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The Slocan Drill 1901-04-05

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VOL. II., No. 1.
SLOCAN,   B. C,   AP1UL   5,   1*801.
#2.00 PKU ANNUM.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Men's Furnishings
Everything of the neatest and very best
Boots and Shoes
See our Union Label Hats
Ixnv Shoes, Laced Boots, Congress, tbe
Miner's Heavy Nailed—best on the market— Ladies' and Misses', Boys' & Girls.
A good assortment to choose from.
The Nobbiest of the Season and the Best
A Gallant Cusinsllan I'hysslciun TttlU of
His Experiences ut the Frisiit—Siiv.i|{i*
T-ilB-lst Attacks—Tending ths* Wounded
I inlir IJiTiit Danger.
Appended is a most interesting letter from South Africa, written by a
young relative of Mr. and Mrs. .las.
Farrell, of this town. The writer is
a physician, who went to the front
witli the Canadian troops, ar.d afterwards re-enlisted with the Imperial
forces. That his experiences are
lively may be judged from the following:
DaLHANDTHA, Jan. 18, 1001.
Dear Friends: So much has happened since I last wrote. In realitv,
it is only seven days. Last Monday
I wrote that, I was under orders for
Dalmanntha. I intended coning
Monday evening, but for some unaccountable reason I was detained
until Tuesday morning. To give
you a full account of all that has
happened since then would take a
long time, besides tho most interesting part to vou is very painful to me.
I will just skim over and give you a
few jottings of what will be told to
you when this arrives—our night
attack at Belfast, the reality of which
no pen can truce. The most imaginative mind can never form the least
conception of what it means. There
cannot possibly be any other condition under which you would long more
for light, which seemed as though it
would never come. The night was
dark and foggy and a cold, drizzling
rain made it more disagreeable. I
w as Bleeping soundly and comfortably
in my (Sent, when 1 was awakened
with a start to lind that wo were
and I galloped back to the station,
and in a short time I was off for Dalmanntha, where I arrived safely with
few incidents of interest. I was
warmly received by the troops.
I soon had my coal off again and
to work, and by 0 p. m. had things
in order and time to take my natural
breath. No one can ever know the
strain under such circumstances.
At seven we sat down to dinner,
and 1 was just congratulating myself
on a good night's rest, when in came
a*SCOUt saying that, a large force of
Boers wen- again closing on our station. My first thought was for my
patients. 1 had them all carried out
of the tents and put in trenches,
ranking them as comfortable as pos
Sible. The men all tools the trenches
and stood to arms. AU night I lay
in a trench also, and longed for dawn.
The next night I had to take to a
trench again, but on Thursday a
train came through and '.. got all my
patients off to a place of safety. I
have slept iu thc trench rv>ry night
since, and have not undressed since
I came here. I hope to bi iieUeyedl
very ^i;n and get, hack u Belfast.
The P. M. O. went through \wr:: this J
morning ana said he would have me
relieved as early as possible.
Things are in a very bad shape in
this part of the province at present.
be erected. Haifa carload of rich
ore is piled up on the dump, but it
will not be shipped for a while,
though it was thought a car would
have been sent out in March. The
Vancouver folk have become convinced that they have a mine and
they intend to work it.
Shocking Ai'ilils-nt Ht tin* Chaislcuu Mine
un Frlsl uy T.aat.
The most shocking affair in the
history of the camp occurred at the
Chapleau mine early Friday evening. Mrs. Geo. Bour, wife of the
storekeeper at the mine, was the victim, and she lost her life by being
burned to death. She was subject
to epileptic tits and it was while in
one of these that the accident occurred. At the time she was preparing
the evening meal for her husband
and was in the house alone. Judging
from appearances, she  was  frying
Itussslaiid Operator*   lasuo   a
ilissir Kiii;ili>s. i's's.
Papsir   to
W. T. Shatford & Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview. and Camp McKiuney, B. C.
"Victoria, Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Was ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
.uA.:r li ngt on
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public, lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
completely surrounded by a bout 10001
or2000of the enemy. There was,
one of the most terrible rifle tires rag-1
ing 1 have ever heard--a perfect
torrent of lead was coming from j
every direction, from whom or from
where 1 knew not.   1 got Into mv
Clothes .'is quickly as 1 could without
lighting a e ndle,   and  gut. outside
The noise was terrific.     Men  were I
running, horsemen living, regimentsI
on the double in every direction, and
It was so dark  one couiti   not tell |
whether it was enemy   or   friend.
Still the fire kept up without interval.
Loud  and  prolonged   shouts   and
cheers could    Iw   heard  above the
cracking of the. musketry.
For two long hours this kept on;
two of the longest hours 1 ever us**
perisuced. In a momentary lull one
could hear the poor victims crying
for help, which was being rendered
as far as possible.
As dawn approached the Boere
lied. I shall never forget that held
when day broke to show in its awful
reality what had been done.  Thirty-
The following address has been issued to the miners at Rossland by
the mine owners:
"It being a matter of common report that a certain element in the
Rossland Miners' Union is insisting
j upon the abrogation ofthe settlement
' that was entered into a year ago at
tne instance of Messrs.  B. C. Clute
at)d Ralph Smith, we think it only
1 right to till concerned that we should
state at the earliest opportunity offered, that If ativ action is taken by
th;' Miners'   union   looking   to   a
I change in tlie existing labor comll-
Last Tear's Shipments Worst 8847 Tons-*
A Healthy Eviilenro of ths* T.lfo uml
Wtsultis of tilts lump Arllisgtsin tlio
IliKKs-t Shipper.
Two properties figure in the shipping list for thc week, with a total of
100 tons.   Of this amount 20 tons waa
from the Black Prince, which raises
its figures to 80 tons, making its total
for the year e'en greater than for
IOOO.   It   has   another  car  almost
ready to go out.   Eighty tons was
sent out by the Arlington, bringing
its total  for tho vear to over 1309
tons.   The reason for this increase is
that the cars are loaded in bulk and
and are found to be heavier than es-
saratogii chips and the boiling fat I timated when checked  up   at  the
mu<**, have caught fire and spilt over smelter. The Arlington is tho second
on tn her.   Her husband, Btdng the! heaviest shipper in the Slocan, whilo
rushed in, and found his wife this year's figures are but a snort
year's banner
blaze, rushed in, and found his wife
in flames and the house on fire.
Others coming in at. once, the poor
woman was removed outside, and her
this year'
distance behind last
outpnt.   Altogether the exports for
the vear from the division amounts
burning clothes smothered out and j to 1m?> tons.
then the flames in the hous3 extin- i    last year the exports from this di-
guished. j vision amounted to 2847 tons, made
Mrs. Hour was tenderly taken into up Horn 10 properties.    Following is
the house again and the smouldering
portions of her clothing cut away,
a list ot the shipments this \ ear to
int the flesh was seen to be burned
almost to a crisp. II. Davidson came
into town for medical assistance, Dr.
FoiinandJ.H. Skinner, going up.
They wee too late, however, in arriving, as the poor woman had
expired at 8 o'clock, two hours after K spfeau.
the accident. It was a fortunate| "ipWulator
circumstance that the victim was ir
an unconscious state throughout, |
never realizing the terrible injuricoi
she had endured.
Mr. and Mrs. Bour were both from
Paris, France, the. latter being unable
to speak English.    She was only 22'
years of age and left no family.  The!
remains were interred here Sunday, i
Hev. A. E. Roberto officiating.   The!
Arlington      80
Two Friends	
Hlack Prince      20
The Marion, at New Denver,
resumed operations.
Ore shipments from theSlocan camp
are close to 8000 tons to date.
tior.s in this camp,  we,  the under ,      ,    .       ,.        .,,.,,,
signed, wil! havo no alternative  but ''ineral took place Irom V. J).  Hob
to Close down our mini's and  re-open
ertson's undertaking establishment.
Dr  Forin, as coroner, made full !•»■
ooiry into the affair arid deemed
inquest unnecessary.
only under a reduced scale of wages.
"Tlie .iccnniulated burdens that
have been Imposed npon thu mining
Industry in this province aro already
heavy to bear, and if these burdt. s
are increased it will be impossible to
operate these mines on a bu.iness
"We have been Struggling for a
long time past, to put these mines on
tl paying basis, and have been de-
vibing till manner of ways and means
for the accomplishment of this end
without resorting to the reduction ofl F0W  Nettie Hull.
Fourth  ('lass - Wonetta Tipping,
It is understood a deal is in progress
foe property near the Arlington.
Several outfits wore looking  for
and hiring men during the week.
K. Mourgues has been appointed attorney for the Chapleau Mining Co.
More ore is coming into the winze.
Following is the standing of the I at the Iron Horse, with practically no
pupils in thc various division-  a the i zxnc-
publ c school for last month: I    J.   McKinnon's   interest   in   thc
First Division-.—Third Junior— Hamijton grottp is to be sold by the
Fanny Robertson,   Mabel Hall,   Leei •-••■ellrt on *W» "•
Hall |    The owners of the Hartney, New
Third   Senior—(icrtie   Foley,   C.|Denver, received another payment
'Consequently, any further trouble
I or expense to tho companies at this
Mime will leave no alternative but to
i abandon our effort to maintain wages
! at the old standard and we will be
j'j   'compelled to adopt the long oonsld-
eight brave, fellows lay saturated in        ,   , ,
blood seriously wounded, some dying, i ?rt& l'lan ,of reducinflf miners wages
and fifteen already dead. I thanked ! * •? >"!I' d'v>'- ■"*£ ****** '">'• un-
God that ray own boys were gone. sWUed surface labor to «2 per day.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Sit. mil Personal Haiieiit of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
•that runs into the Town.
Do not jjo (past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
It was hard enough to attend tiiese
poor fellows, all pleading at tlie same
time for help. We had our work cut
out, but by 1:80 p. ni. we had all as
comfortable as they could be under
the circumstances. They were the
most horrible lot of wounds I have
ever seen in all the war. The enemy
are all using expansion bullets or
large guns.
It was the most dating thing the.
Hoers had done since the war began.
Thev rushed our pickets and charged
into the tranches with the men lighting hand to hand, and howling all
the time. It was not a onesided
game, however. They got the worst
of it all along. At Belfast alone they
had over eighty killed and a great
many wounded. The Hod's attacked
atthe same timo Han, Nooitgcdacht,
Wildfonteiii, Wonderfoutein, Belfast,
Dalmanntha, Water vaal, Boven and
Machadodorp. They are, very strong
in this locality yet. Thcro were not
any large guns used at Belfast.
While we were in the thick of the
fight a telegram Dame that the British were attacked at Dalmanntha,
two being killed, five seriously
wounded and the doctor in a serious
condition, 1 at once volunteered to
go when 1 heard it, as the last patient
In Belfast had been dressed, ll was
then l.BOp, in., and I had not had a
bite to ell since the day before, We
all went to lunch and discuss what
had been done. I olb red to take mv
horse and run the ropes -thc place
i. as only ten miles distant. This
they would not hear of however, as
the place was lined with Boers.
As soon as lunch was over I got my
horse, and went, over to the station.
The station master told nie it. was
out of nil reason to think of sending
a car through. Boers were all along
the line and it was not known
whether the track had been blown
up or not. I galloped back to the
geiu'i'al and got a written order to
the station master to send a Special
with me at once to Daluninuiha. 1
then reported to the 8, M. 0,, Belfast,
'•Le  Km Mining Co.,IiTD.
"Lb Hoi No. 2, Ltd.
"Rossland  (iur.AT  Western,
"Kootenay Mixing Co., Ltd.
on their boutl this week.
Operations on an extended scale
will be conducted at the U. & I.
group, Ten Mile, this season.
Reports from the Black I'rince state,
that property has a great showing of
ort, and never looked better.
It is reported that four feet of galena has been struck in the No. i
jarac with an increased  iorce.    Dur ■ drift on the Kraily I.:dit|,i Foni. Mitc-
Ing the last few months nothing was i
Alma  Ross and   Hazel Wichmann,
equal, Edna McVicar.
Fifth Class -Russel Robertson, P. j
Lavell, Jessie Tipping.
Ttllllltl'HI* til    Kl'iSllllie,
Work is to be resumed at the Tarn-
done bv J.   Holden,  who held the
bond on the property.   Recently his
company, composed of Portland men,
By BeRNABDMacdONALD.G.M. I has been reorganized, and now new
"Wm; D.Co., Ltd. i vigor will be infused into the  de-
"( Ikntre Stab Mnm-ra Co., Ltd. I veiopment of the Tamarac,   a force
"Bv Edmund B. Kirky, G. M." j of men is to be put on to straighten
Recently notices were posted at the | up the tunnels.    Kails are to be  laid
mines by tie  managers,   forbidding  and cars put in, thereby greatly tx-
officers ofthe Union to go on to any pedltfng matters.   New bunkhonses
of tlie properties, otherwise  proSPOU    are to  be erected and preparations
lions for trespass weald follow.  This1 made for employing a large
action caused a certain amount of | throughout the ensuing season.
feel Ing among the men, but It is hoped' operation of tbeTamarac will he
all differences will be settled. ' things on Springer creek
J. Aitchison and partners have relinquished their lease on the Slocau
Chief, owing to the danger of snow-
The Arlington is crowding the
Hayne pretty close for the position
of leading shipper of thc .Slocan
I p out j
Puiltllllll (lull 11   u.siil/ril.
Republic I'si>niiiii Minis.
A meeting of football enthusiasts     D. Sutherland mid T. Montgomery,
was held in A. David's tailor shop on', owners of tl,e  Kel'ublic group,  re-
Saturday night, foi the purpose of eelved tbe welcome intelligence dur-
organising a  club for the ensuing | ing the week that the first   payment
season.    There  was ii good attendance and things went with a vim,
The officers elected ws-re: President,
Thos. Lake; general manager, A. K
Teeter; captain, .1. Pinchbeck; seen
tarv treasurer, ll. Cleve, . .
forms were decided on of red caps,; arranging matters with his company.
white sweaters and blue pants. A I The Republic is to be systematically
membership list has been opened and : and extensively developed this sum
being  i'reelv  signed,   among the ! mer, resulting In  untold  benefit to
that, promising section ol the camp
and the town in general, as it is only
two miles distant.
Word down Irom the Black Prince
says that property continues to look
most promising, there being a large
force j imiount of ore in sight.
The | , . .   . .
Thos- .lames la occupying a bed in
the hospital, as the result of a cave-in
at the Arlington on Saturday morning. l!e is suffering from internal
injuries and is enduring much pain.
Corrected figures of the Arlington
shipments are In excess of 1300 tons
up to Thursday last, since January
1, and making the exports for the
vear from thc division close to l,r**X>
| of liosssiand.'took the. bond   on th
Ciubunl- Republloand hole now in the east
signers being many good players.
The grounds are being   put into tine
shane and practice started. The club
will enter into the Sloean league, If
formed, and they are open  to any
V. .'.  H, mi On1 Musi'.
As a result, ofthe recent inspection
and  report  on the V. & M. group,
I Twelve Mile,  by B.   II.   Little,   ol
PeaohlandSi the Vancouver  share
! holders have  decided  Upon  a   pro
The  committee  ef the W. C. T.
II. Reading Room wish to state that,
as they had only lnadoarrangiincuts
for literature, etc.,  for six months, j
they were compelled to close   the
room On April   1st for the summer
months.     They  hope,   however,   in
the fall to reopen a  reading  room]
('extensive developments, 1 better equipped,   it  possible,   and in1
On Saturday seven men were sent up more comfortable quarters.    Many
to dear out the trail, get iu supplies thanks are duo those who havo kindly
and iix up around the mine.    Later contributed towards the expenses of
on new bunk houses and sheds will the room during the winict
ma been mado on the bond recently
i-iven on that property.   The balance jt0"8-
f this money falls due on May 1 and I    The   district   convention   ofthe
will !)■ promptly met.   C. Dempster,   Miners' 1'nion was held this week at
Nelson. ,las. Baker and Joe Pur-
viance were tho delegates from the
local Union and C. M. Nesbit Irom
New Denver.
Appended is a oomplf*te*lia*1 ol thp various records registered at tho local registry office, H. P. Christie Iteing mining
recoil Ier:
>Ur 2*3—CultUS, Ten Mile, 1. Lumen.
26 -Lamms, Codarcreek, .1 Dsarin,
Mar 28—Trenton,
ItullilliiK   Itsmlll   Aiissisillls'i*liii'lll.
"9*—Hampton, Ethel K, Pluni-cr,
•'us* uml Rainbow, notico of ssh«r
ifi'ts Muutre snd sals oi J MoKlnnon'si
Interest In same.
i IRTtMCA 11 01   ltl**BOVIHa***Ta
Min- 28   Trenton
'      i ;■■
s.-ss.-srsri>sSfSiii.i lasssusssssi-' ,h.
I     ' 1" • *
■ -I ■Tl
■ i ri
f *•'
1    till
1       nS
'*■ »'•'
1       wf
1       «l
i    s i i
We'U begin with s box. nmt the plural 1* boxes.
But ths* plural ol ox sliould be oxen, not oxes.
Tli.-u one fowl In goon*, but two are called gceso,
Vet the plural of mouse should never be meese,
You may find a lone mouse or a whole nest ol
But the plural ol house Ib houses, not hlce.
11 the plural ol man Is always called men,
Why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pent
The cow in the plural may he cows or kiiie,
But the plural ol vow is vow9, not vine.
And 11 I speak of a loot, and you show me your
And I give you a boot, would a pair be called
If one is a tooth and a whole lot are teeth.
Why   shouldn't  the  plural  of   booth  be  called
II the singular's this and the plural is these,
Should the plursl of kiss be nlcknsmed keeset
Then one may be that, snd three would he those,
Vet hat In a plural would never be hose.
We speak of a brother and also of brctlircn,
But, though wc say mother, we never say rnethren.
Then masculine pronouns are he, his and him.
But imagine the feminine—she, shls and shim!
So the English, I think, you all will agree,
la the moat wonderful language you ever did tea.
—Penny Pictorial Magazine.
.By M. Quad.
cormiQUT. 1000, sjt 0, a lewis.
For five years I had been the keeper
or the elephant Jamrock. In summer
we traveled with the circus, and ia
wiulcr we either had quarters on a
farm Or lu some zoological garden.
Jainrock hud taken to me from the
first, but you must know that an elephant is as capricious as a woman. Por
a month at a time the big beast would
be as humble as a kitten and as loving
as a child, and then all of a sudden he
would pout and sulk and perhaps seek
to do injury. There were two weeks
In every year when I actually feared
him. Prom the 1st to the 15th of February he bad thc temper of a devIL
During this Interval he was securely
chained and every precaution taken
when approaching him. He would
stand for hours swinging bis head to
right and left, and then suddenly
scream out In a way to make you chill.
It would have beeu as much as my life
was worth to have got within reach of
his trunk. These spells always lasted
two weeks, ond then Jamrock was bis
old self again and under complete control.
When a circus goes Into winter quarters on a farm, what is known as the
ntiiiiinl staff must be retained. Each
elephant's keeper, tbe man in charge
or the various wild beasts, the herders
of ibe camels, buffaloes, zebras, rhl-
noceroses, etc., are kept on half salary.
These people make up a colony of 25 or
no. and It Is generally a happy family,
iti this fifth year of my keepershlp of
.Inmrock 1 was In love with little Zara,
the tightrope performer. She was the
daughter of Professor Irwin, the lion
tamer, and be frankly told me that he
favored my suit I was a young man
of good character, had fair prospects
abend, and I had reason to believe that
/tiro returned my love. Tblugs between us would have been settled before we took tbe road again but for her
spirit of deviltry. While she was not
.a flirt she was more or less ot a coquette. Every good looking girl Is, for
thnt matter, but here was one who received the praise and applause of hundreds of thousands, and, while she had
not been spoiled, sbe had come to think
pretty well of herself. When "tbe tiger man" came, she set out to maks
uie jealous und have a quarrel or tw*
before surrendering ber rights. This
tiger man was named Norton. He bad
a cage or three performing tigers, and
he joined us In winter quarters about
Feb. 1 to get ready for the spring open-
lug. He was u uinii of 30, rather good
looking and well tlxed financially, and
I will do blm the justice to say that It
was no flirtation on his part He fell
In love with Kara, and when she seemed to encourage him be was clean gone.
He soon discovered that I bad claims,
and there was open enmity between us
It was not my fault. While 1 felt a
little sulky over tbe girl's conduct I
did not doubt her loyalty to me and
pursued tbo even tenor of my way. It
was Norton who at once became In-
sanely jealous of me. He was a man
or violent temper, nnd It wasn't three
days before we quarreled. This pleased nnd amused Zara, nnd none of ths
rest of the staff regarded It as a serious
The iiiiltnnl quarters were In on*
great house, divided off by half way
partitions. At the east end of tbe building en tne .In in roc I: first of all. and just
over tbe partition was the cnge of th*
three tigers. There were alleys running north nnd south and east and
west, and once n beast got loose he
could wander over the whole floor.
sly elephant bad bis annual mad fit on,
nnd lit* was sicured to tbe floor by four
dmlus. I slept lu a rough bunk 40
reel do wo the alley, so its to be on band
should he try to brink away. There
bud been only the one quarrel between
Norton a ml I. nud no blows hnd been
struck lu Hint. He had exhibited a
fierce temper, but bad not threatened
my life. As wc went about our duties
we passed uud repussed each other,
but there bad been no more words. On
the night of the 0th of February, after
a day's anxiety over Jamrock, who was
unusually ugly, I turned luto my buuk
and after a time fell asleep. I had
slept three hours when awakened by
a clutch at my throat, and as soon as
I opened my eyes I found Norton bending over me. He had a grasp on my
throat with both hands, and his Intentions were to strangle me. We were
pretty evenly matched as to strength,
and though he had taken me unawares
desperation helped me to break his
clutch aud throw him off. As I flung
him clear of me he drew a knife. I
had no weapon, and was crowded Into
a narrow bunk, but I used my pillow
as a shield and he burled his knife into
It several times as he struck at me.
At thc cud of two mluutes I knew
that I must have help or lose my life.
We were alone In the great shed, and
niter the choklug I had received ray
voice would not carry across the building. In the dim light I saw that Jam-
rock was watching us, and that his
eyes were ablaze. I hnd no hope that
he could break his chains, nnd I knew
that he would kill us both If he did, but
yet 1 called out to hlin. He auswered
with n scream, and throwing all his
weight on the chains he snapped them
as If they hnd beeu old clotheslines
and came dashlug down the alley. The
tiger mnn was thrusting at me and
cursiug below bis breath, and the point
or his knife hnd drawn blood three or
four times. As he heard the beast coming he turned to look, but be had no
time to escape. With a sweep of hi*
trunk Jamrock knocked him down, and
then lifting him up again the body
was battered against the beams right
aud left until it was reduced to pulp.
I did not try to leave the bunk, being
almost helpless, and hoped the elephant would go away after a bit. When
he had given the body a fling down the
alley, he picked me out of my buuk and
carried me back to bis stall. I expected death, but he let nie down on the
straw with enre aud stood over me. I
remained quiet for 15 minutes and then
tried to creep away, but Jamrock
brought me back so roughly tbat I
dared not try It again.
It was morning before any one came
to us, and you may be sure there was
great excitement. It was Znra who
finally approached the elephant with
food and districted bis attention while
I got away, and inter on we opened the
doors and let him out into a field
where he could do no more damage.
It was an affulr that never reached the
newspnpers, and two weeks after the
Incident a weddiug was quietly celebrated In our quarters. Why Jamrock,
who hnd often tried to kill me when
bis fit was on. sliould hi. ve spared me
on this occasion bas always been a
puzzle to me. Perhaps the oue victim
took the edge off bis temper, or It may
be that be remembered our long fit. ud-
shlp and conquered his desire to slay.
Be It as It may, I mourned him almost
as a brother When be was killed In a
railway accident tbe following year.
Keep Up With the Time*.
One should be familiar with tbe current news of tbe duy and tbe topics
occupying public attention, with tbe
names and authors of new books, and
be able to say something worth bearing about what oue has read and heard.
Many get no further In speaking of a
book than it Is dull or Interesting.
Others give It few words tbat seem
to be Its central Idea, Its characteristics, the time aud scene of Its action,
quoting perhaps some sentiment that
has Impressed or witticism that bas
True culture carries with It an atmosphere of breadth—tbe world and
not tbe village. A woman lacking It
was sold to betray by ber conversation
a mind of uarrow compass, bounded
on the north by her servants, on tbe
east by ber children, on the south by
her ailments and on tbe west by ber
Tbe mind grows shallow when occupied perpetually with trivialities. A
course of solid reading Is a good tonic.
When Ignorant of cur Ignorance, we do
not know when we betray ourselves.—
Philadelphia Press.
Mushroom Culture by Anta.
In Tbe American Naturalist Professor Wheeler describes a genus of Insect living commcnsally with certain
ants. Tbe general reader will, however, be specially interested In the so
called "mushroom gardens" formed by
tbe nuts In question. It appears that
they cut and transport Into their subterranean cellars large pieces of leaves,
which are there divided Into smaller
fragments and ultimately reduced lo
a fine pulp. "This pulp is heaped up
and soon becomes Invaded by tlie mycelium of a fungus. Tbe mycelium Is
kept nseptlcnlly clerfn—I. e., free from
nil species of fungi and even from
bacteria—and Induced to grow In an
abnormal way by bringing forth minute swellings which constitute the only
food or the nnt colony. Moller likens
these swellings to the 'kohlrabi' of the
Herman kitchen gnrdens."—Nature.
Odd Death Certificates.
Certificates of death nre not documents where one usunlly seeks for humor, but there Ib rrequently to be found
In them much of the unconscious variety. Here, for Instance, Is how the
cnuse or dentb Is stated In the ense of
n Inborer:
"Died from Injuries received through
a bull nccldentnlly kneeling on his
chest." Thc consideration shown for
thi' feelings of the bull Is a fine touch
nut) suggests grave questions on the
moral responsibility of the lower rul-
Again, a man Is stated to have "died
from the effects of injuries received
lifter being run over by n rallwny train
In motion, owing to a mlsunderstntiding between deceased and an engine
driver." This description of n ratliet
ordinary railway casualty Is excellent
The streets are full ot human t*,ys,
Wound up for threescore jeans;
Their springs are hungers, hopes and Joyi jealouaics and fears.
They move their eyes, theii lips, their hand*:
They are marvelouily dressed,
And here my body stirs or stands,
A plaything like lhe rest.
The toys are played with till tlisy fall,
Worn out und thrown away.
Why were they ever made at all"
Who sits to watch the play?
—Edmund Gosse.
o AoAo Ao a.o a\o a\o 0A0 Ao Ao Ao Ao Ac
-4 t*
^ * ft N £
-4 How an Eccentric Belle >
2      Exposed tho Motives      °
0 of Her Suitors. o
< P
When the following appeared In the
columns of the dully newspnpers, society experienced an absolutely new
seusntion. People who hadn't known
the Inte Elennor Stevens immediately
began to Inquire Into the history of the
woman whose name was coupled with
so singular an announcement, nnd people who had known Elennor Stevens
forthwith revived long lists of her curious fads nnd fancies, concluding always with the'declaration:
"Well. It's just whut you might expect from Eleanor Stevens."
Personal.—The rejected suitors of the Iste Mine
Eleanor Slevcns may hear something to their ad
vantage by communicating with Willard Pratt,
solicitor. 408 sTheapside, K. C
Now, Eleanor Stevens bad been by
no means either the crotchety old maid
or the rattle brained young one tbat
these remarks might Imply. On the
contrary, she hn:i been a rarely charming and gifted young woman, well born,
well bred, the heiress of a fortune—In
fact, the possessor of beauty, brains
end mouey sufficient to equip half a
dozen so culled society belles. But In
spite of these endowments—or, perhaps,
because of them—Eleanor Stevens hnd
been an eccentric, nnd with every year
since her debut her eccentricity bad become more marked. At times, for example, sbe would dance and golf, attend teas and talk small talk to eligible
young meu with a persistency aud success that made her for the time tbe sun
of society's solar system.
Then suddenly aud with no excuse
whatever, she would withdraw herself,
refuse all invitations aud spend a
month or more In studying Buddhism
or In inquiring Into the condition of the
poor In great cities.
As to her suitors, the most remarkable reports hnd existed concerning
Miss Stevens' treatment or those
gentlemen. It had been sold by some
that each In turn underwent a period
of suspense buug. like Mohammed's
coffin, between earth und heaven, at
the end of which time be was always
lowered to tbe former element by M Iss
Stevens' unqualified refusal. Certain
malicious rivals bad even claimed that
at times these proposals were so numerous that Miss Stevens used printed
forms of rejection, like those .;ent by
publishers with rejected manuscripts,
with space left blank for the Dame and
In the end society had concluded to
accept tbe girl's vagaries as simply
"Eleanor Stevens' way."
And this formula had been made to
cover a multitude of oddities, ranging
from the wearing of large bnts when
small ones were tbe fashion to Miss
Stevens' sudden ond mysterious departure for the continent exnetly two
days after she had taken apartments
for the summer with a party of friends
at a south coast watering place. Indeed, when, six mouths after ber abrupt departure, the notice came of the
young heiress' sudden dentb—unattended, except by her innid uud companion
—in some obscure village In the Black
forest, even ber friends could find uo
phrase that so well expressed their
shocked surprise as:
"Well, that was Just like Eleanor
Stevens. She couldn't even die like
other people!"
And now, following upon the news of
ner strange death, had appeared this
still stranger notice.
Eleanor Stevens' rejected suitors!
Who were they? Would tbey present
themselves according to directions?
What were the ndvuuiages they would
gain by so doing?
To tbe lust or these questions the
public had uot long to wait 'or an answer. Three days after the extraordinary "personal" had made Its appear
ance the announcement was made that
Eleanor Stevens hnd left a will nud
thnt this will hnd been proved.
Before this news was 12 hours old
the sensation caused by tbe ndvertlse-
ment wns completely overshadowed by
thnt produced by the following clause,
with which It wns discovered the will
"To ench one of my rejected suitors
1 give nnd bequeath £5.000. to be ptild
subject to certain sealed conditions ex-
ai'tly one year from my death In tbe library of my residence. In Beech wood
street. Relgrnvln."
Meanwhile Wlllnrd Pratt wns deriving from the administration' of Miss
Stevens' will the keenest enjoyment of
his long and varied legal career. Being n shrewd reader of cbnrncter am)
possessed of a large fund of humor, he
had vastly enjoyed being Interviewed
\, (be claimants or the clnlmants'
friends, aud, though they hnd got nothing out of hlin, he hud, on the other
bund, got a grent renl out or them. As
one nfter another left hlin the keen Jurist Invnrlnbly chuckled to blmssif:
"Smnrt girl to reruso him. He wns
nfter the money; Hint's plain. But
wbat In the tin me of all that's holy
masle her give blm £6,000 now?"
But his enjoyment reached Its culminating point when. Just one week before the day npoolnted for tbe settle
ment of tne will, society wns again
startled by this notice In ihe dally papers:
To Whole, lt May Concern.—Tha rejected uuttorj
of Miss Eleanor Stevens are requested t" meet at
her late residence In neechwood street, Belgravla,
on Monday, the gist inst., at 10 o'clock a. m.,
with Kierenco to the legacies due to them under
her vtilL Willard Pratt, Fscecutor.
"* think that will reawaken popular
Inter"Hi." said thc old lawyer dryly.
And so it did. Seven days Inter,
when the hour appointed I'or tie reception of Miss Stevens' rejected suitors
drew near, tbe streets In the vicinity ol
her late residence were lined with an
eager multitude of men nnd women.
As tlie hour drew nenr in which they
were to stand confessed as members of
Miss Eleanor's "army of martyrs" several of the intended claimants had
found themselves weakening In tbeli
resolve. Those, for Instance, who had
'"Stifled their clnlm solely on the
ground of nn admiration felt, but nevei
expressed,, saw their courage oozing ns
the c-denl approached. Others, whe
tret* burning Incense at new shrines,
seriously considered renouncing a claim
that would decidedly complicate theii
■.resent prospects.
It was a question whether pride oi
profit would wlu the day. In the end,
however, the love of gold won.
When Mr. Pratt entered the library
of Miss Stevens' Inte residence at IC
o'clock on this eventful morning, he
found the room crowded with n body
of men clnd in mourning garb nnd solemnly wnitlug In various stages of uneasiness for the approach of the long
expected moment.
As the lawyer silently took his scnl
behind n baize covered table the troubled faces grew visibly more troubled,
nnd us be produced sundry Importatii
looking documents and laid them ou
the table each countenance was stamped with mingled emotions, enger ex-
pectnncy in uinny enses being linked
with shame nnd avarice.
"Gentlemen." begnn tbe olsl lawyer,
"I must trouble each of you to give tue
In writing n concise statement of tbe
time, place nnd clrcumstnuces attending your several offers nnd reject Ions,
In order thnt I mny have documentary
proof thnt you nre entitled to the legacies left yon by tbe terms of Miss
Stevens' wil
"Doeuniemaiy proof!"
At those unexpected words tbe emotion thnt marked the faces of tbe
strange assembly changed to unmistakable concern. Was this some disagreeable Joke? No. Tbe old lawyer
waited with unmoved fnce ror tbe ful-
fillment of his demand. There wns a
momentary hesitntiou. Then, filing up
in due order, the applicants, one by
one. seated themselves nt tbe table before tbe old attorney and wrote the
account demanded.
As tbe last statement was signed tbe
portieres of tbe library were suddenly
drawn bnck nnd n tall, heavily vcib'd
figure advanced slowly Into the midille
or tbe room. Then, as sbe raised her
band and drew back the thick gauze
that masked her race a cry or terror
echoed through the house.
Tlie woman wns Eleanor Stevens!
"Wnlt." she commanded. "Don't be
alarmed—1 am uo ghost. The Miss
Stevens who died a year ago In »lo
Black tot est was not the Miss Stevens
whose loss you are so deeply mourning.
"By a stupid blunder or tbe peasants
with whom I was staying nu exchange
of names occurred between myself nnd
an Invalid girl whom I had befriended,
so tbat when she died ber death certificate wns "Issued under the nnue of
Elennor Stevens.
"Some weeks earlier 1 hnd been Influenced by daily contnet with one
whose life wns fading rapidly away
to draw up my will lu legal form nusj
to send It borne lo my lawyer.
"When 1 left so suildenly for the continent a year and n half ago It was because or n conversation overboard between several or my seeming admirers
which changed all my Ideas or manly
chivalry In affairs of the heart, and
which drove me abroad, as I supposed,
for ever.
"It wns that blundering exchnnge of
nnmes that hns given me the opportunity of meeting you under these interesting circumstances.
"Now, gentlemen, my will. In which
you have shown so deep nn Interest,
stipulates that each of my rejected
suitors shall receive £5,000 after my
death. Thot bequest will be carried
out to tbe letter when I am really dead.
"In the meantime I would gladly
read your documentary proofs, but ns
I hnve never in all my life n*Ji*e*i'd
but two suitors, nnd ns one or lliesn
died six months ago, and tlie other is
not here today. I shall be obliged to lifer you to my lawyer."
And with n sweeping courtesy Miss
Stevens withdrew from the room.—Hi-
Baptist Flat*.
"Down In the south," remarked a
man at one of tbe clulm-. "there exists
more of n religious atmosphere than
there Is here In the norlb. So most of
tne stories they tell have a sectarian
flavor to them. Oue that I heard
while In Charleston was entirely new
to me, and It n| pciircil to be so In the
circle of gentlemen where I heard It.
It ran this way: A dignified old gentleman stood on one of Ihe city wharfs
winching un old darky who wus
Ing. No word passed between then:
until the slinky landed n good sized
fish. This wns unhooked, und there
was a look of disgust on thu face or the
fishermen as be threw tbe (Isb back
Into the water.
"'Why did you throw thnt fish back
Into the water Instead or keeping him,
uncle?' queried tlie onlooker.
" 'He no good, mussn.'
"'What kind nf a lish was it?'
"•We calls 'em Buptlst fish, sob.'
•"And why Baptist lish. uticle?'
" 'Ah couldn't say fo' sure, massa. but
Ab spools It's bekasu dey spiles soon as
yon gets 'em outeu de water!'"-Cincinnati Enquirer.
Pmot lee For Tiro.
Young Doctor—Oongrntulflto me! I've
Just been called to attend my first patient!
Young Lawyer—(iltid to hoar It! P>ut
hadn't you better take me along'/ Pep
lunsj be'd better make bis_will!— Fioh.
'      '. .1. s I I'.
now." I '.if SttoVft'-
is...    ... ,1. I .
"I win ask j'Oii
"I  will ns!: jot now.    Lie •)it<*"n
rot' the prOSel'IltIon Hfl!tl l!) '.! e v" \n>-
"if tin* di'feuiliiut In iliis i*n.-e ivtif *■-
ed to you his imuivo In kVi'iuH us i'i
"llohl on!" Interpbwd llu- Bitnin j
for the defense.   "| object!"
"I only want in lind siut  wiioHll't*'-
"l niiji'i't." (Legal wiiMiBle if hill,
an Itrltir.i
"The witness may answer." ruin'
the jltdge.
"Now. then. sir. I will ask yo'i iigaln
Dhl or slid not the pilsuni; run I ss i
you his luotlvt' iu tsuyotllt;' Hie i! ecu
"Hi- did."
"What was it'."
"He wants'sl io kill hsin ".- !'.':!g.
An I sirvs-n Ciinli-ist.
"They hinl n lively boxing match ut
Spll;its*r's the other night."
"How wus that':"
"Splinter entne Inline Inte, nnd ns !*s
passed through tbe linll his wife's tall
est palm touched him on the cheek
Splinter was in an excited com! I tion
U...I thought It was siiuii'liiiily'i Uugol's
So lie struck out wildly with both Qstf
and succeeded In knocking over two
pallid aad severely bijuiptiij bis oivr
bessl "
"Hi I s-by do ycu cf.V. it fl boxing
mnts r»V"
"Because Splinter put np his knuckles against bis w"u's palms."
The Inevitable*.
Wife—We have boon In the neighborhood uojv for six months anil uo one
has railed.
Husband—Well, whnt nre you golnj;
to do about ll?
"1 dou't know but we shall hnve »o
put lu a telephone"—Detroit Free
A Fellow I'Vcllntr.
Harvard Ilnsben— Yes. I'm always
Interested In perpetual motion IdeaB. I
like 'em.
Tntterdon Tome--Tot do? Whnt fur?
Harvard Hoaben—Tb»"" never work.
-Philadelphia Press.
She husj In-fore me from a strap
When I awoke Irom out a nap
Ai. I saw IsS'l lliere,
litis* gnve me s reproachful -enre
From 's.csih a wild snsl perfumei]
Ol irolden I ia Ir.
I quicU'.y hiuml,I. si to my feet
And ulti'ii'sl her Ilie vsrnnt scst,
Willi how ami imfle,
She ils' me Willi a little I lush;
lt snuile my rirrulation rush;
I raised my tile.
The sar mi very full that slay;
Upon a sirsp I lisd to swsy
lletore Ilie snslsl.
And ss we ruslud about s curvt
Su very i line I had to swerve
: felt afraid.
And tlsen this vision of delight,
6o sweet, su radiant snd bright,
Drew her wrip
And left a spare ti.'xlde her free
For—no, you're wrong; 'twas not for i
another cuapl
The Brlsjht aide.
Limping Lazarus-1 don't see whut
you've got to be thankful fur. Ye
hain't bad notbln to drink fur four
Tuffold Knutt-I ain't quite as thirsty as I glner'ly am this time o' day.—
Chicago Tribune.
Thought to IlrisiB Good I.nek to
Theii   Clilneac Owners,
It Is the desire of every Chinaman's
heart to possess a pair of magic bracelets. Arm rings or bracelets are
thought n grent denl of In the Celestial
empire, the custom of wearing them
having beeu handed down from time
Immemorial. Usually made of jade
stone, the Chinese arm ting of todny
Is of one invariable shape. It looks
like a large martingnle.
The Chinese word for jade Is ngook-
seu nnd for Jade arm ring or bracelet
ngook-nk. The custom In China Is to
place the bracelet on a young man's
arm just before the hand stops growing. A tight fit is usually secured, nud
once placed the amulet nnu rlug Is
worn throughout lire. At death, ir the
bracelet has proved a lucky oue nnd
ir there Is a sou whom It will fit. the
boues lu the old man's bnnd are broken nud the brncelet removed.
Many nre tbe marvelous tnles told
by the Chinese or the wonderful quail-
ties these amulets possess. There Is a
tradition thnt a certnln Chinese emperor who wns stricken with paralysis wore upon his forearm a magic
bracelet, which kept life In thnt member for many months nud allowed blm
to make known his desires nud decreed
by writing. At Inst, when death
claimed the emperor, something even
more wonderful took place. Dead thro«
dnys aud lying lu state, his body was
being viewed by the priests. The advisability of removing the bracelet wus
being considered, when the hand was
lifted up uud gave a signal which they
Interpreted to mean the brncelet
should go with Its owner to the tomb.
Among other wonderful r/ropertlei a
good amulet Is said to net as a fnit-ly
reliable   barometer.
Spoiling st Sermon.
I have bad some printer experience.
or, ratter, experience with printers,
which makes me tear that the "imp
ot the types" has "got It in" ror me
ror abandoning tbe craft anil becoming
a poor preacher. Recently I was to
preach on the Old Testament characters "Nadob and Ablhu." and one ot
the dally papers got It. "Nabob and
Ablhu."    Shades or Gutenberg!
My first Sunday morning sermon
B'ter I came home from my vacation
was on "Suppressed Lives." but one
of tbe papers autiounced It ns "Suppressed Livers." Such a thing as that
Is Wearing nud tends to make life uot
worth living, especially If. as Is snld.
tbe worth of life depends on the liver.
Fancy your liver suppressed!—lloml-
letlc Review.
Thin  l.s.ld.
Goldbeaters, by hammering, can reduce gold leaves so thin that 282,000
must be laid upon each other to produce tbe thickness of an Inch. Thoy
are so thin that, if formed into a book.
1,1500 wouhl only occupy the space of a
single leaf of common paper, nnd an
octavo volume oue lucb thick would
have as many pages us the books of a
well Stocked library of 1.500 volumes
with 400 puges In eticb.
Hnrmoiir llriinrilli-aa of Expense.
"Beg pardon." said the postal clerk
who hud sold her the stamps, "but you
don't have to put a 5 cent stnmp on a
letter tor Canada."
"1 know." snid she. "but tbe shade
Just mutches my envelope, you kuow."
— Philadelphia Press.
An Kmnarrnaanit-nt nt Itnls-ra.
"What's tbe matter. Hobby?"
"Gra'ma,    they's    too   tunny    folks
a-brlngln me up.    I'd get along bettel
If I ou'y bail you."— Indianapolis Jour-
A Severe Teat.
Stranger—Cull your paper a grent advertising medium, do you? It Isn't
worth shucks. 1 put !u nn advertisement Inst week nmi didn't get an answer—not one.
Editor—My, my! How was your advertisement worded?
Stranger—A poor young mon wnnts ti
pretty wife who can do her own housework.
The world Is patiently waiting the
ndvent of the man who enn explain
why a baby never wants to play lu the
coal scuttle until after It has been
dressed for company.
Dr. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
By Curing Their Peculiar 111b—Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
a Surprising Restorative for Pale, Weak.
Nervous Women.
As a result of much confinement
within doors, and tho consequent
lack of fresh air and hoilthiul exercise, most women not only loi,e much
in figure and complexion, but also
suffi*r more or Icbs from serious bodily dcrangcim-nts as tho result of thin,
watery blood and exhausted nervous
Moro than nine-tenths of tho cases
of diseases peculiar to women aro directly duo to a weakened condition of
the nerves, and can bo cured thoroughly and permanently by taking
mild outdoor exercise, breathing
plenty of pure, fresh air and using
Dr. Chaso's Norve Food to form now
blood and revitalize tho doploted nervous system.
It takes time to build up tho system anew, to fill tho shrivelled arteries with now, rich blood, rostoro tho
•wasted norve cells, and renew the activities of the bodily organs, but tho
persistent use of Dr, Cham's Nervo
Food will accomplish those results
and bring health and happiness to
weak, nervous and suffering woman.
Mrs. Chas. H. Jones, Plerceton,
Que., writes: "Foi years I havo boon
a (reat suflurer with my heart    and
nerves. I would take shaking spelts,
and a dizzy, swimming fooling would
como over mo. Nighl after night I
would never close my eyes, and my
head would mho oh though It would
burst. At last I had to keep to my
bed, nnd though my doctor attended
me from fall until spring, his medicine ditl not help mo. I havo no'."*
taken five boxes of I>r. Chase's Nerve
Food, nnd-It. hns dotio mo more good
than I aver believed a medicine could
do. Words fail to express my gratitude for the wonderful euro brought
about by this treatment."
Mrs. Margaret Iron, Towor 11111, N*
D., writes: "Dr. Chaso's Nervo Food
has done mo a world of good. I was
so weak that I could not walk'twlce
the length of tha houso. Since ustna*
Dr. Chase's Norve Food I havo been
completely restored. 1 can walk "
mile without any Inconvcnlenco.
Though 76 years old and quite fleshy.
I do my own housework, and considerable sowing, knitting and reading
besides. Dr. Chaso's Nervo Food hns
proved of Inostlmablo value to mo."
Dr. Chnso's Nervo Food, 50 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Fxlma.nson«
Dates A. Co., Toronto.
'tf*J».: The Drill.
Winnipeg, March 23.-The C. P. R.
assenger  department  announces  the
L. fullowing changes in the p-assen-
0„ and after Thursday, March 21,
round trip rate wilst, be Introduced
tor I'"''*1 points throughout Manitotm.
-d   iiu*  Northwetrt.   The   rate  will
he a fu re and two-thirds of the pre-a-
enl   rate   and   will be good for one
month f,om tne date of ,9Bue- The
saiiie I'll"18 ar0 now in efIect in Ontario and  Quebec.
jt_ js understood that on April 1 a
ut  of    20 per cent will be made in
teB ,sii the Pacific, division, and
round <rip rates also introduced in
Drilisis. Columbia.
Commercial travellers tickets, west
. cuninore and Macleod, will be re-
ducecl   on    April    1  to 3 cents per
Baraxdlng    the reductions in rates
m tlie Pass-American exhibition, for
■shjch inquiries are heard, an an-
louncemont will be made by the end
0i ths week. A meeting is now on
i„ st l.ouls, when the Western Pas-
eager association will fix on the
ruts* (rom Manitoba and the Northwest. Mr. Robt. Kerr, traffic manager of the C. P. R. is attending the
I cured a horse of the mange with
I   cured    a    horse     liidlv ts/rr. by
pitch fork,    with MINARD'S    L.1NI-
St. Peter**, C. B.
I cured a horse of a bad  swelling
Hat hurst.  N.  B.
"Don't, you often wish you were a
man, Miss Bellefield?" asked young
Mr. Fitrgoslill,
"Why. no, of course not, Mr. Fitz-
goBlin."  replied the girl,   "do you?"
In Ilelgium there are more than
30,000 slugs used for draft purposes.
Thoy are mostly employed by milkmen. |**ddls'rs and small farmers, and
a society for the improvement of the
breist has just been formed.
free and easy exiiectoratlon immediately
relieves and frit** the throat and lunga from
viscid phlegm, and a medicine that promotes this ia tho beet medicine to use for
coughs, colds, inflammation of tho lunga
and nil affections of the thioat and cheat.
This is precisely what Bickle'a Anli-Coav
■umptivs* Syrup Is a speciUc for. and where-
eviT u-11 it Iiik given nnbounds*d satisfaction. I'liildren like it because it its pli-usant,
nitwit- like It bacanM it relieves aud cure*
the d incuse.
Miss    oidgirl-Oh,     did you say I
wns si croquette or a coquette?
Mr. .Sourdrop—A croquette.
What     a    strange  mistake!    Whatever made you say  'croquetto?'
Ilecause they don't make cro-
quottes out ot spring chickens.
For the purpose of cultivating-
•insiT relations with Bulgaria, the
Husjsian government has t*nters*d into an agreement reducing telegraph
tolls from 40 to 23 centimes a word
onil introducing an international
money  order system.
A municipal ownership ls-ague has
entered the St. Louis municipal campaign as an important factor. It
professes to have 12,000 votes behind
ft which are pledged to support no
cniiiliilnte not in favor of the public
nwnfrahip of the street railways
ami  lighting plants.
The high  liver may dwell  on     the
ground  door or in thc garret.
Trifles light ns hair have turned the
whole course of manv u man's nppu-
When a man's debts amount to a
Hood round sum ho should try to
wimiri* the circle.
A iiiiin may bo rather slow before
tnarriiit;,., biit after the knot is tied
ue is made foal.
Vnu may hiro some men to be good
■"'' us soon as you stop paying
Oiem you're up against II.
A« Irish philosopher says that
ninny a mun dii's of starvation today
While fsrtling on tomorrow's hopes.
It Rheumatism ofthe back,
The cause is Uric Aciil
in the blood. If the kidneys did their work there
would be no Uric Acid and
no Lumbago. Make the
kidneys do their work. The
sure, positive and only
cure for Lumbago ia
Release of
, Captive
Romance Is falily outdone in the
strnnge story of n love affair which recently came to light on the occasion of
a quiet wedding In the little town of
Marble Falls, on the Colorado river, In
western Texas. The story was told to
the astonished guests by the happy
bride and groom.
"My little wife," said the groom,
"weighs about 120 pounds, and she cost
me just that many pounds of pure gold.
I considered the price reasonable at thc
time, and I would have added another
mule load of the precious mineral If It
had been demanded."
Mrs. or Senora Poyerema, who before
the wedding ceremony was known to
her friends in Texas as Lorena Jarrett,
assisted her husband in explaining the
remark, ns he does not apeak- English
sufficiently. "All that he has said is
only too true," said the bride. "We
have had a stranj-e adventure, but
since it has ended so happily I no longer shudder In recalling it as I did
through many long, weary days and
sleepless nights."
Miss Jarrett has a wealthy uncle In
Mnuznnlllo and among his warmest
friends Antonio Poyerema. This man.
who Is worth several millions of dollars, does not hesitate to say that he
\v^jm \W\JtgU
w .>
11 Sui
r r&          aw nmu ^srl
coniiuenced life ns a sandal shod muleteer. He made his great fortune by reopening one of the bonanza mines of
Guadnliijnra. It was through her uncle thnt Miss Jarrett went to Mexico
to enter the employ of the wealthy old
miner as governess of his children.
After school hours Miss Lorena was
In the habit of riding to the nearest
village postsitlii'i'. and sometimes she
galloped about over the ranch and the
foothills of the great mountain range,
only n short distance away. One of the
girls frequently accompanied her. and
Itoniualdo was always at her service.
One evenl'fjr the young man nnd his
teacher extended their ride luto the
mountains, where there was a pretty
They had reached tbe place, and
Komualdo was about to dismount,
when a black Mexican wearing n large
sombrero stepped from behind a great
ruck with a carbine In his hand. "Stop,
Mi-tior," ho said. "You need not dismount. I think you are Romualdo
The trembling -/outta answered that
his muni' had beeu uttered correctly.
Two horsemen emerged from the bush-
en, both of them nrmeil anil looking an
ugly as the man who bail spoken.
"1 was dumb with terror and unable
to move," said MIhh l.orenn. "1 could
hardly realize what was happening until 1 discovered that they were leading
our burses awny Into the mountains. 1
began lo cry and beg I hem to let us go
home. One of the merciless wretches
put n pistol In my face and told me If 1
made any more noise he would kill ■•
The Texas girl anil her escort had
been captured by three brigands, members of the band of l.ugo Cortlnas, one
of the most desperate of modern criminals. The brigatids took their prisoners Into the high mountains not more
than ten miles away, where tbey die*
mounted nud camped.
"Shortly nfter we reached tho enmp,"
Continued Miss Jarrett, "a tall, line
looking Mexican walked up in the
camp, and I threw myself at his feet,
Imploring bis protection. He bent over,
nnd. lulling my hands, he told me to
get up and rest contented.
"'Oo over there ansl lie down,' he
salil. 'Not a hair of your head shall be
"1 noon learned that this man wae
Cortlnas himself, the lender of the
"Boon nfter Cortlnas took Bennr
[•oyercinB by the arm aud led him
aside. Tbey were not long away, and
when they returned Ituiniialslo bent
over meaml whispered: 'Ho not IVnr.
Not the least harm will come to you.
Biiintnon all your' fortitude, ami let
hope occupy your mind until I returft.
A few hours will soon pass.' in o uv
moment.! 1 saw Romualdo aud oue if
Ole baniliss ride away at full gallop."
Miss Jarrett did not comprehend
what wai passing at the time. Captain
Cortlna-i had simply said to Romualdo:
"1 happen to know that your father
has a bivge sum in gold at tue hacienda. 1 desire, senor, to retire from this
dangerous busluess. but 1 need quite a
fortune to enable me to live like a
gentleman. I sent uiy men to capture
you alone, but since'they have brought
the beautiful Americano I will either
havo to change my plan or shed her
blood. I am not cruel. The affair can
be arranged another way. 1 kuow
your father. We worked together
when he was a muleteer, though he
was older than I. He has a heart. Ha
also knows Lugo Cortlnas. Oo to your
father and tell him If he would save
this girl's life be must seud me gold—
a mule load of gold. There Is no time
to be lost. The rurales are watching
the mountain passes. Tomorrow at
noon I will meet you on the top of
Mount Blanco, nnd If you nre not there
1 shall wait, one hour, and then 1 will
hang this little Americano, whom It ia
easy to see you love so well, to a limb
of the lone oak. If the terms snit you,
mount a horse, tnke oue of my men
and ride. Treachery will be punished
by death. I will slay every creature
that has a drop of your bipod In It*
vt'ltis. Every animal shall be killed
ami the hacienda left a smoking ruin.
Now you may go. Remember that the
terms of the ransom are the girl's
weight In gold.   Not an ounce less."
Young Poyerema was well Informed
as to the desperate character of the
man he was dealing with, aud he knew
thut lt would be useless to exchange
words with him. He reached the hacienda before morning, where he found
everything in confusion and the whole
family In the greatest distress.
Quickly explaining the situation to
his father, the young man fell upon his
knees and confessed his love for the
American girl.
"No matter as to that," said the generous old man. "We must save her.
Truly, I know this Cortlnas, and a
more heartless, merciless wretch never
lived. Take faithful old Balmac.da
with you. Bring a pack mule to tht
door, and I will have the gold ready."
Both parties reached tbe summit of
Mount Blanco at nearly tSe same Instant.
The Texas girl wos not yet aware of
the fact that she was being ransomed,
and she said: "Wheu 1 saw the pack
mule unloaded aud the sacks containing great golil bars and coiui'il gold
emptied In a great heap. I stood like
one In a dream, wondering what It all
meant. A pole was accurately measured In order to Und the exact center,
and then It was balanced across another pole, one end of whls.. rested upon
n limb of the lone oak. while the other
was sustained by a gentle horse. A
strong sack was attached to one end
of the balance pole, and a loop made
of a lariat was thrown over the other
The now thoroughly amazed young
woman was requested to seat herself
in thnt loop.
Oold was poured Into the sack until
an exact equipoise had beeu established
between tho gold and the body of the
"Not another grain." exclaimed the
bandit with a gramllloqiieut air. "1
snid she was worth her weight In gold,
and the amount has been attained. Not
another cent Tbe word of Cortlnas is
his bond. Let us separate. With all
ray heart I wish you well. Remember
me kindly to your father, young man."
While the bandit was forming and
uttering thi'se worsls his confederates
were packing the gold snd mounting
tbelr horses. Only a few moments
passed before they were galloping
away, leaving their released captives
so utterly bewildered Vith Joy that
they could hardly Hnd language to express their feelings.
"The enormous sum of gold rested
upon my tnlml like some hideous nightmare," she says. "Tbey would not tell
me how much It bail cost to save my
life, but 1 estimated that I bad caused
Ihe kind olsl gs'titleman to lose something like $'0,000.    I  did not dare to
Had His Spine Injured, and for Two
Years Waa Unable te do Any Work,
uud tor Most of the Time Was Con.
IIiisul to the House.
Mr. W. D'Eatremont, a weU known
farmer living at West Pubnico, N. S.,
writes : "I believe it is only right
that I should let you know the benefit your medicine — Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills— have been to my son,
Constant, sixtee* years of age. For
several years he was almost a constant invalid, the result of an injury
to his spine wkilo working with his
brothers on the farm. He grew weak
and listless, had no appetite, and for
two years was unable to work and
was for. the most of the time confined to the house, and for a part of
the time to his bed. He suffered considerably Irom pains ia the back ;
his legs were weak, and he had frequent headaches. At different times
he was attended by two doctors, lout
got no benefit from the treatment.
Then I procured an electric, belt for
him, but it was simply money wasted as it did not do him a ((article of
good. One day while my sob was
reading a newspaper he came across
an article telliag of a cure in a somewhat similar case through the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and he then
decided to give them a trial. After
the second box was taken there was
a marked improvement in his condition. He continued the use of the
pills until he had taken eight boxes,
and they have restored him to health.
His uppetite has returned ; the pain
has left his back; he has gained flesh;
is able to ride a bicycle, enjoys life
and is able to do a day's work as
well as uny one of his age. This let-
tor ia given gladly so that others
may learn the merits of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and find a cure if ailing."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure such
cases as the one noted above because
they create new, rich, red blood, thus
sls-nngtheuing weak and shattered
nerves They do not purge and weaken like o.hor medicines, but strengthen from the lirst dose to the last.
Sold by all dealers In medicino or
sent post paid at 50 cents a box or
Dr.Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
"That paper railroad of
does  it progress?"
"Well,  it's still stationery."
The   most    of our    mistakes come
from being in a hurry.
Men  inherit their own pust  and  devise their own future.
ilrenin that I would ever be able lo repay such a mini, and I felt that my
whole life would  be passed   under a
cloud sif regret
Something better happened.   Cupid
hail been skirmishing, ami (he work
that the Utile god had s'< iieticed perhaps the lirst day the Tcmis girl .sps'iit
at the bnclcndit was soon an affair of
such importance that it could ddt be
kept a secret.   Thc marriage resulted.
As a rule old age applauds thc past
and  condemns  the  present.
The man who bausts of paying as
he goes is usually slow about mak-
i-ag a start.
linarfl's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Armed chairs are not necs'ssarily
hostile  furniture.
If a man owns but one shirt he is
naturally short of change.
You can never judge a man's brains
by the length of his beard.
Heaven  never  helps  n   man  who  is
a victim of that  tirs*d  fs-eling.
Ms*n never get too old to acquire
FAGGED OUT.—None bnt thoiv who
have become fugged out know what a de-
pressed, miserable feeling it is. All mreuuth
i*. none, and despondency has taken hold of
tlie i-uflerers. '1 hey feci as though there it
nothing to live for. There, however, is a
curs'—one box of Ptirmelee'e Vegetable Pills
will do wonders In restoring hs-alth and
strength. Mandrake und Dandelion are two
of thu articles entering into tho composition
of Parmelee's Pills*.
"They are accusing you of trying
to take money out of the public
treasury and give it away..'
"Now, isn't that nonsense!" exclaimed the cold-blooded politician,
Anybody who knows me knows that
if I could get money out of tho public treasury I wouldn't give it away.
I'd hang on to it."
"See the little girl run." we said
to uie mountaineer. "She fairly darts
in and out."
"Yes," said the honest fellow, hie
face glowing with paternal pride*
"she's my darter."
Mr. Thomas Ballard. Syracuse, N. T.,
writes: "I have been afflicted for nearly a
year with that moet-to-be dreaded dlsiase
dj'Bjiepaiu. and al times worn out with pain
and want of sleep, and, ufter trying uliiso.-t
everything recommends d, I tried one box of
Parmelee s Vegetable Pills. I am now nearly
well, and believe they will cure me. I would
not be without them for any money.
"Is that painter an impressionist?"
asked the young woman.
"To a certain extent," answered
Miua Cayene. "He is under the impression that he is great."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colls, Etc.
When a fool parts with his money
the chances are that some other fool
gets part of it.
Every man is ali right in his way,
Jut a lot of them are right In the
way of others.
Csniittnis »««  •••••M'-si-..
A. a. Gallagher, district panetigej
Bent of the Missouri l'acltic lailiom'
wlille en routo couth was taken hum.
Ill and was compelled to stop at Mont
f-omery, Ala. He went to n hotel am!
m nt for n physician.
The medical loan said:
"You have a case of pneiimotila ami
must have a nurse."
"All right." nahl Gallagher, "Do you
know a good nurse yon s'an send to
look after me''"
The doctor said he did and would
have the nurse at the hotel within an
hour, in about an hour a colored wo
innn who niessuri'il about nine feet 111
girth put In an appi'iiratics', ami Hal
higher asked her If she bud ever nurs
ed sick people.
"Yes, Indeed," she replied, "Vim hnd
I'onsldcrable spcrleuce with ailing pus
sons. 1 iiiinseil Marster .lohn, ami hi
died: then I missed Mistress I.ucy, and
she died; then I missed Mistress Lucy's sister. The doctor didn't thln'i
she was so very poorly, but she ilone
"Have you bad any other experl-
enci* in nurelngr" Mkod Gallagher.
••Yes. Indeed,   only last week I left
Colontl Cutter's house, wIutc 1 uusscd
tbe colonel fnr live days."
"Well, did the colonel get well?" asl*-
ed Gallagher
"No. The colonel he died, too, but
Dr. "ones who 'temli'il him. run a big
knife into tin' colonel and opened him
up. The doctor liasl been out late tbi
nlgbt before and was a little nervous
The knife suit of slipped and Just
nliout cut tin COlObel'g heart out. Thet)
tbe doctor mid ai' b— couldn't mve
"You hitui to he a good nurse," aa.d
IJallOgbei'i "nnd Vuu're engaged.'
Loafers seem to have a grudge
against all men who are busy.
The female student in chemistry-
should be able analyze he own complexion.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills
to which flcqb, is heir—the very nature of
many curatives being such that were tbe
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relieve one ill in turn wi uld aggravate the oth r. We havo, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy fur many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and jndicioua
uso the frailest systems are led into convalescence and s-treugth by the influence which
Quinine exorta i,n nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morhid dei*|iond-
ency snd lack of lntere-t in life is a disease,
and, by tranquihzing the nerves, dispose-* to
sound and refre-hing sleeji—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, beiDg
Stimulated, courses throughout the vein*:,
strengthening the hen.thy animal fmictions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to tho digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—rc-
ejult, improved appetitsi, Norihropst Lyman,
of Toronto havo given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, ard,
gauged by the opinion of M*ientists. this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
ttv Market.   All druggists sell it.
Minart's Liniment Cues Dipltbeiia.
stati-- op Onto, Cttv of Toledo, )„
' 'JS'AB i'ounty, !**•
Fhank J.Chknkv miikesoath that he Is he
seui'ir imitner nf the firm of V. J. fniiNKT &
Co., do.i b Inu-ii.oefl In th- Citv ot Toietlo,
i sinnty nnsi Mate aforesaid, nmi that «itd firm
is 111 jiay the mm of si.MC HUNI'iiiU) UOlr
■ A US for 1'ucli ssnd everv case sif catarrh th it
can:if.t lie eure.i by the use of Hall's Cataiuih
Coiib. FRANK J. s_ HE.NEY.
Sworn to lefurc nn* anil subss*.rll*d in my
presence, this Uth slay or Uecciishcr, A. D., IkSO
,  -. A. W. GI.K-osON,
(seal| Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tnk n Internally and
oris directly on tho blood and mucous surfaces
of the (system.   Sen i ior testimonials, tree.
F J CHENEY JeCU., Toledo. O
Sold bv Drugs ut-, J.'c.
Hull s "family Fills are the lest
He—You know tkey say a woman
cam't keep a s«cret.
She—That's a libel. A woman can
keep u. secret as easily as a man can
—all but two kinds. There are se>-
crets that aren't worth keeping and
others that are too good to keep.
LA »T0SCANA,"^[^M^a
Some pictures taken from life indicate that the artist ought to be.
Nature nvde a mistake in creating
mon who li*. e for themselves alone.
Many a woman is forced to stand
up for her rights in a crowded street
lade, but young lives endangered by severs
coughs and csuds may be preserved by Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Croup, whooping-
cough, br.-uchitis—in short, oil affections of
the throat and lungs aro relieved by this
sterling preparation, which also remedies)
rheum tie pains, ss r s, bruises, piles, kidney
difficulty, and is most economic.
"Tour majesty." saisi the prime minister, "this is tlse page who has bi'cn misbehaving himself. I would reeommeml
that ymi dismiss blm from yuur ss'ivicc."
"Ah. your majesty." exclaimed the culprit, "you'll never do that! Bines yu
are such o lover of books I need no' re-
mind ymi how barbarous it Is to turn
dowu a pago."--Phihiih'lphia Press.
linn   lie Told.
"That girl." snid the dentist, "must
work in a restaurant."
"Why *ii'.'" su 11 the ne\t rnitnmcr, looking after the ii'trentiij; Bffure.
"Because," replied the D. I>. S.. "the
first thing she >*aiil «lit-n she s'lims* in was
'Draw out."1—Philadelphia Bulletin.
Out* on Vncle Georsre.
"Charlie," snid a visitor to n bright little "s vcnr-ohl. "nri> you going to be a d '.e
list. Ilka your father, ami pull people's
teelh when vou grow up?"
"No, sir,"  replied Charlie,  "I'm gssini
to be a lawyer, like Dncle ("*orge( nmi
pull people's legs."—Chicago News.
Cilvlnw Use Bdttor I'misJ I'sir Tlmnalst.
Subscriber—I timl yuur puzzle department partleularlj Interesting.
Magflxlue Bdltor- Our puzzle depart-
ment! Why. what do you tuciu? Ws*
don't run one, riint—oil. yes yon dol 1 mean
vour pos'iry.—iSsiineiv ills* Journal.
Fortune is. usually ss*on in tbe company  ol"  industry and charity.
Love    never   finds    a    burden    too
heavy for it to tackle.
'A mun seldom does his best unless
he is working for himself.
Don't talk at random. Make everything you say hit the mark or tave
your ammunition.
Miianrs LMm! Cora Ganet u Con
All the world's a stage—and most
of the occupants are supers who play
thinking parts.
A girl may know her own weij-ht,
but she never knows how long she
may have to wait, for a props>sal.
A woman's ss*cond husband Is supposed to believe that his predi-cessor
wus the best man that ever lived.
Somi'one has said: ''You can never
tell what a jury or a woman "w'll
sits " Any fool jury ought to know
tljiU a woman will talk.
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lungs—all
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Mr.  Jsihnsnn, Msnnnfr C. Dsniels * Co,.
Kins St. Stnrs*. Tsiroato, says i   " w« •■)' lots
ol Milliih snd sue rrinminriiil It, in". I lisil s
severs sttsck ef Pnaumotils which I'll m«
with sors liin<» isnil s bad cmsih, Sliilnli com.
plelcly cured me.    Mnli'li i» ill ri^ht."
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«ni|(i;l»ts In Oatuiil* snisl l'nlli*sl Mtrtta* at
sis-. »Oss. 91.00 as bsillls-s. lss llrisitt Hrll-tlrs
at la. ■•I.. 4s. .ia.. and sis. Ilsl. A |,iiui..l
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•res suit ssttWtissil ifss to your slrugglss aud
got your tnonesy books
Wrhe (sir llluisirated bnok oo SVsniiiraption. Seal
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Brass Band
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Wj Illustrations rnfcllSd tree.   Write us for anything in Music or Muali'stl lustrumemU.
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price list of new and second-hnnd wheels.
S|ssx-inl discount to dsalan, Wo also want
yuur ri-puir work. Send rc|«iirs in now before thi* nub. Wc nivsj s|H*ciul nnd prompt
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Rapidity.   Save,* about nno day In three.
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United States Cream
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tetltora. All round ths must serviceable and
eat value. Everything needed In the dairy
kept. Write for cataloguea. Shipments ol
fresh butter wanted,
Wm. Scott, """w'^'.t.Vr-
Wanted agstrb* lo KVl'.liv TOWS In
l 'iii'iuli lis nil iiur
DHOWS TAIIOIUNl. ('is.,   Tssrolsln.
W. N.  U. H17.
n IS: i-v
• ■ k:'.-';.,.."
.' i Irii-i''
io send your onlers Isrge or small lo
PAUL SALA W-WliM, Liquors
Winnipeg, Man., Mil Main Street.
run Mil,, i .hi i"i fat pss |»1 •• fi-ss
doe, i.'-nir.
Bssi Whiskey, tj.ij. Is. 11 v DB fsl.. »»■ 1; •). Is
dui. IxilUtft.
-* TTIF, DRILL. SI.OCAN, B. C. APRIL tis 1001.
■. , fl     VV
*'■ ll*.''
C. B. SMiTiiERisiiAi.ii!, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a lino for
the first insertion and5 cents a line each
•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, T7encli.
Transient ndvertisements at same rates
«s legal adve,titling.
locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates mado known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; T2.50 a year if not so paid
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, APRIL 5th, 1901.
The legislature has adjourned till
•after Easter, when the real work oi
the session will begin.
The government proposes to control the rates on all railways which in
future may be bui't in the province.
A black list of 742 no-pay custo-
•ttiers is being circulated among Vancouver business men. Those coast
fellows will never learn to hide their
troubles.   Misery likes company.
The hatchet has been buried between Jim Hill's interests and those
•of the C.P.R., in connection with the
"Crow's Nest coal. It was a burning
••question while it lasted and raised
■considerable smoke.
Some Vancouver merchants have
introduced copper coins into the city.
The cents are creating much trouble,
'but arc not liable to obtain general
favor. Vancouver cried for a mint
and they gave her coppers.
Strict government supervision and
-stipulations were tiot  agreeable to
the charter mongers seek ing to obtain  the   Coa8t-Kootenay    railway
-plum, and It looks as if the project
would be indefinitely postponed.
Current report has it that lion. J.
H; Turner will retire, after bringing
in his financial budget, to thc cosy
billet of agent general for the province in London. The leavon of reconstruction is working in the cabinet and the Mainland will reap the
At their annual meeting in Nelson
this week, the district Miners'. Union
passed a strong resolution to the effect that, ' 'in tho opinion ot this organization, the true solution of thc
refinery problem is the construction
and operation of a refinery by the
Dominion government, of sufficient
•capacity for the treatment of our silver-lead ores, noid that such refinery
sliould be situated at some central
point in the mining districts of this
This week has brought out welcome indications of increased pros
perity.for the camp for the ensuing
reason. Operations will have a wider
scope than at first thought, and it
seems practically certain that a large
,and healthy payroll will result, to
•'the mutual benefit of camp nnd town.
A number of new properties are to be
started up, some old ones revived,
rand those now working widen out to
greater activity. Capital is quite
amenable to the advantages of thc
.•division, nnd during the next few
weeks a number of prospective buy-
•ars.are coming into size up tho
cniiip. They will see enough to
convince the most dubious of our
great possibilities. This is as it
should be and there be none to guin-
Hiiy our progress.
Postmaster  General   Mulock   has
i«ome forward with the suggestion
•that the state shonld lay and operate
*a cable across the Atlantic.   Take
(the idea a step further and thc Dominion should own  tho  telegraph
saervice of the countrv.and ultimately
.the railwuys.   In England government possession ofthe telegraph and
telephone   systems  has  proven   a
great success, and tho systems in
Canada would  be   self-supporting.
Already the Dominion possesses 256
miles of telegraph and cable in Nova
/Scotia, 87 in New Brunswick, 16G0 in
Quebec, 35 in Ontario, G98 in  the
Nortuweat, 691 in Hrltish Columbia,
and 168.3 Into the Yukon.   Though
•not financially succeesful, yet these
Since aro most useful, they serving
.sparsely settled districts and being
.-an absolute necessity.   Were the entire service of the country under gov-
•eminent control, the  working expenses would  bo  lessened  and an
-ttvcrcjtp.inding wn-pltis derived*
April was ushered in by a furious
A. Feiiand is rctiriug from business at Nelson.
The framework of M. Cameron's
livery stable is up.
Lovers of tennis are arranging for
the season's sport.
Horn.—In Slocan, on April 2, Mrs.
W. Noble, ofa son.
Mrs. Forin will be ac home to lady
callers every Friday.
Joe Payne and wife will spend the
summer in Kamloops.
J. Moore, of Kaslo, came in on
Monday evening's boat.
Dr. Milloy, dentist, of Rossland,
has been here during the week.
The wood work on Harvey Aitchi-
son's new house is about completed.
Operations will commence at tho
Arlington sawmill at an early date.
J. Aitchison is fencing in his
property. .11. Aitchison is following
Monday evening the annual vestry
meeting of.St. Paul's church will be
The W. C. T. I*. reading room has
closed for the .season. It proved a
W. F. DuBois, supt. of the Arlington, returned Tuesday evening from
the coast.
Died. -In Slocan on March 31,
the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Tipping.
Jack Be uchesne has gone to Three
Forks to assist Harry Gibson in doing
an assessment.
AH the properties in the -division
arc now contributing to the local
Union hospital.
The married folks concert in aid of
Knox church will be held in Music
Hall on the 12th.
Dr. Forin received word Friday
night of the denth of his aged father
in Victoria, B. C.
The fronts of the post office and II.
D. Curtis' office have been titivated
up by the painter.
A new bridge will be built next
fall by the C.P.R. over the Kootenay
river, near Nelson.
The juveniles gave a vociferous
reception to F. Johnston and bride
Thursday evening.
M. Smith, of Pcachlands, in the
Okanagan country, was a visitor
here during the week.
New money order rates were put
in force on the 1st bv the government.
There is a great reduction.
Dr Form's family arrived Friday
and have taken up their residence
in the Provost cottage, Brandon.
The taking ofthe Dominion census
began on Monday. . D. S. McVannel
is the enumerator in this vicinity.
The Miners' Union on Texnda Island has a difficulty with the Van
Anda mine, and miners are requested
to stav away.
At last accounts H. II. Reeves was
still battling for life in the New Denver hospital, where he is being doctored for typhoid.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church this evening at 8 o'clock.
Tomorrow services will be held at 10
a. in. and 5 p. m.; and on Easter day
at 11 and 7:30 o'clock.
A petition in favor of government
ownership of railways, Bigned by thc
residents of this vicinity, was presented to the legislature last week by
R. F. Green, M. L. A,
Saturdav's train waa upwards of
two hours late, bv reason of another
car of meat getting tangled up In
the trestle near Boiinihgton. Pretty
risky transporting meat in the Kootenays.
The following officers of the district
organization of the Miners Union
have been elected for thc ensuing
year: James Wilks, Nelson, president; Rupert Buhner, Rossland. vice;
Alfred Parr, Ymir, sec-treasurer.
R. A. Bradshaw and W. E. Worden
have purchased the Music Hall block,
on Main street.   It is their intention
Card of Thanks.
Till* undersigned wishes to extend
his heartfelt thanks to the community
at large for their sympathies snd many
kindnesses extended to him in connection with the lamentable death of his
beloved wife; especially so, does he feel
under sleep obligations to tbe Rev. A. E.
Roberts, of New Denvcr.whoso thoughtfully administered the lost sod rites at
the grave. GEORGE HOUR.
Iximon Creek, April 1, ltlOI.
We  have just  received a
la,rgi\ shipment of
GARDEN seeds,
from T). M. Ferry's celebrated Seed House.   We sell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co. I
strength •
in first
ly John
led the
r but,
•wore de-
to completely rcnov,
en the building
class shape.
I). S. McVanna
Craig, were to hi
census cnumeratltij
owing to the non-ai
and instructions,  matters
laved several days.
Thursday's Iwin from ISelson
dropped a car of Pat Burns* beef
over a trestle near Bonnington Falls.
Very little impression was made on
tho beef, as it was of the celebrated
Slocan steak brand.
Duke Bennison. purser on the Nelson and lately ofthe Slocan, died at
Nelson Wednesday. lie was buried
Saturdav, and all the vessels of the
C.P.R. fleet flew their flags at half
mast.    Deceased was very popular
J. I.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor *& Mining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates. .
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
-     B.  C.
Plans and Specifications furnished on
application.     Estimates
cheerfully given.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ansl Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following descrih-
esl Innd : Situated about one mile northeasterly from tho head of Springercres-k,
and on the divide between the heail of
Springer and the south fork of Ten Mile
cres*ks, and commencing at a post planted in the south-west corner of tl.e mid
land, marked "J. Frank Collom's K. W.
corner;" thence northerly 60 chains;
thence easterly 40chains; thence southerly til) chains; thence westerly 40 chains
to point of beginning, and containing
210 acres more or less.
Slocnn, B.C.iHhia 16th day of March,
per annum.
Tackle Arrived.
Also Instrumental Music.
Full Stock of Stationery,
Toys and Novelties.
Certiflcate of imDrovements.
Ottuivu Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the north side
of Springer creek, about live miles
from Slocan Citv.
TAKE SOTR-K that we, William R.
Clement, free miner's certilicate U2ti886;
Christian F. Wichmann, free tniner't
certiftcatfl B26764, and WinslowE. Worden, Free Miner's Certificate No. H26704,
intend, sixty days from the date horeof,
to npplv to the Mining Uecorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that acHon,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 5th dav of February, 19C1.
8-2-01. W.1L CLEMENT,
VIkins; Fraction Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of Springer
creek, about two miles from Slocan
City, adjoining the Nancy Hanks
and Gold Viking Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. Drewry,
actios us agent for George Henderson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1320716,
intend, fixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to "the Mining Recorsler for certificates of improvements, for the pur-
(sose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
lie fore the issiuuiceof such certificates oi
Dated this 21st day of March, 1901,
22-3-01 "    W. S. DREWRY
(llnuix uml Maine Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West' Kootunay District.
Where located: About one mile
east of Slocan Lake, adjoining the
Peerless Minernl Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Freslerick S.
Clements, as agent for Charles E. Miller,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 13*86606,
and James H. Wallace, Free Miner's
Certificute No B36806,intend, sixty days
from the date hereof,to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of lhe above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvement.
Dated this 20th day of March, 1001.
29-3-01 F. S. CLEMENTS
Direct Route, Unequalled Service, to
all Points
via Soo Line to St. Paul, Chicago,
to all U. 8. Points.
First-Class Sleepers,   Dining  Cars,
and Tourist Cars.
from Vancouver to Cape Nome,
Alaska Points, Australia, China,
Japitn. Through tickets to and
from England and the Continent,
For time-tables, rates, and full Information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.G. P. A.,
.Nolsop. Vancouver,
Tobacconists' Supplies
of every description can be had At ocan's Lending Store.
Tobaccos, chewing and smoking, of the best brands kept tn
stock; also Cigars and Cigarettes. Fruits if all kinds kept in
their season. The most toothsome Confectionery always on
sale.   Stationery also handled.
the Miner's Tailor, is the place,
For a Nico Spring Suit.      Perfect  Fit Guaranteed.      We use oily A1.
Trimmings and the Finish is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SLOGAN.        Three Doors South of Postofflce.
Guld Viking- ami New l'lms-nir. Fractional
Mineral Clulina.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—North of Springer
creek, about two miles from Slocan I
City, adjoining the Nancy Hanks
and Peerless Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. Dr wry,
acting as agent for George II. Aylard,
free miner's certificate No. B38817, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder lor certificates of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
1) ited this 14 th day of March, 1901.
15-3-01 '    W. S. DREWRY
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges .and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then coxae to Sloean, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Boom, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting, Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls anal
Enterprising Citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed up by Unsurpassed andProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Slocan Cfty" Hiirs' Union,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
B. G
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - "__
The Muroutt Branch
Meets the second Thuwday in eacli month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in tlie Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t join. . %
Mas. W.J.Anokkws, Mhs.M.D.McKek
1'reBident. Cor. Secretary.
No More
Have installed a new machine
for manufacturing Stovepipes
and Airplpcs. They ro together
like a charm. Patronize home
industry and have an unruffled
Meets every Wednesday evening;
in thc Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.80 p.m. Visiting; brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
We have moved into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing a.specialty and all work
left nt Thk Dkill office will be forwarded. Mail orders promptly attended to. AU Union workmen employed.
and jeweler.
Nelson, B.C


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