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The Slocan Drill 1903-09-18

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SLOCAN,   B.   C,   SEPTEMBER   18,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
The Best Canned Goods
are the best value, no matter what the
price is.      We have the famous Simcoe
brariB of
and our price
ferlor goods ,
We have others if you should want them.
canned Fruits and Vegetables,
rice is as low as you pay roin..f fbm- y
W. T. Shatford & Co,
■UBra n
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past its  door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
A.r li ragton   Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tiii popular hotel is convenient to the boats ami trnhlB.   The ilinirur room
lutriitlv upto-siate while the bar ia suppliid witb Uie best, in Uie market
Travail ing mon
Wltlioni S:illll
using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day:
Rooms, $2; board $81 er*wt*cl
Q. W« Philpott & Co.
streot, we are prepare 1 to
aanillc all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm  Produca, and Dairy
l'l-Aili't-..ial nn'si i'ii to receive shipments from any of the
s in Slocan Valloy.     A full sto •'. will be kept on hand.
premises on  Main
uf Garden Truck,
al*. bv wasjon.
•is will Is* supplied daily witb iresn*
i;s REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
till Oil
Former cast imcrs
cordially invite.1 to return
•nd rt* i
The Royal Hotel,
Tor. Arthur Blrsrcl -.ad IK-1.ill*)- Avsmssr, Slocnn.
: il ir tURlrly renovated *1Ar; '  '°~
■  * i with the beat Proprietor.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require irom us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. Wc handle the
'•*-'•*. the market affords.   Prices are ritfht.
Springer Ccaek  Bridge to lisi Bapalrecl—
Nothing   llano Alis.ut  Ilia.  ITsipItlll-
Msini Wrangling *,i,out Apparatus taw
tlss* Los-isl Fire Bsi,**;»slo.
jar, i (je—
Acting Mnyor Smith, Aid Teeter,
Arnot and McNeish constituted the
■ i'lorum present at last Monday night's
meeting ofthe city council,
Chief of Police Pinchbeck made his
foport, showing tbat In* had made one
arrest during August, the prisoner be
ing sent to Nelson for trial. Oidcred
Bills presented: McCallum & Co.,
">; PostoiSce box
supplioa, S2.95j  Postoffic
$1.05; payroll for August, $96.66; R. I
Bentley, medical services lo firemen
Ager and Bull, $12.60.   Payroll ordered paid und othor bills referred to
finance committee,
Mayor Smith said something would
have to lx* done with tho Sloi .niild-
iag, which must be removed from th?
millsite by October 17. Tlie mill
company bad not stated whether tliey
would buy it or not.
The aldermen thought that if th**
building were removed to this sido of
Springer creek, it could Iw used for a
citv hall, fire hall, eic.
Ili*: worship said something must
be done with it at once, either to arrange with tiie company to leave the
building where it was or to advertise
it for sale.
Aid. Teeter and McNeish moved
that tiie muvor, Aid. Arnot and ICc-
Keish be a committee to dispose of
tho building.   Carried.
Aid. Arnot, on thu hospital scheme,
reported he had seen Secretary
O'Neail. A quorum of the board \\j.r
o ttof town, but Mr. O'Neail did nol
think the council was in shape to .do
anything. No move had therefor*
bi-3:i inads towards helping out thi
h   • :• il.
Ald.McNeish stattdthe Bremen had
Seattle.   This would draw a crowd | posit .".'200 of good and lawful mosey
irom each of the martyrs. No speech
making will be allowed,but tho public
will be permitted to gaze ou the chosen.
from British Columbia. The chain
plonship football game between tht*
University of Washington and the
Pullman Agricultural College will also
be held. An automobile race iu another attraction under consideration.
The affair this year promises to have
niors* interesting features than ovor
Kmsiilt nf ths* Party -_'ssnvs*istioss ut  New
Uenvcron Tuomluy.
The second convention of the Liberal party of the Sloean riding wns held
in Now Denver on Tuesday, and resulted ia uo candidate being chosen
for the forthcoming election. Delegates were present from tlie various
towns, .]. (I. McCallum and D. S.
rent, .McVannel representing this place,and
the situation was thoroughly gene into,
The unanimous nomination of the
convention waa tendered Wm. Them
it for personal reasons,
were made to indues' him to reconsider
his decision, but witbout avail. Tho
light in the Sloean riding now lie*
solely brtwBjs'n William Hunter, the
Conservative candidate, and William
Davidson, th<* nominee of the Independent Labor party. The Liberal
vote will go almost solid to Hunter,
practically ensuring his election by a
safe majority.
Tha' delegates stated that no action
had been taken by the convention to
endorse cither the Lalxir or the Con
servative candidate, leaving the party
followers to vote as they pleased. At
th.' same time, bowever, a resolution
was adopted passing strict uses upon
Labor Part?   Officially riiirs* Thoir Mnn
In thn Flelsl.
The Indedendent Lalxir party have
the honor of being the first to havo
their candidate officially in the contest
for supremacy in the sSlocan riding
on Oct. 8. On Tuesday J. Ii. Martin
arrived down from Sandon and hunted
up Returning Officer Henderson. He
delivered to him the nomination paper
of William Davidson, miner, Anthony
Shilland being his proposer and J. R.
.Martin seconder.
Accompany ing the nominal ion was
a letter of aeceptanea from tbe candidate himself. That formality disposed
of, Mr. Martin, who is tho authorized
agent of Mr. Davidson, handed over
Of NewDeiVOT.but he declined : to the returning officer thc   sum of
Strong efforts) *™>j aU  ]*nn%  ]mShi   nPW K|0,,n
' goods, of the Bank  of  Montreal $10
variety. The doughty William Hunter's nomination paper will be iu the
hands of lhe government official in
due titae.and then the race will bs on.
tho Labor platform, as being too So-
cialistic in character.   Tl
............. ...............^ ...... _snil,| (.(•-,..•;,. ()t men, wno mi -it*.
written a letter to the couucal and he ..,.., .0(_i.,. r% place the eaudidate an
was s in,.:, ed il Had noUwaa . ad.   I  tho'interesti of th ■ ridhig it a preea
it IB
point out that the preamble of the In*
dopendents' platform,compelling (heir
candidate to place hi-; signed, undated
'esigB'ition i.i Uie hands of his nominators, is altogether to i drastic and is
to be strongly condemned, Xhey assert thnt the candidate, under those
conditions, It***** a*>t represent eithsv
!)!■< party or th • people, but merely n
sn. ill coterio of men, who might, il
ioua position.  The candidate", il eleel -
ed, must sl.. as thoy say, otherwise,
O SUss,elillK
At Saturday'
5 practice
shoot of the
Rifle Club the
W. S. fliohnson.
D. S. McVanne
li. MeFarlane.
O. Nichol	
H. McMillan..
W, McGregor.
A. Barber	
W.ll. Davidson
Dr. Keith	
P. Dick	
,1. Law	
C. liarber	
iked t'l It certain repairs be mad • n
theft bucket catcher. Asil was nor*
the brigade could incur no indebted-
ne-js without the consent of the coiiu-  t he'haads ofthe lieutenaut-' •
eil.   T!i.* brigade desireo t) have all; *....*. a ..,,...0 u j. (.-,,inHM'. is _t f,-ani
repairs made at oaco, without waitmii  ...a,, lo ti,, interests of the people.
Ihey would place h
ia resignation iu
for the council to art. He wonl<
like to know what the brigade waa I
do. At the same time there were bills
that the Quant***, committee had u«.t
yet brought in.
The clerk stated ho had nsooived n •
letter From tho brigad >.
Aid. Teeier moved that the Brebn
gade Iki authorized to make g Ire
pairs to apparatus at all times, with
ont referring th" same to council.
Mom talk followed.'the old wrangle
springing up of the brigade incurring
'xpense withonl th * cons*iut of th--
csnncil, Aid. McNeish added fuel to
Uin lire by statin-- thai the brigads
had ord»r«d two new ladders, at a cosl
if $25.
Aid. Arnot secondsd the m ition,
whieh waacarried.
More desultory discussion follovs ■!
upon the ladder question, Aid. Mc-
Ne'.sh winding up the argumenl thai
they must have the ladders or there
would be no brigade
Aid. Teeier moved thai the Bre,
water and light committee examine
the ladders ordered by the brt-j id '
and accept the same for th© city il
ih •>* prove satisfactory. Seconded by
Aid. McNeish and carried.
Aid. McNeish, for tho lire brigade,
fair a large grappling hook for tearing
down buildings.   Qranted.
The board of works was ordered to
ropair the Delaney av« bridge over
Springer creok, replankiag a portion
ot the surface.
•Council ttdiournsd,
Judging from the
hercfore, it can be
strictures passed
readily ssen that
the Libornl sympathies nre rrith Wm.
0»»'t Vsslr* l'ills Tlm*.
Applications are coming in in the
collector from outside tources from
; voters who de ire to  transfer their re*
istrations in order to vote at theap-
j proaching elections In the Slocan. But
; in  tliis  they  will  be disappointed.
While a person may ask for n transfer
from ouu riding to another, be cannot
I ) placed on ths- voters'list until so
a ,la*i's'il by tho court of revision, the
next sitting of which will bt held In
Msy. 1904.   No tram ferred vsite can
bo cast .'it the elections on October 8.
Again, there are men i'i the tiding
1 who iir* yet  ignorant of the facl thjt
347   .'322   206       876
PlmtlM ssf Nsssiiinutlsill.
Foil >wing are the places of nomina-
! tion in the various ridings in this part
of t'.iu country:
Qroenwood Court house, Greenwood.
Qrand Forks Government office,
t -ransl Forks.
Bovelstoke   Government office,Rev-
Slocan   Government office, .Slocan.
Ymir   Schoolhonse, Trail.
N. 1 -oa Citv   Court house,
Rossland City   Court house.
Kaslo   Government office, Kaslo.
Columbia   Government office, Golden .
Cranbrook Schoolhouse, Cranbrook.
Fernie   Government office, Fernie.
POllla|   Dill    H   HaatilllSV.
Sa'cti.ii S of au act to further amend
th- Provincial Blectioni Act. 1902,
r.'snlii: "Polling day in aay riding
■ present
on  whi
lint was revised on Aug.
b o ■■ isiou no objections
nail to ■* public holiday, and every
registered elector of the riding who is
within the riding oa tbat da j and who
is a -""orkman or employee for hire i
sliall be allowed by bisemployi r to l>s* j
free fr.ua bis employment on that dav
for at l"'.i l four eonseciitivu boUTS be
tw*j":i tbe opening unt closing of the
poll, and every employer who offends
without reason-
be liabl" to a
...    , , . ■ -       _ . -   nuclei   t ne
having to do with mill building.    Ihi-; ............ v    fionvlctlona     Act"    and
were entered,   Soma people xsi very
i oculiar Idfltas Into their craniuraa.
iirauiiy orepoi itinixsa. again-t thia provision.
A healthy crop of rumors haa been I Sle iustitlcation, ahal
much iu evidence bere thia weok. allle*?"1"? "f "."• MOl*tl,!*nJone
,! oa.ked  to  have oneof th.ir pike, Ar'ing'.on wastopjoeeed at once with
,oles repah-ed.   Thev would wish.too,' j1"- •rantooo of its reduction works,the
dollars, to
local lumber company
amending Acli
would at once
Imlld their big sawmill, nnd a Nelson
outfit Would put   up  P. mill to handle, ,
the timbor from the   Evans  ct«ek|l*--d wae chronicled, and  now comes
word of the death of his mother
Tin, Sarins K.aiff.:.
A month ajfo the death of Tom Ily-
A !<..;ui.ii- Snap.
The Dbii.i. has perfected ;tn arrangi
11ment with the Toronto Mail and En:
plre, whereby tho w-e'riy edition (
limits. As farn» can !>.• Iearned,there
is u -thing to warrant any hope for thi'
immediate fulfilment of these projects.
Tho annual meeting of the Arlington
will bw held hern early next month.
when something may drop, while the
local mill people favor the completion
of their outfit before spring. Tho
11 Evans creek scheme is yet in the air.
Broadview, Assa.
has Is'ft an aged
and lour daugh
Greatest Attractions and the Biggest
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
U'.'.ii Street Carnival  Kvcry   Nighl. Vaudeville  Spccinlti''** and
High Class Circus Features
Special Low Rates on Railroads
Concession Privileges for sale,      Write for Premium U-i
II. (i. STiriMEL, Sec. and Han*
^■z ssna iissssjum ■;?i*'s5ra*.»!^^
that paper r.nd Tin: Ditii.i. will be sami! j
to anv address on tho coutinenl from
now iiil •'»". 1. liH.r., on the receipt of j
JO,    All  Sllbsoribors   will   receive in i
addition, as a premium, a handsome
picture, entitled "TheVictoria Cross, i
'some repro-.
(*»)>( ui-asail at His* lait m |irlac.
Provincial Officer rslac». of Navi
Denver, accompanied by D. Sullivan.
il Mclsuigan, arrived hern on Friday,
looking for two Austrians, who were
A dill
.•   li'it   w :, n -ui ai, ni      |n tin
.laniA-. Bylaad, at
The dec -a-' I lady
husband, three sous
(era, those in thla country being: H.
Hylaad, Silvorton; Mrs. M.J. Jones,
Sri-am: ami Mrs. J. 1). O'Ns il. of thi*
place, The latter and her children
were visiting her mother nt the time
of ihw death.
rhls artojatravure is a hansas ■ a ,  .        .
a   ii      •    , ii  „;,.,. i,na wanted for   obtaining gtwns
ihi..mu   i;i   ten   colors, show in;! into c   ii
',     ,.    . ,     .     >    i„ .,.,,.' ,i i,, -false pretensesfrom Su   van.
Canadiau troopers closely prossea i>> i       . .    f      .
,s> ti    i r '..,„ I,.,   i„. .n   ".'ent  ararch   war,  made   for  th
the Boers.   Che horse of one nas oeen a      .        ... .    ,    ,
,,,     ,,, i      ,, „„. ;. „,,   here, but without avail,   In the even
hit and tbe man whose mount Is im . ,   ,       .      .       .
i  i   i,       ,i    i.i     ,.,,.,.,i,:„„ .„  ing a clue was pickeal nil that Um s'lil
•mod, halts and risks overytntng w    ?.    ,   ,       '    .    ..'    ,, .
puts had  gone to the Enterprise
where thoy were arrested n«\t day
They were tal.cn up the lake to stand
their trial.
Ml, a I   SB|intfli!lflll>>.
llowing are Uia- quotations for bar
• on the various .lays during tha
'a-i issue:
i^a-t his comrade mounted behind him
to carry blm oul of danger. The picture Is from the bush of W.B. Wollen,
a man famed for Ids war pictures,
Si-tad in your uames early.
Spuria ist ths. Spails :s sss* lair.
Au ilTori Is bolug mado to add some
line sports to the programme of the
we**!; since 1
Thursday .
Monday .,.
'I'm'-day ...
Wi diis-dii.v
U'l S'W'lts
B7     *'
562    "
m  -
B71    "
fs7J    "
afli.,.la Mssisn Kllli-sl.
Hugh Mann, formerly well known
in the Sloean country and a brothar of
Nsaiiilsiiititiiia I'.aiii oil ii w . .
.       ..   , .     Dan Mann, the big railway contractor,
At tw,-ve oi'loi'.'  tomorrow t\n iu ,..,   ,       .,    ,., ,■ „ v,,,.si„„.,,
,,,    , waa killed on the ( anaaian Nortueru,
torestiag ceremony will take plane at ...,a|. |,',,,vo.!|. Mau.. last Friday, while
tho government offlcs,whea Returning insowtlntf the work of a Irachlaying
S| okane Fair this
', tn 18.   Manager Stlmmel is com '•■>■
cring n lacrosse game lietween Nelson
i.-uid  the  team  at cither Everett or
year from October Officer Hondereon i>i!l read bis wril
for the elections on Oct. Brd, and will
call for nomination of candidates.   \t
'the same time he will receive on de
1) TIM*   'i,
if which
TV.!-.    !•'   «
hi' w.is the inventor.
■iis old.
Subscribe lor I'm* 1'iiui..
Last A'sias-'a Shipment! Wero 6S3.1 Tons—
A (li'iiitiiy Uvldanoe of thai l.ito anal
Weulth ssf tlio Csiii.p- lints r|iiiAsii tiflb
IU.. Blast Shipper.
Bad roads havo militated strongly
against shipments from the Enterprise
of late, but this week they managed
to get out a carload. It went to tho
Trail smelter. It looks now as if tho
exports for the year from the division
would not amount to more than 120.)
tons.   .So far they total 874 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to I'i'Xi'.l
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20 5i).r>
Arlington  40
Ottawa  Y>(S
iihii-k Prince.  17
Bondholder  V
Dayton  4
Republia  70
Meteor  "53
Hurailton  4
vVeitmont  -
Highland Light  2
2a) 87-1
The force at the Rambler has been
increased. ,
Last week thc Rambler shipped 132
tons of ore,
Sandon miua* last weelt shipped 42
toss of ore.
Silverton mines are sending out a
pile oT oro.
Werkmen are badly deeded in tho
Boundary camps.
Last weok the Rossland mines sent
out S'JTO tons of ore.
A big force will lx* employed at tlio
Enterprise this winter.
Boundary ore shipments last weok
amounted to 07S2 tons.
The owners ars prosecuting development on the Neepawa.
W. W. Warner is agsiu ground
sluicing on the Wonderful.
The force on the Black Prince was
increased to three man this week.
Robt. Curtis was killed at the Ymir
mine last Thursday by a fall of rock.
Additional supplies wer) sent up to
the Riverside this week, and development resumed.
A raise hits b*»ea commenced on the
Black Prince. Ore is being takeu both
from it and the drift.
New outbuildings are lieing erected
atthe Bank of Engl) n 1 and everything made snug for winter.
The ore body on the Mercury, near
Sandon, has greatly improved of late,
making it one of the beat things in
the? camp.
Con Murphy  pot  back his quarter
interest  in  tlie   Black Prince group .
from A. York and turned it over to
W. T. Shatford.
Ths recent strike mnde on the
American Hoy ha* widened out to 22
Inchea of clean ore. assaying Sl per
os'ut lend and lfiO oz silver.
Regular shipments of ore from tlie
IVioiia pass through here for Trail.
The mini" lias close to four feM of ore
showing in the lower tunnel.
Howard Thompson and ti. McLeod
havo struck 11 inches of high galena
on ths. Mountain Con. English ex-
ps-rts had condemned the mine.
Oscar White, one of th.'owners of
the Lady [franklin group. Lemon
oreek, has gone east on business. .-\n
interesting item may shortly appear;
The owners of th.' Myrtle group
have laid out plans for a big winter's
work. Thev have installed a whim,
which will greatly facilitate hoisting.
and are now hauling in a plentiful
supply of timber.
Vancouver shingle men are out on
Silver is again sliowing a renewal
of atreugth.
Thw Le Roi No. 2 has started up iU
Elmore oil process plant.
a spread rail caused a bad wreck of
an ore train near Greenwood on Wed*
Thr C.P.R. blacksmiths aad helpers
ou the Pacific division are striking for
mnv pay.
Big Bill Grftlllher haa arrived bach
from Ottawa, to boost for the various
Cuit candidati's in Kootenny.
The Liberals aiv putting forth herculean efforts to defeat BobQreeuljl
Kaslo, but they won't succeet}.
a***u'I'in*. *a*fl*W* irrvf— ' .
A Love Match
ti "Tl» Gmmakcr of Hoaoewvw The For-
im 4 Ccm-i," The Sha-iow of the
Hugo meilitata'ai for a little time,
and finally, with a frank smile, and
with a look and tone in which frankness waa fairly iiystalized,  he said:
"My dear Mr. Waybrook, I can tell
you the wholo story in a very few
words, and you will thsm be enabled
to understand the matter just as it
presents itself to me. As I have told
you before, Mr. Halford and mysolf
went to Brooks isle at Madame Rachel's call. Halford held a long consultation with her before I was summoned to her chamber. Of the subject-matter of that consultation I
cannot speak, though 1 fancy it. had
chiefly to do with a revlewal of
stocks and bank accounts. There cun
be no doubt that the subject of the
will wns spoken of at that time, as
subsequent remarks In my hearing
plainly indicated; but I can swear
that no steps, even, toward making
a will were taken. After I was summoned, the tirst work accomplished
was the destruction of the two wills;
and then, referring to something
which seemed to have been said before I had been admitted, a new Will
was spoken of, and madame desired
that witnesses should be at hand, so
that they might be summoned without delay, should they be needed; and
thereupon I went out and arranged
for tho calling of the two workmen
from the garden—the only two persons on the premises who were
found to be entirely disinterested.
While 1 was gono from the chamber
upon this quest, madame and the
attorney continued their discussion,
and upon my return, I gathered lhat
the dying womnn was anxious to
make a will, but was deterred therefrom by considerations which she
stated in my hearing. She said that
she had inherited her wealth from
her husband, and she did not know
, but that tlierc were relatives of her
husband then living in New Orleans.
They might be in want. She coulsl
not in justice make a will which
should forever divert the wealth of
their relative from them. At that
time madame felt that she was gaining strength, ami she believed she
should live to hear from New Orleans, if her attorney would write at
once. Mr. Halford, after due consld-
eration, adviscil the course—or, at
least, fell in with it—and the message was despatched forthwith You
know the rest, sir. Madams* I* -bei
was     not    so     strong  as  sii nd
thought. She hnd probably stimulated herself for the work she had in
hand, and thus over-estimated her
stock of strength in reserve,"
"And Mr. Halford wrote to New
Orleans'.'" suggested Waybrook.
"I wrots at his dictation." said
ths clerk.
"Did you write to anv particular
"The message was sent to an attorney who had been mentioned by
madame—a Mr. Zenas Lefflngton."
"And the purport of the letter wns
to inquire—"
"To inquire." finished out the
clerk, "if there were to be found in
that region any descendants of—of—
I must refer to my memorandum, sir.
Ths name has slipped my memory.
Ah! here we have it ."—referring to
his tablets—"of Theresa St. Clair,
Sister of Victor St. Clair, who married Jasper Murdoch. This Victor
St. Clair, sir, wns madnms-'s husband."
"Have you heard from \uw Orleans?"
"A letter came yesterday, sir,
which, by instruction, I opened. I
will show it to you."
Caspar turned to his desk, and
took from a file an open letter,
which he handed to the merchant. It
was dated nt New Orleans, and read
as follows:
"Dear Sir: Yours of tho 20th ult.
was duly received, and I huve np-
plis'd myself diligently to the work of
looking up the heirs in question, and
I think I have found them. Theresa
Murdoch, nee Sl. Clair, had a daughter, Eveline. This daughter married Pierre Oompton, These Oomp-
tons aro dead—Pierre and Eveline—
but they left children, one of whom,
at least, a son, named Alexander,
married, some thirty years ago, here
in New Orleans. So that, oven if I
do not hit upon this Alexander
Compton, I shall probably find
children of the fourth generation.
"The telegram announcing ths
death of Rachel St. Clair reached me
before ths letter . If, 1 lind the heirs,
I will snake dear their titles and
bring them en. • • • very respectfully.
"Te Adam Halford, Esq., Boston."
"I did not telegraph the fact of
Halford's death after I had sent the
announcement of madnme's demise,"
explained Caspar, as the merchant
returned the letter; "but I have since
written at length, and future communications will bs either mads
through ms or directly to ths administrator."
"It would seem than, said Waybrook, "that we are likely to find
lineal heirs."
"Be sure Bfr. Lefflngton will find
tbem if they are alive."
"And," added the merchant, as he
arose from his seut, If no heirs
corns from that direction, the commonwealth must hold the estate?"
".So It would seem, ns mndamo left
no heirs of hor own body."
Mr. Waybrook thnnkesl the clerk for
his kindness nnd took his leave; and
as shortly thereafter as possible Caspar Hisgo closed the office and hust-
*r>e'i awuy lie was bound for his
. r.om' ers. but he did not go by the
.•   a.'.      route.     He Went down  Court
street mt is Urocne, thonce Into Lever
ctt, •theiici.* through Causeway t.
Portland, coming up from the oppos
Ile direction to thnt usually follow
ed. "Ile reached his chambers without
impediment,  und found his father in
"How's tliis, my son? You are nl
home early. Has anything gone
"On the contrary, everything i*-
lining well; anil 1 hnve come to tell
you that you havo horns vour share
of our assumed name long enough.
This very night you must go to
New York, nnd there wait for l.ef-
flngton. IIo hus my Instructions to
tho very letter, nnd be will be then
by day ufter to-morrow wilh all the
papers we shnll ncod. Onco in New
York, you will assume your poopcr
giiiso and name, und when 1 next sec
you we shull meet ns Btrangors."
"But,  Caspar,  is the const  clear?"
"Entirely so. 1 huve this very af
ternoon thrown the Inst hound from
tho stent, and not the leust bat
stands in our wuy. Since Aslolphi
Hugo's death, f think we ore the i"i-
ly living heirs of Theresa st. Clair
Murdcch. Ailolphe's folly served us
a good turn, truly."
"And wo thought him dead before," smiled Caspar.
"Aye," responded the other, "or
wa should not have assumed his family nnme. I think, my son, we might
have made a safer hit in our s lie
tion of a false name; but, it's just
ns well now—just, ns well, since I
have had no occasion to appear on
tho scene."
"It's nil as well ns it can be; so,
now. stir your stumps and bs off.
You will have barely time to prepare and catch the New York
"Gml. my  boy, we'll be rich!"
"As rich as nabobs."
"But we'll ciaiitrive to do something for that I c.iuty at the cot-
"f will, look out for her," said
Caspar, with a catching of his
"But can ymi do It? Will she
turn from her firsl love? Look out,
my  boy,  and don't catch  a Tartar.'
'■'let me alone for that," snid Caspar, with an assuring inid. "As for
her first Ism', the Honorable Nathan
WayhrooT. will cut that Qordian knot
before he Bleeps. I know the lay of
the bind iii that quarter. Miss Christine, penniless and homeless, will bo
a different bit of game from the
grand beauty of the Brookside Cottage, leave her to me. 1 never saw
another girl so beautiful!"
"I wish you success, my boy."
"There's no such word as foil, with
the curds I hold - You shnll have
her for a daughter-in-law within n
month after the estate is settled
And now, be   up and stirring."
Thnt evening, the mun whom wo
hnve known as Alexander Hugo, but
who had never shown himself abroad
under'that name, left Boston by the
Fall River line for New York. lie
was habited in a seaman's garb, and
nfter reaching Fall River took a
And at about   the same timo Hon
Nathan    Waybrook entered  his mansion, nnd having repaired to his lib-
retry, ho rung for a servant, and ordered that his son should be
to  Itiin.
Word came bnck
his        son waa out.
hnd been  seen going  in  the  direction
of the Iii no  sisl..
"Clo find him, and send him to mo
at once. Say it is my command My
business is urgent and imperative!"
And when the messenger was gone
TTr. Waybrook paced to und fro, his
hands clenched, and his jaws locked.
while his eyes flamed with the resolution thut occupied his thoughts.
sent up
Taul Waybrook stood by Chrlstlne'e
sfslo. holding one of her hun'ls. Thoy
were in the park, beneath one of tii*
great elms, and the shadows of the
closing day hud merged into the ull-
pervading shadow of evening There
had boon toai s upon thc maiden s
(ace, but they were now Wipe*-I away,
and she hud a forced calmness whiih
was maintained only by persistent
"I tell you again, Christine!—I tell
you once for all—that no power on
earth shall separate us! if my father
will disinherit mc, let him. In one
short week 1 shall be of age, and
then 1 come into possession of
twenty thousand dollars left me by
my mother's father. That sum cannot be kept from me. With thut, we
cun commence life. 1 shall enter business, und we will be us happy as the
day is long Now don't slash any
more cold water on my prospects."
Before further words could be
spoken, I hoy Were aroused by a loot-
full near at hand, and directly nf-
torward a scrvaut from r.imsidc
stood before them.
"I beg your pardon, sir," the messenger said, res'|ii"'l fully"', "but 1 havo
come from yo r father, sle wishes to
see you Immediately."
"Tell him," returned Paul, with a
quiver,of restraint in his voire, "that
1 will bo with him soon."
"llo said, sir. if you please, that it
was n matter of the utmost Importance, and ho would see you without
(ro bVX fl30HTUI(l*C|-.J
i ii emit i to Perversity.
Hubby (walking the Moor at 2 n. m.)
--I'd Just like to know why this baby
persists In staying awake every night.
Wlfey—Really, I cnn't Imagine. I
never have any troublo in Ueepln" hlin
asleep   in   the   davtlme.
T-2S Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., W.\
ROTAt MILLS, wetsr r*-»w"*r, Floor     «•»•• ""•'
OLBNORA MIl.IA vrmtmr wmvemr, ri.ur      »*»00 "j"*"
OITY MILM. vtoior -Mw-ar.  Cora rrosiaoU     S.OOO B»ls.
WiNKir-eO MILLS MO. 1. eta-Ma, rtoar     ».*J*° ,»hl»*
—\XXtWm MILUB HO. S. sraoara. Or* Fi**>«a-*ts ~  300 BMs.
POUT WILLIAM HILLS (aoaTMr af«alrietla«)   	
3,000 BbU.
Head Office:
The Company own and operate, in addition to the above mills, 100 elevators-* distrikuted throufhoi
anitoba and the Northwest, having a storage capacity of 3,soo.ocx) bushels, which, with terminal elevators 1
'iniiipeg and Montreal, and including a 500,000 bushel elevator under construction at Fort William, give them
em a
C. R. HOSMER, President; Director Can. Pacific Ry. Co.   F. W. THOMPSON, Vice-Pres. and Man, Director.
VlcoPresident Bank ol Montreal. Oen. Mgr. Bank of Montreal. Pres. Merchants Bank of Canada.
Winnipeg and Montreal, and including a 500
total storage capacity of upwards of 5,500,000 bushels
Western   Manager,
Had To Leave School
Every Mother or a Growing Girl Will fca
Ia.Ureats.sl   lu tbe Story a* Tola   a**
the To nog Lady.
Miss Laura Dumontler is the daughter ol rt well-to-do fanner in St.
Culhbert, Qsjeboc. The circumstances
under which she was forced to discontinue her studies and leave school
will he of interest to all mothers of
growing gills, and Miss Dumontler
consents to make them public for the
benefit her experience may be to
others. She savs : "At the age of
twelve I was sent to n convent school
in this parish. At that time I wns
as healthy as any girl of ray age. AI
the end of a couple of years, how-
over, I fely my strength leaving mo,
My appetite grew poor, and I suffered from severe headaches. I nevertheless continued my studies until
October, 1001, when 1 became very
ill ami wna Forced to leave school
The headaches which had bothered
mi' became almost constant. 1 suffered
from pains iii the back and .stomach
•nil the least exertion would leave me
almost breathless. A doctor was
called In and he said I wns Buffering
from anaemia, and was in a very
dangerous condition. Mr treated ms
until February without the least
beneficial result. Then another alnc-
• o;- was called in but no better results followed his treatment. My
parents were now thoroughly alarmed and two other doctors from Si.
Barthcleml wero called in, and nftor
consultation their verdict was th.it
my troublo had reached nn incurable
stage. I was greatly disheartened
and iliil nut expect to live long when
oni' day sun* of my friends asked mo
why I slid mt try Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills. I had lust confidence in all
medicines, but was willing to try
anything that might help mo, und
llij ial.her got. me a supply ol Hie
pills . When I hud used a couple of
boxes it wns ven plain that 'he ,'ills
were dning me good, nnd after 1 had
taken them a couple of months I was
once more enjoying the bh'ssing of
good health. I feel that IV. Williams' I'ink Tills have saved mv life
and I gladly cive my oxporlonco In
the hope thnt it muy be of bene'lt to
some  other young  girls."
No discovery of modern times litiM
proved such a blessing to young girls
and women as Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills. They net directly on the blood
and nerves, invigorate the body, re
gulato the functions and restore
health nnd strength to the exhausted
patient when every effort of the physician proves unavailing These fills
are sold by ull dealers in medicine, or
may lie had by muil post null) at .riO
cents a box, or six boxes for $'#. 50,
by writing to the Dr. Williams' Midi
••ine Co., Brockville, Ont. Remember
that no other medicine ran tnke the
plnce of these pills, und see thnt lhe
full nnme. Dr. Willinms Pink l'ills
for Pale People, is »n the wrapper
nrssiind • vei y box.
A Nice Little Tim*.
An expert mathematician once eet
himself the nlse little tusk of calculating the number of different ways in
which fifty-two cards of h pnek can be
distributed among four players, thirteen tsi each, taking every possible combination nnd permutation.
It wouisl be no use to present the
answer here ln a long row of figures,
for no one cun realize to himself what
sueh a numerical array renlly conveys,
nor would lt be much better to play
with the words billions and trillions,
seeing thnt these nre mere words and
[milling more to most of us, but the
following illustration is more likely to
be appreciated by the ordinary render:
If tin* entire population of the earth
were to deal the cards Incessantly day
mui night for 100.1000,000 years, at the
rate of n deal by each person a minute,
tliey would not have exhausted the one
hundred-thousandth part of the number of essentially different ways in
which the cards enn be so distributed.
Aa   Impromptu   I'.iplaaalloa.
The learned Porson was staylag at
one time with a well known canon ef
Ely named Jeremiah King. One day
st dinner, when they had got Into discussion upon questions ef etymology,
Porson gave a derivation which King
considered to be so farfetched aa te be
quite ridiculous. "Yeu might aa well
sny," snld King, "thst my nam* la cea-
nected with cucumber." Possibly there
was a cucumber on tbe table. "And se
it Is," snld Porson. "How so?" asked
King. "Why, thus: .Jeremiah Klag, by
contraction Jerry King; .T«*__rry King, by
contraction nnd metathesis Gherkin,
snd gherkin, we know, ls a cucnaber
When n mnn meets his wife ln n rail*
rond slniiini he never knows whether
lis kiss li pr before nil the people nr to
pretend lhat he is just a friend of the
A man's strength develops when be
■t hns something to do, not when be ls
idle. --A ti'lnson Globe.
Which Wis*. «lac llullly One I
Shortly before Major 3, !>. Pond, the
"lecture bureau expert." was taken
with whnt proved to be his Inst Illness
lie wns entertaining three friends ln his
office, at the Everett House when one
of theni, in commenting upon the major's book, "The Eccentricities of Genius," nsked:
"Major, you have at one time nnd
snother known nil the celebrities. Tell
mc, what sort of comparison would
you mnke between Tnlmage and Mnrk
"Tbat is rather a dltHcult question to
answer," replied the major, with a
mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "But
If you will promise not to nsk me to
elucidate I'll say this: 'One of them
lied only when he had to, and the other
lied whether he hnd to or not.' "
A   Safegaarsl for Chllslren Cutting   Teeth
la Hot Weather.
j The time when children are cutting
I teeth is ulways an anxious one for
I mothers and when this occurs during
1 the hot weather solicitude often deep-
: ens into alarm. Bo many Ills tbu.1
often result fatally aro liable toon*
I sua' that every mother will be interested In a medical discovery that
I robs Hus period of many dangnrs.
1 Mis    H   Ferguson,   <>t  105 Maustlold
streot,  Montreal, Que., y;v..R 1 .-.
I pcrienco for the benefit ol other
mothers. She snys : " M> baby has
always been Binall nnd delicate and
suffered so much Inst summer with
his teeth Mini I did not think he
-would li*-'' The medicine the doctor
ordered for him did not do him much
goaiit Then he was attacked with
dysentery and a very hut skin and
cough. I si'iit for Hniiy's Own Tablets, and they did him a wonderful]
amount aif goosl, and ho is now (tot
ting An splendidly."
Baby's Own Tablets nre sold bj ..il
dealers in  medic! ie,  nr  will  be sen* I
post paid at  twenty-five cents a  box,
by  the  Ur   Williams    Medicine  Com-
paiA-,.  Brockville, Out.
Apple Trees,
It ls estimated that tliere «ro ebeui
"BXJO.fWO.OOO apple trees In the Onlta*!
States and that the uvir.igc cr a f
amounts te sbout l7rs.ooij.utXi bashcli I
Apples can be grown any where In t.
United States except where lt U ve.;|
cold or very hot.
Breaking In a  >ew   ripe.
"Notice thnt eluip In a brown hat?"
said n man to his companion In a wnlk.
"Trying to brenk In a new pips'; trying
to smoke it the first time, nnsi fills It
to tho muzzle. He'll never In all his life
—or ns loug as he owns that pipe—en-
Joy If-
"Oh, won't he?"
"Never; only one wny to brenk in a
new pipe. Put in a plncb of the weed
at first nnd smoke lt all; another plncb,
only larger than the first; smoke it all
eut; clenn the pipe; gradually you caa
Ull the pipe to tbe muzzle, nnd finally
be able to smoke her all out clean aa
a whistle."
1'nrllaraeatarr "Pepping."
A member of congress had been pay*
Ing attention to a young lady for a
long while and bad tatdin her to attend the house until she was well
posted ln the rulea. On the last day
ef the session as they came out he
bought her a bouquet of flowers aai
said to her, "May I offar vet" my handful of lowerst" She replied promptly,
"I move te amend by omitting all after
the word 'hand.'" He blushlngly accepted thc amendment and they adeei*
ed lt unanimously.
A Pevaonal Matter.
"I think I am giving general setts*
faction." said the young clergyman a
little doubtfully, "although Elder WH*
kins has found a good deal of failt
with my prayers."
"You are sure to have tbnt trouble,"
responded thc retired pastor with a
remlnlsceut slgu. "The older Is a good
man, a most worthy mnn, but he never
enn remember thnt ho ls not the party
addressed in prayer."
Dob's.   n*>   Ifs-ssii!  Is,  I'- r<ip .re.
In a hot summer nature takes matters Into her own  hands.    Humanity
■ perspires In spite of ilseif.   In thin way
an  Incalculnbl.?  amount  of   waste  Is
thrown oul   through   the  skin.   "You
ennnot per**"ilre loo freely so long ns It
ls a natural perspiration, one not caused by disease," s.aiil n surgeon.  "The
freer th** perspiration the less work for
the kidneys."  It follows, then, that In
a cool summer It Is advisable to Induce
perspiration   through   the  medium of
vigorous exercise,   Granted that It Is
vastly more comfortable to louuge in
shady retreats nnd watch some one
1 else chase tenuis Iniii under a broiling
sun or tramp enthusiastically over the
, golf links,  nevertheless  their  reward
j will come utter.   They will enter the
I winter, with Its mure or less nsx.essa.ry
1 confinement, belter phyaically, better
A   Tor|B<*s. > nt   Play.
During Borne torpedi prai lice In which
the Mediterranean Beet has recently
been engaged one unruly torpedo per-
| formed extraordinary antics.
Fired from the lending ship, the uils-
| slle rnn toward the target for nbout 100
yards, then suddenly lurni'd ami enme
back, hitting one of the nhips lu tho
line. Afler this the torpedo earronsfd
about ln all directions, sllvlng. Jumping
clean out of the water nnd pi'rforuiing
all sorts of nntlcs like a huge fish at
Eventually when nil Its air was exhausted the erratic torpedo dived to the
bottom and wns lost.
Aa  Practical aa laaal.
Poor Man- Well, did you buy that
book telling nil about how to economise
In the kitchen?
Wife-Yes, I've got it.
Toor Man That's gold. Whnt does
It sny?
Wifo-It's full of recipes telling how
to utilize cold roast turkey, but we
haven't the turkey.
Slisvery   In   Afs-len.
Ninety per cent of the lnhabltantl of
western and central Africa an* Moham*
lncdnns, and every mail of note In central Africa owns slnvpg, his Station in
life being riled  by  'he number .if
slaves he owns anil the wives ho pos-
Why   lie  Kicked.
"Say, old ehnp, It isn't nice of you to
refuse to lend me that V. One friend
should alwnys be willing to help tho
"True, but I object to Invariably beiug the other."-—New York World.
Her  llsonar.
Widow (to dressmaker)—You must
really wnlt awhile for payment for
the mourning dresses. We are still too
sorrowful to consider financial tnntters
The Ileal Yellow Peril.
With chinn opened to commerce, her
crowded, Insanitary cities none of
them have either sewers or waterworks
- will become 11 menace to the health
ef the world. Smallpox ls always prevalent In Ihem. I'holera Is often epl-
di*m!:■, nmi plague eiui be found In every Inrgp town. These may constitute
tho real "yellow peril."
Tehnri-o and  Cholera.
-Experiments made In the hygienic In-
itltute In the Perllti university have
shown tint cholera bacilli die more
'liiickly on dry tobacco thnn on dry
glass plates, thnt thoy do not multiply,
but quickly die on moist tobacco nnd
\ thnt tobneeo smoke quickly kills them.
Sea   Uorn   Uritiina.
On an average Tuu British subjpc
are born every year at sea.
The   Sky.
John Rusklu, the great art crltlt
wrote In his "Modern Painters," "na
sky Is not blue color merely; it Is bin*
Are nnd cannot be painted."
Cae All  Ysisir Teeth.
It Is a curlsuis fact that the ter*tb thai
are seldom  used decay  more rapidly
than those thut huve daily work to i;.
It Is a fact however, aud, being a tart,
the thing to do ls to tako pains to tat
on lifl-itii sides of the moutb equally,
A  Abort  Clirlatmaa.
Christmas dny nt ToVflea, ln Flnltnd,
Is very bri»f--ln fact, less than three
hours la lent li.
Diltlah   *si<*ri*liniitnsi*n.
The statement tbat the r.r tub utj
would   protect   llritish   commerce  il
lime of war seems absurd when Uto)
with the fnct that there mv 'Vl-) British merchantim n afloat
Charles Macklla.
The oldest actor wh ever apr'area"
on the since was Churlea Macklln,-wb(
represented Bhylock In 1780 al Coven
Garden, London, wl n pnst Im om
bunt-mli •• bin lidny.
Sometimes the hair is noi
properly nourished. It suffers
for food, starves. Then it
falls out, turns prematurely
gray.   Ayer's Hair Vigor is s
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
lonf and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.
" Mjr hair wiia oomliiR out Isrrlhlr, I 7"
almoat afraid 10 i*s.rsil> It,   Bi I ■■"•"',''?,„
Vigor praairaplly atoi,ia<*il Uab. failinx.and alio
rMtoraad the natural rsjinr " „ ,
Mai. K. 0 K VVittlB, Landing. :< J
afi.ee a bottle. '■ <* /*Y'.!!,CJ
Ma«Mi     for ■iu^M
Poor H&ii]
B'  .''v*-'
Jack—Does your mot In 1
kissing ?
Carrie—I    dun I,     klioM
bul   If she dues yon iniRhl t
n md
By socthlnf end subrfufnf
Ihs pam. (net'* the '-'*'
St Jacobs Oil
(Price, a«e. .lind ***' The Drill.
blocan, »»*^;:i
T,„. W**-*****«»   ot llttta.
.,   iiiiriecnth century tho use of
in the ti   ■        Uic^ (UjgtinguiBbed
sCflirl* i
Many different, kind* of cards of
(.hanks have appeared In newspapers,
but Oswego, Kan., cls-tims the prize
with ono from llvo prisoners in the
l.isi.a*ii.' County Jail, who "bei? t,<
thank the county for the good meiUs
kind treatment nnd eombulaoi'v
■■* *®Lwos sanctioned by rope In*
—1  iv     Throughout   medtoval
cent   i • ■
bearing of a hat wu regard*
liul ,,.,,'kor rani* mid distinction.
6dnS'', .reign of CbnrlCfl I. thel-v
IJUV'11K1.„.,I a steeple crown nn.l
f",, brimmed hat, while the cavaliers
broi      , .iw.'i'crown and a broader
»'°ni n'ted with feathers.    In
"rllU' ?,' ,', , of the reign of Henry
f £ became popular, and In the
"'    'Mi„. wars of the roses all men
JS2 .•""•iow deRrot! (wltb th0 ox'
,„,, of 'prentices, who wore caps)
cfpt°ll The cocked bat made its
SaS .n the reign of James IL,
KuSb. converted into a variety
"uu .-   -....a.   Irnn.t'Bi   linslep   RaaV-
It was known under lev*
■os ns the Brigadier, the Rami*
of filial"'
•S^lW'.it and the Frederick.
r'vni (aa the present day the  iiavul
f,ii dress Is Incomplete without the
l-ol im  and on Ibe continent many
SUinari ilvil as well na^miUtary,
SS lo woarjt   Our old nilllll..
line ui|J '
De^nc-i C-inrtot Be Cured
IV lOCsXl a|iplli*tl„i,a, ., th«y cnuuol
leaoli tli* .tiaea»-aj portion o( tlis tar
I litre la only one kixV to curt de.iliiei.ri.
suid ibat is, hy constitutional remedies
OsjafsjsMa ia rhuatil by an InflamiM con
Bltlnn ,,f th*> mucous HniiiR ail tlia Bug.
•saclilan l'ule. When tiiia tulie n<*u in
...Biiicci jou liove a rumbling Bound or Im
pet-feel hearing, nnil wlion it la entire',*,
closed dPiifrsisis iaj tin rMUlt, anil unles*
the Inflammation ui bu takca out an.'
tbis tube roetoresi to Ita nors-aal condi
nun hearing will be destroyed loi svei
ame ru •*• ont of tsin mr. caim.rl liy ci*.
i'irrli srhia.h l-i aotlilng but an inflames'
nndltlon  of tlie  unii'eus  eurfucea.
We will give Hue Hundred Dellatl foi
any 1'us.fl* nf Deatnees 'mused i-i^ oatarrh'
thai ."-.11101 be cared by ilall'a Oaterrl
k'ure    Send  for circular!, frae
Address, y. .i   cukni-'y * Co., Tni-
Jo,   0.
Sold hy druggists, 7Bc.
H'-'I'-s  Family   r* Ii I fi are the boat
To remove Ink spots from paper,
Wash tho spot with u camel's h ih
bruah dipped in o solution aaf ex,ilia
ucidi when Iho Ink Ims disappeared
Wash « ith clean water.
oflScera used to wear
.ne proportions, The
a, .is Hen Franklin wore,
Purls from this country
i (H a rs who fought for
nee under ltochuinbeaii
ll met with great fn-
them of   :
round hat, su.
v.n3 taken
by tbe yoimi!
our ind '
,nd Lafayetti
yor there. 	
Antiquity of Ihe  I'sssnp.
Machines for rnlBing wnter may tie
'i(j (ll bi s old us civilization itself,
Ui their Invi ntlon extendi so far beyoud writti history tbat no ono run
m when Ibe art of lifting nnd distributing wn ' r began, Egypt the land
of unfathotii; hie antiquity, the oldest
dvlllxatlon of the orient, noted not only
for her ■■•■■ ilflcence and power, lent
for knowli li , wisdom nnd engineering skin '• ' rstood nnd made practical use of nl. important hydraulic
jsjrtces ii- Ibe siphon and the syrinR",
Die latter being a remurktible inven-
tion and tl ■ real parent of the modern
pump. WI .' or nol eyringea were
■merfitted v ■• Inlet and outlet valves,
thus mak • •■.: lie Blngle action pump, Is
not known .; bellowa consisting of
a leather bn ie! In a frame nnd work-
ed ly tla- feet, the operator standing
with cn« foe on each hag, expelling
tht inclosed r, the exhaust bag being
tben lifted by n string to retlll It witb
air, Implli n tbo use of a valve epenlng
Ip-vatd, nnd it Is difficult to concs'ive
tfacontii       ■ I'peratlon without one.
it   ...,_; a u    tafHiapon   in   the
Lit ail.'     tea*    ifHattha- I<    .'iseuse   hist
taken vour citadel el lieallh. the atom*
nch. und Is torturing vou with lurtlfft*-
tion. dyepepela and nervoui proetretlos,
Boutb American Nervine Is the weanon
to drive the enemy In-in Us slroiiKhold
"ist lhe point <ii the liavonot." trench
by trench, but suit, und aura. It alwaya
wins —4.
Whim Victor Emmanuel II. died the
:. dI $40(1,000 wns in n short time
subscribed for a monument. Tho gov-
ortim nt ii.lil.il Sl.600,000 The estimate now is thai the total cosl will
reach about gS.OM.OOO. 'I'he monument Is to be tho most beautiful and
costly in modern Italy.
fi&iOaUVi's Liniment for sak eTCTwtart.
It   il     laid   that   those  who  ei■'.
nei cl fewer stimulants than those
do not. There are many persons
sin pl; cannol combine the two
llllllll liilltfl . '   lllaV   ft-ere  llfTa-I .'ll   to   tin* rub-
in-   l a:i aiia. s   Veiietublo    l'ills     became
po I ill     i   cause of the uosid  report lhi*>
mnde  fur  themselvea      Thnt   reputation
hasi  (froisn,   anal   tla*.   now   rank    aninns
•'.. Or '   medl Inea In  use  In att.icks   o!
In  . nd   i.i.iar: neaa,  complalnte of
the livei   ainl  kidna'S's   rheumatism, fevei
. i   neue,   and   the   Innumerable  compilation   !■   which tha'sa- ailments alve rs.-
Dough always comes
• ■ .      i f k n en d
In handy  '.i
In the
hang  :
.-ss   ths*   ("IrsHs*.
,- ages nt the girdle were
nnd and one mlds nnd
1 utilized in every day
-i riven ir hod his ink
torn ai ttnehed to it. the scholar bis I r I Us.  the  monk his
CTMlflx ami i isary, the Innkeeper his
tallies, ai ' everybody Ms knife. So
Dl : .' i '..aits were the articles
at! thai tho flippant began
In an •   : :    y there Is mention of a
Bei i, .1 banging nt his glr-
'■> .. ; A'lm-le ease, a "pu«-
siar.l," ' and Ink born nnd "a
bandk r with  many other  trln-
k'.s i ■ - ,-blch a merry companion
Boeing - vns like a haberdasher's
shop or ll wares." In another early
Piaj :i la , . ys t.i her maid: "r.lve
Oe my girdle and .■•!• thnt ull thc fur-
nitorebeal It, Lmil; that cl/.s-rs. pincers, the penknife, the knife to close
•et,<*rs' bodkin, ths- ear pick
er and tbe scale be In the case."
11'   ah  ,i,u]   :.*,,,..„.
Boo:^ : ■   sup] ,<je(i t,, have been the
]'-irc"' ■ Cnrlans.   Tbiy M-ere
r,° Homer,   .907   n.   0.
Grecian won   . p   anassed twenty-two
k'"0 .,".   which   may   be
''"""'■       tlfo •■ which cover all tbe
foot up ta. the ankle and those which
■ n tho top of 'Oie foot witli
*•'-'" 'Ar straps.    Tbe practice
I i nndal wearing can be
• for some   thousands   of
probably of eastern orlxiu.
: ■ Hon is made of the shoe
1:1 tn from the bonk of .Exodus
';' and there Is mention made
In ta bet as early as the time
Of Abl
1*1        lUti-hlv.—  I V> nalri-'s    W*.*-ot able    li
clear the stomach and  bowels of bilisa
matter,    .ause   tho  BANcrotuiv  ve.-ss*lH
throw  oil Impurities front  the blood in
thi ho . unal a>\in*l the ds-lelerio
■ - - itn the '..i. 1 ■. Thoy do thi"! * i'
'        i or im   ■' cnience in the pat lei
ivl - ■ Itlv aa ilir.ea their arnnl ofBc
■■■      the.v   boffin   tn    take   ■>:..■.
The>   ' * -  a ■  i Brommendatloni fre
nil   kins! nie
: Wn-tffJ's UriMRt ReHeTes Negralgig.
In  linn '••  a i  tvi h  i.i  fever :—Sterll-
iill   Irlnking water by boiling  ii
l'n tuerize u'l mill, tiiid cream   Keep
(lie all   food  supplies,     Thor*
1 '        .'.ash    in  laoilitifa.    water  ull
i f; am'   and  \ ■■■ • '.ill a  Intended  lo   be
j AMI', i!   a.,.        i ijn nfeel   all   'li' chat Rif
j'f every description frajin those sick
with typhoid fever.
Reuoflree all k»rd. aoft er oa.Uo
lu.a.pa and tslanalahaa trom hnrajaa I laoal
apnvln, s-urba. apllste, rlnabeaa. .warm**,
fiaiI.-,.. aif-rnt.io. a-iirea a.aia and awoullea
llisoat. roiicha. etc Save $(VS by tha
ma. ot oi.i. bottle. Warraatasl ihe
wonderful Bleuilab Cura aver knows
Soisl  hy   all  drunglata
s:r I'l.i.'i-    Wingatc, the    Sirdar,
I I.ns     pre* tri'd  u     lioness   and     iv,u
young   KiralTos  tss   Dublin  Zoological
i gai si' ns,
Ail I n : • •' •- ■ tr 11 i.Jorue
Wyndhani will aceept a I aron y, its
It seems certain thai Buch an honor
will bo a.lit'P'd I.im. **!r. Wyndhani
descends from two lines of earls, and
n 'title   WOUld     not,     therefore,   be   is
novelty in his family. The Impression is general that before lonn
("eorgo Wyndhani will t'liss-a' tha> prefix of "Sir" bofore his name
No man la I" he pnalsed (ssr giving
away the things he cannol  uso
N.tii: e'a
i pi
A |
il';   |
lil iis
•ai ssnsi iCharsoter,
I I-',. n;lv been investl-
i of food, particularly
:;"   human character
Uml n diet of carrots nmell*
of character ansl re-
: Irritability; peas create
■' ! llo  turnips   have  n   de*
 e.    Cabbage is good
■   omplalnts, while lettuce
dntlvo upon  the liiiiintii
io tin. opium contained
Jn the tia.piA'iv iai.il."in lorrttory
,,i Sou i. Austral ,s tm\A lore nessl
nol cui i .■ a ' ::: •' ■ Nature has
■ i, ..... i ,, ii . ioiii| m-s for them
, ,. ,,, .;;ii ab i.■■• with tho nests
, i 11 n na ', lc m mci iiliun nnt The
i..; .,.,■    a.is     <i[   these     nests,    or
■jurats,   is .1'.' .i •   in  a  porfect  lin >
with t!v    | o all l • I  'a'1 llude, polnl
lag (I,,,, noi in ni al south.   Scientists
i aunot  ' ■,■■  in     '   . '■■llllju' ot-lento*
„.    . :""   ol   Msi-.k tll.ll,
1 ho surprised if our child
t   ■ ronl Btittesiiiau, with ex-
' "      for  illiliiists.iing,"
I*,.,        L   ' 'll'l even talk yet." snld
urn u
Mr. John Hill, a retired bookseller
ol Dorby   who recently celebrated his
! hunnred'th birthday, died on the llth
of    August.   Ile claimed to be   the
'oldest  Oddfellow  In  tho world, 'mv-
j Ing boon  Initiated In the Loyal Ed-
|w)n  Lodge al    Alfroton   Dorbyshiro,
in L828
lie hnsnM anything to
;' 'I* ni the lime iiiid nt-
":i  '"'  can   monopolize."
tfll .
.. ,. ' '    • •aa-S-l.-S.SSslsBB.
with fntlier." s'l.l tho
"i I  Hinl   li"   h ia  U3   i.i 'il
uf in mey."
' ''
a "", to imply thai be Is
m.','" '::" ,,:' Pnts his money
ni a,,. '' :-:'p" ir to hnve nny
but i, lhe things be might
'   A- ..    I  1-1,1   |..
v. ,'forei io between n
' nnil n i,inn's pokor
i i borne to din*
' '      ■• ia, bronkfnst.".
Pew Hies tet year
No Flies this year
If —m*s uc-si
"^s^sBa-e^ff-WH EA4'
flSMIP   toartrletls commission flrm-TRT
muf i
gurgle.   It
suit makes an excellent
lias heen Known to sure
"•vi cold in the head when mor.ilv
used as a i:nr;,i.\ this of foursu
cause lhe connection lsctwoen
Ihroiit. und uoso
is no closo
Dying ot Bright's Disease, Dodd's
Kidney Pills Cured Him*
Bacent Beatha »I Proiaiinent Hen trom
Bae Moat Driniict „, nil Maludlea lt«-
eSalUtkS Fact that Oodsl'a Klslssey I'illa
liava Csiuqaercd U.
Ottawa, Ont., Sept, 7,-(Special)—
Tse recstit numerous deaths of prom-
laent men from Bright's disease, recalls the case of Geo. H. Kent, of
408 Gilmour at., this city.
Mr. Kent, who ls still iving hers,
strsng and hearty, was dying of
Bright's disease. He had Lost ihs
use of his limbs and his wholo body
was swollen to a terrible size. Three
doctsre were positive that ho must
While walchinaa, at his bedside, his
wile happened to read an advertlass-
m-«t that said Dodd's Kidney PUls
would cure Bright's Disease. They
were sent for as a last resort. From
almatt the tlrst dose Mr. Kent says
t» felt benefited by them. After taking four boxes he was able to sit up.
Seventeen boxes cured him co-MplsS-Ve-
Mr. Kent's cs\se caused great excitement at the time. People who
had heard of lt came from far and
near to s.se him, and all went away
convinced that Dodd's Kidney Pills
wiU cure Bright's Disease.
This conviction is atrengthened by
a number of other cases reported
throughout the country where this
great Kidney remedy haa been used,
and  Bright's  Disease vanquished.
Ocmpllwi   troaa Tp*.»   floiasiiarA....
During thu past week the speculative markets have exhibited considerable nervousness, but seem mon
settled now. Threshing in the northern and northwestern spring wheat
country has been delayed for ovor a
week by wet and stormy weather,ani
tlu! expected freo movement oi new
wheat haa not yet begim. Farmors
in the winter wheat country continue
to market their wheat only
moderate scale. While th
tlve markets have
The roughness produced on this fin-
Kairs by sewing can bo removed hy
rubbing the places with pumice stone
or by hotting the finger lightly
against »i small grindstone, afterwards  rubbing  tho spots  with    cold
Among the muny presents rocertred
by the Czar last Koster tho offering
of a Siberian convict attracted spec
ial attention, and the Caar Is said
to have dorived extraoidinary pleasure from it It coniieted of a t—otl
nut, the hollow of which contains*! a
cheaBhoard with all tho mast arliatie-
al.y «ai 'ixl in boric. The toisviat ]
worked on it for  many months.
The higheNt tow-*, in tiie \mmrim.
760 feet high, will be erected aM*k%
("ontral Station in aVew fork *Af.
Tli.' tweniieth century will have the
gra-B-atest number of leap years possible for a century—namely '2~>. The
year 1904 will bo the lirst o.ie. then
ovory fourth yeur ufter that up to
ansl Including tho year 2WUU. February will three tines have live Sun-
dnw- in   1020,  1048,  and  lPTfs.
MiOflird's Liniment Cures Bins, etc
In the case iaf weakly, delicate ehil-
ren, they very often derive great
b ncflt from being generally and r<.,z-
ularly rubbed all over after the
morning bath with the flat of
hand, special care being given
tha- spiao.
Faulty Kidneys.-!l-ite rot backache ? Uo you feel droway ? Do Tour
Hn i » tea! heavy ? Have vou freauent
heiflslaclirsV Have you falling vlalon 7
Have vou dlny feellna? Are vou de-
rire*s*savl 7 ls your akin drv ? Have vou a
tlrajaal fceliim > Any of theae slena prove
kidney dltease Efxperleace h«» proved
that Saaiuh American Kislnev Cure never
fatls -r.
on s
seen .some shar|
.nlsanies ;Uid declines in the weok,
tlictv 16 Very littlo s'liange in quotations from a week ago, except in
Minneapolis September, which is lc
higher. European markets are generally linn, except Paris, which ims
declined heavily during tho weok, owing to the latest estimates of the
French crop showing great Improvement in expectations. Owing to winter wheat killing in north of France
a largo acreage sif full wheat was
plowed up .ind gown to spring
wheat, As a rule spring wheat does
not dai well in France, but it seems
this year la the exception for it, and
11 Is turning out a bumper crop.
ill's will diminish ihe prospective
import of wheat into France, and it
is reported that Argentine cargoes,
bought for France, aro offered for
resale ta> other markets, in a general way, however, it is bellovi'd
that Europe will require to import
quite us much wheat during the current crop year as last, year, and th.it
she will have to come to America for
about the usual supply. Therefor.',
as American stocks nre small, this
year's crop not extremely largo, milters' requirements extensive and im
mediate, if farmers will hold back
their wheat from market the prii'-'i,
w1'' Po advanced. Harvesting In
Muiiiti.liii and Canadian Northwest is
becoming protracted. Where the crop
was ready early, rains have delay nl
stacking and threshing, unsl in ike
west heavy rains havo delayed rlpoil-
ing. so that cutting in many districts has little more than begun.
Where rains have fallen on wheat in
stook there is some damage from
sprouting. There is now a greal
need oi a spoil of dry, quiet weather
In orilor that the work of harvest inu
may be completed, and to allow
threshing to gs> ahead. There is lii-
tle to report as to the situation 'n
other countries. The prospect toi
the new crop In the Argentine co;i-
tinues favorable, and the prospect is
good in Australia.
Manitoba wheat hns b?en dull nnd
i|Uiet, tho delay In thu movement i«I
new wheat, with the uncertainty as
to proba'olo quality all combining to
hinder trading, Prices have advanced la- over a week ngo. No. 1 hard
88c, delivory first hall Septombor;
,85|c delivery all September; <s."h-. ds-
[livery first halt October, and 84">c,
delivery all October, in store Fori
William und Port Arthur, 1 northern
ljc under 1 bind, and 2 northern
3sjc  under  1   not them.
long-winded    preacher
for shorter lunirs.
KlltS   OUT.—Applied   to   the   Bent   ot    a
ain in nnv pari of the body the ekin
absorbs     tlie    siai.thinir    liniment    undei
■ •••sk (rirtisui uml tlie patient obtain-
ailiiiopt   instssnt   ra-llef     The results of  the
use nf Dr   Thomas'  Eclectric Oil    ha*/e
surprises! iniinv who were UDSCauatnted
w it ti iti' aUalltTee. and oncn known it
will   nait   tse   rei»'cts*d     Trv   it
The colonial oosflsesslons In the
world number 141, nnd all of them
aire tropical or subtropical In location except Canada Their popuiu-
tl ms turgregate 4S5.ooo.ono
C. 0.  RICHARDS .* Co.
llenr Sirs.—For some years I haw
had only partial use of my arm.
caused by « sudden strain I have
used every remedy without efli'ct. until 1 got a sample bottle of VIN-
(•eived from it caused me to continue
Alius LINIMENT. The benefit I recolved from it caused me to continue
its use, and now 1 am happy to say
mv   nnil   is  completely   restored
Olatnls,   Oni     R W    HARRI80X
The hole s.f the hippopotamus    in
some pails is fully two Inches thick
Wash greasy dishes, pots or pans
with l.ov.'i's liry Soap, a powder, ll
will remove the grease with the greatest ease.
The following are the 'Ainnipog
loobiii,)*. prices :—
Dais—Ai Fort William Mo 1 whits.-
•mis are worth .''lie. No. 2 white.
Barley—Market nominal.
1'laxss.vsl—Market  nominal.
Hay—Haled, $lJ<ii*)*lU inr lot.
Potatoes—li)(iiyi;jc per bushel.
Poultry—Live spring chickens, 4U
to GOc per pair; fowls, 75<4/80c p«j
l_air; ducks, tln<(|sSi»c. geese, luc per
pound, live weight; turkeys, lie pet
Butter—Creamery, lTtt^lTsJc per lb;
dairy,   U<j*)iyc.
Cheeoo—10<Qil0ic  per  pouml.
i_*aggs—lfic per dozen.
Droned Meats—Beef, city dri-bSswi,
7c, mutton, 9c; veal, di@9c; lambs.
L3|c; hogs, 8c.
Hides—No. I, «ic per pound; calfskins, 7c. shearling sheepskins, ii'tj
l.'ic eash. lambskins, HHfjaOc; horie-
i,Ides,   fl 2,rna»2.
Wool—7ic per pound.
Tallow—No. 1, 4c per pound; No. 3
3c per pound.
Seneca Root—60c pel* pound -for
dean,  dry root.
Cattle— Ranch cattle, at point of
shipment, 8ic; butchers' caitle. '-"Itu.
3sjc.  off cars here.
Sheep—4c per pound.
Lambs—"ic per pound.
Hogs—fie for bstst  weights.
Oures Eozema, Salt Rheum and Tetter, leaving tlia Skin tntaata.
Soft and Natural.  Dr. ChaM't •Intment.
PHI flSaiMOt-It  stan'a to  reeesm
»r. Aaeew'e Little Ltvar PlUa
araaaS eut et the tnarkat manv ef tke
■aueeene old-tlmara A batter ma-dlcine
Ot leee tlian half th* prlca la all Ik* at**
saaant needed to Isects the demand "hat
It hae been—plicnosiiciiul—10 dose* 10
canta. Thev cura Sick llouilach*. BlllOtte-
aeaa. and allav all  stoiuash lrrltatl*>«s.S
Villus of soup bubbles have bft'n
moasurcd of a thinness ol « tour-
niilllonth pnrt of nn inch.
Men  are    known
thev don't keep.
bv the   company
Thc  (.live  la  na  nisi  na   lllaiort.
It inii.i i in* readily supposed thnt thr
plovo was on ni'iisii' of modern luxury
ui I (>n ibe contrary, tiu'se hand wverlng*
ilsie bnck almost ns fnr ns history It
si ;r. ilomer moutlous Ihoui in his writ
l:\-i. nud Xensiplion also, staling tlmt
lln< gri'ol Cyras ouee forgot his glovats**
ou an Important occasion, from the
rarllcat times the manufacture of
I lovrs in a iici'it un Important trade In
I'nitire, nmi in 700 Charlemagne grant
nl an unlimited right to the abbot ond
monks sir siihin to mnke gloves from
11,!• skins of ih'sT they killed. Tht' word
glove lining of Anglo*f*lason origin, ll is
ronj tiiiid by sb'!,.,> thai tbe Hitxons
Introduced ilu* trade or glove making
into lingland.
The satisfaction of having the
washing done early In the day,
and well dont, belongs to every
user of Sunlight -Soap. mb
i.i'iHssrs* nt Mentis
Tuke at h'i'.s! ono inciil a day leisure
ly; take nil throe leisurely if you con;
tnk'.* one menl a dny leisurely nt nny
cost.    The other two lilenls s'i:t lightly
l.'t  tlie hearty  meal l>e tbe leisure
tnrnl.    Tbe belt time for this for most
man is after tha day's work is over.
Iisi nut hurry In getting to the tnbh\
Take time lu getting ready for it. linv-
Ing come to the meal in nn unhurried
stnte of tuiuti, you win enjoy it batter
becuusu 't will tiislu and digest better.
As a means of allaying Inflammation, relieving tbe dreadful itching
said healing und curing itching skin
disease*B, ulcers and eruptions, we
halieve that we can prove that Dr.
Chase's Ointment is tbe most potent
preparation that it is possible to obtain.
So many extreme cases have been
eurod, so much intense and continued
agony has been relieved, and such
a host of people have volunteered
their evidence In this regard that ws
challenge anyone to produce liko endorsement for such diseases.
Dr. Chase's Ointment certainly
stands alone, unapproarhed and unrivalled us a healer of the skin and
positive cure for itching skin diseases. From pimples to eczema,
from chilblains to ulcers, each and
overy form ot itching skin dioase
has been cured by this great ointment.
Mr. Q. H. McConnell, engineer In
Kleury's Foundry, Aurora, Ont.,
states : "I believe that Dr. Chaso's
Ointment   is worth    Us    weiRht    in
gold. Fer about thirty yoai-o I mm
troubled with eczema, and coald mm\
obtain any curo. I was so isaterW-
nate as to have blood poleoa, at—
this devoloped Into sKsrema, —a sassst
dreadful of ekia diseases.
" I was go bad that I would fe*
up at night and scratch aayself «-*wl
tho flesh was raw and fiasUng. "Ths
torture I endured is almost beyond
description, and now I cannot mat
anything too good for Dr. ChsMO's
Ointment. It has cured mo and I
recommend tt because I knew tbevo
ls notion.., so good for Itching sUa."
Dr. Chaee's Ointment lo known la
almost evtry community. Ask year
neighbors about it. Thwe Is tltv-
ably a it.ark.ed curo at yeur daer
which you ean investigate. Tho
made by this preparation will
investigation; AO cents a hex, at ej*
dealers, or Edmansoa. Bates 4 -Of-.
Toronto. To protect yeu af-aia*S
Imitations, the portrait and eta**-
turo of Dr. A. W. Chaoe. the faa»e»>
receipt book author, aro oa
box of his remedies.
H. H. Fudgsr, President.   J. Wood, Manaoul.
■ usiniei mm iis-a—mm—^----.--—^m-mmmm-—mmmm—»o~m^mmm—am-ma*m~m-—m-m--—~-m--—^-m--mwmamt
Our Fall and Winter Catalogue.
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will be pleased io send you in return a copy of our luuidaomBtly
illustrated Fall >ind Winter Catalogue, just issued and now ready
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Mail Order Sf>ecial for the Boy*.
Hack Worsted Stocklnge, with six-fold tasked kaoa
.ipliced sole, toe aad heel, tho kind that -aiil stead ray
amount of hard usage, etooklage that yea eomlda't hf ia
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6Xto». Regular stfe. Quality. Dsiil October 1st, IMS,
per pair 29c.
toionti, or.
a nre vou bSUILOIN* t
luile-dlttsc fl^asgaear m*.ms*m.
The t»*»«t
It la vtry aaacX atreaser and thlckar Uvan any ether (t*»red er
Ins) papar It ie i»p«r»leua to wind, koepa out staid, hateo* la tma.
rl** ao email er oder. aksaie* ae molstur*. Impmrtm mm tmsAm mt Savor ♦»
t la lormiAm n—a  at** aaalar a*
p,,     a^^«.v>    uv    PPJflflVPP,   wp     ^v-p^.
It U lara-fl-ely need ao*t mmly
aU>i c*i« etorsjD
»lac*a wher*   th*
uDttaraa teaparatar*.  and at U* eoaeo tisto av<aldlasa
aaytkloe with wbiefc lt oom** la oeateot.   It Is ImrtrmYf need not eraly Ita    '
akesKbif* bouaas. but fer llalsia -**1"*  etora,n bolWln>-fa.  i.*itaa*eleae. d*»    '
aad all plaow wker* the oh|*et ts to hag mm overt orad
taa. craanarta*.
Writ* our Agonto, TEE* * KMfleV Wl-Mrd»et, far
t The E. B. CMY 00., Utea*t«»**, BULL.
Tin* /Vinurlcanfl and lOnRlissh. ai-
athough tliny riiiisuine twice as much
sugar ns the Frotich and Qermana,
havi  much hetter teeth. The   Aincri-
iini sisAiitii-t. lio\vevi>r. ranks first   in
Illl    ('aalalitl iCS. 	
aioird's l^ineat Curw tarfnft.
A man   suddenly    quits   dictating
vhi'ii lia- marries his stenogaraphsBr.
Catarrh is not a
Catarrh *-aaki>a a man rldleuleue -It
maVaa bins an oflanelva uulaaac* aad lt
Biakaa hlm dauk-aioui.lv alck. It 1* »rettv
aura to brloc en rsinaumpUon. t.n*«aa**l»,
or at laaat a tbroat aflactlen. Teu ran-
aet aflord *ltb*r, but rou can aiSard the
cur* for It. 11 la Dr. A(a*«'e Catarrhal
Pomlar. It rallevaa a fold er catarrh.or
curee a baadash* In 10 mlnutaa Don't
hawk and aptt anil dlaguat vour Irlamla,
but cur* younelt by th* ua* *t tbis remedy. Bold bv all druaKlate. 8
OR. ACNtw't 0IHTM1M1 RtlltVtS IMttIA IM A MT, Sit
Germans havo lung bean In tin*
fsiienn. \ rank n.s potato eaters
Among a \i'iy lsirge proportion of
the laboring classes potatoes nnd
dark bread are the principal staples
sif daily subsiatance.
Wher*   can   l i*et   assnsi?    uf   Hollowav I
rum  GUI's 1   1 «ns s'liUri'iv cured ii? mv
Corns   l>v   1'iiH renipalv   anal   I   wish   some
nf ttiv frls-nils Ho write* Ur.  J    Ili'sasvn,
Two Or three hivW of hees on a
Kent. Km* . farm i.ave declared wur
on poult ry and several fowls have
been stu/iK to dt*ath.
ami EHWES.
Brick Machinery
Saw Mill Machinery
Wood Woricing Msv:hli»ory
Machinery far all Pu-*tam
AU ai very sheet makes.
Wilto ——
J. I.. NaUaon Ate..
60S Main SU WlaMpog.
Some people only put on their best
manners   wilh   thoir  tx-st cloths**.
Parents buv Mother Graves' Worm ■*•
ternniiistoi because thev know tt le a
H*fu iiieslliine tor thetr children anfl em
eltectuttl BXPeller ot worm*
Mrs. Emily Crawford, Taris correspondent of the IaOtidon N'eas. will
shortly, it is reported, rcllrv from
that place. For over thirty yeaie
has Mrs. Crawford—In eon'unetloa
With hs?r husband, und Iben wUh Kaeaar
S0R_ix^.„ actively employad 1» the'
CucunibC'* anil BieloBI are " *°r}'.\a'^_
trull" to miisv i>er»otia no conniitai*"
thnt tins leant ln.iulsrs I'ra le follows**) mv
atlsscka   of  cholera     dvsenlerv      »rlpln«
ai.'.   These pen-one *■■•• not *•>«
tliev   run      liAd'ili.'s*   the*Ts**fl\«*
heart's  content   If <h**v   hr»e
la.aitli. ol  Pr   .1.   1)    Kellosr?
t,*riiini. a medicine
iltiste  relief,   and   t«
snmtner couotainti
to   ihartr
on   hand   a
thai   "I'1   "lrr Im'f
a   auie   cure   fa's     ".B
A  silver coin remnlns    ln curr
for nn n^eiaK'' **>' ^7 srsrs.
ws-1 JJ."
,  IM. »_•>. S»*d<
;,.     -fjaaf-O.
\*m^'**^ff*m^" I m
*.C. E. Pmithkkinuai.e, Editor and Prop.
SI.OCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a lino each
auliss-qtient insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at Muie rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will lie charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tho Subscription is $2 per year, Strict-
iy in advance; $2.50 a year it not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
the riding, ro that Hunter'-* chances of
..'lection have greatly improved. Of
their Labor antagonists, the Conservatives havo little to say beyond tlie,
fact that they have no apologies to
offer for lining found in tho field
against them. William Hunter i* the
government party noiiiiiioe and, accordingly, receives their oudorsation
and support. The Conservatives believe the best interests of tlio people
will ix served by electing their candidate, aud they will usso every honorable means in their power to place hitn
in the lead. The welfare of the countr** demands a permanent, govoianii'iit
and that can be secured oaly by voting for William Hunter.
El* IT (Jit IA I.   "JHOI'l'INUS.
A stable government means the nd-
vaucement of the country, A vote for
Hunter will help the assured Conservative majority to still further promote
the wellbeiug of the people.
The nearer election day conies, the
more certain it is the Conservatives
will carry the country, Cast your
ballot for Hunter and gat ia with the
swim, so placing iSlocau on tho roll of
A. sS. .Goodeve, the Conservative
nomines in Rosslaud, is slated for the
vacant portfolio ia the provincial cabinet. The appointment would be a
good one in every particular, tu Mr.
Goodeve is a nnn of exceptional ability aad oneof the most fluent speakers
in tlie west.
William Hunter is no class candidate, for he is a man of the peoplo.
He is drawing his support from every
walk of life, nnd with it ho possesses
the confidence and goodwill of all.
He can always bo depended on to
staad by his constituents. Give him
your support and show your appreciation of a good man.
A marked contrast is presented by
the choice of candidates made by the
Conservatives aud Liberals. The former have chosen from thc people and
their nominees represent all walks of
life; the latter havo chosen from th>'
professions, lawyers predominating.
Conservatives mean to legislate for
thi« people, while the Liberals stand
for the classes. Vote for Hunter, the
popular representative of the people.
No party ever went into a fight in a
more demoralized condition than does
the Liberal party in this province,aad
well thoy know it. They have no
leader, their platform is such that the
executive cominittes havo had to Isolator it up wilh half-a-dozen more
props—takeu principally from the
Conservative's - and extreme weakness
is to lie noted in a number of constituencies. Candidates in Slocau.t'rand
Forks and Similkameen have resigned,
and they are auxious to change their
man iu Esquimalt. The party will
have no"*nomiiief>s in the Nanaimo and
flSlocan ridings. Liberal talk, a* dished up by the Nelson News, of sweeping the province is, therefore, totally
unwarranted, and must be taken for
what it is worth. To the contrary,
when the smoke has cleared away, it
will be found that the Conservatives
nie strongly entrenched at Victoria
for the next four years. Electors,
help the cause of goad, solid and permanent igovenlment by casting your
ballot for William Hunter. Permanency brings public, confidence, and
public confidence brings capital juat
what is wanted hero.
Our Libera] friends ia the Slocan
riding decided on Tuesday, at their
second convention in New Denver,
that they would not nominate a candidate for the elections on Oct. 8, leaving the contest to be fought out between ths-Conservatives and the Labor
men. It is to be regretted that their
decision nhould have reached such a
result, as the party aie just us anxious
to sec permanency come to provincial
politics as are tha Conservatives, The
latter would have gladly welcomed -.
Liberal .candidate in tbe field, as they
were anxious to test their strength
with the latter. Since tho opening of
the campaign, things havo gone along
very quietly in this riding, there hav
ing been no attempt .it mud slinging
Ot personalities,. Now thai the Lilie
nils have ({rapped out of the race, the
Conservntivsvs have no taunts or jeers
to throw at them, but rather do th:-y
intend their lincere regrets at theii
rivals' unenviable position. The Con
isrrativea expect and will receive the
major portion of the Liberal vote in
The grounds facing the depot are
lieing fenced in.
Boni. -On Sept. I), the wife of H.G.
Aitchison, of a son.
Bob Allen left last woek on a trip
to the Similkameen.
Nelson's first fair will be held next
Thursday and Friday.
The Conservatives of Delta have
nominated W. H. Laduer.
George Crawford has taken over the
Royal Hotel from Jas. Cross.
Mrs. Tutcher hold a successful
opening of her fall millinery on Tuesday.
W. C. Koch has two lumber camps
running on Ten Mile, besides his saw
A. S. Goodeve has been chosen as
the Conservative candidate iu Kossland.
A road gang came in on Wednesday
to load up tho ties piled on the lake
Mrs. R. I. Bentley and child have
returned from a lengthened visit to
the coast.
,T. A. Maedonald, another lawyer,
has lieen chosen by the Lilierals in
The Conservatives in Lillooet have
chofcasu Arch. McDonald as their standard bearer.
Charley Barber left on Monday to
spend the winter in the vicinity of
.Brantford, Out.
Flour has again been advanced 2.r>
cents by thr* wholesalers, and it will
go still higher.
Kobt. J. Sutherland.of New Denver,
was married at Nelson Monday, to
Miss .Mabel Clevei'ley.
M. Cameron has purchased the old
townsite company oilii-s*, Dolaney ave,
and is pulling it down.
E. Bailey spout Friday here, leaving iiA'xt dav on a business trip to
Montreal and New Vork.
\Y. Hunter, the Conservative candidate, wns pushing his canvass at this
end of the lake last Friday.
Mrs. J. E. Tattersall and child left
on Monday to spuud the winter in
Orillia and Pembroke, Ont.
The Liberals of Nanaimo havs endorsed the candidal ure of Shepherd,
Ralph Smith's Labor nominee.
Major Hickey has taken the Conservative nomination in Alberni, running against W. B. B. Mclnnes.
Mrs. Jas. Smitkaringale, who has
l»*en making a lengthened visit here,
departed Monday for London, Ont.
Heavy snowstorms this weok have
destroyed the standing grain ou the
prairies and interrupted train service.
Hay promises to roach fancy prices
this winter, as the heavy rainfall has
prevented a full crop being gat acred.
J. A. Maedonald, the Liberal nominee in Rossland, states that, if elected,
he will vote against Joseph Martin as
the leader of his party.
Hon. Messrs, Tatlow and Wilson,
■lames Garden and W. J. Bowser will
be four of the Conservative candidates
in Vancouver, while the fifth will la*
probably J. R, Seymour.
Misses Wobli and Cavan beg to an-
iia nice to the ladiaM of Slocan that
they will hold their fall opening of
millin.-r,• on .Saturday, Sept. 19. Latest style Iii pattern hata from McCall's,
Toronto.    Rooms Over Arnot's store.
C. B. Taylor went out on Monday's
boat to join his wife in Boston, Mass,
W. Koch sent a large number of his
freighting horses, Tuesday, to   work
on the railroad grading near Nelson.
For the week eudiag Sept, 7 the 0.
P.R. traffic receipts wero .Wi.OOO.aud
for the same week  last year 5^810,(XX).
Harvest Thanksgiving services will
ho held in St. Paul's church on Sunday, Sept. 20,to which all are cordially
E. Oliver, of the Nelson News, was
hero on Saturday, having made a
special trip to Poplar creek and the
Tho Conservatives of Victoria have
nominated Hon. A. E. McPhillips, H.
D. Helmcken, Charles Hay ward, and
Joseph Hunter.
On Oct. 6 and 7, lhe second annual
competition for the amateur boxing
championship of thc province will be
held at Victoria, under the auspices of
the Victoria Amateur Boxing Club.
Tho events are open to the province
and good prizes  have been provided.
This Snap
THE DRILL has made au
arrangement with the Toronto Mail-Empire, so
that its weakly edition may be
clublied with the former.
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mail-
Empire acknowledged to bo
one of tbe best papers in the
Dominion and Slocan's leading journal, Tin* DRILL, from
now till ,lan. I. 1906, for the
sum of *¥.'!. With this exceptional offer will be given as a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravtire, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a scene in the late Boer
war, flmue in ten colors, and
well worth framing. .Send in
you:' orders al once to
The Drill, Slocan.
Appended is a complete list of the var-
ioiii records registered atthe loenl registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Ssnt 9—Golden, Alpitao creek, E B
11—Black Ribbon, Lemon creek, Isaac
Iron Cup, Ten Milo, C A Kirkwood,
Rept 8—Fountain for two years,Dakota
Minnie Mac. Morning Shower.No Nam*.
11—Juhal, Riverildo (or two years,
Autumn for two yenrs, Alamo ht for two
Sept 9—Black Pi ince group }{, A York
to Con Murphy.
Same, same, Con Murphy to W T
10—(iolsle'n, E B Dunlop to W Koch.
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is hereby ai
iliitfl. I Intend to a
tnlssioner nf Lands license, lai s-iit nnd carry
following described lam
i'ii.'!*,' district:
Commencing at a im*
miles frami Slsicnn lalaa'.
«outli fork aaf Kvans rrs
"iMiix MaSweyn's mart
liieiii's. BOUtb 411 clinins ;
thonce tn.rtli 10 ch-iins:
mi tlm place nf lif*s,'iiinii
Dated the Wtb day saf
ven Unit SO days afler
maly in the Cliief I'oiii-
Wairlss faar n special li-
awiiy timlicr I'j-uai ths*
is, situate in West Kiitit-
at situate 1 about three
aan tho n.artli side s.f the
els, near a post marked
h west curlier juist,"
tlieiu-e we.-l IsV) clinins;
thence cast 100 chains,
in, containing Oslo acres.
illffUSt, I'.lalM.
To WH :
1>lim.lC NOTICE is hereby v'iven to the Electors nf the Electoral District of Slooan,
that in obedience to His Majesty's Writ In mo
directed, and licnriiiK data the fifth slay of September, in the yer of Our Lord one thousand
nine liuiiilreil and three, I ro.ntiro the presence
of lhe saial Electors at tho Government Ollice
Slocnn, on  the nineteenth slay ot September,
at IS o'clock noon,, for the purposo of electing
one person to represent them i" tho Legislature
of this Province.
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall
bo as follows!
The Candidate! shall be nominated in writ-
Ina tha: writing shnll lie subscribed by two rus,'-
iste'raial vulers of tho District ns proposer and
secondsr, and by throe othor registered vsaters
aaf lhe sai 1 District as assenting to the minima-
tion, and shall he aleliverrd lis the lltstiirniiiK
Olllcer ai amy time between the alato pf the Proclamation and one p.m. of tlm day of Domination, and in the event of u piall liein« necessary
such poll will lio open on the third slay ssf Oclai-
bor, al
Wialaw'l Dwelling HoUSS, Winlaw,
Music Hall Building, Slocnn.
Enterprise Hotel, Enterprise Lending,
McKinnon's Ball, Silverton.
Oovernment Ollice, New Denver.
Nnuil's Dwelling Houso, Rosebery.
Foster's Dwelling House, Throe Porks.
McQueen's Drugstore. Sandon.
Sullivan's OHi''c, tfcQlllgan.
Abricl's Ollice, Nakusp.
LoTett's Hotel, Burton.
Kyle's Dwelling House, Deer Pork.
of which every person is hereby reiiuirod to tuke
notice and govern himself accordingly.
Given uii lor my linnd at Shicnn, the eolith
day "f September, one thousand nino
hundred and throe.
liet'irning Oflicer
iepfliL* Si
'THAT this Party lays il slaiwn as a first prin-
S. chile that tliey will nominally endorse or
support only sucb men nsuill placo their signed,
uudaii'l resignation in the hands saf the convention which nominates or endorsee them; that
this rsTsigaatlon be sworn to; thnt this resignation may behendssd In tothe Lleutenant-Gover-
iior-iu-Coiiueil  whenever a majority of the cam-
vention shall consider such action advisable.
Timber Notice.
XTOTICEif hereby stlvflm that SO slays nfter
IN date I int.B*u.l to apply tt* the Chief ( oni-
missi.iiier of Lan.ls & Workn for a special
license, to cul and curry awuy timber from the
followingdoscrlbfl-td kuids.sttimtc hs West hsiot-
""coramenoing at n post ulluated about three
milsis from Slaicnn hike, OD the north Side ssf the
south fork B.f Evans creek, thenoe oast 160
ohains t thenoe south W chains | thenoe west 100
chainst thence north 40 chains, tsi the place of
beginning, containing W0 acres,
Bated fce Nib duy of ^u»y^'Mc8WBYN
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
I > ATI'S: Regular subscribers, $1 per month
V ssrijalOayoiir: niin-siiliscribers (exclusive of
medical utlenihiiicel $"' pur alay. Private Wards
fl per day extra. Special faoililies for maternity cases.
Gwiilim <fc Jolmsou
Por further particulars apply lo.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Lcndiiifj Parlors:
Timber Notice.
NOTICES Is hereby gtvon that 30 davs nil.
dato I intend  to upnly to tbei Cliiof   '
tnissiaiuor of Lands al Works fora •■«; ]"i"'
xq   cense to out and   curry  away  timber from iu
_.   following described lands.sltuato iu w M ; ".
enn;,' district:
. _  _-»   .  -,   ..* «.».  -»..»»   s~. y-»       U       ('omnia.nciiu; ul   a [nasi situate about nnn nil
nsuranee ik^
j thence west 111 chains; llu-noo  norlli'ii ,.I,''     •
thence west III chains; Iheiici* north "il rl
CMIP A PC II IiF NT th''iii-o west til chains;  tl,..„,,. ,„„,.,
rIKL. /\WWl^l3n I-.       thenco west lo chains: tl r ■,!. io!
ih " '"is! 40ohains; thencs south "
Your Vote
are cordially
on behalf of
W. Hunter
I sVdopted nt Rerelstaike. September 18th, HKfi.1
1. That this convention reaffirms tltepolley
aaf the party in matters of provincial roasisanci
trails, tbe ownership and control of railways,
nnd the development of the agricultural re*
s uirce.iif ilie province as laid down in the plat
form adopted In October, USD, which Is ns f..l
"To actively aid in tbe construction aif trails
throughout tie* undeveloped portions of the
province nnd the building of provincial trunk
roads aaf public necessity.
"To adopt the |u Inolplss aaf troverament owner-hip of railways in -... far as lhe circumstances
of tlie provllija Will a licit, and the adopt iian of
be principle that no bonus should begranted
i i any railway company which <l(.t>.t not ,;ivu tin
government ut tbe province control of rates over
lines bonused, together with the option of pur-
"To actively assist by state n i<t In tbe develop.
mtiii. .if the n„-r i<-n 11 .i rn I resources ol the pro
2. That in Ihe meantime nud until lhe railway policy above set fiarth can be Bccompllsliesl
n general railway net bo passed, siring frecilnin
to construct railways nnder certain approrod
regulations,anslagous to the system tnat he.
resulted In such extensive railway construction
In the United States, with  so much advantage
to trade .in'l commerce,
5. That toenriiiir.-uru I lie minim; inalus.try.lhe
taxation of metalliferous mines should be u.
the leisis aaf n perceiile^-e aan tlie net praalits.
(, That the government ownership of tele
phone systems shoulal be brought ntKA'.n es a
lirst sie,i in tho acquisition iaf public utilities,
Ci. That B portion of every Coaleres hereafter
to be disposed of should be reserved from sale
or lease, so l!iat slalo owned niinos may be ens-
ily accessible, if their operation becomes necessary or ailvisnble.
6. Thnt in Ihe pulp Innd lenses provision
should be made for reforesting and thnt steps
shouhl im taken fur the general preservation aaf
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
I. That the legislature and government of the
province should persovore iii the elfort to seeuro
the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
*,. That the matter of better terms In the way
aaf subsidy en I spproprlatloui for the provlnco
should he rigorously presse I upoa the Dominion
9. That the sllver-Jesd Industries of the province be fostered and s*i iraged by the lin pu.
sltlouof lncrossedcustoms duties san lead nnd
lead products Imported Into Canada, ami that
ihe Conservative uinnl.ers of tlm Dominion
Honse bo urged ta support any motion Introduced lor such n purpose,
10. That ns industrial disputes almost invnri
ably result in great loss ami Injury biaih to the
parties directly conoernsd and to tlie public.
legislation should be passed to provide monna
for nn amicable adjust mem of such disputes i.e
tween employers and employees,
II. That il Isodvlsablo Iii foster lhe inniui-
f.icture a,f the raw products of the province
within the province ei far ns practicable by
meniiHiif taxation .an the said raw product
subject to rebate of the .ume in wliohair pari
when manufactured in HntMi I'a.luinblH.
Represeriting tlie stronjjt-st poui-
panits d'.iii'' business in Canadn.
See new accident polict, "itli participation in profits, covenns: sickness and opcratis-ins.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Pabllo
Pioneer Livery
snid Feed Stables,
Slocan,  H. C.
General Packing: and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses lur
hire at reasonable rates.
      . ,,vuv a,    similii    "a     1    | j. ,
thence east 40 ohains i thence south ■ , ,i ■
thonce east 10 ohaliu] thence south  a
thencu east II ohains, tu the place nf la,.,.,,,!,,.!".'
containing (MO acres, ""■
Dated the-Uth day iflf August, 1003
1. That we gradually abolish nil t.ixca, on the
prod in er au 1 the product of tlia' prodlieor.shift-
inu them on land values.
2. (i iveroment ownershtpof railroads,moanr
of communication, nnd Uia' ostabllshmout and
opcr-iiau by tho aQoveroment aaf smoltors ani
refineries to treat till kinds of minerals.
3. Thai the franolilse be extonde 1 to women,
4. The abolition of property quallflcations foi
all pnhlic ollic'..
a. No land or ca-h subsidies. Lands to b.i
held by the actual settlers; and fisrtiicr, that
ten par ecu', aaf all l.in-ls ba> Immediately sot
nsi le la.r educational pu^poi e>; nnd idii- c lura-
tlon of all children up in theega of sixteen
years las bo farce, secular ami compulsory, Toxl
books, nu nis and cluiiiui: !o be supplied out of
the public liinals when necessary,
C.   Cflinipul.sry arbitration of labor disputes,
7. Beatrlctlon of Oriental immigration by a
law on tbe lines of the Nalal tct,and Buchao*
lioii hy the Qoverument as .. ni ensure tlie work*
Ingtoon of His l'r.n i;a o protection against thc
idlects of Oriental competition unal association.
8. Absolute reservation from sale or lease of
n certain part of every known caanl <sr oil area.
so that .stnti'-iawncd mines end wells, If necessary, may bo easily possible in the future. All
coal leasa's or grants hereafter nia'le laa contain
a provision enabling the Government to fix ths
price of coal loaded on ears or vessels for shipment to llritish Columbia consumers.
9. Municipalization and public control ofthe
liquor trnllic.
10. To provide for tin- settloiua-nt of public
questions by itin*ct vote tindor tbe Initiative
ami Referendum,
11. Election day t . be a public boll Iny. Provision i» be made tbat every omployee shall in-
free from sers ia-e at least four OOOSOCUtlve haiiirs
during polliiii.-.au I the cxi>rci-.e of the franchise !
lo be made compulsory.
Furnishings ^*>
Steel Ranges"
for $18.2
Why lso without a ranero whon
you can got one eo cliiiip ? Thej
are piefcrrablc tostovsasandgivg
set ti)i Irt'c.
Gertificate of hpim
l'es-lo Miiieiisl Clalsis.
sitiiiiti? in tlio Blocan City Mining Divi.
■ion of the West Kootenny District,
Wh era located i—Near Iho Arlinjtoti
basin on north sisloof si>'iiiy---r creek
Tuke notice that I, Dan Hsnl
acting as un agent lor I> A. \\,
free miner's certificate No.B7137A,inti
cixty slny.* fuiiii the dale horeol, to apply
to iho Mining Recoider fora certilicate
uf Improvements, fnr the purpose of oh-
talning a crown grant for ths' above
And further tnke notice thst action,
uiiB-'er sesAtion ,**7, mint be commencod
before Uie Issuance of such certificate ol
Paloil this llth slav of Julv, 1903
17-7-O.i HAN 11A.M.0X
ll.fl.aipl.iii, Kthisl ll, siisd Plug I'm ;; l'l A r-
tto'.isil *t:in.-iai Claims.
Situate in tho Slocan City Mining Division of the Wont Kootenay District.
Where lotyiteil!—On Springci tek,
absiiit eight miles from Blocan City,
TAKEKOTICE thai I, Francis J. 0'-
Roillv, of the city nf Kelson, ai agent for
N.F.iicSiiiiglit, Free Miner's t**rtifi ale
Nn. 001387, iiits'ii.l, is'iMtv days Irom ih«
ila!«* hereof, to apply lo the Minin; lie*
cordor for cert ifiuntos saf lniprovemeiit,for
tins pnrposo of obtaining Crown grand
of tho abovo claims.
And further tako notice thnt action,
uniler section ii". must bo commenced
iiffiuc ihoissuanco of such cortiC uteiol
impi ovement.
Dated this llih day of Jnly, 190.1
L,i-7-'.i:', L'RAKCIS J. O'Ul ILLY
I'ai'.-s Mineral Claim.
Situate ill (he Blocan City Minin: Division   ol   West   Kootenay   I
Where located:—At head of north
fork ol Ten Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE thatl.FrankC.Grwn,
acting  as   agent    for   <;*.>>
fre*   miner's certiflcate So, H71984, in*
.[tend, sixty days from tho dato l '•
toanplytolhe Mining Recorder ora cer*
better satisfaction. rliCM ranpw tirtcnteof improvements, for the pu poso
burn wood or c<>al and will be I of obtaining a Crown Grant of the abovo
Ai.tl further take notice that action,
under section .17, musl  l>o commenced
i beforo Uio Issuance of Fmt.li certilicate ol
I improvements.
IMed this 23rd dav i.f June, 1903.
7*8*03 !■'. V. GREEN, Nelson, ll.C
'v^M+tt^wztLv**^^ Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
I   Slocan
I   Bakery^.
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
To J, 1". Armstrong, administrator of lbs
ciints of Martin aiurchison, deceased,
or to any person or persons to v bom
he may Iih *e tranBferieil ibe '■•■■' ■ ■'•
of Unriin Mti'i*hison, nniontili:,: 'u '■.
in each of tho Nansen, Fram nn I n r*
dan iiiiiiiirul claims, Fitttateil mi Ibe
head of l.eiiion creek, Slocan Cil* a"n"
inu division.
Ymi nro hereby notified that 1 ba«
per ami urn
I !:resh Fruits of f:very 8
$ .r. . ,    A     .   . is.   m '-' exponded the sum nf thrco hundrc
i killd   Arriving    Daily. | soven dollars and lift
>% (? iniiuiivi'tiii'tits upon
Onr It-* Cream Parlor i*
nowopea aad will Im kept
running all tho Summer.
t 1 l.a*av«-ti «r Braasl Tmr ssi.
l   aiil   W.-ia 1,1    i,ni|  I'llallly
li ii it run i fust.
i .lini
s cents i" lalw      :
provements upon tho above i"1 »,|°!';
V oil minoral claims, In ordor t" '"   ! *■■ ■ ■
X mineral claims under tho provisions ol
Mineral Act, and if within *•
me of this notice you fail "r
a BO
Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
SU »<_',>. N
z refuse to contribute your proportion
&\ such expenditure, loaothor with all "
• of advertising, your interost Inthesaio
_ claims will become the property of tin*
subscriber, under section fsinrni nn net
entiileil "An Actio nmoiial tho Mineral
Act, IOOO."
l'.itt.!l this Slli slav of June. I''";1-,...,-■
12-0-03 M. 15. V01 V'
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh S. Nelson, or to nny p«r»*»«
or persons to whom ho mny l*ave trans'
ferred his interost In lhe Wcyiin'o'i'
mineral claim, situated on Teu mu«
creek ami rirortlcl In the Recotciw"
offla'c for tho blocan City mining um
You are hereby notlfietl ts***! '_•', ■.'
Smitheringale, F.M.O. No. B59907, '»»•
caused to he expended thostiin oionj
hundred and two dollars and fl '>' *••""
in labor and Improvements on lllt'"   .„
mentlcned mineral claim, i" '."   '   >
hobl said claim under the i""''1;1'"1;'"
the Minoral Act; nnsi if within DO isji
from the date of this notice you l«"i "
refute, to contribute your l""!""1""1"
sueh expendlture.tojfethor with an cot-*
of advertising,  vour luteroBl   I" 8.
claim will bocome the propoily oi i
subscriber, tinder section i ol an •
ontllled "An Aft to amend the *1"""
Act, IOOO." , ,   ,,,,„[
Dated al Slooan, B.C., Ihls IStli ••«)
August, A.D. 1903. .,.,,,v,'u h
14*7*03 0, B. BJIITHEWNOAlftt


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