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The Slocan Drill 1903-02-06

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TOL. HI., No. «*
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEBRUARY   0.   1903.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Did you try our genuine
Outario Honey ?
It is pure and unadulterated.    5-lb.
tins for $1; also in small Jcj*
e       e     e     e
Try a tin of Schilling's Best Baking
Powder.  None better.     .     .     •   •
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Sons*
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
E A FIKST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .  7_
fc  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QnTlilNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Re n-sened under
*•*"■ old manii-a-eiiis-nt.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. ArlhsmrBtraetand Dilsi'T Ave**"-*, Sleean.
HaHiling thoroughly renovated
**H'l re Ht ckcil with the heat
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Bell \m •„. Beturaalsle os March 1 ll-K. I.
Bentley Appelates! Aseesser, Collector and City Clerk—Sixth Alilci-maa
Net Tet Cksoseu.
City council met in regular session
''"* l sOq*ay n*s?ht, and waded into a
heap oi subjects, some of them of
much moment to the burg. Present:
Mayor York, Aid. Worden, Smith,Mc-
Ni-isli and Arnot.
Aid. McCallum presented his credentials and took his seat for the first
time at the new board.
Aid, McCallum spoke of the appointment of the police and license
commissioners, as being different from
the council's recommendation. He
was surprised at his own appointment
but had consented to act.
Correspondence read: From H. D.
Curtis, auditor, maintaining the correctness, substantially, of his report
on the school trustees' books, but explaining the debatable points. Ordered filed.
Aid. Worden wrote, tendering the
free use to the council of his half interest in the city hall for the current
year. Accepted on motion of Aid.
Arnot aud McNeish.
It. A. Bradshaw notified the council
that the rent of the city hall from
March 1 would lie increased to $7.50
per month, the present rent being
*}2.50.   Laid over for one week.
The Provincial Secretary wrote,
notifying the council that Aid. McCallum and C. E. Smitheriiigale had
IxH'ii appointed police and license
commissioners.   Filed.
Ii. Wolfendeii, the kiug's printer,
qiiot.'d price of 815 for a copy of the
revised statutes of 18(.)7, and "52.50 for
each rear since, or a total of 527.50.
Lett *'r find.
Tho clerk reported thersvwas a bll-
anec of SlOi.lO in tlie treasury. Aid.
Arnot and Worden then moved that
tlie stilt ulcs required be purchased.
Bills presented: H. Guest, stationery, 53.40; R..I. Bentley, returning officer. 810. Referred to the finance
A long discussion followed upon the
question of assessing the city, laid
over from last week, the main issue
lieing the cost. The clerk held that
it would take nearly two months to
complete the work and enter it in the
The various aldermen agrml upon
the absolute necessity of rushing the
assessment, so as to get the taxi's into
the treasury.
Aid. Worden and Arnot inovid that
the clerk I*' appointi-d assessor, at a
salary of §50. for the year 11103, ths>
assessment to commence at once and
end on March 16.   Carried,
Aid. McCallum and Smith moved
that the assessment roll lie made returnable to council on March 16. Carried.
The mayor introduced the subject
of passing a road tax bylaw, by which
means tlie city would derive much
more revenue, the yearly rate lieing
$2. It would lie collected from every
man not contributing otherwise to the
city's finances. They had lieen given
the power to levy the tax when lirst
incorporated as a city, but had so fur
refrained from doing so. There were
numliers of men in the city who ought
to contribute to the maintenance of
tho city's streets and sidewalks. The
tax was collected in other towns and
should Ik* here.
After some hesitancy on the part of
the council, Aid. McCallum gave not
ice of introducing road tax bylaw No.
li> at next regular meetings
The clerk was instructtxl to look
after the treasurer's binds.
The appointment of a sixth alderman was next taken up, the council
lieing unanimous on the point of securing a man at once.
Aid. McCiillum suggested the major appoint a committee to interview
all eligible ratepayers for the position.
Aid.Arnot made a motion in accordance with the suggestion, which was
seconded by Aid. McCallum, and carried.
His worship appointed Aid. Arnot.
McCallum and McNeish to the committee, they to report at the next reg-
ular meeting.
Aid. McCallum spoke of appointing
a collector for the year. Moved liy
Aid. Smith nnd Arnot that 11.1. Bentley lie appointed city clerk and collector at the same salary as last year.
iiis worship stated nothing had as
yet lieon heard from the government
respecting the caiic-elliitic-m of bylaw
H, but so soon as wordcaine a special
mooting would beheld. As there was
no particular business ahead,he would
sut^gi'st the council not meet again for
two weeks, so as lo allow the members
to go to ii concert next Monday.
Aid. McNeish said it looked pretty
weak to adjourn  for u concert, and [
others stated it was establishing a bad
The mayor replied there was really
nothing to do, anyway.
In answer to a query from Aid. McCallum, the clerk said the collection
of trailers' licenses would commence
on the morrow.
Aid. Worden rose and objected to
the taxes piled on him. He was down
for $50 wholesale liquor, $10 Music
Hall, $10 livery, and $5 for selling
coal. It was a regular bleeding. If
insisted on, he gave notice he would
drop the wholesale business. He was
only selling a little beer and did not
make $50 out of it.
Mayor York suggested amending
the bylaw.
Clerk Bentley said the bylaw could
not be nme-rsded by a simple resolution. He read the bylaw,showing the
operation of the clauses objected to.
Aid. Arnot next rose to make his
maiden speech, on the question of a
waterworks system for Slocan. He
would like to see au engineer's report
on the scheme obtained as soon as
possibk*, so that the council might
proceed with putting it in. He urged
the council to lose no time with this
important matter. Personally.he was
in the council for the purpose of getting water in the city and he was going to work hard for that object.
Aid. McNeish had spoken to one
engineer on the subject, and the latter
had stated it would be ini|>ossible to
(XHsduct a proper survey to Goat
creek till after the snow had gone. It
was useless to try and do anything
before snmmer.
Aid. McCallum produced an old estimate on the scheme, as submitted to
the council by Messrs. Gething and
Taylor. A report was very essential.
Large Ixxlies moved slowly, such as
the city council. It would be well to
get all tlie preliminary work done, so
that they might act promptly when
the snow did go off.
Mayor York was gratified io see
such warm advocacy of the scheme.
.Be would suggest thc iire, water and
light committee handling the matter.
Aid. McCallum had seen Engineer
Morrison, of Nelson, who would make
a prelinary survey for the scheme for
$200 or so.
The discussion cudi-d in the fire
water and light  committee  getting
hold of the scheme, with  instructions
to -report as soon as possible.
Aid. McNeish wanted to know what
about the payment of th" school expenses for January. Aid. Arnot and
Smith moved that the clerk draw n
voucher for $150 at the first of each
month for school purposes.   Carried.
Aid. Worden, on liehalf of the fire
brigade, made application for three
good fire ladders and 15 rubber coats.
Aid. McNeish said rubber goods
would advance al>out 50 i**or cent on
March 1, so the council had better
Left to the fire, water and light
The mayor introduced subject of a
donation to the city band, but no action was taken.
Aid. McNeish inquired how much
monev had been collected for liceuses
since Jan. 1, and was told $815.
Aid. McCallum moved that all committees hand in their estimates for the
year uot later than the 16th. Seconded
by Aid. Arnot and carried.
Council adjourned.
Kxpluaalery Circular Isssicd by the Pro-
vlsienal Secretary.
H. Mortimer    Lamb,   provisional
secretary of the B. C. Mining Associ
ation, recently organized at Victoria,
has issued the following circular to
the public:
The conditions surrounding the
mining industry of British Columbia
the principal industry of the province-have Ix-come so burdensome
that mining operations have ceased to
yield a profit U* investors, and capital
has ceased to flow into the country.
Kfforts hnve liceu mado liy certain
classes of the community, sometimes
on liehalf of practical miners, sometimes on behalf of the niineowners.and
sometimes by delegations from municipalities to secure relief from parliament of Canada and the legislature of
this province. All such efforts have
hitherto failed, partially owing to the
imperfect knowledgeof our difficulties
possessed by our legislators, and partially owing* to the lack of united organization fairly representative of all
persons interested in the mining industry. With a view to overcoming
such obstacles and securing for the
mining industry the support which it
deserves.it is proposed to form a large
and representative association of miners, mineowners, merchants, bankers,
farmers and professional men, and all
other persons who may be directly or
indirectly interested in the mining industry.
By this means and apparently by
this means only, can we secure relief
for the industry and such favorable
legislation as will restore confidence
in foreign capitalists. If we can make
our niiuing industry prosperous, every
other industry iu tne province will
naturally and necessarily share in
such prosperity. The present depression of nearly all such other industries
is the natural and necessary result of
the depression in mining.
The proposed association is not an
untried experiment. Some years ago
the miners and mineowners of California found themselves hampered as
we are uow with a lot of unjust legislative conditions. A few individuals
met together to discuss the situation
and devise a remedy, and they started
the California Miners' Association for
that purpose. The idea was grasped
immediately by the working miners,
mineowners, merchants, farmers, and
others, and the result was that within
a very short time the association succeeded in obtaining all the remedial
legislation they required, and the mining industry of the state increased by
leaps and bounds and brought pros-
perity to all other industries also.
Fortunately wo have in our midst a
gentleman—J. B. Holison, manager of
the Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic
Mining Co.- -who was one of the originators of the California Miners' Association, nnd he will lend all the assistance he can to make a similar success of the Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia.
A preliminary meeting was held iii
Victoria on January 14th, when a
committee was appointed to draw up
a re-port to be presented to a public
meeting on the following day. Ou
Jan. 15th, a large and representative
public meeting was held in the board
of trade building. Victoria, attended
by numbers of working miners, mine
managers, merchants, memliers of the
who realized that the welfare of the
mining industry means the welfare of
the province. Tho chairman, Mr.
Holison, explained fully the objects of
the new association. The greatest enthusiasm prevails, aud it was realized
that at length a means had lieen
found that would ensure an uplifting
of the mining industry from its present depression to a position of prosperous expansion.
The meeting recognized that owing
to the rather spontaneous nature of
the new scheme no opportunity had
been afforded to secure the co-operation of the people throughout the province, and it was decided to call a
convention, to lie held iu Victoria on
Feb. 25th. when delegates from all
districts would lie able to attend and
formulate a permanent organization.
Copies of the minutes of the meetings
and of the committee's report and the
minutes of the meeting on Jan. 15th
will explain what has lieen effected up
to this date.
All that remains to lie done is to
secure representative delegates from
the various cities and districts of the
province for the purjiose of attending
the convention at Victoria on Feb.
25th. The successful organization of
the Provincial Mining Association of
British Columbia will ensure lietter
conditions for the mining industry,
aud thereby restore confidence in the
magnificent mineral resources of the
The first thing to lie doue in each
city and district is to call a meeting
as promptly as possible of all persons
interested in mining, and especially
of the practical working miners, mine-
owners, nierchants.farniers and others
whose business prosperity is affected
directly or indirectly by the prosperity of the mining industry, and let
each man sign the membership roll.
Each community is entitled to send
one delegate to every 20 members, "tr
one delegate in the case of a community of less than 20 memliers. The
chairman of each meeting will promptly send in the uames of all memliers
to the secretary.
The delegates' credentials will consist merely of a letter signed by the
chainnau and secretary of each local
bninch.certifyiiigthe number of members enrolled in each city or district,
and the names of the delegates ap*
•Jr-inti'd. The constitution and bylaws
of the new association will be settled
nt the convention on Feb. 25th.
Will Spend a Mlllleis.
On his return to Vancouver from
Montreal last week, R. Marpole, general superintendent of the Pacific division of the C.P.R., announced a
million dollar programme. That sum
is to lie expended bv the company on
improvementa in tliis province. He
also announced tluit the Imperial
Limited is to run daily this season,
and that the 60 pound rails on the
line from Revelstoke to the coast are
to be replaced by SO pound rails.
Further, the big hill at Kicking Horse
is to be cut dowu and the Canadian
Pacific mav follow the Great Northern
example and build into the rich Situ
ilkamccii country. On that point
Supt. Marpole said: "The subject of
a branch into the Siinilkainei-u is receiving the earnest attention of tin*
management, I am strongly in favor
of tlie construe'ion of a branch south
from the main line at Silence's
Bridge, aa being quits* practiciible,and
the cost would lie reasonable."
The Paystreak has lost two pages.
Last Year's Shipments Were 8333 Tens—
A Healthy Kvidenee ef the Life and
Wealth of the Cansp-Enterprise the
Biggest Shipper.
The Ottawa has everj thing its own
way lately iu ore shipments, no other
property appearing on the list. It
sent out a car of very high grade ore
during the week to the Trail smelter,
the returns from which will be something handsome. Another car of ore
is •Irmtx and Kill be sent out for next
week. The Republic will like\y send
out its car next week also. No ore
has yet come down from the Meteor.
To date shipments total 265 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  145
Arlington  40
Ottawa  20     .'         (SO
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  1
Ds.yteu  2
20 206
Slocan ore shipments are over 1500
The Mercury mine, at Sandon, has
susjiended operations.
The Bosun mine has comnieueed to
ship again, sending out 40 tons this
Bar silver iwc to 47jj during the
week, then fell to 47jJ, and is now
selling at -47*5-
The Exchange was closed down
tight this week, and the tools and provisions taken away.
\Y. McKenzie had his left hand severed bv a circular saw at the Le Roi
mine, Rossland, on Tuesday.
Operations were temporarily sus-
pended at the Iron Horse on tne 1st,
and the men came down the creek.
The American customs officers have
ribVied up some new kick on zinc, so
Slocan shipments are running light.
A force of 16 men is employed at
the Fisher Maiden mine, on Four
Mile. They have an abundance of ore
iu sight.
The north drift from the foot of the
sliaft ou the Iron Horse, when they
closed down, was in 46 feet. The ore
body was enlarging right along.
Capital has been raised to resume
operations on the Spitzee mine at
Rossland. Lucien W eyl, formerly dt
the Chapleau mine, L-emoo creek, wi-v*
in control of the property.
Seven men were overcome by gas in
a winze at the Columbia Kootenay
mine, at Rossland, Tuesday morning.
All were rescued excepting Gns Felti
and Gus Olesou, who lost their live*
by asphyxiation.
Good news conies from the Payne
this week to the effect that the vein
and main ore chute had been encountered in the No. 8 tunnel. This drift
was run in from the McGuigan side of
the. hill and was started throe years
ago, costing* big sum of money.
\V. H. Davidson brought down a
30-pound chunk of ore, Wednesday
from the Dayton, just ns it was taken
out of the ledge. Thc ore is causiug
quite a stir in'town. The less* vs are
meeting with much success and have
added another man to their force.
Acllna at Last.
Thb Drill had prepared a lieautif ul
roast this week on the attorney general's department for their tardiness in
attending to some business matters for
Slocan. .Some word of the Intended
roast must have reached the depart*
ment.for a telegram was received here
Wednesday night that the matter had
been fixed up. That demonslrates tlio
mighty influence exerted by this powerful and very high-falutin journal.
It is now going on for three
months since a request was sent to the
department asking for the cancellation
of bylaw No. 14, known as the mil)
aid bylaw, in which an error occurred.
The cancellation has now lieen made
and the council will get down to busi
ness at ouco and rush the bylaw
through, it being re-submitted to the
ratepayers at an early date. The Ion**
drawn" out question of the mill site
will lie brought to a close, and the
purchase of the property promptly
elTsvts'd.   Thi'iv  will  be a general
feeling of relief when the whole business is ended, as the mill company
will then have nothing to delay them
proceeding with tin- fulfillment of
their extensive plans of construction. I;
Ilie     Man**
nisB>s,     and
lis'.ir        tin-
I ht-      slusli
A Nord by Annie Thompson.
This business of despatching parcels and writing apsDiogiea, occupied
hlm until luto in lhe- evening: wlieD
It was completed, he took up Alan's
papers witli the Intention .sf examinr
inn those among them that hud iio-
feronsv tsi l'ii'hnrd Twiss. Try ns he
would he could not apply his mind
to the Brnehoad Street property, llis
thoughts persistently wandered
\\liB>re his eyes led them, to that
Isivoly girlish ful'.. reproduced so perfectly hy Alans pencil, lip leaned
bock in his chair, and, perforce, gave
himself license to think of her.
Memory was eager to pis lure Is) hi ill
rardutT, the ^ 1 •»\\ inr;
Mnry.        lie coulsl
droning of bei*9,
f waves upon the
shore—ansl Mary's voice, now gay,
now earnest, nssw s.isl. All her worsls
came hark to him. as he listened
hi-r happy eonliih-nces. her proud
praise of her lover—that incomparable lover, who was so clever, who
kiis-w so much, who did everything
so well, whose favorite study was
music! Stay—hs-re at last was the
slue to that haunting recollection !
He found himself listening- so intently to the weinl iliri.-i*-like minor nir,
linked in rs*citative with the words
"lie came lo deliver them who
through fs*ar sif sls-nth were all
I heir lifetime subject to bondage."
"Substitute the word     'Discovery'
for the word  'Death,1  reuVeted .lohn,
'and  I can understand  how he has
contrived to express so much fear in
ihe music."
The darkness hail grown deep it
was close on midnight: lie laid ivside
.Man's paper till the morrow. His
last waking vision was of a face,
white and sad, with dark eyes that
looked into his almost despairingly, "l'oor Kate." he thought, what
a contrast she is to Mary! Will the
devil keep her awake to-night, I
wonder? Sho is a strange. Incomprehensible girl; I wish she were
happier—poor Kate!"
On Friday morning, the carefully
prepared "Memorandn. of my
nrother's dealings with mo: and details of the sale for £0,000, of our
property in Braehead Street," were
closely examined. They Included an
exact account of the various sums
paid by Hichard to his brother ;
ending with the note of the 12CXI,
in exchange for which Alan had
agreed to resign all further claims
on their joint property. There was
no evidence among the mass ai
notes, newspaper cuttings and letters, to support Hichard s representation that the property had depreciated in value—tlie contrary s.-eiu-
ed to be the case but there was
proof that Richard had conclusled
the sale of thc houses for £6.000,
by private bargain, on the very day
that Alan consented to relinquish
his claim on them. How Alan
could have allowed himself to be so
duped, appeared almost incomprehensible: his negligence in looking into
his own atTairs, was only to be accounted for when his ill-health and
youth were taken into consider.itiuis
When John tied together ths- Memoranda before ret inning them to
their place, his opinion of Richard
Twiss had undergone considerable
change: it was destined to be still
further changed during the duy.
He succeedt-d beyond his expectations in finding among his acquaintances those who could enlighten him
as to the place occupied by Oavin
Wishart in the general esteem. Both
as r.-garded his public and his private life, this young man was held
to be altogether blameless, altsi-
geiher praiseworthy. Yet. while he
listens*d to the eulogies pronounced
bv on,- person after another, upon
Mary's lover, John felt a growing
piiy for him begotten of the conviction that Oavin, in spite of his
enviable position in thc worlsl s estimation, must constantly, through
fear of discovery, be subject to u
ds'grndmg and  intolerable  bondage
In the course of his inquiries John
also gleaned some further information concerning Twite; whereby his
Imiirsssi- nn that the lawyer was a
suninp. becstuns strengthened. Viide-
niably, ba would have viewed these
two men in an entire!) different
light had he had the rotuos.'**.
grounds for hoping thut Murv's
atliiuslo towards him might be al-
tereil he realized this fact at intervals, anil despised himself.
When the hour of his appointment
With Hichard Twiss drew near, he
repaired to the room in winch he
had elected  to receive his visiinr
Throughout the day he hail b,un
fully occupied—its climax.—tin*, com-
ing interview—was close at hand.
and the closer it Came the less prepared for it did he feel. The end he
had in view was clear.
by which he hoped
it were clear also,
ther these means were
whether they would suffice, what he
should do in the event of their fuiling
to suffice—all this was not clear at
all. He had grasped hastily at the
nisBst effective plan for securing
TtrLiry's happiness that had suggested
itself to him. and now -that the
time for putting it into execution
hud arrived, he felt as though he
Wen grasping a shudow. All the
advantages of tkis arrangement bed
been prominent until this moment,
when they elnced thi'inselvi's in favor of its defects. And time pressed
So! Thero was no longer uny leisure
left in whish to devise un alternative course of procedure.
A card luy on his table, left there
by some one who hud culled that
afternoon, and, finding him ulisent.
hud expressed nn intention of calling
again in the evening. As he looked nt
the means
to attain
but     who-
":■' I'l.llalS,
the name on this curd. John felt
his perplexities increase He was debating whether or no to dony himself to all visits.rs thai mglit. when
Twiss was announced.
That inspiring vision of the Finger
of    Providence,     by    which  Hichard
Twiss had been so much   encouraged
while he prepared to leave town on
Thursday, remained with him-   until
his   return   ou   Friday    During      his !
stay he experienced a delicious case |
of mind, his difficulties vanished one i
by     oue.     and     brilliant     prospects j
spread themselves before him He I
was able to look forward com- |
placently to the proposed meet ing
with Davin Wishart on Tuesday,
because he saw himself in Imagination purchasing Argentine iionds
in London on Monday. He even
mapped out for tbe new securities a
career of most successful duplicity.
Mental ease induced physical ease:
for a brief space of time lie enjoyed
complete immunity from fear, either
of loss or of pain.
Unfortunately the vision grew less
distinct as he returned to the city:
by the time he had reached lhe Central, it had almost deserted him.
John was not more bs*set by doubts
and dreads, thnn was his visitor.
Having met. the two men promptly exerted themselves to evasle ihe
ob.;ect of their meeting. They spoke
of the appearance of the country,
of the forward state of tl.e crops,
of possible danger to the harvest
from drought al present und from
tloods later on. They discussed the
Cooper's Mill firo and its attendant
disasters. John made particular inquiries aa to his companion's
health: Twiss, in his turn asked
whether Mr. Cayford Intended to remain long in Scotland.
"No," said John, T leave almost immediately. I sail from Plymouth next week."
A pause ensued. Each measured
his chances of success, and found
them small: each grew more resolutely determined to Obtain what
ho wanted, in some way.
"I have not forgotten our conversation in your ollice yesterday,"John
said at length. "Vou made a request
then which I promised to consider.
I have considered it."
Twiss leaned forward in his chair,
breathing with difficulty: he put
his hand to his heart, not because he
felt pain there, but because that horrible dread of pain, that parabzing
terror, hud begun to creep over him.
As in a lightning hash, he suddenly
saw what his position would he if
the money were denied to him: the
sight filled him with alarm, almost
with despair. He tried to speak, bul
his lips could scarcely  shape words.
"Your answer?" he munaged to
"I have a proposal to make to you
Mr. Twiss. I will not lend you the
money"—Kichard almost speased
breathing—"but you can have it it'
you will, on one condition."
"What condition?"
"Your brother hus told you of his
lnnocei.ee. He has told you thut I
hold tho proofs of it. and here they
are. I propos.*"" to exchange this
cheque, for your consent to the
destruction by mo of these pro.ifs before anyone but myself has seen
them. Will you take it?"
Twiss stared in amazement from
tho long strip sif paper held towarsl
him, to the bundle of papers on the
table, ninl to John's face He
had not thought twice of his brother's letter; salvation for himself
had not seemed to lie anywhere in
that direction. Dut clearly these
proofs were of importance! He tried
to rally his wils. His haml stole involuntarily out to the cheque.
"If Alan is innocent, who is guilty?" he asked,  hesitating.
"I have not the remotest intention
to teil you. Your brother left instructions that these proofs were to
be slii-An, not lo you al all, but to
a third person. Since I reached this
countr) certain facts have come to
my knowledge which lead me to believe that, had he known all I know,
Alan would have destroyed his papers before his death. I lake upon
myself the responsibility of acting as
I believe he would have wished me
to ait. With your consent. I shall
destroy his papers without consulting this third person: I ask for your
consent mainly because your name
i.iis had disgrace attached to it,
Which those proofs would clear
"What if I refuse to give it?"
"\ uu will not refuse. Y'ou ni'i'd
this money."
"1 am to consider the money in the
light of compensation for a disgraced
"You are ut liberty to consider it
in any light you choose."
"I shot'ld have he.ird nothing at all
about the matter, l conclude/, if Alun
hud nsu. nlisid.-sl to it in his 1.-i' *• r
to uie He has bs*en particularly
foriunute in ins choice of un ex..cij-
tor, Mr. Cayford: he is to be congratulated,  I  think."
John  was silent.
"Perhaps." sneered Hichard, "I am
to understand lhat you prefer to
have the odium of forgery nttudied
to a relative of mine rather than to
a relative of yours! 'lhat would not
be unnatural.".
"Understand precisely what ypu
please I had the impression yesterday, that a very disagreeable sssimin
would attach itself lo \oi.r nana-, it
this sum n( inons-y Were not forth-
Coii.n.i: tii-Morrow."
Richard's  lingers closed  upon    the
"I « sll take u," he said.
"Thanks,' reluruod JssUn. "Then
we m.>> consider our IntorView at
an end."
Twiss exaiiiiin.d lhe cheque plucesl
it in his pocket book, rose—n-ul
then repeated himself
"1 would prefer is, we those papers  sls-str..;, ed.'    ho        d      IsprCiOUsi*.'.
"Oh, by all ins.sis'-! I um delighted
to huv.- you us a witness, ll is possible that wo shad have s s**cpnd: 1
am expecting vour fi ,.-i,d Mr Wisharl
to  call   jmiiiidi
"I shall noi stay," said itl'diard,
rising   lis  liable
"There  is   oils:   pai kel   here."     con-I
tinued John, turning over tl.e papers,     "tl.ul you    may   care  to    pre- '
serve, l am u<>t an-UouB to destroj
it, and it contains soul- rains-r interesting information. Alan has labelled It, ' Memoranda isf my brother's dealings with nu-: and details
of the sale tor £G,000, of our properly in Braehead Street,' Do you
want it?"
Hichard swore; seized the packet
tendered to.liim, and departed.
"That kind of reptile," reflected
John, "must live in perpetual fear
of discovery he has perhaps grown
used to the bondage."
He sighed with relief at the
thought that he was now free to destroy the papers: yet he was far
from feeling altogether at ease in his
mind. Since he had announced his
intention to violate his promise to
Alan, thai promise seemed to have
become particularly binding.
Mary's happiness, Mary's happiness) at all costs, it must be secured.
Dusk was falling, a damp mist enveloped the city. John set light to
tho lire in his grate; the damp chilled him, and a fire would be useful.
Up leaped the flumes, shedding a
ruddy glare throughout the room!
He gathered together his papers—
Mary's picture being uppermost—
and drew his chair to the fire-sisle.
The glowing light illumined her face,
her lovely, happy face. No sorrow
must shadow it, no trouble must
conic to her that he could keep at a
There was a stir within the room,
Gavin  Wishart entered.
In three minutes lhe voung man
had said various graceful things in
a graceful way. He apologized for
his intrusion, expressed thanks for
the parcel of books brought from
Melbourne, regretted that his aunt
should have trespassed so largely
on Mr. Cay ford's good nature, and
alluded to Feldrossan as a place
where they had interests in common. John watched him, as he seated himself in the fire light, and failed to detect in his face any sign that
he was subject to a terrible bondage
through fear of discovery.
Tne firelight, glancing hero and
there, fell brightly on Mary's picture
and attracted flavin's notice to it.
He uttered an involuntary exclamation of surprise. John handed the
drawing to him.
"This is excellent indeed!" said
Wishart. "I hud no idea that you
were an artist."
"I am not: that was drawn by a
young friend of mine—Alan Twiss."
Gavin started so violently. that
the paper flew from his hand to tho
ground. John lifted it up. He hnsl
had one momentary glimpse of a face
disfigured by fear, thereafter he kept
his eyes fixed on the drawing in his
"Alan Twiss had rather a sad history," he said. "I met him as he
was on his way home from Melbourne: we traveled together as far
as Tenerife, where he died, just as
we were landing. He had left home
in ill health two years before, and
hud been accused of forgery after
he left. He had been successful in
collecting proofs of his innocence: he
was coming home to clear his name.
At Tenerife he expected to meet a
friend who could give evidence that
would incriminate the forger. I
learned that this friend of his was
already dead. ' Alan's proofs, however, were quite sufficient: he left
them in my hands, trusting to me to
see justice done. Three weeks ago I
came to Glasgow to curry out Jiis
wishes. There were delays. Tho
papers were to be handed to a Mr.
Anderson, who was absent from
town, I had to wait his return. He
returns on Monday, but in the interval—my determination has been
changed. I have resolved, rightly or
wrongly, to break my pledge to Alan,
The name of the forger was known
solely, solely, to Corbett, to Alan,
and to myself. Corbett und Alan are
now dead; and I hold all the proofs
in my hands, here. This is the forg-
s*d receipt. These are three letters
written by the forger to Corbett: tho
first one proves that the writer was
in nes-d of money; the second proves
that he was an adept In the art of
imitating handwritings: the third
proves that he was with Corbett at
the time when, and in the place
where, the receipt wns forged, Here
nr- other two letters, from Curbs-! t
to Alan, giving full details All
thi'se papers, which I undertook to
produce,  I am now gsiing to  burn."
He dropped them, one by one, into
tlie fire.
"And now," he suid, "there is absolutely no proof whatever, remaining. Every one of the piip.-rs consigned to mo by Alan is destroyed;
excepting  this,   which   1   Intend     to
He continued to look steadily at
the drawing, his head turned away
from tiie figure beside him.
I'or  several   iniiiuii-s  ncill-or  ssnind
nor movement was made. Then
John's aim was touched, He looked
at his companion, Mary would havo
found it difficult to recognize her
lover—his face wus so White, so
"Mr. Cayford—»" he began, and
could not articulate another word,
"You, too," said John slowly,
"you, too, are distressed at tho
thought of poor Alan's sad life; and
yet arc relieved that, since he is
cli-ad, the other shoulil go free. Tho
happiness of olher lues is a thing
to be guarded, Mary's happiness
has always besai dear to me she teliB
ate lhat you nre to have I l.e sure of
ii. I hops.—I believe, it is in safe
ha mis."
.•-til!. Gavin could nut utter one
word. "Ths. two l.«.kcd ut each other in silence- their hands nut for u
moment:   then  Oavin  ro>e,  anil  went.
< lIAl'iT.K VIII.
John left lor tiie South, on Saturday: his hasty departure fexclted little comment, his short visa was
soou almost forgotten, At tha Mansg
Mary was tlie only one whs, spoke
much of him. und, as ihe mention ot
ins nume lnviii lulsh reduced Kale
to silence. Mary concluded that, fssi
somo altogether unimaginable reason, Kate must havo taken .i dls
like to him, Mary would have n-u
great soreness oi heart regarding
this mutter, hud not her lover pis \
ed  so ready  to hear and    bpcuk     ul
the absentee. She thought il un additional proof ol Gavin's goodness,
Hint lie should lake such a vivid
interest in her dear John.
■I really believe thai you will
soon como to admire and like him
as much as I do, Gavin!" bhe exclaimed oils) day,
"Perhaps I do so already," he answered. .
The prolonged spell of glorious
weather which had lasted so long,
came to an end at length. The finest
June that had been known for
years, was succeeded by a stormy
July, the wind raged, the sea lashed
Itself into fury, wrecks strewed the
coasi, the newspaper columns wore
filled daily with lists of casualties
and disasters. At night time, Kate
would stand for hours by her window in a state ol wretched despair;
for the "Curlew" was nine days out
from England, and there was no
word yet of her arrival at Tenerife.
Kato watched inky masses of cloud
tear their way across the sky; she
looked lower, and saw whito surf
driven furiously upon the rocks. The
darkness that descended to blot
out all sighls, seemed to lend a
terrible Intensity to all sounds.
While Kate stared, wide-eyed, into
impenetrable blackness, all her senses
seemed to merge themselves into her
power of hearing. She listened to the
roar of the sea. the moaning and
wailing ot tho wind, until sound became an unendurable torture, and,
witli hands pressed tight against her
ears, she paced up and down her
room in misery.
Early one morning, the "Curlew"
floated gently into Santa Cruz Duy,
and lay at anchor there, safe from
the furious storm through which she
had passed. Culm and sunshine and
beauty greeted her; the burning wind
of noon-day had not risen. It was
the hour of mass. Spanish ladies,
who had not yet been driven by the
heat to Laguna, were on their way
to tho Iglesia do la Concepcion.
Their long black dresses and black
mantillas, contrasted strangely with
ihe brilliant colors worn by the
peasants, who trooped down the
Plaza to the Mole, bearing roses and
magnolias and oleanders—-peaches
and grapes and loquois, wherewith
tsi tempt the newly arrived passengers.
Two of these, landing at the Mole,
made their way as quickly as the
heat would allow, up the Flaza and
down the l alio Cruz Verde. Thev
followed the black robed ladies to
the Iglesia de la Concepcion, passed
that, crossed the bridge, and turned
from the Calle San Carlos into a
wide rough road, Hanked on one
side by a steep barranco. From this,
a sharp turn to the left brought them
within view of their destination.
lacing them was a long while
wall. It had two entrances—wooden
doors, e.ich surmounted by an iron
crssss. Behind it lay the Spanish
and English cemeteries: before it
stood a Spaniard, who, at the approach of the strangers, opened for
them tho right hand gats- leading
into the English division.
They found themselves in a small
plot of ground thickly crowded with
graves. There wns one tree iu It. a
large pepper tree, standing in the
centre and shading the whole. With
some difficulty they succeeded in
making the Spaniard understand
their quest. He led them 1 o a grave
in the extreme corner on tin* right
hand side. A bamniu plant und a
rose bush, slecoruled Alan's resting
With the same constricted feeling
about their throats us when thej
had watched by Alan on lhe Mule,
these two men stoosl looking at his
Suddenly a low sound of chanting
was heard: it remained for long,
distinct in Johns memory. The Spaniard movesi away lo unfasten the
gate of the other cemetery. Dr.
Hrand, John's compunion, followed
the man, unit stood with him. wutch-
ing the procession thut cuuie slowly
up the Calle San Sebastian—priests
first, then the collin. then the
mourners. Tho Spaniard ents-red into
a long disquisition on the fever that
was causing so many death in Santa
Cruz at this season Dr. Hrand listened nodded his head, and said
"Si, si," at intervals, although he
could understand very little of what
was said.
John, meanwhile, knelt down be~
sislo the grave, cleared away earth
until he had uncovered a fairly deep
space, nnd then took up a small
metal box that he had brought there
with him, Ho unlocked it, look.sl
Steadily for a few moments nt. the
picture ssf a lovely face lying within,
ther. fastened it and buried it out
of sic hi.  under  the eurth.
"Au absurd piece of sentiment I" ho
remarked to himself us he turned
a way.
Thi- chanting grew louder and louder—the procession came nearer and
nearer      They waited until    it     hail
piissi'il   into   the    Spanish     I'rinrliT)
Then  tliey  made their way.    slowly,
through   the  burning  heal,   hack     to
lhe ship.
illl".  END.
His BacK
And Hips
/''"■.'•(sf    /* -y /vj     "Pinto Shell**
f      Jr*« >--\   r^v^BKsm.    (-orc'ovan for
J       <•]   J "\ ^f\ nOx*:-%A.    H.B.K. mitts
and gloves is
made   frum
rJi'^mh* mmmm§      the "shell "jr
ba-*k and hips of the Western Bronco, the toughest hid*
w .u..t »or weight worn by any animal.
Tanned by a pure vegetable   process without   oil  cr
minerals to conduct cold.
The toughest most pliable leather used in mitts or gloves.
Scorch and boil proof—will not stilTen in cold weather
nor crack when dried out quickly. ^^n^o^'
Bold by all dealers.  See this brand
If vour dealer has. not k»1 I hem Writs us and send his name.
Each pair stamped " l'irsto 5hs-.ll •' Cordovan by
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
SO Bt Qeor-js Stmt, Mon'.real.     lis Princess StrMt. Wlonlpog.
Makers of Warm Clothing, Mitts. Gloves, Undarwear, Sox. Mocca ;ln», eta.  IM
A  roun try  which    has  no  national       Avoid   singularity.   There   may
llts-inture,   or a  literature  too insig- j ten  be less vanity  in    following the |
iiifi'iB.it    to    force its    way abroad,   new modes, than in adhei
must always be, to its neighbors at
least :n every Important spiritual i e-
-piit, an unknown nnd unestiiiuiti-.l
i ouni ry.—Carlyle.
■Irs-isil  nnd  Honey.
If people would use more honey nnd
less butter on their bread, It would be
better for their health, especially fur
children nnd invalids, ut least such us
suffer from defective or wenk digestive
A  '.BB*.(iiSiir>   Grin.
The chef was Ignorant of the presence of the comiil'til king, who eyed
hliu critically, while n sunny smile
danced guyly over bis dimpled features. Suddenly tho chef been me aware
of his  presence and  suid us be most
urtisiiciiiiy salaamedi
i would have your majesty know
thut l have just created a formula for
a soup thut shull win uu Instant Im*
"And wbnt muy it be?" asked the
monarch Impatiently.   "I never wus un
expert lu tbe nrt of guessing, und  I
would know the name of yonr new de- j
And the chef, appreciating the king's '
Interest und bis own Importance, sa
luuuipd again und replied:
"Mock   missionary."
1 pier's   Y-Z   (Wise   llessil)   Disinfectant
Soap   Powder  is  better  than   olher  soup
I .-v. ih rs.   sss   it   nlso   sss'ts   as   ts   ilislnlei't-
II l'l
Always lisok on the bright siile of
iliinL*-—unsl if you are going to invest your coin therein look ssn both
Bring to the |
obi nnea.   It  is true that the foolish]
inveitl them,  but the wise may   eoo- I
form   to,     instead     of   contruilining
i hem —Joubert.
AiflanJ'; Linimcut is best Hair Restorer,
No one is able to discover thnt al
rich man is a fool until after he |
loses his money.
liny  rum is a  liquid that  goes to|
tho head but doesn't Intoxicate
liuty performed gives clearness ami
firmness to faith, and faith thus
strengthened through duty becomes
the more assured ansl satisfying to
lhe mui.—Tyri'n Edwards.
We    should  be as    careful     ui tli
books we rend us of the Company «e|
keep.   The    dead    often  have nu
power    tlinn the living.—Tyron KJ-I
A publlsvapliitcd association, anxtoua
to rellava alcknes.i. will ba glad to send
trjr»jB»s..s!a auSerers an Illustrated book
axplalolng Ilia cause of dyspepsia and
pointing out a cure. It lias tiroucht |oy
and haaltb to thouistinsls It ls absoluts?-
ly fraa. Write to-slssy. Uo nol pass by
tals aenerous otter Asiilress American
Haaltn IrapioviMnenl Association. P O.
Box  S818.   HosBton.
I,is\-ii)   tta h Hn.'.illefip.
The liT.-iui.'. ol u.ir country Is ii record
of the sacceiwcs oi posBi boys who
si'iui.d io in- hopeless!*, s.,,u on' from
books, ciiltsire uitd education, sxs opt
tb:ii ui" ilu- most meager kind from ul-
unist every opportunity f"t nis'iuul de*
vi lojiiisi nl. The youthful Franklins,
Llucolus, Qamlltons, Qartlelds, ('runts
ami i lay tons -those wins become presl-
di'iits, lawyers, statesmen, soldiers, orators, merchants, educators, Journalists,
Inventors, giants in every deportment
of life- bow ths-y stand out from the
pages of history, those |soi'r boys, an Inspiration I'or all time to those who nre
born to light their way up to their own
lo.i f!
The youth who ls reared In a luxurious borne, who from tbe moment of bis
birth Is waited on by an army of servants, pampered nud Indulged by over-
fond parents und deprived of every Incentive lo develop lii.iiss-lf lusiitully or
physically, although commonly r.-garded us one to be envied, is more io be
pitied than the poorest, most humbly
born boy or girl iu the laud. I'ii,ess he
ls gifted with an utiumiul mind he Is In
danger oi becoming u degenerate, u par
usiti', ii creature who lives on the labor s,f othsTs. whose powers ultimately
atrophy irom disuse.  Success*.
Illis   < Inisisl.-nilBtn.
Ingotiuir liuskin ■There's a dispute
ubout my acting Some critics put it
in the fust rank, others In the second.
Now, how would ynu designate It?
Horatio Jones—11 Oh id sluinly
designate it us rank.
Hard  tu  B>tli*>e.
"*\Yell, 1 never!" exclaimed Mrs. Bib}
"What's the mutter'/" asked ber husband lu a startled tone us be turu<*J
around from bis shaving glass.
"The Idi'.i of u grown man like yoo
standing there for Uve minutes at I
time admiring yourself!"
•T'm uot admiring myself. My feel
lugs nre those of astonishment nut
admiration, l can't realize thnt l'o
the same person wbo years ugo wsi
culled 'precious pet" ninl held on p*>
ph*'s knees nnd kissed by the ueWh*
bors.   It's uu awful thought."
Only   In   lis.-   fall.
An Irish soldier was crossing a ttu**
rack square with u p.iil in which it
wns going to gB-t some water.
A sergeant passing ut the time, nfr
ticed tbnt Pat  had a very di.-r. puta-
ble looking pair of  trousers on ani
wishing to make n report, stopped til
man uml usked:
"Where are you golngt"
"To get sonis* water."
"Whnt:    In those trousers?"
"No. ss'rgsaut; in tbe pull!"
A   Trm |.rr.t ss. •■   lliaiisplon.
Mrs. T.-us up-Oh. Mr. Tubbs, I wil
oo delighted when I beard thst .■""
wen* such a Stanch champion of t»*
ti*u:p. tance s-aiiss'!
Tubbs Why er I'm not exsctly-
•'Ns.sv. slm.'t try to bids* your H»M
under a bushel, Mr. Tubbs. I knthTi
because 1 beard George say tbsl jot
bnve iiieii a inB.i/.e lighter all your li'"*
He said you puulsbeo! more of it tis''
uny ten men in the state."
The   A|i|Brr< lissloa.
The a nt lis it (ititir the tirst perform*
utifs-i— Well, what do yon tblnk of my
feminine Friend—-II wns just lovelyl
Who designed the beavenly flres-k*M}
When yon go to sr*ri!l«*<*t a bill, the mnn
nt the counter Is less apt lo Inquire
ubout the health of your fumily thun
when you go to pay one.
Ts.-us is < i, Hants.
The Frcu ii : row rill-tun s that are
from two to ilu-B-B- times us lurge us the
American varieties,
*su;si s-ssss-   Test.
"Hs''s the very soul of graeroiltJi
Isn't her
"Yes. Why, tin,.r sny hs* even glvs*
money to his n if "
tlrusnlslrra  linn's   Advert I'i*.
You will Iiud Unit (he rtortff"""***
who Is always complaining tbst t"J***
ns-ss Is not what It iisbbI to 1"' I" ,M
man who doesn't believe lu sdrerttf
Ing.   He Is d.a 1 nnd doesn't know It
Re—Darling, would you rather mm
tin' stone?
Bhe—Not tho nrst time, desr   I "°
ufrtild I might Select one thut w*i» W
At Quito, the only city ln to* tgjj
on the line of th pintnr. tbe ffM m
and rlss'g at 0 o'clos-k tin- y«=>r ro'ii"1*1
For Goodness Sake
Granby Rubbers
The Rubber that has the largest
sale in Canada, simply on account
ofits goodness. Made from
(SjliJ 22J rubber.
"Granby Rubbers wear HKe iron" The Drill-
• a.-,  we enjoy the dead; by
\ nation, ibe living; ond by con-
X|i..".tlon.   ourselves.   Reading    en-
V,   the ■lieniory; conversation pol-
"i     the wit, and contemplation im-
s the judgment.   Of these read-
f° 1 th.' mosi. important, as it fur-
„*„..• both the otuers.-Colton
,„., Diphthorl-a-
•*' JOHN 1). npDTILLIEB;
.■ .,„.■, Village.
ran Croup.
■*•**" J,  l*'.  OUNiNTlNdllAM.
t iiiiB Island.
,.„, ilst  i-emedy on earth.
\i i wayi Mi'.
\|.,., is the highest product of his
«ii history. The discoverer finds
nihil1!* so Brand or lull as himself,
otlib'g so valuable to blm? The
I'ssBit st star is ut the small end of
hu telescope-, the star thnt is look-
in nol looked after nor looked at.
.1*lu*odore Parker.
iliurd'i Uniiner.t is the
ih but has u home, and a family
„,.■ e|ven hostages to the oopimun-
Lv for Kood citi/enship, but he that
„'„, i,i -inii coftnewing interests, i.s
x|.nMil to leuiptation, to idleness,
ml m danger of becoming useless, if
,,t ,i burden and a nuisance in so-
Irtj —Johnson.
eware tf Ointments for Catarrh
lhat Contain Mercury.
I mi'icury will surely destroy tjio sense
I, a,,,ell is nsi comiiietely derange toe
Vhole svstcm when untertiiK it through
hs.- iinic'ous surfaces. Such articles Hiioulil
Lyer lie used except on prescriptions
rum reputable physicians, ns the iloui-
,0 ni,v «iil ilo is ten-fold to the Rood
,nn possibly derive from them
ti ill's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by P.
Cheney ,<; Co., Toli'do. O., Contains
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Vrt - rn' lhe system.  In buying  Hall's
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oiedu, is. ni  P, J. Cheney A Co   Tea
null list'.    II s-s'
,l i>y druKRlata.   Price, 7.rji- iicr lioi-
Ill.s!.'-  Family  Pills  ure  lhe hest
|I will govern my life nnd thoughts
i   thi'  whole   world   were   to    see
• ii d .nd to read the other,   for
llnit iloes    it signify to    nitike any-
|, 11- ,, secret to my neighbor, when
nl. who  Is the searcher of our
sliiil .  nil   our   privacies  sire   open 7
Hcrd'i Llnlmeot (or Rueamatl-m.
ie superior man  is he who ilcvel-
n> harmonious proportions,   his
al   intellectual unsl physical na-
Tliis   should   be   lbs-     suisl   nt
li men ol nil classes shoulil aim.
!   is this only which const it ul i'ii n-atni-ss.—Douglas" Jerrold.
I li a. gcstlon, congs-sts'sl liver, Impure
il    Constipation,   these   ui'i'   what
I'Hii'i   thousands   '>f people who do
I now  what   is the mutter     with
lv"i    They ding along o miserable
ist-Mice;    they  apply  to   the local
.''Bts  ociiisis-iniilly.  and sometimes
iin  n  little  temporary  relief,   bul
. ■  old,   tired,    worn-out,   all-gone,
1st rinsed  feeling  always comes  buck
gain worse tliiin evi'r,  until  in time
i.iToiue tired of living, w'ondei
i hey    were ever  born  arid   why
an* alive iinh'ss to endure con
luni   sulTorlns,     To such    Bufjerers
•    is   a   Iiiiv'imi   nf refuge in Dr
aa ,t    Ksis-nig's    Hamburg    Drops
'     mis discovered mon* (ban   li"
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nerfecl   cure elTi>ctt>tl,  by  takinu Dr.
igusi    Koenig's    Hamburg Drops.
1 a bisitle at ome before it  is tsin
pi'ii are nol to be judgs-sl by their
■l *•     habits und appearances; bul
iho character of their lives and
' '.s -snt ions, anil by their works
- belter Hint a man's own works
nn thai another man's words
'•'lid   praise   him —I,'Kst rungs'.
|l '•
never    was anil never will  be n
ni panacea. In one remedy, lor all
which   llesh   is   heir—Ihs*   very   nn
f many curatlvsu belna such tins'
he germs <if other ami differently
illsonses rossts-sl In Use system sit
'lent—whs! would rs-llevi* sine III
wniilil aggravate Ihe other Ws*
linwevor, in yulnine Wine. «hen
nl'li' lu Hiiiind.  iiiiiidulli'i'iited  stale,
•I. (ssr many and ursvlous nis By
idual ami ttulirioiu use ihe frallesl
    led Into Ciinvnlesi-enrs. ami
h i.v itu' Influence Which Quinine
"ii nature's own rootoratlvos it
-   tin'   drooping   spirl's   of tbo*(
Whom is rhrsitiic stats' nf morbid
nancy nnd luck nl Intereat In life
disease ami liv trnni|iilli/ini' lhe
disposes to Hound ssml refreshing
ini|inrts vigor lo the action of tho
which, being Hiimuinted. courses
n tlie veins, strengthening the
i iiiniiisii fiinctliiiiH ssf tin. system,
■ making activity a ascssoary ro*
'"ngthenlng the frame and giving
Iho digestive nrgiiiis.   which  nulii-
deiuanil   liii-reiiHi'il  hiiIinIiiibi'p -result.
''•'! appetite    Nnrtliriiii   A   l-vnjisn.
nrssnlo,    have    given   tsi   tlss*   public
Superior ('nlnlne Wine nl   the usual
ntul    i ■ ii ii ir,-<i   i.v  the opinions ol
, ' Hits wine approaches nearest
'mn of nny on the market. All
1sta Hell   |t.
**    blind  during courtship—
should .'i-iiii.iii .,ii iii'tei  marriage.
Joseph    Boone,   Seven   Years   a
Hopeless Invalid, Cured By
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Discharged trom Hospital aa Incurable,
Given ap by Doctors-He la Sow Back
at Hla Work Again.
l.'.-sttel's Cove, Nfld., Jan. 26.—
(Special)-Among the lobster lisher-
ms-ri here the wonderful cure of Jos-
e| h Boone, one of their number, lias
s 'eated a sensation.. They look on it
us approaching the miraculous.
I'''i' eight years Joseph lloone was
•t hopeless invalid. For seven ye&tij
lv. i.as unable to work, lie was discharged fi om the hospital after sever,
moi'tns' treatment as incurable. Sev
• inl doctors tried in vain to giv*>
him relief for those terrible pains
nnd aches arising from Kidney Con
I laii.t.
The euro of a friend by Dodd's Kidney 1 ills tempted him to try theni.
He used three dozen boxes and today
h" is working at. lobster fishing and
doing as liig a day's work as any of
his mates
This in brief is the story of Joseph
Uvoho. Hu has to tell it often to
pi'iiulp who never expected fo see him
Ho u day's work again and he ul-
Wi J ' uslsls :
"I am still using Hodd's Kidney
l'ills and I find a great benefit in
eveiy box I use. 1 can scarcely be-
lievi it is myself is in it at all after
sen years of such suffering from
io'liplicntcd complaint of the Back
and Kidneys."
llo today's duty, fight today's
leuiptation, and do hot weaken and
distract yourself by looking forward
'o Oiings which you cannot see, and
could not Understand if you saw
tlu'.n. -Charles Kingsley.
1 will .-.end my fine hook
ssn Catarrh to all .-ulter-
irs fr.sin tlio disease. It
eipl.uns um origin, dnn-
t-,. -, aud oura for lhi»
tru ichat us troublo II
i. fu iy Illustrated h>
tho lin tarti"'s. Address.
Sisecsiilis: Spiou o, J
llu-iue St., Bostusi,
A broken heart with a patch oh it
is  ready   for  another  brenk.
A physician contributes a paper to
n magazine on "Why Women are
Short of liii-ath." 01 course, he is
a bachelor, otherwise be would know
thev  are not.
For a Cold
that hangs on
For obstinate coughs and
colds there is notlfi'if*-* equal
to that old reliable remedy
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum.
Prepared from Red Spruce
| Gum it is soothing and
healing to the Lungs and
Throat, lt stops that tickling in the throat, and after a
few doses that tight feeling
in the chest is relieved and
the cold and cough pass
Try a 25 cent bottle.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Sick Headaches
try these famous Pills.
They remove the cause and
act quickly. You will feel
like a uew person after taking
Hold F.ve*7« licrss    Iu lhiss«, 25 ceuta.
',-"■   neraons have periodical  attnciis
■ "Hdian cholera, dysentery sir mar-
'  ""'i isiivi- tn nsi* irrs-ist orscautloni
"    I    '"I*    lliMl'llHS.       I'llHIIl'l.    of    WBStS'r
B»i(, 111" 1 irreen fruit is sum tobrlnf
,   "   I'ttiick'i     '|'o      Biii'h      tiiM-Hons   ivn
., '" nmmonil    Dr   ,1    11   Kellotri-'a
,.'''•',1 onllal nn lieinp ths hi'st med*
, '" I'lfl tiinrUi't (,,r nil niimiiu'r com*
sl„. .," '■* 'lr<M"< Bis' tilkelB In wii-
.    ' ','   "1"  "vnititoms  nrs*  noticed    110
"   Ir.iiililr
will lis* txperltnced,
"*i to having wisdom yourself Ih
','   ''"v  to    profit bv the  wlHdom
.will tell
When an snlmal is all ran down,
has a roiiRh coat and s tight hide,
anyone knows that hia blood is ont
of order. To Veep an animal economically he must be In good health.
la a necessity where the best results
from fewling would be obtained.
It tonca up the system, rids the
at01n.11 h of bots, worms »nd other
parasites that audi the life blood
Nothing like Pick's powdw lor
m run down  horse.
liOccutsa package.
Lcetmlng, Miles A Co., Agents.
Oonitiilivl from Tha Oommeixlall
WHEAT—The past week hua been
one of exceeding interest in the
wheat trade, us it has seen the dsi-
veiopmeiit of Armour's operations on
the Chicago board of trade, in buying up a big line of contract wheat
for May delivery, and at the end of
the week the Armour company was
credited wltb owning something like
22,000,000 bushels of May wheat in
that market, while at present tbe
stock of contract wheat in public elevators in Chicago is less than 4,-
000,000. Hence there has been an
advance iu Chicago May wheat of Uc
on the week, and this has bad a sympathetic hifluence on all markets.
There is seen an advance In other
markets of j lo ljc. Want of rain
on the Pacific eoust bus been detrimental to the advance of the California crop. Severe weather ln Europe has caused depreciatory reports
of the winter wheat crops over there,
More rain is needed for the Indhui
crop, the grain deteriorating owing
to unfavorable weather for harvesting and threshing in lhat country.
Some reports have come from France
as lo the necessity of replowing and
sowing Holds thut have been killesl
by severe weather. Along with tbis
then, is a fulling off in the world's
shipments, and a comparatively
heavy decrease in visible stocks, and
at the suinc time a gootl demand for
Cash wheat nl firm prices, showing a
consumptive di'innnd. which is very
encouraging to holders of whe.it. After the recent good advance it will
be reasonable lo expect some reaction in prices, but it is evident that
whi at is good properly at the pn'.s-
rnt timo, and should any serious
Widespread damage occur to growing
ing crops the situation wouisl be
favorable to higher prices later on.
•The Manitoba wheat, marki't has
been for the most part quiet for the
week. Exporters cannot follow the
United States markets closely on thc
present rise, and on the week prices
only show J to lc advance. There
has, bowever, been a good business
dons', especially In wheat for May delivery in store terminal elevators. \t
the close of business Friday prices
were: No 1 hard, 7'lji', 1 northern,
72Jc; 2 northern, 71 Jc; :> norther.1.
('.'.•Jc, spot or January delivery; and
for May delivery: 1 hard. 78c; 1 northern, 76c; 2 northern, 74}c; St northern 72Jc, all in store Fort William
Port Arthur or Duluth. Thero is
Bouie business being done for shipment to West St. .lohn at snm •
price as basis in store Fort William.
FLOUR—All Brands of flour are
now higher. Heist Hungarian Patent.
|2 10 per sack of 98 pounds delivered to the trade; (llenora Patent.
11,95; strong bakers, 91.05; ard
XXXX, $1,35.
allLLFEED—Bran is quoted at IIS
pet ism iu sacks, and shorts ut 911
per  ton.
OATS—There is considerable spread
between buyers' anil sellers' pricoS,
and trailing is conse-quently limits"!
10 hnnd-to-inouih proportions. Coins-
tiy shippers ask from - U>.*8c per
bushel more for their stocks than
dalers say they can pay. Tho reoeui
orders fur suits for export via Vancouver have excit-fd the market, and
holders seem to see all sorts of fancy
prices looming up for oats. Th.- 1
hopes may not be reajlzed, bowever
No. 2 white outs are worth
-84c per bushel at Fort Wlliiun. On
track hen' this grade is worth 2iU
io 27c per bushel, and about 24Jc Is
1 li. price for feed white VI countrj
points farmers are getting 19 to 20c
|ir  bushel  tit   central points.
BARLEY—The market is quiet und
Ibe best prices brewers will pay is
'2rtc for Xo. H extra in cailnts on
track. Feed barlej Is worth 2', to
FLAXSEED—Market nominal
Sl'ELTZ—The market holds stead)
ut llllc per bushel of oO poliosis, de
Uvered   in   Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers ure paying S.l.fiO to
§li.rsi» per ton for carlots on truck
I'OTATOES—86c per bushel.
liUTl'i'it — Creamery— Creameries
lire asking 2lic per pound from city
customers for choice thakes.
BUTTER—Dairy—There Is a surprising amount of dairy butter in the
country, most of it bad. One country
merchant was offering a lot contain
ing 9,000 pounds In Winnipeg la*il
week ami asking 18c for It. one
dealer offered Mc lor   the loi    and
fs'lt that he was taking long chances
at I but. There is a lair stock s.f
dairy held in Winnipeg, and if much
mora comes in from outside sourc-js
Ihere should be a drop In prices
Dealers are paying 21 a net tot dairy
separator in inieks delivered iu Winnipeg, ami 11 lss 17c net for 1011
CHEESE—Tbere is nothing OoinK
beyond a little jobbing trade at I'M
iss lie por pound for choice stock de-
vs'ted to retail dealers,
I'.liCIS—EggB  lire Scarce  at   22c  per
ozen, net, delivered    In    Winnipeg,
u'.iject to candling.
jfTisring  in 11  wholesale way  10c    per
I pound for chickens, dressed; 9Jc   to
I'lc  for ducks nud geese, uud   LSc for
DRESSED MKATS - Bsisf, city
dressed, n to 7ic per pound, country
stock, Jc uniler thi'Se tigures; mutton,
8 t.i lie;  lamb,   1 lie;  hogs,  7r.
RiDES—Country froten bides   ore
.bringing    from  fi|   lss  lis1   |is>r  pound,
delivered at Wtonlptg, b-ss fi pounds
(are; sheep pells, 110 to 60c,
WOOl.—Market nominal.
IA I.LOW—No.    1    tallow    is worth
f.sjc    per    pound  di'livci"'d  bore,   and
Nn   2. 'IJc.
HOUSES* Trade is now confined tss
a limited demand (or general purpose
horses, for which prices still rule
high. llsisul teams of work horses
nrs- worth $.toii to $4iiu, according
to wtlghf and quality.
That ls Why Some People Cannot sUet Rid
of m Cough, and Why lt Develops Into
'lie lungs are Just like any other
I 011 ion of the body—they need a
constant supply of pure, rich blood
to keep them sound and strong. If
Lb. lungs are not strong they are unable to resist disease, ati-l that is
llui reason why an apparently simple
cold clings until the patient grows
ttsoKcr and weaker, and liually Wis
u 1 ousumptive'.H grave. Ur. Williams'
J 'Oil. l'ills never fail to strengthen
lin- lungs, because they make the
i.ew rich, red blood, which alone can
do lliis work. The most emphatic
pn.of that Dr. Williams' Pink Fills
re-l'siild the lungs and curs* consumption ;n its earlier stages is given in
111** iase of iliss Blanche l'yrund, of
St. 1 .dinond, Que. Miss iiurand says;
"in 1 he month of September, luul,
i was visiting at tlu* home of an
Ui.cle al L'ASsomptlon. une day we
weie out boating; 1 got my feet wet
and caught cold. The cold seemed
tc. fling to me and when I returned
home about the end of September, 1
wus quite ill. 1 wus quite feverish.
'.i'i1. no appetite, and the inugh seemed ' o exhaust me. I began doctoring, 'mt did not get any belter, and
In .'1 -unary, 1903, the doctor told me
that my lungs were affected, and
thai I was in consumption. Al this
tiiii..' a friend who had come to see
lue advised me to try Or. Williams'
Vi nl; Fills, and 1 sent for six boxes,
The pills soon began to help mo, as
little by little the cough grew less
s,'\i'ie, my appetite became better,
uy strength returned and 1 began to
have a healthy color. I used eight
boxes of the pills, and was then fullv
recovered. I am sure Dr, Williams
I'ink l'ills saved my life, and 1 shall
always Speak gratefully  of  them."
Si.'-h cases as these tell bs'tter than
Ui.*i'C words the power of Dr. Wil-
liane I'ink l'ills. They cure all const iiutioiiul weaknesses because they
go right tp the root "ssf the trouble
..ml I'iild up the blood. This i.s uin
1 lu \ never fail tsi cure rheumatism.
lii'iij'-'Ugo, kidney and liver troubles,
hi'iisi, lilies, backaches, Indigestion,
l.'lioiisns-ss and all Other blood dis-
saiL"- Ssdd by all dealers or sent
post paid at oil cents a box or six
boxes, for i>2.i*ili by writing direct lo
the Dr Williams' Medicine Co.,Brock-
'11'''. Ont Substitutes are some*
iiu.es offered, hut you can always
pro'. 11 yourself by seeing that the
full name "Dr. Williams' i'ink l'ills
im- Pale People" is printed on the
wrapper around every  box.
It's    a    cold    day for the plumbei
when the mercury refuses tss take the
iliirty-ss'coiid degree.
As I,iirini'ls>..-'s \'eirs?tnt.le Pills contain
Msu.sliaki. ainj liiBinlt*lion, thi'v cure Liver
1 ml Kidney*Complaints with nnBrrias
seiisiiiity I lit'v suss*, contain r.s.sis and
l.-iiss which have snecilic virtues trulv
...ni Icrful in their action on lhe stnai-
ii.'h ansl li.iwels Mr. K A iVirncroai,
Sluikespaaro, .vrils-s : "1 consider l'»r-
molee'a Bills on excellent remedy for lui-
n-in-ness nmi Derangement of the l.iver
ih  :nir uses! them niyscl! fur suino tune
l\i>»  1 Sn* Cnri-edl   I'rlee.
My young Crli-ud .limmi Haul.:- was
married a little • rer u yenr ng ■ He
bad previously --pent twelve tuoi.tUs In
ihe most furious court aiil p. 'l ''.,■• f,.ii
had not at Hist cottoned ;;■ .lliiiin'i vcrj
much, but be moVed lienveii and earth
so vigorously tbul sh.- at last couseut-
eii. says ihe Cosmopolitan. Now. ibe
other day who appears before uie bul
Jimmy, with a loug face, uud makes
a complaint tbnt the baby beeps blm
awake nights, "flood ••riiiioiis. J'm
my!" 1 raid. "Didn't you know tent
babies always du tbajtr A babj lias lo
bave some relaxation. Qo borne and be
thankful Unit it isn't twins." Tbere is
the   reverse   sii!.'   to   every   J.,\.    V'Ui
can't huve the advantages of buebplor*
it " il ami married life nt tbe same tims*.
You buy everything with a nrlce leisure, family, orlis*.*. learning, wealth,
fame, position. Nothing ia free. He
sure you want the article, pay tbe current price uud enjoy your possession.
Hum   llssLi-sl   tn   Cider.
A bam baked in cider Is delicto**"*.
ChoofW a good lean ham of about eight
pounds. Wash thoroughly 11 nd over ibe
il 'shy side sprinkle u little chopped
union,   n   little   si .ve   nud   allspui>.   a
tcaspoonful of cinnamon and n half
teaspoon ful of ground ginger. Uake
flour nnd water Into a paste ns tblctt
as dottgb and s-.ivsr tbe ham. Put
sKIn side down in 11 masting pun, Illl
up with elder, cook slowly for ihrs's-
hours, basting every t.'ii mlnntes,
When done, take off ths- paste ntul the
 I.    All hour before It Is wauled for
tho table return to tbe linking pan,
.lash shls* down, brush lhe fat portion
with benton egg, sprinkle generously
uiili cle.ppesl pnrxtey :ins] brs'iuU'runibs
ntul let It lit-.-it Uir iugb in the t/Ven. A
gravy can be minis' by boiling down
lie elder In which the hniu wns tlrst
Affe'S  ltr<rss*|irpl.
"When 1 was 11 hos." .viniiK, men beuln
In speaking uf youthful Joys,
nm old men, spinning llielr yams, start
"When 1 wss ssiis. of Un? boys."
Clothing Is worn more in the
wash that in use where
common   soap   is   used.
ASK    fc-OsT-e
Ogilvie   Oats
Oaliolous flavor.    Free from bulla.    Warranted Pura.
Put up In all sized packages.
\m now manufactured, the great Family Flour.
Insist on getting " OGILVIE'S," as they are better than the aeet.
JtuiAL i&u <fl<4£ it 4ffUr fas
4utf 4UA~r^*^tujb*A/ -   on/ <rr
-..;,,   Vvr*r';./- -.-•^■•■*j,--.:"-:^* :.".■>.'  •
nioiiey standard'of the world.
is tho standardin TEA.^-
'""'"   '^ *(/b/rVa:.:.
.   -'-.'it "•' '    '**>!j»w**.•»■■•-*■'■:..
Nniuro sives to every time and
season some beauties of its own, nnd
irom morning to mum. ns from the
urn die to tbe grave, is but u succession of changes, so gentle und easy,
Unit we can scarcely murk their progress. -Dickens.
Arrow   Lake,
Elvery mother knows tuo constant
care a little child f-aquires, and to
ibe young und Inexperienced mother
•lio is curing for her lirst baby thero
!s rn oilier period iii iiei' life more
trvitie in tlie little ills lhat are-hi
luin isi come to all infants and young
children, the uiotbei—especially tbe
vs.sii.g and :iis-\|'i'i'ii'iii'ed mother—
scarcoiy knows what to do it Is to
us. ci emergencies of Uiis kimi thai
l'ul y's own Tablets are oflered to all
iri.il.eis These tablets ure ah cibso
i .ib' Hire for nil the minor ailments
of little ones, and sliould constantly
I'i kept in every home whore tbets'
..iu young children. Biikness comes
quickly—with Daby's own Tablets at
lu.ii*i tbe cmergei y is promptly met.
Mr- It. II. I.nl'ne. Mountain, om .
.i.,\t, ; "I can leccoinineid Baby's
1 iv i. Tablets to all mothers who bave
1 in*., nt delicate children. I do nsit
know bow I could eet alohg witbout
•.li,. 1 " The Tablets ssn- guaranteed
tree. Irom opiates or liaiinful drugs,
ami crushed to n powder muy be ml-
iiiiii'.' li-ri'd With absolute stifs-ty tsi 11
n.-w horn babe Ssilsl by nil drug-
l'].i> ut- ss'nt by mn il nt 2i> conts   a
I o\   ls\   .u;t inn  siirs's't   to   I lie  Ilr.Williams' Medicine Co., Drockville, Ont.
These   miraculous   sprltiirs.
Minister to a mind dlseass*d,
Tluck from the memory a rooted sorrow.
Ha/.e    out   the    written  troubles  of  tbs
And  with  sweet oblivious tintldotes
Cleanse the smiled  bosom ol those perilous  stufls
Which  winch  heavily upon Kidney,   Llvar
and Stomach
Therelnre,  all  ye who  suffer—Give physic   to   the    ils'L-H    have    none  of  it,  hut
come and be cured at
The Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, B.C
TERMS-J15  to  |I8  per  week.
—~—■ 1 tsssssssmmmsa
The man who Is willing lo give you
pointers   is   never encountered at ti
lll'tllll   sluiw.
Minard's Liniment Cures l.&Grlppe.
l.i i- is a school, und Nature ai-
wtlvs 1 fresh stuily, und the man wbsi
kiips Ims eyes ami bis mind opon
will alwaya (Ind Bttlng, though it
may lie hard, Bchoolmaslors, to speed
1.im hi In,bla lifelong education.—
Itstgh Miller
Cbisills' neransenionts ol tha Stomach
1 iver iml Itu.k.I ,,,,■ speedily removed In
the active principle ol the Inaredlfinta sn-
1 •• t ■■>>.- into Ilia cornpoaltlon of ['arinsslee's
V«ci*iahle Pills 'I1is.se ntlls nel ipaclllc-
ti 11 v ..11 1 he ■ •. a i.i---st sirs-sins, stimulating
tn action tin' dormant anemias .if tha
MB-issn. therebv removlns disease ismi rt*
'.wil,,! life nmi \iiailtv tn ths afflicted
ii tin-, lies the Kraal secret ol tin* pop*
ni.itnv el Parmelee's vegetable l'ills
A   mnn    .elilotn   realises   bow    niueb
lir can't   do until he tries.
Tins   Iniltiv   sei'ouil liallil   politicians
are  I raw ins lirst class salaries.
I'lirui". is NOT a more dangerous class
i.f silaorslora than those which affect   the
I'tB-iitinim sn. imi. Nullify thiH daiisat
vu'li in Thoqiaa' Eclectric ml—a nulls 11 in- nf acknowledned efflcacy It cures
la'iii-m'-s nmi soreness when ssti|slii-il s*x
lei'.i.ll,.   ns   si'ell   as   swelli'il    n«k      ninl
'iii-s  In   the hack; ami.  ns nn    Inward
••I ei .in-.  |i(issi-.siH must substantial slsiius*-
t 1 i.uiilii' confidence
Everything a millionaire says goes
•if  bs  lloesn't   sny   "nutotuoliib'."
Darting pawnbrokers, few men havt
too  much  interest   in  their  bunltiCU
It   iiststs   mora   lo   HUpporl   .ms'   vtei-
I bap i'ii virtues
Crunk notions are all rlghf If they
nn  be kuriied Ibj i/sioil nils.rn'une
ask far Us. on.g.» Wm
nm.   enemy   may <io robri dstmag*?
1 ban u hundred friends can repair,
" -.5is'HandsoiT\?_
Solid Gfliu.UiAMOiiDKiiHt
set)l to anv oddrMS^    •& ry tr n
posV paid Tor pJO.
sm.ssint ssair  pssjssnc   stsib* os b*apib aroukd
int   israMO JOINT  11 uncus
/\ BEAUTirut iilustratcoCatalqcue
■   1'Htl.io I'/tRY  P'.iTirtlASER. /ADORtSo
Trebiecock Avcv a Co., IOnson. Ont
Drug Using.
Over   800,000
URE        _
I Sll Osborne   Streets,
Grain and Commission Merohants.
llinhcst liricos paid for wheat, oata,
barley or flax in carlots Wire or writs
nie fur prices belore selllnu Liberal
advanres made on consisrnnients and
handled on commission Ulcs-nsed ana
P. O.  Box.   B50,  Winnipeg.  Han.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Illltl'.l'.   I'ltr/.KS   AT   WlNNIPEQ   KA.Ift
IN   1908.
Ths  prizes  an*  sss  follows!
l'u-,t   Prise,
i'or the Heaviest Calf, an.v pure breed,
ur elinil'. born after the 1 st January,
ItiOS, fell on Carnafac Stock Pood.,
{•loo    IN   HOLD
Second Prise,
Por  the   Noi'iiuii   Heaviest     Calf,  uin,
pure   lueed.   or   ffrade,   liorn   afler   lat   ns
January,   1903,   fed  sm  Carnal*.;   stoii.
Kood 150   IN   inn.n.
Third 1'ii.i'
Por Hie Third Haa?leal i.'nif   any pure
breed, or Rrane, born after 1st  of .Iiimh-
sry,   r.'o.'i   fe.1  on  Oamefac Ntnrk  l«'oi-d
130    IN    1:0111
Only one entry  «iii  ho allowed   froia
eaiii  iifini'i  sn- stockmatt
'lin' hiiini'ini'iii'ii  face nl each Packnfte
must   lis*  pi'ii'llli'i il   ill    time   nl   evliililtlnn.
in  show that  Carnefac Stock   Peod his
been used,
Vsbii can obtain It frssm your donler
Ws.NTI'11   Iri'-h, wp'I iiuulii.   Alssi edits sif th*
"11   s.n  1908.    If iissne nuw. tiko ii'iumsa suid
ship Inter,   We -bi p Bread frosen, so tlmt It
mils is"'' eal - like dsw sumls*.
Wisinlpoo Co-Opcratlvo Booloty.
The Bakery,   Cor. Elgin and Nena St.,
Winnipeg.  C*ofres**uadeneS -.>i 1..-it<*<t.
\Af,    IM. THK DRILL. SLOGAN, B. C, FlMUa'AllY d. t«03.
C. E. Svithkrinoale, Editor and Prop.
•SLOCAN,      •      •       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line foi
the tirst insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
•Certificates of Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
sis legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.'ict-
iy in advance- $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address sll letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
A pencil mark in the space
apposite will be an indication to yen that ye editor
considers there is something
coming to him on your suit-
scription. Kindly ackeew-
ladge   ia cash and oblige.
•cuiToitiAi. vRorrivfus.
Pn?sent prices of the white metal
should convince folk that some other
lining to dark clouds is required.
Coast advices state Premier Prior
has won over A. W. Neill, of Alberni,
from the opposition, to act as speaker,
,so releasing C. E. Pooley for service
in the house. Our own Bob Green,
the opposition whip, has gone down to
Victoria to secure the Alberni man's
•scalp.       __________
The silver-lead delegates have returned from interviewing the Ottawa
government aud express themselves ns
satisfied that remedial legislation will
lie introclucetl at the next -session of
parliament. United action has again
had its effect aud beneficial results
will follow to the Slocuu. The delegates have done well.
Laurier is awakening. He has lately hinted that if the British Columbia
legislature will confine its restrictive
laws simply to thc Chinese, leaviug to
one side the Japs, he would not set
the disallowance machinery in motion.
The weight of public opinion has tit
length impressed the Grit mind with
.the fact that the west is in earnest
and will no longer brook neglect from
the federal government.
Joe Martin is living up to his record
and proving himself a veritable thorn
in the side of his erring fellow Liberals at Ottawa. Joseph addressed the
New Westminster Liberals last week
and plainly told them the Laurier
government was not sincere and true
in its promises to check the inrush of
Mongolians into British Columbia.
He declared himself on the question
.of the federal authorities disallowing
the provincial laws against the Asiatics, and intimated they should be
brought to task for their high-handed
pi*oce*j*dings, which were not
with justice or consistency. Joseph
would like also to see the senate abolished. The import of his remarks
must be taken in connection with his
position as the leader of the provincial Liberals, -and as beiug somewhat
V, C. Rackliff left for East Kootenay on Tut'sday.
Harry Dempster * has shifted his
stakes to Victoria.
W. H. Ferguson and wife have removed to Morrissey.
Silverton hocks***-* club failed to materialize here on Friday.
The K. of P. lodge, New Denver,
intend holding their annual ball week
after next.
R. J. Mt-Phee went out to Trail on
Thursday, escorting to that place a
car of Ottawa ore.
Don't forget the bnnd intends holding their annual masqneriidc ball on
the 17th of March.
Mrs.. Joseph Pasi and family removed to Michel on Tuesday, where they
will in future reside.
If you are looking for a good place
to buy groceries, try Arnot. He keeps
the best stock in town.
Rev. Mr. Robb, the Presbyterian
minister at Siuidou, is going as a missionary to Honan. China.
Thos.Chew took a trip out to Fernie
on Monday, to procure a big burner
for the local milling plant.
The police and license commissioners held a meeting Wednesday night
for organization purposes.
Wheu in need of lace, chenille, or
tapestry curtains, try Arnot. He has
a range from ft 1 to $5 a pair.
Larry Knowles came dowu from
Silverton Monday,to teach the natives
the latest ideas in fancy skating.
A blazing chimney at the Wilson
House hustled out the fire brigade on
Tuesday evening. No damage was
Sidney Norman left on Thursday
for Spokane and the east, on business
matters connected with the Black
Work started this week on the big
drv kiln for the new shingle mill. It
will have a capacity of eight carloads
of shingles.
The local hockey club have received
a set of goal nets and other equipment.
Thev expect to have a game on with
Sandon next Monday.
The city council of Nelson have
fired their city clerk, treasurer and
collector. Rossland has cut the salaries of all its officials.
Miss Josie Tippiug left on Wednesday for the Boundary. The rest of
the family will remove thither iu the
course of a weok or so. -
Fears are expressed from all ovej
the country that there will be bad
floods iu the spring, owing to the unusually heavy snowfall.
HowaixJ Guest has sold out his stationery store to R. A. Bradshaw, He
will prospect for new diggings over in
the direction of the prairies.
Rev. Mr. Baer. of Nanaimo, liactured
in the Methodist church, on Tuesdav
evening.on "Six Months in New York.1'
He had a picture machine to illustrate
his subject.
Mrs. G. Chandler, of Three Forks,
relieved C.P.R. Agent Edwards ou
Thursday and Friday, while tho latter
was in Nelson attending a meeting of
the 0. of R.T.
A   pleasant   social   gathering was
held at the Royal Hotel on Thursday
evening, in honor of  Miss  M. Camp
who is leaving to fur
her studies at Vancouver.
of capital was the cause. R. AJBrad-
shaw has undertaken to dispose of the
stock left on the shelves.
The committee iu charge of the
Miners' Union masquerade ball on the
12th are spreading themselves, so as
to make a record affair. It is quite
certain there will be a number of visitors from the neighboring towns.
L-pcally there is a keen rivalry to obtain the prize for the best gent's and
ladv's costumes.
The Free Press, of Midland, Ont.,
says that Thos. Craighead has left
that town for Slocan, where he will be
in the employ of the lumber company
of which Geo. Chew is the hend. Mr.
Craighead will le much missed from
Midland, where he has been a useful
member of the community. He will
have charge of the company's machino
shop here.
John Houston writes, relative to a
squib in last week's Drill, that "the
liquidator did not accept the Deane
tender for the old Tribune plant. Mr.
Justice Hunter ordered it accepted
against the protest of .80 per cent of
the creditors. When I appealed from
this order, he would not allow E. P.
Davis to argue the inotiou.aud refused
me the right to appeal to the full
Ml.MM.   -RECORD*.
Appended is s complete list of tlie various records registered at the local regis
try •flice, II. P. Christie being miuiiij*
Jsn 29—Esstside No 2, Portia, Beltina
Jsn 31-Young Bear 1-6. Murillo fr
1-6, Brial.t Light 1-r., Lark '' snd Linnet «8, D G McCuaig lo Job.. Welsh.
Montreal .W.J C Gwiilim to A M
Montreal and Two Friends, sll interest, A M Johnson to Pioneer Mining Cm.,
taken; bell-Johnston,
A big attraction has been secured
for the Methodist concert, next Monday night, in the Silverton quartette,
which is billed for a number of selections.   Hear them.   Admission, 25c.
Returns from  Vancouver citv and
in the nature of a pronouncement of four outside polls give Macpherson 76
policv fn view of a general legislative |of ■ majority over  Foley, with  Mc
„i    u, _ .- •_ t._u    t  - ,i- a~,~ i Innes distanctnl.    Returns from  the
election to be  held  at  an ea*rlv date.      ,     •  . ,   .,,. .    .
, '  - I coast {.Hunts and Atlin mav yet give
Joe is an aggressive creature nud has ■ p0],.v the t*ls_-*ction.
a blunt wav of expressing his convic- '_,„,., ,      ,
The fire   unmade  scored a distinct
success  with their first annual ball
1 held on Friday night.   There was a
large   attendance   and an   enjoyable
.... .    ,       .    time spent.   The McMillan orchestra
their hltle game cannot lie sized up in; fun,ish.*d tin* music.
connection with   the   Grand   Trunk J
Pacific railwav   scheme.    Subsidized  1 Ja»»^ »•;«■**«''•. provincial organizer
, .,    i      ,.      „   ... ,_, | for the W .1. of M.. was in \ ancotiver
organs of the t auadian I acifae. assist-  last ,v^k< straightening out some dif-
What chumps the C.P.R. must take
the general public to lie if they think
01 bv  the  Associatsil   Press  service.
ferences for the workmen employed in
J. M.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Rev. William Simons, Piistor.
Sunday, st 11 a.m. snd 7.30 p.m.
6,sbb«ih School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
strangers snd young men
are rordiallv' invited.   .   .
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whet
you can get one so cheap ? They
are preferrable to stores and gira
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Profit Is nocessiiry to business
ciBiitinuRiici*, that is obTions.
Dut n Arm tlmt makes profit the
the sole end aimed at soon discovers its mistake. Qunlitr to
my mind is primarily essential.
With me profit iu the narrow Interpretation is always subordinated to it. This is tins safest
policy both for you and for me.
The Kroatest encouracement I
receive is that my customers al*
ways seek quality first. They
know and rightly, that in so doing their profit will he more real
and lasting.
In Bronze
We are showing Vases. Candelabra, Mirrors, Call Bells.
Ink Stands, Flower Stands.
Lamps.t'iatin Lamps,l'ictuic
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Umbrellas.   They are beauties.
We keep the Merislon Brits*-, KS
nui Company's gsisids.   '-si|. VV
ver Plate that wears.
Bowls,Tea Ware,links Uis|
"1M7 B00EB8 HROS."
Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc
nro miiiriiiiiin.il by  bsiih  u,
nnd them tss tie the bisst ihnt
is made in plnte.
The Merids>n Britannia Co
by ssver DO years of conl iiiiinus
manufacturing, have made u
romitistiiin ill this line tlmt
nono can touch. Come in nmi
see some of their late productions.
American   Cut   Glass of
kinds and designs.
Engraving not exceeding three letters will be done free of charge,
and express orders will receive prompt attention,
Watches, Clocks nnd Jeweler;   ffl
of every description, jQj
Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Lending Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
trad Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Paikinjr and For-
warding attended to at tin
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Ilnrsriftr
hire at reasonable ratea.
UlUUUIl  Ull,    lUlliulU     UlilUll,
No. 6a, W. F. of fl.
Meets erery Wednesday •Tsning
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
hi-fi ted to attend.
Financial Secretary
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident polict, witli par
ticipalion in prolts. corerinr sickness and operations.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
te of I
daily report utterance*-, from oue au eonstruetinu tho power tunnel for the
thority or another, all opposing the {j-^ C. Electric Railway Co. at Lake
idea of a sj-ovemnieiit Kr-.ut or subsidy
to the new road, the contention Iviugj Olen C.i-mpljell, purser on the Slo-
that prescut roads hn**.. but to extend! ™n* «*-»»ve-l »he sad intellig-ence on
•a. •_ i _.    i .„  .„ „,^.,.    ii I lues-Jay of thedeath of his brother nt
their branches to meet all require*, Cranbfook,of typhoid feTer.   d^.
inents of the country. The Canadian , H\ S\m working for P. Burn* & Co.
Pacific talk for a purpose, for they art* j and had only come out from the east
fortified with an immense acreaf-e of j >*bOttt three months ago.
farming land acquired years ago for
nothing, and they naturally want to
sell those lands at a high figure to an
.army of immigrants or settlers of their
own transporting. They want no opposition in their general scheme of
monopolizing the government and
country. But the people are not so
■dense aa they onco were ami are ou to
the combination. In a general and
forceful way the C.P.R., by their present actions, are educating the public
slo the principle of reserving all franchise* and privileges for the people
themselves. Out of evil conies good.
nfter all. The Grand Trunk will nol
get much support nt Ottawa, and the
.Canadian Pacific will get less in the
After an existence of about a year
ths* Slocan Co-operative Association
claied up their grocery store this
week.   Insufficient busine-ss and lack
Men Wanted.
Wanted 75 experienced
Tie-makers at once, principally on piece work. The
highest prices paid. Apply
immediately to
provost _robertson!
Slocan, B.C. I
NOTICE is hereby niton thst nss persssn -Lull
wantonly or maliessisislf injure sny "r sll
apparatu* or property belonging to thc City, ssr
used by the fttMDM, in iming sn slsrmofflrf.
or u«ed in rilinguiilsinc fir*.
Ko per«on ilisll. without ressonshls > nr.*** Ii>
uutrry. ringing of bells. Using of firs* nlsrrn, or
in any other manner, make or rirrulat*. or
cauv to be msde or circulated, an alarm nf firs.
Tlse ladders of thc flre**paU are plnctH there
for thc u-» of the chief nf the lire brigsils suit
his .ctaff. and no persou is permitted to take sir
cause to be taken the same for any sithsr purpose than the use of extinguishing fire.
A. YORK, Mayor.
8locan. B.C.. Jan. ». I90S.
cure all forms ol
Hurt bora
Distress after sating
Soir Stomach
and Bilious Headache
Fer sals at—
Agent, for the Heintzraan 4 Co.,Gerhard HeiDtzmsm, aud Karn Pianw
Hemllten, Hamilton Frsctlaael, Jlnislr,
Ternato, sad Blnseeas   fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Milling Division ot the West Kootenay District,
Where located :—On Springer cres?L,
adjoining the Ottawa mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I.Arcbie Uain-
waring-Johnien, acting ae agent for A.
Bruce Coleman, Free Miner's Cf riilicate
No. RW9'if., intend, sixty days (rom lhe
date hereof, to apply lo the Mining He-
sjorder for certificates of improvement,(ur
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants
of tke aliove claims.
And further take notis-e that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ol such certificates of
Dated this 24th dav of December, 1902.
Certificate of Improvements.
I.ssal.a rraetlea,  Ulta,  IWac and  Legal
Mlaeral CUIms.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi-
•ion of the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—Five miles up first
northfork of Lemon creek,ad j ining
the Violet mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. John-
•on, for myself, F.M.C. B,M*72I j snd as
agent for W.J Johnson, F.M.C. HM1722;
A. S. Johnion, F.M.C. BW723; Frank
Dick, F.M.C. B59777; J. E Taiternall,
F.M.C. ,869708; and A. K. Bolderston,
Free Miner's Certificate No. KViSiiy,
intend, sixty slays from the date hereof,
to apply t' the mining reconler fsir certificates of improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
umler section 37, must lie commences!
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated thii l'Hh dav of Jaanary, 1908,
"3-1 03 \v. s, j on jf son
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then eeme to Sloean, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness.
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sehool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens .ore some
of the advantages enjoyed dy
this City, baoked np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tai* »
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.


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