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The Slocan Drill 1904-09-23

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f3    SEP261904     -. i
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of tho best known and most popular houses
in the country. It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocau lake. Good fishing is lo Ijb found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington aud ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and the bar -supplied
with only the best brands of goods
The Fall Stock of Umbrellas have arrived.    Secure ono
before the fall rains and got your nick.
Ladies* are Selling at $2, $2.25, and $2.50
Men's   "      "  $1.50, $1,75, $2, $2.50, S3
Don't forget our special cash coupon offer.
Decision Hade ut Annuicl Keeling of
tlio Outai'lo-Sloomi Lumber Company
Where Kev rnt I Stockholder* Object
to Hitrliig their Money Idle,
The editor of The Drill, who is at
present sojourning in the-caul, writes
under date of September 12, .that he
had that day in Orillia called upon
Messrs. Tudhope and Lavallee, president and secretary respectively ofthe
Ontario Slocau Lumber Co. The
pleasing information was elicited that
it is the bona tide intention of the
company to proceed with the completion of their milling plant here at
an early date. A few (lays ago the
company held their annual meeting
in Orillia. when it was definitely settled to proceed with the work, several stockholders abating they had
invested too much money in the concern to permit of it lying idle.
A resolution was passed (it^ toe
meeting authorizing Messrs. Tudhope, McPherson and Thos. Chew
to proceed to Slocan aud there to
thoroughly look into the. situation and
straighten out all existing tangles.
Mr. Lavallee stated plans and specifications had been prepared and details and estimates provided for the
building of the big sawmill at Sloean:
also the construction of B powerful
tug. Both he and Mr. Tudhope gave
the positive assurance that the plant
would be completed at an early date.
The reasons for delay had been swept
awav nud, in justice to the stockholders, as well as the citizens, they
meant to carry out their obligations
and complete the plaut.
Tho delegation are leaving Orillln
at once and are now doubtless on their
war. coming in via Nelson and ra
Northern" interests had secured, or
were securing, a control in tho Granby
Co. is ouee more brought out by tho
following dispatch whicb appeared
from New York in the Spokesman-
Heview recently and is here given for
what it is worth:
"It is understood the stock controlled in Granby now rests with J. J.
Hill and at the annual meeting to be
held in Montreal next month the Hill
interests will tai'le control of the property, in which ease S. II. C Miner,
the wealthy shoe manufacturer of
Canada, who is (responsible for the
organization of the company) will
Graphic DoiorlpUonofa lilnstrllm Utlde
by Malinger McPhee of tlie Ottawa.
three prizes for collection of postage
stamps, two prizes for best bouquet
of wild flowers,. two prizes for best
three house plants grown by girls
under lifteen years. Prizes are also
offered embroidery, crochet work monograms, darning best six buttonholes,
and for the best dressed doll to be
done by girls under fifteen years.
llE.Vi:*!   ON   LEMON  (JUKI* II.
They Are Dolus Dei traction  to Oablui
nnd Caulies  In the Ciold licit.
David  Arnot,  Slocan
Over a seven-column page of the
News of Bellevue, Idaho, of Sopt. 10.
is devoted tothe history of the Minnie
Moore mine of that place, telling bow
it wa.s located in 1879, and what
pluck, perseverance and capital was
necessary to bring it to the point in
the early '80s whero Foreman R. J.
McPhee, now manager of tho Ottawa,
made the strike which produced in
six years afterward over ?7,000,000
worth of ore.
Within 30 feet of tbe strike the
management wanted to quit, but Foreman McPhee persuaded them against
their will to continue sinking to tbe
600-foot level in spite of unpaid creditors clamoring on all sides and the
fact that Carmichael, the backer, \, bo
was putting up his last dollar ou what
at the time seemed a hopeless case,
was helpless in bed with the fevi r.
A part of the tale, which is laughable
to one who knows how cobl-hoaded
Mr. McPhee i.s now, is given below:
"The workmen cesp mded to the
prodding of tho foreman, McPhee,
who, like his master, was stern nud
The forest Pres seem to have driven
most of the largo game from tho valleys antl lower hills to tho summits
and the bears have followed the rush.
The huckleberry crop, which is bruin's
chief supply of food at this time of
the year, has been almost a failure in
the Arlington basin and on the Speculator Bum mit. Around the Chapleau
and Exchange, too, the crop is poor.
This is a favorite feeding ground for
the bears in tlie fall, but they have
been forced to go elsewhere and
forage. They appear to be unusually
hungry and are raiding the uninhabited mountain shacks frequently.
At the Howard Fraction the bears
tore off two sheets of iron rootling and
displaced another sheet to force au
entrance. Once inside they smashed
tables and benches and with a reckless disregard 1 .the time and trouble
the company i.as taken to pay for
theni, and they scattered theni to all
sides and comers of the building,
making the place look like a Russian
fortress after a Japanese assault. As
the windows are all smashed, they
must have preferred torn ike their exit
that wny
al the Crusader has been
Laat Year's Shipment* Were 1339 Ton*—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life and
Wealth of the Camp—Ottawa If the
BlKgCHt Shipper.
Tho Enterprise, and the Ottawa
were the only shippers this week,
the former sending 20 and the latter
23 tons, making 1732 tons for the
year. The Ottawa, which sent Oiit
three cars last week, will probably
ship two cars next. Ore is sorted
ready for shipment at tho Prince, Club
and Cripple Stick, and is being
freighted from Edison, Neepawa and
Kilo, although the owners of the last
named property will named property
will not send it to the smelter until a
30 car is loaded, at least half of which
is now made up.
For 1903 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
Ions, mado up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise     20
Ottawa      23
Port Hope	
Brack Prince	
Black Pel	
Colorado ...-	
Highland Light	
ainXtor'but inindfuVof the dutks an'' I ^^c S1?UP *P do I1SS'
K A dvertise your
H Business
in these days of progress and competition
no  man   in   business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern   usages  proclaim advertising the
one road to  success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster.      A
merchant's   standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper.    To
sell goods a man must
advertise.      All    live
men seek the aid  of
the printer
a rswari
to all persistent ami liberal advertisers: it is read
hy everyone.
ixAt All Timesu
H Ttm DRILL.   12   P" W<r »
Subscribe for
local paper:
turning by way of Rovclstolie. Tbey
will look into matters hera'and at the
head of the lake*, examine the company's limits, and arrange for the
constuctlon of the various railway
sidings into the mill property.
The mill to bi* built is to I*-* :•! e-,.•-.■••
wav up to that Originally planned.
Though the lumber market in the
Territories and the shin'.:',-' market iu
Ontario have gone to pieces the company do not intend to delay any further the completion of their plant, and
arrangements will be made to establish lumber camps and get out a full
supply of logs this winter.
On Tuesday, and since the above
waa written, Thus. Chew arrived in
Sloean. Mr. Chew states that Messrs.
Tudhope and McPherson had started
with him, but were afterwards detained in the east. They will arrive
in a few days, and will then go over
the ground with him.
Pluccr Ould o» Sp linger;" reek.
Oeo. Stoll is showing a small quantity of placer gold which he panned
out at tha falls of Springer e • •!; near
town. The gold is clean aud coarse,
the largest being about the size of a
small pea. George intend: to try for
more in the same vicinity, and say-; he
can secure at least an ounce for exhibition if the panning d ies nol prove
to pay him wages. Although placer
gold has been found and exhibited
from Lemon creels and it- tributaries,
and, in fact, a placer boom was threatened on main Lemon creek in 1898, it
has not lieen tried for liefore on
Springer creek. There might be
reason in expecting placer gold In
paying quantities, as there are many
small veins on its slopes carrying good
fsroid values.
Not a. I'miiil.
It is usual that afler a mine shuts
down and has been Idle for any con-
sideilile length of time thai everything goes to rack and ruin. Iiul sueh
is nol the case at the Arlington. The
caretaker there, A. L, Reeve, is one
who oertaiuly seems to know iii* business. All of ihe buildings al the Ar
lington and Speculator, together wltb
the tools, lumber and mining timber,
and even the nearby roads, are in'hip
shape.   The garden and lawn  at the
Arlington office buildings would be a
credit in any town. Many varieties
of llowers have been ill bloom all
stiiiiiiiM' and the finality aud quantity
of tlie garden truck have been  cxeop-
lonally good.
Wlint it lleslilent JUtlgO,
The bar of Nelson at its meetingnn
prerogatives of his oflBc .and on this
eventful night, with tha vind singing
a p.. an of frost nt 20 degrees be! v
zero, 'the whistle sounded jhe midnight rest. The fuse was spitted an 1
the shift took the skip for the surfac"
broken into and there is much and
convincing evidence of high revelry
hiving been held there.
Last week A. B.  Teeter and  Godfrey Adams went  up to the Golden
ssment work
Al  nailed a
just as they bad for weekl poi     by.
with no other thought t&np another
there. When last there
large lot of grub in a barrel and left
it i.i the Golden Wedge cabin. They
did not take much with them this
timo Intending to use what they
had ou hand, but bruin was there
before them, and they found  nothin
round of holes, then to res!, iu
cabin homes .before thedawi
but   .'i'.'"'
• oil all sides.   Alderman
Teeter cam.* down for more supplic
Wednesday and went back looking
like he sometimes does when there is
a row on at a council meeting.
_________________  H
Mel'lieo. as usual. accOmrmtiiod the
shift to the bottom to make his examination, and bn landing there- -Great
Mother of Earth) through the dim
haze of smoke not   y.-t  cleared away I ^^^^^^^^^^m
there arose to meet hla gaze a solid Mr. Gintzbergtr has leased the
face of shining galena! Tlu*. bottom I Thomlinson building next the Bank
of the shaft had been blown into solid
ore; the ore bodies i ml bonanza ofthe
Minnie had lieen regained! With
palpitating heart and with a frenzy
born of long and ceaseless vigils, Me-
l'h"e started for the otlice in the village where Carmichael, in fever and
agony, was attended by his patient,
loving relative. He reached the door
after a mile of rapid running, half
bootless, without but or coat, burst
into the room    its door being no re
sistance to his stout frame
a cry and  shout, exclaimed:      'Wei
have got the ore!' un 1 fell exhausted
to tlu* lloor.
"Nfj doctor's dope, no healing potion ever devised by tho uaoal skilled
sou of JEsculaplus pvi . performed the
remarkabl • cure of fever and burning
headache like thi:; cry of" McPhee's.
It sounded like i burst of music from
the Gulden of tho Gods, it was as
though a band of weet angels had
filled lhe room with joy and perfum i
and Carmichael was sound and well
and half dressed I"'' "•• we finish the
tale, and-with McPhee recovered, on
the road to the Minnie mine In the
cold, whistling zero wind of the black.
starlit night I In his joy and in the
exhuberauce of his generous lind. he
gave orders that every man on the
works, leasers and all, should be pul
at day's wages ain ve those contracted
for, The town, which had sunk Into
a deplorable stat" of torpor, awoke
t.i the new situation and  made basti
to eradicate  ever,    vestige   of   deny.
Property, which could have been
bought tor the taxes, steadily rose in
value and is   held at  good  figures
Effect or liry spi-u.
It is years since so dry a summer
was known all through the northwest,
and in almost every section the shortage of water has become so serious a
question as to greatly hinder mining
operations, in the Coeur d'Alenw,
concentrators have been forced tosus*
pend operations, and this has also
happened at the lar je  new  plant  of
if Montreal and has had it fitted up
as the business office of the Monitor
ntul AjiX mines, and the new zinc
plant tli it is being established at Hosebery.
For the pa<l week or so tho miners
on the Moilie Hughes group have
been working higher up the ridge of
the mountain, following and opening
up the cropping-*, of the ledge of the
Heal Idea, that carries the high gold
and silver values. The vein shows up
well In the surface prospecting.
Burgess, on Goat mountain, broke
down and sacked 1(1 sacks of ore ou
the B. B. th" other day.
Arthur Brindle and Russell Thompson have a trip on hand up Silver
mountain with a view of taking a
lease on the Marion.
last Thursdav passed   a   resolution I the Centre Star-War Eag
urging upon'lhe minister of |ustlce nnd the St. Eugene at Moyie, and  it
.,    . . ,,,i- •  i       is threatened al a   number of  !■> oean
the Importance to tho business inter* i min8a
ests of Kootenay of having n resident
supreme court judge, and recommend-        Ohliaron'i Prlsoi nl Nol.ou K«lr,
ing that the present   vacancy on   Ihe . ,-,,.,
supreme court benoh be upon   the     rhe I"1'"'' (,r '■■•' childrens de-
understanding   that ih"    appointee partment In connection with the Nel
shall reside in the interior. Lou r.iir I 11  H I 11	
TDK control ,,,, tiuvN.iv.       twelve Prizes for penman • . • \'mt if tho id;*; hn« nut been
prizes for drawing; also pri.  ifor in   ■     i.i'pn   ■ \ any upw
■ i' ■■■'••   two prizes of-3» and •**•". for dliipiayort in BritwhColumbia.   li  Is
'■'■■    tatorae-nt publi bod   ■      ipl     (J   ,:1    ;,, ;   ;.,,    .,.,     e    composed of argentite, gray copper
or more of  months ago that   Ureal   pupils of  public and  high  i;::hou!s,' and native silvei.
DliintUfttotton in Dawson.
Larry Hibbard, a pioneer merchant
of Dawson, in the course of an interview   regarding   the   alleged   maladministration of the Congdon terrl
torial   government,   stilted that the
rci 'nt stories of corruption and op*
pro.-- *-,i ire well  founded,    lie declares (hit! mi* Congdon administration is no moro than a despotism and
that it has heretofore been useless to
send complaints to Ottawa  iis  Congdon  and  bis fri nils  would    simply
wire Ottawa tho- the complaints were
without found;'' ni and emanated
from disgruntled office seekers. He
declares thai the government give-; no
protection to propeity owners ami
buMusn8 men. and thai miners are unable to collect their wagi> when claim
o.vne refus • to | ay Ivcause the employee cannot file a lien.
Wedii i„k <>r r.ev. 1*. MoOord.
Au Interesting I vent at the close of
the meet it .' ol tho Presbytery of
Kootenay last Thursday at Pernio was
the marriage of Itov, T. MoCord of
Slocan to Miss Agnes Donnelly of
Winnipeg, which was celebrated in
Kimx church by Rev, Fortune,assisted
by Uev. Ferguson, In the presence of
a large assemblage of mends   and
well-wishers.       At   the  close  of   the
ceremony the happy couple were pre*
on ted with valuable gifts   by   the
ladles of the Fernie congregation and
the members of the Presbytery,
win he nn Attraction.
The Ottawa is sending  a   specimen
ore to the Nelsos Pair which, it  is
About 80 meu are working at tho
Ore is 1. ing mined and sacked for
shipment the (.'ripple Stick.
Two more miners were added to tho
force at the Slocau Prince tbis week.
A few more men wero put on the
Black Pri nee rawhide trail last week.
A small force of men went to work
at the May group ou Twelve Mile
A strike of seven inches of steel gn-
lena has been made on the Mascot,
near Sandou.
Cameron & Kennedy commenced
Tuesday taking out a shipment of ore
from the Kilo.
Geo. Bulko is making a test shipment of two tons of ore from the
Blanlield to the Chapleau mill,
Gootl progress is lieing made in tho
drift on the big vein at the Mayetta,
a set of timbers going iu each day.
The lessees of the Edison are preparing to ship about 18 tons of ore.
A few tons from the Neepawa will be
iidded to the shipment.
The lower cross cut tunnel at tho
Ottawa is now in UU feet and good
progress is made. Tbo stopes aro
still yielding a very lino grade of ore
and looking well.
P. C. Green has completed the survey of tbe Mayetta group, which now
comprises nine full claims iiud four
fractions. A plat of the ground is
now Iieing made out.
Michael A. J. Gillis and Wm. Cot-
terill went up with supplies Wednesday to the Northern Light. Two
good veins are showing on tho property, and they intend to take out ore
for shipment.
The Le Boi No. 2 company has
bonded tbe Kveniiig-Eureka group of
four claims on Red Mountain, near
Rossland, This is said to be one of
the best undeveloped properties in tbo
Rossland camp.
About ten t ms of ore aro sacked for
shipment at the Club. The oro will
uot be shipped ontll the rawhid trail
now being built is completed, when
more ore will Im* taken out and sacked
to complete the initial ear.
f.<*K I till ll, |r of tllO Kiel.
Tin: Winnipeg Tribune of tho 19th
is authority for the statement tbat
orders have been sent from Ottawa to
liberal candidates throughout tho
west to iit once select returning officers aud forward their names to
Ottawa. Several have already been
chosen. No exact date is mentioned]
but it is understood polling will take
place within seven weeks.
■ Intel Arrlvilll.
Arlington .1. P. Cunningham, Detroit, m O'Brien, Seattle, AO Jerome,
C Sundberg, Roseliery, M Wain-
wri fht, Cranbrook, M Klynn, Fernie,
Herb Schofield, New Westminster,
B. Heaketh. Sandon, V McDonald,
Ymir, .lohn Benrose, Churchill, Out.,
Thos.Ohow, Midland. Out., A Davis,
Mn sland.
Royal    >1   O   lv/an,   Nelson,   Rev,
ih' )    i,      v    .       I    r \if      'V I! -on.
VVinlnw, M  G  .s.ili, Nelsou,  Ale),
McGUl, II A Small. Vancouver, *******j*m
sn*~m,i *m f *tamtr**,r> -1
•m-rtrnmammearv, -*v**.M .^ J(J
The Girl
From the East
By   Marjorie   A.   Barkley
VopyrtuM. ISO!,, hy T. C. McClure
There wus excitement nmong the
young officers ut Fort Wayne when
Hicks, the little corporal who wore his
cup ou the side of his head, spread the
report that the girl from the oust had
come uud had been escorted to Colonel
Klein's house.
liurlug thnt first day there was an
unusual amount of promenading In
Officers' row. Lieutenants, sergeants
and even corporals found time to walk,
la approved military style, past the
colonel's quarters, and there wns one
who showed signs neither of excitement nor Interest. It was Captain
Roberts. He told his friend, n first
lieutenant, that he wouldn't go around
the corner to see twenty girls. Whereat tbe lieutenant grunted and said
something about behavior iu the Philippines, • adding, with frank sarcasm:
"You're a peach, you are, to pose as a
woman hater after cutting uie out
with the little senorlta so clenn that
every fellow ln the regiment was afraid
to have you see bis girl. I know you
all right, old pal, and I'll bet with the
rest that you take your little stroll ln
the row on the heels of some big bended corporal. I passed the house myself," he owned boldly, "and I saw ber
too.   She's a regular beaut, Dick."
But even his best friend failed to
•waken the Interest of the captain. He
went so far as to get Into citizen's
clothes that same afternoon and leave
the fort for a walk ln the river road.
This, by the critical corporals, was considered stuck up.
When the captain reached a sandy
strip of beach a mile or more from the
fort he stretched out nt full length
and gazed at the wnter where freight
aud passenger steamers passed ou their
routes to the great lakes.
His thoughts, whether they were
upon commerce or navigation, were
profound Indeed, for he started when
he heard the rush of n woman's skirts
and saw from the corner of his eye
tbat a girl was approaching. He moved a little, but did not look in her direction uutll the girl stopped and snld
softly: "1 beg your pardon, but Isn't
this—it Isl Dick, I know it was you!"
Captain Roberts sprang to his feet
and looked Into the girl's flushed face
"It's Margaret, Dick," she said.
Roberts took the hand she offered.
"Peggy," he said wonderingly. "Peggy, you tnke my breath away. Where
did you come from?"
"I'm staying at Colonel Klein's, but
where did you come from?"
"You, nt tbe fort?" he asked incredulously. "That's whero I live. Sit
down here on tbls rock. Peggy, Peggy Adams, do you realize bow you
bave surprised mo? When did you
strike these parts?"
"This morning."
"No! Then you're the girl from the
cost? They'vo been talking about you
for weeks."
,   "How lovely of them—and yoil?"
"Wby, I'm up there too."
"Those clothes?" she said doubtfully.
"Are 'cits,'" he finished, smiling. "I
wear a uniform up there."
"Oh! And what are you—what
"Captain." he said briefly. "Peggy.
how you have grown up."
"Have I?" Bhe laughed.    "And so
hnve 3"ou. about two feet higher, aud
you went to West Point after all?"
"Yes, father insisted."
"Do you like the nrmy?"
"Oh, yes, when we see active service!"
"Then yon have seen active service.
In the Spnnlrii-Amerlcan war? Oh,
tell me about It!"
Roberts laughed. "I will some time."
he suld. "I will tell you anything you
nsk, but let's talk about you now.
Where have you boen nil these years?"
"School nnd college und around at
"Tbat means traveling, I suppose, yet
you never visited West Point?"
"Never. I didn't know Hint you wero
there, thnt you had gone back. You
know you said"—
"Yes, I said several things about that
time.    Vou haven't forgotten then?"
"Forgotten? Oh. Dlek, I couldn't
forget!   Never!   Wasn't It dreadful?"
"It was rather n bad mess, but weat least I—showed remarkably ijood
taste, though you weren't us beautiful
then as you nre now."
"I can't aiiub you for tbnt," tbe girl
said, with carefully lowered lashes.
"It sounds genuine. Vou nlways were
thoroughly genuine, Dick,"
"Yes. I was In earnest then," he
said, smiling. "You wero my first
sweetheart." He laughed aloud. "My,
how you cried when the minister re
fused lo marry us! I flattered myself
that you were disappointed, but It really was your pride, you poor little girl."
He regarded tbe poor little girl's
blushing faee with lender affection.
"I think tlmt the old minister was
the sweetest ninn I ever met. He knew
(bat we were eloping. How gentle be
was and tactful. I have nlways
thought of him wltb thankfulness nkin
to love."
"I thought he was a regular old
donkey, but It appears thnt I tun tho
only one who wns lu real earnest," he
snld tentatively.
Peggy Inughcd. "Do you remember
my high beoled boots?" sbe asked, Ignoring his remark.
"Oh, don't I, though! You tripped,
and I hud tbe delirious Joy of catching
you In my arms. But do you remember
Iww I sored money?   I've roared over
tuy Vainness nv.-ro than onee. Yon
know I hud only $25 to my nnme. and
I sold that carriages were too slow and
tbat we woultl much better take a car.*'
"1 had forgotten that," Peggy said,
"but I remember bow fighting nmil you
were when papa rushed in. You stood
between him antl me and said, "t.'ir,
your daughter has consented to be-
cuSie iny wife!' Oh, Dick, wasn't it
funny V"
"Yes," he said slowly. "Sometimes
it seems funny to uie and sometimes It
seems strangely tragic. Tbat we were
such babies Is tbe only saving fact
Poor kids!" Ho sighed and turned his
eyes from Hie girl's fnee. "1 suppose
you're, engaged now?" he suid.
".No.", '
"How does thnt happen V*
She shook her bend. "And you?'
she Haiti.
"Engaged? No. indeed. 1 never saw
but one lovnble girl in my life."
"And sbe wouldn't marry you?"
"She wouldn't. There will never be
another.   I lost track of her."
"But you didn't forget her?" the girl
asked softly.
"I never forgot her for n minute.
But It's too lute to lind her now. She
doesn't care for mo utiywtiy."
"Oh, Dick; don't suy that. Any gir
ought to eare for ymi. .ftist the fact
that you stuy true to one woman
should be enough. Don't give up and
spoil It."
"Will you give uie a recommendation?" he nsked, smiling. "Say that
none of my relatives were banged or
something like tlmt'/"
"1 could say much better things. It
Is beautiful that you want to lind her.
I like lt, Dick. And I think tne girl
will like it."
Roberts looked deep Into her eyes,
but be saw uo self consciousness. He
forgot what he bnd rend many times,
that women are clever actresses.
"Your advice may be good," he said
after a few moments of silence. "But
what would you bavo snid yourself,
Peggy, if ; had hunted you up and bad
told you about caring for you? Tbe
girl Is very much like you. Wbat would
you have said'/"
"Oh, that's silly, Dick." sl:** said
quickly. "You know you wouldn't'*'
She looked past Koberts nnd frowned
uneasily. "It's going to rain," she murmured, "and I'm eold."
"Oh, 1 suppose so," Dick said gloomily. "She'd say lhat too. That's why
I didn't hunt her up."
"But it's going to rain. There, I felt
a drop, Dick."
Roberts rose quickly and looked toward the fort.
"By Jove, It Is, Peggy. I didn't notice those clouds. Here comes the
wind. We'll have to stand undef* those
trees till lt blows over. Put mighty
6orry that* I didn't notice it." He
slipped off his coat nnd wrapped it
about the girl's shoulders.
"Oh, don't, Dlek," she protested.
"Please. You kuow girls don't tuke
cold ns easily us men. They're used
to exposure."
Tbey ran to a clump of trees and
Roberls made tbe girl kneel by n low
stone wall that ran at tbe side of tlie
"Dick, I don't want you to stand
there in the rain. Please take your
He smiled down at her. "What a
foolish little girl It is," he said. "But
I'll kneel beside you If you think It's
She raised hor questioning eyes to
his. "I wish you would," she said.
"I don't like to hnve you take such a
terrible risk, and Just to protect me,
when I can keep dry In this corner ns
well as not."
Roberts dropped to bis knees and
leaned ngainst.the wall.
"Peggy," ho said, "just to protect
you I would give my life. Didn't you
know that, dear?" There was tenderness In his tone nnd conviction. He
Bpokc not passionately, but truly.
Peggy locked her hands lightly together and her lips quivered, lt seemed
a long time before she conld raise ber
eyes. Then she met tlie earnest, questioning gaze of the man.
"You may," she snld simply. "Dick,
you may."
The rain had ceased nnd the clouds
had hurried on their way townrd tbe
cast when Peggy nnd Captain Robert.*!
entered Hie reservation and were met
by the Jovial colonel.
"Well." lie said heartily, "Peggy,
I've had a searching party out for you,
but I Just beard that you two were
coming up the river road. Tbls look*
bad, had. Why. wo began to think
you and the captain, bere, had eloped."
Peggy Hushed and glanced at tho
younger man. Then she smiled at the
"We ditl," she said demurely, "sis
yenrs ngo."
Dr. Jtfti'linlkoff Hai Fount! It an J Ia Looking ror an Antidote   l.osiln to
Itlpo Old Age,
Dr. Metchnikoff, the bacteriologist
of the Pasteur Instituto in Paris, has
discovered thc microbe of old age.
lie did not make this statement in
so many words, but that is whut his
theory comes to. Ho expounded it
at a scientific lecture on the subject
of "Senility." "What is old age?"
tlie lecturer usketl. lie dismissed the
theory thnt senile decrepitude power
in the cells of the orgunism, pointing out that, on the contrary, certain Cells, suh e.s those ofthe hair,
often di.v'ie.y greator activity in old
:l uu.
'live prof .'sor [Tocooded to prove
that se-nflfty is e microtnian infection.
It is v.ell-i.n mn that microbes aro
inr from being ull Inimical to tho
human  hody.   \,u could not, in fact,
lie   v.illtiiL   the   good   oilices   of   tl'.o
beneficial l.ncton'a, called "macro
|iiiul;i," i.hich spend their own existences llgfitingi the un friendly microbes and thus prolong our dajs.
But it now seems thnt the good microbe- turns Turk alter we have
remhed a certain ape, and the discovery of that fnct is the foundation
of Dr. MetchnikofTs theory. Tho
macro; hagi in question, after helping un to live, compass our downfall
und denth. Perhaps because they
themselves decay they spread a slow
in'ection in our system which produces senile decrepitude.
Tho favorite residence of the ma*
croj'hagl in human beings is the
agroul inter.! inf. Dirds, in whose systems thu hitter organ is reduced to
its smallest expression, live much
longer than mammals. A radical
remedy for tho mlcroblan malady of
old age would bo the removal of tho
grout intestine. Tailing that method, to which thero are obvious
drawbacks, in the present state of
science at all events, Dr. Metchnikoff
recommends treatment by certain
foods, such as curdled milk, which
will introduce into the system bacteria counteracting what ho calls
"our intestinal fiora."
On tho other hand, raw fruit and
vegetables multiply the flora iniques-
tion rapidly. However, tho only real
antidote to old ago will be an artificially manufactured serum which
will act directly on the microbes of
senility. Dr. Metchnikoff is engaged
on researches to discover such a serum. When be finds it ha leads us to
expect not eternal youth perhaps,
hut at least a ripe old age, and only
prolonged far beyond the present
span of man's existence, but freo t«
tho last of any senile decay.
StVCClai   fin    PlN(lll),
Sugar nud preserves were fashionable
presents in Queen Hess' lime, livery
ono seemed lo hnvo had "n sweet
tooth" In tbOSS times. The dean and
chapter of Salisbury, having a case to
be tried before Justice Hale, presented
hlm with six sugar loaves, for which
the judge, who was exceptionally
Scrupulous, Insisted on paying. In
Davenanfs poem, "Madagascar," occurs the couplet:
Then reconcile the rich fnr gold  fringed
Tho  poor  for Ood's sake or  for sugar
Tho sergeants of the house of commons In Lent, 1585. received from
Lord Howard a present of sugar. Tbe
chamber of Exeter in 1610 voted sugar
loaves to two canonf for Iheir morning lecturos, Sometimes marmalade,
oranges, lemons or even potatoes took
Its place, and when sugar becaine
cheaper tbe custom ceased. In 1581
nil persons In Scotland not being
dukes, earls, etc., possessed of nt least
£250 In.yearly rent were prohibited lhe
liae of confections, foreign drugs and
costly, sphm- Westminster Review.
Ingenious Soliomo to Save TrarsUrs From
To lessen the rolling of steamships
In a sea an interesting dovico has
been designed by Hcrr Otto Schlick,
a Herman naval architect, and consists'of installing o, rapidly rotating
Ily wheel in the hold of thc vessel.
'1 ln«    involves   making  use  of . tho
principle of thn gyroscope fatnilinr
in the toy sometimes known as tho
Archimedean top, whero a fly wheel
whose weight is concentrated near its
circumference is mounted in gimbals
so that it is free to rotate iu any
Hcrr Schlick proposes to mount m.
fly wheel carried on a vertical axis
In a frame which is suspended on a
horizontal axis tranverso to tho
length of the vessel, the whole mc-
cbunism lieing placed at the bottom
of the hold. To rotate the fly wheel
with thc necessury high speed electric motors or steam turbines would
be employed., There would be hydraulic brakes and band brakes to
restrain and regulate the, motion of
the fly wheel when necessary.
Tho effect of tho rapidly rotating
fly wheel is to develop forces thut
would oppose the oscillation of the
vessel, muking it slower and reducing its extent materially. An elaborate calculation was made of the
sizo antl weights of such a fly wheel,
uml Ilerr Schlick has ascertained |
tbat for a steamer of 0,000 metric
tons (5,(105 5 F.nglish tons) a fly
wheel four meters (15.12 feet) in
diumelrr. weighing ten metric ton.'i
(0.849 English tons) and moving
with u peripheral velocity of 300
meters ttl'iC, foot) per second would
hu.u a must marked olTuct.
Humor <m3 Philosophy
Cop   isht, 18M. *■'' Duncan M. Smith.
The time now approaches when one may
The days to ga( awfully hot.
You then from your wardrobe with great
i   re select
The airiest things you have got.
Antl when you have dressed with Immaculate care .
The sprinkling cart man will compel you
to swear.
Tou start in the morning most Jauntily
You're fresh and uplc span as you please.
The birds sweetly sine and all nature ls
You're happJ" nntl unite at your ease.
Then lizz and kersplush—ynu are maddened at once;
You are sprinkled  nnd splashed by  that
water cart dunce!
The man la no dunce, though he's wickedly wise;
He sits there ns silent ns death.
He  never  looks   up.   neither  does   there
Anv sign thai he's drawing his breath.
But just as  you  pass  him   he  suddenly
A different look quickly your linen suit
He Just seems to know when you're dressed for a call
And slips up behind In so quiet n wny.
Before you can dodge hlin he's sprinkled
you all
Completely and drenched you aud driven
You swear you will kill him; you don't,
though, because
For si nie unknown reason It's 'gainst the
state laws.	
A Business Heel.
"No." said the Leuutffi I girl, "i can
never marry you. 1 am promised to
Norman Foray thc bowed his head ln
silent anguish. He loved the beautiful
girl. For month.-. It bad been his ambition to make ber his wife. Hut it was
only for u moment. Then be stood
erect, his eyes blazing with suppressed
fury. "Who Is this mnu?" he asked
fiercely. '•Where Is he? 1 shnll kill
hiiu.   Nothing shall come between us."
"Would you really kill hlm?" nsked
the girl witbout betraying alarm.
"I would." ho replied.
"I have half a notion to marry yoo
If you would promise to do the job afterward," she said.
"Do you fear this man?" he asked,
hope springing iu his heart like weeds
in an onion hed.
"Oh, no," she replied.
"Then why should 1 kill him nfter we
were married?"
"I only wanted you to try, because
you would never come back alive and
we could have quite a start iu life on
your life Insurance."
How '-t Should He Ai.Jur.led For Co«a-
rort and iifiiiiii.
This article of divss in>8 bet*) the
subject of  much  dlscuiwlotl,     It  has
tllL. most direct bearing Oli lhe general
. ](' w.-tuen knew how to adjust Cor*i
sets properly tbey would pi'ovs a blessing  Instead of  the curse they  have
Use two strings (not three, as many
do in order to be nble* to "pull In" the
waist). Lace the lirst from the bottom up to the waist line, the second
from the waist line to the top. Let
the strings hang loosely until the gar-,
ment Is on and booked. Then the abdomen shouhl be piessed up into pluce(
by the bands, not pushed down, ns
usual, and the lower siring drawn up
and fastened. 'J he k***U>c of the corset holds tbe abdomen ill place. Tho
upper string is left very loose nnd
fastened. This permits tho lungs to
be filled with air.
This is  the only  healthful   way  to
wear a corset, and If so worn It nets
as a support to tbe organs und also,
to thc clothing. I
By lirst adjusting i*ud fastening the
lower part, then by druwing a very
deep breath while the Upper string ls
entirely loose, one can te-Jl how much
"slack" should he left in order to have
unrestricted breathing.
Try ii. you women who ftnd corsets
uncoiiif.irtnbli*. -Exc'iniiffv*.
Bother v
You h
After /K)
Fly Pad!
Bold Everywhere,   in,.,
>u cents
The Japanese system of letterg,
ed Iroha, from the names of u,.«
three letters, %" "ro" nnd "Ln ^     '
clsely the same principle „„ Uli|t &
gives to our own system the tin.»■
phabct." e "■
A Dunlr.li  Scheme.
In Denmark any person wi,0 „..
age of twenty-one pays i„ *j,e „'
sum of $32.50 ls entitled, it' he rS
the ago of sixty-five, to im iiunuity of
$C5. But If be dies before that an
tho money Is forfeited.
What He Overlooked.
"Adam certainly was no financier."
"What did lie overlook?"
"When be proposed to Eve, If he had
had tlie proposal copyrighted see what
royalties his descendants could bo
Just In His Line.
"Why did they hire a blacksmith for
a dramatic critic?"
"lie is so adept In the use of the
ha miner."
It Must Be.
They say that all the world's a stage,
And It's a fact
All clrls, regardless of their ago,
Think they can act.
No Proof There.
"Do you Ihink the good die young?"
"I doubt it.   Yon look healthy."
Many n womnn could make a fortune
Jf she had the face to do it.
a *-*••■• ■**■*-*
Wra* KinpUyrasnt AgancUi,
The   establishment   of   freo publld
employment    agencies,  cither curried
on by the state or tlio city, has been '
tried all   over Europe, in most cases
wilh marked .success.    France was the •
country to begin tho Innovation, and I
that tbo now system has proved snt- I
Isfactory may bu Judged by tho furt.
that a law was recently passed    to
do   away    with  paying   employment
agencies  and   providing  for   tho    cs-
tnljlishment of mutual and fret* public agendas throughout tho nation
In many of tho  United Ktntes   b	
agincies havo been established in
connection with tho JStnto I.abur
Ilureau, with brunches in tho must
Import nnt cities. In other instances
municipalities themselves hnve OS- '
tnalilish.il thu agincies, whilo in still
otlier Instances organizations liko
tho    Salvation    Army     and   various
charitable institutions hnvo succoss-
fully conducted freo employment
A man may smile nnd be a villain,
but be ennnot hold Lis J.ib ns one on
the stage If be does.
A man feels complimented to bo
called a "sly dog." but Jut try "deceitful puppy" on him om ...
Orny hair Is seldom CO need by Intellectual effort.
One peculiarity about money is thnt
It lakes ko much longer lo earn It than
it does to spend ll.
All fruits nml vegetable* taste ro
strongly of money these dnys that lt
really takes away one's appetite,
KeniemlM-r Thut   IHkIi   Intercut, tta rn
Hale,   Means   ll\t>~y  Seemrltleo.
Uow tiin a woman who has a few
thousand dollars place It where It will
draw ii little bettor Interest tban it
won:.-: if left with a savings bank or
responsible trust company and still be
There can be, of course, no certain
nnd general answer to this question,
since what is sought for Is the mysterious balance between safety nnd
profit in business affairs which must
always be a matter of delicate, Individual adjustment mid involves the uso of
poisetl judgment and the possession of
large experience. One certain general
principle nevertheless does govern the
matter. It Is this: The amount of money seeking desirable Investment Is nlways so great tbat the competition of
investment for the ownership of securities of high class i.-J very acute and
tends, SttVO under exceptional circumstances, to bring dowu the Interest
rate on these securities to n low level.
A high interest rate la therefore almost
invariably and in the very nature of
things a warning of Insecurity. If the
large dividends paid by this or that enterprise whose advertisements were In
fact well assured, the great, shrewd
capitalists of the country would be the
first to know tbe truth nud to seize possession of such .treasures.—Exchange.
Macadam nntl Telford,
A satisfactory blghwn.- ean be built
eighteen feet wide, exelu ■ ly uf stou*
usually for $:!,uiiu to « ,..,mi a _\\,'
Theso nro known us macadam roads
A more costly stone rood, i mining frog
f4,000 to |0,000 a'mile, i, the telfajj
road. Hoth ure named afler Scotcbma
who first devised the syslems,
Titles of honor add not to his worft
who ls an honor to his t ile.-1'ortL
To clean fiatiroiis rub them on green
Never put table linen Into soapsuds
until the stains have been removed by
pouring boiling water through the
llaby's knitted sack will be out of
shape ami stringy if it is hung to dry.
Next time dry it on a paper ou tbe
warming oven.
Hits of soap which nre too small to
be used should be Carefully laid aside
for laundry days. 'Jlie:i tbey can bo
melted and added to tho wash boiler.
Buttermilk will bleach clothes If they
are soaked in it for two or three days.
Then they should be washed, boiled
and dippetl In bluing in the usual manlier.
Ill ironing handkerchiefs it Is useful
to remember that the middle should bo
Ironed lirst. To iron the edges first
Causes the middle to swell out like a
balloon and makes It difficult to iron
vS fcjw*»
A baby does not see why nny ono
else should want to sleep when lt Is
UOt sleepy.
Some  women   never  celebrate their
birthday until they can invito their
Bed  Valances.
The most satisfactory method of fastening n valance to a brass or iron bed
ls by means of a piece of heavy muslin
laid over the springs. Cut a piece of
cotton cloth that has been shrunk—preferably unbleached- that will come Just
to the edge of the frame. To tbls fasten the goods for the valance -either
laid in plaits or hblrreil, having tbe
flounce hemmed at the ends where it
touches lhe bedposts. After basting
securely place on the bed and put the
mattress In place to be sure tbe rnlnnco
hangs evenly,    After slllehing on  the
machine, wltb n long itltcb, fasten to
the springs In several places, bead, foot
nnd sides, with cord lo prevent slipping.
Ilu ren ii   Covers,
'Linen scrim makes handsome and inexpensive tnble and bureau covers If
worked In a cross stlteh pattern with
double filoselle or sun silk. The pattern chosen may be us elaborate or as
simple us one prefers, The spread is
first hemstitched, a three Inch hem being liked for a small spread. Within
the hem the border Is worked. PUlOW
and pincushion tops are also worked
on the same material, A pillow top
seen   recently   wns   worked  In  yellow
silk, a numbor of stitches nnd pnttcrns
being combined so that It was almost
solidly worked.   It was very handsome
and represented a gootl deal of patience
nnd eyesight,
Mn!.Inn Mn>niinnlnr.
A medlcino dropper as an adjunct to
the making of mayonnaise wus ibe inspiration of a housewife not long ago.
Every   one   who   ever   tried   to   mnke
mayonnaise knows the bother of lidding tho Oil slowly, drop by drop, until
the dressing is Illicit enough. This woman   experienced   ||,(.  Hnme  difficulty
nnd met it with th.* live cent medietas
dropper, which adds (lie oil wllb machine like regularity ami precision,
TO  KXTKIt.MIN'ATK 111)1 si: r'U*.   '
•Scientists  huve  proved   thut  u,c com
mon house Ily is responsible far t|ie '
spread »( some ol the mosi ii*a*:>
iIim'io-os. it becomes iho ilutj ol tm
houSaSkeoper to assist In e«iermitittloi
ih,. tittle |ii*sin. Mtin\ roiitmuncej hivj
been ust*tl lur tin* purpose, ir.rlutlinir fta
traps of muny kimls stick.v [»ii(ier, uij
diHerciil ninkt's of poison l.ul althnui.it
all will kill soots All' 11 i'io aaun.
mi'ims lo he uu many leu ,,- ...a 'Jlim
is only one reully ill»*i-Minl nay in im
them all, uud tlmt is IV'llsoi hy I'ttila,
lieiia'. Hurt* to follow directions direful!;,
tine ten cent packet til Wilson's Hv I'tdi
Ims Leon known lo kill it lan-,h. I „it\m
nnil    a   few   puds     proporl*t        ■"!   will ki
nil tiie llies in any room in a fe« luiur.
Wlim   is n  tree as comfortableasi
bed'.'—When  il s down,
Whnl is tin* color ni' ii grass plot
covered   with   snow?— Invisible k'tivn
Who wns lhe lirst nhisller, ur,d
whnl time did In* whlstl ' 'I'he wlad
—l iver I he hills uml i'i
Her Henrt fiko a Polluted
Spring. ~ iXt Jane- si . . it - >
Island, t:ni . says: "i nss '■■" Dveyesn
afflicted    »iiii   dysi i'i • ■ -     '  •'
heart ttiseass nnd nervous |i i : ratios i
lined lin' In-.ul lia.u:,:. ullll In A«!ie»'l
Curs for the Heart, an i Uie • :"" •8*
meats vanished Ui*e mini n il «•'•''•
bull  un   hour  ufter  the  lirsl   ilom "—VI
Wh\ is tlu* endeavor to obtain pei
putual motion like h Iwirreti 11.-.*'-
liecausc it  is fruit less.
Win-re did S'tiali sir,!.,- tho first n»ll
iu  ihe urk'-Cn   the land.
Wlml is tho difference between sn
ii.ik iree and a iIght in ul?—Out
makes acorns, the othei  makesrons
i 0 HnrcVKNT is r.l.ri i il WAS 10
HKI'KVI' —A tilth* mitlit-ia ,a ll :■';•»
of Hie v. ,'iitlerliil  pellets wiin     nre kno«
as  Parmelee's    V I abb' I
tered  nt   the proiier  * 'im.- ni '      ll   ''•'
directions   odnered    t"    <• '  ' *
seiiaua    attack    "f    slcknei      snd    *•«"
mon*>  which would iru i" lhe ilocl i  l«
nil  Irregularities  of ihs ill •   '""".
Uev  me nn    lavaJuftbtf     ni • ''''■   "'
l'\     il.'uc-ini'    the   blued   the*,   rl   .1    IM
skiii ill Imperfections
Whnl  river Ims the high   I  lille?-
Thc Hon.
Whnt river is not mod'1   Tlm Seine,
rivor   <io
lo     poi ts
Superfluous flair
Removed by the New Principle.
Be 91?iracfo
Il is better than t-lwlrii-it), '"' :""*\
does imt near nr produce u new U
Metier than Xruy.liei'iiiiso it does n«
hi «r nr p.iriilyr.o tlio tlnsuoH under llMsslJ
ul bum
Millertb.iu tle|iiliit<irii*H, because II Isi"*
poisonous; therefore, 11 ml!nut '\',_\
poisoning,or prodaoe eesema, widen isig
common with depilatories, and dues i"''
break off lhe hnlr, thurcby IiiiTi'i-uiglf
Kloptrolysii, X my or depilatories st*
iiil'treii you tin the bare word "i ii«"T.P>'
ton ami iiiiiiiiifiieliii'i'iN,    lie MIIt.Vt I.f- »*
iml. It iMibeoidymi'tbtslwIii'lil-i";1"";
hy   physicians,   surgeon*,   «|a*iinni■''"K'-"**
innillcal Journals and promtoeni inasauuwf
De Mlii.ui.i'* will bu mailed toanrw*
draw, soaied, in plain wrapper, on receipt™
11.00,   Vour mono* Im.-k without aimW"
(uu red iiipm if it fulls to tlo all Mmi •'
cliiliiii'd for It. „_
Our booklet   the most OOmPlot* l]**_*>
on Superfluous Ilulr ever published  ''""'
tabling tho testimonials of nanioroii-jJJT
HleliiiiNiuid surgeons antl those Of hnnm1*1'"
of others -will be sent free, in iiiuin. ■■*■'■" «
envelope, upon request, Rnqulro f"r' l,,„
your local aruggul or write tor It 10*0*7"
13 Ijuoon Ht. W\, TontiM!'."***!!
A   Dose   of   Ills   OS.   Meillr'"**■
(Jus  Ilnngulsse,  n  resident Ol'■***
land, Ore., was brought before Jus
Hoyne of the municipal court rssh
with  111  treating  his wife.
Willi      JU      llVUUllh      ■••«      ■ ,    i|1(»
deuce showed that he bod cliolP" ^
woman brutally.    Tbo colirl AW
oiiieer Goats, an Immensely P•'•
mnn. to choke the prisoner, in
thnt ho might have practical
edge of bow his wife Hliflereil.
fleer  obeyed  v no  <•   •• "•• ,,, jjg,
The of*
V UIN Win: """"         ,  >|,|
d with « will,   •«*•
Wifebealer until the bnil.il '«''"
came limp. Then JUStlcS I "> "
traced hlm to thirty days In Jan. [npansj
'lu-ia ,
upplement to The Drill*
sale of Lands for Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Slocan
Assessment District, Province of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice that on Wednesday the 12th day of October. A. D. 1904, at the
iour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Government office, at Kaslo, B. C, I shall sell
it public auction the lands hereinafter set out of the persons in said list hereinafter set  out,
ffor the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31st day of December, 1903, and for
interest, costs and expenses, including the cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount
due is not sooner paid.
Name of Perison
Short   Description  of  Property.
■ Flelcber.  Frank    Pt. Lot 3117 G. 1, West Arm, 100 acres
Mulu-y. Tims Pt. of Sub Div. 1 of Ixit SKI. G. 1. 75 acres
Mr, J. Alhert   Sub Div. G of Ixit 381, G. 1. 215 acres
Lipsett, 11   .1.  W  Suh Div. 12 of Lot 381, G. 1., 208 acres
Pnnnetl   it   B north half of Lot 483, G.  1., 80 acres
Botwert, <l Pt Lot 383. G. 1., 76 acres	
Fletcher, F Ixit 3115, G. 1., 160 acres 	
3el lis, Harold   Ixit 60.", G. 1.. 160 acres	
Diu-iini:. It anil Co Lot 683. G. 1., 122 acres 	
Aylwin.  Chas !Lot 1256, G. 1.. 142 acres	
Mulviy.  Thos 'Pt. Ixit  1531, G. 1. 35 acres	
Lawrence, ,1   C 'Lot 1886, G. L, 160 acres 	
Howell   E  C Lot 1893. G. 1., 146 acres 	
Wilson   \   M Ixit 2234. G. 1.. 149 acres 	
WMlamsoi     I.   N Ixit 2355. O, 1., 57 acres 	
Oro Mining .** Milling Co Ixit 2543. G. 1., 160 acres 	
11 lyu-m .v Campbell  Lol 5188 O. 1., 110 acres 	
Mill- r   K         Pt un 4780. G. 1.. Sub Div. 2, 3 acres..
Bnterprisi   Mines 'Lot 5406. G.I., 3.07 acres 	
Still'.-   wm    pt I»t 1239. G. 1., Township 22, 59 acres
1 '"'■   '  »ett 4 Wooley lx*t 471. Q. 1.. 160 ncres 	
Delinquent Taxes
Taxes.   ' at Date
; of Sale
Cost and j
1   *     55
$ 2.00
2.00   '<
2.00             a
2.00   !
8.00   |
Dated at Kaslo, B. C ihi$ 8th day of September. 1904
Slocan Assessment District
fSLOCAN,  B-  C.
it. most sriu.s, ohiek sheep
Be'.'—White, because there an
If them.
„!-,. KUg*ar-plujJtS lilii- meek—I'.ecu use the more yon lick
|1„. foster they go,
island in the Weat Indies
||,,fi telling one of tin* ennson-
(,    bleat   like a BJiocp'?—Cuba
I>n saw  a peach with ii  bird on
ymi  wished  to got  the peach
itdisturbing   tin'   bird,    whut
[vou do?--Wuit   till  lit* flew oil.
Jno. C. Hiifl'iiiitn speaks
to you all.
lolls of her Troubles antl Iheir
nr» Aat you may be Benefited.
Li , Ont., Si*pt. 19.—(Special)
La hi' many wonion in Canada
I yet write letters of thanks
[rs Jno. C.' H'liUnum ol this
Mrs. Huffman suffepet) ns they
luflerbiK now. *Hhe discovered
fo in Dodd's Kldnoy Pills; and
breaking the law of secrecy
iiis tin' grent majority ol wo-
Lind to let her Buffering sisters
where thiey may lind relief.
I'  iTnmn  snys:
i    .    troubled    for   nbout   six
Kith  Kidney  Disease1, ana the
v, is  so    great    I   could  hardly
il     I  could   not entertain   nny
,,,'v     One   night   whon     1      was
■ very miserable 1 road of some
,,-fu) ' cures    by   Dodd's Kidney
nnd n-solved  to try theni.
i iIns time  my urine  was  soine-
t.irible, nnd nt times Very disable to  pass,   but  Dodd's    kid-
pills    soon    brought    nie relief
IP   nil     m.V  troubles,  nrd  tiy    tho
ie 1 had taken six boxes   1   wis
(pietoly cured.'
j nm .making this   statement   to
public  in  the hope that,  it   may
p other young  Indies  or  married
uril's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Iiv  is 1'nbbagu  run  to seed  like o
Uecauae it has lost its heart.
hai (lower woultl you wish for
oppressed with sorrow*?—
ii Iseusu,
hvaltahv .^low disappearing from
i - ■ „ nnil tgoanlng anil reiatlesainesij
IkIii nm sun* symptom-, ot worms In
in ho not full to mt u bottle ol
Ina Uruv*es' Worm l'\tci i.iin.it i.i; 11
.li iUi'i i nui  uu'diclut*.
li.* is the |gruss you wulk on old-
ii.ai. you?—Because it is pustur-
hai    m   ih.it    whieh    lives iu win-
la*   i i  glimmer,   ami  grows    up
i .vi  upwards?—An icicle.
II  M IST    III'    All.   MKUIl IMS
BHii-iuiQ 4h„ curative Qualities of Pr
! ■ i.-i trie Ull   it   i*. the i-lu'Hpi'st
una  a,.-i offered to the public.    The
■   >-ii in   any    oilmen)   la small
»  imHit!  contains  many  doses,     li
•ii-  wilurrf   nt   the   benefit   it    confer*
not    be   purchased   for   muny
I" "■  price aisketl for it. but Incrpas-
luiiMimptS     hus almpllCed and-cheap-
'"     mu.    laUI'lUIt'
h>   nn.   bop-pickers   dishonest?—
Kiev      ure    ulways     picking
H  which   side  of   the  Church    does
'    'iae   grow?—On   lhe   out side.
$100 Reward $100.
t '«*. !rr« of this paper will lie plcaaed to
" lhat tluro taut least one tlnaiktl disease
Rlenca haa hem able to curt* In nl"l Its
• "-il that la Catarrh, nall'a Catuirh
■ Ui" only positive eure now known to thu
»l fraternity. Cawrni'bttng n consttiu-
l*.'.i«e, require* a constitutional tienl-
llairi Catarrh Curo la lak.m Internally,
•Uy upon the hlood ami mucous aur-
'■ tlie system, thereby ilmHo*. I"K lhe
iltu.nn of th, disease, and living thn pa*
I "Irentth hy bullillnK Up the constitution
_gaining nnturo In dolin* its work. The
Niton have fo mueh faith In Its curntlvn
tta, lhat tliey offer One Hundred nolliiii
"'■■■ • ihat It fnlla to cure. Send for list
"Uii.unlsia.   Address
F. J. OHBKII A CO.. T;!ad9. O.
I I    .ill iliuagl'ta. Tie.
II * I ui.iliy i'illa are lhe best.
• "lor   were   lhe  winds and   the
• tho  storm?- Tbe  wind   blue
ami   the .Waves  rose.
•* tho most   dangerous   tune
'in  tn go Into the country?
'In- lrb«S     nre     sbooling    und
I llSllPS mil .
ii i
utotbor ' never al tempts lo
itllilltrtita   from  whieh    her
h  s'aiiTer   |,\   slupeiving   Ihem
ping   d run iritis,   "Honthlng"
''"     ""ns    nnd     similar.  Ineilieim'S
'"H     opiates.     This    class     of
"'""s are res| sihle    for  Ibe un
v denth of thousands   o'f   littlo
•"u.'h  sonie mothers  nmy  mil
When your lilt le ones ure
'■''■"■  tliem    Huh-, \s     Own  Tnb-
mi'dieine   sold   uniler   gilarnn-
' "Ulaiii   no   opiate  or   luil'iuful
Mothers    who    have   used   the
'     always       spenk.    iu      their
Mrs.   A.   Johnstone.     Kiltlv-
"nl ■.    says:       'I   ('mil   I tally's
'hints all you iMcoiimiend Ihein
™>   baby  was troubled  with
"Ud was \rrv  cross  und   rost-
"  sinee j.i\j'm.r h,,,.   tho   Tab-
s sl"' Iiiih Imi oiiae quits well and Is
r " strong healthy child."   Hold
" ''riig^als or sunt by mall al
„''"'       tl   box   liv   writine   Tbe   Pr
Minn    '
liill,    '
'll    I
Medicine   Co.,   Brockvllli'
KEEP ON THE RIGHT SlflF By stea<-^-y Refus.
-•utiij^]   U8U&   lug AU Substitutes.
' Vrean'i"
CEYI.ON   TEA   has   become  famous by   reason   cf   its goodness.
Commonplace Teas leave the dealer   a larger   profit.   Therefore, we
repeat,    "Reuse    Substitutes,"   purchase   by   name   "SALADA."
Sealed Lead Packets  Only.    By All Grocers.
Finger    Nail,,    should    Receive    tin
Ileal ot Attention,
"Women do not seem to realize." said
a manlcUre, "that tbe hands an., finger
nails nro very delicate and should receive the best of eare and attention.
They are constantly abuslug and neglecting them and then wander wby
their hands and nails nr> so ugly.
"It is u very eoniuion occurrence, for
Instance, to see wonien take up n sharp
penknife to clean their Bnger nails or
possibly use the sharp pointed end of n
fancy file for the same purpose,   This
Is a very wrong habit and should bu
avoided by all those who wish to bave
nlee linger nails. [| DOt only Injure*
the skin under the nail, making It
ragged and giving it nn Inflamed appearance, but the sharp edge is bound
to scrape the undcrpart of tbe nail, In
most eases eausing it (,, npllt and break
"An orange stick should always be
used fur cleaning the nails. TbeSc
sticks are not expensive and can be
purchased at all stores and manicure
establishments, if the Qesb or under
part of the nnil has become stained
from ink, fruit or In any other way.
don't try to scrape it out. There are
plenty of good bleaches to be used for
this purpose llmt will not injure the
flesh or hall. Perhaps one of the best
Is peroxide. Wind n little absorbent
cotton around the end of lhe orange
stick, wet it In tlie peroxide and thoroughly moisten the flesh under tbe nnil.
The stain will then soon disappear."-
Where  wus  Moses  when  his    eandle
I was blown out'.'—In the dark,
What   Well-known    river    is   like   a
married lady?—Mlssis-sippi,
Wlint  well-known    river is like   an
unmarried  lady?*—Mlss-ouri-,
Un-Jer tho Narva LasSi—:>
torture anil torment ol tho victim tit nervous proHtratlon aial nervoun debility no
r,no can rlffhtly estimate who hus not
been under thu ruthless lti>,li nf these
rolontlesA human foes, il, Wlllluuia; ol
Korilwich. Ont., was for four yeurs a ner-
miiih wii'i-k. Siv buttles of South American Hervlna worked a miracle, and hia
iluctur confirmed it.~:2H
To  gain    mn-     i Ity   is  I h"  iiutin'  of
uliol her.-- Wln-clu'ster.
Whal   roiiulv   is  almost   burnt   out?
Remove! nil hard, soft or en Housed
luu.|.s nml bleiniftliaa frnm horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Bweeney,
st illi's.   spruiiis;   clues   sore    and    swollen
throat, cougha, etc. 'Sara $50 by the
•tse of one bottle. Warranted the most
aondertul   Illemish  (.'uie ever known.
Wnler For  Ili'lllali  Troops.
British soldiers are provided wiih
boiled walcr for dri iking. Tbe water
is first clarified by u kind of rough filtration ihrough charcoal containing a
certain amount of potassium perman*
ganiite and then "sterilized,*' either by
nitration or by beat, after which it is
distributed to tbe troops by means of
ivnte;* earls reserved for "sale" W*ter
Are  Her  Pliyxli-nl   rotrers   Snrriflretl
In  Ihe Making of  llrnlnf
The native born American womnn
has been made tlie subject of discussion almost ad nauseam. Indeed, it
would be a matter for uo surprise if
she were to regard herself as a iieing
apart. Her energy, her brightness and
resourcefulitess have been lauded to
SUCh an extent that it might will be
believed that the women of otlier countries cannot lie considered in tlie saint*
category with her. Tills, too, is true
ns far as it goes, and in many qualities tlie American woman stands supreme. Unfortunately, however, she
fails in the must Important one of all,
(hat of maternity, and fails in consequence of ber cultivation to excess of
those attributes which are generally
thought not to be within a woman's
province. Hor physical powers suffer
in proportion as her mental powers increase, and as a propagator of the race
she cannot compete with women of
stronger bodies, but of less highly
trained brains.
Dr. Kmll Itc-ich, n German who lived
for five years in this country, bns recently written on tliis matter In a
British periodical. He draws attention
to the fact tlmt one outcome of the
overmentallsntlon of tlie American
woman and the liypergnlviinizntion of
her energy is tlie breakdown of American maternity, which he regards as
one of tbe most serious phenomena
Which ClOUd the future of tlie United
States.—New York Medical Record.
A color is just as beautiful in cotton
ns in silk. Neatness is tlie first requisite to good dress.
A soiled while shoe is almost ns bad
ns a soiled white glove, aud that is the
most slovenly thing in tlie world.
No matter how tine your gown and
hat. you will lock badly dressed if your
gloves are ripped at the linger tips.
A well bred, well dressed woman never runs Io extremes. BllO strives for
harmony of color aa well as simplicity
of style.
If the lace edgings on the hem of a
petticoat be "overcast" with u strung
thread beforo tho garment is washed,
rugged  edges and  ravelings   will   be
Il.it.ds thai have become faded nnd
discolored arc often restored liy being
packed away in a dark ch iel or chest
Into which im ni) of light can penetrate. TWO cr lltreo layer, of tissue
pa] er old in the process.
A Valuable rienii DnlWer.
Persons Who are thill ami emaciated
from consumption er any disease may
gain iN.ii rapidly by drluklng Hie last
quart  of   milk  drawn   from   lhe  cow,
commonly   called   the   "stripplngs.
This milk is very rich, and when taken
bnniedlately after milking, while lt
dontnlUS all tl.e animal heat, will lie
Jbaorbod at once luto the system
witbout going through the ordinary
process of digestion.   Patients Bhould
I |n with one-hall' pint, morning and
evening, taken regularly, and gradually
Increase the quantity until at the end
,,f lhe week the.v are taking tl quart at
0 (Une or as much as they ean drink
without eausing discomfort. Many
who cannot drink eold milk or even
milk which has stood an hour can
drink the "Strlpplugs" witlmtit difficulty.	
Minard's Liniment Cnres Dandr«H.
The Dog's Revenge.
While sitting on a wall teasing some
enrage watchdogs, a young man named
Krleg, of Spandan, in Prussia, overbalanced himself and, falling among
tbe  Infuriated  animals,   was  torn  to
A eat has eignteen twa, nve on eaeD
front foot and four ou each hind foot
Women's Saffraue.
The isle of Man granted the electoral
suffrage to women in 1880. Tlie Madras
presidency recognized female voters in
1885. New Zealand gave its womankind tlie electoral franchise In 1858.
Victoria lias a woman's suffrage law,
and women have tiie right to sit iu the
federal house iu Australia,
bilious mnn is ne.er a eoni|ianionul)U'
m.tu because his atlmenl rendi rs hlm
moroso nml rIooiu,*. 'llu* complaint la
Hot so itanireroiis tis it is ilisn<.vi'i'iiblt'
yel no one nr-eil iiiUer n en it i ho can
procure I'.,nu*-lee's Vegetable 1*1 In. H.\
i-enulatlnn ile liver nml obviating* the effects of l.ili- in ihe stomach the.v restore
men to cheerfulness nntl full viiror of action
Whut    ancient     river    Would    burn
best?—Tho Styx.
What   rivet*  is  lhe  best   color  for a
lorse?—Tho  Illume.
A Veteran's Storya—Georcc Lewis,
of Shamokin,  Po .  writes:   "I uie eighty
years  of  o'fie.    I   have Inen  troubled   wilh
Uatarrh for Bfly year*, nnd iu my time
have used a great many catarrh cures,
but never luul any relief unlil I used llr
Affile***'* Catarrhal Powder. <<ne bos
cured me completely."   B0 cents—-e
An Approju Into l'rayer.
The ROV. John Ilobertson of Glne-
gow told Mr. Spurgeon ubout some
of tin* difficulties thnt he bud to
surmount when 'he commenced
preuchlng. I'or example, out*, worthy
offlco bearer came to church nml seated himself before the minister with
one linger in eueh ear.
"Tbere was u nice thing for a
young preacher! Whnt would you
ha\e done?"
"i should have prayed"—began Mr.
"Ami." snld Mr. Robertson, "I got
my face very solemn, ior 1 expected
something very spiritual."
Spurgeon fimt iiiiied. "1 should have
prayed thnt n fly might have nlight-
ad on his nose!"
amam * ■       " ————sss—i
Sometimes the hair is not
properly nourished, ft suffers
for food, starves. Then it
falls out, titrni prrtnaturely
gray.   Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
[air Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops failing, grows
long and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.
" Mf hslr w«i rnmlnn oat tarrtblj.   I was
r.an. -; nfrttil la cnmb It.   But Ajrsr'i Hair
\ :;•"!■ Mia nipt it •'"ipl'l I h* ftllUg, IM Sit*
renU'rutl tht n^tiirnl color."
Mrs. £. 0. lv Wii'.n. Landing, N.J.
| 171.00 a hotil*.
All •!-"• ,-.:ta.
Lswll. Mass..
oor oair
Austria's Kaiser, Hanicarr's Kla*.
Tho Austrian kaiser bas many an
odd custom to comply with lu his capacity as dual monarch of Austria-
Hungary. He ls emperor of the former, but king of tbe latter. Hungarian
papers, people and politicians never
breathe tbe word "kaiser'' ln referring
to rruncls Joseph, but only the Hungarian "kiraly" or king.
When the sovereign leaves Vienna to
visit Budapest, be must cease to be
Austrian and become Hungarian. His
uniform will be Hungarian, also his
speech, and the officials who accompany hlm will be Hungarians, but never Austrians.
Pleasant Lessons.
J. B. Brodle, ln charge of an English
school, hns Inaugurated a rystem of
"pleasant lessons" to which bis pupils
huve taken very readily. A lesson on
the woolen industry ls followed by a
journey to a farm to witness the process of sheep shearing; the mystery of
briek and (lie making is made clear by
it visit to the wonks where the pupils
enn see everything from the digging of
lhe clay. The dead facts of wars are
made to live again by excursions to
fields of battle and descriptions of wbat
took place upon them, Excellent results follow these practical lessons, Mr.
Brodle says.
m m  rotors.
The color of u niulT once betokened
i woman's social rank. Black muffx
wuru for the common folk, while conn
followers were permitted by the king's
decree to use colors.
la there anything more annoying than
Inning your corn i.lei'iiitl upon? is there
anything more delivht ful thun getting
rid ot ii? tlolloway's Corn I'ure will do
it     Try  it   nntl  bo convinced.
What is that which every mnn cun
divide but which no mun can see
Where it   is divided'.'—Water.
When i.s n fruit stalk like n strong
swimmer?—When it steins the cur-
Gcntlcliich. — While driving down
a very sleep liill lust August my
horse stumbled and fell, cut ting himself fearfully nbout the head and
hody. 1 used MINAKIl'S LINIMENT
freeJy on him, and in a few duys he
wns ns well as ever.
Why is u fender like Westminster
Abbey*?—Because it contains the
uslies uf  (he greet.
Why     did     Kve     never     feur      the
measles?— Because sho'ti Adam,
Why is tlu* Danish roust • u bud
place to go for quietness. Because of
tht* sound which  is tliere.
II ntlutkinl with cholera or summer
ct million! ot any kind sruU al unce lol
a liottlc of lir. .1 U Kellogg's Dysentery fui-itial und use il uccortliiit; to
directions, it arte with wonderful ru-
pldity in suljiluiti"- that dreadful disease
lhat weakens tht* strongest mun iiutl thm
destroys lhe .\oumr and delicnte Those
who havo used I his cholera medicine say
it nets promptly, nnd never fails lo effect  a   thorough cure,
What part   of  Scotland  is what  no
one enn  live  without'.'—Avr.
Wbnt is a man like who is in Ihe
middle of the Thames and cnu't
swim?—Like  lo   be drowned.
Minard's Liniment Cores Barm, etc
Which is tbe most  musical county
in Ureal Britain?—Fife.
What extraordinary kind of meat
is to be bought In the Isle ol Wight'.'
—Mutton from  ("owes.
In the churchyard at n Welsh village
there are four huge yew trees, and a
large cavity in one of them, which Is
protected by a door. Is used for storing
tho eoal needed to beat the church during tho winter months.
Mirages may occur In any placo
where the denser stratum of air Is
Shifted ubove (lie lighter stratum, thus
causing a reflection of the rays of light.
Sinking  floors.
Japanese ladies sometimes have the
floors of their boudoir;, underueath the
mill:', so arranged that by the movement of the boards when trodden upon
sounds something like the chirping of
birds are emitted.
The Jnpnnesc "I."
The Japanese language contains no
fewer than eighteen synonyms for the
pers.mal prOnonn "1," one for each
class of people. Ami eUipiette makes
It unlawful for a person belonging to
one rank in society to make use of the
pronoun pertaining to another,
Changed With lhe Season.,
"What Is ber favorite flower.'"
"Tbat depends on the price."
When was beef-tea Introduced into
I'ligluiitl on n large scale'.' — When
Henry VIII, dissolved tlie Pope's
Holploss as a Baby.- Smith American Rheumatic Curs strikes the root ol
Hie   nlliuenl   .n.d   strikes   it   quick.   It    W.
Wright,   io   Uantel   street,    Hrochvllie,
lint .   for   twelVS   .veins   »ns   R   urciit   mil-
(eri'i-    from   rheumatism,    couldn't wasn
himself, feed himself nr dress himself.
Alter using six hotlles WSS able to g"
to   work,   and   snys:     "1   thliiW   pain    has
ictt mo forever."—30
Where was  Nelson   going   when   lit*
wns in   his   thirty-ninth year?—Into
bis   I'tirl ielli.
Mow  do  We  know   Itotne  wus  built
in lhe night?—Because historians say
Roi iu was mil  built  lu a  dav.
What, is that which goolh   to   tho |   What is the difToronuJ between   tho
wood, and carries    his    way on   his.east wind nnd un nloo'.'—Ona blows a
shoulder?—A  man going to thc wood .hundred times a yoar, aud  the other
to fell bought and carrying his  lad-  oucu in a hundred years.
dor. I r—       - -  _ —
The Druggist
Ceoause He Knew of Scores of Severe
Cases of Piles thai was-o Positively Cured by
The writer of the letter quoted below suffered dreadfully from ii ching
protruding piles for six yeurs.
Like hosts of others, he wus only
disappointed with the mnny treatments be tried, until his druggist
told him of whut llr. Chuse's Ointment, wus accomplishing as a cure
for tbis wretched uilment.
Mr. (J. W. Cornell, who is with tho
Shaw Milling- Company, St. Catharines, Out , writes: "In justice to suffering humanity I write to tell you
of the world of good I obtained from
the use of Dr. Chaso's Ointment. For
nbout six yeurs I wus the victim of
I telling und protruding piles und wus
in dreadful agony day and nighl.
Doctors were unable to help me and
I -.ould get nothing to relieve thu
suffering,   l was about as mtsorablo
a creature as wus to bo found on the
face of the earth,
"One day   my  tirunvlst,   Sir.   A.  J.
Greenwood, advised mo   to   try   llr.
j Chase's  Ointment,   which  I  did,    and
[obtalnod relief from the first box and
(completo cure  wiih  the second.     My
trouble wns caused  |jy  heavy lifting,
j and 1 consider thnt lir. Chase's Olnt-
inent woultl bo cheap ut fifty dollars
a box, in view of tho good   thut  it
did for me.     A feeling ol sympathy
for others similarly  affected   prompts
Ine  lo  i;i\e  Ibis  t,sl nnoey "
Dr. Chuse's < Um menl. Oil cents a
box, at till dealers, or Edmanson,
llutes ,<; Company, Toronto, To protect, you against Imitations tho portrait und sigiiutui'i,' ui Dr. A. VV.
Chuso, the famous receipt book author, ure on every box.
FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt returns. Advances made on
consignments. Correspondent* solicited. Established 1886. Reference-
Union Bank of Canada.
1 get pro
fc'stabiisiiail Gruin Commission
Merchant in Winnipeg, -k^.
r.insisrn your crraln to ine and set prompt service, ra refill attention;
and highest market prices. a-g     Q am a bus y,      DRAWER
Reference-UNION BANK of CANADA.   Wi   O I     I Ml ft.       |3QQ
The present Indications point to a spotted wheat crop In Southern Manitoba on
account of rust. \ve hays had a great de.O ul experience handling shrunken
Brain. Vou may hmt '.he benefit ol this experience Uy shipping your grain to us,
The upper half ol Manitoba ami lhe Territories have a ine big crop if not
dbmaued by frost, und we woultl like to show you prices we can get lor gratia
wheat.   Let as prom t.hese facts to you, as wc are doing to your neighbors.
McLaughlin & Ellis
GRAIN EXCHANGE, Winnipeg    -
REFERENCES: Canadian Bank or
Commerce, Commercial Agencies.
xour WHEAT, OATS AND FLAX commLi-Tn fit*.
We handle strictly on commission therefore can givo every iiitoniion
to cur shipments, und will obtain the best prices for sunn*. We will be
plcnsod to nnswer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. if vor huvo grain
to ship or sell tlo nol fail to write for onr "Wny of Doing Business,'' as
it will pav vuu well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Winnipeg.
S ,fV|     As tho western   represent at ivo    ot    .Ins.    Itichnrdsoi
at   Sons,   Kingston  uml  Toronto,  and   Can.   I,in.  Oi'
Hills, Limited, Montreal, P. Q., 1 nm nlv.nys in the market for cur lots
of grain of every variety, wheat, outs, hurley nnd flux. I will be pleased
to write or wire y<*u quotations Rl uny time on whatever you hnvo to
offer. Correspondence solicited in either English or German. Itequosto
for Information ro shipping, etc., given immediate attention. Reference:
Merchants Bunk of Canada. KMVAitu O'REILLY. WINNIPEG.
Oraln ln car lots bought oo track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advances made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference!
Any dank In Winnipeg.
Handy to Have About the House
Off All
A Pill In time is a wonderfully good thing and eaves
many a fit of sickness. Every person, young or old,
needs a little help often to j-iut their systems right
If there's Biliousness Constipation or Indigestion •
uose of BEECHAM'S PILLS will generally set things
right. Sick Headaches are cured as if by charm, aad
you will
and be enabled to enjoy many a pleasure heretofore
made impossible.
BEECHAM'S PILLS make life worth living by
putting your system in condition to enjoy it.
Any trouble arising from derangement of the organs
of digestion and secretion .is quickly set right if yoa
Prepared only by the Proprietor, Thomas Reecham, St. Helens, England,
ild Everywhere in Canada and U. S. America.    In boxes, 25 cent*.
ometemm   \\ ...~r.-.z,---*    ■ talon.
There wns u Wlnotuakcra' union In
Rome 11. I'. 54. They hud resultir meet-
ings nt which ihey discussed the hest
methods of conteutratlUB wine so us to
reduce It to a sirup mid Dually to »
solid eul.e. lu Which form It wus often
preserved for many years,
■ .unit   Surface.
Every well developed ndult of the human species bus lung surface equal to
1,'iuo square feet The heart's power is
sufficient to urt itseir 13,000 feet each
Which   is   the    liveliest   city    in    Ilie
world'.'—lieiiis;   bocauso ii Is always
ou  the  Spree.
Why is the Isthmus of Sm"/ like Die
first '"ii" in cucumber?—Boon use ii is
between two "c's."
Minard's Liniment hr sale eTerywhcre.
To whut port of the world should
hungry folks emigrate?—To Sandwich  Islands.
V**/    N    KJ    No    49Q THK DRILL, SI.OCAN, B. 0,
©. E. «wthicrix«ai.e, Editor and Prop,
•LOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C"
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
tha first insertion and 5 cents a line each
•ubiequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict*
ly in advance; $2.00 a year if not ao paid-
Address all letters to—
Slocan, P. C
The news that the Ontario-Sk-can
Lumber Co. intend to erect their mill
hero without delay und that the
gentlemen connected with the coin
pnuynienn business on Iheir trip out
here this timo adds much to tbe outlook for the future prosperity of Slocnn. Outside of this the general
outlook is much brighter. The payrolls at the Ottawa aud Slooan Prince
have regularly been Increased of late.
Witb good forces at these mines and
tho Enterprise, together with the Kilo,
Club, Cripple Stick, Neepawa and
Edison shipping ore, things should
and will take a brighter turn, and that
at a not far distant time.
Notwithstanding the general tendency towards duller trade, which is
uow characterizing almost every
country, uo sueh reaction, says the
Liverpool, England, Courier, is ap
parent in Canada. The continued
volume of immigration settlers is
steadying and stiffening industries
and trade and commerce in the dominion are most satisfactory. One
point of interest is a falling off in the
flow of immigrants from the United
States and from Europe, which, however, is more than made up by the
increased arrivals from tbe British
Isles, and the prospects are tbat this
feature will be maintained. With the
spread of knowledge of the varied
and natural resources of Canada capital is flowing into the country. The
next few years also will see an enormous expenditure in railway enterprise, which must affect advanta-
peously every channel of trade and
industry and render any reaction in
the immediate future extremely unlikely. In connection with the foregoing, it is interesting to note that
building o|M>rations in all tbe cities of
Canada tbis year have exceeded those
of any previous twelve months, and
this activity does not run.on a speculative basis, but is simply the outcome
of legitimate needs created by tho expansion that is proceeding in every
direction. ^^^^^^^^^
Editor Drill:
We don't like to kick, and arc not
winners, but must say that tho present
disarranged mail and freight rate service of tbe Slocan is annoying, detrimental and intolerant to the body
politic. Why the transportation, mercantile and [inst office authorities
should go in cahoots and turn the
cold shoulder and the heel of oppression ou the Slocan, friend anil foe
alike, is lierond the "ken 6' man" and
outside tbe limits of common sense
and honesty and quite iit variance
with tbe pretensions and promises of
the powers that be to bold, advance
and enhance the tangible and latent
resources and possibilities of our common community and country, whieh
if given fair play will respond find in
ure to the profit, prosperity and hap*
pinen of all concerned. The present
condition smacks of the greed of
graft, and il quite inconsistent with
the old and steadfast British principle
of fair play and no favor and don'l hit
or kick a man when he's down.
Moll to Olbio'n iu snip.
Captain C. K. Trcthowav of Nelson
lias lieen appointed superintendent of
the Moilie Gibson and has assumed
the duties of his new position. A force
of 15 men is now employed at the
mine.   The road to the Moilie Gibson
Is in a bad condition and the government has live men at work putting it
in shape. J nsi as soon as it is lit lo
run wagons over the intention of the
management is to begin the shipping
of ore. The tramway has been
lengthened for a distance of BOO feel
and everything now is In condition at
the mine to keep up shipments indefinitely,
siiv«*r Quotations.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver pn the various days during the
week since last issue:
Wednesday    56J cents
Thursday    56}   "
Friday    561   "
Saturday     561    "
Monday    67s   "
Tuesday     57}    "
Pay up your subscription.
A militia company is being formed
iu Fernie,.
For first-class bread go to J. H.
H. D. Lea left this week to work at
tbe Mayetta.
The citizens of Enderby nre talking
You can only obtain real bargains
at W. T. Shatford & Co.'s.
Mrs. H. Beck has not yet recovered
from hor recent attack of typhoid fever,
having had a relapse shortly after
leaving tbe hospital early tliis week.
You can secure the best goods at
lowest prices at W. T. Shatford t%
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest nnd
Orange hall is being repainted and
a new brick chimney has been installed.
H. A. Cleve left last week for Silverton, where he will work for F.
\Y. R. Clement, the pioneer of Slocan, is expected in from Vancouver
next week.
D. K. Young, formerly of tbe defunct Slocan ('ity News, is taking in
the St. Louis fair.
Paul Hauck returned to Slocan
Tuesday from Greenwood to attend to
his mining Interests.
Tom Binish, who has been severely
ill for some time, was admitted to
the hospital on Tuesday.
Thos. Chew went up to the sawmill
at the bead of the lake on Wednesday
morning on a short trip of inspection.
Tbe plans for building the new
sawmill near Watsons is hanging fire
on account of a hitch in tbo deal for
tbe plant.
No nieeting of tbo city council was
held Monday night, owing to the absence of Mayor McNeish and Alderman Teeter.
Thos. Armstrong and Pat McGuire
left today_ for the head of Lemon
creek, on a* trip of inspection of the
properties around the Nansen.
Pat Burns' new townsite, at hiscoal
mines, recently purchased on the Mac-
leod branch of the C. P. R., in Alberta, is to be called Buniside.
Grand Master T F. Neelands of
Vancouver will pay his official visit to
the Slocan lodge of Odd Fellows on
Wednesday, September 2Sth.
Herbert Redpath, a C. P. B. brake-
man wiis killed at thc Mother Lod'.
Greenwood, hist week by being
caught under a loaded ore car.
An order has been passed by the
government appointing Thursday, the
17th of November, a day of thanksgiving throughout tho Dominion.
l\lr. and Mrs. Mulvey and Misses
Mullen and Foley spent Sunday at
tbe Broadroan ranch, where the genial
proprietor spread them a banquet.
Tbe question of the construction of
a sawmill in the neighborhood of Nelson by the company beaded by J. P.
MeGoldrick is announced to be no
longer in doubt.
L. Mackay of Kaslo has lieen appointed private secretary to the Hon
Mr. McBride, premier, and will act as
assistant to li. M. Palmer of the
bureau of provincial information.
Mrs. Tutcher has succeeded to the
business conducted by H. Cleve and
gentlemen wishing their clothes
cleaned and repaired may bave it
done by leaving tbem at her store.
WAS. Harris came down from the
Climax group in Ibe Alpine Basin
Monday, having completed his work
tliere for tbe summer. He reports an
excellent showing of rich gold ore.
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
lags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
notehoads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
sale, etc.
W. T. Shatford A: Co. intend to
move their store building to their vacant lot on the corner of Main street
and Delaney avenue. Work on tlie
undertaking will commence about
October 1st.
Several persons up early on hist
Sunday morning for their "morning's
morning" thought they had a mild attack of jim jams upon seeing a porcupine at large upon the sidewalk of
Main street.
W. I). McGregor and   family  leave
tomorrow for the coast where nis son
.ind daughter will attend school, Mr.
McGregor intends to return immediately, but his family will spend tbe
winter in Victoria.
I'M Patrequin of Silverton, formerly
of lhe linn of Knowles & Patrequin of
this place, passed through Slocan
Tuesday ou his way to old Mexico lo
try mining there. His family is stiil
residing nl Silverton.
Dan Palmer came down from the
Enterprise Monday, and after a few
days sojourn in the city, left, for Sf,
i '"ii--.    Alter vii-n ing ihe fair he will
go to Cleveland,Ohio, whore he will
spend the winter wiih his brother.
Secretary Twitcbell of the Fisher
Maiden company returned from the
mine Tuesday en mui" to Spokane.
Thin.''- are progressing favorably at
the mine and lhe wagon road is bearing completion, lie will return to
the mine ia about Iwo weeksi
A number of wells are being sunk
in town.
F. E. Griffith is in town from the
Rev. F. McCord and bride wore
registered in Nolson Tuesday.
Hugh McFadyen was down from
Tcnniile Monday and Tuesday.
It is probable that tho Nelson fair
will bo well attended from Slocan.
Archie Cummlngs of lhe steamer
Slocan is taking a vacation iu Nelson.
Local athletes are training hard for
forthcoming events iu neighboring
It. I. Kirkwood and C. E. Sniither-
iugale Jr., were registered in Nolson
\V. E. Worden has removed from
Calgary and taken up his residence at
Specimens of the rich Highland
Light ore are to be exhibited in Nelson at the fair.
Sir Thomas Sbatignessy is expected
to arrive iu Nelson Saturday nighl
from the Boundary country.
J. A. Anderson is rusticating at
Lemon creek and Dr. Cade is in
charge of the pharmacy during bi.-
On account of the heavy smoke on
the lake the approach of the .steamer
Slooan is not known until the whistle
is beard.
rf you need any thing iq the gent's
furnishing line call at W.T. Shatford
& Co, They have the most complete
stock in town.
E. Gillette was down from the Colorado this week, having finished hauling logs for the quarters to be erected' t
there and for mining timber.
The friends of Key. F. McCord are
arranging a reception for himself and
and bride Friday evening at S o'clock
in the Royal. All are asked to attend.
More smoke has been hanging over;
the lake and valley the last few days
than has been all this smoky summer
before ami in all the  history of thej
Sept JIS—Copper Jacket.
Bept 16—Truo Blue.
Sept. 19—Fin.lerick Stock gives notice
of having held option on Cripple Stick-
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular sulvt?ril>cr!>,$l por montli
or$10 a yeur I ii<m-siibsci'il)i'rs (exclusive Of
nieilii'ul attendance) (S por day,   1'rivate wards
til per day extra.   Special facilities for maternity cases.
Tor further particulars apply to.
D.*B. O'Neail, Sec
Is reached by any trail «r road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door ■*
you are dry, weary or hunm
■y, „
ant bushes, etc.      Good  pay Meekly:
'l'O sell fruit trees, raspberry, uooseberry and
"  pay Meekly,
imttit free.   Tliere is bis money in this work for
trustworthy men.
OVKK   600   ACRES
We have under cultivation over  000 acre* of
nursery stook, Inoluding the choicest and but
varieties for orchard and garden pluntiiiff. We
will deliver BOOdi to customers in good condition, freight paid, Dur taoott have every advantage thai this line of business can oiler
tlii'iii.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.—WUl make nrrailKcments for local
agoncy or for the handling or exclusive territories. P. N. CO
t- **■*-***■ *-*-*-*-*+*-*■**.**■*-*■**** v
City Bakery
Guaranteed tho Bost Bread
iu the Sloean camp.   .   .   .
The fall assizes will open iu Nelson
on next Monday week, October ;$d.
with Alt'. Justice Irving presiding.
The list of cases is likely to be a light
one. There are only two civil eases
set down so far. Tbe crown counsel
has not been named.
Also carrying a full line of
*.********•*** **>*■ t-
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particulars write
Appended is a complete list of tho various records registered at the local registry ollice, Ll. 1'. Christie boing mining
Sei 115—Alice, W 1) McGregor, formerly Allison, Lemon creek.
Luis, Tho» McNeish, formerly Louise,
Lemon creek.
Side Light, J W Kyle, formerly Headlight, Layton creek.
19—Miners' Delight, \V II Ferguson,
2 miles southeast oi Slocan.
Black Diamond, J Hatnelin, Springer
Hereford,'Alfred Reeve, Fame.
' *>-»-»>■♦-♦-»♦-♦ ****** ***** ***+4
**■** **** *4
Slocan, B. C.
Comfortable Rooms.   Satisfactory
Dining Room Service and the
Best of Everything at the  Bar.
******** **** **.*
iv in ii ti,« ■ i et ni' irj
NOTICE i liersbj given iIna tha undermmv
ti'ini'it pnrfton htu^tnadd application for
a retail liquor llcciino ul Btwoborj Hotel, ituaa.
bory, li. Cm to oonnsielioe on tbo 26th day of Sep-
tomber, IC >i:
J>. MoLeclan, New Do&vor
A Mi'i'iinfj of tlia Board of License Com ml*
■ i a..-;.. "I iii'-sl,.can Licnnne District will b,»
hold in coAalder Mich application ,ai ilu* Court
flnuso, New Denver, on Monday, the 20th day
of September 1901,
Chief License luspi ctot,
l'roviiiciiil Police Ollice, New  Denver,  li.  ('.,
BoptembtfrS, llioi
Notice of Dissolution.
MOTH K i- hereby given thai tho lirm of
'" Worrlon Brothers lu,- boon this tins dif*
solved by mutual consent, the undernamed
Hiram t'.. Worden continuing the Culvery bi
luesi -oul beiftg responsible for the deotsof the
same and tlm undernamed Win.-Iuv..- 10. \Vorden
continuing the drnying business nnd assuming
all deb>ts In connection therewith aud to whom
ull aocoui t.-. urr. to br' paid.
Dated al ('lUxury this L'luii day of limuit, A li.
1804. HI HAM K. Will'llky
MmM for a Di: $2
• ••1 iiXL,e••
Mrs. A. Mason, Frop.
Headquarters for traveling men ;
Large, airy rooms
Eest meals given iu the town
RATES—19 per <ln.v : with
huuipld rooms, 88.80. Special rut,", t<> steady bourdon
Arthur Street, Slocan
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition
Nelson   Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J. E. Amiable, Sec, Nelson
J. A. Anderson
nitron iit ,«• it itiov ir
£•  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .  ^
£:    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
*-*■****-**■*■**-****-* **********
fora Year
NOTICK ih hereby glvsn that thirty
days from data I Intend t<> apply to ths
Board of Licensing Commissioners of Ihe
Sloi'.in License District, for a transfei of
mv retail liquor license for the Victoria
Hotel,Hilverton,to Thorbnrn it Flewher
Dated this i^'ml ilay of August, 1904
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Elmer J, I elt, or to any |ioraoti or
|H*rM>tiK lo whom ho nmy have trimx-
ferieH hin inter-rut, in wliolaforin (utrt,
In iho skylark and Ranger mineral
clalt*fls,iltualetl bi tween the Bret north
fork of Lemon creak ami Dayton creak,
ami recorded In tha Blocan City milling division ol Went Kool imv iliNiriet:
You ttr« hereby notified that I,Noah
K. MoNought, P.M.O, No. B06112, have
expended the sum of two hundred and
Ave dollars In Ui>or mul general In*
prorements upon the above mentioned
t'laimi", in order to bold Haul mineral
claims iimler Ilie previa oiir ol tlm Minoral Act, ami if within 00 days from ihs
data of this nottcs you tail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such ex-
pendlture, together with all costs of advertising, your interent iu paid claims
will become the properly of ths sub*
Kjrlber, under section four of an set entitled "An Art to amend tlia Mineral
Ao, 1900."
Dat< d  l * '" ;   lav <•'  *iii mo  |004.
l '■ , 	
rm + mm ****++******** ******
I.HlllTKII HY iik.\ti:i> nv
■LECTRIC1TT, "■*■*'••
The Queen's
Hotel .—-*-^
it*tics:   •a.iio tick i'*r
Flrstvolttii Dining B««n
Ler^e and Comfortable B*'!1"*."
♦  Sample rooms tor ConimsroW *»
Nelson, B. C
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral


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