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The Slocan Drill 1902-09-26

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TOL. III., Ne. 86
SLOCAN,   1".   C,   SEPTEMBER   26,   1902
We are in receipt of a large quantity of ~~
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Bit-can, British Columbia*
***~l***m**mama^^t^mmmmmmmmm**T~~mmm ' " " '  - ■■ ■ -^
Men's Ready-to-Wear Clothing.
We have Placed in Stock the very finest
range of Men's Suits ever shown here.
Equal to the best tailor-made and at half
the price-
One, - $8.00 to $23.50
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
rieats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
HETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
OF 1'HOI-. PAIlfts.
Esiiise Vs.|is ts, i,« Treated, as Woll as IU*
Dumps-Uandsoiuo Proflts Ahksss-csI
I'siisis tiso l.ssw Grade Ovos—Largo lie-
KS-l'VSIK 111  Sijjlst.
Prof, .1. lv. Parks, the noted mineralogist and mine geologist, has con
eluded his examination of tbo Arling*
ton and Bpeoulator properties and,
upon ln'3 re-commendation, the com-
pjiiiifs*, acting in concert,will proceed
with tho erection of large works for
the treatment of their ores. Once
established, the mill will treat the
contents of the vein entire, to/jether
wilh all the existing dumps, In
examining the properties Prof.
Parks treated them ai3 one,characterizing tlu- vein as thn Arlington fissure
and classing it as the foremost silver
mine he knew of In the dry ores.
Jnst prior to his leaving the eity, the
Professor very kindly submitted to a
little cross examination as to his visit
here, detailing his experience in
these words:
'For iho past month I have been
i making a critical examination of the
combined Arlington and Speculator
I properties. They possess a largo fis
j sure, very highly mineralized, which
runs through the entire property for
practically a distance of two miles.
Up to the present time only the high
grade ores that could stand the
charges of haulage, freight, and
smelter treatment h.i ve been shipped.
Associated with these ores, however,
there is a very large tonnage of
workable ores thst have cither been
I aft in place in the mine, used as fill
in,: in the stupes,or tho excess placed
on a separate portion of thc dumps
as nu asset. I examined the property
with a view to determining tin* ore
reserves and probable futures,-and to
make a critical examination of the
mineral constituents nf the ore, and
| duteruiino whether these lower tirade
ores could not be^jeoitoinic*ill\ treat-
esl on the ground. 1 ht*"ve *5>Bli> to
tlie conclusion that, with acombina
tion mill, ombracing procos es in
winch I have had successful practien]
experience, such ens can be economically treated; ar.d, owing to thu
largo proportion of them in the vein.
tlis returns ii valuable metal from
them will appear as a large factor in
tlio profits derived from this great
ore deposit.
"This method of treatment thai I
have proposed and recommended
will very materially reduce the cos:
of min ing compared with tho preseni
method of minin!,' for high grade ores
icily, during which is necessitated
the breaking down and c iring for a
certain portion of lower grade ores
In these dry ore mines silver is the
principal uietal sought for, while in
properties i.i ether camps, such as
Butte and the upper Slocan, silver Is
^ bve-product, as it ia associated
moro or less with other metals. The
Arlington Assure contains bodies ol
the highest grade variety of I-'i'ei
bltrgite that I have ever met with in
my 22 years of practical experience
in all pans of the world, much of it
going 15,100oz in silver to tho ton,
Freiburgito, named after tin- town of
Freiburg, in Germany, is a silver-
bearing variety efgrey copper.
"At the present time in  the mine
there are ia
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
re reserves of nre, wnuc
a vary hands nuo asset is possessed In
the l.iw grade ores on the several
damps. The property is cap.ibis* of
thu production of ore In largo quantities f*>r many years tn come. 1 do
not hcsl'ato pi say that the vein will
be productive of a good grade of erei
for a I in*1   time  in  the   future,   both
laterally and to a great depth."
In consenting to the abovo interview Prof. Parks stated ho was not it*,
the habit of making public, any feature of .i report when examining
mines, but In ibis instance there were
certain featuri * that the management i ,
of th« Arlington liicowilabi Mines'
were not averse to proclaiming in the
trim Interests if tlio camp. Tne
com panics  were  close corporations
■ible. to inform the management within a very few cents just, what the.
actual cost of treatment of the ore by
the mill would be. He believed,
though, that the result would be sueh
that the whole vein could bo success-
fully treated at a profit, If large
hoilies ofthe high grade article were
encountered, then tbe management
might find It advisable to ship that
clement as it was, otherwise everything would be treated. The Professor hinted that hauling by wagons
from the mine would be largely dis*
pounted, as the product of the mill
would go fur ward in the shape of
With tho adoption of Prof. Parks'
report., the management Will proceed
wiih the establishment ol tbo mill, in
tht* construction and operation of
which manv men will he employed,
while the force atthe mine itself will
he largely increased. In places the
Arlington vein is 40 feet wide and
the ta-k of taking out the mineral
will give employment to a much
larger crew than has yet done sor
vice ht thc mine. Prof! Parks' visit
will work a mighty benefit to this
see1 ion.
J. Frank Collom, manager of the
Arlington-Speculator, told the Nelson
News that tho process to bo installed
at the mine is known as the lVllatin
Glorissey, and was one of the earliest
known for treatment of dry ores, but
wis only used in a laboratory, and
not beiug found satisfactory at the
time oi'its discovery the patent was
allowed  to   lapse.   Since  then   the
cyanide and electrical treatments, of
which it is a combination, luve been
no greatly improved that the sys cm
is revolution!*! -tl.   About n year ago
a property with  very  similar ore to
that ofthe Ar ington, was purchased
by Dr. Sendryx at Prescott, Arizona.
This property had been left unwork*
id,as it was found impossible to treat
the ore al a prolit    Prof. Parks, wins
wm fi miliar with the process mentioned,  believed   that  it  would  bo
fniKul possible by m-ans of it to successfully treat tho Arizona are, and
under his supervision it. was installed
and run fur two months, and since
has been carried   on   under  other
ln.inag. ni'- nt with gratifyingbucc«sj.
The idea ofthe system is 11 take a
dry pre and put it through a crusher,
creating "ll the s*ims-s possible, which
•ire t'ien run over n  Wllfley tnble
Tht-n tn king ono ten of lhaconcen
tratcs to twenty ions of the slimes.
tho whole is placed  in vats, wi h a
weak cyanide solution. Amalgamating plates are placed at the bottom.
With a negative polo at the bottom
and a pneiiivo pole In  paddles to stir
uie mixture up, the gold, silver.copper and a little leas! are precipitated.
I*ltat product is thi u retorted «t the
mine into base  bullion and  is ready
for shipment to a refinery direct,thus I
doing away with shipping and smelt
ing charges.   In the year that the
system   has been   in   use at Prescott
91 per cent of the  values have been
saved In the ores treated.
To fully test their ore, the Arling*
ttn will ship a carload toprcseott, to
be treated by the mill, and if successful an experimental plant will be installed at, the mine. At present no!
nro under .'10 ounces can bo handled.
Hauling lo the railway C08ts$3per
ton to which must be added freight |
and smelting charge'1, necessitating
only the high grade ore being mined.
At the smelter only 80 per cent ofthe
lead and 91 per cent of tho Bilver
values are returned. Undor the new
process the charges will not exceed
12.60 per ton and, as the product will
be shipped In the way of bullion, the
saving In freight and mielter charges
will be great. If proven a success
the process will revolutionize mining
■ii this camp
the surface iand mixed with quartz.
A sample of the rock sent in Salt
Lake City for assay gave rel urns of
865.70 OZ In silver and 7.3-19 n in
gold. The silver is worth $18(150
antl the. gold .fl 115.08, or a total of
I'rtsvinilal Voters Must IlKglstor by Msin-
sluy Next.
Those who are not enrolled on the
t'xisting provincial voters' lists had
better attend to tho matter at once,
as the lists close on the 29th. As the
list will also be. the basis for compiling that for the Dominion, it is essential that thei'O should be no delay iu
availing one's self of the rights of the
franchise. After .Mondav nest the
voters'lists will be elosetl.-and no
name can be placed thereon i-.xce.pt.
those whose applications have been
received prior to mat date, and also
excepting transfers. All names ou
the old list will stand, bur additions
must be in before tho date named.
Objections must be made within 12
davs ofthe closing of the list to nny
person, and the notice ofthe objection
must he posted pr lult with the person objected to not less than six clear
days before the time fixed for lhe
healing of such claim or objection.
Notices must bo accompanied with
the sum of $1 for each vote objected
to, to be returned if the objection is
allowed; to lie forfeited to the crown
if disallowed.
There is no change as regards
transfers, and all transfers will be
received up to the day of the holding
ofthe next court of revision. It is
absolutely essential, therefore, that
nil tht*se who are not on the voters'
list at the present time in order to
obtain a vote must sec that their
application is handed into the Colleo
tor. Attention is also directed to the
fact that all applications received
offer September 2? will be accepted :
after the holding of that court, but]
can only be dealt with at the court of
revision, which will be held in the
month of Mav, 1903. Should there
In- a dissolution of the house, however, in the meantime, theso lists
will be cancelled and every person
will havo to register.
Last Year's Shipments Wore B514 Tons—
A ll.isltliy Kvlslence ol Ills l.ir.s mist
Wsialtli ur diss Gamp— Arlington the
BlgS***! Slilppsir.
A respectable increase is to bo
noticed in the ore shipments for the
week, the total being 160 tons. Tho
increase was the result ofthe enlarged output at the Arlington, it having
sent out 120 tons,and it is quite likely
the spurt will be maintained. Its
shipments for thc year are in the
neighborhood of 3000 tons. Forty
tons was exported by tlio Enterprise,
divide between Trail and Nelson.
For the year the total is 48(15 tons.
For 1'JOO the experts from this division amounted to L'sS-17 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled lio20 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this jear to
Arlington  120           2020
Enterprise  '0           1*00
Ottawa  .      •"
Neepawa  ■ 101
May  *
Psyitroak  6
1'uplex  7
Fourth of July  II
Florence  1
Speculator  —-A—
Hampton  4
ItiO 4.SU5
i:\-Iiisij; ■ unit Sapphire (*uit.
*•"*« opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Anlmr Sii.rt snsl llsilansr Ays.nu.*, SlOOtll,
Bulldlfa- thoroughly renovated
•nd re st-cked witli tho best
Fruitrconfectionery, Tobacco
^^^is^H     Ls^Ls^Ls^ssssssssKs. . „ ■ *
Yon can get anything in these lines «M»g«
require from us. Our stock in each i ays
kept fresh and well assorted We himule t c
best the market affords. Prices are rigin.
ind'hud noslock for s dc.conseipient
lv it could not be laid to thorn that
they were attempting to force the
market in anv particular. The successful treatment of tho Arlington
ores would open the way fir other
companies operating In tho campand
so remove the only barrlei confronting capital in Its effort to win divi
dcndi from the dry ore belt.
While not preoialraing the nature
of ihe mill and the character of the
process ho has recommended to the
Arlington, Prof. Parks admitted elco
trleity would play a prominent part
I'loivi'i. nil the powor necossary being gonerated at the sawmill and
transmitted to the pr. posed works nt
the mine He had not qulic completed bis analyses of ihe ore. several
features of which he would determine
i,v 100 pound samples, lu the course
l'a few  weeks this work    null
Charles Dempster came over from
Rossland on Frld v, bringing instruc
lions to cease operations for thi pros
cut mi the ExchangO and Sapphire
properties, thereby throwing seven
men out'nf employment, A watchman remains at the Exchange and
will continue, taking OUt ore aud
swelling that alreadysaokod to make
a carh.ad shipment. There is an excellent showing of ore Insight, with
six tons on  '.lie dump, antl   lhe.  ap
peariince of tho mine has greatly
Improved with the little work lately
done. It is well equipped with tools
und supplies and is In a position to
startup again at anv time with a
good force. What work was done on
tin- Sapphire was principally surface
Itl'ipplllg, the lead   having   been ox*
post d iii ii number of places,   it is
hoped, however, to hnyo both pro
pertles working  again  during the
V.Ty Kl.ls OKI.
Dan Nichol and Howard Que:taro
j owners of a  claim  Close to the city
that has made a record   fol' rich oro
I It Is called tin-Cripple Stick and was
I e
I located two or three weeks ago. 'I
claim adjoins the Port Hope uml
i possessed of a  It) foot ledge.    I
completed* "and .hen lie would  be' paystreak Is eight inches In width on
Windy Young has a new townsite
on the market called Gartrell.
Nothing ns>\v has turned up this
week In regard to tho sawmill.
Nelson citv council is negotiating
for the purchase of the street railway.
Jack Aitchison and Joe Law are
both on their way back from South
T. n. Braden, of the Calgarv Herald, spent yesterday in the city,looking up old friends.
The wagon road np the south fork
of Kaslo has been completed to within about a mile ofthe Joker.
Kor the year ending June U0 Inst
70,030 people settled in Canada, of
whom 22,000 came from the United
Bfrt O'Neail nnd D >(* Skelly have
lumber on their lot next t'> tbo Anglican church, preparatory to orectlng
a residence.
Bob Cooper is driving In the upper
tunnel nn the Starlight, formerly the
Oregon City, on Ten Mile, lie has
six inches of mixed oro.
•"Horn.   In Winnipeg, on  the  17th
inst., the Wife efF. 8   Andrews, bar
rister, formerly of this  place, of a
son.   Unhappily the infant dlfd later!
on iii the day.
A t'iss.l Ai-i'lsli-nl.
A cruel nccldont occurred at II.
Nixon's ranch, below L-enion creek,
mi Wednesday. During the sudden
squall in the morning a half-burned
tree fell and  pinned hla four-year
old son to tliO ground, Mrs. Nixon.
being unable to alarm her husband,
who was working across the river,
managed to drag the nnconselous
form ol her child from under tho tree
and hastened to catch the noon train
juat then coming from Nelson. <bi
her way here the little follow regain*
ed consciousness, but bore   his pains
manfully.   II" was taken ti the h a
pital, where Ur. Forin quickly al
tended to his Injuries, whloh consisted I
of a broken log, a bruised buck audi
a severe wound mi tlm hend It. is a
llll.l'vel be WSS Hot killed.    The little;
chap is resting comfortably ind doing
I'ntrl lillssr Ih MiiltlisK Mm-.i'S.
The Enterprise mine, on Ten Mile
Cl'oek, continues to make some good
money, For the month of Augusl
the managcineni states that 780 tons
of ore passed through the mil ,glvlng
n pt'oiii for the month's operations of
Bar silver keeps below 52.
Snow fell heavily in the hills dur-
ins: the week.
Last week tho Sandon mines shipped 186 tons of ore.
The Arlington has materially increased its force of late.
The Ilosun mine sent a carload of
kihc eve tltls* "Vl-ok tir'Antwerp'*. BeT
Pat McGuire, thn contractor at thc
Iron Horse, has Installed a steam
drill for sinking in the shaft,
Thn Arlington has increased its
ore shipments, three teams now being
employed hauling down the mineral.
A sleigh read is being built bv tho
Arlington people on to tho Aunty
Lola group, so as to get out tha timber.
It is expected the -ire body on the
Republio will be struck any dny in
the long tunnel. The indications all
point that way.
J. Frank Collom, masiajjing diroe-
torof tho Arlington ami Speculator,
left on Mondav for San Francisco, to
l-e ("one two or three weeks.
Oscar White is advertising Ilarrv
Williams as a delinquent no-owner
in the Chilkat and Delphian claims,
situated at the head of Lemon creek.
Interested claini -holders nt the
head ef l.eiuoii creek, assisted bv
parties in Nelson, are agitating for
tho repairing of tho road down Six
Mile creek to Kootenay lake. That
wonld lake a goo.l trade away from
Toss Mu.ls Wtt.Uk***,
Toi much whiskey caused somewhat of a mix up in tho camp of the
Its-public wagon road Sunday even-
Ingand Monday morning. As a re
suit two casus were entered in the
police court here, Justices Bull and
Curtis hearing the evldenoe, which
occupied Tuesday afternoon and
Wednesday forenoon. Tern Blench
swore out a warrant against Robert
Qdgar, jr., son i fthe foreman, aecus-
\i\u him with carrying a revolver
and threatening to shout his brother.
Unse dismissed, with costs against
Blench. Tonv I^-nir next laid a
complaint against Root.Edgar,senior
and junior, for assault. Case against
the father was disiirssed, but the son
wns lined $10 and costs.
Arlington anntim Hooting,
The annual meeting ofthe Arlington Mines, Limited, will be held in
the company's offloe here pn the 7th
of October. The u-ual line of pro-
ceeduro will be followed, reports
read,statement if receipt! ana nt-
pendiiuiis presented, followed by
ths election of efflocn for the ci-suing
Annual Rlflnlhoot,
It is the intention of the Slocan
Is'ille Association to hold thoir annual
moot on October 21 and 25, Suitable
prises win be offered, and there pi"-
mines to be a big tunio.ut ofjnambers.
Visitors are expected down Irom th*-
Now Denver dab. MB. BOWSER'S PLANS
Forgets Abont Expenses, However,
listll His Helpmeet, Mrs. Bowser,
Offers a Few Figures and His Project Wilts Like a Flower.
'Copyrlffht, 1902, by C. B. Lewis.]
THAT Mr. Bowser wns preparing to spring n surprise of
some sort on her Mrs. Bowser
felt sure as lie came home
tbe other evening, but she asked no
questions anil he volunteered no information until after dinner. Then he
looked around tbe sitting room us if
taking a farewell of tbe furniture nnd
"Mrs. Bowser, 1 have had n good offer
today for tbis property, mid I think 1
shall accept It. That ls what I wish to
talk to you about this evening."
"Would you sell out to buy a place
elsewhere?" she asked.
"Not a place ln town. If 1 sell, 1
sball move Into the country.    1 bave
found tbe chance of my life.   There's
■ more clean money in it thun In a gold
"But you are no farmer. 1 don't
tblnk you know tbe difference between
timothy and clover."
"Oh, you don't? Perhaps I don't know
n barn door from a bumblebees' nest?
You are always ready for a fling of
some sort"
"But how should you know anything
about farming?" she protested.
"How should 1 know peas from
beans? However, I wasn't thinking of
going Into farming. I've got something
better than breaking my back at the
plow. Have you any idea what can be
done with a poultry farm of fifty
acres? Oo you know that sueh a farm
would make a Bothschild of a man ln
a few years, and with very little work
on his part? Mrs. Bowser, a fortune
awalta us."
"That ls good news, but let me bear
the details. You propose to buy a farm
of about fifty acres und ruise chickens,
ducks, geese and turkeys?"
'That's lt. ami Standard OH dividends won't be iu it It'll take most
or my  time to count up the profits.
Here's tbe idea: I start in with 1,000
hens, 500 ducks, COO geese untl 200 turkeys. The natural Increase ut the end
of tbe year should give us 3.000 liens,
1.000 ducks, 1.000 geese and 760 turkeys. This Is figuring out ull losses.
Meanwhile we have sold ut least 1.000
dozen eggs, and tbe geese bave yielded 150 pounds of feathers. Con any
orange grove beat that? I shan't trust
to natural increase, however. I shall
bave two Incubators at work duy and
night Each machine will turn out
600 fowls per month, or 6.000 per year.
One-half of these will he sold us spring
chickens, and you know what u thump
Ing big price they bring. It's u Clol-
cuiidu. Mrs. Bowser—It's u pointer for
Cripple Creek."
"You are sure of your figures?" she
asked as he got up In bis excitement to
walk around.
"Do I ever make any mistakes? Do
you think I would mnke a change of
tbls kind without being sure of my
figures? You enn even ntltl 10 per cent
to them uud not lie up tu the mark
By John, woman, but there Is n tide
ln Ibe affairs of men. nntl my tide Is
here! Can we get ready to move* lu a
month r
"Lot ut go ever the figures together.
You speak of u tlfiy acre furtn. If It ls
good land anil hns decent buildings on
It the price will be ut least $2,000. Did
you figure on that?"
"sN-lio.   That Isn't much, however."
"You have got to buy 1,000 hens. 500
ducks.   600   geese   nnd   250   turkeys.
That's a total of 2.250. nnd they will
cost you at least $1,000.  I suppose you
nllsiWMd fnr this?"
"Are you trying to throw cold water
on my project?' demanded Mr. Bow
■er, as bis face began to grow red.
"Not ut ull.    I'm simply  getting ut
ths difference between yonr outgo Olid
your   Income.     Your   two   liiciiliutot's
will cost you ut least $300.   How much
did you allow for them?"
"I—I don't remember."
"Now, you must huve yards ami
■heils for your poultry," continued Mrs.
Bowser In tones that reminded him or
a mortgage bearing 10 per cent Interest "You can figure thut the lumber
and curpenter work will conl nnothei
thousand dollars. Your poultry bus
got to ent"
"Yes; tbe crumbs from our tabic."
"The crumbs from our table woultl
keep one old hen on half rations. Your
fowls have got to have corn and oilier
solid food. You may set lt down that
2,250 fowls will eat ut least $000 worth
of food per year."
"But I'm going to ruise my own corn,
of course."
"Then you'll have to buy tbe seed for
twenty acres and hire the plowing,
planting and all other work."
"By thunder, woman, but enn i never advance anything you won't oppose':" shouted Mi. Bowser us be gestured a wny with both bunds at once.
"I am not opposing you 111 this." she !
quietly replied ns sho prepared to make '
further figures.   "All I want Is for you
to be sure bow you are coming out."      |
"But I tell vou there's u fortune ln
It" I
"I   shouldn't  wonder.    Now,  about |
the hired help.   To take care of several thousand chicks and the same num- j
ber of old fowls you will need a mnn
and u woiiinn or a mnn nud u boy.  You
will have to board them ou the premises.   You will wanj a spun of horses
and u   wagon  and "perhaps a  single ,
horse.   Hus this farm you spenk of got
a creek running through it?"
"How do I know? What do I want
of n creek ?"
"You must have plenty ef water.   If .
♦here Is no creek, you will have to dig
OUt ponds for your ducks and geese. |
Are you going to pluck and pack and i
ship your own poultry or sell to ped-
tilers?" j
"Why do you nsk that?"
"Because If you  prepare your own '
poultry for shipment you will need an
extra man and ulso Ice or cold storage, I
Then  the mites  must  be driven   to ,
lown.   There's another thing you don't ■
seem to huve thought of.    Where in
cube tors nre  used  only  sixty  out  of
every  hundred  chickens  hatched   live
beyond two or three days.    Yon  see. j
the loss Is almost half.    We will now
add up the expenses aad strike u Iml
"We will do notblng of the kind!"
saitl Mr. Bowser us be glared nt tht
cut 111 n wuy to make ber shiver.
"But don't you want to get at the
exact profits?"
"No. ma'am. 1 don't. I don't propose
to be made u fool of to my fnee. You
ran drop tbnt pencil and resume your
"Do you mean thut you have abandoned the idea of going Into poultry?"
"Who suid anything ubout poultry?"
"Why, you bud u scheme to"-
"Never!    Never!     You   seem   to   be
wandering tonight.    I had uo scheme,
never hnve schemes."
"1 simply wanteil to show you that—
•Thnt Is enough. Mrs. Bowser. I'll
huve the doctor examine your head la
the morning, uud perhaps be will give
us hope that you ure not past recovery!"
And theu he walked mujestlcally out
nnd snt down on the doorstep in the
gloaming. The cat followed unsl sat
beside blm. und ns the stars winked
cutely nnd the moon smiled blandly
Mr. Bowser glnpped his leg and softly
"She had me there-she surely had
me, and the ouly wuy wus to give her
u grand bluff!" M. QUAD.
At*   I'nlsellever.
"Whnt." she usked. "is your pet bu
"That—that," be tremblingly replied,
"If 1 were to osk you to be mine you
would refuse."
"Well." she sighed nfter n long, lonn
pause, "for my purt I never did believe
much lu omens and things."—Chicago
Wlllfssl   Wit 1st.
Sbe—How dare you put your arm
around me! And I thought you such a
very good young man too!
He (piously)—But does not the Bible
■ay, "Cultivate the waist places'••"-
Philadelphia Record.
Hope SprliiK*  Eternal.
"1 saw the chief of the weather bureau come out of a clairvoyant's office."
"What was ho doing there?"
"Trying to chnnge his luck."—Life.
The tlmn for repentance Is In advance of the crime.—"Abroud Wltb tbe
It Is less futile to consider our past
than to predict our future.—"Philip
If a man admires a girl at nil. be will
wnnt to marry her as long as she treats
him badly.—"Myra of the Pines."
Well It Is to be able to read runes,
but better yet It Is to know what the
Lord hus written In men's eyes.—•'The
Thrall of l.ell' the Lucky."
People are seldom man ami wife half
tbelr lives without wishing to Impart
their sufferings us well us tbelr pleas*
Ul's.-K to eueh other.—"The Ks.mtons."
Tears anil laughter well compounded
make the sweetest Joy, grief anil Joy
the truest happiness, happiness nnd
pain tbe grandest soul.—"Dorothy Vernon of llnililou Hull."
Be she right or wrong, u woman will
uot permit a man to question her motives. Itelug a woman Is of Itself a
good nnd sulllclent reason for whatever she may do or say.—"Craystone."
"Bts er long lane that ain't got no
turnln' whutsutnever, nn' I've noticed
this nil my life—the longer she Is before she does turn the bigger turn she
makes when she finally gits to It."—
"The .Silent Pioneer."
Effeetlve, bat Dangrerons.
To cleanse glass vases, carafes or bottles of uny sort nothing Is belter thun n
Utile uiurliitlc acid. A tuhlcspoonfuJ
rinsed slowly around lu a VU86 or decanter win cleanse it thoroughly, removing from the glass overy particle of
foreign matter. The acid can then be
poured Into another vase to perform
the same ollice und even then returned
to the bottle of supply for service on
another occasion. After the acid is out
of tbe vase or bottle tbe latter must
be rinsed Inside thoroughly tlrst wltb
hot BOOpsUda and then in several clear
waters. Mnrntlc acid Is n deudly poison and must be used with great caution and only by nn intelligent adult.
A child or servant should never be intrusted with Its use.
THERE'S   hurslly   any   difference,   so
fur ns 1 can seo,
Betwixt the uume of tennis and the
gams; of double "p."
While plngpoug Is a table game and tenuis of tl..- Held,
Both  gumes  are  played   with   balls  and
net; the pluyers rackets wield;
But that cannot be said to bt the point, 1
must admit;
While tirnnis Is a warmish game It seems
plngpong ls ITI
*et Bineo there's no great difference, will
plngpung's name be Dennis,
And when the heated term comes on will
folks go back lo tennis?
Somehow   there   seems   to   be  a   fad   for
toadying to nume;
We'd rather huve u eruay thing,  though
lt ls all the same.
Just hustle up a zlbberzlpp Instead of old
As* down we'll fall and howl for zlbberzlpp most any duy.
It Isn't that the game Is changed, but It's
because the rose
Called by the name we've learned to leve
is in Its dying throes;
He-see.   If  some   chap   would   dub   bridge
whist by nume of zennys Jennys',
There'd be a great big funeral, just like
there was of tennis.
It's  human   nature,   I   suppose;   the  girl
that's christened Liz
Fsels thnt she's handicap-*!**), of course—
nnd I mui-pose she ls.
We never hear of barber shops: tonsorial
purlors they
Have  come   to   be   entitled   In   this   tltlo
crazy duy.
But   what   1   slatted   out   to   sny   was,
through the heated Bpcll
Will we continue plngpong or will tennis
do us ws 11'.'
In other words, ns I have suid, will ping-
pong's name he Dennis,
And will we gradually come to trifle some
with tennis?
—Baltimore Newa.
Helen (regretfully)—No. George, I'll
not sit in the hummock with you this
Tom—And why uot, my dear?
Helen—Papa hus attached a patent
device ta it that registers the weight.
Some Men Are Born Ingenious.
Smith—Brown ia the luziest man on
.Tones—How so?
Smith—When bis wife asks him to
wnter her Mower bed he throws n bucket of water on bis Newfoundland dog
and then bus blm stand in tbe middle
of tho flower betl nnd shake himself.—
It  Waa  Dead.
"Hello!" said the flrst citizen of
Swamphrast. "How are you getting
along with that souvenir booklet?"
"You uioun the one we were preparing to boom our lovely town?"
"Hud to give It up; couldn't get anything but undertakers' advertisements
for It"—Philadelphia Press.
The   I.sss-ust  Batert.
Anil lt came to puss that locust pie
became a great tlish in back counties.
"But," said the man who hud ordered
a pie in n hotel, "these locusts are not
tender.   Are you sure tbey are young?"
"Oh, yes, sir," responded tho waiter;
"we guarantee none of them to be over
seventeen yenrs old."—Chlcugo News.
The  Automobile.
"Yes, sir; there she Is complete. Will
you go with me ou the trlul trip?"
"1 will If you will add Just oue moro.
•Whut Is thnt?"
"An attachment te carry a net for us
lo lund in."-Indianapolis News.
The Disappointed llo*/.
"Oracious, Bobby!" said the second
Mrs. Jenks, nee Ann leek, to her stepson.   "What are you crying ubout?"
"Boo-boo!" sobbed the boy. "I'apn
promise*] uie u new mamma, nn' you
ain't new at all!"—Philadelphia Bee-
An  I nsls-rstsrsl Turkey.
The Smart Boarder—Mrs. Smlthers,
thut turkey Is not doue.
Mrs. Smlthers—Why, Mr. staasp, I'm
The Smart Bonnier— No; I mean not
done growing.—Leslie's Weekly.
"1 didn't see Sqnnllop at the purty
lust evening.  Wus he there?"
"Yes, but be wns disgruntled about
something, lie sat apart."
"Then he must have felt a good deal
cut up."—Chlcugo Trlbuue.
In  1010.
Illrnm (rushing in)— (.'rent gosh. Mlrandy, it's ralnln' ents nn' dogs!
Mlrandy—Ob, dearl I'll bet anything
that one uv them airships thut wuz
cnrryln' the circus hns blown up.—
Town Topics.
Alstnyi Behind.
"Why do they apeak of tOUewIng
tke rucesf "
"Becnuse ne one ever get ahead of
tbem."-New York World.
G-«-""r*** ••*"-*'"•*••• *?'#•"• •■•«-0-s><frM5 Hf*
© fupi/rloht, 1901, by A. S. Btchordtvn
»•**>•■•» • ■■»*•■ — '•"»•<**■-»*»**-<>*■<
In tbe office of the Duuedln Dully
Rush the reportorlul staff was busily
engaged, save perhaps Topson. lie hud
Just strolled In, plunked himself down
In his chair, and ufter scribbling off a
short "two header" passed It luto the
city editor's room und resumed his
usual lnzy attitude, feet cocked over
the top of his desk, hat on the buck of
hla head, while be stnrcd Into space
■nd slowly puffed away ut bis pipe.
Topson was naturally lnzy. The boys
claim he was born thus, lie wns not
altogether "a good fellow," though no
•ne seemed to have might to say
against him. He wus reserved, luni little to say and nlways did his work
well, though he did take much longer
ta accomplish It than uuy of his colleagues.
Tbe telephone in the elty editor's
room rang. In a few minutes that Individual walked Into the reporters'
room, looked around quickly ami
caught sight of the figure of Topson,
the only Idle man In tbe room.
"Topsoe!" be culled, then hesitated a
moment. Tbe elty editor wanted some
good work accomplishes!. He wanted
lt quick, and Topson wns anything but
quick.   However, he continued:
"Go over to No. 1 und report to Fox.
He will be In the detective department
Oot a murder story. See whnt it Is
worth. King nie up and let me know
wbnt it needs In tlie wny of Illustration
nnd so forth. Make a goosl spread of
it, but none of your long theories.
Want this thing short untl breezy.
First murder In a mouth.  Now, bustle!"
Topson donned bis coat and. after
slowly filling bis pipe, left tlie room
with apparently no further thought
than If he had been sent across to get
a paragraph about the annual meeting
of the society of Know Nothings, Sucli
tblngs us murder stories, social gatherings or pink tons occur us mere Inch
dents In a reporter's daily life. It la
all work to him. and thnt Is the wuy he
ligures lt up.
An hour bad passed since Topson left
the office and no word came from blm,
The city editor was getting restless.
Fox had returneil from police hentl-
qunrters with another story, but beyond tbe fnct tbnt Topson bnd reported
to blm nnd hnd been given the detail
be knew nothing of his whereabouts.
Two hours passed and no Topson. It
was now 1:30 n. in., und tbe city ed!
'WHF.ilE    llAVi;    TOU    UBXM, lOl'HONf"    UK
CALLED A.Ntinil.Y.
tor   wns   furious.    He   was   wading
IbrOUgb late copy when some one en
tired the room by the outer hull slisssr.
nud tben the city editor  was aware
that a bunch of something come down
with a thud upon (he desk ul his el
bow.   lie looked up.
"When- have you been, Tsspson?" be
ral led ii ii urt i ly us tlmt Individual made
lo leave |lie room.
"Writing tbe story." replied Topson.
"No gootl for Illustrations*, so I slid nol
phone. It's ull there, Hn- whole yarn,
ami It Isn't it bud one either "
This wan ll new role for Topson. The
city editor was taken aback, Topson
bad actually wults-iu-d up. nnd here,
after a two short hours or ko. hail relumed with the story fully prepared.
Well. If It needed Illustrating It could
yet be done
•Very well," snld the city editor;
"thill will slo, but III future I wnnt you
1.) phono nn- wlii-n I say so."
"Yes, sir" And Topson left tlie
room, Throwing oit hla overcoat, he
resumed Ills lounging attitude at the
tlesk. antl sat in silence until he heard
the city editor yell:
•'Whnt tlie deuce! I say. Topson,
collie   Ill'l'l'!"
Topson went.
"Till** uiilki-a me tired," went nn his
• 1,1,-r "You will run In your own In
.ftial iheoili-s Now take Unit whole
■in out ami cut It down to good,
'■ !,t enllilUOII sense, ami he quick
isi-l  ll     I's'i- whiz!    Listen lss Hits!"
.*.-, iii  oti,  rnvlug ai Topson and
., i a   from   tin-   reports'|''h   copyi
■ iiiiinVrcr, alter talking to the
III I'm ill out llfleeii minutes  ss-lzetl
■ s,  Un* iirni, dragged in r rnto Ilie
I parlor, anil In a 111 nr temporary
. -iii-   *-imi  her through th,. brain,
riling her Instantly ll.- then repented
Of his rush net'   Uo you bear, Tonson?
•He repented of bin rush net." The
elty editor laughed outright
••oh what's tbe use of writing rot
like that? The woinuu wns killed In*
Htantly, and uo ono hns seen the murderer since. Have J'OU Interviewed hiui
o, her, whichever it is? if yon bave,
you hud better say so and I will IVu-
lure it. Topsou, you make mo tired.
You have got to quit this nonsense or
you go. Now tnke this copy und cut
out ull that sort of muff. Were you Up
to tbe house?"
••Yes, sir."
"Then give the artist an idea or the
plnce for ti three column cut. Walt a
minute, nnd I'll bring blm down here."
He rung the bell; the office boy responded.
"Tell Muck 1 want him down here at
"Yes, sir," said the youth, und
added, "Two gents outside wnnt to
see you, sir."
"Oh, show tliem In," replied the city
editor, looking at the curds. The men
••Hells), Boss! Shake, Fritz. What's
"Oh, only this murder affair.  1
to nsk you something, Duncan.
know   ull   the   city    newspaper
pretty well nnd"—
""Itut," Interrupted the city editor,
looking at Topson uud then continuing
sarcastically: "If you wnnt to know
anything nbout this murder, aak Top-
son. He is on the case for us. I wus
Just roasting him because be seems to
have had tin Interview with tbe murderer, nud he"—
"TopsonI" muttered Detective Boss.
"TopsonI Let me see. You weren't one
ef the boys up ut tbe hOUSO viewing
the scene with inc. How the deuce dltl
you get lu? I Just left the place, nnd
it Is all locked up."
"By heavens!" exclaimed Fritz, and
be scratched his head. "A literary
man, Topson. No, uot Topson. but
Thompson. Ain't that what the worn-
nit's husband was—Thompson—n liternry mnn? Whew!" And be whistled.
"Grent Ood!" cried Dunciiu. "No,
surely uot. Topson, spenk up, iiiau!
Don't you see what Fritz moans? You
the—the"— The city editor could not
bring himself to sny It.
Topson never Ulnched. He was very
pale, but that was all. He simply
"i am not good at making guesses,"
be replied firmly, "und I theorize too
much, but you ure ou to u scoop Mr.
Duncan, so make gtsod use of it. The
woman   was  my  wlft—once,  untl
me wben I needed ber most.   I
her tonight for the lirst tinis- In
years, nud 1 nm even." Ile gritted bis
teeth. "Want me to Dnlsh up tbe story
properly?" He tried to smile again ns
Duncan gazed nt him lu horror.
No one spoke. Detective Boss, looking nt Topson. shifted his eyes toward
lhe outer slossr nmi left the room. Tup-
son understood, turned luto the reporters' room, got bis overcoat, walked
toward the door uml out, followed by
"Well, he's n thoroughbred," remarked Duncan to the artist later. "Make
a two column cut of bim."
Dark  Doings.
When uny oue usked Utile Mrs.
Pratt her opinion on the question of
equal Suffrage, she bud her nnswer
ready. "I don't want to hear uny
thing nbout It." she would suy pleas
nnlly. but firmly, "und I'd Just as soon
tell you why. It's because lliers's got
to be a Concealment and mystery about
voting, nnd I like things open and
nboveboaril. It's the way I was
brought up, ami the way I shall ul
ways fed if I live to be a hundred.
"I've bail one experience, nnd that's
all I want. A friend of mine talked
and talked to me about voting on the
educational question UU ut lust I raid
I would becnuse I wna brought up lo
thin!; u grent ileal ssf etlliratli 11, und I
always shnll. So I gnve up an engagement to go to the polls ami register
(.\:\d the dress was almost spoiled on
account of my missing tlmt trying on.
too, because she didn't wait to see
whether It fitted or not, but stitched
the senilis rigid upl. and then I took
the greatest pains to go and vote Just
as they'sl t<>ltl mc lo, nntl wbat do you
suppose lis-ury Pratt told me after
wanl? My vote was thrown out because 1 had the frankness to write my
full name ami address on It!
"I   told   Henry   Hint   nothing   would
surprise me after tbat  nothing!"
When Aiin-sllsells-s Were New.
It was pretlleleil that the most Serious malpractices would follow tbo
Introduction of the anmstbetlc urt. it
wiih feared thai tin- art would be used
by the robber, by the murderer, by
those   who   were  i!i*sli-sstis  of  commit
ting  deeds  of  violence,   nud   that,   lu
short, It would be a  a US of putting
the most dangeron ami ready weapon
of evil ever dreamed of Into tin- bauds
of the evil disposed, the worst dis
posed of the whole coininuiilly.
It wns argued Hint tbe practice, how
ever snfe und successful It mlglil be,
wus sinful, was opposed to the divinely
appointed decree ami could not be -fus*
tallied except In direct ilcllnnce of
righteous law; for, WUS nm man born
tO stirrer, ami was nol pain u part of
the curse tluit  hnd  fall,- ,  ,,,„„ 1)V
bis itrst disobedience to ihe Almighty
It was Insisted on |,V a more practical group of objectors that ns <•„,
process of •ana-ithoslti became general
In lis application il lounlliy Induced
by iin.istlieslu would „r |--,n|- .„. |.1(>
death warrant nl the declared ml-
vancement uml bring all |*j g\ory l()
tbe dust.
I"nr  Worse.
"Aln.n nnd dura, have not rmoken
■ince tbey took part in private theatricals."
"I sos'; professional Jealousy,"
"No;  worse.    Auiuleur."-NeW  y,.rt,
A   Couple   of   tut*   Celebrals-d   Come,
alms's  I'm. il,.„| Jul.,,.
Many stories nre told of Sothorn'*-
original methods of entertaining hjs
friends at dinner, and possibly the
most amusing Is that of the beluted
guest. When, late ln the dinner, thu
frleud was anuouueed, Mr. Rothern ex.
claimed, "Let us ull bide under the
table," and down they all Went save
Mr. Sothern himself, who remained
seated. When the tardy guest entered
Mr. Sothern rose und received blm
with exquisite courtesy, saying, "Winn
your nume wns anuouueed, my guests
for some unaccountable reason, all hia
under the table." After u few moments of discomfort one by one they
crept out nnd buck to their Bunts.
I heard from both Mr. Sothern nnd
Mrs. Vincent this account of an outburst of fun at a dinner given by him
In his parlor nt the Bevere House: As
tho guests, ten In number, were gathered about the open lire before dinner
a stout, pompous waiter, afflicted with
short breath, addesl tbe last touches to
his dinner tnble, nlretidy spread. Ten
large, square plcfes of bread were
plnced wltb mathematical precision
one at each plate, und then he left the
room to bring the wine. Mr. Botbern
saw his opportunity mid, s'ulllng \,u
dog, cried: "Tiger, the brenil! Quick,
Tiger!" Aud the nimble little gray-
hound hounded lightly upon the table
iigaln and again as he beurd his master's Imperative "Fetch the breud!"
until each piece had been removed to
a durk corner near the fire.
I'pon the winter's return all was silence. The expectant look upon Mr.
Sot hern's face showed only that dinner
was awaited. Standing for a moment,
bewildered, tbe waiter, seeing no bread
upon tbe table, hesitatingly turned to
the door, tben retraced his steps to
tbe table, examined It eurs'fully nnd
hurriedly left tbe room. He soon re-
uppcared with a fresh plate of bread,
und again nt each plnte a piece wus
carefully placed, and he retired with
tlie empty plnte. "Quick. Tiger! Fetch
It again!   More breud!   More breud!"
And once more each piece was removed before the grave wnlter reappeared, ami all were ugalu silent. One
look nt the table and one ut the
guests, and there remained no doubt
Those poor, hungry actors hail eaten
lt! With a look of contempt be an*
nouueed dlnuer, ami after ull were
safely seated nt the table he brought
u third plute of brcasl uml wltb a fork
placed It, with u gesture of scorn,
piece by piece for each person anil for
the host. The merry scene soou disarmed his hostility, nnd before the
evening wns over the breud i:i the corner was revealed.—Mrs. Lucy Derby
Fuller In Century.
Mens Ies and Amnionln.
A Detroit woman who labors nmong
the poor children of the city was telling her experiences.
"One duy there wns n death hi the
neighborhood; n little girl died, nnd the
children were visibly Impressed. They
told me about It In unison.
" 'It was better for her. wasn't lt.
missus?* oue little girl suid philosophically.
" 'What was the trouble?' I asked.
" 'Oh." another spoke up. "she had
measles nnd nmmoniu on the lungs and
a lot of things.'
"I wus of course deeply Impressed
by the 'lots of things,' but more so by
the •ammonia on tbe lungs.' "
Knew Wbat to Do With It.
A miserly landlord was going round
collecting his rents the other slay. At
one bouse be was greatly interested In
a little girl who watched, open mouthed
und open eyed, the business of paying
over the money nnd accepting tbe receipt.
He patted ber on lhe hiittl and Started out lo search his pockets, >.iying. "I
must see whnt I huvo got for you."
After searching bla pockets for some
time he nt lust brought from u remote
corner u peppermint As he handed It
to the girl be snld, "And now what will
you do with thnt?"
The little girl looked at It, then r.t
hlin and replied, "Wash It,"—London
A  Useful  Rhyme.
If poli«ont>(], tali, mustard or salt, tablespoon,
In a cup nf s. .rni wuii-r anil swallow
rls-1,1 loon
For hum* Iry boras mis] a svet bandage,
If blistered, then .sll uml dry ltuiins.'l will
For clillilri-n's convulsions svnrm hatlis
urs- tht rule,
Wlirt fiiHtin n:l slnse, loo. hut keep Ibe
bead cool
rjlvo   sirup   of   Iptou   when   croup   Is  In
For fnlnlltiK slis-tih  patient  right out on
the llyor.
To soak in hot water is nest for h sprain:
Remember these rules, und 'twill save you
much pain
Dlsrs-iislng  l.erins.
"Whnt Is this s.iuff?" usked the testy
husband, sputtering over n mouthful
of the strange dish which-he llnds on
tbe breakfast table.
"That," answers the thoughtful wife.
"Is the new health footl."
"it ought to bo healthy," dwlares tbe
husband. "I'll bet no germ of any
sense would try to live on Iti"—Baltimore American,
Very Muse.
"I was surprised to hear you speaking against   Flynlskyn.    Vou  told  mc
si   time ngo  be  wns your  nearest
"Thai's so.' He couldn't beany uearer
than he Is, the stingy old beggar!"
Not Mistiest.
First Vnebt-Niincy's not nt nil modest, you know.
Second Yacht-How's thnt?
First Yacht-She was seen huggt'i'-
the Jersey coast as sbu passed lu.-***«*w
York  Tlm.-a. The Drill.
Tho greatest pay ■ daucer ever reived was ttl.SOO a year for six
vear* P***<* to M-rie T-glioui. But
L. shorter periods higher pay has
been glvon. Miss Fuller is said to
bllU received *£49.r, in a single week.
Ur   T   .1.   Humes,     Columbus,     Ohio
*?.;, "I have been afflicted for some
jE. with Kidney and Liver Oomplalnts,
J" |ni,l Parmelee's Pills the hest rsiesli-
*.*'« |„r these diseases. These pills do
"„, chubs, pain or griping, and shouhl i„.
wil »h*'n ■ cathartic is required. Thev
"!? cilntlne Coated, and rolled In the
siiiui of Licorice to preserve their purity, nmi Rive them a pleasant, uirttjCttlsle
taate ___________
London coiiBuinca 11 tons of salt a
King Chulalonkorn of Sium haa 48
other names.
Germany issues a steady average of
23,Tiin new books yearly.
Messis   C.  0.  Hicharda & Co.,
(Jeiitlemen--In Jitse '98 1 bud my
baud and "list budly bitten by a
riotous horse. 1 sufTurud greatly for
UTortil days, und tbe tooth euts re-
fuaeil io heei, until your agent gave
me u bottle of MIN A HIV'*' I.IM-
VlKN I whieh I began using, anil tbe
effect u»s mugicul. in live hours the
(juin had ceased, and in two weeks
the wound had completely healed
and mv hand and arm wore as well
as suit Yours truly,
A. K.  ROY,
Carringe  Maker,  St.  Antoine,   P.Q.
Km t> -two dlllcreiit occupations
have their patron saint. These in-
lludc |iin-iiiakers, Rpectncle-miikeis,
taz-colloctore, wheelwrights, brttsh-
n,aki s and nurses.
The price of an artificial leg varies
Irom Llf) to £20. The most expen-
she one belonged to the Marquis of
Angle-sea, who lost his leg ut Waterloo.   It cost £80.
■Hoard's Linimcal is best Hair Restorer.
In lluiigary the legal age ol au Individual dates only from baptism
4.77H  miles   of   thrensl   have    been
Ipuii nut sif a single pound of cotton.
The whole British Isles occupy only
/•1G00   ,,f   the   lund   surface    of    the
W Snow A Co.. Syracuse NY . writs- :
"Please send us ten gross ssf l'ills Wc
• re selling more ol Parmeless's Tills than
sny ot her PHI we keep. They have a
arcHt i.'imtntiiiii for the cure of Dvipep-
«isi and Liver Complaint." Mr Obarlea
A Smith. Lindsay, writes : "Parmelee-a
l'ills are an excellent medicine Mv sister ha-* been trssulslesl with severe headache,   lint   these   Tills  have cured   her
Queen Alexandra owns a pair of
• ps-tu ulnsss-s. made in Vienna, valued nt £-1.11110. They aio of platinum, set with diamonds; sapphires,
and rubies.
'Ilie longest bridge in the world is
♦he I.ion Hi idge. over an arm of the
Yellow Sea, in China, lt is til miles
long, nnd the roadway 70 fs*et above
When- tnss I g,t some of Hull.sway's
Sssrts Cure? I waa entirely cursnl ol mv
eorns liy this remedy and 1 wish (some
■ore nf It fssr my friends So writes Mr
.1   W   lirown.   Chlcaa-o.
Frog-skin  makes  the  toughest  lea-
vhs*.   known   in   proportion   tss   its
Japanese papers contain telegrams
Stating that 5,000 -seisons lost their
li»s/s hy the overflowing of the West
sifei hi China. There was also heavy
los*. ni property and life in Formosa
av Hoods,   followed  bv  a  tidal   wave.
Misplaced   C«_0dence.
An Irlsbtuun onco applied for a Job
on board a certain sblp.
"Will," said the captuln. "where are
Jour ri'coniineudntloiiB?"
"Shure, nn' I buven't enny, sur."
"Can't take you, then; got n fieruian
bere with fine rfecoinnieiidaUous; bave
to live tbe Job to blm."
Pat begged so bard, however, tbat
tl"' captain finally agreed to take bim
mui the German both ou n trial trip,
tbe best mnn to huve thc permanent
I In*y were well out nt sen when n
Itoriri iirose one dny while Put und the
Gs-n nn were scrubbing the deck.    A
bis, wave came along und swept the
Genua*- overboard with his bucket
•"at Immediately picked up bin bucket
—d started ufter tbe cuptuln. whom
- found below.
"Well. I'nt, what's tbe matter now'.''
tbo captain Inquired.
"I'uiili, aur, ye know Hint German
""•'•nit lind such foliierlcounnlnihitioimV"
"Vis; whut of blm?"
"Begorra, sur, an' he's gono off with
oil*-' of your buckets."
I'nnsl's   Mnricnrrllr.
The woman who Inspired Oocthe
""■I Hie hlen of his 11ll limit ill "MM**
guerlle" wiin n plueltl (leininn of the
"iililslle 0|ni(ii VV|10 rgfuied Hie poet's
I'lslllniilsse    lll<*e.
Mnn. ihnn twenty varieties of rice
•ft' known In the Philippines! but.
Jiougli t|,|8 cereul Is so iniporlunl to
i 'mi I veil, not enough of it is pro-
"'"''i io supply (beir needs, nnd large
'•'"'mines have to be Imported illiuu-
4'lsliiese   Arl.
Tat i iiii,es, never reproaenl the
m"*'' • itber in sculpture or paintings
. I'lilleplles.
p HO epileptic patlotlts in  London
"'k'' histories were carerully follow*
"I1 ninety proved to be des.-t mbinIS
•"cobollc parents, a proportion of 04
P*r cent.
Nurses' Experience.
Medical men say that a good
Wttae in a difficult case is better
than medicine, but when we get a
good nurse and good medicine, the
Pal lent stands a much better chance
of recovery. The few words uf advice given below by nurse Eliza
King, are well worthy the attention
of all readers ■
OM1!-**!6 co"sta"'-ly used St. Jacobs
un in the various situations I have
occupied as nurse, uml have invariably found it excellent in all cases
requiring outward application, such
as sprains, bruises, rheumatic affections, neuralgia, etc. In cases of
pleurisy it is an excellent remedy-
well rubbed in. 1 „n strongly recommend it after several years' use
and experience. It should be in every
Sister Carolina, St. Andrew's Hospital, writes: "I huve found St.
Jacobs Oil a most elllcuclous remedy
In gout; ulso iu sprains und bruises.
Indeed, we cannot suy too much in
its praise, antl our doctor ls ordering lt constantly."
Two ladies—Angelica Kaufman and
Mrs. Lloyd—have become members ol
the Usiyul Academy.
The tlrst meerschaum pipe waa
smoked al Pesth in it*1.'! n is still
In the museum of thut town.
Monkey limnil Soao removes all stains
1    ilitt    or tarnish—but     won't    wash
An Iron shaving bus been cut |,\
the Brush Electric Company which is
i*'!7 feet long.
In may, 1888, a cod was caught
t>(T Flamborough Hend containing 59
fish-hooks, nil baited.
i'or Weak, sis-kly ussil  Fretful Children
ssf All Aur..
II the children's digestive organs
are all right, the children ure nil
right. They will be hearty, rosy,
happy—and hungry. Oot the little
ones right, aud keep I hem right bj
the use of Baby's Own Tablets This
medicine cures all Btomach ami bowel
troubles, nervousness, irritation
while teething, etc. These Tablets
contain ao opiate or poisonous drugs
unsl mothers who try them once will
not be without them while they have
little ones. Mrs I'i I". Uadglej .
Wondmore, Alan, snys: "When unr
little girl was about six months old
she caught a bud cold, und was much
troubled with indigestion and constipation, untl very restless both day
nnd night. One of my neighbors
brought me some llaby's Own Tab
lets nnd iu a few days my littlo one
was regular in her bowels nmi rested
well. I found the Tablets so satisfactory that  I now always keep them
in   the   house   uud   have   since   found
ths-in valuable when she waa t >-.-t Is -
ing 1 can truly recommend them for
the  ills   of   little  ones "
Children tnks- these Tablets readily,
ami crushed to a powder they can be
given with absolute safety to the
smallest infant Ths- Tablets can l*o
obtained ut all drug stores, or yon
run get tbem post paid at '-."i cents a
box by writing direct to The Dr
Williams' Medicine Co . Brockville,
Ont., or Schenectady, NY
The number of copies of daily newspapers   circulated   lust   year    in    the
United   States    was,   2.hi*,.->. lt.ti I
nmi of weeklies 1,308,190,000
Bristol Cathedral was .".SI* years in
building, aud Gloucester Cathedral
4'2~>. 1'etcrborough and Durham also
took over four centuries to complete,
Minard's U-iMCBt is the best.
There are 4,610 dentists in till
United Kingdom, or about I to everj
H doctors.
St. Paul's Cathedral is Insured In
ten different offices, The amount is
ubout   £95,000.
SOUK FKKT —Mrs. K .1 Ncill. Ni*w
Armagh, P Q . writes : "For nearly els
months I was tniuisipsi with burning
nrliee sinil pains In my feel to stnh sin
extent tlmt 1 i-oulil not lleep Ht niclst
uml as my teet were badly swollen.
i-oulil  not  wear  mv  hunts  fnr  weeks     At
last 1 tot is bottle ol Dr rhomas l.i-
lectrle nil mui resolved to try it end to
mv  astonishment   I   ""i   almoel      natanl
relief,   sttnl   the  one linllll*  isitiiiiiI-U'Iii'iI   »
perfect  cure
The  Vatican  lies   8   grand stun
cases, ntul 200 smaller ones.
Ths- Severn Tunnel ties 4fi foe! lo
um feet below the bed of the livor
Parrlngdon street is the widest
thoroughfare In the City of London
The Australian talegalla is tho
only bird which leaves its nest full-
Cut   Flowers.
An expert deelnii'S that cut flowers,
even of the hothouse variety, may ue
kept over nlgbt wiih complete success
If tbe stems ore clipped n littlo and tue
dowers then put III n hiisiu or ptl lot
wutcr deep enough to allOW the bios-
hoiiis to llout on Hu' top.
Ornish i.iuistitosiss-".
Half a million sterling is contributed
nnnunlly by BrliMi shipowners io ur
frny tbe cost of ll-tlitlng tbe po*-""
Smoke »■•«!  Dees.
Smoke  Is  the  only   ll.lt.'"'bjl J
successfully control bees.   I''-     *
Hinolie seems to imihe Ml	
A   Queer   eastern.
.i    n   i.nstsiy it is nn uiiwrll
Among ths* ni'doiiin
le,,'law  lli.tt  li   i..'U."' -;':lli l',,1" "XI
from h.'i  liiiHliiiinl I" llli:"' :';'.
lhe mnri'lngi' rereinouy    I lie     •
tll'hlegrooill IS StippilHl'll lOHl'lin   '
ten. Ill the tribe until ho."l"1' "^ "'
.,,,.,, tasK of aev.'r.il days'ulil'Utlou.
One ll„, ,u, pQoUmU ttulgp V(„,,
Cntn. f.i.il on Anolhsr ll«* l» a Meu-
d.cunt-He la n oood Jusiea s,»
Toys' Selling; Qaalttlea.
The street fakir is a highly Interotlug
euiiiiictir. iiis tortuues uie variable im
in*- win I mui lilu place of business tis
euttnt'i'iilile. Oue dny Onils h'uu iu u Dowel) eatiug hoiisiu, Iiis pockets bulging
with dimes uud uieklcs; the next, lu line
v.ith a gaug of ilie city's uuudesuriut
awaiting his turu ut mxe entrance of a
free soup hnm-e. He wanders froui city
to city, wherever the blind goddess ur u
gieiil gntherlug of huiuuuiiy umy ebance
tu lead, uml »lis-rt-vei- he goe-s iiis voice
t. iijiiH-ninisl in ihe din, and bis II',tlu,
frantic tluee legged stund or cheap v:i-
lis,. is ihe center of a curious crowd. Ibis u traveler without funds, u merchant
Without slntU and a business muu with
out capital.
"How in the world does he np't along?
While  sines   lie   obtain   11   new   stu.k   nf
gnods when luclt goes against blm?" nsk
nl tin- it-porter of u young Inventor wbo
btt.i litis] many dealln-js with the "pro-
fs v il  U,"
"Well, It'l pretty hard to say," wus llu-
reply. "I hnve known lnnulivtls of then]
and each seems to hnve u down different
•' "-'-" I iking in new slock when In-
Bnd*i hbusL'll .ii'isiut money, Probably,
buwerer, I could iiest answer your que"*
li ti hy relating my first experience wltb
tin- fuklr." Then the young man, sshu
makes n very comfortable living by in-
vent ins itewgaws for the childish public
t's buy one day nmi throw away the next,
Ienl nl buck In Iiis easy chair ansl suitk'd.
"Two years ago," be suid, "1 conf/lved
u hlinplc toy for children which 1
thought would 'go,' ss the saying is. and
placed a want 'nil' in one of the pipers
for men to sell it. On reaching my of-
fice tbe morning upon which the advertisement appeared 1 found the corridor
crowded with the most heterogeneous
muss of humanity Imaginable. Some
were fairly well dressed, others were
literally in rugs, i'et there wns not a
single mun nmong them hut had the
sharpened features nnd shrewd, catlike
eyes of him who wins n living by match-
lug his wits uguinst the rest of the
"I walked briskly Into my siiriee. anticipating u shower of money from so
huge a crowd. I glanced nervously ai the
l.'.n neatly arranged boxes, each con
lu ning uin* of my toys, nnd fee red that
there would Dot be euo-agh to till Ihe ur-
il .- sif my customers. After preparing
tbluga ulsssiit tlie ollice I opened the ihmr
nnd motioned to half a dozen of ihe fs-i
I ■ in ill.- hallway. They entered tbe
ofliee itnn glanced at me expectantly,
"'Oot somethln good?' nsked one. wlm
Constituted himself spokesman.
"1 opened one of the boxes snd ex
hlhiled my toy, It wus a simple device,
mi de to sell for 10 cents, the fakirs.
nf course, buying it for ooe-linlf sif the
retsil price.   They seemed to like it.
" T say, cap,' exclaimed tin- fellow
wliu bad spoken before, 'how mnny of
'em can you let ine Luve on this gnr-
ment?' Ami lie carefully exhibited the
hs st preserved section ot s very rtllapi
dateil oTercoat.
" 'I dou't understand you,' I answered,
"'"Well, to tell tbe truth.' explained
tbe fa uir. '1 sps-ut eTery copper I had
last night, nn I wnnt to lcs**e this coat
as security fur as many of the toys ns
you'll let tne hnve uutil I git on niy feel
•I gave blm five of tae litth bores ami
ts.s-eil his overcoat in n corner. The
iii-m fakir tsi present himself wus n
youug boy, who h.isl s single o eeut
piece, lie bought one if niy toys and sis--
parted. In ten mi:>ut?s he returned tss
hiy two more wilh the money he hnd
received from the first sale. Thut boy
w,^ nn example of ttte uiun who piles
Dp n fiit'tum*. Iu three weeks he sold
Sho ssf ihe toys.
"Afler I bad disposed of the buy an
older man appeared snd secured a fair
si ..I; hi trade on my good nature and a
portable three legged stand, such as
uiuny fakirs use In exposing tbelr wares
for sale upon ihe street Tbe next man
pledged an overcoat similar In appear
ance in Ibe first one I bad aeeeptesl in
li, a of m '.v and on receiving his quota
n; leys rushed from the isioin in great
haste. Surely, 1 tbougbt, that fellow in
nmi iiiniis and anxious to gel to work upon ibe street. 1 like hiui. When I turn
p,| to pbice the overcoat he had given
im- with the other garment 1 bad taken,
his baste ;i leaving tbe ofliee wns ex*
plained. There wns uo other overcoat
While 1 was negotiating With the ninn
who left tbe three lo-gcii itand, the other
rascal bad slipped behind my back, secured ths- cool and pledged it to me r..r
the M., l time.   After this experience I
saw rneh fakir alone omI watched blm
"(Iraiiually my office began ta till np
willi nil sorts nf pledge*', until ll rvsem
hi .1 a mlnlatnre jm'1* shop, hai In a fs-sv
I s ibe men begsn lo retnm and ledum tbelr temporary sureties wilh the
,,,ii tiny had realised ou lhe toys. Only
i,in- iiinii, Ihs fellow who bad nsed ibe
overcoat for a pledge the »s-i*otisl time,
felled ts> return."
The novelties lh»t nre sold oo the
sireel In New fork do not appear In other ciii.'K until seven or eight mouths Inter.
Whenever a man Invents something oew;
be puis ii on sale i'> the metropolis because the fakirs hen- nre the best ill the
world, nnd the Judgment of New York*
ers is considered an excellent criterion
of lhe future lUCcCSS or failure of nn nr-
tlele. The greatest obstacle thnt confronts nn Inventor In preparing a toy or
pnnile to be sold upon lhe streets Is (he
leii'ssnry cheapness of Ibe article An
the fakirs nny. "Anything thai passoi
the 10 cent limit dmi't go." A man will
readily spend ri cents or n.dlnie to Mtlsfj
his curiosity, but more tban that he will
nut give. The fuklr mny hnve some
knlckknneb for 15 cents really worth
thai amount, nnd he might talk Of It!
merit In his pecnlini vernacular nntil his
throat dried up. but the crowd would pass
him  by.  for In  the majority of cases  n
i.'i rent purchase means changing n quar
(in n 10 cent nrtlfle the fiililr makes
nlinnt half, and the inventor clears 2 or
;i rents, hence It i* apparent that where
.,,, net It-It* hei'niiies universally popular
ilmn* is n fortune in store fnr its oriel'
nittor, as the sales ortcn reach into the
milli ins.
••[iisn't despise small thin—."* ssM rhe
\sMu-m  nk philosopher,   "Hven nn ham-
it.   'ilitinlin   skin  iniiy   be  the   power be
.•„,t -ui 'h"*.-!!."—Philadelphia Beoori.
* Vs»ry lut..i.„tillf. Personal UzpsrUno*
Wlil.li Contains Some (lood Advlcsfor
Ollserss wiioutt Llvea May bs Threatened.
Lovett, Out., Sept. 15.—(Special)-
Every mnn, woman and child for
miles iiround knows Mr. C. U. Harries, the goniul post-muster at
Mr. Hurries is a hale old gentleman, 7.-, yeurs of age, and considering his advanced years is remarkably
well preserved, utrong and hoalthy.
But he was not always so. Five or
six yeurs ago he was at the point of
doath, being fearfully run down and
a complete wreck with Bright's 1'is-
He wus so low that no one ever
dreamt that he could pull through,
and yet he is alive and well to-day.
This is u .statement of the case In
Mr.   Harries'   own  words :
"In 18117 1 was at the point of
death with Bright's Disease, and wub
a complete wreck. 1 could not even
dress myself or turn ln my bed, but
now I am a well man. and I Attribute it ull to Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"1 um 75 years old, and for a man
of niy yenrs I feel quite strong nnd
healthy. I consider Dodd's Kidney
Fills a good medicine to take in the
Spring, as I have found it a great
blood purilier.
"As postmaster 1 come in contact
with a great many people, and I
know of my personal knowledge that
a great many in this country are using Dodd'a Kidney Pills with the best
Such evidence should be most coning to any one who may still doubt
that Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure
Bright's  Disease.
The Imncst, earnest, straightforward testimony of such reputable
people certainly deserves the confidence of everyone.
If Dodd's Kidney Pills can and do
cure Ilrigiit's Disease, which is the
very worst form of Kidney Trouble,
they certainly will cure any of the
1 essei  forms.
Japan has 25S people to the Bquare
mile; China—usiiully considered tin-
most densely populated country In
the East—haa only 286.
In n vessel varnished inside wilh
shellac, wnter mny be heated to 8
degrees above the ordinary boiling
point, which is 212 degrees 1'isrben-
endorsed by best English m»dloalJournals.
Supplied to British -.oldlsrsln South Slrlos.
For sll Throat and Bland Troubles, Lumps,
• tsscosios, Old Soros, Ulcars, Folons, Skin
Dlsoisas, Eoienta. Plmplos, Stiff Joints,
Rheumatism, Lumbaio, Sprains, Bruisos,
eiloj. Cuts. Soro Foot, Pleurisy.
Sold by Druggists. tSo.   Try it ones.
Aii ordinary heart weighs *.» l-'l oz.
yet its power is sufficient to raise its
weight 20,280 feet in an bout.
Of the ten Open-air pulpits in the
Old Country, the most famous is
that nt Ifqgdalen College. Oxford, lt
wus  built in   1180.
Vou tiesnl not couszh all nieht unsl disturb your friends ; there Is no occasion
for you running the risk of contra—ttng
ititliiiniuation of the lunsts or consumption, while you csiu net Bickle's Antl-
Consumptive Bvruo.   This medicine cures
COUKnS. '"Mv i ts tl ss snssi.it i. .si sif the lunc/s
ntul till throat and chest troubles. lt
promotes is. free and easv expectoration,
winch until,-ilinl'-U relieves the throat
uml  luni;*i  from  visrisl iihleKin.
The record price for a clock is
£88,000 paid fs>r thc clock made by
Louis XVI. of Prance, lt wus purchased by one of the Hotbsclulils
Kovnlties paid by minors in Filmland average nearly ii'2 mi acre
for ull the bind worked under, nnd
aggregate nbout  five millions a year.
Minard's Liniment Cares UGrippe.
Tin' volcano on Stromboll Island is
in full eruption und is throwing up
grent columns t>f lire und torrents of
stones. The Island is shrouded in
■moke Mount Vesuvius is show ing
signs nf in".i\ ily.
Tlie steamer Cottage City run on
the nicks nt Point of l'.tnliiie Island,
twenty   miles   sssiith   of   Wratigel      on
Sunday night The 160 passenger*
were safely landed on the shore 100
yards distant.
l-'ii-iishtiiii Great Pond, in Surrey,
rovers over 100 ncrcs, untl is the
largest  artificial  pond  in  Kngland.
Canada has most holidays of any
llritish  colony.    Including  Sundays,
I'liuuiliiins   have   '.t.r)   holidays   yeiirly.
VolloW    is    the    only    flower-color
which is not changed by the fumes of
sulphuric  uciil
There nre 400 sorts of humming
birds known to naturalists. They
are found  onlv  in  AiiH-rico.
Perpetual Motion.
When George Stephenson was
asked, "Do you believe in perpetual
motion T" he replied, " Yes, If you
lift yourself by the waist-band of
the trousers, and carry yourself
three times round the room."
Just so, and a woman would Just
as soon believe that she has not to
pay dearly for common premium
soaps. In the low quality of soap,
In ruined hands and clothes. 8he
would he kept in perpetual motion
trying to do with common soap
wbat ehe conld so easily do with
Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar.       810
ask   f-or
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls      Warranted Pure,
Put  up   lu   all  sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OOILVIB'S," aa they are better than the Beet.
4LUM   t4!*?^    mfylSUinS 4filM/ aQt^AsVt,
The E. B.Eddy Co.
Hull,       Canada.
'•JraSS The latest and Rnest
''\N     Brand yet made.
Is a blend of choice^:  O
Un ojfua lied for PuRMtrSiRtmin
Arrow Lak<
situ tit t'-l iiiitlut (U'-f-iiiery unrivalled for
Ki-tiiiiltMir. The xii-mt complete health r»-
itort on the continent of North America,
IU hath* cure ull Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all Kliln*y,
Liver and Stomach ailments.
They are a never-failing remedy for all
Ltheumatic troubles.
TERMS  $15 to $18 per wauk.  according
to residence in Hotel or villas-
The qisallty stssssslssrsl Irons Ooestn t.
O.-t-nsi. Vour sssi.lissjr bsis-k If uot 1st
tsfactorj. ....
Mntrlsssiisiy i vlssw to.) Gentlemen should
Join the llritish Correspondence llssn-ssss.
15 1 Kliury Street, Loudon, S. W. Kisglsisid.
Particulars free.
Opp. City Hall   *A inuips-i?, Man.
Cull or writo for praepeetns     E   J. 0'8olll»»n
C.E., M A.. President.    Branchss st Brandon
and I'm tugs* la Prislrie.
The Yorkshire County Cricket club
was founded in 180:5. Gloucester's
crleket club did not come Into exist-
eiice until   1870.
The feathers of ths* mlraaol, nn Ai-
us'iititis- bird,   ins-   worth   K'22n per
|iiiiiiid—five   tinii'S    llu-    price   of tlm
most  pei-ft-ft  ostrich   |iliinies.
Fly Pads
will kill all
the (lies In
■ room In a
lew hours.
sir John Elley, who wus Wellington'! advisor at Waterloo, wus thu
first British private to become a full
general und a knight.
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm Fx-
tenninator becee ie    thsv ktutw  it i» «
•.nl*   mull, .in-   I*'    their   children   uml    sit
enVs-ttissI  expi-lli-i   of   worms,
Sixty-five yeara ago Parle had only
one poeto&ice.
liinard's Uuimeiit for Rheumatism.
Thn Now River bring! water from
the  ChadaWCll   Springs,   iii   llortford-
Dttn't flatter yourself that your high
rorehead Is the attraction. Its tbe lovely aroma trout, that I.UC1NA Cigar ws
are after	
W.   N.   U.   No.  394.
*\\ W« supply at short
notice complete JOB
If We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
•f We carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom and
Thr lari^o manufactures, building al
the Chicago World's fair covered 80s)
acres, snd wus tho largest ever |iut
The   lurgi'st   n«   in   the   world   was
bred hy Colonel Slngorly,   it wus 12
feet   long,   und   5   foot   M   inches   hitfh
It. weighed 8,H*li) lbs. TIIK PRILL, SLOGAN, B. C, SEPTEMBER 26, 1902.
,C. E, S.mitiii'biniiai,e, Kditor nntl Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line lot
the first insertion unit 5 cunts a line each
'.flubss*quent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at sums rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion,
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; *.2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will bo aa Indication to you that ye editor
considers thore is something
ooming to him on your »nl>-
'oeriptioii. Kindly acktioiv-
ledge  ia cash ansl ohli^e.
A saying lhat has an extremely
pointed local bearing: It's an evil
bird tbat fouls its own nest.
A provincial convention of the So
cialists has been called ut Vancouver
on October 3. Four parties will have
then arranged their programmes fer
the next provincial elections.
For the year ending Juno 30 the
surplus of the Intercolonial Railway
was 590,000. The outlook for the
road is yery bright, as business is
steadily increasing. Government
ownership is proving a success even
in Canada.
On Monday next, September 29,
the various provincial voters' lists
close, in accordance with the Provincial Elections Act Amendment Act of
last session. No new names will he
accepted by tho collectors after that
date, though transfers may be made.
Thoso desirous of participating in the
festivities ofthe next legislative elections must needs get a bustle on, or
they will be placed on the Indian
All is not happy with the ministers
comprising the Dominion cabinet and
it looks as it dissension would spread
to the rank and file of the Liberal
party and cause a dangerous split. It
all  comes  about   through J. Israel
Tarte's pronounced proclivities tow-
ards an increased protective tariff.
Hon. Mr.  Sifton  Ii:t3  informed  the
agriculturists of tho west that Mr.
"Tarte's protective ambitions will not
be allowed to prevail, and the Toronto Globe—the chief exponent of
Liberal thought in Canada—has condemned   the   energetic   man   from
Quebec and attempts to read him out
of the party.   Mr. Tarte returns the
compliments with interest and lias
managed to get his fellow-ministers
into  a  nasty   tangle.   In a speech
'made a few days ago at Orillia, Mr.
' Tarte accused Hon. Mr. Fielding as
the author of the ideas of increased
protection and that lie was but endorsing   his  confrere's  suggestions.
And so the fun goes on, all ot whieh
mightily pleases the Conservatives
and increases Mr. Whitney's chances
of landing the premiership of Ontario.
Well-wishers of the camp and interested claim-holders will rejoice at
tho encouraging words of Professor
Parks, found In another column.
That he bas successfully solved tin*
qooitlon of treatment or the ores of
the Arlington lissure is beyond question,, and by next year will be established large works for extracting the
mineral. In Itself tbe establishment
ofthe mill will giro employment to
many men and ensure a larger force
at the mine. But it is in Prof. Parks'
brave words of the calibre and con
ditlonof our leading mine that one
finds the most satisfaction, he classing
the property as of tho highest stand
ing, with largo reserves of ore, and
capable of extensive production for
many years to come, The Professor's
opinion is encouraging in that it dis
poses for all time of tho idea that the
dry ere belt has no future. It estab
lishes the merits of the camp beyond
reproach and, in tho assured profits
lor the Arlington Speculator, places
the seal of prosperity on this section.
Other companies operating hero will
be led to adopt a similar process to
that proposed at the Arlington, and
so the great low. grade deposits of the
camp may be utilized to swell the
receipts obtained from the high grade
shipments. Prof. Parks speak! as
one who knows and his opinions
carry weight.
A full line of trunks and valises, ut
A sitting ofthe supreme court will
be held at Nelson on Oct. 1.
Geo. Hindle occupied the pulpit in
the Methodist church hist Sunday.
Mrs. John Bull returned Saturday
evening from a visit to Vancouver.
Theq arantine for diphtheria on
the family of V. C. RiicklilT has been
Born.—In the suburb of Brandon,
on Sept. 19, tho wife of i'aul Hauck,
ofa son.
Next Sunday afternoon the annual
children's service will be held in
Knox church.
Born.—On their ranch below the
city, on Sept. 18, the wife of A. W.
Hobbs. ofa son.
S, B. Clement left on Tuesday for
a three months' visit to his old home
in Burford, Ont.
Thursday, October 16, Will likely
ba set apart as Thanksgiving day
for the Dominion.
An attempt was made Sundav eve
to burn out one of the inhabitants
across the deadline,
George McLean is now chef at the
Arlington, having been transferred
from the Speculator.
Tobaccos promise tube mnch higher
in price during the winter, owing to
shortage in the crop.
A railing has at length been put
along tho dangerous spots on the
sidewalk on south Main stiei t.
All property in this district on
which taxes are due the government
will be offered for sale on October
Mrs. Geo. Williamson, New Denver, was here Friday,en route to her
old home in Ontario, to spend the
The Shamrock lacrosse team of
Montreal will play the Nelson bovs
on their return journey from New
The C.P.K. traffic receipts for the
week ending September 14th, are
$S20,000, antl for thc same period pf
last year, $748,000.
Cote & Co., shoemakers, removed
their outfit ti Sandon on Tuesday.
Mr. Cote wishes to thank his customers for their patronage during his
sojourn here.
The Dominion department r»f fisheries is to stock the principal lakes
of Kootenay and Yale with bass and
are sending out a consignment for
that purpose.
A pleasant little tocial gathering
was held at tho hospital Wednesday
evening, being in the nature of a
farewell to Miss Lowe, who is leaving
today for Winnipeg
Mrs. Amos Thompson,New Denver,
passed through b'le Krlday for Ontario. Sin- took with her the three
children of John Taylor, who are to
reside with relatives of their dead
Thursday's train to Nolson ran
ever a man named Albert Morleen,
who was asleep on the track near
Bonnlngton Falls. Both legs were
cut off and the man subsequently
died at Nelson.
Rev. It. J. Mclntyre, of Sandon,
will preach in thc Methodist church
next Sundav, morning and evening.
Aftor the morning servico communion will be dispensed. Be v. Seymour
goes to Sandon.
Owing te the removal of several of
the aldermen from the city, tho council of Sandon is In a fix through lack
ef a quorum. No monies can bo collected or salaries paid,and the school
will have to close through lack of
funds. The attorney general has
been appealed to for help.
Worden Bros.' dray had a couple
of lively runaways during the week.
Wednesday morning the team brake
a window at the Blccan-liepublicoffice, then went across the street and
tried to get Into the Ottawa office, and
then made a bluff at Dave Arnot's
store,   Not much damage was done.
"The racing events of thc Inter
state Fair will be the finest ever seen
in tho section," said C, D. Jeffries,
racing manager of tho Spokane Interstate Fair. "Tbo liberal purses
which are being offered by Spokane
nre bringing tho best horses of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho
and Montana."
Appended is a complete list ol tho various records registered at the local regis
try office, H. P. Christie being mining
Sept 10—Silver Leaf, Springer creek,
II D Lea.
Midnight, name, J llnmelin.
17—Alabama fr, Twelve Mile basin, .1
E Skinner.
Champion fr, (ame, C A Iliirlliurt.
Greenwood, Exchango hill, M Isaacson,
10—Sloean Star, on Sprlngor creek, K
20—Babbit Paw fr, Dayton creek, E
Sept 16—Canap Bird, Mayota, Transfer and Tun* Blue for two years.
Ill--Crazy Jane, Dexter, Lady Franklin, Rand.
17—Dover, Rome, Potomac fr, Venice,
1' ,*i 1", Speculator, Belfast.
18—Mil King, Champ! in fr.
20—Rusty Treasure, Rusty Treasure
No 2.
Sept 16— Vevey fr, all, II R Jorand to
F Benson.
20—Rahoit Paw fr, all, 10 Kyton t 11
I Dempster,
Gwiilim 6c Joimsoii,
B. C
J, I. MSEGOB, * a. *,
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. ('
Fall Prices:
French   Kip, hand  sewn, miners'
boots, band welted, guaranteed,
unci • lo order    $7 00
Veal kip.hand ninih- minors'boots
well made and guaranteed     6.60
Th*so lines are guaranteed for six
months and kept in repair for that
tiint- freo.
Men's bootssols'sl from.....
Ladies' hoots soled from. ,.
Children's hoots soleil from.
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next PottofDce,
Slot's ti
Steel Manges
for $18.25;
Why bo without a ranirc when
you can get one so cheap? Thej
are proforrable to stoves nnd "rive
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set uj> free.
H. J. IT
Mills cf imm'
With our mode of fllllni*
mall ordera, a man IIvln/? In
tho "heart of tho Rockies"
can do business with us
almost as satisfactorily as If
living In the city.
If It's a Diamond Ring, a
25c. Collar Button or any
article In the Jewelry lino,
All goods marked In plain
figures-strictly ono price.
Carrlago charges raid by us
and money refunded If you
desire It.
Our handsomely Illustrated
cataloguo sent freo.
Yonta ant AdtlaUi Sll.,
Uorrif *llltls-|-||l  I   I:,O.s.
Situate In Iho Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District'.
Where located:—On the north side
of Springer creek, near tho Argo
mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur 8. Pat-
well, acting as agent for the Arlington
j Mines, Ll nil ted, r'.M.C. No. 1159800, in*
i tend, sixty days from tho date horeof, to
i! apply to the Mining Recorder for a ccrti-
| rtcats of improvements, for tin* pnrposo
j of obtaining tt Crow h (Irani of tlio above
I claim,
And further take notice that action.
I iinds-r section ;i", must be commenced
i before the Issuance of inch certiflcate of
] iin i>r ivemonts,
Dated this 28th day of August. 1002.
6*902 A. s. I'Aiavlil.l.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Harry Williams, or to .any poison
or persons to whom ho may have transferred his interest In the Chillis!
ami Delphian mineral claims, situated
on thn head waters of Lemon creek,
nnd recordod in tIn* Recorder's office
for tlm Blocan i ity mining division.
You nro hereby notified thai I,Oscar
v. White, free miners' certiflcate No.
B59427, lmv» caused to be expended the
■nun of  nix hundred nntl  liftiion dollars
iu labor nnd Improvements on tho nimvs
mentioned mineral claims, in order to
hold Hid Claims under tlio provisions of
ths Mineral Art; ninl if within III) davs
from the date of this notico you fail, or
rs-i'iisti. to Contribute your proportion ol
sueh sxpendlture,together with sll costs
of advertising, your Interest In said
claims will become tho property ol the
lubscriber, under section 4 of'an Act
entitled "An Act to amond tho Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated st Sandon, B.C., this 20th tiny of
September, A.D. 1.002.
20*9*03 OSCAR V. WHITE
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire en tho
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
- and
Furnishings ^>-
The Reason Why
We are Raining trade every day Is net hard to understand. Our Groceries
have slood the tcst-our method of doin-** business is right, and we are
daily adding to our list of approoiatiyo and satisfied customers. Try out*
Canadian Butter—Dairy, 23 cents by the tub, and Creamery, 25 cents by
box.   Tho best in the market.   Also cheese and egffs.
Co-operative Association,!^,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan,  B. C.
General  Packing and For-
warding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle nnd Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
To Crawl Lite:
OUR attention ii re pectfnlly called
to Iho Custom Tailors'  Union label, n out of whieh appears below
It is the only sign whereby a person it*
sure of getting clothe*!  mado  in  a fair
■STsfsi''* Isf"   HOMES, HOflH,
O I V/"wI\.   (AITl.i:, HHKKP
rK*UI I     I.All I lil I -"1    THK NU1ITHWKST
FlfiHT  HAV  PArilSin  J'10 event kach day
I.IV1III     L* *-*» T     ■'•^''A'wIlNVJ   3oo HOKSKS KNTEIIED
$25,000 IN PREMIUMS.
tj      BttST Ml'SIC—-Amusement extraordinary. Concussion privileges of all i
9 kinds for Min.   Writo for catalogue. GEO. H. MAltTIN,
X           FRANK LEAKE, Advertising Agent. Mgr. and Sec'y
By having yonr order for n Fall Suit,
Trousers or Overcoat with
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
yon will lind the Union Label on nl!
Clo:lies made by him Btores at Slocan
ansl Sandon
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the Heintzinan tt Co.,Gerhard Ileintztnan, and Karn Planes
a«n«wan .
o You
Want a Home?
Then come to Sloean, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing-* Himting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Excursion rates
Sept. 29-30,
Washington, D.C.
and return,
from Rossland,
Nelson, etc.
reductions from
all stations.
Leaves Donnore Janstlon dally (or St
Paul; Kootenay Landing Tuesday and
Saturday Ior Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Leaven Revelstoke dally for Suntile nntl
Through boeklngsto Europe via nil
Atlantic lines. Prepaid ticket*, at
lowest rates IYo*h all European
countries. Por rates and lull par*
ticulors apply to local agents, or
J. ft OARTttH,     E.J, COYLE,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver
Agent, Sloean City
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Insurance ! Slocan City Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Representing the strongest eom-
panles dning business in Canada.
Si;r. \K'\ ACCIDENT POLICY, «ith par-
tlclpntion in profits, covering: sickness and operations,
II. I). CURTIS, Notary Public
per annum.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in thc  Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Notice toDclinquentCo-owners
To J. W. Millard, Kate Scott snd Thos.
Reid, or to nny person or persons to
Whom they may havo transferred their
Hovnral Interests! in whole or in pari,
in the slug Ten mineralclalm-iUnatea
near tbe Knterprise mine, in Slocan
Citv mining division of Weat kootenay, located .September 0th, 1895, •"•■•*•
recorded September 9th, 1895:
Yon are hereby notified that I have
expended tbe sum of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in performing and recording assessment work lor
the alsov* mentioned mineral "laWi
•Ince the Dili day of September, WW*
antl if within 90 days from tbe date 01
this notice yon, or any of you, fall or
refuse to contribute your several proportions of such oxpenditur**, togetlier
with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim shall becomo the property of tho subscriber, under section
2,r>Hof the Mineral Act. , _
Dated at Slocan tbis Uth day of September, 1902. _ _,,, ,q
12-9-02                                   P* W. BLL19


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