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The Slocan Drill 1900-11-16

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VOL  I., No. 33.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   10,   l'.iOO.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Oiant Powder,    Qutta Percha Fuse,   Jessops' Steel,
Stoves and Tinware,    Gasoline and Coal Oil,
Miners' Supplies.
Just received a large quantity of Dimension Glass, large size; also a quantity of
Iron Pipe, all sizes.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Our Stock is Complete.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Rubber Goods, 6c Men's Furnishings.
A Recent Arrival.—A Carload of Fresh
Vegetables, eompi ising Pumpkins, Squash
Citrons, Cabbage, Beets, Etc.
Try Veal Loaf :   the latest delicacy.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fa'rvicw, anil Camp McKinnev, IV C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the flarket.
Proclamation Issuad i»y Hi.turutng obi-
c»*i* McDonald Nn ml null on* lo Tuk«
rincnnt Revelstoke on Monday Next
-iturraril Hlootlon Sanu, liny.
The date for the election in this
constituency has been definitely set
tied at lust. A proclamation has
been issued by Returning Officer
MoDonald—a copy of which is posted
up at the postoflice—fixing nomina
tions for Monday next, Nov. lit, at
Revelstoke, and the election on Dec.
fl. That is the same date as in the
Burrard constituency. Thu extreme
limit ofthe law has been reached, as
it calls for holding tlio deferred elections in 80 days from the general
contest. The polling stations in this
vicinity are Slocan Junction, Slocan,
Silverton and Now Denver. All voters registered under the provincial
law may vote at any polling booth
within the provincial riding wherein
thoy are registered. It. A. Bradshaw
will have charge of the polling booth
here, as on former occasions.
Since the dcflnlto date of the elections wns announced, jiolitics have
been warming up somewhat and a
keener interest in the probable result
is being evinced. Through this section the Independents are working
unceasingly, while their opponents
are passive. The vast majority of
thc voters through the Slocan favor
Chris Foley, and his lead will be
large. In this town it is confidently
expected he will have at least 05 of
a majority and the indications point
to the vote of the place becoming almost unanimous for him. Among
the mines the Independents are carrying on an active campaign, while
in town many of the business men
announce themselves as favoring Foley. Candid te Galliher's meeting
here on Thursday won him no votes,
but rather turned the tide more
strongly in fitvor of the Independents.
Throughout the riding thc most encouraging progress is belli,.' shown
hy Foley, and his chances for election are daily growing brighter.
There is a tendency in some quarters
to array capital against Labor, but if
that issue is raised, it will make Foley's election a walk over.
Krgardlnc the KnUrprls*.
S. S. Fowler, engineer of the London & B. C. Goldflelds,which controls
the Enterprise mine, on Ten Mile,
is at present In England. In n re
cent interview in England Mr. Fowler
said: "There is  very   little  to siy
rom this and the former shipment,
and the figures wore 209.40 oz to the
ton. Altogether the last shipment
netted $1188,86,' which speaks eloquently for thc richness of the property. By a mistake in the marking
nt the mine, seven sacks of low grade
mineral was mixed with the high
grade ore, considerably lowering the
average of the latter, which should
have been about710 oz. The figures
on the Hampton ore hold the record
Iq the camp.
I each.   At present tho men arc drift-1 OUR
ing on the lead and are proving the
| ore to carry in place and richness.
The Lily B is one ot the bist proper-
tics in the Arlington basin.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is thc home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan,
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SkilM ai Personal Management of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Deer Eklltur Dmi.i.: I've ben readin'
A lot uv yer squibB in a bunch,
In u paper « kind lady give mo
Wrapped around k parcel uv lunch ;
An', I hopii how Chris Foley an'odors
Was in de political fi|*ht,
An' siskin' de country to support dem,
Bttppoaln' cley did what wns right.
Now, it struck me hs might** peculiar,
An' Biiintliiu' 1 never bed k no wed,
I)at Chris, and his brmlder supporters,
Whs will us poor chaps on de road.
But dere don't seem no question a' out it,
For ye'viiKOt it all down black an' white
Datdev're askin' do country to support
Supposin' dey do what is right.
Thai aint much 1 knows uv elections,
Fer a Straight forrard hobo don't mix
In none uv the wranglin' an'janglln'
An' foibles uv loose polytics.
An' I'm ulad when I s»is all deie fellers
A-ctittin' uv vach odor'B troats,
Pat I'm one uvde travollu' public,
Wot don't set no value on votes.
I've tramped ev'ry road in de country,
An' boned ev'ry man dat I met,
An' lived on de country's good natur,
An' dat's about all I could get.
Dere's ben sum bant tings said about me
Senc.e fust I set foot in yer camp,
But, maybe Chris Folev will make it
All right wid de hard-walkiu' tramp.
1 don't mean ter write yer no letter,
But only I wanted ter know
Ef all dat yer said in y< r paper
Wuz really an' truthfully to;
Fer, ef it is all as 1 take it,
Den Chris an' me's pals right along,
Fer we're askin' de country to support us
An' give lots uv work to de strong.
An' dere's only disdiff'rence between us,
Which ain't very much fer ter talk,
Dat Chris runs fer unyting goin'
An' me—I prefer fer ter walk.
Cut, wot I wuz wantin' ier ask yer,
An' want yer ter answer, in snort,
Is : ef I wm ter stand bv de country,
Could I count on de country's support?
I^iiiou Creek. P C.
Acclilrnt nt Spri.-uln.tiir.
Thursday evening James Wain
wright, one of the mon employed at
the Speculator, was severely hurt in
the main drift on that property by
falling rock. A boulder tell from tho
roof and struck him on the back and
hip, causing a bad bruise and much
pain. Thanks to the telephone, Dr.
Hcntlcy was soon on his way to the
about tho Enterprise;'we are givingI mine to treat the injured man. S.it-
most of our attention now to develop- urday evening, Wainwright was
ment work and are shipping only I brought down to the hospital, where
from the upper ground, just enough j he will remain for a month or more,
to pay expenses and make A small His was the first accident at the
profit.   Tho mine is operated by tan* Speculator.
AltOI'M)   THK   TOWN.
The gymnasium is open each night
and is well attended.
TheW. 0. T. U. reading room is
proving a great boon.
In the early spring the Methodists
will build a new church.
Snow fell here again yesterday,
indicating our winter is near.
Tlie Methodists will hold nn evening with Tennyson In about two
I Ilia S,-iisiiii U I' ill- till* lirHt (ill  1,'rriiivl -A
Ileal thy   Kviil<*n<:«  »r tin-  Lire   ana
Wealth of tin; Camp- Kiitwrpris*,** Lhe
JUiKee«t Shipper.
The ore shipments from the division this week aro again an even SC
tons, which was made by the Arlington. That property should make ;*.
good showing in the future, now that
their ore bunkers have liecn completed. Stuping will be carried on at tho
mine and a groat deal of ore sent out
C. B. Taylor and  wife,  of Enter
prise Landing, will spend tho winter |during  the  winter. _ Next,   week s
in Fairfield, 111.
II. W, Harbour, formerly agent at
Kusi'bery, is now in charge of the C.
I'.K. office at Sandon.
shipments will  probably include  If)
tons from the Sloean Chief, as the WO
had reached Avlwin on Wednesday.
The snow coming will hasten a ship
ment from the Bondholder and the.
A special  examination ot assayers Howard Fraction.   Tho Enterprise
will bo held  by the government ut too, will be enabled to get their ore
Nelson on December 8. \t\ovrx\ much easier.   This week's fig-
Hon. Clifford Sifton Is on his way ures bring the total shipment to up*
to B.C., to take part in tho elections wards ol 2000 tons, which goes to
prove the stability and importance ot
the camp.
ollowing is a list of tlie shipments
in Burrard and Yale-Cariboo
Tom Brown, of Sandon, wns here
on Tuesday, having just  returned
from a pleasant trip to Scotland.
Negotiations are being made with
thc Oddfellows by thc Methodists for
the use of their hall for church purposes.
The wagon road up Silver mountain, New Denver, is completed as
far as the government appropriation
will permit.
Bishop Dontenville, of the. Roman
Catholic diocese of New Westminster
passed through here Monday, bound
for Nelson.
The Macov Comedy Co. gave a
pleasing rendition of tho Circus Girl,
in tho Music Hall, last night, to a
fair audience.
The Great Northern is putting into
effect a new time table, whereby
passengers from Sandon get into
Spokane in a little more than half a
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robertson expect
to get moved into their new residence
on Arthur street Tuesday. Mrs.
Robertson will receive her friends in
the afternoon.
ncls and we have probably about
1,000 tons of concentrating" ore in
sight, and wc arc now contemplating
the erection of a concentrating mill."
Mr. Fowler's statements come at a
very opportune time, as bearing out
J. 1). Kendall's estimate of the Enterprise, as being one of the richest
minis in the province.   During the
Iron linn,- Value*.
The bonders uf the iron Horse have
been making a number of tests on the
ore from that property and the results make pleasant reading, which
«iii no doubt be appreciated bv the
past year there has been a persistent Vancouver parties who formerly
endeavor to ory down the mine as U bonded.   One test went $243. 03itp
being over-estimated and that the!**-*ton;another$339 «i. win!,■.. i"i
Britishers were badly nipped in buy
ing it. The statement has also been
frequently made that the oro would
not average more than ftO oz, and
that it. did not pay to work. Mr.
Fowler's testimony gives the lie direct to this. For some time past the
Enterprise shipments have been only
! pound sample, taken across the full
ledge, went 178.64 to the ton.   The
company   are   getting   things   into
shape to begin work at t io mine.
\\ .irk mi tin. Bondholder.
Seven men are employed at the
GO tons per month, wiuin tho expenses I Bondholder and they are getting out
of the mine are easily $8000a month. > considerable ore. About eight tons
In the light of these undeniable tacts, i . .
Mr. Fowlers statements go to prove , ,;*8 ": *j"
that the ore is netting considerably I
$50 to the ton.   Jo»twhy|j;.neUMlfth0 ,now ,a .„,..., ,,„„,,
The Corinth has shut down for a
New quarters are being erected at
the ilewett.
Last week the Whitewater shipped
216 tons of ore.
A small force of men will work the
Condor group this winter.
Eleven men arc working on the
Kaslo group, under B. Walton.
Shipments from the Sandon camp
last week were close to 400 tons.
A number of men have been put to
work on the Sunset by Geo. Hughes.
A large portion of the stock in the
Urban company has been disposed of.
Tlie total shipments from the lake
ports arc in excess of 4<XX) tons for
the year.
The Monitor is employing a force of
15 men, and shipments Will commence at an early date. ,, ,,.
m,    „ „    _„ , . , Oscar  McMi	
-Ai'.'L,,    •'.,?y°-  ?   ™2 t05^°I been busy for some time past bring
ing down n shipment of Smuggler
this j ear to date:
MINK.                                     WEEK. TOT AT..
Enterprise  1000
Arlington     80 005
llliick I'rince  til)
Kilo  20
Hamilton  .8
Neepawa  7
Two Friends  2<i
Alberta  It
Bondholder  .SO
K0 2013
The Chapleau tramway is not yet
The Bondholder laid in considecH-
ble supplies lately.
The Speculator has upwards oCSC
tons of ore on the dump.
Stoping,raising and drifting arc a'l
being done at the Enterprise.
The breast of the main drift on true
Speculator shows 15 feet of mineral.
All accounts against the Chapleau
must bo sent to G. Weyl, at Alclsqc.
The sale of tho Marpole interest ip.
the Two Friends takes place on tlie
Joe Dearin has another contract for
getting out mining timber for tka
J. M. McGregor has the contract
for surveying the Erin group, on Republic hill.
Things arc progressing well nt tho
Black I'rince and ore is being brokeu
down daily.
J. Cory and A. C. Allen get $21,-
00u for the Bllverlto group, $i,00U
being paid down.
The Enterprise will put tip a concentrator and install an air compressor early in the spring.
Tho contractors on thc Neepawa
are making better headway now, the
rock having become softer.
Bar silver has been over the 64
figure during the week. It bids fair
lo reach 70 cents, as India is buying
ins  packtrain  has
ht.  Ship-
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
»etfer tuan JM' totm
■o many persons hive been so anxious to belittle Ten Mile's bonanza is
hard to understand, for the value of
the property is,as it has always been,
above reproach. The Enterprise re
quires careful management and is
now getting it. A great deal of development is being done, and yet a
surplus is being re ularly registered.
The day of the black-lister in this
camp U over, as developments have,
and are, giving positive testimony
to the contrary.
lliiiii|i|nil   Kutui-n*.
ilc ore.
acked and
iy the end
will be rawhlded
a carload will
of the month.
down.   At the
SllllW   IS
but there is not much in the valley.
Tne lessees of the property have
succeeded in getting an extension of
their lease, which is proving a moneymaker for them.
Iron Horm- Sloekodt
The Iron Horse, recently bonded
to Spokane parlies, has been stocked,
thc company to be known as the
Burlington Mining & Milling Co.
The capital is placed at J160,000, divided into ten cent shares, which are
, made unassessable. Most of tho stock
N. F. McNaught, of Silverton, has w-ill b<! placed in Pittsburg, where a
received the ret urns from thc smelter considerable portion of it has already
for his recent shipment from the
Hampton group. Thc flguros are
eminently satisfactory and give a
practical idea ofthe vnlue of the property. There were 144 sacks in the
shipment, approximating five tons in
weight. The first lot,?8 sacks, yield
ed i'i<)7.no oz to the ton in silver, this
been s|»oken for.   The proceeds will
go into the treasury for development
in, n i»«. v.-1..|..« t.
$500,000 worth of ore In si
nients arc to begin atone
Winter quarters are being fixed up
at the California and a small force
will be kept employed all winter.
Tho Reco is in luck, another strike
of 17 inches of clean oiv having been
made in the raise from the No. 8
Papers have been signed building
the Mountain Con to English people
for $26,000. Alex. Sprout, of New
Denver, negotiated the deal.
Appended Is n complete list of the various records registered at the local registry ollice, ll. P. Christie being mining
Nov 8—Continental, near Cedar creek,
W Kerr.
w—Conientiitor No '.', three miles from
town. I Robinson.
Nov 5—Copper.
8--/oe, Shamrock fr lor throe years.
Nov 0—Greenwood '*., G stoll to o K
7—Copper W, J  A  Anderson to .1 M   .fi7"»,(XX).
ore as far as Aylwin.
A. C. Allen and Jack Cory ban-
bonded their Silverite group, on tho
Sandon slope, to the Queen Hess com
pany for a large figure.
There is no foundation  in  fact to
the rumor that the Arlington ami adjoining properties are to be amalga
mated   and   placed   on the  English
One cannot always believe what ho
hears. The Drill two weeks ago
said the Enterprise had made n.
strike, but nothing is known of it at
the mine.
J, Cross and T. Lake went up to
the Bacbolor, on Twelve Mile, Wednesday. 1?. Fishburn, who recently
bonded the claim, has let a contract
to drive 100-feet of a tunnel.
C. B. Taylor -has told his half In-
! terest in the Summit fraction and on
I eighth   In   the   Bird   fraction to (J.
Kent for $6,000.   The.claims are adjoining the Surprise,  In the upper
In Nelson it is rumored that tho
Ixinduii & B.C. Goldflelds have bonded a twft-thlrds interest In the Olds
Bros', gold bonanza, at the, head of
Fire Valley,   The figure is stated at
Harrison and \V Kerr.
Two men arc working on the Lily
11 and will continue work throughout
cominTfro^ "tin" (the winter. During the fall the ledge
covered last spring.    The renmining  was opened up in two new places and
66 .SftOkB were the doubtful tailings; a pa vsircak of good ore was found iu ,
The Elitei
8 -Chapleau, injunction by lhe Chap-1 c|inBt,ti Tom
leau Consolidated Cold   Mining Co, ltd,, Montczumil c|aim, .,„,■ |,iive secured
tse  peoplo  have pur
d's half interest in
against .1 Mnllinson Williams.
10—Gold Viking, W Cameron  to Geo
H Aylard.
New Phoenix fr, J Kiiuuan to same,
an option on the remainder. Tlvr
claim is situated in the valley belor
the Errter^rise.
* I."
A Gigantic
Forest Fire
Burnt Over  Ten Million
Feet of Valuable
San Bernardino, Cal. Nov. 13.—
A forest fire has destroyed Brooking's Mill in Fredalbra park and
burned over 10,000,000 feet of lumber. The fire raged for many
hours and the flames could be plainly seen sixty miles away. Brookings Mill is the largest in southern
California and gave employment to
250 men. The damage done by
tbe fire is estimated at $400,000.
luelaull) Killed.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 13.—Wm.
Ashley, a gardner at Fsquimalt
was shot tonight by his uncle Thos.
Connell. He died immediately.
Connel threatened to kill the whole
family.    The murderer is at   large.
.IN   thi:   rilANNKL,
Huii)  \ eaeela Are Wreehed   Burlua  a
Hard   l.ale,
London, Nov. 13. -A fierce aleg
swept over the English channel
last night, causing a number of
wrecks, including the Hildebrade,
bound for Shields near Weymouth.
The Ketch Georgian was lost off
Hayling island. All on beard were
Steauier Loal |
Yarmouth, N. S., Nov. 12 —
The steamer Monticello, plying between this port and St. John, N.
B., foundered in the Bay of Fundy
Saturday morning and 33 out of 37
passengers and crew were drowned.
Among the drowned are a number
of commercial travelers representing
Ontario and Cjuebec wholesale
t*ila«KOW  Smelt,*™
New York, Nov. 12.—Among
the passengers on the steamer Lu-
cania was Capt. R. White,R. N. N,,
who for 23 years has been port warden of Glasgow. He said he was
on his way to Buffalo to study the
American system of handling ores
and grain with a view to introducing the same system in Glasgow.
He said:
"Glasgow hopes to become equal
to Liverpool as regards shipping.
Within two or three years the reve-
nuts of Glasgow for wharfage have
increased from ^.200,000 a year to
'I'll,' Qm-i-u'i. tiraudaoii
Pretoria, Nov. 8, via Pietermar-
iizburg, Nov. 11.—The funeral of
Prince Christian Victor, a grandson
of the Queen, who died here of enteric fever, took place today.
Minute guns began firing at 10 a.
m., when the cortege left the yeomanry, and continued during the
funeral. The route was lined with
a guard of honor, consisting of the
Norfolks and Hants regiments.
Representatives of all the forces
were present, including detach-
ments'of the coloi.ial troops, mounted infantry, cavalry, artillery and
the medical and army service corps.
The bands of the Norfolk and Hants
regiments played Chopin's dead
The pallbearers were all generals.
General Roberts, Prince Francis of
Teck, General Kite 11111 :1 tl ; ii
General Roberts' staff present in
Pretoria followed the body. The
Rev. Mr. Cox, chaplain of the Can-
dian's, read the lesson. After the
services at the church the procession reasembled in Church square
and marched to the eemeterv, a
mile west of tbe town.
Thc Cjueen sent a wreath of
lilies and carnations. Another
beautiful wreath bore a card inscribed "from his mother." Other
wreaths were sent by Lord and
Lady Roberts, Prince Francis of
Teck, tbe officers of the King's
Royal rifles, General Maxwell and
Governor Sir. Alfred Milner. The
coltin was inscribed "Major, His
Highness Prince Christian Victor
of Schleawig-Holstein, ofthe King's
Royal rifles. Died Oct. 29, iooo.
At rest." The Prince is buried
close to the graves of many of the
soldiers who fell there.
Hal»<* ihi- Maine
Havana, Nov. 10. — Captain
Young, captain of the port, intends
to ask for offers to raise the Maine.
Last year he had three oilers (0 raise
the battleship for nothing, those
who did the work to keep the
wreck, No explosives can be used
in raising the vessel.
Sir Robert Hart's statement recently made that the trouble in
China is only just commencing
seems unfortunately true. The latest cable from English correspondents on the spot state that the empress dowager will never consent to
the executions demanded by tbe
powers and that it is equally vain
to expect any moderations in the
forcible demands made by the allied
powers. The Chinese court are reported as preparing for further
light far inland to the province of
Szechinen, where with an imperial
army of 14,000 men they will bid
defiance to Furope. In the meantime Russia is seizing large slices of
territory and these are unfailing
signs of a good sized row between
tbe allies all round.
A Canadian contingent for China
following the example of Australia
which]already has a force there is
probably the next'stepso far as the
Dominion is  concerned.
A jury of twelve wise men and
true al Woodstock, Out., has placed a valuation of $1.00 upon the
feminine heart, such being the
award of damages in the D?each of
promise action of Elstone vs. King.
As the plaintiff is upwards of 70
yeats of age, it is presumable that
the goods were considered shopworn.
Lord Bolierl** He port
London, Nov. 10.—Lord Roberts gives an interesting report to
the war ofliee.    He says:
"Gen. Knox states that he takes
no credit for the very successful en
gagement of Nov. G which was
due, in the first instance, to the
determination of Legallais never
to lose touch with the enemy.
Affain, secondly, to the able way
in which Delisle handled the firing
line after Legallais an Ross were
Smith Dorrien reports that two
days fighting mentioned was very-
hard. His force consisted of 250
mounted troops from the mounted
troops from the Fifth Lancers, the
Royal Canadian and Dragoons and
mounted rifles, two Royal Canadian artille-y guns, four guns ofthe
Fight-Fourth battery and infantry
of Suffolks and Shropshires.
Our casualties the first day were
six killed and twenty wounded,
chiefly Shropshires. who fought
The next day the Boers tried to
seize the strong position on the
banks of the Kamoti, from which
they were beaten out Nov. (>, but
were prevented by Col. Evans, the
Canadian mounted troops and two
of tbe Eighty-Fourth gun galloping two miles, and seizing it in the
nick of time. The rear on the return march were defended by Col.
Lesand with the Canadian dragoons
and thc Royal Canadian guns undei
Lieutenant Morrisey. Smith Dor
rien says no praise can be lo high
for the devoted gallantry these
troops showed in* keeping oft' the
enemy from the infantry conveys.
In the afternoon an event unprecedented in this war occured when
some 200 mounted Boers suddenly
charged Ihe raar guard to within
seventy yards, when they were
stopped by the Canadian dragoons.
During the fight id of the Canadians
fell into the hands of the enemy,
who treated them kindly and released them after removing their own
dead and wounded, during which
operation the Canadians were compelled to lie on their faces in order
that they might not see how heavily Ihe Boers had suffered. Our
casualties were two killed and
twelve   wounded.
Ill  Willi Fever.
Capetown, Nov. 12,—Gen. Baden Powe|l, is ill with enlric fever.
His condition is not serious.
Prince     and     Princess
Agree to Live Apart.
—No Divorce.
London, Nov. 1 3.—The World
of this city says that a judicial separation between Prince and Princess Albert of Anhalt, grand daughter of Queen Victoria is an accomplished fact. There will not be
any divorce, Prince Albert not objecting to the course pursued by
bis wife,
Vltt'orona miliar*, Operation*.  Aicaliiat
the Filipino*.
New Vork, Nov. 10.—Major General MacArthur will personally direct the vigorous military operations
to be directed against the Filipino
insurgents. Major General F. C.
Bates probably will be assigned to
duty in Manilla Jas the executive
head of the military government in
the Philippines during the absence
in the field of   General   MacArthur.
Montreal, Nov. 10.—As wired
in these dispatches* last ^evening,
the name of T. Chase Casgrain,
M. P. for Montmorency, is another
name|mentioned as a likely successor
to Sir Charles Tupper. Mr. Casgrain is one of the most pleasing
personalties among French Canadian politicians and a fluent speaker in both languages. The object of his selection would of course
be with the view to offset Laurier's
influence in Quebec. Mr. Casgrain is a member of a big legal
firm inthis city.
Dual  Lt-ademhip
Toronto,-Nov. 13. — It looks as
though the announcement of Sir
Charles TupperV'retirement from
the leadership of the Conservative
party is somewhat premature.
Hon. John Haggart, chairman of
of the Ontario Conservative union,
says that no official communication has been received from Sir
Charles and tbe cpaestion ot discussing his successor is therefore
He assumes that Sir Charles
Tupper would wait until he met his
supporters at Ottawa and submitted the question of retirement to
them before announcing his withdrawal.
In local political circles it has
been suggested that in the present
emergency, a dual leadership for
the dominion may prove the salvation of the Conservative party and
a precedent such as the MacDon-
ald-Cartier combination is regarded
as satisfactory. The names coupled
with that combination are those of
Hon. T. Casgrain (French Canadian) from Quebec, and R. L. Borden, iFnglish speaking) from Halifax.
lu Mouth  Alrl.a
London, Nov. 13. — 1'nder date
of Johannesburg Nov. 12, Lord
Roberts telegraphs tbe war ollice as
"Rundle reports skirmishes with
small parties of Boers in thc Harri-
smith, Reit/ and Vrede districts recently. The commandos appear to
be acting independently and with no
bject except to give as much annoyance as possible to the British.
Our casualties in these skirmishes
were two killed and seven wounded.
Douglas arrived at Venlersdorp on
November 11 from Zerust, capturing during the march twenty-one
prisoners and a quantity ot cattle
and sheep. Ventersdorp, which lias
been a depot of supplies for the
Boers will now be cleared out."
0|i|M)»lllou   Has,*   Four  and    t.otirii
niriil Noveuleeu *fleuiher»,
St. Johns, Nld., Nov. 12.—The
returns from Buena Vista district,
with half the count, indicate the
election of Murine, the opposition
leader, and Rlandford and Chaplin
by reduced majorities of about 700.
This gives Murine four men and
Premier Bond seventeen.
Fire at Cornell,
Ithaca, N. V., Nov. 13.—The
main building of Cornell university
veterinary college was partially destroyed by fire early this morning.
The total loss is $30,000.
A Vouii|[ M1111 Mil, i.I.-*. In a Ball Baoiu
Iu Texan
Chicago, Nov. 13.—A special
from El Paso. Texas, says: Jealousy prompted Ignace Bustillis, a
Mexican youth, to take his own life
last nigh 1 at a Mexican ball. His
sweetheart was waltzing with another man. Bustillos shot himself
in the presence of all the assembled
guests. For a time almost a panic
reigned. Tbe woman was seized
with hysterics and a physician's
services became necessary.
Oiler'* Appointment
Toronto, Nov. 13. — It is stated
in military circles here that Col.
Otter is appointed commandant of
the Royal Military college at Kingston, in succession to Col. Kitson,
upon his   return from South  Africa.
Round about Rossland and other
mining centers in the Kootenay lie
many hundred duly staked out,
practically idle, mining claims.
Some of these have been stocked
and crown gtanted in past years,
but have remained unworked ever
since and the shares have been scattered all over the continent, the
holders patiently waiting for something to turn up. Assessment work
is done annually in a peilunctory
way upon others, but in a vast majority of cases the claims are restaked by their owners when they
run out.
During the time he was provincial
mineralogist Mr, Carlyle pointed
out the effect of the law in the three
cases mentioned and suggested a
change. He advocated practically
a continuous working of claims
within a reasonable limit and, in default, forfeiture to the government.
The claims so reverting to'be sold
by public auction annually. The
provincial house recently passed an
act by which defaulting partners in
mining claims, who do not pay
their share of current expenses may
hi advertised out, but this only
touches on the edge of the question. Under the law relating to
placer claims provision is made to
open unworked ground for location
by any other than the original locator. If some means could be devised
which would not act too harshly
upon discoveries ot real merit where
the owner is without means to develop his find, which would either
induce the owners to work their
properties or, in default, bring them
into the open market and allow
others to go on with the work,
Rossland camp and the whole district would be immensely the gainer.
Not  .tlui'li   Fro»pe< 1.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 13.—The
Novoe Vrema, says it believes that
thc powers are becoming convinced
that China is unable to pay a war
indemnity and that this discovery
will cool the Anglo-German fever.
.tl)»lerloti» Ankanelnallou
Worcester, Mass., Nov. 10.—
Gustave Frik**en, a carpenter, was
dragged Irom bis bed anil killed by
an unknown assassin early this
morning. The man's death was
caused by a knife thrust in thc
throat. Thc shrieks of Mrs. Krik-
sen, who was awaked by the struggle between her husband and his
slayer, aroused other inmates of the
house in which the affair occurred.
The police were called but the murderer had escaped, taking with him
his weapon. The authorities have
no trace ot him.
F1VB bi mm 11
The  «.ill.,1,1   ■■,,,,„,    a| i",,,,i,n   Hind.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. u. -,\ dispatch from Poplar Bluffs says the
Clifford house was destroyed by fire
this morning. Five dead Indies
arc reported lo have been recovered
from the ruins and tight 01 ten
more are believed to be buried in
the debris,
An Arsenal
Russians Kilt a Hundred
Chinese and Secure
•   Their Arms.
Heavy Moutreal failure
Montreal,  Nov.   13, —A   s   .  ,
**'       *  •*• siicl
W, IL Masterman,  one of the old
esl pork  packing firms of this city"
has assigned.    Liabilities are placed
between $150,000 and $.200,000,
London,Nov. 13-- A special dispatch from Tien Tesin, dated Nov.' 10,
says a force ol Russians have captured the arsenal north east of
Vang Tsen, with a trifling loss,
killing one hundred Chinese and
capturing a quantity of arms and
Six MllllouStarviuK.
Tacoma, Nov. 12.—Oriental advices state that four to six million
Chinese north ot Pekin are in dan-
ge. of starvation, the crops having
been a total failure.
Fs. position t'loee*
Paris, Nov. 12.—The exposition
closes today with the evening illumination. There were few visitors in
tbe day time,'tickets lacking purchasers atso\iaeach,
Dropped Bead.
Lansdown, Ont., Nov. 12.—
While engaged in preaching yesterday moning the pastnr ot the
Methodist church here, Rev. Simpson, dropped dead Irom heart disease.
Itleeeage Traueiultted Over Klghly-Slx
London, Nov. 10.—When the
Osten-Dover mail packet Princess
Clementine was nearing Dover yesterday a message by the Marconi
system of wireless telegraphy was
received on board from Lapanne.
It was retransmitted to the Marconi
station of Douver Court, in Fssex,
more than 86 miles distant.
ImiiliC  Home
Ottawa, Nov. 12.—The transport
Hawarden Castle, with the remainder of the first Canadian contingent
on board, is expected to reach
Southampton on Nov. 27.
to  the
Murderous. Burglar
Chicago, Nov. 13.—A
burglar forced his way
apartment of Mrs, Orrin W. Potter,
wife of the millionaire steel man
this morning and struck her a fierce
blow on the head with a sling  shot.
The shock of the blow rendered
Mrs. Potter unconscious. This is
the second burglary in the Potter
residence since last spring. In
April last, porch climbers secured
$18,000 in   diamonds  and jewelry.
It seems a little odd that Chile
should sell a war ship to Peru, a
country with which she is supposed
to be constantly on the verge of
fighting. Perhaps Peru had better
take a careful look ovei her purchase. There are "gold bricks" in
navies, as elsewhere.
A rice company with a capital of
fifteen million dollars has just been
incorporated in Louisana. Looks a
little like another "Solid South"
trust to go with Chairman Jones'
cotton combine.
The czar of Russia is taking
measures to put a stop to the killing
of bis subjects in duels. He sees
other and more profitable ways of
getting his lighters slaughtered
looming up in the future.
Belli   lu Trouble
London, Nov. 13.—Wishart, the
trainer, and Lester Reifl, the jockey,
have been summoned for an explanation of the running of Richard
Croker's horse, The Scotchman II,
Il is regarded in racing circles as
likely that ReifTs license will be
cancelled. Lord Durham today
plainly accused Reift' of pulling,
ITIlue on  Fire
Butte, Nov. 12.—Fire broke out
in the 200-foot level of the Bell
mine of the Amalgamated Copper
company's property last night and
is still burning. The ore in this
mine contains a large percentage of
sulphur and lire is a hard proposition to handle. The loss will certainly be large.
a Clergyman b/01IUU- in>eiW||„, B|(
Iuk From F-oleou.
Toronto, Nov. 13. Rev. Ham.
inond Graem, who was extra curate
at St. Margarets Anglicin church,
this city, was found in his room at
53 Kensington ave. late yesterday
afternoon suffering either from par.
alysis or results ot poison. At »
late hour last night he was still in
this condition of stupor and sirni.
paralysis and nothing could he
learned as to the cause. He died
Hoaauioud'a   majority   Cut Bona 1,
4   A Herount Likely
Almonte, Ont., Nov. 13.—Corrected returns give Rosamond, eon.
servative, a majority of four instead
of 68 as reported, over Caldwell,
liberal. The official count takes
place tomorrow. A recount will
probably be asked for.
Nlpleelng Kief lion Ui)
Ottawa ^Ont, Nov. 12.—Wednesday December 5 has been select-
ed as the date for the nominations
in Nipissing county,'Ontario, and
December 12 as polling day. This
is the constituency where irrrejjular
election lists prevented election
being held November 7.
tlu   the   Bearh.
VVhitefisli Poiut, Mich.,Nov. 12-
The Canadian steamer Arabian, plying between Montreal and the upper lakes, struck the beach about
eight miles west of here on Saturday. The crew was saved. Tugi
will be able to pull her off.
!*1AB< I ftfUALY     IIK.tlt
Faaeed   Amu)   Thla .tJomiua   la lew
New Vork, Nov. 12.—Marcus
Daly, of Montana, died at 8 a. 01.
today at the Hotel Netherlands.
•*;*» pasiuaatar Bead
Toronto, Nov. 12.—Lieut. Col.
N. Algers, for many years paymav
tar of the Toronto Military district,
is dead, aged 92 years.
Smallpox In Parte
Paris, Nov, 12.—A epidemic of
smallpox has broken out here due
probably to the massing of Arabs
and other persons from the east
during the exposition.
Bled, A«ed »l  Veara.
Brockville, Ont., Nov. ia.—
News reached here from Headingly,
Man., of the death of J. Fowler,
formerly of this place, one of the
oldest railway contractors in Canada, at the age of <)i years.
Deceased built part of the G. I",
R. and lost his fortune trying te
build the Toronto & Ottawa railway, now the C. P. R.
Three .lieu Browned.
Southampton, Ont., Nov, IS—
Private Divine, Frank Pope, and
(ieorge S. Varey, were drowned
fifteen miles from here Thursday
morning. Their boat was ovti-
turned by a big wave.
Vlllard la Bead.
New jYork, Nov. ra—Henry
Villard the well known financier
and railroad man, died at midnight,
at Arslcy on the Hudson.
Ili-i Mini, to Pay.
Washington, Nov, 12.—The government of Morrocco has again declined to meet the demands ol the
United States for the payment "I
an indemity on account of the killing by a mob of Marcus Essagiu
a naturalized American citizen.
Surrendered Their Seal*.
London, Nov. 12. — Lord Sabs-
bury, the Marquis of Lansdowne
and other cabinet ministers arrived
at Windsor this afternoon where
the ministers retiring or changinfj
offices surrendered seats to
officials and "kissed hands."
The Tribunal of the Allies
Have a Little List.
Deports of the Death of t      he
press Dowager Not Verified.
- At. Plchon's Diary.
pekin, Nov.9. —Four ofthe leading officials of Pao Ting Fu, including Ting Yang, the acting viceroy
0f Pe Chi i-i, and General Kusi
Hang, were executed Nov. 5, under
sentence imposed hy the tribunal of
the allies. Renewed reports ol the
death of the empress dowager are
\ in circulation, but they lack verification and are discredited.
f Paris, Nov. 9,*—Thi China Yellow contains un account of the
events that occurred from July i8<»«>
to October tyoo, including the diary
of M. Pichon, French minister to
China, ol the siege of Pekin, a re-
iunie of the negotiations, and a
quantity of correspondanee showing that the revolution was foreseen
by M, Pichon at the beginning of
;he year.
Thr Heplember llnmil lli«' Vmlr Mill
Im L«rii<*
A Ymir dispatch says: As anticipated, tbe September run of the
Ymir mill is a record breaker. The
official details of the run are not yet
to hand, but a cable sent to London
computs the output for the month
at $47,000, or a net profit of $;,.•*,.-
000. This month was the first
month thai the full complement of 80
stamps ran uninterruptedly,and may,
theiefore. be taken as representing
the earning power of 'be mill.
The mine is shipping some of
the rich crude ore, by means of
which the profit could easily be
raised to $40,000 per month, or
sufficient to pay a 50 per cent dividend on the whole capital of the
company. The October run of the
mill will not be quite up to September
record, as in the last week of the
month the new cable ol the tramway broke and had to be replaced
b) the old one.
J«p*»at»r Haltlr*lil|>.
London, Nov. 8.—The Japanese
battleship Mikado, of 15,200 tons,
said to be fhe most formidable vessel of its kind in the world, was
launched this morning at the Vick-
trs»Maxim works at Harrow.
Tlnil lienor! Thrill.
Hamilton, Out. —Nov. S.—The
Hamilton brass manufacturing corn-
puny bus been notified by Alien Labor Law Commissioner Williams
that they must deport the Americans who are in their employ.
Float** Holland
Copenhagen,  Nov. 8.—President
McKinley's re-election has been fa-
>oiably received in government and
sfficial circles hero.
Orettou'si   Voir
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8, Complete returns from all bul three
•■'nail counties in the state give McKinley a plurality of I4,*?*?5<
■111 K JA4KKTS   AND   \   avn
*u kkhiuktiiik* iu » Victoria op***
Two bluejackets from H. M. a,
looms, while drunk were refused
Hdmiss'on to the Victoria theatre
'ast night. The pair became abusive and one of them, Thomas
Huntley, pulled a gun and shot at
Special Officer Johnson. The policemen were notified, and, alter a
desperate struggle) succeeded in arresting the man.
Vanoonrcr nmi none in*1
Toronto, Nov. 7. -The Piesby-
tery of Toronto has .sustained a call
°l Knox church here to Rev. A. R.
Winchester, of Vancouver,
*   HMi   11111
UttM00,OM  Mai., BiilldlUKiHtirned
In   New   Oleau*.
New Orleans, Nov, y.—Upwards
of seventy-five houses have been
destroyed by fire at Biloxi, Miss., a
well known summer resort and bus-
ness center on the Mississippi
Sound eighty miles from New Orleans.
The Catholic church, convent and
schools, newspaper offices, many
business houses and residences have
been consumed. The loss will probably exceed $200,000,
'IcKlnlei lu Nebraska
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 9.—Almost
complete returns give McKinley a
plurality in Nebraska of over (iooo.
The Republican state ticket is apparently elected  by  from  1500   to
A member of the Carlist committee, now in Washington, says
the Carlist uprising]*>eported so
extensively from Spain during the
last few days is not a Carlist uprising at all, but merely an outbreak of socialism and anarchy.
The gentleman bas been a member
of the Carlist committee for the
last sixteen years and is booked
for a high place under the government in case Don Carlos succeeds
in overthrowing the present Spanish throne and setting himself up.
He says their are no Carlists in
in Southern Spain, where the present disturbance has chiefly taken
place. There are a lot of men
there who call themselves Carlists.
but thev never have been recognized as such. They are merely disturbers of tbe peace and are against
all forms of government. The real
Carlist all cU'ell in Northern_Spain,
where they have a splendid organization and abundant arms and ammunition, Within the last twenty
months sixty thousand Mauser
rifles have been taken to northern
Spain by Carlists. These guns
were bought in Germany and paid
tor by Don Carlos himself, who
is an immensely wealthy man.
'fhe real Carlist uprising will
not come before next spring, probably starting in Match. Don
Carlos promises his followers that
he will take tbe field then and lead
them. They, however, have little
faith in him and are now actively
trying to get him to renounce^his
rights to the Spanish throne in la-
vor4of his son, Don |Jaime, who is
in Russia and is a fighter. Carlos'
princess also favors this plan, believing her son better fitted than
his father to lead Ihe revolt to a
successful conclusion.
The latest alleged Carlist uprisings have been by hands ol
eighty or a hundred men, but when
the genuine uprising starts next
spring the smallest army will consist of 10,000 men, and that number can be put into the field at any
time in three days notice.
Advises   Powers  That  She
Has Annexed Territory.
Those    Interested   Must Put   In
Claims- The Consuls Will Enter a Protest.
Tien Tsin, Nov. 7, via Shanghai,
Nov. 8.—General Linevitch, th;
commander of the Russian troops,
has officially notified the foreign
consuls through the Russian consul
that the land on the riverside opposite the British and German settlements hasbeen annexed to Russia
by right of conquest. Cnless all
foreign owners ol property immediately deposit documents proving
their ownership, no claims will be
entertained. Much railroad property, as well as the cast arsenal, are
included in'the territory "annexed by
Russia. The consuls will protest
against the annexation.
approved the Sentence
Pekin, Nov. 3.— Count Von
VValdersee approved the "sentence
of death'passed upon the five lead-
inc officials of Pao Ting Fu, whom
the commissioner of enquiry found
responsible for the murder of
American and English missionaries,
tliinii'toij, Itli/./iird
Minneapolis, Minn., Nov, 8. —A
blizzard is bearing down upon this
section. The weather has turned
cold and heavy snow storms are reported from various places.
\* i**r,Hi-in Weather
New Richmond, Wis., Nov. 8.—
There arc five inches of snow which
is still falling, and the wind is blowing a gale,
Ureal Britain  Wlll.Be Asked to Hup*
preaa 11
New Vork, Nov. 8.—Great Britain will be requested by ihe govern-
ment'to suppress thc Filipino junta
at Hong Kong. The administration has had this in contemplation
for some time and now that no political obstacle presents itself, the
action is to be taken without delay.
Km**. Count* IBaJoritlea
Seattle, Wash. Nov. ■». While
the count in King county will not be
complete until Friday night, by reason of the local methods adopted,
the following estimates ol majorities
for McKinley over Bryan, and Rogers over Frink are substantially accurate: McKinley 1300, Rogers 500.
11 Roberta never returns to England to relieve Lord   Wolsely until
perfect peace has   been   established
in South Africa,   the   chances   seem
good for the present commander-in-
chief dying in ollice ot old age.
Tin* Dnteli Member*.
New Vork, Nov. 9, P. M. C.
Asser, F. B. Coninick, Kiefsting
Jonkhleer, A. F. Desaveiin,Lohman
Jonkhleer and G. L. M. H. Ruys de
Beepenbrouck have been appointed
the Dutch members of the /permanent arbitration court at Thc Hague.
i.<»i iii tbe Channel,
Bristol. Nov. 9. The steamer
City of Vienna, from Dublin for
Bristol, foundered Wednesday nighl
in St. Georges channel. Only one
of the crew, a fireman, was saved.
lie clung to the keel of a lifeboat
for -'7 hours.
in 1 in  u\   t  < <»* '•»••"•
1 nplMuanl Bapetienco ore CnlUoruls
San   Raefael,   Nov.  7.    VV. 'E.
Jorrey, a rancher, six miles from
Ibis city, attracted by a noise near
his house, investigated and found
his hired man in a tree with a large
Calilornla lion with two cubs quietly resting at thc base. He had dis*
covered them devouring a calf and
attempted 10 drive them away; but
was attacked and took refuge in a
tree. He was in the tree live hours
when Mr. Jorrey called his dogs and
drove the unwelcome sentinels
•nuns  i»ti.\   ni-
■in* nmi ii Relunie and Hie  Lire  i*>
Deepalred ••■■
New  York. Nov. 9.     The   report
was current here today thai Marcus
Daly of Moniana ha*, h.-nl a reoccurrence of his recent illness, and
that his life is despaired of.
Canadian* Can Reprodaeo'-Hl'liai Wo
Hut<• We Hold,
Toronto. Nov. 7. -Justice Rose
has dismissed the case of Graves, of
au English Art Publishing company,
against Canadian firms lor injunction to prevent theni"f"from publishing uncopyrighted reproductions ot
•What We Have Wc Hold," a famous patriotic picture.
it n-iiiimii'ii toii-
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8.—Returns from Washington slate are
•still tOO Incomplete to form any accurate basis as to McKinley's plurality.
1.1:11    1 'on   m.   c,
N||< < limi|m Tupper Will  Addre«» tlio
People Here.
(By AMociated Praia.)      M
Montreal, Nov. 9*—Sir Charles
Tupper left here today for British
Columbia, where he will address
meetings in the interests of the
Conservative candidates in Vale-
Cariboo and Burrard constituencies.
What   a  Pew   or  the    Big   fttlnee  of
A 111,1-1 ■ h Have.Paid.
The Independence has paid $*,-
400,000; Calumet & Hecla $70,-
000,000; Kennedy $2,000,000; Cripple Creek mines $15,000,000; Home-
stake (Leadville) $65,000,000,
"Our esteemed but blackguardly
contemporary" is the delicate manner in which the Hamilton Spectator refers to the Times of that city.
The Kamloops Inland-Sentinel
gives the news that "A Cheerful
Liar" is making a very successful
tour of tho Yale-Cariboo towns.
Lest any of the political orators of
either party should take this as a
personal reflection, it may be mentioned that "A Cheerful Liar" is a
play, in the hands of Russell &
Drew dramatic company.
( 11 iiikI lu no  Ki-iii nil,ix
Ottawa, Nov. 7.—Colonel Otter
cables that the remainder of the
first contingent sails today from
Capetown lor Southampton. Those
returning are Major Buchanan and
Captains Burstall and MacDonell.
Lieutenent Lawless, Mason, Swift,
Tafferly, Temple and Carpenter
and three hundred men, Major
Weeks has fever and remains behind for stall' duty.
Hunt  Pud   < 1.Ill-Ion
Roseburg, Ore., Nov. i).—Th's
morning two miles south of Roseburg, by a head-end collision between two freight trains on the
Southern Pacific, Sam Hendricks,
engineer, was killed outright and
Fireman Riddle lost a foot and was
otherwise bruised. Engineer Walter Drennan was fatally injured and
Fireman Wilbound was killed.
Kill or I'    llll*,*.    .tll'*alli|l
New York, Nov. q.—The German government has bought Count
Zeppelin's airship for military purposes at a high price. The ship is
to be removed to Berlin shortly and
further experiments will be carried
on there. The kaiser is merely interested in the invention. It is
mainly through his influence that
the purchase was made.
A   Benerved   llouir
London, Nov. 9.—The Victoria
Cross has been conferred on
Midshipman Basil J. D. Guy, ofthe
battleship Barfleur, the flagship of
the second command of the British-
China station, for tbe heroism in
attempting to save Seaman McCarthy during the lighting in Tien
Tsin on July 13. Midshipman Guy
entered the navy on July 15,    1898,
Myaterlou* iirowniu**
l-uelph, Nov. 7.—The body '01
Marguerite Johnston, bookkeeper
ol the Guelph Si Ontario Savings
Bank, was found in the river here
yesterday. Miss Johnston was 23
years of age and handsome. She
left her homo early in the morning
and was not seen afterwards, An
inquest will be held.
\   llmi-   \»nr
Washington, Pa., Nov. 8.— The
greatest excitement prevailed here
al a late hour last nighl and a
serious race war was feared before
morning. Four members of company H, 10th. regiment, who were
patrolling the town, were attacked
Oil Main street by negroes and all
were badly injured. Both   whites
and blacks were out in the streets
in force and the citizens of the town
were in a dangerous mood. In
Washington Borough there are
about 3,000 negroes, and the outbreak has been instigated by the
southern negroes, recently brought
here by contracting firms.
A huge number of extra policemen hive been sworn in and several arrests of negroes have been
Boer Prisoners Confined in a
Home-Made Production.
A Great British Victory-Col. Edwards In Command of Western District.
Pretoria, Nov. 8.—During the
last few days only a ftw slight
skirmishes have been reported. The
small Boer laagers west of here are
being driven about the country owing to the movements of Generals
Clements and French. The road to
Rustenburg is almost clear of Boers.
The prisoners, officers and men,
who are now captured in this vicinity are being lodged in the bird
cage which the Boers formerly used
as a place of detention for captured
British officers. Because of slight
discomfort caused by the recent
rains the Boer captives complain
that the place is fit only for cattle.
'l"o Co in maud Weeteru IMntrli'i
Col. Edwards, late of the Imperial Light Horse, and now second in
command ol the Transvaal police,
has been given charge of the western district, which includes Johannesburg, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and
The Boons lleleulrtl.
Bothaville, Nov. 9.—There bas
been heavy fighting since Nov. 6,
resulting in the defeat of the Boers,
who lost 23 killed, 30 wounded and
100 taken prisoners. Seven of their
guns were also captured. The
British lost three officers and four
men killed.
A it*d Fire
St. Catherines, Nov. 7.—Chaplin's saw Works were destroyed by
fire yesterday, loss $75,000, insurance about $35,000.
Geo, L. Walton Mill   llekij-,11  II   Will
B.* Plated Mini Bronx*
London, Nov.~ 7.—Sir Thomas
Lipton is at Glasgow making preparations for the building of his new
boat. George L. Watson will be
the designer. Charley Bair, Bob
Wringer and C, Oliver Iselin are
all mentioned in various rumors as
the skipper of the new boat. It is
learned that the yacht will be plated
with smooth bronze.
*/|<*dliur»r» llearlui*,.
Nelson, Nov. 7.—Fred M. Med-
hurst, the Cranbrook C. P. P,
agent is on taril in Nelson on a
charge of defrauding the   company.
A l.nod Bridttt*
The contractor's estimate ot the
cost ol the bridge being built at
Robson, places the figure at $650,-
Rowland 11111 'ii 11
Louis Blue and J. S. Deschamps,
associated with Adolph Fisher of
Greenwood are establishing a sawmill at Bendell, The name of tlw
new enterprise is the Beaver Creek
Milling company.
Toronto'* tia« Plant,
Toronto, Nov. 0.*—A iroticn was
made before the board of control
yesterday recommending that the
city pin chase the plant of the Consumers Gas company and operate
the same for the benefit of the citizens. The value of the plant and
real estate is estimated at $2,-
Between tile Two Countries
New Vork, Nov. 9,—As a result
of the continuance in power of President McKinley and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier it is expected that another
attempt will shortly be made to
bring about a complete settlement
of the questions in dispute with
Canada. Officials of the administration say that the president and
Secretary Hay would be glad to
have the epiestions disposed of, but
it is felt here that Canada should
make the preliminary move looking
to their reconsideration. The Alaskan boundary line has been only
tcmporaril) determined, but tbe
president would prefer that it be
finally and forever fixed,
Special Reciprocity Commissioner
Kasson is extremely anxious to negotiate a reciprocity treaty with
tireat Britain relating to Canada,
because such a treaty will settle
many points affecting thc products
ol the two countries, and will be
mutually beneficial.
The fisheries question is also likely to be a source of trouble, and it
is deemed important that it should
be terminated in a manner satisfactory to both nations.
Officials of the navy are especially desirous that the two countries
shall determine the size of the naval
force each will maintain on the
great lakes. Several years ago
congress authorized the construction of a gunboat for the lakes, and
tbe board of construction prepared
the design for the vessel. Pending the modification of the Rush-
Bagot agreement of 1818, the president desired that the contract tor
the vessel be not awarded.
With the close ol the elections
the excitement attending the getting out of a newspaper in the quiet
town of Nelson will not be over by
a long shot. The Economist has
something pointed to say to the
Miner quill pusher, and the Miner
man says he has not written himself
out on the subject by any means.
The fighting editor of the Tribune
has consented to act as master of
ceremony, hold coats, pass bricks
for both parties, secure medical attendance for the victor and help to
bury the vanquished. We are,
with others, eagerly awaiting the
announcement as to the exact date
of this contest before placing our
bets on the result.     Silverloniau.
Noted .lurWi  iiin.l
Toronto, Nov. 7.—Squire Wing-
field, one of the oldest magistrates
of York is dead, heart failure,
The Ti-hhI   II. In 111.hi
New Vork, Nov. 9.—The operations to crush thc Tegal rebellion,
which are about to be begun and
prosecuted with extreme energy,
are to be of a thoroughly comprehensive character, the plan of campaign having been prepaied by
General McArthur last month after
a council of officers. The plan bas
received the unqualified approval
of the war department without
material modifications. It ^involves
extensive naval co-operation, including all the regular warships of
the station as well as the numerous
gnu boats, purchased from the
Spanish, which are to be distributed in flotillas, each with a larger
one as a llagship. Admiral Remey
is on the tlagship Brooklyn and has
just returned trom China to Manila
to assume person.;l charge of the
operation afloat, which Admiral
KemplT in the Newark, already at
Cavite, has been mapping oul in
conjunction with General McArthur.
The Chinese seem to have
studied out a very ingenious scheme
to make the foreign powers practically pay their own indemnitee in
the shape ot increased import duties. For ways lhat are dark and
lor tricks that are vain the hcathei n
Chinee is still  peculiar.
Tiirl.i-li   liii.il. i.iii. i-
London Nov. ii. Turkish intolerance went lv' the length on
Wednesday of forbidding I'ere
llvacinthe l.oyson from holding a
conference in thc American git Is
college at Soutari. Tie prohibition
arrived only alter a throng bad assembled to attend   the   conference,
Spaniard! Dott'i Like 11
Madrid,    Nov.   9.—Newspapers
of all shades and opinions, express
regret of the re-election of President McKinley. Their sympathies
with Mr, Bryan were as emphatic
as their satisfaction whenever it
was reported that the United States
was meeting with reverses and dill /
cullies in the Philippines. Several
of the papers declare that Mr. McKinley's triumph following the victory of imperialism in Great Brit
aiu is u menace to weak nations,
» I
THE DRILL BLOCAK, ft, 0»i KOt-EMBCT 10. 1M0.
C. E. SMiTaEKii-tQALX, Editor sod Prop.
is nsusass itisv frioav at
8L0CAN,      •     -      •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cants a line tor
the dint insertion and 5 cents a line each
■ubsrquent Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at saina rates
•s legal ad ve. Using.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, et.-ict-
ty in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Blocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 1900.
Work for Foley.
One of the old parties has been disposed of, and now it remains for the
Independents to polish off the other
in this constituency at an early date.
Candidate (ialllher was pleased
with his reception here, but admitted
the meeting was Candidate Foley's.
So were his other meetings up tho
Candidate   (lulliher    showed   his
".friendship" for tho Labor enuc by
aefueing to endorse a single plank of
their platform when it was presented
.-to him on Thursday night.
The Liberals showed their friend-
ship for Labor by nominating candidates in opposition to tlie Independents in Toronto, London, Winnipeg,
Vancouver and Yale-Cariboo.
Neither Candidate MacNeil nor
Candidate Galliher have a word to
say against Candidate Foley and his
platform. Unable to condemn it.and
not willing to endorse it, how can
they expect the support of the working man!	
Candidate Foley's platform is
above reproach, for neither Grit nor
Tory can bo found to condemn it.
They tacitly admit its strength and
justice, bnt because of party ism are
•loth to support It and its advocate,
Chris Foley. By their actions they
also admit tbe weakness of their own
cause. Consistency, thy name is not
Grit, neither is it Tory.
Candidate Galliher says Candidate
Foley, if elected (as if there was any
doubt on tbat score), would be isolated in Parliament. Where does Ralph
Smith and A. W. Puttee come in?
Were Galliher elected, be wonld be a
mere tool in the hands of those who
now have too large a majority. Foley is no bump on a log, as tbe Grits
will find when he goes to Ottawa,
Laurier shows his appreciation of
British Columbia Labor by awarding
.to Quebec henchmen the contract for
'imlldlng the drill hall at Vancouver
and the postoflice at New Westminster. These contractors import
French laborers to work on the
-buildings. Frenchmen' have been
.brought in to operate tbe government
vessels on the coast, and Frenchmen
have been brought in to construct
the government telegraph line
through the Cariboo country. What
a slur upon thc ability of local mon.
The Liberals, by their franchise
act of 1898, have given tlie right to
vote to a horde of ignorant Japs and
•Chinese. These creatures have be-
'come naturalized largely through
fraud. They are ousting the white
man from many branches of labor,
.and are sending their earnings out of
•the country. They have no claim
upon the country and yet they are
given tho franchise. On the other
band, we have thousands of Indians
in the Dominion who have a claim
upon the country as natives and natural Iwrn British subjects, yet they
are refused the franchise because of
.their alleged ignorance. Whatsoever
money they earn is spent in the land
'.wherein they live, and they interfere
but little with thc white toiler. And,
to their credit be it said, they seldom
figure in the calendar of crime. Is it
■consistent of the Liberals to give thc
franchise to the Mongol and refuse it
to the Indian ? Is there any differ-
•enc-e in the status of intelligence be
tween the two? The reason of it all
may easily be learned from the machinations of the cannery and lumbering monopolists on the coast.
Wherein has Labor benefitted by the
law in question. Candidate Galliher
himself condemned this rotten legislation while herc,and yet he asks the
•wo'1-ing.wen to support tho Libera
party,   if it'.
W. S. Drewry, New Denver, was
hera Tuesday.
Newspapers of ancient date for sale
at this office.
The freighters are getting their
sleighs in readiness.
Born.—In Slocan, on Nov. 12, Mrs.
Dr. Bentley, of a daughter.
The membership of the local Miners' Union is upwards of 200.
The license commissioners meet
again on thc 15th of December.
Captain and Mrs.Seaman returned
from their eastern trip on Tuesday.
The furniture and fixtures of thc
International arrived In this week.
The best in the market—Athletic
short waistcd corsets. Bennett &
Tlio Chapleau peoplo are closing
their office hero on the first of the
Hon. Mr. McBride, the minister of
mines, is to make a trip through the
F. II. Bartlett, of Silverton, occupied the Methodist pulpit here last
Rev, Mr. Ferguson, of Sandon, will
preach in the Presbyterian church
next Sunday.
The school children have commenced practicing for tho Xmas tree
Our stock of Xmas novelties will
ho in by Dec. 1. Wait for them.
Bennett & Co.
The Sandon Minors' Union new
hall is to be formally opened by a
ball on Dec. 5th,
Several carcasses of deer have been
brought Into town during tho week
from down tho river.
J. C. Shook is having his property
to the south of the town surveyed off
into two-acre blocks,
W. Bragg will erect a new blacksmith shop on the corner of Delaney
avenue and Arthur street.
The framework of Koch's new sawmill, on Ten Mile, is completed and
the machinery is being installed.
Water was turned into the main
pipe of the Brnndon waterworks on
Monday and a line head developed.
J. A. Foley replied to Candidate
Galliher. Thursday night, on behalf
of Candidate Foley and captured tbe
Mrs. Percy Dickinson and son
have returned to New York. Mr.
Dickinson accompanied them as far
as Revelstoke.
All liquor license holders must get
their applications for renewals in at
once, as they require to be advertised
before Dec. 15.
Miss Maggie Free entertained a
number of her friends, Thursday
evening, at her sister's residence,
Delaney avenue.
A. L. 81fton. brother of Hon. Clif
ford 8ifton, and Frank Oliver, of Edmonton, are assisting Candidate Galliher in his campaign.
The entertainment given by the
junior Christian Endeavorers, on Friday night, was a successful affair,
there being a large attendance.
The culvert on Delaney avenue
has been repaired and the bridge
over Springer creek roplanked. Mc-
Vannel & Fife had the contract.
Rev. Mr. Mount, the new appointee
to the Anglican mission field of Sloean, will preach in thc local church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
OnJSaturday evening the members
of the Anglican denomination will
hold a reception to the Rov. Mr.
Mount, in the parlors of the Arlington
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McGregor held
a house warming at their new residence Tuesday night. A most enjoyable time was spent by those- in
Arlington Basin Store is now oner
for business. Full line of gents' furnishings, 1 toots and rubber goods is
kept in stock. Lowest prices and ail
goods guaranteed.
Mrs. K. M. Covington will open a
fruit store in the premises now occu
pied by the Independents as a com
ALL PERSONS having accounts or
claims ngnitiHt the Chnplenu Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Limited, arc
requested to forward same to Mr. <!. L.
It. Weyl, of Nelson, B.C., without delay,
in order that th *y may receive prompt
Dated, November 8th, 1U00.
Solicitors for the Company.
To the Public.
Having: purchased the
Stationery and Fancy
Goods business of R. A.
Bradshaw, at the Postof-
fice Store, I respectfully
solicit a share of your patronage.
Large Stock of Xmas Goods
open in a few days.
mlttee  room.   The  politicians wil
move Into S. Sturch's building.
Andy Provost holds the game record for the season. He was camped
for a week at thc Watson ranch nnd
in that time bagged two deer, 17
grouse, 12 squirrels,a d sundry other
dangerous quadrupeds.
A. Bolderston assumed charge of
the stationery store on Monday. His
stock is being largely increased and
he intends having tho best-assorted
line of goods in the Slocan country.
He is familiarly known 10 all and
will command a good trade.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
11 MCGREGOR. I a. *
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - - B. C.
The Muroutt Branch
ok thk W.C.T.U., Slogan,
Meets lhe second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.in. Next meeting in tho Presbyterian church, All meetings open
to those wishing t   join.
Mus. \V. J. Andrbws, Mrs. T. B. Ham.
President. Cor. Secretary.
and Glassware.
We arc the exclusive dealers in
these goods in the town. Largest
stook on the lake to select from.
Large assortment.   In
also we have soma special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Kales.
Wood and Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Orders for Coal to be accompanied*
by cash and left at the Office:
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,       - B.  C.
There is absolutely no
risk in purchasing your
watches, fine jewelry and
silverware from us. We
guarantee safe delivery; we
prepay charges and cheerfully refund money in full
if desired.
Our new and handsomely
illustrated catalogue will
assist you very materially
and may be had upon application.
Established 1854
Yoiigc (.lid Adelaide Stl.,
Agents for tho—
B. Laurence Spectacles,
Eyeglasses, and Snow-
Eyes tented and porfect
satisfaction guaranteed,
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
To lii<lo|M*mlciil Labor Parly Supporter**.
Till*: impression prevails that voters in
the ccining Dominion election can
vote any place in the Hiding. This is not
so. Ali Independent Voters take notice
that you must vote in the Provincial
Riding in which you are registered.
Also, take notico that the Yale-Cari-
boo-Kootonay election takes place- on
DECEMBER 6.h, and every friend of
Labor is urgently requested to cast his
ballot for CHRIS FOLEY,
Independent Labor 1'arty
Slocan, Nov. 1, ltlOO.
Sale .  .  .
Saturday, IT.
20 per cent discount
on all
and other Japanese
ware, to make room
for biggest stock of
Xmas Goods ever
brought into the
One Day Only.
Leave Your Order With
A. David
For a Nico Winter Suit.      Perfect  Fit Guaranteed.      We use ojly Al
Trimmings and the Finish is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Doors Bouth of Postoflico.
Our large Stock has been increased by a carload ot
Canned Goods, direct [from Ontario. They are this
season's pack and we guarantee them. All kinds of
Vegetables and Fruits.
^__ T. McNeish 6c Co.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and  Blacksmith Coal.
.1 DM &
New Denver, B. C.
—OK   THE-
l Labor Party,
Adopted in Convention at Nelson
on the 3rd of October, 1900
1. Free compulsory education.
2. Legal working day of eight hours
3. Government inspection of all industries.
4. Aholitio-i of contract system on
all public works.
5. Public ownership of all franchises.
(!. Prohibition of Asiatic immigration and the regulation of all immigration by an educational test us to immigrant's fitness, and the abolition of all
special Inducements and privileges to
foreign Immigrant! to settle iii tho Do
7. .Abolition of child labor, under 12
8. Abolition of the |2S0 deposit required of all eandldutei for the Dominion
9. Compulsory arbitration of all labor disputes.
10. Prohibition   of   prison   labor   in
competition with fro i labor.
11. All election days to bo mado public holidays.
12. Abolition of Dominion Senate.
Fellow-Laborers,your vote
and influence are solicited on behalf of:
Chris Foley
The Labor Candidate.
Elections, Dec. 6th.
Ellis Friictlonal Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On tho north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Hooert I. Kirkwood, No. H2I5N81, and Charles K.Smith-
eringale, No. D26819, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to applv to the
.Mining Uecorder for a ectiticate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action.
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 15th day of September,1900.
21-900 A.S. FARWKLL.
and Jeweler.
A full line of
Watches, Diamonds,
Clocks, Jewelry, Plat-
edware and Spectacles
always in stock.
Repairing a specialty and all work
left at The Drill office will be tor-
warded. Mall orders promptly attended to.
Baker Street, Nelson.
■.peculator Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District
Where located:—On the north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKF. NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, No. B20881, and Thomas Kilpat-
rick, No. B48337, intend,sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply t the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, roust be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 18thday of September,1900.
21-9 00 A.S FARWKLL
Mineral Mountain and Speculator Fraction Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tbe West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Robert I Kirkwood, Free Miner's Certificate No.B2(i881
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for «er-
tificatcs of improvements, for the pur-
l<ose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before thc issuanceof such certificates oi
Dated this 18th day of September, 1900
21*9-00 A. S. FARWELL
Slocan Cilf Miners' On,
No. 62, W. F. of CI.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the .Music Hall, Slocun City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
My third big shipment of Heating
Stoves and Ranges fur the season
will soon be here.
McClary's Stoves took tho gold medal
at the Paris Exposition.
Sole Dealer in Slocan for
these Stoves.
great sun m
Closing: Out These Lines:
Fortv single Gasoline Lamps, origin*!
price, #12 50; now, $8. Ten double (in-
oline Lamps, original pries $16;now,|12.
flO Medicinal Belts, now $5; 110 Medicinal Batteries,now 15: (15 Medicinal Batteries, now fl; 40 children's Novell)
Safety Swings, fl. 100 Hand Oil faint
ings of Kootenay, site 15*20 and 20x30,
worth $25 and $50 each, selling at 110
and $15, including beautiful burniili«l
silt frames; most suitable present nf tli«
day. All kinds of Pictures selling at cost.
Picture Framing a specialty. I'riefi
guaranteed the lowest in Kootenav. Nor*
elty Scissors, Novelty Electric S'ecktie
Lamp*, etc. Goods sent C.O.P whrn
deposit accompanies order and all mail orders will receive prompt attention, at—
Nelson, D. C.
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers on
all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Junction daily for St.
Paul; Saturdays for
Hontreal and Boston;
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. The
same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier*
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
pointer regarding the
Eastern Trip you contemplate taking. Fall
and Winter schedule
now effective.
For time-tables, rates, and fallin'
formation call on or address noareM
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
W. P. ANDEH80N,    B. J. OOYlA
T. P. A„ A.G.P. A"
Nelson. V-ji"<-,v'-lV


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