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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 3   Vol. a.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Sept. ia. 1937.
Single Copies 10c.
2nd Annual
Fruit Fair
SEPT. 24tii ano 26TH, 1007
Grand Exhibits of Products of the
$2,500 in Prizes aud Attractions.
Special Fruit Competition open to
the World for $800 casb prize.
Special Contests for Prospectors
and Loggers.
Not a dull minute for two days.
*. ������*���-.**���_.�����. ��������-���������*  .at. ,���, Ji iti o% ���***��� o% -*- _���__.
vTTTTTTT V ty *4 ��� ty tr 'V *V
Xocal anb (Beneral.  :*
Prize lists and entry forms may
be had from the Secretary.
Fly   Fraction   and   Dardanells  Fraction mineial  claim, situate  in   the
Blocan    Mining    Division    of   West
Kootenay District.   Where located:���
In Dardanells' Basin.
Take notice that I, D. Fraser, acting
as agent for the Dardanells and Okana-
gan Mining Companv,   Limited,    Free
Miners Certificate No.'Bl7551, intend, 60
days from tlie date hereof, to apply to
the Mining   Recorder for a  certificate
of Improvements for the purpose ot obtaining  a Crown Grant of  tlie abuve
And further take notice, that action
under section 37, must be commeuoed
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this24thday of Aug., A.D. 1907
Land Notice���District of West Kootenay
Take notice that William Fovargue
Whellams, of Kaslo, B. 0., accountant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at the south-east corner
of Lot 7523, thence north 40 cliains,
thence east 40 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 40 chains to point
ol commencement, and containing 160
acres more or.less. This application
covers preemption'' of D. F. McKellar,
Preemption Record No. 104, which was
cancelled on the 34th day of  August,
William Fovargue Whellams,
per Henry Stewart Whellams,
Dated. September 8, 1907. agent
Evelyn Mineral Claim, situate in the
Slocan Mining Division ot West Kootenay   District.    Where    located:���
Four Mile. __
Take notice that I, 8. E. Watson,
free miner's certificate No B6073, actu g
for C. D. Rand, free miner's certificate
No. B12529, intend 60 days fiom the
da'e hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpoBeof obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim. And
further lake notice that action under
section 87, must be commenced before
the issuance of sucli Certilicate of Improvements. ,
Dated this   3rd day  of   September,
A.D., 1907.
8-11 S.E.WATSON.
Wanted : Profitable proposition open i
for reliable man acquainted among j
fruit growers and witli ability an sales-
man. Full or part time. State age,
experience and references. Brown Bios, i
Co., Nurserymen Ltd., Brown'a Nurseries, Ont. '
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days from date I intend to apply to the
Board of License commissioners of the
Slocan license district for a train fer of
my liquor license of Rosebery Hotel,
Rosebery, B.C., to Josepn Perant.
^at**     m. McCarthy
A ���ty.eT.ng of the Board of License
Commissioners will he held to consider
such transferat the Court House, New
Denver on Monday the 7th day of Oct.
at 11 o'clock in tlie forenoon.
Dated at New Denver, the 6th day of
Sept.  1907.
Cliief License Inspector.
For Sale at the
Sandon Dairy
1 Good Meter Cows.
If AS. McKINNON, Sando**, B C.
P.O  !.*>- 171
Picked up by Butting ln Everywhere.    ��� >
i. ........   ��� ,,, .tut .ti .ti .f..t. it. it. .1. .tut, .tut. ���* .*.���*������* ......   ..
r **f'_' Of 'V .' .' "I'.TTt'l'f '*' '*' 'V ." t". TVTT V V
Hans Hagen has gone into partnership with J. P. McGuigan on the American Boy lease.
Have you noticed that when the new
doctor wears his overcoat the sun always Bhines���we wore almost writing
smilfB ? What's the matter with paying bim a salary to wear it all the
time 7
Missioner Baynes writes us as follows:
" Wbat about the fine weather predicted in your issue of August 29lh ?
How it would be for tho elements to
hold a peaco conference?" There he
goes, showing a man's sins up 7 Peace
conference, indeed. Make it a peasoup
conference, Missioner, and we'll call you.
Mr. and Mn. T. Jalland hayereturned
from Calgary, where they have been all
summer. Tom is now in harness again
and in the throes of stocktaking.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sanderson have
taken up residence above McKinnon'e
millinery store on Front street.
Tbe snow crept below the mountains
on,Wednesday, and tell over tho town.
It was an insipid looking imitation of
the genuine article, but it had enough
vigor in it to warn us of tbe approach
of winter.
The KaBlo Fair committee have circulated some handsome litho posters
around town.
Mrs. Bennett and Miss O'Donnell received a telegram Monday informing
them of tho dangerous illness of their
brother Bernard at Grand Forks, B.C.,
and advising them to come at once.
Miss O'Donnell left on the K. A S. train
same day.
In the list of outside donon to the
Saudon celebration published last week
we omitted mention of the Canadian
Group per W. II. Brandon aud Hermann Clever, New Denver.
Byron N. White came in from White-
horse this week and spent a few days at
the Slocan Star, where ten men are now
Steve McCready arrived from 'Frisco
recently to spend a holiday with brother
That was a fine write-up the Kootenaian gave of our celebration. We
heard much favorable comment upon it.
But say, that remark of the Kaslo small
boy who mistook our white-spinacbed
stunt for Dad McClurg was an awfully
rude one to make of the prince of good
fellows. Everybody will be down to
Kaslo for the Fair. We will be there
ourselves���that is if Tt-wgood. switches
collars and promises to behave himself
as a twentieth century editor should.
See bottom paragraph.
We intended publishing a full report
of the New Denver regatta, hut our
Lucerne correspondent has evidently
forgotten the Review is on the earth.
Re the Dress suit. Petersky vs.
McCready. Plaintiff has obtained injunction against McCready disposing of
Geurge Waite was bruised abont bis
chest last Wednesday, as the result of
a log falling upon him whilst working
at the Eureka.
Mrs. McAllister is improving. Her
friends will be pleased to learn that thc
Injury to her foot is not impairing her
general health,
Thomey's little baby is now out of
danger and is fast approaching con-
valesence, we are pleased to state.
Our old friend the Vancouver World
came ont this week with 2*inch letters
for a scare bead which made us tremble:
" Orientals Buy Arms." Blc-s ns, how
that did scare us. Can't a chink buy a
22 to go grouse shooting without all that
Says tbo Kootenaian:
Young Lady : " Do you know it is an
awful hard matter for me to distinguish
Mr. Atherton from Mr. Towgood. I can
only tell for sure by. looking at their
collars. Mi*. Alherton has inky finger
marks on bis."
Kaslo small boy (pointing to Geo.
I.ovutt): "Say, is that old guy there
with the bunch of white spinach thu one
Ihey call D.\d MeClu-g,?"
The K. of P. Sandon Lodge met on
Wednesday and initiated four new
Dan Tattrie shot a monster wolf
whilst out after grouse one day this
Nelson Fair opens next Weduesday
and continues until Friday. The rock-
drilling contest will draw a large crowd
from the Slocan. Faulds Brothers will
compete, but a Slocan team will carry
our money. McGillivray and Erickson
have hitched up together, and Macken-
and Johnson, have done the same. We
understand that McDonell and Isenor,
the Saudon winners, are Bute Btartcm,
The Celebration Ball Committee wish
the following to go on record*.
Your ommittee dosiro to extend tlieir
thanks to the lad its who contributed refreshments,   to    tlie    Sandon   Miners'
Union for tbe use of their  auditorium,
to Messrs. Carl    Westiu   and  Norman
Hurlburt for music contributed, and lo
the Ladies' Aid of the Roman Catholic
Church for the preparation of the sandwiches.      Signed: Percy W. Johnston,
Wm. Tattrie,
Purley W. Ward,
Alex, Forrest.
Dave Scanlon is up from Whitewater
for a visit.
C. E. Lyons and wife left for Fernie
on Wednesday. General regret is felt
at their departure. Mr. Lyons haa
for the past six years held the joint
oflicee of City Clerk, Chief ol Police,
Assessor and Tax Collector, to tbe great
satisfaction of the corporation and citizens generally. He was an admirable
citizen and a zealous officer, and our
community will sorely miss him and his
estimable wife. May good luck encompass him in all his undertakings.
C. E. Anderson has resigned his position of nurse at the hospital. Norman
Hurlbert is filling the breach pro tern.
Hugh Niven'i pacers got out of control one day last week on the Three
Forks road, and the ptuty in the rig
were pitched out. None were seriously
injured, but the demand for plaster has
been enormous.
"BiU"Ba!y, a well-known pioneer
of the Lardeau district, committed
suicide by drowning at Revelstoke last
week. He was previously certified insane, and at the time of the aad event
was supposed to be in the custody of
the authorities pending his removal to
the New Weatmins'er asylum. It is up
to the many friends of the popular old
fellow in Revelstoke and the Lardeau
to demand the reason why a patient who
has been certified insane and committed to the care of the authorities, should
be permitted to walk unattended on the
banks of the river.
H. Wade, of Nelson, was in the district this week making arrangements
for a mineral exhibit at the Nelson
A meeting of the Sandon Celebration
Committee was held in tlie City Hall on
Tuesday eveninglast, there being a good
attendance. The reports of all subcommittees were read and adopted, and
a hearty vote of thanks passed to all
who had sn generously contributed to
���o successful a day. The report of the
ball committee was indeed a favorable
one, they having netted $114 profit.
The balance sheet was also in a most
healthy condition, it showing a total
surplus of $170. This is most gratifying to tlie committees and all concerned. It waB agreed that a public meeting be called to decide upon the method
of disbursing the surplus, such meeting
to be held at thc City Hall on Friday
evening, Sept. 20th.
Dave Morgan, late secretary of the
Ferguson Miners' Union, and Jack Mc-
Taggart were matched on Tnosday, Srd
inst. for a single-handed drilling contest
at Ferguson. About $500 changed
bands.   Morgan won.
The secretary of the Spokane Fair is
communicating with the teams which
took part in tlie recent rock-drilling
contests here. Evidently the fame of
Slocan drillers is spreading, when tliey
are needed in Spokane to show tbem
how to do it. On the 24th inst. the day
will he set apart for a great gathering
of old MlSsOUrlanS now residing in tho
Inland Empire, and if tin Slocan boys
are drawn for that.dato the represprta-
tlves of the " Show Me" Btate will be
shown much to marvel at.
Jag. Woods hns reopened hi* B.tkerv.
Turn out the Orientals.
The Nelson footballers have evidently
got cold feet, as no notice has been
taken of the challenge issued by Sandon
to meet them at Kaslo Fair. Challenges to meet Nelson have appeared in
tlie Kootenaian, Daily Net's and Review,
and besides being Bent through the mail
to the Nelson secretary. If Nelson are
looking for something easy, they must
not interest them-elves in this, as tlie
Sandon Bocker players are the " Champions of tlie Selkirks," and are skilful,
sturdy and blooded. Let's hear from
you NellOIl, and then we will give the
Kaslo crowd a treat. Once again���San-
d >n requires no monetary guiiruntoe.
His Lordship Bishop D mtenwill, of
the diocese of New Westminster, is
about to visit the district. Confirmation services will be held as follows:
Kaslo, Sun-lay next nt 10.30 a.m.; New
Deliver, Tuesday, Sept. 17th at 8 a.m.;
Slocnn City, 18th at 8 am.; Sandon,
Sunday 22nd, at 10 a.m. The date for
Nakusp is not yet fixed.
, The Sandon Social Club have arranged to give a Grand Concert and Dramatic Entertainment In a few weeks, to
be followed by a Cinderella Dance. Tho
laughable one-act farce, "Turn Him
Out," will on that occasion be produced
by local talent. We will all be there to
see. Miss McArdle will be pleased to
receive the names of intending members of the newly-formed club.
The Calg\ry Alberlan, Aug. 19th,
says: Tlie "Pair of Country Kids"
concluded their engagement on Saturday evening, and it is safe to say that a
Calgary audience never laughed so
hearty or so long. There were pathetic
moments, of course, moments of sympathy, moments of consideration, but
fun anl frolic predominated. Tlie
" Country Kids " as tbo central figures
were excruciatingly funny, and tliey
wero Bevernl times recalled to the foot
lights. The Pair of Country Kids company will appear at tbe Sandon Opera
House on Monday evening next.
Complete stock of men's Rubbers.
Also a line of ladies' Rubbers just arrived at Macdonald's.
There appears to be an epidemic of
diarrhoea and sickness in town.
Ob, yes; strange as it may appear
Sandon has a society leader.
Tru'y western ii the September number of Westward Ho, which is published
in Vancouver. We recommend this
magazine,*^ our readers.
The first practise of the New Denver
Choral Society will be held on Friday
vening Sept. 13th at 8 o'clock, a t the
reeidenceof Mr. Rankin. All interested
will be welcome. We hope Mr. Rankin's efforts to provide entertainments
for the winter season, will, as they
should, be appreciated, as he and his
good wife have always interested themselves in the welfare of New Denver.
Their return to that town has given
universal pleasure.
Work on the Eureka tramway has
been begun and good progress has been
made this week. Crews are working at
bath ends, The ore pocket now being
constructed is just below the Ruth mill
and directly alongside the C P.R. track,
As we go to press we learn that the
directors of tlie Kaslo Fair are offering
$300 prizes for rock-drilling.
Waking Up To Possibilities.
From a Correspondent.
At last tho people of New Denver are
aroused to the fact of their having a
wonderful aBfet which will bring fame
to the town and profit to the merchants
and business men. While all this talk
of the Kitchener glacier bas been going
on in the press, New Denver citizens
havo remained passive, in fact, showing
no disposition to advertise the magnificent glacier which overlooks tbe town.
Perhaps, Mr. Editor, the occasional
jolts you have given them in your paper
have homo fruit, but whether or no, a
party consisting of those, three rustlers,
Charlie Nelson, J. C. Harris, and W.
Thomlineon started to climb the glacier
on the 4th inst., reaching it on the Cth.
The Canadian flag was planted on the
highest peak, which was named tbo W.
Hunter, in honor of our popular M.P.
A gnod trnil can be built from tbe
lake, and Ibis the citizens of New Den.
ver ale going to do without delay, and
also build a chalet.
If New Denver hnd a few morn
Nelson's, Harris's and Tliomlinson'a the
pretty little cttmp would be booming.
Strangers, Be Wary.
Chas. Marshall, representing Brener
Brothers, of London, Out., the largest
tobacco merchants with one exception
in the dominion, did good business
with our hotel men and merchants this
week. In connection with Mr. Marshall's visit to Sandon, that gentleman
related lo our representative a conversation he had with Sandon's prize
medal knocker. It is needless for us to
be unreservedly specific, as the knocker
in question is toj fond of law and too
well known to need formal introduction.
Suffice il to say he lias a lying tongue,
white bug whiskers nud a gamey toe.
We have reason to know that this per
son lias allottod to himself the position
of general bureaucrat, and in that capacity shoots off bis venom whenever a
Btrauger is inveigled into a conversation
with the bland old crank. To show the
nature of the damage which might
accrue from the " talk " of our subject
we mention that Mr. Marshall waa so
incensed at a man knocking his own
town that he gave us the following
" He introduced himself to me on the
street," said Mr. Marshall, and in doing
eo said:
" I see you are a stranger in this
town," to which I replied "Yes; how
did you know that ? "
" 'Aw," he replied, " I know you're
a stranger. What's your business
here ? " I thought that was a blunt and
impertinent question, but 1 satisfied
his curiosity.
"Then you won't do any business
here. I advise you to leave town without delay. All the stores are empty;
everybody in town is broke; families
are leaving town because the mine
owners insist upon tlie married men
living at tlie mines; tlie city is in a desperate condition���tliey had to get a
little girl to teach school, etc., etc. ; 'Aw,
there is no need Ior you lo wait till the
morning, there is a train leaving this
afternoon at 2."
I assured him that I would oertainly
try and do Bome business now that 1
was here, at which he appeared horrified, and then he vouchsafed this
" Then don't trust a soul; noboby in
town's got a cent."
He then went into the family history
and financial standing of every business
man in town, and needless to add you
were the first to come up for dissectiorf.
then your namesake, then all the rest.
I wondered what kind cf a town I had
struck, but I concluded that*it takes all
sorts of people to make a world and that
possibly my pessimistic mentor was one
of the loured variety."
Our scribe called upon Mr. Marshall
at the Reco the same evening, and Unit
gentleman wai all smiles. "It has
been a day of great surprises for me,"
he said. " Look jit my order book,"
and the Bcribe observed that the orders
booked for cigars alone were for over
$1,000. "I represent also," said Mr,
Marshall, "the well-known London
jewelry linn of Wray A Co., and I did
most gratifying business here fur them.
Tbat gentleman," be said, pointing to
tlie name of one of our prominent merchants, " paid me spot cash for the largest order booked since I left Victoria.
Tbat gentleman, according to our old
humbug of this morning, was linanrla ly
bust. It is too bad that such a venomous person Bhould bealloweti at large."
" Wbat would you suggest ? " naked
our representative,
" Oh, well the remedy must be found
by yourselves. Tar and feathers, possibly, if lie were younger."
Lest there bo any doubt ns lo tlie
identity of tbo subject of tbe above, we
assure our readers hij name is not
IWalutsp motes.
Mr. R. Glendinning, who is in the.
Revelstoke-hospital, is improving slowly.
Mr. R. H. Lime's wife and family
have arrived and settled on their ranch.
Mr. W. A. Mitchell's wife and child,
of Winnipeg, have also arrived.
Mrs. L. J. Kdwards, ami Musters
Wyne and Mervyn ate enjoying a shooting trip to Slocan.
R. Thomas, of Revelstoke, and F. II.
Bourne spent a few days in town.
Mr. Jos. Perant and family have removed to Rosebery, where Mr. Perant
will take charge of tlie Rosebery Hotel.
We are pleased to fee Mr. A. W. Hobbs
back at bis old |.l.io- at the C.P.R. station.
The Wrong Spirit Prevaileth.
In no plnce in the world, perhaps,
among human habitations (God's gift to
man) do we find such a spirit of l'stlesi-
neas or apathy, such paseive inaction, a
sort of procrastinating spirit, as in
our own city. If anything has to be
done it is put off and off until tome
spirit witli ambition is either directly or
indirectly concerned and brirgs us to
our senses.
We residents as a whole live for ourselves. Eat, work, sleep, and no more.
We eat to live to cat, but not to i.ivk.
" Everyone for himself and the devil
lake the hindmost." There is no social
life to speak of because no one has ambition enough to start it up, And
Bhould such an individual appear his
ardor Trill be dampened In short order
by tho lack of Interest in those for
whose benefit he is working. Can a
more effectual wot blanket be imagined
or describetl ?
Not only docs this apply to the residents individually, but to their civic
authorities. To prove this we will cite
three instances.
1. When diphtheria broke out not so
long ago, the city found i'self without a
health officer because it tried to be
economical. The result ii it will coet
them as much, if not more, for this one
case. Is this economy ? We call it
apathy, " doti't-caredness," s> to speak.
The people should demand the appointment of a health officer each year.
Apathy on their pait may again result
in apathy on thc pait of the authorities.
Wo hope not.
2. If a "howl" had not been raised
there would be no school teacher in
Sandon; yet after obtaining one she is
put"in charge ot a building whicli any
health officer would condemn as unlit
for human habitation. It would have
been and is impossible for a grown up
man to clean tbe place with its broken
windows anddustof early days; and yet
a schoolboy is put in charge as janitor
and perforins bis work with echoolboy-
like regularity. Not until it got simply
unendurable did the trustees realize
tbat not a Bingle child went to school
frogi tbe hill that tho " barn " stands
on. All the town children were marched up twice a day and were prepared to
do the came throughout a dreary
winter. Ia this alertness when we
willingly condemn our own children to
five hours per day to unhygienic and
cold surroundings ? Talk about apathy!
It i_ criminal carelessness.
3. A woman ia discovered dead in her
hous". Thia makes the authorities realize that they have no coroner in the
neighborhood, and that with two legally qualified medical practitioners in the
cily. They have to send to Nelson for
one to come and declare " an inquest ia
unnecessary." And the extra expense
���perhaps the less said about it the
What is and can be the remedy for
this laxiitide, botli individual and collective ? Let us wake up and .hake
ourselves and look forward towards a
sunrise, not lie asleep and wake up late
and find the sun has risen. Lit us
catch old Father Time by the forelock,
or be will cilch us. Let ns lnok a little
ahead. Let ua prevent any further
mistakes occuiring and not simply
remedy tbem after they have occurred.
Lotus lake the adiie given to Leah
Kleshna: "Shako out your lungs and
breathe the air,"
All this is recommended in a con-
eillttory spirit as nn anlidote to prevalent apathy. Tbe limelight ol publicity has done wonders in the past, antl
it is therefore our only desire to accoin
plisli Bomo good, for the entire community. Ap.ilhy ever whispers:
" Sandon is all right ; let things slide."
Sensibility shouts: " Sand n will bo-
come just what you make it."
Herbert Delaney Is Dead.
From our New Denver Correspondent.
It is with groat regret your correspondent reports the death of Hubert
Delaney, ton of Mr. and Mis. F. J.
Delaney, of New Denver, who expired
at Peierboro, On'., where ho baB been
for the past ten month* for the benefit
of his health. Good reports bad arrived of hl_ return to good health, but
whilst out, with n camping party lie contracted ti cold whicli laid him low.
His death **aine in a great shock to his
parents and the citizens generally us it
was enti ely imi'X|>ccted. To Mr. and
Mra. D.-l.uiey me extended the heartfelt.sympathy of their many friends in
the suiiMiindiii.' district,
1.    -���:     !  :'.-     .
���' n-.ii!  ,i ,
A*.   .
Septembcrl^_19v 20,1967
Larger nnd Better than Ever.
Something Doing Every
***�� Minute.^
Cheap  Excursion Kates on  All
Tranaporlation lines.
For information or Prize Liat
D. C. McMorbis, Secretary,
P.O. Box 95, Nelson, B.C.
C. W. Busk, President.
Billy Was Cheated.
McClurg was on bis way home from a
fishing trip at Bear Lake. He had a
fine string of trout so heavy that he
ibought he needed a counterweight to
balance them. Not having a can with
bim he had dropped in to the Exchango
hotel to put another weight in the
middle, where ho thought it would do
almost as much good.
" And ivery wan of us," be said, winding up his ilory of the day's fishing,
" wint away with fifteen fine trout on
hia etiing,"
" IIo-.v many fish did you catch in
all ? " some one asked.
"Sixty," said Billy; "there were
four of ns."
" Who wero they ? "
" Well, I was wan, and two of Ihe
TattrieB was two, and Dave Murphy was
three ��� Murphy, he wns three, and���
and���I'm sure there wero four of us!
out who the divil was the other
fellow ? "
Billy began again.
" Try it this way," lie said : " Murphy
was wan, and the two Tattrles was two.
and I was three, and���and I was three
���and, I'm blest if I cm thi.ik who was
the other wan."
Then Billy laid down hia string of fish
and began counting olf the members of
the fishing party on the fingers of his
disengaged hand.
" I waa wan," be slid, doubling up a
finger as he went along, " aud th s two
Tattriea was two, antl Murphy was
three ���and���er���"
"But the two Tattiies were three,"
some one broke in.
" Do yon know tbo two Tattiies ? "
asked Billy, warmly.
" No,"
"Well, then, how can you pay 'lit
two Tattiies was three? Go on, man;
you're drunk! "
Billy stood thinking it over for a minute and thou picked up his string of
"I'm tlommed," he snd, "if tha
crooks" didn't do me out cf���let's see,
three into sixty twenty times���out of
five fishes."
On Monday, Sept 16th
C. J. Siniln presents lhe 4-Act Comedy
"A Pair of
Country Ms."
Brooklyn Bridge at Midnigln
The Resent' from Drowning.
Tlie realistic Explosion at tlu
Old Mill
Several High-Class Specialties
and Musical Numbers
Seats on s.ili at the usual place. THE  SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON, B.  C.
tt Graustark |^W��
OLD the lantern higher, Bev"���
In the fury of the fight he
remembered the risk and importance of not mentioning
her name and stopped short He was
fighting fast, but warily, for he realized that his present adversary was no
mean one. As the swords played back
and forth ln fierce thrusts and parries
he spoke assurlngly to Beverly: "Don't
be frightened! As soon as I finish with
this fellow we will go on! Ah! Bravo!
Well parried, my man! How the deuce
could such a swordsman as you become
a cutthroat of Marlanx?"
Beverly had been standing still all
this time, holding the light high above
ior head, according to her lover's orders, for she knew now that such he
was and that she loved him with all
ber heart She was a weird picture
standing there as she watched Baldos
fighting for their lives, her beautiful
face deathlike in its pallor. Not a cry
escaped her lips as the sword blades
���wished and clashed. Sbe could hear
the deep breathing of the combatants
In that tomb-like passage.
Suddenly she started and listened
keenly. From behind her, back there In
the darkness, hurried footsteps were
unmistakably approaching. What she
had heard, then, was not the scurrying
of a rat. Some one wns following them.
A terrible anguist seized her. Lowier
���nd nearer came tlie l^njj) k* ���-;_<���_ KQtu
Baldos!" she screamed In terror. "Another ls coming!"
"Have no fear, dear one!" he sung
out gayly. His voice was Infinitely
more cheerful than he felt, for he realized only too well the desperate situation. He was penned ln and forced to
meet an attack from front and rear.
He fell upon his assailant with redoubled fury, aiming to finish bim before
the newcomer could give aid.
From out of the gloom came a fiendish laugh. Instantly the dark figure of
a man appeared, his face completely
hidden by a broad slouch hat nud the
long cloak which enveloped him. A
sardonic voice hissed: "Trapped at Inst!
My lady and her lover thought to escape, did they!" The voice was unfamiliar, but the atmosphere seemed
charged with Marlanx. "Kill him,
Zem!" he shouted. "Don't let hlm escape you! I will take care of the little
witch, never fear!" He clutched at the
girl and tried to draw her to him.
"Marlanx! By all tbe gods!" cried
Baldos in despair. He hnd wounded bis
man several times, though not seriously. He dared not turn to Beverly's aid.
The scene wns thrilling, grewsouie.
Within this narrow, dimly lighted underground passage, with Its musty
walls sweating with dampness and
thick with the tangled meshes of the
spider's web, a brave girl and her lover
struggled and fought back to back.
To her dismay, Beverly saw the point
of a sword at her throat.
"Out of the way, girl!" the man in
the cloak snarled, furious nt her resistance. "You die ns well as your lover
unless you surrender. He cannot escape me."
"And If I refuse!" cried the girl, trying desperately to gain time.
"I will drive my blade through your
heart and tell the world it was the
deed of your lover."*'
Baldos groaned. His adversary, encouraged by the change ln the situation, pressed him sorely.
"Dou't you dare to touch me, Count
Marlanx. I know you!" she hissed. "I
know what you would do with me. It
ls not for Graustark that you seek his
The sword came nearer. The words
died ln her throut. She grew faint.
Terror paralyzed her. Suddenly her
heart gave a great thump of Joy. The
resourcefulness of tbe trapped was
surging- to her relief. The valor of
the south leaped Into life. Tho exhilaration of conflict beat down all her
fears. "Take awuy that sword, then,
please!" she cried, her voice trembling,
but not with terror now. It was exultation. "Will you promise to spare
his life? Will you swear to let him
go, If I"-
"No, no; neverl God forbid!" Implored Baldos.
"Ha, ha!" chuckled the man ln the
cloak. "Spare his life! Oh, yes, after
my master has reveled In your charms.
How do you like that, my handsome
goat hunter?"
"You Infernal scoundrel! I'll settle
you yet!" Baldos fairly fumed with
rage. Gathering himself together for
a final effort, he rushed madly on his
vapidly weakening antagonist.
"Baldos," she cried hopelessly and in
a tone of resignation, "I must do It!
It Is the only way!"
The man in the cloak as well as Baldos was deceived by the girl's cry. He
Immediately lowered his sword. The
lantern dropped from Beverly's hands
and clattered to the floor. At the same
instant she drew from her pocket her
revolver, which sho had placed there
before leaving tbe castle, and fired
point blank at him. The report sounded like a thunderclap ln their ears. It
was followed quickly by a sharp cry
and Imprecation from the lips of her
persecutor, wbo fell, striking his head
with a terrible force ou the stones.
Simultaneously there was a groan
aud tbe noise of a limp body slipping
to tbe ground, and Baldos, victor at
lust, turned In fear and trembling to
Hnd Beverly stiiuding unhurt staring
nt the black muss tit her feet.
"Thank God, you are safe!" Grasping
her hand he led ber out of tho darkness
Into the moonlight.
Not a word was spoken ns tliey ran
swiftly on until they reached a little
clump of trees not fur from one of the
gates. Hero Baldos gently released ber
hand. She was panting for breath, but
he realized she must not be allowed to
risk a moment's delay. She must pass
the sentry at once.       ,. _,   .    ���
-nave y'ou the wa'tchword." he
eagerly asked.
"Watchword?" she repeated feebly.
"Yes, the countersign for tlie night.
It is Ganlook. Keep your face well
covered with your hood. Advance
boldly to the gates and give the word.
There will be no trouble. Tbe guard Is
used to pleasure seekers returning at
all hours of night."
"Ib he dead?" she nsked timorously,
returning to tbe scene of horror.
"Ouly wounded, I think, ns are the
other men, though they all deserve
He went with her ns close to the gate
as he thought safe. Taking ber hand
be kissed It fervently. "Goodby! It
won't be for long!" and disappeared.
Sbe stood still and lifeless, staring
after him, for ages, It seemed. He was
gone. Gone forever, no doubt. Her
eyes grew wilder and wilder with the
pity of It all. Frlde fled Incontinently.
She longed to call him back. Then it
occurred to her that he was hurrying
off to thnt other woman. No, he said
he would return. She must bo brave,
true to herself, whatever happened.
Sbe marched boldly up to tbo gate,
gave the countersign nnd passed
through, not heeding the curious
glances cast upon her by the sentry,
turned Into the castle, up the grand
staircase and fled to tbe princess' bedchamber.
Beverly, trembling and sobbing,
threw herself In the arms of the princess. Incoherently sbe related all tbat
had happened, then swooned.
After she bad been restored, tbe
promise of Yetive to protect her, whatever happened, comforted her somewhat.
"It must have been Marlanx," moaned Beverly.
"Who else could It have been?" replied the princess, who was visibly excited.
Summoning all her courage, Bhe went
on: "First, we must find out if he Is
badly hurt. We'll trust to luck. Cheer
up!" She touched a bell. There came
a knock at the door. A guard was
told to enter. "Kilos," she exclaimed,
"did you hear a abot fired a short time
"I thought I did, your highness, but
was not sure."
"Baldos, the guard, was escaping by
the secret passage," continued the princess, a wonderful Inspiration coming
to her rescue. "He passed through the
chapel. Miss Calhoun was there. Alone
and single banded she tried to prevent
him. It was her duty. He refused to
obey her command to stop, and she
followed him Into the tunnel and fired
nt him. I'm afraid you are too late
to capture him, but you may���ob, Beverly, how plucky you were to follow
him! Go quickly, Ellos! Search the
tunnel and report at once." As the
guard saluted with wonder, admiration
nnd unbelief he saw the two consplr-
ntors locked ln each other's arms.
Presently he returned and reported
that the guards could find no trace of
any one In the tunnel, but tbat they
found blood on the floor near tbe exit
and that the door was wide open.
The two girls looked at each other iu
amazement. They were dumfounded,
but a great relief was glowing In their
"Ellos," Inquired the princess, considerably less agitated, "does any one
else know of this?"
"No, your hlghuess; there was no one
on guard but Max, Baldos and myself."
"Well, for the present no one else
must know of his flight. Do you understand? Not n word to any one. I
myself will explain when the proper
time comes. You and Max have be^n
very careless, but I suppose you sbo'i'd
not be punished. He has tricked us all.
Send Max to me at once."
"Yes, your highness," sold Ellos, and
he went away with his head swimming. Max, the other guurd, received
like orders, and then the two young
women sank limply upou a divan.
"Oh, how clever you are, Yetive,"
came from the American girl. "But
what next?"
"We may expect to hear something
disagreeable from Count Marlanx, my
dear," murmured tlie perplexed but
confident princess, "but I think we
bnve the gunie In our own bands, as
you would say in America."
(To Be Continued)
Canada and the States.
Time's whirligig brings mnny
changes; none stranger than th" entirely alteretl relations of Ciit'idn
with the United States. Fifteen vears
ago Canada seemed to have no frt***������>
outside absorption by the Utrt'd
States; she was a suppliant for fiscal
favtirs which would eivp her an en
trance to the magnificent market un
her southern border. But America
was an overhard bargainer, nnd the
tariff wall from Oregon to Maine
grew higher and higher. It wns sharp
medicine, but gnve Onnnda just the
tonic thnt wns needed to brnee up
Iter nationnl spirit nnd develop her
resources. Instead of to the easy mnr-
ket to the south, Onnnda diverted her
energies to the east and 'xt the west.
She is now in tlie position of granting fiscal fnvors rather than soliciting
tbem In her trade w!tb tbe Mother-
lnnd nnd the Pacific she finds abundant outlet for the illimitable re
sources thnt havo scarcely been
scratched. Here is the opportunity of
the century���if tlie Imperial Government can rise to tlie height of it
Value of Woods For Charcoal.
Thc different woods whicl) tare to be
used in making charcoal may be estimated as to their relative value by
this rule: Of the oaks, 100 parts will
yield 23 parts of charcoal; the beech,
21; tbe elms, tbe tipple nnd tbe white
pine, 23; birch, 24; maple, 22; willow,
it.; poplar, 20; hard pine, 22. Ali
charcoal used in the manufacture of
gunnowder is mnde from either willow
wood or elder wood.
Interesting Facts as to Rattlesnakes
In Central British Columbia.
A correspondent from Kamloops,
.B. C. writes Some time ago I was
inuen suiprised at reading an article
Irom the pen of one of your readers,
who claimed that there were no rattlesnakes in British Columbia; very
probably he was correct as far as his
own observations were concerned, for
this is a province of magnificent distances; and many large areas are entirely free from tbem, but it is equally true that other districts���particularly parts of Yale���contain numbers
of them; and in this respect 1 can
endorse the letter of Mr. McDonald,
who wrote some time ngo from Nova
Scotia, in referring to which the editor stated ns his opinion that there
were no rattlesnakes north of Thompson River. This is a mistake, natural
enough in one not familiar with this
locality. These snakes may be found
anywhere along tlie north bank of the
Kamloops Lake (a river expansion
about 15 miles lone) and the Thompson River, from Kamloops to where
it joins the Eraser at Lytton���but they
nre particularly ncmerous in certain
favored localities, e.g., Rattlesnake
Bluff, between Kamloops and Trnnp-
ville, nnd nt Rattlesnake Moiintrrin,
about five miles up the Cariboo Road
from Asheroft. A few yenrs ngo a
rnnclter took un a homestead near
Rattlesnake Bluff; he possessed n hog
which be facetiously named Rattlesnake Rill front bis success ns n i nake
killer; this gentleman states positively that to bis certain knowledge this
tiog killed twenty-three rnttlesnnkes
in one summer; nnd of course he is
likelv to bnve killed mnny more without the owner being nwnre of it. One
nitrht this rancher found a rattler
under his bed. it had made its wttv
into the house through a knot hole
in the floor, whicli was mnde of single
bonrds for summer use. Rut though
there nre mnnv rnttlesnnkes, fort"n-
ntelv fatalities from their bite or stine
are verv rare: though I know of twn
deaths from this cause���one a child
who wns s/flthaH***" pens in her fntb-
er's enrden nenr Vernon, nnd the other thnt nf n ledv near Asheroft. who
stooped from th�� vernpdnh of her
house tr** nick n flower nnd wns bitten
on thp finger���in eneh case medienl
assistance was secured, but to no
Information Eagerly Sought by People
In  Great  Britain.
Canada is the most talked-of country to-day in Great Britain, and appreciative audiences listen eagerly to
lecturers from over the sea. Mr.
Joshua Fletcher, president of the Alberta Farmers' Association, gave nn
address recently to an assembly of
business men in Manchester, England,
giving in brief form the advantages offered by Canada. The three prairie
provinces, he said, constitute the
granary of the British Empire. They
hnve nn men of 580,000 square miles,
or about four nnd one-half times the
size, of Kngland, Irelnnd, nnd Seot-
innd put together. In this vast agricultural country the population is about
hnlf n million, or, counting men, women nnd children, not quite one person to eneli squnre mile. Leaving the
Grent Lakes, proing West there is one
hundred and fitty miles of compnrn-
tivelv rough country, where mining,
far-mint?, nnd lumberinr/ nre nil ear-
ried on. West from Winnipeg the
InnH st'-ptcbes nwny in one vnst plain
ns level ns the sea for a thousand
milps, nnd in its natural state thr
'nnd wns covered with a rich nutritions cross nnd was the homp of the
h"i"*nin and the beaver. GenoraHv
sppnking. the soil is a deep black lonm
with a clay sub-soil. Manitoba is
n .no'ii's grent wheat province, and
���he S"ot"'"Tipn there have made it
*nr"n**a fn*. r'-'de horses and short-
���*<*.-�� ""'tip. Tu" southern portion of
c, .i..,.���!.ownp ia nn open country.
-���"���"��� mnf rn"iin* thnn Manitoba.
��� t.rl io ft nmpt r*>>'t1e rnnohine coun-
'-** whp"*p the p""*bov rei-ms s"*nreme.
TV.p s""1'*""* r-.'.r.ion of "lb��rtn is
-.Ion n pottle po-nnfrv. but of lnte vpa*"=
tlie fnr'Tip'-s bivo b"Pn mnkin". n brilliant ��'*i"i""!= nt ..-inter wheat known
as  "Alberta  Red."
****-��***. or,A Porr.uoine.
The following Indian story is intended for the tale of the white man
and the red. There were once two
men who lived a long way apart; one
was poor, and had nothing but his
hunting grounds; the other wns rich,
but be wanted the poor man's land.
The poor man's poohegan, or attendant spirit, was a snake; the rich
man's poohegan was a porcupine. The
porcupine went to visit the snake, but
at first the snake refused to let him
in, saying: "I will stick my arrow
into you." The porcupine said: "Then
I will stab you with uiy sword." Tlie
snake said: "My arrow has only one
barb; but it, is a good one." And lie
ran out bis tongue to show the barb.
The porcupine snid: "My tail is full
of swords; but I will guard tbem very
carefully if you will let nie come in,
for my home is fnr away." The snake
said*. "I am bore with my children,
and am very poor. It is not for the
riclt to come to the poor for help;
but rather for the poor mnn to visit
tli.* rich. If one of my children were
to go to your house, you would kill
him. Then why do you come here?"
However, tbe porcupine promised so
fairly that the snake at last let him
in. All went well at first; but in the
morning tlie porcupine begun to quarrel, killed the whole snake family,
and took possession of their land.
Found the Way Home.
An extraordinary instance of the affection of a horse for its old home has
occurred at Turvey. A farmer at that
place recently sold a horse he had
had for several years to a farmer from
Hanslope. The horse was taken to
Hanslope anil wns placed in a field
for the night, but after darkness had
set in he broke bounds nnd mnde the
cross-country journey'of a dozen miles
from Hnnslope to Turvey, where his
form"** owner found him on Sunday
morning quietly grazing in his paddock.
Where Cats Are Saluted
At the Government House in Poona,
India, every ent which mny hnppep
to pnss out of the front door after
dark is saluted by the sentry, who
presents arms to pussy. Tradition relates that in 1838 Sir Robert Grant
governor of Bombay, died in the Government House. On the evening of
the day of liis death n cat was seen
to leave the house by the front door
and to wnlk up nnd down n partitrinr
pnth where the lnte governor had been
in the habit of strolling after sunset
A Hindoo sentry observed this nud
told a priest, who declared thnt in
the cat was Governor Grant's soul, and
it Bhould be saluted. As the particular cat could not be identified by the
sentry, it wns decided to present arms
to all the cats.
One   kind   ol
underwear,   and
only one, fits right,
wears out slowest, and satisfies you irom the day you
buy it   That kind is trade-
marked (as above) in red, and guaranteed to you
by stores that sell it and the people who make it.
Made in many fabrics ana styles, at various
prices, in form-fitting size, for women,
men and children.    Look for the
The Vanishing Trick.
Into the grocer's shop walked nn ancient ludy with n slow and halting
trend ami carrying on her arm a basket containing a large earthenware pot
with a lid. Placing the basket on the
counter, she made various purchases,
which site put carefully In the pot nnd
hud her bill made out.
"By the way." she said before paying
this, "do you mind keeping tills pot
with the purchases In It until I come
buck and pay for them, ns I have to
buy other things some distance off,
mid It will be nioie convenient for me
to lenve the tilings here till later?"
This request was willingly acceded
to, und, lifting tiie i>ot carefully out
of the basket, the old diiuie placed It,
with an effort, In n corner; then, placing her basket on her arm, left the
shop. Hours went by, dny ripened
Into evening, nnd evening gave way
to night, but the old woman did not
return. At Inst tlie proprietor thought
of examining the earthenware pot to
see If by nny chance it lind its owner's
address upon It. and grent wns bis us-
tonlshment, not untluged with dismay, to find thnt it possessed no bot
torn.���London Answers.
Witchcraft In the Nineteenth Century.
Most people believe tlint witchcraft
among civilized people ended when tht
"Salem witch lunula" ran its course
and died out in the year Ki02. It did
as fnr as America is concerned, except
among savages, but In other countries
the belief in the superstition did noi
ilie until n much Inter date, even If it
cun be truly snid to be dond now. In
France nn oltl beggar wns tortured to
lentil ns late as 1S07 ou the charge oi
tieing one who "001111111111011 with evil
spirits." nnd in Spain n witch was
burued iu 1808. In IHTiO In France a
tnnn nnd his wife tortured n suspected
witeli to den lb, and nothing nt ull wus
lone with llieni by tbe criminal courts
in account of the lingering belief hi
sorcery. Four yenrs Inter n witch wus
drowned In England, nnd In 18(30 one
wns burned in .Mexico, ln 1874, 1870,
I8S0 nnd again In 1SK0 witches were
publicly binned In Russia, nnd even
us lnte ns 1800 regular Judicial trials
of witches were had in Prussia, Po-
Innd and Austria-Hungary.
Formality In Offices.
"Did you ever stop to think of th*
.reat iucrense in the formality now ob
served In legal, financial and other of-
Ices? A few years ago when yoo
wanted to see your lawyer you simply
walked right Into bis office," said a ua-
Uve of Philadelphia, now growing old
'Nowadays you must send In your
card and wait to learn whether or not
��be lawyer ls at liberty to see you.
Banks, too, have adopted similar arrangements. Perhaps some recent lessons lu bomb throwing mny have influenced them. Doctors employ uniformed servitors to guard them against
Intrusion during office hilars."���Philadelphia Hp"""*1    	
$100 REWARD $100.
Tha realtors of this paper will be pleased to learn
that there ls at least one dreaded disease that so'eno*
haa been able to oure In all Its stages, and that Is
Oatarrh. Hall's Oatarrh Oure ts the only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Oatarrh
lioina a couHtitutio-aal disease, requires a constitutional treutuiont. Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken In.
ttirnally, acting directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and assisting nature
ln doing its work. The proprietors have so much
faith ln ItB curative powers that they offer One Hundred Pollnrn fur any case that it falls to oure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address! F. J. CHENEY A Co.. Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists 75c.
Taku Hall'a Family Pills for ooustlpatlon.
Fire burned over ten acres of Bi-s-
bee, Arizona, destroying 200 buildings
ill hard, soft ur calloused lumps and blero*
shtis, from horses, bluod spavin, curbs,
tplints, ringbone, Bweeney, -titles, sprains, sore
ind swollen throat, coughs, etc. Suve $130 by
tse of one bottle. Wurranted the most won
lerful   Blemish   Cure   ever   known.
Tlie Kid���Pa, what is an "automobile meet''?
The Dud���Anybody that gets in th;
way of one is automobile meat. ���-
Cleveland Pluindeuler.
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Garget
in Cows.
Prince Frederick Henry cf Prussia
the kaiser's cousin, was personally
degraded by his majesty, expelled
from court and banished from Ger
many for the rest of his life.
One of the greatest blessings to
parents is Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator. It effectually exp3ls
worms and gives health in a mar
velous manner to the little one.
M. Lecomte, the first secretary if
the French embassy in Berlin, had
to leave Germany owing to incidents
connected with his association with
tiie Round Table Camarilla.
W.   N.    *-'.   No    8*10
'(wo Tt.ous.dnd Acto'a Extend Aid-
Will Cost Half Million Dollars���
Where Magna Charta Was Conceived���Richard Coeur de Lion Set
Out For Crusades From This Ancient City.
Bury St. Edmunds, a town neai
London, that hitherto has failed to
win tlie attention to whicli an extraordinary interesting history and
majestic ruins entitle it, proposes tc
have a pageant from July 8 to 15
that  should  astonish  the   world.
Some of the most interesting events
in the developing of the Anglo-Saxon
race have taken place in this Fast
Anglian  town.
There tlie barons took their vows
before laying the foundation of Eng
lish and American liberty by com
pelling John to sign Magna Charta.
There Sir Edmund tlie Martyr died
for his people und Kichard Coeur dt
Lion prayed before setting out foi
tlie Holy Land.
Big  Pageant   Is  Planned.
The people of the whole County ol
Suffolk under the, guidance of Louis
N. I'urker, a dramatist, are preparing
to put Bury St. Edmunds into the
front rank of European show places.
Two thousand actors will take part in
tlie seven episodes of the pageant.
Tbey are East Anglinns, and every
one is giving services and costumes
free. If this mighty cast were to be
I>iiid the pngciint would cost ralf a
million dollars.
Parts are to be plnyed by 200 pecrp
and peeresses and many other mem
hers of the county families. A chorus
of monks (all clergymen) will chant
melodies specially composed by C.
G. Harold Shann, n local musician
The suits of armor and all the beau
tth.il dresses are being made in the
neighborhood. The leatherwork is
fabricated from the tanned hides ol
the famous wild Chillingham cattle���
the onlv herd of wild cattle now in
Great Britain���which were introduced into Suffolk at the time of the
Artist Paints the Scenes.
To boom Bury there has been enlisted tlie genius oi a great English
artist, Doore Adams. This distinguished academician has painted designs
for tlie costumes from ancient manuscripts, and everything will be historically accurate in the smallest particular.
The poster designed by Byam Shaw
(whose picture of "Our Lord" fetched
$6,000 at last year's academy) bas
made a sensation in artistic and advertising circles. It is pronounced the
most effective poster ever done by
an Englishman.
Except By Active and Persistent Treatment With the
Great Eczema Cure,
Dr. Chase's Ointment
Plan  For  Irish Trip Causes Anxious
Comment  In London.
Considering tlie state of unrest in
Ireland and the present ugly temper
of the peasantry, the announcement
of King Edward's intention to visit
Ireland next month has not only tak
en a greut many people by surprise
but bas given rise to mucli anxious
At the same time it is some months
now since this visit was projected,
and it is nearly two months since the
Earl oi Shaftsbury, speaking in Belfast, assured his hearers that His
Majesty would be in their midst during tlie course of the summer.
Loved  by  Irish Subjects.
There is not the slightest doubt
nbout the King's popularity among
the rank and file of the Irish people
Every where lie went during his last
tour in 1900 and 1904 he was received
with the wildest enthusiasm, and the
cheers that greeted him were as sincere as any thut ever came from the
most patriotic  Englishman.
There is one aspect of the King's
career that has always appealed to
the Irish people, and that is his sporting proclivities. In Ireland love of
the horse is one of the strongest
bonds of sympathy between mau and
man. The fact that for some yeara
King Edwanl has kept a few horses
in training at Curragh has strengthened him immensely in the affections
of the Irish people, who will never
forget that Ambush II. won the Grand
National in the royal colors after
having been bred and trained in Ireland.
May Have Special Race.
King Edward's horses in Ireland
are under the charge of a popular
amateur rider, G. W. Lushington. It
is possible thut the royal colors may
be seen at 11 special meeting at Leo
pnrdstown on July 11, arranged at
the request of His Majesty.
The enormous popularity of th��
King is one of the most difficult
things with which professional agitators in In.land have to contend, and
tliey have oinie to find that an attack
on the Government is a far bettei
card than personalities ubout the occupant of the throne.
Rubbing  It  In.
Thomas Beechnm, the famous pill
man, was u witty old gentleman. They
tell a story ubout him and u grocer.
The grocer wan guilty of some rather sharp practice on Mr. Beechnm
one day, und the latter stamped out
of the shop roaring:
"You're a swindler, and I'll nevei
enter your doors again,"
Next duy, though, h_ came bock
and bought five pounds of sugar.
"Dear me," said the grocer, smiling in a forgiving way, "I thought
you were nevei going to enter my
doors again."
"Well, 1 didn't mean to," said Mr.
Beecham; "but yours is the only shop
in the place where I can get what I
want. You see, I am going to pot
some  bulbs,  und   1  need  sand."
WhaTGolf Courses Cost.
To-day tbe great majority of golfer*
are new members, says a writer in
"P.T.O."���tbut is to say, they have
joined tlieir club some ye.irs after its
foundation, and of these tlie proportion who bear in mind that the initial expenses of a golf club are extremely heavy is anything but high.
The amount of capital invested in
new courses naturally varies. The new
club near Versailles, for instance, has
had ��34,000 spent on it; the latest in-
lnnd course, tlie Harewood Downs
Golf Club, laid down by Mr. Archibald Grove, M. P., on his own estate, has already entailed an expenditure of ��7,000; the hundsome clubhouse nnd pnvilion opened by the
Meyrich nnd Queen's Park Golf Clubs
at Bournemouth represents an investment of ��4,000, and the new Worthing links have had ��3,000 spent on
them up to date.
When left to itself, eczema runs on 1
indefinitely,  causing    keen    distress
from itching and covering the  body
with sores that refuse to heal.
Even with careful treatment, eczema is obstinate in yielding to curative measures, but tlie regular 11 n I
persistent use of Dr. Chase's Ointment is the most certain means of
overcoming this torturing disease.
Internal treatments for eczem.i
have long since been discarded, except the use of medicines to regulate
the bowels and enrich the blood,
while local applications are used to
relieve the itching and heal the sores.
It is the remarkable success of Dr.
Chase's Ointment in the c.ire of eczema which has given it world-wide
recognition as the standard ointment
for itching skin diseases
Mrs. Robert Clendenning, Welland
Station,  Out.,  writes:
"���For three years my daughter.
Funny, wus afflicted with eczema in
tin intense and persistent form, and
for nine days she was totally blind.
The burning, itching and disfigurement were horrible, her entire face
being completely raw ior months,
and the distress so great that she
could not sleep.
'The best efforts of two eminent
physicians failed to even mitigate
her awful suffering. One day when
I was low-spirited over my daughter's condition Dr. Chase's Ointment
wus recommended to me, and to our
surprise Funny wus helped with tlie
first box and she has since been entirely cured by this treatment.
"Her face is now as smooth as a
baby's and she is in splendid health.
The credit for this cur*, is entirely
due to Dr. Guise's Ointment, and 1
cheerfully give you permission ��o
state my daughter's case, hoping that
it will lead many others to secure
the same good  results."
There are a score of ways in whieli
Dr. Chase's Ointment, with its extraordinary soothing, healing properties,
is useful in every home; 60 cents
u box, ut all dealers, or Edmanson,
Hates A Co., Toronto.
Trials  of the   Unemployed
Once there waa a young Boetian
who hnd money, says Puck. On*
day he looked at his clothes, of
which he had a great many, and he
saw that they needed to be brushed
and folded; so he told his servant
to do it for him. Then he went
downstairs, and noticed that his
manuscripts were in disorder; so lie
hired a man to sort them out and to
make a list of them. Next he went
to the stables and found one of his
horses sick; so he asked a man to
get him another one. The other
horse needed exercise, so he engaged
a groom to exercise the Ir se.
He looked at a puppy which he
had and said. "Why, it is time that
puppy was trained to find birds"; i.o
he sent the puppy away to a man to
be taught.
Then he went into the house and
yawned. "Dear me I" said he, "how
dull it is with nothing to do. I wish
I had something to do."
Tlie Boetians were barbarians.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
The French government has opened
negotiations witli tlie North of
France Railway company to take
over the cross-channel service between Calais and Dover.
Cholera morbus, cramps and kindred complaints annually make their
appearance at the same time as the
hot weather, green fruit, cucumbers,
debarred from eating tiiese tempting
things, but they need not abstain if
they have Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial and take a few drops
in water. It cures the cramps and
cholera in n remarkable manner and
is sure, tp xlieck every disturbance of
tlie bowels.
The Tyranny of the Stars
"The opera managers' trust again't
the tyrannical Hturs" is the subject
of a communication from its Puns
correspondent in a recent Berlin
paper. The various details of organization are dwelt upon, together
with the advantages which the general public "not only in Europe but
in America and Australia" will derive from the movement, whicli had
to come because of "the demands of
the unreasonable, avaricious operatic
stars." Editorially speaking tlie
paper says; "It has always been th*.
custom of operatic managers to secure for their houses the best talent
procurable with the means at their
disposal, and we believe this system
will continue for all time. The desire to have the best will always
outweigh any trust consideration."
A Cure for Fever and Ague���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are compounded for use in any climate and
they will be found to preserve their
powers in .any latitude. In fever and
ague the/ act upon the secretions
and neutralize the poison which has
found its way into the blood. They
correct the impurities whicli find entrance into tlie system through drink
ing water or food and if used as a
preventive  fevers  are  avoided.
A cheap jack stood in front of his
stall and sang the praises of some
scissors he had to sell.
"You can cut glass with these scissors, gentlemen. The biggest idiot
alive could do it," he cried, and turning to a passerby, said: "Perhaps
you'd like to try, sir."���Bocian.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
ivery form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
The Sirius, the first steamer to
cross the Atlantic, was 178 feet long
and her tonnage 450.
A dredge while nt work in the
Harlem river, New York, brought up
a snake 18 feet long.
The Irishman wanted to sell the log
but the prospective buyer was suspicious, nnd finally decided not to buy.
The man then told him why he was
so anxious to sell.
"You see," he snid, "I bought thu
dog and trained him myself. I got
him so he'd bark all the time if a
1 person stepped inside the gate, and
I thought I was safe from burglars.
Then my wife wanted me to train
him to carry bundles, and I did. If
I put a packet in his mouth the dog
would keep it there till some one took
it away. Well, one night I woke lp
and heard some due in the next room.
I got up and grabbed my gun. They
were there���three of the scoundrels
and the dog."
"Didn't he bark?" interrupted tie
"Nary a bark; he was too busy."
"Busy?    What doing?"
"Carrying a lantern for the burglars."���Dublin Freeman.
"I like my house all right," said
Luschman, "except foi oi.e thing. I
guess you'll have to fix that."
"What is it?" asked the architect.
"Several times lately I've nearly
broken my neck searching for another
step at the head of the stairs when I
got home late, so I guess you'd better put another step there."���Philadelphia Press.
producer for churches and large
possesses a very important feature
has two air courses���the air travels up
inner and outer castings. All product's
come in direct contact with
surround the hot air columns,
thus making the largest amount
of heating surface to every
square foot of grate surface
ever achieved in a warm air
heater. The flue construction admits of heat being
forced direct to the most
distant and most exposed
part of the building to be
warmed. 107
Found.,., .t MONCTON. N.B. & MONTREAUff
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B.; MONTREAL, P.Q.;
It Is whole wheat steam-cooked, shredded and baked and com*
pressed Into a wafer, presenting greatest amount of nutriment in
smallest bulk. Delicious as a toast with butter, cheese, marmalades and  beverages.
Always ready to serve.    Crisp,    tasty    and    nourishing."
All Grocers.    13c a  Carton;  2  for 26c. l^n
The slocan mining review, sandon, b. &
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
and their Influence.
62 Z
Editor and Proprietor of the Lacoinbe
To Sunny Alberta the lure of the
Golden West lias been steadily calling tlie homeseeker from distant
fields. Tliey have come from the
Mother Country, Continental Europe,
tlie Antipodes; and Eastern Canada
and tlie United Stutes hnve also contributed tlieir quota to the constant
stream of settlers who are rapidly
tilling up this Western province.
Thnt the population is decidedly cosmopolitan can be readily believed,
and those who have a personal knowledge of the general class of people
who are now of the West, will admit
that it has a generous share of the
brain and brawn that contributes to
the highest elements of Canadian
citizenship. In the building up of
this new province the large numbers
who have been attracted across the
border from the United States have
been a mpst important factor.
Adaptability*, geniuB and enterprise
are tlie accredited characteristics of
tlie average American, and lie has n
strong tendency to "make good" no
matter wbat may be his position in
life. Certain it is that not a few have
attained success in this new country
and huve become identified with
many of tlie leading industrial undertakings. It is not surprising,
then, to find that many Americans
have engaged in newspaper work,
and that they are publishing some
of the brightest of our provincial
weeklies. Among the number is Mr.
F. H. Schooley, editor and proprietor
of the Lacombe Advertiser, of whom
this article is particularly concerned.
Mr. Schooley was born on a farm
in Warren county,"Iowa, in 1866. In
1870 his father forsook the farm to
take up tlie practice of luw, and in
1872 entered the journalistic field
purchasing a half interest in a weekly
newspaper at the county sent. At a
very early age Mr. Schooley evinced
a great deal of interest in the printing art, and when he was but six
years of age it was his particular delight to stand on a high stoo' and
set type from reprint copy. At the
age of fifteen lie was offered and
promptly accepted a position as
"devil" in a country newspaper office, and afterwards completed his
apprenticeship in a job printing office
in Des Moines, Iowa. After working
some two years in Des Moines he
entered into partnership with his
father, and purchased a country
weekly, The Advocate-Tribune, at In-
dianola, Iowa. He was identified
with this paper until January, 1902.
In April of that yenr Mr. Schooley
moved to Alberta, where he took up
land with the intention of remaining
out of the printing business. In this
determination he had not reckoned
with the subtle fascination that the
printing office hns tor every true
member of the craft, and, as might
be expected, the desire to return to
his accustomed sphere of labor was
not to be resisted. Within an interval of one year he had acquired a
half interest in The Lacombe Advertiser, and in June, 1903, he took over
his partner's interest. Since that
time Mr. Schooley bus continued to
be editor nnd proprietor of Tlie Advertiser, nnd bus been eminently successful in producing a paper thut
has a distinctiveness of appearance
that commands more than passing
attention. The paper enjoys a liberal
advertising patronage, and lias an
ever-increasing circulation throughout
the wide territory it serves.
Coroner���So you found our poor
friend hanging in tlie burn?
Yokel���Yes,  sure, yer  'onor.
Coroner���And whnt did you do?
Yokel���Well, yer 'onor, I takes a
good look ut 'un, and goes straight
off for constable.
Coroner���Hut you cut the poor fellow down first?
Yokel���Oh ! no, yer 'onor���couldn't
do that.
Coroner  (horrified)���Why  not?
Yokel���Well, it's like this, zur;
when I found 'un he worn't quito
dead!���London  Outlook.
Saving a Cab Fare.
Here's u pretty tale of domestl.
economy from an English paper. Ha
bud been brought up In the lap of
luxury and extravagance, and when
bad times came and be hnd to go down
to the city unil look carefully after his
shillings it was his pretty and tender
little wife who helped him and encouraged hlm by example ln small savings.
Oue fence he never would face.
He balked nt taking a bus. "It
might puss the club, you know, dear,
and tbe fellows at the windows."
One evening, however, he returned radiant to dinner. Tenderly embracing
his life's partner, he murmured: "I've
done It, dulling! All the way for threepence!" Love and gratitude were In
her eyes us she said: "My brave boy!
I lid you mind It very much?" With affectionate clteerlness he made answer:
"No, dear! (lot box seat; real good old
sort, the driver. Told me lots of stories
and wus quite chatty. Capital chap!
���Wave bim u big cigar and half a crown
for himself when I got down."
ififops Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new improved formula, will certainly
stop railing; of the hair. Indeed,
we believe it will always do this
unless there is some disturbance of the general health.
Then, a constitutional medicine
may be necessary. Consult
your physician about this.
Does not change lhe color of the hair.
.Formula with ���aoh bottle
Show it to jour
*4ik hla About It,
then do ����� ho ity
How Frost Affects Plants.
Plants do not freeze to death In winter, but perish from thirst. The process Is simple. The cold causes tbe
withdrawal of thc water from the cells
of the plant, forming Ice crystals outside of the cells. Tlie frost, cooling
and contracting the surface, acts as a
sort of pump, und ns soon as thc cell
Is emptied of Its life giving fluid tbe
plant dies. The truth of this theory
has been proved by numerous cnrcful
experiments, Great variation was
found In the amount of cold necessary
to cause tbe dentil of vegetation. Some
plants dry out quickly and are killed
before the freezing point Is reached.
Many plnnts will survive zero weather,
nnd some die only at 20 degrees below. Certain vegetable growths never
freeze. There are forms of bacteria
that even when Immersed in liquid nir,
the Intensest cold available, come out
of their bitter bath aa chipper and lively ns ever.
Precious Plant Stories.
Among the many strange things to be
found ln the Philippine Islands arc
the so called "plant stones" encountered now and tignln in eertuln vegetable
growths. The bamboo, for instance,
uecording to Kultur und Nutur, contains a scone very similar to the opal,
but on nccount of the rarity wltb which
it is found It Is much more costly than
the opal. In many thousand cane stalks
cut down and carefully examined there
mtiy perhaps be one ln which this beautiful greenish pink scintillating stone
bus been formed from the minute pttrti*
des of siliceous deposit thut Imparts
Its Intense hurdness to the outer covering of the cune. The bamboo cane
stone is known us tabasbirs. In the
interior of some cocoauuts �� stonelike
secretion Is found that Is not Inferior
In brilliancy to tlie most beautiful genuine pearl.
Wonderful Builders.
A personul inspection of the pyramids mnde by un English quarry owner led bim to the conclusion thnt the
old Egyptians were better builder,*
than those of the present day. He
found blocks of stone lu tbe pyramids
weighing three or four times ns much
as the obelisks on the bunks of the
Nile. He saw n stone the estimated
weight of which wns 800 tons. Many
of the stones were found to be thirty
loot in length nnd fitted so closely together tlnii the blade of a penknife
could be run over the surfnee without
discovering the break between them.
Tbere Is no mnchiucry, he claims, so
perfect thnt It will make two surfaces
thirty feet In length which will meet
together in unison as tbe stones in the
pyramids meet.
Sneaks   Un   For  Candy.
A noted Hurley street physician
bids fair to become the most popular
physician in London, especially
among the youth of both sexes and
omoiif* the dentists. Everybody should
eat at least a quarter of a pound of
Bweets  daily,  is  his  dictum. *
"Nothing," he says, "is more
strengthening than sugar. It is possible to work for hours after enting
four ounces of chocolate without feeling the slightest fatigue. If I had
my way every soldier in the British
Army should be allowed a quarter of
a pound of sweets very day. My practice is to take five or six lumps of
sugar in every cup of coffee or tea."
Asked ns to toothache, the physician replied: "I can only advise people to clean their teeth oftener."
Eggs of the Gnat.
The eggs of tlie gnat are arranged
by tbe parent insect in the form of
a raft which floats with its concave
side uppermost. If upset, it readjusts itself and cannot be kept under water. At the proper time a valve
in euch egg opens, antl the insect
escapes into the water beneath.
The Origin of a Great invention.
On one of the dnily trips of young
Westinghouse from. Schenectady to th*
foundry nt Troy his train was held nf
by a bud wreck. Two freights bad
come together iu a head-on collision on
n piece of straight track. The engineers bad seen the danger plainly, but
by the time tbe band brakes were
brought iuto play It was too late. The
young man allowed these facts to sink
luto his mind. Then he said to oue of
tbe train bunds:
"If the engineers had been able to
control their trains from the cabs, the
wreck could have beeu prevented,
couldn't It?"
"Control 'em how?"
"Hi'iike them."
"Yes. __ Tbey hnd lots of time."
Thf.r. was enough. The air brake wa*
conceived. Amid tbe piled up wreckage the thing that was to muke the
name of Westinghouse familiar to er-
ery schoolboy the world over wus culled Into being. It did not come in its
perfected form, but the Idea itself bud
germinated.���Paul Lutzke In Everybody's.
A Fight In the Air.
W. E. Webb, the author of "Buffalo
Land," tells this eat story:
The chicken hawk of the west Is ��
Ravage and dangerous enemy, but once
one of these air pirate's got worsted. I
wus sitting In front of the doctor's office when a liawk shot down with wonderful rapidity of wing���so fnst that
Its shadow seemed hardly to reuch the
earth before Its body. It pounced upon
the doctor's favorite kitten, which lay
asleep on the grass, and made of* with
It. At nn elevutlon of about fifty feet
puss recovered from its surprise and
wont to work for liberty. Its feline
mind was exercised to astonishment
nnd wrath. Twisting like a weasel,
its claws came uppermost, and to my
straining gaze a Bight presented itself
much like u feather bed being ripped
open In midair. Tbe amazed bnwk
received new light on the subject of
prey, let go nud made off like n badly
plucked goose, but the cat came safely
to earth-ron Its feet	
The Onion Dodge.
"Incredible as It may seem," snld the
detective, "there are many shoplifters
who steal by the agency of the onion.
These men, before setting out upon
their contemplated crimes, eat of raw
onions abundantly. Then they stroll
luto the silversmith's or the haberdasher's or the Jeweler's that they propose
to rob.
" 'Show me those large solitaires surrounded with pigeon blood rubies,
please,' says the Jewel thief.
"The clerk brings forth the tray of
gems nnd, bending over it, the thief
sighs with admiration. His face close
to the clerk's, he slgbs again. And the
clerk's nostrils quiver, and be turns
away his head. The inspection of the
diamonds continues for some minutes.
Throughout It the thief keeps breathing hard, the clerk keeps turning his
head away, and hence It Is no wonder,
nt the day's end, that a couple of costly
rings are missing."
Not Too  Honest.
"lie sure you're right, then go ahead,"
Dave Crockett said, but he is dead.
The man to-day who gets nlong
Antl goes ahead is often "wrong."
Antiquity of Tea Smoking.
"With your ten clgurettes," said the
antiquary sternly, "you young ladles
think yourselves very modern nnd decadent.  But look here."
He took from a portfolio a French
print of the seventeenth century that
portrayed two men, with cumbrous
pipes, chnrging the same from a box
of China ten.
"This shows you,"* the old mnn said,
"the antiquity of tea smoking. It was
a common thing in France 200 years
ago. Blegnt mentions It and Grand
tl'Aussay In bis 'Hlstoire de In Vie
Prlvee des Fruneuis' describes It In detail. An old vice, a dead vice���for the
French found that tea smoking racked
the nerves���how very, very foolish you
girls are to have revived it"
Imitation of Ebony.
There are two processes, says the
Carriage Monthly, in use in tbe Imitation of ebony. Take a fine grained
piece of wood, use French black polish, made black with fine coloring matter, or good nlr drying blnck varnish
may be applied. This, however, gives
only a superficial coloring, and when
the edges wenr off the light colored
wood shows. The other method Is to
wash three or four times nny dense
wood with a boiling concoction of logwood, allowing It to dry between each
application. Then wash with a solution of ncetate of Iron, which is mnde
by dissolving Iron filings In vinegar.
This stain is very black nnd penetrates
Into the wood so that ordinary wear
and chipping will not show the original
Ants the Ideal Communists.
It would perhaps be pushing metaphors to an unwarranted extreme to
speak of "dignity of labor" ln connection with the occupations of ants. But
If by the phrase we mean tbat lubor
is the honorable lot of all Citizens, and
that all labors of whatever sort are
upon the same level of respectability,
then we might venture to apply the
saying eveu to the labors of an nnt
bill. For therein all are workers, from
the n��wlv fledged callow to the veteran
of a second summer.���Henry McCook
in Harper's.
An Epitaph.
In a little churchyard near Llanymy-
nech, Wules, ts a tombstone with these
lines upon It:
In crossing o'er tho fatal bridge
John Morgan he was slain,
But it was not by mortal hand.
But by a railway train.
John Mjrgan was the huntsman to
the Tanatslde harriers and paid the
capital penalty for taking a short cut
along the Cumbrian line.
Intelligent Strongth.
It ts known that the largest church
bells may be set In motion by a man
or even a boy wbo pulls the ropes attached to them ut proper and regular
intervals, eveu when their weight of
metnl Is so great that the strongest
man could scarcely move them sensibly
if he did not apply his strength tu determinate periodical Intervals. Helm-
r i
"A  neighbor advised  me   to use  P��
runa.   I began to Improve at once.'
Not Literal.
'Tapa, this paper says a lot of men
In office had their heads cut off Wd
they cut them off with an ax?"
''No, my_boy; with a sharp move*"
The reason why Ayer's Hair Vigor stops
' falling hair is because it first destroys the
germs which cause this trouble. After
this is done, nature soon brings about a
full recovery, restoring the hair and
scalp to a perfectly healthy condition.
���     mil bj- th* t. 0. Aysr 0*., Low.il. Mau.-���
Two of the young friends of Bishop
Wilberforce of Oxford gnve the authorities of the university so much
trouble that they won the nicknames
of Ilophni and I'hinehns.
One duy, snys T. H. S. Escott ln ���'Society In the Country House," they
were lounging about the ball at Cud-
dostlon palace, singing the Lutheran
refrain, "The devil Is deud," when the
bishop suddenly appeared.
He walked very gently up to tbem
and In his most caressing manner,
placing one band on each bead, said in
a consolatory tone:
"Alas, poor orphans'"
This cold-water starch
r-Wl* ironing-dsy over
^|J_V_*/quicker, with lesa wear on
WiWftYi* ironer's musclesand far
K'S/less on the starched pieces.
y&i/G-ves a beautiful gloss.
-^/Needn't be boiled, .yet cannot
stick.   It's astarchyou'll like.
Try  �����
Mrs. Emma Stolt, 1069 Oneida St.,
Appleton,  Wis.,  writes:
"Peruna has done me a great deal
of good since I began taking it and
I am always glad to speak a good
word for it.
"Three years ago I was in a
wretched condition with backaches,
bearing down pains, and at times
wus so sore and liime that I could
not move nbout. I had inflammation
and irritation, and although I used
different remedies tliey did me to
"A neighbor who had been Ufii'ig
Peruna advised me to try it, and I
am glud that I did. I begun to rn-
prove ns soon as I took it and I felt
much  hotter.
"I thank you for your fine remedy.
It is certainly a godsend to sick women."
Catarrh of the  Internal Organs
Miss Theresa Bertles, White
Church, Mo., writes:
"I suffered with catarrh of the stomach, bowels and internal organs.
Everything I ate seemed to hurt me.
I never had a passage of the bowels
without taking medicine. I was so
tired mornings, and ached all over.
I had a pain in my left side, and tha
lease exertion or excitement made me
short of breath.
"Now, after taking Peruna for six
months, I am as well as I ever was.
Peruna has worked wonders for me.
I believe Peruna is the best medicine
in the world, and I recommend it
to my friends."
. litis and Money Saving Hints Tor ths
To  dam  cloth,  even   though   mucb
atiei.ee is required, both ln threading
ie needle and in using the materia),
ireads nf tbe goods itself sbould al-
uys  be  used.    Sometimes  these are
���ily obtainable lu quite short lengths,
ut even so they nre better than uny-
ilng else, und sometimes a little pa-
leuce-wll! lie able to draw out more
.nd more from a specially wide seam
juiie  n   loug  thread.    Next  to  these
omes cotton of the proper color; never
dlk.   nn   -.Litter   how   hundsome   the
���loth nitty be.    Buste the rent upon a
piece of stiltish puper���writing pnper,
ior Instance���which  will  permit easy
bending,   but   will   not  ullow   pulling
awny, the puper to be on the right side
of the goods.    Then  with  us  fine  n
needle ns will curry the tbreud draw
slowly  together  the  lips of  tbe rent,
taking   only   the   wrong  side   of   the
cloth.    If tbe material  is thick, then
stitches sbould tie carried in us fur as
possible without appearing ou the right
side.    Tbe word "slowly" ls used be
tuuse this particular mending cun never  tie  done   in   tlie   most  buste.  first.
beenuse the woolen thread will break
under very slight strain, nnd, second,
because the work ls very particular.
By   "/axing   ihe  end  of   the   woolen
thread It inuy be carried by a needle
with n round eye nnd therefore a finer
one tbun would otherwise be the case.
The Wrong Shade
Jacob A. Eiis tells of a 'ittle boy
who earned his living by blacking
boots. Every Sunday he attended a
mission school. This school, through
its well-meaning teachers, decided to
have a Christmas tree. The gifts for
tlie pupils were provided for them
bv the teachers and Bome patrons of
the school.
Jimmy, the bootblack, was there
Christinas eve, but was much disappointed when his present proved to
be a copy of Browning's poems. He
folded it carefully in the paper in
which he received it and took it
The next Sunday the superintendent of the school announced that any
child who was disappointed with his
or her gift could exchange it.
Jimmy marched boldly to the front
with his.
"What have you there, Jimmy?"
"Browning, sir."
"And what do you want in exchange?"
"Blacking, sir."���Youth's Companion.
Do Not Be a Grafter on Your Neigh*
.   hors' Goods.
It is the easiest thing In the world
to get Into the borrowing habit
First It Is a newspaper, then n pattern, then a recipe, then a book.
And then some duy a gown ls borrowed to look ut, then a little note
goes asking that a pan lie lent and
then It becomes the easiest thing lu tbe
world to ask the loan of a hat or an
embroidered petticoat.
Now, when you begun If any one told
you that you were a sponge you would
hnve been most Indignant. And yet
thnt ls Just what borrowers are.
It would be almost as bad to borrow
your neighbor's money and never return it as to keep up a constant borrowing of your neighbor's belongings,
getting out of them the wear that ls
uot yours aud the pleasure that by
rights belongs to her.    .-
What the mistress does the maid
does. Iu the kitchen they do not hesl-
tute to borrow a pateut coffeeixit, a
pudding dish, flavor extract, some baking powder, sugar or oil. Half the
time the things are not returned.
Tbe persistent borrower ls more or
less spoken of as a sponge. So do not
permit yourself to drift Into a very
pernicious bubit.
Time Has Tested It���Time tests all
things; that whicli is worthy lives;
that which is inimical to man's welfare perishes. Time has proved Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. From a few
thousand bottles in the early days of
its manufacture the demand has risen
so that now the production is running into the hundreds of thousands
of bottles. What is st eagerly sought
for must be good.
An envoy from the Emperor Mene-
lik was received at Peterhof by tho
czar, to whom he presented a num
ber of gifts from the Negus.
Minaret's Liniment Cures Colds, etc
Johann Orth, the cousin of the
Emperor of Austria, who mysteriously disappeared in 1891, is report3<l
to have arrived in France from Rio
de la Plata.
At the first sign of illness during
the hot weather give the little ones
Baby's Own Tablets, or in a few
hours the trouble may be beyond
cure. Baby's Own Tablets is tbe
best medicine in the world to prevent summer complaint if given occasionally to well children, and will
as promptly cure these troubles if
they come unexpectedly. But the
prudent mother will not wait until
trouble comes���she will keep her
children well through nn occasional
dose of this medicine. The Tablets
ought therefore, to be kept in the
house at all times. Mrs. Charles
Warren, Nevis, Sask., says: "My
little boy was greatly troubled with
his stomach and bowels, but a few
doses of Baby's Own Tablets wrought
a great change in him. I would not
be without the Tablets in the house."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box Iiom The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville.
Santos-Dumont's new airship fel!
to the ground and was wrecked
while he was testing it near Paris.
He  waa uninjured.
Digby, N.S.
Minard's Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen���Last August my hor3o
was badly cut in eleven places by a
barbed wire fence. Three of the cuts
(small ones) healed soon, but the
others became foul and rotten, and
though I tried many kinds of medicine they had no beneficial result.
At last a doctor advised me to use
weeks' time every sore was healed
and the hair has grown over each
one in fine condition. The Liniment
is certainly wonderful in its working
Witness, Perry Baker.
Lenkat Hassain and Abdul Gaffur,
two prominent Indian boycott preachers, have been arrested at Barisal on
a charge of distributing seditious
Pretty WAIT Paper.
When prettily sprigged and dainty
wall papers can be purchased for 10
cents a roll, there is not often nn excuse for ugly walls in a bedchamber.
If one selects first tbe wall paper and
carries the suggestion of Its color and
design Into the furnishings of the room,
one need not be at a loss to secure a
charming effect.
One room In which this cheap wall
paper was used was made us artistic
and attractive as many a more expensively furnished room. The wall paper
chosen had a light pastel blue ground
sprinkled over with short stemmed
daisies with yellow centers.
With infln-ite taste tbe furnisher used
this daisy for a keynote In ber furnishings. On the dressing table there
is a ruffled cover of white muslin. The
light blue, white enameled furniture
or maple might be used with just as
good effect
Friday Dish.
Codfish Omelet on Toast.���Make n
rich cream sauce of one tablespoonful
of flour, two tablespoonfuls of butter
and three-fourths of a cupful of thin
cream, cooked together until thick nnd
smooth. Add two-thirds of a cupful
of finely minced parsley and a salt-
spoonful of paprika. Cook for five
minutes, take from fire, stir In five
eggs beaten to a foam and turn into n
buttered omelet pan. Stir until the
mixture begins to harden on the edge,
then heap on slices of toast which hnve
been dipped for n moment iu hot water. Butter generously nnd plnce ln a
heated serving dish.
Grape Sponge.
Dissolve one cup grape jelly In a cup
of hot water. Put on stove for half
an hour. Soak In cold water two tablespoonfuls of gelatin. Add tbe hot
Jelly water tt* the gelatin, stir until dissolved and then set to cool. Bent lu
the white of one egg, n table-spoonful
uf sugar and wine to flavor, then beat
vigorously until stiff and spongy.
and Cleanly Prepared.
Is all PURE TEA, and Is rapidly taking the
plaoe of Japan teas.
How to Rig Up One as Offered by a
Funny Man.
A worklngman's home is Incomplete
without an automobile. His children
cry for It. For this reason we give below a simple rule for constructing a
horseless rig at home. Already we
bnve received thousands of letters from
all o* er the world thanking us for this
clever arrangement Ever since publishing our easy method Tom Edison
hns boon nctlng sullenly, nnd Nikola
Tesln envies us. And. though perhaps
we might jeopardize the friendship of
these grent men, yet we will go on
publishing those scientific hints to the
poor and thus enlighten those who bnve
been groveling ubout In tbe dark so
long owing to the extortionate price
of gus. Here Is our wonderful scheme
laid bare:
Go to your family plumber and nsk
bim for it galvanized bathtub. Owing
to the stagnancy of business just at
present, be will willingly give you oue
free of cost Just to make room In his
overcrowded shop. Then take the
wheels from some one's wagon or private surrey and fasten them to the
tub. making sure thnt the nxles are
strong enough to hold a large family.
After this has been doue go to tbe
butcher nnd purchase four large bo-
lognns. 1'ut n hole In ench end, and
through one of the holes blow severely
until you hnve blown nil tlie meat out
of the hole at the other end. When
the skra Is entirely meatless, blow up
the skin with a bicycle pump and
fasten on to the tires of the wheels.
After this go down cellar and take
the works out of a gas meter and
fasten to the axles holding the wheels.
As a gas meter keeps on going around
whether you are burning gns or uot,
you will see at once that It will keep
right on going when attached to th**
axles, causing the axles to revolve and
thus making the vehicle go along automatically.
Put a few chairs In the tub and purchase a tin born at a novelty store.
Great care must be exercised ln oue
thing, however���be sure a piece of soap
has not been left ln tbe bathtub. This
might cause the chauffeur to slip up
and lose control of the machine. A
piece of llmburger cheese can be placed
lu the back to give it the odor of a real
motor car.
The above Information Is offered gratis, and we will gladly give more details upon receipt of letter asking for
same. Each letter, however, must be
accompanied by an advertisement contained in this issue and $7.-F. P. Fit
ter In Judge..
What  Mary Said
Judge Brewer cites a striking example of the sort of spoke which the
trickster can, insert in the wheels of
A witness testified in a certain
case that a person named Mary was
present when a particular conversation took place, and the question w<M
asked, "What did Mary say?" This
was objected to, and after some discussion the judge ruled out the question. An exception to this decision
was immediately taken, and on appeal tlie higher court reve-sed tiie
verdict and ordered a new trial on
the ground thut the question should
hu*ve been answered.
At the second trial the same enquiry was propounded und elicited
tlie information that Mary said no-
tliMig!���Putnam's Magazine.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
New York is threatened   with    an
epidemic  of  malignant diseases.
"We will all be crazy in 300 years,"
says  Dr.  Kellogg  of  Battle  Creok.
The   movement for the  revival   of
the Irish language was celebrated by
a    large     procession     through    the
Btreets  of  Dublin,  organized  by  the
Gaelic league.    It included  a series
, of tableaux illustrating Irish history
I down to the davs of Patrick Sarsfield
��� and the siege of Limerick,
Bishop  As  Navvy.
Bristol has had the opportunity of
watching its Bishop engaged in the
novel role of a navvy.
Unable to secure sufficient monev
for the erection of the Fishponds
Parish Hall, the Bishop determined to
carry out the work by voluntary
labor. The parishioners gave a site,
an architect presented the plans, a
clerk of works offered his services
free, a lady came forward with ��150
in cash for the purchase of materials,
and a gang of workmen agreed to give
their services free in their Bpare time.
To show that he himself was no laggard in the good work, the Bishop
started the preliminary excavations
on the site. Spade in hand, he was
the first to commence the task of* cutting the trenches. Archdeacon Stewart,
Canon Alford, and Canon Weight supported him, armed with picks and
shovels, while a crowd of other clergy
energetically wheeled away the debris in barrows.
In spite of the heat and the difficulty of the work, the Bishop and his
colleagues labored strenuously, with
the perspiration streaming down their
faces. They are determined that their
hall shall  be  built by midsummer.
Thj Barber's Little Joke.
Customer���1 wish I had as good a
head of hair as you have. I hnve tried
everything to remedy my baldness,
but with no good results. Barber-
Have you ever tried rubbing youi
head with steel? Customer���Certainly
not. That seems to me ridiculous
Barber���Why ridiculous? Mv brother
is a watchmaker, and he tells me BS
H fact that steel makes the halt
spring!���London Mail.
Testing the Insane.
Sir Douglas Straight told an amusing story nt the dinner of the Journeymen Hairdressers' Trade society. He
remembered, when a young barrister,
going Into a barber shop to be shaved.
He was a little startled to see the woman behind the counter staring at him
from time to time through the glass
���door. When be got outside the shop a
pollcemnn laid, "I am very glad to
find you have come out" explnlnlng
thnt his anxiety was due to the fact
thnt the barber enme out of a lunatic
asylum the previous week, and as be
hnd been acting queerly again his relatives were wondering whether they
would hare to send him hack to the
asylum.���London Standard.
A Standing Rule.
Jones hnd just run over to see If
Mr. and Mrs. Blank would go to the
theater with them. Mrs. Blank was
awfully sorry���she would so much like
to go���but unfortunately Blank was
out Probably he was at the club.
She would telephone. The following
conversation ensued:
"213A Gerrurd. please. Hello! Ii
this the ��� club? Is my husband
there? nello! Not there? Sure?
Well, all right then. But hold on. now
de* you know? I haven't even told you
my name."
"There ain't nobody's husband here
���never!" wns the wise attendant's reply.-London Tatler.
"The Almi8hty Dollar."
A recent headline, "Bule of tbe Dollar," hns suggested the Inquiry, Who
originated the familiar phrase "the
almighty dollar?" It was Washington
Irving In "The Creole Village," which
be published in 1837. The phrase became so popular and excited so much
controversy ln consequence of a doubt
whether the adjective was irreverent
that its author had to explain eighteen
years later that he had Intended "no
irreverence, even to the dollar, which
he is well aware is becoming daily
more and more nn object of worship."
"Dollar" is certainly one of the world's
great words now, and it is difficult to
realize that It only meann "valleyer,"
the "thaler" having been named after
the Joachlmsthal, In Bohemia, in whose
valley It was first coined ln the sixteenth century.���London Chronicle.
Useful at All Times���In winter or
in summer Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will cope with and overcome
any irregularities of the digestive
organs which change of diet, change -
of residence or variation of temperature may bring about. They
should be always kept on hand, and
once their beneficial action becomes
known no one will be without them.
There is nothing nauseating in their'
structure, and the most delicate can
use them confidently.
It was in a police court in India.
Tlie client of the bubu lawyer was i
woman accused of assault and battery, and the attorney, attacking the
opposition lawyer, delivered himself
as follows:
"My learned friend, with mere wind
from a teapot, thinks to browbeat mo
from my legs. I only seek to place
my bone of contention clearly m
your honor's eye. My learned friend
vainly runs amuck upon the sheet
anchors of my case. My poor client
has been deprived of some of ber
valuable leather (skin), the leather of
her nose. Until the witness explains
what became of my client's nose
leather he cannot be believed; he
cannot be allowed to raise a cast'e
in the air by beating upon a bush.'
���Minneapolis Journal.
Only those who have had experience can tell the torture corns cause.
Pain with your boots on, pain with
them off���pain night and day, but
relief is sure to those who use Hollo-
way's Corn Cure.
Jane, the bright new maid, always
anxious to please, had been entrusted
with the care of a little aquarium in
which the goldfish had always thrived
very well until Jane came on tht
The first day she arrived Bhe gave
them fresh water, as instructed, and
then left them to their own devices.
But, alas, one morning the little
fishes were found floating lifeless on
their backs.
"Jane," cried the anxious mistress,
regarding her pets with concern,
"have you given the fish any fresh
water lately?"
"No, ma'am. Bless their little
hearts, they haven't yet drunk the
water I gave them last month."
OshfllWa You can't afford lo roof a
Galv��ftised thi-n* without Oahawa Gal-
���"2    *    _     _    |     vanlied Steel Shingles.
2 __,     ��      <"oo<' *** * ',u,"'r***' ftttt.
Shingles     Send lor the free booklet
The PEDLAR People Sr��
Ottuwft   Montreal   Ottawa    Toronto    London    Winnipeg
Keep Your Liver
working. It's a lazy organ and
needs to be stimulated occasionally,
or it shirks its function. That coated tongue, sallow complexion, sick
headache and pain under the shoulder blade are caused by an indolent
liver. Liven it up by taking a short
course of
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 centa,
Suicide as Experiment.
A wealthy young man named Lean-
dro Improtn after taking refreshment
at a cafe in Naples called for pen and
Ink and wrote a number of notes nnd
letters. He then quietly took out a
small revolver and shot himself ln the
breast Oue of the letters found In his
pocket runs:
To the Curious Public���In this century
It la ImpoaBlble voluntarily to leave this
world without -groat efforts being made on
tho part of newspapers and curious poople
to discover the cause of the deed. In my
case I wished to study metempsychosis nt
close quarters. Is that not a fine IdeaT
So much has been written on the subject,
snd It pleates me to discover lnsteal ot
talking. So I determined to die and see
whether I shall bo reborn In the form of
some animal. It would be delightful to
return to this world as a Hon or a rat.
Xbla ia why I __-iut__i to die,        ' UDIO.
'*     -?���
���very paekat
will kill
mere flies than
SOO ahssota
of etieky paper
10c per packet, or S packets for 25c.
will last a whole ���eaaon.
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevent!
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. 4 tj
f .|ff_c        -Hc.-stdnif -stores.
*w UI CS    j-nUonal Drug at Chem-
cm- ^fmjW
W.   N.    U.    No.   646 It, . i.
Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,400,000.
BEST, $11,000,000
President���Losd Stbathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���IIon. Geobgi A. Dhuuhond.
General Manager���E. S. Clooston.
Branches In Alt Tbe Principal Cities In Canada
* A General Banking Business Transacted.  ���
5 NEW DENVER BRANCA, - fl. G, FISHER, Manager. :
Slocan AMntn-3 'Review.
���Subscription $8.00 per annum, Btrictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Advkrtisinu Kates:
JNotices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     lor Crown Grants    -   -    7.f>0
"      " Purchase of Land   -    7,60
"      " License to Cut Timber 6.00
Ail locals will be charged for at tlie rate
oi 16c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Dtitrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy, ol Slocan, B.C., livery keeper,
Intends to apply for a special timber
licence over   tbe   following  deicribed
lands.   Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith'* south-east corner,
���nd marked  "Robert  Duncan  Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
chains, thenca west 160 chains, thence
north 40chains, thenceeast 160 chains
to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notice that James Smith, ol
���Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over tbe following described lands: Commencing
at a post pianted about one and oue
ball miles distant in a southerly direction irom Duncan Graham's north-east
corner, and marked " James Smith's
13.E. corner," tlience west 160 chain",
thence north 40 chains, thence east 100
chain*, thence south] 40 chains to point
pi commencement, and conteining.640
acres more or lees.   JAMES SMl H.
June 17th, 1807.
Take notice that Duncan Graham, ol
eiocan.B.C, miner, intends to apply
ior a special license over the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Slocan
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from the mouth oi Indian
creek, and marked " Duncan Graham's
N.E. cornor," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chain* to point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or lese.
June 15th, 1907.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber license over)
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a norlh westerly direction
irom the mouth of Goat creek, a tributary of the Slocan River, thence west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains;
thence east 160 chain*, thence south 40
chains to pointfof commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
June 20th, 1907.
I    * ' '
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Bert. Norris
Sharp, of Orient, Wash., occupation
assayer, intends to apply for permission to puichase the following desciibed
land :���
Commencing at, a post planted on
N. W.cor, located on Slocan Lake about
20 milts from Slocan Cily, tlience webt
40 chains, thence eolith 40 cliains, tlicnte
east 40 chains, thence norlh 40 chains
to pointof commencement containing
180 acres more or less.
Thomas Melville Sharp,
July 81st, 1907.
The Most Beautifully situated
Sanitarium iu British Columbia.
It* medical watei* are renowned
ior curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completely cured.
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied forms. A cure cure
for Metallic and other poisonings.
Two mails a day and telegraphic
facilities. Rates���$12 to $18 per
week. For further particulars
apply to
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John St. Denis, of
Slocan, B.C., farmer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing ate
pott planted on the south-east corner
of lot 7647, thenco nortli 20 chains,
east 20 chains, south 20 chsins lo the
north-east corner of lot 8127, tbenre
along the lino oi lot 8127, 20 chains
August lat, 1907.
 D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice  that  Charles Plant,  of
New Denver, miner,  intends to   apply
for perminion to purchase  the  following described land:   commencing at a
post  planted at the north-went coiner
of lot 6881, thenoe nortli 40 chains, east
10 chains,   south 40 chains,   west  20
August 12th, 1907.
D. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Florence Lawrence
Mclnnes, of New I'envoi, wile of Angus
Mclnnes, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following de scribed
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 8506, group 1,
Kootenav District, tlience west20 chains
thence south 20 chains thence east 20
cliains thence north 20 chains to tbe
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less.
Kenneth L. Burnet, agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. & S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11,1907.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 3W
miles smith of Summit hike, marked
P.J.G . S.W.C, thonce north 80 chains
tlience east 80 chain, thence south 80
chains, tlience west 80 chainB to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated July 5th, 1907
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Roeebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
tlience north 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 chains thence
west 160 chains to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres more or
lees. Post is planted abont 2 miles from
west shore ol Slocan lake nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5th, 1907.
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced Prices.
At Cost
The Review
Job Printing,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C., prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on the
Eouth boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot 882
at a point on the west hank of Slocan
River where said south boundary crosses
said river, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
more or less, to the west bank of tbe
Slocan River, thence following the
meand. rings of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 cliains more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Take notice that William Ernest
Marshall, of Rosebery, B.C., agent C.P
Ry,. intends to apply for a special license over the following described land-
Commencing at a post on the eouth;
wchI shore of Sloran Lake one half mile
north-west of Sawmill creek abont two
miles frnm Rosebery and bearing thc
initials W. E. M.'s N. E. comer, thence
south 80 chains, tnence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 cliains, thence cast 80
chains to point of commencement, and
640 acres more or less.
June 21st 1907.
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forhe,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excel-
lent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral     Claim,
situate in the Slocan  City Mining
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon Creek
adjoining   the   Crusader    Mineral
Take notice that I, H. R. Jorand, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B78.800 acting
for myself and as agent for W. J.   Shat-
ford Free Miner's ConificateNo. B4.685,
intend,  60 days from the date hereof,
to Bpply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate oi   Improvements,   lot  the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87,  must bo commenced
before the issuance of Such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of Mav, A.D. 1907
Local Salesman Wanted for
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
const trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly i Free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - '      ONT.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
alter date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Corner
post," said post being at south-east
coiner of lot 7 Block 882, Group I,
West Kootenay District, thence south
80 thains, thence cast 20 chaina, tlience
north 80 chains, thence West 20 chains
to point of commencement, containing
160 acres more or les_.
Datod April 20th, 1007.
7-4 A. J. WATSON.
HOTEL <���*
Silverton, ��.��.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
1?. flfo. Spencer * prop
J. J. PlDnlanil
provincial Hasa^er
an& (Bbemlet'
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, $1.50 each,
7-inc,  Antimony,    Sulphur,   Gold and
Silver, $2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
antl Silver, $2 50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $3.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead snd Iron, $4.00
b-p.cii.1 Rates, for Min. nod Mill Work
Netice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. C. for permi*sion
to pnrchaBe the following described
lands situate id West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a poet planted at the
sonth-eatt corner of lot 7547 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, thence north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east coiner ot lot
8127, tlience following along the line of
lot8127, 20 cliains to the pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C April S0th,1907.
PerD. St. Denis, Agent.
To Rent
Several Residen c esat
Very Small Fipre
il Go to Wilson's for
, Steel, etc.
1 Zhc Sanfcon Dotel
"Robt. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Gboiceet Xtquore, Wines anb (Stgar-a.
ft*******  .TTTT-TT-T ****** **************** ***********
This well-known hotel is now open again for
business. The rooms will be found well ventilated, aud cosy, and visitors may rely ou
first-class attention always.    Bar well stocked.
************************ M  ************************
' <5
Spring anb
from Crown
tailoring Co.
Tf The Most Complete aud varied assortment ever
in the Country.
Tf In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
TKDL $. /Ifoacfconalb
************************* i__ +**.++*+"|.++**.">+*<^+i*f*ft4.--*"*v4*
There ia no better houBe in the Kootenays ior
the Mining Man to make hia Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-dato style oi doing
bu linen, and the Barkeeps are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquors and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Thomas M. Sharp
of  NelFOii, B.C.,  engineer,  intends to
apply for permission   to purchase  tho
following (k'sciibed land:���
Commencing at a pott planted on S.E.
comer, located on we6t shore of  Slocan
Lake; abou 1*3 mile.  from the hear" of
said Slocan Lake, thonce west 40 chains,
thence, north 40 chains,   Ihence east 40
Chains,   tlience   .oulli   "long  shore  of
SlucanLake to point uf commencement
containing 160. hop? mpce.or.lose,
July Hint. 100. *' : * ���������   '
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
PH_.SE '-.
"���?��� ."-.x.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocaw
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
.Heaoquarters for flMntn-g an& travelling flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms Xarge, Clean anb Cos?.
%& William Bennett ���*_���*
I> ***********************************
I J. R. Cameron
The Kootenay Tailor
i       FIT AKD 8TYLB
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
MADB   BY   Till!
New York Brewery I
Sanbon flfoiners' TOnfon Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription $1,00 per month. Non-subscribers $2.00 par diem.
 Hospital Staff	
C. E. ANDERSON. ��� -     S. PETERSKY, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
STisitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boatini*. Grand  Bcenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
RATES $3 to 3,50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No mailer what bis occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Mail*! to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there is nolhing belter
than tin" famous RAL
-with a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes ran only he got by
leaving your older with
Shoemaker - Sandon
���. m. Wfobovpson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, $1 00
Gold-Silver.. $160     Silver-Lead. .$1.60
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver witli Copper or
Lend.. 2.60.
Prompt attention  given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phono A67
New Soo Spokane
To Spokane tip the Beautiful
Kootenay Lake.
Steamer Knskanook to Kootenay
Landing, connecting at Cnrzon
Junction   witli  Train   to
Spokane via Spokane
Ilit Host Popular Trip this Sum,
$9.20       $16.80
Good for Thirty Days.
Apply Local Agent, or
E, J. Coyui, A.G.P.A.
John Mob, D.P.A., Nelson.
Wait ICio'.e 1 iv
I, William Stewart Drewry, by occupation a Land Surveyor, intend 10
apply for a special li**onse to cut timber upon six hundred and forty acres
of land, Biluatu on Ihe west, sido of
*-lncaii Lake about one-halt mile norlh of
Nemo creek b inndod ns follows *
Commencing at a post planted nt
tbe N,E corner of Lot 6521, tho ire
north 20 chains more or less to tho
S W. etyn-r of Lot 8426; thenco nortli
100 chains, hence ivc.t40chains, thenc*
sou b 40 Oh.vln-*, thenco cant 80 chains*
more or less to ihe point of commencement.
Dated  Aug   14th. 1907
Notice bj hereby given tl nt 110 diy.
after! date we. intend to apply to lio
1 cc,80 board oi tlie cily 11t4.--lo.11n !.,('.
a 'ransf*.!* of liCenco hold by na for the
ArlingtonJlotcl,in Bio k A, lots land :i
to Robt.   Grahnm in il  Prill k   O* iffl'lh.
���}.Q::v.  B. O,, August  1st, 1007.
Distr'ctof West Kootenay.
Take  notice that   Fied  D. D.   Kelly,
nf New Denver, nurse, intends to apply
for permission to pimdinee the following
ile-irilii'd hind:
Commencing at a pout planted about
one iui!o from tbo NiikiiHp and Slocan
Railway to the south and about two and
one linif miles from Slocan Luke, and
12 chains wegt troni the westmly boundary of lot ol27, on the line of A. Jucoh-
Foil's tior.fierly boundary, thence 80
chains jxmh 11101 c or less to lhe botlll-
dary *ff'timber lease No. 485, thenco 40
chains west, thence 20 clmins nortli,
thence 20 clmins west, Ihe'Ce 50 chains
son'h, thence til) chains ea*t to point, of
commencement. Containing 210 acres
more or less.
August 12tli, 1007
im.1 1'. 11. �����ssaW,-*,
int John  McGrafl^'of,
ondinnster, intends to
Tako  notico Hint
Nelson,  B.C., Ron
apply for a special timber license over
the following described trac. of lands:
Commencing at a post planted about l>_
miles, west oi New Denver on the vtee\
side of Slocan Lake, marked J. McG.
N. W. cor., tlience north 80 cliains,
Ihence cant 80 chains to the shore of
Slocnn lake, thence south 80 chains,
tlience wast 80 chains, to point of commencement. Containing 640 acres moro
or lese.
P. J. Gallagher, Agent.
Tnko no-ice thut John McGrnth of
Nelson. B.C., rondinna'cr, intends lo
apply for ft special limber license over
ihe following described tract of lands:
Commencing at 11 post planted about
4 miles wett of New Denver on tho west
side of Slocnn Like marked J, Mc. N.
VV. O.i Ihence nortli 40 chains, tlience
east Hill chains to tlu th ire of Slocan
Lake, Ihence  siu.li   10  chains,   llfT
west 160 chains to pointof cotntneii
ment,    Containing 840 notes  more
less. ������
.1. M.-GRATH.
P. J. Qellsgher, Agent.


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