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The Slocan Drill 1905-04-14

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Full Text

^^Tfteisiat/Va^! '
:     APR 17 1905
u c
YOL. VI., No.!
If so, you will find our stock of
gars and Pipes the best and most conip
in the city	
A full line of the choicest Confectionery on hand
and all varieties of Fruit in season.   Prices Right.
A  Slaughter
Sale of Boots
We are clearing ont onr line of
Men's Une Ames-Holden Boots.
35 per cent REDUCTION ON
/VTX LINES. Call and examine
before   purchasing   the   goods.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Stanfield's Underwear; Slater's Shoes.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one ofthe best known and most popular houses
in the country.      It is located adjacent to tho dep.it and lhe
wharf, and commands a magnificent view nf the beautiful
Slocm lake.     Good tishiug ia to  lx* fouud close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command uewr and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is atrictlj  up  to date and the liar supplied
with ouly tlie liest brands of goods
It reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
WHAT    IS   llKl.NO   1XINE    DOWN   AT
politer Tutluu Make. »Ih Bad*
Peaolt—Inveitl|**.tlon   Into tht
Kltlmani UndQrunu-NlghtSea.loif.
hi'h Iii Outer Now.
Tlio bringing downof th<*estimates.
the budget speech nnd the resultnijt
debate thereon, "Barber" Henderson's
wig bill, tho discovery of two brand
Dew mares'nests by John Oliver and
tho still ponding construction of a
third, and tho first nocturnal sitting
of tho houso this session all these
things combined made the past week
a distinctly lively one iii legislative
The first excitement took place-dp
the Introduction of the motion of \V.
■I. Bowser, Vancouver, -censuring the
action of the dominion authorities lit
Ottawa inlnterferiug with educational
matters in the Northwest autonomy
bill. After a severe speech on the
Liberal party, the mover of the resolution sat down and the speaker put the
question, the motion carrying without
debate or a division.
Tho estimates were brought down
on Tuesday afternoon and lion. It, (j.
Inflow, minister of finance, delivered
hi** budget speech the same dav. Tlu
speech, like the statement itself, was
a wry plain, unadorned setting-forth
of tin* present financial position ol the
province,without nnv attempt to place
an undue value on future possibilities
or to misrepresent existing fact*.
Throughout the speech was every evi
dence of careful painstaking endeavor,
and of a conscientious and by no
means unsuccessful attempt to do the
verv best with the materials in hand.
The minister's utterances, in short,
woro in a tone ninl of a nature to s'.;,:
further increase  thnt   belief   in their
lability to administer advnutageousl*,
the a i'Tairs of thia proviuce which thi
| present government hns already instil
iiil into tbe peoplo.
He pointed out tha'. there had boen,
foi in.' tii -si time in the history of the
province, a small surplus ol sou) ■• '■'J..
IO0 for tlie fiscal yearendiug June Ui
LHO 1, and that another surplus was
1 anticipated for the cm rent ii cal j
| But a BUiall d •!! 'il ol live or six tl iu
sand dolian must b- anticipated
though uol an absolute ctu'taiut*. foi
tbe coming fiscal yc* t cov red b\ llu
estimated just brought down, i his
JuSi-.it, should it occur.will be directly
due to tbo   lo- "i   revenue Iron',  the
I Chinese restriction uot.which rev u i •.
it is worth noting.ninoiiii' ll to nearlj
$500,001 fci the j ears 19)3-1 The
new education bill and suveral other
reductious in public expenditures, together with anticipated large increases
iu limber leases and royalties, and
sides and grants of lands, will be a
distinct savingon theother hand.   It
to the other and discovgy such a thing.
Pursuant to the express desit'eof
the government to courtthe fullest investigation as to auy alleged irregularities in tho matter of the Kitimaat
laud grants, a select, committee lias
born appointed for the grave and on-
i orous task of enquiry Into a strictly
' ''"partuiental matter.    Tho committee
abroad. He says tbe price paid there
without the bounty is almost as'good
as lhat paid by the loeal smelters with
the bounty added. Ho did not think
the local smelters should complain of
the St. Eugene* shipping abroad, as
tbey wore giving thom as much oro as
they agreed to give. The trouble at
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^tho Nolson aud Trail smelters was due
scomposedof Messrs. Mncgowan,of to the mines In tho Slocan not being
Vancouver, chairman; Glfford, New able to furnish thoir share, ll. 0.
Westminster; Brown, Greenwood;Buohanau says the St. Eugene will
Bowser, Vancouver; and the redoubta-1 draw about, three-fourths of the lead
bh* ()livm* himself. I bounty for the month of March! Their
Some of th.' opposition papers have share will amount to nearly $25,000.
rather lost their beads In this matter, I •'  "
and nre already shouting scandal !*•-
ml making the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hiof
|commissioner of lands and  works—*
' whose shoes Mr.Oliver is most anxious
to fill.
Some are inclined to blame the gov-
| eminent for granting tho member for
j lore scandal is proven,ana maicm
l usual scurrilous attacks upon tin
Penoe Declared BetT/oen the Kinployeve
nmi the Miners' Union.
A settlement has boon affected at
Rossland between  tho .Miners' Union
Delta his select committee and putting! nud tho War Eagle and Centre Star
tho country to expense on account of companies, A. C. Gait acting as solicl-
what is purely a departmental affair j,01. ful. t|lfl, companies  and Taylor k
and outside the [unctions of the legis
lature. But, under the circumstances
the government lias decided, haviug
nothing to conceal, that the investigation shall be as open and public as
were the charges. In this thoy are
right. There is, of course, not a sign
of suspicion against the present chief
commissioner pf lands and works -indeed, much of what Mr. Oliver complain^ of took place belore the present
administration came in— but since the
opposition have made public charges
ngainst the government, it is just as
well to mako ns public an exhibition
of their folly as possible.
The budget  debate was continued
on  Monday afternoon, several members addressing  the  house.   A very
amusing  speech   was   made by Mr,
( Ross, of Feruie, who took the Hue of
; criticizing the critics.  Ho charged the
opposition   with   uot   introducing  u
single piece of noteworthy legislation
I in two years.
.!. A. Maedonald, Rossland, regret-
•! -,; the condition of things throughout
the province. He took up the lumber
question aud assured the lumbermen
O'Shea for the Union and individual
defendants. The settlement accepted
by the companies is a generous one,
and the miners aio delighted at tho
termination of the long strife. Messrs.
Blackstock and Gronln actod for the.
c 'tnpnnies and S. S. Taylor and Jas.
Baker for the men.
The damages and taxed costs obtained bv the companies against tho
Union amounted to 330,000, and the
former now accept, in settlement S1C0()
and nt the same time release and cancel all individual judgments. The
suits of the Le Roi, Le Hoi Xo. 2, and
Rossland .V Great Western companies
wore settled when Bernard McDonald
was replaced by Wm. McKonzio.
Following are the. terms of settlement:—
The defendants in each of tho actions agree to pay their own costs and
to withdraw all pending appeals and
proceedings against the plaintiffs. In
addition the Kossland Minors' Union
agree !o pay within one yoar $1000 to
the plaintiffs, in full settlement, of all
claims, and as security  deposit theii
nii'Mion ana assured me amineruien'..., •--,      . .* ..    ...   ,
of British Columbia that they conld ^tl0 5ie9d?,t?1 the^°.n   lli'1^1.1:1-
 It for nn min.    -iu the matter or!0*™11";, Il*^__?._,.i?°_._?!!?_S
customs duly orotherwis*
had come down iu  their prices
duty Would   not   lie  pul oh I: .ci'iisi
i hey were all in a c
!nii| »|.(,..  Il .v'*:u" the Union agrees to pav eight
.,,*!, per cent interest and thecost of collection.
Th - piaiuiiffs   agree  fo  pay their
tliev were all in a cumuuia. .-,-—■;-..-■_-.-,-   -•:*--           '•;"•.--•
liegdlar night scions cu; _, .*.,* -! «" ,*= <f™* af,<Jfc^   <«iscl,ar«r
thismvlucoutinuin- tho budgcldo- S.'^^Wf AJI*?Stt
,   ,          .,     ,        •  , ,     ,     ,        :, tinned r.i the action on August 17 last,
ite on   iiionih v  night,    brsinesa is ....      ,          ,           . ...   <■*•      ,
,    i   .j        i    ,        ;.. tho Centre Star and War Eagle com-
iwi'iir ru-.bed   through   (or   an early •            , . ,lltr       i  m     i r    i
proro Ration,
nie ivo ■'; ha'
■d during iii
tion ol the estimates.
Victoria, April *~>tli.
llailway matters duriii ,r
b 'en soul • \ hat obscur-
v..'!; by the consid sai
il perhaps worth while reproducingI the remedy
SMia. i ints wn I, not cr.OSK.
Or.* Forthcoming to Keep tliot.cad Stacltfi
lu Operation.
the idea of  closing   down   their lead
stacks, having become convinced that
their own hands. J,
Clubbing Offer
****** ******-*+*■<
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2,50 fora Year
hen* the minister's general summing
up of the position:
"Whilst t he:o were no signs of boom
or under nidation, the reports, both
commercial and agricultural, from all
parts of the proviuce indicated a condition of general prosperity,iinproving
'business conditions and progress, ln
spite of adverse comments by critics
of taxation, the most encouraging reports weie coining to hand troui all
our mining centres, We are becoming
more and more accustomed to hear ol
dividends being declared, and advices
from London indicated that capital
was showing a tendency once more to
seek Investment In tho province."
Stuart Henderson, Ashcroft. carried
his point so far as the wearing of v.igs
is concerned, but it was at the cosl ol
much merciless ridicule. Thoy nre
calling him •'Barber" in the house
now. On Thursdav Mr. Henderson
opened ths evening session by continuing the debate on the budget. Hi-*
remarks wandered   to  different
jeets, the   house   refusing to tak
seriously, as was evidenced by almost
all the members deserting their seats,
Earlier in  the day   Mr. Murphy,
Cariboo, made a humorous speech on
the some subject.
John Oliver found two mare's nests
last week, which were bound to unseal
two of the government members. ■■■*
Young, Atlin. and W.J. Bows
couver.   The opposition  pn
panies, as plaintiffs, aud the defena-
uits mutually agree to release and
discharge tho other from any and ali
judgments, etc., and all injunctions
are dissolved.
The moneys iu the hands of the re
coiver iu the suit of the Centre Star
a "aiusl the CJuion aro to be returned
tothe latter, less $76 remuneration to
tho receiver. All judgments, etc., registered by th" plaintiffs against the
;r u,'-;\ I M th" defendants arowith-
Tho local   smelters   have given up j drawn.   The judgment obtained by
lho Centre Star against the World
printing plant is released, aud the
proceeds of the sale of tho plant by
the sheriff are returned, less J42.7&,
lav in
delighted, bul they suddenly dropped
the subject when it was learned Mr.
Oliver had blundered. Both gentle
men were quite innocent. Not at all
discouraged, tho member for Delta re
L Campbell, of tho Nelson smelter, I slaeriff'a costs
told the News this Btory:
"We have ore iu sight for at least
six weeks for one lead stack. 1 am as
sure as 1 over reasonably expect to be
under tho circumstances prevailing
here, that there will hrenough to keep
us going Indefinitely. 1 further expect
there will be such au improvement in
the next few mouths as will justify us
in blowing in the other furuueo. The
St, Eugeno is, of course,our mainstay.i
At it< present rate of output il can
supply the Hall .Mine-, and the Trail
smelters for some time. By the end
of Juue the payment ol tho dominion
government bounty ou lead exported
from Canada will cease. 1 don't know
whether that will make any difference
in the amount suppii -it to us or uot.
1 don't know Mr. Croniu's plans. Bill
trom the present indications, I should
say that the outlook is fairly good and
t see iiii re.i- in to apprehend any no
A il .illl nr N,*\v rilHVtnltl.
Anoth r new sawmill is fo be established in the valley, W. Koch having
decided to build one ou his ranch. 1.!
miles below tho mouth of tlio Little
Slocan river. Part df bis timber Will
lie obtained from near-by ra'ncliors.bu!
the main supply will come from lands
in tho Little Siocan, and which have
been leased from the C.I'.K. TBe
logs will be driven down the Little
Slocan river. The mill will boa mod
am affair and is to be in operation in
six months.
cessity of closing down.   On the am* ,', .',„,',,„",'
[.egUluture Prorogue I.
The provincial legislature prorogue..
at a late hour on Saturday night. All
business was rushed and tbo older
sh, ■ ; cleaned up in a hurry. No rail
•,\ ;\ legislation developed, as the gov*
trary, I hope that wo shall soou flnii
to  blow  in the other fur*
i aucu ■ co
uld not a;
re ■ tiii. * 11
it suitable programme, No ceremony
. ttoudod tne closing of the house,
Liout.-Qov. Joly and his secretary al
tending, an I tne royal assent was
given to upwards of HO bills, most of
which were unimportant.
n Friday, i!"sir
to certain Kiti'
tinned to the charge oi
lug the appointment of an enquiry
commission iu regard to certain Kitimaat land grants, about which his
keen nosa detected a doubtful odor,
llo would move for this on Monday.
Hon. W. l'\ Green, chief commis
ioncr of lands and works, statetl  the
.'iiveinnieut courted the fulle«t iuves-
1     ' ta,l
I gnvei iiiiii-iii ,,,,,. „„,. .
I ligation, Whatever departmental
1 mistakes, orevon oxceedingof instruc
tions, there might hnvi been, there
had beeu no such wilful error as the
member for Helta had appeared to insinuate, nnd he challenged Mr.Oliver
Ui go from one end of tho department
it prolitab
Evidence lately brought to light re-
Beets very hardly on tho local smelters
and they have not nearly the number
of friends they had. A year ago thej
assisted the St. Eugene mine to pro
cure an extension ol the lead bounty
OH ores shipped to Kurope.tlio cry being made dial Si. Eugene could uol
start without that help. No.v the
management of that property state
they will continue to ship to Europe,I While hi
even alter the bounty expires, finding shape, Pel
it mora profitable than to treat witb ordered Jamos Rne to "bring the or
the local smell irs. .aII the bounty ob-  down, which ho did.
tained by the St. Eugeno ou   its ore
sent to   Europe   last   year was clear
According to the Moyio Leader, tho
St. Eugene has largo foreign contracts
to fill. Theso contracts will expire on
Juiv I of this year, and at the same
time tho bounty on exported oro she
More I'liniHia.' Tntifflei.
More   troublo   developed    with   the
Tamarac la~t week.   Tho meu, aftei
placing a lien on tho ore sacked, contracted with ('.Wing lo bring it down,
was   getting   things into
Wilson, lawyer, of Nelson,
 ..Now   the men
are wondering where they are gelling
off at for their wages.
No Blame on e..,i» Oreen.
The legislative enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the granting
of certain lands near  Kitimaat, shows
t.uHi Tear'I Shipment* Were SftfBToni—
A lli ultliy Uvtdenee of the Ufa and
Wealth of tin- Gump-Black Prince ia
Tlie lessees of tho Neepawa nre determined to make a killing before the
lease expires next month. Tke big
ore body is slaying with them and
they are knocking down lho stuff at a
great rate, One car was sent out last
w.*.•!;, another thia week, and thev expect two more by theend of tho month.
The only other property making a.
move is t'no Tamarac, wliich will ship
half a carload next week. Not much
thawing has taken place of lato and
tbe upper ends of the roads are still
in bad shape, Output for thu week
20 tons; foi* tin* year 788 tons.
For 1'W!-! the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 2875
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of tho ship-
m:'!i'.s this yoar to date:
Ottawa  PIS
Rtiterprira  llo
black Prince  315
Neepawa      20 Bl
Kilo  20
Chapleau  2
Tnnisrac   20
Northern Light  )
I iraphic  tl
Coinbiuation  l
2U 733
The louse on the Neepawa expires
next month.
The Arlington Mines aro closing out
their office hero.
Last week the Sandon mines sent
oul 568 tons of ore.
Die from th* T.unarac began coming into town this week.
Two men are employed at the Arlington, retimbering the tunnels.
Examinations for provincial Rstwyers
will be h"!d (ft Ni■ i—in on May 1.
The fore*' at the Dayton aro making
rapid h. activity with their crosscut.
Ore shipments from Sandon for the
year are above 8000 ions, chiefly zinc.
Silverton mines shipped 82 tons of
ore in March, making 2T,i tons for the
Preparations are being made for
spirting up the mill  at  tho Slocan
The owners of the Transfer purposo
doing considerable work on the property.
A deal is reported in progress on tho
Alpine group, at the head of Lomon
Early next mouth the lon.4 crosscut
contract on the Rambler-Cariboo will
be completed.
All the claims of the Lady Franklin
1 group have had their  assessments lc-
' corded ahead for two yeara.
Th" Neepawa lessees are rushing
out the ore from their big showing
and.will make a substantial cleanup.
Two additional furnaces are to lie
added tai the Montreal & Boston smel
Ier at l ile-'.'.wood, enlarging its capacity to 150 »tons daily.
Da I Allen left on Tue-dav for the
Aspen Grove camp, In the Similkameen, where ho will spend the summer doveloping his claims.
The Montreal & Bostou Consolidated, operating the Greenwood smelter,
have ie nrganized.viith Warner Miller,
of New N'oi!. well know n iii this camp,
as president.
Somo exceptionally rich bunches of
ore an- b iug met with on the Noble
vein :i the < Ittawn. Argentite and
gray copper appear in nbund'Mice,giv-
lug assays above 5000 oz In silver.
Ills Output liiiiii Boundary.
The Boundary country anticipates
tbo most satisfactory year iu Us hia
tory, more smelting being now done
than al   any  previous  time,    i'or the
lir-.t ih  ie. mths of the   vear a new
record has been made and the output
will be kept up.   Judging by the ton
nage c imiug from the several mines,
the production will be  1,000,000 torn
greater tbau In 1904.
Silver Quotation!.
Following are tlie quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
(veck - i'n' • last issue:
Thursday    B5Jcent«
I'Vllli'-.      .'  il'l
Saturday    551    "
Mondii         '"'■"•'.    "
1     da'*.     Bfl     " Tke Cobbler
And Voglestein
He Dropa In to Tell the German Shoe*
.maker of a.n Experiment That
Was  Not  a  Success.
»ANS," says Mr. Voglestein ash
he conies La my place der
odder day mit some old hats
on his head, "do you hear
That happens to me laat week?"
"Maype you vhas in shall," I says.
"Don't be some fools. Enferybody
tells me dot I should haf some museums mit my soda water works, und so
last week I put him in. Der flrst thins
as you go ln vhas a stuffed lion. I put
■ sign on him, 'Der King of Beasts,'
und last week a man comes in und looks
aroundt und looks ugly und says:
" 'I vhas no mau to take a bluff. Who
told you dot lion vlias der king of
" 'I read lt ln some books.'
"•Vhell, I dispute it. Take off dot
sign or I shall knock him out in one
round. I vkas der king of beasts myself.'
"I tried to argue mit him dot he
vhas no beast, but he kicks dot stuffed
Hon all  oafer und den cuts off his
tail und walks away mit it. For feefty
dollars I buys a wax figure of Napoleon crossing the Alps, lie vhas climbing up mit his feet und waving a flag
ln his hand, und it gifs me great pleasure dot all der people praise him. Mora
ash one t'ousand persons vhas delighted vhen a young man mit a black eya
comes ln und limps aroundt and spite
oafer his shoulder und says:
" 'Vhell, I don't belief you haf sooch
cheek till I see him. How dara you
make me oop like dot und call mt Napoleon?*
'"My frendt, don't yon know some-
t'lngs?' says I. 'Dot figure vhas der
great Napoleon, und he vhas walking
oafer some mountains. Don't you nef-
fer hear of Napoleon?'
"'Neffer ln all my life. Dot vhas
my hair und eyes und body. If you
don't give me feefty dollars I sball
make him tired.'
"I splieak mit dot man more ash ten
minutes, but he gets madder all der
time. By und by be shumps in mit a
right hand swing und knocks dot Napoleon all to pieces, und he also kicks
me three times before be goes out. No-
pody finds Napoleon in my place any
more. I fix him oop ash well ash I
can und mark him, 'Der Tomb of
Shakespeare.' If somcpody comes in
nnd claims he vhas der tomb himself
I can't help lt und sball call on der police to put him oudt.
"Dot vhas badt for ma, Hans, but
two weeks ago a man makes me der
figure of Queen Elizabeth, und she vhaw
so grand dot eaferybody vhas full of
praise. Three days ago a man comes
In my place und sees dot figure und
" 'Who vhas dot old girl ln der cot-
ner, eh?*
" 'She vhas Queen Elizabeth.'
" 'Vhas she deadtr
" 'Of course.'
" 'How long vhas she deadt, eh 7*
" 'More ash a hoonered years.'
" T cnn't belief dot,' he says. 'If sb»
vhns deadt one hoonered years, vhy
does she flirt mit me? Don't you see
her wink licr eyes? I guess I go oafer
und talk to her.'
"I beg hlm to keep avhay, but he
goes oafer und lifts dot Queeu Elizabeth oop und dances her aroundt dot
museum, und pooty queek her hend
und nrtns und legs fall off und she
vhns ln ten pieces. I haf no more
queens ln my place. I fix dot one oop
uml cnll hor 'Dot Fisherman's Daughter,' but dor poobllc vlina not deceived.
"Und how vhns It aboudt my police-
mans? Listen to nie, now, Hans. For
feefty dollnrs a man says he shall mnke
me sooch a wiuc policeman ash neffer
vhas before, und I gif hlm der Job. I
put dot flgger in der middle of der museum, und he vhus so lifelike dot I almost ask hlm to go oudt und bnf some
beer. In two daysn feller comes in uud
looks around und says:
" 'I vhns like a Iamb If somebody
don't fool mit me, but If dot cop tries
to run me lu he vhns paralyzed forever
more. You shust gif him a pointer uot
to take me for a spring chicken.'
"I laugh at him und oxplaln dot it
vhas only a wnx figure, but he walks
around und gets mad und says:
" 'Vhell, I don't like his looks, und I
vhns down on der whole gang. I vlilll
shust f*if him a little token to remember rae by.'
"Und what you belief he did, Jlnns?
By golly, but he puts oop his hnnds
und shumps ln und hits dot flgger on
tier Jaw und lnys hlm oudt. He vhns
going to walk on hiin vhen I buys hlm
off for a dollar. Dot pollcemnns vhns
too lifelike, und so I fix hlm oafer mit
t_s eyas sr.ui Dot next day der fat police sergeant con. »s 'n to see der sights,
und vhen he looks aroundt he says:
" 'Mr. Voglestein, vhas dot policeman
" 'He vhas.*
" 'Vhas he on duty for you?'
" 'Ho vhas. He vhas on duty, but be
vhas tired oudt und goes to sleep.'
"Dot makes der sergeant mad. He
says if I Insult der police force I vhas
pulled ln for green goods und my museum vhas all busted oop. So I haf to
take dot flgger uud put a new suit on
him und call him der czar of Russia.
In one hour a nihilist comes in und hits
him mit a crowbar, und he vhas
smashed Into ten t'ousand pieces. It
makes me awful tired if folks don't
know somet'ings. I haf a bully flgger
dot vhas Christopher Columbus one
day und Judas Iscariot der next Two
days ago he vhas Judas. A man comes
in und looks at him a long time und
den says:
" 'Who vhas dot man here?'
" 'He vhas Judas.'
" 'I thought so. I vhas down on Judas for more ash ten years, und now
you shall see how queek I vhili knock
his head off.'
" 'But he vhas only wax,' I says.
" 'Dot vhas no deefereuce to me. He
goes back on a friend of mine, und
wax or no wax he vhas a Uuted man in
two minutes.*
"Und he hauls off und knocks Judas
by der middle of next week in one
round, und vhen I want damages ha
knocks me after Judas. I fix der head
on again und make blm Shakespeare,
und yesterday a woman comes ln und
says he vhas der man who winks at
her on a street car.
"I laugh at her, but she goes oudt
und gets her husband, und he raises
sooch a row ash neffer vhas. Hs gifs
dot Shakespeare an uppercut on der
chin, nnd avhay goes his headt und
vhas in twenty pieces in a minute und
can neffer be fixed oop again.
"I don't belief I shall stay ln der
museum peesness, Hans. It vhas too
mooch oxplaln all der time, und der
peoples vhas too strenuous for me. It
might do for you, howeffer, und If you
say so you shall haf her for half price,
und I put him ln your back room tomorrow, und you vhas a great man mit
some busts on you." M. QUAD.
Hie Wont  Feara  Confirmed.
Finding himself standing in front of
a doctor's offlc e, Tuffold Knutt yielded
to a sudden impulse and stepped Inside.
"Doc," he said, "kin a man git sick
by Jist breathin' a unwholesome atmosphere?"
"He can," answered the doctor. "I
shall be obliged, my friend, if yon will
improve the atmosphere of this office
by getting out of here ln Just three
seconds. One, two"—
But Tuffold Knutt was on ths outside.—Chicago Tribune.
No  L'ea*  to Save.
Leader of the People Telle Hie Majesty
He ie an lir.,   .nihility.
FF>rls Humanlte publishers the following letter, which lt states Father
Gapon is sending to the Czar:
"Full of simple faith in you as the
Father of your People, I marched towards you, peacefully accompanied by
the children of your people—as you
must know—as you do know. The Innocent blood of workingmen, of their
wives and of their children of tender
age, will henceforth and forever separate you, their assassin, and the Russian people. Never will the moral tie
between the people and you be renewed.
Tou will no longer be able to curb by
any half-r.ieasure, or even by the promise of the states general, the flood ol
popular feeling now furiously swollen.
Bombs, dyr.amlte, collective and individual terrorism, and popular Insurrection await all the assassins of the people, who have been despoiled of their
rights. I tell you this, and so lt shall
be. Waves of blood such as perhaps
have nowhere else been seen wlll be
poured out on account of you.
"Russia herself wlll, perhaps, perish.
Try to understand lt once for all, and
remember lt. Renounce, then, as soon
as possible, with all your family, the
throne of Russia, and appear before the
tribunal of the Russian people. Have
pity on your children—have pity on the
countries of the empire, you who offered peace to other nations and slaughtered your own."
In a postscript Father Gapon adds:
"Know that this letter is the document
Justifying Incidents of revolution and
terrorism which will not fail to occur
ln Russia."
'The Victory Is  Near  If —."
In an appeal to the Russian people,
Father Gapon congratulates the workingmen on the heroism they have displayed ln beginning the revolution from
which the happiness and liberty of Russia must spring. He bids them not be
discouraged, and not to be taken ln by
the promises of the assassin Czar or his
Ignoble ministers. "The victory," hs
says, " ls near If the Ruslan people
shows a united front without distinction of classes or creeds, or race. Call
to your aid men of action. Have
done with chatterers and occupy yourselves at once with the propaganda and
the organization of armed Insurrection.
Join hands with the soldiers and tha
Cossacks. Despise the Holy Synod,
and do not listen to the priests. Organize fighting battalions of working-
men. Do not give the accursed Government, that band of brigands and assassins of the people, time to collect Its
forces, but shoot the monsters, the
chiefs and the officers of the poller,
governors, gendarmes, generals and officers who give orders to shoot you.
And do not forget armed demonstrations, local Insurrections and strikes.
Know that all measures have been taken ln order that you may have ln time
all sort of arms in sufficient numbers,
including dynamite."
Father Gapon bids the Russian people rise as one man at a signal from
tho committee of defence. "Stop the
life of the cities," he says, "by destroying the water mains, the gas pipes, the
telephone and telegraph wires, the
tramways and railways, the Government buildings and the prisons. But
respect  private  property."
He announces that the plan of the
general Insurrection will be worked out
as soon as possible by the committee
of defence in order to realize the abolition of autocracy, the Institution of a
provisional revolutionary Government
and the Immediate summoning of a
constituent assembly on the basis of
universal suffrage. Victory and vengeance, he says, are near.
He promised to come to Join the
workingmen when the supreme moment
Postmaster Lee Looks Ten Years
Younger Than His Seventy-six Years
and He Givee the Credit to the Great
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Tabucintac, Cumberland Co., N.B.,
April 3.—(Special).—Horatio J. Lee,
postmaster here, is now in his seventy-
sixth year but so bright and healthy
does he look and so energetic is he
in his movements that he would easily
pass for ten years younger.
"How do I keep young looking," the
postmaster says. "Well I attribute it
largely to my good health and my
health is mainly due to the use of
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I flrst learned the value of this Kldnoy Remedy some years ago. I was
then suffering from Kidnoy Disease.
My feet and legs swelled and I had to
rise eight or ten times in the night because of urinary troubles. Six boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills restored my
health at that time and I have used
them at intervals since.
"To anyone afflicted with Kidney
Trouble I say 'Dodd's Kidney Pills are
all right.' Try them and you will be
sure to find a benefit."
"Tou should be more economical, my
dear, and save something for a rainy
"What's the nse? I can't go shopping
and spend it on a rainy day."—New
Tork World.
Lyles—Did you ever come across _
more conceited fellow than Bulger?
They uy he ls an atheist, and I believe he Is. Bonter—I wouldn't like to
go so far as that, but I know that be
doesn't recognize the existence of a superior being.—Town and Country.
A Hraa   Snaa-ratlon.
"Tou know," said Miss Kreech after
her solo, "I intend to go abroad to finish my musical education."
"Why not finish it right now," suggest nl Miss Cadley, "and save ths expense ?"-I'biladelph!a Ledger.
The Line Above Mukden.
The following distance table of the
stations on the Manehurlan Railway
from Liaoyang to Harbin wlll be found
useful ln the event that the operations
of the war are carried back to Tlellng
and further north. The distances are
all measured from Port Arthur.
Liaoyang    232
Yenta (Junction for coal mines) 246
Bhaho  258
Mukden  (Junction for coal mines).276
Fuhshital    237
Slntaltse    301
! Tlellng  31s
Kalyun    338
Changtufu  358
Bhuangmlaotse   374
Kuoklatien    409
Fungchullng *26
Fanklatun   446
Kuanchengtse   (J'ct for Klrln)    466
Moshatse    4$3
■VVuhal    501
Yima 613
Taolalhohchnn    638 :
. Shlhtouchengtse    651 !
Tsalklaklu    663
Schuongchengpao    684
Wukla    6!)6
Harbin  617
Originally  Intended •■ • PrateettMl
From  Sword Cmtm.
It Is probable that the epaulet was
originally intended as a protection te
tbe shoulder from sword cuts rather
than'as an ornament Ever since 1795
they haya been worn by commissioned
officers ef tbe British navy. According
to tke officer's rank they vary ln design. A sublieutenant wean mly one
composed of gold lace; other ranks two.
The degree of rank is Shown by crowns,
anchors and stars worked ln silver upon the epaulets and also by the thickness of the cord of which they are com-
posed. Previous to the Crimean war
epaulets were worn by both officers
and men of the army. Here, as ln the
navy, distinction was shown both ln
their texture and design. Those of the
officer were made of gold braid, while
with the rank and file they were mere*
ly at worsted.—-London Telearaoh.
Preaka of Fata.
There goes Tuffnut, the pugilist
Under other circumstances he might
have made a success of a very different
"No doubt With a fair tenor voice
and his peculiar system of fighting be
would bare made a tremendous success
on tbo of -jra stage."—New Tork Press.
_ word Ia Favor ot th* Mnoh Abase*
The virtue of silence has often been
overrated, for there are times when
the most reckless of talkers cannot do
ao much harm or wound so cruelly as
the person who holds peace. The old
proverb hath it that "speech is silver
and silence ls golden," but nevertheless
silence ls not always golden. It sometimes partakes of a leaden quality and
descends with crushing force upon an
assembly. Theoretically lt is a quality
that commands tho highest admiration,
but practically lt ls a virtue that ls
sometimes better honored ln the breach
than in the observance, says the Providence Journal.
Thero ls certainly much to be said
for tho woman who chatters as blithely as a canary, and there are many
times when she is to be preferred to
the one who wraps herself ln an awful silence, under whose baneful influence all cheerfulness dies.
Behind the power and knowledge
which make any one capable of enriching social life with reviving conversation must He, as a foundation, the earnest desire to give pleasure independent of what one may receive in return
and a sense of duty regarding those
whom we meet in the world.
The young woman who goea into the
world of society to which circumstances give her the open door wltb
tht capability of Interesting and, rousing a cheerful flow of pleasant conversation has an assurance of enjoyment
wherever sbe appears.
Proved It.
"I told him he was profane."
"What cMd he say?"
"He swore he wasn't." — Cleveland
Plain  lien law
Bureau  Drawers.
To clean bureau drawers begin witb
the top one. Turn everything out, laying aside soiled ribbons or collars or
bits of lace that have passed their days
of usefulness. These can be cleaned or
destroyed after house cleaning days
are over. Preserve them unless they
are hopelessly worn. If worn get rid
of them ln the quickest and easiest
Turn the drawer bottom up and
brush lt out with a broad, soft paint
brush, wipe out with a dampened cloth
nnd then go over It with a cloth wet
with a few drops of alcohol. The drawer is then ready to receive the ribbons,
laces and accessories which one usually finds in that "top drawer." The alcohol dries the drawer and makes lt
possible to replace the articles at once.
The remaining drawers can be cleaned
ln the same way. And when all dresser
and bureau drawers have been gone
over a long step has been taken toward the dreaded house cleaning.
Earthquakes in Britain.
Barthquaket nr.* not so uncommon In
the Hrilish Isles ns might bo supposed,
of the 6.831 earthquake! which havo
been reported In the world from tho
earliest times up to 1850, tho British
Isles w.ro r<*s| onslbla for no fewer
than 166. The District of (,'omrle, In
Perthshire, Is tho favorite resort Of the
earthquake, nud in the winter of 1839,
140 earthquakes were experienced In
this locality.    Both In England   and
Scotland tin* SUtUmn Is the common.'st
time for earthquakes! there have been
79 In autumn, 74 In winter, 44 In spring
and ss in mmmer
Files and Screen*.
It is a curious fact that files will not
pass through netting, even though tht ;
meshes be quite largo, unless there ls a
source of light, as from a window be
hind it Thus ln rooms with wlndowi
only on one side a net over the window
will absolutely keep the files out, although the meshes of the net may bl
an Inch apart.
Will Soon Have Cheap Butter.
Dr. Henner, a German chemist, has
been experimenting with cocoanut oil,
and finds that lt makes a very satis- I
factory article of butter. It contains
I per cent, of soluble acids, namely
butyric acid and carplc or dlcyllc acid,
which gives the butter a pleasant aroma and savor, mnklng lt taste something like a hazelnut. This butter will
keep fifteen or twenty days before
showing any acid reaction, and sustains
many of tho tests of truo butter, for
which It ls a better substitute than
oleomargarine and con be produced
much more cheaply. Posterity will
face a scarcity of milk nnd the butter
made therefrom, so rapid Is the increase of population and so restricted
In comparison with the available area
for pasturage, and perhaps the cocoa
tree mny come In ns the most useful
auxiliary of the row anywhere to be
found. Much nmy be hoped from Dr.
Henner*! experiments, ns leading the
way of others, and possibly to final
success, thus utilising a substantia
Which enn bo produced prnetloally
without limit and which Is of known
wboleaomenesi and purity,
Ink Stalna on Wood.
Ink stains are troublesome to get oul
of wood. The following ls effectual
Touch the spot with a camel's hall
brush or feather dipped ln spirits ol
niter, and when the ink begins to dl*
appear rub tho spot over as quleklj
as possible with a rag dipped in coM
The  Discrimination  of Tammas.
The ESldert Aye, sir. y. 'r WSS] met. I '
Jest want tae dlSOUSh tlilsh Free Kirk I
iii>,  Iness wi' ye."
The M< mister:  Aye, Tnmmns, but I
think we'll bettor wall until ye'r sober. I
The Bldert Ihoberl Na, na, sir. I
llnna gie a darn fur theology whon I'm
ihobcr. 1
Every mother should bo ablo to treat
the minor ailments of her little ones.
Prompt action may prevent serious
illness—perhaps save a child's life. A
simple remedy in tho home Is therefore an absolute necessity, nnd for this
purpose there Is nothing else so good1
aa llaby's Own Tablots. Thoso Tablets promptly curo all Stomach and
bowel troubles, break up colds, allay
levers, destroy worms, aid teething,
and make little ones healthy and cheer*
ful. Ouarantei d to contain no opiate
or poisonous soothing stuff. Mrs.
John N. Pringle, Forest, Falls, Ont.,
Says:—"I   think   I   ran  thank  llaby's
Oura Talilets for my baby's lite,   Ho'
was badly constipated, but afler giving hia the Tablets he was relieved
at once.    I also find thom £ood when
he is at all restless, and 1 fee! 1 can*
not ray loo much In their favor." Soui
by all druggist or sent by niall nt 25
cents a box by writing the I)r. Williams .Medicine Co., Brocltvllle, Out
It Helye to Keep Them Freak and Ia
Good   Condition.
Do you ever think of airing yout
clothes? No? You think that when you
wear them tbey get aired. So they do,
but not thoroughly and properly as
they ought to. To keep your clothes ln
really good condition you should brush
and shake and air them every little
while. The dress or suit you wear every day should have a dally shaking
and brushing and thorough going over
once a week, says the Pittsburg Pres*
You will be rewarded for your pains,
as your clothes will last much longer
aud look much better. If it ls wool 01
dark material tbe dust gets ground in,
and very soon the whole dress bns a
rusty appearance that with a little
pains and care you might have avoided.
Pressing is a great renovator, and
skirts particularly need lt once ln
awhile as they get hard wear and nre
apt to be pulled out of shape and get
knee holes, which certainly are not
pretty. There is another advantage
about airing your clothes that is most
important. It keeps them fresh and
clean. Nothing ls more uisagrecable
than an odor of cooking or stale perfume on any one's clothes. To be
fresh and clean and neat ls the way to
be always attractive, and every girl
can be and should be all three.
Lemon juice and salt wipe out the
average stain.
Rub the Irons wltb a cloth soaked in
kerosene to prevent scorching.
Machine oil spots on linen or calico
should be removed before washing by
rubbing with a cloth dipped ln ammonia.
If you wash black stockings ln a
warm lather of soap and wnter—no
soda—and add a little vinegar to the
rinsing water they will keep a good
color till worn out.
Linen crash, blue dentin and ticking
are the best possible fabrics for covering Iron holders. Mnke them removable by basting one end together, and
occasionally put tliem in the family
Beeswax and salt rubbed on flatlrons
will make them as smooth  aa iriaaa
All physicians are agreed that every.
one needs a new supply of new blood
ln the spring. The reason Is plain-
close confinement In over-heated, im-
perfectly ventilated homes and work
places, have clogged the blood with
impurities. The liver is sluggish; the
kidneys fail to perform their work
properly. The impure blood is shown
ln a score of ways. You may only feel
a little tired, or easily depressed, but
these are mere symptoms from which
more serious trouble will follow in
other cases Impure blood makes Itself
manifest ln pimples and disfiguring
eruptions, occasional headaches, a variable appetite, attacks of indigestion
or rheumatism, pains in the back and
loins. But whatever the trouble, there
is only one sure way to get rid of it
and that ls through the rich, red, new
blood which comes from the use of Dr
William's Pink Pills. Every pill yoij
take makes new, rich blood, braces the
nerves, overcomes all weakness, drives
the germs of disease from the body
and gives you vim and energy to resist
the torrid heat of the coming summer.
Mr. Charles Saulnler, Corberrle, N. S.,
says:—"I was very much run down,'
and so weak I could hardly work, it
seemed as though my blood was little
better than water. I tried several
medicines, but got nothing to help ra9
until I began taking Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills It was simply astonishing
how quickly these pills began to help
me, and now much new life and vigor
they put Into me. They have made
me as sound as I ever was."
Good blood ls the secret of health
and strength. The secret of good
blood is Dr. Williams' Pink Fills.
These pills do not act upon tho bowels—their whole mission ls to make
new rich, health-giving blood, wliich
strengthens every organ, and every
nerve and drives disease from the
body. Don't take anything but the
genuine pills, which have the full
name "Dr Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People" printed on the wrapper
around each box. If in doubt, write
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., and the pills will bo sent
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfecta.rt
Soap Powder is bettei than otlier powders,
as it is both soa" snd disinfectant.     34
The Cornwall papers contain a pleasant Incident ln the life of the new Premier of Ontario. They say thut Hon.
J. P. Whitney has a good memory. As
ls generally known, he went to school
ln Cornwall in his early days and becoming a law student ln Saiidflcld
Macdonald's office nnd warmly espousing the latter*!! cuuse on all occasions,
came to take a warm Interest ln poll-
tics. He often talked politics with *
friend with whom he lived In town, and
the lady of the house used to encourage
him with the remark that ho would bs
Premier some day. "If I do," said ths
budding statesman, "I will send you tin
best silk dress I can get." It took soma
time for Mr. Whitney to realize Ml
ambition, but the drees arrived last
Saturday, to tho delight of the recipient
Cannot Be Colonels.
The Department of Mllltla has ls-
Fued nn order prohibiting any member
of the Civil Service In that department
from holding a commission as colonel
or adjutant of mllltla. "It Is obvious."
reads the order, "that In the event of
tn outbreak of war the position of the
Department of Mllltla and Defence
must be entirely different from that of
other departments of the public m r-
vlce. Upon its efficient working depends the efficiency of the military
forces In the Held. It Is, therefore, >>f
paramount Importance for tho sue SSS
of the campaign that It should not suffer detriment by being liable to have
members of Us civil staff withdrawn
at such a moment In order to serve
with troops ln the Held."
Sunlight Soap
represents care, skill and scientific accuracy
in its manufacture. That is why it does your
washing without shrinking woolens, fraying
linens or injuring your ha.nds.
Equally good with heLi-d or soft wetter.
No scrubbing, no boiling, more cleansing.
less toiling.
Try Sunlight
Your money baxk if not satisfied. not?
Lever Brothers Limited
If it is a Question of Warmth use I
It Retains Heat  snd Keep* ont Cold.
... ■   "   ' I  '1 ■!■■■     w  .■**■
Writs  for   Samples   aad  Prlcei.
TEES & PERSSE, Llmltod., AgtnU. Winnipeg. THE
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
A series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
and their Influenca.
Worry-wont cure a cough. When
you find a cougtMioldine on_
when everything else has f_Ued-
Cure *TS',cLuns
It is guaranteed to cure.   If it
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
P**'***-"* S. C. -Wblls 4 Co   _.
25c. SOc. »1.   I*Roy.N.Y.,Tofotto°cfln
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhe
either him or his paper.
And lt ls undeniable that both the
Advocate and Its editor have opinions,
and strong ones. Neither tho paper
nor its editor are spineless wobblers.
But neither Is offensive or dictatorial
in tho advocacy of the views professed.
Both recognize that there is something
to be said on the other side, and treat
those who differ with them with the
respect due to intelligent opponents.
In their moderation is the secret of
I the influence of both. Blind, unreasoning partylsm has no supporter in
I Mr. Stewart.   He always appeals, not
! to party allegiance or great party personages, but to sound and intelllble
principles. He uses no rhetorical exaggerations, no catch phrases that obscure  while  pretending to enlighten.
■ All political and other issues are tested   by   the   touchstone   of   ordinary,
: everyday, common sense. One may
differ with Mr. Stewart's conclusions,
but none can  deny him the respect
, due a thoughtful, moderate and logical
Mr. Stewart, like many another
Western editor, ls a graduate of tho
\ case.    Few printers iu Canada have
had a more thorough or more varied
and   Proprietor of the Prince  tra|ninK.   jje is an Irishman by birth,
Albert Advocate. ! having been   born   in   County  Down
M ! some thirty-five years ago.   He came
to Canada with his parents in the year
of the great western boom, In 1SS2»
The family located at Emerson, which
at that time was a typical boom town,
two daily papers being published there,
ln one of these offices young Stewart
went as errand boy and devil. After
a short time he removed to Brandon,
still in the same useful and lowly capacity. A year or two later he came
to Winnipeg, working here a summer,
and then, desiring to see somewhat
more of the world, and to secure a
wider knowledgo of the business,
moved to St. Paul, where another year
was spent In various offices. Another
year was spent in New York, princi-
Manv men engaged in newspaper
work i» 'lie Canadian West have a
luKer circle of acquaintances, but few
havo wanner friends than Mr. Andrew
Stewart, the editor and proprietor of
Stew-.  ^^^^^^^^^^^
the Priuce Albert Advocate. On a
casual knowledge, this may seem somewhat strange. Ai lirst glance Mr.
Stewart does not impress one as a par-
^^^^^^^^~— personality. "«*
Is a better listener than talker.    	
never obtrudes  his views.    Thero  is
MeWilll  liut'3  UUl   1111|'» *-"« a#*»w   «~ —   a	
ticularly attractive  personality.    Ho
.    _   v_.,„-   l,.- ,    than    lall-.T       He
U1UK linniawaa.v. vj.   -——,.■ 0U''
him—uothing that would appeal to the
'Yt'l ......     .....     »,„...,,
ithing histrionic or spectacular about
m—uothing that would appeal to the
ordinary observor as remarkably keen
or brilliant.   He   is   not  reserved   or
clturn but he certainly displays to g*Uyta  <•f employ of Bradstreet's
ilcss degree than the average western But <"<* ™ • of the West came to the
uwmper man  that hall-fellow-well- >0U"K ***** again, and he came back
met camaraderie, that exuberant good ,0 Manitoba with a determination to
fellowship which in its heartiness Is
apt to be uiidistinguishlng In Its frlend-
Mere Is a new Mark Twain story, or
rather an old one recently come to
light. Some years ago the famous
humorist asked a neighbor if he might
read a set of his books. The neighbor
replied ungraciously that he was welcome to read them in his library bud
he had a rule never to let a book leave
the house. Some weeks later the same
neighbor sent over to ask for the loan
of his lawn mower. "I should be very
glad to loan you my lawn mower," said
Mark Twain, ' uut since I make lt a'
rule never to let It leave my lawn, you
will be obliged to use It there."
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that Contain Mercury.
M niiTciry will aurtily deatroy tlie unnae nf nmell and
ront|'l"t''J> 061*1188 tlio wltol,. n>i.t«'fii when entprina
It through ttu. titii-cmn Hurfm-oM. Such i.rtah- Hhoulil
la.-.aa bt* uw.'l Bxowt on prom-ri ptiona from rfputitble
phyaluiiiiin, iw the .Inmate tliey will do Im tenfold to
the Kood you win pOMEUf derive from them Hul I
Giurrh Cine, inuuufurtnred liy F J. Cheney * Co.,
Toledo, ()., a • aa.iai- no na-riairy. nud in tllken Inter*
nully, nctinii dirii'lly upon the blood and inucoui. t*ur-
faeea of the MjHtenr In Imyiug Ilall'a Catarrh OOTal
be sur.. roil get tho genuine. It in taken Internally
and Dial in Toledo, Ohio, by !■. J. Cheuy * Oo.
T.-hlimuiiiala freo.
Sold la llruggiHtH.   Price, Tlie. per bottle,
■Take Haifa family Pilla for OOtUtipattoB,
He (fervently)—I would go through
anything for you. She (sweetly)—
Well, lets begin with your bank book.
I was cured of a bad case of Grip
Sydney, C. B. C. I. LAGUE.
I was cured of loss of voice by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Yarmouth.       CHAS. PLUMBER.
I was cured of Sciatic Rheumatism
Burin, Nfld.     LEWIS S. BUTLER.
Husband—I actually believe, my
dear, that you think more of your
poodle than you do of me. Wife—•
I'd like to know what reason you have
for thnking so. Husband—Well, you
never allow him to eat anything you
A Medicine Chest in Itself.—Only
the well-to-do can afford to possess a
medicine chest, but Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, which is a medicine chest
in itself being a remedy for rheumatism, lumbago, sore throat, colds,
coughs, catarrh, asthma and a potent
healer for wounds, cuts, bruises,
sprains, etc., is within the reach of the
poorest, owing to its cheapness. It
should be in every home.
)\ IU  U<~  UiiiJioout,u>i>„tu0   ...   mm—   .........
liness, lhat characterizes the general
it)- of western newspaper men. Mr.
Stewart lacks that Bohemian buoyancy
which is the hall-mark of many of his
fellow-workers. He abjures the "wild
and woolly westerners." He ls sound
and sane, thoughtful and earnest. In
the northernmost frontier town of tho
prairie section of the Dominion he has
farm. The life of a pioneer on a home
stead, however, proved uncongenial.
The smell of printers' Ink called him
to the newspaper office as irresistibly
as that of the sea does the sailor to
his ship. Mr. Stewart struck out for
the Western States working in the
principal offices in Helena, Anaconda,
Spokane, Tacoma. Seattle, and tho
State printing office at Olympia. In
these he gained Invaluable experience
in every branch of th printing and pub-
itwd for professional [deal's tbat are  jJLfi^J!!!?*
MM.mHvi.lv   nrniTPHSlvP.     Tn   nick   lining  business
It will thus be seen that few printers
In the Canadian Wist have had a more
complete mechanical training and experience than Mr. Stewart
conservatively progressive. To pick
up a copy of the Advocate—not merely
now, when I'rince Albert ls one of the
most Important cities of the West, but
for years past, when lt was popularly
regarded as hanging on to the outside
edge of civilization—none would ever
think, either by its makeup, by its editorial opinions, or by Its news columns
that It wa.s published in a town that
was the farthest Canadian limit of
agricultural effort. Indeed, if the Imprint was not noticed, the general Impression would be that the Advocate
Mr. Stewart went to Prince Albert
in 1V*4 to take charge of he newly organized paper and after a few
months was so satisfied with its
prospect! that he decided to purchase he business, which he has
conducted ever since. From a very
modest beginning lt has grown till it
is now an eight page, all home print
was a typical representative of that £_*•£ ***kln« u*tu;al rank as one of
class of capable journals publshed In ' *,° f!,ur or_"vp ^\.^'™ ■<• »«"> Ter*
in old established, populous and pros- ?**_*; _ Th?  median cal  euui mi   it
t*rous community. °* l]" °ffl.*»-*" 0,lerof ,lu' !">st   u   1,c
!n this respect the Advocate is mere- XV    ■ £2£2"! ,ahflno ,W"Tin"      ,?
IT tho rctlectlon  of  its  owner.   The EJ**JH*? jobbers   monoHne, cut-
riallties   of   older civilizations ■""• « 'ichors  &c, ample  o Keep pace
■"•'■■■a. 'be person of Mr. Stewart been wl,h. lho rapid growth of one_of the
have In the person of Mr. Stewart been
transplanted to the new conditions of
Pioneer journalism. Without losing
one whit of the endowment he brought
*"h hlm, he has adapted thoso qualities to the environment of the West,
ami wiih such conspicuous
that it  *
most   progressive   cities   of   Western
Canada.     Typographically,  editorially
und  reportorlally,  the  Advocate is a
paper of wliich any [dace might well
be proud. In this respect the city on
. the Saskatchewan has much for which
that It   has   passed""'into"a nrovorb  'o thank Mr. Stewart, who. with unllag-
among hla fellowworkers     Mr   Stew- P** on,'r«>'' enterprise and wUdom,
W   Is   the    embSnent    rfaS;^.^1^."^^^^0^?0.!'
Askem—What's your dog's name,
Mister Nosegrind? Millionaire Nose-
grind—I call him Wages. "That's a
funny name. Why do you call him
that?" "Well, he was a mighty delicate pup, and I had a lot of trouble
raising him."
A Veteran's Stor ,-George Leaaia. of Shame
kin. Pn.. write"; " I am ainhty aennt of aue. I bnve
tiwan trout,l*-d with catarrh for fifty yr-am, and in mj
time hav* iiHod a grant manr catarrh onra, but never
bed an. relief until 1 uw*'l Dr. Atrnow'a Catarrhal
Powder.   One box cured me completely.   60 cente.   2fi
Miss Gettington—Mr. Batcbleigh,
till me—wby did you never marry?
Mr. Batchleigh—Well, madam, I kept
a parrot for six weeks once just to
see how it would be. I decided I could
never stand it.
It is only necessary to read the testimonials to be convinced that Hollo-
way's Corn Cure is unequalled for the
removal of corns, warts, etc. It is a
complete extinguisher.
Mary, who came from Tipperay a
few months ago and is acting as servant girl for a Oermantown family, is
beginning to adopt American ways.
Mary bought ber first pair of rubber
shoes the other day. On her next afternoon off the streets were slushly
and Mary had some distance to walk,
but when she returned her mistress
noticed that the rubbers had not been
worn. "Why Mary, why didn't you,
wear your gum shoes?" she asked.
Mary looked at her mistress with astonishment "What, an' dirty them
the first time I put them on?" she demanded.
art Is the embodiment of quiet
s'r"ni;th and modest ability. He has
>Juuirial t.'i'iperament which prevents
"•m from taking any step without ma*
ure ca. Ideratton, nnd saves him from
'M errors Into which more Impetuous
"WW levl ably fall. For the same
"■•oo be seldom has occasion to mod-
"> ** l">.*itl<ii, once taken. It ls thus
»o«oi,i,,- um, ,hl, ,„.r8onn, nnd edl.
""•" opinions are treated   with   Ihe
rwpaet    by all   who  know
trading village to its present status,
nnd whose efforts In the future will
not be the least of the factors to Its
continued progress. Happy Indeed II
that Western town,—the supreme n< ed
of each of which Is tbe most widespread publicity concerning Its natural
wealth and advantages—which has an
editor ns persistent, so effective, and
so able as Mr. Stewart, and a paper
as entarprlalng ami as progressive as
tin' Prlnoe Albert Advocate.
nartl's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Vour doctor will tell you that
in*n,palc, weak, nervous chil-
«[*-nkcome strong and well
oy taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Jmtll doses, for a few days.
Jjj change Is very prompt
nJ,vcry marked.   Ask your
gpr Why Ith,   He has our
,0rmu!a nnd will explain.
Ihe Children
1  tur»thost with Ayer'• ftlU.
Tbere Is a certain part ol this greal
west that bas, until the present time,
been practically unknown, owing to Its
distance from all traits ol civilization,
inn it bas been awaiting the Bi
for manv years, and dow that tbe new
line of the Canadian Northern Ry. bas
been extended to the Elbow, the Bee
ond crossing ol the groal Saskatchewan RlVOr, the Mississippi ol the
North, settlers, the buslne a men, and
ib,. homeseekers will be pouring n
to take advantage <>f tho groal lertlle
wh. at bell iu the valley ol the river
Saskatchewan, undoubtedly the lines!
trad ol wheal country lu W< orn
Canada, towards which all eyes will
be turned In a r< w years. To ■''''
homeseekers the  Canadian  Northern
Ry  are Issuing round trip tickets rrom
all stations on their line, Gladstone,
Neepawa and Bouth to any pplnl w<
ol Dauphin as far wesl as the Elbow
on the main Hue. and Mellorl on >
Prlnco Allien extrusion at the nomin*
.,, ,),,,„,. 0f one ilngle fan*.   Evidently
the Railway Company oxpocl b 	
class ol traveller on ibis new Ine as
they are placing Aral class Sleepers
i„ the service, and equipment ei tne
very latest design.
The Most Popular Pill.—The pill ls
the most popular ol all forms of medicine, and of pills the most popular are
Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills, because
they do what lt is asserted they can
do, and are not put forward on any
fictitious claims to excellence. They
are compact and portable, they are
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gripe, and tbey give relief ln the most
stubborn cases.
Mrs.    founglove    Our    cook    says
those eggs you sent yesterday were
ancient, Grocer—Very sorry ma'm.
They were the besl we could pot. i'ou
see all the young chickens wore kilted
off for the holiday trade, so the ol i
bens are the only ones lefl  to do tl i
layin'.    Mrs. Youngiove—Oh,   to   be
sure,   of course, l hadn't thought ol
Hor  Hnnrt  Llkr  ii   Pollutfid  Sprln*.   Un,
.t,m,M Srltilyt, V..)** J.lnnal. Cni.. -..i*.    "1   *.,.  f,.r
Bf(]    »,'Hm   ila»*||,.|,.a    Willi      !■.,«.,,.,„      ,-,-,,,( ( |art,inn.   hl-UTt
dltMM Ana tir,,.»ia prcaalntloll I riiH.'l lha l„ail
thiiil.lw with l*r Aiyii'«', Cure fur On- II.-urt. itii'l tin.
clli.-r   u.lini'Uta   aaat,,iai.*.,l   lakr   mitt     !■..!   i>    :]   lc
iiall ,n boar utei lha Brat .lo-a "—tl
Mlstres -Verena, what kind of meal
have you in the pantry this morning?
Cook—There'e some scraps ol beef,
ma'am, an' a little boiled ham, an'
what's left ol the roast, pork we bad
yesterday. .Mistress-Well, work them
up Into a chicken salad for dinner.
"You wore hold up. were'nt you'."'
"i was, roll me, bow did you let I
■■1 El II  nli.
On Miteni ninl MMithorn Dnraarr itooli that
will Ull iii« llitt winter, Imt sata.) ,, poll card
for onr i-uinWiia nf treal thai will jrow in
Manitoba and tha Territories, Apples, cralu,
plums, small fruits, ornnmentul treat sua
•bru'if, perranlnl plants, oto,
Minard's Linim
ent Cures Burns, etc.
W   «M
Xj    fMlo  927
Houston, Tex.—Twenty-eight Texas
convicts on the plantation of J. B. S.
House, of Houston, have escaped by
sawing through the floor of the stock-
WS with case knives. Forty-five'convicts refused to accompany the fugitive,';. Possees are scouring the river
bottoms for the runaways. The plantation is in Fort Bead county. There
Is considerable alarir among the people living ln the country through
winch the fugitives would have to pass
to reach Houston or to get away and
the citizens have remained In their
homes with their dogs and guns to
protect the women and children.
A Persistent Symptom of Nervous Dyspepsia—Cure
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Signals of Danger.—Have you lost
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medicine must suffer but under the
circumstances the wise man would
Procure a box of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills and speedily get himself in health
and srive to keep so.
He — I'd like to take your photograph, Edle. Really, youro sweet
enough to eat! She—I see—and that's
why you want to me on a plate.
fjl*itti*h3 Nervo LBBh.-Tha tortura anil  u,t-
eni nt the victim of uprvnon prostration nn.l  nnr.
I worku,l a mlriai,'!
11 hla doctor  .-rn.lli it.H.l it.
At last the telephone girl condecend-
ed to answer. "What's that sir," sbe
exclaimed. "Are you swearing?",
"Not audibly, miss," said the man at
the other end of he wir; "but I con*
fess that as a long distance mind-reader you are an expert."
Many Inherit weak lungs, and as disease usually assails the weakest point,
these persons are continually exposed
to attacks of cold and pulmonary disturbances. The speedy use of Bickle's
Anti Consumptive Syrup will be found
a preventive and a protection, strengthening tbe organs so that they are not
so liable to derangement from exposure or abrupt atmospheric changes.
Bickle's Syrup is cheap and good.
Conjurer—You have seen me put
tbo marked shilling in this hat. I now
ask our friend over there with the red
nose to fish it out of his pocket. Our
friend (rising)—I didn't know you
wanted the whole shilling back After
you handed it to me this morning I had
to use a sixpence, but here's the
Many a sufferer from chronic dyB*
pepsia dates his ailment from the time
he began  to  feel  "drowsiness  after
The blood is weak, and there Is not
sufficient nerve force to carry on the
work of digestion and supply the vital
force required for mental and physical activity.
Headache, dizzy spells, defective
memory, inability to concentrate the
mind, brain fag, irritability of temper,
nervousness and sleeplessness are the
resulting symptoms.
Owing to defective digestion the
body is not deriving proper nourishment from the food, and some other
method of obtaining strength must be
In Dr. Ch.^se's Nerve Food the most
effective of i blood-building and nerve-
restoring elements of nature are contained in condensed form so as to be
easily taken Into the blood.
Under this treatment you soon find
that the appetite is sharpened, digestion improved, and the vitality of mind
and body greatly Increased.
It takes time to thoroughly cure dyspepsia and its accompanying symptoms, but you can be certain that each
dose of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is ot
some benefit to you, and that the cure
will be complete and lasting.
Mr. J. A. Gibbs, 86 Tom street, Hamilton, Ont., writes:—"My principal
trouble was indigestion, and as a result my appetite was poor and I waa
quite nervous. Frequently ln the
morning severe dizzy spells would
come over me and in many ways I felt
that I was not at all well. The use ot
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has changed
all this and my digestion is now such
that 1 can eat almost anything. My)
appetite is good, my nervous system
seems to be stronger and I do not
know what it is to bave the spells of
weakness and dizziness come over me.
I can strongly recommend Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, BO cents a
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signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on every
QONT take chances on the kind
of tea you drink.   It doesn't pay.   Insist on having
Baby.-South Am.rlcn  Rh.n-
th.  root  of   tho   ailment  and
Helpless ai a
ttRtio  Cur. iitrlke. _, „.  	
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llrai-kvilln. Ont., for tirelve v,,arn a arroat sufferer
fraifl rheumatlam. rouldn't wwh himmOf; fi'e.1 him,
self or lire** hitunelf. After 11*1:119 "'' t*ottlea wan
u- •■ to no to arnrk. uud -11; ■.: "1 think puinj hua left
IB. forever." -26
Regina's future foretold In 18S2—
Voting Man,—"I've bin west fur twenty eight years"—(louder—"I saw Chicago riz"—(louder)—"I saw Minneap-
ols riz"—(louder)—"I saw St. Paul
riz"—(howling)—"I saw the day I
could bave bought the whole of Omaha fur fifty dollars, and now by japers
they are getting five hundred dollars a
fut fur It, and it will be the same with
this city ln twenty-five years."
Specially manufactured and as healthy as it is good.
6 Coupons in each pound.   Card in
each end counts as three coupons.
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BLUE RIBBON, Department R, Winnipeg.
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•a Li. juntos, 1
The Woman who Would
tko Grocer who wouldn't.
Every day from five to fifteen letters are received by
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. from women living in the
smaller1 towns throughout Canada, saying they have asked
their grocer for Royal Household Flour but can't get it'
One writes—"I told my grocer, Mr.—, that I would buy
'Royal Household' regularly if he would always keep it
on hand, but he said he wouldn't take on another brand of
flour until he was obliged to." Another says—"My grocer
is an 'old fogie' and never gets the newest or the best
things until the year after." A third says—"We haven't
an enterprising grocer in our town and are obliged to send
to for 'Royal Household' or take a poorer flour."
Write diredl to Ogilvie's.
If you can't get "Royal Household" from your grocer,
write to us direct—we will immediately give you the name
of thc nearest grocer who keeps "Royal Household" and
send you also the "Royal Household" recipes. There is no
good reason why your grocer should compel you to u.so
inferior flour—no first class grocer will hesitate to order
"Royal Household" for you, and even the smallest dealer
will get it if you insist upon it.
IndoitruetlbU, n**.nd.«m<>., I'rrfi-i't.    Only 2ft Mnti per rutin In if fool.
Supplied by u* or loo*l damlar.
THE PAGE WIRE FENCE CO.  LIMITED, . WaikanUI*.   Tertnto,    Mantrtal   WlnnlMf.   St. Johrti E9
d J
Q. K. SiiUTHERiNviAi.K, Editor and Prop.
BLOC*\N,      ...       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first I nsertion and 5 cents a line each
subseque.it insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same raten
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Co-nmercial Kates made known upon
Tho Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1905.
When they get time to think it over,
Hawthointhwaite mid his pals mH.it
feel kind of sick at the way in which
nil their pet legislation was sacrificed
at the sudden prorogation of the local
house on Saturday night. They served their purpose during the session
and now the horse laugh is on them.
Frank Oliver, member for Edmonton, and not Walter Scott,is the newspaper man who has succeeded Clifford
Sifton as minister of the interior for
the dominion. Prank may not have
much polish in his manner of speech,
but he is possessed of two strong factors for the position —marked ability
and undoubted popularity.
The Victoria Colonist manifests its
loyalty to Conservative principles by
again traitorously abusiug the provincial party. Dunsinuir got mad because the legislature figured upon
adopting au eight hour day-bank to
bank—for coal miners. The Colonist
never could view a question beyond
the Victoria and other local interests
Manager Campbell, of the Nelson
smelter, says arrangements have lx?rn
made whereby the leud stacks at his
works" will be kept running. It is
simply a question of rates, aud if the
smelters ate agreeable they can get
the ores. It must have struck the
local smelters #s a dark reflection on
them that Kootenay mines could obtain larger profits by shipping their
ores to Europe. The local smelter
poople have the plan of salvation in
their own ham a.
It is gradually being borne in upon
the minds of the peopje of tho camp
that they are overlooking the advantages of the lands around Slocan lako
and in the valleys for fruit raising
purposes. It is a mistake to think
there aro no vacant lands, for there
are thousands of acres that may be
procured either from the railway company or government. All of it is more
or less timbered, but it can be easily
cleared, and almost everywhere mountain streams are available for irrigation, if need be. The soil is adapted
to various kiuds of fruit, while the climatic conditions are as favorable as
those around Kootenay lake. With
mining at such a low ebb, people are
forced to turn their attention to other
occupations for a living, and none can
be found more profitable than that of
fruit raising. Homeseekers looking
for lands favored with au ideal climate, and who are uot afraid of tackling
timber, cau secure a good choice in
and around Slocan lake.
A new political sensation was
spruugon the Canadian public last
•weok, tending furthor to complicate
the vexatious school question in the
west, and adding fuel to the factional
religious feud that is always more or
less alive throughout the dominion,
Hon. Messrs. Rogers and Campl>cll,of
the Manitoba government, were in
Ottawa some time sinco endeavoring
.to have the boundaries of their province enlarged. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
asked for a postponement of the conference, when Monsigneur Sbarretti,
the papal delegate to Canada, butted
in ou tbe question, so the Mauitobans
allege, and told them they could get
what they wanted if Manitoba would
only amend its laws and grant separate schools to the Roman Catholics.
Rogers and Campbell have published
their side of the story and Laurier and
Sbarretti have countered, all combining to make one of the most sensational episodes the public has yet ex
perienced. Tho Manitoba government
wants to appeal to the country, bul
they can't get dissolution, so matters
are getting warm. One thing is cit
.tain, however, Canadians will DOi
brook interference iu their affairs by
Subscribe for Tub Dimx.
Pay up tout subscription.
Saudon's tax sale will take place on
Way 2&.
For the best bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
The Roman Catholics of Nakusp
will erect a church.
The Rifle Association held a practice shoot on Saturday.
Mayor Houston, Nelson, was a visitor here last Thursday.
Next Friday is Good Friday. Hot
pastry will bein demand.
Winlaw's sawmill is rapidly cutting
lip the stock of logs in the river.
Miss Aggie Mullin left on Monday
to take up her residence in Nelson.
Toronto parties have taken uy) the
bonds for tho Nelson power plant, for
Robert Glendenning and Miss C.
Moir, Nakusp, were married in Nelson
last week.
The only salary paid by the council
is that of the city clerk, amounting to
$200 a year.
Another barge of lumber from Win.
Koch's mill was brought down Tuesday for export.
A revision of the voters' list of the
Blocan riding will be held at New
Denver on the 1st.
Miss Nellie Goudray. sister of Mrs.
W. Cameron, left on Monday for her
old home in Ontario.
A bnrgeload of lumber from Koch's
mill. Ten Mile, came down on Friday,
for shipment to the prairies.
For the first tirn;? in tie* historv of
the province the full court sat at Victoria, Monday, without wigs.
Jackson Radcliff came up from Nelson Monday, to receive the insurance
on his house, recently burned.
G. H. Noble, Vancouver, was here
this week, sizing up the financial
standing of the business people.
Born.—Atthe M. U. General Hospital, on the fith inst., ihe wife of C
13. Kirk, of Nakusp, of a daughter.
For Sale.--A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can !>?•
had at -10 cents each. Apply at this
Mrs. W. Brandon, Silverton, returned on Fridav from Winnipeg, where
slu* had spent the winter visiting with
Mrs. IT. Tipping and child arrived
Fridav from Nova Scotia, to re-id.*
here. She war, accompanied by Miss
Citj Solicitor Jorand was notified
last week lhat the city had no longer
need of his services. Economy was
the cause.
C. F. Nelson, New Denver's druggist and stationer,is leaving tliere this
month, to take up his abode in East
Al Reeves wns down from the Arlington this wee',,-, packing up the effects of the company and tailing thom
Up to the mine.
Rossland parlies are reported to
have secured a site below the mouth
of the Little Slocan for the erection of
a large sawmill.
Lambert & Bell's new sawmill, lfi
miles down the valley, though not yet
enclosed or roofed, is cutting and exporting lumber.
Tin* many ranches down the valley
are showing marked improvement this
sprint,'. Hundreds of new fruit trees
are lieing set out.
Jack Aitchison returned on Tuesday
night from a ten days' trip to Kamloops and St. Leon Springs. He is
returning to Phoenix.
The American Institute of Mining
Engineers, wbo are to hold their annual session at Victoria, will visit Nelson in a body on .Tunc 27.
The Nelson Tribune no longer defends the   loeal  smelters, but   ral her
blames them partinllv for the condition of tilings in the Slocan.
Jim Baker has gone to the coast.
Next monlli he goes to Salt Lake City
to attend a meeting of the executive
■committee of the W. F. of M.
New Denver people have lost tbelr
chance for a trail to Rosebery this
summer, their petition having been
thrown out hy tlie legislature.
Wm. Koch has secured the old Palmer ranch down the valley and is going in for fruit raising. About 7000
strawberry plants were unloaded there
on Friday.
The local Oddfellows will celebrate
the 86th anniversary of their Order by
an At Home In their hall, ou the evening of April 28th. All Oddfellows.
Rebekahs, and their friends are invited
to be present.
Chief Engineer Colbeek, of the str.
Slooan, expects to leave here in a few
days for Revelstoke, from whiob place
lie will run all summer on the str.
Revelstoke to the Bi-r Bend country.
Mrs. Colbeek goes with him.
Win. Brandon, of Silverton, has returned from an examination of the
Okanogan valley.   He is confident the
lands around Sloean lake will raise
just as good fruit OS the Ol.aiiugau.
and that fact, should   be made known.
The Diull will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statementsjetterheods,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price,
Owing to removals from town Slocnn
requires a new batch of J.P.'s.
A heavy fall of snow took place in
the hills Wednesday night. A little
fell in town.
British Columbia wants girls and
Slocau is doing her best to meet the
Nothing has beeu heard lately of
the proposed celebration at New Denver ou May 2-1.   ,
Phil Munro, wife and family have
quit New Denver, aud gone back to
Ontario to reside.
John Craig started Friday on his
contract repairing the Springer creek
bridge. He has made excellent progress.
With three sawmills for the valley,
tliere is keen competition for timber
and owners thereof ate getting tall
Several dickers have been made
down lho valley of late among the
ranches, by parties wanting to get
An extension of time is being applied for by the Kaslo ■& Lardo-Diui-
can Co. in * which to complete their
W.Koch has Ik'cii doing some smart
bidding anion;; the valley ranchers for
timber, and has secured a big (supply
for Iiis new mill.
California strawberries are selling in
Spokane at 3f5 cents a box. They will
appear here about June 15, at live
cents a berry.
Arrivals nt the Arlington during (he
week were: F. Fletcher, Greenwood;
VV.Ryan and wife,Silverton; J.Lundy,
Calgary.* Mi J. Moore, Nelson; J. J.
Thombson, Toronto; L. J. Fails,Trout
Aniiiiii** Nut Wanted nt Rutins.
The Kootenay Shingle Co.. at. Salmo, attempted to run a crew of Japs
and Chinese into their mill last weok.
to replace their white gang, bringing
the Asiatics from the coast. The attempt was unsuccessful, as the populace would not stand for it, a number
of men coming down also from Ymir
to repel the invaders. On Tuesday
Chief of Provincial Police Bullock-
Webster took up some specials from
Nelson and escorted the Asiatics back
to Salmo. There was much excitement, but no trouble eventuated.
Timbur l>< iti On.
Negotiations are under way looking
to the transfer of the timber lands at
Robertson creek, three miles west of
the town. It looks as if the deal
would go through and, if so, it would
maun a great deal to the town. Au
extensive sawmill plant would be installed aud a wagon road built from
here; several netv families would locate iu town and all tho business of
the coucaru handled from this point.
Would OhiingH LloaiMV I.n\r.
In the cl wing hotii's of tho legislature iInn. Mr. Wilson introduced n
new liquor license act, designed to
bring the regulations into accord
much after those in effect in Ontario.
The bill wa.s only read a first tiuie,the
idea beiugto get tbe country acquainted with it, ijefore tho next session of
the legislature.
i.icuiTim by
Tlio Queen's
HoteL *■*-<*»
KATES:   .11.00 I'KH  DAY
I Flrsl-claBB DiningTlodni
I LargiJ and ComfortabW Bedrooms
♦ Sample looms for Commercial Men
t Nelson, B. C.
1+****.* *-*-*-**-»-*-*■* ****** ♦ *>♦■»
o s\        EACH will Rwnru n number
/J, I If   ol window blinds, with rollers
r v V« nttached.   Arc in good Bhape.
will purchftBua small base-
burner coal stove. In as
good lis new,
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to any person or
persona lowborn he mnv havo transferred iiis inteiCPt, in whole or in part,
in Uie Indepelidenco mineral claim,
situated on Crusader Hill, Lemon
creek, antl recorded in the Slocan City
milium division of West ICooti nay di.*-
You are hereby notified that I, the
undersigned, have caused to ho expended the sum of two hundred and
live dollars in labor and general im*
I'ovt'ini'iits upon ihe ahove mentioned
claim, in order 10 bold sai.l minimi
I'liiim under ibe provia ons of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
liati* of this notice you fail or refuse to
con tribute yonr proportion of such expenditure, together with nil costs of ndk
vertislng, your interest in mid claim
will become tha property of the Bub
i Rci'iber, under Bection four of nn net en
tilled "All Act to amend the Mineral
Aot, 1000."
Dated tliis L'Tib dav of January. 1005.
•J.'.", \Y. T. SUA TKOKD
A Flr« Scare.
The citizens bad a lively Ere scan
on Monday night, caused by a blaziug
chimney at the Blue Frout hotel, on
Arthur street. In the excitement tin
firemen were misdirected aud rushed
to the Robertson cottage, farther up
the street. The only damage was ii
smashed skylight at the Blue Front.
Appended is a complete list of the vaia
ioiiH records registered at tin* local regU'
try ollice, I!. It. Jorand being minin"
April n—Crown, Reekie, Brentwood,
Lady Franklin, Crasy Jane, Aston No .',
.lack, Jim, Aston, all for two yenrB,
*!   •
■' '.*,' ■'■]
Always useful and
certainly beautiful, a
brooch is never amiss
as a gift,
No. 13681 ia a flna Gold
llrooch wiih Diamond centre.
'1 In* price ll iL-inaikable at
Distance is no obstacle to satisfactory
dealings with our
house. Write for
mad-order  catalogue.
Cancellation ol Reserve.
\-!)Tl'T i- Lop-' ■ '.:-■ 'll Unit tlie tc rvi*-'-."
.\ a-'.al/i- k* I ill 1- irMISUiec nf 11 '■ I'-"* i i"H-
oftlw "l.'olumU.i .:> a! v.- urn Rnilv.i ! clubs!'")
A,'   .   IV'V        Ill   a j .   Ilf    . ■',     .      a.,    pal.:'    Ill    I HI
t!i« Brill ill 1 "I ilubi ' UiukM    nu i date I 7th ol
May, lKWi, 0111 &th Juno, 1SW, 1.-1 'ectively, nir
hi*i'i by (■.!'■.•'■'!' il.
t.'rieva 1.-. '   •• ■   ..-•■ !  within  tlie  nmn nm-
hr.-i"" 1 Ir, |ao a-.1-1   n   i-.-v.ii i-.-i will   be ofen  to
salo, -.-ul.-' nt ut, I.- . : ■■ h v ul i ••;••' •
a. a . • • . ■ 1 i- ififjoi! ol the "l.Hii'l Ai t. tatoi
riioiitlin ufe - lhe flat* of !'-'■ flrst 1 nblii al n
of this uotice in the Hrilish (\ilutuhiii liiiisette!
,ai-,n I lo I, ;> iwevnr, that in illciisi - ivltero Inndi
ar" s. - .! '. pre-empt il, lease*!, ".- otborwisi
alionntod by ths thirerumviit unit nro dub*«e.
quciitly found, peon tliesiirvej nl :' ■• 1 ■ lumhln
and *\, sta Kail*, ay I on .anv'. hla. I -. to li<-
tvliolly or partly within ■■.',, blocl then tht*
persons so ncqnirin sueh hunts bhnll acquire
their title I eretofiom tho Railway Company,
who have un reed to deal with such purchaser,
prc-eraptoi . lessees, etc,, i'n tha -a...a tenni
an i conditious as tbi ■ -■. irafnout tvoul ' under
the provl ions of tlie "Laud Act," except In respect to timber lands on the Company's blocks,
• .1,1 li ■ hull be ahjeel to the n ki letions Issiind
by tbi Company relative o> (!"■ riittine of tin
hi"- an the Columbia and VVi-n.ru li.iilv.ay
Land (iianl.
W.8. GODE,
Deputy Commi stonorof Lands & WorW
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, li.C.'J'ii I Pobninrr, 1WI.
J. A. Auderso
books am. stationi;i:y
school supplies
Dill (il.lS'l   ,V  S'I'A't IONK.K,
Clothes Make
the Man.
is a plain statement of fact. They
have much to do in influencing
first Impteasions, and everyone
wants to create a favorable and
lasting impression. If yon get
your clothes from us you will always be well dressed anil tho cost
will bo no more than to be lho
other way.
Order a
Spring   Suit I
from us. Wo have in stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
of Tweeds Series, Worsteds, and
General Sijttingsj with Trouserings and Fancy Vestinga.
******* **4
A Residence for Sale
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale cn easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
cioset, lar^e cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For' terms   apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
~1 K 71
'•. Ci»     ,       •>£!• *      tr 1   4  .       *?>^       *A     .t*X
se your W
?/ r* 1 ^*acc
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before thc people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
cruii't in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
tlie printer
tiAt All  Times ti
Subscribe for |qJ
and [J
support [XJ
local paper:
K* THE DRILL   $2  per year \
i -'-■'■ -    ■■:
i Brill
I a rswarfl  \
to all pewis   \
tent and  lib*  |
oral iidvertin-
erm it is ivad
by everyone.
It guarantees !
S_S3__ • 2_^^^W"^^r>OD*<_a(
—s\itJ^__,J*i^e, W,..i     ja%Xj_       ...,:,^       -JSm-t~**-_*mt      _»>«


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