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The Slocan Drill 1902-10-10

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TOL. IH., N»*•»•  ~         __ "
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   lu,   KO'2.
W« are in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
 Slecan, llritish Columbia.
"Men's Ready-to-Wear Clothing. ""
We have Placed in Stock the very finest
range of Men's Suits ever shown here.
Equal to the best tailor-made and at half
the price.
Try One. - $8.00 to $23.50
W. T. Shatford & sCo.
A7Y0RK <fc CO.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Tke Workmanskip is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
ANNUAL   MKETINfi    1IKI,|>   iy   CITY
Kepni-t „f the 8rs.rs.tRry Shown aHssml-
mossss. I'liiHiH-s, in nu. Treasury-Haw
Officers "Sleeted for the'Ensuing "fear
—Mayor Yisrk Mmla President,
Tin* annual meeting of the board*of
trade was held in tho city hallon Monday eve, President W, T. Bhatford In
tin. chair.
A verbal report wns made by the
secretary, showing tin* finances to be
in a healthy condition. Thirty-eight
members had joined the organization
during the .war and, after all ex*
pons - had been paid, there remained
a balance in the treasury of 1131.65.
President Shatford Bald it was quite
true the hoard had nol nii't very often
during the year, but a little good had
been accomplished. There was a necessity for a board of trade in Slocan,
tin'mon: so as tin- place would grow
with the advent of the sawmill. There
was also much the board could do in
support of the city council in advancing the div's interests. He hoped the
ensuing year would lx* one of useful
activity for the board.
A number of communications were
then read and ordered died.
Next came the election of officers,
resulting as follows: President, A.
•fork; vice president, Dr. Forin; seo.-
treasurer, C. E. Smitheringale; executive committee, T. .McNeish. .1.(5. McCallum, A. ('. Smith, T. Mulvey, W.
E. Worden, W. T. Shatford and J. A.
Noticesof motion: W. T. Shatford,
to change date of meeting and number of quorum; T. McNeish, to reduce
number of executive committee; Dr.
Forin, to change regular meetings
from monthly to quarterly.
A vots* of thanks waa tend ired the
retiring president and suitably responded to.
Meeting adjourn-si till the fir-!
*iL .fl iv in November.
pains ollice here on Tuesday, the
majority of the stock .being represented. .1. Frank Collom, managing dl-
reetoi, who had been oul to San Fran-
cisco, arrived in on the noon train to
attend the meeting. He acted as lh<-
preBiding officer and II. I). Curtis
secretary. A financial statement covering the operations of the vear was
presented and adopted. The election
of officers resulted in the old board
being re appoto">ed, as follows: President, il. I'. Kithet; Ki-cretarv, John
LawBon; managing director,.). frank
•Collom; executive board, R, P.Rithet,
A. B, Wllllamson.JohnLawson, Thos,
Khun-. W. A. Maedonald, and .1.
frank Collom. The ensuing year will
Im- a memorable one for the company,
as new works will In- established for
tin- treatment of their ores al the
mine, with greal promise of success
and profit.
Savage Gritillei Mukr Mnry at tke Exchange Mills*.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETMINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
i'.u:i:iii:!,r, Plti-*SE***T \r:0N.
Oi Tuesday ovening the members
and a Iherents of Knox church gathered at the residence of J. (1. McCallum
for the purpose "f tend iringa farewell
to their pastor, Eev. M. D.McKee.
The evening was passed very pleasantly iu the playin,' of various games,
instrumental and vocal music, and social conversation. After the serving
of refreshments Mr. McKe • was called
up and confronted with tin- following
••We, the members and adherents of
Knox church, hav.- ls-arned with the
Bincoresl regret of your intended departure from our midst, and we feel
that we cannot Lt the presenl opportunity pa*-s without, in some slight
measure, expressing to you the very
greal esteem in which you are held.
For the four years you have labored
among tis we bave realized lull well
the loving spirit which has actuated
ll reached by any trail or road
tkat runt into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
■>• opened inder
tht old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
.    .. — ..__ ii..imsi»v Avssniiss, Slocuss.
Car. Artb.rSlro.tancI D«l»n*.y Avenue,
BaUdlnf thoroughly renovated
WW re. st -cited with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything In these lines that you
require from us.   Our stock .n each is    v
kept fresh and well assorted.   We hand le M
best the market affords.   Prices are "gg^jf
swam \Jt
your every move, and your Christian
zeal and bearing havo won for you the
deepest regards of not only ourselves,
but tin-citizens at large. Inallmove*
ments calculated to benefit tho oom
munity you hav i evertakena foremost
placs'.au'd your presence will bo sorely
missed. In vour labors we feel thai
vou bave had valuable and loving assistance from your estimable wife, who
snares equally with you our rest* cl
and osteem. In the step you are about
to tak" we wish you God speed, and
trusl your loftiest aims aud ambitious
in iv be realizod, so thai you maj I"1
tho better fitted for laboring in the
Master's vineyard. Mav werespecl
fully ask, therefore, thai vou will accept from u- tho accompanying purse
which will, in some small mann -r.bear
testimony of our feelings towards
yourself and Mrs. McKeo. And may
the Lord bless you. Signed on behalf
of the congregation, J, G. McCallum,
,1. A. Anderson, Quo. Smith."
The presenl a lion was made by -1. K. \ rounding the Exchange.
Anderson, the purse containing  the
sum of $14.   Mr. McKee was strongly | «i» '.•>»'• 8-l«
affected and it was with difficulty thai I
he could reply, bul ho managed rtome
how or other to return thaiiKseto his
donors. Then Clarence Tipping, on
behalf of Mr. McKee's Sunday school
class, ciinii* forward and presented him
with a handsome silk watehguard and
locket. Mr. MoKeo replied with words
of kindly admonition and advice to his
young scholars and assured them thai
lu- would ever remember their
Mr. McKee leaves hen* loday
Lemon creek, where he purposes holi
Ing communion sen ice on thi
day.   On Monday he proceei
roi'ito  to spend   a   feu   davs.
Mrs.  McKee   en   routi
goes tn Chicago to take up
•arraduate studies.
Ted Eyton, who is doing single-
handed work at the Exchange, came
down to town Saturday eve with a tale
that put terror into the hearts of the
timid. He had had nn experience
with bears that will last him for years
to coins'. It happened something like
On Tuesday Ted was breaking and
sorting ore in the orehouse at tin* mine,
when he noticed a shadow suddenly
cast ou the floor. Thinking it was
some prospector making a friendly
call, he bade the stranger come in.
Getting no resjion.se, Ted looked behind him and to his horror saw a huge
grizzly bear just making its entrance.
Ted did not wail for an introduction,
but grabbed an axe and scooted out
the back door and bolted fer the cabin.
meanwhile keeping au anxious eye on
bruin. In doing so,however,he almost fell into the dutches of o second
bear, which was coming down thc
Poor Ted thought his time had
come and he began to quake, Summoning his scatters'd senses, le- ran
thro irh tlw suow-ladenbr ish and got
round bear Mo. 2 and pushed on to
the cabin, both animals following in
fierce pursuit. Thero was not room
for both beara on the trail and the]
i commenced to scrap, to which happy
circumstance Ted owes his life. Lie
gained the cabin and locked and barricade! the door in a moment. Hardly
was he in before the bears hurled
themselves against the door, struggling hard to get in and growling in
anger. After several minutes they
mosied ofl' and Ted, looking out. saw
them drinking a! tin- spring close by.
it being the only water on tho hill
Ted played 'possum for thrs-c hours
and then ventured down to the ore-
house. The place was a wreck, for
ihe bears had turned loose on the eon-
tents. Boxes wore broken, sacks torn,
and ore sea iter, il all over the works,
much as it a cyclone had struck it.
There was no sleep in the Exchange
camp that night.
Wednesday morn Ted "tallied out to
get a pail of water, bul quickly concluded hs- didn't want it so badly after
all, for there at the spring was a big
cinnamon bear and it, too, had a ferocious look. For Ave long hums of
suspense Ted guarded th" cabin with
Ins axe, thinking each moment would
bo his next. When he slid got down
for the water, ho saw the tracks of no
less than seven specimens of tin- bear
family, the trail-* through the snow
being like unto an elephant spoor In
Africa. Happily the animals left him
alone, though each slay thereafter he
saw bear Blgns Innumberable, The
snow having covered tin- berries, bun-
...i h id made the bears savage nnd
theykopl prowling around for food.
Water also was a drawing card to
Ted wanted to lain* a Gatling up
with him Monday, but had to content
himself with the biggest Winchester
he could lind. He had many sympathizers in town und it is splits* likely
there will be a scene sif gore ain' scat-
te's-d fur  in  the  solitary i ir*
selves very satisfactorily In connection
with the proposed establishment here
of the big sawmill, On Saturday a
telegram was received from the com*
panv, asking that the final agreement
lie drafted and forwarded to Orillia
for signature, This was done and the
company should receive the document
today or tomorrow. At the same time
a letter wns received from Supt.
Downle stating that engineers would
lie sent up by the railway company
at once to run the lines and levels for
the various switches on to the mill
site.    In this   respect,   it   may lie said
tin- C.P.R.are working in perfect harmony with the city council and doing
all in their power to secure for Slocan
the sawmill. There is no doubt now
of the company coming here and the
passage of the necessary bylaw by the
ratepayers is assured.
riiurAKiNo vou ivinteh.
"sfasiy  OdtStdc   Improvements nt   Klsis-k
At the Black Prince things aro be-
in;* put into shape for the winter's
work. The improvements now under
way include a cookhouse-a blacksmith
shop and timber shed at the mouth of
the lower crosscut, and several other
smaller buildings, The winter's supply of wood for mining and fuel purposes is also being cut. Practically
the whole fores' is employed on this
work and probably will Im* so engaged
for several weeks,
During the past month over200 feet
of ground has been broken. The main
crosscut was advanced 78 feet and
drifts run east and west on the vein
for a distance of 80 and 111 feet respectively. The results obtained so
far are suid to lie satisfactory and
some little ore has been taken out. In
t!u* old workings a raise of 78 feet to
the surface has been completed and
an intermediate tunnel advanced about
30 feel to the east. The face shows
s une ore within the past few days and !
it is though! probable that the rich
ore body, from whieh the lessees ex-
tracted a large portion of their ship-
in -tils, will be encountered at an early
As soon as the outside work has
been completed, the east nnd west
drifts at tin- lower level will be pushed
with a double shift, and a raise started
to connect with the upper level. Bur*
veyors will Ik* on ths- ground within
ten days and the management s-xpects
to have everything in readiness for the
■whiter within four weeks.
Sidney Norman, the manager, ls*ft
for Spokane Thursday, expecting to
return ths- end of this week.
I.nil Year'n HlslpssienU Were 6514 Toat—
A Healthy K% Isls-ssse of the Life nn*
W..1.1II. of the Csuni>—Ai-IIugtoa tha
Biffge«t. Shipper.
Por the first time in many weeks no
ore him gone forward from the Enterprise mine.   Only the   day shift is
working at the concentrator and more
attention is being paid to the mippk-
mentary  process  going in.   At the
mine development is Iteing hurried in
order to provide Btoping {-round. The
Arlington is the only property to figure in  the shipping list, having sent
out ill) tons to Nelson.    Its shipments
for the  year  now  amount to  8060
tons.    For the whole division the total
to date passes the 5000-ton mark and
registers 6026 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tous, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
exports totalled 6629 tons, from fourteen properties. Following is a full
list of the local -shipments this year to
ran. wikk.     T»TAi..
Arlington  90             8000
Enterprise...*.  1.S20
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  101
May....-  •
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
Fourth of J uiy.'.  11
Florence  1
Speculator  4
Hampton  4
no 6025
The Canadian Pacific Railway's land
sales for the month of September were
more than double what they were for
the corresponding month a year ago,
prett v
for |i
Is to To
hence  hi
v minis i Mssciiiiif of Arlington.
The sales for September. 1902, were
110,630 acres for $1*42,811.11,as against
GOOGO acres for $197,057.01 in September, 1901. The total sales for this
year are 1,408,614 acres, for .<l>j;.,
288,00. while for the same months for
901 the sales were 890,276 acres, for
$1,261,292.87. The Bales for September, 1900, were only 21,808 acres, for
$00,012.64. The Increase in revenue
from C.P.R, lands for the company
I'or this vear over the preceding year
po-st j up to date is 98,668,948.78, making it
total increase lor the past two years of
The  Arlin-j
their  annual
ton   Mines,  Lid.
meeting in
com ■
I Isnl Hill's A-< s.issln', Hisrc,
Things continue to shape them*
Two men are being added to
fores* at the Bondholder.
A bylaw will be passed by the council not to divide the eity into wards.
The stock in trade of R. B. Patterson, Sandon. i.s to lx*sold by the sln-r-
itr next week.
The Scotchmen of the city purpose
celebrating St. Andrew's night with
great acclaim'.
The Montezuma group, on *Jk* north
fork of Kaslo creek, is to In* sold by
the sheriff on the 16th.
A*, an evidence of  life in  the camp j
T. I). Woodcock & Co.on Wednesday
i solsl 86 cases of powder.
Bob Allen's  pack  train has been
j busy this week taking up shakes and
other building material to the Black
! Prince.
Dave Arnot will add a full line ofl
dress floods to his general stock, with ,
hi dressmaking department  also  Inl
Henry Dempster  received   tin- sad
i Intelligence yesterday of the death sif
his aged father in Victoria.   He will'
I attend lhe funeral.
The Springer Creek Quartette is
advertised to give a series of concerts
at the Speculator mine during Octo-
i ber. The members of the quartette
Win. Thomlinson, Wm. a, Hudson.
Nathan Haas and .1. II. Dawson are
all well known tsi the public as vocalists of no small ability. Dates for
general engatremeuts may Im- arranged
with Joseph llanis-lin.
Sheep l>l*>n|»pss*ar.
Mayor York has had considerable
ill luck with his Importations of sheep
for  his  slaughter  house.    Six weeks
ago  four sheep mysteriously disap-l
peared from a corral, lenMng no trace.
Last Week a band of ten wandered off
and have not been   seen   sines*.    Are*.
ward of $20 has been offered for their
Mistaken Identity.
A man with ti lantern cleaning the i
ohlmne' on tin* Arlington kitchen the
other night, tjattsed some parties to |
Imagine a new planet had made its
appearance iu  the  heavens.   Great
excitement prevailed for a while. The
expose came with a sickening sudden
Ors* shipments from the Slocan tot il
22,500 tons.
The Le Roi's profits for August
were $79,48(5.
The Payne mine has increased its
force tol09-iiJ«,u,
The* Ruth ami Rambler mines* have
each laid off 20 men.
Bar silver is again on the decline,
having dropped to 50{j cents.
More men have lately been added
to the force at the Enterprise.
Last week the mines adjacent to
Sandon shipped 144 tons of ore.
Work has suddenly ceased on the
Marysville smelter aud refinery.
The Wakefield shipped one car .of'
ore this week to the Nelson works.
Zinc has been steadily rising in
price of late. The demand is increasing*
Fsir September the mines in tLn
Whitewater camp shipped 240 tons of
Ore shipments passing through hero
are uot as heavy as thev were a while
In another 30 feet the management
of the Ottawa expects to strike the big
ore chute.
A In ri*-.* quantity of stulls for the
Arlington are arriving here from down
the valley.
Operations are to be resumed on the
Hartney group, New Denver, at an
early date.
A crown grant is being applied for
sm ths- l'ort Hope, owned by Harvey
Fife and .lelT Baty.
Two shifts ore now employed at the
I run Horse and good progress is beiug
made with the shaft.
The lessees of the Pinto, one of the
.Mollis-   Hughes  group. New   Denver,
have shipped 10 tons of ors-.
J. M. McGregor has Ihvii up to the
Cameronian (•roup during the week,
surveying it for a crown grant.
Two cars of ore passed through hero
this week from the Bosun, one going
to Trail and the other to Nelson.
P. C. Green, P.L.S., of Nelson.eamo
in on Monday, to do some surveying
at the Ottawa and Black Prince.
No men can lx* found to work at the
Washington while theChinere cook is
there, oilier than the contractors,
Maurice Qintzburger, manager of
the Monitor mine, took out his naturalization papers at Kaslo last week.
II. G. Van Tuyl, of Detroit, is applying for a crown grant on the Ex
change group, through J. M. McGregor.
.1. M. McGregor, on behalf of the.
owners, i.s applying for a crown grant,
on the Slug Ten claim, ixljoining the
Jack Beauchesne was down from the
Alberta .Saturday for the lirst time in
two months. He is working alone and
has run two crosscuts, Water drove
him out of the first, bul iu the second
I he is just breaking iuto the veiu, ►♦•♦©♦•♦©♦•♦•♦•♦■SvS'***)*!
'Tween. love and Duty.
Tlie "Curfew" was yet several
niili's south of Tenerife; she ploughed her wny north ward, ignorant ot
her destination, driven steadily forward liy a resistliss power. Incessant action, Incessant progress; never
a moment's rest for her throughout
the glaring day or the breathless
starlit night. Oh, if that perpetual
Uirolsbing might cs'iise for an instant
—if for one brief Interval perfect stillness might be realized!
A .\oiing   mnu.   stretched at    full
length on a deck chair,  wrung    his
thin fingers    in utter     wretchedness,
even inoiiiieil a little, since ihere was
no  one  ni-iir  lo     observe his  misery.
Throb,   tlii'ob,   throb;  endless  vibrating of the rosso], endless hissing of
the foam-flecked wafer—when would
the Intolerable noise end. and healing
silence ie;gn'"     Healing Silence    was
not far o:f from  h'im.     Ile  knew  it,
he wanted  to steady   his  mind    and
think of it,  but how was continuous
thought possible in the midst of this
jarring tumult?
'lhe deck hud been empty for a
time; clatter anil chink of plates and
the hum of voices rising from the saloon, told that n meal wns in pro-
ersss there. Captain Henslsigh, Ur.
llranil a':d John Ca.vford, were the
lirst to emerge on derk after it. They
had bs*en talking about Alan Twiss,
anil, seeing thnt he lay in a sheltered position forward, they movs*d to
the Stern of the chip to continue
their conversation.
"1 suppose then, lie will not last
long," saisl tin- captain.
"Imps s-iible to sny. He never allowed mo tsi sound his lungs until
to-day; one of them is far gone, and
thu other affected. According to his
own account he comes of a consumptive family and has lis en ill two
years at least. He may live for
weeks or even months; he may die
in a few days."
"Why don't you tell him of his
danger?" nskesl John Cayford. "It
does not seem fair to let any one
drift ao near death without warning.''
"You or I may die before he does,"
returned the doctor laconically,
"think of SimmonsJ"
Simmons was one of the crew, who
had been washed overboard during
heavy weather experiencs-d bs-tws-en
Hobart and the Cape. The Cane lay
far behind them nsiw; the light winds
wore in their favor; the sun rose
daily in a cloudh-ss sky, and shone
over a sea so calm that a strong effort was required before lhe memory
of that tragic time of storm could
bo revived.
"Would it do Twiss anv harm lo
tell him?"
"It might; probably it would. He is
•o nervous and excitable."
"I'e haps he knows already," sug-
gestel the captain hopefully. "Did
he ask uny questions about his condition?"
"Not a question."
"He cannot know," insisted Cayford. "He makes constant reference
to his return to Ms-lbourne in the
"Oh, they often talk of plans that
they are aware they will n*ver live
to carry out; excessive ho|sefulness is
sjuite a feature of the Complaint."
The doctor lit his cigar and turned
away to chat wilh some ladles who
had just appeared on derk.
"Vou acree with mc. Captain, don't
you?" ra:d (Viyford earnestly. "He
must be told."
"Well"—tho captain hesitated —
"I suppose I>r. Hand has his rs*asons;
ft might do harm. I must say I
should prefer to know, if I were in
the poor young fellow's place. He
talks more to you than to any of
us, Mr. Cayford; I daresay you will
have an opportunity to give him just
a hint of his condition." Having
made this reasonable suggestion, the
captain felt that he was relieved from
further responsibility in the matter.
He too walked forward, stopping for
a few moments beside the deck chair.
"Fine day, Mr. Twiss; how are you
"Captain, aro wc far from
As soon as the words were uttered,
they seemed to be caught up and
repeated by the throbbing i-ngines
and the hissing water—Are we far
from Tenerife?—Are we far from
Tenerife? Alan lay with his eyes
closed, breathing painfully, forced to
listen to the ringing sound.
The captain looked off to the horizon for his an-swer.
Three hundrs-d and si*,ty knots since
yesterday; this is Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday — if all goes well we
shall be at Santa Cruz on Wednesday."
"Tlmak yau."
"Oh, this intolerable noise; Santa
Cruz on Wednesday—Snnta Cruz on
Wednesday — hissing uml throbbing
and ringing in his ears! Cnp'a'n
Hensloigh's expression wus gravi
enough when he left tin* 'nvalld
Two or throe ladles walking rapidly up and down the deck, now stepped softly up to the young mun s
side. As he made no movement, they
began to talk in those aggravating
whispers that are so much more penetrating  than  louder sounds.
"He  is  asleep,"   they  assured  each
"How wasted ho looks!"
"You heard  what  the doctor Buid"
Hs must be dying."
"So young,  too!"
"And ho has such    a    pretty   profile!':
"Isn't It sad!"
They stole away on  tip-toe. |
John Cayford remained  where    the I
captain hud left him. Death I He had
never been very near lo death before.
!t  was long since his parents    dis*d,
his  recollection    of  that  time    was
faint and vague; his only sister    had
died  recently,  but  he  was  at a  distance from her, end to hear of death
sloas not produce the same appalling
effect  upon  the s.'iises as  to see    it.
Ho was beginning to experience that
crushing sense  of  Impotence      which
overcomes strength  when  it  is    confronted by greater strength.    He had
never yet been forced to succumb    to
any difficulty,     failure was un    unknown exporienre to him; good luck,
good munagement, and some shrewdness,  had  done uiuch  for him,     and
would do more.     Implicit confidence
in  his    own   strength,   was  his unspoken creed.    He was not a    sellish
man — he was quite as ready to use
his abilities in the service of others as
in  his  own;   others,   indeed,   afforded
him  larger scope  for  exercising     ingenuity,  for they    placed themselves
in dilemmas    which    his forethought
would not allow him    to approach.
Conscious of his own power, he loved
to exert it, and to feel that    people
were dependent on it.    This was thc
explanation    of     the close intimacy
that had sprung up between   himself
and Alan Twiss.    They had met for
tho first time at    Hobart,  and     thc
weakness of the invalid was an irresistible appeal to the strength of his
fellow traveller.        With infinite patience and gentleness, Cayford ministered to the needs of his unfortunate
companion;     he humored his fancies,
read to him, talked to him,   carried
him on deck when he was too feeble
to walk, and sat for hours    by    his
berth fanning him  when he lay exhausted by the extreme heat. It really seemed as though    some reviving
hopefulness had been infused into the
patient — Alan certainly rallied; but
alas! three days ago there had    been
nn attack of hemorrhage and the poor
lad lost all the ground he had gained.    Looking    at him   now, Cayford
saw that he must die, and the sight
was intensely distressing to him. His
own    perfect    health,  and strength,
and good prospects, seemed like cruel
insults offered to the sufferer; insults
for which reparation ought     to     be
made.    But what could be done?
Alan had for some time been lying
with his eyes closed; he now raised
his head and beckoned to his friend
to come near him.
"I wish you would bring a chair
here, and place yourself so that we
can speak without interruption," he
said. "Those ladies will not keep
away. They ask me e'.'ery few minutes how I feel. If I cough, they
raise their eyebrows and look at
each other and shake thoir heads. I
am tired of telling them how long I
s'ept last night, and how much
breakfast I ate this  morning."
"They mean well, Alan."
"Yes, I daresay. Walt until you
have been worried as long as I have,
and you will wish that people meant
ill, for a change."
"Have you slept at all this afternoon?"
"No. How could I, with the tea
always there whenever I look up? I
wish you could shift me somehow, so
that I shall not be forced to see It."
John easily changed the invalid's
position, but the movement made
Alan cough.
"Everything is against ine!" he exclaimed fretfully, "I wanted to talk
to you, and now I shall have to lie
"Suppose I talk to you, instead."
"Ah, do! Say something, anything that will keep me from listening to thi-se never-ending sounds."
"What sounds?"
"That hideous grinding of the screw
and churning of the water — no
rest, no rest!"
John looked at him in astonishment, and with some alarm; he himself was not overburdened with
"What can I tell you that will be
of interest, I wonder. You have lived in Glasgow; perhaps you know
Fs-ldrossan, a little fishing village on
tho Ayrshire coast, 1 was born
"J don't know it. Did you live
there long?"
"Alwa>s until I went to Melbourne. I used to go up to Glasgow
every day to business, but my sister
und I lived at Fi-ldrossan together."
"A sister," said Alan, "I would
like te have a sister. I havo a half-
brother, a rascal — curse him!"
"Now, Alan, be quiet; don't excite
yourself so absurdly. What is the
use of saying things you don't mean,
and will be sorry to think of presently?"
Alan sighed, and the color that
had suddenly (lushes! his face died
out of it us suddenly. After a long
pause he roused himself.
"fclanta Cruz on Wednesday, I am
very anxious to get thero."
"You expect to meet a friend,
■stan't you*?"
"Yes. if he is there; but 1 am not
certain. He was there a year ago,
and I have written to him sinse
without getting any answer. He may
have gone awa\. or he may be dead.
If he is dead, I suppose I shall hi**
him soon.    I am dying, you know."
Me ting an intensely wistful
ea e, (hut implored u denial of
the assertion just made, John
looked away hastily. He wus lllli-sl
wilh pity for the dying mun, involuntarily      he  clas[sed  his  hand  close-
"I know, my pos>r lad," he said,
"I know."
"There Isn't nny need to pity me,"
re-marked the invalid. "The longer I
hnve to live, the more I shnll suJTer,
and 1 hate pain, But I am a cow-
mil ubout dying;  I have seen peoplt
Asia contains more than half of the
people of the worlsl.
I'ootiiuhi Favorites.
"They say young Gotrox is Infat-
0.0ted with Lottie Light foot. He's a
millionaire, Isn't he?"
"I don't know. He was, but he has
known her three or four weeks."
'I h*.-    Word   l rr,...
Crowd was tiit old English mui
a iii.'.iill- or   in1.li
Crabs untl Peppera.
Sweet, -jr'i-ii peppers nre delightful
aceoupiii.hiciil.s for fried soft shell
crabs. Cut iliin slices .'rom tbe outside
of Hi.1 peppers, being sine to omit the
White liuii'i* purl, which is fiery. The
strips r.re eaten with salt, like celery.
"-ringer Malls.
Those who notice thc rupiil growth
or their l! Igur nulls should be happy,
for it is considered, tu Indicate good
Tlie  Znytlet- tee.
At present about 8,600 fishermen i»et
a precarious living from the wains of
the Zuysler Zee In Holland. If it won
reclaimed, the same urea (1,400 si|u*ir«
miles' would support a population ul'
at leust '20.000.
Seventy thoutciiid cochineal Insects
go to u single pound of dry cochlncul.
Tbe world's crop of cochineal is from
8<hi to Mm tons.
The Oldent Wrltlnu.
The oldest piece of writing lu the
world Is on n fragment of u vase found
nt Nippur. It ls nu Inscription In picture writing und dates 4.500 years before Christ. The University of Fein-
lylvaula has lt.
die, I Know what lo expect. Fonio*
times v.inn i rough and ean't get
breath, I ..vender whether it is i.e-
glnnlng—the long gasping fight for
breath till one is choked. Huh'
Perhaps if yen were near and held
my hand as you an* doing now, it
would not be so bad." Ho raised
himself lo look out over the waste
of waters, and closed his eyes, shuddering. After un Interval of silence,
he spoke again. "I thought I should
despair, if I failed to find Corbel l at
Tenerife but you have been so good
to uie that I believe you will be willing to help me.    Am I right?"
"What do vou wnnt, Alan? 1 will
very gladly do anything for you that
I can."
Alan told his tale, pausing often tss
rest himself and gather fresh strength
to proceed,
'-'My father,"  he said,   "was twice
married; my mother, his serond wife,
diesl of consumption when I was a
child.    I have a step-brother, Richard,      my    senior  by  twenty years.
When  my  father  died,  he  left   some
house  property   In  Glasgow  between
us  two.     Richard  managed  it,     and
paid  mo  my      share of  the proceeds
every year.     He was a  solicitor    in
partnership with my father.    I   had
found  employment   in  another   legal
firm:   I  disl  not      rare  for  the  work,
but   I   had   to   do  something   and   no
other opening presented  Itself,    Mr,
Anderson,  my Junior employer, took
a   very  kitisl   interest   iu   me.   shewing
me   ninny      favors   both   in   business
hours and out of them.    Tart of fie
work I was entrusted with was the
collection of rents, some ln the country,   some   in   town.     Suddenly     my
health     gnve     xvay.     I  knew I had
taken a bad chill, but I was careless
about  myself  until  one day T had   a
violent attack  of hemorrhage   Then
l wns forced to see a doctor, and In-
told   nie  that,   unless   T   left   Scotland
nt  once I  would  he  dead  hefore the
winter  was      over.     My   illness  had
made mc very depressed and listless:
I had no wish  to leave Glasgow, because  I   had      no     wish   to  live.     I
thought 1  hud  rather die quietly   at
home, and thut I could exist on the
money Kichari]  paid me yearly, until
death came.     Dut,  when  I explained
my intentions to him, Richard startled  me with  the  information that    I
wns already considerably in debt.  It
appeared that our property had    depreciated in vulue, and had for some
time yielded      less  than sufficed     to
keep it in repair.    Knowing ine to be
delicate,       Richard   saisl   he   had   not
liked  to deprive me of the sum I had
been accustomed to receive from him:
so he had paid  it to me out of his
own  purse.     I   was      distressed     at
this, for I bated him, and could not
bear to be under obligations to him.
Then  I  received  a  kind  communication  from  my  employers:    they   had
been asksd to find some one to fill a
place  in  a   solicitor's   ofliee   in  Cape
Town,  und    they    offered   to  recommend me.    Mr. Anderson urged me to
take this chance:   Richard  ulso  urged
me to go, saying that if 1 would relinquish all claim  to our Joint pro-
petty he would  assist  me by  gi\ ing
ma  £-00,      and   would   consider   uiy
past  obligations  cancelled,     I   closed
with   both   offers,   and   went;   taking
passage in a sailing ship in order to
benefit  as  much  as  possible by    the
sea air.
"When I reached the Cape two
months later, I made some discoveries about myself. letters were waiting me, and from them I learned
lhat I was accused of theft. It alt-
pea red that I had received £50 from
a farmer in payment for his rent,
that I had given him a receipt for
it, but had fulled to convey the
money to my employers. I was assured that in consideration of my ill
lienlth, of thc irreproachableness of
my former conduct, and of the fact
that my brother had generously mnile
good the detclenoy, no proceedings
would be taken against me: but the
recommendation given me was cancelled, nnd the circumstances had
been communicated to the gentlemen
to whoso ofliee I was going. Y'ou
thought I was quite respectable,
slidn't you, John; whnt do you
Ihink of mo now?"
"Of course there was some mistake, you were not to blame. What
proof had they?"
[TO i.." lONTlNCED.]
HwUpyi ■
Fixes I'ii a Weird Mixture and I'ar-
inlsr.. of It—Tban tbe Unexpected
iiuppens, aad the Old Man Its
"Hrnnped Up" With Rucklus Fulsn.
I Copyright. 1902. by C. B. Lewis.]
HEN Mr. Bowser sat dowu
to dinner the other evening, he looked about blm iu
a dissatisfied way, und to
Mrs. Bowser's Inquiries as to whnt wits
the matter he replied:
"Tbe fact Is 1 have no appetite and
don't care whether I eat or uot."
"But your appetite has been all right
up to just now. Have you been drinking a large quantity of buttermilk this
"What have I got to do with buttermilk V" be demanded lu loud tones. "Do
you imagine I go around guzzling down
stuff like a hog? I tell you my nppe
tite Is off and wants to be coaxed back.
The eternal .sameness of your dinners
tires me."
"I will have pork and beans tomorrow."
"Then you'll eat 'em all yourself
You don't seem to understand that I'm
no lumberman or day laborer."
"If your appetite craves any particular thing, why don't you tell mc und
let me get It?" usked Mrs. Bowser.
"Well, I want some head cheese. It's
Just possible that you may have heard
of such a dish some time In your life."
"Yes. I have. Our mothers used to
make It."
"Yes. our dear old mothers used to
make It." sighed Mr. Bowser, "and If
I had a pound or two tonight It would
sharpen my uppetite up like a razor
Oh. for the little delieaeies of bygone
"You mean the grease of bygone
days. There Is nothing more greasy
and hearty than bead cheese."
"I iiss'isn vvlsut 1 mean. Bead cheese
Is a delicacy. You'd deny It on general
principles, of course, but if you bad a
proper Interest In your table you'll ee
that sueh tidbits were placed before
Mrs. Bowser said no more, but she
dcfer**ined to set out next morning
and find head cheese If any butcher
made it, and she'sl bave ut least seven
dishi'S of it on the table for dinner
Alter dinner Mr. Bowser sat down to
smoke and read, but nt the end of live
minutes got up to walk around ami
"Hy ('eorge, but I'm dying for a
taste of head cheese! I wonder If It
can be bad iu the butcher shc-rs"
"I think I've seen it at the butcher's,
but It was In tbe winter." replied Mrs.
Bowser.     "Sucli   heavy  stuff as   that
cannot be the tblug to cat at this sea
son of tlis* year "
"Season be bangs-d! There's no more
season for bead s-lu-s-se tbnt) for straw
berry Jam. I'm going oul to look for
Mr. Bowser went to the nearest
butcher's and asked for head cheese,
and after a look at bim (he butcher
"I quit making it two months ago
It's too late In the season."
"How too late?"
"Too hearty and greasy, you know,
for spring."
"That's all bosh When I was a boy.
we used to hnve It the year round."
"And maybe you had boils and pirn
pies I he year round. You might try
fat pork."
Mr Bowser glared at him and felt
his gorge rise, but inaiiagi-d to hang
nil to himself and back out. lie called
tit two more simps, but they ws-re a Win
out of bead cheese, and he returned
home to say lo Mrs   Iloivser:
"They can all go to thunder, and I'll
sell tnis house and move out of the
neighborhood the lirst chance I get!
The Idea that there Is no head cheese
to be found within a mils of us! It's
a Jay town, that's what."
"I'll leave an order with some butcher tomorrow." said Mrs. Bowser, "1
have no doubt he'll make up a small
quantity to order."
"But I want lt tonight and can't
sleep without It. If you were a truo
wife, you'd have my interests at
"Could 1 tell thnt you would sudden
ly crave for head cheese?"
"Certainly you could, but you were
looking out for yourself. How Is the
stuff made?"
"I don't believe I know."
"And why not? It Is your business
to know. Suppose I said 1 didn't know
how to saw a board In two?"
"I-I think there's pork and grease
In it," she faltered,
"And you may think there's tar and
gravel In It also. By John, but the
woman of today has about as much
Idea of housekeeping us a cat has of
pluylng the piano! it Is costing me
millions of dollars a year to run this
bouse, aud yet if I waul a pound of
head cheese 1 can't set ill"
M,s Iloivser felt helpless In the mat- j MOViNG   THE   MANITOBA   CR0P
ter and therefore wanted to drop the !
subject, but after walking about for a.
few minutes and glaring at the cat In j
a   VV
I Im,.
A llsrisilmn Tuak, Ilut It   W||
lu Due, Time.
;   The   correspondent of
paper writes:-^ H	
|    Let us see bow the Northwest
.vest,   which  furnished  England  win
7,000,000 cwt.  of wheat    I,,,    v.
V v      *«•*»■,      \tHX\-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ her  total  importation    t'i„„,  ,01vir'
you  want to go to bed before I  get   countries und colonies being 70 000
through don't wait for me." 000 cwt., is being handled this v   '"
He went down to the kitchen nnd   The figures 1 am about to iiutit, i
the icebox, and in the latter he found   beMl  pre,jal.erj   f,.olIl   olTldll|        'Ulv<-'
■ome   cold   beefsteak,   cold   potatoes  I Unfortunately 1 am not able t„   ,
eggs,   celery,   radlBhes,   bananas  and-     . .* ***-•'   *°.ol>.
cheese.   For a minute he stood and let Itam a,,y  (hUa  ,el,lt'»B  •*  the l,„3i.
his mind wander back to bygone days, | "ess of tl,e Canadian Northern,
but   he  couldn't   remember   how   his      The elevator capacity on  the ('„.„_
mother made the dish he craved for. [adian   I'ucilic  west   of   Winnipeg   |,
He  had a  dim  recollection   that  she ' 16,500,000    bushels.     At    Winni
mixed things up and used a bowl and   ML,ewuti,,_    Kol.t   WUiiani
n chopping knife, nn' that was what I       .
be proceeded to do.   If he used beef, i |
there would be no grease, and  If he
threw ln tbo rest of the Ingredients be
a way to make the poor feline shiver
Mr. Bowser suddenly declared:
"I believe I can make the stuff myself."
"I don't see how you can."
"Xo, of course not. But I do, and
I'm going down to the kitchen. Should
would have a salad out of it anyhow.
As he chopped away at the beef be
added the other things one at a time,
and In thc course of half an hour be
scraped all Into a dish, poured OU olive
oil and vinegar ami peppered and Halted it to his taste.
"By  John,  but   I've  struck   It!"   he
n mui t'ort
on • t)io Canadiun I'uciflc
there is an additional capacity (,i
7,000,000 bushels. At each station
in the grain-growing district tin.
ugs'iit keeps an order book, accesibls
to the public, iii which application!*
for cars aro entered, the rule of first
como, lirst served, being obsar\*eil
Cars are also furnished to the farmers   for   loading   ut  gruin   platforms
softly exclaimed as he carried the first and where gruin platforms havo not
spoonful to his mouth. "This Is the , been built be is supplied with ens tn
stuff to sharpen the appetite and make enable him to ' load direct Irom l.i,
a man feel as If he could eat nails. It's wagon. The average load per car
head cheese and wny beyond, and I be- this year is 880 bushels. A wheat
lieve If 1 was to put It up In paper train bound from the grain district
boxes it would sell like hot cakes." [tp  Winnipeg  consists  of from  30 to
Mr.  Bowser ;*.o heartily.    Whenever   5(l  loaded    cars.     At    Winnipeg the
Ills appetite hesitated, be added n little
more vinegar and set the wheels going
again. Toward the last he found a Bermuda onion and a part of a pirn-apple
and added them to the contents, and
be enthusiastically decided that they
Increased the "twang." When he could
boisl no more, he went up to the sitting
room. Mrs. Bowser bail gone up stairs,
and be sat down to Unish his smoke
and  newspaper.    All went well for a  frows    engi-e   tlriver.s,   firemen;   cm-
quarter of an hour, and a cricket was | ductora  ttnd; ■),.ukeiae„,  averaging Q'
trains are re-arranged, the number
of loaded cars hauled to Fori William being usually 45, containing
40,000 bushels. Not counting the
host of switchmen and others engaged in making up trains at shipping
stations and In receiving them at
terminals, or of the agents,. opora-
tors, etc., who have' tsi do with iii-
recting the traffic, there ure at this
writing,  215  Canadian Pacific train
singing on the hearth und the eat rubbing against his legs when a sudden
pulu seizt-sl him. It lasted only two or
three seconds, but by lhe lime he had
sunk back In his chair it came again,
and this time it lifted hlin to his feet.
The cat looked up at him In wonder,
and be had dnuhis whether il was the
toothache or a new corn. Not for long,
however. The next pain bumped blm
up and twisted blm nrouiid and lifted
bis lis-e!s, and he yelled for Mrs Bowler and fell upon the lounge.
"Well?" she asked as she came down
"1—I've go{ awful pains!" he gasped.
"What did you eat?"
"M-iniist everything, lt must be a
case of bilious colic Lord, but bow I
suffer!   Say, I'm a dead man!"
"I never heard of hend cln-s-se killing
"But it's killing me! Ouch! Woof!
Woman, telephone fur the doctor or I
won't live an hour.' Hy gum! Ily Hum
der!   By John!"
Half an hniir later the doctor arrived,
and he worked over the patient for n
long hour before be was ready lo go.
He had bis hat on when Mr. Bowser
piteously asked:
•T'-doctor, will I l-llve?"
"Oh, yes." was the cheerful reply
"Yes: an ass always Uvea tss lie sixty
years old, no matter what he eats, and
1 believe you are only lif'ty!"
Aspiring   Authoress—They   say
Style is rare.
Editor   Yes. 1 notice It Isn't very well
done.—Chicago American.
MOVERS gettlisK ready
Kor tha coining lilt,
H.i.- tlii.K In Hie ilwelllngs
Which they noun will quit.
Long ansl late they're working.
Often there's a High,
For but little progress
Meets the weary eye.
Tearing up the carpets,
Gouging out the tacks-
Work that's very trying
On the rn ai.-I unsl backs.
Taking down Hie curtains
Ami this purtsi . omplex -
TtWk that's sorely testing
Muscles of the necks.
Itolllng up apure bedding,
Tying nit ssp.iro i liislra,
Often wiMly running
Up antl down the stairs.
Taking iluwn Ilia pictures.
Brushing on* ihe dust;
Now unsl then there's breakage
Causing much dlHgust.
Packing up tha dishes,
Now and then a crash—
rin. -.t plSOt of china
Oulckly gono te smash.
Claarlng out iliu drawers,
Throwing tilings away—
milium:., curds unsl trinkets
That huve hud their day.
Nailing up tha boxes
In which goods are packeai
3ft a tliiiinii or linger
l-'-.irfiillv la whacked.
Working on (III midnight,
rtegt for hours but fow;
Up ugalu at daybreak,
Finding mors* to do.
Movers getting rnady
For this s-omlng lilt
Day and night iiiust huslln.
And tliey'rii strictly "It"
No moro tlini: for folly.
No moro tins foi pluy;
They must huvo things read?
For the niuvlng duy.
11 ll ll si sss-Is   Iii
Tbo value of haddock landed on ""ua
lish coasiH Is usually iMiiii.iiui, (,,.,..,,H|
than that of honing and coustttutel
oiie-thlrd of the value of nil u,,. **.i
annually taken.
"Kites and Partrldnai
Kites have been used win, grent sue
C™H •"' ••■•■ to stop partridge rli
lug and Hying from cover Whero II  In
wished to keep the,,, f„r -fhoottiiff   The
birds will not rise when kites are fly
Ing above tbeui, (earing, doubtless  at
men per crew, at work running tho
trains from ths wheat '-fields to Port
William, lt takon from eight to tea
days to haul u full enr from the
wheat tielsls to I*"ort William and
bring it burk empty in ri'inlhiess lor
nnot her  load.
I,ust session the Canadian Pacific
obtained power from parliament to
issue new stock, thn proceeds to bo
applied In part:to the acquisition of
new rolling stock. The company's
shops nt llocbelaga were at onco
enlarged and since early in April
8,000 men havo been employed In
constructing     box     cars,     while    800
machinists have beon building locomotives, Further, a grent number
of cars uud locomotives have beon
built fur the company in other Can-
mlian shops as well us in the United
States.    The upshot  is  thai   thisyeni
the Canadian Pacific has 85 percent,
mine   lolling    stock   on   tho   Western
Division  llusn  it  hud  this lime   last
year nnd 40 por*cent, more   motive
[wwer,   The season tor getting out
the    crop,     is    however,   very   short
Wheat   slues  not  begin  tss niuve (reel'
till  the ond of  Si-rHomtscr and  navigation uminlly closest at Fort William
about   the  end   of   Kovomoer;   indeed
for  all-water  shipments  to   Kinnstsiii
and   Montreal    it   closes  III   tho :irsi
week in  November.    Under such en"
cumstances u treiiieiiilous crush is Inevitable towards the end; Of the season. ,
Borne day. pcihapK, the Miuiitnl.ii
farmer will seriously usk himself if
is wise tu shovs* all his wheat on tho
market within ibe space of six weeks
or two months.' In times past, when
his crop was but an liislgnlflcanl
item In the world's product inn. Ius
busts- to gs*t it_ sold.* u'lisl Bhlppeil
before the close of Iirko navigation
had little, if any. effect upon the
price. Hut now that the total yield
is approaching 75,000,000 bushels »
year, and that he will sunn have thai
quantity ansl more for export, it
would be well for him to considci
whet ber he should not Store at leasl
ii portion in bis granaries until tl"'
spring, instead of rushing it all OUl
in Ihe Full In other lines of I"'*-'
n.-ss. men take care that the market
for their goods is nsit swiunpi-d by u
sndden and excessive supply, end tl"'
Northwest wheat-grower ought, I
should ihink, to bt equally cautious
in tbnt respect.
ltuts*s   by   tin*   ('iiliiitluili    I'ucilic   to
Lake Superior are as low' us. In fad
are nu ap|uei i,.lile simile lower thnn
lliosi* charged by the (lr.**|rt Jtorthoia
ami  Northcr-i   I'aciflc  to  the  far rs
of Dakota ami Minnesota* 'f ""'
reader will look at the map be w*11
see that  the   w In-lit   belt,   ill   these  tWO
states   is  considerably   nearer   tho
lake  than  tbe  wheat  belt  of  Mnu'1"
bu    Hut, mil,- for mile, Canadian Pacific   rales  an*   lower.    "■*"*>r  cxi»in|i'''
from   Ilrandon   to   Fort  William.  51*1
miles,  the rale  is   10c  per £00. I,IS
whilst from Manitoba, on the'oreat
Northern, the rate to Duluth, a distance of 501  miles,  is 20c.   The rat''
from   Qarman   to   Fori   William.   484
miles,   is 1flc;   from   Norwich,  on  iho
Crent  Northern,   -IHI  miles from  I1"
luth,   18c;  from   Deloraine,  fi'2'.l nui'*1
to Port William.  1Hc; nnd from Trenton to Duluth, B27 miles. -'■■■    T"Kl'
Emerson,   Man.,   nnd   Ht.   Vlncont.
Minn.;   fsrottui,     Man.,    anil    Nocho,
Dnk.:  Niiuwdnke. Man.;  ansl Ilnntml'
Dak.;   lluissevnin,   Man.,  uml  Bottineau,  Dak,—places facing each   ",l"'1
on   iho   International bpundary—an*1
It will be found by reference to th<"
tiiriffs that while the distance In i'ii'11
case from the Mni|ltolin.- pOlht***) '"
Fort Wllllnm Is greater, thin "'""
the American points to liulutli. •■'«'
rates by ths Canadian Paolflc lo '''''
William ore lust ns low us thorn' l»>
(he nreat.
much    as    .,,.-   w,...     . .
are    pronounced  fair  and  reaaon-ili'
Northern to Duluth.    I'"'*1
the   Orenf   Norlberti   in <*
by   the   Stale   Hnilriiad   Comm'8
and   the  Interstate  ronmierre
mission nt. Washington. 1 'or or."
not   see  whv  we   in  ManH"''"   ","""
"holler" so londl.v about railway op*
preeslon. *• The Drill
l!lll-l-lsl»Si*»    V. Itlllllll    Money.
The po**' and divine. John Donne,
who Lecame dean of St. Caul's lu 1321,
matried a daughter of Str George
Moore without the consent of her parents He wos told by his father-in-law
tbnt lie was not to expect any money
-.•ow Mm. The bridegroom went home
■ml iv rote this witty note, "Joint Doiine,
A.iu,. Doiute, undone." which be sent
to tin' angry father, aud this bad the
effecl of restoring tbem to favor. They
were very poor nt lirst. but things
goon got brighter, uud they lived most
happily together.
Sir Joshua lt-'.vnolds after Kin.tmun
lind married told him tluit this would
ruin liltn us an artist. Wben the husband related this to bis wife, she re
Halved that marriage should make
nasi not m.ir her husband and to this
,.ii,| r utlier resolved that lie should
(itud.i .ii Rome and do everything tlml
In- might have done without inntrl-
laoiilal responsibilities. "Bul how?*'
ankrd l-'laxiuan. "Work and econo
nilne" rejoined the bran* woniau
go wi [i did tnw do this that In- found
that ui'llock is ror an artist's goosl.
rather thuu his linrin." ansl tiny lio h
ilisiu ircd tiiat the/ were insults for
each eibiT.
a  i<■• ss.ii — Story.
The younger Dumas once went to
Villers t'o'.ters'ts. his father's native
villa: i'. to the unveiling of a statue lo
the creator of "The Three Musketeers."
At the banquet lu the I'VeltlU", tbe
younger Dumas sat next to ons* sif the
olili-M Inhabitants who, In perfect gooil
nature, but wit bout, any tact, began to
tell n story of Dumas pere.
"Ah," said be, "he was a gay soul,
your father! How we loved bim. He
wns so kind hearted und generous. The
Inst lime he came to Villers Cotterets
be gn.e a banquet lu the Hotel de
Villi- He forgot for some thin* after
to pity the bill. See that fat man over
thereV Ile was tlie butcher who fur-
Dished the feast. I shoiilil not be surprised if the meat were still owing to
bim. I -iit Hint is nothing. He is proud
to tills dny of being the purveyor to
Alexandre Dumas."
The story was an Ironical comineii
t.iry on the set speeches of the nfter*
noon. The son was anxious then und
there lo settle his father's score.
A   I'nllent.
Iii lhe doctor's office: The Doctor's
I'rieiiil Why disln't you tell that lady
lo leave ntT thai fur collar'* Vou know
well enough il is the cause of ber tak
111*; ci Id
The Uoctor—I didn't tell that simply
becnuse I don't want io loss, a patient.
She'd uive ine up before she'd give up
that collar.
The Hoi Time (*omla*.
Vlolels'll soon he peeptn
l*r .rr,   wild, r *.  froaly  hed;
IC«■•-(> your s. ay, believers;
Mm  lime's lust ahead!
Bio.-ntj >-hy is s'lfartn'*
Bee ■ la   i :iii!i'*iw ml?
Keep yoiii  svi, >   I,. I,, hts;
liol llnir - |na, Hheadl
A railroad between L'oal/.acoalcos
and Sallna Cruz, Mexico, which will
spen a new means of transportation
between the il'ilf of Mexico uml the
Pariiie roust, has isx-en completed recently,
Ilia scientists have docidesl thut the
average workingman requires dally
in his food not loss than four ounces
iii proteids, two ounces of fat and
sighteen ounces of the carbo-hydrates.
It i..is been computed that the
death rate of the globs* is OS ps-r
minute, tsT.TUO per slay, or 85,717,-
790 por ,\eur. The birth rate is To
per minute, 100,800 per day. or 30.-
817 Jim per yeur to be 885*1 days in
Messrs. c. c. Richards A Co.,
Ceiitleinen—In .Iiaie '08 1 hud my
•"•nui tuid wrist badly bitten by a
'icons horse. I suffered greatly for
S'-.erul days, and the tooth euts re-
hwed to heal, Until your agent gnve
' i bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which 1 began using, and tbo
Sffesi was magical. In five hours tho
San lad ceased, and iu twsi weeks
■Sii- wound had completely healed
and my bond and arm wore as well
M ever Yours truly,
A.  K.  HOY,
Carriage Maker,  St.  Antoine,  P.Q.
Yssu nevnr hcur one girl say that
ii."ther Is too young to marry
It  is  far   better  to  have  a  policeman call you dsiwn thnn tnko you up
The self-made mnn is often the only sun. who Is satisfied with the job.
Minard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.
The mantle of charity protects a
multitude of amateur theatrical per-
A Story  that  Illuatrates   the  Advantage
of  Reading   aud    Beiug    Uulded    by
Newnpaper Adverlieemeuta.
Lower Windsor, N.B., Sept. _9th.—
(Special).-••i wunt to say thut I believe  that   Hodd's  Kidney   Pills   are
the    right    medicine    for      Kidney
This is tho declaration of Mr. T.
H. Uelyea, postmaster of this [since,
who for a long time wus tlie victim
of a very sevore case of this painful
Mr. Belyea reads tho newspapors,
and after ho had tried plasters, oils
and liniments and all kinds of external remedies as well us doctors'
treatments, with no good results, he
began reading the testimonials of
Dodd's Kidney Hills.   He says:—
"This remedy was so highly recommended for Kidney Trouble that ufter
reading some testimonials I concluded to try them for u short time, but
1 must admit thut having tried so
many things and failed to obtain a
cure, 1 had but little fulth that
Hodd's Kidney l'ills or anything else
could  or  would  help me.
"However, I did not use them long
before 1 found out that they were ull
and more than wus claimed for them.
"i used to have very bad spells,
which of late yours became so frequent and so severe that I was almost laid  up
"I received more benefit from
Dotld's Kidney l'ills than from any
other medicine I have ever used and
they certainly made n. complete mre
of  my case.
"I feel as well as ever I did and
have not the slightest trure of the
Kidney Trouble I hut bothered me for
so many years."
Mr. Belyea is not the first skeptical mnn that has been convinced
by experience of the medicinal value
nf Dodd'a Kidney Fills,
Thoie  aro   11"   Indian   reservations
In the United States.
When waehlng (Teas? ilialiea or oots
aa I Pane, Lever'e ,'uv .Soap (a nowsli-i i
will remove the groaae witk tliu greatest
In  1890 the railroads of the world
wore estimated  at   .'17H.2K1   miles
Baby's own TsslilrU A ra What  Vim  Need
Whan Little Onaa Are Cross, I'rei-
fiil unit Sleepless.
If u rbilsl is cross, fretful and Bleops
badly, the mothor may is-el absolutely certain that some derangement of
tbe stomach or bow.-is is the cause.
And slit* can be just ,is certain thai
Baby's Own Tablets will pui her little mis- right. These Tablets cure all
the minor ailments nf little ones,
such as indigestion, constipation,
simple fevers, diarrhoea, worms and
teething troubles. Tlu-y are guaranteed to contain no opiate nnd can
be given with absolute safety to tlis*
youngest and most feeble child.
Every mother who has used them
speaks of these Tablets in the warmest terms. Mrs E. Bancroft, IVs-r-
wo nl. Mnn . says: "1 have used
Baby's Own Tablets for stomach ansl
bowel troubles, for simple fevers nnd
teething, and 1 think them the best
■ lediiitie in the world Tliey always
Strengthen children instead of weakening them ns most  other medicines
You can get Unity's Own Tablets at
any drug store, or by mail pest paid
at 2fi cents a box by writ inn direct
to Tie Dr. Williams" Medlcino Co .
Brockville, Ont., or Schenectndy.N.Y.
Sis i.si«,y!v. tssst Sn Great,
A humble tailor death had caught
Within his clutches kiiui.
Tel by hits grave wu stood ami thought
How una li wu oweil :     hisii!
PtnarpoxK iini.it.
Mrs. Handout—Will you saw some
Prayed r'ngln— Sorry, mum, but I've
got the pingpong wrist, nnd me physician bays I need absolute rest.
Ill Un SS f.llr lisl] si II." pOel  :'|   ts
Ths summ r miss, i ha .*■• aside fairy,
Aiul lo his homo tu- qukkl) Ial  ,
To ■ ..." hla rhj mill-' dlell ry.
Wise  is the man  who can distinguish   between   his   friends    nnd    bis
01 course, a woman doesn't saro
•"lift her her photograph resembles
■Hi* or not just so it is pretty.
, Cin-umbsrs and melons ara "forbidden
ifs't" in manv pareone SO conatltsiteii
'■J'" the leant lnitulsreare la follOWW M
ntla.lsH nf cholera, dysentery, arii'inr.
!''■' I'hean naraona are not aware Mini
"v can inilulee to their henrta content
U thjv have on hand a bottle of Ur ■ ■
\\ Kellogg'S Dyeentery Cordial, a niesl-
''"" Hint, will give Immediate relief and
''.   «   lurs   euro    tor  all    Hummer    coni-
When a married mnn falls down-
•"•Irs he is sure to "blame his wife
*"' <iu- mishap,
A New York boarding house keep-
"' attompted to commit suicide re>
•""".v tfsuully it Is thn boarders
*so feel like taking a filer into the
fil,|i' beyond.
if ymi are nol  satisfied with   the
world you should hire a balloon and
get out.
ttiiiard's Liniment is ti:. best.
it is generally supposed Lhat when
B man-g heart pulsations go down to
4„ a minute death -rill follow unless
reatoratlvos are administered, l ars-
Ian doctors are uow. It is said. P ;
.led over u  man.   «tl  '"•" °'  *'"   "  "
nitals, whose pulsations have suna
S low as 18 a minute, although to
all   appearances    he    Is   well   and
Prof   W    Hodgson   Ellis,  Oillclal
Analyst to tho    Dominion    Govern-
••a thorough cleansing P^****
"out danger to the "J^Lhfii
skin-" Women who want was.ln""
done thoroughly cannot-UMi ***
than Sunlight Boap-Ootai?0™
Unlike common loops,">««» n0
damage to the.cllathing   •gj £.
Prof. Bills    l»   «'1'"ht*     *"B       %\,
'Uooipiled from 'l*he Commercial)
WHEAT—The wheat markets have
Been quiet and firm   in    tone during
the past week and thero is little   in i
the routine of the trade calling  for !
special   mention,   In   tho  speculative
markets the outstanding feature   has
been the position   of the September I
option in C'hicugo.   There is evident- i
ly u large short interest in that op- '
tion which is without the means   of
delivering  tho wheat  to   the buyers,
und the consequence is that the prico
of contract wheat for September delivery in Chicago hus advanced from
T_c u  week ugo  to 86c on    Friday,
an advance of Mc per bushel, and it
is lie over the  New  York price for
•sumo  delivery.   Other  months  in  ull
markets    show scarcely any change
from  the  price  tliey   stood   at     one
week ugo
Manitoba wheat has  for the most
part been dull during the week. Onco
Or    twice    there    huve     been    slight
spurts of activity when ono or other
of tho exporters cunie into the market   with  orders    for    u   lurge  round
lot,   but  wheat  boing  plentiful     und
sellers ready to lot go freely whenever a fair opportunity presented itself,  these orders  being tow and far
between, were filled instantly.     Export-era seem to find it difficult to do
business  nt   the    present  prices,   and
the demand    is   Irregular und never
what  can  be called    strong.      Prices
huve  not  varied     much  during     the
wock.    On  llonduy  there  was   some
idvance influenced by the advance In
he United States markets, and No.
I   hard   for   September  delivery  sold
it 70'c in store Fort William.      On
Tuesday  the udvnnce  wus  lost     und
""ices   wero   down    'c.    Wednesday
thowed  another   *c decline,  and since
hen there i.s practically no change,
U  the    close    of  business  Rut unlay
prices were for September delivery 1
hard, 89|c;  1  northern, CTJc.     For
Icllvery  tirst  half    October,   1  hard,
i9Jc; 1  northern, (iTjc, und for de-
ivery last half October,  1  hard, f)9c;
northern, ii7c: all    in   store Fort
Villiam or  Port  Arthur.    No.   2 nor-
hern i.s 2Jc under 1   northern.
Country Wheat—Farmers' deliveries
are    increasing at    country    points
Tliey  nre being  paid  58  to  60c  for
thoir best  grades,  according to  rate
nf freight.
OATS—The market is weak and unsettled. The prospects for a large
supply of not only oats, but of all
kinds of feed is making it difficult to
do husini'ss except In a hand to
mouth way. No sl^nler is willing to
loasl up with oats. Receipts sif ssats
havo Increased considerably this
week No. '2 white oats are worth
26c per bushel In carlots, Winnipeg,
rn- Fort William, and white feed oats
about 25c, At country points farmers are being paid   20c per bushel
for  guild   n.its.
BARLEY—Tlie crop is hardly In
the market yet and prices ore atead)
al 88 to .'l.V for malting grades and
80 for feed, In cars on track. Thero
nre some enquiries fsir malting barley for eastern shipment.
HAY—$8 to ST per ton tor frofch
baled in carlots on truck, Winnipeg.
POTATOES—80c per bushel.
POULTRY'—Spring chickens, 40 to
fine per pair, alive; fowl, 60 to 70c
ducks, '.'i  per pound; turkeys,  10   to
1 lc,  live weight.
UUTTER — Creamery—Prices aro
higher al ITjc to lHc per lb. f. ■>. b.
factory points.
Ill T'l ER — Hairy—'lhe market i.s
(Inn.   and     receipts    of  choice    ti.ble
grades nn- light. Commission houses
arepaying \'2 to 14c for choice tsi
finest dairy, commission basis. Win-
nipsg,  in pails or brisks.
CHEESE—10c ps-r pound is being
paid for best makes, delivered iu Hunt*.
dsr/en    for   l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
DRESSED MEATS—Beef ti to 8|c;
veal, 8 to '■>!■■ mutton. 8c; lamb, Wis
bogs, 0 tsi '.'ic
HIDES—Ko. 1 city hides, 01c; No.
2, .""• |c. N<>. 8, 'IJc Ivips and calf
the some price as hub's; deiikins., 25
to 40c: slunks, 1" to 16c; horse
hides, 50c to $1.
SENECA HOOT—There is very little root coming in and the market is
qulel at 68c for   clean,   well    dried
root,   at   Winnipeg,   with   a   range  of
2 tsi ,'ts- lfss for Inferior quality
LIVE stock.
CATTLE—Tho export movement
from westorn ranges continues un
abated. Tho cattle show fine condition Hcst exporters are worth 40
|,er pound f 0. b. point- ol shipment,
nnd butchers' grades II tss 8ftc.
SHEEP—Recslpts of sheep ara
ample for all requirements of the
market and prices hold steasiy at *-i
tss 8|C pel' pound off cars Winnipeg
Lambs are worth 5"|C per pound.
noes—Demand is very active owing to thu gosid sale for curvsi meats.
Packers are mostly quoting 6'c
(hough we bear of 0*c for ssime. In-
ferior grades Jc to lc less
MILl'll COWS-Cows arc scarce.
flood   milkers  rs-ailily  bring  S'5     In
this market,    the   range being from
$80 to $45 ench.
HORSES—There is a good demand
for work horses and nn active trade
is doing in these. Driving hotsss are
nlso in good demand.
A   I'm- in  nn  Fafl*.
Tsui cannot chOOM your earthly i
Nor rlsilil nil Hs-emlng wronga.
Ths s lam Iii.."- not
The chowder hot,
llul that's whrre ho belonf*.
By the Use of a Bottle)
of St. Jacobs Oil.
Sergeunt Jeremiah Maher, of Ard-
cath, Hoyal Irish Constabulary, Bays:
"My friend, Mr Thomas Hand, has
been a great sufferer from rheumatism in the back and joints for the
last four years, during which time he
skas applied many dills-rent methods
of treatment, but obtained no relief
whatever, and for tho last two years
has been unable to walk without a
stick, and sometimes two sticks, and
was in great pain constantly. I induced him to procure a bottle of St.
Jacobs OU, which he applied with
the most astonishing and marvellous
effects, liefore he had finished using
the contents of the first bottle ho
could walk readily without the aid
of a stick, and after a few applications from the second bottle he was
frsje from pain, and has been ever
since; and although fifty years of age
and a farmer, he can walk and work
without experiencing any pain or difficulty whatever."
• ruling price is Hijc per
•hi.ice     «'ggs.   subject   to
Tlse  Pf*SS   Aareof.
Bnsnnlo-VY'lmi is the mutter with
Blucjowl* lonlghtV
RlnltO— His pri'Ks agent hns publish
ed a story about his extreme modest/i
und be Is trying to act the part. -
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor,   free from hulls      Warranted Pure.
Put  up  in   all   sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist ou getting "OGILVIE'S,"  as they are better than the Bast.
l-.iiel.ii.d has forty ships •ugu^d in
ths South African tralllc, Germany
eight and tha United Status only
People   who    are    troubled    with
sleeplessness should drink cocou in-
steasl of leu or cotleo ut ths evening
Dyspspsia anil IndlftMttOB.—C. W. Snow
A Co., Syracuse, NY. svritea: "l'leisse
aeuil ua tt>a grssaa of I'illa. Wc are aell-
inc mure of Piirnielea'a I'illa than nny
Other I'ill ws keep. Tliey have a ureal
reputation for the cure of liy»|iep»ia and
Liver Complaint." Mr. Chas A. Smith,
Lindsay, ss'riU-a: "I'armelee'a I'illa are
i. si excellent aiarilcina. My sinter hua
heeu troubled with eetiere liessdache, hut
these  Pills  have  cared  her."
Ssiini! men think it folly to lay up
treasures in heaven, whero it's ten to
one tliey would never see them again.
Iflprd' >4/W aJrrtU m*rtU
What's   good    to    eat   is   bud   to
•nt." anys u chronic dyspeptic.
Why ao liaplnc anil wliiulne about
your coras, wkan a ur, cent bottle of
uotloway's Corn Cure will remove thuur'
Ci It • lt is trial, nasi you will not resrret
Ail old bachelor is a mini who admits that lio doesn't think lie is
smart enough to tnke caro of anyone
but   himself.
The "smile" of the summer girl  is
usually ice-cream soda.
SIX iilI.S—The most conclusive testi-
tuony, lei.eatsyJIy hsisl before the public
•i sin. coluains of the dully nress. proves
•imi Ur  Thomas' Bclsctric nn—an abao-
lutely pure combination of six sit the tlsi-
est remedial oils in existence—remediea
rheumatic puin. eradicates affections of
hi- throat ansl lunsrs. ansl cures piles,
wounds, sores, lamenessa, tumors, burns
and   in in ries  of  homes  ansl   cattle
"Good men, you know, aro very
scarce " "Yea, I know, nisil even bad
men have to mnke themse've* so at
Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-
control; these three alone lead life tn
sovereign  power—Tennyson.
It is impossible that a man who ii
false to his friends should be true to
his country.—Bishop Berkley.
at ix era-suM
^^^^^^_        ___________ OSMTMailT.I
endorsed by Seat JajBSa medloalJournals.
Supplied te Srltlehaoldlo-ela South Sirica.
for ell Threat end eland Troubles, Lumpa,
Sbeoeaaee. Old Seraa, Uloera, Felena. Skin
Olaeeaea. Ceieme. Plmplea, Stiff Joints,
Rhaumatlam, Lumbago, Sprains, ■rulaee,
Piles. Cuta, Sere Feet, Pleurisy.
Said bf Srugflata. ISe.   Try It onoe.
A healthy definite purpose is a
remedy for a thousand Ills.—O. s.
It la very nmoh afaropgsf and thicker  than any olher  (tarreslor building)
papee.   lt la lnspervl.sssa tu wind, keeps osst cols!, kes.pa lss heat, carrlea no amell
or edor, absoi-lits ssu moisture, Impart*
which lt eosssea tn contact, lt la lara-i-
for lining1 s.slil   ntorasre   butlsllsigs,   rcfrlg-s-ratora
i ii   tante   or   flavor   to  anything   with
isaeil not ossly f„r alseeting Isssuaea, but
slsilrls*a,   crramerlee,  ansl all
Ina: eo.u   .,.,_.   »».. ,.<-.    m  —.            	
plaoea where the ssliject la tsi keep an evsn   and   uniform   temperature,   and  at
the aame time avolitln,; dampneaa.
Write our Agents, TEES Jt 1'EKSsK, Wlunlps-g, for samples.
THfE E. D. EDDY OO., Limited, HULL.
Housekeepers must find it difficult to decide which PACKAGE
■ 0-iHiIf you fry t<s%$> %
It will settle all doubts.
The qssallty i.tuinlnr.1 from  Ocean   to
O.-aan.   Your money bock If not  eat
tafaetory. • ■ • • •*
W.  N.  U.    No.  396.
_ Knit-in : for u .   Other It due menta
**• tu right partes.   IVe nut new nni-
_ chine*.   Send f ir part eu urn .,t once.
e> ii inr <i KurDiehlng Oo. Toi onto, I) it
•»♦♦•>♦♦ C *»•»♦♦♦♦♦« »♦♦♦*»*»*»♦*»♦♦
l'ei.severniue    is    failing    nineteen
times and succeeding the twentieth
—.1.   Anderson.
Miaard's Unlmcnl Cares UOrippe.
Important   l ..nsldrratlema.
Concernlntj .*noslerti literature,
ll hiis* In-, i- Mtlly hinted
That um- 'l.-i la "ti s.lial la wrtt
Ttian linw u a iiiiuiut und print ad
'i'he alligator sloes not attain his
full leugth until he is 50 yeara oi
age. When 1 yuur old his length is
about l- Inches; at the age of 15
he has  grown  to  rwo  feet.
Mr.   T.   J.   Humes,    Columbus,    Ohio,
writes: "1 have tit-en afflicted for souir
time with Kiilm-y untl laser Complaints,
anil tinii Parmelee's Pills the best  inesii-
r,ne tor theae ilih>es*.sen. Those l'illrs do
ant cauas*  pain  or sinpiug,  ssntl ahoulsl  he
iiheii \Tiis-n a s'isttiarU.' ia required. Thev
are Gelatins* routed, anil rolled in the
Flour ol Licorice to preserve their purity
ami mve ih. in ii pleasant, agreeable
furs, and especially of Eoalskins very
much indeed, and when shu Invited
anyono for a drive they had to leave
sin h  wraps  behind,
I.in,si, t.susrsl of Sasssssra.
in a iisssiU called "The Duke of nol*
sti'lifs Travels Into Persia nnd Mi:>
eov.v." published lu 1030, there is au
iii's-ssiint of a curious vine product
called the "lamb gourd." which runs
as follows: "in the neighborhood of
Samara, Russia, there grows a gourd
which closely resembles a lamb in all
lis members, it changes place In growing as far as tlu- stall: will reach, and
wheresoever It turns ths* grass withers
and dies. This change of the gourd
plant Hie Muscovites will 'feeding.'
They further WIJ* that when It ripens
the at a Ik withers and that tlie out-
ward rind of the gsitird Is then covered
with a sort of wool, which they use
Instead of fur."
Sciillger also makee mention of the
lamb gourd and says that It grows until the grass fails and that it then dies
for want of iiihii labment He also snys
thai tlie wolf In the unly animal tluit
will feed iipnii It.
An   lilli's-s-stliiii;   Aiilii.nl.
Proprietor of Meuugerle—Walk up,
Indies and geiiilenieii, and see our la
minis Hun, Mustaplin He Is as sensible iih any human being. A l'reiicli
■ergonnt onoe pulled out of his foot n
thorn on which hi- li.iil stepped. What
do you think the noble creature disl?
It devoured, one bj Otis*, In order of
rank, all ths* superior offlcers of our
sergeant until lhe latter I'mmd him*
self promoted lo t lie* grade of colonel!
Walk In, gentlemen, only a penny.-
I'l-oin tin* tii riiiati.
The pin machines s.f England, f i.>l—
Isimi ami Germany (um nut .in average of 87,000,000 pins for every
work day of the year. At Birmingham suns factory makes 80,000,000
pms ps-r day.
Mother  Ura.es'   Worm   ■xteraiinater ia
I'ti-iibBtit   lu   take:   eure   unit   erTes-tua! in
iti'stroyitig   worniH      Mnny   heVS   tried it
i tieat   results
at the scramble for  our
Simply  Wonderful.
Mill    tin'
The office may sei'k thu man, but
the boy looking for a Job comes in
Oae  to-day   is   worth   two   to-mor*
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism.
A  brave man hazards  life,  but   not
combines tlse maximum of Unlit
with the in 1 . isi. si in ot heat, ths
minimum ot tiuuble, tbs minimum of expeuae.   Uaesl In
I -'A'-TOftlES
Kto., Eta.
It is porfee-
tion in light-
Ilk. The light
Hint    uever
^^^^^^_ Il uses
iiriliuary conl nil—one i|uart In 113 hours No
smoke, no sislnr, no drawing up, no removing ot
kIhIki or t<p lo liitht. illlesl uin In burnuur, tie
only light having no ussslemhaslsiwa. Apply
to your I nil nealor or sieu'l for sni.ilssgtia aud
pri .os to Hilton, (sibassn A Co.,   P. <>.  Bus
sin, Winnipeg.
Grain and Commission Merehanta.
Blghost prides pniil for wheat, oata, barley sir ilnv in rarlota. Wire or write me
for prices before Soiling. Liberal a.lvnn-
<ea mails- siu euiiHlgiiusesita ansl handles!
oss commission,  i.i.tensed and Bonded.
P. O, Hot SSU, Winnipeg, Man.
From   tin-  lowest   depths  there  is  a
path to the highest height.—Carlylo.
We ofter om* Iiiuniiei!  Dollars Reward
Inr uny cnae of Catarrh thai  cannot he
surest bs  Hull's Catarrh Ours
K. .1. ('honey A I'o.. Props    Toledo, 0.
We ths undersigned, have known !•'   ,i
Shetiev for the last 15 veins, noil believe liltn tii-rfei'tiy honorable in nit i.usi-
lu-sn transactions and financially uhii* to
carry out nny obligations made by their
Weat    ■«   Truux,   Wlialesiile   Hrui'srlsl s.   'I'o-
tsdo,   l).
Welding,   Rinnan   *   Marvin,    Wholesale
liruuglatH.   'I'oli-ilo,   11.
Hull's Catarrh curs- Ih taken Internally, acting dlri'ftlv Upon the blood anil
niUCOUS   siiifm-es   of   the   system      Price,
75i- per bottle,   Hold tiv ail  Druggists
Testimonials free.
[tail's Family  rills an* the bent
The horse you |*et a "sure tip" on
is sure, perhaps, but slow.
1 ' Priceless Recipes, 8,000 secret* for
the  home,   farm,   laboratory,   workshop,
anil every department of hiiinnn endeavor,   uith  full  lniiex    to   contents;  iidfl
pages, liniiinl in slothi as-.nsl lif, i-entH lor
a   copy,   uml   if   you   think    the   hook   ia
nut worth the money n.-nsi it back, and
your money will he refunded; this la a
srssnii side line for canvassers. Write for
terms II you want to i'ishvuhn. iui i i \,v
IlltltlOS, Methodist Book-room, Toronto,
Arrow   L_t«Lc«»(   0.   O.
sitiiai.-il   inltlnt   lOtD-try   unrlvnlled    for
",'iini.lriir.     The    xl   i-im'i|i1rtt<    hfsmUh    r*V
•orl on the rontlnunt of North Am«rloe_.
IU f-»iith-* itttM nil Ncrvoim mui Nuioi*
Im .Il-.n-t.r*. iu wAtom heal nil Kl«lii*»y,
Uvt'r and .Stomuch elluitmU.
They nit< n ih t t-i --falling rriu-tdjr foi »ll
Mlit-umal I*/   litiiililiH,
TERM — $15 to $18 por w»«k.   «ecordlnfl
to is-Mii'-ii.'.. hi llu •' ur Villust THK. DRILL, SLOCAX, B. C, OCTOBER 10, 1902.
•ji'^.'i': I
.C. E. Smithhkinoalb, Editor and Prep.
.SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.the first insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is *2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Addresa all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th. 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
•pposite will be an iudica-
:ioa to yen tbat ye editor
considers there ie something
coming to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge   in cash and oblige.
The Sl<**can valley is being rapidly
partitioned off into ranches. Such
being the. case subscriptions to this
high-falutin journal will doubtless
soon find expression in the sturdy
spud and homely turnip—current
coin in all well-regulated farming
Stuff from the pens of those British
journalists is appearing in quantities
in the English papers and a queer old
mess much of it is. Oue Johnny puts
Owen Sound at the head of Georgian
Bay and Toronto down on the St.
Lawrence. The Britishers are also
assured that the big lakes are navigated in the winter time, though the
voyages are generally rough. Now,
wouldn't that frost you ? Who but
a Britisher could be so delightfully
dense, you know, of his own Empir
after having visited it.
Recent conferences of trade unionists in New Zealand have re-alHrmed
their commendation of compulsory
arbitration. The capitalistic press
would have it that the unionists had
soured ou the law. Were it in effect
in the States there would not now be
such a gigantic and terrible struggle
as prevails in the anthracite coal regions. One of the worst features of
all industrial disputes is the suffering
and loss directly and indirectly entailed upon innocent parties. Under
compulsory arbitration conditions
similar to those at present obtaining
in Pennsylvania could not prevail.
The Ottawa government claims a
surplus for the fiscal year ending the
30th of June last of 57,000,000. It is
admitted, however, that 53,800,000 was
added to the public debt during the
same period, thereby increasing the
national burden to 1271,000,000, alxnil
$30,000,000 more than when the Tories
went out of office. Funny kind of a
surplus that, but it is a way the politicians have. For the first thro.* months
of tho current fiscal year the government states there was a large increase
in revenue and a heiivy decrease in
expenditure, giving a surplus of .?.r>,-
500,000. Wonder what thoy are going
to do with it.
Edmund Kirby and Bernard Mc-
donald, tin* Kossland mine managers
with a continual grievance, unfolded
a terrible  tale  of  win. at   the recent
session of the Canadian Mining Insti
tute at Nelson,claiming that had laws
and heavy taxation were driving the
mining industry ofthe province to the
demuition Ixnv-wows. Their slat -
mints have since been ventilated in
the press and shown to be utterly
jalsj. One assertion they made was
that powder cost six cents a pound
mjr.) here than in Montana and Idaho.
Those countries happen to have been
John Houston's old stamping ground.
bo he quietly camped on tin-trail of
the Kossland pessimists and made
some investigations. In SntiirduyV
Tribnne John gives evidence that
powder costs not a cent more here
than in the Yankee camps, aud clia -
acterizes the statements of Messrs.
Kirby aud McDonald as unreliable am I
devoid of truth. For the past four
years there has been more or lo.is of a
howl raised by soreheads from Rossland. against tlie laws of British Columbia. Facts pr no tuat Uie mining
industry ii by no means dead, bul
rather is expanding in a marvellous
manner from yoar to year. Our laws
are as good as thoso of any other
cointry, and if Kirby an'l McDonald
don't like o.tr stylo for heaven's sal-slot them get out and give us a rest
from their everlasting yapping.
Coyotes are reported quite numerous
in the hills.
Thursday next is Thanksgiving day
for the Dominion.
Aid. Smith returned from the coast
on Monday evening.
Chas Knpps purposes erecting a
brewery at Edmonton.
D. S. McVannel was in Nelson this
woek interviewing Joe Martin.
The Sandon Mining Review has
been cut down another two pages.
Mrs. W. T. Shatford left this week
for New York on an extended visit.
Miss B. Irwin, late of the postolHee.
has returned to her home in Pilot Bay.
Several parties have been hunting
in the Little Slocan and secured good
E. Johnson has opened a grocery
store in his old stand in the suburb of
John Elliot, the Nelson lawyer, has
returned from a four months' visit to
Jot? Traficante has sold out his interests here and gone lo tlu* Klondike
to reside.
R. J. MePhee. W. J. Adcock and E.
Lemieuz left Monday to attend the
Spokane fair.
W. S. Johnson won the souvenir
spoon at Saturday's meeting of the
Rifle Association.
Miss Gertie Tutcher left on Mondav
for New Westminster, where she will
get a year's schooling.
Rev. Seymour left on Monday to
attend the grand lodge meeting of the
Good Templars at Victoria.
Do not pay $6 for mackinaw coats
when you can get a rublierized duck
coat from $5 to $5 at Arnot's.
"Barbarian"' Brown, well known in
this country, died in Phoenix, Ariz.,
on Saturday, of consumption.
Wm. Hunter has retired from the
grocery business in Nelson, J. A .Kirk-
patrick & Co. taking his place.
Several citizens have lieon registering sonic tall kicks because live stock
has now been given full liberty.
Mr. Hindle will preach in the Methodist church ou Sunday evening, in
the absence of the Rev. Seymour.
Dick Butner, who has been wandering over the earth's surface since last
spring, returned here on Saturday.
Mrs. D. Arnot returned Thursday
eve from Portland, Ore., where she hns
been visiting for the past six weeks.
Bert O'Neail. Fred Carlisle and G.
Cox went down to Spokane Tuesday,
to joiu tin* Blocanites visiting ihe fair.
Then- was no meeting of tne city
council Monday night, the necessary
quorum failing to put in an appearance.
Joe Bean won the gold buckle at
Wednesday's shoot of tin* Rifle Association, defeating Frank Dick by one
J. C. Gwiilim has left Ni'lson for
Kingston, Ont., where he has been appointed professor in the school of
Someone with a French education
dropped a small memo Ixiok on a back
street. He can have it by calling at
Hi is office.
Deputy Attorney General McLean
was married at Victoria Mondav to
Miss Charlotte Barrett. They went
to Japan on a trip.
Rev. Mr. McColl was presented by
the good people of Nakusp witli a
nurse of $87,50 on the occasion of his
leaving the country.
Rev. Win. Simons is the new pastor
for Knox church and will make his
initial bo*"" next Sunday. He hails
from (he Territories.
Capt. Mat Reid arrived in Monday
from Nelson to take charge of the str.
Blocan during the absence of ('apt.
McLennan on the coast.
The C.P.I', traffic  receipts  for the
week ending September 30 were 51,-
162,000, as compared with 5955,000 for
the same woek last j'ear.
Rev. J. W. Weatherdon, the new-
Anglican clergyman for this mission,
will hold service in St. Paul's church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
Henry Rose was convicted at Nelson on Tuesday of murdering a man
named Cole below Nakusp some time
ago. He will hang on Friday, November 21.
Those going out Saturday to the
Spokane fair were: Mrs. McVicker,
Mrs. Covington, Angus McVicker, L.
York, James Campbell and Win.
J. A. MeVittio,aecompanit>d by four
other Sandon men, passed through
here on Monday for old Mexico, where
thev will operate a concentrator under
Toni Mitchell.
George Henderson received a letter
last week from his partner, Neil Geth-
ing, who is iu the far north. Neil was
preparing to come out, but the others
would winter there.
The city clerk last week received
tin- regular quarterly check from the
government for school purpose,   The
daily attendance of the school averages a little over 70.
Knox church was crowded Sunday
evening when Rev. Mr. McKee delivered his farewell address. His remarks were feelingly uttered. Mr.
McKee goes to Chicago to take a
post graduate course at the McCormick Theological Seminary, returning
to the Kootenay presbytery in the
Slocan Citv Miners' Un,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets overy Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting- brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secrotary
That Is one point on which we pride ourselves.
Our Stock is made up of the purest and best
goods to be obtained and is always fresh. . . .
We make a specialty of Butter, Eggs
Fruit, aad all  kinds of Vegetables.
Appended is a complete list of the various records rejisti'reil at the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie being mihing
Sppt30—White Grouse, near Vuvcy,
U Kuitzliiils.
Oct 1—lied Rock, on Davton creek, N
3—Dominion ,on Springer creek, John
Grout Western fr, same, M liillia.
Sept 27—Key of Erin fr.
Oct 1—Michaelmas for two years.
Agricola,   Exchange  for  three  years,
Silver Plats" for three years.
3—Sleeping Chief.
4—Morning Light for two yeare.
Sopt 30 —Montezuma,
Oct3—White Sparrow fc, WE Newman to T McNei-.li.
Tsn puln J, 'I' Blench to sn
Slime I., 6:lins* I i W I"
Gwiilim & tJoliiisoii,
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
SLOCAN, 11. C.
Agents foi* the llfintzinan & Co.,Gerhard lieinizman, and Iv-rn Pianos
li. C
A. So.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - • ll.C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Blocan, P. C.
General Packing and For-
warding attended tu at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
biro at reasonable rates.
I.\ J
ALLEN,        •        Manager
Fall Prices:
Certificate of ipmits.
.Munis Mineral riiilin.
Situate in Ilie Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the north side
of Springer creek, near tho Argo
mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Arthur S. Fat-
well, acting as agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C. No. D59898, intend, sixty slays from the dale hereof, to
apply to tiie Mining Recorder for a certi-
Bcuto ssf improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a down Grant of the ubove
Ami further take notice that action,
iimler section ;!7, must he commenced
liefore tlie issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 28th dnv of August, 1002.
5*902 " A. s. FARWKLL
i".nt tlops .Miuurui Clulm.
Sltuato in the Slocan Citv mining division of Wed Kootenay dint riot, where
located:—Half mile north of Spun n
Creek, uil'uliiiti-j tlie dol 1 Viking.
TAKK  NOTICE tlmt I. J. M. Mc-1
liregiii,  acting A,1  'igeiil fin   T. J. lint v.
free  miner's certificate No. D61HI24, ansl
II.   1..   l'lf.'. !■'.   \l. C.   Ns..   B**0882,  in-1
lend, sixty davs from the dute hereof, to
apply In tin- Mining K-*cordd for h certili
cute of iiiipi'ov'-nii'.i s, for  lhe purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
Ain! further t.kss notice thnt notion,
iiinler *-.*• lion 87, must Im commenced
Isefssrs- tin* issuauuu of biich cut iiiis.iite of
Dated this 3rd day of October, 1002.
10*10*02. J. M. McGREGOR
Co-operative Association,.!,.,
Slocan, British Columbia,
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the frirest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed dy
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tai© is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
i si-i sm... sii.11 SI Ivor riisis- Mineral
Situate in the Slocnn City Minin-,' Division of the Went Kootenay district.
Where located: On Dayton creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, .1. M. McGregor, acting as n^ent fur II. u. VanTuyl,
free miners' certiflcate No.B">9984,Intend,
«ixt\ dayi from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for certificates of I
improvement, for Ihe purpose of obtain- SEE NEW ACCIDENT POLICY, with par*
Ing crowa aranli of tbe above claims,     ticlpation  in  iiroHts. corcrin-r sick-
Ami  further t.*il;e notice  tlmt action,
under section ,"", muat b*i commenced
before tin- Issuauco ofiuch certificates of
Dated ihis.Snl slay of October, 1902.
10*10*02 J   M. McGHl'.GOR
panics tlciiii]*
the   strongest   coin*
business  in Canada.
hand sown, miners'
waited, guaranteed,
WHILST we guarantee
**    to keep a7'Ryrie"
Watch—aside from break
age—in perfect action for
two years, there is no
limit to its perfect timekeeping qualities.
We select for special
mention our No. 5508
"Ryrie" Watch at J25.
UAsly'i Lssritss nr Ontleiaf.ti'f
Hnis.ll Wat. h ,
It ll • IS-Jewel Movement In
s 14k. Solid Gold Cue.
Wi muraiits-r iu mfo Mirer?, ind
will I'lirnrfully r.'liinil tlss. mil |irls«
ll 'in rs-cssljit 11 |a nui Mrtab n.iL-
WHU for our New OstlkfM
French Kip
boots, hand
made i«» ordor .
S'eal kip.hand made minors'beoti
well made and guaranteed   	
These lilies  urn  guaranteed
months and   kept in   repair
time free.
Men's hools soled from	
Lading' I loot i soled from	
Children's hoots hoU'I from ...
for   *-i\
lor that
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next 1'or-lnflisT, - Slocan
To OrH
Yi il'I! attention is ro'pectftilly callod
to lhe Custom Tailors' Union La*
bul, a s'lit of which appears below
icon   is
It ii tlieonlv hie.ii whereby a
Niirrinf getting clothes madt
in  a fair
Ryrie Bros.,
Yoo|i ind Adelilde Slreeti,
iy leaving your order for
frousers or * Ivercoat with
a lull Miit,
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
vou will   III,'I
('lothci made
an I '';:
tl.e Union I.iilisl
by him    stores nt
on  nil
*-lo nil
Mnu i in Mhi.ral Claim.
situate in the Slocan City Minin-Division of Wist Kootenay District.
Where located : On Ten Mile creak,
oast of (lis Fn lei prise.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McOre*
aor,actlng as ap nt for I'. VV, Ellis.
ires' miner's certiflcate No. 060488, nnd
C. E. t-mltheringale, F.M.C. No.b*507'3,
intend, sixty days from Uie date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder oracer*
tificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining s Crown Grunt of the above
And further take   notis-e   that  action.
iimler notion '17, must lie commenced
before the Issuance of such ceitilicate ol
D iti'd tills 8lh day of September, Ifl02.
li'-io-ii:.' .1. M. McGRKQOH
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
To.I. YV. Millard, Kate  Scott ami Tims
Kfisl, or to any  parson  or persons to
whom they may havo trai sferred their
several Interests, In whole or in part.
in the RlugTen mineral claim,situated
near  the   Enterprise mine, in Slocan
City mining division ol West Kootenay, located Beptembor Oth, ihh,*,, nmi
recordod .September nth, 1895:
You are hereby notified Hint I hnve
expanded tbo sum of one hundred uml
two dollars nnd fifty cents In performing and recording assessment work for
tlie aiiov inontioned mineral claini,
■ince Uu' '.'ih day of September, 1001,
ami il within'.«) days from the date oi
this notice you. or any of ymi. fail or
n-fusa to contriiiiiie your several pro*
portions ol sucli expenditures, together
with all i osts of advertising, your filter-
eats In said claim shall become the property of ihe subioriber, under section
2SBof tlm Mim-ral Act.
Dated nt sloean this nth day of September, 1009
0    ■ V. TA '.IS
i ness and operations,
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why Im without a ran ire when
ymi can got one SO clirHp v Thev
in'"* prefcrrable to stoves nnd "five
bettei satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up frao.
EJ. ~
Notice toDelinquentCo-owner
To  Harry   Williams, or  p, any   person
or persons to Whom hu mm |,aVc trans
ferred   his   Interest   iu  the Chilkat
and Delphian mineral claims, situated
on tho head waters ol  Lemon creek
and recorded in thu Itrcotder's office
for Iho Slocan ( ily mining division,
You nrs* hrrehy notilie*,l thnt I .Oscar
V. White, frve miners' certiflcate No
r.'iii',.'7, hav. oaussd to bs expended tlm
sum of six hundred sml fifteen dollars
in labor and improvements on ths abovs
mentl nsd mineral claims, in order to
hold said claims under tin. provisions of
tha Mineral Act; snd if within DO dnVI
from tho date of   this notice  ymi fail   (,r
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
sucli sxpenditure,togethor with all costs
of advertising,   your  intnrcai    in   mu\
claims Mill become tho propeity of t'l,,,
subnerihrr, under ISOtlon 4 Of an Act
entitled "An Act ti) aiiieml tin, Mineral
Act, moo." rni
Dutosl nt Snndoii, B.C.,this20th dnv .,1
Beptembor, A.D. 1002. '
Furnished Koonis, by day or
week. Second to none in
thc city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Furnishings j->-
World's Scenic Route.
Lake Route
From Fort WllllS.rtJ.the favorite summer route, te all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
Fer St. Paul, Duluth,Sault SIle.Msrie
Chics*"*, etc.
I.oavcss Dunmore Junstion dsily for it.
r'sul; Kootenny Landing Tuesday aad
Ski unlay for Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Leaves Revelstoke dully for Beatll* and
Throii-fh bo-ski-i"*-s to Europe f la all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets at
lowest ratea from nil Kurepeau
cijiintiic3. For rates and full P«r*
tieulors apply to local agonU, or
;,,', :r
y«CAR v. whiti:1
A. OP* A.,
Ag«nt, Slocan Ctt-y


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