better, and before tlie sun of this year sets I shall
be a married mnn."
Alter this all Mrs. Noah's sympathy
was in favor of Maddy, tlie good lady
making more than one pilgrimage to
Honedale, where she expended nil
her arguments trying to innke Maddy
revoke her decision; but Mnddy was
firm in whnt she deemed right, and
as her health begun slowly to improve, and there was no longer an
excuse for Guy to lurry, he gave out
in the neighborhood that be wns at
last to be married, and stinted for
England the latter part of October,
us unhappy und unwilling a bride-
���*__*_*0U1, it mny be, us ever wont, after
a  bride.
(To  be Continued.)
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Saudy   Lures   by   Which   Salmon   ami
Trout Are Fooled.
No one except a fisherman or a fly
i;*esser bus the faintest conception ot
the enurmous variety of materials used
in the manufacture of flies, especially
salmon flies.
Trout tiles nre made to resemble various real Insects, but salmon tiles
have uo likeness to anything that inhabits earth, air or water, and to this
day no oue knows why the king of
fish Is fooi enough to snatch at the
gaudy lures which are cast across the
pools above his bend.
Tuke such a wet. known salmon fly
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live different birds are used to build It
���namely, those of the Indiuu crow,
the blue jay, the pheasant, the turkey
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scarlet woo! are also necessary for the
tying or this fly.
There is hardly any brilliantly plum-
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uot In demand for fly tying. Jungle
fowl, blue chatterer, scarlet Ibis, bus-
turd, swim, mnenw, peacock, milliard,
Indian roller, teal, wood duck, grouse,
eugle nnd tlovicun are only a few ol
those whose feathers are stoweu away
In the drawers of any fishing tackle
Vou will ulso find gold und silver
wire, gold and silver tinsel, silk of every color under the sun, chenille of
uiuuy different hues, worsted, moliulr
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Hies wliich you can purchase.
Gaudy tiles for salmou fishing ure no
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centuries ago. Richard Franck says:
"Remember always to carry your
dubbing bag about with you, wherein
ought to be silk of ull sorts, thread,
thrums, moccado ends and cruels of ull
sizes and varieties of color, diversified
and stained wool, with dogs' und
bears' hair, besides twisted fine threads
of gold nnd silver, with feathers
from"��� And he goes ou with u loug
list of birds ot brilliant plumage.
But even fvi the noble salmon there
are many other halts used besides tho
fly. The most deadly Is without doubt
salmon roe, the use of which ls prohibited in ulniost every part of the
civilized world. The "gardener's fancy"���In other words, the common lobworm���Is a first class salmon bait, and
so ls prawn boiled to a delicate pink
hue. On most good rivers these halts
are of course Illegal.
Some .relieve in anointing their baits
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which hns first been anointed with
"the chyiu'cul oil of bays, sulphur,
Burbados tur. Ivy or cornu cervi."
Poor worms! One wonders how long
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Trout will tnke n very wide vnrlety
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Biordl hook nud used with n blow line.
The roach ".slier knows the virtue of
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Almost all (isli have cannibal propensities, so thnt tlie young of tlieir
own species prove uu Irresistible bult
.���or the older aud larger members Tbis
is specially true of trout, and many
nn angler has known of cases where a
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Don't imagine you know* everything,
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On Early Railroads.
The old fashioned practice mentioned In the Druce case, thnt the fifth
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"Please, sir," cried the pupil, "it's
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And tlie teacher groaned in anguish.
���Home Magazine,
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W.   N.   U.   No.   678.
lie Most Hare Told Her,
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A large and robust Irishwoman appeared In n New York court recently
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shouldered inun, hnd the appearance
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to stand. The Judge surveyed the two
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"You say this man beat you?" ho
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"Ho did not," the prosecuting witness said with emphasis, folding her
powerful arms. "He knocked me
"You mean to tell me you were
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Humorous Incident of Gladstone's Rivalry With  Disraeli.
An anecdote of Gladstone at the time
of his greatest rivulry witb Disraeli is
often retold. At a dinner party the
subject of Judaism cropped up.
"Admitted," snld Gladstone, "that
the Hebrews have given the world a
philosopher In Spinoza, musicians lu
Mendelssohn and Meyerbeer, a poet in
Heiue, the fact remains that tliey
have not produced a single statesman."
There was silence for a moment. Every one knew of course that tbis wus
a direct allusion to Disraeli. Then one
of the company stepped Into the
"Mr. Gladstone," he said, "as a matter of fact the Hebrews have produced
a statesman and one of tbe greutest
the world bus seeu."
Tbo fighting instinct of Mr. Gladstone surged up at once. "May I ask.
sir," he said pointedly, "who was this
Hebrew statesman?"
Every oue, anticipating a more than
lively scene, waited in teuse expectation for the answer. It came In the
quietest tones, "Moses, sir." Every
oue smiled, nud Mr. Gludstone joined
In the laugh.
and br'ngs to you in your own home
all the healing, health-giving properties of the giant pines. All the therapeutic virtue of the forest trees are
contained in Virgin Oil of P'ne (pure).
It heals the lungs und bronchial tubes,
gives almost instuiit relief to the irritating cough, and will break up a cold
in 24 hours.
The action of Virgin Oil of Pine on
the kidneys is also most beneficial.
It is a perfect*neutralizing agent for
uric nc'd, nnd promptly relieves rheu-
inntisni. luine bnck, nnd other ailments due to disordered kidneys.
In the preparation ol Virgin Oil of
Pine every precaution is taken to insure freshness and purity. It is put
up, for d'spensing through druggists,
in >_-ounce vials only, eiich'viul securely sealed in a round wooden case.
Be sure to get the genuine���V'rgin Oil
of Pine compound pure, prepared only
by Leueh Chemical Co., Cincinnati, (j.
A Modern Life duoy.
One feature of the big I.nsltnnln ls
the automatic life buoy, which Is fiis
tened between decks on n slnntlpg
frame In such n way that It can he released by pressure of u button on the
bridge. On encb end of the four nruis
of a large cross sunned framework ls
n copper ball. These bulls nre so
weighted that when the buoy strikes
the water it will Hunt upright. To the
crossnrms are fastened long brass cylinders. These cylinders nre calcium
carbide lights, so arranged that they
flare up by contact with the water.
Should a cry of "man overboard" be
raised nt night the officer on the bridge
presses the button, tbe buoy lilts the
wnter aud tbe lights flare up. If the
man overboard Is a swimmer be can
reach tha buoy, to the arms of which
loops are attached to aid hlm In keep-
cg above water.��� Washington Herald.
Modernizing Mexico
Monterey, Mexico, is putting on
style these dnys, according to Consul-
General Hanna. "The old style Mexican dwelling-houses hero contained
few glass windows," he snys, "und the
trade in window glass wus insignificant. Six years ngo there was seurce-
ly a store in Monterey containing
windows large eunuch for an ordinary
display of goods, aim plate glass windows were entirely unknown. The
city bus greatly changed; all new
dwelling houses nnd many of the old
ones whicli are being remodelled are
we'l supplied with w'ndow glass.
Nearly till of the stores und shops of
the principal streets hnve modern
Iroiits, with plate glass show win*
dowB."���New  Yoik Tribune.
Minard's   Liniment     cures
D Quiz���Did you get home before
the storm broke Inst night?
De Fiz���Of course; the storm never
breaks at my house until I get home.
���Pittsburg Lender.
Ii is only necessary to rend tho testimonials to be convinced thnt Hol-
loway's Corn cure is unequalled for
the removal of corns, warts, etc. It
is  n.  complete   extinguisher.
A Jewel Beyond Price.
Many years ago a Norwegian was
taken to a big London hospital suffering from an Illness which prevented
hlm from enrnlng bis living. Sir Frederick Treves operated upon him nnd
completely cured him of his trouble.
Some weeks afterward the mnn called
upon Sir Frederick at his private house,
and, much to his surprise, presented
hlm with a coin. At first Sir Frederick
refused to tnke It, but the mau would
not he put off.
"It Is now three yenrs since I left my
native lnnd," he said, "and before I
cnme away my wife gave me this coin
and told me never to part with It uu-
less I wns starving. It ls not worth
anything, but tbe value to me I cannot
express. When I wns in the hospital I
mnde np my miud thut you should
huve it. Since you cured me I bave
been starving, but I would not part
with the coin becnuse I wanted you to
hnve It as a small return for saving my
"What magnificent piece of jewelry,"
snld Sir Frederick when he told the
story, "could equal the value of that
coin?"���London M. A. P.
The Attraction of Chess  Problems.
The mere player who has never experienced the magnetic attraction of
problems cannot fully realize the feeling of joy and satisfaction from solving some masterpiece, the work of a
famous composer. There can be no
doubt that solving problems, especially
from diagrams, Is an Intellectual
amusement nnd tbat the study of problems tends to accuracy of analysis,
quickens the perception nud strengthens the chess faculties generally and
may occasionally Impart some of those
spurkllng ldens which nre so sadly
needed In ordinary play.���Strand Magazine.
They Wake the Torpid Energies.���
Machinery not properly supervised
ami left to run itself, very soon shows
fault in its working. It is the same
with the digestive organs, Uniegu-
luted Irom time to lime tliey nre likely to become torpid and throw the
whole system out of gear. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills were made to meet
such cases. They restore to the lull
the flagging faculties und bring into
order nil parts of the mechanism.
"Suy, complained tlie man, "nearly nil the buttons ure off this shirt of
"Yes?" replied liis indolent wife,
with ii yawn. "It's supposed to be a
negligee shirt, isn't it?"
"Of course."
"Well, if all the buttons were on,
it wouldn't be nearly so negligee."���
Philadelphia Press.
Minard's Liniment cures Distemper.
Teacher���Purse  "court."
Pupil���"Court," n verb, nctive, indicative nioiirl, present tense, nnd
agrees with nil the glr's in the neighborhood.���Tit-Bits.
Itch, Manee, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion
Lady Churchill's Bustle That Played
"God Save the Queen."
Everything that year (Queen Victoria's jubilee year) was dubbed ���'jubilee," from knights nnd babies to huts
and coats. "God Suve thp Queeu" wns
heard nd nauseam ou every conceivable occasion until the tune became
an obsession. This led to a practical
joke nt tbe caslle which caused nnicli
amusement. Oue morning, speaking
of the jubilee craze, 1 pretended thnt I
lind received ns an advertisement u
"jubilee bustle," which would pluy
"God Save the Queen'' when the wenr-
er snt down. This, of course, created
much curiosity and laughter. Having
promised to put it on, I took my ho*;t3
into my confidence. An uld-de-cump
wns pressed iuto tbe service and armed
with a small musical box was made to
hide under a particular armchair.
While the compuny wns at luncheon I
retired to don the so culled "jubilee
wonder," nnd when they were ull assembled I marched in solemnly and
slowly snt down ou the armchair
where the poor nld-de-camp was hiding
bis cramped limbs. To the delight und
astonishment of every one the national
uuthem was henrd gently tinkling
I'orth. Every time 1 rose It stopped;
every time I snt down It began uguln.
I still laugh when I think of it aud of
the astonished faces jbot'.t ine.���"Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Church-
Ill" In Century.
No stiff-bosomed shirt, no matter how
���well it fits, can ever g v the same comfort
that a soft bosom does
Wilh a Neglige, or Soft-bosom Shirt,
there is no binding across the chest-
nothing stiff or uncomfortable to impede
your movements. .���._,___.
Tooke Neglige Shirts can be had either
with plain or pleated bosoms in a big variety
ol exclusive designs. .
They are made either with or without
attached cuffs.
Shirts having attached cuffs are the most
popular and most convenient.
MONTHS, and your wholesaler is in a position to supply your requirements  in  what  is  acknowledged to be
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Permanent Results
"I had been suffering for over two
months with an obstinate cough, as
had also my little girl. We tried several remedies commot to any drug
store, without obtaining any apparent
relief, in fact we were growing worse.
J got a bottle of Coltsfoote Expectorant
fiom my druggist and inside of two
days the cough was stopped, and the
results so permanent and rapid that
we decided to keep it in our home
C.A.R. Station, Ottawa.
Coltsfoote Expectorant is recognized
(he world over as the best prescription ever used by the medical profession for Coughs, Colds, Croup, Bronchitis nnd Tightness of the Chest.
Children like it. To introduce it into
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date drucgists at 25c.
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M;stress���Jane, 1 saw the milkman
kiss you this morning, In the luture
I will take the milk in.
June���'Twouldn't be no use, mum.
He's promised never to kiss anybody
but nie.���Illustrated Bits.
Mrs. Gray���What hook hns been
the most helpful to you?
Mis. Brown���Webster's Dictionary.
Tlie baby sits on it ut tuble, nnd it
saves tlie price of a high chair.���
Cleveland Lender.
Willie (aged eight)���Say, pop, what
is medicine.
Pop���The science of killing people
without fulling into tlie bunds of the
police.���Pittsburg Leader.
Many patent medicines have come
and gone, but Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup continues to occupy a
foremost place among remedies for
coughs and colds, and us a preventive of decay of the lungs. It is a
standard medicine that widens its
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"Why a gulf used to separate her
from society."
"True; but the sort of bridge she
plnys carried her across."
"When Brown cnme to this city ten
years ago he didn't have a cent."
"Well, well. How did he make out?"
"Oh, he's still holding hia own."
The  Move  One  Player  Made and   His
Subsequent   Soliloquy.
"It's your move." sbe smiled.
He smiled back at her, his band hovering above the checkerboard.
"Real!}?" be asked, looking at her
In a witty sort of way.
"Hub-hub," she softly answered.
"Really?" he asked again.
"Huh-huh," she breathed and demurely dropped ber eyes.
His success began to intoxicate him,
and he felt that never before had be
been iu such slrong form, never hud
bis wit beeu so keen or bis manner
so engaging. His spirit soared, and
he looked upon his opponent with a
kindling eye.
"Tbere!" he said, making his move
at last
"Tbere?" she asked, giving his ejaculation the appearance of having been
conceived In subtle humor.   "There?"
"There!" be repeated.
They made eyes ut each other, and
sbe moved oue of ber men. He briskly moved one of bis.
"No, no," she faintly murmured.
"You must take me."
"I must what?" he cried, making a
"Take me!" she whispered.
"Take you ?"
She nodded her bead wllhout looking
up, nnd lhe next moment be bud taken
her nud two hearts beat ns one.
"And will you always think of me?"
she nsked as be was bidding her goodby after be had measured ber finger
for the ring.
"now could I help It?" be asked.
"Always?" she Insisted.
"Always!" he repeated.
. "Will you  think  of me as you
home tonight?"
"Every step of the way."
They parted nt last.
"He loves me!" she whispered
herself. "Ob, he loves me! I knew It
from tbe first Maybe this won't make
some of tbem jealous! And I'm the
first girl he ever loved, and It's to be
a diamond bund!   Oh. ob!"
And ns he wnlked home be turned a
troubled face up to the moon, halted
suddenly nnd addressed the ulgbt:
"When sbe began that fuuny business about taking her I ought to have
snt tight aud kept my fool mouth shut;
that's wbat I ought to have done!"
Tablets, Druggists refund money if
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signa-
ture is on euch box.   2!ic.
"An auctioneer's business is a paradox."
"How so?"
"He builds it up hy knocking things
by locnl applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is hy constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of tlie mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum-
hl'ng sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed. Deafness
is the result, and unless the inflammation con be taken out and this tube
restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten nre caused by
Catarrh, which is nothing hut an inllamed condition of the- mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any ense of Deafness (caused by
Catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Ca'arrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F.J.CHENEY & CO.,Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hull's Family Pills for constipation.
Tht, Plight of Mouchot.
Twenty years ngo u famous work on
"Solar Heat" wns produced by Pro
fessor Bernard Mouchot. This clever
old gentleman bus just heen discovered
starving In Paris, eighty-two yenrs or
age, and on the point of being turned
out of a poverty stricken home for
nonpayment of rent. At the age of
seventy-live be married a young woman, who subsequently passed off u
relative as the professor In order that
after his death the younger mini could
continue to drnw his pension. Unhappily tbe Impostor went first, nnd as
Bernard Mouchot was supposed to
lhave died the pension censed. The
professor could not claim the pension
without exposing the fruud of hla
"wife; hence bis present plight
The  Watchful   Rangers   and   the  Way
They Fight the Fltmes.
In almost any of the western mountains tbe traveler sees the lire warnings of the forest service, uud he Is
likely to meet some of the rangers.
You will find them crossing the high
Sierras lu California, In the Crazy,
mountains of Molilalia, mining the
Olympics In Washington or following
the old Apache trulls ulong the uiesus
In Arizona. Wherever lie ls. tbe rauger
keeps a keen lookout for the smoke of
forest fires, and In tbe clear western
atmosphere even u little smoke column
can be detected from ufnr. As soon us
be discovers It the ranger takes bis ax
aud shovel and goes ns only a western
horse nnd rider cun. Many small fires
are stopped by tbis watchfulness, but
there ure others wliich take many men
mauy hours to subdue. A fire In a
chaparral so thick that a man cun
hardly force his way through it aud
parched by six months of drought
makes bard nnd trying lighting. Then
there nre fires In tbe big timber among
the dead trees of old windfalls and
overhead fires that spread fttster tbun
a man can run. If unchecked, they
will burn for weeks over thousands of
acres of timber.
And all this destruction may be caused by a carelessly left cninpHre or a
match dropped from horseback. Tbe
sheep men used to set the forest on
fire purposely, for tbe year after a fire
the burned acres yield tine forage.
Happily this practice is discontinued.
Sparks from locomollves now set more
fires within the national forests than
any other cause. Camping parties are
tbe next worst offenders. Indians,
stockmen, miners and lumbermen who
travel continually In tbe forests very
seldom leave campfires to spread and
do damage. They know too well the
results. For a time almost every year
the citizens of Portland, Ore., lose sight
of some of tbe grent mountains around
tbe city on account of the smoke from
tho burning forests. Tbere ls little
doubt thut since tbe white mnn settled
lu the west more limber has been uselessly burned thuu bus beeu cut und
used.-Artbur W. Puge In World's
The Wasp Waist.
Trofessor Mosso bus mnde discoveries In Crete showing the extreme antiquity of civilization In thut island.
Four thousand yenrs ago the "wnsp"
wulst, usunlly regarded ns a modern
fashion, wns known to the women of
Crete.    They c<>iiu ssed their wa-lsls
and wore stillly spreading skirts. The
women ure shown to hnvo turned up
noses uud nu audacious expression.
Dangerous coughs. Extremely
perilous coughs. Coughs that
rasp and tear the throat and
lungs. Coughs that shake the
whole body. You need a regular medicine, a doctor's medicine, for such a cough. Ask
your doctor about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
W*# publish our fcrniu.ai
W. banish rsleohol
from our mtdi.ln.s
Wft ���____ jou to
consult jour
Any good doctor will tell you that a medr-
cine Tike Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral cannol
do its best work if the bowels are con
���tipated. Ask your doctor if he knowi
anything better than Ayer's Pills for cor
recting thia sluggishness of the liver.
"���   attte bj Uu 1. 0. tret Ot)., LewiU, Uu..-*
A Startling Dish.
Over ln Chelsea a schoolteacher was
engaged In her task of teaching a clnss
of foreign children the English language. She wus trying to make ber
pupils understand the meu Ding of the
word fright nnd asked If any one lu
the clnss could give a seuicuce containing thc word.
Quick and confident wus tbe reply of
one little girl: "1 have a sentence,
teacher. We bud fright eggs for breakfast this morning."
Burglar Trust Manager���Toil will be
required to turn ulgbt Into duy, to
throw aside all seiillmeut, to enter
:lie bouses of the best families regard
ess of tlieir feelings, to net the hypocrite nnd, if necessary, to go to jail
.ppllcunt���Dm! You dou't want an
irdinnry burglar. What you want is
i newspaper reporter.
Castaways'    Perilous    Veyage
Flimsy  Coracle.
The wreck of the British barque
Dundonald, and the adventures of the
survivors of the crew on Disappointment Island, in the Antarctic, where
they lived for eight months beiore the
New Zealand exploring vessel Hine-
moa rescued them, form one of the
most tragic und romantic narratives
in the annals of the sea. The men
were rescued on Nov. 16 last, but the
full story has only now come from
New Zeuland.
��� The Dundonnld, with a crew ol
twenty-eight men, Ielt Sydney for Falmouth in February, 1907.
She was so long unspoken and unreported that her reinsurance rate
gradually rose to big figures at
Lloyd's. It was thought she had
met trouble off Cape Horn. At last
she was posted as missing, and the
Board of Trade were actually issuing
death certificates to the relntives of
the crew when a cnble from New
Zeuland briefly announced that fifteen survivors lind been picked up in
the Auckland Islands.
It appears the Dundonald met very
bad weather right from Sydney, and
soon after midnight on March 6 she
struck one of the Auckland Islands.
On  Disappointment  Island.
At daybreak it wns seen by a dozen
men who hnd sought safety in the
foretop that four others were ashore.
Tliey had landed via the jigger mnst.
A line was made fast between the cliff
nnd the foretopgallant yard, nnd tlie
men in tlie foretop landed also, hand
over band, Tiie captain and the rest
hnd vanished.
The Auckland Islands, it should be
explnined, form n little nrchipelngo
between New Zonlnnil and the ice-
wnll of the Antnretic. More forlorn
nnd barbarous places are not known
to snilors.
Once one island of the group wns
inhabited. Thnt wns during the time
of the Great Southern Whale Fishery.
But the fishery failed and the lonely
station was deserted in the earrv
fifties. Since then the pl'iee has been
unvisited except hy. castaways. The
smnller islands are but barren rocks.
The condition of the wretched men
of the Dundonald. cast ashore on one
of the lesser islands, wus dire. Tliey
hnd escaped with hardly any clothes;
the mnn who had a jacket wns lucky.
They could make no fire to dry themselves, for what matches they had
were wet. Thev were foodless, nnd
as the ship hnd gone down in deep
water nothing came ashore but a little
wood and some torn sails. Dig.:*.ig
holes in the pent with their hands,
they slept so, wet, cold, and hungry,
with rags of canvas over them.
The mute had cheered them wit',
the Information that there wns a p**o-
vision depot on the island for lhe use
of shipwrecked sailors. But search
failed to locate it. As a matter of
fact, there nre several provision
depots estnb'ished for castn-.vnys. and
severnl lifeboats, placed in the Aun'K-
lands! but they are on trie main island
And that is six miles from Disappointment. What the early dnys of tlie
exile were like is best shown from o
diary kent by Madlaughlin.
"We think we sball die if the winter is severe." (Tbey landed just before the Antipodean winter.) "Our
food still consists of young molly-
hawks nnd cold water. We shnll freeze
to death if we live in our canvas
camp during the winter. We are
talking about digging, a hole in1 the
ground, fiiiieh is very soft and damp.
So far we hav�� not found a bit Di
wood big enough to make a shovel."
But they found a piece of wreckage
at last with which tliey coulddig n
hole, nnd so made a "house" end
thatched it with grass.
Their First Fire.
Until a surprising discovery win
made of eleven wax vestas and half
a-box ol wet safety mutches tlie birds
were eaten raw. Afterwards they
were toasted on a stick, but were
always burned outside, and raw in,
and so most unpalatable, until a lew-
birds were accidentally left in some
smouldering turf. They were found to
be greatly improved in flavor. The
castaways discovered nlso that the
tuberous root of nn island plant was
pleasant to ent, and so grudully improved their dictnry. On another occasion one of tlie party found the
seals, which nbounded on the beach,
could be killed with a blow on the
In July���mid-winter there���they
made an heroic attempt to escape to
the chief island. They made a selection of the larger branches of a shrub
which grew on tlie island nnd slinped
them into a rough hemispherical
framework. It was tedious work, Ior
the wood wns hard and gnarled, and
the carpenter and sailmnker were
drowned at the wreck. Then, with a
needle made of n ninllyliawk's bone,
nnd a piece of wire, they sewed some
of their clothes nnd canvas bedding
tin the framework, Thnt bout actually
(tol safely over; but the provision
tlepot could not be found.
In September nnother boat was
mnde. But Hint got smashed before
It wns launched. A third wus eon*
itruetod, nnd in Hint ridiculous crnft
if twigs nnd rags, propelled by ours
���viiieh were merely forked sticks with
'lits of ennvns stretched on the ends,
'onr men crossed six miles of sen.
But n sudden squall I'pset it lit Ihe
'nudins plnce, nearly drowning one of
'he during crew, nnd dousing n
(mouldering sod which tliey curried tn
muke n fire on arrival.
But the brave fellows were rewarded, for "fter n fifteen mile hunt they
found the provision cache, nnd n fine
bout stowed there. A week later���for
'he weather was bad���they returned
nnd the castaways, nfter n stny of
-icbt months on Disappointment, mi-
irrated to the larger island. They had
���lot been there long before the New
Zealand Government expedition on
tbe Hinemon arrived, surveying, and
���eseued tliem.
The  Name  "Knickerbocker."
How many persons outside the circle of the Stock Exchange, when the
drendful news wns flushed across the
wires thnt the Knickerbocker Trust
had suspended payment, could have
correctly named the commodity in
which the trust deals I1 Remembering
perhaps, thut the Knickerbocker Club
of New York, is composed of millionaires, we should probably have avoided associating the trust with the
tailor, The New York finuneier's
fondness for the name, whether for
clubs or bunks, is a tribute to the
genius ol Washington living, who just
a century ngo entered triumphantly
into the field of English literature
with his burlesque history of New
York under tlie fanciful nnme of Died-
rich Knickerbocker.���Dundee Advertiser.
Superstitions That Move the Hardest
Gamblers have a reverance for odd
numbers, and none more so than the
habitues of Monte Carlo. On entering
the famous Casino you are given a
ticket at the cloak room for your hat
and stick. This ticket is stamped
with a number. Should the figures
on it be even, the old gambler returns it with a polite "Merci,
m'sieur!" and promptly walks out,
not to return that dny. If, however,
the number be odd, and under -36
the owner of it will probably hasten
to the room and stake heavily on the
corresponding number on the long
green cloth of the roulette table. The
strangest part of it nil is the fact that
the number invariably comes up!
��� Most brides long for fuir wenther
for tlieir wedding day becnuse of the
old snyjng; "Blest be the bride the
sun shines on." But the rainy-day
bride may console herself with the
fact that in some countries tlie bride
prays for rain, taking it for nn omen
that nil her tears are shed before
marriage, and that there will be none
nfter, The Germans say a new joy
comes with every raindrop.
There is also a universal belief that
it is very unlucky for a bride to seo
herself in a mirror after her toilet is
completed. If she so far forgets herself as to do tills and wishes to appease the fates, she mny do so by
turning nwny, drawing on her glove,
and hnving some tiny ribbon, flower
or jewel fastened to her gown.
Suffer No More.���There are thousands who live miserable lives because
dyspepsia dulls the fnculties and shadows existence with Hie cloud of depression. One way to dispel the vapors that, b.eset tlie victims of this
disorder is to order them a course of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which are
among the best vegetable pills known,
being easy to take nnd are most efficacious i'i their action. A trial of
them will prove this.
The other day a professor leaving
the university wns approached by a
seedy individual, who pathetically
"Won't you help a poor scholar with
a dime ?"
The dime bestowed, tlie learned man
"You tell me you are a poor
"Sure," nnswered the other. "I
never went to school in my life. So
long."���Philadelphia  Ledger.
An  Artistic   Family.
Sir Lawrence Alina-Tadema, R.A.,
started in life us Laurens Tndemn.
Alma was Hie name ol the artist's god-
futlier, whicli lie adopted, it is said,
so that liis name might come earlier
in catalogues, etc., as "A" naturally
precedes "T."
Sir Lawrence, by birth a native of
Holland, became a naturalized Englishman many years ago. He is very
fond of Kngland, having made his
home there since 1870.
When Sir Lawrence received the
honor of knighthood from Queen Victoria he was the recipient of a doubtful compliment from a lady friend.
"Oh., dear, Sir Lawrence," gushed
this hasty speaker, "I am awfully glud
to hear of the honor you huve received. I supose now that you are knighted you will give up painting and live
like a gentleman."
Lady Lawrence is nlso a painter of
note, while two of Sir Lawrence's
daughters hnve earned fame���one as
an artist, and the other as a writer.
Sir Lawrence celebrated his 72nd
birthday on Jan. 8.
The one cliief desire of the mother
is that her little ones sha'l be healthy, bright and good nntiired. Every
mother can keep her children in this
condition if she will give them nn oc-
cnsionnl dnse ol Baby's Own Tablets.
These Tablets cure colic, indigestion,
constipation, diarrhoea, teething troubles and the other little ills of childhood. Mrs. B. Le Brim, Carillon, Quo.,
says:���"Baby's Own Tablets have
been of great value to my baby. I
have used them to regulate her stomach and bowels, nnd for teething and
always with Hie best of results." Sold
by all medicine dealers or bv mail
nt 2!ic a box from Tlie Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"Maria," said the Oklnhamn legislator, "you've been neglecting my
buttons lately."
She could not mako denial.
"Now I want to say," he continued.
"that unless you do better I'll hnve
a bill put through making sucli conduct a penal offence. We statesmen
know our business."��� Philadelphia
Minard's Liniment cures Colds, Sec.
Knife  For Consumption.
It is now possible to perform operations  for  tuberculosis.
Two eminent London surgeons are
undertaking tiiese cases, uud in Germany operations on Hie lungs���hitherto considered as impossible as, till
recently, were operations on the heart
���have been  made successfully.
Recently a lady on whom un operation was performed in London, was
reported to be making excellent progress. All the tuberculosis portions
of the lung were taken out.
In performing the operation the surgeon made use of a special instrument Ior stanching the flow of blood,
which usually rushes out so rapidly
that the patient bleeds tn dentil in a
few moments. This lias hitherto been
the great difficulty in connection with
any suggestion of operating on the
A Bachelor on Marriage
Bishop Williams, of Connecticut, for
many years president of tho Episcopal
Church, lived all his life unwed. A
friend mentioned that one of the
States was imposing a tax on bachelors, to be increased a certain per
cent, every ten years oi bachelorhood,
nnd added;���"Why, Bishop, at your
nge you would have to pay $100 a
year." "Well," said the Bishop,
quietly, "it's wuth it."
A man arrested for murder wns assigned a lawyer whose crude appearance caused the unfortunate prisoner
to ask tlie Judge:
"Is this my lawyer?"
"Yes," replied his Honor.
"Is he going to defend me?"
"If he should die, could I have another?"
"Can I see biro alone in the back
room for a few minutes?" ��� Short
Send us your
���_____*._ addrer*
for 1 It piece, of
Jewelry to t*r>llRtlOr-trntB_R.h. When sold send us lire
ffil.flsO and .ewlllsorid vou these TWO SOLID OOLl*
filled lUNIIS. We trust you with tho Jewell-*' tin d wil Isend
II it! Iflmi t-ttt jiuttl. Send us your name find r,dur..sno\r.
From October to May, Colds are the
most frequent causes of Headache.
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE removes cause.   E. W. Grove on box 25c.
Her Father���Whnt are you and
young Shortleigh going to live on in
case you marry ?
His Daughter���-Well, if you must
know, papa, go and look iu the mirror.���Illustrated Bits.
Minard's Liniment cures Garget in
Took Twe.
a  Scottish   town   a  commercial
Bobby���Pa, what is an' apostrophe
Pa���An apostrophe is the sign of the
possessive case, my son.
Bobby���Is that why this man that's
writing one to the ocean talks like he
owns it ���Puck.
Two Powers.
Tommy���Pop, whut Is the difference
between Urn ss und obstinacy V Tom
my's Pop���Merely the difference between will power nnd won't power, my
���ou,���I'uiludelpiihi Uerord
Cough Sirup.
This cough sirup Is easily made nnd
very good: Take ti small handful of
dried hops nnd a smnll handful of
dried lioreliound nnd put Into a cup of
cold wnter. Let this sleep until the
Strength of the herbs is drawn out.
then strain through a cloth. Add to
this one cupful of honey nnd two
cupfuls of sugur. Let this mixture
boll until thick. Pour Into n wide
mouthed bottle or small Jur, nud It ls
ready for use. Oue teaspoonful every
'lair hour until tbe cough Is relieved.
What She Said  In  Rhymes.
A young ludy residing in Cass, 111.,
Said to her best beau:   "Alas, Will,
You call night and day
And have sn much to say
That the neighbors cull you my Gas
The publisher of the best Farmer's
paper in the Maritime Provinces in
writing to us states;
"I would say that I do not know of
a medicine that hns stood the test of
has been an unfailing remedy in our
household ever since I can remember,
and hns outlived dozens of would-be
competitors nnd imitutors."
of  in-
"Pu,   whut  is  the  meaning
consistency?"  asked  Freddy.
"Inconsistency, my son," explained
pa, "means a inun who growls all day
and then goes home nnd kicks the
dog lor barking at night."���Harper's
We were talking ubout honors, and
I henrd the story nbout Sir Lawrence
Alnia-Tudema, R.A., when he was
"Oh," suid a lady friend, "dear Sir
Lawrence, I am so glad. I suppose
now that you have been knighted you
will give up painting and live like a
"I never told lies when I was a
little girl, Gladys."
"When did you begin, then, mamma?"���London Opinion.
"Sir," exclaimed tbe authoress of a
nasty book, "I want you to understand
thnt I'm a lndy!"
"But," replied the offender, with a
puzzled look, "I've rend the book, you
know."���Philadelphia Ledger.
During the  Tiff.
Mrs. Houlihan (sobbing) ��� I never
saw ye till Hi' day before me unforch-
nlt marriage!
Mr. Houlihan���An' I often wlsht ye
hadn't seen rue til' th' day of ther'���
"Does thut promoter know unything
about the mining business?"
"He starts in ns if he were an experienced hand. I never snw prettier
stationery."���Washington Star.
traveler who culled upon a tradesman
at long intervals made a visit at
Christinas time. "Here's a box ol
cigars," he said to the tradesman,
"and I hope you'll enjoy them."
"Na, na!" replied the trader; "I
couldn't tak' them���I never due business that way."
"Tut, tut���nonsense, sir!" exclaimed the traveler; "It's just a Christmas box."
"Na, na, mon! I never tak anything  for nnething."
"Well, well���give me a shilling for
the box," said the traveler, "if that
will ease vour conscience."
"Ay, ay! Weel, let me Bee," said
the honest shopkeeper, running his
eye over the silver he took from his
pocket. '1 see I've got a florin here
���I'll tak' two boxes."
Voice  From the Coffin.
A remarkable case of spirit manifestation was described by Mr. Orr,
president of the Manchester Spiritualistic Society, in an address to the
members of the London organization.
"A spirit manifested itself to me,
and gave its name," he said. "As a
means of further identification, it
told me to ask a mutual friend of an
incident which occurred at its funeral. This friend, a lady, stated that
in life the spirit, a gentleman well
known in Manchester, always gave
her flowers. At his funeral she exclaimed, half aloud: 'He will give
mo no more flowers now.'
"Then she heard a voice���a voice
she recognized us that of the dead
man, 'Yes���you shall have a flower.'
No sooner had the voice ceased when
a large white flower rolled off the
coflin-lid to hor feet."
An Appropriate Text.
A clergyman in a country tov/n was
asked to fill the pulpit for the pastor
of u church not fnr from his own. He
accepted the invitation. Before the
services begun he was handed several
notices which he wus asked io read
and wns told that they were usually
given out just before the sermon.
Among tliem was a long und elaborate
apology to the congregation for tlie absence of the clergyman who had been
expected to speak to them and whose
place this minister hnd been called
upon to fill on an emergency. It was
the last one, and he rend it without
comment or change of countenance.
Then opening the Bible he announced
his text, ���'Wherefore, then, be ye content with what ye have."
Not an Exclusive Story.
Nan���Yes,    Harold    proposed    las!
night, but he did it so awkwardly.
Fan-He always does.
Expensive Smiles.
When "Laugh and the world laughs
ivith you" wus written, the author
took no thought of the autocratic
ones of the earth wbo cannot see
themselves iii anything approaching
a ridiculous light.
It is related that the present Czar
of Russia, returning once from a
long joarney, wns weary and in no
mood to be trilled with. As he was
passing through his apartments he
slipped on n bearskin mat that lay
on tlie polished floor. Clutching at
one of his attendants, lie nearly
brought himsell' und his support to
the floor. Huron Enidoff, ' at the
tinie a confidential adviser, could not
check n smile, which his monarch
turned just in time to observe. Tlie
next duy Knidoff was dismissed from
his office, nnd lost the sixty thousand
dollars attached to the post.
Another ruler who is not to be trifled
with is William of Germany. Gnugh
Milbanke, n clever but bluff Scot, who
wns an expert in colonial administration, wns once taken up by th.
Kaiser, who wished his advice on
Eastern affairs, nnd had decided tc
give him nn important position to
guard German interests in China. At
one of their conferences the Kaiser
made an absurd suggestion as t.
Eastern diplomacy. Milbanke laughed. The Emperor wished him a frigid
good night and never received him
Another Scottish administrator, Duncan McVea, wns advising tlie pleasant but touchy King of Portugal, who
had planned to put the shaky Government of tlie Cape Verde islands
in the hands of this skilful manager
The King b-cunie much excited, nnd
made a ludicrous botch of his English, which is usunlly excellent. McVea smiled audibly, and was promptly ordered atvny. He wns never up
pointed to Hie governorobip, which
carried a Salary of twenty-five thousand do.'lars.
Take two Beecham's Pills on re��
tiring and avoid any ill effects*
from a late meal. Then you will
sleep soundly, awaken with a
clear head and a high opinion
of the great stomach remedy,
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 28 cents.
A  Revival  in the Swine  Industry
While the swine ra'sing industry
has been in some quarters resting on
its oars and in others showing positive retrogress:on, the Live Stock
Branch at Ottawa has been getting out
a revision o' bulletin No. 10, "Tho
Production of Bacon for the Britisli
Market." This booklet in its first
edition received such a call that u
very large edition became exhausted
beiore the demand wus satisfied. The
cnll for cop:es during the late summer and autumn months fell away to
some extent but the renewal of interest and hope in the bacon industry
is showing itself very strongly in a
request from many quarters of the
Dominion for more information upon
the question of swine raising. Fortunately the new edition is off the
press und rendy for distribution.
The bulletin n its revised form will
scarcely be recognized. In addition
to an almost complete new set of illustrations, which nro much better arranged than in the former issue,
much new mutter has been added.
Careful treatment has been given the
vital question of housing and in this
connection a number of plans of modern, approved piggeries are illustrated and described. The economical utilization of dairy by-products
���that marg'ii upon whicli profit in
tlie industry so much depends���is
treated ns new matter. The very strong
revival of the swine raising industry
which must of necessity follow the
sacrifice o�� breeding stock that took
plnce during the past autumn, has
already commenced to show itself.
It is safe to predict that with the return of spring with its pasturage and
renewal of supply of dairy by-products, together with the shortage of
market stock, a demand for swine
greater than has been for many years,
will be experienced. To furnish information that will be desired at
such a time Bulletin No. 10, revised
edition , hns been prepared. Copies
mny be secured free by making ap-
plicut'on to the Live Stock Commissioner,   Ottawa.
Marie Antoinette.
A smnll round bathtub Invented for
tbe use of Marie Antoinette still hoars
her name. Tlie dnnphlnesse used in
her bulbs u decoction of wild thyme
and marjoram, to which was added
sea salt.
How  Phrases  Originate.
Some of the phrase, in common use
ItO-dny are hundreds of years old.
Take, for instance, "There's many
�� slip 'twixt cup and lip." This dutes
bnck to nn ancient king of Hie island
of Sniiios, in Hie Grecian Archipelago.
The king had planted a vineyard,
but one of his slnves, whom he hud
ill-treated; predicted that he would
not live to drink any of the wine
When the vintage came, Hie king,
with a cup of the wine in liis hand,
asked his menial whnt hnd become of
his prophecy. The other replied: "I
think there's niuny a slip 'twixt the
cap and lip."
At thut moment word wns brought
that a wild hour lind broken into the
vineyard, und was doing great damage.
The king hastily put down his untouched cup, seized his weapons, and
went out. But in the chase he was
killed, so the prophecy of the slave
wus fulfilled.
' 'Done to a turn" is said to have
originated from the martyrdom of St.
Lawrence. He was sentenced to be
roasted alive on a. gridiron. Tbe
story goes that during his torture lie
calmly requested the attendants to
turn him over, as he was thoroughly
roasted on one side.
Hence the phrase "Done to a turn."
������ _������
"Robert, this spelling paper ls very
poor," complained the small boy's
teacher. "Nearly every Word is marked wrong."
"It wouldn't have been so bad," protested Robert, "but Annie corrected
my paper, and she's mad nt me, and
for every little letter that I got wrong
she crossed out the whole word."���Lippincott's,
It is Known Everywhere.���There is
not a city, town or hamlet in Canada
where Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is
Pot known���wherever introduced it
made a foothold for itself and maintained it. Some merchants may suggest some other remedy as equally
beneficial. Such recommendations
should bo received witli doubt. There
is only one Eclectric Oil, and that is
Dr. Thomas'.    Take nothing else.
Little Brighteyes��� Here, mamma,
dear, is a bunch of beautiful flowers
for you. It is an Faster gift Irom
your little boy.
Mamma Dear���Sweet child! And
where did my little boy get the lovely
Little Brighteyes���I plucked them
myself, miimmu, from your new Easter bonnet.���Cleveland Leader.
alt hurd, soft or calloused lumps ond blem- -
ishes, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, Sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore
���and swollen throat, couglis, etc. Suve $50 by
use of ono bottle. Warranted the most wonderful  Blemish  Curo  ever known.
Magio Ink.
One of the most remarkable lnka
known to the chemist Is made of a
preparation of prussliiu blue In combination with nitric and hydrochloric
acid. The writing doue with this ink
has tho singular property of fading
when exposed to tbe light and recovering lis coior when tnken Into tbe
shade or placed lu perfect darkness.
Docking the Big linen.
Wheu tbe Cunard hue steamship
Lusltanln finished ber maiden voyage
to this country tbe services of twenty- .
one tugs were required lo warp her
into her dock. Recently when the
Mnuretnula arrived here on her third
passage four tugs had nn easy time ln
pushing her Into position to steam
alongside the pier.
"Tbe tide causes the difference," sala
a riverman. "I bave seen the Deutseh-
lnnd absolutely Immovable with nearly
thirty tugs pulling nnd pushing simply
because the tide hud bung her up.
Then again I hnve seen the Kaiser
WUhelm II. go In under two tugs."���
New York Tost
W.   N.   U.   No.   678.
Sulphur and Silver.
When one takes sulphur Internally
It causes a gus, called sulplniretcd
hydrogen, to be given off by the skin.
This hluekeiiB silver; hence when taking sulphur It ls wise uot to wear sliver trinkets.
There Is Only One
"Bronte Quinine"
That Is.
Laxative Bronte Quinine
Always  remember  the  full  name.    Look
for  this   signature  on  every   box.    26o.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,400,000.
REST. $11,000,000
President���Loan St.e*thco!��a aud Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hoh. Gbokob A. Dkuxuohs.
General Manager���E. 8. Clodbton.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
A number of New Denver people
journeyed to Slocan on Wednesday to
attend the luneral ol the lnte Miss Hat-
tic C. Winner.
Services will be held in the Presbyterian church on Sunday at 11 a.m. and
in the evening at Silverton at 7.80,
\V. M. Chalmers, pastor.
Slocan fSMsttno IRcvtew.
���Subscription $.1,00 per annum, otrlctlv
ln advance,   No pay, no paper.
AnvEimeiNO Katbs:
Zfotlces to lJuIinquejiJt Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.50
"      " Purchaae of Land   -     7.50
���������      " License to Cut Timiier 5.00
AU locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for Quacks).
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Make yourself familiar with the
���above rates and Save Trouble.
Xocal flnfc -S-eiKval.
A German miner, Herman Bluem-
iberger, was seized with a paralytic
stroke whilst working in a stope at the
Whitewater mino last Sunday night.
Aocording to an eyewitness he"collapsed
.suddenly. He died the lollowing morning, the interment being mado at Kaslo.
Mrs. Presley, Ro.sebery, is visiting
friends at Nelson.
We are pleased to learn that Miss
-Marshall, sister of W. E. Marshall,
the Rosebery station agent, is now out
of danger and recovering rapidly,
Harry Angell called at our office this
week to deny the rumor that he was
about to adopt a professional career.
That is good, for we want to hear Mr.
Angell sing some more of his quaint
,comic songs. It is remarkable that
local entertainment caterers have not
unearthed Mr. Angell before, and his
first public appearance here will long
be remembered. His style is very similar to that of the renowned Harry
Lauder, but his voice perhaps like unto
Dan Leno's, lute King's Jester.
Hiram Scriver, who met with a severe
accident at the Standard mine last
Fall, has returned from Nelson fully
recovered and fit for the strenuous
vocation of a miner.
The Vanstone brothers went to Nelson  last   Tuesday   to   dicker  with   a
Minneapolis  lumber   lii'u*   who   hav
made them an offer for some valuable
timber limits on Cooper Creek.
From the Slocan "Sovereign" most
���excellent reports continue to arrive.
'The returns from their last shipment
were SO ozs. silver and 62 per cent. lead.
This was taken out of the mine in 46
davs by two men, Messrs. G. F. Ransom
and G. Weinant, who have now another
car about ready to ship. Mr. Ransom
mentioned a very prompt settlement
for the last car, which was shipped on
March 28rd, the gladdening cheque for
lbe ram;.* arriving from the Trail smelter
on March 31sl.
Tie ".London Standard" is about to
��-sue a weekly overseas edition to be
cal oi the " Standard of the Empire."
The object of the publishers iB to bring
purely greater Britisli and principally
Canadian interests beiore the influential
and investing classes of Grent Britain.
Ji is safe to sny that when the "Standard
of the Umpire" appeals it, will be one
of tlie moat read and talked of newspapers in the United Kingdom and
Mrs. R. McPherson and daughter
came down from Alamo Wednesday.
Mrs and Miss Mildred Mohr returned to day after spending a month's
holiday in Spokane.
Asked ' 'What do you know this week?"
I'eleAngiinoii,ourherculanean fieighter
and packer leplied���"Tell 'em der lake
all shiny, der garden all in, and der
flowers blooming to beat tree of a kind,
you betcher."
A county lodge of the L. O. L. for the
Kootenay district was formed in Nelson
on Monday last. The delegates from
Sandon were Messrs. It. Camming,
J. McKenzie, D. Tattiie, and J. A
McKinnon. The latter has the distinctive honor of being the first secretary of
the new organization.
Anglican Church Sirvices, Sunday,
jMay 8rd.���St. Stephen's, New Denver:
Matins, 11; Union Church, Silverton:
Evensong, 7-30.
F. D. Wcodcock, a Slocan property
owner, who has been living at the coast
for several years, lius returned to Slocan
City for a business visit.
R. H. Trueman, the Vancouver photographer, was a visitor to our fair burg
on Tuestlay. It-Jr. Trueuian pays frequent visits to the Slocan to satiate the
craving of his artistic soul for sublime
Commencing on Honday,
April 6th.
Fiom our Correspondent.
A lodge of K. P.'s will be installed
here on Tuesday evening, May Bill,
Arrowhead Lodge will be down Ior  lhe
L*?st there be any misunderstanding
among those of our readers whom we
have not tho pleasure of personal acquaintance, we desire it to be distinctly
understood tbat tbe "devil and bis satellite " were suffering from an overdose
of hot cioss buns when they exuded
tlieir verbose spleen upon tbe editor of
this great family journal iu last wcek'd
issue. Lest there should be any mis-
iindcistanding, we beg to remark tbat
we have been away rustling th reef quarcs
a day for tin ir plebeian .areas.S.
Fax's Sarsapurilln is just the thing
for a Spiing tonic and blood putiller,
Kelson's Drug Store.
After May 10th, for the summer season, Nelson's Drug Store will close at
7 p.m.
For Lease or Bond���on reasonable
terms���The Hydrabad group of Ten-
mile, a silver-lead properly wilh ore in
sight in tunnel, Another tunnel in on
lead 85 feet.   Apply J. H. Wereley.
Llewellyn   C.   Wynne,   formerly  of ,
Wynne & Clandet, assayors Bnd mining
engineers, Rossland, will arrive at Silverlon shortly to take np a  permanent
position as assayer at tlie Hewitt mill.
Johnstone, a clever artist, who recently arrived from England, has been
commissioned by the Review to produce
a series of pen and ink sketches for the
Bpecial summer number of this paper,
which is now in course of preparation.
Mr. Johnstone arrived from Nelson on
Monday to begin bis task.
Our friend Bolander is having great
success with his incubator, and this
trip has chickens to burn.
The Nelson Daily News was temporarily put out of commission on Saturday last, caused by tho suspension of
electric power from the W. K. substation, which was totally destroyed by
fire the same morning. The publication
of the Snndiiy edition was therefore
ubandoned, but it was thought that the
city's plant could be started the same
day. This, however, was not to be, for
tire, of supposed incendiary origin, put
the city plant out of business just as
the News' linotype had slapped up a
column and a half of news; nnd as
there was no immediate prospect of
securing power, the editor of our esteemed Nelson contemporary tore his
hair and said���Ah, well! Who wouldn't
say things under the circumstances.
We were glad to be of assistance by
supplying the motor power (not hot air)
by telegraphing from Nelson, where we
were last week, for our water motor,
which our staff, assisted by Mr. Amos
Thompson, disconnected with lightning
rapidity and shipped on the outgoing
boat. We were recompensed in witnessing 'Brer Deane, Billy McMorris,
and scribes Moffatt and Dyer, dance a
four-handed reel on its arrival. If they
don't behave themselves for tho next
few weeks we will cartoon them in that
wild orgie in our special number.
L. S. Eaton, provincial organizer for
the Conservative parly of B.C., spent a
duy in town this week, beating up tbe
faithful of this constituency. He expressed great satisfac' ion at the splendid
organization of thisdistrict, and prophesied that B.C. would go solid conservative in the forthcoming Dominion election.
be taken in picking when there is resort-
ment of the fruit, and the patch can be
nioie thoroughly picked. Onlv the most
firm sorls of berries will stand this re-
inndling. Mr. Wigin, of Creston,
doubted if this could be done until we
huve got a better variety of hurry
adopted as the standard shipping berry
for Kootenay.
There will be a meeting at tho Farmers' Institute on May Btb, when the
Rev. O. W. Wilson will lecture on
" Insect Pests." I am assured that the
lecture will Ic most interesting, ami
hopo that tbere will be a largo attendance in spite oi it being such a busy
Mr. Taylor will reach New Deuver
from Slocnn in the afternoon, and will
leave for Nakusp the following day.
Hi-member the Fall Fruit Fair I Now
is the time to begin to make it usuccesB.
Slocan Land Distiict���Dislrict of
West Kootenay.
Take noiice  that  Francis   Woodbury
Spoouer, of Nelson,  B.C.,  Real estate
agent, intends   to apply  for  permission
to purchase the followingdescribed land.
Commencing at a post  planted at, tlio
horth-.ast corner of Lot 8784, Group 1
Kootenay, tbence south 20 chains, tbence
east 20 chains, Ihence nortb 20   chains,
thence west 20 chains  to the   point of
commencement and containing 40 acres
more or less.
William Henry Courtenay, agent.
TBke noiice that Frank Provost, of
Slocan City, B.C., miner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land. Commencing
at a post planted at the mouth of tlie
First North Fork of Lemon Creek, running north 40 chains, thence West 80
chains, thence south 40 chains more oilers, lo Lemon Creek, tlience east 80
chains following Lemon Creek to place
of commencement.
Dated this 8th day of April, 1008,
Mr. L. J. Edwards left for a trip to
points in the north-west. He expects
lo be gone about ten days.
Thc family of Mr. T. II. Bowes, of
Winnipeg, arrived here this week.
Mrs. McKiltrick spent a few days in
Mr. Chas. Moore, C.E., late of Hong
Kong, China, spent a few days iu town
visiting his sister, Miss Moore.
Sirs. John Fyfe and family spent a
few days in town.
The sir. " Rossland " has started on
her summer run.
L. F. McDougald spent a few dnys in
Mrs. Goo. Chittenden, of Cascade, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Thos. Rushton.
Mrs. Gardiner and family arrived this
week wilh Mr. Bowes' family. This
makes an increase of fourteen for the
The nlmost daily arrival of barb wire,
farm implements, and seeds, and also
stump pullers causes travelleis to remark that Nakusp is now the coming
fruit town of the Kootenay.
Mrs. Williams invites tlie inhabitants
ot  New  D.nver,   Silveiton,  Slocan
City, Sandon and the surrounding distiict to cull and  inspect ber stock  of the
Easter Goods:
Special linn in the latest fashions in
millinery, Hals, etc.
Also a huge range of ladies' and children's ready-to-wear just arrived,
r ************************ ************************
rtree ******************** ************************ j.
Tired Feeling that Spring
Brings ?
Energy all gone 7     No appetite ?     Blood thin and watery ?
Nerves unstrung?     Generally under the weather 7
Scott's Iron Tonic Pills f
They will. BRACE YOU UP and
put you  ln   FIGHTING   TRIM.
PRICE    50c.
6   for    $2.50.
Bosun Hall Stores
Keep all rash purchases from us for
April. It will ccitainly pay you. A
Cambridge Fountain Pen will be given
away to the Highest Cash Purchaser.
Do not hesitate to call on us for your
requirements. We have a full line of
Groceries, Patent Medicines, Carter's
Pills, Electric Oils, Pain Killer. English
Shag and Sailors' Twist Tobacco, and
the Best Boot and Shoe Stock in the
country. A full line of Ladies', Boya'
and Gent's Furnishings.
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish iu seasou,
Hermann Clever
nM win.
I*************************- ��� ��� "Hi
Swoot Gr��8��, Wilmer, Ivan, and Wil-
mer Fractional mineral claims, sit*-
uate in the Slocan Mining division of j
West Kootenay District. Where located: On <mat Mountain north of
Denver Siding.
Take notice that I, Frank C. Green,
acting** as agent for George Boulter,
Tret Miners Certificate No. 111.1865, intend 60 days from tho date hereof to
apply to Hi* mining recorder for certificates of Improvement**;, Ior the purpose ol obtaining Crown Grants of tbe
above claims.
Anl further take notice that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this lltb day of Jan. A.D. 1908
A p. 16 Nelson, B.C.
Empress Fractional  mineral claim, sit
uate in tin Siocan  City  Mining Div-
liion   of   West   Kootenay    District.
Where located :   On the south Bide of
Ten-milo creek and adjoins the Enterprise and Mabou mineral claims.
Take noiice that I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,   Free   Miner's    Certificate   No.
B95.785, intenS 60 days from the dut*
hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Recorder
for a Ceitiflcate of Improvements,   for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And fiirtbor take noiice that action,
under section 87,   must be   commenced
before tha issuance of sucb Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 37th day of Jan., A.D. 1908
professional Gar&e.
Shelf   and   Heavy   Hardware,   Min
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
Denver Lodge No. 22
K.. of I=>.
Meets in Pythian Castle
Hall, Cleror Block, every
MONDAY evening at
8 o'clock.
Dealer in Mines, Mineral Prospects,
Ifrutt oianos anb
General IReal Estate
Preliminary  examinations of  Property    for prospective   purchasers  a
12 years experience in the Slocan. All
business   promptly  attended to and
satisfaction guaranteed.
P.O. Box 112, Silverlon, B.C.
Jeweller and
Late with J. O. Fatenauda, Nelson.
Repairs to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Selling Off Kootenay Hotel
Owing to ill health I am obliged to
close my business.   Alter the I6ih
All Ms Wat a Reduction
A share of your patronage is   solicited.
Mrs*   Mathesoji,
Summer Excursion Rates
$60 from New Denver to
CHICAGO   $72.50
NEW YORK    $108.50
MONTREAL $108.50
i**T. LOUIS $67.50
TORONTO $94.40
ST. JOHN,  NB $157.50
HALIFAX $135 50
SYDNEY, C.B $14190
Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,
June 5, 6, 19, and 20, July 6, 7,
22, and 23, and August 6, 7, 21,
and 22, 1908.
First class���Round trip, Ninety
Days Limit.
Routes���Tickets are good tria any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinations east
of Chicago are good via Great
For further information, rates,
and sleeping car reservation apply
John Moe, D.P.A., Nelson, B.C.
C. E. Mti'iiEnso.v, G.P.A.,
W innij eg, Man.
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regularly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
hct-urt mmjm, (Soliiht*. Ilnvonng t-xtnett. per-
(tunc* tailtlirticlw, ratdlcinet, baking pew-
4et% alvM, limmenti. itoclt wid poultry rem-
���diet, bouMhold iptciiltict and noveltiei in
four own home at until cost. Mixert Guide i��
��� paper divottd to the buimess. three month*
Ml fluhfcriptlon for 10c; ���ample free
HKKRS Gums. Fort Mad-ton. Iowa.
Ladies' Dress lOe
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 60c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 60a doz.
Working men washing: 10c pee.
Collars 8c. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
Ohio Mineral claim, situate In the
Slucan Citv mining division of
Wrst Kootonay district, Where
located : On tie south fide ol Ten
Mile creek above the Enterprise
Mine, and adjoins the Mabou Mineral claim.
Take notice that I, Robert Ira Kirkwood, Free Miner's Certilicate No.
B95,7I!5, for myself and agent for
Frank A. Wells, Free Miners Certilicate No. fiUOi, intend 60 dnys from the
dnts hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder loan Certilicate of Improvements
f..r the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim,
And further hike notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe Issuance of such Certificate
nf Improvement!*.
Dated this 37lh day of Jan., A.I).  1908
Mabou  mineral claim,  situate In  the
Slocan City inning  division  of Weil
Kootenay district,      Wbore located t
Ou lbe south eideof Ten Mile creek
above lhe Enterprise mine about 60
feet from thu westerly end line of the
Enterprise mineral claim.
Take notice Ihat I, Robert Ira Kirk-
wood,   Kioe    Miliers   Certilicate   No.
B95,7!I5 for myso f, and agent for  Duncan A. Grant,  Free Miner's   Certificate
No.   H4869,  intend  60 days  from the
dato hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a   Certificate  of Improvements, for tlie puiposo ot  obtaining A
Cro��n Grant ol iho above claim.
And further tnko noiice that action
under section 37, must bu commenced
before tho issuance of sucb Certificate
ol Improvements
Dated this 27th day of Jan., A.D- 1909
Triune   anl   Great   Western   Mineral
Claims,  riluito   in  the  Slocan  Cily
mining Divbion ol Wrst   Kootenay
District.       Where    located:     On
Springer Creek about half mile above
tlio A'liiigtou Sawmill at the atoond
crossing of Spring**r Creek.
Take noiico th it I, Robert Ira Kirk-
wood,   Free    Miner's    Certificate   No.
Bl.57.J5, intend, 60 days from the dale
hereof, to apply to t'io Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements,  for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the aliore claim.
And further tnko noiice that action.
under  section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of an Ii Cortifleate ef
Dated this 1st day of Fob., A.D. 1908
Slocan Land District���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice  that  J.   Crow,   Slocan,
B.C., miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.    Commencing at a post
running north 260 feet to the sonth-west
corner  of Block 7101,  thonce east  80
chains, thence  soutli  60 chains to the
river moro or less to the west, 80 chains
following tbe river to point uf commencement.   Located April llth, 1908.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, call at
the   Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail er your
own favorite lotion.
No frost her*. Two shifts always.
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to appiy for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one and a half mile south east of Slocan
City, B.C., ivar the north boundary of
W. O. E. Koch's land, tbence north 60
chains, tlience cast (10 chains, thence
routh CO chains, tbence west 00 cliains
and containing 300 acres moro or less
Slocan City, B.C. March 2nd, 1908.
Zhc Slocan f)otel
Zhvee foths,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven. Proprietor
The lew Denver tinier Co.
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shlplap, and
Finishing Fir andTamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
L, SCAIA, Proprietor
*& Hotel
Slocan Cits.  * 16.-1.
Headquarters and home
of tht old-timers, miuing
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes a square deal,
Whicli you will surely
get   at
f. is. mmb
Eva Fractional and Hillside mineral
claims, situate in tlie Slocan Mlninj.
Division of Wist Knolcnay District.
Where located I South-oast of Sandon.
Take nnticn that I, Herbert T. Twigg,
ai agent for lho Byron iNf. White Company, (foreign), Free Miner's Certiflcato No. B95342, iiitoud, sixty days
fiom tlio due heroof to apply to tlie
Mlnlnj Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for lho purpose of obtaining Cronn Grants of each of the
above clnims.
Pa n f,e\ -And further tnke notice that action,
H. HAY /fl under section 87, must bo commenced
.vv uva hv.  before the l-ssnaiico of such Certificates
 of Improvements.
Dated thia *27th day of Fob. A.D. 1903
Is tho Home for all Mining Men when at the famous Silver-Lead Camp.
Cot-y Ronins and first-class table.    Sample Rooms.
I will make vour slay with me n pleasant one.
Notice is hereby given, that on Monday, May 4th, 1908, the Court of
Revision for the Municipality of the
City of Slocan will bo held on above
date, in the City Hall, at 2 p.m. for the
purpose ol revising the Assessment Roll
ol tho City of Slocan. Those making
complaints against their assessments
are lequired to have their protests in
the hands of the City Clerk ten davs
beforo the flrst sitting of the Court of
of Revision.
Dated March 81st. 1908. A80
Shall I send my next washing?
There   is   only   one   first class
Laundry in tlie Kootenay, and that
Kootenay Steam laundry
of Nelson, B.C.
Get pries   Ii>t from J. E.  Angrignon
Local Agent,
rnnnrali c.nduoud on Short
nottoo at any point la the district.   Bholla always in itock.
ADflDcUcan, dinv��r
Hotel Rosebery
Well fiiniiilir.il rooms.
First-class   Cuisine.
To N. W. Fcssler and B. V. Ri-don,
or lo any other person to whom they,
or till.er of tbem, may havo transferred their interest, or any part thereof, in the "Tiansvaal" mineral claim,
situated on Ten-mils creok, in tbe Slocan City mining division of the West
Kootenay diatrict of tho province of
British Columbia, and recorded in the
Mining recorders office at Blucan,   B.C
You, and each of yon are hereby Jnot-
ifieil tuat I have expended tho sum of
tuo hundred and live dollars ($205.00)
In payment in lieu of work and recording lent upon the above named minora
claim in order to hold tbo same under
the provisions of section 24 of the mineral act; nnd that if within 90 ihiys from
Ihe date of this notice, you fail or nfu.o
to contribute your proportion of tbe
aforoenid expenditure, for tlie two
years ending tbo 1st of August, .'907,
together with al costs of adveit^ing
your interest in Iho said claim wit' become vested in tha uii'lcrsignod, undor
section -i uf the mineral act, Amendment act, 1900.
Duled at Slocan,  B.C, this  80th day
ol January, A.D., 1908.
Palma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
| ������HW*mWMIHM��H.-ll
The Crown Tailoring
Co., Toronto, Ont.
4  For Spring and Simmer Silt*
Best Samples Ever Shown
in  B.C.
See them at the L*ic��rni
Shaving Parlor,
Take notice tbat M. Provost, of Ontario, fanner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands. Commencing at a post
running nortli 20 chains, tbence east 40
chains, tbence south 20 chains more
or lers to tbe river Ihence west 40 chains
following the livor lo point of commencement.
Licated April llth, 1908.
Jol8 F. Provost, Agent.
New Denver, B.C,
Take notice that Nels Legrnd, farmer,
intends to apply for permission to pur-
e.base tbe following de eribed land:
Commencing at tbis post niuning north
20 chains, thence west 40 chains, tlience
south 20 cliains more or lees to the river
thence east 40 chains following the
river to point of commencement.
Located April llth, 1908.
F. Provost, Agent
Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Treasure
and l.ail* j Kraction mineral claims,
���itna'e in the SI nan City mining
division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: On the divide be
tween Tmi-miin and Springer creeks,
near the head of Springer creeks.
Take notice thai I, Robert Ira Kirk-
weod, Froe Miners Certificate No. B95,-
785, intend 60 dnys from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates nf Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice tbat action,
miller section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this Ist day of Feb.,A.D. 1901
Slocan Land District ���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat C. Provost of Ontario, farmer, in 60 days from date* intends to apply to the chief commisioner
of Linda and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a pjst planted 200 feet
south of the south we*t corner of Block
7161 running norlh 60 chains, west 60
c'lains, south 10 chainB, eaut 00 chains
following the river to pointof commencement.
Lornted April llth, 1908.
Jcl8 F. Provost, Agent.
Take notice that J. J, Atherlon, of
New Denver, B.C., printer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
fol lowing described land. Commencing
at a post planted on the south side of
Lemon Creek, about, one hundred and
fifty feet south west of the mouth of
the first north fork of Lemon creek,
running Roulh 20 chains,* Ihence west
40 cliains, Ihence noith 20 chaina, to
Ix-ninn creek, tbence east 40 chains
following Lemon Creek to plnce of coui-
Dated this 8th day of April, 1908.


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