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The Slocan Drill 1902-07-04

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 0 -A-^>
YOL. III., No. 14,
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   4,   1902.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Have A Maple ef Plunge Bath Tubs for sals at cost.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or small,the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W* T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKlnney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETtllNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runt into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re* opened under
Ibe old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street ■■<* D.U*»T AT.»«e, Sleeen.
Bonding thoroughly renotatcd ffletori
and re st ••eked ,w".th thc best '
jit Confectionery, Tobacco
kept freehand well assorted.   We handleJthe
belt the market affords.   Prices wrjJJ
T.ftrgast Crowds Since 1897—iports Keenly Contested ansl Kverytlslssg raaaea
Off Without ra Ultch-Exoltlnt Drilling; Contest.
Slocan may well feel proud of her
celebration of Dominion day, as it
was tho most succes ful affair that
has ever taken place hero. A larger
crowd of outsiders was here than has
risited the place since 1897. Local
celebrations in the past vear or so
had been more er less spoiled by contention, bnt this time not a hitch occurred and tho visitors went away
perfectly satisfied with thc treatment
accorded them. Another wise act
was the cutting out of general ball
guraes, which have never been a
complete success.
Rain fell heavily for awhile in the
morning, stopping the juuior baseball
game, and a slight shower fell in the
afternoon, but the weather generally
favored the celebration. Of the decorations, those at the depot, Arlington and thc hospital easily toolc a
foremost place and were much admired. Another thing that helped
on the jubilation was the capital
music put up by tho combined bands
of New Denver and Slocan, the boys
being attired in natty white coats,
adorned witli the national colors.
Nelson sent up quite a number of
visitors, but the bulk of the crowds
came from Sandon, New Denver and
Silverton, the inhabitants of the latter place emigrating to a man.
Of the sports it may be said that
they were keenly contested and excited much interest. The fat nun's
race and the lady's bicycle race were
the only two events not filled, all the
others having a full number of contestants. Tlie committee carriod out
tilth* arrangement**, well, enabling
the spectators to view each event
w thorn crowding. Every item pass
ril off like clockwork, thanks to tin
starter Nap Ecinillurd, crier Fred
Carlisle, and Jttrtffte IV. Kortn, W.
T Shatford, ami E. Ilrnwuinir. 'lhe
junicr baseball nines of New Denver
and Blocan were unfortunate, as the
rain forced them to stop play big at
the second innings, tho local team
being then strong in the lead. In
tho afternoon thc Denver boys pulled up. and when the game was called in the seventh innings they were
only one run behind, the score staml-
Ing 10 to i) in favor of Sloean. In the
boys' hundred yard dash, Rusty
Uobertson barely won by a nose from
Delaney of New Denver. The men's
100 yard spurt got five starters,
Gusty, of Sandon, doing thc trick.
All tlie races gave muuli satisfaction.
But the keenest interest of all was
oxciU'd by the drilling contest,
though but three teams entered.
Tliey bailed from tlie Ottawa,Fisher
.Maiden and Ailington. For this
uveut the committee raped off a big
space, enabling everyone to view the
contest. John Regan, of the L'ist
Chance; VV. Hudson, of the Arlington, and J. Hamclln, of the Speculator were the judges, and found their
job a sinecure, so well were the preliminary arrangementi carried oat.
A big lump of money changed hands
over the contest, the Arlington team
having the lead in the betting. The
rod; was the hardest kind of granite,
as the length of the holes drilled will
testify. The Ottawa boys wer • very
cifectivc with a short, snappy stroke,
and but for the breaking of a number
of their steel would have won handi
ly. The Silverton lads changed
steel wilh marked precision and out
a neat hole, and it was thought they
would prove the winners. Heavy
and long strokes characterized thc
Arlington's striking, but they barely
won by a fraction. Between the
three holes there was only an inch
diiference, showing how close was
the contest. Tlie sympathy of the
crowd was with tho Ottawa boys, as
they had put up a plucky light under
great adverse difficulties. The steel
of the other teams took thc temper
much better. It was the first drilling
contest seen here and it proved a captivating novelty for the populace, as
well as a strong draw ing card for the
Tho horse racing, bicycle racing
and tug of-war were .srll curried out
with zest and gave pleasure to all,
The day's sports wound up with a
big bal in the Bohotuberg hall, the
band boys scoring a success. The
transportation arrangement! on the
trains and boat were good, enabling
the up lake folk to see the conclusion
of tho programme before having,
Altogether tho celebration was a
huge success:
Following- were the prize winners:
Proapeotora- race, K. McMillan) Wm.
Single scull boat race, FTattrisail;
ll. J. liobartson,
Double scull boat i ace, Clirlitlo and
Palmer* York and Hunter.
Junior baseball, Slocan, by a score
of 10 to 9.
100 yard foot race, boys under 16,
R. Robertson; H. Delaney, Denver.
Boys under 12, F. Lavell; M. Kennedy, Denver.
Men's 100 yard race. J. Gusty, of
Sandon; \V. Crawford, Sandon.
Men's 220 yard race, C. Brett, Nakusp; W. Hicks.
Girls under 11, Gertie York; Gertie
Three-legged race girls under 12,
Gertie York and Fannie Robertson;
Ada York and Mary Binisli.
Three-legged for boys, F. York
and F. Tutcher; A. McCallum and E.
Putting 1G pound shot, Gusty; S.
Rutherford, Sandon.
Tossing caber, Gusty; Rnthcrford.
Vaulting with pole, W. Hicks; W.
Standing broad jump, Gusty; R.
Running high jump, Brett; McMillan.
Running hop.stcp and jump.Gustv;
Drilling contest, II. Aitchison and
R. I'endrav, Arlingten, 22J inches;
John Finley and John Thompson, of
the Fisher Maiden, 21J inches; Jas.,
Foley and Ralph Gillette, Ottawa,
21i inches.
Men's bicycle race, Lome York;
0. Tipping.
Boy;' bicycle race under 15, H.
York; Joe Terry.
Gills' race under 14, Francis Tutcher; Gertie York.
Novelty race for horses, C. Barber;
R. E. Allen.
Victoria Cross race, W. Davidson;
Bert McNaught, Silverton.
Tug-of-war, Slocan, in 10 minutes.
Ssicccsaful Pupils ut  the Uecent School
Attached is a list of the pupils who
passed the recent examinations at the
public school:
JUNIOR Division-. Second Reader,
sr, to Third—Rosslea Sniiih, Ada
York. Mildred Lavell, Louise Rf.mil-
lard, B. Tipping, Chas. Tipping, A
Beck, H. R.SS, H. Hail, C. T.-tnis.
Second .iuiiini' to Second Senior.—
Wily Mc.'.illr.in, Bertie Smith, Mildred Barber, E. Barber, W. Smith,
May Bull.
First Header to Second Reader.—
Kdith Remillard, Lily McVicar, W.
EdwarJs, constituting the full class.
Second Primer to First Reader.—
First Primer Senior tn the Second
Primer—Clara Baty, G. Smith, L.
First Primer Junior to First Primer
Senior. — Kathrine McCallum, Jennie
Armstrong, Mary Stephenson, Elisc
Beck, Ivy Ferguson,
Seniok DIVISION. To Senior Third
—Oertie Tutcher, Annie Rae, Ethel
To Junior Fourth—Mary Bemish,
Gertie York, Flossie Foley.
To Senior Fourth—Alma Baty
Florence Fown, Wonetta Tipping,
Alma Ross, Nellie Terry, Fannie
Fannie Robertson, Nettie IJiill, Alice
Bull, Mabel Hall, H.York, C. Foley,
Gertie Folev, Jennie Foley.
been increased to eight men, the increase having taken place on the 1st,
Two tunnels have been started on the
main vein where stripped in the ravine, both drifts being run under
contract. There was pay oro to commence jon from the portals. Another
fino vein, making thc eighth, has
been discovered on the group, and it
is of sufficient value to make a mine
in itself, shipping ore cropping to the
Tery I.lttlu Ilnslnesa Tranaacted on Monday Evening.
Everv man wai present at the
meeting of the council on Monday
evening,it being the first assemblage
in two weeks.
Bills presented: R. A. Bradshaw,
half rent of council chamber for
April, Mar snd Jnns,$7.50; also rent
of Music Hall for public meeting on
Dec. 28th, $5; T, D. Woodcock & Co.,
supplies, $5.23; C. K. Skales, glazing, £2.50; celebration committee,
$40. With tho exception of the last
account all were referred to the finance commence.
The grant to tho celebration fund
was passed through committee and
ordered paid.
Finance committee reported on a
deferred bill of T. D. Woodcock &
Co. for $12.09. There was an over
charge for spikes, and it was turned
down. Even now the charges were
extortionate and they did not feel
like passing it through.
A discussion followed and Aid.
McCallum, in moving payment of the
bill, wanted all merchants to know
that only regular prices on goods
furnished the council would be tolerated by the finance committeo. Seconded by Aid. Smith and carried.
Thc clerk, in reply to a question
from the mayor, said he would have
the tax notices out in a few days.
Thc clerk asked it he had authority
to sign and issue all licenses, the
chairman pf the license couimission-
eri having heretofore signed liquor
icenses. The civic bylaw was read,
showing that the clerk was the person to issue all licenses, though tlie
mayor believed he whs In order • in
signing the liquor licenses.
The mayor asked if it was the in-
tentlon of the board of works to put
in the Fletcher avenue bridge. Left
over for another week, owing to the
water in the creek still being high.
Council adjourned.
Ms-naught wins out.
Judgment has been given by the
full court of the province in the caso
of McNaught vs Van Norman et al,
in favor ofthe former, with costs. It
was an interpleader action, brought
by Sheriff Tuck and tried beforo Mr.
Justice Irving nt Nelson. The facts
of tho case, were that thc plaintiff
McNaught owned a three-quarters
interest in the Hampton group of
claims, on Springer creek. J. McKinnon owned tiie other quarter,and
the defendants seized the said interest under execution against Melvin
non in March, l'JOl, The sheriff
maintained tho seizure against the
property, bnt did not attempt to sell
until June following. He was then
stopped by Mr. McNaught, who
claimed that as McKinnon had allowed his free miner's certificate to lapse
on the 1st of June, under section 8 of
of the Mineral Act the interest held
by liiin passed tc McNaught,he being
co-owner with McKinnon. The defendants and the -sheriff contended
that the seizure and a special miners'
license kept the interest alive, and
did not allow it to pass on to McNaught, and that section 9 of the
Mineral Act did not bear on such a
Mr. Justice Irving gave judgment
against the defendant! and for McNaught, maintaining that the lapsing of tiie free minor's certificate of
McKinnon defeated the sheriff's seizure. From this judgment the defen
dint appealed to the lull court, and
the caso was rgued in April, S. S.
Tavlor appearing for the plaintiff
McNaught, and Sir Charles Tupper
and John Billot for the defendants.
Judgment was reserved at that time
and lias now been handed down.
Isersssed foroson this Kepablle.
The force at tho Republic mine has
Last Tear'a Slslpisienta Wen s .14 Tone—
A Wealthy Kvislenco or tlse Life and
Wealth of the C-tmp-Arllngtaa the
KI nest Shipper.
The marked feature of local ore
shipments of late has been the steady
high record maintained by the Enterprise. It has again sent cut (30
tons for the week, one car of concentrates going to Trail and two cars of
zinc ore going te the Hall Mines smelter at Nelion. The Arlington" also
sent oat 60 tons during the week, it
being consigned aB usual to the Nelson works. For the year the total of
the division stands at 3035 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mads
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list of tbe shipments this year to
Arlington  <50            2170
Enterprise  CO              760
Ottawa  "                 7
Neepawa  81
May  i
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
120 3030
Life In These Mills la Kxcsltlnf.
Slocan can always be depended on
for some peculiar brand of excitement at any and at all times. This
time it was caused by a bear. Monday morning an adult bruin, with a
brown pelt, ventured into the garden
of Mrs, D. Kennedy, in West Slocan,
in search of a tasty breakfHSt. He
raised a hen from its nest and started
in on an egg omelette. Miss Clough,
who lives alongside, spied his bear-
ship and sougs't to aid his digestion
by sundry forceful remarks from a
22. and seon had him wobbling on
three, legs. Billy Hicks then hove in
sight with a Winchester and it was
all day with bruin. Life in this sylvan retreat is not without its stirring
Ys.sls Hitallss* Tay Ore.
R. Popkiss, managing director of
the Ymir Gold Mines, ltd.,has recently arrived out from England and
made a thorough examination ofthe
Ymir, of which many harsh reports
had been started. Although no official statement has been mado, it is
learned, however, that the, full complement of 8(J statin* will be run
again at onco. It is also stated that
pay ore has at lust been struck in the
long drift atthe 10 )U foot level, which
augurs well for the future of tho property, Mr. Popkiss has also Inspected the Enterprise, Huth and White
water mines, in which the I-ohdoe &
B.C. Goldlielsls is aiso interested.
Hurt hy railing Hook.
Win. Trotman, an employee at thc
Enterprise, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday evening for treatment. A falling rock hit him a
glancing blow on tho nose, dislocating that member and necessitating
seven stitches as well. Had Trotman
not observed the rock falling and
jumped back he would have been
I'.iablng thn Rssnil.
Capital headway is being made
with the Republic wagon road, about
two miles having already been com
Dieted. The piece at this end is giving some trouble, but it will soon be
passed over and put on a good grade.
About 30 men ars employed on thc
work, local men getting tho prefer*
Subscribe for Tun Danx.
Sandon mines shipped 212 tons ef
fire last week.
Ore shipments from thc Slocan for
the'year are in excess of 15,000 tons.
Assessment has just been completed
on the Ve fraction, one ofthe Republic group. .
The task of surveying the May and
Sapphire groups, sn Twelve Mile,
is almost completed.
Eighteen inches of ore have been
uncovered on the Mabou, just above
the Neepawa ground.
Dan McCuaig and partners have
opened up** fine bunch of ore on the
Lilly, Ten Mile creek.
Mayor Tork has disposed of a half
interest jn the.Two Friends to W. J.
Wilson, of Nelson," for $3000.
John Bull and J. Butler bave located a claim just inside tha city
limits and near the eld Exchange
The Ymir mine during May ran 45
stamps for 718 hours,yieldinga profit
of £1856. For April the profits were
Colin Campbell, assayer at the Enterprise, was married at Nelson Saturday to Miss Hens'," Robinson, of
Cleethorp**, Englsnd.
During the month of April the
Whitewater mine milled 4632 tons of
ore, producing 334 tons of concentrates. The profits on tho month's
working was $2800.
The new ledge opened up on the
Rammelmcyer property, near tho
Arlington sawmill,shows a paystreak
of two feet, with considerable mineral showing.   The oro is a sulphide.
W. II. Sandiford, manager of the
Bosun mine, New Denver, passed
through on Monday, on his return
from a lengthened visit to England.
He was met at Nelson by Mrs. Sandiford and C. Sandiford and his bride.
- ui**ini- nt-coiius.
Appended is a complete list ot the various records registered tt the local registry ollice, H. P. Christie being mining
June. 23—Eldorado, Springer creolf, B
F McNaught.
Blnck Its-public, south east of city, i
B Thompson.
2'—Tacoma fr, 1st n f l.ewei. creek,W
B lieortfp.
Slocan Flat, near south end of city, J
Hull ansl J C Butler.
Lskeside fr, on Erin mountain, Wiu
25—Wolverine, at Vevey, J Williams.
27—Ernest fr, on Hell creek, Chas E
June 23—Lulu, Lulu fr, Blossom.
21— Cameronian, Sligo, Koyal.
25—Lilly, Young Dominion No 2, Sunbeam lor two years.
17—Sheffield, Morning Star.
June 23—Monterey, Oregon and Ban*
crolt, option to purchase to Ceo McLsin
and Henry A Stewart.
June 23-Oregon H,NF McNaught to
i .ws> Dolcoo.
24—Ve fr, all, J M McGregor to .llocsu
Republic Mining & l>«v Co.
27—Snow Hill ami Urnnito Hill. 1 in
each, ,1 fj Butler to F V Liebacrtor.
Two Friends ri, A York toWm J Wilson ; 13000. . .
(Copyright 1000 by sir Wu Iter Beaaut)
Another discovery -was that of the
two men belonging to the cbalr In
which Molly was carried off. They
were found ln one of the low taverns
by tbe riverside drinking. One of them
was already too far gone to speak;
the otber, with a stronger head, was
able to give Information, which be was
quite ready to do. A gentleman, be
said, bad engaged tbe cbalr and bad
given tbem a guinea to drink If they
would suffer blm to find his own chairmen. Bis description of tbe gentleman corresponded wltb tbat already
furnished. He spoke of a tall gentleman wltb a (lushed face and rough
manner of speech. He knew notblng
more except that two men, strangers
to himself, bad taken tbe cbalr and
carried It off.
"Oentlemen," said his lordship
•there can be, I fear, no doubt The
abduction of Miss Molly has been designed and attempted by Mr. Rising.
Fortunately be cannot bave gone very
far. It remains for us to Und tbe road
wblcb be bas taken."
Thev fell to considering tbe various
roads which lead out of the tow 1.
There Is the highroad to Ely Cambridge and London, hut to carry a
chair wltb an unwilling lady In It on
the highroad, frequented by night as
well as by day with travelers of all
kinds and strings of pack horses, would
be ridiculous. There was the road
which led to the villages on the e.pst
side of tbe Wash. There was also the
road to Swaffham and Norwich.
"1 am of opinion," said one of the
gentlemen, "that he has fixed on some
lonely place not far from Lynn where
he can make her prisoner until she
complies with his purpose and consents to marry him."
Captain Crowle shook his head. "She
would never consent," he said. "My
girl Is almost as strong as any man
and quite as resolute. There will be
murder If this villain attempts violence."
Just then tbe landlady of the Crown
threw open tbe door and burst In. "Oh,
gentlemen, gentlemen," she cried, "I
have found out where they are gone!
Hide after tbem! Ride after tbem,
quick, before worse mischief la done. 1
have ordered all tbe horses In the stables to be saddled. There are eight,
Qnick, gentlemen! Ride after them!"
"Quick, quick!" said his lordship.
"Where are they? Where are they?"
The captain sprang up.
"They are on their way.   They cannot bo there yet."
"But where?   Where?"
"Mr. Rising ordered a poBt chaise to
wait for him at 10 o'clock."
"He left the gardens," said his lordship, "about tbat time.   Go on."
"He ordered It at the Duke's Head.
The postboy told the hostler his orders.
He was to wait for Mr. Rising at the
Traveler's Rest on the way to Woot-
"The Traveler's Rest? What kind of
place Is that?".
"It Is a bad place, my lord—a villainous place on a lonely road up and
down which there Is little traveling. It
Is a resort of peddlers, tinkers nnd the
like, gypsies, vagabonds, footpads and
rogues. It Is no place for a young lady."
"It Is not, Indeed," said one of the
"Gentlemen," tbe landlady repeated,
"ride after blml   Ride after them! Oh,
the sweet Miss Molly!"
"Are tbe horses ready?"
"Tbey will be ready In a minute."
"Gentlemen,   tbere   are,   you   hear,
eight horses.   Captain Crowle will take
one.   I will take another.   The remaining six are st your disposal.    I shall
feel honored If you will accompany me,
but on one condition, If you will allow
me to make a condition.   The man will
fight, I suppose?"
"Tom Rising," ono of tbem replied,
"would fight the devil."
"Ons could desire nothing better.
The condition Is that when we overtake Mr. Rising you will Icavo him to
me.  That Is understood V
"My lord, we cannot, by your leave,
allow your valuable life to be at the
hazard of a duel with a man both desperate and reckless."
"I shall take care of myself, I assure
you. Meantime, If I fall, I nnme Colonel f.anyon to succeed me. nnd after
blm. should he, too. unhappily fall,
you will yourselves name bis successor.
Gentlemen, we must rescue the lady,
nnd we must punish tbe abductor. I
hear tbe horses.  Come."
HE postboy, foreseeing
eveuts which might
require a clear stage,
warily drew his chaise
off the road, which
bere widened Into a
small area trodden Oat
by many feet. Into the
grassy field at tbe side, and stood at
the horses' bends In readiness.
Tho men on tbe ladder, who were
pulling away at the thatch with zeal,
stopped tbelr work. "What's that,
George?" asked ono. "Seems like
horses. They're coming after the young
lady likely." So be slid down the ladder, followed by the other, and they
ran round to tbe front, seizing their
poles In case of need. At elections nnd
on tbe occasion of a street light the
chairman's pole bns often proved a
very efficient weapon. Handled with
dexterity, It Is like a quarter stnff. but
heavier, and will not only stun n man,
but will bralu blm or break arm, leg
or ribs for blm.
"Kor my part." Molly told me. "I
saw them suddenly desist from I heir
work, though In a few minutes the
hole In the thatch would have been
large enough to admit of n man's pass
Ing through. I wns walling within
knire In band. Do you think I would
have suffered one of those fellows m
lay band upon me? Well. In the mhlsi
of their work they stopp.'d. they listen
ed, and they stepped down the ladder
Wbat did tbls me.-in? There was no
window to the loft except a single
frame of glass with half a dozen small
diamond shaped panes, too high up in
serve any purpose except to admit a
little light I put my head through the
hole In the thatch, and 1 heard -linng
ine my Joy—the clatter of horses' hoofs-
and tbe voices at the horsemen. Anil
theu I knew and wns quite certain thai
my rescue bad arrived. Mack,' I salt!
to myself, 'has found out the way taken
by this villain and Is riding after
Alasl I wbo should bave been riding
In tbe front of all was at tbat moment
unconsciously sleeping In my bunk
aboard tbe Lady of Lynn.
"I thought tbat at sucb a moment
Mr. Rising would be wholly occupied
wltb defending himself.    I therefore
withdrew the bonrds from tbe top of
the stair and looked down.    No one
was In the room below that I could
see.    1 cautiously descended.    In  the
corner of tbe settle by the fireplace
tbere was tbe old woman of tbe house
" They are coming after you. missy,'
she said.    "I ktii'w now It would end.
I warned blm.   I told blm that everything was against It.   I read his luck
by the cards and by the magpies and
by   the  swallows.    Everything   was
against It.   They are coming.   Hark!
They.are very close now.   And they
will kill him.'
"I ran to the open door. Mr. Rising
was In the middle of the road, without
his hat, his sword In his band; behind
him.stood bis chairmen. He was pot
going to give me up without a fight.
The postboy had drawn the chaise Into
the field, and the sedan chair was
standing beside it. And down the
road, only a little way off, I saw In the
growing light of daybreak Lord Fyllngdale leading, the captain beside
blm and balf a dozen gentlemen following, all on horseback.
"'There she Is! There Is Molly!'
cried the captain. "What cheer, lass?
What cheer?'
"Lord Fyllngdale held up his hand.
The whole party drew rein and halted.
Then their leader dismounted. They
were now nbout 20 yards from the
men. He threw his reins to the nearest of the little troop. 'Gentlemen,'
he said, 'we must proceed witb this
business without hurry or bluster or
threats. Mr. Rising will perhaps
threaten and bluster. We are here to
rescue a lady and to punish a villain.
Let both be done without appearance
of wrath or reveng*e. Captain Crowle,
do not dismount, I entreat you, until
the conclusion of the next act. Molly
Is, as you see, apparently safe and unhurt.'
"Tbey obeyed.
" 'I shall uow measure swords with
the young gentleman who thinks that
be can carry off heiresses with Impunity. I would advise you to advance
a little closer to the house. He must
understand that punishment awaits
him, If not from me, then from some
other of this company.'
" 'Look at Tom,' said one of them.
*nis blood Is up. He Is now all for
fighting. He means mischief. If ever
he has meant mischief. I remember nt
Swaffham when he fought the young
squire of neadlngley. That was about
a girl, too—a mere, worthless drab of
a tavern servant. Tom broke down bis
man's guard and ran him through In
half a minute. I wish we were well
out of this Job.'
"Tom stood In the road, as I have
said, his sword In hand, his hat lying
on the ground before him. If flaming
cheeks and eyes as fiery as those of a
bull brought to bay mean mischief,
tben Tom's Intention was murderous.
'"To thwart Tom In anything,' the
gentleman went on, Ms dangerous; but
to take away bis girl—and such a girl—
to rob him of that great fortune Just at
the moment of success, would madden
tbo mildest of men. He looks like n
madman. Should one warn bis lordship? And be bas got two chairmen
with tbelr poles lu readiness. We
should ride In upon tbem before they
enn do any mischief.' So they whispered.
"Said Captain Crowle: 'Kill him, my
lord.   Kill the villain.   Kill hi in.'
"'Let me warn your lordship,' snld
the gentleman wbo bad last spoken.
'Ills method will be a tierce attnek. lie
will try to break down your guard,'
" 'I know thut method,' Lord Fyllng*
dalo replied coldly. Then be stepiscd
forward and took off his hnt. 'Mr.
Rising,' he said, 'this affair might
very well be settled by two or three
sailors or common porters. We are
willing, bo*Wever, to treat you as a gentleman, which, sir, you no louger deserve.'
" 'Go on, go on,' ssid Tom. ' 'Twill
be all the muni' In five minutes.'
" '1 nm therefore going to do you tho
honor of fighting you.'
" 'I shall show you bow I appreciate
that honor. Stop talking, man, and
" '1 must, however, warn you that If
you aro to fight os a gentlemnn you
must try to behave as one for thla occasion only. Sliould you attempt any
kind of treachery my friends will In
lerferc. In (hat case you will certainly
not leave the field alive.'
I io usi isj.vriNUED.1 ^
—**.. m       MbtSm
RiiRRlnn physlchins assert thnt horse-
flesh Is more nutritious thnn beef.
Looping tH© Loop-A
One of the marvels of the age la
sensational show features is the perilous feat known as "Loop theLoop"
which will be performed at tho Winnipeg Industrial exhibition July 21
to 25, this year. Diavolo, who does
the trick, knows full woll tho danger
ho runs every timo he performs it. ln
Minneapolis, the second day of the
Elks' fair, Diavolo forgot his usual
caution ami was hurled from the
track to the soft sawdust beneath, a
distance of over thirty feet. Fortunately he escaped serious injury, and
will be in good condition to appear
at Winnipeg's big fair. To the ordinary  observer,   the   "Loop  the  Loop"
performance looks like a man riding
head down on a bicycle track liko a
fly on the ceiling.
The public has been surfeited with
bicycle riding tricks of the ordinary
sort, and the Winnipeg Industrial exhibition management claims that it
has In Diavolo a feature that will be
perhaps one of the biggest drawing condition nre most favorable. Me suf- The performance will be given Ib
cards at the fuir this year. fered o Bevero shock,  but  suys   that Canada for the first time at tho W'ln-
1 ,nto reports In regard to niavolo's   no mishaps will occur in the fnt ure. nlpog Ipdustrlnl, .July 21 to 25,
From the top of the cathedral spire
in Mexico you can see tho entire city,
and the most striking feature of the
view is the absence of chimneys.
There is not a chimney in all Mexico;
not a grate, nor a stove, nor a furnace. All the cooking is done with
charcoal in Dutch ovens.
Suffered    Greatly For    Five
From    Rheumatism—Doctors
Many    Medicines    Failed to
Him,  Dut He Got the Right Medl
cine at Last.
From the Echo, Dominion City, Man.
Recently while limiting with a re-
porter of the Echo, Mr. Orlin l'ost,
a well-known farmer of Gruinidge,
Man., gave the following story of
five years of great suffering from that
most painful of diseases—rheumatism.
Mr. l'ost said:—"There are few people, unless they have been similarly
afllicted, can understand how much 1
■uffercd during those live years from
tho pains of rheumatism. Ths*y wore
times when I was wholly unable to
do any work, and to merely attempt
to move my limits caused the greatest agony. I tried several doctors
but they Seemed quite unable to cure
me. Then I tried several advertised
medicines, that were highly recommended for this trouble, but ths*y also failesl to bring the longed for res-
lease from pain. As these medicines
failesl me one after thu other. 1 began to look upon the trouble as incurable, ansl was almost in despair.
At this time some friends asked me
why I disl not try Dr. Williams'
I'ink l'ills, nntl 1 decided to make at
least one more effort to obtain a cure.
I knew my case was not only a severe
one, but from the failure of other
medicines a stubborn one. anil 1 de-
termined that the pills should have a
fair trial, so I bought a do/en boxes
I took them according to directions,
anil before they were gone there was
a great Improvement In my condition
but I was not fully cured.   I then got
another half dozen boxes, and by the
time the third of them were emptied
1 hail not an ache or a' pain left mui
was able to tlo a good hard slay's
work without fstsling uny of the torture that, had for live years minis* my
life miserable. You muy say for me
that I do not think then is any
meslicine in the world s'uti wjual Ur.
Willinms' I'ink Fills as a cure for
rheumatism, lt is several years since
my euro was effected, and as I have
never since hnd the least sign of the
trouble, I think 1 run speak with authority.
When such severe case* as this aro
entirely cured It is not surprising
thnt Dr. Williams' I'ink Fills have
mado such a great reputation
throughout the world for the cure of
other diseases duo to poor or watery
blood.    1'aralysis,    Ht.  Vitus' diinco,
anaemia, consumption, dyspepsia,
palpitation of tho heart, nervous
Headache, female ailments and neuralgia are among the olher troubles
they havo cured in thoiiHitnils of
cases. Only tho genuino pill will
cure—substitutes never cured anything—nnd to avoid substitutes you
must sen (hat the full name "Ur.
Williams' Fink l'ills for I'ale People."
Is on the Wrapper around every box.
These pills are sold by all dealers in
medicine, or will be sent, post fres* al
50 cents a box or six boxes for 12.60
bv addressing the Dr. Williams' Med
ieint  Co., Drorkville, Out.
To  t'l.ssss   ilraaa.
When cleaning brnss, better results
nre obtained If the discolored articles
nre treated to nn application of a salt
nud vinegar solution before tbe usual
bras* polish Is used.
No    wise    man over
wished to bo
Tho biggest raft ever sent down
tho Mississippi Is on Its wny to Ht.
Louis. It contains 11,000,000 teet
of logs, and requires two powerful
steamers to handle it.
-c7ra£/^rv-^^ J&wlds „ 	
'M&U,  CLfS Mi/ i______^ ^J^ts <frUh&t- 4/MTt4n7UJoeU/
 f _    oaJU/ snot *t<^tc^ <c*uO 4rtdi*l>r alA+tti/
JUstrvndL' JfLAVHt/.
I'or jsuhssis   Acs'ur.lisis   so SvSfsa
•nd Conjaga] sioiiSIMod.
Tho census bulls tin, giving the population according to sexes aud
conjugal condition, shows th it in
Ontario thero has bsen n decrease hi
single males since the last decuide
In Nova Scotiu tbere wsss a decline
Irs *ho number of single females. In
Fnnco Edward Isiaml th*. bachelors
and spinsters nnd married males anil
females have decreased. Tho Increases
In Ontario wire: Mulisn, 27,164; fi-
■lalas, 41,472; single females, 867;
married males, .'1*1,717,' widowed females, 0,627. The decrease ln single
males was 10,851. la Quebec the
Increases of population were: Mules,
a0,8i:l; females, 80,050; single
malea, 4*1,(107; singlo females, 4(5,-
121; mariiosl males, 82,692; married
female-*, 28,758, widowed males, U,-
085;    widowed    females,     5,14*4.   In
Nova Scotia the Increases wen*:
Malea, u.M'.i; females, 3,629; single
males, 722; married males, 6,218;
mnrrled females, 3,840; Widowed
males, 505; widowad females. 1,084,
The loss of single females was 2.848,
In New Brunswick the gains in the
respective claasea were: Males, 4,900;
females, 4,96*7; single males, 982;
slagle females, 731; married males,
3,692; mnrriod females, 8,075; wlsl-
owtvl malea, 841; widowed fom.ili-s.
1.100. The decreases In Prince Kd-
ward Island were: Males, "XM'2'2; female*, 2,81*7,' single male*, 2,948;
single females, 2,'.):s8, Bjasrriod muli*..
20; insim i«,ii "smalts, 65. Widowed
malea allow an Increase of 89 and
widowed fomah'H an Increase of 117.
ia Manitoba increases in each data
wor* a* follows: Mules, 68,990; females.   48,451;   singlo  mules,   34.740.
singlo females, 88,985; marrlod males,
18,032;   murriod   females,   .'1,075; wisl-
owesi males, 1,210; widowed females'
1,989. llritish Columbia's Inoroasea
woro: Male*, 51,(178; females, 39,-
000; ■In-*.]*, malos, 81,698; single fe-
maies, 10,078; married males,     ih,-
473; muM'iiKl fonialcs, 13,800; widowed males, 7B0; widowed females,
981, Tho increases la tho Northwest
Territories wero: Males, 4'.l,8'_i7, fe-
maleSi 42,314; slngh' mules, 80,780;
single females, 28,601; married
males, 18,017; married females,   17,-
D14; widowed males, I 119; widowed
females, 1,780. in 1901 there were
081 dlvtwcarj persons in Canada, of
which 330 wero males nasi 839 ' females. Tho number of divorced persons by sexes In the several provinces is given as follows: British
Columbia,     52     mule's,     ;'7  [(,ln„|(.K.
Manitoba, 18 moles, 17 females' .New
Ilrimswick, 35 males, 4.**. females
Nova .Scotia, 40 males, 42    females'
Ontario,    ill     i,.**, iih females;
Prlnoe Edward Island, 5 malos, 9 fol
males; tluel.ee, 81 malos, 27 females
Northwest. Terr I to ,. 0 |Il(l •),,..      .,',
The cabled report of the terms   of
peace said that "all burghers outside tin* limits of ths* Transvaal uml
Orange River Colony," etc., wero to
be brought back to their homes, The
correct version, according tsi London
papers, is "all burghers in the field,
outside," etc. This makes rather a
materia] difference to those refugees
in the United States who Intended
applying to the British authorities
to pay their passages to South Africa.
A Chicago Judge hus held that it
fourth wile has no ground for divorce
in the fact that her husband insists
that the mother of his lirst wife
shall live with them. The court's
I view is that 11 man bus n right to
keep iiis mother-in-law in the house,
"just  as     he  bus   a   right  to  beep  11
dog." Chicago papers are naturally
wondering if wife No, '.» would have
I no grounds for divorce if the husband
I insisted in keeping his first three
mothers-in-law In tbe house. Dut
surely not even 11 Chicago mun Would
insist on thin.
to HINABD'S LINIMENT in ihe Bouse.
There are doors iu some old houses
of Holland which were in former days
never used except for funerals and
weddings. After tho bride and groom
luni passed the door wus nailed    ap
lo iiwnil   the next occasion.
Mn\Llii*s cavalry gun. Which fires
700 shots 11 minute, weighs but Unity pounds and can lse carried strap
pesl to a soldier's back. The gun 1"'
iiiuils- fsir tlse Multini of Turkey lires
771) stints B minute, but it, is u Held
piece oh wheels.
Oood taste   is ibe modesty of tho
mind.—Mnu*.  do (Jirnrtlin.
A liuly •*, riles:   "I wiih enabled Is. rs move
thecoma, runt and branch, by tha use of
lis.,1.,way's Cora i.'ura."   Others who have
tnnd ll Imve lhe aiimsj tips Nemo.
Where ths bottom of the ocean is
bad un ocean cable will frequently
lusl only three or four years, but on
good bottom wire taken up after
twenty years has noon found almost
as good its ever.
females; Yukon, ;:.-, mnj0
mules; other tori ill,1 i. s, ;i
11       ffl.
mills n, 7
A  Talis  ot  Nprlft,,
Tho sunnlilna wnrrn Hn,* *....-,,•.„_
Mniio Johnny tae] quite uxv
Ho wont to swim; Iho 0blMU|M
Aro belns l„ 1.1 today
Worms dornngo the wholo system. Mother
Uraris Worm Ktturmlnulor deranges
worms, and (■iron rent to tho sufferer, It only
00.-.U 'it, osjuu t* try It and be continced.
A lens sixty Inches In diameter hns
Just been cast at the Standard plate
glass works in Butler, Penn. it is
for the telescope of the American
University of Washington
AsK for Kinarfl's ami.take no oilier,
London hns maintained for in,my
years pre-eminence in the fur trade
American and Russian buyers both
visit that city to buy furs originally
tnkiMi Iii their own respective countries.    The snh's  iiliuiiinl   to $30,0110-
(inn n yoar.
Tbere ure no rules   for friendship.
It   must   be   left    Its   Itself;   WS cannot
force It any moro than lnvi*. — Elatlltt.
If nttnckn-l wl li,.l,,,10r,,,,rr,inirnorroirii,h.i,,t
of nny kiwi s I atonoq f„r a buUlo of Dr. 5*0
ut In alror.lls ht. It not* wilh wonderful rspid-
Ity lu HiiMniu* Unit •irefcdfu 1 Yamsaa tl t
weakens tho Urssm-i. t, ,,„„, -,,„[ thai ,l™tr vt
tl.itt'tmlora msssIi<*.n,.■.„,•  t ihn nrnsnn-la   ,,.,A
nisvor fulls to •Hoot,. 1 borougU d,„.  '   y' " d
Friendship la the shadow of    the
evening,   which   Btrongthoni   With   the
setting sun of iifi..-i,a Fontaine.
The -nrlgl.lrti,   flntmra   mn.!  •  1     t  .
l.i Hh.srt nil n'l,.,.|.,,.,,,,:' !, ,,'., ','. ^W'1' •
n rn r-li.*v.'.l by I hi, :!,,,„,..',',! . ; ' ■ hit"."-.
nl 0 nimoili.'. rhmimntlsi 1   ,,,,      ..'','•    "
piioS,kiu,,.,y.i,iii,',„l; /, ,";■;,• t ;-;;;•' njjm
Atheism Is rather In   n,,. n*e .,,,,.„
ID the heart, of iiuin—Union.
in Summer
$50 from Minneapolis
or St. Paul
$47.50 from St. l-fliils
$45,00 from Kansas City
Out and back
a August a to 8
Quick and cool way to go
Harvey Meal Service
See Orand Canyon of
Arizona and Yoscmitc
Santa Fe
C. C. CARI>HNTER, Pd««" A&'
503 (hiaranty W*I|C'»
Minneapolis,     -   "   "    A1'"0, The Drill.
Ths V)»t«ry of Orientation s»» Tet Known
Duly to tha < ii'sstor of I lts.se
l.oajj-Dlitmice Hilda.
jli    Arthur Delcorde,  an    Ottawa
pigeon fancier,     writes as      follows:
• •Tin; ability of tho homer to return
t0  its home from distances unknown
(0    itself, hundreds of miles     over
atrango country, is a mystery known
only 10 its Creator, ami may   nev( r
ijo solved by human brains. Learned
mill,  who  have studied  this      noble
lulls' bird's habits,  etc., hsive often
admitted that thc mystery is yet un-
eolvfd, und the secret of orientation |
is, beyond their explanation, it js in- I
d.e. 1 si mystery that a small      |,ird, |
placesl  in a basket and shipped in a I
dark  "l**Blght     car 400 or  500 uiili'S |
frnm its bome, and liberated in     an
unknown locality, should    lind     its
way hack linine.
J.ist think of it. and place your-
ssii |Yi tho snmo position, then consul, i your possibilities of accompli thing ch o task. In racing or flying
hutiiin*" pigeons thc bird's object is
nol only to return to its home, but
to i'1 there fk'9t, nud immy a birsl
linn exhausted Itself endeavoring to
outfly its competitors, even in races
0f filly or seventy-five miles, where
tiie distance alone is but mere exercise.to them: but it is the persistency of a reliable bird that nutkes it
valuable, ami is the principal reason
ol us popularity.
"ln a hotly-contested pigeon race,
from slistances of 400 and 500 miles,
ths fs.ncier is unconscious of the res',It until his birds arrive, us from
th.' time they are sot free by their
liberator until they are safe and snug
In their home no human Iseing has
coutrol over them, -an 1 it is lmpos-
sil ' t.-s fore? them in' or 'hsild
them in,' as in horse racing, but it
is nil i>. tiuoslion of 'blood ' nnd the
best  bred bird will surely win.
■ A very interesting feature of u
pipe n race is that, regardless ol how
niai■-. birds are flown, tbo best ones
usually will leave the flock, and, upon their own Judgment, pursue the
quls '.est and closest air line route
across tho country, nnd will often
By i my miles homeward while tho
less i'liable ones will hung together
In a Hock anil depend one upon an-
"The pleasures to be had from a
lot ol homing pigeons are too nura-
s" i to mention, but anyone* Interests I in a clean, innocent sport and
a noble little bird .should take up
this hobby, and many a pleasant
day and a jolly good time uwait
hlin.    (let  togrther with ynur frion Is
Cures Coughs and Colds
at once. It has been doino;
this for half a century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chance. 25 cents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back.    ....
Write to S. C. WSM"* & Co., Toronto,
Can., foi tree trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects ibe Stomach
Without question tha beat and
most effective springs ln Canada, for
thu cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver U-oubles. The medicinal quantise of tho water are unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fine
fishing and hunting. An Ideal spot
foi the Invalid.
A mun smoking it pipe of medium
size blows suit of his mouth for every
time ho QUE the pipe 700 smoke
clssutls. If he smokes four pipes u
day, for twenty years, he blows out
20.1111,1100 smoke !louds.
Grateful Mother    Tells flow
Little Hoy  Wus  Cured.
Mrs, A. Sauve, Kuwunton, Que., ts j
another happy mother who thanks
Baby's Own "Tablets for tho health ol
her boy. The little follow became
the prey ssf worms—that curse of
cliildbsisul. His rosy cheeks lost their
OOlor; his little legs and arms became
skinny; his eyes lost their sparkle
uml he became sickly und peevish,
i nrptnlM -a club u„d bave compe- ;Hjs sl,.eu was   wttofH und tovorish,
.Hon. as the neater the competition l nn(1  |Us  f()od swm0(.  lo  do  hlm
um inciter the honor. Hegin at onco
md be ready to start your birds   on
ihe is.*,-, the lirst pleasant day and
keep it up' until Cold weather    sets
in. nntl miu will never "regret    your
Th* flirekrrln.
The nverchoek lieur* itbou' tho same
relati >. to Uu' horse ns Uie county Jail
Joes ts,    imnn Society.   In case uf lhe
trotting   .ot'se it ki'ins thst some de*
t eo must Ito used In order to compel
horse to carry lis hend out almost In
line with Its neck, so Unit the curv-
ure of the latter hi the throttle will
t   crump  the  Windpipe  sir shut off
" horse's wind.   In ease of tlm run-
ng   horse   It   uiitiirnlly^exti'iiils  the
:'<1 nnd neck without sriliiclal nisi.
'1 tils Is because the gallop Is Hie burse's
nntnral gate, Wa)lle the trot Is iirlitlelnl
whei*   it   s.*omrs   to   extreme   speed,
Ik nee lhe overcheck Is iit'eiled.    Ill the
utility horses the ciieckroin  Is uever
T,ra  In C'hlnn.
Chinese annals ns reunite ns 2000 B.
C. spoke of the cpltlviit.ss.i of leu nud
chissilled it almost lis perfectly us Is
dono today. l|s Virtues were dlscov-
ered by nrcldeut
good.    His    anxious mother    almost
; despniri'sl of ss'oing him buck again to
mod  health.    However,  she heard  of
I llaby's Own Tablets,  and gave them
[.to   bet     child,   und  now  she  suys: —
1' "I'lio    Tablets    made a    wonderful
Change In my little boy.   All    signs
|oJ  worms  have  disappeared,   und  he
is now in the best of health,    1 can
[honestly suy thut Baby's Own Tab-
:l.*ts   have     no  espial   as  a     cure  for
i worms.'1
Hal.y's Own Tablets are a certain
cure for all lbs* minor ailments of
'little ones, such ns constipation, col-
| ir. sour stomach. Indigestion, diarrhoea, simple fever and the Irritation
accompanying the cutting of teeth.
(<u a rn n teed to contain none ssf tlu*
poisonous  opiates  found   In  the     so-
.alicil   "soothing"   medicines.   They
are for rhildren ol" all ages, and dissolved   iu   wnter  can   lie  given     With
absolute safety to a now-born babe.
'Sold by druggists at -*•"> cents n i'<>\.
or sent postpaid On receipt oi price,
by addressing tho Dr. Williams Medlcino Co., Brockville, Ont.
My iiiure, a very valuable one, was
busily .nit and bruited by being
ci.light, io u wire fence. Some nf lbs*
Wounds would not heal, although 1
tried manv different medicines. Ur.
I'll adVlSsHl mu Ui uso M1NAKUS
1IMMRNT. diluted nt first, then
stronger as the sores begun to look
better, until, after three weeks, tbs'
Sort's havo healed, und Iss'Sl ssf all thi'
ball is growing well, anil is nol
wl  as is mos. always the ,esu in
Lord Gurzon unveiled at Delhlon on
tlu* 10th uit. ii jnemorlal commemorating In particular the services rendered    by three    Delhi signallers In
KIHARB'S UNDER ___ml Friend.
Those who complain most, nre most
to bs. complained of.—Matthew Hen
■   wounds.
v. m. unucirr.
when a man is wrong and won't
admit it. he always gets angry. Hal-
A niN'SEH VILL-Mnisy miwtjJ wffer *■*
s.srlsikiiii- '•!   i  I
ball ol
If lun Is guoil, truth Is still better,
"i love best, of all.—Thackeray.
liSMUrl UlllEIT ll Dsel HT MVSlcliins.
'ver  ninety  distinct  congregnllons
women     connected   with   Koninn
lliollc  religious orders  ore set
Uroat Britain.
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred T>ollnr** Ross-firs"! 'pt
5f ens., . f Ciiiiirr i tuU ciun.it bt curutl lij
thill', CnUrrliCurn. _ _ ,   .    n
,„   I'f.F. c11i;nft A CO., Prow.. Tolejp o
,„V»n, tlm ni.ilerHl'jniil IsitVss lumwn '..«•
Cheney fur ths I.: i. Its y,-,r,, nnd bollste nlm
porieo ly hmiisrnbeia*urbuifa*»atrniiMOtl' us.
"inl liiiiuii'i 11 !y ,, Mn to oitrrrina «•■** ol>liK"1""
pfi'lobs IliuirCriis, -,.,
<■ a*8T ftTlitl \x, WbolfMle rfniwUls. Tnlrilis.
■'• "sVai.iiinu, RlKStAJI A MAIivm, \\ holosulii
UiiII'b Catarrh Caro It tnlrnn intcrni.lly, art-
oi iin. n'Miom. IMes Uo 9V bosuSs Boioni
mi si, nKlr «t s.   Trsstiiiionlnls f*eo.
Uull'rt Fsiuilly I'sii .urs- tin. Isti.l.
sir Robert aiffcn, tho statistician,
' Umates that £160,000,000 n "fear
Will soon bo roipiired for Britain's
Mri. Ceimto Coon, Syrnooiio, K Y.. grltSSI
' 'il rears I csu.ld nsit out nuiny kind's "i r.ii»l
without prudiiohijr n biinilnit, asqnitiatlny i">*»
' mys-Ustniioli. AsKsk l'strnsolsio'aiss'C.irilinif Us
"■"'■•'."in. nntltir tlm litiittl of ■lWIDSDI in or In-
•"•■(■■.lissii '   Ono Isssx nut.lroly ctirs.sl n ...   1 run
1 '"'.•".I iiiiytliliia Is-hss'iisn, wltlnsstt <.l*.trobins*
"" hi I tin l,.imt.'p Tliiwo tsllli do in** eiui-is lifiln
Vr ''oiijiin ,„„! ahould bo iu.0'1 vs-bo"i a outlsssrlio
15 'wiulruU.
criiiisitiiiK isirs'iiy itfi. r parUilflnK o
sliii.isir.  M'tiefsss-I ,.:,ii.il.ii..f lalil
Ississliipontlin.ls.iniK'li.ai*H la-l-wl • I  l»  '■ :.•'
Iiswilthj iml rim.'iit it  1......... • n i-i ran to    '
• •  i.m,    Pr.   I'nrtnoloo'a  ' x-uu I.. I's.'.-L« ■
wontlerfal m-rwtl"*"*"* "f *ftu ""1'■"'*„, '■ i
sxsn-oct adltllty, ou     rj-TrUoiui nnd wiiwLtl
altei.s "
ho sni'
iuilstfsjetiou sir sl*,'*|n'i,i'iii
fs'.Kl parlakon'of luto honlthy n»i; i»";"<. TUi y
nre luni iho modirltm p> uko if Iroublod
F.ilrna In <h«* BUI.
Clerh of tbe Rorhlni Hotel (preswat-
ing bill to eseaplnii gnstn)—.ill guests
of this hotel will please step Into our
otllee across  lhe Street and puy
for this extra lire und water service.
When n ninn fools bin wife. It Is not
thill lit Is P0 smart, but Hint her "tilth
is ko great* *Xtcjilson '■i"1"--
"So you have proposed to the Amer
(.•nn heiress?"
-I |mve." simweretl Lord Tlnselton.
"lluye vou been iiccepti'd?"
"Not lliuilly.   1 nt" to cull tomorrow
with n list of my *jredltort.*1*-wntuing
Ion Stnr. ■
Bwlmmlng is ...M'x.Mllent emclse fo
girls nnd boys ami belpt to expuml lit
chest nnd develop the muscles of tut
body.       _____———
The   Oldeal   nmiknotr.
Among the curiosities ..btul.iHn'yt"*
llritish inilHeimi there Is no""*"'^ tU, ,,„.,,„ ,    ,.
rsiing is a OhlnoM ""*•%' t„|isi supplied from   Ontario,   Prices
Mini dynasty, about I!»   "■ I high,
example is Uiiuwn to be etuiit-
The local market has been dull all
the week    and    at first wns not inclined to    advance with the outside
market.   Exporters   seem to find   it
hard  work to  do any business    und
complain that export bids are out of
line With     prices  here.    Heferring  to
tne latest    mail advices of sales    of
Manitoba    wheat, made on June 6th
and   sth  to     Liverpool  and  London
und figuring out freight and expenses it is seen that the prices sold at
were 1 Jc to 2c per bushel under what
the wheat wns bringing here in store,
Port William,  on the same duye,  so
that    there is    no wonder exporters
have    been slow    In buying    lately.
While there bus not been a great deal
doing prices    have hardened,   They
closed  a week  ago  at  1 hurd,  71{c;
| 1 northern, 72c; und 2 northern 705c,
.in store, l'ort William, spot or June
delivery,    In     the  fust  days  of    thc
: week they advanced  \e daily but on
Thursday and yesterday the advances
; were larger and at the close of Friday's    liiisini'ss  we   quote  values:   1
hard, TC'c; i northern, 71 ■<■; and 2
northern.   72*Jc,     delivery  spot.   June
sir the lirst half of July.
FLOUR—Hungarian patent. $2.1**.
per sack of '.18 pounds; lllenora. S2 ;
Alberta, $1.85; Manitoba, SI.70 ;
und XXXX, $1.25.
MILEFEEB—Demand is heavy and
thc market Is somewhat unsettled.
Bran is worth $10 per ton in bulk;
and shorts $18 per ton bulk, delivered, subject to usual trade discounts.
OBOrjND FEED—We cpjote: Oat
chop, per ton, $28; barley chop, $21;
mixed hurley und oats, $2(i; chop
screenings,  $15.50;  nil cake,  $30.
OATS—The demand for outs for
shipment ea.st, has fulljn off considerably and dealers suy it is difficult to
liiul buyers now at fuir prices. Most
of the business is for local feed account. The market is weaker. We
quote: No. 1 white, in carlots on
track, Winnipeg, per bushel, 45c; No.
2 white, -lie to 12c; feed grades. 38c
to 89c. At country points'farmers
ure getting :?,'! to 35c for No. 2 white
outs.   Street outs are not offering.
BARLEY—The market is now down
to almost n nominal basis and prices
are lower, We quote 14 lo 45c per
bushel for feed hurley in carlots on
truck here.
FLAXSEED—Nothing doing.
SPELTZ—Dealers are doing a little
business in spelt/, for feeding at 50c
per bushel of 50 pounds.
HAV—Market very firm ns hay ie
becoming scarce. Large quantities
hnve been destroyed by the rains.
Prices hold firm ut $8 to $9 per ton
for fresh buled in carlots on track
POULTRY— The market Is quiet.
Live Chickens bring 70 to 75c per
pair, und turkeys are worth lie per
pound, live weight. Dressed turkeys,
Smith's  Fulls,   18c per pound.
BOTTER—Creamery—The market is
weaker owing to larger offerings.
The price has declined lc.   We quote
now for fresh June make, factory
points, lfic per pound.
DUTTER—Dairy—There is no
change In the market for this butter
ns supply is running about the same
as lust week and there is good demand. We spiote round lots lie per
pound commission basis for tubs, and
13c for prints. Prints are not wanted at all as they  will not keep now.
CHEESE—Offerings are lnrger and
the market has declined lc. Dealers
are now paying lljc per pound for
new Manitoba cheese delivered here.
EGQS—The market is well supplied
with eggs. Buyers nre still paying
lnjc por dozen tor fresh case lots,
l,ers' delivered,
Steady at last week's price   We quote:
Boot, city dressed, 8 to 0c per th.-,
veal, 71c io 8Jc; mutton, lie; spring
lambs,   each,   S3.50   to   $1.50;   hogs,
per pound, 7} ts> h\v.
HIDES—No. 1 city hides, 6-J-c; No.
2's, 51c; and No. 8's, 41c. Kips and
calf the same pries' as hisls's; ds'ukins,
25 to 40c; slunks, 111 to 15c; horse
hisls's 50c to 11.00,
wool,—0 to <*>i.- per pound for unwashed tU'cce delivered here.
Tallow—Local buyers are paying B
to Cu- por pound for tallow delivered
here,   according   tO   grade.
SENECA ROOT—Some   small lots
Ol   loot   have   OfTorod   here   I his   W60k,
and sold sit a price iii ihe neighborhood of 35c per pound. Dealers are
nol mnv willing tO quote more than
.'lie as they bolIOVO thut BS soon as
lhe raadS dry up rout will begin to
come  in.   The  above  prices  are     for
clean, dry root, delivered at Winnipeg.
CATTLE—Fresh    grass cuttle    lire
hardly obtainable yet In a wholesale
way iis the frequent rains ki'ep them
out of condition.   Reports from the
range country say that the cattle are
very backward, iio.ul butchore*
grades aro worth 54c per pound delivered here nnd inferior lots 5c to
5 Jr.
SHEEP—Sheep nro worth from Be
to 5Jc per pound, oil cars. Winnipeg,
ami lambs about (he snine.
HOGS—Live hogs nre more plentiful and worth for best weights, averaging between 150 and 250 pounds,
liji-. off enrs Winnipeg. Heavy and
linht  weights,  lc  less.
MILCH COWS—Cows are scarco,
and gootl milkers readily bring •*»
in this market, the range being from
$35 to Sift each.
HORSES—There Is a good demand
for  horses   nntl  dealers   lind   no  difficulty in despotlng Of all they can IO*
The   market   is     being   largely
French Gentleman Gracefully Expresses His Own and His
Wife's Gratitude.
A Strong Letter Written With the
Noble Purpose of Trying to Benefit Someone Else.
St. Ilippolyte, Que., June 23.—
(Special)—Mr. L. A. Poquin of this
village bus written for publication
the following letter. In it he speaks
for both himself and his wife. The
letter reads :
"After much suffering I had become
unable tss work. I had Kidney
Trouble which gave me great pain.
"My wife had used a box of Dodd's
Kidney, Pills for a similar __trouble
some time before, anil ns ths.y hud
completely restored her to gootl
health I made up my mind to take a
treatment myself.
"I was not disappointed, and lean
now suy thut I hnve tried and proved
Dodd's Kidney l'ills to be tbe greatest medicine in the world.
"We are now both quite well untl
able to do our work as well us ever.
"We have «found Dodd's Kidney
l'ills to be a remedy, which suves us
the pains und trouble which we often
sec in others, -who are languishing
und incapable of attending to their
"We keep Dodd's Kidney Pills constantly on hand, antl use them occasionally if we feel tho slightest indisposition. We have used altogether
between us six boxes.
"Perhaps I should exjVjuin why I
write this letter. It is because I feel
there may be many others who huve
not heard of Dodd's Kidney l'ills, or
who having heard, huve not given
them a trial, nnd to such I would
soy 'Give Dodd's Kidney Pills a fair
trial and you will agree with my wife
and myself that there is not any
other such meslicine to be had." '
What Dodd's Kidney Pills have
done for Mr. Paquin and his good
wife they will do for any man or woman who suffers from Kidney Disease
in any form.
If the entire population is considered to be 1,400,000,000, the brains of
this number of human beings would
weigh 1,922,712 tons, or as much as
96 ironclads of the ordinary size.
L-Tai-i T-Z (Wir* Head) DUinf «ot*nt &•***.
Powder it better than other ioap pewdert,
aa it also acta as a diainfectant. a*
If two lovers spend four hours together nnd the lover takes or receives 200 kisses—low calculation—
anil each kiss lasts ten seconds, in
five yeurs' time tho lover would huve
865,000 kisses, nnd their lips would
hnve been united for the space of
forty-two  days  nnd  six hours.
A woman who was charged at High-
gate, Loudon, with being drunk and
incapable pleaded that family troubles had made her take to drink. One
slaughter, she snid, hnd been poisoned, another hanged, a son hull been
killed in a railway accident, and another was In an asylum, She was
Hf- Dad Ilia Prls**.
"I was stopping at a hotel in a town
In Vermont," said the Boston drummer, "when lt came on to snow, nnd
there was a fall of four feet before lt
eefise<l. During the worst of the storm
a young man came Into the hotel,
which was telephone headquarters,
nnd, ns he hnd never used a phone, he
asked me to communicate with a Justice of the pence and tell blm thnt he
wanted to get married thnt evening.
'••Hut thlnli of the storm!' replied
the official when I bad delivered my
message over the wire.
•' 'Yes. but he'll make thnt sll right,'
i replied.
" 'I don't believe I can get there.'
" 'But you must.'
" 'Well, If I must, then I must, but
I want .lohn Pe&body to understand
that If I drive ten inllen nnd miirry
hi in In this sort of went her he's got
to come down with nt leust 75 cental' "
AiMslra In Japan,
Of the fruits wholly unknown ln
Japan until Introduced from abroad
the apple bus |"trovi*d Iho most success-
f.' and It has become a chief product
of some districts In the Hokkaido or
northern Islands, The apples are of
line appearance und excellent Bator,
uud the trees yield u good protit.
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up bv
Dick's Wood l'un
(ier  will  give  ns
tnurli and as rich
Jersey cowgives
upon or-
tl i n a r y
feed) ami
n Jersey
cow when
will wonderfully Increase her yield
of milk. It saves feed too, because
a aaialler amount of well digested
fcsosl Biitisfics the demands of the
system nnd every particle of nourishment sticks.
60 cents n package.
l.ecmliiK, Miles & Co., Agents,
Write for Hook on Cattle and Hor«e»ftee.
before your time. Proper care of
your stomach and diet will keep
your health good. In this particular Ogilvle'a flour is a known enemy of dyspepsia, as it makes the
best of good, white, sweet, nutritious bread—it is the housewife's favorite.
Millers to H.R.H. tha Prince of Wales
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
\T,.,,   ......    ,,„.,„   ,1..!!..«..   It.*   •nn'.flklnn   Min    ,■    li*,s*il isJsu.loli I u   In
You can save dollars by watching the advertisements in
It carries the advertisements of the big stores of Toronto and the leatl-
ing business house of Canada. People in tbo west can enjoy all tho
privileges of those in Toronto by taking advantage of
which The Globe is making to all those living west of North Bay. Regular price $4.00 per annum. Send TWO DOLLARS and have it and The
Saturday Illustrated number go to your address for one yoar.
are made   from   the   best selected SPRUCE,  with
which are secure and will not fall off.     Always ask
your dealer for
"Smart   ,\etv   Jerssrj*   Furmer   Aslv<*r-
tlnesl un Oprit lltsasse For Them.
"1 think I hnve solved the tramp
problem in n perfectly satisfactory
way." sniil tbe New Jersey farmer aa
the subject was under discussion. "It
t'lil no good whatever to put up signs
warniug them off or to keep a bulldog
at lhe gate. I tried all that, and last
spring 1 made a change. I put up signs
tor three miles around reading. 'Tramps
Please Call at tho Daker Farm," and
'All Tramps Welcomed at Baker's,'
and the result Is thut not over three of
tbem have called. Tho other day, to
show you how lt works, a tramp came
along und looked things over and said
to me:
" 'Any constables hidden In the barn?'
" 'Not a one,' 1 replied.
*' 'How many bulldogs you got?'
•' 'None at all.'
" 'Clot a lot of spring guns or bear
traps set nbout the place?'
•■ 'Nothing of the kind.'
" 'lias a feller got to do a day's work
lo get n meal?'
" 'No work at all. You come right ln,
ind 1 will give you a square meal for
nothing, and If you want to stay all
night I'll give you th best bed In the
"lie looked ot me In a puzzled way
for about a minute," continued thc
fanner, "and then Indulged In a wink
unsl snld:
" 'You cnn't piny that little game on
me, oltl man. This Is my sixteenth
ve^sSaon the road.'
"'Hut whnt game?' I asked.
" 'Potting poison In tho milk and sell-
Ing onr cadavers to a medical college
'or *?,"i apiece. Oh. no. Mr. Baker—not
lliis ever " M. QUAD.
Tardy Nr.mlnit.
The children of the Alnos, a people
Uving In northern Japan, do not receive their niitiies until they nre five
years old. It Is the father who then
chooses the name by which the child
Is afterward called.
Idleness is as fatiguing as repose i.s
sweet.—Ds Levis,
As your enemy's ami yonr friends,
so me you.—Levator.
Well now. woulslts't that
kill ymi; twoeood
and no matches.    Hani luck on tho old
ftpur s.
Tbe Office Specialty Hf;. Co. Ltd,
N.SNS'I il'Il.'Bi:
Tlia only romplete up-U>-tUta s»sa on tha a»»r*
ket    Disappearing   do.».-.,   quartered   oak,
C'.ldnss fliihli.
P. 0. SOX 393 t. H. HAHBLY        L
Winnipeg. Man. Msrr. Western Branch
((illt is now proposed in England to
drive tram cars by power derived
from hugo springs, which can be
wound while the whole is in motion
Or otherwise.
Our    souls tn iis 11    farther than on
ivos fun so'.—Drayton.
Next to excellence is the appreciation of it •—Thackeray.
I h.vs' to loss* myself in other men's
The    greatest    nicds-citie  Is a  true
friend.—Sir.  W.  Temple.
short sentences drawn from a long
The eternal stars shine out as soon
as it is dark enough.—Carlyle,
Shun equal ly a sombre air and viv-
iirious sallies.—Miiiviis  Antoninus
l'ort une givs*s too    niiielt to manv,
but to  none enough.—Martial.
If you milTsv from T*>ils*p*ir, Pill, Palllnn;Bii-Vnt**j">,
St. Viiim IJinct, or li.iveciiil.lrrnsrss'rt'tstivc^ tlt.it Jo
«u, orkn.'w :t friend Hut i* uilltctcal, thpta arnd lor a
Ira* trial bottle with valuable TriMline, and Iry it
Thaaamplebi.t'lewilltH**icul bynsnil, prepaid, to you.
sst*are-*t I tjat Olsii'C address-.. 11 li.ii cured where errs v.
Usui,; olao haa f.iilrd.    W hen wrltsafr, mentiom this
Kpt and ui'..' IS.-.I.IS', ar;o and full addrena to THI
.BIG CO, 173 KiNQ St. wisf. TORONTO. CMM**.
Common soaps destroy the
clothes and render the
hands liable  to   eczema.
Aak for Ihe •rUc***» Bar
W.  N.  II.  No.  ;\H'2.
if you see one cold and vehement
at the lame time,  set  him down fssr
a fanatic.—Levator,
('lap   an   extinguisher upon your
irony,  if you are    unhappily hle-tsetl
with  a  vein  of  it.—T.aitsls.
Ile who has never ktuiwn adversity
is but half   acquainted with himself
Or others.—I'silton.
llo not nsk n   mun if he has been
through college.    Ask if u college has
iics'ii through him.—Ohaptn.
It is estimated that there are about
'J.HUH    negro lawyers    in the Unltesl
Doctrine Is  nothing but the skin of
truth   set   up and   stuffed.—H, \v.
A prince who folleth ont with his
laws tiii'iiKi'st  with his best friends.—
Saville, '
Between two evils choose neither: between two gootls, choose both.—Try-
on KdwartlH.
Hope is a leaf-joy which may he
beaten OUt to a great extension, like
Art Is nature concentrated.—Ilal/ac THE DRIT.L, SLQCAW. B. C, JULY 4. 1902.
-C. E. Smithbbinoalk, Editor and Prep.
SLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B* C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
thc first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements st same rstei
ai legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 centi a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription il $2 per year,*st.ict-
,\y in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FR1DAT, JULY 4th,  1902.
A pencil mark in the space
•pposite will be aa indication to yeu that to editor
«*BSiders thero is something
coming to him on your subscription. Kindlv acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
The Grits captured Ontario in tbe
late elections,thon-fh the Tories polled
7400 more votes. Wben the machine
is runnin"*", it docs not neces-arily
"follow that the majority roles,
American capitalists and colonists
are swarming- into tho. Northwest
Territories and are appropriating*
, millions of acres of land. It is now
predicted that 200,000 people will
settle in that part of Canada this year,
being the commencement of tho bi-j;-
•jest boom America lias ever seen.
"Canada's day has come.
Ths sympathies op the province go
out to our much-beloved premier, in
that no title cameB to him from Eng-
land's King, Ah, me 1 what a cruel
world it is! Why, could not that
.list of honor*" been suppressed when
the King was takon ill, and so given
our man i\ chance for bis lire. Hope
deferred truly makeUi the heart ofa
Dunsmuir sick.
The provincial government are
patting inte effect for the necond time
the immigration law, aimed to keep
out the Chinese "nd Japanese. It is
on the lines ei he Natn.1 Act and
was enacted a vear ago. The De-
minion government disallowed, the
bill, but at the last session thc legis
lature re-enacted it hy a unanimous
rote. Whether or not the federal
authorities will permit the people
here to have what they want and
allow the law to stand is doubtful, but
ordinary justice demands it.
It is a pleasure and satisfaction to
note the steady recovery of the King
from hia recent serious illness and
subsequent opt.. tioi: Britishers have
passed through a period of apprehension and fear for their ruler'slife.and
disappointment and -sorrow for the
non-fulfillment of tho promises of his
coronation. These feel ings, however,
have given place to joy at Mis Majesty's convalescence, as the King
will yet attain his own. though doubt
less shorn of much of the passing
pageantry and display.
The Clara Mathcs Co. is to be here
on the 11th.
T. D. Woodcock &, Co. hare had
their building repainted.
The C.P.R.-is running a big excursion to Nelson on tbe 12th.
Russell Robertson is home from
Victoria to Bpend his school holidays.
The front of W. T Shatford & Co. 's
store has passed under the painter's
McCallum & Co. have improved
the front ef their stand by the paint
Tho tug Sandon is kept in commission, running the freight and ore
A special children's service was
held in Knox church on last Sunday
The Sturch building, Main street,
looks the letter for a liberal applica
tion of paint.
The paint brush has been used with
(rood effect on the fence surrounding
tbe depot groundB.
Three elegant flag poles have been
erected fronting the city hall, Hicks
house and A. York & Coi.'s.
Wm. Bradshaw, wife and family,
came over from Kaslo to visit his
brother and take in the celebration.
F. R Strohn, formerly of this city,
is now electrician for the Detroit &
California Mining Co. at Redding,
The Canadian Socialist, formerly
Citizen & Country of Toronto, is now
issued in Vancouver, in enlarged and
improved form.
Joe Wicks, late mate on the Movie.
has been transferred to the Aberdeen
on Okanagan lake. He will move
his family from here.
Thc str. Slocan is again in com
mission, having made her trial run
Friday evening. The painters are
not quite through with their job.
Tho Paystreak man's troublo is
meat for Old Whiskers of the Mining
Review. He gloats over MacAdams
and calls him a cad and a blackguard.
Thc Orange society will hold their
annual church parade nsxt Sunday,
to ths Methodist church. Rev. Bro.
Seymour preaching. The .parade
will take place in the evening.
Many of the Canadian troops in
South Africa have sailed for home,
snine starting from D rban on June
27 and others in July 2. Messrs*.
Lake, Clarko and Law, of this city,
are among the number.
The annual report of the Hudson
Bav Co. shows a profit of $1590,000 as
compared with 4*3 '0,000 in 1901, due
to higher prices obtained fur furs and
increased land sales. A dividend of
15 shillings was declared.
P. Burns & Co.have purchased this
year's output of the Conrad Circle
and Conrad Harris ranches, in Alberta, for an aggregate price of $188,-
750. Most of these animals will be
slaughtered for the British Columbia
trade, and the remainder will be
shipped to England.
Jas. Baker left on Friday for Fernie
to distribute the $3000 granted by
tho W.F. of M. to thc sufferers from
thc recent explosion. He vill remain permanently in tho organizing
field, operating from Ontario west, he
being the official representative in
Canada of the Federation.
and Angus McLean foreman, and
operations will be resumed by the
end of the month. The troubles ended, a liberal amount of money hns
been set apart for further developing
the property and no otter difficulty
is apprehended. The Iren Morse is
one of the leading propositions on
Ten Mile and has much high grade
ore exposed in the workings.
To the Ladies
of Sloean** .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, and w* have received
a fine lin* of papers from
one of the b*st firms in Canada. The prices will b*
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. W*represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of tbe people.
Slim City Hi
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident policy, with participation in profits, covering: sickness and operatiens.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
To the Public
Having opened a ihoeshopen
Delaney ave, two doors *ast
of the Arlington ofliee, wc
are prepared to de all kinds
of repair! ig. Hand Made
Shoes are our sptcialty.
Prices reason, bio.
Trail has made another commendable advancement in smelting, having successfully employed electricity
in the treatment of lead ores. It is
contended tho treatment is equally
as successful as with copper. By the
new process a large saving in expense is made, resulting in Increased
profits. The Trail works have made
a first shipment of pig lead In a commercial way to Winnipeg, being the
initial movement in what it is hoped
will prove an expansive and remunerative business.
Slocan, B.C.
Industrial nnrest is ever present
in British Columbia and it will never
subside nntil the government steps
in and enacts compulsory arbitration.
At Fernie the coal miners, hardly
recovered from the effects of the recent disastrous explosion, have struck
because the management seeks to
add to their hours of labor, and at
^New Westminster the fishermen are
out by reason of thc canneries reducing the price of fish. Theso continued disturbances aro sapping the commercial vitality of the province nnd
it is high time tho legislators gave
some heed to the matter. Anything
na antiquated hb calling out the military forces will not remedy thc evil.
i i       i ' ,"****
A number of ladies arrived in from
Rossland yesterday, to organize s
lodge of Rebeccas.
A bench warrant hns been Issued
by tho full court for the arrest of the
Payitrctth mun.
Vlalt or Kugone Daba.
Seldom bas the Music Hall held as
large a crowd as greeted Eugcae V.
Debs, thc great American labor and
Socialist leader, last Thursday oven-
ing. Standing room was at n premium, and the audience proved most
appreciative. Mr. Debs is the finest
speaker yet heard here, his delivery
being gaod, enunciation e'ear and
distinct, and his arguments to the
point and most effective. His address dealt with the situation resulting from the operation of the trusts,
presenting the contrast ol the workingman today and 50 years back.
Socialism, he claimed, was the one
true solution of tho modern social
and economic dilemma, and it was
bound to prevail. Mr. Debs made n
magnificent appeal to workingnien
to become unionized, in improve their
time by judicious reading,and to live
honorable, upright lives. His advice
was to live tot* the benefaction of the
human family, to avoid strife and
discord, and to act like men. The
speaker strongly urged the use of tlio
ballot to freo the laboring closes
of the trammels of thc corporations,
and to use It on every possible opportunity. The address was well calculated to do un immense amount of
Iroa lloraa Sattlea Up.
The news given in these columns
two weeks ago regarding the settlement of the debts on the Iron Horse
group, Ten Mile, has been confirmed,
the liquidation having been effected
at Nelson on Friday. The sheriff's
Seizure has been raised nnd the pro
pertv is now entirely free of debt.
Hy the settlement the control of the
group passes into the hands of Thos.
Noble of Pittsburg, and a new era of
development opens up for the mine.
At a meeting ofthe company Inld iii
Spokane lust week, It wus decided to
register the corporation in British
Columbia at unco and proceed to
work tho property. To this end J.
li. Trayeri was appointed manager
n AVISO purchassM and taken OTor Hill Bros.
Mill, Lumber and Tinsbor Limits for an
Knstani ••/nslicato. wc wish to sny to all who re-
qniro timbers or lumber' mouldings, ensings.
Me,, tliat wo bnvi* on hrsnil a tiuantity of good
Masoned material, and we ara prop, red to cut
to order any hills that may bo rssiuircd on the
shortest notire )„,i,i!.',.... We hope, by strict attention to business and fair ttouling, to be able
tss satisfy the rt-sjuirsunents of this tlistrict.
Trusting that wo may bo favurod with your pat-
rs>nisa*o, I am, yours truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
City Shoe Store,
Noxt to Postoflice, Slocan,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Repairing is our specialty. Miners Boots mado to order; gaod
wear and tit guaranteed. We aUo
carry tho ln.rs*eHt and best stock of
dents' and Ladies' Loots, in all
the latest styles, lients' lacrosse
and tennis shoes; t*.cntn* canvass
boots and shoes, cool »nd durable.
A line linn of 1 .adieu' heavy st.led,
widewelte-l Oxfords    America's
latest .lesion. Some s|s|einlid ram-
pies of Miners' footwear.
per annum.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
J. M. HcGIGfli *•** '•*.«-,
Provincial Land Surveyor tSc Mining
B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
SLOCAN. 13. C.
Cooperative Association,Ltd,
Slooaii, B. C.
Having opened a Store on Main Street, three doers south
of the Pestofflee, we are prepared to till all orders tor Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Flour,and anything to be found
in a first-class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in the Association for Bale at tbe par value of $10;
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid. Profits are divided
regularly, on basis of •} each to shareholder, customer,
and general account.     	
You are Invited
Loiter Mlnarnl Claim.
Situate in the Plsacan City Mining Division of tlie Went Kootenay District.
Where located:—Four miles'' up
Springer creek anil adjoining Ihe
l'ortland mineral claini on the cast.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert n.Cur-
tis, acting as agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-personal liability),
Free Miner's Certificate No. 1150957,
intend. Bixty days from the date hereof,
to apply lo the Mining Ileconlerfora ccr
tificate" of improvements, for the pur
pose of obtaining a Crown grant ol the
above claim.
And further take notice thst action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ol such certificate of
Dated this 8th day of May, 1902.
Masitsissssia Mineral Claim,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi
sion of West Kootenay District.
Where locates!:—On Ten Milecreek,
northeast of and adjoining the Noise,
vain mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Samuel 8,
Fowler,acting as agent for The Enterprise
(British Columbia) Mines; Limited, F.
M.C. No. B38777, intonil, sixty davs
from tbe dste hereof, to apply to the
Mining Uecorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of tbe above claim.
And limber take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of .such certificate of
Dated this 2f>th dav of May, 1902.
80-5-02. SAM IT EL 8. FOWLER
I'ssilliss.l Mineral Claim.
Situate iii the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located : —On tbe south sisle
of Springer creek, about four miles
from the city of Slocan,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert I).
Curtis, acting as agent for the Arlington
Mines. Limited (non-personal liability),
free miner's certificate No. B69896,
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to applv to tho Mining Uecorder for a
cet tificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
Anil further tako notico that action,
uiiiler section 37, must he commenced
before tbe issuance of sucli certificate ol
Dated this 2nd dav of June, 1002.
Murinioisnl.il   Mai} lsi.nl   Mltss-rul   Claim,
Situate in tho Slocan City milling -Jivi-
nion of West Kootenay district. Whore
located.—On Tiger creek, a brunch of
the second, north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICF that I, John Mc
Kinnon, free miner's certilicate No
■ 38381, acting for myself and for It R.
Bruce, free miner's cerllflcats No.B11097
T. G. Proctor.freo miner's s.ertilicuti* No.
B38749, intend, sixty slays from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for certificates sif Improvements, for the
purpose ssf obtaining crown grants of tha
above claims.
And further take notico thnt action,
under section 37, must ho commenced
bufore the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this 8Ht siuv of May   l')0"
(1-0-02 '     •
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shewn in Sis-
can; else all the latest designs In
Pantingt.   Remain ber,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfactieu and a perfect lit.    _____mmm
We hare added a select llae ef
Compare eur reasenable prices- rise
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 16c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and caffs attached, 75c each; Under
wear, frsm $2 a sait; California flannel underwear, $4 a sait, this line being imparted direct, by ourselves; the
best qua'itv Black Kelt Hat, Unien
label $3 60, equal te the Stetson list
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Oppeeite Thb Drill Oflee.
Star* al.e at Saadoa.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then com© to Slocan, for it ia
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Loveliness,
Room. Scenery. Health, Fishing, HuntmgaRoads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale ii
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
n. c
Sold by All Newsdealers
World's Scenic Route.
Ea#t Wert
Puralah.a Man thi* to all Iotms ol MM
and Muile a Tar* Toltim. ol ■•«, Ch.l.a
.   JhtCam**.oaltloaa by tba meat ■»■»-
;••£ .-i*"**-?"! ,.••» *''**••••• •*■•■• SSnele,
lull Vooal, half lnitrum«ntal-a. C.rwal.t.
ri.caa far flana-Onr. a Month for as
Caato. YaarW Hutsaeription, Sa.aa. Ujam
will nnd oa tht nam* and asldraaa ot Ttrm
fartormen on th. PIano or Or**an, ws will ssr-4
m a oopt of th. Haf-Udn. fr .a.
a. u.a.k.W' r*w!**t -"•"•■llas-ar,
iishth a La.u.tat... rhii.s.iahia. Pa.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ran-fe when
you can get ons ho cheap ? Thej
are prcferrable to stove-, and give
better Batlsfnotlon. These ranj-ss
burn wood or coal and will be
set up fruc.
I. J.
Lake Route
From Fort William.the faverits •nm-
mer route, te all eastern paints.
Via Soo Line
Fsr 8t. Paul, Dulath,8ault Ste.Marle
Chicaf e, etc.
EA5T ,   .    Bt
Lsavas Dunraora Jimotion daily (or a*
Paul; Kootenay Uiiding Tu*sdsy ,no
Saturday ior Toronto, Montreal, ••*-■
Lesves Rsvelstoks daily (or Sestlls •'"-
Thraa-fh boeklR*sto »#*{
Atlantic liees.   Vm^SS_S
lewest rates  frsm  nil Wg
countries    For rates and full P»
ticulars apply to local sg*ents, er
A ° P> A:.r
A,.«nt Slocan0»*7


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