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The Slocan Drill 1900-10-19

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VOL. I., No. 29.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   19,   1900.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Qiant Powder,    Outta Percha Fuse,   Jessops' Steel
Stoves and Tinware,    Gasoline and Coal Oil,
Miners' Supplies.
Just received a large quantity of Dimension Glass, large size; also a quantity of
Iron Pipe, all sizes.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Just Received:
A Carload of Fine Dry White Potatoes.
New Stock of Dry Goods, Sox,
Blankets,£tc See our Fleece-
Lined Underwear.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinncy, B. C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
Murk Mnuli-jr Advor...J.Fr.nkCollom'^
Apiiilnitlon for a Crown Ornnt to the
Arlington No. 1 Fraction. Latter Allege* Fraud.
Another Interesting mining suit
from this locality came before thc
assizo courts at Nelson on Tuesday,
being that of Manley vs. Collom. It
affects the title to tho ground lying
between the Arlington and Burlington claims, which is covered by the
Native Silver and Arlington No. 1
fractions. The plaintiff asserts that
be purchased a half interest in the
Native Silver fraction, and that defendant, or bis agents, restaked the
ground as the Arlington No. 1 fraction while the former was a valid and
existing location. Plaintiff asked to
have his location declared good, n
decree setting aside the Arlington
No. 1, and nn injunction restraining
defendant from proceeding in his application fop a certificate of improvements. The defendant claims that
the Native Silver was located in a
manner contrary to section 32 ofthe
Mineral Act; that the lands upon
which the Native Silver was located
were within the limits of thc Arlington. Defendant also asserts that the
alleged transfer by John Halpin, the
locator of the Native Silver, to C. A.
Haller, from whom plaintiff purchased Ins half interest, was part of a
fraudulent and illegal scheme by
Ilallor, Halpin, and Robert Cooper,
president of the Arlington Mining
Company, to evade the provisions ol
tho Mineral Act.
Death of II. It. Hiiiuinond.
The news of the death of II. R.
Hammond was received here Monday with a profound feeling of regret.
His death occurred ht tho Nelson
general hospital on Sunday and was
caused by heart disease. It is only
three weeks ago that deceased went
to Nelson from here—he having been
living in this place off and on for a
iiumbi r uf years—to obtain medical
treatment, having been failing all
summer. He was C>7 years of age
and of a Kindly disposition, being
widely known and highly respected.
The remains were sen*, to Tacoma for
interment. Mr. Hammond had been
in the country since 18D3,huving run
news and fruit stores at Nakusp,
Sandon Brandon and Slocan. lie
leaves a wife and a family of grownup children, several of whom were
with him when he died.
evening from 7.30 till 9 o'clock, for
the purpose of receiving deposits for
Ctoflice savings bank from the la-
ing classes or any other persons
who wish to deposit money. The order takes effect tomorrow.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors,
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Sim ill Frail mieBUit of Jul Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Waterworki for Brand**.
Friday evening a meeting of the
citizens of the suburb of Brandon was
held inSchonberg's ball, to consider
the advisability of putting in a system of waterworks. There was a
good attendance and much interest
shown. The scheme is to put a tank
into Climax creek, and then lava
two inch pipe down the hill and
along Park avenue. Citizens along
the lino of the pipe could tap it at
their own expense. Messrs. George,
Boldcrston and Bradshaw were appointed a committee to enquire into
the matter.
Sleigh Hoinl to  Lemon Creek.
The appeal made by the citizens
through ll. F. (ire-en, M P.P., to the
go'eminent last session for an appro
prlatton towards constructing a road
to Lemon creek, has not been In vain.
Last week Jack Moore, inspector of
roads, was here and looked over the
route 1 Ie stated a 6leigh roa*d would
be built this winter, for which $1,000
had been appropriated, Work would
commence on it as soon as possible.
The opening of communication with
Lemon creek will greatly benefit the
business men of the town.
ri.iiM.-il With the Town.
Marquis de Grammont and Viscount de Dusmit, two of the directors
ofthe Chapleau company, paid their
first visit to this town on Saturday.
They were greatly taken with thc
situation of the place and its surroundings. Luclcn Weyl and J. M
Williams, manager of the. company,
accompanied ihe distinguished visitors. They afterwards went up to
the Chapleau and spent several days.
Something important from that vicinity may be expected shortly.
New Poitofloe Order.
The Dominion jiostollicc department has issued circulars to all postmasters in tho cities and towns of
Canada, instructing them to have
their  office* open   every  Saturday
There has been a lot of Bicknoas in
town of late.
Yesterday wns a very, very juicy
Thanksgiving day passed off in a
quiet manner.
II. D. Curtis lias moved into the
Parris cottage.
Tho hotel at Enterprise landing
has been closed.
Dr. Bentley has had a couple of
typhoid patients of late.
Slocan's visitors to the Spokane
fair are a;l safely back.
Horn.— In New Denver, on Oct. 11,
Mrs. II Shannon, of a son.
Bulbs, for blooming in the house
this winter, at the drugstore.
Sandon wants a Are brigade nnd
hardly knows how to get one.
li. Mudden has had his hotel in the
painter's hands during the week.
Chief Engineer Crosby, of the
•Slocan,  is back from his holidays.
The Blocan license commissioners
are billed to meet at the end ofthe
W. E. Worden is erecting a warehouse cast of the depot, wherein to
store coal.
Hill's tug brought down considerable lumber for local dealers daring
the week.
Thc local Orangemen will celebrate Guy Fawkes day, Nov. 5, with
great eclat.
Officer llrowning gave several
vags their walking ticket during thc
past few days.
Upwards of half a carload of coal
stovrs and ranges have been sold
here this fall.
W. E. Worden had a span of heavy
draught horses arrive in from Cal
gary on Sunday.
A union* thanksgiving service was
held in the Presbyterian church on
Wednesday evening.
A shooting match for chickens was
held yesterday, V. C. Hack I iff superintending tho affair.
Tony Long superintended tbe task
of gruding for the new switch to the
Arlington ore chutes.
H. Armstrong, of Illecillewaet, has
taken T. Henderson's place as C.P.R
dispatcher at Nelson.
Sunday's freight brought in the
material for thc new switch to the
Arlington ore chutes.
J. A. Foley is in charge of the
arrangements for Chris Foley's campaign in tins vicinity.
Nelson business men are agitating
for the building of a telephone line
from that city to Slocan.
The C.P It. is advertising single
f-ire return to any point on the const
for the Xmasand New Year holidays.
AV. Koch is enlarging his big
stables. He rms been using the C.
P. B. roundhouse for storing his
surplus stock,
Sandon as well ns Nelson has ordered that all forms of gambling
shall cease and tho tinhorns be
ordered out of town.
License Inspector Black, New
Denver, was here during the week,
inspecting the various new hotels in
the town and district.
Tho Oddfellows are making big
preparations for their ball next Fri
day night.   They are assured of a
crowd of outside visitors.
Owing to the change of tlma on
the railway and boat, mails for the
north close at 9 p.m.; for the south
and U.S. points at 11.15 a.m.
A pleasant surprise party was he'd
at the residence of V. C. Rack 1 iff, on
Friday evening, in honor of the
birthday of the aged mother of Mrs.
An inquest was held by the coroner, Dr. Arthur, of Nelson, on the
body of D. McGce,killed at Winlow's
sawmill on the llth by a falling tree.
A verdict of accidental death was
Harvey Proton was arrested at the
boat Wednesday noon, by Officer
Browning, as a result ot a telegram
from Officer Plack at New Denver.
Proton is charged with robbing a
companion at Sandon on Tuesday.
Ceo, 1). Scott, Vancouver, provincial mgr. of the London & Lancashire
Insurance Co., was here Wednesday
drumming up business for bis company. He is one of the owners in the
Nancy Hanks and other properties.
Thomas Sloan, of this town; exhibited his lately iuvented baby walker.
at the Central Canada Exhibition,
recently held at Ottawa, and receiv.
ed the diploma of Canada for it. He
has taken several largo orders from
some of the leading furniture dealers
of the east,
W. Harris, wbilo under thc influence of liquor, shot himself through
the left lung on Sunday afternoon.
He was taken to the New Denver
hospital Monday and the bullet extracted by Dr. Brouse. He has been
resting easily since and will soon be
all right.
The W. C. T. U. reading room, on
Main street, wns formally opened Inst
night to the public, in the presence of
a large company. A short musical
programme was furnished, followed
by refreshments. Th. room is most
cosily fitted up and with plenty of
reading matter and games. It ought
to be well patronized.
Last night tho contest for the general Dominion elections was started
in this town, the Independent Labor
Party holding a monster meeting in
the Music Hall. The place was packed to the doors and the gathering was
decidedly sympathetic, so much so
in fact that when a vote w. s taken
later on in support of Chris Foley's
candidature, every man in tho ball
rose to hi i feet in favor of it. It was
the most unanimous public gathering
ever held here and gave a practical
illustration of the strength of Labor's
cause in this vicinity.
J. A. Foley was tlie chairman and
he introduced, in a few apt words, the
several speakers, who spoke in the
following order: Chris Foley, the
candidate; James Wilks, of Nelson:
las. Baker and Al. Teeter, of this
town. All the speeches were direct
and instructive, appealing strongly
to thu hearers. Lack of space foil ids
any extended notice of Chris Foley's
remarks, which occupied an hour,
but he carried convincing weight in
his arguments. His speech was, in
thc main, the embodiment of the addresses delivered at Nelson and at
Rossland. He claimed all men were
equal and just legislation should be
enacted for all. Labor was in the
vast majority in the c untry and it
had a right to organization, social
and political. Strong reasons were
adduced for the formation of thc Independent Labor Party, for which
victory was predicted at thc polls.
The Conservatives and Liberals were
roundly scored for their sinsofomis
sion and commission regarding labor,
and red hot shot was poured into
monopolies, Asiatic immigration and
the Alien Labor Law.
The speeches of Messrs. Wilks,
Baker and Teeter were congratulatory and strongly in support of Mr.
Foley. It was a bouncer meeting,
winding up with rousing cheers for
the labor candidato.
ItrPl'lt    SUM'AN    MINUS.
A force of 40 men is employed at
thc Emily Edith.
Last week the Payne shipped 220
tons of ore aud tho Slocan Star tiO.
A company has been formed to
work the Donnelly group, near Sandon.
The recent strike on thc Keeo has!
been   opened   up iu  a number of
One hundred and fifty-two tuns of
ore was shipped out last week by the
Shipments from the Last CI ince
are again on a large scale, 100 tons
being sent out last week.
Seven men are employed at the
Silverton Boy, Four Mile, lately
bonded byT. Proctor, of Nelson.
The Ivanhoo tramway hat* been
completed, and by thc end of the
month tho machinery will ho installed in the concentrator.
Eastern capitalists have bonded
the Philadelphia group, Fenneli
creek, and a force of men are employed getting things in sh.tpe for
the winter's operations.
Appended is a complete list oi the various records registered at the local registry ofliee, II. P. Christie being mining
Oct 11—Autumn, on Ten Mile, Mrs A
Riverside, same, Thos Kllpatrlck.
12—Rusty Treasure, Lemon cree^W
K«rr mill A* Growder.
Rusty Treasure No 2, same, same
Oct 9—Para.
10—Aurora. Aurora fr, l.uko View,
White Pine, Arlington No 1 fr for four
years, Louisville, Mnyeta.
Oct 1/,—Notice of seisure by the sheriff of Intorost of Two Friends Mine, Lim-I
itc.d Liability, In,the Two Friends.
This KfiiHon I* Far the Heat on Record—A
ll.-itllhy    K*. nii-mi*   of   the   Life   •rin
Woiilth of the Camp— KnterprUe tht,
BlBKOHt Shipper.
This week there has been a drop
in the shipmonts from the division,
due to the fact that the Arlington has
been crowding work upon the new
railway switch and ore chutes. Much
has been accomplished and a few
days more will get things into fine
shape. The product from the mine,
can then be handled more expedi-
tiously and economically. Wet wea-
thor is also having its effect, as the
loads arc becoming sloppy. Forty
ions was shipped out by the Arlington and 20 by thc Enterprise. Ore
from tho Bondholder is coming down,
too, there being half a carload now
at the dock, It is a light article, but
high grade. Tlie Two Friends is inclined to wait till tho snow flies ere
sending down more ore.
Following is a ltst of the shipments
this year to date:
Enterprise  '-'0            98d
Arlington  *i0               0IR)
Black Prince  <W
Kilo  30
Hampton  A
Neepawa  .              7
Two Friends  2i*
Alberta  3
GO 17511
Bur silver has hovered around tiro
G3 cent ligttre during the week.
The Bachelor, on Twelvo .Mile, is
being surveyed for a crown grant.
The men engaged on surface work
on the Speculator were laid off Saturday.
C. B. Tayloi has charge ofthe construction of the new ore bins at tho
The Camp Mansfield properties
hav*? been shut down and Mansfield
gone to England.
Several parties of late have been
up examining the Transfer group,
opposite the Arlington.
The first ore from tho Bondholder,
under A. E. Teeter's lease, arrived
in town on Friday e\ ening.
Sunday's special freight train was
loaded with concei .rates from the St.
Eugene, Moyie, bound for Chile.
Thc Coronation, on Twelve Mile,
owned by the Farini syndicate, has
been surveyed for a crown grai t.
The Speculator will employ a forco
of 22 men throughout the winter.
Affairs are in an encouraging condition.
The work of putting in tho ore
chutes for thu Arlington, at tbe new
switch, is being rushed along iii a
rapid manner.
The Arlington held the second
notch in the list of shippeis fur ihe
Slocan last week, being only exceeded by the Payne.
Geo. Gonnley's mineral interests
were not sold last week by the sheriff, there being no bidders. An adjournment was made to Oct. 2».
Mortimer Lamb, who writes tho
mining news for tlie Victoria Colonist, says "another promising prospect
near Nelson is tie Chapleau." Xot
on your life, Mortimer. The Chapleau is not near Nol ion; Slocan is
what you mean.
Geo. Stoll made a nice strike Inst
week on the Kokomo, on the 2nd
north fork of Lemon. Then are two
veins on the property, on the larger
of which he wus running In un open
cut, whin he struck a body of mixed
ore, showing galena, native silver
,uid iron.
Sheriff Tuck was here on Friday
attaching the "Marpole" quarter interest in tho Two Friends. It was at
tbo instance of the Bank of Montreal,
who secured judgment against Two
Friends Mine, Limited to recover
$2,086.35. The sale takes place at
Nelson on Oct. 26.
ottuwu "iirlki* Improving.
Since the discovery made on tho
Ottawa last week, a drift has been
run in on tho footwall six or seven
feet, ar.d a great improvement has
taken place. The paystrcak has
widened to two feet and the ore is
becoming more solid. The owners
are greatly tickled over their good
fortune aiid will continue develop
inent throughout thc winter.
Chief of Police Btubbscame down
from Sandon yesterday, and took
buck II. Proton', wanted for theft.
i >*■
Three Hundred   Rebels Surprise a Detachment.
Some Escaped   and   Others  Were
Killed -Party of Scouts
A >ii»»hni Steamer
St. Johns, N. F,, Oct. 15,--The
steamer Kile, which bus just visited
Cumberland Inlet, with supplies for
the American whaling station there,
reports nothing bas been beard
from the steamer Windward. Hope
of her return this fall is not abandoned, 	
A  Hint  Morn,
Halifax, Oct. 15. Reports from
all along the Atlantic coast of Nova
Scotia, tell of great damage done
by storm. A large number of
barks and schooners were driven
ashore, some sunk, but fortunately
no lives were lost.
American Interests   Suffering in South of
Manila, Oct. 16 via Hong Kong
—A detachment of twenty men of
the 2.1II1 regiment, while engaged
in repairing a telegraph line, October 10, at a point near San Jose,
Isle de Luzon, were set on by 300
rebels and were overpowered and
scattered. Seven of tbe Americans
reached San Jose, but it is probable
that tbe remainder were captured.
The enemy surprised a party of
scouts of the 53d infantry at a point
three miles from Takloban, Leyte
island, killing three of the Americans at first volley. Two escaped
and gave the alarm but the enemy
succeeded in evading their pursuers. The native police of Takloban
bad conspired to surprise the Americans. The bodies of the dead soldiers were badly mutilated.
IiivhII.U Hoillt'
Ijuebec, Oct. 15.- -The Dominion
liner Vancouver, with about fifty invalided Canadians on board, arrived here yesterday. No British
Columbians were among them.
French Note Accepted and Troops
Ordered to Abandon
In Quality
and Quantity
rmik's  CHARGES.
S»V« Up Will Br Abl<*  to M,b»Uitlinlr
Toronto, Oct. 16.—11. H. Cook,
ex-M. P. of Fast Simcoe, refused
to be interviewed regarding his
charges against tbe Liberal government in connection with a senator-
ship. He however, says be will be
prepared to substantiate his charges
when the time   comes  for doing so.
Canada is Leading In Its
Fruit Shipments
to Paris*
Were Blowft
To Atoms.
Ottawa. Oct. if>.—A cable received at the agriculture department
today announces that the fruit
shipment to Paris this fall arrived
in splendid condition and has won
four additional gold medals, Prof.
Drummond ot London, has warned
the Washington authorities to wake
up as Canada is leading in quality
and quantity in its dairy   products.
IiikIuiiI   IM-nth
London, Out., Oct. 16.—John A.
Smith, lately county constable, was
struck by lhe fast Grand Trunk express at a crossing last night and
instantly killed.
New York, Oct. 16, — A special to
tbe World from Hong Kong says:
"Americans and their extensive
interests in the far south of China
ar^ imperilled by tbe rebellion in
Kwang Tung province. Already
tbe revolt bas grown to such proportions thai the Chinese authorities are unable to suppress it. Mr.
Wildman, the l'. S. consul general
at Hong Kong, has gone to Manila
to confer over the critical situation
with General McArthur.
"Consul Tieneral   Wildman  has
warned   American steamers   not to
go   beyond   Canton.    The   U.   S.
steamer Monterey is now being  repaired   at   Hong   Kong, as  fast as
possible.    A Chinese mob  attacked
tbe Portugese  guard at tbe  barrier
on tbe   peninsula on   which  Macao
is   situated.    The    military turned
out and scared tbe rioters and  then
marched through the streets.    Last
river is   infested   with   pirates, who
have blocked the channel."
Troon*  It,'turn
Paris,   Oct.   16.—All the powers
have  accepted tbe  French note as
the   basis   for     negotiations.      Li
Hung  Chang  has  just ordered the
«ll nil. is   Nt-'.MU'T.
a «imuiitir.il Volunteer thiu» Kegm-ii-
Inn TronlllK'lll,
Montreal) Oct. 16.—The first
Canadian from South Africa to uphold the Burdette-Coutts charges
regarding the treatment ol tbe sick
in that country, is Pete Dunham,
ol Toronto, who arrived the steamer Vancouver at Cjuebec on Sunday
and reached this city last night.
Mr. Dunham was ill with enteric
fever at Bloemfontein and says that
there was much neglect at that
Bleetrle win- »ui it.
Peterboro, Ont., Oot. iC>.—Sam
Lung, a Chinese lantidryman, met
death by electricity yesterday afternoon while at work in tbe cella.i
with water pipes. He had a small
incandescent light in his band, the
wire of which is supposed to have
been exposed, and came in touch
with the water pipes.
General   French    Occupied
Carolina yesterday.
Eight Men Killed and Twenty Five
Wounded In the
True Bills
Against those Concerned
in the Ville Marie
London. Oct. 16.—Lord Roberts
reports from Pretoria under date of
October 15, as follows:
"French started from Machadodorp towards Heidelberg, to clear
a part of the country not yet visited
by our troops. Mahon, commanding thc mounted troops, success-
cessfullv engaged tbe enemy on
October 13, but our losses were severe, 3 officers and 8 men were
killed and 3 officers and 25 men
wounded. French occupied Carolina yesterday, capturing a convoy
during the march. Lord Roberts
also reports a number of minor affairs, showing that tbe Hoers are
still octiveover a wide field.
Noue Reiumed,
Shamokin, Pa., Oct, 15.—Not a
colliery resumed operation in this
portion of the coal regiou this
morning. While miners generally
think the terms of tbe convention
will be accepted by tbe operators
and coal carrying companies, oper-
ators hereabouts insist that so far
as they are concerned they will not,
unless forced by the coal carrying
companies, sign an agreement to
pay them ten percent.
London, Oct. 15.—About 15,000
Thames lightermen struck this
morning, considerably dislocating
trade. The strike is the outcome
of differences as to the interpretation of Lord Brassey's award,
which terminated the great strike
of 1809. Some of the employers
claim the right, under the award to
fix the hour at which a day's work
is to commence according to the
requirements of business, but the
employes dispute the claim.
New Lord
Chief Justice
Quebec, Oct. if).—The grand
jury has brought in true bills
against 1". W. Smith, B. Lichten-
heitn, Godfrey Weir and Wm.
Weir, charged with conspiracy to
defraud the shareholders and depositors of the Ville Marie bank. On
the request of the counsel for defense, to the effect that one of the
principal   witnesses  was unable  to
Death*, in Ontario.
M*y Aseocieted Prees.)
Toronto, Oct. 16,—The deaths
from diphtheria in the province during the month of September totalled 40, compared with 21 in
i8i,q. Total deaths from all causes
were 1975 for 1900, and 19117 for
Lord    Alverstone   Succeeds the Late Baron
_  be present,   the case   was  put over
Black Flag and   Kwang Si  troops, j m the spr;ng sessjon 0f cmirt.
which  are  traversing the province
A Whole Family Annihilated   Dispute   Over
a Homestead.
Hot Springs, Ark., Oct. i(>.—
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jones and tour
young children were blown to atoms
last evening at Sells, Montgomery
county, 14 miles from Hot Springs
While the family were at supper
their home was wrecked by an explosion of dynamite, ll is believed
that a dispute over a homestead
claim prompted the outrage. Tbe
officials wired last night that they
were close on the track of the guilty
A   ><•«    Hnlloon
London, Oct. 16,—A dispatch
from Rome says the Duke of Ah-
ru/zi is planning an improved type
of balloon for use on his next polar
■iiMiUii   Weet  iii.ii.*..
New York, Oct, 23.— Relative to
the sale ofthe Danish West Indies,
Denmark now demands 87,000,000
and the United States oilers only
$4,000,000. Tbe American offer
will be laid before tbe Danish parliament in November.
nfeterioni   iiouiii,
Toronto,   Ont.'   Oct,   r6.-*-The
jury investigating the death ot a
young girl named Rose Henderson,
who came to this city from Peterborough a few days ago and died in
one of the city hospitals, has asked
the attorney general's department
to have ;m analysis of the stomach
made, being suspicious of poisoning. The police believe the case
one of suicide.
of Hn Nan, on their way to join the
court at Sian Fu, to abandon their
march and return to Canton,
Choice of the  Two Parties for Dominion
South Alrliaii Hunk.
Pretoria, Oct. 16.- It is stated
00 good authority that the national bank of the South African republic will in the future be known
as the National Bank of South Africa.
< oiiuiiiiii'd suii'iiit*
Washington,   Oct.   16.--Thomas
F, Lane,   son-in-law of  ex-Senator
Blackburn, committed suicide at his
home here last night.
Tin* Ll< eimr < <>iiiiiii***.1oii. 1
In the Boundary license district
is included all that portion of the
West Kootenay electoral district
not in any municipality. License
commissioners recently appointed
are E. Jacobs of Greewood, H.
Cannon of Grand Forks, \V. B.
Townsend, of Rossland. Chief
license inspector, Canstable J. A.
Dinsmore, of Grand Forks.
Lnmber Mills
Are Burned
A  /Willion  Dollar   Conflagration In Wisconsin
11 ,\n.WAV ti:li.i.i<ai-iii:ks.
< HinidhiiiKi nil. oi E*ornilHB »■■  inu>
dependent onii*r.
Toronto, Ont., Oct, 15.—The
difficulties existing among the Order of Railway Telegraphers are
said to have revived a desire on the
part of  the Canadian   members ol
the order lo form an independent
order taking in the New England
Mutes and Michigan.
Oskosb, Wis., Oct. 16,—Properly to the value of more than a
quarter of a million dollars was
destroyed in the lumber district of
this city today. Starting at seven
oclock the fiames spread rapidly, in
spite of twenty-live engines pumping water into them from every side,
and not until 10:30 a. in. was their
headway checked. At least thirteen
million feet of lumber was destroyed, together with part of tbe llol-
lister-Amcs company's mill, and lhe
plant of Challoner & Sons. The
losses are fully covered by insurance. Following is an estimate of
the losses: Hnllistcr-Amcs Co.,
sawmill, lumber, logs and shingles,
$80,000; Diam ind Match Co., lumber yards containing between five
and six million feet of lumber,
$155,000; Challoner & Sons' pattern shops and warehouses $30,000,
Ottawa, Oct. 16—The following
nominations are anounced.
Quebec—Yamaska, L. A. Mon-
deau, Con.; L. 'Assumption,Horace
Ftbier, Con.; Beauce,Chas. Bolduc,
Con.; Wright, |. M. McDougall.
Ontario—South Leeds, W. A.
Lewis, Lib.; Fast Peterboro, John
Lang, ex-M P. Lib ; llallon, I).
Henderson ex-M. P. Con.
Toronto—Fast, Geo. Anderson,
lib.; Hamilton, S. Barker and P. C.
Bruce, Con., Toronto Centre, John
Flett, lib.
Nova Scotia—Victoria, A. Ross.
Wallace **ioiniiial<*cl.
Woodstock, Ont., Oct. if) —
North Oxford Conservatives have
nominated James Ci. Wallace, barrister, of this place lo oppose Won.
|. Sutherland at the general elections.
ii*>» n« < ..n.1,1.11 <i
Huntingdon, Cjue. Oct. iG.—
Liberals of Huntingdon today induced W. S. Maclarcn, who declined nomination a few days ago,
to allow bis name to stand.
Hriiir-.li Bleellone
The total number of members
of parliament elected is 669, as fol -
lows: Ministerialists 400, opposition 2(19. As tbe Orkney Islands
district is regarded as a safe Liberal scat   thc government'x majority
will be 130, against 121) tit   the time
Of dissolution.
lis   soi 111   iiHir.l.
Strength ot iii<* Re-tJmcuta,  Tin* Kick
and    liillVHlimiul.
Ottawa, Oct. 15.—According to
reports received from Colonel Otter,
the strength of the regiments in
in South Africa, repectively is as
fpllows: First contingent, \6 officers
and 769 men; effective, 516; on
command 37; convalescent, 7^; sick
and doing duty at various rest
camps, 176. Second battalion, C.
M. R., parade strength , 184; sick,
107; missing 1. First battalion, C.
M. R., or Royal Canadian dragoons, parade strength, 105, sick,
106; in detachment, 39,
■hot Bj striken,
Chicago,Oct. 16,— Adam Maesch.
a wood worker, was shot and probably fatally wounded last night.
The attack is said to have been due
to the fact that Maesch had returned to work with tbe non union men
after a strike had been declared.
London, Oct. 16. It is officially
announced that Lord Alverstone,
formerly Sir Richard Webster, hai
been appointed the Lord chief jus-
tice of England, in succession to
to the late Baron Russell of Lillo-
wen. Justice L. A. Smith succeeds
Lord Alverstone as master of the
Two Thousand
Coal Miners
a coaiiuic Station
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 15.-Two
British naval officers are at Sydney
with a view to having a coaling
station placed in Cape Breton, probably at Victoria.
Hloruiliot Takru
Capetown, Oct. if*.—The British
re-entered Blocmhof near Kimberly,
October 14, unopposed and captured 50 Boers.
March to a Colliery and
Arc   Intercepted by
Jumped HI* Ball
Montreal, Oct. 16.—A warrant
has been issued for the arrest of T
J. Chisholm, manager of the Montreal Cold Storage and Freezing
company, who forfeited hi- bail
when the case against him
called yesterday foreneon.
Court Scene
Tried for Life   Youtsey
In Court On a Sick
(ieorgetown, Ky., Oct. 16. — Henry B. Youtsey, on trial charged
with being a principal in the shooting of Governor Goebel, was still
unable lo enter the court room today. Lying on his bed he was
drawn to the door of the jury room
and Ihe trial proceeded.
Lansford. Pa., Oct. 16.—More
than 2000 striking mine workers
made a descent on the ten collieries
of the Lehigh' Coal & Navigation
company in the Panther creek valley this morning. They came to
this place by two separate roads.
One crowd shut up the Nesipiehon-
ing colliery while tbe other mob
was driven to Tamaqua and dispersed by a battallion of troops after
an exciting time. No one was
hurt. The troops had been ordered
to tbe district last night in anticipation of thc marcii.
Scranton, Pa., Oct. 16,—There
is a possible assurance that the end
of the strike of the anthracite miners
seems certain today in view of the
preparations which are being made
all through the Lackawanna valley
for Ihe resumption of work.
It..Ill III11111   Villi, I null OIIS.
Montreal, Oct. 15— The following nominations are announced:
Quebec—C. II. Hought, A Mc-
Cormick, Cons.; J. P. Brown, ex-
M. P., Lib.; Prime. Hon. Sidney
A. Fisher, Lib.;
Ontario—South   Greenville,    J.
Carruthers, Lib.; Fast Middlesex,
Thomas (iilmour, Lib,; Toronto
West, E. B. Osier and F. F.
Clarke, ex-M. P., Cons.; Cornwall
and Stormont, A. I*". Mulhern,   Lib.
Nova Scotia—Hants, A. Putnam,
ex-M. P., Con.
Cjuebec West — T. J. Kerwin,
Irish Catholic, Con.
London, Oct. 15.—The election
returns are complete with the exception of six polings today and
the polling in the Orkney Islands
Oct. 24. On this announcement
the Unionists have gained as follows:
Ministeralists, 36; Opposition 35.
The total number of members ol
parliament elected is 663, as fol-
lows: Conservatives, 311; Unionists,   68{ Liberals   and   Laboritssi
184; Nationalists, 80.
Ilrnlli ol  a I'lllillolli I
Hamilton,  Ont.,  Oct.   15.- W.
II. I ruin,   publisher   Cf  city  directories, is dead, aged I'M years.
iiirn I'liiiii Injnrlei
Tamworth, Out., Oct- h>. -Mrs.
Kelley, this place, died loday by be-
ing thrown out ol a buggy.
Olympic Qames,
New Vork, Oct. iv- -The Herald
says:    "America   is   to   have  the
Olympic games in I90I, They will
be under the jurisdiction of the amateur athletic university and will be
hchl al Buffalo during the Pan-
American exposition.
A Iti i.li. 1   Hi >,.l
Toronto,  Oct.   15,   G,  II.
son, lhe   well   known   broker,
yesterday morning, a^cd 46.
l*a»l Thrri*  Score
London, Ont., Oct. 15,—Erastus
Kenny, one of the stalwart yeomanry of county Middlesex, is dead,
tiged 77 years.
Want TIh*iii lo May.
Capetown, Oct. 15.—General
Roberts announces that the colonial
volunteers, who have been on active service north of the Orange
river, may return home as soon as
possible after the war. He expresses the hope, how eve, I hat tire
volunteers   will   remain in  the field
until the termination of the war,
and says I hat their leaving now will
have the worst possible effect,
Ki. .In*.   Curl) Ir
Toronto,   Oct,    15.— Dr,    Jas,
Carlyle, last surviving nephew  of
the great Carlyle, son of his eldest
brother, died here Saturday night
alter a long illness,   aged 69 years.
TIIAI**>    U III:* K.
All Open Switch  CatUM'tlie   llrai** "'
Two .Hen,
Chicago, Oct. 15,—An open
switch, believed to have been purposely misplaced, caused the death
Of two men and the injuav of three
others, and made wreckage of the
engine and forward part of the New
Vork and Boston express train on
the Lake Shore Michigan Southern
road last night.
Four boys have been arrested,
supected of having caused th*
wreck, The boys, ranging from "
to 11 years, deny that they wrecked
the train, but one of them said he
knew two boys who had stolen
parts of the switches.]
sir. Wilfrid** Challenge.
Montreal,  Oct.    15. Regarding
the charges of II. II. Cook, ex-M.
P., Liberal, for blast Simcoe, lb*'1
he had been asked to pay $10,000
for a Liberal senatorship, Hon. Sir.
Wilfrid Laurier lias written a letter
to the press challenging Mr, Cook
lo prove the same. LATEST RESULTS
Returns Received from the
English Elections.
leading Toronto Liberals Not Sat
isfled With the Government's
Trade Policy.
London, Oct. i 2.—-Thc results ol
yesterday's elections, given out this
morning, give tbe Unionists four
gains and the Liberals three. Their
respective totals of gains being 34
and *,-'• T'ie tota' number ol members elected is6a5, as follows: Min-
isterialists, 383; Opposition, 34a.
London, Oct. 12, —Dr. Gavin
Brown Clark, radical, the former
consul general of the Transvaal tu
Great Britain, and a pronounced
Boer sympathizer, was defeated by
Leicester VVarmsworlh, Liberal
I nionist, in the election at Caithness yesterday. Dr. Clarke has
represented the district since 1889,
Toronto, Oct. 12, - Prominen
Conservatives say :
"Charleton, the well known Liberal for North Norfolk, while not
desiring to break with the parly
leaders, as Mr. II. II. Cook, ex M.
P. P, has done, is preparing a letter
sharply criticising some details oi
the governments policy, particularly in regard to tbe trade relation*
with the United States."
The following nominations t.mk
place yesterday: Nova Scotia, Halifax county, R L Borden, Conservative; Halifax city, T R Kenny,
Conservative;   N.   B.,  Vork, Alex
Gibson, Liberal.
Quebec -Bagot, I. 0 T .ill «n,
Conservative; Pontiac, Thomas
Murray, Liberal.
Ontario—Stormant and Cornwall,
R \ Pringle, Conservative; West
Bruce, J Gentles, Conservative;
South Brenfrew, A A Wright, Liberal; South Huron, 1 McMillan,
Liberal; Last Huron, Dr MacDon-
ald, Liberal; West Toronto, Aid
Burns and i I> Allan, Liberals;
Centre   Ioronto, | Flett,   Liberal.     i
■»JJ   he  London Daily Mail.    He
was always intensely popular with
s _80'*l'ers.    Uu< When   he landed
'     LaP«   F0wl1  il  remained to be
bin! *« w" he P°sse88e*1 -■»■
;jjB'ftofageneral-'«to see the
other «de of a hill," as Grant put it,
'71 know as if by intuition what
Wtiat tl'e enemy would do and think.
he world was not long left in
noubt, Close upon the disasterous,
the terrible   tai, as it seemed   then,
01 Spion Kop and Vaal Krantz,
came the news of the gathering ol
a new army at Modder river, of that
1111 'anl advance to relieve Kim-
nerly, ol the resolution that never
Blnched ;" the loss ol the famous
convoy, and last and greatest of all
ol the enveloping of Cronje.
Paardeberg was the ' really de-
ClSlve battle ol the war; in the
hour when the white flag went up
overi Cronje's laager the British
Empire passed from the twilight of
deteal to the full, glorious day of
It is sufficient praise, then, to say
oi our Commander-in-Chief, that he
proved himself a consummate strat-
egist and tactician. In the long series of marches Irom Paardeberg to
Bloemfontein, from Bloemfontein to
Kroonstad, Irom Kronnstad to  Pre
toria, from Pretoria to Koomati-
poorl, where he was present, bis
combinations were as near perfection as are possible in war, He
never suffered a real reverse; where
he was in person battalions did not
walk into traps; or batteries suffei
Played Golf
At Spokane
Significant   Remark to the
Russian Troops.
General Tells    HI  Menthe     Czar
Needs Them at Home,
London, Oct. 12.-Significance
is attacked to a speech made by the
Russian general in command at
Wilna, to some troops that bad
been ordered to China, but were recalled from Odessa on tbe very eve
of sailing. The general in addressing the men made this  explanation:
"The Czar decided that it was
necessary ti bring you back to Wilna, so that you might he ready
here to join against a foe we shall
be ordered to meet." The foe hinted at can only be Germany,
division, this city, has accepted the
Liberal nomination for St. Lawrence division, in place of B, Goff
Penny, former member, retired.
Rossland Men Were Royally Entertained
The Score.
She Makes
6reat Speed
The Battleship  Wisconsin on  Her Trial
Santa Barbara, Cal., Oct, 12.—
ihe Wisconsin has just completed
the   most    successful    trial     trip
ever   made by a   battleship   in   this
country ami she is pronounced the
finest vessel ever turned out by the
Union Iron Works, which built the
Oregon, Tlu* h\g vessel gained a
maximum speed of 18,54 knots pei
hour and maintained an average ol
■ 7**5 knots per hour. The onlj
other battleship approaching this
speed is the Alabama, which aver-
Rged 17.13 knots and attaii ed 11
maximum speed of 18.03.
I he war in South Africa has now
lasted almost twelve months, ll is
'■«*■*■ practically at an end, and very
soon it will have passed into history-     The   dispersion   of  lliePoci
m*my and its division into a lew marauding bands has encouraged Lord
Roberts to look to bis preparations
'*' return home, and belore Ion-.;
the idol of the British army and nation will set oul for London to receive   his rewards   and the  homage
"' a devoted people.
Lord Roberts went to South
»'nca in an hour of great calamity,
when three separate British armies
ll:ul sustained three seperute defeats.
He went at a time when nol 11 few
;" home, and very many nbrond,
doubted the possibility ol British
success in the war. He bad liolh-
'"K io gain and much to lose ; munition he may be said to have
buried in the grave of bis only son,
who fell so ' gallnntlj al Colenso,
"l:|l. perhaps, was why the British
People trusted him so completely.
. I|ls perfect disinterestedness, his
sunplii uy, bjo high coiiriiire, were
4ualities which appealed lo all men,
Captain P. Mel.. Forin, R. M.
Dixon, William McNaughton ol
Rossland and Judge Forin of Nelson, returned from Spokane this
morning where they took part in
the international golf tournament
held there. Captain Forin s:fid
the) were entertained al the Country club, and were put up at lhe
Spokane club, where they were
fnrnished 1 corns. They arrived in
Spokane Tuesda) and during the
day they indulged in friendly practice game, with the Spokane players. To fill out the Rossland and
Nelson team, the Country club
loaned two oi its players, T. K.
Binnie and I'. J, Coleman,
Wednesda) night a ball was t-iv-
en in then honoi and the British
ensign w 1- raised over the club.
It was ,{ verj enjoyable affair.
Wednesda) the game was played
and was won by the Spokane Country club, 4.7 up. It was an ideal
dav for golf and many spectators
billowed their favorites around the
It has been several years since
any oi the Rossland and Nelson
players have played golf, and they
were not in condition to keep up
the hard play, however the game
was ciose, as regards the morning
play, Spokane being but lour boles
up; but in the afternoon the British Columbia players fell the fatigue
ol hard play and did not do so well.
The final score with the pairing ofl
ol fhe team- is as follows: McNaughton and Nettleton, Nettleton
won, ; up; Dixon  and Hoyt, I loyl
wori)  1 ( up; idem.in and   Ramsell,
Ramsell wen,   10 up; |udge Forin
and Williams, Williams won. 10
up; Captain Forin and Glidden,
Glidden won, 5 up; Binnie and Mason, Binnie won, a up. Jules 11.
Spadone ol the Waverl) Golf club
0I Portland, refereed the game,
Halifax, N. S. Oct. it.
ol ll.mts count) have nominated
Hr. Russell, former!) memhei for
Halifax, as theii candidate.
Will \<ni'i*
Toronto, Ont., Oct. ll 0. A,
•I lowland, ex M I', who resigned
his seat in south Toronto to contest centre roronto, will ngnin 1.
cepl nomination ol the Conserva-
|„„    Or. HlltltlOII«i
Montreal, Ocl n Laval conn-
I) Liberals have nominated Dr.
Fortin. Mr. Diichmarc, Conservative nominee in lloeholagu  co.mlyi
andW.S   M   |i!":' '"•
nice, in Hunting ■•>■.■■■"• **«"
dined the nomination,
Expelled From  lhe Order.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. \2.~W.
\'. Powell, who for seven years-has
been grand president'of the Order
of Railway, Telegraphers, was"-expelled from the organization yesterday by a large majority of votes ol
the delegates present. The charge
against Mr. Powell was conduct
unbecoming a member and officer ol
General Pauenger Agent.
Chicago. Oct, 12. F. A. Millei
has been appointed general [passenger agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, vice George
Heafford, resigned.
Opposed i<> Prohibition.
Toronto, Oct. 12.—The Licensed
Victuallers'association of this citv is
urging united action to defeat all
candidates espousing tbe cause ol
prohibition at the general  elections.
Bennett   Roeamond.
Almonte, Ont., Oct, 11—North
Lanark Conservatives have nominated Bennett Rosamond, as theii
candidal c.
LlptOU*! N«*m   lloat
London, Oct. 11.—Further in
formation regarding Sir. Thomas
Upton's new challenger for tbe
American cup confirms tbe statement that the boat will be named
tbe Shamrock, and will be selected
by a series ot contests between the
yacht Watson is designing and the
old Shamrock, after the latter shall
have undergone the improvements
proposed by File, though both
yachts will be kept fnlly manned by
Sir. Thomas Lipton and [may cross
the water together. The challenger
will be commanded by a well known
amateur yachtsman whose name
Sir. Thomas does not wish to divulge at present. None of the old
Shamrock's former captains will be
employed in coming races.
Mi i-   Condition   Wo,'**.)-.
Berlin, Oct. ia, — Emperor William's abandonment of bis proposed
visit to Ilcrr Krupp is interpreted to
indicate that there bas been a turn
lor the worse in the condition ot his
To Recover
On Bonds.
Russell Sage and Others
Bring Action Against
a Township.
St. Paul, Minn.,   Oct.   12.—Russell Sage of New York"among oth
ers, is seeking to recover money on
railway aid bonds issued by the vil
lage of Reeds, Wabash county.
The supreme court of thc state hat
declared the village lost its corporate existence through changes in
the charter in 1895. | Finding no
village to sue, the bondholders haw
commenced action against the township in which Reeds citizens live,
Till;     -IIM.ItAI.    IV) III lis
the Advance.
Coal Miners   Convened
at Scranton This
Scranton, Pa., Oct. 12.—The
convention of striking anthracite
mine workers called by Presidei t
Michell,of the United mine workers,
for tbe purpose of considering tlu
10 percent net advance offered In
the mine owners, commenced this
morning. The hall was soon filled.
Ten minutes after the national
presidents arrival, be called the*\!el-
egates to order and delivered an
advisory address to the delegates,
admonishing them to consider seriously the course thev intend lo
Troop* V» III Hi main
Shenandoah, Pa , Oct.  12.     Gen.
Gobin says there will b** no movement of troops homeward until alter the Scranlon convention adjourns.
North  Haws  Liberal*.
Windsor,  Ont.,   Oct.    11.— Liberals ol   North Essex   yesterday selected Mr. R. F, Sutherland to contest the  ridingat  the generel elec
lions in   place   oi W.   McGregor
former member, retired,
Por onirr Toronto,
Toronto,   Out.,    Oct.     11.     ll  is
Understood   the   Liberals   who have
failed in inducing W. E. II. Mas-
sey, or Ed Gurney,  arc   endeavo -
ing to induce   Stapellon  Caldecott,
the well  known dr) goods  merchant, 10 run in centre Toronto.
I,literal   Nominee,
Montreal, Oct. 1 1.     Robert Bick-
erdike,  M. P.,  ol the St.  Antoine
Prizes   Distributed   at    the   Spokane
I ulr.
The gold medals won by the min-
' era! exhibitors were awarded "by
.\lr. Hawley. British Columbia look
the chief of them. First was the
I prize for the best district exhibit,
: a handsome gold medal in a red
silk lined case, which went to Rossland, which is represented here by
W. II. White. British Columbia
also secured(the first prize lor the
state or provincial exhibit, which
was an equally valuable medal.
\V. S, Dowsing of Nelson rsceived
the medal on behalf of British Columbia. In honor of the occasion
the Union Jack was draped alongside of thc Stars and Stripes above
tbe platform. Other medals wen
hy the mineral exhibitors were:
Second district prize,Nelson, B. C.;
third district prize, Index, Wash.;
second state prize, Washington;
third state prize, Idaho, -Spokesman-Review.
Polltlenl Work
London, Oct. 11,- When questioned regarding the pork corner,
Sir Thomas Lipton said: "Yes it
is a tact that I control today practically all the pork in the United
States. 1 have im intention of raising the price toany exorbitant degree, I am satisfied to make a
fair profit out ol the deal and I
I shall do all possible to avoid causing serious trouble to those who
sold short,    [nfacl I   let   some ^o
the other day in order to save a  lew
threatened failures."
Halifax, \. S , Oct. 1 1. The
Mail) (Conservative) says there are
1300 names lesson Ihf voters' lis!
than four years ago. Thai paper
blames the Liberals for dropping
the names, its statement is ,,uis-
in^ excitement here because, ill rue,
lhe   Conservatives   will   be  hand!-
J capped at the first of the campaign,
How J. M. Harris Was Done
Up at Poker.
Lew   Houck   Worked   the   Sleeve
Game—Action to Recover
On Stock.
Nelson, Oct, 10.—The case of
Henley vs. Reco Mining company,
which was set down yesterday for
trial at the assizes will be one of the
most interesting actions ever tried
in this district says the Tribune.
The suit arises out ol a poker
game in which J, M. Harris, president ol thc Reco, was fleeced to a
finish by Lew llouck, one of thc
cleverest card sharpers who ever
came west. Thc case is robbed of
some interest by the fact that
llouck is dead, ll is asserted that
he worked the "Montana sleeve"
game at Sandon, and in the approaching trial the defence will
produce the evidence of the tailor
who made the sleeve. Houck's
ability to palm cards is evidenced
by the fact that Harris bad 110 suspicion he was getting the double
cross until some time later when he
learned of. Houck's identity. In
the meantime he settled his debt
to the sharper in Reco shares,
llouck sold the shares and the purchaser is bringing the action to
(impel the Reco people to honoi
die transfer.
The story of thc game at Sandon
is worth telling. A Spokane business man had visited thc Slocan
metropolis and played poker for
high stakes. He lost, and j. M,
Harris got the big end of the game
When the Spokane man arrived
he secured a tip on Lew llouck, and
put up a deal with the famous sharp
to secure revenge on Harris. Thev
went to Sandon and worked the
job smoothly. Harris lost $1000 in
cash and several I. 0, I'.'s at one
sitting, and between $2500 anil
S300 in cash and a block of Reci
stock in another. Then the visitors
pulled out, and when Harris became informed oi the proposition he
had gone against ii notice was
posted repudiating the stock certificates,
New Brunswick
Is Flooded
A Steady Downpour   of
Rain for 118
St, Johns. N. B., Oct. 12—The
entire province of New Brunswick,
up to y o'clock last night, resembled a hike. It rained steadily foi
i 18 hours. Between Vanceboro
and St. John there are 35 washouts
on the railway, some 100 feet long
and 2^ leel wide. Conditions are the
worst in years and thousands ol
dollars oi damage are done. lhe
rain stopped at an early hour thi.*
morning'.     No lives have been   lost.
ON    lilt-:   HI. I'Ml I MM tl.
t Ton slump nut   is I,, 11,.  Installed
»i Onto
|. I-. Saucier ol Rossland, oin
ol the holders of Relerendum shares,
was in the city yesterday and confirmed the report iis to the recommencement ol work on the Referendum. The Forty nine creek wagon
road will be continued past the Ma)
and Jennie group to the Referendum', the latter company having
contributed $500 to the cost, Tin
j company has a ten-stamp mill
bought nnd paid for and lhe plain
will be delivered on the ground and
set up as :oon   as the   new road   al-
I fords transportation facilities.
Since the present company took
iiver the group about $7000 has
been expended in development anil
a large amount of medium gradi
freo milling ore is on the dump and
blocked out in the workings, Mi
Saucier slates that the capacity Ol
the mill will   probably be   increased
by ten additional stamps at once.
The company ia assure J that thev
have a first-class property in tin
Referendum and will proceed without delay lo place it on a productive
basis. - Nelson Tribune.
No < hiii,»,- Labor.
Capetown, Oct. 12.—The South
African league, at its session yesterday, uuai.iniously voted against
the introduction of Asiatic labor.
Cecil Rhodes emphatically opposed
the importation of Chinese labor into South Africa,
■ '■
Id..iin.i   Hie   World.
New York, Oct. 12. —Mr. and
Mrs. Duncan K. Cameron, arrived
today from Liverpool. They have
completed their wedding tour
atound the world.
Nllot    I.J     ill-Ink. .
Campbellford, Ont., Oct. 12—
Charles Stevens, a cheesemaker at
Seymour, was shot and instantly
killed on Tuesday. One of the employes was shooting rats about the
premises when Stephens got into
the line of fire and received the
11,mil   ol   11    "ilium.,, mr.ir.
Toronto. Oct. i.'. J. I\ Mcintosh, ol the firm of J. 1\ Mcintosh
it Son, manufacturers of cereals,
died here yesterday afternoon, after
:i long illness.
No More
Round Dancing
Archbishop Gauthier Orders Diocese to Re-
frainfrom it
Kingston, Ont.' Oct, 12.—Archbishop Gauthier has notified the
priests of the diocese of Kingston
to inform their respective congregations that Catholics are to refrain
from round dancing.
South   Alrlimi Mluallou
Grand Rapids, Mich., Oct. 12.—■
P. Louter Wessels, special commissioner of the South African Republic to the United Suites yesterday received u letter from Secretary
De Bruyan, of the Boer envoys,
now in Holland, containing the first
reliable and definite information oi
the plans oi ex President Kruger
that has been made public. The letter
states that ex-President Kruger will
leave Delagoa bay on tbe Netherlands warship Gelderland in a few
days, lie will be taken to Holland
where the envoys are awaiting him.
In regard to the intimation in British newspapers that English warships might be sent in pursuit, Mr.
Wessels says that any such action
by Great Britain would be accepted
by the Neitherlands as a direct declaration or war and the little Dutch
nation would act accordingly.
Ex-President Kruger bears a
commission from tbe Boer republic,
but exactly what it is, not even the
envoys oi the Boers know. They
suppose, however, that it will endeavor to secure intervention by one
or all oi the European powers to
the end that the individuality of the
republics shall not be annihilated.
Mr. Wessels stated that the reports
of huge numbers of Boers immigrating to America were unfounded.
He said: "You need not be surprised if there is a rebellion of ihe
whole of South Africa before the
year is out. The only reason the
Capo Colonists did not join us nt
the outset was because they had no
arms and neither they nor we expected war and   were   unprepared."
-in- t ii< in < hallenge
New York, Oct. 12.-—The challenge oi Sir Thomas Lipton lor an-
other series of races for the American cup, will be considered at a
special meeting ot the New York
Yacht club called for Tuesda*, evening, October 16,
Will iii-   No Chang*
The Supreme court sittings will
be held ill Nelson, October to and
in     Rossland   October    J11.       It    is
thought the silting on the civil side
would be postponed in both instances, bul the attorney-general
has declined to make any change,
li is reported thai Mr, justice
Walkem will preside on the   bench.
1 ■HI
■    -
'5 i
(C. E. Smitherisoalk, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cunts a line for
■tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $ 10 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal ad ve. Using.
locals will be charged 10 cents a line
••for each insertion.
Commercial RateB mado known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict-
ily in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 1900.
Through the Slocan at least it is
-not a question of who is the strongest
of the three candidates, but rather
(the size of Foley's majority.   It will
be in the hundreds.
Capital has rights as well as labor,
and no true workman will seek to
belittle the factor that provides re
munerative employment for himself
and peace and contentment in his
Tiomc. Justico to all should ever be
the watchword of our legislators,
This truly has been a week of
thanksgiving for labor. The coal
,-fltrikors in Pennsylvania won a big
• victory; the Ymir mine, at Ymir, has
■adopted the Union scale; the Tories
.will support Putteo 'n Winnipeg;
.nndlast.butnotleast.Ci.ris Foley has
ibeen here/and ho proved himself
.equal to his reputation.
C. E. Smitheringale has purchased
•K. T. Lowery's interest in The Slogan Drill, and will  pound tlie ma
.-chine alone in the future.   If he will
lop off thc extension to his name and
.call it plain Smith, the brethren will
be thankful.—Cranbrook Herald.
Can't do it, sonny; it's one ofthe
imposed conditions of existence. Besides, the governor's got tlie blame
thing copyrighted.
Labor should feel honored by the
-great attentions being paid its organ-
• izations by public men at present. It
,has become a power in the land and
many are they who aro falling over
-themselves to prove their warm at-
itachment for the hardy sons of toil.
But labor, particularly in British
-Columbia,can think nnd act for itself,
. and the affiliated organizations will
.demonstrate their influence ncxr
Union men owe it to themselves to
m ssist and protect one another,   This
: is shown in tbe adoption of the Union
label to be placed upon the product
.of their hands. The label is the
badge and certificate of honest toil,
fair wages nnd skilled workmen.   It
-is never found on shoddy goods.
How necessary it is, therefore, that
.that thc preachers of unionism practice what they preach. Don't be
content with any old thing. Insist
upon having Union label goods
everywhere and upon all occasions.
Compulsory arbitration in this
.country is rapidly Hearing the goal
of practical accomplishment. Ne*v
Zealand has shown how it operates
there, by having no labor troubles in
.fourteen years. Our American con-
sins have been inquiring into the
matter and they have come to the
conclusion that it is a good thing,and
soon will have a similar measure on
their statute books. Agitation here
/on the subject has made many converts in its favor since June last and
our people would welcome its adop
British Columbia will be to Canada
what New Zealand is to Australasia.
It will be the arena wherein the
practical precepts and principles of
•modern socialism will bo promulgated and demonstrated. Each year
witnesses some new departure in public affairs along the lines of social democracy, and in no instance have
they been found detrimental to the
well-being of the country. New
Zealand furnishes a good example
(to our legislators and people, and is
providing the ideas of an education
,on the elevating influence of socialism
,that is proceeding apace. British
Columbia is pre-eminently the land
of labor, and it is meet nnd right
that the toiler should have legislation
to ameliorate his condition. In this
respect our province is looked upon
as the leader in the Dominion nnd,
though the youngest In the confederation, it bids fair to soon becoming
the sturdiest in direct and beneficial
legislation. Workingmcn owe it to
themselves to seo to it that their votes
are cast right in thc coming election.
Newspapers of ancient date for sale
at this office.
J. A. Anderson is effecting some
improvements to and enlarging the
Tlie railway people report the volume of business increasing ail over
the district.
Two cars of coal were transferred
to barge 13 Monday, billed to Wm.
Hunter, Silverton.
A dally freight train has been put
on on this branch to accommodate
the increasing business.
Mate Rilev of the Slocan lias been
unexpectedly transferred to the str.
Rossland, on the Arrow lakes.
Ghb Erickson, working on the Arlington road, had a dislocated shoulder fixed up at thc hospital Monday.
Tlie government has appropriated
a sum of money for repairing Deln-
ney ave. and "replanking Springer
creek bridge.
F. F. Liebscher, the well-known
tailor of Silverton, was married at
Nelson a few days ago to Miss M.
Martin,  of Boston.
Locomotive 378 came down on the
barge Monday, bound for the Boundary district to assist in relieving thc
pressure of freight.
All accounts owing to P. Swan for
blacksmithing must be paid by Oct.
20; otherwise they will be placed in
court for collection.
Geo. Stoll has gone to Klona, Wash.,
for thc winter. He had a brother-in-
law shot r.nd killed there a few days
ago by some toughs.
Business at ..ho depot is now fully
equal to the boom months in 1897. It
is on a stable basis and is giving the.
railway staff more work than they
can handle,
Howard Guest, who was injured in
the railway accident at Bonnington
Falls some time ago, has been recuperating here during the week. lie
ia doing nicely.
L. C. York, an uncle of A. York, of
this town, was here on Monday, on
his way home from a trip through
Manitoba. He owns a large general
store at Wharnock.
Grand Master J. E. Johnston of the
Oddfellows of British Columbia paid
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch.
Meets th« second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Pres-
byteriancburch. All meetings open
to those wishing t) join.
Mhb. \V. J. Axdbkws, Mrs. T. B. Hall
1 resident. Cor. Secretary.
Closing Out These Lines :
Fortv single Gasoline Lamps, original
price, |l2 50; now, $8. Ten double Gasoline Lamps, original prica $15; now,112.
fill Medicinal Belts, now (5; $10 Medicinal Batteries,now $o: $15 Medicinal Batteries, now *1; 40 children's Novelty
Safety Livings, ft. 100 Hand Oil Paint-
iugs of Kootenay, size 15x20 and 20x30,
worth |25 and (50 each, selling at $10
and $15, including beautiful burnished
gilt frames; most suitable present of the
day. All kinds of Pictures selling at cost.
Picture Framing a specialty. Prices
guaranteed tho lowest in Kootenay. Novelty Scissors, Novelty Electric Necktie
Lainns, etc. Goods sent C.O.D. when
deposit companies order and all mail orders will receive prompt attention, at—
Nelson, B. C.
an official visit to the local lodge last
Thursday night. He was accompanied by A. II. Blackaby, past
grand master of Ontario and superintendent of the relief association of the
Tuesday morning, as the Slocan
was leaving Silverton on her down
trip, a inarkHinan on the wharf fired
at a duck on the lake, t jt '"iised.
The bullet flew along tho gangway
of the boat, in close proximity to a
number of passengers.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
mining engineers
and assayers.
B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
GerrJUcatB of Murovements.
Itoiebud, <;ini>l>I<■, Graplilo Fraction ami
UnUain Mineral Clulm*.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi
sion of West Kootenay District.
Whore located: On the divide be
tween Ten Mile and Springer creeks
TAKE NOTICE that I, Archie Main-
waring Johnson, free minor's certificate
No. B31S901, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the abovo claims.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.
Dated this 8th day of September, 1900.
E«ta Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located:—On the north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, No. B26881, and Charles E.Smitheringale, No. B26819, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a ceitifieate of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice tbat action.
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the issuance oi such certificate of
Dated this 15th day ofSeptember,1900.
21-9-00 A. S. FARWELL.
Sheriffs Sale.
Pnvince of British Columbia,
kelson—West Kuotn.'iay,
To Wit:
By virtue of a wi it of Fieri Facias, issued out of the Supreme Court of British
Columbia, at the suit of the Bank of
Montreal, plaintiffs, and to me directed
against the .goods and chattels of Two
Friends Mine, Limited Liability, defendant*', I have seized and taken in execution nil the right, title and interest of the
said defendants, Two Friends Mine,Limited Liability, in tho tumoral claim
known as and called "Two Friends," sit-
UAted on the divide between Lemon and
Springer creeks, on the east slope of Lo-
mon creek, located on the .list day of
July, A.D. 1895, and recorded in the office of the Mining Recorder for tbo Slocan City Mining Division of the West
Kootenay District, on the 10th day of
August, A.D.1895; and also,nil the right,
title and interest of the said defendant,
Two Friends Mine, Limited Liability, in
sixty tons of ore, more or less, mined
from tbo mineialclaim, "Two Friends,"
and now upon the property, to recover
the sum of two thousand anil eighty-nine
dollars and eighty-flvo cents ($2,089 85),
together with interest on two thousand
and eighty-six dollars and thirty-five
cents (12,08(1 35), at six per centum por
annum, from the 2llth of September. 19(H)
until payment, liesidcs sheriff's pound-
am, officer's foes, and all other legal incidental excuses; all of which 1 shall
expose for sale, or sufficient thereof, to
satisfy said judgment, debt and costs, at
the front of my office, next to tbe Court
House, in the City of Nelson, B. C, on
Friday, the 20th day of October, 1000, at
the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Notk.—Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves us to interest and title of
the said defendants.
Dated at Slocan City tho 12th day of
October, 1900.
Sheriff of South Kootenay. I ElectlOMS,   NOV.    7th.
NOTICE is herebv given that we intend to applv to the JHon.the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described bind, situated in tbe Slocan City Mining Division
of WrfSt Kootenny District, Province of
British Columbia :—Commencing at a
post on the north side of Springer creek,
about 1000 feet north from the upper, or
"Provost," oridge; thence south-easterly
at right angles to Springer creek 60
chains; thence at right an lea southwesterly 1(50 chains; thence at right angles north-westerly 60chains; thence 160
chains to the point of commencem nt,
containing 960 acres more or less.
Dated this 24th day of August, 1900.
Non-Personal Liability,
By J. Frank Collom, Managing Director
—Of   THE—
WmM IA Party,
Adopted in Convention at Nelson
on the 3rd of October, 1900
1. Free compulsory education.
2. Legal working day of right hours.
3. Government inspection of all industries.
4. Abolition of contract system on
all public works.
5. Public ownership of all franchisee.
6. Prohibition of Asiatic immigration and the regulation of all immigration by an educational test as to immigrant's fitness, and the abolition of all
special inducements and privileges to
foreign immigrants lo settle in tho Dominion.
7. abolition of chihl labor under 12
8. Abolition of the $250 deposit re-
I'liired of all candidates for the Dominion
9. CompulBory arbitration of all labor disputes.
10. Prohibition   of  prison   labor  in
competition with froj labor.
11. All election days to be made public holidays.
12. Abolition of Dominion Senate.
Fellow-Laborers.your vote
and influence are solicited on behalf of:
Chris Foley
The Labor Candidate.
and Glassware.
We aro the exclusive dealers lu
these goods in the town. Largest
stock on the lake to select from.
Large- assortment.   In
also we have some special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Hoarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Rales.
Wood and Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Orders for Coal to be nccompanied
by cash and left at thc Office
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
apples,     .A/pple
Leave Your Order With
A. David,
For a Nice Fall Suit. Perfect  Fit  Guaranteed.       We use oily \*
Trimmings nnd thc Finish is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Doors South of Postofflco.
Underwear  ...       !
Now is the time to replenish your Underwear. We have a new and elegant stock
in Unions, Shetlands.and Natural Wools.
Wide range in quality and price.
 T. McNeish & Co.
Your Feet
a j.
Large stock of new Coal
and WoodStoves,Steel
Ranges, and the best
assortment of Heating
Stoves in West Kootenay have just been re- j
ceived. Call and see1
Will be kept warm this winter, If you buy a pair of our nicn,
comfortable Shoes.   "Wc have Dress Shoes.Street Shoes, Work
ing Shoes, Miners' Shoes, and, in fact, any kind of a Shoe you
want.   All new goods nnd a large assortment kept in stock.
Come anil sec our display and you  will have no trouble iu
finding exactly what you want.   Prices, right.
E. M. Shupe, Clothier,
Main Street, - Slocan
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and  Blacksmith Coal.
Wc keep Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Etc,
Carefully   Compounded.
Mail  Orders  receive prompt
and careful attention.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers on
all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Cars,passing Dunmore
Junction daily for St.
Paul; Saturdays for
Hontreal and Boston;
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. The
same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
pointer regarding the
Eastern Trip you contemplate taking. Fall
and Winter schedule
now effective.
For time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
local agent, Or—
Agent, Slocan City
T. P. A., A. (I. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Thencoineto Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health. "Fishing, Hunting, Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, School
Hospital, Public Halls and
Enterprising Citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
Come and be convinced that this talc is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality. _
Spncnlntor Mlm-rnl Clulm.
Situate in tho Blocan  City Mining Division of tho West Kootenny District
Where located:—On tho north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Arthur S.Knr-
welli acting an agent for Robert I. Kirk-
wood, No. 820881, and Thomas Kllpat*
rick, No. B488B7, intend,sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply t- the Mining
Recorder for a certificate ol Improvement!, for tho purpogo of obtaining o
Crown grunt of the above claim,
And further take notico Unit action,
under section U7, must he  commenced
before tbe Issuance of buc.Ii certificate of
Dated this l8thdayof Beptember.lOOO,
Mliierni Mmintiiln hiiiI  Npi-i-uliitm' I-'"
tion Mlii<*riil Claims,
•0 00
Situate in the Sloean City Mining ■>
sion of the West Kootenay DUUi
Where located :-( Iii iho north'1
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. |j
well, acting ns agent for   Robort I  K'
wood, Free Miner's Certificate j*o.B'J
intend, sixty doyn fiom the dale I	
to apply to tho Mining Recorder foi «
tlflcatei of Improvements, for tho 1
pose of Obtaining  Crown   granlHci  i
above claims.
And further  take   notice   thnt ftd
under  MOtlon   117, must   ho eomm''11
beforo the Issuance of suoh certificate
Improvements, .,
Dated this IHth day of Boptembe",1
210(H) A. S.FARNM'1


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