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Slocan Mining Review 1907-05-23

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Dsvoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see ii in the
" Review,"    itls   so.
No. 39.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, May 23, 1907*
Single Copies 10c.
Empire Day
Iii    flllLll
wa postal
"We are Powerless" mi
Tender Above Advice.
��V^lVi>-��a^*jVrW!��^oA^***<*��V-.ta * C-<,-tO * a^^-J-t-,k-o\-*w.-.*..' i-xi^oov-jt-^fO-s ���^o^kjj-To^V-.i
9.30 a.m.
10.45 a.m.
(Fisher Challenge Cup)
To bo bold while Launches aro away
LAUNCH RACE, Standing scratch start
(Lady Cox)
To be held while Launch Race is in progress
4 to 5.15
5.15 to 6
Gintzber-g.jr Cup
Interval ior Lunch.
1.30 to 2 p.m.     CHILDREN'S RACES.
HOSE   REEL   CONTEST   New   Denver  v.
Sandon���Challenge Cup.
FOOTBALL MATCH New Denver v. Sandon
2 to 2.30
2.30 to 4
time of Football Match
Tickets, including Supper, $2.00
Arrangements have been made for Special Train from Stjndon
in the morning.
Boat and Train will not leave New Denver before Midnight.
prospectors' Cabinet.
fo�� UBBCRI-HER9 n.nt\ Non-Subscribers alike
*^ nre Invited to lake advantage *->f this
*^/ Bureau of Information, All specimens
Bent to il��(* Editor will be Identified by IT. J. I
Fingland, who will also answer queries, Write'
plainly, (ind forward your communications or
���sample* 1<> renub lhe Editor not later thaul
Tuesday of each week.
Dr. (10mm  Degrs to Differ.
Differing witli our expert in charge
of this cabinet us to the soundness of
tbe theory of primary impoverishment,
Dr. W, E. Gotnin submits tbe following
to the editor:
" li of two adjoining ore deposits ono
show average values markedly stronger
than its neighbor, this divergence can '
in minor part at best be attributed to
secondary enrichment, providing,that
originally the ore deposits wereapprox-
imately equal as to amount and value of
c intent! erosion must have been equal*
ly effective iu its action on both, If
there weic parity first, and, disparity
now, enrichment must bave failed to
effect in one doposit and succeed ln the
second, Itoilglnaily disparity existed,
then surely secondary enrichment could
nut account for its continuation,
Secondary enrichment principles unquestionably are applicable to boihoi
two  adjoining ore deposits il to one.
Tbe enrichment which hns been effected
in one has, however, proceeded progressively ab initio.     Each pait and parcel
of that portion which has beeu eroded
from an oro  shoot as  it existed  origi-
nally,  was   at ono time the superficial
portion.    That which is now superficial
will  ut  S'inic future  period he of  the
past, while the  now  deeper   parts   will'
become superficial, etc., ed ind'efinitum.'
If secondary enrichment is to be. applied
at,   nil,   if must  bo resultant   from  a
primary imp iverishment of the superficial and solely therefrom,   lint that is
not'twiswering tho question.   It is pre-;
sumable tbut what disparity in "extent
of deposit and of value  of content may
now be in evidence, was originally cxis- I
lent, and Hint any difference" must  be
attributed to either the mediumfrom
wbi *b tbe values came or the  intensity
or magnitude of th se foioes which  determined primary extraction and sub-
Bi quont deposition."
Sev r.'.l identifications crowded out.
Development is the order at the Lone
Bachelor,   Eighteen men are at work.
(l 11* country correspondents are requested to write briefly and to lhe point
in preparing their accounts of quiet
weddings; tliey may, however, consider
themselves at perfect liberty to spread
themselves in giving details of any uproarious weddings that may occur to
break the monotony in their respective
neighborhoods. We further wish them
to remember thnt a groom attired in
conventional black, is sufficiently cov-
ered without any description of bis drcs3,
but a groom married in tar and feathers
is worthy of special rates and a lull column with headlines. If the happy
couple then depart, tliey should be permitted lo go without saying, but should
they begin to pull hair before the minister liao got out of hearing we want all
the particulars, li the table groans, let
it groan; bvt if any of tbe guests choke
I to death on thc 'foliation,' it will bo a
! serious matter wilh our special correspondents, if tliey do not get complete
and early return". What we want iB
news that is news.
Alf.   Shrubb,  thc. English long dis I    It, is quite   pnssiblo  that the Great
tance running champion  has arrived in  Northern Railway  v. ill at a very near
New York, and is anxious to mako a date inaugurate a daily service between
match with Longboat, the Indian.   Wei Nelson and Sandon.   The contemplated
can see the colored man's finish.   From i schedule will he as follows: Depart from
a mile np to twelve Shrubb can show a Nelson 6 a.in.,  arriving Sandon about
clean pair of heels to any known run-111.80.    Returning,   leaves   Sandon   at
ner.   'lhe   writer hud  tlie  unique  ex-  1.80  p.m.,  arriving    at   Nelson   Bame
perience  in  1901 of pacing Lnn Hurst,! evening.    Snndon ovidently looks good
the English champion,   in  the French  to tbe Jim Hill  railroaders.   Sorry we
Marathon  road  race of 35 miles from   can't sny tho same for the other bonus-
Conll-.ins   Bridge,   Maison    I.afitle,   to \ ed bunch.
Buffalo track, when he was defeated by
Charbonncl, the local man  in the magnificent lime of 2 Ins. 47 rniiiB.   It must
be remembered   that Sherring's tune
over  a similar cohi-so   at  Athena was
considerably over three hours. Longboat's record is on a par with Sherring's.
The writer was mainly instrumental in
discovering Shrubb and springing him
upon an nppreci.itive sporting public,
id public pcr-
If you sec a good thing, push it
along. Thc Week, published at Victoria, is easily thn most interesting
journal of ita kind which conn s to our
dosk. If you don't read lhe Week you
miss a good thing and are away behind
the times.
No answer bas yet been received by
the citizens of Sandon and other cities
to the telegram despatched to tl c Poet
piaster General a week ago. Three
Foiks lias been more fortunate, the
reply appearing undo- being signed by
II. M. Coulter, deputy postmaster
"This department not responsible for
reduetioriofnr.nl service to" tri-weekly,
Dep.irtment wus notified by C. P. Bly.
Unit ic was discontinuing its daily run
to three time * a week. Undor circumstances this department ia unable to
deliver mail when trains do not. run. 1
may s:iy that so far as being able to continue running of (rains as regards frequency, this department has no power
whatever. Advise you if you have any
grievance to slate same before Railway
Commission. This department quite
prepared to continue daily mail service
if daily train service is maintained."
This, then, throws tbe onus on lo tho
C.P.R. It appears outrageous that this
corporation should be allowed the privilege of asserting ita control over a
system which is owned by the people.
It means that an unwritten power is
vested in thia octopus of commerce to
ruin any section of the dominion as the
whim guides them. In any other line
of business a person or number of persons who contract to do a certain lliing
are legally he'd up for a fulfilment of
the terms of the contract. Tlie Post
Ollice authorities granted lo thu Slocan
the much-needed hoon of a daily mail
service, but the C.P.R. annuls that privilege apparently with the connivance
or, at any raie, without any objection
from the P.O. authorities.
Because it is claimed that the line is
not paying,' the Company mutilates
tlie service, demoralizes the incoming
and outgoing mails system, and consequently retaids tho progress of the
country. We claim that the line was
bourn sod by lhe government for the
very reason that the line waa not likely
to he Bolf-suppprling, and na a business
proposition wc urge that a company
has no right to exp,ct a bonus from tho
People when their business is a moneymaker.
But the people of tbe Slocan are determined to see thia matter through.
Indignation meetings havo heen held at
every town in the riding, and this oven-
a thoroughly representative convention
will bo he'd at Now Denver, on route for
which Messrs. 0. A'. White, C. White,
L. Pratt and W. McCluig left Sandon
(on foot) this morning.
Silverton does not intend that tho
C.P.R. Co. shall at its own pleasure
mutilate the hitherto existing service
without registering a vigorous protest.
At a mass meeting held in Ihat town on
Wednesday night, at which mine owners,
managers, miners, business men and
a large number of citizens were present,
the following resolutions were adopted
and forwarded by telegraph:
which meeting thc following telegram
was sent to yoa :
- " New* Denver, May 15' 11)07.
Resolution unanimously passed nt public meeting at New Louver: Business
outlook in B'.ocan decidedly improved
lately. Chance lo tri-wcekly service
will kill what chance we had. Citizens
very indignant and earnestly request
that this unwarranted step backward be
immediately prevented by yourinsi'ting
onvotiirn lo daily mail Borvloe. Details
will follow by mail. Trust you will
use your utmost cndcavaia on our' behalf.
(signed) C. P. Nelson
Chairman Citizens Meeting,1'
New Denver, nsyou arc aware, is. tho
centre of the Slocan, bring the scat of
the Government Recording (dice and
buying a branch "f the Hank of Montreal,���tlie only bank iu the district-
two schools, the Slocan Hoapiial and
stoics, which latter form lhe base of
supplies (or the surrounding country.
Thc-c abive mentioned Institutions by
renson of the roughness of the countiy
aud limited means of transportation aie
cut ou tbe mail service, and thc present
inadequate system will seriously cripple
them. Nakusp, Biocnn City, Rosebery
and Silverton arc dependent on tbe Now
Denver physician for medical aid
There is a gradual but sure revival of
Interest in the Slocan mines. Outside capital is now realizing Iho value
of our limber and fruit lands. Prospective investors are being driven away
by (ho delay and uncertainty in doing
business. Tin* following examples will
lllustiato the long delays iu mail delivery: A letter to Tiirco Forks, 5 miles
distant takes three days. Five days arc
consumed in the case of a letter fro
Nelson to here and reply. A letter to
Silverton, 4 miles distant requires from
four or live days to bring a reply. The
regular passenger bout passes New Den
vcr several limes a day en route lo
Slocan City and Rosebery where railroad
points connect. The stop for delivery
of mail-matter would entail but little
delay. From Rosebery to Nakusp there
are several freight trains daily. Fiom
the foregoing statements you will see
the extreme need of a daily mail service.
The citizens of lhe dislrict will greatly appreciate your immediate attention
to this matter.
1 huve lhe honour to he, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Chairman of Citizens Meeting;
Lost.���A Child's gold ring, Finder
will be rewarded by returning same to
Review office.
and from private trials   an
form.incoa which have since transpired I
wc are convinced that  he U minutes !    Founb.-A silver medal.   Owner can
ahead of Chaibonnel  and Uurat, and if  llnvu   6'lm0    ''>'  P">viog  identity   and
ever he and Sherring or Longboat meet, : payingtor this advertisement.
Joe Cbapelle,  editor of the  National  somebody   will  look  like  thirty cents, I     ***** Holmqulrt is down from the Sun
Magazine,   of   Boston,    Mass.,   accom-  iind   it   won
Shrubb.    We iloubi
shine.     An   excess   of   water   retards
B**BSM^Hi*BlBSl.^B hm*^h ^m^^^^^^___~
panied   by   his   wife,  bit the camp on   very much, however, if a  match can be progress for tho present.   A brother of
Friday.   This   couple are,   now touring  ratified, as Shrubb is a pro    nnd  Long- the big fellow  will shortly arrive  from
tho  great  west   for  substantial  data buat is a " whitewashed'amateur," Minnesota to go  into partnership with
which they  will utilize in a powerful .  bim.	
series of ni tides poitriiyiug the west as i    Sandon   is    peculiarly   fortunate   in Mr.   R.   T.    Loweiy,    a well-known
it is and not aa  it appears to writers of  having a really Al football team to put newspaperman  of the upper   country,
fiction. A letter of introduction from an hn the field against the  New  Denver and former publisher of the NewJDenvor
old tillicum in   Boston paved tho way Association kickers on Friday noxt, and Ledge, bus left for Spokane en  route
for an hour's  confab wilh the editor of j If u,e pllttcr are fortunate enough to lift (<������ Vancouver.    He has declared bis in-
tlie  Slocan   weekly excitement,   when  the cup tbey will certainly  meiit the tentlbn oi starting a weekly  paper  iu
much' interesting matter hearing on | victory. All the Sandon players are thi*i cl'y.���Vancouver Province.
the Slocan district wns poured into the old countrymen who kicked bl.id.iers
cars of the visitors. Mr. and Mrs. before they ��� could speak and played
Chappie made the journey fiom Kaslo ' hookey to watoh the giants before they
in a most unorthodox manner. Seats themselves won their colors. The fol-
were fastened  for  them  on  the top of 'owing is the  team and the clubs  with
the passenger coach,  from   which point        -..���-.������   ...:.i.   :..
of vantage they view the rugged scenery
and absorbed many literacy aspirations.
Mining as  an industry is  profitable.
Less money   is lost proportionately   in
mining than it., any  other   business in
Ihe world; larger fortunes aro mado  in   A. Forrest
mining and in the investment of mining '
stock than  in any  business or invest- l^^g    "
ment on earth, and the miner who digs  Q, Garrett
a fortune  out of  the  ground has the   W. Cliffe
. .     .     '".".""   ""  .��,   . \""""'" p>   stonier " Hearts of Midlothian
satisfaction of knowing Ihat bo has not ( "��� o-onier ^ *1L""
rohhet a soul, even though be become a "
thousand times a   millionaire.   He has1    An abundance of water at the Montc-
Notice is hereby   given that  the undermentioned persons have applied for
���- n -      renewal of  tlieir hotel   license at the
which   they   were   associated  with in   ,,i;u.C9   But  opposite   tlieir   respective
Motherland: ; namesl
J. J. Atherton, goal    Kcrhsido Twisters   Henry Stege, Newmarket Hotel,      New
A. II. Sanderson, back, Loudon Scottish Denver.
it. Turner "     Manchester City K. Jacobson,    St.. .Tames Hotel,   Now
h. Bloomlicld, h-back, Tottenham Hot-:        Denver.
��� _ , ���,,,       _   "P"1'   D. Brandon. Selkirk Hotel,   Silverton.
II. Kelso '*        Oldham Rangers   u. m. Spencer, Victoria Hotel, Silverton
Sheffield Wed-    . ]). Giant,     Windsor Hotel,    Silverton
ncsday   n. Ncvin,    Slocan Hotel,   Three Forks
_,     ,   ���     . -        Bristol City j. s. Beanohesne, Basin Hotel, Arllng-
Lrn. lowgood     " Southampton i        ton Basin.
AstonVilla M McCarthy!    Rosebery Hatel,   Rose-
Clapton Orient 1        \mrv_
To the Post master-General
Ottawa. Silverton, B.C.,
May Hi, li)0T
The people of Silyortou and vicinity in
mass meeting assembled understanding
thai, the daily mail service is to bo replaced by a tri-weekly ono.
And whereas tho Slocan is recovering
from a period of depression,
And whereas a daily mail is most essential for the business interests in general in this district.
Therefore he it resolved that, a request
he niaile to the Postmaster Qunoral to
reinstate   the    daily   service   without
delay. (Signed) T. II. Wn.sox-,
To J. S Lawrence, Esq. Divisional Supt.
Silverton, B.C.,
May in, 1907
The people of Silverton and vicinity
at a mass meeting assembled, under-
Standing that our daily mall service is
to he reduced to a tri-wcekly one, have
unanimously passed the following resolution :
Whereas lhe Slocan country just recovering from a long period of industria'
depression, and whereas anything but a
daily service by the C.P.Ry. Company
would be ruinous to lhe now increasing
prosperity of this section, and as they
are the only common carriers from our
supply point,
Therefore be it resolved that we most
earnestly protest at the change of service and respectfully ask you to reconsider and reinstate at least a daily mail
service. T. II. Wltsosr,
also added to lhe   store  of   the   worlds
zuma mine bus necessitated a shut down
available wealth : he bus been a produc* for two weeks. Most of he crew at the
or'of wealth, and has added just that mill have also been laid of. The ore
much to the world's comfort and pleas- l^V ���<��� "-'ported to be looking excep-
llr0 '.tonally good.
A meeting   of the board of  license
; commissioners  of   tho    Slocan   licens
diltrict will bo  held  to consider such
applications at  the court  house, New
Denver on  Saturday  the  15th  day  of
June at eleven o'clock in  the   forenoon,
Chief License Inspector.
Dated at New  Denver  May-20th   1007.
New Denver,   May 15,  11)07
To the  Honourable   Rudolf  Lcniieux,
Postmaster General, Ottawa.
DearSir���On the  15th inst, the  citizens held a meeting to  protest  against
cl aiige to the tri-wcekly mail service al
���r* * ���***���<-��� ���**�������*���** ***������*:- ���:-.*��-.***���?��� ��� .:***���<-:*.:�����.:- 4. *-*
I Xocal ant>] General.  X
* *
A ���*.
* Picked up by ButtlDg in Everywhere.    *
i-A% ******* *** **..*. *M***"** ***** **
All abo-o-arrd for Denver I
Wo went to press with this issue
two days earlier than usual this week.
Owing to a holiday coming along and a
hum mail service to contend with. We
adopt this course that our readers may
receive this sheet before the Christmas
riiBh begins.
Govt. Road Supt. J. D. Moore was in
town lhe end of hist week on business
connected with the building of several
projected new trails.
A. P. Leads, representing J. Y.
Griffin & Co., of Nelson, was among
the merchants last week.
Fred. Ritchie was up from Vancouver
on Saturday to visit his old stamping
The Towgood Packing outfit are making three (rips a day to the Elkhorn,
and bringing down the orj for shipment. Mr. E. Towgood (ells us that it
is the heaviest ore he has handled since
he has been in the country. It does a
person's eyes good to gaze, on the Elkhorn dump and mammoth showing of
clean ore.
'Ihe reconstruction gang at the While-
water mill are about through with their
work. It, is expected that the mill will
be running in a few days.
Louis Hind*) informs us that operations at the Alps and Alturas will bo
resumed as soon as tha snow goes off.
It Ib claimed by mining experts (hat
tho largest known antimony showing
exists on this Nortli Fork property.
,T. A. McDuff came up from Whitewater Saturday.
Tbo McAllister group will bo opened
up again hy the local owners as soon as
the trail will permit of supplies being
packed up, Tbe development work of
last year demonstrated the property to
be one of exceeding richness. One
shipment of thirty tons netted the
owners over $7,000. ,The 1 dgo can be
traced across throe claims.
All the mine managers ore deploring
the scarcity of minors and muckers. A
hundred men could be put to-work al
Preparations are in full swing for reopening the Eureka. A new* bunk-
bouse is being ouilt and provisions for a
large lorce of men are going up to the
' Two shifts are at work at the Slocan
Star. Work is principally confined to
drifting in tho King tunnrl.
Cornwall appears to be the popular
favorite for tbe 100 yards dash. 'He
will be going some if he licks a dark
horse we know of.
Manager Pratt, of the Last Chance,
with an injunction as keen ns the sword
of Damocles hanging over his bead, is
devoting his lnt-nt energies to tho culture of radishes, shooting gophers and
breeding rabbits, to thc. great envy of
his overworked colleugui s.
Tho Suiret, is keeping up a steady
output.   Fif.oen men ure employed.
The souvenir pins which Charlie
Nelson has for s-.le -re a decided
novelty and form a chic souvenir of the
21th. Vou can obtain (hem in any individual Color of (bo Yacht Club
The lilacs arc blooming.
The straw hat is now in  season.
Boost for Slocan.
"Whoso paper are you reading?"
This is the* way a wt stern editor takes
to arrest tlie attention of his subscribers
who aie in arrears.
A dairyman in a well known Ontario
town was arrested because customers
found minnows in their milk,    What do
they expect furacenl?    Speckled trout?
Mayor Cameron came np from Kaslo
on Monday to attend tbe regular meeting of tbo Ci'y Council same day.
Wo congratulate Mr, Jno. T.JKelly,
of Three Forks, on his accession to judical ranks. The Gazette of the current
week carries this announcement: ".fno.
T. Kelly, of Three forks, Esquire,
to bo Justice of lhe Pence in and for
the Province."
WillJaffrav and Archie Stonier a*e
out in Iho world looking for a location
to start a daily paper. They weie at
Nelson on Saturday.
It is not generally known locally that,
intending passengers to tho Crows's
Nest, can leave Sandon at 1,80 p.m.
any day, leaving*] Kas'o by the G.N.
steamer International nt -1.-15 lhe following morning, and arriving ut Proctor
at (i a.m , where countciion is made
with tho C.P.R. steamer Kuskanook on
route to Kootenay handing.
Jack Ilamill is down from the Ruby
Services in the Methodist Church on
Sunday. Rev. Rutherford will bo up
from New Denver to officiate.
The C.P.R. announce that an excursion to New Denver will he run on Friday next. Leave Sandon 8a.m., faro
50 cents; leave Three Foiks 8.35, faro
30et��. ; ai rive at New Denver Siding 8.50
a.nfT; leave Slocan Cily 7n,m. and 2 p.m.
fate fl. 15; leave Enterprise 7.30 a.m.,
and 2.80 p.m., fare70 cents; leave Silverton 8 a.m. and !! p.m., fare 15 cents;
children between 5 and 12 years, hal
fare. Return trip, boat and train, leave
New Denver at 12 midnight. Tickets
good to return till May 27.
P. II. Walsh, distiict superintendent
of tho G.N.R., wm up inhaling our
rarified ozone on Tuesday.
J. L. Rcttnllack and wife have returned from Seattle.
A letter mailed in Sandon on Saturday morning for Three Forks, four miles
distant, will arrive at its distillation on
the following Friday night." If J. S.
Laurence, the C.P.R. headsman in this
dislrict, thinks we have no grievance,
let hi 111 ponder on tho disgraceful service, and the super human exertion 11-
quired for sut h an effort.
Another kick. The telegram which
was framed by Sandon cilizens to be
forwarded to the post-:nastar general
last Wtdncsdi'y night, did not leave
Sandon until thu following afternoon.
Oh yes; we know . Wu do considerable
rubbering ourselves.
Thc Kaslo Kootcnni-iu is improving
with every issue. Even the cartoons
show tho master touch.
Because the Nelson Daily News registered a kick at the abomicable telegraphic news scrvi -e, tiie C.P.I!, havo
threatened to switch them off altogether. Wo mig'.t be i*i Russia, but
wo are not. Oh! for government ownership.
Keep up tho boost and you'll hear
something diop.
After working steadily for two dais,
the creek was cleared'of the mod and
debris which came do vn behind Jalland Bros.' store lust Thursday.
Fr. Jeannotte has been visiting his
parishioners in Iho Lardeau this wee!;..
Nick Kicholovitch is down with
typhoid fever. He is hems; well taken
care of at the Miner's t'uio-ii hospital.
E. F. Gi-gerich, of Silverton, was in
town on Saturday.
I!. Simpson and wife, came up from
Lardo on Friday lo yi*it fi iends here.
On Juno (ith, 7th, und Bill lhe C.P.Ry.
will sell at Ro*sland and Nelson with
corresponding rates from all Kootenay
points-first class round trip licketfl to
all Canadian and ('nit' d States points.
Rate to Winnipeg, Poit Arthur, St.
Paul, Dultilh, Sioux City, $52.50; St.
l.nnis, (10.00, Chicago $04 00, Toronto
5*78.50, Ottawa S*83B5, Montreal fSLOO,
Ft. John tflM.OO, Halifax tfrlOl.50. Tickets arc good for 3 muiilhs, good to slop
over west of Fort William or St. Paul
and good via any lecogmsed direct
route,  good    via  lal e  route   including
mealsand berihson C.P.R. lake-steam*
ers or good to go one of these routes and
return another. For rati slo nnv point
and north reservations for standard or
tourift sleepers or lake s'eumera apply
lo locul agents cr write J. S. Carter,
Beverly of
B Graustark
*-'.'":'.:'/ Author ot 'GreuiUrk**
Coprrl.ht. IM4. k vote.
(Continued From  Last Week.l
Baldos whsj nofloiig In preparing
plans for the changes In tbe fortress.
They embodied a temporary readjustment of the armament and alterations
in the ammunition house. The gate
leading to the river waa closed, and
the refuse from the fort was taken to
the barges by way of the main entrance. There were other changes suggested for immediate consideration,
and then there was a general plan for
tbe modernizing of thc fortress at some
more convenleut time. Baldos laconically observed that the equipment
was years behind the times. To the
amazement of the officials, he was
able to talk intelligently of forts in
all parts of the world, revealing a
wide and thorough knowledge and extensive Inspection. He had seen American as well as European fortifications.
The Graustark engineers went to work
at once to perfect the simple changes
be advised, leaving no stone unturned
to strengthen the place before an attack could be made.
Two, three weeks went by, and the
new guard was becoming an old story
to the castle and army folk. He rode
with Beverly every fair day, and he
looked at her window by night from
afar oft In the somber barracks. She
could not dissipate the feeling that be
knew her to be other than the princess,
although he betrayed himself by no
word or sign. She was enjoying the
fun of it too Intensely to expose it to
the risk of destruction by revealing
her true identity to him. Logically
that would mean the end of everything.
No doubt he felt the same and kept
his counsel, but the game could not
last forever, that was certain. A
month or two more and Beverly would
have to think of her return to Washington.
His courage, his cool Impudence, his
subtle wit, charmed her more than she
could express. Now she was beginning to study him from a standpoint
peculiarly and selfishly her own. When
recently she had sung his praise to Yetive and others she now was strangely
reticent. She was to-uuderstaud an*
other day why this change had come
over her. Stories of his cleverness
came to her ears from Lorry and An-
, gui'atf'and even from Dangloss. Sh��
was proud, vastly proud, of him in
these days.
The Iron Count alone discredited the
ability and the conscientiousness of
the "mountebank," as he named the
man who had put bis nose out of joint.
Beverly, seeing much of Marlanx,
made the mistake of chiding him
frankly and gnyly about this aversion.
She even argued the guard's case before the head of the army, imprudently
pointing out many of bis superior qualities in advocating his cause. Ths
count was learning forbearance ln his
old age. He saw the wisdom of procrastination. Baldos was lu favor, but
aome day tbere would come a time for
his undoing.
In tbe barracks he was acquiring
fame. Reports went forth with unbiased freedom. He established himself as
the best swordsman in tbe service, as
well as the most efficient marksman.
With tbe foils and sabers he easily
vanquished the foremost fencers in
high and low circles. He could ride
like a Cossack or like an American
cowboy. Of them all, his warmest admirer was Haddan, the man set to
watch him for tlie secret service. It
may be timely to state that Haddan
watched In vain.
The princess, humoring her own fancy, as well as Beverly's foibles, took to
riding with ber high spirited young
guest ou many a little jaunt to the
hills. She usually rode with Lorry or
Anguish, cheerfully assuming the subdued position befitting a lady-in-waiting apparently restored to favor on
probation. Sbe enjoyed Beverly's
unique position. In order to maintain
her attitude as princess tbe fair young
deceiver was obliged to pose In tbe
extremely delectable attitude of being
Lorry's wife.
"How can you expect the paragon to
make love to you, dear, if he thinks
you are another man's wife?" Yetive
asked, ber blue eyes beaming with tne
fun of It all.
"Pooh!" sniffed Beverly. "You have
only to consult history to find tbe excuse. It's the dear old habit of men to
make love to queens and get beheaded
for It. Besides, he Is not expected to
make love to me, How In tbo world
did you get tbat Into your bead?"
On a day soon after the return of
Lorry aud Anguish from a trip to the
frontier Beverly expressed a desire to
.1-11 nn* monastery of St. Valentine,
high on the mountain top. It was a
long ride over tbe circuitous route by
which the steep Incline was avoided,
and it was necessary for the party te
make un early start. Yetive rode with
Harry Anguish and his wife the countess, while Beverly's companion was tha
gallant Colonel Quinnox. Baldos, relegated to the background, brought up
the rear with Haddan.
For a week or more Beverly had been
behaving toward Baldos in the most
cavalier fashion. Her friends had
been teasing her, and, to her own intense amazement, she resented It. Tha
fact that she felt the sting of their sly
taunts was sufficient to arouse ln her
the distressing conviction that he had
become Important enough to prove embarrassing. While confessing to herself that it was a bit treacherous and
weak she proceeded to Ignore Baldos
with astonishing persistency. Apart
from tbe teasing, It seemed to her of
late that be was growing a shade too
He occasionally forgot his deferential
air and relaxed into a very pleasing but
highly reprehensible state of friendliness. A touch of the old jauntlness cropped out here and there, a tinge of the old
irony marred bls.otherwlse.perfect mlea
as a Bomier. His laugh was freer, his
eyes less under subjugation, his entire
personality more arrogant. It was
time, thought she resentfully, that his
temerity should meet some sort of
And, moreover, she had dreamed of
him two nights ln succession.
How well her plan succeeded may
best be Illustrated by saying that she
now was In a most uncomfortable
frame of mind. Baldos refused to be
properly depressed by his misfortune.
He retired to the oblivion she provided
and seemed dlsagreeubly content. Apparently It made very little difference
to him whether he wus lu or out of favor. Beverly Was In high dudgeon and
low spirits.
The party rode forth at an early hour
lu the morning. It was hot ln the city,
but it looked cold aud bleak on the
heights. Comfortable wraps were taken along, and provision was made for
luncheon at an Inn halfway up tbe
slope. Quinnox regaled Beverly with
stories ln which Grenfall Lorry was
the hero and Yetive the heroine. He
told her of the days when Lorry, a fugitive with a price upon his head,
charged with the assassination of
Prince Lorenz, then betrothed to the
princess, lay hidden in tbe monastery
while Yetive's own soldiers hunted
high and low for him. The narrator
dwelt glowingly upon the trip from the
monastery to the city walls one dark
night when Lorry came down to surrender himself In order to shield the
woman he loved, and Quinnox himself
piloted him through the underground
passage Into the very heart of the castle. Then came the exciting scene In
which Lorry presented himself as a
prisoner, with tbe denouement that
saved the princess and won for the
gallant American the desire of his
"What a brave fellow he was!" cried
Beverly, who never tired of hearing
the romantic story.
"Ah, he wus wonderful, Miss Calhoun. I fought him to keep him from
surrendering. He beat me, and I was
virtually his prisoner when we appeared before tbe tribunal."
"It's no weuder she loved him and
married him."
"He deserved the best that life could
give, Miss Calhoun."
"You hnd better not call me Miss
Calhoun, Colonel Quinnox," said she,
looking back apprehensively. "I am a
highness once lu awhile, don't you
"I Implore your highness' pardon,"
said he gayly.
Tbe riders ahead had come to a
standstill aud were pointing off into
the pass to their right. They were
eight or ten miles from the city gates
aud more thanbulfwuy up the winding
road that ended at the monastery gates.
Beverly and Quinnox came up with
lliem and found all eyes centered on a
small compauy of men encamped lu the
rocky delile a hundred yards from tbe
main road.
It needed but a glance to tell her
wbo comprised tbe unusual company.
The very raggedness of their garments,
the unforgettable disregard for consequences, the impudent ease with which
they faced poverty and wealth alike,
belonged to but one set of men���the
vagabonds of the Hawk and Raven.
Beverly went a shade whiter. Her interest In everything else flagged, and
she was lost in bewilderment. What
freak of fortune had sent these men
out of the fastnesses into this dangerously open place?
Sbe recognized the ascetic Ravone,
with his student's face and beggar's
garb. Old Franz was tbere, and so
were others whose faces and heterogeneous garments bad become so familiar to her lu another day. The tall
leader with the red feather, the rakish hat and tbe black patch alone was
missing from tbe picture.
"It's the strangest looking crew I've
ever seen," said Anguish. "They look
like pirates."
"Or gypsies," suggested Yetive. "Who
are they, Colonel Quinnox? What are
tbey doing here?"
Quinnox wus surveying the vagabonds with a critical, suspicious eye.
"They nre uot robbers or they would
be off like rabbits," he said reflectively. "Your highness, there are many
roving bands lu the bills, but I confess
that these men are unlike any I have
heard about. With your permission, I
Will ride down und tpiestion them."
"Do, Quinnox.   I am most curious."
Beverly sat very still and tense. She
Was ufruld to look at Baldos, who rode
up as Quinnox started Into the narrow
defile, culling to the escort to follow.
The keen eyes of the guard caught the
situation at once. Miss Colhoun shot
a quick glance at hlm as be rode up beside her. His face was impassive, but
she could see his band clinch the bridle
rein, and there was an air of restraint
in his whole bearing.
"Remember your promise," he whispered hoarsely. "No harm must come
to them." Then he was off into the defile. Anguish was not to be left behind. He followed, aud then Beverly,
more venturesome nnd vastly more Interested than the others, rode recklessly nfter. Quinnox was questioning
the laconic Ravone wheu sbe drew
rein. Tbo vagabonds seemed to evince
but little Interest iu tbe proceed lugs.
They stood away in disdainful aloofness. No sign of recognition passed
between them and Baldos.
lu broken, Jerky sentences Ravone
explained to tbe colonel that they were
a party of actors on their wuy to Edelweiss, but thnt they had been advised
to give the place a wide berth. Now
they were making the best of a hard
journey to Serros. whore tbey expected
but little better success. He produced
certain papers of Identification, which
Quinnox examined and approved, much
I to Beverly's secret amazement, The
princess. uud   the   colonel   eschuueed
glances and afterward a few words
in subdued tones. Yetive looked furtively at Beverly aud then at Bnldos,
as If to inquire whether these men
were the goat humors sbe bad come to
know by word of mouth. The two
faces were hopelessly noncommittal.
Suddenly Baldos" horse reared and
began to plunge as If in terror, so tbat
the rider kept his seat only by meaus
of adept horsemnusblp. Ravone leaped
forward and nt ttie risk of Injury
clutched the plunging steed by the bit.
Together they partially subdued the
animal and Baldos swung to the ground j
at Kavone'e side. Miss Calhoun's horse j
In the mea ntime had caught the fever.
He pranced off to tbe roadside before
she could j*ot him under control.
She was thus iu u position to observe
the two meu ou tbe ground. Shielded
from view by the body of the horse
they were able to put the finishing
touches to the trick Baldos bud cleverly
worked. Beverly distinctly saw tbe
guard nnd tbe beggar exchange bits of
puper, with glances that meant more
than the words they were uuable to
Pe-ru-na Relieves
Spring Catarrh
Together they partially subdued the animal.
uaiaos pressed into Ravone's hand a
note of some bulk nnd received ln ex-
chnnge a mere slip of paper. The papers dlsnppeured us if by mnglc, and
tbe guard wus remounting his horse before he saw that the act had been detected. The expression of pain uud despair in Beverly's face sent a cold chill
over bim from head to foot.
She turned sick with apprehension.
Her faith had received a stunning blow.
Mutely she watched the vagabonds
withdraw ln peace, free to go where
they pleased. The excursionists turned to the main rond. Baldos fell back
to his accustomed place, bis imploring
look wasted. Sbe was strangely, inexplicably depressed for the rest of the
(To Be Continund.)
"Without hesitation I write to thank
you for the great relief I huve found lu
your valuable medicine, Peruna, antl
will cull the attention of all my friends
suffering with catarrh to that fact. Besides l cheerfully recommend It to all
suffering with catarrh In aiy form."���
Miss Dora Hayclen, 819 Cth St., S.W.,
Washington, D.C.
A  Case of Spring Catarrh
Mrs. N. P. Lawler, 4231 N. Broadway,
Pittsburg, Kas., writes: "Last spring I
caught a severe cold, which developed
Into a serious case" of catarrh. I felt
weak antl sick, and could neither eat
nor sleep well.
"A member of our club who had been
cured of catarrh through the use of
Peruna advised me to try It, and I did
so at once. 1 expected help, but nothln? like the wonderful change for the
b tter I observed almost as soon as I
s.ttrted taking it. In three days I felt
much better, nnd within two weeks I
was ln fine health. Peruna is a wonderful medicine."
More Efficient and Readier Than Ever
The Chronicle's naval correspondent
says: Tho taxpayer may estimate the
value of recent Admiralty administration by contrasting the state of things
prevailing at the time of tbe Kaiser's
telegram to Mr. Kruger and tbe instant readiness for war that now exists. After the Kruger telegram it
was resolved to mobilize a flying
squadron. The Bquadron was composed of units which Parliament were
assured were ready for war. Five
days and nights of heavy work were
consumed in effecting the mobilization. At that time the only sea-going
force in home waters fully manned
was the Channel fleet of seven or eight
battleships, and this fleet was the
training school for young seamen.
Superb Fleet.
To-day the Channel fleet combines
the eight battleships of the King Edward VII. class with six other modern battleships and four armored
cruisers. The Atlantic fleet, based upon Berehaven, will have six battleships and four armored cruisers, while
the first division of the new home
fleet is a battle squadron comprising
six ships, with the Dreadnought carrying the flag, and a group of armored cruisers, known as the fifth squadron, fit to lie in the line of battle
with the German fleet.
The skilled men on board will be
carried throughout the commission,
a number exceeding three-fifths of
the crew; the unskilled men shipped
on board will not be moved more often than every eight montliB. In addition to these squadrons are four
flotillas of destroyers, forty-eight craft
in all, and about thirty submarines.
Ready For War.
It stands to reason that so great an
addition to the actual fighting strength
of the navy, instantly ready for war, is
only obtained by extracting from the
whole navy greater exertion, longer
hours, and more work than was
thought necessary ten or even three
years ago. This, coupled with tbe cessation of foreign battleship-building
for eighteen months, is the true reason why a stronger navy at a smaller
cost U possible at the present time.
An Obliging Man.
Heine (at the village barber's)���I say,
do you know why this man's shop is
hung all over with sacred pictures?
Belne���Oh, yes; that is for the convenience of his customers, so that they
may call on all the saints when ho
shaves them.
Helped Her Up.
Orchestra Leader���I never heard the
prima donna do that high note aa
well as sbe did last night. Stage Manager���Nor I. You see, just as she
reached it she saw a mouse ln the
How They Are Used and How They
Grow So Large.
Travelers and commuters have often
to consider the trains us numbered ln
what appears to them Inexplicable
ways. For example, a request at the
Information bureau of the Grand Central station will elicit the reply thut
train No. 470 will not stop nt Peek-
skill or on the New Haven line thut
train No. 570 will stop on Saturdays
at Coscob, but not on other days; that
on the Pennsylvania train No. G34 will
stop at Metuchen, but not at Rahwuy;
that on the Delaware and Lackawanna
train No. 410 is nn Euston express, and
that train No. 399 Is the millionaires'
special to Bernardsvllle and will stop
only at Newark. The traveler knows,
of course, thnt there are not so many
trains and only identifies them by the
hour of departure and arrival, so tills
informntiou Is usually vague enough
as glvcu by numbers to him, although
relevant enough to railroad men, for It
tells of the history of the trains.
When the railroads were new they
put on a passeuger train numbered 1
and 2 and a freight train numbered 3
and 4, and tbey Increased this service
according to the demands of traffic,
raisiug the numbers consecutively, the
even numbered trains running one
way, the odd numbered trains the other. As the exacting demands of new
business developed trains were Increased, and some of tbe old ones
were dropped, but their numbers, which
still lived in the minds of the operatives, could not readily be duplicated,
and they named them with still higher
numbers uutll their numerical titles
have lost relation to their source except In the minds of employees. But
as the railroads extended themselves
aud n generation of employees passed
they returned to the primal numbers
for their Important trains, so that
trains 1 and 2, 3 nnd 4, 5 nnd 0, etc.,
are ou nearly all railways tbe through
expresses. But the original trains, by
shifting of time or other causes, run
under titles of 400, COO or some numeration that menns nothing to the traveler, but to the railroad man reveals
Its history from origin to date.���New
York Press	
Terrible Revenge.
Mme. Lttbnrlue��� I snw Mme. Paul
having a great altercation with your
cook this afternoon.
Mme. Vincent���Yes; I am not altogether surprised. Just fancy, she bad
the nerve to copy my last now hatl
Mme. Labarlue���Well, what did yon
Mme. Vincent���I gave mine to the
cook.���Pele Mele.
The Joy of It
Miss Jenks���I don't see why yon consider it a pleasure to hear him preach.
I understand he always talks about
fire and brimstone.
Miss Farrasy ��� Exactly! And It's
such a pleasure to think of what's In
store for some people, you know.���Phil
adelphla Press.	
Baked Bean* and Olive Oil.
To bake beans with olive oil is thn
fashion among those who are vegeta-
rlaus and those who detest pork. The
Housekeeper says: "To some natures
pork iu any shape Is repugnant. For
those who do uot relish It ln baked
'leans the following way of preparing
this popular dish is recommended as
being especially delicious; Soak one
pint of beans overnight Parboil next
morning, using a little soda. Wheu the
skin ciin he blown off easily,drain and
cover with boiling water. Add two tn-
blespoonfuls of olive oil and one-fourth
of a cupful of molasses. Sprinkle with
salt, pepper and mustard. If liked very
sweet, add a half instead if a ftm-tb al
a cupful of molasses."	
Good Answer.
A Ideological student supposed to be
deficient In Judgment was asked by a
professor lu the course of a class examination:
���   "Pray, Mr. K., how would you discover a fool?"
"By the questions he would ask,"
was the rather stunning reply.
A Novel Plan That Worked Splendidly.
Try It.
"I'd been married twelve years before it dawned on me that, with the
exception of my wife, every one In
the bouse had a day off once a week,"
aald tbe man.
"I suppose a woman does generally
bave rather a bad time of it ln that
way," I remarked.
"I always bad Sundays," he continued, "tbe children had Saturdays and
Sundays, too, and one of tbe maids
had every Wednesday, while the other
was free on Thursdays. But when I
began to think it over it seemed to me
that the wife never by any chance got
a day entirely to herself."
"We talked it over together first,
then the wife consulted the maids, and
as soon as tbey grasped the idea they
were as keen as mustard to do what
tbey could to help.
"Finally we decided tbat every Tuesday tbe servants, the children and I
were to be left entirely to our own
devices. The wife might stay In bed
all day if she liked, go away, shop,
visit, look in at a picture gallery or, in
fact, do anything that she liked. She
was to have absolutely no responsibility for meals or anything on that one
duy every week."
"And how does the thing work?"
"Splendidly! 'bhe maids rise to tbe
occasion, und we vie with one another
In trying to keep everything running
smoothly and are as pleased as possible when we can manage to spend less
tban we are allowed for tbe catering
department and yet show good results."
"And the wife?"
"Isn't like the same woman. I tell
her she seems to bave discovered the
secret of perpetual youth, and she assures me thut if only every woman in
the world bad a chance of trying the
snme plan there would be more happy
homes around.
"After all, I don't see how any one
can expect a woman to keep bright
and happy if she never has any regular
time to amuse herself, do you?"
"I think you've probably hit on an
idea that heaps of people would be only
too glad to put into practice If they
only knew of it," I said. And so I pass
It on ln case readers may be interested.
And   Constipation���Strong  Letter in  Recommendation of
High Collars In Vogue.
With her usual perversity. Fashion
bus decreed that collars increase lu
height and in comfort, too, strange as
thut may seem. It Is, however, easily
explained. Since those little "vul-
lelues," or featherbones, that give the
necessary support have for some time
reached fairly up to the eurs, they
could become no higher; but the change
Is in the transparent covering which
is made of soft lace entirely or in combination with some filmy material. Instead of being rounded out, as It formerly was, tbe collar is now made
straight; hence It must be a little looser, so that It shapes and gives properly
with the neck���therein lies the comfort
-while tho top, which is unstiffened
for nbout half an inch, turns over in a
pretty careless line, thus adding to
the soft becomlngness.
Be careful uot to let it be a degree
looser tbun Is absolutely necessary for
shaping itself and attempt it in none
but the softest, thinnest material or the
result will be that most unbecoming ef
all things, a thick neck.
Some Adventures in Somaliland���
Fashionable  Native Beauties.
Major Scott-Harden, F. K. C. 8., recently gave a lecture on Somaliland
to the students of Toronto University.
The major is a charming lecturer,
as well as a first-class fighting man,
and his humorous descriptions of the
trials and discomforts of the Somaliland Punitive Expedition, in search
of tbe Mad Mullah, waa greatly enjoyed. ���>
The major said the Mad Mullah is
not mad, the title being a gratuitous
one from the ready pen of a Times'
Much applause was given to the
story of Col. Plunkett's last stand with
his 300 men against 10,000 Dervishes
at Gumburn, where, after the last
white man had fallen, tiie natives
said a rampart of dead Dervishes four
t'eet  high  lay  around.
One highly amusing story was told.
Water is scarce in Somaliland, and
the expedition had to dig for its water. Tliey telegraphed to the War Office: "Want pumps. Send four Parson's"���the Parson's pump being the
best for that kind of work.
In due course there arrived by
tenmship a consignment of four
\nglican  clergymen.
Somaliland is a land of great game,
and thc captain possesses many file
Hunting   trophies.
The native men are tall and thin
ind talkative; the women are short
a.ul  ruzly.
Fashion, which penetrates wherevei
women are to be found, is already
known in Somaliland, being recog-
lized by the various ways of dressing
the hair.
Hard times befell the expedition,
and Major Scott-Harden had to eat
his camel. Camel is not likely to become a fashionable dish in western
society, for the major tersely described it as tasting "like an old leather
This was at Damat, a place which
'he lecturer said justifies its name.
Soon afterwards a shower fell, which
an artist depicted under the title o)
'A gift from heaven.-'
Keeps your body
warm,   yet   lets
your skin oreathe
���knit, not
woven,���  A
r���it fits,    i \Guira-teed
FdoesPEN- /     \Ag-init
ANGLE /    .    \ Shrinkage
With tho liver :n healthful, active
condition there is no trouble from con
Btipation, and this account* for tho
success of Dr. Chase's Kidney-uivei
Pills as a positive cure for sluggish
action  of the  bowels.
Mrs. R. Lockley Jones, Mount Tol
inie,  B.C.,  writes:
"I have used Dr. Chase's Kidney
Liver Pills for some years and always
have them in the house, 'iuty are Ihe
only pills that relieve me from constipation and liver troubles, antl 1 say
this after having tiied ueaily all kinds
without benefit. 1 would not be w.ih
out them, and have recommended
them to my friends, many of whom
can hear testimony to their great vaiui
in liver and kidney complaints. I am
satisfied that Dr. Chase's kidiieyLivu
Pills are unequalleu as a family midi
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills succeed    where    mere    kidney    mediciius
fail because tbey act promptly and directly on the liver, take the .work off
the kidneys, and then by their invigorating action on the kidneys restore
them  to health and  vigor.
Because of the Intimate and sympathetic relation of the liver and kidneys
it is useless to treat, them independently of one another. This fact wus
in the mind of Dr. Chase when he
prepared the formula of his celebrated
Kidney-Liver Pills, und the phenomenal success of tins great medicine has
proven his wisdo'iu.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills positively cure liver complaint, bilious.
ness, constipation, backache and kidney disease. One pill a dose, 1:5 cents
a   box,   at.   all   dealers,   or   Edinaimon,
Bates & Co., Toronto. To protect juu
against imitations, the portrait und
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt loik author, aie on cvuy
box  of his medicines.
We Rely Too Much on the Protection
of Cur Houses.
Houses were made for shelter, not
for confinement; for freedom, not restraint. They were intended to enlarge
our sphere of activities, not to diminish them.
They foster the family nnd make
progress possible, but we should uot
abuse their protection. We have crawled away Into tbelr still and comfortable recesses, slept iu tbelr dry, eleuu
chambers, toasted ourselves over their
sheltered fires, read by their unfllcker-
Ing lights and eaten from their bountiful boards so long that we are grown
pule, timid, peevish nnd thankless
We have kept ourselves ..way from
the wind and the sun and the lashing
ruin, from the feel of the earth underfoot and the sense of the leaves und
stars overhead until we na longer know
the keen and simple joys of being
alive. We bave set up barriers against
the Inclemency of nature and cowered
before her severe austerity until now
we huve forgotten how indispensable
Is ull ber kindly nurture, bow tonic her
rugged ways, how full of solace her
assuaging culm.
Houses were only mude to live lu
when It Is too cold or too hot or too
wet to live out of doors. Any other time
out of doors is best. To sleep out of
doors for a month Is better than a trip
to Europe. ��� Bliss Cnrinuu In Crafts
Facts About Building Stone.
Almost everybody knows the rule ol
tbe masons thut stone used in build
lug should be so placed thut It will lie
as It lay In Its natural bed wbeu tpjnr
rled. But Ki-uiicic W. Hoyt In the En
glnocrlug News snys that this familial
rule Is uot always to be depended upou
nud needs In mnny cases to be supple
uiented with other precautions. There
nre three planes of fracture known to
quarrymeii. The rift Is the direction
ln which the stone splits most easily
the grain thnt which Is next easiest,
the bend thnt which offers the greatest
resistance. In u paving block tbe two
sides represent the rift fracture, the
top nnd bottom the grain nnd the ends
the heud. But lu a quarry the natural
bed Is sometimes considerably Inclined
to the plane of the rift; hence the Imperfection of tbe ordinary rule for placing the stone In building.
It* Funny "Fistic" Antics Made a Big
Dog "Laugh."
The proprietor of a small store In
New York owns a black kitten that
cu 'Ivutes a habit of squatting on Its
lraulchos, like a bear or a kangaroo,
and then sparring with Its forepaws as
If It had taken lessous from a pugilist.
The Telegram tells how the kitten conquered a big dog.
A gentlemuu took Into the store an
enormous black dog, hulf Newfoundland, half collie, fat. good natural und
Intelligent. The tiny kitten, Instead of
bolting at once for shelter, retreated a
lew paces, sut erect on its hind legs
aud put Its "fists" in au attitude of
The contrast In size between the two
ivus Intensely uniuslng. It reminded
���hip of Jack the Olunt Killer preparing
io demolish the giant.
Slowly and without a sign of excitability tlie huge dog walked as far as
tils chain would allow him and gazed
Intently at the kitten and Its odd
posture. Then, as tbo comicality of
Ihe situation struck him, be turned his
head aud shoulders around to the spectators, aud If unlmul ever laughed in
the world that dog assuredly did so
then nnd there. He neither barked
nor growled, but Indulged in a low
chuckle, while mouth and eyes beamed
with merriment.
The Earth's Interior.
It hns been found by subterranean
boring that tbe temperature Increases
about one degree for every fifty-five
feet. Water would boll therefore at a
depth of less thau two miles, and at a
depth of thirty miles nil known substances would melt. The scientists believe that the Interior of the earth is a
molten mass. The volcanic discharge
of lava, which Is nothing but melted
earthy matter, goes to confirm this belief, as do also the hot springs thnt are
found In different parts of the world.
It has beeu proposed to make use of
the hot water that lies In beds underground by sinking shafts to reach
them. Many things even more wonderful thnn this hnve been done, and
therefore the suggestion does not seem
unreasonable.���Chicago News.
Trade t\or4
/Trade-marked in red. In a" ^
Variety of styles, fabrics and  ,
rprices,   for women, men and
hildren,      and      guaranteed.
When Is a schoolmaster like a mnn
with one eye? When he has a vacancy
for a pupil.
Why is a dog's tail like the heart of
a tree? Because It la farthest from the
Cayuga, (Jnt.-The Perkins jury
brought In a verdict of not guJ<xty,
afner four and a bait hours. It ��as
very different when ..us. Sternamau
was acquitted. On Ihat ocoosion the
late Justice Armour was the trial
judge, lhe crowd broke into loud
cheering, which could not be quelled
by the court cUliceis. His lordship
gave Mrs Perkins very Bound advic,
BtaCing that she aud her Maker alone
knew the true facta. He hoped .hat
the verdict waa true indeed. Afrer a
few  other remark^ he thtu discharged
Mrs. Henry Perkins' husband died
Christmas uay under circumstances
that suggested posioning, and the widow   was  arrested   for  tlie  deed
It Will Prolong Life-De Sota, the
Spaniard, i08   hi   life jn ^ �����. ine
1 Honda, whither he went for the purpose of discovering the legendary
fountain ot perpetual youth" said to
?im8.. "I*. "lat theu unknown country.
While Dr. Thomas Ecleotric Oil will
not perpetuate youth, it will remove
the bodily pains which make tlie
young old belore their time and harass
the  aged  into  untimely  graves
At Rome the report that King Victor Emmanuel will visit King Alfonso  is  nut considered  to  be correct.
Santiago, Cuba, has not advanced
like other Cuban cities since Independence. It is very much cleaner than
it used to be, hut there are no conspicuous improvements.
Mothers who have used Baby's Own
Tablets for their little ones say they
feel safe with the Tablets at hand,
for they are a never failing; cure for
all the minor ills of babyhood and
childhood Mrs. urias Cressman,
New Hamburg, Ont., says: "I have
used Baby's Own Tablets for stomach trouble and constipation with
marked success. I always feel that
my little one Is safe when I have a
box of the Tablets In the house"
Baby's Own Tablets are sold under
the guarantee of a Government an-
a yst to contain neither opiates nor
other poisonous drugs. They always
do good-tney can't possibly to
harm. For sale ut druggists or bv
mail nt 25 cents a box from Tlm n,.
Williams' Medlolne Cot BrXme!��0��t.
The canariea of Germany excel all
other canaries as singers? One has
been recorded to continue a "single
trill for 11" minutes, with twentv
changes of note in  it. iwuiiy
The   most   prominent   feature   of   the
of ���'hi'0?  ,"f   U'e   lmdgct   ������   the  ���"�����
of the   LaboriteB  at  the  postponement,
������,����� tney.regard    it,    the    dennite
fehemef   ��f   th��    ��,d    a*e   *'*"8i-
Cholera and all summer complaints
are so quick in their action that the
cold hand of deatn is upon the victims before they are aware that danger rs near. If attacked do not delay
in getting the proper medicine. Try
a dose of Dr. J. D. Kellogg'a Dysentery
Cordial, and you will get immediate
relief. It acta with wonderful rapidity
and never fails to effect a cure.
London suffragettcB of all classes
flocked to the Court theatre to witness
the production of "A Political Tract
in mree Acts," entitled "Votes for
Women,"  by  Elizabeth  Robins.
Minard's Liniment Used by Physicians
Newcastle, N.S.W., is now a very
important port, with its 80,000 people,
and situated 192 miles by rail or 60
miles by aea, from Sydney. The principal  shipments  are  coal.
The superiority of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is shown by its
good effects on the children. Purchase a bottle and give it a trial.
Properly managed, no stock on the
farm ia more profitable uban tlie
The indisposition of Queen Helena,
which prevented her from going to
meet King Edward and Queen Alexandra, continues, and is complicated
by fever.
"There's nothing like
St. George's
Baking Powder
"It keeps it* strength���the last
spoonful is as good as the first.''
"And it gives such a fine flavour
to the baking, once people use it,
they want it every time."
Write us for our
new Cook-Book.
National Drug & Chemical Co. of
aa        C-uadfl, l.fmlted, Montreal.
W.    N.    U.,    No.   635 %$
The old Roman heroes who were
torn by wild beasts In their fights in
the now ruined Colosseum at Rome
the Greek Charioteers, and tbe gladiators who made fighting a profession,
all knew the virtues of herbal essences
for skin injuries and diseases. Tliey
would emerge from a combat sore,
bleeding, and covered with wounds.
They would apply at night their secret
herbal halms, and In a lew days would
again be ready for combat. 1 Heir
ideal of a balm or salve, wus the correct one���a preparation which must
combine power with purity; and that
Ideal  is  realized  in  Zam-Buk
Ordinary ointments, salves and i m-
brncattons are generally composed of
rancm   animal   fats   and   mineral poi-
"Tin-link   on  the     contrary,     I*  a
m.niinB-  halm,  composed of   higiu.*-   "
ted sap's'and Juices got from certain
rich medicinal herbs, and eVery Bouse
hold  may rely on its heallnr, a id
When   the   little   one   runs   in   fro
his  play   with    a  smarting,   dirt 111   1
scrape   on   his  hand   or  knee    slmplS
wash the part, und smear with. Zam-
Buk,   bandaging  If  necessary.
When father returns from woiK
with a cot hand, the handy box of
Zi m-Buk again meets the emergency,
and the housewife or mother eo, I -
Sally finds it a real fried In .need foi
pts'a   d  S&/BS   fiJWffijg
quickly "nd sur.-ly. All drug-.-lsts , . d
stores sell at BOC a box, or from Zait-
ltiik Co., Toronto, for price, six boxes
for -2.G0.	
Traveller! in the Wodonga and Bar*
nawartha- districts find it diffloU t
(writes our Melbourne correspondent)
to get their horses to face the cater-
pilars that .warm the country roads.
They are denuding vegetation, and it
ia feared thc vineyards will be devastated An excursion train, when seven
miles from Penshurst, was brought to
�� standstill through dense masse i of
the insects blocking the rafts, lhe
wheels, crushing them to death, sKia
dedI  on the  rails.-London Daily Mail.
Can Be Banished by the Rich Red
Blood Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Actually Make
Tho health and happiness of growing girls and women of mature years
depends upon the blood supply. There
Is a crisis in the life of every woman
when there are distressing headaches
and backaches; when life seems a
burden and when some women seem
threatened with even the loss of their
reuson. It ia at this period that Ur.
Williams' Pink Pills prove a blessing
to women. Every dose increases tile
richness and the redness of the blo.io
supplv, and this new blood strengthens lhe organs, enable* them to throw
off disease and banishes the
headaches and backaches and
dizziness and secret pains that
have made life a burden. There are
thousands aud thousands of growing
girls and women ln Canada who owe
their health and happiness to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mrs. James McDonald, of Sugar Camp, Out., is one
of these. She says: "I was badly
run down, felt very weak, and had
no appetite. I suffered from headaches
and backaches and a feeling of weakness I could scarcely drug myself
ubout and felt that my condition was
growing worse. 1 decided to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and got a dozen
boxes, but before they were all used 1
had fully regained my health and was
able to do my housework without thc
least fatigue. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have  been  a  great blessing to   me."
Vou can get Dr. Williams'Plnk Pills
for Pale People from any medicine
dealer or hy mall from the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont..
at HO cents a box or six boxes for
%-i.50. If you are weak or ailing give
tucse pills a fair trial���they will noi
disappoint yon.
The harsh forest laws of William
the Conqueror are responsible for the
meaning of good luck now so often
associated with the term "windfall."
Under the Norman it was a criminal
offence to cut down timber in the for
eats; but aa the peasants were allowed
to gather wJiatever wood the wind had
blown ddwn, they always hailed a
storm  as  an  omen of good luck.
Catholic rulerB are forbidden to visit sovereigns of Victor Emmanuel's
line, and the latter will make no advances.
James Gillet, at one 'ime Bret
Harte's mining partner, and the original of that author's Truthful James,
died Saturday  at Sonora,  Cal.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
Jails and the hangman's drop serve
only to hold in olieck all sorts of
crime. Public opinion is the final and
powerful court. From it there cap be
no appeal.
They Are Carefully Prepared���Pills
wihioh dissipate themselves in the sh*
mach oannot be expected, to have
much effect upon the inteBtinea, and
to overcome eostivenesa the medicine
administered must influence the ac
tion of these canals. Parmelee'B Vegetable Pills are ao made, under the bu
peuviaion of experts, that the sub
stance in them intended to operate on
the intestines is retarded in action un
til they pass through the stomach to
the bowels.
At Gaeta, Italy, the municipality of
Gaeta adopted a resolution to ask King
Edward to visit the tomb of Cicero,
which was recently found at Formia,
on the gulf of Gaeta, whei* the celebrated Roman was assassinated Dec.
7, 43 B.C.
not needed
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not a
strong drink. As now made,
there is not a drop of alcohol
in it. It is a non-alcoholic tonic
and alterative. Ask your own
doctor about your taking this
medicine for thin, impure
blood. Follow his advice
every time.   He knows.
Bankers Say It Hat Practically Become a Loat Art
There Is one lost art among criminals, one trade which United States
secret service men have seemingly
wiped out to the very last man. This
Is the art of counterfeiting currency.
Kansas City bank officials say that for
eight years not one spurious bank
note worthy of passing comment has
been handled ln the money world.
They declare that the day of the successful counterfeiter has come to an
"Not a bank note which fools the experts Is on the market," said B. F.
Swlnney, president of the First National bank. "There Is counterfeit currency, plenty of It," he said, "but It's
a kind detected almost at a glance.
Inspection of It quickly reveals the
daws. Usually the work Is clumsy.
But not since tbe .notorious gang In
Philadelphia which made the famous
'Monroe uundred' was wiped out has
there been a really clever counterfeiter
at work. At least we have no record
of any.
"The 'Monroe hundred" was a $100
silver certificate with the face of President Monroe stamped apon It. It was
of a series of 1801, check letter D. Tillman register, Morgan treasurer. It
was an absolutely perfect counterfeit
Experts In the treasury department
were fooled by It The notes became so
numerous and were accepted so extensively thnt the government called
ln its entire lssne of the bill, amounting to several million dollars. Bven
now a Mouroe hundred Is occasionally
picked up, and It Is almost Impossible
to teK whether it Is genuine or noi.
"The only difference between tire
genuine bill and the counterfeit was
In the shape of the figures 3 and 4 nnd
the length of the bill In tbe figure 3
the lower loop did not extend up so
far toward the center ai the figure as
it should have extended. In tbe figure
4 the space between the base and tbe
center cress line was narrower than It
"The gang which made the 'Monroe
hundred' was arrested In Philadelphia
In 1899. The plates which printed the
bills were recovered and the counterfeiters sentenced to long terms in prison."���Kansas City Star.
By the centigrade thermometer zero,
or 0 degree, represents the freezing
point of water and 100 degrees the boiling point. By our Fahrenheit scale
the freezing point of water Is 32 degrees, and zero, or 0 degree, is the
temperature of a mixture of snow or
ice and salt, which was the greatest
cold known to Mr. Fahrenheit. When
we speak of degrees of frost we mean
the number of degrees below water's
freezing point. But sometimes thc
thermometer falls below 0 degree, and
then It is a case of degrees below zero.
Soon we will have another complication, for scientists hope to reach ubso
lute zero, which Is 4,ri9'i degrees below
Fahrenheit zero aud 273 degrees below
centigrade zero. Below that It Is sup
posed that there Is no greater cold
We have already gone to within 10 de
grees C. of this absolute zero, ami
there Is a competition to bo the first
there, like the race for the north pole
Halley's Approaching Comet.
The astronomers are bestirring themselves ln preparation for the return of
one of the most fnmous of all comets,
that which bears the name of Ilalley.
It is the greatest comet knowu to have
been seen at more than one return, Its
average period being about seventy*
five years. It was last seen In 1835
and will, according to most recent calculations, be visible again early lu
1910. The object of the astronomers
at present Is to predict tbe moment of
its perihelion passage with the utmost
possible accuracy. Dr. Holctscbek of
Vienna thinks it will be visible with
telescopes as early as January, 1910.
and that by March everybody may see
it with the naked eye. Later ln the
year it is likely to make a startling
display several hours before sunrise
In the northern quarter of the sky.���
Youth's Companion.
Coin Collections.
Tbe United States is said to have the
smallest collection of rare coins of any
government possessing a coin collection. At the present time the collection contains not more than 20.000
pieces, and the government expends
only $300 annually for additions to this
collection. The Blbllotheque Natlonale
of Parl3 owns 350,000 pieces, the Royal Cabinet of Coins at Berlla contains
270,000 coins, the British museum possesses 250,000, the Numismatic Cabinet of Munich contains 180,000 and tlie
Archaeological museum at Madrid contains 120,000 coins. There are thirteen
other government coin collections In
Europe, containing from 20,000 to 9(5,-
000 coins.
Public Spirited.
General William J. Palmer, wbo
founded Colorado Springs, Colo., back
In the early seventies, has spent for
the last three years on an average of
$12,000 a month ln parks, roadways
and bridle trails which beautify the
city and suburbs. Adding to this
amount expended the price of trees,
shrubs and plants over $600,000 has
already been spent without the cost ot
a penny to the city or its citizens. It
bas meant the employment on an average of 225 men a month.
W�� publish our formulM
m      W�� banish  alcohol
J*"_   from oar m-dluln-s
WsTurfft jou to
oonsult your
Ask your doctor, "What is the irst great
rule of health?" Nine doctors out of
ten will quickly reply, " Keep the bowels
regular. Then ask bim another question, "What do you think of Ayer's
Pills for constipation?"
>���*Ud* by tha 1. O. Ay ar Oo., Lowell, Kill,���
See that Lock
It Is the
perfect fitting,
patented side lock on
no other shJnjles have It
This famous device makes Kaatlake
ShJngles tho ea-lest and quickest laid   ���
���and also hum eg tho roof being abac- I
lutely leak proof.    Kaetlake Shlng-lei I
aro Are, lightning and rust proof.
OUR <:iUItA\TEE-��-. ruarutee East-
 ,'* ,,' "  olbattarii
���iCAIIy   and   socuralelr  ton,unit
mnre eullrsniili.-d and will last knt-r than any
*'...* wv.ua.iias���na ruarentee East.
lake Metslllo fihlurleri to beDiadoofbeltermateilal,
more   scieotlntulTy   and   socurelely construct-.!.
���":���'*- "t."/jei*s u ��nu win jast nnaar than any
olhcr.   E��st*uUe Stogies ta.e been made etocelieX
Our olieapcst grade will laet
longer and co t lens than the be��t
wooden Shingles. Our beet Metalllo
Shingles houid not be men tlo-ed ln Ihe
���ame breath with any other roof covering, shingles, slate or tin. Write u�� for
The Metallic Roofing Co., Limited,
Manufacturer!, Toronto and Wumipeg
rvooo 3/rrer/iva
As a result of the new customs tariff oi ten cents per bushel on imported
flax seed, the price of flax seed is
now $1.23 per bushel in Winnipeg. At
this price it is claimed that flax growing is more profitable than wheat
growing, and it may be expected that
considerable quantities will be grown
iu   tbe   Canadian   Northwest   this  year.
Flax matures more quickly than
wheat and may consequently be sown
later. New settlers wbo have only
been able to sow a small acreage ol
wheat can, after the wheat is sown,
break up more land for flax seed.
The seed may be sown as late as the
middle of June, although May is considered the best month. In fact flax
seed seems to wait the farmer's convenience. It can be sown early oi
late, and as it is less liable to injury
from weather than any of the other
cereals, it may be harvested after the
wheat, oats and barley have been
gathered in.
Flax seed is especially well adapted
for nowly-broken land. Prof. Shaw of
the University of Minnesota, formerly
one of the professors of the Agricultural College at Guelpb, Ont., says in
reference to this: "The influence of
the ftax orop is helpful to the quick
reduction of the prairie sod, owing to
the peculiar nature of the fibrous
growth of the roots. These, penetrating every part, reduce the soil to a
disintegrated pulverulent mass, which
is greatly favorable to the gi,owth of
the succeeding grain crop other than
flax. It has also been noticed that
good crops of flax follow the breaking
up of a sod field. Why? For the
same reasons that good crops of flax
are grown on new breaking. The
yields fiom crops grown on common
sod land broken up are usually nt��"
so gnod as on new breaking, because
tbe elements of fertility are not usu
allv present to the same extent.''
Brightening Up Evening Drone*.
Quite a stir has been made in London society by the appearance at fashionable functions of gentlemen wearing gayly colored silk lapels to their
evening coats. Such hues as pnrplo
and white, both ln delicate tints, are
being worn by a few daring Innovators of sty la.	
Lest He Forgets.
"I am afraid, darling, you will very'
soon forget me."
"How can you think so? See, I have
tied two knots ln my pocket handkerchief."
canot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure tt you must
take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, and acts directly on the blood and raucous surface*.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the
beat physicians In the country for yeara
and la a regular prescription.    It la com-
Soscd of the best tonics known, com-
lned with the beet blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surface*.
The perfect combination of the two Ingredients Is what produces such wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonial! free. ..
F. J. CHENEY & CO.,  Props.,   Toledo,  O.
Sold by Druggists, price 76c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
English Authorities  In Dread of Hsr
Assassination  During Visit.
The visit of the Dowager Empress
cf Russia to England is a trial to
everyone's nerves. Tbe despatches
have given some idea' of the anxiety
that is imposed on Scotland Yard,
but it is only of late that one has
learned of the efitent to which the
Empress ia watched by Russian
The Dowager Empress takes great
interest in the sick and poor, and in
pursuance of her charitable leanings
she visited several hospitals. 8o
rigid was the surveillance maintained
by the Russian secret police in London that they even insisted on examining the roster of the patients, in
order to be sure that a disguised Anarchist had not obtained admission
for the purpose of attacking her Majesty.
Many Measures.
Two unsuspecting foreigners, who
could Bpeak no English, and who
were so unfortunate as to lose their
way in the vicinity of Buckingham
Palace, were arrested and quietly de-
I orted. The Russian Government
even stationed its own agents at Harwich, Dover, Folkestone and Southampton, to inspect all foreigners entering Great Britain during her Majesty's visit.
Her route by rail from Dover to
London was patrolled; the train by
which she arrived in London wit run
into a different part of the depot from
the usual one for arrivals; an J die
traveled across Europe in the Czar'a
bombproof train.
Armor-Plated Train.
The train consists of nine cars,
heavily protected by armor-plate,
nnd with very small windows, to
lessen the risk of bullets reaching the
interior. The cars are splendidly
furnished and are decorated outsid!
with the imperial eagle emblazoned
in gold. Forty attendants travel with
the train and guard it day and ni(.'ht
While the Dowager Empress is in
England the train remains at Calais,
awaiting her return to take her safely
back again to St. Petersburg.
An Expensive Out.
Wife���Now that Dr. Parker has mar
i'icd that millionairess, do you suppose
he'll cut us?
Husband���Yes. But he'll charge more
for doijy-Jt.���.".udire.
Young Princes Go Shooting.
Under the personal tuition of their
grandfather, the King, the little
Princes Edward and Albert of Wales,
had their first lesson in how to behave
at a big shoot the other day.
In positions selected by King Edward the royal boys took up their
stand, each with his own loaders.
Their success was remarkable, and
each had a good bag to his credit.
His Majesty, who purposely remained
near them to watch their progress,
was greatly pleased with their performance, and as bird after bird fell
to-their guns showed his delight and
appreciation by crying out "Well
Both the princes inherit some of the
skill of their father, the Prince of
Wales, who is one of the best game
shots in England. They have been
carefully trained in the use of the
gun under his personal supervision.
An estimate of their respective powers shows that Prince Edward is precise and steady, while Prince Albert,
though quick and eager, is a very safe
Rabbit Firei a Gun.
An extraordinary incident occurred
close to the village of Milton, near
Newport Pagnell, In Wales. A commercial traveler wMle driving along
the road stopped to speak to two gen*
tlcmen who were shooting rabbits
alongside the hedge. One ol the gentlemen laid his gun on the ground
while he placed a ferret in a hole. A
rabbit bolting at this moment ran oyer
the triggers of the loaded gun, which
it released with its feet, the traveler
having a very narrow eaeana.
Provided Already.
Beggar���Kind sir, give me 2 sons for
my  three  children.    Kind   Sir���That .
isn't dear, certainly, bnt I don't think ;
I'll take them.   I have fonr already at
Easier ironing gives
better finish on things
starched with Celluloid
Starch, the only no-
boil cold-water starch
that can't stick. You
will like it best, once
you try it. Buy it by
name. Any good dealer.
a v e a
Time ���
However exalted our position, we
should not despise the powers of ta��
Linen,  Too
Flaming   Mountain   In   the   Aleutian
According to advices just received at
Victoria, B. C, the volcano on Aku-
tan Island of the Aleutian archipelago, off the Alaskan peninsula, after
several years of inactivity is again in
eruption. J. E. Thwaites, mail clerk
on the steamship Dora, running from
Unalaska to Vadez, sends a brief but
vivid description of the eruption,
which occurred or was observed on
Feb. 22, and was accompanied by
earthquake shocks. He says:
A  Magnificent Spectacle.
"As the Dora passed the island the
volcano presented n ma<niifif*pnt spectacle. The conditions for witnessing
the awe-inspiring sight were perfect.
It was two o'clock in the morning.
Behring Soa was as smooth as glass
and the night was inky black. Suddenly as the ship rounded a bold, high
headland the beautiful sight burst into view. Although it was two a. m.
all sleeping officers and passengers
were awakened and crowded the deck,
where they remained for hours watch-
in? the awe-inspiring phenomenon.
"The amount of flame visible was
not constant, there seeming to be a
maximum and minimum stage, each
occurring about every 12 minutes.
Shortly before this occorrence Unalaska, but a few mMes distant, was
shaken by an earthquake of great intensity.
No Damage Resulted.
"No damage of any account resulted,
as all of the buildings are very low
and strongly built. Mount Makushin
volcano, a few miles to the westward
of Unalaska. has been active of late,
and it would surprise no oue if on
the next trip of the Dora it were
learned that old Mount Shishaldin,
near Unalaska, was in activity.
"Mount Akutan volcano has been
inactive for several years and the recent violent eruption has created consternation among the natives in that
vicinity. The natives say that every
eruption of this group of volcanoes
means that some of the adjoining islands will sink from sight, or that
a new island will be thrown up."
English As Written.
There has been received from St.
Petersburg the following quaint epistle, sent by a society styling itself the
"Association for Supporting Poor Educated Gentlemen."
"Dear Sir,���The present critical situation in russia has caused that a lot
of educated gentlemen even* with university education haa thrown out from
the society without a piece ol bread.
An association has been formed which
undertook to help such educated gentlemen which were Buffering from
starving in the way of establishing an
offio for cutting from rusaian and foreign papers against a trifle payment
to the sufferers.
"Being short of means Ior subscrib-
inr on all foreign papers, we are compelled to appeal to all Editors and
Owners of some to support us in the
good case and therefore to ask you to
do us favor by sending 2 free ex of
yours very estimeed paper. We in our
turn offer send you all cuttings concerning your paper. In case of consenting please let us known.
"We remain with utmost respects,
"Our truly,
"The President,  A. Andreevsky.
"The Manager, Harring."
"We may add, by the way, that we
have 'let our correspondents known,'
and have forwarded copies of 'our
very estimeed paper.'"
On the Scrap Heap.
In an Irish court recently an old
man was called into the witness box,
and being infirm and just a little
blind, he went too far in more than
one Bense. Instead of keeping up the
stairs that led to the box, he mounted those that led to the bench. Said
the judge,  good  humoredly:
"Is it a judge you want to be, my
good man?
"Ah, sure, your honor," was the
reply. "I'm an ould man now, and
mebbe it's all I'm fit for."
The judge had no ready retort.
Dentist Wanted.
Municipal authorities of Barmen,
Prussia, have been requested to advertise for a dentist who is willing to attend an elephant, an Inmate of the
local zoo. The elephant suffers from
peevishness, ln consequence of frequent attacks of toothache, caused by
���n overabundance of sweets. At such
times he Is practically unmanageable.
The local dentists refuse to attempt to
All his teeth. One dentist was brave
enough to try to examine an aching
tooth, but the enraged elephant chased
hlm around the lnclosnre, and the dentist afterward sent In a bill for dam*
age caused hy the aback.
But  Her  Papa Did  Not Com*  Up to
Marlon was about as noisy a little
girl as ever filled a household with
mingled joy and despair. But there
were times when she simply had to be
suppressed. One of these came when
her father was suddenly stricken with
pneumonia. Taking her to one side,
Marion's mother carefully explained
to her how very 111 her father was and
how ancessary It was that he should
not be disturbed by the least sound.
Marion listened thoughtfully. What
was passing through her small mind
her mother could not imagine. At
length the child asked:
- "Ia papa Just as sick as you were,
Forced to smile despite herself, the
mother answered, "Yes, dearie."
"And will he, too, bave a nurse?"
"Yes, dearie, yes."
Probably with a vivid remembrance
of ber mother's Illness, Marlon heaved
a deep sigh and said: "Very well, mamma. I suppose 1 shall bave to be
And she was good���so unnaturally
good that her mother was almost led
to believe that the child, too, was com
lug down with a severe illness. Day
after day she went about with a serl
ous air, and never once did sbe attempt
to romp or frolic.
At length her father was so far re
covered that Marion was permitted to
go lu nnd see him. Putting his arm
about her as she stood by bis bedside
tlie sick man suld:
"My little daughter has been very
considerate of her father during his
Illness, and I urn very proud of her."
"Yes, pupa," agreed Marlon gravely.
"I haven't beard ber make a sound."
"No, papa."
"Aud mamnin says that she has been
n very good girl Indeed."
"Yes. papa," again said Marlon.
**Autl now," sbe added eagerly, "won't
you please let me see It?"
"See It!" repeated tbe astonished father.   "See what, child?"
"Why. the new baby, papa."���New
York Press.
Is Preferred by Former Japan Tea Drinkers
Because of Its Greater Purity.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c, 60c,  and     60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocers.
"My friend," said a literary bohe
mian to his friend, an artist, "since
we are misunderstood by the world
we must form a society for mutual
admiration among ourselves. I, there
fore, proclaim the superiority of yojir
art. and declare you to be the equal
of Michael Angelo. And v.*iiat do you
admire in  me?"
"Your good taste," said the other-
Bon Vivant.
Minard's  Liniment Co.,  Limited.
Dear Sirs���Your MINARD'S LINIMENT is our remedy for sore throat,
cold and  all  ordinary  ailments.
It never fails to relieve and cure
Port Mulgrave.
Not So Excusable.
"Yes, my husband has made a great
name for himself in literature."
"Does he uot go on the lecture platform this spring';"
"Y'es. I am just trying to have him
lecture ln the city where I spent my
"So thnt you can show him off to
your friends? An excusable ambition."
"No, Indeed! So that I cau show him
off to my enemies!"���Houston Post
She Was Hopeful.
"I fear," said the friend of the family, "that your wedded happiness will
be of short duration."
"Well," rejoined the fair maid wbo
had just been annexed by an aged
multimillionaire, "I hope your fear Is
not without foundation." ��� Chicago
The Syrrpathiier.
"Croaker seems to feel a great sym
pathy for any oue who Is ill."
"1-luh!    His Idea of sympathy is tt
some poor Invalid lu a corner and
en him how miserable he's looklng."-
t'lithollc Standard und Times.
Slight Misunderstanding.
"Pardon me." said the amateur art
1st, "but didn't l overhear you speak o
my latest picture as a rare painting?"
"No, you didn't," growled the critic
*'l said It was raw."-Boston Tran
Veiled Threat.
Mrs. Bsnham���Mother says that shi
would not i'.ve always.
Benham���You bet she wouldn't, un
less justifiable homicide went out ol
style.���New York Press.
Didn't  Need   It
Barber (absentminded) ��� Won't you
have your hair singed, sir?
Victim���No, thanks! That poor lone
hair oi top is roasted ou every occa
slon.���Detroit Tribune.
Near Glory.
"Most any of us," remarked Uncle
OUderoy Skite, "kin reach fur enough
*�� touch the hem of the mantle of
I'ame. Abraham Lincoln used to spltt
rails fur a man that a cousin of .nine
inly twict removed on the mother's
side afterward stole a dog often."
A Misur*d Wife.
A lady complain- I to the Wlllesden
magistrates the other day that ber
husband "wiped his feet on ber and
walked over ber.'* It is a case of Incompatibility of temperament He
should have married a door mot���London Globe. . .
An  Insinuation  Feared.
Clergyman ��� Madam, you must be
consoled with tbe thought that your
husband Is at rest
Widow���Do you mean that he didn't
*iave any before he died? ���New Or
cans Times-Democrat
Director of Record Foundry Co.
Senator Josiah Wood, of New Brunswick, well-known throughout Canada, is
connected with several manufacturing concerns, the largest of which is tbe Record
Foundry and Machine Co., of Moncton,
N.B., and Montreal, P.Q. This important
industry, established in 188S by the late
Mr. C. B. Record, on a very small scale,
has grown to be one of the largest, if in-
dead not the largest, stove manufactuiing
concern In the Dominion of Canada, and
sell from Halifax to Vancouver. Their
" Calorific " and " Admiral " furnaces
and " Penn Esther " ranges are known
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
W.   N*   U.,    No.   635
"There >'s a man in Philadelphia
who says people can't eat too many
"Perhaps he's light. One onion ordinarily does the mischief.'���Cleveland Plaindealer.
Remarkable rumors of plots to burn
down the buildings of the international cxhibiton, opening in Dublin May
4,  are published.
Corns cause intolerable pain. Hol-
loway's Corn Cure removes the trouble.
Try it, and see what amount of pain
is saved.
There is a movement in progress in
London to minimize the variation in
the date of Easter, which causes bo
much  inconvenience every  spring.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutes
by Wolf*rd'3 Sanitary Lotion.
Sound feet are Kite basis for a sound
horse. They camiot be kept in such,
condition if compelled to stand in a
filthy  stable.
Ask for  Minard's and Take no Other
The central unemployed body has
deoided to suggest to the colonial office that the colonics be asked to contribute to tbe cost of emigration of tlie
Woolwich  arsenal   unemployed.
The Most Popular Pill���The pill is
the most popular of all forms of medicine, and of pills the most popular are
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, because
they do what it is asserted tliey can
do, and are not put forward on any
fictitious claims to excellence. They
are compact and portable, they are
easily taken, they do not nauseate nor
gripe, and they give relief in the most
stubborn caseB.
There are eighty miles of tunnels in
Great Britain, the total cost exceeding
Minard's   Liniment,   Lumberman's
Out in Downs a little Swede boy
went to school and the teacher asked
11 i in his name.
"Yonny  Oleson," he  replied.
"How' old are you?" asked the
"Ay not no how, old ay bane. '
'Well, when were you born"" continued  the  teacher.
"Ay not born at all; ay got stepmut-
ter."���-Kansas Oity Star.
Accidents to your horses
may happen at any moment.
GET READY for emergencies.
Buy a bottle of
Fellows' Leaning's
For Lameness in Horses
Only 60c. a bottle ���and saves
dollars worth of time by curing;
lameness of every description.
At dealers, or from i a
National Drug A Chemical Co., Limited,
Tbe Honest Physician is Anxious
to Cure and Uses the Best
Available Remedies.
The proposed legislation through
the Dominion Parliament for the regulation of the manufacture and sale
of patent or proprietary medioinea is
of the utmost importance, and it is
receiving a great deal of attention,
not only by the proprietary medioine
manufacturers, but also by the leading
doctors and druggists. Every manufacturer of reliable and high olass
remedies welcomes tht bill as a step
in tha right direction. The discussion
has brought out the fact that the best
physicians in Canada and on the continent approve of and prescribe Psychine in oases of the moat diffioult
character. In a recent instance of
very serious throat and lung trouble
the patient had been using Psychine.
Two leading United States specialists
were consulted, in addition to taro
eminent Canadian physicians. Upon
learning what the patient was using,
a sample of Psychine was taken and
analyzed, with tha result that the
physicians advised its continuance.
They prescribed no other medicine but
Psychine, with the result that the patient has fully reoovered and is a
splendid walking and talking advertisement for the wonderful ourative
power of a remedy that will "stand
up" before the keenest professional
criticism and analysis. As a builder
up of the system and restorer of all
wasted conditions, Psychine has no
equal, and the best and most earnest
physicians recognize this faot.
" At the a-o of 25 my lungs were ln a terrible
state.   I had la -rippe the year before; It setUed
ite.   I had la (rippe the year before; It set
my lungs and I kept steadily growing w
11 got down ao low I waa In bed for six we
I had a conanltaUon of doctors, and they said they
" Ing more for me.  Then I started to
une Psychine.   I took the medicine for more than
a year.   It certainly did wonders for me.   I am
now as strong aa I was before my alckneaa"
Morpeth, Ont
Psychine, pronounced Si-keen, is the
greatest of tonics, building up the system, increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, aids digestion, and acts
directly upon the throat and lungs,
giving tone and vigor to the entire
system. At all druggists, 50c. and $1,
or Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 170
Kina Street West, Toronto.
Cure Your
.with Kendall's
Spavin Care���
the one reliable
cure   for    alt
Bone Diseases.
Swellings ana
lameness.  '
Pais Ground,
_ CMt., May t'oi.
'I have used Kendall's Spavin Cure wltb
great succe**. and think ll an txcelltst
remedy for Spavins, Svr-tnty, Sprains,
etc wm. Lindsay.
Acoailt no subilitnte. (i a bottle���*
for Ij. wrifc for free copy of our great
book���"Xrcallst ou the Horse." se
tV, I, J. inmil *��., twibart FtHi, 'tn-lai, IUJ.
Signals of Distress
Backache and headache���
swollen hands and feet���
constant desire to urinate���
shooting pains through hips
���painful joints���Rheumatism���all of these are
nature's calls for help. They
mean kidney trouble, ft
may be that the kidneys are
weak, strained or diseased.
Don't delay.
They g've strength to weak kidneys
���her.1 tiie affected parts���neutralize
uric acid���soothe the irritated bladder
��� and cure every trace of kidney
trouble. Gin Pills are sold on a positive
guarantee to completely cure or money
refunded, joe. a box���6 for $i.$o.
Sent on receipt of price if your dealer
does not handle them. too
���OU DRUQ CO., WlNNir-CQ, Man.
It's  all  in  the  Shreds.-BISCUIT for Breakfast; TRISCUIT for Lunch
All   Grocers���13c   a earton, or 2 for 26c.
It is a natural food, full
of nutriment and easily
digested. Its ielicato,
porous shreds are converted into healthy tissue and red blood when
the stomach rejects all
other  food. *
i5a/2^ of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP, -314,000,000.      -      -      REST. $11,COO,000
President���Lobd Ftbatiicona and Mount Royal.
"Vice-President���Hon'. Gbouge A. Dbi.muond.
General Manager���E. S. Ci.ousiox.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW mm BRANCH, - fl. (J. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan fl&inins "Review.
���Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
Adveetisino It.VTIS :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Land    -     7.50
"      " License to Cut Timber 5.00
All locals will be charged for at the rate
of 15c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.    No room for Quacks.
Addresi all Communication's and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
u.j,      tfr
Zhc Slocan Ifootel
Gbrce forte,
IB. C.
Hea dquarters for Mining Men
when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice ia hereby given that CO days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, at Victoria, B.C., Ior poruiisb'oii
to purchase the following described
tract ot land in the 'Went Kootenay District about l.'o miles N.E. of Rosebery
etation. Commencing at a post marked
P.J.G. S.W C, initial post planted on
the north side of tho first cast fork of
Wilson creek and on the east Bide of
the main Wilson creek, thenoe north 10
chains, thenoe east 5 chains, thence
north 10 chains, thenco east 5 chains,
thence north 20 chains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 clmins, thence
west 50 cliains to point of commencement. Containing 175 acres of land
more or less.
Dated this 13th day of April, 1007.
���Tailholt" mineral claim, Bituate in the
Slocan City Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located :���
About *J,000 feet in a westerly direction from Howard Fraction, nbout one
mile north of Norlh Fork of Lemon
Take notice that I, Henri Robert .Tor-
ind, Free Miners Certificate No. B78-800,
as agent for Anna Ferguson, Executrix
of the hist will and testament nf William Henry Ferguson deceased, Free
Miners Certificate No. 1,471", intend, CO
lays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate _of
improvements for the purpose ol obtaining n Crown Grant of the abovo claim.
And further take notice, that action
under section 1(7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 25th dayof April, A.D. 1007.
Je 27 U.K. JORAND.
Notice is hereby given that'(10 davs
after dale I intend to apply to the Chief
CommiBtioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
Weft Kootenav Dislrict. Commencing
at a post planted on the south side of
N & S. Ry. Near east end of Box Lake,
marked L. G., B. W. C. Initial post,
thence north -10 chains along the eastern
boundary line of Joseph Prestley's location, thence cast-10 chains, thence
south -10'chairs, thence west 40 chain",
to point of commencement. Contain
inn 100 acres more or less.
Dated Apiil lllh, 1907
je 20. P- J. Gallagher, agent
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
nfter date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commisioner of Lands and Works, at
Victorin for permission to purchase the
following described tract of hind in
West Kootenay Distiict. Commencing
at a post planted on the. south side of
the N, & B. Ry., marked ' N, S. !���'.,
S. W.O. Initial pes'," thence north 20
chains along the eastern boundary line
of L. Gallagher's location, near Box
Lake, thence cist 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west. 40 chains,
to point cf commencement. Containing K0 aercs more in* lcs.
Dated April llth, 1007.
Je20 P. Gallagher, agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in thc Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay :
Commencing at a poet planted on the
second enst Fork of Wilson creek and
about '1 miles from main Wilson creek,
marked D. Tourney's N.W. corner post
thenco south 80 chains, Ihence east NO
chains, thence north SO chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located April 13, 1007.
MS!) D. TUOMEY, locator.
To Michael Pen rote, or  to whomsoever
he may hnve transferred his ititercs\
in the " Young Rambler"  mineral
claim,    situated   near   McGuigan,
located the 8rd day of October, 1900,
recorded tbe 17lb  day of October,
1000, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You  are  hereby notified that I hnve
expended4102.50 in labor and improvement! on tbe above-mentioned mineral
claim, undor the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
cate of tins notice you fail or refuse to
on tribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with  all costs
of advertising, your interest in the paid
claim will become the  properly of the
undersigned,  under   section   4  ol   the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Sandon, this 3rd   day   of
April, 1907.
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to theChief Commisioner of Lands
and Worts at Victoria, B.C., for permission t'i purchase tlie following land,
situated in We?t Kootenay District,
commencing at a post .20 clmins north
of J. S. Morrison's S.E. corner, thence
fill chains North, thenco 20 chains east,
thence 60 chains south, thence 20chains
west to point of commencement, containing 120 acres.
Located March 20, 1P07.
Mar 28 00d
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply lo thc Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase the following
described tract of land in West Kootenay.
Commencing at a postmarked S. Y.
Brockmau's N.W. corner, planted at
the N.E. corner of W. SchulyUe's preemption; thence 80 chains east, Ihence
40 cliains south, thence 80 chains west,
tnence 40 chains north to point of commencement, following boundaries of
crown granted mineral claims, if any,
Dated April 4th, 1907.
A pi 11-00
Notice is hereby given that 00 clays
after dato I intend to apply to the chief
Commisioner of Lands and tVurks for
permission to purchase the following
described land situated on the west
shore of Slocan lake about"a mile In a
southerly direction. Commencing at. a
post merited A. O.'s S.E. corner post,
thence 20 chains west, thence 40 cliains
norlh, thence 20 chains east,   thence-10
chains south to place, of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or less.
Dated May 0th 1007.
Jv. 18 locator.
Notice is hereby given that 110 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief commissioner of Lauds anil
Works for a special license lo cut and
carry away timber from the following
described laud in the West Kootenay
District*. On the west side of the Arrow
Lake. Commencing at a post about 40
chains from said shore marked G.B.S.
N.E. corner, ihence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenceeast 80
chains to N.W.cor. of John Feeny's preemption claim, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, containing
640 acres more or lc-~s.
Dated April 30th, 1007.
Je, 13 Par R. II. Smith, Agent.
Notice is hereby )*iveii thai 00 'lays
after date I intend to apply to lhe Hon .
the Cnief Commissioner of LSnds and
Works at Victoria, B. 0. for permission
to purchase lh�� following described
lands situate in West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east cornerof lot 7647 and marked
J. St. D, S.W. corner, thence north
along the east line of lot 7547 20 chains,
thence. eiiBt 20 chains, thence south 20
'���bains to the north-east coiner ot lot
8127, thence following nlong the line of
lot 8127, 20 chains to the pointof commencement and containing 40 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C. April S0t.li, 1-007.
Per D. St. Denis, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
West Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post planted on the north side of
the N. ���.*: S. Ry. about 200 feet from the
track about one half-mile east of Box
Lake water tank, maiked J. P., S. E. C.
Initial port, thence west -'0 chains.
thence noith 40 chains thence east 40
chains,thence south 40 chains lo point
of commencement. Containing 160
acres more or lo>s.
Dated April llth, 1007.
Certificate ol Improvements.
"Independence"      Mineral      Claim,
situate in  the Slocan   City   Milling
Division of West Kootenay district.
Where located:���On  Lemon  Crook
adjoining   the   Crusader   Mineral
Take notice that I, IL R.JJorand, Free
Miner's Certificate No, 1178,800 acting
for myself and as agent for W, ,1.   Shttt-
ford Free Miner's Certificate No B4,085,
intend, 00 days from tho date hereof,
to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further lake notice Ihat notion,
under Boctiou 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of Such Certificate
oi Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A.D. 1007
2 *<$���$*** %* *** i'i- **** yfri***i>$
Just  Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced Prices.
At Cost
Go to Wilson's for
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
afterdate I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands in West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post
marked "II. Ringrose'a N.W. corner
post," said post being at N.E, corner of
Lot 7, Block 888. Group 1, West Kootenay District, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence noith 40
chains, thence west 20 chains to point
of commencement, containing 80 acres
more, or less.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
Jy.4 _ II. RINGR03E.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after ihtte I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lancia anil
Works lor permission to purchase th*
following described lands iu West Kootenay District: Commencing at a pest
marked "A. J. Watson's N.W. Corner
post," said post being at south-east
corner of lot 7 Block 382, Group I,
West Kootenay District, thence soutl
SO chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence West 20 chains
to point of commencement, containing
100 acres more or less.
Dated April 20th, 1007.
7-4 A, J. WATSON
���Silverton, ��,<B.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
Ti?. Aft, Spencer
Flow,   Hay,    Oats,
Coal,   Vegetables,
Steel, etc.
��i ������ $ ���-,*, ��� *
i-nn i
provincial Hocayer
ano Cbemlst
Sandon Assay Office
hale I'.. II. HAWKINS.
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Lend, Copper, Iron, Bllica,
11,00 each,
.Silver with Copper or Lend, Manganese,
Lime, $1.80 BdOll,
Zinc,  Antimony,   Sulphur,  Gold and
Silver, f'-J.OO.
Gold, Silver, wiih Lead or Copper, Zinc
itiul Silver, **.2.f>0.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   1(8.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead und Iron, $4.00
Special Bates lor Mine and Mill Work,
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that. 60days
Irom date,I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated in the Slocnn
Division of West. Kootenny District, between Ten Mile end Twelve Miio creeks
nnd about one half mile from Slociui
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner pest, thenc-
west 20 chains' along tho line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thence north 20 rh-ii s,
thence enst 20 chains, thenco south 20
chains to point o( commencement, containing 40 acres more or leas.
Located the lllh dav of March, 1307.
J. II. Cory, Agent.
Mar   i 2m
Notice ia hereby eivc-n that CO dayn
after date I intend to apply to tho
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works tt Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchano tbe
following described lands situated
in the Sloran Division of West Kootenay Dittrict between Ten and Twelve
Mile decks and about, on* half milo
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
postmarked J. II. Cory's N.W. corner poet, thence 20 chains cast along
the.llneo(Lotl023, Ul, thonce 40chains
south, Ihence 20 chain*) went, thenco 40
chains north, to pointof commencement,
containing 80 acres more or leu*.
Located March lllh, 1007.
Mar II 2m Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
��� New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.    Quiet Home.    Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
Several Residences at
Very Small Figure
************************* ****************************
Koto. Cunning proprietor. ;
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for High-Class     J
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud ��
Splendid Cuisine Always. ���
Personal supervision given to thc wants of Our Patrons.
��botcest Ulciuors, Wines ant> Cigars.
irt-**********************-****************** ***********
***%, tS3SS&
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excellent quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. Tlie very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
always on hand.     ::    An excellent Pool Table.
��� ************************m ************************
Spring anb
. Samples
from Crown
tailoring Co.
1 The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country,
1 In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Groceries, Canned Goods and Provisions
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
*****************���>******* m ***********************
There Is no better home in the Kootinay" for
tho Mining Man to make bit Headquarters.
VilitOM will find an up-to-date style of doing
business, and the Hat-keeps are Artist* in their
The Finest Wine* and Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
Sandon Bakery*
Families ��
Fresh Groceries
In Adjeimtig Premfces.
No. 8l,       W, F. M.
Meets every Saturday erening at 7:30
p. m. Vialting Di-other* aro cordially
invited to attend.
10-3v A, Shllland, Secretary*
Notice is hereby niven that thirty days
after date 1 Intend to apply to ihe Hon.
Chief Coinmisionei* ofl.aftflsand Works
for n special license lo cut nnd carry
nway timber from the following described lands niliuile near Sloean Lake iu
West Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post oil ilie South lank of Ten
Mile ere. k, abouti* miles trow iis month
and marked A. W's N.W. coiner post,
thenoe east 180 chains, thonce soulli 40
chains, thence west ICO chains, thence
north 40 cliains tu point of commencement.
Dated April 23tid 1007.
-JO . A. WALLACt;.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
Sandon, 8. C.
Headquarters feu flSinina ano Gravelling flDen
Meals First Class.     , Bar, The Best,
"Rooms Xaree, Clean ano Cos^.
r*-rvi;T^-ii*-x3ij-r-��v hwuhkj. t a
E g^3f
S> wmu
. Q******0**$*o��**<>******** ****** $***$$ ***<:<}*******&��
The Kootenay Tailor
sas*aa*n"UI**UB'9 i*'7/3*'
;������ bo*****^*!,***^*** $ f>c* *************************%
Put tip iii Pint Pottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
Wc guarantee its Strength and Purity.
Sanbon flMnera' IMcm Hospital
Open to the Public.
Rates hy Subscription $1.00 per month. Kon-sub-criliers J2.00 per diem.
 Hospital Staff	
0. E. ANDEBSOS. - -    WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To Tha Secretary.
t. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to T*!i'.w Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find thi" hotel
to bo thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked liar.
Excellent boaiint**. Grand  scenery.
New Denver,
RATES $3 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade,
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, etc.
No matter what his oe-
cupation, may safe
money hy dettin[* his
Shots Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoo
there i�� nothing belter
than tlie f.'imoun BAL
vrilli a good, tolid,
hand made bottom	
These ilinei can only he got by
leaving your oider with
Tr^.Eiil^TVea.y \
St. Louie $65.50    Chicago ^ii).,r)0
Toronto   $94.00   Ottawa   $88.06
Montreal $89,50  [St. Johns $99.60
Halifax $107.80.
On Sale .lime 8th, 7th, 8th.
Corresponding reductions from
all Kootenay points, Tickets
available fur lake route including
nieiila and berths on lake steamers.
Through notes quoted io any sti-
tlon Ontario Quebec ot* Maritime
provinces on application.
��. m. Wbbowson
Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead, each, $1,00
Gold-Silver.,$1.60 Silver-Lead.. $1,60
Zinc. .$a.O0 Gold Silver Willi Copper ot
Lund.. 3 50.
Prompt attention  given to all "iimplfs.
L'5 per cent, discount upon five samples
P.O. Drawer, 1108 Phona A07
Sixty days af.er date I intend to
apply to tlie lion. Chief Co'iHni*.*ionei-
of Land*! nnd Works at Viclorii, B.C.,
for permlBHon to Durcha*e Ihe following
deaciibed lands, situate in West Koiton*
iiv District *. Commencing at n post on
the north side of "hzht of way of X. & S.
Railway, thence 23.268 chains north
along west boundary of lot (084, thenci
ens' it'oiig norlh boundary of lot 7684
L'O chniiiH, thence north UO chain*;,
thence in st 20chains more or li ss to S.E.
corner of lot 75-17, Ihoiico along .south
boundary of lot 7,r>-l7 10 clmins more or
less, Ihence north 20 clmins, thenco
weBt 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains
thence west80 chains more or hss to
l-liisi si V* of light oi way of N. tt S.
Railway, thenco nlong East boundary of
N. & S, Railway ri-jht of way to n pout
40 chains rioii'li, thence west x!M,,i-i
ohalns, thence south Ull chains, thence
east 10 chains, thence, south 10 chains,
thence oust 20.899 chains to Intersect
with N. ft s Hail way rixlit of way,
thenco southerly nlong enst tide oi
N,&S, Railway right of WRy to point
of commencement, aud containing 403.78
Sen b moie or h***s.
Located March 88rd, 1907.
,lu 27 Per D, Si. Denis, agent.
TTH'IS Well Known
*���* Hotel has lately
been purchased by tlie
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make tlieir stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly ?irst-Class.
action *
I  ttaM   t rJriinPr'w
Nitico is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situ.itc in West Kootenay
District :
No. I. Commencing al a pnsl planted on Lhe sidu of Wilson m*< It, shout
*J'.._. iiiilrs ht'low falls of main Wilson
creek, and 2 miles in on the 2ml enht
liirli, iiini I'od D. Tuomey's S.E. corner
post, thenco north 80 chains, thenco
west 80 chains, theme south 80 chains,
Ihence cast 80 chains to point of commencement,
No, *J. Commencing at a post planted on south side of Wilson creek, and
shout 7 clmins from location post No. 1,
and marked D. Tuomey's S. W. corner
post, thenoe north 80 clmins, along Iho
same line, thence, east M) chains, thence
south 80 chains thence west 80 chains,
to the point of commencement.
Located March 13, 11)07.
Mar. 81, 30 D. Locator.


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