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The Slocan Drill 1904-08-12

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No. 20.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   AUGUST   12,   1004.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
hit, Confectionery, Tota
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the best known and moat popular houses
in the country. It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands u magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocau lake. Good fishing is to lx.* found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
Tin- dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only the best brands of goods-
Iain street,
From now until Christmas eve, 21th December, 1904, to tbe customer returning the largest number of cash rebate checks,which allow
60c on Sl"), we will give n piece of dress floods, valued at $9, or any
article in the store of that value.
Following are some lines received not before kept in stock:
findow Blinds, each  50c Shopping Bags, 35c
lild's Nazareth Waists, Chiffon Coll ir Forms,   15c
40c Battenberg Rings, Thread
ibrclla Shawls,      $i.50j! and braid.
»avid  Arnot, Slocan.
u A dvertise your K
H Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
ft     ij
a mm!
to all persistent nnd liberal advertisers: it is read
bv everyone.
It guarantees
Mn j
Mt All Timesf,
Subscribe for
local paper:
gj WE DRILL,  $2 per year
...iiil 06
Treasurer Work* ror Honor and the Chief
Of Police by the J«.l.-Hnances Demand tlio Most Itlglil Kconomy-Ilo-
■latlon to Celebration.
Regu'ar meeting of the city council
was held on Monday eveniug, the
faithful quorum being present, viz.:
Mayor McNeish, Aid. Teeter, Smith
and Madden,
Correspondence rend: From City
Solicitor Jorand, enclosing letter from
the deputy attorney general and refunding ?5 burial expenses of late T.
Smith.   Piled.
Also from the solicitor re applying
to the supreme court for order cou-
Rrming recent tax sale, and asking for
.$160 and expenses in securing same.
The mayor and alderrueu agreed it
was advisable to proceed with the
movement for securing the order, as
it would give the deeds of the lots to
the purchasers that much sooner.
Moved by Aid. Teeter and Madden
that H. R. Jorand be allowed $150 for
labor and expenses in securing order
confirming sale, same to be paid wheu
order is secured.   Carried.
Report of H. D Curtis, collector,
upon sale of delinquent lands was
read, his commission lieing $210.20.
Report filed and commission ordered
Payroll for July, amounting to $76.-
66, was presented and ordered paid.
J, H. Pinchbeck presented a bill for
$5 for safeguarding bridge over river.
Ordered paid.
, The mayor stated he had received a
cheque for SIT) from the government,
being their share for looking after the
bridge, also for repairing railing on
same, which he asked the board of
works to look after.
The mayor stated  that, after allow- j
ing for all present liabilitiesathere wae
$518.04 in the treasury to run the city
for the balance of the year.   The tin-1
:i;iees of the eity were at a low ebb and j
rigid economy was necessary.   As a i
starter, the commissioners hud cut off
the policeman's salary of S3'), and h*j
would now get the statutory allow-!
unices for making arrests.   The trea-1
surer and   collector   was   willing to
forego hia salary of 825 and take a j
lump sum at the end of tlio year,    it
would cost S2-t"> more than  the government grant to run  th** school till
the end of the year.   Thev couldn't
eut off the solicitor.owing to tbe work
lie had in baud.   Economy was necessary in every case.
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved th
the   collector's   salary   be dispensed
with till end of the year.   Carried.
Instructions wero given the board
of works to repair the sidewalk fronting Woodcock & Co.'s, and in one or
two other places.
Aid. Teeter and Madden moved for
a grant to t!i»* Labor Day celebration
and the sum of 850 wa.s given.
Clerk Pinchbeck stated no money
had been collected from dog taxes, as
nobody was willing to nay.
The" mayor suggested raising revenue by means of the road tax, but no
action was taken,
Council adjourned.
Editor Drill;
Sir, The piece of potato sent appeared to be a bad ease of the ordin
ary potato scab, which can be got rid
of by soaking the seed two hours in a
solution of formalin, one half pint to
16 gallous of water. Before cutting
aud after cut dust sulphur over them,
as this goes into the soil with the seed
and aids to protect it from germs of
scab in the soil, and also helps preserve it from rotting. I know of no
remedy except treating the seed, nnd
not planting clean seed on land where
scabby potatoes had liccii grown for
at least two years after.
As for the beats and turnips,! think
the only chance is to plant seed on
fresh soil and turn under some green
crop, such as pease, clover or. in fact,
any green crop, as the acid of a decaying crop of green manure develops
an acid that rids the soil of the scab
germ. I would not use lime on soil
for potatoes, as it is an aid in developing this germ.
It may be that you have not used
lime, but much of the soil in the interior is well charged with liiue.whicli
answers lhe samo purpose. There is
another treatment for scabby seed po*
tatoos, but as it involves using corrosive sublimate, which is n deadly poi
son, I do not recommend it, as the
formaldehyde is successful, where directions are followed, and it involves
no danger. Soak before cutting Hie
seed.   Yours truly,
Thos. H. Siiaupe
Experimental  Farm, Agassi/,, Aug.
3rd, 1904.	
Oul.lda, ths lleaarve.
It has lieen pvoven that nil the fa
/u ■u'- timber lands of Hi" Little Slo*
can are outside the big reserve. \V. S.
Drewry and party, who had been out
there taking observations for the government, returned Monday night. The
northern boundary of ihe' C. & W. re-
servo crosses on a line IJ miles below
this town, thereby throwing all the
rauches and timber lands into outside territory. There has lieen much
wire-pulling and scheming and good
money wasted in past years over that
country, the timber being greatly
coveted. s
Several Good   dtrlkei of Ore  Reported
During the Week.
From various quarters comes encouraging news of the advancement
being made in mining and the outlook
is steadily improving. During the
past week a series of encouraging
strikes of ore have been made, uot
only in tho local division, but at other
lake points. Here are some of the
good things:
At the HaiU|*ton.
Since the snow went off in the
spring N. P. McNaught, of Silverton.
has had ono man working on the
Hampton group, atthe head of Springer creek. A crosscut was first run in
under the old chute and the vein,with
pay ore, was again uncovered. Two
weeks ago another crosscut was started
100 feet farther down the hi!l,the idea
beiug to catch the vein in 20'J feet.
However, word came down last week
that the vein had lieen struck in the
second set of timbers, it having a pronounced westerly wave at that point.
Mr. McNaught went up to the mine
on Saturday morning, and on coming
down stated there was 18 inches of
high grade ore exposed in the breast
of the new opening. It bas a vertical
depth on the vein of 60 feet.
Cupella llcanmi'a,
N. F. McNaught and W. R. Will.
owners of the Capella, back of New
Denver, have resumed operations,having let a contract for driving 60 feet
of an upraise, connecting the two
levels. It will improve the air and
enable the rich oro chute to be further
tapped. Tho C.ipella holds the record
ol tne Slocan, if not the province, for
a high grade shipment of ore. It was
made last August and weighed 40,800
pounds, the returns being 900 oz silver
per ton, and netting ?10,10!. Settlement was made on the 90-day plan
and in November the smelter had to
pay a bonua of $700, owing to thc increased value of silver. The Capella
ore is a sulphide and has yielded a
profit from the outset.
Joaie Get* Ore.
Perseverance has won out on the
Josie. on Dayton creek, being worked
under lease by J. It.Benedum and T.
Mulvey. On Friday they broke into
a foot of shipping ore In their main
tunnel, 100 feet from the portal and
at about 70 feet depth. Water forced
them to quit there some time ago, and
they commenced a crosscut overhead,
which will also be into the lead this
week. The ore lxxly was just four
feet from the point where the men
were forced to suspend. The lessees
have every opportunity now of proving
their find and turning it iuto a shipping proposition.
Kill.on Lessees IliilnR Well.
C. B. Taylor, C. Barber. Jap King
and Joe Law, the lessees of the Edi
son, on Ten Mile, are meeting with
much encouragement in their work.
They are taking out a little ore right
along, sampling returns beiug above
2tX) oz. One of their main pieces of
work is a long upraise, but when it is
completed they will be iu great shape
to realize. It and the Neepawa below
will be worked during the coining
Sli IUa* mi Maillla* Hughe*.
Word has lieen brought down from
New Denver that the owners of the
Moilie Hughes, near that town, have
made a new lind of ore. It was discovered above what is known as the
"open air" tunnel, and consists of the
usual rich stuff of Hint property, The
owners nre proving it up.
Almost a Prowiilng.
There came mighty near being a
drowning accident at the wharf on
Friday noon, just after the Slocan got
in from up the lake. Jno. Hogland.
the assistant cook, though unable to
swim much, essayed to take a cooling
dip in the lake. He went too far and
his strength giving out, he began to
sink. His lusty cries for help brought
Second Engineer Nord to the rescue,
who, throwing off his cap, dove in
after Hogland and brought bim Up
out of eight feot of water. Ou reaching the surface Hogland struggled
violently and it was with difficulty he
was landed. Nord deserves great
praise for his gallant action.
1.labor liny Celebration.
Now life hns been imparted this
weok into the scheme for celebrating
Lalior Day, and there is now every
assurance of a big crowd and good
sport.   Th" C.P.H. has doue nobly by
the town. Sandon is out of the way
for a one-day service from the south,
so all effort has Ix-en concentrated on
Slocan. A special train will bo run
from Rossland, reaching hero at 11 a.
m., with the remarkably low fare of
$1.50. Nelson gets tho same rate and
the train arrives at the same time.
Nakusp is given a special train to
Sandon, but the rates aud arrangements favor Slocan, passengers getting hero at noon. Returning, passengers for all points will leave here
at 8 p.m., aud this will give them ample time to take in the sports. Three
outside teams at least will lie here to
compete in baseball and football, and
a largo number of athletes nre coming
for the Caledonian sports. The celebration will be a success.
Heroic Death of Nettlo Hull oo Monday
The most lamentable death to occur
in the Slocan lake country took place
here early on Monday afternoon—lamentable uot only because of the gen-
oral favoritism of the victim, but because her life was sacrified in order to
save that of her younger sister. The
victim was Nettie BulLone of the twin
daughters of John Bull, J.P.
A number of children had gone in
bathing in the lake, on the sandy
beach fronting the station and close
to the wharf, just at the time when
the boat aud train wore transferring
passengers. Among the children was
May Bull who, overlooking tho fact
that tho tug Sandon was uot iu its
usual place tied close to tho shore, got
beyond her depth, and began to 6ink,
calling for help. A number of the
older children rushed to her assistance
and she was rescued by John aud A.
McCallum and Don McGregor.
In the meantime Nettie Bull, who
swam out to assist her sister, evidently was seized with a cramp iu deep
water and sank, in plain sight of
numerous spectators on wharf and
shore. A rush was made to save her,
upwards of a dozen men plunging into the water with their clothes on, but
to no avail. Grappling irons were
then used, but the steep sloping bed
of the lake made tho task a difficult
one. Finally Joe Gormley, steward
on the Slocan, grappled the body off
ono end of the transfer barge, fully 60
feet from where the poor girl went under and in 150 feet ol water. Tho
hooks caught her bathing suit and she
was quickly brought to the surface
and laid on the barge, where Dr. Cade
did all in Iiis power to resuscitate the
girl, but all to no purpose, as she had
beeu in the water li hours.
The body was tenderly and lovingly
rolled iu a sheet and carried ou a
stretcher to the parental home, escorted by a concourse of friends. The
scene at the grief-stricken home waa
a heart-breaking one, for the poor
mother and sisters were prostrated.
Mr. Bull was away at Aripwhead,
where he is engaged iu business, and
was at once telegraphed for, getting
in ou Tuesday evening. Two brothers
of the deceased live in Vancouver.
The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, the whole town turning out. The casket was covered with
beautiful cut llowers and ei:iblems,the
gifts of kind friends. Rev. Mr. Mount,
Church of England, officiated; the
pall-bearers being six young girl
friends of the deceased. Nettie, who
was 14 years and 8 months old, was a
pretty girl and possessed of great
natural ability. Sho was a universal
favorite and her untimely end has
ixru a great shock to the community.
Hers was a noble death, in that she
gave her life for another. The eutire
populace sympathizes with tho bereaved family,
Did Bt Now Denver.
There died at New Denver, at the
residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. H.
Dawson, on Tuesday morning. Aug.
Oth, Mrs. Eleanor Caldwell, relict of
the late Thomas Caldwell, of Sydenham, l'lontenae county, Out., in her
(Mli year. Deceased hnd the comfort
during her last illness of the presence
of three of her other daughters, Mrs.
O. B. Taylor, Greenwood; Miss M.
Caldwell, ofLumsden,Assa.i and Miss
D. C, Caldwell, of Vancouver. The
lxxly lins been embalmed by Messrs.
Robertson *-•*: Co., of Nelson,and is lieing sent to another daughter, Mrs.J.P.
Lacy, at Sydenham, for interment at
the Old lioine. Funeral services wero
held in the Episcopal church yesterday morning, Rev. Mr. Mount officiating*  _
111 ialKa- llui lied Out.
Forest fires have been particularly
bad this week. Ono at the head of
Cedar and Lemon creeks swept ovor
miles of country. Another down Hie
valley, near Dearin's siding, played
havoc with the railway, destroying a
small trestle end much track and telegraph. Tuesday's outgoing train was
cut off and she backed in hero again,
the passengers finally getting a transfer over the damaged part at mid*
nlght. Repairs were effected and the
th rough service resumed next day.
Last Year's Shipment!! Were 1339 Tom—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life anil
Wealth of the 'lump--Ottawa is the
Dig seat Shipper.
It is with great satisfaction the fact
is chronicled that with this week's ore
shipments the output of the camp for
Hie year to date exceeds the total tonnage of the whole of last year, leaving
the balauce of the year to pile up a
surplus. As the remaining months of
1904 will have a number of new shippers appearing, together with n regular and large output from the bigger
mines, tho increase bids fair to be almost up to 100 per ceut. The grade
of the oro is also much richer than
last year. For the weok 87 tons of oro
was sent out, 40 tons being from the
Enterprise and the remainder from
the Ottawa. To date shipments are
1864 tons.
For 1903 the oro shipments from
tho local division amounted to 1339
tons, made up from 17 properties-
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      40
Ottawa      47
l'ort Hope	
black Prince	
blnck Fel	
TOT A l.
A force of 40 men is employed at
the Ottawa.
To date Rosslaud mines shipped
213,113 tons of ore.
Boundary mines this year have had
an output of 352,445 tons of ore.
Much ore of a high grade character
is coming from the .Hewitt, on Four
Geo. Aylard, of New Denver, went
up to take u look at the Meteor on
The first shipment of concentrates
from the War Eiiirle-Centre Star mill
was made to Trail last week.
Last week the Trail works shipped
S10.000 worth of gold to Seattle aud
$30,000 of silvor to Shanghai.
The lead pipe plant at the Trail
smelter is in operation.turuing out tho
first piping to be made iu Canada.
A. R. Bolderston will make a sample
tost of aliout 20 tons of Legal ore.run-
ning it through the Chapleau mill.
The majority of the claims in tho
once noted U &. I group, Teu Mile,
have been restaked into other hands.
Mill owners nre afraid of the winter,
as the dry weather will curtail the
water supply from the creeks later on.
F. C. Green, of Nelson, went up to
the Ottawa Tuesday to do some surveying, including laying out a poiut
for the now tunnel.
The owners of the Colorado resumed operations again on Friday, and
will endeavor now to get out a full
car of ore for shipment.
Following are the new officers of tho
Rambler-Cariboo:   President,  A. F.
McClaine, Tacoma. Wash.; vice, J. D.
Chaplin, St. Catherines, Ont.; John
Daly, sec.-trea.; W. E. Zwicky, manager.
Slabs of float, assaying 45 per cent
(topper, have been found on the Rockland in a new opening, but the ledge
has not yet lieeii uncovered. The
Eight  Mile  wonder should prove a
The Rosobtty zinc works will be
commenced at once. The company
has paid its water rights, paid money
on some Rosebery ranches, and secured a team and other necessaries in
New Denver.
A chunk of oro, 14 inches square
and weighing 150 pounds, has lieen
taken out nt tho Ottawa. It will likely bo sent to Pittsburg for exhibition
purposes. It was part of a chunk
weighing about two tons and it assays
1200 oz.	
Silver 'Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silvor on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday    *">82 cents
Friday    '&]    "
Saturday     58 ■    «*
Monday    68]     "
Tuesday    W;    "
Wednesday    f>sj   "
C. Fernau. of tho Rosebery zinc
works, arrived in Now York this week
i B
owscr frfXperiments
In  Order to  Carry Out  a.  New  Fad He Goes  Back on a.
Boiled  Dinner and  Hears  Spirit  Voices,
but Later Sees His Mistake.
[Copyright, ISM, by C. B. Lewis]
HOPE you are real hungry this
evening,'' said Mrs. Bowser, as
Mr. Bowser came up from tbe
ollice at bis usual hour the other
"Why?" lie naturally queried.
"Because I have got what you like
best—ti boiled dinner. 1 went over und
picked out the comed beef myself."
"That was kind Of you, but no boiled
dinner for me tonight. All 1 want ls a
cup of ten and tt piece of toast."
"Anything the matter willi you?"
"Not nt all."
"I—thought you'd like this better
thau nny dinner I could .get," continued
Mrs. Bowser, niter they were seated
al tbe table.
"Tbe dinner Is all right, my dear woman," he answered, with a wave of his
hand, "but I am going to make a little
change in my diet. lJo you know. Mrs.
Bowser, that we have been living almost like tWO hogs? Thnt is. wo huve
been stuffing and gorging and paying
no attention to the ethereal part. We
have become too grossly fnt to appreciate ii glorious sunset, a beautiful sky,
the songs of birds, the spirit of music."
"And now you propose to become so
grossly lean that people can bear your
bones grind as you walk," she remarked.
"No, ma'am, I don't. I propose to
eat enough to sustain life and enable
me to do my work, but as for stuffing,
it shall cease.   I have had"—
"Never mind. When you bave gorged
yourself to repletion come up to the
sitting room and we will talk further.
That's It—heap up your plate with tbe
ersi&ft Tales
A  King Can Always Find a. Way Out
of Any Difficulty.
I spirit talk.   It sounded more like the
voice of a hoodlum iu tbe alley, and
| what he said Was:
"Say,   Joe,   hain't   this   the   shanty
J where that cranky old Bowser lives?"
"Well,  the spirit has  spoken,"  ob-
| served Mrs. Bowser, as the cut jumped
down and bristled up,
"lt has, it has!" shouted Mr. Bowser
tts he got up to walk to nnd fro. "I
was a fool to think I could summon
any olher kind of spirit into n room
where sits a woman who has eaten live
pounds of boiled dinner! By John, but
I might as well have been in a butcher
shop surrounded by the carcasses of
freshly killed hogs!"
"If you'll try  again, I'll leave the
room entirely.   If you really want spir- [
its to talk with you, I don't want to do |
anything to hinder.    That boiled din- ;
ner was awfully good, but If spirits
don't like corned beef and cabbage I'm
not going to push them forward.  Now,
take your time and seo what there is
In lt."
Mrs. Bowser went Into tho parlor,
but not to sit down and wait for
"creeps" to come. On tho contrnry,
she found n peephole between the portieres nnd watched Mr. Bowser, and
the cat sought safety under the lounge.
It was ten minutes before the ethereal
spirit raiser could get the flavor of
that corned beef out of Iiis nostrils
and settle down to business again, and
he had to hang to that heavenly look
a long quarter of an hour before the
spirit would show up again. There
were two this time. At first, judging
by tbe beautiful smile on his face, Mrs.
Bowser took them for the spirits of innocent twin babies who had died at au
heef and potatoes and turnips, and
don't forget the cabbage and carrots
and parsnips!"
Mrs. Bowser made no reply, and nfter he had nibbled nt bis toast untl sipped nt his ten he shoved back untl left
tbe tnble.
Mrs. Bowser realized that there was
a new fad In town, nnd she was busy
thinking of how it should be handled.
When she went up to the silting room
at last she round Mr. Bowser seated
with Iiis lingers locked together, his
eyes fastened on the ceiling und what
lie no doubt thought was a "heavenly
look" on his face. He did tint seem
aware of her presence, and afler a moment or two she queried:
"Well, what Is It?"
"S-s-s-b!" lie whispered.
"What sball 1 s-s-s-h about? What
nss has been putting a new fad into
your bead today?"
"Woman," be exclaimed tis his eyes
came off the ceiling and bis heavenly
look failed, "have you no soul- -no appreciation of tlie hidden mysteries
lying between life .iml death? Don't
you know, don't you realize thnt it
shocks me to have yon come up here,
full to the chin witb cabbage an i i om*
cd beef, and break in upl n my
"Hnve you been talking willi a spiritualist or some one of that suit today?" she firmly demanded,
"There -there was a gentlemen In the
"I thought so. And bo was ethereal,
wasn't he? He could sit down tvith a
chessy cat grin on his faco and talk
with spirits? The more empty bis
Stomach was the more spirits be could
see? And you ore Idiot enough to go
Into tho same business!"
"Don't talk thai way to ine don't
dare to do lt!" be exclaimed. "''ven ns
you came Into the room, loaded up
with fodder Intended for an elephant
Instead ot a woman, I wns hearin;; the
whispers of spirits. They fled tit your
"Well, I'll sit over on tin.1 lounge and
hold the cat, and you can call 'em
back, (live them my bumble apologies
for disturbing th" meet Ing."
Mr.   Bowser's   dignity   hud   suffered
nntl It took him  four or 11 v InutCS
lo get over It and resutuo hi< former
attitude. Tht' enl wanted to meowi but
Mrs. Bowser choked ber off, and for
three  long  inlnuits  silence   reigned.
Then a fnlllt humming was beard in
the air, and Mr. UtiWSOl' turned and
"Don't move a finger! Don'l utter
o word! A Rpllll Is nt hand and Is
going to say something."
The something uns sdld a few seconds later, but  ll didn't B00I1I lo COmO
from ii spirit, and was not exactly
early age of the measles, sue was
wrong, however. The basement bell
gave tongue, nnd ns the cook opened
tbe door a honrse, harsh voice came
Coating Sp tho basement stairs:
"Say, now, gal, can't ye hand a poor
man cut sunthln' decent to eat?"
And a second hoarse, harsh voice
added: *
"It's nn old villain ye work for, and
I'd like to smash his head for hlm!"
Mr. Bov7ser sprang up and went clattering down tlie basement stairs, and,
bareheaded as he was, ho chased the
pair half a block. When ho returned
to the house It was to lind Mrs. Bow-
i-er reading n book and the cat purring
awny witli her eyes closed.
"Well, your attempts to commune
with spirits haven't been very successful tonight," finally observed Mrs.Bowser.
"And why haven't they?" he indignantly demanded. "They hnven't because spirits and barrels of pork don't
go together. If you had kept out of
"But I did."
"If that infernal old cat"—
"But the cat couldn't have had anything to do with it. I havo nlways
beard that spirits wero attracted to
cats. Give It up, Mr. Bowser, givo It
"Never! Never In this world!" he replied as be banged his list down on the
"Vou had better. You nre too fat
and slout antl broad across tbo back
lo call up spirits, unless it is the spirit
of some old pirate."
"What! What! Yon not only spoil
my experiments for tlie evening, imt
mako fun of and Insult me! Woman,
I warn you tbat you are pursuing a
dangerous policy. Don't drive tne to
Ibo dead line. I have set out to get
lid of Ibis grossiiess of body and spirit
-to render myself more lit to appreciate lhe beautiful and tbe spiriluelle,
and I'll see it to tlie end or perish, no
inatter wbat you say."
"Well, I'll go upstairs now,'' she
soothingly replied, "and you can come
when you get ready. I have nothing
more to say about lt and I shall be
glad to bear that your experiments are
a success."
She went up to iter room nnd sat
down and read for half an hour. Then
she tiptoed downstairs to find the sitting room vacant. She continued her
journey down to the dining room and
peeped In to find Mr. Bowser nt tho
table. He had brought out lhat boiled
dinner and wns devouring It with a
grand nppetlte and saying to himself
between times:
"Hum my bide, but what nn nss I
was to let this thing slide to look for
i.pirits!" M. QUAD.
NE day. as his royal highness
was Wandering about the city
_ in disguise, he heard much
talk of a famine in tbe land,
and npon reaching bis palace lit* pressed the button and summoned Abdullah, his prime minister, and said:
"What is all this talk about a famine ln the land? 1 hate hoard nothing
of It before today."
"It is true, O ruler" replied lhe
P. M. "All the crops have failed and
thousands of your subjects are facing
"But wliy was I not informed of tlie
fact long ago, that I might issue a
proclamation commanding full crops to
"Alas, your majesty, I was so busy
that it slipped my mind."
"H'ni. So there is a famine," muttered the king.
"It is true.*'
"And unless I come to the rescue of
my people thousands may slarvo:"
"It will be so, O ruler, but, alas,
what can you do?"
"What can I do. you Old slab sided,
squint eyed croaker? I can issue a
proclamation, of course. You grab up
tlmt pen and dash it oft' at once. Say
that the king has learned that ull
crops have foiled and a famine is \a\-
Soim N«L<urc*J History.
•j?"3J**tH*l*. i i i ' 'V Is a funny beast,
Rc-seml lias nuiob a man.
The monkej can Swing by its tall—
At least, lie heard lt can.
Tin* Blad hyena knifi'tis ha, ba!
I'.'.:; why It laughs I don't
Exactly knew,   l might lind cut
liy  aiil.hu;.   but   I   Won't.
Tin* elephant Is big and thick
Anil swings his Irttnk all day,
Aral when i,   Bneeses he blows all
The atmosphere nway.
Thc lion is a mighty lord
Of ftll He' nl her things
That walk the woods, He strikes V shnvp,
Suh basso, when he Rings,
Thn shrewd K 'villa walks upright,
]', r thus- did nature shape hlin.
Ha Isn't vi ry pretty, but
There's lots u( folks that ape hlm.
Th« zebra wears his clothes In stripes—
A eloplns h.u'l: Is hls'n.
"Most ■/.''.'•••■:.;•. when they're onoe lot out,
Sh po back   Into the prison.
The ruu Is raised In Africa,
Hut I could never see
What l.i the working use of that
Unnecessary "4,-a"
Nov/ wo conclude) nor will admit.
••"en though S'lme Turk should dirk ns.
Thai We hav.' t vdr non these things
Kxoi ptlng In a i Irons.
—Baltimore News.
Aniiafiixlniately Frank.
mlnent and that bis sympathies are
deeply stirred on behalf of his people."
" 'Tis done, O king." said Abdullah
as he finished.
"Then follow it by a second. We
have announced thnt our sympathies
are with our subjects, but at tin.* samo
time we don't want our subjects lo
lose sight of the main question at i.-*-
sue, l'ou will therefore say tlmt the
tax levy will be tin.' sii'iie as usual and
that prompt payment will be expected
from all. Tlierc the matter is HOW
ofl my mind, and tlie country is going
ahead toward renewed prosperity."
'lhe king had asked for boiled eggs
for bis breakfast, and as none were
forthcoming he .threw bis robe of state
around him ami .stalked into tl.e room
of llis prime minister utul thundered
"By the great horn spoon, Mustupha
Miicholland, but who is kiiii; of this
country, if you please?"
"You are, 0 ruler." was the reply.
"Then 1 want things my way. Two
mouths ago I ordered you to make
war on Abdul Steer, Why haven't
you done so?"
"Because we have no cash to fit out
an army, your majesty. I was going
to speak to you about it today."
"No cash In our treasury! What has
become of it?"
"You have spent most of it In building golf links and backing baseball
•'S'denth! I cannot believe It. Weeks
and weeks ago 1 Issued a royal proclamation commanding the rebel leader,
Fir/poor, ti conic in and sunviider.
lias be done so?"
"Well, hardly. He Issued a counter
proclamation telling your majesty to
go lo hades. Wc are not strong enough
to lake him."
"Ani 1 must be Insulted on my owit
throne! Mnstapba, order iu threo bottles of champ,ignc, for I am thiivty."
"Wc have nmi". vuu:' majesty."
"Then make It claret."
"We have no claret."
"Zoundsl Hut am I a king or a pun-
pet? Take .twelve meu witli you and
vi-it the bonkor Jimrou and bring back
Six sacks of gold."
"I'd be glad to ilo KO, ('! king, but old
JImroz got on to (.ur game long n
ami skipped out wilh ids cosh."
"Then order my army to make n
foray Into the domains of King Aslnir."
"Vou have no army, gracious sire."
"What! lias ii come to tlfls7 Then
I bid tliee to go out ami sell purt of my
"Vou have none to sell."
"Fiends and furies! Hut am I to be
thus answered?    1 command  lhat all
laxes be doubled for the year."
"it will do mi goo.), o ruler, aa th"
peoplo are hard up."
"Thin secure  a   loan on
".Mas. sire, there nre none
ml the last ruby a year ago."
"Look here, Mustupha," cnld the king
as be drew nearer, "I'm a king, nln't
I '.'■'
"For sure, your majesty.'.'
"Head buss and cock of the walk?"
"The sain", sire."
"And what I say gOest"
"it certainly does."
"Then you tell the conk lo have String
beans for dinner uud fail not on hU
»fe" M QUAD.
v-vlf L '     * I '    *%*•'•       Wn   li I ill >,'•**
.. ■<■.•• ■: -..■■[■pr
I  ; ■•'■''.•■■•..*■.'■".,:.„. \~J?-
I    ti   '.".'■ .-i.t-j * ^T^tjjj -V
l   t.i! *J      VO      j r^rtp tt\\
1 ;     l^lfe^
C,.i >.',
Miss Moneybags—And sm, sir, yrv.i
wisli to become tlie possessor of my
Miitor—Yes, that also.
A Graphic Imavrlniitlon.
Nathan's teacher believed in reduc*
Ing poetry to diagram and visible outline. Tliorefo.ro she told the class to
i make a rough illustration of the poem,
•■i lie Old Oaken Bucket."
Nathan's Illustration consisted of a
large circle, three buckets and a bunch
Of dots.
'•Nathan." said the teacher, "I dou't
understand ibis.   What's the circle?"
"That's the well," replied Nathan.
"And why hnve ynu three buckets?"
"One 11 the old oaken bucket, one Is
lhe inm bound bucket, and the other is
tin; moss covered bucket whieh hung ia
the well."
"And what nre all those little dots?"
"Those are the loved spots which my
infancy knew."- Boston Herald.
Tin* Quicker tho Better.
The late Henry Seton  Alerrlinan—
hit real namO was Hugh Scott   was
I one of the Bwlftesl writers the world
has ever scon.    Mr.  Merrlmnn only
wrote at long intervals, bul when ho
I ome sat down at his desk ho would
' produco two rn* three chapters of D.000
words each In nn evening.
Onco be argue l with Waller Pater
nt Oxford on this matter. "Nothing,"
Mr. rater reiterated "nothing ran bo
done wo!! that is done In a Hurry."
"Nothing?" Bald Mr. Uerrlman.
"Nothing," Bald Mr. rater.
"How about making a train?" I>en-
ver Post
The   Hole  nml  the  Hurricane.
"Queer things happen In Oeorgla,"
! said the man, "l remember a hurrl*
i cine that blowed a frisky mule I had
j dean over the roof of my bouse, but
' the funny pari of ii wuz the mule did
I more damage thau lhe hurricane!"
i    "How did that hnppt ni"
"Bo mad be upi  i the t hlmney an'
kicked tho roof off!"- Atlanta C usii-
' tutfoii,
Whnt  Bobby Thought,
Bobby had i.i • ii i rin ul li rn • I-
fail,i r for n loii
"Well, Bob," ' ■• laliiii 1 bl i rrnndfa-
thcr at last, "w In i ilu j mi think i', my.
fail ?"
"It's an av, fully nlc • f ice, grandad,"
i.-lid Bobby, "bul why don't you I..no
It ironed?"   Pathfinder,
V   • '^m^0\\r
■" ■ Men   Vi u don'l look well, Mr. i
p ;■:■"
Illl no   So   nnd  I  don'l   fcol well. '■
. i 'vo I      ! Ip pound!  in a week.—* '
'     iy Yo !i li,• alng Joui'O'la
A Deieciive's Wonderful
Display oi Shrewdness
THE shrewd detective looked over
"This  is  the third  time  you
have been robbed?" ho suid luijuiring-
"Ves," replied the woman.
"And this room is the one that has
been most disturbed?"
The shrewd detectlvo examined a
comb-that lay on the bureau.
"Is there uny one here with red
hnlr?" he naked.
"1 la!" he cried. "A clew! Sho could
not resist the temptation to arrange
her hair."
"She!   Who?"
"The burglar. It Is n woman, wlilcii
slmpliiies matters very much. She bus
red hnlr." He sank Into tin armchair
nnd rested his throbbing temple on bts
hand. The throb was due to great
menial activity. He could not think
clearly Without throbs. "Tho ordinary
police method,'! he said at last, "would
be to put out the dragnet and arrest
every red haired woman in town aud
Indict the ono who hntl Just combed
her hair, but that is unsatisfactory to
a great detective. I prefer to be subtle.
Have you n full length mirror?"
"And a folding glass that enables
you to see your bead from three sides
at onee?"
"And some costly millinery?"
"And a ball gown?"
" l'es."
"Bring them all to me?"
Wondering, she obeyed, and he nr-
ranged tbem all to his satisfaction.
"What next?" she nsked.
"Leave tbem all here tonight." he
Instructed, "and come up any time to
morrow, You will lind the womnn still
here. But tlo not send for your husband, for she mny be trying on the
"What a wonderful man!" she exclaimed.
"Nothing ■wonderful about It," he re-
trrned. "1 am merely a married man
wbo la reasonably observing."
Investigation the next day revealed
a note which read, "I have takeu the
gown hnuio to try it on."
"I told you it was a womnn!" cried
the detective jubilantly.
Vuu can't disconcert a true delec-
Ure,—Chicago Post.
I iiilarlilt'il.
One day n ccrlain professor of mathematics at the Ohio university prepared
to sot out on n Bhort journey on bone-
back. He was an absciitminded person and while saddling the animal was
thinking out some Intricate problem.
Same students stood near and watched
him abstractedly place the saddle on
hind part before.
"Oh, professor," exclaimed one of the
croup, "you ure putting tlie wrong end
of your saddle foremost."
"Young man," replied the professor.
with Bomo tartness, "you are entirely
too smart. Uow do you know It Is
WfOOg when 1 have not yet told you In
which direction l intend to go?"—Lip*
plncott's Magoslne,
Ilcr I'iml l'l.
"Lady at lhat lionso on the bill offend me a pie If I would saw and split
some v.'iiiul," says I.assitudlnous I.ewls.
"Must 'a' been 'cr Oral pie, suggested Dnhgbach Henry.
"Or else the Bret Iramp she ever
Wino  Atlolt'liUH.
A   patriotic  drill   was  fiivon  by  the
kindergarten In Anthony tt few days
iv. it began by displaying a portrait
■ i Oeorgo Washington, "Who Is this?"
tlie teacher usked, Visitors were present, and of course the children failed
lo show off,   Tie y mt mule and tinre-
I nslvo till tin,niy one little fellow
piped up.    "1  know who Ue Is"'  he
' ■ lilt d. "Wo got lhat picture at
Iti iii i, Mamma told ine who It Is."
"Well, then, AdolphiiH," said the leach
er, "you may toll m who li Is."
Adolphus swelled willi pride. "Ifs our
father fropj the coijntry," he said. -
Kan.-.ut City Siar.
night in i.inc.
"I noticed In ti daily paper I found
on lint Russian erulsi r that one of the
Bociety belles appeared nt n ball the
other night In a dress covered witli
closely set silver scales," said the mer*
innlil with the golden comb.
"Thi'ii we are jusl in style," said (he
mermaid  witli   the   ivory  mirror.—
Cleveland Plain Denier,
Mabel's Secret,
When Mn bei umlhs nho ihOWS the world
Two rows of teeth so daullng white
They almost rival Alpine RnOWBI
Indeed, no words thnt i maj writo
Will half portray the lovely HlK'nt.
They nre tbe envy of ihe glrll,
Thr charm whloh tuni.t attraots tho men,
who almost fight to reach hw nido,
Tie ro's always ono and somnllmeS ten
Wailing for hw ta irnllo again,
.Mui though the prnlitt to Mabel rocs,
And till thi admiration, yet
I, who ion her denllal. lind
one satisfaction whloh l itet—
I know I triaile a lovely net!
—Kenneth   !•'.   Luokwoud   In   New   York
'"*  "Cf* .\-K
•0*r*Tu.Y, i, ...
Ine'    : '-'"
i. , l:'""- ;'    :    '''* '''''-li
It ban i, oliiLi,    , "J ""ii'IimP
.Si an. I'.., •       i   "    ''-Ilk
^"1 ../a"',   .
»m m ih.* w ii, ,;■;' ■■■■■). ■
la',,   lhe   ,-a.   .    ;..,■;""*.-. *
1 r iiam,
'•'I dem,
Cannon on tl-lu ,,
Cannon on left
Connon on i , ..,.,„
WVIIi",.,| ,,1,1 , „ ■,'"•
B:.nu.h. It,:,.-. ..,    ■'*■■
n>y am a„ «.,.,., ,', ■""Jei.tt
Most of flem !.,.:,■'.'.', ,
Nrtrly Sax IiuVhVi.u! aU
Yes. nil dem sal,,,., i,,,„»
j«"' "IT ..,::■:::";';;
I'M" uev  ,, ty;,,,,(  1Jih
Veneral's hi -i ,..     u       j
Cannon on right , r ,|,m
Cannon on i. -., . i ,i,,   '
Cannon behin i ,i,;,, ,',,'
. Wollcyctl ami i „„,,,, ,
?, "•"*v Bn>' ■'••U'luln l.,. „;..
"•"  got cmiff, Ai  i a ,   ''"
tot'S'go nn.l ii'tila,:,,.,,,!,..
Bout Ivwitj-H.,** eum hack
<'nl pf BIIX hi ,i,;,,,i:      "
Von Bltol delr ,;', ,- f,,,„,
li ban guile i'. a;     ,;,..,    .
Every v...i ,. , ; , .* m*4
Rvi r> von fei
Villi:','   (JOJ    1 a a   |,|       ,   ' . , ,,
Yi.llj gitdo f, II "   i„    aeK*i
l'l* hat  ki -■ I     ii   |i
—V/. !•'. Klrlt i , *,: ■  .
fi-.l   Work.
'•.lohn. won't you please cndnwiiJ
fetch up a bucket of i i| fo: ;J
kitchen ranges"
"How can you be so lairoasonill
Maria? Don't you l.:i iw l"t |J
playin.',' golf all day and I'm i'.ml3
*<m haven't been doln . ,.; Ing J
puttering ubout the linn* ■." SmFm
cisro Examiner,
rinli  Story.
A  man who bad Jnst returned fitfl
bis holidays in the n irtl
"I hate hail a spleudl I lime,  I f»4
ti magnificent salmon ami piuynia
for seventeen days.    1 n-■ al t>, ■-■-_\
lo hlm each uiorniin:."
The man was ask ll, "Did you CM
"lib, nu." be snid. "And if 1 I
caught blm I should liuvo put hluiU
Bgalll Info the |ibol. He is far tooiln
a friend for mc to slay. IVliy, I M
played lhat same sahuua iiU'ia
live years for my enth ■ liuiii!:  .   I
hope io get on lo li igtiia ■ ■■-' *»
tt.inn.   Wc it: e ■■ ivntlj ntl n IihI lo|
aiiiotht r."- Kportin i  i... ■ •.
A   Sort  of J, nail.
A men \tli<> was fi ad uf lunslet^
lo mnke a bass fiddle, and nfter wefl
of patient work be . u. - ''cl'il i:i l1*
pletlng 'ii e Insirnr.ieiii. ivhra m
Itnppy con*;;::.i ition I id I '■'■■'•■'■■'d
be called iii Iiis wife i" Itispectflj
trophy of bis skill. "II looks very«sl
Indeed. George," she snlil, "but i** •*
quite linlslii'.!'.'" "Oh, ".ve, M
naetliliuf mair to d«e I II m*"." "••■[
where have you pill tl k'iue m
naked the careful wife. I"—'- _\
at the i.uss he had i ■ e JulmSJ
a wild shout. "Well, I ,ViTi™'!
cried, "if I h.'i'oni' lefl It i"sjl!t,t!*
lidille."- -London News.
Rattled, i
"Oc0l**gC." ahe Bcreilllied, "my IW*'
"What's lhe mall. rV"
"There's a plllncatter" -
"A what':"
"A tnperkillcr"-- r
"What In the world do yuimwii' I
"Oh, dear:" she inoaiui! »s "I
clutched blm frniitl 'ally. "•• l;:'^[
puller! You know, 4i.■■■:, '! •■ I*1" |
killer!" ,  ,„w
"Oh!" said Oeorgo. with ertfcJ-J
lief, ami be proceeded lo hrusu <"|
caterpillar nway.
tVhj   sin* Did "•
Al;ry   I   say.  my dr-nli >'•   „,'|
»,'hy Is tli.it you su of ie" ;'.|p<|Kil
pretty eyes to wau.h'i' In i».v   t||i|, il
Kthel    lieeaiiKe,    Alg>'.   "    n|Btl*q
pli'.i-iure  lo   rest   lln'lil ":l
Th,* Mnn «"'•,„,„A
"Hero's a mile from mi. ■ ,^M
Ing not to come I" r,ll!n ,,,   \M
bis  wife   Is   ilniigi'i'i"'*'.v '"'
iBUd?'' ,   Bull, I*
J    "It IS, Indeed, by .l"vn\'^
pose   we   can   «o  to 0 „■
i Brooklyn Life.
The summer months aro a bad
, »0r babies, and an anxious time
others .•'orinoiitutioii nnd de-
^mLition' In the stomach and
P Zu ure tho cause of the muny
P° „.r roniplalnts of babies nnd
>■'■•'■■ '" ,.1,,1,11'i'n.     This is the reason
''"' ','."  hot    weather   months   are
filial to littlo   ones   thun any
llaby's  Own Tablets
jnhy  ,;
niiuT  season
Li ml.l   "'ways    be    found    in    every ,
,      . n'liero there ure young children, |
f.I   their   prompt   uso   during   hot
|; ' may save <l precious   little
•at li''1*
lal.   .
,, tablets  cure  constipation,
liitrrhoea, an*.
I stomach troubles, nnd
nuiimntood to contain no opiate
harmful    drug.       JtTS;     Walter
,, MuS Sissons lirldgo, N.S., suys:
1 i!,.|„'i" using Baby's own Tablets
1 . uttlo ono cried almost continu-
Euslv with stoinafh troubles.    1   can
,'tithfuiiy s'>y ] '"•Vl'1' •■"'■ "ny •*"'*l*~
.,,., so promptly and gnu such
LtlshictIon us tho tablets do. I do
fc'it think you make nny claim for
which thoir use will not sub-
,, miute." Tho tablets cun bo had
Iom ,un medlcino dealer or by moil
I.'n, 'i*hu Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Irockville,   Ont,    1'rlce   i25   cents a
I ah,-a offering ti woman his sent
ii in- any Ol her public
, man in\ al'iably litis hi-,
perfectly courteous man r■■-
^ iml whon stepping usid ■
ow   wny to allow   her freo
nlso  when   passing n  lady
i ihe stairs.
a nn
Ijosl  of Iho rules of etiquette   ni
LSM| mi kindness mui unRelfislmesi
•I'll,- ■ Imples:   form  ol  Introducl Ion
t|,,. iiest; "Mrs. A., I>'l  ii"' present
Before .in Invitation of hospitality
given in a stranger n call should
-I  !„■ iiii'.d''.
[Manners nre Of   mono   Importance
luni   laws,    being    ihe    foundation
es nf cb ili/nlion.
\ dinner cnll Is pnid nbout n forl-
|i(;hi after the dinner, whether t'u>'
Iviiiition was accepted or hot.
EicliislvonQss is a brand of nothing,
Isial hy nobody who is anybody, to
at,at Bomebody from the dangers of
Billing. You'll lind it everywhere,
liore In Bostou than In  New  Yuri-.
ore in New York than right here In
il.nlii 1,1, but Hn.vlield isn't rid of it.
Hi'limlves are people Who don't know
|iiour1i to go nt large. Exclusive sod*
liy i- ii rickety, leaky, lopsided n380-
lltitlou of Idiots, fools, tailors' duin-
», langulders and hangers on, s.i
Inbslnntinl-less Unit yon have to food
nplc of .1 izen of 'ilu Into a hi . 1
lnd nut :i dwarf.
He Retired,
J"P.ipa," remarked the congressman's
laughter, looking tit tlie flock.
What Is it, Lou?" nsked papa, who
lnd lingered In the drawing room with
■l.e young people,
'It is o o'clock! At this time George
lnd I usually go Into committee." 'Han
|npa retired.
I  >I'..*i I II   I'liMi.S    It)   Al.l. - llut it  U
prematurely  II  proper  precau-
taken.    "An  ounce "i  t-n'wi-
irth ,i pound of cure,"   pud  lo
I'lilloti   ut   lu ml   uml    allow    ■'
u    wink   its   will   is   v. ii kednl s-
iis,'     I'alrct rir    Oil   not   only    al-
when   applied   externally,   bul
.•nt  luiiH trouble* resulting from
■oughs,    Tiy  ii   ninl  ho   con-
|i!'K   in,,I
\   mil   ilpnli   the  hosliss   is   olillga-
)ry   nfter nn invitation lo u  inusl-
il, 'hiiiii'r, breakfast, or lUnchoou.
[I't'iitlenien    do    not    Binoke    in  tin
■'■tu.' rn' Indies without  their per
il is n general rule thai  n hostasi
(ny inlrnduco any guest without first
Hking permissioii to do so.
|Wlii*re ran   1  got    boiiio   ot  ITolloway'i
• i 'ir'*''   I wns entirely cured   of   tuj
li)   Uiis   ii'ini'ily   nmi   I    wisli    s.iiiii'
■   nl   n    for   mv  friends.  Ro  writes
•I   w   lirown, Onli'offn.
Are you
A Menn Man T<*U.*t What Mny Happen
Should Tiu*y ne Chosen.
Defendant's  Lawyer — Your
First Juror—I don't see why you need
uiy name.
D, L—It is necessary.    Your
F. J.—Mary Louise Inna Etbolwyne
Smythe—not Smith, remember, l am a
HrliieUerliofi'-Yan Rensselaer. Our family was very much opposed lo iry marrying a Smythe, for, you see—
I). L.—That Is sufficient, madam.
Your age?
P, J.—Sir-r-r?
D. L.—I said your age.
I'\ J. (blushing)  Twenty-three.
1). L.- Have you read anything nbout
the case in tlie papers?
K. J,—No.    I haven't had time yet
You see, I belong to a club, and we |
are gelling up an entertainment, and
so I haven't been able to touch a paper
for an nge.
D. L. (smiling)—Very well,
prepared, then, to give an
opinion on tho case?
l''. J.—Oh, of course.   My
says I nm one of the fairest women ho
ever met.   I nm never prejudiced, even
if 1 don't Uke the looks of a person.
D. Ii. (to clerk)--Call the next tales-
Cleric calls Mrs. Brown,
Urn. b. (to lawyer. Indignantly)—I
am not a Saleswoman, slrl No member of my family is in trade, slrl
D. L.—You misunderstood me, madam. I merely applied to ynu the technical term—talcswoman. That i.-i what
every woman becomes when she enters
the jury box to be examine,1.
Mrs. B.—Well, I don't want to waste
niy time in this horrid court. I'm going to tea Uiis afternoon,
Judge—Mrs. lirown is excused.
Clerk calls Mrs. Jones,
Mrs. J.—I Leg to ne excused, I nm
right in tho midst ol dressmaking, preparing for tiie Bummer, and the modiste
i3 waiting now to tii i:. ■.
Judge—A trivial excuse. You must
Clerk calls Mrs. I>oe.
Mrs. D.—My baby swallowed
this morning, nnd 1 must go
homo nud attend to the child.
Judge—Mrs. Doe is excused.
After Ts'.i ladles are i sail ined a jury
Is secured.--San Francisco Town Talk.
Had Diabetes but was Cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Grmt Interest In tlio Cum*, hh People Re».
Ilie Wlmt, WHI Curo Diabetes will Cur*
Any Klilnoy DUetMBa
Toronto, Ont., Aug. l (Special).-*
As the peoplo I<min to realise how
much tho general health depends on
keeping the kidneys right, and how
many diseases aro tbo direct result of
bud kidney net inn, every verified curo
of ti severe kidney disease is received
with interest,
For tlmt reason lhe case of A. W.
Ilolman, the well-known butcher of
198$ Mutual Street Uiis city, i.s well-
worthy of attention, Mr. llolmun
had Diabetes. .Now he is u well mun.
Hodd's Kidney l'ills cured it. Asked
concerning     his   case,    Mr.    Ilolman
j said:—
''''Year, I had Hialirtes for six years.
I tried nil kinds of remedies, but to
no use. My attention was culled to
Dodd's Kidney  Pills by an ndvei'tise-
■ menl, ami I began to use them. 1
only used six boxes when 1 wus cotn-
i plotoly cured."
As it is conceded   that   what   will
[ euro Diabetes will euro uny Kidney
Disease it. must lie admitted that
Dodd's Kidney l'ills will curo any
K idiuv   Dise ISO.
At a
,s  hho
n pin
Wronn Dlnsmosls.
Not long ago an old colored woman
of Virgiuia visited a doctor and informed him that her husband was .seriously
ill. The doctor hastened borne with
her and upon making a dlagn sis ot
the man's case Informed the wife that
he had a hopeless ease of gastritis.
"Gastritis!" ejaculated tiie old woman, "He I.awd knows I don't know
how he ever got g.".slri!i.\ 'cause 1
don't burn a tiling bnt coal lie ln dis
house an' but powerful little of that."—
Philadelphia Ledgi r.
small dinner pany the host-
ild introduce nil guests, At
a large iilta ir il is only necessary to
im rotluce t In sc w lu go' In together
lo i'a- tnble,
An i
■ in,ai
I it <il
ivtintion 'I
proi Isionall
pro vi si it in 1 ly;
rceptuncc  or  declination   i
i* be   no
ded acccp
i   imperil**
C. r. UIClIAItliS & en.
Dear Sirs.—1  Imv ■ u*ti  I
LINIMENT   in  my si able
j en r   and   considi r ii  the
hon ■
'a  COlllll
(le i   i
tend ii
cun gi't
for over e
very   I ost
md strong-
It Wns (ho CiiiiKC* aif 1 lie* Itffi'iil Veii-
a*r.u4'lttu   Itevolutlon,
"The Mains revolution, ended in Venezuela by President Castro's victory at
i (,'iudtid Bolivar, cost the lives of thousands of men, Indirectly caused an In-
I ternatlonal blockade of Venezuela nud
i nearly ruined tbo country," said dn
I American who recently returned from
j Caracas.   "And what do you think it
, was caused by? simply a blanket
j    "Mains wns the greatest capitalist in
the country, Uie merchant prince of
Caracas, a pompons old gentleman, to
whom everybody bowed und scraped.
lit* helped to mako Castro president,
but directly Castro was firmly seated
In power Mates among other rich men
was faced With a demand for a heavy
'assessment' to pay the victorious soldiers.
"He refused, and Castro promptly
sent a file of soldiers to drag hiin to
jail. Castro lias a fondness for rough
practical jokes, and bo told the officer
in command to seize Matos in bed and
bring him through the streets at night
clad only in u blanket. This order was
carried out. Tlm merchant prince offered thousands of bolivars tor n pair
i.f pantS nnd a jacket, but in vain.
The humiliation was terrible, for all
the rabble of the town guyed him.
"Afler he had languished in jail for
awhile Matos wrote to I'astro, saying
that he now saw his duty lo the nation
in a clearer light and would be glad to
pay the assessment Castro replied
cordially, but regretted that the necessities of the government had increased
In the meanwhile, and he was now
desolated by having to ask for double
the amount,
"Matos paid and then promptly lefl
tlu* country and organized a revolution
witli the aid of his groat wealth, lie
has told his friends that he would bave
pardoned the T.olilup.' for capitalists
are used to that sort of thing in countries like Venezuela, but lie could uot
forget the blanket."—Exchange.
In most cases it  is only necessary
for u woman on being introduced to
bow  politely and repeat  lhe nam.' pl
the person presented,
When maklnir
the name of tin
may  be  written
of the curd.
.•tills in another city
place you reside in
In  the lower corner
A gent !"ii'.u's calling card ia sti.til-
ler and thlnneif thun that ol a lady
always with Iho prefix "Mr." belore
the name,
At. a Largo reception introductions
nt large ure nol. given except, to
those to whom the entertainment ts
WI        drill from   n    cup   t he
■spoon I   lefl  ; I in' sauna-,   li should
i ". ;■   ho   lefl for   a   moment In the
,   ...I. Ing only used  to  Stir and  tlis-
Were Great Sufferers From Kidney Disease
and Pains in the Back—Now
Unite in Praise of
Dr.Chase'sKidney-Liver Pills
Those    who    are    best    acquainted   appearing, until he became quite well
with     tho    merits   of   Dr.    Chase's' again.     Sinco then wo always   keep
,.. ,        _.        ,,.,,     , .   .. . ,,_    , .these pills in tho house for use in the
Kidney-Liver l'ills do not wonder at case o'f BlcknM8 of thls k.ml
their immense popularity as a family      "For   somo   time   I   suffered   from
medicine. pains-in the small of tho   bnck   and
In    thousands   of   eases they have   accompanying ills, and though 1 was
treated   by a doctor at considerable
cured whero physicians and ordinary
medicines have failed. This is tin
test by which they have been proven
Here is a letter wo   havo   just   re
ceived  from Prince  Edward  Island.
Miss Kato Doylo, lot 1, post ollice. [and 1 are greatly
P. E. I., states'—"About three yeurs excellent medicine
ago my father was seized with a se~
vere form of kidney disease, which
caused him much Suffering, as well as
anxiety lest tho ailment should become chronic or prove fatal. We immediately obtained Dr. Chuse's
Kidney-Liver Tills, and ho began ut
onco   to improve   under   this   treat-
expense,   I   could   obtain   no lasting
| benefit until I used Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver  l'ills,  which seemed to   bo
| exactly .suited to my ailment, Father
pleased  with  tho
and   wish to re-
|commend it to others."
I Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a tlose, 25 cents a box, at all
dealers, or Edmnnson, Hates & Com-
! puny, Toronto. To protect you
against imitations,  tho portrait and
] signature   of   Dr.  A. \V. Chase,    the
[famous   receipt   book author, are on
ment,    thc   symptoms gradually  dis-tevery box of his  remedies.
FARMERS  will find it to their advantage to consign their CHAIN  to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt rctnrns. Advances made on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 188(5. Reference-
Union Bank of Canada.
Isolve tho
• ugar.
Minard's Liniment Cures DipMiieria.
The appropriate dress tor the host-
,i   nn   afternoon   nl    homo a   n
!   nil high    m i kod  long slee*, od
dr .'.■•;   rich fnhric.     n  nmj   be
el  bin   ' fix   t rimmed und j. we|s wo u
A Commercial Rdm,
"Do you menu to tell me that you
expect to sell that yellow dog for J-V/
You  ought  to  be glad   to  give him
"Well," answered Mr. Ernstua rink-
ley, "I'd be glnd to live 'im nway. but
dar ain' no use o' tryln". But if I
asks $5 fob him may:..' i kin keep drnp*
pin de price until somebody thinks he
done gut a bargain fob two bits."—
Washington star.
| ever h
i.i;.   Snap   I a   i nw ile       ' i
and    (tunnel ■   you'll    like
V. i ■ :.   .
ha - hnnd
■.'.'. ng ti   ninn .1 ti s
lit   a   bul  waits for
in:.' from li.'   hot
n ,' ol ei
I he im' 1-
i MlcarJ's LlfiMt Cores Garget ia Cows.
Wilt n ei* in*K n r<
words "Hal poi idi •
In the lower left hai
Invitul ion.
tutae   ball   i
'  nre engn
!  corner  of  '
Alunoat nenil?  Fop Ilie l'liinsr.
"Now," suid the best man after tliey
bad rehearsed tho wedding for the
sixtli time, "there's only one more
thing to do."
"What's that':" asked the maid of
"Send for the lawyers and go through
the motions of the divorce trial."—Chicago Record-Herald,
Mother t. raves
I   ■ ■ it    to   t.ll.l
,i,    royli     won
with bfsi   resul
Worm   la
,ii ,;   el •   ii.ill
Matij    Inivi   irlcil
*■'•. i. 'n boarding n streot c r In c i
pn j    with ;i womnn n mnn   pi nn
her to enter  first,  assisting   I   i
Hi •   steps;   iv nlighl i    rst in orde
to nssisl   h r in nliifhting,
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc,
t'l'ejoonious calls nro nol mndo bc-
fiei'ii women in the i nlng, ovon
I1-.', or on Siimiiiy nfternoon A
■nil''1111111, owing io tlie exuctlons ol
■ am ■. may cnll In tho evening
»l on Sunday afternoon.
"I   ' i III H - Metllcnl cxne nl • ha ■■ ,
'■''    ' "la hei'. ,|\     Ihllt     1 il' H*    a* la-    III' 'tl
"ii     i nt ii.-w    in    1'M'n  iiialiii.iij   nlnnl i :
foviing up annual  us which gfVD  tl  II ,
' lue Mini   cannol   l itiinated.     n
llr Knew.
Dick-No. you're not n true friend or
you wouldn't ask me to lend yon umn-
ry when yoll knew I haven't nny myself.
Slick—But .vou forsct that the only
friends who arc Willing to lend money
nre   tlie  ones  that   hnven't  tot it  to
lend.—Detroit Free Press.
Pi t  names or dlniinunl ives are
usi tl on  i ho •■':>■ Ing < n'ril or on
i ..!
A  C linmiilnu Jumper.
 , ■ ' W^r
Unit   Nniiiii' provl
III   hy
"■ im' I'vriy iIim.ii.'.i* whii-li heglerl ami i
loi'iinre have \isiteii upon man, Hum-!
''    Hns muv   In.,  Ii   Ih well  known  liill'
rtimleo'H Veffetahlo Tills, distilled fr 1
''it* nml  herlis, are n Boverelnn  reineilj i
1 "ii'iiii; ull dlsonljri ol the ilitfi'si Ion    |
\ pretty idea for n Rllver or goldon
'eudliig is to   have   tiie   ruonogriuti
■ainpetl iii gold or silver In ih n-
j'' "I 'in' tup of the in\ Itntlon;  tho
lto of the ninrrlago nnd dato of ihe
yuilversary    is   engraved  on  olthor
li'h' or Just below the mono*|rani.
1 /,/
■• . ^\
.:. :vv*
,. rsrrlpl Ion mi  I he on\ i lope.   Mu -
; Kiltie 1'hirk    ■. ;     Miss Knther-
i [nc i lurk, find  Misi   llirdle Btewni  ,
\:       II i ■ Im   Kti wort.
Detfnett Cannot Be Cured
; »y lOCUl «ppllcntton!i at tVy ranrol ri*«"li Un
; ji,.,-".. ,1 |, ..-I in ol Hi" mr.   Ther* It only on«
I  ,.. v io i'ii-.*. ,li ;ifii"». nn,l lhat m Ly cciin'.ltu-
■   .ki  ii a.   Ilea     DMtnMI Is eaunS by »n !n-
(UtnfJ  Cnndlll n  nf t!if   iiiit'oiit  iliiliig of Hit
litis Tub*,    Wlun thii tul.« ll lnnaip.t4
, •■,  !■.■  ■ n. rami Iinl Haa'inJ or lini>i'rf«ct hear-
ii.K. and >*.l'i"i It I" nitlrely clo«*il, l)cafn«n ll
'.  ,..a:t   ind unlaat tii» Inflammation cm te
[alter gut and thla tuba raatorad to Ita ncnr.»l
ill -:i.   n-mint   nill   h»  d«»tr'iya>d  fortvtrt
a   • ?»»<*• out of ten ar* oauaad br Catan*ia
plilrh la ni'tl.liia bul on laflUON aondltloa »'.
ti. mui au, lurfacaa,
W* «ul il*» On* Hun«r*(l Dollar* tor a»r
, »•• of DMiijea* (cr.med t*/ catairli) thai can-
B4l *•- CUP*d BI Ball'! Catarrh Cur* S«u« f»r
•trcilaia fra* _ . a. «
r, J. cttr.r.'tr.T * co.. Toiido, o.
IMA by All drucclati, l.o.
Hull'* Kami!;' Pllll ar* lh* be»t.
Yes,   he's   the   champion
of Bllg House.    Why, his record Is nearly an Inch.   New Vork liven*
ina .lournal.
Ploklns Cotton.
Reaping the wheat a handful at a
time would be on a pur With the pres
out method of gathering our Immense
cotton crops.
Did the reader ever think what it
means to pick out one of our 10,000,000
bale crops of cotton? I>i<l you ever
gtop to think that at least 15,000,000,-
000 pounds of raw cotton must be picked from tbe bolls by hand? That is an
almost Incalculable amount, yet that Is
what the crop means and what ihe
manual labor is that gets it out a lock
at a lime. The limits of our cotton crop
are lo a great extent fixed by the ability lo get lt out and ready for market,
not only to get it ready In time, but to
;:,'t ns much of it out as possible during good weather beforo the cold and
wot of winter injure the staple and Interfere with the work of picking it out
But wo are persuaded thnt a successful machine would not prove tin unmixed blessing for this section or for
the fanners generally. — Montgomery
Cniiniln'H <; rent cut Iloine.
The largest dome of tlu* Gunstavlno
type in the world is being completed
on the new building of the Bank of
Montreal, in St. James street. So careful were the directors in awarding the
contract that they stipulated the importation of Spanish laborers especially
for the job. Tbe dome is the lirst of Us
kind to be built in Canada. Its Inside
diameter is Beventy-otie and one-half
feet. 'Ihere is uo steel construction to
bu] port the arched roof, tho tlle in use
being baud burned terra cotta an Inch
thick, laid in cement. The entire area
Of the bank's superstructure will be
about 8,000 Bqunro feet. The skylight
in the toil will be 100 feet from tbe
main l'.oor of lhe rotuuda, whieh is ap-
proached by a passageway thirty-four
feet wide and thiriy-iive foot high. Tlie
building is planned to be ono of the lin-
cst bunks iu the world. — New York
Go!.1 Sweat.
"These millions will sweat themselves considerably in the hold of tbo
ship," said a mint official as lie superintended the stowing of an export of
"Gold sweats," he resumed, "und it
sweats particularly hard at sea. When
this gold reaches the other sido.it will
be a littlo lighter than it is now. If an
inexperienced band should weigh it
over tliere be would say that some of
lt bad been stolen. It won't be handled
in Europe by the inexperienced though.
It will be handled by men who will
know Just what allowance to make for ,
"(Jold sweat—tbe phrase has an attractive sound, eh? If you and I could
sneak down into this ship's hold each
day of tho coming voyage, If we could
gather up the sweat from the gold before it evaporated und was lust, would
that be stealing'.'
"Well, anyway, gold dees not sweat
visibly. Its sweat is impalpable, anil
you can't collect  it.    Attrition  is tbe
name given to it by the scientists."
Mr.   Bu
Tho  bridesninlds, In si   man. ushers.
ei,-..   who   I,ihe   pnrl   in n  wedding
I Should i till  upon  lhe hrldi 's itiolhoi
shortly   nTter tlio wedding.     A   call
. uld  be  made  upon   tho  brid
I iii.'duili
nfld   i,
i' return  from
Summer Colds
Ynu (liouM eure that cold a* onco. Tl
-> not unly making you fool mlaarabla,
but, li u doing you hariu.   Tala»
/til***   The Lung
**-*A »J7   Tonic
_ I* unarantaod to ottra yon. Your
'U'mojr refunded if it doomi't.
Sl all druigUU, 2.V., (Oo. and $1.00 abottl*.
_ m
An-Tnl r«rn»RP.
The Russian general seised his pen.
"Iilank 'em!" ho exclaimed, grinding
his teeth. "I'll do it! They have brought
It upon themselves;''
Thereupon, with a few rapid strokes
of his deallt dealing Implement, ho
wiped   out   40,0110   Japanese. -Chicago
Woliinn'a Amcnltle*.
' Kitty—Mrs. MMping evidently considers her husband n wonder.
I Bessie-Why shouldn't she? Any
man must he n Wonder who would
marry such a woman as she.—Boston
Unless the soap you
use has this brand you
are not getting the best
Atfe for the Oc I.i COR U.t».
The progress that lias been made In
Irrigated sections In tho west under
private enterprise, where valueless
deserts have bent converted into veritable garden Bpots, ts tho best possible
evidence that small farms and a dense
rural population, resulting In unusual
educational end social advantages, are
ruost desirable uot only Cor tho farmer, but Cor i.i! elnjses of society. These
Irrlgnted Communities, too, are object
I".-.-ams of what we may look for on n
|nrgi .■ nnd broader si aio when Dncle
Sam sball have turned water ou the
great tracts of desert land under the
national irrigation net.— Maxwell's
Tho Important Hereroa.
The Hereroa, uow i'i rebellion against
Germany, hnvo a pretty fair opinion of
themselves and of their chief. One of
their Bongs begins: "What is the king
of England, what is the king of Germany, compared with thec, o Maheveo,
(list among all primes'.' Hnvo Ihey so
many thousand cattle as thou? Su'.
Who i • bo mighty ns nrt thou?" The
Heron • despise Europeans, Thennmo
for a European Is "otyirumbo'' p'white
How st<*«*i im neplnclnft Wood.
Stoel is taking the pl ice of wood In
■ni iivcihm. Many freight ears are
now built entirely of steel. Steel hop*
por coal ears are hi uso on mosi ef the
coal roads — hugo things, larger tin u
tho old bos cars, holding Ofly tons of
Conl and capable of being rapidly un-
londed by menus of ih" hoppers iu the
bottoms.—World's Work.
Wlvea Stunt  Work  In Jnpnn.
As an example of tlle humble attitude of the Japanese wife Mrs. Hugh
Fraser relates this Incident: ".V middle aged man on the upper floor was
suffering terribly from heat, nnd his
little wife seemed greatly distressed
about him. All the Bcreens bad been
opened, but it was a breathless day,
nud no breeze came to ring the little
glass bells on the hanging fern wreath
on the veranda. The man sat with
his head in ids hands groaning, while
madam, kneeling on the mats behind
him, fanned his baek an.l Irom time
to time rubbed bim down With n blue
towel, tin expression of the deepest respect and sympathy on ber face. When
he seemed a little better sbe busied
herself with preparing lea, which he
drank eagerly and of course made himself frightfully hot again, whon sbe
went baek patiently to ber fanning and
Save Expense
and save n fit of sickness by having
Bcecham's Pills in the house and
taking one when you first notice
anything going wrong. You will
feel well, look well and keep well
if you will learn to use
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 rent*
It will tnke live yenrs
the Campanile of Venice
tower will probably havi
to   rebuild
The    neW
nu  elevu-
The   Japanese   huu
method o'f producing .
*,*. hlch  no  one ran   tell
ino article.
discovered n
irtiiieinl pearls
from the gonu-
When invited to a ehureh wedding
ninl not to the reivpi lonfoUowlUg, it
is not necessary to send .1 present to
tho bride; bul n call Is nuido on the
bride on har nl homo day 0 month
or two after tho wedding.
ii„:,' ii was a popular bellut that demons moved Invisibly Ihrough il"' ambient
nir Booking to enter Into men and trouub*
them.     M   the  1 nl  tlmy   tiie demon,
ll) ■ |„.....i.i.    Is   al    Ial',:.'   in   Hi*   *alll"   WU}
Braking habitation In those who by care-
loss or i nu lao 11 ii 11 in-. Ite him Antl
once he enl >rs » 111 in ll l« iltfllcult to
disl idee hlm It'- thai BndH hbiisell »<■
iiossesafd  ahould   kno«    Unit   a    valiant
,.,.„r,| ■ iii. "i I  1  bottle bir hlm  with tho itu-
'     '   .... 11   roe    1-    Purn      • ■•   Vegetable l'ills,
whli h are ever 1 !   for ths trial,
Kilkenny Cat..
During the rebellion which occurred
In Ireland In 1708, or it may be ln
iso."., Kilkenny was garrisoned by a
troop Of Hessian soldiers who amused themselves In barracks by tying
two cats together by their tails nnd
throwing them across a clothesline to
light. The Officer, bearing of the
practice, resolved to stop it. As bo
entered the room ono of tho troopers,
seizing a sword, cut the tails In two
ns the animals bun:: across the line.
The two cats escaped, minus their tails,
through tho open window, nnd when
the officer Inquired tbo meaning of tho  ,,;
two   bleeding   tails   being   left  ill   the
room he was coolly told thut two cats
bad  been  lighting  and  hud devoured |
each other, all but the tails. , _\__>tfl _\_W$-\ ClTO DlSlllJBP.
The Balloon rinnt. ,     \ Angni
Ono of tho curious devices of nature adjunct 1
for scattering seeds is seen In the balloon plant of California. The fruit
Is yellow and is 11 little larger than an
egg, 11 has the appearance of an empty bag, but It contains a watery substance,  whicb  evaporates or  dries up
1  .nr-. for recoil Ing nt n r 'p-
Uon nre always stnted on tho enrd
of in\ Itntlon, (itieStS mav call nt.
nny time I" Iwoen lhe hours slated,
n.iit 1 not arrive before 11"' oarli
est nour in'iiii'in •<! nor after tho latest. *
lenVI s  alle
when the fruit matures, a sort of gns
taking Its Place. This gas Is lighter
than air, and the fruit Hips back and
forth iu the wind until It Dually breaks
loose from its Slender stem, rises luto
the air lo a height of from seventy-llvo
to a hundred feet, and sails away to
fall lu Home distant spot and thus extend the growth of Its kind.
Well Paid.
"Does Sue Brett really get ns big 0
salary as she says she dues/"
••Better thnn that. She gets almost
as big a salary us her press agent say*
she does."
owl :-! 1 l Nny ■ a i" '■'■-' ai j
the fruit course nl a tl Inner, The hn."'!' tips Oltly are tHppW*
in the howl and Dfently uii' 'I on tho
napkin. A few flowers or
placed In tho water of the
Rome 1 sons   have   perl .tl   al Attack*
of Ciutntllnti  cholera, it, Kontery or JIM
hoen    ami  hnve  lo  use ."■ ''   1 rernuHon**
,a,  avoid  'I r disease,    «'i*"'"'*
cooking,   anil    grcpn    fruit,
iiii.ii:  on  the httncl a    'I u
v.i* v.'i'.ii.i rerun i"1 "r  ■
f water
|S    :in*-    io
.,, 1.   IIII ..." •
Jl |,    ■    II     „■■      '    I
livsaiiteiv    IVrdtnl    "-   '      '    ,*■'*■   ' "■'
•  Heine In  11 nrkcl    for   nil twn'Ute
Inlnti     ll 11  I w  ilro| ■   mi   '■'.''■''
tonm   ■• ■• 11 a "'''I a
luither tt"
wilier when  " •
mhle \> ill  be e.xpei lenrnl
\s 1.!, invitation i - neeni ted nl the
time of answering sny, "T1  give	
much  pleasure  to necept,  etc ,     nol
■ •li   win   (;i\e   me   much   pleasure,
etc." '
W    po     tu    IV1
<r« o S3
-   :;
4 THK DRILfa, SLOCAN, B. 0., AUGUST 12, W*M.
C. E. Smithkrinoale, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C*
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
Bubaequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisementsatsame rateB
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
far each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY. AUGUST 12th, 1904.
Slocan has the distinction of being
the cheapest  governed town in the
west, the monthly salary list amount
ing to $21.66.
Northwest farmers will have a vast
sum of money to distribute this fall,
if no untoward mishap affects the
harvest. After journeying through
the prairie country generally, Premier
Robliu estimates that the crops will
realize $70,000,000. When that becomes known population will pour into the country, eclipsing all previous
records. You won't be able to keep
people out with a club.
The Minister of Mines has issued a
statement of the approximate mineral
output of the province for the first six
months of the year. There has been
■a notablo increase over 1903, particularly in silver-lead. A larger increase
is expected for the current six months.
From Jan. 1 to June 30 the gold output was 123,339 oz; silver, 2,037,061
oz; copper, 17,613,886 lbs; load, 16,-
500,000 lbs. Every branch of the
mining industry is showing a continued improvement.
Our Grit friends might well be saving of their sympathy over the disturbances in Tory circles in Nelson.
The same situation prevailed before
the last provincial contest, yet the
Tory candidate triumphed. And the
Tory candidate will triumph in Koot
enay at the dominion, despite any
little flare-up in Nelson. Hon. Chas.
Mackintosh's nomination didu't suit
the Grits, and the certainty of a Socialist being nominated has given their
nerves a severe jolt. No wonder Bill
Galliher got all kinds of appropriations, with the date of the Kooteuay
contest left to the returning officer.
Bill, the people are on to you.
The Diui.l has received a request
from the Pioneer Mining Co., of Nelson, operating iu this camp, to refrain
in future from saying anything about
their property; that when they have
accomplished anything they will let
the public kuow. It is strange why
some mining companies should seek
to muzzle the press as to their developments in a camp. Private affairs,
have, of course, no right to lie touched
on, but surely it i.s of interest to the
public to learn of outward operations.
and the people look to the papers to
supply that information. Publicity is
.the one thing essential to force a camp
to the front, and mining companies
should assist the press iu that respect
and not treat the members thereof as
if they were social pariahs or outcasts.
The Drill has the interests of the
camp at heart and never loses an opportunity to extol its great natural
wealth and advantages, and it tries to
do its duty by all iu a legitimate and
honest way. The management of the
Ottawa miuo recognizes that fact and
always extends to the scribe courteous
treatment ..which is deeply appreciated.
Operating a mine is a legitimate business and offends no law, and no man
need be ashamed of his work. The
Drill is sorry the Pioneer Mining
Co. has sean fit to make such a request,
for it did hope there was one feature
at least of Slocan the good folk of
Nelson did not condemn,
Hotel   ArrlniU.
Arlington—A. D.Loewen, P, Newn*
ham, Jas. Bulger, D. Stephens, J. B.
Ross, J. A. Stobo, F. C. Green, M. S.
Logan, J. G. Main, Nelson; N. P. McNaught, Silverton; B. Balliugor, Poplar; Geo. Ager, Ten Mile.
_ Royal- -P. N. Wbittakor, Rossland;
G. Balliintine, Vancouver; J, Snyder
and wifo, Plndley, ().; W. S. Drewry,
C. D. McRae, G. Ay lard, New Denver;
W. L. McGregor, Toronto; Dr. Had-
wen, Nelson; Gns Dunn, Montreal;
Miss McMillan, Silverton.
Johnnie and Alex. McCallum returned from Craubrook on Saturday,
Pay up your subscription.
Smoke from the forest fires is dense
in town.
For first-class bread go to J. H.
Public school re-opens on Monday
we?k, with one teacher.
Regular meeting of the board of
trade is set for tonight.
Mrs. Geo. Smith has her brother
from Toronto visiting her.
W. T. Shatford arrived in from Vernon on Thursday evening.
This is the driest season that has
hit the country since 1894.
A. R. Bolderston has disposed of his
resideuce to J. M.Benedum.
J. B. Winlaw lost many sawlogs at
his logging camp last week by fire.
Tug Sandon was in commission this
week, owing to repairs to the Slocan.
Born.—Iu Silverton, on Aug. 2, the
wife of Wm. Hunter, J.P.,of a daughter.
Aid. Smith spent all of last week
visiting the various towns in the Crow's
Express money orders are payable
everywhere.   They are cheaiiest and
Victoria had the biggest fire in her
history Tuesday, causing a loss of
About two dozen painters and carpenters have been overhauling the str.
Slocan during the week.
The education department has postponed the opening of the schools till
the 22nd, owing to the heat.
Provincial Officer Black passed down
to Nelson Wednesday, to take a prisoner and a lunatic to Westminster.
The bulk of the petroleum licences
for the Flathead country have been
issued, including several from here.
One of the dams on Bonanza creek,
owned by the O. S. Lumber Co., has
been partially destroyed by a bush
The heavens were red on Tuesday
night from the reflection of the forest
fires down the valley and ou Goat
The topic of discourse in Knox
church next Sundav evening will be
"Some Things on-Which We Should
The C.P.R. will make Calgary the
chief wholesale centre west of Winnipeg. Prominent officials are investing
heavily there in real estate.
Geo. Garrett, C.P.R. agent at New
Denver,  accompanied  by  bis  wife,
passed through here Monday for the
east, on a two months' holiday.
Wm. Anderson and family had a
hard struggle last week to save their
home, at Lemon creek, from a bush
fire.   They lost several cords of wood.
Miss Stoughtoii. formerly of this
place, but now of Armstrong.has lieen
visiting friends here of late. She has
just returned from a trip to Europe
aud the Holy Land.
A nieeting of the executive committee of the Conservative party, having
charge of Hon. Chas. Mackintosh's
campaign in this riding, was held in
Nelson on Friday nijjht. W. Hunter,
of Silverton, attended.
Of the 773 city lots offered for sale
for taxes, 127 were Rold; 21 redeemed;
42 redeemed for Fletcher by surplus
from other lots; 3 for Hodgins; and
580 bought in for city. There is $75.-
90 of a surplus held in trust for former owners.
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements.letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Mr. J. Bull, on behalf of himself,
wife and family, desires to return his
heartfelt thanks to the friends and
citizens at large for their sympathy
to the members of his household during his neat bereavement, The unfailing kindness and unceasing laliors
On their behalf are sincerely appreciated.
A party of foreign navvies came up
from Winlaw Monday evening on a
handcar, on which were also Mrs. J.
Dearin and children. Coming into
town the ear broke nwny on the down
grade and, when tin* switch at Delaney ave was reached, the oar and passengers went in the ditch. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, but
it was a narrow squeak.
Now the paper is gone, the Ledge
is sorely missed.
Provincial Officer Black is back from
his Winnipeg trip.
New Denver is to have an efficient
system of waterworks installed.
The owners of the Moilie Hughes
expect shortly to ship a carload of ore.
A number of deals in Improved property have lieen made lately in New
It is expected arraiigetnonts will be
shortly made to resumo operations on
the Bosun.
f Work is continuing on the Sweet
(irass group, Goat mountain, with
satisfactory results,
Provincial Mineralogist Robertson
is paring Silverluu ani! New Denver
a visit this week, and peering into the
nooks and the crannies of the mines
of Goat mountain, Silver mountain
and the copper-gold belt of Red
G. B. Garrett and wife have gone
oast on a two months' holiday. The
station during their absence is in
charge of G. L. Price, a Woodstock
Geo. Aylard got back a few days
ago from a three months' trip to the
northern part of the province, via the
Skeena. He reports that country very
quiet this year.
Road Inspector Moore has let the
contract to fill up the deep gully on
Sixth street,frontiug the Clever block,
to P. Angrignon, to replace the present dilapidated bridge. It will make
a permanent job, besides ridding the
townsite of superfluous rocks.
The first copy of Sport and Scenery,
Kootenay, B.C., issued by the Tourist
Association, organized some years ago,
has made its appearance. The pamphlet is quite neat and passable, but
hardly up to date, and the style is
rather stilted. New Denver and the
Slocau get scant notice.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regie-
try office, H. T. Christie being mining
July 29—Side Line fr, Springer creek,
D Arnot,
Side Line, same, Hugh Cameron.
Twin Sister No o.divide between Cameronian and 1st n f Lemon, J Hughes.
Queen of tho Hills fr, same, Bame.
Aug 2—Oddfellow, Ten Mile, Frank
King, 1st n f Lemon, W E Newman.
Deadwood, Springer creek, D Arnot.
Greenwood, same, H Cameron.
Hartford, divide between Springer and
1st sf Ten Mile, D B O'Neail.
4—North wood, Ten Mile, II L Fife.
Wanted     AfFWTQ
Immediately Audi 1J
'|10 sell fruit trees, raspberry, Roosoberry nnd
L    currant bushes, etc.      (JoikI nay weekly!
outfit freo.   Tliere is big monoy in tliis work for
trustworthy mS\\
We hav* under cultivation over f>00 acres nf
nursery stock, iiicliiiliiiu the choicest and best
varieties for orchard and «arden platitinc. We
will deliver Komls to customers iu good condition, freight paid. Onr scent* havo every advantage that this line of business can offer
theni.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.—Will    make    arrangements  for  local
acency or for the  bundling  of inclusive territories. P. N. CO
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Anna Farini, or to sny person or
persoiiii to whom sho may have tram
tarred her interest in tlio Coronation
nnd Memphis mineral claims, sitiuiU'd
on Twelve Mile creek, and recorded In
the Rcccder.*! office for the l»Ioraii
City mining division.
You are liereliv* notified that wc*.
James Smith, F.M.C. No. B59995, and
Charles Uraiid, F.M.C No. B60087, have
caused to be expended tlm sum of four
hundred r.nd ton dollars In lalmr
and improvements on tho above men
Honed mineral claims, iu order to
hold said claims under the provisions of
tlio Mineral Act; and if within 00 days
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure,together with all cost?
of advertising, your interest in said
claims will become Ihe propeity of the
subscribers, under section 4 of an Act
e.nlitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Hated at Slocan, B.C., this 1 'tli dav of
Mav, A.D. 1804.      JAMES SMITH
Slocnn Prim a, Minernl Claim.
Situate in thc Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district; Whore
located:—tin second north fork of Lemon creek, adjoining tlio Black I'rince
fraction on the cast.
TAKE NOTICF. that I,David Arnot,
actint! as agent for I!. A. Bradshaw. free
miner's certilicate No. B7742K; J. ('.
Shook, frre miner's certilicate No.B64828
John Elliot, free miner's certiticate No.
11817-tli; Pioneer Mining Co.,free miner's
certificate No. B81692; and for myself,
freo miner's certificate No,B77454,intend,
sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to Ilie Mining Recorder for a certilicate of Improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining B crown grant on the above
And further take notice that action,
under soction 37, must ho commenced
beforo the issuance of such certilicate ol
Dated tins nth day of July. 1004.
Nelson Fair
Second Annua] Exhibition
of tho
Nelson   Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J, E. Annable, Sec, Nelson!
Eastwood, same, L A Tipping.
Julv 29—Triuno two years.Great Western two years. Koyal, Democrat.
jje—Hub, Oro No2, Club.
\tiel—Willet, Potentate, Jubal, Sil-
ve'r Cliff, Highland Light, Ohio, Happy
3_!-Citv of Spokane, Bleanfleld, Reno,
Silver Star, Hardy Gurdy, Summtrseith
two years,-Petrel.
4—Holy Terror, Med ford.
5—Kingston, Hope, Golden Boy.
July 80-Josie %, Thyne %,1 Mulvey
to T McNeish.
Aug 1-Otis yi, D Hanlon toi N Orchard.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular subserib«rs,$1 per month
tirSlO a year: non-subscribers (exclusiveol
medical attendance |8 DOT day. Private wurd.i
$1 penliiy I'Xlra. Spociul facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
City Bakery
Guaranteed the Best Bread
in tin* Slocan camp.   .   .   .
Also carrying a full line of
*■»-»♦♦♦-»■♦•♦-»♦♦♦♦♦» ■«
>■♦-»-.>»♦• ***■*)
The Queen's
ItATKS:    8U.00 I'KK  DAY
First-class Dining Hooni
Large nnd Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
t ■*-•**-*■**-*-* ****■*■* **********
a~*-m-*-*-*-*-**m*** **~*-t-*
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
*■*-* * *************<
p   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
t-   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
K3 ~   . a
g To be held at Slocan, on Sept. 5,1904.        ft
H D Curtis! $6°°     mpMZES     S600l
fi Ko   *_*• ^/tV-Ifi  11491 g Drilling Contest for large caab prizes.        i-wiu'lT.-.n....' V
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
V championship of Kootenay nnd silver cup worth $100. ffl
)8j Baseball Matches for handsome Qhnllenge Cup. Blfle Match ^
\_\\ between Siocan and New Denver.       Bicycle Races. 0
fjj Foot I laces.
General Caledonian Sports.
Grand Bali H
HS   . ft
BJ Cheap rates and special service will be given from all points bj rail \.
M and boat promised by the C. P. B. y
S3 T. McNEISH, Chairman.   D. B. O'NEAIL, Sec.-Trea. jj
B For further particulars set* small bills. JiJ
...THE... VT
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given in the town
HATES    M   pmt   alay ;    with
■lllll|ll<*   lunula,  S3.nO.    S|,,.-
ciiii ratat tu uta-uiiy boarders
Arthur Street, Slocan
It promotes digestion,
improves the appetite,
and gives tone anil energy to th-*. whole system,
For Hale by—
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
♦ ♦♦♦1
$2.50 fora Year
The Drill:
$2.00 per annum


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