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The Slocan Drill May 20, 1904

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 i I.. V.,'No.C
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY   20,   100*1.
! ishing Tackle and Sporting Goods
Wc have in stock a full and complete assortment of fishing tackle,
including all kinds of flies, hooks, spoons, reels, nets, poles, baskets,
etc, Everytbipg .vou may waut for aday's outing on stream or lake.
We handle all kinds of supplies for tennis, baseball, football, or any
oilier sport.   Flags, bunting and fireworks for the celebration.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Just to remind you
that we carry in
stock a largeassort-
ment of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Onr piiccri will interest you.
Give us a trial order.
. T. Shatford & Co.
it Jikm\ aam—\      tr*4* —*—i   a—i hJsm '*_..-' ■*.     w
SLOGAN,   B.  C.
L. Pt. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
hisjjnjnSur lu.trl is convenient to tlio bents and train'*.   The dining room
is -st iit ily Dp to date while lhe 1 ur is sup] lied with tho best in tho market..
Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2 60pcr d >v i
wltlienl Sample Hooms,$2;jK»rdr'
11 ci* week; in
Genuine Clearing:
m K
$ \l   s
To clear out entire stock of Ames-
Holden shoes for men, we have reduced all linos to cost prioa fir cash.
$8.00 shoes for       -       -       -       84.50
35.00 siiocs :?or
$4.50 slices for       ■.'■•"*        '?■
Wc have about a dozen men's tweed
suits is 39 and 40 breast measure, to
be sold at cost price to clear. Come
early aud get first choice.
David  Arnot,  Slocan.
CITY   roitClCI)   TO   TAKK   HUM)   OF
Private I*artl«*» Itellnqtimh   tho   Job by
Leaving Town—Bylaw to be PiiKneit
Governing H%tter—Aid. Woi-ileu Ob-
tHlli. I.«nv« of Alis.nii..
It took a struggle to gather together
a quorum for the citycou oil on Monday night, but it was finally accomplished, those present being Mayor
McNeish, Aid. Madden, Smith,arid
Communications read: From John
Blench, offering $5 for the old fence
that wa.s round the Sloan property..
Referred to the board of works, with
power to act
Aid. Worden's letter, laid over from
last meeting, came up aad hn was
granted leave ol absence for three
Bills presented: James Farrell.work
on Slocan river bridge and on Springs oreek, $4.50. Referred to finance
Aid. Worden announced that the
scavenger .business was back to the
city. M. Kadcliff had removed to
Po;>!ar and there w,ts no oue to look
after things.
Aid. Smith inquin d if some private
person co.ild not be got to undertake
the work, and was informed not.
Mayor McNeish .said i! remained,
then, for the city to undertake the
wor'-;. By passing a bylaw they would
obtain the power to collect charge.*..
whether it were 1< t to private persons
or not. Every household ir could then
be compelled to adopt the box system
.and would have to pay. Delinquent
rates would be charged up against the
propeity and would be collected the
same ns taxes.
Aid. Smith gav.- notice of introducing a health bylaw at the uaxt masting
af c i.iiieii.
Owing to Aid. Wordeu'o removal
from town, Aid.Madden was-added to
the board of w irks.
Council adjoume 1.
tSeckloua 51 itUI   r..
There is a k .-en rivalry o':i
section for timbar land;, i
roods are full of men. Noi
however, is du - ear.' takon in
ing gr mild, consequently much o
lapping ia resulting, up on Wil
ereekth.-Iur.it, for timber is parti n
in   '.::
ad   th
alwa; ■
'■.;;■' .
Pferdnev, Victoria; M. of E., Thomas
Waller, Victoria; M.A., «. T. Mallery,
Kamloops: T.G., J, J laminar, Grand
Forks; O.6., If. A. Brown, Revelstoke,
Next year the grand lodge will meet
at New Westminster.
North l.'ork or Kettle  Itiver Will Attract
A new district that is destined to
attract attention from mining men is
the country surrounding the head
waters of the north fork of Kettle
river. Some years ago it was run over,
principally by prospectors from New
Denver, and many locations made,
some of which have been partially develop tl. Assays from various claims
have at length made an impression on
the outside and capital Is now forthcoming to prove tho merits of the
Un Saturday Wm. Thomlinson, of
New Denver, one of the Iw st mining
men in the Slocan, passed through
here to the Kettle river country, lie
h'f; been retained by a syndicate of
St.Paul capitalists to open up a group
of claims for them there,known as the
Jim Hill group. There are four claims
in the bunch and were acquired by the
present owners last fall. There is a
perfect network of ledges on the
claims, the principal one of which
averages 22.) oz in silver, 40 por cent
lead and $10 in gold.
Mr. Thomlinson was to outfit in
Nelsou and go into the new field by
way of Fire Valley. His claims are
located 15 miles south of Monasheo,
and to reach Ihem he will build a new
trail 12 miles in length, afterwards to
lio converted into a wagon road, If
the Keltic river wagon road is built
this summsr, it will reach within eight
tn!.-' of the group. Cabins are to be
erected at the Jim liill aud a force ol
t on •f!t>vi*'o!iiiv-  at onee.    Mr.
-u "i put on aeveiopin ,*
Thomlinson has a free hand iu the
matter of expense,the owners d- tiring
thai tii ■ pr iporty b i pla icd on a paying !,.!-!- as goon as po: ib] I.
'I hi ;'■'.! •■• a number of very rich !o-
!ho vi .'i.ii'.v. o:;e of tl; - bast
id b7 tho i ■ La bo s.of New
caucus m
•:,-,;: * 0'.V:i
DSuver. They" sold a claim last fall
for $10 10 cash, and a t.i il shipm lit
Stxtlei fi-om i. . I Lii   ;-":    ;'•' ■'■   ■'■"-' ' '
iuru-i of (-SOO oz
t;td and §10.1 i iu
I'i pt r ■.-. nl
('tb iv Am *r
rly hot.  A Nakusp ou: ii b is   .
'.-. :
i number of limi'.- on the wesl ft t
three of which are sai.l t'i b • <	
around already staked and life
of   til.
:;.:•: mon iy will soak invostm ml ihere
this summyr an 1 a good cai ip will result. I; is a volcani: country ftnd a
I'irgiu . •. ■ for pitwpoctors. from Ar-
raw lako it i * -H miles into Iho camp,
but i; is fairly easily reached.
Neil   Ili'livrr C-ali'i   a  i   n.
Now Denver will eel ibrate ^ ictoria
larties have also advertised o il day, Mav 24, in royal stvle.au attract-
district, which is contrary lo
the new law, so they are having ti. ir
trouble and expense for nothing.
Oood Cltixeus Gone.
J. G. McCallum and son departed
for Cranbrook on Monday, thoro to
establish themselves in th ■ hardware
h»»5n««- Mr. McCallum had been
prominent m irehants here
tii ■
one of the
for six years
Mra. McQi
",i ami
der of
in* missei
~t.iv here for the sum
the family wi
mer months,
Aid. Worden and wife removed to
Calgary on Tuesday. •Mr. Worden
took with him a number of horses and
a freighting outfit. He baa been in
the draying busiuess here for years
and was a prominent citizen.
a o o oio v «.*« *_* *_* v v v v **•• V V V V V V V V V V V V %
"i «x aa
| A Spring
■ »
1 Pointer
i* *.
■   K
W Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
". ! done on lhe shortest notice.
*** All our work is guaranteed,
**_ oi money ivf ii in led.    Weciui
H m-'cl any purse.
Nothing delights th***.
eve more than a lino
fitting, up tn date,
Btyliah uitofclothoa
A new selection of fine
Grey ix Black Worsteds
of the latost d.'signs
jUSt    been   livrivrd.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C.,
Store:  Next door to Postofflce.
Neepairti Uetutnt.
Ed Shannon, one of the owners 6f
the Neepawa, returned from Nelson
on Saturday,whlther he had gono with
a shipment of ore sent down by the
lessees. Tiie car lacked 700 pounds "I
a full 20 tons aud the sampling ro-
ims were llii.2 oz in silver, or close
to $1800 in value.    Tliis will givo the
"•-ees big WBgeS for   their Uink.    Ol
ite tlu-y have been doing som i necessary development and are in good
shape, with ore In a number of open
iugs.    They have  half a carlo.!
saeked on the dump.
iveprogramme having !>■• u arranged
for the occasion.   Thero will be rifle.
bail and 1 lotball cout ii
a an
iug contest, and general Caledonian
sports, winding up with a grand ball
in the evening. Tho Sloean band will
attend, as well as other bod\ss. The
C.P.B. announces that tho Bteamer
Slocan will 1 iave here iit 7 a.m., on
Tuesday; and returning, on her last
trip, will leave New Denver after the
ball. Rates: Faro and one-third return from iiud to all points, Tickets
will be on salo frem May 21 tothe
24th, good to return up till May 26th.
These rates apply to all rail and Iwat
sou; W. S. Johnson, A.Johnson, Montreal; Misses Belen and Mary Tobin,
Los Gatos, Cal.;C. A. Bignoy.'Sandon;
IJ. A. Brown, Revelstoke* ('lias. Burt,
Nelson; J. E, Stephen, Vancouver.
Clnn lo Meet ut   l.iniis\ lilo, Kentucky,
During World't Fair.
Great excitement prevails among
the members of the multitudinous clan
Smith, scattered in every hole and corner of the continent. Announcement
has been made through the columns
of th" American press that John Cabell Smith, of Louisville, Kentucky,
has formulated a scheme for all and
sundry ofthe clan to meet in his city
while the world's fair is on at St.
Louis. He is a man of wealth and is
willing to spend 180,000 on entertaining his kin during tho three days of
the encampment. None but genuine
Smiths are to apply. No Smyth,
Sinyllie, Schmidt, or any other oor
ruptiou of the good old solid name of
Smith need apply.us nine but the real
brand will be recognized. The Ram-
Bays, McLeans, Campbells, and many
other lesser clans of note have had
their family gatherings, and why not
the Smiths 1 Sur.', ihey are as numerous as the sands of the sea, and all
of sterling worth.
By the same token Aid. A.G.Smith,
tha chieftain of the elan in Sloean. is
loyally supporting his Kentucky kinsman's scheme, and has a notice of the
plan posted up in his store. That
sanv.- notice Las got The Dhii.i. man
-whose cognomen is an extended arrangement of the family nana; into a
tmgle, as the following letter will demonstrate} still the game is worth the
Kditoi: Drill:
Sir,- I \va« informed by a commercial traveler that he saw a notice in
your office window, from .some certain
city in Kentucky, where a man by the
n ime of Smith was bringing together
all Smiths,    if there is  any  truth in
lliis, 1 would correspond  with  the
•.,:'. .-. If you have hi-: address kindly
forward it to me,and 1 will be obliged
to you for same.   Yours respectfully,
-   J. Lewis Smith.
PeVaifi, Mav 13,19Q4.
tase ex
pires next Mav.
Utile flub Soores.
On Saturday la-t the local club held
'practice  shoot, making
following scores:
200 BOO GOO Total
thoir i'.' :ui
J McVicar...
Dr. t'ade....
W. McGregor
V. Dick	
J. Terry	
Paul Bruin..
R, Christie..,
E, Bailey....
W. Hick's....
Otlii'v.i Itoad Ionic ict.
M. McAndrews, of Kaslo,contractor
for the Ottawa road, arrived in last
week to commence work. He hunt.".!
out .the* biggest men iu the camp and
be has had them throwing dirt iit a
lively rale all week, The road will bo
completed within the time limit, Sn
*"K)ii as the r.i.i I is completed Mann
ger McPhoe will increase th i lure,- at
the Ottawa and commence regular
shipments.    ~
l.iii'iwni in itai Business,
Last week thr Ontario Sl'van Lumber Co. took out their license to do
business in the province.   Their head
ollice is in Orillia, Out., with provin
cial headquarters in this place,   The
eapitid U    "
,**t. Denis, described a
chant, is  attorney   for
aow has been going fast tliis
Tho water in the lake has again
,a mi :: mce 1 to rise.
Deo. McLean is again back in the
S! ican, after a visit to Winnipeg,
A Ir.'. .'. down i.'i airre.i at the local
shiuglo mill on Wi dnesday, shutting
off open ti ns for a couple of days.
Hi {h ch io] examinations will be
', ild iu N iw Denvertoday. Somepu*
pils from hero "'ill be in attendance.
Messrs. Richardson, Stephen and
McAllister, a jolly bunch of drummers
trrivod in Wednesday. They gave a
show in the evening.
Last Year's Sliliimciitu Were 1339 Tenn—
A Healthy KSvltlenee of iho Life nmi
Wealth of th* Camp—Enterprise the
Biggest Shipper.
Shipments of ore from the Enterprise have become certain and regular,
giving the output from the camp a
chance to expand. During the week
it shipped out another car to Trail,
making 2-10 ions to date, The Ottawa
carload is still hanging fire, but is
nearly all down. For the year the
output of the camp is 552 tons, whieh
is an increase of 100 tons over the
same time last year.
For 1903 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to b'k'JS
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is ;i full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterpries      20 240
Ottawa  li'S
Neepawa  3ft
Pert Hotie  7
Republic  32
Black Prince  "6
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Black Fel  2
20 552
and silver rising,
iro employed at
S100.000,in S100 shares,   D.
a lumber m r
The sole object of tin
carry on  a  general
he company.
concern is to
umbcnuR busi*
">■    ««   *.■   MA
k      fc      *." '.*"*_.* *.   ".IKHK.'.'A   a*,* >.*.,.   -^  .•'** ,* ".fc."**
■* * •^u^i&AdA^.-VAA^-:^^
K. ..."l". Offloers,
At the grand lodge meeting of the
Knights of Pythias at Grand Forks,
last week, the following offlcors were
elected! Grand chancellor, A. FI. Ferguson, New Westminster" vlceohan*
t ellor, G*30.Johnson,Nanaimo; prel r
Wm. Irvine Nelson: K.R.&S
Silver <)u<>! itlniis.
Following aro the quotations for bar
silvor on tho various daya during the
weok since last Issue:
Thursdav     561 c-.'iil.-
Tuesday    •>•>:
Wednesda v     nm
lit,' c
Bllver t ■., Advanee.
London reports that a large part of
the proceeds of the recent Japanese
In:, a is in be u iod to purchase silver is
received with great satisfaction by silver interests in America. Japan has
purchased two millions of Mexican
silver dollars,and it has been expected
lime Bhe would largely increase her silvor coinage. While Japan is on a gold basis, she has long
Oi..a considering enlarging her silver
circulation. If Japan comes in the
r,i.ui',: for a large amount of silver, it
woultl Btrougly lead to an advance in
price, considering the large demand
also from China and India. Silver
producers state that not over four or
live million ounces per month could be
securt d now, as practically no Btock is
on baud in either Amsrii a or England,
nor could much l>e obtained In Mexico.
In buying Mexican dollars the Japanese government is reported paying 8
to 5 per conl premium ovor silver .bars,
hence it is likely Japan would prefer
bars for coinage if needing a large
ttmxi Denver's Bports.
Here is Now Denver's programme
of sports tor Tuesday: 9 a.m., shooting tournament, Sh
Lead is faliin
A force of 12 men
the Chapleau.
A few good miners can find employment in the camp.
Machinery has been ordered for the
Rosebery zinc works.
Operations are to be resumed at the
Jackson concentrator.
Last week the Ivanhoe shipped 165
ions of zinc to Iola, Kan.
Tho raise on the Port Hope bas
connected with the shalt.
Don't overlook the fact that your
millers' license expires this month.
Blair Carter took supplies up Sprin-
gi t Monday, to work on his claim.''.
The Neepawa haa a rate of $12.50 a
ton on its ore from mine to smelter.
\V. D. McGregor sent up a couple
of men Tuesday to do development on
the l X L.
Th.- St. Eugene mine, at Movie, is
running full force, having 275 men on
the payroll.
Last week Boundary mines shipped
1-1.721 tons of ore, making 300,829
tons for the year.
Last week's shipments from the
Rossland camp amounted toiS9."> tons,
or 117 T*-i() tons to date.
Alex. Sharp examined the Bank of
England and left for Nelson Saturday,
accompanied by his wife.
McDonald Bros,, who have a lease
on the old workings of the Queen Bess
have struck two feet of solid galena.
The owners of the Myrtle are going
from th-drift to the shaft,   to
ve the air.   Thev have to go .'.ii
an vs New Denver! I" o'clock, aquatic Bportsi 11
o'clock, football match. Threo Forks
vs lake
town-; fo »tr tee between Chas
llr.'tt and   ItUssel1   Nichol; 1   o'clock,
rock drilling contesl; 2 o'clock. Caledonian sports; I o'clock, baseball
match, Slocan vs New D invcrj grand
ball iu the evening.
Arlington Arrlvttls,
Oul of*town visitors nt the Arlington
hotel dining the week wi ro: S Bowe .
.1. Conway. Thr.' • Forks; Archer .Martin. Victoria: Mis- McMillan Silverton;
Emll Li. K-.dT.-r . Klii.li: A. Williams,Daw-
Looks On.nl ta. Dim,
Manager Savage of  the Chapleau
, was in town on Wedlli .-day. and slat
i-.l things at the min" looked good lo
1 him, Rich ore was being taken out,
the tramway was running regularly,
and the  .-lamp  mill  was doing good
: work.   Thore was n healthv bunch -if
the yellow i tuff on the platefl, and a
clean-up would bo made before
wcuk '.'a- out,
to rais
The lessees have completed their
raise from the No. S workings of the
Neepawa. They encountered six inches
of ore.
Messrs. Stocks and McGraw. inter*-
ested in the Chapleau lease, arrived in
6n Tuesday and went up to the property next day.
The new buildings at the Ottawa
have been completed, and finishing
touches me now being put on the fixtures for the bunkhouse.
Last woek the men on the Club nm
a long open cut on the ledge, preparatory totuuneling.   Upwards of a ton
of rich ore was taken out.
Al Teeter, Geo, Stoll, Chas. Brand
and .1 :m Smith went up Lemon creek
Saturday, to   work   on   a   bunch   of
claims in the vicinity of Oro.
The boys iit the Myrtle have driveu
ov**r 870 feet and will tap the vein
next month. Numerous stringers have
been encountered iu the crosscut.
The Springer road beyond the Ottawa branch has become Impassable
to wagons, owing to slides and washout a, It will lake ."Ji-1-' or more to !ix
it up.
.lack Beauchesne came down from
lhe Alberta Mondav, having liecn up
Ihere all winter. His main tunnel f«
in 225 feet and Is looking Rood.having
caught the ore body on the other side
of the break,
ThompSOtt & MeLeod,lessees oi the
Mountaiu Con, near Cody, have opened up some magnificent chutes of ore.
it was onco bonded andcondemncd
by English parties, but i! has turned
,„'.i one of tlie besl things in the Ste-
A Bride's Goirti nnd Otlier Dresses.
Tbe Heavy Trained Dress Verses
the Airy Short One—Veils and the
Kew  Coiffure  Arrangement.
For pictorial representation is selected a charming bridal gown of white
moussellne de duchesso, the skirt cut
ln deep vnndykes, edged with a lovely
Irish crochet point lace and falling
over a quantity of white net frills,
stitched with rows of narrow white
satin ribbon and fine white silk medallion lace, which laee is also again
' used ln vertical lines on the back of
tbe skirt. Particularly dainty is the
corsage, with its deep bertha of laee
bmde's oown.
•nd bouffant sleeves of net run with
ribbon, while the graceful bridal veil
of net has a large truo lovers' knot
embroidered in each corner in white
floss silk. The sccoud cut shows two
gowns of a trousseau, one being the
going away gown.
White satin is still one of the handsomest of wedding gowns and gives a
better effect than tbe newer diaphanous materials when made with a very
long train. Charming as are the chiffons, nets, moussellnes de soie and
other filmy fabrics, they nre not well
adapted to very long trains. Hence
the train ln these materials is usually
much shortened.
• Lace veils, especially if they are
liolrloouis, are quite the vogue, but
otherwise there is nothing so charmingly becoming nnd altogether appropriate as the very line chiffon veils
that crown the costume with a sort of
radiant softness nnd grace.
. Among the latest fads for bridesmaids Is the substitution of the elaborate coiffure and veil for tbe hat that
Los been so long worn. At a recent
■well  New  York   wedding the  eight
bridesmaids, gowned In white chiffon
draped ovor pink satin, wore three
pink or three white ostrich tips arranged in court fashion, from whieh
was draped a long scarf veil that hung
dowii the back. Another fancy is the
Use with the scarf veil of wreaths of
Butural flowers.        AMY VAU.NU.M.
The New  I.ine In Boilleea.
The middle portions of bodices iu
general are full or given that modification of fullness which plaits achieve,
says Vogue. In this respect our gowns
are further emphasized by many new
and oild ways of keeping up full fronts
above the girdle line, while flat backs
are to be retained. This movement
KdUCei the tiresome vulgarized front
blouse line, nnd yet saves us for awhile
from dart fitted bodices, whicb, no
doubt, will come around In good time.
Smart tailors have already accepted
these foreign hints, nnd snmo of their
latest sulta bear evidence of this.
Baked ICjtKs and Cheese.
Stamp out rounds of bread, spread
with butter und cover with thin slices
of cheese, Arrange in a linking dishorn- flint can be sent to the table preferred—break n fresh Cgg over each
round of bread and cheese, dust with
salt and paprika and set In the oven
until tbe eggs nro cooked to taste.
How to Keep a Clenn Sponge.
Everybody may BCCUMB a clean sponge
by rinsing it wbouovor it feels sticky
nnd slimy In ti quart of hot water with
a tublcspooiil'iil of salt, like several
applications of cold rain water ami dry
In the open air. Soap sliould not be
rubbed on a sponge, whieh sliould be
washed dally In char water after tine.
Deantlful    Sprint*;    Confections    For
Dressy  or  Sninrt  Street  Wear.
Pink straw, white lace nnd flowers
compose tbe lovely Easter confection
of the upper figure sketched by tbe
Delineator, while white straw, black
straw and a black quill form tbe other
very smart affair. The same authority says:
There ls a suggestion of the picturesque "baby" hut in some of the
dressy models. One of rare beauty
was made entirely of ruffles" of lace
outlined with gold. The lace was
caught up at the left side, where the
palest pink roses nestled and fell over
on the hair. In black lace ruffles edged
with gold, American Beauty roses supplanting the pink ones, this would be
a striking style for a young brunette.
The lace ruffle falls over the brim and
sbndes the face slightly in these new
'•baby" hats, and ofttiines a pretty
touch is given by a spray of blossoms
caught ln the ribbon bow and trailing
over the brim to tbo back, wbere it
falls on the hnlr. For street wear this
pretty bat is fashioned of glace taffeta
or liberty satin. It should match the
gown in color.
The blnck picture hat trimmed with
a white lyre feather is one of the essential Items of a fashionable wardrobe, nnd it has come forth again in
tulle and lace. The brim of this hat Is
straight nnd suggests tlie large, round
sailor. It Is slightly raised at the left
side nnd in front by a bandeau. Hats
of this type are becoming to almost
every woman, but tbey should be worn
only upon dressy occasions.
There is a touch of gold in nearly
all of the newest moiJels, and it is rumored "*that this military suggestion
will be more and more ln evidence as
the season progresses.
A bonnet or headdress that is especially appropriate for evening wear ls
A Place Where Perpetual Cleanlinei
Should Rciirn—Often n Deuth Trun.
'"It isn't typhoid, malaria, grip oi
spring fever balf so much ns decayed
vegetables in tbe cellar," said one physician to another wheu called in consultation over a severe ense of fever.
It ls n popular notion that tho cellar
should be cleaned in the spring clean
ing time, but by spring tlie seeds <
disease  nnd  death   may   have   be^
sown, nnd cleaning comes too late f
snve tbe life of some member of the
Cleaning tbe cellar should be a weekly affair, but with the breaking up of
cold weather greater attention to Its
condition Is required.
Decayed vegetables should not be allowed to remain one hour, ond all
specked or spotted fruits sliould bo
The cellar should receive a daily airing. This docs not mean to leave the
windows open long enough to freeze
the vegetables and fruit, but in tbo severe cold weather let the windows bo
opened to allow a circulation of fresh
air and closed quickly.
Jars, pots and barrels should be thoroughly cleared before putting away,
and untiring watchfulness sliould preside over tbis portion of the bouse.
In the spring tbe walls should be
swept down, sprinkled witb water and
a little sulphur be burned in the cellar.
Upon a pan of ashes, hot or cold,
place a tablespoonful of sulphur in a
little heap. Touch a lighted match to
lt and leave it to burn. It will slowly
consume and will kill all unpleasant
odors ond disease germs.—Table Talk.
Cleaning; Furs.
Furs dark in coior may bo cleaned
first by brushing them well with a
switch, after hanging over a line, then
by rubbing well heated cedar or mahogany sawdust into the fur nn.l
brushing out again. The best way to
remove the same after the cleaning ia
done is to put tho fur side down on
feather pillows and beat thoroughly or
until all dust is removed.
If the furs are soiled at neck or
wrists, they may be cleaned with gasoline—of course in a room or outdoors,
when* no fire is.
White furs may be cleaned with hot
cornmeal (white), the same being rubbed Into the fur ns described above for
the dark furs witb sawdust. Iloth the
dark and white furs should be hung
outdoors in a shady place after cleaning.
Magnesia may also be used for cleaning light colored or white furs, lt
should be used in cakes and tbe cake
rubbed upon tbe fur.
Designs nnd Instructions For Dolus
It—It Ia Worked Without a Cushion—A Number txt Prnctlcnl I'ses.
Launders  Well on  Linen.
Mark on a piece of rather lightweight
pasteboard a circle nbout an eighth of
an inch larger than you wish the completed medallion to be. Adjust your
sewing machine to its longest stitch
and with coarse thread stitch around
the circle. Now make a hole in the
center of the circle, nnd you have the
frame complete for your wheel. See
second cut.
Take a long thread (two or three
yards) and pass half through the hole
formed of a hoop of wire about nn
inch wide, over which ls twisted black
or colored velvet ribbon.
Flower toques and turbans nre especially attractive at this season, for the
llowers that now pervade tbe millinery
world have copied naturo very closely,
some of them almost defying detection
as Imitations. There nre llowers,
though, tbat In no way suggest naturo
which are nevertheless beautiful and
full of delightful possibilities.
The new toques are much smaller
than those that were worn during tho
past season. They nro quite oval in
shape, forming almost a point In front.
At tbe sides tbey are close fitting, nnd
in nearly every Instance a long lace
drapery that falls over ot the back is
a distinguishing feature. All sorts of
materials from coarse straw to tho
filmiest lace will be employed to fashion these modish hats.
A cavalier gown composed entirely
©f tiny red rosebuds ls the distinctive
feature of a new nnd dressy hat. Tho
wide, straight brim ls of black chiin-
tllly laee, the finely scalloped edge of
tho laee falling over.
So fashionable Is ostrich plumage
tbat ln some cases it forms almost the
entire hat. A model of rare beauty
bad the entire crown of pale pink ostrich feathers, with the wide, straight
brim of cream lace.
The violet bat ls iucluded ln almost
every spring outfit.
Rice  Mold  With  Maple  Suffar.
Wash well one cupful of rice, drop
into boiling salted water and keep nt a
galloping boil until the grains are tender all through. This will take about
from twelve to eighteen minutes, De-
cording to tbe variety of rice. Drain,
place in a saucepan witli one-half of a
cupful of milk and one-quarter of a
cupful of cream and cook very slowly
until tho liquid is absorbed. Have
ready a buttered mold. Fill this with
the rice, tapping lt sharply from time
to time that the rice may settle well.
Stand in the open oven for five minutes, then turn out on a heated dish.
Serve with an abundance of good butter and scraped maple sugar. This is
an old New England dish and a very
good one, says Table Talk.
Creamed   I'iiIiIiiiki-.
Chop part of a solid bead of cabbage
I fine ln the chopping bowl, put lt into a
: kettle with a cup of hot water, nnd keep
I covered nnd cook quickly. When ten*
! der, drain off tho water, if any remains;
', season with butter nnd salt, then add
' n cupful of sweet cream; if you have
. no crenin, stir In two spoonfuls of Hour
| in cold milk until smooth, then ndtl a
cupful of milk nnd stir all in the cabbage; remove nnd serve.
In the center; bold the other end nnd
the frame in your left hand. Hegin
working by passing the needle and
thread through one of the machine
stitches, then across to tlie opposite
side, then bnck again in tlie alternate
stitch, then back again, nnd so ou until all the thread in the needle is used
up; then thread it witb the under
thread, bring it up to tlie right side
nnd proceed ns before until the spokes
are all complete. The end of the
thread you have been working with
Is then passed through half of the
spokes and tied securely, then tied to
the loose end. In case the thread is
;iot long enough to complete thn wheel
it can easily be fastened to a new needleful with a tight knot. Tlie process,
although it mny seem complicated in
print, will be found to be perfectly
After tlie frame is made and spokes
are all complete comes the pleasant
part, thnt of darning in the pattern.
This can be aa simple or elaborate as
you wish, ami tliere is practically no
ond io the different combinations. Fifty
spokes is a good number to work with,
and a very effective wheel may be
made by simply tying tbo spokes
around In rows at four different distances from the center.
'i'he wheels are here pictured in about
two-thirds tlie actual size when made
with rather coarse linen thread. Making them with liner thread woultl decrease the size, while if made of crochet silk they would be considerably
larger. None of them Is difficult to
make after tho worker becomes accustomed to the darning. Tho main tiling
to remember is to draw the darning
thxoads closely nnd firmly to give a
solid look to that part of the wheel,
but at tho same time one must not
draw or pull tho work, or it will look
uneven. The beginner will lind. tlio
process described for working with the
pasteboard circle a somewhat easier
one than that of working on a cushion
and using pins, for tho reason that
tbo threads are held perfectly firm by
the machine stitches until it is desired
A  Table For a Roy's Room.
This tnble, Illustrated in tlie Ladies'
World, Is for the boy's room. Get two
shoe boxes nt the shoe store nnd stand
them on end n little way apart. Make
tt top to go upon these of a size so
that the ends nnd edges will project
two or threo Inches over, the boxes.
Tho top should havo a rectangular
piece of dark green cloth glued to it in
tlie manner shown, leaving three inches or more of tbe wood to show all
about   the   cloth.    The   wood   can   be
Snusnicc Itnlls.
Sausage rolls are a favorite In our
family these crisp mornings, says n
Good Housekeeping correspondent. Try
my recipe: Make a rich biscuit dough
with milk nnd cream, roll thin and cut
with a largo cooky cutter. Have the
fried sausage, in links, hot; roll one link
In each disk of dough, pinch ends together aud bake ln a quick oven. Serve
on hot platter, pouring gravy around
them when sent to the table.
A  Pointer on  Prunes.
Don't order prunes of the grocer
boy when ho calls for orders anil then I
cook any old thing he delivers. It Is j
best to select tbem yourself the lirst |
time or two; then after awhile the grocer will learn what you mean when I
you say, "Bring me some more of those |
nice prunes."
Rrnss   l)eils nnd  Drafts.
The objection to brass or iron bodl
that drafts ure noticeable is overcome
by the use of dainty curtains at the I
hend.   In hospitals squares of heavy !
pique tied by tnpes nt the corners to j
the uprights of the bed are laundered j
weekly with the other bed linen.-Pll
stained n cherry color If desired. The
Interiors of the boxes are now to bo
fitted with n number of drawers,
drawer "pulls" being placed upon Uie
front of these nnd the whole fronl and
Bides of the boxes being stained (he
same color as the top. This will make
a lino writing or reading table, and Iho
drawers will bo most convenient f:,r
holding the boy's treasures writing
material,  "collections" of this,  that
and the other thing, his camera and
photographic material. Ob, there will
be plenty of things io put into those
maki.no tub fbaubwouk of the wheel.
to rip the completed wheel off, while
the pins might possibly be pulled out
by one who is not nccusloined to this
weaving uniler and over tho spoke
threads in basket fashion.
Braalllan point can be used in dozens
of ways us fancy work decoration and
dress trimming, Tlie wheels when
mnde of linen thread launder beautifully, hence are excellent for trimming
lawn or chambray dresses for little
The wheels may nlso be buttonholed
on coarse linen canvas or butchers'
linen for the decoration of shirt waists.
- Designer.
rieeorntlve   Notes.
A pretty lamp shade consists of thin,
translucent lamina- of mother-of-pearl
set after tbo faahion of leaded glass.
Hall lanterns grow more decorative
each year and enme in an endless variety. So also do lamp shades und
1'rotty little wrought Iron brackets In
Venetian style come for the side wall.
From the center Of tl.e bracket springs
an opalescent Illy, serving as flower
Bead fringes In all colors are sold by
the yard for the decoration of lamp
shades - in fact, beads arj- very popular
this season for decorative purposes and
are shown lu many styles.
Very handsome lamps, low nnd squat
In shape, an- made of glass of a raspberry shade nnd set in dead finished
wrought iron. A shade comes to
natch. Lamps in yellow glass nre also
Ono  View  ot   Hlm-A  New  Ideal  of
Training Suggested.
It is now generally agreed that man
is expected to work out his own life
problem, tbe age of miracles and special dispensations being long past.
Therefore wben tbe boy, from the highest social grade to the lowest, ls found
to be tbe moral inferior of the girl of
bis own age nnd station even the least
thoughtful will understand that there
must be grave fault in training to
bring about such a result. Thut the
case may not seem to be overstated,
lot representative facts be cited. For
example, educators in the public schools
are at the moment demanding the re
turn of corporal punishment ns a
disciplinary measure for boys. Asked,
"If tbe law were passed would lt not
have to apply also to girls?" lt was
answered that although lt would the
question wus of no moment, ns when a
similar law wns operative a few years
ngo not n girl had made herself eligible for rod punishment. The agitation
is wholly in behalf of boys. Take another example; In Harvard university
this term the dean of the Lawrence
Scientific school, Professor Sbaler, appeared before the COO students iu the
geology class nnd delivered a scathing
address on tbeir conduct toward a substitute professor. This hud consisted
in burling copper cents, chalk, books
and old shoes. At a later lecture the
missiles Included two eggs. The justly indignant dean stutcd that during
most of the thirty yeurs he hnd been
instructor his audiences bnd been made
up of gentlemen, but that for lhe lust
few years classes of loafers had been
coming into tbe university.
Now, to one who disbelieves, as all
Intelligent persons must, ln Inherent
moral superiority of girls and women
there must bo some reason for this universal barbarism of tlie boy, for Unit
Is what ails hlm. The reason is not
far to seek, nnd it Is nil epitomized iii
that much quoted and much esteemed
maxim, "Boys will be boys." from
the time, In his baby days, when be is
given a drum or a trumpet or some
other ear splitting, noise producing article und encouraged to disregard the
rights of Others in the matter of reasonable quiet until be pusses from
parental control be la allowed a license
and tolerated iu lines of conduct which
breed In him a profound contempt for
tiie rights of any whom he may bully
or override, At the bottom nt nil boyish wrongdoing Is that I ml i (Terence to
tiie rights of others. The remedy lies
wholly with parent.! nnd educators.
Lot US hope the time is not far dis-
tr.r.t when the ideal for boys will be
changed from "boys will be boys"
(with nil the licenses therein implied)
to high chivalry in all things. -Vogue.
The   Xen-   Stylo   .tin nm lse   Ring:.
Just when everybody on tbls side the
water is settling down to the conviction that the marquise ring ls a bit
passe t-ouu-s the
news from
Paris, through
t h e   Jewelers' Ai ~;f\*
Circular, that
this really elegant and beautiful ring model bas taken on
new life and
enjoys the
greatest popularity there, lt is, however, "a jour"
or in openwork, distinguished from
the old style solid mass of stones. A
superb example Is shown. It Is of
chased matt gold, framed with diu-
nionds, r.nd presents In its ccuter a
beautiful design enriched with a large
opal and two rubies.
Bright's   Disease   Again  r,
by Dodd's Kidney pmjH
Miss   .Tohitnn Mayor,   Given Up  ,.,        t
Doctors,    Is Again a  Strona  li  ***
OlrU *  l,e»l%|
Lochiel,   Glengarry   Co., Ont   t,
9.-(Special).-That Bright',' 2m
ease   hos    come    within    t0_\   ls*
Medical Science and is no i,,',,,,'   "'
tho list of incurable disease, is    ""
proved   in   the case of M
Mayor, of this place.   In U11
iss .Toll
'ill |
Miss   Mayor   suys:-"I  had  It,,,,
Disease in its worst stages mm "
to givo up a profitable position iili
a corset firm.   Two doctors wl„„
consulted  gavo   me up tolling mjl
had let   the .disease go too   far   , I
spent a fortune with doctors boaiiiJl
going to Caledonia Springs iai|,su*!
mer, but no good resulted untl i ,  I
gan to think that I could not
life much longer.
•It   was   then   I   started   to nd
,i,i'„   ur ;,i„..,.  ii;ii„  „.,.i  s.  .       us"l
Hodd's Kidney l'ills and it is
to theni entirely that I am ut vf0ri
to-dny a strong healthy girl, ,.
took eight boxes iu nil to Ctiinpk!
the cure, but 1 did not lake tlia r,m
two boxes regularly as 1 had no InJ
in them. You may be sum. ,,, |utu
I will never be without Dodd'a Kid.
ney l'ills."
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   always cun
Dright's    Disease.    How     Burn  ^ I
the.v   will  cure  ull  the oarllor stages|
of  Kidney Disease.
There uro 250,000 foreigner, livine |
in Paris and its neighborhood, __\
gians bead the list, Austrian^ (oni I
lle.it   and  Air   In   the  Dining  Ilonra.
The temperature of the dining room
sliould not be as high us that in the
living rooms of the house. I'eoplo lose
tbe relish for their food as much when
tbey nre compelled to eat la an overheated room ns when It Is net ventilated properly. Probably the majority
of peoplo would nnme 70 degrees l-\
the proper heat for the room, but this
la much too high. An authority In these
matters says: "Have the room neither
too cold nor too warm. The temperature should never exceed CO degrees.
The dining room should be well aired
before dinner commences." Those who
have suffered from the discomforts of
nn overheated room nre likely to agree
witli this authority nfter making a
trial of different temperatures. Servants should be instructed to air the
room thoroughly Just before dinner
nnd lower or raise the tempernturo, ns
the caso may be, until tho proper heat
Is obtained.
Politeness occasionally heats th>
almighty dollar under the wire,
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
Many of the large office liuildm;,
In London have no system ol Im.
ing installed, und .their occupuj
have to rely on grata fires or u
A Magical Life Saver i, Dr. i*
new's  I'ure Ior ths Heart.  Alter }»araot f
pnln   nm!   SKony   witli   distressing lUart
Disease,   it   gives   relief In 30 minuui
Thos. I'etrv, ol Aylmer. Que. writes: "I
Iliul HUlIi-ii'il (or five yeurs with a sivtri
form of Heurt Disease. Ths -.liplitest u-
ertlon produced fatlcue pr Amiew',
Cure for tlu* Heart fjave me instant rs-1
lief, four bottles entirely cuieil me."     uj|
The defeat  of the Australian  Oovernment on an amendment to thean
bitration bill, moved by tho  Lahn
party,  which   holds   the   balance til
power, is due iu no small measure Ul
tho votes of the working   women OH
Australia.     They   had    nol   been M
franchised    long    when    the   lvii.t.!
elections took place,  but  were Bpltfrl
dully organised and enthusiastic,Mjj
polled   ii    large    percentage    of    tha
total  vote.
Fashion's Echoes.
The turbati lu rather smnll, close
litling form Is especially approved.
Tho trlcorne or continental, also In
small effects, is n fashionable shape for
the street but,
Dullness of finish Is shown npon
some new sntln foulards and upon
mnny popular suit taffetas.
With a little fine niuslln and some
bits of embroidery nnd Ince deft needlewomen nre currying on the home
fad of making their own dainty stocks,
collars nud cuffs.
in buir ornaments,bandeaux,wreaths
and side effects nre equally populnr.
To a youthful fnee a dainty wreath or
cluster of blossoms tucked behind the
ear Is BpproprlatO and lovely.
It would be hard to find a modish
mnld or matron who does not exhibit
In her wnrdrobe some exnmple of tbnt
Russian cross stitch decorntion for
which Ihere ls a veritable crnze.
It Is expected that with dressy light
shades of cloth, in fawns, grays, electric blues, etc., for dny wenr, chiffon
nnd moussellne will remain fashionable. The light froufrou effect Is to
be retained, and very good atws lt Is.
a Tinuiiiu Hue to  Impure  m.mil i i- -■ |
Had blood is the one great Caioi
Of bud complexion and blotchy iklB
This is wby you must nlttuk th
trouble through tho blood with I':
Williains' Pink Pills. All blotctW
boils, ulcers, pimples and palew*
are the direct, unmistakable results
weak blood loaded with impuritifl
Dr. Williams Pink Pills conquer Ul
the poison; they drive out ull the i*
purities; they actually make new, t.ti
red blood; they strike right at r-'
root of all complexion troubles; IMJ
ure a positive und permanent cum W
all virulent skin discuses like eCttW
scrofula, pimples and eryslpcitl
They give you a clear, clean soft sk;n
free from all blemish and full ot ro*»
health. Mr. Matthew Cook, LaW*
ton, N. W. T., tells bow Dr. WilUW
Pink Pills cured him of eryslpel*
after medicines had failed. Hs \stft
■'My skin was inflamed; my flesh**"
tender and sore; my head ached; ">?
tonguo wus coated; I had chills ntu*
nnd thought 1 wus taking fever.J
tried several medicines, but tioib.j?
helped mo until I begnn using "
Wiliams' Pink Pills and drew "■'
troublo from my system, nntl I J*
now in thc best of health. 1 tll"j"
theso pills the best medietas in •**•
world for blood troubles."
It is nn every day record of COT
like this that has given Dr. **
linins'   Pink    Pills   their    WOrld-Wj
prominence,  Tbey  cure  when v*
medicines fn il,  but you inns' g»t<J
genuine   with   tho   full   name.
Williams'  Pink  Pills for Pale PW«
on   the   wrapper   around   every I"'
You enn got tneso pills nt all OW
gists or by mall nt GO cents a DO*
or six boxes for $2..r><>,    by   *tv*
Tho    Dr.    Williams'    ModlclBC   *'
Brockville, Ont.
Lust yeur 500,000,000 fool ofMJj
bor    wus    exported   from  'I"'  '"' „.
coast   of America, and 800,000,tw
feet sent to   the   eastern   states
Muscular   Rheumatism,  fj
Uuieil by exposure II aH]*_^ll_l% V
Into the chronic form vvl<*> " .'„ IlheU-
ireilllilo ru|iiilily. .South Ann*" ",, s_*
mill ie Cure Ih a quick-nfll»K. .."n'y 0»
pll  nnil   harmless  cure.   SAtS dii   iiLgif
lhe   system,    not   n   lini "'   "  ,    tre»t-
iiiily   ili-iulen   pain.      An   l'1'1'1"        ,„0il
meat    that    will    absolutely   ««• j,,,,
acuta  forms   In   from  one  to  uv*
Tbo    United    Kingdom   has :!ll'l't''|l.
000 sheep; Prance 20,000, I Arfc
line, 7*^,000,000.	
Minard's Liniment is useOy Fhysiciass.
Ono Is lis often duped by «lfl*dC
ns by confidence.
rd at tho tl*i">«*ji
Whnt   we   rcgnn
great      catastrophe     .'"">'',.
through    Iho   light   ol    s" '■*.     ,,
l,e n hlo*"1"*"
events, turn mil
SLOCAN,   8.   C. !
u   ronton. Ol Thrtmlni Prnyer. mt
Tl" ca",°ll„ Idoi in Japnu.
.,„.,„ the sacred road of Ntkko, in
Tfloan is on Idol nbout which centers ,
'' !    ■■ tlie must curious worships iu
0,"° ,,'....-i.i    Upon the surfut-e of tlie ,
£ftooiw sceS little pieces of what i
."•.,'to bo dried paper, if you stand
'.Idol for iiwliilo and wait for a |
to come along, you will see '
| by ti;        	
whirt Uieseblts of pnper are. The dt-v-
I   too lullts in front of the imago, then
^eribblc-a a prayer on a bit of tlie pa-
,.   Tl-o wad he then chews up into
„ boll and I*1"-18 ut tl,e K°d* If lt
hits tlio faco and sticks, the prayer is
ua. to lie granted, and the pious pil-
m-lni goes nwny happy.   If tlie bull
lK.;;S tn some portion of the body, the
oBicu Is "ot «iuit« 80 Propitious, and if
It falls to the ground there la absolutely no hope.
Such n in"'10 of Pruyer ls even moro
curlons than the praying wheels of the
Buddhists, who set the wheel revolving
and i. 'I off prayers by machinery. As
joIjp i.. Stoddard, tho lecturer, said:
••One aces, of course, numberless
Btrongo rites connected with religion
In traveling about the world, but
japan Is the only land I have ever
vlsitia! win-re deltie3 servo as targets
fui' masticated prayers:"
Cabinet Tar the Chuins Dleh Ontflt.
indi*. iduul Breakfast Set.
An occasional Indulgence in somo
new article for the table or the house
adds zest to housekeeping and keeps
up one's interest while attending to
many tedious and Irksome duties, suggests the Boston Cooking School Magazine In illustrating some of these.
A chafing dish cabinet ls a convenience in any home where chafing dish
cookery Is often Indulged In, but it
will be found of especial delight to
the bachelor, man or maid, whose
house furnishings in the way of buffet
The refusal of tho Japanese soldiers |   Mistress.—* Didn't   tho   ladies    who     To appreciate n   worthy and  con>
mt il... attacked transport to sun-on**-called leave cards?  Maid-JThey want-Imondablo trail  Is tha next best thing
jod to, tua'ani, but  I told 'om yo/. had |of possessing that  trait.
plenty uf your own, ond hotter onos
t un.
der was useless courage, but ii is a
hint ni tho spirit tlitii Itussla bus to
California producos mora English
walnuts than all tho othor States,
nnd they are of bettor quality,
instructor (at night school)—Qlvo
an example of an unfinished Bontcnce,
Shock-hoadod Young Man—Go to !
jaiiaaa   Got  Hid   of It,  lint   Not   the
Wuy   lie   I nini,]<•,!.
Thero lived in Ra input*, Indin, a
vender of sweetmeats named Bahrain.
whose wife had weak eyes," said the
Btory teller. "One dny lids man went
ta si i' a friend nt the bazaar, and ho
left bis stall in the woman's charge,
[•lie careful, mind you, about the
change,1 he snid to ber. Hut nevertheless when he returned home he found
that sho had taken In a bad rupee
piece, IK- could hardly sleep that night
for rage and sorrow. In the morning
l.i.. arose early, and, determined to get
rid of the bad rupee, bo set out through
tin- town.   Soon be met a boy.
"'Boy,' he said, 'do you know the
Bwt'i inii-iit shop of All?' (Alt was a
riva 1 vender.) 'Well, take this rupee,
w to Ali's shop and spend a pice for
pweetnieats there. Tbo sweet meats
jiiti may keep; I want the change.'
"Tho boy departed merrily ami In a
I little wlille returned with his  mouth
" 'So you got thc change without trou-
|t>. il.'.'' said the man us he counted it.
•AnJ did Ali make no examination of
the rupee?'
Oh,' said the boy, 'I didn't go as
inr a i Ali's. 1 got the sweetmeats at
fkhrain's shop.'"—London Modern So-
I'liilo'*.   Scheldt-.
It was Mr. Btreeter, a London Jewel*
tr, witn was instrumental in exposing
Ilie notorious Piutn, who claimed to
nave discovered the philosopher's stone,
(lis method consisted in having a bag
pf gold il list concealed up his sleeve,
from which, by an ingenious contrivance, he was able to squeeze the powered metal unnoticed Into the crucible.
I'.y this means be was aide to melt a
iverclgn and produce three or four
(lines Its weight In metal.
'   Well,   good   bye,   old chap;
. il j nu'vo   really   got   a   very nice
Hi  |daco here!   [lost—Yes, but  It's
! are   just  now;    1   hopo I he
■•■   will havo grown when you come
uin, nlil man.
^i'1'i .1 i'i !■:.— 'I'n   hnvo  tin*  Minimi li   well
tu   have   tlia   nervous   system   well.
*. r>   ,!. i. ,iii.  aro   the  digestive   oriteiis
nut.   ',,   sensitive nre tli.'.v  thai  et-
|        .  i       hangos   affect    thein.     When
' i*j  become disarranged  no bettor regu-
"-     is    procurable   tlmn    Parmelee's
rata    They will assist  the dl-
lion mi iimt the hearty eater will suf-
■   Inconvenience  nnil   will   derive   nil
■    ' • aihl',   ol   llis   food
.i many men spond thoir money
i" they gal   il.
".••is  Dry  Snii|i  in  powdar)   to
....I.'lis   nnil   lliinncls,—you'll     like
. fall in realize thai Bomo day
w ill know ns liulo ns their pu*
;i   fool   ninn   expresses    his
I'      guess tn Ui.. for a woman who
.'Mnt even tako   In   washing   for
it her ti raves' Worm Rxtonnlnalor
imi require lha help nl any purgu*
iniillclno to complete  the inn' Cil\o
''<.! ,111.1 bO        I'tlllV   ill.    I'll
'I'll.- greatest   happiness  thai   ibis
J "I'M  nui   givo   ll  iibliiined    by   inak-
ig olners happy,
lAsk for Minard's and take no other.
1 'i.t'iiiiiaii* is i in* until who can for-
thai   ii" j.; married long enough
1 .""I pleasant whon ho Is having
photograph taken,
South American Nervine tones
I Hie nerves, stimulate!) digestion, all es-
[""II.iIh tn perfect health. In no cans
[ins Uh potency been put to severer test
f"«'i that of w. ii. Sherman, of Morris-
'"'i.'.   tint.     llo  any.;   "I   wits  completely
I run  down,   nerves   nil   nnug,   stnmarh   re-
,' '    nl    "Mit    of    food,    constant  dls-
'   ]    and    Kenernlly    dulillltiited.     Four
" L'M miiilu nio  a  woll  mnn.—110
and storage closet are limited. In designing the cabinet the architect planned that every available inch of space
be mnde useful. The doors are admirably adapted to carry out this idea,
the shelves wltb which they are fitted
being perforated with holes of suitable sizes to hold the bottles of condiments so necessary to a complete chafing dish outfit. When the doors are
closed all food supplies nre shut out
from sight and from floating dust.
Tbo individual breakfast servleo
comes in pretty but inexpensive china-
ware or in ware "costly as thy purse
can buy." A veritablo boon is this
service to the hostess discommoded by
tho presence of a guest at the necessarily early family breakfast. Rare ls
the guest or member of a family who
would not feel himself flattered to be
told on retiring that when breakfast
was ready It would bo served In bis
room or in Uie adjoining den or even
in the serving room, carefully aired
for tlie occasion. Who would not be
glad to escape attendance when the
children are being started for school
and lhe adults to town? Who wishes
to hear or have others bear the admonitions to .lane or tlio commissions to
John lhat must be attended to the instant be arrives in town? If tlie individual breakfast service will simplify
matters, by all means let us have it
IMctnresqne   and   Modish   Little   AN
fairs—The < ul and Color.
Puce color, that delightful old world
tone, has been revived. It ls a success
where the wearer can live up to all
the requirements of so distinctive a
hue, and It calls up quaint visious of
Louis XVI. coats in velvet or cloth
enhanced with sleeve ruflies and jabots
of old lace. Such a vision Is materialized here ln tlie sketch of an early
spring coat. Embroidered cloth applique picked out with gold relieves
tho severity of coat outlines, and the
deep cuffs with wide Ince ruffles and
the Louis Jabot add a further softening grace.
The bolero pictured is more than
half pelerine, n modish little hybrid
affair suitable to cither cloth or velvet,
nnd open to tiny amount of extraneous
Tbe last word in regard to coats
comprises  a   three-quarter   sack,   set
1,"'  Church nf England   In Britain
nn Income ol aboul  £200,000
cmc srmso coats.
slightly full from the shoulders, with
sleeves modeled Chinese-wise in ono
with the body, of soft cloth in some
ono of Ibe new strange apple greens,
hussar blues or that Inevitable erm,
elaborately Inlet at tlie ln-in of tlio
coat to the depth of eighteen inches
or more with woolen lace, which latter Invariably barinoiiir.ea with tho
For a Urulsr.
To prevent a bruise on the flesh from
becoming discolored apply Immediately
a cloth wrung out In water as hot as
Can be borne, changing tho cloth as
Boon as it loses its heat, If hot water
Is not to lie had, moisten some dry
starch witji cold water nnd cover the
bruised part with the paste thus made.
1 hero  ims   boon   a   tax on boor In
t "gland sine,, tho twelfth contury,
' '"'t'.'ss nud happlnoss tire only In be
"' '" gl". Ing up our own will,
■r,B brace up and got busy; ii's n
'' '  bolwoon loap years,
To  Hemnve   I'nlnt   Iron,   Ulass.
Ill order to remove paint from win*
dows take strong bicarbonate of soda
nnd dissolve It In hot water. Wash
Ihe glima wilh Ibis, and In twenty minutes or half an bour give it a good rub-
bins with a dry cloth, I
Much Sickness,
Couchs and Colds.
La Grippe, Bronchitis and Pneumonia—Enormous Demand for
Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed  and Turpentine.
I:ji to dato the Now Vork tunnel
hns cost tho city $!11 (089,000, with
$2,813,000 for oxtra work. Tho contractor, John li. McDonald, is ultl-
mately to receive $30,500,000 for
thu tunnel work proper, The extra
work nnd the purchase of real estate
|for terminals and acquirements of
tlio easements will make tho bill
nhout $40,000,000 by tho tima the
road is fully running.
There is scarcely a home whero
thero is not somo ono suffering from
throat or lung troubles.
In oilices, st07.es and factories the
staff are greatly reduced, 'i'ho sudden changes in temperature aro more
than people can stand. Everywhere
you hear people coughing.
Previous experience lias taught
most people for these ailments there
is no trout ment so prompt and effective ns Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine, dust now the sales
of this great family medicine are
enormus. *
states my:—"My fourteen-year-old
boy had a very severe cold in the
chest last winter and I 'really
thought ho was going to die. Ho
coughed nearly all tho time and somo
times would spit up blood. We had
about given up all hopes of his recovery, when I heard of Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
After using ono bottle thero was a
great chunge in his condition, and I
can positively say that he was completely cured by two bottles, and
ho hns not been troubled sinco. I
never saw medicino tako such quick
effect and can sincerely recommend
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, family
size (threo times ns much), CO coiiti
nt ull dealers, or Edmonson, Bates &
Co., Toronto.
To protect you against Imitations
tho portrait and signature of Dr. A.
VY. Chase the famous receipt book
author are on every bottle.
An excellent way to prevent a
butter bowl from splitting Is to i-ub
it well with fresh lard beforo il has
ever been wot. Heal tho lard and
grease the bowl inside and nut, jti.-,l
ns long as the wood will absorb the
lard, which will usually be u lurgo
Vessels for holding milk should bo
smooth soldered—that ts, have the
seams covered up iii prevent tin
Lodging of bacteria.
Cotton-seed menl will give bettor
results when fed with silage than
with nny other feed, because L'ao ail-
ago is cooling and Bomi-laxalivo and
tends in keen the digestlvo systoni tn
good condition,
istic PREFERENTIAL ioxigar
Yball  Enjoy Every Bit Of If,
A lilTiiCM/l'.li 11E(J ULATOH. — To
lirinK tin. dlgostlve organs Into symmetrical working Is the aim ol physicians when the.v (1ml a patient Battering
from Btomachlc Irregularities, uml for
t inn purposo they can prescribe nothing
better than Parmelee's Vegetable t'ills,
which v'.in in* round a pleasant medicine
uf surprising virtue in bringing the refractory organs Into sub'ocMon uml restoring tUi*ii] in normal action, In which
condition only they .ani perform their
iimii's properly,
Silver washed In hot suds made of
soft soup will keep brilliantly clean
for months,
FToltoway's Corn Cure in the medicine
to retnovo nil kinds of corns nnd wans,
and only costs the small sum ol twenty-
(ivc  cents.
Forty drops nre equal to one tea*
spoonful. Four leaspoonfuls an
equal to on" tablespoonful,
Tnl< spots mny be removed by laying the article In new milk for novum) hours before washing.
Some men are so meek and lowly
that they* nre even willing to do an
honest   day's work.
If   we  would   look   back  wilh  plea
sure   on    the  past,   lol   il   lie  our en-
doavour to   make   good   use   of tii
A colonel in the British Army gets
on the average, £1.000 a year; in
the French, £280 ; in tho Italian, £200.
—-p«pp(ijj.v|<7iuji,rv-Hiinv^j' 'vi ■■->- -m^—B*»--~
Xo matter where you go in London
you will hear the Scottish tongue. It
is not often the Doric, but that alienee of Cockney mannerisms in pronunciation that makes you recognize
the man from beyond the Tweed.
Fifty years ugo the height of a
very t.ill British woman was 5ft, Tin.
now the height averages from ."iit.
liin. to oft. lOln.
When the nerves are weak
everything rocs wrong. You
are tired nil the time, easily
discouraged, nervous, and
irritable.   Your cheeks are
pale and your blood is thin.
Your doctor says you are
threatened with a nervour
breakdown. He orders this
grand old family medicine.
" For ninro than M * e»r» I haTt mad Ayer'i
Piirvi!,".. ;.:,i In niy f*mllj. It ll a grand (onto
at all UtniM, ami a wi.nderf til medicine for Impure i.'.a.ut!," - u. C. Holt, Wait Haven, Conn.
f I 00 a buttle.
Lowell,   Miua.
Weak Nerves
Kuoptho bowela regular with Ayer'i
Pills,  Just   one   pill  each   night.
Potatoes from the world's greatest
single crop. 1,000,000,000, bushels
lieing produced annually. This is
eipuil in bulk io the entire corn crop.
The little ones nre frgil—their hold
on life is slight. The slightest symptom of trouble shouhl be met by a
reliable corrective medicine. Daby's
Own Tablets huvo proved by their
record of success to be an ideal medicine for the ills of infants and young
children. The Tablets cure all Btomach und bowel troubles, nlluy the irritation of teething, break up colds,
prevent croup nnd destroy worms.
Th8 mother has a guarantee that
this medicine contains no opiate or
harmful drug. Mrs. T. E. Greavos,
Muritunii, Quo.j says:—"1 have used
llaby's Own Tablets with great success. They never fail, in my experience, to cure thu little ills of children'' Vou get these Tablets from
any medicine dealer, or they will be
sent by mail at 25 cents a box by
writing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville,  Ont.
He is happy   whoso   circumstances
suit bis temper, but be is mine excellent, who can sail his temper to
any circumstances.
l'ort Mulgrave, June 5, 1897.
C. ('.  RICHARDS & CD.
is my remedy tor colds, etc.     lt   is
the best   liniment 1 have ever used.
Tbe revenue ol the Sue/. Canal for
LOOS amounted to 102,957,752
francs, a reduction on the total ol
l'.lOU. The total tonnage which passed through the canal during 1908
was 11,000,288, ol which 7,403,653
Ions were British, These figures
show un increase on those of 1902,
and a very large part of the increase
is due lo British shipping.
"Wet grounds" is becoming the familiar announcement from southern
ball fields. Tin. Russians report similar conditions just outside Port Arthur.
$100 Reward $100.
Th* rM.I.'i! of this rnjier will be pleaaM lo
learn thnt there Is at leaat one dreaded dlii>aae
that aclenre haa been ablo to cure ln all In
•iiik.'k, and that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
(Jure ls tho only positive cure now known to th*
medical fraternity. Catarrh bein* a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional liviit-
mmt. Hall's Catarrh Cure l» taken internally,
acting dlreclly upon the blood an.l mucous sur- j
fi.cea of the system, thereby destroying U)»
foundation of the disease, and Riving the pa- I
tlent sti'.-iii'tli hy building up tho constitution
and aaalstlnx nature In doing I'.s work. The
proprietors havo so much faith tn Us curntlve
power*, that they offer One Hundred Dollar*
(or any cose that It fnlla to cure. Send for Hat
of testimonials.   Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by all druggists, 7r,i\
Ilall'a Family l'ills are the beat.
'The   total     number    of    registered
electors  in    the    Unltod   Kingdom    is
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House.
Submarines nre built of sullicietit
strength to perm 11 them to sink to
a depth of Ha1 foot, ii necessary, bul
of course tlu-y seldom go ns fur beneath  tho surface.
Sum.*   porSOni   have   periodical     iitt.uks
rn' Canadian cholera, dysentery or diarrhoea, nmi have to us.- nient precaution*
to avoid tin' iiisi'usi*. Change ol water,
cooking nn.l green fruit, i*. euro to bring
on tin* attacks. To such persons we
would recommend Or. ,i. 1>. Kelloim's
llysentery Cordial us lieinj. the i,i»hI
medlcino in the* market for nil summer
ntiipliiints. if n few drops are taken in
water when the symptoms nn* noticed no
further trouble ..in be experienced.
There is an Indian Training School
in tlie I'tiileil Slates which has  1,007
pupils. Seventy-seven tribes are represented, the Sen.."as leading in number.
A man's good breeding is lhe best
security against another man's bad
Only man clogs his happiness With
care, destroying what is with the
thought  of what  may be,
No   success   Is   worthy  of   tho   name
unless ii is won by hoiiestr industry
and a brave breasting of the waves
of fortune.
Do Not Wait
for Sickness.
Do not wait until yonr good'
health is impaired, but take steps
to keep it up to the mark. Remember that ailments, apparently
trifling, may very soon develop
into serious diseases.
Do not hesitate to take
on the first appearance of any distressing symptoms. They will do
more to establish and maintain
your general health than any othet
means you can employ.   For a
Sluggish Liver,
Loss of Appetite,
and the depressing nervons conditions that arise from theso
troubles, there is no more reliablo
remedy than
Prepared only by Thomas Bcecham, St.
Helena, England.
Sold everywhere In Canada and Ua 9.
America,  la bona. 23 ceatt.
To    lie  able  to   use  the  tongUO   llu
eutly is undoubtly a great advantage
in many cases; Imt  the power to 1,
silent is equally advantageous.
Many a woman   loves  her husband
less than her husband'!, wife.
Vanity   sometimes   spoils a  uiiilti-
p  titile of virtues.
Tliere are (i.'!2.S"Jl women employed in tlie English cotton factories,
and li~,~4~> men.
Turned the Tide
In half an hour after Mr. Lavars took
lhe first doso of Dr. Agnew's Curo
for tho Heart ha twas on tha road ta
permanont recovery.
"I  wns under  treatment  with some of
the   host    physicians   in    London   (l*'ng-
Itind)   lur   whut   they   dinRtioseil    as    in-
^^^^^^^^ ^^_^^__ curable lienrt  trouble.   I siifTered   (i^onica
In       Budapest])      tliere      nre      fifty j through  pnins  nhout  my  heart,   tainting
Churches   In   which   divine    Bei'vlco    is! Spoils,   palpitation  and  exhaustion.   As a
[ t, ,,,!   ,„   ,„.,,],.,,   .mv ,,..,,,    ,„„   ,,       I ilrownliiR man graspa at  a straw, I triad
I UOld   111   tWClVO   illl. el, ait    languages.        ))r    A;,„,V3   Cure for    the    Heart.     The
                   I lirst   imttio   relieved   me   greatly, and
Now   is  Ihe  time    Iii    pot   eloN.iii.'.s! "hen  1  had    used   two   bottles   all the
in.I   lithnpniiia   bncrnxlna      Ila,.   fun    ,, • I "-J'liiploms   of   my   In-art   trouble   had left
.. aa.         niotis   liegoillus.     lse   11 \ i'    o. I,,,,,....^   L^en,,   Collingwood, Ont. 85
Tbe new Glasgow telephone service
has underground wires 16,500 miles
In length. It provides for 20,000
Tho women of Japan nre now largely imployed in telephone and post
oilices, ninl Ihey nre said to be excellent   bookkeepers.
Algeries is credited with 5,1100,0110
OUt of tin* (i.ooo,OOO hectolitres of
wine produced  In  1000  In  Africa.
Of the people of Boston only thirty-
five per cent, are native born of native parents, while sixty-five per cent
are foreigners.
li   requires   aboul   four pounds of
fresh   leaves   to   ninUe   otto   pound  of
dried  tea.
Tito frank confession of a fault
emphasises to ourselves llu- necessity
of overcoming ii. nud excrls a strong
i'i ine  in  that  direction.
li is said Uml an American farmer
has a sheep which in one year yielded two fleeces, one back ns ink, nn.l
the other as white us snow.
six inch pots according to size of tin
bulb.   Soo thai  the drainage i; pei
feci, nnd the soil  rich and porous.
The best lime to transplant ro.es
is In early spring. If transplanted iu
autumn they are liable lo in* thrown
out by irust. Pot-grown roses may
be set out al any time during spring
and early summer.
('ul tings can slill be ial.en from
geraniums, verbenas, heliotropes,
fuchsias, iiciiaiiias, iiinil ilons ami nil
tin; usual house plants. As they c.iti
be soon budded out, they will give
less trouble than those taken previously.
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes, shrunken   flannels.
Ask fer Ihe Otttxytm liar .}■
A man Is willing lo bo pushed  to
ilu* front, but he doesn't wanl to be
sho*. eil.
Do you catch cold easily P
Does the cold hang on i   Try
f****-] «e,ch   Tha Lung
V*»rv   Tonic
It cures tho most stubborn kind
of   coughs  and   colds.     If   it
doesn't curo you, your money
will bo refunded.
Prices: S. C. Wells A Co.  S03
Mc. SOc. $1   LcRoy, N. Y.. Toronto.Can.
Dr. Agaew's Ointment Cures taenia.
A  wonderful echo can be heard in a
room   In   tho   Oastlo  ot Slmonotte,
near    Milan.    A   loud   noise,   such    as
ii pistol shot rcpeatcs sixty times.
W.WAYS A OOOD l*KI|.'.NO—III lion Illl
1'iul happiness \.e need no friend, Imt
when     pain    mid    prusi ral inn    I'linii'    *.. •■
look for friendly alii Irom symptCthotlc
hands. Those Iannis can serve n** no
better than in rubbing In Dr, Thomas'
Eclectric Oil, for when tho ml i'< In tin.-
p.lin Is mit. It has brought relief lo
thousands wno without it would bo indeed friendless.
tn    Paris    every    ch.iulTciir    has    lo
pass an examination, and drive a
Oovernment oxperl through certain
districts before he is granted n license.
\nl   a   Blnglo Infectious dlsens
known In Greenland.
If ymi would advance In true holl-
noss you must aim steadily at perfection in little things.
British farmers and dairymen mill*
Dvet1 4,000,000 cows, nnd produce
annually In their dairies £82,000,000
Worth of milk,  butter and cheese.
Those lo whom labour is unknown
cannot enjoy tho ext|ulslto delight nf
n woll-cnmod roi I.
mmm^-,.     -    .-:u-=----t: THE DRILL, SLOGAN. B   C, MAY 20, 1901.
C. E. SMiTincaiNOAi.B, Editor and Prop.
is ruHMsnim BVBRT Friday at
SLOCAN,      - -       -      B. O
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates ot Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisenientsatsame rates
ai legal advertising.
Locnli will l>e charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocnn, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 20th, 1904.
Mrs. Bennett returned on Friday
from Kossland.
Bob Allen took over tlie butcher
shop on Monday.
P. Meachet nnd wifo removed to
Nelson last week to reside.
Monday next has been proclaimed a
holiday by tlio government,
Tho new sample rooms at the Ar
lington hotel have been completed.
A new platform is to be built to the
east of the station and to the end of
The half yearly report of the Bank
of Montreal shows net earnings of
Kev. Mr. Scott left last week to attend the Methodist, conference at New
Mr. Justice Martin, Victoria, spent
Sunday here, on his way to attend the
Nelson assizes.
Siocan people will migrate in a body
io New Denver on Tuesday, to take in
the celebration.
Wm. Davidson has been under the
doctor's eare for a week or more, with
ti touch of fever.
Wm. Koch sent out several cars of
lumber from his Ten Mile mill to
Manitoba this week.
W. S. Johnson came in on a Dying
trip from Montreal on Monday accompanied by his brother.
The .postal authorities have removed
the ban against the Physical Culture
Magazine of New York.
Mrs. Lipsett and yoUng daughter
removed to Calgary Tuesday, where
Mr. Lipsett is now located.
The Ymir Mirror is dead, after a
life of three years. Dell Smith, the
owner, has removed to Victoria.
Rev. Mr. McCord, of Knox church,
Was ordained and licensed as a minister at Nelson on Friday evening.
The mill company finished loading
a car of Bbingles Tuesday for Waterloo, Out.   Tt is the fifth this season.
Tt. Abbie and wife, Nakusp, returned here Monday from their wedding
trip,going on to their home yesterday,
Wm* E. Button was killed on Friday night in the No. '2 coal mine, at
Coal Creek, by being ruu over by a
car. i
The young ladies of the town have
{organized a basket ball club, and
practice each evening at the skating
Francois Hanoi, believed to be in -
fiiine, murdered his brother with nn
axe, on a ranch near Canmore, last
There is a report on the coast that
W. K. Hearst, the great newspaper
magnate, will establish a big daily at
Aid.Worden on Saturday purchased
a fine horse and stable from .McCallum
& Co. Ue took the animal with him
to Calgary,
E. Brooksbank left for Cranbrook
on Saturday, win-re he will be employed by McCallum & Co, His wife will
join him there.
C. F. Nelson and Murdock McLean,
New Denver, returned Saturday from
attending lhe grand lodge meeting of
the K. of P., at (Irand Forks,
Licenses for timber in the Little
Slocan country were issued on May 5,
1908, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding.   Kosslaiideis got them.
Revenues from timber are exceeding
the expectations of the government,
They estimated receipts at $^0,000,
but the limits will yield $280,0:10 or
This evening, tlie Rebecca lodge of
the town is giving a leap year ball in
tin* Music Hall. Tt is open to the
public and will be tin- event of the
Timothy Eaton, of Toronto, was
thrown from his carriage lust week
and was badly shaken up. The news
nhould interest his ninny supporters iu
the Kootenays,
IT. W. Jackson, formerly manager
of the Rossland Miner.announces that
lie has secured  control of the Nelson
Tribune and will convert it Into the
most Influential daily in the interior.
Misses H. and M. Tobin, of Los
Gatos, Cal., arrived in Monday, via
Spokane, on a visit to theii- brother
To ii. Eleven years had passed since
they had last seen their brother. '1 Iny*
Bit-'iy love with B.C. aud its climate.
A fire brigade has lieen organized in
Nelson has decided to celebrate Dominion day.
Jno. Blench is beautifying his residence with the paint brush.
It is unlikely there will be a summer session of the legislature.
The dominion government intends
to strongly fortify Vancouver.
Chief Pinchbeck is having a sweet
time trying to collect dog taxos.
Express money orders nre payable
everywhere.   They aro cheapest and
Mrs. McLennan aud children returned Tuesday from visiting friends
in Balfour.
Thos. Redd, a brakesman,was killed
at the big hill at Field, hist week, by
being run over by a train.
On Wednesday the sixth carload of
shingles for the season was sent out
bv the local mill coinpanv to Exeter,
Out. * |
Jos. Jaequemin, an eight year old
lad, was drowned in Nelson Sunday
evening, while endeavoring to save his
younger brother.
The contractors on the creek work
have made splendid progress during
the week, and have all the danger
spots covered, The job will lie completed next weok.
Ralph Harron, a well known drummer, died in  Rossland Monday, of
heart disease. He had played baseball
in Trail the previous day and had
over-exerted himself.
Agents Wanted.™Responsible men
to take orders for tailor-made clothes.
Good commission, experience unnecessary. Crown Tailoring Co., 40
Adelaide street, west, Toronto.
Rev. Mr. Mount left Tuesday for
Seattle, to attend a meeting of the
Episcopal clergy of the northwest, to
discuss ehnreh work. He will preach
in St. Paul's chinch, Vancouver, next
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags,billheads, statements,letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
The record office is raking in much
dough theso days for licenses.
G. Stuart Ross, of Vancouver, in
charge of the Ashcroft Electric Co.'s
power house, was accidentally killed
last week.
Appended ia a complete list of the var
ions records registered atthe local registry office, II. P. Christie boing mining
May 9—Ellen Dare, on Lemon crcok,
Dan llanlon.
11—Elena, on Springer creek, Antonio
12—Torpedo, on 1st n f Lemon, Thos
May 9—Katie fr, Argo, Gypsy L»sn,
Otis, Anniston.
11—Silver Leaf No 2.
12—Memphis, Coronation, Mabou,
Empress fraction, White Sparrow,
Mny 10—Fourth of July No (i J, K Butner to A K Teeter.
Truro 3.u same to same.
18—Alhiinibrn, all, R Kurtzlmls to Jas
Timber Notice,
"VTOTK'l" is hereby given that thirty days after
1> dale 1 iiii.ail io apply to the Chief Com-
miaiioner nf Lends & Works, at Victoria, for a
special lioease to cut nnd carry awuy linilier
pom lie following described lands: Commenc-
biK nl a po>( sci clone to Jonnie Currie'ti northeast cornci post, on tho north sid» of tho north
fork of Evans eretlc | running HO clinin9 west j
thenee south80 chains; thence east KI) chains;
thenoe north 80 chuins, to point of commencement.
Dated April 19th, 1904,
Timber Notice,
XTOTIC'K is hereby given that thirty days nfter
1\ date 1 intond to iipply tothe C'hief Commissioner of Lands .v. Works, at Victoria, for a
Special license to cut and carry uway timber
from the fiilliiwuigdescriliod lands: Commencing; at ii post illumed on the north side of the
south fork of rlrans creek, about Ave miles from
Slocan lul.cund running south 80chains; thence
wesl Sll chains; tliencu north 80 chains; tliei.co
east SO clinins, to point of commencement.
Dated April uoili, nwi,
Timber Notice.
-iMYrirF is herebygiven thnt thirty days after
\ °dab l ii "id to apply to the Chief Com*
ilsatoPV of Lands ft. Works, .ot_Vic_tor».torj«
[Wan-inl license to cut und"ciirry away timber
f  m Uli f0 1 mving described lands:  Ca.mmonc-
I "it;i post Planted on the north side of tho
i'nmfnk of  Evans creeV, about three miles
Sbean   lake, running  south  4.1   chains;
« ce west  «• chains; thence north 40 chains;
"    eea-t   1™ chains, to point of commenco-
Certificate ef Improvements.
Black Prlnee * Clipper Mineral Clattnt.
Situate in the Slocan  City Minim Pivi-
sion   of   West   Kootenay    District.
Where  located:—Black Prince on
noith fork of Lemon creek; Clipper,
on south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE thntl, Ernest Hnrrop,
free miner's certificate Ko B68468; and
Lotln? «! agent fer Robert O-Andrwi,
free  miner'i certificate No. B71lill, intend, sixty rluvs from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder or certificates of Improveruents.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of tlie above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of audi certificates 01
Dated this 1st day of April, 1904.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whet
you can get one so cheap? The*.
are prefcrrable to BtOYen nnd give
better satisfaction. Thess i-ane«
burn wood or coal and will bo
BCt up free.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICE is hereby given that thirty ilnys after
ditto 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Con*
mlulonor of Lends .V Works, at Victoria, tor it
special lii'iMisu to cut ninl curry autiy tiuiher
frnm the following tlescriiieil litmls: Commencing nt ii post, pliiiiteil on the south si.in of Evans
crook, about one-half mile front tha west shorn
of Slocnn lake; thenco smith M0 clinins; thence
west Bflchains; thenco north 80 chuins; thence
cast so chains, to place ot commencement,
Dated, April is, I'.-tu.
"Sated April 20th, IBM.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
If you want ;i touch of
home life, come along,
boys.   Tho beal  tnble
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
|)ATi"S: Regular subsoribers,$1 per month
IV or $10 a yuur: non-sitliscrihers (exclusive of
nieilicul attendance! $2 per ilay, , Private vynrti.s
Rl per day extra, Special facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Timber Notice.
"a,JOTII I'" is hereby given that thirty days lifter
.i .late I Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of Laadt A Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to out nnl curry nwny timber
from the following described land: Comments-
iiifc* ut a post planted on the east side of Wilson creeKj near the west fork of the said creek,
running north 80 chains; I hence east SO chains;
theuce south Ml chains; tlience wost KO chains to
point of commencement,
Dulud April 20,1901.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICE is hereby irivon that thirty days after
dale 1 intend lo npply to the Chief Commissioner of binds & Works, nt Victoria, for a
special Wrens'* to cut ainl carry nwny timber
from the following described laud* Commencing al a post planted ou the cast side of Wilson cteek, near the west fork of the said creek.
running sonth 80chains; tlience east KO chuins;
thence north*80 chains; thence west80 chains,
t.i point of commencement.
Dated April 20,1*304.
\-*-*-*-*- -t
,**-* !-***■*-**
I     Tlie Queen's
I      Motel -■~**s&~-
in town;
bed i*0oi))i
to sti'iltlv
The only
licit l;.i-',
. Specia
**.   .   .
room i
Arthur Street,
... u
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Anna Farini, or to nny person or
liersone to whom she may haVe transferred her interest in thu Coronation
ami Memphii mineral claimi, situated
on Tweh'O Mile creek, and recorded in
thc lteeoider's office for tho Slocan
C ity mining division.
You are hereby notified that wo.
.lames Smith, F.M.O. No. B69995, and
Charlei lirand, F.M.C. No. B60037, bate
caused to he expended the sum of lour
hundred and ten dollars in lahor
and Improvements on the above men-
ti nod mineral claims, in order to
hold said claims under the provisions ol
thr Mineral Act; audit within l'O davs
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure,together with all costsi
of advertising, your interest in said
claims will become the property of tbe
subscribers, under section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocnn, B.C., this 1'lii dav of
Hatesi sa.o'o run day
First-class lining Room
Nelson, B. C. I
^^ ♦
l<c»;»    «Kt**»:i **********
Ffrst-class Dining Room *
Largo and Comfortable Bedrooms   t
Sample rooms for Commercial Men   ,
°   ll *************
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire antl Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
(Vi D
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
I  "
| Fresh Fruits of Every
| Kind Arriving   Daily.
Timber Notice.
VfOTICl! is horoliy given that thirty days .ifttr
.\ dato I intent) to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lewis ,1. Works, nt Vlotoria, for n
upcrial license to cut aad curry awny timber
front tlio following described lan.i: Commenc-
iug -tl a tn.st i lunt<ad on I lie south «idi* of the
,,.'-. braoob i,f Wilson creek, abnut two miles
wesi i.f tlm mn in ■troatn,ruoDinBiTest80 chains;
tlienco south SO clinins; thence cast hi chnius;
tliRoct north SO chains, to point-of commtneo-
Datod April 25, MM.
Timber Notice.
VTOTICE is hereby given that lliirly ilaysnft.-r
[l ilnte I intend to apply to tlio Chief Com-
iai -a.uorr.f Lands & V.nrks, at Viituria. fur n
-:■,','iii iiceusc t.i cut and natty mvray tlmbur
from tha* following described lamiIt Comtflenc-
Engat a post planted on thu Bouth side of Wil-
soe rrttt-1;. near the mouth ef '.In- weal branch,
running we*.! hi clinins; thence smitli.-() chains;
tah#nce eitst .-rn chalnst thence north ID eliain*.
io point nf commencement,
llatB.l April 20. lOei.
Timber Notice.
NOTICK i I hrvi'liy given that thirty • lnys aftrr
date I intend to apply to thc Chief Commissioner of Lnmis & v.".'!■. -. at Vi ti.rin. fur a
special license in cut and carry nway iinili.T
fnun tin. following described laudi Cdmiuenc-
Ingatapovt planted on thosouth ddeof the
west branch of Wilson creek, alioiit *iti u.ilr*
from ths main stream, runuiug ».*st no clialna |
thenco north su chains; thonce east ft! r'niius;
thatnee south HCchaius,to poiutof commencement,
D.uu.1 April ■:;. 1D04.
Victoria May
Day. . .|| 24
New Denver
leave Slocan City 7 a.m.
leave New Denver
after the ball
RATES; Fare und one-third return
(Yum and lo all points. Tickets
on sale May -I to *JI. good to return till May 26th.
I. S. CARTER,      E, J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.U.P.A.,
Nelson \ iiiuvouv-r
A full stuck of the best
lini*; of ri^iii's nnd tobaccos always kept on hand.
19 l.iiiivtaef Bread fair SI.
lull \Va*iKllt   mill Olllllltj
Slocan, B. C.
Timber Notice.
NOTICK i.- hereby given that thirty days afler
iinl*? 1 intend to apply -to the Chief Commissioner of Lands .. \\orks, at Victoria, for n
spivial license to nit and carry away timbor
from the following described lini: Commenc-
in^ at a post plauted nn ilu smith side of the
west branch of Wilson creek, about five miles
west nf t'.ti- main stream, running wwt Ull
chains;thencenotih su chains; thenco eastllO
clu.i'i-; iiia'iu « south 80 chains, t<> point of com-
Dated April SS.IOW.
i imber Notice.
I the Undersigned, thirty -lays nfter date, in-
9 tend'to apply to tl.e Chief Commissioner
of 1.an.Is (t Winks, at Victoria, f..r a npecial license to cot and carry away timber fr.,m the
following described trad nf land: Commencing
ui a pn**t planted on the souUi si.U nf Kvnns
crcok. nbntit one mile frnm Slocnn bike rimuipK
80 chains south; thence mi chains east j thence
HI clinins north ; I bunco Sll chains wost, to point
of commencement,
Located March 80,1901.
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seeds in Bulk
Onion sets liavi- arrived; tfet your
order in at once.
Timber Notice.
rthe undersigned, thirty days after daU, in*
, tend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands* Worts, nt Victoria, for a special li-
cRnse to cut an.l carry nway tiiulh-r trom the
following described tract of land I Commencing
at a post planted on the smith side of Grans
crack, about nm mile fmin Sl.ican liike.rniiuiiiK
80chains sonth; thence 80 chains west* thence
m»chains north; thenee 80chalni e«"i. to point
of commencement. JAS. M. FAllHKI.L
Located March 80, nim.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICK i" herebygiven tlmt thirty days nftsr
•lair I Intend tn ni-ply to ihe Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lands it Works, nt Victoria, fnr ■.,
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands; Commencing al n post planted mi the north side nf the
north fork of Kvnns creek, abnut I1, mile frnm
Slocan lake,running smith 40 chains) thence
west40ohains;thence north20 chains; thence
thence west W chains; thence north 20 chains|
thence west 40 chains i thonce north 20 chains i
thence west in chains; thence north lOehajnsj
tlience east 40 chains; n  lonth <n> chains;
thenco easl 10chains; thenee smith 10 chalni;
thence enl io chains; thence 11111111 !0 ohalnti
tlienco east 4(1 clialni, to point uf cuninnnce-
Dated April 10th, i'.*o*t.
rriAKB notice thai ii limylnUntlon, att
I     piratimi of "ixly dayi from Ihuilatiih
to apply in the Hun. the Chief Commlsiloi
Lands i Worki for permlnion in purchase the
following described land, vl«.i Commencing at
a pust pliiBtcl nu the Weil ihon ef BloCatl bile,
ami siliiiile.l abont 100 foet nm'lh of lhe iiinuth
of Bvafil creek a sil marked "John Cur rin'- N.B,
Cornar." thence west 'JO chains ; theticii smitli Uo
..,.„•.   ..        ..I.,..     1.'........     ...«nl.  .     II.........      .     IW.
. ,,i no.,     >iia,„i ""~. ~w..u.«», ........  mllllll 'JO
ohaini, croS'ing  Kvnns creek; thence inst  3)
chalni; thence north following the westshon
iif Blocan lake 20 chains, inure or Ull. to point
of  cniiiuiencoineiit,   iliul   contiiiniiiK  4n  ucres
Ml.   ...... ^^H
nolo or less.        	
JOHN ri'HIMK per I'. \\ . I.Aisu. Auenl
Nel-mi. 11.''.. April88rd,lBW, 21) t
i».o. uux an
——— ■ —JMgp
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
NEW   lH'.NVElt,  It.!'. _\
AUShhipIos Itecelvo Prompt Atta-nllon. „,„"*' " APPHoaUon
A,IOM   ' npeolal Quototloni l« Mlnei uml MIUn.
is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its  doer  when
yea are dry, weary or hungry,
^-**-*-***■***■**-**** •******+*.
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver.    House  contain-* ;
\ four large rooms, hall J
I and   ward robc.     For ;
t other particularswHte j
» * ♦ « « *c*****oi * ** * + i : J ♦ . »•
USWWc^wW >*\£m^)^^ y*i)-c . >«:uc xo
■A Advert.
ise yourti
ft.*' w **
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
I llo
(..:.!!   per
t.'-nt n !•!
oral ■■..; ■
er : it i   rend
i..  , \'-.■.
!-.,'. 11
:.- fat-tii ,i
uAt All  Timeslj
Subscribe for
local paper:
gj THE DRUM  $2  per year J*


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