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The Slocan Drill 1903-12-11

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VOL. IV.iN**^	
Clearance  Stalls,
beginning on Honday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will bo sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices in the
East. Our Stook is oomposed largely
of Staples* aud you are now given an
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in theDry Goods line
at Sacrifice Prices. We need Cash.
No Goods will be charged.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DECEMBER   11,   1903.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
•     •     .
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Wilson house,
it reached by any trail or road
that run* into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington    Hotel
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thin popular hotel in c-*n-"*enient to tlm bouts and trains.   The dining rrom
iiitrisily up to date while tlie bar it supplied with the best in the iimiket.
P A TP <*%7 •   Travelling men. using Sample Unoms, $2.50 per rlav •
*\r*x / Co •    \vltln»utS;i"*npl."Hoiini8.$2; board $8 per week; iiie;ils,,"i*
&  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
£=   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
Wept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
^C. SMITH, „__
*« i  ■ ----rtmtttn nmnTTr-n K
Work, Fit  and Finish ^
_ aro guaranteed, tjij
$ A Few Lines of Gents' Furnishings |
M nro --.till left from tin- Rtock ef tlio late A. jsjt
-y David and they must im sold off at onco.
A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B,C
Store: Next door to I'ostoHice. *"-"*
can be made by wearing
one of tho    .....
Stylish Suits
made from the best Imported Worsteds, Serge*,
or Tw*»ds,a, consignment
of which has just been
received for winter trade.
»•> a... ....•}*■ 1 03nbi.son on sixth
To Select a Candlilate Tor the Koet.-iiay
Itlillnie In the fOrthi-nuil-tR Uemlnlon
Kl.ctloiu -rivi) Delegates Frnm Each
PrevlaeUl Biding.
A call has liecn issued to thc Conservatives of tho new riding of Kootenay to meet together at Nelson on
Wednesday, January 6, for the purpose of selecting a candidate to content the constituency in the approaching Dominion elections. The call is
authorized liy .John Houston, president of the Provincial Conservative
Association. Tlie busis of representation to the convention has been fixed
at five delegates to each provincial
riding embraced within the two Kootenays. As there are ninn of these
provincial ridings, it would make the
representation at the convention 45.
Though several names have been
mentioned in connection with the candidature, there is nothing definite vet
to figure on. The representation from
the Slocan riding to the convention
would give one delegate each to Slocan, .Silverton, New Denver, Nakusp
and Sandon.
Northern I'laaH.'.i.. Itetnrn.
Sam Long and Neil Gething have
returned from the Stewart lake country, in the far north of the province,
the former coming iu Thursday and
the latter on Saturday. Sam has been
away two years, but Neil was out last
fall. They put in a splendid summer
having had good success iii prospecting. They have taken up, together
witli associated friends, much fine
fanning land, several conl measures,
and have made a number of promising
quartz locations, In that section is to
be found silver, lead, and gold veins
in the quartz, and gold in placer, besides coal, timber, ranching land, etc.
The Grand Trunk Pacific have surveyors in there and th'* pi-opos**d railway will tap the resources taken up
b"V the lxiys. There is room iu their
vicinity for an immense papulation,***
the valley they are in is -10 miles wide
by 100 mill*** in length of tho finest
kind of land and equipped with great
natural rest hi res. People are beginning to. dribble into thn country and
next spring quite an influx is expected.
The boya luul a pleasant trip out over
the Cariboo road.
Pul.llr ICx pi-net It ure In Slocan Riding.
I'or the fiscal year ending June 80
last the government spent 120,789.64
on public improvements in the Slocau
riding, though the appropriations
were but $16,000, Here is how tho
money was spent: -
Pay lists.lal-or & teaming   $14.40.107
Sundry persons, tools.etc. H18 24
Sundry persons, packing,
.Sundry  persons, lumber,
,]. D. Moore, salary and
P. Dickinson, contribution
re Lemon road	
■R. J. McPhee, contribution
to Ottawa trail	
VY. Koch, lalior	
J. Healy, horse hire	
K.R.& N.Co.,pio|Kiition of
repairs to Ainsworth
N. McMillan, blacksmith
\V. Koch, blacksmith....
H. Qiegerich, hire dump
cart, etc	
\V. Letcher, hire of boat
166 50
77'.) 71
1,781 85
2,260 00
126 00
(17 60
67 411
16 79
4 60
6 oo
.  ...        ..,.H
HO i-Hllie;    lll'lal BIBBUfl   •.<   » vreBwaanw. rjy
Total    120,789 64
High Grade ef Ore.
The ore being obtained at the Black
Prince is of a most satisfactory grade,
and if rawliiding were possible the
lessees would soou realize dividend*.
Two assays on the shipping ore wore
obtained this week, one giving ISO oz
in silver and the other 890 o/ in silver
and Sl per cont lead. The chief work
nt the mine is confined to the raise,
which is up over (50 feet and with 60
feet yet to go. When that is completed the leasees will commence breaking
down ore.	
Home MewS Krom Aliroail.
Here is an interesting item of home
news from abroad, having been taken
from la»t week's issue of the Chicago
Mining World: "At the Riverside
mine, at Ten Mile, Sloean district, B.
C., some remarkable silver ore has recently been uncovered. In the ore
vein prottstite, pyrnrgyiite, argentite,
native silver and cerargyrite wen*
found." The owner is expected to
recover, though the shock was severe.
the following and granted: Arlington,
L. M. Knowles; Windsor, M. Lavell;
Wilson, A. E. Teeter; Victoria, Alex.
Stewart; Two Friends, A. Madden;
Royal, Geo. Crawford; Hicks, H. A.
Hicks; Slocan, Jos. Payne.
Schubert Symphony Club.
Slocan has had a number of high
grade entertainments of late, but for
qtiality, execution and finish none
have equalled that given by the Schu-
lx*i't Symphony Club on Monday eve,
in the Music Hall. The singing of
the ladies' quartette, as well as the independent solos, was tnily fine and
fulfilled every expectation. Kail Hunter's violin selections were a treat; but
.Miss Evangeline Parker, iu her reci-
tatious,took the honors of the evening.
She was equally at home in that feature as in the quartette or orchestra
work. Every number on the programme was encored, the large audience thus demonstrating their intense
appreciation. It was good to have
lieen there.
Ordered an luqaest.
Not being satisfied with the explanation of the circumstances suiround-
lxihind tho schome. They will draw
their supply cf timber from tho limits
staked bv Pat Gallagher and associates on Wilson creok. A conservative
estimate gives 125,000,000 feet of
standing timber on the limits. The
mill would cut for export.
Ta Discuss Manlclaal Affairs.
Acting Mayor Smith has called a
meeting of the property owners, and
others interested in the well being of
the place, for Friday evening, in the
citv hall. The municipal situation
will lie thoroughly canvassed and an
effort will lie made to secure a full
council for the ensuing vear. Tho
meeting is set for eight o'clock.
Standard OU Oraft.
The Standard Oil Company has
added ono cent a gallon to the wholesale price of kerosene and a cent per
pound to thatuf paraffin caudles. The
increase on oil will add to the company's income about SIO.OOO.OOO per
year, and that on candles about $1,-
000,000 a year.
Miner* Want Snow.
The want of snow is being severely
R*    tt    H    eg    Kt
The sun glints o'er the mountains
And shines on the Western slope—
He brings ui a day's more longing,
Orhrings us s day's more hope;
And he lightens the dark green timber
Adown on the mountain's hteast,
Here in the heart of the Koot'nay,
The pride o( our Silver West.
Therr'-i i ripple across the water,
Where the bree.-.e slips by in the morn,
Th»'. lift* up the misty cov'ring
Krom tho duy that is newly horn;
And the hlue wavpsloapto the landward
With a tossing o[ foain-tlecked crest,
To break on tlie rocks encircling
The lakes of our mountain West.
And. over the tops ol the cedara,
Where the long-snaked river is drawn,
The smoke (rom the settler's clearing
Comes up in the morning's dawn ;
And, atom the I*row of the mountain
The white clouds lie at rest—
A stillness rests u;hin Nature
In the hesrt of our Silvor West.
Where Ih   Vine nine leans tar over
The vergt ol the gulch below,
And the mountain stream comes dashing
From hills of eternal snow :
O, rngaed and rough is Nature,
Hut st'll of a charm possessed
To those who have wooed ami loved her
In our glorious mountain West.
And our hillsthat are tow'ring in grandeur
To the Nature-lover's eye,
To the mind of the hopeful miner
Are hig with a world's supply.
There is treasure of precious metal
Which yi't must yield to his quest,
In the heart of our own blue mountains
That guerdon our Silver West,
O, ye may go far to the l'astward,
(it* ve mav go down tothe South,
Where the wheat fields nod tothe breezes
And the cornfields beml in the drouth.
Ye may talk of the land that bore ye
As the land that ye love the hest,
But still we will stay by the Slocan,
In the heart of our own loved West.
Go back to your wind-swept prairies,
Go back to your farther East,
Or the sultry breath of the Southland —
But we envy yon lu.t'.in the least.
We have hoped,we have long'd andraitsd
But our land has stood the tart,
And our hearts abide hy the mountains—
The pride of our Silver West.
There have been dark days on Koot'nay,
But at last thev are almost gone:
Fer the darkest ilaya, they are sayisg,
Come right before the dawn.
Thc sun glints o'er tbe mountain,
Anal down on the mountain's breast,
Ami be yet will be oright on Koot'nay—
In the heart of our mountain West.
Last Tear's Shipments Were S3S3Tans—
A Healthy Kvldeaea ef the Life and
Wealth or the Catup-KaterprUo the
Biggest Shipper.
Not a pound of ore was moved from
the division this week, owing to the
lack of snow, the scarcity of which is
causing a serious loss to operators, as
silver is falling in price. Shipments
are hung up at several properties, the
owners being most anxious to set it
moving. The Enterprise is the chief
sufferer, as it has upwards of eight
carloads of ore in the shipping bins.
Freighters aro also losing money.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to G333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
I'.lack I'rince	
Pay ton	
Highland Light.
Cripple Stiek...
— K. T. Asi.EitsoN
Lemon Creek.
«'fl>iliflaal««lfl.iaea » Meet.
The board of licensing coniiiiissioii-
en held their regular statutory meet*
ing on Wednesday morning. Applications for renewal of licenses for the
ensuing six months  were read from*
ing the death of the late .John Lavin
at Sandon, some of the citizens of the
place wrote the attorney general on
the subject, and he ordered au inquest to lie held. Coroner Rogers, of
Kaslo, went up to Sandon this week
and held an official investigation, the
result lieing the bringing in of n verdict that deceased's death was accidental, he having drank the carbolic
acid in mistake for castor oil.
Will Start In March.
Movie's big lead mine, the St. Eugene, will resume full operations in
Match, a circular letter to that effect
having lieen issued to the shareholders
by tin- management. To this cud a
small force of men Is employed getting
everything in readiness. A new structure, of large size, is being erected
alongside the concentrator for the
big "Storage vats, which aro to be utilized for the saving of values from the
Sawmill ror Hosebery.
It seems practically certain that n
large aawtnill will be erected at Rosebery in thc spring, pftster^ajra bring
felt by mining Operators throughout
the country. While bearing hard on
thiscnnip.it is especially soon the
mines in the Upper Sloean. Shipments
have fallen away sadly and the whole
district is to a certain extent tied up
until rawliiding and sleighing comes.
The Slocan always has a convenient
trouble   too much snow last year.
Silver Uuatatlens.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday     *r>*'i einta
Friday     m    "
Saturday     BBS
681    "
Rat]       "
The Comstock is sending down ore
for shipment.
A gasoline hoist is being installed
on the Ivanhoe.
Work has started again on the Dayton by the lessees.
Last week the Sandon mines sent
out 86 tous of ore.
The Emily Edith mine, Silverton, is
up for sale or lease.
Ore continues in sight iu ihe shaft
ou the American Bell.
During last week Rossland mines
shipped 89F>5 tons of ore.
Boundary mines last week had an
output of 17,001 tons of ore.
A force of 65 meu is employed at
the Enterprise aud more will be put
Eight feet of ore is exposed in the
drift on the Hope, oue of the Ruth
Should silver continue to drop.there
is a strong possibility of the Enterprise closing dowu.
Work is to be started by the owners
on the Happy Medium group, on
Twelve Mile creek.
Certificates of improvement have
been issued the Hampton, Ethel K
aud Piug Pong fraction.
Sam Long took a packtrain to Lemon on Saturday, to bring down half
a carload of oro from the Kilo.
Bob Allen sent an outfit of horses to
Lemon creek Wednesday, to convey
the McNaught party to the Kilo for
an examination.       *
The Marquis & Gilbert propeity, at
Poplar, shipped half a car of ore to
Trail laat weok. It was the iaitial
shipment from the camp.
Two and one-half feet of ore was
struck this week on the 700 foot level
of the Bambler-Oariboo. It assays
from IB0 to 200 oz in silver.
Freighting on the Ten Milo road
has been stopped, owing to lack of
snow. The Enterprise has a large
quantity of ore to come down.
The Velvet, in the Rossland camp,
is to resume operations next month.
A 100 ton pyritic smelter is to be
erected by the management.
Kaslo will grant a 1-onus of So0,000
and 10 years exemption from taxation
to the Canadian Smelting Co., if they
will erect a lead smelter in that burg.
Two men have lieen working lately
on the Argentite fraction, adjoining
the Dayton. They have uncovered
six inches of good ore. similar in character to that ou the Port Hope.
llfliiaflWoii'fl- Returns.
N. F. McNaught and W. R. Willi
owners of the Capellu group, at New
Denver,have received the returns from
their recent carload shipment to Nelson. The net returns were $6000,
proving the mine to be the richest  iu
tbo country.
Sandon will repeal her Sf> tax on
theatrical shows.
Some delinquent traders1 licenses
were collected this week.
The bridge gang arc In again this
week, effecting Improvements at the
Mike Bartlett, formerly of the Slocan. was acquitted in Seattle last
week of the charge of murdering his
wife.   He pleaded extreme justiticu.
I *•*«■:*•>>*•:•••••:■•"•♦»•>• *o •"•••>• *
a •
Bay   Maude  J.
Copyright, llW, by X. 0. MoClura
Though two women bnd en I led hlm
"husband," Daniel Newcoiub had never
been in love. His first marriage, with «
cousin, bnd been to satisfy the terms of
his grandfather's will, and the second
union was simply one of convenience.
Daniel Newcomb, *• .dower, had needed a housekeeper, aud Betty Bloodalc,
an orpbau, too old to sock the shelter
of an institution and too trustful to be
thrown on the world, had needed a
home, lt lind resulted ns such marriages usually do-disastrously for the
Daniel was satisfied with Betty. She
was pretty and economical, nnd she
mnde him comfortable, but Betty had
grown to love her stolid husband with
all the ardor of a young and grateful
heart. Would he ever really care for
herV Could anything mnke her appear
lovely ln his sight? She wns nsklng
herself these quoetions ns she stood iu
Mrs. Ynrdwoll's mllllner.v shop survey-
lug the muss of Ince and flowers that
rested on her sunny head.
"1 tell you whnt. Mis' Newcomb,"
said Mrs. Ynrdwell, ready to close a
bargain, If Daniel don't like lt or he
thinks it too high priced I'll agree to
change It. Most all my hats are sold
with that undewtiimlin'. Husbands
have to be pleased now'days."
" 'Tlsn't the price. Dnuiel's real liberal. I'll take it." answered Betty nervously as she opened her .purse. There
was a wistful look ln her hiizol eyes as
she nsked, "Did you know Mary Kllon,
Daniel's first wife?"
"From the timo she wns a baby."
"Would she have worn a lint like
"Land, nol Them buttercups wouldn't
'a' looked well agin Mury Ellen's red
fnee, to sny nothln' of the poppies. I'd
as soon looked for tossels on a clothesline ns fer posies on Mnry Ellen. Even
If she'd boon inclined to wear'em, she'd
hnve faltered at the cost. She wns extremely prudent"
"So Daniel says," murmured Betty
ns she left the shop. Hor precious
head gear deposited carefully in the
WOgon, she unhitched her horse nnd
started it toward the trim farmhouse
by'the river. Mrs. Ynrdwell watched
her until her slender figure faded from
sight. Then she went into her workroom.
"Scrcny," she said to hor helper,
"Daniel Newcomb's now wife is a real
takin' little thing, ns sweet an' pretty
as t'other wns humbly an' stingy. I'm
afraid from what she said that Daniel
is Mnry Ellonin' her to death. Poor
little thing!   1 do hope she is happy."
But Betty was not happy. Many
times since her mnrriage had she looked with tear filled eyes toward the little burial plot beneath the evergreens
and prnyed that sbe might fill tin-
place In her husband's heart formerly
occupied by the woman sleeping there.
Her husband's approval of her was
Kaugod by (he way her actions tallied
with Mnry Ellen's.
Daniel was not displeased, but the
difference in the women wus so striking Hint more than once he was quite
unconscious of an uttered comparison.
The first wife, u modej housewife, had
n faculty of making people feel uncomfortable in bor presence. Betty's
household duties might be performed a
trifle loss religiously, the dust might
isonieliir.es settle upon the parlor furniture, but the sunlight crept thore.
too, nnd hor very nature radiated compatibility.
On one occasion the usual compart*
son remained unexpressed, Betty hnd
called her husband into the brightly
'lighted parlor nnd pointed proudly to
the old nofn piled high with pillow*
covered with chintz and denims. She
had found some unused feather bods
in the attic and in thi'iu bud .soon thc
possibilities of a cozy corner such as
She bnd often ndtnire.1 in the Shop
windows. Before Daniel could utter
the customary "Mary Ellen wouldn't
huve done that." slu* inviteil him to
tost its comfort, and, lulled by ibe
luxurious Kiifiiioss. the remark wns
lost iii a doze. Thereafter it wn* his
favorite retreat and one nut forbidden
him. Shade of Mnry Klloul How was
Belly 10 know tbnt the unused feather
beds aud the darkened parlor wore the
pride of her predecessor's henrt'.'
It was with mnny misgivings tlmt
alio called Daniel's attention to ber
now hat. Thero was no mistaking -lhe
disapproval in his countenance.
"Ynu- gohig — to— wear—that?" he
"Why, yes. Don't you like it, Daniel?" Betty perched It bowitchingly on
bor bead,
"It's pretty enough. But how those
red flowers will look tigin the crape
band on my hat! I vowed I'd show nil
respect to Mary Ellen, nnd that baud
Cttn't come off In loss thnn n your.
Ain't yon got no respect for iippenr-
ances? lied poppies ngin black crape!
Oh, Betty, can't you understand how I
feel?" One look at tho bright bond nnd
Ibe nodding flowers, and Daniel dashed
out toward the barn.
Poor Betty! She removed Ibe hat
•mil fell weeping Into a chnlr. Yes; she
understood. She know uow how lonely
he wns, and sho would show bim tbnt
she sympathised with hlm. Hurriedly
she wrapped up the offending headdress nnd slipped from the house. It
was n long, hot. wnlk bnok to the milliner's, but her one thought wns to get
back to Mrs. Ynrdwell.
".Mrs. Ynrdwell," she cried breath*
lessly after what seemed an eternity of
walking, "I've come to change iny hut.
I've got to have n mourning bonnet."
"For the land sakes!" exclaimed the
milliner, Hurried by curiosity. "Have
you lost a relation? 1 didn't know you
had one."
"Sort of one." answered Betty, giving
n farewell pat to tbe popple*. "1 want
the deepest dyed mourning you've
It was soon upon her bead, 0 heavy
blnck thing that fell in hot folds over
her shoulders. Bnok over the road she
trudged, the weight of the bonnet pulling nl her temples nnd sending throbs
into hor bond. The boat of the sun
made her dizzy and taint Oh, for
something to relieve hor! She bnlf
turned into the doctor's yard, but no.
There wus a medicine chest well filled
nt home. Sho would watt until sbe
renched there. One of Mary's virtues
had boen economy. Blindly ahe staggered ou toward home, entered lt and
went to the medicine chest. Blindly
she grasped a bottle and drank from it.
Then she remembered no more.
When Daniel returned that night
from doing tbo chores he missed Betty's welcome at tbe door. Sho bad
not failed to meet blm there since
their marriage. He found her on the
kitchen floor enveloped In widow's
Weeds and writhing in agony. Clumsily, but tenderly, ho removed the ugly
bonnet and placed hor on bor bed.
whore she lay raving nnd tossing while
be ran for help. It was fortunate lhat
the doctor was driving past Just aa
♦ he distracted ninn rushed from the
house. He administered tho proper
an I idol e for the poison Betty had swnl-
lnwod in her search for headache meil-
Mrs. Ynrdwell wus soon summoned,
for Hetty raved of her and the poppy
hat. She called Daniel to n conference
in the burn. What was said to bim be
never quite remembered. He was wondering dumbly if Betty wore going io
die nnd trying to picture homo witbout
hor. For once in his busy lifo lie was
taking time to realize that he was in
love with his wife.
When Betty opened hor eyos in consciousness lt wtis to find her husband
sitting by her tenderly stroking her
bands, and the beloved poppy hat lay
On the coverlet beside her.   Sho looked
nt blm wonderlngly.
"It's for you. dear." said Daniel huskily, "for you to wear, lit all respect to
Mary Ellon, I've taken off tin* crape,
and we'll let her rest now where sho
is. Forgive me, Betty. I've boon a
brute. But I've suffered since you've
been lying there, nnd I've found out
how doar you are to me."
"But I'm not like Mnry Ellen," whispered Betty faintly.
"No, thank God! But you're mine,
and I love you. 1 want you to be happy in your own wny hereafter, nnd try
to love me a little.   Will you, dear?"
She was too weak to nnswer, but she
smiled a happy little smile as her husband bent anil for tlie first time gave
hor a lover's kiss.
An  Intelligent  1 Mm pa user.
In 1884 Mr. Smyth. United States
consul at Liberia, brought to tbis country a young chimpanzee about seventeen mouths old nnd sold him to tlie
New York park department for the
cosl of transporting him. As he came
first class passage, the price was $125.
He was named Crowley. He took to
Keeper Cook from the first, and until
hla death they were the best of friends.
He was very Intelligent and I believe
waa as near human ns an animal could
be. He would Bit at a table to eat. putting on a napkin and using a knife,
fork and spoon when necessary. When
he had llni«licd he would use the napkin, carefully fold it up and lay it beside
his plate. Aliout iwo weeks before he
died a severe attack of pneumonia sot
In. nnd Dr. Marsh, surgeon of the park
police, was enl led. Every morning
wheu tbe doctor entered the room he
would say, "Oood morning. Crowley."
and Crowley would get up io shulie
bunds. Then the doctor would say,
"IIi.w are you this morning?" and
Crowley would grin. Tho doctor Would
examine him and say, "Y'our pulse,
Crowley," nnd Crowley would extend
bis band. "Now your lungs." nnd
Crowley would throw buck his nnn-; to
allow the doctor to place his cur to his
breast. "And now your back, (.'row-
ley." and be would turn bis back.
lie gr.'\v very feeble before death,
nnd Cook stood by hint from early
morning until late at night. Lato in
Iho afternoon of the day he died Cook
held blm In bis arms for about an hour.
Cook put. hlin down on tbo floor, and
Crowley raised himself up. put out his
hand to shake hands, ns Cook snid, "i'i
bid iii in goodby," turned toward the
wall of his room nnd dropped dead.—
A  Snlulnry  Lesson,
"Now, remember your salutes," snid
the corporal when posting the Irish
recruit on sentry. "If you sec a lieutenant -he wears one Star ou his shoulder—slope arms; if a captain—two stars
—slope arms. If ,you seo a major—a
crown— present urnis; If tlie colonel-
Star* and crown-present nnd turn out
the guard."
Pat pondered his orders carefully,
but presently lie was awakened from
bis reverie by the approach of the general.
Thnt worthy son of Mars surveyed
the cross swords on the gallant officer's shoulders and as be was not included in the corporal's category simply nodded cheerfully.
"Well, my man." said the gonial gen-
oral, "and who aro yon supposed to
"I'm supposed to be a bit of n son-
try," said Patrick. "And who are
"Oh, I'm supposed to be n bit of a
general." said the hitler.
"A ginoral, is It?" cried the startled
Bat.   "Then ye'll want something big.
Tho corp'rnl tould mo about Iho others,
but nothing about yourself at all, at .
all.   But hold hard a minute, nnd I'll j
give yo the bayonet exercise, If thut'Il
do." London Answers,
There Are  No  Doora or I'aaiBURes  In
u Typical Dwelling.
Tlie Japanese house consists iu the
main of a post at onch corner nnd u
roof. The roof muy or may not be covered with heavy channeled purplish
tiles. It makes Utile difference in tlie
long run whether it ls or is nut. for if
lt is not tiled tho first typhoon that
comes along removes It Into somebody's garden anything up to a quarter
of a mile away, and If it is tiled heavily enough'to resist the typhoon so
much the worse for the people under*
neath it when the lirst genuine earthquake arrives. But the odds are that It
will ho burned down before cither happens, as tlie Japanese use vory cheap
lamps and very fiery petroleum and
are regular children about fires. Of
course something else is done to the
four posts and the roof before they become a bouse In which births, marriages and deaths can take place. But
really remarkably Utile Is necessary.
Crossbeams are naturally added to
support the weight of the roof, grooves
are made In the crossbeams and In
the platform raised a footer two above
the ground which constitutes the floor.
A Japanese house is nil on ono floor
generally-in fact, one might say It is
nil one floor. Between the grooves in
thc floor and the grooves iu tbe crossbeams are run shutters with paper
panels lo divide the houses into whatever number of rooms the owner may
choose, which depends on the number
of bedrooms he may require. There
are no doors or passages in a typical
Japanese house. In it ovory room acts
as a passage inlo the room beyond it.
and for the door you slide back the
panel that happens to be nearest to
you. For this sliding there are little
bronze sunk handle* in the wooden
frames of the panels. The outside paper shutters do not come quite to the
edge of the platform floor; the grooves
along the edges are filled at night or in
severe weather with wooden shutters,
each of which is hold in its place by
the one that follows it, the last one
being secured with a flimsy wooden
A   School   Tk.nt   \V:m   Ilrlvea   labium
at   cniie toil.
One day in November, several years
ngo, tbe good people living on the
Massachusetts bay shore at the north
end of Capo Cod wero wrought to the
highest pitch of excitement by tbe arrival of nn Immense school of black-
fish which were ou tlie tints aliasing
bait, as the small ttsli they feed on nre
called, and gradually working inshore.
The news spread like wildfire. Village stores wore hastily closed, schoolboys deserted schoolrooms, nnd even
women flocked to tho shore, 'i'he flats
alonjj, the const make out from half to
n mile and n half practically level and
almost dry at low tide where at high
tide is four to eight feot of water. No
school of blai'ktash so large as thin bad
ever beon heard of. And by good luck
the tide was ebbing.
Hastily the boats wore launched,
each taking a half do-ten men nnd
boys, those not rowing being armed
with sticks and pieces of board. In a
quarter of an bour they were in position in half circle and to leeward of
the fish.
"Close ln now." came from the "commodore," "and mnke all the noise you
can!" And they did, fairly churning
lhe water with boards and sticks. The
thousands ot squid and herring on
which the blackfish wore fi*eding assisted in this movement by getting Into nbonl water us fur ns possible so
thnt tlie bliiikfish could not follow
tliem. The result was Inevitable. The
fast ebbing tide scon began to leave
llie big fish In such Fhoal water that
it was difficult for the larger ones to
swim. Gradually the circle of boats
drew nearer and nearer, and In two
hours 00 per cent of the entire school
wns stranded on the flats. For weeks
afler the villagers wore engaged In
cutting up aud trying out the nil. The
total catch netted some (25,000, many
of the fish weighing two tons apiece.—
lio^*i  In  China.
Dogs In china are chiefly .despised,
except as houso workers or for culinary purposes. A Mack dog with yellow eyebrows is valued ns a first rate
house dog. but n white ono with black
eyebrows will bring luck to his owner,
while a black dug is the king of his
race.    A  "Hon dog "--belonging to tlie
small, shaggy northern breed-will
bring good fortune, while tho only real
Chinese canine pet is the "sleeve dog,"
so called from being small enough to
lie  III  the capacious  Celestial   sleeve.
Retrievers   nre   apparently   unknown,
while greyhounds are lanky and slow.
Could  Lift  n  Ton nn.l n Unit.,
A Scotchman, suid to be the hist of
the Stuarts, was possessed with an ex-
troardiiini-y strength, from which circumstance he got the byname of Jemmy Strength. Among othor feats, he
could carry a 24 pounder cannon and
hnd been known to lift a cart load of
liny weighing a ton and a half upon
bis back. Many a time he took up a
jackass nnd, carrying lt on his shoulders, walked through the tollgate.
direful fieorn-i*.
"I had a letter from i"eor**e this
morning. Ho said hla mother bad accidentally broken her asm."
"George Is always so careful. Mnny
a young man would lur-o left out the
word 'accidentally,1 leaving you to infer that she had broken lt purposely."
Nothing delights n woman who
loves nnturo so much ns gathering
wild flowors und grasses for the purpose of dyeing them.
Bring Hosts of Coughs and
Colds-Sorious Results Are
Prevented by the Use of ,
Coughs und colds usually arise
from sudden ohunges of temperature.
It mny be a change, of weather, puss-
Ing from a warmer to a colder room
or exposure to n draught.
n is not always possible to prevent exposure n those ways, but it
is possible to prevent serious results
by using Dr. Chaise's Sirup uf I.in-
soed and Turpentine.
This great medicine has saved
thousands of lives by preventing
pneumonia, consumption and other
forms of lung trouble.
ii is mother's favorite remedy for
crpup, bronchitis, whooping cough,
and the coughs nud colds to which
children are subjiit. Being pleasant
ir. the taste, the little ones delight
to lake It.
it is pr'red by the old people be-
B'iiuse of tin* prompt anil thorough
relief it brings for asthma and other
chronic ailments ol the bronchial
The very tact that the sale of Dr.
('base's Syrup of    Linseed and Turpentine is more than three times that j
of any similar remedy, aad was never I
so largo as it is to-daj. Is sufficient I
proof of its merit,    In the great  ma-i
unity   of   boiiics   il    is   kept   on   bund
for i.'i'i's of emergencj.
Mrs. .1 Provost. Itenfrew. Ont.,
states — -'My fourteen-year-old boy
bud n very severe cold iu the chest
last winter and I reully thought he
wus going to die. Ho coughed nearly all the time and sometimes would
spit up blood. We bad about given
up all holies of his recovery when I
henrd of Dr. Chaso's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. After usiiur one
bottle thore «as a meat change in
bis condition, and I can positively
sny that he was completely cured 'oy
two bottles and he hns not liea-n
troubb'd since 1 never saw iiiediiiiie
take such quick effect and can sincerely  roriitnmcnd it."
|ir Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, „*s cents a bottle, family
sire (throe times as much) fan conl*
ut all dealers, or FiliiionNon. IlateS
A  ('.>.,  Toronto
To protect yon against imitnlions
thc portrait and signature of I>r. A.
W. Chase, the famous receipt boofk
author,   are  on  every  botlle.
El**i*trlrul  MShiSa
Tbe electrical Oshes do not belong to
nny one class or group-sonic aro found
in fresh wnter, while others Inhabit tbo
son. They possess two distinct types
Of electrical organs. One closely relates
in structure to muscle, as found In the
torpedo, gymnotUS nnd skate; while the
other presents more of tbe characters
of the structure of a secreting gland,
ns illustrated by the electrical organ
of the tnunderttsh, Both types ure j
built upon 0 vast number of mlcro-
Bcoplcal elements! each of which Is
supplied With 0 nerve liber. These
nervo libers come from large nerves
that originate in the nerve centers,
brain or spinal cord, and ln these centers are found spealai largo nerve cells,
with which the nerve libera of the
electric organs are connected uud from
which tbey spring. Vet the electricity
is generated in the electric organ itself.
In these animals there are specialized
organs for the production of electricity
ou tin economical basis far surpassing
anything yet contrived by man.
Hrvokli.it  a Will.
It is important to realize when a will
Is revoked. Marriage revokes a will
ipso facto. Otherwise the only safe
plan is to utterly destroy the document.
Anil   Mnrai*   I*   I'lrnaral.
Illciinrd   C.   Morse,   for   thirty-three
years gotjernl secretary of the Interna-
tional committee of the Young Men's '
Christian   association,   has  just  coin-!
pli'la-*il a iiBiii* of the world. In which he
llllS visited the a-isuiiatiotis which hnvo |
grown mi nnder hi-* eye and cure until j
Ihey now number ikSOO organisations, |
with uoo.nno >•• >•" ' ."•-
Too know how It It with MB, vJ
derwear.   A Iter the second onhW
wa»hlnRlltlKtfnito*hrlnk   •>,..,,
timr* the winter U hall over,If,"
Oeht you aan't wear lt.
haa the xhrlnk taken out tn the wool
II fits jum as •niigly- fetli j„„ '
coin'a-rtohlr-tlie lut tlmi yoaj „,,r
It, a. the first Kvery "Slar.nrld»
garm-.tit ii cuarantee* lb»0|ult|.
A perfect
Aw*f< is the feeling with which one
woman regards another who wears
Imported gowns.
Some men Ih.nk it is up to theni
to go a tittle slow in order to keep
from netting    too far ahead   of the
There nev«-r waa unit never will ).« a
#'ijiiverMii ajaiiiiia fa. in one remedy, for all
.*•:** to which llesh in heir—tha- very nature ol iiaiuiv ouratlvtM bains such that
irf.iH the genii* of other and dKTerentlv
aMtapd illaeaaen rooted in the system of
vhe nuticut —what would relieve one Ul
in turn woultl aia/Kr.a■ ..I., the other We'
have however, in Qulnlno Wine, when
obtainable in Bound, unadulwrated state
•j. '.'uie.lv for laiauv titflfll grievous ilia. tl\
tti; gradual uml lutllciou* use llu* fralla'Ht
aflVNleina nre led into convalescence and
■ai.'i.i.'ih hv the Influence uliia.-la Quintal
nreri.il on nature'a own restorative* it
relieves tlia- drooplnii spirit! of tlaaase
with i< hem a chronic Mule of morbid
daapondeiiiw lanfi liaa:k ol intereat in lift
." ib iliseiase unal hv Iriiiiiuiili/i'ii 11,<.
nerves diapoaoa to sound and refreshIdb
sleep— imparts vigor to the art ion ot the
blood, which, bains stimulated, course!
through the veins strentrthfnlnii 'he
health) animal function! of *h>* system,
thereby maklna activity a noceasWry renin, strenathenlne- Uie frame snd criviatr
Uf» to  the digestive organs,  which nntu.
raiiy demand  Incrc i  substance—reiult
Improved anoettte Northrop A Layman,
nf Toronto, have alven to th* puhlle
'hrir Superior Quinine Win* at the ukubJ
rate and, *.-vm-r.-r: lav the opinion! nr
scientist*, tha wine approach*! m-ara.si
porfMtlon of ,u:\ in the maiket. .VII
drug-glsti M'li it
\ London eating house Is iaa lae
opened near tho Hunk at which the
waitresses will be octoroons of i tn*
genuine chocolate-cream tint, '-1»*c - ■; 11-
i\      ..,|i(ariiii    irom     Uu.    Bouthern
For hard colds, bronchitis,
asthma, and coughs of all
kinds, you cannor take anything better than Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask yout
own doctor if this is not so.
He uses h. He understands
why it soothes and heals.
" I had a tcrrlhln mush for neelta. Then 1
tn-.lc Ja-ir'B Chorrr 1-eetoral and only ona
uuttU coni|alflely a-ureal me."
Mas 3, 11. Dixi/oiiTH, St. Joseph, Mich.
1M..\K .SI.00.
A   I
.'. r. ayeh 00,i
Lowell, Ma
■i'li«-  Dlngnosl*.
"Terence, whnt i.s the doctor's diagnosis of your en so?"'
"lie hasn't told mo ylt, but I'm bet-
tin' it 11 be Iv'ry clnt av Un dollars."— I v*»i* will hasten recovery  by""'tak*
ehlraeo Tribune  lr,C ono of Ayor'o Pills at bedtime.
An Extraordinary Oiler,
Oir BeguUr *f0(i^i*Ih
By the accompanying illustration wc can but surest
the exceptional values oilered
by us in Brooches.
*>• r.»-rii.'flB. t-xm
this   beautiful   Sunburst
Brooch there arc 65 Pearls,
mounted in 14W. Solid Gold.
Ordfr bv mall. If ynu are ant fwr.
fiaily HktiaBad with il your ancm*y
will he promptly a.-'untl»J.
Write for our handsomely
illustrated new Catalogue.
Ready lor delivery Nov. 15th.
I in, l.*o. 13a and li*
Yon*r. St.. Toronlo
Warranted to be iuperior to all olbtn,
nnlt'T half aa e'ertric V-'t Maira a«UB7 M
UUH    I    N"  7-2'.'.al '!.-.„.• It.:.
Call it write far l>u,!a lt bs free. Wr art tlia
laT£e*.t dealera in electric body appliaerm ir. Caniak
The renuine Kara Belt can aa ./ to oiafljioa*. faa
nx, '■ J^fvar aaai tadrui*, atoret. ,
Dizzy? Headache? Pain
back of your eyes? It's your
liver! Use Ayer's Pills.
Gently laxative; all vegetable
Sold tor 60 years.
Want your moustache or beard
• beautiful tiro-A-nor rich black? Uu
vim wa
«.» muta-e.e.Mtiav
1.en ther vvii.sle is no limber tttstmi,
UaUiufoacturera um' in n coraprMM
l'ortn. irrsU'uil of iron 10 tnakt' ccj-
wheel*., ,.  .
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coug'hs and Colds.
ip* so use:
♦ j
"TH-cft  G3''-.*3t  1*3 u i I d i r> f£  F->«i-por iVIiaflo. J
11 Is very  much atriam-air and  thlrkrr  llian   any  o'hrr  (tarrnd  or MO* |
itiK)  t'«p»r    it  Ih Impervlout  to wind, kwp* out eold, k**p» IP h"at ', ♦
riua no emell   or odor,  abfMfbl no  Dioiltar*.   Inipiirtu  no  tiisti. OT "'V'lLf ♦ 1
anytlil.Ta  with   winch  tt Cfaifli:*  Iti  contflBct.    It  la  liirri'l.v   U**d  not  l***W'"J" ♦
•laivtU"*'.   no.iaK'».   bUt   tor   lining  eold   nunaua   laullaJinuB.'   r.'f i.iaral. r».   HtjJ x
IM,  froamArfMfl.   anil all  nlftri.n   »h<*ro   U:o   olilpct   Ir   to   kfa |.   un   a.f»  "•»• »
■ i.lloini  temiavratur*.  and  _t  tlm same tlm* avolilinK Haiiii'iiB*"' ♦
Write our Aocnt*,, TEES A PER6&E, Winnipeg, (or aarnpl*** »
Tho E. B. EDDY CO., Llmltod, HULL. J
rcumtitiinces  ii
our unpanilloleil values, us CBtaloglMd :
7088   Pearl Sunburst, ....•'
Fine Diamond Solitaire Ring, .
Lady's Gold Filled l.orsntttc Chain, ■
(Icnllctnan's Oold Filled Watch Chain,
Heavy Chased Solid Qold Cull Links,
■1286   Fine Walrus Chatelaine ila-*, French Orcy Silver Moun'lnt,
3208  Ucntlcman's Military Hair Brush, Keal Eboay,
*.'ir.l   lady's Bonnet Duster, Sterling Silver Handle,
6076   .Rabbit'- Foot Charm. Sterling Silver Head,
Our Catalogue will  pliuso you-it oontiina values tl"*'*  0**n
duplicated eltewhore in Canada.
inst run!.   It is sent free.
Send  your  naruo   un.
1   uiiilr'-"*1  ^n SLOCAN,   B.   C
Vllrl»u* Suurrea  ot Sills.
,, Jnrms ai'O »ot tlje soltvsourco of
iiullon of Bill*.    It Is also ob*
bfrtom sevoral   vegetable  sub-
llil       but '"r ••'• 1*>*"orlor u"d •c',,s
taDCb,e deBcrlptlOU.   Excellent colored
li obtain
ed from the prepared and
.„ demand for clothing In tropics from Its lightness and
fibers of the bamboo, which ia
fcttt'B '
I   collll"'"
**   ,...     Miotlicr form of silk ls ob-
K"'° I from tbe pods of the silk cotton
r" of which there are several vnrie-
l   •   existence, the materia! obtained
F J tbem being known as vegetable
tut    ...._— .
Went  Her One Better.
..I never saw you In sucb a becoming
i " „,,■ denr.   Did you get it ready
'"wns l«Bt thinking how unusually
* m. yours looks.    Did you make It
nr  Robert   Collyer says   that a
' ■ |H.st irionds are his ten  lingers.
IHiiiaras liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Bphore h.i\•• boen 170 lives lo*.t   on
Id,,. Alps tins  year.	
5IOO Reward $100.
_ .w .uin*. of Oils paP'i- wm b* pl*a*.»o te
I " a, a than ll St l««t one ilraailial itlaaam
l1"*"1 .„,., tin*. b**n ablo to eure In all Ita
l""1 Md thai IS CaUMTb. Hull's ..•flBlnrrh
liuua-s. 1 ■ poiltlv* our* now Unown ta> tha
■ "'ai 1 frtt«rnlty. i.'uturrh lieliiB a conatltii-
■" , fli..aa»<. ra'aulri-H a constitutional trrat-
I1""1: HiSra'catarrb Cure- I*. titan Int.rnally,
I"1 , M,nii\ ution lh* tiloo.1 mui mucous »ur-
a*T 'i the avilem. l"***r*by d**troylng th*
T^'iflUlaBn et the tUssass. an-' S'vIiik the pa-
iff  , .iranrth b/ bulldlnir »P the constitution
WT.Wism •«--<"'• ln """••* "■ *ortt   Th*
f *"',,, u much faith In Ita <>iratlv*
tr.l.!>.".'ili»v 0«*r On.,  llunnrert   1-a.llart
**fea"' ciS th" 'I '•>»« ** «*"*   6"ni toT "•,
p lestlmonlala^ ;}' ,.™SF.T „ co   ToUd0i 0
i gold i.y HI druirtflsts, Be.
Hairs iTamlly Pills ar* tha *)«at.
[n Boverill Russian trains soroiul-
[Ijg. siti'iiing enrriagw are how provided
I believe    MINARD'S   I.INIMKNT
It'll cure every case, of Diphtheria.
iRtvcrilale    MltS   REUBEN  IlAKK.lt.
I    Believe    MINARD'S  UNIMIONT
,ull produce growth of hair.
Stanloj,  1' 1'. 1
|l< th*- beat household rorpedy oo
AIM iiIaAS   I'Ol.KY.
In! City,  Out.
Ati in 1   ait heroism  is but   toinpor-
lar*.. while an act of charity is   evar-
llnst >T)K
latia-r, th.' Haili.r. lh** ftNlierniun. I ti** mint* .
l*J*j larnifl..'. the itiet-tiania-. anil nil t*. ho
jiifl. bvfs ol toil antl *.|a**nai thatr a-hunI
law in tin* .lull rout in" ol teiiloua tasks
1 an.l uhai nr»* expos.-.! to iaiiuriivi nnil iiil-
Iments   tha.t   tlm***   kIio   toil   not   do    not
iiaoia,    will   |in,l ln   p,    ThaiinnM    Krli'Ctnr
lull an exrMlent  friend  unal  benefactor In
tvtry  ilme 01   neeil
M«i>\ ib good woman can see where
1 ahe might  have  been  better   looking
Wjlh greasy     dishes,      pot*   mail     peas
■alt**   Lever's   |Bry   Soup    a   pontiW        It
Mil i.iaaaai..  ahe  uieiia,.  wiih the  irrt*«tfl>Ht
Can advice tie very valuable when
|so man*, p.iiple are wlllinj-, to give
lit and M. [,,«. to take Ii •'
l&iwA's Liuiuient Cares Distemper.
! is .1 waste ni tun... t„ look for .1
|".iliMitiit,. for 11111 li.
! es which arc eauily obtained
'" h' ' tin  most valuable.
1 '•*■ '••,'"   to explain  why    othors
Boilld mat   nni<.. mistake*.
I linard's Liniment Cures Garget io C«wfc
It'i  In-possible to com im-.* a   lazy
"•in ilmt  there 1- such a thing   as
■■ 1 work
th* Brl1 isn nnny    under    the new
theme  requires  50,000  recruits    an*
When ynu tti.nk you have cured
a cough or cold, but tind
s dry, hacking cough remains,
there is danger.   T*ke
Tho Lung Tonic
at once.
It "ill strengthen the lungs
and sitip thc COUgh.
p"'.e-. 25c, 60c. and SI.00
s. c. wr.i.i.s ft CO.
.'otonio, Can,        I.eltoy, N.V.      s
Jl"i" Is no time liko the pres-
tQ nn|(.r your now itiachiti-
«2' Let us know what you
, "'","'■" We have tho HES
Ca   «•■ L. NEIL80N A CO.,
3 "•'I St., Wlimlpe**.
You make poopla alck  you keep yourself
•lok, Soouro relief In 10 minutes
from Colds.Gaturrh.Hcadaoha
op Influema.
Cure thnt oold, ynu ean do it if you escr-
ijIbo ouniniun Boniii! and imo only Ur. Aunew'a
Oatarrhal Powder. It relieves oolda und
Catarrh and cureH hfiiduoliu in a few mo-
monts. ltov. L. Mcl'hi-rson, ButTulo, N. Y.,
saya : "Dr. Agnow's Caiurrlial Powder relieved nse Id IU minutoa and is a bluAiintf to
mun kind. 13
Fortunate is thi> hih»i who doesn't
have one-half ttu> troublea that his
neighbors think lie has.
■E.* S™^ W ps*   to a atrirt'., enmrnlsston flrtn-T«T
THOMPSON, SONS & CO.        x
cisam c<~r-r,i$r.um merchantib 0
*>e-ty|r»ril|3c>cr- *%
Tho art ot keeping the mouth -hut
Bhould bo taught In ever*,' school.
Do You Wasit
aa, aal. aaiaa aaaa*
SOME D»r   TO   HANhlE   Ylli'lt  SHII'aVlHlS f\
in .'■:•,'■, vour ia am  io A iiin.iuu  fikm    /
i'a'ila.^1   laiRVH.I.   HIIU   QAHtFIIL   ATTENTION a
if ao, th» undersigned mutts your Uaaleaa* r..id win andaavor to *j:ve satlsfacttoav
Caali advanced ou OODtlgDIneuta,     KtfsrsocSI   L'nlon Hank of Canada,
The oldint establlsiiert r,rn|ti Commisiiion    tyaau* _—a,     -      . ..   m - _L
Merclinpl in Wiunipeij, •gSaaej^ ^>% IS31 B^J &***^
ritK.VK.NT DISOKDBR.—At the Hrat
symptom ol Internal disorder, Parinsles's
Vegetable l'ills should bo rssortod to ini-
iniHiiuti.i.v Two or throas of these saiu-
tiBr.v pallets, taken before Rolng io bed.
(ollowed bv dosos ol one or two pUts for
tifl.ii hi- thii'B. nii/htH In succsssloiia will
serve us a preventive ol attacks ol dviv
|flfl>|,hiii und ull tin. discomforts which follow iii tho train    of that  fell disorder
Ihi'  uifliHiiH   uia.   almple   when   the   wuv    ia
Sleep us long «s you can, but em-
plo> your time judlcloi.sly when yon
a I." iiwiiko
l.ovi*   inn    neither   bo bought  nor
sold, but  ii can be exchanged.
fliflard's Liniment Cores Colds, efc.
Some iiiiniiiis ina. relegated to ih«
spinster class became ol their fineness
So riBpidiv (toea hint*. Irritation spread
mui alefl^pwi, thut ofleti tn u few WBfka a
sinitale rouith CUlmloatSS in 1 utien-iilair
'iBiisiiniptlon illn* IihiI to n OOUah,
tlia-re Ih always alunucr in itelay, a.,.t n
bott|e aif Rtckte's Antl-l'oiiMuinpihe Syrup   and euro yourself.   It ia n mi*iiiiiii(>
Unsurpassed for nil throat and Inner
trounles lt is COtixaounded from Hevernl
herb-., rnieh one a.f which stands ut the
head an the lia-t as a.xerUnir n wonderful
Influence In carina consumption uml nil
bum  diseases.
lion'i owo your nulghbor « p*rudge;
•uni'i-l ilu- debt  al  once,
When b  man   desorvoe    rtispect    he
ilaaa's not   ni*'il  to look for it.
Wlaa.ii tin* downpour is heavy .md
tin* clouds uia' black people somehow
Iobc Intorest  In thi* silvnr lining.
Oraln   txehnnge,   Winnipeg.
Maclennan Bros.
Tblkimiiin* H90, p, o. Boi &»
Molntyra Block, 304,  Winnipeg.
Wheat and grain nl all kinds. Oar
I.niad Una a S|«« Inlty. lieicular ad"
.'iiiri'Hiu iiil is of LiiIiiik
Wi ite or wire ns for Track Hide, or
Cunaleu Yonr Oialu to ua. which we
will bell fur your account, ou your approval to highawt bidder.
Robertson Cured   His  Kidneys by Using  Dodd's
Kidney   Pills
(Compiled from The Commercial),
Anil   Hla   I'.luaa anal l-aa   anal
iBiBileii   Nevur to ltttuni
BUitt'iu* nt.
Drflflpar   lle-
ll«   Makea   m
Artlata'   ADnchrontania.
(tume yeara apii there was exhibited
in London a beuutlful picture ut' au
eighteenth century interior, perfect in
every ili'tail but one, for on a wall of
the Interior was a small plcturo of a
very up to dale locomotive, antl in tbe
sami' year the writer saw among the
academy pictures a presentment of a
cavalier, evidently waiting Impatiently
for his lady to keep the tryst, consulting a watch which would have dono
rredit to a twentieth rcntury watih-
niakcr, while on another canvas a peninsular veteran, who was lighting his
hattliHi over again for the benetll of-admiring rustles nt the village Inn. waa
wearing an unmistakable Victoria cross
about forty years before this budge of
valor came into existence.
In his uiagniliavnt pirlure In the
Koyal Exchange of scared Londoners
escaping in boats from the horrors of
the great lire of 106(1 Stanhope Forbes
Introduced vessels of n type which, it
is said, lhe Thames has never known,
nntl another artist of repute armed tht
children of Isra.-l with guns, presumably lor self protection, while they
were occupied in gathering uiauna.—
Stray Stories.
Knaerr   What   lie  Waa  Doln*.
The affability of a candidate tor parliamentary honors has a groat effect
and ninny a vote is secured by nu-aas
of lt. But il would si'i'iu that otfusive-
na'ss nnd affability aro sometimes in-
UuIuimI in for i-niie a different reason
when men are wooing n constituency.
An Incident in nn east cud election
proved this. One of tho candidates
was extremely gushing, nnd the election agent, when In conversation wiih
a keen supporter, said:
-It is a grand Idea, that nf Mr. —.
lie is not only not satisfied with slinking bands with (he voters In the ordinary wny, but wjjencver he meets them
be grabs both hands ami shakes them
"1 sec," said Iho supporter. "But
don't you think that Hint's rather overdoing it'-'"
■Wi'il. it may look like that." returned the sgeat. "but Mr. - knows his
business, snd he knows Ihnt so bine as
he holds on to baatb of tln'ir bands his
wntili is sale."   London Tlt-Blts,
A siriwinn Presentiment,
It Is curious bow future events are
occasionally preflgured by some anticipatory token which, unlike presentiments and premonitory dreams, makes
perhaps no Impression at tbe tim." am
tiiaisi. whom tbey concern.
Elore is a striking exnmplo: One of
Chnrles Dickens' sons, from some
childish oddity of expression in bis
lurgr*. woudorlng eyes, was given by
lis father lhe very unique sobriquet or
iii.- "Occiul Hpectcr," by which in* was
always called. The great novelist never knew of the weird significance his
playfully bestowed appellation was to
bear, for he himself had been nearly
two years in his grave at the time his
little "Ocean Specter." then a lieutenant In the royal navy, died nud was
burled at sea.
A Remarkable River In Spal».
There Is in Spain a river called the
Tlnto, which has very extraordinary
qtliillttcs. Us waters, which are as
yellow as a topaz, harden lhe sand and
petrify It in n most surprising manner.
If ,1 stone falls Into the river ntul rests
upon unother they both become per*
IimiIv united nud conglutlunted In n
v.vii-. It withers all the plnnts on its
jmiiU-a us well ns the roots of nee-'.
Which ii iiv.'s of the same hue as Its
v, ii .*.■*<    *. u :i-:. 'Ivo '■'■! Us streum.
Trade In tlie wheat markets during
the piist week has shown il ;. li tentative in i-luu'iirtiT There has been
a certain amount of activity ait
times in the iVmorican speculative
markets, and then ugain absolute
dullness, us if tbingn had come lo
the point when an aggreeslvo lender
might Carry prices up or down. Such
b-adei bus not shown hiinsolf pro-
nouncedly, although the noino of Armour iv Co., has begun to appeal'
Montreal, Que.. Nov. in.—(S|jB?ciaJ) quite prominently in tho market gi>*+-
—The illness and cure ol Mr. George* elp, and that house is credited with
Uoiieiison. oi 3»j Antotiiu St., this having accumulated a large amount
city, is further'convincing proof that "r May wheat, und to some extent
Rheumatism and Dropsy ure both .they sceni to have the markol prao-
the results ol Diseased Kidneys. Mr. t leal ly under control, outside of
Itobertson hurt Dropsy and Rhcuuia-* I this the leading feature of tho week's
tism I'or live years. He cured bit trading in the American markets is
Kidneys liy using Dodd'a Kidney jthe advance iaf the Muy delivery over
l'ills and both diseases departed ior itho liecember. The goaoral situation
good. Speaking of Ins COSO Miltol>,is still one ol strength in the Aineri-
ortson says: 'can domestic    market,    and easiness
"I Imd been troubled with Dropsy jmd indifference in tho European
and Rheumatism for live years. I am j trade, consequent on plentiful su|>-
now well and ii is all owing to plies from othor countries to Europe
Dodd's Kidney l'ills.   Before 1 start- -and the prospect of the supply being
 'continued  from   thc crops  nuw    har*
in tho southern    hemisphere.
American markets had a moder-
tiB sui'il t,\, times so that. 1 could notlateh  sharp upturn al     the close   of
put  my coat on, -brusiness yesterday, and tho change in
' A friend advised me to use Dodd's ' prices in these markets on the week
Kidney l'ills offering to pay for theni shows December delivery to bo prac-
if they did not help me.   Before I ha*ft jtlcally  unchanged  and   Muy   delivery
used the second box  1 felt a    great about   unchanged  to   ',c  higher.   The
Improvement.   I took seven boxes in  movement    of wheat    in the    United
all and I don't know what it ia to be ..States    bas  been   decidedly    less  in
sick since." quantity   than  for  ihe same  week  a
——————— 'year ugo. and export  is also less but
A well equipped eye sanitorlum will the art'vity of inland movement and
soon bo  travelling  through  Egypt   in   milling  trade  i.s  larger.   The  crowing
■""ni     i      a.\lUUtJ        *    iii.-t. in   mil."      a.     nviia  v
cd using them I could hardly put my
feet to lhe door they were swollen so | vesting
much  from   Dropsy.   My arms    used ,The
a tent.
winter    wheat
   Crop  in  the States   is
lin  excellent  condition  and has   fully
Some live men remind us oi dead  maintained
who forgot  to get buried. |woek.   Th
its standing  during   thc
Harvest   in   the  Argentine
(is progressing rapidly      There    have
reports  of  rains   Impeding   har-
thnt   country    during   the
apajaa»aa—... —       .,« n.   but   competent   authorities    do
comparison 1 have no hesitation, in saying I ,u)t  cor,sjo!er this much detriment  at
K-i^-ftsreftyftis "sa, rr ,ind thc ra,n js
c^lsctence.    1  u»e >» »n roy own practice. |vi-r.v' beneflciftl    to their    corn       All
It relieti* lhe most acute forms of heart all-  crops  promise  very  abundant 1
ment inaide of thirty minutes and  never  vear   in  the  Argentine
lion  harvest  ts  also
Strong Words by a Hew Vork |$£ns _
Specialist.   'Alie* jears of testinc a*1*   WOek,   \v
fails."-*.& __
What  children need  is  more
and fewer critics
Only lhe man who understands women uditnts that he doesn't.
Deafness of 12 Tears' Stand-
ing.-Protraoted fntarrh proiliK-as cleat-
noM, in lUHin cases, -.'apt. Ben. Oonnor, ol
Toronto, t-u'nada, was oeal for U y.'urs rem
Cuturrh. All treatments failed to icbeTe.
Dr Act ew'S CuUiirluil l'owder gave him le-
I of iu one day. and in a very -abort while tha
deafness left him entirely,  it wdl <*o *■»
much tor you.   uU cent*.—A'
QlaSS  houses Ol  a  very substantial
tinl kinc can u<-ba   be built.   Slleslan
cless milkers are turning out glass
bricks  for  all  BortS  of   building P**"*
lew  men nr
'ui..' up their
i ery.
appreciated until thej
residence    in a ceme-
Sciatlca put h< ni on Crutches
—mGS   t^iiiii. dnii-i..&- >•* *-«jnS***". ■-,    '
write-:   "Ml    limbs  litre almost   ■***• I Apthl
U m *ia..ca....u rheumailsm. and.notwl^  Arthui
rtandiog my esteem lor pbiMclans,    must
aive tho cie.lit  wlicio it be longs.   I «m a
ffired  man   to-day. nnd Sonlh   ****__
ltftovw-itao Curo lnUlt lll"e er»a»»*
(Pa's nsa rvel.—M
y this
The A ust ruin progress und
I there tiie outlook is for the largest
yifldd on record. The previous targ-
ious yield wns in tvoo. from which
was exported 3i.ooo.ooo bushels. 'I'he
crop prospect in Indln also coiitlnuus
verj favorajoie, the new crops having
bnd an excellent stun. From Europe tha'ii' is nothing special during
th" week us to crops.
Manitoba wheat hn.s been iiiiiet all
week nnd the demand <|i*i*«* moderate.
The approaching close of navigation
affects the trade Vessel owner*, arc
asking higher rates and ther.' is un-
certalntj ubout gett'ng n >•-.' \i**'s.*ls
than me already chartered. -Shippers
aro well supplied with wheat for all
engagements entered into, and unless
more vessels are obtained the demand
for wheat at current prices will not
revive and trade will coma right
down iib December delivery I'.tsis. On
I'nd.ii prices wore nominal at'78fc
l northern, 77jc ; northern, ~2le 1
northern, spot: ami for December delivery 1 northern 77ic J northern
-.".' c, I northern 7".\c No al wheat,
61ajc, '"'(I wheat .Soc. feed Xo :. '»'.
nil  ia  store   I'oi l  William  and    I'orl
rules     work   liflfllb
atl..'is  won't   work  c
11 hi i'
- and
When n  mau receives a cup of cot-
i*e that bus not  1 n properlj   set**
led ha' has grounds for complaint
tin NOT DELAY—When, throueh asMt'
Itated iiii.'.'siivfl. organs, nolsun ij.i.Ib- its
wnv into the blood, th- nrlmo .....si.t.-■*
Hon is ibb net tho poison out bim rapitii-*
.mil .in thoroughly .is nossibls iwiay
ni.-v ini'ioi disaster I'armelae s *•<■'-;'-
mllli' Pills will in- found ib most vatunBls
nmi alTifotlve medicine to bbssibH Uia' intruder avlth ihey never tall InfJ- ao
ul once ti, the sa'Ot ul Uifl' tniiil'lu anil
work 11  permanent curo.
Ths dog grows for two years, and
lives for ten or twelve. The cat
grows only for about eighteen
months a.nci may also live tor ten
years, in very exceptional coses ior
twice as long.
The satisfaction of having the
washing done early in the day,
and well done, belongs to eveiy
user of Sunlight Soap. job
W   IM    —*. INIo. AS 7.
The   Following arc   the   Winnipeg
johb ng  prices' :—
Flour—ogilvie's Hungarian natent,
S:.*..s per sack of -vS pounds; other
grades accordingly.
(bits-No. 3 white.  -;ic,  in car lots
jS lo 39 cents for    feed grades;    at
roimtiv   points  farmers  ure  receiving
35 cents per bushel.
Barlej'—Malting grades, ;*,"* to 37c:
feed,  30 tO  ."fl*".!'
■•'IuxscihI—.Sic per bushel for larin-
ers'  loads nt  country  points.
Spellr—35c  per  bushel
Hay—Dared.  58 t«  "Ml  per  ton.
Uniler—Creamery, ;i4c nor pound
dairy, best In bricks. 20c; tulis, lt>c;
ordinary grades,   12 to  i*tc.
Cheese— 13IC per pound
Pbultiy*—Chickens, ducks nnd a-cesc,
ioc  per  pound;   turkeys;   12  to   :V*
Potatoes—45 to 50 cents oer bus
Cattle—Butchers' cattle, ik *o 21c.
per pound
Sheep—31 to 4C por pound; lambs,
sc per  pound.
Hogs—Choice weights, sic per lb.
Morsrnnglfe fmorning gift) wns the
Anglo-Saxon term for pin money, lt
wns bestowed on the wife on the day
sifter the marriage. When pins were
ICTirce and articles dear pin money was
given on New Year's day. and on the
1st and 'li\ of .laiiuary the court ladies
repsiied to the pin makers- shops to replenish their stoiii for the next year.
milli*  llipiirtritliBii.
Live cal lb* were first landed In Fug-
land from Ameilcn In May, 1801, but
the regular tnt (Be did uut begin until
is: a.
Unshrinkable H. B. K. Underwear
Made from the best sldewool in the fleece—elastic ribbed knit—shaped to fi t body—absolutely non-shrinkable
—wool treated by H.B.K. exclusive process to make it
so—every particle of oil, grease, slivers, etc., removed
by the H.B.K. patent cleaning process—tough wear,
light, fleecy, all wool, clean, pure, luxurious underwear,
and absolutely non-shrinkable, emphasize non-shrinkable
Sold by dealers everywhere.
Only cenuinp with this brand.
A pinto bronco is tough
from the end of his nose*
to the tip of his tail.
And the toughest part *
of him  is   tlie* light,
muscular hide that
covers his back and hips.
From that part of his hide
the famous "Pinto" Shell
er is made for H.B.K.
es.   Scorch, boil, wind,
this brand.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
. Write for " Sbmyed/' the rusmle»t bronco stox-f ever written.—FEBB
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
MkK.1*. mt W.r» *Wa.*r*i*-**"•. for "*".•*•<■«■*bo-ir.
Aro ynu coins homo for Christmas on the
$40X0 l'icurvio:i ? Why not «o by way
of Bt, l'anl ui'd Chica-io, u-inu tho BurlitiRton
Houte—310 mile*, daylittht riile alonn tho bank*
\>f the Sfl'cnic M'.sii=aippi Itiver. Kleijuot Free
Inclining Chair Curs.
Write the under-ngned for nil dotal! information in nrriingini* for your trip. You will rec<»i».
prompt Btiention.
.ravelling Passenger Agent, Box No.  1315, Winnipeg, Man.
F. M. RUOa, N. W. P. A., lit. Paul, Minn.
Take  tlie   Backache out  of  CSe-aning.
They aro abaolmcly tho best brushes money <-an buy—the best
mafic—backs do not warp oft—bristles do not fall out of BoiMkal'i
Scrubbing   brushes.   Your   grocer sells them.
None Genuine Without Name "Boeclxh" on back of Bru^h.
•*•.:' ac
•C. E. SnUTHUBmaAUt, Editor and Trop.
as pumaisa-tf) iv-nor FainiY at
B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
th. tfnt insertion mid 5 cent* a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Impn»'flament,-|!7 each.
Transient iiilvertiseiiieiits at earn, rated
Al legal advertising.
Laoals will be charged 10 cents a line
far each insertion.
Commercial Ratal made known upon
The Subscription it $2 per year, atrict-
,ly in advance; $2.50 ayear if not io paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C*
FRIDAY, DECEMBER llth, 1903.
Sjocan's member cast his initial rote
jn tho house for the government. It
was thought ho would.
Don't let the old year pass away
without paying your debts. Start the
new yem* with a clean slate and keep
it thai way.
A majority of six is not so bad, such
lieing the strength developed by the
Conservatives on the first division in
tho legislature. A majority like tlu-,t
tends to ensure confidence.
Of the total appropriations voted
the Slocan riding for 1903, $9536.60
has been expended. Future expenditures will not lie of a lavish character,
the finances of tlio province not war-
' ranting it. ___________
The legislature is adjourning this
week till after the holidays, meeting
again on the llth of January. In the
meantime the government can obtain
an idea how the country views its now
ossfjssment act.
A bill has been passed through the
legislature repealing the increase in
the poll tax from $3 to 85. The increase should never have lieen made,
and it is well the government were
discreet enough to withdraw. The
poll tax at any figure is no genera'
favorite with fhe people.
The opposition permitted the speech
from tho throne to be adopted without
a division. Judging from the mild
tenor of their criticisms, the Liberals
must have felt the situation was bo-
yoad them. Conservatives have grappled with -the affairs of the province
with a master hand and are making
their opponents respect their ability.
Hawthornthwaite gave Mclnnes.the
would-be leader of tho Grits, a deep
thrust lietween the ribs last week*
Roplying to a sarcastic fling from the
member for Alberni, the formor stated
the Socialist vote would never be
found supporting in office any party
with which Mclnnes was connected.
Wullie's sins bave found him out, to
the detriment of the Liboral party.
Kootenay Conservatives are alive to
the need of immediate organization for
contesting   the   coustituoncy   in  the
Dominion  elections,   which   are  ex-
pectad to take place the end of January or the middle of   February.   A
convention has Ix-en called to  choose
a candidate at Nelson on January (i.
and every section of tin* riding should
lie represented.   The   chances  favor
the Conservative cause, and if aa acceptable mini it chosen by the oODven
tion. In* will  surely win out again*.
Rig Hill Galliher.   Let evory Goo
servative rally to the support of th.
cause for good  government and  na
tional progress.
The financing of the school systen
in  British  Columbia   lias   become :
•iurious one for the people, and a nidi
cal departure from the present Iuv.
must follow if the province would  be
saved from bankruptcy.   At present
one quarter of the entire  revenue o!
the province goes  for education am
the percentage  is  yearly increasing
To ofTset this, it  hn. been suggested
—and it will doubtless be adopted
that   all   Incorporated  towns  shall
maintain thoir own schools, as is don*
in other province-. Uow would SloCAll
ratepayers like that? Municipal rates
already oppressive, would hate to In
increased *() **•*-■ mills on the dollar tn
n*eet expenses, affording a pleasant
prospect.    With  the additional bur
dens imposed by the  new assessment
.act just passed  liy  the legislature, he
'will bo a wise man who invests not in
realty or business,
Vancouver has smallpox.
Pay up-your subscription,
Wedding bells are due to ring at an
early date.
Navigation on tho great lakes has
ceased for the winter.
No meeting of the city council was
held again this week.
The C.P.R. has floated a loan of
*$12,()00,(X)0 in London at 106.
The local mill company sent east a
carload of shingles this week.
Rev. Mr. Calvert, of New Denver,
was a visitor in town on Monday.
J. Kelly, the fruit tree man of Nelson, visited the town on Monday.
James and Pete Foley are back from
the coast and are again at the Ottawa.
Revelstoke will be the scene of the
annual curling bonspiel for the interior
The government sale of delinquent
lands for taxes was held in Kaslo on
Slaughter sale of trimmed and un-
triuinnfed hats, feathers aud plumes.
Mrs. Tutcher.
Paul Hauck has started in the shoe
repairing business in tho stand next
to the postofflce.
The Lilierals of Yale-Cariboo will
meet at Kamloops on January 13 to
select a candidate.
Kootenay's boards of trade have
asked the C.P.R.to station a telegraph
operator at Poplar.
C. B. Taylor and wife will spend
the winter in Fairfield, 111., returning
here iu the spring.
James A. Carley, brother of Dave
Cnrley, of the Nelson Economist, died
ui Nelson on Monday.
Ernest Burns and Miss Merrill, of
Vancouver, leaders in tho Socialist
party, eloped this week.
W. J. Goepel, provincial auditor,
was here on Tuesday inspecting the
books of the record office.
Joe Bean went to Spokane on Tuesday. He purposes going in for farming in the Yakima country.
Local members of the Conservative
party will be wise to prepare at once
for the Dominion elections.
Traces & Selous have sold the Broken Hill block, Nelson, to J. Griffin,
of J. Y. Griffin & Co., for $25,000.
James Cawlev suicided at Fernie on
Saturday by drinking carbolic acid.
He had been on a prolonged spree.
Mrs. T. J. Baty and family, after a
year's absence in The Dalles, Oregon,
have again taken up their residence
Mrs. Gething returned home Saturday evening from New Denver, having
been under Dr. Bronse's care for some
The annual meetim? of the Inte riot-
Press Association will lie held next
month, probably at the Halcyon Hot
Fresh orders have come in enabling
the local companv to continue ship
Eing lumW from their mill at the
ead of the lake!
Several complaints have-been made
lately of the depredations of chicken
thieves. If apprehended thoy will be
severely punished.
Dr. Sinclair, the well-known Rossland Lilieral warrior, was here on
Wednesday. His visit had to do with
mining, not politics,
A man named Stewart was killed
near Beaver on Friday, by a Spokane
ct Northern train. He was on a hand
car and got caught in a rock cut.
The suits brought by the C.P.R.
against holders of land, and coal, timber and oil licenses in the disputed
sections in East Kootenay have Ixsen
The Presbytery of Kootenay.were to
have nut in the Presbyterian church
at Greenwood, Wednesday, to induct
Ber. M D. McKee, formerly of this
place, into thc pastoral charge.
^ Diamond p
"Diamond Hall"—Ryrie
Bros.—Toronto, is one of
the largest retail jewelry
stores in the world.
Frem ill magnificent stock (if Diamond*, jewelry, Silverware. Leather
Ufliodt, et.'., you may select with
guaranteed satisfaction at your
A request will bring to your
door—free of cost—our
handsomely illustrated new
catalogue. Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
The great magnitude of our
business permits of our selling at money-saving prices.
We return your money in full without queition if on receipt of articles
ordered you art not parfcxtly tatiav
I in, 130, 132 and 134
Yonji; St., Toronto
Slooan ore shipments will  be lose
than 15,00'.) tons for the year.
The Fred Irvine Co., of Nelson,
merchants, have beon incorporated.
Gns Cormier, one of Wm. Koch's
trusty employees, left on Tuesday to
spend Christmas with friends in Cara-
quet, New Brunswick. He will return
in March.
J. B. McArthur, one of the prominent mining men of Kootenay, died in
Toronto on Monday, aged 54 years.
He was largely interested in the Ritin-
J. P. Cade, M.D., the new superintendent of tho local hospital, arrived
in Thursday evening. Ho hails from
Mission City and comes very highly
Tho Nugget, Col. Lowery's latest
literary baby,has made its appearance
at Poplar. It is of same size as the
late Sandon Paystreak and, like it.has
a pronounced way of saying things.
There are to be 5000 people in Poplar
next spring.
Appended is a complete list •( the various records registered atthe lecal registry •dice, II. P. Christie being mining
Dee 3—Hampton, Ting Pong fr, snd
Ethel K.
Nov III'—Sapphire group, Sheriff Tuck
to H R Jorsnd.
Same, 11 11 Jorand  to L C Sherwood.
Pec 4—Bob-o'-Link }3,T> DMcl'horson
to John Welsh.
Cub Ir 1-ti, D <t McCuaig ti same.
The Golden Crown
nineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
tiiubetied. Crown granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cambic Street,
Va.ncoi'vek, B. C
Price Responsibility*
►♦♦*»-♦-♦-♦♦♦♦   a
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
~*rO-*+-*•-*■ -I
Slocan Electoral District,
R. Q. Hmtsxnsoaa**,
Returninis* Olllcer
Slocan Bltotoral District:
T CERTIFY that tin nppani-lecl stiitemcnt is n
*■ trua, full nnd faithful account of my ex-
prait- dorlns tla« Oatnpalgn, wliirli enda-:! with
th* lain election held on Oat. 3rd, 1903:
Hotel hoard and room     $17 00
Railroad milmiR»      58 01)
Postage and telanrrams      18 00
Taital    tii ixi
Silverton. Nor. 18. 1908.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
| Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full stock of the liest
line* of cigars and tobaccos' always kept on hand.
14 l.nitTOiaur Riaaal'far SI .
riall Watlglit.   aaaad Ijvatllty
G a aria Battied .
t        Slocan, B. C.
I have just received a
large assortment of
Xmas Cards, of the
newest designs	
Also a few packs of Con-
ffresa utul B. C. Souvenir
Playing Onrds, with gold
edges  and  gold borders
•  the most attractive edi
tion   of    playing  cards
over issued.
Our Xmas Goods will
arrive in next week.
J. 1 ANDERSON, Drugs,
The price branded
on the sole of the
Goodyear Welted
"Slater Shoe" by its makers
is their (not the dealer's)
valuation, and they know
the wear value put into the
1 i
For Men   -   |£gg   -   For Women
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
1)ATES: Kaenl.tr mKstrilnrs.il par monlli
V in SI0 a yan r: non-suhscrila»r« I axrlnsj,e iaf
martini 1 at tan. lane* i $2 par <li*>. Priv.'ite wurils
H y.r .lav axli'i. Special faacililias for miitarn-
lty nMi
For furliiar particular' apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
New Residence for Sale
Representing the strongest companies d-ing hasiness in Canada.
See xicw accidext pouffi, vritli par
ticipation in profits, cjveiir.r siclt-
noss and eperatieni.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Pnblie
Pioneer Livery T
.and Feed Staples,
Slocan,  15. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at thi
shortest Notice.
Saddle and  Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms, lt contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson, Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
tote of
Weymouth Mlunaal Clulm.
Situate in the Slocnn Citv Mining Divi-
• inn of thi* Went Kootenay Ihltrict.
Where located:—On Printer creek,
a tributary of Ten Mile creek.
TAKK NOTICK that l,\V. I). McGre*
for. nctinu »» ayrnt (or John L. Farwlg.
free miners' certiflcate No, B71825, ami
C. E. Btnitheringale, free miner'i certificate NO.B69997, intend, HO ilayi from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a certiflcata of improvement, for
the pnrpoRe of obtaining a Crown grant
of the aliove claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section "7, must ho commenced
liefore the inuance of inch certilicate of
Dated this 12th dav of November, 100.'*.
13-11-03 VV. I). McGREGOR
Cruaadar, Hldilari Traaaura anil llaulilar
M iacial rial mi.
Situate in the Slocan City Miniiijj Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—Between the first
and second north forks of Lemon
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, W. I). McGregor, acting ns agent for Chas. l-'aas,
F.M.C. B57697, and Win. IJ. Crawford,
Free Miner's Certificate No. lliiTfilW,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t< the mining recorder for certificates of improvement, for the pur>
pose of obtaining Crown grants of the
ahove claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must he  CommenCM
before tlie issuance of such certificates of
i improvement
I    Dateil this l?tt)day of November ,1908,
13-U03 W. I). McGREGOR
B. C
for $18.25.
"Why he without a ranee whai
yon can ert one so cheap ? They
ara preferrable to*tovei*andgl-*c
better witisf.ietion. These ranges
burn woffl or coal a ml will be
set up free.
To Win. J. Andrews, or to any psrMI
or persons to whom hu may i.aro trains-
ferreil hin  interest in  the Black Diamond iiiiiieralclitim,situateali)ii Union
creek anil recorded in  tlie RecoraSrl
office for the Blocan City mining did*
You   are   hereby notifieit tk»t I.
Andrew Provost, F.M.C Ko.B64i07,bWJ
canted to be upended thewmoftw
hundred    and   five    dollar!   in   labor
and improvementa on  the abuvs men-
tiiiicd    mineral    claim,   in   order  to
hold laid Claim   under the  tBrnvimonitl
thr* Mineral Act; and if within Wdiyl
from the date of this notice von [ill, "J
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
men erpeiidlture.together with »ll««
ol advertising,   vour interest   in "W
claim will become the propeity«u"
subscriber, nnder section ■■ "' f" A ,
entitled "An Act to amend the MiM™
Act   l!"00 "
Dated at Slocan,B.C., this 1st day*
December, A.D. IW):> ,_„  ..,,£T
H. J.
This Snap
THE DRILL has mailenu
arrangement with the Toronto   Mall-Empire,   so
thnt its weekly rilition may lx*
rlublitid with the former.
Now Bubsoriben, then-fore,
may obtain tin- Weekly Mail-
Empiri* acknowledged to bo
one of the best papers in tho
Dominion ami SlocaVl leading journal. Tub Drill, from
aow till .Ian. I, 1905, for the
Hum of S8i With thia exceptional offer will be given aa a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a soeno in tho Into Doer
war, dene in ten colors, and
well worth framing. Sead in
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
per annum.


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