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The Slocan Drill 1904-02-19

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YOL IV., N«* 47-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEIJIiUARY   19,   1904.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Do not fail to call on us when in want of
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes. We* are
agents for the celebrated "Haple Leaf
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
•/•■*n i m'
Conel-enx.. Wine Effect*.* In Salaries
—Squabble Arises Ovor Some Printing
bat Home Paper Bute It—Clerk Bent-j
ley Leaves Town Next Week.
Men's laced high, and low
Men's Overs
Hen's i and 2 buckle
Men's flanitobas        1	
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and
Overs in all sizes.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular hotel ia convenient to the boats «*_ trains.   Tha dining renin
»•. ».i itily op 10 dn.c while the bar is supplied with the bsst in th* market.
D A TCC e   Tra-tiling; men, Ming Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dBJT!
KA I £_0 .     w|i|)t.i)tS:twpl.'I{m.ms.$2;h.uini$8p<TWeek;nieitls.-I5j
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
jt    REASONABLE PRICES.    .     .    -^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
can be made by wearing
one of the	
Stylish Suits
made from  the lirst imported Worsteds, Serges,
Or Tweed ..aconsi n n *u
of whieh has just lieen
received for winter trade.
Work, Fit  and  Finish
are -guaranteed.
Few Lines of Gents*  Furnishing
aro still left from the stock of the late A.
David and they must be sold off nt ouee.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C
Next door to Postofflce.
Aid, Madden was the only absentee
at Mouday night's meeting of the city
council, he having been called to Nelson by the death of his infant daughter.
Communications read: From D. St.
Denis, manager of the 0. S. Lumber
Co., granting permission to the city to
cross certain of their lots with piles.
Ordered spread on minutes.
From City Solicitor Jorand, stating
Supt. Bus-teed had referred the matter
of the lease of the C.P.R. right of way
in block F to the mill company to
former Supt. Downie, who had conducted the negotiations. Also that
bylaws 19 and 20 had been registered
and were now law.   Filed.
From the New Denver Ledge, offering to print 300assessment notices for
At last meeting the clerk was instructed to get the notices printed,
presumably by The Drill. During
the week the mavor wrote to R T.
Lowery for his price. The clerk then
referred the matter back to council for
The mayor said it was a question of
economy and they must get the work j
done where they .could  get   it the
The scribe stated he had got the
work two vears ago in open competition Tor $.7.25, being aliout $3 lower
than his competitor. He would not
meet the Ledge's cut rate, but would
abide by the price of the Nelson News,
which was accustomed to municipal
work. There had always been in the
council a feeling of antagonism to the
local paper.though without just cause.
Thev were charged the same price for
work that individuals were, and the
prices for advertisements were at government rates. There had never been
any attempt at a holdtip,and the local
paper would willingly compare prices
with papers-in the neighboring cities.
The trdt)ttteR «vlli*d for the union lain*!'
on all work.
The mayor could not see that it was j
necessary to have the union label on
city work.   "Tliey were not bound by
actions of past councils.   They made
their own minutes.
Aid.   Worden  did  uot  believe in
sending out of town for work,biit they | ,ome _r
must save money, and the local paper
was too high.
Aid. Teeter and Henderson stuck!
up for local paper, holding that it was
not right to seud out of town, or to
run up against cut prices. So long as
the home paper was auy ways reason-,
able it shmiki lie supported.
Moro discussion followed, the scrilie
agreeing to abide by price of Nelson
Aid. Teeter moved that the cierk lx*
advised to procure what stationery
was needed from the local paper.
Seconded by Aid.Worden and carried.
Bills presented: Wm. Koch, use of
team aud driver last April, §8; H. R.
Jorand, disbursements, $2.20; A. R.
Bolderston, supplies $1.30. Ordered
The mayor inquired if motions passed by previous council were binding,
there being one ou the book that all
bills should lie referred to the finance
committee.   .Nobody knew.
Payroll for January, including the
clerk's salary to date, was presented
and ordered paid. It amounted to
Finance committee reported in favor of bills amounting to $11. Ordered paid.
Clerk asked for funds to advertise
court of revision in the Gazette. Ordered paid from petty cash.
Clerk asked to have his accounts
audited liefore relinquishingoffice.and
the return of his bOod. Granted, H.
I). Curtis to do the auditing.
Bvlaw No. 21, for raising a temporary loan of $2<XX>, was brought up aud
given its socoud reading. Accepted
as road.
Ald.Worden.for the lioard of works,
Stated that tenders had Deen invited
for the protective works to Springer
oreek. A number of changes had luen
made in the original specilications. all
tending to strengthen the work. A
copy of the notice was presented. .indorsed by council.
Aid. Henderson Inquired what the
city would do if tliey found they could
not drive piles along the creek. It
would talie a big sum to crib it.
Aid. Smith stated tho engineer did
not anticipate any trouble from the
Aid. Worden Inquired If the govern
ment did not owe thr* citv some buck
taxes, aud wondered if they could not
ret at them.   He believed thoro was
.$r>() or more due.
On motion of Aid. Worden and
Teeter, the clerk was instructed to
write Oovernment, Agent Chipman on
the subject.
His worship remarked it was uow
up to the council to appoint a new city
Aid. Teeter asked if any applications had been received for tho jot*
and was informed not.
Aid. Smith guessed that nobody
wanted the job, in which Aid. Henderson coincided.
Aid. Teeter said some people had
spoken to him and he had told them
to send in their applications, but it
looked as if nobody wanted it. He
did not know how to proceed in the
The mayor remarked that as the
office became vacant on the 18th,
something must be done.
Cierk Bentley, queried by Ald.Hen-
derson, stated he intended leaving the
city on the 23rd, and had begun to
think of leaving since the 18th of last
month.   He was going to Enderby.
Aid. Teeter asked to leave matter
over and ca'l a special meeting on the
The mayor had thought out a plan
along the lines of economy. That was
his strong card, economy. Times were
haid in the citv, and they needed to
save every dollar they could in their
business; so also with the city. The
policeman was not doing much work
for his salary,and they could give him
a small raise and he could look after
the minutes. Mr. Anderson could be
collector and treasurer at $25 a month,
and then they could appoint Mr. Curtis assessor for $75 a year. The three
would total $795 for the year, which
was quite a saving.
Aid. Smith said the treasurer's work
was increasing and that arrangement
would save his salary.
The mayor stated it was the most
economical way he could think of.
The city solicitor had said the treasurer could be collector.
After more discussion, Aid. Smith
moved that J.A. Anderson be appoiut-
•ud collector and treasurer, at $25 per
month. Seconded by Aid. Teeter and
Aid. Worden and Teeter moved that
John Pinchbeck be appointed clerk,
for taking dowu minutes aud answering correspondence, he to get $5 extra
for the job. in conjunction with his
office as ehief of police, for which he
receives $30 per mouth.   Carried.
Aid. Henderson and Smith moved
that H. D. Curtis be appointed assessor for the year, at a salary of $76 for
the rear.   Carried.
Aid. Worden spoke of the condition
of the sidewalks, and asked if something .mild not lie done to cleati them
Council adjourned.
yielding 227.4 oz silver, 14.2 per cent
lead, and 21.9 per cent ziuc to the ton.
The shippers were fortunate in catching silver on the rise, getting 58£ cents
per oz. The net proceeds of the lot
amounted to $1120.36. Tom Mulvey
had charge of the sorting at the mine
and did his work well.
Work nioa at the Enterprise Full* Dawn a
L. Maedonald, employed nt the
Enterprise, had a close shave for his
life on Saturday. He was going up a
chute from the No. 3 tunnel, carrying
a load of steel in a sack over his shoulder. When np 25 feet the steel shifted and Maedonald lost his hold on the
ladder and fell backwards down the
chute. In falling he struck the bulk
head and turned over, so breaking the
force of the drop. He landed in the
drift below with a heavy thud. His
companions rushed to his assistance
and the injured man was taken to the
bunkhouse, from whence he was seut
down to the boat landing and thence
to the hospital here in the evening.
No bones were broken, though Mac-
donakfs head was cut and his side
bruised. He will soon be all right,but
he had a close call.
MHr Applicants far Postofflce.
A new fever of excitement has hit
the burg, this time arising over the
question of a postmaster. R. A.Bradshaw, now in Toronto, is resigning hs
position as postmaster here, and there
tie many who covet the position. A
dozen or more applications have been
sent in, most of them of course from
local men. A petition was circulated
last week for the government to appoint A. R. Bolderston, at present in
charge of the office, aud there weie
numerous signatures. However, ia
the p. suiou ia a Grit gift, there is
no doubt oue of the faithful will get
it. Who it will it be? is the all important query.
Last Toar's Shipments Were 1339 Tens—
A Healthy Kvldcnce or the Life aad
Wealth of tha Camp—Enterprise the
Biggest Shipper.
There has been an extra good showing nude by the camp during the
week for ore shipments, three properties being represented, with a total of
62 tons. The Enterprise sent out 40
tons nnd the Ottawa followed with 20.
The remaining 2 tous came from the
Sapphire, on Twelve Mile. Almost all
the ore from hero is now handled at
the Nelson smelter, The tonnage for
the year is about equal to that for the
same time in 1903. Seven properties
are so far on the shipping list, with
others in sight, including the Alberta
and Argentite. To date exports total
256 tons.
For 1903 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      40
Ottawa     20
Neepawa     '
Port Hope	
Black Prince	
Sapphire       2
Those  Who  Wero  Dressed  li
rrelty Clothes.
The first fancy dress carnival of the
season was held at the skating rink on
Friday night, and was fairly well at
tended.   Some of the costumes were
decidedly pretty.   Only a partial list
of the costumers could be obtained
aud they are as follows:
Frances Tutcher, Joan of Arc
Florence Bull, Bo-Beep
Alma Baty, Spanish Girl
Nellie Terry, Highland Lassie
Miss Webb, Mother Hubbard
Miss  Campbell-Johnston,   Egyptian
Miss W. McMillan, Dancing Girl
Mrs. McNeish, New Woman
Mrs. W. Hicks, Snowstorm
W. Foley, Page
J. Milne, Clown
W. Jacobs,-South African Soldier
J. Gormley, do.
F. Lavell, Johnny-conie-Lately
J. Wafer, Tourney Guard
W. Wilson, Coon Gent
L. Knowles, Spanish Marquis.
Miss W. McMillan won the prize as
the best lady skater, Mrs. Hicks as
the best lady costume, and L.Knowles
as the best gent costume.
Ks-Mayer York Visits Slocan
Last Thursday Sloean's first mayor,
Arch. York,arrived in from Edmonton
ou a business trip. He was warmly
greeted and spent a happy time. Since
going to Edmonton Mr. York has
prospered exceedingly. Being of a
speculative turn of mind, he has dabbled in a number of ventures and
made money iu theni all. At present
Mr. York is conducting a wholesale
fruit and dairy produce business and
is building up a very profitable trade
He is very enthusiastic over his new
home and predicts that it will lie a
very large city. All tho Kootenny
people up there ite making mouey.
On Friday evening Mr. York was ten-
Recovering the Bullion.
An unusual source of entertainment
has been provided by the operations
of Diver Moore during the week. He
located the lost car and got to work
on it Friday. It was found broken iu
two and held by the truss rods, but
with no bullion in either end. Cables
were fastep-d to the car, but the
steam derrick vas not powerful enough
to lift it from the mud. All told about
700 bars of bullion were in the car
when lost, and the majority of the?e
have been recovered. The lantern of
the dead brakeman was found, bit
nothing was seen of the body of the
poor fellow.
Want a Receiver.
A friendly action has been iustituted
by stockholders in the Kettle River
Power Co., which supplies the Boundary towns r\nd mines with electricity,
for the appoiutment of a receiver, so
as to safeguard the property. The
shutdown of the Snowsnoe hit the
company hard. It is believed the concern will soon be on its feet agaiu, as
arrangements are beiug perfected for
the disposal of all its power.
Almost Another Fire.
There was almost another blaze at
the Arlington Hotel on Tuesday evening. The hanging lamp in the parlor
got out of order and some surface oil
took fire, dropping on to the centre
table and carpet. When noticed there
was a nice little hl.izu developing nnd
the room was full of <moke. Men
around the house swamp. <i out the
fire before auy damage was done.
Le Roi !•» Forlaaate.
The new ore body iu the Le Roi. at
Rosslaud. has been uncovered in the
800. the 1)00 and the 1350 foot levels.
The ore is the usual gold-copper and
has been found south of the old workings in the mine. Its discovery is the
result of development work which has
been going on for the past year. The
ore varies greatly in value.but most of
it runs $12 to $15.
The Reco is [shipping a great deal
of ore.
A force of 60 men is employed at
the Ivanhoe.
Two shifts are errpbyed at tho
Ivanhoe mill.
Sloean ore shipments are in excess
of 2100 tons..
An ore sorter has been added to tho
force at the Bell.
Last week the Sandon mines sent
out 261 tons of ore.
Some ore was brought dowu from
the Bell on Weduesday.
The Ottawa shipped a carload of
high grade ore during the week.
Seattle parties have purchased tho
Michigan group, in the Poplar creek
The fourth cleanup of the Calumet
stamp mill, at Camborne, has yielded
The Payne is shipping its iron ore,
obtained from the mill, to the Trail
Boundary's shipneuts last week
were 15,88*1 tous, or 100,480 tons this
year to date.
Both the Ottawa and Black Prince
are iu promising shape, with an abundance of ore in sight.
G. W. Vogel, of Seattle, has bought
the Joker and Thelma claims, in the
Poplar camp. They adjoiu the Swede
O. Hamilton, formerly of this town,
has sold his interest in tho Lucky
Jack group, Poplar creek, to B.Crilly,
for $6000.
The Rabbit Paw-Slocnu Star case
has been occupying the attention of
the supreme court at Nelson for the
past week.
Tho Pioneer Miuing Co., who are
operating the Bank of England claim,
brought iu three mouths' supplies last
week from Nelson.
N. F. McNaught, of Silverton. has
purchased a sixth interest in the Club
claim from John Wafer, giving ■•■■•**
control of the group.
Record for Ore Ilaalh.g.
Tom Cottingham, one of W. Koch's
teamsters on Ten Mile, la6t week
broke all records for hauling ore in
this camp. In two loads he brought
down from the Enterprise upwards of
a carload of ore. Tho first load had a
little over 10 tons on, while the second
t- -,---- »     ..      - ,,, . had a dead weight of 11 tons 140 lbs.
dend a complimentary «1PP« M *_?' That is a inightv big load for a four-
Arlington hotel, some 18 or 20 friends   *'"""*'   K   "     H
_L ■ ______________________
gathering at the festive lioard. A*|
number of songs and ipeeohei were
(riven and enjoyable time sjient. Next
day Mr. York left ou a trip through
High 'TadeOre.
On Monday the lessees of the Black
Prince received the returns upon the
last shipment of ore made to Nelson,
and the figures wore better than ex-
pjoteda   The oro weighed 20,314 lbs..
horse team.
Silver Quotations.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Saturday. ^^^^^^^^^^
Monday     59
562 cents
B8J   "
68}   "
Wednesday     55*
Berlin, Feb. 18. Russians lost 17
officers 488 men by destruction of the
cruisers Variag and Korietz nt Chemulpo.
Seoul, 18. -3000 Russians camped
ou the Yalu, opposite Wiju.
St. Petersburg, 18.   Czar states Jap
victories due to   Russian unprepared
Port Arthur, 18- -Admiral AlexiofT
shoots naval lieutenant for negligence
in allowing Jap's first victory.
New York, 18 —Missionaries state
Russian victory means closing Korea
and Manchuria to Protestantism,
Lindon, 18 Pandemonium reigned
for several davs nt Kostoff.
Affairs in the Caucasus are very unsatisfactory.
Hnpplitre Makes SimhII .Shipment.
M. Cameron went up to Twelve Mile
on Friday and packed down a couple
of tons of ore from the Sappliii'e.wliich
was sent to Nelson by the les.--.ei.>..
Two men are working on the property and are meeting with success
Subscribe for Tnp. Priil.
~fer ' .-
i ■•
] ■
Copyright, IMS, by T. C. McClure
"1 know I'd oughtn't to mind it,"
whispered Luclnda repentantly to herself as she pushed another pie Into the
oven. "John an' me done been married six months now, an' 'cept for one
thing I ain't got a sorrer."
Sbe shut the door resolutely on the
pie, as though to Inclose her secret care
ln the oven also, and then went deftly
around the sunny kitchen putting housewifely touches here and there.
No prettier girl tban Luclnda was
ever born ln quiet little Greenville.
Bhe was so pretty indeed that when
Jobn Logan, a widower of thirty-eight,
married her and bore ber away to bis
home ln a Georgia village there were
many to predict that Luclnda would
spend most of her time "primping."
But no girl was ever more auxious
to win her husband's praise, and it
was the qualifications attending tbat
praise that troubled her sorely.
Out ln the daisied Lafayette cemetery slept all that was left of Martha
Logan, his first wife. Her tombstone
was almost a monument Clearly cut
on its chaste surface was tbe following epitaph:
 , i,
To the Memory ot
of  Her  Unexam-
pled Virtues
as a Wife.
Merely the word "virtues" was a
crown of praise iudeed. But "unexampled" before It gave crushing
weight to Jobn Logan's constant recital of his dead partner's perfections.
No matter how flaky Lucinda's pies
nnd biscuit, tbe utmost she could win
from Jobn was a gentle—
"Nearly ns good as Martha's, dear.
Jest keep on—you'll get tbere."
Once wben Luclnda, provoked over
some little thing, raised her sweet
voice a trifle shrilly John said slowly:
"Martha used to get fretted sometimes, I guess, but she had a motto
she kept pasted up on the wall. Took It
from a play actor's book, but 'twas
good. Ran about like this: 'Her voice
was low and soft oilers—an excellent
tblug In woman.'"
And Luclnda bad blushed scarlet and
lowered hers. A hatred which she felt
to be Inexpressibly wicked swelled at
last in the girl's heart. Ofteu when site
passed the cemetery ou her way from
the village store sbe felt au urgent desire to go ln aud defy tho sleeper with
scornful words.
She put away the thought again and
again, but at Inst it overcame her. Ono
musky summer evening, John not being
due till late, she found herself standing
beside Martha's stately tomb in the
cold moonlight.
"I bate you I" she cried. "I hate you—
you detestable woman!"
Tbe sound of ber voice echoed
through the pale little congregation of
the dead and terrified her, but she rallied.
"Yes; I mean It! I want you to hear!
I don't believe you are ln heaven.
You're under tbat stone, putting ideas
in John's head every dny I"
"Ahem," said a voice dryly.
"Why, Uncle Lemuel!" gasped Luclnda, recognizing a vlllngo patriarch universally called by that name. "Was
you listening}"
"Don't have to do much listenln'
when folks ls shoutln' like you was,"
returned Uncle Lemuel, still more dryly.
Luclnda bung ber pretty head, then
burst Into a flood of tears.
"Sbe takes It all-all!" sbe walled.
"No matter bow patient I am, I kaln't
be as putlent as sbe was fior so low
voiced nor such a c-c-c-cook."
Uncle Lemuel seated himself on •
convenient corner of the tombstone.
"'S that so?" he remarked, with a
curious Inflection ln tits voice. "Wanl,
I kin tell you somethln' of her cook-
In' "-
Luclnda sat upright, wltb blazing
"Be quiet," she said, beside herself.
Was she to hear Martha's praises even
"Her cakes," went on Uncle Lemuel,
untroubled, "would hnve made ex'lent
military fort'flcntlons; her pie crust
wus a cross between Injer rubber an'
glue, an' fer her biscuits"— He paused
■nd shuddered.
"Uncle Lemuel," stsmmered Lndn*
_n, "d'you know what you're sayln'?"
"Beckon so," returned Lemuel calm
ly. "1 boarded with Martby an' John a
month. Took myself off nrter that.
She scolded from mornin' to nlgbt.
She pecked ou John till ef he badu't
been the kindest hearted feller in the
world he'd 'a' beat her. 'Unexampled
virtues,' indeed!" chuckled the old man.
"But why, then-*-why," gasped Luclnda, now on her feet and pointing
tragically to the elegant inscription--
"why did he have that dedication wrote
The old man chuckled again.
"He done the wbole tblng on your
"On mine—on mine"—
"Jest so. He come to me an' he says,
'Uncle,' he says, 'I'm goin' to marry
the prettiest girl In the world, an' ef
so be she don't make a good wife'twill
break my heart I laid awake for
weeks, God knows,' be says, 'thlnkin'
how to guide ber right I kaln't hector a woman. An' so,' be says, 'I'm
goin' to let Martby do me one good
turn. I'm goln' to let ber be a sblnln'
ensample of the way Luclnda sball
"And she really"-
"Was ,y*e orfulest cross a man ever
stood. Sence you kept bis bouse you've
made lt like heaven to blm. He tells
me so every day. But ifs time you
should know the trutb, Luclnda. I
see you're gettln' kinder angry ut tbe
trick, Luclnda, specially as you uever
did need no such guidance. But ef
you'd 'a' known bis former sperlencea,
Uncle Lemuel broke Into a fit of
laughter tbat rang scandalously clear
through tbe graveyard. After a short
pause Luclnda, among whose rare gifts
was a sense of humor, joined him.
It was 9 o'clock before Jobn Logan
came borne. As he sat down to tbe
daintiest of suppers and fell to, Lucln-
dy, sitting opposite wltb dancing eyes
and rose pink cheeks, asked smilingly:
"How's your coffee, John?"
"Best I"— be began. Then, true to
his formula, be said kindly, "Nigh as
good as Martby's used to be."
"Jobn," said Lucinda, wltb a sudden
gravity, yet belied by ber still dancing
eyes, "John, I've sad news for you."
Then, as he held his cup In midair, she
added mournfully, "Martha ls dead!"
The coffee cup went crashing on the
floor as John sprang up.
"Dead! Wbat do you mean, Luclnda? You know she's been dead five
Lucinda smiled serenely.
"No, sbe hasn't, John, but she died
this evening—there In the churchyard—
at 7 o'clock!"
., a'« ■» .»-» . »'»-»-«-»-a--»-a imn I . . I s—iQ
... By ...
CopyrtflJit, 190S, by T. C McClure
The Hero.
He wus a thoughtful citizen and
kindly withal.
The building upon whicb bis eyes
were fastened was in flames.
Kroui a third story window protruded a head.
It was a disheveled bead bearing a
child's golden curls.
At home a little golden haired girl
was awaiting blm.
Wbat If that were bis own?
The Impulse to tear.his coat from his
manly form and rush up the ladder to
seize the child and bear ber to safety
was strong upon blm.
Uow strong nobody but himself
For another feeling bad come over
lie tbougbt: "Suppose I should rush
up to tbat window and save that child.
The papers would be full of it I
Bhould become a hero. Some fireman
would thus be cheated out of bis just
meed of praise. Whatever I am I am
not selfish and greedy. Let tbe other
man have tbe glory. I sball sacrifice
my personal Interests and remain a
humble citizen."
Saying wblcb wise and courageous
things within himself, be stood without moving a muscle while a large and
brawny fireman carried tbe little girl
down n ladder and placed her in the
arms of her frantic mother.
Moral.—True heroism often exists in
men who are too modest to let tbe public even suspect it—-Baltimore American.
Abby sat rocking by the south window, listening resignedly to her mother's lamentations and reproaches. She
had assumed about as awkward und |
uncomfortable a position as she could
well have Invented, with oue foot
drawn up aud ber bauds clasped
around ber knee. .    .
The old rocker lurched and grumbled querulously. Her best blue lnwu
dress was tumbled and crumply. tier
bat pins and tbe summer breeze bad
conspired to muss her hair and make It
untidy, lt straggled unbecomingly behind her cars and at the nape of her
"Another unsuccessful quest," said
Roger Sterling to himself, with a satirical smile. From his cool library
across the hall he could see Abby, with
the strong light pelting in over ber
at the worst possible nngle. He could
also hear most of Mrs. Gardener's remarks, for, ns that matter of fact matron snld, she was so used to her literary boarder she didn't mind him about
tbe house any more thnn a cat.
"Nobody'd expect you'd get a position that -took any kind of bruins like
Trix's and Mab's," Mrs. Gardeners
energetic voice proclaimed, "but a little old district school like that! I don't
hardly see how you could have helped
gettlug lt If you tried to."
"My dates go wrong," confessed Abby meekly. "The committee said that,
according to my Information, thc Declaration of Independence must have
been signed several years before America was discovered."
"Well, 'tuiu't any use to say anything more. If u body ain't got a
braiu you can't give 'em one! You better gather up your duds and put 'cm
away. And I don't know aa It's worth
while to huut another plnce for you.
I reckon you was cut out for a failure."
Mrs. Gardener settled back iuto a
displeased silence rather more depressing than her previous harangue had
been. Abby. arose with a patient sigh,
gathered up her hat, gloves and parasol and trailed limply away.
Roger Sterling looked after her With
more pity and  less amusement than
Two Ways of Seeta* _ Pletare.
An artist had sold a picture for an
exorbitant price, and the purchaser
sued to recover. The barrister for tbe
purcbuser was making tbe artist uncomfortable by bis questions.
"Now. sir," be said ln that pleasant,
Ingratiating manner of lawyers wltb a
witness, "do you tblnk anybody could
see beauty In tbat picture?"
"Some porsons certainly could," replied tbe artist.
"You think tbe initiated ln technical
matters might bave no difficulty in understanding your work?"
"I am sure they would not."
"Do you think you could make me
see any beauty In tbnt picture?" this
most superciliously.
"Probably not now, sir," and the artist was most bumble, "but once I
could bave doue so easily."
"Now, sir, bow ls that? I don't understand you.   Explain If you please."
"'ihat's quite easy, sir. I could have
done It simply by employing you as my
counsel ln tbls case," — London Tlt-
A  Hunless  Island  Colony.
On a small Island In the Greek archipelago there is a colony which is
composed entirely of women. It Is a
sort of religious order Which eonslders
It it disgrace for one of Its members to
even look ut a mnn. So when a fisherman approaches the Island tbe women
pull the gray cowls of their cassocks
over their bends nnd turn their backs.
Provisions arc never Imported, as tbe
women raise their own products, being
strict vegetarians. Only the matron,
wbo Is annually elected bead of thc colony, Is ever allowed to leave tbe Island.
The others remain on the Island all
their lives, taking their turn at tilling
the soil, washing, housekeeping and
she usually excited in his mind, ne
was accustomed lo taking Abby, wltb
ber awkwardness nnd angles und her
perennial and futile search for positions, as something of a joke or, at
leust, material for humorous short
stories. Just now he was wondering
If tliere were no nngulnr, three cornered niches luto which such women could
be made to fit.
As for Abby, she went Into her owa
room and sat dowu on a tall, straight
chair, pondering. There was nothing
for her to do ubout the house. Her
mother wus a hearty, capable woman,
whoso pride and boast It was that she
chose to do all her own housework
and allowed no assistance from her
girls or any one else.
"If she would only let nie stay quietly ut home and help her," meditated
Abby, "I wouldn't always feel so superfluous and guilty. We don't need
the money, and I'll never get n position lu n century. Well, If I am a full-
lire, us mother says, I might its well
make the best of it and be as good a
failure as I can, so I guess I'll go to
work and dnrn my stockings."
Roger Sterling, passing down the
walk on his.wny to town, saw her at
the window rocking und darning.
"Poor girl!" he thought, with enrc-
less compassion. "Of all dismal nnd
disconsolate beings I think nn Inenpn-
l.lc woman Is the most hopeless."
The afternoon was growing lato
when lie returned hy way of the hack
porch, nR he was privileged to do.
Something unusual seemed to be transpiring. Tbe footsteps tripping about
tlie kitchen were not those of weighty
Mrs. Gardi 9.   lie looked in the door
and beheld Abby- poor, limp, incapable Abby—but she was neither limp nor
incapable now. Her face, which usually wore an expression of amiable dis-
couragementi   was   beaming    rosily
through the hazy steam of some frn-
grant beverage she was brewing over
tin.- gas stove. Her slim llgure, always ut a disadvantage In lawn and
lace, was shapely nnd trim In n tidily
buttoned conking apron. She was sup
pie and springy ami alert; she was
brisk und alive with purpose and energy.
She liw Roger all of a sudden gns-
ing   at   her In wonder   through   the
Steamy mist
"Mother bas a chill," she explained
concisely. "I've got to fix her up and
then get supper for you." In spite of
her filial anxiety her eyes shone.
He cume forward as she started
away like a rosy spirit in a cloud of
vapor. "Can't I belp you somehow?"
"Yes. Bring that hot water bottle,
and come quick."
"Jerushal Sbe didn't ask me; sbe ordered," said Roger to himself, with a
grin of amusement, as he tagged along
after tbe skimming goddess-like form.
"More hot stuff!" groaned Mrs. Gardener as the odor of Abby's brew smote
her from afar. "I'm warmer now, Abby, In this mountain of blankets you
put over me und with the hot iron. I
think I'm getting over the chill, and
I'll try and get up after a little and seo
"Not a bit of it you won't" Abby's
voice was low and tranquil, but Roger
nmrked the firm undercurrent. "You
are not going to do ono thing today nor
until you are perfectly well.. You must
blink this hot lemonade and go to sleep
if you cau. Give me the hot water bottle, Mr. Sterling. There, now."
As Abby tucked down the blankets
and patted them Mrs. Gardener settled
submissively and sleepily Into her pillows. "If you thluk you can get sup*
"I'll belp her," shouted Roger eagerly.
"Shan't I, Miss Abby? What'U I do
"Fill the teakettle," directed Abby;
"then I'll let you set the table. But,
mind you, don't meddle with that cocoanut layer cake on the third pantry
shelf, right hand side."
"Glad you told me exactly where lt
wus, so slick. I shall have It for my
supper," announced Roger, traveling off
kitcheuward with alacrity, while Abby
flew along after like a lapwing nnd arrived first at the goal, with a new and
bewildering display of roses In her
After a week of Abby's care and coddling Mrs. Gardener was allowed to sit
up on the shady porch. She leaned
back in her big rocker with a delightful sense of some protecting influence
about ber.
"How nice It is to think there's some
one to depend on in a pinch!" she said
to Roger, Who was making a lattice for
Abby's late flowering bean vines.
"Who'd ever thought Abby 'd turn out
such a good nurse aud housekeeper after all her failures at everything else? I
shall just keep her now to help me with
the work."
"Oh, no, you can't, ma'am," said Roger, pausing suddenly In his task, "because, you see, she has secured a position."
"Hey?" gasped Mrs. Gardener blankly.   "Abby—n position!"
"Yes," returned Roger calmly, driving
iu n-nall. "I have engaged Abby myself."
* ~     "" ~~ *        .-*..'
Quieting ■  Bully.
A man was brought up In a provisional court on a charge of stealing
a sack of Hour and wus very severely
handled by the prosecuting lawyer,
wbo hnd once mado himself notorious
by going Into bankruptcy, which was
the only means by which he could escape bis debts.
"You admit that you stole the sack
of flour?" questioned counsel sternly.
"Yes, but I took it honestly and ln
broad daylight to save my children
from starvation," pleaded the prisoner.
"You call that honestly, do you?"
sneered the lawyer. "I call It amazing impudence. Stealing ls stealing
from whatever point of view you care
to look at lt"
"Just so, mister, but it dou't alius
bring the same punishment," retorted
the man in the dock. "For instance,
I shouldn't have been here now if I'd
done ns you used to do—bought, or ordered, the flour nnd never paid for lt!"
And even the magistrate chuckled
behind his papers ut the bullying law*
yer's discomfiture.—London Tlt-Blts.
THOU who, as Winsome Winnie says,
Dost  "turn the building on and
Give ear, I pray thee, to my prayer,
That's interrupted by a cough.
There's gooseflesh on my personage.
There's chilblains on my aching feet;
O Janitor, please, Janitor,
Olve us a tiny bit of heutl
We've lost the Iceman's friendship, for
We have no use for Mra or his.
Tha Ice he furnishes ain't half
As cold as all my family Is.
My wife and little ones weep hall
That sounds like buckshot on ths floor;
Please give us heat or. Janitor,
We never will be warm some morel
Last night I lay awake and wept
To think thut when the morning came
I'd have to get mo up and dressed
And start once more ths freezing game,
Each child Is shaking like a leaf
Of poplur in a summer storm,
And now and then I see them crawl
Into the ice chest to get warm.
O Janitor, henr now the curse
That shall be thine If thou dost not
Olve ear unto our freezing plaint
And make this flat all nice and hot:
May you through all eternity
Sit on nn Iceberg stark and bare
Tho while a million palm leaf fane
Keep stirring up the icy air!
—Baltimore American.
An Oriental Love Letter.
English is put to strange and eloquent
uses ln the orient. Here, for Instance,
is a letter addressed to a native gentleman by a youth seeking the bnnd ot
bis daughter:
To Baboo —, Paternal Father of Miss
Dear Sir—It Is with a faltering penmanship thut I write to have communication
with you iilinut the prospective condition
of your damsel offspring. For some remote time to past n secret passion has
llrltig my bosom Internally with loving for
your daughter. 1 have navigated every
I'lniiin.'l In tho magnitude of my extensive
Jurisdiction to cruelly smother the growing love knot that Is being constructed in
my wlthlnside, but the humid lamp of affection trimmed by Cupid's productive
hand still nourishes my love sickened
heurt. Needless would it bo for me to
numerically extemporize the great conflagration thut bus been generated tn my
head and heart. Hoping that having de-
batiad this proposition to your pregnant
mlnil you will concorduntly corroborate
lu espoilslng your female progeny to my
tender bosom and thereby acquire me Into
your family circle. Your dutiful son-in-
—Harper's Weekly.
A Farced  Laugh.
Jimmie—Sny, ain't you got no more
sense dan ter laugh at n feller wot's
got a tootuche?
Willie—I nin't laffln 'cause you got lt
I'm laffln 'cause I ain't got it—New
York Times.
Woman's Progress.
"Do you think woman bas really progressed so much?"
"She does not seem to be prized as
much us she was formerly."
"How do you make thut out?"
"Well, the man in search of a wife
used to consider her worth stealing
once. Then he gnve up his stealing
habits, except for an occasional lapse,
but he still considered her worth buy-
lug, aud his success corresponded wltb
his financial rating.   Now"—
"Well, what now?"
"Why, he demands a cash bonus now,
60 tbat In effect she has to buy him."—
Chlcngo Post.
Sclentlflcnllr Considered.
"If I give you something to eat, will
you chop some wood?"
"Lady," answered Meandering Mike,
"dat's one of dem hypothetical questions. You know digestion draws de
blood from de head, which has a tendency ter weaken de intelligence an'
de will pswer. If I was ter surprise me
system wit' a square meal, dere's no
tellln' what 1 might do."—Washington
A Smart  Scholar.
A Sunday school teacher recently
told her class ubout tbe cruelty Involved ln docking horses. "Can auy little girl tell me," she said, "of an appropriate verse of Scripture referring
to such treatment?"
There wns u pause, and then a small
girl arose nud said solemnly, "What
(lo.l hath Joined together, let no man
put asunder."—Journal of Education.
A Connoisseur In Wines.
Cheepley—Say, old man, this ls pretty good stuff.
Gestley (proud of his wine cellar)—
Well, rather. That wine is at least
fifty years old.
Cheopley—Gee whiz! It must have
( been grent when lt wus fresh!—Philadelphia Press.
Ko Good.
Took Hlm  For a Gentleman.
A bookseller In New York city tells
a story which admirably Illustrates
the tact nnd humor of Bernnrd Qua-
rltcli, tho London dealer In books and
mnnuscrlpts. The New York man visited Quilt-Itch's shop for tho purpose of
obtaining n number of valuable scientific works. After making his selection
lie stepped up to Mr. Quarltcb and
nsked tho price. As Mr. Qunrltch begun to quote the figures the American
Interrupted blm, saying: "But I nm a
denier myself. What nre the trnde
prices?" "Oh," replied tho famous
bookman, "I thought you were a gen*
tleinnn." Tho American wns taken
aback for n moment, but only for a moment,  for Mr.  Qunrltch held out bis
band and said smilingly: "Rut i am
delighted to Iiud that ymi are not only
a gentleman, but n dealer as well. The
trade discount is one-third off."
"Dut old adage "bout pit-kin' u pin
up is on de blink."
"How so?"
"I seen a diamond pin onct—on a
lady's ilressln' table-an' here I am."—
San Francisco Examiner.
The  llachelor's  I'salm.
Lives of henpecked men remind ua
Who huve not us yet been euught
Tliut wc might leave sons behind us,
But we rulher guess we'll net.
She Mint's trim muy be a fnt one;
She that's sweet some duy be grim,
Winn by merely looking ut one
She will squelch the soul In him.
Lpt us then go billing, cooing; j
Let us call tliem sweet and fair;
It Is lovsly to he wooing,
But you'd better stop right there.
-Chjosge iucord-H«rsi4 J
A Suggestion M to How to Uum-,1 a
the Trouble Ml IU  Pernlolom _3
Effects. **
more    generally    known,
makes   its   appearance
Every  winter influenza, 0
. "''••' J
in   CanuiU
Every few years ii spreads   ;,   i
sums* alarming proportions.  ' ],-.
all   appearances   this   i.s  ,,,,,. Q. 0*
yeurs  In  which  It. will selz
great   number of   victims,   for"™ '
day new casus are reported,     \!t
Scarlet and typhoid  fever,  ihn    ij
effects   of  (flip  art-  often   wiirsa til
the disease Itsolf.    The stilTurer is nl
with a debilitated system, short 4
bri-nlh    upon   the   slightest i*\i|i;f
subject  to heiulurhe uml heaii  |,„y
tat ion,   affected    by  every chana*
the  weuther,  uml   in  u  physical r,2
ililien   to  invite  the  attack o( iJj
serious   dist-usus,   such   as  piiuuinol
und Consumption,
A   timely  suggestion as to howl
enable the system to resist  the J
roads   ami   its   ufter effects, u ci"
hy Mrs. Emma Doucett, si   |.-,,
lino.,   who  says  —"I   had  nn Rttjjj
of the grip   which  left  me u smfri
from headache, pains in th,- stow*
and general weakness,   i used Sl.V(.ri
medicines  but found nothing  t,. i,,
me    until   1  lu-unn  to tako Hi.«
llama' Pink I'ikls.   When i begun i
take these pills I wus very much if
down and vory weak, bul   limy >,„
began  to  help  me,  and   after   i;hi
them u few weeks J  was nol only
well  as ever Ixit  had gained in ilu
as well.     1 can hardly toll you L
plensml I am with Dr. Williams' w
Tills, f.ir I wus tooling verj la,Ha
when 1 begun their us.
These pills cure by making n*i
rich, red blood, thus st i.-in;lit..|ii,
every purt of the body and onalillj
it to throw ofljlisease \ ou can
ways avoid intitutions bv seeing thi
the full nume. "Dr. Williams' Iii
l'ills for Pale People," is nrintcJI
the wrapper iiround every lio<   s
by ull medicine dealers or suit tost
id at 50 cents a box ot iix l«
32.50   by  writing   the   In
Medicine Co., Brockville, Oi
U ilium
The Brighton, England, .\qtiorii
has 41 tanks, and is 715 feet iongj
100 feet wide. It is the liirp.-itj
the world.
A  fancied wrong is harder to
than the real thin;<.
We Convince Sceptic
Colds, Catarrh, and Cats
Hoadacho Relieved in
Minutes and Cured by
Agnew's Catarrhal Powii
Hem's   one   ol  a   thousand   such
ind.lies.     Uev.   A.   IV  Ilucklev. >.l IU
aa.*..*. "1   wish    all    to  know   •■...
blsssing lir. Airnew's Catarrhal li
i.s in n case of Catarrh. 1 was tr..,.!
willi ihis .lisesse for year-., t...t 'hei
time I used this remedy it cave ii,.i',I
lilthlful relief. I now recant iiiviiHl
tiroly cured."    Sold by all druggim!
A    refined   woman seems to 1
barbaric  inodi*s  emphasize her 1
Lover's  Y-Z   (Wise Head)   Piw«(
ant   Soap   Powder   is  n   boon
home,    lt disinfects mid clean
some time.
"I   noticed.''     ronuirkud. l>i
"thut    you   took  your hat  ull I
ymi telephoned    just now. an.l I
put it back agaih.    May 1 asl
why?   "   "Certainly," said • oaj
"I was telephoning to a lady."
IIoIIombv'h Corn  I'ure Is a Spedf
ilie   leiiioval   ol   corns   anil      war.*
huve   never   heard   of   its   fuilinix  W
sven  the  worst  kind.
Opinions are good things lo
Much distress and sickness in <l\
l« ruuscil by worms. Mother Oj
Worm   Exterminator   Rives relist J
tnovlng   the   cim.se.     Clive   il   .1  lh**|
be convinced,
Help the Overworked H«
Is   the   great   engine   wniili  pun.P1
'liioiiirli your lystsn  hard  pii-Sa*''.'
1 axed,   uroaninir   under   Its   losu "J
tiseuse   hsB   cloccfl-fll   it 7       hi*   i'i
'ure for the Henrt is naturs'l 'u'f,_
ml elsanser, and daily demon
•••nt   sufferers  tlmt   It  is  the a
-t   nnd most speedy  reuieiK  ll.u'.'-
< lencs   knows.—67
Tho vainer we are the mort *
object tri the peacock's train
Sonic people   would  bi'   iin|"H
they had the holiday heart -*11
year round.
A Cry for Help.    1 ■1A'nis*j
Is n  cry of the kidneys for h*lp
American  Kidney Cars is 't^ '"'
Ihnt   hasn't  n   failure   written SjlJ
in  cases nf lli-iuhi's dlsi'ii-.'   .li"1'1'1"!
fli.iniiiiitinii   of   the   bladder   *':"'_
other   kidney "-ailments ''""'aj
the apparently inslanincont "1
This powerful liquid ipsclHc l'r*v'n I
cures —70
The  worse  o«e  looks  tin' nl" |
hales mirrors.
A Rood business nmn end I*
nmn are not necessarily syncn 1
It,  is eusy to  put  on a bin'
if you have Rood backing.
"If" is the most unS-ltW*!
word iu the English langusg"'
First     comes   the doctor, '
luwyer, then the undortak-*-"> ' "\
lawyer again.
tda-J ddn't think Mr. *"§*
Moves mv handkerchiefs <" .
May-Why not ? Ida—J "'J
that I hud my pin mow-y «r,m
my handkerchief and lost It.    1
there Was a groat «)•■<» 1 ol """''
In cotton these days.
0 woman Is always rlK"1,J
nail's husband Is aW " k . '-I    I
rH£     DRiLLJ
|.\    tlumon  Is  ileart   in i
tile ol pneumonia.   He was known
n'over the Pacific northwest us the
"marr.ving parson."   having  mnrrled
., uR- d'ouples.    It is said that ho held
il'1B recortl In tit'- United Statps.
s . lYa:
. ... it
I ''
l 1
i ure
I >. i
,,ir Sirs,—1 wiih for seven years a
,,.i- from  Bronchial  tr-jiitil,-,  und
|il Ih- no lioiii'SL-  ut times tlmt  I
,1 scarcely  spenk  above  n   wiiis-
I  got   no  relief  Iron,  any thing
r tried yom' MINAUD'S lli>\KY
,s.\M.    Two   bottles gave   lollei
six   hot ties    mild.*   a complptp
l would heurt ily iwcbmrnend it
juvoiio suffering fi'""1  throat   Of
,1. |*\ VANltl'SKIUK.
ihrough the Earl ot Denbigh, who
r„mnmnded the Honorable Artilli-ry
, | London during its rocenj .\n-.-i lean
, -,ii. King Edward bus Sent n 'ram-1
,.,l nii.l Bigned pbot.>_nn..b >"' himself
,!, ii,,. Ancient and Honorable Artll-
v ol Boston.
SHIN.-Vl.S <U*'  HANll I'll—Have VOU lokl
mmK   uppettte 1      lime    you  h    ".mi..,!1
i„inrue7   Hav*  you  an  uni.U'iiKiini   taste
i iho mouth '.' Doss yoar Wod ucha and
i. ,,ui nl order nnil vou m-i'tl medicine, I
l„w. you iliz/JnosH'.' If BO, .YHUT stomach
I. oui ol order uml you iuh*>1 medietas.
I,„i vou tlo not liko modlcln*. Ha thnt
,,refers Mifl-kno.ts tO iiiiHliiino must suffer,
Inl   uniler   tlio     <i mini slumps   llu*     WiM)
,.,„,, would procure a i».x of Parmelee'a
.,, ...-iiiiiii*  Pills  uml  speedily  iri-t   hlmsulf
l„ health uml  Strive  to  keep so
-,,11h■ artists know us littlo ilf.Ollt u
ui.ik of urt n» tb.-y do about 'ho arl
of work.
Kioard'i Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Orders bave recently beon executed
in Japan for u supply of fishing mts
for Alaska, valued ut $30,ood,
n digestion, that menace to
■unan    happiness,  pitiless in its'
,, .-milts,   nntl    no   respecter  of   persons,
11,ot   Its   conqii ror  In   South   Amort-
1   Nervine      This   pront    stomach   and
mrve  ropipaly  stimulates digestion,  line!
,-   norvefl,   aids   1 .rculatinn,   drives   out !
inurltlos, dispell emaciation, nnd l-rin^s
k   the i.rlott-   of   perfect   health.     Cures '
..ill... 1 >i of "chronics" thnt have hnftli-d
,,si i.ins.—(18
1 !i'a.!.it:istH speak <>f that fraction <>f
the    rainfall  which  reaches the   sen j
tlm.nub    streams   as  tin:  "run-off."
The run-ofl In Connecticut is holi lhe
i.iiufull.  whilo  in  tin-  Mississippi  I a-1
■ :"> ii is but one-fourth.
W IAD TO BIL40UH HK.'.r* \'i'K —
biliousness, which is <-nuso<l bv ex, 1. mvo
h .- in ths stomach, hns ,1 tuarksd
• eel upon the nerves; nnd ofivn iii.uii-
feats itself by severe headache. Tl is in
iho   mosi   distressing   headache  one  .-nn
ve Thsre nr«* headaches irom cold
from fever, und from other rauwss. t-ut
lhe most .'v.-rufl iui imr of nil is lhe bilious I ,-aalfln'ln- Pit ruioU'c's Yfl-Li-ti'l.le
l'ills will cur.. It—-cure it ttliiio.^t ii.ina.l-
Islel*. 1. ..ill disappear ns loon rs .he
Pllli operate. Tlierc is nothlnir mirei 1
ths  treatment   t-i  bilious  he*nl.»i-ho.
\  man m reduced circumstances is
llut   R    V.nllillll
idea of a "a'^iti-.
■ward's I.iniraeat Cures Carge! il Cm
\ man naturally believes in the
survival of th.* lit tout as long as he
When    it   cornea   to   rising In the
world ion manv of us are poor climb-
Why will vou allow a roui>h lo lirer-
.... your throat or lunirs nmi run the
when, by the timely uso of Bickle's Antl-
'i*k    of    Ailing    a    . onsumplivo'rt   or.'-vo.
onsuiupUvs Syrup, Iho iuiin rnn be al-
aivi-il nnd the dancer avoided. This Hymn is |.|..,isnnt. to thi' taste, o-.l uns.ir-
• il for roliovinc. heitlinc aid 11.lino
nil afToctlons t»f the throat un.'. lure.!*
'•'.iKhs,  colds,   bronchitis,   et.   ,  etc
Vuthorities leave us bewildered at
to ub.it we are. COntondlng between
what wa* think, what we read, and
uli.it  we eat.
Do you catch cold easily i
I iocs the cold hang on ?   Try
Cure ^icLung
It cures the most stubborn kind
of   coughs  and   colds.     If   it
doesn't cure you, your money
will be refunded.
Prices: S. C. Wells * Co.  S03
25c. SOe.fil    I.eRoy.N.V, Toronto. Can.
Good Pilk
Ayer's Pills are good liver
fiills. You Know that. The best
amily laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.
«T. 0. Arsr Os..
tow.II. Hut,
■■ •        . "**,^MwMMaaaefea
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
nrn ctt.
Thr   iiriii>s<,i>ii   nail.   Cslbslor   Co.
J. 0. CLARK, Agent, Winnipiy.
.John   Itiir,M;i.
Ituskin had every advantage In tho
happiest domestic environment, and
when he exhibited his treasures — a
manuscript of Beott or n drawing by
Turner***one could fancy hiui to be u
calm connoisseur with hobbies enough
to secure ample and delightful occupation. He received one with the courtesy
of a polished gentleman of the old
school nnd talked delightfully without
the leust assumption of superiority. 1
remember how on my Urst visit he
gave me n recent number of "Fors," In
Which, he said, I should be Interested
because lt spoke of Alpine traveling.
Ko it did. But he hnd quite forgotten
that he hud taken an unfortunate article of mine for a text to illustrate the
vulgarity of modern scramblers. Ho
remarked that I thought the Alps improved by the odor of my tobacco
smoke. 1 adhere to that heresy; they
wero gently improved for me. 1 might j
huve Claimed to be a disciple nnd told J
him that their bounty hud been inter- j
preted to me by "Modern Painters," 1
though increased by my tobacco, but 1
thought It better to drop the subject-
Blr Leslie Stephen iu Atlantic.
Collingwood   Bright's  Disease   Cure
Brings to Light Others Equally
Mrs. Fred. Philip of Egliiigton Tells
of tier Remarkable
A Sn liiloii-Dann  Story.
The crux of the newspaper question
wns touched by n brilliant journalist,
the lute John Bwinton, for many yeurs
managing editor of the New Vork Sun,
In 11 retort on Mr. Uutiu. "S-.vinton,"
said Mr. Dana ono day. "I need a lirst
class editorial writer. Have you one I
to recommend?" "How much nre you
willing to pay, Mr. DanaV" usked Mr. i
Swluton. "I'or 11 tlrst class man $125
a week," was the reply. "But you cannot get n Urst class man for that," protested Mr. Swluton. "Why notV usked
Mr. Dana. "That is what I pay you,
and don't you consider yourself n tlrst
cluss ninn?" "No, Mr. Duuu," rejoined I
Mr. Bwinton. "If I were a 'first cluss
mnu' I should be paying you $123 a
week." Thut $125 n week practically ;
parked the limit of Mr. SwintO-'S opportunity, as lt may bo said to murk
the limit of the lyune quality of bruins
In Journalism toduy—and nlso the limit
of something fur more vital, for-thej
difference between a Dana und n Swin-
tou defines stutus.—Arthur It. Kimball
in Atlantic.
A  Scotch  Story.
The following example of a quaint,
philosophic S'.coteh chnrncter Is related
in the Scottish American: The season
had been nn exceptionally bad one for
farming, but in n country church not
far from Arbroath the officials hud resolved, according to custom, to hold the
annual harvest thanksgiving service.
It was noticed that on that particular
occasion Mr. Johnstone, n regular attendant nnd pillar of the church, whoso
crops hnd miserably failed, was not in
attendance. The minister in the course
of tho following week met Mr. Johnstone and Inquired of hlin the reason
of his absence from church on such an
important occasion. "Well, sir," replied
Mr. Johnstone. "1 dinnn care nbnot np-
pronehln' my Mnicer in a Bpoorit of sarcasm."
History  of  the  Three   Hulls.
Lombard street, noted iii history tithe groat London street for bankers, de-
rived its nume from the Longoburds, a I
race of rick bankers who settled there
in the reign of Edward II. nnd whose |
budge,  the three  golden  balls,  taken !
from the lower purt of the arms of the
dukes of Medici, continues to this day
to be the sign of pawnbrokers—money j
lenders.   The balls on the rich crest of |
the Mediel were blue, nnd only since
the middle of the nineteenth century
hnve Ihey, in tlie pawnbrokers' sign.-;,
been gilded.    The position of tbe balls
is popularly believed to Indicate tbat
there ure two chances to one tbat what
is brought there will uot be redeemed.
-St. Nicholas.
Discharged from two Toronto Hospitals - Dodd's Kidney Tills
Drought Back Her Health.
Toronto, Feb. 8— (Special.)—The report, trom Collingwood of the wonderful cure of Mrs. ThouidS Adams
of Bright's Disease by Hodd's Kiriney
l'ills has aroused great interest hero
and the discussion of it has brought
out th.' tact that .Mrs. Adonis' case
is nol an isolated one, th<U right
in Toronto there are poople who. suffer1 ng from the most dreaded and fatal of Kidney Diseases, have luund a
positive and permanent cure in
Hodd's Kidney Pills.
One of tho most striking cases that
bus been brought to light is that of
Mis. Fred Philip, now residing On
Broadway a\e., Bgllntou, one of thu
northern suburbs of the city*. That
Mrs. Philip was suffering from
Dright's Disease and was iu a most
dangerous state, there Is not the
shadow of a doubt. Sho was in two
city hospitals, Grace and the (lonoral,
ami lefl bpth placqp without a hope
for tho future.
in tin. Hospitals,
lu (Jriu'f! Hospital the doctors vish-
i'd to operate on her but she object-
id. and leaving the hospital called in
another doctor, He told her at or.eo
that she had Dright's Disease and
had her removed to tho General llos-
pital. THS doctors iK-ro demurred to
an operation on account of the danger.
on lieing discharged n second time
without benefit Mrs. PhiHp stopped
llu* doctors and started to tak.?
l.-.idd's Kidney Tills. The result is
that to-day all ilu- terrible swelling
is pone, she Is ablo to do all her own
work as well as look after her bright
littlo four-year-old child.
In an Interview Mrs. Philip spoke
freely of her terrible trouble and nave
unstinted praise to Hodd's Kidney
Mrs. PbUlp's Story.
I was sick for six months," she
said, "before taking Dodd's Kidney
Tills. During that time I was six
weeks in Grace Hospital and two
months in the General Hospital. I
was told In both places that nothing
more could bo done for me. I started talcing Dodd'a Kidney Tills in. April and mu still using them. They
have done mo a world of pood. The
Drops} hits all lefl mo and l am now
doing all ui\ own work .inst the smiie
as 1  was before 1  wi s s;ck."
The talk these cases has caused has
also served to show how general the
use of Dodd's Kidney Pills has heroine and how numerous are the -.ures
effected of Tain In tho Back, I'.heuin-
atisin, Dropsy, and all the other results of disesaed Kidneys. In fact,
cures by Dodd's Kidney Pills iaii be
found by the hundred, but a cose in
which they have tailed to cure has
vet to be reported.
Crossroad*  Dnrlnln.
Formerly It wus n general custom to
trect crosses at the Junction of four
roads on n place self consecrated
according to the piety of the age. Suicides and notoriously bad characters
wero frequently buried near to these,
not with the notion of indignity, but In
n spirit of charity, that, being excluded
from holy rites, they, by being burled
nt crossroads, might be in places next
In sanctity to ground actually consecrated. .
Dolin of Giles-.
The renl balm of ('Head is the dried
juice of a low shrub which grows iu
Syria. It is very valuable and scarce,
for the amotint of balm yielded by one
shrub never exceeded sixly drops n
day. According to Josephus, the balm
or balsam of Gllead was one of the
presents given by ihe queen of Sliebn
to King Solomon. The ancient Jewish
physicians prescribed It evidently for
dyspepsia nnd melancholia.
tVlfe (home from U shopping tonr)-
Woll, I'm tired out. and I hud such an
annoying experience today 1 feel positively cheap.
Husbund-Well. you oortuinl*.* look as
If you should be cheap.
Wife-Uow do you meant
Husband — Shop worn. ■
Interested Generosity.
"Thnt is very generous of old man
Gotros, paying for the musical educa*
tion of the'girl who lives next door to
"Yes. hut he bus stipulated thut she
shall lenrii Ii all in Europu."-*CInol_*
nuti Times Star.
Physician—You;'- trouble llr-; In the
larynx, thorax and epiglottis, lloo-
Mhan—Indodc ? and mo afther think-
in' iii' trouble was In me l\iroat.
Hmard'i Liniment Cares Colds, ik
A Kingston ladj owns ■.,. bird whieb
is over twenty years old. 1 •'• ideutly
that feathered songster, hk.- uianj 01
Kingston's fair maidens, i- too an
cient  to sing well.
Feed your hair; nourish it;
give it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
Hair Vigor
hair food you can buy. For 60
years it has been doing just
what we claim it will do. It
will not disappoint you.
" *Kr -sir om.! to be very »l.ort Put ntter
tuluK Ayor'i llnlr ¥l«0I « "hurt timo II l.i*K»o
to gruw, i,j.,i niir II ii fosrtssn lnon<ss lonR.
Thliieemi .1 ■lilrn,ti.l i.-- mt tomemwi bsliaf
• hi ..■ t without i«iiT Imlr." _ .
M_S. J. 11. rilfkil, Culondo Sprlnji, Colo,
fl 00 ft bottle. j.o. ATinoo.,
All <lniwi»i». «^.« '-"'■'■ "• M*"";
■ miss ■■«■  SOT anaxn.
Short Hair I
a—— ——i
Newspapers fh?em Old Country
dispatched to subscribers by tirst mails by
WM. DAWSON & SONS, Limited, Cannon
llciisfl*, Bream's Buildings, London, Knifland.
Ihe largest Subscription Agency in ths world.
Send  for onr Int.    l-'rer* on application.    I'st.
180'J.   Prompt and reliable.
It ls the fenoe thst has stood the test, o( time—stand* the  he*Tlcst strain—never
ttg.i-the standard ths world over.   Order th.-oiiKh our local agent or direct from us.
THE PAGE Wli-li  "ENCE *** v. LIMITED        TTalktrslUe,Ont.     Hsnlresl,«ns.    at. John, M.B.    WUilptf,
Historic Tlnar. •*"*-	
The vicinity of Belmont park, Lftn|
Island, wus tbe early icenefl of moro
racing activity than any otlier spot on
tliis continent. Hero it waa that the
Newmarket course was constructed In
1000, by tbe simctitui of Colonial Governor Lovelace. This course continued
to be the theater of action ln racing
sports until 1821. It was ln this vicinity also that the old Centervllle course
was constructed, which for many years
was one of the most famous of American race trackB. In 1821 the legislature passed an act ullowlng the speeding ot horses ln Queens county during
the months of May und October of each
year, und l*y virtue of this law the
Union course was constructed the same
year. This course waa located in what
was then the village of Jamaica, but
lhe territory lt occupied now forms a
part of the borough of Queens. From
the time of Its construction until 1872
the Union course was thc scene of neur-
ly all the great racing events of the
It was over this course that American
Eclipse and Sir Heury. in 1823, thrilled
the hearts of the sporting world ln one
of the greatest turf battles ever witnessed in the annals of racing.
The really brilliant talker is one near the hend, for very little of ll
who || brilliant, ttiough to kerp still ever gets uwity Jrotu its starling
whon be hnMi't anything to sny. Spolnt.
.Sayings     without   morals  arc  liko •   There has  just died nt  Dallycnrry.
morals never said—no good. County Antrim, Wis. Ann Penny, lol
———- years old.       Her mother died at  Ihe
Charily t»:»L*iiis at home. Something sunn* age, and 0 broth.T, who is Bill!
must, have dammed the str..,i:ii pretty   livim*;,  is  a centenarian.
When Threatened With Bronchitis, Asthma,  Pneumonia or
Serious Lung Troublas Bo Suro to Bet the Genuine
Fine Old Netherlands Ileimrlee.
One Barend Vet of Tbe Hague had
recently the misfortune to call a constable n monkey, an accusation which
one of the local papers pointed out as
"being, of course, untrue" and which,
moreover, ls a form of untruth not permitted In Holland. Vet was arrested
and brought before tho judge on a
charge of "Insulting the police," being
sentenced to forty-live days' Imprison*
ment Before being removed he turned to address the court. "Theu 1 must
not call a constable a monkey?" he said.
"Certainly not. You must not Insult
the police." The culprit reflected.
".May I call a monkey a constable?"
he asked, with a Hash of genius. The
judge shrugged his shoulders and, holding no brief for thu animal, replied,
"If it gives you any satisfaction."
Willi a smile of gratification Vet turned on his heel iu the dock and bowed
to his prosecutor. "Good day, constable," he said.—St. James Cassette.
Corncob   Pipes,
"You see," said the smoker, "I'm very
fond of the corncob pipe. In the lirst
place, It's a clean, sweet, cool smoke,
and. In the second, it's so pleasant to
think you're smoking something so
quiet and rural and natural as a pipe
made just by cutting a hole in a corncob.  It's so primitive, you know."
"Yes," said his friend. "Only most
corncob pipes nren't made that way.
It's thc popular supposition that they
are, I know; but, as a matter of fact,
tho new and most popular process Is to
take the whole cob, grind lt up, mix it
with one. or two other substances and
then shape the whole Into the pipe
form. It makes a better and more
lasting pipe, and in this way the whole
cob can be used and not a grain wasted."
Can  Animals  BIushT
It is hard to tell whether animals
blush, for their faces are covered so
thickly with fur or hair or feathers
that we do not know what may be going on beneath hide or skin. Were tbey
as bare faced as man ls lt ls more than
likely we should see them blush, especially the more bashful sort and those
with some sense of shame.
It is the case that the faces of vultures flush, and several of the monkeys
become purple with rage, which may
be considered as a kind of blushing.
This may be proved any day ln atiy
zoo, where the monkeys seem to fly into
a passion on the smallest provocation.
Boiled  Wltliont Fire.
Every day lu London scores of workmen's kettles nre boiled In lime that
will afterward be used for its proper
purposes. Just before the breakfast
hour, say, one of the workmen empties a quantity of the dry lime from a
sack, ln the center of this lime he
makes a hole, nnd into it water is
poured. Then he puts his kettles Into
the water, and In a few minutes the
kettles boil. In thousands of cases a
fire Is thus spared.
Strange Happenings.
A Michigan woman was scanning
over the marriage columns of a newspaper and remarked to her husband.
''Here's a strange coincidence—a William Strange married to a Martha
"Strange Indeed," replied her husband, "but I expect the uest news will
be a little stranger."
A Vecetarlnn.
"That man,*' remarked the great detective, "is undoubtedly a vegetarian
of the most pronounced type."
"How do you make that out?" queried
his friend.
"tih, that's easy," replied the great
detective. "He has carroty hair, reddish cheeks, a turnip nose and a sage
A  Wrong Illgiiteil.
Young Wife (at dlnuer)-l didn't tell
you, Adolphus, I cooked the dinner today myself.
Husband—Indeed! Then in my
thoughts I have been doiug poor Mary
Ann a great Injustice.
A Natural Mistake.
The Terror—Ho people often throw
things at you, Mr. Doughby?
Mr. Doughby—No, Tommy.   Why?
The Terror—Well, sis says you're an
easy mark.
For generations the value ot tur-
pentint* ns a remedial ugenl in all
affections of thc bronchial tubes und
lungs hus boen well known.
li remained for Dr. Chase to «o
combine turpentine, linseed and hall
a dozen other ingredients as to not
only mnke a wonderfully successful
medicine, but ulso one that is s-0
pleasant to the tuste as lo bo bought
for by children.
'Hie sale of Dr, Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine ia more than
three times lhat ot many similar
remedies. Tho n-sult of this sinters
is a host of Imitations,
When attacked by coughs and colds
which threaten lo roach the lungs
and prove serious; «h n awakened by
children with croupy coughs, gasping
for breath, you cannot afford to trust
1 to Imitations.
Mr. John Pollard, Fxho Day, Ont.,
writes— "I was troubled last winter
with a very bad cold, which was beginning lo settle on my lungs.   I was
ISO hoarse that I could scarcely speak
| and    bad    a    nasty    hacking  cough,
] which I could not get rid of. Ope
bottle of Ur. Chase's Syrup of Lin-
eoed and Turpentine cured  me,  and
I I can heartily recommend it."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is sold by all dealers at
the advertised price, 25 cents a hot-
tlo,     family    size    (three     times   as
j huge) 60 cents. F.dmanson, llatos A
Ck, Toronto.
To protect you against imitations
tho portrait and signature of Dr. A.
|\V. Chase,    Uia   famous receipt book
I author, are on every bottle.
Do You Want
If so, the undersigned wants your bunlas8n nod will e>.de***<>r to r.lve •ntUlavMoa*
Cash sdvanc.-iJ un oonsignaiSntS.     ltr'ereurs:   Loiun lisok of Caua.ls.
Ths oldest sstsMish^il  r.rnin Commission
Mon-I'itiit in Wi:mip,'K.
Grain   Exchange   Winnipeg.
It isn't truo   BECAUSE
we say  it BECAUSI
Boeckh's Brushes
... and Brooms
Clears the best and •wear ths
Sold by all Dealers.
/e say it, but
it's true
Ar*    "Vou    Building T
The Best Building Paper Mad*.
It Is very much str.onesr ond thicker than any other (tarred or hslld-
Ing) paper. It Is Impervious in wind, keeps out cold, kseps tn hest. carries no smell or odor, alisorlis no inolsturs. Imparts no taste or flavor to
anything with which it comes in contact. It ls largely used not only ior
sheeting houses, but lor lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dalr-
lss, creameries, and all places whers Uie object is to keep an Svss nud
Uniterm   temperature,   and  at  the  sums  time avoiding dampness.
Writs our Agents, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited. HULL.
of Red
Cures Coughs
CRAY'S SYRUP does thet one thUg,
•nd does it well. It's no "cure-all," bst
a CURE for all throat and lung trouble*.
CUM stops the irritating tickle — taku
away the soreness—sooths and heal* tha
throat — and CURES COUGHS to sXmj
None the lest effective became U is
pleasant to take.
25 els. bottle.
"You hold my.future haiuiiiu-iw,"
he told tho girl "Why .lout *.<>:i
hold ii '.oui"-'.'U ? " slu- nski'ti coyly.
An.l she wnsii t so heavy that lie
Couldn't do it m*;ilv
Their  i rnflr  Wny.
"Hut how do you keep a cook whon
you live In Iho suburbs?"
"I threaten to discharge ber every.
dny, ninl my wife does discharge her
cn'.'b week."—Brooklyn Lite.
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets or harden them. 11
will make them soft, whits and
fleecy. ia
Nothing hurts i\ small man US Diuch
as to have peoplo Ignore hi; threats.
I"A IN* —For pniiiH in tlio ii.ints ami linili*1
anil ffl.r rheumatic palua nouralifla fci.u
lumbairo,   Dr.  Thomas'   Eclectric   Oil   Is
>a iilimil  11  ('.'cr      Well  r.il.liT.I  in.  thi* skin
absorbs it nnd it quickly and permanent*
Ij    rellSVps   lha   nIT.-i-lOfll   part..      Its   vulue
•».ln from the hody, nn.l for ihnt ?oot1
lips in it? miicic proptrty of retuo\lM
quality it  is priced.
Anv .voting man who has never been
in love ought ti) have inopf>y in the*
savings bank.
Hlnard's Linimat Cares Distefar.
D.in't Ihink Hint 'bfcnuso a mnn-*
word is as good an his iuiu.l, 'hat
his  bond is worth anything.
:    I   I
\a**f.   M.   «_».   MO     m\*1.
—   ' I THR DRILL, 8L0CAN, B. C, FEBRUARY 19. 190-1.
i i'
> ;
I      !'
•C. B. tmmtaaiaasiM, Editor and Prop
SLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C*
Le|al Advertising 10 cents a line for
.jthe first insertion and » cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, f7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
-as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
far eaoh insertion.
Commercial Rates made known npon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 19th. 1904.
In accordance with the provisions
of the declaration of neutrality jpsade
by. Great Britain, Canadians are enjoined from committing any act of a
hostile or questionable nnturo against
either the Russians or Japs. There
need be no fear on that score, but if
universal and heartfelt sympathy go
for anything, then Canucks stand
committed hair and hide to the cause
of Japan. May she wallop Russia to
& standstill.
The result of the eight bye-elections,
held on Tuesday for the Dominion
house, leaves the situation for either
party thus, five Liberals nnd three
Conservatives, a direct gain of one for
. the lattor. They captured the city of St.
John, N.B., where a former Grit majority of upwards of 1200 was turned
into a Conservative majority of 280.
Ex-Minister of Railways Blair occupied that seat. He kicked over the
traces because of the Grand Trunk
Pacific bill and then resigned for a fai
position on the railway commission.
The Grits can take no material satisfaction out of the elections, but Tories
see much to encourage. It is clear the
Grit cause is on the down grade.
Premier McBride prorogued the
•legislature without making any announcement as to his railway policy.
He has found the situation somewhat
trying and has decided to take time to
consider things, having an eye to the
■welfare of the people and economy in
public expenditures. Something like
20 applications have been presented to
the'government for monetary assistance to as many roads. Several of
these projected schemes are of a wildcat nature, aud the government is taking time to sift out those of merit before announcing a programme of action. Early in the summer nn extra
session of the legislature will be called
when the whole policy will be laid liefore the members. In proceeding in
such a deliberate and cautious manner, the government is exhibiting wisdom.
Extravagance and high-handed proceedings on the part of the executive,
and because it is generally believed affairs are being directed in the interests
of a clique, are the apparent reasons
why the Provincial Mining Association
has lost its hold upon the affections of
the public. One year ago the country
was aflame in its interest, but today
the association is languishing. It has
done good work, especially in settling
the Crow's Nest coal strike, and for
that act deserved to prosper. However, when the executive sought to
coerce the legislature into passing leg-
lation at its dictation, then trouble began, and rightly so. The legislature
has paid no attention to tbe association's recommendations, for they felt
their functions were being usurped by
largely irreponsible parties. If any
association could initiate and command
passage of such legislation ns it saw
fit, then where was the need of an
elected parliament T The association
went too far and encroached on the
rights aud privileges of constitutional
government. Less enthusiasm nnd
more caution and many mistakes
would havo been avoided.
Slocan District Court of
NOTICE is hnrsbr nivsn thst s Court of Re-
risiou and appeal, in respect of ths assess-
msnt of property in the Slocan Assessment District, for ths trial of complaiats agninst the
assessment in snid District for tlie year ('.ml.will
' bs lisl.I at 10 o'clock in tlie forenoon, on Friday,
the llth day of March. IlKM, nt tlie Court House,
in tbe City of Kaslo, B.C.; snd st ten o'clock ii.
the forenoon, on Tuewlay.the 1.1th day of March
1901, at the Uorernment .Building, New Deurer,
Dateil at Kaslo, llritish Columbia, February
16th, ID.X.
Judge ot ssid Court
Pay up your subscription.
Sunday last was St.Valentine's day.
Several cars of shingles were sent
out this week.
Operations will shortly be resumed
at the local shingle mill.
Rossland defeated Revelstoke al
hockey last Friday 10 to 1.
Spokane is bothered with smallpox,
seven cases being found in one house.
Fred Cooper, of W. T. Shatford &
Co., returned to Vernon on Tuesday.
Lent commenced on Wednesday,
curtailing the list of pleasures for a
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Just as soon as mild weather sets
in operations will be resumed at the
Ten Mile sawmill.
J. C. Crawford, of Strnthcona, Alta..
accompanied ex-Mayor York on his
visit here last week.
Quite a number of local men went
up Ten Mile on Friday, to jget out
square timber for W. Koch.
Rossland got even with Nolson in
hockey last Thursday at the big carnival, the former winning 2 goals to 1.
A social, in aid of the Methodist
church, took place at the residence of
Rev. Mr. Scott last Thursday evening.
Rov. Mr. Simons attended the semiannual meeting of Kootenay Presbytery, which assembled at Nelsou on
Born.—In New Denver, on Feb. 12,
the wife of C. A. Sandiford, of a
daughter. On the 13th, the wife ol
Ha Clever, of a son.
B. A. Shatford, accompanied by his
bride, arrived iu from Seattle Satur
dny evening.   They were warmly wel
corned by their friends.
Several more orders for shingles
have been received by the local mill
people. The supply of stock on hand
is not equal to the demand.
Geo. Fairbairn, of Silverton, is in
the hospital at Vancouver,undergoing
treatment for his eyes,the sight of one
of which is practically gone.
Died.--In Nelson, on Feb. 13, the
infant daughter of Aid. and Mrs.Madden, of this city. Much sympathy is
expressed for the bereaved parents.
Many expressions of regret are
heard over the death of Tom Ardell
of Silverton, which occurred several
days ago in Vancouver, of heart dis
ease. He was widely known and re
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho Court of Revision for the Municipality nf ths City of
Sloean for the hearing of all complaints against
the assessment, as made by ths Assessor of said
Municipality, will be held in the City Hall, Slocan, on Ihe 2sth day of March next, at 10 o'clock
a.m. All complainants must give notice to the
City Clerk in writing of the subject and grounds
of complaint st least ten days before the said
Slocan, 16th Feb, ISOt.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Grown granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, B. C
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of nineral
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. Lake and M. L. Grimmett, or
to any person or persons to whom tliey
may have transferred their several interest*1, in whole or in part,in the Bonnie Doon mineral claim, situated on
the south side of Springer creek,in the
Slocan City mining division ol West
Kootmay district:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provia.ona of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 daya from the
date of this notice you fail or rofuee to
contribute your proportion ef such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated tliis lit day ef February, 1904.
5-2-04 GEO. HcLEAN
Flout and butter have jumped again
in price. \
The snow plow made another trip
in on Friday.
Nelson defeated Fernie at hockey
Monday 2 goals to 1.
John Houston has gone to Edmonton, to locate in business.
Bob Webster returned to town from
Greenwood on Tuesday.
Born.—In Slocan, on Feb. 12, the
wife of D. B. O'Neail, of a son.
New Denver expects a good summer, as all its adjacent mines will be
Delinquent taxes are beginning to
be paid into the city, being forced in
by the impending tax sale.
H. G. Neelands has left Nelson for
the Territories. He was presented
with a sterling silver tea service by
the citizens.
Mrs. Mason, the popular cook at the
Arlington, is confined to her bed from
the effects of a bad fall on the ice at
the link Friday night.
Jos. McNeill, employed at tho Ruth,
died iu the Sandou hospital Sunday
night from appendicitis. The body
was taken to Calgary for interment.
J. A. Baker returned tothe province
this week from Colorndo,where he hns
been assisting the W.F. of M. iu look
ing after things during the big strike
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦ *-e>*yo-o-my
The Queen's
Hotel     *+
First-class Dining Room
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt thirty ilnys aftsr
date, ns, tlis iin.lsrsiKiii.il, intend tn apply
to tlis Chief C.iniinissii.iier of Lands A Works,
st Victoria,for special licenses to cut snd carry
sway timber from the following described tracts
of land, situated on Mosquito creek, in West
Kootenay District:
First LoeatlM.
Commencing at a post, marked "William
Sutherland's northeast corner post," thence
south 80chains; thence west HO chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east SO chains, to point
of commencement.
Neraml I,ecu!Inn.
Commencing at a post, marked "William
Sutherland's southeast corner post," thence
west 80 chains; tlienco north Nl chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence south 811 chains, to poiat
of commescement.
Third I.nruliiui.
Commencing nt a post, marked "A. W. Sutherland's northwest corner post,11 thence eastw
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence west.se
chains; thouco north W chain*., to point ot
commencement. ,
Faaurtll  I.o.-iilien.
Commencing at a post, marked "A. W. Suth
erlun.i's southwest corner post," theuco north
unchains; th'ince enst 80 clinins; thence soutl
80 chains; thence west 80 chains, to point nf
I'irih Location.
Commencing at a post, marked "Geo. Lester'-
southwest corner post," running thence nortl
80 chains; tlience east W chains; thence soul!
NO chains; thence wost 80 chuins, to point of
Sixth  I.nralUn.
Commencing nt a post, marked "Gen. l.e,ter'.
northwest corner," running east 811 chains
thence south 80 chains; thsnee west 80 chains
thencs north 80 chains, to point of commeuce
Aeseath Location.
Commencing at a post marked. "Gns Gusttf-
son's southeast corner," running west 80 cha ins;
thence north KO chains; thence east 80 chains;
thencs south 80 chains, to place of commence-
Klghth Location.
Commencing at a post, markod *"Qus Gustef
son's northeast corner post," running tlience
south 80chains; thence west 80 chains; thsnee
north 80chains; thsnee east 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
Ninth Lacatlon.
Commencing at a post, marked "R. Glen.len-
ning's northwest corner post," running thence
east HOchsins; thence south NO chains; thsnee
west 80 chains; thencs north 80 chains, to plnce
of commencement.
Tenth Location.
Commencing at a post, marked "K. Glendsn-
ning's northeast corner post," running theuce
south 80chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north NO chains; theuce east 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
Eleventh Location.
Commencing at a post, marked "J. G. Lover
in's northesst corner post," running tlience
south 80 chuins; thonce west 40 chsius: thence
south 40chains; tlienco west 40 chains; thence
north 80chains; thence east 40 chains; thence
north 10chains; tlience east 40 chains, to plan
of commencement.
Twelfth Locution.
Commencing at a post, marked "S. Lorerin':
northeast corner post," running thence south ft)
chniss;theuce west 40 chains;thence south 40
chains; thence west 40 chains; theuce north NO
chains; thence east 40 chains I thence mirth 40
chains; thence east 40 chuins, to place uf commencement.
Thirteenth Location.
Commencing nt a post, marked "J. Harlow,"
running east 80chains; thonce south 40chain*;
thence west I fill chains; thsnee north 40 chuins;
thence enst 80 chains, to place of commescement.
Fourteenth Location.
Conjmencing at a post, marked "S. Harlow,"
running east 80 chains; thencs south 40 chains;
thence west 160chains; thonce north 40chains;
thsnee east 80 chains, to plnce of commencement.
Fifteenth Location.
Commencing at a imst, mnrked "A. Harlow,"
running east NO chains; thence south 10 clinins;
thonce west IflOclntias; thence north 10clinins;
thence east 80 chains, to place of commencement.
Sixteenth Location.
Commencing at a   post, marked "J. Parent'
southeast corner post," running thenee west NO
chains; tlience north 80 chains; thsnee east NO
chuins; thence south 80 chains, to place of commencement.
Seventeen! la Location.
Commencing nt a post, marked "A. Parent's
southwest corner post," running thencs mirth
NO chsius; thence east 811 chains; t'ieiii-c south
NO chains; thence west 80 chains, to place Of
Eighteenth locution.
Commencing ul n  postmarked "J, It. |,orer-
In's northwest corner pest," running theuce east
80 clinins; thence south 80 clinins; thenco nest
80 chains; thence north 80 chains, to place of:
Nineteenth location.
Commencing at a post, mnrksd "H, Lnverin's
nnrtheast corner post," running south SOrliains;
thence went NO chuins; theuce si.rtli Nil chains:
thencs sast 80 chains, to place of commencement, I
Neknsp, .January 18, IMS. •
Vernon won the hockey championship at the Kossland carnival, defeating Rossland 2 to 1.
Hard times havo como upon the
churches in the Slocan towns nnd several changes are in contemplation.
J. 0. MaePheo, insurance broker, of
Calgarv, came in Tuesdny, on a visit
to his uncle, R. J. McPhee, manager
of the Ottawa.
Owing to discriminating rates by
the railroad, Mason & Risch are moving their headquarters for pianos from
Nelson to Calgary.
Appended is a complete list of the var
ious records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Febfi-Club 1-8, John Wafer to N F
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
| Fresh Fruits of Every
g Kind Arriving   Daily.
8 A full stock of tho best
2 lines of cigars and tobac-
j§ cos always kept on hand.
A 1 * Loaves of nread for Sl.
A Full Weight anal Quality
a Goaruuteed.
Slocan, B. C.
If you
are troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Once used, always used.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranre whei
you can get one so cheap ? Thej
are preferrable to stores and grivc
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
GerUficate nf Siii
Sllrer Lear Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division ol West Kootenay district. Where
located :—Spiinj,«r creek, south ol Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T,
Twigg, as agent lor George I). I/Ong, free
miner's certificate No. BIH14R; N. S.
Tucker,free miner's certificate No.B0.M9
Martin Maurer, froe miner's certilicate
No. 1559720; and Eri Thompson, free
miner's certificate No. BUOOtil., intend,
eixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
And further take notice that action,
under section S7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated Una 21th day of Deceniber,1003.
ltani, anil Garibaldi   Mineral Clulas.
Situate in tlio Slocan  City Mining Division   of   Weat   Kootenay    District.
Where   located:—At head  of Ten
***Mile creek, on the north side.
TAKE NOTICE llmtl.W D.McGregor,
acting na agent for Joo Traficiinti, P.M.
C. No. ['60048; Frank Romano, F.Maj
C. No. Bdt>042; ami .1. M. McGregor"
fre* miner's certificate No. B60098, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply tu the Mining Recorder or certificates n( improvements.fnr the purpose
ol obtaining Crown liranta of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section .17, mint he commenced
before the issuance of inch Certificate! of
D fed thla 20th dav of .laimarv, lPOI.
22-1-04 w, d McGregor
M A dvertise your 8
n Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a reward
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
a At AH  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
g] THE DRILL,  $2 per year
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms, lt contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
r*************** -» ♦•♦♦♦♦Of
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Wm. J. Andrewa, or to any pereeii
or persona to whom ha may have transferred his intereat in the Black Diamond mineriilclaim.aituatcdon Lemon
creek and recorded in the Hecoider'a
office (or ths Slocan ( ity mining division .
You are hereby notified that I,
Andrew Trovoat, F.M.C No.K04707,have
caused to be expended the antu of two
hundred and five dollar! in labor
nnd Improvement! on the above mentioned mineral claim, in order lo
bold aaid claim under the proviaiona of
the Mineral Act; and if within 00 daya
from the date of thia notico you fnil, or
refitao. to contribute your proportion of
aiicti expenditure,together with all conta
of advertising, your interest in aaid
claim will become the propnity •( the
aubacriber, under section 4 of an Art
entitled "Aa Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated at Slocan, I.C., thie lat  dav of
Decenilii-r. A.D   1001!
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular yul.kerilxni.fi par mnntii
<>r fill a yeur: ii.iii-siilisriiberH mrlusnt.'f
mtflirnl «tUiiiliinr«}$'.' p«r ilny. I'riviita, wnr.li
SI per rin? extra. Spei-ii, I fiu-iliiies for materi,-
ity cases.
For further partienlnrs apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap,
THE DRILL has made nn
arrangement with the To-
routo Mail-Empire, so
thnt its weekly edition may be
clubbed with the former.
New RiiliHcribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mnil-
Empire—acknowledged to lx1
one of the best papers in the
Dominion -and Slocaa'a leading journal, Th_ Drill, from
now till .Taa. 1,1905, for the
•sum of $2.ri(). With thia exceptional offer will be given n* »
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture (lipids a scene in the lato Boer
war, d»ne in ten colors, nmi
well worth framing. Send In
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.


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