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The Slocan Drill 1903-09-11

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Full Text

SLOGAN,   B.   C,   SEPTEMBER   11,   J.9Q3.
-  ~'        ■*■"■ .      » ■!■>_.
42.00 PER ANNUM.
fhe Best CannedGoods
' -**-./■...
arc the best value, no matter whuS'■*-,
price is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods ,
We have others if you should want them.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
|f reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington.    3~Eotel.
SLCCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tliis poi altar hotel is convenient to the boats and trains.   The dining roi.ni
iirtr.-.i.v upto-aa.*" while lhe I ar is -.up* lied witli the best in the market,
D A TEC .   Travelling men. using Sample Rnom*", $2.Mpcr slay :
A/l / CO .     wuiWiuS:tai_il.'Ktviiii«.'f->*.''''anl^l'-rwi-rk; iir'al--:'..''
Having secured premises on Main «trett,we are premred to
handle all kinda of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, aud Dairy
Products, ami are ii.i-n to teoelve shipments from any of the
ranchers iu Slocai Valley. A full stock will be kept on band.
II nissholders will be supplied daily with fresh goods by wagon.
l'lMCKS HV. A SON ABLE.    Will handle in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
ato-opi h" I under
Us old ,,.  .ski ment.
Former oustomera
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Csar. As-tlllli-Stri.t aanast IK-lsaiisiy A vi*bibip, Slueuii.
Bill-ling thoroughly renovated
snd ra* || ,*t0,| wj_|j t|,(. ix»st
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
N ou can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best tht market affords.   Prices are right.
*•(   SMITH,
************-**mmYl*TJFJr*T'J '■ ".Ma. fmti XMTMT*M^m*mm**mm*mm-mmM-^ -   -—** ""IfiB
";lalHlui's* r.iiiiiinain„,l  |„  Mssi*t on  No-
'   'll I „"  T"'s.nly-.-lixili.l<,0Inl|.i*    Molina,. "Hs-s tiu iti-uHoisa for Haitcnlug
nn iho Bleotloiu.
Last Saturday a sipecial edition of
the B. ('. Gazstte waais8ued,annouuo-
ingthe .-"hanging of tlie date ofthe
provincial olecftoas from Oetober 31
to Octobsr 3rd, and fixing the nominations far September 19. Also the
the legislature has been summoned to
meet oa November 26, instead of in
Premier McBride, asked by tho Col-
011 ist fair his reasons for hastening on
the elections, raid:
"Well, Ibere are two ver)' good rea-
Bons, either of whieh i.s sufficient.
**lt has. been a sort of political tradition in British Columbia in the past
to postpone tin; meeting of thc house
an long as possible, and when an election was necessary to put the election
as far in the future ss could be don«
within the letter of the law. T propose
t'i hold the elections antl meet the
house with the least possible delay.
"At thi closing of the house, after
thn defeat of the late government, I
promised that the election would lx*
brought on as soon as   practicable.
When the date was lirst lix**d it wa.s
theughl the Hl.-t of Oetober would be
tin' earliest date practicable. However
it has li sn discovered  to be possible
to hold th-" elections mueli  sooner.
Thi- voters' lists are aow in order,
there b iiag practically no appeals to
delay matters, and therefore no difficulty presents itself to hold the -.lse
tions on tho date last chosen.    We
hav * been taunted with being a government on suff ranee and without any'
mandate from tki electors, and we do j
not propose to be subject to tha suspi-,
cios thai we desire to hold office on-1
dav longer than the electors will sus- j
tain us iu that positio*!.
-tii. •.O.r.Vi.v,   tli it   tha    gO'.i".uai*:i'.'
eon-rid *•• it necessary 11 h tae th j cu
lorsamen. of th:* olsjctorate ami to
submit to tho house at ai early a <h'.-
a; possible certaiu reforms that art
deem d necessary to Iw immediately
imtroduoed in the liest hrtstrests of tii •
province. (>'.ir policy is largely based
upon the determination to thoroughly
re-organize th" fiscal system, and by
that and other practical reforms t s re
Store confidence in the financial aad
political administration of tho pro!
"I am fully aware that the opponents of tha government will in all
probability seriously criticiz 1 the -t*p
we have adopted, and accuse us ol;
having taken an undue advantage ■ I
t!i • situation. Wa must, of course, lie
prepared for that kind of thing, and
trust to the f-iv.id sense of thepeop'e
to acquit us of even ths semblance ol
-harp practice. No political use what-
•ver has been made of the change of
slates, not a sin."!'.! person outside the
members of tho executive bavin r anv
knowledge of what was proposerl, and
the members of the executive had only
considered the question since ths court
of revision sai mi the .Jl**t. Both political partis33 are, therefore,on the same
"In taking tho present course the
government L* placing the interests of
•>!■<- couatrj' liefore partizan considerations. The geverumenl and its supporters will be placed at a disadvan
tage rather than at an advantage by
the change. Much organization I
was contotaplatod, and an estou? i*e
political itinerary mapped out, will
have t'i be foregone,
"You may s.iv thai the cnmpnk'n
from this out will sbe 'shorty iharp aud
tu Nelson, With silver at 552 cents an
ounce, the returns totalled ***l'K.-17 per
ton. with gold values of $18.6Q,makiug
^2.07 in all. The ore was taken from
an open out on tho Bell claim.
su InoUea or Oosd Ore ia-ounil on the
Kivi'i'islils) (.roup.
An  important   strike   of  ore   was
niiidc last week on tho Riverside group
on tha Ten Mile slope, and adjoining
the Gatineau group on the e«st.   The
property consists of four claims and is
owned bv R. I. Kirkwood.   Two leads
had originally beeaj  traced  on the
ground and last  yeur a third one was
opened up,   Having finished the assessment this season, resulting in a
sprinkling of pre being found on the
No. il vein, it was decided to continue
Working with two men.   Another tun-
uel higher up the hill was commenced
and ore was first encountered in the
roof.   .Soon it appeared on the foot-1
wall, and is at present exposed  there!
and on the footwall.   lt is six inches
wide aud of shipping quality.   It eon- j
tains someargentite, ruby and native]
silver, and  sulphide of silver.   The;
tunnel is in oi_i|y 20  feet, and the ore'
is gradually widening.   It will  undoubtedly open into something pretty !
The owner of the Riverside was absent on Poplar creek wk'ti the strike
was made and knew nothing of it until his return here Monday. It is his
intention to erect camps and work thv
property this winter. Ore will ba
shipped as the opportunity offers.
ments was 700 oz, while specimens
went as high as 17,00!) oz in silver.
What ore has also liwn taken out this
year is running high, and it will be
shipped next month prior to the close
down for the winter. The Hampton
pays for its own development aad a
little extra besides.
liifli* Shooting.
At Saturday's practice shoot of the
Rifle (.'.ul' tlio  following scores were
J. Cross 27
R. MeFarlane...28
D. S. McVannel.27
W.S. Johnson.. 24
W. II. Harrison.25
J. McVicar 28
W.ll. Davidson.3.1
P. Dick 10
Dr. Keith :? I
A. Barber 15
Uelvgiitea tsi  Mi-sit nt  Now   Denver-Next
Next Tuesday tho Liberals of the
Sloean riding will meet at New Denver for the second time. The convention is the result of R. A. Bradshaw,
the party nominee, resigning from the
candidature. What decision the party
will com* to is not known outside of
the elect, but it is believed an earnest
effort will be made to bring out another candidate.
ln any event there is a large percentage of the former Liberal vote
lost, having now gone to the Conservatives. Should a decision be arrived
at by the convention not to nominate,
still more of tho faithful will voto for
Bill Hunter, as tho representative of
party line polities. In fact, the majority of the Liberal vote ia the various towns will lie east for the Conservative candidate, in the event of their
own side failing to nominate.
Greatest Attractions and the Biggest:.
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
aohici i/ithae exhibits    stock show    fruitfaih
mimno dbpahtment      imsni: arts disim.a .-
Down Town Streel Carnival Every Night, Vaudeville Siurinlties and
High Class Circus ITentutes
nbbbik fflis Un*. Winter,
Ai Hie Howard Fraction thej hnve
.everything snug for the winter.  Com*
j inodious camps and sheds  have been
erected, firewood and mining timbers
I hauled  in, and  water piped   to   the
|mes*thouse,   The crosscut tunnel has
reached bedrook and ia making faal
headway.    Some exceptionally rich
float haa been found on the hillside,
1 oiv iiis'iv giving $10,000 in gold and
another .$200 in gold and 1400 oz in
silver. The crosscut will tap lb" leads
where this float comes from.
Special Low Rates on Railroads
Concession Privileges for sale,     Write tor L-Yammra Lisl
H. G. STinMEL, Sec. and Han.
Hist I'liiiiik'i' Manila.
There is a deal in sight on the famous L II claim,on Kight LVIilecrccki
1 famous in days gone by for its oxc p
tional "".olcl values.   Parties connected
i with the Monitor mlne,atThree Porks,
i have   been   looking  at   the   I. II this
1 week.  A very nice strike <if ore Is also
reportedfrom the property.   Al one
time the group was held at $250,000,
Ite tam ■ on Itepublla Ore.
I    Very satisfactory returns were ob
tai'itd   from   the  las)   carload of ore
l-ablpptd by the Republic Mining Co.
271   251   ISO      711
Stri!..* aril Ills* Msints-rry.
Bob Milloy, one of the owners oi
the Monterey group, situated ou the
Tea Mile-Springer divide near tho
Hampton, cam" down on Mondav and
reported having mado a good strike
ffhil" doiug asssssment. He traced
tho main lrad to the end of tho Monti rey claim, and iu stripping it uncovered a paystreak of 10 inches ol
rich ore. it is identical with that
found, and worked on in another part
of tho claim last year. Assays have
'-riven 200 to 410 oz in silver. Minneapolis people have become interested
in the group and neNt summer thev
will work it on an extensive scale.
The Monterey is in the same vicinity
as the Riverside and other promising
Spoksssss* Fair.
It is now only a short time before
the Spokane Interstate Fair opens.
The dates this year are October ■"> to
18, There will undoubtedly be a very
large crowd in attendance from this
section of the country, for it is the
tinv tit tha year  when  people like to
;>i away for recreation, and Spokane
is certainly offering a line exposition
and bi*r inducements in the way of
ampsement and attractions. The railroads will give a rate of a faro and
one third, good every day of the exposition.
Tss I'.riMiinaiKo Mining.
An order in council has l.e.in passed
by the I) .minion government, providing for tin' admission into Canada for
a temporary period of oranga mineral
dry, white ami red lead, corroded out
of lead produced lu Canada, or from
piglead produced from silver lead ore
mined or smelted in Canada, oa payment of a duty based on the cost of
corroding the piglead, as may be determined by the minister of customs.
Heretofore a duty of live per cent was
charged on this mineral.
"sl ib sir tlu. st sa 1 n I.Ins..
The Sloean lake route is to lie made
the main thoroughfare for all C.P.H.
traffic to and from Revelstoke and all
point.-, south. A new timetable will
bj.ii Into effect at the end of the month,
when  the imperial Limited service
ceases, and travel diverted at Nakusp,
All mails will arrive here much earlier
and more life imparted to this section,
Ml);Is llrisslss Ilia, ibis tinlll|ilaan.
N. F. McNaught continues his development of tie* Hampton group and
has taken out some very rich ore. A
hody of it struck during the woek
gave returns of 1100oz in sliver to ths
ton,   Tho average of last year's ship*
No council meatiug was held this
The American Boy has three feot of
ore oxposivd.
Slocan ore shipmsints are in excess
of 10,000 tons.
New D •saver has its electric light
plant in operation.
Barn.- In Silverton, ou Sept. 8. the
wife of W. S. Horlon, of a son.
Tha Rossland World has baen reduced from a daily to a weekly, appearing on Saturdays.
Howard Thompson has been elected
president of the Sandon Miners' Union and Anthony ShUland secretary.
Eorn.--At Sew Denver, on Sept. 4,
tli* wife of \V. C. Lawreue*. of a son.
On Sept. 7. the wife of C. W. Aylwin,
of a daughter.
Grand Forks snielti'inien have left
t'10 American Feds-ration of Labor and
organized under the Dominion Trades
and Labor Congress.
A slighi mistake in tha pries of -silver last Thursday seat a spasm of joy
through the camp. Th** price should
have been 57| and not f>9:|.
Dr. Morrison and wif.', of Nelson,
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Brook man
thi*-. week. The Doe spent his tine
extracting molars,hunting and fishing.
The V.I'M, let a car of general
freight, consigned to local merchants,
get into the lake at Nakusp. The
company now has goods to sell at reduced prices.
Married. At New Denver, on Sept.
9, bv Rev, C. Arthur Mount, William
Tboinlinsou to Miss Alice Thomlinson,
of Cumberland, England. The whole
country join* in congratulations.
Returning Officer Henderson lias
established his polling places, viz..
Deer l'ark. Burton. Nakusp.Rosebery,
Throe Forks, McGuigan, Sandon,New
Denver. Silverton, Enterprise, Slocan.
and Winlaw.
[noraased business with the Dominion Express Co. has necessitated a
change in management. General
Superintendent Ford will have charge
from Sudbury to Moesejaw, aad A. C.
Stewart from there to the coast.
Last Year's IStiipimmta Were 0333 Toim-
A llaasltliy Kvlsluncu of the I.ifs? unit
Wi'iillli of tlse Camp—Enterprise the
lIlRKuat Hhlpper.
There is an .absolute blank to record
this week in ore shipments from this
division, even the Enterprise failing
to score, Attention is being paid more
to development than to taking out oro
at the various properties.
For  1902 the ore  shipments from
the local division amounted to o:i'i3
tons, made up from 12 properties,
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black I'rince	
West mon t	
Highland Light.
The Ottawa has slightly increased
its force.
The lessees of the Black Prince have
started work.
Boundary ore ishipmants 'ast week
were 1)201 tons.
More men are being added to the
force at the Enterprise.
The ore sheds at the Ottawa are to
be boarded in and roofed.
Tho Ivanhoe is incre-wing its force
at ths mine and mill, employing 65
The Granby Mining Co. is advertising for 30 mu-hino men and 100
A divide-ad of ten eeats a share has
been declared bv the Providence Mining Co.. of Greenwood.
Nels Holgren staked a fine claim
adjoining tho Alpine on Friday The
quartz contains ire* gold.
Windy Young has resigned thc
presidenev of the Similkameen Valley
Coal Co. " W. C. McLean is filling tho
Mineowners complain bitterly of
the combine recently effected among
the sawmills, whereby the price of
rough lumber han lieen inc**sMSe*d fifty
per cent. They term it a regular
Lant week Ernest Harrop, one of
the owners of the Alpine group, at the
head of Lemon cresk. had a little over
a ton of ore from that property treated
at Nelson smelter. It returned $2;") a
ton in gold. Tht Alpinw is a free
milliag proposition.
Vs-s jr Ills h Ors».
Th.' owners of the Cripple Stick an
exhibiting some wonderfully rich ore
in town, lt in contained is a honey
combed qtwrtz,thecavltlea being Blled
by sufphurets, in "diver the values run
from 160 to 8fi0 oz, while the values in
gold are surprising, the lowest return
being 848 and the highest SIM). The
paystreak is It) inches wisle. constituting one of the richest things in the
Silver Oiietation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
week since last issue:
i Friday	
I Saturday  61
j Monday 	
Tuesday  Ml   "
Wednesday  r.7*_    '■
Union OflloeMfl
Following are the Dames of the oiTi
I ears elected by the Miners'Union at
their regular meeting on Saturday
nii/lii: President, W.ll. Harrison-vice,
Thos, D. Tobin- lin. secretary, D. 15.
O'Neail; reo, secretary, .lohn Skinner-
wardeu. Thos. Capparelli; conductor,
John A. Kininan; trustees, D, B.
O'Neail, Win H. Davidson. Ralph
Oil let te.
FiTij ivnt*
Men Are s. ia tc.
Every day inquiries come in hare
from the outside camps for men, testifying to the fact that the supply of
lalxn- is scarce. Men are .wanted at
thn Enterprise, Wakefield, Ivanhoe
and various ether properties, but the
local supply is exhausts**d. No man
iis'tsd be without work now in tho
S|aa'fl,iB|lll aaa'  I HOT* f. SI'S   1'oii'a*.
Jot* Haraelin, foreman at the Speculator, came down Monday for several
more men to go to work on that pro-
perty, The force ha»a been increased
to its old tiuis* strength and will so
continue all winter.
MlMMll   KH lilt IIS.
Ai>i>ensli'il is « complete list of the vsr-
iuin record! registers-! at the local registry office, H. P. Christie lieing Mining
Aug 29 -Pslatlnu.il 4th u i Lemon, W
T Shatford.
Cecilia It, lame, B A Bhatford.
31—Jim, hint a f Lemon, Gill Finkle
ami Tom Benton,
Jack, name, Bam*.
,Ioe Clifimlierhiin, sliviile between Ten
Mile and Springer, J M M Benedujn,
Sept8— Charles  A   Iluilhurt, east ol
Blocan lake, 0 A Hurlburt,
George S Harper, isiime, Joe Haulier.
3—J A l*', Lemon creek, J B Foley.
Aug SO—Standard, Josie, Northern
Light, Pyrites.
31 -Ohilkst, Delphian, Orasy .Iahc
I.mlv Franklin, Aston Nol, Hrentwooil,
Sept 1    K|ii'A'iilat<ir,l'8lf.int,!.rantwoo<l,
S.i'Mle Rock, fiisiin M.
3— Wnlifki, Vernon, Greenwood,
4—Zi\i fraction.
a**e|it'*—lii'orue S Harper, Jos Saulter
to Chars A Llurllmrt.
wm ■»*fl»X»X»*»tt»*»»^^
A Love Match
m m *****
Authw «i "Tht C-unmaker of Moscow," The Fortunes oi Conr"ui,M Tlie Shadow of the
Gdfatet," Etc, Etc
•*wi«4twtwismiwiwiwi>aiw i.Iv*w«»:*mx»x^^
"That Is a qus*stion, my child,
which 1 will not directly answer. If,
oa wu suppose, your foster-mother
has died intestate, and no heirs a*>-
pear, 1 ahull administer upon the
s'Stato under directions of the court,
nnd 1 am sure you will be carefully
and tenderly considered. You have
umre than the claims of a servant,
lt is in evidence that Madame St.
Clair regarded you us her daughter,
und we have no doubt that she intended to leave you very much if not
tho bulk of her property. So, if
your claim is alone opposed by the
commonwealth, tha court may lind
good and sullicient reason tor making
ample provision in your behalf."
"But," whispered Christine, "if
heirs appear—"
"And establish proof of kinship,"
suid Adams, "there can be no ults'i-
nutive. But, even then, you might
present a claim for services rendered.
1 should feel justified in allowing a
sum that might make a snug little
fortune in itself."
i.hristine thanked him, and suffered
hlin to pass on.
Later in the evening, Faul Way-
brook came ov«-r, and sat with Christine in the little drawing-room where
they hnd passed their happiest hours
of life. They talked over the whole
matter, and Christine related what
tho administrator had told her.
"But, my love," cried Paul, "you
have no cause for alarm. Let the
Worst como, and what can it amount
to? Suppose you never get a penny
of this property, have not 1 enough?
Do you think I could love you less?
If you do, you do not know mo."
"But, Paul, there may be more of
evil in this than we can ses>. I
A-niiw your love—how pure and noble
it is; but are you your own arbiter
in this mattw?"
Paul drew back quickly, and his
fine Hushed.
•What do you mean?"
"Forgive me. dear Paul. I do not
fear without a cause. Your father
slisl not regard me kindly this evening. All the others were friendly
and sympathetic. lie alone was
suid aud formal. At the lust, he
I Hissed by mo almost as though be
slid not know me. Have you seen
him since?"
"No. He sent for ine as 1 waa
coming out, but I was on my way
hither, and did not answer the summons. "
T-JlS Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., L
"Don't fear opposition from my father," said Paul, in reply to Christine's words, "If my father— But
he will not—he dare not."
".Iter a pause, he arose and walked
to and fro across the floor. He was
evidently taking a full estimate of
his father's character.
"Christine," he at length said, sitting down once more by her si sle,
"my father has given his consent to
our union. Neither you nor 1 was
responsible for the cause which Influenced him thon, nor can responsibility be laid to our doors in this pre?
sent case. If lie withdraws that consent,  I will marry  you without it."
''I am resolved, darling. No power of earth shall separate us?"
Christine, who loved him so deeply
und so devotedly, and who felt that
her ull of life was bound up in him,
could only rest her head upon his
bosom. Vet he had not lifted the
burden from her heurt. She who
must, if suffering came, bear the passive purt, had no strength of will
but to endure. She hud read her
doom in the coldness ol the father,
and though the impassioned vow of
her Issver wus grateful to her soul,
she durid riot accept it us authority
Paul, when ho made the vow, had
not entirely considered thc power of
his futher's will. Yet lis: hud spoken truly—he hud spoken from the
uttermost depths of his heart; he had
sworn only thut which he had re-
Solvsd to fulfill, lie could not then
realize to what depths of misfortune
u war with parental authority might
Had there been parties at hand of
Madame Rachel's kin, or had there)
been even one strong man, with
i-ool and level head, deeply interested
enough to demand and pursue investigation without fear or favor, many
incidents connected with the closing
days of tha deceased, and especially
connected with the matter of tha
will, which were now suffered to pass
lightly away, might have been dragged up to new and atartllng proportions.
Christine, the party most directly
interested, could not act for herself,
Every sense of modesty and decency
forbade lt. She knew that ln truth
she was but a nameless foundling
that she had been all the yeara of
her Ufa an humble dependent upon
Madame Rachel's bounty, and that,
under the question of stem right, aha
had claim only to gratitude for fav.
ors already received, rather than
claim for favors ln the future. In
short, when brought face to face with
the bare facts of her life, she ahrank
from publicity ns the true heart ever
shrinks from the exposure of inherited misfortunes.
Br. Arkwright, though a true
friend, and plainly conversant with
affairs at the Hrooksido, wns not the
man to institute proceedings at
law. He was a spiiet. plethoric Individual, following his prosfssssion
from the impulse of long lml.it. and
possessing energy for littlo else. TTnd
Ohrlst.M appealed to hiin, he might
have made nn efforl in her behalf,
fur lie was a gallant mini, and really
Im s-il   tho   beautiful   girl.     But     she
slisl not. seek his aid.
ITon. Nathun Waybrook hud an interest at stake, and he was. moreover, amply qualified for the work Of
Investigation; but his pride stood in
his way. Had Christine been a legal
heir, so that the investigation might
have beijun and ended with tho will,
he would undoubtedly huve entered
into the work; but he saw plainly
thut the very first, steps of opposition—should opposition he made—
would l.e to question the maiden's inherent right. This would bring tho
iruth to the surface, and it would bo
published in nil tho papers of tho
day that the son of Hon, Nathan
Waybrook had been nfbancod to a
nameless foundling, and that he, the
honorable parent, hud been willing to
sacrifice blood to wealth.
Of the household there were none to
help, did Hagar hud followed Tom
to tho silent shore, and Lora was
nlone left to boar her young mistress company. But Lora could do
nothing toward lifting the vail that
darkened tho future. Sho had se*en
two old wills destroyed, and knew
that Mndame Rachel had ordered
their destruction, but sho Itnew nothing of any new will. She had
been sent to summon the two workmen from the garden, but she could
not declare for what the.v had been
summoned, nor did she know that
they had been admitted to Rachel's
presence. She had only conducted
them to an ante-chamber, where Mr.
Halford bad received them.
.lohn Downey, tho gardener, wus of
account only so far as he threw a
very uncertain and misdirecting glimmer upon the disappearance of Eben
Sanders and Seth Davis. lie told of
the coming to his cot of two men
who wero engaged in looking up
hands for a great work out West.
"And I think," he said, "that they
ofTereil Sanders and Davis great pay.
At ull events, they suid that good
Yankee farmers, who knew how to
work, were in great demand to (ill
the places of directors anil overseers.
I famieil that my two men bit at
tie bait, and as (hey were under
contract with me for the season, they
Otiose to slip off on the sly.''
When it came to he discovered that
not quite a week's wages were due
to the missing men, Madame Rachel
h;i\ing     paid     them     weekly,       .Ta.lin
Downey's hy|Bsitiu"-is seemed entire!.'
consistent, the more so as he fortified hi*- opinion with the fancies wl Icb,
from his own prejudices, he hnd magnified into facts. And so tlii« rir-
cumstnnce, which, under rigid scrutiny, might have led to grave suspicious in other directions, wus, in
the end, passed over as of no material  consequence.
Only one other person remained
who was at all interested in, or cognizant of, the merits of tlie case, and
that wns Caspar Hugo.
Wo would not forget Paul Waybrook, But his interest was not of a
kind to be considered under the circumstances. Moreover, his father
would not suiter him to interfere.
Once the youth had ventured upon
tho declaration that he would tnke
the law in the case upon his own responsibility. Ordinarily, Mr. Waybrook, senior, would have been
wroth at such a manifestation of filial disrespect, but in the present in-
stance ho regurdod it simply us an
ebullition of precocious obstreperous-
niss, und, with an ironic smile, he
usi.e.l tlio young man how old he
was. Paul guessed that he lucked
two weeks of being one-und-twonty;
and the reflection came crushing upon him that ho was as yet but a
child in the eyi's of the law.
.So Caspar Hugo was the only remaining man to whom inquiry o uld
be directed. We will pass over tho
muny interviews held by other parties, and come to the final consultation with the clerk by the Hon. Mr.
Waybrook. Thus far, Hugo had sustained his reputation as an honest,
upright and devoted clerk, and Nullum Wuy brook, fancying that ho
possessed great tact in reading human charnctor, exprsssi-d himself ns
thankful that llalford's business had
been left In such capable hands
There hud lieen no loophole through
which a possible suspicion could nt
t.ich to the clerk. The secretion or
destruction of a will would not seem
to hnvo benefited hiin, not in tho
least; but, rother, he should have expected benefit from the presence of a
Mr. Wuybrook waa welcomed to
the ofliee by tho clerk, and ushered to
a chair of state, ns though ho bad
been n magnate of supreme Oil inence.
Do bowed condescendingly, and felt
e\idently happy that ho had lo confer With so perfect and proper a
Mr. Waybrook opened his business.
He did not wish to be Intrufivo; but
he wished the utmost) possible
nmount isf light, with n view to a
final settlement of the matter in his
own mind.
Caspar Hugo bade the merchant to
proceed Uo would give all the light
he hod to gi\u, and ho would render
any assistance lhat lay in his power,
And he would slo it ull with the utmost cheerfulness,
"Iiai you think it possible," asked
Waybrook, "that Mr. Halford could
have written a will at Madame Ra-
dii'l's dictation without your knowledge? "
"Such a thing would huvo been ut-
leily Impossible," answered tho
clerk/ emphatically, but very politely.
"Then it, Is your own private opinion that no now will was made?"
pursued the merchant.
(To be Continued.)
KOVAL MILLS, water |Mwer, Flsaur     at__ Bhla
ct.KNURA MILLS, water powar, rionr     "•"**         "
CITT* MILL8, water pow.r. Cora Product.    •••■• 't900 '""*'
WINN1PBG MILLS NO. l.ttoam. Fteur     "'^ '.^l'"
WINNIPEG MILLS NO. 8. -steam, Oat Products.    —  _____
TOTAL DAILY CAPACITY     *  IS.300 llbli.
FORT WILLIAM MILLS <u««1er eea-.tn-.cUes*-.)     3.*»°*» "■»■■•
Head Office:
The Company own and operate, in addition to the above mills, 100 elevator*-, distributed throug]i<,v,
Manitoba and the Northwest, having a storage capacity of 3,500,000 bushels, which, with terminal elevators a
Winnipeg and Montreal, and including a 500,000 bushel elevator under coustructiou at Fort William, give theni ,
total storage capacity of upwards of 5,500,000 bushels.
C. R. HOSMER, President; Director Can. Pacific Ry. Co
Vice-President iBank of Montreal.
F. W. THOMPSON, Vlce-Pres. antl Man, Director.
Qen. Mgr. Bank of Montreal.
Pros. Merchants Bank of Canada.
Western   Manager,
Half way between the fort and the
Arizona border lies Lindell's Rest It
ls a low wooden building, dull yellow
like the sun buied plains around, and
tbere isn't even a cactus sprout to east
a shadow near it.
j    Saturday uight at Lindell's Is a thing
to dream of  evermore once one bas
1 lived through It—the crazy, witching
i Mexican music; the dancers with tbelr
lithe, southern grace; the violet smoke
rings curling over all; I.indell himself.
j tall and thin, with his happy eyes and
j everlasting cigarette—and Lollta.
She was seventeen the summer Lln-
j ds'U came to San Luis; a slim Mexican
i girl, with long lushed, teusing eyes of
j velvety brown and dusky balr curling
amtind her small, piquant face.
I.indell    was   merely   a    gentleman
, tramp In those days, one of the crowd
of boys who drift here and there once
the spirit of the gypsy is upon theni,
accomplishing    nothing,    caring    for
( nothing, but happy and true hearted
nnd quick to lend a helping hand when
11 call conies.   He and Ted Xorris came
, down together, with plenty of grit, but
I neither cash nor credit, except at the
low. yellow half way house where old
Msinut'lo kept ogen Inn with his daughter. Lollta.
I Those things happen of themselves—
moonlight on the little rough veranda,
Lollta singing comical little snatches
of American songs in her soft* broken
English, under Lindell's tutelage, with
her small brown lingers playing lightly
on her mandolin:
"1 cant tell why I love you, but I do-0-0;
There lotta girl ln town so swes*t liko
But there BomothlnR I can't tell,
8s'em to hole me In It spell.
I can't tell why I luve you, but I do-0-0."
I.imi i'U would smoke and smoke and
look up at her as she snug, lazy and
happy and full of a joyous, don't eare
Irresponsibility that comes to one,
somehow, with the climate down there,
and tlie music aud the white, strange
One Saturday I.indell and Norris
rods.' away to town, seventeen miles
away, with n pr, 111 lse to ret urn In
time for the slaiiec. Lollta watched
them out of sight, and Maiutclo laughed when he beard her singing. She
was the prettiest girl tliis side tlie
border. Tbe American boy was clear
eyed nnd young nnd quick to laugh.
If lhey loved, why not? There were
the house and a good bunch of money
when he was gone, and little Lollta
would slug evermore. lie smiled
shrewdly.   Maybe, perhaps, qiiien sulie?
At 7 the mull conch from Ban Luis
drew up nt tlie yellow house, and a girl
alighted. Lollta was Bring a hot shot
of smiles and repartee nt the driver,
Billle Slogan, when she saw her and
slopped short. The stranger was fnlr
and blue eyed, and, though the Indian
Bummer day had been hot and dusty,
sl 1 e looked cool and elmrming.
Lollta was dressed I'or thu dunce.
She wore yellow and had wound a
long red silk scarf about her shoulders, crossed It and tied It below her
waist on one hip. Billle luul just told
her she looked like one of the little
dark red roses lhe ladles wear lu
their balr over nt San Luis on the
plaza when she caught sight of this
oilier girl, und sill' hoped I.indell would
not seo her.   Tilers' wns n difference.
Mr. I.inilell and Mr, Norris? Oh. yes,
Lollta told ber The.v were living
there.   Thoy had gone for 11 ride, Just
II short ride, she lii'ougbt 11 chnlr out
on ilu veranda and talked with the
stranger after the couch had gone.
She called I.indell Allan, thi*; girl, nnd
Norris Ted. and she hoped tin.,' would
return soon.
"Vou have not seen hlin for n long
time, yes'/" snld Lollta, her eyes full
of a half frightened suspicion.
"Not for a yeur," said tbe otbor softly.    "We bad only lies'll niurried 11 few
months when he went away.   It seem-
i ed   better,   you   know.    He   was   so
. young, and he thought he could make
a fortune out here.   I guess he hasn't.
Lolitn laughed. It was comical to
: think of Lludell making a fortune or
anything else. It was growing dark.
and already a few couples had made
their appearance and passed indoors,
with a gay greeting to Manuelo's
daughter. The strange girl looked at
them curiously.
•It Is the dance," said Lollta shortly.
resenting the amused surprise In the
other's eyes. She would show her she
was not afraid to speak his name as
she had. "Al-luln. he like to dance lots
with me."
"Yes":" The stranger looked at her
kindly. "1 do not wonder at it. You
nre 11 dear, with those big brown eyes.
Anil the other-does he dance too'/"
"Who—Ted? No, 110. He Is not one
hit like I.indell. He Is still and nil
way off somewhere. He uever eare to
dance." ,
The music had begun, and tbe bine
eyed girl rose hesitatingly. "I wisli I
could go and meet them. I want to surprise him, you know. Could I?"
i Lolitn rose, too. In quick, hot anger.
They would meet and he would take
her iu his anus and kiss her. Sbe
thought of last night and the night before and tbe nights before for weeks.
Was It for this Lindell hnd sung and
laughed witn her and told her her lips
I were the sweetest In nil the world?
I "Suddenly she looked nt the fair, ealin
face beside her, aud n flood of wild, unreasoning Jealousy swept over her. She
pointed southward.
"If you walk that way straight on to
There the ground slips and the cacti
•w tall you will meet them." sbi
told her. "It Is only a short way. lou
cannot miss them. It is only two or
three miles to the uext house, and they
may have stopped there."
After the girl had gone she went In
to the dance, laughing, with the lie
fresh on her lips. There wns no house
for thirty miles thut way, and once
she hud passed the giant cacti sbe
would go down Into Death valley, that
terrible wilderness whero only the
snakes and the 011a monsters and tarantulas could dwell in safety. One
nlgbt spent tbere, aud Lindell might
cull and cry for his wife in vain,
Never was' tbere such a dunce at
Manuelo's as thut Saturday night. Lollta danced and sang with feverish gay-
ety, her eyes ever on tbe door, watching for Lindell. Then suddenly, nt tbe
very height of the merriment, she was
missed. Out Into the clear, bright night
she went silently to the shed where
tbe horses stood, and, choosing her own
rough little mustang, she mounted aud
rode away towurd Deuth valley.
If Lindell loved this fair, blue eyed
girl, he would hate her for sending her
to ber death. The thought terrified ber.
Anything but his hate, she thought;
anything but tbe look ln bis eyes when
be knew. And was It not right? She
wus fulr like him and gentle voiced.
She was not a Mexican girl to smoke
a clgnrettsj wltb and sing to In th*
moonlight and laugh wben her lora
was won.
She caught her breath In deep sobs,
uud the teurs fell ou the mustang's
brown neck ns she urged him on over
the miles tbat lay between them and
the valley, and nt lust there were the
giant cacti ahead, guarding the em-
trance to the valley like grim Bentinels.
Shi' turned toward (hem bravely, but
before the mustang hnd gone a dozen
paces past them he reined und backed
nwny from something that lay upon
lhe ground.
Lollta knelt nud en light ber breath as
her hand touched the bnnd of the
strange girl. It wns warm, and she
raised hor head upon her lap. The
blue eyes opened wonderingly.
"It wns sueh a long wny, nnd I could
not find thom." she said faintly. "You
did not know It was so fur, did yon?"
Lolitn pressed a kiss on the band
she held. It wns a white, dainty hand.
No wonder Lindell loved It. She helped
her up to the saddle, and with one arm
around her for Support she guided the
mustang blicll user the long stretches
of sand nnd mm baked nlkull on
through the ulglll until the lights nt
Manuelo's showed like (hollies against
the sappnire dnrfenewi of the skive.
Miinuelo could tell you the rest-
how the two Americans returned at
midnight, and Just as they were to lend
the search for Lollta there came tbe
thre-e figures through the moonlight,
and Lolitu fell at Lindell's feet.
"I bring her back to you." she said
pleadingly. But It was Norris wbo
sprang to tbe stranger's side wltb a
glad cry. and Lindell held the Mexican
girl I11 bis anus there before them all
and told her she wns all In all to blm.
.So that is wby lt Is Lindell's Rest
now. and if you stop there on yopr
way to tbe fort or to San Luis old
Miinuelo will tell you how It hnppened
over n little glass of tbe deep red .Mex-
Icnn wine be loves nnd bid you sliuke
hands with his handsome soil-In law.
And If you nre courteous and pleasant
Lolita will flash a smile up nt you
from under her long, dark lashes.
And Lindell? He is perfectly trappy
and full of a gay. careless content that
comes but seldom lo a man In ths
world. It cotues with the moonlight
and the music dowu there—nnd Lolitn.
Life is a riddle that c\ .*?-■. moth)
son  of ua  must   give up
A  man talks to amuse othera unj
a woman talks to amuse hcrsell
Thr Way It C.oea.
"I wns over at Allegitsh tbe other
dny for the lirst time In four years."
said the Kohnrk philosopher. Just a hit
sarcastically, "and 1 found my nephew
Lntber nnd his estimable wire still
squabbling over the same question
they were quarreling about when I
was tbere before. The only change
that 1 wus able to detect was that,
while In the first place tbey npp»ured
to know whnt tbey were jangling
nbout. by this timo they seemed to
have forgotten what tbe original bone
of contention was. and tbey were quarreling mouotonously nlong without any
wny of knowing wben tbey had finished.
"Well, when my appearance interrupted tbem Luther was sttirtsiod to see
how much thinner I had grown lu four
yenrs, nnd his wife wos astonished at
the wny I had growu fat. And at It
they went, quarreling over that, and
the original question was shelved for
good and all. I came away feeling amply repaid for taking the trip. It is a
satisfaction to know that you have
done a helpful act. und I expect I did
them a great favor by breaking the
monotony and giving tbem something
fresh to wrangle over."—Smart Set.
Till  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills Drovi
Away  His Rheumatism.
Htorjr   of  W. J. Dliaa, haa act th* Ball*]
. Ktsrer Settlement IMklog.
Oarwick  P.O.,  Aug.  81.—(Spedf-f
—Among the settlers here the cureo
William  .loli.i  Dixon  uf  RheunuUl
is causing much talk.   The story
the cure, as told by  Mr   Dixon bis
He If,   is as  follows .
"During the summer of 1901, II
an attack of Typhoid Fever, and 1
ter I got over it Rheumatism set a|
I   hud  pains  in  my   back und Id i
right hip so bad thut  I bad tn usul
stick to walk and hud no ctxntoita]
1 stooping. *
'I  could scarcely dress invsell lotl
I nearly  two months, nnd for three or!
j four weeks 1 could not lace ni.vri|b*I
t-hoe or put my right leg on my l-*|
I knee.
Uy  brother    advised    ms to I
; Dodd'a  Kidney   l'ills,  and afler
1 ing three boxes,  1  began to walk,
! my work nnd lace up my shoes. Ar*i|
> the best of it is, 1 have had no rhs
! mutism since."
Hodd's  Kidney   I'illa  take tbe
: acid out of the iblood and th' t*
matisni goes with it.
Florisla's   orange    and    pitit^pp*
crop is estimated at 82 .*	
'I'he United States governmentFia
; commlasion  will  ruise green luNH
HoapltabU Pat.
A certain sportsman took a shooting
! In Ireland. He was assured that lt was
a good sporting territory. When he arrived this was s-sirroliorats'd by the
j head keeper, a typical Faddy. The let-
1 ter dci-lured that tho country fulrly
brlstls'd with pheasants. So they went
out nfter tbem and ln n dny put up
five. Tlie next day the tennnt Inquired
after partridges and wns told the sntn«
tnle. Tho shoot yielded about six.
Woodcock, grouse, capercailzie and
every kind of game. Faddy told "bis
'onner," were as thick aa leaves In autumn, but tbey could not be found. At
last he sold angrily, "Are tbere many
rhinoceroses on tbe estate?" "Shure,
yer 'onner," drawled Fnt very slowly,
"not many, not mnny," but brightening
up, "you may put up two or three round
the lake In tbe summer." Long before
the summer, of course, the tenancy
would be at an end. "You confounded
rascal!" roared the tenant. "Wbat do
you mean by telling me all these lies?"
"Shure," said Pat. with a true Hlber-
ninn grin, "an' wouldn't 1 be glvln' yer
'onner a pleasant answer?"—London
Tatler.      __^	
Different How.
Harriet Martlneuu visited the United
■States ln 1840 and reported tbat only
■even occupations were open to women.
They were teaching, needlework, keeping boarders, working in cotton facto-
risM, typesetting, bookbinding and
bouseheld service.
A    Heals  id   Patty's  * »* = t.   (Kls-ii   Al»r»t|
<uref.il    Msfltkera.
During the summer  nths a U'"L
ofts'ii appears on the face n,x^.r_
i bodies of babies and small 'I"1'1"' I
'■ which is liable to alum lhe t*r«\
1 mother. It is duo to Um '\""|
heat, and while nol dungcroWl
lhe cause ssf 11111.lt suffering ,II""*T*|
1 ate relief is given It? 'I *fiu: '
1 eruption liberally with Hub> s •"
1 Powder, which ina> he had *•< "'' 1
: druggist's, but t" run* tlm "" | J
I medlcino muat be given iluti *'"''*J
' the blood of tin- little *- iff'-rer   M»|
1 Own Tablets will be foi nd B ";;'"11 1
... . ...1 \s 1    A.A'iini
blessing  111  sin h ca*-es ami >*'"     J
I rectors   the clearness ami ' • |,:''   I
baby's skin. Mrs. ClUb ' "'''''.'"J
• Kincardine, Oni . Bays "J>     .1
' had a rash  brenk OUl  mi ;"*' '***_ I
all over her b. dy. I gu>' h'[ !"\,,\
! clns, but the ciii|itis>ii 1 '' '' aa,1
1 until  1 gave her    1'nl".       ''••"
lets,    unsl   ufter   usine   I
time the rash cntircl." di ll'"'^ ,,.
'have also given her thi ' ■'l'1'' j,.J
; constipation wilh thi' I" ,     „„l
■ they   act   gentl..    bul  |"    'P '-,; ,,*.
always make bnbj quiet ■'"'"*' ,,.
I I think the Tablets a s|.l.;n'l"' *,
: cine  Tor  young    children A
'Own   Tablets may be had   '"'"
I111X.   i"
..il  \
druggists at 2.r> cent"* .    1
llaby's Own Powder a i ini ,1
price. If you prefer to <>""'' ^l
they will be sent postpald ' T
celpt of price by the Di • ,"on, '
Medicine Company.  DrocktU"'
Mc beTf-rsjl
Cider ia the only •'■•*'^'c, fiLeir
tbat la not taxed.   When "'•"- '"J, l
contain.** urdlnu™
•r 0  per cent of alcohol. B"1
ed, In bottles,
Tram asssl Watar.
The minimum rainfall at which trees
••III grow ls twenty Inches.
Krolt  Sanrfl.   |,'or   ■■oslillnga.
Foil nny kind or fruit with a little
water until lt Is quite soft, then rub
through n fine sieve with tho back of
n wooden spoon. Sweeten to tnste,
beat It ami pour over the pudding.
Nice for boiled or steamed puddings.
amount may be increased la«* „
adding augar-sufllclently. "JJ^ 1
render the beverage quite Into*01**    1
I'.pr. I. as ttsrmermpet.0
In an up to date skyscraper tn     j
usually from teii to twi,,",f,(17.triit"*l
piping of  all sorts and S*      klrj-J
pipes! gas pipes, sewer plpf* 8',c0    '■
tub*** and •ffff1"'*1'*"1 ■"""
«. M.I. ""■■•^ib, ■""!»» I
If a horse toucbM hi*
1 tun""
under n low brMl.e ** '•"';".','' \&t »P|
he will Invarlnbly throw
and receive a hard fcno«j      w..|
mule's ears touch anything
goes dowu. .,   ,- int. • ■;•*  •■'
pon'i ';;';;.!"Ji'm.'M   when her re-'
b"*d' I'jlilV ended. __ ___
,    (Voute   Bronchitis
1 wm* '"". .  , i\*imi-'.n"I'-
,,  Ml^""M    M    CAMPBELL.
_aV ,„• Isfonds
.....        Tl,.^,.,,,„.,a„ I        \l. .......        ir.wfl.
Our Fall and Winter Catalogue.
Send us your full name and address, plainly written, and ...
will be pleased to send you in return a copy of our handsomely
sn-.-. ,_j i.*_n i  ii7-..s,._. r*...s..i.N«....»    •    -   ix       _i   j..
i   ol Facial Neuralgia
was   Cured MFNT,
AR,VS  '''  \\M    DANIELS.
QnrlnK"'111- N'S'
, „,   chronic .Uieuina*
l*<*a   SmAUU'B UNlMiiNT.
tis.,. l»   MINA     (im.. TtSOLlflY.
Al|,IMl     *-*'■•
,„-, U'Hrs nie her mosi con-
"' •'•	
..':■:■::■;... .TSrV-ffi:
, ''."JSivw *lth .. wm..,}
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:ased to send you in return a copy ot our uanasomeiy
illustrated Fall and Winter Catalogue, just issued and now ready
g. No home in Canada should be without Simpson's
Catalogue.    It is a text book for Cr*—**-"*" -"-"*■ ■—— *■** nr
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■ 'II"IUU      U\.        .1  lliUJUl.       \.jts.xx I "   -'--    '
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minion over.    It is yours for the asking.   Write for it
\ won
| vliicing
\ mi '■
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| ihoiiKl
al I|!
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„  I
Tlio •
I the vi
within '
Three Mail Order Specials.
Ladies' Dollar Gloves for 59c.    I	
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I nl!   KI-'VKIt   ANI)   Af. I I. -
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in : ni   tin.   imiiiirii ia n whirl
into   tin*   system      'lironirl
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Kid Gloves, glace
finish,   3   domes,
black   and   white
only, self 1 a*""**
blaok  or white
This glove Is made
of genuine kid skin
and will fit, look
end wear as well as
lhe most expensive
gloves.   Ref**-',af
$l.00Qual.ty.  until   October   1st,
19U3, per pair 5»0
per pair 59c.
Mall Order Extra
Special, Men's Tan,
Mocho Gloves, wltb
pore wool fleeced
lining, x dome fastener ,half pique be wn.
This glove Is made
by one of tbe beet
Canadian maker ,and
is an A1 glove In
every   respect.
1, n \.a.hs the average j li Id ol
Iowa has been apprbximatt-
i.s estimated thai  halt n million
Ncu  Yorkers are awake nnd busy, le
g iinni.'h   .ir otherwise,  all  night.
Tlia-  -flisiliisiltr of the Ballet.
Btrlny defined, the ballet ls properly
a theatrical exhibition of tho art of
'iik!:. lu Its highest perfection, com-
plylrn; generally with the rules of the
Iran' 11 .* to lis composition snd form.
It was lo existence ln Italy ss far back
UA.I' 1*1*00, the court of Turin ln that
day making especial use of lt and the
royal famllj nnd nobles taking part In
It Tli" bullet was first introduced ln
fnnts reign of Louis XIII., and
both tl ii.ira.li and Louis XIV. oc-
•tulotu. ly took purt In Its dances.
In Its earllerft presentation the ballet
ippeur 1 dexterously ln roniblnntlon
with t! 1.'her theatrical nets nnd ls
•aid to have "completed the chaotic
medley exhibited tn these spoctncles,
which were at once mythological, allegorical, fantastic, warlike and pastoral." Thi reader will not be slsiw to
ebaerv.. tbnt lis development In the
ptttenl d j has not apparently lost
light of these conditions.
Abou: the year 1700 women tunde
their first appearance in the ballet,
which up to that time had been performed . .;:-.;vsly by meu, us was the
case nlso with plays and operas, but no
woman ballet dancer of nny note ap-
Pttri'il oi | | iTtio.
Dizzy? Headache? Pain
back of your eyes? It's your
liver! Use Ayer's Pills.
Gently laxative; all vegetable.
Sold tor 60 years.     fc-Mwftr-
"Thought   it   meant   -death
8Ure."-Mr«. 'ami's. McKira, of "Dunnville,
Ont , sayi of hor almost miraculous cure
from heart illsease by Dr. Aenew's Cure
for the. Heart : "Until 1 beean taklnsr
thla remedy I despaired of my life. I had
heart failure and extreme prostration.
One dose gave me quick relief and one
bottle curcal nie The sufferings ot years
were dispelled Uke inaulc."—S
a- --.PP.- IIWll    ■  1   MU "IP    ^Pp^MpPpPppWaapp-^Wp.  IPJ.M  p „
Want your moustache or beard
q beautiful brown or rich black? Use
" iv p nn.l a ro.. iiPHis. *s. a.
The baby
,i, its first
shoulil weigh
birthdnj .
2UJ   iiouikI
\*.-1 sel<I ■
ihcv ai    ' ■ ' '
o,   th    ch 1 In '■
It  i.slu    LT.OtMJ.* '"
ns'tn 11 u-<
m4 fx*\ f cnj.1 rf
leach.I 01 »B"f
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__^^^       a&las|aasasl*.
^■^-bh-*-"".''t~*_*l itm&S__\_WHX_
cured in a few days, iia.n. rieorji
Jamee, of Scranton, Pa., sfty*. i "I have
bci'ii is martyr to Catarrh for twenty
v..iu« constant havvkiim. dropping In the
throat ami pain in the head, very offensive hreatn I tried Pr Acni'v.'s t'a-
tnnhiil Powder The first application
Instant ipliet Afler uslnp a few
Iml I Ies  I  was cuii'sl     till cent!
Aa a UoUna-nt for family use Is hai no
for VS.   A-k yeur drugtaist for Kr,.._»_.
CUES i also " A Treetlae on the Bona.* siae bav-a •■.*,
sa astatnaa    Dr. B. 1, Kendall Ce,, bisHburg Felli, Vt
Somehow    the   things
wmilal   make  us  perfectly
always possessetl by
It's worth
men oi
iwer -
the en
sre In
With ; ■
mo. t i
Sre   a';.
lo 11 ra
snd >
tbe :
Com.   .
Of t
WOUi    .
but, tl
bio, Ihl
Vltw   a
Ion ■
a .ainrle nnsi -Women.
ilsigy liotwppn couis'ts nmi •"""■>
.   fairinisi the subject of the
peroration from an evening
irary: "<3omata doubtleaa an-
tne wise ansl Booil purpose iu
r.ion;  so do wrnien.   Cometl
inprehenslble, beautiful and ee*
BO nre women.    Comets shine
a i.Uitr splentlor, hut nt nlgbt are
llllsnt; bo ure women.   Comets
iped with a   lucid   nebula
which their forms ure visible;
iss of women in tbelr ll;;ht
mt attire,    t'omets confound
• learned winn they attempt
tin their nature; so do women.
lunlly excite the admiration
Mosopber mid of the elod of
I . so do women. Comets und
re therefore elnss'iy analogous,
imtiire of eueh belnc Inscrutn-
lhat remains for us to do is to
ii admiration tbe one and to
a   other to udorntlon."
■| |.,.  iniporUvli'iu
I roducl ■  1« "" ''■'
I'll I; !
Vinericun I
pi ,i|ii|iiis'il
Keinove-    all    ha^d     **   "^ffl
lunspa and blamljawj •!"",,„„, nsmgf.
spnvln, curhs. splinte.   HW""'   lvv0ollcn
^tfBK ^    r:v".r known.
Hold  by all dniRKists
Radium, when brouf-hi  neai
„,',„. i, tho dark   wil ;"
,1,..   r.isia   diamond*  i "   "
Monelek and thai Mlsatonarr.
A storj' li told of mi uttempt made by
a Bwi ii mlsslonury to obtnln a foot-
•tol'l Aliynslnltt. No sooner hnd he
bi"K*;u '■! preach thnn he was brought
before King Menslek, who asked him
why I a. had left his home In Seundl-
OaTlii in order to come to Abysslirlu.
Th" mlsslonat**" promptly replied that
In* had come to convert the Abyssinian
.1. . bis,.,.,    it..--,    _—     1...,.,.    !»*.    vniir
TWO    yenrs    Abed.-Knr elirht years
I auftered as no ons evsr slid with rhsu
inutism ;     lor  two  years  I    lay  In bed
Could   not  so  tiiiii h     as fted  myself
frlaAiial      recoiirmrnileil     8outla     American
Hlii'flin. '-tic     Cure       After  three  dosss
"  '—    •s'.*-H.iv  1  am as strong
287 CU
's.    "Aro there  no Jews  ln your
COIniA-v'i"     nalrnrl     XI...minis Tllft    inlS-
S't" usked Menelek. Tho mis-
rdonarj admitted that there were a
few. "Ans*. in nn the countries that
rot" hnve passed tliroUKh did ynu find
i" Jews or heathens?" the king eon-
tinm.'. ".lows and heathens," tho mis-
Cdonary    ntlmltted,    "are    plentiful."
Then," snhi Menelek, "carry this ninn
beyond the frontlor nnd let him not
return until ho has converted nil the
' "a. ni,,i heathen which lie between
hi- 'iiiiniry nmi mine."	
Colt stool Tobacco,
Coitsfniii tobacco is smoked by tho
Hoytl devotes almost  one
•*B nvonue to "^schools.
igvory tfronchman Is i""'"
,,,',,; ,)f S150 oichlB shoulders.
.,.,„,  united BtatcB now take,
the world's crop ol rubbei
Ten cents
to t-tax your bonse of
flies and
Fly Pads
will do_it _
hip*,   nl      ''   '
m Or. A0neW. Heart Cure « the
ln"' MyBtlo Remedy.
This remarkabU P*"ePa.ra1t'o;n,*ca" s"*o\
,oct  relief In §0 jgffl\&™**» *4
0rr-«s.ne or eyinpathetls*. near mi>(1
si.oe.llly   effects    a    cure,   u       t eBS     ijf
6*eiVt.M!t ^SHg %-.«
anil   cures   stomach   disorders. 2
all druitirlsts. iOdOlM I0«
Dr. Agtiew's LiverPiUaarc th. bcst.-tuao-■-   _
QreeleT'e   l''lr»t   ISxperlpncs*
lu  Sen  Yorlc City.
When Horace Qreeley first went to
Now Viuk eity, n green, awkward
country boy, ho met with discouragement For two days ho tramped the
streets, visiting two-thirds of the printing offices in the town and always re-
celvlng a cold refusal of his services.
His biographer, Mr. W. A. Linn, says
thnt by Saturday nluht Greeley was
satisfied that the city offered hlm no
lio'.ia. of a living. He decided to leave
for the country on Monday, before his ,
lust dollar was gone.
it happened that some acquaintances
of hla landlord, who called on Sunday,
tohl him of nn office where a compos*
ltor was wanted. Greeley went there
Monday mopning before the place was
open, His appearance was bo uncouth
thai he would huve been rejected there
also if tlie foreman had not hud .difficulty in getting a compositor for a
piece of work he wanted done.
This was setting up a Biunll New
Testament with narrow columns, the
texi Interspersed with references to
notes marked In Greek and other tm-
ii-.ii.il characters, So complicated was
Ua" tusk and so lit tlse could the com-
I" ultor earn at It that several men had
ni miiloned the work almost us soon ns
they hud begun it.
The foreman offered the work to
Greeley, believing that In half a duy
the boy would prove himself incapable
of performing IL When the proprietor
saw Greeley at work he usked the foreman why he hired thut fool and said,
"Pay him off tonight."
Bul the foreman did uot puy hlm off.
This hoy hud worked on n New England farm, hud cut wood In the winter
colli and iu summer hud worked in the
fields under the noun sun. Ile was not
afraid of toil. He set that Testament
When the foreman examined the first
proof he found that Greeley had set ,
more type ami Sot it better than any
one else who bud tried.
Evi*i*y Art nnil Insln^try Ilppreaented
in the Clilncm* City.
The merchants' alleys are the para-
disc of the Btranger who visits Canton,
China,   The simps have open fronts on
either sliUi the narrow lane, and every
art and Industry, the homeliest trade
ami   the   most   fascinating   pursuit,
thrives In the dark passage.    Black
swinging signboards proclaim the business in characters of red or gold.   Pandemonium triumphs In a series of yells
as the chairmen scream for pass room.
The poles hit the ps'tli'strHn In the eye,
and the mandarin joggles the stranger.
The native tilts his lutjre hut sidewise
to avoid ii crush, and ofts-n the coolies
swing aslant In the alley or duck Into
u store to avoid a catastrophe.
The Chinese as a people are modest
ln their dress.   The person is rarely
exposed.   Women wear double breasted sacks which tit ti'..lit to the throat,
band  men  are usually  covered.    But
under the stress of hard labor the man
at the forge Is stripped to the waist,
nnd   In   the   foundry   a   tii'iirly   nude
workman strides the iron seesaw like a
horse in the treadmill.   The butcher
cleaves his ileshsr on the block amid
dried rats and skins of fowls stretched
taut on the rack.   Next door the gold
healer hammers in his cave.    Beyond
[he kindling man piles high bis forest
of fagots.   Near by the miller is beat
ing  tin*  meal  through  course sieves
Iiis neighbor skins fish and hopes to
seh  tbem  from  the  box  where they
float under a feeble spurt of water.   In
the adjoining den beautiful embroider
ies nre piled mountain high, with silks,
saliiis and brocaded taffetas ln won-
dl'OUS designs of dragons and flowers,
llau Cheung Tui patiently transfers
them by the hundred from shelf to table in the luipe that some stray bit may
catch the buyer's fancy.   Feathers nre
an Important Industry, and fans, folding or open, line the*next shop, painted
ln every fanciful conception.
(Ylei'.v is tin acknowledged nerve A raw potato cut in half and ruli-
iniiii'. unci IB mora and more uaed In heil on lingers stained with vegetable
mediciinul proscriptions, paring v,li remove the discoloration,
Butter is un excel Ion t thing for a
bruise on tt child's faco If the skin m
nol broken,
Hiets are fattening, because of the
sTajgur they contain.
Over 350,000 women voters will, it
is suid, go to the polls ul the coming Australian federal  elections.
Muili'i will not come near clothei
sprinkled  with  tin 'pontine.
Toil of a Run-down System anil Exhausted Nerves-Strength
Comes With the Use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
To   many people peculiar spoils of
dizziness  and  weakness  ore a. source
of a    >si   'oily annoyance und   distress.   Sc  .    see flushes ol  lieht before  theni,    and    become  blind     and
dazzled ;     others   experience     severe
attacks of headache.    The cause    is
exhaustion    of    the  nervous    system
and deficiency   in   the   quality    and
quantity of blood,   in all such cases
Dr.  1'tuise's  Nerve  Food  is thc most
certain us well as the most thorough
cine obtainable.
Mrs.  SymonSi    43 Ht.  Clair street,
Belleville     Ont.,      states:      "Some
weeks nun I began a courso ol treatment wiih  Iii    Chaso's Nerve Food,
and   found   it    n very    satisfactory
medicine      l   was tormorl>   troubled
wiih nor.'otis exhaustion and a weak,
fluttering heart,   Whenever nn   heart
bothered  ma'  I   would have spells of
: weakness  and  dlvxiness,   which   were
j very distressing.     By means ol tln--
| treatment    my   nerves have   become
j strong,  nnil  tin* action  of the heart
' seems to be regular.     1  can recommend Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food as an
excellent   medicine."
Mrs.   .1 iin. s     Clancy, 714    Water
Street.   I'll,.i lioroiigll.   Ont.,   BtatOS :—
I have used four boxes of Or.
Chase's Nerve Food, and found
theni an excellent medicine. 1 was
troubled more or less for nineteen
years with severe headaches, which
mude me useless as far as accomplishing my work was concerned.
"The nerve food seemed to build
tne up generally, and so made a
thorough cure of my old trouble. I
would not think of being without
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food ln the
house, und would strongly recom*
mend anyone suffering as I did to
give it a trial, it succeeded in my
en*!' after a great many remedies
hud failed."
To the thousands of women who
ure victims of nervous headache
this letter should prove of tnostim-
ahle value. If they will but follow
tho advice of Mrs. Clancy the.v can
bo   certain    of    great    and     lastinit
, benefit.
Dr Chuse's Nerve Food. 60 cents a
box. at all dealers, or Fdmanson,
Bates & Co., Toronto. To protect
you against imitations, the portrait
and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase.
the (anions receipt hook author, are
OU every liox.
Japan Imported i.s st year $1,474,-
oi ii' worth of watches, four-fifths of
iliem from Switzerland,
Ui   have nai hesitation in saying   that
lu    .1    D   lla-llaia'i. -a  Dysentery Cordial is
u li'ai,!,!  liniiiit  ta,, iiest:  inoslia'ina. ever in-
rc.ciuci i  nn- dysentery,  diarrhoea,  chol*-
i  all Miiiiiiior complaints, sen Bick-
ai,     ii   promutlv   tri\a's   re'.lel  and
never   mils    is,     effect   u   positive     eure.
ihers A-hnuliI  never l.e without  as  haii-
.■  when   their children  arc teethinit.
tlerniany's new meal Inspection
laws ha.a reduced the amount ol
meat   Importtsd by half
Grotesque  English.
No doubt purchasers In other lands
have reason to smile  at English  attempts  to  worthily   describe  English
wares in a foreign tongue,   lt ls to be
hoped,   however,   that   our   business
houses do  not  send  forth  announcements quite so grotesque us some that
come to this country.   Here is a form
issued by n very considerable continental Arm: "Does yonr dressing case
need, by chance, a superfine antiseptic
soup, nn energetic perfumed lotion, a
delicious cream, an Impalpable veloo-
tine, a  very  delicate und  lasting extract and uiimati'lilessly efficient dentl-
friec?   Or do you wish to buy those articles to mnke a present, the most desirable one, to a very sl ar person on Its
saint's or birth day?"—London Express.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, hacking coughs, pain in the lungs.
It relieves congestion, sub-
dues inflammation. It heals,
strengthens. Your doctor will
explain this to you. He knows
all about this cough medicine.
■ .  TJ...«.|  |n
I  auuu,  ,.|,   . -
Wa lure naed Ayer'a Chtrrr Fectorml In
uiif family for tt —'• fa.r slu oat aial Ism**
troublea, anil art I
•ur family for 25 yeara tor throat and 1um
" —** ~- think noosadls-luoaqiflalalt.
-  »-^B-»«..  as inn.
'Ihere are 80U Chinese students iu
the colleges of Japan, uud 500 more
ure to bo sent.
Thore never was anil ussver will be a
universal pannxs**, in ons; remedy, for all
ills to wblfl.li tls*sh is heir—the very im-
iuib* oi man. curatives laeinc itlvh ihut
jss.se the ire ms of olher ansl differently
-seiaiesi ilisfl_u.-es rosits'il in the syslesu *af
lhe pnt lent- what, wouisl relia'se ons 111
in t it I si wo .ssi siaa.^ravati' lhe other We
hn..'   howevir.   fn"    Quinine   Wine,     when
obtainable it   lound, unadulter&tsid state.
i   uiiii'ily  Ki   I11..UV  anil irrievous  ills    llv
its irrailunl   and   luilicious use tne frailest
-avsia'itis  a.e led  into convalescence   ansl
i seiiiitls   I v   lhe   ih.luence   which   Quinine
nils   on   nature's  own   restoratives.    It
relieves      the    drooping  spirits  of     tliaase
.sills     whom  a chronic     stale ot  morbid
despondency  and lack ,.f interest in life
h   a   disease,   and   bv   tranquilislnsr    the
nerves,   tlisposos  to   sound   antl   refresliitn.
sleep—iiiii'uris   vicor  to  the  action of the
blood,   which,   beinc   stimulated,     courses
llii'oUKh     the     veins.     strenetheuinsr  the
healthy   animal   functions   of   the  system
thereby   uiakinc  activity  a  necessary   result.   streiiKthenincr  the  franit   anil   izivtiii.
life to  the digestive organs,   which  natural.v  demand   increased   substance—resull.
improved   appetite    Northrop   A   l.yinun.
if   Toronto,     have  eiven  to     the  public
their Superior Quinine Wit.c at the usual
rate,   sab, fl    guiicaal   bv   the    opinions    of
scientists,   lhe   wine   apnioaches     ni'ai'fl'St
nerfecilPi    <t   anv   in   th»     market       All
druggists s»U it.
in order to read with profit tho at-
I tentlon   must be    rendered    sn tlrm
thai ii ses's ideas just   is tin* eye sees
! bodies.
.tl st Till-; THINi; THAT'S WANTBP
—A pill Unit acts upon the stomach and
va-t    is   so   compoiiiiati'al   that    s-eitnin    In-
ui*.du.nis of it preserve their power to
'ifl'i upon ihi* Intestinal canals, so as to
s'leisB- them ol exi'ieiu.  ilu- retention   sit
which cannot but In' hull fill was Ions
'aiaakesl   ior  by  tin*  iiiediiisl   iirnfcssioii     II
..... found in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which nre the resull of much expel I
siAiaiy, aunt nre scientifically prepered us
a luMiiivs* suid nn alternative in one
\ shorthorn bull has been ssdd nt
. the show of tho Northumberland Ait-
Agricultural Society in Kuul.i.id for
I despatch to America for 81.500.
a SllinST no mwa.a.,»- "*»,,--
"i.tsr*i. roassoT, Appletou, sMlnn
I i.,1 ATnaisr''...^. fOf ^^^^^^^^^
Weak Throats
#■%'.• vSltfiK^W^^j d^., yntoent Cores Garget h Cm
Self-possession is nine points with
tho lawyer.
Motto ol the circus manager: Olvo
every man n show.
kes scrap!
OrlKln  of "1'iinU."
Tho •words breeches, trousers and
pantaloons are now usesl Interchangeably, but originally the algalflcatioha
were spilte dlfferi'ut.    Pantaloons Were   every man a .sun.*,.
at first nothing but long stockings worn .,    ~.~      ~1        ~r~\».  —~ HIH  ""_    -       .HHH -      j
In Italy as a sort of rellWoiu Habit hy   JLWuH i Lullmeot CMM UluS. («. Catarrh Cannot be Cured
the devotees of St. Pantaloon. Breeches   I »ith Local appi-ications. as
originally reached from the waist half
wny to tbe knee nnd finally to the
knee, where tbey were fastened with
a buckle. Trousers ure the present
style of leg gear, a combination of the
former two.
tool tobacco is smoueii ny w*
r" ' i'l'siiinii country places In Dng*
liM"' ntpsQ ih called by them "tha flneal
i<iis.-siv iiii earth for catarrh." it la
"linply a potvdorei" form of the Irnvs's
' ' "iiuiuiii sail! ifoot, a plant found
•fowluj* wild in ehnlky toll.
mjtfith ♦»>• old mureir.
mr to cure
k word .. -r*«-  ******* *»*'0W
Her  lilRht.
"Wlifit right has she to stnr?" asked
the envious Thcsplnu.
"The best right ln the theatrical
world," was the reply. "She bus si--
cured an 'angel.'"
To complain of destiny Is only to expose our own feebleness of soul.—
Prosperity gets follower!, but adversity distinguishes ihem.
It's easier for the average    youth
in raise a sow than a moustache
Overwork is a  vice to which    few
men uro In a position to plead Riillly
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes,  shrunken   flannels.
^^^^^ EXPENSE".
•oik far the Of'/i»nts tie' t.
Aa/. im- UTsMsT. "*«
^,ir»r",.r;.;x )1^
:;;:r, 7,;V;;;■„;:•";•:;;',;;■.:■%- ^ ■*-.■-
•n„. uifi.i'iiii.   Medlca   statoa   that
I miles an hour.
————————xx—rsxtsr—?..* •THE DRILL, SI.OCAN, R. G., BEPTKMBCT 11- MM.
C. E. Pmitherinoale, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion ansl 5 cents a line each
subsequent Insertion*.
Certificates o( Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, ut.'ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
AddresB all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER llth, 1.10.'.
KlUiOltlil.   -JUOl'FINUS.
Neil McCallum, tin* Grit noniinoe in
the Grand Forks riding", has had
enough of the game of politics and
quit. He know enough to get in out
of the wet.
there are no appeals to he heard on
the new voters' lists, they Beak the
earliest opportunity possible to secure
the people's judgment on their policy.
They will )>» sustained without a shadow of a doubt, and it will be the best
thitig that lias ever happened the pro-
viace, for it will restore public* confidence. The Grits howled at first, that
the Conservatives were holding ollice
by su (Trance, and were delaying the
elections; now tliey are whining like
spanked children because the wicked
Tories have anticipated their -irislias.
The people, however, welcome the
change, realizing that the sooner the
turmoil is over the bettor. Conservatives have no fear of the issue. Tliey
have a solid platform, a clear cut pol-
'icy, and able candidates in the various
constituencies in support of their
cause. The Slocan riding comes within that category, for in William Hunter the party has a candidate in whom
all circles of the community place the
utmost confidence. He is a man ol
his word and will <lo as he Kays. Give
him your support and you will never
have cause to regret it.
The British war office has decided
that no South African war medals
shall be given men who did not see
ssrvice at the front.
A law is on the statutes, promoted
by the Conservatives, making election
day a holiday, and ensuring all workingmen timo and opportunity to exercise their franchise. Vote for Hunter
and endorse his party's legislation.
Should the Laurier government
again disallow the B.C. act, passed on
the lines of the Natal statute, for the
exclti-sion of Mongolians, the Conservatives stand pledged to re-enact it. A
vote for Hunter shows you endorse
that stand.
That the Conservatives will control
tbe legislature after the election is a
' foregono conclusion.    In  supporting
and electing Hunter, the electors know
• that his promises can and will Im fulfilled. A vote given to his opponents
is simply thrown away.
The Conservatives will navar consent to the C.P.K. securing the disputed land grants in East Kootenay,
beliating that they should lie kept for
tha people. William Hunter will
support that policy, and it behooves
the peoplo to vote for him.
Ex-ministers Blair and Tarte votsd
against the Laurier government last
week on the Grand Trunk Pacific
deal. Tho former's constituents have
endorsed hiastaud.as do Liberals generally iu thc maritime provinces. Iu
dependent thinkers predict the railroad scheme will prove the deathblow
to the Laurier government.
Timber Notice.
VTOTlCEis hereby Ki™> t'1"1 :>° days after
il sliitn I inta'iiil tn apply Isi tliss ChiMf Commissioner of Lands it Winks fur rs special license, to cut. mill curry away timlier from tlie
following dsiseribeal lands, situnte in West Kinit-
eniiy district:
CsfliiimencinK lit n post situated about tlir*e
miles from Slocnii lake, ssn the north side of the
couth fork of Kvuns creek, near a post marked
"Max MoSweyn'a north west corner post;"
thence south 41) clinins; thence west ISO clinins;
thenco north 40 clinins; thence east 160 clinins,
tss tlie place of beginning, containing (UO acres.
Dateil tlie 2t'tli slny of August, 1908.
Dr. Arthur, of Nelson, grand master
of the OddfelloWB.paid an official visit
to the local lodge on Thursday night.
Next day he went into the hills to
inspsct some property.
Introduction of capital, pel inaneut
government, and general confidence
in the laws of the country are what
the pistople are looking for. Nondescript governments have been a curse
to the province, and we want no more
of them. Vote for Hunter, the Con
Kervativc candidate, who stands for a
purer and better order of things.
Labor day was generally observed
as a holiday.
The local shingle mill shut down
for Labor day.
A heavy fall of Show occurred this
week in tlie hills.
The rifle club celebrated Labor day
with a shoot at the butts.
Most of the prospectors to Poplar
creek returned ou Monday.
Martin Isaacson had a brother arrive last week from Finland.
A war of extermination is j-oing on
among tho grouse in this locality.
Mrs. H. Beck and family returned
on Friday from their trip to Europe.
Fred Johnson has made arrangements to keep the Blocan Hotel running*
It would appear that Jim Wardncr
instead of lieing dead is very much
A direct mail service has been er-
tablished between Nelson and the
The Imperial Limited train service
on   the  C.P.R. will be discontinued
thi* mouth. »
W. Bullock lias been selected as the
Conservative candidate in the Islands
G. R, Payne, representing the Mining World, of Chicago, was a visitor
here on Monday.
Several young people wont up 11
Sandon on Monday to attend the br.!'
given by the union.
A car jumped the rails at the wharf
on Monday, delaying the train to Nelson a couple of hours.
The Conservatives of Cariboo have
nominated Wm. Adams and S. A.
Rogers as their candidates.
Harvest Thanksgiving services will
bo held in .St. Paul's church on Sunday, Sept. 20,to which all are cordially
Capt. Fitzstubbs, at one time gold
commissioner of Kootenay, died a few
days ago at Santa Monica, Cal., aged
70 vsars.
Lord Minto, the governor general,
made a speech iu Montreal last woek
preferential trade within the wm-
tttie. His remarks were manly and a
credit to kim, but he overstepped his
position in entering upon a political
question, and the Liberal press art*
mailing him a lesson on propriety.
He evidently touched a sor.'spot in
their political anitomv.
The Lib'ial maalfosto issued last
wie't has fallen flat, because of the
inclination shown by its fraurrs to
shunt the party platform to tlia* hack
ground. The manifesto deals with
matters that have been the recognized
doctrine of the Conservatives, and the
electorate cannot bu blinded to that
fact. Moreover, the electors believe
the Conservatives will put their arcti
cles of faith into practice.
In the Dominion house last week,
tliii Grit majority voted down these
thru*, resolutions on the Grand Trunk
Pacific scheme—extension of the In
tereolonial.govci'ntncnt ownership and
operation of the  new road, and delay
. in construction till the transportation
committee reported and the members
consulted their constituents. Actions
count and hereafter Grits should draw
a heavy blnck mark through thia ilatin
in their political creed dealing with
government Ownership. They preach
one thing and practice another.
Your Vote
is cordially
on behalf of
W. Hunter
(Adopted nt Revelstoke. Septtmbor 18th, 190*.|
1. That tliis convention rr-uttirms thn policy
of the party in matters of provinciut roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways,
and tlio development of the agricultural resources nf tlie province as laid down in the pint-
form adopted in October. 14)89, which is as follows:
"To actively old In til© construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads Of public necessily.
"To ndopt the principles of government ownership of railway?" in so far as tlie circumstances
of tha provisos will admit, and lhe adoption of
the principle that no bonus should be granted
to nny railway company which does not wive the
government of the province control titrates over
tines bonuscd, together with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state nil in thedevelop-
ment of the agricultural resources of lhe province.11
2. That in the meantime and until the railway policy ahovu sot forth can be accomplished
a genera! railway act bo passed, wiving freedom
to construct railways under certain approved
regulations, analagous to the system thai ha*!
rcstdtcd in BUOll extensive railway construction
iti tins l'nited States, with so much adyanttgc
to trade nnd commerce,
3. That to encourage the mining tndusirytthe
taxation of meteJUferous mines should be ox
the basis 4if a percentage on the not profits.
4. That the government ownership of t*.Ir-
phono systems stioul I be brought about as a
llr:.*. step in the tkCqUisltion of public utilities;
5. That a portion of every conl nre** liereaft-r
to hn disposed of should he reserved'frotip sale
or toftSe, BO that state owne'l mines may peeas-
il •■ accessible, if their operation becomes necessary or advisable
fi. That iu the pulp land leases provision
should bo made for refortstlQR and that steps
shonl t le taken for the general preservation of
forests hy guarding against tho wasteful destruction ot 1 intber.
7. That theleglstnturoand government of the
province should persovere in the effort to securo
a|ho aeiclusiou of Asiatic labor.
S. That the matter of hotter terms in tho way
of subsidy nn I appropriations for the province
should he vi'T irously pressed upou the Dominion
9. Thnt tlie silver lead Industries of the province be fostered and encouraged by thu Imposition of increased customs duties on lead and
lend products Imported into Canada] and that
th? Conservative members of tho Dominion
Houso be urged to support any metion introduced for such n purposo.
10. That os industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss nnd injury both to the
part ies directly concerned and to the public,
legislation should be passed to provide moans
for nu amicable adjust incut of BUch disputes lietween employers and employ-'cs.
11. That It is advisable to foster tho manufacture of the raw products of tht*. province
within the provinces? far f.s practicable by
menus of taxation on the said raw products,
.subject to rebate of tho same in whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
Timber Notice.
VTOTICBU huraiw -*tven that 80 day; after
[N aiaic I Intend ti> apply to the "JUtef Commissioner of Lands A- Works for a BpeoW
Hconso, to cut and carry away tlmtarfrom the
fflalliawilla. <ls'SCl'ibl!(l tlSHCls.SltUlltO ill West KsKlt-
enComm1ncC'ngat a post situates! about three
miiea from Slfl-so-ui lake, on the north aide s.f the
"mil, fork of Evans creek, thenoe east IM
chains: tlience south 40 chains! .hence wost 10i)
ohains: thenoe north 41) chains, to the place of
beginnlnit, C-jntainln** M0 acres.
Dateil the •Mill slay of A,1«"5y^''M(.SWKYN
Timber Notice.
VTsOTICB is hereby (jlvon that BO flays after
f\ date I intcnil to apply to tlio I hiof Corn*
SiMionerof Lands .*-• Works for a special license tocut uml oarry away timber from the
tollowlitf*described lands.sltuate in West kootenay ilistrict: .,
I'liiiii.ii'iicini* at a post situate about one mile
(rom Slocau lake, on the north Bide of tho north
fork of Bvans onek, tlience south -lu chainsl
tlieuciA wost III ohains; thence north 20 chains;
thence west li' chains! tlience north 31 chains;
tlience west 40 chains| tlience north 80 chain*i
thenco west 40chains; thence nirlh 40 chums;
thenco cast 40 chains; tlienco south 2(1 chains;
thonce osit 40 chains | thonce south a) chains I
HiLiiia ■cu-! 10 chains; thence souih 20 chains;
thenco sasl lo chains, to the place of baginuiogi
containing 810 sows.
Dateil the 20th day of August, IW8.  OTERr„
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
1>ATI.S: Regular sifhserlbers,$1 ror month
\ orilOa year: non-subscribers (exclusiveof
medical attendance) $2 per day, Private wards
$1 per dny extra, .Special facilities for maternity cases, '
Fsar fnrllis-r particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Representing tho strongest com-
panics deing business in Canada.
Sick new accident i'oi.icy, with pur
ticipiition in profits, covering: sickness and apcrati-ins.
II. I). CriiTIS, Notary Public*
•I'HATtliis Party lays it
A    ciple that thoy  will   i
lown ns n first prin-
aaininally enrlorse or
suppaari only sueh men as will plan their signed,
undated resignation in the hands of the oonren-
tiiiuwiiicli nominates sir endorses them: thai
this resignation Ibb. sworn t*»; that this resignation may be hatch' I in to Ibe Licutonnut-Oovcr-
llor-ill-CaBlllicil   ssheni'ver B llBlljaarity aif the cull
rention ahall consider Mich action advisable.
The'.lute of the election*! ha*, hern
changi'd to Oi'tolnT 3nl. Uie reasons
for ivkich PremiiT McBride hoaestly
aad explicitly explains in another part
of tbi-*- inane. Tha ('onservatives have
rioilcsir* to bold ollice one day longer
than the poo'-lo r/oulcl will, aud, as
1. TYii we gradually abolish all taxes on the
pro lucfl'r ssti.l lhe prat lucl of tha i»riiiluci'r.shift-
ing them on himl rabies.
2. Government ownership of rsllroaslsitneans
of ciiiiiniuiiiciiliiin. ami tha- fl'slnlili-.hniiiut anal
openitiaan by the (la.vfl.rnineiit i.f smelters an-l
rellnerie- to I real all kinds of ininernl-'.
3. Thai the francblss be iztendad to women.
4. The abolition of property qualifications fssr
all public offieeSa
5. No liinsl flir cot.li subsidies, I.anils to be
held by the actual settlers; mill further, thut
ten p»r cent of nil lanals b.. Immediately sot
.isiile for adueatlonal purposes; ami tin* education sif all children up to thc.ni/a' ofsigteen
years to be f r:***. secular unit caanipnlsory.   Text
books, men]., and clothing to be supplied OUt of
the public funds when necessary,
fl.  Compulsory arbitration of labor disputes.
7. Bpstrletlon of Oriental Immigration by a
j law on the lines Aif ths Natal Act, and Mich ao*
! tiaan by the Government ns wlllensuro tho work*
! logmen of this Province protection against the
I effects of Oriental competition and association.
8. Absolute reservation from sola or lease of
a certain part of overy known coo] or nil area.
so that state-owned mini's and wells, If nocos
sary, may be easily possible In the future, All
coal leases or grants hereafter mado t>> contain
a provision enabling the Oovernment to (Is tIs.-
price of coal loaded dn car. or vowels for shipment to llritish Columbia consumors,
o.   Unntcipalintlon and publlooontrol of the
liquor iiasiiic.
lu. To provide for the settlement of public
j questions bj .1 i r«*s-t vote nndor tbo Initiative
nnil Kefereniliini.
ll. Bleetlon day to be a publlo holiday, Pro*
I vision io be made that every employee shall bo
1 free fraam service at least four consecutive liamrs
. illl lin;; polliiiK.aliii Ilie OXerciSfl of Hie fmnclllso
| to be made compulsori'i
Pioneer Livery
end Food Staples,
Slocan,  15. 0.
Genera]   Packing  and For-
warding attended to at the
•*'"  sliortcsst Notice.
•Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire al reasonable rates.
i;. E ALLEN, -        Manager
Furnishings ^>
8 Advertise your^
in these days of progress and competition
no men in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a mwaiil
to nil persistent and liberal advinti.s-
ers: it i.s read
by everyone,
At AH  Tijnestl
Subscribe for Kj
and M
support M
your |
local paper: O
jgj THE DRILL,   $2 per year
stT**       '11 ■ Sir    T-rvl-aM "an»s   ' "itiilsT st's'tinn  H7, must  l.e isiiiitnencfil
l^WlAilla, Ob   "J01iil-*OI1,»   |„.f,,r(. tin* ifflui^mcc ol eiiA.li ccrtiticiileol
n. c
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Loading Parlors:
irate ot
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Ki.Knou\|,   Divniid   OK  SLOGAN, I
To Wit :
IJUBLIC NOTK'K is hereby ulrm to Lhe Eleo-!
ton of tbe Electoral DUtriotof Blocan*,
that in obodtenoe to His UejMtjr'i Writ t«. me i
directed*, and bearing date th© fifth <\i\y <*f Sep*
teiniiiT, lo the j-"ar nf Our I*>r i one thouiand
ninn hundred and tlirt'o, I riMiiiir'1- the presence
of tho aaid Elector! at the GoYornment Ofliee*
Slocan, tin tin* pinetoenth tiny nf Bop torn bor,
at i- o'clock noon, for tho purpose of olectins
(in»? person to represent them In the Legislature
of tliis Prorlnco*
Tlm mode of nomination of Oandl latei shall
im n* followsi
The Candidates shall be nominated in writing, tin; writing .shall be lubscrlbecl hy two reg*
isi'TO'l voters of the District os proposer and
seconder, and l>y tliro'* other registered votors
of the tiiiii District as assenting to the nomlnn-
tion.iunl -aliiill be deiUerod t-o the Returning
Oflicer hi uny time hetweon the data <»f the Proclamation and opo p.m, of the day of nomination- ond in tho event of a poll bemfl tiocessary
sucli poll will hn open ou the third dny of Octo-
hcr, ul
Wlalaw'i Dwelling Rouse-, Winlaw.
Music Hall Building, Slocnn.
Enterprise Hotel, Enterprise Landing.
McKinnon' * Hall, Sll VOT ton.
Qovornmenl Office, New Denver.
Nault's Dwelling House, Rosnbery,
Poitor'n Dwelling^ouso, Tlirae Forks,
McQueen's Drugstoro, .SuimI.mi.
Sullivan's Oflleo, McOaigan-
Ahri il'i" i )flicet Nakusp,
Lovett'i Hotel, Burton.
Kyle's Dwelling House, Deor Paik,
of which every person i- horebj required t-i Lake
notice and govern himself aocordlnglyi
Givon under my hand at  Sloi-an, the eighth
day of September, one thousand ninn
hundred and three,
Fresh Fruits of Fvery {
Kind  Arriving   Daily, f
Our Ice Cri'iim Parlor !■
now open anil will !>■* ksjpl
running all the Summer.
I '1 l.aanvcasir r.i.'.aal  faaa' HI .
1 nil Wa-iuiii   nnsi (Mi illiy
Sissislaililccil .
Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
Boturning Offlcet   8L0CA1N
I'cs-ls Mlnrrisl «'loins.
s!itiint» in tlio Slsican City Minlnt DIvl-
■ion of the Weat Kootenay Ilistrict.
Where located:—Near the Arlington
liuisiii on north siilosif si'finij**'' s'lt'ok
Tnke   ne at i.-o   tlia t   I,   Psn    Ilrsiilnn,
acting   as   un   ai"<*iit   for   l>   A.  Ko.*s.
free uilnir'i certificate No.B71376,intend,
lixty iluvs from tiipeinto hereof, t'> apply
i to tho Nliiiinsa; Becoider for a certiflcate
of improvement!1, for tlio  |iiii|iiiae ot ob*
, tflining  a crown   giant for   tlie   a!>ovp
< claim,
Ami further take notice that action,
under lection 37, must lio commenced
hefore tho limanca of lueh certiflcate ol
D-ils'sl Hill llth iliiv of Julv, lUtl"*
j 17-7-08 l>.\N HANLON
Haiti .flliflti,   Kthol K, ISBSfll   I'aaai;  l*ttl|ar |-t'os'-
llainnl Fsl Ina-i nl I'lnliisa.
Situate In the Slocan City Mining Divi*
Bion of tin? Weat Kootenny District.
Where located i—On Bpringer creek,
about eight miles from Blocan City.
TA-KENOTICE Hint I, Francis .1. <»'-
Iteilly, of the City of Nelson, as ii^Piil (or
N,F.McNaught, Free Miner's Uertiflcate
No. i'iiii!!S7, Intend-, ilsty dayi Irom tho
data hereof, to nj.]>Iy to the Mining Recorder forrrrtitii'iitv-sol iniprovi'ineiit.fisr
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants
of the above claimi.
And further tako notice that action,
under section ii7, must im commenced
beforo tho Issuance of such certificates of
Dated this llth day of July. 1003,
I'll 111   Mlaaa.il St' In I 111.
Bltuato in the slocnn City Minin.. Division <>(  West  Kootenay   District
Where located I    Al   head of  north
fork of Ten Mile creek.
TA K K NOTICE that I.Frank ('.Ci rrrn,
acting as najs'iit for Qeorse I'rlne,
freo   miner's certificate No. B71084, in-
tcii'l, sixty days  from  Iho ilntn   hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder ora certiflcate ol Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown ('runt of tho abovo
And further tako notice thnt action,
I) tesl tllil -.'.'.rdslav of .June, 1'itU
7-8*03 F. C. G'H l'".KN, Nelson, I!.C ,
Notice to DelinquentCo-ownef
To J. F. Armstrong, ailuiiniMrstorol (he
c.'iits* sif Martin Miirchison, ale»»»»«il,
or to nny person s>r parsons lo wliom
hss may have transfer ted thsinterMt
ol Martin Murehlson, amonntingloJi
in each of tho Niifitcn. l'rnin ami Bur*
shin   minernl  claims, situated on the
lieml ol Lemon creek, Slocan City mining division.
You aro hereby notified that I bavi
expended the snm ol three hundred and
•even dollars and fifty cents in IslMirand
improvementa upon the above mentios*
i'ii mineral idalras, in order to hold laid
mineral claims under the provisions ol
the Mineral Act, and if within nOilsyi
fisini tho ilntu of this notice you Isil or
refuse to contrlbnte your proportion ol
such expenditure, together with all cost*
of advertising, your Interest in the said
claims will become the property w tlis
lulisurlber, nndor section lour of sn Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Ad, IOOO."
I'ats'il thisRtli slav of June, 1IX8......
l'j.ii.o:t ' M.K..VnlNfi
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To lliiuli S. Nelson, or lo anr perns
or peraonato nl.nni lie may ►«"'8 {r%n*'
feiie.l his interest in the W.viiiiiiiIH
mineral claim, situated on teu Miw
ereek and ruconled in the Ue""1^*
offlre for tho Slocau i ily mining"UTi"
You nre liurehv nsstiflssl that I, C, b,
Bmitheringalo. FJI.C No. B30997, hs»s
caused to im expended thesumotons
hundred and two slollnrs and mi *"«'"'
in lalior ansl Improvements on th«»™™
mentii ned mineral claim, In order w
hold laid claim under ths pro''•"'".,,.
tho Mineral Ad; and il within w«yi
from lhe slate of  this ni-tiee  you fall, w
refuse, to contribute vour prop"-'"*"''
such expendlttire.tos-etlisv with »" _$.
ui advertising, vour interest in ssi"
claim   will become the  propeity ol »«
subscriber, under section s *■• *" * .
entitled "An Act to anienilthe Minim
Act, 1900." . .   ,.„.i
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this Uth day «
August, A.D. 1008. ...„,v.*,.iiR
u-7-03 ('. E, BMITHERlNQAlf
for $18.25.
Why bt without a r*n',!l{!«
you can get ont io cheap ? Tn«!
bettor latltftctlon. Theso ran»n
burn wood or coal «nd will »
snt u p free.
H, J. ..


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