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The Slocan Drill 1904-06-10

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■ 1904
TQL. V., Ne. If.
SLOOAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   10,   1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Fishing Tackle and Sporting GoodsMEET,Nd - C0UNCIU!
We have in stock a full and complete assortment of fishing tackle,
indudiag aJl kinds of flies, hooks, spoons, Vpkvn£)*- UQles, baskets,
etc.   Everything you may want for a day's (,_._"•, Library,
We handle all kinds of supplies for tenuis, baseball, footuffl.'oT'tfly'*******"-
other sport.   Flags, bunting Rnd fireworks for the celebration.
jan 1 081 	
Connell Take* Over tin*Creek Work from
the Cnntrartun—Work Couimenda*il
by the lni|><*<*tor-Very Mttle Uu»Iiiohs
lit TiiiimiH'tixl by Itunnl.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
£  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   _f*
_=■   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
This popular bote! is cenvwiiciit to the boats and trains.   The dining room
is itrletly up to-tlate while thc bar is supplied with the best in the market.
O A TCC .   Travelling "ion. nsing Sample Rooms, $2.60pcr day '
KA 1 l-mD .    wHheut8uwploRopni8>$2;boord$8perweek;meHl*35rf
Those present at Monday night's
meeting ofthe oity council were: Mayor
McNeish, Aid. Smith, Teeter and Henderson.
Aid. Teeter scored his point from
last meeting und had succeeded in
having the disputed bill referred to
the eity solicitor. A letter was read
from tho so icitor, however, stating:
that the bill was payable to Mr.Curtis,
as Authorized by the resolution of last
February.   Letter filed.
Mr. Curtis' bill of $80 was theu ordered paid, on motion of Aid. Teeter
and Smith.
Bills presented: H.R. Jorand, filing
bylaws Nos. 22 and 23, 82.20; J. Law,
work on creek and a pair of rubber
boots, $19.25; W. D. McGregor, inspecting creek work, 825.
Aid. Teeter inquired as to the authorization of the Law account. Aid.
Smith stilted he was responsible, on
behalf of the lxiard of works, and that
the Ixiots were the property of the
W. D. McGrogor.as inspector of the
creek work, reported to the board of
works, tint the work hod been done
quickly and well. In future, if any
sucli work were doue again, he would
suggest that no piles be used lesa than
10 inches across ;it tlie small end.
Aid. Smith, for the board of works.
reported that the creek work had beeu
completed, and that it had been taken
over from the contractors. Report
The bills ubove mentioned were then
ordered paid.
Aid. Teeter brought up the question | th,. n-suli
of releasing the bondsmen of the former contractors, Left over for a conference with the city solicitor, as to
whether there were any claims to-be
uiiidemi the city by the contractors.
The Inayor stated the railings mi
the footbridge on Delaney live, neat1
the railway, required repairing. Loft
to the board of works.
Council adjourned.
mining operations. In Mny only 164
licenses were taken out, ns against 238
for 11)03, nnd 272 in 1902. Three company licenses were taken out this year
the Arlington, Ricowilabi and Republic.
Slocan Folk Have New Excltmnont to Occupy Their Attention.
Slocnn seldom does anything by
halves,aiid when an excitement strikes
the burg it hits ali over. Since spring
opened the men folk have become daft
on baseball, and one gets it ladled out
to hiin three times a day. Not to be
outdone by the sterner sex, tho young
women have enthusiastically taken up
with liasketliall, using the skating
rink for practicing in. For weeks past
they have been practicing hard and
getting on to the rudiments of the
game. At length feeling safe in their
ability, the ladies got up a match between themselves for Friday night,and
invited the townspeople to attend.
The poople did so and got good return
for their money. The competing
teams were designated as the Whites
and Blacks, and they put up a vicious
game, buckling to it as if their lives
depended on the result. The game
ended in a victory for the Blacks, by
a score of 2 points to 1. Following
nre the names of the players:—
Whites. Blacks.
Edna McVicar     goal       Mabel Hall
J. McCallum    back  A. Montgomery
half      1 S. Walker
backs     ) N. O'Neil
\ A. Bull
, forwards   P. Bull
\ / E.   McVicar
Annie Rae I
Alma Baty \
W. Tipping /
Miss Few
X. Bull
Referee, H. Cleve.
Genuine Clearing Sale
To clear out entire stook of Ames-
Holden shoes for men, we have reduced all lines to oo.it price for cash.
$6.00 shoes for - - - fJ-gO
$5.00 shoes for - - - fg™
$4.50 shoes for        - $*J.**5t>
We have about a dozen men's tweed
suits is 39 and 40 breast measure, to
be sold at cost price to clear. Come
early and get first choice.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
%■* £3
1A Spring
I Pointer
Nothing delights the
eye more than a lino
lilting, up-to-date,
stylish suit of clothes
A new selection of fine
Grey & Black Worsteds
of the latest designs
just lieen received.
Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
done 011 thi'
All our wor
or Money refunded
meet any purse.
shoi'trsl notice.
is guaranteed)
We can
Main Street, Slocan, B.C.,
Stoic:   Next door to Postofflco.
Mew freight Tariff.
A new freight tariff to Kootenay
points hus been imposed by the C.P.
tt., the result of which will be to centre trade in Xelson and Rossland. All
branch points, heretofore enjoying
common rati*, have had the privilege
suspended, the contention being increased cost of handling. Under the
new tariff the following places will lie
known as common points, all being
situated on the main line: Beasley,
Bounington Falls, Burton City, Cos*
tlegar J unction.Gouelle, Granite, Ha 1 -
cyou, Nakusp, Nelson, Rosslaud, Slocan Junction. Smelter.I unction, Trail,
Warfield and West Robson.
lleaailnil for thr North.
On Tuesday's train Bert Wilhelm
and Tom Benton left for Seattle and
Victoria.with the Intention of heading
for the northern part of the province.
Thev purpose sailing from Vancouver
on tin* 17th for Bella Coola. From
t here they will penetrate into the interior, heading for the lake country
south of tho Skeeua. Thev will thoroughly examine the country, with a
view to taking up large tracts of grazing and agricultural lands. At the
same time they will keep uu eye open
for mineral veins and placer gold.
t'liuiiKa* nl the Arlington.
A change took place in the manage*
inent of thy Arlington hotel ou Monday evening. Larry Knowles transferring the license over to lioo. Henderson, one of the owners of the building.
Mr*. Crowe will take charge of the
dining room and beds, while \\ Ulle
Brown will dispense the liquid refreshments. It will Ik* with regret
that folk will see Larry retire from
business here, for he has proven a
whole-souled, generous citizen, nnd n
general favorite.
>C".V   1'oa.tlIIMKtt*!'.
reached town on Tuesday
evening from Inspector Greenfield
Unit D. S. McVannel hud been appointed to succeed TC. A. Bradshaw ns
postmaster here. Tin* appointment is
of the recommendation
mud" some time ago by the executive
of the local Liberal association. A.It.
Bolderston hns lieen lilliug the position ever since Mr. Bradshaw left, and
it was thought he would get Rio position, especially ns a strong petition
had lieen sent to Ottawa on his liehalf.
as well as an eudorsation by the inspector, hut the wishes of the executive prevailed, The transfer will likely
take place on July 1.
NhUoii H.i. h Miami.
Nelson experienced  an  expensive
flood on Monday morning, as a result
of the heavy rainstorm of the previous
night. The Ward street sewer got
choked up uud the water forced a new
.passage down the street, flooding the
basements of the K.W.C. block, the
McArthur block, nnd the Hume hotel.
The damage done amounted to nlxiut
820.000, McPherson & Co., Thelin &
Co., McArthur 6* Co., and the Hume
hotel being the principal sufferers.
It will cost the city fully $3)00 to
repair the damages to the street und
Ill b Legal Fight Oni
One of the biggest legal cases in
the history of the province is now occupying the attention of tho assize
court at Nelson, lieing the combined
damage suits against the Crow's Nest
Coal Co., arising out of the Fernie
disaster two yenrs ago. S. 8. Taylor
is looking after the interests of the
plaintiffs and is making headway,
though the leading legal lights of the
country are arrayed against him.
Hill Itaanilnml !ala*rn«*r.
Preliminary negotiations are under
way at Rossland looking to the consolidation of the Le Hoi, War Eagle
and Centre Star mines under one
company. The present capitalization
of the three companies is 110,600,000,
and if completed the amalgamation
will .be the greatest ileal iu the annals
of Canadian mining. Details of the
scheme are lieing Worked out for ratification iu London, Eng.
A Coining Mine.
Ralph Gillette and partners have a
mine in the Colorado, ou Twelve Mile.
The ledge is a big one and similar in
character to the Myrtle and Ottawa.
The ore carries grey copper, native
silver and galena, giving assays from
1 IS to 1810 oz in silver. A drift is in
15 feet under ground, showing 18
inches of on* in the breast. Two tons
of the shipping article is on the dump
and will lx* the nucleus of a healthy
■hipment later on.
K*>**vi*r LloaUiGI llfuoda
fewer free miners' licenses were issued iii the local office this year thnn
at anv time since the division wa.s es*
MrlMOtiltl Sera Ir.-ia.
Next .Sunday afternoon the local
lodge of Oddfellows will hold their
annual memorial services ut the cemetery, when the graves of the deported
brethren will be decorated. All members of the Miners' I'nion.Ornngeiuen,
and other kindred organizations are
invited to participate, the procession
leaving the I.O.O.F. hull at 2 o'clock,
Gifts of flowers would be appreciated.
Silver (jiiotiilloiiia.
Following ure the quotations for Ixir
silver on the various days during the
week since Inst issue:
Saturday    66
Monday    •">*">
Tuesday    66)
for holding the corporation sale of delinquent lands for taxes. Instead of
July 18th,tho sale is set for July 25th,
at the same hour antl place. The necessary correction appears in the advertisement in this issue.
Property Shut Down mid  Men Will,out
Bad luck seems to cling to the
Chapleau, preventing it lieing operated to the extent its merit warrants.
The French owners suspended operations throe yeurs ago with their affairs
in a bad muddle, and that section of
the camp luls been a sufferer ever
since. A similar situation prevails under the present management and the
outlook is uncertain.
During the winter it was announced
Seattle parties had secured a ten year
lease on theChapleau and had formed
a company to operate the mine. In
the early spring u force of men weut
up to the mine and got it into shnpe,as
well as the mill nnd train. Mining
operations commenced and a fine bodv
of ore opened up, resulting in thc miil
lieing set running. A satisfactory
cleanup was made, the amalgam antl
concentrates being seut to Nelson, the
returns from which are iu the bank
awaiting disposition.
Not long after work commenced
at the mine, trouble broke out among
those interested in the lease, and there
have been some lively passages, The
men kept at work, awaiting u solution
of the difficulty nnd the payment of
their wages. Not receiving the money
due them they all came down the hill.
The lease and one of the principals
are in Nelson and nn earnest effort
has been made bv outsiders to got affairs straightened out. D. Arnot. who
furnished the supplies, and W. Davidson, who worked at the mine, have
both been at Nelson, endeavoring to
get the lease turned over to theni for
the men. The latter have met and
agreed to return to work, if the lease
is fixed up, aud take out enough ore
to meet liabilities. They claim the
mine is in good shape and can easily
lie made pay. The returns from the
late cleanup are being held as a nest
ngg. lt is hoped to bave mutters fixed
up at an early date.
Drowning llelow Nakanp.
A deep gloom was east over Nakusp
on Monday by the news that John
Gencllc, of the Ya'e-Coliimbia Lumber Co., had been drowned 12 miles
below l lint place the night before. He
had gone to visit one ofthe company's
camps in their tug, the Yale, and had
stepped overboard hi the darkness,
striking a log in his descent. Next
morning the body was found in two
feet of water. A verdict of accidental
denth wus returned by the coroner's
jury. Deceased leaves n widow aud
five children. He was a relative by
marriage of Mrs. St. Denis, of this
place.       ____
Won't Allow Hlaek Hum.
W. A. Galliher, M.P., has written
the Ledge, stating that black bass will
uot be stocked in Slooan lake. He
says: "A couple of years ago an application wus mude to stock Kootcnav
hike with black bass, but it wns decided it would not lie advisable to put
these lish into any lakes that had their
outlet into the Columbia river. Prof.
Prince of the fisheries department is
opposed to ii. It is feared they would
prey on the trout. In fact some were
shipped, but strong objection lieing
raised, they were diverted to another
t'illlllllU*ilolla'l*» Mi-,'I.
Regular statutory meeting of the
municipal license commissioners was
held on   Wednesday morning, when
applications for renewal of hotel licenses for the ensuing six months
enme ui>- All seven hotels applied for
renewals, being gran tod as follows:
Arlington. L. M. Knowles; Windsor.
If, Lavell; Slocau, J. Payne; Wilson.
A. E. Teeter; Hicks, H. A. Hicks;
Two Friends, A. Madden; Victoria, A.
Stewart. James Rae was granted a
wholesale license, being the lirst application under the amended law.
Lltit \>»r'H 81il|>nu*iiU W»n 1839 Ton*—
A lla-nlthy Kvlilviire of tlio Life uml
Woiilth of tlia, Cmnp- r,H*Jer|iilK<, the
IliKgcHt Shipper.
Steady shipments from the Enterprise are responsible for the increased
tonnage of ore going out this year. It
sent out another 20 tons during the
week, making !.20 tons for the year.
With the completion of the Ottawa
wagon road there will commence1 regular shipments from that property,
a large reserve of ore being available.
Among thc possible shippers at an
early date are the Neepawa, Alberta,
Club aud Black Prince. To date the
output is 664 tons.
For 1903 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 18il9
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of tfic shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20
Port Hope	
Black Prince	
Pilack Fel	
r>r>\ cents
664   «'
Wednesda \
Dull* of Hnlc OhangaMla
A change hus been made iu the date
Sandon mines last week sent out 9P
tons of ore.
Boundary mines sent out 16,660
tons of ore last week.
The St. Eugeiij mine, Movie, has
280 men on the payroll.
Kaslo expects to have largo fci»c
works established there.
Work wns started last week on the
Rainbow by the owners.
Last week the Rossland exports of
ore amounted to 4850 tons.
Report of a strike of ore on the
Wakefield reached here this week.
More men are being added to the
forces of various mines around Sandon.
The Kingston group of claims, in
the Camborne camp, has been sold for
J. Hninelin, H. Leu and C. Snyder
nre out doing assessment for the Ricowilabi Co,
Work is shortly to lx* commenced
on the Riverside group, and will continue ali summer.
It is understood that the Pioneer
Mining Co. are endeavoring to get
control of the Black Prince.
The drift on the Club is aliout .'Kt
feet under ground. Eighteen inches
of ore is exposed in the breast.
J. Ma Benedum aud Tom Mulvey
will work the Josio, on Dayton creek,
this summer, with a view to shipping.
R. I. Kirkwood has purchased from
George Williamson an eighth in the
Maboii claini, increasing his interests
therein to a half.
Win. Hunter. Silverton. will extensively work the McAllister group, on
the north fork of Carpenter, this season.   New quarters will be built.
George Henderson ami Neil Geth-
ing came down from the Red Fox last
week, and on Saturday had a cor ol
ore go out to Nelsou. George will
uot go north this summer, but will
put iii his time nt the Fox.
School holidays nit* nenr.
There is talk of trying to rib up a
celebration for Labor Day.
A vag named Scott was given 80
days by Judge Rashdall. at Denver,
this week.
Jno. Barclay, of the firm of Barclay
k Wilson, merchants, Silverton, has
sold out his interest in the business to
his partner.
Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Boie have
lieen in New Denver for the past two
weeks, the latter having her young
stin under Dr. Bixiuse's care.
In chambers at Nelson this week,
belore   Judge   Forin, a   Slocan  case
came up. In Woodcock vs Benedum,
K. W. Hanniiigton applied to add the
administrator of C.T. Benedum, deceased, as a  party defendant.   Order
Arlington  AitIviiIh.
Out-of-town visitors at the Arlington
hotel during the  week  were: W. J.
Nelson, Winnipeg: Columbia Comedy
Co., six members) E. J. Blaquier, Amherst, N.S.; A. S. Brindle uud family.
New Denver; James McMillan, W. N.
Poole, E. B. McDermid.A. Sutherland
Nelson; J. R. Roberts, Silverton; I, N.
Dally, Trout Luke; J. Wilson, Butte.
Prof. Parks is examining the ore
resources of the south fork of Kuslo I made.
for the Great Northern railway. If he The m,w ()f t|)e s)()C,m ,m(1 „ s(i„
reports favorably the K. & S. will Uunt after a passenger on Wednesday
build a spur up the creek. who wouldn't   pav   toll.   He was to
New Denver's celebration committee have been put off at Ten Mile, but
hud |60 left from the 24th of May. be* they couldn't locate him. His head
sides their general Improvements, [appeared once out of the manhole la
They publicly thank the Sloean towns i the barge bul all efforts f»;l"i tn mui
for tlio!r     ii-l
i f I
The Fortune
By Clinton Dangerfield
Copyright, 1903. by T. C. McClure
"Do you inlnil tolling me," I salt!,
looking lu open wonder nt Alicia's
calico gown and rural lint, "what you
are wearing that getup for?"
"Doesn't lt seem miitaWo to a farmhouse ln tho eountiy';" she Inquired,
with -obvious satisfaction ln her costume.
"I cnn't see wby white lawny stuff,
witb embroidery and things, the kind
you usually wear, wouldn't bo quite
as unostentatious," I snld discontentedly.
Alicia leaned near to me. Really
she ought not to put that kissable
mouth of hers so close to oven u married man. Then sho ivliisperi'il dramatically:
"I'm poor.   I've lost «.vory cent."
"What!" I cried, aghast, Alicia ls
not fitted for poverty.
"Sh! Not truly, you know. I'm
making believe. 1 want to meet .1 few
men nnd know they nre not fortune
"Humanity Is more decent than you
usually suppose It," I said dryly.
"There nre a few ripping good poor
fellows In our own set, untainted by
self seeking, though that guardian aunt
of yours won't let you believe It."
"Well, but here," said Alicia, willi
such satisfaction that I knew nt onco
some one was on the tapis—"here one
can be absolutely sure."
"Whom have you met?" I nsked
"No one," said Alicia obstinately.
But the next moment she blushed rosily as a tall, sun browned young man
came slowly up the wide steps of the
piazza. A red handkerchief knotted
around his columnar throat and a wide
hat set slightly n-tilt gave a picturesque finish to hiin. I am bound to
admit he looked attractive.
"Mr. Roberts," said Alicia. "I want
to have you meet my friend, Mr. Hamlin Johnson, llis wife comc3 out to
board here next week."
"You are down to have n look at the
lay of our country?" suggested Roberts, holding out a strong tanned hand
and nearly smashing mine ln It.
As he spoke Alicia vanished. She returned Immediately with a huge pan of
green peas and, seating herself on the
step, began shelling them as industriously as though her future depended
on it. Roberts promptly joined her.
while I discontentedly dropped into
Alicia's hammock. Alicia was too utterly -unlike her bored and ennuied
self. She laughed now in low ripples
and then lifted tho shining eyes of a
child to Roberts' earnest and altogether too handsome face. It would never
do, I told myself, to permit Alicia to
throw herself nway on nn uncongenial
For the nest two days I criticised
Roberts fiercely to myself. I could not
but admit that he was manly, thnt he
seemed capable of taking on polish
and that his grammar, while not of the
best (he made breaks occasionally).
was reasonably good. He openly and
frankly adored Alicia, who proudly
aired her poverty and exulted In her
captlvatlon of a mnn who must indeed
love her for herself alone.
But I could not bear the thought of
It all. At last, for I saw matters were
approaching a climax, I determined to
appeal to Roberts' generosity.
I got him off on a day's fishing, and
as we came homeward I prepared my
appeal. I led the conversation up to
marriage by beginning to tnlk of home.
Yes; bis father nnd mother were living, he said. Yes; the old folks did
miss him, but he got an extra good
chance to get a job with Farmer Ket-
terer, and he guessed they could stand
It awhile longer.
"I Buppose," I said bravely, "that
Bome day you will be thinking of marriage, Just as they did once."
He shot a peculiar glance at me.
"And when you do marry," I pursued, "of course you want everything
fair nnd abovebonrd. You wnnt no
chanco for ill feeling or mischief makers to creep between you nnd your
wife becnuse there was any misapprehension at the beginning."
He turned red under his tun.
"Misapprehension? How could there
be? What do you mean anyway?"
The guilty look on his face gave me
a sudden insight into the matter. Alas,
poor Alicia! This innocent rustic lover belonged to tlie very class of men
she most abhorred. He knew who she
was, and he had deliberately let her
play her poor little play before him.
"You kuow who Miss Alicia Gordon
"Yes, I do," ho answered doggedly.
"She ls Alicia Van Anderson, the heiress and society woman."
"And knowing this ns you do," I
said, bursting with natural indignation, "you dare to let yourself mnko
love to her, to let her believe vou hon-
"I hold myself honest," lie returned
"A man ennnot he considered honest," I said sternly, "who courts n woman under false pretenses. Von nra
letting Miss Van Anderson think that
you love her for herself alone."
"And you would argue that I love
her for her money!" he said in a tone
of bitter sarcasm.
"It looks that way," I retorted nn*
grily. "I mean to let her know the
wholo truth unless you have .good
sense nnd manhood enough to quietly
withdraw. You don't want thnt inly
name 'fortune hunter' applied to you,
Uo you?"
"No. I don't want that applied to
mo," snld Roberts, punching boles lu
the DOU with his rod, for WO had put
so near the house thnt by mutual consent we hail seated ourselves on n log
fori i*discussion, "especially as I have
asked Alicia to marry me, and she snld
she would give mo ber nnswer tonight."
"She will give it to you now!" cried
a cle.-.r voice, and Alicia's own hand
parted the bushes near us. "Oh, I
know It's contemptible to listen, but
wl.en your whole happiness depends
on it" -
A little sob choked her sentence.
We both sprung up and stood staring
nt her—Roberts with a yearning in-
tei.tness of gaze, I hopefully.
"I certainly trust," he said slowly,
taking off bis hat and standing bareheaded In the sunset rnys, "thnt nothing I have done, Miss"—    •
"Miss Van Anderson henceforth,"
she said significantly and scornfully.
"That nothing I have done, Miss Van
"Is it nothing," cried the girl, "to
find that you hnve beon deceiving me
all along; that you wanted the heiress,
not me? If only you had come to mo
and said, 'Alicia, I know about your
wretched money, but 1 mean to marry
you In spite of it.' then I would havo
respected you. Rut you preferred to
hnve mc think you took me for a simple country girl."
To my intense surprise Roberts coolly nnd audaciously caught both hor
bands in ills, fixing a magnetic gaze
full on her face.
"Alicia,-" he said slowly, "God pity
you. All your lifo you have proved
how suspicion is born of wealth. That
horrible taint, suspicion, blackens your
whole world. And yet, God pity me,
too, I can understand how your soul
has been soiled by tbls. I can pity, forgive and love you."
"Love me!" cried the girl. "Why
weren't you honest? You lived a lie
with me!"
"Was my pose much worse than
yours?" snid her lover coolly. "I am
Robert Castlotop, and my fortune, dear
child, Is double nil you can count."
We both cried out ln amazement.
Loosing Alicia, he drew out from an
inner pocket a locket set round with
rubies nnd, pressing the spring, showed
ns an exquisite face, which 1 recognized at once. "My mother," he said
simply. "And here are letters, and of
course I can offer you all the proofs
you wnnt by telegraph or"—
"But how on earth"— I stammered.
"To be frank," said Robert Casl 'ton
composedly, "I was sick of being hunted down by designing women who
wanted mo for their ugly daughters or
for themselves. If I hadn't seen Alicia
once nt the opera she would have deceived me ns completely ns 1 did her."
Ills simple, straightforward manner,
the casting off of every shred of tbe
rustic us he talked, convinced mo wholly. I burst into a fit of ringing laughter.
"Lord, this ls good." I choked—"you
two flying from the fortune hunters
and then making what will prove the
match of the season!"
I turned away, laughing still. A turn
of the road showed me on glnncing
slilewise Alleln's pretty hend reposing
on the fortune hunter's brenst.
Bervloe  Promptly  Accepted.
Many are the absurd tasks that tho
candidates for initiation into ceftnin
college fraternities are compelled to
perform before they nre entitled to full
membership. Miss Nancy Shykes, an
elderly spinster whose home was In a
college town, was surprised one morning by a visit from a young man in
fantastic garb.
"Hood morning, madam," he said,
lifting his jaunty little straw bnt—it
was in the dead of winter. "This is
Miss Shykes, is it not?"
"Yes, sir. Whnt do you want of
"I am sent bere," be replied, with
tho utmost solemnity, "by the iota Blt-
ta Pie society to sweep your kitchen,
paint your house, attend to your
moves, milk your cow or do anything
else you may want me to do. 1 await
your orders, madam."
Miss Nancy, who was a woman of
rare self possession, reflected a moment.
"All those things hnve been attended
to, young man," she said, rubbing her
nose, "but you i.uty pay oj.' tho mortgage ou my house."
"How much is it?"
"Four hundred dollars."
"It shall be done, madam," he said,
without the slightest change in the expression of his face. "1 wish you good
lie lifted llis straw hat ngaiu, bowed
profoundly and was gone.
lt only remains to add that the
young man, who was the ouly son of
rich parents and could well afford tho
sum out of ins allowance, was us good
as his word.
A  Collar of nrnvrn.
According to llr. Johnson, brawn ls
of uuccrtain etymology und is n term
used for the "fleshy or museiilous
parts" of a boar from two to five years
old, Tliis sem I transparent substance,
called sometimes lantern from its similarity to horn, is a natural shield
which protects the sides of tbe boar
and its vital parts from the tusks of
an adversary.
In brawn making this Is placed
round tho Inside of u mold and filled in
with prepared meat. After boiling for
many hours it ls turned out as u "collar of brawn."
In Chaucer's "Tnles" the "begging
fri'ie" says, "Hive us of your brawn, If
ye have any," and we read In old records of "brawne roynll" for the king's
table at coronation feasts. At tho revels of the Inns of courts It wns n
breakfast dish nt Christinas, nnd lt
it ill holds Us own as uu accepted
Dr. I-TIng, the satirist, nhout 1750 Introduces In bis "Art of Cookery" n celebrated cook named Brnwn us If to Imply some connection between the man
and the meat,—London Home Notes.
Striking  Fc nl a rea of Ilie  New Caata
■nd   Gowiia-1 In*  Bolero.
One of the daintiest ball gowns of
the season Is the creutlon of black
tulle arranged with nny number of
tucklngs and gauglngs. This treatment
of tulle renders it firmer.
Tbe widest possible fichus and berthas are seen on all decollete costumes,
so that the bodice seems to consist
wholly of thedecolletage trimming held
on by a strap or two. The sleeves,
however, ore quite fussy, and the flowing, graceful lines of the wing sleeve
mnke lt especially popular.
Accordion plaited chiffon ls used a
great deal for evening sleeves; also Innumerable small ruflles sewed on a
chiffon foundation.
The foundation slips of thia evening
dresses are often made entirely sepu-
rate, and this is a very good idea, for,
if carefully fitted, they may do duty
with several gowns.
Tho skirts of ull thin and, indeed,
of some of tbe heavier materials are
mnde extremely full nil uround. The
trimming also tends to make tbem np-
pear fuller. It is In the shape of bands
of coarse lace headed nnd edged by
ruchlngs or heavy ruchlngs alone, either of taffeta or chiffon.
Tbo bolero promises to bo moro to
the fore than ever—that Is, the short
bolero, allowing a wide belt of crushed
velvet or silk to be seen.
Dyed lace collars of all shapes and
dimensions will appear on spring garments.
Collarless dresses are seen only for
home and restaurant wear. They come
close around the base of the throat and
nre finished off with lace appliijue or
jeweled effects.
An accordion plaited dress needs very
little trimming save a pretty bolero and
a handsome wide girdle.
The cut shows a toque of ret1 ■*-<d
white fancy weave. It has the mouifb
pointed effect In front and is trimmed
with fancy quills.
Smart ColorloKn—l tllity (iownea-Tb*
Itevlvnl  of Jet.
A general utility gown ls one of the
necessary items of a spring wardrobe,
and this ls both economical and pretty
made of veiling in black, gray or lavender and trimmed simply with shirr-
ings and embroideries of the same
For the woman who enn wear lt
there is a peculiar shade of blue half
between light and dark.  This is very
effective when made up with dyed Ince
or embroidery to match and a black
and white hat having ostrich tips for j
trimming. j
Not much red Is being shown unless
In the odd crushed strawberry or wine
■hades, nnd, after all, red Is not a
spring shade, but some very dainty
gowns nre shown ln champagne colored veiling embroidered with deep red
motifs In silk und chiffon velvet.
The revival of jet is marked, It appears both on day and evening gowns. '■
ln Paris they arc even using It ns a
trimming for white frocks. Jet boleros
nre mounted on n foundation of Chan-
tilly lace and sometimes on cream guipure, i
'i'he cut shows n collarless blouse of
pale blue accordion plaiting.   The ma- I
terlal Is crepe de chine trimmed with
banding! of ecru luce. \
Instantly and
accurately lock
to nonpareil or
pica measure.
Note the brace
on side. : : : :
6x2 in. $2.oo.
8x2 in. 2.2*:.
10x2 in. 2.50,
12x2 in.   2.75.
Nickel Plated
.25 cents extra
Tlih Trouble Ih C'niuieil by an Aolil In  tlia
Blood, uml Can Only bu Curuil Through
till,   UllMlll.
Kheiimutism is caused by nn acid
in tho blood. Tlmt is n medical I
truth ovory sufferer from this troublo i
sliould boar in mind. Liniments und
outward applications cannot euro
tthnt Is rootod in the blood—the disease musl be cured through tho
blood. Thai i.s tho reason rheumatism ylolds almost like magic to Dr.
Williams I'ink l'ills. This new blood
conquers the painful poison, sweeps
oui tho aching acid, soothes tlio
nerves, loosens tho muscles und banishes rheumatism, Sir. Hobart Morrison, one of tho best known und
most esteemed residents of (Juelpli,
Out., givos striking testimony to tho
truth 01 the statements made above.
Ile says: "ily trouble cuine gradually ami wus pronounced muscular
rheumatism, and was located chiofly
in my nock and shoulders. 1 can
hardly toll you how much 1 suffered.
I was confined to my bed for fifteen
months, A great many friends cumo
to sou me during that timo und 1
think 1 am safe iu saying that most
of-thorn luul vory few hopes that I
Would got butler. 1 tried u great
many remedies without uny lusting
henulU. Then 1 tried llr. Williams
I'ink l'ills, and 1 am thankful to say
Hun through ihe us.* of theso pills
end the indefatigable nursing of my
wife I am again on my feet, My neck
i still somewhat stilt, but the pain
is gone. I am now in my T'.ith year j
and I li'i'l that I owe much to Dr. j
Williams'  Pink  Pills."
These pills have cured thousands of
tho very worst cases of neuralgia,
rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago und
backaches, and they cun do the samo
for you. Sold b3 all medicine dealers
or sent by mail at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.50, by writing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., IJrock-
villo, Ont.
Camborwell (Eng.) Borough Council have decided to black oul all boi -
ting news in the Camborwell Public
1 ibruries.
At an iniiucsl on u child dl Poplar
ii was staled thai the decensed was
on.,   of   Beven   children, nil of whom
had been  born  blind.
'•'here never wus anil ni*ver will lie b
i:ilversa1 emiiiiTu. In uni* remedy, lur nil
-.nn t» whicb flesh Is lu*ir— tlu* very nature of muny curatives being sin-h Unit
Hue tin* icei-ins in otlier uml dlllerentlv
settled disease routed in the system of
the nut ient—w hut would relieve one ill
in turn would aKffravato the other. We
huve. however. in Quinine Wine, when
olituinuhie in sound, unadulterated siute.
a remedy lor muny and grievous ills Hv
its gradual and ludicloiii use the frnilest
systems Hi'e led into convalescence und
streni;tli by the Influence whicb Quinine
exerts on nnture's own restoratives it
relieves      the     drooping   spirits   of   tluise
with    whom  a chronic state of morbid
despondency and lack of interest in lite
is  a    disease,    and   bv  tranquiltztng  the
nerves,   disposes   to   sound   uud   rein .-.luni:
sleep—imparts vigor to the action ol the
blood, which. iieing stimulated, course
through the veins, strengthening the
healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening the (rams and riving
life to the digestive organs, which naturally demand Incressd substance- result
Improved appetite. Northrop .*. Lyman
of Toronto. have given to :ia [,tj|,lu
their .Nii|n*rior Quinine Wine at tlie llsuul
rule, and, gauged by the opinions ol
scientists, the wine approaches nearest
perfection of nny in the market, All
druggists sell It.
During the decado 1894-1008 tho
cosl of pauperism In London increased from lis 8Jd per bead of the population to 3s.
The curious sight is presented nl
the village of Nettleton. Lincolnshire, of men gathering In n  portion
of Inst  year's harvest.
Sluioq nmi mi.;   ||.ii   pi u   oi|iii| City
pinched   by   poverty  isn'!   in   ||    with
hofng pinched by n cop.
The   spring   poet     doesn't      RC  III     t 0
reollzo Hint there is always room for
ono mole  in   I lie waste basket.
Sometimes the hair is not
properly nourished. It suffers
for food, starves. Then it
falls out, turns prematurely
gray.  Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
long and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.
■* My h»lr wm enmlnu ont terribly. I «„
nlmott Kfnil.l to ma,1. it. Hat aiit'i Hnlr
VlRor pMiuiitlj Hopped the filling,ind tin,
rettored tho nitiiral i.jlnr."
Mas. E. li. K. Wabd, landing, N. J.
(1.00 * bottle. j. r. aver rn.
_____________ fnr      ''"*•"■ M»a
[Poor Hair
A Study of Ills Trillin From nu I.nR-
UnIi Point ol view.
An American young mnu does not ns
n rule look forward to marriage nor
prepare for it by saving nny considerable portion of Ilia nntenifptla! Income,
When he marries it is usually on BUorl
notice and becnuse he lias fallen very
desperately In love with some one nnd
cunuot Iliul it in his henrt to wait until
cold caution declares the venture ad*
vlsnble. Even when an engagement
is n Ions one ho usually Hipinllders so
much on sifts nnd entertainments for
his fiancee thut there is only a very
moderate amount to begin bousekeep
ing on. Tims before his marriage the
young American of tbe middle cluss
begins to give evidence of what is to
be his chief notional characteristic as
a husband—his unfailing, unselfish and
almost Improvident generosity.
The middle class husband in America
rarely interferes with the affairs of the
household, lie hardly knows the cost
of staple article'' of food.    As a rule he
does not make his wifo a regular allowance either for household or personal expenses, but gives her as much
ns he ean spare, freely, but wltb n lack
of system that is not conducive lo tlie
hest outlay of their Income.
The young Amor:, an husband is also
very Indulgent to Lis wife's fondness
for Une clotbes. He would far rather
have an extravagant wife than :i
dowdy one, and. although he grumbles
occasionally at n millinery bill, in reality he glories In tbe resplendent appearance of his wife in her fine feathers, The American husband is rare
who does not concede his wife's right
to expend a much larger sum with her
dressmaker than ho does with Ids
tailor. Indeed lie often leaves his
tailor altogether and cheerfully repairs
to tlie ready made clothing bouse in
order that his wifo may have moro
money for extravagant ihiery.— London
The Story of n Pel   Hull Terrier The. t
■ iiil Nol forget,
A gentleman who is a great .traveler
and who is always accompanied In bis
wanderings by a bull terrier, to which
he i.s much attached, arrived 1  dny
in the city of Florence. His dog was
for some reason Intrusted to the cnre
of the porter at the station, and In the
excitement of the crowd and under Uie
unusual experience of being separated
from  Iiis master, who generally kept
the  animal   with   him,   Bruno   was
moved to make his oscape. The most
careful .search was made, nnd In fore
going to his hotel the traveler went lo
the police station to notify the i'i ,1
darmes of his ioss. It was more llian
an hour before he reached his hotel.
When he sot there he spoke of bis loss.
so thnt If anything wns heard of the dm,'
it would be understood th'nl the animal
belonged to bim. To his astonishment
the porter said: "Hut your doe |s bere,
sir. Ile came before yon. nnd WO did
uot know to whom he belonged." "The
dog Is here:" repeated ihe gentleman
III surprise. "Uow enme he bere';''
"He ran in, sir, nbout hnlf an hour ago.
nnd, nfter snuffing nbout the office for
awhile, he ran upstairs. 1 gave orders
to have him driven out, but the boys
hnve been busy, nnd he Is up there
somewhere now." The traveler, of
course, went upstairs r.t once, nnd
tliere on the mnt before the chamber
numbered 44 lay Bruno, win sprang
up with the most frantic demonstrations of delight at finding his master
again.   The   gentleman   remembered
that two years pic. inn be had been
with the do;; nt Florence and had stay-
ed at this hotel, lie ,ii,i not remember
that be had occupied ihi-; particular
room, but on reference to tie hotel register sueh was foun I to bo the fact.
Prompt Decision,
The secret of gottlug through work Is
method. Order, it has been snld, |,
(iod's tlrst low.  Let it be yours. iinnAt
let your work accumulate
Ilo not
___________ ' "l""1 J'our
bands It Is not work Unit Ullla, Imt
nrreat'B of work. Work put oil is ivorlc
put on with heavy interest. "HiiHlcleat
unto the day Is the evil thereof," u
becomes intolerable If It be Inid upon
< tomorrow.
if 1 may recommend you three rules
I for   saving    time    nnd    cconomlzlus
I strength they shnll be these: Answct
letters,   keep   nppointmcii.;,  milko up
I your minds.   In tlie affairs of tlila life
I 11 prompt decision is often more important than u right decision    One unm
makes up his mind and acts it may |j«
wrongly, but if so ho ilmls out u\* m^.
take, corrects and retrieves it before
another mau has acted at all. it \,
possible to waste a great amount of
time by thinking, nnd still mow b
talking over actions. First tkougbti
ure sometimes wiser than Becoud and
generally wiser than third.
Sir  I'lilllp  Francis ut Inrdi,
Francis, ihe Sir Philip Franciswlxn
many Ingenious critics have, m dej,
mice of probability, insisted on IdeoU
tying wilh the author of the let ten i|
.liiniu.i, was an Invetcrato guinit
Cards dominated over the whole An;*
Indian society of Calcutta in tliw
days, and many a crime Inflicted n
the unhappy natives hud lis urigin la
the losses at the gaming table of thelf
ulieii rulers.
When iu India, It was the habit tt
Francis to spend every night In tliis
amusement, and he found an able»
adjutor at the card table In the Wlfed
bis colleagues, Lady Anne Mo-mod,
who was reckoned "a very supcriut
whist player." Good fortune general!}
shone 011 the plans of Francis. AI1011I
177,"> he wns visited with "an extraordinary run of luck," so marked Indeed
that he had "actually won a fortune."
Rumor, which sometimes exaggerate!,
went so fur us to estimate his gains st
ao lues of rupees.
ii* Wooiiin't mu Prayer,
When Professor Tucker was "Tutor"
Tinker at Bowdoln college the Ull
rang for prayers nt the chapel, as now,
very early in the morning, and It v.!
Imperative mion tutors and pupils t.
respond. As a tutor Mr. Tucker v.*
very popular, although very strict. a:J
he was nlways prompt to tuke li.i
place at the head of his class u: tli*
early morning devotions.
one morning, however, he found uu
clothing gone nnd his door nailed while
tin* bell was ringing.   Finding a I a..-
et he soon split the door down, uud it
the Inst stroke of the bell appeared
clothed in his shirt und 11 pair of overalls, barefooted, but wltb a smile of
serenity on bis expressive countenance
lie took Ills customary place, and ii',-
ther then nor of forward were wordl**1
complaint heard from him.
lion' tlie Center of die Turiui cmno
to lie So Named,
Why Is the target's bull's eye so culled ?
This Is one of many Instances Iii our
language where WOl'ds ImVO rained tl
higher stains than thai with which
they started nud have been promoted
from the slain; dictionary to tbe dictionary of words of rospcctablo and
current use.
Hull's eye Is found in the dictionary
of "'I'lie Canting Crow" bo far back as
1000 and was the vulgar word for the
central ring of the target used as a
mark for archers, which was colored
differently from Uio other rings. This
may hnvo arisen  from  tbo ancient
rounded shields, cijt 0:11 of ox hide ntlfl
strengthened with u spike or central
boss for this shield or target; hence
target'was often n oil ns it mark Itself,
When shed glass hep an ip bo manufactured tbe thickened part, when* the
tube bud been nltnehed, wiih called the
bull's eye. Then 11 Is 1 tui wan successively applied to u Ions of glass, especially in n ship's Hide, to the li ns of
lhe lantern, to tbo laid rn Itself and
finally to tbo central boss of u turge.'
1 - London Answers,
Ilruc  Store  Lights.
Apothecaries were once In the babll
of using a red light as a sign of tb'ir
trade, u S(, happened one nlgbt that*
druggist  found  himself  without IM
necessary red light so ns a Hiibstitute
! he placed n bottle of red liquid hi ftl
1 window, with 11 candle behind !'• •'»
' wns so well  pleased with the ct-'•
that be placed another bottle of n*
' liquid in another window.
This sign mnde such n brave ina*
Ing that an envious rival cast »■ ■
for means of Improving the sign. '•'
i hit upon the scheme of placing a D»
ill* of yellow liquid by the side ol*
red one nud then surpassed his DtSn
mis efforts and carried all before a»
by placing n green bottle by tbeWJ
of the yellow one.   The three m»°**'
::. n  which caught the approval MJ"
town, and nil tbo druggists quickly n*
lowed   ill   the   footsteps  uf  tln'ir IM
original rivals. ,,.
Tin* bottles were Inter rcplmw   )
the handsome colored vases wWcnW'
now such 11 familiar ilgn all ova«*
Too  I.oiik  For  lll«  nunk.
During the American civil war 1"
was un assistant surgeon In tW "V
six   feot   four   Inches  high,  v.'*'0 "
serving on board tbo Pouobacot,»n
, „ c. • i„i,t liielieshi't"1""
was only live feet eight Inches bet**
decks,    The doc'
;;:,  l'"ot   in  lengtii,  ■»-  *  |„
, iiufortablu even In lying *ll|,,vtl|
nil   weather,  on  Ihe  blockm"
VO H'el  I'H'H  '  .,!
ie doctor's hunk «ns »* '•
so that he wai •»
oad   weather,  oil  lhe  OlOCRUu**. ■■
tho sprny was brooking over m'
;'.:* doctor ***■-  'Ivpd ''v''"
r:is uronnius *  , .m
_,      WHS deprived even *£
coi ifort of uncoiling on ,1,'",■ fl„,i
coimlderlng Iho mailer thoroiiguy ^
ri'iM-lllhi-rlllg that long lotto™ ,
department were not nlways row ^
11 i always considered, bo *r
follows! . tM
Hon,   qideon   Walls,   Bacretait
Blr   Li ngth uf surgeon, c 'r,J„,|V
of wan :.i. 1. feel H.   I" »i"".'   ' y,
Assistant80™*   ,
Tho department promptly llls',l'ltf(lt,ii
hlm "imiil such time as niOMi*"»j
1,1, 1   be   found   for  HI- •""*•
ment." I
to the Drill—Slocan, B. C
Corporation of thc
City of Slocan.
Sale of Lands For Taxes.
, (,( 11 uiirnin
oi n winia..v, given in pursuance of a By-Law No, 23, of the Cor*
*'• v' i'i s Citv of Slocan, being "The Amended Slocan Ileal Estate Tax Sale
lli"" ?oi I" under the hand of Thomas McNeish, Esquire, the Mayor of the
1 ',W| . iiDii dated the 7th day of June, A.D. 11104, to me directed. I shall
i.i I'oiT0111,, ,,.', ,.,,1,11,,  auotton, in  the Council Chambers, at the City Hall, in
i forenoon
ai um,
.'l| ntv of llo'can, on the 26th day of .Inly, 1004,at
i,*,, movements and real property mentioned
. i Vicilted by the signature ofthe. Mayor  and the Seal of the said Corpora
\[!si ihe arrears of taxoa and coats aro .sooner pail
;.a of Lands an
■ of I
7th day of
* .' '*** I    a.
eh#r. funk	
"     1
: ::::::::::!
2  1
Dated at Slow
7th Day of June, A.D. 1904.
,_„ H* F>* CURTIS, Collector.
»-v"^: ■••■''-'''!'^of^nVrT;,'';:!,;,'"    ' n ■
nayorofth* t„,„„, .,,
'■ '"on •■'   lis 'in ..fsi,,,-,,,
WVC' Uiis 7lli Day of. June. ,U).,<;.„
»* I). CURTIS,
Oollaetar, < in ofSlocan, n. t O IR I E~ E- OUR SENSITIVE EARS
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
of   Erdington,   Eng.,
,ollv   Ims   beon   found lu tho
. ,,,,;,,' ho hud left Dlrmlngham
...,,elcs ago, sent a letter   ad-
,   ,,,  „   relative saying when1
* |y would be found, He leaves
[. und fanilly.
, I,.,..,1 ii child that is sickly,
nervous, rostloss at night,
Itffora from im.v Btomach <>r
, troubles of uny sort, givo it
i. own Tablots, Don't bo afraid
,8 modlolno—It is guaranteed to
. n0 O|,iato or harmful drug.
,l„. Tablots to tliu sick child
vutcli iho quick *'('lu'*' UII<1 nil,i(l
' t|011 to health und strength,
Hands of mothers uro using this
,    j,,,.    their  littlo ones,    und
ttU pralso It,      What    stronger
in,, can you  wnnt'.'    Mrs.   I).   A.
,...1,1,1,  Snnilringhiim, Ont., suys:
./h   own   Tablets   certainly fill
'„. claim you mako for them   so
ia  my oxporlenco goes.    I eon-
thru)  a   perfect medicine   for
,..„    and   ulwuys   keep them   in
)Ug0,"   Vou can got the Tablets
linv dealer In medlcino,   pr   If
riloTho   lh'.   Williams   Medicine
ln.nkville, Ont,, thoy will   Bond
box i*y wall postpaid   for   28
,.u Brighton resident bus hnd
o|s for ii prolonged swearing
in n tranicar. Ho started when
isppclor asked to seo his t Ickot.
,..',1 ii up with variations while
j,,. travelled a mile.
lieudnclie,   to which  women are
EuIiIikS t imi< men, becomea so acute
',„. subjects   that   tboy are utterly
ninl    The   stomach   refuses    food.
Where Is a constant and  distressing
i,>   free   the   stomach   from  bile
ii„s heroine unduly secreted there.
•1,.,'s Vegetable  rills  nn*  »   speedy
live, inai iii  neutralitlrig theeflccti
. intruding  bile  relieve*  the  nrcss-
, th,* nerves which cause tin* head"
i rs   them.
Itlic present time there nre nenr-
,011 persons on out-rellcf in Sal-
1 ne .   and   'J.II'iii   in   I he   work-
mi ni   n   population of 'J'Jrt,-
ill In
rs s\
Ine n
|,V       |l
.1    a
Stratford, 4th Aug., 1893,
a -My neighbor's boy, -i yi'iirs
in a tut, of boiling water ami
I tearfully, A few days luier
,'elled to three times their initial broke out in running sores,
- could uet nothing to Ik1i>
i    recommended     aflNARD'S
which,   after  using;   two   bnt-
lotely   ciii'i'il   him,   uml   1   know
oi her cases around   hers   ab
•ma rkable, cared by the same
mui    1   can   truly   say   I   ni'\ er
medicine   which Ims hud   ie
a or  piveii  such   universal   sal-
M    IIIIlK.lt'I'.
General   Merchant.
ami Johnson, a youth, aged 16,
it  Spalding as the result    of   n
io a ni,ni       \   younger   brother
Carrying ;i cun when it  went off,
iii.nui' striking Johnson  In   tho
rd's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
, Welsh, of I In1 Surrey | Eng.)
atiotuil Committee, stales thai
if the guls attending Hascombo
iM.iiy School has walked 6,700
to school iu the course of her
nl of attendance.
[have nn hesitation in laying ihnt
M   Kellnaix's Dysentery Cordial is
im iloirbt the beat medicine t*\er in-
<*•! for dysentery, diarrhoea,  chol-
'■•I all summer complaints, sen slck-
ctr I* promptly gives r,*liet and
lulls in iMTeit n positive run* Mo-
Kimuld never bo without a bottle
their children are teething
sixlj   hours-   services   in   bitter
or last December to tho steamer
|l|lietll   ihe  crew    of    the    Cromer
) lifeboat huve just received
ir tho Balvago award the sum   of
mu h
i Minard's Liniment in the House.
|d    .lohn   Lawrence,   of   Liverpool,
1.. who recently went on n trip to
jMedllw•riini'itn  for  the  iH'iiefit  of
pii'iillh. died  on  the voyage,    and
hulled at sea.
p' seamstress may lie pardoneil
using unseemly language when
ms   in    do    her   work   all  over
mnn   who    doosn'l     have   his
mi he. umbrella oflon linds that
'■'■ 'i '   uu  umbrella  to  his  nume.
P>raj ymi, (i excellent wife, cumber
""ii'-elf and me to get ti curiously
dinner for the mnn and womnn
Inivo Jnst alighted ut our gatol
These things. If tbey nre desirous
"'in. they cun get I'or a few sliil-
P nl nny village bin.    llut rather
thnt stranger see. If be will, In
}r i'ink*, accents and behavior, your
Jr' mui earnestness, your tbougbt
will, tlmt Which bo ennnot buy nt
P'-co lu nnv city nnd wblcb bo
l>* travel miles and dine sparely and
fP hardly to behold.—Uinursun.
When tho little folks take colds
and coughs, don't neglect them
and let them strain tho tender
membranes of their lungs,
(•wo them
U will cure them quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It la pleasant to take,
___*__At11ao*,, aad ii.oo. m
Welland   Merchant   Restored  to
Health by Dodd's Kidney
Doctors nmi Modlolno Falled-Dodd's Kidney nils Huoceeded-Other fuse* Tii„y
.lust Deem tu  Suit.
Wei lund, Out., Jlny ao (Special).—
J. .). Yokom, a prominent merohojit
of this city, is tolling his friends of
iiis remarkable euro of a terrible Kidney Disease hy Dodd's Kidney l'ills.
Mr. Yokom's statement, is as follows:
"For more than a yoar I had boon
ailing with Kidney Troublo in all ita
worst symptoms. 1 had a distressed
fooling in my head, Mltle or no appe-
tlto and a fbollng of'languor. I became greatly reduced in weight.
"Doctors nnd medicine failed to
glVO mo any benefit I became despondent when by good luck I chanced to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills and from the
lirst they Scorned to suit ray case.
After taking five boxes tlio old
trouble had gruduully disappeared
and 1 was feeling bettor thun 1. had
In many years."
Dodd's Kidney Pills suit the caso
of every man, woman or child who
has nny form of Kidney Disease.
Thoy always cure and cure pormant-
Dick   Seymour,  familiarly   known ns
tho "Silver King" wns al   Manchester
lined   Loll and OOStS ill one c.as"    anil
£23 uml costs In onch of two others
under the Betting Acts. Thousands of
telegrams were found at his office, ns
bank-book   showing a bnl-
of £5
$100 Reward $100.
The rsaderi of this paper will be pleaaed to
leani thnt tiiiii' li at la-net one dreaded disease
lAs't' Nili-ncat "-ii i"an able to cure ln all its
ttaga*, and that l» Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Pure iia the nnlv positive cure now known to the
niHilliel fmlernlty. Catarrh belnc a constltu-
i...nii disease, requlrei a constitutional treat-
meni Hall's Catarrh Cure ls token Internally,
„.,tit.,r directly upon thu blood and mucous aur-
Meee or Hi- system, thereby destroying the
foundation ot the disease, and giving the pail, in aiiii.rth by building up the constitution
l-nw-m. thr..! they offer One Hundred Dollars
for SO) cose tbat It falls to cure. Bend for list
r.l  iMtlmonlbl*.    Address
t 3. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
"...M l.y all ilrurKlsls, 76c.
Hail's I'amlly l'ills are the best.
At   a  conference   of   local authorities and landowners on tho scabourd
lietween   Harwich   and   Brightlingsoa,
held at Clacton-on-Soa, it was stated thai during tho last thirty years
tlie sea's encroachment on some unprotected palls was at. the r.ite_ oi
i twenty feet a year.
How They Are Affected by the Shock
of the Discharge of 111 it Clans—The
Odd Way Iu Which Sonic Ears Are
l'layed Lpon by  Various Sounds.
Whenever a big gun is tired nt Fort
Hancock, the government's proving
grounds on Sandy Hook, tbo ofllcers lu
charge advise all spectators to stand
on tbelr tiptoes, stick tbelr lingers in
their ears and open tbelr mouths. On
board ship, where conditions ure sucb
thut one cannot get fur away from a
thirteen Inch rifle, the more sensitive
among tho officers and sailors place a
cork or chunk of rubber between their
teeth when there Is about to be a discharge. Men have been known to
bleed ln the ear from the effects of tho
concussion caused by a much smaller
gun than a thirteen inch bore. Ono
of the officers at Fort Hancock wus
asked to explain tho philosophy of elevating oneself on tbe toes, placing fingers in ears nud opening tbe mouth.
"Standing on the toes is like standing on n spring," he replied, "while
standing on the heel or full sole of
the foot is like Btnndlng on a solid. Dy
placing a spring between your person
and a violent force tbe Impact ia so
weakened thut you ure unlikely to suffer injury, lu tbo firing of benvy ord-
nunce n severe shock may be received
from the ground.
"As for the fingers ln tho ears, that's
plain enough. It is simply closing the
auditory cunal to prevent the Ingress
of the uir which is set in intense vibration by the discharge. Mnny a
cureless soldier bus hud bis tympanic
membrane destroyed by neglecting to
close up his ears, either witb bis fingers or some foreign substance.
"It Is wise to open the moutb. for the
reason that to do so tends to equalize
the pressure cuused by the detonation.
With the mouth closed the pressure ls
on the external side of the tympanic
membrane, forcing lt Inward nnd splitting lt. Wben tbe mouth is open this
Is offset by the suuie pressure from ,
_,,,,, ... .     , , snd   assisting nature In doing Its work.
Within,   by   means   Of   the   eustuclliau | „r„.,rieU„* have so much faith In Its curotlr*
tube. I
"Many men ln the artillery are ml- j
nus   tympanic   membranes,   but  thut
wonderful design of nature is not absolutely necessary to bearing.    When I
it ls torn the bearing Is Impaired, ccr- j
talnly,  but  not  destroyed,   since  the
surrounding air then acts directly upon
tho  membranes  of  the  two   orifices. I
Nothing in anatomy Is more beautiful
thnn the arrangement of the ear.   I .
hnve mnde n study of it since coming
bere, as I hud the misfortune to lose
one of my tympanic membranes.
"The Inner membrane of the cochlea
Is lined with clastic fibers, discovered
by C'ortl and bearing his nume. They
apparently form the terminations of
tbe filaments of the auditory nerve.
Helmholtz, the greatest authority on
acoustics the world bus produced, declared that each one ot these fibers Is
attuned to n special note, and as tliey 1
are above 3,(KK) In number there must 1
be over 400 for each octave. Thc Interval from one to another ts one-sisty-
slxtb of n tone. Tbey form a wondrous Instrument for reproducing every
notc'that tho ear can distinguish. The
cochlea may be called an rcolian harp
of 3,000 strings that move in sympathy
to all the sounds of creation. |
"Many ears are Incapable of hearing
rery high sounds. Many persons aro
deaf to the chirping of crickets, and
some cannot hour the twittering of
sparrows. Tbere was said to be a
boy in Texas whose ears wero deformed to a remarkable degree, the
auricle of one being nearly as large
■a the side of his head, while that of
tho other was no bigger than your
thumb nail. By closing the small ear
he could bear the approach of a rainstorm a hundred miles off. By closing
the big one ho could hear a fly walking
on the ceiling. Isn't that romantic
enough for you? It takes a vivid Imagination to believe the story, but
when you consider the miracles of the
enr and bearing you may believe almost anything.
"I do uot doubt that there nre many
sounds so faint that our ears are deaf
to theni, but they make sweet niiislc 1
for others. You know what pnrucousis
Is, 1 suppose. No? Well, you have it
when yon cannot hour faint sounds at
oil when things are still, but bear them
at onee when tbey nro accompanied by |
n great noise. I once read of u woman
(an authentic case) who mado ber servant beat a drum whenever she wanted to listen to anything) for then she
could hear very well. There waa a
man who could not hear except when
tbe bOllS were ringing. It la an old
story that deaf persons hear well when
traveling on n railroad, or when rattling over a rough highway in a carriage.
"There was a shoemaker's apprentice
Who beard only when his master was
beating out a Role on his Iron. The
left enr generally hears better than the
right.   Some say this Is owing to the I
ci non habit of sleeping on the right
Bide. I have my doubts. There is a
record of n man whoso two ears heard
different tones ut the same time when
a single one wns given.
"The ears of the lower animals are
Incomplete. Ho fishes hear? Certainly, although tho cavity of the tympanum Is entirely wanting, the round and
oval orifices being at the top of tho
head. Look out! tiet up on your toes
and open your mouth, Tbo mortar on
tlie left is about to be discharged. The
wind ls with the shell, uo you needn't I j^re arc very few cleans-
close your car.   There she goes!" I ^ operatkms   ,„   wWch   Sun!ight
Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes tho home bright
and clean. ••**»
sl.r.Kl'I.I'.ssM.ss -Whim the nerves
in.- unstrung ntul the whole body Riven
ti 1. to wretchedness, when the mind Is
Oiled wiih gloom and dismal forebodings
the result ol derangement ot the dlaes-
tivi* organs. Bleoplessaess conies to add
to tin* distress. It only th* subject
could sleep, there would uo oblivion ror
n while mill temporary relief. Parmelee's
\ i-uefniiie poi*. will not only Indura
sleep, im' "ill act so benellcittlly lhat
the'sullied «ill uuki* refreshed and re*
Ktored  lo happiness.
A man summoned nt Iii-wslmry for
deserting his wifo suid that when he
married her he expected u housewife,
hut found Bhe could nol even sew a
button on a shirt. Sho wns. however, u grent novel reader, and smoked moro cigarettes than uny gentleman In court.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Barbara I'arker, agod eighteen, cm-
ployed at a farm at Thndflr, Northumberland, overheard her father nnd
mistress talking about keeping company with a young man.   She entered
the 'room,  kissed  her father, nnd tin III
wont out and drowued herself.
\ SOOTHING oil.—To throw oil upon
the troubled waters means lo suhdui
to calmness tho most boisterous Ben I'i
apply Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil tn the
troubled body when it is racked wiih
pain menu*, speedy subjugation >>f thi
must  refractory elements    it cures pain
heals     bruises,       lakes       the      lire      iron
wounds, mui ns u general household
medicine is Useful in muny ailments. I)
is worth much,
At. a  wedding  in Burlcy-in-Wharfc-
alo, a  "'oel'shire village,  tin* bridegroom        *      lo   appear,    \ search
was manv :...• hiin. and lie was found
iiiing on the river bank crying bitterly, lb* refused to go to church,
and  tho ceremony was abandoned.
Minard's Liniment is nsed by Physicians.
II    is    esliioaled    l.y   tic   Pall     Mllll
Qasotto that the cup-tlo crowd at the
Crystal   I'alnco   spent   u :t 1.1 _■."".   Ol
ih,s sum .c:u .ii'J.'i is ntt rib 11'" 1 1 '■
lh,. 40,000 visitors from the north,
whose expenses, it is snug''ted, included £8,000 for drink and £1,000
for tobacco,
Arrangements aro  being  made  for
l.STi)  public   schools'    volunteers    to
be formed us   a   provisional brigad
ai Alderaliot, Eng., froin duly '-'."i to
Aug.   8,    The   boys   will   lie   eiicntuped
at •Uovornmcnl  House In attachment
lo   the   First   Division.
The man  who makes  liny while the
sun  shines   is    In   a    position   to  lend
money   lo   tho   fellow    that   writes
poetry nliout  it.
Whero there ls much pretension
much has been borrowed. Naturo uever pretends— I.avater.
II He...ui,,' riomi Fortune In Theater
SentN  lo  .-.   v. mnnn.
Tliere is mi elderly woman in New
York who Invariably gets a dollar and
a half sent in tin.* lirst balcony of a
Broadway theater for nu cent:; just becnuse she once made n tactful reply to
tin.1 lio.*; ollice mini. She bad been In
the linlilt of buying it seat for herself
ln the top gallery for some time without anything unusual happening, until
one duy she thanked tho box otlice mini
for giving her a particularly irood seat.
"I liko to do It for you," lie snid, "because you look just like my mother."
"You think, 1 suppose," she replied,
"that your mother is the dearest,
sweetest womnn in the world?"
"I do," tlio box ollice man declared
"Well, then, that is the prottiost
compliment I have ever received," Bhe
suid smilingly, "and 1 tlinnk you for It
very much."
The next time olie went to buy a
fifty cent seat the man passed her out
one for the first row in the balcony,
"llut I don't want to nay that much,"
she protested.
"Tuke it, with my compliments," he
said,  "it is my pleasure."
And lie bus kept the custom up now
for more tlmn two seasons.
The War Leo's Old   Ni-uro Kept Out
"1   Bullet   llillllie.
When General Robert E. I;oo was
liKlitin^ (irunt in "Uie last days" an
old darky beelegsd headquarters with
requests to see "tbe gln'ral." He was
turned away n dozen times. But one
day lie succeeded In reaching the
guard Immediately in front of General
Lee's tent. The altercation whieh followed wns overheard by (ienernl Lee,
who called out, "Let that man como
in." Then Into the tent came the
fellow, a rawboned, shambling, gray
headed, gnarled old darky, wbo
scraped the ground with his foot and
kept turning bis hat around nervously
in his hand.
"Well, where do you belong?" demanded General Lee.
"I b'longs to y'r company, gln'ral,"
returned the darky.
"Xo; you don't," declared tho general
sharply. "Everybody in my company
has beon shot. How is it that you
haven't been?"
"The darky scratched his hend. Then
from his twisted mouth came a confidential whisper: "Well, yo' see, pin'ral,
it's this a-way. I ain't been shot 'ease
when dey's a fight goin' on I always
stays with the gin'rals."—Lippincott's.
Conflicting;   Superstition*   Abont  the
Lnck It Bring*.
Mr. Thlselton Dyer In his "Domestic
Folklore" says that popular superstition makes it unlucky to wear an opal
ring notwithstanding tbe fact thnt in
the middle ages tbis lovely stone wns
thought to possess the united virtues
of all the gems with whose distinctive
colors it is emblazoned.
A writer iu Notes and Queries points
out that there are conflicting opinions
on this subject of very early date, some
writers stating that falling sight is restored by the wearing of an opal and
others that the luck depends upon the
color, a white opal being of fortunate
Import and a black oue ominous of
Sir Walter Roott in "Anne of Geier-
Btelu" ascribes to supernatural agency
tlie loss of beauty in a Mexican opal
when its irideseent surface is acted
upon by wnter, and some trace to tliis
tlie notion that as a love token its fiery
or fading colors betoken faithfulness
or falsity.
Tlie Sensr of Smell.
Tlie sense of smell is by no means
so developed in man as in dogs, cats
and other animals, but it is often abnormally keen iu Individuals deprived
of other senses. Blind deaf unites,
for example, can recognize llieir
friends nud form an opinion about
strangers solely by moans of this
sense. Possibly, however, animals are
only sensitive to certain smells while
unconscious of others that affect us.
If this be the caso they would naturally be oblo to follow up one particular
scent more easily than a mnn, this
scent to which they nro sensitive being to them less confused witli others.
- chambers' Journal.
Cloves are probably the greatest
speculative article Iii the spice trade
and have been so for ninny hundreds
of years, because they have always
come from small nnd restricted areas
of cultivation ar.d have been used ns
tribute, almost inking the place of
money In ancient times.    Tliey have
I n mostly grown on the two small
islands of Zanzibar and remba, on the
east const of Africa.
'•'he Mnrquts of \nglfesoy, having I Albert I'almei'. a well-known Kng-
rotlrud from tho amateur corps do Usii cross-country runner and captain
ballot, has arrived ut Monte Carlo of the Newport Harriers, was crush-
I'oi a little rest. llis lordship who ed lo death while shunting a truck-
has adoptod n baby, is devoting him- loud of Pricks where ho was employ-
self seriously to domestic duties. Ills ed. lie was pinned by a truck to the
Buitd includes two vulels, n huir- wnll, und both wall und truck hud
dresser, two wot nurse*., and six pot to be removed before he could be ex-
dogs. . itrleated.
One More   llrutr.
Mrs. Nubbins-My husband is n perfect brute, l-'riend—You amaze ine.
Mrs. Nubbins—Binco tho baby abegan
teething nothing would quiet Hie little
nngel but pulling his pupa's beard, und
yesterday ha went and bad his beard
shaved off.
( 010-lilri   ll i.'ii.
You may never know what harm nn
Indifference nmy wort, what despair a
rebuff may brew. Your pulse of Irritation  under  pressure  of  Obligations
illicit be the hist feather weight to
flame an oppressed soul luto desperation.
The  Soelrty   M iiikijIc
F'IipI—Mamiiui, what is the aoclety
struggle'.'   Muiniiin   Getting the clothes
daughter; getting the clothes.—FhUa
deiphia Inquirer,
An Ailment Which is Most Dreaded on Account of Ho
Frightfully Painful and Fatal Developments.
Exposure to cold and dampness.
Cold settling on tho Kidneys, straining af tho kidneys, loins or back,
over eating or excessive uso of alcohol, blows or injuries to tho back,
result of malaria or other fevers.
Liver disorders uro also a frequent
causo of kidney disease, and this
helps to account for tho extraordinary success of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills ns a curo for complicated
and chronic disease of tho kidneys.
Sinco tho kidneys are the chief
means of removing tho poisonous impurities from tlio system thoy must
bo kept healthy and active.
Whon from any of tho above causes
tho kidneys become deranged tho
first symptom is usually backache.
Then is tho time to begin tho use of
llr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver l'ills.
Tho very thought of the usual development of kidney disease is
enough warning to any ono to tnke
prompt nction, and there is the testimony of thousands to point you to
Dr. Chaso's Kidney-Liver l'ills as
tho most effective treatment.
Mr. William B, llolditch, Pert
Robinson, Out., states: "1 wus for
several years a great sufferer from
kidney trouble, from whieli dread di-
| sense I am now, happily, free. I had
all the usual symptoms In an aggravated degree, and at times was com-
Ipletoly incapacitated with pains ia
[the buck, biliousness and headache.
I had littlo or no appetite; insomnia
(resulted, und my condition was realty wretched. I became emaciated
and grew despondent and hopeless of
relief, as 1 had taken treatment
from doctors to no avail.
"Finally, on tho advice of a friend,
I began using Dr. Chaso's Kidney-
Liver l'ills, und, after using a few
boxes, 1 was ugain enjoying health
and vigor, us the worst symptoms
had entirely passed awuy. When I
think of my present good health, in
comparison with my miserable condition of three years ago, 1 would
not go back to my former state for
any amount of money. I may be
considered enthusiastic over Dr.
Chuse's Kidney-Liver Pills, but, considering the benefit derived from
tbem, I havo every reason to be."
Dr, Chases Kidnoy-Liver Pills, ono
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all doal-
ers, or Edmonson j Hates & Co., Toronto. To protect you against imitations tho protrait und signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, tho famous receipt
book author, aro oil overy box.
By Royal Warrant, Millers to II. ft. 11. The Prince of Wales
"Royal Household"
Grocers will give yon your Money Back,
if wanted:- we back the Grocer.*
Aro   You    Bulldlrts T
Tho Bost  Building F»ap-»r Made.
It li v*ry m«rh «tronir«r and thlcl;«r than any other ttarrttl or billd-
ln() imper. It l.i Imperviotil lo wind, krepa out cold, kaava In heat, car-
Hei ro smell or odor, alisorlii no moiltura, impnrta no tasta or Uavor ta
anythine with which it cornea In contact. It Is larijely uaed not only for
•heeling hou»i*a, but for lininu cohl siornce bulldingl, relrlcerutora. dalr-
lei. creameries, anil all places where Uie ohiect ls to keep an •••• mat
uniform  temperature,  ami ut the Bume time avoiding dampntaa.
Writs our Agents, TEES * PERSSE, Winnipeg, far tamplaa.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
V   I!l^   Clr.u.
"\Tliprr* yo Roln*, Bill?"
"I'm goln' down i > tbo mnrkot to
cit thin li.-ili weiaiiefl on the" public
srnli'M s:o rom* T70111 tli Ink I'm lyiii'
v.iii'ii i toll about ii."
TKSTIMONIAL from the Late Sill 8A»U
UEL llAlvEll, tha famoua Kile Explorari
"New)on Aohot. lievon. Uaar Slra—I
ha\e delayed my tliunka ai 1 wished ta
tost thi cllect nf lllali'i 1'illi by a eutt-
cieat   Interval  of time
'•Vot  ten   yeara   1   Imd   iuflured  acutely
from   I',out   and   Die   had   lost   111  attraction   owing   to   tha  uncertainty  ol health
anil   tlm  sudden   \isltationi  of  the enemy
i which |.i..M iiitx.l me for month*, or weeka,
| accnrtllng to the virulence of th* attack*.
I      "lllnir'a l'ills have  i eudernl fnt Imnaenaa
j aerweu,  aa  1  no  longer lear an  attack ol
1 Gout
Tor the laat twenty month* I have
I been comparatively free, ua on* or twa
j alicmpli'H visilations huve lieen Immed-
i Inlelv atampaed out by the aaiiilulic* ol
! HUli's l'ills.
"Truly yeuri (Sluned) Saml. W. linker."
l.*,iiu»M  Soon A   Co.,  Hontraal  end Toronto:  The   Uol*  Drug   Co..  Winnipeg; Th*
Martin,  llol* A  Wynne Co..  Winnipeg.
Is Yoar Bead Clear?
If not, it is probably the fault
of your Liver and you need a
corrective. You will be surprised to sec how quickly your
brain will clear and how much
better you cun work alter taking
"Tho Church ol England is at pro-
soiit Lrylog to llo thi) work of tho
twentieth century with muchlnory ne-
visni for tho Rlx-teonth." So .«iiiii
Itov. Canon Hadgson, vicar of Berwick (K.ng.) I'asinnil Church.
lever's   **,'•/    (Wise     Head)    l>;M" fed»'"
'Snap   I'owder  diisled     in    tin*   Imlll,    sol
tens the water  nnd  disinfect s.
A traveller Just returned from tin*
South African buttlefloldn suys thnl
the graves of tlm British soldiers,
from Colonso to Spion Kop. aro ex-
roi let. Ily   Kept,   tllll-lkH   to   Hie    1 .o>'« I
Women's finilil of Bouth Africa
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 centa.
\A/    IM    VJ    No    *»03 (THE DRILL, SLOCAN. B. l\. JUKI? 1". ISO*.
I I!
C. E. Smithkhin'oau*, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      • •        -      B. C.
Legs! Advertising 10 cents a line for
th* first insertion tnd b cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cants a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
application.   ,
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
John Houston announces that on
August 1, the Nelson Tribune will
again appear as a daily paper, taking
the morning Held. It promises to be
nn organ subservient to particular interests.
Conservatives are rallying to this cry
of government ownership and will
make it a leading issue in the next dominion campaign. Government ownership and the National Policy should
lead the party to victory.
Customs revenue of the dominion
for the eleven months ended May 31,
gave au increase of $3,7*17,097 over the
same time last year. For last month
the receipts were $3,409,999, an increase of $358,760 over May, 1903. It
was one of the largest increases in the
history of the country. ?
Finance Minister Fielding presented his budget to the dominion house
this week, claiming a surplus for the
year of $14,354,000, and estimating a
surplus for the ensuing year of $16,-
■500,000. He contended that under a
moderate tariff, business conditions iu
Canada were good and better than in
the States. Some changes are to be
made in the tariff, which will have
three divisions maximum, minimum,
nnd British preference.
Hewitt Bostock, formerly member
for the Yale-Cariboo constituency, has
lieen appointed to the vacant British
Columbia senatorship, opened by the
recent death of Hon. Mr. Reid. The
appointment is a commendable one
and will give general satisfaction. Mr
Hewitt's career in the commons wns
marked by hard worltfor his constituents and strict integrity, qualities he
will undoubtedly further display iu
the upper house. G. O. Buchanan
will continue issuing bounty cheques,
.while Dr. Sinclair will hunt for a con
venient hole.
Premier McBride has added more
material to his cabinet and now has
every position filled. In taking the
provincial secretaryship, Hon. Mr.
Fulton relinquished his position as
president of the council, into which
has been elevated F. C. Carter-Cotton,
.editor of the Vancouver News-Advertiser and member for Richmond. No
bye-election will be necessitated. Mr.
Cotton has for years been oue of the
foremost political characters of the
province, and during the Semlin re
gime held the position of finance min
ister. His is a strong personality
marked by much ability aud determination, and he will greatly strengthen
the government, bringing to its delib
orations the lessons learned from years
of experience in public life and things
political.  ____________
Various provincial papers report that
the dominion government hns yielded to pressure and extended the pro
visions of the lend bounty act to a
limited amount of ore shipped out of
the country for treatment- a proceed
ing directly iu the interests of the St.
Eugene and North  Star, tho big properties of East Kootenay.   Primarily
gotten up to renew the  vitality of the
Slocan country, the lead Ixninty act
has so fair failed to give the decided
returns so confidently expected of it*
Perhaps the people expected too much
on the sudden and it may  follow out
better latter on.   There is a shrewd
suspicion, though, that politics have
been too much mixed up in the business all the way through.   One cannot help but think that had the government taken the $2,500,000 of bounty money, nud built and operated a
smelter  and  refinery,   tbe   country
would have been the gainer. It would
not have suited the politicians us well-
but the small minoowuer would be assured more consideration.
pay up your subscription.
I. N. Dally, of Trout Lake, spent
Sunday in town.
D. McPherson left for Calgary on
Thursday, on a business trip.
Charley McNichol moved his belongings to Silverton Saturday.
Letters patent have been issued incorporating Ladysmith ns a city.
Rev. Mr. Scott left on Tuesday, to
take up his new labors at Michel.
George Fairbairn is again at the
coast, undergoing treatment for his
. Nelson ratepayers have voted to
bonus the McGoidrick sawmill enterprise.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Heavy frosts touched up the tender
gardens on Mouday and Tuesday
Rev. Mr. McCord will next Sunday
evening preach on "Judas Iscariot,the
Nelson council have turned down an
offer of 95 for their electric power
Deputy Attorney General Maclean
has been investigating the civic scandal at Phoenix.
Several carloads of lumber from the
Ten Mile mill were sent out from hero
during the week.
City tax notices have been issued
for this year. July 1 is the last day
to obtain the rebate.
You can buy Ogilvie's Hungarian
flour at W. T. "Shatford & Co.'s, in 50
pound sacks, for $1.75.
D. Arnot and wife went to Rossland
Tuesday, to attend the grand lodge
meeting of the Oddfellows.
On Monday next the double daily
train service will lie inaugurated ou
the main line of the C.P.R.
..The local shingle mill eased off
operations Monday, to allow the inspector to examine the boilers.
A car of shingles went out from the
local mill, Tuesday, to Colxmrg, Ont.
It was the eighth for t'.e season.
Up to Saturday night the O. S.
Lumber Co. had successfully run five
booms of logs out of Wilson creek.
"Marriage, a Lifelong Honeymoon."
by Bernard McFndden, of New York,
has been forbidden entry into Canada.
T. B. Hall, provincial assessor of
Victoria district, has been arrested for
misappropriating $5000 of government
Tom Benton, on Monday, sold his
lot on Main street, next to D. D. Robertson's, to Mrs. A. Madden. It was
a bargain.
Charley Burlier was warmly greeted
on Tuesday on his return from his old
home near Brantford, Ont., where he
spent the winter.
R. E. Gosnell, secretary of the bureau of provincial information, has
succeeded F. Carter-Cotton as editor
of the Victoria Colonist.
The Columbia Comedy Co., J. M.
McCloskey, the blind entertainer, as
manager, held forth Thursday night
in the Music Hall,to a large audience,
F, Purviance left for Rossland on
Tuesday, to represent the locnl lodge
at the grand lodge meeting of the I.
O.O.F. Ralph Gillette nlso went down
to see the fun.
High water in the creek came on
Sunday evening,a week later than last
year.   The firmness of the new pro
tective works was proven and no harm
happened to property.
Reginald and Jerry Christie have
been writing this week oil McGill university examination papers, Dr. Cade
being the examiner. The former is
writing on Applied Sciences.
Nelson   people   have   raised   over
$1500 for the 1st of Julv celebration.
There are many opposed to the cele
bration, ns they think  it should go
over to the big fair in September.
Mrs. Tutcher announces that,us she
is nliout leaving the town, her entire
stock of dry goods, ladies' and chil
drens' wear,millinery and fancy goods
is offered for sale, at cost price. No
reserve; everything goes.
Neil t iething started out again, on
Tuesday morning for the Stewart
lake country, going in by way of the
coast and Hazelton. Neil will spend
the summer with W. S. Johnson and
brother, prospecting for coal.
Tub Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statementsjetterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
It will certainly save you money to
walk up Main street, to the general
store of W. T. Shatford & Co., when
you require groceries, Ixiots and shoes,
or anything usually carried in a general stock. The largest stock, best
quality, and lowest prices have made
for this firm the trade it now enjoys,
It is a pleasure to show goods and
quote prices.   Let us get acquainted.
On Sunday afternoon the senilis undertook to chastise the regulars at
basebali. When the agony ended the
score stood 18 to 17, iu favor of the
regulars. Had it not been, however,
for the rain interfering and their
pitcher Ixicoiiiing disabled, the senilis
would have won out handily. It was
a strenuous game, Umpire Schaffner
having to display n Jong-geared gun
fyr protection,
The hike has risen over a foot this
week and is full of driftwood and saw
Mauy -of the citizens are figuring c n
acquiring cheap lots at the forthcoming tnx sale.
Vancouver will hold the biggest
Orauge demonstration on July 12 the
province has yet seen.
A. Currie, the Evans creek timber
magnate, was here on Tuesday, accompanied by S. Jackson.
Mrs. R. F. Green nnd family have
left Kaslo and gone to Victoria, where
Hon. Mr. Green will reside for the
A dynamite outrage occurred at
Golden on Monday morning, A. Alexander having had his jewelry store
Sam Long leaves next week to renew acquaintanceship with the northern pnrt of the province, traveling via
The new library has arrived at the
government office. A smnll charge
will be made to all patrons to defer
cost of freight nnd cartage.
Wm. Moulton.a young Englishman,
while practicing rolling a log, slipped
into the mill pond of the Moyie Luni
ber Co., at Moyie, Sunday, and was
For sale, cheap. Lot, 9, block 54,
size 208x60feet. All fenced and partly
plnnted in fruit trees, small fruits and
strawberries. Will lie sold cheap for
cash.   Apply to Mrs. Tutcher.
Timber Notice.
XJOTICK in hereby given thnt thirty dsjra after
.1 il.'itn I intend l<> apply tothe Chief Com-
mission, r ,,i Llltldl A Works, at Victoria, for a
special lieensr to rut and carry away timlier
from tlia followiiip 'Irscritied lnnds, situated on
Robertson rreuk, west Kootenay district: Commencing at a post plnnted al>out ten clinins
smith of the soutli-enst corner of Geo. Lurcher's
pre-emption, running tlience KU chains north;
tlience 81)chains rust; thai.ee HO chnins south;
thence SO chains west, to point of commencement,
Dntcd Mnv Uth, 11*04.
'PAKl* notice that it is my Intention, at the ex-
1 pi ration of sixty days from tbe date hereof,
lo apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds A Works for permission to purchase the
followinv described land. Tie.: Commencing at
a post plneti'd on the west shore of Slocan lake,
nad situated about 100 feet north of thn mouth
of Evans creek and marked "John Currle's N.E.
Corner," theuce west 20 chains; thence south 20
chains, crossing Evans creek; thence east SO
chains; thence north following the west shore
of Slocnn Inke 211 chains, more or less, to point
of commencement, nud containing 40 acres,
more or loss.
JOHN CURRIE per F. W. Laino, Agent
Nelson, B.C., April Hinl, KM. 2V-4
ifirt i
llliick Frlmie A Clipper Minernl Clnlma.
Situate in the Slocan City Mininu Division of West Kootenay District.
Whore located:—Black Prince on
nottli fork of Lemon creek; Clipper,
on south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Ernest Harrop,
free miner's certificate No H584.r>8; nntl
acting at agent for Iiobert C. Andrews,
free miner'i certificnte No. BTltVtl, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the' Mining Uecorder or certificate! of improvements.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action,
tinder section 37, mint be commenced
before the issuance ofsuch certificates of
D.itedthit 1st day of April, 1904.
for $18.25.
Why to without. ran
youc«nRetonegocl «
bettor satisfaction Thr '
bun, wood or coal and 3
set up free. *■••.
Appended is a complete list of the var
ioiiH records registered at the local regie
try ofliee, H. P. Christie boing mining
June 4—Clyde, on Tobin creek, J V
'    A88KBSMKNT8.
May 31—Monterey fr, Shiloh.
June 4—Crazy Jane. Lady Franklin,
Brentwood, Reekie, Aston, Aston No. 2,
Jack, Jim, Crown.
Mav 30—Mabou Hi,Geo Williamson to
R 1 kirkwood; f500.
31—Boston, all, D Graham to M Murphy.
June 4—Blue Bird, all, L R Doiron to
A 11 McMillan.
Timber Notice.
vrOTICE is herebyeiren Hint thirty days after
,\ date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ef Lands A Works,at Victoria,for two
special licenses to cut nud carry awny tituher
from the followinv described lands, situated on
Hubert son creek, West Kootenay district: -
First Location.
Commencing nt a .post, about one mile north
of tieortre Lurcher s pre-emption, thenco 80
clinins west; thenceKll chains south; thenco Ht)
ohains enst; thence NO chains north, to point of
Neooml I.nnntlan.
Commencing at a post, nliout two miles north
of Deo. Lurcher's pre-emption, theuce HOchnins
west; theuce SO chains south; thence HI)clinins
rust; theuce Hi clinins north, to point of coin-
Dnted May 14th, 1004.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES! Hecular subscribers. |i r*er month
itSIO a year: non-subscribers (eiclusieeof
meriicul attendance) J- per clay,    Private wards I
fl (ior <ln> extra.   Special facilities for inatern-
ily enses.
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
All 8.-.P1.S Keeelve Prompt AUentlon. _ Kates <m Awu-
-apeclial (Jiiotntlouas lo Mines nud Mills.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its doer .V|J
you are dry, weary or hungry.[
For further particulars apply lo,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
NOTICE is hereby given that at tbe
expiration of Ul' days frnm date, I intend
to apply, at a spi*''i**l sittin>r of the board
of licenne commissioners of tha city of
Slocan, for a. transfer of tin* retail liquor
license held by me for the Arlington
Motel, situated on lota 1 and 2, lllock A,
Slocan, to Geo. Henderson.
Dated, June 7. 11104.
• •t •! mTlCaaa
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
If you want a touch of
home life, come nlong,
lxiys. Tho liest table
in town; nice l;u*ge,airy
bedrooms. Special rates
to steady boarders. . .
The best sample rooms
in town	
Arthur Street, Slocan
Certificate of Improvements
Hlaek Heuuty and White Beauty Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay Ilistrict
Where located:—Atthe head of Mineral creek snd Lucky George creek.
TAKE  NOTICE that I, W.  I).  McGregor, acting as agent for J. ,1. Mulhall, F.M.C. No. B58982; S. 8. Pranter,
F.M.C. No. B68990: J. J.  Banfleld, F.
M.C. No B58947; Eric Lsmitur, V. M.
C.  No.  B.S0079,   and J. M. McGregor,
Free   Miner's   Certiflcate   No.   B60098,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t>  the milling recorder for certificates of improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
Aud further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
liefore the issuance of Btich certificates of
Dated this 20th dav of Mav, 11KH.
27-5-04 W. D. .McGREGOR
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Anna Farini, or to any persen or
persons to whom she may have transferred her interest in the Coronation
and Memphis mineral claims, situated
on Twelve Mile creek, and recorded in
the Recorder's office for the Slocan
(ity mining division.
You are hereby notified tbat we,
James Smith, F.M.C. No. B69995, and
Charles I'.rand, F.M.C No. BliOiW, have
caused to be expended the sum of four
hundred and ten dollars in labor
and improvements on the aWova mentioned mineral claims, in order to
bold said claims under the provisions of
the Mineral Act; and if within U0 davs
from the date of thi; notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure,together with nil coats
of advertising, your interest in said
claims will become the property of the
subscribers, under section \ of an Act
entitled "Aa Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this Mth day of
May, A.D. 1904.       JAMES SMITH
ree eon   	
The Queen's
RATES:    at.00 FKIl DAT
First-class Dining Room
Large aiid"Couifi,rtable  Bedrooms
*   Sample rooms forCommercial Men
i Nelson, B.C.
_______,__________________________________*    _______________________\    A
■••'••••F'F'F'W'V'FVejVV'FV'I   W*W**9*r*r*9W*
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of flineral
,***>****» '*******~*i
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hai!
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
~w *** ******** *a*****W **** PVW *m**ky*m\****w\
Slocan r
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving  Daily.
A full Btock of tin* lx'.st
linos of cigars and tobnr-
cos always kept on hand.
I'i l.onv..o( Rreiaat for SI.
Full Weight Hiial OuulItT
Slocan, B. C.
It promotes digestion,
Improves the appetite,
and gives tone nntl energy to tho whole system.
For sale by
SLOCAtf, B.C.,
*CXi*_js*4!***C— 1
Ut All
vert i'se yoa
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to nil p'l'.'i-
te:it uml liberal ndrortii
ors: it Is r 'nil
by everyone,
It mini ml
>      i
*--^v a
<w I
I u
u I
M khbkkkkkkk:kkkkkkkkk
(g THE DRILL,   $2 per ye*r%
Subscribe for
local paper:
00< f**__y*\ P*_Z


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