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The Slocan Drill 1903-01-30

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TOL. Hi-
No. 44.
BLOCAN,   B.   C,   .JANUARY   110,   1993
- A\_a_\ t *^ave you seen those newr" \
LclQlCS •   Si|ks  in assorted c<\'      .     Just
the thing for evening dresses an^V-.cs.
• ■ |   Examine your old suspenders and see if
jYICll • they do not require replenishing. We
have in stock the famous Chester Brace, the best on
the market for comfort and durability.   Price, 75c.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York &
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
A New Year Resolve.
That henceforth you will buy your Food
Stuffs and Groceries from us. Wisdom
and economy prompt such a step. We
make a point of keeping our Stock tresh
and buy nothing but the very best goods.
Try our Breakfast Foods uml Cereals.
Few are asjjoocl, none tetter,
Co-operative Associatioiuui,
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
stisitsihin Committee! ara Btvnok fur tin
*s"eav—Police Ordered to stop fisssiw
man lo lis- Appointed Ni-xt Wnk.
month to make the assessment. It
would hr* 11 good Idea to get an abstract of litis; from tlu* ivgistrar.as the
titles to local property were in bod
Matter laid over for ono week.
Alii.Smith inquired when they were
_ I about to appoint the sixth member of
,   ,, ,    , .,,.,,      : the council.   Ho was informed the ap-
liullnlff ms  Use K Iruela-.i nils   Alilor- i       .   i , ,, , ,       ,  ,, '
pointment would lie made ut the next
Council adjourned.
The new board of aldermen got
down to businesa on Monday evening,
setting themselves securely into the
municipal harness.    Those present
Kit Orussliy UlllCI Will Stes-l t* Toy Hog-
III.SI-   IU 1   ills-llll-S.
were:   Mnyor York, Aid. Smith
den, Arii'sl  and McNelah.
Corn*-pondence read: Report of the
audit of the school  trustees' lxxiks by
II. 1). IVi'lis, who found th" account*
co.*reet, but some irregularities in pay
tneuts ordi n d.
Aid. McNeish, as treasurer of tin
school   board,   rose   tn   explain   tin
points touched on bv Mr. Curtis, enn-'
tending that tin'latter had overlooked
in  tho minutes of tin* board   which
were read   the authority to make the!
Aid. Worden and Arnol moved that
the report be referred back to the aud-|
itor for correction.   Carried,
Bills presented: H. D. Curtis, auditing city's books. $50.
The mayor sugge-ted appointins-
the auditor permanently, at a yearly
salary of S50. He could then keep the
books Btroight and have hia work well
!■> hand.
P.ill was referred to the finance
Th.- mayor announced hi** standiug
committees as follows. Fiuance Aid.
Smith, McCallum and McNeish.
lin-.] of works All. Worden, Arnot
and McCallum.   IVe. water and light ( ,..,,,   \
Aid. Arnot, McNoish ami Wordeu.
Health and relief Aid. McCaUum,
Smith and Arnot. His wi-wahip os*
plain,' It: re wo.nd be some changes
mode in thecommitte n when the sixth
alderman was appoint d.
He further explained thai he had
r-commended Aid. Smith and George
Within four months the Granby
* company of Grand Forks expects to
commence the paymentof dividends,"
said .lay P, Graves, manager of the
company, last w""ek. "At a meeting
pf the company, held in Montreal on
the i.'ith of the month, President S.
H.C.Miner made tin* olli,. ial announce*
ment ofthe fact, lam not in a position to say what the dividends will b.,
Dtlt thev will be of respectable size on
our issued capital of 51^360,000. Of
course we are prognosticating the dividends on the expectation that we
shall have no untoward difficulty,such
as a further break in our coal or coke
"Atthe meeting ia Montreal live
new American directors were added to
lhs< board, making 12 in ail. and 1 feel
safe in saying that tlie Granby now
has the strongest directorate of any
copper company in America. The
men whom we have added Include J.!
Stanton, Wm. ii. Nicholls, George M
Lather, Joseph Laugaloth, and Cle
t   Houghton.   Tlu
i pi
ico a
nd ):■
,i .* comaus*
old  directors
uie President Miner, W. H.Robin-
,C. Flumerfelt, W. H. McKee
I sick, of Granby,  Quebec;   Fayette
Brown,  Montreal; all of  whom are
Canadians- A.  L. While. New York,
and ray elf.   There are seen Americans to fivo Canadi ".'-*s now on the
Th i d swcom •.'.' are heavily interest
ed ia the company and I havo sold
them a large Btock at Si a share, or at
a valuation of about *>,.:; ]Q,000 for the
company. Tii • corporati m is now oul
r: 'I--'.', and lias it; smoite-.' in shape
Slocan, British Coiaiubia.
ore a da v.win:
-  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   _9
REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    ^
Thero *wa3 aaothor appointment to
make, thai of a citv treasurer. The
:.:av.>r said lie wanted t > keop in touch
wiih the liniuis'0s..a..d In- would rs-
t-ommend Aid. Arnot for th > position.
All. Worden did nol doom that a
wise move, as it would be much bei LTjout
t."■ to appoint anoutsid-'ra-ili'a.-.'.rei. Jmo, It has Ijeon currently reported
He would, therefore, nominate John that tha Granby has 16,000,003 tons oi
A. Anderson for tho posilion.        .     pro in eight. I ao not care to say more
jabout our tonaoge than that."
It has lx*:'ii asserted that the Grnn-
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDER30N, - Proprietors.
1(100 ton
th.' B-bUM) :■' h 'i.i J svpi'.i.od t i pro In  -■
50 O tons a day.   Wc are arranging t)
increase t!i • capacity of '.he smelter to
»tons a dav bvihe first 61
Mr. Anderson was duly elected tM
th**  position, and  the clerk was iti
structed  to  boo thai the necessary
bonds are giveu.
Clerk Bentley BUggeeted that tie
city .should procure a -set ofthe British
by is treating $5 ore. is the oh
nmg abovo or below thai figurel
Graves was a>!. i!.
•'We have never treated ore running
so low as $5. AU our product is above
thai figure, even with metals ai the
low valuation which now prevails."
At the recent meeting Mr. Miner
announced that the company has
Market fo***BHver.
statutes f.ir the use of the
council. Ho was instructed to obtain
the > ."st of the set.
Aid. Words'! spoke of the snowballing ih 9 firemen received tin* other day
when out on their practice run.and he
wanted it stopped. One of their besi
nis'ii had resigned, as he objected to
being made a target of. —
Aid McNeish wanted to know who     Fin;uu.i;ii paper8 agree  that   tho
the policeman took his orders froni.i , °  .
Be was told rron. the oommis loners, P*"* year was an unfortunate one foi
and replied the council then should silver, which made for itself a low re-
have a mam. too. He objected to this C0]**" price in the world's history. On
snowballing on the streets. I November 2Sth bar silver fell to 21
'Thr- mavor said il was the first com-  11 Kid per ounce in London and 463
plaint he had heard, and lw was sure cents in New Yark.   Mexican dollar
andOOoz silver per ton. Since the
shipment was made a great improvement has taken place in the ore at the
mine, the grade now lieing very high,
running as much as $78 in gold and
several hundred oz iu silver. Tlie ore
being taken out contains aigeatite,
grey copper and native silver. Specimens exhibited in town during the
week also have free gold exposed on
the surface in liberal quantities, stilli-
oieni to give handsome values. It
looks as if practical leasing will demonstrate thi- Dayton to lie a mine as
in the case of other properties in the
A Battel Fs-etlsBu Degtpnlng lis in* fsTolt in
Mining Cirrloe.
A healthier feeling is beginning to
be felt iii mining circles, more coali
dence lieing evinced than foryean
post, Tilings have lieen to rock bottom and the upward tendency has set
in. The uncertain quantity in British
Columbia polities is about gone forever, and the impending elections will
result in stability to law and industry.
Capital is becomiug reconciled and is
easier to approach, while inquiries for
investments are increasing. The marki't for zinc is firm and its sioope*widening, as notice the Kansas people
seeking larger and longer contracts,
and ulso the local smelters increasing
the penalty limit. Purchases of silver
lead ores are being sought by American smelters, both by the trust and
independent concerns, as much as $2
Hat being offered for the Slocan lead
product. But niineowners do not feel
like selling, for the London price for
lead is gradually gaining strength,
and, besides, there i.- assurance that
remedial action will be taken on the
subject by the Canadian government.
Ia the denr d'Alenes as high as'$4.12J
is being offered for lend and it ia felt
the Canadian article should realize
better than ?2. Mineowners havet hat
hope, anyway. Silver, too, is likely to
.''••Tad in price very shortly, as the
present low figure is due more to speculation than the result of over supply.
There is a feeling abroad of better
time:, approaching and it will uot
down. The presence of foreign ore
buyers in Use country is putting backbone ihtd the people.
l.iBHt Tear's Slilpnscnta Were 6.133 Tana—
A Healthy Kvlslenco er the T.lfss anil
Wealth of the t'simp—Knterpriae the*
Hisifest Bhlppo**.
Ore shipments for the week amount
to 20 tins, which was sent out by the
Ottawa, It will have a car of No. 1
grade to figure on for next week, and
the returns from it will be very high.
Ore keeps coining down from the Republic, but not enough is in sight yet
tu (ill oul a car. Early next month a,
shipment un.y be expected from the
Meteor, the lessees of which are busy
stoping and sacking ore. The lessees
of the Dayton will make a respect abh;
shipment also in February. To dato
local exports total 245 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6388
ums, mad'' up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship-
ments this vear lo date:
> the firemen protected
touched .'.7', (Mi
kot.    The   year
'!', In-Hid in London
in New York, and lat  cent
can dollars.    That was  on
latter mar-
price  was
per 0/
in  the
56J cents
Jauuar.v '.\
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you art dry, weary or hungry.
R-i-opened ander
tin old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Gasr. Artassar Street Best Delaaey Avs*ibbb... Slssean.
I'illiling thoroughly renovated
and re st *cked with the beat
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
all wanted tos
when on ilut..
Ald.MeNei*.h spoke of several ladies
having been struck whueon ths* street.
[twos the lirst city he was ever in
where such a thing was allowed. I and4,    A gradual and  uninterrupted
Striiigs-nt orders we**e"iaaued Chief decline then vt in. ami steadily con-
Armstrong to stop snowballing sm the tinued until Nov. 25 last, since which
•ti K time Ihs*   market   has W m irregular.
Aid. Wordeu poke of iho practice tho closing prices for the yetu* being:
of ringing the Rre alarm, and thc 1.. union 22 8-lGd, New York 48} cents
mayor aaid he would givo notice about and Mexican dollars ,'ts cents. For
it." the twelve months this waa a decline
A.i's-piest from the derk for some of 6 9-18d in London. 7j cents in New
printed stationery was granted. i .Fork and (ij; emits in Mexican dollars.
The chief of police pui lu a request The chief causes assigned for the ial]
for miiih> dog tags. in prices are the trade depression in
Mayor York asked if manv dogs es tho Orient, the large amount sif -silver
capea pavmeui last yoar,and the chief withdrawn from the interior of China
replied no. i to pay the indemnity instalments, and
Aid. Arnol "You couldn't expeel the expectation that the gold standard
him to toy """63. could you?" which would be adopted by the Straits Set-
raised a hearty laugh at his worship's, tlements and Mexico. To this may be
expense. ladled the fact  that   the   European
Aid. Arnot ami McNeish moved the! governments have not placed any
clerk procure 100 tags,   Cinied.       I largo coinage orders,   This combina*
Aid. McNeish stated he  believed tion  of circumstances  has enabled
thero were still some bills to come inl speculators to  unduly  depress  ths
! from tne old councillor spocial polic i, price of the white metal.   The pros*
I at tho time the circus was here las)   pools for the current  year are more
summer. favorable, the expectation being that
His worship slated \V. Lee and l>. the Orient will have to renow the sup*
McVannel were thnn appointed ape   plies thai  have been so freely drawn
eii*ls, but they had not yel put in any: upon.    With the settlement of the in-
billf'.   When they did they would be terior troublea in China, too, trade is
paid. destined  to become  more  active, in
The cemetery found a new advocate which case ther,* will be an improved
i for (lie year in'Aid. A-riiot, bul he was| demand lor this description ol'iminey
Informed nothing could In* done uii
\ after Ills' tllillsili' was settled.
Aid. McNii-.li wanted to know whon
the new DSSOSSmon! ol   the (-ity Would
be made.
Thn mayor said it ought to bo done
at once, so as to gei tho finances in as
early as possible, making therebal
J,OIhI   t'S .IllllB'  30.
The oierk saisl it would takte ixim p
St*rt Out \Vvnhj;ly.
During the week the city has beeu
flooded with circulars, inviting membership to the Provincial Mining Association, recently formed in Victoria.
Tie idea is uot well rs-joeived hers*, if,
for no other i'eason,than the following
untruthful statement made by the
committee: "Tho conditions surrounding the mining industry of British
Columbia the principal industry of
the province have become sq burdop-
some that mining operationa have
ceased to yield a profit to investors
ami capital has ceased to How into the
country." Reports from various sections of the country prove the above
statement as being far from the truth,
and in uttering it the committee are doing their cause much harm. The association has got olT on the wrong
I:e(is*ir.Bl a Big I'rls-s*.
Bar silver i.s selling at the disgraceful figure of 47.
Ore shipment i from the Slocan aro
upwards of 1200 tons.
The Ottawa will erect handuomo
buukhouses in the spring.
M. Cameron has completed hia timber contract at the Ottawa.
Tin- Le Roi mine, at Rossland,mado
141,000 in profits last month.
Lack of fuel will compel the Iron
Horse to shut down on Feb. 1.
The Nelson smelter is drawing a
supply of ore from the Republic camp.
The Payne is the leading shippei'du .
the Slocan, with lhe American Boy as
The report is current that a zine
smelter ia to lie erected at Kaslo by
the Kansas people.
Shortage in the coke supply prevents the Boundary sms'ltets buying
ores from the Republic camp.
The lessees of the Meteor are busy
breaking down ore and they expect to    „.
commence rawhiding early in jfebru-
Some extra high grade ore is being   ,
taken from a shaft beiug sunk on the
Ottawa.   They have two feet of ore to
work on.
The Centre Star, Rossland. is paving off its debts at the rate of StfU'RHJ
a month, with profits derived from ore
Last week 21Q tons of zinc ore was
shipped to Kansas by Slocan mines,
the Payne sending out 12U tons and
the Ivanhoe 9 tons.
Someone stuffed tlm Nelson News
on Friday with a couple of milling
Bquibs from here. There has been no
strike on the Kalispell. neither are
there eight men working there. Tl.e
Westmount showing was reported  by
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
just received an offer from a colonization syndicate of 142,000,000 for 14.-
000,000 actus of its lands. The management deems it better for the com-
pony   to  continue   to   sell its lands,
Sirectly to settlers, lt has been get-1 The Drill several weeks ago.
ting *-•"' per acre from the settlers,payable in ie-i ilnieiits. and tin* payments
now being made on the mortgage
notes ol Uie purchasers are said to 1 e
ipnd to the interest on all the bonds
til so strengthening prices.
I'ss.viiiic Ore l'l'ssiBB Dnyton,
Messrs.Davidson and Harrison have
obtained the returns from  their ahlp*
ment of ore made last week from the
Dayton claim to the Nelson smelter.
I The shipment yielded 110.60 iu gold
ot the company.
liiiiicki*il-f«B Proraotlau.
An extra of the B.C. Gazette was
issued  on   Monday,  oontaining the
names of ths-various police and license
commissioners In the several cities.
Those for this city are Aid. McCallum
and ('. I'.. Smitheringale, whose appointment surprised no cue mors' than
the chosen themselves. The appointment was totally unlooked for and is
tlu'more si range in that Aid. Smith
and Oeo.Ni' hoi had been lvcoinnu'ti'l-
s'(| for the dual position.
Hoiellisslils.r Ore Hlch,
Returns have  been received from
the small shipment   of Ore recently
made to  th     Hall   Mines  smelter by
! the Bondholder, payment being made
: on a basis of 2)5 oz silver.   These
figures are pretty  high   and   much
I better than those obtained two years
ago.   Al present three men are work
ing the property under lease, two of
them having gone up on Friday,
Sandon curlers drew blanas at tho
Ivi-an I   bonspiol,
Leo Doiron smashed his finger very
badly at the Ottawa Tuesday night,
with a hammer.
Many persons ore being attracted
to southwestern Arborta, by reason of
petroleum having Ix-rn struck there.
New Denver Celts celebrated Bobby
Burns'anniversary with a supper on
Saturday night. ' Sloean .Scots are
more devout, as they prefer to worship
at the shrine of St. Andrew.
A new si't of commissioners has.becn
appointed for the Slocan license district, iu the persons of W. ll. Davidson. Sloean: W.H. Bra luiou, Sil verton;
and D. J. Weir, New Denver.
The trial of the petition against the
election of t'ol.l'rior is under way and
it is claimed he will be unseated.
Those in the know-state dissolution Off
the house will-i ome suddenly.
Hear, Itanr.
R. C. Clute, K.C., who wos one, ol
the commission appointed by the Do-
' minion government to inquire into the
Chinese immigration question, speak
lug before the Canadian t'lub at Toronto, Tuesday, said that tlu* Chinese
W. Thomlinson, superintendent of I are a stumbling block in the way of
the Arlington, wont out to Nelson arid progress in British Colutnlrta; that
Spokane Tuesday, on business oon- they are demoralizing an'dMlograding;
nected with the proposed new mill.     I.lalioi' interests in that province.
XI INK.                                    WF.tTK.
Ottawa     20
Blnck brines.'	
17  ... ',-,
■ -v
A JioTel bj Ami* TUnpsoi.
"I will do all I can: but when she
goes  to Glasgow  I shall  see  little of
-   .• will have new friends, new
S'one ":.it will displace-yon,
Kate     She is fur tsso faithful."
Kate   WM   silent.     She still  stared
fixedly  at    the gull,   who    suddenly
flapped   his  wings   dipped   into     the j
-.-...  wheeled lazily around iu the air j
and settled himself on the rock once
more,   motionless   as   before.      Again j
lhat  giddv  seething,  swaying, swirl- !
sng of the earth and the water made j
■ ts.:- fell
. Is ng as she ia happy 1 shall
be satisfied, John continut-d, "but j
troubles may come, and then-Kate
she must not have trouble she is
not utile to bear it: it must be kept
from her. I: > ci aea it near, you
will tell nie i-I might be able to
he:;i I,, r in BOOM svav Y<..u see, 1
..   •:-.>■  lO.'iie home
sih,  .|  ' '   assented Kale.
H.i   heart   was   too s^re for   sarcaaUs.
She        I though his    return    to
• ansl in such circismstaiic.s
would be the lsi.isi natural proceed-
uii' us the world, would be the most
-lis. remedy     Imaginable    for
;r..utsis- >sf an.',   1-  nil
"l i.'i can't think what a relief it
- Ui . .-. to know thut I have you
is, depend on fur ihis."  he said.
'I am glad." she answered.
"Perhaps I shnll be able to do you
a good turn, some day. There is
nothing I sail do for you now, is
there Kate?"
'Well. then. I suppose I should be
moving on. I have to get back to
town Thank you with all my heart,
Kate:—with all my heart. Good-
b.ie "
He held out his hand to her. She
could not but take it; she was
compelled at last to look away from
the gull, and towards him.
Helieved from one anxiety, he was
the more free to notice her. Suffering was evident in her fnee, and he
could never look on suffering unmoved. His recent experience had
made him very pitiful, very tender-
hearted; it had also quickened his
perceptions. He liked this girl—loved her, in a way: after Mary, she
came before any other of her sex in
his estimation. He knew that she
must be aware of his disappointment, but he had nut intended to
make direct illusion to it. Now—
prompted by a strung impulse to
give help if he could, sine* help was
so clearly needed,  he said—
"Are  you,   too,   in   trouble.   Kate?"
.She  tries!   hard   to   force   herself   to
say "nn." She could not.
'Ws."  was her answer
"I am sorry, slear." he said, so
kindly, so gently. "It's a hard
world for some of us, Kate, and
wo can do almost nothing to help
each other over the rough places. But
sympathy does give a little help, a
little encouragement, doesn't it?"
She bent her head.
"I have yours. I know Kate: and
you have mine."
Kate tore her hands from his, and
fastened them about her throat. She
felt as though rising sobs would
strang'e her. She wanted to tiioke
them hack. ls*st she should lose one
word  of what he was saying.
"Co on," she gasped, "you help
me. Say more, say something more
for me to remember."
"What can I say. dear'* Happiness
doesn't come tu everyone, and those
who don't get it have just to make
the best of their lives without it.
We can do that, can't we? We can
perhaps give all the better aid
where aid is needed, because
know what it fs to feel want
haps if he had bs*en satisfied,
should  have grown selfish "
"I might." she said, "but
would not. Thank you. .lohn,
have helped me Remember that al
ways you have Helped some one in
trouble. You ought to go, 1 am
not going to make you miss your
train, I have delayed you too long.
Let uie know where to write, and I
will  tell you ever.ving about  Mary."
"And about yourself," he said,
but she left that question  unausWer-
Time   was  precious,   he      had      to
(►■ave her.      Kate     looked  after    him
while he remain, il  in sight.
"And there," she said, "goes out
of my life the one man 1 have
known who couo.d have helped me
to rise higher, to make a bettor
thing of life. I would have hail confidence in his judgment. Ho would
have told me all my faults
and helped me to get rid of them.
And oh! I am not all selfish—I could
have helped him. too. At the least,I
Would have beef no hindrance to
him—no hindrance "
lllinding tears were in her eyes.
sin- brushed them impatiently away,
but thu roud. when she could see
it again,   was empty.
Mary was at the Manse door,waiting  for  her  return.
'Vou have been away so long; I
have wanted you so much!" she
"Why?" askesi Kate, sinking into
the first scat she could  find
Kor nnswer, Mary burst out crying. Kate was on her feet again instantly, and had caught her cousin's
wrist in a tight grasp.
"What are you crying for Mary?"
she demanded almost fiercely.
"Because—because—John   has  bes.'u
"And   he says—oh,   Kate,   be  says
he is not coming back again."
"That moans that we iktsUl t see
him any more."
"1 .suppose it does," said Kate
sharply,   "llut  vou knew
I ., I Ms business to attend to: did
you think he could stay here always?"
"Nsj—only it's all so sad. I can't
bear to th'nk of his going away and
never coming near us again," sobbed Mary.
"Mary! stop crying you will
make yourself ill if you go on like
this. Think of something else! Get
the tea ready."
Mary was roused: even the gentle
Mary could be roused in time.
"You are most unfeeling. Kate,"
she exclaimed with indignation.
"You never cared for him as I do.
Of course his going away is not at
all so hard for you as it is for me.
You can't  understand!"
"No. I can't understand," retorted
Kate, at her wit's end "I should
have supposed it to be immaterial to
you who goes or who stays, so long
as you have Mr. Wishart in the
neighborhood. Certainly there are
some things quite outside my comprehension! As tea is within it, I
had better attend to that." She waa
almost beside herself If she abated
her harshness in the slightest degree
she would break down altogether—
a disaster not on any account to be
ri-ked. Therefore ahe left Mary: poor
Mary, who felt so sorely in need
of consolation
Mr. Ferris returning presently from
Glenessle, proved far more sympathetic. He let her cry out her grief
on his shoulder, he comforted her
by speaking confidently of John's
return to Scotland at some later
date; Mary had begun to smile
again, by the time tea was ready.
Nevertheless, it was a gloomy meal.
Kate, in one of her unapproachable
moods, sat stern and white at her
end of the table. At sight of her
face Mr. 1-erris. Who had been talkative before, became suddenly silent.
He found his eyeglass<*s very much
In need of polishing whenever he
looked towards her, but his efforts
did not in any way improve the
dimness of vision he sought to remedy. Mary encouraged herself by
surreptitious caressing of the lastr
received letter from Glasgow, until
the delicious sense of possesion betrayed her into an involuntary smile
just as Kate happened to glance in
her direction—whereupon, she started guiltily, withdrawing her hand
from her pocket in haste. They were
all relieved when Bella came to
take away the scarcely-touched dishes.
Afterwards, Kate retired to her
usual seat at a distance from the
others. In and out, back and forth,
darted her unresting needle. Not one
of the many stitches made was visible to her. Years afterwards she
found her work of that evening carefully laid away in an old box — a
woollen sock, darned ahapelessly, almost beyond possibility of recognition.
Mr. Ferris paced up and dowu he
room for some time, glancing uneasily, now and again, at the darner.
At length he subsided into his own
chair by the window; whither Mary
followed him. for a confidential chat.
"Well, dear," said the old man.
"what did you do with yourself
this morning?"
'rait of the time I wrote, Uncle ;
and part of the time I made plans."
"Mary made plans!" he said,
touching her golden hair tenderly.
"They must have been pretty plans ;
were they wise?"
"I don't know," sighed    Mary—"I
don't suppose so, since I made them.
But you see.  Uncle, I want so much
to improve myself now."
"Why now?"
"Oh, because of Gavin."
"Does he think you want improvement?"
"I daresay he does. Of course he
has not said so, yet; he has had so
little time to find out. I have told
him  not  to expect anything."
"Then he will have a great many
surprises. And what are the plans,
"There are several of them. I made
up my mind to learn book-keeping :
that would be useful, wouldn't 't ?
Then I thought I ought to learn a
little cooking from Bella. And there
is a book about servants' duties.and
their wages, and how you engage
them: I found it in the bookcase
here—I mean to read that carefully.
But those are all plans for helping
myself, and I wanted specially to bf
a. help to Gavin. As he is so clever, I
thought I had better begin with i
little very solid reading: Every day,
you know, for perhaps half an hour
at first—-I daresay I should soon get
to an hour."
"But you belong to a reading society, don't you?"
"I did, once; but you see, there
was a half-penny line every tune
you missed your half hour, and it
got to be too expssnsive for me That
was long ago, more than a year,
I should think. 1 am much more ie
earnest now."
"What 'very solid' books ure you
going to attask,  Mary?"
"Well, Uncle, 1 am not sure whether to try Browning's poetry, or
Mendelssohn's Letters, I think It
had better be aJeiisielsslion's letters,
because Gavin is so fond of music."
"And when are these great schemes
to be carried out?"
"Oh, I meant to begin this afternoon—but John came." Mary's
voice grew sad: she put her head
down on her Uncle's shoulder. There
was silence in the room for a long
At length the minister spoke Mary
never knew whether he meant his
words for her, or was talking to
himself as was sometimes Lis habit.
"Darkness is creeping over us," he
said; "thut means that light is
rising upon others. So it is always
in our lives. Gain involves loss, when
happiness comi'.s to me, sorrow fulls
"Only I think we often estimate
altogether wrongly, the value of
gain and loss, happiness und sorrow,
darkness and light. For I have
known lives that are passed in dark-
ness and struggle, grow far more
full of light than those passed in
peace and sunshine. 1 see
joyful hearts centre        them
selves on the objects of their
Joy and look no further: and I see
sorrowful hearts stretch themselves
out to aid the sorrowing everywhere
—a sword has pierced them through
therefore the thoughts out of many
hearts are revealed to them.
"Yel who am I, to say whether
the joyful or the sorrowing nre nobler1 God sends to each what is
right for each. Those who receive
joy, fulfill their destiny as truly as
those to whom sorrow is appointed.
we have to tread: leave it we must
not,  glorify it we may!"
He ceased speaking. Mary felt
awed, almost frightened. Kates
needle was still at last, her hands
were idle; her work had slipped un-
Here, before each of us, lies the path
heeded to the door, and lay there at
her feet.
As John Cayford traveled back to
town, the definite plan of action
Which had seemed so hopelessly inconceivable in the morning, began
slowly to shape itself before him.
Out of tlie confusion in his mind,
one determiuatiou arose, powerful,
irresistible, bringing order with it:
at all hazards, al any cosl, Mary's
happiness musl be secured! So eii-
Urelj cs.seutial did this appear, that
in view of it the idea of violating
his oath to Alau bs*c*uie less and
leas revolting, became familiar, became an accepted necessity.
■ Alan loved her," he arguei,
"lln-refore he would have been reao .
to make any sacrifice for her. Had
he known the production of these
papers must involve her in uiUer>,
be would have destroyed them without hesitation: if I can convince Uiy-
helf that their production will bfln-*
more pain that profit — I shall de-
stroy   them
Be knew that the thought of Mar.
ao swayed him as almost to deprive
blm of the capability to judge riglu-
es.as Judgment. lie tried to put
away all recollection of her; to view
ths* matter solely as it affected the
ini.-r.-st**. of Alan, Mr. Anderson,
Ilk-hard Twiss. Over this last name,
be pondered long. Kichard's relationship to the accused man surely
gave him a right lo tiie knowledge
of his brother's innocence. How
deeply he had seemed to feel the disgrace attached to him by Alan's supposed misdemeanor! John recalled
his own impulsive intention lo lighten the weight of grief that seemed to
crush Richard, by naming the real
defaulter; he could not be sutticicuth
thankful that he had resisted that
on the other hand, he remembered
Alan's letter to his brother. There
v. as an illusion in it which he did
not understand, and on which the
papers in Alan's box relating to the
sale of the Braehead Btreet property
would probably throw some light.
He waived the consideration of
Kichard's claims until he should have
examined  these.
As to Mr. Anderson: John figured
him as a kind-hearted employer, who
had been bitterly disappointed in the
character of one in whom he had interested himself. Was it worth
while to purchase his gratification
nt lhe cost of such disaster elsewhere' He had possibly almost for-
golten the matter.
And Alan? Certainly his main desire had been to have his name
cleared in Mar;- 's eyes. He had
said distinctly that he cared nothing
for the opinion of others, but only
for hers. He had died with that
eager appeal s>n his lips "Tell
Mary." She had been told: poor
Alan! she could scarcely remember
his name! What good could possibly
be done to hiin by the public revelation of his innocence and another's
guilt? None. And that other would
suffer social damnation And Mary
—John realized her nearness again,
fi-lt the pressuie of her hand upon
his arm, saw ihe love-light shining
in her eyes, heard her dear voice saying—"My love for Gavin, is—is me.
Il lives with my life, it is my life;
nothing can change it." Oh, no, no.
no! the pnps.*rs must not b** shewn:
at all hazards, at any cost, Mary's
happiness must be secured. He had
a disagreeable consciousness all the
while, that the.se same arguments
would have had no weight whatever
with bim, but for the crushing conviction that the hope of winning
Mary for i.'imse'if was at an end
There was still an "If" in the case
Wishart'a fate v.as nol yet decided
ii v ould not be decided, until his
present reputation had been more
closely examined. For Mary's sake,
John was willing to adopt th,. opinion expressed by Corbett In Ins let-
ts r to Alan—that Frosslie had intended no harm, had been In ereat
Straits for want of money, bad j ndded suddenly under stress ol temptation hut bad no intention ol per-
mitting Mars 'a happiness i" be plor-
esl   where   llii'lv   Was   r.<>  ii"iid   ground
im belief i:uit ii would bo secure lie
Intended to make as thorough isn Investigation of Gavin's character us
I.- possibly coulsl, with the means
and thu time ui ins disposal He had
friends in Glasgow who could nisi
him iii tin* matter: ladles win, would
probably know I'avin socially, und
men who would certainly know bis
si.niiiiiig among men lie intended
isb apply to these, without loss of
i inn-, ihere was iiiils's-d no time to
hise. since ids decision must be nr-
rivs'sl ni before the prospective interview with Hichard Twlsa t<><sk place
on ni. w.ii from the station io the*
hotel, he renilnds-.fi himself that there
was sutiilrv roiiit'tiihruncos which he
had hri>tie,iit with lilm from Melbourne fnr th.**... fi,. mis nf his, and
that he had riol yet opened tlm s-nse
containing iheiu. He nlso tried to
" uns" b'tii'i if of something that
hovered just mttslde his mental
grasp, jet refiiseil lu conie within it.
He wa.s conscious lliul he had been
iiss'inieii all afternoon bj this same
ghost of a recollootlon—was it ol
words, or s.f niUbiC, or both' It was
something ho had heard quite recently, lip triad tsi connect ii with
tin- music thai imil boon performed
in the oinptj church the nighl before, but iie could mit ii certainly
had some close association with
words, and there hail l>i"'n no words
with that music Again ami again
he was on the psiint of grasping it,
yel nlwa.va ii eluded him. It was
annoying to be ao porslstentlj haunt-
osi hy a fancy so vagus' When he
reached ins room, be prised opon the
packing caso.    Wlthl". .;. in add if on
tis own belouftings. he was dismayed
tsi find various parcels, which he had I
undertaken to transmit  from friends
oi    his    In    Melbourne to friends of j
theirs in Glasgow, and which he had '
until now  completely forgotten.    He
unpacked   them   iu   haste,   that   they ,
might be despatched as speedily    as
possible together with notes of apol- l-
ogy for his very culpable negligence. ,
One  of  them,   larger  than  the  rest,
required force to dislodge it from its
place.    He lifted it out w-ith difficui- I
ty,  remembering  tbat  he had found
It    awkward    to   pack,     and    had
thought    as he thought  now,    that ;
the  kindly  Scotchwoman  who     con- j
signed this bulky parcel to his care,
was  rather  inconsiderate.     It    contained  rare and  valuable books,  she !
had told him; stray numbers of Beethoven's      arrangements     of    Scotch 1
Songs.    She picked them up a I    sec-
ond-hond   book      stores,   and   wished i
then, to be conveyed to a nephew of
hers, who would appreciate the trea- j
sure.     John looked  for  thc address: j
the parcel    was      directed   to  Gavin
As he deciphered     the name,  there '
came to hi-ii a transitory glimpse of
the haunting recollection that had so
tantalized him      It vanished instantly,   yel   not   altogether.
"Kear of death," he kept repeating
to himself "r ear of death—that I
was certainly part of it! But where
On earth have I heard the words
lately? Anil how are they connsjeted
With Gavin Wishart?" Memory re-
fused to help bun further
l-l       '*.      ..Ml.MI-SD.1 rjjfct
|  Qorrr    TUIssubs    Thai     llxrniuiludrd
S.SB.-.1*.   I mfce!   lu   Take   A**YU>.
Every hotel In New York hns a Hture-
I room for uitis'les left behind by guests.
It is one of the important departments
of the establishment ainl often earns
the gratitude of travelers whose un-
i fortunate habit of forgetting leads
i thetu to look for things that are missing. In hotels a book is kept In which
are Jotted dowu descriptions of articles forgotten. When a hotel does a
large transient buslines, it is frequent.
ly witli difficulty that lost articles ure
arranged for idetititi.Mtion.
The integrity of servants must be
relied upon to a large extent. The
chambermaid takes Immediate possession of a room upon the guest's departure. She picks up anything thnt
appears to have bi*en left unintentionally. A note describing the article nnd
giving the name of the guest, the room
munber nnd the time of departure Is
taken to the clerk. The property is
turned over to the lioiisel;es'|ier and by
her to the "lost" department.
Saisl lhe els-rk of one fashionable hotel: "I remember a singular ease of a
mnn wbo didn't respond at onee to
the hall boy's call for nn early train.
The result was that when he disl get
up he had to run. From the station
we got n cnll on the telephone:
" "Hurry to my room.' he shouted,
'and on the table you'll untl a very valuable package. It's my eyes. Send
them to the station."
"Sure enough, we found two glass
eyes on the dressing table In h plush
case. One wns for d:iily use and the
other for an emergency. Guests often
forget their false teeth, but thnt wns
the only ense I ever knew of a man
lenving Iiis eyes."
Kings and pins nre often found on
the washstand. Valuable pins nre
found everywhere, tlie window curtains being a favorite depository.
Watches and revolvers bob out from
under pillows. Of course when tlie
owner's nddress is known ami Anything valuable ls left he Is notlfe'd
and the article sent to him. If not
called for in n few months, the forgotten nrticle usually becomes the tie*'-
quislte   of   employees.
and a Western Bronco's hide is the toughest worn by
any animal of his weight
"Pinto Shell" Cordovan is tanned from his hide by
the H.B.K. Co., by their own process, without oils
or minerals.
Used only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Water, wind, boil, scorch and cold proof.
Never gragks or hardens, never tears or rips, always
soft and flexible. ^^—^
Sold by all dealers.   See tali trade mark      BiJ? ^***-*n"*""^-*^
If four dealer l-.asiiotgs.t tbem, writs us and send his name. ^*—*-^
tvery pail branded ''Pinto SUell" Cordovan by
Hudson Bay Knitting' Co.
10 St Csorja St-cet, .Montreal.     1**8 Princess Street, Winnipeg*.
Maken 0f Warm Clo'... lag, Milts. Gloves, Uuder-wear, Sox. Mosxaslni, etc    101
A   -Tip'' For fhe Waller.
"Everything all right, sir:" nsked
the waiter.
Tbe patron nodded, but still the
waiter hovered near.
"Steak cooked to suit you, sir?" he
asked again presently.
Again the patron nodded.
"Potatoes the way you like 'em,
Another period of silence.
"I hope the service is satlsfas'tory,
"Are you bidding for a tip?" demanded  tbe patron.
"Well, sir, of course we get tips
sometimes, and I've got tsi go to the
kltchs'ii for another purty, so"—
"Ho you'd like a tip now, tss be sure
Of it?  Well, I'll give you one "
"Yes, sir." •
"Here ls the tip: I hnve a large,
Strident voice thut I um capable of using. If unythliig is wrong, I'll let.out
a roar you cnu hear iu the kitchen, If
you dou't hear It, you can know I um
dining in peace and comfort, for Iff*
no fuu to have to pass verbal Juslg-
inent on every mouthful I eat."
"But the tip?"
"That's the tip, and a might"* good
oue it ls top."	
1 bis ipls.s. d    Vssalriilla.
Austrnlin now contains more iiiii'x*
pisiri'si territory in proportion tit its size
thnn any olher continent.	
Brimstone  Por  11 heuisssdans.
The gypsies have uu odd cure for
rheumatism. THey carry a good sized
piece of brimstone In the pocket und
warrant It to cure the worst cases.
files.   SlBiltlBiu.
nice Binning for roast chicken or turkey is considered preferable to the usual breadcrumbs   To prepare it brown
one chopped onion in n toblesi uful
of batter mui mix with u four cupfuls
of B'ohl boiled rice and one cupful of
breadcrumbs thai have i n moistened
in one cupful of milk, Season with
sags, parsley or other sivi'i't herbs, as
desired. Add balf a pound of sausage
meat or finely Chopped salt pork und
suit uud pepper to luste.
JVo doubt the TtA you are
using isgoodTEAbutif
it is not ^ ^ :V * *-: >■*.-
it is not the best. >    >
When  a  voung  man  proposes  it  is When Queen  Victoria  OSCsjhde-J      I
up   to  the  girl   to   lose  her   seli-pos- throne    only   Sli'O.uui'  o     year u'-ul
gessjui spent on education, now the ainoiajf
  expended is $«."..Oon.OOO.
It is a difficult task to convince an j 	
oyster that he is at  his list  on tlie;    it hae beep decided by ine !..■ .   |
ball shell. uoverninent  not    to  work the i
  i oul   mines   in   the   Cainp.:ie   dUtricQ
Ii" .i  n.an  doesn't     repent  the cute   but to  increase the taxation paj
things Ins baby says it's a true sign   by the colliery coinpunies.
he h.isn't any baby .
Pugilists   lead   a  sluggish   life
Wben they overtake a horeethiei Inl	
in Arizona thej   cnll a ha.lt, then fori    Wise is thc fool who knows enou**!
a baiter. 'to keep it to himself.
Page Metal Ornamental Fence
Handsome,'luratile and low priced. Six-eiallT mi able forfruol
anddivision fence? in town lots, cemeterioa.orcliarda.elc. f>'.*3i
for 25 CENTS PER RUNNING FOOT. Jnataloul
the cheapest fence you can put up. Write for fuU particular!.
Use l'm;e Vtrm Kcnce snd Poultry Netting.
The Page Wire Fence Co, LiBiiteit Walkers-tile. Ontario.
Montrs-saJ, P.Q.. nnd It, John. N B. I
ROSS (St ROSS. General Agents, -WINNIPEG. MAN.
Even the pesacestui traveller occa-
Bionall] has a brush with the porter
Ths'  Kangaroo  is a  lively   animal,
even when lie is on  his last   legs
C gal's should be entered in a n an'a
ixpenee account as   "losses by lire "
A     Ls;>.lis-.a;  .-!•..,|
tO    mlSVS    aicklisss.
Dyspepsia   auffs
ailihsiuinsr   tlie
I'Olntins; out
asssu'-irttion. anxmuH
"ss, sill l.e srlad to .*..•,,,I
rers an lllualratad bonk
cause ut .hs'.'I'mbs asi.l
cure.    It  Iiiim IhhukIiI   mv
llauia   In  I Isina.
Next to coliins, tlie greatest use fs '
lumber in China Is in building boat".
and it ls safe to say that the iiuuil*-*|
of craft runs Into the millions.
and  health  to  thousands     It   i
iy   Irea     Write   lo-.Jay      I'n   not
thi*   srenfrous.   onVr        AsliiresiM   Ausstkisb,
Health   Improvement   Association,   I"   (i
H.ix   5'U*".,   Il.sston.
paB«    hy
Old   Chlnrar  Banknote.
One of the curiosities at tlie Briti'i. |
museum ls a Chlneee banknote of tb» |
fouttes'titli century, which was disco"*1
ered iu the ruins of a statue of Hiiddbi
at Peking, l'apir money was uot Introduced into Europe till tbe seveiiteentH
The   Te.-s   Plant.
Iii India the is*a plant is naturattyi
tree, bnt by aieiu)*, of pruning 11 ••
kept so small thai it SB-ems io be oatj
Is hush.
Qroandi  l..r Dlvorsse.
A Riils'iii iMn-s.i mun who (ought a
divorce proved, according to a Boston
paper, that hla wife tore the ilgn from
his stors-, put into bis tea something
that made bim vomit, threw his clothes
downstairs, QUed his shoes With Cold
water, put swill in nil overcoat pocket,
threw water OVCT him as lie Went
downstairs, put pepper In nil bed,
mude lam sleep in iiii attic, wouldn't
do ids washing, wouldn't meiid bis
clotbee, mails' him darn ins socki and
sew butt.ins on his sliirlM, spat ou his
toast When  be  was getting llis  brs'ak-
faat, rocked In a squeak; chair <„r
hours at u time to annoy him. pet
grease on his Sunday clothes, wouldn't
1st hlm bavo a Die on the coldest evening! so Unit be often had to go to bed
at 7 p m. to ks-p warm, ninl finally
"she rubbed a butcher knife over his
neck uud threatened to blow out bis
ll.ii.isBii   a   lllus-flah.
Reforp baking n bluefJsb tlie creole
cooks pour over it n sauce made from
fresh or canned tuiuntoea In which gar*
lie Is chopped 11 is theu linked uutil
the flesh of the llsli (Jakes, udtulttiu;*
lbs- siius'e.
SoniO   has  the  most   hum !.' nckl ol
any ..'ut.try.   In_ one .small village at
he tool ut the Sierra JUii*.*'    there I*
 ., _     .,.s... :^    ;..i. , 1 ,,r.isit9.
one In every tliirtsjcif. Inhabit'"'***
["ranee, lu (he nelgnborhoosl "< •*••
Loire, has a gnat many pes ; • "•11^r'
Ing from deformed should.is It hai
boeu reckoned that lie re are l,WQ#*
liilti.'hbail.s ln the woi id lit Dresent
Pranges  nnsi   lnnnessiss.
Oranges are used as a cure tot l"*
di'i'iizi!. eapeclalry In Florid")    N***
ev. iy fruit will purify the bl 1.1""^
because of tin* sofl water, wha-h tnW
up wore Injurious material In luttj*
tein than hard water, and i«urtl*f* j*
cause of ita salts. Lemon is i-w®
fssr thla reusiBii.
Horse n*. • Mardeier.
A remnrltah'e story comes (torn •"-^
lor, Engluud. A man noticed a l*"rW
circling continually round n Itinlb, BIT
Ipg it toward n fence ninl Anally tnW»
Ing it through a 'hedge Into a i^iea
dike beyond ut an exact Bpot w»J"
another lamb was drowned. Tb« DOT"
was .liveried from Its murderoUl a""
sij-ii with great difficulty*
It is not only because of their great wearing qualities
that you are recommended to wear
Granby Rubbers
Style, fit and finish are almost as important. Granby
Rubbers have a stylish, clean cut appearance all their
own, and are made in all the different shoe shapes.
"Granby Rubbers wear lihe iron." The Drill.
„MlU,l,.'s inU'iuli'i. is a piano deal-
* , | AH
crl.v" 'und «he believes 1dm all thnt
vj, instruments are*'*
B1f,arond, 1 suppose?
,.V,.s   and upright and square.
till' I
sc—I have used your MINARD'S
AIENT in my family and also in
tubles for years, and consider it
'..it inorilclno obtainable.
Yours truly,
11.i(,tor  Uoxton  Pond Hotel  anil
lV,,,v Stables,
xton bond, July 4. '01.
x, Westmlnsttu* County Oourt.Lon-
,;„   , defendant owing £47 oderud
!,'.,'■■ is u mouth. As it would bo
1980 before the debt could be paid
thiH i.e.- nu older Waa inane
d's Liniment is tlie best.
v    hoi-t actiualntance   is  always
,ry(n   to make a touch.
li i,hi ms' coughing tak«' Dr, Aug-
UB, j uig'a Hamburg Breast Tea,
■1',,,,,'V:', uie innocent birds—almost
„„v ttoiuan can stuff th	
boarding houso spring chlek-
iiriis Ln    their -flis'ond child
Beware of Ointments tor Catarrh
That Contain Mercury.
pi. is
oi   i
ih.- l
.1     i
Im. n
li     i
I last's
I Ills'
■ tins...
,., nry will surely destroy the sense
„ ell nmi comtiletely slerange the
. system when entering il through
,u('uuB surfaces. .Such articles should
i„  ubshI  except   oib    prescriptions
reputable   iihvssii'iisiiss.   iss   the   iliuii-
,,. v   will  'lo  Ih  tenfold  ts>   the  i!-" ''
„,,    possibly       derive    Instil     ths-in
I iiIihiIi Cure,  iiiunulisi'tureil by  F
limey  .•<   Co.,  'I'ssleilo.   0.,   contain*
i-is-urv, uud la taken Internally, act*
iiii.,tlj   upon  tin* liliinil  ssiul mucoui"
,- ofthe syateni.  lis buying Hail's
■ a Cure be eure you i'<*i  tin- genu
li  |m ti'ki-u Internally, und made In
I) .  b)   !•'    .1     I'liency   &   Co     I •'-
,_.a   tree
I  by  druggists,    l'rl.-s*.  75c  tier  hssi.
I'smily   I'M*  ssre   the  best
'(iiurp i- supposed tn be infallible,
*,,•! ii Rives the rooster a comb, Imi
til,,. 11 inl  nf Mui her Qraves'  Wuriii   Ex
linistoi will convince you that it bai
*jn s-n'iai   nn   »   worm   mi'slicins*.      Buy   u
..*■ i.   nisi si<- if it diien not please you
ll * man ever convinces his   wife
|fhnt Iii'  is   a  genltlS  hs'   must   do   it
tiuiiii.' thc courtship.
[llnardi liniment for KheamsttsB.
Vou i'iiii'I   tip a waiter s'lisiuijli    ts
Imakp Iii in lose bis balanoo.
About tin* only satisfactory aubstt-
Itiiti. fur wisdom is silenco.
Hani mui soft  I'oriiN cannot wtthatand
| Huns.uiBy's I'liris     Cure;     it   is effectual
i'i. lima, aet ii bottle ist once mnl be
iVmong the ini/i'S givs*n tsi the boys
■attending a voluntary school in a
lM;<l-i;inmoi'izun village recently wns
lone consisting of a box ssf simp, n
|piece Of flannel and a toivl
A certain naval officer was very
[pompous and conceited wben on
|s'.iit\ One day when he was officer
"I tin' watch, and he could not as
luKunl, And anything of consequence
| to grumble about, be uttomptod to
vent ins spite i'ii one of the stokers
|'i( the vrssi'l, wiui was In lhe engine
| loom nn duty.
Going to the s|.enking tube. tbs. nf-
|fleer   lolled,  "Is    tbere ,i blithering
|ldiul  ut  the end of this ti.be ?"
rin' reply came quick and startling,
Nol  nt  this end,  sir !"
w fri v.
mm wgs
AX'..,-. •'■/.'  • V'-'^U*.*:
«CT8MS<nv     ^   M^ER
KlDl^   B0WEI&
<,-\ <"*>,, <•**«,
•^l^iLft" t_ DBur,f,isTS PBiff .-iQcph*mnL
Could Scarcely Walk, and   Sleep
and She Were Strangers.
Kidney Complaint Wag tlie 1 rouble—
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured It and new
Bhe Can Both Sleep and Walk.
Bear Hiver, Digby Qo., N.S., Jan.
IU.—(Special)—Of peculiar interest to
aged people is the statement made by
Mrs. Elizabeth Berry, of this pluce.
Mis. Berry is sixty-five years of age,
and for over eight years' she was
troubled with Chronic Kiiinoy Complaint, She wus so bad that she
could scarcely walk from one room
to another, sbe could no*, sleep and
**he re(|iiiieil assistance ..veil to dress
herself. Dodd's Kidney l'ills cured
her.   Here's whut she says herself :
"A friend advised me to take
Dodd's Kidney Tills. I took one box,
but that not helping ine 1 left on
taking any more for three yean I
at last got so I hut 1 could not ibess
or undress myself and could scarcely
sleep more than live ln'tn.les ut a
time. Then I resolved to trice I'miIiI's
Kidney Pills a thorough trial. I
took live boxes nmi tbey provl ,<iich
a Biiccess I took seven more boxes.
Now I can sleep much better and am
completely cured of Kidney ti'oubli*
"Whi'ti I started tnUin^ hodd's
Kidney Pills l could only walk from
one i oom to another N.iw I can
mall. a mile "
Dodd's Kidney Pills make tho old
feel young again
Experience teaches a man how riis-
honi-st   other  men  are.
Minard's Liniment Cures Latirippe.
Contracting a disease in reality ex-
I'ii ii s Is  it.
l «il! sen.l my fine booll
mi ('Hmrrh to nil su tier-
ssr-sfn.sii lliis ilUeiBs-n, Il
sixpl.siiistlio sjrit*iii ills liter- uud cum for tliii
Iru ii'Iii.t u*. tronblo It
is fn ly illuKtriitsxl bj
lliobii tisrti-ls. Aslslr.-s».
Speeiaila!    Sproa a,    1
Hi, Bill' Bt„   Iloati.'.
Aii oisin girl recently sold a lol of
old lo.'- letters to a rag man tor 6
cents. Sbe Bays sbe got the Ii-mI of
ihs- bargain al that.
s   Ackiriii.in. cuiiiiiii-iiiiii traveller, lls-i'.e-
illlc, wrils-Hi "Ssniii- vs-arss BffO 1 u.s-.l
Ur   Tbomaa'  Rclectrtc mi  for  Inumruiia-
ts.ry i tieasss itism. nsi<t  tS:res* ti.sl'l,-*; sai-.t-
B-st a complete cure 1 wae the \. i:..n- .if
one suiiissss-r iinulils- tss move without
crulchee, mis] everv movement caused ex-
I'ruliist insr.   paiiiH.    I   inn   now   oul   on   ths-
roissi end s-\iinsi»i| to ull kinsis of weather
nut have never been troubled with rhs'ii
iniitiii     Rlnce    I.  however,  l.,-eii is isssttls-
of  Dr   Tnomae'   Eclectric  nil    sin  band,
end I alwavs rsKommend it to othere. sss
it   ilisl   so   iiiurli   for   iiBB- "
Cheap bssltrings for the poor will be
provided in several buibliiigs to be
erected in Vienna on the model of
Uu' ttowton housi's in I.onslon.
All Bodily Aches
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
cow. and get only
about half the milk
they should produce.
strengthen! the digestion and invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment ls all drawn from tbe
food. It takes just the same trouble to cure for a cow when she
gives three quarts as when she
gives a psil. Dick'• Blood Purifier
will pay back iu cost with good
Interest ln a few weeks.
60 cents a package.
LMmlng. Miles ft Co., Asjamta,
HOW Some Wild Captives Ael  Wlsea
"Is-:.Is:,.:..   Arrive..
An anlinul in almost as demonstrative
when he Is huugry as when he ls In a
ruge. They ure both natural "eellngs.
and he B(?es uo reason for disguising
them. Human beings who are affected
In the siime way as animals by hunger
pay tribute to civilization by not letting this appear. At an animal show
in this city the wild occupants of the
cages get very wild when the hour
comes for them to be fed. A truck
laden with meat and vegetables ls
wheeled nround. Long before It gets to
their cages the lions net as if beside
themselves over the maddening prospect of food. The cages are very small,
and yet a lion and lioness will often be
ln one. They tear from oue side to the
other, tho lion Jumping over the body
of the lioness rather thun make a "longer trip around." Though they ought
to have learned that each will get a
share, they both plunge for the great
chunk of meat. Once tbey get lt they
eat lt with a certain intensity, but deliberation.
The hyenas, "bounders" of the animal realm, are horribly greedy and
will steal from each other every
chance tliey get. The apes, the "snobs"
of animal kind, nre rather fastidious, If
greedy, The ostrich, large, robust bird
Unit It Is, awnlts Its food with much
stolidity und when it gets its head of
cabbage pecks nt It In a most contained, ladylike fashion. The stoical
els'pliant Is a placid eater also.
Thi. Mean. Anaemia, and If N.-^-l.-.'is-il
Con.simptlon May Follssw-Or. William.' Pink Pill, the Oul; Certain
Speed of Usss-Iisk Camel*.
The racing cann 1 is very carefully bred
and valuable prizes ure offered by a
racing society at Biskra for the fleetest
racer, suys Pearson's Magazine. I have
seen tho start of a race and It reminded me, in a faroff sort of way, of a
horse race. The camels were all ar-
rnnged In line and they sniffed the air
lu their anxiety to be off. A flag was
waved aud tliey set off at a terrible
pace, ns If they were only racing for a
short distiluce. They kept together
until they were almost out of sight.
Then they seemed to settle down to
their habitual pace and tlie race pi*o-
eeeds'd wRh long Intervals between
tho competitors. I have also se*n tho
flulsh of n camel race, and It reminded
mo of the first motor car promenade
between London and Brighton. The
ciiDiels were certainly not so broken
down and bedraggled, but they came
ln at intervals of several hours aud
great patience was necessary to watch
them nrrivs*.
A My.tlc Volume.
A good story is told of the Russian
police, who are very careful lest any
literature of an atheistic character
shnll fall Into the hands of the peasants.
A peasant in the province of Minsk
went to a publisher's shop nnd asked
for a Bible. Unwittingly the shopman
gave him an algebra primer.
On opening the book when be reached home, the peasant was surprised to
find lt full of mystic signs and hieroglyphics. The peasant showed it to a
policeman, w-ho felt convinced that the
signs were of an "extremely freethink-
ing character," and so arrested the
At the trial the peasant was discharged, and the policeman, Instead of
being rewarded for his religious zeal,
was reprl mn tided.
Oil of Rattlesnakes.
In Pennsylvania the oil of rattlesnakes Is preserved most carefully as a
liniment especially good for sore joints
and fur rheumatism. In procuring the
oil the dead snake is nailed head aud
tnll to a board and cut open. The fat
is taken out nnd laid upon n cloth In
tlit* hot sun, from which the filtered oil
drips into a Jar. From fear that tlie
reptile may have bitten itself the dear
oil is ts'sted by dropping a portion of it
Into milk. If it floats In one globule, lt
Is regarded ns unaffected; If, on the
oths'r hand. It brenks Into beads nnd
curdles the milk, it Is judged to be poisonous and thrown awuy
Ue Kni-sv Some Co.tlr Ones.
In order to discourage the use of objectionable words, snys the Chicago
Post, the father hnd evolved n system
of fines, soniewhnt after this fashion:
llnng it, 1 cent.
Darn it, 'J cents.
i!o*-h, 3 cents.
(Josh darn tt, r> cents.
The boy who was to be reformed by
this method studiesl thetnrlff with con-
sldsralile Interest, but it wus Borne time
before be Bi>oke.
"Well," be snld at last, "I guess I
know some words that would cost a
To sTleaa Nickel Clocks.
Cheap nickel clocks that have proved
their convenience through much popular use play tricks with their timekeeping occasionally for wnnt of cleaning.
This fault may be quickly remedied
with naphtha. The bucks should be
unscrewed and the works taken out
nnd Immersed In the fluid, a treatment
thut will speedily restore their service
unless some more radical defect than
dust ls the trouble.
Meanness of Brown,
Green—Brown told an acquaintance
of mine thut he could havo bent my
time nnd mnrrled you himself If lie bad
wanted ta
Mrs. Green—The Iden! I wonder why
he didn't do It, then?
Green—Oh, I cuu readily understand
why he didn't llo had a grudge
against me.
Her  Idea of It.
"Do you believe In short engagements?"
"Yi's, Indeed, and lots of them!"—Detroit Free l'l-ess.
Anaemia, or poor or watery blood,
is a trouble from which most growing girls, and many young boys suffer, lt comes at a critical period of
the .young person's life, and utiles.-,
profnpt steps ure taken to enrlcn the
blood and thus strengthen the system, decline, and most likely consumption Will follow. Dr, Williams'
I'ink Pills is the only medicine thai
acts directly upon the blood und the
nerves, promptly restoring the ailing
one to complete health und strength.
The following statement from irs,
1 en a M. Ryan, of Welland, whose
daughter was a victim oi anaemia,
gives the strongest prool of the
vulue of these pills. Mrs. Ilyan Rays:
" About three years ano tlie health
of my daughter, Birdie, became so
bud tlmt 1 wu.-, seriously alarmed
She wus pale und almost bloodless;
bad no appetite, lost flesh und suffered from severe headaches, 1 took
her to a doctor, and ulthough bis
treatment was followed for some
Lime, ii did nut benefit her. 1 then
ti'is'd some other remedies, but these
also failed, und she had vvastod away
to a mere shadow of her former self.
At this stage 1 wus advised to give
her Dr. Willinms' I'ink Pills, and she
began this treatment. Almost from
the outset these pills heipeil ber, an I
as she continued their use, the color
came back to her cheeks, her appetite Improved, the headaches ceased
,'o trouble her, and by tne time sho
had taken eight boxes she felt stronger and better than she hod ever
slone before in her life. I think l>r
Willinms' Pink Pills are unsurpassed
for all ailments of this kind, and
strongly recommend them to oilier
mot here."
Dr. Williiuns' Pink Pills not onlj
cure all cases like the above, bul
also euro all other tronbl>*s arising
from poor blood sir we.il; nerves,
sui'h as rheumatism, purtilii paralysis, St Vitus' dance, indigestion,
kidney und liver troubles, scrofula,
and eruptions of the skin, etc. Those
pills are ulso a direct cure for the
ailments from which so many women
suffer in silence Hive the pills n
fair trial antl they will not disappoint you. The genuine are sold
(inly In boxes that huve the full name
'•Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People," on the wrapper around ev-
by box. If your deaHr does nut
have them, send direct to tho Iir.
Williams Medicine To.. Brockville.
Ont . and the pills will be sent post
I aid at 50 cents a box, s.r six boxes
for 83.50.
There is nothing     like Is-ather— not
even the paper Imitations.
Millard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer
No man is great enough, wise
enough or good enough to be trusted
with  unlimited power.
Fever anil Airtie unsl bilious DeraiiL't*-
mente nrs* noslttvelv cures! isv the use of
Parmelee's Pills They not only clcsinse
the slpinnch Hinl bowels from all bilious
mutter, hut ths*y open the excretory vessels causlns, them to Dour conious eflu-
si.itia from the hlootl into the bowels, af-
t.-r which the corrupted mass is throun
out hy the nalurul iinssime of the boil*'
Tliey are used sis u e-eni'ral family meiii-
I'ine   with  the hest   results
The  quickest  way  to do  things  is
to do only one thing at a time.
rionkey with
a Cough.
Just a little tickling cough
may not suggest any trouble
but it is often the fore-runner
of very serious lung disease.
Gray'i Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
soothes and heals the irritated membrane and the
cough passes away. Gray's
Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
is a carefully compounded
preparation and is a specific
remedy for all throat andlung
affections.   25 cents a bottle.
One bottle will demonstrate its virtue.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
At (Isilhenbi'ig, Sweden, tbere is an
artificial system of underground wa-
ii'i infiltration by which Impure sur-
faie   wnter   is   made  suitable   for  1I0-
nicstic use.. Gothenburg ims heretofore been famous for its liquor system,   but now  it  bus  double  honors.
15,000 Reward ZiftitA
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove that this soap contains
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains any injurious chemicals.
Asm fer the Os-Ugoa Bar. itj
ASK   t***OR
Ogilvie   Oats
Oelloloue flavor.     Free trom hulls.    Warranted Pure.
Put up In all elxed package*.
Its now manufactured, the great Family Flour.
Inslet on getting " OeiLVIE'S," at thoy are better than the heat
MAX/E    NO    KQ-s-IAL_.
O/rimUHy «W t/trfftJAUis *>tt^
m%nst AviUsins alh/L-vJ- ^Uyit^co',
Improved Electric Belt
Thr s.iii-m Electric lli-lt ln the world le
whet 1 iil'n-r you. My improved belt ie
mil'i-i mr to any other masle. It i.i not
chained in corroding ulnoitar. It Kivea u
etronu.r current ol electricity than il
possible witn any "viiu-srur belt." lt is
KuiBi'siiiii.-.i for three yeiirN. One does for
elcht persons. It cures* Kheuinaliam,
Weak It.ss-k. Nervousness, IlyapepRla,
Losses, Debility nmi Varicocle. I ain
practically giving this splendid Belt away
on trial, as the prise has been put at
the lowest possible fiirure, so that it Is
within the easy reach of everybody. Our
prices are from $U. and there is nothing
et all  to pny till you are cured.
We sensl, absolutely free, to every per-
•on writing us. our beautiful Illustrated
Medical Book und the best. Electric Belt
on trial. We offer a better article at a
lower prise than any nthcr. und all writing ue receive immediate and skilful
treatment. In every case we undertake
we s>*i>d a legal guarantee to cure you
or   r.-fund  money.
Whut we offer you la this : Our Medical treatise Free, together with our beet
Belt, sm fair trial. Uenieniher, our Belt
ll positively guuranteed to be the strongest made, and It will cure you. Write
today it costs nothing to try it. Address
DS. J. E HACDONALD ELECTRIC CO., *_$£_*- <*aw5&**3^.0,
•Jg*-gg, USE EDDY'S
It Is verj much stronger nnd thlsks-r than sny other stair.d ssr building!
paper. It lis linp.-rvlum tii wind, ks-s-ps out colal, keeps In beat, s-arrlei no •mall
or odor, ebnorba no moisture, Imparts sis. teste or tlavnr to anything with
which lt cossies lis * onlas I. It la largely ssse.l suit only fur she.'tltig hooaea, bet
for lining- colsl   storage   bullsllnga,   refrlgerelssra,   slalrls-a,   it, nssierli-t,   end  alt
Blscea wiser* the object Is to keep en evi-u   aud   uniform   temperature,  snd  et
ie isroe time avoiding dempneaa.
Write our Agenta, TEES A rF.RSSB, Winnipeg, for .maple..
THE E. B. KDOV CO., I. Ism I tod, HULL.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Ilemi what Professor Slum. (onii'."iy
,,f tha Ontario Agricultural Uolleare,
(j-jeiph. Ont . nmi now Editor of this 6>t
Paul Farmer, «sys of C«.rnefac Htock
Pood :
Si.   Paul,   Minn ,   I'i-,'    1".   LOsOa
This  is  tu ii'iiifv  that  ibe  Inaredieiiti
iiss-sl  ny  Mr.  W.  ll.   Douglas,    Winnipeg,
in the manufacture of hla Csrnefac sunk
Pood   has   been   sulimitU-il   to   me   for   niv
opinion regarding their value 1 maysat
with reference 10 them that I am sn'is-
'ieil they nre sll healthful, if properly
blended they sliould make a splendid
tonic for live stock, more especially
when thc digestion Is not In the proper
sinier They will act as ssn appetiser
»n-l will also tend to stimulate the di-
ei'-iii.n ss, tlmt when fi-h to animals not
in iruinl condition of thrift the resull
uould he to quickly Improve their condition I would suppose that tins footl
would I"' especially helpful in feeding
horses In preparing them for spring work,
and 111 putting In tone the stomach ol
rattle sheep and swine thai have heen
pushed tuo hard in feeding. It shoulil
nlsn render i;si,nl service when fed lo
calves 1 Imt nre not prospering because of
indigestion THOMAS SHAW
Vim con obtain It from ymir dealt)!
•r M A O « A IM T
".O.    -*-".    BRYAN    a,    OO.
and ean be cored at
ltd Oiborae •»., Winnipeg.    TSatabllahsd 1IM.
Orer »0,tX0 oer-a.   Don't ha  "ecelTed  If jo*
wast e «mre    Testa Tbe st"*el<'T   weere Jfos
are treated b; a qualified phxalclsn.   Omnam
poadenee atrlotlj prints.
WANTED—Fresh, well made.  .\lsn onus of th-
year a.u. 1908.   tfnonenow, talcsai.dresa una
ship Inter.     We --ui|i Bread frisson, so th^t it
cuts nnd eats like new made.
Winnipeg Co-Oporatlve Society.
The Bakery,  Cor. Elgin and Nona St.,
Wlnnlpog. CowMpOTdenee Hulicitssd.
In order to enjoy life a ninn must
in- n little miserable occmloneJly..
So rapidly docs luuir Irritation spreud
anil deepen, that often In t few weeki »
simple cough culminates In tubercular
consumption Olve heed 10 a court
there is always danger In delay, net 1
bottle ol Bickle's Anti-Consumption Hyrup und cine yourself. It Is 11 medicine
unsurpassed for all throat and luna
troubles, it is compounded from savoral
herbs, each ono of which stands at. the
head ol the list us exerting a wonderful
influence   in curlnur consumption and all
IlllUr   di'-.asas-a
An    silsl  bachelor recommends the
gold cure for fsamlnlne heart troublea. '
Arrow    Uattwo,     sB.O.
These   miraculous   sprinns,
Minister  to a mind diseased,
Pluck from the memory a rooted Borrow.
Ka/e    out   the    written   troubles   of   tha
And  with sweet oblivious antidotes
Cleanse   the   studi'd   bosom   ol   thoas  perilous   st.ufls
Which weiKh  heavily   upon  Kidney,  l.iver
and  Stomach
Therefore,  all  ye  who suffer—tllve phytic   to   the    dugs;   hava    none  of   tt,   but
come and ba cured at
The Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarian*, B.C
TI'.UMS   $ir,   to  |18  per  week.
Grain and Commission Merchants.
Highest prices paiil for wheat, oati,
barley or tla\ in carlots Wire or write
me    fur    prices    before    selling       Liberal
advances    mnsie   sm    consignment!   ami
handled  On     commission,     Licensed    and
P. O. Box. O.-jO. Winnipeg Han.
Those who begin hy Irylhp to sh'-
celve othera end by deceiving them-
Wlis'ii 11 man owns bul one suit ui
iisitiii'H in* la in 11 position   tn guy
1 lis*  1'1'sl i\s' uml ll.
Lifebuoy Soars—disinfectant— is strongly recommended hy the medical profession
is 11 safeguard strains! infectious die*
A     sui'll  islTiiir     is  apl   tO  ninl*''  B
misfit of 1 man's imt
Mtxf,    """-I.    »-».    bT*>Jo. THI DHllX, SLOCAN, B. C. JANUARY P.O. 1903,
J ti
C. E. SMiTnBRixaALK, Editor and Prop.
-"ELOCAN,      •      •       •       -      B. C.
Legsl Advertifin** 10 cents a line tot
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
.Certificstes of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient ad vertieements at same rates
Locals wi|l be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
iy in advance; |2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
builders, nnd he should know: -*The
time haa passed in the affair- of Can-
adit when it is in'ci'ssarv for tho goy-
eruniein to subsidize a railroad. This
is the ap.*- wlnn pvsijsx-ts of tliis character are carried out for practical reasons. bs30au» the development of the
country waiiants it, and primarily localise the investment can be profitably
made. A railroad that re-quires a ?"oy-
enunent subsidy in Canada today .before it can be const meted, is uot iv-
quirad by the country nor tvarrantod
liy the business that will he naturally
tributary to it. In truth, tha practical
railroad world today realizes, in my
estimation, that a ■"-owrnnii'nt subsidy
is not a "*x**od tliiiif*; for a taansporta-
tion venture, which is based upon
business coiisid"i'at ions. Government
aid is usually tainted with such conditions that the value of the grant is
more than offset by the disadvantages
of the restrictions."
A pencil mark in ihs space
•pposile will be an ladle**
•tion to yeu that ye editor
•considers*1 there is soinatUing
coming tehim on yniu subscription. Kindtyacknow-
tsilgs  ia cash and oblige.
John Clapperton has fimked and
declines to-be the government victim
in West Yale. It is all up with the
family compact.
Const people have, in a moment of
enthusiasm, launched into existence
Old papers for sale at this office.
Sandon defeated Pluviiix at hockey
this week 1 to 2.
J. Frank Ci illom  went out 10 Spokane again on Monday.
The  supply   of   eoal through  the
country is becoiniiif' easier.
The members of the fire brigade
hold their first annual dance tonight.
W. T. Grier was crushed to death at
Eholt. Thursday, while coupling ears.
association affecting to improve the], T(-,K' V^ of(Yl*lif\,nr'/ il.-itatin-
*        , . ,,"*        ' , I for the incorporation of that pi ace as a
mining industry of the province, and
they are seeking to extend its rauiili-
cations into every corner of the country. The object in view is most laudable, but somehow or other, Kootenay
folk are inclined to be a trifle dubious
of anything emanating from 'neath
the shadow of the legislative pile iu
Victoria. Too often those coast
schemes smaekly strongly.<sl private
Two carloads of brick and lime arrived in Tuesday for the sawmill company.
The Claim will not down, Col.
Lowery will reach his readers via th.?
express line.
Harry Gibson, formerly of this
place, is occupying a cot in the Sandon hospital.
Mayor York has a notice in tliis
issue regarding the use of the city's
tire apparatus.
Dr. Sansome.of Clinton.is the lats'st
It is a remarkable fact that there
are yet Americans who really believe
Canada's  destiny is ultimately   be-j freak spoken nf for the government to
com** merged in that  of the  States,  run iu West Yale.
Oue of these deluded humans ia Con-      The Minns'Union  will  hold their
gressman Cochran, of Missouri.   At | fourth annual ball ou Feb. 12.   This
least he had that impression a week or
so ago, but  an event has transpired
since that has opeued iiis eyes aud
broadened   his conception of things
The sawmillI people have had tho KSSftK^
t Kh river working this week, prepar- \fQ4 _    _-.».. ...r,,,.,   ^r-. r5
ing the foundation  tor  the engine
house for the shingle mill.
Look out for bargains at Bennett & ' BS
Co.'s. Everything must be closed out \ *n*
by March 1st. Special sale of Hid, VJ
gloves and children's stockings. ! pj!
John Houston's application to ap* \ K
peal against the acceptance by tlu'i^j
liquidator of P. J Deane's tender for 1 gC
the old Tribune plant has been refused' V
bv the courts. I a ss,
New postoffices have beeu opened lyi
the following places in the Yale *5j
Cariboo constituenoy: North Star, WS
Annis, Silver Creek, Moberly, Boun- H
dary Falls. Goldflelds and Morrissey I gS
Mines. ^  j**
An idea of tho expense inclined by , JJJJ
the mill people in estabhahing their OS
works mav )«• gained  from  the fact KJ
that thev'paid upwards of 11000 in >.*<
Profll is BMMsnrjr't*) business
continuance, tlint is obvious.
But ii tirm llitit makes* profit tho
ilu--uli' snd alined at toon discovers Ita mistake. Quality to
my mind is- priniaril.s Dssentlal,
\\ i'..: mo iirnfit in tlio narrow lc-
trrj-srotntiuii la always subordinated to ii. This i> tlis* safi-pt
poller both fi.r">o*.! (md for nil*.
Tin* (Treats* ,t encouragement I
receive Is tbnt my customers -.1-
waysseek quality lir.^t. They
know aud rightly, that In so do-
lug '.la'ir profit i* ill bo more l'tinl
anil lasting.
freight ou some
from Ontario.
machiuery arriving
l-n Bronze
Dave Sloan, wifo and boo
Sloan, Harry Lowes and .Miss Veddei
left yesterday morning to spend thc
balance of the winter i.i Perth, On'..
returning here in May. They were
aecsnnpanieil as far as Minneapolis l>v
ilu-two little daughters of N.HetnL-
lard, where they will in future reside.
K Goods
Bob i 2*«
MINING  in*'onus.
tt JS
sa v.
I eV
We are showing Vases, I'm
deli bra, Mirrors, Call Beik,
in!, si. m'-. Flower Slnm
Lamps,l'i..nsi Lair.p> ri.-ii
Fn mos.
I. i'ii. -' nud Ctoatlemen's Vn •
brelias.  Tbey arc beauties,
We keep tin. Merldon Britannia Company's goods, "sn
vs*r Plate thai wears.
Appended is a complete list of tlio various records registered at the local rcjiis
try ollice, 11. I'. Christie bein;; mining
•7*m 24—Four Friends U. W E l.oic to1 fy*
l.eo Hoiron.
Bommeraellh J, Joss'iili Doiron to Con
SUicar. Prince anil Doirest '4, l.eo
Deiros to s»ini'.
I*....i>e St", lt E Allen to tame,
Four Friends J. W E Boie to same.
BlackPrince fr >.,, Con hlurpl.-? to Leo
Engraving not exceeding three lei.ter5.wiil be done free of charge,
and express orders will receive prompt attention,
Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,
9        B. C.
;—:•  •■■*-v":>:.:;-«^^
r l'lists* tl'«t wears."    Nui  RS
l!,-*sls,Ti'u Ware,Bske Dlsho, BS
"18M ROQKRS BROS."      Rfl
Knives, Forks. Spoons, etc, fVi
nn. snaraQtoed by both a» >*»
nmi tlsi'intii be the best thnt M
is minis, in plate. ><%
Tim Mi'ri.ls'ii llritiiiinin Co.. Wt
by over 80 jrears of continuous ■x
iii:iiiiifiii-tiirilii;, Isiivs* liiinlc n "Ut
ri'iiutiititin in tiii-. line thai m
none can touch. Come In anil JW
see some ul thoir lato proJuc- 8JJ
tion. J,J
!*   I
\tnrricnn   Cut   Glms  of   al
isi's mui ilesifiis.
af ever; ilesttil'tiou,
tra to
time it will lx- n masqiterade.
The Silverton hockey team
0 down this nft 'nn xm to try co
I sinus with the locul Rggre rntion.
Supper for the Miners' Union mas-
ijiieraile ball on Peb. 12 will Ik- -served
in tin* Union hull from 11 p.m. to 1 a.
Prizes will be nwarded by the coni-
niitti'e to tin- lis'st ilis'ssi ii laiiv anc
•Canadian.   Cochran made a speech in
congress proteisting against the truckling policy of  Yankees to Britishers.
nnd venturing the assertion that Can-
•ada, now intensely loyal, would, it left
alone, gradually swerve her allegiance j gent at the Miners' Union masquerade
to Uncle Sam.   The Brpeakergei  nol ■•'•■*•
A practice alarm was turnsil in Fii-
day from the Arlington Hots*l and the
ore brigade got thereon ihe double
James R. Mtiir. representative of
.Mason ••_- lii.scli, came iu Wednesday
to straighten the kinks in dcbilitnt 'il
Re*. Mr. Sanford, of Rossland. was
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
mmm mm,
Rev. William Simons, Ps.stor.
Sunday, »t II n.in. ar.il 7.:',') p.m.
3ahliath School at 2M0 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, V.'s*slncsslay, 7.:'0 p.m.
Strangers antl yonng msn
»•» cortlittllv invitwl.   .   .
SI i.can,
B. C
farther, for just then a Canadian girl
in the visitors' gallery, named Miss
Grant, hailing from Kingston, called
out to the American tail-twistor, "You
lie!" It was enough. Those two
words succinctly epitomises "Canadian
national spirit. Today, as she has
ever lieen, Canada is intensely  loyal
to the. British Empire and its flag, and j the preacher in the Melluxiist church
the man doesn't live who will witness Sunday, Rev. Seymour officiating at
a rupture of those ties.   In ages to j Sa,u"on*
.come should Canada elect to sever al-!    Owing to shortage in the mission
iegiance to Britain, it will be to stand fun,ls* Mewodlst ii.issi.Ws will re-
, ,. u       ,    i cs'ive onlv di p<T es-nt of their regular
alone, a  nation among nations, out '■ ajj
ted Ranges
for $18.2.
Alex. Rogers,;—
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leadinjj Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocnn, li. C.
General racking Hnd For-
wnriiing sttci ded to at ilie
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at rensonalile rati s.
Slocan Ci!? Kirs' Dim,
No. 62, W. F. of tl.
Meets every  WednesdaY evening
in  the Union  Hall. Sli.can  City, at
j 7.:>0 p.m. Vialtinf brethren cordially
to attend.
Financial Sccrttarr
Furnishings ^>-
never to acknowledge Yankee donuna-
tion. One would have thought intelligent Americans^'it least, were awan
of that fact, but, sulfiee it to say, the
incident mentioned will have ite effect i The new license commission >rs for
in emphasizing the truth of Canada's I tho Ainsworth district nre Neil Mac*
standing.   All honor to Miss Gran
Provost & Robertson have engaged
a number of tienaajtera during the
wee!;, but they havs- rsxim for many
more men.
for a bravo Canadian lassie.
Kay. George
all of Kaslo.
Stott and John Moore
Tli.'Crow's Nest  C'.ial (',•. hflsde
cidedtogooui of ihe store business
and is offering its various establishments for sals*.
Failing in ths-ir carefully organized
raid on the Dominion treasury for a
direct cash subsidv and land grant, i    s   , , , ,     ,
7, ,        , *.,    „      , rr.    , '    Nelson aefeated .Sandon at hockey
the promoters of the Grand rrunlch„ Nelson, last Thursday, by a score
Pacific railway scheme have come for* of 4 to 1.   Nexf dav Grand Fori.- did
ward with another proposition, to the the tiie'., 1 toO.
fiffect that the goverinneut guarantee!    R, F. Green, M.L.A., wiU visit Slo
the company's bonds to the extent of *'■'■• shortly, to ascertain tin* needs of
176,000,000 to 1100000,000.   It should I **o campi» as to place them before
... „,. .      ,. the government,
not be done.   Ine government ought I
to take a stand at once an-1 declare to , f*)Ij^'- Kate-Foley ami Lily 0*Neil
I leu here on Monday for New West
"I | minster, to finish their education in
shall' the convent school.
Why sie without a r.tiiffe what
you can get one so cheap 'r1 The)
are preferrnble to stoves a mi pive
better satisfaction. These rangers
burn wood or coal and will he
tel up free.
one and all charter-seekers that
privileges of any description
henceforth be given with charters.
The C.P.R. deal was enough for any
nation and one such lesson should
suffice. If genuine railroad promoter-
believe there is business they will
reach for it, nnd, in these days of keen
commercial rivalry, they wouisl not
lose time over it either. If the Grand
Trunk Pacific is a legitimate proposition, there are millions of idle money
willing to finance the undertaking.
A charter should lie sufficient for any
honest corporation, snd thero is no
xall for the government pledging it.-
credit to build a private road. Better
far for the government to build and
control the road itself. Down with
corporation greed and let the people I highest prices paid. Apply
enjoy their own heritage.   That  no  , ,.   ,   .     .
government support should be given  immediately tO
to any railway scheme, just hearken [       PROVOST & ROBERTSON
to the words recently uttered liy Jim
Hs-11-.the greatest of living railroadjSiOCan, B.C.
Sandon Miners' Union bas adopted
a resolution endorsing Chris Foley's
candidature for the commons in the
Burrard constituency.
Keep Arnot in mind when in need
of dry  goods, groceries, boots  Bnd
shoes,  and  ni-a's   furnishings.   Hi-
guarantees satisfaction.
Men Wanted.
Wanted 75 experienced
Tie-makers at once, principally on piecework. The
■\-iiTHK i.lis»r>lsy glvsn thst no person sbsll
*' wantonly or mslieloasij injmi* sny oral!
sppsratas or property btlonffinf to tbi City, of
oil 1 by tlis* firemen, In giving nn alarm nf lire,
or ii'-s* I 1,1 extlnffnishlns (Irs*.
Ho i><*r-ssii shall, Miiliiiui reasonableeanse by
iintrry. rin»{inis uf Ik*II-. u-inn>>f Are alarm, Of
in any otbftf in*sniiB*r. males sir circulate, or
lam •• i<i I.,- uBii'lr us- circnlatod, ssn alarm ol   rs-.
TIbsb lo'l l*-r« of i'ip tirn hall isr» |.l :t" I iI.iti*
for ths) nss) of tht chlsf nf lli" firs, I.tikmiIo .m.l
his staff, and no psnon Is psrmitt*>*d t.. tn lc,* ur
rau-Bj Iii l><* tiVs-ii tlis, sams for isuy istlicr t'Sir-
iKsso limn tin* ii-* uf sstlnsnlshlna r.r»s.
"*.. YOBK, Mayor,
Sliscnn. B.C Jan.M, IMS.
Representing the strongest csm*
panics doing liUsinrf-s in Canada.
tlcipation in prolta, covering »:ek-
ness acd eperatians.
E. I) CURTIS, Notary Public
GartificulG ti Iipraeit
Tablets —*-*»-
cure sll form a of
Uiitress nfter e.vling
?'mr Stomach
ami Bilious Bssdaobs
Far t-»la st—
Aj-ents Tur the, lleinizinan ,v. Co.,Qor*
liurd Llcint'-inan, and Kain I'iunw
llasBillls,!., llissssiltnii   Frist'l iunal, Jlnnla,
Toronto, msbsI lllosuoin "fractional
Hlneml Olalma.
Situate in Hip Slocnn City Mininc I'ivi-
lion of the West Kootenay I list net
Wliero located :•—On Springer creek,
adjoiniiio the ' Itlawa mine,
TAKK NOTICE lhat I, Archio Main-
waring-Johnson, acting aa agent foi A,
Brnce Coleman, Free Miner's CertiAcatu
No. B89936, intend, sixty daya irom din
iluto hereof, to nisj.ly to the Mining Re*
cnnler for certificates ol improvoment,for
tlie purpose of obtaining t'i own grants
nf tlie above claims.
And furthor taku notice that action,
under section 87, must ho commenced
iiefom thoistunncs of such certificates ol
Dnteil this 24th <lnv nf Docembor, I'm:'
Alit'l! 11'. XIAIN WA R1NG-JOU N SI IN
Certificate of Improvements.
ttoralse Ifraotlon, Rllni Uoss nn.l
M ilniail CliillHS,
Situnte in the Slns-sn City Miniiij* I>ivi-
sinn nf the Woft Kootenay District
Where located•.—Five tnilss up flnt
ninth furk nf Lemon creek,ad] iniis^
the violet mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. s. John-
ion, f"r myself, F.M.C, 1)69721; nnil ns
agent for W.J Johnson, F.M.C, B59.22;
A. 8. Johnson, F.M.C. B50723; Prank
Mirk. F.M.C B69777* .1 V. Tattersall
F.M.C. B60703j ami A. li. Bolderston,
Free Miner's Certificate No B5l'8G9,
Intend, sixty days from the slutu i,,,,.,,[,
to apply t Hiss mining recorder for certificates of improvement, fur the pur*
|bohc of ol'taining Crown graists of the
above claims,
Ami further tako notico 11.r»t nct(pn.
nnder section mt, must ho cot need
before the Issuance of such certificates of
Dated this I6tb day of January 1903
23-i on " Wi s, JOHNSON1
Want a Home 1
Then ocnie to Slecan, for it is
cue of the fairest spots on this
earth of oura. Levelness,
Re&m, Seenery, H32,lth, Fishing, Hunfcmg,.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sehool
Hospital, Public Halls aud
enterprisii?g.oitiEcii'j aresoiue
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocau is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tali !•
uo mere idle dream, but a stern reality*


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