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The Slocan Drill 1904-04-22

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VOL. V., Ne. 4.
SLOGAN,   B.   C.,   APRIL   22
your own
Dennison's Passe Partout Binding
in assorted coiSh^brnry
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NOT DELAY.       <l      j       +      j       (
We T. Shatford & Co,
Arlington   "Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
fThit popular heir I it Convenient to the boats and train:**.   Tlie dining room
iistrletly uptu-sbite while lhe bar it Supplied with lite best in the market.
ry A TCC .   TravnTMng men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per risy ■
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For this purpose we have got in a
very nice line in Red, Blue,
Green, or Brown Damask	
David  Arnot,  Slocan,
3 A Spring
fc|^.j^^^   CKKKK.
Ani Q8
Council Ailji.unis to HUmiaH tho Mttttor
uh Advlibry to tin* llmn-.I <>r Wor."™—
Di-.-lil.a to Abide hy Contract ami Ail-
vlcn •rtlly Solicitor.
Aid, Henderson was tho only absented from the regular meeting of the
eity council on Monday night,
Bills presented: Shut lord & Co.,
supplies to health committee, S2.50.
Referred to the finance, who reported
favorably and the bill was ordered
Finance committee also reported in
favor ol former bills, amounting to
$7.80,   Ordered paid.
Bylaw No. 22,for levying a tax rate,
was brought up, reconsidered and finally adopted. It, was then duly signed and sealed and ordered t.i he registered,
Aid. Worden ,for tha board of works,
repotted that work on Springer creek
was not progressing satisfactory, and
the city would have to give the contractors notice to proceed
Mayor McNeish said the matter was
in the hands of the committee and the
council had uo light to interfere.
Aid. Tenter thought the council
should act as an advisory board, as
the affair was a ticklish matter.
The mayor held it was in the hands
Of the committee and the council had
no jurisdiction. If they wanted to sit
as an advisory board, tliey should adjourn the council.
Aid. Teeter didn't see how the lxiard
of works or council could proceed unless by serving notice on the contractors, or changing the plans and giving
an extension of time, It was impossible to du the Work within the time
Council adjourned.
Tlie council then met as an enlarged board of works, with Aid. Worden
in the chair. The latter stated h • did
not know what to do.
Aid. Teeter said the contractors had
all the piles ->u th • ground and it pile 1
driver, out  the city could  ml   take I
tbem over under the circumstances.
Besides there was no tim • left to do
anything before high water. The work
was still in the hands cf ihe eontrac
tors, miles  thev  abandon  same by
Writing.   They had already stopped
The mayor considered it was up to
the bondsmen to-complete the jo!).
Aid. Teeter said the time of the contract would lie  ut) on   Mav 1.   High
Bhould have been dug and tin* oils
planted, as was done with the New
Denver bridge, and it would be loss
cost I v. Apparently tin- contractor had
not made much effort to drive. Why
did he not, dig the trench first or
sheath Iho piles. The contract laid
out a course lor the board of works to
pursue and they should follow it, so
avoiding difficulty,
Aid. Teeter urged some mutual
agreement and modifying the contract.
Aid. Smith said the contractor had
thrown up th.' job and the city should
get others.
The inavor said the contractor had
stated. Recording to street talk, that
he would not touch the work again, so
why try to make a new agreement
with him. The board had better consult the city solicitor and act accord*
This the board agree to do aud send
the necessary notice  to the contractor
in the morning.
Names of Thorn* Onlug on tha LUt ror thr
Sloean Hiding.
The court of rovision for the voters'
list of the Slocan riding will be held
here on May 2, before H.-P. Christie,
collector. No objections have been
filed against any name on the list, nor
will any be sl ruck off. Quite a bunch
of new applications have beeti received
as follows:
Bellinger, Joseph, Nakusp
Brown, W. G., Now Denver
Burns. R„ Nakusp
Cade, J. P., Slocau
Cleverley, A..)., Slocan
Forrest, Alex., Sandon
(lucre, Loui-, Sandon
(iarson, .1. A.,.Sandon
Qustafson. 11. A, Nakusp
llod,ran. E., Nakusp
Hendrickson, E.. Three Forks
Kelleher, Dan, Sandon
Lowe, Harry, Three Forks
McAskeil, Ken, Sloean
McNeill, Hod, MeCuigan
McMillan, .J. I'.. Slocan
McVicar, Angus, Slocnn
Morrison, N.. Now Djutbt
Mav. C. C, Three Forks
Macdouald, '.Y..T., Sandon
Sniilli, John, Silvertin
Strickland, A.W.. New Denver    ■
Taylor, A. E.. New Denver
Th* following have applied for a
transfer from tho Slosau list:
McLachlan, J., Sand iu
Weir. 1).,)., New DenVer
mine had to close down. A fresh
supply of lumber was obtained from
the sawmill below, and a gang of men
put to work to repair the damage.
So Nauv Denver Will   Hnvo tho CulcbrR-
1i1.11 on Mny !t.
Slocan has fallen into a rut nnd it
seems impossible to get tlie Amrg out
of it. Last year several opportunities
to hold celebrations were allowed to
slip by the board, and it would seem
a similar experience is to lie recorded
tliis year. At one time it was thought
a celebration could Im- put on for May
21, especially as the other towns in
the camp were willing to assist. But,
alas! there was no one to take the initiative and the scheme has died in its
New Denver now purposes to do the
celebrating, On Tuesday evening
Messrs. Brown and Taylor came down
from the Lucerne to coax the Slocan
folk to emigrate in a body on the 21th
to their town. They want the band
to go utoj as well as the rifle club. A
football game is also to be arranged
between Slocan and Silverton, and an
attractive programme of general sport
mapped out. The day's tun will wind
up with a ball in the evening. All
effort will be made to get special rates
and train service from all the neighboring towns.
Sloean's various attractions will all
likely be under contract next week to
go to tho Lucerne.
Aluioiat  Oi-kIi oy.-.l.
Thursday night the machine sin*])
belonging to the O. S. Lumber Co.
water was liable \o come before then ha(j ., dose ,.,,.„,. {mm M destroy-
and the wor.; should Ik- procesuou
with. The city sh mid endeavor to
make some amicable arrangement wiih
11)   Oil    M
to come
the contractor by changing fhe plai
Aid. Worden, as chairman, had re
ceived no writings from the contractoi
that the work had been abandoned.
The inavor said ^the contract calli
for the Uiard of works to step in and
tinish the work aud charge it up to the
contractor.    It was a peculiar po.iitiou
for the council to interfere. Thay had
a citv solicit!
board shouli
aud the- con
K Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
'.' *   done on  the* shoitsst notice.
Nothing delights the
eye more than a tine
fitting, up-to-date,
stylish suit of clothes
A new selection of fine
Grey & Black Worsteds
of the latest designs
just   Irish   received.
Agent for Canada Tailoring
Co. Suits to measure from
BIS to 985.    Cheap suits.
M      Main Street, Slocan, B.C.,
if. Store:   Next door to Postofflce,
be guided by his advice
Aid. Teeter inquired, how about a
voluntary surrender of the contract bv
mutual agreement without serving
The mayor replied it could nol be
done under tin- law.
Aid. Madden held the' work could
not be doue now for the money.
The mayor said the work could be
done if a proper driver were used.
Two competent men had examined
lh<- ground and so reported.
In the desultory talk thnt followed
it was contended the pilcdriver was et
little account, as il, did not have sutli
of the pilesdriven
ed by the creek.   Early in the day tlie
: s >ction men belonging to tne railway
had constructed a dam to divert' tbe
current from emptying nenr the transfer wharf.   The stream then worked
over to the east  side  and rapidly cut
j]out the bank   under   the   shop, and
whin noticed in the evening one  corner was completely, undermined.   An
alarm was given and part'of tho ma*
chinery taken out and the building
secured   by  cables.   Supports  were
placed under the shop next day and
Flr«t l.tia.l ll«>ui,(y « ll. ,-k.
G. O. Buchanan, administrator of
the lead bounty, last wee!; disbursed
tho first checks to mineowners paid
out under the act. Tlie mines paid
were: Sovereign, Highland, Whitewater, Enterprise, Sullivan, Rambler-
Cariboo, Black Prince, Wilcox. Silver
(.'up. Bluebird, Bed Fox, Neepawa,
Mercury. Idaho. Alamo. Ymir, Payne,
North .**iiar, Province, Bosun, Pontine,
and Marion. It is thought the distribution of the money will stimulate
the mining industry and increase the
output. Already the mines have earned over $100,000 under the bounty.
The amounts earned run from a few
cents up toSlKOUU.
Mark M unify l.i Cal I Torn III.
Mark Manley. a former resident of
the camp, seems to be prospering in
California,   On his Enterprise group,
in Trinity county, they an- preparing
fo,-a Im.-y season. Tliey have struck
aad opeued up the vein, ensuring a
heavy output of ore. Mark has recently bonded the Yellowstone group,
in the same vicinity. It i« a promising
gold property, embracing Hi claims,
and  is equipped   with   a ten stamp
will make a winning.
sine then tii
e creek has lieen diverted
! to the old channel straight down to
the lake. It now transpires that the
city owns no stivt running to the
I lake, consequently the mill and rail-
| way companies will have to handle the
I creek themselves north from Lake
; avenue. The railway will endeavor to
! crib their portion this summer.
cient drop.    Non
had been broken. The driver was not
even on th-- perpendicular so as togiw-'
a straight drop. When building il the
contractor hail been iu formed the mn
chine would not do the work. l'il< -
had been driven in similar ground
els-where and they could be driven
Aid. Worden favored living up ■ °
the contract as Bigned,
Aid. Teeter and Madden believed it
would cost the city a good deal more
if tlu-y were to live up to the contract,
and then to make the contractor responsible should damage result from
Aid. Worden and Smith thoughl
the least the contractor could have
done was to have sent the board of
w irks a letter on the subject..
Aid.  Teeter   held   that under the
contract the city could not appropriate the day baton
anv  of the material on the ground Nakusp rqut~
I.ittlc sliiriiii Timlin*.
Messrs. Croteau aad Duchesne,
Kossland, arrived in on Saturday and
next day headed a party for an eight
day trip to the Little Slocan country.
Their object was to cruise the timber
limits staked iu that regiou a year ago
and to size up the chances ol sotting
the materia] out. It is reported a big
sawmill is to be built at tlie mouth ol
the Little Sloean river, where it empties into (he main Slocan, the logs being driven down the former. Sloean
folk Were sleeping when thev allowed
the Rossland people (osteal a march
on them ami acquire lhat timber.
Quit llu* .loh.
Harvey Fife and his associates, who
had the contract for the protective
works mi Springer creek, quit the job
mi Friday. Thev had all the piles on
the ground and had operated the
driver for a couple of days. Half a
dozen piles had been driven after a
fashion, but seeing they could make
no headway owing to the character of
the ground, the men threw up thc
sponge. The next move in the matter
is awaited wiih interest.
III.H'lOtllt' Klllni'tl.
A train from Nelson finally managed to get her.- on Saturday after
noon, after four days' delay. A succession of •mudslides had occurred
near Winlaw and it required a big
gang of men to clear the track. A few
passengers arrived, but a number of
others, with express, had gone around
by the Robson and
Trains have been 11111-
Another llntluesi Uhanje.
Another business change has taken
place iu town, 1?. E. Allen having
purchased the butcher business ftam
the syndicate which ha-* been running
it for tho past year. He will remove
tic stock lo th" shop originally fitted
up for it in tin- Burns block, nnd he
will alsocarry a iineof dairy products
and vegetables.
had next month.
Possession  will be
$2.00 PER annum:
LiMt Yciir'n Hliipmcnta Wure 13:10 Tana—
A lli'itlthy lav litem <, »f tha, Ufa and
lYenUh of th* lump Ottawa lit the
Blggoit Bhtppet-.
No ore shipments are to lie recorded
for the week, owing to the bad roads.
When they get into shapo the lessens
of tke Neepawa, Enterprise and Alberta will .send out consignments and
the Ottawa will resume.
For 1908 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
l'ort Ilopa	
Black Fel:	
without paving for it. i •■'■•g regularly since, much to the sat*
The mayor had had a party from Isfaction of tho populace.
Nelson lo iking over the. material, and
tliere were very   few  piles  thero that    ■        I>«inaa*d KntnrprU* i-'itime.
were wo-ih the name.   They needed     Last Friday afternoon a slide came
a piledriver, too, at least 46 foefchigh. .    .      „.,,    , ■,,   ,   ,.  ,,    r„ ,,,  ,.
'.... ,.' ,,        ,, ,   ii  ,| ,i down of he h III above I he Iron Horse,
Otheisol   Ihe   aldermen   held  that .
the material was good, and  that piles pn Ten Mile, and  earned out  aboul.
would not, broom up  with horse driv- 203 feet of the  Hume  leading to the
ing. Enterprise mill.   As a consequence
The   mayor   thought   the  ground; tin   compressor   plant   atthe  latter
I. O, (>. I*  Aniily.-mnry.
The anniversary of the I.O.O.F.
fi*.lis due on Tuesday, April 2d. and
the event will be fittingly celebrated
bj the various lodges. Locally the
brethren will hold open .session to all
visiting members of the order and
friends, providing a musical entertain
menl nnd friend--'. The affair will be
given in the lodge hall on Delaney
Sll vn- Omit nt li.l.H.
follow ing an- the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday    68! cents
Tuesday    •"*•">:!
Wednesday     68J
Claro Mathes and her capable company, prime Favorites here, are billed
for the   Music   Hall   next  Tuesday
evening.    She will   appeal' in Tennessee's Partner.
The Ruth has 900tons of zinc ready
to ship.
Rossland mines had an export last
week of 2*.);)!} tons of ore.
Work starts next week on the Ma-
lion group, above the Enterprise.
Slides damaged a number of the
buildings at the Slocan Star last week.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 106 tons of ore, or 3738 tons to
The Oyster-Criterion's cleanup, at
Camborne, for March was in excess of
Tlie Pilot Geld Mining Co. have or-
dered a stamp mili for their property
at Ymir.
Silver touched rock liottom last
week and has again commenced to go
ui) in pike.
For last week Boundary mines handled 12.SS2 tons of oi*o, inakiug 245,-
oHi tons to date.
A slide carried away the powder
house and some other buildings at tho
Rambler last week.
Many of the men in the Sandon
miner, took refuge in thc town lost
week to avoid the slides.
Last month's cleanup of the Calumet & B. ('. Co.'s stamp mill, at Cam-
borne, .amounted to StiOOO.
Manager Cronin gave out at Moyie
that the St. Eugene mine would start
up this week, after a shutdown of
three years.
Fred Carlisle lookup a packtrain of
supplies on Wednesday to the Baby
Royal, to commence the season's de*
The Reliance Gold Mining & Milling Co. will instal a Hendryx process
mill, of lit) tons capacity, on their property, near Nelson.
J. Wafer and J, Tinling starts
work nest week on the Club group, adjoining the Republic. Their lirst task
is to erect a cabin.
Tenders are being asked by S. S.
Fowler, Nelson, ior the framework
and housing of a concentrator plant
at the Alice mine, Crestou.
The force nt the Ottawa was temporarily reduced last week, owing to
the filling of all available space with
ore. The condition of the road prevents hauling.
Manager Moffatt, of the Bunk of
England, came down Friday and went
to Nelson next day. There was 10
feet of snow on the level then, tho
original laver having been reduced 8J
f, ct.
A disastrous slide occurred at the
Silver Cup mine, near Ferguson, last
Friilav.when a miner named Mailable
was kill"!. Several buildings and the
tramway were also destroyed and con-
derable ore lost, the company suffering a loss of $75,000.
R. McNeill died at New Denver ou
Friday, aged 21.
The ground   for the  RoseberV zinc
works is being surveyed,
The Cory ranch and hotel. Twelve
Mile.has been rented to A. McDonald,
,1. Greenfield, assistant inspector of
postoffices at Vancouver, is to be appointed inspector iu place of the W.
11. Dormau,
Angus McLean,who went from here
a vear or so ago to California, to run
some mining property for Mark Man-
Wm. Koch had his stables at the •*•■""; "•*■»■•*« i"-i" .■.*■*■*--■■•■ •■■■■-•
jueen Boss destroyed  by a slide last  ley,has gone to Australia to locate
....'. * I claims.
: !
t ")t____i__i»AJL*ksAAAA—\—)—i
Copyright, 1901), by T. C. McCluro
it had been bad enough, said the
cowboys, to have Buena Vista county
turned into n rendezvous for invalids in
various Binges of hay fever, bronchitis
and consumption. * It was an outrage
to have one's favorite barroom remodeled into a sanitarium, but it was heaping Insult upon injury to have a twenty-live horsepower French racer flashing over roads—anil good roads, too—
long sacred to the festive cow pony.
With Harvey Thatcher, owner of
said racer, the good roads surrounding
Fort Norton, the county sent of Buena
Vista county, had been the main attraction. When his physicians hnd ordered Colorado air, Thatcher hnd stipulated thnt section of eastern Colorado where the roads would permit hlm
to brenk the already brilliant record of
tho Comet. And so it happened tbat
lie and his machine, bis valet and his
chauffeur, were thorns in the flesh of
the cowboy element, even ns the latter
hnd worried the respectable fuel ion
nmong the early citizens of Fort Norton.
The cowboys hnd barely become accustomed to the presence of the Comet
ln their midst and hnd decided that it
might prove dangerous to shoot up a
gasoline engine when there nrose fresh
cause for dissatisfaction. Nan Bearce
took to riding in the Comet And Nan
wus the prettiest girl in Bucnn Vista
county, or ull tho adjoining counties,
for that mntter. She bad been the
tonst of every camp on the range, the
belle at every ball, the queen of every
county fnir tournament in which tbo
cowboys had fought for honors after
their own peculiar fashion. Her favors had been evenly distributed, nnd
Iny devotion had gono to her worthless fnther, wbo ran tlio one shoe shop
of which Fort Norton could boast. A
dilapidated, evil smelling den he kept
nt the end of the Btreet leading north
from the postofflce, but tbe three rooms
behind the shop wore as fresh and
sweet ns Nan's stout arms and sunshiny nature could keep theni.
There were men, dozens of them, In
liuena Vista county  who would have
' back to town nt n slow pnee, with Hon
trying to keep his astonished pony
within talking distance of the machine. Parties who bad witnessed the
scene reported it variously. Some said
that Ben appeared to enjoy the proceeding,   more   fool   he,   while  others
maintained that he was berating Nan
for unfaithfulness, even in tbe presence of his rival.
But Ben's love nffiilr wns utterly forgotten in the face of more momentous
events which came with the roundup.
The ii. 0. Cattle company, With which
Hen hnd worked before branching out
for himself, discovered wbnt it chose
to designate as a shortage in II. O.
calves nnd n corresponding and suspicious increase in calves with the Heth
brand. The H. 0. brand was a bar
with an O on the end. The Heth brand
wns n dumbbell. Rumor—and rumor iu
Uuenn Vista county is nn ugly custom-
er—declared thnt it wns easy to change
the bnr-0 to the dumbbell. The air
around Fort Norton became rife with
things other thnn mere rumors, including some very bad whisky. And justice, ns drink crazed cow punchers
sometimes see it, works with appalling
Humors travel faster thnn hnlf drunken cow punchers who stop at each saloon to drown their threats in bad
whisky, nnd a twenty-live horsepower
machine will travel faster thnn either.
Thnt wns why the mob that bad
started out to hang Ben Heth as n sort
of climax for the annual roundup came
upon the Comet, iis owner, his valet
and his chauffeur two miles beyond
Iictb's ranch. They were still hunting
for Heth, after having razed his mnch
cabin. The Comet was piled high with
luggage, a couple of dress suit cases
showing above the boxes, nnd rubber
blankets, which filled in the body of
the machine, Thatcher explained in a
casual way that he wns trying some
new.ronds nnd might be gone n week
or more. The cowboys sent hiin on
his way with a volley of shots. They
were bent on more serious work.
The Comet shot along the country
rond. through the soft twilight and the
limpid moonlight, straight across the
stale line into Nebraska. At precisely
the sumo time the Overland limited
was carrying a white faced but determined girl over the same state line.
Thatcher Insisted upon giving nway
the bride and receiving tho first kiss
nfter the ceremony. He snid it wns
due for excess baggage on thc best run
the Comet had ever made. Then the
great red machine, its owner, his
chauffeur and his vnict rolled back to
Fort Norton without tlio impressive array of luggage, and Harvey Thatcher,
tenderfoot, from New Vork, announced
that when a certain bunch of unmitigated fools bnd finished their annual
spree and had recounted their blank-
ety blank calves the bride and groom
would come bnck to Fort Norton, nt
which time the damages claimed by
snid groom for injury done his property and bis reputation would be paid or
tlie sheriff of Buena Vista county and
one Harvey Thatcher, Esq., would
know the reason why, whereupon snld
Harvey Thatcher prompts? rose in the
estimation of the cowboy element, and
bis horseless vehicle was forgiven him.
am km
mm n M V
■    ,.Y
tke sum cash: upon  the DOUBT two
been willing lo overlook tho father,
miserable, drunken wretch that he
was, for lovo of tho girl, but she
seemed too proud to foist the old man
on nny of her anxious suitors. The
only favor sho had ever been known to
accept was at the hands of Ben Beth,
a stolid, almost morose young ranchman, who hud started into the slock
raising business in a smnll wny and
who held himself aloof from tho rollicking, roistering element which hnd
terrorised Fort Norton at regular Intervals. When old Behrco bad been
smitten with smallpox Heth, under
cover of darkness, hnd removed blm to
his own ranch becnuse of Nan's horror
of tho pesthouse, nnd the throe had
endured the relentless quarantine together. Then the Intimacy bad apparently been broken off, old I'.cnrce going
beck to his bench, Nan to her poverty
Stricken life and llelh to his lonely existence on the cattle range.
All tliis was before Thatcher nnd the
Comet came to Fort Norton. After old
Bearce hnd skillfully mended some
rents ln Thatcher's leather robes the
friendship between the dashing young
iititoniobillst from New York nud tho
humble nnd beautiful daughter of the
village shoemaker became town gossip.
Women discussed it over their back
fences nnd nt the sewing circle of the
Union church. Men shook their bends
nronnd the stove at Gilbert's general
store, nnd the news spread out on the
range. Thatcher was making a fool of
Nun Bearce, nnd tliere were mutter*
lugs that boded 111 for the owner of the
Comet. Thy only man who declined to
discuss the situation wns Ben Heth
nnd tbat even after Nnn and young
Thatcher had ridden out to his ranch
twice iu the devil's wngon, ns one old
woman called it. To be sure, the chauffeur waa in attendance, but whnt wns
u chauffeur perched up in the bnck
seat wilh Nan—enticing, alluring Nan
—her soft, brown hnlr tossed by tho
wind, her eyes dancing witb the excitement of the run, urging the youug
New Yorker on to higher speed?
Once   thoy   had   been   seen   coming
What  Wc  Find   I a Old   Selioolbook*.
Along with tho writing in old school-
books thore is more or less drawing.
The very early books sometimes huve
ily leaf sketches of Indians nnd log
houses. The later books, says Leslie's
Monthly, have houses of more modern
sort, nud you lind rude drawings of
steamboats, horses, birds, flowers, faces
and the like. Often a penny or otber
coin wns slipped under,the Ily leaf and
the surface of the pnper covering the
coin wns rubbed with n piece of lead
from the schoolboy's pocket or the
blunt end of a pencil.
The children hnd numerous methods
for defacing their schoolbooks. nnd
they nlso hnd certain devices for keeping them in good order. Mnny of the
older books are protected by nn outer
cover of sheepskin neatly folded In nt
the edges and sowed ln place with
homespun tow. After 1825 this outer
covering wns apt to be calico, nnd
sometimes there were tie strings at-
tached to the sides. The girls were addicted to the use of a "thumb paper"
folded und slipped in where the thumb
rested when the book wus in use.
II..•  Opinion,
ne wns very badly gone In love indeed,  ns  may  be judged  by  the  fact
that he snt up till the wee sum' hours
and nibbled  two Inches olT a pen iu
composing the following epic:
Beautiful on.* With eyes so lilue.
Oh, how my fond heart sighs for you!
Bwei t spirit, listen to nn* now.
Hear once again my anient VOWl
There wns nbout two feet six Inches
of this soul Inspiring verse, nnd be sent
it to tho object of his adoration, with
n  request that she would express au
opinion on its merits,   llo got it.
Dear Mr. Theodore Hopkins—You nsk
mc f..r my opinion of your versos. I do
nnt like to hurt your feelings, but If you
will read the Initial letters ot tho first
four lines downward I may say that you
express my sentiments exactly, If ours
very truly, MABEL BROWNE.
And when Theodore Btrung the first
four letters together he pondered bitterly.—London Telegraph,
Till*  Ilnrm   Koine  lino*,
Noise is an undoubted factor In Impairing the tone of thc nerve centers,
Whether we are conscious of It or not,
It hurls the brain nnd hns a deafening,
dazing, bewildering effect on Ihe Dental processes, lt tires tlie brnln nnd
tends to produce cerebral hyperemia.
To live in a noisy fitiuosphera is to
shorten one's day. Irritability, noil*
rdsthenln, Insomnia, ure common effects, 'i'he tympanum, or drum membrane, of the cur is Injured, the circulation of the cerebro spinal fluid Is disturbed nnd the nerve cells themselves
suffer ns though subjected to mechanical violence.- Family Huctor.
Copvrlflllt, ItOS, I'U T. 0. Mcdurc
_***$** mmw*il*ytm*amm*^^a_m^jQ
While visiting her nunt ln the city
In the late spring M1S9 Ilnttie Saunders, daughter of Farmer Saunders of
Kedflcld county, attended the theater
several times, nnd for a special reason
she attended one particular play three
different times. The special reason
wus because the hero captivated her
heart within fifteen minutes after the
curtain went up. In the four acts of
tho play he rescued his love, killed
three men, rode a bucking broncho, got
the best of n land shark and found a
million dollars In gold in a cave. Ho
was a man to do and to dare, and
when he shouted "Zounds!" nnd
"S'denth!" whole tribes of hostile Indians hnd to flee before him.
While tho country mnlden fell in love
with Colonel Blngs and adored his her-
nF. snaw himself ue into an appli
oism. she had to depart for home
without having told him anything
nbout it. Other girls who also loved
and adored may have sent him notes
and bouquets, but Hattie would have
been frightened at the idea. She departed for home, hiding her feelings
Prom everybody, and her brother Bill
and her father's hired man never looked so common to her before. The idea
of oue of them pulling out n revolver
and crying "Zounds!" seemed like the
rankest burlesque to her.
Providence brought things nround in
a queer way two months later—that is,
it brought Colonel Blngs, ns he had
boen named on the programme, to tbe
farm of Abel Saunders as a boarder.
Farmer Saunders didn't hanker for
boarders, and his wife agreed that lt
wouldn't be worth the bother, but Hat-
tie settled it as soon as she set eyes on
the stranger. Here was the hero of
tho play standing before her, hat in
hand, nnd she would have given five
years of her life rather than that be
should go elsewhere. He wa9 out for
a fortnight's vacation and was willing
to sleep on a straw bed and cat potatoes with the jackets on, and after a
Wt he was taken in. Hattie was a little disappointed that lie didn't throw
her father over the well curb and her
brother Bill over the fence in the first
tifti-en minutes, but she was a girl of
patience, and sbe gave him time. Bhe
also realized that It must be hard work
on the voice and muscles for a man
to be a hero nil the time. He must
have a day off now and then to recuperate.
Supper was the first meal Colonel
I'.iugs Bat down to. He didn't have
any eagle feathers In his hair or buckskin fringe on his jacket or trousers,
nnd he didn't mince his food like a
hero. On the contrary, as brother Bill
took occasion to remark, ho "just shoveled it in" and put the hired man to
tlie blush,   it was a disappointment,
hut Hattie was not discouraged. She
sat down with hor hero thnt evening lo
draw him out. He was ready to be
drawn.  Ho suid he got a salary of $.".o
per week for playing the part of Colonel ltings, or would have had If the
manager hadn't cut sticks and left hlm
iu the lurch. The girl had made up her
mind that nothing less than $1,000 per
week could command such talent us
that und that hundred dollar bills wero
us common as matches to hlm, nnd he
took something of a drop ln her estimation.
In the play he bad saved a sweet
faced heroine whose tours had captured Miss Ilattle's sympathies nt an
early stage, although at the same timo
she hud been mnde a little jealous by
her being carried nronnd hi the hero's
nrms when she could Just us well have
walked. She wus now to lenrn that
the heroine was a woman of forty
who hnd been married nnd divorced
Hi ree or four times and whose sweet
face wns mnde ho by grouse nnd pnlnt.
The hero also further mentioned that
the heroine's trunk was being held by
her landlady for six weeks' board.
There wus no posing on his part as
he walked about under the apple trees.
When be was bitten by a mosquito
Untile expected to hear hlm call out
"Zounds!" or "S'denth!" but he didn't.
He culled out "Thunder!" Instead.
When the hour grew late and bedtime
came he didu't  bend over her little
brown band and kick out one foot, ns
iu the play, but bade ber a brusque
good nlgbt and said it looked us If
there might be rain before morning.
The hero worshiper went to bed With
a heartache, and the more she thought
things over the more disappointed she
was. She almost cried over it, but oft-
er awhile she fouud several excuses
for Colonel Blngs. He was probably
tired out, perhups he had a headuche,
maybe the heroine had tried to borrow
moiiey of him. At nny rate, she would
not believe that he wns only common
clay till he had been further tried.
The next morning brought hope to
hor heart. He was heard shouting
"Egadl" und "Thou varlet!" to himself
in his room before breakfast, and his
manners were courtly as he sat down to
tackle the fried pork and hnrd boiled
eggs. After tho breakfast things had
been cleared awuy the girl Invited him
to walk across the field to the gooseberry bushes tvith her, and lt did her
soul good to sec him assume his heroic-
stride ns he walked beside her. In her
mind's eye she was picturing the scene
where he slew three villains and cried
"ila, ha!" in triumph, when ho suddenly sprnng from her side and drew
himself up into an apple tree. A yearling calf was coming across the field
on n run, and the hero didn't mean to
take nny chances.
It took five minutes to assure him
that he was in no danger and to coax
him down, but the gooseberries wero
not yet nt hand when a mother gooso
showed n disposition to attack hlm,
and he climbed n fence and left poor
Hattie to save her own life or perish
by Inches. The matter did not end
tliere. He hnd almost recovered his
equanimity nnd was seeking after n
pose wben n bumblebee bobbed up and
did business. Colonel Bings was lifted a foot high, but instead of coming
down to conquer or die be descended
to utter half a dozen cuss words and
reprove Hattie for the grin on her
Most girls would hnve made up then*
minds then and there that Colonel
Bings was no hero, but Hattie Saunders did not want to do him injustice.
She gave hlin more rope. That evening as she swung in ber hammock
she remarked that she had nlways
thought she would make a great actress and asked him for an honest
"It's all bosh," he replied as he dodged a wandering horsefly seeking u
night's lodging. "Vou haven't got the
face or the form, and you'd make a
dend failure Of It In a week. Better
stick right here till you can marry
some lusty fellow.''
Miss Ilnttie closed her eyes for n
moment to blush, nnd when she opened
them nguin her idol lay shuttered on
the grass. She bad admired nnd worshiped and wus ready to love, but the
veneer bad peeled olT, and her mahogany hero wus only plain pine. He
rcinnlued ten or twelve daya more,
and there were days when he stretched out his nnn and cried, "Hack, you
sons of Satan, or die!" But the girl
could not recall her reverence nnd enthusiasm. When his fortnight was up
lie went, and Hattie queried of her father:
'Tapn, do you think Colonel Bings
la a hero?"
"I guess he Is," replied the old mnn.
"He went away owing me for the lust
week's board."
A JetTlnh View of Inmilrallon.
The question of revelation is always
Involved ln discussion concerning the
contents of the Bible. The ambiguity
of tbls term would be removed If the
Idea of the supernatural were detached
from lt. The old theology must certainly count with the indisputable fact
that the personal characteristics, tbe
temper and disposition and the variable
range of intellectual culture nnd spiritual insight are the Inseparable conditions controlling every manifestation
of human Intelligence. When it is conceded thnt the Bible speaks in the lan-
guuge of man the idea of a miraculous
revelation is abandoned.
In the case of the Hebrew prophets
the nature of the psychological process
Inciting their oracular messages Is not
difficult to understand. The intensity
aud clearness of their moral nnd religious convictions and the irresistible
urgency to proclaim tbem they felt as
an Impelling force not their own, but
coming from a higher source. Jeremiah nnd Ezokiol ln a less enthusiastic
state of mind acknowledge that the divine law Is written upon the henrt. Iu
fuct, every liberation of thought is a
revelation. Spiritual experience enn
he nothing else thun the best nnd noblest thoughts that the wise und good
lu every ngo have felt and taught.—
... ,«.  ...  ...   .«.  .U  •»» ft.f, )'.*, *J*i ,-J*. ,*,V. ^f, .*?.
®',.: W v.-*''-" w» W w W «2*" w * V •*-
Mllralnn  MrnUlcnnta.
Here are some Characteristic stories*
in I Milesian mendicants:
"Could yez help u poor follow today and tho Lord snve yez?" aaid a
beggar to a Dublin publican, "(let
nway!" cried the landlord. "I've had
n dozen of your kind here today already." "Shure, and it's ineself that
sadly knows how the professhlon is
overrun," replied the beggar.
Quite recently the following conversation was overheard between two old
crones: "dood morrii to ye, Mrs. Fo-
gurty," snid one. "Oood inorrn, kindly,
Judy," replied the other. "I hope I
see you well this inornin'7" "Oh, very
well, entirely! So, Mrs. Fognrty, ye
married yer daughter Kate. Did sho
get a good match'.'" "A splendid man,
praise be to heaven! She got Blind
Darby Drisenl on the Dyke, thut makes
moro money than any throe beggars in
Cork." "Ah, thin, but It's me that's
glnd to hear yer news! And did ye
give her anything?" "Fnlx, I did, then!
Didn't I give her the hest side of Patrick street, which if well begged Is
worth liven nnd sixpence a week?"
"Upon me word, but 'Us ye thut was
generous!" exclaimed thojrther.—Loudon Family Herald.
_ By MMUver.e Kennedy
.gj     CoDiiriuht, IMS, hu T. C. McClure
-The gray hats aren't a very pretty
shade this yeur," suid the saleslady.
"Brown would look well with your
hnlr. Here's a beauty."
"I'll take this gray one," said Elsie.
In her own room she put the hat on
nnil studied herself Intently, in the mirror. Brown would have been more becoming, she decided. She was too pale
for gray now.
It had been six yenrs since Bhe hnd
made that promise. It wns Just as Bbe
bade him goodby. "You look Ilka u pink
rose In that gray hat. darling," ho hud
wild. "I shull expect to see your dear
face under just such a hut when 1
come home." So for six yeurs. summer
nnd winter, she hnd worn ti gray hat-
six yenrs In which she had heard from
him but twice und that shortly after
he left.
•But she believed In hlm, loved, excused blm. Aweary sometimes, but
never despairing, she remained steud-
fust. Ile bnd gone to Afrlcu; thnt wns
so far awuy and Offered so many fine
excuses.   She feared  nlwuys  for  his
■safety, but never his constancy.
lt wns ii pretty fnee the mirror held,
n sweet, womanly fuce, with a bappy
girlish smile. She turned nwny with u
little sigh nnd went lightly down the
stops Into the street. It wus u holiday,
und school teaching was serious work
with conscientious Elsie Wentworth.
She was glad of the rest, the day outdoors, tho sunshine nnd pure nir.
"Where ore you going, ElsieV"
lt wns n man's voice und n mnn's
eyes that gnzed Into hers, both telling
their lovo for the Blender creature ln
the grny hut.
A rich glow came to her pnle cheeks.
So stalwart nnd determined, she felt
afraid of hlm. afraid be would make
her love bim. mnke hor fnlthless to
poor, absent Dave.
"I'm going to see Mrs. Young," she
lb-laughed. "It's too bnd. dear. Oo
on to the woods, Elsie.    I won't Insist
on going. I was on my way to your
place, 1 had hoped for this day with
She laughed tremulously. "I wish
you Wouldn't hope, Juck. I'd like to
have you—for—for u friend if only"—
"I'd be content with that. Well, I
won't. I want you for iny wife, want
to hnvo a home with you In it, wnnt
to have you to go home to, waut to
work, plan, save, spend, for you. It's
nil you, Elsie. Are you really going
to Mrs. Young's, dear?"
".luck," she said firmly, "I don't lovo
you. I will never marry you. This talk
nf yours makes me unhappy. Will you
please not repeat It';"'
"Not till 1 see you again," he said
good bumorcdly, "Another grny lint,
by Jove!" his eye catching lis freshness. "I believe those gray huts nre
my hoodoo. Something is. You love
me all right, my darling, (lot n white
hat, Elsie; white, trimmed with blue
cornflowers, Just tho color of your
eyes.   I think you'd say 'Yes' then."
"I should then." The strangeness
of ber voice held him. "Goodby," ahe
snid lightly nnd hurried nwny.
Her eyes grew troubled, piteous. She
did so want to see Dnve. It enme over
her With n rush just how Unhappy she
wns, how lonesome, Her heart ached
almost to bursting. 'The woods no
longer attracted her. Sim turned toward Mrs. Young's listlessly.
"You're all worn out," snld that Indy,
With concern. "T]yi,t grny hat .takes
the color out of your face too. Orny's
not becoming, Elsie. Get a blue one
next time,"
"Or a green one," said Elsie Irritably.
Brown, white, blue, had been recommended. Why not green, red, purple?
she thought desperately.
"You aro worn out, that's sure," said
Mrs. Young.
Elsie took off the despised grny hat
and held it lovingly In her slim hands.
It comforted her. She was soon chatting away gayly, but her hend ached,
nnd tliere wns a strange honvlness
weighing her down. Sho wanted to
cry Instead of Inugh.
"Walt," said ber friend as she was
leaving.   -i got n picture v..*.,,
of Crunk aii'l  Annie und
theirs uml her husband,'
sin- handed Elsie the picture
Hiiro enough v. ere Prank and a "'
Young nnd -Elsie clutched wil.ii '
the little cardboard-Daio Brady "
n woman sitting archly m __\'_^
his eyes gazing at her adoringly     ^
"They hnd them taken that wiv i
for fun," explained Mrs. Young ii?"
nie nnd Emma were friends yearsbm
and the.v c.ime across each otber l*"'
month ut Munilu. They're both i,
mnrrled the same length of time-2
yenrs-und there's not n month's Z\
ference In tbe ages of the eblldrni
Emma's Is u girl, though."
Elsie rushed blindly out of the houu
Dozed, she made her wny home 3
pretty hend sndly drooping under ll"
faithful gray hat. She laid It off an!
sat down beside it und gave Wuv .
tears, tears that pride had held back
till she wns nwny from prying eyes
Three years! And Rhe ivalu'm
watching, hoping, loving, wife aiJj
baby, home, love, everytb'nu to ,»,
his life! And HheV An orphan, ||V|,
alone, no ono to care whelboi sbe earn!
or went, was glad or sorrowful, Sh!
Bobbed on pitifully. All night \m„
Bhe lay awake, going over, year bj
year, the time between.
it was almost morning before sbi
could believe thnt Dnve was nctualli
out of her life tnd—and—
Bha snt up lu bed nnd laughed oni
cried ull In n breath. It wus uioit
wonderful. She climbed out uf bei
found the little gray hat ami bit bt
bit tore lt Into shreds. She humlu^
ngnln, then cried again nnd, all flush.
ed nnd rosy, lay down and slept peit*
fully till long pnst sunup.
John Stewart sat In his office listen-
Ing gravely to his patient recount hli
Ills. He gnvo lilm n prescrlpUtn,
smiled, nsked hlm about the cbtldren,
bowed him out, smiled again uml sat
down to wait the next patient. TbeT
enme of toner now. A few years befori
they hnd been few ond far between,
Tho next one came In slowly, a slender, graceful creature, with fair,
flushed face peering out shyly frojj
under a soft white hat covered will
blue cornflowers, the color of her t-yet
He turned quickly, gnve one swift
look nnd caught her in his arms.
"Elsie, my darling!"
Dr. Stewart waa certainly not slot
"When—hOW?" he question-il, killing her all in a breath.
She put her arms around his neck
nnd hugged him tightly.
"Ever since I knew you," slip whis-
pered. "I've wanted you—you—you!
Oh, Jnck, I enn never love you '>tiuugti
to mnke up for whnt I've missed."
He laughed, puzzled, but blissful.
"Then why?" he usked.
She answered his kiss first, smiling
and dimpled, theu n frightened luuk
flashed over the bappy fsce. What-
ob, what If Dave bad been true, had
come  back!    She  hugged  the doctor
again frantically.
"It wns the gray hat," she cried. "It
was a hoodoo. I tore It up last nliiliL
I was never so happy as while pulling
lt to pieces."
And that wus nil the explnnntion slu
ever gave him, but he had the W0JDM
be loved and was as bappy as ls good
for mortal to be.
As for Elsie, she wrote Dave a nice,
friendly letter nfter she wns married
and sent his baby a present. She wai
so afraid he might have fleeting moments of remorse, aud she felt tbat
would hardly be fair. Which goes to
show (hut a womau's reasoning ls rattier complex.
All  Ilcnily to Monm.
Lucy is u smart young colored woman who officiates as maid of all work
In a Brooklyn family. She Is iiaii'b
esteemed by her mistress nnd the rest
of the family, and all take u very
friendly Interest In Lucy anil her affairs. When, on a recent "afternoon
out," she appeared In a complete suit
of mourning, several Inquiries were
mnde with regard to her bereavement,
as she hnd suid nothing about tlio recent deuth of nny relative.
"How long have you been wearing
mourning, I.ncyV" asked her mistress.
"Well, 'in, this is Just about tin- fust
time Ah's worn this yere suit, and It
ain't egzectly niohnln'."
"Not mourning!" was the reply. 'Tn*
less you wero swathed In crape 5'i*°
couldn't wear much deeper mourn*
"Yaas'm, Ah know de color's all right
black enough, but Ah Isn't really l»
tnobnln' yet 'cause he Isn't (bnil jam
Vou si e, Ah'H engaged to muny t'1"^
once Jones, nn' he's dnown riglit ••'*
with nn oni'tinible disease. No'mj
cahn't possibly git better. An' w*'lB
ns Ab had to hev a new dross U
reckoned Ah might its well git in«*linln*
right now, then Ah'd be IUTO I" l"'v "
when Ah needed It"—Brooklyn SU**
Thf- Moaning of "Mevta."
Pennant, the naturalist and miHn""'
ry, In his "Account of London" i1"11*"
Says that "on the north side of rimrlnif
Cross stood the royal mews, where JW
king's falcons had beeu kept nil"'1'tW
time of Itlchard III." .
".Mews" la thought to bo d«W»
from the French mtier, Latin maW*
to change or molt, nnd to have WW
used of n cage for molting bird* a*
inuotto Is used In France for a pliu'01™
which horns shed by stags In "l(! tw"
est nre kept by ofllclnls of the *'1"-8*''
As time went on horses won- I'i'l1''
the Inclosurei used at first for Im-*'1"'
and the old niiiue wns retained'
In  this  connection  we  may iu0'*
Dryden's lino,
Nine tlmrs tha moon hath  me*'<* •**
and Milton, who speaks of tbe tWj
os "mewing Its mighty youth"-■t
fresher from Its molting, and WW*
spenre,   who   adopts   the   sn*on<l»r'
meaning, "More pity that the •»»
ahould be raew'd," DRILL
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
, |lPI. 0f i he Russians
., jammed at TschrUvUJsklvitcn,
,'. v.iis a lack of woman's nursing
j, ,,,!„.,• ciiniforts which
.   ,,|,| to his lust momenta
rl soothe ihe final wuy;
, comrade stood In-side him
'i„.;,i- what he might say.
japanned Russian faltered
i,,. took that Comrade's hand,
lio Bald, "I never more shall seo
own, my native land;
. ,1 message and a token,
' ,'.,,1,,,. distant friends of mine,
I mis |miiii nt, Siiinix/rsloiirx.'.ski,
Ir Hnuilxzrskqzskl on the Lrktvz-
iwful Experience with Heart
i.::ssea" Mr. 1., J, Law. Torynm, (J*s„
1 wiih so nordly troublsd with
[, ciisoMs Hi"*- I was unabl* fur li
[il,, iu Iii) down ln bad lut i •moth*
r mui  taking ono done ol Dr. Agnsw'i
,,i ( ure, I retired ami alept soundly,
L,l unit iiuiilo aud tli* trouble haa
1111 ui ufJ."—UU
mkris were Urst. made liv Man-
lliailli.-is   at    Bristol   anoiit  tlie
lhe thirteenth century.
|R more I'utnri'ti In till* Mention of the
ii.an iill other dleenMi put totethtr,
ii ii,, lost few y.-iii'i* ivuh auppoied to tie
i, i ,. a great many ytars doctori pro
i n q infill iIIh.'uh.' and proscribed local
s. an.l by i-oiiHtaiitly fulling lo cure with
liionrnt, pronounced It Incurable. Hcl-
,i proven catarrh to in- a roimtltutlnnal
,,,.,i therefor* requlrei conetltutionai
ni    lliill'H ''aim ih i'ii,,'. manufactured
eh, n,y H Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only
ii ,i.,I cure on Ihr market, lt In taken
lv ia iI.isih from ID ilro[)n to a ttaspooa-
arte directly on the hlood and mucoue
of tin. system, They offi-r One Hund-
fur any case It falls to cure. Send
. and li'stliiianlnl*.    Address
T   J. CHBNBT ei CO., Toledo, 0.
nil ilni-i'lstR, 7r>i*.
Family r-llls arc the hest.
dgc Phelan, ol Detroit, ordered
ttornoy to juil for abusing a wit*
Bimpondlng sentence only when
apology was nuuii*. Tho Into
,. Oreshain and others wero not*
n- their etorn handling of atlor-
uhn abused witnesses iii court.
 pie owe such judges a vble of
ly Physicians Told Me I Must
fc,   luu  South   American   Kidney   Car*
U   ot lhat awful Bright'* Disease "
la u seateoct Irom u letter ot a well*
i, business inun In u weatern town
through overwork and worry had
racled thia kidney peatileiic*. lt will
,,. Inatantly and cur* all kidney dis-
__ i na
.-Vi,-!-,i raisers of cattle an* still
(plaining bitterly that thev are
ig l.-ss per pound for their rattle
li, thoy received a few years ago.
Item buyers are si ill wailing ho-
ihi-ir stenks nnd chops ui'i- ex-
1 I .mt in cost. And lin- lieef
1st    nil smiles.
Raid's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Mary  Walker   rocoritly   Impr**
• 1    n   tourniquet   wilh   u   hiiniikii-
ii. stopped tho Mow of blood, and
nl tin* life of U glazier hi Washln^-
who Imd cut iiii artery.     They
both still single.
'I believe It to be the most
foctive remedy for the Stont-
}h and Nerves in the market,'
wbat   Aniiiu  1'aUeraon,   of    Sackvllle,
.   buys   ol   S,.uili   American   Nervine,
•.he buys, Lu Urlppe uud  the compll-
ona w i.i. li followed lt left her next to
|i    with    Indigestion,    Dyspepsia,   and
ml   Nervous   Shatlerlug.        lt   cuied
fin* Russian minister of finance Ims
>*.l a prize nf Sj.i.t.sii t.i ihe pcr-
• •i   persons  who will  invent   fiomo
nf making alcohol undrlnkablo.
is   ii chance  for a cold water
In list.
nurd's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Die   Grecian   Hend    is    snid  to he
ling.    If you don't know what. (J.
.isk nnv of tin* old timers.
greasy dishes, jmtH nr juiiih with
Dry Soap—u powder, it will re*
the    urease    wiih.    tho   (jreatest
n the Russian! get to tho Yalu,
will   cry    to  the  .laps,   "We're
Hosswny,  .Inn.  2«,  l**'"-
1   Sirs,—This full   I   {Ot   thrown
lencn and  hurl   mv  chest   very
. 1 could not work and it hurt
u breathe,      I tt -led .ill kinds of
..■nis and ihcv did me no good.
bottle Of VINAItl>'S I.IMMFAT
"-I on llnnrii-ls nnd applied on
I'lisl cured mo completely.
C. ll. iiissi-'.luioM.
way, Dlgby Co., N.S,
■ -tit* is now the healthiest rity in
"I"',  wilh nn annual inort ility tu
i"'i   thousand,      In  London tin*
rtnllty is ts.ti, in Paris 18.4, in VI-
}!■' ty I, ui Rome 21.9.
"i Arthur hns tho cat-llko char-
l»'''-in- nt landing on its feet when
("'  'liin  music   of tho   politician
f'   flouts out   on  tlie  linlmy  uiuio-
• nost pconlo think too lightly of a
' 1 Ugh,   It is a serious matter und
: "eds prompt attention.
J .iko
nre Vdniwe
when the first sign of a cough or
cold appears. It will curo you
«wily and quickly then—later it
will be harder to cure.
J'rlcee.  28c.. 80c., aad $1.00.   Sll
Tbere Are Numeron* Safeguards la
thp Hive- to Provide Again,! tho
Administration ot Poison lloiiry—It
Ia IDIOercnt With Wimps.
The safeguards provided against the
administration of poison to the despotic
oriental rulers are rudimentary compared with those which stand between
queens of tho honeybee and such a
risk. Curiously enough, this ls a phase
of the internal economy of the beehive which appeurs to havo escaped
In tbe British Isles no poisonous
honey is collected. If it exists the bees
hnve learned to avoid it. Probably
there ls none, as tho honey from ut
least one dungerous plant, the deadly
nightshade, ls harmless. Ivy honey
would be the most suspicious or uny
gathered on a large scale, and lt only
exerts, so far as observation goes, a
■lightly laxative effect on the digestive
organs. Although lu this country no
poisonous honey is known, lt ls met
with In other places, notably ln Asiatic
Turkey. It was in this region that
Xenophon's soldiers were polsoued
2,300 years ago by honey from the
Azelia poutlcu, a plant which still
flourishes In Armenia, Some centuries
later u Roman army suffered similarly,
but less severely, there being uo
Tbe precaution of compelling the
cook to eat a portion of every dish,
which ls the usual safeguard ot despotic rulers, or the Btlll more primitive
plan of giving the tirst helping to a
little ilog, can be eluded by a clever
Borgia by having only one-half of a
bird or pastry poisoned. In a wasps'
nest each forager on returning proceeds illrectly to thc queen and offers
refresh ment. Consequently the queen
Is some times destroyed by slowly acting iiol.i on. Further ns regards wasps,
It ls ok-served that wben any larvae
not recently fed perceive the queen receiving ifood they become restless. If
nearly grown tbey wag their heads ln
a suggi-i.tlve way, which plainly conveys u demand for a share. Each
forager nfter feeding the queen gives
the balaince of bis load direct to tbe
In the tease of tbe honeybee one possible real on wby no virulently poisonous honey reaches the hive may be
that the Insect foolish enough to collect any 'would probably die, as tbe so
called honey sack is really a stomach
in which a preliminary digestive process proceeds. This is proved by tbe
poiarlscof-e, which shows tbat, while
the nectar of thc flowers ls pure cane
sugar, orlevulose, the substance in the
hive cells ls sacrometrlcally balf dextrose and balf cane sugar. Dextrose ii
Invert sufi ar, a coarse variety of which
ls the gin cose of commerce. Forager
bees returning to tbe beehive place tha
balf digested product known as honey
ln their storeroom with other honey.
This milling would have the effect of
attenuating a polsoued load should
■uch be brought ln.
Foraging bees never feed the queen
or young liana*, but they give a mouthful or tww to drones ln passing. Just
before sealing for tbe metamorphosis
workers ani drones aro fed with bouey
mixed with pollen. Not so tbe young
queens, wbo only get a further supply
of tbe redigested milky substance
known as chyle, which Is tbe sustenance of all larvae Indiscriminately during the first three days of their existence. Durlm; the chrysalis stage there
is no feedini;. It ls thc business of ■
gang, distinct: for the time being, to cater for the queen and young. They
bring the food from the stores nnd submit lt to the digestive process referred
to, after wi ich It ls regurgitated to
supply tho meeds of the queen nnd
young larva*. The attendants are numerous, ond each supplies ouly a minute quantitj . The queen bee ls so
constituted tin it her digestive system ls
capable of assimilating ouly the prepared food of .chyle. She will die in a
few hours on a comb containing honey,
although kept ut the -temperature of
the hive.
Thus lt woulil appear that thc safeguards tire :
First.—A bee collecting poisonous
honey would probably die before
reaching the hivi •.
Becond.- If om- succeeded In depositing poisoned hoi ley, the circumstance
that It did so would prove the poison
to DS not viruli-nt, and Its mixture
with other hone y In the storeroom
would still furthi r attenuate the poison and render 'It hiirinless. This in
the stage at Wflich the product becomes human fu»i. it has. as stated
above, occurred that poisoned honey
has passed both tl esc lines of defense,
Third.—Should ti IS honey be still deleterious the niime iitary attendants of
the queen would I rst suffer, and only
those bringing win ilesoine food would
reach her, as n str uggle for the privilege of feeding her majesty Is continually in progress.
Fourth. Should the stores pass the
three safeguards before mentioned
tliere ls still nnotlier-vlz. that each
one of the queen'*! attendants feeds
her only for B socajad at a time, and
thus she would never get n sullicient
quantity to affect her seriously. The
queen Is always on the move and the
competition lo feed  her so great that
she is continually bringing fresh bees
lu front of her, from which position
alone food can be jidiiiinistereil. No
worker bee would think of jostling;
every one gives way lo the queen.
Uneasy monarchs .ind others may
find some siiggesllor s In these arrangements for securing their safety.
Probably they will decide to take their
chances rather than avoid risk by living on food which has previously been
digested by subjects, lowover loyal.-
Ki-ientlflc American.
Dodd's Kidney Pills  Will   Do   It
Naturally and Well.
Csaie and Cure of; the '"Tired Feeling
Tliat la Epidemic* at Tina Seuson ol
tbe Year.
The spring is here. You can feel it
ln every purt of your body. Vour
clothes oro too heavy und though
you are not sick, you are loo tired to
walk, too tired to work, yes, even
too tired to eat.
It's that "spring feeling."
Do you know the cause of it. ? No,
all you want to know is how to pet
rid of it. Woll, the explanation and
the curo aro alike siuiplo.
In tho winter you "get used" to
tho cold, you think. As a matter of
fnct it is tho body that gets prepared. It puts on a fortifloa-tloiv of extra tissue that keeps tho cold out.
In the spring timo this tlsstlQ is
thrown off by thu body and if the
system is all in good working order,
tho blood carries away tho cnst-olT
tissue, which is in turn tillered out
of the blood by the Kidneys, und expelled from the body.
Tliis mentis extra work for the Kidneys, and if they ure at all tired or
worn Ihey full in their work. The result is clogged circulation and that
tired spring feeling.
Tlio cure is to tone up tho Kidneys
with Dodd's Kidney l'ills. Dodd's
Kidney l'ills make healthy Kidneys.
Ileal thy Kidneys quickly cleanse the
blood of all impurities und tbo
"spring feeling" is replaced with a
vigor of body und buoyancy of spirit
that makes work a pleasure.
Missouri boodlers would era inliily
be Justified in gnashing their teeth.
Then* is said to Ik* a surplus oi ?3,-
000,000 in the stnte treasury.
Admiral Togo hangs on like a terrier.
No man is ready tor his work until
lu- has learned to wait.
Heaven bus no'smiles- for the man
who never smiles on men.
Colds, Headaehe, Inlluama and
Oatarrh relieved In 10 minutes by
Or. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
Prominent people throughout England, the
United St»ia*i and Canada pralae Dr. Ague We CatarrlnU powder.  It will cure yon.
Miss II lu lithe Sloan, London, Ens., the
only alsier ol Tod Sloan, the World fan-
ous jockey, says : "1 have auBarad lor
years from Catarrh and Colda. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal I'awder gave ma ruhel ln
10 minutes, la worth all other romadlaa
Claude •'.. Wood, Palace Theater, London, Hug., writes : "Ona pud ol Cr. Ag.
news Catarrhal Powder will cure any
Miss lli-ou Hussell, 10 Keppa St., London, Bog., says : "Ona bottle Dr. Ag-
now'a Catarrhal Powder cured ue ol
chronic colds or catarrh. It relieves In
10 minutes.    Sold  by all druggiata.
Sr. Af Baa '■ llaawt l.r, rail*,., ktsrl aliataaa U tu aalsulaa. II
The managers Of the St. I.ouis Fair
have spent ubout seventeen million
dollars up to (lute, nuuii of which
will never come back.
A      SOUND      STOMACH      M KAN'S     A
CLEAH HEAD.—Tha high pressure of a
nervous  Ills  which  business  men  of ihe
present (lay ure constrained to live n.uk>-!>
draughts upon their vitality highly detrimental m their health It is unly by
the most careful tmirment that I l.ey are
nhle to keep themselves alert an.l setlvfl
in their various callings; ninny of theni
know   the   vulue   nt   I'uriiielep's   Youi-tiill.'
l'ills iu regulating the stomach nnd consequently keeping the head iv'ear.
Time and tide wait  for no man—or
woman either.    Neither do floods.
who  has  an eye to  tho   Di'
has no heart, for the flock.
Minard's Liniment Cores Dandruff.
Th«-* elevated bottom of the straw-
berry boxes is about duo.
The best preparation for death   is
tin* perfecting of life.
MU.D IN* THEIR ACTION* -l'linnelee's
Vegetable Pills are very mild in their bi-
lion. They do not cause griping 'n tin-
stomiioh or cause disturbances there ns
so many pills do. Therelore. the most
delicate cun take theni without four of
iiii|ileiisnnt   results.        They   I'-ili.   ton.   be
administered  to children  without   Imposing  tin* penalties  which  follow   the use of
pills nm so carefully prepared.
Doubt   sliould   be but   the
to decision,
Happiness is simply a stray chunk
of heaven,
('.inversion  is  a  starting  point   and
not a terminus iu true religion.
The kind-hoar tod huv,* m> troublo In
finding u   purse  that   does  not.  vear
The moro puppy-like a man's disposition the more dogmalii  h s opinion
What shrunk your woolens ?
Why did holes wear so soon ?
Vou   used    common   soap.
Ask tor Ike ocutoa Bar.
tiirl to assist with children and
housework, in Winnipeg. Hood heuiii
for faithful, trustworty anil willing
person.    Wages llo.OO per month,
Apply I'.o. Hox :<iri, Winnipeg, Mnn.
The   I'ami.m   Fight    lleHveeu   Chief
Carpenter and  I'rlce.
"The methods of lighting duels among
the lndluns," said an old frontiersman,
"werevarled, each tribe having Its own
peculiar custom. Some of the tribes
learned to tight according to the code
of the white man, however, amoug
these the Choctaws or Cherokees,
which reminds me of the famous duel
ln July of 1883, when the celebrated
Choctaw chief, Carpenter, fought near
the Pine Creek Indian agency with a
white man named Price. Chief Carpenter was a splendid type ot Indian,
tall and straight and comely, and ho
had been well educated and bad natural talents and natural instincts tbat
put blm head and shoulders over bis
Indian associates.
"As usual, this trouble was started
by a disagreement over somo trivial
matter, which caused a dispute and
ended in tho white mun calling his
red brother a liar. Throughout the
trouble the big Indian had remained
perfectly calm, although considerably
angered, and as the insult fell he gazed
coldly into the eyes of I'rlce and said:
" 'Your blood shall wash out tbat
"'Whenever you're ready, say the
word,' cried Price. 'You can do your
washing right bere and now if you
" 'Not now, sir, but tomorrow morning, wben the sun peeps over the top
ot tbat Wild plum tree, you must bo
here and without full.'
"Tho report of the duel spread far
and wide, and at an hour considerably
before sunrise a large crowd bad gathered on the dueling ground to witness
the encounter. Price was tbe first on
the field, and for a time it looked as if
there would be no Carpenter. But,
true to hlB Indian blood, tbe chief disdained coming tc* soon at the appointed place as much as he would have
feared coming too late, and lt was just
as tho' lirst rays of the sun stole over
the soft green of the tree that tbe red
man stood ln place. Not a word was
spoken by either mun. lioth drew tbelr
pistols, and, raising the weapons, they
flred almost simultaneously. Carpenter reeled, but wltb a mighty effort
checked a tendency to spin round, and,
staggering, tired as the crack of his opponent's pistol sounded for the second
time. This time Price jumped high in
the air and landed on bis face stone
"With a wild shout the crowd pressed forward to surround the lucky chief,
but before aid could reach him be fell
senseless. Price had been 6hot through
tho heart, cleun as n '.vh!3tle, a remarkable shot considering the condition of
the Indian when ho made it, and a
shot Carpenter could bave made ln
tbe first place without a doubt bad be
been as determined to kill as Price
proved himself when his bullet buried
itself ln tbe Indian's breast."
The Vice mt .Manning.
Nagging may or may not be a rice
of tbe tbln, as a famous physician suggests, but that there is somo truth in
lils theory tbat there ls a scientific
I'.-iais for this ugly bablt seems likely.
"Perfect health," he says, "has aa one
of its factors content of mind. A nervous man or woman who is anxious,
discontented, gloomy, dissatisfied, worried from any cause, cannot enjoy good
health. This mental turmoil produces
us oue of its primary effects on tbe
bo«ly an inability to digest food properly. Tbe blood which should supply
the force necessary for the function
of digestion is continually drawn away
from the stomach by excitement in
the brain, and the woman wbo nags
suffers. While there be those whoso
tendency to lay on fat is so great that
nothing will stop lt a nagging man or
woman is generally thin. Their habit
of mind has partially starved their
The buzzards enjoy the same "ss-
rredness" ln the New river district of
West Virginia as tbey do in tropical
countries. A breaker boy was brought
before a squire in a coal mining town
on tbe charge of having killed one of
tho only scavengers of that country.
After severely reprimanding tbe boy
the old squire, who was a German
said: "I fine you $10!"
"I hain't got thet much," replied tho
"Den I fine you $3!"
"I hain't got $5."
"Veil, how much haf you got?"
"Threo dollars and seventy-live cents."
"All right, den I fine you $3.75!"
Rraln Growth.
Brain development is found by Professor Seggcl of Munich to have two
periods of acceleration, from ten to
eleven and from seventeen to eighteen
In girls nnd from twelve to thirteen
.-ind nineteen to twenty ln boys. At
the period of most rapid Increase ln
height, from twelve to fourteen years,
tlie growth of tbo brain ls less than
ntie-hundredth thut of the body, but at
seventeen to nineteen it grows one-
thirtieth as fast and at twenty reaches
one-seventh of the body growth.
Proof of Adam's ExUtence.
Dennis—This hnthen noospaper sayg
thero was no such man as Adam. Hike
—Are you sure there was? Dennis—
I'm surprised at n man o' your aiuso
talkln' so. Where did your Adam's
apple  come   from?
Snrvlved  Many Attack!.
"What do you consider the most remarkable characteristic of Shakespeare's plays?"
After a moment's thought Mr. Stor-
mington Barnes replied:
"liuduraucc." i
Your conscientious men are oftener
conscientious in withholding than bo-
To Build Robust Health
start at the foundation of life and health. Assist your
organs to do their work properly. Food and drink cannot
nourish if your liver is not working right. Dyspepsia and
Indigestion follow if your digestive organs are out of
order. Constipation cannot exist if your bowels are free.
A short course of Beecham's Pills will soon put you right
and an occasional one will keep you so.
will do more to build up robust health and maintain tt than
any other medicine. They have done this, and are continually doing it for thousands all over the world. If you
start now and take BEECHAM'S PILLS occasionally you
will certainly benefit to a remarkable degree.
.Prepared only fer the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECH AM. •«. Umlmms, Eailaad.
8old Everywhere In Canada and U. 8. America.
      In boxaa, 25 cants.
Youill   Enjoy Every Bit 01 IL
made by J.M.Fortier Ltd. Montreal
The Manchester rest nu rants are suf-
fering from tbe tramways. Persons
who work.ln the city arc now able to
reach their homes in tho middle of
tho daj expeditiously and at a small
cost. •
These Uvo desirable qualifications, pleasant lo tlio tustu uml ut tlio sni'io tiine
eflectual, uro to be found in Mother
Graves'   Worm   I'.xti'i'iiiiiKiL.ir.       Children
liko   ll .
Sermons would be shorter It they
had to ho practiced before thoy were
HanildilTs do not make honesty.
Fadth cannot be fed on lUiniiur.
The Japanese   bottling   works   aro
still working overtime.
tlio Spaniard, lust his life in the valid*
ul Florida, whither he wont Ior the |iui-
poHe of disco*, erinn Hie legendary "Fountain of perpetual youth," suid to exist l»
Hint   then   unknown  country.      While  llr.
Thomas' Eclectric Dil will not perpetuate
youth, it will remove tlie liudilv pains
\.Iiiih milk.* the young old before their
time nnd harass the u^ed Into untimely
o raves.
Huvo you tried Holloway's Corn Cure"?
lt has no equal for retnoviag these troublesome excrescences, us many luue testified  who ha\o tried it.
Many things are cured by bein*; .endured.
No prayer ran rise on wings i.f pretence.
Doctor, feeling Sandy's pulse in bed
—"What do you drink'.'" Sandy,
with brightening face—"Oh, I'm nc
particular, doctori Onything yo've
got wi' yo."
Too much of Uie   milk   of   human
kindness savors of the pump.
Impure blood always shows
somewhere. If the skin, then
boils, pimples, rashes. If the
nerves, then neuralgia, csry-
ousness, depression.   If the
stomach, then dyspepsia,
biliousness, loss of appetite.
Your doctor knows the
remedy, used for 60 years.
■ Returning f r.ra the Cnban war, I was a
Serfact wieck.   Mr blood wa» lud, tnd inr
otlth wm none.   But t few bottlri ot Ajer'a
BanoerUl* cumplrtoiv curld m«."
U. 0. DOBHisa, Suaaton, Pa.
The   preaching   tbat   meets   human
needs will never need to drum   up   it'
fl H a bottle.'
All dnifi,**nt-,. £q_
1.0.1TSB ao.,
towelli   BS,
Impure Blood
Minard's Liniment Cores Bums, etc
Japanese Traits.
In no country ls William Morris*
golden rule, "Have nothing about you
but whnt you know to be useful and
believe to be beautiful," si) scrupulously followed as in Japan. The politeness
of tlie Japanese—a sign of "equality"—
the politeness of Uiis hierarchical east,
is in surprising contrast wltb the aggressive rudeness of our democratic
Communities, Gentleness and cordiality arc the Japanese rule; no scenes ot
violence. Tho readiness with which Europeans Ily into a passion stupefies the
Japanese, appears to them to be a sign
of innate coarseness. In bis consideration for others a Japanese habitually
refrains from making any Bhow of his
personal sorrows. Only her vanity hat
led Europe to fancy that the Japanese
regard western civilization as superior
io their own it ml that therefore tliey
aro "Knropeaniziiig" themselves purposely. Tbe western diplomatist who
described modern Japan as a "bad
translation" of Europe merely shared
tin* delusion and conceit of foreiguers
generally.—F. Clmllaye in Beros de
Aid the Sarsaparilla by keeping the
bowels regular with Ayer's   rU*.
Brush & G°->
'•TI:.*  Dog Will   Hilar  Ills  Umy."
In "Hamlet," act 4, scene 1, we read:
Let II.mills himself itu what he may,
Thu cat will nu'W,  thu i!,,« will hav* his
The latter lino has become a popular
paying, but we are naturally Inclined
to asl; what it means. Why should a
dog have a day all to himself any more
than any other four footed creature}
Is not tbo passage a piece of silly slang,
and ought it not to be suppressed, like
any other cant phrase that Is horn in
tlie streets? To harmonise the vers*
wllb si-use nnd Shakespeare a frleud
has suggested that the last word ought
to l>o changed to bay. We should tben
road, "The cat will mew. the dog will
hnve his bay." I have no doubt thut
Shakespeare wrote it so and that the
word day Is n misprint and nonsense.
The analog? between the cat's mewing
and dog's baying is self evident aud lu-
Albino   lllr.lt   and   Brails   Sacrrd.
It is noteworthy that albino animals
are regarded by the Japanese In a superstitious light. The appearance of
one is considered n good omen for tlia
reigning mikado, and occasionally signalizes u reign. I-'or example, one
reign Is called "hnkuchl nenkan," or
period of (he white pheasant, another,
the "haku boo nenkan," or period of
the white phenlx.—London t'lobe.
\A/    IM    VJ    No    4 78
.,,,■..... .■».■■ a- THE DRILL, SLOCAN, I'.. 0., AI'RIL 24 1901.
"    i
C E. Smithkiinoalb, Editor and Prop.
IS TOBMSailD ivhrt friday AT
IL0CA5,      -      -       -       •      B. C
Legal Advertiiing 10 cents a line lor
tlis first insertion and m cents a line each
subsequent i inert ion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisement!" at same rates
ae legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates mads known upon
Ths Subscription is $2 par year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address sll letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, AI'RIL 22ml, 1004.
Canada's growing time still continues, not only in population but in
trade, Indicating internal prosperity.
For tlie nine mouths ending March,
trade returns were .$14,000,0Q0 greater
thnn u year ago.
Newspaper men in the Nelson camp
are hurling "hbbof "maggot," ami
othor approbrious terms nt each otlier.
Cut it out, boys, cut it out. It disgusts your fellows and nauseates the
public.   The profesh is too good to be
dragged In the mud.
The fire fiend is, having rare sport
with the large citioB, this }'enr. After
devastating several burgs iu the States
fire is turning its attention to the metropolitan towns in Canada. On Tuesday the wholesale section of Toronto
was wiped out, causing a loss of four
millions.   Slocan may lie next.
A semi-inspired feeler in the Vancouver News-Advertiser is thrown out
for a dropping of the protests against
various provincial memliers. There
nre three lodged by the Liberals and
four by the Conservatives. The News-
Ad. hopes to see the Lillooet bye-
election pass off by acclamation.
The famous provincial bill, No. 16,
No. 16, disallowing the C.P.R.'s claim
to blocks 4598 and 4594, East Kootenay, will not be knifed by the dominion government, consequently it lie-
comes operative on May 1. There will
ensue a graud rush for coal and oi
locations in the Flathead country
The Republicans of Massachusetts
in convention assembled have turned
down a resolution favoring reciprocity
with Canada. Well, Canucks are not
doing any worrying over the matter.
Canada is not looking for reciprocity:
she prefers to absorb the Yanks in
wholesale doses for the Northwest.
Some meu allege they can't (ifford a
yearly subscription to their local paper, yet they have no hesitation iu
rubbering their neighbor's copy, absorbing its contents with the greatest
relish. Don't be a mouse, but pay
your own way. and incidentally increase the printer's subscription list.
Out of 240 surveyors employed on
the route of the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway, nil aro Americans save 10.
Americans nre pushing the scheme
and Americans are getting the plums,
while Canadians are granting the
charter and Canadians are supplying
the money. A little more patriotism
and consistency on the part of the
Laurier government, us sponsors for
the road, would reconcile Canadians
the more easily to the iiiidertn
The Canadian system of inanipulat
ing postal matters Is of tbe free-and-
easy variety, and mail is not to la? expected till it arrives. Certain routes
are laid out for the despatch of mail
and go those routes it will, uo matter
how long it may take. Iu case of accidents then- may be alternative
routes, but that cuts no ice the law
of the Modes and Persians cannot be
changed. Last week there was a bril-
'iant example of the .system in vogue.
Four days' mail for Slocnn points was
allowed to accumulate at Nelson, because of the Slocan branch railway
being blocked by mud, when it could
quite easily have been sent round by
Nakusp, or a transfer to handcars effected at the slide. The railroad
people didn't care, for there was no
one to order it through. A postal
inspector should be located at Nelson
for Kootenay and Boundary,with some
backbone to him, and then the antiquated system at present prevailing
could lx; revised, tothe lasting benefit
of business circles and the general
Subicribe for Tim; Piiii.l.
Pay up your subscription.
Slocan is without an ire.sayer.
The lake hns risen about two feet of
Mrs. Marks and child, Phoenix, are
visiting Mrs. Thos. Wilson.
Mrs. D. Arnot has been visiting
friends in Nelson nil woek.
C. Holden, advance man for Clara
Mathes, was here on Wednesday.
The snow has been settling fast in
the hills, ns the nights have been mild.
A shoemaker looking for an opening
should extiniine into the merits of .this
Express monev orders are payable
everywhere. Tliey are cheapest and
Oscar Hammer was   accidentally
killed at the Greenwood smelter on
Joe Dearin picked up n fine timber
limit this week, close to the mouth of
Evans creek.
The old Beattie hotel. Main street,
will be used as a boarding house for
the mill hands.
Climax creek misbehaved itself last
week and Hooded somo of the residences in Brandon.
Major Megraw, formerly of the Vernon News, will establish a Conservative paper at Hedley.
W. J. Adcock has moved Into hi**
! new block at Coleman und opened up
his boot and shoe shop.
Archie Currie came up from Nelson
Mouday. to look after his timber
claims on Evans creek.
W. Dawkins was killed near Ferguson last week by a rock thrown from
a surface blast of powder.
A fire, caused by a live coal from nn
engine, almost destroyed the C.P.R.
wharf nt Nelsou ou Friday.
No service was held in Knox church
on Sunday last. Rev, Mr, McCord, the
new parson, not having arrived.
The New Denver rifle team will
likely be down here next week, to
shoot a match with the local club.
Miss Winnie' McMillan, who has
been ill for the past two months, was
down town for a short time on Saturday.
Thc big slide near Alamo was
cleaned out on Friday, enabling* the
Nakusp road to resume traffic to Sandon.
Mrs. Capt. McLennan was admitted
to the New Denver hospital on Thursday, suffering from an attack of typhoid fever. f
McCallum & Co. hnve Ik-cii packing
up their stock of hardware during the
past few days nnd next week will ship
1 it to Cranbrook.
You haven't seen my latest stool* of
grey and black suitings for this spring,
at the tailor shop. Come and have a
look at them; they  are  real beauties.
Orange Hamilton, a noted character around here some years ago, died
last week iu Calgary, alter a short illness. He made a raise last fall in
Poplar. *
All of the big slides in the upper
camp came down last week, some of
thein having lieen out of business for
years. Many new ones also made their
Keginald a nd Jerry Christie, sons of
H.P.Christie, mining recorder, who
have been attending school in England for the past four years, arrived
home on Monday.
Mrs. Mason announces to the public
that she will have her lodging rooms
and dining room open for business on
Monday. Best table in town. The
Koyal. Arthur street.
A consignment of beef and pork for
the local meat market billed from Nelson had to lie buried by the railroad
people on Saturday. It was mortified
at the slowness of the journey.
On Wednesday the remainder of the
mill hands got in from Salmo, enabling operations td be commenced with
a full force. Thev hud been held up
a week for lack of train service.
Byron N. White Co. have won tbelr
suit against the Sandon Water & Light
Co., before the full court. The latter
have six months iu which to move
their plant off the former's ground.
Rev. Wm. Simons, wife and family
got away on Priday,golng out by way
of Nakusp and Robson, Just before
leaving word was received that Mrs.
Simons' mother  was  seriously  ill  tit
F.J. Fiiiucane, formerly manager
of tin- Bunk of .Montreal at'New Denver, is to be married to Miss M. G.
Sweeny,-at Brooklyn, N«Y., on June
10.   The couple will  tour Europe fori
three months.
Wanted. A good, reliable lady to
take orders for our stylish custom-
made dress skirts and walking skirts;
nlso skirt supporters. Write quickly.
Dominion Garment Co., P.O. Ixix 200,
Guelph, Out,
The C.P.R. main line and branch
lines through the mountains have all
had their troubles throughout the
week with mudslides, snowslides and
washouts. The Spokane k Northern
has been completely knocked out,
W. S. Johnson, wife and family removed on Friday to Montreal. Mr.
Johnson will return here in three
'weeks on business and will afterwards
spend the summer in the Territories,
surveying for the dominion government.
The local mill people are being deluged with orders for lumber and
Practically ao mail arrived all last
week until Saturday, when a big budget was received.
Wednesday several days' delayed
mail from the States, the east and the
coast was received.
Russell Nichol nnd Charley Brett
are matched to run a 100-yard dash
hereon May 24 for $100.
Mrs. Mason, lute cook at the Arlington, has rented tbo Royal building
and will run a boarding house.
J. Taylor, Vancouver, provincial
manager of the New York Life, was
hero on Thursday for a first time.
An Italian section hand from down
the line had a smashed finger dressed
at Ihe hospital. Friday, having had it
caught in the gearing of a speeder,
The Drill will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, stateinents.letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meel any juice or quality.
Timber Notice.
V-OTICK i* lirrnby nivi-ii tlmt ,'«> days nftrr
,* ilata I iiileml to apply to the Chief Com.
iiiis.iim*ir of I.anils A \V«arks fur a ipeoisl license In cut ami carry away limber from tlie
... .ice! iiicii inn.i: -Commencing at a
post planted on tin. south bank of tlio Coluinl.in
river, on iho east boundary of C.r.R. block No.
878, Welt Kootenay. running thence south Sll
chains j theuce east sil chain..; tlience north 80
ih.iins lo Columbia rirer: titmice Sll clinins west
following Columbia river to point of commencement, T.C. MAK1NSON
Dated. March 25,1904,
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
— •
RATES: R«ei'l«r mibseribers. $1 per month'
or$IOa Jean non-subscribers (exclusive of
medical attendance)$2 per day, I'rivato ward*
Sl per day extra. fweetal facilities for maternity cases.
Kor further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Si. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary PubHc
Fire and Accident
The 0. S. Co. is establishing a retail
lumber yard here, a barge load of assorted sf ti IT lieing unloaded Sunday.
Trail creek carried the biggest flood
known last week, and destroyed several buildings and damaged all tho
bridges in Trail.
Nelson wholesalers are after the C.
P.R. and are determined to get freight
rates adjusted, even if they bave to
apply to the railway commission.
minim;  hi-:roiliis.
Appended is a complete list of the var
ioys records registered at the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie boing mining
record art
Apl 9—Quion Sahe.
13—Hoodoo for two yenrs.
Apl 12—Matrico % and Premier %, VV
H Wull to 0 H Gibson.
Timber Notice.
IVTOTICE is hereby Riven that thirty days after
j\ .liilo 1 intend to apply to the Chief Com*
mi>sii'iii-r of Lniids & Works, at Victoria, (or a
special license lo cut und carry away timber
front iIm following described lauds: Coinmenc-
inl.* it a post plantod on the south side of Kvnns
oreek, about one-naif mild from the west shore
of Slocan lake; I hence south «0 chains; thonce
We*t 80 chains) thence north SO chains; theuce
easi hi) chains, lo place of commencement.
Dated. April IH, I.Ml.
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Hold. Lake and M.   L. Grimmett, or
to nny person or penontto whim thty
mav lieve tram-foried their several interests', in whole or in part,in 111! bonnie  I>.mn  mineral chum, situated on
the south side of Springer creek,in the
Shiran City minim division ol West
Kont- nay district:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars  in labor end   general    Improvements upon the nbovo  mentioned
Claim,  i" order   to hold   inid   mineral
claim uniler Ibe  provls ona of the Mineral Act, and if within DO days from  the
date of Ibis notice you  fail or refuse to
Con trill ute your  proportion ef such ex-
penditure, together with all costs of advertising! your interests In   said claim
will become ibe property of the subscriber, under  section four ot an act entitled "An Act to amend  the  Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 1st dav ef February, lfl0*i.
5*2-04 '       GEO. McLEAM
Abstracts of Hineral
CDflfktii of liroTniits.
Ill.'i. I. I'l-lm-i. .V   Clipper   Mineral ('inline.
Situate In the Slocnn City Minin • Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—lllack Prince on
no tli fork of Lemon creek; Clipper,
Oil south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, l-"nie»t Ilnrron,
[ree miners certificate Ko B68468; and
lU'tint: ap ntrent (or  Robert ('. Andrews,
i be*   miner's certificate No   I'.Tli'.lI, in-
' lend, sixty days  from the  date  hereof,
B.C fonpplyto tin* Mining Recorder or cer-
 i tiflcau-i of improvements (or the purpose
' of obtain Ina  Crown < .runts of the above
^***-****-*-*-*-*-***-**** t****♦-»     ,  . •
J, i a claims,
♦ I    And further take notice that action,
ij under section .':". must he commenced
4 i In-fore the issuance ofsuch certificates of
11 improvements.
t      Ditedtbis ft dav of April, 1
J I 8-4-01 '    l.KNKST
Tlio Queers
Hotel •—*+*>**•
E. 0. CLARKE, ritOl'ItlCTOP.
HATES;    S'J.OO TY.lt.   DAY
First-clan Dining lioom
Large and Comfortable  Hod rooms
f  Sample roomi for Commercial Men
j Nelson, B. C.
* -♦-♦ *-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-** **********
I Slocan 1
I   Baker jr      I
W? w   _^-^***^ v
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
1 """""""" I
I Fresh Fruits of Every %
1 Kind  Arriving   Daily. |
I A full stock of the best |
irk lines of cigars andtobac- $
9      cos always kepi on hand.      ;«
t ■-'  I.OIH na of P I'a, aal tor HI .
Full tta-iKht and Omillty
teeS Ranges
! for $18.25.
Why bo without a rans-a when
you can pet one so cheap? Thej
are prcfcrrable tn stoves and si-re
better satisfaction, l'liese ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up tree.
Slocan, B. C. I
j   Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
* Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds ia Packages
Seeds in Bulk
Onion sets have arrived} get your
order in at once
This Snap
BE DRILL has made,in
rrangement with the Toronto Mail-Empire, so
that its weekly edition mav be
clubbed with the former.
New subscribers, therefore,
mav obtain the Weekly Mail-
Empire acknowledged to be
one of the Ix'st papers in the
Dominion and Sloean's leading journal, The Drill, from
now till Jan. 1, l!K).r>, for the
sum of $2.50. With this exceptional offer will be given ns a
premium, a beautiful arto*
pravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." Thr picture de
plots a scene in the late Hoer
war, done in ten colors, nnd
well worth framing. Send ill
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
i>.o. box se
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
All Sample* Heet.lv* Prompt, Attention, Uateooa AduIIom.i
.-paaa-lial QiiotfiUoni la. Minn* and Hill.. ' '"' ,"l"n
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
£    A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
_t    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    -S
m-*-**-m *-***>* *-*-* **■*■ *-*>-*>■» ******
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two cor- t
ner lot** in New Den- I
ver.   House   contains 1
four large rooms, hall
and   wardrobe.     For
other particularswrite
►♦« * <*** i **********»♦ ♦♦ t-i
- i WIViOf kC. >xi w*7j-i taL >* )CM
K A dvertise your |
In these day;, of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity toikeep his
goods before tne people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all .persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone,
8At All  Times«
gj THE DRILL,   $2 per year
Subscribe for
local paper:


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