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The Slocan Drill Mar 17, 1905

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Array ^~-~.-**~*****».%,
- M>-j*m Atr
a'V 9<
wm 201905
Y»>b V., No. 61.
SLOGAN,   B.   C,   .MARCH
...... .   _    . \brft*7MiAT    IS    mi*,';    nnv..    ..,..,„    *~
12.00-FEB ANNUM.
If so, you will find our stock of Tobaccos, Ci
gars and Pipes the best and most complete
in the city - ,
A full line of the choicest Confectionery on hand
and all varieties of Fruit in season.    Prices Right.
Arnot's "Best" Coffee
If you want the best in coffees, ask for thc
above. It only requires half the usual amount
per cup at the same price, 50c cents per lo.
IVEersilda   Sillsis
are now in.      Ask to see them,
wash and are only 35c per yard,
shades all in stock.
They will
David  Arnot, Sloea
Agent for Tctley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the .best known gnd most popular houses
iu th<* country.     It is located adjacent to the depot antl the
wharf, sud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake,     (.'nxxl Bshiug i* to be found close it hand, while
every facility is offered for boatiug.
Tourists nill find ihe Arlington aud ideal resting 1 laee.
Commercial men have st their command new and codunodious
sample rooms.
Thn dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with onlv the liest brands of goods
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past   its  door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
(-HAT    IS    KM .NO    I)<>M-    DOWN   at
A Whole Weoll Devoted to Debute on the
Sohool BUI—Opposition Tttotloi An*
Thou <if Obitruotlon—Hallway Mat-
ten in the Background.
With the exception of purely routine woi'l:. tin* who],: of the past week
ha - been taken  up in the legislature
by tin' discussion of the school act.
Hon, F. .1. Fulton, minister of edit
ti :i. moved on Tuesday the second
reading of   this   measur ■   ia an able
pi ich, in which  he clearly outlined
the   who! ■   progr as   of  educational
matters in this province since confeif-
eration; showing the steady increase,
year by year, in  the deinauds which
thc present system  wn   making upon
the public exchequer, aud  presenting
forcibly both tbe urgei t need for radical reform in this  branch of the provincial expenditure, anil the methods
■■• 11 a j,, it,,, government proposed to
effect the  desired   result   without in
auy way impaii'iii * the efficieucv of a
•ysteui of which  all   British  Colutfi-
biaus were justly proud.   One nf tne
most sl rougly insisted upon by j
the mil   iter of e lucation was the as-
tonii I ii ■■'■'. iproportion  i'i the rate of
.  expenditure between that |
ion aud other public service^.
■ tting this poitit, llr. Fulton ra
the   1  timal ss   for   roads.
Ireets and  bridges, §2*18,900, or a de-
of nearly l   o anil a balf ti 8,
iile in education il wa ; over 5*446,00(3,
, j    iiicrea  ».
John Oli   .. D Ita, was on his foet
. i-; I; ifure tbe  minister of educa-
,   ,     a.     ! informed the
Ibat ho consi    red the uieasujfe
!.   !■ ■ .   isible.     lie    thou
■ ...■ i '.a,  itici a. it aud did fairly
| I-- ' I    id-ru-
ble surprise by insisting thnt the pres*
, •.,   ,.>...■   left   s it is; and
n    v   ii ted tin
ii    -v. they could       undbon »w it.
.. by ■ :;.'<• * taxation.
a i ; ,,- iii unber for
".,,,,...   :    n ho ding .n:!: ■ i)
riding for
I who brought I efoi ■
. ,,-■,    in nj   , in   the
lV0 i ions thai  body had  to
| . . untiatm illy excited as*
•   (| with iimusemi ut
I ■   .     'iitleuiiui's capacity
'""■" f~ mtm*k*f WB9*m*mmm**sr*^rr:')
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and thc choice of either of
thc above-mentioned papers for
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»->-•>•♦•» < ♦♦•*-♦•♦•»•»•»-♦♦ •
$2*50 fora Year
IW jUUKing on both   ides of a finauci.il
nt hi- ai tion was uol i i
■ -:: .!:■■!;. until, on tlie resunipti m
Uiedelmto on   Wednesday. Munro,
! hilliwack, and Murphy, ( irtboo. lol-
I    iii   on   practically   the same
lini -.. rhoing the memlier for Delta's
me   at tl ■    ive in :'•• "contemptible desire to mak • both end- meet."
md   nrgin ;   b growing or anv other
i ol r 'tren ■! in 'til    ooner than in-
i. ■ i rone ■ «.iii  the  pre-*e it  system,
which would renderimpossibl • inr the
poorer districts to maintain the stan-
• tlaid of education,
; a      li  :. spe tkiw •    iii tat' same
lay,   ■ ■- ■ I   Mr. (llive ■  for misrep e-
ii   ,i bl   .   ' the school
Uld lot ! is   i,;■ • ;; ncity to look
•  I    t from   iy point of vi iw
I     . .', ii  I'i ling.    1 ic reeom*
h       able ni imlxTs to study
the bill m      ca     illy, as tliere seemed to be - une - inisapprel ■ a
its p     i
\V. .1               v h i.-   ,\  :- on Thurs*
I   ii          i   point in favor of
i':,    i. ,   when   he   showed  thai the
tin       iver Fraser i ura I municipalities
:       Delta and < 'hilliwn ik) h id
ibution in taxes
the p ovincial treasury i f
■■• i. '       Hum   li id drawi
! ic iti ■:< . lorn the In ■    sum ol P(i9,
.  - ■.      '       ■, imt i:i'- the expenditure
chtKil buildin fs and maintenance,
Mr. Dowser nl ■•   'onimente 1 verj -'
,i-r.d v upou the lack .'I public -•;
n I.   tl ose wealth) farmers, win
Iuv. I
di itricl whos i per i ip
I'epi' '      '       I I
il i 'a' ivi       renter  than in any
other province in < Inuada, attempted
'   evade tin ir just share of the public
M r. Mel lines. Alii u*iij,  who   spoke
after  Mr. Bowser, mad.' n  few warm
■   r I remai Its aliout the \ ancouver
nn in ber, lh bill, and the government
in general. Then ho, too, foil in line
and p  ■ i i" urge lhe  : ivertiineut
i a rni i .■ ■ in • i ie\ required by
lirecl i ■ tat ion.
ft n uld b" n uselc h waste of time
in rel      '      '"■ ninny other speaker*
I   a hy ii bate became, on
lie opposil ion, simply n
i,   Yet il cannot be
d that th    opposition have done
tr*,   ,i  good  service by
1 -.1 policy.
by then
^^^^^^      Tlle    plllilic   lll\i
gaineu a lav de irei   r inception of the
Iobji   ■   ■   . ,,■ i   d in this
bill tl    i   ■  i-  lhe cas    ivheu  it >■ >•
!    iig!*» dowi     ' '    resull is thai
ll   ■    111   ' ll" lil'Ht.Wt'l'C  l ill'- Ill
.   Im i     it, hai ■   now  dim "•• 1
tiiei      •    ■ It i    in lo reared
iviaion*. ol    Iii  bill will
r in ■
Dial '
relief, while tbe financial burden of
this necessary measure of retrenchment falls where it can easiest be
borne on the big cities. For exam-!
pie, Vancouver loses otei"812,000 by
the bill's passage. It, is, in short, as
pointed out iu an able speech Thursday, by Parker Williams, Socialist, of
Newcastle, simply a measure of taxation directed to making those who
have hitherto taken all and given little
or nothing in return, bear their fair
share of the province's burdens.
The measure will, of course, pass,
although there is no doubt there will
be somo alterations in committee,with
a view of absolutely securing the
equitable distribution of all provisions
An unpleasant incident in connection with the debate on this bill occurred Thursday. "Sixpence from
Saanicb" was speaking against the
measure and, after roundly abusing
the government, suddenly pointed a
denunciatory finger at them, and exclaimed in dramatic tones, •'Father,
forgive them, for they know not what
thev do." Then he sat down, without
ipplause. Even his < pposition friends
could not stomach so rank a piece of
There have been no railway developments this week, excitement over
the school act having usurped the
principal place of interest.
A sensation developed ill the house
Mondav afternoon, the 6th, by wliich,
at their own lands, an emphatic and
painful exhibition was made of the
weakness of the Liberal patty. Upon
the completion" of the ordinary routine
business wben the houso met, the debate on the school act was resinned by
R. Hall, Victoria. His remarks were
practically a repetition of the stock
opposition standing on the bill viz..
lioirow the money aud impose more
taxes and presented no feature of
anv novelty until the honorable gen-*
lleman wound up by m ving that the
school act be given ihe six months
The government pron ptly moved in
amendment the adjournment of the
At the time the division bell rang
or the vote no less than four of tho
overhmeut supporters were absent
[i .ri the buildings. Tie* opposition
saw their np'portunffy and Mi'ov** ti
si-i-ei!. But FOtnething went wrong
with the works. '! lie divisi id lioll
was ruug,the quest! >n duly asked.and
the govern men t's amendment carried
In- a vote of 19 to Iii. for the mover ol
the original motion was so'excited thai
he forgot to hold up hi* hand. The
mly result, therefore, of ii clever attempt on th" pari of the opposition to
catch lhe gov iruuienl napi ing was to
•how the whole country that, on  tii
of late, owing to the impossibility of
getting the ore our, the roads having;
broken up. When lhe snow goes ofl
a wagon road, Sj miles in length, is to
be constructed, to connect with the
Arlington road, and it is expected tl.e
government will assist the road financially. Shipments will then follow in
a steady stream, giving an aggregate
equal to the Arlington in its palmiest
days. In the meantime development
at the mine will continue with a fair
force of men, each day adding to the
ore reserves.
Mr, Moffatt is quite enthused over
the Prince and says the mine will bo
the fourth largest shipper of silver
ores in the province to local smelters.
Later. The company held Iheir adjourned annual meeting al Nelson on
Tuesday, when thr following ollicei's
were elected for the year: President,
O. E. Cartwright, Vancouver! vice,
Blake Wilson, Nelson; secretary, John
lielliwell. Vancouver; manager, Jas.
W. Molfatt. A. Maedonald, Winnipeg,
and John Elliot, Nelson, with tbe officers, are the directors,
Mr, Molfatt returned hereon Wednesday and paid off all the outstanding bills. The mine has been shut
down and will remain so until such
times as the government makes good
its promise to supply half of the fuud*-
for constructing the new wagon road.
When that is done lhe company will
resume with a larger   force than ever.
irst public division of tl
"sion, the
Liberal oppositiou could only show IG
votes in a hotiM* of 42 members.
Tin-* incident has created a sensation
here, the more so as several details
have leaked out iu connection with it.
which, for the sake of tho credit of
Liberal political methods, may. in a
spirit of kindly charity, be omitted
from this record. Suffice it to say
that tho government's position has
been orreatly strengthened, and the
opposition have received a blow from
which they are not likely to recover
this se--ion.
Victoria. March 8, 1905.
II:**- I'lvf Feot of ShippingOrvKxpoM**] In
J. W. Moffatt,maungei of the Black
I'rince mine, al ih. head of Springer
creek, came down on Saturday on bis
way to Nelson on company business'
Tui:' Drill man took occasion to Inter
view him '*, wiih , regard to the me\
rum irs, optimistic and possimistic, j
that have been prevailing of Inteaneul
tho proper! v.
Mr, MofTatl stated thai all the pes
simi-tie stories spread against his pi a
perty were a lissuu of falsehoods,
One month's shipping from the mine
Would wipe   out   every   dol lai' of debt
and place sullicient funds in the trea-
Rury to run the property for month*;.
He was happy to saylhe Black I'rince
was a mine and a big one at lhat, ami
its future was assured. In sight al
the mine waa a body of ore as satisfactory to behold ar-ii was remarkable,
it being one of the large:.; bodies existing iu the country. The chute had
been proven so far for a distance of S5
feet, whi'c a raise had penetrated it
for .'(:> feet, and the ore body was wid
The ore body is iu the Black Prince
fraction, situated 60 feel from the end
of the tunnel whero Sidney Noruillti,
of Spokane v*'.i" had the group under
bond two years ago left off. In tho
drift the ore is three fee! in width and
in the raise five feot, all of 'hipping
-rade: and the chute throughout will
average three feet wid". ll can all be
shipped in bulk and will yield hand
.,,in- ret "i us. Al present the mine
can easilj give 15 tons ol ore por day,
increasing to a full car daily when the
'Two Frii nds tunnel retches its ore
body, This average, Mr. Moffatt as
erti. can be maintained for an Indeli-
Klglit   311la*'s   Leading;   Hold   Property
Gui'K r.»r Ooih,
N, P. McNaught and wifcSilvorton.
were here Thursday on their way to
Nelson. Mr. McNaught informed The
Dmll man that the day previous lie.
associated with M. Giutzburger and
Fred Fingland, of the Monitor mine,
and Charley Brand, had purchased
the Little Daisy group of claims, on
Fight Mile creek*. The owners ofthe
property were Messrs. Valentine.
Abercrorabie and Whealler, The deal
was practically on a cash basis, Whealler having becfu bought outright and
ihe others gelling one third of their
The Little Daisy '.'roup cfltrstfifs of
four claims, none of which are crown
'ranted, and wer,* located iu th** early
'.r;/s. It is strictly a high grade gold
proposition and when iirst discovered
created no end of excitement. Beautiful samples of ore were taken from
the property aud innumerable offers
of purchase were turned down bv the
owners. At length it was deemed impossible to make a deal on the group,
so that the success of last week's ne
gotiations comes as a plensapt surprise.
li is the intention of the purchasers
I i commence operations on the Little
Daisv early in April and the property
will be thoroughly opened*Vip. Hal-
ready has undergone several thousand dollars worth of development.
The deal will have a good effect on
Can ml uir- And 'Tan ll Nliptlll'H.
On February 28th a pleasing ceremony took place a! the residence of J.
P. Carnduff, Carnduff, Assa., when
their .secofidl daughter, Miss Sarah
Laura, was united in marriage to John
A. Anderson, the popular druggist ol
this burg. The ceremony was per
formed by Kev. Mr. McTaggart,the
bride being supported by Miss M.
Mallock and thc groom by Wm.Caru
d:i!r. brother of   the bride, while Miss
Florence Mny Carnduffwas maid ol
honor. The house was charmiugly
decorated with cu! flowers ami ferns.
Manv handsome and costly presents
were bestowed on the young couple
and in the evening they were serenaded by tl'.etlarudiifT bmd. After \mi
in * ill the vicinity for a few days
the groom having been one ol lhe pio
nee • ot Carnduff Mr, and Mrs,
Anderson lefl for Slocan, stopping eu
route at Estevan, ' 'ranbrook, Nelson
and I.em ni creel;. Tlie, arrived here
iiii Saturday and mot with an eilthus
iastic welcome, rice and old Bhoea
being much in evidence. The populace unit" in extending their hearties!
congratulations lo the yotuig couple
and wish them a happy ami prosperous li Fe,
Ntnaii'ilaliijx Doing nt Arlington,
Wm. Hudson, the former foreman
at the Arlington, is again a! that property, having arrived   ill OU Monday.
II" will bw up there some weeks, sup
erintending the cleaning mil of the
working ■ and tho retimbering of per
tain portions,    ft la nol   k no wn a*- yel
wh 'ther tho mine will remim • general j
operations or not, thou jh tho indicn
tious point thai way.
Laat Year's Sliipini'iilK Wero 3.'17B Tnin-
A Hi'althy Kvldeuce or lie. 1.1ft* nnd
Wealth of tli< Ciimii—IllKck rriiico it
UlKBOst Shipper.
A blank in ore shipments was saved
this week by the sending out of a one
ton lot by the Combination to Kelson.
It is the first ore that claim has shipped and is for a test, having been taken from the drift during development this winter. Corrected figures
from the Black Prince raises that property's output to J115 tons. For a
week or two no more ore will go frem
tho camp until the roads get in shape
for wagons.   Output to date (i(!,'l tons.
For 1904 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 287G
Ions, made up from 19 properties,
following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa  108
Enterprise  Kd
Black I'rince  315
Neepawa  21
Kile  20
Chnplcau  1!
Tamnrac  -0
Northern Light  3
i iraphic  !l
Conrbination        1 1
1 063
MINKS    AND    ill.NINH.
The Sandon mines last week shipped 53 tons of ore, Ml of which was
A few of the men have lieen t im-
p irarily laid off at the < Ittawa, owing
to the roads breaking up.
The ore bins at the Ottawa havo
been Riled, ready for ihe teamsters
when hauling again < imences.
Tom Sloan, who was injured at the
Silver Bell, is in ft coasl hospital, suf-
!'••:'.'n; from paralysis of the back.
. A new chute of shipping galena has
been .struck in the No. I tunnel of the
Molly Gibson, on Kokano ■ creek.
Geo. Hughes has commenced shipping on a contract to supply 140C tons
of zinc from the Ltiekv Jim to thn
reduction works at (ias. i\an.
The directors of the St. Ficre'io
mine, Moyie. order--'! n two percent
dividend paid on the liith.frotn profits
earned up to December 81. Th" dividend cnllsfor$8-l,OlO,makingS388,080
to date.
On Thursday Tom B nton, George
Soucey and Bert Wilhelm went up to
the Lady Franklin, nt the head of
Lemon   creek, lo   resume operations.
Th *v went in by way of Springer
creek and the Bliiel P ince,
Sliver Quotation*.
Following are tin ipi itatious for bar
silver on the various days during tht*
week -ince hist i-   it
Thursdav     ",s3 cents
Fridav.:     •"-•>'.     "
Saturday    &9J    "
Mondav     f«3     '*
...        , * r.o        i,
I uasday    •'•'
Wednesday    r,s'    "
unl,' A--... i .ii"" Mowing;
Ou Thursda*      lit the Slocan Rifle
VssocinHou h :' uinual meeting
at the resider ' D S. McVannel.
Officers elecb ' ; ;' ensuing year
were: I). S. M president! II.
I). Curtis, see ■   '<"■  '..tleasitrer;
Dr. Cade, G"o iccutive com
mittee,   Tie ' °f 'he association are in i condition.
|t|K -  ■   i."  H  **.-i'ii".via.
A strike o! i of clean shipping ore is ' '■' "'ith-' Neepawa,
Ten Mile, v li i being worked un
det* lease I '•■ l>,l'|>-' The h-a-e
oxpires on ' I UUI,M ■','' owners
will take - ' operation of the
mine. It :""d B deal is on
for thi, p of Angus MoGilli*
vrav's int
.i    rc in
full*, nde   nil > |
101 IOI
\  I.wliunl lii'i'l,  Di'ill.
A deal has be m nogotiated whereby
P, \\. (i" irgo, of Phoenix, turns over
to pan Hanlon his three-i evenths In
t,.;i.  t  ill lllO    * Iri'ol a Oil    Lemon creek.
Thiii pr ip irty came Into pr Inonce
, :,   time ago by rouson of tho crown
ranting of a four sevenths hit 'rest, it
1,/in   t'l ■ ii'-1 tiii'i in 'li ■   rovince n
bcol en interc t  in a claim was eyor
The I,
his heart
Slocan ,
him on
of his I
ble e\|
have   b
i   11   U'
A u'.iin
b r of m in bave 1> on laid off patente
Cl   ■   a
•'    a!
I Of 1 llltllhi.
•■■ I desires to express
■ tu the citizens of
Ian for the assistance,
allien,i-e, extended to
i i >f the destruction
"!-■'•   by lire.     The t.'lllgi'
i-   of  sympathy shown
■ atl\  appreciated,    II.
11 i vl"" Mart* Ip.
i, s\itli T.Tobin iu charge,
•  the   Dayton,on Dayton
i iv ko comment per
I iin tunnel Is to li" i un
• nnd connected with the
up  ii bunch of hiirb
money is paying for the i i
%     a
Humor mb Philosophy
At tbe meeting of the State Dairymen's association at Durham, N. H.,
Professor W. D. Qibbs of the college
■experiment station said that hs had
been studying the question of economically feeding the milk cow. He had
as rations to choose from corn stover at
*S per ton, red clover at #12, ensilage at
$3, timothy hay at $18, bran at $22,
Unseed meal at $30, cornmeal and gluten meal and oats each at $31. From
these he could compound several desirable rations, but most of them cost
more than tlie product of an ordinary
good cow would pay for. He estimated
that her product should be twenty
pounds of milk a day, worth IVi cents a
fiound, or 30 cents a day. But with
•eighteen pounds of corn stover, forty
-pounds of ensilage, one pound of bran,
two of cornmeal and three of cottonseed meal he bad a mixture that would
keep a cow in good condition at a cost
of 20 cents a day. In this ration be bas j
not taken into consideration the mak- ,
ing of any gain in flesh or the value of
monure, both of which would be increased by giving a part of red clover
instead of so much corn stover, without
greatly increasing the cost of ration.
How Often Shall We Feedf
Cows appear to give better results
when fed twice a day tban when fed
more frequently. When fed so frequently as three or five times a day
they are up on their feet straining and
worrying for their feed some time before it gets to them. Investigations
have recently taught that an animal is
using energy when standing that If lying might go to some other use. Ruminants have lnrge stomachs, and the
more quickly tbe stomach is filled and
the animal lies down, contented and
satisfied, the better ths returns will be
for the owner. It Is well understood it
will cost less and bo more convenient
to feed the ration in two feeds than
Feeding Freak Com.
In answer to a correspondent's question regarding tbe amount to feed fresh
cows Hoard's Dairyman says: Thirty
pounds of silage, 15 pounds of clover
hay and 4 pounds each of bran and
gluten feed would contain nearly 28
pounds of dry matter, but little less
tban 3 pounds of digestible protein,
over 13 pounds of digestible carbohydrates and seven tenths of a pound of
digestible fat. Tbls is very heavy feeding, more, we sliould suppose, than
any, even extra large, cows could be
induced to eat and much more than the
average cow can eut with profit. We
nre of the opinion that 30 pounds of
silage, 10 pounds of clover bay and not
to exceed 6 pounds of grain would be
ample as an nveruge allowance for
these cows. At all events we do not
hesitate to advise trying the result of
/reducing tho allowance with a portion
*of the herd. If with reduced feed tbere
.'is a reduced milk supply, tbe evidence
would seem to warrant going back to
the original allowance.
Caused Abortion.
Several years ago we had a great
quantity  of  muskmclons  and  water-1
melons, citrons and cucumbers, which
we cut ba small pieces and fed to three
milk cows and were very much pleased |
with the result, says a correspondent
Copyright, 1904, by Duncan M. Smith.
No woman changes her mind any
oftener than she wants to, no matter
what uny one says.
"Just because I want to," is enough
of reason and reason enough.
When fools fall out wise men reap
the aftermath.
Walking is only a pleasure to ths
man who does not have to walk.
No man is afraid of a woman unless
hs bas offended her.
Some peoplo play with words as recklessly as a child with dynamite and
often with as dire result
Judging a man by the amount of
gold be possesses is hardly what ls
known as the Golden Rule.
About the only thing that comes to
him who waits these days is old age.
of Rural New Yorker. Hut after about
two weeks we found that with one of
the cows an abortion bad been pro- |
duccd, and lt immediately occurred to
me that it must have been tbe seeds.
My uncle was a veterinary surgeon,
and I asked bim if my surmise was
correct, and he said: "Yes; ln all probability it was the seeds. It is a well
known fact in the study of medicine
that any food or medicine that acts
powerfully on the kidneys also affects
to a greater or less extent tbe generative organs." Three years ago we
raised a great quantity of squashes,
nud after gathering what were good
wc turned the cows into tbo field, and
they ate tbem, as many as tbey pleased,
but with the same result
Foriulntf Habits.
If a cow does not show a strong inclination to go dry within two months
of tbe time she is expected to drop a |
calf, her feed should be ns light as will
keep her In fair flesh. She should have .
no grain feed, and sho sliould uot be
milked dry, but less and less and less ,
Often.   On the other hand, if a young
cow shows an inclination to go dry too |
soon, make every effort to prolong her
milking period by more succulent food
and reasonable increase in the grain rn-1
tiim.   Keiuember tbat tbe hublts per-,
mitted with first calf have a tendency
to repetition thereafter.
I . . allnu   Ttvlo* • Dny.
At a recent dairymen's meeting attended by the writer one of the speak- |
ers, a  very   practical  and  successful
mnn, advised feeding cows only twice
a dny, since he had seen the plan employed  with results Just as good as
when tbe cattle bad three meals and
with  a considerable saving In  labor.
Yet the speaker confessed that be still
fed his cows three times a day, merely
becnuse he fenred that a change would
cause temporary shrinkage In tlie milk
yield.    Hut there is no need lo fear
such effects, snys American Cultivator.
Tb'i  writer   mude   tho   change   from
three to only two feedings without, so
far ns could be observed, losing n sin- j
gie quart of milk.   It wns done gradually in about four dnys, making the
noon meal lighter each day ond Increae* j
Ing the other  feeds  until  tho  change j
was made before the cows knew what i
wns being done.    A cow's stomnch la
very lnrge ns compared with that of a ,
horse or of n buninn being, ami sbe
can easily hold enough to last twelve
hours.   Water should be given in the
forenoon.   The two feed plan Is quite
• labor saver.
Made ef Nicotine.
Dreams, pipe dreams, what should we da
without 'em?
They come to soothe us whon we're care
Though cold, hard facts do oft essay to
rout 'em.
Still they return and are with gladness
Ah,   what   so   swot  as   this   delightful
This half prevision of the things afar?
This    dreamful    re*t    from    everlasting
This  fire  escape,  when  things ■ calorlo
Dream long—why shouldn't we be slaking
A  thirst   that  burns   as a  consuming
From which there's no escape when we
are waking?
But ln pipe dreams we get our heart's
Not for tha dreamer ls the toll and trouble,
The smarting hands and blindly stumbling feet.
He dreams, and then do Joy and gladness
Pain disappears and life becomes complete.
Bo, light the pipe, nor listen to the chatter
Of  sordid  souls   that  never   knew   the
Of Just escaping from the grip of matter
By sweet  communion   with a  pipe like
His Deserts.
"Olve me liberty or give me death!"
frantically shouted the political spellbinder ns though be Imagined bis audience was composed of deaf men.
"Not if I happen to be on the Jury!"
exclaimed n man in the bnck of the
audience wbo had yawned through the
"What Jury?" asked a friend who
wns groping for the drift of the re-
"A Jury to try the speaker on ths
charge of being nn orator, of course,"
returned the flrst speaker. "He isn't
bad enough to deserve death, yet it
would be a shame to set him at liberty.
I think $10 and thirty days would be
about right."
^ -T^ V
May She Stay.
Where   Is   the   Jolly
• 1 mv
bloomer girl
"Who     once    went
round the track,
The   girl   who   set
our      hearts
We    know    not
Hj w
where     sh*     ls.
fr~^     >^_i
But     hope     sbe
won't como back.
When Cash Looked Good.
"Do you believe in urt for art's
"Yes, on the dnys In which I do not
happen to be hungry."
Starting Wrong.
"I  never stole  on  umbrella  ln  my
"And yet you sny you hope some day
to be u millionaire."
Forced to Be Polite.
"I notice I'h.iwley speaks to bis tailor on the street."
"Poor fellow! 1 had no Idea be owed
hlm that much."
Cheer Up.
What's thc une of crying
Whan the iklei arc gray,
For  you  can't   wilh  bIrIiIiib
Chaso the ClOUdl nway.
MlKht ns well be Singing,
Though HOUr vim   is lame;        —■*■
Care to windward liltiKlug; ev*
I'rlce Is Just the .same.
TIiiiiirIi tho day 11 hazy,
iiiiii ihs autumn sky,
Than may lie a daisy
Morning by and by,
Any way \on guess it,
< 'ryliiK 'Im s nol   pay;
Hay nn well confess it;
May as well be   ;-iy.
Doesn't Modi Name,
"lie takes his wnltiky straight."
"Y'ou   wouldn't   Ihi ik  su  If ynu  saw
liliit making crooked tracks for borne."
Honest Abe, U. S. M.
The Rural Mail Carrier Helps a Friend
Out   on   Poetry.
AN accident to my mail cart detained   mo   at  Farmer   John
Day's bouse Ave hours the other day, but what was my loss
turned out to be his gain.    When he
found out that I would be with him
for the afternoon he said:
"Abe, I've been wantin' to talk with
you for some time, but you are always
in a hurry. I want to sort of pour out
my soul to somebody—somebody who
can appreciate the situation. You
come purty near bein' the United
States, don't you?"
I told blm thnt as the carrier on No.
11 route, which reached from Daleville
to Catton's Corners, I had the right
of way over everybody else, even to a
circus  procession,   nnd  that  I  never
Throwing Vhnn In,
"Any germs In this milkV"
"Not   that   I   know   of.     Na   extri
charges if there are,"
went to Washington without asking if
the president was well and the postmaster general wns feeling happy.
"I thought so; I thought so," he continued, "and now I'll unbosom myself.
You know my wife died three years
"Aud mebbe you've heard thnt I was
shinin' up to tbe Wldder Skinner?"
"I believe I have."
"Y'es, I'm shinin' up, Abe, and I'm
expectln' to marry her next fall after
tho crops are all in. What I'm troubled about Is that I haven't put nny
headstone up for my wife yet I've
meant to all along, but kinder put It
oft. I feel that I ought to do it before
I marry again, and I want you to help
mt* out of it."
"But what can I do?" I asked.
"You can help me with the poetry.
I want at least two verses on tbe stone.
I want to show the world that she was
a good woman and I sorrowed for her,
but at the same time I don't want to
say anything to hurt the Widder Skinner's feelln's. She'll seo tbe stone and
rend the poetry, nnd I don't wnnt to
make her mad. Sly dnughter Snrah
won't write a line, nnd the hired man
don't know enough to find a rhyme for
'butter.'   Will ye help me, Abe?"
I said I would, and we sat down on
a hayrack in tbe baruyard and began
the struggle. The sorrowing widower
told nie what he wanted as near as he
could, and our first joint production
read us follows:
Poor Hannah Day she had to go
And leave her John a-wccplng,
And 'ncath this stone her body lies,
Whilo heaven her soul ls keeping.
No more she will bo seen on earth,
And John sits ln his sorrow;
He  weeps  and  grieves  and  does  not
What happens on the morrow.
Her equal wlll be hard to find-
So loving, kind and tender—
And he whom sho has left behind
Will now and e'er defend her.
"Say. Abe, that's a peach!" exclaimed
TJncIe John when I had read it to him,
"and if It wasn't for the Wldder Skinner it would go like a bouse a (Ire. Y'ou
see, we've got to look out for her. We
must do poor Hannah Justice and yet
not step on the wiililer's corns. I
wouldn't exactly sny that I sit in niy
sorrow. I did sit ln it for the lirst
three months, of course, but then it
begun to go nway. I don't want the
wldder to think I'd sit around and
weep. And about irty not carin' wh.it
happens on the morrow, I guess i'j
change that too. When a man Is sliia-
in' up to a widder he always can's
what happens touiorrer. Try again,
We moved over under the shed to
get In the shade, and I took a little
longer to lit things together. At the
end of au hour I read him the following:
Death   came   and   beckoned   Hannah
And Hannah she was ready.
All know her for a patient wife.
Si) kind and Imo and steady.
Sho left a husband here behind.
'v.PILLfc A
Depend upen Rich, Red Blood—Poor
Blood Means Weak Lungs and Fatal
Every drop of blood in the body must
go through the lungs. That is why
the lungs aro helped and healed, and
strengthened with the great blood-
builaer, Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills. They
till the veins with pure, rich red blood
Unit gives health and -/ifeor to weak
lungs. That is the way Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills brace the lungs to throw off
bronchitis and heavy colds. That ls
the way Dr. Williams' Pink Pills build
up the lungs after an attack of la
grippe or pneumonia That is the
way Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
saved hundreds in Canada from consumptives' graves. No other medicine
does this work so speedily and so well.
Mrs. Jane A. Kennedy, Douglastown,
Que., says:—"My sister, a young and
delicate girl, took a severe cold when
about seventeen years old. Nothing
we did for her seemed to do any good,
and we feared she was going into consumption. Often after a had night I
would get up early to see if she had
spit blood during tlie night. A friend
strongly urged me to give her Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and within a
month from tho time sho had begun
their use, she had almost recovered
her health. Under the continued use of
the Pills she is now well and strong.'
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills not only
make weak lungs strong, but they cure
all troubles arising from a poor or de-
tieient blood supply, such as anaemia,
indigestion, rheumatism, neuralgia,
general weakness, St. Vitus dance,
headaches and backaches, kidney
troubles, palpitation of the heart, and
i lie special secret ailments of young
girls and women. Insist upon the genuine with full name "Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People" on the
wrapper around each box. Sold by
medicine dealers everywhere, or by
mail at 50 cents a box, or six boxes
"or J2.50, by writing The Dr. Williams
iledicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
A Connellsville, Pa., dispatch says:
—A mail car on the westbound Baltimore and Ohio express was burned today between Kooas Mills and Ellis on
the Connellsville division. Fifteen hundred registered letters, $250,000 in currency and hundreds of pounds of mail
were destroyed. Mail Clerk Free and
two assistants were slightly injured in
jumping from the car.
Aim ne was plunged in sorrow,
But later on got over it
And looked for the tomorrow.
Her virtues all remembered are,
And folks will always miss her,
And with the hope she's better off
Her John will not dismiss her.
"By thunder, Abe, but you've hit It
plumb center!" shouted Uncle Jobn as
he jumped up. "If you bad tried for
forty years you couldn't beat that. It's
not only poetry, but you've dodged nnd
twisteil nronnd until Hannah couldn't
object if she was alive, and the Widder
Skinner can't find no fault if she tries
ever so hard, llow on earth did you
"The United States can do most anything, you know," I replied.
"Of course she can, of course. By
gum, but how lucky for ine that your
tart broke down today! I'll go into
town tomorrow and order the tombstone and set the man to work, and In
a month everybody will be reading
them verses. Ves, Hannah was beckoned nnd wns ready to go. That's well
put. bhe was patient and kind und
steady—that's fine. 1 was left behind,
and of course 1 took on about her loss,
but after awhile l cheered up again.
That gives the widder to understand
Unit I'm not mooiiin' around yet. Of
course I'll remember Hannah nud
hope that she's better off, and the end
of the verse is simply Immense, Abe—
simply Immense, 'Her John will now
dismiss her.' Ilavin' grieved and done
his duty, he now turns nway aud
thinks of other things, principally the
Widder Skinner. What's the charge,
"Nothing whatever."
"Won't you take a dollar, at least?"
"Not a penny, Uncle John. You may
send uie a piece of the wedding cake,
and It'll be all right."
"I'll do lt, Abe. I'll send you half of
It, the whole of it, a cake and live
bushels of new potatoes besides.
You've just pulled ine out of a llx in
ihe nicest way in the World, and If I
ever forget it I hope to be kicked by a
jackass. Three of the beaut it'tilest
verses of poetry ever written, and
Hannah's all right, the widder's all
right, and I'm Ceellu' as if I was seven
feet high and weighed half u tou."
It. I iii..iin Sf ralii.'il  \(MV.
Phoebe—He said my arms were like
Corlnne— Perhaps he meant they
were nothing but bone.
We were to perform a famous feat
in crawling on all fours for many
meters. Our ambition was not exnetly
to attract, attention of the Russians
and receive their applause from their
quick-firers. All sorts of fireworks
seemed to help the work of their
searchlights. We made slow progress,
always on fours. We reached the second netting of barbed wire, and this
we hacked away without very much
trouble. In front of us was the final
fence. We had had a happy run of
luck so far. We did not wish to spoil
it by a touch of carelessness or too
much daring. Cautiously, therefore,
we went on our stomachs to make the
distance between the second and the
tirst barbed-wire entanglements. All
this distance was a surprise to us; it
was covered with many things evincive
of the skill and thoughtfulness of the
Russian engineers. It was about one
hundred meters in length. Tho ground
was sloping. It was filled with pitfalls
and mines innumerable. For a second
these mines made us forget tho first
line of wire fence toward which we
were making our way. First of all,
wc had to dispose of the mines. We
had reason to suspect that they were
electric mines, and, in fact, the Rus-
si. n engineers, with all their thought-
fulness, did nol alwayF tnke the
trouble to bury the conductors. We
db-eovercJ. and cut as many ns four
conductors, which were just about the
size of my thumb. They were wiapped
in a rubber coating, and within the
rubber coating we found over twenty-
lour small wires. I carried no scissor')
about me. These electric wires were
a neat surprise to us. The severe
usage to which it had been put hnd
dulled the edge of my axe almost as
blunt as the edge of my palm. It cound
not cut the rubber-wrapped wires on
soft earth. Time was pressing. We
were ln danger of being discovered before we could get at the first line of
barbed-wire fence, which was the lasi
goal of our efforts; moreover, we were
somewhat impatient. So all of us fell
upon those electric wires.and with our
teeth we bit them off. I fear we may
have been BOmewhat excited. We did
some damage to our teeth by I his worK.
When a man tells you that he did not
know when his teeth were being
broken, you would not believe him.
That man might be telling the truth,
under some circumstances, however."
He laughed a laugh innocent and
childlike, and ln the laughter you
could see more than two broken teeth
in hia mouth. Nothing else could
drive hosie the conviction quite so
powerfully as rrmse broken teeth of
his.—"Adachi Kinnosuke ln Success
Gentlemen,—My daughter. 19 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh aud
injured her elbow so ..adly it rei mined stiff and very painful for three
years. Four boiries of M INA HI IS
LINIMENT compb n i.v cured her and
she has uot be n troubled for two
Yours truly,
St. Joseph P. O., 18th Aug., 1900.
Many newspapers throughout the
world, since the fall of Port Arthur,
have criticised the Japanese for ha •
ing used up so much energy lu capitiling that stronghold contending that
it would have been mon' advantageous,
from a mili'ary slandpoini, to have
taken Mukden, ihe capital of Man
churia, and the centre of the theatre
of the war. Then* is no doubt that the
capture of Mukden would have been
greater as a victory than the taking
of Port Arthur, but the Japanese reason for nol doing so is somewhat peculiar, if Wt startling. Milkdt a Is a
sacred city, in the eyes of the Chinese,
and if in the whlrlwln 1 of the war, It
should be despoiled lhe curse and possibly the vengeance of the Chines"
would be upon the nation responsible
for it. Mukden is Identified with all
that is great and glorious In the records of the Manchuria emperors, and
within its | reclncts rest, the bodies of
the Manchu fathers. K Is well known
that theii dynasty is the oldest in the
world. Tile Miinchuiinns have become
so Intermingled with the Chinese that
the veneration of tlie city Is a matter
of considerable moment. Iu sucb
sacred regard has the cily been held
that the .Siberian railroad, which i liters so many of the other Importac
cities  in  Manchuria,  makes  a  wide
detour as II a; ,ouches Mukden. The
Chinese railway from Shau-hnl-Kwan.
instead of \,idng continued to Mukden,
has as lis i irmlnui Sing-i. in Tung, a
small town about thirty miles wi I ol
Ihe capital. The city stands in the
middle Oi an alluvial plain, and the
soil for miles around Is rich and highly
cultivated.   Buccei i Magaclne,
His Doctor who said there was no Hope
for Him, now Pronounces Him Well
—He Tells his own story.
Mt. Brydges, Ont., Mar. 6.—(8pec.
Ial).—Among the many people in thla
neighborhood who tell of the great
work Dodd's Kidney Pills are doiog
none Is more emphatic than thai old
and respected citizen, Mr. Robt. Bond
"I belie vo I owe my life to Dodd'a
Kidney Pills," Mr. Bond says. "My
attending physician said I was in ilia
last stages of Bright's Disease and
that there was no hope for me. Then
I commenced to take Dodd's Kidney
Pills antl used in aii twenty boxes,
Now I eat well, sleep well, and my
doctor says I am well. Dodd's Kidney Pills and nothnig else cured nn-".
Do you wonder I am always ready \„
sov a good word for Dodd's Kidney
\Vhat will cure Bright's Disease win
easily cure any other form of Kidney
IXsease. Dodd's Kidney Pills will al*
wajs cure Bright's Disease. Thev aro
the only remedy that will cure Brlght'i
Disease.   Be sure you get Dodd's.
It Is common belief that the genus
of disease nourish only in the human
organism, and that, if we could once
eradicate an infectious malady, it
would stay eradicated. It now seems
very probable that this is untrue. According to a view held wholly or partially by many pathologists, and Btrong*
ly upheld by a recent French writer,
Professor Bodin, disease germs are
oni;* accidentally virulent, their normal existence being what is called
"saprophytic;" that is, independent of
any olher organism. When one of
tnese harmless varieties changes i's
nature so as to become parasitic, we
have a new disease. Observation has
sho vn that many kinds of bacteria are
very unstable, and are constantly form
ing new varieties. It is possible, therefore, thai potential germs of typhoid,
lockjaw, or consumption may be growing harmlessly about us, to assume,
suddenly, a virulent parasitic life at
some future time. According to 'lis
view, bacteria are primal ily benevolent agents for promoting chemical
change, and the variation that turni
some of them into injurious paras!', s
is accidental and abnormal.
"I would advise mothers to ft*1?
dosing their little ones with nauseoill
castor oil and soothing stuffs, and uso
only "Baby's Own Tablets." This ls
tho advice of Mrs. Joseph E. Barley,
of Worthington, Ont., who bas
proved the Tablets the best medli M
In the world for the troubles thai at
lllct young children. Mrs. II. ej
adds:—"My little one has had no othi t
medicine but the Tablets since ahe
was two month! old, and tbey havo
kept ber the picture of good health."
i ie . .• Talilets are good for Children o!
every age, aad speedily cure all •
ach and bowel troubles, break up C
prevent croup, expel worms and allay
ui" irritation of teething.    And you
have a solemn guarantee lhat tie        ;
nol a particle of opiate or harmful drag
In this medicine.    Sold by all di
or seal by mall at ::."■ cents a box   >
writla - The Dr. Williams Medicine Co,
Brockville, Ont.
A   New   York   dispatch  says:—Tl.
teen persona were killed and upwai
Of 50 others injured, some probably
tally by the collapse ot the flooring
Of the Fleet   street   African   M.IC.  Zl
church in Brooklyn, of those klll<
ten were women,two men and one
child. The building was an oncti
ramshackle frame structure, erected
years ago, In the heart of the cole
seci ion of Brooklyn, Ln Fleet stn
Ailckle  avenue.
The United  States Government
quite Justified  In  asking the  itu
Government to bind back to Ban I
Cisco three Russian officers who bro
ti  parole and  went  home.    Th
wen* port of the crew of a war v.
v.hlch Is to lie at San Francisco
after thi close of the war. The bn
of pare'" is not merely an Insult I i
United       * a Oovernment, bul i n
jury to ail prisoners of war, a
is fretpi ntiv ameliorated by bein
lowed freedom on giving their  «
of honor not to escape.
The highest perfection in  scientific soap
marking is reached in
Sxmlight Soap
Eaxh ingredient is tested, and each step in
the manufacture civrefvilly watched. The
result is a. soap possessing great cleansing
power, yet perfectly harmless to fabric or
na.,\ds.   Try Sunlight.
Lever Brothers Limited,
f a>. Toronto,
.*■"»• «6f *"
. *C7,:.a. ' TH
Western Canadian Editors
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
' and their Influence.
Editor and   Proprietor   of  the   Souris
Willi some men newspaper work ls
a passion. They can no more help being newswriters than they can help
breathing. They were born that way
- lestined, foreordained and culled
to the business just as truly as other
men are to the ministry. From the
Ume thej are able to form ideas as to
their future Ihey have elected their
life occupation. And, of course, as is
the cose In all businesses, there are
many who write eldtorials and run
newspapers just as otlier men weigh
,,it tea and sugar, or lay bricks, or
preach Minimis, or drive nails.    Hut
is ;i third class whose devotion
to their selected life work is every
whit as strong as those with an In-
born passion therefor, but which is not
Inherent, but the product of gradual
. The love of their work burns
witli a Heady  Intensity that ls per*
more effective than the more
ipaamodlc effort! of those of more orient temperament   If  less  brilliant,
are n rtainly more persistent,
ami it is no new saying that stick-to*
a a is nowadays the element of
A typo   of   this   slowly   developed,
ile, country editor is furnished
to  ih"   person   of   Mr.   William  J.
Barclay,   proprietor   of    the    Plain*
nf    Souris,    Manitoba.     Like
in* another young man in Western
la, !." nows owns the paper an.l
ilant un which he first "devilled." Mis
i'i'' much averse to his going
into the   newspaper   business,   and
roung Barclay had his path towards
DO track of roses, but full
' cles and opposil ion.   But Wil*
a   ;M no) content himself on a
bum, and had  made up his mind OS
i future occupation.   He carried
too, and in due time justi-
Dl I ■  i   wis,loin of his choice.
Mr. Barclay was at that tlmetwen-
i years of hko.   He was Scotch
birth and parentage, his fa*
ther, Jami i Barclay, being managei
ofa large cabinet and chair works at
'■   little   manufacturing   town   of
Belth, In Ayrshire.   The future editor
tu the third youngest of a family of
> doxen, and in  hopes of bettering
position   the  elder   Barclay   limned to emigrate.    This wu in
IS!    at  which time the edltor*to-be
na a   nwheaded  youngster  of ten,
chief ohject In life wns to at-
land school as little as possible.
nil] arrived In Winnipeg in
lane, 1880     The future western mo-
IU  of   the   Dominion   was   then
very different place to what It  is
nnw.   Instead of WO.iiOO people. It hnd
"b«*n •  ir 4.n0(l.   It wns an
Village—wild,  nnd  woolly.
nrnl w.     ,,,    u-iti,  ti„.  thrill   of  the
' Mia -   ,.,, speculative boom already
la tbe air, with streeir. hub-deep with
"•'• i■■■■■• tenacious and adhesive mud
In th" world,  und  a  free,  devllniay-
' •  llarlty and license the oul
acterlstlc <>f its people
Ier Barclay, with Ideas  of
life formed afler the strict
J»del nf b God-fearing, church-going,
■ pcctlng      little      Ayrshire
this   was   anthems  mar-
Two weelis of Winnipeg was
Indi ed, too much   for   blm.
iv old Country Immigrant be
pictured, or prepared  bJm*
conditions so utterly differ
' load, ns most do, of modi
i ttltiide to the conditions- -
n  nearly every  Instance,  they
1 ■'' " ith- prefer to those they
decided to return to the
'•in' o   Hakes.    So, with  his numer-
hack   thev   went   to   flCOt*
'I,'1  »H   thai is. except one of the
Who had made np hli mind
I  | ,
Ml for
b'ltie hla
,.. ,
''"'■I     la,
"'ili'li t„
rs  aftorwards   a   brother
ll   ■• out   to this,  the then
entatlve   of   the   Barolay
Manitoba,    and    took    m>
' " Souris district.   And, In
lay, Br., brought oul the
I imlly,   the   future  editor
and all settled In the vi-
tated; Mr. Barclay man!*
"idiiess for farm life, and
1   himself to work  to llti-
• ■ditcitihin,   while   following
with the ohjeel of leaving
I luitsiiits for n more eon
''linn  nl  the  earliest  op-
Vnd, gradually, there grew
him the determination to
' sper mnn.   A goal towards
■ eel his efforts being thus
provided, the means of advancing
thereto Mr. Barclay secured1 K
self. He got a job as "devil" on the
Plalndealer, of which George Perry
c a.aenn^nier0n 'l10 Winnipeg Comraer!
w«i ill t GT" ForkB Plalndealer,
was tho founder and editor.   His ad-
~*ent WaS as raDlrt ** Ws occupation was congenial. In two years
ho was in charge of the composing
room, and, in the samo vear 0894)
he formed a partnership with Mr. T
m,ck.,e—afte*"wards member of the
Manitoba Legislature-the latter tak
Ing charge of tho editorial depart-
ment. while Mr. Dickie looked after
n.ni,.meC^nicalu end* In 1S96 Mr.
Dickie sold out his share of the business to his stepson, Mr. R. H Cook
another printer-graduate of the Plain-
dealer office. Coincident with this
change in the management was a readjustment of the office work for Mr
Barclay took the editorial chair In
1901   Mr.   Barclay   bought   out   Mr
The harder you cough, the worse
tha cough gets.!,
Cure ?;•£""«
Is guaranteed to cnre.   If jt
doesn't benefit you, the drug-giit
will give you yoar money back.
J^m***- S-C-WilmACo
J^acfl   URoy.N.Y.. Toronto.Cn.
Cook, and has since been editor, publisher and manager.
Under Mr. Barclay the-Plaindealer's
growth has beon remarkable in every
respect. The paper certainly deserves
the liberal support accorded it
throughout the district. It is, In the
fullest sense of the term, a local newspaper, lt covers its territory, and
Serves up its news items with both
taste and skill. Its editorial utterances are never extreme, and reflect
tho views of the fair-minded, moderate-thinking men. To municipal topics
it pays much attention, and its opinions there anent deservedly carry
much weight in the locality. The appreciation of the Souris merchants
for their local paper ls testified by
the extensive advertising patronage
it boasts.
Mechanically, the Plalndealer is
among the very best of Western Canadian newspapers. This excellency is
carried into the job department,
which Is ono of the best equipped
among the smaller towns of the West,
and of which the quality of the output will bear comparison with that of
towns of many times its population.
Personally, there are few characteristics of Mr. Barclay that differentiate
him from the energetic and succt ss-
ful western business men. lie is married, and has two sons, his wife having been Miss Saiinderson. a daughter nf one of the most prominent, farmers in the Souris district. The Plain-
dealer editor 's an enthusiastic .Freemason, having been, for the past two
years, worshipful master of the local
lodge, He is. It should be moreover
noted, one of the best checker players in Western Canada, holding the
championship of Southwestern Manitoba for two years.
Mr. Geo.  Pratt, of "Clarkson," Ont,
Is Grateful to Dr. Slocum, and
Writes the Great Specialist In
Flattering Terms of the
Famous Remedy.
TONIC," —Says Mr. Pratt.
Mr. George Pratt, a farmer, Clark-
son, Ont. writes:
"PSYCHINE is indeed a wonderful
tonic. Two years ago my son Wilbert
was run down, thin and emaciated. We
thought he was going into decline, and
we feared for his safety during the winter months. Often 1 thought he'd
never see twenty-one. He suffered
much with Coughs and Colds and
Pains in the Lungs. Fortunately I
procured PSYCHINE for him, and with
tho usual good results. To-day my
son works hard with us on the farm,
and If anything is more able for it
than any of us.
Psychine is pronounced Si-keen
For salo by all druggists at $1 per
bottle. For further advice and Information write or call at Dr. Slocum,
Limited, 179 King street West, Toronto, Canada. ,
The Secret of Happineta.
The man who can drill his thoughts,
so as to shut out everything that is
depressing and discouraging and see
only the bright sido even of his misfortunes and failures, has mastered the
secret of haplness and success. He
has made himself a magnet to draw
friemis, cheer, brightness, and good
fort imo to him. Every one is pleased
to see him. His presence is like a
sunbeam on a dul day. There is no
accomplishment, no touch of culture,
no gift which will add so much to the
alchemic power of life as the optimistic habit—the determination to be
cheerful and happy no matter what
comes to us. lt will smooth rough
paths, light up gloomy places, and melt
away obstacles as the sunshine melts
snow on the mountain side.—Success
Sleeplessness.—When the nerves
are unstrung and the whole body given
up to wretchedness, when the mind is
filled with gloom and dismal forebod
ings the result of derangement of the
digestive organs, sleeplessess comes
to add to the distress. If only the
subject could sleep, there would be
oblivion for a while and temporary relief. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
not only induce sleep, but will act so
beneficially that the subject will wake
refreshed and restored to happiness.
Amy—Is it true that Miss Fadleigh
intends to elope? Blanche—Why, ves,
and I hear that she is going to send
out cards announcing the elopement.—
Chicago inter-Ocean.
9100 Reward, $100.
Th» r«»d«r of thii r»P« will in plMMattf
turn that th»r# isntleiiit on* dread»d dii»M»
kbit teltnca hai be«n utile lo enr* in nil IM
tt.' Ud thai !• intarrh. Hall I OstSIU
nr. ll thf only ponillv* curonow know to Ihi
tdtoiJ fraternUT. I atarr- rein* a conitltnj*
u»i dl-OR't,   rrquir«> a cou-t.tmional mat
t.   ie.   ......    .......   1.  i.,..a     mlttrntl.
Superfluous Hair
Ramovad by th* Now Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatoriea ara
offered you on the bare word of th*
operators tnd manufacturer*. D £
MIRACLE is not. It is the onlymethod
which ii indorsed by physicians, Burgeons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines, lioolcleb will
will be sent fre*, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question If
it fails to do all that is claimed fop il
DE MIUACLE mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, on receipt of $1. Writ*
for it today to DE MIRACLE QHEM-
ICAL CO., £3 Quint Stbhi Wm,
Toronto, or
Simpson Essa?*
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Absolute freedom and complete amnesty are the demands of Russian revolutionists. When war no longer unites
discordant elements the tribal spirit
of patriotism is decidedly weak.
Itching,   Burning,   Creeping,
Crawling Skin disensB relieved iu a few
iiiiimtfs by Awiew's Ointment, Dr. Ajriiew's
Ointment relieves Instantly and enroa Tetter,
bait Iilieiim, Scnld Hend, Kczemn,Ulcers, HP t-
choi. and all Eruptions of the skin. It is
BOOthlng and quieting imd nets like magic in
all H'i'.y Humors Irritation of 'he scaip
or Ra-hes during teething timo. 3a cents a
nor —-.
Lord Derby has lectured the Empire
League on its ignorance regarding the
size of the Dominion. Siatistics may
be eloquent, but the only road to knowledge is the road across the continent.
Outcome   of   •Using"
CEYLON TEA is a saving of time, labor and
money.   Every infusion delicious and wholesome in use, because It is absolutely ** Pure.-*-*
Blacky Mixed or Natural Green.
Sold Only in Sealed Lead Packets.    By all Grocers.
Ayer's Pillsjj
The dose is one, just one pill
bedtime. Sugar-coated,
mild, certain.   They cure
constipation.       &£&*££:
_maa.nr hmmb Maaaat asae 00*1
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat aad Keep* east Col*.
Write fer  Staples  aal rrleee.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Lifebuoy Ponp—disinfectant— in strongly
recommended by tlie medical profession lis
* safeguard against infectious diseases.      „
Peace and War.
How niro is the painter who can touch
his tints with the breath of life;
How common the boor who can break
the spell with the slash of a vandal
U the assassination of Grand Duke
Serglus proves to be the occasion of
reform in Russia and peace with Japan
it may do something to redeem his
memory from execration at home and
obloquy abroad.
blckle'a Antl Consumptive Syrup is;
agreeable to the taste, and is a certain
relief tor irritation of the throat that!
causes backing coughs,    if used ac-l
cording to directions it will break the
mosi  persistent cold, and restore the
air passages to their normal healthy
condition.   There is no need to recommend it to those familiar with it, buti
who seek a sure remedy and
The Flagging Energies Revived.—
Constant application to business is a
tax upon the energies, and if there be
not relaxation, lassitude and depression are sure to intervene. These
come from stomachic troubles. The
want of exercise brings on nervous irregularities, and the stomach ceases
to assimilate food properly. In this
condition Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will be found a recuperative of rare
power, restoring the organs to healthful action, dispelling depression, and
reviving tlie llagging energies.
On account of legal difficulties in the
way of marrying his deceased wife's
sister, an Englishman recently made
with her a stormy ocean voyage to
New York, where they were married.
They set out on their return to their
own land on tiie next steamer.
JdSSnr. J  CHENEY, Toledo, Ohio.
Bold b- all DruMUta, ISe _    __
I.V. ll.i. s Famtli i'lllf (or consticfttlo*
Canon McAlplne recently delivered
an address to Irish unemployed at Cli
den, County Galway, declaring
people would be fools to Starvi
long as fat sheep were grazing on the
hillside or sleek kine were browsing
on the plain." A few nights afterward
a humorist stole all his reverence's turkeys, and left a note thanking him tor
tlio hint.
stone to the place above you is in the
very thing you are doing, in the way
you do il: it does not matter what it
is.—"Success Magazine."
A Wide Sphere of UsefUln0S8.-   The
consumption of Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil has grown to great  proportions.
(Notwithstanding the fact it has now
been on tue market tor over thirty on.
s  as greal
years, Its
ever,  and
the demand tor 11 In
over,   anil    iin    iniii.um   »">    *•    "	
period has very greatly Increased.   U
is beneficial In till countries, and wher*
l fresh supplli s are con
ever illl I OdUCOl
etantiy asked tor
Minard's Liniment Relieves Ncuralijia.
A   Pleasant   duty.-"When   I know
anything worthy «f recommendation I con*
lider ii mv duty to loll It," anvi Kev- Jas,
Murdoclt. "f Hamburg, Pa. "Dr. Agnew'a
Catarrhal Powder h»* cured me of catarrh ot
ft ve yen rs standing. It •- certainly magical in
Its effect. Tim first application beneffted me
■ u five minutes,"—50 cents.
The Japanese Emperor smiled upon
the  court.    "And   what,"   he  asked,
"What nows of the war? l'here aro,
your  .Majosty," answered  the Prl	
Minister, "reports of a battle off the
coast." "I am convinced," observed
the Emperor, with a twinkle, "I am
convinced that if thi re has been any
trouble on the ocean the Russians are
at the bottom of it."
Husband (house hunting)—Do you
think, dear, we can got our piano
through iiiis door.' Wife I wasn t
thinking bo much of the piano
of my new bat,  -Life.
iv a
fniil'y    K:dn(!y..   ll.-m* mn   ba '
•oha, Du ymi feeldrowayl   I nyon     ml   I •■
,    |    ,,   u. i.i, Ireqi t   I oa I
mu failing risloti!    Have  ynu d
\... \ imi  dnpre." edl    U your skin dry!  I   a
mua uri'l feeliogl   Any of these   Igi    I
kidnoy disease    t jperienced bas  pn   ■ I
Bouth American  Kldnoy Cure never fails.—fl
We know what all good doctors think of Ay ers Cherry
Pectoral.  Ask your own dot-
tor and find out.  He will icil
( Cherry
you how it quiefs thc ticklinc
throat, heals the Inflamed
lungs, and controls the
hardest of couuhs.
E U» ™h__,°_ "rfXt-o*:'liulom.. <V.;
Be., .W.. gl.no. fc,»i'llT*MMi!
411   f0r
A new clvllizaUon is holding up m n
a'ul better prizes, bul he who would
win mui ■ h.i.. ei bettoi equlpmenl and
., I,,,,,,, training thnn the pasi required.
H the prizes are greater than evi r be-
the pn pnrntlon also musl be
'.,,,.'.,.,•. He only who is prepared tor
hi,, liance can hope to succeed.
n-ird's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Hard Coughs
\  Norwegian  Inventor hns dl i ot
, ,...,1 ., wnv lo Bound deep places in Iho
gen without il seofa lead, li is dono
b, ,, ., ,,,: W(Vv( i, nnd d message is
,eni down through the water nnd re
l,(),„„ls from Hie bottom in son"' way,
,,„. lent** being found trom lb ' time
I, ,,,,,. the waves to travel down to
itora and back,
Holloway's Corn Cure is t specific
ror the removal of cm,"s and w irl
We have never heard of Its failing to
,, move even iho worst Kind.
Eat what you like.-oivs the hi-
p-o-tive organs tome work to do. i hmtm
functions   need exerei.-e  Bl niueh.as any part
,.f the human anatomy, hut if they'redoiionto,
civethem tho aid tiiat Dr. Von otan'i Pineapple Talilets utTord and you run eat any-
thingtbat is wlinloMinie uud palatable—00 ina
li s S.'i ceuts.—8
I.ady Denoughmore, formerly Miss
Grace, of New York, is known as I'the
i blldren's angel" in Ireland. She is
giving much of her lime and money to
teach the Impoverished children in uie
West of Ireland the beauties of nature.
There still lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, at a ripe age, a lady who has
brought joy into hundreds of homes
throughout the English-speaking world.
All classes of people sing Miss Crosby's secular and sacred songs. The
children in the public schools use
"There's Music in the Air"; their parents know and love "Hazel Dell,"
"Rosalie, the Prairie Flower," and
others, which were immensely popular twenty-five years ago. But Fanny
Crosby is best known by her hymns,
such us '[Rescue the Perishing," "I am
'I bine, O Lord," "Nearer the Cross,"
"Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior,"
"BleBsed Assurance" and "Some Day'
the Silver Cord will Break." The first
of her hymns was written in 1SC4, and
.since that date she has composed overl
eight thousand, under various noms-
The gifted singer has been blind
since she was six years old, but
ihrough marvellous difficulties has
overcome great obstacles. For twenty-
three years she was a pupil and teacher in tho New York Institution for the
Blind. There she met and knew Henry
Clay, General Scott, James EC. Polk,
Governor Seward, and ex-President
Cleveland, who has been her firm
friend for fifiy years. Miss Crosby
has known many of the greatest musical and literary men and wonien, including all the famous composers of
Sacred music. Recently she has written up the entire story of her life iuto
an autobiography) which promised to
be widely read when it is published.
Miss Crosby has a wonderful nieni-l
ory. Sue composes an entire hymn
bi lore having any of it written down
on paper. Once she wrote forty songs
before having any of theni recorded;
and nt the end she could recall every
one of them.
On March 2fi the churches of America propose to build Miss Crosby a
monument of gratitude, which will be
more enduring than any marble shaft.
They propose to honor hor life-work
while she still lives; and is ablG to
appreciate the kind thought of those
who sing and love her songs. Hundreds of churches nre preparing special programs of song to use for that
purpose; and a unique feature of the
plan is a large gift of honor as a testimonial to Miss Crosby's public service.
They thus hope to recognize in a fitting manner her eighty-fifth birthday.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
On enstern and southern nursery stuck that
will kill the flrst winter, but send a post card
for our catalogue of trees that will grow in
Manitoba and the Territories. Applos, crabs,
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shrubs, perrenial  plants, etc,
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Flout i» Hi'* !*»•
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Used ia H.B.K. Mitts, GIotm
tnd Moccaiim—tough u whal*>
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crack-proof, teiu, rip-proo^
cold-proofj *lmo»t wear-proof—»
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Liko buckskin li is tanned
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out thla bra
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by no or
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THC PAGE WIRE  FENCE CO.   LIMITED.    Walker<illlo.    Montreal,   Taronto,    Winnlpea.   St. Joha
haaton.. rocovcry THE DRILL. SLOCAN. B. tf., MARCH 17. 1W5.
G. E. Smithkrisuale, Editor and Prop,
8L0CAN,      .- •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertit-ins: 10 cents a line for
the flrst insertion and 5 centH a line each
aubsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisement* at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ier each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slorati, B. C
FRIDAY, MARCH  17, 1005
For the eiyht months ended with
February the finances of the dominion
reveal a surplus of upwards of $10,-
OOO.(XX). The receipts tore $ir>,r,ot,r,(*o
and the expenditures 136,491,725.
Sir William Mulock, tho postmaster
general, in against'niral mail delivery
for Canada, lie characterizes the
United States movement tis ono of the
wildest schemes that country ever embarked in. I lidding fair to compete
with its colossr.l pension fund.
A 164,000 dividend lias been declared by the St. Eugene mine, being almost equal to the two per cent tax of
the whole province for last year. B.
C. law-R are not so oppressive but what
dividends are forthcoming occasionally
from mines that are managed with
care and intelligence.
British Columbia's agitation for
lietter terms is bearing fruit. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier has informed parliament that the provinces would be invited to confer again respecting provincial subsidies. He hinted that the
provinces might he asked in return for
an increased subsidy to give up their
share of tho jurisdiction over the
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has made several shuffles on the separate school
question embraced in his autonomy
bill for the Territories, done for the
purpose of allaying the feeling of opposition among his followers. Peace
is far from being assured, as the religious element in the dispute is becoming more pronounced, forcing a
cleavage of party ties that may wreck
the government.
Tho Liberals flim-flammed British
Columbia at the dominion elections
with tho Grand Trunk Pacific scheme,
asserting the road would cost the people practically nothing, and that construction would cointiieucc at the
coast simultaneously with thc east.
Now they are most insistent that to
ensure construction at this end the
province should give the promoters a
heavy bonus in money and lands.
Once bitten is euough for B. C. Give
the road a right of way and no more,
for sooner'or later it must come to tho
Nelson's board of trade has verv
rightly turned down a proposition
from Kossland to endorse a dominion
bounty on the production of gold-cop
per ore. After the way the Rossland
camp has wild-catted tho universe.and
brought disgrace on the province
generally, its latest move to touch the
dominion government smacks of gall
unlimited. This bonus business is being pushed too far, for tlie world docs
not view with favor industries thai
have to lx- supported from tho public
exchequer. Men who can't make their
properties pay should quit and not
give the country a black eye by howl
ing for government aid.
Things huvo brightened somewhat
of late for the mining industry in the
dry ore belt, and it is beginning to be
felt that the year will be a successful
one for tho camp. Manager Moffatt's
cheering words of the condition of the
Black Prince mine,noted elsewhere in
the paper, will mnke pleasing reading
to those interested in the catnp,giving
as they do the assurance of a good
payroll and a large output. The recent
important strike on tho Neepawa. the
certainty ot a big ore body bein;:
opened up at the Ottawa liy July, the
indications of extensive operations ami
ft mill at the Kilo, and the practical
assurance that the Arlington is to resume, are all calculated to restore
confidence und life to Slocan. The
dry ore belt, in common witli other
Motions of the district, has reached n
very low point in its existence, bul il
looks as ii rock bottom had been
readied and better times were ain ad.
Pay up your subscription.
The lake is gradually rising.
Wood Bros, pulled out on Friday
for Moyie.
For the best bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
Born. On the llth inst., tho wife
of Paul Bruin, of a son.
Wm. Hunter was a visitor in town
from Silverton on Friday.
Fred Liobseher, Silverton's leading
tailor, was in town Thursday.
J. C. Harris, wife and children,New
Denver, were here on Thursday.
Rev. T. McCord has gone to the
coast, to be away about two weeks.
Miss Kate Foley left for Vancouver
on Tuesday, there to permanently reside.
The work of opening up Delaney
ave, east of the bridge, has been completed.
Bert Wilhelm returned last week
from spending  the  winter in his old
home in Pennsylvania.
Ex-Alderman Smith arrived in on
Saturday from Cranbrook, leaving
for the coast on Tuesday.
Mrs. S. Y. Brockman and young son
left on Tuesday to spend the Summer
at her old home in Manitoba.
Harry Bourne, one of ihe old-time
firm of Bourne Bros., general merchants, died in Revelstoke on Saturday.
A bargeload of lumber from Koch's
mill, Ten Mile, was brought down on
Saturday, for shipment to the Northwest.
For Stile.—A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can be
had at 10 cents each. Apply at this
Mrs. J. Delaney and son. New Denver, were in town Thursday, on their
way homo from spending the winter
in Ontario.
The board of works has had men
employed straightening the channel
of the creek, tis a precaution against
the spring flood.
Walter Wright, is pilot on the Slocan, having been transferred from the
Arrow lakes. Geo. Graham has gone
to Kootenny lake.
The newspaper men of the province
will meet at New Westminster during
Ihe dominion fair, in September, and
organize a press association, The fair
people will entertain them.
For sale.—Eggs for setting. Plymouth Rock hens crossed with Minor-
ensj Drown Leghorns crossed with
Plymouth Docks, Toe. a dozen. Also
laying hens for stile. Laney & Pearee.
The Dnii.L will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, sta tementSaletterheads,
noteheads. memos, receipts, envelopes.
visiting cards, business cards, iiil Is of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
C. E. Lyons, Sandon, has been gazetted a justice of the peace.
J. A. Kirkpatrick is retiring from
the grocery business in Nelson.
E. T. H. Slmpkins, registrar of the
supreme court at Nelsonjhaa resigned,
owing to ill health.
Visitors at the Arlington during tlie
week are: F. Liebscher, Silverton; H.
Byers, Nelson; G. Coiinier,Eiiterprise.
The big tipple of tho Crow's Nest
Coal Co. at Coal creek was destroyed
by fire on Sunday evening, causing a
loss of $150,000.
KeVi Mr. White, superintendent of
Methodist missions,was here Tuesday.
He states his church will continue to
hold services here.
Mrs. Chas. Schafiner arrived from
Nova Scotia on Tuesday, to make her
home hero. Mr. Scbaffner went to
Nelson to meet hor.
The many friends of John F. Hoi
den.fortnerly manager of the Tamarac,
will be sorry to learn of the death of
his wife, which occurred at, Los Angeles, Cal., on Feb. 27th. They had
been married a little over a year. An
infant son survives.
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
Appended Is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. R. Jorand being mining
Mnr 7—Creole 3-7, P \V George to Dan
EACH will nconre a number
of window blinds, with rollers
• 'ittucliuil.   Are in good shape.
►I*-*-*** **■*■ x*4
Clothes Make
the Man.
is a plain statement of fact. Thoy
have much to do in influencing
first impressions, and everyone
wants to create a favorable and
lasting impression. If you get
your clothes from us you will always bo well dressed and the cost
will be no more than to lie the
other way.
Order a
Spring   Suit
from us. We have in stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
of Tweed 1, Serges, Worsteds, and
General Suitings; with Trouserings and Fancy Vestiugs.
will purchasea smsll hase-
liui tier coal stovu. it as
good ns new.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
~1>.\TES: Regular sul^i*rilii>rs. Sl por mon til
JV or$10 a year: non-subsorlbers (exclusive of
meilical attendance) $2 per day, Private wards
Sl per day extra. Special facilities formattrn-
ity cases.
For fiirtlier particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
|     Th© Queen's
1      Hotel ■*-*****•
► *>•<> a>-a> *-** ■>**-,
KATES:   ■3.00 im:::  hav
* First-class Dininp Room ♦
* Lai'tre nml ComfortaHe   P.ed rooms   ♦
* bampln rooms forCoinmeroial Men   *
The Drill Office
I Certificate of improvements
Evening Stur N». 0 Fraction,
Situnte in the Slocan City Minin" Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Aliout 2)4 miles
in ;i in"th easterly direction from
Slocan City.
TAKI'l NOTICF. that I.tlie undersigned
|.(F.M.C. No. R7"4l2)aud us sn agent for
David Saulter, fre- miner's certificate No. B78078, intend, sixty dnys
from the 'late hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder <>r a certificate
nf improvements. Ior the pnrpoaa of
ohtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that SPlion.
under section :>". must l"* commenced
i>efor<* the issuance uf Buch certificate of
Ditedtliu 22nd dav ef Pecemr>er.lP04.
i.*-**-* *-**-*■*
A Residence for Sale
Nelson, B. C.
t, -i
l ♦•**♦» **•; t* ***-t ** x*-o-**/>*-l
Tlio sodfforfl o' our lord tiie Kin.ur
.Are duel and (jrlUterln' sour.
Al. lierl. tticy nre, hit common men
HiiMieptihle tat) fear:
Bit «in tliem leaders in tlie charge
Wlias lierts are stunt an' lirare,
An' nnotliin' serves tae band tliem hark
On Uii:- sido o' tlie grave.
E'en silly slirep. thet wanderin' feed
By day amiss the mnir:
liie them a leader at their heid
An' they une nn seenrn.
It malttem whntna ways they rani.-.
Tli»y live hit jiii.-t tae eut,
Tlie road may he an unco nno
Kit njo tlie srass is swtet.
As we iraa ilodderin' on in Ufa
Up liill, an' doon Hie dell",
We're aflen like the silly slurp
Tliet think hit for tliemsi-l's;
We tak' n leader in oor view
An1 nim wi' selfish trend,
An' aye a purpose we pursue
Thet loads tae what an' end.
For some, ambition leads th« way—
A slrivin' (ae he great—
Tae jiress a boon their fellow men
An feel Hie pride o' state.
Tliev carena what the means tliey uso
Their purpose tao attain.
Nor reck tliey o' tlie herts tliey bruisH
(Ir tliey thet dwell in pain,
An' pleasure en's aloud tae somo
Tae seek her gardens aay,
Tae while in wanton idleness
The tang, lang hour., n day ;
An' ol;! the days are slowly drawn
Tao those in pleasure's court,
Hit whan life's hitler days come on.
How brief Is lifo   how short!
Revenge, the! grim an'darksome clilof,
Has aye a countless throng
CI" time Hie: dwell amidst belief,
In real or f incied wroute:
Wha feel a su'lnu sense o joy
Tae see their hritln-rs fa',
An' wi' llieir failures wad destroy
Tlio happiness o' a'.
An' some, they say, religion ca's.
In fast an' prayer lae spt-n'
Their lives iu holy monkish wit's
An dwell apart frae men.
Bit A ways 'tis some motive power—
A leader as it were-
Thet leads us on frae hour taa hour,
In joy or in despair,
Oie IM ii leader, then, in life,
On whom we can rely.
An', like oor soihrers in Ilie strife,
We'll follow till we die.
Hit. wlint lifts man sue far iihoon
The brute beasts ,,' tlie t'ia-1",
His power tae think o' Ithers is
An' sympathize us weei,
I,nt not ambition lead nlane
Nor pleasure hand ye fast:
Revenge, a monster, on Iiis ain
Is houn' tae turn al last.
An' thinkna thet religion ca's
Thet ye this life resign,
For man a social being is
Tao dwell amang Ids kin".
Hit mix wi' ithors on life's wny,
Por there her SAUnts hae irod,
Tak* sweet an' bitter wi' Hie lave
An' mak' yer leader: Ood,
An' strive thet aye yer foromailt plan
ier aim iu life maun he;
Ileal kindly wi' yer fellow mnn,
Sao Ood sail deal wi' ye.
Lemon Oreek.
>. an a
" ,"
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to nnv person or
I'l'i'siii.s to whom lie mav have transferred ! i- interest, in vvhtlle nr in pai I.
in t'a* IiniiMiiMli'iic*' iiiiiicr;il claim,
sitinitet 1 on Crusader Mill, l.eiuun
crock,titvl re.'iiflia! in the Slooan City
minina tiivitiioii ol \Vi'**t Kooti nnv ili.J-
Yon are hereby notified that I, Iho
uwlersiunetl, Imvu caused lo he ex*
l'1'tnli'i! the sum of two hundred ami
!:vn dullarfl in lalior and general improvements upon the feliow mi'iitloiii',1
claimj in oilier to hold snid mineral
claim under the provis.ons of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 tlays (rom the
date of thin notice yi>u fail or refuse to
contribute yonr |iro|Kirtion of sncii t>%.
)ii*nilittr.e, together with nil costs of ad*
vert isi mt, your interest in snid claim
will liecoxio the property of the suh*
scriber, under section four of an net en*
lith'i! "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated tliis L'TUi dav of January, 1905.
3-2-05 W, i. BHATKOUn
J. A. Anderson
Kj Life's Leaders,
ft^^ftftftftK^ftftftftiftftftft^ftftss^s^S! per annui
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
Cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For   terms   apply  to
PeO. Drawer 75, Slocan
A dvertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
;Bj THE DRILL   $2  per year
\OK*C^Mlm*t\Z\m*V*C -M<yliA^)CMm*x!T!M*t\T^^cz^


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