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 Devoted   to   Advertising   the
Mineral Resources and Large
Fruit   growing   Area  in   the
fertile Slocan Valley.
Mining Review.
D i     i [%n>  \
Printed iu New Denver, the
Beauty Spot of the Coutiueut
and the Hub of the richest
Silver-I,cad District on Earth.
No. 14   Vol, 2,
NEW DENVER, British Columbia, Thursday, Nov. 28, 1907.
Single Copies 5c.
Famous Case of Star vs.
White Thus Concluded
By Full Court.
After a lapse of seven months Irom
the termination of the trial, judgment
lias been delivered in the Star-White
case and the Nelson verdict has been
reversed, tho present finding of the full
court comprising Justices Irving, Martin
and Morrison, the latter dissenting, being in favor of the Star Mining and
Milling Co., plaintiffs, and full costs
are awarded the plaintiffs in all courts,
and an injunction is given. An enquiry is also directed as lo theore taken
by the defendants. This case has
ereated considerable interest among
mining men in British Columbia.
Eor the .benefit of our readers who
are not conversant with the circumstances which led to suits that followed
unit and in which over half a million
dollars are said to bo .involved in costs
alone, we will endeavor as impartially
as it is possible, to give in plain unvarnished language a corollary of facts
so that any intelligent layman unfamiliar with mining phraseology may
become better acquainted with a celebrated case whicli at present disturbs
tho classes iu onr mining community
to the verge of a feud. We wish at
thia juncture to remark that it is immaterial to us which tide wi**.*j. Right
is right, ar.d it is our only hope that
light will triumph aud that the commercial iuteieals 01 the district will
best be served hy the campaign of active mining that wilt fellow the linn]
verdict. The defendants are likely to
The B. N. White Co. own two 000 ft.
claims, which are separated bv two
fractious owned bv Jno. M. Harris,
The former has rights under the old
mining law which permits the owners
to follow tlieir vein to the dip through
and beyond their side lines, i.e., inlo
Mr. Harris' ground, while Mr. Harris
is entitled to mine un ler the present
law within his own ground. Thus
arises, with the change of laws, the
possibility of a double ownership to the
mineral found on the ground.
The old law was based on the idea
that all minerals occur in true lissuio
veins, and on the consideration that
Uie discoverer of mineral on the surface waB entitled to that which exit-ted
at depth: hence " ex-lateral rights."
The true fissure vein idea was soon
shown to be of limited application, and
a change in the law was necessary.
This was effected about 14 years ago.
The present law places definite limitations to every mineral claim and most
properly defines those limitations without reference to speculation as to the
pioper origin of the mineral.
The change of law has undoubtedly
saved for B.C. many a legal conflict
regarding the ownership of minerals,
but by preserving the rights of the
claims held under the old law and at
the same time recognizing the validity
of claims adjoining them under the now
law, it has invited conflict where these
interests overlap. The question of
overlapping interests forms the basis of
this litigation.
In 1901 Mr. Harris issued a writ to
restrain the White Co. from trespassing
on this ground. This trespass was
denied uuder the ex. lateral rights
principle. As this principle requires
the continuity of the vein over the
ground where ex lateral rights are
claimed, the issue resolved itself into
the consideration whether, tho defendant could or could not prove this continuity. This was done to the satisfaction
of the Chief Justice at Nelson and decision given in their favor. Appeal was,
however, granted, an 1 permission was
obtained to do work under couit juris-
diiti m which would enlighten matters
aa to the conliuniiy of the vein. In
view nf the further evidence obtained
in this invo'tigatorv work the .ippeal
re mlved itself into a new trial hcfi re
the full court. 'I his trial took place
laut April and judgment wns delivered
last Saturday in favor of Mr. Harris.
As the continuity of veins is not
Jdeutical with continuity of ore bodies,
the queslion of walls and consideration
of vein fillings have to be taken up and
identified, hence the necessity of experts
to interpret these matters.
This case lias all along been specialized by the extreme contradictory
nature of the expert interpretations,
which indicated that the vein possessed
the required continuity, while those on
Mr. Harris' side interpreted a complete
break in the vein hy a " fault " specialized by the name of the " black
fissure," this latter throwing the two
portions of the vein some 1,200 feet
apart. Obviously boll, views cannot be
correct, and the average lay mind is
apt to conclude that expert interpretations ure of much lcm valuo than their
co��t. It must not be forgotten, however, that these interpretations are
purely subjective and not capable of
direct proof. Their validity will depend
the accuracy of tlie hypothetical conditions which form Iheir basis and on
the possibility of predicting what will
be found on unexplored ground through
tlieir aid. Mr. Han is' experts scored
on the latter point, as the evidence o!
exploratory work dono was in accordance with tlieir original interpretation.
Thus the Lecond (stage of the case is
concluded. What will be the next
move or moves is impossible to predict.
It would appear unlikely, however,
that th'.. decision will be aceepted as
final. The judges deserve special commendation for having bjen able to reduce the chaotic mass of txpert evidence
lo renson within the limited period of
seven months.
People with money to lose Bhould
carefully read the record of the proceedings in the Canadian Mining Journal's effort to illuminate the flotation
of the " Highland Mary " prospect.
Plungers who gamble with their small
savings should be educated by an inside
view of the ptocess of floating a
"mining" company prepaiatory to
offering its Bhares to the public.
R. H. Trueman, the well-known Vancouver photographic, artist, came in on
Friday, and throughout thc wie'.c hue
been doing good business.
Dr. Simmons, dentist, of Greenwood,
will be at the Newmarket Hotel for a
few days. He is prepared to do dental
work in all its branches. Anyone wishing his services will pleaee call early
and make appointments.
A quiet wedding was celebrated at
the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. J.
Cadd_.i, Rosebery, on Thursday evening
of this week, when A. E. Haigh (Bert)
was united in marriage with Miss May
Bourne. Rev. V,'. M. Chalmers tied
the knot.   Congratulations.    ���
The mildness of weather now prevailing is such that upon Cropp's
ranch several apple trees are njw buist*
ing into bloom. The same has to be
recorded of a cherry tree in Blunien-
aue's garden. Evidently dame Nature
thinks Spring, beautiful Spring, in all
its fulsome gladness has arrived, but
she has another think coming.
Says the B. C. Mining Record : "Under the caption "It ia rumored," the
Slocan Mining Review, makes the following suggestive observation : " That
a decision in the Star-White case will
be handed in on the Day of Judgment."
Those familiar with the tedious delays
that have occurred in connection with
the litigation will appreciate tho force
of this raillery."
[Well; was'nt Saturday the day of
judgment ? How we are misunderstood,
to be suiol.
Born.���At New Denver, B.C., on the
27th, inst., lo the wife of Cal. Brown,
of Rosebi ry,���a son.
Boun.���At New Denver, on the 23rd
inst., to the wife of J. T. Kelly, Three
Forks,���a daughter.
,*��� *************************
t 1
I  Xocal anb General. ]
+   Picked up by Butting tn Everywhere.
��� **t* <��*t..:.+4.*_.-_.***^***|^*^J.*_.*t**t^^**f. *i*
Here's the end of November and not
a speck of snow on thc ground at any
of the lake towns iu this silvery land.
Palma Angrignon left for a business
trip to Nelson this morning .
Mrs, Werely lias returned from an enjoyable holiday among friends in Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Trenery have returned from Greenwood, where they
have been all summer, and have taken
up residence at Three Forks.
Herb. Thomliiison gathered his second
crop of strawberries Inst week. It was
not a very heavy yield, but the berries
were all large.
M. McGuigan and J. Otway came in
from Phoenix Saturday.
H. G. Fisher, manager of the local
branch of the Bank of Montreal, will
return from the old country with his
bride about the 15th or 10th of December.
Dr. S. Petersky, resident physician
in charge of the Sandon Miner's Union
Hospital, was ill town for the K. of P.'s
Miss J. Andrews was down from
Sandon on a two day's visit to Mrs.
Miss K. McArdle, Sandon, visited
Mrs. J. J. Atherton this weak.
Dikd.���At New Denver. B. C, on the
27th inst., in his 21st year, Dick, lhe
youngest horse of J, C. Harris.
Like several ot our contemporaries
who also published the item that the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.
had paid lis regularly quarterly dividend, we were in error. The directors
deemed it more conservative to cut the
dividend In half, making it \M per cent,
and not 2)_ as was stated.
Boun,���At Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 9, to
the wife nf J. II, Moran, formerly of
New Denver,���a daughter.
Mrs. T. H. Wilson and Mrs. XV. H.
���"Brandon, Silverton, were among Monday's visitors to town.
Ed. Angrignon picked raspberries in
hil garden thiB week.
Mine host Spencer ol the Victoria
Hotel, Silverlon, was taking a whiff of
our ozone Friday.
Murdoch McLean, proprietor of the
New Denvtr undertaking parlor, received a consignment of shells this
What a great Improvement that now
sidewalk around the Newmarket Hotel
is lo the general appearance of that imposing structure and the esplanade generally I That's the best bit of frontage
in tbe Slocan, citizen Stege.
Slocan 3Lake 3frutt 3Lanbs
So Fertile
For Full Information write
Imperial Bank Block ..   NELSON, B.C.
ifSr^oea. Blaftemore 8. Cameron,
Times are certainly improving commercially in the Slocan, and the fall in
the pi ice of silvii* may be a factor in
this. Sounds strange; but nevertheless when silver bobbed around four
bits, things were humming in our silvery
Eveiybody in the Slocan wonders
why Rambler-Cariboo stock should decline now that substantial shipments
of ore are going forward. Strange
world tbis. And yet large bunches of
stock have been purchased by local
business men the past few months.
Guess these men don't know a thing
about a property within gunshot of
their doors���decline or rto decline in
stock notwithstanding.
The best piece of fencing we have
seen thus far in the Kootenay is to the
credit of Messrs. Jno. MePhee and A.
McKay, who have just concluded encircling their 4-acre patch adjoining the
townsite. It is absolutely horse-proof
and at the same time almost gopher-
proof. This orchard has now been
planted to apple trees.
Rev. W. A. Gifford, in charge of the
district Methodist mission, spent several
days in Sandon last week and conducted services there Sunday.
The storm of last week brought down
the 'phone line between Three Forks
and Sandon, but communication was
cut off for a few hours only, thanks to
prompt repairs hy the company.
Rifle Association Meet.
The Annual meeting of the town
rifle association was held in the armory
on Friday evening laBt, when there was
a very good attendance. Amos Thompson occupied the chair. The election of
officers for the ensuing year resulted ns
follows: Sec.-tieas., J. E. Cornwall;
Captain, Amos Thompson; executive
committee, D. McLachlan, J. B. Smith
and H. J. Woolley.
The retiring committee reported the
termination of the annual shooting
competition which resulted as follows;
J. E. Cornwall 1st, with a total score
of 108 out of a possible245, the condition
being kneeling and rapid firing twice at
200 yards, and lying at the same distance
the Utter calling for seven shots a minute, and 300, 500 and 600 yards lying
down, Dan McLachlan was second
with a srore of 165 and H. J. Woolley
and J. A. McDonald tied with 102 each.
There were twenty competitors who
competed in groups beginning on Oct, 12,
aud the filial taking place on the  29th.
Seven new members wero enrolled at
the conclusion of the meeting,
Capt. P, Elliston, of Work Point
Barracks, came in to inspect the men
and lilies this week when he expressed
great pleasure in the good standing of
the Association. He also Bald it wss
possible that the new Ross rifle would
be served out next year,
That Nelson streets are paved with
That the C.P.R. will some day give
their agents at lake ports a western
That the agents at New Denver and
Silverton have no use for banks.
That after they have paid the butcher
the baker and candle-stick maker they
etow away all they have to spare in
That the Missioner is buying real
estate with his pocket money.
That old grumble-gizzard has gone
east, and'the people of Sandon hope for
That a well-known Bandon mule-
skinner is about to run in double
That chief justice Hunter is getting
interested in the Star-White case.
That Sandon was Sandon and Johnny
Harris was Johnny Harris when thc
news came over the wires.
That the " black fissure " must be as
black as Sizer painted it.
That headaches were fashionable the
morning after.
That Saturday, Nov. 28, will be hereafter known aa " Black Skidoo Day " in
That tho " sage of New Denver "
found a straight flush in a Boundary
jackpot last week.
That eighty New Denver children
will perform on a Nelson stage during
the Xmas holidays,
That such an event would be a splendid advertisement for our town,
Killed in Logging Camp.
A young Englishmen, known both as
Fied Baird or Beard, wss accidently
killed at No. 1 camp of the Patrick
Lumber Co., at Slocan, laat Monday
afternoon at 2.30. It appears that the
unfortunate young fellow was standing
on the deck of a ekidway and putting in
the logs as they were delivered to him
by the teamster, when he slipped and
a log rolling over him crushed him fa
Dr. Brouse, of New Denver, was telegraphed for, but upon arrival tho man
had. expired, he only lingering for 30
minutes after the accident,
An inquest was held by Dr. Arthur
ar*d the verdict ot the jury shows that
the event was purely accidental.
We understand that no papers were
found upon the young fellow whicli
would assist the authorities in communicating with his relatives in England.
It is believed that he was quite a recent
Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Abler are in from
Enderby on a visit to friends and relatives, The happy couple are receiving
congratulation a upon their recent union,
Xmas souvenir spoons   of Sandon,
Silverton and  New   Denver   in stock
I now, at Nelson's Drug Store,
A Treat In Store.
Christmas is in the air just now, and
with the children of New Denver,
Christmas is synonymous with operetta.
That is their contribution to the festive
season and they are willingly giving
hours each day In order that their parents may have a good time on Christinas eve.
Last year they took the parents a
trip to Fairyland, for they realized
that no criticism could be offered regarding their depiction of a land which to
every imagination is different; but
having "found themselves" this year,
they essay a bolder flight and seek to
portray some scenea from the Spanish
Castle of Aguillar in lhe Stirring days
proceeding tbe Armada.
The plot centres around tbe disappearance of the Lady Hinda���a
daughter of the widowed Countess Isabella���who was stolen in early life by
Gipsy robbers who lurk in the surrounding woods���and in the trials of
two ardent lovers, rival suitors for the
hand of the lady Inez, the countess'
elder daughter.
Act 1 introduces us to the high life
and rigid etiquette of the countess'
court and the success of the suit of Don
Carlos, a Spabish lord, to the discomfiture of Sir Ronald Graeme, "a Scottish
knight from o'er the sea."
In Act 2 we find ourselves in the
hauntB of the Gypsies, where we are
entertained by song and dance. There
is then a scene with the soldiers who
are seeking the lost Lady Hinda, and
where the captain harangues them with
no uncertain voice; a glimpse of the
peasants with their pompous and fussy
burgomaster follows.
Then comes the seizure of the Gypsies'
camp and tho revelation that the
Gypsy Queen is no other than the long-
lost Lady Hindu.
The final act depicts the reunion of
mother and the celebrations consequent
thereon; and we find that the talisman
which has healed the strife between the
rivals and their followers and brought
about the happy ending iB a four-leaved
clover, which the German sprite Gluck-
Anf and his sister Gretchen succeed in
distributing to ihe principal characters.
Hence the title "The Four-Leaved
The whole is interspersed with lively
choruses, solos, action songs, and dances,
and the elaborate and fancy costumes
lend an air of reality to tho scene.
The people of New Denver thought
last years' operetta a success. If Mr.
and Mrs. Rankine's anticipations are
realized, thiB year's will far excel it.
Our Fruit Growers' Column.
The season for pruning young fruit
trees is upon us, and tho wily fruit tree
agent is already here with his marvellous new sorts and fascinating stories ol
the crops to be obtained from the trees
he sells. Our friends sent by the Government also have a rather bewildering habit of springing new varieties
upon us or condemning loine sort tliey
had previously recommended.
On one piece of advice, however, all
are agreed, and that is that in growing
fruit for the market too many varieties
should not be planted, and that an
orchard of, say, 1,000 apple trees that
contain only two or three gojd varieties
is infinitely to be preferred to ono that
contains a lorge number even oi tho
best selected varieties.
This principal can be carried even
further to advantage. It is well not to
have too great a variety in any one
neighborhood. We shall find it profitable to study what our neighbors are
growing and if satisfied that tho variety
that they have selected are thoroughly
good ones, to fall in line with their way
of working. In this way a local reputation can be built up, and tbe wholesale fruit merchants will know that
they can obtain a good supply of some
particular variety, and we shall not
have to fill up the cars with part Northern Spys, part Wagner, part Baldwin and perhaps a dozen different
sorts. In the neighborhood of New
Denver the Wagner is at present the
leading sort of winter apple that is
planted, and everybody admits that it
is one of the very best eorts. It is
hardy and a good grower; it bears early
and the fruit is magnificent in appearance, in flavor and keeping qualities.
The thrifty condition of the trees in
Mr. Williamson's and Mr. Aylard's
orchards prove that the variety does
well here, and that other growers will
make no mistake if they also plant
many Wagners.
Among late fall apples the Wealthy
rightly holds one of the first places. It
is also an early bearer and a heavy
bearer, and I find the trees are easy to
prune into a good shape. This variety
also has been planted extensively in
this neighborhood and well deserves a
place in our orchards.
The Kaslo fruit growers have made a
specialty of the Giavenstein, whicli
they claim to produce in great perfection, and even lo bu able to keep until
far into the winter. It is a most beautiful apple, of the very finest quality,
and most popular in the market. But
it ii a very delicate apple to handle, it
brui.es remarkably easy, and will require very great care in picking and
packing. However, for those who succeed in placing perfect Gravenstein
apples in the pink of condition on the
market ttiere will be all the greater reward.
There will be a big opening for experienced packers of fruit in B.C. ina
few years, when the millions of fruit
trees now planted come into bearing,
and it will be well for some of our rising
generation to bear thia in mind when
they are thinking of choosing tlieir life
work. A first-rate fruit packer need
never be out of work, for his employers
will recognize it is to their advantage
to retain him at other work even when
there is no fruit to be handled, so as to
be aure of having him ready for the
fruit Beason. J. C. HARRIS.
Bosun Hall Was Crowded
With An Appreciative
The Concert given In the Bisun Hall
last night by the Nnw Denver Lodge of
the Knights of Pythias was a pronounced success frjin every point of
view, and oilieers and performers alike
are deserving of thc highest commendation for tho quality of the ontortatn-
nient supplied. The house was packod,
there being visitors from Sandon, Silverton and Slocan City. Of tlie numbers special mention must bo made of
the selection given by the Choral Society, a pianoforte selection by Mrs.
Rankine, a vaudeville act bv Messrs.
Nelson, Kelly and H. ThomlinBon, and
a character recitation, "The Quack
Doctor," by Mr. J. HolJen, he being
unquestionably the hit of tho evening.
The tableaux were also splendidly
staged. The music for the ball was
supplied by McMillan's orchestra in a
pleasing manner.
The following was the program:
Opening chorus,  " Click Clack, " Now
Denver Choral Society.
Recitation,  "Tlie Clown's   Romance,"
II. Lowe.
Solo, " In the Golden Autumn Time
My Sweet Elaine," Mrs. H. Aylwin.
Farce.    "A     Red    Hot    Massage,"
H. Lowe and G. Grier.
Piano Solo, Selected, Mrs. T. Rankine,
Solo, " Down in the Deep," A.  StClair
Character Sketch, Selected, J. Ilolden,
Solo,  " Good-Bye, Sis," II. Lowe.
Farce, "An Open Air  Rehearsal," The
Unknown Troupe.
Banjo Solo, Selected, J.  Holden, encored.
Solo, "I'm done with ragtime," Hungry
Pete, encored.
Highland Fling Dance, J. A. McDonald,
Quartette "The Bulldog," Messrs Rankine, Thomlinson. Kelly and Nelson.
"Two Strings to her bow."
"Anticipation and Realization."
Tbe Canadian Pacific Railway announce a very low round trip rate to
all points tn Ontario and Quebec west
of Montreal. Tickets on sale daily
from December Ut to December 81st,
and bear a 00 day limit, Tide afford,
an excellent opportunity to visit the
east at a very economical cout. Reduced fares to old country are advertised
elsewhere in this issue,
Phoenix Pioneer.���If there is a business or mining man resident of Kaslo,
Sandon, Slocan, Nelson or Rossland���
or for that matter in the Boundary for
the last 10 years, who has not heard of
D. R. Young, he must be a curiosity.
D. R. operated in all these and other
places. Tho Similkain-aen Valley Coal
Company, Ashnola Smplter, Ltd., Moii-
ashee Gold Mines and Britisli Empire
Gold Mines, were some of his flotations,
but in tome way no one over hoars of
thorn nowadays. Mr. Young has gone
to the coast and is opeiating tho Queen
Charlotte Island Prospecting Syndicate.
He states that he has nothing to offer
to the public, too, his venture ia copper
being amply financed. His claim now
Ib that Queen Charlotte will be the
storm centre of the next mining boom.
No one could ever accuse D. R. of being
a pessimist, however his ventures turned out.
Tho Victoi in Week prnphesys that the
Dominion elections will lie called foi
next spring. Must have Borne pull with
l.oiry-iiy to make such a 8tab,
Chas. Garrity Died Suddenly.
Another of tho pioneers of the Slocan
has traversed the long unblazed trail to
the Great UnEeen from which prospector ne'er yet returned to returned to record his luck.
Charles Garrity was hale and hearty
this time last week, and now his remains
are reposing in the God's acre adjoining
Slocan Cily.
The deceased man arrived in the Slocan so far back as 1892, and he has remained here ever since, principally
prospecting and working as a miner.
He has been working all summer at the
tho Neepewa mino, and when a transfer
in the ownership of the property was
mado last week he camo down from
Ten-Mile and took up his quarters at
the Windsor Hotel, Silverton. On Saturday evening he complained of foeling.
unwell to Mr. D. Grant, the proprietor,
who communicated wiih Dr, J. E.
Brouse, but before the latter could
reach there tho old fellow had expired.
Prov. Constable Black communicatod
with the coronor, Dr. Arthur, of Nelson,
who arrived on Monday to hold an inquest if necessary, but after making an
examination of the body it was not
doemed necessary to hold an inquest,
death boing attributed to paralysis.
The Slocan Miners' Union took charge
of the interment.
Deceased was 63 years of age, and it
is believed ho hailed oiiginally from
Peterboro, Out, He was ono of tho oid-
timers in the trek to Winnipeg in 1872,
remaining there until Slocan was the
iiiocca of all miners, whon he joined in
the rush to this valley.
Mrs. Hugh Nelson returned from
Prince Albert, Sask., last Friday, where
she has been visiting her brother and
his family. Commenting upon the
climatic dlftereno. between the Northwest and our favored district, Mrs.
Nelson buys Ibis is a verb able land of
summer in comparison with the parts
she had recently 1*.ft. THE SLOCAN MINING REVIEW,  SANDON, B.-C.
��� ��� ��� ���
Author of "Dora Deane," "The English Orphans,"
"Lena Rivers/' "The Rector of St. Mark's,"
"Tempest and Sunshine," Etc.
Madge her schoolmates called her,
because the name suited her, they
said; but Maddy they called her at
home, and there was a world of unutterable tenderness in the- voices of
the old couple, her grandparents,
when they sain that name, while their
dim eyes lighted up with pride and
joy when they rested upon the young
girl who answered to the name of
Maddy. Their only daughter's only
child, she had lived with them since
her mother's death, for her father
was a sea captain, who never returned from his last voyage to China,
made two months before she wns
born. Very lonely and desolate would
the home of Grandfather Markhain
have been without tho presence of
Madeline, but with her there, the old
red farmhouse seemed to the aged
couple like a paradise.
Forty years they had lived there,
tilling the rather barren soil of the
rocky homestead, and, saving the sad
night when they henrd that Richard
Clyde was lost at sea, and the far
sadder morning when their daughter
died, bitter sorrow had not come to
them; and, truly thankful for the
blessings so long vouchsafed them,
they had retired each night in pence
with God and man, and risen each
morning to pray. Hut a change was
coming over them. In an evil hour
Grandpa Markham bad signed a note
for a neighbor and friend, who failed
to pay, and so it all fell on Mr. Mark-
ham, who, to meet the demand, mortgaged his homestead; the recreant
neighbor still insisting that long before the mortgage should be due, he
certainly would be able himself to
meet it. This, however, he had not
done, and, after twice begging off a
foreclosure, poor old Grandfnthei
Markham found himself nt the mercy
of a grasping remorseless man, into
whose hands the* mortgage hud passed. It was vnin to hope that Silas
Slocum would wait. The money must
either be forthcoming, or tbe red
farmhouse be sold, witb its few acres
of land. Among his neighbors there
was not one who had the money to
spare, even if he hnd heen willing
to do so. And so be must look among
"If I could only help," Madeline
had said one evening when they sat
talking over their troubles; "bul
there's nothing I can do, unless I apply for our school this summer. Mr.
Green is committeeman; he likes us
and I don't believe but what he'll let
me have it. I mean to go and see;"
and, ere the old people hnd recovered from their astonishment, Mndeline
had caught her bonnet and shawl,
and was flying down the rond.
Madeline was n favorite with all, especially with Mr. Green, and as the
school would be small that summer,
the plan struck him favorably. Her
age, however, was an objection, and
he must take time to see what others
thought of a child like her becoming
a schoolmistress Others thought well
of it, and so before the close of the
next day it was generally known
through Honedale, as the southern
part of Devonshire was called, that
pretty little Madge Clyde had been
engaged as teacher, she receiving
three dollars a week, with the understanding that she must board herself*.
It did not take Madeline long to calculate that twelve times three were
thirty-six, more than a tenth of what
her grandfather must borrow. It
seemed like a little fortune, and blithe
as a singing bird she flitted about the
house, now stopping a moment to
fondle her pet kitten, while she whispered the good news in its very appreciative ear, and then stroking her
grandfather's silvery hair, as she
said i
"You can tell them that you are
sure of paying thirty six dollars in
the fall, and if I do well, maybe
they'll hire nie longer. I mean to try
my very best. 1 wonder if ever any-
body before me taught a school when
they were only fourteen and a half.
Do I look as young as that?" and for
an instant the bright, childish face
Bcanncd itself eagerly in the old-
fashioned mirror, with the figure of
an eagle on the top.
She did look very young, and yet
there was something womanly, too,
in the expression of the fnce, soins-
thing which said that life's realities
were already beginning to be under
stood by her.
"If my hair were not short I should
do better. What a pity I cut it the
last time; it would have been so long
and splendid now," she continued,
giving a kind nf contemptuous pull
at the thick, beautiful brown hair on
���whose glossy surface there wns in
certain lights n reddish tinge which
added to its  beuuty.
"Never mind Hie hnir, Maddy," the
old  mnn  said,  gazing  fondly  nt   bet
with a hall sigh as he remembered
another brown bend, pillowed now he
neath-the graveyard turf. "Maybe you
won't pass muster, and then the hair
will make no difference. There's a
new committeeman, that Dr. Holbrook from Boston, and new ones are
apt to be mighty strict."
Instantly Maddy's fnce flushed all
over with nervous dread, as she
thought: "What if I should fail?"
fancying thnt to do so would be an
eternal disgrace. But she should not.
She was called by everybody the very
'best scholar in school, the one whom
the teachers always put forward when
desirous of showing off, the one whom
Mr. Tiverton, and Squire Lamb, and
Lawyer Whittemore always noticed so
much. Of course she should not fail,
though she did dread Dr. Holbrook,
wondering much what he would ask
her first, and hoping it would be
something in arithmetic, provided he
did not stumble upon decimals, where
she was apt to got bewildered. She
had no fears of grammar. She could
-pick out the most obscure sentence
and dissect a double relative with
perfect ease; then, as to geography,
:she could repeat whole pages of. that,
while in the spelling-book, the foundation of a thorough education, a*.
ishe had been taught, she had no superiors and but a very few equals.
'Still she would be very glad when
it was over, apd she appointed Monday, both because it was close at
hand, and because that was the day
.Tier grandfather bnd set in which to
iride to Aikenside. in an adjoining
.town, and *u..l*.   >_.   vuutui  uia-iter toi
_he~IoSn oTTIfree .lundrecTdoTlWiB.
He could hardly tell why he had
thought of applying to Guy Remington for help, unless it were that he
once had saved the life of Guy's father, who, as long as he lived, had
evinced a great regard for his benefactor, frequently asserting that he
meant to do something for him. But
the something was never done, the
father was dead, and in his strait the
old mini turned to the son, whom he
knew to be very rich, and who he
hnd been told was exceedingly generous.
"How I wish I could go with you
clear up to Aikenside! Tliey say it's
so beautiful," Mndeline had said, as
on Saturday evening tbey sat discussing the expected events of the following Monday. "Mrs. Nonh, the housekeeper, had Sarah Jones (here once,
to sew, and she told me all about it.
Tbe.e nre graveled walks, and nice
green lawns, and big, tall trues, and
flowers���oh ! si many !���and mnrhle
fountain^, with gold fishes In the
basin; and statues, big as folks, all
over the yard, with two brass lions
on the gateposts, Hut the house is
finest of all. There's n drawing room
bigger than n bull room, with carpets*
thnt let your (eel sink in so far: pictures nnd mirrors clear to the flttor���
think of that, grandpa! a looking-
glass so tall thnt one can see the very
bottom of their dress and know just
how it hangs. Oh, I do so wish I
could have a peep at it! There nre
two in one room, and the windows
are like doors, with lace curtains; but
what is queerest of all, the chairs nnd
sofas are covered with real silk, just
like thnt funny, gored gown of grandma's up in the oak chest. Dear me' I
wonder if I'll ever live in such a
plnce as Aikenside?"
"No, no, Maddy, no. Be satisfied
with the lot where Ood hns put you,
and don't be longing nfter something
higher. Our Fnther in heaven knows
just what is best for us; as He didn't
see fit to put you up at Aikenside,
'tain't noways likely you'll ever live
in the like of it."
"Not unless I should happen to
marry a rich man. Poor girls like me
have sometimes done that, haven't
they?" was Maddy's demure reply.
Grandpa Markham shook his head.
"They have, but it's mostly theii
ruination; so don't build castles in
the air about this Guy Remington."
"Me! Oh, grandpa, I never dreamed of Mr. Guy!" and Madeline blushed half indignantly. "He's too rich,
too aristocratic, though Sarah said he
didn't act one bit proud, and wa*-
so pleasant, tbe servants all worship
him, and Mrs. Noah thinks him good
enough for the Queen of England. I
shall think so, too, if he lets you
have the money. How I wish it was
Monday night, so we could know
"Perhaps we both shall be terribly
disappointed," suggested grandpa,
but Maddy wns more hopeful.
She, nt least, would not fail, while
whnt she had henrd of Guy Remington, the heir of Aikenside, made her
believe that he would accede at once
to  her grandpa's  request.
All that night she was working to
pay the debt, giving the money herself into the hands of Guy Remington, whom she hnd never seen, but
who came up in her dreams the tall,
handsome-looking man she had so
often henrd described by Sarah Jones
after her return (rom Aikenside. Even
the next dny, when by her grandparent's side, Muddy knelt reverent
ly in thc small, timeworn church nt
Honednle, her thoughts, it must be
confessed, were wandering more to
the to-morrow and Aikenside, than to
the snered words her lips were uttering. She knew it wns wrong, and with
a nervous start would try to bring bei
mind buck from decimal fractions to
what, the ministei was saying; but
Maddy was moitil, and right in the
midst of the Collect, Aikenside and
its owner would rise before her, together with the wonder how she and
her grandfather would feel one week
from that Sabbnth day. Would the de-
Mred certilicate be hers? or would she
be disgraced for ever and ever by a
rejection? Would the mortgage, be
paid nnd her grandfather at ease, or
would his beait he breaking with the
knowing he must leave what had been
his home for so many years? Not
thus was it with the aged disciple
beside her���the good old man, whose
white locks swept the large-lettered
book over which his wrinkled face was
bent, as he joined in the responses,
or said the prayers whose words hnd
over him so soothing an influence,
carrying his thoughts upward to the
house not made with hands, which
he felt assured would one day be his.
Once or twice, it is true, thoughts ol
losing the dear old red cottage flitted
across his mind with a keen, sudden
pang, but he put it quickly aside, remembering at the snme instant bow
the Father he loved dneth all things
Well   to  such   *i*   are   His    children.
Grandpa Miirkbiim whs nhf'in the
Christian course, while Maddy could
hardly he snid to have commenced
is yet. and so to bet that April Sun-
lay was long nnd wearisome. How she
lid wish she might just look over the
'reography. by way of refreshing her
memory, or see exactly how the rule
for extracting the cube root did read,
hut Mnddy forbore, rending only the
I'ilerim's Progress, ihe Bible, and tbe
book brought from tbe Sunday school.
With the earliest dawn, however,
���die was up, nnd her grandmother
hoard her repeating to herself much
of whnt she dreaded Dr. Holbrook
���night question hei upon. F.ven when
bending over the wnshtub, for there
were, no servants at the red cottage,
a bonk was arranged before her, so
"bnt she could study with her eyes,
while her smnll. fnt hands and dimp-
'ed arms were busy in the suds. Before ten o'clock ever/thing wns done,
'be clothes, white ns the snowdrops in
'he cardcri beds, were swinging on
the line, the Kitchen floor was scrub-
bod, the window- washed, the best
renin swept, the vegetables cleaned
for dinner, nnd then Maddy's work
wns finished 'Ornndnin eoiild do all
'he rest," she snid, nnd Madeline wns
free "to put hor eyes out over them
hie* boolto if she liked."
Swiftly flew ijip hours until it wns
time to be gettine rendy, when again
the short hair wns deplored, as before
her  looking-glass   Mndeline
and   arranged   her  shinine.   benu
locks.   Would   Pr    Roth rook   think   of
fliough'lTier old enough, BufJlfiVwati
not a matter with which the doctor
need trouble himself; and somewhat
at ease on that point, Madeline donned her longest frock, and, standing
on a chair, tried to discover how much
of her pantalets was visible.
"I could see splendidly in Mr. Remington's mirrors," she said to herself,
with a half-sigh of regret that her lot
had not been cast in some such place
as Aikenside, instead of there beneath
the hill in that wee bit of a cottage
whose rear skinted back until it almost touched the ground. "After all,
I guess I'm happier here," she
thought. "Everybody likes me, while
if I were Mr. Guy's sister and lived
at Aikenside, I might be proud and
wicked, and "
She did not finish the sentence, but .
somehow the story of Dives and Lazar- j
us, read by her grandfather that
morning, recurred to her mind, and
feeling how much rather she would
rest in Abraham's bosom than share
the fate of him who once was clothed
ir, purple and fine linen, she pirtned
on her little nent plaid shawl, and,
tying the blue ribbons of her coarse
straw hnt, glnnced once more at the
formidable cube root, and then hurried down to where her grandfather
nnd old Sorrel  were waiting for her.
"T shnll be so happy when I come
back, because it will then be over,
just like bnvlng a tooth out, you
know," she said to ber grandmother,
who bent down for the good-by kiss
without which Mnddy never left her.
"Now, grandpa, drive on; I was to be
there nt three." nnd chirruping herself to Sorrel, the impatient Madge
went riding from the cottage door,
chatting chnerily until the villnge of
Devonshire wns reached: then, with a
fnrewell to her grandfather, who
never dreamed thnt the mnn whom
be wns seeking ��as so nenr. she trip-
ned up the flnctniie wnlk. nnd, as we
hnve seen, soon stood in the presence
of not onlv Ot* Holbrook, but nlso of
Guv  Remincton. ,
Poor,  poor little  Madge'
(To Be Continued)
Why the Sporty Looking Chap Cut His
Vacation Short.
After the sporty looking chap had
bii<J breakfast at the little hotel In the
Catakllls, where he had come for a few
weeks' vncutlou. the old farmer twho
run the place called htm aside and
"I understand ye gave my boy a big
roll of money an' some Jewelry to put
In the safe."
"Yes. I thought that was the best
place for them. You don't mind keep
ing the stuff for nie, do yon?"
"Great snakes, no!" replied the farmer as be rubbed ids hands nnd chnc
kled. "The hoy snys ye brung three
purlj* heavy trunks with ye."
"Yes; I always travel with plenty of
clothes, tennis rackets, fishing lines,
etc. You've no objection to so much
baggage, have you?"
"Not n bit of It, sir���not a bit of Itl
I wish je had brung 'leveu or twelve
with ye. It's kinder funny ye ain't
recognized me yet."
"No; i don't remember to have ever
seen your fnce before," said the new
"Well, mebbe my whiskers be a leetle
longer or suntliln', but ye orter know
my voice. We had quite a talk one
day In Noo York."
"In���In New York?" stammered the
sporty looking chap as he turned pnle.
"Yep. Don't ye recollect 'bout me
handin' ye $100 fer that gold brick? I
knowed ye the mlnnlt I seen ye on the
wagon Inst night. Snakes, but* that
was a most bewtlful swindle ye worked on mc, son!"
"W-what are you going to do about
"Oh, nuthln*. I never raise no fuss
unless there's a good occashun fer It.
The hoy snys ye jest went wild over
the si.'nery comln' up on the wagon,
nn* niobbe ye'd Ilie to walk down to
lhe depot an' git some more views on
tho way. The next train to the city
pusses there at 'leven thirty, an' If ye
start now*, while I'm lookln' fer thi
constable, ye'll Jest about ketch II
An' don't do no worry In' 'bout that
cash of yours, sou, as I'll _ake the best
of care of it."
It was a ten mile walk to the depot
but when the I1t80 for New York caim
nlong It curried away a footsore and
dusty looking Individual, who scowled
nnd muttered and shook his tisi
through the car window as the train
started   off   again.���A.   B.    Lewi*   It*
One   kind   oi
underwear,   and
only one, tis right,
wear* out slowest, and satisfies you from the day you
buy it   That kind is trade-
marked (as above) in red, and guaranteed to you
by stores that sell it and the people who make it.
Made in many fabrics and styles, al various
prices, in form-fitting sizes for women,
men and children.    Look for the
PEN-ANGLE. ���__*,
A Duke and His Face
Mr. W. P. Frith, the famous artist,
tells an amusing story concerning
the picture which he was commissioned to pa*nt of the ceremony
when King Edward married Queen
Alexandra. Among those present was
a noble duke celebrated for being 'he
possessor of a very broad-briiiiincd
hat and a very ordinary���not to say
ugly���face. Frith wrote to the duke
for the fuvoi* of a sitting, as he
wished to include him in the scone.
The nobleman replied; "Dear Sir���1
have no time to sit for a picture. If
my form must appear in your work,
allow nie to suggest that, in respect
of my face, you might bury it in my
hat, in the manner of people when
they go to church."
It Keeps the Muscles Pliant���Men
given tomuscular sports and exercises and those who suffer muscular
pains from bicycle riding will find
L)r. Thomas' Eclectric Oil someiiiiiig
worth trying. As a lubricant it will
keep the muscles pliable and free
irom pains which often follow constant use of them, without softening
them or impairing their strength.
For bruises, sprains, and contusions
it is without a peer.
Hook���There goes Sweet. He is
bent on a summer vacation.
Cook���And what happens to a man
who is bent on a summer vacation?
Hook���Why, it isn't long alter he
is bent before he is broke.���Pittsburg
A young man wus teasing his sweetheart's little sister. "Lily," he said
"I don't love you at all."
Ah, but you've got to!" was the
child's reply.
"And why " asked hor tormentor,
"You must love them that hate you,
and I'm sure I bate you!"���Philadelphia   inquirer.
Tobogganing In 1765.
It is interesting to note in Smollett's "Travels 'llirough France and
Italy" that when the novelist was
making an excursion in March, 1765,
from Nice across the Maritime Alp-*
to Turin he descended the Piedmon
tese slope of th_ Col di Tcnda to
ward Suneo on a toboggan.
"Having reached the top of the
mountain," he tells ua in letter thirty-
eight, "wi* prepared for descending
o". the other side by the leze, which
is an oi u:,l sledge made of two
pieces t, ,o.l, carried up by the
coulanW .local guides) for the purpose. 1 did not much relish this kind
of carriage, especially as the mouii
tain was very steep and covered with
such a thick fog that we could hardly
se. two or three yards before us. Nov
ertheless our guides were so confidant
and my companion, wbo had passed
the same way on other occasions, so
secure that 1 ventured to place myself on this machine, one of the cou-
lants standing behind me and the other sitting before me as the conductor,
with his feet piddling in the snow.
in order to moderate the velocity of
rU descent. Thus accommodated, we
descended the mountain with such
rapidity that in nn hour we reached
Limon, Here we waited two full
hours for the mules which traveled
with the servants by the common
This is simply tobogganing used a.-
a practical moans of transit for travelers in lie Alps.���Chambers' Journal
Future of Balmoral.
There is again a good deal of talk
in Court circles as  to the future of
Balmoral.    It is well known that thc
King has not the same regard for hit-
Highland   home  as   bad   Queen  Vic*-
toria,  and  this  lias  naturally led to
expectations   that   he   will   sell   the
estate.    At present the house is shut,
with  only  a  small    number  of  servants.    Some time ago the King was
credited with the intention of turning
the place into a sanitorium, but it is
understood   that  the   idea  haB   been
s ueium    abandoned lately.   However, not very
brushed . wn8 ago several vanloads of furniture
ien nt i ful ] an,I ornaments, property of the late
Queen, were removed fiom  Balmoral
More little lives are lost during
the hot weather months than at any
other time of the your. In the .lim-
mer months little ones are the victims of diarrhoea, cholera infantum,
dysentery und stomach troubles.
These come suddenly and without
warning, and if a medicine is not at
hand to give promptly the short delay may mean death. During the
hot weather months Baby's Own
Tablets should be kept in every
home where there is a young child.
An occasional use of the Tablets
will prevent stomach and bowel
troubles. Or if the troubles come
unawares a prompt use of this medicine will bring the child through
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too highly of Baby's Own Tablets.
One of my children had a severe attack of diarrhoea which the Tablets
promptly cured." Sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville,  Ont.
A Real Bold, Bad Man, Who Makes Off
With the Heroine.
"I am for marriage by conquest," de*
rlared a popular young woman, "and
when I write the great Aino-icai novel,
I mean to b;r*e for my hero a real
bold, bad man, who umbos off with
the heroine in true bandit fashion. It
Isn't fashionable to be bold in wooing
nowadays; it's a battle of the wits.
The hero starts with an epigram, a
square chiu and becoming leanness.
The heroine is a Christy girl, who
smokes cigarettes uud always gets
Invited to rich people's houses. The
hero makes an epigram, nnd then the
heroine makes another one, and then
follows a scintillation of wit and cynicism thnt makes tlie reader's head
"The heroine tliitfs scandalously with
a rich Wall street broker or soup manufacturer; the hero gets leaner and his
jaw gets squarer and his clothes fit
better with each succeeding chapter,
and the Wit runs on In U never censing
ebullition of fireworks until in the Inst
chapter, worn out by much talk, he
hoarsely says, 'Marie, let's get married
and talk It over later,' nnd she Indulges
in a boyish laugh uud lights another
cigarette, says something about coining
in awful cropper, nnd asks where the
ring Is.
"Tnko the historical account of the
wooing of William the Conipierer. He
wns in love with Matilda, and after
some years' delay, according to the
chronicle of lugorho, during which he
wns playing the purl of the patient,
gentle lover, he changed his tactics
suddenly, and waylaid Matilda in the
Streets of Bruges, ns she was returning from mass. Seizing her, with nary
an epigram nor nn apology, he rolled
her In the dirt, spoiled her rich array,
and, not content with these chlviilric
tokens of affection, struck her repeatedly,  and   then  bashfully   rode off  nt
full speed. Aud the next time they
met the fair one accepted hlm joyfully
as her lord and muster. Surely, here
Is a romance with plenty of force and
action, nnd everybody knows Unit they
married and lived happily forever
Simple Designs In Rich Fabrics���Shirring  Much Used.
Certainly there is no theme more fa3-
diluting   than    that    of    fashionable
blouses, und Imagination runs riot with
the things Unit one might say 111 tlieir
praise.    Many of the simplest effects
are glorified  visions of lace, with perhaps just u touch of emtoildery .or an
applique of some sranrl braid.   There
;tre nlso ii number of exceedingly smart
blouses fashioned of course nets, which,
by the way, are g:ilng to be dangerous
Ivuls of the finer effects. These course
lets lire by no moans Inexpensive, und
heir  pnl terns  show   geometrical   fig-
ires,   sometimes   outlined   with   silk
breads und ngnin printed In the most
lellcate colors,  which  In combination
���Ive a Persian or Dresden effect
Shirring is u favorite  trimming for
hem, lu mnny liistauces several rows
of It  being arranged  below a  round
yoke of lace, or sometimes medallions
of luce are stitched down the front of
the blouse In Irregular fnslilon. giving
quite nn odd line to the Mhupo of the
yoke.    Round effects nre the height of
fashion,   but  they  nre  by  no  means
supreme, for there Is n decided liking
for  square   nnd  oblong  yokes,   which
lend themselves quite us congenially to
the smart border trimmings,
Nervous System  So  Exhausted That  Vital   Organs
Are Feeble In Action
Dr. Chase's Nerve FcoJ.
The digestive system is a wonderful piece of machinery, but power is
necessary to make it effective.
In this cuse the power is the nerve
force contained in the body, nnd if
the nerve force is lacking the digestive system becomes crippled, and
there is suffering from indigestion,
nervous headaches, neuralgic pains,
dizzy spells, wenkness and discouragement.
Strength cannot be regained from
the food you ent so long as digestion
is so imperfect, but you can be restored by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
which contains in condensed pill form
the very elements of nature which po
to for**) new nerve force.
Overwork, worry, anxiety and excessive mental effort exhaust the nervous system at a tremendous rate,
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dreadful form of nervous disease sets
in. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food invigorates the nerves which control the di
pest ive lluids, shurpeiis the appetite
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strengthens every organ of the body.
You can use this treatment feeling
certain that every dose is doing you
nt least sjme good, nnd can prove it
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Mrs. J. 1!. Tardiff, Mariapolis.
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health wus in a terribly bad condition. My doctor told me that 1 was
going into consumption, and for
three years my bowels were so loose
and watery that I was continually
kept weak und run down. In spite
of the many remedies used 1 gradually grew worse nnd worse. I could
scarcely get about tbe house and
suffered u great deal from backache,
stomach and kidney troubles.
"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food proved
to be exactly what I needed, and by
keeping up this treatment for n time
I got so strong and well that I did
my own housework and sometimes
worked in the fields without feeling
any the worse for it. It is a pleasure
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"My husband was oujed of Kidney
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Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, fill cents a
box, G boxes for $2,50, at all dealers,
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World's  Largest  Sapphire
The   magnificent    blue   sapphire,
which was recently found in Ceylon,
nnd is stated to be the largest in the
world, has been  purchased    by
jewelry firm of Marciin Mnrkar.
weight  of  the   gem,  after   being
und  polished,  is 4116 karats.
One of the largest sapphires in the
world is in King Edward's coronation
crown. A suppbire of 165 karats was
shown at the Paris exhibition, and
sold  for $40,000.
Mother Grave's Worm Exterminator has the largest sale of any sittTuar
preparation sold in Canada. It always gives satisfaction by restoring
health to the little ones.
Judge (in the law courts during u
divorce case, to the husband)���"Well,
whnt is it ynu wish?"
Husband���"A  divorce "
Judge (to    the    wife)-
Wife���"A divorce."
Judge���"Hut when you cnme in you
said that neither of you could ever
ugree on any one point."���Nos LoiBirs
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc
"Where is the bloom und freshness of ingenuous youth to be found
among  our  society  girls?"   be   cried.
"In  their    vanity    bags,''   she  replied    promptly.���Baltimore
One Better
Cora���Pauline is smarter than you,
my dear. She can accompany me
new tenor on the piano.
Nora- Yes, but 1 accompany him
on his automobile rides.
'And  you?'
At the public library at Macon
there is a barometer made simply of
a thin strip of cedar and a thin strip
of white pine, placed together and
stuck perpendicularly in a base of
wood. When it is going to rain the
strips bend down, and when it is
going to be dry they stand stiff and
straight. They are said to indicate
coming storms unfailingly.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
The usual so-called temperance
drink averages at least 3 per cent of
Here are two curious epitaphs:���
"Here lies John Higley, whose father
and mother were drowned in tlieir
passage from America. Had they
both lived they would have been
buried here." "Erected lo the memory of John Phillips , accidentally
Hhot as n mark of affection by his
Rut .____, he
If   lit
ask   it.
to Windsor
It is only necessary to read the testimonials to be convinced that Hol-
loway's Corn Cure is unequalled for
the removal of corns, warts, etc. It
is a complete extinguisher.
Soon after the first baby was born
the young wife went upstairs one
evening and found her husband
standing by the side of the crib��� and
gazing earnestly at the child. As she
stood still for a moment, touched by
the sight, *she thought:���"Oh, bow
dearly Richard loves that boy I"
Her arms stole round his neck, and
she rubbed her cheek caressingly
against his shoulder. The husband
started slightly at the touch. Darling," he murmured, dreamily, "it ia
incomprehensible to me how they can
get up such a crib as that for $2.75."
Then her dream was shattered.
The  Collecting   Craze.
Every one in these days collects something or other, or If they do not themselves collect, they are generally interested, or try to he interested, in the
collections of oilier people, especially
when those "others" happen to be
worldwide celebrlties.
Miss Ellon Terry, with her usual enthusiasm, has for mnny years past
many years past made a collection of
the pluces-noz nnd monocles of famous men.
Funs, old buttons, miniatures, snuffboxes, curved oak, Inlaid furniture and
old time gloves nre among the iiiiiu**.
things that enthusiastic twentieth century collectors go almost crazy over.
Itrokcn china is another hobby that
can give a greut deal of pleasure for
a comparatively small outlay, says
Home Chat.
An old Dresden china Cupid complete
would be a very expensive thing, but
minus a wing or a leg he is of but little value to those who collect perfect
specimens and pay prohibitive prices
for them.
Hobbies open up endless possibilities,
and provided the collector does not be
come n crank, they give nu added interest to life and help to keep the
heart young.
- DODD'S '
W.    N.    U.    No.   656
Is This True?
I am positively certain thnt men
truly, even If unconsciously, admire
extravagant women, and by extravagant I mean "scientific" extravagance,
a term 1 will explain Inter, says a
pretty woman. As a matter of fact
only the other dny a husband of onn
of my friends said lo me, "It's true
that many of tis like women to be ambitious, and when they aro ambitious
In dress we secretly admire their courage aud pluck hi attaining their ends.
"Now, I would like my wife to be
more extravagant. She Is fnr too
economically minded, nnd her one expression about any expensive dress or
pretty trifle hi the way of jewelry or
ornament is always, 'I can do without
It.' Now the woman who 'does without it' ls not the one who pleases a
man's eye or gratifies his taste. It Is
the girl who knows what will suit her
and who Insists on having the very
best In dress If she enn pny for It
This Is the girl who claims cud gets
�� man's admiration."
The entire Britisli army establishment comprises 817,174 men, and
they cost the nation ��26,421,000, or
nearly ��33 per man. British troops
in India are not included. Of this
large total, as a return "of army expenditure issued recently shows, 492,-
049 are troops���including militia,
yeomanry and volunteers���available
for field service at home only. There
are 233,501 regulars at home available for field service at home or
abroad, and the total of regular
troops! including army reserves, is
all hard, loft or calloused* lumps and litem
islii'l, from horses, hlood spavin, curbs
iplints, ringbone, Bweeney, stifles, sprains, son
ind swollen throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 b>
use ol one botUe. WarranUid the most won
terful  BlemUh  Cure  ever known.
Sleeplessness���When the nerves are
unstrung and the whole body given
up to wretchedness, when the mind
is filled with gloom and dismal forebodings, the result of derangement
of the digestive organs, sleeplessness
collies to add to the distress. If only
the subject could sleep there would
be oblivion for a while and temporary relief. Parmelee's Vegetuble
Pills will not only induce sleep, but
will net so beneficially that the subject will wake refreshed and restored
to happiness.
"Are you fond of Wagnerian music?"
"Well," answered Mr. Cumrox,
"I'm not exactly fond of it, but it
doesen't disturb uie as much as it
used  to."���Washington  Star.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Made   Her   Too   Strong,   Perhaps
"Does your daughter help with **ie
"No, poor girl; she is too tired after
her physical culture exercise."
Miss Smith���I see thnt the Legislature has passed a law prohibiting the
women from wearing stuffed birds or
feathers on their hats.
Aunt Maria���It ain't fair. I've
heard of bow tbe men in the cities
wear swallow-tail coats and they don't
say a word against it.���-Bohemian,
Noble Sportsman���Whatever it is
I've shot it makes a most unearthly
Keeper���Yes, poor Bill ain't got a
very musical voice, 'as 'e?���London
Warship   Builders   Rushing   Business
London���Britisli shipbuilders are
experiencing quite a "boom" in con-
iVaets for  warships.
firazil has recently given contracts
to Messrs. Armstrong, Whitworth &
Co. and Messrs. Vickers, Sons A
Maxim for the building of three battleships and two cruisers.
Japan has ordered two submarines
of the Holland type from Messrs.
Vickers, and the Argentine government two powerful cruisers from
Messrs.   Armstrong.
The Vickers company bas also secured an order for two battleships
for China, which country is also in
the market for twenty shallow-
draught gunboats for patrol service
on the Yangts-kinng, the announcement being made that tenders from
British firms will receive favorable
Tenders are also out for the 33-
knot destroyers, provision for which
has been made in this year's navy estimates, and shipbuilders on the Ad-
mirality list have just been asked
to tender for the construction of torpedo boats, which are to form the
basis of *be new Australian navy,
but us a hitch has occurred, in the negotiations there will probably be
some delay ih placing them.
Just What He Meant.
Anxious Mother���Do you think that
young man who has been calling on
you for some (line menus business?
Pretty Daughter���I'm sure he does.
Every time lie culls be wants to know
how papu's business Is panning out.���
Oes Moines Itegister.
Wifey Seeks Knowledge.
Wlfey���I see u big dividend melon ls
to be cut. What kind of a melon ls
that, Charles?
Hubby���A water melon, dearest-
Kansas'City Times. ,
Those contemplating the purchase
of land in tlie Okanagan Valley for a
home or as an investment should
write Tims. Bulinuii, Mission Road,
Kelowna, B.C., beiore buying. Mr.
Hiilniun, who has been for the last
fifteen years in business in Winnipeg, has lute'y purchased a large
tfract of land in the valley with the
intention of residing there permanently, nnd hns subdivided a portion
into ten-acre blocks. He will look
after the planting of orchards for
parties not wishing to move out at
���mce, nnd also will look after and
care for the orchards until they
come into bearing.
Toddling Tommy���Where is Slum-
berland, mamma?
Wise Willie���I know. It's at the
other end of Lapland.���Baltimore
Stanfield's Underwear is
made of long, silky, Nova
Scotia wool���the finest in the
world for Underwear.
The superior quality of
wool���together with the peculiar knit of the garments
���give the greatest possible
warmth with the least weight.
comes in sizes to perfectly fit all
figures. Every garment guaranteed absolutely unshrinkable.    89
The   world's   best   cereal
food.    Not so heating as
corn  or  oats,  and   much
more      nourishing      and
more  easily  digested.
Suffered Two Years���Relieved In Three
MR. 0. B. PIZEB, Mt. Sterling,
Ky., writes:
"I have suffered with kidney and
other  trouble  for  ten  years  past.
"Last March I commenced using
Peruna and continued for three
months. I have not used it since,
nor have I felt a pain.
"I   believe  that   I  an*   well    and     I
therefore give my highest recom n-
datiim to the curative qualities ol Peruna.
Pe-ru-na   For   Kidney   Trouble
Mrs. Geo. H. Simser, Grant, Ont.,
Can.,  writes:
"I hud not been well for about four
years. I had kidney trouble, and, in
fact,  felt  badly  nearly  ell  the  time.
"This summer I got so very bad 1
thought I would try Peruna, so I
wrote to you and began at once to
take  Peruna and  Maiialin.
"I took only two buttles of Peruna
and one of Manalin, and now I feel
better than I bnve for some time.
"I feel thnt Peruna nnd Manalin
cured me u* d made a different woman
of me i*!l agether. I bless the day I
picked up tlie little book and read
of your Peruna."
It is the business of the kidneys to
remove from the blood all poisonous
materials. Tbey must be active all
the time, else the system suffers.
There are times when they need a
little assistance.
Peruna is exactly this sort of a
remedy. It has saved many people
from disaster by rendering the kidneys service at a time when they
we're not able to bear their own burdens.
First Aid
A Washington doctor was recently
called to his telephone by a colored
woman formerly in the service of his
wife. In great agitation the darkey
advised the physician that her youngest child was in a bud  way.
"What seems to be the trouble:-*"
asked tbe doctor.
"Doc, sbe done swallowed a whole
bottle of ink I"
"I'll be over there in a short while
too see her," said the medico. "In
the meantime have you done anything
for her?"
"I done gib her three pieces o' blot-
tin' paper, Doc," said the negress,
doubtfully.���Harper's Weekly.
There is something about boldness
which sometimes borders on audacity
that commands respect, if it is based
upon real self-confidence, and not upon egotism. There is something
sublime about a strong man who
can neither be cajoled, rattled nor
stampeded.���Orison Swett Mnrden in
Success  Magazine.
"She supports herself, her father
and mother and a small brother and
sister with her sing'ng."
"My! Her voice must have what
they call carrying power."
canot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh la a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure It you must
take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Ib taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ls not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the
best physicians ln the country for years
and Is a regular prescription.    It ls com-
Eosed of the best tonics known, com-
lned with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces
The perfect combination of the two Ingredients is what produces srueh wonderful results !*i curing Cntarrh. Send for
testimonials free. ������
F. J. CHENEY & CO..   Props.,   Toledo.   O.
Bold by  Druggists, price  76c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
An old bachelor says it is impossible for a woman to do anything better tban a man. He evidertly never
saw a woman pack a trunk.
Representative Champ Clark of
Missouri tells a story about former
Representative Henry C. Johnson of
Indiana, Bays The Indianapolis News.
"Mr. Johnson," he said, "was engaged in a debate with an Illinois
Congressman and culled him nn ass.
This was unparliamentary, of course
and had to be withdrawn. Pursuant
to the order of the Speaker, Mr.
Johnson said:���
" 'I withdraw the language I used,
Mr. Speaker, but I insist that the
gentleman from Illinois is out of order.'
"'How am I out of order?' demanded the Illinois man with con-
siderab'e beat.
" 'Possibly a veterinary surgeon can
tell you,' retorted Johnson. This was
Parliamentary and went into the
Not a drop
of Alcohol
Doctors prescribe very little, if
any, alcohol these days. They
prefer strong; tonics and alteratives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains why Ayer's Sar-
saparilla is now made entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor.   Follow his advice.
We publish our formulae
m     We banleh elcohol
from our ���medicines
We urge you to
ooniult your
Unless there is daily action of the bowels, poisonous products are absorbed,
causing headache, biliousness, nausea,
dyspepsia. We wish you would ask your
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Ayer's Pills.
���M.d. b_* the J. 0. Arte Oo��� Lowell. Us*.	
It Is a Precious Gift and Help* te
Lighten Life's Way.
I regard a sen *e of humor as one of
the most precious gifts that can be
vouchsafed to a human being. He Is
;ot necessarily a better man for having It, but be is a happier oue. It
renders liim Indifferent to good or bad
fortune. It euables bim to enjoy his
own discomfiture.
Blessed with this sense ne is never
unduly elated or cast down. No one
can ruffle his temper. No abuse disturbs his equanimity. Bores do not
bore him. Humbugs do not humbug
him. Solemn airs do not Impose on
him. Sentimental gush does not Influence him. The follies of the moment
have no hold on him. Titles and decorations are but childish baubles In
his eyes. Prejudice does not warp
his judgment, fie Is never in conceit
ir out of conceit with himself. He
abhors all dogmatism. The world Is a
stage on which actors strut and fret
for his edification and amusement, and
he pursues the even current of his
way. Invulnerable, doing what Is right
and proper according to his lights, but
utterly Indifferent whether what he
does finds approval or disapproval
from others.
If Hamlet had bad any sense of humor he would not have been a nut-
sance to himself and to all surrounding hlm.- London Truth.
Tha  Most Ancient   Banking   Houm crl
Which  We  Have Record.
There  wus u  I*.ind  of public record
���dice attached to the palace and temple at  Nineveh. In which It was cus*
ninary to deposit Important legal and
Other documents, such as contracts
and agreements for the purchase and
.ale of properly, marriage settlements,
wills, etc. Among these there were
discovered officii.] statements as to the
history and transactions of the eminent banking bouse of Egidu at Nineveh. Assyrian chronology proves that
these rerVr to a date about 2,300 years
liefore the Christian era, when Abraham dwell at Ur of the Chaldecs, as ls
.tated ln Genesis. We may therefore
claim for this firm the reputation of
being the oldest bank In the world at
least of whicli we have auy record or
are likely to have. The accounts are
very voluminous and covjr tne transactions of live generations of the bouse
from father to sou. The firm grew rap-
Idly In Importance during this period,
during which they attained great
wealth, for they succeeded ln securing
from the king the appointment of collectors of taxes, a position which ln
(lie east always leads to fortune. They
(ifterward farmed the revenue for several of the Assyrian provinces with
very great gain to thc firm.���T. P.'i
(.ondou Weekly.
Corrected  In  Rhyme.
Thackeray was much pestered by the
autograph hunter, says nodder in hla
rltecollections." He disliked above all
Ihings to write lman autograph album
ind often refused those who asked him
11 do so sometimes rather brusquely.
Ou one occasion the owner of au al-
him. a young lady, was fortunate.
J'hucl.eray took her book to his room
In order to look It over. Written on a
page he found these lines:
(Mount Blanc Is the monarch of mountains.
They crowned hlm long ago,
But who they got to put It on
Nobody seems to know.
Albert Smith.
Under these lines Mr. Thackeray
I know thnt Albert wrote ln hurry-
To criticise I scarce presume,
But yet mcthtnks that Llndley Murray
Instead of "who" had written "whom."
W. M. Thackeray.
Pliny's Yarns.
Pliny's yarns about human anatomy
were something wonderful. He tells
of a race of savage men whose feet
are turned backward and of a race
known as Monocoll, who have ouly
me leg, but are able to leap with eur-
irlslng agility. The same people ara
ilso called the Sclapodae, because they
ire In the habit of lying on tbelr
backs during the extreme beat and
protecting themselves from the sun by
lhe shade of their feet Tiiese people
dwell not far from the Troglodytae, to
the west of whom again there are ���
tribe who are without necks and have
their eyes ln their shoulders.
Mrs. Petter��� Did you see tbat 7 Dixon seized that rocking chair and waa
Into It before his wife had a chance to
reach It. And on liia wedding trip too.
Mr. Petter���That's Just It There's
where Dixon Is smart Nobody will
suspect that he Is on his wedding
tour, don't you see? Aud besides, he
gets the chair.���Boston Transcript
All That He Had.
"Can you give bond?" asked tbe
Judge.   "Have you not anything?"
"Jedgc," replied the prisoner, "senc*
you ax mc, I'll tell you. I hain't got
iiulhin' In the worl' 'ccpt the spring
chills, six acres o' no 'count land, a
big family, a hope of a hereafter an'
the   oie   war   rheumatism."
The Tiresome Part.
Macfpozler (playing an absolutely
hopeless game)���Here! What are you
lying down for? Are you tired? Caddie���I'm no tired o' carryln', but I'm
salt* weary o' countrn'l��� Punch.
Not Qualified.
"No, suh, narrls isn't ready _br da
kingdom  ylt,"  declared  Uncle  Peter.
"Hit don' gib yo' wings ter hab yo"
name  on de  flyleaf  ob  de  Bible."
Quackery has no friend like gullibility-���I talian Proverbs	
Vanilla comes from a genus of climbing orchid whicli grows plentifully In
the tropics.
Etiquette In China.
In this country etiquette ls largely a
matter of custom and tradition; In
China the manners of every class are
dictated by a special academy under
the emperor.
Add Your Own Idea to These Picture*
of Oppressive  Heat.
"Suppose we describe ln turn the
scene that our fancy pictures as Illustrating our notion of oppressive heat,"
said oue of a party discussing the extremes of weather. "What do we think
of���what time, what p]u_e, what conditions?"
The suggestion was received with
favor, aud here are some of the responses:
"A new concrete sidewalk at noon,
with the suu beating down on It and
your heels sinking iu, aud the beat reflected In your face, and the air pervaded with the smell of tar."
"The desert, with an exhausted caravan struggling to reach a mirage that
hovers on the horizon, but doomed to
perish of thirst, us ivr'shed the man
and the animal whose bleached bones
they are passing."
"Washing dishes ln the kitchen, with
the thermometer at 95 out of doors
and a hundred and something within,
with your bands so soapsudsy and
greasy that you can't lift them to
your face to wipe away the perspiration and with your whole being so
tired and cross and miserable that you
would cry-* If you were not ashamed
"The deck of u becalmed yacht, with
a glassy sea and u long, slow roll and
the brasswork so hot that It bums
your bund, thc sun high, the sky cloudless, tbe sails hanging with not a
breath to stir them, the victim prostrate and seasick, wltb no consciousness In the present except of heat and
nausea and no expectation for the future but sunstroke."
"Standing alone In tbe middle of a
broad, hot field that Is flaming with
scarlet lilies, with no sound save the
notes of tbe grasshoppers and the locusts."
"Noon on a country road which lies
between treeless, barren fields, with
no living thing In sight but an ox team
lurching slowly on Its way in a cloud
���f yellow dust."
"A night In Aligust when coolness
haa not come with darkness, when you
cannot sleep and can hardly breathe
and when it seems that morning would
never come."
Story of  How  Beethoven  Created  His
Wonderful Sonata. .
Beethoven's famous composition, the
"Moonlight Sonata," Is said to have
been composed under the following circumstances:
One evening as Beethoven and a
friend were hurrying through the
streets of Bonn they beard the familiar notes of the "Sonata In I*'." Some
thing ln tbe musician's touch attracted
the attention of Beethoven, and he
stopped and listened. Suddenly the
music stopped, and the despairing
words of the musician came to them
through the open window, "Oh, if 1
could but hear some really good musician play this wonderful piece!" aud
the words ended In a sob.
"Let us go In," said Beetboven. They
entered aud found the player a young
girl, poor and blind. Beethoven sat
down at the old harpsichord and played as he hud never played before. His
listeners were spellbound. "Tell us,"
they begged, "who are you?" For answer he played the opening bars in the
"Sonata In V." "It Is Beethoven!"
they exclaimed In awe and admiration.
Suddenly the candle flickered aud
went out. Beethoven ceased playing
and bowed bis head upon his band.
His friend threw open the shutters. A
flood of beautiful moonlight entered
the room. Its transfiguring light touched up the poor old Instrument and rested upon the noble figure bowed before
It The profound silence was broken
at last by the musician, who snld: "Listen. I will Improvise a sonata to the
moonlight." Then was crented this wonderful sonata, beginning In a sad, ten
der movement, the embodiment In
sound of the gentle moonlight transfiguring and glorifying the dark earth.
Suddenly the music ceased, and with
a brief farewell Beethoven hurried
home to put upon paper this famous
Antiquity of Tennis.
Among all tlie popular games of today none perhaps is of greater antiquity tban tennis, for It Is said to
have originated lu the ball games of
tbe ancient Greeks and Romans. In
the first place the ball was struck by
I the hand, later on heavy gloves were
worn or cords strapped round tlie palm,
and the racket was contrived during
the fifteenth century In France, where
tbe game wus very |>opular, and thence
introduced Into Kngland.���London Captain. 	
Indian Hemp and Catalepsy.
A single grain of the resin of Indian
hemp will produce catalepsy In a man.
I A few hours are required for the ef-
| fects to reach a climax, when his
limbs mny be placed ln almost any
position without dlfllciilty, and when
once placed they remain ln the given
position indefinitely, although the natural Influence of gravity would cause
them to fall. During the catalepsy the
body ls usually Insensible to all impressions.���Exchange.
Itlnslng the mouth with very hot water stops the thirst.   This ls safer than
drinking when the body is overheat-ad
Taken In One Way.
He���So you persist ln breaking off
the engagement? She���Most decidedly. What do you take me for? He���
Oh, about forty. Better think it over,
ft may be your last chance.        i
Lost to Secrecy.
Marryat��� So thut great lt>ventor ._
Bead and his wonderful secret Is lost.
Kewltt-Not at nil. He told his wife
lust before he died. - Marryat���Yes,
that's wbat I mean. ��� Philadelphia
Future of  Aristocracy.
That an  nrlsto-s-acy   whicli   pcrpetr
a.es Itself and renews Itself with  a!
the best blood of the country may b<
a benefit to a country Is proved by ti
example of England, whore the past I
always the base of progress.   In Franc*
the aristocracy, fought by  royal poll
tics, decimated by revolutions, exhaust
ed hy a new regime, has been reduce*
to a small  number of families.    Tlu
Due  de  Rohan says:    "There  Is  no
longer an aristocracy; money has killed
it"���Paris Vie Heutrensft.
Sore, bdt, aching: or blist-
lered feet are   cooled and
j healed by Zam-Buk. Store
{girls, postmen, policemen,
llarnuTH and alt who stand an-1
j walk a lot should test its value!
Zam-Buk also cures chafing
I sores, insect b ten, (--unburn,
f ulcers, eczema, heat sores and
[ail t-kin niscas'-s nnd injuries.
1 Gives ease lu cases uf piles.
\ 60s. a box at all stores, or Zam- i
Buk Co., Turonlo.
Butcher's  Inference
One   day   Emperor   Francis   Joseph
was entering a village in his domain
on   horseback,   and   was  met  on   the
outskirts by a butcher who had gone
out  in   hope    of    catching  an  early
glimpse of the Austrian-kaiser.    The
emperor  asked   the  butcher  the  way
to  an  inn,  and   after  directions  had
been  given  the   butcher   in   turn   inquired:
"Hnve you seen the kaiser?"
"Very  recently,"  answered  Francis
"Are you sure?    Do you know bim
certainly'*'"  asked  the  eager  butcher.
"Well,   I   ought   to,"    replied    the
monarch,  puffing  out  his  chest.    "I
have  shaved   him   often   enough."
"Ah, and you are the court barber," said the abashed butcher in
iiwo-struck tones, as he doffed ins
cap and backed to the roadside.���
Washington Post.
A Sure Cure for Headache���Bilious
headache, to which women are more
subject than men, becomes so acute
in some subjects that they are utterly prostrated. The stomach refuses food, and there is a constant
and distressing effort to free the sto
mnch from bile which has become
unduly secreted there. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are a speedy alterative, nnd in neutralizing the effects
of the intruding bile relieves tlie
nressure on tbe nerves whicli cause
the  headache.    Try them.
The Doctor���Admitting that a generation is thirty-three and one-third
years, or any length of time you
please, when does one generation
leave off and the other generation
The Professor���It ends, so far as
you are concerned, nnd another one
begins, loughly speaking, the first
time you overhear your boy tulking
about you as "the old man."
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale  every-
. here.
In the Crimean war 31 per cent of
all the soldiers engaged were killed
or died of disease. In the Franco-
Prussian war the Germans lost only
8,'_   per cent of their men.
In the first eighty years of tbe
nineteenth century 63 of the 152 theatres in Kiisrland were burned. In
the United States, during the same
period, 170 out of 550 theatres were
destroyed by fire.
Oarterhall, Nfld.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs���While in the country
last summer I was badly bitten by
mosquitoes, so badly that 1 thought
I would be disfigured for a couple of
weeks. I wns advised to try your liniment to allay the irritation, and
did so. The effect was more than I
expected, a few applications completely curing the irritation and preventing the bites from becoming sore.
good article to keep off the mosquitoes
Yours truly,
W. A. V. E.
Ever notice that the chronic joker
is the first to get mad when the joke
is on him?
If some people have any common
sense they evidently think it is too
common to  use.
And it's easy to advertise the fact
that you are a fool. All you have
to do is boast publicly of your wisdom.
Fine feathers may not make line
birds, but they attract attention to
some birds that would otherwise go
Special statistics have been taken
by the Post-Office authorities for the
purpose of ascertaining the extent of
the picture*-post-card traffic in Cape
Colony. This class of mail matter
has been steadily increasing for some
time, and it wns therefore decided to
ascertain the exact position. It was
found that 1,049,828 picture postcards, prepaid at the inland rate of
one halfpenny, were posted during
the year, while those for oversea
destinations, franked nt the penny
rate, numbered 1,056,016. The postage value of the cards amounted to
over ��8,700.
gNCLOSED in a handsome velvet lined case this
brooch sells for $'6.50.
"THE pearls are all selected
and of the best quality.
"THE mounting is of heavy
.    14k. gold and very substantially made.
"THIS artistic design is entirely exclusive, being one
of the newest and prettiest
brooches that our factory has
yet produced.
Our Catalogue la yours for
th* asking.
Ryrie Bros.,
134-138 Yonfte St.
A   Bit   of   Business    Enterprise   That
Was  Not  Appreciated.
A story of the delightfully effective
turning of the human worm comes
from the Chicago Record-Herald. For
several weeks Raymond bad been the
only tenant of his house. Mrs. Raymond and the children were waiting
lu the south for the weather to settle.
Late one evening, when Raymond was
ln his bathtub, be beard somebody
ringing the front door bell.
He decided not to pay any attention
to It. The person who was doing tbe
ringing would presently get the Idea
that nobody was at home and go
But the ringing continued. Raymond went on scrubbing bis back
with the long handled brush and rubbing soap over himself and hoping
that the Individual who was ringing
the bell might be good enough to quit
before the battery was exhausted or
the wires were worn out. At last,
when he could stand It no longer, he
got out of the water, put on a bath
robe and went to the front window,
from which he was able to see who
was at the door.
ne beheld a telegraph messenger
and at once begun to feel queer ln the
region of the heart Something had
happened to his wife or one of tbe
"Be down In a minute!" he called
to tbe boy, and he was as good as his
word. He did not wait to put on any
more clothes. He even forgot tbat he
wos barefooted.
When he had opened the door the
boy handed hlm what looked like a
telegram, but was, In fact, only a clever imitation of one. He tore open the
envelope and read this message:
Dear Sir���Have you examined our ten
dollar overcoats? IC not, you Bhould do
so at once.   They will Interest you.
Clothier and Haberdasher.
The boy. who wore a uniform like
'hat of a telegraph messenger, departed while Raymond was reading
the advertisement, and thus probably
saved himself from being personally
Raymond was angry. He threw the
piece of paper on the floor and
stamped bis heel on It; but, being
barefooted, he hurt his heel more than
be did thc advertisement. This did
not Improve his temper.
His nnger Increased as the moments
passed. When he went to bed he
was ln a fighting mood. He wondered If It might not be possible to prosecute a man who counterfeited telegraph blanks for the purpose of deceiving people. He tossed about, nursing bis auger against Dashlngton and
vowing that he would go naked
through the streets rather than buy
so much as a necktie at the Dashing-
ton store. Finally, at about 2 o'clock
in tbe morning, a bappy thought
struck him.
He bopped out of bed, went to the
telephone, found Dashlngton's house
number nud called for it Reasonably
soon somebody sleepily asked what
was wanted.
"Is this Mr. Dashlngton's residence?"
"I should like to speak to hlm."
"He can't be disturbed at this time
of nlgbt.   Call In the morning."
"No; I must speak to him now."
""Won'l you give me your message?"
"No; I must speak to him personally."
"But do you realize what time It Is?"
"Yes, but I am very anxious to
speak to him at once. Please call him
to the telephone nt once."
After a long time another sleepy
voice was beard.
"Hello! Is this Dashln-rtonr asked
"Well, I just wanted to tell you that
I got your telegram Into this evening,
and I don't think I care to look at any
of those ten dollar overcoats. I
thought you'd be anxious to know
whether tbe messenger succeeded ln
finding me, so I"���
Tbere were jumbled chunks of language mixed with sounds indicating
that the instrument at the other end
was being subjected to harsh usage,
and then silence. After thla Raymond
went back to peaceful sleep and pleas*-
ant dreams.
Marching Geese.
Norfolk geese were driven up to London ln thousands without losing condition. It paid better before the days
of railways to let the geese transport
themselve.-!. The largest drove mentioned was one of 9,000, which went
from Suffolk, through Chelmsford and
on to London. Tliey took their journey
easily, marching ten miles a day. The
ordinary day's march of the German
army ls thirteen miles, only three miles
better tban the Reese. When Lord Oxford bet the Marquis of Queensberry
that a drove of Suffolk geese would
beat an equal number of turkeys In a
walk to London the geese won by forty-eight hours.���Cornish's "Animal Artisans."
The   Exception.
"Durn you and your old groceryr
shouted a man who backed up against
the fresh pulut.
"Didn't you see that sign, 'Fresh
Paint?"' asked the grocer.
"Of course 1 did, but I've seen so
many signs hung out here announcing
something fresh tbat wasn't that I
didn't believe  It.
A Stylist
Uncle��� nerc, my boy, are a couple
���f. chocolate cigars. But where are
���/on going with them? Little Johnny���
Why, I am going to eat them In the
mi-king room
-Queer srmoKes.
"Tobacco," said a tobacconist, "Is one
of many herbs that are smoked. In the
orient, for Instance, bhang or cannabis, a drug that gives one tbe desire to
caress people's feet, goes into loads of
pipes. Some savages smoke tbe leaves
of the wild potato and thc wild tomato.
Tiiese bitter leaves are narcotic. They
throw you Into a pleasant stupor. Pursued In, though, they bring Insanity.
Some of tho Swiss guides smoke
'mountain tobacco,' a weed that grows
only at great heights. This stuff produces an Intoxication akin to alcohol's.
Our Indians, when bard up, smoke holly and sumac leaves and the silvery
leaves of 'Indian tobacco,' which every
boy haa chewed."  '       "   *
Can gat tha Most Delicious Tea in the world
by asking for
Biacic or Uncolored Greet-,Tea.
Sold on.y in Lead Packets.    Never In Bulk. "By all Grocers.
40c, 50c and 60c
par pound.
ef '
Highest Award, St. Louis, 1904.
Primeval  Simplicity   of   Filipinos   at
National Exhibition.
Side by side with the most highly
developed examples of modern civilization at the National Exhibition,
both in its human and mechanical
phases, there was shown at the Igor-
rote Village one of tbe most interesting and unique studies by way of contrast that could well be imagined.
The transition from the bewildering
array of scientific triumph to the
primeval simplicity of these children
of nature was really startling and nothing conld illustrate in a more effective manner what as enormous change
has been effected in the modes of living during the past few centuries.
Whether tbe change has been beneli-
cial is greatly doubted by many of the
thousands who witnessed the peaceful
life and the air of contentment that
surrounds these natives of Luzon as
the freedom from care and evident disregard of all the nerve-racking obligations of modern social life appeal
strongly to thos. who are oompelled
to participate in the latter-day strenuous contest  for existence.
The Igorrote village was located
at the entrance to the Midway, in the
most prominent location on tbe
grounds, a favor extended by the management on account of the wonderfully extensive interest taken in these
peculiar people. Within the walls
were to be found a large group of
the natives���men. Women and children
���who live in the grass-thatched
houses to be found in the Philippines.
On the right of the entrance was to
be seen a young woman who haa just
entered on the experiment of marriage. She has been taken on trial,
according to the custom of .the Igor-
rotes, and should the test result in
motherhood, she will be married with
a ceremony lasting several days.
Once permanently married there will
be no divorce, as there is no tradition
of any separation where a child has
Another interesting personality is
that of the first Bontoc Igorrote baby
to be brought to this country. His
name is Wai-yl, and he is now a little
more than two years old. He has
been in the coTlntry only a few
months, but is rapidly acquiring a
knowledge of English, and was quite
a pet with visitors. At times he parades in modern dress, but evidently
prefers the scanty raiment of his ancestors, and even takes delight in escaping from such restrictions and disporting in only-his beautiful bronze-
brown  complexion.
Scattered throughout the village,
working at forges and other forms of
employment,, were various members
of the group] engaged in their usual
daily tasks. In the centre of the village the entire population participated in war dances and other tribal
ceremonies, such as spear-throwing
Premier Bond Opposes Clause of tha
State Department'advices received
at Washington from London, where
Ambassador Reid is conducting directly with thc British Foreign Office
negotiations looking to the adjustment
of the Newfoundland fisheries question, indicate that the main obstacle
to a complete agreement lies in the
opposition of Sir Robert Bond, thc
Newfoundland Premier, to the renewal of that paragraph of the modus Vivendi of last season which legalizes
the enlistment of Newfoundland fishermen as members of the crews of
American fishing smacks. It iB assumed that the Premier's objection is
based not so much upon the actual
employment of these shore fishermen
at lucrative wages on American fishing vessels, a matter of pecuniary loss
to the colony, but rather from an unwillingness to admit, even in a modus
vivendi, that a colonial law, such as
prohibits their employment in this
manner, may not invalidate the treaty
provision to the contrary. A number
of alternative propositions have been
advanced from the Newfoundland
side, but meanwhile, failing an agreement on a modus vivendi in Newfoundland, it is the understanding
that a truce will prevail, by the terms
of which American fishermen will
continue to ply their vocation on the
coast of Newfoundland, according to
the terms of the agreement of last
Already  Dated.
In. certain Loudon ruilway stations
the proprietors of the lunch counters
bave a custom of dutiug eggs���thut is
tbey mark oil the shell of a boiled egg
the date on which it was laid. The
evident purpose is to reassure doubting customers. The possible result Ih
less comforting.
A party arrived at the station short
ly before midnight aud, following the
habit of all American travelers, made
ut once for the lunch counter. Thej
demanded eggs and asked that the.
might huve some of that very day's
"Sorry, sir," snld the clerk. "Today's
hegrsrs Is all gone, but," glauclng at the
clock, which pointed to a quarter before
12, "if you'd uot mind the date HI
could give you some of tomorrow's."���
Youth's Co'.inauiou.
Real Fake.
Pearl���Yes, when they were engaged
he told her he had the sweetest nature
in the world, but after their marriage
sbe found out be had a nature like a
Ruby���Gracious! He must be one of
these "nature fakirs" you hear so
much about.���Chicago News.
Britain on Opium
Sir John Jordan, the British minister to China, has sent a memorial to
the Chinese Board of Foreign Affairs offering to reduce the importu-
tation of Indian opium 10 per cent
in three years as an experiment, and
nlso to increase the duty if the native drug is equally  taxed.
He further proposes to close all the
places at which opium is sold in tlu-
Ilritish settlement and prohibit the
importation of morphia if the other
European powers will take similar
His Idea.
"Rash's, you are southern bred, eh?"
"Then wbat Is your idea of a perfect
"A puffek gen'lemau, suh, doesn't
eay nuffin else to de waiter 'sides Ins
ohdah, suh, 'ceppln' 'Yo' brack scouo
drel, keep de chance.' "
Nearly all infants are mine or less
subject to diarrhoea and such complaints while teething, and as this
period of their lives is the most -Milieu . mothers sbould not be without
a bottle of Dr. J. 1). Kellogg's Dyson*
tery Cordial. This medicine is a
specific for such complaints and is
highly spoken of by those who hnve
used it. The proprietors claim it
will cure any case of cholera or summer complaint.
Tn Queen Anne's reign a tux was
put upon advertisements. For many
years it was 3s Go per advertisement
in England and 2s Gd *in  Ireland.
As a general rule, two productive
acres are required for the support of
each inhabitant, and where this ratio docs not exist, food must be imported.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by  Wolford's  Sanitary   Lotion.
"I suspect the play bills do not al-
way tell the exact truth."
"And you are correct," responded
Hamlett Fatt. "For instance, I am
billed as being assisted by a large
company, when the fact is I am retarded by the few people I have."���
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Hi.-on���Who   invented  gas  metres?
Dixon���Judging from my last gas
bill, I should say Ananias.���Illustrated Bits.
It was difficult to hire competent
or even incompetent help in Ed-Hi
Centre, and the commuters in that
idyllic  spot  hud  learned  resignation.
"James," said Mrs. Crawford, "I
haven't seen anything of that man
who was to mow our lawn. Where do.
you suppose he is? There, I believe
that's he now, over in Howe'B orchard !"
"Is he standing?" inquired Mr.
"Yes," said his wife, "he's standing under one of tbe big trees, looking toward our house."
"That can't be the man," said Mr.
Crawford. "He'd be sitting or lying
down."���Youth's Companion.
There is one roof that saves  money
because it will last 100 years.
Guaranteed in writing for 25 years.
This roof saves you work because its
no easy to put on (do it yourself with a
hammer and snips), and save you worry
because they fireproof, win dp roof and
weather-proof    the   building   they   cover.
Write us about it and hear all about
���07     ROOFING RIGHT.     Address
The PEDLAR People ffiS
Oshswft Uootnal Ottawa Toronto London Winnipeg
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
���safest regulator for baby. Prevents
colic and vomiting���gives healthful rest
���cures diarrhoea without the harmful
effects of medicines containing opium
or other injurious drugs. ,2_
/*��� j j ftf%o 86e.�����t drug-stores.
V UlCa     NatloM) Drug & chern-
ug   upiuui
,. .J
tern-   MtmtmW
will reduce Inflnmed, swollen Joints-
BrulBos, Soft Bunches, Cure Bolls.
I'll tula, or any unhealthy sorequick-
1t: pleasant to nee- doe. not
butter under bandage or remove
the hair, anl jou can work the
horse. 12.00 per bottle, express
prepaid.   Book 7*0 tree.
A BSORBINB, JR., for mankind,
11.00 per bottle.   Cures Varicose
���r ,i..V'i-i   Varloooele    Hydrocele,
Straint, Bruises, stops Fain and Inflammation.
���3. F. ,0111(0, MF.137Honnwtrtn St., Sp-tafflilt. haa,
LYMAN SONS �� CO., Montreal. Canadian Agents.
Alto foml.h.d by Martin B.I. A Wynnt Co.. Winnipeg,
Tht Motional Drug A Cntmloal C.. Winnipeg and Co/.-**/*,
etd Ittndtrcoo Brot. Co. Ltd.. Ilaoooootr.
KIM than*, all.
No dead file*
lying about
when used aa
 SOLD  ��Y	
10c. par packet, or a packata for 3Sc.
will laat a whole season.
W.   N.    U.   No.   666 ���   ��� i ..,���*���- ���
Bank of cMontreal
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, $1*1,400,000.
REST, $11,000,000
President���Loud Steathcona and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. George A. Dhuumond.
General Manager���E. S. Clouston.
Branches In All The Principal Cities in Canada
��� A General Banking Business Transacted.
: NEW DENVER BRANCH, - 11. (J. FISHER, Manager.
Winter Wear For
The Children*
No   need  for parents in  any   part of
the Slocan to send ea*t for their
Children's wear,
��� Gbe
Slocan iHMntng "Review.
Palma Angripon
General Freighting
and Transfer.
And at prices that will suit you.
If you live in New Denver, call and
inspect my stock. If yon live at Slocan,
Silverton, Rosebery, Nakusp, Three
Forks or Sandon, drop nie a line, we
can certainly do business together.
n *************************************************
.���*.*����*_, *H**H"i"l *** ***** ***** *i***-i*<i>*^r************** ���
IA Good Book      ���""'.]
And a Cosy Nook  j
Make a pleasant combination.   Encourage your Boys J
and Girls to read Books.    Thev are real friends. We ���
have  the  finest lino  ever shown in tho district from ',
thc 5c. Toy Book to the Latest Novel. '
Henty, Ballantyne and Alger books for boys ���
Alcott, Worboise and Prentiss books for girls <
Poets and Gift books in dainty binding
Situate at New Denver, B.C., the most beautiful place in
British Columbia, this modern and picturesque Hotel offers to
Tourists and the traveling public all the attractions and
creature comforts .that heart of man desires. Facing the
glorious Slocan Lake, where boating and angling may be indulged in all the year round, an uninterrupted view of the
famous Glacier and snow clad peaks may be witnessed at all
times from the veranda. Rooms, single or en suite, reserved
by wire.   Gasoline launch at disposal of Tourists.    Apply to
Fai cy Gojda next week.
Subscription .2.00 per annum, strictly   NCW   DCflVCr,   B.C.
in advance.    No pay, no paper.
Aovbrtisixu Ratks :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $18.00
"     tor Crown Grunts    -   -    7.SO
"   _ " Purchase of Land    -     7.,50
"  ' " License to Cut Timber 5.00
AU locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. por line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
jMake yourself familiar with the
above rates and Save Trouble,
E. J. Martin this week purchased the
entire stock-in-trade and shceuaking
business in Saudon which has for piany
years been successfully carried on by
Mr. P. VV. Ward, who is about to enter
into partnership with A. P. Hansen, a
Nelson shoemaker, and together they
will make a specialty of making miners'
and loggers' boots. Mr. Martin is a
reliable and capable man who will be
fully :serve his patrons in the district.
" Purley " wishes to thank his .customers for their patronage and hopes they
will call and see him at Nelson. Mr.
Martin takes over the Snndon business
December 1st.
Finance your hard-earned cash.
Buy where you save 20 nnd 25 per cent
on your money. One half ton of English Breakfast Tea, regular price 60 cte.
lb., our price 50 cts.
Jap enameled caddy, Regular price
you are paying !J2 50and $3.00, our juice
.1.80 per catldy.
Copenhagen snuff, per crock.   .1.06.
Gillett razors, 15.00 each.
Our price lift for spot cash, Toronto
houses systtm will he here in this space
every week.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice Ihat Andrew Wallace,
acting as agent for the Silverton Lumber and Power Company, of Silveiton
B.C., Contractor, in tends", to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post
planted on the east shore ol Slocan lake
about one mile south of Rosebery, and
marked A. W.'s south-west corner,
thenceeast 'about one chain to the right
of way of lhe Nakusp and Slocan railway
thence nortli 20 chains, along the railway to the shore of the lake, thence
southerly along the lake shore to point
ol commencement, containing five acres
more or less,
November 12th, 1907.
Groceries S
New Denver
Meat Market
Always a good supply of
home-fed Beef, Mutton
and  Pork on hand.
Poultry, Game and
Fish in season,
L l**********************************************A*i
professional Carts.
p**********'r***************************-t***1***i* fe
Hermann Clever
Proprietor.  *
Jeweller and
From early spring until IUb departure
Irom Sandon a month ago, mystery has
shrouded the personelle of a gentleman
whose courtly manner and bearing bus
won for bim the admiration oi all, and
his mission in Sandon ulso excited the
curiosity of noi a few. True his continental style of dancing did not exactly
jibe with ouis, nor did he practise
the art of making lovo in our matter of-
fact gawky style] in the former he was
as graceful as a gyroscope and in the
latter as gallant as a courtier of the
Elizabethan age. Arriving in Sandon
with a goodly array of guns, trunks,
books and cameras, the gossips who nt
least had expected him to buy up the
Rambler or the Slocan Star, rtcaved a
���shock when they learned he had accepted the humblest position obtainable in
a local mine, whicli in his own language
was that of a " Po-ah Muck-ah." He
Wis ever a gentleman, and he quickly
became the idol of the marriageable
belles and the admiration of the men���
with perhaps one exception. When he
departed from our lives as a dream���as
lie came, he went���all regretted the absence of the mysterious stranger.
Whilst scanning the personal column
of a widely read mining magazine the
other day we came across the fallowing
item bearing on tlie mystery :
" Signor A. T of Florence, Italy,
lately completed a tour through the
Kootenay and Boumhuy mining districts. He was reported to be representing Italian capitalists desirous of obtaining suitable miningfju'operties in
the West."
My stock of CANNED GOODS
is always Fresh, and (very customer receives  honest value for
money spent.
Have you seen mv line of Ladies Blouses
and  the assortment of fancy goods
I am now displaying ?
Pay nie a visit.
Mrs*   Matheson*.
Zhc Slocan t)otel
Cbree tforfts,
Headquarter, for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven. Proprietor
Meal Salesman Wanted for
New Denver
And Adjoining Diatrict to represent
Canada's deatest Nurseries
Trees of right size and age for British
Columbia planting. Grown on limestone soil; hardier and longer lived than
coast trees.
Late with J. O. Patenaude, Nelson.
Repairi to Brooches, Pins, etc. in Gold
or Lead Solder.
All work guaranteed.     Special attention to mail orders.
Kootenay Hotel
Sandon, B.C,
Should your business or pleasure take
you to Sandon at  any time, call at
the   Kootenay   and let Ed. or
George mix you the famous
Sandon Cocktail or your
own favorite lotion.
No frost here. Two shifts always.
provincial Hssa^er
ano Chemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or taad, Mangantst,
Lime, $1.50 etch.
Zinc, Antimony,   Sulphur,  Gold and
Silver, .3.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead  $1 00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, .4.00
Speeial Kates for Mint and Mill Work.
������^-*-____  ���*���__*''_>_.,____,' --'  .-���*������������
���   W^ttatA^oo> W.r\���*_���_������.
Excursions East.
TORONTO and all points
west thereof
In Ontario nnd Quebec,  Quebec,
St John, Halifax, and other
Maritime Province. Cities.
Rates on application.
Tickets on sale  daily December 1
to December 81.
Round trip First Class, three
months' limit.
Halifax, St. John, or Portland and return
Return Ocean Fines: Saloon,
$104.50; Second, $70; Steerage
$55 and np according to steamer.
For detailed information, Failings
ocean steamers, first class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or
E. J. Cotli, A.G.P.A.
Johk Moi, Q.P.A., Nelson.
Shelf    and   Heavy   Hardware,   Mine
Smelter and Mill Supplies.
^\..   O.  Ostby-
Correspondence Invited
Madonna Block    :    New Denver, B.C.
P. O. Box 87.
I-jo-v-v-�� <_3z_ HEeoll
Capitalization $20,000
New Denver
Fresh Milk delivered to any
part of the town.
Outside points supplied regular ly.
H. S. NELSON   -    -   Proprietor.
Ladies' Dress 10c
Silk Blouse or Ball
Gown 50c
Towels, handerchiefs, petticoats, socks, etc 50c doz.
Working men washing 10c pee.
Collars 3c. Shirts 16c.
Special attention to shipping orders.
General Merchant   - -   New Denver
Has a large  shipment of Groceries, Gents' Furnishings ','.
and other useful things due to arrive in a few days.     j'
Everything the Latest, the Newest,   the Freshest for ][
the Christmas trade.
BUY HEKF,.���It will  be money in  your pocket and j*
contentment iu your heart. '<'.
Vl^ t-lAsliitJiitiiAitiilistitLitiifittAilitfsititMlittiiLAAsL.tsA.t.stslit-itisllssti--'-**  *^,t___________________d i*J
St James' Hotels
First-class Rooms; First-class Meals; First-class Bar; Special
attention to Tourists; Luxury and comfort when visiting this
favorite summer resort absolutely guaranteed. Guides furnished for Hunting and Mountain Climbing Parties. Gasoline
launch in connection. Incomparable Scenery and Climate.
Facing lake and glacier this hotel offers all that is required
to make your visit a memorable one.     Write or wire to���
A. Jacobson. Prop., New Denver, B.C.
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trad*.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
Warm Cosy Rooms.       Restaurant  in
connection.   Excellent Pool Table.
Bar well Stocked.
New York Brewery
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
Sandon, B. C.
Heaoquarters for flDinin-g ano Cravelltno flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms Xaroe, Clean anb Cc*?.
The lei Denver tinier Co. ^ William Bennett *
Narrowly Escaped Death.
Hiram Sciver, a recent arrival at the
Btandaid mine was the victim of a peculiar and painful accident yesterday
The man was dumping a rur of waste,
when the car overbalanced and he went
over the dump with it, fulling upon his
shoulder.. The car Striking him with
great force as he lay theic. he received
injuries to the extent of five broken
ribs and a fractured shoulder. lie was
brought to lhe hospital here, where he
is progressing as well as can he expected.
A permanent situation, Territory reserved ; Pay   weekly ; Free outfit.
Write for particular!.
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B.C. Government )
TORONTO       -      - ���      ONT.
I Lucerne , s
;j Shaving Parlor. j;
;;        The only Public Baths        |"
in the hlocan.
-* Agent for the Kootenay Steam .*
Lanndry. ���
PROP. ���*
<5Hverton. ��.(5.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel iu
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
*K. no. Spencer * prop
Manufacturers of Pine Lumber, Shiplap, aHd
Finishing Fir and Tamarac, Dimension, Etc.
Mill on Slocan Lake
A. OWENS, Manager
Box 20,
Funer��l. conducted on Hiort
notice at any point la the Me.
trirt.   Shell*- ��l��*��y�� la -took.
_T>.fl>cXean, dInvbb
_ Died This Morning.
In the early hours of (his morning
Henry Hicks, an old timer of Slocan
City, pami d away nfter a prolonged illness. The funeral lakes place at Slocan City Sunday. He was 63 j cars of
Wrst Kootenay
I, William Stewart Drewry, by occupation a Land Surveyor, intend to
apply for a special license to cut timber upon six hundred and forty acres
of land, situate on the west side of
Slocan Lake about one-half mile north of
Nemo creek bounded ��b follows i
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe N.E. corner of Lot 6521, thenco
north 20 chains more or less to the
S.W. corner of Lot 8426; thence norlh
100 cliains,thenco west40ch&ins, thence
soutli 80 chain*, thence west 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains thence e��st 80
chains more or leas to the point of commencement.
Dated Aug. 14th, 1907
Colin J. Campbell
Notary Public
P.O. BOX 10
under the provisions of the Assessment Act, respecting the Assessment
Rolls for the year 1908 for the Slocan
Assessment District, will be held as
In the Government Office, Knslo, 13.0.
10th December, 1907, at 10 a.m.
In   the    Mining    Recorder's  Office,
Slocan City, llth  December,  1907, at
the hour of 2 p.m.
In the Government Oflice, New Denver,  B.C.,  12th December, 1907, at 2
In the  Reco  Hotel,  Sandon,  B.C.,
13th Dteceinber, 1007, at 10 a.m.
Judge of Court of Revision
and Appeal.
Kaslo, B.C.,
22nd November, 1907.
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, tl.On
Gold-Silver... 1.60 Silver-Lead. .$1.50
Zinc..|2.00 Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 2.50.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
25 per cent, discount upon five samples
P;0. Drawer, 1108 Phone A67
Slocan Land Dial rict���District of
West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Marion  Mrlnn-s,
Angus Mclnnes, agent, of New Denver,
Bpiiietei-jiutond to apply lor  permission
to  purchase    the   following    desciibod
land:    Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west Cornet   of   lot 2,506
G.I., Kootenay di-trict, thence west 20
chains, thonce south 20 chains,  tlience
east 20 chains,  thenco norlh 20  chains
to Ihe plae-fe of eoiiiinenccint'iit containing 40 aens more or less.
Dated November 3��r,l, 1907.
A. Mclnnts, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons have Hindu application under the provisions of the "Liquor License Act," 1900 for Hotel Licenses at the places set opposite their
Henry Stege, Newmarket Hotel, New
A. Jacobson, St. James Hotel, New
Dan Brandon, Selkirk Hotel, Silver-
R. M. Spencer, Victoria Hotel, Silver-
D. Grant, Windsor Hotel,  Silveiton
J. T. Beauchesne, Bnsin Hotel, Arlington Basin.
II. Nevin. Slocan Hotel, Three Forks.
Joseph Perant, Rosebery Hoeel, Rosebery.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners will be held to consider
sueh applications at the Court House
New Denver on Monday the 16th day of
December, at the hour of 10 o'clock in
the forenoon,
Cliief License Inspector,
Slocan Land District���District of
West   Kootenny.
Take notice that I, Andrew Jacobson,
agent for J. E. Brouse, of New Denvtr,
physician, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following doscribid
land: Commencing at a post where
lot 8696 intersects v ith lot 435 and
marked J.E.B.'s N.E. corner post
tlience south 15 chains, thence oast 40
chains, thence soutli 20. chains, thence
west 80 chains tlience nortli 25 chains
more or less to the boundary of lot 8090
G.I., thence ea**t 80 chains more or less
to the comer of lot 8096, thence north
10 chains, thi nee cast 10 chains to the
pointof commen ement, containing 200
acres more or le-s. The land is situate
aoout % of a mile from the head of Slocan lake.
Dated November 22nd, 1907.
J. 80, Andrew Jacobeon, Agent
which go to make Christmas what it Bhould be
Pudding'or a Plum Cake is like a dance without music
Maybe you are preparing for the Christmas
Tree Celebration and
have no time to make
the necessary delicacies
Christmas  without a
will purchnse a
smnll pudding big
cnouuh for a family of four or (ive.
Other sizes: .1.16
$1.45    $1.75 each.
Christmas Cake during
... December 30c. lb.
IJ& plain. Special atten-
I.TJ tion given to icing and
If/ fancy decorations.
_y_    Order early.
I e**********!*-***-!***^^ ��*>
Go to Wilson's for
Iron, Steel, etc.


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