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Slocan Mining Review 1907-10-03

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . i
r; \ !___   \ ��
���'.      '    CO v
(-."���at- ��P ~
.   i#
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
1' Review,"   it's  so.
No. 6    Vol. a.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Oct. 3, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Rock-Drilling West Was
Admittedly Best Ever
Held in West.
When the news waa (lushed into town
last Friday that A. J. MoGilliyray and
A. Kricksonhad won the big rock* drilling
contest al tho Spokane Interstate Fair
many there wore who could scarcely
believe it, It appeared too good lo bo
tin*., and yet on culm reflection tho
goid firm showed hy tho team was
gufiiciont to warrant championship aspirations, loi !md not the two men at
tlieir first appearance in public together
put tip a wonderful performance in so
signally defeating the Faulds brothers'
record hole in Sandon, and this without
any previous' practise together. Since
then both man have run in double harness and their work at private practise
was Btifli that tho Review scribe has
publicly tipped them for every event
they h ive entered.
" We will go even further antl say that
if McDonnell and Isenor, of Silverton,
bed boon in lho competition they would
havo assuredly got second money and
probably troubled the winners. We in
tlie Si mm have not realised tlie last
crack* our men are, fir although we
have patronized them as good " locals,"
nine dreamed of their being in the
fame category as McNichoU and Rosa
or tho Dunne team, the latter never
tasting the p.mgs otdufeat until this oe-
c.i-d.iii. In future years tha Slocan will
be bolter represented at Spokane, for
now hor men have the "bead" on tlie
Crack teams from all cirners of the COn-
After the decisive victory at Spokane
Ihoro wero many ehallengos dying
around, but none ware burled at Mac
and hi. Swedish partner.
Mae. lingered in Spokane several
days on tlie off chance of a stray challenge, ami we understand that it ia highly probable that either Butte, Sumpter,
or Coe ir d'Alenes team will challenge
again for lho championship, in which
evcnl Ma,*., has insisted that the match
shall take place cither at Sandon, Silver-
ton or K.islo.
Tho rock which was the centre o! (he
big con list last week was a granite block
secured from a quarry on tho little Spokane liver, squared two foot on tho top
and varied from 51 to 55 inches in depth.
This vols proved much too soft and
shallow f ir many o! tlie teams, ns nearly
all bnko through and had to start a
second ho'.o. We have several pebbles
lying around Sandon whicli the Spokane
people 0 in'gaiublo on cannot bo bored
through, and (or futuic contests tbe directorate should boar this in mind.
On tho first night of tho big event
both the Goldfleld's team and thc Galium tin m created an iinmenso sensation bv diiliing sheer through Ihe rock,
the form r sinking their steel G15ii and
the latter 5170, and much iiion**}' was
wagered that the latter would win tbo
b'g iniz,o. On the second night tho
three tc tins were MoNloholls and Page,
Butte,M nitima; Cola and Dunne, Sampler, Ore.; and McGillivray and Eriok-
ion, n,  B.C.     In  tlie draw tho
Bandon I' un were the first out of the
hat, Hid when they pooled there wero
fully th.i e tin* isaud people crowded into
,th6 big tent, whicli was arriinged circus
Ain. ugh both the Slocan boys are
fine s;ii'i.'inioii8 of manhood, they looked
comparatively insignificant alongside
tlie giant's who had drilled the night
In fore nnd those that were to conic,
hut Un* multitude was willi them from
the first blow struck, and when tho first
steel was whisked out and not an ounce
ol power lost in tho change tho tent rang
with wild fhters for Britisli Columbia
and the unknown men. Up to about
the sixth ininute'it was about a stand-
on" v, Lib 11 aft and Peterson and the observant ones could boo that the men
weie thorough artists at tbo businoss,
andasth��y watched tho steel go down,
down, ii Im-li came over tho concourse.
M.iN'kj'io]':. shouted out: "Ah, tliey
C ui't got it tl r.vn ; them fellows are too
lir/.ltl.i tlu poopl'' But (ieo. Long, of
Bll.t-ri.. I, tv*. P-\t Uard'ri;* yjllel Q'4t
in defiance: " (iot any money?" And
then both lads got down to tlie real tiling,
tioorgo Long, who was coaching,whis-
perod a word to them. It was enough.
Their gait was changed from a 58 to a
tu and tbere was more ginger in everY
blow. At this the vast audience sat
spellbound for a couple of minutes, and
when they saw tlie men staying with it
and smiling confidently tbe wildest en-
tnusiasm broke loose. "Sit down, sit
down," roared thc patrol men, as the
immense concourse rose to its feet, and
n thousand words of praise were hurled
at the boys who were putting up an exhibition the like of which was never seen.
" By Coil," said Yoekey, tlie Goldficld
miner, "I never would havu thought it.
They're wonders. Oh! but they can't
keep up that gait." But the Slocan boys
were staying with it and pouring tremendous li'ows with clock-like precision
while every change ot steel made brought
forth roars of approval. Only once did
thev falter, and that was when the long
Btetl was about to break through and
there was scarce room enough for McGillivray to turn the fteel with his finger and thumb, but Erickson  who was
Slocan Fruit Belt Looks Good
To Prairie Farmers.
nursing staff at that institution.
Angus Cameron and  partners  have
Nakusp is enjoying the greatest prosperity since the decadence of tlie early
boom days, and this haa been brought
about by  the
which the fair city  has thousands of the Queen Bess.   Work has been begnn.
choice acres surrounding it.   Many new      Al.    Ilolmquist  and   Levi   Mclnnes
families  have   moved    in   with   their ]lave mB(ie a strike on a  property  near
effects, aed much land-clearing has been  *_ne Sunshine.
going on all summer.    This is but a
minute    forerunner  of   lhe influx    ol
new  settlers
spring of 'OS.
Everybody ia ple.iscd  lo learn  that      VV. II. Brandon came in from Silver-  WAS A SON THAT MADE HIM RUN,
Jim Sullivan haB left the  hospital well  ton Wednesday to attend to another car 	
on the way to complete recovery. This shipment of ore from tlie Canadian John J. Fingland, the popular young
is the first.'pnetimonia csseof tlie'season group. Mr. Brandon went to Nelson assayer, rushed down the 6troet and in-
and it Bpeaks well for the medical  and last   Saturday   to  hear R.   L.  Borden  to the City Hall last Friday morning at
speak. an  unusual hour,  his face aglow witli
Dr. Peteisky and partner made an " that 8u**le "'at won't come off."    IIo
���.h  for  f,���il hinds, of sr.*nr.,l a leas., on the  l..w��t level, of unofficial   visit   to   Three   Forks  last was  enqui.ing  for   the  census   taker,
Sunday,   and   reports   that   burg  too slating that the population of our littlo
healthy for him.    Our devil  wants to c't"' nau btt!n increased antl  he desired
know if rubbering ia a disease. to l)av0  ifc Bhow  immediately upon tho
Bill Miner is reported  lo have been census fcPort'    John J* Bays it assays
seen in Russia.    We wonder if it was
Bernard O'Donnell and little son camo  the indouiinatable William who lootod
which will follow in the  in Qran*- Fork*- on Friday to visit Mr.  Towgood's orchard.
From Manitoba and the B-ennelt and 'aml-y Bt -������<��� Roco* Hughie Niven ia figuring ont a scheme
good in flesh and !)0 per cent lung*-.
The Reuiew wafts congratulations to
the happy parents, and hopes that witli
proper care Mr. Fingland will speedily
recover from his "son-stroke."
Northwest particularly will those nhm-     j, A_ Tv0, wife and family relumed h? ,vhich  lie can pul1 oven with tlic
bers be attracted, for a system oladve'r- Wednesday frorafla trip to Vancouver, hetol men of lho tlio Slocan towns that N0 riORE NEWS FOR THE "NEWS."
New Westminster and Seattle,    They
Using   lias  been    inaugurated   in   tlie
prairio provinces   which will   have  a ���������*. ft)1.  Ulpir ,lome at MoGtfigan the
beneficial result, to say nothing of tho followim* morning.
giatultous    advertising    of  contented
,,, .    ,   ,, , ,     .   ,,        Mr. antl Mrs F. Charboneau havo ar-
settlers.    And  the  good  work of   tho
rived from  Kaslo to take up residence
have  held celebrations this year.    Of
course the  genial host of tlie famous
What a magnanimous, whole-souled
Three Forks hostelry took them all in, corporation is   the  C. P. It.    Because
but he is wondering where he gels off at. Editor Deano of tlie Nelson News has
It's too lale for a ctlebralion this year, registered   some   wholesome   and   jml-
but what's the  matter witli calling a pably deserved kicks at the poor tele-
They who arrived in the early spring """'                                                             meeting of hotol men at Three Forks to graphic news service of late, they have
discontented with the frigid winter of     J. T. Coomber, wife and two children discuss tlie advisability of making up applied the cinch and whispered in his
the prairie, were able to bathe in the have arrived  from '.Ontai io,  and have  one good town, or laying pipe lines from ear: " As nothing seems to please you
latter is having a far-reaching effect.
glorious   Buiisliine    and frolic   in   tbo taken up residence on Star Avenue.
Crystal waters of the Arrow Lake, while
the    brewery,    or  importirg  Chinese the Associated Press service will be dis-
kitclien help, or vetoing eye-openers, or continued at the end of tho month.'
any old   thing���but  get  them  there, S'death, Gadzooks, Odd? bodkins, and
and be sure to fine absentees 1.50. all that sort of  thing.     Have at them,
Tho many"Slocan friends of Johnny 'Brer Deane; show you're English. Tho
 with their household effects from Three -McLacll1an) 0, Lard0)  wil, learn with Kootenay looks.to you for news.
a 6-in. piece is  a nerve tester at such a ana we prophesy'that the Slocan fruit F<-**'ks. and   havo  taken up  residence
striking, looked into  his  partner's eve,
ii   i _.i i.i������, ���������ij ..������,_..���i. theirless tortnnate brethren are cboring
and before another blow could ho struck ���
McGillivray whipped out tho long steel around their Manitoba farms clad in
and another hole was begun.     It was a fur.     Winnipeggers  aro   just learning
brilliant change.    From a 55-in. steel to where tbo big, red, juicy apple is grown.
II. B. Steven, Kaslo,  will make his
home here in future.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Grant have arrived
in"the Review block.
Nothing furlher has yet been given
out for publication regarding  the pro-
crucial moment, but it was accomplish
ed deftly and not a blow or an ounce of be,t witl bo a Iiame to conJure with  in
power lost.     When tho long drill was a few years.    We have seen what Kaslo,
through, the men  had 47 5-10 to  their New Denver, Silver.* n, Rosebery,  Slo-
credit.     Those watching the itoel bars can an(*  Nft|.Usp can do in this lino, gram of ths new Payne eompany.
closely knew that if the men could last    " .   .,  ���,,,. ,���������,���,      ,, ;      ., ,, .
out their victory -was assured, but they *"* ll *lfl be * Blra"ge th,nB lf U,e     J. -*, McKinnon is retiring from the
were never given any anxiety in this wide-awake hustlers of the prair.es do dairy business which he h*s aucces-rfuiiy
respect.     Pat  Harding deluged both not get next to tlie good tiling offered condu..tet*    MM    S.n,lou   for geveral
drillers with water, and when the time- tbem.   Let tbem leavo their farms at year8)and we shall all miss his cheery
keeper shouted " A minute to go.    the a *,���, in Ul0 ,vinler ���.,,on the  mercury \, QooA nwnii. am, Ws thc 1)aby ,.,
excitement waa   intense.     It was  a ,,,,_ .,    ,.., .       ,, . , h' '
thrilHntj scene.    Ladies   clapped their U'tS tUe Blty fp0t' and let "8 ���ier9"a''�� E. R. Atherton has made arrangements
hands and men stood up and cheered llic,n   to  30U*,,ley  to our   God-kissed witu ^   Nel80I1) oJ tll0 New DenVer
wildly as those two gladiators bent for valley where at lhe same timathe warm  ran*.*)(  t0 Bem* a dally supply.   W.J.
the final spurt of thoir herculancan /.ephyra are breathing love to ihe Balm Macdonald is also getting a daily supply
task,  and then  "Stop!" was heard, 0f Gileads and budding peach trees, and ,       K   ,
and the Slocan boys who had acquitted ....       .,,,    ,       .        , .....  , ,. , . "
,, . ,   .     , ,,    , tliey would be transformed with delight.
regret of the serious illness of bis wife.
Charles Culver and wile leave today for the coast, where they will reside
all winter.
Jim McKian is in tlie toils of the
Nelson police on the charge of pnblish-
Robert R. Hedley, representing tho ini! a defamatory libel on tho newly-
Dominion Minister of Mines, is making installed chief of police O'Curroll. It is
an official visit of inspection of tbe alleged that early on Monday morning
camp, primarily to report on our re- last McKian came out of the Madden
souseeB.    IIo is also interesting himself  house and tacked  tlie following notice
themselves so gloriously stepped back
grtatly in tlie zinc situation.
J. G. Duck, representing Milwaukee
capital interested in the Chicago -jronp
of claims at Cody came in Monday
accompanied by E. H. Macdonald, a
consulting engineer from Butte, Mont.,
upon a telephone pole:
Spotters on the I. C. It.
Let them a  month later contrast our
It is also alleged that Constable Ellis
reokiiiir with perspiration to allow *'"1 ulem a '''onl" "lu'r co,lt"*HI* nur A big crowd of McGuigan boys made and both went up to the property tho observed lvs actions and ho forthwith
thc judges to measure up,  and they at  beaut'ful  valleys dotted with  various the trip to Kaslo to take in the fair,  follot-ing morning. gathered him in later in  tbe day at tho
the same time modestly acknowledged  hues of green, witli here an orchard going early and -staying late.     Mayor TWfiTHlOt instigation  or his chief.      Beiore tho
the  deafening plaudits   of  the   huge  containing ranks of fruits laden with T**"��- Bheflf. Davis and Chief Constable nutrir-t of  Wast Kootenav' magistrate-next morning McKian was
assembly.   It will long be remembered
fragrant  bloBsom,   and  here   a  green
as Slocan's year.
And then Dunne and Cola, the un- BWar'J u*'on wh,cu   tno n,!W   Ml,-8r s
defeated champions drilled, but when chil Iron gainbil among the wild flowers
time was called they were nearly three in the sunshine,  and as far as the eye
inches worse than the preceding team. can reach;verdure, verdure everywhere;
McNicholls  and Page were the last      '  ���_��� , . _.__��_,__.���_ _���;���_, .��� _*,_.
         ,       ,.,,���.       ... wo sav, let us contrast all tins to the
to drill, but they did not flatter their
supporters,  although   their work was <lcBokle-  ,ollinK'   hort*-l��ond prairie,
pretty to watch.   And thus concluded upon Which at the time we speak of the
a memorable contest. only joy on sight is tlie fanner's kilclien
The official measurements given out flr(1) an(1  thell necd we wonder if the orate are up in arms beoanse the C.P.R.
the following day are appended *. . ,    ,  .      ,  .     ., ���    ��� , .    ,    .    , , ,,   , ,
,, ���.,,. , _ . , _     , richest jewel  in  the provincial  crown  promised   Binirlo   rates   from   al     ake
McGillivray and Erickson, Sandon, '
B.C 53 1-8 appears to thnn a garden of Eden, points but did not fulfil Iheir contract.
Haff    and     Patterson,    Osburn, Let us then keep up the good work of There is apparently not enough license
DunnttndCoK'suWter.Ore'.^oVo1! ��^nil,^P our favored country to tlie given to the district passenger agent at
Yoekey  and    Johnson,   Goldfield, vision of land-seekers.    We mercenary Nc'son,  because  although he  advised
District of  Wett Kootenay.
LeeUieadedg^procession to tlie depot,      Tnl;e nolicl. ,i,at Bruce White, of Nel-   arraigned,   ha   reserving    his   defence,
ani^l fj^mna  niuht  and  day sliiits  Bjn, B.C., miner,  intends to apply  for  Chief O'Cairoll  denied being a spotter.
fro.ir.he Rambler in Iheir  best go*to-  a special timber licenso over the follow   Hobelonged to the I.C.R. police, buth-9
meeting clothes,  with Pat Dnnphy and  ng described lands:- had resigned.   A  police officer on that
PnmiiidnpiniT   at a   noat.   lilantetl near -      ** *
his drilling partner Rinta all smiles as
Commencing at a  post planted near
tho  N.W.    corner   of T. L.   9481 and  road was not a spotter.     A spotter is
body guard Jto the ladies and children.   marked BW..S N_-.   corr,er,    thonce  one who does  not disclose his identity
It appears that tlie Kaalo Fair direc-
AU  speak in the highest praise of the   g0uth 40 cliains, tlience west 160 chain*-,
thence north 40 chains, Ihence east 160
chains to point, of commencement.
Sept. 16th, 1907.
District of Wrst Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Bruce White, of Nelson, B. C, miner,  intends to apply for
a special timber licence over tho  following described lands: ���
Commencing at a post planted near
but spies on others.
Thc prisoner was committed for trial
and immediately hurried off to tho
assizo court, whero Jus'ice Morrison
was sitting. He, however, let McKian
go on hU own recognizances, to appear
when called upon.
That the Water and Light Co. will
Nev 518-8 creatures who have come to look upon the   Fair secretary   that   sinj-lo   rates
McNicholls and Page, Butte, Mont. 48% Bjivei_]ead  Oro as  the  most   beautiful would applv, the Winnipeg office failed   the S W. cornor of T.L.   No.  9363 and   shortly instal arc lights at dark spots
The winners received $500, the sec- ���������_���_,__,__, , . ���    ���
ond team $250, and the third $150. cmHon of t,,e Omnipotent Being can to endorse  his action in time.
the perhaps  at   present   see   nothing  in- the. squabble,
Thc contest practically decide!
snpremacy   of the   entire Northwest, spiling in  a pastoral s**ene, or a short
and British Columbians as a whole are cut to wealth in treeB groaning beneath
proud of the victory, and the Slccan is ft ,.l]|den of In__.on| frnU     We ......
particularly proud of its sturdy repre-        ....       ,.���.      ,    .    ,      ���.
,  .. graduated in a different school.     But to
sentatives. *
....... ���        . "**ope whose business it is to till and     j M Ilarrla ,,as rotu,.|ied -rom gpo.
Tako notice that Walter Clough, of raise crops  we should  proudly display  kaiiei wilero be haB been on company
Slocan City,    prospector,  intends   to our wares,  for tlie very good reasons business for a week.   Mr. Harris told us
Bruce White, locator of tbe Slocan
Star, paid a flying trip in from Nelson
tlie end of last weuk.
Hence  marked   B.W.'s S.E.   corner,    thence  throughout the town
north 80 chains, tlience west 80 chain",
thence sou'h 80 chains,   Ihence east  80
chains to point of commencement.
Sept. 9th, 1907. .   .
That Dr.   Petersky suggested it and
that he will bear tlie expense.
Distiict of West.Kootenny.
Tnko notice   that    Bruce   White, of
Nelson, B.C., miner, intends   to apnly
That Conductor Jack Cameron nntl
Mins Cecilia Lowe wore united in matrimony on the 20th ull. at Cailton
Place, Out.
That the Consolidated aro .trying  to
E-cure rates fiom tho K. & S.
apply  for perm ss on  to purchase the  Uiat t!,e  6iooan bclt ranka S(,con,i  t0  .      ,.,,._,,        , .    ,        ,    ,    for a B|,e,ml '"" nr llc "ce 0,or U,e
, ,,    .      .      ,.   . ,    , u'at lne   Biooan dbii ranKS seconu io  ]10 ft,ivi*e 1 his Spokone friends to back  f���.|.iwlno described lands :���
following described lands *, �����������._ i,���._. .. ,���������_��� i��� i, ,,���. ��n ������   ..     _       following utscnoin lanus. .,,,*,,,
Coinmencing at a post planted  near  ion honors unoei* the Liberal banner,
tho N.E.   corner of T.   L.  9264,    nntl
marked   B.W.'s   S.E.   corner, ihence
P. J. Towgood is justly indignant be-  north 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains,
canso some juvenile   marauders  have  thenco eouth 80 chains thenco east 80
stripped his young  fruit   Iress,     Mr.  clmins to point of commencement.
���        .           ,    ,    ,   , none, and there is money in it for all of  ti10  a��n,in��� team  in  lhe roek-drillintr
Commencing at a post planted  near ,                                  tne saimon team  in tne rocK-unuing
the mouth of Indian crock, on the west ��������  when  tho  settlors, have done ihoir
sido of Slocan Lake, marked W.C'b N.E. ,,ai*.
% local ant�� General,  -j
A   I'lt'kott up by Bulling in Everywhere,   -j
Sandon  exciirsionis's to New  West
minster   exhibition    included    E.   R
corner, thenco 40 chains sinth along
shore of lake, thence 40 chains west,
thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains east to pointof commencmont,
160 acres more or less,
Sept. 23rd 1907.
Fly Fraction nnd Dardanells Fraction mineral claim, situate in the
Klofjn Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located :���
In Dardanells' Basin.
Tuke  notice that I, X). Erase**, acting  Guigan.
as agent for tho Dardanells and Okana-
Kin Mining Company,   Limited,    Free     Mrs.   F,  S. Macdonald ami son are
Miners Certificate No.Bl75iil, intend, (10     ....      ,-    j     .a    i
days from tin) date hereof,  to apply  lo  visiting friends at Spokane,
tho Mining   Recorder for a  certilicate       .... ,        ,       ��   ,        ,     , ,
of improvements for lho purpose ot oh-     An Itinerant vendor of cheap baubles
taining  a Crown Giant of  tho above  and dre.'S gooih   tried to open up here
last week, but he discovered this   was
not a cheap town and forthwith hiked.
BoiiN.���On Friday, tbe 27ih ult., at
Sandon, to tho wife of J. J. Fingland,
a son.
That F. J. Deane will run for Domin-
That either Scbofield of Trail or Walts
of Wattsburg will prove hia Waterloo.
Towgiod has for the pait three years
been experimenting in raising plums,
peaches and apples at an altitude never
before attempted with great success, and
it is a dirty shame that tho product of
Sept. 9th, 1907.
District of Wrst Kootenay,
That a decision in tlie Star-White
caae will be handed in on the Day of
That'lheic will bo Fometliing big doing in milling at Cody shortly.
That nil the ciiizens are locking up
notico   that  Bruce White,  of  their fowls now Oie Hope has returned
Atherton, J.  L. While, and Mr. and his labor Bhould be stolen Irom him, to Nelson, B,C, miner, intends to apply from lho east.
Mr..   Dan Hurley.     Several also went say nothing of tlie ruthless detraction  lor a special timber   liceiiEe  over  the
thiough  from  Whitewater   and   Mc- of the young trees.    We had occasion following described land**)*.���
Commencing  nt a post planted  near
That (leonr* llrudcr went to Spokane
to get maided.
to refer to tho same matter a year ago,   .,      VT ,,                  ,   ���, T     ,,..,..         , ,rl   . ,,,  T .    ���   ,.   .. a���_,*._  ,v*ni
tlie   N.E. corner   of   l.L.   9201,  and That Ed. Lyons, late of Sandon, will
but there yet appears to be a good op- marked   B.   XV.    S.W.  corner,   thence be (he  new  pernio chief of police and
portunity for our local Sherlock Holmes  norlh 80 chains,  thence eaat 80 chains, cily clerk.
And further tako notice, that action
uuder section 87, mui*t lie commenced
before tlie iB*u��nee of such Certificate of
Dated this24th day of Aug., A.D.1907
to get in his fine work, and when the
guilty ones are roundel up they should
punished without fear or favor.
The Kootenaian staff are   disttracing
tlie profession again.    Last week they
be nee Booth 80 chains, thenco  west
clinina to point of commencement.
Sept. 0th, 1907.
That Geo.  Lovatt will be
mayor of Sandon.
he  new
Land Notice���Distiict of West Kootenay
For Sale at tlie
Sandon Dairy s?^**. 'o'mi^"
7 Good Winter Cows. ��SS.
Tlie polico situation at NelBon is causing moro fun than a ringful of clowns at
a cirrus. If wo were Sir Arthur Snl-
lvan wo would go to Nolson and write
for tho
Take notico that William Fovarguo     On Sunday next,.both  morning anl
came down  from tbo clouds to pursue Whellams, of Kaslo, B. C, accountant, evening, Harvest Thankpgiving ServiccB
���uoh a plebeian task as cleaning  the intends to apply for  permisiion to pur- wj,. b(j ,|el(l  *n  the  Angl'oan Clmrch,
oflica windows.    'Pshaw 1  unless  these chase    the   following described   land: New Denver, poiiducted bv the pastor,
youngbucks are chided in time they will Commencing at the south-east corner ^         Misti me r Baynes.   Thoohurcl.
,              ..,,.., ot Lot 752:!,  thence norlh 40 chains,                                 ,"..,,           .  _  ,
be sweeping the ofhee out next. lh_nce _Mt 4Q ^..^ ,,.. nM ^ 40 i,M recently been beautifully repainted,
Coiner is still declining,  but as yet chains,  thence west 40 chains to point the work reflecting grcit credit upon
no indication of tlie curtailment of cop
Kaslo Fruit Fair Will Become
The Leading Kootenay
Lake Fall Fair.
Tim Kns'oFair has been a succe.s
and Kaslo dei-ervea all praise for ita
enterprise. But a Kaslo district exhibit at the Nelson Fair would bo
worth infinitely more as an advertisement. Tlie fniit growing capabilities of Kai-lo have been indeed
advertised, but to whom ? Onlv to
the pcoplo of Nelson and Sandon
who were well aware of it before���
Nelson Daily Canadian.
In tho main our contemporary is correct, but tho writer surveys tlie ground
broadly and sees things through Nelson
gla-BCs focussed to suit the occasion for
them, Nelson has just had a taste of
something which was uot to its liking,
and it is becoming a weo bit scared lest
Kaslo should grow too great a centre of
importance in the fruit-growing business
and detract from its own, and this hns
inspired severaljbon-iiiola of the abovo
transparency within tlie upper storey of
our culom's editor of late.
Granted that a Kaslo exhibit at lhe
Nelson Fair would have been wo.tl,
something as an advertisement (to Nelson), there i. yet to he Uken into consideration tho fact that it is ever up to
Kaslo to work out its own salvation
and push its acquisitions, natural re-
sources and fruit-growing possibilities
beiore the world first-handed. A central
Fair to have a far-reaching effect, and
albeit lhe desfderatuin to he striven for,
should bo conducted upon lines which
insure a fair shake for all outside competing districts'. Tliis the people of
Kaslo do not a hint was the case at tho
Nelson Fair of '00, and th. ir grievance
was endoricd by other sections, so it is
not to^he wondered at that Kaslo district should fail to lake a more than
passing interi st in the Nelson Fair this
And Kaslo did not exhibit! Ah,
there's tho rub 1
Wo agice witli the Canadian that Ihe
people of Nelson and Pandon are perfectly well aware of tlie capabilities of
Kaslo, but it does not necissarily follow
that its wider advertising po*sibilitiea
aro taken from because it did not
show al Nt lson, whhh we tako it is tho
hint [conveyed in lho extract above.
On the contrary, tho fact of and the
cause for thoir not exhibiting this year
has in i self been a Btibstant-al advertisement whicli has helped out wonderfully. A district to stand on its dignity
and take the stand Kaalo did must havo
tlie goods behind it, and those who aro
liktly to associate Ihemse'vos with any
district in the fruit business are shrewd
enough to read between the lines, As
lo publicity, there happen to ba two
local newspapers in this district whoso
editors can be depended upon to say lho
good wortl in sheets with far greater
circulations than enjoyed by our cotem,,
but Ihat is en passant.
We take it that all these fall faTrs are
gotten up for tho particular laudation
and glorification of the c'ty in whicli the
fairs aro held aud when a smaller competitor from an outside point enters tho
arena nnd skins them 1 adly, it is not
altogether palatable; hot when the district outsido tlieir own small world
kicks off ita swaddling clothes ai ' inaugurates a two davs' fair on its own, it
is positively Indigestible and a toar is
To wit: The Canadian of an earlier
issue doc'nred that there is room only
for one fall fair on Koutenay lake, that
Nelson was (list ill the Held, Unit it, had
all the say, etc., wvs the whole cheese,
elc, etc., that all tho others should go
waybnek, etc., etc., etc.
" Getting chesty, ain't wc ? "
Kaslo lias charms, possibilities, facilities and men energetic enough lo compete more than favorably with Nelson,
and onrconlemporaiy may ret_t assured
there ia something more needed for tho
upbuilding of a city than " hotel accommodation," which is another point it
would score on.
Koo'emiy Lake Fruit Fi.ir has Cnmo
to stay, snd Kaslo has ihe " bulge " on
the apple "111110 accordingly. As regards general pjlnoipleB, the litlest will
survive, a id   Knslo ia particulaily lit
just at present.
i\t thc McAllister group, good  prog-
made with tlie long croas-
pcr ore production in the Boundary ia
N. J. Cavanaugh,  Bruce White and
JAS. McKINNON, Sandon, B.C.
P.O, IK*. I47
cut. Another shipment of rich ore is James Cronin are reported to have made
beinu got ready; two pack trains aro another rich strike nt tlie Queen Vic-
lirirging down the goods, torin, near Nelson.
of commencement, and containing 160 tae artist. For thi. occasion the interior
acres more or  less.  This application w*n be adorned with flowers, fl ult,'etc.,
covers preemption of D. F. McKellar, ,         ,                                .,     ,     ,
���         *       '      ...     ,��,     , . ,       ' and at the evening service tlie  local
Preemption Record No.   104, winch wns �����.����-��             b
cancelled on the 24th   day of  Auguet lodge of the  Kn*_fils of Pythias will
1007. intend in a body.                        _________
William Vo'*sri*ne Win Hems,	
per lleMi s'rc.VHI't Whella
Dated, Sep'in.ber S, 1007.
Fred Ritchie cune in from Viotcrl*
Wednesday.   ,_
Miss Alma Thomas 1* ft for Ashcioft
on Wednesday morning's train. A laruo
number of her friends gathered at tho
depot to wish her bon vovnge. .
Miss Kitty Hope and brother Georgo
returned Monday from a ptotracted
visit to iiieiitl ;tt Ottawa. /
Beverly of |s
o...'r.- -*���������
��� ���.*������ z** W
i'JV *> <*
Swnpi. not. w ���.������,
At tufa Juncture Lorry and Count
Halfont came up with Kavone. Baldos would have knelt before his ruler
had not.the worn, sickly young man
restrained him.
"Your hand, Captain Bnldos," he
said.   "Most loyal of friends, you have
...,_... *.., -J.      :,���,,..
��� ft -  **!,      _,,.   '*'
��� '   *'    iixopr- :
*<��� H iwiriw,..'**
.. _*.*,. ..*_.-**���*. .m..
"Four hand, Captain Baldot."
won far more than tbe honor and love
I can bestow upon you. They tell me
you are a prisoner, a suspected traitor.
It shall be my duty nnd Joy to explain
your motives and your actions. Have
no fear. The hour will be short and
the fruit much the sweeter for the bitterness."
"Thunder!" muttered Harry Anguish.
"You don't Intend to slap him into a
cell, do you, Gren?" Baldos overheard
the remark.
"I prefer that course, sir, until It has
been clearly established that all I have
said to you is the truth. Count Marlanx must be satisfied," snld he.
"And, Baldos, is nil well witb her?"
asked the one we have known as Ravone.
"Sbe ls being put to bed," said Baldos, with a laugh so jolly that Ravone'g
lean face was wreathed In a sympathetic smile. "I am rendy, gentlemen."
He marched gallantly away between
the guards, followed by Dangloss and
Colonel Quinnox.
Naturally the Graustark leaders were
cautious, even skeptical. They awaited confirmation of the glorious news
with vnrylng emotions. The shock produced by tlie appearance of Prince
Dantar. lu the person of the ascetic
Ravone was almost stupefying. Even
Beverly, who know the vacabonri Setter than all the others, had not dreamed of Rovone as the fugitive prince.
Secretly die had hoped ns long as sbe
could that Baldos would prove, after
all, to be no other than Dantan. Thla
hope had dwindled to nothing, however,
and she was quite prepared for the
revelation. She now saw that he was
Just what he professed to be���a brave
but humble friend of the young sovereign, nnd she wns happy ln the
knowledge that she loved him for what
he was and not for what be might
have been.
"He is my best friend," said Ravone,
as they led Baldos away. "I am called
Ravone, gentlemen, and I am content
to be known by that name until better
fortune gives me tlie right to use nn-
otber. You can hardly expect a thing
in rags to be called a prince. There ls
much to be accomplished, much to be
forgiven, before tbere ls a Prince Dantan of Dawsbergen again."
"You are faint and weak," said Lorry, suddenly perceiving his plight
"The hospitality of the castle ls yours.
The promise we made n few days ago
holds good. Her highness will be proud
to receive you when you are ready to
come to the throne room. I am Grenfall Lorry. Come, sir; rest and refresh
yourself In our gladdened home. An
hour ago we were making ready to rush
Into battle, but your astonishing but
welcome news ls calculated to change
every plan we have made."
"Undoubtedly, sir, It will. Dawsbergen hardly will make a fight to release Gabriel. He ls safe In your dungeons. If they want him now they
must come to your strongholds. They
will not do It, believe nie," said Ravone
simply. "Alas, I am faint and sore, as
you suspect. May I lie down for an
hour or two? In that time you will
hove heard from your wardens, and my
story will be substantiated. Then I
shall be rendy to accept your hospitality as it is proffered. Outside your city
gates my bumble followers lie starving. My only prayer Is that you will
send them cheer and succor."
No time was lost ln sending to the
���rates for the Btrollers who had accomplished the marvel of the day. The
news of Gabriel's capture was kept
from the city's Inhabitants until verification came from the proper sources,
but those ln control of the affairs of
���state were certain that Ravone's story
was true. All operations came to a
Htandst.111. The movements of the army
were checked. Everything lay quiescent under the shock of this startling
"Hang It," growled Anguish, with a
quizzical grin as Ravone departed under the guidance of Count Halfont
himself, "this knocks me galley west.
I'd like to have had a hand ln It It
must have been great. How the devil
do yon think that miserable little gang
of tramps pulled It off?"
"Harry," said Lorry disgustedly,
"they taught us a trick or two."
While the young princess was being
cared for by Yetive's own maids ln one
of the daintiest bedchambers of the
castle Beverly was engaged ln writing
a brief but pointed letter to her Aunt
Josephine, who was still In St. Petersburg. She had persistently refused to
*Ult.��__iiW"_j____. but bad.KrUiejAuiaay
Impc'rntive letters commanding her
niece to return to the Russian capital.
Beverly now was recalling her scattered wits in the effort to appease her
aunt and her father at tbe same time.
Major Calhoun emphatically had ordered her to rejoin her aunt and start
for America at once. Yesterday Beverly would have begun packing for
the trip homo. Now she wns eager to
remain In Graustnrk indefinitely. She
was so thrilled hy joy and excitement
that sho scarcely could hold the pen.
"Father says tlie United States papers nre full of awful war scares from
the Balkans. Arc we a part of the Balkans, Yetive?" sho asked. "He snys I'm
to eomo right off home. Says he'll not
pay a nickel of ransom If the brigands
catch me, as they did Miss Stone and
that woman who had the baby. He
says mother is worried half to death.
I'm just going to cable him that It's all
oft, because he says If war breaks out
he's going to send my brother Dan over
hero to get mc. I'm having Aunt Josephine send him this cablegram from
St. Petersburg: 'They never fight in
Balkans. Just scare each other. Skip
headlines, father dear. Will be home
soon. Beverly.' How does that sound?
It will cost a lot, but he brought It
upon his own head. And we're not in
the Balkans, anyway. Aunt Joe will
have n fit. Please call an A. D. T. hoy,
princess. I want to send this message
to St. Petersburg."
When Candace entered the princess*
boudoir half an hour later she was far
from being the timid youth who first
came to the notice of the Graustnrk
cabinet She was now attired In one
of Beverly's gowns, and it was most
becoming to her. Her short, curly
brown hnlr was done up properly; her
pink and white complexion was as
clear as cream, now that the dust of
the road was gone; her dark eyes were
glowing wltb the wonder and interest
of nineteen years, and she wus, all in
all, a most enticing hit of femininity.
"You are much more of n princess
now thau when I first saw you,"
smiled Yetive, drawing her down upon
the cushions of the window seat beside her.
"But she wns such a pretty boy,"
protested Dagmar. "You dou't know
how attractive you were in those"���
Candace blushed. "Oh, they were
awful, hut they were comfortable. Oue
has to wear trousers If one intends to
bo a vagabond. 1 wore them for more
than a week."
"You shall tell us nil about It." said
Yetive, holding thc girl's ban:1. Ill hers.
"It must have been a most interesting
week for you."
i "Oh, there ls not much to tell, your
highness," said Candace, suddenly reticent and shy. "My stepbrother ���oh,
how I hate hlm!-- hud condemned me to
1 uie* because he thought I was helping
Dantan. And I was helping him, too,
all that I could. Old Bappo, master of
the stables, who has loved me for a
hundred years, he says, helped me to
escape from the palace at night. They
were to have seized me the next morn-
1 lug. Bappo has been master of the
stables for more than forty years.
Dear old Bappo 1 He procured tho
boy's clothing for me, and his two sou3
accompanied me to the bills, where I
soon found my brother and his men.
We saw your scouts and talked to
them a day or two after I became a
member of thc band. Buppo's boys are
with the band now. But my brother
Dantan shnll toll you of that. I was
so frightened I could not tell what was
going on. I have lived In the open air
for a week, hut I love It. Dautan's
friends nre all heroes. You will love
tbem. Yesterday old Franz brought n
message luto the castle grounds. It
told Captain Baldos of the plan to seize
Gabriel, who was ln the hills near your
city. Didn't you know of that? Oh,
we knew It two days ago! Baldos
knew It yesterday. He met Us nt 4
o'clock this morning-tluit ts, part of
us. I was sent on with Frauz so that
I should not see bloodshed if it came
to tlie worst. We wore near tho city
gates, nnd Buldos came straight to us.
Isn't it funny that you never knew all
these things? Then at daybreak Baldos insisted on bringing me here to
await the news from tho pass. It wus
safer, nnd, besides, he said he had another object ln coming back at once."
B.verly flushed warmly. Tho three
women were crowding about the narrator, eagerly drinking ln her naive
"We cnme in through one of the big
gates aud not through the underground
passage. That was a fib," snid Candace, looking from one to the other
wltb a perfectly delicious twinkle In
her eye. The conspirators gulped and
smiled guiltily. "Baldos says there Is
a very mean old man hero who is tormenting tlie fairy princess���not the
real princess, you know. He camo
back to protect her, which wus very
brave of him, I nm sure. Where is my
brother?" she nsked, suddenly anxious.
"He Is with friends. Don't be alarmed, dear," said Yetive.
"Ho  is  changing  clothes,  too?   He
needs  clothes   worse   than   I   needed
these.  Does he sny positively thnt Gabriel has been enptured?"
"Yes.  Did you not know of it?"
"I was sure it would happen.   You
know I was not with them in tho pass."
Yetive was reflecting, n soft smile ln
her eyes.
"I was thinking of tho time when I
wore men's clothes," she said. "Unlike
yours, mine were most uncomfortuble.
It wus when I nlded Mr. Lorry in escaping from the Tower. I wore a
guard's uniform nnd rode miles with
hlm in a dark enrriage before he discovered the truth." She blushed nt the
remembrance of that trying hour.
"And I wore boy's clothes at a girl's
party once���my brother Dan's," said
Beverly. "The hostess' brothers came
home unexpectedly, and I bad to sit
behind a bookcase for an hour. I didn't
see. much_fpn ljuboy's cjothee."   -  - ���-
Ton o*a*_Hf fb'' wear them for a
week," said Candace, wise ln experience. "They are not so bad when you
become accustomed to them���that is,
If they're strong and not so tight that
"You all love Baldos, don't you?" Interrupted Yetive. It was with difficulty
that the listeners suppressed their
"Better than any one else. He is our
idol. Oh, your highness, if what he
says ls true that old man must be a
fiend. Baldos a spy! Why, he has not
slept dny or night for fear that we
would not capture Gabriel so tha. he
might be cleared of the charge without
appealing to���to my brother. He has
always been loyal to you," the glrf-
suid wltb eager eloquence.
"I know, dear, nnd I have known ah
a'-ong. He will be honorably acquitted.
Ctiunt Marlanx was overzealous. He
has not been wholly wrong, I must sny
fa justice to him"���
"How can you uphold him, Y.tlv**.
r.fter whnt he has said about me."
cried Beverly witb blazing eyes.
"Beverly, Beverly, you know I doa't
mean that He has been a cowardly
villain so far as you nre concerned,
and he shall be punished, never fear.
I cannot condone thut one ninazing
piece of wickedness on his pnrt."
"You, then, nre the girl Baldos talks
so much about?" cried Candace eagerly. "You are Miss Calhoun, the fairy
princess? I am so glad to know you."
Tho young princess clasped Beverly's
hand nnd looked into her eyes with admiration and approval. Beverly could*,
have crushed her In her arms.
The sounds of shouting came up to
the windows from below. Outside,
men were rushing to and fro, nnd there
were signs of mighty demonstrations
at the gates.
"The people have heard of the capture," said Candace, as calmly as
though^ she were asking one to have a
cup of tea.
There was a pounding at the boudoir
���floor. It flew open unceremoniously
and In rushed Lorry, followed by
Anguish. In tho hallway beyond a
group of noblemen conversed excitedly
with the women of the castle.
"The report from the dungeons, Yetive," cried Lorry Joyously. "The
warden says tbat Gabriel is ln his cell
again!   Here's to Prince Dantan!"
Ravone was standing in the door.
Candace rnn over and leaped Into his
(To Bo Continued)
Us serpent colls this railway train
Must twist antl writhe and bend
Through weary miles of hill and pliln
Before my journey's end.
���Vie happy moment since, t sought
To speed the flight of time.
Developing a  clever  thought
To fashion into rhyme,
But now, alas, a clod there comes
Who nips my little plan
And all my budding thought benumbs���
The cheery traveling man!
He sprawls beside me ln this seat
And eyes these notes ot mine,
And ��*3ks me it "the orders meet
Expenses" ln my "lino."
His trade, he says, "is pretty good
At this stage of the game."
He "can't complain at all."   Oh, would
That I could say the samel
Farewell!   Alas, farewell, my muse!
I take what joy I can
Thc while he sits and airs his views���
This cheery traveling man.
T.   A.   Daly   In   Catholic  Standard  and
August Is the month ot Internal
catarrh. The mucous membranes, especially ot the bowels,
are very liable to congestion,
causing summer complaint, and
catarrh ot the bowels and other
Internal organs. ' Pe-ru-na Is an
excellent remedy for all these
Too Late I
The Needy One���I say, old chap,
t-oulil you lend nie five tor a day or
The Other One���My dear fellow, the
five I lend is out at present, and I've
several names down for It when it
comes back.���Sketch.
Down on the Farm.
The unsophisticated chap from the
attj* hnd passed his first night lu the
ild farmhouse.
"Waal, neighbor," drawled the farmer at breakfast, "how did you sleep
Inst night?"
"Sleep?" blurted the city chap in disgust. "Why, man, I wns turning nnd
turning nil night!"
The old fanner laughed uproariously.
"Kept turning, did you, neighbor':
Waal, I told you that you would sleep
like n top."
"Funny, eh? Well, do you know
there was so much loose straw in tho
mattress It kept getting in my ears and
uose nil night?"
"Just so. Stranger. When you nsked
about the bed, didn't I say it would
tickle you to death?"
And then the old farmer passed over
the left over pie and black coffee.���St
Louis Post-Dlspntcb.
Lost and Won.
"IIo who judges people by theh
money," snld n clergyman, "Is apt tt
faro like tho man who gave a dolla
to each of his little sons.
" 'Now, boys,' said the foolish man
'I nm going nwny for a week. Tnlti
this money and see how much you cm
make out of It in my absence. Tt
hlm Unit does tlie best I'll give a fint
"On his return nt the week's end hi
culled tlie boys to him.
" 'Well, George, how hnve you sue
ceeded?' he nsked the first.
"George proudly took .2 from hit
" 'I have doubled my money, futber,
he snld.
" 'Excellent,' cried tlie father. 'Ami
ynu, John, have you done better still?
" 'No, sir,' said John, sudly. 'I buy**
lost nil mine.'
" 'Wretched boy,' the father ex
claimed.   'How did you lose It?'
" 'I matched George,' faltered th.
Lord   Mayor  Was  a   Drummer
When tlie present Lord Mayor of
London, Sir William Treloar, president of the London branch of the
United Kingdom Commercial Travellers association, attended the annual dinner of that organization he
told a story of his early travelling
"Forty years ago," he said, "I
called on an upholsterer in Southampton, whose daughter, a very nice
looking girl, rang tlie bell for her
father. As soon, however, as she
recognized the visitor she gently
called up the stairs:
"'You need not come down, papa;
it's only a commercial.'
"When she returned to the shop,
the girl remmked with a pleasant
smile:   'I took you for a gentleman.1
"I  apologized,"  t^ecl    tlie    story
toller, "and expres*-<f[^hj*^vogret thnt
appearance shouTri'^HHMtt.'Qivcd
her.    And    so  we  becam^**V_ellent
Very many persons dio annually
from cholera nnd kindred summer
complaints, who might have been
saved if proper remedies had been
used. If attacked do not delay in
getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that never fails to effect a cure.
Those who linye used it say it nets
promptly, and thoroughly subdues
tlie pain and disease.
"George,  the  cook  has  gone."
"Let her go.    I never liked her."
"But she took nil my currant jelly
and both my best tablecloths."
"Oh, let her go."
"And she carried off the recipe ur
watHes you like so well."
"What's that!   Which way did .die
go?   Why didn't you call the police?"
���Cleveland  Plaindealer.
Life  In the Regions of  Ice and Snow
as Described by Explorers.
During a Polar winter the average
thickness of ice on tbe ocean when
no storms or strong* -titles interfere
reaches six feet or more. Nansen
found a thickness of over eight feet.
There is really no warm season. Even
during tbe long summer days snow
still falls frequently. Clean spells are-
relatively warm, but, especially in
the Antarctic, fogs and cloud are frequent, while winds bring low temperatures. Nevertheless, the summer
near the margins of the Arctic zone
is described in the "Journal of Geography" as having clean, pure, crisp
air, free from dust and with little
The monotony and darkness of the
Polnr nicht nre decreased a good deal
by the long twilicht, due to the high
degree of refraction nt low temperatures. The buii actually appears and
disappears some days before and after the times* which nre geometrically
set for the change. Light from moon
nnd stars, and from the aurora, also
relievos the darkness. Optical phenomena of groat, variety, beuuty, and
oomplexity are common. Solar and
lunar hnloes, antl coronne. and mock
suns  and moons  are  often  seen.
Auroras seem to be less common
nnd less brilliant in the Antarctic
than in the Arctic. Suri��"t nnd sunrise colors within the Polnr zones
are described ns being extraordinarily
brilliant and impressive. Thus the
North Polar summer, in spite of it?
drawbacks, is in some respects n
pleasant arid  henlthful season.
But the Polar night is monotonous
depressing, repelling. An everlasting
ly uniform snow covering, rigidity
lifelcspness, silence ��� except for the
howl of the gale or the cracking nt
tbe ice. Small wonder thnt the Polar
night hns sometimes unbalanced
men's minds. Tbe first effects are often n strong desire for sleep, and in
difference. Later effect* have been
sleeplessness and nervousness, tending in extreme enses to insanity, anaemia,  digestive  troubles.
Extraordinary low winter temperatures are easily borne if the air is
dry nnd still. Nansen notes "not very
cold" at a temperature of���22 degrees,
when the air was still. Another Arctic explorer, nt 9 degrees, says "it is
too warm to skate." Zero weather
seems pleasantly refreshing if clear
and calm. But high relative humidity nnd wind���even a light breeze-
give tlie same degree of cold a penetrating feeling of chill which may be
unbearable. Thus the damper air ol
spring and summer usually seems
much colder than tlie drier air of winter, although the temperatures may
be the same. When exposed directly
to tlie nir the skin bums and blisters; the lips swell nnd crack. Thirst
has been much complained of by
Polar explorers, and is surely due to
the active evaporation from the warm
body into the dry, relatively cold air.
There is no doubt that Polar air is
singularly free from micro-orgnnisnif
���a fact "which is due chiefly to lack
of communication with other parts of
the world. Hence diseases which are
common in temperate zones, "colds"
among them, are rare.
Coming From the East to Canada In
Very   Large   Numbers.
Tbe Government is in a quandary
regarding tlie reported coming influx
of Japanese in large numbers to Canada. There is nothing on the statute
books to prevent them coming, and it
is highly probable that action will be
taken immediately to outlaw the steps
taken by the British Columbia authorities to reduce Japanese immigration.
In tlie first place it is impossible to
avoid the terms of the British-Japanese treaty, and in the second place
many of the Japs proceeding from
Honolulu are already United State*-
Further, the Grand Trunk Pacific
officials declare positively that unless
they got Japanese laborers at once,
they will be unable to finish the rail
way within the period of the contract.
Tliey are contending with a great scarcity of labor now, and tliey are purposing to supply the deficiency with
A curious fact is that the statistics
of tlie Trade and Commerce Department do not show any great immigra
tion of Jupanese, only about 80 a
month entering the country. ThiB is
exclusive of Honolulu Japs, of whom
there is no record.
The summer monSis are a time of
anxiety for mothers because tbey are
the most dangerous months in tho
year for babies and young children.
Stomach and bowel troubles conic
quickly during tlie hot weather, and
almost before the mother realizes
that there is danger tlie little one
may be beyond aid. Baby's Own
Tablets will prevent summer complaints if given occasionally because
they keep the stomach and bowels
free from offending matter. And thn
Tablets will cure tiiese troubles if
they come suddenly. The wise mother should keep these Tablets always
at hand nnd give them occasionally
to her children. The Tablets can be
given with equal success to tlie newborn babe or the woll-grown child.
Tliey always do good���they cannot
possibly do burin, and tlie mother
has tlie guarantee of a government
analyst that this medicine does not
contain one particle of opiate or
harmful drug Sold by all medicine
dealers or by ninil nt 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out.
By the Rastorativ9 Blood Forming Properties
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
While playing cards at an inn a
man lost all his money, besides his
watch and his overcoat. He therefore got up and went away, hut returned in a few minutes.
"Gentlemen," lie said, "it has iust
begun to rain. What will you giv.i
me for my umbrella and rubbers?"
���Fliegende Blnetter.
%h PILLS  ^
G.T.P. Construction.
Grand Trunk Pacific trains nre now
running out of Fort William, and the
Lake Superior branch is now in running oriler for a little over five miles.
Track-laying lias been under way for
several weeks, and construction trains
are now busy hustling stuff to the
front. Now that a start has been
made track-laying will he proceeded
with rapidly, and before the end of
the summer the line should be at
least one hundred miles in length.
1'rnck-laying will be started from sev-
.nil different places, nnd n lnrge foree
will be engaged in this work all summer. The first train over the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway was in charge
if William Grant, who is now Gener-
il Ynrdmnster for the Grand Trunk
I'ne'.flc nt Wcstitnt. There are three
angines on construction work. No
ihoitnge of tics is feared here, ns the
company have 100,000 on hand at
Westfort, which will carry them right
into tlie territory where they hnve
immense piles alongside the right ol
way, whicli will be picked up and
distributed by the construction trains
Deer Hid Its Head.
T.iisf winter some of the Berlin Mill*
.pmpnny'H men caught a deer and fee
It in an abandoned camp for a few
days. The way the doer was caught
wns rather peculiar. They chased him
In the* snow, nnd the foolish deer ln
stead of running away ran to a trnln
loud of logs nnd stood with his heat!
sticking under tlie logs between twr
cars. Like the ostrich, be probably
thought that us he couldu't see be
couldn't he scon.���Maine Wood*.
W.   N.   U.    No.   650
Stay With One Breed.
Whether your stock ls Jersey, Guern-
sey, Holsteln, Brown Swiss or any
other class of cattle, stick to your text
and, ouco having made up your mind
what you want, keep on In thnt line
with a pure bred bull, and you will
hnve n uniform herd of some kind and
as a general proposition a better grade
of milkers thnn to jump from one
breed to another each succeeding season. You get a reputation ln a short
time of having a herd of Jerseys, Holsteins, Swiss or some other breed of
cnttle even If you never had n pure
bred female on the place provided yon
use n sire of the same breed for two oil
Ihree succeeding'.oueriillous..
It is wenkness that causes most
of our sufferings���weakness of the
heart, weakness of the stomach,
wenkness of the liver, kidneys antl
bowels. , ,
The result is feelings of "languor
and depression, and impaired action
of the vital organs, headaches, indigestion, spells of dizziness and
weakness, sleeplessness, irritability.
and a general rundown condition ot
the system.
Put the blood in good condition
by the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and you have a foundation for health
to build on. Weakness antl disease
will give way to new strength and
vigor, and langour and discouragement will yield to new hope and
Mr. Fergus Conn, Lily Oak, Ont.,
writes:���"As a result of the seven*
winter and an ntack of la grippe,
I was all run down this spring. I
soon improved very much by usin.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. My appetite is bettor than it lias been for
years, and though sixty years of age
I am able to do a man's work on tho
farm following a team. I believe
that I owe my gootl health to the
use of  Dr.  Chase's Nerve  Food."
Mrs Geo. Beattie, Carr's Brook, Colchester Co., N. *_,, writes:���"Last
spring I was very much run down,
felt tired all tlie time and did not
seem to have life or energy enougli
to do my work. Three boxes of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food did me a world
of gootl and mnde work a pleasure to
me. I have not had occasion to use
any medicine since, ami have recommended Dr. Chase's Nerve Food to
all my friends.
"We always keep Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills in tlie house to be
used for constipation, pains in the
batik  and stomach troubles."
By means of good blood only can
Nature make weak people strong,
und Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is composed of tlie most powerful blood-
forming elements known to medical
science. Every dose is bound to be
of some benefit to you; 50 cents a
box, al all dealers, or Edmaiisoii,
Bales  A  Co.,  Toronto.
One  Gleam  of Sunshine
His play  is  a rank  failure.
It is a frost and a fizzle���and lie
knows it.
Tlie dramatist bows his head upon
his hands and refuses to be comforted, for it is his first flunk.
One by one, bis friends try to say
something that will console him, but
of no avail.
Finally his trusting wife, finds ono
sunny  glenm in tlie  clouds.
' Anyway," she says, "you didn't
have to go through tlie ordeal of making a speecli before the curtain, and
you know you always said you would
be thankful beyond words if you
could escape that."���From Success
Use the safe, pleasant and effectual
worm killer, Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator; nothing equals it.
Procure a bottle and take it home.
Old   Glory  Shamed
At the buttle of Bladenaburg the
American troops were defeated by
the British, under tho command of
nn Irish officer named Bn.-u. ln recognition ot his services in winning
this victory, his sovereign granted
him the title of Ross of Blmleiisburg,
and to bis crest was added an American Hag, reversed, with tlie sliai't
broken. The title is hereditary. In
this generation tlie possessor is a*
colonel of the Irish Fusiliers, who
won some fame in tbe Boer war.
Anil this Ross of Bladensliurg uses
as his crest today the stars and
stripes turned upside down, aud with
tlie shaft  broken  in  two.
"Miss Eleanor," said he, as they
sat on the beach in the moonlight,
"will you marry me?"
"This is so sudden," she cried.
"My love?"  he  asked.
"No," she replied; "your nerve."
Minard's    Liniment   Cures    Garget
In Cows.
Alexander Graham Bell, whose experiments promise to give him as
wonderful a success with the flying
machine as he had with the telephone, used to teach tlie deaf anil
dumb���it was, in fact, his work
among tbe deaf and dumb' that led
to the telephone's invention���and at
a dinner in Washington he told a
deaf and dumb story.
"This story illustrates," he began,
"the necessity for carrying on aeroplane experiments secretly. Were
they carried on publicly interference
would ensue. Ignorance always
causes interference. Many years ago
an aged friend of mine visited a
church in Maine one Sunday morning. As soon as the sermon began
my friend, who was very deaf, took
from his pocket an ear trumpet in
two parts and proceeded to screw the
parts together. While ho was engaged in this work he noticed that
the sexton, from his seat near the
pulpit, kept frowning and shaking
his head at him. Finally, just as
my friend got his trumpet joined
and made as if to put it to his ear,
the sexton hastened to him and
whispered fiercely.
" 'Ye can't play that here. If yo
do I'll put ye out.'"���San Antonio
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.
Ambassador Bryce at a dinner in
Urbana, 111., gave a young lady some
tips on European travel.
"And abovo all," he said, "don't
fail to tip your cabman liberally.
Hansoms and four-wheelers would
be cheap in London if one only paid
tlie legal fare for them, but he who
tries to pay the legal fare���well, he
doesn't try it more than once.
"One day I saw an old lady stop
a hansom, look up at the driver and
say timidly:
" 'Driver, I want to go to Ludgate
Circus. I see by the book that the
legal fare is two shillings. If I give
you three will you promise not to
swear at me afterward?'"���Indianapolis Star.
Havo you tried Holloway's Corn
Cure? It has no equal for removing
these troubles and excresences, as
many have testified who have tried
Tlie late James McNeil Whistler
was standing bareheaded in a hat
shop, the clerk having taken his
hat to nnother part of the shop lor
comparison. A man rushed in with
his hat ill his hand, and, supposing
Whistler to be a clerk, angrily .-..n-
fronted him.
"See here," he said, "th*8 hat
doesn't fit."
Whistler eyed the stranger critically from head to foot, and then
drawled out:
"Well, neither does your coat.
What's more, if you'li pardon my
saying so. I'll be hanged if I care
much for the color of your trousers."
���Everybody's Magazine.
Barometers were first used by Tor-
ricelli in 1G70.
fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
fire pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
thus permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral' furnace
Write for Catalogue
I foundries at MONCTON, N.B ��* MONTREAL.
Sales Branches at MONCTON, N.B., MONTREAL, P.Q.;
and strawberries. The
porous shreds take up
the fruit juices holding
the delicious aroma of
the berry. Wholesome,
appetizing,   strengthening
BISCUIT for  Breakfast.    TRISCUIT for Toast.
All Grocers.    i3c   a  Carton;  2 for 25c. cS
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Just send us
your name
antl address on
a post-card and we'll mail you
a Painting Book for the little
folks and a quarter-pound package of Celluloid Starch. That
means fun for the children and
satisfactory starching for you.
Celluloid Starch requires no
boiling, gives a perfect finish to
the clothes and never makes the
Irons sti.k.
Write to-day for this free
book and sample.
Tbe Brnntfoi*.  Starch Works,  Limited
Braotlortl,   Onlurit ���__
The highest known authority on
bananas, the golden treasure of the
tropics, is Edward W. Perry. Saitl
he: "Bananas pay tlieir producer
nearly three times as much inonoy
as potatoes are worth an acre; bring
the grower profits which are three
times tlie fnfrn value of the chief
food crops of the United States, nnd
have paid gains equal to 5 per cent
per annum on $1,138 an ncre for tho
last twenty-five years. The crop is
sold years ahead of production at
juices ensuring good profits." Mr.
Perry adds: "Bananas nre by millions of people eaten green or ripo,
raw or cooked; are served in all ways
in whicli apples, grains und potatoes
are used, and are palatable, healthful and nutritious in every way in
which they are prepared. They
make excellent bread, cakes and pieB,
puddings, confectionery nnd coffee
substitutes; yield brandy, beer, vinegar, sugar, oil and fibres. 'Ihey aro
bought as a luxury by millions who
may use them as a staple food. Yet
tliey may be grown profitably in a
small area only; therefore bunana
culture affords a perfectly safe and
gainful use of time and money."���
New York Press.
The Corean premier signed a new
agreement with Japan, giving tlie
Japanese resident-general almost absolute powers.
Father���Have you ever seen under
the microscope all the animals that
there are in a drop of water?
Son���Yes, father. Are they also m
the water we drink?
Father���Yes, of course.   '
Son���Ah, then, now I know what
makes the water in tlie kettle sing
when it is boiling.���American II-
luxtre. ,
Beware  ef   Ointments  for  Oatarrh   thot
Contain Mercury*,
nn mercury will Hiirt-ly destroy the nonse
of Hini'll and completely derange the
whole system whtui entering It through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ton fold to the good
you can possibly derive from them.
Ball's Catarrh Oure. manufactured by t.
1. Cheney A Oo., Toledo, Ohio., contains
no mercury, and ia taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Oatarrh Oure be sure you get the
genuine It ie taken Internally and
made in Toledo. Ohio, hy F. J Obeney
A   Co.    Testimonials   free.
Sold   by   Druggists     Price.  76o  per  hot*
Take   Ball e   Family   fills   for constipation.
Tablet Unveiled to John  Macdonnell,
Brock's   Gallant   Aidc-de-Camp.
The unveiling of a bronze memorial
tablet to the memory of Lieut.-Col. L
John Macdonnell of Glengarry. Gen
Brock's gallant aide-de-camp, at tin
site of the old redan battery on the
fnce of Queenston Heights, was an
event which made the visit f*
the 41st Regiment, Brockville Rifles,
to Niagara Falls, Out., ever remembered. The regiment arrived on a recent Saturday morning and marched
to Queenston Park for breakfast. They
afterwards took cars on the Interna
tional Railway for Queenston Heights
Park. There, on the site of the old
battery which played such an important part in tlie famous battle, the
I.undy's I.ane Historical Society had
erected a memorial to the brave Macdonnell, but it had never been unveiled This ceremonial was conducted by Mrs. Cruikshank. wife of Lieut.
Col. ami Brigadier Cruikshank, in tlie
presence of the visiting regiment, representatives of the Luudy's Lane
Historical Society, officers of other
military camps nnd mnny spectators.
When tlie veil was drawn aside Mrs.
Fisehed, wife of the Lieut.-Col. commanding tlie 41st Regiment, marched
forward and on behalf of the Brockville Chapter, Daughters of the Empire, placed a wreath of ivy and im-
mortolls upon it The silver hand of
the 41st Regiment played the British
nnd Canadian national anthems, and
Lieut.-Col. Cruikshank on behalf of
the Luntly's Lane Historical Society
presented the tablet to the public. The
inscription on tlie memorial reads as
"Site of Redan Bnttery. Near this
spot. Lieut.-Col. John Macdonnell,
Attorney-General of Upper Canada,
was mortally wounded 12t.li of October, 1812."
Thc   wreath   which   was  laid   upon
the memorial wns subsequently removed to Macdonnell's  Brockville monument,  where it will  be preserved.
They Listened to the Story.
After these ceremonies the visiting
troops assembled in front of tlie Brock
monument and listened to a talk on
the battle of Queenston Heights by
Lieut.-Col. Cruikshank, who undoubtedly knows, more of the history of
the war on the frontier than any other living man.
In tlie afternoon the officers of the
41st visited the battlefield of Luudy's
Lane, where Lieut.-Col. Cruikshank
delivered another of his accurate and
entertaining historical military features. Iu connection with this visit
it was recalled that it was the light
company of tlie 41st Regiment of the
line, commanded by Capt. Clew,
which letl tlie final charge up the hill
of blood nnd (ire and wrested victory
from defeat on tlie night of July 25,
1814. The battlefield of Chippewa
nnd many other points of historical
interest were also visited by the
Brockville soldiers.
r   V/Kiit vnll srw.nri fnr under- A
After paying attention to a lady's
pet dog a gentleman asked its name.
"I call tlie dear creature 'Perchance,' "  she  answered.
"Surely a strango name for your
delightful pet, madam."
"Do you think so, really? I named
it nfter Byron's dog. Don't you remember where he says, 'Perchance
my dog will howl'?"���Pearson's
They Are a Powerful Nervine-
Dyspepsia causes derangement of tlie
nervous system, and nervous debility
once engendered is difficult to deal
with. There are many testimonials
as to the efficacy of Parmelee's Vege-
tnl.le Pills intreating this disorder,
showing that tbey never fail to produce good results. By giving proper
tone to the digestive organs, they
restore equilibrium to tlie nerve
Bishop William C. Doano of tho
Protestant Episcopal diocese of Albany, N.Y., follows the English
fashion of his church, and signs his
name "William of Albany." Bishop |
Henry C. Potter of New York once
Baid to him; "Donne, I wish you
lived in Buffalo instead of Albany."
"Why do you wish that?" queried
the puzzled William of Albany.
"Because," replied tlie metropolitan,
"then we could call you 'Buffalo
Bill'"���Louisv-Ue   Courier-Journal.
���II hnrd, aoft or callnu-eil lumps ind blemishes, from horses, blood spavin, curbs,
splints, ringbone, ��weeney, stifles, Bpralns, sore
snd swollen llirtuit, coughs, etc. Savo $50 by
use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful   Blemish   Curo   ev*r  known.
The coach in which tlie Lord
Mayor of London rides QP state occasions  lias  been  in  use  since  1757.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Brussels has a church clock wound
hy atmospheric expansion induced
by the heat of the sun.
Does Not
Color Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improved
formula, does not stain or color
the hair even to the slightest
degree. Gray hair, white hair,
blonde hair is not made a
shade darker. But it certainly
docs stop falling hair. No
question about that.
Poet not change the color of the hair.
FormuU with ������cli bottle
���       Shots' It to your
���t7��� doctor
Ask him about It,
then to as he s-t-jrs
Finance   Returns  Show   Increase    ol
Million  Dollars a Month.
That the revenue of the Dominion
is going up at tlie rate of about n
million dollars a month is shown by
the latest return of the Finance Department.
The new fiscal year is still troublesome. The old year ended with June
30, but this was changed to March 31
so that the year which closed on that
date of li)07 is n nine months year.
For the fiscal year ending March 31
last the total revenue was $67,969,326.
compiled  as  follows:
Customs .39,760,172
Excise    11,805,413
Postoffice     6.061,723
Public workB, including rnil-
ways      8,839.68.1
Miscellaneous     4,502,429
Thc revenue during April, May ami
June has been $23,233,298 and for purposes of comparison, by adding this to
the short fiscal year, the revenue for
the vear ending June 30 would be $91,-
For the year ending June 30, 1906,
tbe revenue was about $80,000,000, so
that during the past twelve months
there has been an increase of ovar
eleven  million  dollars.
The expenditure for the nine months
is $65,776,786, of which $51,542,161 U
on current revenue and $14,234,625 on
capital account, leaving a total surplus of $2,192,540. Adding a total expenditure of $10,102,016 for April, May
a.id June, there would be a consolidated fund expenditure of $59,138,-
485 and capital account of $16,740,416,
or n total disbursement for the twelve
months of $75,878,901. This leaves a
surplus of over $15,000,000.
Of the $23,000,000 receipts for the
past three months, nearly $15,000,000
is credited to customs, while during
tho twelve months customs contributed nlmost $55,000,000. This is just
about double the total revenue rnis?d
by  taxation  ten  yenrs ngo.
The public debt stands at $250,666.
312 on June 30 last, which is a decrease since May 31 last of $2,233,-
What you spend for under-,
wear buys most real value^
in fit, comfort, service��� ,
only when each garment    bean    the
trade mark in red .
that   guarantees ,
you satisfaction ,
or   your
Trade ffarK
Made in many fabrics and styles, at
various prices, in
form-fitting sizes for
tf& women, men and
children. See that
is there���it insure*
youi money'a worth.
Ether a Festive Drink in Russia
The habit of ether drinking is extremely prevalent in some parts of
Russia, as of Kast Prussia, and all
tiie efforts of tlie authorities to
combat the evil have hitherto been j
almost fruitless.
An idea of the extent to which the
habit prevails may be gathered from
reports given in the Russian newspapers of n recent accident whicli
occurred nt a place called Trossno.
Ether is drunk by farmers on festive
occasions, when it appears to be
consumed in pnilfuls. A farmer celebrating his son's wedding in the fulness of his hospitality got in two
pails of ether. During the process
of decanting the ethet ii to l.itl'es u
violent explosion took place, by
whicli six children were killed and
one adult was dangerously and fourteen others more or less severely injured.���Family Doctor.
A Cure for Rheumatism���fhe intrusion of uric acid into tlie blood
vessels is a fruitful cnuss of rheumatic pains. This :i regularity is
owing to a deranged and unhealthy
condition of the liver. Anyone subject to this painful affection will
find a remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Their action upon tlie
kidneys is * pronounced nnd most
beneficial, and by restoring healthy
action they correct impurities in the
"Oh, madam," said the French
maid, "Fido weel not eat ie bonbons." ,.,,,     ,
"The dear, intelligent little doggie!" exclaimed Mrs. Rich. "There
must be something wrong with those
bon-bons, Clue. Give them to the
children."���Detroit Free  Press.
He (on their wedding trip in the
motor)���Darling, we must settle down
now. We must kiss each other only
once every three miles.
She���Well, you must let me drive,
then; you go so slowly.���Fliegende
Minard's Liniment Cures Distent
Uncle Pierre���Yes, Tommy, it is
tiuite possible that there are people
in the moon.
Toto���Well, what becomes of thorn
when there isn't any moon?���Pele
Pay Teachers Better.
During tho Inst two years, Canada
hns aroused to the fact that teachers
must be better paid. "Everything lias
been going up except salaries" say
many workers forlornly. Forty years
ago, there were large numbers of men
preparing for tbe profession of teaching in tho public schools. To-day,
the male student in the Normal
Schools is about oh extinct as the
dodo. Men do not care to enter "the
noblest of professions and the sorriest
of trades. The reason is wholly
practical n_od may be revealed by a
glance at the three modest figures
whicli stand for pedagogio income.���
Concrete House*.
It is possible to build a house today,
mid such Iviuses have already bsen
constructed, which shall be entirely of
re-enforced concrete except for such
minor Items us doors and window
frames. This, says the Cement Age,
makes a house which ls entirely un-
burnable from within nnd practically
unhurnnble from without.
A remarkable clock is that made
by Villingen, the clockmaker of the
Black Forest, Germany. It shows
the seasons, years and leap-years to
the last second of tlie year 99999, besides a host of other astronomical,
geographical   and  historical  facts.
Wild Plums
Prunus Americana is the botanical
name of the rjative wild plum of the
Northern States, nnd the mnny
named varieties of this plum now in
cultivation have been worked out by
selection, cultivation and the breeding of new varieties, The wild plnm
of Manitoba, though given a different
name by botanists, is closely related
to prunus Americana, and is r.o
doubt quite as Busceptible to improvement. Our hope for the future
in growing plums lies in the improvement of our native species, as
few of the cultivated plums of other
countries are of any value here
With a view to the improvement cf
our native plum, the Buchanan
Nursery Co. of St. Charles, Man.,
offers a prize of $5 for the best
sample of native wild plumB sent
them this season. Anyone who
wishes to compete for this prize
should send about a pint of the fruit
to the company, by mail, with their
name and address.
Governor Folk of Missouri said the
other day of a proposed law:
"This law, I fear, would bear too
hard on certain classes, To some
people it would be a cruelty. Thus
it is like the luminous paint story.
"'This new invention of luminous
paint,' Baid a young father, 'is going
to bo an excellent thing in growing
families.' .
"'How  so?'  asked  a  friend.
"'Why,' said tho young father,
���you just touch up the baby's face
with it before retiring, and then you
can see to give him his bottle without making a light.' "���Sun Antonio
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen���I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT on my vessel
and in my family for years, and for
tlie .-very day ills and accidents of
life I consider it has no equal.
I would not start on a voyage without it, if  it cost a dollar a bottle.
Scbr. "Storke," St. Andre, Kamou-
British Traveling Public Menaced By
Constant Dangers.
A strange incident happened in the
Severn tunnel recently. Just as an
express train entered the tunnel a
���tolilier in a third class carriage flung
open the door and attempted to jump
out. Fortunately one of the passengers succeeded in seizing the man's
coat tailc and with the aid of other
passengers held him there head downwards. They could not pull him back,
for the suction was too great. The
communication cord was pulled, the
train stopped, and the rescued man���
who, it appears, had suddenly become
insane���was  placed  under arrest.
This is not the first exciting incident which has happened in the great
boring which carries the Great Western railway beneath the bed of the
Severn. Some five years ago a Cardiff
commercial traveler went to sleep in
s train bound from Cardiff to Bristol
and, waking with a shock, found himself lying in pitch darkness beside the
permanent way in the tunnel.
Six  Hours  In   Inky  Blackness.
How he got there he had not the
faintest idea. Probably he had walked
in his sleep, at any rate he was not
much hurt, though he had evidently
been unconscious for some time. Ho
had not the fnintest idea how fnr it
was to the entrance, nor which way
to po. Soon he became violently
thirsty. He heard water trickling
down the wall close by, but when he
collected some in his hands he wound
it was salt.
IT�� made a brave effort to find his
way out, but dizziness came on nnd
he fell unconscious. As he lay there
another train passed, and the poor
man must have had a desperately
nsiTow escape, for it was found that
his left boot Keel had been cut off and
his ankle sprained. Plate layers found
htm eventually and carried him to
safety. He had been site hours in the
Engine  Follows the  Hounds.
Some winters ago a Welsh tunnel
was the scene of a most exciting episode. One day in January, 1903, the
Carmarthenshire hounds found a fox
whicli made at first straight for the
coast, but, being turned by some
villagers, took to the railway line and
ran into a long tunnel, followed by
the whole pack. The- master, Mr. Harries, realized the danger to the hounds
and at once followed them.
He was fully, a quarter of a mile
down the tunnel when n roaring sound
behind warned him that a train* had
entered the tunnel. Almost instantly
the glare of the headlight lit the dripping walls, and the horseman, clapping spurs to his horse, began to
gallop at full speed through the darkness. There followed ,t most exciting
race for life, the man riding at the
pitch of his horse's pace, the train
thundering  in  pursuit.
Byt a sort of miracle the horse kept
its feet, but the train gnined rapidly.
At last the white circle of the tunnel's
month appearetl and the driver of the
engine noticed the black silhouette
of the rider against the light and
slackened speed. Rider, hounds, and
all came safely out of the perilous
predicament in which they had
plunged themselves.
Indeed, we believe It will stop every case
of falling hair unless there is some very
unusual complication, something greatly
affecting the general health. Then you
should consult your physician. Also ask
him about the new Ayer's Hair Vigor.
i      Marls b j the J. O. A jot Oo.. LeweU, Mass.���
Clannish Sects.
The London Standard says the Scottish race Is the most clannish, thc most
ubiquitous, lhe most pertinacious and
the most instinctively coherent ln the
Wonderful Memories.
Seneca, the tutor of Nero, could repeat 2,(;00 words exactly ns he heard
them. Pope could turn nt once to tiny
passage whicli hail struck him when
reading, nnd Leyden, the Scottish poet,
wus also remarkable for his memory.
Leyden is credited with having been
able to repent an act of parliament or
a long legal document after having
heard it out e
"He occasionally says things that
are wonderfully apropos," said one
"Yes," answered the other; "he's
like our parrot at home. It doesn't
know much, but what it does know
it keeps repeating until Bome circumstance arises that makes the remark seem marvelously apt." ���
Washington Star.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  etc.
China hns agreed to submit the
question of the opium traffic to a
joint   investigation   of   the   powers.
Elschen���Mamma, is papa ever
Mother���He is always brave, 1
hope.   But what makes you ask?
Elschen���Because I thought i' he
were he wouldn't let my governess
pull his onrs so.���Fliegende Blaetter.
Scientific   Forecast   oi   How   End   of
World   May   Come.
A scientific forecast of how the end
of the wo;Id might come is given in
a new book, "Astronomical Studies,"
by Professor Ellard Gore.
His theory is that final cataclysm
may possibly be the result of a collision between the sun nnd some dark,
dead, derelict planet. Although astronomers hsve no actual proof that
such dead surs exist, without life or
light, and careering about in space,
they believe it quite possible, and
even suspect that what are supposed
to be new stars may actually be dark
planets that huve become visible
through coming into the zone of solar influence.
The result ot a collision between the
sun and a dark planet would be that
the former's light and hent would he
enormously increased, and the earth
instantly destroyed hy combustion.
Professor Gore tells how we should
be warned of our approaching doom.
"When, about fifteen million miles
from the sun, the dark body would
bigin to shine by reflected light. Tt
would look at first like a new and
remote planet. In about ten years it
would bave bee ime so bright as to be
visible to the naked eve; in fourteen
years it would be so bright as to attract general attention. In the fifteenth year it woufd be brighter than any
object except the moon, and its terrible approach would have created
universal alarm. Very soon after
would cni.ie the great catastrophe of
its collision, moving at 400 miles per
second, with Alie sun moving at the
same speed. In the last moments of
its apprjach there would be two
noons in the sky.
"It is possible thnt this dead body
might not be so large as the sun. If
it were only ns large as Jupiter there
would be much shorter warning. The
total time,from the date when it became visilile to the cntaclysra would
be  only  nbout  three  years."
Lady   Employs   Her  Own   Crew   and
Makes Good Living.
Miss Florence Baker, is regarded as
a protege by all the sailors of the
Great Lakes. She is twenty-one years
of age, and has laid up a comfortable
bank account by following the hazardous calling of a diver. Her first professional work was when she faised
$20,000 worth of copper from the ship
of W. H. Stevens, which sank in
eighty feet of water in Lake Erie several years ago.
Miss Baker's father, Copt. H. W.
Baker, was a captain of divers, and
from the first time she was allowed
to go down to the river alone, she
used to watcli her father's wrecking
ship leave the dock and long to go
with him. The ambition to become a
diver matured in her as she grew older, and she deplored the fate which
had condemned her to be a girl.
At last her desire to becomo a diver
overcame the objections of her friends
and she began mailing wrecking trips
with her father, and soon became his
inseparable companion. She made a
study of every part of the machinery
connected in any way with diving,
and in time learned to command the
wrecking boat with great skill and assurance.
Hor  First  Descent.
Her first descent was in Lake
Huron, where n tr*. wooden barge bad
gone down, and before the wrecking
steamer had reached tho spot where
the barge had sunk, tho owner spoke
to Miss Baker, regretting the loss of
a diamond ring which was in the cabin.
Miss Baker immediately offered to
recover it for him, as she had been
planning for some time to muke her
fust descent upon the first favorable
opportunity. When everything wns
made ready for hor to descend, her
own father manned the compressed
air apparatus, which meant life or
death to her, as sbe calmly walked
down the ship's ladder and, without
a moment's hesitation, disappeared
under the water.
In describing the sensations of the
initial trip, she suid that the feeling
at the outset was as if some great
creature with a thousand arms was
pressing her gently, but firmly on all
sides, and ns if in a few minutes her
breath would be cut off entirely, but
sho was far from frightened, and continued her descent until thc shadow
of the sunken barge loomed up before
her. She had a strange feeling of
buoyancy, and the twenty pounds of
lend attached to her feet seemed no
heavier than leather soles as she followed her companion to the walls of
the sunken ship, and with his aid
climbed over them.
Undaunted By Pain.
At this point she experienced severe
pains in her head, and felt as if hei
noso were going to bleed, but, still
undaunted, she reached the cabin rf
the barge, where she entered, and witli
the aid of the electric light at her
belt, sought out the corner of the cab
in, which contained a small stand,
upon whicli was the tiny box containing the much-desired diamond
In her haste to reach it sho stumbled and fell, and, for the moment
wns consumed by a terrible fear, fti
the pressure of the water, together
with breathing tlie compressed air,
had now become nlmost overpowering; but she quickly gained her self-
control, and, with the box in her
hand, returned to the deck of the
As a reward for this exploit Miss
Baker was presented with the diamond ring she lind recovered, and it
is now in her possession.
Tlie ring marked the beginning of
her fortune, as sbe had proved that
she could live under the w*ater, and to
be able to do this means thnt a person
is worth anywhere from $50 to $200 a
day to a wrecking company. As
ninety-nine out of every 100 men who
descend into the waters of the lakes
will in a few minutes begin to suffer
from bleeding nt the nose, head-splil-
ting pains, and suffocation, that is
why'all good divers from one end of
the Grent Lakes to the other may be
counted on one's fingers nnd toes.
Miss Baker now began following up
her adventure with practical work,
and she early discovered the fact that
she was fitted for a captain of divers,
instead of a diver alone, ns the locating of tho lost copper ship, which
had been searched for for years, has
Hark Twain Much Pleased.
Mark Twain was the guest of honor
at a recent banquet at the Mansion
House, at which the lo.'d mayor had
as his guests 250 members of the Savage Club and others, including Lord
Chief Justice Alverstone, Dr. Fridtjot
Nansen nnd Sir William S. Gilbert.
Mark Twain, replying to the toast
to "The Honorary Life Members tf
the Savage Club," told several stories
which highly amused the guests. Concluding, he touched a more serious
note, saying;
"And now 1 am going home in a
week or two, across the ocean once
more. I came over to get an honorary
degree from Oxford. I would have encompassed tyie seven sens for an honor like that���the greatest honor that
bas ever fallen to my share.
"Well, I am young in spirit but old
in flesh, and it is not likely that I
shall ever see England again, but I go
with the recollection of a gracious,
kindly welcome for which I am grateful." _____	
Forked Lightning.
Forked lightning, though beautiful tt
look nt, can be terribly destructive. An
extremo case was at Freiburg, Germany, In 1794, when a flash with three
prongs reached a mark with each
prong. Ono struck a house near a cathedral In town, and the other two
struck bouses several miles distant to
tbe north and south.
An Old Irish Jig.
"St. Pntrick's Day In the Morning"
Is really the nir ot an Irish jig. It had
no words. Doggerel verses hnd been
written to tho nir, one set beginning,
'Totatpes end fish ls a vpry good sHub."
Drove  Prospectors Out.
It is little wonder that the Salvation Army party was driven out of
the Northern lands of Ontario. Allowing for nil the exaggerations, the stories told here by parties from the Lake
Abitibi district indicate a condition
of things there that make prospecting
almost impossible. Men have arrived here with their faces literally covered with mosquito bites. These have
swelled to such an extent ns to temporarily disfigure the victims.
"Of the 600 men at Abitibi," says
one member of a surveying party just
arrived, "only a dozen are now left.
They have simply had to quit. The
black flies and the mosquitoes give
the men no rest, nnd one plague is as
bad as the othor. It is impossible to
get restful sleep. The continuous
fighting of the pests gets on the nerves, and life becomes unendurable.
A man dare not remove his clothes.
He would instantly be covered with
the little brutes."
While tho statement of one man who
says that tho swarms of mosquitoes
can be cut with n knife is, of course,
an exaggeration, there is every reason to believe from the raw and bleeding faces of some of those who have
returned that the pest of mosquitoes
and flics in northlnnd is almost the
worst ever reported.
She -*as Wise.
"And you sny this ls tbe first time
i'ou have ever loved?"
"Do you know what I think you
"Well, what?"
"I think you are a matrimonial
fakir."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Trouble In the Bear Den.
Ma Bruin���Did you bring home anything to ent?
Pa Bruin���Not today.
Ma Bruin���You lazy brute! You
promised ine honey every day before
we were married, but now you don't
.ven provide a lienr living.���Kansas
City Times.
Reason  Enough.
"No," he snid; "I have never been
able to keep a dog."
"And wby not?" It wns his sympathetic next door neighbor'who inquired.
The man turned away to hide a tear.
"Our cook doesn't like dogs," he brokenly munnur"��d.--Fnuston T>o_*t
���Jan get the Most Delicious Tea In the world
by asking for
Sold only in Lead Packets.    Never in Bu k.   By all Grocers.
*$SL5$St Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
He Got the  Five  Dishes, and   He Go
Them In Record Time.
He was a stranger ln town. Th
clerk of the hotel hud neglected to cn!
him until twenty minutes nfter the re
quested hour, and ns a consequence h
had but a short time for breakfast he
fore he must lenve for his train.
Going into the dining room, he wait
ed the formality of having the chal
leisurely pushed under hlm hy tin
head waiter, and, accosting one of thi
dusky servers, he commanded hui
"Go to the kitchen nnd get me i
breakfast���live dishes of nny thing thn
is ready���and get It quick!"
As the order was accompanied by i
medium sized piece of silver the way
faring man had reason to expect t
fairly good meal.
And as to speed of delivery lie was
not disappointed. In an Inereillbl.
short time tho negro reappeared, hearing aloft a tray on which sat live ���
dishes, remarkable only for their slml
larity of size and shape. When the
tray was lowered sufficiently to bring
the contents of the dishes Into focus
the traveler saw his breakfast���Are
dishes of steaming oatmeal, accompanied by five miniature pitchers of
The negro beamed with satisfaction
at the rapidity with which he hnd executed the order. The traveler hurriedly ate one dish of the oatmeal, and as
he left the dining room the waiter was
heard to remark:
"Wondnh wot dat man sny he want
five   dishes   fonhl"
Olden Time Schemes For Obtaining
Wealth and Power.
The evil of monopolies nnd rings was
knowti to nucleuts, Aristotle referring
to them ln his "Politics," and then, as
now, it was found necessary to hold
them ln check by legislation. The monopolist wus ln Unman law called a
dardunarius and punished under the
Lex Julia de Annonn. Monopolies ol
clothing, fish and all articles of food
were prohibited by the Emperor Zeno
under pain of confiscation nnd exile, so
that It is certain that the rings of
the ancient days wero ns mischievous
ns they are now. At Athens a law limited the amount of corn a man might
buy. The earliest recorded instance we
have was a corn rlug.
There is an ancient tradition that the
king who mnde Joseph his prime minister and committed Into his bauds the
entire administration of Egypt was
Apepl. Apepl was ono of the shepherd
kings and ruled over the whole of
Egypt ns Joseph's pharaoh seems to
have done. Tho prime minister during
seven years of remarkable plenty
bought up every bushel of corn beyond
the absolute needs of thc Egyptians
and stored it. During the terrible famine thnt followed he was able to get
his own price and bartered corn successively for tbe Egyptian money, cattle and land and, taking one-flftb for
pharaoh, made him supremely wealthy.
It was not merely a provident act, but
a very politic one, his policy being to
centralize power In the monarch's
hands.���London Answers.
Pearls   Increase  in   Price
A good deal has been said about
the high prices at a recent sale of
jewelry in auction rooms, and surprise ���'has been expressed that one
pearl necklace alone should have
sold  for  ��6,800.
A. G. Maginnis, joint managing
director of a goldsmiths and silversmiths company, said that that price
was by no means exceptional for a
necklace. "I have hud tho identical
necklace in my hand, and I certainly do not think it was dear ut
the price. But we havo in stock a
number whicli nre far more valuable.
At the Paris exposition of 1900 we
had a white pearl necklace on show,
tlie price of whicli was ��00,000. Such
prices as ��25,000, ��30,000 and ��40,-
000 nro  not at  all  uncommon.
"The reason that pearls bring in
such enormous prices is that fine
specimens are scarce. First, they
must match. Not one in a thousand
is perfectly round. Then necklaces
are usually made so that the pearls
nre lnrge in front and taper off gradually at the back. This adds to
tlie difficulty of matching them. To
make up a really well matched necklace may take years.
"Undoubtedly the price has gone
up during the last ten years, and it
is still going up. This is due partly
to an increased demand. Then the
company which took over the Ceylon
fisheries about a year ago is closing
them down for twelve months to enable the oysters to recuperate.
Therefore, during the next year or
so very few new pearls will como
into  the  market."���London  Tribuns.
Origin of Attar of Roses.
Tho preparation of the famous attai
of roses, according to the Circle, s. em
to have beeu discovered by nccldent
From India we get the tradition. Tht
favorite Sultana of Sehanghlr caused i
bath of rosewnter to he prepared fo;
her use. The burning sun of Indli
brought Its might upon the bath pre
pared in the royal garden and sooi
globules of oil wero found floating up
on the fragrant wnter. Deeming thi
bath Impure nnd attempting to skim
off the film, the attendants broke thi
globules, nnd nt once the garden wai
filled with fragrance. The finest es
sence is not gathered from tlie rarest
and most costly flowers, for the fra
grant oil glands nre most abundant lr
the petals of the free blooming, old
common kinds.
Nlcolo Machiavelli, from whose uur
name has been colued a synonym foi
treacherous cruft, was a writer o!
nervous nnd concise Italian. lie tool
high rank as a dramatist, his comedy
of "Mandrngola" being pronounced fn
ferior only to the work of Voltaire.
Leo X. admired It so much thnt he
had It played before bim In Rome.
His book on tho "Art of .t/ar" won thc
praise of so competent a judge as
Frederick the Great of Prussia. His
policy In otntesmanshlp embodied ln
his work "The Prince" was tho direct
antithesis of Washington's sentlmen*-
that "honesty ls the best policy."
"Tour sentence Is to be suspended,"
began tho merciful judge.
"Great Scott, jedge," exclaimed tht
prisoner, "ef I'd knowed chicken steal
Ing was a hanging offense I wouldn''
hnve stole."-
Just the Thing.
Employment Agent���You come from
the country, you cannot cook, and yon
have learned to do nothing else. Well.
suppose for the present you try to gel
a  position   for  general   housework.
"Compared with former yenrs," snl'
the man who did tho family market
lug, "the price of beef during the pas
twelve months bas been something
fleree." __
"That's what!" agreed The nraatcu
sportsman. "When I was gunning sev
ernl months ago I shot a cow, anil thi
farmer's charge was frightful."���Cath
"lie Standard and Times.
"Mnn Is Filled With Misery."���
This is not true of all men. Tho
well, sound of lung, clear of eye,
alert, nnd buoyant with health, are
not miserable, whatever may be
their social condition. To be well is
to be happy, and we can all be well
by getting and keeping our bodies
in a healthful state. Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrio Oil will help all to do this.
Youngest Army Officer
Of the more than 5,000 officers carried on tlie payroll of the United
States army, to First Lieut. Joseph
Halley Pelot, of the artillery corps,
belongs the distinction of being tlie
youngest commissioned officer.
Tlie uiles for tlie admission of cadets to tlie military academy prescribe that no candidate shall he admitted who is under 17 years of age,
but Lieut. Pelot entered' West Point
when only sixteen days over the
minimum age limit. He wns born
June f, 1885, in Missouri, nnd before
entering West Point he graduated
from the Blackburn high school, nt
Blackburn, Mo. He was admitted
to tlie military academy on June 16
Notwithstanding thnt he wns tho
youngest member of his clnss, lus
standing for tlie four years at the
academy was always high, for he
graduated last Juno sixteenth aniohg
seventy-six members. Upon graduation lie wns assigned as second lieutenant in the artillery corps, antl is
now serving with the Kigntn battery
in tlie Philippine islands as a first
lieutenant. Should he not leave the"
service for any other cause, he would
not retire for nge until June 1, 1_.9.
���Army  and  Navy  Life.
"We havo only a knife or two
packed in the basket with the pie.
What sball  wo do?"
"That's all right. Up yonder I
think you will find a fork in the
rond."���Baltimore  American.
Just one roof Ii guaranteed fa writing-
to bo good (or 25 year* and is raully pood lor
a hundred.   That'i a roof of
"OSHAWA"    .
Put them on yourself���common eense and a
hammer and snips does it. The building
they cover is proof against lightning, fire,
wind, rain and snow. They cost less because
they're made better, and of better material.
Write us and learn about ROOFING
RIGHT.   Address aoj
The PEDLAR People .:
Oshawa Montronl OtUwa Toronto London Winnipeg
Kill thorn all.
No dead flies.
Iyin_r about
when ueed ae
���  SOLD BY	
10c per packet, or 3 paokete tor 25c*.
will laet a whole eeaeon.
Norses' & Mothers' Treasure
���most reliable medicine (or baby.
Used over 50 years. First compounded
by Dr. P. E. Pic.uk in 1655.
Makes Baby Strong
Restores the little organs to perfect
health. Gives sound steep, without
resort to opium or other injurious drugs.
At druffsuti', 25c 6 bottles $ 1.25.
National Drug fit Chegfcgj Co. Ltd., Montreal
W,   N.   U.    No.   650 jn
\ Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, 814,400,000.
BEST. SI 1,000,000
President���Loed Pteathcona and Mount Eoyai.
Vice-President���Hon. Geoeqk A. Dbcmmond.
General Manager���E. 8. Cloobtos.
Branches In All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.  ���
Slocan iTMntno IRevlew.
Subscription $2.00 per annum, iBtriotly
in advance,   No puy, no paper.
Noticer, tn Delinquent Owners - $13.00
" fur Crown Grants - - 7.50
" " Purchase of Land - 7.50
"      " License to Out Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates rnude known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert Duncan Kennedy, of Slocan,  B. C,  livery keeper,
Intends to apply for a special timber
licence  over    the   following  described
lnndg.   Commencing at a post adjoining James  Smith's south-east corner,
end  marked   "Robett  Duncan   Kennedy's N.E. corner," thence south 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains
to point of commencemsnt, and containing 640 acres, more or less.
June 17th, 1907,
Take notico that James Smith, o'.
Slocan, B.C., miner, intends to apply
for a ���pedal timber license over the following described lands: Commencing
at a post planted about one and one
half miles distant in a southerly direction from Duncan Graham's north-e.ist
corner, and marked " James Smith's
S.E. corner," thence west 160 chains,
thence north 40 cliains, thence east 160
chain*, thence south] 40 chains to point
ot commencement, and containing 640
acres more er lets.   JAMES SMi H.
June 17th, 1907.
Take notico that Duncan Graham, of
Slocan,B.C.,  minor, intends to apply
r a special license over tho following
. fo rriVed lands: Commencing at a
post planted on tho west shore ef Slocnn
Lake, about one mile distant in a southerly direction from tho mouth of Indian
creek, and marked *' Duncan Graham's
N.E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thonce euBt80
chains, thence north 80 eliaiiis tn point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
June 15th, 1907.
Take notice that Nils Nelson, o
Slocan, B.C., a rancher, intends to
apply for a special timber license over}
following dc;crilitd lands: Commencing at a post planted about four miles
distant in a north westerly direction
Irom tlie mouth of Goat creek, a tributary of the Slocan River, thenco wuet
160 chains, thence north 40 iliains;
thence east 160 chainB, thence south 40
chains to point, of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or lrss.
June 20th, 19C7.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that, John St. Denis, of
Slocan, B.C., farmer, intend** to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land : Commencing a t a
post planted on thi; south-east corner
of lot 7547, thence nortli 30 chainB,
east 20 chains, Houlh 20 chains to tlie
north-east corner of lot 8137, tlience
along the lino ot lot 8127, 20 chains
August 1st, 1007.
 P. St. Denis, Agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Cornelius Morgan
Gething, of Slocan, B.C., prospector,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted on the
eeuth boundary of the C.P.Ry., lot 882
at a point on the west bank of Slocan
River where said eouth boundary crosses
said river, thence west40 chainB, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
more or less, to the weBt bank of the
Slocan River, thence following the
meanderings of said river in a northerly
direction, 40 chainB more or less to
pointof commencement, and containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Distriot of West Kootenay.
Take notice   that  Ciiarlos  Plant,  of
New Denver, miner,  intends to   apply
for permission to purchase tho following described land:   commencing at a
post  planted at the north-west  corner
of lot 6881, thence, noit!i 40 chains, eaBt
30 chains,   eouth 40 chains,   west  20
August 12th', W07.
D. St. Denis, Agent.
District oi West  Kootenay.
Take Notice that Florence Lawrence
Mclnnes, of New Denveo, wife of AnguB
Mclnnes, intends to apply for permission to puichase the following described
land :���
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest coiner of lot 8506, aronp 1,
Kootenay District, thence west 20 cliains
tlience south 20 cliains tlience tast 20
chains (hence nortli 20 chains to the
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or lees.
Kenneth L. Burnet, agent.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher,
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a special timber license
over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
about two miles south of the N. __ S.
Ry., thence north 160 chains, thence
east40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less. P. J. GALLAGHER.
Dated July 11,1807.
Take notice that I, P. J. Gallagher
of Roecbery, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply for a Bpecial timber license
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 8t*_
mih'B south of Summit lake, marked
P.J.G. S.W.C, thence north 80 chains
tlience eait 80 chain, thence eouth 80
cliains, tlience west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Datod July 6th. 1907
Take notico that I, P. J. Gallagher.
of Rosebery, B.C., lumberman, intend
lo apply for a special timber license
over the following described tract of
land. Commencing at a post planted at
the S.W.C, marked P.J.G. S.W.C,
thence north 40chains, thence east 160
cliains, thence soutli 40 chains tlience
west ItiO chains to pointof commence
ment. Containing 640 acres more or
less. Poet is planted abont 2 miles from
wc-st shore oi Slocan lake nearly opposite Silverton.
Dated July 5th, 1907.
Dis'iii t'of W'iBt Kootenay.
Take   nolire    that I,   Bert.    Nnrris
Sharp, of Orient,  Wash.,   occupftiion
assayer, inI.,!,:,  to .,iplv  fur  ���.*._,.
iontopurchaa. tho following described
Commencing at a pcet planted on
N. E. cor. l.catj ,1 on Slocan Lakodl out
20 ol.fs.rom Slocan City, thenco"*,es
40 chains, tlier.ee south 40 chains, I hence
rait40 chains, thenoe north 40 chain,
to Pointof commencement containine
160 BOrea more <.r leer. ���������mining
Thomas Melville Sharp,
July 81st, 1907. AB'"'t'
Just  Arrived
The Must Beautifully situated
Sanitarium iu British Columbia.
Its medical wateis are renowned
for curative qualities. "That
Tired Feeling " completely-cured.
A certain remedy for Rheumatism
in its varied forms. A sure cure
tor Metallic and others-poisonings.
Two mails a day and telegraphic
ttclli.ie8. I.ates-$12 to $18 per
week. K For fi.rther particulars
apply to
(fa- ,   ��W?
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Coat
The Review
Job Printing.
Zhc Slocan Ifootel
Hbree forhe,
Headquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Evelyn Mineral Claim,  situate  in the
Slocan Mining Division of  West Koo-
tenny    District.     Where    located:���
Four Mile,
Take notico that I. S. E. Watson
free miner's certificate No B5073, acting
for C D. Rami, free miner's certificate
No. B18520, intend 60 dnys from tlie
dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the ahovo claim. And
further take notice that action under
section S7, nniBt he commenced hcloro
the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this    3rd day  of   September,
A.D., 1907.
8-11 S. E. WATSON.
Local Salesman Wanted Ior
And Adjoining District to represent
Canada's Greatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Wrile for particulars.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
Silverton, _&.$,
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
"K. nD. Spencer * prop
J. J. Firigl
provincial aesaver
anb   bemtet
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff*.
Gold, SUvcr, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, 11.50 each.
Zinc,  Antimony.    Sulphur,  Gold and
Silver, $3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Coppsr, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   $3 00
Uold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rat-'fl for Mine and Mill Work
Notice la hereby giren tint GO days
after date I intend to apply to the lion,
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. 0. for perminiion
to purchase the following deicribed
lands situate in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a pott planted at the
sooth-east corner of lot 7547 and marked
J". St. D, S.W. corner, theme north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 cliains,
thenco east 30 chains, thence south 20
chains to the north-east corner ot lot
8127, Ihence following along the line of
lot8137, 20 chains to tho pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C April 30th, 1907.
Per D. St. Denis, Agont.
District of West Kootenay,
Tnkc notice Ihat Alexander Ducharme,
of Nakusp, B.C., bushman, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following tl .scribed land.
Commencing at a pist planted at lhe
north-east corner of B. M. Stuart's purchase, thence eai-t 60 chains, thonce
eouth -10 chains, thence west 60 chains,
thence north 10 chains, to place of commencement, and containing ��40 acre?
mine or less.
Dated August 10. 1007.
Notico is hereby given that thirty
days from "late I intend to apply to lhe
Board of License commissioners of ihe
Slocan licei se district for a transfer of
my liquor license of Ro.selery Hotel,
Rosebery, B.C, to.Iosepli Perant.
m. McCarthy
A meeting of ihe Board nl License
Commissioners v\ ill lie held to consider
Biich transfer at the Court House, New
Denver On Monday the 7th day of Oct.
at ll.o'tlock in the forenoon.
Dated at New Denver, the 5th day of
Sept.  1907.
Chief License Inspector.
To Rent
Several Resitoncesat
Very Small Figure
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
.Reaoquarterg for mining ano Gravelling fl>en
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
"Rooms large, Clean anl) Cos?.
Go to Wilson's for
, Steel, etc.
! Zhc Sanbon Ibotel
���Rot*. Cunning proprietor.
A. Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Gbolcest Xlquors, Mines ano ��Igars.
��**.*<>** ��� * ********************************* *t*********
This well-known hotel is now open again for
business. The rooms will be found well ventilated, and cosy, and visitors may rely ou
first-class attention always.    Bar well stocked.
************************;  ****" ************************* ���
Spring anb
from drown
tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country,
1 In Worsteds, Tweeds", Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit aud entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
JFvi                   /1.?1_S*7
./si? 3W     Ar\.^ari/     l
J__Pa             ST | J,     IjjKI B
Kootenay / *
There Is no better house ln the Kootenays for
tho Mining Mnn to mtko his Headquarters.
Visitors will find an up-to-date style of doing
buniness, and tho Barkeeps are artists in their
The Finest Wiues and Liquors aud Choicest Brauds of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
h_-_'.-JtF=*=at^!g�� S3&SS
District of West Kontenny.
Take notice thnt I, ttioraal M. Sharp
of  Neh-on, B.C.,  ei-gii eer,  intends  to
apply for permission  to purchase the
following describe! land:���
Commencing at, n nt.**' planted on S.E,
corner, located on vrest shore ol  Slocan
Lske,  -abou  12  niilrn Irom the beat" oi
said Slocan Lake, tlie.ice went 40 chains,
thenc;) north 40 chains,  Ihence east 40
chains,   thence   eouth   along   Bliorc   of
slocan Lake to point of commencement
containing 160 acres moro or leas.
July 81 nt, 1907,
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
& William Bennett <��
�� **************************:
. Cameron !j
The Kootenay Tailor
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon Miners' IHnion Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rates by Subscription tl.00 per month. Non-subscribers . i.00 par diem.
���Hospital Staff	
O. E. ANDERSON. - -      S. PETERSKY, M. D.
Address Communications To The Secretary,
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent bo&tint.. Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON - - - Proprietor.
New Denver.
RATE5 $3 to a.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there Is nothing better
than the famous RAL
with a good, solid,
hand made bottom. ....
These shoes can only be got by
leaving your older mth
Shoemaker - Sandon
E. m Wfobowson
Gold, Silvor, Copper or Lead, each, $1.CO
Gold-Bilt**ir..,l 60     Silver-Lead. .,1. BO
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead., a.50.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
26 per cent, discount npon five samples.
P.O. Drat-tr, 1108 Phone A67
New Soo Spokane
To Spokane up the Beautiful
Kootenay Lake.
Slranier Koskanerik to Kootenay
Lnnding, eonni'i'ting ntCurzon
Junction   ��ith  Train   to
Spokane via Spokane
Tlii M Foftlu Trip tMi Sum.
$9.20       $16.80
Good for Thirty Days.
Apply Local Agent, or
E. J. Coylb, A.O.P.A.
John Mob, U.P.A., Nelson.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Fred D. D. Kelly,
of Now Denver, nurse, intends to apply
for penni-sion to purchase the following
tloKCribcd hind:
Commencing at a post planted about
one mi'e from the Nakusp and Slocin
Railway to the soutli and about tivo anil
ono half mill s from Slocan Luke, and
12 cliains wi*,t. from tho westerly boundary nf lot 81,7, on the line of A. Jucoh-
eon's northerly boundary, thence 80
chains north more or less to the boundary of tlu.her lu-trsa No. 485, tlience 40
chains west, thence 20 chains north,
tlience 30 chains vest, thei ce 60 chains
south, thence 00 chainB i'a*t In point of
commencement. Containing 210 acres
more or less.
August 12th, 1907.
\V i st Koo tenny
I. William Stewart Drewry, by occupation a Land Survivor, intend to
apply for a sue ial lirense to cut tim
hpr upon six li nnd rod and forty acres
of land, situate on tlie wist side of
Slocan Lakealiout one-half mile north of
Nemo creek bounded as follows i
Commencing at a po.t planted at
the N.E. coiner ol Lot 6521, thonce
nortli 20 chums more or lies to tlie
S \V. corner of Lot 8426; thence north
100 cliains.thenco west 40chains, tlience
sou'.li 80 chain", thence west 40 chains,
ihence south 40 chains thence ennt 80
chains muri! or lo.is to the. point of com-
uicnci ment.
Dated Aug  14th. 1907
Notice is heroby given that 80 days
after, date we intend to apply to the
cense hoard ot the i ity oi f-jloean U.C.
la transfer of licence lield by us for lhe
Arlington Hotel,In Block A, lots 1 and 8
to Robt.   (.a.ih in  and Frank   Giitlith.
BIoop.ii  B. 0., AutU-t lst.,l!Hi7,
District of West   Kootenay.
Tako notice thnt Harry J. Lalirash,
of Nakusp, 1) O.i hotel keeper, intends
t. apply fur permission to purchase th*
f Hawing dO'cribcd lnntl i
Commencing at ft post marked Harry
J, Lflbrath's N.E. cm nor, [ilnuied nt
lhe S.W. corner of lot 8500, .Hunted
about two miles from tho Arrow Like,
aud one half mile from Mel onald ore k
und running 40 chains'ue't, ilnnce 40
chains louh, Ih'.nco -10 cliains euit,
tlionoo40 * h.iins noith to pluCo of c m****
inenc.mont and u >utui iin_, 100 acres
more or les4.
Dated August 19 11)07.
4-13 Herman Dorey, Agent.
District of West Kootenay,
Take n >'Ice that Herman Dorey, of
Nakusp Ii. C, bushman, intends tu np-
ly for permission lo purchase tlit* fol-
lo-.i inff dciflr.bul land.
Commencing at. a p* at marked Herman Dorov's N.E. conier, planted at
Urn S.E. fin-iior ol lot No. 8040, nitnau-d
about two miles from thu Airow Luke
on McDonald Creek, running to cliains
south, then 40  clmins  went,  thei ce 40
chaine norlhi Ih<nre.40 clmins ca-t to
p'ace of commencement nnd contiilniiig
100 acres moro or lo.ts.
Dated August lllih, 1007,
Wi-liftta. A. Mitobell, Agent,


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