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The Slocan Drill 1900-06-01

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 ■bi.. I., No. 9.
$2.00 PER ANNUM*
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Giant Powder, Gutta Percha Fuse,
Jessops' Steel,        Stoves and Tinware,
Coal Oil,     Timers' Supplies.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
(&   trOr
iiaim'i:n!m:s i.\ ami .iiioim) this
GHOWING   Ill'liU.
I.lirltl O'-l llrriMiri'i lll'jctly Otilllnril fol-
I III" Hiikj' Bender—Interesting Btlup
Slioti ill Otlior Towru-livi-rj- Itriti of
• Inly one more week and thc agony
will be over.
When finished the odd fellows will
have the best hall in town.
Born, In Silverton, on Friday last,
Mrs. .1. M. M. Benedum, of n son.
Several parcels of li eal real estate
linvo changed hands during tho pasl
Wl ek.
Mrs. W. I,, tlagler, of Sandon has
been visiting iu i iwns for Beveral
The ti> in of E. Parrls & Co. will
henceforth bo known .-is T. McNelsh
8 i 'i -.
Thos. Malvoy has purchased thc
Music Hall property from A. Ferlnsjd,
of Nelson.
Hermann Clever is now running
j Mh: butcher shops at New Denver and
I Silverton.
A carlond of coast flooring, ceiling,
sash and doors just arrived.   Mci la)
luni it Co.
Win. Harris, who -lately returned
from England, is buildinga-ncat c '■
tage above the school.
and the latter between the Burlington
and Speculator. The deal was for
spot cash nnd oh tho same basis as
offered two months ago by Coopor,
A short, lime, ago the Arlington Co.
planted stakes upon both fractions
and recorded an assessment on each,
but subsequently concluded to buy
1 loper out Charley Holler owns
the other hall in the Native Silver
Two siiii'iin Men MnkQ ft Rlob DIsoovery
in th*. Ki-tiii* mver Country*
Wm. Brasoh camo back from the
that famous property strictly in sight. I OUR ORE SHIPMENTS
McLean and his partner have snnli 10
feet on the Btnko they mode this
spring and the ore carries with
depth. There are from six to ten
inches of clean shipping ore in Bight,
besides a few inches of mixed mineral and quartz. The returns of the
ore are Tally as high as those of the
Enterprise The winze is to be continued to a greater depth.
We li-ml tin' Entire Lake Country—A
Healthy Evldimoo nf tin- Llfi- mill
Wealth or tho Camji- Enternrlav the
Biggest Shipper.
Ore shipments  during   the week
me PollUonl Campatgn lit Town Orowi I from this division   show   Up  &   little
Warmer. ; hetier, the Enterprise having export
ed four carloads,   or 80 tons in all.
Polities in town are getting decid- This was sent to the same destination
Keltic river country last week and edly warmer an 1 each sido feels con-  as former shipments, to Everett, Dry
reporisn  big ojecitemcut on there, fluent of winning.    Pursuant to no-  weather  coining on  and the road
lie and V. C. llacklifl wen- grub
stakel two months ago by A. Vork',
of this town, and they have done
well. '] h '. have li cated a numbi r of
very promi dng p ild l rospeets, n d
have al io Bueceeded in discovering
\\ hiil is ennsid red of cv< n m re
value than a go] linlne—a deposit oi
ticeUco. Kane,thc Martin candidate, keeping in good shape, tho weekly
helda meeting In thc  Music Hall, figures from the Enterprise should
Wednesday night, and It was liil d maintain a Btcady position.   Ore is
tothedoors,    D. S. McVannell acted coming down-from tho Kilo to Lemon
us  chairman,   rhe speakers  were siding arid a carload willgeoul In a
Messrs, Kan-', i-. I . Potts, ol Pernio, pinv,-fny9
• WcGiur, of  Vane mver, all blowing is a list oi tho shipments
value than a go] Imlne-adeposit of wh ufi championed 11 m.Joo Martin's L, ,  ,,,.,,.,,",',.,,'.
coal. Ilroseh claims it to be a.twenty side oi thc political  issues; and  W. •   ,il
foot8eam ond traceable for a  Ion- Carney, of Kaslo, who Bpokeonbi
distance. mlf 11 Mr. Green's candidature.  All
Samples taken from tin croppings theFpenkersreqeivcdacourteous*rrd  Ataing-ion
61 tho vein ami shown here are fully attentive hearin r.
Up to standard grade, burning freely, Last nigh I   It. F. Green ond John
with a large percentage of heat ond ;-,,Vii held a joint meeting in the same
very little ash.    Il is a .- ft coal and place ond again the hall was crowded
easily mined.   Brasoh and his syndi
ch-tc staked 2,000 acre.-- of the surrounding ground.   After the discov-
efy had been  made known a gi rial
rush sel in, nnd all the land has been
MINKS   AMI    All MN<;
tothedoors.   Muny ladies were pres* 	
cnttind tho affair proved the best     Location8arQ romng int0 lhc re.
mi !i - meeting i ver held m town. I ■ .
cord olliee.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions,
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Nichol acted as chairman and gol a
voteof thanks foi; his trouble.   Mr. During May tho Bosun shipped out
staked for miles, principally by Nel   Green     "■'■ first, followed  by Mr. 120 tons of ore,
son men.   Many peoplearogoing In-   Keen.   J.MeGirr■Vancouver, spoke M              Wf,,,,      t t0.W0l.k tnia
Dr. C. Mathcson, dentist, has been to thc Kettle river country by way ol  for Mr. Kane, and Mr. Green replied. ..      ., . rij0    '
working a Btunippulling factory t|e  Vernon   and   also   by Fire  Valley.  The candidates explained their posl* ',v "    "l
past few days at the Victoria.             Those in there are confident of estab- tions clearly and decisively, tho is- Ore from tho Enterprise is again
Mrs E   F   McQueen   oi Sandon   ll8,linff a rlotl ailtl  P*'osPC.'oas camp,  sues raised being mainly local     Mr. moviug out freely,
died Friday.'   The remains were jp! «s they now have gold, copper, Rilver  McUirr1.; remarks were made chiefly Th,   R0co Goodcaough   has  com-
tcrredal New Denver Sunday.           A\"\.:' I-1 v'''r:vU':r . £1'!. ?,,m2 !s ■;."f:!ill::1  Mi'* Green, but the latter is menced operations.
ubout'13 or 50 miles from Vernon, Istill al-vc    The best <l order pre
I)-minion .lay  will soon be here,  with   Wauchope as its disti'ibuting  vailed during the meeting.
Let every householder and  business centre,
man get his premises in neot order.
A {.'•'..'-  ('i 1 >agos passi d thri   .
\\rt-y yesterday lean  Nelson to operate a work train on the Nakusp r -a-l.
The Imperial Limited train scrvi se
goes into effect from Vancouver «n
Inn   10 and  from M mtroal i n June
Appeiidc 1 is n complete list ol tho various records registered at the local registry office, II. 1\ Chrislio being mining
Mav i'i- Calliopia, south of town, A II   held on June 9:
The recent wet wentlier has cut up
thc wagon road.-* badly.
Thc Wakeflold sent out CO tons of
concentrates \;\>t week.
Bar silver went over tho.OC cent
tho meetings,! as  agreed  upon last  figure during the. week.
«cek, to be address -I by John Keen     Twentv'tons of ore passed out from
a d-Robt. F. Green In thc Slocan rid   the Hcwett, Four Mile, on  Wcdnes-
' ing in the provincial i lections, to be day.
W. F. DuBoisshows hislaithin thc  McMillan
town, having this week si cured two      Irabian, Cedar cr, R Angrignon
residential   lots near the recreation     Baltic same, P Angrigi  -.
grounds. 19—Aiuiio Rutli,  1st n f Lonion cr, 1)
This is a genuine sale, as I > Id Lines must be cleared out. Do
not miss this opportunity of getting a pair at reduced prices,
Men'sfinelacedBoots Men s   keavy   grain
were $3.50 to $4,    kip Mining  Boots Y^'V^I VcuuV !,-v   ^ •      '  •      '
v » uence.    tie  purposes  erecting   two     .\p(j  Lemon ck  FMMcGregor
while they last for;   at $3.50.    Tins is a jlim'e "u w
only $3.00. I    Bargain.
and many other liiu-s al equally low figures. See our Men's
and Ladies'Canvas Shoes, tho neatest and best In the market.
A lull line of Fresh Groceries alw iys In stuck, at thc Lowest
W. T. Shatford & Co,, General Merchants,
Sloean, Vernon, I'airview, and Camp McKinuev, B. ('.
The dam i n the north fork of Lemon
for the chapleau mill will s ion   be
e implctcd.
Two men will pro ecnlc work on
Monday, Juue 4, at Sandon. I tho Ohio, on the BUinmlt above tlw
lk |    Tin - lay, Juno 5, ut Whitewater.  ; Enterprise.
M nday, M ly 28, al Kaslo.
Tliursd'ay, May 31, al Slocan.
Friday, Jam- i, al Silverton.
Saturday, June 2. at New Denver.
For Sale.—Four room cottage and
lot; watr r attachments; iu first class
conditi-n: on easy terms. Apply to
J. G. McCallum. '
Fur sale, cheap. — A cottage and
two corner lois in New Denver.    1-
lt0ul*Lcmon cfc, J M McGregor. Wednesday, June t». at Ainsworth.     Tl,m L.lkl. has purchased a hall in-
. mmmider. Day ion ck, C McNicholl |     '' n,i-l.v-  ,1U"' " :|! K;| ■"• ti rest in tlie   Bachelor, Twelve Mile,
At nny other points meetings will   from J. Smith.
he laid as agreed upon.    Meetings      ,, ,   ... • ,    „     ...  , ,,,.
,   , , , .,.<•■, I,.,., Government officials received two
. aretoc mmunee at 8.d0 sharp. _ d..ys'vocation in honor of Her .Ma-
Or»..Bemo»lo Celebrate. i-My's hill hday.
The first Chinaman in this division
has mode his appearance as cook at
iml Al Wil Is
r.oly Btsun, Lemon ck, J Rmlcliff.
_:    Si lelight, same, I N Orchard.
2 I    Iron   Cap,   1st   n   f  !..-:n in,   .-"
May 14—Dewdrop,   MansDeld.     1<-
i ince more tho 0 'angemen  in o to
m        I31 jEttfdrni
of the
Liberal-Conservative Asso'n
of the Town of Slocan.
drawing a good Income, lermscasy.   Mnino    i;   Noble Four Ko 2, Onyon j celebrate in thi   town    Rossland was oneof tbeWines.
Apply at I in. i;i;ii.i.. Citv, hack   work   for two  years.   lv       , , , ,.       . , ,,, ■   ■„,„,,. ...   , . ,.,
t.      delegated for the annual  ruei t, I ul     oa
,„   .   .     ,., ,.   ,.    m i,],,     Ncenawn    I    ■ II      ae ogiiteu ior  uic annual   ruecs, uui      -ai"-'"- "- »■   «•» «<»<;•»■ » »»-
<c<fdeti; ,1"'i-!^ ^ "otiidjud.           |S'Bailor-li   v, .   ' , LI 11, they wish s!   an too nunc tho re corded, thero is a greal dealof.wouk
cote on   the   opplicotions for water   -   .   ,,;;i:.   a,,,..,,,,,   Nl0  i rr, sto- s,   |,sibilit\      Accordingly tho local going on this season,
from Cllnuix creek. Im having no jur-  ,,,,;,„.„.,,,   -   ticcla, C-dumet, Mom* followers 6fKin»  Uillv arc inokii.fl Two men aro working on the Nee-
Isdictiou In tho mattei.                           „„sui No4, Evening Star NoO.Pon-   fh(?m.ccggarv .„,,,„ .. „,..„,, r, ,- iIllh pRwa< -1Vn   Mii(,   8lnklug  .,  ;„lf;,ol
1                                                   .                      12.   A big parade will b.- held, i l 8halt under contract.
MMndbtoji^ter*            SSlS Ore from tlie Kilo is being piled np
;■ „;;■;.-;   :,                      -      £ atI.,m;ns;d,n^pre,,,,a.oIy!l-hip.
lampbcll   to li  ,vlll' , ,                ,,,,|H,. W|th   lhe pingto Colorado for treatment.
, ,    ,, ,.        brethren ol outside lodges living in A. Pointer is making rapid head
Giogcrich Uro3., tho  well-known
merchants, are mourning the loss ol
; ihcir nioUiei-, who died In  Warren,
lVnn , last week, aged 71.
ADOPTED   ON   APRIL   17th,   1900.|SuIaTyS\noTe, MrS^IRM01
12.   A big parade will  be held. : 1 ghait under contract.
MaylS-Sunrh                              I iT.^Z^m%tl  -        '1™ Ore from the Kilo Is 1
O'Ni ll.
! i   Bachi
\s a result ol He- recent otlictol ex-   Knrtzlrals flOO
aminotionsin nssayiiig, a certificate     _; ^ViV,. „,■,,,.,.-,., h,,,:, p,,l.        ,,,„,,:.,.,,,,.   Tho U3Ua, e!lcn| Ptttc8 way wU|, his contrnci  for Installing
i   none llo '.± ,.\ .Mci ai ion to J iiianniii                                     ,   .            ',,,    . ,   •                   , ,,    ...   ,,
ij   !,.:.,. i ..j.-,,,,:,:., i     i;0,            ii the railways and boats will ob* the tramway at the Chapleau.
Leon, Berkshire and   Manhattan,   tain. W. C. E.   Koch   has  brought In  A
Foo imii fiuii o. . Mi/i'ii. i-.-ii li ad ol heavy dfaughl horses from
of competency has been granted  t
W. s. Join - in. of this town.
c nupany store tit A\ Iwhi.    lie ex*
pi cts a gi o I bi ason's busim ■ -.
THE    I'llHKi:    Cl.MIIDAT
,,,"   '   . ^',    "     ,     ,     ,'1S   '                          . The   SllWmill   al    Lemon   Siding ll !ro cnmo tbron mon into tho fluid
2.   To actively assist in tho construction of trails throughout tho undo being removed several  miles farther
volopid port inns (-1 ihe Province, and the building of Provincial trunk down tho river, whore thosupplyol Ai I never    ■                    vichl
roads ot pitblie necessity. lyoilahlc limber is much greater.
.*iJ.   To provide for the oillclal Inspection of clevn tors nnd hoisting gear. ,.     ,< .    ,,    >■ ,„•        ,-. ,   - mined stood
^      ,-    ;                     i.i. (ieo, ivnnc,thc Martin caiulldatc.Is i,, v    ■
4.    I oiinprove the administration of Justloo and securo tho speedy dls* holding meetings tin ugl  ut tho rid
position ol legal di.-putcs. Ing, being assisted by F. O. Potto, ol
6. To providi-,in eiiective system for tho settlcmont of disputes between Ferule, and J. McGIrr, of Vauc u,*or              i, ni I lv      iml K
capital ami labor by eiiinpul-iory arbitration. .         ,.        •   •     ,          ,. ., ,, ,          .      ,         ,
v                       ..'.,•,, .I.ini'. Cross  is  iu  chnrgo ol   tho S      nil the            es thev i   .1-
8.    I n adopt the principle ul tiovernmo wnorshlp of rnllwoys, In so Conservative committee rooms.whleh of what they m nut to
far Bf-the circiimslauces ,.| the rroviiice will admii; and lhe adopiiuii ot ihe ,,,.,,   kepi   open   night  and   dav  and Vrul nil tho ttrilor they displayed,
Principle that no bonus should be granted to any railway company which everything made comfortable for vis Was sure to help th
d06S tint give tin-(ii)Veiniiieiit of tho Provlnco theoontrol of rates over lines [tors For each had proi       I       ytlnnge,
bonused, together Willi the oiitiun ol i.tirrlia.se. •,.,'   ,.              ,   ,,,            ,     ,. If hocoiild onco iittnln
-    „     n             .iii   i        .■       ,•   ,    .. ,  rho first synod of the now Anglican , . ;-,,,,- , .            ..   ,,i
7. I o assume control and administration ol the fisheries will,in the dioccso of Kootenay was held in Nel      iivi    •  I K -         Knno,
DOWdai-ies ni the Province. son this week.    The   lay delegates ,   .
8. To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural from this mission were; F.W.Jiirdiin, ll,,;i;l,! 1"' l""1" " ! I1 '•,'-"■
rfcourccs ,-f the. Province. Nakosp: C. E   Sniitheringole repre ,,!:,                 ;.    g, -'luc0
9. To make the Loudon Agency of British Columbia effective In pro* senting New Denver,anri'Ur,Bontlcy, y, ,ut thoeight-l mrlaw,
claiming the natural wealth ol the Pl'OVlnCOand as a place fur the profitable *">*ocn'** miry grant! foi               mda
investment ol capital. When leaving tho hall after last "'«desired in vain;
Lhe Stales for hauling ore in the Slo-
M m !  v evi ■ In . a nv etii '   ,,;l11 c:,n'P*
i w.i- hel 1 a- the \;'      The tenders for building1 the  \r
t|loro  w„    n   lillgtOII load will   he opened in a fe«
tel, ul   wi ic i
1    '.,., •   dei i led to
davs and .. !ti\ 0 » llStl UCtl ill will lol*
,g night's mcotlng.John Keen mci with   !'■" "'' " :ll','l1-'-''^ llml l!(." l'' Ml ' '
nil i iieon, or Ko a, or K inc.
I i Ii-hi'Hllon l|. I'llm;.
10.   Iii the interest of labor, the Liberal Conservative Party sympathize.
with and endorses the principle of ihe  F.ght Hour Law.   That tho Eight a nnrrow escape from serious injury
Ilour Law lor mine workers he retained as It stands in its ontlroty nnd no hy fulling nil'tho high Btdcwnlk to Ui0 thepn thrco i   i are out to run
ihodilieation pennil.ted, and  the .-nine be strictly on forced,    Tbat the Law f'10  |,*R**1 (l1  the  building,    lie loll      For Slocan riling hero,
shall remain upon ihe Statute Book with Its penalty clauses. heavily on  his chesi against a big Andifthesoi .      ll be dono
11       To i.iviviil,. ..„ i.i.nmt, „l .ullnm , f  .,!,, ,,,l/,, boulder and h.nl lhe hl'ealll COIlUllCtC U '" ll'*' >.v H >0 i lip|l  III'.
1L    l0 piovnio an unproved system of education. ly knocked out ol him.   Mr   Keen  lint which one wo       . .,
12.   To recognize and reform the system ol Provincial aid to medical men ' Vyr, considorablv larrcd tin and brui -      v' 'cnnno* Jusl explain,
and hospitals in the outlying parts ol'the Province. cd by his full Forth
18.    To actively support  tho  advancement  of the  mining   Interests  if
Hl'ltisll (,'oltimhia. Ai-lliigton Mnkci Piiroliinos.
14. To aid in the immigration of female servants.
15. To bring pressure to hear upon ihe Dominion Govornmonl to enaei     I 'a Friday losi thc Arlingl m Mines,
legislation excluding and pi-ohihiiing Mongolian ,-uid other A-ialie labor.        Ltd., purchased   from II '<    '     |   I'  a
16. To provide a fair and equltablo redistribution  bill on the basis ol   half  Interest   in   tho Native Silver     Angus McLean was here    il itui
.population, | Fraction and  tho  whole of l!i« Bur- day, I n   ■■     mie  done,   i'i
lUigton Fraction    Tho former is si I    i   n llorsu claim, on Ten Mile.   »li
uaieil  between the cotnpanj   i hold     ituatnd between tlioF.nl i       inline      ,      i  lei
Ing   the Arlington and  B trlhigl m   nnd the en        nul  hu    llw lend      ' •
 '•",:•;, low at once.
-e a dub a   I to enter I   i riehl
;,.. ansi nil coinei     ' II imilton     ,; ' ■- i'avne ; ! w irk^mi
;, d Vn li :    '■  wi re i li eti -l c ip rs.in hi   II  d:-- nvi i ■:  i p ir ti wi
'"'   n:d - e.i ■ .  . i-ily.   Asttitii-ll        II ■
l,l,. ■ team is toi thi rock n main       |      as over.
i.  obinini I. The bo; rn     On tho Speeulnl r ihe ledge i    he-
t ' l met! -      once, as they mean I ped nnd I     I'e fthi in ihi
win In the I) : „], Avili; .        I'husurfiicn i re
,      .   -:: -.I,,,,,,., -!': KM  ' .•undpilcdlonthoduinp
I lot id to  I. n MM.-.
turd ly evening tin followers of
Bob Green, I   l    numbci   f upwards     The C. P. R. surveying outfit com
of 20, met i   I     " ■ '■   House an I 01 p|cted theirtaskon Lem n creek this
ronized for thc electioi       A  grcnl WPck ai lyi tcrd.ly were moved,bog
[le»l         ':    '   ":'- mil   baggage, to  Ten   Mile   creek
ted, and I nl   n    - .,.,   .    ,      . ,.
, ;l riielr duty Is to run llnnjirnw
- ill  , ol tod    A from the Entcrprl ■ rond nl Vylwin
eommlttco room has been obtained in »P ';' '.'"; '»ln,"K l'WrlS ?\%
the  I House and  will  I ik p! i!l ■"' "'  !l": frock.    I his rotid  wil
open dm 1        . -ii':!l,,l'i'V"M,"',7';i ?:;.,',
.,*; ' -,\ Iitp.Ii v, III be handh db-oni in Is town.
'■"''■'•-"• li Mil tnke the engineersn
npleto their tnsk.
I ||*t|   I'   3 "to nl   M ...I.-.
in n Creek.
Ill     '. lie I   III i-i [llUll  I.in 1
Thi  wi --li the In it] ii mcnl on the
W..S. JOHNSON, President
Toui fhl iiTnl   icetii ;' - f those
hit :   I   1   1 tho  Dominion day ci I
l.T.Axi brntlon 11 l  1   place will ba , j ,     j
r,    i ar pre for the.I ,    .   ,,,, 1;,, ,    . M   ,,,,..,,
led b>
.1. M   Will mi-    The  liiekv   n
. ilck, d    I    I'litti'i
id .J.C i.uiliiin
new   ,   1 ] inj lin        iv a 1    'I
■'-.de audi ceiyl     . vvltli I    I
• ■
titlined     lie|
nd tl
ry action taken thereon,    li
an II —,...**,.***»*
Triumphal March of the British Army
in the Transvaal
London, Mav 20.—iV-LS P* m-—
Lord Roberts will enter Johannesburg at noon tomorrow.
Boer* Flee From Kiinitivcr
Klip River. Transvaal, May 28.—
The Boers, after preparing a good
position, fled early. The train
bearing their last detachment was
nearly captured by Pilkington's
West Australians. Prisoners taken
say that there is no intention of
blowing up the mines, declaring
that the threat was made simply
with the intention of frightening
away the burghers.
The British advance iorce is now
within fifteen miles of Johannesburg.
4 III    llllll   < lllllllllKlll UllOII*
Capetown, May 2S.— It is rumored here that Gen. French has cut
the Boer communications between
Heidelberg and Boksburg, within a
few mile oi Johannesburg.
Tlu- Advance From 1 in* Wool
Pretoria, May a8,— The British
occupied Zcerust this morning and
a large force is marching on to
An official bulletin states that tbe
British crossed the Vaal river Saturday.
Gen. Lemmcr  had a severe fight
at Klip river.    Five oi the burghers
were wounded  and   two   were captured.    Tbe British were live thou
sand strong.
Bombarding Boera at iiisoifo
Newcastle, May 21).-—The British guns at Ingogo have been
heavily bombarding tbe Boer position since daylight. The Boer guns
have replied intermittently.
KriiKer Order* Day* of Prayer
By an order recently issued, the
president decreed tbat May 27 and
the two Following days be observed
by tbe whole country as days of
prayer, humiliation ami confession
of sin, and that petitions should be
offered for relief from oppression.
Fighting took place at Van
Wytrust, fifteen miles south of
Johannesburg, with a large force (il
B itish, which broke through Klip
Free Mali- Formal!] Annexed
Capetown, May 2S.—Lord Roberts yesterday announced to his
troops tbe annexation of tbe Free
State, which hereafter will be called
the Orange River Stat--.
Free Bomeatead*In lie
Tbe Gaxette of last week contains a Dominion order in council
abolishing the charge of Si per
acre for homesteads taken within
the 40-mile railway belt in British
Columbia and making the conditions lhe same as in Manitoba anil
the Northwest Territories.
.I..I1.IIII1. ~l.ni •■;   Idle    Willi   It.mini-
Pretoria, May 21). —A dispatch
sent from Johannesburg last night
describes the town as intensely excited throughout the day on reports
tbat tbe  British  were  approaching,
but gays lhe excitement subsided in
the evening, owing to rumors that
the   British   had been   driven back.
There arc large numbers ofburghers
at   Johannesburg,    but   remarkably
good order prevails there.
lion Kriiuii- Explain* Things
Pretoria, Ma) 19. An official
war bulletin just issued is 88 follows:
"On Sunday a fighl occurred
close to Van Wycks Rust. The
British attack,J Witwatersrand
yesterday and were iii contact with
the fedeials al liatsrand, but they
were beaten with good results by
the federals, under Commandant
Louis Botha. Tin.- federals were
heavily bombarded all day long,
but kept their positions. Tbe British loss is reported to be considerable,
"The British are iii-ai I'lrecht
and they are also inarching on
Laing's Nek."
I In 1 III   l« 'lulu 11
London, May 30.—Tbe billowing
dispatch has been received at tbe
war office from Gen. Buller:
"Newcastle,  May   jo.- The ene
my, having foi'irled a laager east cf
town at Domberg; pressed my
right rear anooyiligly. On May
27, I directed a force under Hild-
yard by Woolsdrift and Utrecht,
and another under Lyttleton by
Schangadrift, on Domberg. These
movements have caused tbe enemy
at Dornberg to retire north. Hild-
yard is at Utrecht and the town has
surrendered. Clery is bombarding
Laing's Nek.
"The enemy are much disheartened and, were they not in such
very strong positions, I doubt if
they would show fight.
"The railway was open to Newcastle on May 28."
Tlir IVn|>i<- Muet Be Neutral.
Newcastle, May 30.—The following proclamation has been issued
by the general in command:
"The troops of the Queen are
now passing through the Trans-
va-.d. Her Majesty does not war
upon individuals, but, on tbe contrary, she is anxious to spare them,
so far as possible, the horrors ol
"The quarrel which England has
is with the government, and not the
people, of the Transvaal. Provided
they remain neutral, no attempt will
be made to interfere with people
living near the line of march, livery
possible protection will be given
them. Any of their property which
it may be necessary to take will be
paid for.
"But, on the other hand, those
thus allowed to remain near the line
of march must respect and maintain
neutrality. The residents of any
locality will be held responsible, in
both their persons and property, for
any damage done to the railway or
telegraph, or for violence done to
any member of the British forces in
the vicinity of their homes."
Mn 1111111   Hack 011 III* Farm.
London, May 30.—A dispatch
from Mafeking dated May 25,reports
that General Snyman, the Boer
commander, has left his force and
arrived at bis farm with a shrapnel
bullet iu his foot.
Baden*>Powell>* Joy in Victory.
Major General Baden-Powell, on
I be Queen's birthday, gave a dinner
to the officers of the relief columns.
During the course oi a speech proposing the queen's health, the defender of Mafeking remarked that
he felt he could "drink tbe health of
Paul Kruger himself, coupled with
that of Cecil Rhodes," adding, "because Kruger has been the cause ot
tbe present great outburst of imperial feeling, and Rhodes was the
red rag to the bull, which drew him
Fox II11) Settler* Going to Manitoba
Quebec, May 29.—Despite reports to the contrary, the Fox Bay,
Anticosti, settlers who have been
evicted by law from residing there,
will leave that place for Dauphin,
Man., on June 5, or a few days
111 it 1: \ r 1: M: 11   11 v   DYNA n 111.it ■
Witness Amine!   Weiianii  prisoner*
.Ma) Sleet lull- ui 1 riiHin.
Niagara, Out., May 21).—For
giving evidence incriminating the
dynamiters al Welland last week,
George A. Dolphin, proprietor oi
the Dolphin bouse,   Niagara   Falls,
\. Y.,has received a letter threatening him with the fate of Cronin.
Capture of Leader i-.n«i» tin- war
Caracas,  Venezuela,   May 29.—
General   Jose   M.   Hernandez,   thc
revolutionary leader, bas been   cap
lured by government troops.      The
revolution is now considered ended,
Tin- i.aw tu Exclude Chinese
Washington, May 29.—The senate today agreed to a modified
ainerubitent in thc sundry civil appropriation bill   relating to Chinese
immigration, which directs that the
enforcement of the exclusion laws
should be under the control of Ihe
secretary of tbe  treasury.
Farewell Banquul lo Justice Grain
Renfrew, Ont., May 29. — lion.
Justice Craig, recently appointed
associate judge of Yukon, was last
nighl tendered a banquet by bis
fellow citizens in this place on the
eve ol his departure to assume Ins
lieu  duties.
Russia Sends Gunboats to China and
Will Laud Troops.
Shanghai, May 29.—The Russian
minister at Pekin has telegraphed
asking that all tbe available gunboats be sent to Taku.
Tien Tsin, May 29.—A detachment of 200 Chinese soldiers has
cleared the railway between here
and Pekin and ordinary service was
resumed at noon. No news has
been received from the Belgian engineers engaged in the construction
of the Luhan line. In other respects
the situation is more quiet.
Thirty Japanese have arrived from
the gunboat Okagan.
The French warship Gentreas-
chaux and the gunboat Surprise
have left Taku.
London, May 29.—A special dispatch from Shanghai says:
"It is believed that Russia is
about lo land troops at Taku from
Port Arthur, where 20,000 are in
"The Chinese are reported to be
sending large masses of troops
overland from II u Nan and Kiang,
but tbe generalissimo refuses to assume command on the plea of sickness.
Tbe Boxers assert that they are
confident of receiving support from
tbe dowager empress. Princes Kang
Yi and Cbing Tuan and the entire
Manchu army. Throughout tbe
north the Boxers are enlisting
hordes of desperadoes. They are
intent upon expelling everything
Tien Tsin, May 29.—A hundred
American marines from the United
Stales cruiser Newark are expected
here at 11 o'clock tonight.
An armed rescuing party of
Frenchmen and Germans started
this afternoon to try to relieve the
besieged Belgians. The viceroyal,
under pressure of thc French consul, has permitted tbe rescuers to
travel by railroad to Fong Tsi,
where Chinese protection ends.
Tbe  Belgians   are   besieged   at
rs 15
Chang Tsin Tein, near Tong Tai.
Pekin, May 29—From all parts of
the surrounding country news is
constantly arriving of fresh atrocities
committed by the Boxers. Three
Christian families were massacred
at Than Tai Vieng, sixty miles from
Pekin, on May 21 and only two
A representative of tbe Associated
Press visited Fang Tai this morning
and found the place occupied by a
battalion ot troops. The whole railroad station, shops and locomotive
sheds were gutted and much rolling
stock was destroyed, including tbe
imperial palace car. Large goclowns
(Chinese wharehouses) full of valuable merchandise were burned alter
having been looted by rioters. The
damage done is estimated at half a
million taels. The neighboring
villages seem to have joined in the
attack, showing that tbe rising
against tire government is nol confined to the Boxers. Eight rioters
who were captured will be decapitated.
Riding through the south gate of
Pekin, the correspondent found the
road inside the walls lined with
troops, who greeted the travclci and
bis party with a  fusilade  o( stones.
The  whole country is   seething
with excitement   and   il    is   hard  lo
foretell tbe course ol events.
Shanghai, May 30.* -The British
warships Orlando and  Algerine are
landing 100 men at Taku, where
the French, Russian and Japanese
guards have already disembarked.
The Boxers are apparently without arms except those they have obtained from tbe soldiers, many
whom are openly joining Ihe rebels.
Formal  Ceremony of Annexation of
Orange Free State.
Bloemfontein, May 2<S.—Amid
salutes and cheers and the singing
of "God Save the Queen," the military governor, Major General
George Prettyman.at noon formally
proclaimed tbe annexation of the
Free State under tbe designation ot
the Orange River colony.
The ceremony was somewhat imposing and the scene in the market
square inspiring. An immense concourse bad gathered and the town
was gay with bunting. The balconies and windows surrounding
the square were crowded with
ladies, among them Lady Roberts
and the Misses Roberts, the Countess of Alrlie and Ladies Henry Ben-
tinck and Sett ring ton.
Lusty cheers greeted tbe concluding words oi tbe proclamation
and these were renewed with ever*
increasing volume as Lord Acheson
unfurled the royal standard and the
band sirucK up "God Save the
Queen." All present joined in sing-
0g the national hymn.
Tbe ceremony concluded with
cheers for tbe Ouecn, Lord Roberts
and the army and a salute of 21
Toronto Council lilt*, tlie Mayor
Toronto, May 29.—The city council last night voted confidence in
Chief of the Fire Brigade Thompson, who, it will be remembered,
was served with notice of dismissal
at the instance of Mayor Macdonald
a few da\s ago for the chiefs connection with ceitain civic elections.
After voting confidence in Thompson, the council also passed a resolution forbidding firemen to engage
in civic elections.
VUII1ST  of   III ssi \\   PLOTTBR8
Secret Police Gather !■■ Large Numbers
Chanced w Itli Sedition.
London, May 30.—The Standard
publishes the following from KielT,
Russia, dated Tuesday:
"Seventy-six arrests have been
made in Odessa at the instance of
the secret political police, i.S in
KielT and 29 in Warsaw. There is
much mystery involved, but the arrests appear to be connected with
the same charges of sedition, which,
two months ago, led to 200 arrests
in St. Petersburg and to 100 in
only :i Yellow Journal Fake.
London, May 30.—The officials
ot the British war office deny in unqualified terms the statement cabled
to a New Vork newspaper that the
war office here bad asked Lord
Roberts ii be believed he could land
10,000 of bis troops in England before October 1, tbe paper intimating
tbat this was a step towards preparing for "any eventualities arising from the crisis in Fiance." According to tbe British war ollice the
New Vork slory is "ridiculous nonsense."
tun I'm Inlantn on ii-h-i-
Si. John, N. B , May 39.—Hon.
Or. Borden, minister oi militia, ill
an address here yesterday stated
tbat mobility was one of lhe requisites of infant-} as shown by tbe
war in South Africa, lie proposed
to provide the infantry of Canada
with horses and lo turn all the
corps of loot  militia into mounted
Catholics Win in Belgium
Brussels,   May   -•<). •   The general
elections have resulted in a Catholic
majority of roa to 2$. The socialists an- the gainers by the   change.
« Hi 11. ru ni Kingston Dead
Kingston, Ont,,   Mas-  29,- City
Clerk 1'ieniian  died   ol   pneumonia
last nighl.       He Was   ill   but   three
I'ici.i. 10 Hi! THIRD run 1,1111:1,
(Jrundson of Ureal Statesman in   *i>-
penr in tile Dock
London, May 29, Al the Marlborough si reel police court loday
Sir Robert Peel was committed for
trial ni the Old Bailey on a charge
of libelling Daniel Von der Heydt,
one of the trustees of the Peel estates and a brother-in-law of Sir
'lhe libel is contained in letters
describing Mr. Yon Dei Heydl as a
scoundrel, blackmailer and thief.
The defence urged that proceedings
were now pending in chancery relative to alleged breaches of trust
under the Peel settlements and tbat
the present proceedings ought' to be
suspended in the interim.
But the magistrate committed
the baronet for trial, accepting his
own recognizances lor his appearance.    	
Conservatives Actinic tiutctiy.
Toronto, May 30.—Robert Birmingham slipped quietly from here
yesterday afternoon but up to tbe
present time no one, apparently,
knows where he has gone, but indications point to a successful attempt
to keep the wily organizer quiet regarding Consetvative party matters.
Searching lor KimiKuieU Tobacco.
Chatham, Ont., May 30.—The
inland revenue officials are at present engaged in making a thorough
search -for contraband tobacco,
which it is alleged bas been .smuggled through from Detroit in large
quantities recently.
lit i-:vr STOCK ui or v 1 ions
Athubasca  18 12
B O.Qold Fields  A'A 2
Bit,'Three   s SH
BlackTaii  •-'-''. 10
('uliluriiia   .... in 8
Brandon & Golden Orown. 2*1 20
Canadian Gold Fields  7 >'a
Oariboo [OampMoKinney] iw nn
Centre Star S 1 68    f 1 -IS
Crow's Nest Pass Coal ... .140 00    182 00
Deer Trail No. 2  ~A <■>»
Deer I'ark [newj  2
Dundee  15 11
Evening Star  9K 7 v,
Giant  A% 'i
Homestake (Assess, paid) 8 1
Iron Mask  89 B8
Iron Colt  :i 2
I. X. 1*  1"
Jumbo  26 -0
bling (Oro Iienoro)  l" *
Knob Hill  80 60
Lone Pine Consol   '18 11
Minnehaha        1 -
Monte Ohristo        -t Vi 2'A
Montreal Gold Fields        :•-., 2
Morrison  A% 2
Mountain Lion  90 B0
Noble Five          7', B
North Star (Bast Kootenay)? 1 20   -fi l"
Novelty        .v, -.",
Okanogan (Assess, paid).. 2H -"1
Old Ironsides  80 78
Payne $ 118   J 1 us
Peoria Mines  -   . I1/,
Princess Maud  Ht£ l!
Quil]!  27
uarabler-Carlboo  ai l-'i     2\\
ftathmullen  2%        1
Republic f 1 03 80
St. F.lruo Consolidated... IW P.
Sullivan        II '■•',
Tamarao [KennethJ  \% :>\
Tom Thumb  2" -1
Van Anda  8 2
Virginia   I 2
War Eagle Consolidated..! l 64    t 1 17
Waterloo  8 6
White Hear  2% ly,
Winnipeg  16 UH
i.i-: hoi siiaht iioi.i.ii 'riiiioM.ii
Connection Itlnde From Surface ami ill
Lower Level* - Compressor Hire
The miners sinking the new five-
compartment shaft of the Le Roi
mine have made connection with
the upraise from the Black Hear
tunnel. Connection has also been
made between tbe 700 and 800
foot levels. Tbe shaft at both
places is now being timbered and
enlarged to tbe full standard size
and it is expected that this work
will be completed to the 800-foot
level in three weeks. Sinking to
900-foot level will then be commenced.
Several carloads of the machinery
for the 40-drill compressor arrived
from Sherbrooke today and are
being unloaded.
& p. 11. Employee* Contribution
Montreal, May 80.—The total
amount of the Canadian Pacifie
railway company's employes' contribution to tbe Canadian patriotic
fund, which has been remitted to
the treasurer, is f^.ia-,033.64.
Approved Copyright Law.
Ottawa, May 30.--The Royal society ol Canada in session here have
approved of lion. Sidney Fisher's
copyright law. They consider il
fair to Canadian authors and publishers.
Buencamino, a former member of
Aguinaldo's cabinet, thus describes
the change American rule has
wrought in Manila: "loday, in
Manila, we sec public funds expended for the benefit of the people in
the construction oi markets and
bridges, in street repairs, iu school*,
in a police force. You have made
a good marriage law. You have
established systems of municipal
government and criminal procedure
more   liberal   and  just    than    were
contemplated by the Filipino constitution,"
The Derby Won  By tho Prince of
Wales' Diamond Jubilee.
London, May 30.—At the second
day's racing ot the Epsom summer
meeting today, the race for the
Derby stakes of 6,00c** sovereigns
was won by the Prince of Wales'
Diamond Jubilee. Simon Dale
was second and Disguise II, third,
Tbe conditions of the race were as
The Derby stakes of 6,000 sovereigns by subscription of 50 sovereigns each, half forfeit, 25 sovereigns only if declared by the first
Tuesday in January, 1899, for
three year olds, the nominator of
the winner to receive 500 sovereigns, tbe owner of tbe second
horse300 sovereigns, and lhe owner
oi the third 200 sovereigns out of
the stakes, distance about one mile
and a half.
The entries closed July 18, 1898,
There were 6o3 subscribers. The
following was tbe result in detail:
Tbe Prince of Wales' B. C. Diamond Jubilee, by St. Simons, out of
Perdita II (II. Jones), 1; the Duke
of Portland's B. C. Simon Dale, by
St. Simons, out of Ismay (M. Can-
11011.) 2; James R. Keene's B. C.
Disguise II, by Domino, out of
Bonnie Gal (Tod Sloane) 3,
The scenes and incidents along
the Epsom road on Derby day differ
little from another Derby day, but
the introduction of Union Jacks and
banners inscribed "Johannesburg,''
in joyful recognition of Lord
Roberts' entry into the Gold Peel
city, was a feature of the sporting
holiday. On the downs portraits of
the Queen and thc favorite generals
ivere marked and distinctive features
of the day's jollification. Although
the weather was not promising, the
exodus from London was hardly less
remarkable than in previous years.
The Epsom road was congested by
every variety oi vehicle, while the
trains bad difficulty in carrying the
throngs blockading all the stations.
A large number of Americans
patronized the coaches.
The Prince and Princess of Wales,
tbe Duke and Duchess of York, the
Duke and Duchess of Connaught,
the Duke of Cambridge and Prince
Christian of Scbleswig-llolstein went
to Epsom by special train. Tbe Aus
Italian federation delegates traveled
on tbe same train. King Oscar of
Sweden and Norway was expected
to accompany tbe Prince of Wales,
but was indisposed.
At Epsom unusual crowds were
On the hill and downs. The club
and other stands and the enclosures
showed the effects of the war in a
marked decrease in number of fashionable people present. Many hundreds oi regular Derby visitors are in
South Africa. The day, therefore,
was not only shorn of much of its
military interest, but the friends and
relatives of officers at the front refrained from attending.
Police miii  Becking for tlie Gatltj
one   Feeling Among Chtneee*.
The coroner's jury Tuesday evening returned the following verdict on
the death of   Mali    Lin,   who   iv;i-
found dead on the afternoon nf Ma)
14, ai Rossland] in a kitchen where
be was employed:
"From the evidence produced,
we find that the deceased, Mnh
I.in, came lo bis death as the
result of a gunshot. bred by sonic
person or persons unknown, and
thai the said shot was fired from n
number 32 calibre rifle produced in
court, and that the shot was fired
from within the bouse, where the
body ofthe deceased was found."
The police arc making vigorous
efforts to discover who fired the
Lilal shot and ii is hoped thai they
will discover some definite evidence,
as the Stevens family are prepnr-
in;.-, to leave the city. The Chinese population is in a highly nervous condition on the Bubjecl and
only the assurances of the most intelligent among them succeed III
convincing them thai  justice will
Four Suspected Cases and the Quarantine is Applied.
Manila, May 26.—The govern-
.ment corralat Manila has been quarantined. There are four suspected
cases of bubonic plague among
teamsters who are living in filthy
Since the murders on board the
steamer El Cano by native sailors,
shippers have been fearful of a repetition of the tragedy and have requested the authorities to furnish
soldier guards tor steamers, which
hav« been declined. Three commercial steamers are now in the bay,
their Spanish captains refusing to
sail until protected and others are
imitating them. The authorities
have returned the captains their revolvers, of which they were recently-
Colonel Padilla, the rebel governor of Nueva Ecija, was captured
during the recent fighting at Nueva
Ledge Widening ou  300-ront Level-.
Great Bod)'.Iu Mght.
A satisfactory report on the condition of the Zala mine was made
to the directors by Superintendent
D. M. Snyder on May 21. He
states that the upraise from the
300 to the 150-foot level was completed on April 17, giving thorough
ventilation and drainage to a depth
of 31a feet on the pitch of the vein.
The vein averages 3 feet wide
between the levels, with values as
good as in other workings.
The south drift had reached a
distance of 150 feet from the crosses ut tunnel and the showing was
most highly encouraging. The
ledge averaged 3 feet 3 inches for
110 feet, then began to widen and
for the last 40 feet was from 3 to 8
feet wide. He believes a still stron-
er*body of ore will be met 130 feet
further south, there being a body of
quartz on the surface above this
point, which carries much characteristic high grade ore. He has
thoroughly explored the croppings
and found the vein continuous to
the south limits of the claim.
Mr. Snyder expresses the conviction that the whole body of
quartz can be treated on the spot at
a large profit and that with some
sorting a considerable quantity of
high grade ore can be obtained.
He estimates that there are 12,000
tons of ore in sight. He gives a
table of assays, showing a value of
$262 at a point 25 feet up the raise
and general samples from the south
drift ranging from $13.48 to $69,
the bulk of the value being in silver.
The value of the 14 tons shipped
was $134.93 silver and $9.12 gold
per ton.
Met of Candidate* to Be Voted for on
J11 he 0.
Victoria, May 26.—Following are
the nominations for the legislature,
which closed today:
New Westminster, city—J. C.
Browne (Government); R. L. Reid,
Chilliwack riding—G. R. Ash-'
Well, ' (Conservative); C. Munro,
(Peoples); A. S. Vedder, (Government).
Vancouver—Joseph Mart in, James
McQueen, Hugh B. Gilmour, Robt,
McPherson, (Government); Francis
Williams, William McLain, Joseph
Dixon, (Labor); F. Carter-Cotton,
(Provincial); Wm. H. Wood, J. F.
Garden, C. Wilson, R. G. Tatlow,
. Nanaimo, city—Ralph Smith, (Independent); Gilbert McKinnel,
J. Stuart Yates, (Government).
East Kootenay—Thomas Taylor,
(Conservative); Alex. McRae, (Liberal).
Stevenson, Westminster riding—
Thomas Kidd, (Provincial); Duncan
Rowan, (Government); M. Brig-
house Wilkinson, (Conservative).
Dewduey riding— -R. McBridc,
(Conservative); C. Whetham, (Government).
North Nanaimo—Mclnues, (Independent);   Bryden,   (Opposition);
John Dixon, (Labor.)
South Nanaimo—John RadclifT,
(Labor); James Dunsmuir, (Opposition).
Delta riding—J. W. Berry, (Conservative); Thomas Forster, (Peoples); John  Oliver,   (Government).
North Yale—F. J. Fulton, (Independent); F. J. Dean, (Provincial);
A J. Palmer, (Government.)
Fort Steele, May 26.—The nominations for the south riding of East
Kootenay were:
E. G. Smith of Fort Steele, (Government); J. R. Costigan of Cran-
brook, (Conservative); William Fer-
nie of Fernie, (Independent).
Nominations for Rossland riding:
C. H. Mackintosh, (Conservative)
proposed by Clive Pringle, seconded
by Edward Bowes, the assenters
being Robert Hunter, Donald D.
McGillivray, Alexander Muir.
Smith Curtis, (Government); proposed by C. O. Lalonde, seconded
by James Devine. The assenters
were Arthur Ferris, \V. J. Whiteside, W. H.Jones, Thomas Brown-
lee, H. Daniel.
In explaining the impossibility of
American intervention in South Africa, the Salt Lake Tribune says"
"England has a vast territory in
South Africa outside of the so-called
free states, and this war means that
South Africa must be all English or
all Boer, because when President
Kruger began the war he did not
begin with the intention of merely-
establishing the independence of
the Transvaal and the Orange Free
State, but Cape Colony as well. And
that, in the very nature of things,
was an impossibility from tbe first,
because it would mean such a
breaking of prestige and such a
humiliation to Great Britain that,
were England to admit it, her influence in the world's work would
be nil; there would not be a nation
of Europe that would respect her;
there would not be one wild tribe in
Asia or Africa that would not be
willing to accept tbe belief tbat she,
as a world power, had ceased to
That states the case precisely.
When the Boers not meiely declared war, but carried the war into
British territory, pretended to annex it and stirred up rebellion
among tbe Queen's Dutch subjects,
it became necessary for Great Britain not merely to drive out the invaders but to utterly destroy them
as independent states. This was
necessary in order that there might
remain no nucleus of disaffection
from which the conflicCmight be
renewed. This condition of affairs
made the war as much a struggle
for the suppression of rebellion and
the extirpation of its smallest roots
as it was a conflict with independent or semi-independent states.
By their own act the Boers made
any middle course impossible. Had
the Transvaal simply refused the
concessions demanded by the imperial government and had British
troops been sent into the country
to enforce the demands ofthe suzerain power, matters would have
assumed a very different form. Thc
Transvaal government might have
been allowed to continue with the
changes necessary to ensure equal
rights to all nationalities, with the
disarmament of its fortresses and
thc establishment of British garrisons in its principal cities. No pretext would have existed for any attack on the independence of lire
Orange Free State. It is evident
that in their vaulting ambition lo
establish an Afrikander confedera
tion, the Boers rushed to their own
destruction and, when their republics become British crown colonics,
they will have nobody to thank but
themselves. But they may ultimately thank tbe British government, when they have learned to
appreciate thc blessings of British
law and liberty and have bad an
oppoitunity to make tbe comparison with Krugerism,
Queen's Birthday Celebrated by Invasion of Transvaal..
The Boer peace envoys will ship
a cargo of sympathy from the United States for use in the defense oi
Pretoria when the British army besieges that city. It will not be declared contraband of war at Lorenzo
London, May 2(1.—The war office has received the following dispatch from Lord Roberts:
"Wolvehoek, Orange Free
State—The advanced portion of
this force crossed the Vaal river on
the Queen's birthday near Parys.
Hamilton's column is at Boschbank.
Our scouts are now at Viljoen's
Drift, on the frontier north of
Wolvehoek. The local mines are
uninjured and working on as usual.
There is no enemy this side of the
"Hunter reached Vryburg May
Will Until nn thc Kallrund.
London, May 26.—As anticipated, tbe first news after a long silence from Lord Roberts was the
announcement that the British had
crossed the Vaal river. This is
probably Gen. Mutton's column,
which crossed at Parys and may be
expected to make a dash at the
railroad in the neighborhood of
Potchefstroom, whence there is direct communication with Johannesburg.
General Hamilton's command is
at Boschbank, which is close to the
river and about eight miles northwest of Wolvehoek.
Will Attack JolmuiickbiirtsNcxl.
Roberts' headquarters may be expected to also cross the Vaal river
and create a diversion on the flank
ot any federal force in the neighborhood of Yereeniging. As he has
only about 13 miles to travel, a
speedy announcement may be expected tbat the British commander-
in-chief himself bas gained a foothold in the Transvaal and that he
will move on the federal position
south of Johannesburg in the middle of tbe coming week.
II11 ml I. and lluller to Co operate
Rundle ought to he close to
Bothley by now and it is expected
that we sball hear of a decisive action on the Harrismith railway, in
which part of Buller's force will cooperate, in the direction of Van
Reenen's pass.
Should the Pretoria bulletin announcing the re-occupation of lleil-
bron by the federals be true, it will
be a totally unexpected development,
as Gen. Hamilton occupied Heil-
bron Tuesday and nothing has
been heard from there since.
Free Miller*. HcI'iikc to Plgbt.
Newcastle, Friday, May 23.—
Louis Koch, magistrate of the Free
State, has surrendered. He says
that all burghers in the Ilarnsmith-
Vrede district have returned to their
farms and refuse to continue fighting. If, as reported, President
Slcyn is in Yrede, he will probahly
•go northward towards Laing's Nek,
if be finds any followers.
l>#k\s| 1 11 AT SOUTHAMPTON.
Filly Wnrkmrii Burled b)' OollapM of
Building mill Several  Killed.
Southampton, May 28.—The
concrete piles of the new storage
premises in course of construction
at Southampton docks collapsed
this afternoon and the structure
fell, burying fifty workmen, several
oi whom were killed. Others were
fatally mangled anil many are still
li. rlsioii on 1 ItlnoM Plague Scare
San Francisco, May 2(1. — It was
announced loday that the decision
of tbe United States court on the
application for an injunction filed hy
Chinese residents of this city, preventing the federal oflicers and tbe
city board of health from interfering
with tbe free passage ol Chinese
from this city to other places on
account of the plague scare, will be
filed on Monday.
I'-it'ii shooting iiiVni.
St Louis, Mo., May a8.-— As the
result o( an encounter last night between siriking and working employes of the Transit system, three
men were shot, one being fatally,
and others seriously wounded. Accounts   of   the affair differ.    Some
bystanders claim that it was a deliberate attempt ai assassination on
the part oi tbe company's new employes, while others aver that it was
nothing more or less than a pitched
battle between the two factions.
Three unknown men made good
their escape by the time the police
arrived on the scene.
The KIuil ol'a linn Col. IMumcr l»
Col. Plumer, whose name is so
often seen in connection with the
much-longed-for relief of Mafeking,
writes a correspondent, is a dapper
little man of scarcely 5 feet 5 inches
although an impression seems to
have got abroad tbat he is tall. He
is one ofthe greatest dandies imaginable, but does not let tbe tastes
of an exquisite interfere with a
sincere devotion to bis profession
or with the great love of all kinds
of sports for which be is notorious.
When stationed with his regiment
at Cape Town it is said that he
often changed his clothes six or
eight times in the course of the
day. His wife is an exceedingly
tall English blonde, with a most
perfect figure.
French and the Advance Guard Re-1 They Wreck Railroad and Are March
ported at Johannesburg
Kx-t'ouvicu 10 lie Deported
New Vork, Mey 2f*>.— James l-'iu-
harris and Joseph Mullell, the ex-
convicts excluded  by  tbe   board  oi
special enquiry yesterday, will be
deported on the steamship Lucanaia
next Saturday, unless application is
made to contest tbe action of the
Beautiful  Effects   of  tlie   Eclipse  »*>
Hi-in in Virginia
Fort Monroe, Va., May 28.—Tbe
sun was totally eclipsed at 8:53
o'clock in a cloudless sky, The
period of totality was about 30
seconds, during which lime a tiny-
star hung just below the magnificent corona which glowed around
the inky disc. Twilight settled on
land and water and tbe skies took
on wonderful after-sunset tints.
Then, as»if by magic, a star of
fire blazed out on the southern
boundary of tbe disc and tbe eclipse
was over.
Taiiiiiimi)   Will lie lor Itrjiin.
New York, May 2S.— New York's
state delegation to tbe Democratic
national convention will be instructed by the Democratic state convention, which meets in this city on
June 5, to vote for William Jennings
Bryan's renomination for president,
Tammany Hall, in an official statement made by John F. Carroll last
night, acting on instructions cabled
by Richard Croker from Wantage,
England, declared unequivocally in
favor of having tbe delegates so
instructed. Tammany is now talk
ing ot Dewey for second place.
The Boer envoys still labor under
the delusion tbat in war tbe defeated party dictates terms.
The United States senate will be
tbe scene of tbe first performance nf
a new version of tbe play "Win
Smith Left Home," with W, A.
Clark of Montana   as a star player.
The Canadians in South Africa
are so highly prized that Lord Roberts is beginning   to   sprinkle them
like salt  in tbe other regiments.
Toronto Star.
Aguinaldo has entered the same
category as Lost Charlie Ross, the
man who struck l!ill\ Patterson,
Tascott, the murderer, \ndree, the
aeronaut, anil Othei men who enhanced their fame by  disappearing.
Tbe Cubans are having a practical demonstration ol the difference
between the American and Spanish
method of treating a rascal who
has been found oul, The trouble
with the Spanish officials was thai
corruption was so universal among
them that none of them dared find
out anybody else.
Majuha Hill may appeal like no
obstacle at all  to  Buller nfter the
heights which be had lo climb in
bis march lo the relief oi Ladysmith.
There ate points in the country ovet
which General Buller bas advanced
these last few days which are os
defensible as Majuba Hill. Toronto Telegram.
Capetown, May 28. — It is rumored here that General French
has entered Johannesburg.
iii-iiii.li Oeoiip) Senekal.
Senekal May 27.—Gen. Rundle,
with artillery, tbe Yeomanry and
the Wilts, Middlesex and Leicester-
regiments, under Major Dalbiac,
bas occupied Senekal, whence tbe
Boers were driven by a few shells.
A field cornet and a number ol other
Boers were killed.   The British cas-
I unities numbered 11.
The  Boers  arc   believed   to  be
concentrating near Bethlehem,
will Boura Fluent al the Klip)
London, May 28,—2:13 p.   m.
I Although the federals arc said lo be
preparing for strong  resistance at
. lhe    Klip   river,    those   who   have
mnsi closely followed the  progress
oi the    war   since   the   British and
Boer   armies   came    in    touch    al
Brandfort  are  very sceptical as to
the   burghers   seriously   disputing
Lord Roberts' advance even  there.
'in Capture Boerfluna,
11 no stand is made at  Klip river,
the   safety   of   tbe    Boer  guns   at
Laing's   Nek   will be seriously imperiled,  for there   will be   nothing
lo prevent Lord Roberts from   seizing   ihe Johannesburg-Laings Nek
railroad.     Indeed, it is   already   re-
I ported  tbat   the   railroad bas been
1 '
! cut and il is quite possible thai the
: first official news will record the oc-
> cupation of Heidelberg.
< avalrj Will Bnali Ahead.
Lord Roberts may be forced lo
ball at tbe Vaal river to repair the
bridge and gel bis guns and transport across, but the mounted m e.i
will not be delayed, and it is said in
high quarters that tbe speedy announcement ol the arrival ol lhe
British cavalry at Johannesburg
will not surprise lhe war office.
Itoeaex In Siege of.lfafeklng,
A dispatch from Mafeking, dated
May j;,, says tlie total casualties
ince tlu commencement o( the
siege were 803, Among the white
combatants out oi 44 officers 22
were killed, wounded or missing,
and 100 men out oJ 075 were
killed, wounded or missing.
'■'In* Becapture of Hellbron Doubted
New York,May 28.- 1. X. Ford's
last London cable to the Tribune
upon the South African? war situation saj s;
"No particulars oi the crossing
oi the   Vaal    near    Pai ys    are    yel
forthcoming other than those contained in  General   Roberts'  official
"The reported recapture oi Ileil-
I bron by the Boers is not yet confirmed and there is a tendency to
doubt the accuracy oi the Pretoria
telegram. If, however, ihe Boers
really occupied the plate, General
Roberts should not have much  dif-
; liculty in turning them OUl again.
"All bough   tbe    federal     troops
have   been   retreating   so    rapidly
from their   positions   in   the   Free
1 State, it is considered highly   prob-
; able thai they will in ike at least
one big elloii to maintain their possession of ilu- Rand.
"No news from N'.ii.d has been
rci en ed ibis morning,
Boer Bupplle* and Bei rulta
London,    May    »8.      Vdvices    received here assert thai supplies o^n-
tinue to go  10 the Boers  from Lorenzo  Marques,  and  thai   fori
recruits foi the Boer army   proceed
from the same  point.
No Negotiation* for Ponce.
London,  May 28,     In   the   house
of commons today the government
leader, A. J. Balfour, said be bad
no information iu regard to tin 1 e*
ported negotiations for pence with
[he Transvanl.
Importing lloiiac Bnriied out
Montreal, May 28. The premises
ol lYIIiei, Rothwell & Co., manufacturers and importers, St. Dizier
street, this city, were destroyed bj
fire yesterday morning. Loss $40,-
000, lull) covered bj insurance.
I Iu- adjoining stores ol W dti 1 &
Willi.on Grose, importers, were
dumuged to the extent ol Si 1,000,
covered by insurant .■•
ing on Fing Tai.
Tien Tsin, May 28.— The Boxers
burned the Lieu Lino station ofthe
Luban railway, 29 miles from Pekin, last night. They also wrecked
tbe track, destroyed a number of
cars and murdered several Chinese
employes. The Belgian engineers
in charge of the work are safe at
Fing Tai.
Tbe Boxers are marclvng toward
Later—The British and Belgians
have left Fing Tai and the Boxers
are expected there today. A relief
train is bringing tbe refugees to
Tien Tsin.
Train service between Pekin and
Tien Tsin has been suspended since
noo\) today.
The United States cruiser Newark
and a French man of war have ar-
i\ ed at Taku.
Foater on tin- Political outlook
Montreal, May a8.—Hon, G. E.
Foster passed through the city last
nighl on bis way to l-'redericlon, N.
IL, where be delivers tbe alumni
oration at the university of New
Brunswick this evening. In an interview the ex-finance minister declared there was no need of Hon.
Mr. Tarle's presence at the Paris
exposition. Regarding dissolution,
be said be did not think the government bad come to any decision regarding thai subject. He spoke
hopefully oi the outlook in New
Brunswick for Ihe Conservative
A Prince Climbs Ntllplllir .Mountain
Banff, N. W. T., May 28.—The
ascent of Sulphur mountain in the
Canadian National park was made
Saturday by Prince Kalamanola, of
the Hawaiian islands, under the
charge oi the Swiss guides stationed
at Banff. The summit was reached
in three hours, tbe last part of the
climb being through deep snow.
The prince, who is en route for tbe
Paiis exhibition, has left for the
Will Obnerve Snndaj in I'ari*
Toronto, May 28.—An Evening
Telegram cable from Paris says the
Canada pavilion at the exposition
will positively be closed on Sundays.
MINING   ON   Till:   I.Mtlll.AI.
Contpreaaor   lor   tbe silver Cup  Tbe
Railroad iiadij Needed.
R. P. Pettipiece, editor of the
Ferguson Eagle, which is published
in tbe centre oi the Lardeau mining district, is in Rossland to meet
bis family, who are coming from
Idaho, where thev have been spending the winter. He tells oi the
outlook lor an active summer there,
s;,\ ing:
"The Silver Cup is putting in a
compressor, the first in the Lardeau, 10 be used in driving a 1300
fool tunnel on the Sunshine to tap
1 be main workings ol tbe Silver
Cup. This will give a depth of
800 feet and  will employ   40   men.
"The Nellie Lhas lapped tbe ledge
with    a   tunnel   and   is   pulling   on
more men  to drill   and stope ore.
On the north fork   ol   the   Lardeau
river the Scottish-Canndian, tbe
Canadian-Lardeuu,    the    Monitor,
owi ed in A. E. We'sh, oi London,
Out, aie all pnl 1111-4 on more men.
"But the Inline of tbat district
di pends on the completion ol the
railroad Iron Duncan to Trout
lake, for tbe Nellie I. is tbe only
mine trying to ship Ibis summer
and tbe Silver Cup only ships in
winter. Only strong companies
can afford lo operate under such
conditions, lor il will cosl the Silver Cup $10,000 10 haul in its compressor. The C. P. R. officials say
the) nill complete the road as soon
as we get.a stable government in
British Columbia. The line is alii graded from Kaslo to Duncan
,u\A il only needs the track and
ballasting on that section and the
building ol theother 28 miles to
Troul   lake  lo   complete   it.    We
sball i\o OUl part Inwards' a stable
government, for Taylor will surely
iu-   elected   over   Alex    NL Rac,   the
M. 11 finite." -nil. i.i:!i i.
SI.OC.VK, B. < ., J1 MB '■ IW*.
is iTHMsuiai r.vuiiv it.iimy
,'si.OCAN,       ....
B. 0.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
-the first Insertion and 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $;? per year, st.-iet-
•ly in advance; $2.60 a year if not BO paid.
Address all letters lo—
'nit; SLOGAN DIM 1.1.,
Sloean, P.. C.
Btigation of a few who an* profiting
j thereby, while the government itself
is losing thousands nl dollars annually via the columns of the British
Colombia Gazette. The obnoxious
clause is doomed.
FRIDAY, JUNE 1st, 1900.
"Haul your goods on to the platform, gentlemen, and let the people
lake their choice," said John Keen.
Hence it is two candidates are rustling votes together.
John Keen, Pobt. K. Green, and (i.
T, Kane were duly nominated at
Kaslo on Saturday, and each one is
confident of success on .June 9, Pity
we couldn't send lln-in all down to
Victoria. ^____
John Keen's contention of equal
rights to all will hit the Impecunious
charterinongor and hungry office:
seeker pretty hard, as these species
of mankind have, up till recently,
had a sort of mortgage on the fat
things of this province.
Nominations throughput tlie province were held on Saturday last, and
returns show the Martin government
to bo without representatives in a
number of constituencies. It thus
comes into (lie political race somewhat, handicapped, Even if the government lie sustained at the polls on
June Dili,it, will have a mighty small
majority with which to do business.
Joe will require himself and 22 com
panions on the government benches
to feel anyways safe and comfortable.
In opposition to the government is a
motley array of Conservatives, Independent Liberals, Provincial Party
men and Independent Labor men.
No one party going to make up the
opposition is sufficiently strong in itself to hold the reins of power, and at
best the new government would be a
coalition affair. It would seem the
time for peace and tranquility in political matters, with a stable govern
ment, has not yet arrived in British
P.. C
Canadians are showing their loyal
,_ty to Britain at home as well as on
African battlefields. Last week the
.three Fenian dynamiters, who attempted to destroy the Welland canal
were sentenced to life imprisonment.
Kncniics of the Empire, and particularly Fenians, sliould give Canada a
wide berth.
Business interests centring on Slo
can lake, and more particularly in
this town, sliould not lose sight ofthe
proposed wagon road to Camp Mans
Held. A road up Ten" .Mile is the
shortest, cheapest, and best, ; nd
pressure should te brought to bear in
favor of this route, lolin Keen endorses the Ten Mile route and his Li-
tluence on'the subject would be of
weight and importance,    lie has been
Gwiilim & Jolmsoii,
XxiO I3-u.ll,
Dealer in Fine Tai!or=
Made Clothing,
Orders solicited. '
SLOCAN, 15. C.
J. I. Mint
Pi.    A.    SC
Provincial Land Stir*
& Mining-
To the
Of the Slocan Ruling of
West Kootenay Elec-
toral District:
Hiivlug received the unanimous nomination ol the Liberal convention, held in
Sandon on tho 18th day of May, lHoUand
deeming rt tu he absolutely necessary in
the interest of the people ot this Riding
that  there  he elected a representative
pledged to the principle? of Justice and
Good Government, and working in ac-
eurdaiu:e with the  platform of the Won.
Joseph   Martin, as  enunciated   by him,
I and pledged to the support of tho Government; and believing that the inter*
! ests of the toiling masses live paramount
j to all others, 1 do hereby  pledge  myself
to advance and protect the interests and
rights of Labor, and to support the platform of the Hon. Joseph Martin, which
is published bel iw.   But as the causes
whichled   to  the  insertion   in   the said
platform oi the clauses relating to the
plebiscite in reference to the Eight-Hour
Law  no longer  exisl, the  Hon.  Joseph
Martin and his colleagues   have now declared that no mcli plebiscite shall be
taken, and in this I  heartily concur.    L
therefore, have the honor to solicit your
votee and influence,
Respectfully submitted,
I am, Gentlemen, yours Blncerely,
construction of a railway on the south
sido of tho Fraser riVer, connecting tlie
roast with the Kootenay district, with
tho understanding that unless the other
railways now constructed in the Province give fair connections, and make
equitable joint freight and passenger arrangements, the l'r vinoo will continue
lliis line to the eastern boundary of the
Province. Proper connection with such
Kootenay railway to he given to tho Island of  Vancouver.   Wi'th  respect to
othor parts of the Province, to proceed
to give to Ovary portion oi it railway connection at as early a dale as oossihle, the
railway when constructed to he operated
by the Government through a commission.
10, A railway bridge to bo constructed
in connection with tbo Kootenay railway
nci'OBB the Kraser river, at or near New
Westminster,.raid running powers given
over it to any railway company applying for tlu same, under proper conditions.
17. In ease it is at airy time thought
advisable to give a bonus to any railway
company, the same tu be in cash, and
not by way of a land grant; and no such
bonus io he- granted except upon the
condition that a fair amount of the
Ponds or shares of thee, mpanybo transferred to tho Province, and effective
means taken to givo tho Province control
of the freight and passenger rates, and
provision made against such railway
having any liabilities against it except
actual cost.
is To take away from the Lieuton-
nnt-liovei nor-in-l'oiincil any power to
make substantive changes in the law.
confining the jurisdiction entirely to
matters of detail in working out tin-
laws enacted by the Legislature,
iu. The establishment of an institution within tlu: Province for the education oi the Deal and Dumb.
20. To repeal the Alien Exclusion
Act. as the reasons justifying its enactment no longer obtain.
21. An  amicable  settlement  of   the
Platform nf Bon. .1. Martini
1. Tlie abolition of the $200 deposit
for candidates for the Legislatme.
2. The bringing into force, as soon as
arrangements can be completed, oi  the i dsputevvith the Dominion Government
Ton-ens Registry svstera. I as in Deadman's Island. Stanley Park
:;.   The lU-.listnbution of the eonrnitu-! •■'■'■  l:t1"''   lands, and  an  arrangement
oncies oa tbe basis of population, allow-. «'ilh Mr. Ludgato, by which, if possible,
long enough in
what is rijrht.
io camp to know
Thc Yanks are a peculiar people,
more so when their presidential dec
tlonsareon. Ijrltish sympathy during the Spanish war was courted by
them and easily obtained, and It was
•g-ood. John Hull gets into a squabble
with the unwashed and bewhlskored
Hoer, and Yankee gratitude for lime
ly assistance in the hour of need is
conspicuous by the tearing down and
burning of a British Hag in Npw York
Btate ui: the 24th and public receptions to Boer envoys.   .
Labor is king in this province just
now, unless the ninety mid political
aspirants are uttering untruths.
There is not a candidate in the field
but what is demonstrating in Bonn
e. pffl k mm
Dealers in Groceries, Pro=
and Clothing.
NOTICE is hereby given that l.lleorge
Payne, thirty days after date, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a twenty-one
years' lease of forty acres of laud, situate
about two miles south of Blocan City and
about half a mile east of Slocan river,
commencing at a post marked "G. P.,
noi tliwest corner."
Dated, May 1, 1900.
way or other  that in- is, or has been    V-J/ifit*/!/*!!      T^ ffhC
all his life, a consistent  promoter ol     yf U| U.-L'il      fjl \J*S a
Inline'-    IntalVMta        Ir.nnn   mm  ('..;...,.!- '
ing io sparsely populated districts a pro*
SLOCAN, P. C.   portionately larger representation than
to populous districts and cities.
4. Tho enactment of an accurate system of (ioverument scaling of logs, and
its rigid enforcement.
5, The ro-enactmentof tho disallowed
VISlOnS, KootS,   Shoes,   ubor Regulation Act, 1898, and also all |
the statutes of 1899, containing anti-
Mongolian cl.ii:-es. if d sallowed, as prO
posed by the Dominion Government.
li. To take a linn stand in every other
possible way with a view of discouraging
the spread oi (iHOlltal cheap la1 or in this
7. To provide for official inspection of
all buildings, machinery and works,with
a view to compelling tbo adoption of proper safeguards to life and health.
8. Wiih regard to the Eight-Hour
Law, the Government will continue t<.
enforce the law as ii Blands. All in,me-
diate enquiry will be made by the Minister of Mim -■ into all grievances pui forward in connection with its operation,
with a view of bringing about an ami a-
hie settlement. If no settlement i>
reached, tie- pi inciplc of the referendum 1
will be applied arrd a vol.. taken at the
.er-.eral election as to whether the law-
shall be repealed. If the law is sustained by the vote, it will In- retained upon
lie- . latute hook with its | enully clause.
If mo litlcations can be made, removing
E.ALLEN, Manager any of tho friction brought about, with
out impairing the principle of the law.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,   P.. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rales.
a sawmill industry may be established
and carried on on Deadman's Island,Under satisfactory conditions, protecting
the interests of the public,
22.    Proper means of  giving technical
instruction io miners aiid-prospectors.
Mines,   Real Estate,
ai.ee, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles
B. C.
We keep Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, <'h ilco Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Pic,
Carefully   Compounded.
Mai!  Orders receive prompt
and careful attention.
labor':, interests. Even our friends,
the Dunsmuirs, stand pat on the subject, and are ailvcrlisin<r for white
labor at living wages to replace the
Asiatics iu their coal mine j. Surely
the niillcnium is at hand.
What British Columbia wants
above all else is a Sttthle mining law.
■me that cannot be warped and
twisted into a contradictory mass of
le^al lore at the caprice and whim of
experimentalists. The law should bo
carefully revised by competent nun,
all ambiguities and contradictions
eliminated, and tho main essentials
left plainly Worded and decisive in '
tone.    Pro.pi etor, as well a- capital
tot, demands it, and the country al
large requires It. .John Keen gays
that is just what he is going to look
ultor when he (roes down io Victoria.
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Rales.
Wood, Coal and Ice for sale
Orders lefi at the
W. J. Adcock,
X' xi to PostofOce, Blocan, B.C,
All Lines ot  Boots
and Shoes.
ih-y will bo adopted   if the von- is j  L WHITE, DRUGGIST,
against it ilio law will he repealed.
li.   To re-establish tie- London Agency
Sloean and Greenwood, P. I'.
in  HeCSaryV
The unanimity Ol the candid itcs iii
tho mining constituencies upon the
subject of advertising out delinquent
co-owners, makes it certain that this
long-seught-for clause will he Incur-
perated in tho mineral act next session. Many a deal has been knocked
on the. head by tho man who will not Sole Dealer
pay his annual assessment, but who'
is always  mi  deck   i\ la n money  i i
coming.   Then then- is thai fako
Clause ill the law Which Should llC repealed permitting claim- to be lump* I
ed together in advertising for crown Large Stock of Tinware &
grants.   Tho courts   have decided
against ibis as contrary to tho spirit Graniteware on hand.
of the law, yei the department of
mines pi rslstn in tie- ruling at tin- in-
of British Columbia, and to take every
effective means of bringing before the
British public the advantages of this
Province, as :\ place fur the profitable Investment of e ipital.
10. Tho retaining of tho resources of
the Province as an a.-si-t for tllO benefit
of tho people, and taking effective mea*
sures io pro vent the alienation of the
public domain, except  to actual settlers.
ni-1,u- actual bona fide business, or Industrial purposes, putting an end lo I b
practice of speculating in  connection
with the s.m.e.
ii. The taking of ac I vo measures f"i
the systematic exploration ol the Pin.
12.   Tho borrowing of money for tho
puipoH- of providing roads, trails aie'
bridges, pro\Ided thai  in cvory can the
i ■-. i.i ssary to pay ihe Interest and
sinking fund in connection with the loan
shall be provided hy additional taxation
•" n ii. i to impair tire credit Ol thi
18,   In connection with tho construe
tion ol Government roads nnd trails, tu
provide hy the employment ol compet ml
civil engineers and otherwise thai  tho
Government money i-. oxpendod upon
system which w ill he advantageous
io ile- | cneral   pul lie, BO thai   the old I
■ in of providing ron I   .-
PamotlS Steel   Ranges  favor to snpporl rs of tho Government
ma)   he entirely ■ ■•,.  |   i ■ I.
11. '1 o keep Me- ordinal; ni I c
pendituro within th dlnary anni -.
n anue, in order lo preserve Intact tho
credit of the Provlm i
D    Ot,
15    To a   ipt a   rstem of I lovi i nnienl
[rlietloil and o I lie    llip ol ran
Boots and Shoes made and
II. J.
and Stoves.
The Daily Service between
by the
Imperial   Limited,
to bo Inaugurated:
JUNE 10     from      VANCOUVER
.11 \i: ii      from      MONTREAL,
will give tho quickest time
hi twocn
across tho
Daily Kxpres Service via Crow's
Not route to and from lhe
Kootenay Country
Improved service mi all Kootenay
local rail ai d Steamer lines.
Close   Connections  Hade.
P-- i,n lookoul f--r full details ol now
which is its best service, and apply lor particular toi
W. p. ANDERSON,    P. ,1.1 OYLE,
i   i'. A., A. ii. P. A.,
H •**«■' a --WHS* b w ■ b   n Rs
SLOCAN,      *, B,   a
Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco, and Fruits.
Agent for Brantford Bicycles.
Leave Your Order With
A. David,
For a Nico Spring Suit.      Perfect Fit Guaranteed.      Wouscoi
Trimmings and the Finish Is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SL< (CAN.'        Three Doors South of Postollic,
ID. O. i^oToertsoii
Dealer in Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc,
ft Bust of Bwrytiii Always Kept in SI:
Furniture manufactured and General Jobbing
attended to with promptitude.
"Victoria, Motel.,
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the /Market.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Wo Veil
8      •
B.    C.
Is one of the best appointed Hotels in the Countr
Headquarters for Mining Men. The Bat-
richly stocked and the Dining Room Ai.
Hotel 51ocaii,
Slocan, B. C, is under the
of Jeff Ball
Who is ever ready  to  make  life  pleasant for tho
who tarry within a while with him.
SLOCAN, 11. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past   its  door  win
you are dry, weary or hungry.
■ ■• I v ith th
V.incouvi r.
McCallum & Co
Dealers in General Hardware
and Mining and Mill Supplies.
We \\m Josl Open a Lane Stock of Now Goods.
Agents for the Hamilton Powder Co.
and Crow's Nest Domestic
Blacksmith Coal.
Main   Street, - • Slocan.   fr'


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