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The Slocan Drill 1904-02-29

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 9 1903
YOL. IV., »•-
KLOUAN,   11.   C,   FEBRUARY   26,   1004.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Do not fail to call on us when in want of
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes. We are
agents for the celebrated --riaple Leaf
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
flen's i and 2 buckle Men's laced high, and low
Men's Hanitobas Men's Overs
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and
Overs in all sizes.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
to reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
^riington    KEotel,
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thli prpular hotel 1§ cenvenir-nt to the boats ami trains.   Thc dining rOOTO
& itrit.lv up-to-date while the bar ia -suppli-d willi the best in the market
O A TE?C .   Travelling: men, using Sample Rooms, $2..r>0 per *l-"v •
l\r\ I CZxj .    wltlieut8a»ploRooms,$2; board $8 por week; mealsaoa
\h   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .     .    ^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
M ---   *M
.** * ■ - ■*  ■ '■'■    ■ -a. _ ""TIT
can lie made by wearing
one of 4ho    	
Stylish Suits
made from the beat itu -
ported Worsteds, Serges,
or Twaedsaticottsi cement
of which  has just been
received for winter trade.
jan 1 03-
Olttieaa Petition t<> Bave the Work Dptae
hut. iii,- Aliermen ilo not Paver It nn.l
the Mntter li l.uiil Over—lio ye rum out
Cuiii.cti Some bnok Tazei.
City Clerk Pinchbeck officiated for
iho lirst time at the council meeting
on Monday night. The othera seated
around the boafd were, Mayor McNeish, Aid. Smith, Henderson nnd
Correspondence read: From Ti. I).
Curtis, stating that he hud found the*
hooks of ex*Clerk Bentley in proper
shape.   Piled.
From Government Agent Chipman,
Kaslo, stating that the sum of Sj.8.20
bad been collected in buck taxes in
Slocan sine- his last report.   Filed.
From L. Sohhosyn, in California,
inquiring about taxes on property
owned by him. Referred to the collector.
Receipt from the B. C. Gazette for
money paid was filed.
A petition was then presented from
20 odd citizens, asking to have the
sidewalks on Main stn.-et and De'aney
ave cleaned off and the snowplow run
around Fletcherayeand Slocan street.
Aid. Teeter remarked that those oe-
cupving places on Main street were
usually willing to clear off their portions of the walk.**, and those owning
vacant lots facing on the walks ought
to do th.- same.
His worship agreed in this. To
shovel tli" snow off the various walks
would cost considerable money, and
it would not be long now till the sun
took it off. He walked the streets »s
much as anyone and he found them
in good shit]:)*.'. La.-t year's experience
with cleaning off tlie sidewalks waa a
bad one uj) he did no', want a repetition of that sort of work d;y.v\
Aid. Smith balio!. 1 il vroull be uo
o.'-s'.i'v t.» chop all the walks off before
they would be clean. .
AM. Teeter queried o i to what ira
thi.' custom in cities
ina oil llieir wsIks.
The mnyor replied that" various
cities had bylaws governing the same
Vacant lol o.yu-ts bad to clean o!T the
ivalksor they were charged up with
The mayor said that totlean off thi
walks on two streets would cost much
money, nnd ho didn't think they h;.d
authority to make vooaut lot ownen
pay. It* was an expensive job aad
would cost as much as the ere.'';,
saw no necessity for I!
rides it would be gettin
other two weeks.
Aid. Henderson thought thi streri
were pretty well opened up.   To chop
th*   sidewalks   off   would cost  fully
The mayor suggested lavin;; the
matter over till u- ... week.
Aid. Teeter hoped thai liefore another winter came around that |
sion   would   bo   mad.    ensuring the
walks being cleared off.
Aid. Smith elated that in eastern
towns it waa customary t'» run a plow
over the walks every morning after a
storm, but bere he did not ihink they
could afford it.
Aid. Teeter moved that the petition
be laid over. Second -d by Aid.Smith
and carried.
Bylaw No. 21. for raising a temporary loan of $2000, waa taken up aed
given its third reading. Accepted as
read and next meeting it will be re*
considered and finally adopted.
Aid. Teeter asked whether addition-,,
al bonds were required for thecollec*
tor. or whether the treasurer's bonds
would suffice.
The mayor stated he had requested
Mr. Anderson to hav the necessary
bond drawn up.   The question of the
amount had not lieen s tiled.
Aid. Henderson made a motion that
the bond .if the collector and treasurer
bo set at 11000, with two sureties.
Seconded by Aid. Teeter and carried.
lt was explained that there was i o
necessity for the clerk to give bonds,
as be would not I** handling funds at
any time.
Council adjourned,
for peoplo clein*
worn.   Be-
•soft in .••II-
■VtulloCk. (.olden; D. McLachlan,New
Denver; A. Irwin,Kamloops; A.Logan,
liieenwood; Sergt, .1. Cavcn, Clover
Point; li. MeFarlane, Slocan; B. A.
Lawson, Revelstoke.
Local Mine!  Will Get u  Kmull Share of
tlio Hnn<-y.
On Friday G.O.Buchannn,of Kaslo,
the commissioner appointed by the
Dominion government to administer
the lead boUnty, visited the camp for
the purpose of getting in order the
cl iims of local shippers. As the Slocan City division is practically a dry
ore territory, the claims are fuw and
small. The properties entitled to the
bounty are tne Nansen, Hampton, l
.- I, Rustler, Black I'rince and Enterprise. The lirst four have claims so
small that they are not worth considering. That' of the Black Prince
amounts to a little over £11 on the two
ears  shipped  in   December... with an
additional amount for the January
output. The Enterprise- has a tidy
little sum coming since July 1 last.
All claims must lx. made monthly and
are payable on the basis of 60 per cent
of the bounty, which is 7*5 cents per
hundred pounds.
Up to the end of January there had
been 596,000 of bounty money earned
by the British Columbia mine-. There
are ss properties on the list, but about
40 of these have insignificant claims.
The remainder will average over $1500
each, so that the money will be widely
distributed. The largest claimant is
the Highland, of Ainsworth, which
will get -SlS.OtM) for its share. Ne\t in
order comes th" North Star. Rambler*
Cariboo, Payne, Slocan Star, aad the
Mr. Buchanan has had no claims
advanced from the other provinces,
though there i-> a possibility of some
coming. There ar.- lead di posits back
of Kingston anil oa the Ottawa river:
also \a Gasps, Que. If these prop "
ties hav.. had theii; ore-, treatea in
Canada they will get their bonus
Otherwise th >y are piv.-lud. ti from the
general benest* .Mr. Bud auan looks
For a steadily i.i -rearing output of ore
in British Columbia.
KliHsIl Capital CoStltrlg,
There will -'c :i '.•''.-"■' ftQip"un't ot
British capital forthcoming in the
near future, for investment in the Slo-
cui for varied reduction work.', F.
Feruau, of Newcastle-on-Typo, is in
;!ib country, And ho announces that
hfe associate capitalists, who are in-
I -re ;t • •! in the A*j.ix and Monitor pro-
pei'ties, purpose erecting three separate plants in the country. One oi
those is a rinc enrichment works,whfch
ar.* to bo erected at some point on
Sloean lake; a zinc concentrator for
the Monitor at Three Forks; aud a
lead smelter, t lie latter to be erected
it a poini offaiing the beat inducements. Tlu*. enrichment works are
designed to handle vine concentrates
running about -10 per cent, and swell
tlu-m to 50 per cent or better. The
initial plant is to be of "J,"> tons capacity and will tv gradually increased.
Rosebery will likelv get Hn- enrichment work.-*, Thr*e Forks the en •■ a
trator, aud Kaslo will make a strong
bid fur the smelter.
Ten Mile.   Work commenced on the
property last week and will be continued steadily. Thoy are nfter the
ore exposed iu the upper workings ami
should mako good money.
NuUoii Ipterraetllatei Defeated in n Kmi
mui Clean Game.
Tuesday evening the fastest and
cleanest game of hockey yet seen in
Slocan took place at the skating link,
'oetwwm Nelson and Slocan teams.
Th- former were Intermediates, while
the latter were a combination of seniors and juniors. Both teams were
very evenly lnatched.though the heme
boys were a little heavier, which enabled theni to win out, by a score of 0
goals to 7. The Nelson boys were
quite confident of victory, but they
met with a surprise. Thev had lots of
c.iin to bet, but fortunately for them
s -Ives found no takers. Th" smallness
of the rink interfered with the visitors'
combination and placed them at a disadvantage, while the ice at the last
became somewhat soft and heavy.
Almost every person in town turned
out to see the match, and the noise
they kicked up was terrific, ft was a
godd-natured crowd and they cheered
the visitors almost as liberally as t! e
home team. From the face-off the
paccwas terrific, there being scarcely
any rnugh play or olT-side work, so
the referee had an easy time. At the
half, Slocan was ahead 4 to 2. but
N'elson quickly took the lead when
play recommenced. Five minutes from
time Sloean wakened up aud scored
three goals, which gave them the victory. The onlv mishap during the
evening happened to Wallace, of Nelson, who butted iuto a post instead of
into his opponent and he got laid out
for a while. For the visitors Baker,
Shirpaud Greyerblehl seemed to be
It. and for the home team Pinchbeck,
Hicks, Milne and tlonnley shoncwith
the others pretty close up. Tains in
goal slopped some wicked fihots,while
McMillan and Lindow worked double
liift:-; when they got wai'tinnl up. It
was an excitlug game till the way
through,'giving the rooters splendid
. j ilort'unity to ;jet  in their fine work.
The teams were:
N ".' SON.
i Ireyerbiehl
I Work, Fit  and Finish ra
am guaranteed. £^J
g A Few Lines of Gents'  Furnishings £ij
KA am still left from the stock ef the late A. SI
David and thoy must  be sold off at once. . W
H. A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C g
Store: Next door to Postofflce, %S
Cominlxlonera I pptlnIM.
Last week's Qazetto contained the
li-t of appointments of police and li-
eeuse commissioners by tlie govern*
ment iu the majority of cities in the
province. Among tin- places excepted
were Nel-on and Slocan, A new lisl
of commissioners has also been made
nut for tin-variou- licensing districts,
tiose holding office for th" Slocan be-
in.,' VV. II. Davidson, Slocan; John
Williams, N'.-.v Denver; and VY.  F.
LaWBOU, Sandon.
ionl.ta Oot-mbla'i Heel Shot*.
A militia order has beon issued by
tin- department at Ottawa, giving the
best shots of the rifle associations ol
the No. II military district, as follows:
id William     Cuih      ''    v
Trail; >    tl       i incoiiver;."I.U
goal Tan s
poiut        Pinchbeck
cover Gormley
rover Hicks
Wallace      / \ Milne
Baker forwards    < Lindow
tfcDougaU) / McMillan
Cell spare man       J. McVicar
il. Bell        goal umpire       ,T. Welsh
H.Moore       timekeeper   J.Anderson
Referee, H. Clevo.
Tli * goals Were scored in this order:
I. Slocnn;2and '?, Nelsom-t, Band <>.
Slocan; 7, Nelsou j 8, Slocan; '.•. Nelson: 10, Slocan; 11. lli and 1*1, Nelson:
11.15 and l<i, Slocan.
Aft-r lie  game  the Nelson lx.vs
*w.*ro friven n complimentary stip-ies at
tli-- Arli'.igton. where a joily good time
was sprnt.   All the visitors'expense ■
were paid and tfiey were looked after.
the boy i claiming to hnve received the
treatment of their lives here. A return
match will be played in Nelson probably nexl week,when the open-hearted
hospitality will be repaid. Neb on
then will take no chances, aud they
will put on n heavier t.-ani. Experience has taught them that there die
othera .lie known thin;,'or two about
Another K..<*>'.»».1 Dividend.
Thing- are looking very rosy for the
Le Roi No- - mine at Rossland. For
the year ending September .'Id last the
company fcarued profits of £15,471, of
which tViHOH will lx- utilized t.i pay a
divid. ml of oil" shilling per share. A
balance of CM'i will be carried over
to the presi;.( yea?. During the year
ihe company shipped !7j5B0tonsbf
me ou vliieli the net   smelter returns
in,K. .',•.„...i.c...i. «"•• &}]'1®' Tl1."Sudlto^wn''•:"|T
ll I.**-." I.ir ilei>r"*cintion.   trom Sep*
For the past year the  net profits ,,i f t,„|1|)ll. ,|H< profile earned bv the mini
l.e llui !::iiiiin< Mom**/.
The annual meeting of the Le Koi
Mining Co.. of Rosslaud, wns held iu
London last week and was au enthusiastic affair. According to ihe financial statement presented, the mine
earned $iO0,Q00 nel profits for the year
,-:ide.l .bine 80 la-t. ln January >.f
il.! year tho profits oarned were $50,*
000. Vigorous development on the
deej) levels of ih.- mine had opened up
new and large bodies of pav ore, pr.r-
lieularly nn the 1350 fool level, l.e
l{..i shares have risen from lis to upward-* of L'l.
the Crow'-* Nest Pass Coal Co-araount
ed to 1810,402, which, together with
lhe balance at the pro'il and loss ne
omit from 1902, and the sum ol
$913,52*3 premium received on calls on
n iw stock, mad • the aggregate to tli-'
credit of th" profit and loss account of
$12,17*1,530. Four quarterly dividends
of 2J per cent were p:iid.aud a balance
earned to profit and loss account.
During the year almost$1,000,000 was
spent iii plant development and ma
Vi.-ilu. i,r B'nowiUde.
Lust week Peter Kaviner was killed
by n sm.w.-li I * at the lv-telln group,
iu Ln»l Kootenay. He was employed
under T. McYilii- iu surveying He'
Aiice, on ■ of th,* Estolla group. !•'•
Williams was also caught.but rescu d
by his companions, Raymer'a bodv
is buried under about 10 foet of hard
leu*..' »   •:>'* Nee| ewe.
T igti ■  •     " '   ' hn   Kinm in
iniveb.e-,1 £2000a month.   The mine
hns paid previous dividends of .¥2SS,-
000. The directors describe the Elinor, oil process as a success.
Argentite Hakes Initial Ibtpwent.
Another new shipper was added to
tli.- list from the division this week,
when the Argentite made a live (on
shipment to tin- Nelson sm liter. The
property i* located on the south sid>*
of Springer creek, practically within
sight of town. It has been worked all
winter under lease by Win. Harrison
and Wm. Harris. The paystreak is
not very wid-. but is uniformly rich
in silver and gold.
('».Hia.i-l tor Mainltoi- Concntiutiir.
Tin- 0. S. Lumber Co.,of this place,
will supply the lumber required for
tin- Hume and concentrator 111" Monitor p -.-ill* imi -pose building at Three
Porks In the spring. There will be
aii.mi half:' million feel required and
the llimbor   Will    '■   •   eet   ie    111" eoiu-
nany's mill at th	
I.ant Ti _i*'« Blllpnentl Were 13119 Tan*—
A Healthy Evidence ef the T.ire and
Weulth of tho Cump—Keterprlieth«
UlfRBNt Shipper.
Only one property figured in the
shipping list this week, being tho Argentite, and it is a new shipper. Its
contribution was between four nnd
live tons. There ia ore for shipment
at the Enterprise, Ottawa, Republic
and Alberta, some of which will go
forward next week. The roads are in
first-class shape for hauling, To date
shipments total 2<il tons.
For  1908  the ore  shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons,   made   up   from 17 properties.
Following is a  full  list of the ship
nieiiis this year to date:
iiisR. wain
Port Hope	
Black I'rince	
Argentite     '   5
The Idaho is employing a force of
55 men.
Ore shipments from the Slocan total
24.">0 tons.
The Wakefield is employing a force
of 1^> men.
Operations are being resumed at tho
Queen Bess.
Last week the Rossland mines bad
nn output of 9598 tons.
The Boundary mines shipped last
week 17,00-1 tons of ore.
Operations have been suspended ai.
the Uuth mine and mill.
The Grtnby smelter is treating upwards of .-00!) tons of ore daily.
Sandon mines last week shipped 1(53
tons of ore, being 1948 tons to date.
British Columbia mining stools are
oi the rise. Payne shares are tjuite
The Hewett has shipped 100 tons 11
ore this yo.u'. Fifteen men are cm-
At the Cinderella the lessees have
three feet of ore in one drift and IS
inches in another.
Rossland mines are employing 900
men, with an average monthly payroll
of upwards of S90,000.
The Sunset mine, near Codv, has
declared its tenth dividend of 16000,
making 160,000 to date.
The Slocan Star case has been dragging its weary length through the
Nelson courts this week.
The Ladysmith and Crofton smelters, on Vancouver bland, aro being
run to their full capacity.
W. Hinchliffe and P. Benson are
doing considerable wor!; on the Happy
Medium group, Twelve Mile.
Wm. Hunter is employing 14 m-n
on   the Conislock.   H- has shipped
seven cars of ore  aud has more to go
The Arlington and Speculator are
straightening up their accounts, putting considerable money  into general
Nat Tucker and George Long are
opening up a bonanza in the Lou Dil
Ion group, on   Four Mile, which   thev
staked last fall. A body of ore has
lieen struck, very similar to that of the
l-'islie: Maid.-u and assaying 812 oz iu
Commleilouera to Meet,
The new board of license commissioners for the Slocan district is called
to meet nt New Denver oq March 9th,
when two applications will come up
for action. The lirst is bv M. Antoya,
for n renewal at  Rosebery, his appli
cation having been reluscd bv the old
lioard. No. "J i.s by .1. H. Goodenough.
who wants a transfer to the Cross
Roads hotel, at McGulgan. This Inst
is strictly out of order,the application
not. being in accordance with bill No-
71, passed by the last legislature and
which la now law. Th.* mode of proceedure is similar to that in cities,-md
thut course has not been followed,
Silver Oiiotiitlon».
Following are thc quotations for bar
silver on the. various days during the
week since last issue:
|Thursday    .'.9-j cents
Friday..    59    "
Saturday    W     "
Mondav     Ml      "
Tuesdtiv    ■">••
Wednesday      ''
'-  I
»IW MimVama****-* ■
- Sl
Copyr1«bt. WS. by T. C. McCIaro
Elm Dale was tbe scene of Joyful
preparation, for Mr. and Mrs. Ezra
Hammood ivere soon to celebrate tbelr
golden wedding. From far and near
their children and grandchildren were
coming to tbe old country borne under
tbe great elms.
All of tbe neighbors were interested
in the coming event, and a number of
tbeui were pledged "to help out on
chairs and china." Patience Saybin,
familiarly known as "Patty." and ber
brother lived only a mile from Elm
Dale, but tbey had not been asked to
contribute, and Patty felt slighted.
"I've offered to lend tbem everything on tbe place, even you, Jobn,"
sbe said to ber brother, "but Mrs.
Hammond says tbey have all tbe arrangements made. I did want a finger
In the pie."
John laughed. "Never mind, little
girl." he said consolingly. "Mr. Hammond says tliey may ask us to 'sleep'
one or two if the old bouse won't bold
them all."
The day before the celebration Mrs.
Hammond drove over in the morning
to see Patty. "I thought we could
stow 'em all away." she said, with a
smile, "but I was thinking Mary had
four children 'stead of Ave. 1 don't
see how I came to forget little David
when I counted noses. I've tieeu wondering, dear, if you'd let blm sleep
here—either bim or one of tbe others''"
"Oh, yes!"' Patty cried delightedly.
"I should love to. Mrs. Hammond."
The old lady smiled. "I brought his
picture along." she said, "so you could
see what a dear little fellow he was."
Patty teent eagerly over the photograph. A pleasant little face smiled at
ber from the cardboard—the round,
dimpled face of a flve-yearoli "He's
a perfect cherub V she cried.
"I'm expecting most of my children
this evening, and If bis folks come I'll
.send him over before bedtime."
The dear old lady forgot to tell Patty
tbat tbe picture of David was taken
twenty-three years before.
All that day Patty was very busy
preparing "little David's room." An
old high chair and trundle bed were
brought down from tbe attic and dusted. Lizzie, tbe good natured girl In
tbe kitchen, made .some little round
cakes, and Patty frosted them and put
n pink "D" on the top of two or three.
When evening came everything was
In readiness for tbe expected guest
Tbe tin waiter and tiny knife, fork
und plate were on the dining room
table, and tbe little rocker held out Its
welcoming arms In the sitting room.
An old rocking horse tbat bad been
John's long ago waited patiently for
its gallant rider, and a little woolly
dog stood on three legs with an air of
The day bad been a long one to Patty. At 7 o'clock she was rearranging
tbe furniture in little Davids room
when ths doorbell rang. She went to
the head of tbe stairs and called to
"Hurry, Lizzie!" she cried. "They've
brought little David over. Take blm
into the sitting room and amuse bim.
I'll be down iu a few minutes." She
flitted buck to ber work and did not
bear Lizzie's exclamation of astonishment when she opened the door and
saw a big, broad shouldered man
standing there. Probably he bad overheard Patty's Instructions to the girl,
for his eyes were full of laughter,
though he said soberly enough: "Good
evening. I uin David Terrell. Miss
Saybin wus expecting me, I believe?"
"Y-y-yes, sir," Lizzie stammered,
"but she wasn't expectln* quite"— She
paused ln embarrassment
"Quite as much of me?" be asked
Lizzie giggled and led tbe way to
the sitting room. The little cbalr held
out Its welcoming arms In vain to tbls
guest. David Terrell's eyes rested at
once upon tbe rocking horse and woolly dog, and his expression momentarily grew more cheerful.
"Were these—ahem—these preparations mude iu my lionor?" be asked
Lizzie. Kut before the girl could answer a sweet voice came from the
upper landing, "Are you amusing him,
Lizzie?"    Lizzie giggled hysterically.
"Tell her you nre," the young man
"Yes'tn," she called In muffled tones
from behind her apron.
"Show him the picture books," the
voice went on. "und If the little fellow
Is tired tuke hiin up In your Inp."
Lizzie stepped into the lower ball
and turned her laughing face up to her
mistress. "Please, ma'am, I can't,"
she said.   "I'd hate to try."
"I'm ushamed of you!" the Indignant
reply came. "I'll come right down and
take hlm myself."
Lizzie-fled to the kitchen, and there
wns the quick click of heels on the
stairs. Then David Terrell saw a pretty picture framed In the wide doorway.
Miss Patty stood tbere. with surprise
nnd disappointment plainly written on
ber expressive face. j
"Where-wbere la"— sbe began in a
bewildered woy.
David enme forward. "I don't know
where he Is," be said. "If I did I'd get
blm for you, Miss Saybin." i
"You?" she asked.
"Yes. I'm little David's successor.
Will you forgive mo for growing older
and larger, Miss Saybin?"
Kor a moment the sensitive moutb
quivered. Sbe had anticipated so much, j
Tben sbe held out her band and said,
with a smile, "I suppose feu can't Itslp
It, but yon don't look much like yoar
"Oh, that's it! Grandmother showed
you that small boy photo, did she?'*
Patty nodded and smiled again. After
all. this David bad pleasant eyes, quite
Uke tbe little fellow's. "I am glad tbat
you came," she said hospitably. "My
brother and I are often lenely, and
Jobn will be delighted to entertain
some one of bis own age. I hear bim
coming now." And sbe rose snd went
to tbe door to meet bim. "John," David
beard her say, "Mr. Terrell ls bere."
"Mr. Terrell T tbe answer cam*.
"And wbo is he, Patty?'
"Hush! He'll hear us. It te little Di-
vid Dou't laugh so loud, John!" Sbe
slapped ber band into bis and led bim
to tbe sitting room, and ln a few minutes tbe three young people were on
tbe short road to friendship.
Late in tbe evening tbey adjourned
to tbe dining room for a little luncb.
Patty had forgotten tbe high cbalr and
its accompaniments, and It was with a
feeling of dismay that sbe saw tbelr
visitor's eyes traveling In that direction.
"Are these things for my use?' he
asked laughingly.
"What things?' Patty said Innocently*
"This high chair, tin tray and so on."
"Ob," sbe said, wltb a guilty glance
at John, "those belong to my brother."
John stared at ber ln amazement
His face grew crimson with suppressed
mirth wben Mr. Terrell said, "How old
ls yonr little brother?'
"Twenty-seven." Pstty answered demurely, and Jobn exploded wltb laughter. "No good pretending. Patty." be
cried. "Better show htm all of my old
possessions, including tbe trundle bed,
but we'll not ask him to occupy it."
Tbe morning of the golden wedding
dawned clear and bright It was a day
filled with happiness for all wbo gathered at tbe old borne. At 10 that night
David Terrell gave John and Tatty full
account of "the gathering of the clans,"
as be called lt In conclusion he said,
"I shall bave to ask you to keep me
another nlgbt, but after tbat tbere will
be room for me at Elm Dale."
"I tbougbt you said you must go tomorrow," Jobn exclaimed.
"Yes; tbafs so. but since then"—and
he glanced quickly at Patty—"I've made
otber arrangements. My brother and I
are partners, and Jim ls willing tbat I
should have my summer vacation now."
"Ob," Patty cried, "I'm so glad!
Aren't you, Jobn?"
"Yes," he said heartily, but tbis sudden change of plans made bim suspicious.
David made good use of tbose four
weeks. His grandmother laughingly
accused him of spending half of bis vacation with tbe Saybins.
The last day came, and David walked
over for a farewell visit He found Patty alone on the vine shaded porch.
Jobn was away on business, sbe explained. "Never mind," David said
cheerfully. "It ls you I wish to see."
Her clear eyes were raised to bis inquiringly.
"Will you keep your word," be said
gently, "and take me?"
"My word!" sbe murmured wonder-
"Yes. Before I saw yon I heard yon
tell Lizzie tbat you were coming downstairs and you wonld take me yourself." There was a mischievous light in
bis eyes now.
Patty's face flushed. "Yon know I
didn't mean"— sbe began.
Hs Interrupted ber anxiously. "Bnt
you will take me, dear, on trial for tbe
sake of little David?"
Sbe smiled into the honest eyes, ao
like those of tbe child ln the picture.
"Yes," she said, "for the sake of little
David's successor."
Sara- Pilfer*- aa- f .bl>..t.
Some years ago Vance Thompson
' was asked by his editor to secure n
j Christmas story if he    could    from
Sarah Bernhardt, wbo via* playin*
! in New York at the time. Her st*c-
( retary suggested that Thompson
' write a story and let her sign it aa
ll it were her own.  Accordingly   ba
turned    out a pretty    little    storv
called "No«l.
tiotu   a
Won  the  Bets
UT I tell you." said the bank
clerk, "it is betting on a sure
thing.   No one ever saw a four
dollar bill.   Tbere is no sucb thing."
_    _ "I don't want your money." said tbe
The next day Sarah  drummer, drawing his chair closer to
read, approved and dashed her stun.
ni_g signature on both manuscripts,
and the French version and the English were printed side by side. The
otber day. when he visited Sarah in
Paris at her biff house in the Boulevard Pereire. Thompson found that
she had forgotten him. He discovered this fact when he picked up a
beautifully illustrated book by the
tragedienne, which to his surprise
was "Noel." Mr. Thompson was
staring at it as one stares at the
ghost of an old sweetheart, when
Mrae. Sarah came swift-footed, rustling in an orango colored morning
gown. •-Oh!" she exclaimed, notic-
ing tlie book in his hand. "Have you
1 read it? A little thing, but real—une
tranche de la vie. It was an event in
my own life that haunted me and
haunted me until I simply had to
write it. a fragment of my childhood. Ah, those days, those davs!"
—San  Francisco   Argonaut.
ta—* TSmX •■ KM-satta "•
Judge BischofJ. of tho Supreme
Court of New York, has formally
decided, what scarcelv called for a
judicial decision, that love is not a
legal essential to marriage. Even to
obtain a husband or a wife under
false pretences, that is to say by
pretending love is not a fraud of
such a nature as to invalidate the
contract.' The astonishing thing is
that the issue ahould have beeo seriously raised in a court of law; hut
the text of the judgment suggests a
possible explanation in the fact that
the lady in the case is an actress,
and it ia by no means rare tor the
law to be used for advertising actresses. The learned judge adds: "If
the facts alleged in this case could
suffice for an annulment, marriai*.)
for love would be the only lawful
marriage—a condition favored by the
poets, but not as yet adoDted in
our system of jurisprudence" It is
to be feared that so many marriages have t>een promoted by false
assertions of affection that it would
be practically impossible for the.
courts to recognize this kind of
fraud as ground for divorce. But all
the same the poets are sometimes
wiser than the lawyers.—Montreal
the country store stove, "but you were
so cocksure tbat I thought you might
like to bet. Tbey may not have four
dollar bills in Five Corners, but tbey
bsve tbem in New York all right."
"Take bim up for $-." said tbe livery
stable man, "and I'll go btm for the
same amount."
Tbe drummer was absorbed in his
"I'm in for another $2," chipped In
the storekeeper.
Nothing doing witb the drummer.
"Got bim treed," snickered tbe bank
clerk, and everybody laughed.
•You fellows mean it?"' asked the
"Sure's eggs ls eggs," replied the
The drummer took out a bulky pock-
et{>ook and with Impressive deliberation
laid on  tbe table u  tetter head of a
clothing concern:
To bill rendered It
The silence was profound. "Well. I
gup-:* we'll step ucross to the hotel for
a round on me," said the liveryman,
"aad then 1 must be getting home to
supper."—New York Times.
BISWARCr* t-.l--VAl.RY.
Fatal   Drtnbark.
Dropped the Sabjaet.
"Five thousand dollars for a dog!" he
exclaimed as be looked up from bla
newspaper. Do you believe any one
ever paid any sucb price, Maria?"
"I'm sure I don't know, James," she
returned witbout stopping ber needlework even for a moment "Does the
paper say that much was paid?"
"Yes. There's an article on valuable
dogs, and lt speaks of one that was
sold for $5,000. I don't believe lt."
"It msy be true, James," she said
quietly. "Some of these well bred animals bring fancy prices, and there's no
particular reason why the paper should
He about It"
I    "I know that, Maria. But Just think
of It! Just try to grasp tbe magnitude
of that sum ln your weak, feminine
! mind.   You don't seem  to realize it
• Five thousand dollars for a dog! Wby,
bang lt, Maria, that's more tban I'm
"I know It, James, but some are
worth more than others."
She went calmly on with ber sewing,
while he fumed snd spluttered for a
moment nnd tben dropped the subject,
especially thc weak, feminine mind
part of It—Exchange.
"How are you getting along in your
temperance society now?"
"Fine! Why. if it wasn't for my red
nose I'd be president.'
A !se«t Slurj of Ila-, a...,a».ilrr of  lh* Iran
>   l.  . ,  » ellO   .
At the Bonn I'niversitv rectorial
banquet Pr vou Rottenburg, the
rector o( the unlvorsi'*-' o.nd formerly Chief of the Imperial Chancellory.
related thc following illustration of
Prince Bismarck's character, snvs
the Berlin correspondent of Tho
Philadephia  Press:
"Many years    ago    Germany    wos
deeply  insulted  by a nation    otherwise     distinguished     for     chivalry.
Count  Caprivi,   who   was     at     that
time head of thc Ministry of the Imperial  Navy,  was  asked   to   express
an opinion as to Germany's chanc.-s
in  the event of war and    said,  'We
ahould    have   a   trallant    opponent,
who.    however,     owing    to     inferior
war material,  would not  be able  to
ofler a serious resistance." Thereupon
Prince    Bismarck  decided     that    he
could    not recommend   the Emperor
[ to appeal to  the sword    and    that
'arbitration must  be resorted to. for.
| he said,  'To win without danger   is
jto wm  without  glory.' "
Dr. von    Rottenburg evidently    re-
! ferred to the dispute which arose be-
I tween Germany and    Spain   in 18S5
with regard to the Caroline Islands.
Joke l)jr lia.l.lm.ia..
"Tht   late   Sir   Michael   Herbert,"
Said tha transient visitor from Wash-
| ington,   "was a g-'-niel soul,  but had
that stodginess  oi  humor  which   wo
| have become accustomed to associating with Englishmen.
The Ambassador was a guest at
a dinner at, one of the clubs iu Washing n,»t man;. mcntbS before his
death. »nd was to ihi followed on the
speakers' list by Bear-Admiral Charles lleiesford.
" 'I am to be followed by a little
sailor man,' ohserved, Sir Michael,
after an extremely felicitous speech in
a mora serious vein, 'at least, he has
been a sailor. 1 believo he ia engaged at present in the plastering
"There was a little polite laughter
from thoso who felt sure that a joke
was intended, while others waited, believing that the tinal touch was to
"' T see you don't understand ray
joke.' said lhe Ambassador, taking
in the situation; I mean that he it
engaged in cementing the good relations --between England and America'
Cafe* la the llaaaarlan Capital.
The trees nnd the cafes in Pest are
I Parisian,   only   there  are  more  trees
snd moro cafes, and ln Pest tbe cafes
do not hnve a crowded existence. There
ls never the impression of n few tables
and a few chairs forced Into a narrow j
space.    It seems as If, when the city
waa laid out and when thc buildings
were erected,  special  providence bad '
been made for tables and shrubbery ln
front of tbem in the same way that
space  ls calculated  for gardens  nnd
fountains and lakes ln laying out an
exposition ground.    If old Paris was
all on a bill on one side of the Seine
nnd new  Paris had been built since
1800 and the Parisian had the free life
of the gypsy in his henrt nnd tbe Russian's fondness for room whether outdoors or In and art and architecture
hnd   flourished  In   Hungary   for centuries, there might be some reason for
that comparison which frequently occurs to the hurrying tourist.—Frederick Pulnier Iu Scrlbner's.
Tell-Tale Llaa]
The upper lip should be bow-shap-
ed, while the lower should form tht
arc of a circle, and to be ideally
beautiful the lower lip should show
\ more red than the upper. The li-is
should be only moderately full. |
Thick lips show a sensuous temperament; thin lips, exhibiting little
or no color, while indicating firmness and will power, are also indicative of a lack of amiability, and.
(•St d'ng to other indications in thi
Ha** may show meanness, if nol
avarice I
Firmly   closed  lips    indicate determination;  open     lips,  weakness   and i
vacillation.       The  open mouth is a
characteristic  of Idiots. |
The upper lip should hav* a slight
curve inward before its union with
the nost, for the straight lip indicates its owner to be unamiable and
unintelligent. Much depends on the
length of ths upper lip. I'he distance
from it to the nose should be one-
half the breadth of the mouth. A
short upper lip indicates liveliness, '
wit, fertility of invention, brilliancy
of repartee. A long upper lip is gen-
•rally Indicative of  stupidity.
Jtvtallt Tlawt af Marriage.
He was a curly beaded boy with
lift before him. She was a little prl
with a saucy pug nose, but wist, it
would seem, beyond her years. Ths
fact that she was nursing a doll
with eyes that opened and shut with
a click may have been his inspiration.
"Say, sister, I t'ink I'd get parried if I knew how."
"Oh,    that's   easy,"   replied
Br  War ef Chicago.
A pupil of one of the public schools
in Chicago sends this communication:
Dear Sir—In our school this morning
an amusing dialogue look place.
A primary teacher of Chicago, wishing to impress upon her pupils the necessity nf greater quiet, said, "1 am
a great deal larger than auy of you.
yet 1 don't muke any noise when 1
walk round the room."
"I'eihnps." remarked little seven-
year-old Kenneth, "'you don't wear
"Oh, yes, I do." quickly replied the
teacher. "Just look. Did you ever .see
any larger than mine?*'
Kenneth surveyed them carefully.
"Yes," he replied slowly, "once—in a
show."—Harper's Magazine.
He Willi  la Write.
This from a correspondent over ln
"The other day I tried my hand at
writin', and I was surprised to find
I was Borned to it. The only wonder
is 1 never knowed It Before this, So,
bein' Borned, though not raised to It,
I will ask you if you know where I can
make a dollar or two a day at it. and
please let me know What kind of Writin' they'd pat me on first-whether
Xoveltry, Historic or Poams, with
rhymes to the end. I mean Business
and will Write Hard. Let me Know at
Once."—Atlanta Constitution.
One View ot II.
Hicks—He's always praising Jiimsclf
to tbe skies.   It makes me mad.
Wicks—Why, It makes tne feel good.
Hicks—It does?
Wicks—Yes.    1  know I'm a   better
man   than  he,  and  so  the  more  he
l praises himself  the  more  he praises
the   me.—Philadelphia Ledger.
A War She Has.
-Is  Mrs.  Styles much of
owner of the pug nose.   "First you
buy a diamond ring and  give it to j
her;  then you buy  a gold ring, like      Morton
mamma's got, and give that to her,    .
r\th^aav''tbUyheraWalCh|    Norton-Much of a talker?   I should
for her birthday. ,    ¥.   ,    , ,. ,    ,
"An-   what  she  give  me?"  expect-   sa/  ">■    It Is  impossible  for  her  to
antlv asked the little chap. I P-«*y solitaire intelligently, she has so
"Why, nuthin,' of course,"   smart-   much to say to herself, you  know.—
ly replied his little companion.
"Say, sister," he added, "I guess
I won't marry."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
Tha Sllog laoaf tha Israelites
The inhabitants of Palestine mads
use in very ancient times of tha
sling, tho roost skillful in its use
being the tribe of Benjamin, whose
boast it was never to miss their
aim. What makes their skill appear more surprising was that they
managed to sling with the left hand.
The men who came to David's help
at X.iklag were no less adroit. They
used at will either t»e right hand
or the left. The sling was also tht
favorite weapon of shepherds, who
witli it drove away wild beasts !
preying on their flocks. This makes
David's victory over the giant Goliath less surprising, as he had no
doubt great practice in "re use of
this instrument while guarding his
father's sheep.
Na Heaves Baal Slab far Hlm.
At an evangelistic servico at Glasgow tho other day the preacher at
the end of his address cried, "Now.
all you go.id peoplo who mean to tu
to heaven with me, stand up!" With'
a Nurire of enthusiasm the audience |
sprang to their feet, all but an old
.Scotchman In the front row, who
sat Btill. Tho horrilled OVongollHt |
wrung his hands and, addressing
him, said, "My good man. my good
man, don't vou want to go to hoav-
en?" Clear and deliberate came tho
answer, "Aye, Awm gangin, but no
wi' a pairsonally conducted palriyl'"-
—Ui. Jaffa** Gatattt,
Boston Transcript.
Sergeant—What did you arrest this
man for?
Officer Keegnn—For his own safety,
sergeant. He was too drunk to protect
himself and Insisted on going home.—
Kid—Hesvings! Why, you've got tlis
mumps worse than I have!—New York
Budaha'a  l>eeelo;;ue.
Buddha, the great religious teacher of India, has at the present time
about 800,000,000 follawcra. Condensed into 10 short precepts, his
doctrines may abe given as follows
1. From the meanest insect up to
man thou shalt kill no animal whatever.
'2    Thou shalt not steal.
:t Thou shall not commit adultery.
4 Thou shalt sj cak no word that
is false.
5. Thou shalt drink no wine or
anything to intoxicate.
7. Thou Fhalt avoid all anger,
hatred and bitter language.
?. Thou shalt not indulge in idle
or vain talk.
8. Thou shalt not covet thy
neighbor's .goods
9. Thou shalt not harbor pride,
rn\y, revenge or malice, nor desire
the death or misfortune of thy neighbor.
10. Thou shall not follow the doctrines of strange gods.
A   Perfect Wo-j»aa.
"Giving the height of the Venetian
| Venus,  0  feet  5   inches,     as tho accepted perfect stature for a   woman,
here  is how you  muy  know  whether
you  art a perfect  s|M'ciinen of   your
I own sex by applying olher rule*-, laid
down by authorities:     Uliick:     Hair.
, eyebrows, lashes, and pupil*.   White:
! Skin,    teeth   and globo of  the    eye.
I Round:      Head,  neck,  arms,     nnkl.-s
| and    waist.     Long:     Duck,     lingers,
arms,  and  limbs.     Large:  Forehead,
eyes and  lips.    Narrow:      Eyebrows,
nose   nnd    feet.     Small:  Ears,  bust,
[ and hands. For a woman of 5 feet 5
inches    138    pounds is * the    proper
weight,  and  if    she be  well  formed,
she    can  stnnd   another     10  pounds
without greatlv    showing it.      When
her arms are extended    she    should
measure from    tip of    middle Bngpr
to tip of middle linger jusl  **i feet 3
inches, exactly her own height.   The
length of her hand should be just a
tenth of that  anil  hor foot    just   a
Soma rii,al. ul Signs.
An Insignificant rose means an in-
sik'iiiiiriiiit man. An open iiioulh Is a
sure sign of un empty In ail A projecting upper-lip shows iiialiKiiiiy
and avarice. I'oint.-d noses generally
l.elong to meddlesome poople. Largo
eyes in a small face always betoken
maliciousness, a retreating chin is
alwa.\s bad—it shows luck uf resolution, A project ina; umii-r-iip Indicates ostentation, Sclf-ConODlt ami
folly. Fine hair generally betokens
native good taste and Intelligence.
A   dimple  in   the  chin   is   pretty,   but
indicates weak mental organization
High cheek bones always Indicate
great force ol character in some dlr- '
ectlon, Fullness of the temples is
supposed to show powers of mathe-
raatica] calculation. A small mouth
with nose ami nostril ulso small,
show Indecision and cowardice, llulf-
shui eyes show natural shrewdness,
together with lack of sincerity.
Blow-moving eyes nre always found
In the heads of persons of prudence
and ability.
[Paris has taken up tht cake wai!< q«.
many lias followed suit and society T!
America la adopting It.] '  "
l_i bun Parte ees Uklng up
Z« paslret* walk, garcon.
And nuw. oul-oul, ze paetree walk
Ees veret rooeh bonton.
Once la societe ocet In ze topnos' ga ,a...
But now she -dance eet on zt fleer; eet «2
palrmlt, you see: *
Garcon. ze cake walk eet palrmlt:
And to wt danze, oul-oul. la-la I
And cut ze peeglon wing.
For since ze gay Pare? salt dan<-«
Eet ees ze propalr slug.
So dar.ee. tra-la.
So prance, tra-la,
F.ar eet e<» ze cnpair
ln France, tra-la!
Oh, la-la-la, oui-oui-oul. la-la-la c.l
Eet's »e pasirce ana gay Paree:
Ze grand dame wt« ze b<**g lorgnetta,
Ze matnzellc wis ze smile.
Zey cut ze social Ice. you bet.
Zat keeek a leetle while
So now soc-lete come down and weegle oa
ze floor
And kceek mo sleek and quueck until t«y
can't kceck nny more;
Carton, rey can't keiek any more:
And ao we dsnze. oul-oul. la-la:
And cut ze piefflon wlr.B.
For since ze gay I'uree sail dance
E^'t its ze propalr sing.
i',<> dame. lrn-la.
So prance, tra'-la.
F. r eet its ze enrnlr
• In France, tr::-;..
Oh   la-la-la. pql-cul-oul. la-la-la oul
Eft » ze postret and r«> Pa ree'
, —liHitim.ue Ken a.
\„   I »e   Tor   II.
"Didn't I give you s tract on ths
'Evils of Smoking* Just now?"
"Yes'm. I rolled clgaroots wit' it,
but It tastes somethln' fierce!"—New
York American.
Rajorlasr Ihe Sport.
"Perkins," languidly called Fweddy,
"come snd take this beastly thing u8
I the hook!"
While bis man disengaged tbe ;'-h
from tbs book and put on a fresh buit
Fweddy yawned dismally.
"That's wbnt makes fishing sueh s
boah," he said. "Once ln awhile you
catch one of tbe slippery things, dou't
you know."—Stray Stories.
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes,  shrunken   flannels.
kmk.   fma* lbs*  n*tm*n*i   **-r
ud eAta ,tt
haarh.a *' **"?
Vn. B. J. K-n.Uil C»,. I hav« u««d raju» Kendall a I|J*S
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f*ka,t mail me yanir 1,00k at once aa I lu»e t co 11 an. noe
ka.nxt' -.l.e wiih. Vnun truly. I. L. J-.IV1*. fawn". •'■"
At a llbimenl for final, uye ll haa ra ecual. Price $ 1 •'*
fbr SS A'k voiar d-mlal f.-a HrVDAlLS BVAV.S
CURB ; «lw " A Tr»«tlt« on the Boree .*■■» > ■ **JJ
ea eddieae     Or. B. J. Kendall Co., tnottury Fills, <<•
Brush & C°
Tbe Literary Epidemic.
Everybody's writing books—
(living out Impresaloni
Of this lifo and of the n«zt—
I'rrsonal confessions—
Storlf-n of a mnciilne dye—
Fuels and grim statistics—
Blilvcry tales about the ways
Of oriental mystics!
Everybody's working hard—
'Tli a, fearful tension-
Touching on a lot of things
Too numerous to mention.
Pages flutter from tho press
Faster than we need 'em.
Wfio 00 buoy writing books,
Haven't time lv road 'em.
A Plreeant lluor Wilh Carlyle.
Thomas f'nrlylo wns a "hoardoT of
the isold of Silence!' nnd would sil
for hours, putting away al his |ii|><-.
without Uttering moro thun n eriir,'.
or a (jnitt nionosyllahlo. l.i-ii(li Hunt,
his ii.-miii.or und Intlmato, otiw
wrote to a frit-nd:  "Huve  just  spoilt
a pleasant hour with Oarlylo.   Whon
1 went In he growled: 'Hello! Hi-r--
again?' and at parting he snu|.|i.>il
out, 'Hood day!' and that is the
sum of the conversation ho honoi.id
me with, nut how eloquent his si-
i-.-i;... is! I I'isi sat and looked at
him and came nwav strengthened for
a fresh •truffle/*
T*ar   l:ru,,.l.k    H.ll.   I oil..J"   <*.-.
J. D. CLARK, Agent, Winnipeg'
Nawtpaperif.T Old Countr;
diipatched to subscribers by first nuili Uf
WM. DAWSON * SONS, LUnltetl, C__t
House, Bream's Huildings, London, ■*****gj!J
Tho largest .Subscription Agency in tlie- *""
Send for our list. Free on ipplic»uun- fc*
lt09.   Prompt and reliablo. THe   drill BRIGHT'S DISEASE
Tn*A<* tiie day before Christmas, and
w   ail through the place
There were racket and trouble, a
)l0rrlble cose:
Little WIIH* had found whero tho raisins
nd h.^ltuffs'-l himself full to tho tonsils.
ihOfli«y discovered high up on a shelf
11 Ti, tlmt •■■he "v"s ,0 h"ve ,or ller8elf-
A-?1. mamma found out she at onee took
' o doll
,„  ,,, ,enl to ,he ,,ore w*-«nl-'e » cam«>
nnd a squall
««,„. was heartfelt and piercing went up
i,-mu tho child,
„,,',.'   I  llu-mieh the houso with appeals that were wild,
Making prom
iMos never to snoop any moro
the dolly were not taken back to tho
The gro!' r'.-. boy mixed up his orders and
,,',"','!rty.live things that nobody had
While hu failed to deliver the goods that
were wanted. *
poor mother by all kinds of trouble was
A splendid gift cams from a faraway
fi lend
Fur whom there was not a thing ready to
The present Intended for father had not
Been bought for some reason; somebody
The dish she Intended to give to Aunt Sue
Was knocked from a table and broken In
There  wre  whooping  and  howling and
trouble all dny,
And thirty times mother turned sadly to
"If they'd keep  tho s.-hooli  open  today
unal tonight
The world perhaps otlll  would  be lovely
und bright"
-Chleae■> Uecord-Herald.
-   Why  She  Liked  Bad Children.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton wns fond of
| children, though not of bud ones.
Once in Boston she wus calling on a
Iyoung woman whose little son, a particularly vleious urchin, played about
I her while she conversed.
The child  would  pull  his  mother's
J balr. kl.k ber and thump ber, nor did
he hesitate to try now nnd tben these
[tricks upon  Mrs. Stunton.    She said
I calmly:
Vuu are a bad hoy, aren't you?"
"11.. is ii bad boy," Iiis mother ln a
|sud, hurt tom* confessed,
"1 prefer luul children, though," said
[Mrs Stanton.
I'd you?" cried the young mother.
"llei-ause," said  Mis. Stanton, "they
I nre usually sent out of the room."—
New Villi; Tribune.
'Ilie Spirit  or riarlatmaa.
-New York Times.
It ls said that the American woman's
profile is the llnest In the world; that It
Ji** the most clear cut nnd finely modeled
I<>f nny olher type. Generalities like this
J nre hard to prove, it ennnot be dented
I tha I some of the finest profiles ln the
1 istory of feminine beauty are to be
[found In America, but whether the nv-
roge is markedly higher ln this conn*
"7 than anywhere else is nu o|n-u
'l-iestlon. lint the ordeal Is n trying one
'■- any woman when it comes to a faithful delineation of iu*r profile In shadow
't Is a finely molded face Indeed whieh
I "d;s well In n shadow picture seen
sldewnys, If tlie nose turns up the
l«*nst bit In real life It la sure to point
skywnn] in n silhouette, ir-timt organ
Is even n trifle above the usual size it
will appear huge in « shadow profile.
a projecting upper Up or a projeetlqd
under lip becomes u positive deformity
In a silhouette, no matter how slight
It may be in the Oliginul.-Atlnnta Jour
tVonlil Iirnw a Crone).
a singer pa hum I (lordon onee ecm-
[ilalneil to Handel of the style of his
I ii'-ciiiiipaniinenis. which attracted the
utteutloii from the singer, saying that
I If he did not iii-eiinipany hlm better he
Would Jump upon the harpsichord uud
|destroy It.
Very well," said Handel.    "Tell mc
I ven yon will do dat. and I vlll advertise
It-   More people vlll come to see you
.•limp dan to hear ymi slug."
Myer-nnve you noticed whnt a lot
of in>w houses are being put up all over
J lhe city?
--ver—Ves, and I've been wondering
hvhy they don't put up a few old o*«»l
■Just for achauge
Mary Malcolm's Life Was Measured by Days and
Dodd's Kidney Pills Had Her
Able to be out in a
Another Remarkable Cnre Brought
Out by the Collingwood and
Eglinton Cases.
Toronto, Feb . 15—(Special.)—Ths
Interest in medical circles here ever
the cures of Mrs. Adams, of Collingwood, and Mrs. Philip, of Eglinton,
of Height's Disease, has been given
fresh fuel by anothor and yet more
startling cure of that samo terrible
ailment. This latest case is that of
a young g/rl, Mary Malcolm, -Abo
lives with her parents at iqo. Marlboro Avenuo, this city.
Heath Seemed Sara.
This cure Is little short of miraculous. Miss Malcolm was ln the
clutches of Bright's Disease from May
until Septembur, and hud BU/lk so
low that her lifo was measured by
days If not by hours. Hope had
given place to u ceitalnty o! death,
uud her friends had turned to ths
sad tusk of preparing her grave
clothes. These last ghastly narments
are now in the house, but Mury Malcolm is a strong hearty maiden who
can look on tbem without even a
shudder of fear. Dodd's Kidney Tills
effected the change. Here is the story
as told by the girl's mother, Mrs. W.
Malcolm :
"My daughter Mary, who Is now
fourteen yeurs old, was t.vken suddenly ill with Bright's Disease in
Hay, 1902. We had ths doctor ond
continued with him till September,
iyo2, when he said he could do nothing more for her. She was so
swollen with Dropsy as to os almost
Cure Wat ynluk.
"From a book dropped ln at tho
door, we learned of J)odds Kidney
Fills and as a lust resort determined
to try theni. They Rave her relief
from the very beginning, so much SO
that in one week we wero able to
take her out to Munro Park for aa
"After taking four boxes, rhe was
entirely cured and she has'nevef hud
the slightest relapse, Wo can never
say too much for Dodd'S Kidney
Pills, us they certainly s.i\ed my
daughter's life "
And Mary, the daughter on whom
Bright's Disease had pronounced the
sentence of death, now n picture of
healthy girlhood, smil.-d .1 cheerful
assent to her mother's statement and
chimed In, "If I um ever si. k Benin
1  will   take nothing but   Dodd's   I-.id-
ney Pills "
it is hardly necessary to add that
proof piled on proof has convinced
the public that Bright's Disease is
curable and thut Dodd's Kidney Tills
are the cure: that if the disease is of
the kidneys or from the kldnevi the
ono unfailing remedy is Dodd's Kidney  pills.
What is said to lie the most costly
hook In the world has just been given by the Ameer 01 Afghan ist..11 to
ilu* Shah lt Is a copy of tho Koran
bound in solid gold und hat with
pearls, rubies and diamonds, li is
said   to  have cost   $400,000.
Ever Felt That Death
Would Be Welcome ?
Mrs. Margaret Smith otten did until
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart gave
her new hope and cured her heart
and nerves.
-I was for two years a creat •ufTeier
from heart trouble and nervousness. At
tlmea I waa confined to bed. iv-licn my
pain wns ao intense thnt I would huve
welcomed death with joy. I *"* *V
tracted to Dr. Asnew'a l.'uie I.r the
Heart by reading of some wonoertui
cures wrought by It. One do*,e BllVS me
relief in .'10 minutes. After usinit fc«r
bottles I can truly si.y I never f.-lt I el-
ter in my life "-Murt*aret Smith. Drll**
acla,  Ont.     Sold  by ull  druircisls. *•'
The tidal wave of deeper souls
Into our Inmost  being  rolls
Ami lifts us unawares
Out of all meaner cans
— lalU."!'   i'    >.'
60 Specialists on the Case.
In the ordinary run of medical practice
a greater number thun this bars ire.ted
cases of chronic dyspepsia nnd hnve filled to cure—but Ur Von Stan's Pineapple Tabids (00 In n box nt RS rents
cost) have mnile the run*, I'lnn.r J*,,,B|
In one dnv These little "SpsHullstS
have   proven   their   renl   merit -72
Kurd Charles Bcrosford used lo
think that book-keeping was Uie inosl
dilliciill   of all  studies
Have you Eczema ? -n«va >•>>.
any skin disease or eruptions? Are \ou
subject to chafing or scalding 1 Dr.
Agnew'S Ointment prevents nnd •'':*"<B
any and ull of these, nnd cures Itching,
Bleernng and Blind Piles bead s une
application brings relief  In ten '•<'';'"'"•
nnd   oases   cured   in   lh.ee   lo   sIS   "K"'3
nr, cants.—71
Admiral sn- 13, [."reoui.intla hm
gained the gold, silver nnd brunti
in.-dais of Ihe Hoyal 11111111.110 Ho'.-lr-lj
King Carlos of Portugal is iiii .-v
perl billiard player, and SPOll Is luOS'
of Iiis evenings at the billiard tuWo
Madame Sarah ("rnnil,  the (,'lehr.it
ed authoress, is a llrm bollover In
the health-giving results of doinp
everything by rule mid lulling u time
for everything,
Ho Private Interview,
"Ciiihl I have 11 few minutes' prints
eonversntlou with you?" he usked ns ,
be stood ut the opeu door of 11 lawyer's j
Office in the 1,01111 and Trust bulltilng
the other afternoon,
"Can't you speak right out from
where you are'.''" asked tbe lawyer in
reply after looking the mnn over.
"I'd rather make a private matter
of It"
"Whnt Is the- nature of your business':"
"Confidential—strictly private and
confidential, sir."
"Well, I have no time to grant you a
private Interview, If you have anything li. say, you enn let her go right
here.   Now, what is it?"
"l—l wanted the loan of a quarter,
sir," stammered ihe man.
"Oh, yon did: And you wanted a
private interview to nsk me that?"
"Ves, sir. 1 knew that It would hurt
both our feelings if I were refused In
public—yours because you couldu't nf-
ford to loan nie the money and mine
because 1 couldn't get It. Cau you
grant my request, sir?"
"No. sir."
"And does It hurt your feelings?"
"Xot <i bit Vou arc mistaken on that
"And niy feelings nre the ouly ones
"Yours alone."
"Just so," said the man as he bowed
and backed out. "I beg your pardon.
I was mistaken. You have the money
and no reelings, and I have tbe feelings
and no money. Impassible chasm; no
use In trying to bridge. Uood day!"—
Washington Post.
The  I'.ioillc nnd  the I.Ion*.
"I notice that Automobile Montgomery says that horses often make a
dive for the corn lie paints," remarked
one art league student to nuotlier.
"Well, there might be some truth In
It," said the second. "I saw a little Incident at tbe art Institute the otlier day
that made me think of Mr. Montgomery's proud boast. You know those big
lions on the sides of the steps, the
work of Kemeys, are pretty lifelike.
I was standing luoklng at them when a
little white poodle came dowu the steps
ln the wake of a woman with stylish
clothes ou. The poodle bad a gold collar around bis neck and was altogether one of the tiniest, dandified
specimens of a dog that you could find.
He walked up to one of the lions, settled back on his hind legs, and looked
st the big stone beast. Then he sniffed
and glanced nround inquiringly. All
at once  he  made  up  his  mind.    Ile
made a fierce rush for the lion, barking
as viciously nud as loud ns a dug six
Inches long could bark, lie positively
Swelled up and appeared ubout to explode with wrath,
"There you nre, If Kenneys' lions so
excited a poodle <:og. It "may be that
horses will cat MontgoLierj's corn pictures."- 	
Ilrnd  Hunters.
Head hunters Is the name given to
the professional assassins of tbe Solomon Islands. The vocation of these
men Is to procure the heads of those
whom they are hired to murder or to
sell the victims for sacrificial purposes.
Sometimes the enemies of a man offers
large sum to be paid lu the native shell
money for the hend. which will be n
proof of death, and tbe bend hunter,
with cold blooded nnd unscrupulous
methods, lays bis plans.
frequently great caution Is necessary. The Intending murderer will
worm hla way Into the friendship of
Ids victim, and 11 long period may
eTapse before the opportunity will arrive for the fatal stroke. It may thus
Iittpiicn that the murdered man's death
will have been compassed by one whom
he has regarded as tbe closest and
most loving of Intimates. Surely tbls Is
the most hateful of all professions followed for the sake of gain.
A   I'rince   I".dirni-<|   laland   Legend.
There Is a delightful legend among
the people of Point Prim to tbe effect
that when the Knglisli attacked the
French fert at tbat place a chain ball
from oue of the attacking vessels cut
the steeple from the old church located
on the very point. In falling lt toppled
over the promontory and carried the
bell which It contained into the sea.
Dwellers along the point affirm that
from time to time the sound of thai
bell comes over tht* waters at eventide
and that its phantom tone ls ever a
warning of a fierce storm or some Im
ininent danger to those wbo make their
living by the spoils of the ocean.—Don
aboe's Magazine.
Bone Felon.
A physician of large practice says he
has found an egg tbe most efllcaclou*
cure for a bone felon. He uses It In tbis
fashion: Take a fresh egg and crack the
larger end, making a bole Just big
enough to admit the thumb or finger
and forcing it Into the egg as far as
possible without further rupture of the
shell. Wipe off the egg that runs out,
bind a handkerchief or soft cloth over
nil and let the finger remain over night
•Generally the felon Is cured; if not, an
other application finishes it.
"Can  you  giv .' a   room  nnd    it   Is it," she asked, "lhat titles in your
bath?"      asked  the    travel-ntalned
country have such distressing incumbrances?"    "Perhaps." ho lOtorted,
|"il's   lo   even   up   for   the   load   that
.wealth  alis  to  carry   in your  coun-
———————— try,"    And lhe possibility of one in-
The sharp-tongued heiress eyed the  ternatlonal match ended forthwith.—
lordling  long  and  earnestly.
gllefll who had jUSl arrived. ' I cun
give .nu n room, sir," r:*plled Iho
new hotel clork, "but you *vill havo
1 o luu ho yourself."
"Why   Chicago Post.
35 0 fmmm^xC^\\\\^!^^7
Af which ordinary remedies have not reached, M
M will quickly yield to B
Gray's Syrup of RedSprugeGum
It cares thow heavy, deep-Kited confh»-_,ke» »w«y
the ■oreneu-heals the throat—itrcnfUieu the lung*.
None the leu effective Uciutt It i« pleuant to take.
Jiut try ont bottle end eee how quickly yon (M1
ot tut oouf h.   At your dnif frlata.   UcbotUc.
American life.
S.o J1 d      v
\ Continent t
North American Life
Assurance Company
112-118 King Street West, Toronto,
For the Year Ended 31st December, 1903
Dm. 81, 1903.-To Net L«lg»r Assets ■••--•  14,778,785 88
D«e. 81, I908.-To Cash for rremlum" $1,182,016 91
—To CMh on lnv.-atm-ins —  — -■*•   —       "B.7*a 7B
Dm. 81. 1903— By payment! for Death Claimi,    Pro-
»1,3R1,3<*3  A9
»6,13^149 04
fits, etc
—By ail otlier payments
$423,217 8fl
355,7i!0 43
-»    77.S.988 29
18,870,1110 78
Dm. 81,  1903.-ny MortKages.  etc.  .    ...  -  -  - ••   ;•• H.008,604 06
—Hv Stocks, iioii.in, snd Debwtm-SB    (market    value
83.170 047 47                   3,113,348 88
' —Hv lieai Kstttte. Inrludlns company's building  .-  _ ,'i74,3-J6 63
-Hy Loant on  Policies, etc. ...    _*_*X?2 2?
-Hv Loans on Stocks (nearly all on call)    _. ., 41.I..I10 84
-By Caali   lu  Banki  an.l  on  hand  ... ... 411,5B4 22
10,370,210 78
—By   Premlume   outstiiiullng,   etc.   (let!   cost   ol   collection       .     •-     808.087 14
-By interem anil Rente due  and   accrued   ___...        -0,088 89
$5,896,(100 78
Dec. 81, 1003 -To OtiornntM Puiltl     ;••  •■•   •■•   v< %      00.000 00
—To   Assuruiiie   and   Aiii>'i"i'y Keeerve
Fund              ■•■        4.974,197 00
—To 1'enili Losses nwatUnR proofs, con-
tlng-ent expenses, etc    ,         __"__
88,078,884 02
*ET SURl-a-C*      8080,888 70
Audited and  found ronort-.lolin N.  lake,  Auditor.
—Win   T   Stunden,  Consulting Actuary.
•New Insurance Issued during 1908 ...        * •••   ,  8 5,884,890
Being the best, vear in General   Bronch In tne lilst«.ry of the Company.
•Insurance In fon'-e at end of 1008 .net)  ~ ...  ...  ...  ... .. »rt3.4fta.977
•No monthly or l'rovldent poll.lpJ were leeiictl—this  brunch   having   been   tllecOn-
Medical Director,
HON.  Sill W    It.  MEREDITH,  K. C.
HON. SENATOR GOWAN.   K.C .   I. L.D..  li.M.O. E. OUMNKY.  ESQ..
L.  W   SMITH    ESQ,  K.C, D.C.L., 3. K. OSBORNE,  ESQ.
W. B. TAYLOlt. II A „  I.I. II T.  0, M.-CONKEY.
The report, containing the prnoeedlnRS of the Annuul Meeting, hrld on .Ian.
2Rth last, showing innrkeil proofs .>f lhe continued progress anil solid position ol
the Company, will be sent to pollcy-holdere, Pamphlets explanatory of the attractive Investment plans of the Company and a copy of the Annual Report,
showing its unexcelled financial position, ..in be furnished on application to tbe
Home  Ollice  or  auy  of  the  Company's AgenoISS,
Ailments   of  the   Most   Painful  and   Fatal  Nature
Prevented and Cured by
When you think of tho tniin and
suffering which accompany Lnckuchc,
rhsumatistn, lumbago, stone in the
kidneys and bludder; when vot. think
of thu dreadful fatality of Bright's
disease, dropsy, diabetes and apoplexy, you muy well woildor why people neglect to keep the kidney* in
perfect order for all theso a'lrrientb
are tlie direct result of dSTADtfAd kidneys.
Onco the kidneys fall to tiltor from
the blood Ihs in-pure and poisonous
waste mutter that's is irouiile of a
painful und dangorous nature.
Among the Urst symptoms are tack-
ai he, weak, lunie 11a-.*k, pains in th'*
u-gs mui sides, deposits in the utino,
Impaitod digestion, lo-^s n( flesh,
energy und ambition, stifTness snd
soreness in tho Joints und fnelinge of
weariness uml lassitude.
Preventjoii is always better than
cure, and hence the advisability of
using Dr. Chase's Ktdnsy-Liver fills
on the very first indication of such
derangement.    Whether to prevent or
cure,  Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver l'ills
i are the most effective treatment you
can  obtain,  for  besides  their uircct
and  specific  action   on   ths  kidneys,
I they keep the bowels regular nnd the
liver   active, and   hence   purify   tbs
' system and remove the cause  of   disease.
! This medicine has long sinco prov-
(en its right to first place as a curs
.for the complicated and serioia ds-
Irangements of the Dlterinz and excretory organs. It has th* largest
sale and is endoreed by more people
than any similar treatment. Vou
can depend on it absolutely to trins
prompt relief and a lasting cure. In
view of these facts it is a waste ol
time and money nnd a risk to life itself to trifle with new and untried
remedies when Dr. Chase's Kidney-
l.iver Pills are at hand. One pill *
dose, 950. a box, at ali dealers, or
Kdmnnson, Hates A Co., Toronto*
To protect you against imitations
the portrait and signature of Dr. A.
W. I'lius', the famous receipt book
author, are on every box.
jstk PRmRtWIALurciGK
Yoall   Enjoy Every Bit Of It,
MADE BY J.M.F0RT1CR Ltd. Montheil
Do You Want
norm ksvide sn caiemji attentis*
If »o, the onder.lgned wants your bu.lue.n and will .udMnir to gtv* .stl.Uctlaa*
Cash mlTHiicrd un coDsigameDts.     Hafereace:   I nion Bank of Canada.
The oldest esta!a'.;rhe.l Grain Cummistion
MercbaDt in Winnipeg.
Grain   Exchange.   Winnipeg.
"What our town needs most," suid ' All love at first, like gen'ious vine,
the travelling mnn, 'is a l.otel with Ferments and frets until it's line;
all  ih*' comforts of »  home."    ' Sol   Itut when 'tis settled on thc le.**,
much," replied the liousek.jop.ir.    "A [And from the impurer matter tie.*,
home with ell the comforts ..i >t ho-|Docbmca tho richer still th>.- older,
what  must  of us want
Beveral of the wins worn ly ilie
great Duke of Mai-llmroimh nre pro-
Berved n- heirlooms i.i the taiuilv, of
which the present undor se .-ret ..'_*. lor
the Colonies Is the head.
Sir III ram Maxim sucuii his first
ivcoklj  wage ns a dovrntlvo painter,
Vxe Lever's Pry Soup ia nowtlorl to
wh-Ii woolens nmi flannels,—you 11 like
it. 8if
Vint proves the nleasaTiter 'he colder,
20 Yoar • of Vile Catarrh.- Cass,
U.   Brown,   Journalist,   of   Puluili.   Minn.,
writes   :      "I   hu.i   bSSB  a   mlTcrer  from
, Throat   ami   XiishI   C'uturrli   for  over   30
Years,   during   which   time  mv   head   haa
j been  stopped  up nnd   my condition  truly
I miserable.      Within    1ft minute* after ae-
I lug  Pr.  Agnew'a I'atarrhal Powder I obtained   relief.       'Hire*   bottles   bave   •!-
I most, If not entirely, cured me."  60c—70
Princess   Victoria  has exhibited  a
considerable tnlont as a poetess.
The Duchess of Albany is a clevoi
Viscount Wolseley, tried soldier as
he is. admits ilu.t he is highly super-
stitloun, believing In Quito n variety
of lui-ky und I'-ilucky omens and ac-
1 ions
An Ambltloua  Woman.
"My granduotlier was nn awful ambitious woman," said a native of a well
knoivn island off the const of Maine,
"aiiil when she was dying nnd the doctor had told her she had only about nn
hour to live she nsked her daughter to
bring her some green apples. She sat
up In bed utul pared two pnnfuls of
them nnd then lay back with a satis*
(led sigh. 'Well,' snld she, Tin determined that the fo!!;s that come to my
funeral shnll have enough apple suss
for once ln their lives.' "
Tbe Death Saballlatc.
"I bad In my employ," snys ons of
tbe missionaries to China, "a very valuable Chinese servant, upon whom 1
leaned wltb Implicit confidence. One
day he came to iue and said, 'I shall be
obliged to nsk you to find somebody to
take my place, ns In the course of a
few weeks I am to be executed In place
of a rich gentleman* who Is to pay m*
veiiy liberally for becoming his substitute.'
"I nsked what possible Inducement
tliere could be to forfeit his life for suy
amount of money. He replied: 'I have
an aged father and mother, who are
very poor and unable to work, und the
money I inn to receive will make them
comfortable as long as Ihey live. I
'. think it Is my duty to give up my life
to accomplish ibis.'"
\Af    IM    U    No    AGO
»>yiWI^IJMIWI«<OTI^»_lll»iliWli'li^>ft#|W nn-; YjMIA , SLOCAK, B. C, l-'EBUUAR- W   I"■""
C. E. SmithkriK«ai,k, Editor and Prop,
fLOCAN,      •      -       -        •      B. C-
Lefjul Advertislnc 1*0 cents a line for
•the lirst insertion ami 5 cents a line each
pulis-fipu'iit insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
fie legal ad vertibing.
Locals will he charged 10' cents a line
£er each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 par year, Strictly in advance; $2..")0 a year i( not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B, C
I I.I roll I a i.   OUOPPINOS.
Tho third  week of the Riisso-Jap
war sees all the advantages still decidedly with the .Taps. Severe winter
weather and  their own  carelessness
are destroying hundreds of Russian
lives, *vl|ili* tlie Jap- keep polishing
off the enemy's ships. The benr bus
met the surprise of his life.
All records for immigration into the
•Canadian west promise to bo broken
this y-.iar, the C.P.R. expecting to
handle over 100,000 people. During
January the homestead entries in the
Northwest nnd British Columbia numbered i>_S, being upwards'of 100 in excels of the figures a year ago.
Senator Mark Hanna, the strongest
character in American political lifo,
died last weak, of typhoid fever. His
jrise iu lifo from an ordinary civilian
engaged iu business to the head man
in the Republican party was as rapid
lis it was phenomenal. Murk Hanna
was truly the power behind the throne
at Washington.
It cannot be said that the Consorva
tives nre using their power to appoint
to all the oilices at their command
energetic followers of the party. In
the Slocnn district, for instnnce, none
of the new license commissioners are
of the true ilk, evidencing a determination to allow the victors in the riding
the full glory of their laurels.
A quartette of announcements have
lieen made during the past few days
that will have an emphatic bearing on
the mining industry of the country,
and will lie the means of attracting
capital onco more for invest merit in
the mines of the various camps. To
the Slocan, of primal importance
the announcement by P. Fernau, that
British capitalists purpose erecting
three separate, plants in the district,
one for the smelting of lead ores nnd
the other two for the treatment of
zinc. Tliere is every reason to believe
he is iu earnest and initial operations
wilQCommence in the summer. Tin
result will be a largely increased output of. ore and the-employment of
many more men. Xo. 2 is the declaration of the tenth dividehd bv the
Sunset mine, near Cody, of 16000,
making $60,000 to date. No. !1 is the
published account of the enormous
profits made by the Crow's Nest Conl
Co. Inst yt'nr.which amounted to $810,-
•192. From this four dividends of 2h
por cent each were paid, Earned
profits so large must necessarily mean
that an immense sum of money has
been distributed in wage*, and for supplies at the several collieries, making
good times and aiding general prosperity, Bul perhaps of more vital in
terest to the well being of the province
is the statement made at the annual
meeting of the Le Koi mine, in I.on
don, last week, that the property had
made $100,000 profit for the year ending June ,'t(), HK'.'l. ami that for January of this year a further sum of $.">(>,-
tXX) was earned. The Le Roi has been
regarded as the premier mine iu British Columbia by tin- Investing public
in Great Britain, and its changing
fortunes have been reflected upon the
other mines owned and operated by
British capital. When the Whittaker
Wright bauble broke, Le Boi's went
all to pieces, as did many other provincial stocks, but careful management hns restored the mine to the dividend stage and confidence has been
renewed, to the lasting benefit of  the
Kossland  camp and  tjip whole proi
ince.   The four announce uts thus
given are bound to make an imprea
sion upon the mind* of the capitalist
at homo and abroad, and there will be
monev forthcoming  for le fitimate in
vestment.   " lie depression of tl"- pasi
two "i three yeai - iui • effectual!*) cull
ed out the wildcats, and there is room
now only for the bona ttdeaud as un d
,.   position
Pay up your subscription.
Faint glimpses of spring nre to be
, Joe Saulter is located for a while in
Twenty-four tons of Mountain Con
ore netted $2800.
A steady stream of shingles hns
been going out all week.
No records were made last week in
the local government ollice.
The weight of the snow has sprung
the walls of the Orange hall.
Supt. Wilson of tho C.P.R. telegraphs was here on Monday.
Bob Webster is leaving next week
to join his brother in Dawson.
The high head lax has stopped the
Chine e from coming to Canada.
J. G, McCallum took a business trip
out to the main line on Saturday.
Anglican church services will iu
future be held here once n month.
Chas. Wey, of Bradstreet's office, in
Vancouver, was here on Saturday.
It is now City Clerk Pinchbeck.Col-
leetor Anderson and   Assessor Curtis.
Win. Mai-Adams has gone into tin-
printing business again in Vancouver.
R. J. McPhee took a trip out to
Spokane on Saturday to visit his family.
On Mnrch 8 the district convention
of the W.F. of M. will bo held at Neb
The Sandon Miners' Union hospital
will give its annual dance on March
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Flour rose to $5.80 a barrel wholesale-ou the Winnipeg market Friday,
owing to the war.
Rossland hits cut off the salary of
its aldermen and reduced the mayor's
allowance to $600.
A teacher has been found for tho
Rosebery school, being Miss Daisy
Webber, of Sardis.
The northern fever has seized quite
a number of the boys and they will
SOOU be migrating.
Tne annual meeting of the Canadian Mining Institute will be held in
Toronto next week.
Ore is being brought down from the
Ottawa lor another shipment, making
its second car this mouth.
On Saturday the tenders will In-
opened for the construction of the
protective works on Springer ere -k.
Antl-Japanese legislation passed b\
the provincial legislature lias been
objected to by the Mikado's represen
tatives. '
Denver is trying to get zinc works
established there. It is a favorable
location, and here's hoping she may
get them.
Quiet times and a lessening population will result in a curtailment of the
number of services iu the various
churches in town.
Rev. II. Beer, of Kaslo,has received
a letter from Bishop Dart, confirming
his appointment as archdeacon of the
Kootenay diocese.
The Methodist church people expect
to have their mission here amalgamated with Now Denver, nnd services cut
down to semi-monthly.
K. Bailey enme in from Greenwood
6n Saturday and spent several davs
here, lb- is going to Kamloops to
open a dry goods store.
The roof of the Methodist church
almost collapsed Sunday night with
the weight of the snow. Several of
the rafters were cracked.
H. Worden arrived in from Calgary
Thursday, ou a short visit to bis brother, Aid. Worden. He brought wilh
him a team of heavy dray horses.
Tlie Denver Knights of Pvthiart had
a swell lime at their anniversary on
Monday night. The Sandon visitors
hired a special train for the occasion.
Courts of revision for the Sloean
I shiel nssossment will be held in
Kaslo on March 11 and New Denver
March 15. ('. W.McAnn Lathe judge
if the court.
J, Pinchbeck makes the best hookey
player at point In the country.   As be
la the chief of police, he call Im- de
p inded On any time to arrest the puck
for vagrancy.
Paul Bruin lulled a Ivnx at J. Rae's
rnnch, on 11." Arlington road, last
Thursday. It measured •". feet 1 inch
in length, being the largest ever killed
in these parts.
About 800 feet of the transfer wharf
at Robson bM into the river Thursday
night. The dredge had been working
alongside and Is supposed to have
weikened the foundation.
Dr. Bentley and family will in
future make Endorby their home.
Their romovn] from town is quite a
lo . llieir inaiiy friends sincerely re
i retting the step they have ta!,. n, In
particular will Vnglicanchurch circles
fool th.- bsa of their Influence ami ,■"•
Th ■ Gold -i b mrd .>' trad • ha- Is
' inuti  il little pamphlet III i
:    ::.   of ih,< a     |(.|  m.. ,,f ,,, trip i p
tho<tolumbia frni iG Id n n WI id r
■    ■ nd i 'i1   ioubtle si itici main
touri i    Tin ''i nted tl
ii   ij»l h
descriptive matter are by Uev. C. F.
Yates, formerly of this section, lt is
a most creditable production,
As the result of n satisfactory report by its engineer, the Aeliunti
Lands, Ltd., a British company, has
decided to take up its option with the
B, 0. Exploration Syndicate, and the
result is the issue of the prospectus of
the Kamloops Mines,Ltd. The capital is moderate, being placed nl £150,-
000. The company acquires the Iron
Mask group of seven claims and live
claims on the const, nil of which nre
crown granted.
The syndicate has actually spent in
acquiring and developing these claims
I'l'J.OOt). On the Iron Mask a shaft
was sunk 500 feet, and it is claimed
62,000 tons of oro are in sight, on
which it is estimated there will be n
profit, of ±-0,000. It is proposed to
erect a concentrating plant on the
property, capable of treating' 50,000
tons nor annum, from which the company s engineer, William Jones, estimates there will be a profit of £27,500
a year.
There are no founders' shares, the
vendors are selling their property en-
Court of Revision.
"VOTlt'E is hardly given that tbe Court of lie*
ii vision for ths Municipality of ths City of
Slocnn for the hBArlng of ra 11I'umphiiiits iii'Minst
too ssssssment, as made by ths Assessor ot" said
Municipality, will ho li.-M in ths City Hall. Slocnn, on llii* 2Sili liny of March uut, nt HI o'clock
a.m. All complainants mustftive notice to the
City Clark in writing of the subject nn.l grounds
of complaint at leust ton daya before tin. snid
Slocnn, lClli Feb, 1WI.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claim. . .
Situated on the- Arlington road' Heavily
timbered, (.'town granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cambla Street,
V.\xcorvnit,*r.. C
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of flineral
tirclv for shines, and £20,000 is set
apart lor working capital. The issue
consisled of 160,000 shares at par, and
800 six per cent debentures at .£100
each, offered a! T>0 per cent discount.
The minimum subscription on which
the directors went to allotment was
12,500 shares, which were underwritten by two of the directors for a commission of Bv8 per cent.
DlYe'r SiiBiieixIs Operations.
Diver Moore suspended operations
for the recovery of the lost bullion
from the lake on Friday, departing
the next dav with his helper for the
coast. Of the 700bars of lead bullion
lost he recovered .TIT.}, but the others
were covered up witlf mud. Tho cur
could nut be budged either, and it,too,
remains at the bottom. The trucks of
thecal- were recovered, as were two
sets of wheeis lost off the slip some
years ago.
I Slocan 1
I   Bakery^   |
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
_ • •
1 Fresh Fruits of Every |
| Kind Arriving   Daily. |
% %
* A full stock of the best ®
% lilies of cigars and tobac- X
j|       cos always kept on hand.        ^
3 14 t.onvciiar Ki-vnd forSl. &
■*> I '.ill n.-ij-lit  uml On :il Ily tt<
fi       G Mnr-u t osd. \t'-
I        Slocan, B. C.        I
If you
are troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
cf White Pine...
Once used, always used,
Dili*fif. 1ST1 fi  ST.VTIONKIt,
y ♦ «■ ♦-♦ <■«»«-♦«■ e-« ♦ ♦ <s < » ♦ ve. .*■', * .   •
t     LIGHTED 11
J elect:
ni city. nor aiii.  j
The Queen's
Hotel.  *-h ■
RATE*)   tg.oo I'i-'.it n '.v
First-clrfsi Dining Room
Large iliiil Coinl'm Ul.Ie   I'.eilrnnn.s
t  Sam plo rooms foS Commercial Men  J
♦ Nelson, B. C. |
(-*•••«««♦* <■**** 1  <•***:  *****
Slocan District Court of
N'OTTCEIshsrsbi irivsn tlmt a Courl ■■! It.--
*i-ii>i! nn.l nppeal, In ir-^jipri nf thn n   i
in*nt nf property in thn Bloctn Vssoutni*nt Pin
trii-l.  for thr* trial  of mlalstl imniii-l   Iho
M-."--iiirnl in mill  l>i-li i,-l f<ir III,- H'.ar IBM will
In li.*|.| M IU o'clock Intlisforsn ,..., Kriday,
tli.. inii.! iy ol March, i'.'.i. st tho Court Hmim,
i.i iii,- City of K n* I... B.C.! slid ni i pu o'clock ii
in forsnonn, on Tuoiday.the JSth day of March
JOOi, .a ilrf. ii.in-rniiii-nt Building, Now Denver,
Dated nt Kaslo, Hri'i«.li Columbln, Fobrunrv
I'll,, l„,i.
CHABLES w. Miwv.
Judge ..f snid Court
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt, Lake and M. L. Grimmett, or
lo an) person or pcrionn to whom tliej
may havo IransferroH their several In*
tni.-si-,'in whole or In part,In Iho lion*
ni.- Doon mtntral claim, situated on
tin* Honth sideol Bprlngor creek,in iho
sin-.in City rnlninu division ol Wesl
l\< .I nnv uistricl:
You ara horohy notiflotl thai I have
s; endod th ■ sum ol t«.> hundroil nnd
Hia- dollars in labor and general lin*
provpnii'iils upon lhe abovo nisntionod
claim, In onl*r (.. held H.iid ininrrnl
rhiim nndei Iho provis ons of tho Mineral Act, and il within 00 days from Ihs
del ' ol tIda notice yen (,hi.. ri tu- ■ lo
contribute your proportion of such ox
penditnro, tonether with nil costs of nd*
vortisinii, your inlnrosts in said - Inim
pro srty ..( lin. bull-
- ■ ior, uudor ssction i.mr ol an nri on*
tillwd ' \ n \-'i i ■ nmcntl tho Mint. i.
' -
i       | lids ] ,-..,.-   ,.
for $18.25,
Why l.p without a ranee when
you cun gr-t, one so cheap? Thej
are piefcriable to stoves and m'r/r
bolter Botisfaction. 'i'liri-e ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
| A dvertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the ad-
vertisem«nt he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it i.s read
by everyone.
Subscribe for
local paper:
ificate if li
Eg THE DRILL,  $2 per year w
—  ■      *"*****  -■   i,      --»        a .. — -»    -.1--     .., -■■...— ~—a. — ,-m.m.   ,. ■ a.    ^.a-     ■        ■ i    .ill        una,  ■     .1 »
New Residence for Sale
One o? thc Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, paniry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, nnd is the best tinished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
ply  at Drill
Gwillilil & Jo_1213G31,
Silver I.aiif Mlnrral C'liihu.
Bltuate In tho Slocnn Citv mining division nt West Kootenay district, vvhsre
located:—Spiini or creek, south of Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Herbert T,
Twigg, ai ii".eiit for George I*. Long, fn-e
minor's certificate No, D64448; N. s.
Tn.'k.-r.fire iniiicr's certificate Nii.lii'.l-l-ltl
Martin Maurer, free miner's cerlificats
No. B50720; nnd I'.ii Thompson, frea
miii*>r'f certiflcate No. BB90iMi, Intend,
sixtv davs from the duto hereof, to
apply lotno Mi nini; Recoi"derfor a certifl*
cats of Improvements, for tlio purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on tlio above
Aad further take notice lhat action,
under section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuance- of such certificate of
Dated tins 2lth .lav of December,1903,
26*12*08. HERBERT T. TWIGG
Uomoaml Garibaldi Hiueral Claims,
Situate in tlio Slnriin City Mining Division of West Knoti'nay Ilistrict.
Where located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, on the north m.Io.
TAKE NOTICE that I. W fl.McQregor,
acting as agent for Joe Traflcantl, km.
('. No. uiiioi.'i; Frank Romano, F.M,
('. No. iw.'-niL'; and .1. M. McGregor,
fro., miner's certificate No. B60093, in-
ti-ii'l, sixty days from tlie .laio hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder or cer*
tiflcatusof improvoraoiiats for tha purpose
ofohtnliilng Crown Grautsof ili.-si.ovo
And further tako notice tlmt a.-tion,
un.lor section "7, mutt bo commenced
beforfi ilir i' siiance ofsuch certificates of
Ditedthl    :  li ' iv nf Jai  v  1004
■■      '   ni *'       I '    I      ,M|-
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
l* 0 4« ******** *************
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Win. .1. Andrews, or to any  persar,
or persons to whom hs msy I.avo trans*
fei'ii'.l llis  interest  in   the Black  1 *ih-
iiHHi.l mineral claim,situated on Lemon
crook stul recorded in the Recorder's
office for the slocan (ity mining division,
You aro hereby notified thst I.
Andrew Provost, F.M.C No.B04707,li»ve
caused Jo be expended ths sura of two
hundred    and    live    dollnrs   in   lalior
and Improvements on the nbovs men-
tli nial mineral claim, in order to
hold said claim un.lor tlm provisions ol
the Minoral Act; snd if williiti 00 .lavs
fi'Uiu the ilnts of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to coiitiilmto yonr proportion of
such expenditure,togslher with sll costs
of advertising, yonr Interest In said
claim will become the propoity af tho
subscriber, under section 4 of sn Act
'•iiiiilcd "An Act. to amend ths Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Sloean,n.O.i tbis isi dav of
Do ember, A.D, 1908.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
IU ATI'S-: l!«julnr ni.l'.-rrilitr". f I p»r month
\ >ir$;o u )q:ir: in.ii--nl.-riiljar-, >i*j. Ill reoi
mtiiicsl nit«ii<lni;r«. $i perdiur, Prlvottwsitli
Sl por dsy MtaW;   BpocIatfocuiatlM forraiiUni"
il> MISS,
I'or fiirllur pnrlipiil.-irn m.pljr to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THK DKILL has niiiilosn
arrangement with th<- To*
ronto Mail-Empire, *
that its weekly edition mnv be
clubbed >vith the former.
Now gubacrlabcrSj therefore,
may obtain tin* Weekly Mail-
Empire  acknowledged to bo
one tif the best  pit|iers iu the
Dominion and sloean's lead
Ing journal, The Dnn.i., from
now till -Inn. I. 1906, ror thu
sum of 12.50, With this «-xcc|>
tional offer will be riven ns a
premium, a beautiful arto*
gravure, entitled "The \ c*
toi i:i Cross." The picture depicts a hooiii. in the late Boer
war. dene In ten color.**, and
well worth framing.' Semi In
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.


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