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The Slocan Drill 1904-01-15

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TOL. IV., Ne. 42.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   15,    1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Do not fail to call on us when in want of
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes. We are
agents for the celebrated "iTlaple Leaf
Rubber,'' which is the best Canadian make   '
Hen'* i and a buckle
Men's flanitobas
Men's laced high, and lof*/.
Men's Overs
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobasand
Overs in all sizes.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
* a
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.1
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
-A.!? li ngton    Hotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tliis popular hotel is e.eavenient to the boat* and trains.   The 3ining rrom
isstrieiW np-lo-elale while lhe tin* is supplied with the best in the laanhct.
Travelling: mon, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dny:
without Sample Rooms. $2; board $8 per week; mealwSe
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^-*t
_^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
OLD ltOAKl).
Wm. UftVldadn, M.I,.A., to ba ■ Uelrguto
to tho Tu bentrdosil Ounventlen at Victoria Allalilor'H lluporl Nl ill Inllnlili-
eet -Routine llotlnem.
The last business meeting of the
old eity council was held on Monday
night, till the members being present.
Correspondence road: From Provincial Board of Henlth, Vietoria,eall-
ing attention to a convention on tuberculosis, to bo held on Jan muy 20.
Filed, aud the dork instructed to ask
Wm. Davidson, M.L.A., to represent
this place at tin* convention.
Returning olllcer reported result of
the nominations held during the day.
Filed. J
Aid. Worden handed iii a report
from the lire department, giving a list
of the paraphernalia on hand.   Filed.
Treasurer's report was again laid
over, as auditor's report was not complete.
Bills presented: Fayroll for December, S96.74: McCallum & Co., lamp for
hall, S5.   Ordered paid.
On motion of Aid. McNeish and
Teeter, the acting mayor was instructed to call a public meeting for Wednesday night, in th'-.Music Hall, to
discuss municipal matters.
Council adjourned.
pkkv""""tion of tdbkkcclosib.
Kditoii Drill:
Sir,--A preliminary meeting, with
the object of forming a British Columbia Association for the prevention aad
cure of tuberculosis, hns lieen held. A
constitution and bylaws arc drawn up
aad will bo submitted to a fceueral
uaoetiug to be held in Victoria on Jan.
20th. Th- public generally are invited to stt-nil this meeting, but I am
in.-atrueli'd to make a particular appcil
to your section to send a delegate; and
fur'.her, ta) ask you to take meai s to
a.te that ".our local member lc ;s .ed
to attend as a delegate from your district.
I need hattllj point out how urgent
this great question is, and when 1 remind you tint Canada loses 8000, the
United States 100,000, and the whole
world 2,000,0(K) humau lives every
yeir from tuberculosis, I think you
will admit it is time something should
be done, especially in view of the now
established fact that consumption is
preventiblo and curable.
As you no doubt know, there is ab
solutoly nothing being done in British
Columbia to either prevent the spread
of this disease or a-i-ist those already
afflicted with it. Not only is it a fact
that tliere is no .special institution for
those who could be assist<*d, but the
ordinary hospitals close their doors to
these unfortunates and leave them in
despair to die unaided, with the result
that they pass on their troubles not
only to the members ol their own ami
their neighbors' families, but the danger to the general public i.s correspondingly increased.
To attempt to right thu state of affairs Is-the reason for calling this
meeting.   Faithfully yours,
Provincial Board of Health^ ictoria,
January, 11101.
King, B. Dean, and T. Evans. Two
other miners wero seriously injured.
Several in the relief parties wero overcome with gas aud wero continually
brought out of the mine for fresh air.
The accident cast a terrible gloom
over tho community.
Fivo Aldermen Were Elected by Accla-
Nominations for the various municipal oilices wero held on Monday and
passed off quietly. Five aldermen
wero returned by acclamation, but the
sixth seat could not l>e filled. Then-
is a contest on for the mayoralty nnd
for the two seats ou tho school board.
Following are the nominations made
for the various oilices:
David Arnot, proposed by Messrs
I'.'i-t.T and Madden.
Thomas McNeish, by Messrs. Curtis
and Johnson.
Anthony Madden, by Messrs.Teeter
and Arnot.
A. E. Teeter, by Messrs. Arnot and
Geo. Henderson, by Messrs. Johnson and Curtis.
W. E. Worden, by Messrs. Dick and
A. C. Smith, by Messrs. Woodcock
and Anderson.
David Arnot, by Messrs. Teeter and
O. E. Smitheringale, by Messrs.
Teeter and Arnot.
IT. D. Curtis, by Messrs. McNeish
and Woodcock.
Thomas McNeish, by Messrs.Camp-
btdl and Christie.
some relief to Slocan, miucowners.
Shipments of zinc, whether concentrates or not, will bo accepted in bulk
for treitmoiit in Antwerp, Belgium, at
$13 per toll. The new rato is a considerable reduction frem past figures.
Slecan Mlneewnem Want Their ZlucOffl-
fllafllly I \. nilneil
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best thc market affords.   Prices are right.
Work, Fit  and  Finish jg
ajo gusrautced. H
j^j A Few Lines of Gents* Furnishings g
*j« are still left from the stock of tho late A. H
jfa David and they must be sold off nt onee. BS
8 H. A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, BX M
ftfl Store: Next door to Fostolfice.
\i i"**r           ^■55*0'
aUtA             ^^J^U^-V-**-***
pu  aaaiwnnnTii
*      Av P5
_[m ¥. . -   "^**J***n
can be made by wearing
one of tho	
Stylish Suits
made from the best imported Worsteds, Serge?,
or Tweeds.a consignment
of which has just beav
received for winter trade.
Otitpat of Gold mui Silver.
The director of the United States
mint has made public his annual
stater.) vats of the t\pproxim:it<\disti,i-
tuition by producing states and territories of the product of gold and silver
rj| the United Stst.', ftw the past year.
Thc figures are:
Alaska J fi,921.1S7
Arizona    4j84,000
Califoriw lG.53.'t.r>^5
('.dorado 22.000.QOQ
Idaho     2067,188
Ceunir Court Vaaee.
Slocan was pretty well represented
at the county court in Nelson this
woek. Mulcare vs Provost. Sturgeon
vs Provost, Laplante vs Provost. Blan-
chette vs Provost, and Duchene ra
Provost, all went against defendant.
The C.P.K. paid Slir.S.0.1 into court
under garnishees upon defendant) and
the money was ordered paid out pro
rata to the plaintiffs. Whitehead vs
Burton, a suit for ejectment from land,
weut to plaintiff. Cameron va Murphy, for breach of packing contract,
went to plaintiff, who secured •?*'.- and
costs. Shatford vs Johnston was set-
tied out of court. McCallum Vi Ben*
eilum, judgment, went to plaintiff.
TVurai ni ii inal. Frlnoo.
Tho lessees of the Black Prince
have 13 feet yet to drive on their raise,
the total length being 118 feet. For
64 feet of this distance tliere is a solid
chute of ore, from which two carloads
of ore has been shipped. Ore is again
coming in in the raise and a new body
will soon be opened up. A drift has
been started from the raise on the
main ore oh lite and has gone 10 feet.
The ore seam is four feet wide and almost a carload of ore has been taken
out. No sloping is allowed under the
lind Eipleiilon at Michel.
A disastrous explosion occurred in
the No. ,'1 mine at Michel, operated by
the Crow's Nest Coal Co., on Friday
afternoon, seven miners losing their
lives. Tbo "ictims were: 1). Roberts,
W. McAllister,D. Thomas. J. SaJe. W.
New Mexico...
South Dakota..
' ilver.
5    1U.W8
Total... .$74,425,840 £'30,.r>20,G88
<.: 111 a 11 as 1 U Nominated.
Kootenay Liberals met in convention at Nelson ou Tuesday, there boing a good attendance of delegates.
Two names were placed in Domination
as the candidate of the party -W. A.
Galliher, of Nelson, the present member, and Dr. Sinclair, of Kossland.
The latter made a pathetic speech and
withdrew, Galliher's nomination beiug
made unanimous. In the election of
officers that followed, D.S. McVannel,
of this place, was chosen a member of
the executive committee, as representing the Slocan riding.
Oil Should lie Cheaper.
A third big gusher has been struck
in tho Kayak oil fields, near Juneau.
Alaska. Reports state the flow was
developed in one of the wells of the
Mackenzie & Mann syndicate, which
is operating under bond the properties
of the Alaska Development Co. The
flow, which was struck in an oil sand
formation at a depth of 1100 feet,
spurted 70 feet in the air. It is declared to have lieeii stronger than
either of the two previously discovered
Fatality nt the •''..litre Star.
On Monday a bad accident Occurred
at the Centre Star mine, at Rossland,
due to a missed hole. Chas. McPhee
and P. Goddo, an Italian, were using
a drill on tho 500 foot level.when they
broke into a missed hole, resulting in
an explosion. Goddo was instantly
killed, apiece of rock striking him between the eyes. McPl eo had Oue eye
destroyed and was otherwise injured,
his hurts resulting fatally.
I.* Kal <;<tl I a« Fine Ore.
Tu a late cable to London, Manager
Punish of the Le Roi mine. Rossland,
said: "Drift upou diamond drill hole
No. 7 on 1850 foot level. 1300 feet in,
passed through 28 feet line Uxly of
or.-; assays average §10 to ?20 per ton
of 2000 pounds gold and copper. A
sample from it assayed $1(5.22. Much
encouraged, although extent of body
is at present unknown. Face of drift
is in ore,"	
NeW lime on Zinc.
The C.P.R. has announced a  new
rate on ziuc ore, which "•■ ill   afford
Having disposed of tho lead question, by securing from the Ottawa
government a liberal bounty per ton,
the Slocan mineowners are up against
another momentous proposition, i.e.,
what to do with their ziuc. Takon together the mines possess far more ziuc
.nan lead, and the silver values com-
lined are so high that it is a pressing
necessity that ores shall be realized
ipon. The zinc question hus become
ill important during tho past year
md a satisfactory solution is aiixious-
■» awiited. Many of the mineowners
have beeh experimenting with treating
.ne ore on tue gri)Uin.l,pai'ticuliU.y the
Payne, and all aro ready to put in the
necessary plant when a satisfactory
process is demonstrated. .Shipping
the ore to Kansas did not result as
successfully as anticipated, and the
mineowners are looking for other relief.
Last week the mineowners met at
Sandon to discuss the zinc question,
having with ihem W. A. Galliher, M.
P. The object of tho meeting was to
determine some definite methodical
t3JSatmen*t of the case as it at present
exists in Kootenay. The general feeling was that thc Dominion government should lie nsked to step iu and
employ an eminent expert to inquire
into and report upon fully the production and treatment of zinc ores ai-
:•.,idy known to exist In the province,
especially in the Slocan.
After a thorough discussion, thc
nieeting decided to memorialize the
government, asking for the appointment a world known expert to examine the zinc resources of the country
and to make a report on them, and of
t he best method to tie adopted in order that zinc may be produced on a
-<nund commercial basis. The report
should, the association thinkF,embraco
'the whole zinc question, aud go thor-
.fiughly and exhaustively into ell matters appertaining to the matter of zinc
mining and treatment. Mr. Galliher
hcMaiily e.idorsed the idea advanced
and promised to use his influence
with the government to have the expert appointed.
Mnrrled la Seattle.
Word has been received in town of
the marriage of B. A. Shatford, which
event transpired in Seattle on Tuesday morning. The bride is Miss
Hilda Maybee, sister of Mrs. Walter
T. Shatford. and well and favorably
known to many here. The honeymoon
is to lie spent anion',' the cities on tho
coast, the young couple returning
here to take up their residence iVbout
the middle of next week. Mr. and
Mrs. Shatford will receive a warm
welcome from an extensive circle of
acquaintances, who unite in wishing
the newly married couple their sin-
cerest congratulations.
OttHira Make* Slilpmant.
The Ottawa sent out another carload
of ore on Tuesday, being the second
for the winter and the first this year.
It will be followed at regular intervals
by other shipments, as it is the intention to make the mine pay for its own
development. Stoping has commenced
and considerable ore is being broken
down. Tlie new raise is expected to
carry ore all the way through.
Fatul Aiaiilfl'B.l nt Urmilta.
A fatal accident occurred at Granite
ou Tuesday, Wm. Maedonald, a C.P.
R. bridge carpenter, being tho victim.
He was working on the old Kootenay
bridge, when a swinging block struck
him and knocked him off, he falling
:,.*) feet on to the rocks below. He was
picked up unconscious and died soon
after.   The remains  were interred at
Silver Quetatlenia
Following are the quotations for bar
silver ou thc various days during tho
woek since last issue:
Thursday ..
Monday ...
57| cents
1,7 & «
581   "
B8|   "
583    "
Wednesday    58j   **•
UhwIbibIIibk from lini.
On Wednesday M. Cameron commenced rawliiding down ore from the
Bell,-one of the Republic group,which
is being worked under leaso. There
will be a full carload to come down,
and it will be ready to go to the smelter next weok. The ore is all coming
from the new shaft and is expected to
yield |80 per ton.
Monthly dunces in aid of the Colorado strikers will be held in the Miners' Union hall, tho lirst being held on
the 22ud.
I.aat Tear'a Nlilpmral** Wera 1339 Tam—
A llflaill lay lCvlaleiK'. .t tlia Lira aad
Wealth of tha Can.p-Katerarlietba-o
Blita.t Shipper.
Two more properties enter the shipping list this week, giving a fairly
\'ood start to tho season's operations.
The Enterprise sent out 20 tons of ore
andihe Ottawa 20. More shipments
are in sight from the former and the
latter expects to ship at regular intervals. Ore has commenced coming
down from the Republic nnd the Ies
sees expect-to aead forward a car next
week. R, will uot lie long also till the
Black Prince will have a shipment
ready, so altogether the outlook k
cheering. To date exports total 5l*
For 1903 tlie ore shipments from
the local di*"*i;iiou amounted to 133H
tons, mado up from 17 properties.
Following is a, full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise     20 20
Ottawa      JO 20
Neepawa  l<;
40 40
Work has been suspended on tbe
Sandon mines last week shipped 13i
tons of ore.
The Marion, at New Denver, is making a shipment.
Slocan mines have shipped to date
3(>3 tons of ore.
The American Boy will construct ,a
new bunkhouse.
Rossland mines have so far au output of 11,143 tons.
Tlie Eva mill, at Camborne, cleaned
up $11,000 iu December.
The crosscut on the Myrtle is in lflO
feot. It has to go 430 to catch the
A carload of ore from the Comstock,
on Four Mile, passed through this
T^ie Spyglass group, hi the Poplar
camp, has lieen sold toR. McLeodfor
For tho £r§t week in the new year
Boundary mines had an output of
16.272 tons.
The concentrator at the Slocan Stnr
is to Ik; remodelled, in order to save
the zinc valuer.
George Hughes has taken a working
bond on the Lucky Jim group, iu the
McGuigan basin.
Several more big lawsuits are threatened between leadiug properties iu
the Sandon camp.
Mill tests on ore from the Lucky
Jack, on Poplar creek, run .5250 in
gold to the ton. The Swede group
gives $37.
The Rambler will drive a new tunnel, over 4000 feet long aud (J feet in
the clear. It will take two years to
Tho Ottawa has commenced a raise
connecting No. 4 and No. 3 drifts. It
will bo aliout 17") feet in length aud
will take two months to construct.
Public Moating.
A public meeting w«v- held in the
Music Hall on Wednesday night, for
the purpose of discussing municipal
matters. Nearly every man in town
attended, besides a number of ladies
and boys. Acting Mayor Smith presided and made n short speech, followed, among others, by T. McNeish, D.
Arnot, A. ES. Teeter, and W. E. Worden. As the aldermen had all been
elected by acclamation, the chief Interest centred in the remarks of the.
rival candidates for tho mayoralty,
Messrs. McNeish and Arnot. The
main issue was the waterworks question, the former deprecating any effort
of the town putting in a plant, and
advocating company installation; Mr.
Arnot held forth for civic installation
and control. The proceedings were
not quite as breezy as anticipated.and
the fuu ended at 10 o'clock. Not a
vote was changed by the exhibition.
Na*e|m« » llalaa '■«.
The owners of the Neepawa, on Tun
Mile, who made a shipment at the first
of the month to the Nelson smelter,
have received satisfactory returns.
There was 16 tons of ore In the shipment, for which a cheque was received
amounting to S120I. The values iu
the ore were 154 OZ silver. 11 per cent
zinc, and 4 per cent lead, and. as the
owners have more of it in sight, fluff
should lx- able to make money
■- • ^.   1
iu      y w
O        Copyright, ims, bv T. C. McClwt
...,.„..„,..,   o
Dick walked down the avenue slowly, ao deeply absorbed that he looked
straight at Mrs. De Peyster Jones and
eut ber, to that young woman's surprise.
"Why, what can the matter be with
Dickie?" she said to herself, with an
utmost irresistible impulse to turn
uround and look after the melancholy
liguro auuiiterliiK down the street.
MUdred Jones bnd been a friend of
Dlek Eton's ever since they bad
played in the park aud gone to dancing school together. Two yenrs before she had married De .Peyster Jonea,
aud now one of her greatest pleasurea
was chaperoning Dlek and his various
"I believe Dick's ln love again," she
exclaimed, half aloud, "or perhaps thla
Is the real thing at lust. I wish it were
und Dickie would settle dowu."     -
At thc en mo moment Dick was passing n florist's. A happy thought struck
'•I'll settle lt tonight," be said to
himself. "I'll mnke Doris say whether
she cures for me or not. If sbe won't
havo me I'll, I'll"- His eyes wandered up und down the crowded avenue, brilliant in the spring sunshine.
I'll do something desperate," he threatened.
He went Into the shop, heavy with
the fragrance of roses and vloleta, and
tiled to decide what be would send
her. He wns going to take her to a
muslcale at Mrs. Schuyler's that evening, and us he had forgotten to ask
her tho color of bei- gown he chose
white roses. Going to tbe desk, be
took out a visiting card and stood heal-
tatlng, pen in hand. Should he leave
It to the flowers or ask ber tonight at
the muslcale? He remembered a particularly cozy and retired corner behind the pnlms In Mrs. Schuyler's conservatory.
"No, I cannot wait until then," he
thought    "I'll let the flowers apeak."
Hastily he wrote on the card, "If you
cure for me a little bit, Doris, carry
lliis tonight."
Then he sealed lt up and gave lt to
the man. "Scud the flowers nt once
to 37 West —th street," be said us be
paid for them. "On no account let
there be niiy delay."
"Arrah, thin, 1 want some flowers,
a rule llllgiint design, for me cousin,
Mrs. OT-'liiunnguii, who's dade," exclaimed a voice. A large, showily
ilreRsed, red faced Irish woman poshed
past hlm to the counter.
Dick went out of tbe shop filled with
mingled feelings of doubt, uncertaluf
und a great love for Doris. As he
•strolled over to the club be marveled
ut his own presumption ln asking such
n peerless creature to come down to
earth for his snko.
Thnt evening while he was waiting
for Doris he roamed restlessly about
lhe great drawing room. When a little
rustle of silken draperies announced
ber cotninlng he stood like a soldier nt
attention, nwaitlug bis sentence. The
portieres were pushed nslde, and Doris,
in a trailing white gown, stood outlined against the heavy curtulu—Doris
wilh her blue eyes flashing ominously—
nntl wilh empty hands.
Everything seemed to spin around.
"So yon couldn't carry them, Doris!"
lie cried hoarsely, while bis band
clasped tlio buck of the ebalr.
"I don't see how you could have asked such a thing," she snld Icily, ahe
was still fltnnding nnd did not make
any movement to come nearer hlm.
"I know It wns presumptuous," he
admitted mournfully.
Sbe Innghed mirthlessly. "I thought
ut first lhat you meant it as u Joki*-,''
sho snld. Sho walked over to the fireplace, her long, fluffy skirt trailing be
hind her on the polished floor. Tht
firelight plnyed on her hair, on hn
«lilte, sculptured shoulders and hei
exquisite nrms. Dick thought that slit
liiil never looked so beautiful, and hli
I nods tightened on the carved oak
chair back.
"1 knew you were always playing
lokei on people," she weut on, "but I
never supposed you eon Id Joke about
sueh a thing na this."
She looked up nt hlm as he towered
above her. He was a very gootl look
Ing man, she admitted, with his splendid athletic build and hla well bred,
clear cut features. Then she dropped
her eyes to the Are again.
"So you really had the impudenct
to send It?" she said cruelly.
Dick became a little angry. "1 may
be presumptuous," he cried, "but 1 fall
to seo wby you should look on lt at
impudent. Because a man sends a girl
flowers and shows her that he caret
for ber wltb all the depths of his be-
Ing you think he is Impudent"
"Well, I don't en re for your taste,"
she exclaimed. "1 consider the wbole
thing nn Insult, Mr. Eaton, and 1 do
not care to bo one of tbe girls on whom
you play such Jokes. I hnve a head*
ache and am not going to Mrs. Schuyler's tonight.   Shall I ring?"
Dick gathered himself together.
"Good night," be aaid coldly and met
the footman at tbe door.
After lunoheon tbe next day he found
himself In Mildred Jones' cosy little
drawing room pouring out tbe whole
story Into ber sympathetic ears.
"And you seut ber white roses?" she
Inquired wben he had finished tbe tale.
"Yes. Doris was here at luncheon, nnd
•he told me all about lt. I think, my
dear boy, that there has been some
great mistake. Itut don't be discouraged. I will try to manage some way
to help you out. Doris wus very angry,
bnt I am sure ahe will forgive you."
Tbere was an amused twinkle In her
eyes that Dick could not understand,
but he felt ber sympathy and went
back to tbe clnb with a lighter heart.
Perhaps an hour later be was called
to tbe telephone and at onee recognized Doris' voice.
"Hello! Ia that you, Dick?" abe said,
and there was a joyous ring nbout lt
that set Dick's heart to beating. "Did
you send me white rosea yesterany?"
"Yea," he cried exultantly, "white
roses and maidenhair."
Doris laughed. "Well. Dick, enn-
you—come up this evening?" She hesitated. "If you will come 1 will—er—
carry your flowers." She shut off the
telephone Instantly, and Dick was left
with the receiver at his ear and a
beatific expression on his face.
It was with different feelings from
those of the nlgbt before that be stood
by the Are ln Doris' drawing room
that evening listening for her footstep.
But so quietly she came tbat she stood
between the portieres before he knew
lt. Doris, beautiful aa ever, lu softest
rose color and holding ln her hands-
Dick, who had started forward with
a gtud cry, stopped, and bis bands
dropped to his side.
"flood heavens. Doris! Where did
you get that awful thing?" be exclaimed.
Doris, with a merry laugh, held up a
hideous form of red and white immortelles with stiff, red roses wired .on
toothpicks, spelling out the word
"Hope." "Your flowers." she explained.
"Oood Lord!" be gasped. "Doris, you
didn't tblnk I sent you that monstrosity, did you? Wbere are my rosea?"
Tben his face cleared. "It was that
miserable Irish woman!" he cried.
"She came In as I went out to order
some flowers for a funeral, and that
stupid florist got tbe cards and addresses mixed."
"Never mind, Dick," abe said, looking
at blm coquettisbly. "You don't seem
to realize tbat I am carrying your
flowers." But tbe last word was almost
lost hs Dick crushed ber In his arms,
the "llltgant design" and all.
Love, who hsth grantcal many prayers oml tot    |
My wayward feet Inlo Uiy happy wayi,
Behold, I flaa'Bil tlioo supplication yet*,
Let nie forget my waatcil yMtentty*. j
1 wrought ao many lollies ln thy name,
Bo many hall, false altars diii I raise,
Too weak to hold thee—nay, far very shame,
L« ma forget my wasted yesterdays.
See, 1 blot out my sinning with my teata        |
And ever cry my prayer with thla my praise:
Per lake of all the coming, happier ycata
bet roe forget my wasted yesterdays,
-Thcodosla Pickering Qsrrlson In Cosmopolitan.
Cnra po and I ■■ •  Prescription.
"I noticed," said the druggist to bis
asslstuDt, "that a gentleman came In
witb u prescription nnd tbat you took
it aud gave him the stuff In about
three minutes. What do you moan by
"It wus only a little carbolic acid
and wstor," replied tbe assistant. "I
simply had to pour a few drams of
acid Into the bottle and fill lt up wltb
"Never mind If you bad only to do
that," tbe druggist declared. - "Don't
you know that every prescription roust
tuke at least half an bour to dispense,
or tbe customer will think be Isn't getting anything for his money?
"Wben a prescription for salt and
water or peppermint and cough sirup
Is handed to you you must look at It
doubtfully, as If It were very hard to
make up. Then you must bring lt to
me, and wc will both rend It nnd shake
our heads. After that yon go back to
tbe customer and ask hlm If be wants
It today. When he snys be docs yon
answer flint you'll make a S|>eciiil effort.
"Now, a patient appreciates a prescription tbat there bas been so much
trouble over, and when he takes lt he
derives some benefit from lt. But don't
you do any more of that three minute
prescription business, my boy, If you
want to become a Urst class druggist."
—Boston Hernld.
Rot  bis  Ostrich.
"Baby was playing with my thimble
this morning, and I cnn't find It anywhere, Do you know what he did
with lt. Aunt Ella?"
"No; I bave not sepn It, Mnrjnrlc.
Look on the floor."
"I cannot find It." snld Mnrjorle. "I
am sure he swallowed lt."
"Don't be absurd! How could a baby
swallow n thimble?" replied her aunt.
"Elln! I say, Ella! Hnvo you seen
my pearl necktie pin? Baby had it yesterday, and now I ennnot find It. Do
you think lie could hnve swallowed lt?"
"No, he couldn't," answered his slater curtly.
"Oh, plense, mum, I can't find thc
egg benter anywhere. Baby hnd It yesterday, and now It's lost."
"Good heavens! Do you people think
my baby Is an ostrich?" cried the In- ■
dlgnatit mother.—New York Press.
It Made Her Happy For Ufa.       S
Muy Infellt My yo:
Pars llmosnaa canto.
(Very unhappy I bs;
I sing fnr charity.)
A hurst of laughter followed these
words, for the singer, n boy about 8 years
old, wns a grotesque specimen of humanity. His narrow blnck eyes, which were
almost closed while he was singing, wero
rather wide apart, bis month wns expanded into a smile, which revealed his
large teeth, he wore a hat which cniite
down nver his ears and a large pair of
shoes which in (lie dunce tluit followed
every verse he managed to swing nbout
with Incredible dexterity, considering
tlieir sine.
"What Is that be keeps repenting over
mil over, Evelyn?" asked Mr. Living*
"He says, papa, that be is singing for
•Ims and tbat be is unhappy."
"Well, be doesn't look lt. He has tlie
most comical face I ever saw. In fnct,
his whole make up is as funny ns it cun
be. If he would come out like that und
slog in one of our theaters at homo, he'd
bring down tbe house. Here, young man.
is a peseta for giving me the only amusement tbat cau be found In this confounded town."
Tbe scene occurred in tbe old Moorish
town of Bonds, In southern Spain. Tbe
party of three— Mr. Livingstone, his
daughter nnd Lawrence Morton—arrived
that afternoon. Their landlord luul but
recently come into possession of Ibe hotel,
and tbelr dinner had been the supreme effort of his life. Hi. bad discarded the oil
used by bis countrymen in their cooking
tnd had used mutton tallow in its place.
Every course was steeped In this odorous
grease, and Evelyn remarked thnt "Let
us return to our mutton" would have
been at that meal a most appropriate
Mr. Livingstone, wbo, like ninny other
tourists, liked to eat his cake and linve
it, to travel abroad and bave all the comforts of his home, arose from the mhle
with a frown on his brow, which was
chased away hy the autics of the rjTtalnt
little "mendigo." who stretched Iiis mouth
wider tban ever when he received the silver piece, muttering "Mochas gradas,
senor," in a voice of smothered ecstasy.
"He looks just like a brown Ul" cried
Evelyn, kneeling down beside him.
"What is your name, child?" she asked
In his owu tongue, taking his little brown
band in her white one.
"Benito Pardo, senorlta."
"Are your parents living?"
"No, senorlta."
"nave yon brothers and sisters?"
"No, senorlta; there is no one, just old
"Ia she kind to yt*u?"
"She beats me when I bring her no
money, but sbe will not do so for a week
now. She will be ovej#>yed with tbe
grent amount tbe worshipful caballero
has just given me."
"Would you mind if you went away
from her?"
He grinned. "Tbere would be no oa*
to bring her pennies tben."
"Oh, papa," cried the impulsive younj
womnn after sbe bad translated the foregoing dialogue, "bow delightful it would
be to take this boy home with us! May
1 not take bim?"
"May yon take him? Of course not.
You nre out of your mind to think of
such a tblng."
"But you promised me before we left
home that If I would do everything the
doctor ordered you would get na- anything 1 wanted. I did follow out his directions to the letter. I am perfectly
well now and will bold you to yoar word."
"Listen to Ihnt, wil] you. Moiton?
When 1 mnde that promise, I meant anything In the woy of finery, pictures or
statuary. I didn't suppose she would
wnnt to bring a dirty little beggar nway
as a souvenir."
"Ho won't be dirty when I tnke bim
awny. I'll hnve him nil fixed np in Due
style. Would you like to go wiih me to
niy borne In Chicago?" she nsknl the
Bonlto had not Ihe faintest Ides "here
Chicago wns. For aught he knew to tlio
contrary it might be somewhere in the
neighborhood of heaves. It mii.i be uonr
there. In facta for the pretty young woman whose soft eyes were stnilliig into his
own in such a kindly manner certainly
wns nkin to the angels. S<i ho snid, "Si,
•euorltn," with n catch in his bn-ulli lest
she should rlinugo her mind.
"Well. I will tblnk about it ami come
to tee Catatlna tomorrow. Where »)«es
she live?" She wrote the iddrots in a
little silver book which bung tn her girdle
nnd allowed the boy lo go.
The landlord Informi-.l Evelyn tluit He-
nita wns n little waif whose parents died
In his bnhyliood and that thr child luul
fallen Into tbe clutches of n terrible old
woman who compelled him to beg fair
brr, and who bail beaten him over anil
over ngain because be would not steal for
her. Benito hntl been told by tin- padre
that it was wrong to take what did nut
belong to him. and do ill treatment co'ild
force hlm to do so.
Mr. Livingstone was n wealthy man.
and Evelyn win his only child, II.- had
never paid "no" tai her, or al least Itis
"no" uever had required more than '.'I
hours to change itself to "yes." .Hut ihi.
last vibini was beyond the bounds of
reason, and Mr. Livingstone looked linn
when his daughter broached the mthject
over their coffee ainl rolls the next morning.
"Evelyn, I never objected ninn ynu
wanted to work in the slums nl home,
though it cost nie considerable iiiiuiej, ns
you know, bul now yon are living 10 per*
siiaile ine In adopt a boy. iiivl ,i foielguer
nt that, ami It Is tlm* for me to draw ilu.
"Oh, no, I ilaui't wnnt you In adopt
him. papA, Wi- will keep him about 111.'
home, and he will be so cnnnlng i.i open
ilie ilifliu and run errands, and I will leach
liiin English until he cau go to school,"
"Well, Just drop tliii potion, won't Jon?
if yon are determined to have something
that Is nllve nnd ugly ut the same time,
I'll buy you the ugl est littlo dog that can
be found ln Spain, though I hate dogs,
like poison,"
"I don't wnnt a dog, papa. I wnnt this
boy. Something seemed to sny to tne Inst
nlgbt I ougbt to take the little fellow
away from a place wheve he never will
have an opportunity to be anything but a
beggar nnd to a tuud where we can make
of him what he could never be here iu
any circumstnnces, nnd to be which Is one
ef the most fortunate lots thnt cbd full to
"And what Is that, pray?"
"An honest, respectable American clti-
This wos a clincher, nnd she knew It.
Her fnther was almost "spread eagle" lu
his patriotism.
"Think what n nuisance he will be on
tlie remainder of our trip."
"Not nt all," she responded serenely.
"At the hotels we can ulways pny a servant to look after him, nnd on shipboard
we can put him in charge of the steward."
The result of this conversation was n
visit to old Catnlinn, who readily agreed
to part with tbe boy for three goldplecea
with the little king's bead on ihem. She
diil not kiss Benito, but she did kiss the -
goldpieces with tears in her eyes, for she
never had seen so much wealth in one
heap. Lawrence Morton had requested
the honor of buying for Benito his Hist
suit of new clothes nnd disappeared with
tne youngster, bringing blm back clean
anil well dressed, He had also bought
him some sweets, n delicacy hitherto only
to be ga-sed at and longed for. l-'rom that
moment Benito was ready to die for bis
new friend.
The senorlta was in the parlor alone
when they returned to the hotel. When
she saw Benito's changed appearance,
•jalie was so plenaed she held up bor face
and allowed Mr. Morton to kiss her on
the lips, afler which she blushed and
glanced apprehensively at Benito, who
wus glad to have beeu the means of procuring for bis friend a reward so sweet.
The boy soon learned to innUe himself
useful. He could carry packages and
run errands and cotiM be trusted to
mnke small purchases. I'or Mr. Livingstone be entertained a reverence mixed
with awe, but Evelyn anil Lawrence he
worshiped, following them about liko a
faithful dog, delighted if they nskcil him
to do them n favor.
One afternoon at Gibraltar the young
couple went up tbe winding road for a
w.ilk, taking the boy with them. He soon
noticed that something was wrong. They
dial not smile ami lavak Into each other's
eyes as (hey were wont to do, they spoke
little, aud their voices wero cold. Near
the lop of tbe rock tbey stopped, and the
senorlta slipped a beautiful sparkling ring
from her finger nnd laid it in the baud of
Mr, Morton. Benito wondered why .-he
sliaaitlii give him a present tvheh she seem-
cil angry witb him, Mr. Morton liebl the
jewel iu his hand for n moment ami then
sent it spinning, a Hash of lighl ihrough
the air, dowu toward the sea. Then lhe
young man walked nway without a word,
sin! the gill, alter holding hor head high
nntil he was out of sight, sank to the
ground, sobbing its if hor henrt would
Late that Stterhoon a big black ship
rnine along, anil Mi. Morton went uway
iu her, and Benito wept sorely, for Mr.
Moiton lived in a city with a long name,
anal be never expected to see bim again.
Evelyn found bim crying and cried with
"Vou lijve him, ta»o, do ya.u uut, leno*
rila?" asked the boy.
"Yes." Then she gave two little dubs
at her eyes with her handkerchief and
saiil he must not speak of Mr. Morton to
her again.
Ills life in his new home in Chicago
was a drenm of delight to tbe little
Spaniard, but he lived with one object
in view, and that was to be able some
time to write n letter to Lawrence Morton. In the course of time he learned to
read and speak English after a fashion,
but his fingers were clumsy when he tricil
lo write. Being sent to tbe office one
day. be observed n typewriting machine,.
which was nn object of wonder ami a.l-
miration to him. Hi-re was something
which would write for you and which
you could use without being puxzlrd
about thp tails of those vexation! 'i's and
g's. He would make it write to Mr. Morton. Tlie stenographer good naturedly
explained lis mysteries, and after many
trials Benito succeeded In writing Iho
following letter:
dear frl.:n.hniMorion 1 AM aleii-int; uf yout
AniaMlldaal to write but yaaii Will beglad wen yon
KNow the Senorlta I-oven yoU. She HaVc lulal IM
TIIIII. slip have cried Wen vou liavE go. SDK
Isnow more Whit*,   your (smut
Bksitii 1'ihdo.
He took the letter to Mr. Livingstone,
who, without any idea of its contents.
addressed and stamped il for bim. Then
Benito, with the pride of one who has ne-
complished a great feat, dropped It down
the shoot.
A few nights after this he was Fcnt for
to come to the parlor to see Mr. Morton.
Benito beamed with delight nt tlie sight
Of bis friend, who tolil him bis letter wns
oue of Ihe most delightful be* had ever
received. Evelyn hugged ths boy nnd
suid: "Benito, we are cadi of ns going
to buy yon sotm-iliing lovely tomorrow, I
don't know what it will be, but it will I e
gorgeous— anything ynu want, in fact."
Then, turning to Lawrence, sin* said,
"Something told me tn bring this boy
home with me, and, sae, Ite has tnaile me
happy fair life."—Chicago Evening Tibi-i.
Wlint Tenia Selected.
Thumus Etll.sou used to have Nikola
Tesla working for hlin In hla studio
near Paris. Tosla camo to blm oup
day asking for work, and Ellison, who
needed help, referred hlm to the foreman, uamed Fulton. The latter took
the young foreigner on condition that
ho would work. This Tcsla did. For
three days and nights be never closed
his eyes. At the end of the first fort*
night be bad not had 43 hours' sleep all
together, and Fulton, the foreman,
made him take a rest. He also said to
tbe young man that on account of tbe
strain tbey bnd both been under tbey
had better bave n good meal.
Accordingly the foreman and the
student went to a well known enfe
on ono of tbo boulevards and got one
of tbe biggest and thickest stenka possible. It was a whopper nnd seemed
to be overwhelming for two. Besides,
thc garnishing* were liberal, nnd tbere
was enough good wine. Between them,
however, they mnnaged to make everything disappear, nnd then Fulton,
turning to Tesla, asked him If there
was anything else be would like.
"You're out with mc, you know, and
whatever you want Just order It."
Team looked vaguely around for a
minute, ns If making up bis mind, nnd
then hesitatingly said, "Mr. Fulton. IT
you don't mind I would like another
atenk."—San Francisco Argonaut.
j   His Hlstnke aa to American tllrla.
I A Louisville girl who wns recently In
Germany met a young English olllcer
who was In the same city, und, lu fact.
In the same houso with her for two
mouths, studying (iernmii for his promotion. Like most Europeans, he had
the usual absurd Ideas about the girls
of this country, who, In the minds of
the uiitravoled foreigner, are rather
hoyden creatures, who smoke ami hnve
other masculine trnlts.
I After dinner one day In thc early acquaintanceship of the couple tho ofH-
ccr offered tbe Louisville girl a cigarette, and upon ber refuslug It be aaid:
I "Why, I tbougbt all the girls In tho
United States smoked."
| "So we do," replied tbe girl, "but
never cigarettes, only pipes. If yon will
get that pipe off the mnntelplece In the
next room I shall be charmed to smoke
[with you."
I Not suspecting the Joke she wns playing on hlin, the oflicer brought thc pipe
and filled It, aud it wns not until he
'saw the wry faces his friend made In
attempting to carry out the Joke thut
he appreciated the situation.   He wns
'continually telling the American In a
tone of surprise that she wns Just like
'the girls at home In England, and hor
rejoinder was:
j   "Lleutennnt, dou't you think a lad.
,ls a lady the world over?"—Louisville
Wild   Beasts   Are   WUe   In  Medlrlnn
aud Basil? Heal Themselves.
Most people bave seen a sick cut eat
grass or an uneasy dog seek out sum...
weed and devour It greedily to make bla
complaining stomach feel better. Some
few may bave read John Wesley's directions on tbe art of keeping weli-
whlch have not, however, found thcii
way Into bis book of discipline for tho
soul—and have noticed with aurprlsett
Interest his claim tbat many medi-
cinei In use amoug the common people
uud tbe physicians of bis time were
discovered by watching the nniuinu
that sought out these things to hcul
their diseases. "If tbey heal animals,
tbey will nlso beal men," Is bla Invincible argument Others may huvo
dipped deep Into Indian history nntl
folklore and learned that many of the
herbs used by the American tribes, ninl
especially the cures for rheumatism,
dysentery, fever nnd snake bites, were
learned direct from the animals by
noting the rheumatic old bear grub for
fern roots or bathe In tbe hot mud of u
sulphur spring and by watching with
eager eyea wbat plants tho wild creu-
tures ate when bitten by rattlers or
wasted by the fever.
The most elemental kind of surgery
Is thnt which amputates a leg wben It
Is brokeu—uot always or often, but
only wben tbe wound festers from decay or fly bite nud so endangers tbe
whole body. Probably tbe best Illustration of tbls la found lu the coon,'who
bus a score of trnlts tbat place hlm
very high among Intelligent animals.
When a coon's foot Is shattered by a
bullet he will cut It off promptly und
wash tbe stump ln running w**ter. partly to reduce tbo liiflammutloti and partly, no doubt, to make it perfectly clean.
As it heals be uses his tongue ou thu
wound freely, as a dog does, to cleanse
It perhaps and by thc soft massage of
his tongue to reduce the swelling and
allay the pnln.
1    Tulnonary tuberculosis Is not A con-
taglous, but ouly a communicable disease.   The contact per se of the coo-
'Eiimptlve Individual does not convey
I the disease. It Is now well known that
j lt Is mainly the tuberculosis expectora-
: tion. which, when dried and pulverised
to dust, constitutes the main danger of
I Infection. The means to prevent Infec-
, tion from tuberculosis cxpectorntlon or
; saliva—expectorating  only   In   proper
I vessels,  spittoons  nnd  pocket   flasks,
' proper  nse  of  handkerchiefs  during
' coughing, etc.—are now also universally taught.
lt Is absolutely demonstrated that a
tuberculosis patient. If he lakes proper
care of bis expectoration, does not constitute any danger to his fellow men.
In sanatoria and hospitals exclusively
devoted to tbe care of consumptives It
Is of tho rarest occurrence for nn attendant to contract tbe disease, the
hygienic precautions being so thorough, lt may Indeed be said tbnt In
these houses for consumptives one la
less liable to contract consumption tban
outside of them.—Pr. S. A. Knopf In
la Twenty.lire Cenlarles the Great
Fall*   Will   Hare   Disappeared.
In 2,000 years hence the discbarge ot
the  Niagara  will  have  become  Intermittent, ceasing at low stages of tbo
lake, and dually the Niagara river, on
the rising edge of the basin, will huve
Its waters turned back and southward,
and no water will flow over tbe Niagara escarpment of tbnt day.  Through
this agency alone Niagara falls will
cease to exist long before the escarp-
mout bus been worn nway to the river
level at Grand Island, but ns lt Is even
now   lessening   the  volume of water
poured over tbe falls the erosive power
! of tbe stream ls diminishing, and wo
| must therefore increase tbe period nee-
| essnry for the retreat of the Canadian
: fulls lo thb south cud of Qoat island
nnd the stealing of tho waters of thai
i American falls.
Assuming tbe continuity of the forces
] named, we might outline the probable
' future life and denth of the falls thus:
With progressive loss ln water vol-
j uiiio the Canadian falls will reach the
| south end of Goat Island in from l.OOti
I to 1,600 years, tbe denth of tbe American falls.
The flow of the waters will now havo
I become Intermittent, and at first only
nt periods of mean and high water In
1 .ake  Erie, eventually at blgb water
alone, will there be any discbarge over
the escnrpment. This will continue for
o i-crlod of from 1,800 to 2,000 years.
The entire flow to tbe north will
cense, nnd the river will flow back Into
Lake Erie, leaving thc escarpment dry
nt a point not very far south of Goat
Islnnd und witb s height of nbout 100
feet. This will be 3,500 years bene.*
the death of Niagara falls.—Jobn M.
Clarke, Ph. D„ LL. D., In Harper's
Mlaa Proctor'a Mistake.
Miss Mnry Proctor, the astronomer
and b-cturer, frequently gives her personal    services    toward    entertaining
' poor children nnd adults.    Generally
; her lectures are well received.    Now
. nnd then there nre exceptions.   On one
[ occasion a bright eyed little Iwy, wbo
' snt In  the  front  row  wltb  his eyes
fixed upon the speaker, was asked bow
! he liked It.   "1 guess." be said, "It was
! pretty  good,   but  she  ought  to  talk
; about lious and tigers.   That's better
■ for .everybody."
At another lecture a youngster criticised her ns follows: "It's all very well
j to  talk  of  weighing ami   measuring
■tnis. There nre soini: people, of course.
' who believe that sort of tblug. but If
1 she thinks she enn fool us boys witb
sticb fnlry talcs she's very much mistaken."
Bedroom Ventilation.
One of the dozen rules given recently
by nn authority for n liing life Is to sleep
with one's bedroom door open. It is nl*
most n crime that in these days nf knowledge of the value of ventilation buildings
still go up with bedrooms unprovided
with sny means to Sccnra circulation of
air. Transoms iu the average private
house are unknown. Windows in ihe
city home can be at only one siilo of the
loom, ami wilh no open fireplace llu* pus-
slbtlitlci of changing the :iir during the
night are poor. "The caul Ion of ibe open
floor Is an evident attempt to assist in
providing pure air.
As the cold season sets lu Hie closing
U(i of our houses musl follow, ami the
gain of the open air life timing tho summer will be counteracted hy the simt In
existence to be faced fur the next four or
live months, Where a register is in tho
room It should be left open ni night, pro*
vlded it is kiiABwn tlint ilu- eniai njr box
leading to the furnace communicates di-
terlly with the outer air.
Too strong emphasis can scarcely he
laiil upon this mailer. Jsmdice of Bleak
lloii'e sleeping In a bed pulled to tlio
miiblle of a square chamber, whose windows opened on every llilr ami were left
raised throughout the night, may ban
been a little radical in biu habit, hut he
erred ou the tight side.
Ronnieranss Not New.
The Australian aborigines arc not the
only users of the boomernng, nor were
hey the Urst to use that missile. The
Egyptians knew nil about It, Just as
they Ri-cm to have known all about everything else. At Uie present day tho
boomernng Is used by somo American
Indian tribes nntl by the Dravldlau
races of thu  Indian  peninsula.    The
nlssllc used by the Inst named differs
In that It Is thicker than tbo usual
form and does not return to the thrower. The return of the boomerang Is
due to the action of the wind, the
shnpe of the weapon nnd tho manner
In which It Is tlfrown.
Illl  ltrqap.it.
Husbnnil—My dear, I wnnt to ask
you one favor before you go off on
that long visit.
Wifo—A thousand, niy love. What Is
Husband-Don't try to put the house
In order before yon leave.
Wife-It Isn't linrd work.
Husband-Perhaps not, but think of
the expense of telegraphing to you every timo 1 wnnt to find anything.—Collier's Weekly.
Aa Effective  Touch.
A western senator tells a story of S
Judge wbo had occasion to fine a lawyer In that stnte $100 for contempt of
After court had adjourned tbe lawyer
approached tbe Judge ond said, "Your
honor, I want to nsk n great favor of
"What ls lt?" Inquired the Judge.
"I have a pressing obligation to meet.
That hundred you took for that Dut
was the money I bad to meet lt witb-
I wish you would lend me f 100 for a
few days."
"HI. Mr. Crier," shouted the Judge,
"coiivcao court ngnln:'' Court was reconvened, nnd then tbe Judge remitted
the fine.
A man and hla wife called at • lawyer's ofliee to talk about a divorce.
"Judge," tbe wife said, "I had only
75 cents to live on last month."
Whereupon tbe busbnnd replied tt-
grlly: "That's a falsehood; sbe bad
Then tbe wife said. "Judge, that's
as near as we ever agree." And th"
Judge said they might as well get a
divorce If that wns the best tbey could
"How is tlie new girl going to do.*
nsked Mr. Ferguson.
"Sbe hasn't had much experience.'
said hla wife, "but I think she will I*
nil right when she gets broken ln."
Then came a loud sound of felHof
crockery from the kitchen.
"She seems to be making s gn**
start, onyhow," observed Mr. FerguM**
Pnpll (after repeated attempts)-011'
I'm sure I never shall be ablo tot
Professor—Oh, yes. you will. I *•"
Just ns big s donkey myself st firs**"
To accept good advice Is but to I* ,
crease one's owu ability .-Goethe.   -- SLOCAN,   B.   C
Afler""00"" Tea.
..-Hah tea" is said to be of American
' n The earliest mention of It. ae*
o;" ,,_' to Dr. Murray, goes no further
f J than 1866. «n fact, tea ns on oft*
In meal l» no* *-°"cb 0,,,er'    '* u
SSSt » bare originated ln 1837 In
;XU of Mme. de Clrconrt, a Hus-
., hidv whose salon in Purls was nt
!,',t tliu'e mnch frequented by the most
'lictual -society of the do-?.   The
■ lalOlllllllO      dllllier      ',0Ur»      WCre     theD
';,.■„» inte, mui "he introduced a 4
.'•nd- Mi-'t'' u"'fll- ut whlcb tpn waB
"1,1 lanny Kemble In "Hccoids of
(ilrllioml" attributes tbe Introdue-
fi n' of the nfternoon meal into this
■ountry t<> thc •uen •r>"rh(>t*m of B*d"
i0,,l I'liimv Kemble paid a visit to
iHvoIr castle in Marcli. 184'J, nnd she
HUM how a mysterious Invitation was
...(•elved to tho duchess' private rooms.
«ln>ro she found a snittll group of
frtcada partaking of tea ln a private
i,al rutlier shamefaced way. and dntes
ll,. 0 o'clock meal rroin this time. But
H* was several years Inter that tbe prat-
,\,v becatss general.—London  flhron*
I    An .)Ui„.u of practice In better thun      Wheu    people    Mn't obtain   |«UV
,i tun oi theory.  thing for which they With Very uuirh.
,,. .,              "~         :     "                  **n*y call it an act of renunciation.
"i  ii-      muny human buea but few	
|    If yeu   wish to keep yeur   friend*),
,, :    ~~ |J.'ou mny conftUe your fnults to them.
wwaro or    the    Individual  who ls-|but don't attempt to point out their
lost to all serine of shame. shortcomings.
Hard   Wurda.
Mrs. Tucker—Tommy,  what makes
yull no la it*'/
Tommy—Hail some words with the
i, .a Irt, aud she kept me In after
vrs Tucker-You hnd words with
u.fl. icacherl
'I'ouimy—Vetfm. I couldn't spell
■rui.-Clilcngo Tribune.
Ilii* man who is Wind to his own
Interests usually has four eyes for
his nelghbor'a affairs.
"My Heart Wm Thumping my
Life OUt," Is tie war Mr*, ti. H. Wright,
<af llrockvllle, Ont , describes her sufferings 'mm smotheriair. fluttering and pal-
pl la tion. After tiding muny remodiet
without lieneflt. si*, liottlea of Dr. Ague* ■» Cure for the Heart restored her
tu |n*rffl*ct health. I he first dose gave
almost Instant reiki, and In a day sulfating   ceased   altopether.—61
tiormany In twenty years ha« ia-
crensed her Imports of luanufacturee
In   £31,000,000.
"Rrgular Praotltlon-w — Ho
ROMItC "— Mr*. Annla C. thostnut ot
Whitby »as lor months a rheumatic vlo-
tlm bul Hi.uth American Rheumatic Gur*>
chanced the son* from " despair to
• ,.,1 " She says : " I suflered untold
mnery from rheumatism—doctors' medl-
clne did me no good—two liottles ot
South American Ubru.-u.it!-: ""ure cured
Die- relief iwo hours alter Ul* rst
dose   "- 30
llu-ia* arc in Greater Xow York
150,000 Inhabited rooms with no win-
riown opening to tho outer air, or
a'.aMi to another room with windows
opouing to tin- fresh nir und sun-
llgllt. These dark rooms are to 1.0
iiBimd lu over 40,000 tenements scat-
lercd over the metropolis.
The Stomach's "Weal or Woe!"
—'lhe stomach Is the centre from which,
Irom the standpoint of health. II.me
'•.M-al or woe" A healthy stomach
nuiins porfect digestion—perfect allgeetloa
means strong unit stendy nerve centres—
strong nervo centres niesti good an, illation rich l.loiaal and good health Na uth
American Nervine makes and keep* th*
stomach right.—52
Somo people are afrnld of starting
in a nice for lo.tr of making n    poor
Wc o-*i*t One Hundred Dollars Rewaial fnr
any cane of Catarrh that cannol be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
r. J. CHENKT A CO.. Toledo. O
Wc. tha unSeralgned. have known F. J.
Cli'-ney for the laat 15 jeers, anil believe him
tartanly honornl le In all business transactions
■ it iin.inciiiiiy able to carry out any obligations
aland*- by ttl.'lr llrm.
Whotaaala Druggists. Toledo. O.
Wholesale T.niKglsls. Toledo, O.
Kill's falsirh Cure la taken Internally, art-
lax allreatly  upon  the "bloofll  and  mucous ajear-
fiw-en aaf the system.    Testimonials aent frea
Pries He per bottle.    Sold by all Druggists.
Ilall'a Family Pills ara the best.
In h-ii\ing hla residuary estate to
his Minn only. Mr. A. llolmee, n
lllngley (Knglnnd) brewer, said he
did so not becanse his sons were
dearer to him than his daughters,
hut becaUM ho considered that uten
have n  harder struggle in life.
lhe average baby is a Root) baby—
dicer fill, Mmiiinu and bright.     ffliea
ba- U cross and fretful it in because ho
is uiiwull end ho in taking the only
means ho ii.au to let everybody know
be iIooh not fi*el 1 ight Whan baby is
fioss. restless nmi sleepless don't
tl.isi.- hint with "soothing" stuffs
whieh always contiiin poisons HhIiv's
<'»i) Tablet* tiro wlint is m*fl*di*d to
l"it the little om* ri^ht. liite n
crnag baby mi occasional ThI.IoI nn.l
see how quickly he will be Univdorm-
ed into a bright, smiling, cooing,
aappy t-iiiui. He will iloop at night.
and the mother will get h.*r rent.too.
Vou have a guarantee thut Baby's
own Tablets contain not p*»o particle
of opiate or harmful drug in all the
minor ailments from birtli up to ton
or twelve years there is nothing to
equal   the Tablets.    Mrs    W.   II.    ,\„.
derson, Oouleii lllver, Ont., eaji;!—
Vly little boy was vory cross nn.l
Fretful nnd we got no rest with him
until we l.i>giin using Ruby's Own
TablotN. Since then baby rests well
mid ho is now n  i'nt, healthy boy."
Vuu cun gel the Tablets from any
druggist or Ihey will Ik* sent by mail
"I ?.S cents a box bv writing direct
in the Pr, Williams' Medicine f*o..
llrockvllle, Ont.
Oa sure of your tutted mlf befoiS
essaying  tho prodigal  rtilc.
Hiurd'i Liniment Cues Colli, ek
figures nre
alWUVB       Of       Tlall       <♦-
ever bloom  successfully.
Aliments  ol  «•• Most   Painful  and  Fatal  Naturo
Provented and Cured by
Tbs contortionist may be  a  single
man   but he doubles up.
When you think of the pain and
Buffering which accompany backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, stone in the
kidneys and bladder; when you think
of the dreadful fatality of Uright's
disease, dropsy, diabetes and apoplexy, you may well wonder why people neglect lo keep the kidneys in
perfect order, for all these ailments
are the direct result of deranged kidneys.
Once the kidneys fail to filter
from the blood tho Impure and pals-
onous waste matter there is trouble
of a puiiu'ul aud dangerous nature.
Among the lirst symptoms are backache, weak, lame back, pains In the
legs and sides, deposits in the urine,
impaired digestion, loss of flesh,
energy and ambition, stiffness and
soreness in the joints and fcelingB of
weariness nnd lassitude.
Prevention Is always letter than
cure, and hencp the advisability of
using lir. i'linsc's Kidney-Liver l'ills
on the very first indication of such
derangement.   Whether to prevent or
cure, Dr. Chaso's Kidney-Liver Pills
are tho most ciTecUvo treatment you
can obtain, for besides thoir direct
and specific action on tho kldney9,
thoy keep tho bowels regular, and the
liver active, and hence purify the
system and remove the cause of Ms-
This modlcine has long since proven Its right to first placo as a cure
for the complicated and serious derangements of the filtering and excretory organs. It has the largest
sale end is endorsed by more people
than any similar treatment. You
can depend on It absolutely to bring
prompt relief and lasting cure. In
view of these facts It is a waste of
time and money and a risk to life Itself to trifle with now and untried
remedies when Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills aro at hand. One pill a
dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers, or
Bdmanson, llatps A Co., Toronto.
To protect you against imitations
the portrait and signaturo of Dr. A.
W. Chose, tho famous receipt book
author, are on every box.
'llio Desert of Gobi occupies a considerable port ion of Central M011-
gailiu, but it Is not a true desert,
supporting us it doi-.s all kinds of nn-
iiiial und vegetable life and forming
no small part Of tho pasturage of
that greutfl-st grazing country of the
oltl World.
Affording lo Sir James Crlchton*
Browne tho modern englishman li
physically a degonernte, ami chiefly
because of dyspeptic troubles. Tlu-
growing frequency a.f appendicitis is.
he thinks, ilu.* to tho weakened di-
gestlvo apparatus and InsufllCieni
mastication ol food.
Ix**.or's V-i", (Wise Heart) Plslnf eet all* I
Sibhii I'-iwilfl'r is better thiui other |iaiw- |
tiers, as It is both bono and disinfect.int   !
To escape from the extortions   ot i
the paper   trust,   the  newspapers    of j
Germany    have formed    a syndicate
and bought or created pulp factories
and paper mills of their own.
Some peoplo are like parrots—they
talk too much and suy too little.
During the year the spuce devoted
to advertising MIN.VKD'S LINI-
MI-*NT will coiituin expressions of ao
uncertain sound from people who
speak fiom personal experience us
to the merits ol this best of Household   remedies
They tull  it cold cash,  but   we art!
all lint  alter it.
Worms datranire the *Ahi>l«* s.valein
Mother Graven' Worm Exterminator rii^
ranueB norms, ami Rives rest to the r.uf-
ferer. It costs only 25 cents to try it
and  be convinced.
A man seldom poses as a confirmed
bachelor until alter some woman has
coniinniKl him.
A lady writes : "I was enabled to le-
move the corus, root and branch. Iw the
use of llollowav's Torn Cure." OlPexi
who  huve tried it have the snme nxifri*
Somebody is always getting in lhe
way of the man who is In pursuit of
IS OOOD.—WhM ntifBlied externally lay
brisk riitiblnir,  lir. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil
ni'i'ii* thc i*or<*8 and penetrates lhe tissue
as lew liniments do. tourninu the se.it of
the trouble nnil Immediately affording relief Administered internslly it will still
the irritation In the throat which Induces coughing aud will cure affections
of the bronchial tubes and respiratory
organs    Try  It   and  be couvinred
llio tdbthleaa dog does not exactly
have 11 Soft mniirt.
-—1_—, —
Even in a short piece the trombone
is  a  long-winded instrument.
A piece Of music isn't restft.1 nisi
because il  is lull of rests.
linard's Liiiinieit Cttres Disteaftf.
Imp0rt.1l fox.•« have Increased lu
such an extent in (Uppslund, Victoria, Australia, thnt orgnntecd
"drlvei" to extirpate them arc rre-
qiient. \
Die  mtttl   Save  Masar.
At the Metropolitan club of Washington onr evening Justice Iltlrlan of the
supremo court bad Introduced lo hlm
x well known New York business ninn
who was given to boasting of tbe lurge
Income be enjoyed.
Wltb the Apparent purpose of lm
pressing those about him, tbe New
Yorker romnrked lhat 11s nenr as he
could tell be supposed his Income exceeded $100.01X1. 'And I simply huve
to mnke Unit amount," he ndded.
"Why, wilh my expenses It eosts mc
$8o.(XW n yeur 10 live.'"
"1'etir mc:" snld .lustiio Ilnrlnn
blandly. "Ilciilly. Unit's loo much. 1
wouldn't pny ll.    lt Isn't worlh ll."
Tha.   ll.iruMr  Woman.
"Slleucp or you're a dead uiitiU'' the
burglar hissed, with revolver leveled nt
the mans head.
"Mndnui," whispered the tniiti. divining the burglar's sex, "your mnsk ls not
on straight."
"Heavem.-' she exclaimed, and as
•he tiled to adjust It he. thus taking
ber off her guurd, sprang upon her and
disarmed ber    l'blludelphln l'rett.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, hacking coughs, pain in the lunfs.
It  relieves congestion, sub-
duea inflammation. It heals,
strengthens. Your doctor will
explain this to you. He knows
all about this cough medicine.
" Ws ksrs tut 1 Ayar'i ehsrrf rsetonl la
car famtlr fair ti ifari for throat sad taaf
tivula.aa an J srs ihink do madiotns •qsalalt."
Ilea A. routaox, Apttctsa, Mlaa.
tt«..Wo..p.W. j.o. ivaaeo.
A.: .Taattt.ia. * __  ^l^al^Vj.)*-
Weak Throats
Ayor'a Pills greatly  aid   recovery.
Purely ve-ptabl*, gently laxative.
ONTARIO. For lh* ireaiaaat ot til
forms of HPItECH DLKKt'ia. Wa traat lha
eauit, nut siaiplj ths habit, snd thtiwfors
produos aatoral ipMoh.   Writ* far panloalsrs
The lntest rtire int internnl canor
reported in England is a table-
spoonful of molasses four or five
limes 11  diiv
Blood is Worthless
Health la aeaured by tha new areottt
ef eurlag dlaeaae.
Sick headache. Indigestion, loss ot
vigor. falllnK memory, nervousness art
all infallible slu-ii*. of weakenlnn nerves
ami Indicate that your nerves lack rich
blood with which to build up their oro-
ken tissues. llr. Agncw's Heart Cure
heals ami strenethens the henrt and elves
It the power to send rich blood coursing
through the veins, when most diseases
dissppear ns il liy maclc It relieves
heart dlseaso In '10 minutes and ls a
•onderlul curt.   Sold by all druggists.
Dr. Agaew'a Ointment Ourea piles In
ene ta three daya.  3Bo.        II
The children In i; workhouses   In
Irelnnd nre now sent out to rcoelvi
their education in the ordinary tm-
tionul Hchoial.*.. nnd the »*,*ayom is la-
lin; extended
A irlft Of £lo.o<vi huh lie.-n mnde to
tho llritish nnd foreign llllile sochty
hy ti London ln.lv who will not ilis-
elose hor name.
Most people think too lightly of
a cough.    It it a ierioui matter
and need* prompt attention.
C/UrC    The Lung Tonls
when the first sign of a cough or
cold appears.
It will cure you easily and quickly
then—later it will be harder
to cure.
Prices 25c, 60c. and Si.00
S. C. WBLLS ft CO.
Toronto, Cs». t-.ttay, V.M.      t.
Not a Cetaeter.fi bnt the Great until n     .1IlBN.aU      1.
To say that the British museum la a
deud uiiHcuui mny somid HUe llut hlns-
pheuiy to those old habitues of the In
Btllution to whom Ite utsmosplieie ls almost the breath of tbelr life nnd to
whom its treasures of antiquity nnd
art are certainly the nourishment of
tbelr minds nnd souls. But apart from
tbls little band of devout worsblpcrd at
the Bhrlne of learning tlie British mu-
Boum seems to me quite dead—na dead
as a door nail. 1 have lieen tliere many
a time, nnd I went there again and
walked through long nnd silent galleries peopled only by iho gods of Egypt.
ludla, China, of aiu'ient Greece and
Koine nnd thronged only by (hose wonderful works of sculpture wrought by
cunning hands long crumbled Into lhe
dust of past ages, hut whose spirit of
beauty nmi reverence still lingers ln
these heroes and heroines of old renown.
Id some of the rooms one may see n
few nursemaids relieving the tedium of
their dally walk through Bloomsbiiry
by bringing llieir little charges to the
museum, where they may amuse themselves nnd get muterlHl for bad dreams
while the nurses themselves have a
quiet gossip.
In the holiday season also one may
see troops of Americans passing swiftly
through the galleries, "doing" the mu
setiKi with wonderful dispatch nnd
commenting with western levity upon
the relics of ninieiif civilization und
the hones of prehistoric men.
But the Londoner does not come. The
time that he can spare from lunch hour
lie devotes to n walk up Clipapside, the
Strand or llolboiu. "lo look at the
shops." The day's work doue, he takes
the first train home. On a Saturday
afternoon he prefers 11 matinee, a game
of tennis or cricket or 11 few hours on
the river. I do tint liliime hlm altogether, hut the fact remains that the British museutn ia to him an nbode of tbe
death which be regards with the same
repugnance as a tomb.
Steady  Job*  Area Feeding: the  Stoek
and  Keeping Warm.
The great steady winter Jobs on an
American farm in the north nowadays
are feeding tho stock and keeping
warm. And keeping warm nowadays
means hauling coal. When I lived in
the Country, it mennt cutting wood. It
meant for our large family constant
learning day ufttr duy from the woods
to the wood yard nnd a wood pile that
must have covered a quarter of an
acre. It meant toward spring tho coming of men wltb a horse power oud
buzz saw to cut firewood, and that was
almo-st ns interesting on operntlon as
There were other stirring days when
the lake bad frozen bard and the icehouse was filled. Involving Ire cutting
and more teaming and more precarious
bltchlug on behind loads and going
back ln empties. And early lu tbe winter there was the momentous nnd gory
killing of pigs. Oh. that was indeed a
stirring time! They kill n pig every
sccoud, no doubt. In Chicago nowadays, but that Is mere mechanical
routine, witb do quality of sport ln lt.
There was uotblng so very slow
about the country winter in days as
late as the civil war. I suppose soap-
uniking ns a domestic Industry Is .is
dead as household spinning. In those
times of wood flies and wood ashes nil
self respecting families made soap.
Our family had nn outstanding kitchen expressly for that use, with a big
cistern-like hogshead behind It ln which
ashes were leached nnd convouient
.*ubs for holding the soft soap. A very
handsome substance is soft soap of the
proper consistency and complexion, and
n pleasing exercise It used to be for
tbe young to stir It wltb n stick nnd
watch Its undulations. All tbe superfluous fat of meat from our kitchen
was turned Into soft soap in those nearby old times.
The Iladscr's Digging Ability.
The sportsman naturalist, SH. Jolin,
one day found a badger in a trap not
much Injured. Tying a rope to Its hind
log, he drove tbe animal home—stranue
to say, tbe captive beast jogging steadily along In front of him and giving
little more trouble than a pig going to
market. On reaching houie thc nuima)
was put for the night Into a paved
court, where It seemed perfectly secure.
".Next momlng," said St. John, "he wns
gone, having displaced a stoue that I
thought him quite Incapable of moving,
nnd then, digging uuder thc wall, he
got uway."
An Inrnlnnble Aid.
Booey—Unable lo increase Iliiwloy's
salary and not desiring to lose his
Services, the Bbarpes have taken hlm
into the firm.
Sklnnle—That's great!
Boncy-But then the firm Is losinu
money dally. — Philadelphia North
A Close Cnll.
The Fox Hunter—Were you In nt the
The Novice—No. Cussed near It.
though, when that brute pitched me In-
•o the creek.-Philadelphia I-edger.
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolenj
nor the surface off linens.
Yq»jl1.   Enjoy Every Bit Of If,
A»k im ihia Oiltcvn Car.
Veeex It ten yaara,
VVaahangiian. I).a.., Nor. M, ltd.
j        rtaaaa aHii<! m« your " Trcatla* ob
I ths llorbaa anal hia l'ia*a-.fa."   Hav*
1 ia.-(I   Kaiaatall'a tfiavta Cur* for tea
yean anal gladly ta.tafy .0 III Racrita,
1 Yaura aral**.      J aula:a C, Nalacfc
Mnv* Oaaam mt Spmrtm,          j
AbaolaMly OOM.
Bufkla.ll. Dakota, ja*. aa, an*.     I
ikanauwi tv»Kttmmggmmt
loa.aai In thalaat foot yaan ■H" -
KndalTi Sparta Cwl
Vary injy yaflan.   UaaqrlXI
I ibid Rom Suooeeeful Remedy Ever Dleoovered foe Sparine, I
Splints raviul MaJl Lemeixeea.
Tlitii in 11- r -m-["'linr 1 rTp tin n nf lliniimiili nf liiimiiimniii] nllmn I11II1I11111I ititm I
oountries and there In no reason why you should not Sbmrm la thee* BJJHoK  JwtNM
| what the above people say about "•Kendall'.*'.'" Write to them tor your own
.   In addition to brine the beat atable remedy
I known, It ts uneqnnled aa a liniment for house-
I hold and family 1
Bold jjflsaeralljr by all drag-
Rials.  Price ft; fix bottlea for to.  We lend.
. valuable book, "A Treatise oa the Horse," pro-J
[fusely Illustrated, free upon request. "
Wmtmmm* ¥•&% Vt.
# will
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce
That Cough
which ordinary remedies have oot reached*
quickly yield to
*  mil
It cores those henry, deep-seated cougha—takes away
tbe soreness—heals the thraoal—strengthens the lungs.
None the less effective because lt ls pleaseat is Uke,
Just try one bottle and see how quickly yoo get rid
Uut cough.  At your druggists.  15c bottle.
way   M
Do You Want
If to, thn uiidersigupd wants y.iur buHlnesit anil Mill endeavor to give satisfaction*
Cash tulraucod on eonalfnnwaU,     llnlorfiiire:   I nion Uank of Cauttda.
The oldest eslalilishi*d Biraiu Commisaslon
Morchaut in Winnipeg,
Grnln   Exchange.   Winnipeg.
Fashionable dop  In  Paris,   which
for sonic time have worn overcoats
with pockets for their little handkerchiefs, are now provided with Rotf-
glos for their eyes whon tnkB*n motor-
nil Dodd's Kidney   Pills  Cured
his Rheumatism.
Wlllliiiii Doeg, of Strong Township, Hale
ami Hearty alter Four Years ot Tor-
tare-Tht- Story of bis Slckneas and bis
Bunbridge, ,lan. 4.—(Special)—Alter
'eur years of torture, during which
He was scarcely an hour free from
pain. Wm. Doeg, a farmer, living on
Con. 3, Strong Township, aud well
kSOWD here. Is a hale und hearty
man. Dodd's Kidney Pills cured hiin.
Speaking ol bla cure Dr. Doeg says 1
"The trouble started In my back
and the inun Rot ao bud 1 could nol
tie down to tiiKe rest, but had to sit
night and dny In a chair.
"Tho pain would sometimes move
to other pints of my body, utul when
In my knoca I was nimblo to walk.
"I wus treated for Rheumatism by
several doctors, und also tried differ-
cnt medicines without receiving any
benefit I feared 1 would nover again
be free from puiu.
"My attention wns called to cures
by Dodd'a Kidney Tills, and I started to use tha'iii. Defore 1 had finished the second box I was a new man.
entirely free from pain    it has   not
come back siiua*."
Uric acid In the blood is the cause
of Rheumatism. If thc Kidneys are
Working right they take all the uric
acid out of the blood. Hodd's Kidney Tills make the ECldOeys work
Turn   A I.ont.
Mrs. Weeds   <Ui, you remind me so
mn. li of my tlrst lumlinml!
Mr. Wi-oats-Tiii Kind to bear It
Voo'rs been ppiii mllns ins of bun no
often.-riili.'iilripi.ui Tib-es.
The American consuls nt nil fun-Ian
purls lin ve tin- law iul rltlii tn exiiiiilm-
Intending Miilgrniits for [lie Kuitcai
SiiiIbs I'or Hit- purpose of nsccrlaitiliiu-
thai tliey nre til for ndmission to thi*
In the Black sen no iiiiliiinl life of
any kind Is found »t a depth below
t.'.'OO feet Offing (0 the large amount of
hjdrosulptunli' add.
Tho man who admits he doesu t
know everything is tho man who usually   knows the  most.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
IV is easy to distinguish cut glass
from tho other kind; the other kin.l
la found on bargain counters.
AHt: Cl.'KES.—Medic.il experiments have
shown B'liiia iurt|va-:y that there are medicinal virtues in oven ordinary alacu
growing an, around us »hich Hy» ikea
a value Hint ennnot bo t<Rtiraat<*d. lt ta
hold by somo that Nature nrovidoH a eure
for ovory alis.-.aa,' ivhich neglect and 1k-
nornnci. hnvo visited upon man. Hoo-
ovor this mnv I.e. it is well known that
Parmeleo's Vegetable l'ills. distilled fron.
roots and hoi lis. 11 ro a sovereign reroedy
In citrine all  alisonlors ol  tho diutmtlon
There are nearly (S.ooo.ooo farms in
Ihe United States, the average sive
lieing i.jo acrea.
Dickie's AiUi-Consumptivc Syrup sianals
at the hood o( tho list (or all dlaseiuies
of tho throat and liiiifs It acts lUte
maple in breaking up a cold. A cough ia
sunn subdueil. tightness of tho cheat Is
relieved, oven the worst case of sob-
sumption Is relieved, while in reeest
cases it may be said never to fail, lt Is
a medicine prepared from tho uuMve
principles or virtues of nevcrnl me.lieuHi;
herbs, nn.l can ho depended upon for sll
pulmonary cotDplalnte,
Looking Into the fire is very injurious to Iho eye, especially it COel
lire. The stimulus of liijlit and beat
ainite.l soon destroy the eyes.   f.ook*
log  nt   molten    iron    will   soon    di***-
troy  tin* sisht.
A   TfllF.  Foil   COSTIVENHSS - t'. »-
tixoiiMss comes from the rofussl of tlat*
HXeietorv  oi'tuns  to  laerform   their  duties
regularly from contributing eauaee uaaal*
Iv dlaoraerad dlgesUon. Parmelee's Vene-
labls l'ills, lareparefll nn scientific priio
rlplcs are so compounded that certain
Ingredients Ira thorn puss through the
*toin«en nmi act uiaon tho bowels so as
to remove their torpor and arouse them
lirtpared tai bear toatimonv to their
io proper action. Manv thousands are
laropunsl to bear lesllmonv 'u 1 heir
pOKor  in  this  lospect
Ltneolnshiro bus the biggest Drltlah
farm. Over two thousand ueivti me
tinder plough. The second largest in
near Coldstream.	
llurd's Linineat Cures Garfet ii 0. w t,
Marseilles hud more thnn twice ft*
much Shipping last year ns any olb.-i-
French hnrbor.
Simply  I'aetal, That's All.
"Yes," snld Mrs. Wordsworth, "the
family Is most Interesting. John
dancs divinely. Tom sines like ah angel, 1'livid Is a famous footbnlli'T, Susanna pnints Willi grwtt luste.",
"Ainl Henry'.-"
"Oh, Henry: Well, he's n rather dull
Bioi't of a fellow, yon know, lie ou'jr
works and supports the othera.*
'   j.
XAxf. a**.   «J.   P«"Cf.  •*•!
-a..—-..   .... _r_a»».
»ila»iaBiaainBaa»aaaafl.lflai.»ai.W.wna.."l*fl>aaia>iaaihnaiaa.ala»J*.* THK DRIW., SLOGAN, B  U., JANUARY 15, WI.
C. £. tMtniBtiiieALB, Editor and Prop.
JLOCAU,      •      •     . -       "      B. C*
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and m cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
.for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
,ly in advance.; .$2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all, letters to—
Sloean, 1$. C
FRIDAY, JANUARY 15th. 1904.
Liberal Delegate Roy, from TCoss-
.land, says Nominee Galliher's actions
ou tho lead question embarrassed the
Laurier government, and that he did
not support the Liberal cause and
party.   What, mutiny already!
.*(*»,was expected W. A. Galliher has
again been nominated by the Lilierals
to contest Kootenay for the Dominion
house. His opponent on the Conservative ticket-is Hon. Charles Mackintosh, aud the fight between the two
'will be a dandy, but the Tory champion will surely win. Bill is already
appealing to Chris Foley's followers
for help.   ___________
Bennett, flrtjo mado the run on the
Socialist ticket in the Revelstoko riding in the provincial contest,is spoken
of as that party's nominee to contest
Kootenay for the Dominion house.
The Socialists will show strength in
Revelstoke, Ferguson, the Slocaa,Nel-
son, Rossland, Moyie, Cranbrook and
Fernie. If their nominee is endorsed
by the Labor unions, then the old
parties had better prepare for trouble,
especially the Liberals.
Victoria has suffered much loss of
life in recent years by a series of appalling disasters, principally by the
destruction of reputed staunch and
seaworthy vessels. Saturday's disaster, when the steamer Clallam, plying
betweeu Seattle and Victoria, foundered in a fierce gale amil drowned upwards of fifty persons, proved a most
crushing blow, because of the loss of
so many notables. It was at first
thought that Hon. R. F. Green, of
Kaslo, and other members of the legislature, were among those who perished, but, thankful to say, the report
proved untrue. British Columbia sympathizes with the stricken families.
"The best laid plans of meu and
mice aft gang aglee" is au axiom peculiarly befitting the situation in
which the Liberal leaders find themselves. Had the much-boomed Grand
.Tnink Pacific road beeu able to de-
>posit their$5,000,000guarantee within
the specified time, there ia no doubt
the Dominion elections would now be
on. But tho funds have not been
forthcoming and every day's delay is
lessening the Grit chances of success,
as popular enthusiasm is fast cooling.
Mackenzie & Mann's statement also,
that they .purpose Constructing the
Canadian Northern through to the
Pacific, aud so give a third tnmscon-
tineutal line to the Dominion, has
proven a serious setback to the government's pet scheme. The Canadian
Northern will not only be in running
shape long before the Grand Trunk
Pacific, but the owners thereof are
seeking no guarantee of bonds from
the government, nor do they want tlio
government to build any portion of
their line. Those facts are playing
havoc with Grit contentions anent the
G.T.P. and the loaders are lyeing hard
pressed for campaign ammunition,
and until sucli can lie manufactured
the date of the election will hardly be
set. Another potent elemeut of disturbance to the Grits is the tarilT,upon
which their policy has been anything
but consistent. Elected us free traders, they have, to keep in with public opinion, continued along the lines
of pronounced protection, and thoy
dare not recede from that position.
The manufacturing interests of Canada are unanimous fora larger measure
of protection, nnd to gain tho support
of that class the Grits must meet their
desires. They cannot do this without
fomenting much trouble in their own
ranks. On the other hand, the Con
servatives stand with undivided ranks
upon a clean-cut policy of protection,
with no fringes. Their motto is, Canada for the Canadians, and their aim
is to see stamped ou ali arlicles used
jn tho country, "Made in Canada."
Pay up your subscription.
The lady voter was strictly it yesterday.
Election day was wet, sloppy, and
D. D. Robertson left for Kamloops
on Saturday.
Traders' licenses aro due to be paid
the city collector.
Mrs. D. Arnot spent last week in
Nelson visiting friends.
John Cameron, an old-timer, died
in Ainsworth last woek.
Rosebery is without a schoolteacher
and no one wants the job.
A. P. Blandy, formerly of. Nelson,
suicided recently in Wales.
An exodus of Slocan people took
place on Saturday to Nelson.
The knocker has had his hammer
doing business again of late.
The mill people shipped a carload
of shingles to Ontario this weok.
Moro agricultural land is being taken up in the valley by ranchers.
Construction will commence shortly
on the Midway & Vernon railway.
The C.P.R. will build a uow boat in
the spring for service on Trout lake. ,
R. B. Thompson, New Denver, was
a guest at the Arlington over Monday.
The C.P.R. threaten to go into the
sawmill business, so as to reduce the
There will lie but seven hotels renewing their licenses, the Royal dropping out.
New Denver is so peaceful that the
timber wolves are not afraid to venture
into town.
Fruit growers of the country will
meet in Nelson next Tuesday to form
an association.
Wm. Hudson, formerly foreman at
the Arlington, is directing affairs at
the Ymir mine.
Spotters are responsible for several
old-time conductors being let out on
the Pacific division of the C.P.R.
Sunday's snowfall was so heavy
that Monday's traiu became stalled at
Gutolius and had to throw off two
Because they did not pay their road
tax 259 Rosslanders were deprived of
their right to vote at the municipal
Interior scribes were not ablo to accomplish much at their convention in
Nelson last Saturday, owing to the
small attendance.
During 1903 the Crow's Nest Coal
Co. had an output of 167.739 tons of
coal, being 39 per cant of an increase
over the previous year.
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, will have
charge of the Conservative campaign
in this riding. He is also sesretary-
treasurcr of the district association.
As Slocan seems to furnish the majority of cases on each docket of the
county court at Nelson, it is aliout
tirrfe Judge Forin changed his place
of residence to this burg.
Sandon's council havo all been put
in by acclamation. They are: Mayor,
M. La. Grimmett; aldermen, A. Cameron, E. McLeod, Dr. Gornm, W. J.
Thompson, Wm. Bennett and C. A.
Neil Gething had a narrow escape
from a broken leg Monday, while getting out firewood back of his home. A
log rolled down on his leg, pinning
him to tho ground. Ho was badly
Jas. Tattersall received a wire on
Monday from his wife, in Pembroke,
Ont., stating that their little girl was
seriously iii. Later news, however,
stated the child was out of danger and
At ,i meeting of the Liberal Association on Friday night. J.G.McCalluni,
ii. C. Campbell-Johnston, A. Madden,
and D. ,S. McVannel wore appointed
delegates to attend tho nominating
convention .it Nelson on Tuesd v.
With our mode of filling
mall orders, a man living In
the "hoart of tho Rockies"
can do business with us
almost as satisfactorily ae If
living In tho city.
If It's a Diamond Ring, a
25c. Collar Button or any
article tn the Jowolry lino,
All goods marked In plain
figures — 6trlctly one price.
Carriage charges paid by us
and money refunded If you
desire It.
Our handsomely Illustrated
catalogue sent froe.
font* tsi Aitlslii Sit.,
1 Uiil-lulled I8S4.
Sandon folk are agitating for a
The heavy thaw has made traveling
in the hills decidedly dangerous.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
The legislature resumed business
ou Monday. It is expected to prorogue
in March.
There has lieen no ice on the local
rink so far this winter, and it doesn't
look as if there would be.
Thirty of the residents of Winlaw
have sent in a request to the govern
ment for a traveling library.
Thos. Duff, of Toronto, agent of the
insurance branch of the Orange so
ciety, is to visit the local lodge this
For the week ending January 7 the
C.P.R. traffic receipts were $697,000,
and for the same week last year it was
The chief of police in Victoria is offering $1000 reward for the discovery
of Dave Ferguson, of Ferguson. No
crime has been committed.
The action of Dunlop vs Brett, for
assessment work on. a Lemon creek
claim, tried in the county court at
Nelson, was dismissed with costs.
J. C. Crome, manager of tho Toronto Type Co., Winnipeg, has quit
that concern and is now boss of the
Western Printers' Supply Co., of
It was found necessary to postpone
the Knox church congregational social
and entertainment, which was announced for last Tuesday. It will be
held without fail on Tuesday, the 19th
inst. Everyone is invited, and no
charge for admission.
Jim Irving resigned his position as
a C.P.R* conductor on Saturdav. Ho
will settle on his ranch  near Midway.
The annual winter dance of the
Halcyon Hot .Springs sanitarium will
lie held on Friday, January 29. Special rates are offered for guests staying over Sunday.
Appended is a complete list ef the vnr,
iom records registered atthe local registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
,Iaii 4—Mayet.ii and Aricle %, FG Carlisle to 1 beaupre.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claini. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Make caeb
offer to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, B. C
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, 30 days
from tifitc, I intend to apply to the Hon,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands nntl
Worka at Victoria; B.C., for a special
license tocut ami carry away timber from
thu fol lowing doFcrihed lands: Com-
mei.ciii-.'at a post marked "I>. St. Denis'
N.fi. corner," snid post being planted on
the west side of Sjocuu lake, about 60
chains from Alexander McKay's south-
well corner, in a westerly direction j
tho.ee south SO chains; thence west 80
ehninn; tlience no: t'.i 80 chains; I hence
east 80 ohains, to place of commencement, containing li40 acres.
Dated at SI..can, B.C., this 30lh day of
December, 1003.
If you
are troubled^
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Once used, always used.
fXTEi tin undersigned, thirty dan after .liit«.
tt    Intend io apply to tin Cnlsf CotuniU*
sinner a.f 1. nulls it vtnrl .at Viitoria, fur Ip*.
rial licenses tn rut an.l carry 1W8I timber from
tin* fiillnwiiii,* rinsi-ribml traotl of land, MtiintP'l
on Main;nil,, ONelt, in  Went Kixiteuny Ilistrict:
Kiri.t Looatlea.
Commencing at   n   pott   on   the West side of
Moaafl,jailt<a creak, running 111 chnins soulli (thence
HO chains west t thenoe sii chain* north) thencs
Ml clinins enst, to [mint of cntninetirntif nt.
Locate! Nov. 19, 1903.
So, anal |,wail I.an.
Cnnimeiicinir nt n post adjoining fir«t locution
on northeast coiner, running SO chains norlh:
thenee SO chains easti th*m-e so chains sonthi
llionrn 81 tliain*. west, to point of commence.
Located Nov. 19,190,1.
Thll'fl I.flK'lllloia.
Commencing at a post planted on northwest
corner of MOOnd locution, running SI chains
north | thence DO chains east; tlience SO clinins
south ; thence ml clinins wesl, to point Of commencement.
Locnteal Not. 10, 1908,
l'«nitli   l.aaiiatieii.
Commencing nt n DOlt planted at southwest
corner of thi pi local nan. riinningsiicliiiins wesl |
Iheiice K0i hains norlh; thmice SO clinins enst;
thence Sii chains sonth, to point of commencement.
, Loeattdfl Not. 10, WS.
■fifth  Locution.
t'ommenciiifr ut n post planleil on east siale of
Mosapiito creek, running KO chains west; thonce
HO chains north | thence SO chains east; I hence
so chains siaiilh. ta. point of coinnienceineut. adjoining M. Super's timber limit on Hie oust.
Located Nov. 20. UN.
sixth Location.
CoBimtaoiny at a   pott planted on tha south
enst rainier of fifth locution, running east SO
chains; thence south SO chains; theiicn west SO
chains ; thonce north SO chains, to point of coin-
byTiion. Annul.. Agent
Located Nov. 20. 190,",.
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
.See new accident policy, with par
ticipation in profits, covering sickness and operations.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Peblie
I   Slocan
j   Bakery^.
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full stock of the best
lined of cigars and tobaccos always kept on hand.
14 l.nnv.amt Rreud fur Sl.
KullVf.iSlit  aaJ Onallljr
Slocan, B. C.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whea
you can eet one so cheap? The>
are prefefrable to moves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wonil or coal and will be
set up free.
*IV»5 inimtli Mlaeral Claini.
Situate in the Sloean City Mining Division of the West  Koolenuy I lint riot
Where located:—On Printer creek,
a tributary of Ten Mile Creek,
TAKF. NOTICK that I. W. D. McGregor, acting as aj.'eiit for John L. Farwif,
free miners' certificate No. B71025, and
C. E. Btnitherinaale, free miner's cvrtili-
cate No. 869997, intend, l'O days from the
date hereof, to apply to the *tliiiini; Recorder for a certificate of improvement,for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
of the above claini.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 12th dav of November, 1003.
i3-n-o3 \v. p. McGregor
« ruemler, Sicilian Treneore anil Ilaaulilor
Mlaaral Claims.
Pituate in the Sloean City Minin*; Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located!—Between the first
and  second  north  forks of  Lemon
TAKE NOTICK that I, W. D. Mo-
(ittijor, acting as agent for Chas. Faas,
F.M.C, B676B7, and Wm.  II. Crawford,
Free    Miner's   Certiflcate   No.  I*„*i7ii!)8,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapplyt*  Ul* mining  recorder for cer-
titicates  of  improvement, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above elnims.
And further take notice that action,
iimler section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 12tlidav of November, 1(103.
13-11 03 "W. D; McGREGOR
.Silver I.aaf M I no nil  Claim.
Situate in the Sloean Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—Sprinter creek, south of Arlington mine.
TAKK NOTICF that I, Herbert T,
Twigg, as agent for George D. Long, fres
miner's certificate No. BH444R; N. S.
Tucker,free miner's certilicate tfo.B64449
Martin Maurer, free miner's certificate
No. B59729: and Kri Thompson, free
miner's certificate No. B6096H, intend,
sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Uecorder for a certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
Aed further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 2ltli dav of Dvceml.er,)!l()3.
35-12-03. HERBERT T. TWIGG
A dvertise your 81
n Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. - A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a rewari
to all persistent aud liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
uAt All  Timesn
H KKKi8KK*i*«S^:8"r**SSK***"^      U
Subscribe for jjj
and -   g|
support M
your |
local paper: O
jgj THE DRILL,  $2 per year gj
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
>..****** -♦->>•»-♦-♦ ♦♦>*;
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains ;;
four large rooms, hall ;;
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
itat * SSSSSSSSSS S S.4 ♦ ♦♦ SS*-*"
Notice to DelinquentCo-owner
To Win. J. Andrews, or to sny perss»
or persons In whom he msy havo transferred his interest in the Blaek Diamond minentlchiim,situated on Lemon
creek and recorded in the Recorder's
ofliee for the Slocan (.ity mining division.
You are hereby notified that I,
Andrew Provost, F.M.C No.l'(14707,hav»
eiiiiscd to he expended the auin of two
hundred and five dollars in labor
and Improvements on the «J»ove men-
tii ned mineral claim, in order lo
hold said ehiiin under the provisions ol
the Mineral Act; and if within 00 days
Iron the dute of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure,together with nil costs
of adverting, your interest in saifi
chiim will become tho propeity ef the
subscriber, under section 4 ol an Act
entitled "Ao Act to amend the Mineral
Aet, 1»00."
Dated at Sloean, B.C., this  1st day of
December, A.D. l«0:t.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATHS: Regular subscribers.tl   I■" month
,   nr$IOa )«nr: nnn-siiliirrihtr. (exclusive nf
me.licnl atttnHiinrallrJ p«r <lny,    Pflvnt« Wants
M H'nla'ii Min.   .Sa.riial fui'ilitit*, for maternity oust.
Kor further particular**, npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THE DRILL hns made an
arrangement with tho Toronto Mail-Empire, no
tbnt its weekly rxlition may be
clubbed with the former.
New StlbseiiberSi therefore,
mny obtain the Weekly Mnil-
Empire. -acknowled^iii to be
one of the beat pajierH in the
Dominion - and Slocan's Wailing journal, Tm Drill, from
■owtill .Tae. 1, 1905, for thu
BUD) of $2.50. With this exceptional offer will be given as a
premium, a beautiful arto-
grarure, entitled "The Victoria Ciohs." The picturi-i depicts a scene in the lato Boer
wur, rlene in ten colors, and
well worth framing. Seed in
your orders at oece to
The Drill, Slocan.


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