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Slocan Mining Review 1907-01-03

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 Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
���l^ry, ��
Sent to any addrecs
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 19.    Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, Jan. 3, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
FOU 1907.
The Selkirk Mop Resumes
After Being closed Down
Tor Many Years.
It is rather amusing, Saya the Victoria Week, to read the editorial- in
certain Liberal papers, which are m eking to determine for Premier MeBride
what his platform shall be, and also
to instruct tho electors as to what is
the real issne in tho ortheoining content. This attitude is amusing because
neither Premier MeBride nor Ilia critics
have anything to do with determining
the issue. Either might tiy to obscure
it; neither can create it. The issue has
been determined by circumstances. It
is entirely one of record. At election
times no one takes much not CO of pro-
miss, whether made by Conservative
or Liberal, and for tie purpose if argument, it. may not unfairly be conceded
I that both will promise nutty things
  that will never be fulfilled,   Bntnolth-
I er cm erase the record of five years ml -
Tho tide has turned!   Those closely I ministration,   That record Is made up
Watching   lhe  ebb  and (low of in'crest   of concrete   Lifts   and it is Upon   them
for ihe past fix months have not failed ���"��' their bearing that the el ctors will
to into the a'eudy bit decided trend of  pronounce n vcclict.     The  sooner  the
prosperity  in   the   direction   cf   the critics of the Government get down to
Sloo hi.   The reopening up of %) Last buslne��son th-se   lii.os and eliminate
Chance has been produc ive of splendid superflflus comment li| on r.on essential
ics'ilts; the   st iking   of ore   nt  great matters   lhe better   Ior  acinar niuicr-
depth ai the Raiublur brought iloutiters | standing and, let us hope,an iutel'igent
no ag in to the sanguine point; and
tlu iticreaned shipim-n.*: from all of our
II big producers must have one inevitable
H re tilt in mining annals aud in the ives
"'iff of invi store.
jjB   '1 he Ne^Year witnessed the opening
Hup of a group of claims ivhi b luVe lain
���jidle since   l*-,l>7.     i-taked   '
in <;  II. Wright and Frank K. Golden and
ji iohibtencd the Selkirk  grmp, the pro*
8 per'y was cunsidore I by local c x; erts to
h.'.ve gr at merit, and ihe float li g of ihe
Selkirk Mining and Mil ing Co. to de
v.lop   lb.*   claims  was   Watched   with
more than   passing interest.    A coln-
p torn mining engineer spent cons der-
itble   time at  the  property during the
early 't-titges of development,  and  hi*
II repo t to the company t as to tbe effe t
l'a that the m*iii lent which he had t aced
:'.; ac'ins   ihr.e   clai i s was a true fissure
,: :tU nil ihat sever d minor leadB h d h-e-n
"SS': di cover il   by   upeucuts.     Under  his
[ !"ii5i.;supe'vi-ion   a t-h eft   .>as   sunk on  the
|i'vS'?main lead to a depth of 70  feet,   and
Mtwo feet nf good con cnteating e.re and
|f|.'|.'it! i ic es of c c in g:��leni was with them
ffiull the way     A  test ship neht netted
fflthein letunis of H7 minces silver, **(> in
llffigold nnd HI p. re lit load.
to explur ��� tin v.-: 11  at depth it was
Hih-m decided o drive a crosscut tunnel
ffifor a dop h if a 750 fe t wnlch wool I
mhriug them under tlie big show ng with
Ufa vurticil d nth ol tiOd feet.     'I he work
-Jajilwas begun and t e cross'ut pushe.l fo.
��� I :.ri9J feet,  bu   the stockholders ero' t is
I bad groin impatient for dividends, and
Af] ;U fur h'-r cal  fu* funds to complete the
11.lotted tas'; mot witli "Uci a bike vurm
reception that the rnatiagemeiit re'ue-
:; laui y ilosed d ,wn.    Sha .holder* ,ero
JU(06 prone ti linag no t at  nuggets ad
Hilivido ids should  be fottlicouiing :.f er
3 he  ittp..'- i f a short  p riod,  and   the
nfeinntry   is    dammed    bt,eau e   tho.i
J'"dreams a c not reiilteod.
��� ���    Coifi ient o* tho ultimate out oine of
Khe   i Ian nf  d velopment, one of  the
: iriginal  locators, If.   K. tiolden, sought
o obtain a lease and bond on tnep'o-
;;;ji>erty, ��.n-1 in th s  he I.as been ��U cess-
Htil.    Taking hii brothe'r, W.J, Golden,
jffljit.   partnership,    they    have   raised
'MJijino'Jgh ni n-y  ti  cont nue the work,
.jjijjlsii I liie lat er parti er arrived last week
'. i'ruin K��n li*..i.e sco to do business.
II A rant-act to continue the cross'iil
-lijlfir a forth r ibnance  of !!50 f.'e- hai
fj^jScen lot to Messrs.  W.  Kindlav, J. J.
:;':!ilcl lonald  and J.   Beaton, and a ter a
i.p'iard i-trugglc of seveal days' duration
Wgn beat a trad through the heavy biio-
jije'jjo the   proji-rty,  all   supplies for ihe
BBetjidue of the winter havo  bien packe i
"Sjji.p and the. contact begun.
il|  Thn   K lkirk   group  of  four   cown
SlVant d claims i- well spok'*n of in local
jStiJJii i g c rcleSj and it is considered by
fin mj.e cot judges  that the   le.ed is the
IBuncns   Wa eli Id.     The   prop rty  is
jjljjjitutltod about two and a half mile* from
|,:ij|;.indo'i,   nnd   adjoins    tho   Wakefield
.flltroup on tho west, the Canadian g oup
jrtiii tbe east, and the  Marg'irei. group
i.r;:.n the south.     In summer t.ere ia .n
!il.il:e x *el ent   Vnil   to   the   p.-'.pe ty, and
Inhere is al'o an abundance  of  wate
���S;l,nd good mining timber.
discussion of the real issue.
Mems.from Slocan City
From Our Own Correspondent.
A well pleased audience of perhaps
n ISDO by 200 people listened to u school concert
giv n in the Music Hall here, on the
i veiling of Friday the ".1st. 'lhe program consisted of songs, recitations and
several novel aud piottir squc drills,
all ri'il 'ere I bv the sclio l children and
young girls of Slocan who were carefully trained by Miss MeVi'-ar, assistant
teacher at the solioe 1 here. Perhaps; the most popular numbers
ivre a Burlesque drill, by the larger
girls, and a corns and selections from
Mi t'her (ions-* by ihe verv tiny tots,
trained by Misdames Tattersall and
McLellan. A Christmas tree was also
u feat in e of the evening, every 'h II
P'OSont receiving a book from the Pn-s-
bytcrian Sunday School. Rev. Forbes
presided, aud Mis. Arno*. acted us accompanist.
Miss Lot'ie McVicar, of the Vancouver No* mal school, vWtel Imr sis-
er, Miss Mabel, here on Friday, 1) th
laving em Saturday th ��� 22nd, for their
home in Nelson, whore tbey are sp ml
:ng their hoddiys.
j n
r.|'ri A ch ice assortment of  stylish  Ncck-
Rlles j'.st arrived at McDonald's.
Pul lie Noti c is  here liy given to ihe
Mloi'.to i of the V. unicip-lity of the city
��� .A!,f Siindou, thai I icipii 0 the presence
lillihf the   said   eh ctors   in   the Council
'js.'Jhamber in tbe I ily Hall, on Monday,
'll'iho fourtcentli.dty of January, 1907, at
|-|'.]j o'cl ck  noon,    fir  lhe   purpose   of
:!;iit|ib'Ctiiig persons  lo  represi it  tiiem  i.i
iiiijhe  Municipal   CoUuOil aa Mayor aud
Huelnrineu aid three S'boil rnnt'ei.
if The. mole nf nomination cf cnn-liduie.
v�� 'isball be as follows:
I The candidates shnll be nomlnttcdln
i;r'i*w.itina; the writin.! Khali bo subserlbeil
ffiii* titj voters of the municipality ��������
��� |p'oposer ami te -oii'ier, and shall be de*
mm vered to the It'tuniing Officer at any
'lijiec bet veen the date of the notice am!
E p m. of the date of nomination, and
in thecventof a pill  being necessary-,
much poll  will  be opened on Thursday,
the seventeenth day  of January,  1007,
jgrpm i) o'clock a.m.  to 7 o'clock p in.,
Nn   ihe  Council Chain',er In  the City
Hall,  of  which  every person is hereby
equired   lo   lake   notice   and  govern
limself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and clecled Mayor for the said city,
(hall be bikIi persona as are male Bril-
.ih iu''iect�� of  the lull   age of twenty-
}iie   years,   and   are   not   disqualified
lndoianv  law, and appear on the last
"���evised Municipal assessment   roll nf
f Jie aiid city, as owners of   land or real
||H;i(i| jircipertv of the   assense I value of one
iiJI thousand   ($1000.00)   dollars,   and an-
���Iotherwise.qualllled as intihicipal voters.
if:;    The persona qualified to he nominated
���Kor and elected   Aldermen  for  the  said
Bfi)��� 11y, shall be such  persons as are ruale-
[   ���'British   subjects   of  the    fu'.l   age  of
M'jlwenty-ono years and nre not disquali-
||*.!j|i.'il  under any law, and appear on the
i': :|ust revised municipal asdessment roll
|Hpf the said city aso.vners of land or real
II Jpropartv of  the   a"��i""sed  vnl io of five
j [i i nnd red ($500.00) dollars, antl are other
ji^wi-c qualified as municipal voters.
*���  The persons to he nominated for and
���>lecte*1 S-ho '1 Trustee  for the said city
Idiall   bo  any qiahfied elector of the
���iirisaid niiTnii-ip��.lity.
!?S-i{   Givm under mv ban 1  at the City of
iSSrnlor,   the   thirl   day   of   January,
fflbl.e th iutand nine hundred ami seve.i.
I   K ij' Ketnrning Officer.
of the  Ot'nwa  mire,
home in  Spokane   for
R. J. McPbc",
has gone to bis
tiie holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. .lorn nil spent the-
Christmas in N w I'etiver,
Mrs Cr.ii'j; i< vlS'liilg Mr. Craig, who
is emi'loycd near ltnvelstoke.
M s. Anderson and infant daughter
have returned from New Denver.
Mr, and Mrs. Arnot left last week
for a trip Etst Mr, Arnot will return
n about a month.
Ms. Bruin, win has been on a ranch
in the Little Slocan nil winter, was in
to., n for Christmas week.
Smith's Phntatton P..stian Co. p'ayed
in Slocan, Doc. 10th.
Anionio Long, who has been in Grand
Forks for several months, in buck in
S ocan.
Nearly all the men from tho mines
were down for Christmas.
* ^������^���:��^���;������^���t������^���^���^���t���*���l"M������f������^���:���������5'*4���'^���**' t*
.local ano General.
fr   picked up by Butting* In Everywhere.    *
Happy New Year" 1
Koaclmaster McGrath was in from
Roseberrv on Wednesday. ,
The   lessees   of tho  Sunshine  were
down yeslerday,   The properly ii look
ing good.
Put MeSwain it holding down a
job on the Mpyie Leader.
Our prize of a case of champagno for
the best dressed Bio-e window in town
has been awarded to Parley Ward.
The season's festivities have thrown
most cf the curling memb rs off the
enthusiasm pro torn, ��� nt the hoot moo's
are returning to their old love. Mlion
Billy McOlurg's new Christie stiff has
jiv- n place to the bonnet, the members
v*. ill no opt it aa an intimation that business is to be icsumtd.
The provincial elections nrcfixid for
February 2nd (Ground Hog Day), and
we know pflmelndy with political aspirations who will be badly '* hogged "
that day, aud the funny in rtof b is that
" bogtown " money will be hogged, t o.
The Midn'ght nwss at Kaslo w s very
largely attended, liev. Fr. Jeannotte,
of Sandon, was the celebrant.
An unfortunate accident to Letlie
Power, daughter of .1. W. Power, of
Kaslo, occurred last Saturday. Returning with a merry party of skaiers o*i a
bob i-leigh fiom Mirror Lake, the whole
pai-tv were thrown out lii'o tin* road,
when the young laely sustained abr 'ken
collarbone. She i�� progressing favorably a', the home of her parents.
W. Patterson received a tasty cut on
tlie I cad from a falling trie �� hilst �� ork
ing in the bush at Mackii.son's Landing
a few days ago.
The Christmas Day Ball at Silverton
wns a highly successful affair. The
mutic, which was supplied by Simkln's
Orches'ra, was par excellence. Visitors
from Sandon report a most enjoyable
Stipendiary Magistrate Sandilands
had arranged to leave for Ids new loca ���
tion at Calgary on the Dec. 20th, but a
police-court bearing and an adjournment nei'estitated an alteration in his
plans.   He leaves in n few days.
The skating rink is being well patronized.   A   splendid   sheet of ice is ilie
result of  the combined efforts of the
An opportunity not to be missed.
Ho vou know that Jalland Bros, are
selling oft' their   men's   furnishings at
prices cheaper lhan Eaton's?
It is'possible that more, beautiful
weather was not experienced elsewheio
lhan in lhe Blocan during tbo holidays.
The many friends of Jimmy McPoyl
wi ! regret to learn that his Ctjhdilion
is very low and that he is not expected
to recover.
There were a large number of visitors
from Three Forks, New Denver and
Cody to. take in the musical pcrfor
manro anil grand hall on New Year's
night, All were greatly pleased with
the goner a 1 arrangements and ihe
quality of the entertainment and dance
Jalland Bros, will sell their entire
stork of dry goods and men's furnishings at absolutely cost price to clear.
The ore body at the Sovereign is widening out. Starting on a lease on thi-
properly on November 7th last. George
Ransom with a small crew of men has
to date shipped   three cam of ore which
will average 100 oum ea silver and 60 per
cent lead to tlie ton,
Our assertion a few weeks back ihat
I there were* 200 tons of ere on sight nt
1 lie Colonial is being verified. Since
I hat time 70 tens hate be n sucked anil
I anolhcr heavy shipment is being made.
A. D. Coplen, tho owner, is still sack-
| ing ore.
We congratulate the editor of the
Daily News upon so flucces-fully naming
the date of the next election. It is
really remarkable how he came to do it.
Second s:ght is a fuel to it. Pernsp
up bis sle ve the editor has solutions
to the problems " How old is Ann ? " or
"How many beans make five ? " The
hotrtown p* ilcsophoi* would confer ��
boon on mankind by making a stub at
the Day of Judgment, No equivocation,
IVansey, we mean the Day of Judgment, not tbe 2nd prox.
A kid In town who went to hear the
Polmatier ��� isters on Tuesday was bursting to tell somobody bow good it was.
and she voueh-a'id tho opinion that ii
" Was better than a gramophone "
A wcll-attoqtjed meeting of working
men and those favorably disposed to-
w ird. labor was held in Fraternity
Hall lust Saturday. Tbe meeting was
convened for tlie purpose of electing
ilelotfates to attend the Con.vent'on to
le h*ld in New Den*er on" Saturday
m-xt, ca led for the pit'pose of nominating a candidate to contest the SIoCmv
riding at tlie forthcom ng provincial
election, and aft ran open discussion in
which Socialist and straight I ab.r
interests were analyse d, itw.es decided
that the d lega es should t;o Urdus'ructed.
A Convention of Conservatives of this
idiiii; will be held at New Denver io-
m rrow (Friday) lor the purposb of
nominating a cniuPdato to routes1 this
'iding in tbe forthcoming eh oil .lis.
The Cony, ntion is cull d for one o'clock,
n.m., tothat the business will be concluded In go d time* to ulloiT delegatesi
from a di-tance to return the sani" day.
Let there he light ! Kaslo will one
day take a tumble to itself that it is
being cinched in tlie matter of street
lighting. That twinkle, twinkle btt e
slur ar angnmenictit opp site the office
of our 'stormed contemporary lemiivis
us of a game wopamlwh n a kid.
Perhaps tn *se responsible savvy the
the same gunie, which goes like this:
One ') y would sirike a match and bobl
it out of reach, while the o hers too a
line and try to blow ti nut. If the l'iglil
is extinguished the successful blower is
the main guy, but if the  flame expires
naturally the holder says " Light come,
light, go, fol-the-riddle-I-do," and bo's
still It.
Let us show yon what wn have just
received in Neckties.   McDonald.
Tbe campaign in the Slocan promises
to be a hot one, With thri c Candida es
iu the lie d the cl ctors will have, lo s
to rhnosu from, but we believe the,'
s ar attractions will be the figure-heads
of the Conservative and Labor parti* s of
the riding. A. 1!. Uookst tuler, sup
ported by Nelson money and influence,
lias been liominaied by a few of bis
friends to do battle for ti e wiccking
company unlimited, and it is generally
believe I ihat tbe iciiring member, Win,
Pavidson, will be the unanimoris choice
of the labor and Socialist delegates at
tke Convent on on Saturday next. Who
the Conservative candidate will bit will
he known att��r the meeting on Friday,
and it is probable that a -urprise may
be sprung at the lat moment.
Political Note of Importance (to us) ���
Candid te- and I heir supporters requiring dodgers, pos era, etc!, are heieby
rt'si eitfuliy rot lied that wo are d i; g ��
s rictly easli-in-iuivaiu'C Johnny-on-liu-
spot business THIS trip.   'Nuff sed!
Will the Socialist who aimed a miow-
h 11 at the picture of our old college
irieiiil, John D. Rockefeller (which was
bunging in our portrait gallery of famous
Criminals) kindly tall and pay for the
broken window in our escritoire?
For the benefit of the hoodlum in
Nelson who is continually indulging ,n
flapdoodle ut tin* expense of Sandon, we
rise to r. niak that mare's nests and
hows' rumps are ivnonyinous For a
distort- r ot facta ilie News taken the
cracker. That recent " Sandon Broken
Heads " article was a tissue of lie*, and
its on a par with the rest if its political
claptrap. Yet there arc some who say
i;'s a good paper.   So it is.
Tlie. staff of the Rkviicw acknowledge
with thanks cigars from the Kaslo
Hotel, Levi Mclnnis and J. D. Machines, Mountain Dew from Thompson
llro;., bottled boor from Towgood and
l'riiiler, smiio hands me ii'^"7''| on-
gravii gs from N"rmun Ilurilert, and
a packet of sa ts from Andy Shiliand.
Worldwide Articles. A weekly reprint of Articlea and Cart ns from leading journals ai.d Reviews reflecting the
current thought of both hemispheies.
" World Wide " ia a marvel of interest
and cheat less as a high-class eclectic;
It will compare favorably with iinythng
at Eeveal times it- price. For the small
sum of one dollar and a ha'f it brings
every week for a year the best articles
that appear during the week ill the
le.idinK British, American ami Foreign
publications. Of course it appeals to
ihe thinking element of each community, those who want to know what the
world thinkers nre thinking; but these
will find it as lull of rare en eitainmeiit',lea's.
The only discordant note in the holiday fcstivitii s was a drunken melee in
which n bottle played a prominent
part. It is a thomand pities that tlie
incident happened, ns\a good deal of
bud feeling has been engendered. The
stipoi diary magistrate gave tlie case of
assault a pieliniimry hearing the following day, nnd it was adjourned until
Monday, when one of the principals wen
given two month's hard labor without
the option of a fine.
Mr. P. Grant, an old-time prospector
of tlie Slocan and Lardeau district*,
came in from Revelstoke.by Tuesday's
si age, and Wednesday was found ttf be
Buffering fiom pneumonia and wns taken
to the-hospital at Ferguson, whcie he
died on Thui'fday niorn'ing. Mr. Giar.t
wits born in Scotland.
A pleasing ceremony took place at
the Lands and Works department of the
Parliament Buildings,on Monday aftor
noon It was the ] r'sentiiti'n by Mr.
B il. McKay, Surveyor General, on
behalf of the employees of the Department, of a sterling lilver cigar case and
a box of cig'irs to Mr. R. F. Green, tho
re1 b ing Chief Con missioner.
It Is '.ikely that several candidates
will be in tin- field in the forthcoming
Municipal elect on for the office of
Jack St-^Clair Iips just recovered from
the effects of the 1 urns he received in
the recei t Whi cwaler blare, and lust
week joined the ctw who were beating
a trail through the snow to the Selkirk ;
but Jack had tbe misfortune to sprain
his ut kle same day in the hills, and a
i est is ordered.
W, McClurg, lot al manager fnr the
V Innesota Silver Co., has relumed from
Spoktiric, where he spent the holidays.
' J, W. Power can e near losing a valuableinure last weeC The animal was
one of a s nig w! icn las been at work
on the Selkirk tmil fijf ihe p st ten
days and it becoming suddenly sick, an
a tempt to take it back to town was
mad", but it refused to be led or driven.
It was dragged to tlie shelter of the
heaVv timber and wrapped in blankets
for the night, while the packer watched
if. ft lay there for two days without
ihowin any impiovement, and as a kill
or cine pircy was necessary, .t was
rawhided down on ps eiwn skin. The
animal is row nlmnst recovered and ij
eating " i s head off."
Joe X rtin and son have struck a
piod tv'ih of ore on the Forget am, near
Silverton". A teBt shipment is being
made. Mr J artin, whilst packing
sup: lies last * eek, was unfortunate
enough t ��� fall > nd fracture hii wrist.
A crew of pi ked miners are working
at the Star on he test work under the
direction of V- . E. Zwickey. Geo<ge
(. lark is tht fu eman.
Start Hie y ar right  b;
and staving w.th it.
Deputy Mining Recorder Ls
Embarking 'On Commercial Enterprise.
doing right
A large nun.her of lease-rs wore down
from the hills to spend the Christmas
We announced in nur iisue of Deci'm-
ber2Jstth.it wo intended to rest the
following week. We publ shed a rheet
for the current legal no1 ice*", an I we
looked not on tbe cold, co d tyi e for
a full week.   Thanks, everybody.
No; thnt fisnnv looking piece of mechanism you run iritXi ��wheil you enter
our compn'iig room ia ii"t a patent
nash'iig machinei neither i- it a model
of a cyanide plant, a giar.t t*.pc��r tor, a
prayer wheel, an incubatnr, or a flying
machine'. Xo; it isn't a Iiand'jig, a
musical instrument, or a printing press.
It is not a generator of hot -ir, a mascot
or a fire screen Some people say it's a
typesetting machine, but we have our
own opinion as io what the son of a
gun is.
W. Canlf.il, writing from Montreal
to Jim Thomp on, eavs ihat ha has
been examined by a Celebrated ticulisi
iu the hope of regaining his eyesight,
but his ma aily ha* been pronounced incurable, billy has the heartfelt sympathy of everyone in town. All letters
should lie address d to bim "Oldnam
Mini s, Halifax Cotintv, Nova eSco;ia " in
Little Lobbi- Cunning entertained a
lar-jto numbc-r rf his juvenile.friends to
a par y nt Irs father's residence on New
Vear'd' eve. The spacious dining ball oi
that cxe-eilent Sandon Hotel wnsthrnwn
open to the merry throng, and Hob
minor and Hob major \ieil with cai li
other in successfully giving the guests
tho time of their lives. There wns
everything that the youthful p. litis
hungered f"r, and to crown it all there
was the good tild fashioned thristinas
t-ee which in this instance old Kris
Klingle uniBl have gone nigh fiat broko
to (ill in such lavish manner. Miss
M ifgin I'u 'iiing prepared all iho tnsly
viands so dear to the hoartl and "tom-
r.chs of Children in n manner which
would have made Pelmonco foel like
a white chip had he been there.
Billy Garbntt has returned fromlfel-
���on, win- e he spo.it tho hi'lidiys.
Whilst there he was piloted by N. J.
Cavanaugh over Copper Mountain to
see Ihe big ore body which will make
Nels in f��motis.
Born,���A' New Denver Maternitv hospital, Dec 23th, to the wife of W. G.
Erb, C. P. K. agent, Silverton, a
lionx ���In Nelson, on Decenibei*12i.h, to
to t, e wife of Hubert Sutherland, a
B'iKN.���At the Maternity Hospital at
Ni'W Denver, on December 21st, to
the wife of Herbert Wilson, of llu-
Hewitt mine, Silverton, B C, of a
Pons.���At the 6:tme Institution on Die.
' Kith, to the wife of Waltor Olotlgh,
Slocan City, a daughter.
Married ���-Oil the 27th nit,, al Three
Forks, I! 0., by Kev. W. G. Brown,
John Teir to Mist Alice Trenery, both
of Three Forks.
John Jones was infuriated, but Ihe
editor shut him up In two seconds.
"Is th's the nevispaper ollice?',' inquired John Jones.
" It is,"  responded  the man  at the
as of wisdom. It is absolutely worldwide in its interests nnd has no axe 10
grind. The cni nul subscr ption includes " IDOti Caricatmed," a most en-
b rtaining Ieview of the past year. Sample copy free i f charge to any address.
The annual  subscription  price is $1.50,
and the purchasers are John Dougnll &  as he picked up a paper weight,
Son, of Montre.tl, j paper never prinU stale newe."
Didn't Ibis paper say I was a liar?"
"It did not."
" Didn't it siy I wss a Bcoundrel? "
" It did not."
" Well, soino paper said it."
"Possibly  it  was our  contemporary
down the "gulch,"'suggested the editor,
'A large gathering ol friends of F���
M. [Sandilands. our worthy deputy
mining recorder, and C.J. Quinan, late
of Iho Red Cross Drug Store, met at
the Filbert Hotel on Wednesday night
to participate In a banquet in their
honor and to take tilt? opportunity to express lo them the gener.iI regret lit their
departure for fresh lie ds, and to wish
them God-speed and go d luck.
Tho t..ble wsh spread i 11 Host
Dennett's own ininiiti ble manner, and
ufter justice was none to ihe good things,
lhe chairman, Mr. L. Pratt, proposed
the healtliM of His Majesty the King
��nd President Koosevelt, which was
drunk w ith fervor.- '
'Die. toast of iho evening, " Our
Citie.'ts," was then made, and with
biiinpcr" raised the assembly made* the
root rattle with the tinging of " Jolly
Good Fellows." *The chairman express
set! to both gentlemen lhe great sorrow
pf their many friends and lhe citizens
geiiorally at thfir leaving ihe city. Hi
said he but echoed the sentiments of
the entire community when he wished
them every success in ilieir new under-;
laLings. He much regretted that tome:
souviniis which bad been planned to
hand them had been delayed in transit,
but they were but Binall tokens ol ihe
great regard In which they held by tho
people nl Sandon,
��� Mr. Sandilands upon rising was tlie
recipient ol much epplause. This, he
said, was snuu thing he was quite tin-
prcpari'd (or. Words failed to express
his feelings at leaving the clear old
rump and eo many sincere friends. It
was bis home, and le felt lhe pangs of
breaking away from so many old and
di ar associations, but tho inducements
oll'ered him ou lhe outside were more
lhan he was proof against, lie was
going to Calgary, wheie he "would embark in the real estate busipi.Bs; hut he
had the greatest ot faiih in thi* future
of the camp and the Slocan>geiierally,
and ho would never lose an opportunity
of a kind word and n genuine, boost.
He then formally wished tlie assembly
*' good-by,".
Mr. Quinan was well, received, and
said ho had not been a citizen t>o long
as the Inst epeaki r, and as his destination was Kaslo, he did not feel; so bad
lib ,ui It, as lie hoped to sco them all
about once a month. He thanked them
all for their expressions, of good will,
���ml sat down amid lou el applause.
"The Mining Industry" w-as then
taken with jjusto. Mr. J. M. Harris in
'csponding to the toast spoke of tlie
bright future for the Sandon camp.
Litigation, lie said, had undoubtedly
given the camp a heavy set back, hut
ha hoped and I bought the coming
summer would see the end of all thin.
As to the Reco mine, If eioithlng went
along right, he would put thirty to forty
men lo work then'. He nbo spoke of
his pleasant business relations with
Mr. Sandil.inds, and personally regret-
lid his departure.
Mr, O. V. White was also down to respond to the. preceding toast, but he re-
mnrked, ainid roars of laughter, Hiatus
Mr. Harris had kept him busy for tlie
past live yenrs chasing around "black
fissures'' he hud no time to study the
mining industiy.
"Our Commercial Interests" wan responded 'to in a neat Hi tie speech from
S J. Towgood.
" Our Fiaternal Orders " were ably
responded to bv Messrs. R. McTaggarl
and \V, M.'Cbn'g.
"Tho Sandon Curling Club" was
tousled and replied to by Dr. W. E,
Gomm and M-' ti. Ransom,
"The Pi ess " was refunded to by
,T, ,T. Athcr'on,
"Our Visitors" brought, forth some
some well chosen remarks from Mr. W.
J. Golden, of Sun Fiancisco,
Mr. W. Dennett graciously replied lo
the toast of " Our Uo-t and Ilustcfs "
"The Chairman," coupled with the
nnuie of Mrs. Pratt, was the lest toast
of llie evening, ami it was accorded
musical honors.
The tonsi list wns,interspersed with
sours bv S. J Towgood, O. Ransom
and .1. J. Atherton, hear stories frofti
n. V. Whi'o. J. M. Harris, Billy Me.-
d'.'nrg and 1! Me.Tin/part, and a true
mule story by Ern Towgood.
The ceempitnv joined bauds and sang
"Auld Lang Syne."
The singing Of the National Anthem
brought a successful function to a close.
Hippy New Year.   Say, see McDonald's new line of swell neckties.
Application to Purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date I intend to make application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
.ind Works for pi-iii ission to purchase
the folliiwil g c'ceciil ed lands iu West
Kootonay district: Commencing at a
post, marked F.H. Bui Celt's S.E. corner
post, silnnti-ncar the S.W. corner of F.
,1. O'Reilly's Land Purchase, about
three miles S.E. from Silverton; thence
west 20 chains, along Mill's north line;
thence north (W chains; thence east. 20
chains; thence south 00 chains to the
point begun at, containing 120 acres
more or less. F. 11. BARTU5TT.
Silverton B.C., Dec. 22, 1900.
27 12 00     	
low rates to Southern California via
tlie Great Northern Railway on sale
daily. Tickets good for three months
from date of sale.
Los Angeles 4)80,70
Santa nnd Barbara  DO.70
Pasadena  81.80
Santa Monica  92-10
Riverside  04 20
San Durnanlino  94 20
Bedlnnds  94.80
For time tables, tickets, and all other
info'ma'i n, cell on or write to Geo.
McO eady, Agent, Sandon, B.C.
Will the correspondent who signed
him or herself "Puritan" kindly forward his or her name for publication
under tho letter which it is desired shall
appear in these columns ? Wc have.no
objection to inserting an expression of
opinion of any correspondent, but we
draw a line at being a party with anyone who has not the moral courage to
sign his or her name to a communication which if inserted would Iling mud
at a poor "inner who has fallen by the
It is a matter for general regret thai
tho Hun. R. F. Green has decided to re-
| tii e from public life. The lion, gentle-
man's record during his term of ollice
is one that will outlive the slanders und
vilificiuinns of the press controlled by
a grafting clique of frenzied bunco
stoerers,   Gleefully they  chuckle nnd
lay th" Haltering line*, inn In I heir sums
that their pernicious program of beck-
ling and barracking has at lust borne
fruit, but wait and sec. The man win
was placed in u most humiliating position at the hands of his enemies in the
K'lien Island transaction has inure
friends now than tlun. MoDoliuld's
sinister object in leaving th .t investigation enveloped ih a mist was defeated,
for tbo reason that every person who
bad the true Interests of tl c province
at heart pryed beyond that mist nod a
feeling of confidence in tlie accused
gentleman is now predominant, In hi-
own riiling he has by his sterling business qualities and general conduct won
the admi ntion of tnone who openly
opposed him at the onset. We are glad
to learn that the hou. gentleman will
stump the province, for it is .positive
P'oof of his Hinbi'ility and it. just as certain that his trnilncers will lack the
courage to meet him face to face.
(Jay and Festive" lucerne."
Tlie Holiday Attractions.
The Christmas Tree entertainment
was much enjoyed by young and old.
The City Hall was packed with children, li eir parents and friends, antl tho
large room was most tastefully decorated. In tbe ir ni i f the platform a
nioiis er  Christmas tree bent beneath a
I n checrit g galaxy of   presents from
the good St. Nicholu-, and all were g;ad
bee..us' the children were radiantly
happy in the shadow of the Ii-. t-pecial
praise i- dm- lo the children for the
capable manner m which they Hiideied
I heir various  chorus s  aid   individual
efforts, To the Choral Society we extend ihe tlmiiks uf ihe community for
the excellent part they shared in'the
programme. 'I ho r i arols were greatly
a. p e ialed by all i resent. 'I he advent
ul Sn. ia wan awaited with bated breath
hy ti e kiddles, und when the old fellow
arrived, late as usual, thi jounestrri
hugged h s neck, heard, arms and lo b.
The later were encased in u pair of
somewhat modern-looting punts, but
"bit1 of ilist, the oil siiin* has been
studying ti o fashions, The lb v. W. G.
Brown in ted as chairman in a happy
manner, and Mrs. Drown presided at
tho organ. Tie full,.wing was the pi o-
Chorus by the Children
" Htlirah for the Christmas lime."
Recitation   .      " Signs of Christmas "
Margery Atl ertou
Choir     .      *      "Christmas Carols"
Recitation       .     "ThoLittle Midget"
Klsie Thomey
Reoitati n      "The Babies of Aiaska"
Mabel Thomev
Recitation . " Merc stand I"
Reggie Aiherton
Chot'llS by the Chi dren
" Chri-lmas Chimes "
Reoitation        .        " I ho Little Boy "
Percy RaiiS"i:i
Recitation   " A Lett' r to Santa Claua '
lna Ransom
Carol by the Choir and chorus by tl o
l bild
Christmas Ere at Bosun Hall was one Song
the prettii st. and gayest evenings ever "
spent in New Denver. The largo and
well appointed Opera House was packed to the doors with young ntnl old to
see the grand opemtta " Do Peep " performed by the school children of New
Denver, and all who were lucky enough
to be Iheie declaie it was lhe best show
ever seen on Slocan Lake, Mr. and
Mrs. Rankine and Miss East man certainly dtserve the everlasting geatilud
of the people of New Denver (nnd there
is no doubt but they have Ilia!) for the
splendid entertainment fuinbhcd on
this nnd many similui occasions.
All the live acts in the play were put
Oil without a bitch, and each set was eo
welland prettily performed that your
correppondi nl does not feel i qusl to th -
scribing it in detail, but cannot resist
remarking that the grand march was
worthy of special mention, on account
uf the many difficult twists and graceful curves performed by the actors.
which tniule the hall ring with lhe
cheers cf the delighted crowd.
At lhe. conclusion of the performance
tho rev. Mr. Brown mounted the plat
form and rend a very pretty address
directed to Mr. and Mrs. Rankine on
I chalf of the people of New Denver,
which was accompanied by a purse of
gold In token of the very high value in
which they are held.
Mr. Rankine in replying wa? bo iifi'urt.
ed and surprised Hint all he conld do
was lo make signs. The show then
wound up with a double-header Christmas tree, in which Santa Clans reminded the audience of a story.
At the urgent request of lhe people of
Silvei-ioii and Three Folks, Mr. Rankine
consented to put the Operetta on again
at the Bosun Hall on New Yeat's I've.
One of our old-timers, R, D. Thompson, spent ChriBtmns ill town with hi-
parents. He looks well nnfl prosperous
and is now located in L'oydininster.
Church Missioner Bnynes is anxious
to provide a baptismal font for the
church of St. Peter, New Denver, and
solicits subscriptions from those Interested in the mining industry only, an
THBER gift to the Chinch,
A large and representative congregation attended the Christmas mornirig
service it the church of St, l'eter.
There Icing no services at either tie
Presbyterian or lhe Methodist churches,
the ministers witli their w ives attended
St. Peler'B, an evident proof of the
popularity of Minsioner Baynes in
charge of the Knglish Church Mission
The church was tastefully decorated for
lhe occasion, and the Christmas Services were continued od Slindav last.
Recital ion
Wedding Bells at Three Forks.
On Thursday evening (Dec. 27th),
Three Forks was the scene of much
gaiety, The occasion was the marriage
of Miss Alice Trenery and Mr, John
Teir. The ceremony was performed in
the presence of a few friends at the
home of the bride's father and mother
hy the Rev. W.G. Brown. The bride
looked charming in a gown if white
Bilk crepe de chene over white tafl'eta.
The diitieB of bridesmaid were gracefully performed by Miss Cecil Lowe;
while lo Mr. Emil Hendricksou fell ihe
honour of acting as groomsman. Afler
the ceremony the gueUs proceeded io
the ball, where they tripped Iho light
fantastic till the midnight hour. Py
this time the lahlcs of the Slocan Hut el
were groaning under the loads of godd
things heaped upon llnni with the gen-
erosiiy nnd skill characteristic of Mrs.
Hugh Niven. Sixty guests sat around
the festive boaid, and n jolly time tin y
After all had partaken cf the turkey,
etc., etc , the health of the bride was
proposed nnd drunk with hearty good
cheer. This was followed by toaet,s to
the health of the groom, to the parents
of the bride, ami to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Niven, all of whom were assured thai
lbey weie " jolly gooel fellows." Many
beautiful presents were reri ived from
friends in Three Forks, Sandon, and
The Review joins with Iho many
ft lends of the popular young couple in
wishing them many ycais of happy
wedded life.
" Merry, Merry ( hristmas"
" Dob Jones "
Tonv Huston
.   "Sister's Best Fellow"
Ernest A thi rton
"Killanicy"    Mrs. Robinson
" Dave the Mail Caniu"
Mac White
" Wi lie's Christmas Gift"
Willie Atherton
The musical entertainment given at
tlie Ujii ra House on l ticsdny night ly
the l'olnuilie Sisters was unqliesiioi,-
iihly one of the rarest mats which our
music loving populace baa over en joyed;
and the Knights ol Pythias aro iceeiv-
llig congratulations on every hand fir
their enterprise in s' curing for our cry
this h gl-gii'de at n i Hon. Tl t y w r"o
greeted by iho largest uudi'iiee which
mis g, tbcriil in ihis cl y upon such an
occas on i'or nun y months. Tl e excellent prog'sin rei dered proved a fou.ee
of constant surprise to I In- audience,
each succeeding lunubir seeming even
better ihnu lhe last, 'I he audience was
quick lo recognize that the b-vy of fair
-istirs poss.is.eil unusual tali'nt. and
quickly became outhusia.-tlo. From the
opening number, a march " Angio-
Amcrcan,"-to the close, die audience
were given a perpetual feast of music.
Kuch i f the fourteen numbers were iti| ���
turous y applauded and encores were
persistently demanded, The highest
point ol en bu-ianii wns reached when
ina K., who is also a marvel with the
drum and traps, gave a solo on the
xylophone*, the nnd dice demanding
mo e again and again.
After the entertainment was concluded the floor was cleared f r tho
K. of P's Annual Ball, and when tho
Grand March was called, about fifty
couple* took the floor. The famous
urchestra of dio Polmatier Sisiers furnished the music, and never have the
fair daughters and study sons of our
city tripped to such exquisite melody.
To engago ih�� o.'chostra for this I all
was a heavy cx| ensc to the K. of P's,
but tin y have a reputation .for de ing
things well, and their enterprise ia
greatly appreciated. There was a vim
and dash about the pi0C0'.dings which
was exhila atiig, and not a dull moment was allowi it to intervene f om the
lime that most gallant matter ol ceremonies, Peicy Johnston, opined tie
mu until chanticleor heralded the
morn. Light rnirrshu cuts werostrvid
at Intervals under tho capable majia^Q-
nie nl of Mrs. Win. Davidson.
What mtiBt go on record as one. of the
most brill ant functions in tlie history
of tho Silver City, was brought to n
close by the assembly gyr.'ling In perfect rvihiu lo lhe strains of iho "Lust
Tiie Polmatier Siaiirs appeared in
the Bosun Hal', New Denver, on Wednesday evening, before a large and appreciative audience, 'iho entertainment, which was iim.ei l|tc uti pices of
ihe New Denver tiie Br guile, was ionce. I. d by all to be ihe his: entcrlaii ment
of its kind which had ever been gi>cu at
the'* LuCi me."
II. Giegerich   has  closed   his S.indon
store.    All  accounts duo  him must he '
paid  at his  Kaslo office,    Dan Hurley
will supply  anyone who wishes Giant
Application to purchase Lands.
Notice is hereby given that todays
from date,I intend to apply to the Hon.
lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands
und Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
dtacribed lands, situated in lhe Shcau
Division of West Kootinny District.
between Ten and Twelve Mile rrceks
und about ono half mile from Hot an
Lake commencing at a poet marked
J. II. Corey's S E. corner post, thence
North 20 chains along the l'no of Lot
102:}, theme West 20 chaii s, thence
Suuj.h 20 chains, theme East 20 chains
to point of roniiiieiicenit.ilt, 40 acres
more or less.
Located 22ml dav of December lfjCO.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to e.pply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to luichaee
the following dcscriled lends shunted
:n the Sio"aii Division of West Kootenay Dietiict between Ten and Twelve
Mile Cieeka and about one half mile
from Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post mnikrd J. H. Cony's N.W. corner post, thence 40 chains South along
the line of Lot 1024, Ihci ce 40 chains
cast, thence 40 chains noith, Ihence 40
chains wesl, to poinlof commencement,
100 aces more or less.
Locuted December .2nd, lOCO.
3 1 07 Locator. *m
TlIK   .SUM AX   MlNIN-e   I.KYI KW.   -SANDON'.   B.   C.
| Beverly of1* *--m
Author ���( "Qnmtuk"
CoMTlDtct. IM4. W Sees'.
"I Enow 1 shall" cry all summer,"
vowed Miss Calhoun, with conviction
In ter eyes. "It's just too awful for
anything." She was lying buck amoug
the cushions of the divan, and her hat
was tbe picture of cruel neglect. For
three solid hours she had stubbornly
withstood Yetlve'a appeals to remove
her bat, Insisting thnt sho could uot
trust herself to slay more than a minute or two. "It seems to me, Yetive,
that your Jallera must be very Incompetent or they wouldn't have let loose
all this trouble upon you," aha complained.
"Prince Gabriel Is the very essence
of trouble," confessed Yetive plaintively. "He was born to annoy people, just like the evil prince In tint
fairy tales."
"I wish we bad him over here," the
Amerlcau girl answered stoutly. "Ho
wouldn't be such a trouble, I'm sure.
We don't let small troubles worry us
very long, yon know."
"But he's dreadfully Important over
there, Beverly; that's the difficult part
of It," said Yetive solemnly, "i'ou
see, be la a condemned murdcror."
"Then you ought to hang him or
electrocute bim or whatever It is that
you do to murderers over there," spoke
Beverly promptly.
"But, dear, you don't understand.
He won't permit us either to bang or
to electrocute him, my dear. The situation Is precisely the reverse. If he is
correctly quoted by my uncle. When
Uncle Caspar sent nn envoy to Inform
Dawsbergen respectfully that Grau-
stark would hold It personally responsible If Gabriel were not surrendered,
Gabriel himself replied, 'Graustark be
"How rude of him, especially when
your uncle was so courteous about It!
He must be a very disagreeable person," announced Miss Calhoun.
"I am sure you wouldn't like him."
said the princess. "His brother, who
has been driven from the throne���and
from the capital, in fact���Is quite different. I have not seen him, but my
ministers regard him as a splendid
young man."
"Oh, how I hope ho may go back
with his army and annihilate that eld
Gabriel!" cried Beverly, frowning
**Alas," sighed the princess, "he
hasn't au army, and besides ho Is fliid-
lug it extremely dilHcult to keep from
being annihilated himself. The army
bos gone over to Prince Gabriel."
"Pooh!" scoffed Miss Calhouu, who
was thinking of the enormous armies
the United States can produce at a
day's notice. "What good is a ridiculous little army like his anyway? A
battalion from Fort Thomas could
beat it to"-
"Don't boast, dear," Interrupted Yetive, with a wan smile. "Dawsbergen
has a standing army of 10,000 excellent soldiers. With the war reserves
she has twice tbe available forco I can
"But your men arc so brave!" cried
Beverly, who had heard tbelr praises
"True���God bless them!���but you forget that we must attack Gabriel In his
own territory. To recapture him
means a perilous expedition into tbo
mountains of Dawsbergen, and I am
sorely afraid. Oh, dear, I hope he'll
surrender peaceably!"
"And go back to Jail for life?" cried
MIbs Cnlhouu. "It's a good deal to
expect of bim, dear. I fancy it's much
better fun kicking up a rumpus on tbe
outside than It is kicking one's toes off
against au obdurate stone wall from
the Inside. You cau't blame him for
iightlug a bit."
"No, I suppose not," agreed the princess miserably. "Gren Is actually happy over the miserable affair, Beverly,
lie Is full of enthusiasm nnd positively
noblng to be lu Graustark���right iu the
thick of It all. To hear him talk one
���would tbluk that Prince Gabriel has
no show at all. He kept me up till 4
o'clock this morning telling me that
Dawsbergen didn't know what kind of
n snag It was golug up against. 1 have
n vague idea whnl he means hy thnt
His manner did not leave much room
for doubt. He also snld that we would
Jolt Dawsbergen off the map. it
nounds encouraging at  leust,  doesu't
"It sounds very funny for you to say
those things," admitted Beverly, "even
though they como secondhand, Vou
were not cut out for slang."
"Why, I'm sure tbey nre all good
Knglish  words,"  remonsiruteil  Votive,
Herhcurcri itarcd at Vie picturesque recruit.
"Oh, dear, I wonder what they are doing In Gruustark this very Instant.
Are they tlgh*tnK or"���
"No; they are merely talking. Don't
you know, dear, that there Is never a
tight until both sides have talked themselves out of breath?    We shall have
six mob?.ii nl' Uifi; "add ft week or two
of light, just as they always do nowadays."
"Oh, you Americans have such a
'comfortable way of looking at things,"
cried the princess. "Don't you ever
see the serious side of life?"
"My dear, the Amerlcau always lets
the other fellow see the serious side of
life," said Beverly.
"You wouldn't be bo optimistic If a
country much bigger aud more powerful thau America happened to he tlie
other fellow."
"It did sound frightfully boastful,
didn't It? It's the way we've been
brought up, 1 reckon���even we southerners, who know what it Is to be
whipped. The Idea of n girl like me
talking about win* nnd trouble and all
that!   It's absurd, Isn't It?"
"Nevertheless, I wish I could see
things through tliOBe dear gray eyes of
yours. Oh, how I'd like lo have you
with me through all the months that
are lo come. You would be such a help
lo me, such a Joy. Nothing would seem
so hard If you were there to make me
sec things through your brave American eyes. Tbe princess put her arms
nbout Beverly's ueck nnd drew ber
"But Mr. Lorry possesses an excellent pair of American eyes," protested
Miss Beverly, loyally aud very happily.
"1 know, dear, but they are a man's
eyes. Somehow there Is u difference,
you know. I wouldn't dare cry when
be was looking, hut I could boohoo all
day if you were there lo comfort me.
He thinks I am very brave, and I'm
not." she confessed dismally.
"Oh, I'm au awful coward," explain-
ed Beverly consolingly. "I think you
nre the bravest girl in all tbe world,"
she ndded. "Don't you remember what
you did at"��� aud then she recalled the
stories that had come from Graustark
ahead of tho bridal party two yenrs bo-
fore. Yetive was finally obliged to
place her hand on the enthusiastic
visitor's lips.
"Pence," she cried, blushing, "i'ou
make me feel like a���a���what Is It you
call her, ft dime novel heroine?"
"A yellow buck girl? Never!" exclaimed Beverly severely.
Visitors of Importance In administration circles came at this moment, aud
tne princess could not refuse to see
them. Beverly Calhoun reluctantly departed, but not until after giving n
promise to accompany the Lorrys to
ihe railway staliou.
*        *        *        ��        -        *        *
The trunks hud gone to be checked,
und the household was quieter than it
had been In many days. There was an
nil* of depression nbout tho place that
had its inception iu the room upstairs
where sober faced Halklns served dinner for a uot overtallcatlve young
"It will be all right, dearest," snld
Lorry, divining his wife's thoughts ns
she sal sturlug rather soberly straight
abend of her. "Just as soou as we
get to Edelweiss the whole affair Will
look so simple that we can laugh at
the fears of today. You see, we are a
long way off just now."
"1 mu only afraid of what may happen before we get there, Gren." sho
said simply. He leaned over and kissed her htttid, smiling at the emphasis
she unconsciously placed on the pronoun,
Beverly Calhoun was announced just
before coffee wus served and a moment later was In the room. She stopped just luslde the door, clicked her
little heels together und gravely brought
her hand to "salute," lier eyes were
sparkling and her lips trembled with
suppressed excitement,
*I think 1 cau report to you lp Edelweiss next month, general," sins announced, with soldierly dignity. Her
bearers stared at the picturesque recruit, and Halklns so fnr forgot himself as to drop Mr. Lorry's lump of
sugar upon the table Instead of Into
the cup.
"Explain yourself, sergeant!" finally
fell from Lorry's lips. The eyes of
Ihe princess were beginning to take on
n rapturous glow.
"May I huve it cup of coffee, please,
sir? I've beeu so excited I couldn't
cat a mouthful at home." She gracefully slid Into the chair Halklns offered nud broke Into nn ecstatic giggle
that would have resulted In a court
marital had she boon serving any
commander but Love.
With a plenteous supply of southern
idioms sbe succeeded in milking them
understand that the major had promised to let her visit friends lu the legation nt St. Petersburg iu April, a month
or so lifter lhe departure of the Lorrys.
"lie wanted to know where I'd rather spend the spring���Wnshln'ton or
Lexln'tou���and 1 told him St. Petersburg. We had ft terrific discussion,
nnd neither of us ate a speck at diuner. Mamma snld It would be all right
for nie lo go to St. Petersburg if Aunt
Josephine wus still of n mind to go too.
Vou see, auntie was scared almost out
of her boots when she heard there was
prospect of war in Graustark, just as
though ft tiny little war like that could
muke nny difference away up in ltus-
sin, hundreds of thousands of miles
uway"���with a scornful wave of the
hand���"and then 1 just made auntie
say she'd go to St. Petersburg In April,
a whole mouth sooner than she expected to go In the lirst place, and"���
"Vou dear, dear Beverly!" cried Yetive, rushing joyously around the table
lo clasp her In her arms.
"And St. Petersburg really Isn't a
hundred thousand miles from Edelweiss!" cried Beverly gayly.
"It's much less than that," said Lorry, smiling. "But you surely don't
expect to come to Edelweiss If we aro
lighting. We couldn't thluk of letting
you do that, you know. Your mother
would uevor"���
"My mother wasn't afraid of a much
bigger war than yours can ever hope
, to be!" cried Beverly resentfully. "You
cau't atOO ma If 1 choose to vUlt GraU'
���st&rfc."   '    '
"Does your father know that you
contemplate such a irlp?" asked Lorry,
reiuruing her hand clasp and looking
doubtfully Into the swimming blue
eyes of his wife.
"'No, he doesu't," admitted Beverly a
trifle aggressively.
"He could stop you, you know," be
suggested. Yetive was discreetly silent.
"But he won't know auythlug nbout
It," cried Beverly triumphantly,
"I could tell him, you know," said
"No, you couldn't do anything bo
mean as that." nnnounced Beverly.
"You're uot thnt sort."
(To Be Continued.i
Opinions   of   ths   Church   Con-rei-   at
Barrow- In - Furn-ii.
The pulpit drawl In England waa
debated at the Church Congress. Tho
-uhject was raised In a paper written
by the ltev. Canon Hensley Henson,
who was himself unable to attend, the
paper being read by th�� Rev. Canon
In It Canon Henson attributed tha
faults of clerical reading* to the practices of monotoning and Intoning th*
prayers, and he did not think It untrue,
to say of many clergymen that their
lirst years In the ministry, when, aa
Junior members of the clerical staff,
they were constantly employed In
monotoning or Intoning tha services,
spoilt for the rest of their Uvea their
work at the lectern and In the pulpit.
Audlbleness, naturalness, reverenoe,
and Intelligence were necessary for
good reading and good preaching.
To be audible, ho said, la within the
competence of most healthy men, and
when men are Inaudible the reason Is
generally due to their Indifference to
the point whether they are heard or
The Rev. Eric Robertson, Windermere, offered to train free of cost a
dozen embryo curates in the art ot
voice-production, which, he said, could
be acquired In a fortnight, In order to
prove to the bishops the need for an1
Institution which should undertake thla
work. Canon McColl spoke of the appalling reading In churches, and his
remarks were enlivened with anecdotes,
the best being the Idea of a country
farmer, who thought the Church Congress was the place where all the par-
eons met once a year to "swop" aer-
" After my great wrestling match wi.h
J. Mellor, of Staleybridge at the Crystal
Palate, England, for lhe In'ernat'ioiiiil
Champiorshi7, I wit cove 'd with cut*,
and bruises. I a pled cry favorite ba nt,
Zam-Buk, and in a marvell .usly slior
tune the abrasions and cuts were hea'.ed
and I was fit and well again. At another
teir.e I had a piece of flt-sh almost lorn
compl tely off my arm above the elbow.
I anticipated being unable o do snylhing
wilh tie arm for a lotif t'mc; lo my
delight, however, Zam-Buk closed up
the wound in two days. In hie clays
il was cent-red wilh new skit, an . a few
days after t ere was no trace of the
injury. I recommend Zam-Buk for cuts,
bruises or skin injuries of any kind.
Yours truly,
for all Skin Injuries & Diseases
Much Talked of Man.
The Right Hon. Augustine Blrrell la
one of the most talked of men In England at the present moment. Ha It
was who, as president of the Board of
Education, Introduced the now famous
Education Bill Into the House of Commons In April last. As might be expected from the tenor of the bill Mr.
Blrrell Is not a High Churchman. Hla
father was a Nonconformist minister ar
Liverpool, his mother the daughter ot
an Edinburgh divine. The son, who Is
now 66 years of age, graduated at Cambridge In 1872, and three years later
was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple. In 1903 he was made a Bencher,
and for several years was Qualn professor of law at University College,
London. He has been In politics since
1885, and has by no means bean always
successful, In fact In three out of his
five contests ha has seen the other man
win. Mr. Blrrell Is an enthusiastic
golfer, pedestrian and book hunter, and
withal a book writer of no mean rank.
His edition of Boswell'a Johnson and
his lives of Hazlltt and of Charlotte
Bronte are among his best-known
She Missed Him.
A poor woman who kept a small shop
In a northern village and who was
troubled with a husband who could
aoarcely bo considered a credit to the
family one day found herself a widow
through the sudden demise of her
spouse. A lady who frequently mads
���mall purchases at the shop called to
see her and to offer her sympathy,
though well knowing that the man's
death must In a certain sense come as
a relief, as the wife had often suffered
from his violence. She was not, however, quite prepared for the stoical way
In which the wife took her bereavement.
Bald the lady.
"I am sure, Mrs. O., you must inlsa
your husband."
"Well, mum, It do seem queer to go
Into the shop and find something In the
till."���London Tlt-Blts.
Only an Appetizer.
Many years ago dried solan geeao.
from the Orkneys, used to be Imported
Into Scotland, says the author of "My
Strange Pets," and served there aa an
appetizer, a morsel being eaten at the
beginning of a meal.
A worthy farmer gave a dinner to
wine of his neighbors and In the oourse
of It asked one If he would have "another portion" of the roast.
"I think I will," replied the other: "1
ate a bit o* solan goose afore I left
"name, and It has made me very hungry.'*
"I dinna believe In the solan
geese," broke In another guest. "I et
a whole one afore I cam awe, and ���
dlnna feel a bit tl�� hungrier for It"
New Knalftiiil Aritamenli.
To nrguo Is us necessary to a New
Bnglander us lo eat nnd to sleep. By
nature he rejoices in the opposite side
of every question, and he prefers
broad, general questions Of which he
knows ouly what the dally paper tells
him. if he is nlone he will argue with
himself, and often ho will prove to
himself that be Is wrong aud that the
argument by which he proves It Is
faulty.���From "The Balance ot Power," by Arthur Goodrich.
Who Should Raise Horses.
In growing horses, as lu growing
other kinds of live stock, the most
potent factor is the man. Some men
should grow draft horses only. Some
should grow only trotters. The many
should raise the former, as they are
so much more easily grown. The few
should grow the latter. The men who
can grow good trotting horses, that
Is, trotting horses of really superior
merit, are few and far between while
those who can also develop them are
fewer still. Some men should not
grow any kind of horses, as they will
not make u success of It. They will
not make n success of It because they
do not understanei It or because they
do not like It, or for both reasons.
No one should entrnge In growing
horses who does not take kindly to
the work. And no one should -engage
In growing any particular kind of
horses or any class of the same unless
his tastes run In thnt line. However,
If one understands Ms business and
grows thnt clnss of horses In which
he Is most Interested there Is but
Uttle doubt t.rmt he will succeed 1n tlie
work���Prof. Thos. Rliaw, In American
Marking Country Roads.
The talk of a general naming and
marking of country rends ought not to
be permitted to end In talk, snys Motor News. It Is too Important that highways In the country should he Care;
fully designated nnd suitable guide-
boards erected and maintained by the
proper authorities. Such aids to travelers are most needed, of course, where
the roads are most used, especially In
the vicinity of cities. It Is there that
the highways are most frequented by
strangers to the .localities where tho
roads are often permitted to go unmarked. In these days of many automobiles and rnucli use of Interurban
and suburban trolley cars an ever Increasing number of city dwellers are
apt to take outings within fifty or sixty
miles of home. They find unknown and
unmarked roads a drawback to the natural and proper enjoyment of the
country. Road Improvement Is a .big
subject In America. It Includes such
comparatively small points as road
names and road guldeboards���cheap
and eaBy Improvements neglected for
no good reason.
Value of Good Roads to Property.
There are many striking examples
of the value of good roads. Wherever
roads have been permanently Improved It Is found that thpre has been a
very great Increase In the value of the
adjacent property, says the Good
loads Magazine. Among examples of
this sort Is that of Jackson, Tenn.
Prom figures recently published It la
diown that since lflOfl the city has Increased R.eOO In population. The roads
tvere lm-woved through Issuing bonds
'o start with, and they have advertised
���he city so much that families are constantly coming In from adjoining
counties, with the result that land-
'���allies have Increased In some cases
'rom 20 to 100 per cent. Property In
���he city has also greatly Increased In
And He Was Back.
"I don't see why you can't be at the
.tend of your class," said Tommy's
tuolher. "Your teacher tells me you're
pretty far back lu school."
"Well, sny, mom," exclaimed Tommy, "there's no pleasln' you at all!
Didn't you say last summer you'd be
delighted to have me 'back In school?' "
-Catholic Standard and ..Times.
Haartlaaa Remark of Prinoe Herbert
Bismarck Almost Provoked H. R. H.
to Throw the German Offender Out
of the Room���Britona Interested In
the Astounding "Memoire of Prince
Hohenloha"���Kaiaer'e Telegram.
Much that Is  Interesting to Britons
la   contained  In   the   astounding  "Memoirs of Prince Hohenlohe  (published
by hla  son),  which  shed   considerable I
light on the relations of Kaiser Wilhelm !
II. and Prince Bismarck.   The publlca- I
tlon of the book has given the Kaiser '
much annoyance, and ha3 drawn forth
a fiery telegram of reprimand for the
young prinoe.
Prinoe   Hohenlohe   refers   to   Prinoe j
William  (the present Kmperor) in the j
following words:   "He   is   rather  boyish, Inconsiderate young man of whom
his   mother  Is   afraid.      He   also   has
rows with his father."
On Sept. 22. 1S88, Prinoe Hohenlohe
was received In audience by the Empress Augusta Victoria, the wife of Wll-
Uam I. "She was," he says, "very broken down and sad. We began by dls-
ousslng the Emperor's last days, and
then she beoamo animated, and spoke
of the maliciousness and the disgraceful behavior of certain people whom she
mentioned by name.
Angered Prince of Wales.
Prince Herbert Bismarck, the Empress added, had the Impudence to tell
the Prinoe of Wales that an emperor
(Kaiser Frederick) who was unable to
carry on a discussion was really Incapable of ruling. The Prince of Wales
��ald that, If he had not attached Importance to the good relations between
Great Britain and Germany, he would
have thrown Prince Bismarck out ot
the room."
The pagea relating to that period su
interesting to Britons���viz., tlie months
of December, 1895, and January, 1896���
oontaln no reference to tho Kruger
telegram, and the South African war
la barely mentioned. Prince Hohenlohe, however, records at length a
highly Interesting conversation on Far
Eastern policy which he had with lhe
Emperor Nicholas at Breslau.
"His Majesty thinks," says tho
Prince, "that Great Britain Is responsible for the whole movement In Armenia and Crete, and he said: 'I am
very fond of Great Britain and the
British, who are sympathetic with me.
but I distrust their policy.'"
To Gobble All Africa.
The Czar also told Prince Hohenlohe
that he had heard that Great Britain
had a plan to bring Afslca, from the
Cape to Egypt, Into her possession.
That was, however, in his opinion, a
long way off. The prince, In reply,
said that the British attached so much
importance to their supremacy In Africa because they sought relief In
South Africa from the fear that they
would one day lose India.
"But who Is going to take India
from them?" asked the Czar. "We are
not so stupid as to pursue such
Alluding on Jan. 7, 1900, to the prospects of the passing of the navy bill,
Prince Hohenlohe wrote:
"We must not expose ourselves to
the danger of meeting at the hands ot
Great Britain the fate of Spain at the
handB of the United States."
Unquestionably tho publication of
the memoirs was an act of Indiscretion, and It Is easy to understand the
Indignation which prompted Kaiser
Wllh-ilm to send a telegram to Prince
Philip, which Is one of the most fiery
doouments which even the Kaiser has
ever launched.
Text of Kalser'a Telegram.
The North German Gazette publishes
the text of the telegram as follows:
"Have Just read with amazement and
Indignation the published account of
the most private conversations between
your father and myself concerning
Prince Bismarck's retirement. How
was It possible that material of thla
kind could be published without having first obtained my permission T 1
must describe this proceeding aa tactless and Indiscreet In the highest degree, and as entirely Inopportune, sine*
It Is unheard of that incidents which
concern the reigning Sovereign should
be published without his consent."
The Kaiser's Indignation Is supposed
to be out of chivalrous regard for Bismarck's memory, for the memoirs disclose nothing which does not redound
splendidly to the Kaiser's honor. Thi
Kaiser very early In his reign realize*]
that It was a question of showing that
he and not Bismarck was the ruler ol
the Empire,
To Print Bismarck's Side.
It Is Interesting to learn at this Juno*
ture that the third volume of Prlno��
Bismarck's memoirs Is at present deposited In a safe in the Bank of England. They were left to Prince Herbert Bismarck with the proviso that
while the ohlef persons figuring In tha
volumes were alive they were not to
be published. On the other hand, if an
account of this Important episode Irt
modern German history waa published,
Prince Bismarck left Instructions that
the volume should Immediately be senl
to the printers. It will be Interesting
to see whether the recent publication
of Prince Hohenlohe's memoirs will be
considered by the Iron Chancellor"*
family as sufficient cause for th* latter
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
The records ol attendance nt the
Toronto Public .Schools show that
ten thousand children were absent
on account of colds during n single
"The worst enemy of all to the
child, so far as keeping him from
school is concerned, apparently is the
eomuion, everyday cold," said Dr.
Giiodi'liilil in his report to the Ontario  School   AsK0ciiitii.il.
".Not only does the cold prove an
enemy in this way," he continued,
"but it is well known that many of
the more serious diseases follow Irom
the simple cold. As a result of the
patii'iit becoming weakened down in
his resistance itf/nhist disease, the
germs of various Infectious diseases
the more easily lind n place to multiply soniewhere iii tbe organism,"
Parents who muke n practice of
keeping Dr. Ohnse's Syrup of Linseed
nnd Turpentine In the house have
at hand  the most certain means of,
curing   coughs,   colds,   croup,   and
bronchitis, and positively preventing
more seciouH disease. It is sometimes forgotten that few ailments possess more possibilities, of danger than
a cold.
Mrs. R. 1). Turner, Broadview, N.
W. T., writes: "We have seven
children und hnve used Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed nnd Turpentine for
every one of thorn und with good "'"
suits. We gel four hollies tit a time
and find it a ��oo.l n meily lo break
up colels on the lunfts."
Not only is Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed und Turpentine a positive-
cure for croup, bronchitis, whooping
cough, asthma, end severe chest
colds, but it is also a preventative of
all diseases of the lungs.
Dr. chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, lift cents a bottle, at all
dealers, or EdmilPBOn, lintes & Co..
Toronto, The porlrsil nml signature
of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt, book author, are mi every buttle. 	
In Morocco the insurgents and the
sultan's troops tire having dnily encounters, the latter being successful
in most of them.
The shah of Persia's health is sup-
po*"e' to be improving. The royal decree does not allow any bulletin regarding his condition to be issued.
Liverpool's new library has been
opened. It wns the gift of the late
Hugh Frederick Hornby, who left to
the city his valuable collection of K,-
000 books, prints and engravings, to-
Kether witli $00,000 to provide it
UnHlilnw:   ncihiuiii'e.
He (sentimentally) ��� The eyes, you
ItUow, are the windows of the soul.
Sbe (flippantly)���I suppose that accounts for their frequent glassy stare.���
Baltimore American.
Mexican I.unci Trnn-fera.
The Mexican government charges on
transfers of land deeds amount to
from $40 to $45 Mexican on $1,000
value, According to the laws of tho
country, it is necessary for foreigners
to huve their nationality mentioned In
the title; otherwise they become Mexicans.
Street Car Charges Bruin.
There were exciting times in the vicinity of the Bockllffe ranges the other
morning. Motorman Fltzslmmons, on
his Initial run to the Rookllfte ranges
had to rub his eyes before he could believe his sight. Just as the car round-
��>J the curve where the old militia camp
used to be a large black bear ambled
peacefully ahead along the tracks. The
motorman at once assumed the aggressive. Pulling up the fender, he
charged the animal. Bruin heard the
clatter, rilled lo one r'de, then climbed tlie hill and got out of sight
Fox's Bin Haul.
A fox visited a ten roost on a farm
at Aswarby. South Lincolnshire." and
hy moving a sliding dnor was able to
jS*JIU admission. Me killed and cnrrled
away thirty prize hens and cockerels
before his depredations wore discover
Her Wlsb.
A clergyman wus about to leave bis
���burcii one evening when he encoun-
lerod an old lady examining tbe curving on the front. Finding ber desirous
jf seeing the beauties of the church,
'ie volunteered to show ber over, and
eke flustered, old lady, much gratified
nt this unexpected offer of a personally
conducted tour, shyly accepted It. By
und by they camo to a handsome tablet
ou the right of the pulpit.
"That," explained the good mun, "Is
it memorial tablet erected to the memory of the late vicar."
"There now! Ain't it beautiful?" exclaimed the admiring old lady, still
flustered and anxious to please. "Aud
I'm sure, sir, 1 'ope. It won't be long
afore we see one erected to you on
1'ulhur teld��."   Loudon Tit Bits.
Aii lind to uilious Headache.���Biliousness,  which  is  caused  by  excessive bile in the stoinucli, has a marked effect upon the nerves, and  often
manifests  itself by severe  headache.
This is the most distressing hea'daolic
one can have.   There are headaches
from colli, from fever, unci from other:
causes,   hut   the  most excruciating of
all is tlie. bilious headache.    Parmelee's Vegetable  Pills will cure it ���
cure it almost instantly,   fl will dis-l
appear ns soon as the  Pills  operate.
There  is  nothing surer  in  lhe  treat- ;
incni of bilious headache.
Dr.   Beer,  a   United  Slates    doctor;
who attended the    sultan of Turkey
during  his  recent  illness,  has    been
given a permanent situation nt   the
state hospital. |
Deafness of 12 Years' Standlna-���Pro-
irai'iefel t'a'irrii produces deafness In
muny oases. Capt. lien. Conuor, of Toronto. Canada, was deaf for 12 vears from
Catarrh. All treatments failed to relieve. Dr. Aenew'te Catarrhal Powder
fravc him relief in one day. and in a very
iihort while the deafness left him en-
tirely. it will do as much for vou. Ml
dents. -33.
The United States Supreme Court,
among other decisions, has affirmed
the award of damages to the City of
Ulniitii against the so-culled pipe
Sudden transition from a not to a
cold temperature, exposure to rain,
sitting iii a draught, unseasonable,
substitution of light for heavy clothing, are fruitful causes of colds and
tin* resultant cough so perilous to
persons of weak lungs. Among the
many medicines for bronchial disorders so arising, thero is none better
lhan Bickle's Anti-Consumption Syrup. Try it and become convinced.
Price 2.'i cents.
The Voltaire uf Hie ka-t.
Omar Khayyam was a famous Persian poet and mathematician In the
twelfth century, who wns employed by
the Sultan Malik Shah In revising the
astronomical tables and lu making n
thorough reform of the calendar. He Is
better known to us ns tbe writer of
some 500 epigrams iu verses of four
lines which are unsurpassed in their
pure diction, flue wit and crushing satire. These clever aud fascinating
quatrains were put into English by
Edward Fitzgerald, who in 1859 published "The ltubaly.it of Omar," a rendering marked by exquisite melodiousness nnd by poetic insight and power.
Omar has been called the Voltaire of
tbe east because of his brilliant nnd
pungent wit, while his depth of tenderness and profound thought and his denunciation of the fate wblcb dooms to
decay and death what Is best and most
beautiful In the world reveals much
that reminds oue of Byron, Swlnburno
aud sometimes Schopenhauer.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or anim-ls cured in 30 minutes
by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion.
Professor (lo bis classl--This is intolerable. ICvory time 1 open my
nn,ulh there's n tool who begins tu
Tin* first paper mill erected in England for twenty years has been opened at Grimsby in tlie presence, of two
hundred newspaper proprietors and
"Tour wife's recent Illness must ���**?���
been fearfully expensive?"
"Not at all. She missed eight receptions, four balls and tbe opera season.
Think of the saving In clothe.,!"���New
York Life.
The American Girl.
The American girl is n most Interesting contradiction. She is regarded ns
the world's greatest representative of
feminine freedom, and yet at the root
ot her character she Is the most prudish of girls. Sbe makes tbe best frleud
for a man, and yet his worst lover.
She cannot deny that she Is a flirt, and
yet she Is at heart bard and selfish.
She will do the most unconventional
things, and yet In no part ot the world
Is etiquette more insisted on thau lu
American  society,���Madame  ot   Lou-
Two of a Kind.
The Rev. Mr. Roberson waa called
upon to attend to two workers who
had reoelved fatal Injuries In a riot.
The reverend gentleman was most anxious that the men should confess who
had been their acoompllc.es. One ot
them died without uttering a word on
the subject. Aa the other lay at the
point of death he beckoned Mr. Roberson, who hastened to his side In the
full expectation that he was about to
learn the fateful tidings. This belief
was strengthened by the first words of
the sufferer. "Can you keep a secret?"
he gasped.
"I oan," was the eager response ot
the olergyman.
"So can I," said the dying man, and
Immediately afterward he calmly pawed away.���Westminster Review.
Violins vary more with weather than
any other musical instrument.
Knighthood wns Intended to serve as
a murk tif distinction, for deeds of renown and merit. Knight properly aiguilles a person who, for bis virtue nnd
martial prowess, is raised from the
rank of gentleman into a higher class
of dignity and honor.
Savins: Tfiiiiaguo's Voice.
Reccutly Tauiagno, the Italian tenor
and the greatest singer of the age, desiring to leave for his children somo
record of his genius, had made upon
specially prepared plates for reproduction in the phonograph several records
of his songs. Two of these records
have beeu preserved In a museum iu
rails. ' The plates were jitulo with
great euro and are seun-d lu metal
boxes, containing also chemical compounds for their preservation. The
boxes nre labeled and dated. One will
be opened fifty yenrs from now aud
the other at Ihe eud of a century.
Greatest  Alpine Avalanche.
The greatest Alpine avalanche was
that which in 1827 swept away the
town of Biel and killed nearly ninety
The Sietl.fmfierr Part.
Jamie having come Into the possession of considerable wealth through
the death of relatives was thus addressed by one of his neighbors:
"Aye, Jamie, It was a guld thing for
you that your rich freens waur born
afore ye."
"Wcel," said Jamie, "I'm nae sae
sure a hoot that, but It was a guld thing
that they deed ufore me." ��� Duudee
Adapting Alms to Ends.
He���I think u woman's club, to be
successful, should aim nt somothlng far
removed from female suffrage. She���I
dou't agree with you. That should be
its sole aim. He���Yes, but If It alms at
something elit It Is more likely to tilt
that,   .._ ! __.-.��� v
There is a remedy over sixty
years old���-Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
it. Once in the family, it stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Ask your doctoraboutit.
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A Reminiscence   of the    Many    Pleasures    of    a    Short
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The mantle of night had scarcely
enveloped the busy western metropolis one evening early in August,
when the writer ensconced himsell
snugly in a 0. P. R. first class couch
to be whirled across tlie vast prairies
of the Canadian West to enjoy n
brief respite from tbe daily grind in
a lirst visit to that province of niotui-
hiin splendor and wondrous scenic
beauty���British Columbia. With thai
portion of tbe country traversed between Winnipeg nnd the Mountains,
most of those who chance to scan this
brief narrative, will, no doubt, be already familiar, nnd therefore il is
necessary to make but passing mention, At that time of year, however,
and in n year which for abundant
harvest bids fair to eclipse anything
on record, tbe sight of .so many immense stretches of ripening groin
wus one culculnteil to Implant u
spirit of pride und satisfaction in tlie
breasts of ull who cun drink ill the
view nnd revel in reflection upon the
Illimitable possibilities of agricultural development in a country of such
lingo areas of soil of matchless fertility, Indeed, there is siiinll room
to doubt thnt Ihe eight hundred odd
miles of pruirio covered in the run
to the foot of tht) Hockies will one
day appear ns it wero nn unbioken
Held of waving grniii--n glorious tribute to that wealth of heritage to
which we flic proud to lay claim today.
but while dwelling for a moment
upon tlie consideration of the almost
unbounded stretches of grain lields,
there is another (actor, and thnt a
potent one, in the development ol
Western Canada, which must not be
lost sight of, and that is the cattle
Industry, One needs but a passing
glimpse of the. vast herds of cattle
and flocks of sheep thnt dot the landscape, to obtain a pretty accurate
c~-caption of the important port
played by this brunch of husbandry
in our country's upbuilding. One may
see ns mnny ns ten thousand in one
flock of sheep, while bands of cuttle,
many hundreds strong, nre no uncommon sight; and more finely-conditioned stock one could hardly wish
to east eye upon, but ibis is no cause
for wonder when the boundless
stretches of that most nutritious ol
pastorage ��� Western Bunch Urass-
ttre taken into consideration. l'rom
Moose Jaw to Calgary seems one vast
eaitle range, but with the advent ol
irrigation facllitios it is sole to predict thnt the grazing areas will mako
wny for the plough, cultivator and
By the time Calgary is reached,
und even before that, a well-defined
view of tbe Hockies is had, and swiftly rolling on one wakes almost as it
wero from n reverie, so rapid, if not
almost instantaneous, seems the
transition from prairie to mountain
environment, to find himself in the
very presence of those awe-inspiring
monnrchs that people as it were the
Pnoiiie province. To one who hns
spent most of his life on the pin ins
the sensation in first gazing upon
those mountain giants is certainly n
peculiar one. Tlie tourist experiences
alternately a sense of boundless admiration and it feeling of ecstutic
pleasure that seem to paralyze all
powers of speech and leave him
transfixed with astonishment. Adjectives hnve not yet been manufactured that will begin to convey nn
adequate idea of the magnificence
and majestic grandeur of those lofty
snow-capped peaks whoso towering
heights on evei'y hand seem to penetrate the very clouds and defy human estimate of size nnd altitude,
One of the most striking features in
connection with this sen of wondei
is the remarkable purity nnd transparency of water wherever seen, while
there seems a very legion of springs
bubbling lorth Ur>m the crevices
along tho9e portions of the bases of
the mountains that are visible to the
naked eye. First you will see u little stream trickling through a small
cleft in the rock to wind its almost
trackless course through a myriad of
small pines and ferns and empty itself in some mightier Hood; or, again,
you catch sight, far up tbe rocky
steep, of some rushing torrent, fed by
seemingly inexhaustible snows nnd
glaciers, leaping turbulently from
crag to crag in its impetuous haste
to lind its level in one of the many
lakes so constantly ill view. Of the
glories nnd wonders of the many
places of interest nlong the route,
fluch as Ilnnff, Laggan, Field, (!ln-
eier, etc., too much cannot be snid,
but the greatest tribute to tbo wealth
of beauty and scenery is found in the
ever-increasing numbers of tourists
from every quarter of the globe that
are everywhere seen and tax to their
limit nf capacity the resources of accommodation of the ninny superbly
appointed hotels of the C. P. R. and
fill to repletion all the privately owned hotels nlong the route throughout
the entire season, While the hikes
in the clouds, the hot springs, and
the vast glacier fields always command a protracted visit, there, are
other equally interesting sights that
should not be missed, such for instance us "Tlie Great Divide," where
n small stream is seen gently des-
eending the mountain side, nnd ere
it reaches the railroad trnck dividing
into two smnll rivulets, the one to
"well into a mighty river thnt will forever be pouring its waters into the Pacific ocean, the other to How eastward
arid northward with ever-increasing
Strength till it finds its outlet in the
Hudson's Bay, Or take, again, some
of tlie great engineering feats in the
construction of thnt necessarily most
tortuous of lines thnt runs from
mountain to sen. It ia not sufficient
that the path of the iron steed
should be hewn out of the solid
granite, but it hns nt times to be
swung across some torrent rushing
hundreds of feet lielow. One of the
most interesting nnd withal nerve*
shaking pieces of construction is that
found west of Glacier where the
course of the line in crossing a deep
valley, takes the shape of the letter
S, spanning several times, at tin
alarming altitude, the same rapid
stream, nnd ultimately leaving the
valley nt an elevation mnny feet below that al which it entered. Again,
the view nt such places as tlie Kicking Horse Canyon, with its four tunnels to be soon at one and the same
time, und Roger's Pass, with its tremendous grados, nnd glimpses of mnny
astonishing twists and turns and cur-
vos nlong the route, will all serve to
lteep green in the memory of the
traveler a trip that abounds in    un
paralleled scenery nnd thrilling fents
of engineering.
At Sicnnrous Junction a divergence
wus made to visit the far-fnjiied Oku-
nogan Valley, and little could one
realize what a glorious surprise wns in
store. This is without n doubt one
of the loveliest spots in all llritisli
Columbia, -while it is not too much to
sny there is no fruit raising men on
tlie continent tlint will compare with
it for fertility of soil, abundance ol
yield and quality of product. Moreover, there is n peculiar character of
climate here not to lie found elsewhere from const to const. Even extremely hot ns it certainly wus while
the writer wits there, there wns yet
thut dryness nnd buoynucy in the nil
that seemed to neutralize tbe intensitj
of the heat and render it even Agree-
able; nnd this climatic feature is the
more noticeable to a person accustomed to the enervating effect of hciil
in n naturally humid atmosphere.
Having never spent u winter in this
enchanting valley, wo accept the
statement that n freezing temperature is seldom experienced, nnd then
it Is only of very short, duration;
very little snow falls, while the lake,
on the placid surface of which I'm
days at a time hardly n ripple may
be seen, never freezes. What wonder, then, that so many newcomers
are establishing homes in this district where climate perlinps more
llinn nny thing else conduces BO greatly to perennial pleasure and comfort r
.Shortly aftei leaving tlie main line
the mountains seem to recede from
view, like mists before the rising sun,
and gradually diminish in size till
nt the bend of the hike, they assume
more the contour nnd appearance ol
hills of average size. Around Vernon
und north to Armstrong, lying to the
north of the lake, there is a magnificent stretch of rolling country when
Immense crops of grain und fruit are
annually harvested, and where irrigation is available it is no uncommon tiling to out (our crops of buy
or clover in lhe same year. A visit
to the-extensive fruit ranch 'they cnll
them ranches, not orchards) established near Vernon by Lord Aberdeen,
affords one of the most pleasing spec
tai'lcs-to be found anywhere in the
country. Here may be seen to what
degree'of perfection fruit culture cni:
be developed with the aid Of skill
nud seience and modern facilities and
the co-opera!ion of Dame Nature in
her most generous mood; nnd one
enn readily understand how it is the
products of this ranch huve attained
such a world-wide reputation.
Al Okanagan Landing the writer embarked on tlie C. P. R.
Steamer "Aberdeen" for Peachland.
the point of destination, and the
memory of the pleasures of this most
enjoyable portion of the trip will ever
remain, Lake Oknnngnn is a lovely,
transparent sheet of water some 75
miles long and averaging two tc
three in width, and is literally teeming with iish of the genus trout. Indeed, fishing in the lake ns well op
In the creeks thnt skirt its shore affords constant occupation to mam
who make it n source of livelihood
while the amateur devotee of line and
rod will find bis Elysium within con
stunt reach In almost any portion o;
the valley. After leaving the bunding the first port of call wits Below-
nn, which enjoys a most picturesque
lunation on fl large stretch of bench
bind on the eastern shores of the
lnke. This thriving town is situated
ill the henrt of n famous fruit see
tion and is acquiring * ever-increasing
notoriety for the quality and qnan-
titv of ihe products annually export
From Kelownn is a short run pi
some fifteen mile lo Peachland, the
limit of our lake trip. The first
glimpse of Peachland nestling on the
western shore of the lnke is suggestive of thnt peace and contentment
that ever appeal so strongly to the
jaded city slave, while the, physical
surroundings of the district seem to
have been designedly constituted bj
Nature to afford one of the most
charming landscapes the eye could
wish to rest upon. But there is u
material charm to this district Hint
is daily forming a still greater attraction. Peachland, ns its name
suggests, is essentially a pencil-raising district, nnd in the production ol
this peerless of fruits it stands unrivalled in Canada today. This section, though of comparatively recent
settlement, already boasts of mnny
bearing ranches, and the writer picked fruit from trees in their fourth
year that would average at lenst three
enses of punches to the tree, nnd saw
ns much us one thousand dollars'
worth of fruit gathered from less
than two hundred five-year-old trees.
And such peaches I We had never
tasted fruit with such a peculiarly
luscious, mellow flavor���BO different
to the insipid, green-picked apologies
tor peaches one frequently finds exposed for sole in centres fnr removed
from the source of production, And
it is not alone in the raising of
penches that Peachland will excel,
for there are today in thnt district
thousands of trees of all other kinds
of fruit yielding equally large crops,
while roots and vegetables seem to
lind in this intensely rich soil all
thnt makes for perfection of growth
und development, This area of fruit
land is by no menus confined to
Peachland; already vast tracts in
Sumuierlnnd, Penlieton nnd elsewhere on the lnke, where irrigation
facilities nre possible, nre being rapidly denied and planted, and the
time i-i not far distnnt, when the
Oknnngnn Valley will form fl material fnctor in the supplying of the
markets  of  the  Oanadian   West  with
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Fall and Wint-r weather. The* will
catch cold. Do you know about ShiloK'i
Contumption Cum, the Lung Tonic, and
what it fiat done for m many > It it said
to be lhe only reliable remedy for all
dueaiei. of the air pauaget in children.
It ii absolutely harmless and pleasant lo
lake, his guaranteed to cute or yout money
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and all dealers ia medicine tell yA
This remedy should be in every household.
ull varieties of fruit.
After a brief sojourn In Peachland,
we rejoined Hie main line nt Sicu-
tiious Junction to continue on to
the const, and soou were again traversing a wealth of lake and mountain
splendor, shortly to emerge into a magnificent . stretch of ranching country
reaching out for many miles in all
directions, with a distributing centre
in the nourishing and picturesque
town of Kamloops, From Salmon
Ann clear to Ashe.roft, on either side
of the line, are seen mnny attractive homes, in the establishment ol
which mixed farming, Under most
favorable conditions, hns evidently
played no nieun part. Here, too, we
lind that irrigation is becoming
a strong factor in successful ugrieul-
lure, and huge crops huve been garnered wherever an unlimited wntei
supply wns available to develop thai
latent wealth of soil so common in
these mountain regions. Prom Asli-
croft on toward the const we ugnin
passed through numerous rugged
mountain defiles, where rnilroud and
river seem constantly vying for the
I'ight-or-wuy, though considerable expanses ol comparatively open country are seen wesi of Agnssiz, tn
which point there is a very interesting niiel extensive experimental farm
operated by the Dominion Government, l'erhitps the most attractive
sight between here and the const i.*
the magnificent view had of Mount
linker, in Washington, rearing its
twelve thousand odd feet of. rock and
glacier fur into the clouds,
Op reaching Vancouver, the features of paramount interest, after n
protracted residence so mnny miles
inland, were naturally, the ocean and
its commerce. The sight of the sen
ni nil times arouses u pleasureable,
exhilarating sensation, and one nevei
seems to tire in the contemplation oi
the wonders of the deep and the
study of the important part tlie ocean
plays in the commerce of the world,
so freely instanced on every hand lu
ihe couniloBB varieties of merchant
craft. Alter indulging in it clip in
the briny and enjoying the sights ol
Vancouver for a couple of days,
which, of course, included u visit to
tlie far-famed Stanley Park and an
inspection of its mammoth trees, we
shipped on the Princess Victoria foi
Victoria. That is, without a doubt,
one of the finest homing palaces evei
engaged in the passenger traffic oi
the ocean. It is fitted with every
modern convenience, hns exquisite
cuisine, und is elaborately furnished
in perfect iaste nud style, and offord-
another instnnec of the magnificent
scale upon which anything undertaken by the C. P. K. is carried out_.
The beauties of the trip to Victoria
on a day <*f perfect calm and cloud
less firmament, with it clour perspective of tlie. gorgeous island scener}
that lines the route, cannot easily be
described, nud winds can only con
vey but a faint conception of the
pleasure experienced, The "Princess'
traverses the Gulf of Georgia, nnd
entering the Georgia straits winds its
course through myriads of lovely islands nnd sandy burs down into the
Straits of Junn de Fueu, nud, rounding the southernmost point of Vancouver Island, conies to anchor In o
harbor of natural beauty tit the verj
threshold of one of the fuirest eiiic-
of tlie Pacific. And here it isi that
Nature seems to have been most lav
isli of her gifts, for there abound in
and around Victoria many spots 0i
great scenic l^eauty the charms 01
which beggar description. Tlie physical formation of tlie district is decidedly hilly but from the many eminences may be obtained some oi
tlie most delightful views of island
and sen, promontory and buy, and
hill nnd dule. Indeed, so fascinated
wus the writer with tho extreme natural beauty on every hand thnt he
was very loath to terminate an uli
too short u stay and commence the
journey homeward, to again enter the
arena of that hustling activity foi
which our prairie capital is noted.
The morning of August the sixteenth found our party trudging, grip
in hand, down to the wharf where
rodent anchor the Princess Victoria,
fresh from her Seattle trip, to mingle
with the throng of tourists homeward-bound. Tile sun's scintillating
rays, coupled with the dazzling reflection upon the water of the white-
painted hulk ol our craft, nhnost enveloped us In a flood of brilliance
that seemed to nioek at the general
reluctance to leave so charming nnd
congenial a resort ns Victoria. But
it "hod to be," and clearing port at
an early hour, we seemed to traverse
all too soon the beauties of the return voyage to Vancouver; nnd aftei
enioying a few short hours around
the city, once more were established
in one of the comfortable tourist
ouches of the O. P. R., resolved to
enjoy all the sights one might have
mitsed on the outward journey. And,
indeed, there wus much to interest
us that had before pnssed unnoticed
for it is the imposing, solemn gran-
dour and magnificence of the mountain lhnelsciipe, when seen for the
lirst time that seems to command all
one's admiration and attention nnd
to erowd out ull regard for thnt exquisite harmony of detnil so essential
to the charm nnd sublimity ol the
whole. And here let it be nddetl that
one might traverse the Rockies an
hundred times, and never cense tc
find fresh objects of interest nnd attraction in such nn oft-recurring tli
veisity of scenery. One of the man]
beauties that had a particular fascination, and which could be seen on
every hand, throughout the mountain
ride, was that remarkable densitj
and profusion of fern growth. Fernt
are ever beautiful, and certainly lose
naught of their charm of natural
grace in the midst of such loveliness
of scenic environment.
And tlie journey buck over the
prairies wns by no nienns uninteresting, for at frequent intervals throughout tbe entire distance the fnmilini
hum of the hinder wns distinctly
audible, while full mnny a mighty
field of golden grain hnd already
bowed its head before the reaper, and
now, us fur as the eye could see, thickly-clustered stooks dotted the horizon awaiting the fun of the separator.
In conclusion, the writer has
endeavored, though imperfectly,
to briefly . describes the pleasures     of      tho     trip       and      to
pay n fitting tribute to the glories
ed Nntttre'sicreations, there is a deed
of tlie Canadian* Pacilic thnt cannot
be too highly extolled. Few of us,
no doubt, realize what tV colossal, Almost superhuman, undertaking it
must hnve been to penetrate such a
labyrinth of mountain nnd valley nnd
complete the steel engirdlement Of
this vnst continent. And surely, indeed, do we one and all owe n lusting debt of gratitude, to that eoin-
pnny for making possible the enjoyment of stu'li majesty of scenic
beauty, while compassing such pleasure with every comfort and convenience known to the executive and me-
ehunionl skill of modern railway genius.
Before you get
garment*   all
it   t-kenj
They Are Not Violent in Action.���
Some persons, when they wish to
cleanse the stomach, resort to Epsom
and other purgative salts. These nre
speedy in their nction, but serve no
permanent good. Their use produces
incipient chilis, and if persisted in
they injure the stomach. Nor do they
net upon the intestines In a beneficial way. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
answer all purposes in this respect,
and  have no superior.
The Production of Walnut.
Black Walnut is produced in this
country at an annual rate c,[ about
33,000,000 feet. The largest proportion of ii now comes from southwestern Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Indian Territory, although
there is some scattering growth still
picked up in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, ami West Virginia. The most
considerable stand of the wood remaining east of lhe Mississippi river i.-
in the upper waters of the Quay undone River, in West Virginia. The
iiome demand for black walnut lumber is only for comparatively small
(Uantities. Its use is largely confined
lo gun slocks, novelties, electrienl
work, elc. The chief demand Ior wnl-
nut comes from Germany, and Hamburg is the greal market.
Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets.-Medical ROlenoe liy iie-eidc'iii dlsGOverecj the
potruey of the pineapple nn a panacea
for Htoninoli LroublOB, The immeiiHte per*
aentage of vcf-ctnlilt' pep-in oontnitied in
the fruit tnakcH it an almost jiitlispeiiic-
able remedy in cases of dytepi'p.siit nnel
inilii-i-Ntieeu. One tablet after each mcnl
will cure ino.st ahronta cased, 60 iu n
box.   35 r**htg.���o2.
Kansas  Law.
The Supreme Court of Kansas   declares in favor of McAllister v. Fair,
hat under a statue of Kansas pro-
I'idlng in clear language that a husband shall inherit from his deeeascd
wife ami making no exception to
the rule, the court is not justified
:.n  rending  into the statute u clause
lisinheriling n husband because  Tie
cilled his intestate wife for tlie purpose of acquiring her property,���New
York Tribune.
' Angle''
^keeps you com-
Ffy as  well as
J warm, because the V
'short fibres that
imake some under-
\wear itch are taken I
out of  Pen-
Angle wool.
)nqtt ~*
e riant
a   variety   of fabrics,   styles   and
;n   all   lizei Tor    women,   men   	
childiea,   and guacanleed by   your own dealer
Shopping  is  a  form of cruelty  indulged by married Indies toward their
1 husbands. It is incipient in young
girls, reaches nn active condition in
brides, nnd arrive-, nt its most virulent stage between the tenth und the
twenty-nfth year of married life.
A smnll, delicate, slight,    nervous,
sensitiVe  woman,  who    would   faint
! away at an empty mouse-trap, will go
through the shopping district in from
two to e-i'ven hours, and ennn* out refreshed and sustained by an unfaltering  trust,   If  her  husband's  credit   I.-,
good, while thnt gentleman at the
end of forty-five minutes hns to be
carried home   em a stretcher.   Some*
' women   are     horn    shoppers,     others
I achieve It,  but  uot  one of them has
��� it thrust upon them.
Shopping is extensively practiced on
i week days, beginning on Monday
witli a rush and ending on Snturdnv
i in time for (lie opera. It promotes
industry. WlthouC il married men
would nave time tn rest. The January  Delineator.
Rev.   W.    W.   Bolton,  of    Victoria.
' I.',. ('..  is lining his best to prevent
j professionalism   in     lacrosse   in     thai
A   strike  of  rich    gold   bearing  OI'O
lias  recently   been discovered    near
; Midway. British Columbia,
! Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Judge Henderson oi New Westminster, has ordered the deportation ol n
voting man, found guilty of forgery,
to lhe United States,
A well known western newspapei
man has passed away in the person
of W. II. Hall, editor and proprietor
of the Wosleley News.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Suit Over An Orchid.
The Court of Appeals of Brussels
has at present for decision n suit
uver n single orchid. Mr. Linden,
-ion of one of the best known l!el-
'.'ian florists, sold the ffower to Mr.
f.emnn, an Englishman, for 30,000
francs. At the time of the sale lhe
blossom hnd not yet opened, but Mr.
f.eman received a description of the
wonderful blossom thnt cost a fortune. When in the possession of the
Englishman the plant produced its
irst flower, und it proved different
in color as well as in form from the
description. The Englishman brought
mil. The Court of Trade condemned
the florist to the restitution of the
price psid and the payment of 5,000
francs damages to the disappointed
Englishman.���New  York  Tribune.
Teacher Spell ferment and give il*
Dot���F-e-r-m-e-ii-t, to work.
Teacher���Now place it in a sentence that I may be sure you undor-
itand its meaning,
Dot���In the summer I would rathei
il.ty out of doors than ferment in the
icboolhouse.���Philadelphia Ledger.
Are  you  u  sufferer  with corns:-   If
I you  nre,  j*et  u bottle  of   Hollowoy's
] Corn Cure'.   It hns never been known
to fail.
! Capt. Albert Payne, one of the* iiiosl
! enthusiastic rifle shots of the 13th
I regiment, Hamilton, hns retired from
i active military service.
Tbe present year hns been the BUiV
I uiest in London in the^ history of
! weather registration.
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
Bishop Webb hns been formally in-
italled as henel of the Protestant Episcopal  diocese of Milwaukee.
A Japanese squadron, consisting ol
three protected cruisers will visit
Vancouver, II. C, in March next.
$12 Brooches
At {12.00 Di��mond Hall is showing nn especially attractive line of
Brooches. An odd price perhaps,
but you will scarcely object' to their
not being marked (15.00.
The one illustrated (Catalogue No.
31685) i* of solid 14k Gold set with
46 Pearls. It has a pendant attachment for wearing on necklet.
A Sunburst Brooch (No. 3167*))
made up of 65 lustrous Pearls is another at the same price.
Wt tend upon request free ef charge
our Urge illustrated catalogue.
" Our doctor said there wa�� no cure for
my wile as both her lungs were affected,"
says Mr. L, H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
Brotkville, Ont. "It wa* a sad disappointment to us both, just starting out in
I life, only married a short time. But b'.t'ore
I she had finished the first bottle of Psyuiine
Ihe paid in her lungs quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs, Walter
waa a new creature and perfectly well
That is just one of the many families
into which Psychine has brought hope,
! health and happiness.    It is a living proof
Ihat  Psychine cures Consumption.     But
don't wail for Consumption.     Cure your
, I.iGrippe, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
j your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with the
i remedy that never fails���
{Pronounced Si-kern)
50c. Per Bottle
career sues* tl -and II   cell drugf-l***
OR. T. A. SL0CUM. Limited. Toronto.
Eastern Canada
Ymt cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa lhan
A delicious drink nnd a sustaining
fund. ITfigrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
I Tickets on  sale  daily  November !Mth
j until ftec-fiber 31st,  BOG.
Return limit three months,
Fullest  information
from any
Canadian Northern
Railway asent.
Oh! What a Gold
T���� c>�� sslcklr |tl est sf It k| likis
Johnson's A
P s>
It's ti eneie'li for Interned as Externa! use,
end for M yeara lees been during eiolds,
couflis, ciroup, creiuns nnd rollo.  Try it.
�� cued Hi cente.   At all dealers,     a
I. b. JOHNSON St CO., Boston, MaaeT
��� Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
In |-lb. and i-lb Tint.
W.    N.    U.    No.    616 Bank of Montreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID"fjP, $14,000,000.
REST, $10,000,000
President���Lortn Ptbatiicoxa .and Mount Royal.
Vice-President���Hon. Geokgk A. Dui'mmond.
General Manager��� E. S. Cloubton.
Branches in All The Principal Cities in Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW DENVER BRANCH, - ftnsOER, Manager.
Slocan fllMnmg IRcvtew.
Subscription ifS.OO per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnviiiiTisiNii Rates :
Notices to Delinquent Owners - $12.00
"     for Cniwii (irants    -   -    7.fit)
"      " Purchase oi Und   -    7.60
"     " License'to Out Timber 6,00
All locals will lie charged f*>r at the rate
of leric. ]icr line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address nil Communieations and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a posl/on the south
sid:: of Trout creek, about three and one
half miles from Slocan Lake, ami marked W.lf.H., north-cast corner, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 160chains,
thence f'irty chains north, thence 160
���chains oust to lhe paint of commencement.
Located the 21st day of November,
1906. W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
20 07
Location No. 2.���Take notice, that
thirty days after date I intend lo apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and WorkB for permission to cut ami
carry away timber from tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post on the south
side of Trout creek about five and one
half miles from Slocan Lake and marked \V. II. H., north-east corner post,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east KI0 chaiiiB lo point of commencement. Located thin 21st dav of November, 1000,  W. II. BRANDON, Locator.
No. B. Notice is hereby jriven that 30
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commisioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in West Kooten.iy district: Commencing at a post marked
P. J. Gallagher's N.W. comer, situated
on the wcsL side of the north,fork of
Cooper creek, about 4'i niilea from
main stream, thence cast 80 chains,
thence south K0 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
I). McLnclilaii, Agent.
Located Nov  6, 1006.
No. 6. Cornmeneing at a post marked I). McLiicnlan's N. W. corner, situ-
Ited on the east side of tbe north fork
of Cooper creek, about 5*o miles from
main stream, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Located Nov. 5, 1906.
No. 7. Commencinjr at a post marked P. .T. Gallagher's S.E. corner, situated on Ihe cast side of tho north fork
of Cooper creek, about 1 mile from
main stream, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenco east 80
chains, thence south SO chains to point
of commencement,
I). McLachlan, Agent.
Located Nov. 6. 190G
No. 8. Commencing at a post marked A. Jacobson's S.W. corner, situated
on the north side of Cooper creek,
about 5 miles from its mouth, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
D. McLachlan, Agent
Located Nov. 6, 1906.
Nov 15, '06
Clifton <S>
*& House
Some Jntas ffiavflaina
I have a stock of Goods Bailable
for ChriBtnia* mid New Year
presents which   I will sell at
Slaughter Prices:
Oranges,   Lemons
Apples and
o 3nhe Iftelsen. .
Just   Arrived
We Will Sell at
Reduced  Prices.
At Cost
Beaded Hand Bags   Seal and Alligator
Vanity Bags
JEWEL BOXES in Orniula, Gold ard Fancy Glass. Hand colored Calendars
are some of the latest Novelties for Xiutts. Presents,
Presents to Suit All
cNglsons Drug Store
1 ��Qr^$^4>$rMrSr$r&$&2><fr$Q&��<fr$$ ^^-<i>^rM^i^^>^rMr^r^>^^tri^^
Do not Delay your oideis for Xmas
- .    Cakes and Puddings.
JfiOS     lpccl6     "Wilts
(Burrante     IRatetns
fBMnce flfeeat   3am0 ant) Jelltcs
Wagstaffe's Lemon aud Fig iu i lb. glass is delicious.
Ube Slocan Ibotel
Zlbree jforfcs,
36. C.
Headquarters, for Miuin g Men
wheu visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort foi the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Whereas nt tiie Lust Cliance nud Surprise mines, Chinese  kitchen help is
ut present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
.Therefore, be it res dved  that this
organization, Snndon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition to the employment of Orientals
within its jurisdiction,  strongly  condemns the position taken by the management nf the properties In question,
nnd counsels working men everywhere
and those favorably disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A. BHILLAND. Beoretory.
Silverton, B.<B.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Pest Hotel in
tlie Slocan. Tlie bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
IR. Hi). Spencer * prop
Hurry up
and Purchase
Yo ir
To Michael Penrose, or  to whomsoever
h*** may li*ve transferred his interest
in the "Young  Rambler"  mineral
claim,    >*iiuHted    near   McGuieron,
located the 3rd day of October, 1900,
recorded  tlie  17t.li   dav of O.'toher,
1900. in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You   arc  hereby notified Hint I have
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, nniler Ihe provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cnte of this notice yon fail or refuse to
ontribnte your proportion of tlie above-
mentioned sum, together with   all cos's
of advertising, vour interest in the said
claim will become  tlie  property of the
undersigned, under  section   4 of  the
Mineral Art*Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated  at Smdon,  this 27th  dny of
November, 1906.
For Sale.
Sandon. Adjoining Clifton House.
Building is 40 x 28, lot extends
from Keco Avenue to Main Street.
y to-
ill Mi. mu.
With Through Tourist Cur to Chicago.
To Toronto, Montreal and Point! West
Tickets on tale Nov. 24th lo Dec. 31.
Round trip First-Class Tickets:
St Hyaeinthe (Quebec)  $83.66
Dalboiisie (N B )     OM 06
Halifax (.NS)  100.80
Sydney   104 26
Good for three months with privilege
of extending ticket. (1 (In ��� by Chicago
slop-over allowed eaBt of Delioit and
Port 11 u roil.-
G. E. McCREADY, Agent, Snndon, B.C.
S G  Yi'ilei"*, I'. II. Biriilism
Seattle, Waih,    Grand Form, B.C.
������4+^**-H-*H-f+*���>">-M-44+44'f-f-f-> ���>��� ��� 4-++4++mr+m-+-T+++++-T++4 +
I TOc Sanson Ifootel, I
IRobt. Cuniilno proprietor.
A Home from Home.       Fully equipped for Hij4h-C.la.ss
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation aud
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
Cboiceot liquors, Klines anb Cioars.
lr>+-f4^-��t+f++-H'*��**f-f*f-t'-f-f*T'+'*v*�� *</.H++tn+.f+l+-Hf *Ht��*t��*>����*>"t
As we have decided to keep
on Selling our entire stock
at Slaughter Prices until all
is sold.
Save Money
Get in on the
ground floor.
i. R. Atlerton
& CO.
Certifl.ca.te of Improvements.
I'hlcaKO Fractional" and " Pullman Fractional " mineral claims, "ltuate in the
Slocan Mining Division of West. Keinieiiny
district, uhero located:���On Cody (Jreek
sio|ie of "Frciuio Le ���" mountain.
Take notice that I, A. n. Dock-teaelcr, ate
-Kent for Frank P. O'Neill, free miner's corticate No. B78U80, Intend, GO days friiin the date
herotef, to apply tn tie Minim; Keoorder for a
1 ertlllcate ul improvements for too pimpnae
of obtaining a Crown llrant of tho nliove claims
Anil further lake notice that notion, linear
lection :)7, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certliiuates of Improvement".
Dated this 101b. day of November, A. I) 1K6
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
excellent        quality of the  "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and  Cigars
��� always on hand.    ::    An excellent Pool Table.
***4e*+**'M*****'J*** <���**** ���."J* *.������.".���
���WH'���.'**.������.'���;-*.��� vV'H*i"i ���**+**J*'i-'J' feet,
cam. and sep; my stock of
The Largest and Best Asrortnieut in town.
Black,  White,  Heavy and Medium.
Also Stansfield's Sweaters.
Virginian Block, Sandon J
.i,+M<}^<fr>*>*+Q+*+'1>**+**++ wa <.***H-*****5*>>*'t^*^********':-
,.:The T
Koofeivay /N
There is no liettcr house in tlie Kootenays for
the Mining Man to muke his Headquarters.
Visitors will find nn up-to-date stylo of doing
husiness, and the Burkcepa are artists in their
Ibotel .5
7THIS Well Known
^ Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
[Silverton * B.C.
The Finest Wines and Liquors aud Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -    Props.
Sandon Bakery.
�� s
Fresh Groceries
In Adjoining rrenirtos.
No. 81.      W, F. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
10-lv A- Shllland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853*
Meets in Fratenity Hall the last Monday evening of every month,
J. It. Camkuon, W. President.
J. G. Potteb, W. Secretary.
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Filbert
Sandon, B. C.
Meaoquarters for flDintno ano GravdUno -flDcn
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
IRooins Xar-gc. Clean ano Cosy.
1   *%   %MlAt9*
> ^****++*$<>$$**Q*+i>*<e*f>*** + *4r<y*':-r,S?*eir^e)��)ft^if.il!,yQ<fis) l;
I ������1j    *.t,V tZb
THae Kootemay Tallon
1 ���l^SSi.JBU&lE^'
r-- roounsning-
I Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
il We guarantee its Strength and Purity,
M1UB   11V   TMR
Send in your sub*
New York Brewery
Sanbon Miners' XHnfon Moepital
Open to the Public.
Rales by Suliscrip'ion $1.00 per month. Non-aubscrlbem $2.00 per elici
 Hospi'.ul S:uff	
HARRY DREYER. ��� -    WM. E. GOMM, M. P.
Address Communications To The Secretary,
hell ("phone 2
Assayer  Notary Public  Con7eyar.0l.ng
j PQ BOX to
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will unci this hotel
lo be thoroughly equipped for
for tho comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent bunting.        Grand scenery.
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 2.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trade,
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Borvtmg, etc.
No mutter wh-t hi* ot*
Ciipntlon, n ay save
money by guttlus his
Shot's Mh'le to Oiele-r.
For a Mining Shoe
lb. re ii nolhinn In Iter
tI11n.11   the-   f.iinotin  I!A I,
Er fuili.i*: krf.ncii
wilh n gootl, 10! id,
hnml nultle liolloil	
These shoes enn only be got by
leaving your older wilh
��� VT   ���
mintcv iSxcticeions
Montreal, Toronto
nnd nil jeoieiis wt'si llieree,f in
Ontario arc! Quebec
on Appllirallnu;
Tiekelion sale ei.iilv Novenibel M
to Heeetubi'i :u
Old Country Rates
im Mm
Return Quean Furec:
S��!oin Si/wniil       Sleerage
���06 00 *r}7tl 1)0 f fi ! 00
and up according to -loaiiier,
For detailed Infornjailon, siliing*',
Olteail stenitiiTH, Kir-t-Ci-sif or
Tourist S'oejier rtiervaliuna,
a|e] ly te) iocnl Mge-nlH or write lo
E.J. C'ovi.k, J s. O.'.ui'nt,
V��ni'oiive>r Nelson,
Dr. A. M. Lowe
Visits Sandon, Trout Lake
Ferguson and Gerrtird regularly.
Head Office: KASLO, B.C.  (
Gold, Sliver, Copper or Lead, eae:h,$l 00
Gold-Silver..$1.60 S:l\*er-Leae!..$l 50
Zinc .$2 00 Gold Silver with Copier or
Lend.. 2 50.
Prompt attention given to all -nniplcs.
25 per cent, discount upon live samples.
PO, Drawer, 1108 Phone A07
*jJS tlie Headquarters for All
Mining* Men iu Silverton.
Furnished throughout iu a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming * mnnicr
Excellent  Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.    H
A. BRUDER Locnl Ag nt.   Parcels left
Filbert Hotel receive prompt attention*
Sanboii Xctooe,
No. 24.
K. of P. ���
Meets every  Wedrieulaj
evening at 7.30 in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting Brethren  cordially
invited. GEO. HUSTON.  0 0.
       A. Siiiu.axo. K of li.'& 8,j
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