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The Slocan Drill 1903-05-29

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rOL. IV., N«* 0*
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY   29,   11103.
,ook Over This
and .see if there is not something you require:
Prov. Library, j.,n i 03
OOStPA ******.
Jen's Balbriggan Underwear	
Men's natural wool      do.      light.
Men's outing shirts	
Men's cashmere hoso	
Ladies' summer vests	
Ladies' summer blouses	
Indies' print wrappers	
lilies' Ixdtt-t, collars and ties	
$1.25 a suit
2.50   do
1.50 to 2.50
25c. a pair
90c to 2.60
1.25 to 2.50
. T. Shatford & Co.
.. York & Sons
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Is r-tached by any trail or road
(that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington    H!otel:
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
KNOWLES & PATREQU1N, Proprietors.
This popular hotel is convenient to tho boats and trains.   The dining room
U^rictly up-toslate while the bar is supplied with the best in the market,
Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dav ,
without Sample Rooms,$•_•; hoard $8 per week; meal*|35c
Re opcaed under
tho old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arlsnar glr.at »■>» Dslattsy At srs us, Slocau.
Building thoroughly renovated                                             JAS. CROSS,
aud re st eked with the hest Proprietor.	
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
'Representing  the   strongest   cem-
panies  doing  business  in Caniidn.
'Site NSW AriUDENT 1'OLICT, Willi pill*
ticipation in proUts, covering sick-
ncHg and eperatUns.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B.C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
10. GMRiL
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
*1*),\TEH: llesailnr sul.Aseriliers, $1 pair month
lV or SKI n ysusr: ntsii-subss*ril*.i'rs 1 s-xelsis, vs* ssr
ini'.lii'.iil«tls.iisliiiii'S')»',|ii'riliiy, . I'livulu wnr.ls
II i«*r ilisy oitrii. Special fnsislitics for niiitiiiu-
ily clinos.
For furthor imrticiilnrs a) ply to,
J. V. Purviance, Sec
Lumber Mill  to b« Started  Slsssrtly, To-
B«stlBs»r Willi   OffleHI,   Slslllls-s,   Waro-
iss>sisB., Csjtinjrt,, „,„| awltolias—Opportunity t« Sessurp Sto.'ls.
George. Chew, one of the principals
in the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Company, who have located in this city,
arrived hero on Saturday from Midland, Out.., and was warmly greeted
hy u number ol acquaintance*. Afte-r
paying a vi.it of inspection to the
Bhingle mill, with which be expr**s**B*"otj
his entire satisfaction,Mr. Chew-began
hir* arrangements leading up to the
operations of the company for the
In conversation with Mr. Chew, The
Drill man learned that the company
would proceed as soon as possible
wish the erection of the big: lumber
ami planing mill, whieh will occupy
tho ground near tbe bluff. The old
mill at (lie head of the lako will cut
the material for the new mill and
other buildings, whieh will, of course.
take some time to do, Tho compuny
nil] ais-.j oreet a largo stable for their
numerous stock; a much larger building for office purposes; and later on a
number of cottages for their several
employees. Arrangements have also
bean made for the C.P.R. to commence
immediate const ruction of the various
switches into the mill yards. These
several improvements will lie pfiVcti'd
just so soon as the plans can be draft-
settle his differences with his coal
miners last week if they would seoede
from th i Western Federation of Minors, and accept what, was virtually a
out iii wages. The men took a vote
and rejected the terms offered.   They
afterwards appointed delegates to attend the Denver convention of the W.
F.of M.
Children of City Ultra Qauoral Bportson
The 21th of May is held Bacred in
Blooan for the children,as it is on that
daw th"\- hold high carnival, with the
aid and assistance of tho grown people. This year the celebration had to
lie held on tin.' day previous.Snliirilay.
and right loyally was tho occasion
honored. In the morning tbe hat was
passed around and about 160 gathered
ih for prize money, In the afternoon
the children formed in procession,
headed by the band, and parad d the
principal streets, after whieh the general sports were held. The fun was
witnessed by a large concourse of people, and the proceedings were enlivened bv selections from tin" band. 1).
S. McVannel, Bob Allen, Billy Davidson, Larry Knowies and Chief Armstrong had charge of the sports.
The winners iu the various events
were as follows, in order as named:
Footrace,   girls   under   12   Mabel
Hall, Fannie Robert
M. Bonish
1 and eiicum-tau'.vs will permit.
In the fulliltnent of all these plan-.
it ean ba seen there* will Ik? a small
army of men employed, particularly
SO as all the buildings an* to bo finish -
ed,if pos6iblo,this fall. In tho m*atntime
the force at ihe shingle mill is to be increased, and the iila nt ruu to its full
capacity. Mr. Chew Btnted the headquarters of the company would b
onee establish**-*! hero and all operations conducted from this end. He
I'oit'. rated former atsJ-sertion'" that local
men and merchants would bo given'
tht* preference in every particular,
though the company would naturally
conduct their affniraou strict busin ;-
principles. A difficulty is exporienc id
ai present ia getting meu to i'll lh"
several positions at the Bhingle mill
and the company are anxious to complete their complement at onoe. Thoy
state they are Offering even a higher
rate of wages than those prevailing on
th:1 coast.
Coming to another important matter relative to the company's dealings
with the citizens, Mr. Chew stsii.il the
concern was now in a position t.i live
up to its verbal agreement made at
the outset, to give any aud all local
people so desiring, the privilege to acquire stock in the enterprise, i'he
company is capitalized at 9100,000, in
IJ100 share i, and thc citizens could i
subscribe at par value of the shares.
Suffice it to say that in the east the
stock can ix* sold abovo par, but the
company bo far has Ih'pu a close corporation' and they claim no outsiders
will br allowed in on (he same basis
as offered here. The company courts
the fullest investigation into their affairs and auy information desired will
V freely given. A number of citizens
havo expressed their intention of investing and they will doubtless realize
handsome!',' ou their venture. It is
th • company's aim to to wor!; amicab-
Iv with the p'.oph' her.*, having the
desire to do al! in their power tor tbe
advancement of th" city, As Mr,
Chew stated, the companv are bere
and they Intend to stay, aud they wish
to be considered in all things part and
parcel of the lifs* of Slocan.
In conclusion, Mr.Ghow stated tbat
it was most unfortunate tlmt tbo arrangements between the .corporation
and the companv regarding the mill-
site had not yet been fully completed.
That tin1 delay had been unavoidable,
he could readily understand, bul it
would be a Boutce of satisfaction to
the directors when the matter was dually settled. The company, while
feeling confident of (he ultimate completion of the deal With the city.u;'\'(",•-
theless desired to have all the details
of ths site settled beforo carrying to
the lull their plans for the erection of
the remainder of their plant. Delay
had been caused by this to the company's operations, and the sooner the
cause waa remaYod tho better it would
bo for all parties concerned.
Footrace, bovs under 12   Alex. McCallum, Fred York, E. Tutcher.
Three-logged race, boys under 12
York and Tutcher. Hall and McCallum, Davidson and Hall.
Tbree-iegged race, girls under 12
Robertson and  York, McCallum and
Rae, McVicar and Bull.
Footrnc**, under 7-j-cars—F. Bt-nit-h,
Norman York, IC. Graham.
Footrace, girls under 7   B. Robertson, B. York, L. Uetiii'ig.
Footrace, boys under ">   If. Bruin,
.1. Armstrong. •). Forin.
Footrace; girls under .G   B. Bobert-
son. (y. Robertson, A.. Benish.
.:      Bicycle race, boss under i'2   A.Mc-
Callum, E, York, E. Tutcher.
'    Bicycle   race,   giiis   uud'.;* 12   F.
Yo'.;. M. Lavell, FainiL Rijbbrt",on.
Sack  race, boys  under  12   klos.,
M.'Cail'.m. Fred'YorluK Tutcher
>y<tv.; race
bovs under 7
W. C.dV
\lex. Mc-
Seattle, whence he will sail on June 1
for Bristol Day, Alaska. He has been
engaged by a (Seattle syndicate to
prospect for gold nud copper quartz
tn a section of country just south of
ths* Tanana river. Ted will spend the
next vear or so in the far north and is
confident of striking something good.
Close Contest isl   New   llsisver   llsMwrrii
Rival nine ciubs.
Monday was quietly noted here, but
a few of (he citizens went up tsi New
Denver to celebrate Victoria day along
with-the rifle club.   Had the people
of the Lucerne got a move on they
could have had quits' a decent celebration, for the folk of the neighboring
towns wanted an outing. They started
to do something when it waa too late
and BO missed a good timo. In the
morning the match between thi' New
Denver and sSlocan team; was shot off,
the visitors winning by three points.
The general result was a li" and it required three extra rounds per man to
decide the contest, so close was the
scoring. It was an exciting finish.
A scratch baseball game was held in
the afternoon, affording some fun.
Tho scoring in the rifle contest was
as follows:
200 BOO
W. S. Johnson..27 28
Oro. Nichol 27 20
D. S. McVannel.21 16
,1. Milne 27 21
,1. Cross Ai) 2H
.1. Bean 29 27
161    138
Nuw Denver.
W.S. Drewry... 17
J.L. Pedlar.....24
1). McLachlan...27
W.Jeffray 24
H.Twigg 25
C.Cook 28
l.siMt Vs.:i|.'h SlBi|»m<'BAt* Were Oil Sll Tons—
A llsusltlly '•:*. lali'llfl'SS isf ll,s> Ufa* isssal
Wi'iillli or tlse Csiiitp—Kists'i'iss'U* tlse
lll^Ul'-l Sis 1 |i pes.
Ore continues to come dowu from
tin' Enterprise in a satisfactory manner, the Enterprise sending out theii'
fourth car on Wednesday nighS A
ear each week is pretty good work on
a has.'. The Republic is sending
down ore daily and \\ill soon have its
car ready to go forward. A littlo ore
is also being lawhided from the Meteor, being brought down close to
Springer creek, but it will Iw somo
lime yet before the lessees make n
shipment. This year's exports total
446 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to (i.'svl'l
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following ia a full list of the-shipments this yoar to date:
Black Prince
,   Bondholder.
w) Dayton	
Meteor ..
ing, E. Barber, A. Ra***.
Wheoibarrow race*, boys
Callum.P. York, L. Kail.
, Foitra-.v. sii iis under 15 -B. Forin,
E. Lavell, Gertie York.
Bicycle raco, girls under 15 Gertie
York, Nottie Bull. Effie McVicar.
Potato race, bovs under 12 A. Kae
W. Gothing.N. York.
Potato race, girls under 12 Bessie
Forin, Ethel Lavell, Mabel Htdl.
A special footrace was got up for
the band boys, Lome York pulling
down the prize. They all took something.
The sports wound up with a tug-of-
war, in which thr* bachelors walked
away with the benedicts iu two straight
Editoh Drill:
Sir. The Miners' Union ball, in
Bosun liall.on tho evening'if the 21st,
following tho run of the many pleasant social functions in Now Denver,
was, a very happy and successful
event. A goodly number of visitors
and guests from Silverton aud Sloean
cams* up on th" afternoon boat, and
had a fi-w hours to spare to walk and
talk and look around and view the
scenic beauties of New Denver,as well
as a view of the ruins of a couple of
our business blocks, which, though
temporarily damping the ardor of our
poople, will yit.l'hoi'iiixliki'.riso from
their ashes.
A goodly company assembled in
Bosun Hall and excellent music was
provided. W.Hicka,of Slocan,aopened
the ball by taking tin' lead in the
grand inarch, to tke enlivening strains
ofthe 42nd Military Quickstep,and
after leading the company the rounds
id tlu' labvrint'
140   161    120
In the shoot off  to decide
three rounds per man were shot at the
800 yards range, resulting thus:
W, S.Johnson	
Geo; Nichol	
D. S. McVannel	
•I. Ci-oss	
-I. Bean	
2 5 4
0 22
4 2 2
3 5 2
5 2 8
R •*■ 2
New Denveb.
S. Drewry	
.1. Pedlar....
D. McLachlai
H. Twi•"..■
2 5 2
2 0 .1
2 4 2
5 0 0
5 2 4
('.Cook     2 5 I
Slocan consequently won by three
MIuing aesoelaUen Organised.
Tho adjourned meeting of the Pro-
vincial Mining Association was held
in t!i<' city hall on Wednesday night.
there being a pretty fair attendance.
A report was handed in by the canvassing committee, showing a membership of upwards of 85. The election ot officers followed, resulting in
R.C. Campbell-Johnston being elected
presidi at. \V. D. McGregor vice president, and .J. V. Purviance secretary.
Hospital Hull.
An (xcei'diugly well-dressed crowd
attended the second annual ball of the
M. I'. General Hospital on Monday
evening, the affair turning out a sue-
cess of a brilliant description. Thi'
music was  provided   liy  the  Adoook
orchestra and W. Hicks looked after
th" programme. Refreshments were
served in the hall.
KiBls*rps-las« In Ins'reassi ItafO*.
Twenty-one men are at present em*
of   the   hall   ami tne lalivnntli  am.,
masea of the fhiviuakers.again formcl I ployed at tho Enterprise, on leu .Mile,
the circle and mdered "places for a under lease and they are making all
quadrille." Six sots tilled the flour kinds of money for tho lessees. Tin
and   on   went   the dance.    Walt-*.'
Flist Mishap ist Mill.
Henry Farroll is tho lirst unfortunate to moot with nn accident at the
m"*J mill. On Tuesday morning he
stumbled against ono of the chutes
and fell on to one of the saws, cutting
a nasty gash in his right arm. Fortunately the machinery was iml run
Ding at the time, otherwise the result
would have been serious.    Dr. Keith I had b   n
polkas, etc., followed in quick sueces
sion, till the midnight hour arrived,
when nil partook of a delectable luncheon, served with admirable tact ami
plenitude in tin* hall,
Everybody had a good time. Among
the many lovely young maidens and
youthful matrons of the "Ladies of
the Bake," we must,pay onr tribute to
the lady in white from Nelson, whom,
we mav modestly Bay, was the belle of
the ball.
New Denver, Mav 28, 1908.
had to put ii nunilx'i'of stitches in the
Stlok ts> Hsu Western aToderntlon,
Ex-premier   Dunsmuir  offered  tn
It is Hussy (•fliiBsssslaalun.
It hns been announced by the Dominion government that the members
of the permanent railroad commission
ippoillted,    They   would be
Sir William VanHorae.John Bertram,
and E, C. Pryo.
fore is shortly to Ih- largely Increased
and tli.' concentrator started, so a- to
treat thi' low grade ore. Ten Mile
will see some life after all this summer. 	
A Scil a u •■ Chat>ge,
Ex-city Clerk Strachan, of Nolsou,
was arrested last Saturday, at the in-
stanoeof Mayor Rose,charger] with
misappropriation of funds while in office, He was allowed out on $2000
bail, but was too ill ou Tivsday to
stand his hearing. The amount of his
defalcations is not given out,
Hamilton t» Start Nest Moath,
N. V. McNaught, of Silverton, owner of th" Hampton group at the head
of Springer creek, stat.'d ou Monday
l that he would start up tho property as
[ early aa the snow would pormil next
(let your miners' license renewed.
Slocan ore shipments to date total
5H00 tons.
Thi' Bosun mine shipped two cars
of ore this week.
More men hnve ben added to the
force nt the Wakefield.
The Ymir min- has gone Ixick to its
old system of working on Sundays.
A car sif oi's> passod through hero
this wes'k from the Monitor, going to
Last woek the Kossland mines shipped 68.15 tous of ore. or 143,365 tous
to date.
Tho record office has taken in a pile
of money this week for free Illinois'
Thomas Jonesdhe Kansas zinc mnn,
say i his company arc still in the market for B.C. ores,
The force at the Meteor was this
week increased to five men. One man
is kept busy sorting ore.
A big concentrator is to be erected
at Ferguson to treat tho ores of the
Nettie L and Silver Cup mines.
A couple of m**n have been doing
som? development work lately on the
Twin Sisters group. Lemon creek.
Th*.) new law is Ix-ing operated in
this division on government work and
nine hour- constitute a day's lalior.
On Tuesday the fourth payment of
■122,000 on the bond of the Canilxirno
group, Fish river.was made at Nelson.
The number of men employed at
the various mines in the camp is alxnit.
70. considerably loss than the usual
order of things.
Bob Sutherland and Frank Culver
have secured a lease on the Lorna
Dooue, on Four Mils', and will begin
work next week.
The frovernment appropriation to
the repair of tho Etepublio road has
been exhausted and the men quit on
Thursday evening.
N. J. Hawkins, having bonded the
Elise mini', in tbe Ymir camp, for
•*". 1,009, will wsirk a strong force of
men on ths' property.
Thc Crniibv smelter has contracted
for 2000 tous" of coke from Fairfax,
Wash., and when it arrives four fur*
uaccs will be operated.
Finch & Campbi'll.ofSpokane.have
bonded the Queen groupotgold claims
near Erie, for$50,000. Ex-government
Agent Turner, of Nelson, is one of tho
On the Edith L fraction, in the
Wellington camp, a body of cooper
ore 100 feet wide has been exposed. It
will ship at au average value of Sll
across the ledge.
Silver Qusttatlens.
Following are tho quotations for bar
silver on tho various days during the
week since last issue:
i Tuesday	
mouth.   He will operate on a larger
duns, ibis :s i.aisBis; Journey. | «,.;,',. flian [oja\ season and will I Bfiploy
Ted Evton left butts on Tuesday for' half a dozen men.
541 cents
r,t\ ••
54 "
581 '
.->.'!.. "
58 "
Very reluct ant lv the management
stopped the machinery at the shingle
mill yesterday, owing to shortage of
mon. They hope to resume again ny*>t
. i. t 'i"»T*s*>e i ■» t •; a ■» i »i» i»* 41 ♦ t'
, I   OpTTlftfat, 1901, by sCbsrlesW. Hs-eka.   , .
'♦■> i ei»i ♦ i ♦■! *»♦ i »i"s>i ♦ !■♦ i»»
"I will not speak of tt" "Wid Kendall
"■nd as te Uie messs**e which 1 sball
take to Mr. Alden from Min Miller,
while of course 1 attach no sinister
meaning to It, I ahall tako pains to forget tt Immediately."
"We cannot know wbat It Is that sbe
wishes blm te put ont of his mind."
said Brenda. "Perhaps bis love for
"We will take that view of It," replied Kendall.
At tbla moment a nurse came to take
Insiructions about breakfast for Brenda and tbe patient, and sbe brought
word tbat Mr. Maclane was In tbe reception room, very anxious to see bis
was a man whose as-
pect should huve been
dignified aud Impressive.    It bad been to
tunstc.    She is continually rsirii'il lo
as an actress."
"She ts one." said I.rendn. "nnd. bo-
tween ourselves. I thin!; she must In*
exceptionally clever. I hope Clarence
will not make ber leave the Stage ret
until she has bad a career of tier own-
a year or two before she effaces herself by marriage."
"lt seems to me." said he, "that In
trying to be fair to this woman. In try
Ing to set aside all prejudice and nnt
ural resentment, you have gone to nn
absurd extreme upon the other side.
You cau never have anything In com
mon wltb her. There can be uo ques
tion of friendly relations"—
"Bul tbere can." replied Uremia
"Forgive me for contradicting my dear
old father, who Is always so worried
about me and always so goosl io Die, I
shall make her my friensl, if I 1:111. uud
you will lie glad wheu you know her."
Maclane raised bis liniiit*. toward
heaven, Fprlnkling the floor wltb fragment* of newspapers as he did *">. It
was bla usual gesture of defiMt.
"And uow," said Brindn. "to use
your favorite expression, let's get down
to tausiuess. 1 am here to take care uf
Miiss Miller, and you will not ask tne
to desert her when you learn that l>r.
Kendall says 1 am a wonderful nurse.
By lhe nay. you see I am lu III . i-.y
best socis iy. fsjr there can't U mj
thing alwive the old 1'bllsdelphla Ken
dallg. However, to rel urn 10 business,
I see clearly enough where all lliis Is
tending. Tbe papers "-peak only {-o<mI
of  me this  morning     Private gossip
will ss-areely kuow what to sny for a
— Indeed   atlll   was— ' day or two. but iu the end. insli'ss some-
wben his nerves were j thins Is done to prevent it. I shall lie
under  control,   but , come   Identical   with  this   mysterious
tbat was a rare coudition In bla latter    woman aud tbe actual Object of sus.nl
daya j cion.   That. I ailuilt. wou'd be a mis-
On the o<*c*Mlon of bla morning call • fortune*, for If the case remains a uiys
at St. Winifred's, while bo waited tor] tery. at I tbink it may. I shall mver
lse clear of the taint of it."
"But doesn't the girl know who disl
It'*" demanded Maclane They hint
that she is shielding some one. Slid you
Brenda's appearance, it was to htm as
If bis nervous system walked the floor i
unclothed In flesh or garments.    This J
is the state  which  New  England old
ladies describe as "Jumping out of your j will And some very unpleasant Ibing*
skin," and tbe phrase fits It nicely.  Be- | about Aldeu.'
fore Dr. Kendall took him out of the
reception room to a more private place
be was an object of sympathetic in
terest to several poor persons wailing
there, for tbey supposed that be must
bave some near reiai!ve at tbe point of
death la tbe Institution.
Ills pockets and his ham.s were full
of newspapers, and tbey were tc a considerable  extent   accountable   for   bis
"lie is entirely inuocent." said Itren
da. "Of course you know that as ws-ll
as 1 do. Tbe best thing for all of us is
to establish the fact Immediately thai
the crime was tbe work of a thief.'
"But suppose It wasn't'/"
"Then." said Brenda, "It must be
made to appear so."
*'l see what yon mean," replied he.
"and 1 will consult my lawyer about ll.
condition.    The marvelous dellneatlve    1 nave already discovered iliat tie
power of tbe modern press bad been
exerted upon tbe mystery of Elsie Miller wltb > result which the young woiiinn herself had but dimly foreseen
when sbe bad spoken of It in so absolutely horrible at to extinguish the virtue of politeness altogether. The story
wns told from fifty points of view, and
ever tbe stately and beautiful figure of
Brenda Maclane moved through It like
a stage ghost, having a carefully
wrought effect of Intanglbleness and
transparency, yet steadfastly attended
by the calcium light.
No one accused Brenda of the smallest wrong, no oue ventured to Identify
her with the "mysterious woman" seen
by Dr. Blair, yet with great cleverness tbe plot was so arranged tbat
Brenda's figure in tbe ghostly light
Btssod best displayed upon the very spot
where the mysterious one seemed to
have sunk out of sight as if Into a
"Brenda, my child, what shall we
do?" exclaimed Mr. Maclane, and he
extended toward his daughter two
trembling hands that were full of
•Dor' snld Bnn>"n.   "About what?"
"The papers are Crowded with it!" he
groaned. "Look at this! Look at ths-*-,.
"Well, I think this one ls rutlu-r good
of me," replls*d Brenda. "I wonder
where they pot the photograph. Oh.
but see Mr. Aldeu! They've made blm
look like tbe pirnte Kidd."
"You seem to take no serious view of
this!" he cried.
"Father, wby should we?" she replied earnestly. "Here Is a dear little
girl that bas escaped a drs'iidi'iil peril.
and I am so glad of It, so religiously,
prayerfully glad of lt. that this publicity affects me not tlie least"
"I tblnk you have lost your wits,
Brenda," said be. "Why, you're all
mixed up In It. They practically accuse you of going to that house"—
"I did go there," replied Brenda.
"I mean before the deed-at the very
moment of It"—
"Let me see." said Brenda. who was
already scanning the reports. "I don't
see anything here that Isn't true. They
are much fairer to Mr. Allien tban I
"77i<s papers are crowded tcft/i tt!" ht
would have supposed. Let us read the
reports calmly. Ah, so! This mention
of my poor little romance might be
somewhat trylug to a sensitive nature,
like my father's, wblcb I fortunately
did not Inherit."
"This linking of your name with this
woinau'i," he groaned, "ls most un 1 ur
derstands the police thoroughly. I'sr
haps something mny be done by the
usa of plenty of money. Meanwhile I
would like to lse satistied about Mr. Alden. It Is not fair to you thnt be
should conceal his defense, If he has
one. The sooDer the case Is thoroughly
cleared of that mystery the better for
"Reduced to a theft," said Bremln.
"tlie papers will cease to print niucli
about it."
"You are quite right." replied Mr.
Maclane. "But my first move will be
In Alden's direction. I must know
where he startls. or there will be no
safety for yo>3 in nny line of action If
he Is guilty, we must not apiK-ar as his
accomplices after the fact."
"That Is monstrous," Insisted Brenda.   "Do not consider It."
They spoke for some minutes of minor matters, turning over the |i:i;ra rs
together, while Brenda selected sucb
portions as she thought thnt Dr. Kendall might permit Klsie to .•<****. The
af-lf:lit of these stories with tbs'ii nlinn-
dam illustrations set Mr. Machine*!
never, on edge ng.iln, and lio was In it
most wretched frame of mind when he
left the hospital
lt cbanced that as he emerged from
the structure be encountered Alden.
who had Just come from KenilaU's
ro'im nnd was full of good will io nil
mankind as the result of the convers'i-
tton with the doctor. He felt that Maclane had n Just grievauce against hiin.
aud he began at once a most earnest attempt to repair the injury. Maclane
was relieved to fiud Alden in a pilant
mood—the rarest of all ills moods, by
the way—and the two walked toward
thu avenue together In on atmosphere
of cordiality such as surrounds sometimes the unfriendly victims of a com-
nis.n misfortune.
t'pon arriving at his office Alden met
Detective Klmeudorf, with tbo result
already disclosed. Profiting by the advice received In the course of tills interview nnd by his memories of many
Stories of crimes, criminals and sleuth-
hounds of the Inw, Alden succeeded In
eluding both tho shadow of "trouble"
oud the shadow of "business," aud bis
doings for ou hour or two were wholly
unknown to the police. At 8 o'clock he
appeari'il at St. Winifred's hospital,
where he was Informed by Dr. Kendall
that Elsie would receive blm presently.
At thnt moment Elsie wns conQdiug
to Brenda her opinion thnt Mr. Aldeu
would suffer a grievous disappointment
"He won't expect to see me like
this." she said. "I look like death's
hend on a handspike, as my cousin
Billy says. Billy was In the navul reserves during the war nnd prevented
the Spaniards from capturlug New
York, but that's another story. I
Brenda, If 1 should put on Just 11 little
bit of rouge— I don't want to frighten j
"Y'ou don't wnnt to think of rouge :
for ten years," replied Brcndu.   "And I
besides,   my  dear,   you   haven't  any.
Moreover,   he   won't   know   how   you
look; bo will be too glad to see you
"Of course you think I nm very
trivial and absurd," Bald Elsie, "1 ut do
you realize that he may not see Uie
again? No one can kuow precisely
how I am hurt. This wound may ba'
nearer to a vital spot than Dr. Kendall
suspects or will tell. A break of a wall
as tbln as paper, a little blood spilled
bere beneath my band, aud 1 am gone
In a moment. Perhaps touight: perhaps oven while be sits bere beside
me. And tbls last sight of me will bo
tbe memory be will carry as long aa he
livs's.   1 want tt to blot out tl.e face of
every other girl that he will s'ver see."
"'lheu don't blot out your own with
. the  contents   of  a   rcige   pot,"    snisl
' Brenda.     "Hark!    They   aro  coming
\ aloug the corridor."
She stepped to the door aud ushered
In Alden and Kendall.
Alden bud the pale, set face of
Nathan llale going to execution. As
often bnppeus with a man Jfo strenuously prepared, his eyea failed to focus, nud lie stai.'i) for a moment nt
Elsie without really seeing her. Dad
she been the wasted and pitiable object that his Inexperience led blm to
expect he would probably have borne
tbe sight of her with great fort Itu ale.
but wben her face emerged from the
mists of Imperfect vision precisely
Elsie's, with every well remembered
attribute of beauty, lt was an attack
upon an unprotected spot in his defenses, and every drop of blood lu his
body cried out with the voice of ono
great sob,
I "Tbls Is what I wns nfrnld of." muttered Kendull. "Confound hlm! I
knew he'd brenk down."
Ho glanced uneasily at Elsie, bul she
seemed quite calm.   She extended her
[ band toward Alden, and hu kissed It,
falling on his knees beside the bed.
1     "Y'ou  must uot feel sorry  for tin-."
said she.   "I am very comfortable, a ud
I waste no time In pitying myself.    It
j was very kind of you to send the vln
; lets."
"Dear little girl." he snid. still kneel*
I Ing. "every minute of my life shnll be
yours to mnke this right."
"You are not to speak that way." replied Elsie, with that manner which
•accompanies long considered words.
"You have your own lifo to lensl. You
must not spoil lt for me."
Alden's face was gray with anxiety
as ho looked Into Elsie's.
"Don't say we have gone back; tbat
It's all like lung ngo," he began. Hut
the warning eye of tho vlgilnnt Ken*
dnll, who had softly stepped to tho
head of tbe bed. upon the other sid>i,
checked this plea. Alden writhed witb
tho effect, but his will held blm.
"1 mustn't worry you," he said; tben,
with balf an eye on Kendall: "Elsie.
Who did this?   Tell me, little girl."
"I don't know; really I don't," she
answered. "Why do you thluk that 1
Again tbe doctor silently protested,
and Aldeu took heed.
"I had not beard It from you," he
said. "But let us put It out of our
minds. What can I do for you? Is
there anything you need? We will
hold a conference on the subject"
"Brenda would get me anything lu
the world," replied Elsie. "She has
been as good as two mothers to me.
Brenda, what do I want?"
"Rest and tin s'asy mind and your
real mother as soou as she can corns',"
replied Brenda. "As to Mr. Alden's
contribution, I would suggest a pretty
picture or two to put on the walls.
They would relieve the eye. Elsie has*
asked for Tantalus, but the art committee, consisting of Dr. Kendall and
myself, refuses to hang him."
"The art committee Is all right." said
Aldeu. "1 shall submit some pictures
to lt with confidence." <
Thus tho talk drifted from topics too
exciting, and some minutes ws-re spent
pleasantly and conventionally enough.
Then, as Alden was about to take bl*
leave, Elsie suddenly began tn wi'i»|   '
very   bitterly   and   without   nppan nl
cause, for It was a parting for a feu
hours.   To Brenda sfterwanl she said '
in explanation, "To think tbat I might
have died and  never  have seen   hiin
As ilie matter seemed to involve ihe
health of the patient nnd certainly lhe
regulation of Mr. Alden's visits, Brenda consialered herself bound to report
the remark to Dr. Kendall.
"It Is all very mysterious to me." snid
be. "She loves him with her soul ami
body, but she believes that it is nil
"She will not always think so," replied Brenda.
"That may be true," he said, "but I
think I know her, nnd, so thlnkin?, I
hope my own wedding won't have to
wait for theirs."
"Your wedding!" exclaimed Brenda
ln surprise. "I did not know It was arranged."
"Of the three persons most intimately concerned In It." he replied, "two nre
already  to be counted  upon — myself
and the clergyman.    As to the ether,
there Is much doubt"
"Let us hope It will vanish."
"Hope Is a thin diet fnr the affections." said he, "but they live loug ou it !
N tho following morning
Captain Neale appeared at SL Winifred's,
demanding an Inter-
\ lew with Elsie. Kendall had succeeded In
rs'fuslng a similar demand upon the previous evening and would have been glad
to do It again, f..r he dreaded Neale ln
a sickroom ns If be had been the angel
of septlcii'inla, but the doctor could
not honestly spy that Elsie's condition
wns such as to justify him lu shielding
ber from all questioning.
As for the captain, he was "up
ngninst a new game," to use his own
expression. Never before bad be been
held back from the bedsides of tbe nf-
fllcted In Institutions wholly or partially uniler municipal coutrol, and
doubtless upon Ibis accouui then* were
fortunate souls in paradise wbo might
Otherwise Still have been struggling In
this probationary state. When Kendall demurred, Neale strong1 y intimated that he would "make tronble" for
the doctor, but ii was his own conscience nnd not bit fears Which decld-
sal Kendall's action,
•"1 ou can see her," be said, "If you
will behave yourself."
Aud Neale was speechless In the pres
ence of tbls audacity, it was not that
Neale was a captain of police, for such
au officer may or may not amount to a
row of pins; It was thnt be was Joe
Neale, the man with a "pull." Therein
lay the terror of bis wrnth.
Kor as well as Elsie could be prepared for tbls Interview she shuddered
and tnrned pale wben ber eyes first
rested upon tbe peculiar, grimacing
countenance of tbe captain, more dls-
t-i'SA-'Ing than usual at that moment because he was trying to look beneficent
Neale had a singular delusion that he
could be nnd seem to be all things to
all people, although, in fact, his voice,
his face and his manner wero more
rigidly Incapable of disguise thnn those
of "tiy other mnn bet wen the two
oceans. He hnd a monkey's pride In Im-
lift linn without n trace of the monkey's
capacity for It, nnd upou this occasion
he *vni engaged In counterfeiting the
demeanor of a family physician because ho knew that Kendall did not believe he could do It And It wns his expresses! conviction afterward that he
Inal made the doctor "feel foolish."
"Oosid morning," said he. "'jlftd to
see you looking so fine. You'll be out
in ■• week, and by the lirst of the month
you'll be throwing WISSsSS over the footlights again."
Elsie's forehs"i'l reddened wltb
wrath, nnd she opened her mouth to
pay something ibat wonld have shown
in.ne spirit than discretion; hut. catching lli.'iida's eye. she suddenly closed
her lii's lightly.
Ni; le tinned 'o Brenda.
"li does my bearl good." he sold, "to
see von bere taking care of the sick—a
society lady like you. 1 call It great
There's fs'\v thai would slo It. sN'ow.
I'll bet the limit that you've bs?en up
half the ulght taking care of this
poor little girl. Yon need rest 1 can
see that. And what I soy Is that It
wouldn't do you a bit of hurt to go lav
down while me ond the doctor looks
out for things here."
"Do you mean '.hat you wish me to
leave   the   room''"   Inquire*:!   Brenda,
with 0 glance at Kendall
I     The doctor's f-ioe was wearing that
1 lnd"ss*r!bable expression Incident to the
first stage of seasickness    He nodded,
and Bremln  walked toward the door,
which  Kendall opened for her.  while
Ns'olc bowed several times as she de-
; parted.    Tben the captain drew up a
chnlr to the side of the bed. upmi the
i edge of  which  be  laid  his enormous
nnd   hairy   band,   clinched,   with   the
knuckles uppermost    Elsie looked at
' it.  fascinated,  wondering If  It  could
really be a hand.
I     "We got to have a little light en this
' woman." sold the cnptnln.
"What woman?" Inquired Elsie
"The one wbo called on you that afternoon." be replied.
"Miss Miller has already sold"— Ken-
'all began, but the captain lifted his
hand from the bed, thereby causing
one side of It to rise suddenly, and
nioile a gesture of protest
"She'll do the onswering." he said.
"Who says that any  woman called
', in me?" demanded Elsie.
"Now. don'l gel excited." responded
;  He  captain     "It's   well  km>wu   that
! somebody  was there.    Dr.  Blair saw
Uir leaving the house."
I    Rlsle remained silent for a moment
i^'.'ien she said:
'There might have been fifty women
leave tbe bouse and I know nothing
nbout it What did this woman look
"Haven't yeu seen the newspapers'1*-
asked Neale.
"Only some little pieces—Just to look
at tho pictures," she replied. "Dr. Kendall didn't wish me to read the stories."
"Did you see the pictures of the 'mysterious woman,' drawn from description?"
"Miss Maclane didn't show them to
you?   Well, well!   How singular!"
"1 selected the things to be shown to
Miss Miller," said Kendull; "most of
them." I
"And you cut out all about the
mysterious woman?" queried Neale.
"It was not Intentional," replied the
doctor, reddening. "I merely happened
to do It."
"I guesa Miss Maclane helped you,"
said Neale.
"What has Miss Maclane to do with
It?" asked Elsie.
"A good many people think she was
the woman," replied the captnln.   "It's
beginning  to   be  said  all  over,   but
there's one person who thinks so and
won't say so—yet"
"Who's that?" said Elsie.
"Dr. Blair," responded Neale.   "You
know who he IsT"
i    "I've met him," sbe replied.    "Mrs.
Simmons got him to come to see me
onee when I was sick.   I think he was
staying at the bouse then.   What has
he to do with this affalrr
The captain explained,
i    "It seems to me," said Elsie, "that
anybody who ever saw Miss Maclane
would know her next time,    if Dr.
Blair says that be doesn't recognize
her, then sbe isn't the woman no saw."
"Do you deny that she called upon
you?" persisted tbe captain.
"I certainly do deny It," replied Elsie,
with decision.
"Perhaps it was some other woman
who looked like her," suggested Nenle.
"I don't know any woman who looks
Uke her," said Elsie.   "I mver saw one
wbo did."
The captain glanced at Kendall and
said slowly:
"She doesn't know anybody wbo looks
Uke Miss Maclane."
"Well." said Kendall "what of It?"
Uannohed on nis Utrrar, Career.
"I understand yonr son has des'ided
to go in for literature."
"Yes, and he's mads a splendid start
"You don't say."
"Yes; he went to an auction this
morning and bought a secondhand
writlnjr desk for onlr 14.98."
Santa' .'ii never dlscovei they *r< A won ju never jM,t.
on tin wrong tail, till tbey sit dowa.h** poek**t that she ,.;i
on It 1 month.
1 anythi
1 hold
:.'... .1 might have eweaped with
his hnir had not that female barber
talked him to bleep.
mon   manage to strike   thu
.iron while it Is hot and some others
don'l  seem to know n hot Iron when
they seo it.
One trouble with t    .
their up| .*• and }„,n     ..'••« Is IU,
meet. '    °'Sl'\M
Once c.bon a lime there ,
who wa.   too  l.t/y  to     |■„
vented   n   machine  ,.,,  (|
>"' It*
nud call' .1 it „ gas motel " '(Jr hil»
The dry. tight cough-, tho soreness aggravated J
coughing, all disappear with th$ use of n?
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
It is tho tendency ol every cold to
develop into bronchitis, consumption
or (some form ol lung truuble. Bronchitis is most dreaded because it has
a tendency to become chronic and rs>
turn again nnd again, until the patient becomes worn out or falls an
•My prey to consumption or pneumonia. Only tho most robust constitution can throw off bronchitis.
Aged people, childri'ii. and all who
aro In delicate lieulth or have weak
lungs have every reason to four this
If the cough is dry and hard ; if
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,to all sorts of weather 1 I,o,,U(,B^
I catch cold. Last winter 1 J"^
jbad  with   a cold   thin  I couJ    *
apeak   above   a whisper   »nd _\
jgieat  pains  ln tho chest    At l.aii
I feared    it   would develop illt0   'M
jaumptlon If I did not succeed innj!
I ting proper treatment. ■
i    " A friend   advised uu, t0 m„ ,,
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Ssi <* ol Former Residence s>l thr Usiks, uf
The London Express says:— Ai>-
sley House is to be sold if no great
objections arc raised in certain i
quarto ■ Thc news will 10:110 as a
sl ocl( to the mauj poOple| who stiil
bolieve that the famous bouse <it
! do lark Corner wn presented to *
the great Duko cl Wellington by t h<*
nation As is 1 attcr of fnct, the
Iron  Duke purchased Apslcy    House :
si. when 11 was the residence ol
: other,  Marquis Well,, ilej .
'   . ,.,..!.'    is 1 him  brick    mnnsii n,
Apsley House wus built  ubssut I'.r'.B-i'   !
by the Adams tor   Henry Bathurst, '
Baron     \,     v. Kaii    Cathurst    unsl j
Lord Chancellor, v. ho died ki   17'J*1.
li   lSJ.-i thc    house was casi-d    with
1'    || stoni . . ■ IU ry, a K'.iil.' of
rooms, ami '.i"' 1 resent portico wire
added, nt a cost, .• ■Aa'- than Btated,
ol £130.1 ' ' The I 1 iso cont.-i 1 a
wonderful picture gallery, where n
Waterloo banquet was Laid annually
until I."-.-, and which still contains
proclou 1 mks of art; a Wond : fas 1
china n 1 lull ol fine bronzes mid
Interest . 1*1 lies, ol 11 •■ great lmka..,
oud ii small, Ill-lighted room, In
which the famous general slept on n
1. ow bedstead. The late Duke ol
Wellington was very anxious to s.-11
ApslOy House some years ago, but
he met v.nh opposition from an sx-
altexl quarter on the k' ■ *• 'hat
such n saia* would be an . 1:sanity to
a great nnme. As thc present Duko
11: 1 • . the fourth generation, nnsi
i. longisr receives nn nnnval giant.,
it Is believed that no opposition
Will be mailo lo the sole, so that
1 ■■ very long a "prince of fi-
1;,;..-a." may be ensconced at the
t, ,.sj which a foreigner once aptly
described ;•:; "No.  1, London.'1
mt s.f parliament ]■:«.-.ju■
masle the use of lh.' invtricml
:if    Weights   untl tiis-is'ii, -, •„ rtuts-l
in  the  United  Kingdom.
'I'lis-ss*     tsA.s     dsMlrabls.    qualifirttua
;lsi\-,aiii   is.   the   tsisi..   and   • ,L
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like n.
■The  srreats'st distance ever c!can"|
tiy~R   iToi-Bc "Jumping     Is heiii'ivd to I
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Tells Hla Friends to Use Dodfi
Kidney PHI* for Kidney
Lew ltaskaa wsll-ksBsawaa Hot«l-kMpsr,|lM
his eapstrteaM  wltb    sCaisaals'l  f
Ki<laBs>7 KrmrfllT.
Ses-t, on nss '»s*atrls*!i   I'nrsn.
.'  H.i- _■   ; . -u-e n
■     : ■       inn    c al        :-....■..,
•> lliree or four distinct broods, all of
different sizes.    When tbe Incubating
l rocess  Is completed,  the  <... i,   bird
i". li-i bis young oues «»rr nud  If lie
ni"s*is rti. th r proud papa engai •■• In
a Ipd :.' combat with blm.   Thi  van
1 bird ri'iii'i s v, 1 tli itii ;i gin; :■•
k, while the other, surrounded by
la  1  broods,   walks away  tiiuni
pl intly.
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Sold KTiTTwliero.   In boxes. IS s--jata.
St. Thomas, Ont., May 18.—<Spe>
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snd one of this railway centrs'iiMit
popular citizens, and many pwpli
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"All i'i'
In'   I
J feu
i \ Taylor, of MaTgareo,
*,.-'„• sjottlQ of MlNAUD'H
; \ I* cured a swelltpg of the
'lul.lt,   and    saved     a    tlOl'SQ
,\.        l'l'VIU',      llf       IVlthlllHt,
,.,,,' ilfij pf a viiluable hoi'SU
i,.' Vet. hnd glvQn up, Willi
l,olll(8   of   M1NAU1VS  LINI-
s, ,,■ scupu hit*" been constructed n<>
l.i,,;  tlml  -villi il ordinary   prim
I u„ ,.,. ,| ui a distance ssi' I wo ami
I |i ill   uiilcs.
I iOVi/'ti   THIS?
h . nitsr Ono llunibi'il 1'oilnr.s Itsmssi.i
A.„,.  case ol  Cnliurli  lliot   cnniiot  I*
Vr-U   I's Ostii'i* Cure.
I"   Vheoey «s Co..  t'rOPM.,  I'oledo, 0
In. ii,. in iliThimicil. lui.c known I    ■)
. ,v   (i.i    the   laat    IB   yi'ius.   isnil   I'-
. lui'i  perfectly  honorabl**   lis   as 11 liusi
,, ., .,'..., s.iions'siiisi Dnaiiulslly »iiie io
||\    a.Ill    laliy   OlllillUlilinB   llllllll'   It)     Un.'
'.", •   la-.isix. Wholesais Uru-1 inte   v.,
I       Isilsi     0,
lil'ii'.s'    I I'Aii'i'i   {•*.   Marvin,    Whulivnil
T     | ,    . ■ • iy,   Toledo.   II,
■ 1,11's   Calall'h    Tlirs'    Is    tssKS'li    inter!:*.'
J .,'tliio 'liri'i'll.V ill'"" ths- his.ml .iml
i„.i.Us Burfsires sit tiii* svsti'in Prlea
T.  ,,«i   Isottle,    Sold  by   ail   '.'i'U".. I'a"
iatimniiinls free.
gall',   Piimlly   Pill"   mr.   thr   beitl
The Li.'o (iivinjr Virtues of
PainesCelery Compound
Rescued a Lady Who Was
Drawing Near the Grave.
The Life Building Medicine That
Wives and Mothers Need
in May.
<ii tuerll    Bt, Jacobs oil,  Ltd.,    of
Haiti moro, are the sole proprietors.
•'in ib'i;|...   Hiia Mim,s in cloven    Inn
(.'luiyi s,
A  football uiati b    Is an Imitation
oi two iiii'eb.iii teams taking a hard
full  mil   of  the umpire.
Keep Minard's Uniiueiil in thc House.
11    is   now   up   In   tlio   office   boy   Isi
I mon I    n tew   excuses    for   holding
iliiw n his end of the bleachers.
. true mn>lyr doc#n*t havo   to
fypi I so himself ns such
DIV i''i UKA'CKs OK OPINION I'.'.isr.:-
Ingv the popular Internal and external
n s.i s s >. Dr Thoinus' licli > (in- i ill il i
nel. -<* fur ms know is, exist. Tha testimony 1.1 positive and concurrent lhat the
I article relioVcs physical pain, cures litnio-
; ms'.. s hecks ii coukIi. is nu a xfi'lii ni rem*
»'i.v for pnbiM uml  rheumatic complaints,
and   !l    liny   110   mint "nt in^   or   Other   in
I pleasant  efts-it  when   taken   Internally.
|lt i   dialer for n man to f<v>l hlm-1
jt than ii is for him to fool others.
li s ii  poor baseball Held i.hal  lur
no llies on it.
Few Flies last year
NoFlies this year
if you uso
Bt  1 over's  ..,->•  So ip  (a  < *■ ■ der s
lo '..si'li woolens .".ml flannels—you'll
liko  It.
It's n lucky baby LhM  looks   'Uu si
riih  relative,
Fly Pads) J
145   \A/
(lllng Acme Pump Oovernore. They
ska sll pumps work easy, and fit all
Ind a 'Iron or wood) Hills run with
^11 lent wind. Agents exclusive terrl-
1 ta merits sell lt. Tump Oover-
i'il    174   Princess  Street,   Winnipeg.
ll'.ssla f.ir the man ef lhe World.   A Bosik
| true Sport, > uung ,,: •,!■). sle iuld be without,
it securely sealed, on receipt s,f Two dollsus,
iHTIMI   WORLD,   46o, Main St., Risom 6,
lnntpi,:. Mnn.
BNOOURAOB  11:a  USE are «inu«
Iollo»lng   prints   lor   comeeiltlssn   st
sa WlniiipsK   K.aliiblll.ii  of   lHOU
■175 IN GOLD tm-iSSSS
Tor  ths  h»u.l„8t   call,  anv   purs   breed
s jrsrte.   born  after    the    Ial   January
WS, M on  Csrntfac Su>ck  Food   $100
por the  scs.anii    Heaviest    Call;    an)
"»rs breed,   or grsssls,,   born  after   Ist   ol
sniiary    1003.   led   on   Carnuiae   Stock
'" '    160  ln  gold.
sSKor   the   third   hsavlest  call,   nny   pure
» IfSsp*?*?-*' bnrn "*,Ur '»*• ol" Janu-
V. 1VOH. led on Carisefac Slots Food,
•us In gold.
Only One   entry   will   be  allowed    from
slnVi  V*"ri"V..or   Stockman,    and    slock
In.,    * ,*hlb>>ed   at   tl„.   Wlnnlpes    Ka-
I «h?Si?i mu!1 ''• Produced at tbs time
sr. sJ, Uo",,to ■hovv "••■•*l the »"lmals
era l«   on Carnctar Stock  Kisi.il
sVis'u','!     . PM P«»ven » Heristesi surcsss
Th.rJ    ,h",".   cf""|i'l"ii     smt   lottenlus
In.      l     r ,■""',,   ,""     'S■'»,I   '01    l.'-stl.t
la   „..,,,     *V*3   *•'   voterlMBsiIaii.   ss   to
Miy of it'    VarnrUc    ""•>'  ■»«  •"**»*
'• G. Douglas, Manufacturer,
Prlnoois Street, Wflnnlpeg,
""i can  obtain   It  from your dealer
Is  the  Host Miserable ot Mertnls—Oaljr
Similar Sufferers Con Understand Bis
Hours of Agony.
There Is no mortal more miserable
tban the poor dyspeptic. Ho is never
heulthy, never happy—always ailing,
always out of sorts. Every mouthful of food brings hours of distress—
every moment of the day ls spoiled
and soured.
Ii you are a dyspeptic you know
thc signs; the coated tongue, the
0"-Jll headaches, tho heartburn, the
biliousness, the persistent torment
•iter meals, the hopeless despondency. Any one of these aigais points
to indigestion. The one sure cure
for indigestion iu Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills. They mako new blood—that's
tho who<ie secret. Through the blood
they will brace up your strength,
waken your liver, and set your stomach right. If you ask your neigh-
botsyou will find prrof of this right
at your own home, Mr. Charles
Wood, Mars, Ont., one ol the thousands of dyspeptics cured by tha use
of these pills, says : 'Tor upward!
of twelve years 1 was a great sufferer
from indigestion and nervousness.
Everything I ate tortured me. 1 doo
toresl almost continuously, and used
almost everything recommended for
this trouble, but never got more
than temporary relief until I Lepan
the use of Dr. Williams' Tink Pills.
Words cannot express the good these
pills have done me. I am In better
health than 1 have enjoyed in years
liefore, and I have proved that Dr.
Williams' Tink Pills cure whesn othiT
medicroes  fail."
Had blood is the mother of fifty
diseases, and Dr. Williams' Pink
Tills will cure them all. because they
convert bad blood Into good, rich,
red blood, without which thero can
bo neither health nor strength. Don't
be persuaded to try something else—
tako nothing but the genuine Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all
medicine dealers or sent post paid at
SOc a box, or six boxes for $2.f*0,
by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Drockville, Ont.
I'nine's Celery Compound does a
wondrous work for sick and half dead
women in  May.   Tho conditions    ol
'winter have boon detrimental to the
health of women and girls everywhere; thoy have declined-ln nervous
vigor, tho blood ls reeking with impurities, the excretory organs do sjt
perform their work, end the digestive machinery is sadly out of gear.
Tho human machina must be cleansed
repaired and strengthened in May.
Paino's Celery Compound does the
work surprisingly fust, and gives a
guarantee of permanent health and
long lifo. it is the one spring medicine that truly nourishes, regulates
and Invigorates, thu entire system
from the bruin to the minutest nerve
filament, lt gives a full, rich supply
of onorglzlng blood, It clenrs tho
muddy, unhealthy skin, lt gives   nn
I ini'reiiSB in weight, and moro refreshing sleep, Whatever be your condition unhappy sufferer, wo give you
ii blessed assurance of a new and
lasting health through tho uso of
Paine's Celery Compound. Mrs.Flora
S. Drantley, l^evis, P.Q., writes thus:
| "Eighteen months ago I was eer-
rlbl.v afflicted with daily headaches
and was despondent, nervou1*, and
weak. Meilicul assistance and patent
medicines lolled to bring me relief.
My sufferings increased, and I wa«
told 1 would not get better again. I
was suffering so much that I was satisfied to die if it wns God's will. A
neighbor kindly -suggested the use ol
ral tie's Celery Compound, and to
please her, 1 consented to try it. The
fiist few doses seemed to send a feeling of new life into my blood, and 1
went on using tho compound. I havo
tn ken five bottles and can honestly
say 1 am fully cured. I am sleeping
well, appetite in good condition, getting hack lost flesh, and frel as active us a girl of fifteen. I think my
curs' is a permenent one. 1 thank
Cod for Paine's Celery Compound ;
It saved my life to my husband and
If you are in ns>ed of free medical
advice, write to Consulting Physic-
Ion's Department, The Wells & Richardson Co., Limited, Montreal, Que.
All correspondence is sacredly confident inl.
Ueantlfufli Wo *ttsi ns nf
Former Centuries.
The wonil'. r.i of the needle were iii
ancient times in Egypt, India, Baby*
louhi and PlKBOlcla iniilnl.v lavished
by women ou veils and hangings for
temples. ConuoisseUvs consider t'ue >eii
ijecoi-atlng tin; tomb of aMoluuiiiiieil ai
Mi'tllim, priced at 10,000,000 rupees,
tho most marvelous piece of euibl'o'ul
ery ever made, lis pattern, n cunning
interlacing of scrolls and arabesques,
exclusively dssUneated with rare pearls
and procloui stones, produces, whou,
QXposed to the rays of the sun, a sin-
peudnlis effect ol' coloring, soft and harmonious ami equal to tho bold graceful'
ness of lhe design. Linen, silks, leath
or and the richest stuffs were In turn
beautified with the little Inilgnlflcaul
tool, the needle.
Diaphanous Indian muslin charmingly einiiriiii'ereii wiih green beetle wlugs
Is still renowned, as well as examples
of painted spangles and artificial pearls
strewn itiuiil devices wrought In gold,
But where Is now to be found the in-
f*oiupnrabli" Decca muslin, thirty yards
of which were once Inclosed for a tut-
ban in mi ordinary cocoanut Incrustcd
wltb gems anil presented by n Perslau
ambassador to his master, the shall,
oilier varieties known as in>isiiiin
have also disappeared. The term originated from tho fact that when dipped
In wilier or spread out on the grass lhe
material was lust to the eye through
its extreme fineness.
The trained liiip-rs have disappeared,
and through modern competition jus*
tomers ore uo longer willing to pay i!;e
real value of geuulue bard work. This
superiority of eastern craftsmen over
their western fellows was recognized
centuries ago, first by Portuguese, who
were in the habit of sending satin lo
India to be embroidered by the uatlvea
after European designs, a fashion
which ni linn's renders somewhat puzzling the classification of the marvels
of handiwork.
The I'lsiii-li followed suit, since the
majority of the I.ouls XVI. court sets.
Including coat, waistcoat uml breechi'i
ill  BOtill,  velvet,  plush or corded silk,
so exquisitely adorned with delicate
sprays ami admirable borders wrought
iu satin uusl tambour stitches, are due
to the skill and Industry of the ('hi-
lies", who have reproduced the French
devices with ils.ss sill; in such lovely
and fast colors, which still appear In
all llis'ir beaist.v. with a mellowness imparled by time which further mills to
their charm.
takes  no chances In pleasing \,*u*w
ular tastes when he uses
Always uniform, always reliable,
bes'iiuse made from best of wheat,
carefully selected. Tho results of its
use in thu homo are as pleasing as
in the bako shop.
Here is something for you. Simply write to us and we
will send you a handsome book with many illustrations in
:olors, and much interesting information that every woman
•eally ought to know. No charge whatever. Write to-day
to Advt. Dept., Blue Ribbon M'f'g. Co., Winnipeg.
It Tells in the
tShow Ring'
If von hope to exhibit your stock at thc
Fall Fairs, start now and get theni ia perfect health by using
Dick's Blood Purifier
It wilt hstlts y0tt to osrry off t***.a>
Blu-a   Ribbon.
Fifty Cents par package.
IKBMINO, MILKS St CO., Ko:ilr»al, Ar***'*,
While olher mon are takim.:; kuiii-
mci outings baseball players are trying tss ci'i u few Innkigs.
The best friend baby can have is a
-linple medicine that will relieve end
ure the minor ailoments that make
lis little life often very miserable.
Such a friend is Baby's Own Tablets. They cure indigestion, sour
stomach, constipation, simple fevers,
diarrhoea, and allay tho irritation
accompnnyinp the cutting of teeth
All mothers who have used these tablets praise them. Mrs. F. L. Bourgeois, Eastern Harbor, N.S., says:—
"1 have used Baby's Own TnWets nnd
look upon them as baby's lie^t
friend I hnve found them an excellent remedy for colic, and thoy hnve
iliuio our baby much good In ninny
ways." Little oni's tnke these Talilets as rei'.slily ns candy, and the
mother lias n guaFantCH) thnt they
saintnln no opiate or ssthcr harmful
ai'aiK.    Once usesl  always used whir.'
1 ere nre little ones    in    the home.
i!d by druggists or sent by mall nt
J a I'cnts a box by writing direct to
ih.' Br Willinms' Medicine Do.,
Uinckvlllo, Ont.
Beading is to tin" inia.il what exercise
Is to Un' bod**.—Addison,
A home without books Is like u room
without windows.—Beecher.
To rend without reflecting is like eating without digesting.—Burke.
Books nrs* the best things well used;
abusesl, iiiiioni; the worst.—Emerson.
Next to nctpilrlng good friends tho
best aoqualntnnce Is that of good
Some books ure to be tasted, others
to he swallowed and some few to be
chewed and digested.—Bacon.
Half the gossip of society would ps*r-
lsli if the books that are truly worth
rending wore but read.—Dawson.
What is a great love of boaiksV It is
siiiiietliing like a personal lutrodurtlon
to the givat and good men of all past
times.—John Bright.
The three pine!is.nl rules 1 have to
offer are: (li Never read any book that
is not a year old; {'2) never read any
but fumed books; (II) never road any
but what yon like.—Knierson.
 "   •'•'*?•£_''•' * ■-■  :*,sj*'*.--';-i:   ' ''.a.'I-'.". E "  .' '* •   ' •': ■:'   '   : ilivi: -      •   *
» .*..-_. *-.*-.- -"-*     ■-■.>>..        - '.'-:.**j!*|"r--»-- r
It la eerj mtioh stronger nnd thicker than Bn; other (tsarriU or bulldlnr}
paper. It Is Imperrlsssis to wind, keeps out oold, keeps lis lieat, .ns-rlea nn smell
•r odor, abaorbs no moisture, Impiirts ssn tasase or flavor to nijthlng with
which It comes In contact. It Is largely usesl not only for sIseillssK bouses, karat
for llalsiisr oolsl   •toras;*   bullsllnga,   refrlgstrsttssrf,   dairies,   ci.-ainesles,   *,n<i all
Blaoes where the object Is to ksep an eTen   nnd   uniform  temperatnra,  aad  at
a* same time avoiding daasjtness.
Write onr Agents, TEES * PERISH, Wlnnlpog, for sataplas,
TH"C SC. m. CODY OO., Limited, M U aUI_.
A man   mny uot
coiupllinojts   that
but lie iliinks thoso
them   ,'U 't  tin*  BIUIIC
BWalW n all lli-
ore handed him,
is some i"' rii In
Guatemala Ims tho highest doai.li-
rats. of nny clvlll-r.ed country. lis
death-rate is ll per 1,000, At the
sillier end of the scale COniOS New
Zealand, with Ll per 1,000.
TIIKY      NI'-YKIt      FAIL.—Mr     8,    M
Uounhnssr. Langton, svrltsjs :   "For about
uvss \,'.'is  I  «iis troubled  wi< li    in.-.ir i
rilt'S,     I'llt     llV     lisillli     I'lSI'IIBS'ls'i   k    l'ills,        I
wiin riiiii|.!a'li'iv  I'lnvsl.   ssutl   nil In "mil   four
years have elapsed slnco then thoy Im..'
in.i ii'iiiiiiA'ii." Parmelee's Pills are nn|
tlliillous ssml is specific for the cure ol
Liver ami Klilney Oomplalnts Hvs e i
sin. Costtvoness, lli'isilischc, Piles, etc.,
isiul will ii'i;u I uie tho secretions snil remove nil blllOUB  inulliT.
i'iii:ard"s Liniinei't h usui by Pkysuar.s
Kuuri wood lusts perfectly 'itider-
ground for twontj' fivo years, uorn h
another Australian Umber, has been
tested for thlrty-flve years brneatl
tha sen and found sound nt thc oud
of  llint.  time.
SI KITI.l.SSNI'.NM     iss slin*  to  nervous
s ■M'iii'iui ni      The  delicately   const ii •
tie     Dnnnrlor,    the  business    sn n   .
iit;' a'     \,isasKAL*     occupation    ne   sslt
uii'i.t  iiiciiiiii strain or worry, nil sulti
less or iniiri. from i'    Btesin is ilu
restorer nf ihs* worried brain, siml I	
nl eon cleanse tlio stomach from oil Ini
nurltles wit la ,i few  iloH.s of  Pari
\i'L'. tills!)'   Pllll,   ireliiUnai   i-isiits'l.   »-<»s11:i a
ina* no mercury and ni'.' guarantiees*] io
s*i\s* satisfaction „,■ tlio money will he
•at Ssllln-j Skirt Supporter and Waist Asllustei
I Initoducesl.   Sella st slf-ht.   lioosl proSl. "
p*ni n rsnli fs» lampie snd terns lo ssrenis
igUSH k CO., Dept. W. TORONTO.
(Patented April 94, 1900).
r"'.*,^**.^? '""" c«nt  "»«■ s***1'  Wnterers sold
ii»    Improved  I>eweys"—Htrong
...       . but  true.
I «.!„!. ni,""c'Ved n«**ey" never Rets out
PcTsi     i no repairs necessary: so simple
fclv Isi1*',1 '•tUl'h "•: unquestionably the
I('»n ^   M"*ct?r»v  Caterer  mude.
ft  PouHrUv ,,OR"'   C'llVe'''    S,1•0,,
lives ■^'•''-■hey   will    pay  for   them-
fi-vnJ   .""° months' use.
■tnI atsi?"TJ't •,*'e',, ono or n*or« of
'a l.m' t, " ■•• does not raise more
" '»ur hos-s.   For sale by
\}». Moore, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
>*»***. "M. o. inio. JAmtm
During tin- liiiliim mutiny only 68U
llritisli soldiers  were either  killed  111
buttle s.i- died of wounds. Imt many
thousands ol Igngllsh people were
massacred by natives.	
Minard's Unimeot Lumberman's Friend.
' A soarclillght of 100,000-caniilo
power will I'oiulor print vislblo nt a
dlstanco ol twenty miles. The experiment loss been tried from the top of
-ilount Washington.
in-. .1 11, KolloKft's Uysentorv Cordial
i:s isn'imriMl from ilnion known to I "'
iirofer.slon nsi lhoioiii?lily reliable for the
cholera, ilvseiilery. diarrhoea "wuet
nivlns and HUintiier comiilnlnts tt li»"
lieen iiscsrl sm iiv.iii'iiilv bv mooloal rr*c
tills iicrs for ii number nf v am .. in
•I'fttlfv ' " ii-s'iiis. If Buffeiinst from i av
■uinmet' cnmnlulnt it. is    hisl  tho me«'i*
, j- ,     I lasl    w il;    i-illf    Villi     'I IV   sl    ' o  tie
It   :i lis for ->.'i i.'iiiM
The Inrgest avnliini-he ever measured fell in tho Italian Alps In 1885.
II contained 380,000 tons of snow.
Oold    itii*iis nt a    temperature of
1,840 degrees tVnt , or 'J.'Jiii  l"ohr. I
I.end melts nt 620 degrees l-'ahr., and i
wnx at 140 degrees Fahr.
i-'vi'ia iiiniy admires a plucky man,
but n pluoked man nets no sympathy, j
Wiis'ii nil other preparations  fall,   try
iis'iisiv.nv's  Corn   furl*   No  pain  wim'-]
ever, mui no'Inconvenience in usina it
Mrs.  Ilnrriet. M.  Foster   has   'en
postmistress of Troy drove, 111., for,
50 years.
Whilst .llukrs TIsIisks iSrssw.
According lo Maurice Bpringer, a
French writer on tlie subject, the on-
erjjy of growth Is closely related to
eleitrlc energy and muy be Idontlcal
witli It. At any rate, growth euergy is
closs'ly conuected with the phenomenon
cuiis-d osmosis—that is, molecular pre*
su" due lo differences of density in
adjacent liquid masses. bSiiiIi moleco*
lor prossure In 1111-' cells of the body he
believes to be the phenomenon that ttn-
derllcf the multiplication .sf these cells
in groWtb, Bind osmosis bus bs'en shown
by expetlmunt to be closely connected
with elos'triiity. The writer referred
to believes tbat wo shnll soon be able
lo lni'iisuro growth, enerjiy as wn uow
do bent or eleetrielty and perhaps cuu-
trol It bo as to produce tail or short
fniiillli's or races at our pleasure.—
Porf€*s*«lr Snfe.
A tourist In ti remote purt of Ircluud,
linvlng stayed the ulyht at a wnysldo
tun not usually frequented by vltltors,
Informed the landlord In the morning
that Ids boots, which had been placed
outside his  room  sloor to be cleaned.
bad not biM'u touched.
"Ah, shure,'' snid the landlord, "nnd
you molght put your watch und chain
outside your room door in tills liousi\
and they wouldn't bt* touched."—London King.
Quite Similar.
La Montt-Who Is thnt old fellow
thnt Is always bunting for you to buy
him 11 dilute?
L.i Moync—ITe claims to lie-long to
the upper crust.
Ln Moult— Tbo upper crust, eh? \V 1 * 11.
1 notico ho ls always short and always
I'lrnty of Trnth.
"Perhaps," ventured the unsuccessful contributor, "you didn't consider
my little ode tni<* to life."
"Oh, It was true enough,*' replied Hie
editor, "I assure yon there was mors
truth than poetry In what you said."
■;      "'-v.*'   •      <     -
■ •i'>*S'Bs!-'r'"*      -.'*
__.   \;"-".
■*^mm».r'i'-:   ■**V*i-             ■'".-»■   *
'• -^"-^>■:• ^-"*s*.-:'---   ■*-
*"-'         .     '  .- ■■  -:-.Vri -l-':': i
tsswTi '-*       ••    tV"—t\rStswK
aB-St^StNL*-    "M -Sffif ffllgj8Mlf
M Delicious and Nourishing, g
P|                     THE MOST ECONOMICAL Of                     U|
»"|                           AUL BREAKFAST FOODS.                         H
P<m       ALL QROCEBS.                                                                                                   &%
\   '^"-'          ;: =••• -H^n   ---^W^^WM
the "'l'> nwnlil."
or |)iiiiiiiiiient, 01 me Isle of Mali,
consists of eight members only.
upper house uf I
rliunienl,   of   the
Mora than half the battle In
cleaning greasy dishes is in the
soap you use. If it's Sunlight Soap
It's the best.' u>
What Is known us "goose flesh" usii-
hIly results from a low condition of the
nysieni and Is reully a slight chill. I.'
vou huvo 'uieli attacks often, it would
M wise for ymi '<> consult u pUyslcluu.
1 -s     ' ■•   )    :;*s   I.1..S1.
0 ie '" •■■■ '■     :  '   iit'ns* in
lhe !'.:i ie '.' ■     •   i!  Ajiuled by
u:,n i ■ ip, . .■■■ 11 lonislic i ■ . '-is:y lo
bolic'd a 11 Je.tll** \'.w. slow ly nnd
Bteudli) ndvnnciiiB townrtl us wltb a
dignified step and undaunted benrlng.
Lashing his tall from side to side und
growling haughtily, be lixesl his terrible eyes upon us unsl displayed a store
sal' ivory ws'll calculated to inspire ter-
ror ami nn tbe timid natives,
A 11-."' li ug flight of the 250 men wns
tin* immediate result, and In the confu*
shin of the momeiit four couplea of my
dogs were allowed to escape. These
lastnutly faced tho lion. who. hudlng
by his bold bearing he ami put bis en-
s'niies to lli;;!it. now became solicitous
for tbe safety of his little family, with
which the lioness wns retreating In the
Facing about, ho followed tbem wltb '
on Independent slop, growling Qereely
ut Ibe dogs, wIiIaIi trotted nlong ou either Bide ut hlm.
.\s my natives hud all descried me, I
considered 11 unv iso to Interfere wltb :
bin departure nnd, culling back my '
dogs, saw tbo Inst of this klug of tbe
forest uitiMBtit  regret. — 'Tlve Vears' I
Huntlna In Afrl'm."
The Und s,r iliB*  Worlsl,
ll.-re are sis views on the 1 ud of tin*
world that luive I'ceu given olH by eini-
nent scientists during recent years:
The lund surface is diminishing; the
human race will in* finally drowued.
ice is accumulating at the north pole;
some duy thc earth will fall out of balance and man will be utterly annihilated by the rush of moving object*1,
Tbe earth is gradually approaching
the sun; the last man will therefore
finally be rousted alive.
Water is slowly growing scarier; In
the ages to conn- all human beings und
animals will perish for the want of a
drop of moisture to ro**l their parched
•.Vith the beginning of Ui" year "iiHKi
A. D. tuuu will commence to retrograde und will finally come to be a
creature no larger tban a plant louse.
The sun Is burning up; us she cools
the earth's glacial zones will eulnrgo,
nud the lust retnimnt of humanity will
be frozen In a heap,	
Wises, QaallsaTht  Wish Ns**sv.
The first shop In London lighted by
gas wns 0110 of which a Mr. Ackerman,
a German, wns the proprietor. Tliis
■shop wus on the Btrand, and the date
wus 1810. One of (lie hul ies of ritnl-
who often visited tbe Ackerman shop
was so delighted with the brilliancy of
a gas jet on one of the counters thnt
alio reiiueslcsl the proprietor to let her
tnke It home for the evening, promising
to returu It safe and sound on the morrow.
I 1111*: DKll.l., SLOOA*. K. *-'., MAY
aggm v _a
i ■
C. E. SMrriiKmscAi.E, Editor nnd Prop.
IUOCAN,      •      *■       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a Une foi
the lirst insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements st same rate*
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Ratal made known upon
The Subscription is |2 por year, st.'ict-
\y in advance; 12.50 a your if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 89th, 1008.
i:aiii)l(Ui.  ciinrriMis.
Premier Laurier aiiiioiin ped fhe rail*
voail policy of the Dominion government tliis weok. Any new transoon-
tinental road must he built on Onim-
ilian soil and without a land {"runt.
Wisdom has been learned since the
days of the CUM'.
The -situation at Victoria lias come
to a head and tho Prior {jovemment is
a thin*,' of the past. Eherta and Wells
have been dismissed and Mt'Inues has
resigned. The house will pass supply
and then dissolve. Whowill be chosen
to form a government is not known.
Last Thursday Senator Temple-man
headed a delegation of the British
•Columbia members of the comiiuius
and representatives of the mineowners
uud interviewed the government on
the lead question. They asked for a
bounty of SIT) a ton, the money to be
paid direct to tho producer. That is
the proper caper. It is the mine and
uot the siii-jlter that nesds assistance.
Pass the bounty and keep the smelters
und railways from increasing their
rates, and the mineowuer will get a
chance, to live
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president
of theC.P.lt., has soured on British
.Columbia, judging from his remarks
to the Vancouver Province last week.
He denied that his road was seeking
connections at Seattle or Spokaue, or
would add a now Empress litter to tin-
Japan fleet; the Vancouver hotel would
not be finished till the labor market
got settled; the big wharv.'s in that
city would not lie built till needed;
and no more branch lines would be
constructed in the province,for those
they now owned were not paying. Sir
Thomas ought to know what he is
t.ilking of, but it is a safe bet he is
straining the truth if he denies the
proiit-makiug of the Crow's Xest and
Columbia & Western brauehes. If
they don't pay then the whole system
must lie verging on bankruptcy.
Thomas is just a weo bit out of sorts
over that East Kootenay grab and lias
set his little hammer knocking. His
remarks make him appear foolish and
Rossland'* two papers, the World
and Miner, received a rare roasting
from Mr. Justice Martin.at the Nelson
assizes last week. It was in connection
with the Daniels-Morgan libel suit, in
which the manner of conducting the
municipal affairs of Rowland was
freely ventilatsd, the two papers being
charged with accepting stiff monthly
bribes to wink at wrong-doing. His
lordship characterized the two journals as a "disgraceto th6community."
If guilty, the World and Miner deserved all that was said of them, and
their period of usefulness is ovor; if
innocent, the accused journals shoulil
take the nOaOBSSar** steps to prove and
emphasize tln'ir integrity. Aspersions
on the public prose are more common
in British Columbia than in other portions of Canada, but, while all the
provincial editors are admittedly poor,
it can aud should be demonstrated
that some of them at least have uot
parted company with honor.
Tlio World has since resented tlu-
judge's strictures and denies that it
has ever received any hush money.
The Miner, too, hastens to record its
denial of participating in such i-ues
tiouable dealings, at least uniler present management. So the situation
now resolves itself into a i|iieslion of
veracity.    You may take  your choice.
The lake has lieen rising all week.
Timber Inspector Martin was here
on Thursday.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office,
Postage rates to Australia have beet)
dropped to a penny.
Rev. Mr. MeTiityro will be stationed
in Sandon for another year.
The U.B.R.E. strikers at Nelson are
suing the C.P.R. for their wages.
The fish are biting well of late and
some fine strings are being brought
C. W. Grahnm.formei'lyof this eity.
has removed from Phoenix to Edmonton.
Another meeting of the Mining Association will beheld next Wednesday
Tho bridge gang came in on Saturday to offect some repairs to the transfer Blip,
Dave Sloan and family returned
from their eastern trip on Tuesday
Supt. Ross, the new chief of the
Kootenay railways, arrived in Nelson
on Friday.
Born. On May 28, the wife of .1.
H. McManus, of Blooau Junction, of
twins, boy and girl.
The Fernie miners, on trial at the
Nelson assizes for unlawful assemblage, were discharged.
W. H. Davidson returned from Victoria on Friday. His wife will not
return for some time yet.
Strawberries made their first appearance on the local market Saturday.   Each berry had its value.
Frank Provost has established a
couple of camps near Evans creek, for
the purpose ol getting out ties:
A meeting of the license commissioners of the- Slocan district will be
held at New Denver on June 15.
Pat Aiken, a Phoenix blacksmith,
attempted to commit suicide last week
by cutting his throat with a razor.
Bets were offered this weak that inside a month boats will be running on
Main street up to the drugstore corner.
For the week ending May 21st, the
C.P.R. traffic receipts amounted to
8867,000, as against .*738,fX)0 for last
Fishermen are complaining of the
very considerable quantity of sawdust
floating in the lake, as it is killing off
the fish.
R. J. McPhee. Fred Carlisle and
Acting Mayor Smith ws-nl out Saturday to Spokane, to meet President
Outside of Sandon only nine hotels
are applying for licenses in the Slocan
camp.   It is a wonderful change from
the old day.-'.
The committee in charge of Satin
day's   sports   extend   their  heartiest
thanks to the band  for their services
on that occasion.
John A. Craig.who formerly worked
at the Enterprise, writes from Port
Angeles, Wash., that he contemplates
moving north to Dawson.
Fred Sammons came down from the
head of the lake Friday with a gains-
foot, having been injured in the log
drive down Bonanza creek.
Frank's citizens were again ordered
out last week by the government, owing to fear of another big slide. Turtle
mountain keeps breaking up,
The Crow's Nest Coal Co. have 69
cases entered against thorn in connection with the Fernie disaster last May.
The suits approximate .?r>.r)0,000.
Mrs. A. York left yesterday morning
for Calgary and Edmonton, her husband meeting ber at lhe latter place.
She will be away a fortnight or so.
Inspector Wilson spout several days
here last week conducting outrance
examinations at tho local school.
Bight pupils wrote at tha examinations.
A. David. wifs> and son parsed up
to Sandon on Saturday, to remain l>ut
a ihorl timo, as Mr. David will close
out his business and remove from the
The coal miners of the Crow's Ns-st
have withdrawn from the W.F. of M.
and joined tho Dnited Mine Workers
of America, of which John Mitchell is
the head.
The Nelson News wants a correspondent here and has written the
board of trade on the subject. Anyone
desiring the position may inquire at
this office.
The Minns' Union dance at New
Denver, on Thursday evening, was a
pleasant affair. Slocan furnished the
orchestra, the management, aud one-
half the dancers,
Rev. D. W. Scott, of Victoria, who
has beet) stationed at Slocan for the
ensuing conference year, will preach
his initiatory sermon in the MethodisJ
church on thn lirst Sunday iu .funs'.
Rev. Seymour will preach his retiring
sermon next .Sundav evening,
Harry Lowes is lying seriously ill
of typhoid fever at Carleton Place,
No session of the city council was
held this week, the aldermen taking a
Th-* Italian government has taken
up the claims of the heirs of the 17
Italians who lost their lives in the
Fernie disaster of a year ago. A. W.
Gianelli, of Toronto, will act for the
For sale, cheap.- A fully paid-up
course of instruction in electrical engineering in the International Correspondence school. Full set of books
and complete drawing outfit. Only
two lessons takon.   Apply, this office.
Rev. Seymour returned on Saturday
evening from attending the Methodist
conference at Victoria. Rev. Scott, of
Victoria, will be his successor here.
Mr. Seymour will spend the summer
in Sloean, going to the New Westminster college in the fall.
John McLaren, the wealthy lumberman of Eastern Ontario, died at Kamloops last week, as the result of an accident, having been thrown heavily on
the horn of his saddle while inspecting
some timber limits on the North
Thompson. He was a brother-in-law
of Dr. and Mrs. Korin.
Appended is n complete list ol the various records registered ut the local registry office, II. P. Christie being raining
May Id—Black Hussar, Queen of ths
II illl-, Golsien licit.
19—Neepawa, Woodbine, Woodtlck,
20—Early Riser, Woodtick for four
21—Coronation, Memphis, Combine-
tion for two years.
22—Standard No 5, Mornin-* S-'tar Nofi
ami Peerless fraction each (or two years.
May 10—Michigan, Quebec, Golden
Star, Ladv, ninl blocan Star, F Provost
toll K Joranil.
18—Twin Sis-tnr Nol, Twin Sister No
2, ('olden belt, and Black Hussar, }., in
each, same to R A Bradshaw.
22—Morning Star No ii, M Isaacson to
W B boie.
Price Stability
" Slater Shoo " prices ard brandet
on the "Slater Shoo" by tho '■ Slate
Shoo " .makers who know the wear
worthiness of thc hidden parts.
Common shoes are priced by tho
deftler who charges what he can get
—high prices when yon need shoes
—cut prices when you don't.
See that you get the real "Slater
Branded " Tho Slater Shoo "—in
a slato frame. Valuo the same—
prices the samo all tho timo.
Made In Canada 40 Years.
For Men. £'..00 and $5.50.
For Women, $3.50 and $5.CO.
For Qoys, $2.50 to $3.50.
Sold in 15 "Slater" Stores and 200 Agencies.
A "Slater" Polish Shine Lasts a Week.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The LcadinR ParlOl'ss
Auction Sale.
VTOTICK is boreby (rfvon that unrlor the prolyl visions of tha "Cattle Lien Ant." I will sHI
liy public iiiss-tii.ia, am "dondajr, the Bill .Iny nf
June, ni in o'clock a.m., nt my premises nl
Twelve Mile, one bay lior«», nnmosl Hilly, loft
wi'.'i ui.' liy ii - o**nor,default having beon made
in paymont for the food, care. attenilan<M) and
accommodation furnished said Iiorso tor up-
wanl-s nr three months,
Datod at Twelve Mile, Mny 16,1008,
Wanted at once: 3 shingle packers, 2 saw Jointers
and 3 men to run Dunbar
shingle machines. Highest
wages paid.
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
Slocan, B.C.
Gurtlficale of lironeits.
Cuiiirrosiisiis Miufliisi Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi*
sion of Weat Kootenay Pfstrict,
Whore located:—On ihe first north
'fork of l/cmon creek.
TAKK   NOTICE that I, M. L. Grim*
GrWll I-*•'**■'. *OC JOlUlSOIla.  iiia-'tt, acting Bifljeut lor The Ost/pneiionlan
" ] Gold it Silver MiningCu.,limited liahilily
I F.M.C. No. B6022O, late-id, ei-vtv davs
MINING    ENGINEERS j frnm  tin* shite hereof, to npply  to  thi
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Ins*
provement!, for tha purpo eof obtaiuing
a Crown gr rant ol tin* above i-laiin.
And furlliiir take notice that action,
under icctlon N7. tnust i.o commenced
before lhe issuanfio of lueh certificate of
Dated this 7th dav of October, l&O*?.
20.S-03. ' M. 1.. i.KIMMKTT
B. C
I M tho matter ot an spoliation tor a duplicate
I of a Certificate aaf Title In Lots Uumd 10,
Dlaicls 27, Slocan City (Map 186) (inter alla.1
S'otlos Is hereby given Mint ii i* my lotention
t.. i-une, ai tlio ospirnttsmof saii" month train
lias* tir-t publication lassrssssf, :i iluplic sle of thc
Certificate of Title tn the nbove-imsutionosl l.nt-
l.'i sunt la'.. Block '•■!. Sim-ail i iiy I Map r.iii ' intA-r
alia', in t'.n' nemo 'st* Holssnn ln'-llri say. which
Cs-riills-.-iia* ia ilatnsl tin- 20tliduyo( tprfl, MM,
and uurnbored 72s)K,
It. P. M .. l.K l'l. Hi-Irs". Rswlstrnr
Land Bogbtr; Oillce, Nelson, B.C., April STtls,
I era,
Steel Ranges
Buiuggler ll liters*,! cuius.
Situate in Slncaii City Mining Division
of Wen Kootenay District. When*
IrKinted:—On thn slope of Ten Mils*-,
.ilisnii Ihrea miles from the Clack
Prince M.C.
TAKK. NiiTH'K  thnt 1, \V. I)   Mae.
Kay, actiiij* as agent for J. ,1. Godlrtj
free miner's certificate No. UtM
Intend, sixty days from the date blrro)!
to applv to thc Mining Recorder Ion
ceitilicate of improvements, fur Um put-
posefif olitnining a Crown gimiiol tbi
ahove claim.
And further tako notice that action,
uniler section 37, must be comhuirtK
before tho iemianee of such i'i-rtificttsic!
Dated this 4th ilnv of April, 1903.
10-4-03. W, Ii. MacKAI
Slist.BB 1. >'•. 0 Mlsif.ru! Olalla,
•eituato iii the Slocan City Mining Dirti
lion of the West Kootenay llialricl.
Where located :—On a iiiiitli forkol
Lomon creek.
Take notice that!. Winslow F-Worduj
acting ss auent for Chas. W. MiMilln,
free miner's certsficnto No.r.i'7ll7.ir.tcn',
Hisity days from tlieilnte hereof, toipplt
tn Mie .Mining Rcrotder fora certinaili
sf improvements, for lhe ptirixise of ob*
tattling a crown grant fur ihs tbou
Ami further take notice tlmt anion,
[under section 37,must he s(.mmencsrsl
, lii-luro tin* iasmiuce  of inch irrtiiii-alsol
j improvementa.
P.ited this :i0th slav of April. 1903
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. and7.30 p.m.
Siihlmtli School nt 2.80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.:'.0 p.m.
Strangers ami young men
ac* cordially invited.   .   .
Slocan License District.
NOTICE la lieroby given i I.hi the undermentioned persons have made applical Ion, un*
der tlie provisions of tin. LsiQnor Licence Act,
1900, faai hotel licenses at ilu* places net opposite
tln'ir rospeotlvs netnefi
(ss'iirs.'s* Aylwin,  EnterprisO  lliilsd.  Aylwin.
Jobn   .Ma'Kiiiniaii,   Basin   lintel.    \ rl sn t--t ■ iii
s. Aa Mi'.Misniis, Lambert'a  Rottl, Blocan
Jnnctl hi.
A iiBBMitiiiK i if ihp Board of Lloenao Commissioners for tlie .sl.ii'an Lloenao Diatricl will lis. hclal
tn consider rooh  applications at tin* Conrt
House, at thf town aif New Donvera a-n Monday,
tins IStll slav ssf June. l'.K)ll, at tlis* lissiir nf cluviin
ti's'lns-li in tho forenoon.
Chief Liceuie Enspeotor
Provincial  Polios OfQoo, New Denver, B.C.,
May J7th. 1003,
. O'^E^II.
Dealer  in \ CICsAKS, TOBACCOS,
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor i
X mmmssm——, K
& Fresh Fruits of Every |
I Kind  Arriving   Daily. |
a o
Why in) without n r.-inirc when
you cun <;c*t one80 cheap? The\
are prefeiTnblc toatovcannd ::iv*
liettii' satlafactlon. 'rhrsf rongTO
barn wood or co-il and will be
set up dec.
K A dvertise your b
H. J.
We main' a apecialtv of Home Mado Bread.  It Ims
re|iuliiti(iu of laH-iii^ the bos) i'i the whole country.
Our Ice Cream Parlor is
now open and will be lit pt
runninK all the Summer,
1  '   l."S( s 'S ,af  llliaiil  tot ta I .
inii i\ .siiiii hsssI Qnallty
B - SI i I .a ll I s-B'al .
|        Slocau, B. C.
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Or-iss Seed
Seeds in bulk
.luul arrived from l>. M. Ptfry'a,
tin- gr'-itt Si'fil Hottie*, Kor i**hi
Onion Sets hnve arrived.      Leave
your trder early,
Certificate of Improvements.
iiiiisii riiiiBT I'lairiii.sisii Dftnernl Clulm,
Situate in the slocan Citv mining divi*
Hion of West Kootenny district, where
isoeated:—On the lummitof Bprimer
nnd i.iiiiiiin oreeki,,
TAKE NOTICE thai 1. II.R.Jorand
nctine ns nypnt for John I'.lliot. (rco
miner's certificate No, RBI 103; Itoberl
Alcminsler Bradihaw.F.M.C, No.B6978tl'
Leo Hi-iron, F.M.C. No. B698 18* Arrhi-
linhl York, F. HI. ('. No. 1550933; all,i
Franh Bherrv, F, M, ('. No. B60888, in*
lisinl, fiiity ilit.vi from the 'lulu hereof, tn
apply to the Mining Recorder (or * certiflcate of Improvement!, for the purpose
of olitnining a rrown ginni un the above
Ami further tii]<« notice that action
under section .;?, moat lie commonood
ln'foi'ij the issuance of such certificate of
Dated til IS 9th day of Mny   1003
16*603. ti. R. J0RANDJ
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends In disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
At All Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
g THE DRILL,  $2 per year


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