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The Slocan Drill 1902-11-14

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 12.00 PEE ANNUM,
We are in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
deiiIKQDbnt license ikii.mcits to
PAY   II'.
Hiiisisnsnsississ In be listssii'sl I'lilt'sus They I>si
—Hyluw ts. Is* I'liNss'il Dealing Wills
tin- Water Itiylils on Hpt'lngns- Cls'S'U —
Oolontft tss Print Ils'lji'sslssreis.
copper, which demonstrates tho existence of a big thin;'. There was no
platinum in the ore.
Two weeks ago nn adjoining group
wns Mild to Indianapolis people for
.Sloo.OiK), ninl lust week the Sovereign
group, on the same hill, was sold also
lo Indianapolis capitalists [or $76,000,
Slecan, llritish Columbia.
You want value for your money. We
•carry the best lines of Rubber Goods made
in Canada and the United States.   .   .
We sell st Esstsrn List Prices.      Our winter
stock is Hew complete.   Kenicmber this.   .   .
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Tho city fathors gathered in regular
inc.'lin;;  in   the  council chamber  on
inlay night. Present: Mayor York,
Owners, of   l.c^isl  i.**l   Ore   lis   llsss  Lower
Monday night, Present; Mayor York,] Fa*tn Rnd perseveranoo on the part
Aid. Smith.McCallum and Robertson, of W. S. Johnson uml A. R.Bolder-
Correspondence read: From Vict,uin «ton, owners of the Legal, situated mi
Colonist, containing tender Inr deben-,illu'lirst nortn r,irk l,r Lemon, have at
Hires; from B. C. Lithographing ami length been rewarded bythetapping
Emgraying Co., offering to lithograph of the ore chuto in tin' lower tunni'
same for $80.
McCallum moved
Colonist olfer to
and coupons at
Aid. Siuiih am
Ihe ac,".'[.'lance of tin
print ihe debentures
.*-' 17.5( >.   Carried.      ,^^^^^^^
Bill.-; presented: II. R. Jorand, ty
writing circular letters, 50 cents,
ferred to finance committee.
i.ftln ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
fur the past year work has been kept
up on the property, under many discouraging influences, not the least of
which was mucking out the long
workings wiih a wheelbarrow, In the
drift above is a splendid showing of
in.'.secured oulyofter pat-sing through
a serious fault. It was to tap this ore
'm"lv that No. 2 tunnel  was started
cabled tho London office thai, "during
September 50 stumps  ran I'd days   11
hours.   Estimated profit on operating
.**.'lt)(K).   This is after deducting (level
opinent charges of 13082."   The August profits were Ji'.t&i.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
The special committee on fire pro-1100 feet below,   .lust about 400 feet
toction. Aid. McCallum, Nichol and  of work has 1 n done, including a
Worden. reported progress and said crosscut to the right, and left of the
tlnv would hand in full particulars at drift in order to find the ledge, which
next meeting. : had been thrown out of its course by
Finance committee reported in favor the same fault met above.   The rock
Iof bills amounting to $55.19. Ordered was very hard and at  times progress
paid. ; was slow.    But success  lias rewarded
Bis worship stated he hud inter the owners and they now have what
viewed Government Agent Chipman they went after. The paystreak is
with regard to the citrs application about ten inches wide and assays 164
for water rights on Springer creek, tn ths* ton iu gold. The quartz is over
I The city had omitted passing the ne- 80 per cent free milling, so it will be
• issary bylaw in connection therewith I readily seen thai the Legal isn good
and Mr. Chipman Would hold the ap- thing. There is close to 200 feet of
plication till it was passed, then ne stoping territory overhead,with steady
would lay the matter before the gov- nnd high  values  all  through.   The
13. C.
rnini'iit. ^^^^^
Instructions were
j. [tor to lo ik after
drafl the n - • sarv
I owners mil quit work at the ond of
Lrive'i the city sol- the month until next summer, when a
he application; to car and track will be put in. The
bylaw, and to lay | Legal was lately surveyed for a crown
Ore chute Proven Oontlnnoui tor Ss'vcniy
Things life going very well with the
Ottawa and it has reached that stage
where it may safely be classed a mine.
'I'hs' No. 'A drift has penetrated the ore
chute a distance of 70 feet, with no
break appearing in the body. This
gives sufficient ore in sight to pay for
the mine and all development to date.
The ore body varies In width from
four feet, but in the breast of the drift
there is at present two streaks, one on
top of theother,12 inches and (i inches
wide respectively. These give signs
of Amalgamating into one body.
.More than two carloads of ore has
bei'ii taken out in drifting, no stoping
being attempted. Some soil sacks
have been filled, awaiting the commencement of shipping. Of this
amount 10(1 tons is Inch grade stuff,
which will give returns ol 500 oz in
silver, and it would be easily possible
td make a carload shipment of the
same quality. The remainder is the
general filling of the chute and will
givo over 1(H) 07..
A couple of ore houses have lately
been built and ns",v bunkhouses will
be put up later on. About a dozen
men aro working on the sleigh road,
which will be finished next we*sk, and
then shipments will commence, u.if
hundred tons a month will likely be
shipped through the winter. At the
mine and on the road 25 men are employed. The Ottawa is one of the
mainstays of the camp.
lis.* Mvteor II>th it.
■Love Lightens Labor'I^S
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.      Get some and try it yourself.
it before tho council at the next regti   grant
In- meeting.
Th       -or next reported that ther       H	
remaining unpaid, and he would like     James Parroll, ono oi Ih■• 1 -sbos of
to seo thorn coll-wtod.   The chief oi th   Metr. ir, camo down on Friday and
ths' vein
nigh', be-
Lncli.es wide
er ,-"id rieh-
u  is ,i i thai  taken oul of the winze,
which assa re 1 1586 oz silver aud ?12
and upwards in gold.   Th** crosscut
p dice bad ci 11 ■ i on  th ■ d li   [ti ml ■. reported  tl
Co-operative Association,^.,
m_m_mmmm—_m_mmm_—_—_^__—_—_—__^^\u\ e.'iii'l't
but had failed to collect anything It, ■,■,,,,, tho lower crosscut thi
is, oulj- neU tiad just thui t_c.,t debit   u,,-...    ■ _,. ,„ . i.0,t,,. is **,
—_—_—_—————-, nmi or.   th' saci" __H
said ihe license by-
iw should b • enforce ! and, unless
th ■ licen  '- w r ■ paid by icxt mee!
ing, summ iu     sh iuI 1 be is mod.
I'h ■ chii i" of police was given in-
sii'.u tions tn call o:ic • mora on tho delinquents and m ke an atl impt tocol
His worship ■ tai -.1 it would bo ne
,..,. ,i-v to ;- it out a circular letter for
submission to the banks,
financial sta cling of th
iu   connection wit
snowing ih ■
city. This
the deben-
was driven in 11'> foot, swinging a
little when the fault In the vein was
met. Not finding the vein where ex-
pected, a raiso of .'11 feet was made
and tho ore encoimtered wheu the
fault was passed. Tho raise has since
be ii continued up and connection
with    the   winze,  effectually
draining that and opening up mucn
^___-        working ground,   it   is  now prov, n
turesofthc sawmill site, which wore| that the faull  has changed from '
shortly to b' offered fur sale.
Slocan, British Columbia,
Smith and th i
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors
Aid.' McCalluui a
city clerk w re app >ini "I fl commit)
to eollecl the required data,
Tho finance committee was also ask
original bearing-* above and
ning with the tunnel. The
have li o'le 1 where they are
can handle lhe vein inure intolli,
I heir intention is to commenc
3 run-
at and
• stop-
Volsiiit«'s*s' l-'ire Brigade.
The recent narrow escape of the
business section of the city from a serious fire resulted in an agitation for
the formation of a volunteer fire brigade. A call for a meeting for this
cjtrpo i was issui I and rJh Verbics-
any night a number oT citizens met in
iiis' citv hall. \V. E, Worden was voted to the chair and he briefly explained the situation. It was decided to
form ;i volunteer liiv brigade at once.
with b full set of officers. Those
!■ cl d were: President, .7. A. .Anderson; chief, W. E. Worden; sec.-troa.,
Lome York: captain nf hose, George
Ager; captain of ladders, -las. Cross;
cap ain of buckets, B. E. Allen. The
brigade will gather in and organize
their own members and run matters in
proper shape.
ed to prepare a statement of th i at**     ing .,, ,„„.,., wiih the idea of making a
iceounts, to bo prcsouted at tho next shipment at au early date.   The ore
mivti :.-.   Ii will be necessary to raise w\[\ ■,,. V(,rv hi-^h grade and isexpoct-
hother small temporal*-, loantomeel  n\u, give values in gold and silver
sent floatiug indebtedness. j approximating$500per ton.which will
Council adjourn d.
Meeting o* Scotchmen,
approximating 8500 per ton,which
•five   the   lessees considerable
In tho Sin rllTU tlaiidi*
Elmer J. Fell is after Percy Dick
inson, Warner Miller nnd associat w in
th ■ British Columbia courts and has
secured judgment against thorn. As
a insult Sheriff Tuck la offering for
sale at Nelsou, on   Nov. 14, the inter-
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Kn opened under
the old management.
former customers
cordially Invited to retm n
The Royal Hot
.  *_ .....  AV..SSSIS*. Rlnris.t.
■  it ■*_■*.•* A vs* is sis',
AsllmrStiis-i-'i"" I). I*""'.* *»▼
building thoroughly renovated
and ro st eked with the best
.l.\s CROSS,
The annu il meeting of St. Andrew's
So< ioty waj held in the city hall i n
Monday oveuing, there lielng a fair
ntteudanc i. Dr, Forin, prcsidout, lie*
Ing absent in Nelson, Mayor So 1>.
vice-president, took the chair. Citv
clerk l'.svii I \v acted as secretary. T.
McNeish,ti nt urer, reported that there
Sonhandfrom last year's spiel, i divigiou%    Tho  „,,,,„..
an-'leetipu at office     followed, re    ,...,.  ..,     , s|:..(_7|    ....
-iillinff   i- follows: 1 .yaid.'iit, Mayor| uation is .,„ „,,,
\ ors: vn-'. .li
I'. McN -Ith; marshal, Dum
chaplain, Rev. Mr. Simon
csts of the defendants in the Skylark
ftud   li'au.'i'i' claim-', situated  in   this
Zitiisioili, tlis* lUaglclftn,
Slocan has been visit,'d by one show
that was worth the pric (of admission.
Prof. Zamloch, the magician, held
forth in the Music Hall, ou Monday
and Tuesday nights, to good and well
satisfied audiences, His work is clean
and refined, and as clever as if is interesting. Every item bespeaks the
master hand. Za nloch's special hits
wore the spirit rapping, om itette and
basket tricKs on the first night: and
the wiih*. collection, and skeleton
quadrille turns on the second night.
The show is up to the wording of the
l.isst Ymmt't Mil IpuscntN AVers* 01714 T.isik—
A Healthy Kvldenea «f tlss* Life sisssl
Wealth ssf tin, L'asisp- Aillissjtosi the
Blggeit Shipper.
Biltl roads have played  havoc  with
shipments of late, it being almost impossible' to move anything. As a con-
sequence nothing has been exported
from the Arlington this week, the lirst,
blank in a long while, l-'roni the Enterprise -}!) tons of ore was sent out.
It is understood the force at that mine
is to be doubled to 70 men, several
having gone up the creek o.i Wednesday, The increase in the force is duo
to the demand I'or zinc, of which the
Enterprise has large reserves. With
a profit resulting from the zinc, it also
gives a cheaper treatment inr the silver. .Much of the ore in th8 lower
workings runs high in zinc,but carries
only 50 og or so in silver. This can
be all mined and shipped to Kansas
at a profit, leaving the high grade
silver ores-in the upper workings for
loeni treatment.
The outlook for winter shipments is
excellent. There will be a car shortly
from the Hamilton and another from
the Bondholder, and two cars from
the Ottawa, to lie followed by a regular proc 3skm from the latter, ft has
a big Body of ore opened up and tho
reserves are daily growing larger.
Then there will be consignments from
the Meteor, Black Prince, Republic
and Kalispell. The winter will l*o
prosperous to the mines.
^or VM) the exports from this division amounted to 2817 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
i sports totalled 6529 tons, from fourteen properties.   Following is a full
ist of thi
local shipments this year to
Ottawa  •• —
Fourth ol July.
. 101
tiisiisillisii Immigration.
^^^^^^^^^^ hard. |{.
T. Audcrson; executivecominittc •. Dr.
Forin, D. S. McVannel, Johu Craig,
and the officers, It *v.i- de id 1 to
hold t he annual diuueron tho ovening
of Monday. December I. Arrangements lor the dinner aud tho price of
tho tickets wero lofl in tho hands of
the executive committee. I
tenrton to make the affair
successful than li-i yoar"s effort ana
invitations are to be extended to n
number of outsid • celebrities.
Uavfl is ('iipps'i' I'.itiiittr.n.
W. T. Shatfoid, Con Murphy and
Dad Allen, nf this town, are interested
in a group of four claims .it Aspen
Grove, In the Similkameeu country,
thai will assuredly placo
street.   They call the group tin
 Iml is the out
come of partnership differences be-
tw • in Messrs. F< It and Dickinson,
while located ai this place.
Cripple Misl. Working
Immigration n turns show thai during the month of October thosi em
involved   isjbarking from British ports to settle in
present sit -(•,...,.*,, wero 200*1 English I22Scotch,
117") Irish, and 810H foreign is.   For
the t.':i  months end, d  with Octob -
tho returns show there were 24,538
Britishers .'culiil in Canada, and :r>.-
.'.sii foreigners,   These figures do nol
include Americans.
t is tin in    ••"'*■'  'i;IVl'  '"'';|  i"'''1
,..■,.„',„ ,.-,.'ii'siti making things  si
George Nichol iind Stewai", Clough
will work the Crlpplo Stick claim, on
Erin mountain, all winter. Of late
they havo been putting up n cabin
_ sniiij I'or wint 'i'.
Sufficient surface work has been done
to trace the lend half way over the
claim, antl they are in shape ',i either
sink or drift on the lead. There is it
capital exposure of ore, with •■"•-.'tH)
worth on tho dump, and moro is to be
taken oul for an early shipment, Tho
claim is under lease nnd bond tor a
year, __
A Rig Clean-up.
Enterprise Qolag Dohlnd.
Judging from a published cablegram to the London office Irom the
manager of the Enterprise, things are
not going well with that mine. For
September the estimated loss is taken
at $2100. This Is after deducting development charges of $1700. Zinc not
Ore tsi Iron Home.
All tbe outside work at the Black
I'rince has been finished.
Shipments from the entire, Slocan
are now above 26,000 tons.
The Noble Five, at Sandon, has
closed down tight for the winter.
Ore is being stoped from the main
shaft mi the Kepublic and sacked for
The Bosun sent 80 tons of zinc to
Kansas during the week untl one car
of ore lo Trail.
For the month of October the Lo
Koi mine, at Rossland, cleaned up u
pr. .(it of 185,000.
All the miners at the Molly Gibson
walked out last week, because of the
hiring of a Chinese cook.
The Trail smiltor is reported to
have passed into the hands of the War
Eagle anil Centre Star people.
Ii is again stated the Chapleau
debts are fo be liquidated, and tomorrow is the date fixed for the fun.
():•.•   sacks   were   tnkcu up   to  the
Bondholder this week and a carload
shipm ml will be made next month,
Government Agent Chipman says
that none of the delinquent claims in
the Slocan will be offered for sale this
Allen's p.uklr.iin is employed taking out ore from the Hampton mine,
bringing it out to the basin, whence it
will De sloded to town. A carload is
being shipped.
Among the li^t of adjourned cases
coming before the full court at Van*
eouver this week is the celebrated affair of Clark vs Collom, arising out of
the sale of the Arlington. The Paystreak man knows about this caso.
ii*]ii on easy
Mark Man!
who  recently   pui
through a deal with Boston people on
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
v«*-.L^t anything Ir.these £«.?*$"
nus.   Our stock In eac n»      ^
nd well assorted.  We nan
arket affords.   Price* ^Yr,^n
Yon can get anything
require from
kept fresh a
best the m
S2.80ingold and  55.01  i-. ■' ;<; <"!'
,'■;•: n,:.i 1.90 oz silver,-52.82 god am
Kill percent copp.'.    A cauiplo IKKD
tho   n in -' '••>■•    I'"   ' "i   "'    ,
width of tho payBtronk i ivef>,     •  ■ i
dhw, 11.60 gold and 0.03 per cent in
K. .1. McPhoe, manager of the Iron
Horse, received word Tuesday that
tho ore streak on the footwall in the
shaft hud widened out to sin inches oi
the clean shipping article. The tvci nt
Inflow of water had been overcome
and good progress was being made in
Tic sawmill company hascleaned
oul Wil m creel" and put on n gang of
men arranging for thoir winter log fing
camps in thai Rection,
Thomas Chow, (>C thttaawmill coi i
panv. has not yet arrived in from the
murderer, must
Rose, the Nakusp
swing on the 21st.
Bourne Bros   contemplate
their -tore at Nakusp.
Tin'skating rink is being put inte
shape preparatory to flooding it for a
sheet of ice.
*. wire from Victoria yesterday announced that the government had
floated n loan in Loudon for $8,500,-
000, nt 92,
Trouble has broken oul among tho
coal miners at Michel and it is proba-
detaihetl  bj busi 11 lo I
iu Feiiiie will walk out in
sympntbyi ®^(.£>-.-*®®v^^
A Novel by Annie Thompson.
The two pedestrians reached at last
a bend in the rond, where,
being on an eminence, tliey
could see Feldi'ossnn clearly. The
.Manse was tho nearest building to
them; beyond it was the cottage
which for years John and Alice hud
culled their own. When Kate saw
il, she turned impulsively to her
companion With her hulid outstretched. Her eyes was tilled with
tears, her voice was unsteady us
she said: "Oh, John! it must be so
hard for you to see that house again,
and know thut s\liee is not there."
Me took her hand, und looked
blankly ut lur for a moment. His
expression seemed to her lo indicate
dumb grief. in reality, be was
.shocked und amazed. Scnrecly a
thought of Alice had crossed his
mind, so entirely hud bis reiiiein-
brance of her been dwarfed by his
remembrance of another. Kate's
Imagination bad misled her utterly.
His gravity und preoccupation were
caused by thoughts of the living,
not of the (lend. The landscape, ibe
familiar landmarks, bud suggested
to him Mary i oresler, not Alice.
lie saw the dy! e thut bud been rebuilt, nnd thought of the days long
passed when it had been covered
with moss nnd bluebells, I racken
and heiuher, and wben he bad transplanted many ferns from il to die a
lingering dcutll in that corner of the
Manse garden which Mury culled her
own lie saw the spot nt Which
Katie expected him to Htop,, ond remembered only Mary's admiration
of tlio view of it. When the bend in
the road wus reached, he saw nothing but the Manse where Mary lived
He wns thankful that Kate walked
on without seeming to expect any
response to her sympathetic words.
He felt himself to be a hypocrp.e: of
course he should have been thinking
only of his sister,  ond Mary bud al-
toijelhcr filled his mind.
Mr.   "-I'erris,      impatient  for   Kate's
return, was standing ut the Manse
gate that be might catch the first
glimpse of her. He prided himself
on bis long-sightedness; but when be
saw ber familiar figure iu the distance, he was puzzled because sho
was not alone. Wbo could she have
with her? lie adjusted his eyeglasses
and peered through them. With the
result, that roses beside him beciiino
abnormally large, while all further
objects grew misty. Tben he bent
his head und peered over his glasses,
and this time he recognized Kale's
companion, lie was not very much
astonished. He had lived through
many surprises, and now accepted
the unexpected with a calmness that
rather aggravated his juniors. His
niece und John Cayford came toward him wiih smiling faces. "It
is us it should be." he muttered to
himself, "they mako a handsome
couple. Well, well, 1 shall have to
learn  to do without Kale."
The welcome received at the Manse
wns after all incomplete; Mary forester was not there. She and her
uncle had been paying calls in the
afternoon, and had found one lady
so poorly and dispirited, that Mary
had offered to stay and lake tea With
her. When the lea wus over ut tbe
Manse, and there was some cessation
'*■. the rapid outpouring of information by which the seven years of absence must be bridged over, John
Cayford proposed that he should
walk to Mrs. Melvin's cottage, and
bring Mary home.
•'Ay, lad. do," saitl Mr. Ferris.
"You nnd I, Kate, will see to our
accounts while be is gone. Uraw
up the blind a little higher, John;
my old eyes need all the light they
can  get."
John raised the blind, and wheeled
the minister's chair nearer to the
window; then he bunded hlin the
newspaper he had brought from
town. Mr. Ferris pushed it away.
"Duty before pleasure, sir," he suid
severely. "Hon't    put   temptation
near me,  I have work to do."
Nevertheless, when Kale came into
tho parlor a fow minutes Inter, her
uncle wns engrossed with the paper,
r'he. wns not sorry to lind him occupied, but she wondered that he could
become interested in anything so
trival on such a niiht as tbis. She
laid aside her writing materials with
a sense of relief. Her thoughts drifted back to that supreme moment in
the day, when she had become conscious that n new und wonderful
feeling stirred within her henrt. She
did not wnnt to look at It closely:
there wns not lime yet, nt nny moment she might be disturbed. But
she let herself ho absorbed by it. Tt
was ns though sbe stood with closed
eyes in n Hood of sunshine, enjoying
to the full iis thrilling glow and
wnrmlh. and yet not during to look
Up  In'o  the  blinding glory.
An bour Inter, her undo fta'shetl his
extinctive study of the newspaper;
ho hurl re id even the ndvert s"tnotit
columns, lie tossed tho sho t to one
side nnd «nw* K'nte.
"Ti nr me. child! where have you
been'? T hnve been Waltlna for you
fo help me with 'lie nccro'ntfl "
"T am ready, I'ncle T thought you
wot'o busy,"
"linsv' tot nt nil. T wns tiio-ely
glnneing nt the pnpe- there is nothing in it no'hing whatever, Shall
we set. to work now?"
"Yes  I'ncle," snid Kate gently.
The turnpike road that passed
through I'e'dro.'snn. loutinued by
the sea for many in Ilea i nl 1 it reached Stranraer, Just levend tho vil-
lage, a high wall to lhp right of Ibe
rond. surrounded tho   l'urish   Church
on gravoyard; ani further on. t'ov
wo.'O a few Iso'at d cot a1 os. Ihas
stood at irregular Intervals, and lad
,/, depressing suggestion of failure
about thorn; tl ev loo cd as th )U h
they hnd Strayed out fro i P l.'ros-
ean with the vain hop of unit nj it
to the next vi lage, which lay a .e .
miles further south. '".hose lott.igoa
bad been built without any attouipt
et omamei.t tion and were ndecd
positive; y ugly; each of thin see tied
to raise its two chimney stacks upwards In mule protest against tie
grandeur and beauty'of ortn la.ish-
ed on the outlines of Ai.su, Arran,
or Oantyre. The most dejecis.nl looking cottage leonged to Mrs. Melvin
at whose ten table Mary Forester
presided this afternoon. Mrs. Melvln
was old, her eyes were dim, her complexion colorless, and her Stops
languid. She wore an obtrusive air
of resignation; her eyebrows were invar ably e'evated. and ths- lorners of
her mouth depressed. she tho ight
the woret of every one, und wns
rather aggravated when ber gloomy
forebodings were not realized.
"You ran stay to tea, if you lile,
Mary," sho said ungraciously. "There
wns some tea bread in the cupLo.ud,
but no doubt Janet has made away
with it. us usual."
"Oh no, Mrs. Melvin! I nm sure
Janet would not tuke it Without
leave." cried Mary, who could not
bear to think ill of any one Tho
cupboard was opened, end Janet's
character vlnd ruled. Had the ca es
vanished, Mrs .Melvin might huve
been faintly cheerful; as it was. she
raised her eyebrows higher thun le-
fore. and observed that every pice
on the plutc looked smaller than it
had done Inst tin e.
Mary bad e.erc sed a good deal of
s<*lf-dcninl in o'"e:ing to slav with
Mrs. Melvin: sh I wantef to te
hone when Kate returned. Kate
might have seen some one, or heard
soninthirg   interesting.   Mary   v.; s  at
,sei t living in a state o" rest'eis
expectation. It was at no time pi u-
sant for her to l.e with th s old
lady. Those who ma'..e ill-nature I re
marks never guess whut acute sufe -
ing they inflict on the sonstiven ss
of a charitable hearer. Usually Mary
contrived to infuse a little of hei
own over-flowing love Into every
one with whom she came in contact.
but Mrs. Melvin seemed love-proof.
Today her tongie was more venomous than usual, and a'ter enduring i's
stings for two hours. Mary rose to
go. her nerves quivering and her
tender heart outraged.
"Oh—oh—oh!" she gasped, as she
closed the cottage door behind h r.
"how can people think such win ed
things, when God has given them
such a beautiful place to live in.'"
To talk scandal in a dirty town,was
perhaps excisible; but how any one
could live within view of Arran. nnd
be spiteful, passed Mary's comprehension. It will be seen thut her comprehension was exceedingly limit d
In some directions She was twenty-
five years old, und so carefully h.id
her guileless soul been nurtured, th it
lies were the blackest form of iniquity with which she had uny practical acquaintance. The hints, intien-
does. and evil suggestions poured
forth by Mrs. Melvin, affected her us
fear affected her-making ber he.irt
beat quick and her cheeks burn .
filling her mind with a vague dread
of she knew not what: causing her
to shrink away in painful terror from
an intensity of darkness which she
could not fathom. She Clasped her
little hands tight about hr throat
to ease the aching pa n there: un 1
hurried aWay from Mrs. alelv'n's cottage, that she might be free from t e
suffocating atmosphere of suspicion.
When sho reached the thurchyard.Sho
entered it, and (lew wilh ea e.' steps
to a grave in the far coiner, before
which she knelt, sobbing out lur
grief. "Oh, Alice, dear! you al-
Ways believed in people: you always
said God wanted us to think loving
ly of them even when th y d i
wrong. Tt isn't true th*t they are all
so wicked. You were good. deal* :
you wero good. Oh, why did you go
away from me?"
Her words, her thoughts we c in
coherent: gradually her sobbing s'en'
itself, her tears ceased, her sorrow
became less acute. There were roses
blooming all round the grave; as her
sight grew clearer she saw that one
and another was W t'*ered, nnd b *-
gan tenderly to detach the faded
(lowers. She was thus occupied, wben
Jobn Oayford, who hud seen her enter
tho chur hyard while he was yet at
some distance, rnme nenr her. Tbe
mossy turf had deadened the sound
of his footsteps; she was not aware
of his presexe until, having (misled
her work, sho ro«e to h-r felt, tinned uwnv from tie grave, nnd snw
him. Instantly she was by his side
clinging to his arm.
"John, my dear, denr Jobn — you
hnve rotrc back nt lust'"
l'e 'oo'od down into her face. It
was so sweet, so pure *o child-like
the eves shining with hnt'P'njs. tbe
lushes   still   wet   with   tears. Was
there another fare in all the world as
"And it is seven long years since I
saw you, Mary!"
"Yes," she said, seven long years
When vou went away, Alice nnd I
thought the time would never puss
Oh. if she were here now. John—if
sho were only here! We talked so
often about you. So often we walked
to the corner milestone, and half
persuaded ourselves that you were
coming down the Feldrsissun rond.
Sho gave me a groat mnnv incsiagei
for you when you sho lid (0 te homo."
"Vou must te 1 mo all of thin.
"I will," she suid, "I will. I wanted to write to you, but I could not
You  did  not   think  hard   th ngs     of
me,  because I sent  no letter?"
"I never had u hard thought of
you In my life,  Mury."
"I knew Uncle untl Kate could tell
you everything so much better than
I. I tried to write, but it was all
so terribly d irk und sad, and words
seem such cold things in a ge.it
trouble. It was so sudden, too. I
did not know she was dying until she
asked the doctor herself bow long she
had to live, and ho told her only a
few hours.' Think what it must have
bei ii to have such a thing said to
you! It was the even ng, and she
asked me to stay with her. I lay
dowu beside hsr and we talked     to
gether, sho said that 'he on'y wanted to live for your sake, un 1 thnt
when you come home I mt:s'. le all
to you that she would have I ecu I
Will, John, if I enn I Will, Th n she
spoke of heaven, and I scarcely dui"J
breathe lest she should stop. We
wero so peace.Ul nn.l hupp;., t see i-
oil as if life v.,re beginn nj;, ii..t ending, 'lhe hours Hew fa.-t. tbe cm lies
burned dim, the day broke. She
would say a lew words and then
rest, and then speak ugain: and when
the spo;,o. 1 feared to lose a syllable
—and when she rested, I thought
over nil she had said. So her dear
voice grew fainter and fainter, and I
heard more and more plainly the dull
thud of tho waves on tie leach outside: and presently 1 could hear nothing but the Wttvs*s. Then I knew
that she would never speak to me
aga n: never, never, never!"
Mary, you must not cry so, dear;
you must not, it i.s not right. This
is not the welcome Alice would have
had you give me."
She (lushed away the tears, and
tried to steady her quivering lips.
"I have missed her so muck,
"My poor little girl, 1 know you
must have   Did  Kate not help you?"
"Oh, yes, but sho is older; and
then — she is so clever, I always
think she is laugh ng at me."
"Well.  Mary,  vou have me now."
"Yes." she s-n'd, with a long sigh
of satisfaction,   'I have you now."
They left the churchyard, and by
common cons nt crossed the rond,
pre erring to walk homo by the shore
path, which though rougher anil long
er was more sol tury. They lingered
on tho Way, r.nd were unconscious
that they lingered.
When they reached the Manse gate,
Kut • raised her eves from her work
und saw them. Tbe brilliant colors of
the sunset had faded out of the sky;
but a palo yellow light wus diffused
around, which seemed to illuminate
every object with startling clearness.
The ev press! on of perfect happiness in
Mary's fae was good to look U] on;
when Kato saw it. her own lips putted with a sympathetic smile. Then
her glance wandered to Mary's companion, and her smile van,shed. She
read moro thnn perfect happiness in
that face.
"Kate," said Mr. Ferris, pushing
toward her a paper covered with figures, "I can't make your reckoning
and mine agree. Po you think you can
havo made a mistake?"
Kate turned her head from the window, and lookid at him vacantly.
"I shnll know when they come in."
sho said.
They came in before Mr. Ferris hud
timo to reflect that Kate's answer
was strange.
"Oh, I'ncle," cried Mary, "is it
not delightful? How surprised you
must have been. 1 think you are very
kind to let John bring mo home.
What are you und Kato doing? Accounts? Who could look at bills tonight!"
"My dear," said Mr. Ferns reprovingly , "thi'se things must be attended to. Do you see your mistake,
"Of course she sees her mistake."
cried Mury gaily "Say '\es' Kate,
quick, and let us put the horrid papers away."
Kate's "yes" Was almost inaudible,
und did not re'er to the figures at
all, but it satisfied her uncle.
[to be coimi-njiD.)
A Theory Abont Han's Beard.
There Is a theory favored by tbe disciples of Darwin that tbe beard Is
merely tbe survival of a primitive decoration. Man, according to this view,
was originally os hairy as tbe opossum
itself, but ns be rolled down the ages
be wore the balr off In patches by
Bleeping on bis sides and sitting against
a tree. Of course the balr of tbe dog
Is not worn off in tbls wny, but a great
theory Is not to be set aside by an objection so trifling By and by our ancestors "awoke to tbe consciousness
that they were pntcby and spotty."
nnd resolving to "live down" all linlr
that was not ornamental they witli remarkable uiiunimity seem to bave fixed
on the eyebrows, the mustache and—
unfortunately, as the self scrapers
mostly tblnk—the beard as being all
tbnt was worth preserving of the primitive covering.—English Mugnzine.
Aa  Anecdote  of   It man.
Rennn while traveling alighted at Naples. One morning a servant of tbe
hotel came to him und snld tbat as she
hnd heard the preacher nt the out bed rn I
mnke use of his nume mnny times she
would be thankful If he would choose
for her a number In the lottery ubout to
be drawn. "If you are n saint." snld
she, "the number Is sure to be n good
one; If you nre a devil, It will be still
better." • Rennn smiled nnd chose e
number, but lie never knew If the serr-
nm wns If-'
Red  nnd  Inflamed  ttyellda.
Ited and inflamed lids, lids which
look as though the person hnd been
keeping very lute hours, suys u receut
periodical, aud lids wblcb have little
crusts formed during tbe night at tbe
root of the eyelusbes, are usually un
Indication of a low degree of iistiguiu-
tlsm. ln some cases no relief Is had
for tbls condition till proper glasses
ore procured. A large proportion of
the cases, however, will he cured by
the following olulment: Yellow oxide
of mercury, three griiliis; yellow vuse-
line, one-half ounce; mix thoroughly
uud apply a very little to the edge of
tbe eyelids each night
Ton Cool,
"Oh, Major I'.loodgore," snld girlish
gusher, "tbey sny that during the war
you were nlwnys cool in action."
"Cool!" declared the mnjor. "Why,
my dear girl, I wus so cool tbnt wheu I
shivered people Insinuated thut 1 was
Ths. Uug hi Flour Mlllis  lss tin.  British
lusiplis' ami the  Palace Flssus'
Mill* of Use \\s>l M.
Surah -Mr. Itlppler snys thut be is ■
continued bachelor.
sSusle— Hut he didn't say that every
girl In town busi assisted lu continuing
him, did be?
To be the greatest milling concern In
the British Empire is certainly a distinc-
I tion tor any Industry. To have this In*
' dustry in Canada ls a matter of pride
and congratulation to Canada and Canadians.
j This Is the centenary year of the Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., and its history during 1UU years has hint to do with the
growth and prosperity of the wheiit producing and  Hour   consuming  population
of I'siliudti.
Magnificent as its past has been, its
magnitude today, and Ub provision for
the future are so nival thut u sLulcli ol
lliis company will prove of more thun
passing interest to our readers.
Ninety elevators scattered over lhe
vast wheat ureas ol Western Canada receive the bulk oi tho finest wheal growl,
in   lhe  world.
The buyers are men who have been
identified   with   the  Ogilvie   Company   for
muny yeurs. They ure thoroughly trained in their duties nud know both the requirements ol the compuny und the qunl-
ily and character ot the gruin. The must
friendly relations huve always existed between lhe Companv ami the farmers of
tne Northwest. No oomplalnts have ever
been made thut udvuntage was tsiken or
local conditions to compel farmers lu uo-
c»pt au unreasonably low price for grain,
Mow much the development ol the Northwest i.s due to this great pioneer company would bo hurd to estimate. The
production of u crop, no matter low
great, is of snusli moment, unless the re
ure purchasing, receiving, and shipping
This wheat in turn is ground in tho
different mills of the company, which eg*
grapata a duily output o!.7..VJ0 Kuril*,
ol Usui It is slillicult to levli/e lhe im-
nss-i.sity of this amount, lliesit ll* it is*.
th'i inanagsment ore preparing to usiil
still another great mill, Ihereuu.lg i'i
cuius ity to tlse astonishing quantity ol
over  10,000  burrelB  daily.
There ure now three mills in operu-
tion. The Uoyss.1 Mills at Montreal, the
Glenora Mills at Montreal und the Winnipeg  Mills.
A visit to any one of these nulls is a
pleasure and an education. The writer
visited the ltoyul mills ut Montreal, and
his preconceived ideas oi a great Hour
mill  were destroyed.
The first thing suggested is Immense
capacity, the next, perfect system, and
lust,   absolute   clennliness.
The Royal Mills and the Clenora Mills
aro both situuted on the Lnchine canal,
where enormous water power privileges
belong to the company, and dny nud
iiinht. except Sunday, without hrs*ak or
cessation   the  work   goes  on.
Almost noiseless in its operation ths
giant power curried and crushed und
ground und silted until the transforming process was completed, und from
the choicest wheat in the market the
linest  tlsiur  in  the  world  is  mods
The wheat is received in u steady
Stream Irom lhe elevators und the Hour
is shipped in waiting cars and vessels to
tho markets of the world. Nothing but
a vlHls. lo nnv one ut the mills, oonvsya
nny asls.sjuute idea of how Ogilvle's Flour
is  masle.
Even figures convey a very Imperfect
idea sif the magnitude ot the work, ol
the ground urea, the millions ot bushels
ef groin bought ami the millions of barrels of Hour sold. There i.s tin army ol
omployees, Including the office stun In the
head otrice, Montreal, the managers nnsi
workmen In the mills and elevators, thc
experts und the buyers, the carters utul
men in other cupus.it ies, and there is u
lesling of intense loyalty to the Interests
of the compuny amongst these employees
nsi of whom have been identified with
ihe company ior uiuny yeurs
The   great   rooms  ure   spotlessly   white
nil clean, not n murk on the Doom or
wulls. and most surprising, not u particle  of  Hour or dust  llouted  in  the air.
a. uttruetiic ure the mills us show
places lhat no less thun 8,000 ladle*
have   visited   the   Winnipeg   mills   of   this
company daring the past ih months
lhe most distinguishes! of these villi-
nrs wus II. H. II. the Hu.h.isN of York
—now Princess of W.sles. So s-luiruis-u
wus she with the surroundings that the
(sgilvie Flour Mills Co huvs* been mi-
polnted by ltoyul Warrant, mittors to tht
Prince of Wuies, nnd bakers In the royal
household are cummuiuted to use in.
other Dour than the product uf tlie nun
puny's  mills.
Ihere is a triple compliment in thus
appointment, to the country, lo the com*
i uny   und   to the product,    The attention
una is uuiuruiiy directed to Canada by
such uniiiue distinctions as this does nui
ulteel simply the oue line, but kindred
lines,   und generally   speaking   ull   the im-
ncuiturui products ol Cuniiiiis Practically ih.* whole of tin* Dominion stums by
the    position    occupied    by     lis.*    Ogllvtp
Hour   Mills   Co     apart   trom   llu*    greal
BUma   oi   money   spent   by   them   iu   Can
The I'rince of Wales' Unci' feathers on
eueh bug ls u distiniruishini: murk. Yer.v
few customers arc unacquainted wilh Ihi
trade murks and reRisteresi ds'sii*n. »*\«*s>
bog heing sewn with rest, white und blue
The two brnnds isssid throughout Canada and Uie flour Importing countries of
llit** world are Ogilvle's Qlsnore Patent
ami Ogilvie's lliiiiciiii.su Patent. All Unit
science nnd mechanical knowledge com-
i iiis si  could   do for   ths    perfecting ol
Hour   making   hns   1 n   applied     lo    the
manufacture of Ogilvie's  Flour,  and  ns
they   hnve  led   ill   the  pnst.   so  hnve   they
till'    .nl'. Iilitllli,'    Iii    till'    lilt nil'
Tin*   evolution   ot   flour nuikiiur   from
the   primitive   grinillni!   of   grain   lu     tin*
East thousands of yean ago through nil
iis in." h.i ii ii ni nud scientific gradations
to its isri'sent condition us Indicated in
lhe   llgllvle   mills,    produces   these      two
brands which nm tin. perfection product
lie  chief nt sereals.
While the buyers of the wheal in ths
West nre amongst   the most expert    In
the     world,     having    hud    n    lunir sun-
nectlon with the Company, nnd
while tin* wheal selected is onlv tne host
yet the most exacting tests nre continuously   mude   us   the   flour   pOSSOS   lliiiuiu'.
final  stuirs'H ts> see that its quality
t*. maintained    Experts are employed fiir
this work ill.nie and u stiiiuluril s>f uniform  excellence i«  maintained
Oailvje'e is practically the staniinni bv
whlrh flour-Is grnilesl In Canada, nnd wi'
notice the Inriintii Olobl I other papers base their ipiotut Ions on Ogilvls'l
Consumers   whether    Inrire    or  email
shoulsl Understand that ll Is to their Interest to use this Hour In preference to
inferior (iimlltles. nud In netting (lirll-
vle'n thev may rest »ntiHfls*d thut thev
have  the beet,
is is a deduction sln.ply mude from
shs' fsicts thnt it would bo impossible lo
nroduoe   a   better   Hour     tliiin   Ogilvie's.
The conditions und circumstances are so
latv.'lv    iii    their    favor   that    it   would
uiallv   be   reasonable     thut     any   other
iiuuiii'iitclurinu   conrn'ii   should   cluim   nil
euuallty of proiluct.
I The linkers oi Canada are tho best
fudges amongst Canadians ol, the i"'<>•-
Brtfes ol Hour nnd thev reeoL'tiize the advantage of using the verv best 11.sur unci
accept Ogilvie's as giving i.se greatest
satisfaction. , , ,
I    Tlu? sucooss of a  business  can  be made
!or marred according to  the good  or bad
1 Quality of u material used,  und  when the
lliwt   (inn  be obtained  it  shows  only   rcu-
siinuble commercial  instinct  to  select  the
best  In  preference even  to  second  best.
At the present time we are deluged
with a tuultiluile of breakfast  foods, nnd
many oi uncertain origin und still more
uncertain vulue. A great manv of these
nro imported, so that the item of duty
is added to the original cost, und consumers in Canada nuv fancy figures for
them The busis of a breakfast food is
the quality of its constituent purls.
This is supplemented by the process it
undergoes, ogilvie's ltoyul Breakfast
Food is nroduced from the best selected
wheat, carefully and scientifically prepared to retain its nutriment utul pro-
sent it In a most iiiiiut.ii.il' uud digest-
ihlc form.
Ogilvia's Royal Breakfast Food bus all
ihs* good qualities claimed ior the best
of them and the fact thut it is Ogilvie's
is   the   bs-wl   guarantee   Of   its   purity,   its
vniui' and its excellence,   Amongst break*
fust foods this one hns a vulue ou n par
with lhe vulue ot Ogilvle's Hour amongst
other  Hours.
"Ogilvie's   Outs"   is   an   olsl-tinu*   favor-
iie for the breakfast table ssmi is known
throughout Canada' it is simply n preparation in which the best qualities oi I he
grain are preserved ami which bus stood
the  test  of yeurs.
The guiding   spinl   in   this  vust   concern
is the Vice-President and Managing Director, Mr. i*. w. Thompson, who hns
been associated with its success for the
past twenty years, uml who now in tho
prime of his life is protecting plans for
Improvement uml development thut the
marvellous growth of the country justifies.
The   objective   point   of   Mr.   Thompson
and those associated with him, to make
the Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. not only the
largest in the llritish Empire but one uf
the largest in the world- is likely to be
realized   at    no   distant   date.    Tlie   pride
with which ull classes of Canadians view
the progress of this great representative
concern should be some return for the
untiling enemy and commercial geaius
of the man on whose shoulders rests the
success of the industry.
A Canadian Tonsil's Prcslls-siin  ist.
Mr Whitney Mockridgo, iho Gonad*
ms tenor, nils sbe following i.u.iini
story  ngu ti-st himself:
lt was my se ond or third npp. ur-
ance on any stage—niy d'*lmt being
made at Blackpool—and tit* place
was Dublin. I wus singing the tenor
pu.it Ihaddeus in Bts'.fe's "Bohemian
liirl." As you Know, the opining
scene is the inner court of Count
Arnhelm's, and the poor tenor, In
fleeing from the pursuing Austrians,
Iii.ds himself in this court, not I nnvv-
ing where he is as to security until
he espies the Austrian flag fo.iting
over tlie castle wall, of course, litul-
ing thai, he is in the very midst of
tho enemy, he makes goosl his rs-
cape, which, ih.' evening before, l
hua a ■ difficulty in doing Hut
"someone hud blundered" most fearfully in setting this scene, for lh*re
was no place ol exit left. "My tune
Icing long past for getting oil lhe
singe,   i.   iu   the   meantime bavin,.
looked all over I'or an opening sif
some kind, had to endure all sorts Of
Hiathn-; remarks ftom tho-is* in
chargo behind the scenes, including
Carl Rosa himself, Knowing that
the murderous bund of Austrian soldiers in quest of me were long over-
duo on the si'iti1, and the orchestra
hiving been too-tooting on one note
ior some bars, l got desperate, mid,
seeing a wee slit In the (canvas)
stono wall at tho liacii of thestago, I
thrust my lingers through il mid loro
nervously nnd violently a bole sufficiently largo to get out. Well, the
house was thrown into such confusion from laughter over lhe idea o(
stub n Herculean deed on tbs* part of
a young tenor being wrought before
their very eyes 'that wns more
i ban half un hour before we could
proceed, lind i continued In opera 1
'hi*,, this would hnvo Immortalised
tne in Dublin.
Two Miithiy WmmatM.
In the days wh*n George ill was
Kin; of Croat Britain the baronet of
\\ ynn itay Park, Sir Watklns Wii-
ilsin-Wynn, entertained lfi.OOO
guests of his estate. Three coach-
full of cooks Journeyed to Wynnstay
from i ondon. 'I here were on the
lalilo .100 oxen, pigs, nnd sheep.  800
chickens,    131   salmon, *'IT turkeys,
109 lobssstrs, 71*0 trout, '2011 crawfish, (in Parrels of pickled oysters,
L66 ham-s. 110 i.x toutnies, 860 fruit
aud meat pies, 100 plum puddings,
ino bushels of potatoes, 8,00t) bundles of Msparagus und hundreds .ii
I in nds of mints and fruits of various k uds 'Ih re was 'drun.v 8,000
orations of ale, B0 gallons of milk nnd
100 ijiiiuts of cream.
Twenty thousand Mayors of France
dined a few mi nths ugo in the runs
Tulleties gardms. Twelve tent kitchens, each wilh g slaf! of thirty chefs,
rooks and po'boys, were established
for tin* mayoralty fenst nnd tho army of waiters was 8,000 strong, Four
hundred huge Lyons sausages were
cut up Into 44.1KM1 slices. 8,000 fowle
und '2,BOO slucks were roasted, without counting BOO sirloins of boof, l,-
800 pheasants, r,,700 pounds of salmon, 18,000 pounds of butter, fi -
noo pounds of grapes, 18,000 poa lies and lfl.000 puns. Fifty thousand
bottles „f wine, .humpngne ,.nd minora! waters were ready iu case uny
of the 80,000 Muv ors Wanted a
iissiiesi Water.
Cold boiled wiiter tastes tint becfliiM
It   bus   been  deprived   (Jf  „|,.      •■•„   ,.,,
store   the  nir  pour   the  witter  tiuickly
from one Jug to another.
Two Remarkable Beboes.
In a cave In tlu. i*,,,,, ,n the guide
by stril'i.u* tlie finps of bis eont mukei
n ",,ls i"" "'thin produ bv bring
n,,";,'lv!'i l""""1 ": ""■   I" "■ ve
"f  Sm,,|li"     '   Vlborg,   Flnhmd.  1.
stone  thrown  dotv
11 11 eprtnlit abyss
"""•7  ■   wvi-flg-rntlna   uelio  wbiet,
soi mis like the dying wall or rmiif
wild iinliu.il
our 1 ,,n,,. mi,
More II...,, mi,;,'„.„„„ ta
'be I 11II1-1I -'.tntcs every w,,|, , ,
is..•:■!   (Of 1 lilies.,,
OVERCOMES ^.dati*.
.<s*v <::c% 'K>.
_{ SaiC BY All 0PO6CIST-) PRiCt SJc.P'R CJinf,
To Sleep Well
get your stomach and liver
acting right.. The easiest,
quickest and safest way to
do it is to use
Bold Evorywhoro.   in boxus, SB cents.
Tlss*   1**1 r»I   Ms*s*ro<'hn suss.
The    tirsl     iiiei'i HCbllUUI    pipe   w,i"J
-milked ut I'i'st in  17:..';.    It is sliU !d|
Uu* museum of tbnt town.
Strnnberry   Snssrr.
If yon wnnt u strawberry sauccpress
naif cupful Ktriiwbi*rry Jnin through a
sieve; whip cupful s'Vs'iiin lo stiff froth;
mill It I'lirsliilly to the Jum; pile lightly iu a fancy glnsH dish.
A Hindoo  oa Londoa.
A   Hindoo   iisbIiIs-uiiui   after   visiting I
Loudon declnresl thnt "the English live J
in layers like grapes Packed for train-(
port Their only thought Is eotniiinvftl
They hnve not learned the lauguti'.'pofl
nature. The sky uud the'tre.'*; turf
Hint and are sail."
Illu>lralp4  Hovels.
"Itoliliison Crusoe'' wns the tlrst nor-l
el wltb Illustrations tver published l»|
England. This wns In August, lTlD.I
The illustration was' a map of tbe|
Tea Seeds.
Ten seeds resemble small hazel nntil
They nro sown In beds to grow tUlcklyJ
together like cnbbugea.'
Winter Tourist
Through Tickets.     .Lowest Rata
Best Time to nil Points.
For full inloroieUaii consult »nv OsS"
sdlsn   Norlhd n   It-      v.... 1
Trsfltc   M«n»«»r.
Canadian Pacific
•Tlll"" ROUTB TO
And the Orieni
Travel by the 0. P. B. and bs •»*
sure-* of SOLID COMFOKT.
First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on sll through trslns.
Through Tourist Sleepers - the bstt.
Tourist Kates t*uoted to all point*
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
""■*_::••» desiring  Information  In   '•"
gard to any part ofthe world res"
*« by the C. P. R. or IU connHi-t">»
are requested to apply to any   '
R. representative or to
c. E. Mcpherson
a... Pas. Agt., Wls-IPH' The Drill.
.\,i; aho'S no better," suid a W()
„,', when tho doctor came to vUii
l„,r huBuand. "Vou told mo to give
.,,„! „s much of tho powder ns would
l„v sm H ten-cent piece, i hadn't n
teii. but ' have, him us much ns
u-oi'ild go on ten ones, and i,„\
B-orse, if anything."
Messrs. C. C. Uichurds & Co.
Cs'iitli'iiien,—Thfoiloif Doralis, a
customer of mins was completely
,.iH''il of l'lii'iiniiilism after live year's
0( suffering, liy tin.* Judicious use of
The above 'act enn lie verified by
writing to bun, in Hie Pariah priest
„, anv of his neighbors,
Merchant, St. Isadora, Que,,
Mnv 12th. It-SOS.
As. lutcrss.tliiu st„r,. *J
II till' I.'
'■   I'L'tKlt'l
In in i I it, i-  with U
■a.m  Aii  Icelandic
StJllls ,„„„,.
ffhorg,  Winnipeg,  Man.
1 '    berg  have  lung
"  virtues  of Dr
letter from one
's. .Mr. ii. W'alterson, a
prosperous (armor living m   tin,,  i„
         Ms own experience in
may benefit somo
Waltorson snvs ■
home v -s
tl»'   hope    tii
other Biifferer    M,
ill's)   I   u,ls  suffering sn
""in    I'hoiniiatlsni    in    my
was "or a long ti n-
work,     I tried In
a cure, both by
niitl medlcino pro-
Cnlivcrsiit ion     is     a   dead   ail."
rs .i philosopher.   Talked tu death
Minard's Liniment for Klietiiiiatisiu.
Natives of (irccllliiiiil ai'6 a cold und
(I si.int  people.
limits that
ablo   in   du hi
many ways in obtain
patent    modlclni
scrlbod by doctors, but without "ob
talning uny henellt. I saw Dr Wll-
Haim' ['Ink l'ills advertised In th"
l.oghcrg us being a euro inr tins
trouble ami determined in give it a
'''Inl I bought n dozen isnxes uml
before half ol them wore used I felt a
great change for the bcttr Tin
provcraoul continued trom dr
tluv . und beforo I had used
pills  I  was completely cured
I hat t mir | have nnver    had
uf this trouble     After Uns I used thi
pills    in several  other cases and
"i her medicine In
in ine    I feel it
s mis'  tu
ill Ih"
HI nee
nn nl lark
\   spoiled   child   Is   tt)   lie   pitied   In
inse of its fool parents,
mile Derangements of tbe Stomach
untl Hlood ara speed!!*, removed hy
itivo principle ol Uu* Ingredients sue
into the composition oi I'arnse-
Vegetable l'ills These nllls acl
iisillv on  tlie sls'i iin"e'l organs, Btim*
u   to  uction   tin*  dormant  et leu
•• system, thereby removing disease
i isi-wiiisr  Ills* mui  vital!) y  t"  I hi
I     In  this  lies  tin* great   secret    ol
ss|suissritv   of   Parmelee's   Vegetable
I'ing-Pong is to be played in u
I ss house liy a Dublin club, which
.is just been formed fur th'- enjoy-
, ut of the guiiie.
I ii sn beneficial
v duty tn publicly
givo testimony tu the merits of this
wonderful medicine so others similarly afflicted may be led in try ll "
If vim are ivoak ur tilling; if your
nerves nre tired nntl laded, or your
blood is in,i s,i condition, v uu will bo
wise lu use Dr Williams' I'ink Pills,
which are nn unfailing run- for oil
^iluiiil nnd nerve t roubles 11 .t be sure
■ ou get th" genuine, v. Ith tho full
|name   " fir. \\ lllianis' rink puis for
i'i' i" People'' "ti ' in- w cu pt" ■ is ,i
every box Sold by nil i Ilclno dealers nr sent posl paid sst rn cents e
box ur >.;•; boxes for 82 mi bj writing
slii'i'i't   tu   the   lir.   Williams'   Med
In .    BrnrUv ilie.   < int.
lOomplled trom The Commerol»l)
RIIKAT—A steady Bt ream of wheat
nns been moving eustwurd this woek,
til  the  rale  „,   250   to   800  rurs
d&y, which uppeurs to be
thO  railways CttU  Isiuisjl,
i"'1' pushing their
count ry
inn   ur
S'O,   I   hard .iml
u   littlo   Nn     2
Bcarccly uns -
I lie (Icniuuis lire ever keen for for-
!• .a trode, and are nuw teaciving
the Chinese language lu thoir commercial students While the Chinese
i nguags is very complicated, ii bus
been simplified to a very greal de-
gieo for the purposes of commercial
ll.- Vimy. of Caring for Bulsy  That   Our
('randnsothcre Never Knew.
Manv uliiinsi sacred traditions of
tl i nursery huve been rust aside by
the up-to-date mother. Even the once
essential cradle is now seldom found
in ths' house blessed hy baby's presence, lhe modern baby i*. not fed
... . ' inie I"' i'1'ja-s. hist when the
■ I rl am om cos the proper time. The
ih si,! approves ot this, and baby is
uutici   i"i   ii.    bul    despite    regular
hours nl i imt;. nearly nil  -1»»- dis-
onlcrs '•:  ii ..ms art caused  by do-
tiii ri-" .-nt   in   the  stomach    nui   I "Vv
s'ls      Uolhers' greatest  problem is s
tie.iiu, ni  nt these ills th.it   will  i •■
gentle hut   effecl Ive, and   abm •■ nil,
sal' M"       .1     \S       Dalle)      Ol    ll.'iel
I Hke    i snt..   vv rites   from   I hs'   fulli .
nf evperience when she says' " I have
used liaby's iivvn Tablets im  mj s>\
Ihs    ssid  liulsv   who  was  troubled
Indigestion      Tin' results  were
i"    "nil my expectations    Words can*
'  il     convey    lo   those  who  have  not
ti ed them the worth of these Tab*
li ■      I    will   never   again    use any
ntbor preparation for the baby, as l
convinced   there   is   nothing so
■:   "il us  llaby's Own Tablets."
These Tablots aro a gentle laxatlde
.i'.| comforting medicine for Infants
 I children,     They are pleasant to
• • uud nie guaranteed t" contain
im opiate, If your druggist does not
keep liuby's Own Tablets send Ine to
• p    |i-     Williams'    Medlcino    Co
II - a kv ilie.   Out.,   or   Si I ei ICt tail*.      1".
Tin' readers nf Logborg have long
.'!. post paid, to your address
You   run   tievs'f   tell   whnt   a   unman
i lovo or a baulky    horse   will do
Minard's Liniment is tlio best.
it    often takes n round    sunt    tu
i inure s crooked t rnnsactlon,
Platonic friendship Is bettoi    tl
lo •• without  honorable mention
Nurses' Experience.
Medical men say thai a good m
oi n difficult ruse is better than i - d
li Ine,   but    when   we   run   gel   P.   I OUtl
nurse nnd good medicine, the patlenl
standi a ranch hotter chu " nt re*
1 overy,     The   few  words i '*
given below by nurse Ellr.a Ivms
«sii   worthy   the   attention   i I   "
readers i
"l hnii' constantly used st   .Inci Iw
I 'il in ibe various sii nut Ions l hnve
occupied ns nurse.nnd havo Invnrlablj
round it excellent in nil rn*"- requiring   outward   application,    such iu
'I'lililis.  bl'UlSOS,   iheiuuiitii' nlii'i'l mi's
neuralgia, etc.   In ruses nf    plouris}
II is un excellent remedy—well rubbed
I c ot strongly recommend _ ll nfter
several years' use nntl experience    i'
should he in every  household.
S'sier Carolina, si. Andrew's 11'"--
liitiil, writes ■.     " l havo found    st
•'ii'oiss nil n mosi ofncacloiis reined'.
In gout; also in sprains nnd bruisei
Indeed, wo cannot say too much i"
" • praise, nmi our doctor i
II lonsluiillv ."
us fast ns
mile it.   Farmers
-   fall   plowing  work
li us possible,  otherwise there
ie more   wheat marketed ut
points  than  bus  been   coiu-
•\;' it is,   however, several
country  markets    are still    blocked
Ibis vvi'eK. iht. elevators being full,
cars nm being available not fast
enough to keep them clear. It is
therefore just us well thut the pressure lo market grain is not heavier.
Threshing wus interfered wilh bv the
rains, which were general at tho closo
of lust, week, this being almost lhe
lirst break since threshing Btaitod.
Very line, mild weather,however, prevailed tins week.     Threshing is well
advanced, und promises to he UniBhcd
ill    good    time.      The quality  uf    the
wheat   continues tu    show   up extra
line,   being  nearly all   \
N<>   l   northern,  with
ami No. :s northern, but
thing in the otber unities A prolonged Storm ou the upper lal.es at
lhe closo uf last Week nmi tlie beginning ui" tins week interfered with
shipments hy water from our Lako
Superior ports, uml led io n rapid
increase in sti.eks there.    Elevators
A and  It and  l'ort  William were filled
up   ami elevator C  was called  into
requisition   fnr     a   time        l.uter   the
boats were able in move again, uml
uu Thursday It wus reported that no
less ih,in seven stea s were loading   wheat   at   Port   \\ illiain   thai   day .
Receipts of wheat of this crop    ut
I Fori \\ illlam ami Port  Arthur up to
[October  Lo amounted    tu 8,557,000
bushels,     compared    with  S,904,000
, bushels  fur  lhe corresponding  pei iod
'of Inst  year     Shipments by    water
from the ports named ior fhe   Bnmc
period were 5,150,000 bush.'is.     Approximately 18,500 curs of wheat of
this crop  have  been   inspected  to  tbe
end of this month, or equal lo ubout
ll.ffOO.OOO.    This   represents   the   total  movement   of   the crop eastward
from   country  points,     not   including
Hour.    The  official  figures have     not
i ".-ii mado ap \.-t, but  this "st [mule
' i- close in the actual amount     This
hows much the largest movement mi
reeord here    An estimate nf the ciop
Snotrballs Brought Water, by the local drain  Dealers' ussoelu-
"Speaklng ol drinking water." snid tion places ihe total at 04,288.000
en** uf u grsjup "f ui'ii waiting for bushels of wheal ior Manitoba uml
n sbowei pii over, "tbe best I ever the Territories, or equal to an aver-
drunk was on my uncle's ..urn. age yield of nbout  24*)  buslvls   pei
"Wo lived on top of a clay hill and   " •    '■"■■■■■'■■ lllis ' " '* """•l dcniuud
bad a well verv deep, sixty feet, 1 "" BI>°< wheal at Kurt William lo
reckon, but it never bud uny water In '"•>'*'• «P cargoes, al ttrm prfccH.
It until ten vesrs ago.   A heavy snow ,,iis ''""" "" Bdvancc ""  lh"
A Qranton Man is now Able  to
Make this Answer.
Inquiring Friends did not always get
such a Cheery Reply because for
Many Years Mr. Fletcher Suffered
with Lumbago.
Granton, Ont., Oct. L2. (Speolal)—
Mr. .lohn Fletcher, a well-known
fanner of this place who suffered I'or
a long time with 1 ibago and Kidney Trouble,  has at   last   iounil n cure
Now, when his friends inquire us t,s
his health, he cheerily tells llu'tn
that he is well. BOllletlllng whish hs'
•'as   not 'lu    able   lu   du   inr   n   long
time, till spiite recently,
Mr    Fletcher tolls the sissry uf h:s
illness and hnvv he Was cured, us follows :
"I was troubled for a Ions;- time
with  Lumbago uml Kidney Trouble.
My urine wus nf a   very  red color      1
tried many i licincs but  could  got
nothing  tu  help  me.
"1 consulted th.' besl medical doc*
tois in Oranton ami St. Mury's, bul
they could dss nothing for me
"At last one day a druggist in
jGranton suggested Dodd's Kidney
I Tills us u cure inr my Lumbago. I
ipnirllaseil a bn\ ami bogail In take
thorn right nway. The litst box help-
|ed me uml I kepi oil I ill at lusl I
Was completely  cured.
"I   am   nuw   ns   Well   as   ever   I vv as
Slid huve mil   nny   I ral f  Lumbago
about iii". I nm perfectly sound and
I thank Dodd's Kidney  l'ills for it.
I  ri'cni ml    them    to   all    my
friends, and us fur myself I never iu-
tenil tlmt  my house shnll be without
them, for I believe them to be the
greatest   inedicino  in  the world."
Mr Fletcher is a man who means
every word he suys, und is prepared
to substantiate ths' truth of every
Statement  made ubove.
There seems to be no case of Lumbago, Backache, Kidney Trouble, or
Rheumatism that Hodd's Kidney
l'ills will  nut   cure.
\t   t he  present   rat lo Of propTi       70
veins  wiP   elapse before  Pompeii   Is
ent ii el*     uncovered      li   It   tin     hi
t hat as mm b i' ensure ren  i
i n cshi mod
fell that winter, and uncle tilled the
well with snow. Ile rolled up bulls
nntil they were large enough lo go into
the veil cleverly ninl Iheii dumped
tbem in until it was [racked to the
tup. They wore packed so closely thut
tbey did nut melt until late the fol-
lowing summer, bul when they did
they produced » supply of water l
never saw surpassed for purity, soft*
i. -. or sooiii'ss.   it was delicious.
"Strange to sny, ibis well, always
dry before, has produced a plentiful
supply since. The water, while nol as
good as that from 'be snowballs, is
Btm excellent snd celebrated through
out the nelghlioihood."- Chicago lni«*r
niiim-. and Knees.
If tbe elbows "i men's coats 'ind Ibe
knees of trousers ai" out ei' slinpe, lay
n damp cloth un theni and fold up 'ur
a couple s>r hours    Uy on ii"- i mlng .
board, smooth mil pull genii'   until  for their eats
wa I "i \ tn lc in value, and at the
disss' si Friday's business priiros were
1 bard. 72',c, and 1 northern. To's,
immediate delivery; 71* and l,9|c do-
lis ,a v Iii M hall Xovember. and 7 1 '
uml (JOJ delivery last half Sovember
nil in stnis' Port Vrthur nr l'ort w 11-
1 ..in J i,ni tlu-i a i- lc, :i .tori h..s'n ''•■•
ami Nn. 1 «heal lOc under the p'rWe
of 1  hard
(■ATS—The market  bus not  Changed percept Iblj   sii  a week ago,   so
!'..• as prices arc concerned.   There is
hi wi-. er, a tinner feeling in syi ipa!   -
with the bullish adv ices from Toronto and  Monl real ol    the   pu U  week
coupled  with  tiie  fact   ih.il  cars a.s'
ahorl   hs re w Inch makes ii  difficult t,i
k..*>* st.'iks moving freely.   Moreovei
fai ueis are seemingly   nol  verj   unv-
uus   ii    seel at present prices, These
I nil nonces   have    created  the   llrmer
noted,  which manifests it*«*ll
,1,  the shape   of nn  advance In  Ihe
quotations which Borne dealcn make
We bnvc  nol   beard
.hey lie flat and tnke Ibelrorlglnnl lines ,,i mn  trading at  tho higher figures,
then press unih i clolli  wilh a Uol Iron .,- feed merchants and others seem to
|-ry tboronghly with the Iron   Bpong b le to secure   what   oats thoy
|„, with boms water will remove the vvau.  "ii lhe old Itas■.   No. 2 white
^•.^—..fn-ii-nM -r;/i';:ri^;;:,;-;;|,;,,:;:;y
and dress skins ^^ ,nrnwn .,,,, 0.niuU 20c    per
  i   ■ hei nl rentral |ioiuts
Tl,. Japanese   ".it    more lish than
anv olher peopl  the world    With
•hem nie.it   Is a  foreign   innoval	
,,! I,, the rich, or, rather, to
ih,,-" rub people who prefei I to
the nut lonal diet
tlUIVS   i iN   HANI' -Mr     li i
Portci      I ...ei    Ireland    I"   "    *■*-'"•—
*,l\     a     '.- months old, had i
„ .1   il. iv- I "..   "
iinlil ,,,.• soma sii In
.   nil   which  I  sin..' i
ns was c ii."i     II
I  pvei  ii-i*.I nmi  1 «. -.
a     I"HI"    Ol    It     1 V     I"    I-
II till 1 V*  H Ipts arc llghl    Deal
„,i paying :i:V per bushel for
carlots of malting grade on track
here, and -'7 lo 30c for feed
i i wsi'.I'.li — The market has declined Dealers nre new paying 07c
to 81 per bushel i" farmers at eotin-
try   points
SITI.TZ— The marks'! buhls stead*,
at   ;t(t,-  per  bushel   el   50  pounds,   ile
livered In Winnipeg
•   -■ -      in   Texas   i ■
,      ,     ,." In : ill    i t ll
tn   v,..u-    ..hi        The   animal   I   I
t,., ii,   mid  i- unable to mow
II \\    "'• i" >-
baled in c ts
I'I )T\ I'nl S    ii",
pei   i.sii
,11     t I.Is  1.
for fresh
HI i ii H_ Creamer} —The season Is
. ■■ advanced, and tho make is
falling ..it    Local creameries are get*
i i i, na 2\w por pound    for
,1    creamery,  and    tho    market
. from 20 to '-''''• pei i» '
ted    «itli    chnisTs .'■  wmmti
minbilnl   uf su"   kind si
:■■'-.  ,''    .",''„   :' :.-"   I     III   ITKlt-l'airv        Jobbing   I KM*
•; :.'v''iv,;:'" tTih**    '     !     .- buying most of the receipts out
'    ,*|, 1,1.   a.,,1   are  paying   11   tO   lur   net
for best grades    Seconds are   worth
12 to 1 Ic net.
luint    thai   dreadful     ■" ■"
,.,t    IV,  ,   ■ '    ',   I"""
I iiroi    'i" *  '  '','"'   iel
i ..... ,. ml this cholera n
ss ass
ill.   I
,":.{\'",u',i"i..-v.*i i"1- •■' •"
!... ■   ,i  Mi  rom li •""■
11,0   ll.,i.k    nl    England
nboul    I"1"1   l-coi.lo.  i
,,i ii million In wages mm •■
vear In pei '
DHF.HSI' ll    MEATS — Beef,    city
dressed, 51 to OJc, country st.uk. \c
'"'' ; |re'sV;"muuon, B'to 9c; lamb,   n
'   hoga, 0 to lOJc
ipuu t
-, ono
Dca'iiM" Cinnol l'.v* Cur.-d
local   i' ■  " ''"'"     ■"   ""''   "
•I li nfl ■
,i „  inflaiiiinnllnn  can
. ,,.,.  reslorcKl  n
,,,,      la.uimr  "III. I
,,. taken oul   »wl
lt« t,..iiii.'l   romll*;
,.| foi
POULTTtY—Spring chickens, ■"| to
60c per pair, alive; fowl, 80 to 70c
dinks. Di per pound; turkoys, 10 t"
i ie, live weight.
(•ili'.i'Si:--Tho price is firmer at
i:; to 18Jc per pound.
I CCS- 18c  per do/en.
I IVE   stuck
r VTTLE—Tho export season Is nd
vnnclng, and while then* is tm cessation ill the movement us v el ll is
me  Unit   ii   number  of  western  di*
is ilfllel lufl
\bout  B00,000 iiaiei   of dynamite
me used annually al  tho .Tohnnnc
hiirg iniiies.
lie      '''•"""   "'",  ,'.;,,,.. hi i'-"l ''   " tine   thnl    n   number   of   western   018-
••""• '";,';'„;;" ■ ",,,'ti".' ' "  ''■' ' irlcts ure now Ihrough shipping, A<l-
:,:;,'h."'     n."■■;■         j ,   for vices from th si and the old com,.
Wn   wil    ' lv«  '"'    '         . i  ■ ll  hi ,rv   nolo  n   weaker   market     bill   Hns
,1;:;.''.: " „„,„ the case hero so far as wo can
,,'„,   Hemi t." """''''i'."'' ro Tols learn, as buyers aro still quoting the
l.Wlrnu     V    .1     I  IM  Nl   '    '  •   ,, ,    ...,.,,.,,1   ,,,.,.|<s      for
Vsl'l"' I
' "ss.l.l   Isv   sliai'l'i   '
Mai,-   Pnialli  PI
Iii  the  curly   morning  L '■  worl
men run Iruvel live miles for ll pcnnj
hy tho   municipal electric   tramway
|>oln i*^ probablj
11   iii-   bei '
I,.lie snorts    ii   nn
1,00  11 ('
I prices ui tlu' past several weeks    for
both    expuri    ami butchers' grades
P„ si   OXporl   steers   lire  worth   lr   I"'1'
I   of alh-   pound,   polil   of shipment,  alul    prlCOS
;,.,.,.,! io  rnngo from nj to ic   nutchers  cattle ure steady nt It to B|C
Things  tbnt   make a   woman    cry
make a mun swear,
Beware of tbe mnn   who    owns n
Soft,  persuasive voice
.will tell
When an animal is all run down,
has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his blood is ont
of order. To keep sn animal economically he must be in good health.
is a necessity where the best results
from feeding would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
parasites that suck the life blood
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a run down horse.
50 cents a package.
Leeming, Miles & Co., Agents,
*r\UR NEW illustrated
Vl/ catalogue, which we
send free of charge to any
address, offers an assi-irt-
ment of gift articles
almost unlimited.
The Pansy Stick Pin
shown shove has tha
natural color effects hard
enamelled on 14k. gold.
The centre setting is a
perfect diamond.
We guarantee the safe
delivery of this to sny
address for $8.50.
A_sl*      -P-OM
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Fres Irom bulls      Warranted Fur*.
Hut  up  ln  all   sized  packages.
—:  ■ ' —i—I ' ■ - B ■'   ■ ■ I " M^M—_—s
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist oh getting "OQILVIE'S,"  as they are better than the Beat.
Housekeepers must[inditdifficult to decide which PACiiAGE
v"$^^f^UlP0'^  "3*  *
It Will settle cell doubts.
Telegraph rates in tho United
States average double thoso In Europe,
f 9   It sss.....
tndorsed bj belt tisgll»hwsidlo»IJourr«i».
Supplied to Bfltl«h»oldl»rtln South Afne».
ror all Throat and Olind Trouble*, tumps.
ftbscostes, Old Sere*. Ulcers, Felesis, Skin
Diseases, Eoieme. Pimples, Stiff Joint.
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Bruises,
Piles. Cuts, Sore Feet, Pleurisy.
Sold by Druggists, (So.   Try It onoe.
At the state fair in Syracuse there
wns  u   race  bet ween    .two     docks   of
gcesc, driven bv women.
Minard's Liniment Cures UOrippe.
An Irish charwoman's sudden and
romantic leap Into riches bus brought
suitors to her humble Cork dwelling.
Monkey Brand Soan makes copper like
ir. iii   tin like silver, crockery like marble
untl  windows lilss* crystal.
Dut   few  men  nre able  to  see  u  sua
Dl'pont unless they nre half-Seas over.
Arrow Lake, (3. O.
Situated mlslat ss-oiiery unrivalled tot
grandeur, Tlse sis.set consulet*. health ro*
siurl on tlse cssntinent of North Ameiioa.
Hi bathe cure all Nssrvous ansl Musom-
lur dUeastsse. Its. waters ls.isl all Kidney,
l.iver and eitoiuach ailments.
They nse a never-falling remedy fol all
'.llsssise.ii.ll,' troubles.
TI-.KU $11 to 118 per woek,  according
to residence lu Hole' or Villas.
Tha quality slumlord from  Ooeaa   t.
Ocean.   Your monay back If not   eai
tit'act.ssy. •
Gci.'n and Commission Merchant*.
Highest |'s-li *is ssal'l for svhent, oata, bar*
ley or litis in srlots. Wire ssr write me
fur prices bofore sclllni;. I.IIsithI advan*
<ea siin.lr mi < onslgnments nnd hasdled
• ui cnniiiilaal.in.   Licensed ansl Bonded.
P. O. Bos Sr.O, Winnipeg, Mais.
Jnes aunts cUi*wU*i/L l<r r
Sometimes in our more tolerant
and rorgiving moods, we don't blame
people tor whut thev do; at tho sonic
time we cannot help but feel that
thev  ought  to have bud more sense.
As Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills contain
Mandrake and Dandelion, they cure Liver
mi.I IClrlnoy Complaluts v.itli unerrlne
certainly. They also contain roots and
iicrhs v ss it-Is have specific virtues trulj'
irouderful   in   their  action   on   the  stoin*
• ii unit bowels, Mr. K. A Uairucro8n
SI aki -; ■    vv rites .   "I   consider   I'm-
i,. a-s- > puis sin excellent reinodi for Ilil-
lousnesa and Derangement ol .the Liver
liuviiin used theni mysell f.u- Bonie lin*
Tbere hnve been 2,810 people killed
and 89,800 Injured by tho railways
of the l'nited states during the pas!
lie is u vvisi' son wbo kiuivvetb
vvlis'ii his own father will stand for B
wiis'ti    u   short    young   man  u'i-
sweet  on n lull girl be immediate!*)
buys  il   high   silk   h.it.
all LUOTH vs; all luive that Lively aro-
i.iii; all ilsut ta»ty eweet flavor for which
the olgar la noted. All sinoku llis-sn,
and all isistsls* by
The time conies terribly soon to
people when they quit staying out
lute nights, nnd join those wbo llo
wide awake In worrying over  those
•Abu  nre out.
No Danger.
Prof. W. Hodgson Kills, Official
Analyst to the Dominion Government, ha.i proved by analysis that
" Sunlight Soap Is a pure and well-
" made soap, and has a thorough
" cleansing power, without danger to
" the clothing or skin."
Clothing ls worn moro In the wash
than In uso where common soaps
aro used, and tho hands nro liable
to eczema. Try Sunlight Soap-
Octagon Bar—next wash day, and
you will seo Prof. Ellis Is rlfiht.
No one should kuow better than
h. 222
There nsvei   was and  never i*.|ll  be   o
.- .scr-.ui nuiui.'cu   in one reined,*,    foi  i
Ills  tn  which  flesh  is  heir—tbe .<•:.   nu
ture ni   manv  curatives  being   such   thi
were   the   germs   of   oilier   iinil   Ur ■
scaled  diseases  rooted   in  tbe  -;
the uatlenl —what  would  rellevi   i
in turn wtuilii .u^_'i'u\at.' tlie iitia'.       \v.
have,   however,   in Quinine   Wine.    wlie,.
obtainable In sound, unadulterated *■!..■•
a re iv for many and grievous ll -   M
n^ gradual und ludlclous use the fralle
systems  are le.l   uitu  convalescence   and
strength  by  the lufluonca which  Qulmn
,'\,-ii.s  sm   iiiituia-'s  i.vvi,   restoratives.   It
relieves   the   drooping   sintits      Of   IIii.m
with   w hum   a   chruiiic      state   ul   morl h
tlespondonc.v  and   lack   of  tnteresl hi   llfi
is ii disease,   and  by   tranquilitlna    thr
nerves,  disposes to  sound  sml  rofieshtn
sleej^i—Imparts vicsir to the action ol tin
' hisssiii. which being stimulated, coui
Ihrough the veins, strengthening tin
healthy animal functions ol the svstein
thereby making activity a necrcBiir*, n
suit, strengthening the frame and glvln'
life to tin digestive organs, which nstu
rally demand increased buI.stance- resull
I tn proved   n i >i >«*i, t«-.   Northrop  sv   Lym  <■
. su Tiitiuitn. have given to th'' puhlli
their Superior Quinine Wine al the usinil
rate.    anil,    sriisitr.'il    hy    the  ontnlpriR   o'
I scientists,  this wine apnroaches    nenres
! perfect lot, of any in the tnorkel \"
druggists sell It.
Kntir- ly vegeUble. Ussst l.u'JJ yars by lend-
ins l'hvsiriiui.4. 1 he best pill fur everv 11 <.!
the 1,sismtss -tsiiiuich. liver mil bsswriia. M
ymir iienler for It or hdiiiI ts) PLKHIMO'I
I.Ill's. SKIlli:.  RIl.lMlllN,  HAS,
All tin' world's u stuge and nil tin
woiut'ti thereon wnnt speaking perls,
\ piece of property nt the south
west corner of Twelfth nnd M>rki.|
streets In Philadelphia wns ssilfl rr
ei'iitl.v  for $500,000,   The lot   hnd  n
frontline of I." feel '.1 inches oil Market street, with n donth of 112 This
mnkes tbe rule per fool about 811,*
A woman's Iden nf a dutiful husband is one who will stnv ..t home
nnd look nfter the baby whilo sho
spends the afternoon shopping.
Jtiii'trd's Liniment is best ilair Keslurcr.
Silence   is  golden     only    wben   rp-
pli.'il   to   the   oilier  fellow.
An  evening call  l« productive   of
pleasure either   when .vou como   oi
when you iro.
Tbnt womnn doesn't live wbo cats
lis-s. at a snciul curd game without
getting mad.
W. N. I'. No. 41)1. THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, NOVEMBF.F 14, 190?.
V '
C. E. SstJiTiiEKisoALE, Editor anil .Prop.
sSLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
l^gal Advertising 10 cents ft line for
the first insertion nnd 5 cents a line cncb
subsequent insertion.
•Certificates oi Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
tss legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
-for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, itriet*
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B, C.
A pencil mark in the spsee
opposite will be sn indication to yeu that ye editor
considers there is something
coming to him on yenrsub-
siM-iption. Kindly ackiiuw-
ledge   in cash and oblige.
The list of honors in connection
with the King's birthday is out. Sir
Richard Cartwright was made a privy
councillor, but James Dunsmuir was
overlooked.   My, my.
Bar silver below fifty cental What
an outrage upon the tender feelings of
a white metal camp. It's a measly
shame. They'll soon Ix' peddling the
stuff out as a premium with baking
powder and popcorn.
Hon. James Sutherland has been
made minister of public works in the
Dominion government, vice Mr. Tarte
depossd. Ex-mayor Frefontaine, of
Montreal, has been taken into the cabinet as minister of marine and fisheries.
Compulsory arbitration will come
up for legislative action again at the
next session of- the Dominion parliament. Education has done wonders
in the past year and now that the lawmakers are interested, it will not Ik*
long till the New Zealand law finds a
lodgment on the Canadian statute
book. Public necessity demands the
law and it is bound to come. Canada
wants no Pennsylvania strike experience, and an ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.
British Columbia is up against the
real thing. It is stated the .Bank of
Commerce wants the big overdraft of
$2,000,000 liquidated and will refuse
further advances. Every department
is hustling for money and appropriations are cut to a whisper. To float a
loan now can only be done at a great
sacrifice. The family compact at Victoria and its incapable legislators have
brought the financial standing of the
produce to a low ebb, and it will take
a strong hand to redeem its credit.
Ore shipments from Kossland,Bonn
dary and the Coast mines already ex
ceed their output for 1901. The Slocan and other outside camps will about
hold their own, while the coal mines
of East Kootenay and Vancouver fs
land ought to show a great expansion.
Just why the Kirby-McDonald croakers should assert mining is languishing because of the alleged rotten law.-
of the province is hard to understand.
Mining appears to Iv as prosperous*
here as anywhere else, A languishing
industry means contraction not expansion.
A miracle has been performed al
Ottawa. For tit.'first time onrecord
the Dominion postoflice department
has accumulated a surplus, amounting to alxnit IfiOCO. It is small, bul
nevertheless a pleasant surprise, and
now that they have got on to the com-
bination the surplus may expand,
Canucks have always regarded an
$800,000 deficit each year as the pecu
liar heritage and birthright of the
postal authorities, and it will tak<
them some time to get used to the
new order of things. Local customers
of Timothy Eaton ure ro3ponslbl ■ foi
the surplus.
They have been making cabinet
again in Victoria. As made up thi
list is: Premier and attorney-genera',
I). M, Eberts* finance minister, R, ci
Tatlow; commissioner of lands and
works, R. F. Green; provincial secretary, A. E. McPhillips; minister ol
mines, R. McBride* president of tin
council, (!, Clifford. Th • cast .ii
strictly Conservative in appearance
but is more visionary than real. Thi
Idea looks like a josh, done merely ti
fill in time while Joe Martin is doinf,
stunts with a game leg, Besides, Mis
ter Dunsmuir and Col. Prior are no<
taken Into con lideration. The one k
■still premier and tha other has a contract for the iob.
leii- pianos
orders at
A cold wave is due in a few days.
How's your eoall
New Denver Foresters give a bnll
on New Year's eve.
The delinquent tax sale takes place
at Kaslo on Tuesday.
Sleighs made their first appearance
on the streets Saturday.
A couple of cases of typhoid fever
are repotted at Roselieiy.
E. E. Chipman, government agent,
spent Sunday in the city.
Sunday was the King's birthday.
Wonder how many knew it.
Christmas goods have made their
appearance in the local stores.
There are not sufficient children in
Three Forks to keep  the school open.
Hamilton Byers, of the Byers Hard
ware Co., Nelson, spent Friday iii the
A large amount of freight and ore
is being handled of late by the str.
A regular nor'-west blizzard, vvitli
snow, prevailed here Thursday night
and Friday.
The White Elephant Co. are to give
a performance ln the Music Hall next
Wednesday night.
The breaking of a shaft last week
caused tin' shut down of Koch's sawmill, on Ten Mile.
Parties desiring to have their
tuned should leave  their
Adcock's shoe store.
Ex-Lieutenant Governor Mclnnes
has joined the Provincial Progressive
Fatty at Vancouver.
Several (locks of ducks and geese
have passed over the city of late, heading for winter quarters.
James Crawford, who has been employed at the Payne all suininei'.ciiini'
down .Monday, Buffering from poisoning.
Bert Wilhelm, who has spent the
last year in the Klondike, returned
here on Monday, coming in by way of
Tlu* affairs of the Rossland Miner
are in a tangle and an application i.s
being made to the courts to wind up
the concern,
Geo. T. Moir. C.P.U. agent at Nakusp, formerly of this place, was here
on Mondav. Hi-had been east ona
month's vacation.
Thero  have  been
games running of late,
of the filthy in  sight,
be so hard after all.
The suits against tho RoB3lattd
Miners' Union brought by tie' Lc Roi
No. 2 and the Rossland Great Western
have lx's-n dropped*.
Much of (he wood sold in the city
this season comes from down lhe valley and is brought in by train. Ii
fetches $5 per conl.
Chief Armstrong made a house-to-
house inspection of chimneys and
stovepipes during the week. Some of
them were in bad shape.
The str. Rossland. running between
Arrowhead and Robson, will next
week be laid up for the winter.hei* run
being taken by the Minto.
Ralph Gillette and Charley Snyder,
who went up tn the Lardeau two
weeks ago, returned here on Monday,
having thrown up their lease.
The semi-annual report of the Hank
of Montreal, issued on Tuesday, shows
the net earnings for the six months
ended Oct. Hist, as $869,,9-_.85.
It is stated tlie C.P.R. is about to
put a steamer on the nm between
Trail ami Northport, so as to give the
American town competition with the
Great Northern.
Quite a number of subscrilwr-i to
this paper are behind in their subscriptions aud*they ought lo settle, Tin.'
printer must **■ >t a i well as oth ir r so
pie but the pickings ar • scant, i. *''■■
at your address .lip aud so i how you
Spokane, will commence u series of
special services in the Methodist
church on Sunday next, Nov. 14. She
will preach morning and evening, and
every night during the week,Saturday
Members of tlie interior press met
at Halcyon last Sunday. Among other
business done was the changing of the
name of the organization to tho Interior Press Association of B.C. Another
general meeting of the association
will be held at Nelson in January.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
indebted to the undersigned,that they
must call and liquidate their indebtedness on or before the 20th day of
December, 11)02, as after that date all
outstanding accounts will be placed in
the courts for collection.
T. .1. BATY, Slocan Hotel
Gwiilim 6c Johnson.
B. 0
Furnishings ^>-
"iu;' high old
with hundreds
Times cannot
Miss I fas-, a
rsllMN'*.    IlKl'OROS.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, 11. I'. Christie boing minin';'
Nov I!—Holen, 1st n f bunion, A H
Roldorston nntl J Wafer,
B—blossom, Sprlngor creek, A B Coleman,
Oct 31—l'ort Hope for two-yenr**.
Nov 3—Ottawa fr, Para paid $100.
7—St Law ion co.
tr vnsi tats.
Nov 5-Calumet & Heola, II R Jorand
toWR Clement, T Mulvey antl Kelt
0—Skylark ami Ranger,sheriff's* notice
of snle of interests of Percy Dickinson,
Warner Miller anil associates.
Slocan Citv Miners' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of tl.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hull. Sloean City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, rear Depot.
j, ii, mm
B. A. S(
Provincial Land Surveyor <*■: Mining
B. C.
Representing tlie strongest com-
panics d*ing business in Canada.
See new accident poli-cy, with participation in protits, covering sickness and operations.
ELD. .CURTIS, Notary Public
Rubber Goods
Wu have a large »tock to choose
from, lint'.i gents ntul Indie-!,
We hFii carry the larsjesl ami
In at ntanrtcd Murk 0( ladies' uml
cents' liooU ;ttnl pliiw.
Veal kr|i and English kip mit era
boots, Ths'y (jive tin. liHPt of
is tit-faction snd nro guaranteed
for six months,
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next I'o'itiHii'p. - Slocan
We have jnst received an elegant
line ol goods for the holiday
trade, including
Hanicttre Sets
in Rl "snv, ami Silver Mounted
Leather Traveling Cases
Toilet Sets
Brush Sets
Perfume Atomizers
Perfumes, etc.
We also carry Eastman's Kodaks
ami general Bucpliei,
Agents fV-r the Heinizinan s*c Co.,Gcr* |
hard llciiUZnian, and Karn Pianes
Ceruticate 1 piii
Purt llss*..!' "sliBiorisl Cllslin.
Situate in tin* Slocan Citv mining divi
si'in of West Koolenay district. Where
located*.—rlulf mile north of Springer
creek, ud] lining t iu lioM Viking,
SJrogor, acting as agenl Ior T.J. Batv,
free miner's certificate No. [s5BK85; 11.
I.. Fil-. I". M. C. No. IVi!m!. ami J.
ii. McCallum, F. M, ('. No. 1 .v.'._t, in
tend, "sixty tlaya i on, tin* ..an lierenf, to
npply to tlie Mininy lievuiiii'i for a i-vrliO*
■Mil' of imprsivs'iiieii **, for the purpose
of nl.lain.i.^ a isn- ii grant • a ihu above
Ami further taku notico that action,
iimler section .'7, must bo commenced
before Iho issuanco of such certificate oi
Dated tins 3rd day of Octohcr, 1902.
10-10*02. ' .1. M. McGREGOR
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness.
Room. Scenery, Health, Fishing, Munting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
ted Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ho vviiliss'sit a ranee when
you can {-et one so cll( ap? Thev
urt: pi'ofermbie to stoves and (five
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and vvill he
set up (roe.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
r Mid  Nil vet1
.•Iiitr MiiK"nil
"fTOUR Attention in r
peel fully
rnlli'il to tin* Custom Tailors'
Union 1 ahe'1, n cut of vvlii h
appoint he low    It is the only »*ii,'ii
whorehy a perfon is Htirc of gutting
i lot'iei maths in a fair h!s<»j■.
>0***\1, 1883 yW "~><"^
Sitante in tho Slocan City Minin.* Divi
non of the West Kootenny district
Whero located: On Dayton crock.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J.M. McGregor, acting ns agent for II. O. VnnTiiyl,
free miners' certificate No.Bf.9U3*!,intend,
■lixtv days from tin* slate hereof, tsi apply
io tl," mining recorder for certificates ol
improvement, for the purpose of obtain
ing crown grants of tho above claims.    112-0-0
And further tnke notice .tlm'. action,
under section '■'•', must hi commenced
before lhe issuanco of such ccrtlficutea ol
Dated lliis 3rd day of October, 1002.
10 10-02 ' .1   M   McttltKllOl'
To J. \V. Millard, Kate Scott nntl Tho*
Kei'l, or to nny |tCrson or parsons lo
whom tliey may have t• ui ifcrrcd their
several interest's, in whole or in part,
in tlm SlugTen mineral claim,sitiiateu
near the Knterprise mine, in Slocan
City mining division of Went Kootenay, located Septcinher 0th, 1895, ami
recorded SeptomherOth, lh','5:
You are hereby i otiflcd that I have
expended the sum ol one hundred ansl
two dollars and fifty cents in performing ami recording assessment work for
tlie almv i mentionod mit,cal claim,
since ihe Oth day of September, 1901,
and if within 90 days from the date of
this notice you. or any of ymi. (ail or
refuse to CQittributo your several proportions of nah expenditure, together
with all costs of advertising, your interests in mild claim shall  become the pro
i perty of tlie Bubfcriour, under Hcction
j 25Bof the Mineral Act.
Dated at Slocan this 11th dny uf's
ember, 1002.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forward in-,' attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
I'. K ALLEN, * Manager
Notice to Delinquent Cc-owner
To Harry Williams, or to any penou
or persons tO Whom be may have tram-
(erred hi* inti*re«t in tlio ChilUt
ami Delphian mineral elairan, suunts'sl
on the head watois of Ia>inon cm),
and recorded in ibe Ks*s*onlet*b offiro
for thu Slocau ( ity milling division,
You are hereby notified thnt 1,0ml
V. White, free miners' certificate No.
I'.'.MJT, have caused to be expended tin
Ainu of six huti'lif! anil fifteen ilsilian
iii labor ami improvements on the ahiiv.
mi't'ti nesl mineral claim*, in order lo
h.ilil Hail 1 claims undor the provisions ol
lhe Mineral Act; and if within BOdiyl
from the ilntu of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to COnttihtlto your propnrti>uof
sue:'. expenditure,together wilh all coiti
of advertising, your iuterest in miiI
claims will become tlie propeity ol ths
subscriber, under section 4 of an Aoi
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, liMK)."
Datetl at Sandon, B.C.,thisJOth day of
September, A.D. 1002,
2ii-o-iij OiCARV. wii iti?
I' W, EI.LI9
Your Local Paper worid^ scemc Route.
Uy leavin* vour order (sir a Fall
■-ait,   i rotisurr* or (ivirciat with
A. David, Miners' Tailor,
I ssa
voa will
all (-lull
bid thu Union I.tl
'i inittlo I.v hlin.
of ii wiih' range ntul of lis. t . li
quality kept iu stouk,
Hill III'
f.llSts'l  S'l^lll.
Stores al Blocan and Sandon,
Mu < l .nt m I ii i* ral <: i a, sis.
-iiuitii' in the Rlocan City Minin Divi
sion of West Kootenny District.
Whore located:—On Ten Mile creek,
can of tbe Enterprise,
TAKE NOTICE that l,.l. M McGre*
zor,acting ns ngt nt for I'. W, Kills,
free miner's certificate No. 1160488, and
c. E. Smitheringale, F.M.C. No.P.5074!-l,
intend, Fisty days from tlio date hereof,
toupplv to tin* Mining Rocorder orn cor*
tilicntu of improvements, for thc purpose
uf obtaining a Crown Grant of the ahove
And further take notice tlmt nction,
under section .17, must lio commenced
before the issuanco of such certificate of
11.led this Ctll day of September, 1002,
I i 10-02 •'■ M. McOKEGOH ;
.T.s.lll 1 a ill   Ulliural l lain,.
Sltuato in tlie Slocan *'iiv Mining Division of the West Kootenny District i
Where localedi—On the'divide lie*
tween Lomon and Springer creeks,
adjoining the Two Friends mineral
TAKE KOTICE Hinl I. Archie Mnin*
waring-iTolinson, nctlng hh agent for t'io
user Mlniuu Co., Limbed (uou-persorinl
iiablllly , Free   Miner's Certlflcnln  No
; .',Hi:!ti,in!eii'l, sixty days from thodati
iii'i'i'ol, to npply to thc Miniuu Kecordei
for a certificate ol improvements, foi
the i urpose of obt lining a Crown :   •  i
,f the aliovo I'lnitn,
An.I further tako notico thai actbu
under section 87, mum  I ■ . nmmenci'
iptoro the ,'• ii  nis   ■ : ■ .   , , ■■ i ,ii ..,-
.,   |,'si\a"l   P.Ill
Dates:! tills llili dn   nl i   toher, lliu
AHCHIE MA1NW ' : ;.... lultN
is a necessity to you, financially
and socially. A NEWSPAPER
containing the latest news of the
world, is equally necessary to
you. Thc "up to date man" will
provide himself with these two
be found the very latest news of
the world, its matter including information on politics, commerce,
Lake Route
^ort William.th« favoiitc sum*
^sTrir.sHssr»  «,:.,•       ,v "' I,lu'*' I'oute, te nil eastern points,
agriculture, mining, literature, as
well as the local happenings in ^'a S°° L'r,c
the states  of  Montana, Oregon,   I'W St,. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Mirie
Idaho, Washington, and the prov- i (-'l'i-,*'fS:,>, etc.
ince of British Columbia.   In ad-   rHROUGU
dition, its columns for women, its
popular science articles, its short
and  continued  stories,  its  "An-1
swers   to   Correspondents,"   and
"Puzzle   Problems" combine   to
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$1.00 per year
can nowhere be
Perhapi you have *.r.moii,in» ■
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Learei Dunmore Junotlon d«U"* for ■*•
Paul j Kootenny Undlng Taeitje"/ »»••
tfaturday tor Toronto, Mont real, ei«
Loavea Rovolitok* <laily for Soatilo and
i'h much book in rs tn Europe *l»»'
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tiri-o--"-
Inwcsl rates li<.m nil Eur"pe»"
eonntrloa I-'or mtes and '«»ll \f
tlculore npplv to l(H'a' "*iien''> or
If you wtnh tss rrnsh
i lumbannan uml mlnara
D.P.A ,
;\.d    P.   Am
,1   KHWAKI'S,
At** i.t, Blocan City


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