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The Slocan Drill 1905-02-24

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 /■*i> °>
>   <"•*.
t'5     FEB 27 1905
G* *T
YOL- V., No* •*•
SLOCAN',   B.   C.,   FEBRUARY   24,   1905.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT* victoria letter
Having purchased the Fruit, Confectionery,
and Tobacco business of A. C. Smith, we respectfully solicit the patronage of the public.
Our aim will be to keep a fresh and clean
stock.   Remember the old stand.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Hats
AS there will be no milliner in town this spring, we
have ordered some Ladies' and Misses' Ready-to-
Wear Hats; also Children's Sailors.   Wait for them,
We have also placed in stock the smaller
sizes in Children's Tan and Red Slippers
and Shoes.     We have also on order Red
and Tan Hose to match.
We are pleased to show you Goods.  Drop
in any time you are down town.
llJ I (te?»'N   AT
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel i.i one of the lx-st known anil most popular houses
in tlie country.      It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, awl commands a magnificent view of the l*cautiful
Slocau lake.     Ootid lisLimr is to  lv fouud elo.se at baud, while
evsrj facility is ofTer-.il tor boating.
Tourists will lind the Arlington ami ideal resting place.
Commercial men hnvo at theircominatid tier and commodious
sample rooms.
Thei dining room is strictly up to date and the liar supplied
with only the bent brands of goods
Is reached by any trailer road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain/The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
•-♦♦.>♦♦-♦♦♦♦■♦•♦ *t
$2.50 fora Year
Opening  (VroinnnJ,.*  ut tin,   IIiiihk* -Thi*
OoTernor'l    Npsnoh    Many     llullroutl
Men in the City—PreM Unitary I* Full
Iiili'i-aiHtliiK Seantnn,
The opening of the second session
of the tenth parliament of British Columbia, ou the 9th inst.. took place
with the usual fornialities,in atrocious
weather. In spite of this drawback
all accommodation for spectators was
taxed to the uttermost. Humors of
unusually iniportu^ pending railway
legislation, a general curiosity -very
pleasantly and satisfactorily gratified
—as to the outcome of the government's financial policy, all contributed
to swell the numbers of tbe large and
brilliant crowd which witnessed the
opening of what it is generally felt
will be an important, though not very
lengthy, session.
The substance of the speech from
the throne, tis read by his honor the
lieutenant governor, was of a nut ure
to confirm these expectations. Without being long, it contained more
matter of general public import than
has been the case for some years. His
honor, it is pleasant to note, in spite of
his advanced years and recent severe
domestic affliction, was in excellent
Of the much-discussed financial
measures adopted by the government
last session, his honor said: "I am
glad to be able to inform yon that the
measures taken by you last session
have done much towards placing tlie
finances of the province on a sound
basis, and that for the first time in
many years the public accounts show
a balance of reveuue over expenditure." •
As those last words wore spoken a
distinct sensation, uncontrollable ill
-.pile of the decorum which the etiquette of the occasion demanded, was
uoticabl- throughout the audience.
The vindication, after a year's trial, ol
a totally new departure in provincial
finance me'.hoda; tiie fact that the div
uially familiar deficit was no longer
on tiie carpet; the fact that the inUch-
abused financial policy had effected
the thing it promised to effect till
tliis was ample warranty for the sub
J lied, yet evident, thrill which pervad
.*d his honor's hearers. No man pros
ent but fell that the  occasion Ultll'ke i
the triumph  of business methods as
applied to.adniinistrativa fiuauce.
The reference in the speech to pro
jected railway legislation was natural
iv listened to with intense interest
Though guarded In its terms, it stated
plainly that   the government ha 1 un
der consideration certain plans which
would secure   needed   railway esten
sion without   unduly   burdening thc
public exchequer. This will, of course
be one* of the most anxiously watched
features of the sessional programme
Un the departure of the lieutenant
governor and stall, the ordinary for
mui business of  the first  day of the
session was quickly put through.theri
being no hitch In the proceedings. An
interesting ceremony was the formal
presentation to   the   speaker ol  lion
Mr. Fulton.    Kamloops. aud    A.  Mc
Donald. Lillooet. bye election-* having
taken place in both these gentlemen's
constituencies since last session.    I he
provincial secretary wits presented b\ :
Messrs. McBride and Wilson, and tin
member for Lillooet by Messrs. Tai
low and (ireen.
The house met on Friday fur an
imir. the principal work done being
the appointment of standing commit \
The opening of the session lias i» ei
the signal for the gathering of R largi
flock of railway men.   That hardy an
niial, the McLean Bros., railroad con
tractors, is here in full strength. Thej j
are seeking assistance  for the Coast
Kootenay lailwnv.and it is prophesied
the results of their  labors will be the
sa nie as in past rears,
Od Fridav night F. W. Mors.*, gen
eral manager of the Grand Trunk Pn
cilic Railway; IL .1. Stevens, the com
pany'sengineer;and G. A, McNicoll.
private secretary to Mr.Morse, arrived.
accompanied by the little Hock which
always  accompanies   leading raihvav
magnates,   The local  papers publish
interviews with Mr. Morse, which  are
marvellous illustrations of  the diplo
malic enunciation of the patently ob
vious and innocuous.
Excitement   In railway circles nntl
their hangers-on is accentuated bj the
deal   whereby   the   Canadian Pacilic
Railway have" secured  control ol the
Eiqulmall & Nanaimo Railway from
.lames  Dunsmuir.    There  is  little
doubt tbe road will be extended tothe
f,n end of the Island, a step [nvolvitig
1 far reaching elfeets.
An evidence of  the iinpoitant Clint'
I actor Of the business likely to be dealt
with  tliis session is afforded by the
' press gallery, which is more crowded
than it has been for some years. <>l
interest uiiiong the  well   known faces
I is that of P.J. Deane, proprietor and
'editor of the Nelson News.
It is learned on good authority that
ke n mortification and disappointment
were expressed by his honor the lieu-
toiiiint-governor at the marked ab-
•tenceof Mayor John Houston, M.I'.
P.. ul Nelson, from thu banquet given
at Carey Castle to the provincial leg*
(juniors on Thursday night.
Victoria, Feb. Iii, 1905.
I'm Ituti* for ihi* Vi-Hi- Km Been Sot at
Twenty Utile.
City council met on Monday night,
those present being Mayor Arnot,
Aid. Aitchison, Madden aud Teeter.
Communications road: From Mayor
Barnard, Victoria, asking assistance
towards getting the Municipal Clauses
Act changed by tlie legislature re the
levying of municipal rates for school
purposes.    Laid over for a week.
From C, J. Pagan, secretary of the
provincial board of health, asking for
a copy of the health bill of city for
hist year. From the same gentleman,
re tuberculosis matters.   Filed.
From W, Davidson, M.L.A.. stating
he would support amendments to the
Land Registry Act, as desired. Letter from Premier McBride on the same
subject.   Filed.
bills presented: It. A. Bradshaw.
asking for back box rent at postofflce,
11.40,   Referred to finance committee
and turning completely over. Several
passengers were bruised and shaken
up. among them being G.O.Buchanan
of Kaslo. A Chinaman was hurled
through a window and cut, Jf. Ewart
of Calgary was seriously hurt, lieing
taken to Nelson for treatment.
Looks ae If the Property  Were About to
Start t'p.
All sorts of rumors have been in
circulation again regarding the Arlington mine. R, P. Rithet, the principal
owner, is credited with having stated
that the mine would start up in the
spring and that ample funds for development purposes were In the treasury. Efforts were now lieing made
to secure a competent man to manage
the property.
On Wednesday Win. Hudson, who
was foreman at the Arlington at the
time it closed down, arrived in from
Nelson and went on up to the mine.
The several workings are to be cleaned
ui) to allow of an examination being
made by competent engineers, upon
the result of whose labors the operation of the mine depends. It is almost
a certainty, however, that the mine
will be worked.
Hnge Dividend! from c N*. P. Coitl.
On the* 10th inst. the annual meet-
Hesolulion  re   Alex.  Stewart,  laid j ing of the Crow's  Nest Pass Coal Co.
over from previous meeting brought [was held at Toronto.   The financial
up, but uns again laid over, tis neither j 8tatement showed   a   balance at  the
t for l(J(tt of
increased in
sm-     .. .     .       .       . ..     .  11904   to   12,815,727.69.     From    this
Resolution endorsing city of Fernie am0ui}t the directors paid four divi-
re ve.inug power for municipalities dend„ of 2f per cent each, making 10
wa! | |K.r (jgjjj for t|M, year, and amounting
•i '"**' '•*""' ■*•"* *"*-'• *•■"■ "L"'"' | statement showed   a   ba
the mover Ol' seconder were present on j ,M,)!it 1(nil   ]im   ai.cmmt
suggestion of Aid. teeter and Aitcbl- ft H70.813.18, which was
to establish   telephone   system
offered by Aid. Teeter and AiUhi-.ou.
in aH to   §847,807.26.    To   tbe reserve
Gamed. I fund the sum of S1,7C4,6Q0 \«fia trans-
Report from the court of revision fevred( representing the income deiiv-
was presented by the clerk,statmg tbeLd trom tbe ,m.mjuin ou ,.i{\\ti on
assessment roll had been examined stock. wbile *$%320.44 was carried
aad dnlv confirmed.    Accepted. 1 r0!iv:m* tl) ,hl, ,m)|u :illd loss account
were j fol* 1905.   This amount represents the
nel profits of the companv from the
! operations after the payment of riivi-
51000 deuds.   All the income derived from
1000 premium on stock bas been set aside
Tbe estimates for the yea
then duh presented, as follows
School, over anil above govern
ment grant	
Fire, water aad lighl	
ns a reservi
Total ..
Estimates accepted by the council.
on motion of Aid, Aitchison and Maddeu.
Aid. Teeter moved that the rate of
taxation for the presnnl year be 20
mills on the dollar, as follows: Debenture 7 mills, school 2 mills, health 1
mill, general  lu mills; impro
Oc"eoilj«lrlke Thra-.-a.lci.al.
Relative   to   the  Hawthoi'fithwaite
bill  before  the legislature, providing
for an eight hour day for smelter em*
947501 ployees, Frank  Phillips, secretary of
he Nelson Miners' Union, is quoted
as saving: "The Miners' Unions.
through their executives, are going to
take action, f don't care saying more
than that, if the change from twelve
to eight hoars labor for men working
in smellers does not come by law, it
will come as the result of a general
strike. If it is defeated they will take
action themselves. Now, it is for the
mineowners and smelter managers to
decide whether their interests and the
interests of the country generally will
veil thai  rate bvl.iv. '< suffer more from the enactment and
10 mills; improvements
to lie'taxed at 25 per cwul of their
value, .March ,'il was set as the dutiful-the rebate of taxes, which will be
one-sixth. Seconded by Aid. Maddeu
.md carried
Alll. T'M'ter    :
I.imt Tear'* Shipment! Wero 3:175 Ton«—
A ili'iiithy Kytdetioa of th<> l.lfe and
Wealth nt th<- ' :ini|i -Blnck Prlneo is
lliSKest Shipper.
Four properties figured in the shipping list this week, two of which aro
new shippers. The Northern Light
had three tons go to Nelson,being the
first it lias ever shipped. Twenty tons
was shipped by the lessees of the
Tamarac to Trail. The property has
lain idle for years and the shipment
made is the first to come from it since
the earlier days of tlie camp. Tliere
promises to bo another shipment later
on. From tha Black Prince two cars
were handled to Trail, with another
oar ready tci go out. One car was
shipped by the Ottawa to Nelson.
Ore hauling has become diilicult, owing to the early break-up of the roads
by the heavy rains of the week. Output for the week 8'J tons; total for the
year 542 tons.
For 1SM)4 tiie oro shipments from
the local division amounted to '£Vi~i
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
MINK. WRKK, tot 11.
Ottawa  '_'*_'              ITU
Enterprise  su
Black I'rince  44             220
Neepawa  21
Kilo  20
.Chapleau  2
Tamarac  20              L0
Northern Liyhi  ?,              :>
No. 21 for le ying a tax rate for 1905
be introduced and read a first time.
Seconded by Aid. Aitchison and carried.,
Bylaw No. 24 was duly Introduced
nndgiven its Urst, - « ind and third
readings. Ordered up for reconsider*
atiou and adoption on the following
ia the city's  War Eagle
The question of changii
quarters came up. ihe mayor stating
the whole I.O.O.F. building, on   .Main
-tree!, could be had for 85 i\ mouth.
One ride could be used for city hall
and the other for lire hall. Aid.
Teeter and Aitchison moved that the
I.O.O.F. offer be accepted.
Council adjourned.
The council ro assembled on Tuns
ilav evening and reconsidered and lin
ally adopted the tax into bvlaw.
operation of a law or from idleness
enforced by a strike of smelter employees."
A r.ic  \in iluauint l.m.
One of the largest amalgamations of
mining interests ever effected in the
e.iiuitrv   was   practically concluded
during the   week.     My  it   the Le Roi.
and the Centre Star mines
t Rossland, the Snowshoe mine near
Phoenix,the Trail smelter, the Le Roi
smelter at Northpdrt, coal properties
in the Crow's Nest, and some smaller
mining interests in Kootenay have
been   lumped   together    under  one
CoUrl aaf 15a* » llloll,
The court   of   revision to revise the
civic assessment roll   for the year met,
in the city hall  on   Monday morning.!
Aid. McNi ish being absent.   Following were tbe complaints entered:
Mrs. Bennett, half of  lol  <>. block !•'
Carried.] mauagemeut. Hie amalgamation has!
been approved by the O.I'.R. and the I
various other companies concerned.
W. II. Aldrldge, manager of the Trail
smelter, is to manage the merged!
concerns. It is riot the intention to!
close the   Northport   smeller, as there
is an abundance of ore to keep both
smelters busy.
..irt. .
Kootenay Mercantile Co., lota I and "J.
block 21: Colonial Loan& Investment
Co., lot 3, block 24; Chas. Fans, lol 18,
block 12; Mrs. fjdall, lol fl, block 12.
These were all for ovei valuation, but
they were in il allowed. The total as
sessment remains practically the same
as last year.
A >..» fllilppor.
A new shipper from thi
entered the li-t on Wednesday, when
the Northern Light sent three tons of
ore to the Nelson smelter, The property adjoins the Club group, on Erin
mountain, and hat
t.limit;.' nf  Train Servlci*.
Owing tothe narrows below Nakusp
freezing up, tho usual traffic to Rob
son lias been   diverted   to the. Slocan
hike route, the change taking place on
Friday afternoon,   The Nelsou train
gel - iu here al  8.60 a.m.. making the
I run in less than two hours; returning.
j it leaves here at ."> Fi p.m.   Close cou-
1 neilions are made   here  to and from
Revelstoke,   The train makes an ex
tra trip to the Junction between hours
for freight, while the boat handles the,
barge at   night.    It   is   good   to be   a
main Une point, even if it be only for
a short spasm.
Tamarac Affair*.
onsiderable skirmishing took place
n woi'Ked near- j last week among  the  creditors of the j
lv all winter by VV. Cotterill and M. Tamarac before the car of ore was se*
(Mills. The ore shipped was taken out cured and  shipped  to the  smelter,
during development and was the first: which was done on Saturday.    In the
lo be sent   to  the smelter,   It Is the meantime a new bunch of men, from
intention of the OWnel'S tO resume , Nelson, went lip to the property, thev
work in the spring, as they have ore importing about a ton of supplies, It
jn Bight, • is understood a heavy royally is to bo
nald from all ore shipped, payable to*
Train WuiW ni Proolor. '       1    .1 1 ■        r i'i
I wards tin* purchase price of the mine.
A C.P.R. train wreck occurred at  (ni|,,rti ircumstances it will take1
proctor on Monday, a passenger coach ci..-e figuring to make operations
leaving the rails on entering lho yards  -nek.
Operations are to be resumed at tho
Payne mill.
Sandon mines shipped HIT tons of
silver-lead ore last week.
Sandon mines so far this year have
shipped 4684 tons of ore.
The Lucky Jim will make another
large shipment of ziuc ore.
Three or four men were let out from
the Otbiwa during the week.
An increased showing of ore is reported from the Black I'rince.
Soft weather this week has spoiled
all the roads at the lower ends.
It is expected toe Kilo will be worked with a large force this season.
Thos. Jones, the zinc man. is to lie
superintendent of the zinc smelter at
Ore has lieen handled pretty lively
during the woek from the Black
The Trail smelt er people are making a determined bid for wet ores from
the upper camp.
Mineowners are predicting a great
revival in the mining industry during
the coining season.
Frank Culver hai sold his haif interest in tlie Lorna Dome, on Four
Mile, to M. S. Davys.
Al Teeter bad his left hand badly
bruised on Friday, at the Combination, by a failing roc!;.
A pretty good strike of ore was
made recently on the l.i I.v Franklin,
at the head of Lemon creek.
Last week 4 l'l tons of zinc was sent
out from the upper caiup,coming from
the Slocan Star and Ivauhoe.
Geo. Avlarri. who is working the
Standard, on Four Mile, under bond,
has opened up a large chute of shipping ore.
Phil Hickey. who has been manager
of the Ivanhoe for years, bas resigned,
J. 13. Kendall. ;ia Idaho man. taking
Iiis place.
The American Mining Co., of Indiana, hasacquired tin hydraulic plant
and leases of VV. Cowan, 00 French
cree!, above Revi Istoke.
John L. Retallaek, on behalf of the
mineowners, has Ifone to Ottawa to
urge the governiu**nt to appoint an
expert to rep irt "!| tlio zinc resources
of the Slocan
More Impii iveinents are lx-ing effected at the Gratibt smelter, including
the addition two other furnaces. The
plant will ■ ■ itu l"y •"' 000 of the
largest   in the world.
•lini Mel! ■• was brought down last
week from tiie IViiinockburn, al the
head Of T v v He had been laid
up for tin m mths with a sore foot
and found bore  thai   one of  Un
bones w;i. h  "'ii'
Silver 1 'initial Ions a
Follow       re the quotations for bar
silver on        arioua days during the
week si;    1   1 issue:
Tbilisi! 1        81J cents
Fridav           AH    "
Saturil ■ ■       61j    "
Mond          81
Tiano.1 ,',                  ril
Wed       '
It)    •• '■:,
Case of a Windsor Man Who Suffered
Years Before He Discovered the
Right Remedy.
Windsor, Ont., Feb. 13.—(Special).
—How quickly Rheumatism and
Dropsy can bo cured when the right
medicine is used is shown in tho case
of Mr. Jno. McDonald, a retired farmer living at 130 Langlols Avenue here.
Mr. McDonald says:
"For two years I was troubled with
Rheumatism and Dropsy. My legs
were terribly swollen, and though I
tried many medicines nothing gave
me any relief until I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills. Two boxes of them cured
me so completely that I have had no
return of the diseases ln years."
Rheumatism and Dropsy are caused
by the poisons disordered Kidneys tail
to strain out. of the blood. Cure the
Kidneys with Dodd's Kidney Pills,
and the cured Kidneys will remove
the cause of the Rheumatism or Dropsy. Without cause there can be no
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Company,
Limited, certainly do things ln the
right way. Since their advertisements
of Royal Household Flour have appeared ln the newspapers they have
received thousands of testimonials
from women ail over Canada who have
used Royal Household Flour ln their
home baking. These kind expressions
of the superiority of this Flour have
•been entirely voluntary on the part of
the senders. In order to show their
■appreciation of this courtesy, the Ogilvie Company have had a very line
painting reproduced in all the original
colors, and copies suitable for framing are being mailed to each one who
'has sent ln a testimonial.
It was a graceful way of saying
"thank you," and cannot fall to keep
Royal Household Flour In remembrance.
Vbe Claemlc Author's Many (inlrlbn-
tlons to Our Vocabulary.
During the middle ages Aristotle was
practically the only secular author
read in Europe, for the priestly class
were the only readers, and their learning was mostly confined to ecclesiastical treatises. It was during this period that the English language was
developing into ita present form.
Aristotle treated of every subject
which came within the range of
thought in his time and Introduced
many new branches of inquiry which
bave since become sciences. The terms
used by blm were adopted by every
later writer and are still ln use all
over Europe, although variously corrupted.
The following list will give some
Idea of tbe number and power of Aristotle's word coining, which ls revived
in modern everyday English:
Maxim, principle, subject, matter,
•form, end, final, cause, motive, energy,
mean, extremes, metaphysics.
He called his investigations about
■animals "histories," whence we call
our science, wblcb bas the same end
ln view, "natural history," and in our
universities the term "faculty" is a
translation, corrupted ln Its passage
through tbe Latin, of Aristotle's term
for art
The  Way  Native  tleilrana   Eat  tha
Honey Bearing Ant.
The honey bearing ant of southern
Mexico and Colorado works at night,
storing the honey ln curious fashion.
After a foraging expedition on the
plants of the Schrug ouk tbe worker
ant on Its return forces the honey by
muscular contraction from Its mouth
into tbe crop and abdomen of the
"honey bearer." This crop ls walled
by ten muscular plates and is capable
of great expansion. When filled the
abdolhen becomes extraordinarily distended, the "bearer" resembling a sac
of amber colored honey, with tbe head
and thorax like small appendages on
one side.
The "bearers" being rendered almost
helpless by this change of condition,
are carefully attended by the other
ants and kept In suitable compartments, where, clinging to tbo roof,
they hang down liko amber globes.
The ants as they need food apply their
mouths to those of the "limicy bearers," when a slight contraction of the
muscles forces out minute drops, which
are licked off and consumed. These
ants nre used by the natives of Mexico
es dessert to their feasts, tbe honey
being extracted by pressure between
tbe teeth.
The   Way   the   Ewe   Recognises   Ita
Ovrn  OffaprliiK.
Although sheep can see and hear
very well, It is undoubtedly by the
sense of smell that the ewes recognize
their own offspring. Sir Herbert Maxwell relates nn interesting example of
this odd fuct, citing thc case of n Cheviot lamb wblcb bud fallen Into a
river and, owing to the steepness of
the bank, could not climb'out.
An angler, who was flailing In the
stream, rescued tlie shivering animal,
and lt staggered away, bleating pit*
eously for its dam. It found her without much difficulty, but the mother,
snlfllng disdainfully at tbo dripping lit-
tie wretch, pushed It off. refusing to
recognize lt.   The angler appealed to
a shepherd who happened to pass that
wny for an explanation of tlie ewe's
behavior, "Oh," auld be, "the bit
beastlc's been In the wnter, ye see, and
the auld ewo cnnna smell It. She'll
Uk It back as soon as It's dry."
And so It turned (yit„ The fleece was
goon dried, the natural odor return.ng,
and the mother and child were reconciled and reunited at once.
One rhaae of Mexican Etlqnett*.
Mexlcau etiquette Is peculiar, ns la
shown by the following quotation
from a letter written by a Spanish woman while traveling in that country:
"There Is one piece of etiquette entirely Mexican, nor can I imagine whence
derived, by which lt ls ordained that
nil new arrivals, whatever their rank,
foreign ministers not excepted, must,
in solemn print, give notice to every
family of any consideration in the capital that they have arrived nnd put
themselves and their homes at the disposition of tbe residents, falling in
which etiquette the newly arrived family will remain unnoticed aud unknown."
The Steam Engine.
The steam engine wus made perfectly automatic by a la*zy boy who was
employed to open and close the valves.
Desiring to play instead of to work, he
tied a string from one part of the machine to another, thus making the engine itself attend to its own business.
He wae never heurd of again, aud even
his name is unknown, but a perfect engine was the outcome of his laziness.
Doing Nothing.
Weary Willie—I'm a wictlm of police persecution, lady, dat's what I
am. Why, de flrst time I was arrested I wasn't doln' nothln' at all. Mrs.
Ooodart—Poor fellow. Here's a dime
for you. And what charge did they
trump up against you? Weary Willie
Helping Alone tbe Joke.
"These." said the epicure to the
bright Philadelphia girl, "are snails. I
suppose Philadelphia people don't eat
them for fear of canulballsm."
"Oh, no," wns the answer. "It Isn't
that.    We   couldn't   catch   them."
Golf Player'a  Left   Shoulder.
The right shoulders of persistent
golfers' coats have to be padded, for
golf develops tbe left shoulder so abnormally that, witbout thia padding,
the young men would look a little deformed.
In driving the player's right arm and
shoulder only guide tbe ball's course.
It is tbe left arm and shoulder that da
tbe work; hence the excessive left sld«
development, to counteract which lt is
sometimes necessary to put in ths
right shoulder of the coat padding an
inch deep.
Tailors can always tell a golfer by
this peculiar development of his left
shoulder. Sometimes young women
play enough to get uneven shoulders
too. The deformity, though, is rare
among young women, whereas among
young men lt Is common.—Louisville
London Realdencea.
London as a plnce of residence seems
as If It would soon resemble the city,
once a busy center of gayety nnd life,
now used only for business purposes
and as silent as tbe grave by night
Year by year it becomes more diilicult
to let town houses. The suburbs encroach on the city and stretch for weary monotonous miles, while Brighton,
Eastbourne, Windsor and other mlnoi
towns And a mushroom population
growing up round them, people who In
old days would have lived in London.
And with all this rents do not go
dowu, and the ordinary householder
whose business forces him to remain
ln Loudon funis it even more difficult
to mnke both ends meet. — London
Thirty Thoaaand Dry Gooda Stores.
In tbe United Stntes tbere are about
30,000 shops that sell dry goods.
Twelve thousand of these mny be
ranked as good stores, and about 5,000
are establishments of a size which
mnkes tliem Important factors in tht
commercial and domestic life of theii
communities. The owners of almost
all of these shops, the largest as well
ss the smallest, began obscurely. The
majority of the most prosperous havs
attained their present success and
magnitude during recent years, in
which unsuccessful merchants havs
been wont to complain thnt the competition tins been ruinous.—Success.
An I'llrn I'alr nt l.gn|i.
"I have known aged people, men past
eighty, to tnke their cold baths every
morning und be us spry ns you please,"
says Eugene Wood in Everybody's
Magazine. "One old fellow used to
toddle down to the beach when he had
to wade bare legged through the snow
two or three blocks, lt carried him off
at the last, though, for be died Just
about four weeks before he was eighty-
four. And if those of low vitality who
ought 'to take the chill off the bath'
were to take lt ice cold and rub themselves like sixty after ward I don't think
their vitality would be low. I think
If they got their blood purified by practically milium another pair of lungs to
their outfit they would soon be as cblp-
ner as anr hotly."
m, PILLS d
How It Is Caused by Bad Blood, and
Why Cured by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
Not many years ago doctors
thought rheumatism was only a local
pain caused by cold or wet ln ageing
joints and muscles. Now they know
that rheumatism is caused by the
blood becoming tainted with uric
acid from disordered liver and kidneys. This acid eats into the vital
organs. It destroys their vitality,
contracts the muscles, stiffens the
joints and irritates the nerves. Then
cold and wet make every bone groan
with aching rheumatism. You blame
the weather, but the real cause is
acid in the blood. The stiffness
spreads and the pains grow worse
each year until you are a helpless
cripple, tortured day and night. Perhaps the disease may spread to .the
heart—and that means sudden death.
You must not neglect rheumatism—
but you can't cure it with liniments,
plasters or hot cloths. They cannot
possibly touch the blood. " The only
sure scientific cure is Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, because they actually
make new blood. They sweep out the
painful acid, loosen the joints, and
muscles, brace up the nerves, and
strengthen the liver ant kidneys for
their work in casting out impurities.
This is proved by the thousands of
suffering rheumatics who have been
made well and strong by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mr. T. H. Smith,
of Caledonia, Ont., is one of these
many witnesses. He says: "For a
number of years I was badly troubled
with rheumatism, and was so crippled up I could scarcely do any work.
I tried a number or medicines, but
they did not help nse. I saw Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills advertised as a
cure for rheumatism and decided to
try them. Before the third box was
gone I found myself much better. I
continued to use the pills throughout
the winter and they have completely
cured me. I got so I could work on
the coldest day without a coat and
not feel a twinge of the trouble. 1
think every rheumatic sufferer should
promptly take Dr. Williams' Pink
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure men
and women who are crippled with
lumbago, rheumatism, sciatica, paralysis and even locomotor ataxia, because they actually make new, rich
red blood. The new blood sweeps the
painful, poisonous impurities out of
the system and puts the whole body
into a healthy state. Nothing but
good rich blood can do that—and
nothing can give yoa healing blood
except Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. It
the blood ls bad the nerves are bad,
for the nerves feed on the blood.
That Is the cause of sleeplessness,
nervousness, hysteria, St. Vitus'
dance, neuralgia, and loss of vitality
ln men and wonien. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills faithfully used cure these
diseases and other blood disorders
such as anaemia, biliousness, Indigestion, heart, troubles, backache, kidney trouble and decline. But you
must get the genuine pills. The
"something else just as good" medicine which some dealers try to persuade their customers to take never
cured anything or anyone. See that,
the full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People," ia on the
wrapper around every box. If in
doubt write direct to The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont..
and the pills will be mailed at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.30.
The llaia of .Tn<!g<-*i.
Lord Brampton has much to tell of
judges ui\(l their ways, as witnessed
by him before ho was on the bench
Iiiiiik-'Ii'. Hero is one of a rude and
stupid  .Scotch   judgo:
('ne day a celebrated advocate wus
arguing before him, when, to express
his contempt ot what he was saying, the cantankerous old curmudgeon
of a judge pointed with one fore-
linger to one of his ears, and with
the other to the opposite one.
"You see this,  Mr.  '?"
"I do, my lord," said the advocate.
"Well, it just. goes in here and
comes out tliere!" and his lordship
smiled with the hilarity of a judge
who thinks he has actually said a
good thing.
The advocate looked and smiled
not likewise, but a good deal more
wise. Then the expression of his fuce
changed to'one of contempt.
"I do not doubt it, my lord," said
he.    "What is tliere to prevent it?"
Another Judge, sentencing a butler
who had stolen his master's plate,
"You, prisoner, have no excuse for
your conduct. You had a most excellent situation, nnd a kind master
to whom you owed a debt of tho
deepest gratitude and your allegiance
as a faithful servant, instead of
which you jmiil him liy feathering
your nest with his silver spoons."
That "801110 judges think n good
deal of themselves is shown by the
following story of Huddleston nnd
Munisty, who were nt Liverpool Assizes, and dining with tho Lord
Mayor. The toast of "The Queen"
wns proposed, and "'Mnnisty, with
his innate good breeding, stood up
to drink   it."    Huddleston   pulled him
by the sleeve, saying:
"Sit   down,    Mnnisty,     you   d d
fool:  wo atfl the <Jueen!"
I'd   fl: i*   Pol nt.
The Mt, QeneroJ Russell Hastlngi
•erred with distinction in the civil
war, and his wnrtliiij reminiscences
were amusing.
Ho wus describing one dny t time
wheu the soldiers' pny hnd been ln arrears.
"A young westerner, fall of braggadocio," be snld, "walked up to his captain datrtUg the temporal] trouble, saluted nt'd snld sternly;
* Three words with you, cap.'
"'Well,' said the captalu, 'what art
'"Money or discharge.'
"The captain smiled grimly.     ,   i
" 'Four with you,' be said. ! ,
•"WellV {£,
"•Neither  oue  nor  t'other.'"
Rlee and Patrld Pish Itlshly Seaaea-
ed Their Mala Food.
Siamese food principally constats of
dried, frequently rotted, fish and rice
done Into curries which comprise a little of about every kind of condiment
and especially a very popular sauce
called namphrlk, a chutney-like and
thoroughly mixed thing made of red
pepper, shrimp, garlic, onions, citron,
ginger and tamarind seeds. The only
reason for the fish being putrid ls because the natives like it so, for fish are
plentiful in their rlvere and fishermen
numerous, though their ways of catching are rather amusing and antique.
One favorite method, borrowed from
the Chinese, ls beating the waters with
long bamboo sticks to frighten the flab
into an eight or ten foot squarish net
which is lowered into the river from a
framework en the bank by a system of
wheels and ropes and pulleys and
hoisted up again when the catch is
complete. I must confess that when
the fish in the curry chanced to be
dried instead of decayed I found the
concoction decidedly toothsome. In
fact, a really good curry la in a class
apart, and one must go to India or the
far east to get it at its best Sometimes the natives eat pork and oftentimes chicken, but for the most part
rice and the flsh curry constitute their
chief diet, supplemented by the fruit of
the country, of **jj|lch there are many
kinds—mangosteen, mnugo, pineapple,
banana, orange, breadfruit and that
most healthful and serving of all Siamese fruits, the papaya, which grows
back from the water and ls a greenish
oval melon tbat suggests cantaloupe
when opened.—Outing.
Anybody can make a Delicious Infusion with
CEYLON TEA.   There's no trick about it.   "The
Quality" is there; that's the whole secret.   Black
Mixed or Natural Qreen.
Sold Only In Sealed Lead Packets.    By all Grocers.
Oa*  ot
the   Great  Achlerementa   af
Modern Sorcery.
Nerve splicing, or restoring dead
nerves to life, is one of the latest
achievements of surgery. And, though
the process is still Iq its infancy, it ls
believed in medical circles that the operation will one day become as common as trepanning. Three cases have
already resulted ln perfect success.
The cure for paralysis and palsy ls
brought about by means of this process. In the case of young children palsy is brought about by some accident
of birth which compresses the nerves
which radiate from the apinal cord
and if ln the upper part of the body
produces paralysis ln the arms. The
technical name for thia disease la
"birth nalsy."
Paralysis ln old people or those advancing in years is sometimes due to
this accident, though it more usually
comes from the decay of the principal
Two children victims of birth palsy
have been experimented upon with
such success that tbe patients are as
well as the most anxious mother could
wish. Dr. Clark, one of the operating
physicians, has recently explained before an audience of medical men exactly how the operation ls performed.
The nerves which »ipply motion to the
affected limbs are severed from sa
close to the spinal cord as possible
and then grafted to the nearest trunk
line. If no complications arise ln course
of time the delicate threads unite, and
the paralyzed parts take on fresh life.
Naturally the operation is exceedingly
difficult, because the nerves which radiate from the upper part of the splnnl
cord are so great in number and cross
and recross each other in so complex a
manner. Another difficulty lies in the
fact that anaesthetics must be used
sparingly, for the longer the patient is
under their influence the harder it is to
follow the nerve threads—Baltimore
ST.   LOU 13.
get. A fen" incfi gun "ot tms consiruo
tion with a powder chamber of 14,251
cubic inches and using 300 pounds ot
smokeless powder would hurl a 000
pound projectile a distance ot fifty*
nine miles. Increasing tbls ratio, 1
sixteen inch gun would have an «.
trcme range of more than a hundred
miles, and equipped with such coast
defense rifles England and l'ranct
could shell each other across the chis-
nel.—Everybody's Magazine.
When Kicita Are lllicb.
The farmer thinks revenge Is sweet
And not at all a vicious whim,
Provided It's his vengeful bens
Who hate him so they lay for tilia.
And was the love letter Ex*
hibit A?
liocker—No; Exhibit Jay.
A Wonderful  Cannon.
The inventor, of the new American
gun is a man named J. Hamilton
Brown, though the work of constructing this particular six inch experimental piece ls ln charge of Colonel
John M. Ingalls, retired, U. S. A., an
artillerist of high standing and reputation. Despite tbe Incredulity of contemporary gun builders,-' Colonel Ingalls and tbe officers with hlm assert
that this six Inch gun will throw thirty
miles a projectile weighing 100 pounds
which will pierce a six Inch steel tar*
If your little ones are cross, pppy.
Ish and fretful, give them Baby's
Own Tablets, and they wlll Boon be
cheerful, smiling and happy. Worried
mothers who uso this medlcino will
find there's a smile ln every dose.
Mrs. N. Nathleu, Nosbonsing, Ont.,
says: "Before I began using Baby's
Own Tablets my little one was always sickly and cried day and night
But the Tablets have regulated Iiis
stomach and bowels, given him
strength, and he ls now good-natured
and growing finely." Mothers need
not be afraid to use this medicine—it
Is guaranteed to contain no opiate nr
harmful drug, and may be given with
perfect safety to a new morn babe.
Sold by all medicine dealers or sonl
post paid at 2.r> rents a box by writ
ing The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Chatham Fanning Mill
Let us show you
the way to 40-
bushel wheat and a
weedless  farm, the
way. Pay us when
it pays for itself,
Nov. 1st, 1905.
Let us double the
value of your farm
and multiply your
bank account by
two with a
Pay   us  Nov.   1st,
The farmer's life is a constant battle with the weeds. A farm gets better and better or worse and worse ; if the weeds are not
defeated they soon bury farm and farmer under their parasitic legions. Mid the struggle with the weeds still another strugrle goes
on, the fight against grainless stalks and shrivelled, shrunken grain. Like begets like and every grain stalk is bound, if deeding
be neglected, to have many undeveloped, shrunken or unfertile grains thereon. If they are planted what happens?—more grain
stalks of the same kind spring up, lhe pollen from their sickly tips fertilizes other healthy tips and begets a grain field full of barren
stalks taking just as much nourishment from the soil as actual grain bearers. Likewise, the weeds appear, no effort being made to
rid the seed grain of their foul presence, and they have increased a hundredfold.
The problem is clear: you as a practical man, know these troubles as grim realities and yon should plan to stop them. Let
ns show you how you can do it with a
how each year your land will become freer and freer of weeds aatil the farm is clear of tbem : let us show you how you can get
fancy prices for every bu»hel of your grain for Seed, how your farm can be made to yield 40 bushels of No. I hard wheat to tht* acre.
The Chatham Fanning Mill is the worker of these farm wonders. It is a seed Separator that rids your harvest ol nil foul
weed-seeds, pigeon weed, cockle,mustard and especially wild oats. It turns foul weed.seeds and cracked, imperfect grains from money-
takers 10 money-makers for you feed them to stock for profit instead of replanting them to renew their soil-eshaustine growth and
labor loss. ■
The Chatham Fanning Mill is a Seed Grader that delivers to yon, pure as virgin gold, the large, full, plump and perfect grains
that sell at top prices or, if sown, will bring torth from your land other harvests more perfect still.
No (arm pays ju:,! because il happens so to do. It takes brains to win. Weeding wilh a hoe is a heartbreaking task, the
cultivator is but little better: why not get rid of that pest of weeds altogether when a Chatham Fanning Mill makes it such an easy
niatter ? Some weed plants carry as many as 375,000 seeds on a single stalk : think what that means ii Ihey are replanted There
is haidly any market for low giade grain. Let a quantity of cockle, mustard or wild oats creep into your product and down goes
your grade while down goes your price. If you sow uniform, perfect grain it will all ripen at the same time; theie will be no loss
from harvesting short, immature, unripe (^rain-heads, and practically the whole crop will grade No. I, Old style mills hardly did
more than separate grain from chaff, light and heavy grains were more or less mixed and f ml weed seeds ever present. To plant
such seed meant rapid crop degeneiation and a weed exhausted soil. The only Fanning Mil. lhat cleans and grades with abso
lute accuiacy and perfection every seed or grain that grows on earth is the Chatham.
There are many other fanning mills but the Chatham is the superior of them all.
It has an automatic device which keeps the screens and riddles free from clogging : it h**l 17 screens, insuring a wide range
of work and accurate adaptability to the particular work at hand : it has both side and end shake : a screw feed insures regularity
and us automatic bagging device is the greatest labor saver on any mill made.
Repairs, which are rare!? needed, are cheap, always on hand and easy to get. The
Chatham Fanning Mill has been a prise winner wherever shown. The Manitoba
wheat that won the Grand Prise at the Taris Exposition ol 1900 and the Gold medal
at Charleston, S.C., 1902, was cleaned wilh a Canadian Chatham Fanning Mill.
The prize grains from Oregon and Colorado at St. Louis World's Fair were cleaned
by a Chatham Fanning Mill. Over 100,000 are in use, every one giving unqualified
satisfaction. Mills sold in 1867 are in use to-day, as good as ever. The Chatham
Fanning Mill is absolutely guaranteed for five years. These are a few of the
reasons why the Chatham Fanning Mill is belter than iny other mill made. The
Chatham Mill pays lor itself before you pay us : the saving on five acres of grain (or
one year pays for it. w» will sell vou a Chatham Panning Mill and you naed
not pay one cent an lt until November, 1905.
Which ahull it be—will you "breed up " ilu rrop or " breed It down" I Will vou be the farmer
who katps buying new latin* and building big red hams, or will you be lhe unfortunate who worriea
about llir mortgage? Vou mint Jtcfai, The Chatham Tanning Mill poinn the way 10 Letter times.
Read our book ' Djll.au out of Wind" and Ret the whole story, proof from honest latin people eveiy-
whete and farm information in general, you cannot afford to min. Tha book ia tree, tend lor n
I to-day    K postal ratd will do.
•   1 _,   s■■'•.   ,. ; '• Mdrets:
THE MANS0N CAMPBELL CO., LIMITED, Chatham, Ont. Dept. Mo. 235
We have also a factory at Detroit, Mich.
We also manufacture a flrst-riana line of Inmhators antl Broader* an.l Farm
flTViiM 111 ITTil * ir—*
V    WtAT  f'.'HW. MT  »NO  Q»fl
"'■•• ™>~'™F'n l¥     '*
NON    Q»T»    fROM   WHI A  I *
OCHl.t AMU WILH HaatlHod WHt/aT
"■'Utnm*w;t»n*i.iij*i;iMaT., _
■[•■s**.! l: Sl.wi.Ta ■ YftJEQH ■—__*
sa nut.no »scn mm moon.
Tlieae tereens, nied singly or together, removt
•very weed and grade every grain that grow*..
Neale**.   all sold an time.
«,w *$*•n m'*,t« prompt .shipment from Hrandon, Man. I Reglna, Awia.; Calgary, Alia
Now Wo-atmlniter, H C.; Montreal, Oue.;  Halifax, N.8.   Wa hi
ln overy grain growing State In the United Stales.
• i a   .    ..
ava alio a warehouse
807 ^m*m~ M>»W^*»M*I|*W|
* A series of articles desa.,IWnjt   J
X     their lives, their alms »nd      ♦
♦ their Influence.
* No. 21. I
!£♦•>♦♦♦•»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦I
Editor of the Cartwright Review.
Courage, aa a personal quality, Ib
one of the dominating characteristics
of tbe peoples of new countries. Physical courage was to a certain extent indispensable to overcome the
obstacles, difficulties and disappointments incident to pioneer life and the
forming of new settlements. When
this necessity had passed, owing to
tho establishment of modern institutions, and the preservation ot law
and order and respect of tho rights
of property, the exercises of this
quality of courage was transferred
from tho realm of physical protection
to that of commerce. Men calculated
chances coolly, and, knowing tho
risks Involved, took them with a quiet
daring and without a prevision of ul.
floats, results that would astound one
used to the strictly safe business
transactions of older communities.
And, moreover, these risks were
taken by men who elsewhere would
havo bees considered boys—who in
Burepe and In the East would be ln
school or college, or occupying a
Junior clerk's position, the highest responsibility entrusted ts whom would
bo the charge of the Ann's petty cat>h.
and nearly all young ln years—and
peoplo have long since become a :•
customed to seeing mere youths [l
charged with, and officially performing, tlio duties of conducting mercantile enterprises of  provincial  Impor*
tai ce,
As this series of life sketches of
Western Canadian editors has abundantly shown, no branch of Western
activity has attracted to it a greater
proportion  of   energetic   and   capable! (|
preferred a purely literary life tothe
more strenuous hurly-burly of journalism. He is one of the Canadian
poets whose work is read by an Increasing circle of readers. Ho hia
had the love of versifying ever since
he was a child, his flrst poetry hav-
Ing been published in a Winnipeg
dally before he was in his teens. His
poem, "The Empire Builders," which
was published in the Canadian Magazine In November laat, attracted general attention, and was reprinted In
many well-known papers, notably the
Literary Digest. It Is among the possibilities that Mr. Stead may yet develop Into tho representative poet of
the Canadian prairie country. In the
meantime he is a publisher in a
Manitoba country town, and has built
up a business that is in every way a
tribute to his ability. And, at a remarkable age, has achieved a degree
of success of which he has every
right to be proud.
Cents,—After suffering for seven
years with inflammatory rheumatism
so bad that I was eleven months confined to my room, and for two years
could not dress myself without help,
your agent gave me a bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT In May, 1897, and
asked me ta try it, which I did, and
was ao well pleased with the results,
I procured more. Five bottles completely cured me, and I have had no
return of the pain for eighteen
months. The above facts are well
known to everybody ln this village
and  neighborhood.
Yours  gratefully, A.  DAIRT.
St. Timothee, Que., ICth May, '99.
In the present war Russia has won
many glorious victories. The trouble
<s that they never last through two
La grippe, pneumonia, and Influ-
ensa often leave a natty cough
when they're gone.
It is a dangerous thing to neglect.
Cure it with
Shilohs    _
Cure TS.0Luni
I  The cure that is guaranteed by
your druggist.
Prlcei: 8. C, Well* A Co. HW
«c. 50c tl.   L«iRoy.N.Y..Toroiito.C«B.
It takes two make a quarrel, but
three can make it easier, when the
third party is a mother-in-law.
.IiikI llu* Thlnic Thin'.. Wasted.—A
pill that nets upfin the Btomach and
yet Is so compounded that certain ingredients of lt preserve their power to
act upon the lntestln.il canals, so sis
to clear them of excreta, the retention ot which cannot be hut hurtful,
was lmiK looked for by the medical
profession. It was found ln I'armalee's
Vegetable l'ills, which nre the result
of much expert study, nnd nre sclentl
Hcally prepared ns a laxative and
alternative   ln   one.
Laugh and your husband will laugh
with you, weep and lie will go to the
be the charge oi we aa~m*-.^ — 	
But In tho West In tho early days all ___„__ \i___mi Ctf-M ftffit ii CfWfc
men were young-all young in heart 	
Of course it was a woman, who,
.hen teased aliout being late for
reakfast, excused herself by saying:
Why. the first thing I heard was the
second  bell.  Anil  then   she wondered
why the others laughed.
These two desirable qualifications,
pleasant to the taste and at the s-irne
time effectual, are to be found ln Mother Graves, Worm Exterminator.
Children  like  lt.
About   Christmas  time or  birthday
tne a man gets a good deal of plea-
Lifebuoy Soup—disinfectant—is utrongiy
The foreigner wh loves his knife
anilu ses it instead of his list is the
sort of alien Canada lias no use fnr.
It  1« nn Officer of lha* l,mv of lleiillh.
—When called in to attend u disturbance It searches out the hiding-place
olf   pain,   and.   like   an   Officer   Of   the
pence,  lays hand! upon  It  and 'ays:   "I
arrest ymi." Resistance is useless, as
the law of health Imposes a sentence
i>r. Thomas' Eclectric on was original, ai to enforce that  sentence
In an English parish school the
Medical Health Oflicer had the tonsils
of one hundred girl pupils cut   mt.
mug men than tho newspaper bust- suro ollt ,,f nf,. by the reflection that
n.-.s Men havo been publishers at lu, isK„ing toget some of his money
an ago at which elsewhere- they would  bark ln n present
havo hardly been out of their nppreii- 	
ticesliip,  and  editors   when,  on   east-
SrtS K^'effiteK^tJlr^n^d^byth. medical profession a,
a local item J. J. Young, M. L. A.. | a safeguard against infectious disease**- --
Walt.r Scott, M. P., Ernest MacMil
Inn \V. F. Kerr, and many anothei
example of "the boy editor'' will oo*
to tho minds of all familiar with
the annals of Western newspapenloin
To the roll of these boy editors sliould
li" added the name of Robert J- C.
•Stead, of tho Cartwright Review. He
established tho Review when ho wis
but i IghUen years of age. Ills action
would have been B bold one if he bad
had tlm professional mid mechanical
equipment of other boy editors who
ha I graduated from the case or from
tli" reporting room.    Uut Mr. Stead
had   i"i   such   Qualification!,   and   cun
sequently, to the outside onlooker,
i action must have savored strong-
Ij ot the courage Ol Ignorance. All
that Mr. Stead could put Into the business, at the timo he established, was
the capital necessary to instal a
modest plant—a plant which, though
Small, was selected with care, and under tha expert advice of the Toronto
Type Foundry Company—and unlimited enthusiasm. Tho experience Mr,
Btead now possesses, both in the me*
Chanlcal and publishing depart inents,
came later, and was acquired by the
lessons learned and tho nijstal-.es
1 I in the running ol a country
■Aia kly,
Mr. Stead Is as near being a Muni-
to ' by birth that be does not per*
sonallj remember his birthplace, all
bis recollections being those of the
Prairie Province, lie was bom, how*
'•' In Lanark County, Ont., In 1880.
1 parents removing to Manitoba,
*•« I settling near Cartwright. when he]
,V;" two years old. Hero the future
editor grew towards man's estate,
'"' ng his education at the Cart*
Wl hi school, and, later, tailing B
course In tho Winnipeg Business Col-
''i This mercantile training proved
invaluable when ho desldrd, without
previous experience, to go into the
Polishing business, and saved  him
fl" n  ninny of  the  errors  Into  which
"" I' more mature both In years nnd
Professional attainments havo fallen.
■■• Is an open secret that, If Mr,
8tl'<"!  had his choice,  ho would have
Feed your hair; nourish it;
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Then it will stop falling, and
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Hair Vigor
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Tlita a.rma a, . pl.nil Irt r a.ll ll tu ina allot txlai|
almost wtllti'ut anr hair."
I. J. H. ririk, Colorado Sprlngf, Colo.
1. 0. ATM CO..
I.nwMI.  M»m
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Short Hair
Despairing   Cry   of   Winnipeg   Lady,
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I am certainly thankful for what
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ago I was almost laid up with weak
lungs. Oh, how they used to pain, and
my cough was very bad when I would
go out. My appetite was very poor,
and my stomach waa greatly disordered. Today I am strong and well, and
fe«l that PSYCHINE has brought me
permanent relief. I feel a new woman
now and am able once more to attend
my housework for which I had lost all
Interest." Told In the fewer possible
words, these are the facts: Sufferers
with Coughs, Colds, La Grippe, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Consumption, Night
Sweats, Chills and Feelings of Depression or General Weakness or Decline,
use PSYCHINE and are cured, many
after older methods of treatment have
failed. People who could afford a
physician take PSYCHINE, while In
many cases doctors advise PSYCHINE.
Psychlne ts for sale by all druggists
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Rusian officers swear that they saw
torpedo boats among the British fishing boats they lately attacked. It
would not be surprising if they saw
sea serpetns.
They Clrrinne the Syfalem Thoroughly—I'armalee's Vegetable Pills clear
the stomach and bowels of bilious matter, cause the excretory vessels to
throw off Impurities from the blood
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Speak well of people to a woman
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yawn; speak ill and she will dispute
you and smile. In the first instance
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Cucumbers and melons are "forbidden fruil" to many persons so constituted that the least Indulgence Is followed by attacks of cholera, dysentery, etc. These persons are not siware
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"Porte,*-." said the man in the first
seat in the crow led smoker, "here's a
"Thank you, sah. Brush yo' clothes,
"No; that's just what I don't want
you to do. You will notice that my
hat is rather dusty and I don't want
you to grab it off my head and make
an exhibit of it."
Have you tried Holloway's Corn
Cure? It hns no equal for removing
these troublesome excrescences, as
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Curlona Food La we That Obtained Ia
th* Month Sea Island*.
A singular distinction was established between the sexes in accordance
with the general savage theory of the
inferiority, social and otherwise, of
tlie female, which ls found to have prevailed universally ln the south sea Islands at the time of tbelr discovery
und for long afterward during a period covered by the early missionary
voyages and labors. Setting aside cannibal feasts at tbe end of a successful
war expedition, when captives and victims were abundant and were roasted
and devoured, tbe usual food of tbe
men of these islands ln ordinary circumstances was bog's flesh, with a variety of fish from the surrounding
ocean, together wltb cocoanuts and
plantains, but the women were forbidden to eat or touch tbe provisions
sacred to male consumption, and an infringement of tbls usage was rarely
overlooked, but met wltb the penalty
of death.
The system of food taboo denied, under the same penalty, to tbe sex the
Use of the fire at which the warrior's
meal was prepnred, the house ln which
he sat to eat and the basket ln which
bis provisions were stored. Such items
of iood as native custom assigned to
the women were preserved by them
apart, deposited ln distinct baskets, to
be cooked when required at a separate
fire and devoured ln solitude in a little)
but specially erected for tbe purpose.
HU Whletfal Look.
"My husband Is getting to be a scientific whist player."
"Is he? I've been wondering lately
what made him look us If there was
not much more left ln tbe world that
was worth trying for."
9100 Reward, 9100.
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tonal lii-ca-o, require* a constitutional treatment. Hull's Catarrh cure ib taken internal.
lv, acting directlv upon the blood and mucoui
(airfacHBof the system, therby destroying the
foundation nf thu disease, and trivia* the patient utruiiK'h by building up tbe constitution
and assisting nature in doing its work. Tbe
proprietors have so much faith in its curatlvs
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The Dominion Government did a
good tiling for tho farmers of Canada
when it placed certain grades offence
wire on the free list a few years ago.
Since then galvanized smooth wire
Nos. 9, 12 and Ki, which are most used
in farm fencing, has been Kept down
in price to a place, which enabled thou- I
•sands of farmers to replace old un*
sightly, wasteful, wooden fences with!
inai, new wire structures, thereby Improving thoir own property and enhancing tlie value of the surrounding
neighborhood, Now it transpires that
pressure Is being brought to bear upon
the Government to go back to the old
order of i binns by Imposing a customs duty mi these grades of wire.
That such a change would work injury
to the fanning community admits of
nn argument, At present, practically
none of the grades of wire on the free
'ist are manufactured in Canada, so
that any duty that would be put on
the wire would prove an equal tax
upon tho consumer—the farmer. A
tariff of say 25 per cent, woultl ua*
iMiibteiily enhance the cost of fencing fully ten to fifteen cents per rod.
I'liis would mean that the owner of a
medium-sized farm would have to
bear an extra tax of fully $150 to
fence his farm. Were fencing nu unimportant matter there would be do
reason for alarm, hut with the passing of the old fences, and the increasing attention to stock raising, new
fencing Is en absolute necessity.
lu tho older parts of the Dominion
tbe improvement of farm buildings
and tiie construction of new fences
bavo been making very rapid stride'
during the past few years, and it
would prove a very unfortiinato matter if a check were given to this much-
needed advance by tlio imposition < r
a inx that could work no benefit to
[the farmer and al the same time ham-
'per the Canadian manufacturers of
fencing who uso wire ns a raw mater
Ial. Bather than hamper farm improvement, and demoralize an Industry Important to agriculture, Tiy placing wire which Is now admitted freo
of duty on the double list, it would
bo much better to wipe out tho present, tariff of CO per cent, on Nos. 7
nnd 11, which would enable farmers
to get. a stronger stylo of fence without Increasing tlio cost
A Father'. Rebuke.
"As severe a rebuke as I know of,"
said a Judge, "was one that a New
York millionaire administered to his
son. Tbe son, like many millionaires'
sons, ls a hard drinker. He does ne
work. Most of tbe day be lounges at
one or otber of bis clubs, taking a
brandy and soda every hour or so, and
in tbe evening, after a good deal of
wine with his dinner, be drinks steadily until bedtime. Nevertheless be ls
a young and handsome chap, and be
goes out during the season a great deal.
One day be received an Invitation to
a bai masque, and that evening he discussed wltb bis family tbe various disguises that be might reasonably wear.
After a good deal of talk be was still
undecided and, turning to bis father
he said, 'How would you advise me to
go to this masque, sir?' 'Go sober,'
tbe father answered bitterly."
A Tj iioKmphlrnl Error.
A pompous Englishman entered a
fashionable New York restaurant and
ordered a  meal-   While disposing of
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Superfluous Hair
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it will not cause blood poisoning, or
produce eezema, which is so common
with depilatories, end does not break
olf the hair, thereby increasing its
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you on the bare word of the
operatois and manufacturers. DE
MIRACLE is not. lt is the only method
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Qubbh Stub* Wbbt, Tobokto, et
By the recent death ln Melbourne al
Mrs. Theodosla Stewart In ber ninetieth year tbe first lady wbo sang tbs
title role of "Maritana" ln tbe southern
hemisphere bas passed away. She ber
self always maintained tbat sbe sang
the part ln Sydney before tbe first production of tbe opera ln Drury Lane Is
November, 1845. She was well acquainted witb its composer, the gifted
but erratic Irishman, William Vincent
Wallace, who wiih a resident of Sydney
in the late thirties.
ae lastara aad Southern Grown Nursery .took
the} will not i	
•1 hardy   A]
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ries, Bosoi, Ornamental Shrubi tnd Treef
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Apples,    Crabs,   Plums,   Cherries,
Ies, Raspberries, Currants, Strtwbsr.
■urfi [.Wan. CWM Mltf a
his soup tie discovered a neeaie in tne
soup and registered his complaint wltb
the head waiter.
"I say, old chap, that's rawther hard
on a fellow. There's n needle in tbe
soup," exclaimed the Britisher.
"Oh, not so bad, after all," replied
tlie head waiter; "not so bad, simply a
typographical error, it should bave
beeu a noodle."
Fire  I'oiira,
There are five great religious heads
on the face of the globe. Tbey are tbe
pope of tbe Latin church, tbe schismatic or orthodox pope of tbe Greek
church, the father of the faithful, ruling at Constantinople; tbe pope of Tibet, wbo has 500,000,000 subjects, and
the schismatic pope of the Mohammedan world, wbo reigns at Morocco.
Squaring  Hlm.
"He ls considered a clever financier,
is he not?"
"Why, where did you get that Idea?
lie never beat anybody out of anything
in his lifel"
Sunlight Soap
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C. E. Smitherikoale, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      -      -       •       •      B. C.
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Address all letters to—
Slocan, B.C
For the seven months ending with
January 39,685 immigrants arrived in
Canada, being an increase of 7304
*i>ver tbe same time last year.
Last year the published dividends
ol the various mining concerns ta
North America aggregated upwards of
190,000,000. Business methods applied to mining yield haudsome returns.
In the legislatiur'on Saturday.Hon.
Mr. Green stated it was the intention
of the government to shortly cancel
the Columbia & Western land reserve.
Such an act would be of import here,
as it would open to settlement all the
lands in the lattle'Sloean and contiguous valleys, as well as giving folk a
chance to get at valuable timber
tracts. For years there has been much
scheming, conniving, wire-pulling,and
money wasted in an effort to corral the
timber, and it will lie to the public interest to have tho matter fairly and
honestly adjusted.
Should"the government make good
its intentions, the people of the province, whether in organized municipalities or otherwise,will be compelled
to take a greater financial interest iu
their schools, lt is contended the
present system .bears too hardly on
the provincial exchequer aud prevents
an easy adjustment between receipts
and expenditures. Were power given
to levy rates upon outside people
making use of municipal schools, it
would lessen the burdens of the cities.
Juat such a move would particularly
benefit Slocan, for instance.
Victorians are indulging in rosy
dreams because of the C.P.R. buying
the E. & N. road, predicting that the
Island will have a great boom for the
next ten years. Besides extending the
railway in various directions, the Canadian Pacific people are credited with
the intention to erect smelting works
and develop the iron deposits on the
Island on an immense scale. Vancouver Island has remarkable riches
in minerals, timber ami agricultural
lands, and it is to be hoped its people
may derive to the full all the advantages to be earned from the development of those resources.
The Drill and the Sandon Standard
are being condemned in some quarters
as knockers for stating there were reasons for dissatisfaction among mine
owners liecause of the treatment accorded them by the local  smelters.
Unrest has existed for a long time iu
the Slocan and the articles appearing
i.M the local papers  aneiit the smelter
situation are   but   tbe pulse beats of
public feeling in the camp. Facts and
figures are being presented that can
not lie denied  by the smelter people
and the public nre beginning to real
ize that thore has beeu, and  is, just
grounds for complaint.   Tin:  Dmi.i.
has instanced the treatment accorded
the dry ores  of  this division by the
experience of the Ottawa mine, and
good has  resulted, for  it is  not too
much to hope things in the future will
bo different for   that property.   For
the wet ores the Standard is conduct
ing au intelligent   nnd   telling campaign, directed principally against the
Hall  Mines   smelter, at  Nelson.   In
last week's issue the Standard gives
prominence to a communication from
H. T. Twigg, New Denver, which may
lie taken   as  a  semi-official presentment of the case from the silver lead
mineowners.   He submits a table de
tailing  the   freight  and    treatment
charges upon various grade ores shipped from the camp, ranging OS high
as 188.68 -wr ton.   As in the case of
the dry ores, the  table shows that the
higher grade wet ore* are penalized
a\ circumstance   that   reflects  lasting
shame upon   the   local   smelters and
constituting a decided hindrance to
the advent of new capital into tin
country.   It has been stated bv tho
smelter people and sundry of their
supporters that smelter charges have
not been increased since 1902, and to
a limited extent it is true. But how
different things appear when the facts
stand revealed. One grade of ore is
treated at the old figure, while others
of increasing richness are penalized
with no light touch. By giving publicity to these undeniable facts relative to smolter rates, the Slocau press
are rendering the milling industry a
real and beneficial service, by imparting to people a knowledge of the
primal influence that is thwarting the
development and growth of this section of Kootenay. Instead of condemnation, thanks should biS tendered the
local papers, and especially so to the
Pay up your subscription.
George McLean is domiciled over at
For the liest bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
Public gambling has been shut off
in Grand Forks.
Geo. Larcher went over to Moyie on
Friday to work.
Fivo bars of Eclipse soap for 26c, at
W. T. Shatford & Co.'s.
Salmon Arm is the latest burg to
develop the incorporation craze.
Born. -In Slocan, on Feb. 18th. the
wife of Aid. Maddeu, of a daughter.
E. H. Holman, formerly of the
Chapleau, is now at Wallace, Idaho.
Enderby has been granted articles
of incorporation.   Its agonies begin.
W. Wilson has turned over his interest in the skating rink to W. Micks.
For the liest values in all kinds of
groceries, call on W. T. Shatford &
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at this office.
In the lirst hockey match at the
Rossland carnival. Nelson defeated
Vernon 6 to 1.
Win. Davidson,member for the Slocau, is ou but one legislative committee, that of milling.
The coal famine in town was relieved on Friday by the arrival of a car of
the Lethbridge article.
Monthly night  the  Nelson hockey
team defeated the Fernie men, at Nelson, by a score of 4 to 2.
The carnival at the skating rink on
Tuesday evening had to be called off,
•Owing to the soft weather.
The local Methodist.'* do not iritnnd
putting in au application for a minister at the next meeting of conference.
For Sale. A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can br
had at 10 cents each. Apply at this
John Brookling, a South African
veteran, was drowned in the Like at
Nelson, Saturday, by falling through
the ice.
Robt. Cooper left on Sundav for
Vernon, to represent the local lodge at
the provincial gathering of the Orange
Jim Milne left on Friday for Cranbrook. He will be grently missed
from the hookey team and from sporting circles generally.
Al. Rogers was killed in one of the
lumber camps near Arrowlij-ftti last
week by a log rolling on him. The
Ixidy wns sent to Bristol, N.B.
Fernie defeated Ro slaml at hockey
Friday night,6 to 8, at Rossland. On
Saturday Nelson defeated Fernie 7 to
•1, so winning the championship.
Wm. Koch. M. E. Koch, and  A. M.
Johnson, Nelson, are making application   to   purchase   several     hundred
ncres of land on Robertson oreek, in
the  Little, Slocan  country.
A number of men went down on
Thursday to Nixon's ranch and put
Up a new house, lo replace the one de-
itroved by Bro. The boys of the camp
are long on practical sympathy.
The dominion government is creating two new provinces in the North
west Territories, calling them Alberta
and Saskatchewan. Twenty-eight
memliers are to be given to each pro
The papers have been Bigned, transferring the Nanaimo A; Esquimalt
railway to the C.P.R. The latter is
applying to Ottawa for power to ex
tend the road to the upper end of
Vancouver Island.
A bill has been   introduced Into the
legislature compelling drummers,sell*
ini,- goods  to  be  Imported   into the
province, to pay a license. Liquor and
Cigar men are Id pay $100 and others
$50, every six months.
The Dbili. will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, Shipping
tags, ■billheads, statements,]etterheadf,
noleheads, memos, receipts, envelope*,
visiting Cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc.) etc.   Will
meet any quality or price.
Sunday's train from Nelson jumped
the track two miles this side of Winlaw. After two hours'delay the.purine and baggage car were apt on and
the passengers brctighi into towni
The train crew then went back anil
put the coaches on the rails, Kortun
ntely the train was running slowly ll
the time of Ilie mishuii or there would
have been n bad wreck
Buv your Eclipse soap from W. T.
Shatford & Co.
F. J. Donaldson has sold out his
drugstore in Sandon.
Ymir's waterworks company has declared a dividend of ten per cent.
With rain in the valley, it has been
snowing heavily all week in tho hills.
The Granby people have bonded
the Winnipeg' mine, in the Boundary
Harry Cleve has removed from Silverton to Nelson, goititf through on
Three men were killed in an accident last week at the Centre Star, at
Rossland. •
J. Roberts, of Silverton, will come
up for his trial at the assizes in Nelsou in May.
Hawthornthwnite, the member for
Nanaimo, has introduced :i bill in the
legislature providing for au eight hour
day for coal miners.
Visitors at the Arlington hotel during the week were: 11. C. Briggs, H.
Windle, Victoria; F. W. Guernsey,
Trail; Geo. Horton. Winnipeg: Wm.
Koch, Nelson.
00 to W. T. Shatford & Co. for
everything you need in the gents' furnishing line. They have the most
complete stock in town imd the prices
are the lowest.
The change in the train service
could not be grasped by outsiders.
The Nelson News always got here a
dav late, while on alternate davs the
coast mail has been carried through
to Nelson and ' brought back the next
Mayor Arnot and H. D. Curtis, J.
P., presided at a police court case on
Wednesday afternoon. Chas. Ried-
linger preferred a charge against W.
Koch, for selling lumber without a
trader's license. After hearing the
evidence the case was dismissed, with
the costs against the complainant.
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
EACH will secure a number
of window blinds, with rollers
• attached.   Are in good shape.
Want to i>» Governor,
Sir Henri Joly's term as lieutenant-
governor of the province is about at
an end.and a new incumbent will soon
be appointed. A move was made to
have Sir Henri continue iu ollice, but
the scheme has been dropped. The
names of Senator Templeman and W.
C. Wells lire mentioned in connection
with the position.
Another i.uck*/ JI in Dividend.
Last week the Lucky Jim mine, in
the upper camp, paid its second dividend for the year of $8000. The mine,
which is owned by Geofge Hughes,
has paid $24,001, and other dividends
are in sight. Thn profits come from
zinc ores, of which another large shipment is about to be made.
AA will purchase a small I ase-
Sl9§ burner conl Rtovt'.      Is as
'v v good as new.
himx<i irnuoutM.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local regiaB*
try office, 11. H. Jorand lieing miuing
Fel) 13—Skylark and Ranger, notjee
of sheriffs seizure of Elmer J Felt's inte test.
10—Duplex 1-0, D Graham toltooeit
The Drill Office
J. A. Anderson
**•*■* * *■*■*■ «-♦-<
Clothes Make
the Man
is a plain statement of fnct. Thoy
have much to do in influencing
first impressions, und*;,everyone
wants to create a favorable and
lasting impression. If you gtit
your clothes from us you will always be well dressed and the cost
will bo no more thau to be the
other way.
Order a
Spring   Suit
from us. We have iu stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
of Tweeds Serges, Worsteds, and
General Suitings; with Trouserings nnd Fancy Vestiugs.
A Residence for Sale
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
HATESi Regular inhserlb-prs? tl pw month
, or$10 a yrnr: non-nibsoriberf (exclusive of
medical attendance) $- per dnv. I'rivnte wnrds
$1 prr-iny vxtra. Special facilities fur maternity cases.
Kor further particulars npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, 5ec
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or lo anv person oi
persons to whom he mnv have prnns-
ferred hin interest, In whole ur In |iart,
in ihe Independence minoral claim,
situated on Crusader liill, Lemon
creek, uml reconleil in tlia- Slocnn Citv
mining division oi West Koot*. imv district:
Ton nro hereby notified that I, the
undersigned, have Caused lo ho iv
pended the sum ol two hundred nnd
live dollars in labor and general Improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold BAid mini ral
claim under thu previa onset the Mine
ral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notico you fail or refuse lo
contribute your proportion ol sucli ex
pendltare, together with all costs of advertising:, your interest In said claim
will lieeome the property of tho suh
goriher, under section fotir of an act entitled "An Act to amend lha Mineral
Act, 1900."
Hated this 27th dav of January, 1905.
E-2-05 \V. T. Sll Vimi-ii
BUSCTBlCITT, nor nit.
The Queen's
Hotel -^**m*-*--
liATKS:    00.00 PUB  DAY
First-class Dining ltoom
Large ant] Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Mnn
Nelson, B. C.
**-******+* ****** *******-**.*
Certificate of Improvements
Evening Stnr Nn. II I riK'llnn.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Iiivi-
■lon of West Kootenay Ilistrict.
Where located:—About 2M miles
|nn northeasterly direction from
Slocan City,
TAKF. NOTICF. that I, the undersigned
(F.M.C, Nn. 1177412) and as an agent for
David Saulter, free miner'i Ceitilicate No. H78678, intend, sixtv dnys
from the data hereof, to applv to
the Mining Recorder or a certificate
of improvements, for the*purpose of
obtaining n Ciwn Qrant of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section •'!", must, he commenced
liefore the Issuance of such certiflcate of
Dited this 22nd dav of December 190*1
20*1*05 DUNCAN (iKAII \M
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 13617)
sells for $40.00.
In a aj-venr pold-filled ceo
(No.    11618)   thff lAllte rtrel-
lent "Kyni" movement atila
lur $ta.oo.
A lady's solid gold
watch [No. 13576)with
guaranteed   "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
In a n-venr gold-filled tin
(No. tiiaa) it ruatN only
$17 oo.    Send for catalogue.
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms  apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
K A dvertise your K
in these clays of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent mui liberal advertisers; it is rend
bj* everyone.
It guarantees
uAt All  Timesu
\l ekxkkkekxk:kkkkkxhhkkh i *
Subscribe for
local paper:
•j* THE DRILL,   $2  per year £3


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