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The Slocan Drill 1904-03-04

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TOL* IV*. »•• «•*•
-ProY. }&-**&'
SLOCAN,   B.   C, • MARCH   4,   1904.
Do not fail to call on us whtn in want of
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes. We are
agents for the celebrated "Haple Leaf
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
Men's laced high, and low
Men's Overs
I Hen's i and * buckle
Men's flanitobas    H	
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and
Overs 2n all sizes.
|W. T. Shatford & Co.
Is reached by any trail er road
bat runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
BU Toader wm Mia eh the Lovtit- Work
1st* be Computed by theFlr»t of May
—Security to be FuraUhed by Contractor—Other Bullae**.
gton   Hotel.
L. n. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Iiii popular hotel is c«n-renlent to the hosts and train*.   The dinin&r room
itrisily ap to-dute while the bar it supplied with the best in the market.
> A 'TpC *   Tra-relling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per ilev i
•"^» ■ *wO •    wttli*tttSanpl«iRooms,$2; hoard $8pt>r week; meals3AL'
A. ■_______________ ___A_____f__-l __________-MM _______Mf__A# m\
£  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ';_§
£   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
W WV^VHiniOT9m^w^^^mm9mfur9Wmn^r^n^rmww*r*r* *W
uitrConfcctionery, Tobacco
Vou can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Aid. Henderson and Madden were
the absentee's from the regular meet-
iugofthe citj council hist Monday
night. There was quite on audience
of citizens in attendance, interest having been aroused by the calling for
tenders for the Springer creek protective work, the contract for which was
to be let by the council.
A couple of receipted bilh from the
B. C. Gazette were ordered filed.
A report from the board of works
was handed in dealing with the proposed protective works to Springer
creek. They recommended that security be famished by the successful
tenderer for the couipletionof tlie job.
Accompanying the report were these
tenders: D. G. McCuaig,forthe whole
work, $1425.75, or separate figures for
the several portions of it; T.Armstrong
and Tony Long, $989.40, or $150 less
if the city furnished the piledriver; H.
L. Fife, $799.25; P. Swan and D. McPherson, §875; L.G.Ross, for furnishing and delivering piles, 4i and 5
cents |ier running foot; 0. S. Lumber
Co., for plank delivered, $12.
After taking time to consider the
matter, Aid. Teeter moved that the
contract for the Springer creek work
be awarded to H. L. Fife, as the lowest bidder, subject to the approval of
the security to lie furnished, ho to finish tho work within a given time.
Tlie mayor asked what sum would
be named for security, out the alder-
tn.'ti thought that could lx*. settled
Motion seconded by Aid. Smith.
Aid. Worden wanted to see the security ux-J-d at once, so that thc tenderer might know where he was at.
Some desultory talk followed, eud-„
inr in the movers of the motion agr e
ing to place the security to be furnished At §£>0. Motion then carried
sud the various letters were ordered
More talk followed ns to the date
for completing the work, Akl. Smith
statin',' it hud been "et for Mav 1.
Aid. Smith and Teetar moved that
the board of works be instructed to
proceed with the work at once. Carried.
Bvlaw No. 21, for raising a temporary loan, was next reoonsidered.finally
passed, and duly signed.
Aid. Teeter stated he had interviewed W. D. McGregor, and ths latter
was willing to place additional survey
pegs along Springer creek] also to
map out the line for the piles.
Finance  committee   recommended
payment of W. D. McGregor's bill oi
$40 for surveying Springer croek.  Report adopted and bill ordered paid.
Council adjourned.
puny, as did also the bank at Nelson'
The company stated money was on
the way to wipe out all indebtedness
on the property, and that operations
would be resumed as early as possible. Last fall the company ran behind in their accounts aud the mine
closed down. The operation of the
Howard Fraction will have a very beneficial effect on the Lemon •* ■"•ck *>•*<*.-
tion of the camp.
Sllverten aad Slocan Meet lu Fierce Combat Tue.iluy Kvealng.
can be made by wearing
oue of the	
Stylish Suits
made from the best imported Worsteds, Serges,
or Twee U. coi signment
of which has just been
received for winter trade.
Work, Fit  and Finish
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J are guaranteed.
[A Few Lines of Gents* Furnishings
are still left from the stock ef the late A.
David and they must be sold off at once.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C
Next door to Postoflice.
         _uu.     —     a    .....ami,;. mfj.
Public Subsoil ltc*.»rl.
The department of education has
issued its report for last year, showing
the amount spent on education in the
provjnec as W0*L867 86, lieing $10,000
of an increase over the preceding year.
In the Slocan riding education cost
the government $8255.85, and iu this
town the council spent $458.50 more
than tbe government grant. Iu the
report Inspector Wilson refers thusly
tu the emporium of learning iu Slocan: "Inspected November 25th, 1902.
mid May 20th, 1903; 70 pupils present.
Library in courso of formation; school
lioard making a monthly allowance
for the purpose; much excellent ina
terinl for the illustration of nature and
other lessons; prescribed text in nature
closely followed and experiments perforata by senior pupils. First division under good control) lessons well
taught and illustrated when possible.
In May, second division under different teacher showed great Improvement. Gootl primary and Intermediate work; sand table and otlier mater
inl for illustrating lessons;supplementary reading introduced. At central
examination held in Slocan City three
pupils of this school passed the standard for admission to a high school."
tUtr. Ore Pi um Priiic.fi.
Good 'luck is following the lessees
of the Black Prince antl they are getting all kinds of ore. Two weeks ago
they broke into 14 inches of ore in the
raise and they are carrying it with
them, it being the highest grade they
have yet encountered. A carload of
ore has lieen sacked antl Bob Allen is
bringing it down, the intention lieing
tn send it forward to the smelter next
week. The lease is proving a good
thing for the lessees and owners, for
both are making money.
A rare exhibition of hockey was
given here on Tuesday evening, when
Silverton came down with two teams
determined to spread it all over the
Slocan folk. The visitors chartered
the steamer Slocau for the round trip,
and almost the entire burg came along
to root for their champions. N. F.
McNaught and wife chaperoned the
visiting ladies and cheered thorn on to
ultimate victory. Here the citizens
turned out in the biggest crowd yet
H.-en in the rink and with Jungs fully
charged with ozone, so the general effect of the rival rooters may be imagined. It was an exceedingly good-
natured crowd and the best of feeling
Krevailed. Very little money could
B got up, as the investors were somewhat chary.
Tbe first match Was between the
ladies of either town, aud this created
immense interest and enthusiasm, for
it was the initial event of the kind in
the camp. The visitors were a heavier team and had had considerable
practice, with a good knowledge* of
the game. Besides, they developed a
combination that worked to their advantage at all times. Thc home team
lacked practice and were new to the
game, but they put up a plucky fight
and held their opponents down well.
Silverton won by 8 goals to 0. Their
star player and mainstay is Miss Co-
burn, who shot all the goals. For the
home team Phyllis Christie bore the
brunt of the contest and, though the
smallest piayt-r on tlio ice, was easily
tho be it*of the hunch. She was ably
»tsfated by Nettie Bull,who struggled
hard to score. A team of such players
would clean up the country. .Tim
Bowes, of Silvjiton, was the refere i
and he managed to escape a mobbing.
The teams were:
J. Tipping goal Miss WearliHihouse
Miss Webb point Miss Lawson
Mlas Ca van- point Mi.*s McDonald
F. Tutcher rover \ iss Fiudlav
N". Bull        / I Miss Coburu
P. Christie ,- forwards -] Miss Horton
VY. Tippiug ) / Miss Lawson
H. Cleve umpire W. Hicks
When the smoke of the preceding
fierce battle had cleared away, the
men of the rival towns lined up in
fighting array, Silverton having a
couple of Sandon stalwarts to help
tbem out. Tho visitors had a sort of
feeling that they might win, aud their
supporters certainly encouraged them
in that idea. Slocau, however, was
determined that such should not be
the case, and it was not loug before
tbe wearers of the green aud white
realized that thev were outclassed.
Tbe game was a faster one than last
week's effort with Nelsou, and the
body-checking feature was more prominent, yet everything passed off all
right. In the first half Slocau scored
five times and Silverton once, and in
the second half it was four to three,
Slocan winning iu the total by 9 goals
to 4.
For the visitors McKinnon was easily the most prominent, with Fletcher
pretty well up. Bowes nt point had
Iiis hands full, but never shirked his
work. The home luminaries were McMillan.Milne aud Christie.with finch
beck at point, the hitter's long shots
being particularly dangerous.    The
morning, carrying with them tbe good
will of the people here. It was surely
a great event, with the honors an even
They Ceaelder Tfclaga are Looking Oeo.l
ror Them,
tt. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa, returned from Spokane on Friday. While there he met the Pitta-
burg owners of tbe mine and then
formed plans for future operations.
The owners ara .thoroughly well satisfied with the result of the past year's
developments and anticipate some
neat dividends for this year. Instructions have been given Mr. McPhee to
widen the sleigh road to tho mine to
wagon width just as soon as the snow
goes, and to erect new bunkhouse.*-.
The road will prove of great lieuefit
to the many fine prospects in tbe vicinity and, as a trunk highway,should
get financial assistance from the government.
There are upwaids of 20 men employed at the mine, the largest force
for many months to beon the payroll.
Were there accommodations for tbem,
ten additional men would be put on.
The aim of the management is to ship
two cars of ore per month, the returns
from which are more than sufficient to
meet all expenses. On Saturday the
second car for February was sent out,
making four this year. The cars will
avenge 22 tons each. The first one
sent' out last month gave returns of
250 oz of silver to the ton, and the last
one will equal it. The Ottawa'will lie
pretty busy this summer.
Tao Slew for John.
The'oporating schedule on the Slocan River railway give3 the train men
ample opportunity to perform their
allotted tasks.   It has advantages for
the tourists also, for they are never
whirled past the scenic points at a
vulgar aud excitable pace, tke  aim
being to give the passengers full value
for their money. On Friday, however,
the speed was too easy for a China-
tnan.so he jumped off a train i-.nd proceeded to hoof it to his destination.
Thero were but   few passengers on
board, and for that reason the Chink
shouhl bave known there would be no
rcords broken.   John was billed for
some point near Gutelius, aud Conductor Joe Bradshaw, ever mindful of
those committed to his charge, decided to give him all the honors.   Joe
stepped ont*to signal the engineer to
bring the tourist-conveyor to a halt,
being followed out by his distinguished   passenger.     Then   the  thought
came to John tbat if tbe machine actually stopped it might not lie able to
start again, so he gathered up his Ik -
longings and quietly stepped off the
other side of the car into the snow.
Result: A jarred Chink, a surprised
ennd uctor.and a wide gap iu the snow
covered scenery.
"-»»* Tear'* Shipment! Were 1839 Tana—
A Healthy Kvldcnee af the Life aaa
Wealth of the Caiup-KaterprUe tha
Biggest Shipper.
Straige to say another week haa
gone by without shipments from the
Enterprise, though there -are some
promising. The Ottawa seut out a
carload of 'Hi; tons during the week,
being four for* the year. Ore is moving Ii*uu lhe Black Prince and a cur-
load is to go out next week. An occasional bunch of ore also comes down
from the Republic. In a few days
spring weather will have destroyed
the roads at this end, interrupting
freighting operations.
For 1903 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 133V
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa     22
Port Hop*	
Black Prince	
Howard Fraction In Shape.
J. If. M. Benediiin, nianagor of the
Howard Fraction, received an encouraging wire on Monday  from his com
line up was:
McMillan /
Milne       [
Hieks       )
{    Fletcher
} McKinnon
/ Mills
^^^^^^     umpire
H. Cleve, referee.
Tlie goals wore scored thus:
1 Slocan, by Christie
2 Slocan, by Christie
3 Silverton, by McKinnon
4 Slocan, by Milne
5 Slocnn, by McMillan
6 -Slocan, by Gormley
7 Silverton, by McKinnon
S—Silverton, bv McKinnon
9- Slocau, by Hicks
10 Slocau, by Christie
11 Slocau, by Milne
12 Silverton, by Fletcher
13 Slocan, by Gormley
At the conclusion of the game the
crowd adjourned to tho Arlington hotel, where a complimentary supper
was tendered tbe visiting teams. This
was followed by a dance, the visitors
supplying the music, and a whale of
a time was put in. The Silverton folk
left for lion e some tini■■ in tjio **"rlv
Have a Konama.
Nat Tucker was down here from Silverton on Tuesday.and told the scribe
that he believed he and his partner,
Geo. Long, had a big bonanza in the
Lou Dillon group, on Four Mile. Nat
located the property last Octobcr,run-
ning ou to an ore body sticking out of
tbe ground while hunting bear. The
showing is not more thau 200 feet up
from the old government trail, and
about a mile from the Fisher Maiden.
The owners have had Jap King working ou the property for three mouths,
and uow Nat is going to join bim aud
take out a car of ore for-.shipment.
Open cuts on the surface expose au
ore chuto for 90 feet, and it has been
tapped by a 40 foot crosscut at 30 foot
depth. Ten inches of shipping ore,
liankcd with two feet of soft gouge, is
exposed in tho drift, without anv sign
of a break. A numlxsr of assays have
lieen made, some going over 300 oz,
but the paystreak will ship at 150 oz
or better. It is a dry ore aud requires
no sorting.
The Principal Biutalaed.
Last week Principal Iiindle of the
public school deemed it necessary to
apply the roil of correction to one of
his girl pupils. Tbis was resented by
the parents of the child and complaint
was made to the trustees.the child and
her sisters in the meantime absenting
themse'ves from school. The trustees
held a court of inquiry oa Monday
and, as tbe plaintiff put in no appearance, tho defendant principal was upheld in his action.
FUher Maiden lacrente* Force.
George Long, foreman at the Fisher
Maiden, on Four Mile, received oiders
from his company last woek to inr
crease the force and take out all the
ore possible liefore the snow goes.
Five men have been working at the
mine all winter, but the force is now
Ix-ing increased to 20, a couple of Ore
sorters going up from here on Wednesday. Busing and stoping will be
carried on together.
Tke Rambler has reduced its working force.
Slocan ore shipments are close to
3000 tons.
The Boundary mines last week sent
out 17,856 tons of ore.
Rossbmd mines last week had an
output of 9466 tons of orb.
The owners of the Argentite fraction
have suspended operation.:.
F. Stocks has disposed of an interest
in his lease on the Chapleau.
Sandon mines last week shipped
287 tons of ore, or 2235 tons since the
first of the year.
Larger magnets have boen installed
at the Payne mill, increasing the quality of ihe zinc product.
Silver-lead mineowners nre preparing plans to enlarge aad improve the
market for their product.
The C.P.R. has checked zinc shipments to Belgium bv insisting on the
prepayment of freight rates.
The War Eagle mine, at Rossland,
made $30,000 profit last year. It has
reserves of 20,000 tons of ore.
Boundary mines furnish employment directly aud indirectly to«pver
IMM'men. having * inoutllv payroll
of $1*40,000.
The Granby smelter people are preparing plans for the addition of eight
more furnaces to their works at Grand
Forks, raising the treatment capacity
to 4800 tons per day.
If the Dominion Copper and the
Montreal & Boston companies do not
amalgamate there will lie another
smelter erected in the Boundary, at
the mouth of Eholt creek.
T. G. Blackstock has arrived in the
country from Torouto for the purpose
of trying to find a market for tbe lead
ores of the St. Eugene mine, at Moyie.
He claims his property can be made
the biggest lead-producer in the whole
Zinc Bate* Reduced.
Slocan mineowneis are in luck, as
the C.P.R. announces a reduction in
freight rates on zinc ores consigned to
Iola, Kansas, from Sll to $10 per ton,
which will increase the net profits to
tbo shipper. Coming so soon after
the reduction iu the through rate to
Belgium, it evidences an intention of
the railway to help the zinc industry.
It is now up to the mineowners to do
Koeebery to Oet Zinc Work*.
European capitalists owning the
Monitor mine, at Three Forks, have
secured a site 'at Rosebery for their
Eroposed zinc enrichment works, and
uilding will be commenced in the
spring. It is also stated the company
has secured an option on the townsite
of Rosebery, with an eye to future
operations. A lead smelter may be
built there.
SIIv.nr Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
weok since lust issue:
572 centg
6?!   "
Monday     58j
Tuesday    57 \
If eweeheerts wore sweethearts nlways.
Whether as maid oi wife.
No drop would hi* half hs pleSMUIt
In thi. mingled drought nl life.
But the sweet heart has smiles and blushes
When the wife has frowjis and sighs.
And the wife's have a wrathful slitter
For tho glow of the sweetheart'a eyes.
If lowers were lovers ol wars—
The same t« sweetheart anil wifo.
Who would change—tor a future of Eden,
Ths joys ot this checkered life?
Bnt husbands crow grave antl jllont,
Atkd-cares on the tin-clous brow
Oft replaces the sunshine that perished
With the words of the marriage vow.
Happy Is he whoso sweetheart
If wife and sweetheart still—
Wtose voice, as of old, can charm-,
Whose kiss, as of old, ean thrill:
Who has plucked the rose to find ever
Its beauty and fragrance increase,
A* the Hush of passion is mellowed
In lore's unmeasured peace,
Who sees In the step a lightness;
Who finds ln the form of grace;
Wbo reads*n unaltered brightness
In the witchery of the face.
I'ndlmmed and unchanged.   Ah happy
L-. he crowned with such a life!
Who drinks the wife pledging the sweetheart,
And toasts lu the sweetheart the wife!
1 wonder how many jieople have Htopd
on Waterloo bridge, looking down upon
the ever-moving river, and feeling them
■elves irresistibly attracted by the weird
fascination of its cruel waters! llut one
cannot wonder at the eerie influence it exerts upon the miserable. O.ie moment's
nerve—one plunge—one splash—a short
struggle—and i lit* stress and anguish of life
are left behind!
And the Hereafter, what of il? It is
truly au inscrutable puzzle. Bnt the suil
den recollection that au account ot earthly
doings may be required of ns in another
world has nerved many a desparate victim of misery to further endurance, and
cheated Father Thanes of much of his
lt was different with Lucy Markham.
She was io desperate, so despairing, and
so wildly reckless, that nothing but the
forcibly detaining arms which I flung
around her would have prevented her from
jumping into the river, and putting an
end to a young life that had only seen
seventeen summers.
"Let me gol" she shrieked. "How dare
you hinder me? Can I not do as 1 like
with myself?"
"No," 1 panted, as I vainly strove to
avoid tbe blows with which the frantic
girl sought to release herself from my
grasp. "I will not.let you go until you
promise that you will not put an end to
your life."
"Let me go!" she repeated. "I will do
as I like I AU the world hus forsaken me,
and 1 owe it no dnty now. You can't
bold me much longer, and you shall see
tow soon I will end it all."
"Never! If I don't get your promise, I
will scream for help, and then yon will be
locked up until your senses come back to
My determination had its effect. She
ceased to struggle, and looked solemnly at
me with big, lovely eyes, to which the pale
light of the Bioou seemed to give an uncanny glitter.
"Who are you?" she askpd, "that you
should so concern yourself about the fate
of a stranger?"
"I am a friend of humanity, I hope."
"Hnmanity!   My God t   How much humanity has my short life met  with?    And
what sort of a specimen  of humanity  do
you suppose me to be?''
"Unfortunate; that is evident. Not naturally depraved, I am sure. The victim
of some scoundrel, I imagine. A fitting
subject for belp aud counsel. Thut is certain."
"Help aud counsel I Oh, how I have
prayed for them! arid now it is too late I"
But I saw that 1 had conquered. The
fierceness of the girl's frenzy had passed.
and tbe crisis ia her fate was over. Poor
child I bow my heart bled tor her! It is
aad to witness despair at any time. Bui
saddest of all is it to recognize ..the insatiate ghoul on the face of those to whom lite
should just be opening wipe its portals of
"Perhaps I can afford yoa help and
counsel," I said, soothingly. "1'eople
would never find themselves utterly forsaken, if they only kuew to whom to apply
in their need. Tell roe about yonrpelf.
It will relieve you. What is your name,
and where do you live?''
"My name," was the Litter answer,
"has been disgraced, and I will not add
to uiy folly by involving niy family iu my
disgrace. Ah for uiy home, it in truly a
magnificent one. The air, lhe sky, the
water and the roaring noises ol civilization are all mine to enjoy ml libitum.
Why, I am quite rich!"
As the stranger .made tlle last remark,
she lost her self restraint, ami nibbed
with hysterical violence. I'fell very much
relieved at this outburst, for 1 knew thai
though it would probably have the girl
faint aud exhausted, it would also leuve
her in a more gentle and pliable frame of
My judgment proved correct, and 1 was
presently fully Boilfldsd 111, li was the old
story of blind trust uml deliberate betiay*
Sl, and is soon told. Llloy Marl. I nun hud
been well eiluealed and delicately reared,
but was without relatives or near friends
at the time 1 found her. Her ui<>.her had
died eighteen uioiillis beloie tills, The
penury consequent upon the previous
deuth ofthe fattier had been partly met by
disposing of the furniture and other effects, und wheu Lucy was left unprotected, she wat also quite without melius.
But she meant to be vuiy indnsi rioiis
and attentive to her. duties and quite expected to earn her living easily in London.
So she migrated from the quiet little Surrey village where sliu had so much eoj-row
lo seek oud to find employment lu one of
.thegreatest hives of wickedness the woild
has ever known, to wit—London.
' When- her en p'oyor began to pay her
little attentions sue- felt.ftutt.eicd. When
he requested her to observe lhe strictest
secrecy regarding his stea'tliily bestowed
attention she believed iiis representation
that her fellow employes wou.d be spitefully jealoiiB if they Suspected which way
the wind wus blowing. When he took her
lo a pretty house she never doubled his assertion that marriage would follow immediately upon her transference thither, und
it was with a feeling of rapturous pride
luul she obeyed his injunctions lu thu latter and allowed herseit io bo introduced to
■'.k servant a-i "M.s. liny mud," * just for
• .-.--« of the thing,' us Mr. Collinson
A*,' ■ what the servant would think of
ton bstttg Malted   "Mrs.   Collihsou"  soon,
- . » .« se::,':i:.*r replied thut the ber-
am.% itrntty knew all particulars, ami  thut
.- ,. ,'.r» for whoso benefit the
* Mi}.w/ imitation wa* intended.
{ arssi trafi-.,Mred thai Lucy herself
iw     ...    -,•*'"   of   ':eceplion.    'lhe  self-
.ud L«d ever some excuse
ready Ior puttin.' ott the niatrl.igs mini
his victim L'lt Uerself hopelessly rum-
promised. The servant was his willing
tool, ami when he got tired bf his toys lie
bnd m. difficulty in getting the servant to
help liiia further,his rascally work. The
latter coutrived to tell Lucy that ull the
neighbor* already looks*) down upon her,
and that she, being kept by a man to
whom she was not married, wos considered
beyond the pale of respectability. Inno-
oeitt the girl was. But who would believe
her protestations to that effect? In ths
face of her apparent guilt uo one would
do it.
"It's no use crying over spilt milk," said
tho Bervant. "The master will be kind
nnd generous to you as long as he likes
yon. Bnt you will have to give up such n
noi ion as marrying so rich a man as he is.
Take niy advice, and get sll you can out of
him while you bave the chance. He'll
soon fall in love with somebody else."
Lucy's heartbroken threat to expose her
betrayer only provoked the derision of the
"Vou would very likely get locked np
for attempted blackmailing," she said.
"He has beeu too careful for such a greeu-
horn as you to circumvent him. He has
never been here to see either yon or tlis
house except after dark, and nobody would
believe yon it yon said "Mr. Muyiuud was
Mr, C'oliinson." He is supposed to have
nearly broken his heart when his wife
died and if ever anybody was looked upon
by the world as a pattern of virtue, it is
the man whom you, a bit oi a shopgirl, expected to mairy you. Yon would ouly get
yourself laughed at aud despised. So take
my advice, and don't be fool enough to Ily
iu the face of fortune yet."
Even after theso revelations, the poor
child conld hardly believe iu the utter
baseness of her betrayer. But in her next
interview with him she was soon convinced
of the fact that the man whom she, iu
common with the rest of the world, regarded as a pattern of virtue, was, iu reality, a monster of deceit and vice.
That night she escaped from her pretty
home, and from t.'ien until 1 saved her
from self destruction she had undergone
all manner of rebuffs, disappointments and
privations, which were enough to drive
any other modest girl to the refuge of tbe
I found a temporary home for Lucy and
promised to pnt an end to her trouiiles ill
some way or other. Nor did I doubt mv
ability to do. this. Lucy believed au appeal or a threat of exposure lo be equally
Vain weapons to use against Air. Collinson,
but I was more worldly wise aud more sure
of snecess. 1 saw that as yel the girl was
not fit to cope with tlie world, and I determined to make the "Pattern of Virtue"
provide for her comfort. In this determination Lucy's own guileless and simple,
nature aided me. Though tenacious of her
honor she did uot recoil from the idea of
compelling Mr. Collinson to pay for his
deception, as many a girl of more vigorous
mind whose feelings had beeu outraged
would have done.
I co ifess to feeling more than slightly
malicious when 1 went to interview the
great draper and clothier, who soon found
that he hud a much more experienced woman than simple little Lucy to deal
with. His dismay when 1 quietly laid tlie whole urray of facts before
him and proved the strength of my position, was comical to witness. At first he
tried to frighten me with his bogie reputation us a pattern of virtue. But 1 had
several cards up my sleeve, aud us I played
t liein, oue by oue, he realized that if I
were to make u public exposure of only
one half the seedy facts I hud been able,
with the aid of my colleagues, to rake up
against hlm, the wbrld would know him in
uii his carnal hideousness, aud a vast number of people wonld take their custom elsewhere.
Before I had doue with him I convinced
bim of the expediency of providing liberally for Lucy for at least five years to
come, and I declined to be a. '.died with
less thar. three hundred per iinnnm for
that period. It waa a bitter pill for him
to swallow, but he saw no other way out of
the embroglio into which his scoundrelly
nature had brought him, and I carried my
TuUIiil-  No KUliii. .
"Waiter,'' said  the cautious guest,   "I
see you have cauvoshack duck ou  ilu b.ll
of fare.    Can you warrant it to ba cauvas
back duck?"
,   "I can, sir," replied the waiter.
"1 don't believe it. I see yon also claim
to serve tenderloin steaks. Are they really
tenderloin steaks?"
"Ihey nre."
"It is simply impossible. There is only
one real,, genuine tenderloin steal, iu u
beef, and you can't kill a cow for every
irfan who calls for a steak of that kind".
Hum - let me see. 1.roiled red snapper.
Sure it's red snapper?"
"Ves, sir."
"1 doubt it. Von can easily make Mississippi ,Kiver buffalo look like red'snapper. Uin—spring lamb, mint sauce. Uld
mutton, without a doubt.    Waiter?"
"Ves, sir." ,
'•Bring tne Bome fried liver."—Chicago
Some geologists bold that mountains
huvo roots.
strength all Wire HliaTts.~
From a recently published estimate of
the strength of the proposed wire shafts
f. r bteamsltips it iippeurs that iu this Itu
|i .rtaiit respect the most satisfactory result
is realised. When made in five sseUoUS,
witli a total length of 100 feet and 15
inches diameter, the shaft will have 89,000
Ko, 7 steel wires, each 25 feet long, with
00,000 fusienings; nnd, as each wire and
each fastening will sustain a loud of .";()<!
pounds without rupture or injury, there is
thus exhibited a total inherent strength of
some IIT.fiOO.OOO pound*, or an amount
twenty live times greater than the continuous Torcfl of au engine of 5,000 horse
power, which is indeed an insignificant
Ouecll   Viet, i-lu's   Huh y.
Tho largest dairy in the wor.d is owned
by Queen Victoria, nt her model farm near
Wuulnor. It has floors of porcelain tiles of
w Its and blue, containing medallions of
the QUeen her hiis't.-aml aud each of their
cl'-ldren-niurble olumns supporting the
roof mid windows of stained glas bordered
with daisies, buttercups, primroses and
May blossoms, Bas reliefs of the seasons
and •. an ion griculliirul designs complete
the ornamentation ud marble tables and
basin are ranged a-outid the wall at intervals, while a perpetual stream of water
runs through the building.
Nanus of J-'rult*.
Tho very names of many of our fruihi at
once suggest their foreign origin. Corinth
was the sponsor of ''currants,' and Damascus of "damsons;" we have borrowed the
word "gooseberry" from tho Frencn
"groseille," "apricot" is derived from
Arabic, "peach" from the French or the
Italian, uud "tomato" from the Mexican
Aztec "toniotel;" whilo the word "csuli-
flower" is almost comically closo in iis do
rlv.iilon ftom tlio Spanish "col-y ttor,"
cabbage and flower.—London   Telegraph.
Last niirlit I hold heron mv Unas,
'I'he girl that I lovu best;
That little head so dour lo mo
Was pillow e,l .on my breast,
1 held her liltlo hand in mine,
And kissed hero'er and o'er;
But then you see. she's barely nine,
And 1 am sixty-four.
And if it happens that I be
A granddad that adores
The grandchild that taken after me,
It's no concern of yours.
Kmtt Trelawsbv
court, an Angel,
a Man.
a Minx. Marios  Har
Geoffrsy Fortes-jus,
Scisi—A drawing-room.
Kitty (jumping up from the piano as
Miss Harcourt is announced)—O Marion,
It is you. What* relief!
Marion—Are you ex pecting anyone else?
Kitty—Yes, and 1 was afraid—but it's
you aud Tin glad. Qid you get my last
letter? And bave yon come bock for good
from yonr travels—nearly two years, isn't
it? And is your father better? Wheu did
you get back? And can you guess what a
wicked girl I am, and how miserable thia
unhappy secret makes Hie—at leust, part
nf it, for some of it's hupuy, you know;
but I do waul your advice and symputhy
Marion—O my dear Kitty, stop! Sit
down and let ui talk quietly. I want
sympathy, ton,
' Kitty (open-eyed)—Vou ! Von want sympathy! 1 thought, you were above that
Marion—Not a bit. 1 wunt ull yon can
give nie.
Kitty—-Uh. do tell   tne; but  yon   must
hear nie first—my tronbles nre more pressing.    I'm in such a fix!     I've got a letter
from him to Bay—
.Marion—Him?   Whom?
Kitty (impatiently)—The him. of course.
There's   only   one   hiin— at   least,   there
ought lo be only one.    That's just it.
Marion—What do you mean?
Kilty—I mean—that—there are two.
Msrlotl—Yon are engaged to two men at
Kitty—Well, you see—they overlap—for
the moment.
Minion—Vou take my breath away.
Kitty—You remember my writing to tell
you about my engagement to au awfully
nice, clever fellow, a lawyer, about eigh
teen mouths ago. and how he iiad to go to
India—to tuke evidence on - .nitnissioti,
they call it, I think—u few wees after we
were engaged?
Marion—Yes, and yoh weie to he married us soon as he came back. Hasn't lie
come back?
Kitty —Ch, yes; he's come right e'noMtll.
1 am expecting him here now—immediately—any—every moment; and I don't want
Marion—Explain!    Kxplniu !
Kilty—Last summer. 1 went to  stay at.
Mis. l-a-.riight's J.lin* on the Hudson, and,
of course, there was lots of  bostillld   tennis,    picnics    and -(hesitates) ■ moonlight
Muriot, (gravely)—Oli, my dear Kitty!
Kitty—The situation'* uot t>> be  faced,
I know I'm u wicked  flirt,  aud all   that;
but oh, Marion, lie is smch a darling, aud I
really, truly want to be his wife.
'Marion—Then why weren't you true to
Kitty—Which hiin? I'm speaking of the
—the—well, the new one.
Marion—Kitty, you are dreadful. You
never can have loved truly, deeply, seriously, for true love is constant—it lifts oue
out of oneself, and—
Kitty—Thanks; I've read ull that in
Marion—But you bave never felt it—not
deeply, I'm sure.
Kitty—You're in love, Marion. Yon
uever talked about it like this bei'ore. Who
is it? Tell me, quick!
Marion (after a pause)—I don't feel that
I can talk to you us freely as I could once
have done.
Kitty—Oh, I shall  get  it out of you.
Y'ou met   him abroad.    AVIiere   was   it?
Who is he, and when were you engaged?
Mariou—We are not engaged.
Kitty—Broken off! Oh,   Marion, I'm so
sorrt, dear.
Marion—No, not broken off. He waa
engaged before we met.
Kitty (whistles)—And lie fell in love with
you and told you bo?
Kitty—He never told yon he loved you?
Marion—No, not in so many words.
Kitty—Well,   when   shall   yoa seehim
.Marion—I do not expect ever to see bim
Kitty—And yon love him very much?
Marion—1 could love him very much.
Kitty—Poor    thiugl     Marion,    it's   4
o'clock, and you've never helped mo out of
my fix oue bit.    He  may be  hero   at uuy
moment, and what am 1 tn say to him?
Mariou (bewildered)—You're   shaking
now of	
Kitty—The—the original one. Don't
you understand? He returned from India
yesterday. 1 have to tell him that I love
some oue else, nnd 1 can't, llurk! there's
the bell. Marion, I can't seo hntl—1
Won't.    (Suddenly; you iu list.    (Hise».)
Marion—Don't be absurd. 1 can't net, m
perfect stranger.
Kitty (making for the door)—Say you're
a iriend   of   the  family, and  I'm a silty,
ha''.' brained girl  who   doesn't   know   li.-r
owu mind.    Say   anything   y.et  like; but
get me out of this, and I'll  lovo yoa forever,    (flies out of tbe room hy aside door
as the servant enters by another   and   uu
i/oiiuces Mr. Kortesque.     Marion j'isos.)
Mr. Kortesque—Miss Harcourtf
Marion—Mr. Forteque!
Mr. l-'ortesqiie—Vou here!    J—j hud no
idea you knew the Trelawneys.
Mariou—Ves, Kitty und I are old schoolfellows,
Mr. Kortesque (with some omnium)—I
never thougtit to see you again. And
.Miss Troluwney, has she told you all nbout
'Marion—She told me she was engaged to
—to some one very nice.
Mr. Krotesque—Ah! why did she run
awuy as 1 came upstairs?
Marion—I will go and ask her lo corns
Mr. Krotesque—Please  tell me first why
sho tan away.
Marion—.She Bhull tell you herself.
Mr. Krotesque—Then there is something
to tell me.    Whut is it?   Slie has changed
towards me.    I   half   guessed it from her
letters of late.    She is afraid to tell me herself, and hus left j on to doit for her.  Isn't
it so?
Mr. Krotesque—And she lovos some one
Marion—She must coute and i.;-eak to
you herself. I'll fetch her. (Goes towards
tbo door).
Mr. Kiotosque—Stop—dW you teU her of
our previous acquaintance'.;
Marion—No, but 1 must now.
(Marion retires,  aud   iu a  few minutes
Kitty outers in a rntner siianie-r.u-e.i uin.i
Mr. Frotesque —How do yen do,
Kitty—O Geoffrey, I'm so sorry; are you
dreadfully angry?
Mr. Kortesque—Do 1 look angry?
Kitty—N-no, 1 can't say that you do. 1
thought yoo wonld be. 1 think yon onght
to be. You ought to iook—well—a little
Mr. Kortesque—You wnnt me to look
unhappy because yon love some one
Kitty—I think it would have been
rather nice of yon.
Mr. Fortesque—Bnt supposing I love
some one else?
Kitty (eagerlv)—But yon don't, do you,
Mr. Fortesque—My dear Kitty, what
can it matter to you now?
Kitty (doubtfully)—N-no. Of course,
it oughtn't to matter. But I didn't
Mr. Fortesque—That 1 conld be as faithless as yourself?
Kitty—How horrid of you I
Mr. Kortesque—No, I'm not, and 1
haven't been faithless. 1 huve beeu true
to yon, Kitty, and would have married
yon. Vou wish to be free Well, 1 give
you your freedom.
Kitty—Oh! 1 never thought you'd take
it so coolly.    Yon want to be freo, ton?
Mr. Kortesque—Naturally.
Kitty—To marry somo one else?
Mr. Kortesque—I'm sorry if the idea
hurts ynu. Ves, 1 wish to marry some
oue else. You want to do the same, 1
understand.    What could he lienor?
Kilty—Oil! but I didn't think ynu
would be so glad to get rid of me. 1—1 —
Jeff, who is she.' ls fche pretty, »"d youm*,
and clever?   ls it any one I know?
Mr. Kortesque—Ves, it is your old
sclmnlfellnw, .Marion Hurc.iiirt.
Kitty (amazed)—Muriuii! ! ! Why—
you've only known her live minutes!
Mr. Kortesque—Nu. We met mi tlio way
home. She and her lather joined oiir
boat ut Colombo.
Kitty—Then yon nro tin* man she lias
been tolling tne of—wbo was engaged lo
some olio else and willi whom she parted
forever. Mr. 'Fottesqutt—Wo thought wo
had parted forever.
Kitty—1 ahould mink bo—when yon
were engaged to tne.
Mr. Kortesque—Don't you mean, Kitty,
when vou were iu love witn snmo one
Kitty—I'm not sure that 1 am, now.
Mr. Kortesque—Quod heavens! What a
complication I    I—
Kitty—Oil! its all rigid, as far as you an.
concerned, Mr. Kortesque. Don't mind
Mr. Kortesque—Kitty, you can't possibly
be such a—
Kitty (coolly)—Dog in lhe manger, are
ymi going to say? At any rate. 1 am a dog
with two strings tn my bow. and 1 know-
now 1 never loved you. it's nice to hnvo
..tie s hr.nd made up for om*, so send for
Morion at onoe, ami I'll wish her joy, Ami
1 must send a telegram '.
Mr. KurtPBqiie- Wlmm t.? Oh I I beg
your pardon,
Kilty—Von'll see. Ynu may hand it in
fur uie if you like. You pass a telegraph
office, don't you?
Mr. Fortesque—Certainly, with pleasure.
Kitty (sits down and writes)—Tliere!
Mr. Kortesque—(.'an you be polite in ten
Kitty—Read it, and see! (Watches
Mr. Fortesque (reads)—To Trefusis.
—— Club. Please come congratulate me.
—Kitty.     Who is Trefusis?
Kitty—Why the otlier one, of course.
Go and hand it iu, quick..
Mr. Kortesque (going out) —Little lninxl
Tho Russian viee-vy in tin- o.tst is
learning: how to write despnt'.ho.s commencing, "Wo regret tn report.'*
\\i- ;uv surprised to learn tli.it the
czar has called oil u state bull nt M.
Petersburg. We understood tho fashion of "culling nit" linii become o!i-
Some   people   who pretend m . ,
the truth for tho truth's Si,k„ ,_"?
tell  it  because it shows thi
bo i's up in a bad light.
Slll*-'> merely
If iielift.
The Japanese huve  |„...
Britons of Asia.    Tnis j,,
handsomest p-vm". .wonts we
'■'""■I lh,
' "■' tiii.
'■ould !,,
Kl. .-lili-iir in Homework.
Electricity promises to solve the domestic problem, It is simply press a button
and dinner is ready. An electric oven will
cook a 12-pound turkey in two hours and
forty-five minutes ami no thought need bs
given it, whilo tho kitchen is entirely free
from heat and unpleasantness, lhe upper
shelves of the oven warm the dishes to ex
sctly the light temperature. I'ress a but
ton and the coffee will bo steaming hot,
another button, and the eggs are beaten ;
another button, and the meat is chopped.
Tbe electric washing machines, irons aud
sweepers will change housework from
drudgery to a scientific economy of power.
There seems to he no reusou why the electric ovens should not soon take the place
of tho coal dove-. Itut we draw the
line at tlio food cooked. Wo eat witli
loo much electric speed already.—l.ewiston
His Case.
Courts nf law are now ami then enlivened by the unintentional comicalities which
will occasionally crop up even iu most se
rioiis cases, lu a Certain lunacy case, tried
in the Court of Quean's Bench, tlie last
witness called by Mr. Montague chambers,
leading cuiinsel for tbe plaintiff, was a
doctor, who, at the close of his evidence,
described a case of delirium tremens treated by him. iu which tbo patient recovered
in a single night.
"It was," said the witness, "a case of
gradual drinking—sipping all day from
morning till night."
Theso words wero scarcely uttered when
Mr. chambers, who had examined the
witness, turning to the Hunch, and uncon-
ciously accenting tho last word but one
"My Lord, tbat is my case."
Knars uf laughter convulsed the Court.
Count Tolstoi.
Count Tolstoi is thus described by bis
latest visitor, who found him at home:
"After passing down lung corridors, which
are like GO many entrenchments around
Tolstoi's study. 1 ut last Blond liefoio this
remarkable man. 1 saw him just as the
celebrated picluro shows him—in his full
peasant's smock, a belt round his waist,
With the white heard, tlie melancholy,
deep-set eyes, the coarse gray hair, the
thoughtful, wrinkled brows, the sluing
hands accustomed to work, which during
his conversation he keeps passing through
his bolt, and tiie whole touching earnestness which surrounds tho man. Count
I.eo Tolstoi makes tbe impression of a
figure out ot the Bible."
Hltfll l'l Led Slumps
Collectors may be interested in the high
prices brought lately by certain stamps at
ii sale in London, Among thn principal
lots disposed of wore: Greal Britain, the
V. K (damaged), £H; Naples, l!>t.,
"Arms," jCIo; Moldavia, 108 iiarM, ill7;
Spain, 1851, 12 reules, !'.'(); lii.neva, the
double stump, £2'2; Valid, 4a, £14j Win-
terthur, " l*!i rappen, a block ol luir( ,£17;
PuStS LOUS o, a made-up plnte, i'!)J 10s. ;
Tuscany, 00oralis, unused, ill, ditto, il
lire, £'M; a collection of Russian locals.
i!110; Capo of Good Hope (woodblock), Id,
blue, £ili; aud Mauritius, 'ii, blue, very
line. 131 10s.
Are Ailments Whloh Cause Great Anxiety to Mothers Who An
Not Familiar with the Curative: Powers of
Dr. Chase'
Linseed and
s Syrup of
It is a serious question to every
inotlwr as to how shu cun heat toni
bat croup, whooping cough, lironchi-
lis, and similar ailments which unsure to attack the littlo ..in a at
limes least expected.
The hollow, croup.y coukIi comes
with terri-fa|le foreboding as it litoUSos
the hopelessness of battling anuii.st
a. disease which frequently ilelios tin;
most skilful physician?.
In croup above all other diseases
prompt action is of the greatest im-
portance    iiuaginnhje. With     Dr.
Chase's Syrup of l.insped uud Turpentine at hand uny moth.-i' can effect almost instant relief wnon the
children are struggling (rnntlcnJI.v
for breath. Uy sheer force uf ui.-rit
it has won its wuy to popularity,
and is known nil over this cotitlnoriC
tt-t   tbe   DOSS   effective   treatment   for
throat und lung troubles that sclr-nce
has ever devised,
Mr. VV. Mr-laee, 40 Wright avenue,
Tornneo, Ont., suites —"Th.-ie is no
remedy In my opinion that i-un set
more promptly thun Dr, Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turparttlnb. It
cured my sun of croup, absolutely,
in  ome night.    Wo  gave him a nose
when he was black in the far,. W|,.
choking, it gave him Instant iclJ
Put-ins; the night he took scvoiii
doses und in tha morning woks ui>
bright, perfectly well, and cliwrM
1 must say it is a wonderful tuedl
Mrs. J. VY. Lloyd, Albion street
Belleville, Ont.., states :—
"In the beginning ot last wlntor]
took a vory severe cold, accompany
with a bad cough, and was ulmosi
laid up for a time. 1 tried seven
remedies, but with indifferent ivsulti
On the advice of a friend 1 gol n bot
tie of Dr. Chase's Syrup uf I tnsw
and Turpentine, ond found thai 11
relieved the cough at once, iw t|»
time I hnd taken the one bottlajn
cold was gone, and I can ii-iithlulli
recommend It as a splendid uiptA
for coughs and colds.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed am
Turpentine, 25 cents a botiic, iunn|,
si/.o (three times as much) 1.0 centi
nt nil dealers, or Bdtnanson, Um,,
& Oo., Toronto.
To protect you against imitation;
the portrait, and signature ul la-. .1
W. Chas.-, the famous receipt book
author,  are on every bottle.
If Colombia '1.     >st Columbia
Were In van loody light.
Were to bmiK hei little army
.'. "I assail uh in our might.
\ .1 1 a la not a chance for doubting
Ere tho Utile Job was through
In tbat orthographic warfare
Of lhe o against the u.
This Columbia that we live In
Spells it clways l-ii-m.
Eut those "tli.*r folks are Spanish;
lt i.s different with them.
If they tackle ns we'll have to
Mali.* another Spanish stew
Of this orthographic wauiuia
Willi tho D against the u.
A   Word  to  Ihr   WU*.
Cbolly CboCfer—And tell me, uiy good
mnn, if un automobile runs over somebody iu your little town is he lined?
Tarantula Pete
Hla Problem.
"Yes, sir," said Mr. lillllngberry, "I
ftiess I've got one of the liitellectuullst
families in thes-i parts-always tiililu'
up willi something tlmt CO lis for the
exercise of the mental powers to thedr
"Is that so?" politely murmured the
other mu 11.
"You bet. Now. there's mother, She's
upstairs this morning wilh a set o'
newspaper puzzle pictures, un' If she
solves them nu' Writes a good serial
itory to go ahmg with 'eiu sbe gets
ut least a dollar; an' my daughter
l.b./.ie Is covcriu' lite dinlu' room door
with sheets o' paper that she's been
figurln' on try in" tu lin.I out how .old
Ann Is; an' Henry, he's determined lo
work the pigs In clover puzzle with
three shakes nn' 11 wriggle of bis band;
un' Jim Unit's Jim over by the fence -
he's stu.hm' up a new way to work
lhe fifteen puzzle. He's wurkei! 00
Unit for ten years an' iblnks he's pretty near got ll."
"Uut you- what problem are you de-
Kited toV
"Who—me? My problem? oh. I
work out the puzzle of keeplu' the family together.'
lie  Uld  Too.
A rnnnlbal  LltiR   tliry  cnllcil Crumb
Bald:   "While nu.ti.  I II give vuu u lluncb
Jusl  lav down your ijun.
And  I'll show .1111 some fun
On the dead.  I will Imvc >ou to Iiii.t'i."
Sow, Wasn't Thet Slennr
Mrs. ,|,—| wish you wouldn't snore so.
Mr. .1.-1 have to, iny ileiir; otherwise
the ul her boarders would  hear you.
Il.OVE  to sit and think awhlli
And   smile:
1 love lo alt and thli.li awlillt,
Awhile the waiter up the ami
Between the rows of tables ntul
Brings me the Jumbled gub ul swM
Mince i>iei
uii, niy I
I love lo grab the sprinkler In        {
My lln-
I love to pull the sprinkler In
My shaking hand and then 1..■.• ai
To gently  lilt the pies but edt,'*
Anil pulverltOd In rapture wedge
In  my t!
Mince pie! •
And then I love to take 017 eiue    '
And frec-re—
And then I love to take my ease
And freeze to It and rub my kneee
Willi CoU.er hand In tweet content-
All raptures of the Joy gods Unit
ln mci
Oh.  gee!
I love to taste the toothsome dish
And   wish
That 1 might laste the toothsunie die
Till elephants all turn to lish
And maidens never long to wed-
No other bliss nmy serv* IniteaJ
Of my
Mince pie!
And then, when everything li dune,
And none—
And then, when everything le done,
And none Is left where I'd becun,
I love to feel my proud soul soar
As eagerly I order more
Mince pie—
Oh, He!
—Baltimore Vm
There's  Muar •  Slip.
"Oh, professor, I saw such a ourW
old   fossil   In   the   museum  tuduy.
tbongltt of you at once!"
A  Sur*  Slga.
Mi-ind-And so you think Lord MfJI
rnstle loves you.   Has he told yon to
Klhel-No. but his solicitor CSlWJ
Dun's nnd nrndstreet's for P"*
liiiaiiclul standiiiB-Cblciigo TrlbuM-
Th« Tose o( Miielil..'***'-
Bftflaeera judge of the '■"■■■•■■■■"*
their  niiifhlneiy by tlie t  '  *L
out whilo running, Every w^
whether stationary or loMttiotl™. 1
u purtk-ulur tone of Its own. ""J
glneer becomes acctisloimid ,0 ,
uud any (lcpiirlnrc from It at 0B r
cites a suspicion tntit Oil I" ,mI
The engineer nmy Ml 1*-|(JU'
muy not i'ii"'-  "- «l
One cun stop wben he ascends, but
not when be descends.—Nnpuleou.
tbl mutter,    nn 1.1...,    .,1
music, but the change in H"1 '    ,j|
I bis miiciiine will be Instantly n' m
1 ble. will  be Instantly reeofni*•    J
j will start hlm on an ImmedloM"     ■
eutlon. I
-fHC     PRILL
SLOGAN,   B.  C.
., id wel.ffl>l"*-'«'lB* Villages aad Cat*.
•"*      rr off Many Prlsoeere.
nr H. 0* MeCook tells of a species
r kidnaping tints which make organ-
Led attacks on otber ant villages for
tie purpose of capturing slaves. Here
„ au account of the attack:
-At lust the muster ls complete.
Mysteriously, but eBTectlvely, the signal
Vorward!' is given, and the column
ove8 from the hill. There Is no regu-
!"r alignment, but a show of solidarity,
holding of the ranks within close
"ooipass and touch-a 'rout step,' ln
i ict. There ls no general; there are uo
r'liu-jr-lioate ofBeers, but such ls the
nympothetlc unity thnt they seem to
move lu response to one will and command, if every warrior is a law unto
himself the law so binds and unlmates
und compels all ullke that tbe ends of
uu organized cohort ure served.
'•Assault, battle and pillage follow
quickly upou the sortie. The objective
point of tbe march is not far uwuy.
A mm.wed yards distant is a Tuscan
village. The route thereto lies across
ihe edge of a grove, over a footpath.
uioiiK u fallen tree, uuder whose shelter
nnd shaded by tufts of gruss is tbe
devoted commune. It is feeble in uuui-
beis, and there Is u bare show of defuse us tbe freebooters hurl tliem*
lelvei upon tbe hill und plunge Into
Hie open gates. The villagers lice at
Ua- first onset through uuussulled or
H.ret passages. Home run the gaut-
|i.( it,tough the assailing rnOks, All
ivlio can carry a purt of the family
treasures—eggs, larvtc uud pupa*. Like
lin'ir Hiobdingnugiaii brothers of the
liiiiuun race, wheu disaster befalls their
tit-sit care Is for their offspring. Tbe
fugitives mount luto nearby clumps of
low wood plants, whence tbey look
down upon tbe devastation of their
homes—wltb whut feelings? i-'or one
must suppose thut the midgets do feel,
lluiugl! sometimes he would fain hope
"Meanwhile the invaders Issue from
Uie gates, bearln-.* iu tbelr Jaws the
Tuscan young uud occasionally un
tnlult. They take tbe borne trail, but
not In ordered ranks. It is go as you
please now. They ure welcomed buck
by their bluck confederates, who receive
the captives and take them—ibeir very
own sisters perhaps—into the domestic
quarters. The soldiers hurry buck to
Ibe scene of action, for their work Is not
yet finished."—Harper's Magazine.
Cornell unlverslty-"Cornell! I yell,
ji-il, yell!    Cornell!"
Amherst—"B«hl Hah! Rab! Itab!
Hah! Hah!    Amherst'."
Columbia university— "Ray! Ray!
liny!    C-olu-ni-b-1-u!"
lleloit --Oh aye, yoh-yoh-yoh-Belolt!
lle-lo I t!    Hah-rab-rali!"
University of Uvinsylvanln—"Hoo-
r.'ili! iloorali! HiM'ab! I'euii syl va-
Princeton university—"Hooray! Hooray! Hooray I Tiger! Sis! Ilooiu!
Ab!   Princeton!"
Lehigh university — "IIoo- rah - ruy!
IIoo rah-ray! Itny, ray. ruy, Lebigh!
i.ehlyli!    Lehigh!"
I'niverslly of Chicago - "Chlcngo!
Chicago! Chicago, go! Ho It, Chita-go
il. Chlcu go It. Chicago!'-
Vule university—"Rub. rail, rub! Rah,
rah, fab! Hah. rab. rub! Vule!."
Vale's yell Is quick uud sharp.
Harvard university—"Hull, rah, rah!
Huh. rab, rah! Rub. rub. rub! ltar-
iard!" Hurvard's yell is long uud
lirown university—"Rsb! Rab! Rah!
Huh! Huh! Kail! Hrowu, Browu,
Brown! KI yi. ki yl. ki yl! Hlcki.
hlckll   li.orab!"   (Three times.)
•ilie laraeeaa ■"•t th* Moua.
The Saracens called tbe moon Ca*
bar the (jreat, uud the crescent still
surmounts tbe Turkish mosques and is
emblazoned ou the green standard of
the prophet. Schlegal mentions a story
Unit Mohammed "wished to psss with
his disciples as a person transfigured
lu a supernatural light and that the
credulity of bis followers saw tbe
inooii, or the union's light, descend up-
" blm, pierce bis garments and re-
.. - '..-.li hlm.
"'i'hut veneration for the moon wblcb
•1111 forms a nntlotinl. or, rather, rell-
l tow, cbarncterlstle of the Mohammed-
ms umy perhaps have its foundation
lu the elder superstition or pagan Idolatry of tbe Arabs."
Not   HU  Fanlt.
A doctor wns summoned to attend
the miller's little boy. Ile wrote out a
prescription, which was promptly mnde
up uud administered in due form. The
next day be cal led again t0 8lH» i,|a ,m.
tlent and round ibe whole family In
"AIns!" snid tlie mother, "1 shouldn't
huve thought that my poor child would
huvo died of the luensles."
"Whut!" exclaimed the doctor. "He
hnd tbe measles, uud you never told
Ills Ocoapatloa,
Cnlrcrt. Jr.—Whnt Is your uncle doing now?
Rally Moore—Sitting on juries.
Culvert, Jr.—WhntV I thought he
whs Judge io one of the higher courts.
Unity   Moon - He   is.
Tha Joke, oa Her.
"I suppose being tbe wife of a humorist ls a continuous Joke." said ber
former schoolmate.
"Yes," she sadly sighed, looking at
her faded Jacket,  "aud it's on me."
Dodd's Kidney, Pills Cured   His
Kidney Disease of Years
Samuel J. Crow, Well-Known ae tke Leader
of tho North Folliam and Roeeden*
String Rami, Is Again Enjoy log Tor toot
Uosedene, Ont., Feb. 22-( Special)—
There ure few better known musicians
in this purt of Canada than '^H-nual
11. Crow, i'or mnny years lender of
the old jPolham und,Kosedene String
Hand, and only his retiring ruuura
hus kept him from gaining a national
repululion. Consequently bis complete recovery from an a.'jygrav.i'.ed
case of Kidney Disease of year's has
aroused much comment here. Interviewed regarding his caso Mr. Crow
raid '■ —
To-duy 1 enjoy as good henlth es
1 did in lioyhooit, and 1 give ihe entire credit to Dodd's Kidney l'ills. 1
suffered for years Irom Kidney Trouble, which became aggravated upoa
every attack ol cold and en used me
agony, In lhe winter of iS'io it developed into" gravel, when I was totally iinl.i for anything. I tried different medicines without the desired
'I was in constant misery when 1
commenced i-* use Dodd.'fs Kidney
Pills, To my astonishment nnd dc-
lig'.,t I Immediate.,v bogStn to recover,
and alter using live bo.xes the disease
had entirely disappeared. I have
Known others who were great si.liners to lie entirely cured by liidd's
Kidney   l'ills." '   "
Forsooth, brothers, fellowship is
heaven und its lack is hell ; fpliow:
ship is lite, and lack of fellowship is
deuth: and the deeds thut vo do upon
thc earth, it is for fellowship's suke
thut ye do them.—William Mo'Hs
Rheumatism  Will Succumb u
South American Rheumatic Cure li-enusc
it goes riRhl to the seut ol the lrouble
snd removes the cause. Muny eo-calwd
t-uii's hut dcudeu pain temporarily only,
to have it return atrain with redoubled
violence. Not bo with this groat i.-iiic-
dy. It eradicates from the system thc
last vcHtlgc of the disease an.l ite inicf,
ure permanent.—74
Japan  is 59,561 square miles  la.gcr
than  England, Scotland nnd Wales.
ltiissia has fewer labor strikes than
other countries.
Heart  Sick   People.
Dr. Aciiew'e
Cure for the Heart is a heart tonic that
Uever lails to cure-is swift in In cflccts
—noes Ho sit to ihe "border l.iiiil" and
snatches from death's grip more sufferers
thun any other remedy for any Ir.uiily of
diseases uml ailments in the .nleiiory of
human sirfleiings. Gives relict in 80
Japanese ofl eers direct their troops
bv means of a whistle.
A good tale,  ill told., is a '-.id otic
Moscow is the centre of Russian internal cammerce.
A-   Id
The    Po.sonod    Spring
nniurc so tu man, pollute the 8|.rtmr and
discus,- mill uusie ure bound 10 follow—
the Mount.h and nerves out ol kilter
moans poison in the tpi'lntf* South
American -Nervine is a L-'eut fuiilier.
ruies indigestion, DyepClikla, nud tunes
the nerves The heH evidence of its eill-
.ney is the unsolicited leithnony o'
thousands of t-urcd ones.—TO
Until forty yenrs ago the .lejninesc
were vaccinated on the tip .•! ' he
The    czar    is   at   lhe head -•( thc
Ciraeco-Kuf.siun church
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Hend) Ilisii-fcclnnt
Soup Powder Is better thnn other |>< w-
riers. ns it Is both soap nnd di-infec-
ant ' . M
Japanese hridos, during ihe merrl-
age ceremony,  wash the feel  .■',   the
hridegroimi.     '
Por every  loll of ciiul.  RussIa  lilt lis
nine  lulls uf WOOd,
Chronic   on.plaining    makes louuh
luck nil  lh.- lotigb.-r
Most of the marriages arrnnjii-d hy
matchmakers turn out  inislils
Don't accept a bald l-end i.s a
l.ndg*e ol wisiliiin without Investigation.
Give nature three helps, and
nearly every case of consumption will recover. Fresh
air, most important of all.
Nourishing food comes next.
Then, ■ medicine to control
the cough and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.
«I Bnt BteS Ayert Cherry P**"**11'*1!''l__
Mo.  I here, ma Urrlbl* wiei of l»»s 4H-
All dninUtt.
Health demende dellv action of the
bowels. Aid n»t;«rewfth Ayor'e Pllle.
Itana lo fl.. In.a.. ...II ,,i. In a.r Iml l»:.-adar... C. *.•
U... William, XlaaaaaiU, I. t. I.
trembly   disagreeable   to   tlle   Russian
Tfaele   Work   Is   Deadly,   and   Tbey
Do  Not   1.1 ve   I,on*.
Pearl fishers do not live long. They
ofu-u dive to a depth of 100 feet or
more, and the strain wears them ont
before their liT-es nre half oyer. Prom
these depths a diver munlly brings
two oyster shells each "trip." It Is on
the mother of pearl in thes* that the
European depends for his sure profit.
Pearls are "plums," -which only occasionally fall to his lot. Divers .work
for a wage, and all the shells brought
up are, tbe property of the employer,
lu "Studies In Brown Humanity"
Hugh Clifford describes Malay pearl
fishers. 'Ihey anchor on the oyster
beds or as near tbem as possible, he
says, and tbe diving takes place twice
a day.
"All the boats are manned at morning nud evening, nud the Sulu boys row
theni out to tbe point selected for tbe
day's operations, The.white mun in
charge always goes with them In order
to keep an eye upon the shells, to resuscitate exhausted divers uud generally
to look after his own Interests.
"Presently n man lowers himself
slowly over the side, takes a long, deep
Ureaih, uud then, turning bead downward, swims into the depths, his limbs
showing dimly In froglike motions until, if ths water be very deep, he is
completely lost lo sight.
"In a few minutes he comes into
view again, his face straining upward,
yearning with extended neck for the
nir that he now needs so sorely. Ills
hands cleave the water In strong downward strokes; his form grows momentarily more distinct, until tbe fixed.,
tense expression of his staring face'is
plainly vilibler. Then the quiet surface
of the sea splashes in a thousand drops
of sun steeped light us his head tears
through it, and his bursting lungs, expelling tbe imprisoned uir, draw in tbe
breath which they crhve In long, hard
gasps. If the dive bus been a deep one
a little blood may a seen to trickle
from nose and mouth and ears. At
times even the eye sockets Mze blood,
the result of fearful pressure to which
the diver has been subjected."
Worry wont cure a cough.  When
you find a cough holding on~
whea everything else has tailed -
Bat GroTrmap People, Moat of Theae,
* Are   More  or  Leas   Inatiae.
There ls one disadvantage which Is
Invojved in the very nuture of educa-
tion£-that is, that we have to assume
that grownup people are representative. We have even to go the length
or assuming that grownup people nre
sane. When we talk about encouraging
henllh in children and discouraging
morbidity, wben we talk ot such und
such n*.child .being..abnormal'or interesting or neurotic or a genius, we are
all the time taking for granted that we
ourselves bave attained to wbat is
profitable and eternal In human nature.
But tbere is at least something tbat
may reasonably be said upou tbe otber
side, lt may at least very plausibly
be maintained tbat lt is children who
are, age after age. sane aud reliable
and grownup people who are, age after age, more or less fantastic and disconcerting. Tbe great majority of
grownup people in any age will be ln
all probability slightly Insane; for since
no human philosophy is perfect, and
6ince every human philosophy naturally treats itself as if it were perfect, the
chances are in every generation tbat
the majority of educated people will be
ecstatically certain of something that
is quite untrue. Children, on the other
hand, it might be maintained, represent the actual primary and untouched
human nature. Whatever agrees with
that ls sane: whatever disagrees wltb
It Is eccentric. Children sre always
children, or. to limit the matter witb
more precision, babies, at any rate, are
always babies. P.et few will be so
paradoxical ns to maintain that men
are always meu or women always women.
Aa 'Eloquent Peroration.
"And," said tbe rising young politician us he reached bis eloquent peroration, "I predict that our candidate
will, wben the votes are counted, be
found to have ridden to success upon
a tidal wave of glory tbat will have
swept ail before it like wild fire breaking lu flying spray upon the strand
where the sun of victory shall blaze
forth Its most effulgent rays upon the
close of one of the most noble, most
memorable campaigns that have ever
been launched upon the sen of politics
to gnther strength and carry all before It like the cyclone sweeping across
the broad prairies from which even
the orb'of duy hus disappeared In terror."  ^^^
Slmplla It).
Simplicity ls tlie crowning Jewel of
all virtues. Great. messages, great
truths, great discoveries tnd great
events ore ever simple in their elements. Simplicity makes the great
nobler nnil lifts the obscure to places
of eminence, It Is the bright cbnriu of
Innocent childhood ami lhe radiant gem
of the old aud learned-Maxwell's Tul*
Cure ?0:ioLun8
It is guaranteed to cure.   If It
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
Price*: 8. C. Wiut A Co. 301
25c. SOc. tl.   LeRoy, N.Y.,Toronto, Can.
A good iiiiixlin is never
i(lt »f sea-
\ good servant   makes a gopu inn
Baptist Testimony
Or. Agnew's Ointment I* without an equal
lor skin diseases er piles, 36c.
Itev. P. 1. Frey, pastor of Hie Uui'la
St    Uaptlit  Church,  Iluttalo,  NY., Miy.n :
I liuvo been greatly irmmie.l with colds,
headache and catarrh. I have uxed Ur.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder wi'h leu*, results. In feet il bas done womleis for
me, and 1 ulab lo reroniin.'ii.l lt to
everyone." Thin remedy is also n perfect specific for hiQusiua. Sold by ull
ItuKKiets. 24
Such  violent aXefCilO so Poon after
lie Otaerged from his hole niu*.i l.<- e\-
Anger  is like a ruin,   which
itself upon  what  it   falls
ii ei,ks
SAa-m   Vou    aSulldlr-lK T       If   so,   %amsm
The B«*a*fc  Building Paper IWIsedere.
It Is very much stronirsr end thicker than any ether (tarred ar belle.
InR) paper. II Is Impervious 10 wind, keeps out eold, keepa tp heat, «0*>
rlee no amell or odor, absorbs no moisture. Imparts no taste or Savor te
anything: with which it comes lu contact lt Is largely used not only (er
shsetinK houses, but for I in Inn cold storage build inns, refrigerator*, aatr-
tee, creameries, and all places where the object Is to keep an eves ae*
uniform temperature,  and at the same time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents, TEES * PERCSE, Winning, lee eemylee.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, NULL.
Do You Want
UME tat ID haholi roun SMIPMtSTS
TO tONSI-H.YOUR   CHAIN   TO  »  REUMlt   Fit"
II so, the auderslnutMl wanes yuur busloaes and will auilsaeor to glv* aatlelaettoa*
Cash adraucud on consignments.      lieferen.e:   tniou Bank of Cosada.
Th* oldest established  "ruin Commission
Uerchaut In Winnipeg.
•rein  Exohsnn*.   Winnipeg.
The  Manufacturers Life
Insurance Company.
The seventeenth annual meeting of the shareholders and policyholders of the Manufacturers Litis Insurance
Companv was held iu the Company a offices, Toronto, on Thursday, February 4th, at 2.30 p.m. The report
submitted was eminently satisfactory to all interested.
A detailed report of the proceedings will be mailed to all policyholders, but we believe that the everege
busv reader will get a clearer conception uf the progress the Company is making by having, as it were, e bird's-
eye view of its affairs.
Below will be found (he figures pertaining to the main features of the business for 1902 and 1903 snd the
increases ; also a comparative statement ofthe Company's growth since its organization.
The growth made in 1903 is well shown by the following table :-—
Net Premium Income	
Interest, Rents, etc,	
Total Cash   Income	
Payments to Policyholders	
Policy Reserves	
Total  Assets	
Applications for New Insurance.
New*  Policies  Issued	
Insurance in Force
t 1,219,435.91
I   164,620.19
The Manufacturers Life began business in 1887, and the following figures for four
year periods taken from its returns to the Dominion Government will illustrate its
remarkable growth and steady progress :—
S : !	
i"olal Premium
From Interest
aud Interest
in Force
Rents, etc.
December 31st.
$      778
$     1>7,1S4
$    87,963
$   165,732
$ 2,342,000
Tjjie death ratio in the Manufacturers Life has always been favorable in both
sections, but exceedingly so in the Abstainers' Section. The past year shows a
continuance of this favorable experience. The death losses in the General Section
were 75*7% of the expectancy, and in the Abstainers' Section only 41.3% ofthe
expectancy. The saving this year from low mortality in this section is therefore
58.7% as against a saving of 24.30/   in the General Section, which means much
larger dividends for Abstainers.
HON. O. W. ROSS, President.
Correspondence is invited.
sf. ft JUNKIN, Managing Director.
..   7.6*
S feet wide, 4 feet high, lneloSInc hinges and lateh„..„	
3* foet wide, 4 fast high. Ineladlng hlages and latote „...
Other stsss la proportion.
TBI   PACK   WIRE   FENCE,   CO.   Limited.   •    Welkorvllls. Mont reel, Wlnnlpee. St. J«M
br as er
local aoalar.
1 {ns - i.i ns ni.* lh.< most  ltus|iit,itil|. of   DAD   FIltTIIRES
In .lupun there nro over 30.01 »> miles   POOL    I ABLES*
of rtfllvvays
11..  Sieamtt  luu.  r.,iir»,t.r .„.
Unssin annually apends fi.s..hv.t.otm Jt D> CLARK, Agent, Winnipeg
on her army. 1
In  Japan  every  Child   is  iminlit     l.i
write with lioth hands.
I'nssiii  is traversed by the larpest
rivers in Europe.
A chauffeur is u man who runs
down |w*<li-sti-inns and runs up p-pnir
People tuny not think vou 0 fool,
yet they muy not lie in a position to
deny it.
'I'he    yearly   production oi conl  in
Russia  ll more tlii\n 0,000,0,10 tons.
It   is considered  lind  form  tn curry
1111   umbrella    In    Russia during ihe
win ter.
NtwtpipertWt11 Old Country
snd HAtMZn-ra, PEKIODICALS, BOOKS, ete..
^^^      Kish   art*  sold  alive   in  .lup.in.    tli.)
 pedlars carrying them    through   'he
streets iii tunks.
Japanese spies huv.* been •,>or..inn
among   the   Chinese   laborers    01    tho
dispatched  to subscribers  by   first  mails   by
WM.  DAWSON * SONS,   Limited,  Cannon  great "for tress ut l'ort Arthin
House, Bream's Buildings, London, England. ,
Tbe largest .Subscription Agency 1,1 tbe world.
Send for our list.   Vree on application.   Est,
1K».   Prompt and reliable.
It's tin awful huruli.'np for n cirl to
have n  yoiinper sister  who  is 11  real
A Deep Scheme. Dlirinu    leap    yeur     every    eligible
Mr. Deepe-i want you to Bit right younp man should r>c equipped with
down nnd write to Mrs. Jenks Inviting  a chaperon
her to view the pnrndo from our house.
Un, Deepe-l thought you snld the
route was almost sure to be chunt'cil,
so thnt our house will be cut oulV
Mr.  Deepe—it will bo changed, nnd
tho parade will pass Mr bouse now.
Cosllr Scenery.
A young wife's rainbow emile—the
kind that comes after 11 shower-Is beautiful, but It Is ulso the most expensive
bit of sceuery produced ou the iiiiiiuin
Every men bnsnt times in his mind
the Ideal of what be should be, but is
Most men would far ruth.-r lose 5lo
On u horse race th.in .1 nick.'I Ihrouuh
11  hole iu a pocket.
ESvery   yeur   28O1OOO   eonsrrip-s Join
tiie Russian army,
Chrysanthemums,  served us
ure  i   Itivorile  article  of diet
the Japanese
Houses  in   Russia   lire   built   nf   \. I-
low brick,  mid are of one s.oi-y.
  \t 11   Japanoae banquot it is mn-
The   satisfaction   of  having  tnt sidered   u,  compllmept   to   ux-.h.-mffe
washing done early In  the day, rune with a fripnd.	
and well done, belongs to every , llU(>   Utliktl]. ih   sibem,  is tin*
User Of Sunlight Sotp.                 UB ' highest  fresh witter bike ill l!.e world.
Brush Sl C°-
W    IM    XJ    No   -mt TBI DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C„ MARCH -1. 1»4.
i .}■
*C. I. Smithk»i.vg*i.s, Editor and Prop.
ie pusLisaao nm fai day at
tSLOCAH,      •      -       •       -      B. C-
Legal Adrertiaing 10 cents a line for
ihe first insertion andS cents a line each
•absrqaent -insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, *$7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals wHI be charged 10 cents a lino
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is 12 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 4th, 1904.
Spring and better times.
1 m - j   "a1",1 ■ "i •
C.P.K. officials are threatening the
B.C. govei|uu)<.-ai because their taxes
have been raised. Tke C.P.R. should
be given plainly to understand that
their day of bossism is ended.
Among some of the prominent dis
sisters of. the week were: a $8,000,000
fire in Rochester; one woman and
eleven children burned to death in a
fire at Roberville, Que.; and the loss
■of fourteen lives by the partial burning of the steamer Queen off the mouth
of the Columbia river. The new year
is earning a terrible and dark record.
New Denver business men, through
their lessening support,are killing the
Ledge, thereby courting disaster for
their town. The Ledge has made
New Denver known all over America
and without it the town will sink into
oblivion. No town, desirous of exist
ing, can afford to be without a paper.
Nakusp, Three Forks and Silverton
Are cases in point.   -
Canada has a new militia establish
went, giving her a peace footing of
47,158 men 6f all branches, being an
increase over the old footing. In
times of war the Canucks will have
100,000 meii in their fighting ranks,
•which, considering the stuff they're
made of, is quite sufficient to 'make
old European outfits stand aghast.
That is only a 'small part of Great
Britain's support.
Additional test is being given to
thing)* mining by the recent announce
ineuts by the Le Roi No. 2 und the
War Eagle mines, at Rossland. The
former has declared a dividend of a
shilling a share, while the latter announces a profit of ■JRjjMK.'O on last
year's operations. There has been a
brilliant bouquet of profit declarations
since January 1, and tho attraction
should be all powerful in moving cap
italists towards British Columbia.
Tbe  Dominion  parliament   meets
next week for the dispatch of busi
;uess.   It is only by a fluke this happens, for if the Grand Trunk Pacific
scheme hadn't  gone up  in the air,
-there would have been a general elec
tion instead.   However, the postponement of  tbe  fray   has been to the
-strengthening of   the  Conservative
/t-ause, ns the recent bye-elections have
proven. The Grits will be hard press
-ed to manufacture campaign ammunition of serviceable quality.
Following its good work in reducing
freight 'rates ou ziuc ores from the
iSlocan to Belgium, the C.P.R. announces that it has cut the transport
atiou charges ou similar ores consign
ed to Iola, Kansas, from Sl 1 to $10 a
ion. With promised local reduction
works, cheaper rates and a steady
market for its zinc, a heavy government subsidy for its lead, and a fair
price for its silver, surely the Sloean
ougbt to exist. Purlinps, it might
even shape, up towards an old-time
Good news for the Slocan City division comes this week from the Repub
.lie camp, in Washington, where the
Hendryx electro-cyanide process has
proven in unqualified success in the
.trentmeut of ores from the Mountain
Lion mine. The similarity of principle between the Hendryx and Parks
processes, makes it more than ever
.certain the Arlington people have hit
jipon the proper scheme for treating
their ores here. .-The electro-cyanide
process will undoubtedly meet all the
local requirements, giving to the immense low grade deposits in the dry
ore belt a chance for profit making
that will encourage many companies
to seek investment here. A dividend
by the Arlington would revolutionize
>hiiig« fn tbe citrpp.
Pay up your subscription.
School Inspector Wilson was here
this week.
A touch of zero weather has been in
evidence this week.
The Lardeau towns are agitating for
a daily mail service.
Slides have been interrupting train
service in the Slocan.
A dance is to be' given by the Silverton miners on the 17th.   -
Timber Inspector Martin paid an
official visit here on Tuesday.
Joe Leithwood returned Thursday
from hia trip to Midland, Ont.
Mrs. James Tattersall is now visiting with friends in Orillia, Ont.
Mrs. W. 8. Brandon, Silverton, was
visiting friends here on Monday.
Died.—In New Denver, on the 27th
ult., the infant son of H. Clever.
Express money orders nre payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
During the week local ratepayers
received their assessment notices for
the year.
Several buildings in town have been
weakened and warped by the weight
of. snow on the roofs.
J. H. Goodenough is now applying
in projier form for the transfer of his
liquor license at McGuigau.
For tbe week ending February 21st
the C.P.R. traffic receipts were $556,-
000; same week last year 1657,000.
Tbe education ' department at Victoria is all mixed up again as to the
status of the board of school trustees
A St. Patrick's society has been organized in Nelsou. Judge Forin and
W. A. Galliher being honorary presidents.
Nelson bas disposed of its electric
light debentures in England, and the
installing of the new plant is now assured.
*,   * .
Notice has been given that the next
court of revision on the voters' list for
the Slocau ridiug will be held here on
May 2.
The Nelson & Fort Sheppnrd railway is endeavoring to sell half a million acres of its land grant at ten and
fire cents an acre.
Bob Webster left yesterday morning
for Dawson. Sam Sturch was also
going from Phoenix, but backed out
at thc last moment.
Iu June the C.P.R. will inaugurate
a semi-daily train service across the
continent. One of thc trains will be
the Imperial Limited.
. Last week's Gazette contained the
names of Nelson's police and license
commissioners, but there was no word
of those chosen for Slocan.
J. McDonald, of Nelson, was here
Tuesday. He bas launched into the
wholesale fruit business nnd has captured the trade of the Slocan.
Seventeen   of    the   damage   suits
against the Crow's Nest Coal Co.,aris
ing out of the big explosion two years
ago, have beeu decided iu favor of the
The government has given notice to
pre-emptors of crown lands that they
must pay up all arrears with intereat
by April 15, otherwise their records
will be cancelled.
On the evening of March 10 the lo
cal rifle association will hold its an
nun I meeting at the residence of D. S.
McVannel. New officers are to be
elected and general business transacted.
The C.P.R. Empress line of steamers running to Japan have had a full
equipment of hig guns mounted.being
thus converted into auxiliary cruisers.
Great Britain is preparing for possible
The money order business at the
local express officii shows a marvelous
increase over last year's figures. For
February the orders approximated a
little over $2100, being three times
that of the suite month a year ago.
s1lvkrton plkaskd.
Editor Drill:
Sir, Tin*- memliers of the ladies'
and gents' hockey tnams.of Silverton,
and ull others of this plnce who "took
in" the sports at Slocan last evening,
would like, through the medium of
Tut Drill, to convey to the good people of Slocan, nnd to Capt. McLellan,
of the str. Slocan, their high appreciation of the generous treatment accorded them in providing for their entertainment lust evening. All are unanimous in declaring the trip to have
lieen full of enjoyment from beginning
io end.   By order of committee,
N. F. MoNauoht
Silverton, March 2.
Mining Annotation Mertlag.
The annual meeting of the Provincial Mining Association, held last
week in Victoria, was not nearly so
woll attended ns iast year, many sections of the country, including the
Slocan, not Ix-ing represented at all.
The usual batch of resolutions td the
legislature, asking to have the mineral aet changed, were adopted. In
the election of officers Messrs. Keen
aud Holison were re-elected president
and vice president, with R. Maehiii as
resident vice president. The executive
are: Atlin, J. H. Brownlee; Uaribor,
Juo. llopp; Cowichan. P. ,1. Pearson;
jjfnbd Forks, Geo.  f{iim>x*i*gei': \t-J
son, Leslie Hill; Rosslaud, E. Kirby j
Revelstoke, W. Brown; Vancouver, R.
P, McLennan; Victoria, E. Dewdnev;
Yale, A. E. Howse; Ymir, D. Moore.
Vancouver was selected ad the place
for tjho next annual meeting.
Hendryx rroeoti a Surecw.
Dr. Hendryx has given out that his
cyanide process oa the Mountain Lion
group, in the Republic camp, has
turned ou\ a success, the owners effecting a saving of over $4 a ton on
their ores over the smelter returns.
The principle of the process is similar
to that to be installed at the Arlington
mine in thiscamp,the results of which
are expected to prove equally satisfac
t0l'-t'        ____________
Another Sloennlte Harried.
: Walter Clough, the C.P.R. lineman
here, sprang a surprise upon his
friends last Friday by introducing
them to his bride. The marriage had
taken place the day before in the
Methodist parsonage at Neleon, by
Rev. W.Baer. The bride was Miss
Ada Johnson, of Orillia, Ont. Mr.
and Mrs-dough are residing in a cosy
home in West Slocan.
At the Myrtle.
Splendid progress is being made
witb the big crosscut at the Myrtle
mine. It is now in 225 feet, being a
little more than hnlf way. Two shifts
are working and the drift is going In
rapidly, the owners expecting to hit
the ledge in May. The rock has become harder and will now hold without timber.
A Gift to the Scribe.
Stanfield's, of T***"roi N.S., manufacture unshrinkable i.nderwearaud they
bsliave in advertising. A week ago
they notified the newspaper men of
the country that they were sending
them a shipment of underwear on approval, which, if not satisfactory, they
Court of Revision.
'V'OTICE is hereby -riven thet the Court of Re"
r* virion for the Municipality of the City ot
Slocnn for thn hearing of nil complaints against
thr iis*.**ssmrnt, as made by the Assessor of said
Municipality, will be held in the City Hull, Slocan, on the 2X1 li day of Match next, at 1(1 o'clock
a.m. All complainants must trire notice tothe
City Clerk in writing of the subject and grounds
of complaint at least ten days before the said
Slocnn, 16th Feb, 1904.
/ ■».
The Qolden Crown .
Mineral Claim. .
Situated on the Arlington rond. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Make caab
offer to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancouver. P. C
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
The Queen's
First-class Dining Koom
Large and Comfortable  Bedrooms
Sample rootm for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. Lake and M. L. Grimmett, or
to any person or permits to whom thmy
mav have t ran tie r red their several Interest.", iu whole or in part,in Ihe Bonnie Doon mineral claim, aituatcd on
the south aide of Springer creek,in the
Slocau City mining diviaion of West
Koott nav district:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the mm of two hundred and
five dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 daya from the
date of thia notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion'of sucb expenditure, together with all costa of advertising, your interests in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 11*00."
Dated this Ist day of February, 1904.
5*2'H ,GE0„ MrUSAJN
could hold till iheir traveler camo. In
due time the goods arrived. Those Ior
The Dbill man are slightly on tlM3
small side, lieing rather more .ornamental than useful. Tbe auality is
doubtless first claM<and j* editor will
take the company's word JtoritAhat
the goods tiie unsbrinkabin. Pity they
Sre not warranted to be built on the
growing pUu.then a fellow could wait
tintil they had reached maturity. The
little sent excites the desire for a
larger aud move serviceable pattern.
Appended ia a complete list of tho var
ious records registered atthe local registry oflleo, H. P. Christie boing mining
recorder:      -
Feb 10—Valentino, on Springer cieek,
Dan JSieboL .
Feb 22—Tin Plate fraction.
» —
THE Slocan Rifle Club will hold iti .annual meeting at tho residence of D.
S. McVannel, on Thursday evening,
March 10, for the election of Officers and
the transaction of general business.
H. I). CURTIS.      W. S. JOHNSON,
Secretary. Captain
SPECIAL Representative in thia and
adjoining territories, to represent
and advertise an old established
business house of solid financial standing. Salary $31 Weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expenses advanced;
position permanent. We furnish everything. Address—The Columbia, (WO
Motion Bldg., Chicago, 111. 4-3
-  - * •^ mmm*m*m*a^a*WmWm~
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
- «BML«LMt______l M*.
Fresh Fruits of Every §
Kind Arriving  Daily. f
A full stock of the best
lines of cigars and tobaccos always kepi on hand.
LZ is Loavoamt llreeil for tit.
X       Kuii Weiaia m»a ymaiiiy
«% Gmiruntcoal.
Slocan, B. C.
If you
Ure troubled^.
: with a Cough, Sore
I Throat, Hoarseness,
. <or Bronchitis, try a
. bottle pf our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Once used, always used.
.       '. c .
for $18.25,
Why bo without a rang* whet
you can get one so cheap ? Thej
aro preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
aet up free.
Of IlID. I
Heme and Garibaldi Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Diviaion of West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, ou tbe north sido.
TAKE NOTICE thatl.W D.McOregor,
acting aa agent for Joe Traflcanti, I- .M.
C. No. I'.«0f»43; Frank Romano, F.M.
C. No. BW042; and J. If. McGregor,
free miner's certificate No. B60003, intend, sixty days from tho date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder 'or certificates of improvementa,for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance ofsuch certificates of
Dated this 20th day-of January, 1004.
SS-l-0t Wit Ift^REGOIf
8 Advertise youm
rr Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man In • business
should neglect an opportunity to. keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of It invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer.
a reward
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
All  Times
local paper: O
ffl THE DRILL,  $2 per year jg
Subscribe for
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in 5locan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
- rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, mod is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.      For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Grwillim dc Johnson,
D. C
,******** ■-♦♦»♦♦♦♦■»,
;: Will buy a comfortable ;;
; Cottage and two cor- ;
;   ner lots in New Den- ;;
ver.   House  contains ;;
;; feur large rooms, hall
and   wardrobe.     For;
;  other particulars write
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Wm. J. Andrews, or to any penes
or persons to whom he may have transferred his interest in the Black Diamond mineralclaim,situated on tamon
ereek and recorded in the Recorder's
office for tho Slocan City mining division.
You are hereby notified that I,
Andrew Frovost, F.M.C No.B64707,have
caused to be expended the sum of two
hundred and five dollars in labor
and improvements on the above mentioned mineral claim, in order to
hold aaid claim under the provisions of
the Mineral Act; and if within W dav*
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure,together with all costa
of advertising, your interest in said
claim will become the property of the
subscriber, under section 4 of an Act
entitled "Aa Act to amend the Mineral
.Act, )900."
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 1st day of
December, A.D. 1903.
1'12-OS —   ANf>B£-W PR&VWS-
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
HATE8: Iit»nlar Kitl.serilur*.. SI per iniiiitli
, <>r110 a )»nr: non-xiil.srrlbcr- (e»c*ln«i»rnf
rn.ali.-.il atUodanOS ||S |.«r dav. I'l-ivnttwnriln
$1 itrr.lnv «itr«.   bptoial facilities for miitrrn-
ily case*.
For furtli.tr partii-uliir-i apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap,
THE DRILL hns mado nn
urangemont with the Toronto Mail-Empire, so
that its weekly edition may be
clublMtl with tho former.
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mail-
Empire-acknowledged to be
one of the liest pnpere in the
Dominion- and Slocun's leading journal, The Drill, from
now till Jan. 1, 11)05, for tho
8timoff2.50. With this oxeep-
tional offer will lie given as a
premium, a beautiful nrto-
gravtne, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a scone in the late Boer
war, dono in ten colors, nnd
well worth framing. Send in
your orders nt oace to
The Drills Slocan.
umsu ww.	


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