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The Slocan Drill 1902-06-13

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TOL. IH., Na. 11.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   13,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Cslombia.
Wo carry the largest and l>est assorted stock In the' city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Hara a couple of Plouf e Bath Tabs for sals at cost.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
«r small.the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W-s-T* Shatford 6c Co* General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKlnney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Ooods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.   •
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QET1HNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmansliip is Good
-ft***..-! Prices are Reasonable
Is readied by any trail or road
that rant into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
Re-openet under
tha old •management.
|Phe Royal Hotel,
C*»r. Arthar Str..* m*& D.Ua«T At/.nii.., Sl-*a»n.
Buildlng-^roughly renor.ted                                          Effi^
*nd gjffftsd with the host          iiopncwr	
~ 1 Confectionery, Tobacco
Toucan get anything in these llties that,you
'fjEfte from us. Our stock in each is always
KJJtteesh and well assorted.   We handle the
Alderrae* Al.i, la Psvor of Exemption
From Taxation for m Term of Year-*.—
Council llakei m Small Donatio** Toward. Dominion Day Sport*.
The first meeting of the city council for the month was held on Monday evening, Aid. Nichol and McCallum being- the absentees.
Communications read: From Jus.
Hamelin, asking for the clearance of
Arthur street, north from Delaney
ave, also the building of a new piece
of sidewalk; ♦'rom Royal Bank, Nelson, acknowledging receipt of letter.
The latter was ordered filed.
On Mr. Hn-iiclin's letter, the board
of works was given power to act, on
motion of Aid. Worden and Robertson.
Bills presented: Victoria Colonist,
collector's roll, 921; H. Guest, stationery, $3.60; Pioneer Livery Stable,
teaming, $70 20; T. Armstrong, salary, $75; R. I. Bentley, do., $26; R.
MeFarlane, blacksniithing 96.70.
Ordered referred to finance committee.
City clerk asked for a month's extension of timo for rebate of taxes to
August 1, owing to late arrival of
collector's, roll. Extension gi anted,
on motion of Aid. Barber and Smith.
Another week was granted Aid.
McCallum, to allow him to introduce
his motions re license and city clerk
Mayor York brought forward the
subject of securing a site for the sawmill now located at the head of the
lake. The syndicate wanted to come
here nnd Frank Fletcher, as trustee
for the townsite coj|lpany,wns willing
to grant a freo site. The mayor advised sending a delegation to Nelson,
to secure the deeds if the sits from
Mr. Fletcher, and then a proposition
could be. laid before the syndicate in
proper form. The members ol the
syndicate would be hero in a few
days and no opportunity should be
lost in furthering the scheme.
Thu aldeiiue.ii all strongly favored
thc Idea, nnd wonld willingly grant
exemption from taxation to the mill
for a tern of years.
Aid.Smith moved that Mayor York
go to Nelson, *t the city's expense,
and Interview Mr. Fletcher on the
subject of a free site for the proposed
mill and secure thc deeds for the
ground. Ss'conded by Aid, Barber
and carried.
bis worship asked for a donation
towards thc Dominion day sports,hut
Aid. Barber advised economy, as the
citv's finances were at a low ebb.
Aid. Worden moved that $10 be
granted towards the celebration.
.Seconded by Aid. Barber, and carried.
Council adj >ur:icd.
Slocan will celebrate Dominion day
in great shape and with more vim
than ever before. Friday evening
a mooting ofthe citizens was held iu
tho citv hall, when Mayor York, Jeff
Baty nnd R. I. Kirkwood were appointed a committee to canvass for
funds. Next evening another meeting was held, when it was decided,
as a result of tho canvass, to proceed
with tho celebration. Geo. Nichol
and D. S. McVannel wore added to
executive committee,and instructions
were given to arrango a programme
at once,
Mondav afternoon the com mit toe
met and arranged a list ol sports,
storting off In tlio morning with a
prospectors' racs. followed by some
boat racing on the lake. After din
ner will be held tho various foot
races and Caledonian sports. Then
will come the chief event ofthe dny,
a drilling contest for tho miners. The
first prize for this is $75, 2nd $35 and
the 3rd $15. The contest is for d«wn
holes only aad will be open only to
teams actually employed at mines,
and composed of men who have
never beforo won prizus in similar
events. This item is certain to attract a big crowd of spectators.
Next in order will by bicycle races,
then horse racing, nnd next a tug of
war, the whole winding up with a
ball by tho band bays. Another feature ofthe day's fun will bo a base
ball mutch between tlie junior teams
of New Denver nnd Slocan. There
will be special services on the train
and boat: Nelson train arriving at
11.30 and returning at 6 p.m.; Sun
den und lake points.nrrivingat 11.15
and returning at 7.30. About WO
will be given for prizes for the various events, and every effort ll being
made to mnke tho eclebrution the
best on record.
WeUdliiR Hflla.
II. R. Jorand, Slocan's leading barrister, agreeably surprised the burg
Monday, by taking unto himself a
wife, in the person of Miss Maud Edwards. The wedding took place at
5.80 that morning in St. Paul's
church, Rev. Mr. Hedlcy officiating,
and was witnessed by a. number of
the friends of the contracting parties.
The wedding breakfast was partaken
of at the residence of the bride's sister in West Slocan, after which the
happy couple departed on the 7
o'clock boat en route to Sicamous to
spend their honeymoon. Mr. and
Mrs. Jorand will reside in tbe Rob:
ertson cottage, on Arthur street.
Work Started an the Kepublic Mine and
A decided stir bus been caused in
the enmp this week by the commencement of work en tbe Republic
group of mlneB on Erin mountain, to
the east of the town, and the build-
iug of a wagon road thereto. The
latter in particular has caused an influx sf a largo number of strangers.
On Monday a dozen men wero put on
slashing out tho right of way, so as
to give ample scope to the graders.
Actual work of construction will com
msnce next week and be pushed as
rapidly as possible, giving two
months' employment to 30 men. New
lines have been run over the old
road leading into town, so that a 10
per cent grade has been assured, and
cutting out several bad spots nt present existing. Tho red will be
graded 16 feet in width, special attention being paid to the switchbacks.
An innovation in read making in thi**
country will be the introduction of
water tables to ruu off the surface
water, so avoiding washouts. They
have been a success elsewhere and
are expected to be so here. When
complete the road will have cost
$10,000 and will be one of the best in
the country.
At the Republic mine a small force
of men only is employed at present,
straightening np tliimis and getting
the workings into shape for heavy
development later on, when 30 or
m-rn'-a men will be engaged. The
main (-corking on tlie property is a
i'ri fust shaft, sunk on thc Republic
oitAia, aud at, a point which leaves a
deep ravino between it and the camp.
An effort is now being made to trace
the lead down into the ravine, and
when located drifts will bo run on
either side, giving a depth of several
hundred feet. That is where the
principal work will be centred in the
future. New camp buildings will
also be erected, and the advent of
tlie wagon road will set things in full
swing, resulting in immediate shipments. J. Edgar, late shift boss at
the Lc Roi No. 2 mine at Rossland, is
In charge of the work on tho road
and mine, under Ii. C. Campbell-
A personal inspection of thc Re
public property and adjoining pros
pects reveals the fact of bigger things
insight on Erin mountain than the
majority of people are aware of, while
the amount of work done in tracing
nnd opening up the various leads is
astonishing, The wholo hill from
Robinson creek to the lako is serria l
w.th veins, most of them running
north east, but two or tlirco strong
ones strike across and intersect the
others oast and west. Ofa verity the
choicest ground on the liill is that
embraced in tho Republic group of
four claims, the Republic, Bonanza
Bell and American Eagle. On this
ground six parallel lends arc exposed
and one cross vein, and each hns pay
ore showing wherever cut, sufficient
values holding to ship thc entire
paystreak. These veins nre not ran
dorn guesses, but hnve been traced
for hundreds of feet. The main lend
on the Republic claini rcveulan pay
chute 306 feet long and 3 feet wide,
tested to a depth of 62 feet. The
whole chuto will average higher than
?50,so ono may judge from that what
there is to wofk on. A carload shipment from the shaft netted the original owners $85 a ton, and there is
•nsily two carloads of ore lying on
tbe dump.
On the American Fugle claim is a
cross vein of galena, opened up by
three short tunnels. It has an 18-incb
paystrcak, carrying good values.
On the several dumps is another ear
of ore that could be gathered up and
shipped. From another shaft sunk
on a surface exposure ou ono of the
llfll claim leads nu 18 ton -shipment wns made, yielding $90 net a
ton to the owiiwrs, There also much
oro is lying on the dump. Farther
down the hill other openings show
up nn 18 foot vein of dry ere, with a
parallel lead above of galena. Also
on tho Bonanza claim much work has
been done in tracing another strong
lead. In ouch instance the veins arc
easily worked nnd will pay from the
truss roots. Whllo sorting would
give higher values from any one of
tho veins, some satisfactory process
for treating tho ore on the ground
would enable tho whole of tlio ledges
to be utilized, so ensuring an immense niiiouut of vahts'-bearing territory and subsequent large returns.
There are other leads exposed on adjoining claims which must pass into
the Republic ground, affording opportunities for wealth producing unexcelled in the camp. It is the intention of tho management later on
to "run a long tunnel from the lake
side and tap the whole mineral bearing area of their holdings, and go effectually open Up the veins for stoping. Each vein in itself would make
a mine, so it becomes somewhat be
wildering to keep track of and test
them all. The company is spending
much money and they mean big
things for tbe future. They anticipate a payroll and shipments equal
to anything in the camp.
C. A. Hurlburt, president and managing director of the Republic company, is now domiciled here for the
summer, and he will give things his
personal superintendence. He is endowed witli considerable business
acumen and has an intelligent grasp
of the sit. ation of his company's interests.
There is one feature affecting tho
company's operations bere which has
given rise to much angry talk among
the citizens and caused* considerable
annoyance to the men comprising the
syndicate, and that is the persistent
attention of the knocker. Mr.Dcmp-
ster, who was instrumental in bringing the Detroit capital in for the Republic and Sapphire, complained bitterly of the treatment he received
from local parties possessed with an
abnormally developed mania for
grafting and knocking, and be stated
that more thun ono deal had been
spoilt because of it. Not only were a
multitude of letters written him, but
each member of his syndicate received iiis due share. Had it not been
for negative reports sent to Detroit,
the Republic would have been in
-•■peration all winter with a force of
20 men.
These American capitalists have
shown their willingnes to spend their
money. They aro shrewd business
men, nnd pay for what they get nnd
the ruling rate of wages. A man
who would interfere and seek to hinder their operations is doing the camp
and everyone in it, a great harm and
injury. Slocau has had a hard name
for knocking and it should be terminated. Capital should be made welcome1, not affronted, nnd the Isast
people can do is to mind their own
business. Jeatonsy, schcming.graft-
,ing and knocking has dono harm
here as elsewhere, but for thc benefit
of thc community at large nnd the
camp in general, common sense and
justice should bo allowed to prevail
for the future.
Chancea for Big Tlilnga an Thnt Promising Property.
It looks very much as if things
wero to be got into shape at the Kilo
so lhat operations inay be resumed at
an early date. The property is on
the first north fork i-f Lemon creek,
adjoining tho Chapleau, and embraces something like 23 claims. It
is owned bv tho Warner Miller syndicate of New York, and up to a year
or so ago wns worked very extensive
ly. Last year Mr, Spiers, one of the
syndicate, died, and the executor of
the estate has not been dispos d to
incur any moro liabilities ln developing the Kilo and other mineral in
tcrcsts in this country.
Of late thero huvo been numerous
reports abroad relative to the Kilo
resuming operations, as the negotiations for an amalgamation with the
Chapleau had fallen through. N:F.
McNaught, of Silverton, one of the
syndicate of owners, is credited with
making overtures for thc purchase of
n tramway, stamp mill nnd cyanide
plant for the Kilo, which nre to be
installed at nn early date, thus giving an earnest of extensive developments.
Frank Dickinson, who hero represents his brother, Percy Dickinson,
manager of the Warner Miller syndicate, wus asked if there was any
truth in tho report of the Kilo resuming, and he. would not gninsuv Mr.
McNaught's utterances. He had jnst
received a letter from his brother in
New York, in which the brother stated the other interests in the property
were endeavering to secure tlio Spiers
portion. When this was accomplished no doubt the mill and tramway
would bo installed. At any rate,
something was going to be done
shortly on tho Kilo nnd adjoining
This news will be very welcome to
property holders in the Lemon creek
section of the camp, and it comes at
a time when the condition of affairs
locally have wonderfully improved
Taken with the certainty of the
Chapleau also starting up, there
should bo a lively time sn Lemon
creek for tho season. But belore
anything can be done tho wagon road
up the creek will have to be rebuilt,
which may Ik* looked for ntany time.
Decidedly things nre looking much
Last Year's Shipments Were 6S14 Tons-
* A Healthy Evidence of tho Lifo   and
- Wealth of tho Camp-Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
The largest   tonnage in   many
weeks was sent oat this week from
the local - division, amounting to 168
tons.   The Arlington ia credited with
100 tot s, giving a total for the year
of 1970 tons. Tho Enterprise sent out
the remaining 60 tons, to the Trait
works.   It is making a record of 400
tons for this month, much of the output being from an accumulation of
zinc on the dumps.   It in expected
the Neepawa will ship a car of ore
next week.
- For 1900 the exports from this division amounted* to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. -Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington  100             1970
Entsrpries , „ 80         .    680
Ottawa...  7
Neepawa  60
May  S
Paystresk  5
Duplex i...,  7
,     -    .,      160   I        2634
Work on the Transfer group will
be started np Monday.
Operations were resumed this'week
on the Hampton group.
The Mabou and Ohio group is to be
surveyed and crown granted.
The lower drift on the Ottawa is
being worked under contract.
R. E. Allen has the .contract for
packing supplies to the Republic road
and mine.
A short piece of wagon raad is ta
be built connecting the JJeepaw* irith
the Enterprise road.
Mayor York has secured another
quarter interest in the Deadwood
group of three claims, to the east of
the Speculator.
John Wereley and Frank Anderson, of New Denver, went np to tho
Shenandoah, adjoining tho Transfer,
Wednesday, to do assessment.
Local creditors of the Chapleau
have received assurances that the
balance ofthe debts on the mine will
be liquidated inside of six weeks.
Three more men were added to tflo
force on the Black Prince thi* week,
raising the number to nine. The
mine has te be rctimbercd throughout.
Frank Provost and Jackson Rad-
cliff have had their camp at the Twin
Sisters, Lemon creek, totally destroyed bv bears. Tents, blankets and
everything were torn up.
J. Radcliffe, Joe Thompson and I.
Robinson have located a six-foot Vein
of gold-bearingi|iiartz on the hillside
facing the town to the south. They
have secured three claims on tho
lead. The quartz shows free gold as
large as pin heads.
The snow
thi** week.
lias gone pretty lively
Appended is a complete list of tho various records registered at the local registry oAke, H. P. Christie being ruining
May 81—Dixie Queen, on Slocan lake,
W L Cottorill.
June 2—Quebec, Springer creek, II A
3—Golden Hill, -mm.-*, T J Bitty.
Coronation, 1st n f tainon, J Driscoll.
Blue Bird, east of Slocan, J I' Doiron.
4—Ping Pong, on Springer creek, L lt
May 31—Golden Bclr, Anna Bell.
June 3—Coronation, McKinnon, Josephine for three years, Trebuilt for three
vaars, Patti. for three years, Monterey
fraction. ..'".'.
4—Falls' View No 2, Tamarack No 2,
Shiloh, Gerty lt fraction, Germanicus.
6-Wylis, M-sck Hussar fr.
M»v 31—Winslow fr, Ben Robertson
to W E Worden.
Duplex 16, JuinoaLivingtone to Dune
Muriel. B M Walton toT Waring.
En, A K Rothermel to W McGregor.
Gol.lon West, M J McCarthy to J P
ChumpioD and Sapphire,Frank Hovey
to tho Supphiro Mines, ltd.
Champion (r, Mario K DerapRter to
Juno 4-Ohio A, Frank A Wells t; B I
Kirkwood; $1000.
7— DsadwoorJ, Greenwood and EvS V*
James Moffutt to A York. aaaia.
mils   aa-a.
iPmarastgAt IOOO fcjr Sir Waltor Boaont.)
tt was presently learned toat Mr.
Pnrdea bad offered to take the services
at »t Nicholas" for a few w*-*ks in ©r-
eer to enable tae curate to attend the
te-dstde of a dflng parent. He undertook this ditty without asking for any
.tse or pay, a fact which greatly tu>
creased his reputation.
A day or two alts* Mr. Purden's ar*
"rival cama a carriage and four containing a vary nee lady indeed, with
bar maid and her man. She drove te
Om Crown, tht people all looking after
her. A largo coat of arms wan embla-
aoned on the door of lier carriage, with
a coronet and supporters. Her man
waa dressed ln a noble livery of pale
grten, with scarlet epaulets. A little
crowd -fathered round the door of tho
Crown while the footman held the door
open end the lady spoke with the landlord, a
"Sir." she said, inclining her head
graciously and smiling npon tbe crowd.
"I havo been directed to ask for thy
good offices in procuring a lodging. I
am a simple person, but a body must
have cleanliness and room to turn
-M.adam," said tbe limdlord, -tbova
Is but one lodging la the town which
ta worthy ot yonr ladyship. I have
myself across the market placo a
which contains three or four
These I would submit to yonr
la-lyshlp's consideration."
This wsa an excellent beginning.
The lady took tbe rooms at tbe rent
.•"reposed and without haggling. Thero
were two bedrooms for herself and her
maid and one room in which she could
sit The man found lodgings elsewhere. It appeared from his state-
Bent that his mistress was none otber
tnaa the Lady Anastasia, widow of
the late Lord Langston and sister of
the living flarl of Selsey. It was therefore quite true, as Sam Semple had an-
attMmced, that persons of quality wero
ostnlng to tbe spa.
The Lady Anastasia at this time wu
abont 26 years of age, a handsome
woman still, though no longer in tho
•rot flush of her beauty. Her dress aa
well as ber manner proclaimed tbe
woman of fashion. I confess tbat aa
a simple sailor, one who could not pre-
•.end to bo a gentleman and had never
beforo seen a woman of rank, mnch
lew conversed with one, I was quite
ready, after she bad honored mo with
a few words of condescension and
bindnsTtes, to become her slave. Sbe
could bear herself with the greatest
dignity and even severity, as certain
ladles discovered wbo presumed upon
her kindness and assumed familiarity.
But while ahe could freeze with a
frown and humiliate with a look, sho
could and did tbe next moment sub-
duo tho most obdurate and disarm the
; resentful with ber gracious smile
with her voice, which was tho
softest tne most musical and tbo most
moving that you can Imagine. She
had been a widow for two years, and,
having now put off tbe weeds, she waa
rejoicing at the freedom which tbo
world allows to yonng widows of fortune and rank.
The mayor bade her welcome to tbe
spa. "Madam," be aaid, "tbls town
until yesterday was but a seaport and
wo ourselves for the most part merchants mid sailors. We are not peoplo
of fashion. Wo do not call onrselvee
courtiers, but you will find ns honest
and we hope tbat yon will believe In
our honesty when we venture, with all
respect to declare ourselves greatly
honored by tbls visit of your ladyship."
"Indeed, worshipful sir and reverend
sir, and yon, gentlemen, I am grateful
for your kind words. I am here only
in the pursuit of health. I want nothing more, believe me, but to drink yonr
sovereign waters, of wblcb my physician speaks most highly, and, when
my health allows me, to attend your
"We hope to offer your ladyship more
than tho pumproom," tho mayor continued. "We have devised in our bumble way rooms for tbe entertainment
of the company with music and gar*
dsns, and we hope to have assemblies
for dancing In tbe town ball Tbey
are not such entertainments as your
ladyship Is accustomed to adorn, but
such as tbey are we shall be deeply
honored if yon will condescend to join
tbem. Yon will And the gentry and
their ladles of tbo county and others
not unworthy of yonr ladyship's ao
"Sir, I accept your invitation with
great pleasure. These gayeties are Indeed unexpected. 1 look forward, gentlemen, to making tbe acquaintance beforo many days of your ladles as well."
80 she rose nnd dropped a courtesy
while ber man threw open tbe door,
and tbo deputation withdrew.
In the evening the lady came to tho
long room soon after tbe music commenced. Mr. Prappet bowing low, Invited ber to honor the evening by dancing a minuet He presented a gentlemen, the son of a Norfolk squire, who,
with many blushes, being still young,
led out this lady, all jewels, silk, ribbons and patches, and wltb sucb grace
as be conld command performed the
stately dance of the fashionable assembly.
This done, the master of the ceremonies presented another gentleman, and
ber ladyship condescended to a second
dance, after which she retired and sat
down. The first gentleman then danced with another lady. The second gentleman succeeded him, and dance fol
lowed dance.   Mr. Prappet presented
to Lady Anastasia those of tbo ladles ; -The u'<i™ canu> Into his eyi<s.   Hi
who belonged to tbe gentry, and sbe ||,R bnnd upon tlie captain's knee, "Kir.
was presently surrounded bv a court or ' assure you. be Is, on the contrary, tlm
tude. "Well, sir. I am now In blgb favor with my Lord Fyllngdale, on
whom you waited this morning."
"1 hope his favor will end lu a snug
place, Sam. Forget not tbe main
point Well, your patron la a goodly
and a proper mon to look at, SU down.
Sam. Take a glass of borne brewed
Vou must want It after the ale of .London, which Is, so far an I remember,
but poor stuff. Well, now. about your
noble lord.    He Is a married mnn. I
SlIpllORfY" ~
"I'nfortunatcly, na He Is difficult
io please."
"Mi! And I suppose, like most young
noblemen, something of a profligate,
eh, HntnV Or a gambler, likelyV One
who bns ruined many Innocents'' BhY"
The captain looked mighty cunning.
"Sir- sir" - Sam spread out his
hands In ej-postiilntlon—"yon distress
on'. Lord Fyllngdale a profligate?
I/Ord Fyllngdale a gambler? I-onl ly
nngdnie a libertine*) glr—Captain
Crowle"—    no spoke very earnestly
company, with whom she discoursed
pleasantly and graciously. Tbe spa
had found a leader.
The next arrival from London wss
Sir Harry Malyns, a baronet and country -gentleman whose life was wholly
devoted to the pleasures of town.
Those who bad seen the withered old
anatomy carried out of bis carriage
laughed at the thought of tbls ancieut
r»*«on still devoted to the pleasures of
the town. "Nay," said the vnilet, grinning. "But wait till you see him dressed. Wait till he bas passed through
my hands. Yoo think he Is at his last
gasp. Indeed I thought bo myself
when I gave him bis sack posset aud
put blm to bed, but he will recover.
Sir Harry Is not so old but be can still
ixar sonic fatigues."
There was another whose arrival
caused Ho ringing of bells or wi.illations by the horns. This was a certain Colonel" Lanyon, who wore tbe
king's scarlet, having*'served ami received promotion Irt the king's armies..
He drank the hardest be played the
deepest, he swore the loudest nud he
was always ready to take offense. Yet
he was tolerated and even liked, because be was good company. He sang
songs; he told anecdotes; he had seen
service in the West Indies and In many
other places; be lind passed through
many adventures; he assumed, aud
successfully, tbe manner of a good
sportsman, free with his money, who
played deep, paid his debts of honor
at once and expected to be paid In
like manner.
I.ast of all came tbe prince of this
company. Lord Fyllngdale himself.
Sir Harry Malyns being asked If be
knew  bis  lordship, shook   his  head.
"Wc of the gny world," he said, speaking as a young* man, "do not commonly
Include  Lord   Fyllngdale among  the
beans and bucks.    There Is In him a
certain haughtiness wblcb forbids tbs
familiarities    common    among    ourselves."
"Is be. tben. a saintr
"Why,  sir,   I   know notblng about
saints.   Tbere are none."
Sam Semple showed good sense In
going around to visit bis old friends.
Among others be called upon Captain
Crowle, to whom he behaved wltb sin-
gniar discernment, ln such a way as
would please tbe old man, for on
• board ship we like a cheerful sailor,
one wbo takes punishment witbout
sniveling nnd bears no malice thereafter. A ship is like a boys' school,
where a flogging wipes out the offense
and master and boy become good
friends after It. whatever tbe heinous*
nesB of tbe crime,
"Sir." said 8am. standing before the
captain modestly, "you will understand, first of all. that I am reminded
ln coming here of tbe last time thai
1 saw you."
"Aye, my Ind, I have not forgotten.''
Tho captain did not rise from his arm
chair, nor did be offer Sam his bnnd.
He waited to learn io wbnt spirit the
young man approached him.
"Believe me. sir," said Sam, "1 am
not unmindful of a certain lesson,
rougb perhaps, but deserved. The presumption of youth, ignorance of the
world. Ignorance of the prize to which
1 aspired, may be my excuse. If any
were needed. I was then both young
and Ignorant" It must be admitted
tbat Sam possessed the gift of words.
"Indeed 1 was too yonng to understand tie bumble nature of my origin
and my position and too ignorant to
understand my own presumption.
Therefore, sir. before 1 say anytiiing
more I beg your forgiveness. That
presumption, sir, can never, I assure
you, be repeated. I know at least my
own place aud tbe distance between a
certain young lady and myself."
"Wby, my lad." said tbe captain,
"sltye you talk In tbat modest way I
bear no malice—none—wherefore here
Is my band In token of forgiveness.
And so on tbat bead we will speak no
Be extended his band, which 8am
took, stilt In humble attitude.
"1 am deeply grateful, captain," be
said. "You will perhaps before long
find out how grateful I can be." Time,
In fact, did show tbe deptb of bis gratl-
best of men. Tbere Is no more virtu
oos nobl*man In tbe country. My
tongue Is tied as his lordship's secretary, else could 1 tell of good deeds.
Truly bis right band kuowetb not what
bis left hand doeth. My lord Is all
'Aye. aye.  This Is good bearing, in*
"Lord Fyllngdale a gambler? Why.
he may take part at a table, but not a
gambler. No man ia less a gambler.
Wbnt doth It matter to him If he wins
or loses a little} Ho neither desires to
win nor does be fear to lose. You will,
I dare say, see him in the cardroc&i Just
to encourage the spirit of tbe company."
"A very noble gentleman, Indeed."
Tbe captain drank a glass of his home
brewed. "A very noble gentleman, truly.  60 on, Samuel Semple."
"Also lie Is one who— Captain. If
tbere is one thing In the world tbat my
patron abhors It Is the man who ruins
lnnocency and leaves bla victim to
starve. No, sir; bis lordship Is a man
of the nicest honor and the highest
"He baa a secretary who is grateful,
at least" observed tbe captain.
"His sword is ever ready to defend
tbe helpless and to uphold the virtuous.
Would to heaven there were more like
the right honorable the Earl of Fyllngdale!"
"Look yon. Master Sam," said the captain. "Your good opinion of your patron does you credit I honor you for
your generous words. I have never so
far, and I am now past 70, encountered
any man who was either saint or angel,
but ln every man bave I always fotind
some daw whether of temper or of conduct 80 that I do not pretend to believe all that you make out"
Bam Semple sighed and rose. "I ask
not for your entire belief, sir. It will
be sufficient If you leant, as I have
learned, thc great worth of this exalted
and Incomparable nobleman.   As for
flaws, we are all human, but I know of     „,.„„,   n.    Mn„ .,..     ,«_„_■„,*,
....     Q. 1 .-1,. __ ■„_.     . _„_.„,__      Ottawa, Ont., May 36.—(Special)-
none.   80 I take my leave.   I venture T th t the miraculoua Ctt8e of
to hope, sir, that your good lady and Oeorg*; n  K
^ art/&]____£& ^*!*&
South America has richer vegetation than any other quarter of the
globe. It has 40,000 classified spec-
ies of vegetation, against 36.000
known in Asia. Africa has 25,200,
North America 14,400, Buro-pe 11,-
400, Europe 11,200, Australia only
On   the   Upper   Congo   wedding- If all the land on the globe above
rings   are  made   of brass and worn sea level   wero    shovelled   into Uie
around   tho neck.   The/  Bontetlmes Ndrtih"*A'tlantic it would only reduco
weigh 801b. its depTh from* an average of    two
—                     " miles to one mile.
cm raws UKinT u tn lew. • —-*-—-'•—
The Ottawa Miracle is Still Delng
Discussed at the Regular Meetings of the Doctors of thc Capital City.
your lovely ward—I use the word wltb
due respect—are In good health."
So he departed, leaving tbe captain
And now they were all among ns, the
vile crew brought together for our undoing by this lord so noble and so exalted. And we were already entangled
a wbole mesh of lies and conspire-     Mr. Kent had Brightjs Disease
••      iL-    __ _.-!•*.    _-»    I. i _ t. a ._   .       -    ' TU.. fl      Vkfuut      in       I wwl      fnn      issi\i*.t !*.□ «ri*
eorge li. Kent, of 809 Gilmore St.,
hed shaken medical circles to their
very foundation, is putting it mildly
The facts of the case haK-e been so
thoroughly aud satisfactorily established by Mr. Kent's sworn statement-] as to leave no room for misunderstanding or mistake in the matter.
cles, tbe result of which you have now
to learn,
had been in bed for months, gradually getting worse; physicians could
do nothing for him. '
His cose had reached thnt stage
when his body w*s terribly bloated.
He was so low that hn had convulsions, which were rapidly growing more frequent.
In the interval between these convulsions he was almost entirely unconscious.
In this extremity tho physicians at
Out of 18,000 species of fish only
2,275 belong to fresh water.
Tbe "BMfMat and wheeling of perxons
troubled with bronchitis or tbe 1 sthma is 01-
ceaslvely harassing to themselves and lin
ing to others.    Dr. TL-aimas-  Eclectric
Oli obviates ill  tha entirely, safely and
vis  vuTiasaa   .11   turn   vuusui/.   rMiviy ssnsi
Emery derives its name from Cape  speedily, and is a hwlgnwmtdy for lame-
meri. in the Ialand of Naxoa. Asm. sores, laj-ariee, piles, kidney and spinal
myammme. rxjisjt
There is danger in neglecting a  00M. 1
Many who have diod of consumption dated      Sweet Peas, lilac, clove pinks, nnd
their troubles (rom expo-Atie. followed by 1   arirmattcr flowers,   such as  lavoudsv,
cold which settled on the lungs, and inia are best for. the    sick room.    Hya-
a-Mt^s^      ?irh-" *ntd uibeiom* '•"probuMv
ti-Con umptlve 8yrui>, before it was too Iste, lm-* worst.	
their live* would have bsen spared.* This.     •* '.'      -_..'„         __•*.'
msxiielni* hus no equal for cirun c-uah*..      Mr. TfcsjBSS BfjIlaM. Prrss-nr*. N.T ,wrli,> :
cokb^ud all atfeSion. of the tUtana  _^igk)a^^
,uog*'* I at UaraM worn out with pain and want <-* til,,.,,,
  I and «ft*r triin**  alntost •awythln** te,-,,,,,.
Tho rtarlr gmsl In thn rnnlro nf Oit.   BMnded. I tried one box of Paraelee'd Vi*s*i*-
Itie slark spot in tne centre oi Uie   a,-^p-li,.   ■ am fJOW warly well, .nd N*li..s.,
iltlsl Uot bo wilhuut
T« Ond* Ultcha. ■■-* .OralM.
A device for assisting in * getting
the grade while digging drains      is
described by W. H, Smith, Somerset
County, Me. In Orange Judd Farm-***
he says: I took a piece of board a, a,
8 feet long, 7 inches wide, and nailed
on two    three cornered pieces, b, b,' .       ...... , ,
cutting out the section of the board ,a8t tolfl his Wile that he co",d not
between them, as shown in the illus- live "'■t,' m«r*,,'nK* ■   -
tration. Then I nailed a piece •**■": While watching by Ms bedside Mrs.
lath across the tops of the thretr- Kent chanced t.o pick up a paper
cornered pieces. A piece of clapboard, containing an odvertisoni-ent of n
d, 8 feet long, was sharpened neirly ,cure of Bright's Disease by Dodd's
to a point on the thin side and nail-,Kidney Pills,   it was then midnight.
and all drug stores wero closed, but
the devoted wife determined, that
even at this extremely late hour she
would make one more effort to save
her husband's life.
Accordingly she despatched a ines-
senfi-er,   woke  up    the  nearest   druggist, procured 11 box of Dodd's Kisl-
,ney Pills,  which she commenced   to
I administer at once.
ed diagonally to the sids of the 8-
foot board, thin edge down, so that
the point of the clapboard would be
about 20 inches above the centre ef
the ls\th.
A plumb line and bob ia suspended
from the point above the centre of
the lath. If the lower edge of the
board is straight and placed fn a
level position tho line will hang at
right angles with it. Have the edge
of tho     lath planed. Take a    sharp
1 Mr. Kent did not die that night,
for from the first dose .of Dodd's
Kidney Pills he commenced to improve.     All    other   treatments    and
.medicines were discarded, and thc
use of this remedy carefully continued.
(irndually yet surely this wonderful remedy arrested the progress uf
thc dread Bright's Disease.
It took Dodd's Kidney Pills about
six or seven weeks    to    restore   Mr.
pencil nnd mark each side of the line i Kent to good health.   This is seven
and cut a notch on the lath. To illustrate the uso nl the device,when
thb board is level, if a 2-inch block
is put under one end and a notch cut
behind the line, tho plumb line will
indicate the grade and the operator
will get a 2-inch fall for every ■ feet.
8 feet boing the length of tlse board.
riomrmade Milk Cooler.
The illustration shows the end of a
large hogshead cut off and fitted with
a cover to serve ss a tank for putting
milk cans tn Ice water. A row of cana
la set about tbe outside, wile Ice occupies tbe center space.   A close fitting
cover keeps out tbe heat. A wooden
faucet or plug can be used for drawing off tbe water when desired.' This
Is designed particularly for small cans
holding eight and a half or ten quarts,
but may be adapted for forty and fifty
quart cans.—New England Homestead.
years ago,  and lie has  never lost
day's work through  illni\s.s since.
Value of Reaalar Par si Inc.
The regularity of feeding has a great
deal to do in obtaining tbe best results. The cow that Is fed regularly
will always give the best satisfaction
in the milk pall. If you nre not rogu>
lor In feeding your cows, they will not
be regular In giving milk. A cow regularly fed does not worry over her
feeding, as she erpects her feed at a
certain time, while thc other cow gets
her food sometimes at one time nnd
sometimes another, consequently she
will not rest easy and docs not give
good results from her feed.—lloscos
Tti ss  \ .-im.** n.id T«o lleanl'a
. large menuier was once wrecker]
because uns- of tbe sailors wrs named
West. The vessel wns oiitwursl bound
from Rotterdam, nnd the Rillr.r was on
deck polishing somo iiiimswoil:. Suddenly the eiiptnln called blm nnd tqld
111 111 to go lis'low.  The gs's'oiul olllcer on
the bridge beard the captain call out
the man's nnme nnd thought It was an
order to clmnge the course of the vessel
to west, lie did so und the result wns
that tlie ship run on lo tt duiigerous
shoul. Tlmt nnme cost the owners of
the vessel the sum of $.100.fX)0.
During the Afghan wnr of 1870 a
small British detachment gained a victory over 11 large body of the enemy by
a mistaken order. A private named
Vance, who had distinguished himself
by several acts of bravery, was a great
favorite wltb ono of thu officers, and
during a skirmish the officer wanted
blm to carry a dispatch to the colonel
in command of another detachment
Tl e man was only a few yards sway,
nnd he called out, "VanceP* at the top
of his voice. The men thought no hud
given the order "Advance!" und immediately rushed forward with such dash
and spirit that tlie enemy broke aud
A Sol-Jler". n«**slr.
A soldier of Mondial Knxe's army.
being discovered In a theft, wos con
detuned to be hanged. Wlint lie hod
stolen might lie worth fi shillings. Thr
marshal, meeting him as he wos hi
Ing led to execution, Bold to hlin. "Whnt
n miserable fool you were to risk vour
life for ft shillings!"
"Oenernl." replied tho soldier, "I
hnve risked It every doy for my'pay
flvepence." This repartes saved his
A IVrlls.ssa I*rof*.aaloii.
There am noine OHtroiog-***** u, CnlTm
but lot mnny, its astrology IH n ,™
perilous profession, win.,. one of „ '
m> called yrophets predicts un aVPllt
which does not occur, he 'oses his head
bean-blossom is the nearest approach
to black that occurs in any flower.
Itf*aa»n   Ksssstigti. .   I
When one leaves the main   tnes of
railroad,  east  or  west, and  travels,
or tries to travel, on some       road ,
which merely aerves a local purpose, !
he is    UJ-ely to find prevailing a fiuo ',
id easy state ol things as regards ,
.. ltd aud schedule time. A Wyoming !
newspaper gives litis account    of    a
certain railroad "flyer" out        that
People never take thla train except for Journeys of coaiidet'ikblo
length; walking is as easy and much
safer for short distances. On' a recent occasion, when the movement of
the train waa even more deliberate
thi 1 usual, a passenger went to the
conductor and Said:
"Ain't we going pretty slow?"
"Well," said the conductor, "ws
ain't flying, I'll admit."
"May I ask what is the trouble,
"Ain't any trouble."
"Then why don't we go faster?"
•We'J, I'll tell you, since you
seem V> be so inquisitive. Bac»
here a piece wc found a lino two-
year-old steer stuck in tl e trestle
and we stopped and helped bim out.
Now the rules of the road are that
in such cases the auimal belongs to
the company."
"But how does that make you run
"Kun slow? Why, that 'era
sts-er ain't used to being led, and
when we hitched him on behind the
rear car he didn't walk up very well.
I'm doing all I can—got thc brake-
man punching him from behind wit\i
nn umbrella, and an ear of corn tied
to tho bell rope- But if you think
I'm going to yank the horns off as
good a steer aa there la in tho
state, why, you'ro awlully mistaken,
that's alll"        ^^
-s-»isl«li     lir.ft ansl J'nlltes.stfM.
Spaniards may have many traits
to criticize, said a gentleman who
recently returned from touring ln
Spain, but ln the matter of politeness they are above reproach. This
man loft Lcvillc on foot after a stay
of a week, and was twenty lnilos
away, when ho was overtaken- by
the landlord of the hotel where ho
was staying. .Iho annkce">er rodo
alongside of his guest for nearly an
hour before he found couragu %o,
make known his business.
"If the senor und ('oil pleases," he
began, apologetically, "I made a
mistake ln his bill yesterday."
"How?" I inquired.
"I forgot to make a charge for his
candles to light  him to bed!"
"But it was moonlight and I had
ao candles."
"Then, senor, with the help of
Ood, I forgot to charge you with
tho moonlight."
Thn charge amounted to two cents
In American money, and ho had
hired an ass and ridden twenty miles
to collect it. I was amused and.
astonished. Then 1 accused him oi
being a robber, nnd offered hint a
cent to settle the bill. He Worked
up a beautiful smile nnd held out
his hand.
"1 will lake it .with, thanks,
senor," lis. snld, "ni.d Pissd will liloes
you for an honest tnn.nl"
**n  l.nlllnslr.
A national school Inspector In Ire
Innd was gnrc examining u clogs In
gsogrnpliy sud, having reason to cor
reel an iiuswer to ti question regarillii|i
longitude.- proi Jed lo nsk for a deli
nltlon of loiltiiilc.   There wus n slight
panne, nud n  young m.i answered
"Plense, sir, we have no latitude lu Ire
in ml.   The gover em fr/oji't allow Uf
thoy will cure no    I wou
them for any nsoii/jy."
The great salt mine at Wiolicsk.i.
in ('alicia, has galleries which aggrc
gate over thirty mil-** In length The
total yssarly yield is 65,000 tons.
As. fer Mmaru'saiil tale 10 other.
"      ■; J
Quicksilver used, in ordinary thermometers    iis'coiiis-s    solid at 89 d.-
grees  below zero.'    It takes  a teni
peratun.'   of    2'Jt)    to    ffee*ze alcohol
In washing wr-ollciv*. rind fla"neU, Levor'l
Dry Soap (a powdor) will bo found very
saUsfaetory. ••
The sense of smell is the most di'l-
icnte of nny of our senses. The thrs*s*-
hundred-millionth part of a grain of
chlorophenol can ho distinguished.
To   Dwarf   Tree..
To dwarf trc-r-s ns the Chinese do yoa
must follow their methods. They tnko
a young plnnt. any a setMlllug or n rutting of cedar when twp or three Indies
high, cut off Its taproot ns soon as It
has. enough otlier rootlets to live upon
uml replant It ln a shallow pot or pan,
allowing the end of the taproot tP-Dest
upon the bottom of. the pnu. Alluvia!
clay molded to the sixe of beaus ami
Just sitlUcleut in quantity to furnish n
scanty nourishment** Is then put into
tbe pot Water, bent and light are permitted on the same basis.
The Chinese also, use various me-
chaulcal contrivances to promote symmetry of growth. Ast, owing to the
shallow pots, both top and roots ore
easily a*t*ce-<8lble, the gardener uses tlie?
pruning knife and tbo searing iron
freely, so thnt the little tree, hemmed
on every aide, eventually gives up tlio
une-pinl struggle and. contenting Itself
with the little lifo left, grows lust
enough to live nnd look well.
A Bomtpirla Plate.
A gold plate' which Charles Ponn-
pnrte pawned In order to pny tbe (Hireling expenses of his sou. Napoleon, to
the military school ut Brieiinc bus be ti
placed In tbo town museum at AJn< '■>»•
Malta Hor.eradl.li.
The little town of Malln. lu Boheiuln.
produces the finest horseradish In 'lir'
world. Malln horseradish is known all
over Europe,
Liberal laee*-**.   * '
Business Man-Your father gave ymi
s tery liberal education, yrJn sny7
College (Irnduate-Sure! Tbe governor did cough up like a gentleni.in
whenever 1 wrote hlin for a check.
Intention. Were Oood.
A M'olilgiyi, minister closed his remarks at a funeral by saying. "An opportunity will now be given to pu*"*
around the bier." tie meant all rlglit-
Don-fln. Jerrolsl in School.
Douglas Jerrold wrote "Hlnck Ryod
SiiHitn" whi'ii he wns twenty-one nnd
contributed to Tunch the Immensely
popular "Candle Lectures" not long
afterward. Hut at nlno yenrs of nge
young Jerrold hud been scarcely nble to
rend, nnd It wns not until h« wns up
pretitlced to n printer, nfter serving r.ii
somo time as a midshipman nt sen (tint
he showed either desire or capacity lor
Intellectual lmtirovemeiit.
The Aztec tnntrnage In use In Mexl*
**o ui ihe dlwovfAry of America locked
the Hssiin'tf* ihtiitmied by our letters b,
.1 "I   D   '   I   I mid t/.
t".<-. 111. nine In III. BoalnrM.
An east side character well known
about the supreme court Wears a pur-
Ocularly brilliant solitaire dlainnml
ring, with the "stone turned In toward
the palm of his band. He wns nsi*"1
If lie wore his ring tbls way for f>'""
It would be stolen.
"No," he snld, scornjng the liten. "The
tMer what hi wideawake epotiRh tn
rob.your uncle, be ain't been Uoru yet.
It's for business reasons that I *v,'"r
my diamond so, • WhVn **f»"ie ,v"'',v
conies to touch me, I hold lip my linn""
so (with the back toward blml n'"1
sny, 'I'm broke, my friend,' ond i"'
don't see my diamond, nnd li<" W*
nwny. But when 1 want to do IuihIhi^
with a mnn who hns money I ti"'" "''
liniiils so (with the palms out! nnd say-
'What con I do for you. my ■,'1*'11.
nnd he sees the big diamond niiuM"""*"
I'm a good man to deal with." I
The Drill.   (Ynxir Ftv.fh
la S sit.manta or Opinion .ad Ita  statsa-
m«s.ia uf FMcta-llsst Lunar Ar*, u.w-
• var. controlling InUusiisvaa In Life.
On the ordinary thermometer may
,e iead opposite the figures two
itotintents of opinion and two of
[act. The former are of. little im-
(yiuince. Whether seventy-six Is
sn miner heat" and a few degrees
owcr "temperate" depends largely
n locality. Out the two fixed tacts
hut water free'-es at 32 degrees
hove zero and that tho temperature
f the body is 98 6-10 exercise a con-
rolling influence over many of the
Hairs of Ufe. And, while the whole
ace of the instrument might be doted with other interesting signs,
uch as the boiling point of water
nd other liquids and the freezing
oints of various liquids, those facts
niii'uriilug blood and water aire the
i iirio essentials.
lhe freezing point of water is   at
he basis of    many industrial   pro-
sss-s.   it must be constantly watch-
When      freezing    weather     is
hrcatened,    "the     familiar   suction
uinp is allowed to "run down," or
he    valves    in   unprotected   water
ipes aro closed.-   In houso building
he mason goes below the point   to
huh front ever penetrates to get a
mui  foundation.    'Mont,   pipes   also
live to be laid below tho frost line.
bovo it winter is continually disltv-
•piating tho earth as with millions
[ 11 ale charges of dynamite.   Water,
cause it expands in treozing, tends
break up everything into the cre-
ces of whieh it penetrates.   "Below
e dost lino" has thus become   In
tcrature a recognized figure for aa-
rlty of foundations.
When called to see a patient,   the
yt-ician at once takes out his clln-
iii thermometer.   Placed updor the
k iiiun'B  tongue,  it registers   tha
dily    temperature.      This   nature
mintains through    the perspiration
such a delicate balance that   the
nation of a  degree is significant.
uci essive changes    in the tempera-
ic of lhe body reveal much as   to
e course of a malady.
My mare, apery va'luuble one, w««
Idly nil and bruised by being
unlit io a wire fence. Home of the
Liuxlii would not heal, although I
■nl mnny different medicines. Dr.
ll advised me to use MINARD'S
I.VMII'M. diluted at first, then
ranger us the sores began to look
III it. until, after three weeks, the
bi. ■ have healed, and boat of all the
t»ir is growing well, and is not
flu's . ns is most always Uhe cane in
| Weymouth.
I Sixty passengers on the stage-
oach used to be injured for every
li.'' nowadays by rail.
[There never was, and never will  bo. n
niv.-raal panacea, in one remedy, for all i'i.*
which flesh is heir—the very naturo of
any curatives being such that were Use
r-riiis of other and differently seated dia-
ea Tooti-d in tbe system of tbe patient—
at would relieve one ill in turn would og-
►siviit.* the other.   We bave, however, In
olnino Wine, when obtainablo in a sound,
nudultoratcd state, a mhedv for many and
Ti. v.nis ills.   By its gradual and judicious
s tho frailest systems are led into conv..-
■wcenoo and strongth by the influence which
(mn mo exerts on nature's own restoratives.
I ri*lis-vs*8 the drooping spirits of those with
thorn n chronio state of morbid cicspond-
m-y and look ssf ink-rest in lifo is a disease,
Ad, hy tninquilislng the nerves, disisosc-* to
bun.l nnd --efresbing sleep—imports vigor
b tho i.s-li-ju of   the blosid, which, being
Simulated, courses throughout the void--,
krsni?tli.:i,ing tbe healthy animal functions
it the system, thereby makinff activity a
kos'.-.isiiry result, strengthening tho frame,
fai giving lifo to the digestive organs*, wblcb
atoxully dinusnU inoroased substtaueo—rc-
ult,improved appetite. Northrop* Lyrnnn.
If Toronto havosflven to tho public their
■Mierior Quinine Wino at tho unroil rate, and
fiitRid by tho opinion of se'ent'sts, thi.
:■' apnroaohos ncnnal perfection of uny fl
•i.i.irk. i.   .Ml ••.■■,•■' *.    "   ■.
[Mure ships possess the name Mary
Vn any other.
I'hie   thousand four   hundred    and
|iii't.v deaths occur yoarly from lire
''''I'l.iiiii ansl Wales.
D"S LH1MEHT IS But Irff llTSlClin.
Ink-stains are best removesl bv
""non-Juice Ordinary soap stn-ngth-
r Inkttainj
will be as strong as ours if;ycmi"ry
and ours is ao strong we guar-,
antee a cure or refund money,
and we send yon free trial bottle
if you write for it. SHILOH'S
costs a*j cents, and will cure Co--
sumptkm, Pneumonia.Bronchitis
and all iung Troubles. Will
cure a Cough or Cold in a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been .doing these things
for 50 years.
8. C WBI.M & Co., Toronto, Can.
—«■■■*. ■ ■—.—,         n    ..., ^ —I...,. 1 .        I,        ■
Karl's Clever Ro-rt Tea cares lasllgsstlen
Without question the best and
most effective springs in Canada for
tht* cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. Tho medicinal qualities of the water are unequalled.
.Splendid hotel accommodation ; fine
fishing and hunting. An ideal spot
for the Invalid.
There are in Canada over 200,000
square miles of oil-lands, a greater
area than all the rest of the world's
oil-fields put to-gether.
The Best Medicine in the World For
Children of All Ags«s.
Baby's Own Tablets are good for
children of all ages from the tiniest,
weakest baby to the well ^ grown
child, and are a certain cure for indigestion, sour Btomach, colic, con
stipation, diarrhoea, teething troubles, and thc other minor ailments
of children. There is no other nu*di-
cino acts so speedily, so safely and
so surely and they contain not one
particle of the opiates found in the
so-called "soothing" medicines. Mrs.
It. M. Ness, Barrie, Ont., says : "I
first began using; Baby's Own Tabids when my baby was teething. He
was feverish, sleepless and very
cross, am! suffered from imligs'St inn
After using the Tablets ho began to
get better almost at once anil slept
better and wns "no longer cross. I
think tlie tablets 11 line iii.'tlicine for
children and keep them on hand nil
the time." The Tablets aro readily
taken by all children, and crushed to
a powder can be given to the very
youngest baby with a certainty of
benefit. Sold by all druggists or
sent post paid at 25 cents a box by
writing direct to the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.., or
Schenectady, N.  Y.
Thirty nine sailing ships are lost
yearly out of every 1,000 Britisli
Bailing shi|>s afloat, but of steamers
onlv 29 per 1,000.
MINARD'S UNBENT Lumteiiati's Friend.
The coastline of tho Pacific ocean
is only 47,00*. miles, which is lias
by 8,000 miles than tlie coasllino of
the Atlnntic.
How's This?
I W« of*., Ono Hnndren DoUni-a Rewnrd 'ssr
Rn. ,.''   ' V"'"rr' tsi.   oauuot be cured by
fJ'-'l slurrliCiirs*,
, Toledo 0.
swn   F   J.
.lions, him
,,,,,,,        '    :" 'si w curry oniany 0bli4-al.i1>".
"I'lOIll llsislf |.rm,
"Bit Airrsx, Whalsmls Dm-*iri-.ts. Toledo.
Dnw '.''"m,"?  ^lVAM st liAnviN, Wliolossalo
•"■"■wi.'t-'.TiiIwli. o
■nsri'i J *',|t''rrl' t'nre li taken Internally, set-
V,7ii , 7 "■*"'' *•>' IiI'kkIisiisI miu-ona Bsirl*««*<***
J I,'Vy 'I''1'* J'1*''** ■■">-* Per bottlo.   Hold by
11.   K'    *., T:-',!l»onl«lSfrnn.
tillistauuiy l'ill«,ureth-ilH).-ii.
A Too'h.ome  ttrnwrnrngm.
UUr|n« the reign of Charles II., the
l*Kl' of gallant-*-*, it was tho custom
j ■mi"ig gentlemen when they dronk a
'■ 7'y'« health, In order thst they
n I- iu slo her HtlH more honor, to de-
""•' nt the sn mo time somo purt of
'■"''i' clothing.
Faookd OlJT.—None but those whi havo become tmgaeA out know whnt a de'srosesl. mis.r-
i.blo foWiiiK it U. A 1 atrmicth is t-u"''. nnd
sta.pond.Dcy lias taken hold of the mifforors.
They feel M thonsh th.r-e Unothim* to luo for.
There, hsswesre. L . cnio. One bs.x of 1 nrmc-
loo'rt VosroUlilo Pills* will du worsdorn in rests,!-,
inn hswllh aud atrensth. M.nslrako isn.l (lisii*
sJeuoa »r« two of ths. nr'telei -.ntoriasj iuto tlio
sximuoailloa of P.meleo'ii 1'ilU
Tlie White poppy is the only poisonous variety. From the blnck po|>-
py 11 sweet, oil can bo propnresl. uml
usesl like olive oil.
Dpoa ono occasion 8lr Chnrles Bed
' > was uinlng in a tavern nnd hnd a
i* ■"'•iilnrly nno necktie on, wherenpon
'*• "f Ills friends, to play hlin n trick,
• "ii to tl,o health of a certain lady,
'   *e Nnme time throwing his necktie
to 1  ,,'   0f cour8*> Sir Chnrles hnd
" Mkowlsa, but he got even, for not
"B nrier that, dining with the same
o»>"lmny, he drank tho health bf a fnlr
tint'   , ,lH> ■"■•*--' tlme "rdering a den-
• wnonj ho hnd cngng*^ to be pres*
Whi hi |,U"  out  n   •''■frnetory   tooth
" n luni been troubling hlra.   Kvery*
mn,,,  " 'vn'' 0,)I|B*-'*1 lu tbls manner te
mou»'i n inolnr.
A Military Order la Emrritrncy.
Captain Verne M. Bouvle. who raised
nnd e.mini;i:i.l.'d a company In SO Ohio
regiment la tin* BpsnlsUameTlcon war,
(old ofa verv UUOSUal order be DWiru
uiven by nn Olllcer «f S Missouri rcKi
unlit nt Ciltnp Menile.
"The MlHsourliin'H company was com
Ing down it "noddy rhad." •"''<■ Cap»l»
Bouvle, "ami presently tbey enn.' to a
plnce where only two iihre.ist could
puss. The co.i.im.iy wns III n ooli.inn
Of f.iurs. nnd lhe problem of gelling
them   past   pUBled   their  coii........der
completely.    The correct order *M
•Itlcl.t. by. twos.' After ssi.ne besltn
tion ho Shobted perciiil'ti.Wly:
"'(Jee round tluit puddle!'
»Tho co.iipi.ny hnd evidently been
batter drilled than their comi-mmlcr.
for they broke Into • coloouio( twg
wii.'n they hnd pewed the ♦rater. I lis
teiied eagerly for the neat «»«••"""'
After some delay the olllcer Shouted
sharply. , ,,   _,„nPt.
.••Twos   Inter   fours,   right   •"»«••'■
til tefletatlee *"'•
••But tills bill Bliould have l"'-*" "**>*
t lona»«o.**objert"HltUetrndi.st..on.
••Well. mill,  de geminen I OUt.    "•
bow. you cayn't expect n membilU «
eougress to settle snythlug wldoul a
lot of inlkln'." 	
yonr stenU. sir? wnit
',"rank Cisinmer (who   as Ih ^
toi <«•.">•>; ,"lnll,;fs,lt , A .00 uin.'i.
deed, tUnnk y<'». If " l8Ul
trouble.- lOxcliaiige,
h„- L„ >l f0r Mll»itoba wheat
fa not in S.0,U0Whttt "tagnant. Wheat
belMon. T,-"d "y exP^ters,pricee
spot wheat has been needed
to cover contracts on May sales and
has tended to hold prices^ ££
terly spot* wheat has fetched from
1 T„0Vur June delivery. At the
we-e as follows : 1 hard, 75V4c- 1
northern   73.4c; 2 northern, 7l>/*  in
nsT'ot T Wlliiam' ,,elive'y ^
detve°ry JUn°'   N°  bU^" ***    »>«*
closedTQireHat--No- X ■«*«
ciosea on Saturday at 6s 5d
tonRO$XiNr,| ™>T0,lt ch°P' Pe'-
ton   $2'.>,  barley chop,    $24-   mixed
barley „„c, oats. $27; oatmeal feed
S15.S0; oil cake, $30
woJr'tiLSFi?51)~1,ran' in bU,k' isnow
worth $16 per ton, and shorts $1!)
fo?y^ThereJ8 an aCtive l,Pmanfl
ror oats for shipment and the mar-
Fn*l8wnnmer- No' 3 whlto oats
I ort William, 41c per bushel; No. 1
white,   ,n car lots   on track.  Winnl-
WTs PT ',U8he)- «»«; No. 2 white.
■11 to 4ic; feed grades, 88 to B0O •
seed oats. 50. At country points
farmers are getting 20c to 31c for
No. 2 white oats
BARLEY-There hus been a good
demand for seed barley and the market^.is firmer. Supplies are very
light. We quote 46 to 48c for seed
grades, ami 42 to 45c for feed jn
car lots, on track, Winnipeg.
PLAXSEED-Dealers are anking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
HAY—Receipts are light, and the
market is $1 higher at $8 to $9 per
ton for fresh baled. Loose hay is
not offering to any extent.
POULTHY—Live chickens are com-
itii* in rather freely, and are ntx.v
selling at 75 cents a pair, with prospects of lower prices next week
Turkeys are worth lie per pound
live weight. 1'ueks and geese are
not offering.
BUTTEH— Creamery-4-Fresh made
creamery butter is now commencing
come in and is worth 18c per pound
at factory  points.
BUTTEU—Dairy receipts are be.
coming quite liberal, as pasture is
now getting gosid in the country and
the cows are giving more milk, l'ar-
iners' wives have also more time
now to make butter, and they are
aisle to market it. The market is
weaker, and 1 cent below its level
of a wes'k ago. We quote fresh made
dairy in tubs or rolls at 15c per lb
commission basis here, for best quality. Inferior grades rule lower according to quality. The market is
completely bare of old stock.
CHEESE— Dealers are offering ll'/a
cents for new Manitoba cheese, delivered  in  Winnipeg.
BOOS—The market has declined an-
are paying 10"ri*C per dozen for fresh
case eggs, delivered in Winnipeg.
POTATOES— Farmers' loads de-
livered  in Winnipeg,  25c per bushel.
DRESSED MEATS—Beef i.s very
scarce, and has advanced ',£c this
•A'cok. Be*af, city dressed, per pouad,
8 to Be; veal, 7\<i to 8V*rc; mutton,
10c; spring lambs, smch $3.50 to
$4.50: hogs, per pound, 7*4 to 8','ic.
Hides—No. 1 city hidea, 61/jC No.
5i<[C, No. 3. 4V*j- Kips and call', the
saute price as hides; deakins. 25 to
40<; slnnks, 10 to 15c; horse- hidi'«,
50c to $1.
WOOL is worth 6**4c per pound for
Manitoba   unwashed  fleece.
SsmNIX'A BOOT—The market is ex-
pectesl to open at about 30c per
CATTLE— Beef    cattle    continues
CATTLE— Pat cattle are still
scarce ami badly wanted in the local
market. Tlie pasture ia getting better and grass cattle will soon be
available. Keports from the west.
say that many young cattle have
perished In l"*he recent storms in Alberta, but that otherwise the
cattle are doing well and getting plenty of pasture. Dutclis-rs
aro now paying a full 5*-4c
fur best luiiuialH, and from that
down to 4?ic for inferior grades.
Slmki'is are going west in considerable number*-;. Yearlings are worth
as liii-li 11s* Hfl per bead at point of
shipment. l*wo-yoa****ords are ining-
Ing •*>->'1 to $22 per head,
SlII'I'T—About 5 to 5i/ac per lb is
ths value off cars, Winnipeg.
BOOS—Beat packers' weights (V)«c
per pound off cars, Winnipeg. Other
-Trades bring proportionate prices.
MIU'll     COWS**- Cows    are     very
r-oaroe, and good milkers readily
bring sf-15 each in this market. As
insist of the stisck offerings aro poor,
they bring less money, the range be-
Ing from $35 to $45.
Ill)US1"S—There is a good steady
demand for horses for both farm anil
general nss', ami dealers find mo iliili-
i-iiltv in disposing ssf all they run ss*-
iiin*. The market is being largely
■uppllod from Ontario. There are
some Montana horses selling. Prices
continue high.
Qaeer llrnnty.
In New Tlolland the women cnt tksai-
■elves with shells nnd, keeping the
wiiiiials open a long time, form deep
ICars In the flesh, which they deem
highly iirnnmoiitnl. Another singula!
mutilation Is made among them, whin
Iii infancy they take off the little llnt-ei
of the left hand at the second loltit.
.v. -.'Iiiisw 1. s'orj. Old.
1 h- fl.ite Is very old So its siiin'it, but
tlie i!ul<* Of today is different frtitn that
if the ancients, it hues been improved
npon  'rom lime to iluie, nnd  the old
 i,m would probably fail to recognise
d now.   'ibe flageolet  which is some*
what Similar, Is credited to Juvlgn.v,
This Gift is Meant for All—On It
tho Happiness and Usefulness of
Life Depend-Without It Life Is
An Existence Hard to Endure.
Health is nature's choicest gift to
HfnhaZmh°Uld bC C*lefu"*v K"ar,J^
bloorlTs.     si'8 a- SUre 8if?n  that   the
blood is either insufficient, watery or
hnpure, for most of the diseases that
afflict mankind are traceable to this
cause. Every organ' of the body requires rich, red bloo-Tto enable it to
properly perform its life^ustaining
runctions, and at the first intimation
that nature gives that all is not well
the blood should be cared for. Purgative medicines will not do this-it
is a tonic that is needed, and Dr
Williams' Pink Pills havo been
proved, tho world over, to surpass
all other medicines in thoir tonic,
strengthening and health-renewing
qualities. From ono end of the land
to the other will be found grateful
people who cheerfully ailcnowledge
that they owe thoir good health to
this great medicine. Among these is
Mr. Elzear Robidoux, a prominent
young man living at St. Jorome,
Quo. He says : "For some years
was a great sufferer from dyspepsia.
My appetite became irregular and
everything I ate felt like a weight on
my stomach. I tried several remedies and was under the care of doctors, but to no -.vail, and I grew
worse as time went on. I became
very weak, grew thin, suffered much
from pains in the Btomach and was
frequently seized with dizziness. One
day a friend told mo of the case of a
young girl who had suffered greatly
from this trouble, but who, through
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
had fully regained her health and
strength, and strongly advised me to
try theso pills. I was so eager to
find a cure that I acted on his advice
and procured a supply. From the
very first, my condition improved and
after using the pills for a couple of
months I was fully restored to
health, after having been a constant
sufferer for four years. It is now
over a year since I used the pills and
in that time I have enjoyed tho best
of health. This I owe to that greatest of all medicines, Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills, ami I shall always have
a good word to say on their behalf.'
Through their action on the^ blood
and nerves, these pills cure such diseases as Rheumatism, Sciatica, St.
Vitus' Dance, Indigestion. Kidney
Trouble, Partial Paralysis, etc. Bo
sure that you get the genuine with
the full name "Dr. Williams* Pink
Pills for Pale People" on every box.
If your dealer does not keep them
they will be sent post paid at 50
s-^nts a box or six boxes for $2.50
by sidsiroswsing the I>r. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The tips of the human fingers can
perceive a weight of 3~40ths of a
grain, while the finger-nails do not
notice one weighing less than 18
Mwiiatroo.  Force or Tornado*..
Much bas been said about electricity
ns 11 fact, r for destructiveness In the
various gyrating storuiclouds known
as cyclones, drechoes uud tornadoes,
ln all of this voluminous muss Of so
called scientific opinions nud deductions one fact seems to have been entirely overlooked—viz. the almost re
sistless force of wind wben moving
with high velocity. Wheu the velocity is but fifty miles an hour, the pressure of air in motion is equal to twelve
pounds to the square foot, and when
this velocity rises to a hundred miles
per hour its" force rises to the equivalent
of 4it.2 pounds to tbe square foot, the
augmentation of force beiug always
proportional to the square of the velocity.
lt needs no further elaboration or
amplification of this stntement to convey to the intelligent, reader nn Idea
of the monstrous mechanical force
which such a rapid traveling moss of
air must have, 0 power groat enoogh
to tear down nny structure thnt has
yet been built by man or to uproot
whole forests of tlie largest trees now
growing on the surface of the earth.
Fssrsisst   lllm.elf.
She—My baslwnd Is h brute.
Friend-All ins-ii nre »if{jiteB. my dear.
She -Mini* Is simply iibomlnnblel 1
asked him if lie did not think you ss
pretty, ns 1, ami he suid "Yea"
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why fjo to all the
trouble of keeping
cows nnd get only
•out half the milk
they should pro-
strengthens the <li};i-stioii and invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment U all drawn from the
food* It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow when 6he
gives three quarts as when she
gives a pail. Dick's Blood Purifier
will pay back its enst with good
interest in a few weeks,
50 cents a package.
Lcemlng, Miles A Co., Agents,
Write for Hook on HOMea.nd Cisltlsfrfr.
New Comers to the West
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The regular morning edition (including the Saturday illustrated number)
will be sent to anyone living west of North Bay who will cut this advertisement out and mail it with TWO DOLLARS (regular price $4.00) to
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1 tho end while he   asuigi around
port a heavy man on . 	
circle without causing them to Maf.    Th«y are nasi la
mjop,»rmaco. willJlMt»llfeUme. Win j*-*-**-* nor got rtekaSy?
Th«iy srenipplis-d with latches whieh allow thexa to be	
•d either way muAmtmmeUmsStmaj. Tha only good meta
Faaoa. ^t^MnBr^^ttd Btapl^hrSaiy&llS ""aaca Oa-UnMH, Walaerrllla.
ROSS *% ROSS, General Agents. Box fii-a. Vn-i-o.r. Man.
Thia ad.   may   not   appuax again.
Your territory may be taken.
Agents wanted everywhere.     Send
10c today for sample and terms.
A. B. CA1L,
409 Main St., Winnipeg, Man.
deputation for durability established 1'luyi-o
tears' trial. Onr severe frost has no ellect oa it.
llowaro ot American paper felting- which cracks
in our climate. —
1.6HiggiA!jave.,_Winmpec. SoLa AobnT
ftVisl Estate Assent.   Issuer of Marringn Licenses
The Duke of Northumberland, with
186,000 acres, is the largest landowner in England. In Ireland. Marquis Conynghaiu owns 156,000 acres.
In Wales Sir Watkins WilliamsWynn's
estate covers 145,000 acres.
For every time he fills a pipe of
medium size a smoker blows 700
smoke-clouds. If he nnokes four
pipes a day for twenty years, he
Wowb 20,440,000 smoke-clouds.
sftCTS GtiNTtY
Klb*^   B0WEI&
ovepcome".      ^pATION
on*****''/,      cyk,nt"C/Sru     *CNy°*t
**P   KY     "*•**        V   -"At.  ^*?       "   MV    T
The  best  ivory  comes  frnm  Zanzibar; the next from Ceylon.
In Australia, with one exception of
the dingo, or wild dog, thsire is no
beiist of prey.
The world's stock of silver is
worth 1,600 millions sterling; golsl
at 50 millions ls^ss.
The world uses up In arts anil
manufactures about forty million
dollars' worth of golsl in a year.
Cast-iron, antimony, und bismuth
all expand when the cool. Most
other substances contract with colli.
What's In ■ IVan*.**
"I became very much Interested In a
chance companion on n railway train."
Bnld a New York cleruymnn. "He was
plainly of Italian birth or eitrsctlon,
und so 1 remarked to blm:
" 'Whero were you born?*
"'In (ionon,' replied the young man.
"'And wlint Is your inline?'
"•Patrick Murphy.*
" 'How in the world did you get that
nnme?' I nsked Instinctively.
" 'I took It.' replied Hie young mnn.
"'Why did you choose such u nnme?*
" 'Because l wanted people to think I
was an America 11,' was Ills reply."
would look happy if 111
cigar smokers puffed
You try one and you'll be happy.
That nice rosy flavor docs K.
liANiTrAonnunj by
u ni mi
CURE for
Consumption and all
throat and lung troubles. One dose gives
relief. One bottle often cures. A FBEE
SAMPLE BOTTLE to every reader of this paper.
Pul-Mo is for sale by all druggists at
pi.oo per large bottle—15 cents for small
size, or it may be ordered direct from
Tiie Office Specialty Mfg. Co. Ua, Tersst*
Those ("iilsii.i.t-. save time and money.    An offices not complete without them.
P. 0. BOX 393, E. R. NAMBLT,
Wiiiiiii-a*;, Man. M«t. Western Branch
A preparation made from Crude BEAUMONT,
Greatest medlral discovery of rcc-.nt yeara.
A Atte anil speedy cure for all throat, bronchia and lung nfceases, consumption in ita earlier stages, and rhssumitisni.
Large bottle prepaid to auy addross on recoipt
of on a dollar.
Addrstas, Beaumont Medical Company,
box .r»WI, Beaumont. Texas, U. o. A.
Black    teas   yield to water 31 to
41 per cent, of their we*ght.
Will clear your
house of flies
Russia has more holidays than any
other European nation— 88"In all.
Austria comas next with 70.
If your Grocer cannot supply write to
ronto, sending the name and address
of your grocer, snd a trial sample of
Sunlight Soap will bo sent you free,
Aik far the O, tacon Bar aa%
W. N.  U. No. S79.
London's nows'supers use up ubout
uoo tons rn' paper every wenkdny.
Dvery minute there die s',7 inluiliit-
ants of   this    planet, aad    seventy
babies are born.
The tiietnl which has the greatest
relleetivo properties is 11 n-iixt ure
composed of copper '.V2 parts, tin IS
iwirts,  hrnss,  silver, anil ursowir each
1 part.
. ..   !   John Waiuunaker, of Philadelphia
When  n  si.'!;  mnn  notices thnt  Ills   holus
wire s'lirls ln*r Imlr only Jnsi nvftsrv   lie
dCX'tOI   1*01111 s.  tie IS iml Blt'll  slisju^ii  10
Im sin une, .sum.
tin1 greatest amount In life
Insurance policy held By any indi-
vliiiinl.   iiis tutu! insurances   iiKirnv
gate $1,!100,000. TDK DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C JUNE 13. 1902.
-tC. B. SmTHBR'-taATJi, Editor snd Prep.
bi rvBT,isR-s-D mux "**idat at
JgLOCAN,     .     .      -     .-      B.C.
Lsgal Advsrtisinf 10 cents a Hns lor
,-stM itat insertion nnd8 c-SnU a Hns each
^ubsesjusnt insertion.
Certjflestss of Improvement, |7 eaoh.
Transient advertisements at sasas rater
pa Isfaladvartisiag.
Locals will bs charged 10 cents a line
/(or each insertion.
Commercial Bates mads known upon
Thi Saliscrlption is ♦« per year, at."ict
jif li advanos; 12.60a year if not so paid.
Aiktms all tetters to-
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, JUNE 13tb, 1902.
A psncll mark In ths specs
.-apposite will bs aa Indies-
•tten to yea that ye editor
'.considers there is something
coming to him on your tub-
•cription. Kindly acknow-
.lsdga ia sssh snd oblige.
-suiTcitia-r, o-torpiMus.
As an evidence of tbo general pros-
.parity of tho prairie country, the sale
,of C P.R. lands last mbnth wero 28
. times greater than in May, 1901.
Canada's population   is growing
.apace, as the department of immigration figures out that the arrivals for
.-the year ending June 30 will be 65,-
JO00, as against 49,149 last  year.
There Is a large increaco from the
^Unitod States and also a gratifying
J Increase from the British Isles.   The
r entries for free lands in Manitoba and
,-the Northwest Territories are 10,000,
, being 2000 greater than last year.
The Western Federation of Miners
;at their convention in Denver en
^dorsed Socialism  in the following
language: "Resolved.thst we recommend the adoption of the principles
of the Socialist party-platform as outlined in the president's report; and
belt further resolved, that the tenth
.annual convention of the Western
Federation, of Miners does urge the
v,importance of independent political
action, and does advise and recom
mend the adoption of the platform of
, tbe Socialist party of America by tbe
.local unions of the Federation in conjunction with a vigorous policy of
' education along the. Hues of political
, economy."
Statistics gathered by the brotherhood of Railway Trackmen of the
,,-eost of living in Nelson for presentation to the board of arbitration for
-fixing tbe wage seals on the C.P.R.,
reveals a heavy increase over the
--figures of 1897, notwithstanding bet-
jtermeant ef transportation and improved methods ot handling goods.
Almost every line of foodstuffs has
.advanced, particularly meats,   the
increase being over 20 per cent.
> Wages in tbat time have remained
stationary, giving to the working-
man a steadily diminishing chance
\ to lay by a competence for old age.
The tendency, too, is lower wages
and higher prices for food.   Just here
it may stated that prices of foodstuffs
are ton per cent lower in-Slocan than
in Nelson, and the wages for laborers
-are 60 cents a day higher.   Don't
'-forget that.
Appended is a squib that is directly
,in line with tho views previously expressed in The Drill, which has
been asked to give the same publication:
"There is a strike on in thc printing department of the T. Eaton Company's departmental store, Toronto,
"and not ouly have the members oi
Old 91 gone out on strike, but the
pressmen,   pressfeoders   and  book-
.folders bave as well, and there are
. others of tho employees that may fol
'low suit   We presume it is fairly
.well understood that the average
wage Its this departmental store today Is very small-a mere pittance.
t Think of asking a man with a family
xa provids for and house rent to pay,
.•etc., to work for $10a week,and nine
' hours a day at that, with high rents,
and tbe price of necessaries of life
advanced from 40 to 50 per cent
higher than they have ever been!
It is a burning shame—wc were go*
"» ing to say a monstrous crime t There
is no doubt but that this departmen
.tai store and its factories attempts o
set the standard ef wages, and thus
.the skinning process is resorted tr.
Put a man in the Central prison for
six months If he steals some scrip
7 iron from tbe Grand Trunk Hallway,
but lionize und idolize him if he has
the ability to skin his fellowmen out
of a thousand dollars In hard earned
wages.   Let us appeal to our constit-
truents.   Instead or buying through
the  mail order  department of the
Eaton company, patronize the mer-
j chants in vonr own vicinity and keep
1   the cash in your own iicighborhooil.
Thoy can givo you as good bargalrt,
and much better fer that mntter,than
yoa can obtain in this store. And
many so called bargains are not bargains at all. Ths most gullible animal In the world is man, and there
)ft no gullibility equal to that involv
ed in the bargain-hunting humbug.
Then, quit the exhibition of your
gullibility and patronize your own
home stores."
The juveniles havo commenced
bathing in (be lake.
The Arlington hotel is undergoing
a treatment of paint.
The rifle club, hsd a practice shoot
on Saturday afternoon.
The Anglican synod ef Kootenay
met in Nelson this week.
Charley Haller Is In charge of the
Foghorn mine, near Ymir.
E. G. Woodward is the new proprietor ef tbe Ferguson Eagle.
T. McNeish & Co.'s store has been
touched up hy the paint brush..
The public school closes for the
midsummer vacation on June 27.
The Wichmann block has been
adorned with a fresh coat of paint.
Joo Fortin, a well known character, died In Three Forks on Monday.
Mrs, Geo. Moir, of Nakusp, was
visiting friends here during the week.
A. C. Smith has had his property
east of the creek enclosed with a neat
Mrs. R. I. Bentley returned on
Monday evening from her visit to the
Rev. Messrs. White and Sanford.
Methodist divines, were here on Saturday.
• All donations to the Dominion day
celebration fund will be collected on
the 21st. \
Jim Cross had his left wrist badly
sprained Saturday evening while
Two Salvation Army lassies from
Nelson held forth on Main street, on
Tuesday evening.
Andy Wallace and Miss M. Everett, of New Denver, were married at
Nelson on Thursday.
Rev. Mr. Seymour will preach his
initial sermon in the Methodist
church next Sunday.
Mrs. C, W. Harrington has removed to Seattle, where her husband is
at present employed.
A car of zinc ore consigned to Antwerp, Belgium, came down from the
Bosun Wednesday evening.
S. S. Fowler, mgr. of the Enter
prise Mines, wns married in Nelson
on Thursday to Miss F. E. Hodley.
The license commissioners met on
Wednesday and granted the necessary papers to tbe eight local hotels.
John Loftus attempted suicide at
Kaslo last week bv severing the arteries in both wrists. Too much
Repairs are being effected to the
steamer Slocan this week and she
will be ready for active service in a
few days.
Dr. Bentley went to Nelson Tuesday to attend tho synod ofthe Angll
can church, as a delegate from the
local body.
W. H. Gihbs, of the Bank of Montreal, New Denver, spent Sunday in
the city. He was best mau at the
wedding next dav.
Tbe Presbyterians will have their
new church bell in position shortly,
and will celebrate the event by holding a sacred concert.
S. B. Clement left en Saturday for
Vancouver, to attend the grand lodge
meeting of tho I.O.O F., which is
meeting there this week.
J. A. Baker has been re elected to
the executive board ef the Western
Federation of Miners, at their annual
meeting held at Denver, Col,
Sidney Norman has taken possession for the summer of the residence
lately occupied by C.W. Harrimrton,
and has had it fixed up as an office.
The youngsters nf the city go to
New Denver on Saturday to play a
game of baseball.   A return match
TTAVINO psirchais-vd nnsi takon <>»ar Hill Bro«.
Ji Mill, Lumber ansl Timber Limits for an
K.sssUrn syndicate, wa wish to say to all who require timbers ssr lumber, mouldings, caning*,
etc,, that we have on hand a quantity of csk.i1
seasoned material, and we are prepared to cut
tss order any bills tlssst may be required on the
shortest notice possible. We hope, by strict attention to business and fair dealing, to lxs able
to satisfy the requirements of this district.
TrustiuR that w« mny bs> favored with your patronage, I am, yours truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
To the Public
Having opened a shoeshop on
Delaney ave, two doors vast
of the Arlington office, wo
nre prepared to do nil kinds
of repairl ig. Hand-Made
Shoes are our specialty.
Prices reason., bio.
Slocan, B.C,
COTE & Co.
will be played hare on  Dominion
As a result of a drunken row near
Nakusp, last week, J, J. Cole was
killed and Nels Demars badly injured. Henry Rose is under arrest, on
a charge ef murder.
The Misses Cossck gave a muaicale
In ths parlors of the Arlington Wednesday evening. Thev were assisted
by Prof. Manley,with the latest New
York and Boston successes.
The American government is asking for the discharge of Panl Wood
from the British army, he having enlisted here for service in South
Africa. His mother made the re
Return tickets will be Issued to
New Denver st a fare and one-third,
$1.15, on Saturday, June 14th. in
connection with tfle Slocan boys'
baseball match. Tickets must be
purehassd at the station office on
Friday afternoon.
R. F. Green, member of the legislature for this riding, was presented
by the members of the opposition
last Thursday with a gold watch and
chain, as a smsll return tor his ser-
ty as whip of the party.
A social gathering of the members
and friends of the Methodist congregation will be held in the Orange
hall this Friday evening, to welcome
their new pastor, Kev, J. Scvmonr.
Rev. J. H. White, Nelson, will also
be present.
There was a large congregation at
the Methodist church on Sundsy
night to listen to tbe farewell sermon
of Kev. Mr. Roberts. His three years'
work in this mission has been very
successful.and his departure is viewed witb much regret.
Those who suffer from eye trouble
In anv form should not fail to consult
Geo. L. Pedlar, Opt. D.. Specialist,
who will be at Nelson's drugstore,
New Denver, until Juno 21. The
best optical service in the Dominion
is at your disposal free, including
test \ ith tho Geneva Retinoscope,
Jebb Optometer and Ophthalmoscope.
If glasses will improve your vision,
this is the golden opportunity of having them scitntilically fitted by a
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - • B. C.
Pioneer Li very
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and For-
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Furnished Rooms, by duy or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on tlie
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers;
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canndn.
See new accident fomcy, with participation in profits, covering sickness and operations.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Slocan Git? In' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
City Shoe Store,
Next to Postoflice, Slocnn,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Repairing iss*sKir specialty.   Min
•rs   Boots niiule to  order; goosl
wear and At guaranteed.    We also
carry the largest and best stock of
Gsnts' snd Ladies' Hoots, in all
ths latest styles.   Gents' lacroue
nnd tennis shoes; gents' canvass
boots nnd shoes, cool and durable.
A fine line of Ladies' heavy soled,
wids weltel Oxfords.   America's
latest design. Some splendid i ample* of Miners' footwear.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
To the Ladies
of Sloean   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
bere, snd ws hsve received
a fine line of papers from
ons of the best firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, eips-
cially ns all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. Ws represent no trust
hut trust solely to the judg-
Kcnt of the, people.
Certificate el Mprenests.
Tw* friends Mlaeral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin-* Division of ths West Kootenny District
Where locnted:—E«st of Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigg. agent for Archibald York, free
miner'e certificate No. B143Ts5", Walter
T. Shatford, free miner's certificate No.
B22117; Jamns W. Moffatt, free miner's
certificate No. B60189; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certificate No. BU8529; William J. Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B38364; and James E. Tattersall,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B38394,
intend, sixty days from the data hereof,
to apply ts ths mining recordor for a certificate of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th dav of April, 1902.
18-4-02    HERBERT T. TWIGG, Aaent
I.o«Ur Mlnrral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located-.—Four    miles    up
Springer creek  nnsi  adjoining   thr
Portland mineral claim on the enst
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.Cnr-
tis, acting as agent for the Arlington
MJnes, Limited (non-personnl liability),
Free Miner's Certificato No. D60957,
intend, sixty days from tho date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder forn certificate of improvements, for the pnrposo of obtaining a Crown grant of the
ubove clnim.
And further take notice that sction,
under section 37, must bo commenced
Iseforo the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 8th dav of Mnv, 1902.
.M«s!teissiisH Ml im ml < lulus.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Ten Milecr**ek,
northeast nf and adjoining the Boise-
vain mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Pnmuel 8.
Fowler.acting as agent for The Enterprise
(British Columbia) Mines. Limited, F.
M.C. No. IJ38777, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpo eof obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before lhe issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 26th dav of Mav, 1902.
80-ft*02, SAMUEL H. FOWLER
I'ortland Mins.rstl Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whore located: —On the south side
of Springer creek, about four miles
from the city of Slocan,
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert D.
Curtis, acting ns agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-personal liability),
free miner's certificate No. li59H9n.
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the "purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that sction,
under section 37, roust be commenced
before the issuance oi such certifieato of
Dated this 2nd dny of June, 1902.
Murmlan unci Maryland Mineral Claims
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenny district. Where
located:—On Tiger creek, a brnnch of
the second north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John McKinnon, free miner's certificate No
1*38381, acting for myself nnd for R R.
Bruce, free miner's certificate No.B11097
T. G. Proctor.frce miner's certificate No
1138749, Intend, sixty days (rom the date
hereof, to npply to tho Mining Recorder
for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of tho
above claims.
And further take notice that nction,
under section 37, must u, commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this Slat uny of Mnv  li)(V>
6-6*02 ''      "
Co-operative Association,Lt<i,
Slocan, B.C.
II       I   ll  I—SS
Having opened a Store on Main Street, three doom sonth
of the Postofflce, wa are prepared to All all orders for Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Floor, and anything to be found
in n first-class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in the Association for sale at the par value of $10;
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid, Profits are divided
rr-rularlv, on basis of | each to shareholder, customer,
and general account. .	
You are Invited
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds nnd
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sis
can; alsa all the latest designs in
Pantings.   Iiemsmber,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and tha Union Label If a guarantee of the best workmanship. We
(■uarantee satisfaction and a perse t fit   ■   .
We have added a select Una ef
Compare our reasenable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, Ite; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and caffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line be
ing imparted direct by aursslves; the
best qua'itv Black Felt Hat, Unien
label $3.50, equal to the Stetson Hat
iu every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Driix Office.
Star* al.o at Saadon.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it ia
one of the fairest spots on this
earth cf ours. Levelness,
Boom, Scenery, Health, Fishing, HtrntingJ-tcads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality* ^
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
Sold by All Newsdealers
Excursion Rates
Furnlsh.e Monthly to all loven of Banc
and Minis*, a rami volume of New, Ch.lc.
Copyright Composition, by tb. meet popular author.. ** Page* of Piano Hssila,
balf Vocal, h.ll Instr-amsnlal—ai Complete
Piece for n a no-Once a Month for aB
Cents. YovIt Subscription,Sa.oo. Ifroa
will send oa th. nam and aSdress of 1\r*>
yoa a oopy of the Maga-Jne freo.
„<___J* W. PlPPtft, Publlah.r,
IlShth a Loeuat Sta., PhllaSal-ahla, Po.
Hay 26, 30,
June 30,
July 3, 3. 4.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why he without a rantfo whan
you can get ons uo cheap ? That
are preferrable to stoves and glra
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up frea.
NEL80N, snd laterms-
diate points,
Minnsapolis, $ 4450
Chicago 64.50
Detroit 77*0°
Toronto 89*30
Montreal 100W
A corrtsponding reduction
from all Koofenav point*;
usual diverse routes. Me*l»
and berth included on Canadian Pacific Railway Uk«
Through bookings to Europe "-.«1«[[
Atlantic lines. Prepaid ticket*
from all potato at ltwost rate*
A. G. P. A..
Agent, Slocan W


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