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Slocan Mining Review 1907-04-18

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U .-;,-
Devoted to Advertising the resources
of the rich Slocan
Mining Division. . .
Sent to any address
for $2.00 per ann.
If you see it in the
" Review,"   it's  so.
No. 34.   Vol. I.
SANDON, British Columbia, Thursday, April 18, 1907.
Single Copies 10c.
Body of John llilcliey Was
Recovered After Two
Days' Search.
Alter searching unceasingly since the
12th inst., when the unfortunate foreman of tbe American Boy mine was
swept away by a snowslide, his body
was recovered on Sunday morning completely buried in the snow. The crews
of the Last Chance and the American
Boy mines engaged in tbe prolonged
search, re uming each morning at daybreak, they being assisted by the
efforts of the deceased's sagacious collie
dog. '' Bobs," which ultimately located
the spot, many feet below which his
dead master's body was found buried in
the wake of the avalanche.
It was found that the body from the
shoulders down was apparently uninjured, but au ugly gash on the head
was groundwork for the supposition
that the deceased was instantly killed
by the flotsam when first struck. As
the snow is rapidly disappearing, this
riew is strengthened, as a trail of blood
can be seen at tha point where be was
overcome, and traversing the course of
the slide.
After recovering the body, manager
Pratt and his men conveyed it to town,
where it was placed in the K. & S.
freight shed. Mr. VV. E. Zwicky, manager of the American Boy, who was at
Victoria wheu the news of the accident
reached him, arrived at Sandon on Sunday morning and took charge of the
remains, afterwards taking them to
Kaslo. The deceased's wife and three
children, who are residing at Edmor ton,
having expressed their desire that Ihe
body should be shipped to them, it
was accordingly consigned in charge of
H. Tyo, who also took along the collie
dog so highly prized by Hilchey.
It transpires that the accident happened just as we briefly described in
our last issue. The unfortunate man
was attending to hia duties as mine
foreman, aud wss walkii g on the trail
between 4 and 5 levels when the snow-
slide swept down tho mountain. His
Bad death has created a most profound
sensation, as the young man was very
��� *............. ... * j A A a a
:: "notes ant> Comment.
A Pleasing Incident.
When Rev. Fr. D Jeannotte stopped
off the Nelson train on Monday, tha 8th
instant, he was Cordially greeted by a
few citizens, who mysteriously invited
him into tbe dining room of the Hotel
Madden, where he was confronted by
Mrs. Anthony Madden, who afier making a pretty little speech which befitted
the occasion, placed in bis hands a $80
timepiece and (20 cash, which she said
was an Eatter | resent from a few
friends in the city. The present is al]
the more pleasing from the fact that
Mrs. Madden, who had planned and
executed the surprise, ia not of the rev.
pere's denomination.
Deal on Tha Evelyn.
A mining deal was made a few days
ago in which Ham. Watson, acting on
behalf of the Buffalo Mitiirg Co., purchased the Evelyn claim fiom Messrs.
J. W. Kyte and W. Horton. Mr. Kyte
has also disposed of his half interest in
the Wilson Hotel to George Stalil.
Good News for Everybody.
Your correspondent  is in a position
to state that   the  Patrick   Lumber Co.
will shortly commence building a saw-
mil) in Slocan.
Vestry Meeting;.
At the Annual Vestry Meeting held
at St. Paul's Anglican Church on Monday last (Missioner Baynes chairman),
H. 11. Jorand, barrister, was elected
lay delegate to attend the coming Church
Synod. He was also electid minister's
warden, and Mr. Wilson Ham, parish
warden. The report of the past year's
work was most satisfactory.
Dave McKechnie left a few days ago
with his family fur Edmonton.
Will Hudson, who has been away
from the Slocan for a number of years,
has returned. He was at oue time foreman at the Arlington mine.
Nelson's Benzoin cream will heal the
ohaps the cold winds cause.
A sad drowning fatality occurred at
Nakusp shout 1 a.m. this morning. A
man named Watte, who was cook for a
Government survey party werking in
the vicinity, left town in a imall I'eter-
boro cam e shortly after midnight to go
to his camp, and Tt is thought that in the
darkness the canoe struck one of the
piles near the wharf and capsized.
Several railway men heard cries, which
continued,for an hour, but they were
at Hist attributed to " loons," or other
water fowls. A search' party arrived
too late. 11 ii body was recovered later
nnd shipped to Nelson, where the deceased's wife and one child reside.
Watte was for some time a freight
checker in the employ of the C.l'.R, at
<  .-*������*���-*--���*-���*. ������*.. A. A. A. A..
Don't Read This.
We wish to draw the attention of our
readers to the section of the new Land
Act which refers to advertising. There
appears to be a misconception on the
part of some of the gentlemen who are
staking timber and land as to which is
the proper newspaper to send the necessary legal notices to, and we therefore
append the extract from the " Act to
Amend the Land Act."
The applicant   shall, within   the
time allowed by the Commissioner,
give notice that he has applied for
permission to obtain a license BY
and in a newspaper PUBLISHED
and circulating in the district where
such land lies, or, in the absence of
such local paper in the one nearest
Now we wish to remark that the Slocan
Mining Review  is THE ONLY  newspaper published in the Slocan District.
By no stretch of imagination or legal
quibbling can Nelson claim any connection with this district.    We are in the
Slocan, and being here we intend to get
what is coming to us even if we go broke
proving our case.   We  have  had legal
advice in the matter, and we are assured that in  the event of two parties
applying for tha same license, preference would  be given to the one who
strictly obeyed the Act in publishing
their notice in  the local paper.    We
wish also to add that we  shall await
our opportunity and protest the granting of licenses in a vigorous manner as
a  test case in  the near future.   We
therefore frankly advise ourfiiendsto
govern themselves by this preliminary
hint, as somebody will be jumped in a
few weeks, and it won't be the printer.
In tho meantime we ask our smaller
contemporaries   who  are   butting  up
against rimilar trouble to assist us with
their moral support.
Parsons and Persons.
We have had many and many a dig
at parsons in our time, therefore a rub
up the spine of their " sheep "the wrong
way willT)e"appreclated by our " friends
of the cloth." In ancient days there
were Scribes, Pharisees and Hypocrites,
and we have our reasons for thinking
that the latter species has not yet become extinct. We recently noticed in
au exchange that " surprise was expressed why ministers���good men and
true���should be constantly drifting
from one camp to another," to which
we would add were it not for the
sacred halo surrounding the subject:
Surprise be d d."
Surely people with the frailest perceptive powers can recognize " the
cause " when they consider the inadequate contributions towards the support
of their ministers. Did you ever notice
when a long-suffering pastor is compelled to make a change in preference
to running the risk of becoming bank,
rupt or being cleaned out by the sheriff,
that his concerned (?) " flock " piously
chortle, " Pastor Thingamybob has had
a more_ important " call." What ���
shame he should leave us," etc., etc.
The hypocrisy of the whole chewing
match which follows palls on us.
When " too late " the congregation ia
aroused to a sense of their neglect and
obligations, and at once attempt to calm
their conscience by adding their " mite"
towards a gift of a soup dish to Mrs.
Parson and silver-mounted pants suspenders to " his reverence," add to
which a layer cake and a Social���must
have a social, you know ��� when
laudatory speeches are made and ful-
jome flattery coughed up.
But cannot the departing apostle see
through the shallowness of such sentiment? He would be a pretty undis-
rerning chump if he didn't. 'Only a
short time since we remarked to a
neighbour that there was no more favored camp than our own in regard to
the supply of priest and ministers laboring in our midst tor the great and
good cause,���Rev. Fr. Jeannotte (Catholic;, Church Missioner Baynes (Anglican), Pastor Brown (Presbyterian),
and Pastor Rutherford (Methodist).
One has recently departed to another
sphere of usefulness (Mr. Brown), who
modestly explained that his motive for
leaving was to seek further study at
college, but those who can "read between the lines" cannot do otherwise
than conclude there were not sufficient
pecuniary advantages offered to induce
him to remain and comfortably exist.
We venture to assert that if this miserable Bupineness continues the district
will soon be deprived of present privileges, for " Man cannot live by Bread
alone," and a wife naturally kicks
against such' a bill of fare and also ao
scanty an outlook for the .future.
Experientia docet .'
We take a practical view of the situation and eons der it amounts to a
scandal that men of education who
have obeyed the Divine command, " Uo
ye into all the world and preach the
Gospel," and sacificed everything at
their Blessed Master's bidding, should
occupy a position financially inferior
to an ordinary laboier who can demand
hiB $3.00 or $8.50 a day.
" Our boys " at the mines when milk
ing good money and enjoying liberal
feed should halt a minute now and
again and' consider how tbe ministers
are faring; for doubtless there are
many who would prefer to suffer rather
than complain, and there is ofttimes
nothing but a well-punched meal ticket
between life and the narrow guage
starvation route.
Don't Flatter Yourself.
The man who owes the editor money
cannot lay the flattering unction to his
soul that he is the only toad in the
puddle. There are others. Strange
that the printer man is the last one to
be paid; stranger still that lie is the
first one to be dunned. 'Tis a strange
world altogether, all right all right.
A New Publication.
The latest journalistic venture which
has not yet reached that stage when
such important local happenings as
" Sam Jones' cows came home by themselves Monday," or " Tom Fatface
whitewashed his front fence Tuesday,"
is the Bulkier Pioneer. It is printed
in Vancouver, is of the boosting variety,
and is edited by a lady who we believe
was never in the valley, but when she
gets there, we suppose, can be depended
upon to climb the hills for authentic
news of the mines and to rustle around
the saloons for subs, etc. At present
the lady is in a snug office at Vancouver
writing up ths country in The Bulkley
Pioneer at the dictation of a financier,
who, we should not like to hint, had
anything to Bell or an axe to grind. But
one should never think of doubting the
word of a lady. We let it go as it
Where Were the Police?
A strange young fellow with lungs
like a bell of brass visited town for the
first time on Sunday morning. Notwithstanding it being the Sabbath and
the New Act being in force, he screamed
like a mad thing, presumably for drink.
By his indecent lack of clothing he
might have been a Doukhabour, but he
isn't; he's our new fighting editor, and
his weight is ten pounds. Fellow pilgrims ! that makes six. Bring in your
The coming summer promises to be
the most lively one in business circles
experienced for several years. A gradual change for the better has been noted
for some time, and those who have had
enough confidence to stand pat are
about to reap the reward which thoy
flew Denver float.
At Hymen's Altar.
Mr. Judson Byrnes and Mies B. C
Eastman were united in the estate A
matrimony on Friday the 12th inst., at
New Denver, B.C. The weddiog was
quietly solemnized, otherwise a large
number would have attended a public
ceremony to testify their sincere regard
for the bride and bridegroom, the former having for some time past
creditably conducted the New Denver
Primary School and won the affection
not only of the children under her
charge but also their parents. Rev. F.
J. Rutherford spoke the words which
united the happy couple. The kindest
wishes are generally expressed lor the
future health, happiness and prosperity
of the bride and bridegroom. " May
they live as long as they want and
never want as long as they live."
At Rest.
The funeral of the late Fred. G. Erb,
C.P.R. agent, Silverton, took place last
Friday at the New Denver Cemetery.
There were a large number of friends of
the deceased from Silverton and New
Denver at tho graveside. Missioner
Baynes of St. Stephen's church officiated. Friends of the widow and child
are raising a fund on their behalf,
Over $200 has already beeu collected.
For Victoria Day.
A public meeting was held at the
Bosun hall on Tuesday evening last, to
arrange for the 24th of May celebration.
The full program will be announced
A mother of a large "family writes to
enquire if Nelson's Benzoin Cream advertised inla��t week's Review will cure
the girls as well as the " chaps the cold
winds cause ? " We are forwarding her
letter to Nelson's Drug Store for reply.
The C.P.R. will no doubt offer their
patrons cheap rates the coming summer
to enable them to ascertain tbe resources
of the fertile Slocan valley.
There is not a resident who does not
" feel it in his bones " that New Denver
is about to enjoy an era of prospeiity.
Eddie Angrignon will launch his new
boat thiB week. A bucket of wine will
be absorbed.
A Silverton Mine Worked
With Great Success By
Owners and Leasers.
��. ....
Galena where present Th tne vein is
invariably associated withcalcite, which
occurs in very large lenses, sometimes
reaching a thickness of 30 feet. Some
galena occurs at the hanging wall and
in other places sine blende. These
minerals follow the bedding planes and
in part replace the calcite when they
occur in quantity. It would thus appear that the pay ores are almost exclusively confined to the calcite lenses
in the vein. Between the calcite lenses the vein consists of crushed slate
showing considerable movement and
having calcite seams, veinlets and irregular stringers throughout the mass.
On No. 2 tunnel for the first 200 feet
the vein is probably not over $ feet wide
It is almost entirely crushed alate and
gouge; then calcite comes in and a
very large stope occurs, in the top portions of which 700 tons of argentiferous
galena was taken out in the early days.
The vein here is very flat, the dip averaging about 10 degrees. The average
dip of the whole vein I should estimate
at about 15 degrees, with an average
thickness of 6 feet from No. 3 tunnel up.
Tbe face of No. 2 tunnel could not be
examined on account of foul air, but I
am informed by Mr. Hunter that there
is a good stope of zinc ore about 800
feet from the portal. Going up through
a raise to No. 1 tunnel there are several stopes, some of which showed considerable sine blende associated with a
sprinkling of galena. Several of the
pillars left in these stopes would pay
to work and aro now being operated in
part by the lessee of the property. I
took sample No. 49, here, this being
one spot of zinc ore in time cuts, two
on one side and one on the other side of
across-cut going through - ji'.llar toward the hanging wall. It assayed:
silver 10.6 oz*., lead 7 5 p.c, zinc 38 p.c.
but owing to the irregularity of pillars
and the prevalence of stopes not shown
on the map, it is impossible to make
any accurate estimate of tho amount
of ore available without constructing a
���tope map. Parsing up through another raise to a tunnel abovo No. 1, the
vein was opened in seveisi places for a
width of about 8 feet, mostly calcite
I with a partirg of galena near the hanging. A little blende could be seen in
many places, also close to the hanging
It was distinctly noted that as the
levels advanced into Ihe mountain the
vein became smaller, the enclosing rock
and vein filling much harder, and the
calcite more silicious than ln tbe shallower workings.
The main galena stope was carried
down to tlie level of No. 3 tunnel, but
the shoot split a short distance below
No. 2. There is, however, a little galena showing in the direct course of the
shoot, and considerable calcite. Some
work was done here during the latter
part of 1905, and one stope, at least,
can be profitably operated.
Figure 2 shows a calcite deposit with
a little zinc blende in a roll in the vein.
These rolls are very common, and
where they occur in the shallower level
the vein is usually of great width and
calcite the predominating mineral.
The pay ores occur almost exclusively
in the calcite, filling in these rolls or
lenses, 700 tons of lead ore being found
in a calcite lens on No. 1 level as previously noted.
No. 4 tunnel is not over 100 feet long
and is unimportant.
No. 5 tunnel is 250 feet long. The
vein averages about 4 feet in width
mostly calcite, which, however, is
mixed with quartz and toward the face
is extremely silicious. There are no
stopes on this level and it is quite  ep-
fiarent the vein is narrowing up and
���scorning tighter. Near the mouth of
the tunnel a raise connects witli No. 0
tunnel. About midway in this raise
a stope has been opened out in a vein
about 3 foet wide, showing zinc blende
with a slight sprinkling of galena, for a
thickness of six inches. At the bottom
of this raise on No. 6 tunnel, some
little stopirg was alse done without
showing up anything of value. The
vein m-ar the end of No. 6 tunnel,
about 600 feet from its portul, and in
direct, line with the main ore shoot in
Nos. 1 and 2 tnnnels, is pinched down
to 2 feel, and in the face consists almost
entirely of quartz with a tight gouge.
The cross-cut into the vein and a raise
extending up through the vein near its
face have not shown up anything of
value. At this point the enclosing rock
is a dark blocky slate, very hard and
silicious, comparing unfavourably with
the soft carbonaceous argillites enclosing the vein in the productive parts of
the shallower levels.
No. 7 tunnel must bave been a great
disappointment as it was connected
with the head Iioubc of the main aerial
tram to the mill by a short mine tram-
Nelson's Magic Embrocation is just
the liniment for rheumatic joints.
Pat Gallagher has sold all his timber
and is now a bloated millionaire. He
is going to the Emerald Isle to " Buy
Killaruey's Lakes and Fells."
The best news of the week i-.' the big
etrlke of ore at depth at the fc-mbler,
way, and I am informed the management had expected to stope all the vein
above this level and send tt throug'
the mill. The mountain near tbe
mouth of No. 8 tunnel stands out in a
deep ridge, at the northern flank of
which the tunnel entered. Here the
vein Is about 4 feet wide and contained
on the hanging wall (judging from tbe
pillars left) from 1 inch to 2 inches of
high grade. The first raise goes through
to surface, and the ground bas been
about two-thirds stoped out. Lessees
are now (Sept. 30, 1905) gophering the
remainder in search of high grade silver-lead ore. About 300 feet from its
portal a branch extending south from
the main tunnel came through to surface, the vein flattening up at this place.
Some little stoping bas recently been
done, near this second portal to No. 7
tunnel, on the southern flank of the
ridge previously referred to.
This vein between this south portal
of No. 7 and the first raise has been
stoped for a height of probably 60 feet.
Proceeding along tbe tunnel, easterly
from the south portal, some lead ore of
high grade occurs in places, and the
lessees are now opening it up. This
lead ore can also be traced to the right
angle turn in the drift, also a little zinc
ore, but both in small quantities. The
enclosing rock for this distance is rather
sottish black carbonaceous elate with
the vein matter in places oxidised.
After the turn was made, the drift continued in a northerly direction, and it
is difficult to determine if the vein is
present in the drift. At the face, however, a raise was put up 50 feet, showing a vein of calcite with slight mineralization coming in at that height. The
face of the drift shows a 2 inch gouge
and a few inches of mixed quartz and
It will thus be seen that at every level of the mine the vein pinches up or
becomes silicious as it is f jllowed toward the heart of the mountain. Near
the surface or say from No. 3 tunnel up,
the vein is one of the finest 1 have ever
seen in the Slocan. It certainly contains the greatest thickness and the
purest deposits of calcite that I have
previously observed in any vein. The
deposits of ore in the shallow levels,
although very irregular,appear to have
been on the whole of good paying character; hence, the pinshing up of this
vein as it is followed in depth or even
into the mountain, must, (in part at
least,) be due to the fact of its being,
to some extent, a bedded vein, possibly
limestone recrystallized. It contains
good mineralization only at the point of
greatest movement. There is abundant evidence of considerable movement
along the plane of the vein, both in dip
and strike, the former perhaps more
easily explained as the descent of the
hanging wall side. Numerous veinlets
of calcite extend up into the shattered
hanging wall but this movement can
scarcely be distinguished in the deeper
levels, which is not perhaps remarkable
in a slate country, where the yielding
and crushing walls would, at a shallow
depth, absorb all movement.
Active prospecting in the shallow
levels of the Wakefield should open up
a fair tonnage of lead-zinc ore, as well
as an occasional bunch of high gradeore.
local ano
a. ������>. ���>. .*��. .*. j*. .*��. A A A A J
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in the Slocan
mining district of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on the
second east Fork of Wilson creek and
about 8 miles fiom main Wilson creek,
marked D. Tourney's N.W. corner post
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located April 13, 1907.
M33 D. l'UOMEY, locator.
Picked up by Butting in E-erywhers.
��� '���*************************
Dave Kane, of Kaslo. hopped off the
K. & S. train last Sunday to be greeted
by many old-timers. He was on his
way to the Lardeau.
The effect of the Cobalt boom is being
felt here. We publish a 4-bit ad. from
there this week.
Great interest is being manifested in
the famous appeal of J. M. Harris
against the decision of Chief Justice
Hunter in the Star-White case, which is
now tieing heard before the full court
at Victoria. It is thought that all the
evidence to be offered will be in to-day,
and that the remainder of the week
will be utilized by counsel. It is
quite possible judgment will be reserved
and a lengthy summing up dispensed
with, as the Full Court is past due at
Vancouver. Wiih commendable enter-
piise the management of the Nelson
News has daily served up a full report
of the famous plea, whieh is greatly
appreciated locally.
Jim Sullivan is the new shift-boss at
the Ya-Ya.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson have returned from the Hot Springs.
Will the marauder who is paying so
much attention to J. M. Harris' pigeon
house kindly return the feathers 7 Beware of man traps and spring guns.
Fred McDonell paid a flying visit from
Whitewater on Monday.
Koch's Siding is a thorough np-to-dnte
go-ahead little town with all the facilities of a long-established city. Electric
lighting and an excellent waterworks
system are enjoyed by the thriving populace. The enterprise of W. E. Koch is
to be commended.
The farming season has begun in earnest at New Denver. Ranchers Wereley,
Harris, Baynes and E. R. Atherton will
be the largest exporters of agricultural
produce this year.
We have been requested to say that
the posting of a certain notice in a certain tunnel on the K. & S. track being
but a duplicate of that above, was uncalled for, unnecessary, and impertinent.
In the current issue of the Gazette
J. R. Cameron, Esq., of Sandon, lias
been posted as a Stipendiary Magistrate.
The appointment is popular.
The rich strike of ore on the Elkhorn
is proving permanent as the drift is extended. The big ore chute is widening
out. A carload shipment is about to
be made, and th'B will be duplicated by
many others when stoping begins. Four
men are at woik.
The skidoo 28 appears to predominate
in the divisions in the Provincial Legis-
ture, and the " unholy alliance " just as
regularly trot out the hoodoo 13.
Strawberries at $2 a pound are on the
market.   Pass the prunes I
Wm. Findlay had a rough trip down
from tlie Selkirk on Friday for the mail,
being overtaken by a violent snowstorm.
He reports that owing to hard nature of
tbe rock, but slow progress is at present
being made with the crosscut tunnel
he and John Beaton have contracted to
Georgie Hope gave a party to several
of his little friends in the dining room of
the Reco on Monday night, when dancing and other innocent games were indulged in.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Towgood and
family have returned from Halcyon.
Cleveland Capitalists Take
Over Valuable Mine
Fiom Lessees.
report that the
We are pleased to
deal which haa been pending for somo
time on the Lone Bachelor was put
through thia week to the satisfaction of
all parties. To E. A. Bradley. M E���
of Revelstoke, belongs the credit of engineering a transaction which will be a
great factor in the future development
of the local mining industry. The purchasers arc a syndicate of capitalists of
Cleveland, Ohio., whose names in financial circles aro household jvords, and
it speaks volumes for the future prospeiity of tho camp when substantial
men once again become interested in
the Silvery Slocan.
H. T. Peck, M.E., representing the
syndicate, visited the mine some months
ago and his report being eminently satisfactory, -Attorney Goo. Eicblenberger
and R. Black arrived on Monday to
cIobo tho deal at the lessees' figure.
We understand that the purchasing
bond held by the lessees, Messrs. H.
Lowe, A. Cameron, and R. Sloan, of
Thrrc Forks, retires on the 25th of June
next, and that arrangements have been
made with the owner, Geo. W. Petty,
to purchase the property outright at the
Mother Earth has at last pushed her  ?��� (W'000) U ��as slatedorutheboml.
....  H,^.,��K ��tW-   Wn'tHnl"     "Dan ! ���he  new owners will forthwith  incorporate under  the  style of the " Lone
EXCELLENT chances; steady work;
goud wages for experienced miners
in the rich Bilver country.   Write,
Silver  City Bureau, Box 296, Cobalt,
nose through " the beautiful." Dan
Hurley and Hughie Cameron hare oiled
up their automobiles, and Cos. Bigney
is working overtime on a new summer
aerated cooler.
We are in receipt of an advance copy
of " British Columbia," an illustrated
booklet published by the C.P.R., and
can assure our readers that it is o.k.
Send a two-cent stamp for one to W. T.
Robson, C.P.R. advertising manager,
Montreal, who will send one lo your address, but be sure when writing you
mention this paper.
All work on the Slocan Star has been
temporarily abandoned whilst the big
suit is pending.
We are pleased to note the reappearance on the boulevard of Mrs. lioiiini,
who is fast convalescing.
Herb. McDonell, who was badly hurt
at the Bachelor a few weeks ngo, ia now
able to leavo the hospital. His injured
arm iu progressing fine.
The editor is greatly concerned at the
arrival of another printer in town. Say,
that 2-spot you owe the boss will help
buy a new frock for the future Conservative member for the Slocan.
J. R. Keenan, representing the Redmond Furriers' Co., of Montreal, was
after clients here ou Wednesday.
Arthur Goodenough, of Kaslo, waa up
to the Lucky Jim on Wednesday.
D. Tuomey was over to Wilson creek
last week. He reports lots of snow on
the hill there yet.
In the race for the grand piano
offered by the proprietor of the Crispin
Hotel, Billy Cliffe is leading, with
Charlie Isenor pushing him hard for
first place.
Resolution of Condolence.
The following resolutions of condolence touching upon the death of Nicholas McKian, who died iu the Kaslo
Hospital on Marcil 18th, 1907, from injuries caused hy tlie explosion of a box
of blasting powder, at the Argenta Mine,
Argenta, B.C., were adopted hy the
Sandon Miners' Union at tlieir meeting
of Saturday, April 18th, 1907.
Whereas it has been the misfortune
of Sandon Miners' Unicn, No 81, \V, F.
of M., to lose through a sad and deplorable accident our worthy Brother,
Nicholas McKian, and
Whereas, by his sudden departure
from our midst, this Union loses one of
its most loyal members, one who we
shall ever miss from our ranks, and
one who stood at all liniia ready to
assist in the battle for the betterment of
his class, and the uplifting of humanity
as a whole.
Therefore be it resolved, as a token of
friendship to his memory and a tribute
of respect to his moral worth, that the
charter of this", union be draped in
mourning for a period of thirty days,
and that we extend to Ihe bereaved
mother and relatives of our dead brother
our sincere sympathy for I hem in thia
their hour of sorrow, and bid them be
comforted in the knowledge that their
Bon and brother had gone to reap the
reward of a well-spent and unselfish
life, and
Be it further resolved, that  a copy of
this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this organization,  a copy forwarded  to tbe relatives of our deceased
brother,   and   a  copy   furnished   the
Miners' Magazine and   local  press  for
Respectlully submitted by
Percy W. Johnston, Gordon McLeod,
Geo, II. Uopo, Comaiit'.ec.-
Bachelor Mining Company," and active
mining operations will begin at once.
All the available miners in Sandon
and Three Forks have been secured, and
a comprehensive development urogram
will be begun to-morrow (Friday), with
Mr. II. Lowe as superintendent. Mr.
Black will slay here for the piesent, but
Mr. Peck will arrive shortly from Cleveland, Ohio, to take over tlie management. As many men as can be obtained
will be put to work as soon as the snow
has diminished on the hill anfticiently
to allow of packing up supplios.
Jimmy McPoyl, perhaps more widely
known us Jimmy the Baibor, appears
to have taken a new lease of life. Although yet an in-p;itientat the hospital
ho ia now able to enioke his brier and
wheel himself around the wards in his
automatic chair.
prospectors' Cabinet.
UBSCRIBERS and Non-Subscribers alike
aro invited to lake advantage (if Ibis
Bureau of Information. All specimens
eiiiit to the Editor will be identified by J. .1.
Fingland, who will also answer queries. Write
plainly, und forward your communications or
lamples to reach tbo Editor not later thau
Tuesday of each week.
P. J. D., Ainsworth.,
Various explanations are given to
explain why adjoining ore chutes frequently vary greatly in silver values.
That furnished by the principles of
secondary enrichment iB the most accepted.
Under this idea the ore is supposed
to have been otigmally the same in silver values. Those chutes which come
right up to surface are gradually washed
away by rain and snow, i.e., denuded,
but before this takes place the niineial
oxidizes. The lead and silver are converted Into sulphates an 1 carbonates.
The silver dissolves in the water, is
ranied down through the cracks and
redepositod on tho unaffected galena by
a well known chemical pieces*. As
more and more ore of Iho surface pait
of the chute has heen removed, the under]) ing galena will bo correspondingly
enriched in silver. This oxidation process, a*i generally understood, is an extremely Blow one. ln a chute exposed
to the surface there is then an upper
carbonate zone from which silver is
grailanlly being leached out, a mid
zone where the silver is being redepos*
ited and the mineral enriched, nnd a
lower zone of uualfected ore. An adjoining ore chute which does not reach
the surface is the same na this lower
unaffected zono. Tiiese principles
equally explain why the silver values
fall off in depth in certain chutes.
O., New Denver.,
Geologists do not now uec the word
porphyry to describe any igneous lock.
Your specimen is  a fine grained felsite.
E.R.V., Poplar.
Before you slart, procure a small
bottle uf alcoholic solution of iodine at
a drug store. To make the test, about
2 ozs. of pounded quartz is sufficient.
Add a little of the solution and let it
stand over night. Then pour tho liquid
on to a piece of while blotting paper;
bum this, and if no!u ispretent the ash
of tho blotting paper will have a purple
color, The depth of the color will
indicate the amount of gold present.
About f- p*r. ton gives a yery faint.
Beverly of
fCoutinued Prom Last Week.)
:**.metnin*g iss-Ulm Qikt Bh8 had n��
sjrawn him Into his present position
with any desire to injure him or with
the slightest sense of malice. To her 11
had been a merry jest, a pleasant comedy. Underneath all he saw the goodness of her motive in taking bim from
the old life and puttiug him iuto his
present position of trust. He had
helped her, and she was ready to help
him to the limit of her power. Hi?
position ln Edelweiss was clearly
enough defined. The more he thought
of It the more justifiable it seemed aa
viewed from her point of observation.
How long she hoped to keep him ln the
dark he could uot tell. Tbe outcome
would be entertaining. Her efforts to
deceive, If she kept tbem up, would be
nmuslng. Altogether be was ready:
with the leisure and joy of youth, to
await developments and to enjoy tbe
comedy from a point of view which
she could not at once suspect.
Ills subtle effort to draw Haddan
Into a discussion of the princess and
her household resulted unsatisfactorily.
The young guard was annoyingly unresponsive. He had his secret Instructions and could not be inveigled into
betraying himself. Baldos went to
sleep that night with his mind confused by doubts. His talk with Haddan had left him quite undecided as
to the value of old Franz's warning.
Either Franz was mistaken or Haddan
was a most skillful dissembler. It
struck him as utterly beyond the pale
of reason that the entire castle guard
should bave been enlisted in tbe scheme
to deceive him. When sleep came he
was contenting himself with the
thought that morning doubtless would
give him clearer Insight to the situation.
Both he and Beverly Calhoun were
Ignorant of the true conditions that attached themselves to the new recruit.
Baron Dangloss alone knew that Haddan was a trusted agent of the secret
service, with Instructions to sbadow
the newcomer day and night. Tbat
tbere was a mystery surrounding the
character of Baldos, the goat hunter,
Dangloss did not question for an instant, and ln spite of the Instructions
received nt the outset he was using
all his skill to unravel It.
Baldos was not summoned to the castle till noon. His serene indifference to
the outcome of the visit was calculated to deceive the friendly but watchful
Haddan. Dressed   carefully   In   th��
close fitting uniform of the royal guard,
taller than most of his fellows, handsomer by far than any, he was the
most noticeable figure in and about the
barracks, Haddan coached him In the
way he was to approach the princess,
Baldos listening with exaggerated iu-
tentness and with deep regard for detail.
Beverly was ln the small audience
room off the main reception hall when
he was ushered Into her presence. The
servants and ladies ln waiting disappeared at a signal from her. She arose
to greet bim, and he knelt to kiss her
hand. For a moment her tongue was
bound. The keen eyes of the new
guard had looked into hers with a directness that seemed to penetrate her
brain. That this scene was to be one
of the most interesting in the little
comedy was proved by the fact that
two eager young women were hidden
behind a heavy curtain in a corner of
the room. The Princess Yetive and
the Countess Dagmar were there to enjoy Beverly's first hour of authority,
and she was aware of their presence.
"Have they told you that you are to
act as my especial guard and escort?"
she asked, with a queer flutter ln her
voice. Somehow this tall fellow with
the broad shoulders was not the same
as the ragged goat hunter she had
known at first.
"No, your highness," he said easily.
"I have come for instructions. It
pleases me to know tbat I am to havo
a place of honor and trust such as
"General Marlanx has told me tbat
a vacancy exists, and I have selected
you to fill It. The compensation will
be attended to by the proper persons,
ODd your duties will be explained to
you by one of the officers, This afternoon, 1 believe, you are to accompanj
me on my visit to the fortress, which I
am to Inspect"
"Very well, your highness," he respectfully suid. He was thinking of
Miss Calhoun, an American girl, although he called her "your highness."
"May I be permitted to ask for Instructions that can come only from
your highness?"
"Certainly," she replied. His manner was more deferential than she had
ever known It to be, but he threw a
bomb into her flue composure with his
next remark. He addressed her in the
Graustark language:
"Is it your desire that I shall continue to address you in English?"
Beverly's face turned a bit red, and
her eyes wavered. By a wonderful effort she retained her self control, stammering ever so faintly when she said
ln English:
"I wish you would speak English,"
anwittlngly giving answer to his question. "I shall Insist upon that Your
(English is too good to be spoiled."
then he made a bold test, his first
���twins failed. He spoke once more in
tuo native tongue, this time softly and
"As you wish, your highness, but I
think It is a most ridiculous practice,"
he said, and his heart lost none of its
courage. Beverly looked at him almost
pathetically. She knew that behind
the curtain two young women were enjoying her discomfiture. Something
told her that they were stifling their
mirth with dainty lace bordered hand-
"That will do, sir," she managed to
say firmly. "It's very nice of you, but
aftejjhls raj J-Qi-r ���*��JPflgfJ.��lEnirU-'h,"
sue wem on, taKn.*g"a. Krttg"T3rSTice on
his remark. It must have been complimentary, she reasoned. As for Baldos, the faintest sign of a smile touched
his lips, and his eyes were twinkling as
he bent his head quickly. Franz wa(-
light; sbe did not know a word of the
Graustark language.
"I have entered the service for six
months, your highness," he said in Eng
"Four highness, J fear we have eplet
and eavesdroppers hire."
lisb. "You have honored me, and I
give my beaut as well as my arm to
your cause."
Beverly, breathing easier, was properly impressed by this promise of fealty. She was looking with pride upon
the figure of her stalwart protege.
"I hope you have destroyed that horrid black patch," she sal3.
"It has gone to keep company vrttk
other devoted but deserted friends," he
said, a tinge of bitterness in his voice.
"The uniform Is vastly becoming,"
she went on, realizing helplessly that
she was providing Intense amusement
for the unseen auditors.
"It shames the rags In which you
found me."
"I shull never forget them, Baldos,"
she said, with a strange earnestness In
her voice.
"May I presume to Inquire after the
health of your good Aunt Fanny and,
although I did not see him, your Uncle
Sum?" be asked, with a face as straight
and sincere as that of a judge. Bev*.
erly swallowed suddenly and cheeked
a laugh with some difficulty.
"Aunt Fanny Is never 111. Some day
I shall tell you more of Uncle Sam. It
will interest you."
"Another question, if it please your
highness. Do you expect to return to
America soou?"
This was the unexpected, but she met
it with admirable composure.
"It depends upon tbe time when
Prince Dantan resume* the throne iu
Dawsbergen,'' she said.
"And that day may never come,"
said he, such mocking regret lu his
voice that she looked upon him with
newer interest.
"Why, I really believe you want to
go to America!" sbe cried.
The eyes of Baldos had been furtively drawn to the curtain more than once
during the last few minutes. An occasional movement of the long oriental
hangings attracted his attention. It
dawned upon him that the little play
was being overheard, whether by spies
or conspirators he knew not. Resentment sprang up In his breast and gave
birth to a daring that was as spectacular as It was confounding. With
long, noiseless strides he reached the
door before Beverly could interpose.
She half started from her chair, her
eyes wide with dismay, her lips parted,
but his hand was already clutching the
curtain.   He drew it aside relentlessly.
Two startled women stood exposed
to view, smiles dying ou their amazed
faces. Their hacks were against the
closed door, and two hands clutching
handkerchiefs dropped from a most
significant altitude. Oue of them flashed an Imperious glance at the bold discoverer, and he knew he was looking
upon the real princess of Graustark.
He did uot lose his composure. Without a tremor he turned to the American
"Your highness," he said clearly, coolly, "I fear we have spies and eavesdroppers here. Is your court made up
of���I should say, they are doubtless a
pair of curious ladles ln waiting. Shall
I begin my service, your highness, by
escorting them to yonder door?"
EEVERLY gasped. The countess
stared blankly at the new
guard. Yetive flushed deeply,
bit her lip lu hopeless chagrin
and dropped her eyes. A pretty turn,
Indeed, tbe play bad taken! Not a word
was uttered for a full half minute; nor
did the guilty witnesses venture forth
from their retreat. Baldos stood tall
and impassive, holding the curtain
aside. At last the shadow of a smile
crept Into the face of the princess, but
her tones were full of deep humility
wheu she spoke.
"We crave permission to retire, your
highness," she said, and there was virtuous appeal lu her eyes. "I pray forgiveness for this indiscretion and implore you to be lenient with two miserable creatures who love you so well
that they forget their dignity."
"I am amazed and shocked," was all
that Beverly could say. "You may go,
but return to me within an hour. 1
will then hear what you hnve to say."
Slowly, even humbly, tbe ruler ol
Graustark and her cousin passed be
neath the upraised arm of the new
guard. He opened a door on the oppo
site side of the room, and they went
out, to flJ^ppea/ancg .tbp"��ui*hlx. crest
tanen. "-tub steaay features of tBt
guard did not relax for the fraction ol
a second, but his heart was thumplnjj
"Come here, Baldos," commanded
Beverly, a bit pale, but recovering hei
wits with admirable promptness. "This
is a matter which I shall dispose ol
privately. It Is to go no further, yoi
are to understand."
"Yes, your highness."
"You may go now. Colonel Quinnox
will explain everything," she said hurriedly. She was eager to be rid of him.
As he turned away she observed a
faint but peculiar smile at the corner
of his mouth.
"Come here, sir!" she exclaimed hotly. He paused, his face as somber as
an owl's. "What do you mean by
laughing like that?" she demanded. He
caught the fierce note in her voice, hut
gave It the proper Interpretation,
"Laughing, your highness?" ho said
in deep surprise. "You must be mistaken. I am sure that I could not have
laughed In the* presence of a princess."
"It must have been a���a shadow,
then," she retracted, somewhat startled by his rejoinder. "Very well, then.
You &r��,dlsmlK*.jtiv'
I'I ii   hi-  I'ontiiiiii'rl )
To Provide Poor Utrlis With Evening
"I'm seriously thinking of stnrting a
uew philanthropy to provide poor girls
with evening coats," recently said a
merry young matron.
"How silly, Maude!" answered a
friend reprovlugly. "What lu tho
world would a poor girl waut with
such a garment?"
"Oh, I am not talking of beggars,
but every girl, uo matter what her station lu life, sometimes puts ou a pretty
light dress, which she does uot wnut
to crush under a tight tailor coat.
"No, you need not shake your head.
I was a poor girl myself, and never
shall I fosget the torture of my first
dance. I had a lovely tarlatan gown,
all white fluffs and frills, but mother
thought a party wrap would be extrav*
agant, so I had to wear my old black
"My feelings when I went Into that
house���we were late, of course-
through a hall jammed with people up
Into tlie dressing room full of girls,
who looked me all over superciliously
beggar description. The bed aud dlvun
were covered with such 'dreams' of
coats no wonder the maid was scornful when she took off mine. I didn't
blame her a bit for chucking It uuder
a chair.
"Not even splitting all my dimces
made me forget the awful moment
When I would have to face all .those
girls again and put on tbat fearful
raincoat. I Just couldn't stand It nt
the last, so slipped off home early.
"The next day I made myself the
tnost fascinating wrap you ever saw
Dut of mother's old black shawl, with
�� Persian border and some chtnllle
fringe from a discarded pair o'. curtains. It was when they were wearing
those cape effects that have been revived this winter. Every one raved
ever It, and you cauuot Imagine the
bliss of not having to slink out of sight
on account of my clothes. I just sauntered up the stairs as complaisantly
as you please. Talk about the courage
a good couscleuce gives one. It Is
nothing to that Inspired by good
"Nowadays, wheu I want to make a
present to any debutante or other
young girl I'm Interested In���that Is,
of course, provided she has uo money
to speak of���I always give her the
prettiest evening coat I can find.
"My dear Sally, If you are still scornful about my philanthropy Just try
giving that pretty little Bliss girl, who
Is home from school this winter, a
good looking coat or cape and see if it
doesn't convert you. I'm dying to give
her one ever since I saw her going to
the theater the other night in a golf
cape. I tell you, my heart went out to
her. I knew just how that ugly old
wrap was grinding down her good
"Why don't I give her one? I don't
know her well enough. But you do,
and If you want to experience what
gratitude really means Just try my
pet pleasure. Goodness! How happy
It makes those girls! But, really, I
believe I get more Joy from my coat
giving tban tbey do."
Pure, unadulterated cream, sweet
and fresh, Is excellent for softening
and smoothing roughened skin.
Bran or starch sewed into bags and
put ln the bath water for a short while
before using It will render the water
Drinking a glass of water ln which a
tablespoonful of cornmeal has been allowed to soak for a few minutes regularly three times a day will help to
clear the complexion.
When the hands are dirty try adding
a little sugar to the soap with which
they are washed. The sugar increases
the lather aud also the cleansing power of the soap and soon removes dirt
and stains.
A delightful complexion powder is
made thus: Two ounces each ot zinc
oxide and precipitated chalk, seven
ounces of rice powder, one ounce each
of talcum and orris root. Tint with
carmine and perfume with oil of rose.
Brest and Asre.
A gentlewoman never by any chance
leaves her style of dressing open to the
wonder how she managed to afford
It, says Elizabeth Aststruther ln the
Complete Beauty Book. She leaves
that wonder to ��� class of women with
whom she has little Indeed ln commou.
And a gentlewoman Is never so silly
as to hope by her style of dressing to
belle her age any more than her Income. There are many women now
called "fashionable" who dress themselves at sixty as they would at twenty-five, but they are not elegant women, however much they may pay for
their clothes or for their steam yachts.
A gentlewoman dresses girlishly ln
her girlhood and young matronly ln
her young matronhood and keeps on
thus, wearing the livery of her years
with a sweet dignity that makes the
foolish pretense of the grandmother ln
a lingerie hat almost hideous.
"At the Advice of Friends I Tried
Pe-ru-na and the Results Have
Been     Highly     Satisfactory."���So
Writes Mr. Pilon.
Notre Dame, Lachine, P.Q., Can.,
writes: "I write you a few words to
express to jPY my satisfaction at being cured. I was afflicted with catarrh of the throat and nose and suffered much. I wus greatly discouraged. I hud a bud breath anil bad
taste in my mouth in the morning.
"I took treatment for sunn* time
without obtaining relief. At tlie advice of friends 1 tried Peruna and
Hie results have been highly satisfactory. At the end of four months I
was  completely  cured."
Neglected catarrh becomes chronic.
Having developed into the chronic
stage, a longer and more persistent
treatment will be required to cure 't
than, if the disease were treated at
tlie onset.
However, Peruna VfU bring relief,
whether tlie catarrh is acute or chronic. If you are wise you will keep
lJeruna on hand and take a few
doses at the first appearance of a
cold or cough, and thus save yourself both suffering and expense.
Patients have the privilege of writing to Dr. Hartman for free advice.
A book on "Chronic Catarrh" will be
sent upon request.
The Woman s Town
Tlie town of East Clarion, ().,
bonsts n unique record. The Shaw
hotel is run by Mrs. Phoebe Shnw on
:i strictly temperance basis. The
postoffice is in ohtVrge of Miss Nellie
L'loator. The church choir is com*
posed of female voices, led by Mrs.
liva Armstrong. The superintendent
of the Sunday school is Mrs. Nellie
Hnle. The teaching force of the public school is composed of women.
Tlie superintendent is Mrs. Anne
Mawson. There hns not been n male
doctor in the town for several years.
and nearly all the husbands in town
wipe the dishes.���Kansas Citv Journal.
Do Not Dose with Purgatives and
Weakening Medicines���What People Need at This Season   Is a Tonic
Not exactly sick���but not feeling
quite well. That's the spring feeling.
You are easily tired, appetite variable, sometimes headaches and a
feeling of depression. Or perhaps
pimples and eruptions appear on the
face, or you have twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia. Any of these indicate that the blood is out of order,
that the indoor lite of winter litis left
its mark upon you and niity easily
develop into more serious trouble.
Don't dose yourself with purgative
medicines in the hope that you can
ptit your blood right. Purgatives
gallop through the system, hh.iI
weaken instead of g'ving strength.
What you need is a tonic medicine
thut will make new, rich, red blood,
build up the weakened nerves and
thus give you new health and
strength. And tlie one medicine to
do this speedily and surely is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Every dose of
this medicine makes new, rich blond
which makes weak, easily tired and
ailing men and women feel bright,
active and strong. If you need a.
medicine this spring try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and yuu will never
regret it. This medicine hits cured
thousands in every part of tlie world
and what it has done for others it
can easily tin for you.
The hendquarteVs for the genuine
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People in Canada is Brockville, Ont,
So-called pink pills offered by companies located at other places in Canada nre fraudulent imitations intended to deceive. If your dealer
does not keep the genuine Dr. \V i 11 -
iiims' Pink Pills for Pale People send
to Brockville, Out., and the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co. will mail the
pills to you nt 50 cents a box or six
boxes  for $2,611.
"Deduction is the thing," declared
the law student. "For instance,
yonder is a pile of ashes in our yard.
I'liiit is evidence that we have had
lires  this   winter."
"And, by the way, John," broke in
his father, "you might go out and
sift thai evidence/'���Houston Chronicle.
VTinard's  Liniment-  Cures Colds,  etc
Officer Roberts of the traffic squad
who holds down the four corners at
Dey street and Broadway, is ti wit as
well as a grammarian. Recently he
cited two examples of English as it
is mis-spoken In New York. One
man came up and said:
"Do you know where Cedar street
"Yes," said Roberts, turning away.
"But you didn't tell me how to get
:hcre," added the pedestrian,
"You didn't ask me," was the
cop's laughing reply. "You asked
tne if 1 knew where Cedar street
Another man inquired*.
"Where is John?" meaning thai
"Taking a day off," retorted Roberts, referring to bis side partner���
and the questioner went away
puzzled.���New York Globe and Commercial  Advertiser.
The Rev. Canon Almon Abbott, of
Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton,
is blessed with great gifts of oratory.
Recently he recited the following
verses, written by William Herbert
Carrush, a professor in a German
university, and the delivery and tlie
subject so impressed tlie congregation
that the poem has been tlie theme
of conversation among the people who
heard it. There is a beauty in the
verses that appeals to thoughtful men
knd women;
4  fire  mist and  a planet,
A   crystal  and   a cell,
A jellyfish and a saurian,
A cava where the cave men dwell-
Then a sense oi  law and  beauty,
A   face turned from  the clod���
Some call it evolution.
And others call  it Ood.
A haze on tlie fair horizon���
Tiie Infinite lender sky,
Tlie  rich ripe tint of tlie eon.liplila,
And the wild geese sailing high,
And all over upland and lowland.
The sign of the golden rod--
Borne of us call  it Autumn,
And others call   it God.
Like tides on a orescent sea bench.
When the moon  is new mid  thin.
Into our hi'iirts high gloamings,
Come welling and surging in��� ���
Come from the mystic ocean
Whose rim  no  foot has trod���
Bonn* of  us  call   it  longing,
And others call  it God.
A picket frozen on duly���
A  mother starved  for her brood���
Socrates drinking the hemlock,
Anil  Jesus on  the  rood.
And millions, who humble and nameless,
The straight hard  pathway trod.
Some  cull  it Consecration,
And others call it God.
A Pioneer "Muck Raker."
In a double sense the late Dr. W.
(I. Russell, former war correspondent
af the London Timeu, was a pioneer.
He was the first to make a hit with
accounts of battles "written on tlie
Bpot," although with him, us it waa
with his imitators, the legend was
a fiction. No man can see a buttle and
write about it ut Ilie same time. Rns-
ir;-l took in tlie points in the field and
lh?n wrote his story in a carriage
while traveling to tne mail or telegraph statien. He lmu'a his mark in
(lie Crimean war, that struggle with
many surprises und horrors, too, and
blazed the way for the American correspondents in the civil war.
Russell exposed the blunder which
led to the tragedy at Balaklava by
which the Light lirigade was sacrificed
Id no purpose. His revelations with
respect to that memorable action led
to nn official investigation, ;>nd tho
tiewsparJer man was vindicated. After
Balaklava Russell's reputation stood
so high at home that he exposed tho
o-iffering of the soldiery in the tents
nnd hospitals at Sevastopol, due. to
sffioial mismanagement, and raised a
r.torm of indignation throughout England. The main trouble with the army
was tlie cumbrous red tape und official
slowness to grasp the truth and handle the situation without risking a
"risix. Disease and hardship wrought
'e.irfnl havoc in tin. British cumps,
lind but for Russell's caustic pen
Florence Nightingale and her corps of
luirses would not have entered upon
that great mission of relief which has
since furnished example to the whole
civilized   world.
The time came when Russell had to
be sensational to hold his audience,
end his mission to this country at
the beginning of the civil war was a
[nilure. He was recalled by the London Times, although he doubtless
ivrote just the stuff the majority of
Rnglishmen at home liked to read at
that time.
Unmistakable Evidence That Kidney Disease
Is  Cured  by
Captain Wm. Smith, a veteran of
the Crimean war, living at Revelstoke, B.C., writes: "I can testify to
tlie benefit derived from Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, For years 1 wus
u sufferer from kidney disease, and
could get no relief lor it. Tlie doctor examined pre mid analyzed ray
urine and told me I lind chronic dis-
cuse of the Kidneys. As his medicine
did me no good, 1 bought a box of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and
was benefited so much thai I kept
on taking them until I can say thai
I nm perfectly cured. I told the
doctor I wus cured, but he would not
believe tne until he examined my
urine again, Alter lining so he stilted
that I bud n j truce of kidney disease left,    t have recommended  Dr.
('base's   inedieines   to   many   people."
The  urea, uric acid und oilier poisonous waste substances   which   are
left   in   the  blood   after  the  process of
digestion has taken place are eliminated from the system by tlie action
of  the  kidneys.
Failure of the kidneys to perform
this important work ' of filtration
means a poisoning of the whole system und consequently the most painful of diseases, such as Bright's disease, lumbago, backache und rheumatism.
The causes of such ailments are
promrjtly removed by the use of Dr.
Chase's Kiduey-l.iver Pills. ThiH
greut family medicine has .*i combined action on liie liver, kidneys
and bowels which  is not possessed by
any similar preparation. The whole
syMeni is qi iekly and thoroughly
cleansed uud the vital organs invigorated by this treatment, One pill a
dose, 2.ri cents a box. ut all dealers
or Kdiiimison. Hules ft. Co., Toronto.
The portrait nnd signature ol Dr. A.
W. Chose, the fiuni'iiis receipt book
author, are on every box.
Sends rich, warm, red
blood coursing through
the whole system.
Makes a man ready for
any amount of work and
able  to  perform  it.
Try a  Breakfast of the  Biscuit and a Luncheon of Triscuit.
All   Grocers���13c  a carton,  or 2 for 26c.
Warm  Feed For Hogs.
We have known many instances
where a good feed of warm slop once
a duy during the winter made tlie difference on a big bunch of hogs between a gain and a loss. It is not by
any means impossible to take a good
growthy bunch through the winter
making an average daily gain of one
and a half or two pounds if they are
ted warm slop once a day, while, on
the other hand, if they are given nothing but cold water and dry grr-in
there may be weeks at a time when
they will stand still, says a writer in
Iowa Homestead.
The plan of cooking must be adapted to conditions, though we have
found that it ia generally cheaper in
the end to buy a good cooker rather
than to temporize with a homemade
affair. Nothing is better than a good
meal of warm feed once a day for
brood sows, and for this purpose one
can use tlie smnll grains, such as
oats or barley. Of course if to this is
added when it is warm a little oiftneal
or tankage so much the better, because this contributes to the health
and thrift of the sows and to the proper development of _ the .little pigs.
The British government's' extension
postal contract with the Canadian
Pacific provides for a journey of 70.S
hours from Liverpool to Hong Kong
in summer.
To whom it mny concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S L1NIMKNT myself us well'as
prescribed it in my practice where a
liniment was required and have
never failed to get tlie desired effect.
C.  A.   KING,  Ml).
Dr. Anderson, the alienist of Brandon, paid a visit to Wilson Lyle, who
is confined in Brandon gaol on n
charge of murder, with a view to
forming an opinion as to hi*s sanity.
Wovrtmlod lo Glvo SmllmtmollOH.
Caustic Balsam
Has Imitators But Ho Competitors.
A. Safe, Speedy and Positive Cure for
Curb, Splint Sweeny, Copped Hook,
Strained Tendons, Founder, Wind
Puffs, and all tameneu from Spavin,
Ringbone and other bony tumors.
Cures all skin diseases or Parasites,
Thrush, Diphtheria. Removes all
Bunches from Horses or Cattle.
Ab a Human Remedy for Rheumatism,
Sprains,  Sore Throat, etc., It 1b Invaluable.
Ever* bottle of Oaustio Balsam sold Is
Warranted to (rive Batlslsxtton. rrlco SI.50
per bottle.  Sold by drug-gluts, or sent by < x-
f.ress, cliari*c-B raid, with full directions, for
19 uso.   tTTSend for  descriptive circulars,
- testimonials, etc.  Address
The Lawrence-Williams Co., Toronto, Out. H I
A motion to repeal the Irish Crimes
act   has   been   passed the   Britisli
House of Commons.
There is nnlliing equal to Mother
Graves' Worm ILxterminator for destroying worms. No article of its
kind  litis given such satisfaction.
Mine. A.���Are you going away this
summer, Mme. Crampin?
Mme. Cranipin���No, the doctor has
ordered M. Crampin perfect rest, so
he won't leave his office at the public works department. ��� Vie pour
Rite. h
Fare  and  One=Third
For the round trip
between stations on the
Tickets good to go  March 27th te
April   1st, inclusive.
Return until April 2nd,  1907.
Any Canadian Northern Ry. Agt*n\
will be more than pleased to furnish
fullest information.
Send for
FREE bepk���
worth your
Your Grandsons Will-Be
Old .Men Before This
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Out
Roof your buildings with "Oshawa " Galvanized Steel Shingle*
this year, and that will be a GOOD roof in 2007. We will giv��
you a written guarantee, backed by $250,000, that such a roof,
properly put on, will need no repairs and no painting for at least
twenty-five years.
Get the facta
you roof
a thing.
Of Oshawa
make roofs water-tight, wind-proof, weather-proof, mat-proof,
fire-proof for a century,���our plain guarantee keeps it ao for
25 yeara without a   cent of Oust to the man who buys it.
Made in ONE QUALITY ONLY.-of 28-guage,'
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-galvanized
They lock on all FOUR sides-the ONLY METAL
shingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on���a hammer and a snips (tinners' shears) are tools enovgh. Cost
LESS and last longer than any other roof. Tell ur the
surface area of any roof on your place and we will
tell  you exactly what it will cost to roof it right
Montreal Toronto Ottawa london Winnipeg Vancouver ���!
1*1-8 Uruix Bt. W.   11 Oolborne St.    128 SuiM" bt    89 Lunulas St.    7(1 Luiuumcl St        616 Fender St. 103
Mado of Hlfjh Carbon Wire,-we"l prove It to you.  COILED -not crimped.   This
makes It still stronger in service.   It stays taut,     "' 	
W.    N.    U.    No.   630
Painted WHITE over heavy
galvanizing���rust proof. Experienced dealers to oroct it. Leads all in sales
800 ���as in merit. Get Illustrated liooklot and 19117 prices before buying.
alKorvillo,   Toronto,    Montreal,  St.   John,   Winnipeg [p
Dear Mother
Your little ones are a constant care in
Fall and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh't
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done (or so many ? It is said
to be the onlv reliable remedy for all
diseases of the air passages in children.
It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
is returned. Tlie price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine sell 314
This remedy should be in ev-iy household,
Costly  Advertising
"I  figure Unit advertising costs ma
a couple of thousand dollars a ye,*u
more than  1 can afford "
"What are yon talking about?  Y^o
don't advertise."
"No, but the depart .lent stores do,
ami my wife has the bargain habit;"
- -Philadelphia Press.
Large herds of antelope are now
seen on the western prairies, the
protection given these animals serving  to  multiply  their  numbers.
Just  Like  a  Man
"John, tlie cools  lias left "
"Now, Gwendolyn, is it right U
meet me with such news when I re
turn   lioine   late   from   the  office,   all
tired nut ami hungry "
"Hut, John, dear, I merely want ti
sny  Hie conk  bus loft "
Yes, 1 know you 'merely, want ti
say,' And I merely want to sny thai
H's a banged shame this household '.
eternally disorganized. Other womei
manage to keep their servants.   Wbj
can't vou!'  Whv "
"John Smith,' I tell you thnt tin
cook knew you would be late, so sin
lefi a cold chicken, a custard pud
ding and u pint of claret on the din
ing room table for you."
"Well, Gwendolyn, why in tin
inline of common intelligence didn't
you say that at first-'"���Judge.
"f always tell my neighbors Wh(
have children bow good 1 have found
Baby's Own Tablets," says Mrs. 1.
Keville, Gawas, Ont. Mis. Reyilli
further says: "1 would not be with
out tbe Tablets in the house, for 1
know of no medicine that can eiiiiii'
tbem in curing the ills from whicl
children so often suffer." It is tin
enthusiastic praise of mothers win
have used the Tablets that make*
tbem the most popular childhood
medicine in Canada. Any raothet
using Baby's Own Tablets bus ,.n
guarantee of a government analyst
that this medicine does not contail
one particle of opiate or harmful
drug. Sold by medicine dealers 01
by mail at* 2fi cents a box from ..i
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brock
ville, Ont.
Hilary K. Adair, tlie well-knowi
detective, was complimented in Gal
veston on an arrest he had made.
The arrest had been niysterioush
achieved, and Mr. Adair was asked
to explain it. This, though, he refused to do.
"There are so many ways of catch
ing criminals," be said, laughing
"You know what the old man told
his wife?    She said  first  to him:
" 'Don't talk, John. You can't sa>
I ever ran after you.'
" 'True,' the old man assented.
'And you can't say the trap evei
runs after the mouse, either, but it
gathers him in just the same.'"
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distempei
Canadian  Longevity
It is commonly observed that Canadians are long-lived. There are in
statistics to prove that tbey are the
longcst-liveil of any race of people,
but instances of longevity are sl
common in this country that it ir
probably the case that no other nation can show a more telling record.
As an example, an exchange refers
to the obituary column of the current
number of the Dominion Presbyterian. There are thirteen deaths recorded, seven of tbem being women
and six men. Being Presbyterian
practically all of tbem are of Scottish
descent, which may or may not account for their longevity. Every one
of the thirteen was over seventy years
of age, five of them over eighty, and
live of thein over ninety, one being
ninety-nine. This of course is exceptional even in Canada, yet this is an
obituary record, taken at random,
and it would seem to establish this
country as u place where the evening
of our days is long.
Holloway's Ck)l'P Cure is tbe medicine to remove all kinds of corns and
warts, and only costs the small sum
of twenty five cents.
Three members of the House of
Commons gave evidence before the
Legislative committee regarding child
Ask your doctor about these
throat coughs. He will tell
you how deceptive they are.
A tickling in the throat often
means serious trouble ahead.
Better explain your case carefully to your doctor, and ask
him about your taking Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
We publiih our formulae
���     Wa banish alcohol
_������_   from our medioln.a
Wc ure- jou to
consult jour
Who makes the best liver pills? Tbe
J. C. Ayer Company, of Lowell, Mass.
They have be*n malting Ayer's Pills for
over sixty yeans. If you have the slightest doubt about using these pills, ask
your doctor.   Do as he says, always.
���Mod. bj th* f. O. Ajot 00., Low.U. Mo-a.	
.. Will grow In the
'bouse or out of
doors. H--*lntha,
Tullpi, likdlolns
Crocus, Vuclulas,
Qx-lla. Tubftroses,
{���al'oiilli, niitncs.
L.I1-, Deir** Lily,
-^_       Oloilnla, l.lll-i or      *��_ juboo"
a tlie Valley���all postpaid, 26c. In stamps
�� big collection of Bower seedo-overeoo Undo.
���um.r--l rluro-ry, tomervllls*, Mas*.
Ths Only One Right
"Ian Maclaren," the Scottish novelist and preacher, otherwise Rev.
John Watson, was talMngto the
Presbyterian ministers in fniladel-
pliia the other day about "cranks."
Alinisters, he said, are besieged and
annoyed by "cranks" more than any
other class of men. No matter how
lard-working, eloquent or popular a
minister may be, he must expect to
.nive some cranks in his congregation
.vile expect him to not only believe
is they do, but also insist that he
conform his sermons to their points
jf view. "They are like the Scotch
.voniiin whose son joined the army,"
;nid Dr. Watson. "Motherlike, s'ic
ivas never done boasting of how e
>vas the linest soldier in the British
irmy. When she received word from
ler soldier son that the troops would
parade in the city where she resided
die invited her neighbors to see the
lress parade. After the troops had
���lurched before the proud mother
mil ber neighbors she turned to
Jieni, and with a voice ringing with
iride and conviction, exclaimed:
'Did you all take notice that he was
die only one of the 700 in step?'"
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late
Mr. C. H. Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co., of Moncton, N.B., and Montreal,
Previous to Mr. Record going* into the
manufacture of stoves, those used in
Canada were almost wholly of American
manufacture. The character of the work
turned out by the Record Foundry &
Machine Co., at once gave their stoves a
standing, and as a result a very large
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
business as far back as 1870, the solid
basis on which he had established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a
sturdy pioneer into one of the largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of the American continent. With two
large plants, one in Moncton and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry & Machine
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" and "Admiral"
furnaces and " Penn Esther" ranges
recognized as the standard of Canadian
Dr. C, A. Lamson of New London,
.vhile at school at Andover, N.H.,
���.villi several of the hoys, attended a
camp lire of the G.A.R. at Wilmot
It was several degrees below zero,
and tbe stove was red hot when a
veteran named Chase came in. He
.vas a large man, and very bow-
legged. As he stood by the fire
"Doc," as he was always called,
stepped up and slapped him on the
buck, saying: "i'lease excuse me,
but I fear you are standing too neat
ihe stovo."
The veteran looked at the stove,
then at his clothes, and said: "Did
you think, young fellow, that mj
clothes were burning?"
"No, sir, but 1 saw that your legs
were warping," was the reply.���New
York Times.
A Wide Sphere of Usefulness.���
The consumption of Dr. Thomas' Kc-
icctric Oil has grown to great pro
portions. Notwitiistunding the fact
-hut it has now been on the market
lor more than thirty-one years, itt
prosperity is as greut as ever, and
ihe demand for it in that period hut
very greatly increased. It is bene
iloial in all countries, and wherevei
introduced fresh supplies are constantly  asked for.
Toronto city council passed a resolution in favor of the city expropriating the Electric Light company's
Viinard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   lr
The Spitting Stone
There is a stone in the high wall
that surrounds Girard College that
.ius for years been the object of a juvenile tradition, says the Philadelphia Record. It is situated on the
Ridge jivenue front nnd is about half
way between 10th and 20th streets
ind five feet from the pavement. The
stone is one of the regular stones ol
the wall, but it has the peculiarity
if being perfectly round in shape
and a peculiar reddish brown in
color. There is not a boy who lives
n that section who does not regard
.1 us the lucky stone and call it such.
According to the boyish superstition,
-���very lad who passes it should spit
on it and make a wish, which will
come true, nnd should he ignore tlu
itone in passing bad luck is sure Ti
come. Curious persons, hearing, oi
the superstition, have paused for n
tew minutes in the vicinity and
watched boy after boy spit on the
stone us he passed.
"Would you mind if T went into
the smoking cur, dear?" asked the
bridegroom  in a tender voice.
"What! to smoke, sweetheart?"
questioned  the bride.
"Oh, dear, no," replied the young
husband; "I want to experience the
agony of being away from you, so
that the joy of my return will he all
the more intensified."���Ladies' Home
The clause providing for licenses
[or those carrying guns and rifle*
wus struck out of the proposed Fish
and Game bill.
Descending in great haste from the
top story of a hotel to catch liis
train, a traveller found when he
readied the hall that he had forgot
ten his umbrella.
"Just go up to my room., No. 37,'
be called to bootH, "on the top flight
and see if my umbrella is in tlie corner; and be quick, ns 1 have to catch
a train."
Hoots fled upstairs his fastest nnd
returned  within  a  minute.
"Yes," he said, "it's all right; it
is in the corner just where you
thought it was."���Pele Mele.
���Saves A Lot
*   of Bother
The starch that needn't
bo cooked..that won't
stick.. that gives a brilliant gloss with almost
no iron-effort, .isn't
that the starch you
ought to have them
use on your clothes T
Buy it by name.,
your   dealer   sells it.
Don't Be Fat.
My   New   Obesity   Reducer   Quickly
Changes Your Weight to Normal,
Requires   No  Starvation   Process and Is Absolutely Safe
My new Obesity Reducer, taken at
mealtime, compels perfect assimilation of the food and sends the food
nutriment  where it  belongs.    It re-
Canada Needs Fifty Thousand Men to
Construct Her   Railways.
So great is the railway construction
work to be carried on in Canada during the present year that those who
have the work in hand are in a desperate state of mind as to procuring
the necessary labor. The lowest estimate given by contractors is that
fifty thousand pick and shovel mer;
will be needed, if the undertakings
at present in view are to be gone on
with. Where are these men to be
had? How are tbey to be procured?
To  Bring John  Chinaman.
For months the idea has been afloat
that the railway companies will use
their combined influence at Ottawa to
secure permission for the bringing in
of Chinese coolies by the shipload to
engage in this work on the understanding that the men will be deported when the work is done. In the
British Columbia elections some of
the Conservative speakers declared
that the whole matter had been secretly arranged with the Ottawa Government to the satisfaction of the
Grand Trunk Pacific, at least; thnt
a contract had been entered into between that railway nnd a certain company whose agent was already in China booking thousands of men; that
those men would be landed from ships
at Prince Rupert and would then be
engaged for railway work, thus evading the Alien Labor law. But this
would not evade the necessity for each
coolie to pay down $500 as an admission fee to the country, and it is said
that the Government will be asked to
suspend the collection of this head-
Work Must Not Stand Still.
Pick and shovel men are needed
in great numbers. There is no getting
away from the fact that the ordinary
supply will not answer. So far as organized labor is concerned there is
no sense in disputing faots evident to
all. Something must be done to permit the country to mako progress during 1907. What can be done? If the
leaders of labor object to the bringing
in of the cheap labor, the inferior
blood and low morals of China, what
are they prepared to assent to? There
is work to be done and no workers
to do it. If the labor unions will recommend nothing and assent to nothing, something will be done whether
they like it or lump it. Tlieir wisest
course, then, would seem to he to
assent to the plan least objectionable
from their point of view, which surely would be the bringing in of a specified number of white men from Europe under contract to perform a specified work and then be deported���
the whole operation to be under the
direction of the Department of Labor
and under the eye of the fair-wage
officer of that department. Let us at
least have white men, an army of
whom could be secured in Great Britain alone,.   ..
A Good Sim wc* li.,n For Glrla Who Do
Office Work.
Instead of using typewriting paper
wltb a band of elastic for keeping the
sleeves protected when working lu an
office, how much better ft would be
to make use of the attractive handkerchiefs sold ln the art departments of
the large stores at 10 cents apiece.
Tbey are made ln a very few minutes
to fit the arm. One handkerchief
makes a pair of sleeves. ,U is best to
buy a handkerchief Intendeu for a boy,
as the ladles' size Is too small.
To make place the handkerchief upon
the table and cut off the two opposite
corners four Inches from the point.
Then take the remaining part of the
handkerchief and fold it ln two, one
point on top of the other, and cut
across the center. Fit the pieces to
the arm, tbe point being placed over
the elbow and tbe two edges pinned
to fit the arm at the Bide seam. When
this Is neatly sewed the sleeve protector Is complete, with the exception
of the cuff, which Is made from tho
corner already cut off and which Is
neatly Joined to tbe edge of the cuff
and turned back on tbe arm. Four of
these handkerchiefs would equip a
girl nicely for office work. Two should
last clean for a week, so that she
would always have two fresh ones for
the following week. These should be
chosen. If possible, to match tbe gown.
���Washlngtou Star.
FaLlfyln* PcJIgreei.
The life of a breed depends upon
the honesty of the men who make out
tho pedigrees, and there should be
severe punishment for a man who deliberately falsifies a pedigree or certificate of breeding. It is due cattle
breeders, however, to say that their
transactions have been remarkably
free from any tampering with pedigrees.���Ho.lsteln-Friesian Register*.
W.    N.    U.    No.   630
The Above Illustration Shows the Remarkable Effects of This Wonderful Obesity Reducer���What It
Has  Done   for   Others   It
Can  Do for You.
quires   no   starvation   process.       You
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tissue,     and   quickly     reduces  ' your
weight  to  normal.      It    takes oft the
big   stomach    and   relieves   the   compressed    condition    and    enables   the
heart  to  act  freely and  the  lungs  to
expand naturally and the kidneys and
liver to  perform  their functions  In  a
natural manner.     You will feel better
the  first  day  you   try  this  wonderful
home food.      Fill out coupon herewith
and mall today.
This coupon is good for one trial
package of Kellogg's Obesity Reducer with testimonials from hundreds who have been greatly reduced, mailed free in plain package. Simply fill in your name and
address on dotted lines below and
mail to
F. J. KELLOGG, 37 Kellogg Bldg.,
Battle Creek,  Mich.
Three hundred Salvation Army
emigrants left Euston station, London, tor Canada. Rider Haggard,
who addressed them on their departure, said that, at any rate, they
were going to a land where every
man could rise who put his buck into his  work.
A Sure Cure for Headache.���Bilious
headache, to which women nre more
subject 'than men, becomes so acute
in some subjects that tbey nre completely prostrated. The stomach refuses food, and tbere is a constant
and depressing effort to free the stomach from bile which has become
unduly secreted tbere. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are a speedy alterative, and in initializing the effects of
the intruding bile relieves the pressure on the nerves which cause the
headache.   Try them.
He���I was assaulted by two hooligans.
She���Hadn't you your revolver
with you?
He���O. yes, I drew it out of my
pocket, but I didn't dare to fire; 1
>vas so afraid of missing them.���Bon
by local application*, as tliey cannot
reach tne diseased portion ot tin: ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and tbat ia by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an tutlamed condition of the mucous lining of thu Knstueii-
lan Tube. When this tube is inllamed
you have a rumbling* sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it Is entirely closed,
DeafnesB Is the result, aud unless tne
inflammation can be taken out and tlu*.
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing- will be destroyed forever: nine
cases out of ten are caused by fJatarrh,
which is nothing but an inllamed con-
itillon  of  the   mucoiiH  mii-roccs.
We will give One Hundred Dollars tor
any ca*e of Deafness icaused by oatarrh)
that eannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
���Jure.    Head   for  circulars,   free.
*'. J. (JIDSNtil & UO��� Toledo. O.
Hold  by  Druggists, Vac.
Take Hall's Family rills for constipation.
Alberta is short of school teachers.
Premier Rutherford says that at
least 200 new pedagogues will be re-
quired for Alberta this year.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
Six Thiol detectives were acquitted
of manslaughter at Hull. They were
accused of firing on the Buckingham
It   I��   One   of   the   Grente-t   Poei  to
I'liyNicul lteiitity.
If I were asked what wus the greatest foe to beauty iu both muu and
women, 1 would sny uot errors ln diet,
not lack of exercise, not overwork, not
corsets, not any one of these, but bad
mental habits. If we observe closely the
faces of the people we meet at random
on tbe street, at the theater or ln the
great shops, we will observe that nearly all of them are charactei*'.��ed by the
lined mo *th, tbe drawn brows and other facial disfigurements which accompany bad mental states.
What do I mean by bad mental
Btates'r 1 mean anger, fear, worry,
anxiety, Irritability, regret, envy, Jealousy, lack of trust lu oneself and In
the great good. All these are bad mental states, and all these destroy beauty not only by Interfering with the
action of the vital organs, but by directly disfiguring the expression of the
Unless the beauly seeking young woman Is prepared to deliberately cultivate good nature, kindliness, calmness, cheerfulness even to hilarity, unless she Is prepared to deliberately
conquer_all tendencies to the bad mental states above mentioned, there will
be little or no results from her efforts
to deveop in herself that most divine
gift of beauty. ��� From "Health the
Basis of Womanly Beauty," hy Dr. W.
It. 0. Latson, ln Outing Magazine.
How  Knurl ii ml  Loot  Argentina.
"Had It not been for General Whlt-
lock's disgraceful management of the
IOngllsh army In 1800 Argentina, ln
which ��350,000,000 of British capital Is
Invested, would havo been a portion
of the Drltish empire," snld Major General Sir A. B. Tullock at a meeting of
die Royal United Service Institution
held the other day ln London.
���*���   ChirlDtts   Bronte   Poem   That  Has
J*.::l Sjon Light.
Tho    London    Times    publishes    a
Cranio poem  in. its  issue of Jan. 4,
and says it was received from a correspondent at Hawortb, to whose mother it was given by Charlotte Bronte.
'Our conx-spodent," says The Times,
'thinks the   poem     has   never   been
printel, nnd, ns far as we have been
able   to  ascertain,  it  doesn't  appear
in   any  of  the  collected  editions  of
po3ins by the Brontes."
���Lines on tho Celebrated Bewick.
The  cloud  of  recent   death   is  past
But yet a shadow lingers o'er his
To tell that the pale standard of decay
ts reared triumphant o'er life's sullied bloom.
But now the eye bodimmed by tears
may  gaze
On the fair lines his gifted pencil
The tongue unfalt'ring speak its meed
of praise,
When we behold those scenes to nature true���
True to the common nature that we
In England's sunny fields, her tills
and dales;
On the wild bosom of her storm-Jink
Still heaving to the wind that c er
it wails.
How many winged inhabitants of air,
How  mnny  plume-clad  floaters (?)
of the deep,
The mighty artist drew in  for.ns as
As  those  that now the  skies  rnd
waters swe.jp.
From the gr;at eagle with bis llftlit*
ning eye.
His tyrant glance, his talons dyed
in  blood,
To the sweet brenther-forth of melody,
The  gentle  merry  minstrel of  tlie
Each in his attitude of native grace
Looks   on   the  gazer   life-like,   free
and bold;
And if the roel;* be his abiding place,
Far off appears the winged "i.ai adder's hold.
But if the little builder rears bis r.est
In the still shadow of green, t'an
quil trees.
And singing sweetly 'mid the silence
Sits a meet emblem of untroubled
"A  change comes o'er the  spirit cf
our dream."
Woods wave around in created majesty,
We almost feel the joyous sunshine's
And hear the breath of the sweet
south go by.
Our childhood's days return again in
We wander in a land of love and
And mingled memories, joy���and sorrow���fraught.
Gush on our hearts with overwhelming might.
Sweet flowers seem gleaming 'mid the
tangled grass.
Sparkling with spring drops from tha
rushing rill.
And as these fleeting visions fade and
Perchance   some furtive   tears   our
eyes may fill.
There rises  some lone rock, all wet
with surge
And dashing billows glimmering in
the light
Of  a wan  moon whose   silent   rajs
From clouds that veil their lustre
cold and bright.
And there, 'mongst reeds upon a river's side,
A wild bird sits, and, brooding o'er
her nest,
Still guards  the priceless gems, her
joy and pride,
Now ripening 'neath her hope-enlivened breast.
We turn the page before the expectant
A traveler Btands lone on some desert heath;
The glorious sun is passing from the
While fall his farewell rays on all
O'er the far hills a purple veil seems
Dim herald of the coming shades of
E'en now Diana's lamp aloft is hung.
Drinking full radiance from the font
of light.
Now we behold a marble Naiad placed
Beside a fountain on her sculptured
Her bending form with simplest beauty graced,
Her white robes gathered in a snowy
She from a polished vase pours forth
a stream
Of  sparkling  water  to  the   waves
Whioh roll in light and musie, while
the gleam
Of Bunshlne flings through shade a
golem glow.
A hundred fairer scenes these leavoi
But there are tongues that injure
while they praise;
I cannot speak the rapture that I feel
Whan on the work of such a mind
I gaze.
Then farewell, Bewick, genius' favored
Death's  sleep is  on  thee;  all   thy
woes are past;
From earth departed, life  and  labor
Eternal peace and rest are thine at
Nov. 27,  1832. C.  Bronte.
���Thomas Bewick wa$ one of the
greatest of British wood engravern.
born near Newcastle in 1753. He died
in 1828. The most notable of his engravings include the illustrations of
Aesop's Fables and Goldsmith's "De
sorted Village."	
The curliest reference to shaving la
found  In  tho fourteenth verse of tho
I'orty-flrst chapter of Genesis.
Free From Oust, Dirt and all Foreign Substances.
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,  50c,  and    60c     Per    Lb.    At    All     Grocers.
First Horse (attached to lovers'
sleigh)���Let's  run away,  Dobbin.
Second Horse���What's the use?
They wouldn't notice it.���--Chicago
"A Grand Medicine" is tlie encomium often passed on Bickle's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup, and when the
results from its .use are considered,
as borne out by many persons who
have employed it in stopping coughs
and eradicating colds, it is more tbun
grand. Kept in the house it is al*
wuys ut hand and it bus no equal us
a ready remedy, If you have not
tried it, do so at once.
At London recently Ilie Thames
rose four feet, Tbe ice in tlie south
branch broke up ami went away.
There is a jam in the river at Wonderland, about a mile above Spring-
bank, but no serious damage is anticipated.
*  Keeps your body
warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
' ���knit, not
woven,���   A^
���it fits,   j \Guaranteed
FdoesPEN- I     \Against
ANGLE/    .    \ Shrinkage
Irade-markedinred. In a ,
iriety of styles, fabrics and
ces,   for women, men and
Iren,      and      guaranteed
First Thln^
nil I Q     In tho
rlLLO   Morning
The haphazard use of a remedy
will never discover its efficacy. Try
Beecham's Pills morning and night,
and note the improvement in your
last Thing
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
f|* ���and all stomach
^���%HBl.ifl)Cv and bowel disorders.
L/l\? 1?WJ Makes puny babies
-^       _ plump and rosy.   Proved
L/lll li.    lIsr-    A"A your druggist
Nurses' and Mothers' Treasure
I Drug Ac CI.en.irjJ Co., Limited
No  Risk
"Lady," said Meandering Mike,
"do you want  any wood chopped?"
"No,"  was the sharp  answer.
"Nor chores of any kind done?"
"In dat case, 1 feels relieved. I
kin take a chance on -ask-in' you for
sonretliin' to eat."���Washington Slur.
Sleeplessness.���When the nerves
are unstrung and tlie whole body
given up to wretchedness, when the
mind is filled with gloom and dismal
forebodings, tbe result of derange-
��� ii me digestive organs, sleeplessness comes to add to the distress.
If only the subject could sleep, there
would be oblivion for a while and
temporary relief, Parmelee's Vege-
lable Pills will not only induce sleep,
but will act so beneficially that tho
subject will wake refreshed and restored  to happiness.
The flltisl rated London News says
Unit Canada's excellent land and enterprising amendments will doubtless
lend still further to diminish (ireat
Britain's   agricultural   population.
Minister Spe&Ksj
to Mothers  -I
Tells His Wife's Experience for the
SaKt of Other Sufferers.
The following letter has been sent
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd., for publication.
Dr. T. A. Slocum. Limited i���Dear Sin: Within
the liiMt two yeara my wile (who 1b ol a delicate
conatitutlon) haa had two severe attacks of la
rrlppe, both ol which hare been apeedlty corrected
uae of Psychine. W e have such faith ln the
euit-ieiiey of your remedioa that aa a family we
use no other. For toning up a debilitated system,
however run down, restoring to healthy action
the heart and lungs, and aa a specific for all wasting diseases, your Fiyehina and Oxomulston are
limply peerless.   Yours sincerely; Itev. 3. J. Rice,
PSYCHINE, Pronounced Si-keen,
is a scientific preparation, having
wonderful tonic properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak organs of the body,
quickly restoring them to strong
and healthy action. ._ It is especially
adapted for people who are run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, LaGrippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption and all
stomach or organic troubles. It
has no substitute.
You cannot possibly hare*
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in i-lb. and i-lb Tius.   e
(pronounced sC-kkn)
Is for sale at all dealers, at 60c and
$1.00 per bottle, or write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
king St. W., Toronto.
There Is no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE.
Dr. Root's Kldnev Pills are a euro and
permanent cure forEheumatism, Bright's
Disease, Pain in the Back and all forms
of Kidney Trouble. 25c per box, at all
���   mother* loses its
terrora when the
medicine   cabinet  contain!  a  bottle   of ,
thai, famous old remedy,
Dr. A, Johnaou knew humanities needs
when in 1810 he pm footed this wondurful ,
rmiit-dy for lung nnd tliroat troubles, aa j
well un for cuts, burns, bruises, sore and
lame iinuirlps.   25 and -50c.  At drngcists.
I. B.  JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mas*.
-COMPANY' ���l.miteu
Cold Country Animals.
Animals that live in cold countries
have a warm matting of well or fine
fur underneath their hairy coats, so
that tliey are almost perfectly protected from tbe cold. This wool usually
falls oil in summer. i
The Longest Mile.
The longest mile Is the UanoverJUn
It Is 11,00) yards.
Good Reasons
Corrugated  Iron
Is Preferred
by Those Who Know
We use only best Apollo or
English sheets.
The corrugations are pressed
one at a time���not rolled���fitting
perfectly, both at ends and sides
without waste.
No scale, pin holes or other
defects are ever found in our
The galvan:zed sheets are
coated on both sides wilh all the
galvanizing material that can adhere to them.
The painted sheets are coated
on both sides with best quality
We furnish any size or gauge
req uired ��� either curved or
If you desire durable quality
and certain economical satisfaction, send us your specifications
or write for further information.
NO CHEAP TRASH     M Bank of cMontreal,
CAPITAL ALL PAID UP. $14,000,000.
REST. $11,000,000   .
President���LeaD Sthithcona and Moukt Rotal.
Vice-President���Hon. GioBOi A. Dbdmkond.
General Manager���E. S. Cloustos.
Branches la All The Principal Cities In Canada
A General Banking Business Transacted.
NEW DENYER BRMCfl, - H. fi. FISHER, Manager.
Slocan OMnind Review.
-Subscription $3.00 per annum, strictly
in advance.   No pay, no paper.
AnTCitTisixa Rams:
Notices to Delinquent Owners ��� $12.00
"     for Crown Grants    -   -    7.60
"      " Purchase of Land   -    7.(50
"     " License to Cut Timber 6.00
All locals will be charged for at the rata
of 16c. per line each issue.
Transient rates made known on application.   No room for Quacks.
Address all Communications and make
Cheques payable to
Editor and Publisher.
Sbe Slocan Ibotel
Gbree forhs,
Headquart ers for Mining Men
���when visiting this famous Silver-
Lead Mining Camp. Every
comfort for the Traveling Public.
A Well-Stocked Bar and Excellent Pool Table.
Hugh Niven, Proprietor
Notice is Hereby given that 60 dsys
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, B.C., for permission
to purchase the following described
tract of land in the West Kootenay District about lli miles N.E. of Rosebery
station. Commencing at a post marked
P.J.G. S.W C, initial post planted on
the north tide of the fit st east fork of
Wilson creek and on the east side of
tlie main Wilson creek, thence north 10
chains, thence fiast 6 chains, thence
north 10 ('liuinc, thence east 5 chains,
thence north 20 chains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
west 50 chains to point of commencement. Containing 175 acres of iand
more or leas.
Dated this 18th day of April, 1007.
Notice iB hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situate in West Kootenay
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on the aids of Wilson creek, shout
2'j, miles below falls of main Wilson
creek, and 2 miles iu on ths 2nd east
fork, marked D. Taomey's S.E. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thance east 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a post, planted on south side of Wilson creek, and
about 7 chains from location post Na. 1,
and marked D. Tuomey's S.W. corner
post, thence north 80 chains, along the
same line, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains thence west 80 chains,
to the point of commencement.
Located March IS, 1007.
Mar. 31, 30 D. Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dare
after dale I intend to api ly to the Chief
Com missioner of Lands and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
, jWest Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post planted on tlie south side of
N. & S. Ry. Near east end of Box Lake,
marked L. G., S. W. O. Initial post,
thence north 40 chains along the eastern
boundary line of Joseph Prestley's location, thence east 40 cliains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to point of commencement. Containing 160 ai-res more or less.
Dated April 11th, 1807
,Je 20. P. J. Gallagher, agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I Intend to apply to tho Chief
Coramisioner of Lsnds and Works, at
Victoria for permission to purchase the
following described tract of land in
West Kootenay Distiict. Commencing
at a post planted on the couth side of
-the N, & 8. Rv., marked ' N, S. F.,
S. W. C. Initial post," thence north 20
chains along the eastern boundary line
ot L. Gallagher's location, near Box
Lake, thonce east 40 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 40 chains,
-to point cf commencement. Contain'
ing 80 aeres more ar le��s.
Dated April 11th, 1907.
Je20 P. Gallagher, agent.
To Mich ail Penrose, or to whomsoever
he may hnve transferred his interest
in the" Young Rambler" mineral
claim,    situated   near  McGuigan,
located tbe Srd day ot October, 1900,
recorded the 17th day of October,
1900, in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that I hare
expended $102.50 in labor and improvements on the above-mentioned mineral
claim, under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
cats of this notice you fail or refuse to
ontribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in the said
claim will become tha property of the
undersigned, nnder  section  4 ol  tht
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.
Dated at Sandon, thi* Srd   day   of
April, 1907.
Notice is herebv given tbat 80 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Landetand Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described land situated on Mill creek about
4 miles from Slooan Lake, beginning at
a post marked "L. S. corner," thence
north 40 clmins, thence east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 160
chains to point ol commencement.
Dated 10th day of March 1907.
Mar 98 Ind
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date we intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situated on Carouse
creek, in West Kootenay.
First location: Commenoing at a
post on (he north side of Cayouss creek
about >�� mile from lake, and on the
line of L. 5817, and marked G. S. V.'s
S. W. coiner post, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, ihence
south 80 thains, thence west 80 chains,
to point of commencement.
Located March 28, 1907.
Second location:   Commencing  at
post on the North side of Cayouse creek
about Si-,  miles from tbe   lake   and
marked D. McL 's    S.E.   corner  post,
thence west 160 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east  160 chains,  thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement.
Located March 26, 1907.
Apr. 4. 80 d. locator.
Sixty dsys after date I Intend to
apply to the Chief Commisioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, B.C., for permission tn purchase the following land,
sitnated in West Kootenay District,
commencing at a post 20 chains north
of J. S. Morrison's S.E. rornev, thence
60 chains North, thence 20 chains east,
thence 60 chains south, thence 20chains
west to point of commencement, containing ISO acres.
Located March 20, 1907.
Mar 28-60d
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.*
Chief Commissionerof Lands and Works
for permission lo purchase the following
described tract of land in West Kootenay.
Commencing at a post marked 8. Y.
Brockman's N.W. corner, planted at
the N.E. corner of W. Schulyke's preemption i thence 80 chains cast, thence
40 chains couth, thence 80 chains west,
tnence 40 chains north to point of commencement, following boundaries of
crown granted mineral claims, if any,
Dated April 4th, 1907.
Apl 11-60
Notice i- hereby given that CO days
after data I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Land* and Works, at
Victoria, for permission to purchase the
following described tract of laud in
W��st Kootenay District. Commencing
at a post planted on the north side of
the N. & S. Ry. shout 200 feet from Ihe
track about one half-mile eatt of Box
Lake water tank, maiked J. P., S. E. C.
Liitial pout, thence west 40 chains,
thence noi th 40 chains thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 40 chains to point
of commencement. Containing 160
acres more or le's.
Dated April 11th, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
.days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following described lands. Commencing at a post
planted on the west side of Slocan lake
and about one and a half miles west ol
SawmiP creek on the shore of the lake,
and marked W II B's s ,w. comer post,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
SO chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence eait 40 chains,
thence south 30 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south 40 chains following
the lake shore to point of commencement, about 320 acres more or lens.
Located the 27th dav ol Fab. 1907
W. H. BRANDON, Locator.
Geo. 8. Vanstone, agent.
Mar 7-30
Just  Arrived
Wa Will Sail at
Reduced Prices.
At Coat
I Go to Wilson's for
Hay,   Oats,
Coal,   Vegetables,
i, Steel, etc.
Silverton, ��.6.
Recognised by the Travelling
Public, Miners and Mining
Men to be the Best Hotel in
the Slocan. The bar is stocked with the choicest quenchers.
Application to purehaae Lands.
Notice ia hereby given that 60 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated in the Slocan
Division of West Eootensy District, between Tan Mile end Twelve Mila creaks
and about one half mila from Slocan
Lake commencing at a post marked
J. T. Kelly's S.E. corner post, th.net
w.it 20 chains along tbo line of Lot
No. 1024, G 1, thtnee north 20 chairs,
thenca east 10 chains, taenia south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres mar. or lets.
Located the 11th dav of March, 1807.
J. H. Cory, Agant.
Mar  4 3b
Notice ia hereby given that 60 days
after data I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Landa and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated
in tha Slocan Division ol West Kootenay District between Ten and Twelve
Mile Creeka and about one half milt
Irom Slocan Lake, commencing at a
post marked J. H. Cory's N.W. corner post, thence 20 chains east along
tha Una of Lot 1023, Gl, thence 40chaint
sooth, thenca 20 chains wett, thence 40
chains north, to point of commtnetmtut,
containing 80 acres more or I.it.
Locatad March 11th, 1907.
Mar 14 Jin Locator.
Maternity Hospital,
New Denver, B.C.
Excellent Care.   Quiet Home.   Special
Care Given to Maternity Cases.
Address All Communications to
The Leading Hotel of the Silvery Slocan
The Reco
5andon, B. C.
Headquarters for flMntna ano Gravelltno flDen
Meals First Class. Bar, The Best
���Rooms Xaree, Clean ano Cos$,
To Rent
Several Residences at
Very Small Fignre
I Zhc Sanbon Ibotel I
���Rot>t. Cunning proprietor.
A Home from Home.      Fully equipped for High-Class
Trade.    Excellent Accommodation and
Splendid Cuisine Always.
Personal supervision given to the wants of Our Patrons.
bDicest Xiqnors, Wines anb Cigars.
****** *****
K. fl>. Spencer * prop
provincial Bssa^er
anb Cbemist
Sandon Assay Office
Ordinary Tariff:
Gold, Silver, Load, Copper, Iron, Silica,
$1.00 each.
Silver with Copper or Lead, Manganese,
Lime, 11.60 each.
Zinc, Antimony,   Sulphur,  Gold and
Silver, |2.00.
Gold, Silver, with Lead or Copper, Zinc
and Silver, $2.50.
Silver, Zinc and Lead   (8.00
Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead and Iron, $4.00
Special Rates for Mina and Mill Work.
Sandon Cartage
ID. MUnRLiE3^>r
i - - m - - id
Orders rareive prompt and careful
:.  Ifootel .:
7THIS Well Known
w Hotel has lately
been purchased by the
above, and he promises
patrons personal attention to make their stay
with him a pleasant
one. Everything strictly First-Class.
Visitors to Sandon should not fail to test the
Excelltat quality of the "shots" at this famous saloon.
Rooms. The very choicest Liquors, Wines and Cigars
always on hand.    ::   An excellent Pool Table.
S> William Bennett S
|| J. R. Cameron
The Kootenay TaSfior
Spring anb
from Crown
Catlortna Co.
T The Most Complete and varied assortment ever
in the Country.
\ In Worsteds, Tweeds, Cheviots, Serges, etc.
Complete fit and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
I Groceries, Canned Goods anil Provisions jj
Also complete Line of Gent's. Furnishings and Supplies.
\\    SAND0N'S FAM0U-* H0USE 0F CA**L.
Koot eivay / >      ======s
tt f\ T ir* I There Is no better house in tha Kootenays Ior
1 ^ UI %t I * the Mining Man to make hia Headquarters.
Visitors will And an up-to-date style ol doing
buaineas, and the Barkeaps are artists in their
The Finest Wines and Liquora and Choicest Brands of Cigars
McLeod & Walmsley   -   Props.
Sandon Bakery*
Families Supplied
Fresh Groceries
Silverton * ��.C.
In Adjoining Tntnitm,
No. 8i,      W. P. M.
Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30
p. m. Visiting Brothers ar* cordially
invited to attend,
10-lt A, Shllland, Secretary.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sandon Aerie
No 853.
Meets in Frstonity Hall the last Monday evening of every month.
J. E. CAMiB0.-f, W. President.
J. O. Potto, W, Secretary,
Put up in Pint Bottles for Family and Hotel Trade.
We guarantee its Strength and Purity.
New York Brewery
Sanbon flMners' TUnicm Hospital.
Open to the Public.
Rates hy Subscription $1.00 per month. Non-subscribers 12.00 par dlam.
 Hospital Staff  *���
C. E. ANDERSON. - ���     WM. E. GOMM, M. D.
Address Communications To Tha Secretary.
St. James' Hotel
New Denver, B.C.
Visitors to New Denver, the beauty spot
of the Continent, will find this hotel
to be thoroughly equipped for
for the comfort of Tourists.
Well stocked Bar.
Excellent boating. Grand scenery.
A. JACOBSON * - - Proprietor.
e Newmarket
New Denver.
RATES $2 to 3.50 A DAY.
Special attention given to Mining Trad*.
Splendid Scenery, Fishing, Boating, *tc.
li. STEGE.
No matter what his occupation, may save
money by getting his
Shoes Made to Order.
For a Mining Shoe
there is nothing better
than tin* famous BAL
with a good, solid,
hand made bottom	
These shoes can only be got by
leaving your order with   '
Shoemaker - Sandon
E. W. Wibbomon
Gold, Silver,CopperorLead, each,$1.00
Gold-Silver..|1.50     Silver-Lead.. $1.60
Zinc. .$2.00  Gold Silver with Copper or
Lead.. 3.60.
Prompt attention given to all samples.
26 per cent, discount upon five samples.
P.O. Drawar, 1108 Phone A67
J. T. Foley,
Sandon   -   -    B. C.
Send in your sub.
Whereas at the Last Chance aud Surprise mines, Chinese  kitchen help is
at present employed, to the exclusion
of White labor.
Therefore, be it resolved that this
organization, Sandon Miners' union No.
81 of the W.F. of M. reaffirming its opposition to the employment of Orientals
within  its  jurisdiction,  strongly  condemns the position taken by tiie management of the  properties in  question,
and counsels working men everywhere
and those  favorably  disposed towards
organized labor to be governed by this
A, SHILLAND, Secretary.
To Kootenay points.
Effective fjr Transatlsntic Passengers arriving on or subsequent
to April 26th.
Colonist Rates
from Points, ONTARIO,
On sale daily till 30th April.
while the rates are low.
For   further particulars,    ratal,
and folders, apply to,
3 S. Caktm,      E. 3. Covli.
D.P.A. Nelson,   A.G.P.A.
B.C.      Vancouver, B.U.
IIS the Headquarters for All
Mining Men in Silverton.
Furnished throughout hi a
superb manner, it offers the
comforts of a home to tourists
visiting this charming -timmef
Excellent Boating, Fishing
and Hunting.
Good Sample Rooms.
Qmoon Xo&oc,
No. 2<f
K. of P.
Meets every WedntsdAj
evening at 7.J0 in Prater*
Visiting Brethren cordially
A. B-h.lahi*-, K of R. A ���.
uity Hall,
Take notice that I in lend thirty days
after date to apply to the Hon. tho
Chief Commisioner of Lands and Works
for a special licenso to cut and carry
away timber from the following descried landa situated in the Little Slocan In West Kootenay District. Commencing at a post planted 0110 mile
North of the west fork on the liltlo
Slocan river and marked : Charles Provost 8. E. corner post, running west SQ
chains thenco north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thonce south SSO chains
to point of commencement.
Located Mar. 7, 1907.
Frank Provost, agent,


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