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The Slocan Drill 1900-12-14

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VOL. I., No.;67.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DECEMBER   14,   1000.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Orders for ail
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to;
The Drill, Slocan
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
"W" inter* is Here.
Arc you prepared ?   II not. and you
want Anything in the line of
Heavy Underwear, Hackinaws, German
Sox, Rubbers,Felt Goods,Klondike Shirts,
Hitts, Caps, Blankets, Clothing, etc.,
You will  get the very best and
at the lowest puces from
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, II. C.
"Victoria, Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENbLRSON, - Proprietors.
Vanoouvor Partial Obtain an Interest ami
Put Honey in the Treasury—Six Men
to im Employed-Shlpmenti to Com-
niiiii (* In Ninety iinys.
Work commenced Monday on the
V & M group, Twelve Mile, and will
be continued throughout the winter.
Six men will ho employed, with 0,
W. Harrington In charge, nnd a
shipment of ore is to be made in DO
days' time. This satisfactory state of
affairs has been brought about
through a recent deal made in Vancouver. A month ago II. YV. Kent,
mgr, of the Bufrard Inlet Telephone
Co., and It. Russell, barrister, of that
city, made a thorough inspection of
the property, in company with Hilly
Harrington. They sampled the vein
at the various openings made and
obtained the following returns: 1st,
gold $6, silver 36 oz; 2nd, gold $10,
silver 95 oz; 3rd. gold $64, silver 584
oz; 4th, gold $16, silver 148 oz; 6th,
gold $3b, silver 170 oz. A picked
sample went into the thousands.
These returns being eminently satisfactory, Mr. Kent bought out E. J.
Deacon's interest in the V & M company, and has placed several thousand dollars in the treasury, with
which to prosecute work. Treas. ry
shares are selling rapidly in Vancouver ,'lt present.
The V it M group was formerly
known as the (Jet There Ell, having
been st ked by old Eli Carpenter and
Frank LoCasto. There are live
claims in the group: the V & M, Get
There Ell, F L C, Reno, and Acol
denial, and Billy Harrington is the
principal owner. A well defined lis-
sure vein runs through the property,
and it has been exposed for upwards
of 1000feet. It widens from six in.
to four feet, the pavsrreak in its big
gi st spot being 20 inches across The
ore is dry and carries exceptional
values in silver. There are several
drills and openings un lhe vein and
all have ore in sight. One of these
tunnels is in 65 feet, another 80, then
one of 38, one of 16, and a crosscut
of j'J feet, with a dritt cither way of
50 and 40 feet. On the dumps i-
considerable ore, of a shipping qnal-
ity. As ail indication or what the
pavstreak is like, a sample of ore, is
x20x30 inches in size and weighing
Itfi pounds, was on Wednesday sent
down to the company in Vancouver.
It. was a beauty, brittle and native
silver being plastered all over it.
This specimen will demonstrate that
tho paysttvak is no mere gash.
There are few properties with better surface indications than the V it
j M, and It is in excellent shape, so it
will be an easy matter to put it on a
shipping basis. 'The intention is to
get out two carloads of ore by spring
and so prove the worth of the group.
It is only two miles from the lake and
a good trail connects the property
with the wharf. 'There are fine
cabins on the ground, with an abundance of timber, Hast winter the V
it M was stocked in Vancouver, the
officers being: President, M. Costello;
vice, Dr. Langis; sec-tivas., T. .1.
Smith. Among the shareholders are
some of the leading business men of
that city.
Mile creek and close to the townsite
of Aylwin, There nre three el a i ins
in the group and they have been
located a, number of times before
coming into the present owners'
hands. A big, strong lead runs
through the group, carrying galena
sprinkled freely in the ledge matter.
Charley Nicholson is running a drift
on the property for an interest. He
ia in 05 feet and the mineral is increasing.   So far the grade is low.
iron Hone to Start Up.
Mark Manlov returned from Spokane on Monday, whither he had
been with the principals In the recent
deal on the Iron Horse. Ho stated
arrangements had been made for
starting work on the Iron Horse early
next month. The first thing on the
programme will be to run a raise
from the tunnel to the surface, a dis
tanoe of 60 feet, for air. Then sinking would commence in the shaft and
would be continued steadily. A small
force will be employed at lirst and
gradually Increased as room is made
for them. _
Patted Off Quietly.
Election day passed off very quiet
ly, nothing occurring to cause the
Elightest ripple of excitement.   The
commence work on the Bachelor
group. It wns bonded two months
ago by K. E Fishburn, late of the
Enterprise. He let a contract to drive
100 feet of a tunnel to Tom Lake and
it is this work that is now being done.
Important Atrlke <>n Enterprise.
Parties down from Ten Mile on
Thursday to vote brought word of an
important strike that had just been
made at the Enterprise. They stated
it had been made in the top workings
This Heaaon is Far the Uest on ItiTiml A
Healthy Kvldenue of tin* Life and
Wealth of the (lamp—Arlington the
lllKKi'it Shipper.
The open weather during the week
has had a bad effect upon shipments
and not far from the Empress frao-1 In tills division nnd the Arlington is
tion, one of the  Mabou group.   Tht" the only one that figures in the list,
tutino is a crosscut and, after catch-1 .
ing tho vein, has been continued I l ■»* property ngain shipped 80 tons,
along it, into the. hill. There has1 the total being upwards of 1200 tons.
been a little mineral right along, but [They are now making use of their
a chute of clean oro has been encountered. It is six inches wide and very
high grade, being all a shipping article. The last accounts were that
the strike was improving and the ore
being broken down and sacked.
Improving Steadily.
Word from the Speculator states
the strike in the No. 2 workings is |
improving steadily and the spirits of
the management rising accordingly.
'The clean ore is increasing in quan
new bunkers at the railway, which
greatly facilitates the handling of
the mineral. The lack of snow prevents ra winding from the Bondholder,
Two Friends, and Black Prince. Tho
total shipments forthe year will total
up 2500 tons, being less than was
figured on. Next year promises to
be the bent on record.
Fallowing is a list of thc shipment*
this year to date:
titv and grade and a large amount is Black'prhVce.
being broken down and piled on the  «••„ '
Hampton ....
Two Friends.
Slocan Chief.
•^•T-y-y-y*!?-!?^**?**?'**'" '**77>7>x"?7"r'*)J
Hogan's Alley Banquet
Av all grate institutions thnt have ivcr sthruck the valley,
Av all the plisint advint* that arc iver welcomed here,
Share, the wan that is thc gratest Is the faste ofHogan's Alley—
The splindid sumptuous banquet that to custom must adhere—
'The grate an' glorious banquet,
The lniid, uproarious banquet,
The banquet*of the miners that is hild here iv'ry year.
'Tii thin that all the miners fi-m the hills around SSslmble,
'The grim an' gray ould vet'rans av the toiincs av long ago,
An' the ould toimesarc talked over, an' the walls, they shake an'
Wld the shrmts iv giant I ■■ lighter an' the shtampnv hale an' toe; VI/
An' full niiny a jist is vintured, yt'f
An' but very sildoin cinsured,
At our prate, historic banquet that is hild here iv'ry year,
There are tables overloaded, bend it)1 down, nn' groanin' nndhcr
AT the good things av the savsonthnt could iver he procured
An' in iv'ry anxious Blltranger 'tis a miracle av wondher.
How the table let's could shtand it an' the mass it not be Hurcd
Hut the danger Is abated
Whin thev all are satiated,
At the llogan's Alley banquet that is hild here iv'ry year.
Full av dignity an' honor nt the dhore shtnnds Dune McVannel,
Wid hi** natural pomposity extinded extry size,
An', as sole an' CBrefill guardian av the only open channel,
He fales himsilf the objlct av admiriii' sets av eyes.
An', while Dune the dhore is guardin',
■\Ve would ax to be<r his pardon,
if we laye him for the banquet that is hild here iv'ry year.
There are miny brilliant spaches such ns honor the occasion,
Shure. 'twould take us minv pages to chronicle a few;
Hut Dan Hanlin, on tbe qui vive. takes the matin' by invasion,
An'a tl'ate may well be promised by the ardent "Hushy", too
Jack McKinnon, he's before us,
Wid his long, unendin' slitories,
At the banquet of the miners that is hild here iv'ry year.
So, the grate evint is com in'—soon it comes nn' soon is goiiT—
An' iv'ry wan that passes is a grater than before;
An', bednd ! as little justice Ol could iver lie bf-shtowin',
Now, perhaps, it. would be betther todhry up an' say no mora
Only jist ymi all reiuiniber,
On the 25th Decclmbr,
The grate an' glorious banquet that is hild here iv'ry year.
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SfflM aifl Frail Management if M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its  door  when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
>'«•«• Stove in Waterworks'.
A new move has been made by the
citizens in the matter I f securing the
'vater rights on Goat creek fur the
town, and one that will effectually
offset tho company application. On
Tursdav .). li. McCallum, W. J. Andrews and D. I» Robertson staked a
water righton the creek In the names
of A. York, W.J. Andrews, and C.E.
Sinitherlngale, a** the committee, in
trust, for the town. The initial stake
is li,' miles from the mouth of the
creek, a second on Tom Mulvey's
ranch, and a third in town, They
apply for 600 Inches of water, to be
conveyed by means of a dam. tlume
and pipe, for use In the town and
Brandon. The committee will press
their application before the gold commissioner at Nelson, on the 20th,
when court Will be held, and will
also present, the petition of the mass
meeting last week against the company scheme
Creditable Production.
The Xmas number of the 11. ('.
Mining Record is a creditable pro
duction and merits the attention it is
attracting. Its letter press is fine,
the illustrations above the average
and its reading matter lnterestlng,nll
combining to make up the best Xmas
magazine coming this way.
A Llkoly Proipoot.
George and Jack Aylwin have a
likely prospect in the Pontine group,
sit tinted .on the s'.'M'-li side of Ten
v *s?-s*r"*Titr;»r*»r55r'C'rx-
Lemon Creek.
polling took place in the old bank
building, where the returns were re
reived at night, A fairly heavy vote
was polled, the Independents being
! only one vote out In tnolr count. The
I result here stood: Foley, 9-1- McKane,
37; Galliher, 16, A tow bus and a
little money was won. In the evening the kids had a bonfire on Main
street in honor of Gallllier's return.
is being
who an
lator affirm that
will d,
the biggest mine in tin
The bond is a surety.
Diamond Jubilee Lodge No. 1688
of the Orange society held its election ol officers, on Friday night, resulting IhUSt W.M., I). C. Andrews;
I) M , J. cross-, U.S.. .1. T. Beau-
chesnoj F.8„ Rev. A. 15. Roberts;
Trefl., R. Cooper; Lee, T, Lake; D.
C, .1. l.'ogeis.
l.i).o.i-. Officer*.
Appended is a list of the officers
for thu ensuing term elected by the
(Mil fellows at their last regular meet
in": N.G., 8. B. ('lenient: Vice, F,
l'inviaiiee; U.S., K. E. Allen: r.3.,
,1 Ucnuchesne; Tren., A. E. Teeter;
Chap., Rev. Mr, McKeo.
Unobelor SturU Up.
J, Cross and Sid Coopor went up
Sunday to Twelve  Mile   creek,   lo
The Emilv Edith is having new
ore bins built.
Monday was pay day at the Arlington and Speculator.
The Corinth, near Three Forks,
has shut down for a while.
Stoping is in progress in thc No. 3
and *i tunnels of the Enterprise.
The double compartment shaft on
the Spiculntor is down eiglrt feet.
Operations are to be resumed nt tho
Marion, New Denver, in January.
The bad roads of the past fortnight
have interfered sadly with the ore
A new orehouse has been built at
the mouth of the No. 2 workings on
the Speculator.
Charley Haller is managing the
Conjecture mine for Col. Ridptsth. at
Lakeview, Idaho.
Considerable ore from the Kiniber-
ley mines, East Kootenay, is passing
through here of late.
A settlement of tlie accounts against
the Lemon creek wagon road has
again been postponed.
The repairs have been made to the
Arlington ore chutes at thc switch
and they are now in use.
Mark Manley has refused  a big
cash oiler for a portion of his interest
\)'f  in the Native Silver fraction.
•\f/ The Enterprise Mines failed to lift
yjy their option on the Aylwin interest, iu
^K the Montezuma claim, Ten Mi e.
ii* 1* is given out that the long cross-
jk cut on the t^ueen Hess has caught the
\f/ vein, with a large ore body in sight.
W      It is stated a deal is on for the pur-
R. T. Anderson.   y*y ci,Msl, 0f t\w Monument group, at the
\tj  head of Lemon creek, the price being
aW j set at $110,000.
Fiftyflvo cents has been offered
and refused during the week for a
bli>ck of 20,000 shares In the Arlington company.
Another crosscut to the ensr is being run Irom the No. 2 on the Speculator, and a new slip has been encountered, showing healthy signs ot
a companion ledge being near.
The shipments from Sandon last
week were: Payne 286 tons, Last,
Chance 121, Sloean Star 98, Good-
enough 15, Ruth 16, Idaho 202, Corinth ill. Other shipments from the
district were: Whitewater 197, Bosun
20, Hewett 10.
Iii the  No. 1 good  headway
made with the winze. Those
soquninted with the Bpecu*
velop Into
Ni.i|iii» ii Worsting.
Eight or ten men are employed at
the Neepawa, Ten Mile, and rapid
headway is being made iu the drift,
which is being run under contract to
Alex Ferguson and Frank Griffiths.
They expect to be finished by the
end of the month and will realize a
tidy sum.   At present it looks as If
Dial mi tin* " ■• '!■ iiini'i-
the drift, would have to be continued
some distance beyond the contract In
order to catch tlie showing exposed I Ten Mile, about six miles
A deal is pending on the Hydrabad
group, situated on  the  south side of
from the
above, as tho chute Is apparently dipping into the hill.
mimvi;   RECORDS.
Appended is a complete list of the vnr-
lake. The owners are Frank Wells,
l'addv Sheran, John Wereley, and
11. Iligbie, the two last getting Into
the group last. fall. IHgbie is one of
the principals operating the Lartnev
group, at New Denver, and he is ne-
ious records registered at the local regis- gotlatlng the Hvdrabad deal with
try office, ii. r. Christie being mining parties In NewYork. Wereley went
recorder' uptothe property  Friday to obtain
samples to forward east. The Hydra-
wcatioxs, | |mi) |8 .,„  old  location and  a good
Doc 1—Evening star Ko 9 fr, adjoin- property.   The first work on It ex
Ing the I'.riu group, D Baulter and D posed a big blow-out of oro nnd New
Graham, Denver parties took  a  bond on   the
7—Golden Boy, Springer creek, Frank group.   They   worked   a month or
Dec S - Southern Chief.
two and then quit, since when nothing has been done beyond aunu-V
• • *
! i
I.      *>:
•  -
\ i
Ki   '/>l
' ■       I  .
ki  I   :
If !
Attempted to Exterminate
an Entire Family.
Seaton Attacks His Relatives with
an Axe—Some of the Injured
May Recover,
Seattle; Dec. 9.—Wm. Seaton,
aged 22 years, formerly of Decatur,
III., attempted last night to exterminate an entire family of his relatives at South Park, nine miles
from Seattle. With an axe he
smashed in the heads of four people, leaving them for dead, then he
shot one man in the back and attempted to kill a deputy sheriff.
Before being captured Seaton was
shot twice, but not fatally by Deputy Sheriff Kelly.
The only one killed outright was
Seaton's uncle, Daniel Richards.
Seaton smashed in the head of his
sister, Mrs. Roy Clarke, but her recovery is hoped for. The other two
victims were Mertle and Ha/el Hop-
good, aged about 10 years, children
of a former husband of Mrs. Clarke.
The skulls of the little ones were
crushed and then the bodies were
thrown into a manger in the barn,
lt was supposed they were dead,
but a later report from the county
hospital says that the skull of one
of the children had been raised and
there are hopes of recovery. The
other child will undoubtedly die.
A man named Kennedy, who got
it Seaton's way after the tragedy,
was shot in the back, but not seriously. Seaton fired three times at
Kelly before Kelly brought him
down with two shots which took ef
feet in the head and arm. Seaton
told the following story:
"I was disgusted with the actions
of my sister and after I had struck
her in the head with an axe I came
to the conclusion that 1 might as
well make a clean sweep. 1 smashed
the skulls of the children and then
threw their bodies into the manger.
Returning to the house, I saw my
uncle asleep on a sofa. I chopped
his head almost off."
While telling his story Seaton
gave no evidence of insanity.
Hanged in
Pearson   the   Murderer
Hanged Early This
Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 9.—George
Arthur Pearson was hanged at 7:50
this morning.
Donald J. McGillis of Montreal
was this morning found guilty of
conspiracy to defraud his creditors
of over $300,000.
Two unsuccessful attempts to destroy the business portion of Kings-
ville, Out., were made on Tuesday
Sault Ste Marie, Out,, has nearly
doubled its population in five
Several thousand dollars damage
was done to pianos in the storehouse
ofD. W. Karn & Co. of Woodstock, Ont., by fire last night.
Hon. Clifford Sifton was ban**
queued last night by citizens ol
Fort William and Port  Arthur.
Thc czar slept well all night long
His general condition and spirits
are very good.
Dr. Maz/.oni, the pope's physician, performed a slight operation
yesterday on a tumor underneath
Ihe pontiff's arm.
Mr.Krugci started lor The Hague
on a special train al 10 o'clock this
Frederick Dell, who two or three
weeks ago was   found   lying   in   a
field near Woodstock, Ont., with
only a night shirt on and part of his
ear cut off, his arm gashed and
other parts of his body mutilated,
died yesterday.
Navigation on the St. Lawrence
river and gulf is practically closed.
The last steamer sailed from Quebec yesterday.
Mr. Kruifer Weleoiueil
The Hague, Dec. 9.— At the
opening ot the second chamber today, President J. G. Gleichan   said:
"President Kruger arrived here
today. He will take up his resi-
denced here. I take the occasion
to propose that the chamber author-
ixe me to welcome in its name
the president to our country and
offer him an expression of our cordial sympathy."
The proposal was adopted amid
cheers and br-ivos.
New York Man Arrested
and His Stock
New York Nov. 9 —While a
big Broadway crowd watched the
proceedings last evening, a patrol
wagon carted away 10,000 films
and negatives of the American Elec-
trjscope company, as well as the
proprietor, John J. Alexandra of
Brooklyn, It was the second time
he had been arrested during the
day, the federal authorities having
first put him under apprehension.
He was taken into custody at the
instance of Attorney Comstock. The
10,000 films and negatives are alleged to be in part improper. The
federal authority arrested Alexandra
during the day on a charge of sending improper matter through the
mails, He was taken before
Commissioner Shields, where he
waived examination and he was
held in $1000 bail, which he immediately furnished. The police claim
young men would go to the rooms
and pose for the pictures.
4.UU* III Fonltlou
Worcester, Cape Colony, Dec. 9,
—The attendance at the Afrikander
congress today is very large. The
Afrikanders ridicule the idea of
tiouble. The say they can air their
grievances without resorting to violence. They are greatly incensed
at the posting of guns in a position
commanding the meeting place.
The slopes surrounding the town
are crowded with artillery and
troops with cannon have been posted on Gallows hill and Prospect hill.
A gesiMlloiml   Trial
Berlin, Dec. 9.—A very sensational event was developed yesterday during the trial of the rich banker, Sternberg, for an alleged offence
against morality. The states attorney declared that Criminal Commissioner Thiel had made a full confession to the exanining judge that
he took bribes from Luppa lor official reports and evidence against
Sternberg and that he had also admitted the truth of the statement to
Inspector Stierstader that Thiel had
to bribe the inspector by offering
him a villa on Lake Geneva.
The states attorney went on to
point out that Thiel's confession implicated Dr. Weithauer, one of the
lawyers for tbe defendant, Theii
having accused him of receiving
purchased documents,
A motion was made by the states
attorney for an immediate search of
Dr. Werthauer's office, but the
court declined to grant it on the
ground that such a step would be
illegal, Luppa is an agent of
Sternberg's, through whom was
purchased false evidence. It is assumed that between five and six
million marks were expended in
this way. Luppa lied about a fortnight ago.
John Gibson of Catlettsburg, Ky.,
is charged with killing his infant
stepdaughter last week with a hot
poker and was placed in jail   today.
The General will call on
Cronje on His Way
Lord Kitchener in Supreme Com-
matid--Herdiiig Boer Prisoners
—Ready for a Row
Johannesburg, Dec. 9 —General
Bader.-Powell has fixed the headquarters of the Transvaal police
force at Moddersfontein, where the
dynamite factory building will be
used as barricades.
Gen. Robeits, who has turned
over his command to Gen. Kitchener, will embark for England on
a steamer that wtll call at St. Helena, where General Cronje and
many other Boers are prisoners of
war. He is expected to arive home
on January 2.
Prior to leaving, Gen. Roberts
issued a farewell order, praising the
army for its conduct duriug the
campaign. He relerred to the sufferings and hardships of the troops,
which he said, were endured uncomplainingly. He added that they
had marched enormous distances
at incredible speed over precipitous
mountains and through dense jungles. Their food and clothing were
often scanty and they were continually shot at by an invisible enemy.
They acted according to the highest
standard of patriotism and made the
amy respected and feared in South
In conclusion General Roberts
said: "I regard you, my gallant
comrades, with affection and admiration.    Vou will live in the memo-
ory of my life's end."
Hrarclluy; the Boer*
Johannesburg Dec. 9,—The
authorities here have prepared accomodation on the race track for
four thousand people trom farms in
the vicinity of the rand. The
burghers will be hearded in the
laager and will be strictly watched.
All able bodied British subjects are
liable to be conscripted   for   service
in the rand rifles.
Heady lor u Host.
Capetown, Dec. 9.—Owing to
the attempts of sympathisers to
communicate with the Boer prisoners at Green point, some maxim
guns have been placed in position
on the surrounding heights in readiness for a disturbance.
The Prince
May Race
Great Interest Is Being
Taken in the Next
Yacht Race.
New Vork, Dec. 9,—Yacht men
have been discussing with great interest the possibility of the boat
building for the Prince of Wales taking the place of the Shamrock II,
as challenger for the Ametica's cup
in case the Royal Yacht club should
come off the victor in the trial races.
When the attention of Manager \V.
Butler Duncan, jr., was called to
the cable he said:
"I have not considered such a
contingency. The cables relating
to the challenger have been of such
a speculative character I have paid
no attention to them. It really
makes no difference after all what
boat comes over after the cup, as it
cannot affect our activity in regard
to tbe defence.
"We are going to get out the
very best boat possible. No pains
or expense are to be spared to make
her the fastest thing afloat, and
when the time comes to race we
shall have lhe knowledge that nothing has been left undone to make
the defence a success,"
A Parisian
/Mutilated Body Discovered in the French
Paris, Dec. 9.—A package containing the severed head, the arms
and legs of a young man has been
discovered in waste ground in the
Rue de Platiers at Belleville, and
another package containing a disemboweled and otherwise mutilated
trunk was found in a gateway on
the Rue de Eauborg St. Dennis a
mile and a half distant. The two
discoveries are apparently the same
murder, prob.ibly committed yesterday from the appearance of the
bodies when found.
The first package was deposited
late last night by six men, who
were seen from a dwelling house
opposite. The crime has caused a
great sensation,
A Toronto coroner's jury in the
case of Mrs. Margaret Milne's
death, have brought in a verdict to
the effect that the woman came to
her death aa a result  of Hazelton'i
(druggist) criminal operation. The
hospital authorities were condemned
for not properly caring for thc
woman. Hazelton now awaits trial
on a charge of murder.
London, Dec 9.—Rev. Joseph
Parker, pastor of the city temple,
will have entire direction and control of tlie London Sun from Dec.
17 to Dec. 22, and will, during that
time, endeavor to show British
journalists and the British public
how a newspaper should be conducted in order to effect the greatest good.
The   government    will   maintain
guards    on    the    Welland     canal
throughout the winter.
Thirty three aliens made application for naturalization papers at
Toronto yesterday. The list included twenty three Italians, eight
Chinamen and two Americans,
Condensed News Over the
4    Wires This Afternoon.
Elections In Quebec-Presentation
to Hardy-Toronto Doctors
Are Angry.
Sir Charles Tupper is to devote
the rest of his life to the insurance
business as president of the Crown
Life Insurance company.
£ Executive Lord's Day alliance
met at Toronto yesterday and decided to vigorously oppose all Sunday cars.
W. F. McCleary was nominated
yesterday by the local Conservatives
and J. F. Gross was nominated by
the Liberals for the Ontario legislature.
Ex-Premier Hardy of Toronto
was last night presented with an
address and a cheque  for  $e7,ooo.
With 37 candidates, all Liberals,
elected by acclamation there is little
interest being manifested in the remaining 35 " constituencies being
contested in the province of Quebec-
- ' ssiii «issm    * sws»s*»«s^sps*»s*.
jAt the~clo.se of theXConservative
conference in Toronto yesterday the
members stated that a seat in Ontario would certainly be found for
Hon. G. E. Foster.
The czar passed the last 24 hours
very well. His condition is satisfactory.
The Imparcial says today it considers the rupture of the relations
between Holland and Portugal to
be   very serious   and  blames Lord
Geo. Arthur Pearson, who con-
tessed to having'shot Annie Griffin,
his sweetheart, on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 23, while out driving,
because she threatened to expose
him tor making improper proposals
to her, was hanged at 7:50 this
morning at Hamilton.
Toronto doctors have formed a
medical association for the purpose
of protection. They claim that patients who are in a position to fix
rates of pay have an idea that the
courts will usually sustain them in
the non-payment of doctors' bills.
Returns of yesterday's nominations in the province of Cjuebec
show the election of 31 Liberals by
acclamation. In six other constituencies there are only Liberal candidates in nomination.
Wm. Hebden, a young Englishman, was drowned in Lake Nipis-
sing on Wednesday last.
Lord Minto today accepted the
honorary presidency of the Navy
League of Canada.
The continued apathy of the
Montreal authorities iu the Chis-
holm case is causing much indignation.
Nominations for the provincial
legislature of Prince Edwards
Island took place throughout the
island yesterday. Every seat is being contested.
The vacant senatorship in Hamilton will probably be offered to either
Mr. Gibson. ex-M. P. of Lincoln
and Niagara, or T. 11. McPherson,
ex-M. P. of Hamilton.
Ontario Conservative members of
thc house of commons, as well as
defeated candidates in the general
elections, assembled at Toronto this
morning for the purpose of discussing questions of leadersh'p, protests, etc., the meeting being held
in secret.
Tin* Presbyterian Bevlew*
The Presbyterian Review, published by The Poole Puhishing
Company, Toronto, contains a
large amount of interesting matter
in the issue of Nov. 29, just on
hand. On the front page is the
excellent picture of Rev. D. C.IIos-
sack, M. A., L. L. B., editor.
There is also  an   illustrated  article
on the work of R«v.  Wm.   Meikle
who   has   beenjfstated   pastor 0f
Crook's    church,  Tpronto,   during
the vacancy; also   on   lUv.  A.  R
Winchester, minister-ele. 1 of Knox
church, Toronto;   on   Rev;   A.   I
McLeod, late principal  of the   Re
gina Industrial  school.    The  num.
ber contains an excellent   reproduc-
tion of the central figures   of those,
about the Moderator's desk   at" the
Historical Moment when the  covenant of union   was   signed  uniting
the two Scottish churchas.
The C.|P. R. is making arrange-
ments with the Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway for a direct connect-
ion between Vancouver and Vic-
toria* New arrangements will £0
into operation next March.
A Wealthy Stockman Runs
Amuck in Nebraska.
Th   Sh riff Manag d to Save His
Man from a Crowd Bent on
Lynching Him.
Platte Centre, Neb. Dec. 9.—It
was only the prompt ai rival of
Sheriff Birnes and four deputies that
prevented a lynching as a culmination of a series of shooting affrays
here yesterday. The town is green-
ly excited.
W. J. Gentleman a wealthy
stockman, who caused the trouble,
held the entire village at bay and
shot four men, one , of whom may
Gentleman, inspired by a grudge
over a cattle suit several month*
ago, attacked Martin Burns, a farmer, on the street. Infuriated after
the fight, Gentleman secured a shot
gun and went in search of his enemies. He entered the blacksmith
shop of S. Olsen and shot the owner. Marshal Hayes tried to arrest
him and was shot in the back.
He was finally overpowered and
taken to jail, and he drew a revolver and shot into the crowd that
had gathered, and Henry Langer
and Robert Wilson were badly
wounded. The sheriff and four
deputies arrived trom Columbus in
reponse to an urgent summons and
rhe prisoner was spirited away in a
Tel 1 urn libera strike
A strike of telegraphers took
place today on the Gulf, Colorado &
Santa Ke railroad. Trains between
Galveston, Tex., and Purcell, I. T,
are tied up.
4 osassssltte.fi   Nulrlstd
Toronto, Out, Dec. 9. — Robert
Turner, aged forty years, a native
of Taunton, Mass., and until lately
employed in the Toronto Silver
Plate company's works, committed
suicide by inhaling gas at his rooms
in the Central hotel yesterday. He
had been dismissed owing to somt
trouble at the factory and went to
his room, left a note for his relatives in Taunton, and then committed suicide.
Killed in- Coal «.«•
Picton, Out., Dec. g.—Abram
Drummond and his two sons West-
ley and Ernest, were a»phixayted by
coal gas on Tuesday night. The
discovery was only made last evening when the two boys were found
dead and the farther in an unconscious condition, who died shortly
afterwards. Investigations shows
tliat all dampers of the coal slove
were closed before the gas had been
burned off, the escape ol which resulted in the death ol the three. LONDON QUOTATION!*
„, Dally ***■*■■*••• t" Kruen Keunedy A
4 ossipu.ii>.
London,     Dec.     9.—[Special]—
Le Roi, £7 6s.
B. A. Ci 15s 6d.
ASK 10
Athabasca S 6 ftu
jj 0.U0UI "fields        a
ais'f'j"*,  ,8K
yiiick lail  in
Brandon & Golden Crown.        li
Cuimaian Uold FieldH  8Jsj
Uariboo [CanipMcKinneyJ u,
Centre 6mr $ 1 41)
ijruw'a Nest ""ana Uoal.... **66 Uu
Deer Trail No.',2         8
nunuee  20
Kvenitii' biar   (Asst. paid)       »;;.<;
Ulain         tyK
Hoineslake (Assessi. paid)        2
iron Mask   [Assess,   piuiij 28
Iron Colt         2
IX. h  1H
juwbo  is
KinK (Oro Lenoro)        ii
Knob Hill  &m
\mw i'i ne Consul         H
Muni* (Jiirtsto         |
Montreal Uold Fields         3"^
Morrison         8jJ
Mountain Lion  IU
Noble Kive          I
North Star (East Kootcnayill ui
Noveltv         8
Okanogan (Assess, paid).. IJ^
Old ironsides  70
P»TM * V!)
1'eoria Mines..           2
JYiuoesa Maud         3
Quilp  2(IX
Kauiiiler-Cariboo  20^
Republic  6rt
bt. Klmo Consolidated....        3
Sullivan  lfl*sj
Tsuiaruc, uas'l paid  fi
Tom l'liiuub  \2X
V»n Anda  2^
Virginia  '.'>$
War Kagle Consolidated..! 1 OS    :
Waterloo         $%
White Bear         i\\
Winnipeg  6
I 4 WI
$50 00
A Heavy Storm Sweeps English Coasts.
Wreck of the Ross Gull-Only 11
Persons Out of 40 Saved-*.
Rough Experience.
14 Vi
The recent emphatic declaration
here of the Hon. Richard McBride,
minister of mines, that the members
of the provincial cabinet should in
the future personally visit the (jreat
mining sections of the Kootenays
and Yale much more frequently., if
they would keep in touch with the
pressing requirements of the district, w'll be very well received in
Wc hope, therefore that the visits
oi the members of the government
to the Kootenays will no longer be
termed "an^el visits," by reason of
their rarity, but that the residents
of this section of the province may
have that personal contact With
their provincial rulers which they
have a right to look for.
In th2 past tit has been too'often
the rule that in order to obtain any
recognition whatever it has been
necessary to send deputation after
deputation to Victoria, and be under
the disadvantage of having to plead
for favors off and away from the
spot where they were wanted and
•here their importance could be
ftst considered.
Mr. McBride has been greatly
impressed by what he has seen here
■luting his present short stay, and
Wt may be satisfied that he
will press his views as stated upon
the other members of the government when he returns.
The house will meet next month
and after the session is over we
may reasonably hope to greet the
several members ol the government
from time to time.
London, Dec. 9 —Storms have
been sweeping over the British
coast and the ships in the channel
have had rough experiences. Several minor wrecks have been reported.
The steamer Ross Gull has been
lost off the coast of Jersey. She
foundered in a gale at 11 o'clock
last night. Only 11 persons out of
the 40 people on board were saved.
llsssls   Mil .1.1 in   Iliad
Word has been   received   of   the
eath of   Hugh   Madden,   a   well
known hotel man, at   Nome.      He
was a pioneer   in   Trail,    Rossland
and Nelson.
Hold   lloltl-l ->■
Chicago. Dec, i).—Two attempts
were made to hold up cars on the
west side last night. The first was
productive of a fight ,and the final
capture of two j of the robbers by
tbe crew and passengers ol the car
and came near ending in a lynching. Two hours later three men
tried to hold up a car on West
fortieth avenue.~23.The car was
chased two blocks by the bandits,
who fired several shots after it,
but the driver whipped up his
horse* and escaped.
llmllilluu    'loll    llr:l,l
James Davis, market clerk of
Hamilton, a well known_Liberal, is
dead, aged 50 years.
A Filial Fire
Evansville, Ind., Dec, 9.—One
lite was lost and several were injured in a fire today which destroyed
the iron works of Geo. L. Mesker
& Co. and Loewenthal's commission
house. The losses are estimated at
Five 111, ii KIIUil
Inglewood Junction, Ont,, Dec.
9.—John Allen, Neil McArthur and
Oliver Ellis, section men, and John
Teetzel and Arthur Frame, farm
laborers, were instantly killed this
morning while riding on a hand car
on the Grand Trunk tracks near this
place. All the killed were married
Czar liiiprovliiK
The czar has passed the last
twenty-four hours very well. His
convalescence is following generally
a favorable course.
Turkey aud the Keuturkv   ~
The government has stopped all
telegrams from Smyrna in regard
to the Kentucky.
Loudou Talk
The judicial decision id East
Queens, P, E. I., election recount
gives Martin, Conservative, 2250
good ballots and McKinnon, Liberal, 22=57.
si'iisiiiioiiHi  Arreal
A sensational Toranto arrest occurred last ni^'lit when Ross McC.
Cameron of the'meUorological department, and a prominent member
of Little Trinity church, was jailed
on a charge under the Charlton act,
preferred by James A. Henry, caretaker of the church.
The return of VV. A. Galliher as
as Hie result of yesterday's contest
Cl*" hardly surprise anyone who
realizes the force of an appeal to
"elect a friend at court," backed up
ty Hie supporters of a government
already secure in office by a big
John McKane made a splendid
showing under the most adverse
circumstances imaginable, and the
•■"iiservative party is indebted to
Wm for the gallant gght he  put up.
The vote polled for Mr. Foley
M"'P'ised that gentleman's most ai-
deni supporters and the Labor1'candidate lias succeeded beyond meas-
"■re in impressing both of the old
Parties and the electors generally
""•"■th the strength of his following in
l'"l» constituency.
Km join Huiiiii.rnu.il
•lobarl and Hamilton Fuller,
"""•a of Mrs. II. 11. Fuller of Ham-
''ton, have gone to South Africa to
J0'11 Baden-Powell's police force
\11sn1ui meeting of tbe Giant
The annual meeting of the stockholders ofthe Rossland Giant Mining company was held yesterday in
the offices of the company in Spokane. At the meeting the principal business was the election oi
officers and trustees for the coming
year.    The following   officers   were
President, A. D. Coplen; vice-
president, Dr. G. S. Allison; secretary-treasurer, D. s. Prescott; trustees, A. 1). Coplen, M. S. Bentley,
Dr. G. S. Allison,  D.  S.  Prescott
and S. E, Bentley.
The properly is being worked
steadily with good results. No
definite line oi work was laid out
for the year, thai being left with the
trustees, ll is their intention to
keep work going the same way as
at present for the time being.
"The ore we have been shipping
has netted us, altei paying for ship-
ping and treatment, $17   per 1()"*'
said Mr. Prescotti "We are now
working in the shall, which is down
.,,, feet, and intend to continue shipping. M. E. Tin cell, .the superintendent ofthe   mine,   has    reported
thai the ore is improving with every
fool the shaft is lowered,    and   that
the ore body is widening.    We feel
very pleased with  the   present   OUl
look for the   mine   and   expect   to
make a   line   showing   during   the
oiiiing year."
A <io»e  li.< 11..11
London, Dec. 9,—The members
of the Royal Canadian"f[regiment,
visited^the house~oft'parliament 'this
Mr. Chamberlain acknowledged
the indebtednessfof Great Britain to
the colonial troops.
The Canadian contingent was
most cordially t" welcomed in the
house ot lords, by Lord Lansdowne
and the Duke of Aberdeen in brief
Col. O'ter in'thanking the speakers, denied the allegations oi bad
treatment of the Canadians. He
said the only'complaint he and his
men had to make, was that they were
being killed with kindness.
<ui.ii.li,  at Furl*
Canada's chief exhibits shown at
Paris will be transferred to
Glasgow where an exhibition will
be held next May.
« barged \%iin  *"iiird«*r
A warrant has been issued for
the arrest of Mrs. Hazelton, wife
of a Toronto druggist, charged
with th<* murder of Mrs Martha
Milne, through abortion. Mrs. Hazelton has disappeared.
InceudUrj Fir«*»
There were live tires of an incendiary character yesterday at How-
man ville. Several arrests have
been    made    and   others    will    fol«
tMgllttuS •' 'Innii"
jailer Cameron, Turnkey   Forbes
and a" old soldier named Winters,
an inmate of the Woodstock, Out.,
jail, *ire all suffering severely from
injuries sustained in endeavoring to
overpower a maniac named Burton,
another inmate of the jail, who was
causing a disturbance, having set
tire to his bed tick. Winters was
nearly killed and Cameron was
knocked senseless before Burton
was captured.
iirin-.ii Pacific Bqnadrou
The Allan liner   Parisian,   with
Rear Admiral Bkklord, who is going to Esquimall to take   command
of the British Pacific squadron, on
board, arrived at Halifax this morning*
The Boer Leader's Appeal to
to His Countrymen.
Britons and Boers Will Eventually
Live Peaceably Together Under
the .British Flag.
Capetown, Dec. 9.—Paul Botha,
who was a member of the Orange
Free State's volksraad for 21 years,
has issued a pamphlet appealing to
his fellow countrymen to accept the
inevitable and recognize British
rule, which, he says, is alone possible in South Africa, although Great
Britain's weak and spasmodic policy
in the past was a grave mistake.
He says that he has repeatedly but
vainly appealed to Steyn and De
Wet to cease fighting. He bitterly
attacks Steyn. He predicts that
Britons and Boers will eventually
live peaceably together under the
British flag,
Is a Divine
The   Indians Impressed
with Her Sharp
Phoenix,Ariz.,Dec. 9,—A Papage
Indian woman was brought to the
territorial insane asylum today, She
became insane several weeks ago
over the religious teachings of a
woman, a so-called "divine healer,"
who live.-, at Phoenix and whose
strange delusions have been impressed on the Papage to such an
extent that many more of the Indians are partially demented.
The Indians have been contributing all their money to the alleged
healer. It is said she has emissaries among other tribes and the
authorities are searehing  for  them.
« iiuatllaii Hank Kobbrrst l» C'oislral list*
Biaiiie Treaty.
Chicago, Dec. 11.—The question of the constitutionality of the
Blaine extradition treaty , between
Great Britain and the United States,
signed hy representatives of the
two governments in iSHn, and
which, it is asserted, has never been
passed upon, is to be brought before the l'nited States supreme
court in the cases oi Fred I-ee Rice,
Frank Rutledge and Thomas Jones,
who were arrested in Chicago last
I tine on the request oi the Canadian
authorities, charged with being
fugitives from justice.
The specific charges  again* t tie
three men included complicity in
several bank robberies in Toronto
and oilier Canadian cities. President McKinley issued a warrant for
the requisition of the three men,
but action was prevented by a writ
of supersedeas, issued by Judge
Kohlsaat of the the l'nited States
district court, and since last June
the men have been confined in a
county jail, Next Wednesday attorneys representing the prisoners
and the British consul will appear
before the supreme court al Washington, and bail for the prisoners
will be asked pending the consideration of the Blaine treaty.
Should bail be refuse.I the prisoners, thev may remain in jail here for
a year belore the case it- passed
upon.     It was in   the   cell   ol   Fred
Rice thai    a  revolver was found,
concealed in a basket ol grapes
some three weeks ago, and since
that time the men have been closely
NWII'T   Hlllllsil TION
ICloplnu Ho«band Drop* Dead at Nlelit
oi Deserted wire.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 10,—
The mysterious death in this city,
of a man known as William T.
Wilson, and the subsequent investigation into its cause, has brought
to light a strange story of sin and
of swift and tragic retribution for
a great wrong. The man whose
body now occupies a marble slab
in the morgue has been identified as
William Boulton, scion of a well
known English family. To conceal his whereabouts from the family he had deserted, he assumed a
fictitious name, thinkirg that his
identity would be safely hidden
under the name of Wilson. •
When the man was found dead
there was at first no one to identify him, except the women who was
known here as his wife. Today,
however, several witnesses swore
that his name was William Boulton. Among the witnesses is the
wife and other members of the family whom Boulton deserted. Thc
Boultons resided, until a few
months ago, in England. Then the
home was broken up by the sudden departure of the husband, who
fled the country with a woman
other than his wife. The eloping
couple came to Vancouver some
time ago and engaged apartments
at a prominent hotel. They gave
the name of Wilson and seemed to
be ideally happy.
* If either gave a thought to the
deserted family in far-a-way England, it was certainly not a thought
of apprehension. The lovers believed firmly that Mrs. Wilson was
nursing her sorrows in loneliness,
where the guilty husband had
left her, thousands of miles away on
the other side ofjthe*~WOrld,
But retribution found Boulton, if
not his companion, and in a manner sudden and terrible. Withont
a word of warning Mrs. Boulton
abruptly appeared on the scene'and
confronted her guilty husband.
What passed between them in that
last interview will never be known,
unless Mrs. Boulton chooses to
tell, for a few moments later Boulton sank to the ground a corpse.
The autopsy surgeon declared, after
a close examination of the body
and its organs, that death had resulted from tright and from no
other  cause.
Another dramatic feature of
the case is that the husband of
the women who was known
here as Mrs. Wilson, accompanied Mrs. Boulton on her journey-
across the ocean and across the
continent. The deserted wife and
the deserted husband made common cause nnd together joined in
the search for the runaway.
riirilling Biperlem •■ of a 1 lallfornli
Redding, Dec. 10. — Robert G.
Wright, a young miner of Redding,
knows the terror ot being in a narrow shaft with a heavy charge of
dynamite approaching the point of
explosion. Through rare presence
of mind Wright   managed to save
his lite, though the big charge exploded within 5 feet of him.
Wright had been working in a
shaft on a claim near town. It wis
down sixty leet and the miner
placed a charge oi dynamite,
lighted the fuse and rapidly climbed
the timbers toward the surface
When thirty lect above tho sputtering fuse the limbers gave way and
he tumbled down to rtje bottom of
the shaft.
John Weir, who was handling
the windlas,heard him shout to lower the bucket qickly, but before lie
could do this he heard an agonized scream:
"To late!"
Weir began lo descend hastily
down the shall when the explosion
came, lie pressed on through the
smoke, supposing Wright had been
blown lo pieces. However, Weir
found him, pale and nnnl-covered,
but uninjured,     Al tlie last moment
Wright bad remembered a small
excavation in the wall and with all
his might squeezed his body into it.
The concussion stunned but did not
injure him.
Lord Roberts Sailed forRng-
I nd This Morning.
Extnds th Hand of Frlndshlp to
the ores—They Have Bn Hi .*
lead by Foolish Leaders.
Durban, Dec, 9 -Lord Roberts,
on board the Canada, has slatted
for Capetown. He was given an
enthusiastic send oft". All the ships
in the harbor were decorated with
Prior to his departure he made a
speech in which he adjured his hearers to hold'out the hand of fellowship to those who have been their
"When blessed peace is restored"
said the field marshal, "You will
tell them that we are all one in one
country, that we have one interest
and that we honor them. They
have been fighting for a wrong
cause, having been induced to do so
by their misguided leaders, nevertheless we honor them for fighting
for the liberty we ourselves so thoroughly believe in. And now, in the
spirit of liberty, truth, justice and
freedom, we are prepared to extend
the privileges which every Englishman values to those who have been
fighting against us."
Arthur G. Dunn, a yarrdssaa,
aged 22, was instantly killed in the
Grand Trunk yards at London yesterday while engaged in coupling
The Royal and Canadian Electric
companies will soon amalgamate.
N«*\i   Hun.I Issue
The Bell Telephone company have
decided lo authorize an increase of
the bond issue and to apply to parliament for the right to increase its
Double Dally Tralti Service.
Nn. 11. West Bound
Nd. 1;, East Hmmd	
Nn.  ' We»t Bound
Nn 1. Km! Bound
•Coeui 1   Alene branch
Paloueecs Lewittonbr*ch
•Central Wash branch
•I ..H..I Priight, Wtll
'Local freight. i'ast.
v.j. a. 111
B.JJ a. ID
10. <,o p. ni
11 1' p. 111
5 .V.' p. in
MS p. in
I.   Q ,1   Ml
I.B p. Ill
?.;. j* m
I -iJ
a. in.
a. 111.
p. in.
p. in.
a. m.
a. iB.
v.lo a. ni.
b.uo a
■  I
'Daily axcapt Sundav, all other* Jailv.
Bvan WW. cast bound.
/.i; I Is! 1 I' BLOCK,
Corner Hownrd ond Riverside.
Trains 11 and 1:.' run solid between
Portland mui Bt, Paul. Traini :'• and 4
run N"liii between Portland and Kaniaa
City and St. Ixuiia, via BlllltiK» and "liur-
hutton Route," without change, Through
Pullrorn anil Tourist Bleepera nnd UssHi>k
Cars un all traius.
.) W. HILL, General Aiv-nt, Kt'isW'
A.D. CUAKl.TUN,A.O.l,.A..l'iifiai
e, Wn,
■ i   '■ ;
i! ittt. v
ut; i
■iii :
i!    :
O. E. Smitherinoalb, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -'     -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertisinu 10 cei*te a line for
<the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
..subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisemente at same rates
as legal adve.tising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
flor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
„ap plication.
Tbe Subscription is *2 per .year, strict-
fiy in advance-, 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 1900.
Don't think incorporation lias been
dost sight of. Still waters are often
.deep.        ___.
The farmers in Okanagan want to
be touched up a little and then the
Independents will have smooth sailing.  .
The Slocan made the best showing
/for Foley—more votes than for the
.other two candidates. Kaslo didn't
-do too bad.
It was the stay-at-homes who defeated Foley. However, the strength
.developed by the Independents, for a
ttwo-monthsoldparty,was surprising.
Moyie was a peach, but Nelson was
,a bitter disappointment. It was the
.only place that failed Foley. Some
education on Labor principles is sad-
jy needed in that burg.
Tbe Independents will now conduct an active missionary campaign
,io get votes on the list preparatory
sto eventualities upon redistribution.
The victory is only delayed a little
while.      ____________
By Thursday's vote an object lesson was given politicians as to where
the Labor strength lies. The more
.it is contemplated, the less agreeable
it will become to the aspiring
"friends" ofthe workingnien.
W. A. Galliher, Esq., of Nelson, is
.to be our represent.tive at Ottawa.
We would rather it had been Chris
Foley, still Bill isn't half a bad sort.
He can be depended on in the future
Jo think twice before signing another
petition.   Good luck to him.
For the five months ending Nov.
,30, the revenue of the Dominion
amounted to $21,504,705, an increase
.of $145,000 over the same time last
year. The expenditure on current
account was $14,418,589, an increase
of $1,400,000 over tbe same five
months of 1899.
The census enumeration is to be
made in April next. According to
,the civic returns made during the
year, the cities of Canada have a
population in excess of 1,000,000, or
a 25 per cent gain during the decade
If the same ratio holds good for the
country districts, the Dominion must
have a population considerably over
Revival in mining is extending Its
.beneficent influence throughout this
mining division and the new year
promises to be much better than last
season, A number of smaller properties are starting up and others
getting in shape to resume operations
in January. Capital is becoming at*
■traded to tbe dry ore belt, while the
outside press is remarkably friendly
io this locality. The situution is sufficient to make one optimistic, everything indicating rapid progress and
The action ofthe citizen's commit
tee, on Tuesday.in staking the watc
right on Goat creek, must be eonsii
ered by the gold commissioner as
.strong protest against granting the
coveted franchise to a private corporation.    It is an   indication, too,
that   the  citizens   are    thoroughly
aroused on the matter and are in
earnest in their plea for public utilities for the public.   Practice has followed belief and every effort is to
made to press home tho advantage
,the people beforo the commissionc
That incorporation will ensue is
practical surety, and then the town
will be in shape to proceed with tl
waterworks and electric light
provements.   The company's acti
has been instrumental in doing muc
good in town by kindling the pub
.spirit.   Incorporation has been fore
upon the people, but they will sei
and make the most of Jh.e,opportunl
Sandon has organized two fire brigades.
Sandon has no vacant houses or
Spring weather has prevailed during the week.
A new kitchen has been added to
the Slocan hotel.
Sandon's taxation for the ensuing
year is 27J mills.
Ancient periodicals may be purchased at this office.
Maxy Heckmann has become a
full-fledged Britisher.
The license commissioners meet at
New Denver tomorrow.
Born.—In Slocan, on Nov 30, Mrs
A.IIobbs, of a daughter.
Capt. Fitzatubbs, Nelson, was a
visitor in town Saturday.
A. York will hold a shooting match
for turkeys on Christmas.
Band & Goodenough, Kaslo, havo
bought the Sandon brewery.
The force on the Moilie Gibson has
been considerably increased.
The deer season closes tomorrow,
The hunting has been fairly good.
Nelson papers are extensively
booming this town and its tributary
The Methodists held their initial
services in the Oddfellows hall last
T. J. Lendrum, of the Bosun Mines,
passed north Saturday, on his return
from England.
Tax notices have been received by
local property holders from the provincial assessor.
A dance was given in the Music
Hall, on Thursday night last. It was
slimly attended.
Robt. F. Green, M.L.A., will visit
Slocan ere attending the opening of
the Legislature.
Maxy Heckmann has returned
from a hunting trip down the river.
He got five deer.
See our line of Xmas novelties in
burnt leather work. Tim first ever
shown in town.   Bennett & Co.
F. W. Peters, district freight agent
of the C.P.R., ha9 been promoted to
a higher position at Vancouver.
W. F. DuBois, superintendent of
the Arlington, leaves Tuesday on a
six weeks' holiday trip to the coast.
A fine assortment of ladies' lace and
linen handkerchiefs; just the thing
for a Xmas present.   Bennett & Co.
W. II. Sandiford, nigr. of the Bosun mine, New Denver, accompanied
by Mrs. Sandiford, was here Wednesday.
Double trains will he run next
year on the Imperial Limited schedule. No. 1 will handle first-class
traffic only.
An extension of time to finish its
proposed railways has been applied
for bv the Columbia & Kootenay It,
and N. Co.
Twenty-seven men have been employed on the Lemon creek sleigh
road. A few days more will finish
the work.
The twiners' Union has a list of 38
new names to go on the voters'list,
many of whom will take out naturalization papers.
Next Friday the stockholders in
the Two Friends are to meet in Vancouver, to authorize thc sale of thc
company's assets.
John Houston, of Nelson, strongly
favors the incorporation of this place.
Ho has promised to lend his support
at the legislature.
The N. & S.  Railway Co. will ap
ply to the Dominion parliament for
an extension of time wherein to construct its railways.
Send this paper to your friends. It
will give them an idea of what is going on in the district. It might boost
thc subscription list, too.
Several up country mine managers
went through  here  Wednesday   to
Nelson, to attend nn important meet
ing of the Mine Owners Association.
Murdock McLean and his men
went up to Koch's new sawmill, on
Ten Mile, on Friday, to instal the
engine and set the machinery in motion.
Tonight a complimentary ball and
supper will be tendered W. F. DuBois, in the Music Hall,by those who
participated in thc recent festivities
at the Arlington.
JamesCurrle and Miss Ethel Williamson were married at New Denver, Tuesday evening, by Rev. Mr.
Alexander. They will' spend the
winter in Wingham, Ont. Both are
well known on the lake.
Christinas Cheer.—Now is the time
for plum pudding and Xmas cake.
You will need: Seeded raisins, l.r>e a
pound; cleaned currants, 15; Valencia raisins, 12J; muscatels, 12{*j London layers, 15; mixed peels,80; shelled almonds, 60] walnuta,25; caraway
candies, 5c an oz; spices. Wethey's
mince meat isthe best for mince pies.
Can be had fresh.and at lowest prices
from W. T. Shatford _ Co.
An KiilDrprlHii Circuits*'.
exercised an option upon Mountain
Consolidated silver lead property
situated at Sandon, in the Slocan
district of British Columbia, which
has been favorably reported on by
F. G. Graham and Leslie Hill, in
view of whose reports the directors
decided to acquire the property. Mr.
Graham, the engineer to the company, has just left London, and on
hisarri'al active development will
becontinued. It is proposed to make
monthly shipments to the smelters.
Tne last two consignments, taken
from three tunnels.and amounting to
80ton8, averaged over $150 to the
ton. The vein on this property runs
from the apex to 1,000 feet down on
both sides of tho hill, and the outcrop
can be seen at intervals the wholo of
the way."
Bond ltellnqulslitKl.
The bond on the Mabou group,held
by J. Frank Collom, lapsed Friday
night, he failing to make the first
payment of five per cent. Tho story
in circulation that the bond fell short
because of the action of the commissioners in granting a license to the
hotel in the Arlington basin, is all
rubbish. The owners of the group
are not worrying over the matter, as
the future is bright enough. The
property lies between the Enterprise
and Neepawa on tho one side and the
Speculator and Bondholder on the
other. These are nil working properties, and the recent strikes on the
Enterprise and Speculator only sorve
to heighten the advantage of the Mabou group. Failing a new bond, the
owners will work the property themselves in tho spring.
Appended  is a circular that has
been issued in England to the shareholders by the secretary of the Enterprise Mines, Limited:   "I beg to,
inform you that this company has'
Chapleau Mill ltiinnlns;.
The stamps at the Chapleau mill
commenced dropping Tuesday and
the mill is in steady operation. The
machinery is running smoothly and
is doing pretty work. The tram cable has been tightened and respliced
and is working ""without a hitch in
delivering the ore. New bunkhouses
and a cookhouse are also being erected, and when finished the force is to
be increased. About 35 men are employed at the mine, 25 around the
mill, and 15 or 20 in cleaning out the
mud slides in the new road. A cleanup from the mill is expected at the
end ot the month.
Siran Qtr Miners' lira,
No. 62, W. F. of fl.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
"R J.
My third biar shipment of Heating
Stoves and Ranges for the season
will soon be here.
McClary's Stoves took the gold medal
at the Paiil Exposition.
Sole Dealer in Slocan for
these Stoves.
per annum.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
It. O.
Just the thing for
Xmas or a New-
Year gift. See our
also we have some special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire nt reasonable rates.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Wood and Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Leth bridge.
Orders for Coal to be accompanied
by cash and left at the Office:
Fruits, Nuts   and   Confectionery  of all
kinds; equal to anything in the Camp.
Leave Your Order With ~~T~
A, David,
For a Nice Winter Suit.       Perfect  Fit Guaranteed.      We use oaly ai
Trimmings and the Finish is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Doors South of Postoflice.
Fresh Groceries
are what the people want and we always have them.
We have just got in a big consignment from the east!
We have a large assortment of Cross & Blackwell's
goods.   Groceries are our specialty.
 T. McNeish & Co.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and  Blacksmith Coal.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles   Furnished.
B. C.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - B. C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
I HEREBY give notice thnt Al. Rehne
has  failed   to   perform his   assessment
work on the Truro mineral claim for the j
year ending August SO, I'M). And 1 i<ive
notice that, unless the paid Al. Bennel
pa) Bill!  proportion of said assessment,!
amounting to $">0, and all costs attached
thereto, I shall claim  his interest in the |
wii'l mineral   claim, under  section  4 of
the Mineral Act, Amendment Act, 1900,
Dated at Slocan City  this 24th day of
November, 1900.
The Muroutt Branch
oar THK W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each monti
at 8 p.m. Next meeting in the Pit*
hyterianchurch.    All meetings opei
to those wishing t   join.
Mas. YV. J. AXDiunrs,    Mas. T. Ii. ll.ui.
President. Cor. Secretary
and Jeweler.
A full line of
Watches, Diamonds,
Clocks, Jewelry, Plat-
edware and Spectacles
always in stock.
Repairing a specialty and all work
left at TBs Drill office will he forwarded. Mail orders promptly attended to.
Baker Street, Nelson.
We are showing the
newest and choicest line of
Qoods suitable for Holiday
Gifts, in Celluloid :
flanicure Sets
Collar & Cuff Boxes
Musical Stationery Box
Photo Holders
Photo Frames
Trinket Boxes
Paper Weights
Souvenir Writing Pads
Slocan Souvenir Plaques
Come early and  make n choice.    A
small deposit paid and tho
goods will  be kept
for you.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Knttirprlse Frnrtlmml   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City (fining Dt-
vision   of  Wed Kootenay   District.
Where located i—Adjoining the Enterprise, on Ten Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Herbert T.
Twlgj*, as auent for the Enterprise (British Columbia] Mines, Ltd., Free Miner's
Certificate No. B86828,intond, sixty days
from the date hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown (-rant of the ahove claim.
And further  take  notice  that action,
under section  A",  must   ho commenced I
before thu issuance of such certificate of |
Dated this 29th dav of November, lt'00.
80-1040 H. T.TW1GG, Acent
• 'lyilr Mill.Till   (.'latin.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin]- Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located :—tin first north fork
of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Robert Scott
Leiinie, acting as agent lor The Chapleau
Consolidated Hold Mining Co., Ltd., F,
M.<". No.B87402, intend,sixty day* from
the dale hereof, to apply   t   ttlS Mining
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown arant of the ahove claim.
And further  take  notice  that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before tbe Issuance of such certificate of
Dated tbls38thdayof November, 1000,
7.12 00 H. s LENNIE
wants   thoroughly   reliable
in every Camp in the Districts ot East and West Kootenay and Vale, lo whom
reasonable compensation will
be paid for their services.
Correspondents will be ex
pected to furnish the Chamber of Mines with all development going on at, the
mines, the installation of
machinery, shipments of oro
and yalae, and generally such
news as wil I attract the attention of capitalists and eiutso
them to Investigate and invest. Applications to bo addressed to the—
Southern British Columbia,
(Kootenays and Vale), Rossland, B,C
P, 0. box 078
that do not convey a hint of
how little you pay for them
are illustrated in abundance in
our 1901 catalogue, which we
will send upon application.
You will wonder how such
pretty tokens of friendship
could be purchased fer the
prices we ask.
Each article will be initialed
without extra charge and enclosed in a dainty box to make
the giving so much prettier.
EsUbllsho-i   1854.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonge svnd Adolrvldo Si*...
CaMiai Pacific Railway
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers on
all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Cars, passing Dunmore
Junction daily for 51.
Paul; Saturdays for
flontreal and Boston:
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. The
same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
pointer regarding the
Eastern Trip you contemplate taking. Fall
and Winter schedule
now effective.
For time-tables, rates, anil full -*1'
formation call on or address noo-rcst
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
T. P. A., A.O. P. A ■
Nelson. Vancouver.


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