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The Slocan Drill 1904-03-11

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0"   r»
■***.^. ,'j*— -
;Fi*ov. Library.*,
T0L. IV., No. 50.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MA11CH   11,   1004.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
po not fail to call on us when in want of    *
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes.    We are
agents for the  celebrated "Haple Leaf
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
flen-s i and a buckle
| jften's Hanitobas
Men's laced high, and low
Men's Overs
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and^
Overs in all sizes.
Latter Claim! It In not In Kit-pins With
Terms nf Acceptance nt Conl met by
Council Finance Committee to Ar-
rauge for Temporary Loan.
even than such places as Nelson, Revelstoke nud Kaslo. The commission
paid ,by tho public for these wa.s
5F2.i2.42; number of money orders paid
was 283, for $5069.77; amount of pos-
bil notes paid 9888 96. Tho postmaster derived the following revenue:
Commission on money orders $122.42,
savings bank deposits $88.2.% postal
notes $4.05. Besides this he got $460
•alary and $100 allowance for fuel and
light. __•	
W. T. Shatford & Co.
SLOCAN, B. C. „,
\s reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Those present nt the council meet
ing Mouday night were: Mayor Mc
Neish, Aid. Teeter, Smith aud Wor-j
Bills presented: P.O. Ixix rent, 70c;
A. It. Bolderston, supplies, 40c; H. R.
Jorand, filing bylaw 21, $2.10. P.O.
Ixix rent ordered paid for six months.
On motion the city clerk was given
$5 for petty cash, with which to pay
small bills. Other bill* before council
referred to finance conimittee.
Treasurer Anderson presented his
Ixiud, it being assented to as sureties! *)
I..,   I    Cl    W..I '.,11,,,,,    (.       V    S-aM.itl.aarjn- t("
Zh.o Smelter to ba  Unlit Neur tke Toint
Of Supply far Kuel.
strike is close to the southern boundary of Alberta. Oil was struck at a
depth of less than 800 feet and i.s of
first-class quality. The well is flowing
20 barrels a day. Boring is also being
carried on in the Kintla lake district,
adjoining the British Columbia Hue,
with the best of indications. When
the reserve is lifted on the Canadian
side, in May, there will be a big rush
into that section.
Klthet Write* That It U te be Unlit
ThU Summer.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $180per jlsv*
•ffitSwpS iMoms>:?"2;b.mril^,.erwi.**k-ine,'ils.^:
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   =5
£    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ~-*8
by J. G. McOallum, C. E. Smitherin-
gale and Wm. Anderson. Accepted,
on motion of Aid. Smith aud Teeter,
and ordered that it be deposited with
the Royal Bank, Nelsou, for safekeeping.
A letter was road from the- Montreal
Star, drawing attention to its purpose
to advertise! the resources of western
Canada to attract honieseekers from
Europe,    Filed.
The board of works reported that a
contract had been drawn up lietween
the city and H. L. Fife, as contractor
for the croek work, but it was not satisfactory to the latter. The solicitor
would draw up any other agreement
desired, but tliis was the only one he
would lie responsible for to the council. i%
The agreement was thou read by the
Aid. Teeter stated th* contractor
objected to the contract because of the
false impression conveyed as to the
remuneration- for the work. The
speaker submitted the contract was
hardly in keeping with the motion of
last nieeting. '  .-
The mayor had talked with the city
solicitor on the subject. The latter
hnd been wrongly blamed for the mill
contract and he did not want trouble
in this. If he drew up any other contract, he wanted orders to that effect.
The solicitor was not to blame for
wanting to protect himself. The only
objection the mavor saw was the clause
relating to the penalty of 8*250, If the
arnrk were not finished by May 1. No
one ftanted a lawsuit, nor did the city
wish to play a cinch game, but a time
limit had to be set.
Matter was finally left to the board
of works to arrange with tbe contractor.
Aid. Worden inquired of the clerk
how manv meetings Aid. Madden had
been absent. Answered that he had
attended but one meeting, on January
Regret was expressed at the continued absence of the worthy alderman,
ns no member should shirk his tintv
to the citizens.
Aid. Worden and Smith moved that
the clerk draw Aid. Madden's attention to his continued absence, and also
"was subject lo a
The Crow's Nest country is to get
the zinc smelter to be erected in this
country by Belgian capitalists, The1
visiting representatives took a.trip
to the Crow's Nest to look up a site
and this is what they told the Nelson
"We have  just  returned  from a
week's trip over the Crow's Nest line,
luring which we visited Frank,Feinie
and other places^   Our object was to
find, if possible, suitable sites for tho
location of a lead smelter and a zinc
smelter.   We were much struck with
the euqjmous quantities of coal to lie
found'hi'tho measures of the Crow's
Nest Pass, and the really good quality
of the fuel produced, when compared
with the usual American product. We
fully realize the fact that it will always lie an available and cheap source
of fuel for the reduction works of Kootenay.   We have decided to erect the
zinc smelter it either Femieor Frank.
We can only decide on which one of
these two points it will lie after our
return from a trip to Montreal.   We
will require from 30 to 50acres for the
enterprise.   The initial cost of the enterprise will be 1150,000, and it will
employ from 00 to 75 persons, with
prospi-cts of that number Iieing in-
creased to four or five times as many
by the end of three years.   Our idea
in   locating   the   zinc smelter where
clieap' Kiel can In* had direct from the
mines is lhat it is cheaper to haul the
zinc ore and the ziuc couceutrates to
the fuel than it would be to haul the
fuel to where the zinc is produced.
. "As for the zinc enriching plant, it
is to located at Rosebery, on Blocan
lake.   Work on   this   plant   will be
commenced just as  soon as the stio'.v
is off tin** ground.   The plans   and
specifications are all ready, and this
< will Im* the first of our plans to take
I material   shape,  although   the   zinc
s:nt-lter plant will lie constructed just
tis soon as we cau arrange alxmt the
We failed to get the necessary contracts for lead ores to keep the proposed lead smelter supplied with ore.
and at present we are not considering
the scheme. It might, however, be
taken up later if the conditions justified it."
Affairs are shaping .themselves in a
satisfactory manlier for tho Arlington
people, and there can be no longer
any doubt that they will proceed with
the erection of their reduction works
just so soon as the condition of tho
ground will permit. During the week
a letter was received from R.P.Rlthet,
president of the company, stating definitely that the mill would lie erected
this summer. He also stated J.Frank
Collom, managing director, was meeting with marked success in the Eastern States on his mission to raise the
finances for the undertaking. With
the spring opening up quickly, it will
not be long now till the initial steps
are being taken by the company for
the erection of the necessary buildings
and installing tbe plant.
Fruit7Confectioncry, Tobacco
You can get anything in these »■"«*"»* y°"
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
can be made by wearing
one of the	
Stylish Suits
made from  'he
ported Worsteds, Series,
or Tweeds i onAi  n
of which has just been
received for winter trade,
Work, Fit  and Finish
ht,   -  -a—, — ,  are guaranteed.
?} A Few Lines of Gents*  Furnishings
JJJ are still loft from thc stock of the late A.
y David and they must be sold off nt once
K ■
-—--^^^—,.-__    - H
Main Street, Slocan, B.C g
t door to Postofflce. J^
■ 3 Store: Next door to Postofflce. J^
tothe  fact  that  he
flue of .*-50.   Carried.
Aid. Smith brought attention to the
fact that no steps had yet lieen taken
to ascertain whether the liank would
advance tho temporary loan of S20.H).
The money would lie required in a
short time.
The mayor thought the finance
committee should arrange for the
Aid. Teeter,'as the only member of
the committee present,-did not drsire
to assume that responsibility.
The mavor stated the debenture
monev was due ou April 1.
Aid. Teeter moved that the clerk
write to the Koyal Bank to inquire if
city could "borrow HflOQ, or less by
April I, with rate of interest antl time
of repay ment.'
His worship thought if the money
could be obtained from a local person
it would be better, to which the aldermen agreed.
Aid. Smith held the credit of the
city should bo good, if the back taxes
came In. Tlie city had met all its obligations.
The mayor said back taxes were
coming in right along. He thought
the loan could safely be left iu the
hands of tin* finance committee.
More discussion followed, no supporter to the motion being found.
Aid. Worden then moved that the
matter be left to the chairman of the
finance committee and the mayor to
arrange. Seconded by Aid. Smith
and carried.
Council adjourned.
Slni-ian'H l'OHtofllre.
' The postoflice department at Ottawa, has tanned Ite annual report for the
past year. In it is contained the lig-
uivs of the amount of business at the
Slocan office, The gross revenue of
the office was fl 188,80, being second
only to Sandon in the district. There
wero _330 money  orders issued, call
Hendryx I'rocrti a SncceM.
Dr. Hendryx made the following
statement on Saturday regarding the
success of his process in treating the
ores of the Mountain Lion mine, iu
the Republic camp: "I promised the
president of the Mountain Lion Gold
Mining Co. under the following conditions to give an extraction of HO per
cent or better of the total value of the
gold and silver. The conditions were:
He was to furnish an average grade of
ore, ground to 80 mesh or liner. The
tests of thc ore have been on an ore
much lower than the mine average in
value, and only 80 per cent has been
ground to 80 mesh, while 11 percent
has lieen coarser than 80 per cent.
The extraction has been 83.3 per cent."
The owners made a profit of $3.-10 per
toil on their ore wheu shippiug to the
smelter, but the Hendryx process
jives them profits of 56.80 a ton.
Illaik Pel a Shipper.
Another new property entered the
shipping list of the division this week,
being the Black Fel group,on Twelve
Mile creek. It is owned by tho Bin-
ish brothers, who have been doing
sonic development on the property
lately. On Monday they shipped two
tons of ore to the Nelson smelter, it
being the first to be taken out. The
group consists of three claims and was
located in 1001, being situated south
west from the V & M. Upwards of
$1500 worth of work hns lieen done, in
the way of open cuts, tunneling aud a
shaft. Assays from the ore have given
563.40 in gold and 280 oz in silver.
Truu'.ilu Over u Cook.
All the men employed at the Enterprise came down the hill on Friday
afternoon. The trouble was caused
by the unsatisfactory character of the
food put up bv the cook, and also by
the hitler's offensive conduct towards
the men. The matter was afterwards
straightened out, but the mine will not
resume for a few days.
Sllvniton MlMeil a Tlm*.
Silverton missed the time of its existence this week,owing to the vagaries
of the weather clerk. Arrangements
liad been made for Slocan hockeyists
to play return matches at Silverton on
Wednesday night, but the condition
of the ice would not permit. The str.
Slocan had been chartered for the occasion aud the whole burg was going.
There were four teams of players -the
ladies, the senior men, the boys, and
a combination of fat men, under the
the control of Geo. O'Cnllaghan. The
band was going also, to deal out triumphant strains. But the chief attraction was to have been a gaug of
rooters, 50 strong, organized by Larry
Knowles and Harvey Fife. They had
been carefully trained and were to
have been lieautifully decorated. They
were a swell lot. Ves, Silverton sure
missed a time.
Later. It has been decided to hold
the excursion this Friday evening, the
boat leaving the wharf at 7 o'clock.
All the aforesaid hockeyists.bandsmen
and rooters are hereby notified to be
o.i hand. The general public are invited to attend and participate in the
fun, the Silverton folk having arranged an elaborate programme of entertain ment.       	
I.«* Hoi en Kany Streot.
A. J. McMillan, managing director
of the Le Roi mine,  Rossland, states
that the property and everything connected with it is absolutely free of encumbrance.     He    continued:   "The
amount owing to the Bank of Montreal iu connection with  the smelter
account is not a debt, in the ordinary
sense of the word, and is an advance
of a nature such as practically everv
smelter iu the country secures against
its matter in  transit and other liquid
assets.   Tlie whole of our machinery,
plant, surface improvements, and the
buildings, at lioth  mine and smelter,
representing an expenditure of over
£200.000, and, in addition, the mine
itself, on which there  has been spent,
I apart  altogether  from the purchase
I price, a sum of about £100,(XX), are
absolutely free and  unencumbered.
As working capital was not provided,
this A'300.000 had to lie taken out  of
the ground, and represents the profits
upon ore extracted.    In  addition, our
liquid assets, as you  have heard, are
largely iu excess of our liabilities."
I.HHt Tear'* Shipment* Worn 1339 Ton*—
A Healthy Kvldenco of tho Lifo aad
Wealth of tbo Camp—KaterprUo th*
Blggeit Shipper.
There was quite a bunch of shippers
in the export list of the division fof
the week, four properties being represented, with an output of 56 tons. One
of these, the Black Fel, is a new shipper, its contribution being two tons.
Following it came the Ottawa, with
22 tons, also to Kelson. The Enterprise managed to get in a carload, it
Iieing billed to the Trail smelter.
There also went 12 tous from the Republic group, being a cleanup of the
dump by the lessees. It is a noticeable fact that most of the ore handled
from the camp results from the operation of lessees, who seem to be making their work prosper. As only the
rich ore is sent out, the returns are
uniformly high. Ore is coming down
slowly from the Black Prince, the soft
roads interfering. Shipments to date
total 341 tons, lieing slightly in excess
of the figures for the sams period last
For 1003 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1330
tons, made up from 17 propertia**.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20
Ottawa      22
Port Hope	
Republic      12
Black Prince    ,
Black Fel       2
Camborne has a monthly payroll of
«'»i»«t Mluea Bitty.
The coast copper mines are busy
and are giving the Ladysmith antl
Oof ton smelters all the ore thev can
handle. In February the Tyee mine
sliippi-d 50tX) tons to Ladysmith and
will maintain that rate. The Marble
Bay mines, on Texada Island,shipped
3111 tons to Crofton, and the van
Audit group i.s gradually increasing
its output to the same place.
More men have been put to work at
the Antoine.
Sloean ore shipments last week
were 106 tons.
Last week the Sandon mines exported 134 tons of ore.
The North Star, East Kootenay, is
shipping.100 tons of ore a week.
The Ohio, adjoining the Speculator,
is to be crown granted this spring.
Boundary mines last week shipped
16,121 tons of ore, 151,505 tons to
Last week the Rossland mines handled 8108 tons of ore, or 82,600 tons to
A shortage of water caused the
Idaho concentrator to shut down last
Ten more stamps are to be added
to Uie Oyster-Criterion mill at Camborne.
The Great Northern Mines will erect
a 40 stamp mill for their mines at
J. Smith aud J. Blench went out on
Wednesday to Lemon creek to do assessment work.
The amalgamation scheme between
the B. C. Copper Co. and the Snow-
shoe Co. has fallen through.
The Vancouver Province puts the
Argentite fraction, Springer creek, iu
the Trout lake divisiou of the Slocau-
Tuesday evening the Slocan brought
down five tons of oro from the Pinto,
one of the Moilie Hughes group, New
Geo. Henderson, Neil Gething and
Fred Johnson have gone up to the
Red Fox mine, McGuigaii, to take out
oro for shipment ou their own account.
The courts have ordered 100 feet of
drifting to be done on the Slocan Star,
to determine disputed poiuts iu the
case brought against it by Johnnie
Harris. Manager Punish, of the Lo
Roi, Rossland, will have chargo of tho
al Sloean Legal ('«««,
A Slocan case came before Judge
Forin in chambers, at Nelson, Monday. R. W. Hannington, for plain tiffs
in the four cases of Almas, Brown,
Allen and Arnot vs Provost, C.P.R.
garnishees, nnd T. McNeish <k Co.,
claimants, obtained an order that the
claimants appear forthwith aud state
their claim.
! il-Hl lllillH'V   oiuein   ibouw) ......              ,,      i rri, „,,... „a
for $17,880.81, being much greater> county, Montana.    1 ho scene
■track oil.
The Swift Current Oil Co., ln which
Spokane   money   is   Interested, have, n„„0«a.-o..«-,...n	
stnick oil near St. Mary's lake, Teton Operations at   he gfe.willbj ham
Ottawa Ship* Again.
The Ottawa sent out another car of
ore on Monday to the Nelson smelter,
and will likely send out two moro before the end of the month. Sleighing
has become very heavy, owing to the
rains destroying the roads at this end.
*        *,, , . i	
57! cents
572    "
'of ftelpiM by the roads breaking up.
Silver Quotation!.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week sinco last issue:
Wednesday    57§    "
Another Shlpmeat Fraui ii,*ll.
The lessees of the Bell c'aim, of the
Republic group, on Tuesday, made a
12 tou shipment of ore to thc Trail
sine Iter. The ore had lieen more closely sorted than the last lot aud will
give lietter returns. Work has temporarily ceased on the property.
i ^m*m^km*mmS***** ,ai»4am+.4*ttim
who b C40_!E
■ * By IIMfte OWCN CUMMIN* _
*       —       I
£■*»■». im* » nm n »■.». gtat*tsm
'..ruddering that-i Irc-VF-on a*n_ ilrnd •
Map WW© both nTdwit cntbnsiaats at
the gMiie, it vwia -not snrprtsiug iIiai
iher should ..a:.* iladdwi 10 Ict'-go-lf lie
ibe- arbitw ot their M(*. 'She- two
yonng men wore deeperntelr in lore
wltb .finds Van /Saudi. So, lor tbat
mattw, .wrc Iialf a dozen o»Umi orTtb*
male contingent a* sV«*t«-fMfit. Hut
all rertvifDlMn tbat tlreynon and Urnd*
burr wore tl* two ffcvorllMi, and the
wltbdrnwfi) of one iff tbem tf**fi tbe
Held wonMi mrtiiTnll.v place 'lie other
in n flilr jiraltton to win ofit.
U wns HHi'dtmry wb<-. offfred; the.
challenge of ;i nine hole malt-h, the
loaw* ot wblfh should itrnriedlatelr
psetr bag und baggage nnd' tlllMfllS
ilrwMwi bad considered lli* iirnposi*
Hon thr a bri«*f minute, thon aiwpted,
iin.1 a inte was set for ihe trial of
lli ims a flilr contest, enen tbongb
il-af-rc wns ii dUSfQMW >r fnnr in Ibe
ri«**rtrrt».>r ibe two plsyors. Illndhury'i
n»**t seoro for ibe nine hides wns thin
ivseveri, Iml be ims reif erratic, usually jilsvllig sornewbero lu tbe neigh-
lKirhort.1 «f forty. HrPrwon, however,
Itadhie-i-er plsyrd nronnd in-1 tetter ilisn
rtirty*f.ne, lint lie \ms ns steady m tt
machine and .vrnld lie depended upon
not to ifiiT fl-nm tlmt icon*- by mere
than one or two BttMteW
Probably the .■•.lilnn.itlon .if the dlfi
rerenee llf their playing wos i« lie
fi.niul iii tbe respective habits nf Ibe
two men, Tor while i*rersoa wfis not in
Hie leant wbnt une would: <*nll a in bid I
prohibitionist lie U'lleW Wben Id step.
Htiidbnry, on Hie other mud, wns the
lintel's l>.est patron' of ibe little ■..nm
dnwiwtiilrs wllb ibe long brass tt*
(lh the momentum■ ila.v- whieh wns to
deetde llieir flili* tbe two men Willi
ibetr «nddlea .sought the link* Si-oily
l*V>rquson, tllerod lialrod. ft-oefcledTiiced
little chnp wbo ,-arrted (StaQMBH- ling,
bsd been his (.'lull bearer ever since tbe
hitter's- arrival nl ibe boii-1 and hail
also tl.een the messenger on sfvoml oe-
cifdwis lur delivering bunches .if vlo-
irt*, lioron nf i-aiidy, e_X Tlie other
■•addle wns (be c;roon keeper's Inti-st im.
ijnrtiitli.ii from town and mil i.f ,-i chosen itemise Hrndhury bad qtWKdkl
willi overy one .if Hie other boys wlio
woro on tbe caddies' beneb wben they
stnrtiKl nut..
Uroj'fwin mm tlle toss and di-ovo off
lirst, making tlie stralgbtiiwoy in live,
us Ile generally dirt,  Bradbury tisiiiilly
,-tlrtiiii hole, ana it cost mm sir netorr-
lie lioied il, whawens iw usually ptuyrd
it in fonr, »s ills i*omoaiilon MMQC4M
in it*ln*.
(IrcyBon'.s lead of;throe on this UoK*-
jn«t imde up ftortt*saii» number lie"
had inadeon th» llftb, so that the score
at   Hie )A*f green  wns  ugflln  tied  at
Tliere ivwa-nn air nt suppressed'«p
c*lt«t»nt abont* ItotU plajrers una uaa.
.lies as (.IrcwBom bnllt Irts-tt* :nid |ire-
liarPd to drive i'or Hie laat Mine. Tlie
ninth lwle is abont JOO yard* Mid is located) on tt* ftorttoer side oft a little
Ii1llr so that only ihe- upper Half rf the
r«llitta» Is vistble from where ihe .lrlv-
.*r stand*, ^rottyi the caddie, bad
tcone on al>eod, and when Hreyson's
iiall JBst cleariHl tbe iirow of tbe bill
be fbllowcil .iiileklj- alter It nnd <II»ftT>-
iieared .wwr tl»e other side.
!l<* round that Hie liall bad landM in
Hi* middle of a lirineh of tog, so that'it
lay* in an almosr unpla.vnble [jsatHtB.
It'WYW the wortt of bnt a moment'to
lilck tbe lisrll sharply- irom its restlnc
pl*<*olowfnrt the hole; then lie-rnmliael:
tOth* top of the hill and sbonlMlt
"Vonri* .lead, iwo foet from the liole.
Mr r.roypon.   It's a .fheh fbr nw.''
Tlfen the rleW^k «r the uerres, or
something or .niter, «ot to wort: on-
j Hrndhury again, for1 be sliced lit* drive,
and Hi.* Iiall fMl witUlii a bundrwl
ytiTd* of Hi* ureen. Hi* made a :sllsiit
attempt to reeoror, iKiwover, aiidiwtlb
hi* uen stroke stymied Ids l»sll wltb
ibat or Ids .-omnsiihm.
lint the *am wns (.rvor, fbr (Ireyson
pntlcd In with bis next stroke, ifln*
nlng ibe match by one. Tlien be walk-*
(it up to Hrndhury and Held .uit bls>
"Hiutl luefc, old.man,'' be said -beer.
Ily.   "Iletter iti* next time."
Hut llhtdlinry only inuiti-rrd s*>me-
lilng under bis breath, and, snstcblug
his llAfi from Hie caddie, tie slrnrte ..if
Hie Ibikd
j "lli*ro, NVitty,'' called Uro.vf.oii as bl*
club lien I or moved awov- "hern's a Utile present ror yon. 1 foel iltixb lodSy,*'
AwlMie tossed lowrtrd'Hie liov a >-oln
, tlle slw of which mnde Hist youth's
eyos spaiHle.
\ Aht the two caddies .vnlki-d lisck to
the gitvnkoeper's tbey tlilk*(*d nver the
name .[list ilulsbed. and after .*\*iu*tlng
ii. iiromim or absoliilo secrrvy Sinity
rr-roaled to his compmilou ids .loings nt'
the inst hole.
"ll'ivwm't cause Mf. UicvMin alwnyfi
tips ine that V lnonkev^l with the
sa-oro,'" he said In jliMlfleallnn .if his ac
iInn, 'tboiigb he if; Hie best mini of Hie
iwo,-.mui. fl hope he wins mil with Mis*
vHui' /.audi. I wouldn't hnvo <-ook.«d
that Hmdburv cnss cltlier .-von if lie
illd'blff me once nr twice when I laugh-
nl at hie sculling, but 1 saw hlm foozle
'twice ;odny wltlmut <*niinilug it; aud
at ilie cigbtti hole he lined his hull .mt'
i<»r a ctipriy He when lie 'bought no one-
was I nokillg.
'Mid, aiiv-v.iv.' he addifl .*oiic!uslvc
ly, 'as fAjgaatk nr some .if tbem big poet
icllern say.   All's fjiir in invo and war.'
and I'll blnitied   :l:,il I .lone it.'
BrTRrm3E ou hois
iTopyTlrdM, J MB, br T. -fl. Medtee
lb taoliis: from Mitcon to .Jenern
t here «re» two routes, t h* one liy M»u.
.ua and the ..ther by HellesardK Uoth
are so -hnrming and! so iiictiTreatiiie
iliat the bolco between tbem. is ora«» .
times nearly heartrending.
It wns ..n a .-old.   .right, late autumn
dfcj-i in N'orenrtier tbst a twetty glrt<? ttff (
iiarentlv  ..n  American.  sUiitcil   to-get
Into ibe Helle-carde tinlu. Wultliiffua if
io *ntt*r   be same itiropsitment stood a
man well loaded! ivlth vallsw;  Perhaps
it wns* lieeause lie ulso wn* mi  vmerl*
en ii that wben ue saw uer lielplMaly
stiugsllng iwidbeKteep, ladder*likestefw«
lie immediately pnt forth a strong hand
audi miied  lien jjently  to. the  level'.
I "-erhaps 11; wns* beeaua* -die wo*, not
posltU-e. a» tbwtmt lie wnathat, barely
bending Iter lieaU in actuowiertgment
of Hie conrreay, she sti-yiped strlflly
.•ver ibe bonlllotes. sealed iientell in ihe
fbrflier corner and uirned a stendfuat
tff>M* fnr and awoy
lie ***Ht-ed th* iti up um swung iilm*
self iipwoid alter ber. tben banged the
door aud: j««rls«l! up ibe wludoiv    '£_#•
in w.voK'ini up 'ot iitiAiiiuuiv <Mti iiniiii
(lll'l- lUH llA.-.'ll
illuywl ilu. ;b-d 4iveti in ilvi. also. Uut
ny fl '(1111111111.' appiv.m-li shot lie lulled
It III four, ibiin valuing a lead >l' une.
The nevt' two holes, -lie ravine and
ivsl.awhile, wew luitvoit ill ilv.. caeli,
but .in Hu. fourth putting green .:;iv»y-
ia.it iiunle a iibeunmeniil gobble aud
Hid the  icoiv ai nineteen.
Witluiiil ilnubt it M-ilK um iiil.'iiil.'d
by the iwo plbgHM tlmt '.beli* .-..|ililii-s
illiiiild linnw ilie stall., which ,v ih ii*
Ing pliiy.'d ftu-, but fivun several W
iiuii'lfs \v!llc!l Realty .ivci'hentvt m !ii.
nadged ilaug .villi ibe .'lulls he iiinst
Huve iuiu|)i'd at a pi-etiy aeetn-ali. -fin-
.-lilKlnn. aind as lhe f.iili* ivstcd III tile
■iiunle it i he lift ll tree he i-nntliled ^ime
thing tu Hie new ...-iilille I'lvini i.ivvn
Wlllelt Hindi" thnt youlll .itiset'V.' ihe iv>-
luiiiiulet* nf the uiiine with vastly mom
iuiciwtt thnn lie hint llltliei'tn  IlKllliivod.
\'mi', flic llt'lb ilnle if ttlfl W.eiter-
f.'ldt ."nurse, i-niled Uie frying pun. IS
the w.u-sf line nr ilm nine, Uu. di'lvc .iff
being dhwtly .iver a ilee|) gravel |)1K
It was .in Ibis fail* gmttl 'hut l^cad*
llury stole n lend .ir lln-oe, (Vn* liy a
uond di-lve and a Intig iii-ausln shut lie
.'leaved the hii'/.iii'd and w.-ih in the hnlii
in. (Ita*.
The (Vying unit luul always been a
W.itwt'lnn for iii-ey-mn, and an this duy
it |)i*nvi»d even wat-se iluni usual, f.it- Un
nipped his hull ta-iee and then lit'nli..
ltln mldJiwi jiiRt .Umvc thi! .vlilppnm
while trying io l-.n-nvet-. The nevt nvn
Holes mn halved in I'nni- .'.-icli, MJ nun
me seni-e as Um I m-.v Dliiytifs walked up
r<* flie «i«1ltlt fee *M .ll, to ,'w'l ill tfau)
l'i«Y*y'*» fin-oP.
Whether It was fltn wsitlf nf an ***
tnelnlgenee in ••rla'.lties" nu the Dtmvlmm
erenlng. c/nerenndrfetiee in vletory nr
whether it wss due simply tm nnrvoutt-
ness on tWMtmt nt flu* afaa nf file'
stakes for wWefc tk*y were DbtT.nil
will never be ttoowix, lint tnt some
or rue Brsdbur/ went fo th* and an rim
Still-lee   «r  .»aaa.   .'alllliaiM.
Willie serving i .ik secotut term ill con*
gross .Joe . .union vus .lllvlug on- u
inudilv mad iu Muiv-b, aOif the ad*
jnunimeiit cr a short'session,, when he
met a ioiviislil|i rwid stmervlsoi", who
'Ine, du tbey (loch ynu when y<iu are
■nviiv (fOffl cnngi-essV1*
"No: my wages run on imrt Hie snine,"
snld t'liclo .Ine.
'The ttiwusblp .Inesu't pay people
when tbey (loirt wort.*,'' said the farmer.
'I cvpeet IU 'vnnld Iw better tu .lbcU
us when wo do worlj," i*oplhid nucle
Joe jinvely.
A fiomncratie member unco venttu*M
in .-hiillenge ine uf his stiitemeinu.
'Hlinik is iuiHtiilo.fi,' sbmtliy iietillid
."atiiinu. Thin form ;t denial wiih-(-oil.
'iiu-y tu the -ales hec.-ume it neniinneil
a membet* hy uniue iiiKleadiif as- 'Hie
Ut'titleuiiiu :nun Indliiiiii." Thn lUVmt-
.*/! IDetuoernt called ilie spealsi't's at*
letulon ttj ibe hivacli or niles. Tlio-
spe.-ilier ..vpluiued and ituHHIcfed tlln
new member to pinceed iu ntYlei*. Willi
a sweeping and dmMJaWlN bmv,. wtlleti
Hun since heenme fniunUR, rituiion said-.
*'lr ilie .*..iiei'able and aiiiltisl ^enlle-
inuti who m such a sllcliler Cur tbe rules
Mil hi-.*ii- with me, I iieg to inform him
ihnt he lies under a inlstal:..."—Wnrid'-*
..•niaiir Hia i-.m.iIi an il.lue
When tin* new hniiivler ui-i'lvcd .linnet* wau iwuly tn be served, and lhe
inst ess wishing to jive hlin ilnu- tu
U'vaiigo ids lollet, .•aiii-tcnUHly delayed
Ibe ■•u'c.-i a few iliiuiucs. \H he did
mu iint ni an appeai-anci. piviiupily after die ringing at ttlo lecnnil bell, aud uh
iho nlil hninvlet-s iliul iss.cnliii-d at ruble. Hie iiiMinllug mltKiv'ss setit Ul'ldgi'i.
I rei-eiit inipiu-taiain f:vun lhe IDiuef.ald
li.-le, to tell hlm (hut dinner was rea.lv
When the wailiviss liuuelted, the new
IwiinYlet* wan iliipiicliiug lift) \-allHe. lie.
Jilnndlllg in a scat id llilnell, lie stnnd it
the duni' liiildlng fl set .if false teeth u
.uii' 11 ii mt- and a. nail tlle in the oilier
and said-
'Yes, I'll lie dnvvn   u a iiitnnto."
Tlie duuiesHi* slaved ar inin ill aiini'/.e-
nient, and rotui'inng ft (tie dining ronin
iiniiiiiiiiei.d ihavpiv
'" l.»'!l lie dinva, inu'am, au snmi as tit*
Sinn-Delis iiis ttairtli"   \*..\v Statu fr\wm
ill,- -'Hit.*     I'l.M't'll.i .alllaa.
Matrinimiy is siu-muiuted w'th super
slit inns, numy at wiu.-li apply unly to
tlm iiiiii'i'iaui. I'l'i-eiiiiiuy I'lie wedding
ring is iimife piiiiu and illicit .inly fur
tlle iviiihoii t1uu ,ia thii-ijness and illiiiu-
iless seiMiiv. ii auaiiisl lu-ealiage. fur lo
>r"ali  ir is the \'.>ry w<u":r ,if lucli  tVu>
llirttl iii-ide and gmtmu   wiiini is tlio
liesl- ..film- tn y<l illiirrled in, llllt a .vlll-
mv mny auii't-y in any oolbtl save yn|.
Inw. Siliniilit a lu-lde ilivip nile nf Her
gloves wee Iietide Mer' She itiiiftl eyer-
(•iHtt a—mt -avn In aetllng ai and nur nf
her .•.•iiThige, and n false step is an II
omen whlelt livings tiilnr.ir'itiu.
"tB my ii/i'f on Mnuanurv"' sum tumm.
Isiter wok sriibboni, tiud env II wus
tlnnly I'usteued tlm train bad left Hie
station and wuh speeding tfntl
An be seated hlmseir he throw a
.pilrh gtaiiee at Ills companion. Sho
was a iimlty girl with blue uytn. a :uv-
al.le uo.«e, i Uissable miiulb aud uu ip-
rcfiinachuble iravolbig uiiltlt. It look uf
amusement .<rosswd Ills faco uh lie noted
Hie frigidity of her u-.'.ihig, (tir lie-
laieiv -iwiugh nl* minim nnturo to be-
uiiie pnslllve thut sbe was liinkltig uf
hlm. Iter rigid inierest iu tlm s<-eneH'
.in her uwn side uwnrert hlin uf tlmt
fnct. Ho 'iiibimkiTi Hie uillciieur ami.
siudlefl it carefully, and when lie stood
up to throw it mi to tbe bundle ind; lie
fell tlmt Her eyes had been tumid his-
way. so lie sat down again, folded Uls
arms and waited for time tn pass a lit*
lie. Tlle possibilities nr tfitmcb trains
tire great. Those without tompprri :iiui
ihem; those with temnero lose them—tnt
hnill cases om spwiiw.
She appeared iimlicrabiy dxod n tier
.lofurmiiiutlnn, but uevortbele«is lie-
waited ipiletlv.  uinefiilv
aSb-U looked ant .<r tiirtr nwii wtn»
(low. Tlio I'ir.i mnillllulilH were nuns-
nig tbetiiselvos .ine against another tu i
reckless desire to heroine i.ps in aonn
as possible, aud Hie vlluii-tne wiih no
Hug '.vuu une hie nf tho track to he
.aber au if m all its previous course uf
(islnrom-0 d and never seen a r-ntlway
train berore.
Suitllenly Hmy worn-swallowed up lu
a tuiniel, ami tlm {Ir' -javo a uiicu.
siui*tb*d cry..
'It's very short," He sold iwlltely
She did not answer.
I'I it* v came .mt iuto Hie Igiu again
and slopped- a« Ai'tmiire. Ho let down
the window and leaned nut, tbnt iieing.
rtlo I'ii . '** iw-roatlnii iif'the -uninicnr-
at traveler "He "Hlutfe was nvirtlow-
lug w'th soldier*!. i*oekndes. hiiuds mil
It's the duy nf file lot drawing far
the army." lie snld m Im drew in ul*
hend and -a.ned the inun again. ~-..n
Inun was .(iHlnicr.-'Slcd ill Hlo nxn-eine.
•And [Inn's .inin r,.iliimlller in ymir
side." lie added.
Hie inniied at \r.mt Colombler mid
suid  with a ..liill   111-ighi.iiesn.   "T'luuk
I'lie valley uf rhe Alhminn wih iie>
ginning in iner^e into 'he fftta^tVS nofl
ley ut' the Rhone, tile luttw river BWinpi
lug hrenitly lieslde rlie railway, ^Ullu
the tips. inri'diiHliig with .i.-ieli I1UIUUI
view, iuuuied heavily above.
"I'lie liner view i» an rills *lde.' Un
t-'Miuivised lindly Sim did nut Mnn Her
"I'll sit nn tltnf side It t ever ri.tnra
fills way " she aiiit'iuitfmf.
I'lie ti-iin slopped it Cnhiti. unit Ha
lefi ihe ...*ir and sumkwt a c'lipiretro uu
lhe ijlinl'mtn nf thu pMR
When lie -ibiibed lu again niln-iJiini'Kit
ai nun ibnnt Halfway to Iiih itnees. nnil
lie f.'lt He iiud iniute Mimu J*g**
"Tlie nevi ia Seyssiil,'' im auiiniim-..{t
.-tlei-i-rtllly, -tlie liuir nil rtln 'ipuimiio
Htnill is ill Siivny "
She 'nniK-d miitnHf nf tlm Xii-i'iiy iinlf
uf Wewwull nidi lie .•nnuimplntiid Hen
fall ''ice Km i ivii sei'ii.ulii.
"Wow iuiciv.-itiiig:" the (.ammeiiriHt
cnnllv  nut ttlUIIHd Its lhe Ift-onell Hull".
lie .mtlwi'-iiH ncu-i,i,.|||.   Dm dm .aiur
in ids (*yi>»-iiH**w*n»<i witn a*P unois*
i;cl*ed iffltttire'of amusement alidt iu.
Another (timiet.
anr im** seem so usu* been* fbr* j
j^rttea."   (IU»*voK».i
"BvldMrtlji"   <0sV***t)
lib -new from be *und tliur ube
had  nnitd HWnrrl Ultff to ifienk.
TJieo tbey ontne ihto ttin ibijllgbt
onco iDoitmudi roll Wi swiftly obovottle
'Ti* .-rally ..right io havo a ininp '
iie said auilonsljfi "The tunnel.*- are
many between here and ilellegoide.'
.She Ionised uti blm rurtlvoly and lie
.-aiigbt'tieri eyw audismllediciiienl.Vt
"Don't lie frightened, ibough," lie
,oia. tIHi ready i-eanitrnnce. I am n
- named man."
Sonwenin-nj1 llnso-on«pt lietvrewibnr
.Tee, aud lips.
"Um  nairlrd. ion." slie rrapondedJ
Tliey exchanged glmiees.
Witn. a roar tbe train plunged into
tf.ii-.nesa ugolii.
When- It dew forth a chance, pasting
iuder wonld: lwvo perceived tbat: be
aati cliaugod hi* mat ta. oh* liy ber
tide;  ilso that her fnee wos   llisblug.
llo you iitiow.' he Mid, 'wben I ^ot
tu I vi.a -ait iy fHgbtened ul your iony
\V«*ro .iyui?*' sbe said. "llbw uli*e!
I wnuted to fUghten ■■•ou. I've-" read
ibat Is Hie iiroper ii*wiug rur ladles tu
try  to   nature  wb»>ti   ibev  und. tbem*
eivos iiou* with i inku.'
Ave <iu often tiu-eosanil'-*' lie
She UH lur  Ip.    Tliflti:
'.'«.-' slm uuaweredi ft*aukiv
1 e ook Uer Uaud iu bis.
"dl   me."  lie said   *at7ie«ttv    "wore
j'OU t*l1T MBDHBftll'.-"
She h«*sltated, uud her nosltotkui waa
suddenly swollOTVOdi iu  uinlber irmi* oT
.•at.iilllng blackness.
'Ho oi.' bo wbispered. i Wlilnnero
null iu where angels :'cm- ro iread.i
W»*ll," die mulled sloivly, "onre im*
fore ,Mlav—only uih«, ailnd ynu. i
•rent  hi-ougfi a tunnel wltb a ,uau" -
She .limped,
•Hh, Hua   inn-rtlug Urntrt" lie crted.
ie   rain came rtirth to  be otnilgtit
an more.
"In my bat om .uraiglii'-"" abe mkod
Ves. it's- airatgiii." be .mid, "but Ittkj
neaut'tu-go u Uitle ttimv ian'l HBP
"lmui ue the mirror out'uf yuur .-a-
Use," slui satd.    "I   bum IM bptter ***»
: forjnyself;"
li* stood' ii|) audi prm-erded  to sei*»c
be altlele lemandert.
"H suppnae I' may as woll haul tUem
doivu.     Wu gpt off ut   Uellegaide.  you
Yes." sbe replied. ' tnd i du Uo**.--.
dear, tbar i never u all my iir« sHnll
be so mad again, m 1 itiih ymn srtlwi
1 :ot on. to Hits ram.'
Ho Ulaoed Uer. aughiug.
"Yon worn mad." lio -taut. "Yunworo
Jtmt iiwflillv mud. I vmiterert ir you'd
iver itpeftk ro ine again.'
•T don't .-are." sbo mm. muling nnd
muting m mnv. "I wanted o jo w
v'litiiiiu  and.von knew if."
uf ■ In*  "*>"*•*-•"   ■•*■•■•"••••   ■*   Claa-ia.   (a.
K.llliU   C.a.   *Jll«*b.
The invoHsld* cause of cold* corat-a
from ivlthlii; BOt'-.Tlt_<mt. No^Miribkes
coWwlien ina vigorous state of Health; ]
wllb ]in» Wood .*onreitig ibrongb Hie
body, un_itli«t> is no good ren«m wby
anv me in ordlnnry health sUonldbnvo
a cold, it may oBHOt from insufflMem*
cserclse, breatiiln^of'l"o«l ;ilr, wnut u
wholesome ftiodl.i«*o-es» nt rbod, Inck of
ilathing, ote., bnt'- ulwojis ftom some
violation of Hie plain laws of health.
Tli«<ro can lie uo more proline cause
of .*o»dfc ilion.Highly seoroned rood*as-
WPllliw fr«lU«iti anting. These give no.
lime fbr tbo digest 1 re <**** »» '««'
ind iuolte nu inereased How of the dl*
gestlve secretions. Thus larger (|ii«utl*
ties of uonrisbnwnt uro alioortied ibau
canbe iiropertjt. utlll«"dj,fliiulinie ii-sult
Hr> an obsirnctlon, commonl^ called, tv
"coldl" irbleli. la simply au olfbrt'of tlin-
svKlom to aoapail Hie uaelesa mutprlul.
Property upenUlng. it Ik selff poisoning,
due io au ncatmbillly of tbe orgnulsm
tn. i-egniato audi comiien-Mte fnr Hie ills* !
A deficient supply or pure air-'to ibe
dings is uot unly ti strong ditvilsposiug
c-inae of .-olds; but i proline *min*ee'or
much, graver conditions: 1'tire alt* and
..twrelsf nre neeessaiy to urvpniv Hie
s>*«ti.iu Air tbo iiKsiiuibitton or iiutri.
ment, flu- witbout them ibere can lie no
vigorous health. 'Ilie oxygen >r Hie
nir we breathe ii>giiliiii>s the appetite
as well is tbe niti-lmeni Hint, is built,
.in in the *vm«*m.
Tlio safest', and! bwil wuy to avoid
•olds Is 10 slewi iu a iruim wltb tlln
w'uitoire .vide .ipen mil lo remnluuiut'
of doom evo—1' dliy. no miitter whin
muy lio ibe woattiw, fim at* Ihmtl two
bourn. |iron>raliiy with some kind, uf
.•M'tvlse. if no nnn. Hum walking. One
tdlouldnot sit down to i-cm while Hie
feet are wet .11- ibe cloihiug.dump. A
lietnnn uinv go with Hie clothing wet
ihmngli Hi -be skill all -lay IS Ile bill
aii-i-iiN moving, ttxoreliie :.*eps up ibe
clreulatlon nud. preven:s taUIng .uld.
Tho physiologic .-.ire nf cnlils is the
provonttun of tile occurrence. I'he person who (lues not' c.-in-y nronnd minWBW
supply at iilinem in luu iu Ills- s*,'stiHii
and fUithermore si-cures a purliliid ott»
•tilHitmi by strict. sMiillm-y .•leatilluesa,
itius pn.-ing alume'i iu, a poslttvo con.
I dlllon. IS   liuuillie io .'(lids.    A slui-vlng,
I man. ..-01111111 ttiko aaiUI
j JAtsXtmJul diet would ..-Ci'ludi* die use
of ull 111 rem ten mil all Hand tun is. uor
j liniviiigtin- inniviurlaieil. Aji n.-crfed
i leiTNUl IS -Vir te dlT Hull ine Willi IH lll-
I derfeil. aecailHe ile amf—Utl nslv h
I taxed an tlHnnmi ur whuc eamuu Hh ap*
1 invmihiied aud; wiien uu pmporly dls-
I posod nf. 'cmiiiiiH only ro Its an ('leineni
' uf  liuiger -tieiiuu.n ofl flenitli.
1HD lil^THiE Blfllll]
r*" _—__
Ik ilie Cause ol Mum h tlie Matty
m  HvetyOAy   Ule-lmniil)(1
the Blood and ais«ati« V 11
r*?ot 3——t,
: Among'   iho   tnnny trhnuAu       1 .
tustlfy to tilt* i*alue .if  llr    v      ,„„
I'ink Pills ns a blond and   i*.r-,    ,,m
is Miss  Mhry .Htt-lisoii,   tfbnm ■ \ „!
Ont , wbo snys  --'I. huvr.    ,.,.     ]'
Willlnms' f»lnl< Pills mid bn-.v. ,„  ,, (
sueh groat' benoflt1 fmm. them tl'mni
i-onsiiier it  my   duty   tb   li-t     ,\ HT6
Wnowc tbelii wtirth.     Por apwni      „
ttireo•■jtwti v milferod irom   m    ,;m
und   grew  so wenk    that;   1      ,uUi
softreely    walk alinut tho Hon.
had*no color in iny face, iny   in, ,„„
giuiw- wore iiioodli-ss.   D 1 nut  nu   1Mlv
iiti.ion.   uitferedi   fl-om  Heiultivh  ;   u,,|
dirtiness, utul  ell uwnv in iveluln   ui.
ill !■ iroighed only iilnot^nur    ,    n.l;
Iidbetnrnd.11 ure-tt ileal;  inn     .    ||,j
not joeui tn do tne uuy uond v,-in
ttien- udyised'. tvr tt-v Or. WUli,,),,^
Pink Pills and befhro 11 li„d .,,;,.„
tliem ti<n dayn 1 tell iielicr ami nv
poople could see u cbiuige lh mc 1
continued using ilie pillfe mi imH
weoks and tun now iu the ;,„ m:
lieaitll, Hivory ileprnsslug -x.,.. , ,,n
liou HMHI away uud D imvn . ■ a -11
I'liurtoon pounds, iu wolght. .m,
There m  nu    medicine   out urpi
WllllniiiK'   Pink   Pills  und  1   .1,    „
icc.iinineriil  tbem  tn all sviixU   mil   ,
ing girts."
vli.'.s .Itickson'H .ncfierlenco iiinnut
bring hope 1.1 nil tlio woai:. i a,,
Mirts and vwimen. W-hnt Ithisfl ,,)Ih
Imvo done for her thoy will 1. be
iothero.      IT:vory dose   alibi umi.    md
Igor 1.1 the mood mid nori'os. :]^
n glow of health In sallow i'he < i
spark lo to tlm tm* mid n i-uic-
imss to pallid lips. ."{n- other n„i|i-
clmi 111.; lime so much to lir-m. >ni-
fort.' and hoaitb to woah jrir- mil
women. If ynu nre .tiling gji*.. 1,,
liill" .1   nu* l-vlul unit new n .ill 1   1 a,
strength will  im yniira.      Ob    -
c.-pi   anv piuls enlnred mttMU 11      iliu
,(cniuui*    pillM.   always   imv,.
iiiimii     -T»r   WilltiiuiH'   IMnl.  l"l!     rue
i';iin People■'  priutiKl on ihe   v     a
uround nvorv huv.    ^nld hv iiitiddtins
dealem i.vei*vwbniv«.  nr by iiiuil   ,
a'OIllH .1 bnx ,11" si.v  Iiiikiw uir *>
wrlnng     I'lin   Dr.   Williams   Sl>u ,
("11., Dronkvillu, Oni.
BhUIBl     uiige   women    or  nlg.m  hy
llluii* wrappers.
In liicaiinta wberci nmlier
PllKfUii.     watch     tnwers     .u"-   11
.niraule rtin ts~a*m**ttl  Iuuiho
a liiokout Sm fnivsr (ires.
aiartata.   «im  CanslUliav.
Hia ttrst iiii*m-!i 1 lemd di-. 3lutna
inakoarier I  •nterod  he somiia vuu 41
1 uo called session of itKB. v'len Un replied tu .-ienuior 9111 if ienr-jm m rhe
nniondniraiB .irennsed by rbn Demo,
•rato ro be annv iiiiir.innaildii bill
widen lretiibiied tbo nmniiiiineiir of
siiURrrtBorn uud   :>nti>rt ttaies minnttuis
\ ro tin nresf-111 it he polls. iTo woo nor
in nrator Uut it innng, ucisi«*« mil
nitrai-tivo speaker, who lrenHi-ed nm-
soir -borougniy aud woh  iiiicg in ttm
■. 'Im nost .•.iiiiprabm jninr nt utnek .11
ttlo enomy'w lues.
Tho seat of aiim-oe 1 rankling; 'lluiin* 1
nost nv-m-i'ato .merny. woo un the
Itrnutilb-au nldo nt tho aisle in tin son*
tito -hninber, whilo 3luinn ict-uuied .1
soar on tbo- samo row, but soma ills*
ui noo csHt of rbur iictmii**! -ir '.'imclng.
!'!i» dbbato bad liecamu vory warm,
und aa Blaine, in Uis •xcitemeut. m«-
vant-ed mwatd %mu:iug uud Hia Gem-
(icraric sido of rhn -numn.-r. aliaklug
His tlat lertauilv ue hia opponents ami
Hurling iiiviMrtwis at rh» • :.inft*ilKivire
hitgndlnrs. oa Uo called hum. ."anltllng,
fbrgettlug itu* t_e mumant Bluinu'a mr
Hoy goinuor somh-Ji ln dm ["jut aimb
•nngresa, wtwn ttloy mn mutt mem*
bora of ttm imiBfl mt mpi-ommtuHvuw.
-Htggoatod iiiuiUer amar ta Uia nd .m-
amy, wuu-ti a I ume ummpn-d. wtta aiuo-
: rtty, and Uis woo rlnt imv rlmo la
drtmm ftmm v'leu rho rwa- Uud spuium
bi eai-U liner -<>ui'ji. ii. ■' >sr u >§ur
utbiY flwuiing Pnsr.
«iiM(nn«i  meaat   tSmemtmom   T I l>—
There  h * anrtnin   invuiUugtca.   lit*
forence   Hetwunn    Dm    inniimuiiii   and
I harmless   sondes    which   ..slHtH    ,'i*ry
' plinuly   ni    He-i-   nuaiiei-  nf  dimntlun.
;  a.l  uiai;c.i are .n-ectti nf uversion smt
ireaii to   im 111;:mt   m aiuc.'i m rliur ro
! ba Inimii Hy a am.;.. Hun at rmeti Henn
so feavflil to rim v'.crtm uh to —*m nm*
j diu.nL   teniii   i.thuiig.'i  rllu  um ic   vn
!  iiivrnless. iini.il   a   ae   nsnu.-n • • 0m*
j wlitl wUii-ll ■ itiMte tyipttles ure ttngpd
, or rbnc if mny lis .teairailio t» liu»«
l soma  .:utv   nnito  if .fiatlttgnishing -lie
.um Ulud frain rhn u.ier     I'hia i:sr:a
running i-liunii-riTiHni-   h  it irteii hy
j rbn   mst-U     Hi   4il   piiimnmis   ina.i.-s
; ttioro are unly nvi i*aws af taaaarji. tii**
I "aug ut*   angs   leing   i ••••lagmi  uitlwr
I wtltlin tlm mvu rnwn ur uunuito nf tlinm.
I'lia iiirnicsH miuics nu^ti faur t't-ir-.a.-c
rows .if tBsrh. .mit w_«n Um 'jim mow**
fbia Hind uf wound und auc un? imgiv
m*tg* .»' im-gHv mrxmamm *a* m't'l
Hh ua 4iini''"letiHiuii.
"Daddy" aaid .1 buy m Uia ftutu-r.
"Vvm got u pencil wtliiih will «vrll»
greon. inrne -r-iniiuu ur any criiui- ymi
"Nut -im iinm* iieucil. my sm.'
"Ymi duren't mr mo a dime it van *.
"17II givo yoa a (Hmo If it will." wbt
tlio aiil man.
Tlm ynungsmr fiviiil Into 3111 uuclwt
pi'tidUcrxl Dm innnp nf a ifummun etttl
poneil uml v-iin un i necu n' paper
rtlo vui-tii. 'mugenni. grwn. crtinwia,
pni"pli»." «rc..
"TUere. daddy 3uj it wua't mt*
: nny tofln yuu Ilka auw. WtirlL •na taut
O-HItts*   Wort
OliHtluum iuh's .if miiJurm phut Hu "t
VtUiiloiiil 'Uu n-tiuii vuyagtts, n.iuiii.i 11
icighro uud diiiniiiH luMiitg ure mat 10
nivu leiiii omnyraad by lystomuni: ami
1 -anrtnuist vnl;;iig. What thu muluriul
iiurieur wuurs onmt 71 in 11 ro nt n-
luure. nurao Um utiles nud m.ns ur m
llo- town und itiuu!. Advovuma nt thu
walking uura tnuintain ha fresU air .»
au* unOdUatu uut uniy ro ■tin muJuriu St
Bflf.   Ullt   tU   HlO    lilies.     Vtlll-l    HHuuJIy
uccumpuuUiH It. I'llciv aitv-.i'H ro tJm
-Hiitorev la cu I'.-'sh up vir-iny 1' ttm
wurimr 11 dump n* i-uiiiy uml ;-i nut u
ivaJk. W.tur tlunuui auat rn riiu sunt,
mint Uiuhh uud iimpiii but; it it is
vti.-m, di"sss llgilrly, but am-ry u wnip
*n> rJirew unmud uin tliuuittiirs uguiust
druflB uud mu rapid .-'lining .iff. When
■nut tames n 'lniii uf 1, f.Hura ure fuw
j oiuiadios m *tt.*"i 'tiuc ""-.sn air und
mudHrur.i -isw.-iim ui*o uot tfoud for.
f*» titer Ons TTunorsa Dnllum *»«w%.-. tat
llf <mm. nf Catarrh that aaunoi uaa iui-_l 17
feal's  -aarrti itur*	
v s. aTiiumrr » __. t,ii«io. o.
WH  tlia anamtani—.    mv*   m..*n   r   1.
mr tha laat   I   -tmuvx ana   wi-.i.-*.  13
lonnmlili. Ill aU Uumnas 3-_."_i
lallr aula to sir* .ut anr m.t«» -as
■■ob av  hrtr tlrm.
wbst * -—mxx,
•Vioiraala Dm—IMS,   "li-ta  0
wir.DiNn. icma:* a st*aTa*.
Whuiiaaaa dhuniMB. r-umu. 0.
Catl'i "aiarm fflu«   ■ taMMi mtarnauy   set-
mm Slnatllr .ioob  tha Hlmul  snd   nuciiaa «r-
Em   ir   li«  BCWcm.    Ti*attinunlala aaaar   ft*
tntm -B11 met nnttm.    l..in ur «i -n«a"»'»
Kail'i ftmllr ?'lla ara '»• aw.
tml.xom m, I
■Stun* years 1*1 t cobaotunait —*■**■
»real Hin aTiiity -if ttnfuil tor WTapp'.ni
"coiu-v-.)**. t"he.*v-;r.»i-.} paper had L«*»
■eici'joiy*»i? us«d for tb« pwipooe. but lt
did not Stwm% m m**p tb* mclsturt d
ta** atmoscb^fv away from tlie toba *M
our i>."»****rv... ttte uararal moisture ol
:t tvbu.'.u frvrn tht effects of a d 17
«r U«ruw*i aiiuospnere. l*aper also al)-
«ur">ol lie.-- 1-'.-iij.i aj,: tbo *.;tfd aad was
•10c *uj»--i..'iu..v lasting, tiiervfoc* tio*
toil wu.-* iis**d Cor wrappurs. Bnt lt be*
.-utiic ■iittiy aud ■;.juid uuiy Uo colled ta
a vwrtain Uimuuso. Uoyund wtttdi tha
mtfiuimty ui' mail hkuhuu to l.ni tt tm*
tKJMsibiu io go. L'lio tbot wan rJ—t no
Hiilm-i .tiiiild bu 11111I11 to auHtala tb*
.)i'—*t'ui- iiiiuutHuiry Hi imatiiut; ti_t ua-
Cud tu a ivuf uiifli.-.uiii.'r bin o suit ilx
."riitity iiii'Miiuim invontora .sirag?!**!
wUi tlm iivipiimtiou for muuebs iad
in vn up -ii- preiiiuin uu uiiHii 11 ••*.
■vmu a -nuiiiiii v'lisiniit iiluiii; file tm*
.mu .biy. m—* -nllug two imimu IB '.Ik
.•UHtiimiiry tluiimwa, put Hlo two *iweti
tugoriliir Uin Um reiluvs nut aiudu -••''••
lad uu tJlin uu iJloy wnre buftuif. D*1
was art uuipiu an iiiuiulng au m.i <*a
and, but it crouiud a revaiuilua '■- -*
-imuiii -n-oirii si iiikjiI for 'uum: j. i'-*1
iw. and iiiulu a nun o aiuuuy tat U*
dlw u.'.irur.
*r*i*   li)*«ii*wun»
.r.gtuu.ly   -'iu   iimc.'-iHc'iiii!   via up-
Oilud   mi:'  IB ..'HeiuiHtry.  und ill     in
' Umibol imd   in"-..! luwif uu  iir'aiu-
uin! aid .11 ai.-t.'iirutM i:m yam. By iluni-
I lug Ui a Bums-n 1u uu a  nu mum   vi-i
u.iiaietii'.i by mnttwl -vi 'i in siun um-
I ,7r*«mm:w uf a f-iw {."ti.tm uf *HiJt HMiil
' inwud a f«w mitinros oreviuusly an bs
ier.-.".'.! wtiu riiu qnttmaa||S) iu*
I dimd.   iu   •vunili'i't ully   iiidmsl   in   tilu
wurk uf rUo H!i*>-"-'mc'iim .tllumiHL Mnu
Uo ..-ua dlsiffiviir in a nulismimu tlm gnm
■m <if ono rbr-'ii-inillliintb  ir i ijttilii.
Tlu ll"mpi'iiso   ll   J.iinin saaui
.am wufi.lt .n niiiiJitjH .ruin  1,'ai"••
.51111 .ini.v nmsonfa iaj atiim''.'
UU   .tlulliiid    ur    Mill  gur.ni'ii   -
nr ".I ,:.iiiiit;i-v anna in u iuui '
•M gn—  ■■ Caaalal.
Tra dremlfldly worrtHit I Haven't
Heiii'd ft'iim <>urgn for fUrtm *vtiiilo
"Bur He-i iu riiu m*ss md -anIt
ivviro rtll im reui-lms rim tttra nde.'
'VonHetmii; ."iiuliln r Ho pur nm Ml
Ikir in ;i HnfTlB nnd t'llrew it urovllniirfl'?
I'Va nffon tmttt nf sucli tilings.'-New
Knill ffivnutng .l.uu-mii.
VMaa«  1aM>   Fbarfa.
'Sow   -lid   ynir   nepliuiv 1   wielding
pirns uff""
' dmr. ipmndiit.'
"Whim Mtana any .•untT'iiumps'."'
"t (am'f. tibnit n    I -liiln 1 -am uny
fun *•«. W4 luul rim i-iinreli rtiuivniflltife
clminiiit  up   HeforM   rjiu   iv-'ilillng  toiili
"Did ymi nviar a|IIM( ^upjHaK" |n , ,0 ,tf
♦Ho gpnl ivibis jam UHSumi*d''"
"Wull." iiin-v'i".(i Mr -Hm*mingmn
ttiu-ms. T wasn't. <->*rui-rly iusr. nir t
llnwi ftuiud if orntry Uurd ra —r Humo."
<" wiling:un im ■
r<iK,i>  Haar**.
"Tllitlr iniin-hign wtm a lltmiy   ttTaii-
f .mdi'i-ibind."
•V-m,  iidnwl.   TUey 'uld nm Hiiniiiier
I tn. llm-r.Y   ua iliuy Hud -ing.-iged I   -aii*
nu 1 Hy rim  muv "
OiHtom amy loud a mnn mtn many
srrera. nut it inarm** auuo.
V: know vital all ftwl •>-'••'"
tors thmk of Ay-tr*-** O«|
rtennri. Astyouraw-*tJ«;
ror «mi Haa out.  H« vil »
7Qtt l\vm it quiets die ac:i:io«
tiir««r, 4*t»I» th« iflrttn-:**
!'tiitj«, «a<l  ctjotrof:*    1<s
w W Wa hms it ia mt_t*p aa—***
'" ^^*kS^ffi^traW«-**
MMB_iu i8f*rtt
Hard Coughi
l-m mf »/-*••*. m»* £JmU"__j*
-^ TH
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
,f thought runs r«nardles?
L[ tittto-tublcs.    .
I -   i, rrmisv dishes, pots or pans with
I Wash grot si .powder.    It nlil re-
\fvK'"'''    •*"L"lS0    "'"h *"*<*t<»*
v tiiiii '  >s t"«>lt",-lla-t0*7* to J**r •"•• limn
i-k   tin' frtorts of u bnld-lwuded bar-
!',„ ,, j: him a bottle of Hair tonic
Wh. it ' .'nP«no80 woman cf the
L 1,11,, . vl .'owUf classes is diesied
I1".! mi \ining entertainment) she
Ireiicrall'.  sliows ns much of he>* feet
r   =.,,, .-ni   un"  is sometimes hure-
■is t»,n
Wh,.|, infants or young children are
Ltli-ss mill cross or peevish it is a
ml,r\ ..'inii sign that they are not
x'(H i, iniitlii-i* may not know jist
■.luu ih.- trouhlfl Mi hut she can de-
I ,n,| ,,- ,n ii the trouble exists.
T|VP ||„'. little one Daby's Own Tab-
,is how promptly It will   be
linn.!.. to " happy, smiling, good
Igtuivii il'l The little one will
i|,,i.p ntlly and naturally and the
■nulla. .11 also obtain Iter much
I,H,l,.l i Here is the proof glVen
V. \|, i.lin K. Ramsay, Port Hill,
pE.l., .ho suys :—"My iiaby was
...„,!;, ,, iless and did not sloop woll,
Itut aft-"" (jiving ni,n -Baby's Own
tablets lie became better nature-,
Aleep.s veil •*ntl 's frowtog finely.
In,,, Talilets have been a great Mess-
Jnur i„ iiolli baby and myself."
II,,, Tublets arc a prompt and cer-
l,in cure for such troubles on indi-
v'..,i|, ii .mr stomach, colic, Vonsti-
ja'tion, ilinrrhooa, simple favors: and
|,ll„.i (Minor ailments. They always
(,,,,,1 nnd cannot possibly harm
ll,,, ",,„, i ilellcato child. Vou can
|,'.i   th.   Tablets   from   any   medicine
i.,1    ihoy will be sent by mail
I, nis a box by writing to The
\\ hum' Medicine Co., Urock-
,11..   (Int.
thrive    OH     disappoint-
l.,a-,,   is ihe only sure cure for tomtit quetry.
jai\ Homo persons, when tbey wish
I , , , . ,• the stoinach. resort to epsom
I other purgative salts, These are
IiiTOb rn their aetlon, but serve no per-
Jnanenl u-oi..l Their use produces i.-.cip-
I, • rhl and if persisted In they inline ihe stomach. Nor do they act up-
"n ii,- Intestines Iii a beneflclal way.
I' ,a, .-. Yngctablc Pills answer all
[ ia   this   respect,   and   have   no
Trains  are    convey.d  across    Lake
l.i.1...I    on    the. trans-Siberian   ruil-
iv by means of a steamer.
i-   ..ai.lv    the    best way to kill a
lis. hood fs to let it lie.
II,ither 0raves' Worm Exterminator hat
...iuiiI   for  destroying   worms   in  chil-
 mat  adults,    S.-e that you eet  the
i.uiiia* when purchasing.
it we could draw checks as easily
s we draw unkind Inferences,   muo-
iinir*,    would    ii**    bs common us
I'he  ureal   lunir henler  is found  In tbat
xcellent   medicine  sold   us   Uickle's   Antl
isumptive Hyrun      It  soothes end  di*
-'. - the sensibility of thn membrane
'l>.' tin out an.l nir piii.attt.i-s. nnd  in a
.acta   remedy   for  all   coughs,   colds
■     - -      pnln    or    Horen.ss    In    the
i ....i. Intis. oli-     It   h.is cured ro«n>
ti    -.iniiiosed    lo    be   fur    advanced    in
lit i'U.ui.
i the curious things ni.out a
»iiu    wants   to borrow iimiici
mui to-day   is his eajfoi* deior-
' '-'ii   to  pay  it   bark   t.>-;iu>rro.>\
'tiuist every school in .Iap.in il
etistom one day in I lie autumn
Iho pupils Out rabbit li.tnt-
n inn.ther mush room hunt my
' '   with paper lanterns.
""' I'      '    classes of  tbo Japanese
I liurdly    any other material
■kui [mpei  for their clothing.   V litre
me exceedingly low, cloth   if
ible extravagance,
•"eat  portion of Russia is under
ll  the spring;,   owing   lc    the
'.   .lectins; a bridge,   the super-
";s Ituss throws u piece of new
into the water.
Brush & C^
TORONTO.   -   O.WT.
"• J» 'I*' InkM |m|| t>d, |. Mr lmt uu-AMrwi fc «a.
"• "I ll.«,s H|„„,.„|,. j, g, 4_
[pool TABLES.
las DnuaeU  Hulk* OtlMaM r*.
0. CLARK, Agent, Winnipeg.
How tha. Cherokee Natlca Get* Over
the Race Problem.
The race problem In tbe Cherokee
Notion Is solved to the general satisfaction of the three races concerned
nnd the Intermediary mixed bloods, in
the location of homes the Cherokee
full bloods and negroes are mostly In
settlements. The Intermarried whites
largely are In the towns and territory
contiguous to eueh other. The Chero-
■"**« speaking citizens much prefer to
associate together.
In tbe nation there ure thirty schools
attended by full blood Cherokee children and seventeen by negro Children.
The negro blood schools are not so hy
legal requirement, but ns a. corollary
of their preference to live uenr each
other. The Cherokee und negro do uot
Intermarry or socially mingle. Two
seminaries aud au orphan asylum are
attended by full bloods and mixed
bloods only, the colored fiigh school by
negroes only.
In tbe Incorporated school districts
whites and Indians atteud the same
schools, and race prejudice and undue
feeling on either side are beiug lost
In fellowship aud friendship cultivated
ln tbe class room and on the playground.
Both sides are better satisfied ln the
combined schools than when they are
kept separate. Pull bloods seem to
mingle as freely with white renters and
their families of good character as
tbey do with mixed bloods.
Of the 38,500 citizens of the Cherokee
Nation the best statistical Information
gives ubout 8,500 full bloods, 3,200 intermarried whites, li'J.SOO mixed bloods
aud 4,000   freedmen.
The "Scrapple.'"
The Philadelphia scrapple season Is
now at Its height, und lu the three or
four big scrapple fuctorles of tbe city
about 50,000 pounds of the delectable
compound are produced weekly. Kncb
factory prides Itself on tbe peculiar
flavor of Its scrapple, Just as breweries
pride themselves on lhe flavor of their
beer. There are, indeed, scrapple connoisseurs in this city, men wbo, wben
a dish of scrapple is served to theni,
can say unerringly, "Tbls ls Brown's"'
or "Tbis ls Smith's" or "This Is Jones'
scrapple." Many Pennsylvania farmers, too, make thetr own brand und
take a pride In It and have a host of
followers who declare there is no scrapple like Farmer Alburger's or Farmer
Schultz's or Farmer Diffenderfer's, aa
the case muy be. Scrapple ls shipped
In refrigerator cars to many distant
states and in many different cities.
Philadelphia scrapple ls a favorite dish
upon the breakfast menu.
EukUh-'i "I'Bderpald"  Clerka.
English government clerks do not
serve nu unapprecintlve nation. A chief
clerk In tbe estate duty office at Somerset House receives $4,000 a year for bis
work during the seven hours of each
lawful day (except Saturday) from 10
o'clock till S. lie bas lately enjoyed in
addition tbe valuable privilege of work-
lug overtime at double rates, and the
opportunity has beeu turned to most
profitable account. One chief clerk In
six months earned $1,500 extra. For
tbis addition to his emoluments he remained on duty till 8 o'clock Instead ot
golug home at 5. Two principal clerks,
with salaries of $3,500, received $"'.25
each extra, while two assistant principal clerks, with salaries of $2,800, bad
$025 eueh.	
Alhletlo teaaler Aldrlch.
There ls not a more athletic tlgure In
all tbe senate than that ot Mr. Aldricb
of Hhode Island. lie is always trained
down to fighting weight, his step ts as
quick and elastic as a boy's, bis bearing
that of a muscular man. So easily active and unconsciously strong is tbe
Hhode Islander that tbere Is a fascination ln watching blm on tbe senate
floor. The secret Is said to be ln his devotion to the ancient game ot golf.
Near his residence ln Providence be
possesses expansive acrea on which are
bis own private links. Many "a morning during tbe Ions summer and au
ilium mouths tluds bim bright and early whacking tbe elusive bull aud cbus
ing lt up bill and dowu dale.
In ulna of Diphtheria.
The hospital re|Kirt of the nietropol
Kan asylums board of I.onden upon
the percentage of cases of diphtheria
that result in death shows what a marvelous result bns been wrought by the
introduction Of antitoxin. Tbe case
mortality for twelve yeurs has been:
Per cent Vtr cent
before after
antitoxin. antitoxin.
18*9 40.T4   18W D.G8
1K90 JX05    1890 RUM
1S91 X0.G3    1K9T 17.1.0
1892 29.35    1893 15M
1893 30.4.!    1899 14.05
1894 29.U4    1900 1201
Careful nursing had done Its best by
1804. Antitoxin bus more thuu halved
the rate in six years.
A Men Milk Tester.
Milk varies In viscosity with composition nnd temperature, and a new apparatus called the "locto viscometer"
Is regarded by French physicists ns
solving the problem of a simple test
for milk. It consists of a tinned copper reservoir mounted on a tripod, with
a line glass tube us outlet. When the
reservoir Is filled wltb u sample of the
milk the stopcock Is opened, and the
lime required for tbe escape of the
liquid ls noted In seconds, with the
temperature, and reference to n table
shows the exact character of milk cor*
respondlui: to these data.
>nei tunc men
Dodd's   Kidney   Pins   Keep
Their Oood Work in
,    Newfoundland.
Christopher Bishop Telia How Hla —itm
and Brother Were Brought Back to
Health and Vigor.
Clark's Beach, Nfld., February ao—
(Special)—Among the splendid curea
made by Dodd's Kidney Pills in New
foundland is that of Mrs. Christopher
Bishop, ot this place. Tho story ot
her suffering ana cure ls told by her
husband as follows :
"My wite suffered for three yeara
with a weakness in the lowor part of
her back, followed by a bhiveriug,
causing weakness. Her logs wero
swollen from her knees to tho feet,
and ahe hud a pain In tho left aide
just under tho ribs.
• "Two doc-tors attended her. but
failed to cure ker, when shu decided
to use Hodd's Kidney l'ills. The r»-
stilts wei-e wonderful, and now, after
using fivo boxes, the swelling and
weakness are gone, and the pain la
gone with them,
"My brother suffered too from a
heavy pain in the back, and four doctors failed to give aim relief. F.lght
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills i..ade
him a new man"
If you don't cure the pain in your
back by using Dodd's Kidney l'ills lt
will grow into something ivor*-**—
Dropsy or Rheumatism or Uiight'a
Tho elevator man gives .'iotne  people a lift, and »uns other people ilu.
Wjhen a woman wears u new hat  '
phurch she doesn't rare bow long the
sermon is.
Plla  Terrors   Swept Away.-
Dr. Acnew'a Ointment stands at the lies,
as a roliever, healer, ami sure cure for
I lies in all forms. Ona application will
ftlve comfort in a few minutes, aud three
to six .lays' application according to di-
rsctlons will curs chronic cases. It re
li.-ves all itchintt and burning akia dia
eases in a day.    35 csnta—79
Tt  seems    impossible to  give your
wifl-fl and keep it, but it isn't.
Every  man keeps a  lurne stock  o
advice on hand to ni\e away.
'-Bought   my   Ufa    for   38
COaltS.""  This was   ons    man's  way of
putting It when he had been pronounced
iniurable from chronic dyspepsia. "It
was a living death to me until I irln'
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets
Thanks to them to-day I ara well, snd I
tell my friends I bought my life for 36
rents."    60 in a box.—80
Of course tho way  to serve dinner
is to eat it.
A school-teacher suys there is no
fixed rule for telling how many rods
it  takes to make a wiseaciv.
"My Kidneys ara all Wrong!
flow shall 1 insure best results In the
shortest time?" I* stands to rer.soi,
that a liquid specific of the un0uestion
able merit of South American Kidutv
I'ure will go more direct,y and tiui.-l I
to lhe seat of the trouble than the "pill
form" treatment, and when lt strikes the
•pot there's healing la aa lniWnt.—78
Rather than have his homo go U]
in the aif, many a man puts a heavy
mortgage on it to hold it down.
Unless the soap you
use has this brand you
are not getting the best
Aak fer Ihe aelag** Am*.
Dizzy? Headache? Pain
back of your eyes? It's your
liver! Use Ayer's Pilis.
Gently laxative; all vegetable.
3old lor 60 years.     __S_irs2ig
jWant your moustache or beard
ja beautiful brown or rich black? Use
a r nxLi. ce„ SttmSL a. a,
on. B. I. KINDALL 00,
Oeatlemea >-l have used year apetlaCneea
in? home (or tht pad fourleea jeara ami II k-M
alwafi liven me luoU i«eulu la •""J .particular.
I alao bare use of jamr iHioIca that I have found
.-.-iv naeful. If 71m Imvo anr letee eillUoe cf
t'M "TrvaiIfe on Ihe Hone aad MtDiaeaeaa,"
»I.  feu kin.11/ a, ial tne one.
Beapeotfullr roun. B. r. HUIBIX.
It la aa alxoutf It reliable remedy for ipavlai,
. Hptluia, Curba,   Rlnabonca, no.    Rctnovee lhe
imiwle aad lea vet no tear. Price 111 all for M.
< At a lluinieiii fn* famllr ute It hat no tonal *«
' . our drW.Jt for KRNPALL*a SrATlKOTli;
«l*o -A Treatleeoa tbe Item," Ik a book free, et
The  Modern   War  •«  Secnrlna-  Ito-
dente  Alive.
Rnt catching in Chlcngo of late yenrs
Is becoming one of Its necessary nnd
paying vocations. Heariug thnt one of
the settlement houses down In the heart
of the city was to be the scene of op-
erntlons, we put on short sltlrts und
proceeded to the spot.
After waiting some time tbe rnt catcher nnd his assistant dually appeared,
and we Immediately rose to the occasion and Incidentally to the tublc.
From this stronghold we watched the
rnt catcher In chief don a pair of long,
heavy felt boots which he smeared
plentifully with some thick nnd sticky
substance. Then he placed himself In
the middle of the II.mi-, cautioning us
not to mnke n sound, while the-assistant turned out all tbe lights uud
opened the doors buck and front.
After waiting perhaps five minutes,
though It seemed more like nn. hour,
we heard a faint squeak and scurry*
Ing, then more squeaks and scurrying,
and in the dim light we could see little black bodies with long tails circling round and round tbe man In the
boots until it seemed as though an
army of Ihem wns there. The tapping
of tiny feet, scratching, rustlings, and
the little thuds of falling" bodies made
the a Ir hideous. We drew our dresses
tighter aud wondered what was going
to happen next.
Suddenly the assistant scratched a
match and lit tbe gas, and what a
scene was there! The chief rat catcher stood like tbe •''Pied Piper of Hanie-
llu," with a scrambling mass of .charmed rats about his feet. Quickly the assistant slammed both doors, and, while
the little animals were blinded wltb
the light, the two meu produced each
a pair of long pinchers from their pock-
els and proceeded to cntch the rats by
their long, wiry tails and deposit them
in two big sacks. As they uipped them
up, squealing and wriggling, we counted.. There were just ninety-six.
When the sacks, which were of leather, bnd been securely tied we crawled
dowu from our perch nnd nsked them
what tliey were going to do with tlietr
"Why," said the man of the boots,
"mebbe we'll skin 'em alive and sell
thc pelts."
'•What for?"
"Oh, fer kids' shoes and mitts," he replied.
When wc ventured to Inquire whnt
he smeared on his boots—not that we
ever wanted to use it—*henven forbid—
he answered:
"That's tellin', and we don't tell."—
Chlcuga Post.
A Disappointed American.
The government of Servln will rot
let the American who wanted to buy
the furniture of Klug Alexander's and
yueen Draga's bed and wardrobe
rooms at the Belgrade Umiak have
tlieni. He ofTered successively 300,000
francs, 400,000 francs and went up to
500,000 frnnc-s. King Peter and his
ministers think it would never do to
let tbem be taken over the United
States and then possibly over Europe
as a show. This is the first time they
have evinced a sense of the shame attached to the midnight .enterprise
which raised Peter to the throne nnd
Mascbin and the ministers to their
present grand situations. But as Queen
Nathalie inherits nil her son's fortune
those wbo slaughtered him ana Drngn
cannot prevent her bringing Alexander's personal goods nnd chattels to
the hammer. Should the American
persevere In his bid of 500.000 francs
lie will plnce the government of Belgrade in an awkward position. Tbey
ure, as every oue knows, desperately
hard up.—London Truth.
Dnll nl St. Helena.
The presence of the Boer prisoners In
St. Helena caused boom times on the
historic lslnnd. lt is suffering severely
from the reaction, so that the local paper, the St. Helena Guardian, one of
the smallest sheets la tbe world, is full
of pessimism. Now that tbe 0,000 Boer
captives are all gone there is no longer
a remunerative market for St. Helena
11 rod mi*, und "vegetables are left to
rot." To make matters worse, tbe visits of ships -the principal source of Income to St. lle'pna before the construction of (he Suezcnnal-are getting more
nud more ungelic In their Infrequency.
The editor of the St. Helena Guardian
ileclnrcs that "everybody ls getting disheartened, the island Is very dull, and
there is very little umiiseuient beyond
tin occasional cricket match."
Durable (ilaaa.
Glnss of great durability which resists great heat as well ns sudden
changes of temperature Is made from
nritzilian quartz pebbles. Tbe pebbles
.ire healed red hot tuul then thrown luto
distilled water. The purest pieces nre
next selected nnd welded with the
...xyliydrogen blowpipe Into long stems
like knitting needles, from which glass
vessels of any shape can be made. At
present tbe qiinrtz glass is chiefly employed for making laboratory npparu-
Ri-Qneen  Rlnrle.
One of thc most interesting nnd
charming old ladies in Ktirope Is the ex-
Queen Marie of Hanover, who at the nge
Of eighty-five Is now living a quiet and
peaceful life In n villa ut Ginuiiilen,
close to the ensile of ber son, the Duko
of Cumberland, tier pathetic devotion
to her husband, George V. of Hanover,
In his blindness and misfortunes bus
round Itfi reward In the loving care bestowed on her by her son and daughters In her de.-lining years.
Do You Hecoivo Thoso Wireless Hesoagoo?
They Art About Your Health.
When your health goes the least bit wrong, a wireless message
is sent to your brain.
It says something like this:
" You are not quite woll-tako a doee ef
at onoe and It will put yeu right."
Do you attend to these messages when you receive them?
You should do so. BEECHAM'S PILLS often prevent a serious
illness, and so prove themselves
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A Perfect FLOUR For       Tt" t§
Sold— in original packages
only— by all dealers.
OGILVIE'S- Sillers to 1. R. I. Tie Print, ti Wilts.
Do You Want
UME MI 11 MAMM.I Ttttl WIMttaiS
matt iuvioi am usim attuum
If to, the uudertlf ued want* yonr kulawa aad will etadeaeor to glee
Cub adraaeed on eonaiaaaaoU.    Befareaca:   UdIod Bank of Caaada.
The oldest esttliliihed Grata OmmSShm*    Mmm
Merchant ln Winnipea. _la^
flrala  Exehaage,   Wlaalaof. ***** m
The secret of popularity ia always
to remember what to forget.
If a son doesn't take after his father it is probajily because lhe old
man left nothing to take.
Foul Breath,
Catarrh, Headache
Are banished by  Or. Agnew's  Oatart*»
I ha I  Powder.   It relieves In 10 Wa*
F A llu! t,.m. druaelat, Cookahtre.
Que., says : "For 20 yeara I auflared
trom Catarrh. Uy breath wa* very offensive even to myself. 1 tried everything which promised we m cure. In almost all Instance! I had* to proclaim
them no good at all. I waa induced te
trv Dr. Acne*'! Catarrhal I'owder. I
K«t relief Instantly after first application it cured me, and I am frea fi-CM
all the effects ot tt. St
If a girl loves a man and has his
best interests at heart, why does
she spoil it all by marrying hiin ?
The heartache of many a widow
has been tempered by tho reflection
that she looks her best in black.
the causes of despondency aad melun-
.holy. A disordered liver li one civum
BB( a prime one. A illsonl.T.-d liver
means a (Unordered atomach, ard a dis-
orilfieil stoinach meana disturbance of
the nervous system. Thll hrln.! the
whole body into subjection nnd the **lc-
llm feels sick all over, l'unii-.-lee'i Vepe-
liil.le l'ills are a recounted remedy ln
this stnte and relief will tollow ihi-lr
When the world is unable to Understand a  man  It dubs hiin a eiank.
To get rid of a bore, nsk hiin to
repeat, his longest nnd favorite story
twice.    I'ven he cannot stand that.
A  fool   is  generally  a  person  who
detects your faults while you are 1
the net  ot calling  attention  to   his
When you think you have cured a
cough or cold, but find a dry,
hacking cough remains! there la
danger.   Take
Cure TS!,cLun«
at once. It will strengthen the
lungs and stop tbo cough.
meet; S. C. Wei 1 a A Co. MS
2.V SOc tl.   LeRoy,N.Y.,Toronto,Caa.
There are three stages in the existence of the average man when he is
of particular interest to his ((immunity, namely, at his birth, marriage
and funeral.
The grievance of not a few women
against their husbands is. that the
latter give tbem no ground for grievances.
FMENDS.—Time was when Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil had bnt a small Held of
distribution, but now its territory la
widespread. Those who first lecocnixed
its curative qualities still value lt aa a
specific, and while It retains its old
friends it is ever makinc new. It ts certain that whoever once uses it will not
be without it.
The success of an amateur gardener
often depends upon the number nod
appetites of bis neighbor's chickens.
Hollo way's Corn Cure destroys all
kinds of corns and warts, .root .and
branch. Who then would endure them
with such a cheap and effectual remedy
within  reach ?
Only a smart man can conceal from
a woman the fart that lie Isn't as
smart as he would wish her to think
he is.
Don't blame g marriageable girl
for parading her $ia-a-we«?k father aa
a' millionaire.
Severe colds are easily cured l>y the
use of Dickie's AntI-Conaump"'lve byrup.
a medicine of extrnordi.iurv tienetrutlna
and healing properties. - tt Ts i.cknow-
ledged by those who have used tt ns being the best medicine sold (or couehs,
colds, Inflammation of the lungs, and all
affections of the throat and chest. Ila
avreeahleness to the taste makes It a
favorite with ladies and children
A Chicago lawyer saved a w;dow
from going to jail, and lost his own
liberty.    Sne married  him.
A married man Is apt to reipert
the    superior  wisdom  of    a  bachelor
It takes a grass widow 10 capture
tho "hay-seed" bachelor.
A man doesn't sin* into a phonograph for the purpose of Irving to
break the record.
Olrls, don't monopolize the conversation when a young man calls; give
him a chance to propose.
Census taking In Japnn Is simple
and original, but untrustworthy.
The houses are counlod. and foi each
of those dwelling-places nn average
of five persons are allowed.
N    «-»    Ne    470
Wnwwi-* *m« DHUt.L, SLOCAN, fl. C MAUCfl 11. mi.
C. E. 8»HTHi:nixGAi,E, Editor and Prop,
H rosi.isnsn evhrt raiDAV at
8L0CAN,      •      •        •       •      B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line tor
the first insertion and6 cents a line each
•jubsequent inssrtion.
Certificates of Improvement, 17 each
Transient advertisements at aame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals-will be charged 10 cents a Hne
tar each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tho Subscription is f 2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year tt not so paid.
Address all letters to— ,
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, MARCH Uth, 1904.
'■". ,  —a. 1 -
Mining in this division is nn improvement oicr lri^t year and the prospects are brighter. Shipments are
larger than a yoar ago, new reduction
iwSrks are in sight, and several idle
properties are-ty start np,
i !     \ i
According to the postmaster general's report for last year, this town
sent out upwards of $47,000 in money
orders. Add to thnt the amount handled in express orders,then the townsfolk may re.il.ize the continuous aud
heavy drain there is upon the place.
Outsiders get the cash and the debts
nre left at home.
After a stormy general meeting of
its shareholders in London, the Grand
Trunk Rn.ilway Co. has ratified the
Pacific extension deal with the Dominion government. The bill, as modified,
will come liefore parliament, which
assembled yesterday, and the Liberal
majoritv will send it thu-pugh a-flyiug.
Blair has been shelved out of the way,
so no obstruction will offer from the
pairty. __
It has been semi-officially announc-
,ed that the Dominion government will
not disallow Bill * No. 16 of the local
legislature, -cancelling the claims of
the C.P.R. to the famous blocks 4593
and 4594, iu East Kootenay. The
land is rich In petroleum and coal and
has been partly staked by private individuals. Premier McBride has promised-to give title after May 1, which
will result in a big rush of people iuto
that section.
Back i .let the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational church dignitaries are holding conferences with a
view to amalgamating all three liodies.
The differences between theni are so
slight that they might at any time
cross the line and lie one family. The
amalgamation would result beneficial*
■ly to the cause of religion in the west,
where the folly of trying to maintain
rival ministers at less than starvation
wages is to be seen iu almost every
town. It would take all the people iu
the various mining camps to make one
congregation in each place, and then
the parson would have to cut out luxuries. The religious trust is a good
thing, so push it along.
On Monday there wi\s celebrated in
Loudon, Eug., the centennial of the
British &  Foreign   Bible Society, an
organization that  has ln-en character*
ize-3 as the backboue of Protestantism,
for all the Protestant churches in the
world look   to it for assistance.   By
tho society's efforts,the Bible hns beun
plaeed  within   the   reach   of almost
everyone, lieing published in over 400
tongues and dialects.   Iu 1804 but 20
per   cent   of   the earth's Inhabitants
knew might of the Scriptures, while
in 1904, largely through the efforts of
the society, upwards of 70  per cent
have heard the message.   The society
has published during its existence 180
million copies of the Bible, averaging
netuly two million a year; at a cost of
$65,000,000 and despite the severe opposition experienced  in some foreign
countries,   Few  secular   writings of
any description have ever reached the
million mark, and it is only the exceptional work that secures more than its
first edition.   Added to the labors of
tho British &  Foreign Bible Society
must be calculated the efforts of other
publishing societies aud companies,
then one can get  au idea of the immense popularity of the Bible and the
influence its teachings are exerting to
the betterment of the woi Id's condition.   Qtieeu   Victoria described the
Bible as the foundation of England's
greatness, for its   use meaus true lib-,
erty ^o tho subject.   The Bible is an
unique   publication- its    circulation
never decreases, but is always expand;
ing.   It will  be a sorry day for the
world when the situation is reversed.
Pay up your subscription.
Spring weather- came with a rush
this week.
The lead refinery at Trail is again
in operation.
Boatsjind train no longer stay over
night in Kaslo.
Most of the traders' licenses have
been up.   Dog taxes are next.
• Wm. Harrison has quit the camp,
leaving for Nelson on Friday.
The Interior Liberal Association will
meet at Rossland on March 23.
The output of the Crow's Nest coal
camps last month was 71,000 tons.
Mrs. Bennett returned from a lengthened visit to Rossland on Thursday.
Just as a gentle hint: Slocan intends to celebrate May 24. Jot that
•Expres* money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
The Rossland Daily Miner is crying
out for more support from its townspeople.
.Mudslides have been delaying traffic on the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Mrs. W. J. Adcock returned on Friday from a six mouths', trip to London, Eng.
AU the railroads in the district are
being hampered by mud, rock and
snow slides.
Some of the lead mineowners have
received their bounty money from the
The C.P.R. will build 400 miles of
new branch lines in the Northwest
this summer.
Mine Inspector Dick has beenirans-
ferred to Vancouver Island and the
coast district.
It is expected the Anglican church
will hold its annual synod this year
at Revelstoke.
People are begiuning to flock into
Poplar, being the forerunners of the
expected boom.
. No mention was made in last week's
Gazette of Sloean's license and police
Just as soon as the snow goes work
will be commenced on the piling ou
Springer creek.
Telegraph messages to the eastern
Northwest and Manitoba have been
reduced from $1 to 75c.
Pat Gallagher and J. Vanstoue,
Roseliery's timber magnates,were here
Friday on a business trip.
Nelson has won the hockey championship of Kootenay, defeating Rossland on Friday 2 goals to 1.
W. A. Coplen, formerly of this city,
Will havo charge of the Spokane ore
exhibit at the St. Louis fair.
The kitchen of the old Victoria hotel hns lieen badly wrecked by a slide
of snow off the main building.
Phoenix, as well as Vancouver, has
trouble lietween the municipal authorities and the police commissioners.
C.P.R. traffic receipts for the week
euding February 29th were $791,000;
for the same week  last year, $745,000.
The C.P.R. has made a reductidn of
$1 per thousand on lumber consigned
to the Northwest from this province.
B. C. lumber dealers have had to
cut their retail prices in the Northwest,
contingent on the reduction iii freight
Thos. Morgan is the new inspector
of coal and metalliferous mines in
East Kootenay, with headquarters at
Railway officials state the tourist
trade to B.C. this year will lie unusually heavy. Perhaps some may stray
up into these parts.
The government last year paid for
the handling of the mail between the
postoflice and the wharf and station
S180. At Winlaw the service cost $4.50
and at Silverton $240.
John McNeil, of the Ruth mine.
Sandon, died in Calgary last week of
pneumonia. He had taken the body
of his son from Sandon to that place
for Interment three weeks ago.
Ho! for
The Slocan Hockeyists
will play return games
at Silverton on Friday
night, narch il. A
special excursion has
been arranged, the str
Slocan leaving wharf
sharp at 7 p.m. The
brass band will accompany the crowd.
Snowslides have beon blocking the
K. & S. road this week.
At least four families will leave here
in the next few weeks.
Silverton and Sandon will each celebrate St. Patrick's day with a ball.
Spring weather has made itself felt
on the Ten Mile and Springer roads.
Next Thursday is the 17th of Old
Oireland and nothing but green goes.
New Denver walks are bare of snow,
but here there is still 18 inches of the
Mesdames W. S. Johnson and J. M.
M. Benedum were visitors to Nelson
this week.
Court of revision for the Slocan assessment district sits next Tuesday at
New Denver.
W. A. Copleu, a former resident, is
the father of a wonderful baby, it having been born with a tooth.
Robt. D. Mitchell has been elected
president of the Sandon Miners' Union and A. Shilland secretary.
The C.P.R. is rushing 200 empty
box cars through here to the main
line, there being a sudden spurt of
It is the intention of the band boys
to hold their annual masquerade ball
in the Music Hall on Easter Monday
night, April 4.
The district meeting of the W. F. of
If. was held in -Nelson on Tuesday.
Wm. Davidson represented this place
and A. Shilland, Sandon.
The O. S. Lumber Co. will resume
operations at their mill at the head of
the lake when the snow leaves. A
force of 20 men will be employed.
Dr. Brouse came down from New
Denver Wednesday evening, to hold
a consultation with Dr. Cade on Miss
Winnie McMillan, who is quite ill.
Rev. Mr. Simons, pastor of Knox
church, purposes leaving next month
with his family for the prairies. His
successor will lie Rev. Mr. McCord,
who is securing his full clerical honors
this month in the east.
rrlnc*t*D Scorched.
A big fire occurred Ht Princeton last
Thursday, starting at 5 o'clock in the
afternoon. The fire broke out in the
Tulameen hotel and gutted that $5000
building. It spread to the large general store of A. E. Howse& Co.. which
totally destroyed, together with
The store itself
the goods'were
its valuable contents,
was worth $2500 and
SPECIAL Representative in this nnil
. nil joining territories, to represent
Hint ndvertigo nn old established
business house of solid financial standing, Salary $31 weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expenses advanced ;
position permanent. We furnish •very-
thing. Address—The Columbia, (iiil)
Motion Illdi:., Chicago, 111. 4-3
Court of Revision.
>TOTICF I, hereby liven tliat tlie Court of Be"
I    visii.    'or the Municipality of the City of
i' hearing of ull complaint-. HKiiinst
Slocan for
the nsflesumnnt, as mnde by the Assessor of snid
Municipality, will be held in the City Hull, Slocan, nn the 2m h dny of Mnrch next, ut HI o'clock
a.m. All complainants must give notice to the
City Clerk in writing of the subject and grounds
of complaint nt leust ten dnys before the suid
Slocan, 10th Feb, 190i.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claini. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, B. C
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of H ineral
valued at $8000; the hotel wae insured
for $1000 and the store and stock for
$5000. '	
--- - —r ,
Will Bullil  riwajDl* Hallway.  ,
A. L. McMillan, managing director
of the Lo Roi, has received an assurance from Jim Hill that the Great
Northern railwaj will commence the
construction of its branch line in^o
Phoenix just so soon as the snow goes
off. Freight rates will drop in consequence.	
Appended is a complete list of the var
ions records registered nt the local registry ofliee, II. P. Chriitie being mining
Feb 27—Sligo, discharge of mortgage
by M L Grimmett, and deeding to VV I)
Cameron M, A Cameron %, R A Bradshaw 1-64, G A Love 1-64, K MeDowell
Residential Site.
FOR SALE: Lots 1 and 2, in
Block 22 (centrally located
on corner on the wide street)
Owner will accept 60 per cent
■    less   than official Assessor's
valuation for early sale.   Apply at—
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving  Daily.
A full Btock of the best
lines of cigars and tobaccos always kept on hand.
1 4 I,«*nT»»»f Rr*n<l tor SI.
Full W«lRht mm* OHHllly
I        Slocan, B. C.
If you
aire troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
r ••   .    Compound Syrup
of White Pine.
- Once wed, always used.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whea
you can .ret one so cheap ? Thev
are preferrable to stoves and gi vr
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and wiH be
get up free.
B A dyertise your _\
m Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Marl
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All Times
Subscribe for ^
and g|
support W
local paper:
gj THE DRILL,  $2 per year M
—£-    .TT^
New Residence for Sale
. One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Mci i ijmiai
75 cents L
►*>-♦-♦■♦-♦-♦• ♦-♦♦ * * *v
iikatki) inner A tit.
The Queen's
Hotel     \-\
KATES:   at.nn new, HAV
First-class Dining Room
Large and Comfortable  BedrooniH
Sample roomtfor Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
♦*■»♦♦♦♦• >»•>»♦< uimnu
lUma* Md Garibaldi Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City Minim; Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, on tho north side.
TAKE NOTICK thatl.W D.Mc.QreBor,
acting ns agent for Joe Traficnnti, I-.M.
0. No. IT.0O.I3; Frank Romano, F.M
C. No. B6C042) and J, M. McGregor,
free miner's certiflcate No. BtiOOO.'t, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapplyto the Mining Uecorder 'or certificates of improvements.for tha purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the ahove
And further take notico that action,
Under Motion '.\1, must he commenced
before the iHBiiunce ofsuch certificates of
D ited this 20th dav of January, 1004.
22-1-04 W. D, McGRKGOR
>♦♦*>• >■♦»»*>♦♦♦-».
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
I1ATI**S: ILgnlur iiihseribarn, $1  0.'
 _    _„..   ..    . ,.   ( _.   month
or$IOa yanr: non-Mil.scrib.r*, (•xclnslTtol
mt.licnl nlt*n<liiiic«)$2 par .Im. PrWaUwaral
$1 yer ilnj .lira.   Sp.rial facilili.*. (or ni.ilfrn.
ity oaaes,
For furtlmr pnrticulnr.i apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. Lake and M. L. Grimmett, or
to any parson or penona to whom they
may have transferred their several interest", in whole or in part,in the Ronnie Doon mineral claim, situated on
the south side of Springer creek,in the
Slocan City mining division of West
Koot. nay district:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the sum of two hundred and
flye dollars in labor and general improvement! upon the ahove mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the pinvin ous of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Minernl
Act, 1000."
Dated lliis 1st dav of February, 1904.
5-2-04 GEO, McLKA.N
This Snap^
THE DRILL haa made nn
arrangement with tho Toronto Mail-Empire, so
that ita weekly edition maj lx>
clubbed with the former.
IStiYi subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mnil-
Einpire—acknowledged to lio
one of the liest papers in tho
Dominion and Sloean's leading journal, The Dhill, from
now till Jm. 1,1905, for Uw
sum of $2.&0. With this exceptional offer will be given a* »
premium, a beautiful arto*
gravure, entitled "The Vic*
torin Cross." The picture de*
p.cts a scene in the Into Boer
war. den* in ten colors. BU-
well worth framing. Semi In
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan,


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