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The Slocan Drill 1902-06-20

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▼ol, in., Be,jut.
SLOCAN,   B.   0;   JUNE   20,   1902.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Colombia.
We cany the largest and best assort-
-ad stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
■Files to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Hnvo ft Maple of Phmgo Bath Tabs for stale nt cost.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal jnst in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
Or anall.the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
itfor^ <& Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, VerabaVValrview, and Camp McKlnney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
Co-operative Associatiorutd,
Slooan, B. C.
Having- opened ft Store on Mnin Street, thrce.doors south
of the Pestoffi"****, wo arc prepared to All all orders for Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Flour, and anything to be found
io ft first class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in tlie Association for sale nt th*** par value of $10;
$2 down, and $1 each month till pnid, Pn fits nre divided
regularly, on basis of , each to shareholder, easterner,
and general Account.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QBTHlNtl & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re- opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. A-HWor Street ansl Dslanty Av-**nue, Sl.sc,.... ^
Building thoroughly renovated                                           Pronrietori
*nd te stacked with the best  !	
Frait> Catfectionery, Tobacco
keptfrejhand tai- assorted.   We ^JJSJ
MA VOIl   lli-poiCTM   ON   IIIS   TRIP
Frank Fletcher SIKn. Tetter C.niirssntee-
iug to ('runt Sltit to Sawmill If tlio
Syndicate Tut* Up Bona Fide* lot
X'l.lr Ii.tontloni,
Aid. Barber and Nichol were tlte
absentees nt Monday night's meeting
of tho city council.
Correspondence road: From A.
Campbell Reddle, deputy provincial
secretary. Victoria, acknowledging
receipt of letter ro clerk's appointment.   Ordered filed.
Accounts* presontcd: Incidentals for
month, by clerk, $10. Referred te
finance committee, nnd afterwards
accepted bv council and receipts ordered filed.
Finance committee reported favorably on bills presented at former
meetings, amounting to $231.10. Report accepted and bills ordered paid.
Aid, Smith presented a budget of
civic time checks, amounting to $84-
10, for work dono on Springer creek
iho old ps-vint of discussion are»se
ovor thc system of issuing time
checks for wages, the aldermen being of the opinion that a payroll
should be kept and duly signed by
each individual receiving a time
Aid.Worden and McCallum moved
the payment of the time checks presented    Carried.
The board of works reported (jhey
had dono nothing as yet toward* fixing up Arthur street, north front De
lanev avenue. The mayor remarked
that it was about time also that the
Fletcher ave bridge over Springer
creek was replaced,as it was causing
Inconvenience. Matter laid oyer fsir
another week, so as to avoid any
danger of a freshet.
On the question of amer.d;ng the
I Icon so bylaw and Introducing th'
citv clerk's bylaw, Aid. MeCalJi,n*
advised petting s ime solicitor 1°
draft tho documents  in prour-r legal
iOI'tH. .. ,    .
Ad.siu-.tion next arose over nie
licfiiSi.* charged the Mu**ic I nil. Aid
Smith nnd McCallum moved that a
minute of April 14 last, reducing the
lics-uso, bo rescinded, leaving lhe
original statute In force.   Carried.
As a matter of fact, however, the
bylaw does not provide f.n- a I icons**
for a Music Hall, so tluit the council
has been Working somewhat iu the
dark on tlie question.
Moved bv AM. McCallum and
Smith that bylaw No. 8 be amended,
reducing the number of hotels in the
city from 'J to ****. and that the clerk
bo instructed to draw up thc amend
merit in accordance with the statutes.
The aide*men got badly befogged
in thu mode of procedure for amending the bylaw"*) and it was proposed
to leave the matter over for a week.
Aid. McCallum, Robeition and
Smith were appointed a committee
on bylaws and license.
Tlie clerk was instructed to get a
bylaw drawn up defining his duties.
An order was mado to pay the
clerk $10, on tho petty cash account.
The clerk was authorized to secure
a pav roll for civic employees.
A moti«u was next passed to pay
over to the school board the sum ef
$140 for current, expense.
Mayor York reported having gone
to Nelson last, week, where he interviewed Frank Fletcher ro a site for
Iho proposed sawmill hero. Tho tat-
ter gave a B'gned loiter, in which he
•stated bis willingness lo grant a sito,
on condition of the syndicate giving
bona fides of their Intention to erect
u mill and operatu the same for A
certain period and continuously.
Council adjourned.
Anily sisssl tke liui.r.
Andy Broadm.in came into town
Monday with a bear cub, which he
had captured that day back of his
ranch, near Lemon creek, And
thereby hangs a talc. Andy went
a-,- uniting on Sunday i nd stayed out
all night, hoping to get a shot at a
bear of mature age. Next morning
at daybreak lie stumbled on to a bear
picnic, but the old ones waited not
for an Introduction and scootod,while
the juvenile climbed a tree. Andy
cooiicd up after him, but the cub sallied out on n limb beyond roach,
Hero was a predicament. Then a
brilliant thought occurred to Andy.
He took out one of his shoe laces,
made a noose, and with a long slick
soon had bruin, Junior, In limbo.
Then the scratching commenced A
second brilliant, thought then asserted
itself, for Andy wanted that cub.
Taking off his jeans, Andy shoyed
the cub into thotn and tied him up,
safe and sound. Andy then shinned
down the Wee with his precious burden. Next followed a two mile
tramp to tho cabin, the one in High*
land costume,the other expostulating
with energy. Bruins, senior, regarded not the plaintive cries for succor
from their captured offspring, hav*
ing a healthy fear and respect for the
captor'8 prowess as a huntsman. Ach!
vot cowards dose bears va's! Andy
has tho cub now corralled ai the Arlington hotel, while he goes prospecting for a buyer.   •
In Memoriam.—Alas 1 and aday 1
The ad vantages of civilization proved
too overpowering and poor little junior is no more. Ho went and died,so
he did.   Requicscat.
Republic Wagon Road li Now Well Under
Grading commenced this week on
the wagon road leading to the Republic group, and is progressing in a
rapid and satisfactory manner. Tlie
right of way has b**en cut for a little
more than half tho distance, while
the graders have accomplished about
a mile of the v ay. Rut the hardest
part, embracing the switchbacks and
entailing considerable rock work,
lies before tho men, which will not
permit of rapid headway. Tlie road
when completed will run to thc new
workings at tho mine which are to
be commenced just at tlie cabins.
The old road at this end is causing
some apprehension, as to build a new
piece In order to maintain a uniform
grade would entail an additional
costff 530JO. With the starting cf
grading the force has been increased
to 25 men.
At the mil e it is the intention lo at
at once enlu ge tlie force emplovid,
as the management is anxious to get
development in full swing in order to
commence shipping when the road is
completed. Work will be started in
a number of places and the property
opened to the best advantage. Several members of tlie Slocan-Kepn blic
Co., as well as Sthci'8 connected with
the Sapphire, will visit ttrs place in
Augim and will inspect the several
claims under their control.
There have been a llnfUj of altera-
-Jons uuiil.*. tlito session (*•*• tin: legis
lufitrc In the Muiiicipil CLiu-jcs and
the Municipal Flections acta*. In the
latter tho following are tho chief
Section 0 of chapter G3 repealed
and tliis subs'imtcd: "ii. After ihe
first municipal election thc following
persons shall be entitled to vote fa*
any person who is duly nominated as
a candidate fer any elective ofliee at
any elcctiun in municipalities: (a.)
In city municipalities, any male or
female, being a British subject of the
full age of twenty ono years, who is
the owner of real estate of the assessed value of not less than ©no hundred dollars, or who is the represent-
ative, being a resilient British sub
jeot duly authorized by thc directors
of an incorporated company, which
is the assessed owner of lands, or of
improvements of lands, situate with
in thc municipality, or who is the
holder of a trade license, the annual
fee of which i** not less than $5, or
who is a householder who has paid,
on ot before tlio 31st day of December
In the year Immediately prior to the
day of nomination, a'l municipal
rates, taxes, assessments,rentals and
license fees (which are not charges
ble on laud), payable by him or her
to the nmnieipaliiy, shall be entitled
to have his or ber name entered on
tho voters' list of the municipality;
provided, however, that in case of a
holder ofa trade license or in case of
a householder, he or she shall, in the
month of December in each year,
make and cause to be delivered to
the clerk ofthe municipality a statutory declaration, made and sub-crib-
cd beforo a supreme or county court
judge, stipendiary or police magistrate, commissioner for taking affidavits in the supreme court, justice
of tlie peaco or notary public.''
"(c.) A resident owner of real es
tate, a holder Of a trade license, and
a householder shall, where a municipality is divided into wards, be entered on the voters' list for the ward
in which he or she resides; a nonresident owner of real estate shall,
Where a. municipality is divided into
wauls, be entered on the voters' list
I'or thc ward in which he or she has
tho largest, amount of property in
value according to the. assessment
roll. No poi'a 'ii shall be entitled to
have bis or her name twice entered
on the annual voters' list as a voter
In a municipality; and it shall be un
lawful lo twice enter the name of any
person on the voters' list for any one
year as a voter."
"ii. In city municipalities the list
of voters shah be prepared by the.
clerk of the municipality and -hall be
closed on or before thc fifth day of
January of the vear In which the
nominations aro made, nnd within
three days afler the closing thereof
the clerk ofthe municipality shall
certify such list to be correct, and
shall cause the same to be printed,
ten or more copies of which printed
list shall be posted in conspicuous
public places in the municipality."
"After the lirst election thc nomination for mayor, reeve, aldermen and
councillors shall. In every municipality within the province, be held on
the second Monday in January in
each year, from 12' noon to 2 p.m.,
and In city municipalities tha polling
if any, on tho Thursday following,
from 9 a.m., to 7 30 p.m., and in district or township municipalities the
polling, if any, shall be held on the
Saturday following, from 8 a.m. to 4
Ontlessk Promtalna; for a  Ureat Suooeta
•n Joly 1.
Prospects dally grow brighter for
the Dominion day celebration to be
held here, and thc assurances arc
that there will be a big attendance
from the mines and neighboring
towns. The executive committee
has been rustling pretty strong during tho week and have added more
subscriptions to tho geneial fund.
Bills announcing the. celebration
bave been printed and posted up in
every burg in the district, while each
mine lias been duly notified of the
fun in sight.
The great drawing card will be
the drilling match, and it is certain
half a dozen teams at least will compete. At the Arlington mine in particular tne men are putting in their
spare time practicing for the event,
and thc whole force will be down to
cheer on their champions. Every
mine in the camp will help their men
to get down, as the keenest interest
is being taken in the outcome of the
Another attraction will be the New
Denver band, which has been engaged to assist tho local aggregation, so
there will be an abundance ol melody. The excursionists will be met
at Roaobery and escorted down, having a concert all the way. The juv
en ile base ba 11 ists of Denver and Sloean
will put up a great game, and »ill
prove a third attraction. Outsiders
generally are looking forward to the
celebration, as is evidenced by the.
requests of various sporting bodies
for a place on tho programme. The
l.itr'*:\ lio wc ver lias been nrrangesl
so as to permit of variety and expedition, lacrosse and such games being
laid aside for the nonce.
Everything promises to go off
without a hitch, and thc citizens can
help mnch by liberally decorating
their respective premises, thus making tlie burg look cheerful and
bright. A good time will be given
the visitors, and if they stay to tho
dance they will have a still better
time, ns it is to be made the boss
event of the year. Altogether Slocan
is putting up a pretty good bill of
fare for Julv 1.
A Wclcems; Kxhlbltlon.
The announcement that Gentry
Bros', famous shows aro soon to exhibit in this citv has led to numerous
inquiries about the details. As is the
custom of the Gentry Bros.' shows,
their entire outfit will be brought to
this city for exhibition. All of tin-
numerous fcatuivs will be seen in
the street parade and the many new
acts and animals added this scasjn
will all appear at the daily programme given by these animal celebrities. Everything pertaining to
('entry liros.' shows is as usual first-
class. The tents arc waterproof, the
scats are the best, the most polite attendants, and all the accessories of a
first class show are given with this
attraction. They will exhibit in this
city two performances, afternoon and
night, Monday, June 23.
Salted by thc SIserllT.
Sheriff Tuck has seized and taken
into his possession tho Iron Horse
group of claims on Ten Milo, and
will offer same for sale by public
auction nt Nelson on June 2.r>. The
seizure is the outcome of a suit
bivuglit by W. ('. B.iCoob, to recover
$1270.15, for lumber supplied and
teaming. Thero are also claims
against the propeity for over $li00 for
wages Tho papers are made out
against Tho**. A. Nwble, of Pittsburg,
as the principal owner. The trouble
on the Iron Horse i resultant upon a
dispute among tho company over
money matters.
Triisiafer Its'auss.aa Work.
Work was resumed on the Transfer
group, held under bond by Sidney
Norman, on Monday. Two men
went up to get things Into shape and
on Wednesday two or three mow
were put on, under charge os CI il"
liarber The fifti payment nn the
bond falls due on August 1.
Trail, Grand Forks nnd Trout
Lake aie each cclebratng h niion
I.Bat Year'* Slilpmenta War* 0514 Tana—
A Health*/ Kvlslence of tha Ufa ansf
Wealth of tha Cansp-Arllugtea tha
BlSSoat Shipper.
Shipments are but slightly* lower
than last week, there having been
150 tons sent ont. The Arlington's
shipments amounted to 90 tons, giving it a total of 2000 tons for the
year. Sixty tons of concentrates
were handled from the Enterprise,
but tho expected shipment from the
Neepawa did not materialize,
For 11)00 tho exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last vear
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot tbe shipments this jear to
Arlington  00             2060
Enterprise  60              640
Ottawa  7
Neepawa.. .* 60
May  »
I'ii*. *t i oak  5
Duplex  7
150 2784
Tho Payne concentrator is running
to its full capacity.
Every foot of vacant ground on
Erin mountain is being staked.
Three men came down from the
Ottawa in one day this week to get
rock removed from their eyes.
J.Frank Cillom, managing director of the Arlington, returned from
his trip to the coast on Monday.
Two petitions were circulated here
Monday, asking tlie government for
a grant towards the Republic wagon
N. F. McNaught ana wifo, of Silverton, went up to the Hampton on
Monday, whero they will stay for the
summer. " *
A new trail has l-ctn laid ont over
tho Arlington'Justin leading to tho
Black Pi-inc?, .Hnd will likely bo
built shortly.
Mineowners complain ofthe difficulty of securing government appropriations this season fur new trails
and road work.
The owners ofthe Neepawa group
have filed notice that tliey will not
be responsible for any debt6 contracted on the property by the bonders.
Before the full court at Victoria,
last week thc case of Manley vs Collom again appeared. J. 11. Lawson
applied for an order for payment out
of court-of $500, which was granted.
Bob Cooper restaked the Oregon
City claim, Ten Mile, on Mondav, lt
having run out.. Thero is about
8-1000 worth of work dono on tho
claim, and it is considered one ofthe
plums ofthe creek.
Geo. Fairbairn, C. MeNichol and
Bert McNaught came down from Silverton Monday, to open up the.sea-
sons w»rk on their claims adjoining
tlio Hampton. The latter was accompanied by his wife.
Chas. Kanscamo in from Kitchener
on Frklay, to look after his mineral
interests In this camp. He and his
partner, Wm. Crawford, are running
a prosperous store business nt Kitch-
oner and they expect big things of
the iron mines at that point. Tho
two men have bonded 10 <#f their iron
claims for s-Js'O.OOO, with a cash payment, down,and they still havo others
0B hand,	
Kl.nore Proceaa a Muoreaa.
Tho new Elmore process of oil concentration of ores ap-iears, judging
'iotn the numerous tests made, to
promise great 'tilings. Teats made
on thc low grade ore of one of the
Ltoasland mines gave thc following
reinltsi The concentrates by tho nil
process contained 6 OS per cent of
.•upper, while, concentration by water
gave only 2.G per cent.the silver nnd
gold contents being proportionately
higher, and the tailings showing
much higher recovery in tbs caso of
the oil than by tho water concentration. Preliminary tests by this process on ores froln tlie Snowshoe mine,
in the Boundary camp, hnve also
proved satisfactorv, and it is vary
probable that several Elmero plants.
will ere long be in operation in lhe
Rossland and Boundary districts. In
this camp some of the ores have, be«u
submitted to tbo oil test aud the rc-
sulls generally have been satisfactory. It it altogether likely an Elmore plant will lie established in tho
can.ji within the year.
N'ext Thursday is a publio holiday
[ri lionoj' of th:* king's coronation,
,/. —*w
... ill I ll'll'llllll
li»iai**e*a*l*»*******i     upa
i aiit-ff-sT-nar *
III I 1      M»*~*Z*.
<Oa»fttgiat tOOtav Sir Waltar *Ber******t)
T was tbe custom -sfttb
some of tbe high fliers,
or tbe bucks, as they
were called, when the
cardroom wss closed
to go' off together to •
tavern, tbere to finish
the night drinking,
gambling and -rioting the
whole night through and long after
"stoyllght Trail" the town of Lynn wit-
Bossed ataore profligacy and wickedness
daring this "rammer than all Its long
and ancient history had witnessed or
could relate.
Tbe assembly was held twice a week,
on Thnrsday and on .Friday. It wu on
Thursday night tbat a certain statement was made In a dranken conversation which might bave awakened sos-
ptctoo of somt dark design had lit been
recorded.   A small company of the said
high fliers, among whom were Colonel
Lanyon and a yonng man named Tom
Rising, msrcbed off to the tavern most
frequented by tbem sifter the "-losing of
the rooms end called for punch, cards
and candles.   Tben they sat down to
play, with tho ungodly and profane
dlsconrse which tbey affected.   They
played and drink, tbe young man
drinking fast and batrd, tbe colonel,
after his custom, keeping bis head
Tom Rising's estates lay near Swaff-
ham. Be was well known as tbe best
and most fearless rider In the whole
county. Be waa the keenest sportsman. He knew where to find fox,
hare, badger, ferret, stoat or wesseL
Be knew where to put up a pheasant
or a covey of partridges. Be could play
at all manly sports. Be was a wild, fearless, reckless, debosbed young fellow,
whom everybody loved and everybody
abated, always ready wltb a blow or an
oath, afraid of notblng If be set hla
heart upon anything. Ton ebsll see
that he set his heart upon one thing
and failed. Tom lost heavily and drank
"I win play tin I hare stripped every
man among you to the very bones," be
said. "Why do I say this? Because,
geotlemen.after tomorrow nlgbt I shall
.be tbe -richest man In tbe county.
D'you heart The richest man la tbe
county. Ton don't know show? Very
welL Do you think I'm going to tell
you? Ho, hoi When you hear the
newa you'll My 'twas only Tom—only
Tom Rising—had tbe courage to venture and to wm."
"He means tbe hasaid table,1* said
"No, not the hazard table." Tom
went on. "Oh, I know the table and
the woman who keeps tbe bank and
pretends to weep wben you lose. 1
know about her. I've beard talk about
her. What Is It? Don't remember.
Tell you to-M-Tow."
"Ho should stop talking.1* said the
coloneL "We most not listen to his
"Richest man In the county,1* be repeated. •■'Colooel. I Uke your com*
pany. Too lay down your money like
a man. Iu a week, colonel, I'll have
lt alL There shan't be a guinea left
among you alL Richest man In coun*
p—make—guineas-fly." Bis bead sank
down again. Hev was ones more
His mends looked from one to the
other.   Wbat did Tom Rising mean?
"Oeotlemen." said tbe colonel, "lie
has been drinking for many daya Be
haa some kind of a fit upon blm
After a sleep he will be better. Just
now he dreams of riches. I have
known men tn such a condition to see
animals and tbtnk that tbey are bunted by rats and clawed by devils."
Agsln Tom lifted bis bead and babbled confusedly.
"The richest man—tbe richest man-
In the wbole county. After tomorrow
■Ight—not tonight—efter tomorrow
Bight. I have found out a short way
to fortune The richest man in tbe
Bo they left him sleeping In his
chair, with his bead on tbe table
among the glasses and tbe split punch.
The next was tbe night of the assembling, and Molly was present
After dancing with bis lordship, who
tben offered his band to a lady of tbe
county, she stood up wltb Tom Rising,
wbo was by tbls time as sober aa could
be expected after sucb a night Be, In
the bearing of everybody, loaded her
wltb compliments of tbe common kind,
such as would suit a milkmaid, but
were not proper for a modest woman
to bear. To these, however, Molly returned no reply and danced as If sbe
heard them not Bhe then rejoined
Lady Anastasia and with ber retired to
the cardroom, whither many of tbe
young men followed her. Sho stood
beside ber ladyship and obliged tbe
young men by choosing cards for them,
which they lost or won. Tom Rising
followed ber and stood beside ber wltb
flushed face and trembling hands. It
was remarked afterward that be seemed to assume the care of ber. Be kept
gazing upon Molly wltb fierce and ravenous looks like a wolf wbo hungers
after his prey and lives to wait for It
Be played tbe while, however, and lost
during the evening, I believe, some
hundreds of pounds, but for reasons
which you will presently bear be never
paid tbat money.
Molly next had a second dance wltb
his lordship. After It bad been finished
be offered ber the refreshment of wine
or chocolate, but sbs declined, saying
that tbe captain now would be wishing
her to go home and tbat her chair
would be waiting.
Bo his lordship led ber to tbe door,
where Indeed ber chair was waiting.
but bo c&ptaln. and, bowing low. he
handed her in and shut the door, and
be returned to the assembly, and Molly's chnlr was Immediately lifted up
ond born* rapidly away, she sitting
alone, thinking of tbe evening and of
her great triumph, suspecting no evil
and thinking of no danger
A minute later the captain came to
the door. There be saw Molly's chairmen waiting with her chair. Ite look*
ed about blm. Where was Molly? He
returned to the assembly; the girl was
not there. He looked Into tbe cardroom:
his lordship wns standing at the table,
looking on. "My lord." snld tbe cap-
win lu confusion, "where Is my ward?"
"Miss Molly? Wby. captain. I pot
her Into ber chair Ave mlnutee ago.
She is gone."
"Ber cbnlrr The captain turned pile.
•*ner chair la now at the door with ber
"Wbat devilry is forward T cried
.Lord Fyllngdale. "Come with me,
captain. Come wlfb me."
The chair into which Molly stepped
will-out suspicion snd without even
looking for tbe captain, wbo sliould
have walked beside ber. stood, as I
i.nve said before, nt the entrance of the
tsing room. Outside tlie trees were
hung with colored lamps; the place
•vita as bright as In tbe sunshine of
uiMtn. One would think that nothing
-•ould be done In sucb a place which
would not be observed. There la however, one thing which Is never observed-It Is tbe pen-tonal appearance
of servants. No one regards the boatman of the ferry or the driver of tbe
hackney coach or tbe --oatlioy or the
chairman. Tbe chair, theu. stood wltb
ita door open opposite to the entrance
of the long room. The chairmen stood
retired, a little In tbo shade, but not
so far off as to need calling, wben
l-ord Fyllngdale handed In the lady.
This done, be stood, bat In hand,
bowing. The chairmen stepped op
briskly, seised the poles aud marched
off with tbe quick step of those who
have a light burden to carry. No one
observed tbe faces of tbe chairmen,
or Indeed tbougbt of looking at tbem;
no one remarked the fact that Tom
Rising walCed out of the long room directly afterward and followed the
ehalr. Wltbln Molly sat unsuspecting,
excited by tbe triumphs of tbe evening.
The chair paased through the gardens
nnd lu gates. Instead of turning to tbe
right wblcb would lead Into Uaymau's
lane, tbe chairmen turned to tbe left
nnd so through tbe town gate and beyond tbe wall and Into tbe open fields.
Yet Molly observed notblng. 1 tblnk
she fell asleep. When shoes me to her*
f-elfTshe looked out of tbe window. On
tbe right and on tbe left of her were
open fields.
It was a clear evening. Toward the
mldtlle of May tbere Is no black dark*
ness. but only a dimmer outline, wltb
deeper shadowa. Molly, who knew tbe
country around I.ynn perfectly well,
understood at* onoe tbat ahe had been
curried outside the town: tbat she was
uo longer on tbe highroad, but on one
of the cross tracks—one cannot call
tbem roads—whieh connect tbe villages, so tbat tbere waa very little
chance of meeting any passengers or
vehicles. And by tbe stars sbe saw
tbst they were carrying her In a northerly direction, perhaps to South Wool*-
She perceived, therefore, that soma
devilry was going oa Now sbe was
not s girl wbo would try to belp herself In sucb a deserted and lonely spot
by shrieking, nor did she see tbat any
good purpose would be served by calling to tbe chairmen to let ber out Sbe
sat np. therefore, her heart beating a
little faster than usual, and considered
whst sbe should da
Molly, though not a woman of fashion, understood by this time her value,
especially In tbe eyes of tbe adventurer, and she also understood qnlte clearly at this moment lhat sbe bad been
carried away witbout the knowledge of
her guardian and lhat the Intention of
the abduction was nothing more or less
than s forced marriage and tbe acquisition of ber fortune. "Jack." she told
me afterward. "I confess that I did
wish. Just for a little, that you might
he coming along the road with a trusty
club, but then I reinrinlietcd that 1
was no puny tttreadpaper of a woman,
but as strong as most men, and I took
courage. Weapon I bad none except a
steel bodkin, gilt, stuck In my hah*—a
small thing, but It might serve If any
man ventured too near, and I thought,
besides, that there would be a hue and
cry and that the country round would
he scoured In all directions. They
would most certainly grow tired ot
carrying me about In a cbalr; tbey
must stop somewhere and put me Into
some place or other. I tbougbt also
that I could easily manage-to keep off
ono mnn or perhaps two and tbat t
would be very unlikely that more tbau
ono would attempt to force me Into
marriage. Perhaps I might escape.
Perhaps I might barricade myself. Perhaps ray bodkin might belp me to save
myself. I would willingly stab a man
to the beart with It. Perhaps I might
pick up something—a griddle would be
a weapon handy for braining a man, or
even a frying pan would do.   Wbat-
AtsT*f       mrami
^w         *       |
***»    Js
m naiam suwwssa aaaa
ever happened. Jack, 1 was resolved
that.nothing, not-even fear of murder.
should make me marry tbe man who
had carried me off."
There are found scattered about the
byroads of the country many smalt
Inns for the accommodation of persons
of the baser sort
It was before sucb a wayside Inn
that the chairmen stopped. Molly knew
It very well. It was at a puce called
Hlkley's Spring. Tbe name or the
house was the Traveler's Rest and it
stood Just two miles and a half from
Lynn aad one mils or so from the village of Booth Wo-rttem It was a small
.house, gloomy stud IU lighted at tbe
best Tbere was a door In the middle.
The diamond panes ot tho windows
were mostly broken la their leaden
frames; tbe woodwork was decaying;
tbe upper floor, projecting, darkened
the lower noma. In the dim twilight,
when the cbalr stopped, tbe house looked a dark and noisome place, fit only
for cutthroats and murderers.
The poles wero withdrawn aad the
door thrown open. Molly, looking out
saw before her, hat la hand, her late
partner, tbe young fellow they called
Tom Rising. *
"Oh," she cried, "la It possible? I
thought I was ln the hands of some
highwayman. Is this your doing, sir?
I was told that you were a gentleman."
Be bowed low and began a little
speech which he bad prepared ln readiness.
"Madam, yoo' will confess that you
are yourself alone to blame. Fired wltb
the sight of so much loveliness, what
wonder If I aspired to possess myself
of these charms? Sure, a Laplander
himself would be warmed even In his
frozen region by such"—
"Sir. wbat nonsense la this? What
do you -lean?"
*T mean, madam, that your lovely
face and figure abould be sufficient excuse not only in the eyea of tho world,
but In your own eyes, for an action
such as thla Tbe violence of the passion which"—
"Sir, will you order your fellows to
take me back?"
"No, madam; I will not"
"Then, air, will you tell mo what you
propose to do?"
"I Intend to marry you.1*
"Against my consent?"
"I bave you In my power. I shall,
however, ask your consent If you
grant It we sball enter upon married
life as a pair of lovers should. If you
refuse, I shall be the master, but you
will be tbe wife."
Molly laughed. "Too tblnk that I
am afraid? Very well, sir. If you per
slat, you shall bave a lesson In love-
making that will cost your Ufa"
/'Everything Is fair tn love. Come,
madam, you will please to get out of
the cbalr."
"Wbat a villain la thlsl" ssid Molly.
"He Is In love witb my fortune, and he
pretends It Is my person. Be thinks
to steal my fortune when he runs away
wltb me. Ton are a highwayman, Mr.
Rising, a common thief and a common
robber. Ton shall be hanged outside
Norwich castle."
Tom Rising swore a great onth, calling. In his blasphemous way, upon the
Lord to Inflict dire pains snd penalties
upon blm If be should resign the lovely
object of bis affection now In bla possession. Ton have beard tbat he had
tbe reputation of a reckless daredevil
wbo stuck at nothing, was daunted by
nothing and was like % bulldog for bis
"Understand, madam," be concluded
tbla declaration, "I am resolved to
marry you—resolved. Bear tbat In
"And I, sir. am resolved tbat I will
not marry you—resolved. Bear that
In mind."
"Never yet did I resolve upon anything but I had It  No; never yet"
"Mr. Rising, you think you bave me
In your power. Ton sball see. Once
more I ask yon, as a gentleman, to
send me back. Renetnber, I have many
friends. The whole town, high and
low, will be presently out after me,
scouring tie country In every direction."   .
"In an bour you w'll be at WootteA
The parson hath profntsea to await ua
there. Tou shall be my wife within
one short bour."
"You waste words, sir."
"Tou will bave tc alight, madam.
The post chaise Is here to carry us to
Wootten, where tbe parson watts to
marry us. In an hour, I say, you shall
bo my wife."
Molly looked out of tbe otber window. Tbe post chaise was there wltb
Its pair of horses and tbe postboy waiting at the horses' heads. Sbe would
have to make her stand at once, therefore. To get Into the post chaise wltb
that man would be dangerous, even
though she was as strong as himself,
and, since sho was not a drinker of
wine, abe waa In better condition.
"I looked round nt tbe bouse," she
told me afterward. "I tbougbt that If
I could get Into tbe house I might gain
some time—perhaps I could bar the
door, perhaps I could find that griddle
or the frying pan of which I spoke.
Or If It came to using tbe bodkin there
would bs more room for my arm In a
house than In a chair or n -"balse. So I
had one more parley In order to gain
time and then slipped out."
Gold Peaa.
Oold pens are now usually tipped
with Iridium. The bits of this metal
are laid In notches at tbe point of ths
pen, then fastened on with flux, being
afterward ground and polished for use.
Pineapples, either raw or cooked, are
recommended to persons wltb weak
throat    • 	
Norway  Batter.
Norwsy makes excellent butter, but
most of It Is sent to London, and tourists In Norway have to put up wltb
At ^r     37/e..... a^^iam^ WeJlp(fc^u^
/o., 4fe&Lufa/
r JfLmVfns'' itTfe^
■Mu, _____V __4_^_t___f _?
Hank Timmons' boy Bob poured a
pint of castor oil in the molasses
jug when the folks were away to
church last Sunday, and Hank's
folks always have mush and molasses for supper Sunday night. Doc
Tteed, who tended on Hank's family,
said the family wouldn't, havo suffered more if they had eaten a peck of
Candy Cascarets.—-Independent.
Suffered From Headaches and Dizziness—Could Not Stand the
Least' Exertion.
From the Sun, Seat or th, Ont.
Mrs. Wm. Westcott is well known
to nearly all the residents of Bea-
forth. It is also well known to her
neighbors and friends that she passed through a trying illness, but is
now, happily, in robust health, lo
the editor of the Sun, Mrs. Westcott
recently gave the particulars of her
case for publication, merely in the
hope tbat her experieuco might be of
some benefit to some other sufferer.
She said : "For some time past my
health was in a bad state my whole
system being badly run down, i waa
troubled with headache, much dizziness, my uppetite was poor and I
could not stand the least exertion. I
consulted different physicians, Ont
their treatment did not seem to benefit me, and I gradually became so
bad that I was unable to attend to
my household duties. I then tried
several advertised medicines, but
without any benelicial results, and 1
began to despair* of getting better.
One of my neighbors strongly advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and somewhat reluctantly 1
consented to do so. After I hud
taken the second box I began to note
a great improvement in my condition, and by the time I had used live
boxes I was fully restored to my
former good health, much tvt. the surprise of my neighbors and relations.
I do not suffer the ls3ast now from
those headaches and dizzy spells; my
appetite is good and I can attend to
my household duties with the greatest ease, ln fact, I feel like a different woman, and all this f can say is
due to the use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. All who suffer from a rundown constitution should givo those
pills a trial."
When the vitality is low; when the
blood needs to be replenished, enriched and purified ; when the nerves
are weak and require strengthening,
there is no other medicine ean take
the place of Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills.
It is because of their direct specific
action on the blood and nerves that
these pills cure such troubles as
anaemia, nervous heartache, dizziness, palpitation of the heart, rheumatism, sciatica, partial paralysis,
St. Vitus' dance, kidney and liver
ailments and the functional troubles
that make the lives of so many women a source of almost constant
misery. Do not take any but the
genuine, which have the full name
"Dr. Williams' Pink Tills for Pale
People," on thc wrapper around
every box. Sold by all dealers, or
sent post paid at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for $2.50, by addressing
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville,  Ont.
Am OM Ba-flla-a Caata-a.
At a beautiful Wensleydale village
the old custom of tbe blowing of a horn
each nlgbt In winter Is still carried out
Its purpose was to guide belated travelers in tbe forest, Just aa tbe foghorn
guldea tbe mariner wbo Is nearing the
Travalera' Paradise.
Nice and Its neighborhood hold the
record for holiday traffic. Tbe record la
2,800,000 arrivals ln the course of a
year. j	
Cklaaae Medicines.
Some Chinese medicine consisting of
monkeys' toes boiled down and hardened by being burled under ground for a
number of years figured In a police
court case at Shanghai recently.
LI-cMer Than Cork.
There is one wood much lighter than
cork. This Is the marsh onouo, found
In Brazil.	
Worth of It iil.lii,*,.
It Is estlmnted that about $10 000
worth of what Is considered to' be
"rubbish" Is thrown Into the streets by
the Porlslans every day. This means
nearly $3,750,000 per annum for the
chlfionnlers. and. counting their wives
nnd families, nearly 100,000 persons
live very comfortably upon their share
of it
When a good woman stays away
from church, and hears sifter that
there was almost no one there, tho
burden on her conscience increases.
Count your blessings. If you sleep
in a cold house, whero all the fires
go out at night, remember that, in
tho warm steam-heated houses, bedbugs winter as well "an summer.
Vary many persons die annually from cholera
ind kiusiied summer complaints*, who nilgai
asvs bean caved If prop, r r.imedle*- had been
mad. If attacked, do uot delay in gMtlm* a
boUie of Dr. J. D. Kellogg a Dyaeiitory Coidlid,
ths -Mdlelne that never 'alls to affect a cuts.
Those who harm uaad It say It ao ■ pron'stly.
and thoroughly subduss the pain snd dlrwaas.
Mrs. Hauskeep—"Bridget, whut do
you mean by all that disturbance
down in the kitchen ?"
Bridget— ".Stviire, it ain't me,
ma'am.   It's Miss Ethel."
"Oh I Has she got. back, from the
cookery school ?"
"Yis, ma'am; an' she's gs*ttin'
ready to thry an' bile an egg,
The man who is always figuring
where he will come in will find himself cast out at the end.
..ii«*   Writer Sara Th**/  Un**  H**/ar*
Shown II  la  Literature.
Literature Is the final expression ef
Human thought If women can lay
'•luiiii to a special faculty of lutultlou,
.vhy do they uot manifest it In tbelr
writing-*.! Intuition. If it means auy-
ililng. means the faculty lhat gets
down to lhe germ of actions aud char*
ictei'bdica aud focuses external traits
Into a central verity recognisable to
the general public. Now, tbere are
more feu.ale writers than male. No
woman poet has ever **r.J.tteti an In
evltiible line, n line tbnt flashes spontaneously out of tbe unknown uud cunts
tui Illuminating light upon the ubyss.
Woman has added practically nothing
to our stock of familiar quotations.
Take down your Bartlett or your anthology, and you may be surprised to
dud that from Mrs. Browning to Mrs.
M.yiiell women huve never i-olii«'d a
pl.iii.se which has piisaed Into the common currency of "speech. Mrs. Browning has iiisls-ed written tine Hues, but
nothing of hers can be suid to bave become a hotiftebold word.
Nor litis any woman novelist created
any character thut Is generally recognized aa typical. George Eliot has
come closest wltb ber Tito Meleuia
nud Mrs. I'oyser. You would appeal
only to tbe educated few If you described a person as a Tito or a I'oyser.
But call a mun a Don Quixote, a
Mlcawber. a Dogberry, a t'ulstnff, a
Colouel Newcoiue, a Blltll. a Parson
Aiiams or D0I1 Acres, call a woman a
Mrs. Maluprop, a Becky Sharp, a Beatrice, a Diana Vernon, a Meg Merrllles,
snd even the Illiterate will mentally
classify the Individual ns you wish blm
or her to be classified.
"Ab, but." you soy. "In real life women ore tbe true intuitions. Tbey size
up s man or a womun at a glance.
They ure never mistaken when tbey
trust to their Instincts."
I can only testify to my owu experience. I hnv« uot found that women's
snap Judgments of character are Im
bued with uny special verity. Tbey
form likes or dislikes quicker tban a
man does because tbey are quicker on
tlie trigger of ooujecture. They can
only be one of two things, right or
wrong. If time proves tbat tbey are
right as tbey must be In SO per cent of
cases, the right guess Is remembered
and treasured up by tbe slower minded
mnu ns an extraordinary Instance of
Intuition. Tbe wrong guess Is forgot*
ten.-VVIIIIatu 8. Walsh ln Bra.
Tira Bkist Pout—Mr. *•"■"■*■*, Ysnslt.-vo.irt,
8ydisoyC*^swlj>**,Ontj, writ****!   *""Vo hisvil „
skills? Parmelee's Pills, and And tfcum ly furl I is
li-t t'UU. wo ever naed." For dellcatnunsl ,1s..
ihllitod conatUntioni Uiesse pill act liko a
i-hiirm. Takon la amall duties the offrs't Is both
n t.stiie and a atimulant, milcllxr -t*»«-iti..s: tha '
sccretl****** of too body, f-ivt**- ton* aud »isjor.
How many diffen-nt'""figures:' you
find among women!
As* rot Minart's ail tike no otber.
There is a preacher in South <'aro-
linu who preaches whs»n ho is asleep
There are some others who preach
while the congregations sleep.
Haid sad soft corns cannot wltlmtand
Holoway'a Guru Cure; It l-s effectual every
tin,*,   uetu bottle nt onco and be hapi<>
I'naalnn  a  Bnrarala.
"Perhaps you've had 11 man offer you
a big bargain In a diamond ring?"
iiueiled the Boston drummer as he
heaved a sigh nud his face weut
"Yes, several times," laughed the
Pullman conductor.
"I was In Pittsburg," continued the
drummer, "nud while standing on a
street corner a chap caino along and
offered me a shiner as big as a bean
for "*;.0. He was a stranger, hard up
and all thut. It looked to be a ring
worth s$3*i0."
"And you gave him |50?"
"No. no hung on for half an h*mr,
but I turned him down. I'm no mnu to
be roped In that way."
"Then what—whatf—
"Oh, another fellow bought the ring"
"And he wits out his fifty?"
"lie WOS In $800, Thnt ring, sir. wns
O. K nmi all Keren,., uml „ jPW.,|llr
priced It nt the figure named. The man
was honest, nnd I was a fool, nnd y.<(j
w>ll pleas- excuse me while 1 rv\\.*
and kick myself for not knowing 1
p See At glass from a pure water -.pa-
klur."  '
nifla Hniiie Velocity,
It appears that tho greatest velocity
of a rifle bull ll nol ut th, umizie, but
some dlHtnnec In front. Ai. mtm 51
ten shots witb the Uer.nat, Infantry rl
lie lain shown a inuw.i,, velocity ol
2.0(18 feet per Me I. wliha „m.vlniul„
____?_***« •Jer*«« tt!!
rset from the muzzle.
The only town in a civilize*! country which is ruled and managed by
colored ins*n, is Kutoiivillc, in Orange
County,  Florida.
Caaadlaa aast  Kavllali   1'iiplU (.If. lank
• (bar  inform.11..is
The second budget of English letters was received by thc pupils of
LhU d.iwno .School un Mo'ida*.. April
21, aays Tho Toronto alone. 'Una
time there wore twenty-five let ten
tcrs, and tbe thirty letters sent to
Mr. J. L. Hughes was nn mi irons*
of tlio views and letters sent ts*
Clrlrosliy by the Lansdnwne pupils.
Tho (.rimsliy pupils Jiui'li- two largs
pictures mis* yard si|uurc una Ining
them up in tho gymnasium of (heir
school, so that it will be quite no
advertisement for Toronto, nnsi indeed all Canada, as the views sent
were not confined entirely to Ton*
te. Tho- Grimsby pupils also sent sn
assortment of views in book form
of Criuisby and surrounding places,
end a magazine, in which two letters, one written bjf Beatrice H'1'*
ilige and ono by Edith Milne, wer«
published under the heading "Colonial Correspondence."
Ths letters are written in g'""1
style for suth young children, nntl
It is to be hoped lhe correspond'"'*
may be long continued ond that th»
chlldrcn may n»t weary In thi*n' Rood
work, for certainly no better schenw
Could ho dovised than to let the
English people know what our Canadian children are like, and ■""
much they think of their own country.
Ons girl, In answering the <""*""
tion as to whether wc had blcycl"**
In Toronto, suid, "I think wo mult
havo millions of them, as you cnn
hardly cross the street at noon °r
at six o'clock with the blcyilcs n«
havo bad bicycles and electric <nr«
for about ten yours." Another girl
said, "We think It very funny l"*1
English idea lhat wo go about on
snowshocs in the winter, ami nT1,r
furs a groat pott of thc time I lisv*
never seen snowshties except ^ ■mall
ones got up as souvenirs of Cannil*.
and very au\ny pooplu never wear fj
fur at aay time during tho winter.
A boy wrote, "Wo havo sent forty
teachers out to" South Africa t0
teuch English to tho Boer children,
and ws hope the English thin!- •■■•
Canadians are all right now, sim*
they have done such good flflh>''•.»
for tflem in South Africa "
Altogether much good must he ll
result of this interchange of lc,"''v'
now     amounting to *\liout      »ul
counting     those     received     by
Hughes at the office,   which
written by tho boys from    Hn'
school in Great Orimsby,
Ths Lantdowno pupils answered thelt
English correspondents almost, imi"'
dlutoly,  and posted their W^'fl
Friday,    ths 35th instsnt,    wnams
them "bo**, royago." •li'r'i  'i  i"'"   "si
_ '■.' ' " "
a*.   '
Saturn's largest moon ta 8,083 mllee
1,1 diameter, slightly smaller than oor
Jupiter la one and a half times larger
tban all the rest of the planets pnt together.
In else the ann equals 1^800.000
earths, but owing to Ita smaller density
Its weight equals only 800.000 earths.
Careful scientific Investigations abow
tbat tha average speed of the ttansmle*
sion of earthquake abocka la nearly 16,-
000 feet per second.
Bine expands np to tbe melting point
▲ bar of hammered sine els Inches long
will eipand 1.100 of an Inch ln raising tbe temperature 100 degrees If.
The enn gty.ee (100,000 times aa mnch
light aa ther. foil moon, 7,000,000.000
times aa mnch aa tbe brightest star In
tbe sky and M.000,000 times aa much
ss all the combined stars of tbe heavens.
Tbs latest theory In connection with
drowning Is that no water enters tbe
longs and that beat properly applied,
wltb artificial respiration, will resuscitate persons wbo bave been under water for an bear. Tbls feat has been accomplished by the doctor who advances
ths lhmt*tt._.	
St. Pater'a.
St*. Peter's Is In the form of a cross.
It Is 030 feet long by 450 feet wide.
The dome is 448 feet high.
Snakes ta BaalaaS.
Of tbe 1,600 different species of
snakes which are now known to naturalists tbe great majority are not poisonous, and of tbe four kinds of snakes
or suakellke creatures wblcb inhabit
England only one Is venomous.
Milk Qara-si,
The bacteria tn tbe beet milk number from 10.000 to 100.000 In each tea*
spoonful, while tn the worst the number Is from 4,000.000 to 000.000.000.
You often hear people say: "Blast
my luck! " Ever hoar them praise
their luck?   Is there such a thing as
gooil luck. ,
If You Could Look
into the future and ■set. the
condition to which your
cough, ii neglected, will
twin*** you, you would seek
relief at once—and that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Gonsump-
tloiaa Bfonchha, Asthma.
aad all Lung Troubles*
Cures Coughs and Colds
in a day* 25 cents*
Guaranteed.   .   »   •   *   *
Write to 8. C. Wklls & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clever Rest Tea ss-rlftes ths Blood
Wfiout question the best and
most ''flective sprin .'■* in Canada for
tbe cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. Tho medicinal quail
ties ol the water arc unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; line
flshin--. and hunting. An ideal spot
foi the Invalid.
Manitoba wheat lias been exceedingly quiet. Exporters aro doing
nothing and buyers are hard to And.
while the prices of wheat in the
American markets have beou stationary over the week, the prices of
Manitoba wheat have declined lVic
per bushel and at the closo of busi-
tis.cu    K.,l.,n.i—    ...      . .   ..
ness  Saturday  stood  as
hard, 74c; 1
Mv msre, a very val inside one, was
badly   cut   and   bruised    by   being
caught io a wire fence.   Some of tho
wounds would not heal, although I
tried many different medicines.     Dr.
Pell   udvised me   to use   MINARD'S
LINIMENT,    diluted  at   first,   then
stronger an the sores began to look
better, until, after three weeks, the
son's havo healed, and best of all the
hair    is    growing    well, and is not
white, as is most always tiie case in
horse wound*.
It often happens that the straight
of a erooked story Is not very interesting.
IllMDl UltllJT 11 Utl If FlTIlClllt
"You must lind that impediment
in your speech rather inconvenient at
times. Mr. Barnes."
"Oh, everybudy hns his little peculiarity; stammering is m-minc."
"Well, really, 1 was not nware
that  I  had any peculiarity."
"Ho you s-stir y-your t-tca with
y-your r-r-right hand ?"
"Why, yes, of course."
"W-well that is y-your p-p-peculi-
arlty—m-most p-pcople u-use a t-tca
An exchange tolls of a lady who
decided to scare her hard drinking
husband so tlmt. he would reform.
To do this She procured the costume
of a devi'., which she saw at a mas-
querado. The next time the erring
spouse route home feeling happy, she
donned the costume. As he opened
the door she stepped forward and
said, in a sepulchral tone :
"Conn with me; 1 am the devil !"
The reply  to her greeting was ;
"Zat so ? Shake, old boy ! I'm
your brothc-ln-law; 1 married your
Are a Joy to Mm hers and a
ure in the Home
Pcvsr and tigoo and bilious derar,eomonts
are poaitiv.. ly cured by the two of l'urmolee i
Pills, 'liny not only cleanse tlio stomucb
and bowels from all billons matter, but tbs,*-
open the excretory vessels, causing them to
pourcoiilouj effusions from tho blood into
tin* bowels, after which tho corrupted moss
la tlux-wn out by Ibe natural isftssugo of Uio
body. Tis. v aro used ss a geuerul family
medicine with tbe best remits.
All babies should be bright, good
nnturcd and well. If you nave it
child that iB sickly, l.stCfut, nor v. us,
rcstlisss at nigiil, or suffers from
stomach or bowel troubles of any
sort, give It Baby's vKwii Tablets and
it will soon be \.eli. There is no
Other medicine i'i the world will so
safely aud speeuily sure Indigestion,
sour stomach, colic, constipation,
diarrhoea .mil teething troiilils*.-
'i'liousainls ot grateful mothers speak
oi this medicine in words of winm
.•st praise. M'-n. Ered Power, IS
Stollaril st"es*t, Toronto, says: "My
buby Buttered greatly from Indigo*
tion. She wus pale and very thin an*.
would si,, witli pain in the stomach, ami sometimes would not sleep
either day sir night. I got a box ssf
llaby's Own Tablets, and they have
made a great change In my little
one. She now diirestH ber food readily; is ns>t. troubled with tbe pain
in the stomach, ami has grown quite
plump. I do not kiu>w of any meslicine thut can equal Baby's Own
Tablets for  'ittle ones." ^^
This medlcino is quaranieed to contain neither opiate a . other harmful drugs. Children u.ke thc tablets
as readily as ttmly and crushed to a
powder the. enn lie given to the
sum I lest. weuki'St. baby. Sold at all
drug st.'ires, or sent post paid ut
■*r.< a bi by acMressiug the Dr. Williams' Ms* ii. ine Co.. Brockville, Ont.,
or Schcnsi-Mdy, NY.
Soini- people will  lose  five dollars
Ior   the  privilege   of    attending to
your business.
The county of London has 35.008
persons to tho square mile, tho
county „; Ws*Htmorland 84.
Oh,  well,  time drags on now,
think    of            tiim- when your
way of ins-<-Hiring it  will  be by
medicine you take.        	
How's This?
W« otV Oii-s Hundrssd Dollars Rowmrd <">■
»t MM f Ca'iirr s Uu csuuot bs cuiml W
n«U'. •.'nt.itrl, r.iirss. ■_ ,  .    -
_, H-l. UIENBIA CO., Prni*?.. Toledo O.
_**•, tlm umlorsl{:io.l Isnro known a ,J-
"-nei.oy for thi last l.'s year*., nn.l Isoliovo Islm
POflii' ly li.ssii.nils oluallbusinuKslruisHiirtis ns,
ina uiuiiii'iniiy s.i,io to carry out uny owiga.tuv
ms'lulsv theirfirm. «, ,  .
FatMATliUAX, Wholonalfl DrnfwWs. Toledo,
O. Wai.hixo, Kins.'!** ajMAlsviN, Wholsjsalo
noil's Catarrh Cure I* tskon Internally, not*
InK ill reel ly upou tho Mood and Tin-"".* vurtnt-M
oftiotystcisi. 1'rioe V-o per IsoUlo. Bold by
all sirsiM st.   T.^HciouialB froo.
llisllsslsiiissily 1'illuaro the best.
One trial < f ol Mother Grave-;' Worm Ex
teStosto. >ii ^""ftJte
eqnalasa '.nn mod cine. Buy s Dot u
and see if.' does noi plense you.
A cemetery widowe* is always
cayer than a court house widower.
Somehow I he court house widower
is slilll n  little afraid of her.
Snow Ksirtlllrnllssna.
A snow wnll four feet thick ts a per*
ffei protection against a rlilo bullet st
•■fly ynrds distance.
v'*"«nr aa a Solvent For GIa«*.
For nil the fish glues vinegar Is n
Kooil solvent. When gluing n piece of
Woodwork, If nny particles of glue get
on plncoi where It Is not desired wet n
bit of doth with vlnegnr ond rub It off.
■f the glue lu the bottle becomes too
thick, thin lt with vim-gar rather thun
SwUb Salt Mlmaa.
Switzerland has'at Bex salt mines
which hnve been worked for 348 years.
The gnllorles are twenty-five mllee In
lenuth and the profit $75,000 a year.
Infantile Deatka.
Ninety-all per cent of all deaths from
Whooping cough nnd 00 per cent of
flenths from tnensles occur ln children
Ohiler Uvo years old.
MINARD'S UfflHEKT \m\wwtii Fri
There Is many :v merry ha! ha!
your expense that you don't  knov
Monkey Brand Soap cleans kitehsw uten-
lils, steel, wri nnd tinware, knives and
forks, and all Itindl of cutlery. w
The  only
man k«,,h is *■'•*!   ,
Bhe successfully fools
applause a married wo-
"     from her kin when
her husband-'
^^^^^^follows'   1
northern,    72c; 2 nor-
.„™. I'*?.' in l*torti' Fort William,
toot oi   de ivory, flrst nalf of June
*oi later delivery than, first half of
J nie there are absolutely no buyers
unless at a sharp reduction on the
above quotations.
Liverpool Wheat-No. 1 northern
closed on Saturday at 6s '/ad.
•'•"TLO'OTt—Hungarian'"patent $2.ir,
per sack of 08 pounds; Olenora. $2 •
Alberta, $1 or* Manitoba, $1.70 '•
nnd XXXX, $1.25.
CltOUND FEED—Oat chop, pe,
ton $29; barley chop, $24; mixed
barley and oats, $27; oatmeal feed
S10.50;  oil cake, $30.
MILLFEEB—Bran, in bulk, is now
worth $16 por ton, and shorts $10.
OATS—There has been a better demand for oats this week and prices
are /iis.i as follows: No. 2 white oats
Fort William, 42*^c bushel; No. 1.
white, in car lots on track, Winnipeg, per bushel, 45c; No. 2 white,
41 to 42c; feed grades, .'18 to ,*i!'c ;
si'siti oats, 50. At country points
furmt-rs are getting 29c to .'lie for
No. 2 white oats
BAULKY*—Movement is very light.
We siuote 46 to 48c lor seed grades,
and <x'2 to 45c for iee.d, iu carlots, on
track, Winnipeg.
HAY—Receipts are light, and    the
-riiiHr-kot -is...firm a*"*8~ to™$l» pel-  t««-l
for  fresh  bah'd.   Loose  hay  is     not
offering owing to bad roads.
POULTRY—The market is not a
very active one just at present, owing to light supply. Live chickens
leadisy bring 75c per pair, and turkeys are worth lie per pound, live
BUTTER—Creamery.—Receipts are
increasing as pasture is better in the
country, and milk more plentiful.
Pealc's ne paying 17c per pound at
tho factory for choice creamery butler, which is a reduction of lc per
pound from the price of a week ago.
BUTTER—!>airy—Farmers' butter
is now coming in quite froely, and
the market is better suppliesl than it
has bs*en for a long time. The quality of tho butter is good, and dealers are [saying 15c per pound for the
best, with a range of from 13 to
15c per pound, commission basis
Bricks are not wanted.
•"UEESl'j—New Manitoba cheese is
now in the market, and daily becoming more plentiful. Commission
houses are paying 11'//; per pound
for tbis cheese delivered here, but a
lower price muy be exps.-cted shortly,
as  stocks are increasing.
Ef'G.S—The market is well supplied
With eggs, l'irkling i.s now over,
and lower prices may follow. Buy-
s'ls sire, still paving lO'/s*' per do/en
fur fresh COM lots' delivered here.
POTATOES— Farmers' loads ds-
iisered in Winnipeg, 25c per bushel.
UHE88EU MEATS—Beef, city dressed, p*'r pound, 8 to 9c; veal, 7\'., to
Si .,(•; mutton. 10c; spring lambs,
each $3.50 to $4.50; hogs, per
pound,   754  ■'•  H'/2C.
TALLOW—I .oral buyers are paying 5 to Be per ptmnd for tallow tit*—
livered here, according to the grade.
Hides—No. 1 city hides, 6i-jc No.
51,2c, No. 3. 4Yi- Kips and calf, the
same price as hides; deakius, 25 to
40t; slunks, 10 to 15c; horse-hides,
50c to $1.
—*?Tt70L'*IS"^**X*rtrr-*S-^*sJ-w ayoomA foB.j
Manitoba   unwashed  tleece.
SENECA ROOT—There is still no
root coming into this market, but
ii the present sunny weather contin-
uts new root muy be expected very
shortly. Digging Should be stimulated by the good prices offering. On
,1 basis of present prices at Minneapolis root should be worth pretty
close to Ulc hi'ie. and one merchant
quoted ua that figure this week. Of
course, it Is nol likely that 40c
would remain the price very long if
receipts were to become at all liberal 11 Is not expected that there will
be verv much root dug In Manitoba
(his vear, but the Northwest Territories may produce a good quantity
ii the price holds up.
CATTl .>.- The    market    is     pretty
hare Oi       i*ttle nn.l    anything    good
will readily bring •'.'.•/• «'"i even :.■•.<•
now- One buyer paid 5i.,c lor a
bunch of Inferior ooWs this week and
seemed gW to get then, at that.
Stookers are going west In considerable numbera. Jfearliugs are worth
,,s high * *'<> per ,"'lltl ul ■",i"1 "'
shipment Two year olds are bringing $'2ii n> S22 por bead,
SllKI-T—There is a good iliwnml
for sheep and lambs and supplies remain lie-lit. Hume eastern cold storage mutton Is still reported here bul
for the most part the market Is dependent upon fresh arrivals for sup-
Sheet-    are    worth from 5c
In Graceful Sentences Ile Pours Out
His Praise of Dodd's Kidney Pills
tho Remedy Which Has Done So
Much For Him.
St. Mzear, Que., June 2.—(Special)
It is a well known characteristic of
our French Canadian people that
they are fearless and enthusiastic in
their praise of anything or anybody
that has befriended them.
No one is more capable of more
gracefully expressing gratitude than
the average French gentleman.
A recent case illustrates this point.
Mons. Jean Boivue has for many
years boon alllicted with a terrible
malady of the kidneys.
Ho suffered a very great deal of
pain, and his disease forced him to
rise every hour during the night.
He was advised to use Dodd's Kidney Pills, and after taking a short
treatment, found himself completely
His gratitude knew no bounds,and
ever since he has recommended to all
his friends the wonderful remedy
which cured him so promptly und
When he finds anyone who has no
confidence in them, his first act Is to
give tbem some pills, and explain to
them how to use them, and he has
found this method very soon convinces tho most skeptical of thetrulh
of tho statement he makes that
Dodd's Kidney Tills are the greatest
mediciin> in the world.
.....Mmis. Boivue saysl/*-^.^,	
"Dodd's "Kidney- Pills are good.
---"I know this because while at one
time   I   suffered  very  severely ...(rom
Kidney Disease, now I am well.
"Not long ago I used to have to
get up several times during the
night, now 1 can sleep well all night
without rising.
"You can believe me, I am glad to
have regained my health, and I say
thanks a thousand times to Dodd's
Kidney Pills."
By Royal Warrant Millars to
The World's Best Family Flour.
Ths World'a Bast Baker's t""t-Mr.
All the News Every Day
Is what you **et if you have
Your friend is so quiet.
a blab your onemy Is I
Dut whnt
Cannot Be Beat.—Mr. D. Slcinbnck.
Z-irieh, wiito*:—"1 have u«xl Dr. Thomas'
Ks-'.tctrie Oil in my family for a Dumber ot
year*. :,n I I enn mfely sny that il e*inns;t be
b'.:ttor lis* cure of Croup, frs-eli cuts ard
ci'ians. My little bov litis hud nltael;sof
ciiilip several times, and one dese sf Dr.
'11 sssii »' Eclsc'ric Oil was -.uRIi'lent for n
perfect euic. I take groat pteusnre in roc-
ummeBdinu it as a f.mily medicine, and
would not be without a bottlo in my hoese."
Thaology as Be Underlined It.
Passengers tn nn uptown eur one aft-
. ernoou last week were very much en-
I tertssiiu-d sad amused hy a discussion
of things spiritual by two eolon-d pus-
senders. As tlie debate wnxid wanner
(lie voices of the debaters grew lousier
until .what was said was plainly audible to all In the car After each had
made a confession of faitti and given
tils views of the means whereby mortal
man could gain salvation one of tbe
pair lilurt'-il out In a tone that Implied
tluit all bis hope for the next world
was finlioilied in tlie words:
"Well, snh, 1 b'lieve dut what's gwlne
to be Is sho'ly gwlDe to bo."
"Iluli." grunted Ills companion contemptuously, "den yo' b'lieves in pre-
Coming into your home regularly.  You cau have it for $2.00 per annum by
1 taking advantage of the
I made to everyone living west of North Bay.   The •^"^*:Tri^-i4J*"P°;
1 By cutting  out  this  advertisement  and sending it with tfK.UU you
can have it for a whole year. Address: TH*"* OIuOBB, Toront*.
The   1.1 mit.
"And the railway company agrees to
settle by paying me $">.O00. does It?'
said the man who had been Injured.
"aow wia-*-***-** tt -laj. jjetr
"You get all of It." salTJ th«..J"jvryer,
"and you pay tne what you pleaseT'tt*
iliiln't take me five minutes to get a
settlement out of tbem."
Tbls. O reader. Is no fancy sketch.
There are limits to the imaginative
faculty of Ibe human iniuiL
■f Try our Parlor Match-***.
They produc* a quir-k Light
without any objectionable
fumes. :::::::::::::::
THE E B. EDDY Co. Uattoi
Hall, Canada.
his host gil
marriage ft man  com
j n little dear: aftei >»<"
rlage" he "usually cooshlers her
tie extravagant
sv In1*!    v•*•,, (i    „    1111)
rich food iubatances 0f a m   - rf  Qf
tiotia cbarncter.    When
8klns nn.l sc-K < « , f„rin n
Nuta are rich in rat "       ,,,,.„,
I'nnii.   ••ll"     fl.,.ii
be taken fi'111
,t eonce***'
tilde  ^^^^
very   wIioIcboiuc
hsiwover. there slum
oTot^Wky food to prevent
tratlon.  .	
The lil'-lu'*"*
Atiiprlt-u l" '•;l!!'':1
Is in Alaaka, nm
Men 1.1 *+f«*--vt»ic*r. h
iitmuitnlii P**n«.!n
Mount M<
M-is u.   ■ 1 1.,I,
il-fSC peT i'lo-i'inri,    olT wns.  Winnipeg.
ind luiiilis about tho same.
UOi:s--lsivc hogs aro very scarce
,,„d puckers have put up the prlco
nnothor Vi-c this week, m.ii*i"*-r *<**8
auotatlon now for best weights, averaging between 150 and 960 pou*Bds,
(>i.,,., all curl; winiiips'g.  Heavy and
light \vs'ig"lits are worth !4c less,
MiU'lI COWS** Cows are very
gcarce, and good milkers readily
bring $■!*> each in this market, as
lllos, of tho stock offerings are poor,
thoy lu'i.'K lo"" money, iks- range oe*
Ing from )8fl to $-l.r..
IIOKSKS— There is a good sluui.v
demand for horses for both farm and
ffonoral use. unsl donlers find no nun-
culty In disposing 0! ail they can se-
fjuro "he market is being largoiy
supplied from Ontario. There aro
■ome Montana horses selling
continue high.
A   Help  to  l-"arly   Rlalna;.
Mllkinnn Vou're up unusually early
thN iiK.iiiiiig. Johnny,
Jolt till**) (without looking up from his
slliiio ikh'i-Ii - Veil. Mom sent me to
iiesl :,ist nlgbt Just ns I'retty Pete wns
about to rescue tbe lovely maiden.
a   l'ss«»lllll>   -illusion.
"I Iteltere tlial Ihhiim is luiuntrd. Ths
ten 11 1 says ls« luais some one rapping
on the walls at Right."
"Maybe its walls are covered with
wrapping paper."
Prevented and Cured.
Four marvelous free rcntedic-i Jer sA\
sufferers reading this paper. New
sture for Tuberculosis,Consumption, Weak Lungs, CaUrrb,
stntl a rundown system.
Do you cough ?
Do your lungs pain you ?
Is your throat sore and in'limed?
Do you spit up phlegm ?
Does your head ache?
Is your appetite bad?
Are your lungs delicate?
Are you losing flesh ?
Are yeu.pale and thin?
Do you lack st.-sn*iu;i ?
These symptoms ar'a*"proof thrt--y»»
have in your body the seeds of the most
dangerous malady that has ever devastated the earth—consumption.
You are snvitoi to trst what this system will do for
you. if you are sick, by wriusis; for a
and the Four Fire Preparations wil! be forw-trded you
at mice, with compli-to tiircctiom for une.
a The SliK-un. System is a positive cure for Consumption, that most insidious disease, and fur all Luni
Troubles and Disorders, torn plica ted l»y Loss ol
Mf-h, Cotu'h-*, Catarrh, Ar.thiua, Broachiti-i and
li. art Troiii'I   -.
Simply write to the T. A. Slocum Chemical
Company. Limited, 179 Kmf Street WVst, TorontOi
ffivintf post office nnd cxprt-i ■ddfl'ss, and the tttm)
in>\!icine (the Slocum Cure) will lu? prx.mptly sent.
Persons in I anada ajceinjf Slocum's tree olf-r In
American papers will pl.-.i*-..- send fi)f »^:r., It.* te»
Toronto.       Mention this paj-cr.
The nasty pipe made bim eiok.
1 A nice sweet ^^*--^.
would have made l.lm happy.
MAKtiPArrruiiKn bv
The Office Specialty Mfg. Co. L'i. Torosio
Tin-." t'nMjiflt- save timo nnd money.    An of-
tli-i- nsit s*oni|ilete witlsuut tlioin.
P. 0. BOX 393, E. R. HAMBLV,
WlnalpSfi Man. Mgr. Wtstern Branca,
Horse Health
is one of the most important
things for every fnrmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of hots, worms and
other parasites wliich undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENT8.     --•      MONTREAL.
Write for book* on Horaea and Cattle.
it is 1 k-i:i:.
All   llnndu
S,,»,!». IIS*
Sm   ■ l.  • ■
   ^^^^^^^^^ a   - »- -it
Industry. iTiu* evi'ltlnu k-hiio of out
finrtj' ..f t'i:.;.s-ii were Uhiill.v slveti ti
nhtht's sh. 11. r. Moxlciin (::*\.\ m, nt n
lim-ii'iulii s>r faitiiliiiiisi-. Uotcls, i-x
cepl In tin* largo towns, are Unknown.
It was aliOUt 0 p. 111. win'ii WS ari'lvi-sl.
Silting mi tin* wills' vcrmidu t-> receive
as we beheld llu* s'liiln* f.-:inil.v. On lhe
rl-^:it of the door was the l.uly nf the
hottse In a white cotton gown, smoking
11 rinnr. Below her were the daughters
nnd hnndmnldens, also Btnoklng. Ou
the diiis-r -,'iiU' nf the door was the
ranchero or master himself, with his
sous ami manservants, Every one was
t'i*'.p!.i>.v<-tl In lolliiij* the tobacco leaf
Into Clgftrs, unit every one was smoking, Including a little boy not unite
throe years old, who had n full sized
cigar in his baby month, while in his
left liansl he lit-ld a liiiiiiina from which
he look bites between the purrs, ccca*
Blonall.v ttO|>plng to play with a -small
puppy slo)*.
"Does lie often piuoke?" I nsked ln
"81, senorn. lie smokes three or four
cigars a day. All our children have
done so nt that age." Adaptability of
temperament to climate!
N*mv York'*  City Hall.
New York elty hull Is only thlrty-sli
feet above the sen level.
We imagine that the two most
gruesome tasks in the world ws>uld
lis* to shave a dead man and surl the
hair of a dead woman.
One cent wise
One dollar foolish
To use any but the best
Aak for the Octagon Bar
• aa; f
Knowledge embraces many suls-
Jocts; hut after nl! there is only one
subject that i.s really worth s'lnliriii-
inR—women l
W. N. U. No. 8t30.
14*1,068 Bngllsh children under M
j ears     of age are wage-earners,  out
of  tho  8,801,349   who attend   school.
Uow readily ymi are fooled by tlio
smooth stningi-r! Hut yuur neighbor can't fool you; you  watch bim ^^■T:
TOE DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C JOT* 20. 1902.
•C. & SJHTHESI--QAIJ", Editor *hk1 Prep.
»mratamao arwrniY ratDxr at
«WCA»,     •     -      • B.C.
Lstel Adrertasiof M cents aline for
the first inssrtior, and 5 eenU a line each
•abarquent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each
Transient *d vertisementaatsatne rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
<or each insertion.
Oommereiat Rates made known npon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st-*ict*
iy in advance; fg.M a year if not so paid.
1    Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JUNE 20th, 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
-apposite will be aainaics-
-tien toyee that ye editor
■eeaslders there is something
•eeasiag to him on your sub-
•ecription. Kindlv acknowledge in each and oblige.
clean np of wan*
of these  fe3tivc
ii fk-—mm
The Hoapital haa been adorned
, -with u now verandah.
Lei Potter arrived In Monday .after
* protracted vMt to the east.
The Blocan ia expected to be in
Ksetnutiaeion again en Monday.
Mark Manley left for Spokane on
Friday, to be "rone six weeks.
A aoeSal dance was (riven in tho
Music Hall Thursday evening.
The free librai-v is to be replaced
by a new aet of books in a few days.
Aid. Nichol and his band of bear
,,iranters are back from East Kootenay.
Fall line of boys' clothing just
opened np, at bargain prices.   John
There will be a
■daring stock onT	
A heavy snowstorm prevailed in
.-the Arlington basin on Monday after-
There is three foot mere snow en
the summits than there waa last year
thia time.
The ship carpenters are laving a
wooden carpet in the dining room of
the Slocan.
W. E. Bole will reside here for the
summer, looking after hia mineral
' interests.
Angus Mclnnes, mining recorder,
. New Denver, was a visitor in town
on Monday.
Sabeoribera te the celebration fund
_ are expected te cough np their coin
* •trn'rUWrda^.- ^^
The sawmill tug came down from
the head of the lake Friday with a
• bargeload of lumber.
A, Preston, a Three Forks miner,
haa been taken to tbe insane asylum
' at New Westminster.
Messrs.   Leonard,   Downie   and
"Goodwin, C.P.R. dignitaries,  were
. here on Saturday evening.
Owing to the king's coronation, thc
public schools will close on the 25tli,
twe daya earlier than usual.
Service will be held In St. Paul's
13—Montreal %, A York to James VY
To the Public
Having opened athoeshopen
Delaney ave, two doors oast
of the Arlington office, we
are prepared to de all kinds
of repairing. Hand-Made
Shoes are our specialty.
Prices reason., ble.
Slocan, B.C.
COTE & Co.
evening.   W. H. Hedlev, vlcnr.   i^^^^^^^^^
„..... JmXAXMXA,M -J&r-rter-who-tsiiow
rustling insurance   for the North
' American Life, waa here on Friday.
Mr. and Mra. Jorand returned from
tbelr wedding trip Friday evening.
''Theyoungstersaerenaded them later
8. & Clement returned en Monday
from attending the grand lodge meet*
' ing ofthe I.O.O.F. at New Weftmln-
A York & Co. have erected a very
complete slaughter bouse on the bank
ofthe river, at the lower end ofthe
The juveniles returned heme happy
on Saturday evening, having defeat-
' ed New Denver at baseball by  a
■■cere of 11 to 10.
A picnic is to bo given at Union
■bay, New Denver, on coronation day
and the peoplo of this place are Invited to participate.
Mra. M. D. McKee left fer her eld
home-in Ontario yesterday, having
-been called thither by the serious
illness of her mother.
Vancouver papers assert the avn-1
icate owning tne sawmill at the head J
of Blocan lake, Is about to establish I
a Urge plant in that city. HT
J,**.-*, Martin,  ex-member of the
(irevlncial legislature, died in Ross-
end on  Monday.     He   waa well
known to numerous folk here.
Rev. Mr. Seymour preached his
initial  sermons   In   the   Methodist,
church last Sunday, and wss greeted
' with an appreciative audience.
The ladies of Sandon will give a
grand ball in the Auditor!, m on Coronation night, June 26th.   Proceeds
•' are in aid of the rink company.
The Imperial Limited train service
went inte  effect  on  the C.P.R. on
'Sunday.   The only change locally is
' that the Nelson train gets here one
•'.hour earlier.
'   E. Browning, formerly connected
. with the Chapleau. .arrived in from
l:H.e Edmonton district on Thursday
evening.   He haa been ranching for
the past year. *•
Attorney General Ebertahaa threatened proceedings against the Sandon J
Pavatreak for contempt of court, for5
publishing recently a tirade against
the EC. judiciary,
Cheap excursion rates on June 23
and 24. The C.P.R. will sell return
tickets te Vanceuver and Victoria tit
aWgle fare rate, $19.30. Tickets are
good for 15 daya.
Henry Fan-elf has the contract for
building a residence on the Pierce
ranch, juat below Goat creek. He
| rafted 14,000 feet of lumber Tuesday
down the river, that being tlie easiest
way to reach the ranch.
J. S. Carter, district passenger
agent of the C.P.R., was here Thurs-
fday evening, ''"arranging'" the"'.' train"
service for Dominion day. Tlio boat
for up fake point* will stay here till
8 p.m. instead of 7.30, as previously
Eric Lemieux came down from the
Black Prince on Tuesday, to obtain
medical treatment, he having got
mixed up with a burning box in
which was stored some caps. His
hand and face got somewhat cut up,
and he experienced a narrow escape*
A big barge was brought down en
the cars yesterday, billed for Trout
lake, via the Larde read. It had
been split in two at Nakusp and each
half required three cars. It is to be
uaed on Trout lake for transferring
cars direct to Trout Lake City. Capt.
Gore met the procession here.
Friday even the members and
friends of the Methodist church held
a reception in tho Orange hall to f.he
new pastor, Rev. Mr. Seymour. Addresses were given by the Rev. J.H.
White, Nelson; Rev, Mr. McKee and
Mr. Seymour. Lome York gave a
cornet solo and Mrs. Barber and W,
E. Worden contributed songs. Refreshments were afterwards served
and a general gocd time put in.
Gentry Brothers' famous trained
animal shows are all brand new for
the season of 1902. The shows are
decidedly the beat of their kind in
the world and never fail to give the
greatest satisfaction. Thc entertainment given is strictly moral, and en-
jsys the distiction of being the only
show exhibiting under canvass that
interferes in no way with any panic
ular creed er religion, and is endorsed by tho clergy and educational
commissioners wherever it exhibits.
Tbe shows will be seen in this city
two performances, afternoon and
night, on Monday, June 23.
Certiflcate of Uroveiits.
Tw* Friensla Mineral Claim.
Situste in the Slocsn City Mining Division of ths West Kootenay District
Where located -—Best of Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigg, agent tor Archibald York, free
miner's certificate No. B14375: Walter
T. Shatford, free miner's certificate No.
B22117; Jnmns W. Moffatt, free miner's
certificate No. B50189; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certificate No. Bo8629; William J. Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B38304; and James E. Tattersall,
Free Miner's Certiacate No. B38394,
intend, sixty day* from tbe date hereof,
to apply ts tho mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for ths purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
..: ill#,-rrt.far1*'M** -stakft.. Mtice, ji*^ action v
Under section 37, must be cemmeuce-f
befoco the iseuauce of such certilicate of
improvements i^^^^^^^^^
Dated litis nth dav of A
18-4-02    HEKJIERTT
April, 1902.
TWIGG, Aeent
*LoK«v Miner**.! Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
When* located:—Four miles up
Bpringer creek mui asljoiuing the
Portland mineral claim on the east
TAKK NOTICE that I, Herbert D.Curtis*", noting ne agent for the Arlington
Mjnes, Limited (lion-personal liability),
Freo Miner's Certificate No. 6i50957,
intend, tfxly ilnye from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder fora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the*!
above claini. ■
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such eei tilicato of
Dated this 8th iky of May., 1902.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second ta none in
the city. Enquire on the
v H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.	
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Alex. Rogers,
Totissorial Artist.
'ffte'-iiertsiiiif■'■PaYiWs''-' •' ""■'■•••',,,; "Ll ,l"l"':,l"", •
B. A. Sc.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, II. V. Christie being mining
June 9—Bonnie, Ten Mile, T J Lloyd.
11—Lucky Jack, throe miles east of
*>i*-sjilVI**J*»K*'s,tft"fi**-*«* ■*••*-*•    •>•-■*•*•. rtastM.     ....
West Indian, same, I Robinson and J
B Thompson.
Valley Viow, same, snmo.
14—Rose ef Nubia, 1st n f Lemon, J P
Juno 9—Bendor, Carleton, Pontine.
12—Pioneer, Pioneer fr.
13—Silver Tip, Nightingale, Butte.
June 9—Bend Or %, C Nicholson to
George Aylwin.
Pontisc |, J Aylwin to C Nicholson.
Carletou %, Goo Aylwiu to save.
10—Iron Horsa No 2 and London fr,
AVING purrlinsod ansl taken oter Hill Bros.
Mill, Lumber and Timber Limits (or on
stern syndicate, we wish to say to all who require timbers or lumber, mouldings, ensinxs,
etc., that we have on hand a quantity ut goosl
seasoned material, and we are prepared to cut
to order any bills tlmt may be roqnired on the
shortest notice possible. We hope, by strict attention to business and (air dealing, to bo able
to satisfy tha requirements of lliis district.
Trusting that we mny bo favored with your patronage, I am, yeurs truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
*tl.i.lnks.„.« Sllusr&l t'l™!;;:,
Situate in lhe Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Wheru located :—On Ten Mileeri*ek,
northeast of ami adjoining the Boise-
vain miiieral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Pamuel 8.
Fowler,actingns agent for The Enterprise
(British Columhia) Mines. Limited, F
M.C. No. B38777, intend, sixty davs
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,, for the purpoeof obtaining
a Crow n grant of the ahove claim.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
hsifure the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 2Ctli dav of Mav, 1902.
30-5-02. SAMUEL 8. FOWLER
l'ortlisnil Mineral Claim.
Situate in  the Slocan City Mining Di
vision   of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On tho south fide
of Springer creek, about four miles*
from the city of h'locan.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.
Curtis, actinic as aeeiit for thn Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-pvisonal liability),
free miner's certificate No. 155989(5,
intend, sixty days from the dato hereof,
to applv to the Mining Reconler for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for lhe purpose of ..!.fflnlii*g--t--t1i*wVf*g1tffrc*W **tii**"*-
ahove claim. ^F
And further take notice that action,
unds-r section 37, must he commenced
In-fore the issuance of such certificate of
Daicd this 2nd dav of June, 1902.
Murmluu ai-.tl  Maryland Mineral Claims
Situate in tho Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located :—Ou Tiger creek, •*,  branch of
. the second north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Kinnon,   free  miner's   eertilicato
Bruce, free miner's certificate .No.lsl lOt".'
T. G. Proctor,freo miner's certilicate No.
B387J9, intend, sixty davs from thc date
hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder
for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of'obtaining crown grants of tha
above claims.
And further take nntii.f) thnt nction,
nnder section 37, must I o commenced
before thc issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 81st day of Mav, 1902.
City Shoe Store,
Nest to Postoflice, Slocan,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Rot-airing is our specialty.   Miners   Boots  mado to  order;  good
wear and fit guaranteed.   We also
carry the largest and best stock of
Gents' and Ladies' Boots, in all
the latest styles.   Gents' lacrosse
and tennis shoes; gents' canvass
boots and shoes, cool and durable.
A fine line of Ladies' heavy soled,
wide weltml Oxfords.   America's
latest design. Some splendid i am-
plcs of Minors' footwear.
Excursion Rates
flay 26, 30,
June 30■	
July 2, 3, 4,
NELSON, and iatenne-
diate points,
$ 44.50
m    89.80
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, ** - B.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Homes for
hire at reasonable rates.......
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Yon are Med.*
Te examhie the -best "line ot Swtch
Tweeds, Englieb Woreteds and
Irish Worsteds ever sho*-vn in 8ls-
can; alse all the latest designs in
Pantingf.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and tbe Union La\Mil ia a guarantee of the best werkmansbfp, We
i-uarantee satisfaction and a per-
set (It.    ___mmmmmm
We have added a select line ef
Compare our reasonable prices-Fine
White Shirts. $1; Collars,16o; Rega^
Bhirts, in al^'liM *lf*- mm
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Under*
wear, frem $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imported direct by eurselves; the
best qua'ity Black Felt Hat, Unlen
label $3.50, equal- to the Stetson Hat
in erery way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill. Office.
Stor* alas, at Sa.-a.io**..
representing the strongest coin
panics doing luisiiirss in Canatii*,*
See new accidext KiI.jcy, with pt*r'
tRMpali-'ii in prollts. covcrinar sick
iicssand operallena.
II. D. CURTIS, NotarT Public
for $18.25.
Why bo without a range when
you can get one so cheap? They
are preferrablc to stoves and gl*e
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or conl and will be
eet up free.
a j.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   .   . ,
The season for Wallpaper is
here, nntl we have receivad
a fine Uns of papers frooi
ons of the best firms in Csn-
sds. Tbe prices will bs
found very reasonable, esps-
cialiy r.a ail ensioms unties -->
will be ssved. Splendid si-
sortinent and first clsss
goods. We represent no truit
hut trust solely to the judg-
went of the people
Stoi City flinf Din,
No. 62. W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evenlaf
m the Union'llall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretsrr
-* a*a1u-*, m.smm    ,*•> «ta^< jW*e*L-.-«-**»s- -JV* mmj^^maatmy
*t4k>m—      .-a.sfa *-»—*  .
America's Foremost Amusement Institution.«  ..
V-*a. ■•» *
Highest Class
Its Kind
the World.
A correspoiiding reduction
from all Kortcnnv points;
usual diverse routrs. Meals
and berth included on Canadian Pacitic Railway lako
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets
from all points at lowest rates.
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver
Agent, Slocan City
People and Animals Employed.
A Herd of Performing: Baby Elephants, the Best Trained on Earth
A Mighty Conclave of Educated Dogs and Monkeys
100   Tiny Shetland Ponies.   100
A Drove of Diminutive Sacred Cattle.
A Caravan of Lilliputian Camels.   •
20 Newly Added Features.    30
Grand Free Holiday Street^Parade at 10 a.m., the largest, prettiest, and costliest
display of Bands of Music, Miniature Cages, Tableau Cars,
Traps and Equipages ever seen.
General Admission: Children, 50c; Adults, $1.
Two thorough and complete Performances doily, 2 6c 8 ©J*
Cheap Excursion Rates on all Railroads and Boats.


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