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Slocan Mining Review 1908-04-09

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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  iu   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Vj^i Leg-isffati-ve i '
XV'OftlA, D* c
W f f i
Pricted in Ne * Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Continent
aud the Hub of the richest
Silver-Lead District on Earth.
No. 33   Vol. 2.
NEW DENVER, British Cohirobin, Thursday, April 9, 1908.
SI___.Se Copies gc;
News ana GOB��Ip (lieftim! by Anting many People many (, neslions
Mr. R. Bash ford, a visitor from Roa-
ihern, Sask., spent several days in town
this week. It is lii.hlv probable.tbat
he will give a practical demons!ration
of his approval of this beouty spot by
becoming a permanent citizen and purchasing a residence and small farm in
tho vicinity.
Little D'cliie Avis in is sustaining his
reputation ol being the un'.uckie.t boy
in town. Though of exceeding tender
ngu hn lias often driven bis parents to
tlio **orge of distraction by his escalades,
niv.l one would have thought that such
trifles as lost in the bush, failing in the
lake, run over, falling from trees, etc.,
Was a fair proportion of luck for a kid
ot . It, however, Is decreed otherwise,
Last Fridry, little Dick's unlucky star
wai again in llie ascendant; Playing
t-io near some heavy draft horses, he
g*it mixed np beneath tlie f"ot of out*,
and it waa touch and go with him all
right for several hours afterwards. He's
out ngain now, but he complains of
pains in his tummy.
Chas. Twigg, Local Government inspector, lias returned from a trip among
the orchards in the south end of the
With its last issue tlie Phoauix
Pio_ber changed hands. Mr. W. 13.
Willcox, its picvious editor and owner,
handed over the pen and reins to T
Alfred Lowe, formerly of Winnipeg.
The retiring editor has done his duty by
thc Boundary, nnd if he has got what is
comiu^ to him ha should he retiring
wiih a million dollars to hia credit.
S. J. Towgood, representing the New
York Brewery, Sandon, mado a trip
through tho district this week, and he
ropers a great improvement in business
ot all points. He had much to say of
mines that were being developed around
Sandon, and prognosticates n very busy
Ecason at the big silver-lead camp.
Rev. Fr. Jeannotte celebrated high
mass at the Catho'.ic Church Inst Sunday, The church was packed at both
morning and evening services.
The sawmill of tlie Silverton Lumber
and Power Co. ia going up fast.
A meeting of the Slocan Liberal-Conservative arsjcitttion will be held in
Thos. McNeiSh's store to-night.
Geo. ijormley, one of the lessees of
the Elkhorn, Sandon, waa intown gathering (lowers and bathing in the sunshine, Monday.
We approached a well-known M.L.A.
for an interview one day this week, and
smilingly asked him if he felt (it for a
column. Ho aquiesoed and led the way
to the bar. We honestly believe that
man thought we aslied him if he was
rood enough for a ''Colline," for that
wns what, he ordered���and we had to
decorate the mahogany,
Tho New Denver Lumber Company
have resumed work at the mill, and are
now ready to fill all orders for rough
and dressed lumber.
Hermann Clever lefr for Nelson this
morning, He will re'urn in a few days
with tho 22 loot launch,
Angus Mclnnes hns recently had
built to specification, a handsome gas-
oliuo launch, which will he scon on the
water In a day or (wo.
Mr. J. Holdon U-nvcs town on Monday
for Spokane, where ho will rusticate a
montli or two. .lack will return with si
bunch of tourists when the blush is on
tho plum.
Mr. M. McLean has been appointed
inspector of government mails, (rails
ar ^bridges for the Slocan riding, anil
without a question of doubt the appointment will give a heap of ploasure to
everybody of all shades of politics. He
is a capable man, and thnt ia everything
He has splendid business methods, and
that will help some. He knows the
country and the people, and looking nt
tilings broadly, we know of no bettor
��� man for the position in the Slocan.
A herd of deer came right within lhe
town limits thia morning. They were
fearless ami were Eoen by several citi-
zens.i and all counted right. Several
j1; nped A; ''v in's   ; *' aid fence,
We are given to understand that there
will be a difficulty in raising a good
fool ball team in Sandon (his year, but
wo hope, neverthelei i Ihat thc Sandon
hoys will make a hi,; effort to organize
again. They have players in their district who nre clever performers with tho
pigskin, and if the..* get together again
they nil] trouble in y team between
here and the const, hist yi ar they were
undefeated. We h >po toseelhem, however, at New Denver, ou Mny 35-.ll.
Ven. Archdeacon B*or conducted
services at the Anglican Church last
Sunday. ���
The interest awakened in Slocan Fruit
Lands has begun to materially assert
Itself. Several parcels of lend were
taken up by hoineseokers this week.
In tlie years lo coino Slocan Valley will
be known as tho " champagne belt."
For Lease or Bind���on reasonable
terms,���The Hydrabad group on Ten-
mile, a silver lead property with ore in
sight in tunnel. Another tunnel in on
lead 35 feet.   Apply  J.  II.  Wereley.
A week or two ago we mentioned that
the Town Improvement Society had
been nicknamed the "T.I.S.ers." A
correspondent has written to .-ay that it
is better to be a TISor than a WASer,
and lhe schoolboys have caught on and
are expending their wit, upon a man
who they delight in calling a TlSn't.
Johnny Jost, one of our most popular
young men in athletic circles, left for
Nevada ou Tuosday morning. He is
going to Crescent to join hie father and
mother there*. Mr. Jost haa been,
during his stay of five years iu this
town, a great acquisition lo the football
and hockey tennis, and his strength
wiil he greatly missed this year. He
also took inteiest In tlie firo brigade,
and everything that was mooted to
advance the welfare of tho town and its
inhabitants. Wl en we say he will be
missed,_it is putting it, mildly, and all
will join with u.i in wishing hiin nil
kinds of guod luci*. in whatever ho embark, upon in Ids now home.
The butterflies are out. Percy Wells
and Archie Pemberton arc the first this
year to say " I spy 1 "
Captain McLennan, who during the
winter season lias e&U'.y skippered the
sir. "Slocan" Ihruugh fair and fine
weather, has received hi* usual summer
commission ou the sir. ".Minto" on
Arrow Lake. Good-live Cap. ; come
bock wi' the sunw!
The C. P. R. ; nnounce reduced rates
of fare ami third between all stations
for Easter Holidays. Tickets on salo
April 16th to 80th, and good to return
until April 21at.
The C. P. R are busy making preparations for the building of their new
barge, nnd this week have throo men at
work iu the shipyard, cleaning up the
yard and unloading lumber.
W. E. Marshall and wife left for Vancouver on Sunday to visit Mr. Marshall's
sister, who is dangerously ill. Mr. Ilydr
is relieving him and Mr. MoQralh sorts
the letters, ami incidentally runs the
incubator with the assistance of Runcher
McGillivray and Erickson have shown
that they are in splendid trim. Last
week at the Standard Mice, Silverton,
they succeeded in drilling fifteen inches
in five minutes. Thia ia going some,
and intending competitors had better
look out.
Mrs. Williams is showing a large selection of Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes thia week.
Notico is hereby given, that on Monday, Mny -till, 1008, the Court of
Revision for the Municipality of the
City of Sloran will bo held on above
date, in the City Hall, nl 2 p.m. for the
purpose of revising the Assessment Roll
oi tho City of Slocan. Those making
complaints against their assoEsments
are tequired lo havo their protests in
lhe hands of the City Clerk ten days
before tho first silting of the Court of
of Revision.
Dated Mar h I let, 1008 A"0
S   _r
For Full Information writs
R. W, Moeran,    Manager,     New Denver
J3n>&0��. HBlaftemore & Cameron,
ull a 61 Itiu
-_*-_,,>,'   '" " ���'"
Crusa *.*: Company, Silverton, hist
week sold 60 acres of land and a one-
and-a-half storey dwelling to J. W. M.
Tinling. It is the inleiiliqn of the purchaser to open up a real estate business,
ami the offices uf the old Cross Company aro being renovated and furnished
for this purpose. The land purchased
is immediately adjoining the south-east
corner of thc Silverton townsite. Mr.
Tinting has been too long in the
Slocan to need any introduction to many
of our readers, but to those wha are not
of his acquaintance, we can recommend
him in a good business man on the
level,'and one who will give a fair -.hake
to hia clients. lie will lie a prominent
unit in the forthcoming fruit land trek.
Fr. Cocola, who haa recently been
appointed to take charge of the Revelstoke parish in place of Fr. Pecoul, who
has been transferred to Vernon, came
in on Monday with Fr. Jeanotte. This
is the time of the year whin the good
priests whip up tho black sheep of their
flock and remind them of Easter duties
to Go I, ths Church, anil their soiile.
Tho Catholic Church demands of ail its
children that ihcy shall attend to their
duties at least once a year, and that at
Faster or (hereabouts, otherwise they
drift from tho fold. Tlio good priests
are putting in two shifts a day and a
hit of overtime, and wo hopo making
better Catholics, better Canadians, and
good citizens.
Mr. Gifford will conduct public worship next Sabbath ill the Methodist
Churches at Silverton nnd New Denver,
at, 11 a.m, and 7U0 p.m. respectively.
The evening service will be a Service of
Song, and the pastor wiil he assisted by
Mrs. Brockman. Mrs. Brindle, and Ml*.
Douglas Nicholson, violinist, ami others.
Following is the order of service:���
Prelude (violin) "Cavatina," Raff;
Doxology; Invocation ; Solo, "A Prayer
for Faith," Barllett; Luther's Hymn;
Prayer; Solo, "Tho Palms," Faure;
Scripture j Solo, violin, " Aria," Bach;
Easter Hymn; Scripture; Hymn, "Lux
Benigva," Newman; Sermon ; Offertory ;
Solo, "Ave Maria," Gounod; Hymn,
"A few more years shall roll,'' II.
Bonar; Benediction.
E. Aug. Bradley, the well-known M.E.
of Revelstoke, came in this week to inspect tbe Molly Hughe:..
Sandy Cameron mot with a nasty
accident this morning at the Standard
mine. He was helping the tiinbcrmaii
and whilst slashing some timber, the
axe glided off a knot and buried itself
several inches iu the unfortunate
man's left foot. Dr. Brouse git
busy stitching some, and Sandy hopes
to be in shape for the celebration.
Mr. T. Saunders, who for many years
owned a large number of pleasure craft
on Slocan Lake, has been spending the
winter in tlie Peace Rivor country
Whilst there his limo was spent in
prospecting and sizing up that section.
Mr. Saunders returned to New Denver
this week, and in conversation with a
representative of thia paper, wc learned
Unit he met a large number of people
going into the country as he was leaving.
His general opinion of the Peace River
dislrict is that it will he a good one, but
as yet it ia in ita infancy. The present
industries are principally fanning and
stock-raising. Speaking of the more
recent gold excitement on Findlay River, Mr. Saunders did not gi far enough
north to verify tlio numerous sensational reports, but all the Indians he conversed with would have him believe
that lhe reported gold finds nio greatly exaggerated. He did not think the
quantity ofgnl.l there warranted any
man going to nny hardship to secure it.
Mr. Saunders hopes to put next winter
in there.
Mr. Douglas Nicholson is visiting Mr.
Gifford nt Ihe ParBonsne.
From our Correspondent.
Mr. and Mra. Wood spent a few days
in Revelstoke.
Mr. Jos. Melrose left last i.eek for the
Mr. and Mrs. Miller nnd family of
Ninga, Manitoba, arrived to take up
their residence in town.
Mr. John Slobo is receiving thc congratulations uf hi. friends ou tlio occasion
of tlie arrival of a daughter,
Mr. and Mrs, Norman Thomas of
Nelson, were in town on Sunday last on
their way for a hip lo the co ist.
Mr. Harry Rusbton nnd Miss Maggie
Rushton loft on Monday for Leduc,
Mrs. Sutherland hid the misfortune
last week to lose one of her cows.
The Sir. "Rossland" w,>a successfully launched on Wednesday!, A largi
crowd of spectators witnessed the event
A football gome will take place to
night between the Hooligans and thi
Tin Can RovoiS. The game promises
to be interesting. We have some good
football men iu town, ao come on New
Denver, Sandon, S ocan, or any other
town and we will give you a run for
your money.
Oar Fruit Growers' Ccliimn
Cafe Chantant a Success.
The Cafe Chantant was a financial
and social Biiccess, and the funds of the
T.I.8. are enriched another fifty dollars.
It was a startling innovation���this cafe
chantant business���and we suggest that
even mure fun could have been got out
of it. The i lea wns, of cours", to gel
the audience to join in the choruses,
but although a few tried hard to rib up
a rollicking tune, the audience generally
preferred to sil tight, applaud, and we
suppose, criticize. It, wns a good concert, and the numbers wero well rendered and enthusiastically applauded.
Mrs. Brindle made the decisive hit ot
the ivei.ing nith her solos and duel
with Mr. Rankine. Jack Hidden, too,
waa strictly O.K. with his burlesque sermon.
Tables were grouped around tlie hall
in ul fivsco fashion, and charming ladies
with chic headgear and enucy aprons
dispersed the lotiiou (tenipeiance category only) nud confectionery to the. delighted guesti. Amos Thompson officiated ns chairman. Tlio following
was the program:
Pianoforte Solo, "Valse Lento," Mrs.
Rankine: Song, ������' lie goes to Church on
Sunday,'' Mr. C. F. Nelson; Mediation,
" Wigg's Pig," Mr. J. C. Harris; Song,
" Will yo no' come back ngain," Mr.
G. W. Hyde; Quartet, "The Owl and
the Pussy Ont," Messrs. Brindle, Rankine, Nelson, and Kelly; Solo, "O'er
tbe Hills and far away," Mrs, Brindle;
Burlesque Sermon, " Old Mother Hubbard went to the Cupboard.', Mr. J.
Golden; Song, "If the man in the moon
wire a Coon," Mr. Brindle;   Song,
am waiting," Mr. Kelly; Trio, " Willie
brewed a peck o' Maul," Messrs. Blindle,
Rankine, nnd Nelson ; Recitation,
"Kissing Cup," Mr. J. J. Atherton;
Duet, "Chick, Chick," Mrs. Brindle
and Mr. Rankine; Recitation, " he
Stove Pipe Hole," Mr. C. F. Nelson;
Song, " I daren't go home in the dark,"
Mr. Rankine; Solo, "If you'll walk wilh
me," Mis. Brindle; Song, "Put mc
amongst ihe Girls," Mr, C, V. Nelson."
At the close ol . the concert, Mr.
Thompson, in a short speech on behalf
of the T.I.S. thanked the audience for
their attendance and the artists for tho
able and willing manner in  which they
contributed to the evening's entertainment. He nlso thanked those ladies
who had fo generously given their services in attending to tho serving of the
This terminated the vooal portion of
the program, after which n dance was
In Id,
There moms to !m very general satisfaction at the idea of the Fall Fruit
Fair, mil many are enquiring ns to when
it will be and   what is to be  exhibited.
Aa nothing definite has biendecidid
on T cm only answer these question*! in
a very gem nil manner; but lho date
will be directly preceding thu Kelson
Fair, the object being to select a diitriot exhibit for the Nelaon Fair, from
the fruit, etc., shown at onr exhibition.
We can advertise this part of the country well by .sending in a first-rate district exhibit to Nelson; whereas if we
exhibit  ns   individuals    our   successes
pass unnoticed.
There seems to be a moat extraordinary show of fruit luls this year, and
unless a disastrous frost occurs, ue
should have a really good fruit crop.
There are fruit spurs even on my young
Northern Spies, four-year-olds. Northern Spies are generally considered
very lato hearers nnd it will be very ln-
teres'ing to watch if tiiese buds develop into fruit.
La*t 3n���inner was a very good ono,
and all fruit trees that wero given a
fair chance made* a splendid growth,
and are in a particularly vigorous and
thrifty conditio:-. Last year apples
wero rather scarce, nnd this also will
help to account for lho genoious manner in which the trees nro budding out.
Win n wo realize how much cheaper
and easier it is to enrich our lands by
growing clover and ploughing it. in for
manure, than either to use farmyard
manure, or buy artificial manures, wo
shall be far on our way towards making
a success of fruit growing in this country.
For (2.50 you can buy enough rod
clover seed to sow an acre, and you can
sow and harrow it in with Utile trouble.
Even after a crop of hay has beei'vtaken
off, the roots of the clover alone nre
estimated to be equal loin tons of farm*
vnrd manure per aero. True, it, has to
ho plowed in, hut so also would the
farrayard'tnanure. It is more evenly
distributed than farmyard manure
usually ic, and it has an even better
mechanical effect on tho soil.
Handing Him a Bunch
The Editor of the Nelson News is a
man after our own heart when it comes
right down to scalping knocker*5. Read
on,���all tho following is from his pen,
and for it he deserves the thanks of the
"Recently Rev. H. S. Magee, associate
secretary of Temperance and Moral Reform for the Methodist Clmrch_ visited
British Columbia. During bis visit he
was in Nelson nnd was honored by being allowed to o:*c.ipy ono ol .the cily
pulpits op ii Sunday.
Mr. Magee has returned lo Toronto,
and to a Globe reporter be gave Ibis
Wholly falie and inexcusably slanderous
account of (he Kooteuays,"
" 'The d.uk spjt in British Columbia
ia tin* Kootenays. There, in the Kootenay country, the labor ciiidili *ns 'tend
to make tho people 'Godless and irre-
l*gi ins, ihe extremes of atheistic, anarchistic socialism are rampant, and.'the
brothel and whisky ship go   together to
degrade men.' "
. " Uev. II. S. Magee should be expelled
from his present, position and promoted
to the combined ollice of president and
secretary of the Ananias chili. A more
dastardly libel has never been utter*d
regarding the Kootenays and that such
vile statements should emanate from
a man, travelling in the guise of a minister of lo'.igion and received as such
with respect and hospital.ty in decenl
communities is eimp'y outrageous.
*' If there be any branch of thia reform
'organization in Nelson, or in any other
part of tho Kootenays, immediate steps
should be taken to have thia  slanderer
Take Notice that I, Jesse T. Tipping of
Slocan City, B.C., occupation, miner,
intends to uppiy for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at i\ post planted about,
ono and a half mile suiilh east of Sloran
City, B.C., near tho noith boundary of
W. C. E. Koch's land, tl,ence north (10
chains, thenco east 1*0 chaina, thonce
south (i0 chains, thence west 60 chains
and containing 800 acres nforo or lei*s
Slocan City, B.C. March 2nd, 1008.
Tako notice that J. J, Atherton, of
New Denver, B.C., printer,' in ends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described laud. Commencing
at a post planted on the soutli side of
Lemon Creek, about one hundred and
fifty fret south west of the mouth of
lho flrst north fork of Lemon creek,
running south 20 clmins, thenco west
40 chains, .thence noith 20 chaina, lo
Lemon creek, thenco enst 40 cliains
following Lemon Creek to place of commencement.
Dated this 8th day ol April, 1908.
Fresh Onion Sets; heat quality at
Nelson's Drug Slirr*. Fresh stock of
now seeds just arrived al o,
Fax's Sarsnparilla is just tho thing
for a Spring tonic and blood purifier.
Nelton'B Drug Stores.
Smoke the Big B Cigar, the wonder of
20*.h century.
On Easier Sunday there will be a Serif Song in tho Methodist Church, San-
ton. Mr. Douglas Nicholson, violinist,
md others wil assist.
ganization. A man who could he guilty
of-Biich unqualified misrepresentation of
any section of the country in which he
works ia entirely unfit to be entrusted
with work affecting a temperance ami
moral reform movement and can only
bring discredit upon tho church with
whicli he is associated.
"We do not know where, or how or
with whom Rev. II. S. Magee spent his
lime when in the Kootenays, but we do
know that during his stay in Nelson lie
was hospitably entertained by decent
people, aud hud every opportunity of
seeing something of what is best nnd
cleanest in lhe life of this Community.
Rev. H; S. Magoe lied and lied deliberately when he told the Globo reporter
that the extremes of atheism and anarchism wero rampant in tho Kootenays.
Whnt he learned about the brothels and
whisky shops in the Kootenays we can
only infer from hia familiar reference
thereto, hut we do know that Mr. Magee
if he spoke the truth, would admit that
there is more drunkenness and vice
prevalent In any Ontario town of the
size of Nelson, Cranbrook, Rossland, or
Kaslo, thnn in any of those towns at
any time of the year. Mr. Magee spent
a Sunday in Nelson and ii he wero not
amoral pervert he would have acknowledged to the world that in no town in
the dominion is the Sabbath better observed.
" What the labor conditions nro that
tend to make our people Godless and
irreligious this unveraciotts moral reformer does not indicate, because they
do not exist. Conditions of labor may
not be all that we could desire, but they
nre infinitely preferable lo the conditions that prevail In eastern Canada.
A man lias como chance to bo a man in
the west, ho can call bis soul hia own
and is not bred up iu an atmosphere of
Pharisaism and hypocrisy such ns that
in which such apologies for manhood,
aa Rev. II. S. Magee clearly proves (o
he nro raised.
" It has been British Columbia's misfortune lobe miligned and libelled by
several Ontario divines, but for unmitigated mendacity and unblushing disregard'for obvious facts, this Rev. H. S.
Magee may certainly he awarded the
Services St. Stephen's Church, Paiin
Sunday; Matins 11; Evensong 7-30.
Good Friday: Matins 11 ; Evensong7-30.
Take noiice that I'runk Provost, of
Slocnn City, B.C., miner, intend* to
apply for permission to-purchase tne
following described land. Commencing
al, a post planted at the mouth of the
First Noith Fork of Lemon Creek, running noith -10 chains, Ihence West 80
chains, thence south 40 chains mora or
less, lo Lemon Creek, thenoe oast HO
chains following Lemon Creek to place
of commencement.
Dated this 8th dav of April, 1008.
Siocan Brass Band.
And now the Siocan Brasa Baud has
been successfully launched and baa
begun a voyatre of usefulness. On I last u ���
Monday, April 30th, thc Band will-make
its iuit'al bow to lhe public, and upon
the same date they will hold a Grand
Ball in the Oddfellows' Hall, Slocan
City, for which Nortboy'a liestrn has
also been engage.1. Theii selected la
a good one, as being u bank holiday,
and nothing else scheduled for that, day,
many from this cud of I ie lnke wi I
fraternise ni li the Slocanites. No
special boat arrangements will beneces*
nry. Leaving here on schedule limo in
lhe evening there will be ample timo
for visitor! from Rosebery, New Denvor,
and Silveiton lo join in the flrst dance,
and as tho boat leaves the wharf upon
her return journey the following morn-
ing at ilk, ths opportunity for u good
time ami 1 pl.v.-uot. surroundings and
favorable con ii*ions v-.il! bo i-iezed hy
a big crowd of New Denver people.
Tickets aro 11 .CO (admit lady and gent).
Tiie boat and railway carries passengers
for (aro and one-third, Tickets are on
sale at Ohailie Nelson's store, Let's all
go, to show lho Slocan people that wo
appreciate tlieir efforts, and have a good
time ourselves.
The Anglican Concert.
Great offoits are being put forlii to
make the Anglican Concert on iho 22nd
inet. a glorious success. All Ilia best
local talent of the neighbourhood has
been pressed into sirvic., and we
called down and expelled from  the or ���J^rfopbesy a'bumper benefit for Rev, E.
Baynes. The full prpuram will appear
next week. Tickets arc now on fu!e
everywhere, and it ia ns well to bear in
mind that, owing to the ".length of tho
program, an early slart will bo made.
There wns a largo and representative
gathering of citizens at the Dosun Hull
last, night to talk Celebration, and tho
enthusiastic manner iii which they decided that New Denver should celebrate
on May 35th, left no doubt in Iho mind
of Urn scribe as to their determination
to make all previous celebrations held
iu town look small indeed. To begin
witli, wi have in our miiht now, tho
team wliioli covered itself [and
tho Slocan with glory in the international double-haiidtid rock drilling
at lho last Inter-Slato Fair at Spokane,
and the management of the Now Denver
Victoria Day Celebration has decided
to leave no stone unturned to make a
double-handed contest the priii *. i>.iI attraction. A Bpecial committee, consist"
ing of Messrs. C. Twigg, H. Siege, and
J, J. Atherton   hag ,
work tliig cye.it up, and we :::������ c
that a piize aill hi I .
be a magnet lo all the bes
British Columbia. This will ' . first
appearance of McGillivray and Erickson
since they so signally defeated the best
teams of the American continent, nnd
aa we are all justly proud of their prowess, it is meet that a special endeavour
should bo mado to foslei a contest that
will open the drilling s< ison and at the
same time prove a groat attraction. J.
li. Smith, our gonial merchant, was
father to the thought, and Angus
Mclnnes seconded hlm ; thus the tliing
wao settled.
An executive committee has also been
formed to advantage, nnd in a few days
wo look to seeing a first-class program
uf field and  aquatic  sports  submitted.
C. F. Nelson is chairman and C.
Twigg, Secretary.
Tho scramble for Slocan Fruit Lands
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��� ��� ���
Author of "Dor* Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Leaa Rivera," The Rector of St. MarkV
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc.
Grandma Markham was dead, and
the covered sleigh, wliich late in the
afternoon plowed its way heavily
back to Aikenside, carried only Mrs.
Noah, who, with her forehead tied up
in knots, sat back among the cushions, thinking not of the peaceful
dec* gone forever to the rest which
remains for the people of God, but
of the wayward Guy, who had resisted
all her efforts to persuade him to return with her, instead of staying
where he was not needed, and where
his presence was a restraint to all
save one, and that one. Maddy, for
whose sake he stayed.
"She'd be vummed," the indignant old lady sftid, "if she would not
write to Lucy herself if Guy did not
quit such doin's," and thus resolving she kept on her way, while the
subject of her wrath was, it may be,
more than half repenting of his decision to stay, inasmuch as he began
to have an unpleasant consciousness
of himself being in everybody's way.
In the first hour of Maddy's bereavement he had not spoken with
her, but had kept himself aloof from
the room where, with her grandfather
and Uncle Joseph, she sat, holding
the poor aching head of the latter in
her lap and trying to speak a word
of consolation to the old, brokenhearted man, whose hand was grasped in hers. But Maddy knew he was
there. She could hear his voice each
time he spoke to Mrs. Noah, and that
made the desolation easier to bear.
She did not look forward to the time
when he would be gone; and wheD
at last he told her he was going, she
started quickly, and with a gush ol
tears, exclaimed: "No, no! oh, no!''
"Mnr*dy," Guy whispered, bending
over the strange trio, "would you rather I should stay? Will it be pleaS-
ap'^.. for y0Ui jf j do?"
"Yes���I don't know. I guess it
would not be so lonely. Oh, it's ter-
rib'e to have grandmother dead I" was
Maddv's response; alter which Guy
would have stayer! if a whole regiment
of Mrs. Noahs had confronted him
instead of one.
Maddy wished it; that was reason
enough for him: and giving a few di-
rortinn-* to John, he stayed, thereby
disconcerting the neighboring women
w-hr* cnme in to perform the last offices for the dend. nnd who wished the
young man from Aikenside was any-
wb"- Ivit there, watchine them in
all *i*oir movements, as they vainly
fancied he did. Rut Guy thought only
of Maddv, watching her so carefully
that mors then one meaning glance
was exchanged between the women,
wbn rtv��Ti over the innnimate form
of the dend. spoke together of what
"TiifrM nopsihlv occur, wondering what
'would be tho effect on Grandpa Mark-
h***" nnd Uncle .Tosenh. Who would
tnlip onre of them? And then, in case
Mnddv should fee] it her duty to stnv
there, ns they half honed she would.
fhr��v foil to pitying the young girl,
who sepmed now so wholly unfitted
for the burden.
To Maddy there cnme no definite
idea pf the future during the two
i-it-tvc .hat white, rigid form lay in
the d*.rl.pnpr. cnttnue; but when, nt
In-' the deep grave made for Grand-
m* Mnr'thnm was occupied, and the
lourm**. in the little front room was
emntv���when the Aikenside carriage,
���whi""* had been sent dnwn for the use
of the mourners, had bpen driven
awav. tatting both Guy nnd Mrs. Noah
���when thp npirrhbors. too, had gone,
leavine* onlv herself and the little
hired rriri p;tf,*-n^ by the evening fire,
with the grandfather and the imbecile
Uncle Joseph���then it was that she
first began to feel the pressure of the
burden���began to ask herself if she
co'ild live thus always, or at least
for many years���as long as either of
the two helpless men was spared.
Maddy was young, and the world as
she had seen it was very bright and
fair, brighter fa*>-than a life of laborious toil, and for n whilp thp idea that
the latter alternative must be accepted made her diz.yy and  faint.
As if divining her thoughts, poor
old grandpa, in his prayers that night,
asked in trembling tones, which showed how much he felt whnt he was
saying, thnt God would guide his darling in all she did, and give her wisdom to make the proper decision;
���hat if it were best she might be
happy there with tbem, but if not.
"Oh, Father, Father!" he sobbed,
"help me ond J soph to bear it." He
could pray no more aloud, and the
prnv bend remained bowed down upon his chair, while Uncle Joseph, in
his peculiar way. took up tbe theme,
bogging like a very child thnt Maddy
might be inclined to stay���that no
yoiin<? men with curling hair, a din-
nint-i.-' cross, the smell of musk, might
be permitted to come near her with
enticing looks, but that she might
stay as she was and be nn old maid
forever! This was the subject of
Uncle Joseph's prayer, a prayer
which set the little hired girl to tittering, and would hnve wrung a smile
from Maddy herself had she not felt
all the strange petition implied.
With waywardness natural to people
in his condition, Uncle Joseph that
night turned to Maddy Ior the little
servic.B his sister had formerly rendered and which, since her illness,
Grandpa Markham had done, and
would willingly do still. But Joseph
refused to let him. Maddy must untie
his cravat, unbutton his vest, and
tak*- off his shoes, while, after he was
in bed, Maddy must sit by his side,
holding bis hnnd until he tell away
to sleep. And Muddy did it cheerfully,
soothing him into quiet, and keeping
bn"'- her own choking sorrow for the
Bake of comforting him. Then, when
this task was done she sought her
grnndfnli*"** still sitting before the
kitchen fire and evidently waiting for
her. The little hired girl had retired,
and thus tbere was no barrier to free
conversation between them.
"Maddy," the old man said, "come
���it close by me. where I can look into
your face, while we talk over what
must be done."
With a half-shudder, Maddy drew
a stool to h-- irrandfather'8 feet, and
resting her hend upon his knee, listened while he talked to her of the
future; told her all her grandmother
had done; told of his own helplessness,*. j_. t_T_��..rjal .it .was..to. *:- ior
C"***.***��� *��*"���- _|?*��*--**anr_ !��� jn Jn f7T"r*_rTng
tones asked who was going to look
after thern now. "We can't live here
alone, Maddy. We can't. We're old
and weak, and want someone to lean
on. Oh, why didn't God take us with
her, Joseph and me, and that would
leave you free to go back to school
and the life which I know is pleasanter than to stay here with us. Oh,
M'-'-lv! it comforts me to look at
you���to hear your voice, to know that
though I don't see you every minute,
you are somewhere, and by and by
you'll come in. I shan't live long, and
mn'-'r* Joseph won't. God's promise is
to them who honor father and mother. Tt '11 be,hard for you to stay,
harder than it was once; but, Maddy,
oh, Maddy! Mny with me, stay with
me!���Btay  with  your old  grandpa!"
In his earnestness he grasped her
arm, as if he thus would hold her,
while the tears rained over his
wrinkled fnce. For a moment Maddy
m--1 no response. She had no intention of leaving him, but the burden was pressing heavily and her
tongue refused to move. Maddy was
then a stranger to the religion which
was sustaining her grandfather in his
erp"' trouble, but the teachings of her
childhood had^not been in vain. She
was God's covenant child. His protecting presence was over and around
her. moving her to the right. New
York, with its gay sights, her school,
where in another year she was to graduate, the trip to the Catskills which
Guy had promised Mrs. Agnes, Jessie,
and "*"**oplf, Aikenside with its luxurious ease���all these must be given
im while worse than all the rest,
Guy, too, must be given up. He would
not come there often; the place was
not to his taste, and in time he would
cease to care for her as he cared for
her now. '.'Oh, that would be dreadful !" she groaned aloud, while her
'lioiifhts went backward to the night
riCi in the snowstorm and the nuin-
berles- "'���-ntions he had paid her
then. She would never ride w*ith him
again���never; and Maddy moaned
bitterly, as she began to realize for
the first time how much she liked Guy
Remington, and how the giving him
up and his society was the hardest
part of all, But Maddy had a brave
young heart, and at last, winding her
arms nround her grandfather's neck,
she whispered: "I will not leave you,
grandna. I'll stay in grandmother's
Surely Heaven would answer the
blessings whispered over Maddy by
the delighted old man, and the young
girl taking so cheerfully the burden
fron- which many would have shrunk,
sh^-'i be blessed of God.
With her grandfather's hand upon
he* hpnd. Maddy could almost feel
that the blessing was descending; but
when, in her own little room, the one
where slip ���*��'��� lain sick for so many
wpnr*' weeks, her cournere began to
give way. and the burden, magnified
tenfold bv her nervous weakness,
InnVed henvip** than Bhe could bear.
Hnw could she atay there, going
through each dny with the same routine of literal drudgery���drudgery
which wm*'*' not end until the two
for "'horn she made the sacrifice were
"Oh. is there no way of escape,
no help?" she moaned, as she tossed
from side to side. "Must my life be
wasted here.  Surely "
Maddy did nnt finish the sentence,
for something checked the words ol
repining, and she seemed to hear
again her grandfather's voice as it
repeated the promise to those who
keep with their whole souls the Fifth
"I will, I will," she cried, while into hor heart there crept an intense
longing for the love of Him who
alone could make her task a light
one. "If I were good like grandma, I
could bear everything," she thought,
and turning upon her pillow, Maddy
prayed an earnest, childlike prayer,
that God would help her do right,
that He would take from her the
proud spirit whicli rebelled against
her lot bpcnuse of its loneliness, that
pride and love of her own ease and
advancement in preference to others'
good might all be subdued; in short,
that she m'���*���*' be God's child, walking where He appointed her to walk
without a murmur, and doing cheerfully His will.
Aikenside, and school, nnd the Cat-
skill Mountains were ef#ier to abandon after thnt contrite prayer; but
when she thought of Guy, the fiercest,
stint-post, pane she hnd ever felt shol
through her henrt, making her cry
out so quickly thnt the little hired
"iri who shared her h**d moved as if
about to waken, but Maddy lay very
quiet until all was Rtill again, when
turning a second time to God she
tried to pray, tried to give up what to
her wns the dearest idol, but she could
np' snv the words, nnd ere she knew
what she wns doing she found hersell
asking that Guy should not forsake
iinr "Let him come." she sobbed,
"let Guy come sometime to see me."
Once the Tempter whispered to her
that had she accepted Dr. Holbrook
she would have been spared all this,
but Maddy turned a deaf ear to that
suggestion Dr. Holbrook was too noble a man to have an unloving wife,
and not for a moment did she repent
of her decision with regard to him.
She almost knew he would say now
that she was right in refusing *tim,
and right in staying there, as she
must. Thoughts of the doctor quieted
her, she believed, not knowing that
Heaven was alrendy owning its sub*
missivp child, and breathing upon it
a soothing benediction. The moan of
the winter wind and the sound of
the snow benting against her little
window censed to annoy her. Heaven,
happiness, Aikenside, and Guy, all
>*iitm"*i h'pnded into one grent good
just within her reach, and when the
long clock below the stairs struck
three, she did not hear it, but with
the tear-stains upon her face, she lay
nestled nmnr>�� her pillows, dreaminp
that her grandmother had come back
from the bright world of glory to bless
her darling child.
It was broad noon ere Maddy
awokp and starting up she looked
about her in bewilderment, wondering
where Bhe was and what agency had
been at work in her room, transforming it from the cold, comfortless
apartment she had entered the previous-night into the cheery-looking
chnmber, with a warm fire blazing in
the tiny fireplace, a rug spread down
UEpn ito.  hearth-    8.*kJ*oc)______f*hair
drawn *ii**r UT"jre It, arirT aTT W!**''Js"*5J
the little hired girl as completely
obliterated as if she had never been.
In her grief Maddy seemed to have
fo-"ptten how to make things eozy,
and as. during her grandmother's illness, tier own room had been left to
the care of the hired girl, Nettie, it
wnre a neglected, mde aspect, which
had grated on Maddy's finer feelings,
and_,made everything so uninviting.
But this morning all wns changed.
Son-i" skillful hand had been busy
there while she slept, and Maddy was
wondering who it could be, when the
door opened cautiously and Flora's
pond-humored face looked in���Flora
from Aikenside. Maddy knew now to
whom she was indebted for all this
comfort, and with a cry of joy she
welcomed the girl, whose very pres-
*t��**o h'ought back something of the
life with which she had parted forever.
"Flora," rVip exclaimed, "how came
you here? Did you make the fire and
fix the room for me?"
"Yes, I made the fire," Flora replied, "and fixed up the things a little, bustlin' that young one's goods
out of here; because it was not fittin'
for you to be sleepin' with her: Mr.
Guy was mad enough when he found
it out."
"Mr. Guy, Flora? How should he
know of our sleeping arrangements?"
Maddy asked, but Flora evaded a direct reply, saying, "tbere wns enough
ways for things to get to Aikenside";
then continuing, "How tired you must
be, Miss Maddy, to Bleep bo sound as
never to hear me at all. though to be
sure I tried to be still as a mouse.
But let mc help you dress. It's all but
noon, and you miiRt be hungry. Your
breakfast's all rendy."
"Thnnk vou. Flora, I enn dress myself," Mnddy snid, stepping out upon
the floor, and feeling thnt the world
wns not n�� dnrk'ns it had seemed to
her when Inst night she came up to
her phnmher.
���Sod was comforting her already,
nnd as she made her simple toilet, she
tried to thank Him for Hia goodness,
and ask for grace to make her what
slip ought to be.
"Yon have not yet, told me why you
enmp here." she Baid to Flora, who
w��o busv making her bed, and who replied: "Tt'a Mr. Guy's work. He
thought I'd better come, as you would
need help to get things set to rights,
so vou could go bnck to school."
Maddy felt her heart coming up in
her throat, but she answered calmly,
"Mr Guy is very kind���ao are yon
all; hut, Flora, I am not going back
to school."
"Not going bnck !" and Flora stopped ber bedmaking, while ahe stared
blankly nt Maddy. "What be you going to do?"
"Stay here and take care of grand,
pa," Maddy snid, bathing her face
and nock in the cold water, which
could not cool the feverish heat she
felt spreading nil  over them.
"Stay here! You are crazy, Miss
Mnddv! Tnin't no plnce for a girl like
you, and Mr. Guy never will suffer
it, T know," Flora rejoined, as ahe
resumed her work, thinking she
"should die to be moped up in that
nnt-hpl] of n house."
With a little sigh, as she foresaw
the opposition ahe should probably
nipp. with from Guy, Maddy went on
with her toilet, which was soon completed, aa it did not take long to error"- the dark calico dress and plain
li-**-** collar which she wore. She was
not na fresh-looking aa uaual that
morning, for excitement and fatigue
had lent a paleness to her cheek and
a languor to her whole appearance,
but Flora, who glanced anxiously
��� fter her as she went out, muttered
to hprself, "She was never more
beautiful, and I don't wonder an
atom that Mr. Guy thinks so much of
'To Be Continuad)
How   the   Young    Insects    Sail   Away
With the Wind.
In early autumn tbe spider famillee
separate. Hundreds of thousands ot
lufantile spiders on a warm suunj
morning scale the low bushes, cling to
the tips of the leaves and project slen
der silken threads from the spinnerets
at the euds of their bodies. Before
very long the air near the ground, becoming beated, ascends and carries up
the silken threads wltb tt Still tbe
little creatures bold on nnd pour or'
silk till each bas some eight or ten
feit of line rising almost perpeudlcu
.arly Into the air above IL
At last tbey let go and rise Into the
sir themselves, each at the extremity
of Its own thread. In tbis way they
are carried upward, perhaps for many
hundreds of feet, till at last they meet
a current of air moving slowly along,
and by tbis tbey are carried often for
many miles, while they can always
descend at will by tbe simple expe
dlent of rolling up their supporting
On a warm autumn morning the ah
Is often filled with tbese baby spiders,
each sailing securely on ita own little
silken airship. When they descend
hushes, trees and low plants are fre
.nently covered witb tbelr gossamei
threads.-London Standard.
Immediate Application Was Neceieary
In This Case.
"Is Mr. Champion ln this car?"
The question, uttered ln a loud, anxious and even appealing tone, arrested
tbe attention of everybody ln the elevated railway coach, which was crowded to Its utmost capacity.
"I me*n Mr. W. J. Champion!"
All eyes were turned upon tbe speaker, a tall, wild eyed west elder, wbo
was clinging desperately to a strap and
trying to steady himself without digging the brim of his hat Into somebody's eyes or stepping on some helpless passenger's corns as the car lurched from side to side.
"I ask again I Is Mr. Champion���1
beg your pardon, sir���In the car?"
"What do you want of him?" gasped
the surly passenger clinging to the
next strap.
"Do you see that sign?" howled the
tall man, pointing witb his free baud
to one of tbe advertising cards near
the ventilators. "It says, 'For Space
In This Car Apply to W. J. Champion.'
I wont space! I want It understood
that I am applying for space ln this car
right now! If Mr. Champion is not
here, gentlemen, ls there any person
legally authorized to represent bim? 1
want space enough to live In, space
enough to breathe In"���
But here tbe train stopped at a station, and tbe rush of passengers who
wanted to get off swept the tall man,
still protesting at tbe top of bis voice,
out into the open air.-Chicago Trln.
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Insure Health and Strength
There are throughout Canada t"iu-
sands and thousands of young girls
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decline .The complexion is pale or
sallow. Appetite fickle. A short walk
or going upstairs, leaves them breathless and with a violently palpitating
heart. Headaches and dizziness olten
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Mark   Twain's   Best   Introduction
Mark Twain aays the only introduction to a literary audience that he ever
had that seemed to him the right
word in the right place, a real inspiration, was as follows:���
Lad;es and Gentlemen���I shall not
waste any unnecessary time in the
introduction. I don't know anything
nbout this mnn���at least, I only know
two things about him���one is that he
has never been in prison, and the other is, I can't see why he hasn't."
"Please send me a bottle of Psychine. I have a child afflicted with
tuberculosis, and have been advised
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"Your Honor," said the lawyer, "J
ask the dismissal of my client on the
ground that the warrant fails to state
that he hit Bill Jones with malicious
"This court," replied the country
Justice, "ain't a graduate of none of
your technical schools. I don't care
what he hit Bill with. The pint is,
did he hit him? Perceed.'���Philadelphia Ledger.
The Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
the  BEST liniment in uae.
I got my foot badly jammed lately.
I bathed it well with MINARD'S LINIMENT and it was as well as ever
next day. Yours very trulv,
t. g. Mcmullen.
"This  paper  aays  bottled  whiskey
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Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
The foreign visitors to China had
asked to see a native execution, and
the governor of the Province, for a
consideration, had consented to oblige
"Have mercy, your highness," wailed the wretched criminals, as they
cringed beiore the Governor. "Have
we no chance?"
"None whatever," responded his
highness, cheerfully. "It's a case of
'tails I win, heads you lose.'"���Bohemian.
W.    N.   0    No.   676.
Sevres Uses Two Shades, the Familiar
Grass and Apple Tints.
It ls the day of the specialist, even
ln china collecting. The field was
found too vast to be covered by oue
collector, who realised that though art
might be long, her purse was not, and,
moreover, time was fleeting. So hero
and there arose the being who decided
to make one particular branch her own
and to cleave to that only. Blue aud
white naturally found most votaries to
begin with till the more enterprising
branched off into other color schemes,
of whicli green and white was the
most attractive. But green Is a color
which has always fallen under the ban
of being considered unlucky by the superstitious, and superstition ls a hard
nut to crack. ' Still, fashion surmounts
all obstacles, and gradually we see the
votaries of greeu china ln the ascendent. Incidentally the same thing is
happening to prices. Green china of
the right tint does not now bave to
wait long upon the order of Its going.
The supply ls not equal to the demand.
It Is a fascinating pursuit and a most
decorative object when found, for,
though It looks Its best massed together ln bold groups, It mingles well
with other chlua, which cannot be said
for the old favorite, blue and white.
But It Is exigent in Its background
and surroundings. It calls loudly for
white walls and chintz furniture and
a somewhat countrified aspect generally, for most of the china In whicli
green predominates Is decorated with
old fashioned posies of country flowers
���roses and gillltlowers, stocks and
Tea services with wide shallow cups,
dessert services, quaint Jugs, vases and
delightful baskets form the usual treasure trove. Bowls are few and far between; specimen pieces are far to
seek. Green was a good wearing, useful, everyday color, nature's own livery, and so the potters employed It
for their most ordinary, commonplace
articles, but not always. Sevres and
Chelsea employed green as the body
color on some of tbelr most gorgeous
vases and pieces, destined often ns
offerings to klugs, princes and the
great ones of the earth.
Sevres used two shades of green, the
familiar grass green and the apple tint,
but Sevres, unless a family treasure,
hardly comes within tbe ken of the ordinary collector, for if genuine Its price
Is above rubles. Chelsea green approaches most nearly to Sevres; It Is
of a rich grass hue and was used as a
ground color ou vases and plates ln tbe
declining days of the old factory.
Worcester wus famous for its apple
green In Its palmy days, and after the
Introduction of chrome green used it a
good deal as a background to medallions of finely painted landscapes on
plates and tea service.
A Neat Finish For Dainty Linen Handkerchiefs.
There ls a most delightful and very
little known stitch by which lace ls applied to a fine fabric, such as a handkerchief.
It is known as incrustation and may
he used tor both insertions and edges.
It Is made as follows: Lay the lace
over the fabric on the edge to the depth
of half an Inch or so. Baste it straight
to a thread a little distance from the
edge of the lace and take a stitch backward in the fabric.
Draw the thread tight and put the
needle in tbe fabric In the same hole
ln which It was first inserted and bring
It out through the fabric and the extreme edge of the lace.
Draw tli�� thread through the entire
length. Take a buck stitch through the
lace edge and the fabric and bring It
out In the hole which was pierced by
the previous stitch. Kepeat this until
the lace ls fastened to the fabric.
On the back It will appear like a herringbone stitch. Drawing the thread
tight In this way and making practically a stitch and a half each time, tbe
lace Is finished with a pretty open
edge which looks like hemstitching.
Now cut away the linen from uuder
tbe lace to within an eighth of au Inch
from the edge. This raw edge does not
make the work weak, and it launders
Frenchwomen are not in the least bit
afraid of a raw edge on the wrong
side, and very often they avoid iu thia
way what might be called sewing a
thing to death���slewing which takes
away much grace.
To dye your eyebrows take vaseline
and thin It wltb almond oil. Put it on
every night wltb a camel's hair brush.
Tbe disfiguring lines around the
mouth may be lessened by slightly
pulling out the upper Up and then
massaging witb the tips of the second
and third fingers in a diagonal upward
The dark line around the throat If
taken ln time mny be conquered by
washing in a weak solution of water
and hydrochloric acid. The proportions are about oue fluid ounce of the
hitter to twenty of wuter.
Many of the great siugers have been
noted for their beautiful throats and
necks. This Is not coincidence, but
the result of the strenuous course of
vocal exercises lu which they indulge.
Practicing the trill Is worth a dozen
visits to the professional masseuse iu
producing a firm, well rounded throat.
If the hands are not good aud the
nails badly shaped, try to Improve the
latter by training the cuticle. Every
night soak the fingers in hot water
for five minutes, then with an orange
wood stick press bnck the cuticle to
lengthen tbo nails. Afterward rub In
cold crenm. Do not omit this or the
���oaktng will make the cuticle very dry
The Modern Polonius.
"My boy, if you want to stuy ln tbe
public eye"���
"Yes, dad."
"Don't be a human cinder."���Hous
ton Post.
Swamp Draining.
Tl-e best aud cheapest swamp draining ls done by -driving a six or eight
inch wrought Iron pipe down the lowest pnrt of the swamp to tbe sand,
gravel or rock formation. A pit three
feet square Is then sunk and filled
with stone end gravel to filter the water going dowu tbe pipe.
Criticism to Which the Duke of Wellington Objected.
Discussion of the best pronunciation
of Latin recalls to the Liverpool Post
a story about tbe Duke of Wellington
It was about tbe year 1844, aud tbe
chancellor In bis gorgeous robes was
reading the honor list aloud. The list
was, of course, ln Latin, and Wellington knew more about the handling of
brigades than about Latin quantities
Whenever tbe name Carolus occurrred
the duke persisted in pronouncing the
"o" long-"Caro-lus."
It was at last too much for one of
tbe dons standing behind him, so, leaning over, he whispered, "If your grace
will excuse me, I should like to point
out that at Oxford we call that word
"Very good," said the duke. "Thank
you. I'll remember." Presently came
the name Jacobus, which, mindful of
bis lesson, be pronounced "Jac-obus."
Agaiu the don leaned over. "I humbly beg your grace's pardon, but that
name Is 'Jaco-bus.'"
"Hang It all," muttered Wellington,
"you can't chop and cbauge like tbut!
Carolus and Jaco-bus or Car-olus aud
Jac-obus, whichever you like. But
stick to your own roles. If you please."
Time  Worki Wonders.
"HeHo, Dixon!" said Thompson.
"How's things?"
"Simply swimmingly, tbanks, old
chap I Couldn't be better. 1 was nev
er doing so well in my life! I've got
a hundred pounds ln my pocket at
this very moment."
"Good, good! I'm glad to hear It!
"Yes; a hundred pounds���a hundred
pounds!   You understand?"
"Yes.    I congratulate you!"
"But you believe me. don't you? A
solid hundred pounds ln golden sover
elgns in my pocket ���a hundred
"So you said. Why do you keep re
peatlng It?"
"Well, as a matter of fact I'm testing
that story about a fellow repeating a
yarn until he comes to believe it him
self. I expect to thoroughly convince
myself about Thursday. You might
lend me a sovereign till then, will
Something That Should Be Rubbed
In.���Whenever pain is felt in the
limbs or back, take Dr. Thomas' Ec-
lectr'c Oil; pour a little in the hand,
and applying it to the surface beneath whicli the pain lies, rub briskly. If the fust application does not
afford relief, which is not usually the
case, keep rubbing. The Oil will gradually penetrate to the affected part
and relief will come.
Stella Lite���Do you believe in the
Irvington Boothlette���No; T never
saw a super natural.��� Pittsburg
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Tbe embroidered fabrics continue tl
be on the Increase.
Taffetas* will be worn a great deal
but the newer fancy ls for the aofl
thick silks.
Brocadee ere ln again. They are
usually shown in soft satins, ulnons
and crapes for evening dresses and
The veils worn this year with mourning bats are mostly quite short and of
light weight, the long heavy crape be
Ing seldom seen.
For shirt waists and everyday
blouses cashmere, nun's veiling and
une cloth will be very good, as will
also the French lehilne.
Needlework and hand painting deco
rate tbe surface of many of the more
beautiful salons, velvets and chiffons
Velveteen, too. la very popular.
Scvie of the new brooches are bright
ened with touches of gold and silvei
thread, picking out the pattern, and
here and there beautified with pearli
and other beads���Brooklyn GUizen.
MHS. F, ('ARK. Viiieliind, Out.,
Can.,  wrtes:
"For several years I wiih afllictcd
with catarrh, wliich made life a burden. The coughing and hacking wliich
accompanied the disease was terrible.
"The complaint finally extended to
the stomach nnd I was in u wretched
"I tried different remedies and the
best professional treatment all in vain.
"Finally as a last resort, I tried Peruna upon the recommendation of my
sister  in   Hamilton.
"I could see steady improvement
and after using four bottles of that
precious medicine 1 was feeling well
again, my old trouble being completely  a th'iig of the past.
"To-day I would not take one thousand dollars for what this grand medicine has done for me."
Peruna is u universally recognized
catarrh remedy. It will relieve catarrh  :n  its most obstinate form.
Looking Ahead.
Senator Bailey, of Texas, tells 11
out ol his constituents, the father .��
a promis'ng son, who had great difii-
uulty in finding u Christian name for
the youngster. "What's the trouble,
anyway?" Mr. Bailey asked, withjeon-
siderab'e secret amusement. "There
are   a  good  many  to  choose  from."
'Yes, that's true," the father said,
rumpling his hair, "but we wanted
to hit on ii particularly good iiunie
.'or him one that is pretty, and lias u
distinguished sound, and which is
uot common, as there will be so many
babies  named  after him  when he  is.
A Sound Stomach Means a Clear
rlead.���The high pressure of a nervous life which business men of the*
present day are constrained to live
nake draughts upon their vitality
lighly detrimental to their health.
It is only by the most careful treat-
nent thnt they are able to keep thein-
iclves alert and active in their various callings. Many of them know the
/alue of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
n regulating the stomach and con-
lequently keeping the head clear.
"Your dead hushand wor a good
mon," declared the sympathetic Mrs.
Casey to the bereaved widow.
"He wor!" exclaimed Mrs. Murphy,
dashing the tears from her eyes. "No
two polacemin cud handle him."���
Minard's Liniment Curei Diphtheria.
"Why do you call young Kalloy
'Cholly'? His first name is Noah,"
said Brown. "I know." replied Towne
"but that's so inappropriate. Noah
had senae enough to get in out of the
rain."���Philadelphia Press.
Send us your
i-aiui* -inc. ttddret-ft
for 12 piece**1 of
Jewel it to -��'ll at10cents each. When sold dend ur Th��
ffil Soi and we will send you these TWO SOLID QOLD
filled KINGS. Wetfcn-t you with the Jewelry andwlltwuft
It al 1 iihunref* paid- Bend ub your name and addi ens no w-
That Arc
Sewn With
Linen Thread
The trade supplied by R. J. Whitla & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg
Saved from Torture
Many men and women
thought they were doomed
to suffer all their lives.
Their kidneys were badly
affected���excruciating pains
in the back and hips���
terrible Rheumatism and
Sciatica every winter. They
knew it was kidney disease
that caused all the trouble.
But they could find nothing
to do them any real, lasting
good until they tried
Immediately they improved. The pain
Btopped���the urine cleared���the backs
grew stronger���their general health
picked up���and before they realized
it, they were well.
GIN PILLS cured them ��� just at
they will cure YOU.   Take them on
our guarantee that they must cure or
money refunded.
joe. t box���6 for J2.50. 10a
This    Town    Also  Has  Its Share    ol
Dread Disease Which Is Said to
Yield to Home Recipe
To relieve the worst lorins ol Rheumatism, take a teaspoonful of the
following mixture after each meal and
at bedtime:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kurgon, one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
These harmless ingred;ents can be
obtained from our home druggists, and
are easily mixed by shaking them
well in a bottle. Relief is generally
felt from the lirst few doses.
This prescription, states a well-
known authority in a Toronto morning paper, forces the clogged-up, in-
act;ve kidneys to filter and strain
from the blood the poisonous waste
matter and uric acid, which causes
As Rheumatism is not only the most
painful and torturous disease, but
dangerous to life, this simple recipe
will no doubt be greatly valued by
many sufferers here at home, who
should at once prepare the mixture
tc get this relief.
It is said that a person who would
take this prescription regularly, a dose
or two dailv, or even a few times a
week, would never have serious Kidney or Urinary disorders Ol* Rheumatism.
Cut this out and preserve it. (lood
Rheumatism prescriptions which really relieve are scarce indeed, and when
you need it. you want it badly. Our
druggists here say they will either
supplv these ingredients or make the
mixture ready to take, if any of our
leaders  so prefer.
Ingenious Indigency
"My boy," says the first wayfarer,
"I've hit on a scheme that guarantees me a square meal and possibly
some c'othes at any house I care to
"What do you do?" asked the second wayfarer, wearily biting into the
cold meat Bandwich.
"I throw away my hat, run through
a coup'e of bushes to get my clothes
mussed up, then go up to the front
door and tell the lady of the house
I'm a racing balloonist that has just
descended in the woods."
Military Wit
A young Irish officer wlien in Dublin lived in rooms which were very
sma'l. One day one of his fashionable
friends called on him and as lie entered, said: "Great Heavens, Charles!
How on earth can you live in this
place? Why, there isn't room to swing
n cat. How long have you been living
in this nutshell?"
The officer smiled. "Not long
enough to become a kernel," was his
witty rep'y.
Mild in Tlieir Action.���Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are very mild in tlieir
action. They do not cause griping
in the stomach or cause disturbances
there as so many pi''s do. Therefore
the most delicate can take them without fear of unpleasant results. They
can. too, be administered to children
without imposing the pena'ties which
follow the use of pills not so carefully prepared.
A Terre Haute teacher says that
she once told a pupil to compose a
brief essay in which he would say
something about all the days of the
���week. The lad turned in the following:���
"Monday, Jim Moulton and I killed
a dear, and there was meat enougli
t. *ast over Tuesday. Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."���Phil.adelphic.  Record.
hows THI8?
We offer Ono  Hundred   Dollars  Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot bt
cured  by  Hall's Catarrh Oure.
1   J. OHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O.
We.  the undersig-ued,  bavn known F. J.
Oheney for the last 15 years, and believe
bim   perfectly   honorable   ln  all   business
transactions and flnancially able to carry
out any obligations made by bis firm.
V,*aldin_.   Kinnan 4  Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Oatarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting  directly   up'     the   blood  and  mu
eous surfaces of the _vst*m    Testimonials
sent frPB     Price to oiata per bottle.   Bold
by all  Druggists
Tnke Hall's Family Pills tor constipation
Englishman's  Curious   Wager���Must
Go Masked and Push Perambulator.
In the face of a northeast wind a
man started recently from Trafalgar
Square, London, on a tour around the
world. The adventurer undertook the
task for a wager of i 10,000, the details
oi which he gave in tlie course of an
"This wager," he said, "was laid
by a friend of mine, a well-known
American millionare, as the outcome
oi an argument that took place at a
club in Pall Mall. He declared that
no Englishman could walk around the
world and push a perambulator. After hearing the conditions I at once
made up my mind to accept the wager
myself. Upon telling him of-the decision I had come to he at once made
arrangement with another well-known
American gentleman to accompany
me.    He is only doing it for sport."
When asked how he was going to
subsist he replied i
"I am starting penniless and I shall
sell photographs and pamphlets while
on the journey. I am allowed to ex-
pend anv sum not exceeding $5 foi j
photographs and pamphlets ior sale
at the start. That is how I Bhall
subsist." ,   ,
A verv difficult tusk is before the
walker. " In order to win the wager
he has to touch every county in F,npj
land, to visit Scotland, Ireland and
Wales und to nail at twenty countries. He is to buy a postage stamp at
every town passed through on his
journey. Among the other conditions
of this most remarkable wager are
that he is to find a wife on the road,
t*, forward an account of the luileB
walked and the towns visited and to
obtain a signed document from the
mayor or some other responsible person in each town He is to be allowed to "go as you please."
"Good-bye," the wayfarer called out
merrily as he disappeared: "See you
in ten years."
Wanders   For   Hours   Around   Streets
ot  English   City.
An extraordinary story of a sequel
to a Christmas Eve marriage came to
light  at  Bristol  recently.
A man went into a Bristol postoffice
and stated that he had not only lost
his memory, but had lost his bride.
He remembeifcd being married at VVig-
an the previWis morning and setting
out for Bristol, where he was going
!o spend his honeymoon. On the way
he missed his wife, though lie was
unable te remember how this hap
Finding himself in a strange place,
without any knowledge of his name or
address, he applied for assistance to
the postoffice officials.
The one clue he had was that before
leaving Wigan he recollected sending
a telegram to relatives in Bristol, advising them that he was coming by n
certain train. He knew the time he
handed it in, and was able to give
the name in which it was sent, but
there his mSmory ceased.
The post officials made enquiries,
and were at length able to find the
address to which the man wished to
go. They sent him there in charge ol
a messenger.
He_ had been wandering about in
Bristol streets for four or five hours
before it struck him that the post-
office people might help him. When
given a clue to the address he jumped
readily at it, and said it came back
to his memory like a flash.
After expressing his thanks to the
officials he left, with the remark,
"This will be a lesson to me."
The multimillionaire was being interviewed
"Which paper do you like best to
have your family read?" hopefully
asked the young reporter.
"The one that advertises the fewest bargains," said Old Moneybags,
stingily.���Harper's   Weekly.
Minard'i Liniment Cures Distemper
Suspended   Interest
"Would you say that author has the
gift   of   keeping  your    curiosity    excited?"
"After a fashion." answered Miss
Cayenne. "You are constantly expecting him to i y something interesting and he is always putting it off
till the new chapter."���Washington
Rheumatism and Meat Eating
A great many medical authorities
take the ground thut rheumatism is
peculiarly the disease of the flesh-eater, and the theory is strengthened by
the fact that the further you go south,
the less rheumatism you find, until
when you get into the tropics, where
a vegetable food is the rule and people eat very little flesh of any description, there is hardly any rheumatism.���Green's  Fruit-Grower.
the Chest
Ask your doctor the medical
mme for �� cold on the chest.
He will say, "Bronchitis."
Ask him if it is ever serious.
Lastly, ask him If he prescribes Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this disease. Keep
In close touch with your
family physician.
Wa smbliah our formulas
.     Wrs banish alcohol
W     from our intdlalnee
We are* T-su to
eoaeult your
When you tell your doctor about tbe bad
taste in your mouth, loss of appetite for
*i sikfitt, end frequent headaches, and
vhen be sees your coated tongue, he will
say, " You are bilious." Ayer's Pills
���work veil in such cases.
skyU...0. tjerOe., UtrtU,Ma*.���-a
Chinese   in   Cardiff.
Among sea-faring men in Cardiff the
steady increase in the number ot
Chinamen who obtain berths on vessels at that port is causing alarm.
It is stated that the Chinamen accept
half the wages of European seamen,
and are less particular as regards
food, requiring only a few cheap
though wholesome articles of diet.
The Chinaman does not ask for peas
and haricot beans, flour, oatmeal,
milk, syrup, suet, pickles, and dried
fruits. He lives for a month on the
same quantity of salt beef, salt pork,
and preserved meat as the white man
requires for a week. Even of coffee
and tea he wants less in a month than
his white competitor in a week.
"Four years ago, ' said the Cardiff
secretary of the Sailors' and Firemen's Union, there was not a Chinese
boarding-house in Cardiff. Now there
are seven. Four years ago you could
not go along Bute r��ad without seeing
the Greek and Spanish flags. The
Spaniards drove the Greeks away to a
great extent. Then the Italians came
in. Now the Italians are disappearing gradually, and also the Arabs and
Turks, and the Chinese are taking
their places.
"There are between 200 and 300
Chinamen always on shore, and avail-
.ble for engagement. If the rate oi
increase of the past year or so ls
'iept up we shall have a new Chinese
boarding-house established every
nonth or two."
Pleased   Three   Sovereigns.
The Grantham acrobat, Henry
lohnson, who boasts ol performance!
before three British sovereigns, hai
jus!   attained  his   101st  birthday.
A native oi Norwich, Johnson ha.
had a must interesting career. Earl;
in his teens he entered Sanger's Cir
CU8, and later with the Hughei
Troupe traveled to Pekin as an aero
bat. While abroad, Johnson entered
into partnership with the famous
Chinese juggler, Mullaba, with whom
,n 1830 he gave a command performance at Buckingham Palace.
King William IV. wss so pleased
that his majesty gave each of the men
a purse of gold and granted them the
Royal License to perform in any town,
market or hotel.
Johnson afterward performed at
Tunbridge Wells before the late Queen
Victoria and her mother, the Duchess
of Kent, and at Sandrin;?ham before
King Edward (then Prince of Wales).
He has lived at Grantham for the
last forty years, and is now in poo*
circumstances. He enjoys good health
and despite his checkered career and
weight of years is moderately active.
Fluency of Speech.
The common fluency of speech Id
many men and most wemen Is owing
to a scarcity of matter and a scarcity
of words, for whoever ls^ a master of
language and hath a mind' full of Ideas
will he apt Id speaking to hesitate up-
od the choice of both, whereas common speakers havo only ono set of
Ideas aud one set of words to clothe
them In, and these are always ready
at the mouth, bo people come faster
out of church when It rs almost empty
than when a crowd la at the door.���
I Van Swift. __   -    	
W.   T.   Stead   Would    Have   Britain
Double  Germany's   Efforts.
Mr. Stead, who was one of the
first to arouse national interest in the
navy, has in the new issue of the
"Review of Reviews" an outspoken
pronouncement on the question of
maintaining the British navy and laying down two ships to one in answer
to the German program. Mr. Stead,
it will be recalled, wrote in 1884 "The
Truth About the Navy," which he
claims was mainly responsible for the
rebuilding of the first line of defence.
"There is no question" says Mr.
Stead, "as to what John Bull will reply to the German program, be it
litttle or big. He will say that he is
sorry, but if it must be so he cannot
help himself. Without any unfriendly
feeling he accepts in all courtesy the
challenge which is offered him. He
wishes for nothing more than the
maintenance of the status quo.
"He has no army to speak of; his
only deience is his navy. The maintenance of its unquestioned supremacy
is for him a matter of life and death.
His readiness to secure that supremacy is the condition of the existence
of tlie British Empire. He does not
waste his breath in idle moan or profane objurgation when any of his
neighbors challenge him to see whether or not he is prepared to hold his
own and maintain his position. The
challenge is none of our seeking, we
simply take our stand on the status
quo. We are willing to maintain the
status quo, either by reducing armaments or by arresting the increase of
armaments. But if it can be maintained in no other way, we are ready
and resolved to maintain it by competition.
"We shall bring forward no imposing counter program. But when
the Kaiser lays down one keel we lay
down two. That is the formula of
safety. We shall no more discuss it
than a swimmer discusses the necessity of keeping his head above .vater.
We shall simply do it because we
have no alternative except that of
suicide. .
"We shall not be any worse friends
with Germany because she wishes to
alter the status quo to our detriment.
It is a fair challenge and we shall accept it in the same spirit in which we
accepted the challenge for the blue
riband of tho Atlantic. Only instead
ol allowing the naval Deutschland to
take the prize and hold it for years
while the Luisitania and Mauretania
were buildiing, we cannot afford to
allow our naval supremacy to be imperilled. No, not even for a single
day. 'Britons, bold your own.' And
so say all of us."
The cost of what we may call  Mr.
Stead's     naval     program     for    1908
would be:
8  battleships,  etc.,  at  ��2,-
000,000  apiece       ��16,000,000
4    protected    cruisers    at
��300,000   1,200,000
4 destroyers at ��80,000...        1,920.000
This would involve naval estimates
of  ��40,000,000.
It is the only preparation of pine
compounded from  the active  principles of forest trees that is intended
for internal use.      It permeates the I
v hole  system  with  the    wholesome, |
healthful  atmosphere    of    the    pine
woods, healing any irritation of the '
mucuous surface that may be present. |
Its action on tho kidneys is most be-1
r.eficial,   affording   speedy   relief    in
cases of rheumatism due to uric acid
in the system.
Put up for dispensing through druggists only in ]/, oz. vials, each vial
securely sealed in a round wooden
case. Be sure to get the genuine Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure, pre-
pared only by Leach Chemical Co.,
Cincinnati,  O.
Properties, uses and directions with ,
every vial.
An English Safe
A remarkable burglar-proof safe has
been placed in a bank in England. At
night the safe *s lowered by cables into an impregnable metallic-lined sub-
vault of masonary and concrete. After
reaching the bottom it is fastened
down by massive steel lugs, operated-
hy a tr'ple time lock. Until these
lugs are released automatically at
a desired t:me no human agency can
ra!se the safe, and to break ir.
through a mass of stone and concrete
wliich measures 10 feet by 10 feet by
10 feet with dynamite would wreck ,
the bu:,ding without making it possible to get at tlie safe.
The   Political   Woman.
The English suffragettes have done
good service by showing us plainly
what the political woman would be.
They are, of course, picked specimens,
but i*. would be the picked specimens
that would mount the political platr
form. Nature has apparently ordained, and for plainly good purposes,
that the family should be a unit before the state, represented by the
man, on whom falls the duty of protection; a duty from which no suffragette apparently proposes to absolve
him. Not all women are married, but
marriage is the normal state, and as
yet we have apparently no proof that
unmarried women have been special
sufferers by the lack of the franchise.
It can hardly be denied that legislation generally has long been, and still
is, favorable to women. Nor will it
be denied that the sex has its privileges. Both privilege and equality it
cannot have as when it came to be
represented    by    suffragettes    would
Slainly appear. In England the par-
amentary champion chosen by the
Women demands for his cliento not
'only the suffrage, but seats in both
Houses of Parliament. Both the political parties in England have used
womanhood as they would use anything, if possible more sacred, for the
purposes of their fray. In the United States the movement which at one
time appeared to be carrying all before it, bas of late appeared to flag.
He Collapsed.
A cat may look at a king, but it is
sometimes at the cat's peril���at least
to it would seem judging from thia
anecdote concerning Alfred TennyBon.
The then poet laureate of England
was once dining at the home of his
brother-in-law, Professor Lushington,
end among the guests was an inoffensive stranger who, never having had
the honor of being in Mr. Tennyson's
company before, every now and then
stole a glance of curiosity at the
illustrious poet. Suddenly, however,
those present were startled by the
poet, who had been rather quiet for
some time, looking up from the tablecloth and glaring wrathfully round
the table. He fixed the young man
with his glittering eye and said
loud enougli to be heard by all present, "You are looking at me, I tell
you." The collapse of the young
-gentleman was, of course, complete
and instantaneous.
All so-called "sooth'ng" syrups
and most of the powders advertised
to cure the ailments of babies and
young children contain poisonous
opiates and an overdose may kill
the child. Baby's Own Tablets are
absolutely safe. You have the guarantee of a government analyst to the
truth of this statement. Good for
the new bom babe and the well grown
child. The Tablets positively cure
such ailments as colic, sour stomach,
indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea j
and teething troubles. They also
cure simple fever, break up colds, j
prevent croup and destroy worms.
Every mother who has used this me-
dicine praises it highly. Sold by J
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine  Co., Brockville,  Ont.
Young   Sheridan's   Ready   Wit   Saved
Him a Birching.
Richard Brinsley SherldaD early
evinced a genius for getting something
for nothing and, seeing the door of the
refectory had inadvertently been left
unlocked, peeped Id and saw a huge
basket of grapes freshly gathered from
the orchard.
Stealthily closing the door and ap
proachiug tbe grapes, he thus addressed them: "I publish the banns of marriage between Richard Brinsley Sheridan and these grapes, ls tbere any
one to forbid the banns?" And. having
no reply to bis query, be proceeded to
All his breadbasket from the other has-
ket with great gusto. But retribution
was to follow, for on the class being
reassembled the master called upou
Richard Brinsley Sheridan to stand
forth aud Joined with his name the
ominous name of Walker, who was the
dunce of the school and selected from
his weight and size to mount the cul
prlt upon his shoulders in order that
the master might get a firm surface
upon which to use the blrcb with ef
I Sheridan being duly mounted and
appropriately denuded of superfluous
raiment, the master thus addressed
blin: "I publish the banns of uiurrluge
between Richard Brinsley Sheridan
and this birch. Is there any Just cause
or Impediment why these two parties
should not be joined in holy iiuitrl
"Idold!" yelled Sheridan.
"Well?" said the master.
To which Sheridan said, "Why, sir.
the parties are not agreed!"
This being not only witty, but apt,
as being a valid objection in point of
law, Sheridan was requested to re
tire and restore himself to his formei
habiliments amid the uncontrollable
laughter of all concerned, Including
the head master.���Exchange.
Is daily converting thousands of drinkers off
the artificially colored teas of Japan.
Her   Limit  on   Gambling J
"Here, my deLr," said the husband
producing his purse, "here is $50 I
won playing' cards over at Brown's
last night. You may have it to buy
the dress you wanted."
Reluctantly the conscientious wife
took the money; then said, with an
expression  of  rigid  rectitude:
"I simply shudder at the thought of
us'ng money gained in such a way.
Henry, promise me that after you
have won enougli for me to buy the
hat *o go with the dress you will
never again touch those awful cards.
I don't wnnt my husband to become
a gambler."
A  Little  Revision of  Burns
A' ither folk are fu' o:  iau'ts
And o' their morals I've ma dou'ts���
O, wad some power the giftie gie them
To see themselves as I can see them!
���Success Magazine.
It was close on midnight and tlie
professional guest felt it was high
time for him to stop playing. "Perhaps I'd better not play any more
to-n;ght," he said, wearily. "I see
you have near neighbors and they
might be annoyed."
"You needn't mind them for a
minute," said his hostess earnestly.
"We are per'ectly sure they poisoned
our cat. and if they did, nothing is
too bad for them."��� Youth's Companion.
Tlie never-failing medicine, Hollo-
way's Corn Cure, removes all kinds
of corns, warts, etc.; even the most
difficult to remove cannot withstand
this wonderful remedy.
A witty priest was once visiting a
"se'f-made" millionaire, who took him
to see his seldom used library.
"There," said the millionaire, pointing to a table covered with books���
"there are my best friends."
"Ah," replied the wit as he glanced
at the leaves, "I'm glad you don't cut
Leap Year Proposals.
What woman has ever availed herself of the privilege of proposing in
leap year? Nevertheless, it is interesting to discover whence the idea
arose. "Her maist blessit majeBtie
Margaret" decreed in the year 1288
that during her reign every maid of
Scotland, whether of high or low decree, should speak to the man she
loved. If he were not betrothed already he must marry the maid or
pay ��100. Queen Margaret died, and
[he womr-n were then clamorous for
this strange privilege to continue. To
!ppease them an act of Parliament
vas passed allowing the maidens to
11iilu; their proposals every 'lurth
Hongkong Granite.
A very considerable product of Hongkong is granite. It is takeu out In
lnrge quantities and apart from Its liberal use In building up the city on the
mountain sides Is shipped long distances.
Tho Author*��e Rewards.
"How much did you make out of
your new book."
"Breakfast, dinner and supper for
two weeks; but I'm thinking of get
ting out a second idl'lou!"���Atlanta
A common result of an injury sometimes of even a tiny scratch is chronic
ulceration, the skin disease that ea-'s
deepest into the tissue and is most
panful, weakening and obstinate.
Ulcerations are brought on often (especially in the case of women) by excessive standing or kneeling. Mrs.
J. E. Berryman of 91 Catharine St.
N., Hamilton, Ont.. says: "I was
suffering for a number of weeks with
a badly inflamed and ulcerated leg
and ankle. I had used one remedy
after another with no material benefit. My leg was swollen in some places
to bursting and day and night I suffered severe pains. At this stage my
husband prevailed upon me to leave
oft' all other preparations and use
Zam-Buk. This I did and was agree-
ab'y surprised, for after a few applications the swelling in the leg was
greatly reduced and the ulcer looked
henUhier. I persevered with Zam-
Buk until the swelling was banished
and the pain and inflammation entirely removed. Zam-Buk has effected a cure when other remedies
failed." ,     .
Zam-Buk also heals cuts, bruises,
burns, running sores, eczema, boils,
eruptions, scalp sores, itch, piles,
chapped hands, and all diseases of the
skin . Of all druggists and stores, 60c.
box or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, postpaid on receipt of price. 3 boxes $1.25.
"Did you feel -nervous when Jack
proposed to you?"
"Rather. I wns afraid we might be
interrupted."���London Opinion.
all hard, "oft or oalloused lumps anj
hleml(ihe�� from homes, blood Bpnvin,
onrbB. splints, ringbone. Bw.pney, stifles,
sprains, sore and swollen throat, oourrhs.
etc. Bave $60 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Oure
ever known.
Where Waa It���In Mashonaland, South
Arabia or India?
One of the most Interesting and Important questions concernlug Biblical
Bites perpetually Invites research and
persistently evades solution. "Where
Is the land of Ophlr?" Dr. Karl Peters at a public/meeting In Berlin declared emphatically that this famous
| Biblical region is located between the
Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. He tokl
his German audience how he has discovered mnny shafts of ancient gold
mines. 500 temples, fortlflcatlons and
other ruins of Phoenician origin. Dr
Peters affirms that coins unearthed iu
Mashonaland belong undoubtedly to
the time tif King Solomon. His opinion ls that no other part of Africa
could have exported the Ivory, silver
and precious stones which are recorded lu the Bible as coming from Ophlr.
Against this theory, founded ns it
undoubtedly Is on very plausible evidence, Bible students are still likely
to maintain, on the testimony of Genesis x, 29, that Ophlr was a section of
South Arabia. Here down to the time
of Ezeklel the Phoenicians still landed to procure gold and gems with
which those famous sailors and merchants of the ancient world traded In
many countries distant from tlieir Syrian shores.
Many erudite writers have attempted to Identify Sofala, on the enst coast
of Africa, with Ophlr, while yet others have located It in India. One of
the most learned essays written on the
subject ls from the pen of Professor
Iloiniuel, who argued that the ancient
land of gold was Arabia Felix.
If you nre a sufferer Irom colds get
a bottle of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive
Syrup and test its qualities. It will
lie found that no praise bestowed on
it is too high. It does all that is
claimed for it, and does it thoroughly. Do not take any substitute for
Bickle's Syrup, because it is the
best, having stood the test of years.
All the best dealers sell it.
B'Obbs���Doing society now?
Slobbs��� Rather, I went to three
balls last night.
Blobbs���Who's your pawnbroker?���
Philadelphia Record.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does not require the help of any
purgative medicine to complete the
cure.  Give it a trial and be convinced.
Tbere is a TemisyTvanTa"divine wh��
Is not averse to telling a good story
at his own expense.
Once ln addressing a mission meet
lug In Philadelphia which was attended mainly by Bailors the good man bad
sought to adapt Ills remarks to hla
hearers by using nautical similes, and
In so doing he ventured somewhat be*
ijotid his depth.
"And now what shall we do���what
shall we do?"
"Nothln' doln', enp'n!" sang out one
of the sailors. "Ye're In bad! Ye're
goin' In _,tarnforemost>"
Minard's Liniment Curat Garget in
An old country gentleman returning home rather late discovered a
yokel with a lantern under his kitchen window, who, when asked his
business there, stated he had only
come a-courting.
"Come a-what?" demanded the irate
"A-courting, sir. I'se courting
"It's a lie! What do you want a
lantern for? I never used one when
I was a young man."
"No, sir," was the yokel's reply;
"I didn't think yer 'ad, judging by
the  m'ssis."���London  Standard.
Men should
look for this
Tag on
Tobacco. It
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Ping.
A Man to Be Envied.
"Do you know," remarked a visitor
to a Broadway hostelry, "I'm always
Inclined to envy the clerk In a hotel
like this. He Is always well groomed
and smiling, has a wider acquaintance
among the wealthy or well to do thau
I can ever hope to have and Is always
so aggressively ot peace with the world
and himself; also he wears, more ef-
ten than not, a diamond searfpln or
ring which ls certainly beyond me.
It's a pretty comfortable berth."
Several hours Inter the hotel clerk
reached for his coat nnd hat. As he
left the office he turned to a comrade:
"Sny, Ned, can you let me have $10
till the first?   Rent due nt home tomorrow, and I'm shy.    Doctor's bills hit
me pretty hard this month, and 1 don't
want to lie awake tonight if 1 can help
���<-" _______
Governor's  Narrow Escape.
The narrow escape of tlie Lieutec*
ant-Governor of Bengal is reported
in a Reuter telegram from Calcutta,
which describes an attempt made t(.
wreck the special train in which His
Excellency Sir Andrew Fraser, Lady
Fraser, with his staff and a number
of police, were traveling. Having
regard to the nature ol the explosives,
used, railway officials are astonishec'
that a terrible catastrophe did not
occur. The train was running through
to Kharagpur, and when between
Marayanger and Benapur the driver
felt the engine lilt and bump. Simultaneously he heard a loud explosion
Luckily the train did not leave the
rails, and the vacuum pipes parted
automatically, putting on the brakes.
Tho explosion tore a big hole in the
ground, while some sleepers were
blown to fragments. The "Statesman," dismissing the theory that the
outrage was the work of disaffected
Bengalis in the Madnapur district,
says: "Pieces of shattered sleepers
were found at a distance of from 150
to 200 yards away from where the explosion occurred, and we are told that
some of them have been sold at as
much as 100 rupees each as mementoes of the first attempt that has been
made on the lifo of a high state
official since the assassination of Mr.
Justice Norman and Lord Mayo."
A police officer and 50 men have gone
to the scene of the outrage. Under
a tree close to the spot sweetmeats
and other traces of an encampment
have been found. Various theories
are put forward to account for the
outrage,  one  being  that  it  waa  the
work of a discontented ganger.
*.* .��-������*��� ��� -
The Cireaniani.
The Circassians, who live ln the
northwestern part of the Caucasus and
who think It Is more honorable to live
by plunder than by Industry, make it
a custom to brlug their daughters up
to be sold as slaves to the Turks and
Persians. Circassian beauties therefore shine not In their native land,
but iu the harems of tba orient,    .
It Haa Been Known Since the Earliest
Days of Civilization.
A few winters ago I, passed a day
among the wonderfully decorated
tombs In the cemetery of whnt was
once Memphis, upon the westeru bank
of the Nile, writes Julius Chambers
ln the Brooklyn Eagle. One of the
show places ls the remarkable underground palace that the Illustrious
Queen Tl of the fifth dynasty (I. e.,
about 4,500 years ago) constructed for
her final resting place. It consists of
a great court 40 by CO feet, as I remember, and several other apartments,
besides the mummy chamber, which Is
reached by a stairway lending down
from the largest room. Upon the
walls of this toinu are thc best preserved pictures to be fouud in all
Egypt, and among them are the fig
ures of two artisans working upon
coverings for the feet.
Therefore, mnkers of shoes, I salute you! More than 4.000 years before the art of prlntlug had practical
existence, although you will admit
that tbe decorator of Queen Tl's tomb
was almost a publisher, your art was
recognized, respected aud Immortal
The natural Impulse of mankind is
to go barefoot. Every reader can remember youthful duys In which the
greatest possible pleasure was embodied ln a run through the woods or
along the shore unshod. Very well
cau 1 recall the secret spot In the barn
In which I was wont to hide my shoe3
and stockings in order that I might
be ln the competition for the first
stone bruise of the summer. That
was the primitive man, speaking up
for the faraway days "before we were
women and men."
Her Poor Memory.
A woman who belonged to an ancient
but penniless family married a rich
plebeian, but she never forgot the mls-
uillnnce nor allowed ony oue else to do
so. One day, attended by a servant,
she went Into a store and gave an or-
"And where shall I send It, raadamT'
snid the shopkeeper.
"Jean." said the woman, turning to
her servant, "tell the mnn your mas-
ler's name.   I.ueser can remember.It"
Bad Breath
And very likely constipation, which fill your blood
with impurities and poison
your whole system. To
cleanse your blood and
strengthen youi* digestive
(o centi
per bottle
London's First Balloon and the Great
Excitement   It   Raised.
Tremendous excitement was caused
when London's lirst bnlloou went up.
The balloon, manned by a young Italian named Vincent Lunnrdl, ascended
from Moorfields, then tin open space of
ground, on Sept, 15, 1784, in the presence of more than 100,000 spectators.
All business was suspended, the king
himself setting the example by adjourning a cabinet council that happened* to be sitting. Vast crowds followed the balloon's course, some on
horseback, in carts, in chaises, but
mostly on foot. The Great North road,
above which the aeronaut sailed for
some distance, wns n roaring river of
Many were hurt in the crush, but
tlie only fatality recorded wns the
death from fright of nn old country
woman, who, coming out of her cottage to see what the excitement wns
about, beheld the balloon just above
her head. On the other hand, Lunardl
undoubtedly snvotl one mnn's life, a
jury bringing In a verdict of not guilty
on a notorious highwayman in order
that they, the prisoner and the judge
who was trying the case might rush
out of court to see the balloon.
The aeronaut descended eventually
near Ware, Iu Hertfordshire, where his
sudden drop from the clouds was the
cause of more astonishment and excitement. Many of the spectators
swooned with fear, while others urged
the putting of Lunardl to death there
and then on the ground that he must
needs be a sorcerer and in league with
the evil one.
Cures Spavins
The world
wide success of
Kendall's Spavin
Cure lias oeeu
won because
this remedy
can���and does
���cure Hog ami
Bone Spavin,
Curb, Splint, Ringbone. Bon j Growths,
Swellings and lameness.
Meaford, Ont., May aa -o6_
"I used Kendall's Spavin Cure
on n Bog Spavin, which cured it
completely."       A. G. Mason.
Price $i���6 for $5.  Accept no substitute.
The great book���"Treatise on the Horse"
���free from dealers or -m
Dr. B. J. KEMDALLXO.. Enottaf Falls. TiimhI, UJM.
That St^Roofed
The strongest wind that ever blew can't
rip away a roof covsred with ������tt-lockina;
Rain can't get through it in *2J yean
(guaranteed in writing* Tor that long���good
for* a century, really)���lira can't bother such
a roof���proof against all Ihe elemente���Uu
cheapest GOOD roof there is.
. Write ua and we'll show you why It
costs least to roof right.   Juat address
The PEDLAR People K
Oshawa Menu-eel Ottawa Turonto Lorraon Wlaalpef
Small Necked New Yorkers.
Statistics furnished by manufactur-
ers of shirts and collars Indicate that
the average New York man has a
Bmaller neck than his out of town
brother. Comparison of orders shows
that out of a given volume of business
booked Boston and Chicago led in the
matter of big sizes. Inquiry at several haberdashery shops In Manhattan
resulted In the information that nu.
number larger than sixteen and a half
would have to be specially called foi
from the factory or had through tht
selling agent ln other cities it ls an
everyday experience to sell as hi).1*
as size eighteen over the retail counter. Of course the element of snug
fit Is a factor, but as a regular proposition eastern and western men are
more "bull necked" than ls the case
with their New York brethren.
When "sweets
lose their sweetness���
and " substantial,"
their charm���there are
always MOONEY'S
coax back
the appetite
know how
good   they
W.   N.   II.    No.   675. T rT9 '
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $14,-100,000.
KEST. S511,0C0,C*00   o
President���Loau Stsatbcoma and Mount I'otal.
Vice-President���Hoi*. (Jnui:c.ii A. Dkijumojsd.
Geueral Manager���E. B. Cloostox.
Branches ia All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Commencing on flonday,
April 6th.
Mrs. Williams  invito)  lho inhabitants
ot Ken*  D.-nver,  Silverton,  Slocan
Cily. Snndon and the surrounding district lo call and inspect )nr stock  of tho
Easter Goods:
Special line In the Uvtost fashions in
millinery, Hals, clc.
Also a large range of ladies' and children's ready-to-wear just arrived,
,,.... .'������'��� -f'S-vt ��������-���-r*i *���.������*���*.,.,, ejA . ���*���! *��� : ���*-'. >*. -* i *> ���*,-1 ; *--' . **, ' .*   i
***+*****-c****t************-*4,-C ���;���; it i t****** (���>v**i*';5*i*t ��*'J*i
||     Tired Feelhig that Spring
Brings ?
Energy all f*one ?    No appetite J    Blood thin ard watery?        |->
Nerves unstrung-?     Generally under the weather? %?
The 11 IMMffil I
I! Scott's
Pills p
__.. _ ob o �� o 3 e ���!.����. *3��i>3* t coe ti��� o eatoiotiiiei.Kii.ii.o.'iD.g
.Slocan flDiniKfl Review.
Cubscription ?'J.OO per annum, etrietly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
They will BRACE YOU UP and
put you   in   FIGHTING   TRIM.
Situate at New Denver, D.C., the moat beautiful place in
* *i. h ������'*.. this modern and picturesque Hotel offers I ���
Its and the traveling public all the attractions sr..l
creature comf rta that heart oi man desires. Facintr the
tlorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may tie in-
di .. ,i in al! the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glaciir nnd snow clad pe^ka may be witnvsed st ril
til from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
PRICE    50c.
6   for    $2.50.
ma Angrignon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
Al)V!!KTI..INU Rates:
Noticca to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     lor Clown Grants     -   -     7.fit)
"      " Purchase "I Land   -    7.P0
"      " License to Cut Timber fi.00
All local* will be charged for at the rate
of loc. per line each issue,
Transient riles made known on application.   Nu room Ior Quacks.
Address till Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher,
Make yourselfftarniliai with the
above rates and Save Trouble.
Virginea mineral claim, situate in the
Arrow Lakes Mining Divieiun of West
Kootenay District. Where located:
On Kobskanox creek about 8 milts
from ita mouth.
Take'notire Unit I, Samuel Walker,
Of Burton City, Free Minor's Certificate
No. B.66285, intend bixty days from
the d.ite her of, to apply to the Mining
Recorder Ior a Certificate ol Improvements for tho purpose ol obtaining a
Crown Gant of the above claim.
Andlurilier take^notlce that action
���under section 87, niuat be commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements.
Dated tbis BStlfday of Nov. A.D. 1007
New Denver, B.C.
Bosun Hall Stores
07 piece porcelaino blue.(bit dinner
B"t, valued ul $HU'*0 t<r ie (jiyen away
FREE to the highest i-aali purehasei of
goods in oiir .toie.i for the mouth ol
Mny. l-'nr April, a Ci minldi__ fountain
pen, guaranteed for Jive yeurs, valued
at.a.25. Every month during 1908 \.e
mo -j;.,111_���; to |_i*,*i- a Big Prixe 10 tbe largest pun baser for spot cash. Yen can
compare our prices . with other fbinj
and yon will sea exactly what you run
save and still have a chance i f procuring for yourself a liuudsouie piesen.
eacll montli. 'Ibis is a big inducement
for casli purehasei a. Keep all your
receipted i-illi for e.ich month ��and
present tbem io us on tic 1st to tbe y i li
of tbe following montli so lhnt we can
cheok i vor all puichaters, Tne bi**be.-t
account, with name of puicliaser will
be pnhlisht'd each inonth in this pai or.
Spring and summer stock of beots
and shoes arriving daily. The biggest
coii-igiiuiciit of footwear ever brought
into lhe Slocan country and bought
direct from the manufactory. All the
very latest ems and up-lo-date swell
Bhapes**. All sizes to fit nil buyeiH.
We bave a Scotcli grain tan I'lucher
Mountain and fishing choe which ����
have bad made Btrirtly fnr our own
trade, fiewod throughout, In all
heights, Prices'ranging from $*' 50 to
1.10.00. Our veloir calf guit'a shoe,
solid oak so!e,[[atj.5.00 per pair. Can-
nut be nu i iia.-i d in nny country. In
ladies shoes we have just opened uo a
beautiiul range iu tans anil vica kid
oxford tie-, n'so our True-tit Indies
sliotfi, at .'!,2." its h line sample ol footwear. Children'a luce and button shoes.
A'so a fine line of 2 buckle eainlalo f.>r
misses and children. Gune and lock
over our stock. Am only loo p)ea��ed
to bIiow you the siooils, whether [you
buy or not. Mail orders shipped same
dav us rccoived. Everybody _treat.d
witli kindness and n spect.
| 111;:-    lU
_-*_, ****** '-:������;*. t************t,*t************* **********Ja\
K3'-e tf\tf
New Benvei
Meat Markc
*t���***���""*��� ��>*AC��>���{>.>-*. ^���r$-*+AA*-*-'*���-!-**������$*?.**���*'} t>>i*<*1W^^.}*&^*
vntr,Tni_    . professional car&$.
fiOIit I*.   	
Empress Fractional   mineral claim, a't    m.^.-.-,
uate tn th�� Siocaii  Cry  Mining Div-  "v O O D,   V ALL ANC E
lsion   (rf   West  Kootenay    District.
Wheie located:   tin the lonth n:d" ot
Cenerai Merchant   -
Mow Denver
Always a '{-ood supply of |
home-fed I.ecf, Mutton
and  Pork ou hand.
Poultry, Gatnc and
Fish iu season,
[ ilcrmann Clever I
Proprietor.     |
Jeweller and
Watchmaker ���"
JH Y     Lato vrith J. O. l'atenaude, Nelson.
Bloean Land District���District ol
Take notice that Sidney Yates Broc',;-
u-an, of New, Denver, accountant,  intends to apply for permission to pur-
clifl-s the   following     dcHcribcd   lnnd.
Commrncing at a post planted at  thc
N.E. corner of lot 8101,   thenco east fcO
chains j theaoe south 40 chain    i;
-.���it 80 chains; tlience north 40 chains   i ii ri.,A(i., n   i i     ,  n\nnH ,tf.flnn
to point of commencement and contain-  &[[ t[UUU0 pUill'dl ajKUiiiwllUIl
no 320 acre, more or   a.
���_rf.t.24tli 1907
1  HI tf\����.
cuing Uit
O.vinsto ill licilth I nm obliged to
close mv businj.-s.   After the Iiiili
A share of your patronage ia   solicited.
Notice ia hereby feiveii that the co-
partnership heretofore subsisting be-
tween tho undersigned aa Lumber Manufacturers under tho firm nmnc of Tlie
New Denver Lumber Co., at New renter, B 0., baa bteu tliii day dissolved
l.y mutual consent. Tim business will
hereafter be carried on by Lewis Scaia.
All outstanding accounts duo the old
firm nie lo be paid to ;tlio said Lewis
bcaia, and all debts of old firm will bo
f��ld by him. A. Owunb,
New Denver, B.C.,
March 3,1008.
Lkwis Scaia.
Eva Fractional and'__H.llside   miner 1
claims, situate in the^Iocnt*  Mini
Division of  West Kootenay Distiict.
Whero located:    South-east of .Sandon,
Take'notice that T, Herl eitT.Twigg,
ai sgent for the Byron N. White Com*
P��ny, (foreign), Free Miner's Certificate No. B95642, intend, sixty days
fiom tbo date hereof to'apply to tbe
Mining Recorder for__,CerliHcatc8 of
Improvements for tbe purpose of obtaining Ciown lirants of each of the
above, claims.
And fin ther take notice thnt action,
under section !i", must bo coinuicnced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day oi Feb. A.D. 1003
NOTICE is hereby given that after
the expiration of SO^days from date, I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Police, Victoria, for a retail liquor
license at MiGuigan, B.C., to be known
as the McGuigan House.
March 24, 1908.
*'(2) The Superintendent of Provincial
Police may at any time cancel any
license granted or renewed by him,
upon proof satisfactory to him that
the licensee ie not keeping his premises in a< cordancewith tne provisions
of this Act, or is keeping his premises in a disorderly manner, and for
i-he additional reuson, in the case of
a wholesale licensee, that h** is not
bona fide carrying on a wholesale
rs*   Mathes
Zhc Slocan Ibotel
Sbree forfte,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this fsmous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar |and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
���t t
���i Tlie Crown Tailoriae
j;   Co., Toronlo, Oni.   T
���*��� F.ir'Sniliiji mu 1 Snmmer^S'il t.   ���������
*' ^*
;;     tleu*. SamplesJEver  Shown      T
.! in   B.C.
* *
T     Het  them at the  Lucerne
��� ��� Shaving Parlor,
2 Agent
********************* ****,
To N. W.'Fes'ler and li. V. Riadon,
or to any other person to whom tliey,
oi li.hrnr oi them, mny havo tranr���
furied tiieir iuterent, or any part thereof, in the ''Tiiiiisveal" miiieial claim',
sitnatei ou Ten-mile creek, in tlie H'o-
ean City mining division ol I lie West
Kootenay dUtriot ot the province ol
Britisli Columbia, and reciided iu tho
Mining reoorders.oilice at Hlocan,   B.C
You, and each ol you ure hereby .nnt-
ifi.d tnet I have expended the suin of
two hundred and live dollars (.205.00)
iu payment in lieu of work and recording leas upon tlio above named minora
claim 111 oid.ii* to bold the same under
the provisions of section 24 of the miner-
si set; and that il within UO ���-'ays irom
the dutii uf thin notice, you fsil or rtfuce
to coiitiibute your proportion of the
aforesaid expenditure, for tho two
yeais endinj; tho 1st of Angiitt, .'Wl?,
together with al costs of advertising
your interest in the estid claim wil' become v��s'.cd in the undersigned, under
section 4 of tho mineral act, Amendment set, 11)00.
Dated at Slocan,  li.t.Jthia  30th day
ol January, A.D., 1008.
-Ap. DO JOHKl'H FI.A_*Z.
\00iCiIay HOtCl
SacHoa, B.C.
tS Hotel
Slocan Citv\ * B.C.
Headquarters and home
of tliQ old-timers, mining
and commercial men, ranchers, lumberjacks, prospectors, and every one who
wishes & square deal,
Which you will surely
get   at
f. jg. -SrlflUft
runcrula o��n*laetP<3 ot, Abort
uottcs al tiny p( iat la lhe dlit
tilct.    Bbolll (.Iwaj-R iu Btort,
HDiDcXean. gS7viB
rlotel Rosebery
Well furnished roomu.
Fimt-clasi   Cuisine.
Ton-inib' creek anil adjoins the Eater-
prise and Mubou mineral c!iiiiiiu.
Take notice that I, ttobert Ira Kirkwood, 1-roo Miner's Certiflcato Nn.
1396,785, inland CO days from tin* il '*
here f, to apply to tlie Mining Recorder
for a Certificate ol Improvements, for
tho purpos * of obtaining a Ot'ovt n Grant
of ihe nl ova claim.
Ami further  tnke notico thet  a'lion,
under section X/,   muBl be  commenced
before' the Issuaueepf hucIi  Certificate
of Improvements.
Du-.ed UiisSrib day ofJaii!. A.D. 1008
Shulf   ami   Heavy   Hardware,   Idin
Smelter ar.d Mill Supplies.
El       .,   B.C.
In offdring goo! values in Uen's undenvonr,  In Pen-Angle,
Big !;*.!i, Pope a:,il other vrell-known brnnds,  uIho shirts ol
-i iri us kind*, wine  Bpeciulilies for miners und men in  kg-
ging camps, gloves, miltn, soeks in hirpe variety, Collins, tio
Biveulr-ri**, overalls, blunketB and comforters.
Cull ind inspeel ocr rytoek ; it will beappieciated.
j   *************************** **i.*****'$****^-**>i*$***>
New Denver Lodge No. 22
_   Kit of I ���:
c\'A Mfcbi ;n Pythian Castio
\'\ IIi.il. C'evi i* Block, over}
J MONDAY    evtuiiig    r.
(X ���*_,*_.;
C  \ ��
P*l__3iil-W��a^y^ |
For ''those  who   could
not j_*ct
away during the busy holiday
se.--.3on, we  rcccomend
Of? t f*V  *A   ���___>   ,,f>   a*
���O-1 n J *2fr %SP K-JitcP
Fresh Milk delivered  to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied rezulsrly.
*-.'       rj.
I I* irst-cl bs I 10ms; Firit-class Meals j First-class Bar j Special
I.attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
: . rita Bummer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished tor Hunting end Mo intain Climbing Parties, G*s3oline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and .Climate,
��� Facing laid ;������ I lacier this hotel offers all that in required
to mako your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
J A. Jacobson. Prop.. New Denver, B.C.
hclure amps, polrslies, [t_vonn_ extracts, Perfumes, toilet articles, medicines, bci':irtg pow- ^-.
(l:*r*., ;;l*.c*. Inimcnl-.. .Ixlr jnii I\)*,:!ry (.*;,-.. .*:*'. ;'
���    edit*, bousehold speciBltles and nov.*!tk*- ;,*.���_-,���  '��� <v.*';*.*-.
. yo-jf own home al sm?ll C051. Mixers Ouitla ib y-v_.. {Srift_5_;,
a paper devcted to the busin*-j3. three jiunths C'* , :'",'-
i.__ njbscr'.n'H.-. loi 10c; sanplc Irse
MO0*H3 GUIDE I*'ort MndiKin. Iowa      - - '������*   -'-
Repairs to Brooches. Finn, etc. in Gold
or Lend Solder.
All work rruaranteed.      Special attention to mail orders.
Thin frtr-famed' sah'itarium with
its sulphur springe and accomodation ia'JUST THE.PLACE to
i uiW2 tp 'ni get a fresh start.
Thi3 company operates  through
standard Bleeping'_cars, dining
cars, and*;First2Clas3;' o   "'.."
' For r-*!** *. R< ��� ervations or any'
i: ' ma : * . d irerf, call en, or
Q '. ...
___! L 'kJ? -LI L*
Ladies' Dresa 10c
Silk Blouoe or Ball
Gown 50c
To*!��el3, handerchiefs, petticoats, soclu;, *>tc 50,- do2.
Wor_:in_r Men washing l_e pee.
Collars 3c. Shi ts lfc.
Special attention to (hippinc orders.
Put np in Pint Dottles for Fatr.ilv and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its .Strength and Purity.
KADH   *>'   TMS
' -~._2a S ;c._-:.o ��� 0 -'��� I
*S !*|*S*>-*. BWJiMHf1
'   i
mm Jio'iiiL
For GOOD  Ft
E, J. Cotlb, A.O.T.A.
Vill COUT'!*,
^**  Wrrm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant   in
|*      connection.   Excellent Pool 'labia.
! 'Wl2^^^iJ&&'S3CSSg^i^SSSli!^S   . B*r wsl1 Stocked.
tv   c^
%*.. i��J-
Johh Mos, D.P.A., Nelsn-a.
Should your buelnesj or pleasure take
you to Sandon at any time, cal! at
thc   Kootenay   and iet Ed. or
Georso mix you tho famous
Sandon Cocktail ur your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
HER.:"   1 T CUE       ' Box 44.
lllC ItCo lIClliil LIIIIIUCI Ull,
Manufacturer?! of Pine Lumber,  Shlplap, and
FinlsWiig Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on ^m Lake
L. 8CAIA, Proprietor
P.O. Box 20.
Slocan L��n    Dis' rict���District *ol
WeStiiKo j!e*.ftV.
Take notice thnt I, M.trion 'Mclnnes,
Angus Mclnnes, agent, of New Denver,
spinster, intend to apply for perintision
to purchase lho following describe<l
land: Commencing at_a post fplanted
nt_the north-west corner of. lot 3,60(1
Q.l., Kootenay dittrict, thence.west 30
ohains, thenco south SO chaim, tlience
cast 20 chains, thence nortli '20 cliains
to the place of commencement containing JO acres more or led".
Dated November 28rd, 1007.
A. Mclunei, A^ent.
Slocan Land? Diatrict���Diatrict ol'
Weil Kootenay.
'Tik** notl *���* tl at i'*:.. Ulaclr, of New
Denver, miner, intendi t'i epply for ptir-
miseion to purchase the fo'lowinj; dos-
cribedl'laiid, ECiiinni.iicinj ftt__a_*poit
plsntrd rin thf nlr.*;c ol Plocsn lnke one
mlle.north of^Kcw '.D.'iivcr nt the wrs*
boundary oi the Molly Hugh***" group of
mineral, {olaitusj t!ieie*o northerly 20
chaini,*'thence Jw.tit 40 chains, tlience
south 20 chains, thence cn.-t thing the
ahoio of Slocan lnko t*) point of com-
mancement and containing-40 acres more
or leas,
Docainbcr 16, 1007
PIPD    , PlTTT\irlQ '
&. Q?te&Cf4e*t
SILVCRTON, B.C.       i
J_(-inch to i}*' inch, also J.*.-incl_
Galvanized Pipe.
l/i,  }{,  and    at; Brass Pipe and
Fittings for Launches.
Rubber Packing Alwayi Kept.
Pipe cut to any length.
Sinks, Lead traps, etc., etc.
Slmll I send my next warming?
There    is    only   one    first c'tis**!
Laundry ii Ihe Kootenayi nml that
The     ���
Kootenay Steam Laundry
of Kclsen, B.C.
Oct price   liit from  J.  D.  Anjrignin
Looal Ag*nt.
Denver Waterworks
Coiiipaoy, ltd.
II. J. G. ANQEtl^ -      -Manager.
Riverside, Autumn, Alainedn, Treasure
and Lailey  Fraction minertl Jclaims,
aituate  in   th*-  Slocan    Citv  mining
iliviisit.ii  of We t   Kootenay Dislrict.
Where located:     On the dmd��  bu
twcniiTui-milc  anil Springer creeks,
near llio h.ud of Springer creeks.
Take notice thatl,  Robert Ira Kirk-
w��od, Free Miners Certificate No. I'95,-
785, Intend flO days from the date  hereof, to apply to tlio Miuing Recorder for
of Impi iveineutt f ir tlie
i [.obtaining   Crown  Qraut ol
��� h<       ve chiii'is,
And   further tnke noiico that action,
under section 87,   mutt  ha commi
barorc the iesuanee  of such   Certificate
oi Impraveincnts.
Datedjlhis Ist day of Feb., A. I), pjjj
Sweet Grans, TTilraer, Ivun, ami Wil-
mer Fractional mineral claims, eit-
uato iu tlie Bloean Mining iii vision of
West Kootenay District. Where locate*1,: On Goat Mountain north of
Denver Siding.
Tako notice that I, Frank C. Gn i,
acting ai agent for George ;' ill r
Free Miners Certificate No. Bl 1805, Intend 60 days from the dato hereof to
apply to the mining recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grunts of tho
abovo claims.
And further take notice that net! n
*n,.!* r seel i in ��� .', must,   be commenc d
before  the issuance ol such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth dny of Jan. A.D. 1008
FtiANi*: 0. .;::
Ap. 10 :: I     i, 13.C.
Ohio Mineral  claim,    situate   in   the
Slocan  Citv    mining    division   of
West  Kootonay   district,     Where
located;   Onthesonth  side of Ton
Mile creek abo'vo  the   Enterprise
Mine, and,adjoins the Mubou   Mineral Claim .
Take notice that I,   Robert Ira Kirkwood,  Free    Miner's    Certificate   No,
B95,785,    for   myself   and    agent   for
Frank A. Wells,  Free Miners   Certilicate No. 5004, intend 00 daya  from  the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder foaa Certilicate of Iniproy .ment.
for Uie purpose of obtaining a   Crown
Grunt of the above claim.
Ami further   take notice that action,
iii **m o7,   must bo commenced
ii***   *������ tin      ,:.i*ii*'* i i sin li  Certificate
,.i fn ; iientf.
Dated thia 37th day of Jan., .A.D.  1908
Mabou   mineral claim,  eitnuto In   the
-filocau City tuning division  of W*i?t
Kootenay district.      Where looated:
Ou the  south side ol Ton  Mila crook
abovo the Enterprise mine about IW
feet from the westerly end line ol the
Enterprise mineral claim.
Tako notico that I, Robert Ira Kirkwood,    Free    Miners   Certificate   No.
i'i*5.7ij"i foi invhe f, aiidngent fir  Duncan A. Grant, Free Miner'    Certificate
No.   I'**! 169,   intitid   60  d lya   i"r..:i��  the
dutii horeof, to apply to the Mining Re-
'   rdei   for a   Uertilleate  of Improvements, for the pin pose ol  obtaining  a
Crown Grant of llm above claini,
And further tako  notico  that action
'���* * on 37,  must bu commenced
before tlie   issunuco of such CeriiUcate
nf Impiovoinonts
Dated this 271 h day of Jan., A.D. 1903
Triune   and   Great   Western   Mineral
Claims,  eltuate   in  lho  Slocan   City
mininn  Division of West   Kootenay
District.*.       Where     Iioatodi      Oil
Springer Creek about liulf mile above
tho Arlington Sawmill at iho seoond
crossing of Springer Creek.
Tuk.) notico ill it I, Robert Ira Kirkwood, Free   Miner's   Certificate   No.
B05785, intend, 00 davs from il.,,  date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
fora Certiflcato of Improvements,  for
the purpose of obtaining & Crown Grant
of the aliovn clnim.
And further take noi ion that, action
under  lection 87, must be commencod
liefm-e the issuanceof such Cariifloate ol
Dped this 1st day of Feb., A D  l_u8
81ocati Land District���District ol
West Kootonay.
Take noti,*9 that Jamei McVloar of
Sli.*.-_n City, miner, intends In apply
! ir permisiipn topureh-ss the follbwina
de-cribed Uu Is: Comui.nbing una
po-l planted 'CO feet from N.E. corner
of lot 869, II. l). Curtis owner, claimlnu-
9 clm.in_.eant, thenc*. 80 chains ��*uitl.
thence i cli..ins weat, thei,ce 80 chains
nortii to point of coirimencment.
Jarnes McVicar, agent,
���John Wafer, locator,
December 7; 1007,


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