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The Slocan Drill 1901-04-26

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 ro .   (si
VOL. IL, No. 4.
SLOGAN,   B.   C,   APRU
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
The House is plastered throughout,
with large, niry rooms, and fitted up
in first-class and modern style.
The dining room ia always
supplied with the best the
market affords.
W. E. NOBLE, Prop.,
Arthur St., Slocan, B. C.
The bar is stocked with the
choicest I it juors and cigars.
Headquarters forcapitalists
Transient Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day.
SLOCAN,  B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in the flarket.
.Arii .tigtoxi
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public, lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan,
Slocan, B. C, is under the
nil ni Personal Management of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
tin'  men  were forced  tu quit work j five cents per share.   It   wns  also! OUR     ORE    SHIPMENTS
owing to the difficulty of getting' in i agreed that plaintiff, in case tlie deal
BUppJIes,    The snow hits  now settled'
buoyancy.    The
sight for tlie buui
A full  line of Men's,  Boys', Women's,
and Children's Footwear kept in
stock, at moderate prices.
See our KROHE KIP for Miners and
and Prospectors. It is the best Boot
in the flarket. Come and see them.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Sloean, Vernon, • Fairview, und Camp .McKiuncy, JJ, 0.
PrssspcctH for T.ocisl Hi, i-.li,is Were f*J«vs«r
ssi Briglil— Iron Horsn Honsi in lu be
Liftsfd-Sissall Interest lis Two Frlensls
Mine Disposes] Uf.
In common witli al! towns in Brit
ish Columbia, Sloean  Is feeling tbe
pineli of quiet times in business circles,  yet in the  mining  world tho
local division never had  moro work
going on nor never bad so promising
a future.   In contrast to the state ol
affairs existing   a   year  ago,   1901
shows a wonderful advancement and
there is no disti.ctin tbe province
that is exhibiting a more solid growth
and expansion.   Twelve months ago
there was no Arlington wagon roail,
Lemon creek road, Chapleau mill, or
Arlington sawmill.   The Spt culator,
Iron Horse,  Tamarac, Phoenix or V
&. M mines were not working, while
the forces at the Arlington and other
mines were very small.   Today, in
elusive of outsitle   workers   at  the
mines, there are upwards of 200 men
working in the camp, with the certainty of a heavy increase when the
snow goes off.    The various proper-
tie? look better than   they have ever
done and the reserves of ore in Bight
are greater.   The  past winter has
been the heaviest shipping season on
record and the camp approaches the
summer  season    i* ith    remarkable
improvements   in
i.er are many and
impoitant, entailing tlie expenditure
of large su ns of money.    New  properties are being opened up and it ia! fiS
satisfactory to note  chat all are pay !/Ii
ing their wav.    It, needs hut little nl?
careful investigation to convince ono*|*W
th t the Sloean City division is theim
healthiest mining  camp in thecnun-liji
try.   Below are a fjwof themany nl?
signs ol life throughout tho division:   ; OSS
Irosi lliirs;. Ue'/ttlopment. ??1
Messrs. Rogers and Geib,  of Spo-
kHiu,.ettif'ittl Friday from their visil
of inspection f: the Iron borne group,
on Ten  Mils'.    Mr. Kiel's, ;is president of thecoai[»iiiy, was well plea...!
with the property and was convinced
that his people  hnd got  hold of one
ofthe good things of the camp.   He
stated there was several Inches of galena showing hi Uie dot nf the Blink,
with  every   indication of widoninu
ami becoming permanent. It was thc.
intention of the company to lift the NflR
bond on tin- group and proceed to de- /n
yelopment on a much larger scale,  /a
A wagon road, one mile long, w aid   ■,;:
be constructed on the north side ofl W
feu Mile creek, connecting the mine Yjy
with the enterprise  t'oad at Aylwin.   iiv
A complete hoisting plant will also be   *J*
installed as early as possible and the /J?
present shaft continued to a BUfflcieni ; /|\
depth to determine the worth of the \jjjL
mine.   At present the men are rala | ;"
Ing from the drift, so as to count'
the winze with the surface,a distan
of about "*) feet.    This will (jive bet
ter air and enable the work to be
carried on to greater advantage.   An
opening will also be made on the 1 »i-_r
vein, to tost its value and size.    Mr.
ttogerit saitl every Indication pointed
to large ore bodies existing in the
valley und he believed tiny trad as
(food a property as the Enterprise, li
would take mbne.v   to   >pe*i up the
Iron  Horse ground, but   his people
were   willing to   take   the chance.
When the. snow leaves  there will be
greater activity ami he predicted a
great change In the appearance of
things on Ten Mile by next fall. The
pi'opi'ity is to be surveyed and crown
granted at once and the title made
secure.    Pending the arrival of the
Pittsburg eipii-ilisis, who aro anxious
to secure au Interest in the Iron I im ->• i
the original  owners have extended
the company's bund so as to allow
them time to come iu and Inspect i
matter**, They will be in next month •
and then the forward movement will
siiiii\iislli.ini Kxtuiiili'il.
Work wu to have commenced at
the Ottawa on   Monday  by .). W,
; Williams, who bonded the property
some months ago lor bis brother, J,
M. Williams, who is iii England, organizing a company. An effort was
made Band ay to get up to the property, but the snow Was loo deep to
pack In supplies, bo the attempt was
abandoned The owners have given I through the roof,
a further extension of six weeks on Itowu for safety
the bond, as the  bomler is  nio.-tt nn
i xiotis to hold the claim,   Undor the
terms of I'...   Imii,,)   nol   h"-s  than -iN
miners musl be I o| I cmplo\ ed at any
onetime. Tin-re is an encouraging
showing of ore In the main drift, the
Villus**, nf   which   will he IinIIIsI prnllt
able to haudli. The Ottawa is one
ofthe many good dr) ore propi sitions
on Bpringer creek.
".i.tsi. Princes to Keiuine,
On Saturday Prank Sherry and 0
Gtormley, lessees of thc lllaek Prli
sent up supplies to resume opei ul
on that property.   Some weoksago
down and grub can be taken in with
little trouble. Another car of ore will
be taken out as early as possible and
work continued till the lease expires.
The Black Prince has a record of 10 J
tons of ore for the year and it has
paid its way from the grass roots.
Two PrIou(tt Intertll Soltl.
W T. Shatford, who is at present
in Vernon, has again shown his faith
and confidence, in the Two Friends
bv tho purchase, On Saturday, of K.
B, Mien's sixteenth interest 111 the
mine It, wns a cash transaction,
Mr. Shatford, since his previous investment in the Marpole interest in
the Two Friends last winter, has been
thoroughly convinced ofthe. worth of.
the. mine a ml has favored its steady chambers at Nelson, Frlday.be/ore
operation.    As is known, nn elegant j P. McL. Forin, acting judge.    They
Strike was made on the property a | were ;l8 follows:
week ago hy the two men working,      .,,       . ,        •        l
which proves there is a great quant-i    A"   actions  entered   against  the
ityof ore. yet close to the surface. ! Molly Othson have  been withdrawn,
was made in a certain time, was to
receive 10,000 shares and $500 in
stock. Plaintiff affirms he has carried out his part of the agreement
within tlie time limit, whereas defendants have not. He has been paid I
but 4500 shares out of thc 10.000!
promised, and no money. The $11115
sued for is the valuation plaintiff has
placed on the 5500 shares due him
under agreement by the defendant
lis Which Sloiissi People sirs*   Lis i-sfly ln-
A number of local cases enme up in
There is the makingol a big mine in
the Two Friends and its development
can be paid from the ore taken out.
IViirk ins IMstt'k Hussar.
Frank Provost and Jackson Bad-
cliff are putting in faithful work at.
the Black Hussar, on first north fork
of Lemon. Tbey have commenced a
crosscut 110 feet below the old drift,
and have driven 40 feet so far. The
vein is dipping towards them and
another 90 foet ought to catch the ore
Lnst Year's Shipments Wssre 2847 Tons—
A Ilfislllij- I'visls'Sisi* sif ths- I.lfss ansl
Wealth of the Csimp—Arlington the
BtRGest Shipper.
Shipments for the week consist of
liO tons, sent out yesterday morning
bv the Arlington. It was made up
from ore scattered along the road and
brought down as sleighing was
breaking up. More of it will eo forward next week and, as the rond is
being fixed up, regular shipments
will follow from the mine. The Enterprise will have another 20 tons to
ship next week, while the V & M, on
Twelve Mile, will make its appearance on the export list of the division
,- , . _•     /• '   llSSUt:   OSS    IsllU   S^ASJLSS  Sj   HO*.   VJl    L
as the company have given satisfac*■ witJ, a ca..*oad of ricn 0re.
tory assurances for
their indebtedness
the settlement of, L.ist year the export8 from thi8 di_
vision nmounted to 2847 tons, made
In Thurston vs Wevl. an applies-1 up from 10 properties. Following ie
tion was made by plaintiff to strike a list ot the shipments this year to
out a part of the statement of defence, j date:
This is an action over some realty at i       MIN.E week.
Rossland.   Hearing was   adjourned  ArHn,,t0'n  oo '
until today.
McCallum vs Gillies was a suit to
recover monies on account of supplies
furnished defendant, who had a log-
De Sign of Sommaire Tarn.   %
Two Friends.
Black I'rince.
It ees not ver' long tnm ago
Dat wo was feel lak "tins',
Wit' all de lightness of tie heart
D»t come along wit' Spring :
I if how do merry leetlt' bird
I". Wins sing on ev'ry ■pray.
An' how de drear, col Winter tarn
Was soon lie go avav.
Dal all vit' nice to talk about,
tie wt'il'ler nice also,
I lak so reooolie as unvote
i'sir ss't* tie Winter co;
But now de ffediler, *-!e'n be warm.
I h* snow e*M tilmos' u: >ne,
A',' pretty ttoon fie 4omroelrs tarn
.Sle.-'s tie ;i cotoin' On.
\V.. Isik de frr'f.IinfPH in de air
De liivat' of Spring was s-vev,
1 >.<t iiiuk' all Nature everywhere
!Vs i plHisairraent to leev;
I>at wake de soun' ot forest life
Dat Bluuiber half de year,
I>at t'omi) across de olearin' witle
Ssi loot) as Spring was here.
AU dat was nice ho long ect lua',
I'm dat ain't 1:ih' ver' long.
De sun wit' ev'ry day dat pass
Was leetlt bit roore strong;
An' now, when April's nearly done,
So brightly be van shone,
Dal pretty soon tie Sommaire tam
She's be a comia' on.
De flowers, tley soon be out in iniil—
De gardesn flowers, 1 mean —
De trees don'change ver'mtx*che,because
De'-TH mostly evergreen ;
But, jus' tie leetle grass, was spill
Along tie railrouil track,
Wits toll u^ dat tie Sotnniuire tam
Was ?ooii lie eomin' baek.
Yon want to know how else 1 know
De Sommi'.ire soon be here?
I hear dat leetle mns kee-too
("ni "Bizt* 'i/.z!'' in mv ear;
lie tell mo wit' tie ver1 firs' blood
Dat ever he him drawn,
Dat pretty soon de Bommaire tam
She's be a cotoin' on.
i". T. Akojsei >n.
l.emon Creek. B.C
Bar silver has risen in price, being
now worth (iOjj cents.
John Kintnan and Fred Clementei
have gone t > the Similkameen country to prospect.
' | Ward McDonald was here Tuesday
til/ purchasing supplies for starting_up
SI Work en the Trans'
ransvaal group, Teu
James Rae took up a gang of men
w on Saturday to cut the ice from off the
UV Arlington road, so as to enable the
11 ore wagons to run.
A report was current here this week
that the Arlington was going to let
out 50 men, hut it was not true, a*
more men have been put on.
Dad Allen and Con Murphy left on
Tuesday for thc Similkameen country, to develope their copper claims.
Thev will be gone three months.
Joe Thompson and Isaac Robinson
| are developing the Mansfield group
on the hill above .McGregor's ranch.
|]j  lt is a free gold proposition and has
a big strong lead.
f^uite a force of men is employed at
the Arlington sawmill. The hoisting
plant has been brought down from
the mine to the mill and willbe.used
for snaking up logs.
1). Kennedy enme down trom the
Iron Horse Tuesday evening and reported tlie ore body as widening out.
The winze is down 53 feet and the
property looks better than ever.
All Kilssterss  Visitor.
-M!» - «*»
C<C<<«»      «».»»€€€€€€-€ff
chute.   Considerable water was en
countered at the s'lrf.iee, - epitig in
from the melting -now, bul it ha-
di ied up and excellent headway Is
being made on the drift
V m 11 1*11 Slil|,|i,r.
Since Manngcr Little assumed
charge of affairs at the Wv. M,Twelve
Mile, the company has been prosecuting development with vigor and rs
pitllv bringing the property to the
front. A pucktrain was sent up from
town this week to bring down to the
lake a carload of ore, which will be
tie initial shipment   Ilv it. too, the
Wm. Carss, of Orillia, Ont., was
un interested visitor in town on Friday, lie is tlie iiis-eutor * d patentee of the famous Carss mackinaw.
which is the most superior article in
the market.    It took Mr. Carss three
 years to perfect the cloth, which is
ging contract ut the Arlington saw manufactured for him in Orillia and
mill lost fall. Judgment was given Bracehrldge. it Is manufactured into
for plaintiff, for whom H. E. Jorand miners' and lumbermen's clothing,
appeared. and many tempting offers have been
Manley vs Collom affects thetltleims.de for his rights Mr. Cans acts
tn the ground covered by the Native, as his own salesman and his entire
Silver fraction, adjoining the Arling-; output is sold each year. Scores of
ton Plaintiff made application fori persons find employ ment through th«
an order calling upon dafandantto Carss mackinaw and it is making
pay into court 4777 and costs of ae Canada's pretties! town very widely
tion before Mr. Justice Walkem, last; known. Of .Sloean. Mr. Carss spoke
fall in Nelson, and that such motion highly, believing it to have from his
stand pending an ftpfeal to the full; outside Information,the best prospeats
court. It was dismissed end all order! of any mining camp in the country.
mode thnt the defendant pay over to
DlalntifTa solicitor the sum inques-|
hi undertaking being given
money  is to be refunded if1
division adds another to its Dm   list.
or exporters.   The are Is expected to """■
give nigh values. New cabins are ,,,|:" ''K
to bo built at the mine aad ll cottage thc appeal be succe nil
is being erected for the managers
family. Saturday night the men at
the mine had u bad scare by a nnnl-
sllde, which came down close to tho
buukhouso, and one large rock wenl
They all came to
minim;   hi t tiiiii**.
Ann i|. .is Boj   Hull,
Appended is a snmploteligt of the viir-
iiuiu records registered at the local registry tiiiii•>', ll. 1'. Christie being mining
April 10   l.ns
Muu'h Cameron.
ti.ttoa. Springer creel
A stiii has been entered In Spokane
against the   Uncrican  Hoy  Mining
Co. by W. I). Wrighter, one ol the
prim Ipals In the I m rlorse. li.'
asks for $1105 to pn*i for 55Q9 nhores
of stock in thet'oitipan\ claimed to be I
due him ai 'I  .'«»I owed loin by lit
compan.v.    [siiHt June plaintiff enter-
od into an ngree nl  with tho com ,    James  Wilks    has   erganiaed   a
pans'by whl.th pin In tiff took an np miners' nnton it Kergusoti, with W
nmi mi •j.'iii.im) -hare.-, which Im was mem hers, Vincent Lade Is presldenl
t'jii >at in the cu i for ni; leu than and Alex.OordonflnaiiclaJ secretary.
\    11 I     Early Rlspr,
o   Stan wood, Blocan, 11. *n llorne
'lit tNSKI'.IIS.
A pi il |fj   Pnystreak '• , A E HOlaiaii
tn thai !'•! "iicii
A Us*ns*rsssi* lisiisisil.in.
On Monday the treasurer of the
bra s band received the following letter: "Please accept the enclosed live,
dollars as mv donation towards the
baud fund. With best wishes, yours
sincerely, M. I). McKee." The generous gift was appreciated by tbe
band, w hose members are endeavoring to pi'ovide suitable musical entertainment for the citizens. A good
band is a requisite of any enterprising burg, ami ilie local organization
feels safe In leaving .heir cause In
the hands of the people, Thev liavs
made no appeal for aid, bat are pa>
Ing their own way.   Any ton Ible
appreciation Of their  services, how-
evt r, will be «i Icome,
The   C P. I'    has   BOtttcd   Its case
w ■ 11 -t Howard ' i'i'-!, ths latter -• i mi
in • |MX) tl,uii.i"es  for Injuries ie
ei I vi .I in  the 'Hick at  Hoiiii.tigii v
Kails lust fall.
"*t ':':'...;
"'fc:'     'I
.-*' I
ll t  7S'ff?*T'
1 !• L
d 1
sfhse   Family   Hns   Furnished   StaasB
Css«ios*U*rs For Sixty-live Years.
Since 1S35 all the machines by which
postage stamps are canceled and envelopes marked with the name of the
postoflice, tlie date, etc., have been
made by one family. In the year named the postmaster jieneral entered Into
a contract with Benjamin Chambers, a
citlzeu of Washington, to furnish a
device by which postage Stamps might
lie canceled so that they could not be
•used again, and, although there have
been a multitude of competitors on several occasions, that contract has been
renewed year nfter yenr for C5 years
•-.•iti) Mr. Chambers, his son and his
grandson, who have a secret process
by which the dies are made of malleable Iron and carbonized Into steel at a
cost of from 30 es'iits to $1\75 each,
lt Is certainly the only government
contract nnd probably the only contract In the United States that has
been renewed so often and continued
so long. The department buys about
{Sri.OOO worth of new eancelers every
year. Bids nre advertised for annually,
and every now and then some ambitious manufacturer who thinks he has
a good thing offers a proposal, but the
Chambers family are invincible. They
have Improved the device until It is
now almost perfect.
The stamper Is a circular east steel
box with n screw thread, one end of
which Is closed, nnd is provided on
the outside witli a square shank to
secure it to the hard wood handle. The
cover of the box Is a disk of steel. A
portion of Its thiclcness enters the boi
by menns of a screw thread around Its
periphery of almost 20 threads to the
Inch. Tills permits of n space between
the Inner face of the die and the bottom of thc box. while the remaining
thickness of the disk forms a flange
with the edge, which Is conrse milled,
so that the disk may be turned wltb
the hand or a wrench. On the outer
face of the disk are clinracters of the
body of the cylindrical die. These combine the marking and the canceling
devices, one being on one side of the
disk. Inclosing tlie name of the post-
office in n circle. There are three slots
for removable type, for months, dates,
hour and half hour. Diametrically opposite the circle is the canceling device,
the side of which Is parallel with the
edge of the disk. Any required number or letter is cut in relief In the center, while three grooves are cut Intaglio. The removable types are of
steel and have on the ends opposite
their faces projections from their outer
edges, so that when inserted In the
slots the projections can he clamped
and held in place.
Until 1SS0 Captain Chambers manufactured the eancelers here in Washington, and he is still required to nialu-
tnln a repair shop in the neighborhood
of the postofflce department, but he
moved his factory to Northumberland
county. Va.. on n leg of land at the
mouth of the Potomac, where he has a
tittle village composed exclusively of
his employees and their families. No
one can enter his grounds without permission, and those who have been
there say it is quite an Ideal little village, safe from the spies of competitors who would like to get the contract away from him.— Washington
Cor. New York Tribune.
Esters Thnt Will Keep.
It Is said that a carload of evaporated eggs, valued at $14,000. was lately
shipped from Springtield. Mass.. for
Han Francisco, where It will be placed
on n steamer bound for Cape Nome.
The eggs were put in one pound screw
tup cans. 00 cans In a case, and will
answer any purpose In the culinary Hue
except toiling. The moisture being
taken out of iheui when they are prepared leaves nothing to boil.
The largest egg evaporating establishment iii tlie world Is located at
Springfield, The process of evuporat*
tog is (tune with hot air, and It takes
eight hours to thoroughly evaporate an
egg. About four dtizen nre equal to s
poimd of the preparation. The Springfield factory employs 7.*i people, nnd its
capacity for consuming eggs Is about
400 cases n day.
Tlie goods are shipped to all foreign
countries, and in Europe especially
there is a hig demand, as the English
government has placed the preparation
on the hospital supply list. The Klondike country Is a heavy user of this
brand of evaporated eggs, ns uo matter
what the price of the fresh hen fruit
may be or how scarce It Is the evaporated egg retains Its old price and Is always on hand anil it tidy for business.
—New England Grocer.
Fond of  1'omp.
It Is said that uo monarch has ever
hnd such a genius for the organization
Of pageants as fhe present emperor of
Germany, and the recent celebrations'
of the bicentenary of the creation of
the kingdom of I'riissln hnve beeu very
Impressive us well ns very gorgeous.
The order of the Black ''agio is a
modern Institution of chivalry compared to tlie Garter or the lioltlen I'leoce,
tbe two decorations which rank the
highest of all the gri'ni orders of Christendom. But no order of knights litis
such an Impressive ceremony at Its
gathering ns the highest one of thc
FrnsHlun kingdom. Tbe heralds In
their uniform of the pattern established 'J00 years ngo. Hie fanfares on the
great silver trumpets, the king ol' Prussia, for t,he knitter for the moment
sinks the emperor In the king, stated
on the golden throne, with his scarlet
cloaked knights ranged before him In
sjecret council—nil this has the true ring
of tb» ts-'idltioiw of chivalry.
It Is not generally known that Mrs.
Hetty Green owns u valuable library, including many rare volumes.
Mrs. Alice Barnhill Bruce, who recently died at Columbus, Ga., leaves nearly
.300 lineal descendants. She was 1)4
years old.
Miss Anna McKaig of Washington,
Ps„ has been made dean of the faculty of
Wilson College For Women in Cliara-
bersburg. Pa.
By the will of Nnncy Nordwell Blake
of Boston the Harmony Grove cemetery,
in Salem, Mass., will acquire a chapel
costing $40,000.
Mrs. Charles II. Dcnison has been
unanimously re-elected president of New
York's Sorosis. Tins practically makes
Mrs.  I Vinson's thin! term.
Mrs. Mary Paschell, postmistress at
Trenton, Ind., celebrated her eighty-fifth
birthday a few days ngo. She was appointed to her present position by Lin-
colu and has held it ever since.
The life of Miss Bcata Frnnck, wbo at
her death wns the oldest woman in
Stockholm, wns almost coincident with
the nineteenth century. She was born a
month before the century began and died
a week before it ended.
Mrs. .Tnne Atltlnnis of null House, Chicago, will build a large model tenement
this spring in one of the poorest streets
of Chicago; Mrs. Ad-dams' cousin. Regi-
nnltl De Koven. the composer, is interest-
oil in the plan, as is also Jacob A. Riis,
the sociologist.
In spite of her years nnd afflictions
Julia Ward Howe continues to read a
little Greek every doy to tone up her faculties. One of the characters in Mrs.
Ward's "Eleanor" finds relaxation in
rending a I'ersian dictionary, and the
hero curries n Greek book in his pocket
for use when he is bored.
Mrs. Emmons Blaine has turned over
to the University of Chicago the Chicago
Institute of Pedagogy, which will represent au addition to the university endowment of nearly J!2.000.00(), The institute
was started by her several years ngo at a
cost of .$760,000, anil since that time she
has made additional gifts to it.
The Countess Qitadt. ns wife of the
first secretary of the German embassy at
Washington, will entertain, at the embassy, where for several years there have
been but bachelors. The countess is a
handsome and charming woman of uoble
Italian parentage, and her arrival was
warmly greeted by Washington society
in general as well as by the members of
the German embassy.
Clara Morris does not regard 13 as an
unlucky number, ns she made her debut
at that age. A generation has come and
almost gone since the actress' capable
press agent gave the newspapers harrowing accounts of her tortured nerves. Ons
recalls with a shudder the "white hot
irons" that periodically seared her suffering spine. Miss Morris emerged from the
ordeal triumphant and survives In good
The Rev. Henry B. Smith, a Cherokes
Indian, lias resigned the rectorship of St.
Paul's church. Ardmore, I. T., ami gone
to Milwaukee to assist the Episcopalian
bishop in the cathedral parish.
Sir George Williams, foamier of th*
London Young Men's Christian association, may attend tbo jubilee convention
of the association tn Boston !his coming
June. Sir George is now 80 years old.
He is at present in southern Eurupe for
his health.
Francis Valentine Wootlhouse. who
died a few days ago at the nge of DC, was
the last surviving apostle of the original
12 of the Catholic Apostolic church founded by Edward Irving. Mr. Wootlhouse
was also one of tho oldest English barristers, having been called to the bar in
Medals nre to be given to the contributors to the Methodist twentieth century
fitntl. Those giving So or more in excess
of last year will receive a bronze medal
bearing thc fact* of John Wesley. Sunday
school scholars giving SI will receive a
gilt medal with the face of Francis As-
bury. and donors belonging to tbe Ep-
wurth league will receive a brouze medal
of Bishop Niode.
Rose gold reigns in the lorgnette, aad
jeweliDg has become most elaborate.
Jewelers provide ingenious devices for
doing away with ear piercings, tbu£>malc-
Ing easy t
Ing easy tbe palb of the newly favored
til ago
ly fun
Little round balls of turquoise, a boot
the size of a pea ond perfect spheres of
purest blue, nre the captivating form of
tbe newest earrings.  No mounting shows.
A bracelet of rarest elegance consists
of a mere thread of gold with a pendant
comprising first a square cut emerald,
second a ruby snd last a marquise diamond.
Inexpressibly dainty is a ring composed of two smnllflhiinnnds, ovnl cut and
i::iiiinii.il one above the other below tbe
hanil of the ring, which Is itself incrustcd
with brilliants. Ths* whole is nn array
uf bine white stoni's apparently devoid of
«ny touch of nieiul.
Tt Is estimated tbat tbe dense fog ia
London costs the city from $2"i0.000 to
S'li'O.OOO daily in the mutter uf bills for
gas and electricity.
The climate of New York is abating.
Tlie Central park meteorological observatory has records covering u period of 32
years, and these give strong evidence that
the winters nre growing milder.
Sliellielsl. Ala., has passed a curfew law
stipulating thut it shall be unlawful for
any child under the age of l,"i years to
Idle or loiter upon lhe streets or in any
stori' or other public place within the
citv after the bpur Of 8 p. in without the
written    permission    of    bis    parent    or
The world depends on Its school children.
The teachers are the guardians of a
A town wblcb bns no school should be
The world is only saved hy tl*o brs-ath
of the school children.
Evs'n fsir the rebuilding of the temple
the instruction of the children must not
be interrupted.
if you Interrupt your etudics for on«
day. It will tnke yon two to make- up
wbnt you have lost.—Wit aud Wisdom of
ths Talmud,
Be Snatched a Life Out ot a Pool ot
Mullen Metal.
Three men came up carrying a long
Iron shaft, which bad been cut In two,
so that an Iron ring could be Inserted
between the two halves. An empty
crucible a foot wide nnd deep hung iu
the ring. The forward end of the pole
held n crossbar, making lt, as It were,
a huge T. Two men held the T part of
the polo; the third grasped tbo rear
end. The crucible hung between, The
remainder of the molten metal from
the caldron wns tipped Into oue crucible, and the men trotted off with It, the
two In front with strained faces, the
man behind driving them complacently, the oddest team In the world. Uo
steered them through a doorway, and
they emptied their crucible Into a small
mold. As they west tbey kept step lu
nu unusual manner. Instead of stepping out right foot with right foot the
left man's right leg and the right man's
left leg went forward together, knee
with knee, foot with foot We asked
"That," said our guide, "Is to prevent
them from tripping. If they should
fall, you know, that metal would pour
over them."
"Of course such a thing never happened?"
"Yes, lt did once.    Oue of the men
went down.   The other jumped clear,
but tbe fellow on the floor swam In It"
"Horrible! Of course he died Instantly, poor man?"
"No; the foreman of the carrying
gang, taking In the situation, made
several terrific leaps for him. jumped
right Into tbe middle of It. picked him
up and threw him out of It bodily.
Then he jumped clear himself, with
the stuff dropping from his shoes.
They both went to the hospital, but
they are all right now. Heroic, wasn't
it? By the way, that's him. the foreman. Jim II., over there now. He Is
still looking after tlio*e fellows."
We looked over to where a big muscular fellow was directing a gang of
men manipulating molten metal, ne
wns not disfigured, and he did not look
like n hero, but thereafter tbe grime
tbat covered him seemed uoble Indeed.
and ho would uot say a word of bis
feat when we sought to talk with him
about it. But Jim H. will probably
never want for a job as long as Bald
win's Is working.—From an Article ou
the Baldwin Locomotive Works in
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.
Out It  Illasirsits-sl  Ihe Curiosity ot n
New VorU Crowd.
It was only a song, and an old one at
thut, but It came uear causing a block
on tbe Broadway surface line the other
day, Tbe singer was as black as the
coal In the cart he was driving, but
that fact cast no shadow on bis cxulier
ant spirits. As he swung his chariot
from Broadway into Cortlandt street
be raised bis voice. Then tbe trouble
When tbe notes of "Old Black Joe"
rsug out high and clear above the dlu
of truffle, expressions of blank amazement overspread the faces of the hurrying pedestrians wbo thronged the
sidewalks. Necks were craned lo a
vain search for the location of some
newly patented phonograph. Crowds
collected and gazed vacantly upon the
air. as if they expected to locate the
souud In some office window; teams
were drawn up until a long line of
trucks extended up Cortlandt street to
Broadway, barring access to the street.
Hint their drivers tnlgbt ascertain the
cause of the crowd's curiosity. Suddenly a newsboy cried:
"Ah. rubber! Dontcher see It'a only
rle nigger n-slngln?"
The crowd laughed. The dnrky. now
lustily holding forth on "The Suwannee
River." turned sharply Into Church
street, totnlly oblivious to the excitement be had caused. The crowd then
dispersed, nnd the long line of wagons
begnn to move once more.
"Well," exclaimed a Jerseymun on
his way to the ferry. "New Yorkers call
country people curious, but"— He
shrugged his shoulders and passed on.
Treaanrrsi of the White Boose.
There nre doubtless In every large
city In the country Inrger and more valuable collections of brlc-n-brnc nntl art
furniture than thnt to be found in tlie
private apartments of the executive
mansion, but It Is a question whether
there is In the length nnd breadth of
the land nny other bnlf so Interesting
itnrlty Is. of course, a universal characteristic of tbe artistic gems scattered
through the home of the presidents,
but better than that is the fact that almost every piece Is fraught wltb memories nnd associations thnt make It u
prized possession Of the whole number probably bnlf are the gifts of kings
nnd rulers. toRetis of appreciation from
friendly tuitions, nnd the remnlntler.
having been fashioned especially for
the White House, have uo duplicates
anywhere else In tbe world.—Woman's
Home Companion.
Very  I.Ike a Sooadal.
"This dollar tbat I hold In my hand."
be snld. "renilnils me of a deep, dark.
scandalous secret."
"Oh. George!" bis wife exclaimed,
diopping her hands In ber lap and
bending forwtni eagerly, "tell me
n I unit It"
"Yes," be went on. "It reminds me of
a secret of thnt kind, because It's so
bard to keep."
And tin a she refused to speak to him
for three hours.
It's Wlfhholiltna Thnt Costs.
inner -Conie. t»• 11 nu* straight Is It
nny real ntlvnniuge to i man wh*^ gives
you a tip)
TrtltllfUl Walter- Honestly, I can't
snv Unit It Is. bin It Is apt to go hard
wub  the geiitieit.uu  that jJuoai't Up
II nisi or  and   Pathoas   of  the   Satrlat-ra
Bank In Grent Cities.    .
Writing of the savings banks and their
depositors in The Century, Richard
Boughtou tells of the embarrassment
sometimes caused to bank officials by dishonest patrons.
'Ibe great bulk of depositors, perhaps
ii.*! per cent, are of the laboring classes,
the weekly wage earners; then coine the
middle ond well to do class, sny 30 per
cent, and lastly the very rich man and
the criminal in about espial proportions.
By criminal I do not mean to confine this
class to bonk burglars, check forgers and
bank note counterfeiters—you will see
ull of these If you watch the line long
enough—but I include nil those men and
women who avoid police notice when
they can and nre occasionally "wanted"
at police headquarters, the rich keeper
of the fashionable gambling house, the
woman who is suspected of knowing the
whereabouts of a vanished thief or
forger, the man who never breaks Into a
bank himself, but takes a friendly and
patronly interest in those who do, and
so on up and down the scale of cosmopolitan vice. At one time or another
they ail have savings bank accounts. It
seems incomprehensible, but people of all
these classes nre frequent, even permanent depositors. I do not say this from
hearsay, but have seen examples ot each
of them lodging their money even in
their own names.
What can you do with these people
when they como to deposit? It is not
criminal to save money, and you cannot
arrest them. In some cases their accounts are closed by the banks, and they
are told to tako themselves off, a hint
upon which they promptly and quietly
net. possibly from fear of the police, accustomed as they are to obey when told
to "move on."
Some of them, however, are not easily
got rid of. A famous confidence woman
had ber account in a New York bank,
and her quiet demeanor, amiable smile,
inuocent, almost girlish timidity, quite
won tbe chief official in charge. He was
accustomed to call her aside politely from
the somewhat rough crowded line, give
her a chair in the anteroom and send her
passbook and money by one of the clerks
to the receiving teller. Her identity
was finally discovered through a police
inquiry at the bank, and the next time
she called the old gentleman offered her
not a chair, but her passbook with her
deposits in full. The "poor young thing"
swore at him like a trooper. It was quit'
necessary to call In the mora! Infiuencu
of the porter, displaying his "special
deputy" badge, before Miss Innocent
made less noise nnd took herself nnd her
deposits out of the bnnk, giving the old
gentleman a parting shot at tbe doorway.
The president and managing officials
of a leading bank once debated long nnd
seriously whether they should inform
the authorities that just after a famous
burglary three men nnd two women had
deposited $8,000 each in new bank bills
that possibly were a portion of those that
had recently been stolen in transit between tbe two banks. It was a question
whether the suspicion would justify this
action, which of course woultl become
public, perhaps get into the uewspapers
and some illiterate depositors might hear
the story with a new twist given to it;
not that burglars had put money into
the bank, but had been in and bad taken
some out The result would be a run.
It was finally decided to do nothing, at
least for tbe time. Soon afterward the
thieves—for such tbey were—relieved the
bank's perplexity. Two of tbe men nnd
the two women came in singly, but in a
burry, drew the full amount that was in
their names and made off. The fifth of
tbe party did not return until years afterward, wben a man with cropped hair,
an unconscious lockstep holt in bis walk
and other evidences of having been temporarily retired from society called and
drew the deposit that had slumbered
while he was "doing time up the river."
Good Old Catch Questions.
If a goose weighs ten pounds and s
half its own weight, wbat is the weight
of the goose? Wben you nre asked this
question the first time, you will probably
instantly answer 15 and will be wrong.
The correct answer Is 20 pounds. It is
astonishing wbnt a very simple query
will sometimes catch a wise man napping.
The following will nearly always succeed:
How many days would It take to cut
np a piece of cloth 50 yards long, one
yanl being cut off every day?
A snail climbing up a pole 20 feet high
ascends five feet every day and slips
down four feet every night. How long
will the snail take to reach tbe top of tbe
A wise man having a window one yard
high and one yard wide, requiring more
light, enlarged bis window to twice its
former size, yet tbe window was still only
one yard high and one yard wide. How
was this done?
This is a catch question in geometry,
as tbe preceilitig were catch questions In
arithmetic.   The  window  wus diamond
shaped at first, and was afterward mad*
square.        ___________
Kept His Promise.
Some years ago Mark Twain was elected a member of a prominent Grand Army
post in Maryland, and be promised to be
present at tbe annual meeting and make
an address. It was an opportunity for
tbe people of Baltimore to deluge him
with hospitality, and a committee was
formed to take charge of him for a hig
reception as soon as be was through with
his speech at the banquet. This speech
wns one of the best he ever delivered, aud
It put tbe crowd In roars of laughter.
But he did not attend the reception.
The explanation he gnve almost brought
tears to the eyes of those who received it.
His daughter was critically ill In Hartford. He would not break big engagement with tbe Grand Army post, but tbe
reason be did not attend the reception
also was that within a few minutes after
he had conduced bis address be was taking tbe first train home.
The Volcsuio.
"A volcano," snld the teacher In a Long
Island school, "Is n mountain and has a
crater or deep hole iu the center, from
which It throws up or emits smoke, fine
stones nnd Invn. Now, children, can you
tell me wbnt is a volcano?"
"Yes, teacher," snid one of tbo boys.
"A   volcano  is a  aii'k  mountain."
Ridicule In a blow from tbe fist, wit the
prick of a needle, irony the sting of a
bee and humor tlie plaster which boals
all these wounds.—Chicago News.
No person may leave nn Irish bouse nn
New Year's day without eating or drink*
Senator Jones of Nevada Is snld to
be still oue of the best rough riders in
the state.
One of ex-President Hnrrlsou's ancestors was the Thomas Harrison who
served under Cromwell und signed the
death warrant of King Chnrles. On
the restoration he was executed In
Lord Rowtou, who Is the literary executor of the late Earl of Beucousliild,
has been visiting the queen, and It Is
rumored that she hns directed him to
put off tbe publication of Beacons-
field's memoirs till after her death.
Congressman George B. McClellan
of New York Is resnrded as the best
story teller In the house, and when
there Is nothing Important before the
chamber bis desk Is the center of n
group of members who enjoy n laugh.
Edmund Haviland Burke, a direct
lineal descendant of Edmund Burke. Is
again trying to get into the British parliament. Although still n young man.
lie Is somewhat of an orator himself.
He has already stood for parliament as
a rarnelllte, but unsuccessfully.
Where In the wide, wide world lo
there such a comic opera name ns that
Of the Dhtto Tantung of Bougno. who
lives In the little Island of Tnwi-Tawl.
iu the Sulu group? One could almost
set the name alone to uluslc If oue remembers thnt Bongao Is pronounced
M. Fernnnd de Rodnys, the editor of
the Paris Figaro, who hns been made
a knight of the Legion of Honor. Is a
ini'inber of the council of the syndicate
of the Paris pri'ss. He bus bad the
chief editorial control of the Figaro
since the death, a few years since, of
M. Magnard.
Tile official reporters on the Paris
exhibition have been selected. M. Lar-
roumet is to deal with literature and
art. M. Chnrles Pionrd with science.
Ai. Michel Levy with manufactures, M
(irnndenu with agriculture antl foot!
supply, M. Glde with social economy
antl M. Dlslere with colonization.
(Jovernor Roosevelt while at Harvard wus associated with the Natural
History society, the Art club, the K1-
unnce club, the Rifle corps and the O
K. society. He wns nu nssociate member of the Glee club nnd steward of
the Harvard Athletic association. At
his graduation he served on the class
day committee.
Tbe death of Lord Rolsorts' son wns
a terrible blow, and It Is telling heavily
upon blm. To n friend be writes: "He
was all we could wish a son to be—n
dear, good fellow In every way. I
know be is Infinitely happier now. bnt
I hnve often nnd often wished during
the past three months that he could
have been with inc."
Julia Arthur has finally determined
that she will do uo acting next season.
Tills season Fanny Rice will again
be seen In the late Roslna Yokes' rep
Dona Maria Guerrero ts considered
liy Spaniards to be their foremost his
trionIc artist
Pauline Hall has returned to vaudeville. A part of last season she ap
Den red wltb Francis Wilson-
Miisengni's "Mnscbere" Is ready for
production, and now he Is nt work on
a musical version of "Quo Vadls."
The Theatrical union of Paris, which
was formed for the protection of actors nnd singers in France, now possesses 400 members.
Wilfred Clnrke'u wife, known as
l'bs*o Cnrew. is to enter vaudeville.
She Is a niece of General Pole-Cnrew
nr tin* British army,
Cbliin has produced n woman dramatist Her name Is Wionew. She Is tin
diT 30 years of age und has already
wrltteu several plays.
Hnll Calne's ploy of "The Christian"
hns Just been presented In tin* Isle of
Mnn. with the nut hot's daughter. I.lly
Hull Cnlne, In the role of Glory Quayle.
Walter   .Innoq    the   i-oiiicdluu.   wns
mnrrled recently In Minneapolis to
Mrs. Beatrice C. Pulsifer, tbe dough-
ter of George Chumplln, tbe Chicago
Miss Florence Kahn will appear as
tbe Chorus In Mr. Rlchord Mansfield's
revival of "King Henry V." The in-
trodttetion of this character will afford
opportunity for some very fine spectacular effects, of which Mr. Mansfield
Intends to make the most
Thick skinned fruits are the best
The quince Is a great feeder and requires good cultivation.
One of the best fertilizers for strawberries Is well rottetl stable manure.
Of all fruits the cherry Is 'the least
trouble to grow. About all It needs Is
to be planted and let aloue.
Rich soil Is rather more neeessnry for
tbe quince thuu for the apple, but the
quince Is more subject to blight, although In localities the fruit Is profitable to grow.
in evaporating npples It Is calculated
that one barrel of green npples w|l|
produce about 15 pounds of evaporated
fruit nud that one pound uf these is
equgl to bnlf a peek of the fruli before
it Is pared or sliced.
In plnntlng grapevines, dig deep, bnt
•plant shallow. Unless the soil Is n
•js'iivy Clay, plant In the fnll. Use only
Well rottetl uiatiure. as fresh inntiur«
excites growth, aud luxuriant growth
sloes not always insure fruit. A vine
not pruned In always In a snarl.—St.
Louis Itcputitk*.
Th*   Story   of   the    Vlvaclons   Maid
Who Received the Flowers.
"Yes, It was a lovely bunch of violets," sighed the girl who received
them, "but I wish tbey had never come
to me. You see, It wus this way: The
man who sent them Is one of those awfully nice fellows who bore you to
death—tbe kind you feel so glad to see
talking to some one else, don't you
know," she ended appeullngly.
"Yes; I've seen the type," sympathetically replied ber auditor.
"Well, on my birthday he sent that
lovely bunch of violets—perfect beauties they were—with a dear little note
to the effect that he bad to go out of
town, bnt would be represented by
these little purple tlnd messengers, so
like my eyes and whose fragrance always rerci.isht* him of me. 1 thought
the note rather nice," she concluded
pensively, "and put the flowers In the
parlor on tbo center table, writing back
that I bad done so. Why in tbe world
wns I so prompt?" she walled.
"It was no more than polite."
"Ot, much more! My dear, It Is nl-
ways Idiotic to go Into details l|ke that.
Well, he did not go out of town, but
was 'fortunately' detained and came
around after all to tell me so. And
those wretched violets"—
"Surely they were all right?"
"1 hinl loaned ttiem to Annie'to wear
to the Blanks' dinner. Of course I
bad to tell blm that the beat of tbe
room wus too grent. nnd I hnd put
them In the Icebox, .lust ns he wns
going and I was congratulating myself
on tjny escape In sailed that miserable
girl, violets and all! If he bad only
gone, as he said be would, it woultl
have been all right Men are so unrc
A Cartons Lake.
A curious phenomenon is that metal
never rusts iu the waters of Lake Tmeses. You can throw in a chain or an
anchor or nny article of ordinary iron ninl
let it lie tor weeks, snd wben you haul it
np it will be as clean aud bright as when
it came from the founilry. And. what in
stranger still, rust that bas been (farmed
npon metallic objects elsewhere will, peel
off when immersed it; Its waters. This is
frequently noticed by railway snd steam-
ship men. Rusty car wheels and rails
Sod even machinery ran be biighteued by
soaking them in tbe waters of Lakv Titi-
caca.—Chicago Record.
The \Vrosi_ Word.
Mr. Profs' Hooking up from his piper)—
Whnt are you chu.kliug at, Marin t
Mrs. Frost—I was thinking of the tiir.e
when you proposed. You t,>i,i me to say
oue little word tbut would make you happy for life.
Mr. Frost—Yes, I remember. Anil you
went aud said the wroug word.—Luuduu
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expensr.   and Pain
of an Cr>*»rrtior,.
It Is surprising what a large number of mon and women suffer from
the wretched uneasiness and torturing Itching of piles. You may be
among those who, through modesty
or fear of the surgeon's knife, have
been prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure. You have
tried the hundred and one things tbat
friends have recommended and have
become discouraged. You say, ast
many have said before y6u, that
there is no euro for piles.
Now is the time for you to turn to
Dr. Chaso, whose famous ointment is
recognized thc world over as tho only
actual cure for every form of piles.
The real substantial value of Dr.'
Chase's Ointment has given it a
unique position among medicines. It
Is used In nearly every neighborhood
on this continent and has become
known by word of mouth from friend
to friend and neighbor to nolghbor.
Ai.k your friends about it, ask your
druggist, ask your doctor. Others
have been discouraged, and after
years of misery have been cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment. Hero Is one.
Mrs. James Drown, lllntonburg, near
Ottawa, writes :—"1 have been , a
constant    sufferer from nearly every
1 .u * piles for the last 30 years,
and s. ng that time, both here and
in -he old country, have tried almost
every remedy.
"I am only doing Justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I say that I
believe It to be the best remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding!
piles. I strongly recommend Dr.
(.'base's Ointment to mothers, or in-
deed, to any person sulTering from
that, dread torment—piles."
Mr. (Joorge Thompson, a leading
merchant of Dlenhelm, Ont., stales :
"I was troubled with itching piles
for 15 years, and at times they wore
so bad I could'soarcely walk. I tried
a groat muny remedies, but never
found anything like Dr. Chase's Ointment. After the third application I
obtained relief, and wus completely
cured by uslnc one box." .Ask your
neighbors uboiit i Dr. Chase's Ointment, the otil.y absolute euro for
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for (10 cents a box from any
dealer. If you prefer, enclose this
amount to these ofllces and tho remedy will be sent, postpaid, to your
address. Eduiunson, Dates tl Co.,
Toronto. The Drill.
Tl,,. I.nsii  ('..  nl Sniiimor.
•■j'tb tin.' im*' li   "' "ummi'f
That t.iu s:s, oi- wttijr
Ami sii.v   in-ill I  -• lifjcm.!  Ii.sesls for
'I'll** Iss.sir, l.-*J-***Jln- ll'ilut,
Ko Hints- of In   ,,.il isyv,
Nt> ss.mt'aili' i >i« lie,
To siiiU i" in.' i'-i'y
Or ilrowii in IH) sits.
1 know if 1 s|.isrc lilm
He'll Irlsk s.n uiy nose
Ot, I" H■i'.i'tl >>ii my lialtl spot.
l)is.|l.l'.l  III*   l-l-psiSC.
Ikri'ii ui his sl-jor
Ami shorn .si nib prlile,
I'll send lii.-n lo rest where
The liuusl tile* icslds.
Ko (ktvipvl Iff nit' liiiissh
tlii s-sirtlsly i s,stir.   '
M'lirn siubli i.s.s., is Klobc from
M.v   U'Sl   slls.lslsllsjl
Tin n issvipi.) snsl i      weapon
lb lasinilit'il ssli Ins head. |
Alas, 'tis a lis...er t'ttse
I've sltmientd >iibts.'jsj|
Uui tswips) in my liuiry
1 ini.-j, Isi'rri mitt' iiiiiii',
Ami list- evening's iliblructioa
Is uleMl st Ih   »ors-.
Au.1 ii.'W '.liiii *'i tiri'ly
111'  tisucs ll   *ss  111.*   Its"*.
I s-m-.b llisl I il lease tsiin
To lite out his d**vs.
Pear Sirs,—For some years I have
hud only partial use of my arm,
caused by a sudden strain. I have
used every remedy without effect, until I r"ot a sample bottle of MIN-
AKD'S LLSIM1-1NT. Thc benefit I received from it caused me to continue
its use, and now I am happy to say
mv urin is  completely  restored.
i.l.imis.  Ont.       It.  W.  HAItRISON.
t'siislsl  Hot Iteport Golf.
When tbe amateur golf championship
wns played at Whcuton In 1807 there
wns but one Chicago newspaper ninn
who had llu* remotest conception of
what the game was. Accordingly, thc
newspapers, with the exception of the
Clilcnco Tribune, agreed to syndicate
il.e woik anil put it all in this one
•ami's hands. Tlio Tribune refused to
enter the combination nnd depend*»il
upon the exertloBs of a member of its
own staff. Itut the Tribune reporter
speedily realised Ins helplessness ami
appealed to his brother of the syndicate
for aid. The latter obligingly handed
over Ills copy, nnd the Tribune mnn set
to work to mifke a few minor changes
po Hint Its kinship to tbo original should
not be too apparent. Later In thi'
evening he met 'bl9 generous bone
factor and toltl him of tbe changes he
hail masle.
"in particular,  the account of  the
play at the sixth bole between Forgnn
ant) Douglas.    Yon said thnt 'Fotaon
riuii!i,,i the cup for n half.*   Well, yssu
taorr, old chap. Hint Forgan Is a bunk
i-r down town nnd a big mnn, while
Douglas Is Just one of those Scotch
men.   It seemed to me rather cheap to
iave Forgan doing that sort of thing
for a half, so 1 Inst made It rend that
("organ rltnmed the cup with Douglas
for a hundred.'"
Tliels- « stpllnua <(.>Ji*ctios-».
"Those captious New York critics <ib-
'ited to n now pel inn donna becine
s-.:e wits too fnt. They snisl slit* bad but
oue pose und that wasn't graceful."
"Objected   to    ber    adipose,   eh'.'**—
Cleveland Plain l>s-aler.
A Fall-re la Cooperlasj.
_ certain man who wns once a
prominent Kentucky politician wus
mure n demngogue tbon a statesman.
He was. according to Short Stories, iu
the habit of boasting that his father
was a cooper in nn obscure town In
tbo state—thnt be wns "one of Unpeople" and didn't, belong to the "kid
gloved aristocracy."
The "general's" great falling being
his foiidnt*ss for liquor, It will surprise
no oni* to_e told that the more be drank
tbe aunt, loudly Im _oclutms*d his
political sentiments snd tbe prouder
of being the son of a cooper be became.
During a political campaign, where his
opponent was tlio southern orntor. Tom
.Mnisliiill, do hud beeu unusually noisy
■'"I ni.ensivs" |n |,|B -.ousting regarding
Ms ohsitii-,, -origin. In replying. Mnr-
■■•<all -aid, lopklPK hard ut the general:
"r'l'llow citizens, tuy opponent's
father may have been a very good
cooper i don't den*? that: bnt l do say,
"*« tult'iiieii, that he put a mighty i>"ur
bend Inn, thnt whisky barrel."
people are killed every year in this
country by CONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No one need have
consumption, It is not hereditary.
It is brought on by neglect. You
d" nothing to get rid of it.  .
*'ll cure a cough or cold in one
Miis Rovi.s, s yotinij Istly of Klmco**, s
schsinl f.sicllcr snii prtuninffht ssscisllv. «*rnl
fspidly intsi is slecltsis* frum s eottgh, Wins ns.t
rspccts-,1 to live. Suss on rsmiplrts-Iy snifsl
tifr. Psopis in that vls-misy sre «rlUci|ti>istli*il
with the f... i. In |,rs caw.
si,ii„i,*h (•„„„„,„,,,|„n Cure Is sots! by nil
"'"KKlst*   Iss  S>.,.„l,s   l.sssl    lllllteil -Srsstrs nt
•Jsi, SOis, WI 00 ss bOttte     In Ureal ISrltSslis
"'   '»•   '"ll.,    Ss.   Ssl„   hss.I  «.. Oil.    A   |s,ls.(r,l
Siotriintnifl «>s.s with evssry bottls*. If yssu
"r" "ot .»ti«n,.,i K„ to jrsiur druggist nnrt
<*»t your i„.„,..y back.
Write (or Illustrate tl haoV oa Consumption.   ScsU
•silhotii cost to you.   S. C. Wells * Co., Toronto,
The  Happy Ending Of a Very fcer-
ious And Painful Case.
Mrs. Hughes waa wry Ill-Itlonted nud Id
Constant Misery, Slsss Suffered for Pour
Y.'isrs, Isnliir.. slie uss-d Dssdil's Kidney
Pills- Sue is now ivscll usssl His|l|,j
Morley,  Ont.,  April 8. (Special)
Nelson Leflar, Justice of tho Peace of
this place, vouches for tho truth of
the following interesting story, told
by Mrs. Thomas Hughes.
Verification, however, will not be
necessary to those who know Mrs.
Hughes, as that lady is one of the
most highly respected residents of
Grey County.   Mrs.  Hughes says :—
"I was a great sufferer for four
yours.. I wm treated by four doctors, nnd a specialist from the United States. I tried nearly every kind
of mtsdicinc I could hear of, but none
seemed to do me any good.
"I was in bod for nearly three
years. I had pains in rny spinal column, in my head, over my eyes,
across my back, through my left
side, and occasionally in n:y right
"For three nights at a lime, I
would never close my eyes m sleep.
I was terrlhly bloat-.id, so that I
could not sit up or walk. My iige
was 41 when I was taken sick;
"I have taken in all fourteen bo.*u*s
Hodd's Kidney Pills, and now I u:n
strong, and able to do as good a
day's work, as I have ever been. The
doctors said I had Rheumatism. They
suid that nothing could be done fOr
"I was not able to eat anything,
only corn starch or soup of some
kind. My weight had increased from
112 to 147 pounds. I um now down
to my normal weight again. I can
never, say enough for Dodd's Kidney
Pills, for I am satisfied that they
saved my life."
There are many ladies suffering as
Mrs. Hughes did, although but few
may be as low ns sho was.
Deranged kidneys are responsible
for ulmost nil the trouble that comes
to women in middle life, and no woman can alTord to be careless, when
her kidneys are in tiny way threat-
What cured Mrs. Hughes of this
very bad ense will cure any case.
Dodd's Kidney Pi!!s are the only
remedy that ever cured Brigbt's Disease, Diabetes, or Dropsy, and they
have never (ailed,
Counterfeit China.
Other things besides money are counterfeited, and purchasers of old china
have to lie continually on their guard
or they will lie paying ninny dollars
for what I-* worth omy a few rents.
'•The market Is full of Imitution china." suid a lower Fourth avenue dealer
in antiques who was asked about the
matter. "1\ ii'sons who rely on marks
are sure tp be deceived, for marks are
.'iisily imitated, nud there le not oue
that has escaped forgery.
••Until I'Yench ami English manufae
Hirers forge nil of the most sought after marks nud (ind sale (or their prod-
Beta, I'1 lookin-' for old china I Und
th.it every murk nf Importance bus
iis.s.n forged, from Dresden to Worcester mui Crown Derby, not except ing
old Sevres. Every day would be pur-
Chasers come here untl visit other New
York shops, looking for china, und hnve
.10 mortal Idea at all correct of what
they are buying- Vet they will talk
after a most learned fashion anil will
take Offense at the very suggestion
tluit they tuny be deceived.
"If you are going to judge of china
by Its marks or evidence of Its age
and use from discoloration cracks and
chipping, you are more than likely to
be chef.' d. for nil of these things are
easy f in expert and dishonest dealer to Imitate. If you are uot a judge of
china, then hire an honest expert to
purchase for you."—New York Herald.
Ar   AdvrrtUln-x  Scheme.
Several old acquaintance* of the late
D. II. McAJpln. the tobacco manufacturer, were discussing his business success In an up town club, and one of
them told the following story ns Illustrating the fnrreachiug effect of comparatively Insignificant things sometimes.
"It was after Mr. MeAlpln was well
started In the tobacco business," he
said, "that an enterprising rival began
to cut Into his business by advertising
that he placed a dime In every tenth
package of tobacco put up In his factory. Ono day a foreman of the packing room went to Mr. McAlpIn and
"'I have a suggestion to make that
promises to knock out this dime In every tenth package scheme of your rival.
Will you hear It?'
"'Yes; go ahead.'
" 'Well, then, Just put a dime In every package of tobacco put up In our
shop and don't advertise It It will advertise Itself quickly enough.'
"Mr. McAlpIn saw that tho suggestion wns good, and he accepted It. It
cost him a good deal of money, but Its
success warranted It. Within a few-
weeks farmers were buying McAlpIn
tobacco, knowing that they would find
money In each package, ond If they
had found diamonds It would not hove
surprised tbem."
From Manlln to Australia Is "like going down a river, for one Is out of sight
of land only two days." The voyago
lasts -M days, but the course Is through
the south sea Islands, which accounts
for Its resemblance to river navigation.
Ill* I'art.
"l'jver In amateur theatricals?"
'Must oni'e."
"What psrt did you taker'
"MeV I took all the abuse. I was
■stage manager, you see."—Pittsburg
He Claims Cooked Pood Is the Greats'*st Curae of Hnmanltr and Bar* It
Shortens Life and Hake* TJs Moral
■nd riiyalritl Dcsteneratesi.
As o result of ray own experiences and
of tests made by other persons at my di
rectiou and under my observation I am
firmly convinced that cooked food is the
greatest curse of humanity. I hold that
cooked food is responsible for nearly all
tho great pcsu.^Dces, contagious diseases
aud other bodily ills, that it shortens life
generally, that it causes crimes and
makes people moral degenerates as well
as physical degenerates ami that it heaps
untold misery upon the world by so greatly increasing the cost of living as to
biiug hunger aud want into the land and
cause millions to toil their lives away for
the mere sake of eking out an existence.
I will wager all the success I expert to
obtain in saving mankind from the disastrous effects of taking dead cells into
their systems on the assertion that any
person who for 00 slays will give raw
food a test will at the end of that time
decline lhat he uever felt belter hi his
life, that lie is of a happier disposition,
that his mind is clearer aud that he is
improved in all respects.
A child raised ou uncooked footl will be
a giant, physically and* intellectually.
There is no d'i'ibt that the ancienla lived
longer than sve and that the average life
of maq is gtowing shorter ull the time
from no other cause than the continuous
injurious effects being wrought by cooked
fend ou the human race.
It was uever Intended that any living
thing should derive substantial sustenance from that which has been destroyed, [food whim cooked is destroyed. It
is the mission of lire to destroy.
We take into our bodies slead cells to
replace the wornout cells cast off from
the lnitly. Man. with his superior intelligence, sliould live much longer in the
time that it taken him to develop than
any other animal. Instead there is nothing that breathes that doesu't live five
times as long as man proportionately.
By eating natural food health, as with
the lower animals, would he the rule untl
i.l health the exception.
i bad reached BO .vents of age.    My
height was "j feet H inches, my weight
":._ pounds. I bad been atliictcd v.ith
kiduey trouble from youth. 1 contracted
ei :i i::a from vaccination.
1 miffered from s.-iatic rheumatism in
my left hip and thigh. My heasl was always full nf dandruff: my finger uaiis
w re short and brittle.
With these afllietions 1 was looked
upon by most people as a healthy man.
I myself slid not realise in what a terrible condition 1 was until I bail tasted the
joy*; s,f ps'rfeet hs'altb. In two years
raw footl diet reduced me to normal
weight. My kidney complaint vanished
the moment I removed the continuing
cause and commenced ta live on raw diet.
Within six days after beginning my
new diet my rest was the most refreshing it had L.s*en in seven years. The t!au-
tlre.fi' disappeared from my head, the ec-
tenia was speedily cured, ths* rheumatism
remained with me (os- 00 days, but finally
i,i:cciimbs'ii to the grs*at natural tonic.
My ti'Cth became remarkably firm and
bard. The calcareous deposits throughout my whole system have been loosened
e.p and earned awny by the pure water
1 have taken into my system, either in
eating the diet of raw foml or absorbed
from the atmosphere.
Since knowing of my own personal e*c-
perlence these remarkable blessings rrnm
eating raw food I have mads' it my mis-
sinn in life to endeavor with what means
ami energy I possess to convert the
world intss my practice. All I ask of tiny
pcr>o:i Is to (jive it it test.
A.-* (0 what kind of raw footls yttu eat
It doesn't make much difference unless
suffering from some especial ailment
Anything that is gootl cooked is better
raw. By giving the diet tl test you will
t.iul in a short time that you enjoy your
meals more than you ever did before. Al-
nissst shy disease may be ciirttl by ealiuj;
the proper kind of raw foosls.
A ps'ison living on uueooked diet nes'il
lime no tear of coming iu contact with
contagious diseases. lie may go where
there is pestilence, but his const itut inn
I.us become so healthful that it will cast
off all disease germs. Man may be made
j'.lsl as free (Tom smallpox, yellow fever
sir bubonic plague as a horse. He car
travel in any country without tear of af
UlctiOD from the climate.
In cooking food nil the acids and gases
fo necessary for the conservation and
preservation of ideal health escape with
tin* steam, ami the foml retain* n greater
supply of ash, limn nud oilier such sub-
Stances than nature requires for the
amount of food taken Into the system.
Cooking is all a notion, and a very had
one fnr the human race. It begna some-
where bus'k in the prehistoric ages us a
fud untl has continued to work Havoc
villi humanity ever since. It is inure
disastrous tlinn tin* tobacco habit
I would suggest ns a daily diet plenty
of fruit (or breakfast and supper. Ciivali
and mils are the uieai, though I have no
Objection lo dried beef for lhe diet (il ii
vs. ll person,
There ttrit millions of things a person
can cut without cooking. All vegetables
nrs' better raw thuu s'noked. Onions, radishes, tomatoes, turnips, carrots, lettuce,
cucumbers, inusiniil and numerous other
garden products aooH be mentioned.
Then among tbe (raits there are pineapples, peaches, penis, grapes, berries,
bananas, cherries and numerous other*
that are healthy ami lelishahle. The
melon's nre all well iveiiniliii'iidcil Dried
prunes should be eaten for breakfast ami
luncheon. Salt should be taken into the
system only when nature culls tor it.
(Uosfi Cmifl-i-iii nt list Ing the Wind s
Months llssst Lett Vosi Wenk, Eissil.s
Depressed Had ' Out   t torts."
The words "weak and depressed"
expresses thc condition of thousands
of people in the spring time. It is
ono of nature's signs that humanity
cannot undergo months of indoor life
in badly ventilated buildings with
impunity. Sometimes you have a
headache; slight exercise fatigues you;
your appetite is variable ,* you are
easily irritated or depressed ; perhaps there are pimples or slight eruptions that indicate the blood needs
attention. Whatever the symptom
may be it should be attended to ai
once, else you will fall an easy prey
to graver disease. Do not use a purgative In the hope that it will put
you right. Any doctor will toll you
that purgatives weaken,that they impair tlie action of tho liver and create chronic constipation. A tonic is
what is needed to help nature fight
your battle for health, and there is
only one always reliable, never-failing tonic, and that is Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Tluse pills have ho purgative action. They make rich, red
blood, strengthen tho tirexl and jaded
nerves, and make weak, depressed,
easily tired people, whether old or
young, bright, active and strong.
Among those who have proved the
health-bringing qualities of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is Miss Emma Cha-
put, of Lake Talon, Ont., \vh>. says;
"I cannot thank you enough for the
good X have derived through tho use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I honestly believe that but for them 1
would now be in my grave. My
health was completely broken down,
my face as white as chalk, and if
I made the least effort to do any
housework I would almost faint from
the exertion, and my heart woultl
beat violently so that I feared 1
would drop where I stood. I was
a great sufferer from headaches and
dizziness as well, and my appetite
was so poor that I scarcely ale at
nil. I tried several medicines, but
they did not help me. and then I decided to send for some of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I got six boxes
and before I used them all 1 was as
well sis I had ever been, with a gootl
hiealthy color, a-good appetite and an
entire :'rs ednm from the ailments that
hud mode nut so miserable. You may
be sure that I will always have a
warm regard for your invaluable
Do not experiment with other so-
called tonics—you ure apt to find it
a waste of money and your health
worse than before. You will not be
experimenting when you use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They have proved
their value the world over, and you
can rely upon it that what they have
dons- for others they will do for yon.
If you cannot get the genuine pills
from your dealer send direct to the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
vills'. Ont., and they will be mailed
post paid at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for s:".f)0.
A Russian engineer, I'rince A. T.
Dslnivachoff, has invented an electrical apparatus manipulated from the
stage of a theatre, by which, at one
touch all doors and exits are opened
tsiwaril the outside.
Bickle's Ami-Consumptive Syrup stands at
the bead of the list for ull diseases of the
throat and lungs. It acts like mugie ia
breaking up m cold. A cough is sc*on t-ub-
tlued, tightness of the ohest is relieved, even
ths' worst cH.-e of consumption is rel.eved,
while in recent casts it may be ,-a d never 'o
fad. It U a medic.ne Drepur d From the
active principles or virliisS of several medicinal herbs, and can bo depended upon for all
pulmtsiiary complaints.
-01:10 men think less about missing
their aim in life thnn they do about
missing a train  in  the morning.
A rentier asks: '*Can a young man
marry on 87 a week '.*" lie probably
cm—if the girl in the case doesn't
suspect it.
We have no hesitn'ion In fttving that Dr.
J. D. Ks-llsigg'a Dys. ntery Cordial ia witliout
doubt the bet medloine ever intrt ducod for
dysentery, diarrheas, chol ra and all summer complaints sea sickness,. tc. It promptly gives rel ef ind DOW r fail- to effect 11 po-^
itive cure. Mothers should never be without
u bottlu when t.eir children ure t.ethiug.
Itessslsssrsll   In  its  Temper.
One night when the attendance tn a
small town In the l*rench provinces was
especially bad Sarah Bernhardt, bored
by the small she Of the audience anil Its
Stupidity. reSblved to make the most of it.
The play was "Camille," but Instead Of
speaking the lines as Dumas wrote thenl
Sarah made up lhe play ns she went
al'ing, Interpolating such opinions as (rom
minute tu minute she had of the audience.
Bin* called then unutterable things and In
a highly dramatic way.    The Innocents
applauded these sentiments vigorously,
upon  which she culled  them something
Mohammed dyed his beard red, and his
example was extensively followed among
tile Arabians, lie disliked black hair,
ind his favorite wife bluntilued her tress*1
ts with sulphur.
The  Individual  who sits down  and
waits for the    world   to appreciate
him  will  discover after  the rate  thai
be  wus left   tit  the post.
Prisoners  In Morocco are compelled
ts> pay the officers for their trouble
in arresting nnd escorting them to
jail. This plan makes the police
watchful untl always alert for business.
lUaVAllAs    *. 'ACTOHy. Montreal
a special imperial commission bus
left St. Petersburg for Moukden in
order to cnri'fully pack the manuscripts sif tbe eleventh and twelflb
centuries, which were looted (rom
tho paluee In that  city.
\n agricultural society In Berlin is
winking luird to elevate all brunches
of farm life to 11 scientific level. Thc
latest effort of the society opens Up
a competition among architects for a
model pig sty.
TELL THK DEAF.-Mr. J. P. Kellsck.
Drugoist, Perth, writes: "A customer of
mine having been enroll of deafnoes by the
uso of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. wrote to
Irelund tailing Iuh friends there of thc cure.
Iu cotiscgiunco I receives) uu order to fend
half a dsivten by express to Wexford, Ireland this week."
tut U\
i|*«:j m:
Lsord Salisbury is a collector of historic relics and his house at Hatfield is full of the results of his rt3-
searches. He owns among these the
cradle in which Queen Elizabeth was
rocked as a baby.
Mrs. Celeste Coon, Syracuse, N.T., writes:
"For yearo I could not eat, many kinds of
food without producing a burning, excruciating pain in my stomach. I took Parme-
le 's Pills according to directions under
'Dyspepsia or Indigestion.' One box entirely cures! mo. I can ns»w eat anything I
choose, without distressing me in the least."
These pills do uot cuu-e pnin or griping, and
should be used when a cathartic is required.
Memory is tho tax gatherer of the
Addition  is the sum total of    the
miser's happiness.
MINARD'S UNIMENT Ar Sale Ererywiiert
An  ounce of might  is    often more
powerful  than a pound of right.
Love does for nothing what many
a man wouldn't do if paid for it.
Ton need not cough all night and disturb your friends, there Is no occasion
for you running tbe risk ot contracting
inflammation of the lungs or consumption
while you can get Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup. This medicine oures
cougos, colds, inflammation of the lungs
and all throat and chest troubles. It promotes a tree and easy exjiectoratlon,
which immediately relieves the throat
and longs from viscid phlegm.
If money burns in a man's pocket
he'll never be able to lay up much
cold cash.
Sympathy is like a game of blind
man's buft—a fe.low feeling for a fellow mortal.
li-sri'! Liniment Cares Bnriis, Etc.
All men may be born free and
equal, but only a chump is satisfied
to remain that way.
A hopeless man is deserted by
himself, and ho who deserts himself
is soon deserted by his friends.
And Yot He I osst.l  Write.
Among thc public servants who nrs'
worried by foolish questions the super
Intendent of mails in the postofflce gets
his full share. One of bis visitors ou
a certain occasion wns n man wbo said
to tbe deputy wbo answered the call
at the window:
"1 am going out of town today and
want to get 11 letter to uiy brother, who
Is on board the Majestic, and she Is
not due until Wednesday. I don't
kuow where he will stay In New York
or where he will go from here. Can
you help me?"
"Certainly wc enn." said the clerk.
"A mnilboat goes to meet the steamer,
and If you address your letter properly
and put domestic postage on it it will
be delivered all right."
"But bow shall I address It—where
shnll I scud it?"
"Atltiriss It "lobn Smith, passenger
on board incoming steamer Majestic,
due lu New Vork. Dec 1"".' Tbat will
reach blm."
"No city?   No nothing?"
"That's nil-just as I told you."
The man thanked the clerk und went
away, nntl entile buck n little later with
an addressed letter in bis hand.
"S;iy.*' he sit Id to ihe clerk, "about
thfll letter I've addressed It uml
st.'iinpesl lt nil right, l,m the uinnV
name Isn*' Job" Smith.     Uow ssisnssi
Statk or Obio, Citv of Toi.sno, j
Lotus < OUNTV, "T
Fu ask J. QbUUBT iiiukts oath that ha ie ihe
senior partner o.' the tlrm of F. J. I'HKNKT &
Co., do.1 g Inuliisss Iii tit" I'ltv uf Toledo,
County untl Mali- ittsiresiiitl, anil that itiid linn
will |itiy tlio «iim of 'INK HUHDKED l»>l.-
LA US for each untl every cast' of cntftrrli tli .1
cannot lis* rules. Isy tils: use of II Al.l.'s t'A I aiiioi
Sworn to l-of. re ins* and si.hsci II i-tl in mv
presence, this t.th sitiy of December, A. D., IN*
,   , A. W. GI.EAMiN,
( REAL \ Notary IHMie.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tttk n hits rnally nnd
acts slliocliy on the l.lssod ansl mucous ssurtss*HS
of thc system.   Ssni.l ior lesslliuonlnlA, tree.
E.J CHENEY sksJU.,ToK'do,0.
Sold by I'rugirist«, 7f.c.
Hall's V'liiuili' fills arc the best
A  Re*-  lllNtisiirek t itstle.
rrloee rierlierl Hism.nrck. who recently completed his ilftletb year, tins
sleelilcil 10 build himself a new bouse
In the nelsbborl'ootl nf Schlosi Fried*
rlebsrt'.b. bill far away from tho railway and the high mm Is. The new castle is to be n most comfortable modern
dwelling, and ll will ulna be eotisliiern
biy Ittrger Hum the undent schisms that
wns   bo   milch   beloved   by   tbe    first
I'rlnre Bismarck and ti In simple wife
This old ensile Is to be used ns n mn- I
scum  fnr the possessions of tbe Into |
prineo nnd will be kept In cootl repair.
Vocal Training.
Edna—So you iiuvc accepted th.it
young biwyi'i', after nil, ufts't buvlug
refused him "nee'/
May—Yes; he appealed the ease and
won his suit.
A London paper, commenting on
the fact that upwards of 100,000
horses had perished in the South African war up to date, sees in this
condition of affairs a potent reason
for the suceess of the motor vehicle
as a military adjunct.
I'he Newest and T. islly the Best.
Cleansing, Healing, stimulating rsifrosshlag, antiseptic, removes tisr,doe»
not Injure tho enamel,
and lmp.irts a swsict frra-
grancsj to I he breath.
M nufactured from ss
tropical |il:inf. known as
the "Chew-nick," whih
In the es.untrisis  ; here it
Cwsis roKstrsleil as Nr
e'u Specific for the
teeth, (rum's nnil mouth.
Is entirely free frons
chalk anil . ny other gritty substance.
Put up in collMialble
tubes with nrtlsti<*»ty engraved laU-l* and on-
taiiii'rs. I'rls'e li c**nte
H or stile by all chemists.
Thev who like a really
good thing w nisi be vriuo
to ensi uire for lt and ha~»
no sulst.tute.
Miin'frs,      TOBONrO.
" 1 '.
The Imperial Fruit |
and Produce Co'y.f
Ha9 p-rehag-d the stock and ••*
trade  of   the   AMDERSON *
Ail kl.!<U of  Fruit In S-itr-ton. ♦>
Best I'ric- s paid f.»r rro<1uc* V
♦ ♦
The   WfM   H:in,
Ha keeps u cat for cs*Tci*ae;
Sbe l.iunva ■.. l ai -Hie's ■tNVQti
To lot U*r in ht I,as to riscfc
And then to let bet out.
Gonn he lutrtt let her iu once more_
And m> It ffoca ill ...iy;
Tli-it mat) get! ii'.n-cie-worL ,.'■.■["*>
Who _"eu_ a cat   I sav.
Lt.-C'ol. Dent, Imperial Remount
Olliccr for I'nnatla, will visit Manitoba and Northwest next month to
purchase horses for South Africa. We
have decided to sell in Manitoba or
Northwest, two of the Stallions se<-
lected by him in England for breeding Cavalry Horses. Write for particulars.
19  St.   Maurice  Street, Montreal.
Brass Band
Instruments, Drussss, Uniform*, Ste.
Loweet prices jver iiU'
60. illustration* nibllsxl fr
thins In Mtislo or Mussl.
Whaley Royco & Co.
uhI (fine s-aulocue
ee. Write us for anj"-
s»l 1 nit r is menu.
Toronto, Ont..
s        Winning,
WHEELER & WILSON sew ng machines
und Sew in,,' Mnchiiie Supplies for ull
nuicliini'.- kept .11 st ck.
'Illls-s*   ami   Wstrrs'sMissiH    4:1  s'.iit.sge  Ave ,
•sVusislp. u
•J I v>-'  ■ ^sTsW-si   „.„„«•■-. t-iMtobe
•_. •_  _  ss    -ssssm Jh    re-enamelled  end
ns* Is. s*Knr   STOrkniea,   Semi (or list ol new
. . s*..nu hand wlsi'.ls   Tr> us.
ftNBlS .M-l'i-IS si CVCLE e8.
'l'r<»i*enl" ,1s;. ul-. Wlunlprs;.
««■»♦♦-*♦♦♦•» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*> (.*>•++
A Dlfiis.misst.
She—Yes; It's all we'l ettoui'li to say
iiniv yon think I'm pretty. Yesterday
ynu said my imse turned up dreadfully
lie— Weil, ds'iir. I ivas thinking It
shows itilRlity poor taste In luirkltiu
away from such a lovely mouth.—Col
ller's Weekly-
1 Recommend
to nil mothers who want their bnb'n*
to lunv pink, elrun, olesr, untl
healthy skin.
Made .if the tim'st metertUe.
Nu Soap, w lii'is'vur liiiuli', Ih Iss'lissr.
Manufacturers of ths Celebs Med
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■>*
*i     ■     •■...-
1^*1 a
W.  N.  U. ii'20. ■ 1
THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. ('., AP1UX 20. 1901.
■Ht' .
•'   '"8*
,       Us
1   ■':*•
1     '
t   sa»
, r, jj'
I  *''
•*..   ':       -
C. E. Smithkrinuai.b, Editor and Prop
6L0CAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
•Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
'Transient advertisements at same rates
_s legal adve. tiding.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
s*or each insertion.1
Commercial Rates masle known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, at.-ict-
ty in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
.Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 20th, 1901.
A pencil mark in lhe space
opposite will be an indication to you that ye eslitor
■considers there is something
-coming to him on your subscription. Kindlv acknowledge   iu cash and oblige.
i.ni mui ai   cnori-iNus.
Chief Justice McColl has resigned
his position us adrathioti'atoi' of tlie
province und Justice Walkem lias
been appointed in his stead.
Both the government ami opposition forces have split up over the
railway situation Thc atmosphere
At Victoria is streaked with crimson
just now. ^__________
Three gallant Canucks, Lieuten-
.ants Cockburn and Turner and Sergeant Holland,  all of the mounted
rifles, have been awarded the Victoria
Cross for conspicuous bravery on the
field of buttle.   They saved  the ar-
>tillery from capture at Koomatispoort
river on Nov. 7.    It is these tangible
marks of glory that wipe out the
.-thoughts of hardship and suffering.
Tbe ■ Canadians have proven themselves men indeed.
Eastern mining and financial pampers, unite in the prediction that silver
has seen its lowest price, and that in
future its value will gradually
..strengthen. The cause of this is attributed to the American smelter
trust, which controls the production
of the bulk of the silver of the world.
and has transferred its principal
market from London to New York.
Thus the producer will make the
price rather than the purchaser. If
this be so, many things can be for
given the trust.
Tuesday the provincial government announced their railway policy,
providing for the bonusing of certain
roads to the extent of $5,000,000. The
proposed railways are distributed on
Vancouver Island, coast to Midway,
Rock creek to Vernon, coast to Hazelton, Fort Steele to Golden, and a
bridge across the Fraser at New
Westminster. To earn the bonus,the
government insists on thc absolute
.control of all rates, will demand four
jwcentof the gross earnings, and
work must be commenced on all lines
by July 1, 1902. The conditions attached are such as to give a moderate
degree of public ownership to the
province and corresponding advantages. The government seeks by Its
policy to satisfy tha demand of several thousands of petitioners for all
.-railroads to be built and owned by
the people. A government caucus
was held on the proposed bill and it
waa given out that much opposition
has developed among the govei'iunen
followers to the measure.
Tom Duffy is retiring from business at Sandon.
Railway faros to all coast cities
have been reduced.
A furious gale swept over the town
Tuesday afternoon.
The infant (laughter of Geo, Waite
died at Sandon on the 18th.
W. T. Shatford and wife, of Vernon,
will spend the summer here.
The,first thunder storm of the season was experienced Saturday.
' Friday's train to Nelson scared up
four deer just below Lemon creek.
A. Mullen was married al Three
Forks last Thursday to Mrs. E. Bur-
Mrs. B. Robertson returned Wednesday from a week's visit to Ross-
I'ViL _
Ben Robertson hns purchased the
north half of the Linton block, .Main
Several louii] cases will come before the supreme court at Nelson next
Mayor Pitts, of Sandon, is closing
up his store and removing to the
James J.Godfrey has been appointed deputy mining recorder for the
Slocan at Sandon.
All the neighboring creeks, as well
as the lake have been raising rapidly during the week.
Eight out of 15 applicants passed
tin; assayers'examinations concluded
at Nelson on Friday,
The annual meeting of synod oi the
Anglican diocese of Kootenay will be
held at Nelson next month.
II. A. Hicks has the Hicks House
once more in full operation. A dance
will be given there this evening.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next .Sundav, morning and
evening.   G. Arthur Mount, vicar.
S. Otis, of Nelson, spent part of the
week in town administering to the
needs of ailing musical instruments.
Throughout the summer excursions
are. to be; run to the Halcyon Springs
each Saturday, returning Mondays.
Constable Black, of New Denver,
took to Nelson Tuesday ft Hungarian,
who had attempted to pass a forged
Seven inches of high grade tralena
has been struck in the lower tunnel
of the Bosun, and New Denver is
jubilant. '
Rev. Dr. Wright, of Nelson, lectured here Monday evening, on bo
half of the century fund of tlie Presbyterian church.
Harvey anil .John Aitchison received the snd intelligence yesterday
morning of tlie death of their aged
father at Alliston, Ont.
Ore has been coining into town this
week from the Arlington, it having
been lying at Dayton creek since the
breaking up ofthe roads.
A new boiler and more machinery
are b> Ing installed in Winlaw's saw
mill, down the. river. The capacity
of the mill will be much greater.
There was a hot game of baseball
at New Denver Saturday, between
Silverton and Denver teams. The
latter won by a score of 32 to 17.
J. T. Beauchesnc and Harry (Jib-
son returned Saturday from Three
Forks, where they were doing assessment work. Bushy says the upper camp is dead.
A preliminary meeting of all metn-
The Murcutt Branch
ok the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday In each month
at ,' p.m. Next meetfne in the 1'res-
hytcriiinchurch. All rneetiiij-soporto those wishing11 join.
Mrs. \V.J.Ani>iikwh, Has.M.'D.McKBU
President. Cor. Secretary.
: I Slow City Miners' Dun,
For some time past there has been
a feeling growing among business
and mining meu in favor ol securing
a telephone system for tl.e town, and
..•connection with the outside world.
There is a system connecting Silvs-i'-
,ton, New Denver, Alamo, Three
Forks, and Sandon, and it Is desired
to have the system made complete by
extending it down the lake and
through Slocan to Nelson. It would
mean the construction of a little orer
,-60 miles of line, but it is urged that
it could be mado a profitable investment. A priyate wire is in operation
between sSlocan and tlio Arlington
and Speculator, and in the summer
it Is to be extended over the summit.
,to the Enterprise. Were a main
trunk line built, other properties
would be connected, anil business
with town and country greatly facil
itated. Representations have been
made to members of the Nelson board
of trade on the subject and they have
promised to advocate the scheme, as
..being most beneficial to the business
interests of tho country. It will be
,ono ofthe lirst matters to be brought I
before tlie new civic government I
when organized.
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the DniOO Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Vltfting1 brethren cordially
invited to attend.
  Financial Secretary
You Can .Make
A  Striking  Effect!!
bers ofthe Masonic Order in the town
will be held Friday evening nt II. D.
Curtis' office, next.' to the. postofflce,
at S o'clock, for the purpose of organization,
Commencing May 2 from Owen
Sound ati_ Mav 5 from Fort William,
the Canadian Pacific railway upper
lake steamers will resume regular
trips on the following schedule; From
Owen Sound, ss Alberta on Tuesday,
ss Athabasca on Thursday, ss Manitoba on Saturday; from Fort William,
Athabasca on Sunday, Manitoba on
Tuesday, and Alberta on Friday.
Gwiilim. 6c Johnson,
Slocan, - - -        B. C
B. A. So.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - - B. C.
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack norses for
hire tit reasonable rates.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,       - B.  C.
and    *
Plans and Specification! furnished on
application.     Estimates
cheerfully given.
Wo have just received a
large shipment of
from D. M. Ferry's celebrated Seed House. Wc sell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
.   Subscribe lor Tub Drill,
By untiring D perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the liilcKt Htyli* find elegantly
trimmed.   Such enn  be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor;
near the Poitoffice.
We have moved into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing .t specialty and all work
forwarded will be guaranteed, and
mail (iidi'is promptly attended to.
All Union workmen employed, thus
ensuring skilled attention.
and Jeweler.
Nelson, B.C
Tackle Arrived.
Also Instrumental Music.
Full Stock of Stationery,
Toys and Novelties.
Mci Of MMflL
(Is,lit Viking ansl New Phoenix Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in tbe Slooan City Minini> Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—North of Springer
creek, about two miles from Slocan
City, adjoining the Nancy Hanks
and Peerless Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. 8. Dr wry,
<ii:tin|* as agent for George II. Aylard,
free miner's certilicate No. B88817, intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder 'or certificates ol improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 3?, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Ditedthi-J 14th dav of March, 1901.
15-3-01 XV. S. DREWRY
Viking Fraction Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—North of Springer
creek, about two miles from Slocan
City, adjoining the Nancy Hanks
and Gold Viking .Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. Drewry,
acting as agent for George Henderson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B28746,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose oi obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates oi
Dated this 21st day of March, 1901,
22-3-01 W. S. DREWRY
Tobacconists' Supplies
of every description can be had at ocan's Leading Store.
Tobaccos, chewing and smoking, of the best Wanda kept tn
stock; also Cigars snd Cigarettes. Fruits . f all kinds kept in
their season. The most toothsome Confectionery Always on
sale.   Stationery also handled.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
(llssiiiv and Maisssi Mtssssrul Claims.
Situate in tbe Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: About one mile
east of Slocan Lake, adjoining tbe
IVerles'? Mineral Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Frederick S.
Clements, as agent for Charles E. Miller,
Free Miner's Certificate No. BS660S,
and .lames H. Wallace, Free Miner's
Certilicate Xo B3'"P0(i,intend, sixty days
from Uie tlate hereof,to apply to the Mining Recortter for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grunts of the abovo claims.
And further take notice that action,
tinsjer 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of improvement
Data] this 20th day of March, 1901.
29-3-01 F. S. CLEMENTS
No More
Have installed a new machine
for manufacture? Stovepipes
and Airpipes. They go together
like a charm, Patronize home
industry and have an unruffled
I J.
Direct Route, Unequalled Service, to
all Points
via Soo  Line to St. Paul, Chicago,
to all U. 8. Points.
First-Class  Sleepers,   Dining  Cars,
and Tourist Cars.
from Vancouver to Cape Nome,
Alaska Points, Australia, China
Japan. Through ticket* to and
from England and the Continent.
For time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address treurost
local agent, or—
Atfent, Slocan City
.1. S. CAUTKU,      E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A. (i. P.A.,
Nelbon. Vancouver.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating-
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slooan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness.
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting, Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, School
Hospital, Public Halls and
Enterprising Citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Sian
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
Come and be convinced that this taleto
no mere idle stream, bnt a stern reality.
Dissolution of Partnership.   C < < K CsT tr> j hfi
per annum
NOTICE is hereby riven that tho partnership heretofore existing hetween Lake
it Noble, proprietors ol the Royal Hotel,
litis this <lay been dissolved. All accounts owini" the firm must he paid W.
K. Noble, who will continue the business
and settle all indebtedness ol the Bbove
Dated at Blocan,this 11th day of April,
12-4 W. E. NOBLE.
In the matter of an application for a
duplicate of a Cwrtitleate of Title to
Lot B, Block 25, Slocan City (Map
in my intention to issue, at the expiration of one month from tho first publication hereof, a sluplicato of the Cortlflcato
of Ti'lo to the abovo mentioned Lot in
the imtiu* of .lumen 0 Boliindnr, which
Certificate fa dutod tho 8th day of November, 1897, and nniiiberi'd lA2k.
Land llcKistry Ofliee, Nelson, B.C.,
21st March, 1901, 12-4.


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