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The Slocan Drill 1904-10-14

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L>     N
0CT171904     11
)i, V., No. 20.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
TUTS Hotel is one of the liest known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good Ashing is to lx* found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
Tho dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only tho best brands of goods
Ladies' Belts and Neckwear
Our fall stock of Ladies' Belts
and Neckwear are to hand:
Ladies' Crush Belts in leather and silk at $i and $1.50
Ladies' Silk and Chiffon Stocks and Collars from 50c
to $1.50 each.
Remember we carry opaque
oil-finished window blinds at
50 cents each.
David  Arnot,  Slocan.
it n
55 A dvertise your __
Businessm-      **
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
'/_ Subscribe for
local paper:
M THE DRILL,  $2 per year jj§
5 3.^__ - - —    i        ■ ■ ms—**«iri*M
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   14,   1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
jat» 105~
Company tailie Kt onee formed in IlrltlKh
Columbia*— Will Huvo uOaiillul of One
Hundred Thotmanil D'ollmrs- Slocnn
Mineou in tk In Sui>|iurt..
The.smelter scheme for this town is
not to be allowed to drop and there is
a strong probability of something
tangible developing from the agitation. While nothing has cropped ujv
in Slocan on tho subject,the following
special dispatch iu the Nelsou Ledge
will be wad with interest:--
"Edinburgh, Scotland, Oct. 9.-Tho
sum of £10,000 has been subscribed
here for the purpose of building a 100
ton smelter at Siocan, just as soon as
the coinpanv is formed in British Columbia. The company now in process
of formation will have a capital stock
of $100,000, and part of the stock will
be taken by the owners of mines in tbe
Slocan district. The smelter will be
built expressly for the purpose of
smelting the gold and silver ores peculiar to the district around the lower
end of Slocan lake. It will do away
with the high freight and treatment
charges upon ores sent to the Trail
anil Nelson smelters.''
Vnnlieen Own the Granhy.
The Granby Consolidated Mining.
Smelting and Power company, limited,
has .become an American concern and
the headquarters at Montreal will Inclosed. Everj Canadian diivetor except one has retired from the lioard.
and while 960,000 shares have gone
across tha line, 390,000 remain in Canadian hands. It appears, however.
thai rumors crediting James J. Hill
with getting control are without con-
Urination.   The masters of the  situa
Enterprise mine on Monday, more
than half the crew being let out.
Stoping had caught up to development and the supply of ore ran short.
Fight, men are at work developing a
new ore chute.
WILL  ll.lKii   A   MINK.
in various Kootenay camps, particularly in and around New Denver. His
principal holding there was in the
California-mine, on Silver mountain.
A. J. was a whole-souled man and his
demise will lx* much regretted.
:i m seem to be
Boston and  N.
fork. S. H. C. Miner, the retiring
president: still is one of the largest
•dnuvholders in the coinpanv. It wa.*
decided to change the location of Uie
.lead ollice to Grand Forks, 15. O.. and
,o transfer the bdslness done iu Mon-
treal in-the past to New York. The
annual report showed thai the am,unit
received from production for thu yeai
was $2,93S,65l, aud from routs and
land sales, 817.79."). or a total of S3,*
y()i).:U7. Against this there was
working expenses of Sl.H14.2Hi and
the coat of foreign OW and nia'te,
8888,619, makibg a total of 82,682,833,
'caving net profits for yoftr, $283,000,
.vhieh, with the previous year's sur*
plus, made a total of $967,087. Out ol
this dividends were paid last Dj-
Dune Bootta) the Camp,
D. S. McVannel, Sloean's postmaster, went to Nelson last wee]*, and
there did boo.-,t the camp, through the
N. w.-.in these words: "The prospects around Sloc.in were never U tter.
A great deal of work has been doue
OU prospects around there and tliis
work has demonstrated beyond a
doubt that the claims are valuable.
All we wanl is a little money for de-
velopmert, as there is a large quantity
of ore close to the surface in the lodes.
I kuow of no higher grade silver lodi s
than can be found along Springer and
Ten Mile creeks. On Lemon creek
the lodes are gold producing and
there are some splendid showings
there. Nor are minerals our only assets, as liesides them we have large
areas of fine timber, which is cl03e lo
the railroad, the river, or the lake and
ean be easily got. out or marketed.
There aro two lumber companies mi'.v-
ing lumber in our country now. There
is lumber enough tributary to the
lake to keep half a do/en good sized
.sawmills in operation for a Dumber ol
yearn. Besides there is a good deal
of farming, gardening and dairying
along Sloean river. 1 took the census
along the river in 1900nud it Beems to
nn* that tliere are 10settlers there now
where there was one at that time."'
Work   <>n   tho    Alexamlrn-Dlllfy    IIiih
Satisfactory liemilts.
C.B, Haddon and VV. C. Walsh
were iu town ou Saturday, having
come come down from the Alexandra*
Dilley property, on the second north
fork of Lemon creek, where they have
lieen working for the past month or
so. The property consists of two
claims aud is owned by R. McCaig, a
banker in Rosalia, Wash. Some
years ago it was actively worked, but
of late has remained idle. This summer Mr. McCaig determined on some
experimental work and sent the men
named up to carry his ideas into
The results of the work have been
satisfactory, and early next spring Mr.
McCaig will resume operations on the
Alexaudra-Dilley on an enlarged
scale.   When the former development
ceased the work done consisted of a
90-foot shaft on the vein, in which isa I
splendid streak of ore, in a six foot!
vein. The ore curries much galena '
and some iron, giving assays of 2001
oz. in silver and about $14 iu gold.
From tin; shaft there is a 20 fixit
drift, and in this there i.s three feet ol
mixed ore exposed, several of the
streaks beiug of shipping grade.
tioing further down the hill a crosscut of SO feet was run to tap the ledge,
which was then drifted on to a total
of 815 feet. A raise of HS feet was
made from tlie drift to connect with
the shaft, but the points did not meet.
though both are on the ledge. A short
crosscut would make the desired connections. Every opening in the mine
revea's ore, but the depth obtained as
vet has not been sufficient to give ii
When tli" men went to work th iy
found! he approach and the drift in
Dad shape, and it topk thorn several
lays to put things in order. Then a',
lhe point where the crosscut struck
the ledge.-they made a short drift to
the north of Bvo or six feet. Next going into the 250 fool point, they ran a
•rosscut through tin' footwall of 1^
feet and exposed several seams oi
shipping oro. On;; of these is six
inches thick and the ore is of Brst-cliisi
quality. Otber work done elsewhere
proved that tlie ore seams wee con-
linuo'is and permanent, and in depth
would become united. The vein runs
"ast and west and no break or slip fa
noticeable anywhere.
The slope of the hill is .such as to
offer splendid tunnel facilitiesand the
I,ligo can easily be reached by crosscuts and at any desired level. The
ore bodies in tho drift are about 150
feet below the surface, but a crosscut
could be run in to tap those .bodies at
400 feet depth in a distance ol 800
feet. This will probably be done in
the spring, and then the ore will have
every chance of becoming merged in
one big chute. Large specimens oi
the ore were exhil.it m! her" on Saturday and excited much favorable coin
ment. The Alexandra-Dilley has the
promise of amine and further work
will develop it, into a shipping and
paving proposition.
Will Take Place  Novi-ttber •.*'.* -Nuiiilnn-
tlona on thn lit.
Word was received here on Saturday evening that John Boultbee, returning ollicer for Kootenay, acting
under instruction's from Ottawa, had
appointed Tuesday, November 22, as
the date upon which to hold the elections for the dominion house. Nominations will be held on the 1st of the
There will be three candidates in
the field: Hon. Charles Mackintosh,
representing the Conservatives; \V. A.
Galliher, the Liberals; and a Socialist,
who yet remains to be chosen. Notwithstanding that the Kootenav contest, coining later than the general
contest, will be in the nature of a bye-
election, the fight will lie a warm one.
Messrs. Briudle aud Thompson
have commenced work on their lease
. :i i tie Marion.
The K. of P. purpose holding a
grand rally and roll call of their members on Hallowe'en.
The pipes are lieing planted by the
local waterworks company and it will
not be long till the system is in operation.
Upwards of $600 has been subscribed for the skating rink. When completed it will be one ofthe best iu the
Barker & Burgess obtained .*5*7.'J"> for
their shipment of 7:{ tons of ore from
their Goat mountain property. It assayed 196 oz in silver.
G. II. Chandler, familiarly known
as '•Barney,"' the C.P.U. agent at Nakusp, died in the hospital here ou
Monday, of typhoid fever. He had
been ill of tli-.- disease for upwards of
two weeks, iliul the best of medical
care and attendance had been lavished
upon him, I ut without effect. Mrs.
Chandler was with her husband when
be died, and her parents arrived on
Tuesday from Nova Scotia, in re-
sponse to an'urgent wire. Deceased.
before his removal to Nakusp, was
agent at $ilverton,and was deservedly
popular with the public.
Hove ofthe Oknplcaa.
Chapleau affairs still continue to occupy a great«'. • il of attention. A new
turn of events occurred this week
when E3. Savage, th' manager,returned to the camp and went up to the
property. He declares he was put in
charge by the new company, and he
will not give up possession of the mine
until all liabilities have been wiped
out.   The original leaseholders of the
Chap] an have been talking freely of
late also as to their inientions.it being
given out that the;,- would commenc •
op nations this week with 20 men. On
Tuesday a coupleof men came in from
Nil-m aad went up to the mine. The
next move is awai ed with interest.
Lint Ycar'n Shipment* Wero 1339 Tom—
A Healthy l":viila-m*o of the Life anil
■Wealth ot the Camp— Ottawa U the
Biggest Shipper.
The Cripple Stick ore pot away
during the week, lieing tho initial
shipment of the year, and making the
property the lfith shipper from the
division. There was 12 tous in the lot
and it weitf to Nelson. A carload of
ore wus also sent out by the Ottawa,
making the combined output for tho
week 84 tons. No shipment need be
looked for for some time from the Enterprise, as development only is beiug
done.   Total to date 1847 tons.
For 1908 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa      22
Port Hope	
Black Prince	
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
lllack Fel  J
Chapleau  *>
Allierta  15
Colorado  7
Highland Light  1
Blaufield  2
Edison  15
Cripple Stick      12 12
TOT A l.
Ore lit llli' My i tie.
EnoOUfaglng results were obtained
from the development at the Myrtle
group last week. A drift is being run
lx>tl' ways on Ihe vein from the crosscut, and'on Saturday that to the south
broke iuto live inches of lirst class ore.
The north drift has carried a little ore
right along and the chute i.s expected
to widen any day. Native silver is
freely sprinkled through the ore.
Extra School llonnl Ja
The provincial government has paid
the school trustees of Kaslo S31«'.S8
in payment of the government's share
of tuition for outside pupils attending
the Kaslo public school for the year
ending .Inly 1st, 1904. With this precedent established Sloean should bave
no difficulty in making good hei
claim to Increased school bounty, bv
reason of the outside children attend
iiii:' the local institution.
New Time Tnhla*.
The C. P. li. winter time table went
into effect on Monday as follows:
The Slocan train will leave Nelson at
lido a. in., arriving at Slocan at 11 :83
a. in. The train will leave Slocau at
1:20 p. in., arriving in Nelson at 8:4 I
p. in. The time on the Slocau lake
and Sandon and Nakusp branches
will remain unchanged. The Nelson,
Ka-lo, Lardo and Trout Lake service
is not altered.
ii,.)iiii|ii.*iit Miiid-ai Claims.
On the 7th of next month the .government will hold a sale at Kaslo of
all the delinquent crown granted mineral claims in the Slocan and Slocan
City mining divisions, in order to recover the taxes due thereon. There
nre .'lilt claims delinquent, many of
which are in the local division, and
lie aggregate amount of taxes owin--
s to thousands of dollars. In*
d parties will find Collector
' notice in this issue.
laxll the Nliuuel .
Col. Lowery has tenderly and tearfully laid away In the b ineyard another of his journalistic productions,
the Nugget. Life at Poplar became
too strenuous and dollars too few, and
tho baby had to succumb. The plant
has been moved to Fernie, where the
Colonel's efforts will have a more likely chance to succeed.
Partial shut low.ll u' KlitorpMiO.
A partial shutdown o -. urre I >.  Lhe
A   Hiin*- Option.
W. T. Shatford. sometime of this
town, together with his brother, L.
Shatford, M.L.A. for Similkameen.
ue negotiating one of the biggest land
(inlllherto Speak Here.
Sloean's citizens will have an opportunity "f hearing something about
dominion politics next Tuesday evening, when W. A. Galliher, the Liberal
Candidate in Kootenny, will address a
public meeting on the issues of the
dav. The meeting is called for 8 p.
m.', in the Music Hall. Hill extends a
0 iidial invitation to opposition talkers.
Roefclnnd !<• Working.
(Iper.itions wore resumed a few
days ago on the Rockland, the big
copper property on Fight Mile, Manager
Two miles of trail yet remains to be
built to tic Club. ,
The Kilo group is to be surveyed
and crown granted.
In August the Ymir niiuo made, a
profit over all expenses of $1011.
Sevenil cars of zinc ore is being
shipped by the Fay uo to Belgium.
T. Mulvey and J. M. Beuedum have
ceased work for a time on the Josie.
Sandon mines last week shipped 151
tons of ore, making 9035 tons to date.
Another car of iron ore from tie
Payne passed through last week to
The Wakefield, on Four Mile, has
disposed of six cars of zinc to the Iola
M. S. Logan, of Nelson, has bonded
tho noted Mountain Con group, at
Cody, for $75,00!).
In the month of August the Le Roi
mine cleaned up a profit ou the ore
shipped of i-28,500.
Operations havo boen resumed at
the Nelson smelter, the necessary repairs having been effected.
A carload of ore was shipped to
Nelson last week by tho lessees on the
upper tunnels of thc Payne.
P. D. Ahier has been gazetted the
attorney for the Idaho Mines, at Alamo, in place of W. S. Jenkins.
The less.*cs of the Cinderella-Med-
ford have opened up a new vein of
carbonates, assaying 90 oz silver.
With the completion of the uew oro
house at the Reco, active stoping has
commenced,ore being broken down iu
large quantities.
The big sample of ore from the Ottawa, which Manager McPhee sent to
the Nelson exhibition, assayed 2260
02 iii silver per ton.
The tirst batch of lead bounty
checks received by G. 0. Buchanan
since Julv 1 came to hand this week.
Tliey amounted to?10,(XKJ.
Col. Jas. McNaught, of New York,
wns in Nelson this week conferring
with hi • brother, N. F. McNaught, ou
mutters affecting the future welfare
of the Kilo group.
Hamilton has a crew of seven or
eight men employed, erecting winter
 ,,  ,„,.,,,   quarters and taking In supplies.   A
deals thai has ever taken place in thej dozen men   will  lie  employed  atthe
province. They have taken a two
months' option on the big Bills ranch
at I'enticton, and are now In the east
arranging the transfer. The Option is
understood to be for $600,000,
all winter.
Llbarali to Meet.
I). Arnot. secretary of the local Lib-*
Soolnlllll>to Nominate.
A convention is to be called at Nelson in a few days, by tho Socialists of
Kootenay. to nominate u candidate to
contest the dominion election in their
interest. The. name most frequently
mentioned as the probable candidato
is James A. Baker, of this town, member of the executive of the Western
Federation of Minors. Jim is well
known throughout the riding, is a
fluent speaker, and would prove u
strong candidate. The voting strength
of an Independent candidate in Kootenay must not be overlooked, as past
experience has proven it must lie
reckoned with.
On Sunday evening Father Jean-
eial association, has issued a notice notte organized an Altar Society in
calling the annnal m leting for Satuv- connection with tho Catholic church,
day, Oot. 22.   The meeting will be I the officers being; President, Mrs. J.
held   in   the  association   rooms, nexl
barber shop.   A full nttoudai
Dealli oT  \. .1. Mark*.
A. ,1. Marks, a well   kno.vn pioneer I «$ "£'t£ ,^_^^Tw^'..ex11 SH»I%*)- ^ Ml Ht^ TV)
of  Nelson,  died  on   Saturday  mght   „,,,,„.,„,,. s, A   full  ;1,,,lul:.nee , ■>!<*** M« ■■'■■•    A."'-"'■*<**   'f. tlu .   , ,
nfter fl Ion [ lllu«m   II • was interest* Lf momj^rs and friend- of the cau-.-lvi'-u w.ll l.e held on Saturday nigitf
.-I hi ,- ai .'-i ita an.l mining property Is requested.
I at f o'clock. \x_xA.*.A.a.A.A.a\xA*A.*xkx*.A, A/
a- ail
a   l|   J!
Copyright, 1003, by T. 0. McClure
When Morris heard that the freedom
of camp life was to be disturbed by the
advent of girls, unlike the right good
captain of the Pinafore, he was guilty
of a "big, big D."
Holbrook and Seaton looked sheepish.
They and Morris were a trio of Yule
seniors who had slipped away from
New Haven ln the Interlude between
the closing of exams and commencement for one last jollification at Seaton's summer home on the sound before
they went their several ways. To him
nnd Holbrook the plan had seemed
rather a nice one.
"Oh, come, Bill," said Holbrook.
"They're awfully Jolly girls. It won't
be so bad."
"Oh, of course not," returned Morris
scornfully. "I know how it will be.
We'll hnve to wear collars and shave
und do the 'snssiety' net. They'll think
It's too cold to go Jn swimming, nnd
thoy won't know how anywny, und
they'll expect to be tuught. They'll Insist upon going sailing, and they'll
Scratch ull the paint off tlie deck wilh
their high heeled shoes, ami they'll
scream nnd get seuslck if it's rough.
And the chaperon will corner uie nntl
bore me stiff asking ine nbout my
studies und whether I'm any relation to
somebody or other of the sniue nume
who giuduuted iu '07. No, thunk you!
None ot It lu mine."
"Well, you ueedn't see them unless
you wnnt," remarked Seaton soothingly. "They'll be up nt the big house,
and they won't bother you down here
nt the lodge. You mny us well be decent about It. They're only going to
fetay two or three days nnywny."
"Humph! Well, if they butt in like
this they'll have to tuke me ns I nm.
S'pose you fellows will dress up ln glnd
rags.   I'm going Ashing."
Accordingly when Holbrook nnd Sen-
ton, shaven and shorn, in immaculate
negligee shirts, collars and white ducks,
"Do Ton beai.lt want ue?" shk cbied.
came down to the pier to help the
girls nnd their youthful chaperon
ashore Hilly was discovered iu a rugged
HaniiPl shirt, open nt the thront, n pair
of old golf trousers, rubber boots utul a
three dnys' growth of beurd, engrossed
lu manipulating a long ilsh pole off the
neighboring rocks. Holbrook and Sen-
ton murched olf up to the house, carrying dress suit cuses, and Morris saw
tliem no more tbut night.
He cooked his solitary supper, smoked
his solitary pipe uud turned In early.
With a feeling of righteousness, he
woke at 0 In the sweet, cool June morning and, getting Into his bathing suit,
proceeded down to tlie dock for his
morning plunge. Holbrook nnd Seaton
were still sleeping tho sleep of the Just
and tbe midnight rolllcker.
The tide wus high, the nir tilled with
the sweetness of honeysuckle und musical with tlio cull of birds. A girl in a
red hutliing suit stood at the oud of the
dock In tbe curly sunlight.
Morris wus in time lo see her throw
her bare nruia above her head, spring
lightly upward and descend In a
Hiruight I imbed dive luto the rippling
"Great Scott!" he remarked to himself. "That wus a corking dive nil
right." I
He waited until she appeared on the '
surface,  swimming on  her side,   ninl
stnlrs nnd run lightly up to the butl*
Twenty minutes Inter he found hi
companion of the waves sitting on tlu
dock with her hair down, drying it Ii
the sun.
Morris still wore the dlsreputabh
trousers, but his white sweater wac
passably clean, und he wore golf stock
lngs and yachting shoes. It was notice
able tfint be had just hnd n remnrka
bly clenn shnve. He wns mennlng to
take a little sail before brenkfnst.
He jumped down Into the trim little
sloop und began to tnke the covers off
the sails. lie whistled seftly to himself, and the girl on the dock watched
htm, her blue eyos shining through her
long wet locks. With n cheerful hum
and clutter of rigging the white sull
run up the mast and swung to nud fro
on the wooden boom.
"Wnnt to come?" snid Morris suddenly to the girl on the dock.
"Oh, may I? Do you really want
me?" she cried.
"Sure!" said the laconic Morris.
The girl did not wait for his assistance. She jumped lightly Into the bout,
her hnlr ilying uround hor. She wore a
short rough cloth skirt nnd rubber
soled shoos. A sailor wulst, low at the
neck, showed hor strong throat. Her
sleeves, rolled up lo the elbow, showed
well developed arms.
"Oh, Isn't she a beauty?" she cried as
they got uniler wuy, passing her hand
caressingly along the side of the boat.
"Vou bet she isi" said Morris, looking
into her azure eyes. This time it wus
his umliigulty thnt nbnshcd her.
Out thoy danced into the sparkle of
bright waves. The wind swept the
girl's hair from her face In n long shining banner. She snug to herself, too
hnppy to tnlk. Occnslonally her eyes
met Billy's ns he sut contentedly nt the
helm and were met by un answering
smile. He liked ber silent good fellowship. She didn't tnlk you to death the
wny most girls did. Ho whistled an
accompnuiment to her gay song.
"It is awfully good of you to take
me along like tills," she said nt last,
"especially when I know your opinion
of girls ns a race. The boys told us
what you said when they broke tho
news of our arrival to you."
"Oh—oh—did they? I beg your pardon," stammered Morris.
"Oh, don't apologize. I understand
how you felt," said his companion,
laughing. "We are in the wuy, I
"If girls were nil like you I wouldn't
care how often I found them in my
way," remarked Morris boldly.
"Was the (ishing good yesterday?"
she inquired wickedly. "You seemed
so interested in it."
Morris bln/hed. "Oh, come, now,
don't rub it in. I seo whnt I missed,
all right."
"We were dreadfully hurt," she
went ou in mock sadness. "We tried
to think it was unintentional, but the
boys speedily put our minds nt rest on
thut score."
"You must have thought me a regular boor. Wbat can I do to prove to
you thut I'm sorry?" Morris asked,
waxing tender in the sunlight of her
mischievous smile.
His companion wns evidently prac-
tlcul. "I know. Lot me steer for
awhile," she snid eagerly.
"Why, sure!"' he nnswered nnd gave
his place at the helm—he, the self
elected skipper, never known before to
relinquish the tiller to any human being, lie showed her how to steady the
course ovor the sunny sound. She was
an opt pupil and laughed gleefully ns
they met the waves. Morris, watching
her, resolved that lie would breakfast
at the big house if sufficiently urged.
When Seaton and Holbrook came
down to the dock sonic time later for
their dip they held their breath ln astonishment at beholding the sloop heeling over to the breeze, a girl at ths
tiller, while tho cynical Billy sat beside her nnd dried her hnir with a
Turkish towel.
"Goo whiz!" exclaimed Holbrook.
"Will you look at that? If there isn't
Billy jollying the chaperon I"
Dodd's Kidney Pills Enabled
Him to Sleep in Peace.
Grand Work they are doing for Thousands of Canadians Every Tear.
Tabuclntac, Cumberland, Co., N.
S., Oct. 8.—(Special).—Mr. J. H.
Lee, postmaster here. Is' one of ths
great army of Canadians who, rescued from pain and weakness by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, are shouting
tlie praises of the great Kidney Remedy.
"Yes," the postmaster says: "I
want to express my thankfulness for
the great benefit I have received from
the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"My trouble wns having to urinate too freely. I had to rise eight
or ten times each night so that my
rest was broken. My feet and legs |
also swelled. Then I got Dodd's
Kidney Pills and I took six boxes
all told.   Now I am all right.
"It will >b« a eomfort to me if by
making my case public I enn lead
some other sufferer to find relief in
Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
Bright's Disease. The.v also annually bring relief to hundreds of thousands of Canadians who ore bothered with earlier Kidney Troubles.
♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦l
A series of articles describin;-
thelr lives, their alms and
their influence.
t GEO. FATEESON, B. A., L. L. & ♦
A cable received from London suys:
Important changos In Salvation.
Army lenders in various countries
will shortly lako place. The officers
included in the reorganization scheme
are Commissioners Eva Uooth, Mrs.
Booth in Switzerland, nnd Booth-
Tucker, who is leaving the United
States. The new appointments are
ns yet unannounced.
j#rV*s';      t|mB
*-'*■  ■•'**•          "*^\VH
*-*>■   *'*lt
_-, . _*p*M:____%
•''(■ ■*
(;f*(>.   I'ATl 1RHON,   U. A.
Ll.   It
Proprietor   and   Editor  ul
the    lli-
loruine Times.
Speaking of the recent automobile
accidents, according to the New
Vork Herald, Winthron E, Scarritt,
President of tho Automobile Club of
America, predicted In nu Interview
that if nn immediate curb tw a-. I
placed upon the spirit, of lawlessness
possessed by many rhnffcurs. a long
suffering public would take matters
into its own hands and scenes similar to thoso of the Trench revolution
might  be witnessed.
George lt. Hamilton, Western Ontario manager for the Imperial Life
Insurance Company. shot hinuself
through the head about (>..'5(> this
evening in his ollice in the Hank of
Toronto chambers, snys a London
(Ont.! despatch, dated the 2«th.
About half un hour alter the shooting, Alex. Borelnnd. the caretaker,
went into Hamilton's office to clesui
up as usual, and found the insurance
man dead. Various stories are in circulation as to the cause of Ihe accident,  but   nothing    definite   can   be
learned. Tho deceased, who wa.s
aliout 45 years old, came to London
some five years ago from Toronto,
where ho had been in tbe employ of
the Imperial Life, which companv lie
had previously represented In Winnipeg. Shortly inter the finding of the
body Mr. Hamilton's wife telephoned
to the ollice to know why he had not
come home to tea. A detective replied that he had met With an accident, in u few minutes Mrs. Hamilton and tho family, thoroughly
alarmed, reached the scene and then
learned the distressing truth. Hamilton was a man of a quiet manner,
and well liked by those who knew
him. Boei des his wife, six children
I'mlo  David'a  Plilloaoplir.
Babies do not cry unless thcro is
iodic1 good reason for it The cry of
a baby is nature's Warning signal
that thcro is something wrong. If
the frotfulncss and crying are not
caused by exterior sources, it i.s conclusive evidence thnt the crying baby
is ill. The only safe and judicious
thing   to   do   is to give Baby's Own
  I Tablets without delay.    Por indiges-
Yew muy patch up a pure of overalls tion, colic, teething troubles, con-
so they will do to go to church in, but Stipation, diarrhoea, worms and sim-
n. patch ou u repetashuu muy not leve P'o fevers these marvellous little
it fit to go to a dog fltc. My advice is, Tablets have given relief in thou-
don't git yore repetiishun in no need of Banda of c*iS'-'s and saved ,rmny l)ie*"
piitchos, fur n patch ou n rcpetashun c,ous ,UvM'_ __\*,■*■ B***™^-! to
is denied hard to keep out of site. . c°']Uim •"> ha,Amf.ul d!"K'-r Mfrs* '"hn
,,.,—,,,     , „ ,       ., , „       ■ Dobie,    St.    Andrews    Eust,     Quo..
P. 8.-Thl8 Is shore useful, and I Mow   savs.      ..Baby.a  0wn Tablets aro a
splendid medicine for the cure of constipation and other ills that ulllict
children. I consider it my duty to
recommend them to all who have
littlo ones." The Tablets are Bold at
25 cents a box by all druggists, or
may be had by mail by writing Tho
Dr. Williams' Medlcino Co., Brockville, Ont.
Is one of the britest things your Unkel
David lira ovor sod.
Industry and economy may be played
tu hn nl ns a sisioin. If yew check a
boss' bod up tu tlte yew may save sum
groone grass und make tho boss somo
more industrious, but yew won't git so
fur In a day.
P. 8.—There will lie sum munny left
to qunrl ovor when yew and me is ded.
A wummaii may not be a good business man, but I dun notice she never
forgita to nn me the bai by nfter its
ritcliest unUel.
P. 8.—Your L'nkel David may hav •
few natnetaik!.—Field and Stream.
y.tuuiuil   l.ninlni,',
The proprietor and  editor    of    the
Deloraine   Times,   George   Paterson,
II. A.,   LL. B.|    is    one   of  the  very
numerous illustrations thc Canadian
West  can    offer    of    distinct    success
achieved in professional lhe by men
reared on a farm.   Till he was nineteen years of age Mr. Paterson went
through  overy  grade  of  farm   work,
up to  tho full   dignity   of   doing   a
man's work in tho field,    i lie tusk of
hewing  out   a  homo    Irom   the   prim**
oval bush of   Old   Ontario   was   oaa
that developed a sturdy    race,    both
intellectually   and   physically.     Th*
conditions of   lifo   wore   such as   to
Ining out.  thoso qualities  of utlapta-
fiility    and    resourcefulness.     self-ro-
liance nnd  sell-discipline,   best Calculated   to   make   big   of   tr.,m*   and
broad of mind.   Thc men reared un-
iler such conditions   w< re   in   every
sense those l>est qualified io lay the
inundations  of   the    new    Canadian
Empire   of   tho   Wast,    when,   some
threo   decades   ago,    the   people   of
Eastern Canada became seized of the
illimitable wealth of opportunity offered  in   tho  rich  prairie  lands  wost
of the Great Lakes.      Of these   men
Mr.  Paterson is in   many respects a
representative type.   His predominating characteristics    uro   those   moro
generally associated with the simpler
lifo of  tho  furm  than  the  strenuous
life of tho city.   On the business side
ho  is   frankly  direct  and   forthright,
and    withal     shrewd   and   farsceing.
Socially he is of such a gonial com-
punionability    that    his    friends    include     practically     all    who    know
him.        A    live     editor,      n     good
lawyer,    a  capable  business  man,    a
public-spirited    citizen,    with    troops
of friends,  Mr.  Paterson  is  Indeed  in
a position commanding the friendly
envy  of  many    of    those    who  know
bim,  and  Ihe hearty respect  of all.
Though none would so suspect from
his figure and act i\ ily, from his
hearty whole-souled boyishness of
manner, Mr. Paterson in 47 years of
ago. llo .seemed somewhat surprised
at the fact himself, when questioned
about it, nnd when his interviewer
looked Incredulous, ho went over the
calculation again, to make sure that
he hadn't slipped in another ten
years. "I guess that's right." he
suid, ruefully, nfter some mental figuring. "I wus bprn in '57. and I
don't see that I can bo less than 47.
But, honestly," he added, brightening, "I don't fi*el nenr that old."
And certainly he doesn't look it.
It wus in the lownship of North
East Hope, in the county of Perth,
Ontario, that Mr. I'uterson first saw
the light of day. On both sides he
was of Scotch descent, bis father
having emigrated to Canada from
Roxburghshire, Scotland, in "17, and
some time after, meeting und marrying his (Heorge's) mother, who was
also of Scotch parentage.
Mr. Paterson's early education differed no whit from lhat of other
youths brought up in those pioneer
days under Similar conditions. Ho
attended the log school with the
other farm boys of his neighborhood.
(henrt and eoiirugv of youth, Mr. 1'n.t-
[arson loft   college   und    went south.
[From   Toronto   hs   went   "by   easy
stages," ns lio himself says,  to  Chicago   and   down    to    Kansas    City.
When pressed as to how he travelled
So far on such limited resources,  Mr.
JPutorson  said,  quizzically,   "Well,    1
said   I   went   'by    easy   stages';     I
didn't figure on paying railway fare.
J—at least, not   unless I had to.     I
rode in box cars, and on coal trucks,
uud  with nil sorts of freight.    No,  1
never   tried   a   t-rip   on tho   bruke
beams,     but   I've   had some   pretty
wild rides.   Often I'd be put off, and
then I'd 'hoof it' along tha  track till
1 could jump  the next freight.     It's
un experience  worth   living  through,
though.      Vou   meet    ull   sorts and
conditions    of    men    when    you    are
stealing a rido on   a    freight,    from
young college chaps,  like  I  was, —to
the  broken  down  genl Ionian    or    the
professional  hobo.      There's   a    sort
of Freemasonry   among   them,   too,
und  the help  they give    each   other
would     surprise     one    Unacquainted
with  the customs of  the frnt.*.rnltv."
"Of  course   I   could,"   he  answered
lo a  question  ns  to  some details of
lliis   lour.     "Of  course   I   could    toll
you  n   whole   lot   of   e\p. cien^es,   but
1 don't   know  thnt   they'd  be specially  eiilerlaining,     and    Hull,   besides,
you'd go and give nie away in print,
llut one day I was Completely 'strapped.' and had been  put oil' l,y  a'Conductor 1 couldn't  do anything with,
nl   a   wayside   station   twenty    miles
Iroill     anywhere.      A   farmer's wagon
uas hitched  uii  to  the  fence   across
from  the truck,  anil  a'l  old man  ami
n   younger—his   son—were in ||,     i
walked  over to  them  ami said.    'I>o
you  want  a  hired  mail?'     Ves.'  Ettld
the younger.   'Then  take  nie.'   I  said.
They asked nie what I  could do, and
1  told  them,  but the old  man shook
his head unbelievingly,   'liecn  fired off
the train,  eh?' asked he, and  I had
to   admit     Hint    1    had.     '(lot    any
money?'  he usked ..gain,  and  1    hud
to tell  him  I  hadn't.     They   hold   n
consultation, and at  last   they   told
ine to jump into the wagon and come
along.    1   worked   for   Ihem    for    two
months,   when 1 bad  anough    money
to carry me afresh    on   niy travels.
The old dmd wanted me ' -   lay very
badly.   He said I was the    .   t  hired
man he ever hud,  and he'd  give ine
good  wages If I'd agre«*> to    slop    a
year.   Ile told ine, too, lhat  was the
greatest    disappointment     ho'd    over
had since he'd been on a farm.     lie
had sized me up for a dead boat, nnd
had   thought I wouldn't     earn     my
board.     He'd noticed that my hands
were soft,  and   it    was only  because
they were stuck that  he consented to
engage mo.    However,  the work soou
runil that, and the old man was delighted   when  he  found   I   could  plow
and pitch us well us any mnu on the
"ll wns too hot down there to suit
me, and so I started for the north.
I gave $1 to a brakeman, and lie
pul   nu* as far as  Minneapolis.    Then
Which Will prov
P° Canattians.
■ftfhof Good Ke"w7ftecel*frt
tm, -Utn., vrhicli iiroul,
Into His Lil'o.U8ht,,»
fr«m Cal.
Hero is a sincere
w* t** an Eng,,;,;;;;;^
almost led to take hl, own hr "M
account   of   what   he   suiTered tJ
,tthin« ■>"-•    "0 had  ..,otM
vice and remedies to , lH,      1
ter sixteen years' of   sudurln
without hope of recovery *"
in  his  letter    how
heurd of Ur.  Chase's 01
H« tell,
114 Milton
Mar .gate
Fxlmanson, Hates & (*0   '
Toronto, Can.,
Dear -Sirs.—I feel 'it    i,,v    i .
write to acknowl,.,!,,..',, ",ltv W
to acknowledge
Chase's    Ointment
1 had suffered
-'"ne lot!
over  sixteen  years ',""•' ""•
y   ut   that.      Thcro
times when 1 could nml Uoul-J ha
put an end to  it nil  if n  |lil(|
IJeen for the thought ol u
.Some poople muy think 1
lug  it a point,  but  tin,-,,
suffered as I have will kn
At otlier times 1 have
take a knife and cut
until  I  cume  to  the
evil,  but thank  Ood
•V* Inn
■' ii'ir Cod.
in stretch.
Who  hav,
h I cnu!4'
a"•'.'•' tho purt,
bottom ol th,
a-----------------      it   e* nil   past
It was quite by accldenl lhatl£3
to kuow of llr. Chuse's Ointment™]
bavo had doctors* advlco and ragfl
dies to no end and could not
how much I spent in that
years. I had a Calgary
to me and there I saw your Ointment advertised. It |us'| m J
case, as it said for Itching pilesuj
suved painful operationa
As I could not get Dr. i'hnsc'i
Ointment from my chemist, I ivrou
to my brother, Mr. II Shelley ol
Oalgary, Alt a , nnd h
box.    Before I  bad
'•'Per sat
1   engaged     to    work     in    a   railway
gang ut Crookston, and paid
niy    transport at ion     thither,
wero some thirty of US in  the
and when  we got   to  Crookston
£•2 for
*l Iwre
 ^^^^^^^^^     „n •
ol the foremen, and nearly all thu
men, skipped ont, I wasn't very hungry for railroading, so l kept on to
the north. When I got to dretiui 1
was in too big it hurry lo wall for
the train—nobody knew when n tn.in
would run in those days—SO I set o!T
wnlk, and tramped across the prairie
to Morden. I hinil oul to n fanner
then*, and afterward* worked on a
threshing gang. Tien for nine
months I taught Belmont school, and
from that I went t<, Portage i;%
Prairie, and weni into the office of n
law (inii. In 1880 1 Won! to Winnipeg, going into the driu id which the
present .Judge itichards was the
head, and in 1802 took my final law
exam, and Went  lo  lieloraine."
Since his removal to Dolornlno Mr,
Peterson    has   built   up a   spl< ndld
law     practice.       Five    years  BRO     be
bought the Deloraine Times from
Mrs. baubrey, who had .managed it
since her husband's death. I'nder
Mr. Paterson's charge it Quickly developed into one of the liest louutiy
weeklies in Manitoba. It. h;;-; been
B    Consist cut    advocate    of      Liberal
principles, and itu comuienis pn current events uro regardul u:; amn|ig
lhe most, well considered and wnighty
of nil the papers published in the
smaller towns of the provinces. As
far n.i local news in concerned, all
that happens in the vicinity of I'o-
loraine thnt tho paper does not
cover is not of sufficient Importance
tp lw chronicled. The i-leeiu in
which tbo Times is hold by the local
business in«;n is lni.st evidenced by
its  large  advertising  patrnnng*.
Hinre his removal   to  lieloraine Mr
Paterson  has  received    marks of the
sent me oral
^^^^^^^^^^^ used oia-thiid oil
the box I wus perfectly cured by thia |
oinl ment.
I atn sure you will he stirpris«| to
g*ot this letter from this coiner ol
the world, but I felt It my duty to
acknowledge tin* great food Dr.
("base's Ointment has dona tor mi
Vou are at liberty to make uso of
this letter as you seo fit. All I should
like to say to anyone who sullen
from this dreadful complaint Is I
know it cures. With many Lkanki,
Yours respectfully,
T. Shelley,
If you enclose a stamp for reply,
Mr. Shelley would no doubl filndlj
answer uny question nhout his case.
But there are similar cas ; among
your own friends and neighbors will
whom you can have a personal interview. If you aro not acquainted with
tho merits of Dr. Chase's nlnlment
you will be surprised at the cureJ
which are being brought nhntit il
your own noJghoorhood. No prepai*
tion has ever boen more heartily ce
dorsed by people who have used It
and none has ever been so successful
in curing piles.
Hr. Chase's Ointment, .'n rents ll
box, nt all dealers, or I-alnmnson,J
Hat"?. ,*i Co., Toronto. Tlie portraits
nml signature of Dr. A. W. Ch«H
the famous receipt book author, arl|
on every  box.
A   I .oinlon cable mxyt     i   i 11 ill i
Is still  in the far v d ol Us
Ni■■• . |     S;.., H    i; ,i, .      rori 'spondenl
nl lll.'l-.IO. I     I     la |„     ,,,.|.a |, a.       • 1,1*1
faith   iii  him,  nnd  uro dttilj   des irt-1
ie.g.      Uo  i.uw    I..is    \ ■ i■■.   fett
ors    The eront  mujoi it.*,   Imvc oitlis |
gone awuy   and   rejoined llieir own
tribes or  l..i *. .-■ come In mid
ia.   I'. iran.  Ilorbur.i,  Sheikh, and otheM
I     I       'I I ■ 3   ri ii • ulto !'      nblv disposed.     'I l.e MuPali is vc 1    short '■'
food,   and   is  sick  pf  Hgl '  ill      >' I!'"
sent   his    only    desire  is In bring ?!
one .aid io replenish in- I    lor :l1-'
'hen    g()    ti,    ih,.    spilth  . rid  li(*e l«
peace with his tribe.
then, with a run imd a leap, was'after   veo'mtlo f"'' ''^ " ",""T f'*°m B
ber.   She glanced back ns she board bis '
splash and smiled us be same up blink-
lag,   •'•bind morning," she called.
"Better not go too fur to the enst,"
lie called buck. "The tide's running
pretty swift."
"Thanks," she answered nnd swept
nway with long, even strokes in the
opposite direction.
Morris cutight up with hor. "Water's
pretty cold this morning." be romnrked
"Cold ns your welcome yesterday,"
she answered, showing bor white eth.
"But 1 like it.  it's exhilarating."
She turned over on her buck and
runted contentedly, Morris wns somewhat abashed ut the slight ambiguity
of her remarks,
Presently she swum toward the dock,
.» d Morrh wuw her climb the slliwerv
ehtip a scientist thought be
would test the bid's intelligence by putting n few questions to him.   Accordingly  he pointed to a  pile of paving
stones and suid:
"How were these stones made, son?"
I    "Thoy  wasn't iniido;  they growed,"
replied the boy.
" 'U rowed?'    How   do   you   mean
I 'growed?' " snld the mnn.
"They growed  the same as potatoes
grow," the boy explained.
The mnu shook bis bead. "No, my
lad. you are wrong," bo said. "Stones
cnn't grow.   If you were to come back
I to these stones live yours or ton years
or twenty years from now tbey would
I still bo the sii nu* lin."
"Of course," said tbo little newsboy,
I Sneering, "They've boen taken out of
the ground now and bave stopped
growlu', sumo iis potatoes would." 1
Iil'.K TAX.        ^.^^
Timber   Inspector     Murray  of  licit-
ish   Columbia,   has   .seized   the    plant
of four American logging camps,
near Iho boundary line on the sonlh
side of the I'raser rlvor. All the
camps were well equipped with donkey engines, etc., and tha plant
seized, together with tho logs in Iho
water, is worth over $100,000. iho
Americans were evading payment of
the provincial tax of Sl per 1,000
feet. Tho logs wore being hauled lo
mills at Blaine, WaKhington.
Tn tho twenty-four hours ending
Friday midnight tho Btcol pint at
Snult Sto. Marie turned OUl IIOO
tons of stool rails, This amount ron-
sliluted 11  record, iK'ing    the   IflTarest
amount manufactured in nnv similar
|H*riod of time since Hie plant was
put in operation a couple of years
ago. Tests of the product n'sn have
lwoii very successful. Preparations
for the commencement of the work
at, the blast, furnace nro progressing
satisfactorily, and it is SXpoCtlHl that
tho furnaces  will  be  In  operation  by
the end of tho month,   (Specimens of
ore for uso (here arrives daily.
  _ , ,0*100111  in  which   he   is    held    by    lhe
his attendance being, like thoirs, jtownsmon by oloelion lo several of-
somowhnt broken nnd interrupted bV flees of public trust und confidence.
tho exigencies of sugaring, lending. At the last general provincial elSC-
haylng and harvest. Tin* OUtStand- ,tion be roiilcsli*,! the seal iu lie in
ing incident of this early part of his 1 tarest of the Liberal party, but w.is
lifo is tho foot, which Air. Paterson defeated, His personal and political
yot recalls with pride, thai at Hu* friends were not dismayed by his do-
o,gc of eighteen he took the first fifjt, however, but. bave since * ilectv
provincial plowing od hlm us lhe standard bearer of
.Liberalism lu Hie more important
contest for Iho Dpmlnio.ll BOpi of
Knurls. Nobody can predict the result of .tho contest)   as  bla opponent
 . j Ih  of  undoubted   idreiiglb,   bill   many
fatigablo student.     He obtained  ror-   of his friends ure confldonl   that  Mr.
third   and  socond-claSS j Paterson  will   win.    Should    lliis    bo
for   three yours itho rase,  the Wesl    will  have. In Ihe
In  porson of Mr.  Paterson, a  reprnsen-
,'tntive thoroughly   fnmlilpi" with i.s
I needs nnd rcfcpilroinents, nud one who
jimiy  be  relied   on    to   do   his III 1.10*1
to advance its Interests,
pri7.0    at    the ^^^^^^
match held ni  Stratford.
Until tlu* age of nineteen Mr. Paterson stayed on the farm. Then ho
went to the collegiate for oighteen
months,  proving   n    ready and  inde-
tificatos    as
teacher,   and   then
taught  school    near    Stratford
1882 he went, to Collingwood to prepare for tho University course,   and
Subsequently    entered    Toronto    University,   where,   In  188(1,   he graduated,  and  in   tho following year    look
tho  IA.. B. degree.
Ill J88C, at the time of the Northwest rebellion, Mr. Palerson, with
many nuolber of the Toronio University students, volunteered for service. Ho joined lhe (lUOOIl's Own
Rifles, mid was ordered lo Ihe front.
Hero ho wiih "a corporation sol- dl-er
at .io cents n dnv." as the famous
university ballad has It, but none of
these vnlinnt nnd adventurous
youths bad  nn  opportunity  lo smell
The Condition of Muny Fonqg (fomfll
In Simps nnil Oflici .<.
Thousands of young women h.'*'*
to depend upon their own »ITartS ;0
gain a livelihood, and 10 t ** ■" -"-■
Whether behind the counter, In ll,d
oiiice. the factory or tho home, *<*
moans close continent! ul nfien ,n
1'iidly vcM.lnicd rooms i in ro l» a
Strain op ths riervco; ll|0 I I '! «*
comes Impoverished; the cl ■ekspuwi
thero aro frequent hoadfldu s; pnlpl
Inlion of the heart i.nd 11 eonslenf1
tiredness, Jf the flrsl symptom" :,r0
neglected it may lead to n namplew
breakdown — perhaps   cQusumpt'01'-
Wlml is 1 ded   to   restore vim and
energy (in.I vitality, Is u   tonii
absolutely    lhe    best    Ionic     i
world   is" Dr.   Williams' I'ink
They actually make now bb
id. "'"•
I'n rin o*
Ios'r Vegetable Pilli regulate tin
of the ircretlons, puHfy tho bin
keep 1 hn itomacb and bowolfl frf
lIlrJKllon    I hey   will       ^^—^^—^^_
ia a'li< air    InliiiiiMii'SM,     nnd   Ipavc   (ho   ..,-
I grit I rp  orgB*"    lii-nll liv     nnd   Klrnni     lo
I perform  Ihslr    functions      Their   merlin
nro   well   known   In   thnliennilfl   -  no   l.ia.u
by experience how bsneflclal  Ihej  nre lu
-Hiving tone lo the evetein.
bring health und cheerful energy t0
Hied nnd depressed girls and veiiiin.
Miss Viola Willelt, Robinson'! Cof"
ners, N. 8.. siivsi "I was n irrt.nl »•"'
from l;e,',,'h,cll"S. heart |>;il|"!rt*
and I real Is llllll .li11"'1 -J*
seem .1 almost *»
^^^^^^ , t. i*. nnd ■ ■
exertion left ItlO weak nnd ih'l"'''ssl'';
I used seven hexes of Dr. WIIIUM*
Pink PiOiind Ihey hav.' Ilindo n ' ■
tiinrl-alde change  In  my conditio**'
My    hlood
turned to v
powder Inirnod in anger, having thlor I    Tll .„..■„-. ,,
full  share of the     hardships   of    lha 'tn ' ,",,',   .     "' "'' ''U' :,(  'l'"1""
campaign,   but   lllllo  or  none  of  lis ' ,„,    ,,,'.'""*   m.',v   "'''"'i'    Irni
glory.                                                 i1'1"   "W-'nsI   Alfred  Mrlh nil   rot-
After taking   his doereo. with hul ■"!." ,y..n_" 0."'"rl" *~y*rni H oiiw-i,.!
..   his degree, with but
■$20 in his pocket,  hut   with  the high
on  four
^^^^    from
iTrtme i''s|i;Hia. I can  truly say Hint   I feci i"*'  "
' parson,     and    strongly   rccpni
these   pills   to  all   WI  ll<   aWpS ,:', "..
These pills cure nil foi'-ng "' i»m
nml nerve 1 roubles, but roil musl «*
the   e-.'u.illii'    With     till'  full   "'"'"'',,'.
Willi.mis'   Pinh   Pills     for    I'll't*   r™
pie, on the wrapper around en-* '' *J
Ash  your drug-gist  fi)l   Ihem   '"'  •?■*•"
1.in ral them by mnil "' ''",''"..rit-
box. ..r sis hates fo.   *".•.<■■ hv •*""
iiirgeii    of    Iliefl     from lhe
ft HA,
t>i   W'iiilnn
:    Out.
M..I obit-
Co, |niitli.
kin i of disclplln
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to t *C 10 t-M-3 t« t-s t* td r£ t*  to  to  to  to to to to to to  to  to  toto
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I i li I J t* I« It IC (« I* t* I»       M li to      t i ti      *>t«atOt«tOKl
88888888888   888   88   88888
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O li l: ot io ic w * h 4. -
9 •*'•*) e o oi O «.*> -j o t>a
—    to    cuts
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-joioo o to -»<
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^ar» Pujols
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fess'sls sss ss s Is SS ssssss ssssssss ssssssss
X^ra — ?*»***       Pr l*> I*       A n       r.       r* r* e* f.       e* r- r* e. r* P*       r-f*r*r-p*^*^ara       f^r-f-r-r-r*r-(*-
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P5 OlSaOIOOOC        MiaiBinMui,        J- Ja. a
00 to*" " "
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co 0101U*. 01 —      ti li w to a-  in.
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3»»«-**'     w — oa to© 00     tot
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ooftftoo  non 00 o  no     no  000000  00000000  oooopopo
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) O * © •- -1 (O (C It *■ to tO *• © — -1 "-* 00 —. Ci tO <5>
►_. -1 «**-*•-» 10     co to to
© tO IO W *** •*-        **■ C*l IO        9><D       ^       ©tO
i-*     co to     to*     to mwmwmm     h** to en 1*-* i-»     e
enco     **.»--tfstocnto     -m     tototo©©k-*     t—cfioocototoeo*-*
S8S85?§  ^2,   98   S   §8     S8   88^lf.S§   8So.S8S?S8   S8S8S885
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to to  to to to 10 to to  to to to to to m to to  to to to to to 10 to to I "
g'g   888888   88888888   S8SS8SS8
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J^o'ia©     « co eo n ©' io' co' « J     -i        •     *"*? u? * ■**• » B 3 io § fi g g g >s © oo©
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;§§SS   SSSgggggg   g^~©TT^©T~ "	
!„•„•«»,  <nNNn'n^n*^m*  „*,  ff-    ^OOOOO ggggggg ©§©
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in to to' M     r»     is i-i ■*    <f>
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S^'f-si-'SSSSiSasa   sa"S   a   2  figd   ss2   £   at •«»»*•   ©©   m-mZZ     ZZwwwww.»  »*""'o   00000000   cu
UwiwsliHi Sff : ! IP :      !! —■■ S| HBI HHIIIH PHI llllliq li
liill ill :fflm "fl 1 1 % % ■ ^ W. $ W\ M38MM 2*3335 siSIlssi ii
a- J- Ci&a     ££
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h ta a w u 5 p
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• -.a—   ■     'r'*,;0'*,"  t»'c   ^r®*S
BW   ._& _ ..fi"! I F „
IflJl rj#S§IIi!|
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hpnrt   iwipim-
Imi   aflllel   my
,.|   nlinosl   %
nml lho l<'»st
aMal    lll'l'l
IH. |g     PFM.UL. "St
LOCAN,   B.  C.
OOT    Clear"    of all teas that are not sold,
iu sealed lead packets under the registered brand
jrvcil lover, It ls snld, nhvnys
BiisplcloiM husband. — Gold-
|,,;v  wife  and  children nre n
discipline of bu inanity.-Lord
11 man should marry- -n young
ht yet, a" elder man not at all.—
in I loves not his wife and chll- |
ja a lloUCBfl at home and broods
l0r Borrowa.—Jeremy Taylor.
lc hni'dly over obfiorved the mar-
1,,,-a!;>,:i unhappy but for want of
nt or tcmptr In tho man.-Hlch.
Imt hath wife iiiul children hath
rftugca to fortune, for they aro
■i outs to great enterprises, either
Iii,. or in isehief.—Lord bacon,
treating her like n goddess the
il uses her liko n woman.   What
c, the most abject Uutien-rs do*
K.,.1     lilt*    I'POIlt***!      l l-l'U »»tu . »
CEYLON TKA.   The sale now exceeds 12 million packets annually.
The people are learning its worth --- and learning quickly.    Btock or
Natural GRliEN.      Both equally " PURE."      Scaled Eead Packets
Only.    By All Grocers.
w **a***—a—ii.	
—. — Hair Renewer
Always restores color to gray hair, all the dark, rich color it used
to nave.« The hair stops Falline, grows long and heavy, and ill
dandruff disappears.  An elegant dressing.u ^i^x^ri^^^t"'
latmae FmhiIh* In Old Tliura.
nr.- certain ihsliej whieh aro
liily   dedlcate.l   by   cURtoui   and
■Ion lo the Christinas fi\int.   The
1 pudding Is almost the sole sur-
of a long list of equally savory
There was tho hoar's head, ul-
the herald of the feast and al-
seasoued with iiiustnfd.   Next In
Kauce was thc peacock. The skiu
|c;uefully stripped off,  with  the
lni:o adhering, The bird was then
?d.   When lt was done and hud
it was served up again In ita
'ta and  with  glided   beak was
•to the table.  Sometimes the wholo
I vh<j covered with gold leaf and a
L'ticou saturated witli spirit.?
■a in its beak aud lighted as It
lis gorgeous  entry.   Tbe  noblo
|was not served by common bands.
privilege was reserved for the
i» most distinguished by birth and
Ity,  Geese, capons, pheasants nnd
of carps' tongues also helped to
(out the Christmas table ln days
II iho banns of iitarrlugo witi- published of two flowers, wliicli would
thoy In'.'—Sweet William, ninl Mary
Oold (Marigold).
I   was  Cured  oi  torrlblo   lumbago
by  MlNAIili s LINIMENT,
l(i:\ .  WM    llllir.VN.
I wns Cured ot n i>.i<I cose ol earache by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I   was   Curod   of   sensitive    lungs
The Minister of "Militia at Ottawa
has delegated Col. Fiset, D. C. M. B.,
tu roprcsant the Canadian Medical
Service.at t l.i* International Congress of Military Surgeons ni St.
Louis from Lho 10th io Uitli of c-
Thlrty-iivo students, living in different .status of Uie Union, who won
the Cecil Khodes scholarship for o
course of Btlldy ut Oxford University
sailed from Boston oil iho ^Tt.n to
Immediately thej ware uttered to ihe
public, I'araieleo'i Vegetable l'ills lie*
ninn' popular because al tha uouil ra*
pert thoy inndo lor themselves, That
reputation ims grown, and thoy now
rank among the drat medicines tor use
in attacks ol dyspepsia and biliousness,
complaints ol Che liver and kidneys,
rheumatism, l-tver nnd ague uml the In-
namernbla complications io which these
oilmonts givo rise.
Why   is  a   Woddlng*-ring  lil
iy'?—Because il  has no end.
ct oriil-
The Yuang Idea. I
t. Wise—Johnny, can you tell me
' the little hand on my watch goes
irr than the big one?
luiny (after mature reflection)—
n. ain't it Just like why I have to
I when I go walking with you? j
Stop tUc Pfin butdasiroy tha
6ciij!iaOll--'l his is sadly too often tho
case. So many nauseous nostrums purporting to euro, In the end iio the pa*
llent immensely i.ioro l.unu limn "ooil
lir Von Satan's Pineapple TSblcts an* «
purely vegetable pepsin preparation, t>-
narmlesa us milk. One ufiri cm luu pre
vents any disardcr ol the digestive organs, 00 in a  box, ,"••"» rents —10        .
t ho Governor's Wile a Fir-so***-
Cr- Mi /. A. Van I-uven is the wife
of the governor ot llu: county jail, Nnp-
sitee, Out., and was a great suileror
from rheumatism. When the hest 'locators in the community and "specialists"
'fni'it   lo   help   her.   she   buried   hoc   s-.(",i-
tism of proprietary remedies und pur-
(hated South AiiierU-nii llhcuinatic Cure.
4 hot ties cured her — 6fl
Tlio condition of Lady Ciuv.on is
still critical. but wus slightly Improved en Saturday. A despatch
from W aimer castle says hor strength
is wt'.l maintained, sir Thomas Bar-
low and several noted physicians
from Paris hav.' arrived nt Waliner
COSlle, wher,' Lady Ciuv.on is ill.
What Ile Found Oat.
■Veil," said the city editor, "what did
i find out about that mysterious bos
Ice headquarters?"
ere was uotiiiug ln lt,"  replied
i reporter.
Prosidlng at the annual meeting of
lho Palmers iron and Shipbuilding
company nt Newcastle, Sir Charles
McLaren, M. P.. laid Ihnt Canada
for lhe fust seven months of 1004
was Croat Britain's chief competitor
iu pig iron production,
Fora-nt.illInK Her. [
\Vo you go out to your Aunt Mary's
summer?" (
Ijfes, if wo can get off before wc get
Utter saying she ls coming here."
Wilson's Fly Puds are sv ■' by s A Druggie's and General Sore?.
u Iml herb is the mosi  hij
lady's beauty'.*—Thyme
lout* ti
rather isn't   it    murder   lo
ig?1'   L'athor:   "Not   exactly
in assaulting with Intent   '•••
■ other is n killing with In*
nit." •
boll," said tt well-meaning
when sliowing lhe belfry of
■sting  village church   to   n
nf  visitors,   "is  only   rang   In
"i  fire,  it   flood,  it  visil   from the
|t<l In-hup of  the    diocese,    or   nny
■   1.unity."
! Wilson's Fly Pads are the beet fly killer*
A cablegram    from   London says.
|ii  I   r. Brady,   one   of   tho   com-
Bttci    t unlimited    by   the   Secretary
■Sl.it,'     for    the    Colonics,   to  dis-
lliuto  llu*  $lli0,(l(l(l  voted  by   Can-
In  lo  relieve  Irish  distress, 1> ijeii'l
H   ''      Vn'   of   H(l.
\* il i.n's Fly Pads will clear your houso
If Dies,
i: Vi:\HH roll FORGERY.
■ i.  II    Reid.  of Toronto,   who
•i   Montreal  uniler  lhe  iinmo of
■"dl,   iii'.eslment    broker, wus soli-
■I  Hi"  othef  day  to  four    years
|"-nileiilini'y.    chnit-vd    With
fut'Hod n iin i|i,e pn which he
i  wan  from  iho   c.   r. it.
hip   nlt'ice.      Ile   was   al«0  eon-
nl  nlteinptlng to qbtnln  illa-
lllldor  In Ki*  prelences    frnm    n
- |   il'-al.'l',    bill   sentence    was
ill il on  that chargo.
AS THK "ll. ui I'.s IN THE '!*•
Ill us ul T.—Applied to lhe seal •• t
pu In  In uev   pari   ol  Ibe bod)   the   ■    •
iiio-nihs    the    Biinlliins     Mn it    und. i
lei■•_ friction uud the patient obtains
otiimsl Im tar.l relief, The results ol tht
use of Pr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil have
surprised manv who aere unarqua nted
with Its qualities and nnce known i'
will not he rejected    Try it.
Mme. I.atrille, said to bo a Canadian hiil.v. took a tl.-t In Hue I'i.it.
Paris, where she stored pictures and
tapestries valued rtl ClO.OOO. After
she left, her son. who was asked   i"
\isil    the   house    occasionally .     found
tli.. collection hnd been neatly plckid
over I.v burglars, A vhluahls vase,
for which th- Duko d'Aumilo offered
£1,300  has disappeared.
The Ameer Of Afghani;Ian is rap*
illy IntroduQlng progressive ideas to
his capital, jio Ins h\S ':"'.v palace
des(gncd qn n fcu'rp'p an n o ' l and
has aow decided '<> run his arms'
lacioiv by electricity, and to have
Kabul lighted by electricity. Another item of Amecr'a new policy Is
his application to the 0(|Vei-iiin.'iil
of India   lax H  nVOdloal  olllCi'f. a huly
doctor, nud throe hotpllal attendants to be stationed ut Kabul.
Vt'Ilsoi 's Fly Pads <1, ** original and only
gorutne,    Vtoic. cheai   i Uttiona.
C.  P
('Hoi' OF
Canadian i'aciflc Railway have
male the announcement, says a Montreal despatch that this year they
would havo o total of 'js.niiii cars
and '.i:'.*! engines to hatindlo the grain
anil  Cattle  trade Of   the   Northwest.
A cablegram from London says.
Messrs. Montagu und Herbert, in
Summing up the views of the leading
schools of Canadian opinion, nm!
reviewing Canadian conditions say
that unless British manufacturers
modernize methods and adapt themselves to colonial requirements they
will, with or without preference, lose
the Canadian markets. The authors
chapter suggests state-aided iniuii
gration and the removal of the embargo on cuttle.
No one need fear iholera or uuy summer complaint if they haw* it hot tie ol
llr. .1. I) ICellogg'i Dysentery Cordial
ready for toe.   it corrects nil   loosenesi
of the howi'ls promptly nnd causes u
healthy and natural ait ion. This is a
medicine adapted for the yoltnir and old
rich nnd poor, and is rapidly becoming
the most popular medicine for cholera.
dysentery,  etc..   in   the  market.
The South African Oovernment hns
advert iso-d p, reward of $300 for the
discovery of the men who attotnptod
to remove Prince Christian Victor's
body from his grave.
.Catarrh and Colds relieved In
10 to 60 minutes-One short pull of
tho breath throug-h the blower supplied
with oath bottle of Dr. Ariicw's Catarrhal Powder diMuses this powder
over the surfaco of tho nasal passages
Painless and dollphtful to uro. It relieves Instantly, and permanently cures
catarrh, hay (over, colds, headache, sore
throat tousllitis and deafness. GO cents.
Why  is a  lover    like  u  knocker?—
ileeause ho is bound to u-door.
Minard's Lioiment for sale ererywhere.
The new Sunday n\st law, which
abolishes the "Continental Sunday''
in Spain, compels the postponement
of bull fights to week tluys, re-
quires the closing of shops and
stores, and prohibits thc publication
or sale of newspnpers. Cafes nnd
drinking bars only are allowed lo
'remain  open.
ttemovss all hard, soft or culloasec
lumps and hlemishes from horsee, blood
spin In, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney
stiiles. sprains; cures sore ond swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by the
use of one bottle. Warranted the moot
rtondsrful  Blenilsh Cure ever known.
Why is a kiss like a properly divided sermon?—Because it requires
an introduction, two heads, nnd nn
.linard's Liniment Cares Danlivfl.
Lord Strathcon-a wires re accident
that it was nothing serious, only be
was a good deal Shaken up and
.•.lightly bruised, but is now moving
nbout   as usual.
tiiomas law.       ship Your Grain to       williamlaw.
L.A\Jtf   BROS.
Wo handle grain strictly ora commission.    Highest Prices obtainable
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins in Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
Estabiishad Grain Commission I
Merchant in Winnipeg. <^_l
Consign your grnln to mo and get prompt service, carernl attention*
and highest market prices. A      CDfliyif      DRAWER!
IT IS AN EA$Y MATTER to  sell  a largo   lot of wheat at a
mat^m^mmm , better  price  than  a  singlo   car  will
bring. If you will ship your wheat to' us wo will sell it with many
other cars either locally or in tho East, and you will get, from *J-cent t<
1 cent per bushel moro for it than if you sold it on track ut your station.
We havo had 17 years' practical experience    in    tho    grain   business.
This,  also,   is  worth  something to you.
Mclaughlin & ellis
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.    REFERENCES: Any Bank or Commercial
Through  a Strictly
Commission   Firm.
s wheat, oats and flax
We handle strictly on commission  therefore  can   give  every   attention
'to  car  shipments,  and  will   obtain   tho best prices for same. We will bo
ploased to answer enquiries re prices, shipping,  etc.     If  YOU  have  grain
to ship or sell do not fuil to write   for our "Way of Doing llusiness," as
it will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Tfce Commission Merchants. Winnipeg.
FARttERS will find it to their advantage to consign thtir ORAIN t«
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest priest and make prompt retnrns. Advance* mad* aa
Consignments. Correspondent* solicited. Established 1888. Reference-
Union Bank of Canada.
Oral* U ear lota bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
adrahces mad*. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Rsfsrancat
Any Bank in Winnipeg.
'<ra. vs   .ittrceiit Relieves Neuralgia.
The harder you cough, tho worse
tho cough gets.
Cure SniCLurs
Is guaranteed to cure.   If It
doesn't benefit you, tho druggist
will givo you your money back.
PtIcm: S. C. Watts & Co. 302
Z*c. SOc. II    tcftoy, N. Y., Toronto. Cbu.
TESTIMONIAL from  the late SIR SAM-
t I'.l. BAKER, lhe famous Nile Explorer.
"Newton Aliliot, Devon. l*eur Sirs— 1
hnve delayed mv thanks nn 1 wished to
lest the oiled uf Blair's l'ills hy a sultl-
dent   Intel vul of time.
"For ten ysars 1 had sultered acutely
from Goat Knil life bad lost Its attraction owing to ihe uncertainty of henlth
utul sudden visitations of the enemy
•Which prostrated nie for months, or weeks
according to  the virulence ot lhe attacks
"lllair's l'ills have rendered mc immense
service, as I no lo.iuer fear au uttack
of Cout.
Tor the Inst twenty montha 1 have
be, n comparatively free, ftd one or two
attempted YiMtnuou* have been Immediately itamha&l out by the assistance ol
lli.lil's   l'ills
"Truly yours (Sicneil)  Snml   AV. linker.
Lyman Sons & Co., Montreal ami Toronto; 'lhe Hole DniR Co , Winnipeg; and
Martin, tlole .s   Wji'.ni* Co., Winnipeg,
H.B.K i
'BRAf-TD .■'■•
 11! —J
To be sure, you are growing
old. But why let everybody
sec it, in your gray hair?
Keep your hair dark and rich
I and postpone age. If you will
pair Vigor
(only use Ayer'i Hair Vigor,
; vour gray hair will soon have
I all the deep, rich color of
I Youth.  Sold for 60 years.
White Hair
Superfluous hair
Removed by the New Principle
Eloctroljiis, X-ray or depilatory «•
offered yoo on tlie bare word ot ws
oporstors and manufacturers. D «•
MIRACLE is not. His tlie only method
which is indorted by physicians, sur-
gnons, dermatologists, medical journals
sod prominonfauiifsjiines. Hooklct wil
will be sunt tree, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question il
it) fails to do.all that is clahncd for it.
DE MIUA0LB mailed, eealrd in
plain wrapper, on receipt of ll. Write
loritto-dsyto DE M1RACI.RCHEM.
I0AL OO., £3 Qukuh Stheit West,
Toronto, or
Farmer Need*
Regular -weights won't
do for the farmer. B* '
dost bo wanner clad,
because his work about tlie
Cum aad long drtvea to
towO ktXf him oat la
Uia cold so srach.
conies la special w***M»t«.
especlady for farmers. 8p»*
cJ»l •"-/eights don"*, mean
dnmsy, bulky tJ&sA-ia.
Swiafield's Undensea* la so
Km because of tho pacullaf
t of the garments. It's
Ke, Nova 6cotla weol,
t baa been treated to tako
out tho shrink and leave hi
tho softness. We—and vouf
dealer—both guarsntee Stan-
field's to be iinshrinkat
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39#
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39Ji
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal      Wtnnlpal      Dawson
r_-LL.. IU.-HI 	
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
All tSoap is not Pure Soap
That is the reason why $5000.00 reward will be paid by Lever
Brothers Limited, Toronto, to any person who can prove .that
..*. till
•Sunlight vSoap
contains any form of adulteration whatsoever, or contains any injurious chemicals.
t       Shrunken woolens, frayed linens and sore chapped hands aro
evidence that all soaps arc not pure soaps.
Sunlight Soap is guaranteed to be a pure soap. Dealers ara
authorized to return purchase money to any one finding cause for
complaint.   Sunlight Soap is equally good in hard or soft water.
There's essy, good washing ahesd fer tho 8unllght Maids
Tho wtoo man hopes tor thi* i»'st,
prepares for tho worat and swallows
ti,,, dose futo lutllos out i" him with
u cheerful grin.
"Mamma," askod small Elaio "
short tin"' alter hor now brother ar-
rlved, "whal is baby's name?"
II,' hasn't any name, door," was iiv
reply.    '"riu*ii." continued U10  littlo
j Inquisitor,  "hi
i longed here?"
how  liill hi*  know li"  be*
For through tickets lo all points
at lowost rates, by Kail or Ocean,
npply 10 any aftont of tho Canadian
Northern Railway Compatiy.
Glorious I'l.iinK' Cloud, Thonuu. W.
Lawson'a famous show hors,' Isdeau.
Tho stallion, [or which Mr. Lawnon
paid 119,000 before the homo wus
trained, lyna 0 yoars old, and had 11
record ol novor having been beaten
nt a horso slim.-. Ho won lho championship sitiRle, double and tAndoni
at sovoral greal shows. Ho was also
onu of the unbfcaton champion fotu',
Why  is a  kiss liko a  rumor?—Bo-
C&U80 it rocs from mouth to mouth.
Running   Sores, the  oatcomj gl
asffltet, or had uloo.1, have a nSV*r-»}{;
Pn"? balm lo Dr. Aaaitt'i Ointment. «»1
hoal lhe most stubborn *-*|-fsn(,fr001'^
Irritation almost instant Iy. »«•' ""j
Implication, it relievos aU ItClUM «J
burnlna »l*in dlseaseff ln a day. It cures
piles in 3  to  S nights.    »3 cents.-aO
Why is love liko a candle?— Hero use tho longer it burns, the loss it
The sky suddenly became black and
thoro was L'onsidi'i'iilile thunder, bul
Anally tho clouds drifted awny ond
Ihero was no rain. "Mannna." said
5-ycar-oM Harold, who had been
frightened by Hn* thundpr.
mado a lol of nolso that
thero was nothln' to It,"
Wilson's Fly Pads. Three hundred tlmti
cheaper thun stcky paper.
What ship carries more patsongerr
ot the same time than any other?—
Minard's liniment Cares Bunt, etc,
Whnt I do, untl what I do not,
muke you whnt vou nre.—I.ovc-ly.
• -—a  -  -■   ■■ 1 ■' S M       ■*■
Miss Charity—I lovo to hour the
church lvells rinp. Mr, Tiirht Wadd—
f don't: thoy sound too much like
the rinjr ol silver on the contribution ))lute.
I line
Love may be blind, .vol tho lovelorn youth is quick to detect his
best girl in tho net of making "goo-
goo1 eyes al  the other fellow.
\A/    N    VJ    No    SOI '111K DRII.I.i SI.OCAN, B. C oClOREK 14. 1904,
C. E. SM1THKMNOA1.E, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      -      -       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line fori
the first insertion and5 cents a line each'
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made kuown upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, et.'ict-
ly in advance; f2.50 a year if not bo paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Conservative policy: A government
owned railway and the protection nnd
upbuilding of industrial enterprise
The announcement of the .dominion
elections wns made on a Friday
Laurier starts his campaign for the
Grits with u well-developod hoodoo in
sight for his cause.
Joe Martin, the restless, lias
changed his mind nnd will not contest
Nanaimo agninst Ralph Smith. He
hns gone east on business—received a
call to get out of the wny.
Workingmen of Rosslaud, how do
you like youf returning officer for the
dominion election? Question those
who received free board at a government institution ut Nelson. Yes; he
is a Liberal appointee. .
Not since ths days of the Mac-
douald regime have the hopes of the
Conservatives been so high for victory,
nor has their confidence been so well
grouuded. aSeventy-five seats west of
the Ottawa river is the minimum set
by tlie Tory lenders.
In the Northwest and Manitoba
Premiers Haultain aud Roblin have
opened a vigorous propaganda on
behalf of the Gausovvatlve cause for
the dominion elections. Their efforts
pre being crowned with success. B.
C. will receive aid from them'also.
The tfifference between Liberal and
Conservative policies on the tariff
question is this: Liberal doctrine
stands for tariff revenue only; Conservative doctrine stands for the
encouragement and upbuilding of the
industries of the country. As a
Canadian and loyal to your country's
best interests, vote the Conservative
jHundreds of Liberals are forsaking
their old-time party allegiance and
going over to tlie Conservatives by
reason of the unparalleled record of
bribery, corruption and political debauchery practiced on behalf of the
Ross government in Ontario. No
■self-respecting man, with the slightest
pretense to moral rectitude, can support a party so steeped in crime as the
Liberal organization has been proven
to be.
W. A. Galliher exhibits cowardice
in his campaign in Kootenay, fearing
that Chas. Mackintosh will win out
against him. Why didn't he have the
Kootenay election brought off at the
same time as the general contest?
Simply because he was afraid. Should
the Liberals win out on November
3rd, then he thinks Kootenaj will lie
safe for him. Not by merit does lie
hope to win, but hy pre-arranged
scheming and indirect bribery.
Conservatives have an excellent
chance to win both Victoria and Vancouver from the Liberals. Col. Prior
is the Conservative standard-bearer in
the fnrmer place and R. ll. Ellis in
the latter. The Colonel has never yet
lost a fight in Iiis town, ainl in the
Terminal City an independent Liberal
is in the field against the regular
party nominee. J. D. Taylor, editor
of the Columbian, is confidently expected to triumph in Westminster,
also for the Conservatives.
Conservatives stand for government
ownership of railways. Laurier, in
his recent speech at Sorel, spoke
against that policy, alleging that the
government was consulting the
country's best interests in building
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway and
turniug it over to the companv.
Borden, on the other hand, says that
if the government build the railway
they should own and operate it. Voter,
how do you size up the situation ?
There can be but one answer support
Borden and tin- Con ,  vative cause.
Pay up your subscription.
Snow fell on the higher hills this
week. '
Andv Giierson, Sundon, was here
For first-class bread go to J. H
The heavy rains of the week have
proven very welcome.
T. D. Woodcock returned from his
Spokane trip on Saturday.
N. F. McNaught and wife, Silver-
ton, were in town Snturday.
Ripe raspberries, of the second crop,
were gathered here on Sunday.
The work of moving Shatford &
Co.'s store is progressing satisfactorily.
You can only secure first class goods
at lowest prices from W. T. Shatford
Crnubrook has made application to
the government to be incorporated as
a city.
Phil Hickey, manager of the Ivanhoe mine, Sandon, was n visitor here
Service was held in the Catholic
church on Sunday, Father Jeaunotte
D. S. MeVannel was iu Nelsou Friday, attending a meeting of the Liberal executive.
No meeting of lhe city council was
held this week, there being no business to transact.
Mrs. McCord was at home in the
manse yesterday afternoon to the
ladies of the town.
The sacrament of the Lord's supper
was dispensed in the Presbyterian
church last Sunday.
Nominations for the dominion elections in Kootenay will be held at Nelson on Novemlier 1.
T. Abriel, Nakusp's only millionaire, has gone on a three months' trip
to his old home in Nova Scotia.
Vast piles of Grit campaign literature is being franked through the
mails to the voters of the district.
The dominion election in Yale-
Cariboo has been set for the same day
ns iu Kootenay, viz., November 22.
Postmaster McVannel has resigned
his position as (he Sloean representative on the Liberal executive of Kootenay.
David Arnot, of this town, has lieen
appointed lo the Liberal executive of
Kootenay as representative of the
Nelson Liberals held their annua!
meeting last week. Dr. Arthur was
elected president and W. Clayton
J. H. Ashdown, tin* hardware king
of the west, was burned Out in Winnipeg on Tuesday, causing a loss of
about $800,000.
W. A. Galliher, the Liberal candidate, commenced his campaign this
week, the Crow's Nest towns first receiving atten, ion.
If you are in need of groceries call
at W. T. Shatford & Co. They have
the newest stock in town; you will also find prices right.
J. Jr. McGregor, formerly of this
place, is now professor of mineralogy
in the national college at Tokio.Japan,
drawing a salary of S-fiOOO a year.
Charley Lociison, formerly of this
town, is prospecting around Tonapah,
Nevada, along with Tom Collins, of
Nelson. They are meeting with success.
Slocan will lose its capable and efficient principal of the public school at
Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Hindle having decided upon returning to Ontario
to reside.
H. Tliorbiirii'and F. Fletcher have
dissolved partnership, by mutual consent, in the Victoria Hotel, at Silver-
ton, the former collecting the accounts
and paying all bills.
W. T. Shatford & Co. have just received a nice line of men's ready-to-
wear suits. They are the best ever
shown in the Slftcau, Be sure to call
and examine them.
Wm. Hicks is applying for a license
on "the Chapleau fiotel, at Lemon
creek. The ilistrict commissioners
will meet at New Denver on the 24th
to consider his application.
Mrs, Tutcher has succeeded to the
business conducted by II. Cleve, and
gentlemen wishing their clothes
cleaned and repaired may have it
done by leaving theni at her store.
Geo. Chew, of the O.-S. Lumber
Co.. has relinquished the Liberal Domination iu  East Simcoe, Ont.    His
place has been taken by Lawyer
Giiini of Orillia, solicitor for the company.
The criminal libel suit of John
Elliot, lawyer, entered against John
Houston, printer, was suddenly terminated Thursday evening by the
latter agreeing to publish a retraction
of the statements made.
Capt. McLennan, wife and family,
who inive lieen residing in Arrowhead
all summer, returned here Tuesda v.
The captain resumes command of tlie
Sloean next week, Capt. McKinnon
being transferred to Kootenay lake.
The Drill will print you, on shod
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
notebeads, memos, receipts, envelopes.
visiting cards, business cards, bills or
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price,
You can save money if vou buy
your rubbers nt W.T.Slintford & Co.'s.
Miss Jennie Foley returned Tuesday evening from a short visit to the
The eighth annual ball of the LO.
O.F. will be held iu the Music Hall,
on Oct. 28.
W. T. Shatford & Co. havo the most
complete stock of rubbers ever shown
in the Slocan.
James Foley, foreman ut the Ottawa, returned Tuesday from visiting
his family in Vancouver.
Mrs. H. Colbeek, wife of the chief
engineer on the Slocan, has arrived in
from Revelstoke to reside.
Mrs. Fred Johnson returned from
the Nelson hospital during the week,
having lieen confined to that institution for a month, as the result of a
severe operation.
Returning Officer Boultbee has issued a notice, naming the polling
places in Kootenay for the dominion
elections on Novemlier 22, Thero will
be 112 booths in all, those in the provincial riding of Slooan being Burton**!
Citv, Deer Park, Nakusp, Winlaw,
Slocan, Enterprise Landing.Silverton,
New Denver, Rosebery, Three Forks,
Sandon and McGuigan.
All the would-be athletes of the
country have funked a contest with the
local champion, W. Renwick, inolud
ing Thomas and Brett, of Nakusp.and
Gusty, of Fernie, On Tuesday a 1500
challenge was wired "Big" Smith, at
Brandon, formerly of Rossland, for a
100 yard dash.,and he left tliere on
Wednesday nighl for Slocan. The race
will be pulled off here iu a few days.
Arlington—P. Tyson, Winnipeg; A.
McDonald.Golden;' H.Ross, Rossland;
W. R. Angus. Montreal; T. Urown,
Brandon; J. Bulger, T. Cross, J.Cum-
mlngs, Nelson.
Royal A. G. Gamble. Nelson; Mrs,
H. Colbeek, Revelstoke; A.L. Teetzel,
Vancouver; A. McLennan, wjfo and
children, Arrowhead.
M WeddiQg
While the plainest of
all rings, they are the
.-ia most   important   and
iffl the   most   constantly
Hence tlio desirability of
hav-ira theni wt-ll ut',1 coin.
f.'rt.-ibfy proportional. All
'•Ryrie" rin^s urt*. Send
for mail-order catalogue
Our wedding rings are j£i|
of solid 18k. gold and Kjf
range from $4.00 to Rr)
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Silvor Ouotiltl.iUN.
Following nre the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursdav  f)7J cents
Friday..  571    "
Saturday  57*    "
Mondav  57*    "
Tuesday  B7§     "
Wednesday  57|    "
Ap,' 1. 'e«l is a complete list of the v.ir-
Ioni In registered atthe local regis
try ol.; t*. II. P. Christie being mining
(let S—Togo, L'tnl n f Lemon creek, A
E Teeter.
Magnet, Springer creek, J I) Reid.
Oct 5 -Horning Light.
B—Valley fraction, (iolil Crown.
Pigs for Sale.
T^INK healthy yiun for sale, eix week?
old, $-1 eiuli or tiii per doz. Also
young boar seven "months old,  Apply at
Ideal Ranch or atlJreea
JOHN* GRAHAM, Slocan It. ('.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To John J. Banfleld and J. M. McGregor,
or to any pernon or persons to whom
they may nave transferred their sov-
oral interests, in whole or in part, in
tlio Hlaek and White Beauty Fractional mineral claim, situated near
the bend of Lemon creek, and recorded
in tbo Recorder's office for tbo Slocan
City mining division.
You aro hereby notified that I have
cniiped to be expended tlie sum of one
hu ml red nnd two dollars and fifty cents
in labor and Improvements on tbo above
mentioned minernl claim in order to
hold said claim-under tbe provisions of
tin* Minernl Act; and if within 90 davs
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
inch expenditure,together wl.Ul nil costF
of advertising, your interests in sniil
claim will become tbo propeity of tbe
subscriber, under section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this °r.l day of
October, A. D. J.904.
'******-*-**** * * ♦ <*
The partnership heretofore  existing
between   II.  M. Thorbuni  and   K   .J.
Fleti.'ber.  as Hotelkcepers, of the  Victoria Hotel, Silverton, B. ('., is tbis day
dissolved, by  mutual consent.  II. M.
Thorburn  collecting all accounti and
paying all bills.
Hated, Silverton, 1*. C, Oct.Tth, )'.n>l.
Witness: II. Grant.
i 111!
Slocan, B. C.
- m—
Comfortable Rooms,   Satisfactory
Pining Room Service and tbe
Best of Everything nt the  Bar.
NOTICE l  hereby siren thai tbe nadenuon-
ti d aporaon liai mado application for
11 rnliiil lii|iior lii'i'ii-i' lit I'linpl. .111 Hotel,  L"-
1111111 Creek, H. C.:
William Bielta, Cbapleau Hotel, Lemon
Creek, li. c*.
A Meeting of tbs Board nf License Commie,
idnnera of the Slocan Llceneo Dl»trlcl will ba
held in potudder iueh application al the Court
llon-i*. .Ww Ilciiver, on '.'oniliiy. the '.'Uli da)
of October, llntl. nl IHo'rlork iiitli" f inion.
.foil N T. BLACK,
Chief License inapoctor.
Provincial Police Office, New Denver, 11. ('.,
Oetober 10, imt.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Blmef J- li'h, or to any person or
peiKins to whom be mav have transferred bis interest, in whole or in part,
in  the Skylark  anil   Blinder mineral
clniir.H,situated between the first north
fork of Lemon creek nml Dayton creek,
and recorded In the Bloc-fa City mining division of West Koot nav district:
You an* hereby notified that I,Noah
F. McNaiiBht, P.RI.O. No. B6M13, hnve
expended the sum of two hundred nnd
five dollars in lalior and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claims, in oilier lo I10I1I said mineral
claimi under ibo provisions of tha Mineral Act, and if Within 00 days from the
ilnte of Ibis notico you fail or refuse to
conli iluitH your proportion of sucb cx-
peii'lilui'C, together witb all costs of ml-
vertillng, your interest in said claini
will become the property of tlin subscriber, under section four of an set en*
titled "An Act to amend tbe Mineral I
Act, 1000."
Dated ibis Kith day of August, 1904.
IW "i NOAH F, McNAL'dllT
••• 1 nCiii
Mrs. A. Mason. Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given  iu  thc town
HATIC**.' SS  par  iIm.v ;   with
NHtnpIt-   I'liiilna,  tv'..:,,1.    S|,,--
rlol rates to htrntly linanlrra
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
DE,\l.i:u IN
Books auro stationery
Do not go past its door
you are dry, weary or hu
**************** »♦» >-»♦♦♦ *****
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particulars write
*■■*■** *-*-*■**■*-*-*-**-*-*-* *-*-*- *■■**-* ♦■*
*%^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   =3
£=   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
?&__$____—*_* "rr^x^.i&ZtZSZi,
Clubbing Offe
mm~**m***-*-**-m*■**-********** *
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2.50 fora Year -
r****************** ,**■,***
**-mmmm *%_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^_^
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES I RogulHr (Uburiaberi, U POT numtli
"i si" ii ymir: nun-. UMoHtofl [uolllnTatil
nodical BttraaAno9)<98 par 'Iny, I'rivntr* trmt—
fl |x*r (lay eitru. B|M0inl faoilitlei (or matorn-
ity ciiixm.
For farther pirtleulari npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
■mental l'l V. II"! -*11'
The Qveen's
Hotel ****_+>
B. 0. tl.AHKE, l'HOI'IIIKTOn
HATEH:   •a.oo mil  l»*Y
First-claps Dining Koom
j  Largs and Comfortable Bedrooon
Sam pit rooms for CuiiiniaHLiiil Men
Nelson, B. C.
♦ ■»
WanteH     AGENTS
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ihi'iu.   Apply uow for tonus.
Toronlo, Ontario
N.n. -Will mekn nrranBainfiilH for loral
nireni'V Of for tint liMnilllilR of cxcluslvi* tarri-
|orle», I\ N, ft)
*■*-•*•-*■*■*-**-**,*+** ********
H. D.Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral


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