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The Slocan Drill 1901-07-19

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VOL. IL, Ko. 16.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   19,   1901.
12.00 PER-AN,NU*vi.
If xwi hnve a mlue or prospssct for sale, send us a full report, with sainplos of
• -.oro, -.latum price and terms.
Oil- facilities for niacin-- a property quickly are uncxcellod.
Wt/jnuko a specialty of free mlllinj; gold properties.
CVme-spondAnci) solicits*!.   Address,:
! lli.ot.ii, Nelson, 11. C.
are now arriving daily and are the
best to be obtained.   Our Confection-
eery has a reputation second to none.
Sole agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Wc have just opened:
Miners' Overalls, 8 and 9 oz Denim
riiners' Shirts, 8 and 9 oz Denim
Hen's Black Shirts, in all weights
and many other furnish in***; lines.
These -foods liear lhe UNION LABEL and in quality
and load.   Try them.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
"Victoria, Motel,
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
City Clerk Foley K-ipiirU 011 Hla Trip to
Nelson—Mssst Cancel City I'ookss Ordered unsl l»ay the Cs>Ht»—Not Much
Ittssiiis'ns, Transacted.
Council met on Monday evening,
Aid. Woodcock and Barber being
absent, (^uitc a number of citizens
were in attendance.
Routine business disposed of, a
communication wus read from the
clerk, repotting upon his trip to Nelson in questof municipal information.
Mayor York, in commenting on the
report, thought the clerk had exceeded his authority in purchasing a seal,
as cuts only should have, been secured for submission to the council. The
two big hooks for keeping track of
tho city's 1i11anc.es, which were ordered by ths clerk, were also beyond
his authority. Thecouncil had only
$H>00 to go upon this year, and the
cost of the books, estimated nt $40 j
each, was too heavy. There was no
use in squandering money. Other
towns got along with cheaper books,
and he was certain a set could be got
for one quarter the price. There was
no hope for financing heavy bills.
City   Clerk   Foley said he would I
stand the difference between the cost.'
of these books and the books considered to be necessary.
Aid.Bradshaw suggested that there
was no use getting cheap books, as
Sandon and other places bad had to
pay heavily for Suitable books.   He j
moved that the books be accepted.
The mayor said lie would not sane-1
tion any such heavy expenditure.
A   desultory   discussion   followed j
thereupon, Aid. Worden statin-* that!
he was not in favor of Mr. Foley ne- J
curing books for the   city, as   this
place could run Itself.
After more crossttring on the subject, Aid. Bradshaw and Smith ninv
nd that the order f.-r  the  books lie
cancelled.   Carried.
Aid.   Worden  wanted   to know If
thc clerk had ordered policesuppli s.
The latter said he had ordered noth !
in-,' 1 illt tlie star.
Aid. Barber pat In an appearance I
al thisjtincturc,having walked down
from tin- Speculator.
Aid. Worden moved th.-u tho police
star and .corporate seal be accepted, j
Secondod bv Aid. Nichol. Carried,
A communication was reml from
VV. Stubbs, of Nelson, formerly chief
ef police at Sandon, offering certain!
police supplies ''or sale; also from R.
|-\ (ircen, ML.A., acknowledging
receipt of minutes re police magistrateship.
Clerk Foley's report was ordered
fyled, together with Mr. Stubbs' letter.
Aid. Barber asked for information
regarding Mr. Green4* letter, as also
the motion of the council on the sub
jcet.    This given, on uiotiou the let- \
ter was ordered fyled.
A petition was presented from the
j three barbers in the city, asking for I
j the passage ofa bylaw prohibiting j
y barbershops being opened Sundays, j
supplies and presented. Laid over are daily expecting word to resume
till goods arrive. The Pioneer Livery operations. A third payment on the
& Feed Stables presented a bill tiir company's debts was set for July 1,
$10 for rent of office for holding the but was passed over, though Nelson
nomination and election. Referred pnrties feel certain of the ultimate
to finance committee. J full liquidation of the liabilities.
A diversion at this moment was f
caused by the sudden bin sting of a
large lamp glass.
Peace again restored, an account of
$2 from J. Dover, Nelson, through
the clerk, for a police badge, was ordered paid.
THE Kiiont li.l, TltorilT.
Fditor Dhiij.:
Sm,—In the last issue of the Silver-
tonlan the Silverton football club ac-1
I.issl Veitr's Klilp»i«ist» Wore 281" Tost*—
A Healthy Kvlslense .if tlse I.sf» ansl
YiValth nf tlss. Camp Arlington tlio
BlKKi-it Shippir.
The week's shipments  have  not
cuses us of promising the Sandon team |bwn as numer0U8 fl8 expected,
a match for the trophy put up here. I tlloUjf-, ^ toU, ,hey have be(m wlta.
This I strongly deny, as our elu* fto^. -f^ Arlington was thWrtjly
never made any such promise at any '. Ripper, .sending out GO tons, ills
time.   Our club left the trophy ques-1 flgBreg for the yf>.u. are mr> tonajthc
His worship brought up the question of H. R. Jorand's bill for incorporation, etc. Aid. Smith moved,
seconded by Aid. Nichol, that $100
be paid on the account.   Carried.
Under the head of general business
the clork wns instructed to write the :,. , , ,,        .„,„■,,,
government  regarding  the  refund ! uon as U was' and thc commutee on | heaviest.!!! its history.   Ore is being
due tlie city under incorporation.        j sports decided what was to be done j sack€(j At the Esmeralda for shipment
The citv clerk presented his bond ! with it.   The committee handed us j and the 8amc ,g bej     done at tlie,4ti,
lor $1000 for his offices of city clerk,  *
assessor and collector. Accepted by
council on motion of Aid. Smith anil
The matter of city printing was
left to the finance committee, they to
report at next meeting of council;
also tbo procuring of a letter press
and book.
Aid. Bradshaw again brought up
the question of the cancelled books.
their decision and the same has been Qf ju|v
sent to Sandon and Silverton.    In it
the committee statesthat the winning
team be:ween Slocan and Silverton
should grant Sandon a game tor the I
cup, which means that tho winners
would lie at liberty to give Sandon a j        ,     , ,     ...... ,  ..
match or not.   The committee at the! »•"■ s i?talf*othat this year's figures
same time says that the same players j W1" e;,sily ro»c1'tlle ^tJ^t level on
* * t*o#,s-,,'s-l
i being i
A five-ton-shipment, from
the Bondholder is at the Basin hotel
ready to come down, while the product'at the Black Prince is in shape
for moving. Experts from the division are onlv 400 tons behind last
shall contest as have already contested.   Now,   sir,   there  is   where   it
was a  sticks Silverton.    Not being satisfied
Last year the exports from this division amounted to .2847 tons,,.made
He thought the  whole affair -,,„.„.-,.„...,.„...     .„._.„.....„....        .       ,,, .        ,,,,..
small piece ot business  and showed I-with having two towns from which  up from 10 propertaes.   following ie
pcttv spite.   Aid. Nichol moved for \ t„ 6elcct a team to play off this draw, i '\ llst ot tue shipments this year to
its reconsideration.    From the books j thev decline to plav   any   farther. I dlltc:
the discussion wandered to topics cf What poor opinion "must Silverton I      mine. .week
economv and the police magistrate-: football club have of their own citi-j Arlington fiO
ship, with mutual recriminations.       |zen3,   I am proud to Bay it Is differ- Enterprise	
There matters were left and, as the i ent with  Slocan, who can put local j Two Friends	
hour was getting late, the. council men |n the field and ho'd Silverton, B,**<:k Prince	
agreed   to   adjourn till Wednesday ! \n check.    Twice this year have we j Bondholder	
night, then to take up the discussion i met them, and they boast about the j ~'■"■ *•{■au	
of the bylaws. i ringers they have to run against the ' Phoenix   	
For the third time the book ques-1Slocan team. Great glory and honor! y & M   	
tion came up. Aid. Bradshaw coun-1 for   silverton,   but   not  for   proper j  	
Cayuse Brown.
9      •      •      •      •
L-sevin' hard an' drinkin' long
An'.'trauipiii' sit* hills in shine or rain,
Pat's vi«r' BOOil tell on tie mnn wha 'b strong
An' fetch iniiiii i tee If—dtit's de ver' bad pain—
An' sleep on tie groun' on tnos' col' night,
When buow -.'no's deep whole contree roun';
Mnvhoe yon leov long tam all right,
You coins.- pore feller lak Cayuse lirown.
Young man clam on lull lak dis
Don' tink noting of dat, Sapre!
Tinktif tlegol* she's all lie hla
S'pose ho is stnik reech claim some tlay.
But mil ni' t.ininier dat you have met
lie's say: "You bettaire be stay on town;
Soiiiftniu when you slink' it de han1 wit' Deat'—
Same, pore roller lak Cayuse Brown."
Life, fhe's hot' de smooth an' rough,
I'lainteo hard from tie start to stop;
Hut sle proa pew torne, you will I'm' sure 'miff,
Have, always de tougin's' side on top.
An' often de tam .von are fin' he's try
Hoes troub' in de straight wliiskee for drown ;
An' stint's how he's coins*, you'll see, by'n' by,
Port* ol' feller lak Cayuse lirown.
But den, when he's clam heem dose bs?eg rock
An' get heein moro wet you nre nevair see,
Seem dere's leSfl cause for ile peep to talk
S'pose he is get heein on jus' tin spree.
An', s'pose he ia tak beam tin small coup,
Prop, when le bon Dieu, lie's look down,
Maybee He's lil small ueetv, too,
Fsir pore ol' feller, lak Cayuse lirown.
The machinery is being rapidly, installed into the Enterprise concentrator.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Uml mui Personal mignmt of Jeff Baty,
Who sis ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
jx Lemon Creek, B.C.
■tt. T. ANDl.RSt'.V.
& copy  of a  bylaw  suitable to tin
case accompanied the petition.   Aid.
Barber thought the bylaw should he sciiin-*;  moderation, aa un injustiei
taken up.    He moved, Beoonded  by  W;lg '^1,,^ wrought Mr. Foley,' while
Aid. Smith, that the  petition bt- re* people on the outside would think
calved and the bylaw taken up at I -toy weI.e aot-ng In a peculiar man*
the   next   meeting   of   thc   counei'
Walter Clough wrote that he would
lease to thc council their meeting
hall, with lire and heat, till Sept, ,'it),
for $5 per month. Mattel* left over
till next meeting to
for hull to tlie end of the year. The
bill from Till" DRILL presented at last
meeting was Again laid over for another week.
The mayor strongly advised that
all resolutions be written out, so as
to accommodate the clerk.
Thc health committee reported
that they had made an inspection of
thc city and recommended u general
cleaning up at once. They also reported on a complaint fyled against
Aid. Worden by M.Cameron relative
to two diseased horses owned by the
W J. Adcock asked leave toad
tiivss the, council and suggested the
manufacturers ot the books be com
munlcated with ami arrangements
made to havo the payment of the
.-.certain t'AteB j books extended over a number of
More discussion followed and thni.
Ah), Bradshaw moved, seconded by
Aid. N'ichol, that thc city clerk find
out how far the printing of the books
iatl progressed,the order for the sanu
sports.    I remain, voursrespectfullv,
II. C.hKVV..
Sec. Slocan F. C.
Slocan, B.C., July 17, 1901.
v       Ovs'i-reiis-lsosl Thoiis*s«!lvcH.
New Denver parties hn/e restaked
the Oregon City on Ten Mile, and
called it the. Amazon. Prospecting
by thc records is an easy way to pickup ground, but In this instance tho
stakers have overreached themselves.
If tliey   had examined  th.i  records
carefully thev would bave found that
two years' work  was registered last
being cancelled, and he to report at I V-1'^ so that the property is alive t "
yjj* Work was commenced last wo-Jr:
*"|> on the flume Jul' tiie Enterprise cou-
™*: centra tor.
The snow has liavelv commenc-fd
to cut away in the vicinity of the;il
& I, Ten Mile.
St vera! small deals for Springer
creek prospects have been clu.ed up
during the week.
AV. B. Young and partner are developing the noted Ocean £r<JUi\ at
the head of Lemon creek.
AV. Merkley came down from New
Denver, Tuesday, to do assessment on
some Lemon creek property.
Thc Tattersall boys went up this
week to perform assessment on tho
Myrtle group, at thc head of Twelve
Harry Gibson bas improved things
on the Premier, (uuinly by-stripping
the lead, lu two now openii-gs he
has };ood ore exposed.
Gill Finkle and Tom Benton are
developing thc Lady Franklin group
at the head of Lemon creek. They
are piling up some mighty nice looking galena on the dump.
J. M. M. Bencdum is .seeking m.
lease on the Free Gold, adjoining tlie
Hoodoo, so as to better work, the,litter ground. The papers will be
signed next week.
Al Teeter is endeavoring to get
hold ol'the Ivalispell, Ten Mile, Oil-A
lease lor next winter's operations.
Ile was formerly an owner in thc
property and realizes its possibilities.
Some very high grade ore has been
shipped from the Kalispell.
Tom Lloyd, Al Owens and Gordon
Sutherland, New Denver, aiedevel-
oplng the Morris group, on the north
side, of Springer and   opposite the
' sawmill,   They bave traced the lead
' oowii the hill and are. now stripping
ledge is 2U feet
it by sluicing.   The
.*?[ j wide and carries concentrating ore.
council 11902.   They  had' their trouble and \    Frank Dick  lias been prosecuting
' expense for nothing.   Kaslo parties work on the ttose, on tlie first nottii
• arc associated with Jack Whittle? in j fork   of*  Lemon   creek,   chiefly   by
the ground and they  have over 500. ground sluicing.    He has traced the
feet of drifting done.    Before  next! lead across the creek and it is show
Is -reached by any trail or road
thut runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
former.   Thev had ordered that the .
necessary precautions be takon. Aid. | business before the meeting was the
Worden "moved that the latter report consideration of byta** No. 8, dealing
be received and thanks tendered Mr. i with licenses, which was np for its
Cameron. He also explained the j third reading. After a thorough ills-
situation concerning tho sickness I enssion of thc various sections, Aid.
complained of, and stated he had the I Bradshaw moved thc adoption of tho
animals isolated and was taking all bylaw as read and amended; second-
the necessary precautions against the ed by Aid. Nichol, and declared car-
spread of the disease.   Aid. Smith jrlcd.	
a id Barber moved that thc report be I
received and fyled.   Carried.
the   next in. ting   of   the
Council then ■ .j     nod.
Wpslisesslist'   s>       ssssti.it.
Council,met in special session on Isummer the Oregon City will -likely
Wednesday evening, members being  be crown granted,
all present except Aid. Barber.    The
The. mayor said no bylaw was in
force relative to cleaning up the city,
but they could act under the general
The chief of police would
c.lsii|>ls.iiis Mltssly ts, Itesuino.
The Chapleau is very likely to resume operations in August.   Such is
statutes.   The chief of police would jt|u.   Intimation   received   indirectly
sibo!^ if is r-- ?•
mitten be given a froo band in the rumor has foundation. Al the mine
matter of cleaning up the city, with | the mill machinery has been kept in
the assistance Of the chief of police, j running shape antl a small force of
Seconded by Aid. Smith and curried, men employed keeping everything!
A,n account of $6.7*5. was received about the workings in condition to     Three or four surveying outfits are
from the Kiuji's Printer, Victoria, for 'start at a moment's notice.   Tnu men at work in thc cum**.
lug up very strung, with mineral In
sight. The Rose gives phenomenal
assays in -jsild, with silver as a byproduct.
Thc work recently done on tho U
& I, Ten  Mile, has shown  up more
ore.    The  main drift  was pushed
ahead and iu this the ledge is cutting
, diagonally aerc-os tho breast.   The
1 vein bus "widened out equally with
! the paystrcak-   The latter is con-
, , ,       ! taiued in a  blue tale and  gives a
ilu-.r password, ai.erwar.ls „ia,-„h.,.!"'  jjjjg ^ ,„ si,ver_
The Kadcliff brothers  havo been
opening up tho Little Giant group of
The ('lorl.tuH'I'wi litis.
Local Orangemen quietly observed
thc Glorious Twelfth, as did the
brethven of the various Kootenay
lodges, no goneral gathering taking
place. Here tlie members assembled
in their hall at U  n.in. and received
to the cemetery and placing a tombstone over thc grave of the deceased
brother,  Patrick  O'Rielry.   In   the
afternoon a picnic wns held at Ham'si three claims at thc head of Lemon
ranch   for   thc  children   and   Indv creek.   L. T. Larson, of Nelson, and
friends and was well attended. The
fife and drum corps was in evidence
and added zest to the general fun.
Next year the Kootenay lodges will
make a big demonstration,
C. Newhaus, of Three Forks, are co-
owners with them in the property. A
drift has been  run in 75 feet on the
vein, exposing three feet of ore similar to that on tho Black Prince.
. "*."..■ H
." .*•'
•  ;
R. A. Bradshaw has been gazetted
a notary public for the province. "
few1" -
4 -'irTp.
I &■&■
5' '**-)
■■* -:••;*
[ ' Ss ,.   -
I f
I ■■•'*.
K sj
Passml Tlirssngli Toronto nnsi >Is.nirst»l
Recs-tstlv aissl Then. With Ills Family,
Sttilrsl V»r Kisulanil Iss tlse -S Lake
Clsnniplaiit-IIu Csivcri-sl Ills 359 Mlls's
In Mxls-eis Ussy*.
Bishop Newnhnm, of Moosonee, ac-
conipanisid by his wife and three
children, passed through Toronto and
Montreal antl then went on btiard the
steamship Lake Champlaln, which
left recently (or England.
'lhe bishop ctuiit- tlown from his
diocese sm snow-shoes, a distance of
850 niilea, which ho covered in sixteen days. lie left Moose Fort (or
I'tuiory) on February 7, on a morning so cold Unit liis nose was frost-
biits-n at the start, lie was accompanied by ftsui- I ml inns, who hauled
ihe infill, untl his food anil bedding,
,'lc., dogs belllg of BO use on this
trip. 11 is Indian friends doubted if
lis* rouUl keep up with them, but they
found that he was always with then)
at lhe end of the march. They were
excisediugly kind nnd court eons to
him. The 250 miles to Abittibi was
covered in twelve slays; another 100
miles, to where a slplgh and team
could,bo got, tsssiU four /lays. This
could hardly have been done if the
weather hud not been very line and
continuously  cold.
Tho reason why dogs could not bo
used on this journey was that tho
posts in that region ure so far apart
that tlogs are not able to carry enough food for Iheiiiselvs's, along with
passengers' and other baggage.
No houses, of course, were passed
on the way, and only two Indian
tents; Ihe parly carried no tent, but
slept in the open air. The average
program was as follows: At 4.30 a.
in. on*     of    the    Imliiiiis arose and
lighted a huge fire, and a little later
the others and the bishop turned out
of  their  blankets  or  bags.     It  then
took    ni'iirly    two     hours to warm
Rocks,  shoes ami  outer clothes, and
put   them on,   thaw and cook frozen
food,   take  breakfast   and   pack    up.
A start wa* I hen made some time before    sunrise,      sny      ('.lo.     Afler  a
Steady  tramp of throe hours,  a halt
Was  made,  a   brush camp  built,    a
lire  lit    and    lunch eaten.     Another
throe   hours' tramp followed,   then
another hall  anil  dinner.    This gs-n-
i.-rally    ended     ubout   three o'clock,
leaving two or two und a half hours
for the last tramp.    The last    halt
was     made   about    ."i.!t0 o'clock, or
when a good spot wus found.    This
wits  tlie worst  hour of the day   for
the bishop,  for there was not    very
ninth work for him to do of a kinil
lo keep    him     warm,  and after tlie
fatigues of the day hud a little low
ered tho vital  forces, and when    the
cold of Iho night  was rapidly   coming on,    it     wus  impossible to keep
hands nnd feet from freezing unci the
body from shivering till the lire was
blazing.    The Very next thing was a
hot cup of tea, and then for an hour
or so they Just sat und scorched and
roasted,      drying     their      Steaming
clothes upon them, nnd bunging   up
moccasins and dulTles and socks    to
dry.    Ths'ii  another  hour   was spent
in thawing food, cooking antl eating,
after which the pipes wero lit,    and
moro drying was Indulged in for   a
time, then prayers.    After awing that
the fire was safely confined and   on
the decline, all turned in.  the bishop
into     his  niriboi>-skiii  bag nnd  tlie
men  into tholr rabbit-skin  blankets.
The bishop was born in Somersetshire, England, in \Hr>'2, antl came to
Montreal     in    187J1.    lie graduated
sfrom Modill  University in 1878. and
was ordained the same year,    lie Ixt-
came curute  of  Christ  Church    Cathedral in     1882, and rector of St.
Mnlthins in 1881     In 1801   he   was
selected      by   the  Church   .Missionary
Society  of England,   which  supports
tho missionaries in the Moosom-s* dio-
scese,      as    a     successor  of Iho late
Bishop Ilorslen,     the selection being
approved by the bishop of Ruport's
Land.     The  appointment   wus  -nods
In due course by  tho Archbishop   of
Canterbury,      untl   Dlshop   Ncwnham
was     consecrated    at      Winnipeg  in
August,    lH'Xi.     As Bishop of Moo-
■onoe  lie  has  shown  himself  full     of
zeal     and    activity,     nnd tlie gootl
effects sif his energy and Influence ure
fell   thrmjgtitmt-hjs- vast-difsfewt*. ■■■—
The bishop will spend a vein- in the
Old Cotin try,   left urine for Ihe benefit of Ihts work in his diocese, preach-
ing and  visiting among his friends j
His  wifs* and      three  little girls    pt
along to spend the holiday with him. I
C-Jallj* Wines.
Onr millionaires think $75 n gallon
for rare old Madeira an utterly impossible price simply because their tastes
are blunted by champagne, untl they
care no more for a bottle of Welsh Unserve, Nowton-f'tmlon or CbllllngS*
wortli-Oglethorpe than for a cheap
sherry. In lhe funions cellars of the
Hotel de Ville at Bremen there nre a
dozen eases of holy wine which have
beeu preserved for 230 years. A merchant figures out  thut  if the cost of
maintaining the collars,  piij-iauut of
rent. Interest upon the original value of
the wlue and other Incidental charges
arc considered a bottle of this choice
Madeira has cost uo less than ?2,000,*
001). em-h ulassfi',1 rJTO.OOO. nnd a single
drop could not be sold without loss under $200.
It Is probable '.hat this very old wlue
Is worthless on account of "starvation."
Charles Bellows, our ablest authority
on Madeira, says that It becomes
"starved" after feeding upon Its own
lees for 110 or 40 .veins. ""It seems to
uie that It is very human and i-cipiiivs
companionship." In- says, "iiemljohns
of lhe untile variety should be blended.
The liiaiTliige of the two wines would
probably give the lees more character,
ami ihe wine would thus continue to
Improve. This certainly ought lo be
done as a lonle after the Madeira has
been  r>0 years  in  glass."
reenllnrllle-s ol Art'limn.
The peculiarities cf asthma nre well
known, and one New York woman
thinks thnt she has more than usual
reason lo complain of lhe vagaries of
the disease. She l.atl always lived In
the lower part of the city on one of the
avenues distant from the two rivers
and had suffered hi uo unusual degree
from usllima when the weather was
not unfavorable. The doctor was not
consulted when her husband bought a
house In another part of the city, and
It Ib Indeed doubtful If he could have
foreseen the efl'eci upon her of living
In the new neighborhood.
It took the sufferer only n few hours
to realise that It would be Impossible
for her to live in Ihe new house, which
wus only a short distance from the
North river. Her discomfort became
so grent that she was compelled at the
end of n week to give up all attempt to
reside there, nnd thi' house that had
been built with so much care und expense hnd to In* abandoned.
Another example of Ihe vagaries of
asthmn Is to be found In ihe case of a
New Yorker w ho Is comfortable enough
In this city so long as he lives on the
upper stories nf a lotty hotel or other
residence building, but Is In grent distress so soon ns he Is compelled to be
on term Brain.*
TU l-'sir Tul.
The cori-espiinileiice was brief, but to
the point. The letter she received wns
as follows:
ripar Madam—I taks* plrotn-.rt* In fsMpptmr to
your ttililri'ts a rut* valu.-sl at }Stl, Ior wlils-h I
shull lis* t*lasl to rt*cs*lvs> vssttr t'lii-s-k. II you do not
desire llu' run, plt-aw r, turn It.
"The Idea!" she exclaimed. "I never
knew such Impertinence."
Then she sat down nnd wrote the
Ds*»r Sir—I tisve ordt*n>tt no nj(f Irom your establishment, sitil I sec no rsssnn why I should go
to the eiperne ol returning that svliirh I do not
want ind winch wu st-ni to me unsolicited.
To this she received the following
answer In due time:
near Madam—I will send lor the unsolicited
nut. and I trust vsfi will do me thc lavor to
send lor the unsolicited charity entertainment
tickets which now Ile, with about is othcK, oa
my deals.
"The discourteous boor!" she exclaimed.
"Evidently," be soliloquized, "there
arc methods of procedure that cannot
be successfully applied to business."
A ColoreU  I'ltllsiaophrr,
"Ain't no use nworryln nbout nuth-
tn," snid tlie colored philosopher, dangling his feet over tlie edge of tbe barrel oa which he sat "Ain't no use t'
get blue ner t' feel down in the mout',
'cause It ain't goto t' do any good 'tall.
I says t' myself, suys I: 'Mose. what's
the use of you scrnichln? Wife's been
dead 'bout four yeulis. Las' of ma
child'en shuffled off las' week. I don't
care If I cuts cawn. pones er lasses
bread. Live Just as long nohow. Aln'
goln t' trouble ma min' 'bout noihin.
W'lte mnn, he have wife an child'en
an a good coat an a 'ouse. Itai-'l good
nuff fur me. Ain't got not hlo t' work
fur on ain't goln t' work." " Ue shutllod
off the barrel and moseyed easily down
Hickory alley.
Ills Uncertain!)-,
Farmer Uonk-Sny, Lend
Farmer Btnckrlder- llnr'f
Farmer Html;-Is Hint 'ere solemn,
spectacled young nephew of yourn
that's beln called "doctor" and goes
around lookln ns wise us n tree fill of
owls a dentist, a boss physician, n corn
curer, a Inyer ou or hands, a presldln
elder or Just a common doctor Ihut
saws bones nud kills folks'-IMiclt
All Kmlirnrlnit.
"I see that somebody says Edmund
Kean. the most famous of English actors, lived to odapi Hie kind of ment
he nte to Ihe purl he had lo play, choos
Ing pork for tyrants, beef for murder
ers nmi mutton for lovers."
1 "That's a great Idea. 1 suppose
when be hnd to piny several purts lu
one evening he uie hash."
A New England mnn wns given to
addressing hla cuttle In rather em*
phntlc terms. One dny when the cows
were more than usually frolicsome he
wns heard to exclaim: "Yea. scatter,
jyill i'el . Blnst yel If there wurn't
but one of ye. ye'd senlterl"
It Is pitiful to see n well behaved old
mnn bustling around to help his wayward  sou out of dllliculty.- Atchison
GUNNAR wennerberg.
Tlis. Fnmotss sws-sil-.li   Musician Whs. litis
Just telebruteU Ilia (lislslvn slnbllaa
—Ssisssssthlsij*/ uf UU Work,
i; ii ii ii i r Wennerberg, the famous
poet, composer and statesman of
Sweden, who ha-s .iust celebrated his
golden .jubilee, began his career us a
song Writer by publishing a -Ollet>
tion of student ballads for which he
Wrolo words und inu ic. These bnl-
huls have situs- h come popular all
over Scandinavia under the mime of
"(iluntarne." Wennerberg is also the
composer of oratories und national
folk songs, among them "Hear Us
Svea," the song with which the
.Swedish students at the Paris Entpo-
Ull.NNAIS  W'-.V.N'Klilll'IIU.
sition of 1878 captured the first
prize, and which has since come, to
bo the national folk song of Sweden.
Hut it is not alone ns a poet and
composer that Wennerberg has been
distinguished. lie is also an able
stutesinun. From 1870 to 1891 lawns chief of tho dc-Jxirtment ecclesiastic and for Several years governor of
tho province of Krondeberg. As early
as 1850 ho became a member of the
lloyal Musical Academy, and sixteen
years thereafter wns elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy.
He is now in his eighty-fifth year,
and tho idol of tho music-loving
Swedish people.
Connection   Betuaen   Victoria, II.C, nmi
Una* Miami, Au*strullii, liy 11)03.
The Dritish Pacific cable, which is
to connect Victoria, II. C. With
Queensland, Australia, by danuar.v
1, 1903, will have a total length of
5,834.5 miles. Its longesl section
without a landing will be. from Vancouver Island to Fanning Island, a
distance oi 3,887 miles. The next
landing will bo on the Fiji Islands.
and the nyxt on Norfolk Island,
whence the last section will bo run
to Queensland.
The sections from Queensland to
Norfolk, Fiji and Fanning Islands
Will be laid lirst and will be sent oul
from Kngland in January, 1903. The
section between Vancouver Islaml
and Fanning Island will be sent out
in August, 1<J0*". It will be laiil
from the landing place selected in
Kelp Day, on the shore of llarclay
Sound, direct to Fanning Island,
where it will be connected with the
scclisin laid from Queensland to the
samo point.
Ily starting the work from the
Queensland end, Norfolk, Fiji and
Fanning Islands, all important out-
ports of the British Empire in the
Pacific, will be biisught into cable
eeminunicution with London several
months before the completion of tin
entire lino. Tho entire cost of the
cable will bo about $10,000,000.
The landing site of tho cable in
Canada connecting the Dominion
with Australia, is on Keep Day. near
Itunfield Creek, seven miles from the
entrance of Barclay Sound, and a
little more than 100 miles from Victoria.
The location is described as admirably adapted for the purpose—a
good harbor and 1'2 fathoms of water close to the shore, so that Vessels of 10,000 tons can find safe
Thc harbor is landlocked and hns
a bottom of ooze,- which, it is said,
will furnish good protection for tho
Snapshot of a Celestial on the Celestlisi
The occupation of Pekin by tho al-
lissd armies of tho western nations
miii the opportunity of the amateur
photographers who had the luck to
be nn the ground or within reaching
distance of it. Not within the memory of living men had there been so
many chances to snapshot the quaint,
and the st range — viewttl frsim a
western standpoint. Not. a few of the
ollisvrs   of  the  invading  forces      nre
A   KlItST   SNAr-miOT.
clever photographers. Nearly all of
the press correspondents were either
adept In the use of the camera or luni
experis in their employ. The accompanying illustration shows one of
(lie unique snapshots. This one wns
taken by un l.nglishman, and lirst
found sis wsv.v tu Ujiill in tlie columns
of Tlio London Oraphic, it wus taken ufier lhe first fury of fight nnd
looi hull abated, and nt o tnne when
'.in h of the Chinese ns could be of
service lo tha foreign devils were
tnl ralod in th.* camps of the latter.
Jsiitlisir   ol   Mikity   li.s.slid.  Soisis. sst    \1 Is.I'll
Must Great llesulin—Skatoli ssf
Ills  IllfSII'l-.
Sir Walter Desant, whose death
was  the  other  day  niuniiinei tl,     wns
born in l'o. Isiiioiit.li in 188!-], unsl
wus educated at King's College, London, und Christ's1 Qollege, Cambridge. From 1S01 to 1807 he was
senior professor in the Koyal Col-
1 uo of iM.uit itius. Resigning-through
ill health, ha returns,d to England.
In 18(>8 lie published his first work,
"Stutlies in Early l-'renth Poetry,"
In 1871 ho entered into a liternry
partnership with the hue Jamas Uico,
"llu- Golden Duttsi-ily," "Monks of
Ths'ls'inn," "Hs'ndy Money Mortiboy,"
being the principal outcome of this
partnership, tlf hooks written under
his  own  name  the  best  known    ure
"The Itovolt of Mun," "All Sorts
and Conditions of Men," "Dorothy
1'ostcr," "All in a Garden Fair,"
-; Armor CI of I^-onnosse," "Doytmd
tlio Dreams of Avarice." "All .Sorts
uud Conditions of Men," perhaps his
lnsiKt popular work, led to the establishment of the People's l'tilnce in
the oust mil of London. He was
deeply Interested in the Holy Land,
und was honorary secretary of tho
l'uls'it.ine Exploration Fund, For
the lust six years of his life he had
le n working on" an encyclopaedia of
J .oudou.
In Freemasonry Sir Walter was a
familiar figure, being treasurer of
the Quatuor Cssronuti Lodge of London, which embraces only tho jlis-
i iiiguislied literati of the Craft. A
short month or so ago the lodge lost
ly ilea h iti well-known secretary,
Br*-*. I!. W. Sprth, one of the most
brilliant, minds that the Craft posse sod. The double nlHiction, within
so short a period, is a serious bereavement for that famous Mi.sonic
Ilssw t.> K«s>|> Hi.. Tntiess Down.
A recent investigation into the
resources of various cities in Great
Dritain has made some interesting
discoveries. It has been found, for
example, that the people of the
Yorkshire manufacturing town of
Bradford have to pay more than
twice us much rates as those of thc
seaport of Bristol. Hero are two
large centers, each with a population of over 300,000 people, and yet
the fee for living in the modern
Yorkshire manufacturing town i.s
more than double the fee for living
in the rare old episcopal city on tho
banks of lhe Avsm. Thi'se two
towns aro not alone as contrasts.
Here are, first, half a dozen towns
which have kept, the land for tho
citizens; and next, half a dozen
which have allowed landlords to reap
all the benefits. You will see whut
a considerable difference it makes in
the rates per ill:
Towns witR-uiuiiicipal hind:
Municipal Renta from
Rates, Estates,
Liverpool       ... 3s    4d       *&100,000
Ni'Wi-astlo   3s     "2d 31,000
Bristsil      • 2s     *s! 2,r>,000
(ilasgow      -Is    Od 35,000
Hull      3s lis) 17,600
Nottanghum     4s    3d BO.ooo
Towns   without  municipal   hind.
Dewshury     (is    3d
Leeds   r>s 7d
Drlghousa  Cs 2d
I.radford       5s 8d
Macclesfield     ."is 2d
Wakefield      5s Hid
A Kitiislliits Chler
During the recent, visit of the Duko
and liuchess of Cornwall and York
to Colombo,     Ceylon,     the  Kami inn
A  KANniA"*" CHI***".
chlf shown In the Illustration, his
wife, nnd Several other ila'.iVes of
Kanile wero presented to lV.0 Dukft.
'ihe chief is uttind In stale dress,
Hy is llalt-'s-ltrentllh.
The death of llolv-rt Buchanan ro-
inoves a citi/en of tho literary republic who just mlsscil greatness by
a hairs-breadth. He wrote novels,
constructed plays and produced verse
all bearing the stamp of a strong
and original mind, but none of it hit
the biillseyu of gs-nernl public approval. "The Shadow of the Sword,"
ono of his curlier Works of fiction,
was a strongly constructed story,
with powerful dramatic situations
and poetic glimpses of the simple,
idyllic life of Brittany. Many much
poor, r books have mado "sensations." "Cod nnd tho Man" is said
to be even strongor. Mr. Buchanan
mado the mlstuke of paying loo
much attention to tho Works of his
contemporaries, whom he regarded us
rivals. Several liternry bat ties royal was the result, ami he dealt about
hlirf without regard to whose head
was broken in the frny. This gavo
him notoriety but not fame
Had News ror lb* Caller.
"Is your father at homo?" asked
an Englishman of a Welsh boy,
whom ho met at Llnndrilloynthos.
"No, sir; he's gone lo work at, Llnn-
tantffraidglun Con Way." "is your
mother In, then?" She's irnuc to
tho fair at Llanfairtrinthiiftirneithnf."
"Hear me I But is yo»r sister at
home?" "My sister hns none to
LlanfairptullgwynggllKOfgeryehwyond -
robiillsanteiysligrogoeh." "Dear
mo I" exclaimed the Enirlishuiiin.
1,35000 00
«S>Pl»  TO >t,
■t}f(H,   MAWA-Hd,
<**** w; THOMPSON,
For "Prize Lists, Programmes and all information, apply to
P. VV. THOMPSON, President. Winnipeg, Man.
F.  W. IIEUBACII. General Manager, Winnipeg, Man
The' Association undertake t'he payment, of the itiwnrd freight. Charges
on exhibits from the lust shipping poinl, provided that, such exhibits aiv
returned to the original shipping; point immediately afler the Fair without ownership changing hands. The Association wish it to be distinctly
understood that this is not to be a prdcedjnt, but that it is being done
this year owing to the partial failure of last year's crop and the consequent shortage of money amongst exhibitors.
The payment by the nssoeiuiion of inward freight Charges applies to
points  in   Manitoba  and  Northwest Territories only.
FrsMis'ls <':sv;slry tit S**sl»:i.
Both bunks of Hi- (iivonne wero in
German hands; *o wns Dalan, a small
village nearer to Kedati Chan tKaceil-
ls-8, und soon after 1 o'clock no fewer thnn *-<"> German guns were hnll-
int*; shells inlti Lhe l'ts-ni U nrin\,
which stsssrd in dose formations within a spues' measuring less than two
in Ilea in breadth sir depth, Out of
this terrible cauldron of defeated
troops aliout this time rode the
l-'r, n h cavalry In a heroic endeavor
to iurn the fortunes of the duy and
retrieve  the honor  of France.
General Marguerite, called by some
"the stui of his arm," wns struck
in the face by a bullet while riding
out. to reconnoitre the ground before
he charged. Ile now banded over
ihe cavalry commnnd to De ("nllifet,
who. for the second time on that tremendous  duy.    led     the     llower      of
French cavalry against tho enemy,
and for the space 6*2 hall an hour
charged the German ranks nguin untl
again On the hillsides north of Sedan.
But the courage of the gallant
horsemen  wns nil  In  vain.  The urnis*
blanche w-ns unequally uiattiud
against the breechloading ride held
in sti ady hands, nnd no effort of the
l-'rin-h cavalry could withstand thu
slowly tightening graSP of that, fiery
circle.—Chain! er's Journal.
a nn.. Baton.
The Duchess of Cleveland, the mother of Lord Rosebery, whose "Rollg
of Battle Abbey," published ln three
volumes, occupied her for many
years, was very fond of tho historic
pile. Tho story is told thnt she was
one day at the houec of an American millionaire, wbo, point ing to his
palatial staircase, remarked, "I venture to think, Your Grace, that even
Battle Abbey cannot show a finer
staircaso than thla." "Oh, no," answered tho Duchess ml Cleveland, "tho
Battle Abbey stairs are very shabby.
You see, those old crusaders wore
them out so dreadfully."
Pi-afessor—Ueuinrkablu how lifelike
these klnotosenpe pictures nre! This
bathing neelie nt the seashore Is so realistic that it actually seems ns If my
reel were in the Water.
Here in the hivath of the world,
Here in tho stretch of the sky,
Life  in Ihe breeze of nn open  land—
And what coco IV
Nought shall T cure what I am,
Only to know thut I be
Faiiliful    and    fund     in  thy  loving
|ia-'i's   •
Faithful to thee.
sir Walter IIAsant'i iinsssimnnt.
Sir Waller lit sunt wus ni-st a mnn
of commanding genius, but be w-ns u
thoroughly good Iltorary workman,
antl (he tone of all his work was
uiioli some nnd hearty. The People's
I'liian- in l.i.ml' n is a monument ol
whiih nny writer might he prowl;
it is tin' direct rs'.-mli. of n suggestion
made In I'.isnnt's "All Sorta und
Conditions of Men."
These Symptoms Are
A Warning to You
That the blood is losin<*; its richness and the very life itself is being sapped from brain and nerves. You feel weak
and run clown. You -ret pale aud sallow, with dark rings under the eyes. You lose flesh.and the food you eat does not
seem to nourish you. Your hands and feet get cold. Yon
are nervous and irritable. Littiei things worry you# You
suffer with headache, neuralgia and nervous dyspepsia. You
grow melancholy and depressed at times, find your memory failing  and feel  unable to concenirate your thoughts.
This is the train of symptoms which lead to nervous prostration and paralysis or land their victim in the epileptic hospital or insane asylum. Nearly everybody needs a nerve restorative and blood builder at certain periods in their life. When
nerve cells are being wasted away more rapidly than nature can
replace them collapse is certain, unless some means is used to
assist in enriching the blood and creating new nerve force. Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food is the most effective preparation obtainable for thoroughly restoring richness to the blood and strength
and vitality to the nervous system.
Fifty rents a box,  fl boxes for   $2.fit) :  at all deals-rs,   or  post    )<■■<
frsim Filniiinson,   Hales fc 06,, Toronto.
id The Drill.
A tarty Who Cures Her Husband ol
His Drinking Habits Writes
of Her Struggle to
Save Her Home.
"I had for a long time been think-*
Ing of ttying tho Tasteless Kainaria
Prescription treatment on my husband for his drinking habits, but ,.I
was afraid be would discover that I
\\ius i.ving him medicine, and the
thought unnerved me. 1 hesitated for
nearly a week, but- one day when he
caino homo very much intoxicated
mui his suliiry nearly all spent, I
threw off all fear and determine! to
nuikii an effort to snvo our ham*'
from the ruin I saw coining, at all
hazards. I sent for your Tasteless
Sainuiin. Prescription nnd put it in
ltis coffeo as directed next, morning
itnil watched nnd prayed for the result. At noon I RilvVo him more and
also at supper. lie never suspected
a thing, und I then boldly kept right
en giving ii regularly, as 1 had dis-
covcred something that set every
nerve In my body tingling with hope
ind happlnesSj and 1 could sea a
bright future sproat:! out before me—
a, pe.u's'iul, happy home, a share In
the good things of life, an attentive,
loving husband, comforts, ami everything - lse dear to a woman's heart*
for my husband had told mo that
whisky was vile stuff und he was
taking a dislike to it. It was only
too true, for before I had given him
the full course he had Stopped drinking altogether, but I kept giving
him Hi- ie"di< ine till it was all gone,
and ihen 'sent for another lot to
have in hand it he should relapse, as
lie hnd dono from promises liefore.
lis- ti ver has, and I nm writing you
this I'-ter to tell you how thankful
:*nui. 1 honestly believe it will cure
the worst cases."
SENT   Fl'EE TO ALL.—A sample
I'.u:.. — of Tasteless BanuVta «?rc-
MT'-.h ,: SENT FUKE with full pnr-
t/rojnrs lu plain soalesl envelope. All
letters considered sacredly Confidential. Address The Samaria llenit'y
Co., 30 Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Woman's Christian Temperance Diiioi
Letter from Mrs. George Grant, of
Paisley, Ont., giving particulars of
ii sm.' effected by '/Samaria PrcScrlp**
li'.n," resulting in its use and adoption by tlie r.iis'sy Woman's {Christian Temperance  i;uion.
raisley, Ont., liec.-iubcr 11th. IOOO.
Tie  Samaria Ilfiriedy Co.,
.io .lordun .Struct, Toronto, Out.
Dear Sirs,*—I peni*. 1 a few lines to
you '"in.* time ngo,-—ns a member of
•Im I- mperniu'o sause, 1 wrote for
li.forin.ition: at that tinm 1 had lu
tn.v mind friends whoso son wns a
^■■M i.itifie of'unxi.-ly and irouble on
aiTiiiint of 1.1s drill.kru linbils. 1
strongly urged the fris mis ts> try the
ri-uii'tl I ...,.w advertised In tin* To-
"ontti citiije. They did so. lt w.is
•I"- S.imartn, 11. nuily th.it wns nd-
nilniMi ;s.t| and i am pleased to Inform i lie conipj-.ny tho iiie.lii'ino wns
helpful; tho young man has not
drank a drop mure, i-reuUing oft from
"hi companions! and special prayers
on hln beiiolf, all aided in brooking
•h" chains,
At the last meeting of tho \V. 0.
" U. here, 1 ir roiiuced your nieili-
iine for u,0 euro of thu liquor habit,
anil u resolution wns passetl, "That
■nasinuc's us it Is tho aim of this or-
gani/alIon to help :ho poor inebriate,
Wo should lvcomn-.s nil this ivnedy In
homes where persons are dt* dieted to
use of Intoxlcatlnij -'quors."
Now, Rh*s, wishing you a successful
career in your noble work, and fool-
'"''' that assistance can be given in
the preclnpts of homo by the hand of
tin.ih,r or wife, trusting God mny
*l"'ii up useful avonues for your labors.     Yours very respectfully.
(Signed)      *Mi!H. QEOnGE GRANT,
"u beholl of Paisley W. G. T. U.
FREE SAMPLE ^''rtitr8?;
'""is testimonials anil tsrloo sent ln plnii
saiii'd onrploM, Unclose io stamp. Adilresi
•"I- HAMAH1A HKMEDY O ».,&!> Jordan Ht.
„  Ti MONTI >, Onttirls
.1   IVonltl  lis*  Impassible to  Sre Mr.
V. ".ut.lsin r.ii' Ssiiite Tlssss*.
','.'. :i i :.:.i\i*.l ui I'lnck Hock, I ln-
|i.:■!•' iii the luiinlord of the village
i.-.vs in I',,i- ;i mnn it.tmed Whiu-ton, who
hud some land to sell.
•'Do you ineiiii old mil Wharton?"
wns queried In reply.
"(Jot land down on Bass river?"
' "Yes."
"IWell, I kuow blm. He lives nbout
three miles out of town."
"Can 1 get a horse to take me out
"Yes, but It won't do you any good."
"Is he seriously ill?"
"Not that I know of, but ho wouldu t
see the president of tho United States
beforo next Wednesday. If you can
.van seven or eight days, you can get
to tall; about that land with him."
''Then Mr. Wharton has got some
special business on hand tor a week?"
1 asked.
"You can gamble that he bas, stranger. Yes. sir, It's special business, antl
uo mistake, At noon today blm and
old I'ete Davis sat tlown to a game of
checkers for the championship of this
county, nnd you couldn't get to see cither oue of 'em for love or money."
"But a game of checkers can't last a
week," I protested.
"Mcbbe yonr kind couldn't, but this
one will, and pet-Imps longer. You see,
there ain't but four moves a day between the players, anil ns they get
drunk between the moves nnd sloop nil
night you'd better count on staying
here ten days or coming back some
other time." M. Quad.
I was cured of Bronchitis and Asthma by MINAHIVS LINIMENT.
Lot 5, P. E. I.
I was cured of a severe attack of
Rheumatism     by     MINARD'S   LINI-
Muhone Bay.      JOHN   MADDER.
T wns cured of a severely sprained
A  Lovely Nssrserv.
Quite unique in tho women's section of the Glasgow Exhibition is
the model nursery shown by tho Society of Artists. The furniture nnd
fittings in it have been entirely designed by women. Beneath a colored frieze illustrating tho story of
Ginderella run the following lines:
A little work, a little play,
A lot of love, and that's a day;
A little crib, a little light,
A loving Uiss,  and then 'tis night.
The children's toy cupboard is all
made pf natural unpninted while
wood, with panels upon which are
carved branches painted in rich
green. The high safety fender is of
wrought iron, nnd another novelty is
a first aid cupboard wherein ore
stored all tin- appliances necessary
in case of some mishap. A high
dresser furnislis.il with green nnd
cream colored pottery for children,
decorated wilh amusing mottoes,
completes the equipment. The chairs
and tables nre till mude small unit
low, with exclusive regard to their
small occupants,
How's This?
We .(Tor tin- HiindisHl IHillnrs Reward tor
my r-is-ss. rf Oat nil that Csiunol be Lined by
Hall's t'alarrlt Cure.
K   i. OHKN EY St CO.. Props , Teletln, O.
We, tho nntlssr.'irtii.il, hnvsj known K. *.
llieney far the lissi U year* and bolli-vs* lilrn
s i rfeelly honorable in all Itnsliscsw traiisai-tltins,
ami tin ns-inlly nisi.- i> carry s>s<t any s'lillgution
mase liv tlislr firm.
WBST .Is Tint ax,., lltsletale Druggists.T.slt'do.O.
Wai.mmi,    KinNan   Ss   Mauvi.n,   Wliolus«l*"
Druggist*, isii«iu,o.
Halls I'siiiirrli (Jure Istatcn lntt-rnnlly, acting rtlre.-tlfuns.il llu* bloosl anil mt«"iis ior*
fnoss-s of ih» system. Price, 7,'se. per bottle, bold
by nil sit si kit -is.    "c-ttlmonlall free
Hall's KamllT I'll.* are tht bss-t
Thomas  Harrison   ot   St.    Mary's,
N. B., Might have been  Operated on for Appendicitis.
lllsfiitsss wits Wrongly IHiskssissssI—fls-lts-
isIs/.hiI lhe I'isi'l its Tun.— UoiKl'is Kitl-
n-y IIIIm I'i.,linlily Su, ill Ills lilts.
St. Mary's, N.B., July "..-(Special)
—Thomas Harrison, of this place,
conside.-s himself a fortunate man
that he is alive and well today. For
months he was suffering as everybody thought with appendicitis.
Thai's what ho win told, and that's
what ho was being treated for. But
ho grew worse in spite of the efforts
exerted  to help him.
In appi'iid'citis it Is generally
thought necessary to perform an operation. That Mr. Harrison wus not
required to undergo the surgeon's
knife and tbat for a disease he never
had, is ii» all probability nobody's
fault but his own. For it wus not
appendicitis that afflicted Mr. Harrison. It was Stuno in tho Bladder,
and it was Dodd's Kidney Pills that
restored him to the perfect health
and strength lie enjoys today.
"About a year ago," ho writes,
"I began to suTer from pain in tho
back accompanied by lethargy impossible to overcome. I employed a
physician, who named my disease ap-
pendirit's, but in spite of his treatment I grew worse and began to
puss bloody urine.
"About this time an anxious friend
advised me to use Dodd's Kidney
Fills, and by the time I had finished
the lirst box 1 passed a stone of unusual size, which is now in the doctor's   possession.
"I began at once to feel better und
you may judge of my gratitude for
my escape thus promptly and safely.
Having taken only thre*o boxes I am
happy to state I am absolutely cured
With ns) sign of tho return of my old
The man who imagines he never
did a foolish act Isn't wise, enough
to know what folly is.
Clothes may not make the man,
bul. the bettsT tliey are the more attention he is apt to receive.
When a young man feels that he
dos-sn't want another fellow making
goo-goo eyes at his best girl-that is
When anger rises judgment takes a
back seat.
Small  boys and new flannel  shirts
shrink from washing.
linari. Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
A I.arure Order.
The man from the country took his
grei'ti necktie untl his best girl Into the
restaurant, ami. like some other men.
he wns disposed to be facetious at the
welter's expense.
"Wnlter." he snld. "I want you to
bring me a boiled elephant."
•Yesslr." replied lhe wnlter, perfect
ly unmoved.
"Ami. waiter, bring It ou toast."
Then he stootl there like n statue foi
a minute.
-Well," said the ninn, "arc you not
pilug to bring It?"
"Why don't you, then?"
"Oriler Is, sir. Hint we get pny In advance for elephants, sir. Klepluint on
toiist, sir, In 1.1,500 tis. M. If you take
It without toast, sir. It Is only £1,500,
The waiter did tint smile, but the girl
dhl. nnd the uiiiu climbed down —l.on
don Tit-Bltn.
I'ttle. sickly children should use Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator. Worms nro
one of the principal cnuseg of sutleritig in
children and should lie c*|icl!ed from the
0ANNOT BK BEAT.—Mr. D. Steinhnch.
Zurich, writes; '• 1 hnve used Du. Thomas
Kot-bctkic On, in my family for a. number
of yeurs. und I can safely say that it cannot
be beat for the curt: of croup, fresh cuts and
sprains. My little boy has hud nttucks of
croup ravers) tunes, and one dose ot Dn.
Thomas' Eclwi-hio Oh. was sufficient for a
perfict cure. I tukc ureut pleasure in recommending It ns a family modicinc. and I
would not be without a bottle in my house."
Oood-natured citizens   should   not
build houses on croes streets.
Every married man should join
some gosid society—ths- society of his
wife  and  children,   for  inslance
The wise man who knows more
t hit ii his wife i.s unwise if he tries to
conceal  his  knowledge frssm  her.
Minart's Liniment Cures Distemper.
llis-n* Wsia lln.ssn lisr   l!ir..r.
Ine ("ape Town corn-sponds-nt of
The Loudon Kxptvs-i, in a lotter to
that paper, raUstes a rather stnrt-
ling story nbout lbs* Si rathi-onas,
whieh in. claims bus nevttr be.-n printed before.
It appears, ns the story goes, a patrol of the Stratlieonas, being firs-.!
upon from a farmhouse where the
Union Jerk untl n White ling tore
dying, ss arched the farm and found
two ltoer., hidden In a disused well.
The Ntruiliconus decided to hang
thein. The pair were hung up to a
nearby beam. A siuti omoar happened to arrive upon the scene, and ordered lhat the two men be cut down,
but the Strut hi onus refused to obey
lhe order.
The olllcer was furious with rage,
nnd attempted to cut the rope wilh
a jack-knife, hut liefore he could
reach the rope a voice Bald,    "i.tssik
here:   tin re's   room for   three to swing
sm that beam,"
The olllcer turned round to get his
eye on the spenl er. but he wns
brought fnce to fiiei*  with  '2(1    stern,
rough faces, nrtd left the house.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colls, Etc.
Mr. Newlywed—Come, won't you
break bread with us today V
Jack .lester—No, thanks, Old mnn;
you see, I can't stand muntinl labor.
Ily the way, is It her first attempt?
There aro 14,000 oysters to a ton.
Hubbubs—Say,  why did you  move
from your suburban home ?
Hubbubs—I'm all run down.
Hubbubs—Malaria ?
Subbubs—No; gossipy neighbors.
Avarice    sometimes     inlscalculat***s
a,»l always deceives.
nollowny's Corn Onre Is s -s-seelfle fee tUs
jomt.viil of corns and warts.   We hnve never
Jjnrd of jtH failini* to remove even tho worst
'narrow-minded man hasn't a
•"•■ought beyond the limited upbore of
,li» vision.
Soon the mermaids    will begin to
flirt with tho ocean swells.
Tho heart of an oak, liko that of
some women, is the hardest part.
The wrinkles In tho busy merchant's face aro probably trade
The postage stamp Is on the tip of
many a tongue that doesn't talk
about it.
A pupil in the juvenile department
astonished his teacher recently by sle
Berthing a citcle as "A straight line
that's crooked all tho wny round.
Don't talk to a busy mon, for the
chances are that he won't know B
thing you said when you are through
Avarice is  tho lesult ssf almiiihinei
rather then  want.
Paradoxtoal  though it mny wein, a
new wntch is a second- hand article,
Tltf, Molt Fnmsssss lit iilsllinl Ruin in f.rs-al
llsilislis t„ ii,. sltut OH' I ions  lists
I'silsliis-A kltlillsiS l-'st,.
Stohehenge, tho most famous and
best preserved ruin of Druldlcal iem-
ples and Druldlcal linns, si ill in existence, is ubout. to be shut ofl lrmii
the  public     by  it grettt      wire     l\uce,
ercetid by sir Edmund Antrobus, to
whom belongs thai portion of Salisbury's Plain, upon whi.li this grand
olil monument stands. Sir Ednluiid
proposes to charge a shilling (that is
2~, cents) for adm'stilo-n, his object
being not only io Keep out ihe vandal s nnd to pis s'iv" these relics of
lhe mo-it ancient periods of iiritisit
history from the »l -vcmiion to which
they have ben subjected, but likewise lo comjs. I the public to assist
him in providing for their care.
While this project seems to bo a
perfectly reasonable one, yet there
are many who are Offering strenuous
objections thereto, Inking the ground
tluit Sir Edmund hns no right whut-
s'Vi r to keep the public away from
whut is, in every sense of the word,
u national monument. Tho matter,
ind.Ml, has been carried into court,
ncd Ihere it has been derided that
.Sir Edmund, as owner of the grounds
ofl which the monument Is sit.uuled,
has a perfect right to Inclose it if he
sees lit, and the public have their
remedy in prevailing upon the Government to expropriate the Daronet,
and pay him for his land, thus converting it into national and public
Sir Edmund is a distinguished soldier, who served with much gallantry
in tlie Guards of Egypt, aud is married to Florence Sartoris, a niece of
Airs. Nellie Grant-Sai'toris.
I may add that Sir Edmund Antrobus, since retiring from the army,
has assumed as purtufr the representation of the hereditary family
interests In Coutts' Itank, and that
the family of which he is tho chief
is one of the oldest houses of
Cheshire, where th- name of Antrobt's
Wns already honorably known in tlve
111th ci nlury.—Alarqtiis de  Fontenoy.
P/jtMzuw's Pills postsess tiie power of
tflting specifically upon the disearod organs,
stimulating to nction the dormant energies
of tho syt-tem, thereby removing disease. In
tact, bu grsmt is tho power of this medicine
to cleanse and purify, that diseases of almost
every name and nature are driven from the
body. Mr. O. Oargwell, Carswell, P. O.. Ont..
writes: " I havo tried Parmelee's i'i I In nnd
find them an excellent medicine and one
tbat will sell well.'-
for the TEETH and BREATH
New Size SOZODONT LIQUID ... 25c
New Patent Box SOZODONT POWDER . . 25c
Large LIQUID and POWDER     ...        75o
At the Stores or by Mail, postpaid, for tho Price.
A Dentist's Opinion: "As an antiseptic and hygienic
mouthwash, and for the care and preservation of the teeth and
gums, I cordially recommend Sozodont.   I consider it the ideal
dentifrice for children's use."   [Name of writer upon application.]
atf su /H4ud+*S&
Uncle Jethro—They spell "hoss"
Willi nn "r," nnd leave It out when
they come to "horsepetal."
River Jordan water is now exported  regularly  for baptismal  purposes.
S.:;.  MortvCtrea Sou.-.d, Tor.mti !.V Alt.
inidEis'., Via Lakes,  Hon., Thurs
nnd Sat 21..'.'
Tuea , Fri. and Bun.  <•»
Montreal, Toronto, New York umi
enst, via oil rail, dally 21AJ «.U
Rat     i'nrlaga    and    Intermediate
p sints, Men., Wesl.tFrl.   1.:<i
Tues./lliurs. «*.Sat         iIhoi
Rat    Portals!    and    intermediate       I
p.hits,Tins..Thnrs, and Sat 14.-0
\lon.,WciL andl-'il  AS'
Mnlsoii, Lao Du Bonnet ttnd Inter
nieIsrvtoPoints. Thurs only   73 li.lo
Po*-taR.i 1,".Prairie, Brandon, Calcary
Kelson and nil Kootenay and Coas.
pjinls. daily    74'-T.2'
Portage la rralrie, Brandon,and in-
tonnidiate pniuis. dally ex Hnn.... 19.*r 12.13
Portaffola Prattle. Brandon, Moo o-
;air undInccrmetllatepoints i!:.';!v
exSunday    >."   I  i1
31 idstone. Neepawa, Minnedosa ar.d
internes.lute pot its, daily ox Sun.  8.M 1.1.1
■jh-alLake, Ymkton and fntermodl-
nie points, Mon., Wc-1. ned Frl ....   8.-'„
Tues. Than., andSaturJoy  10*10
Ranid   City,    Hamlota,    Minota,
Tuet..Thurs. andK.t   8.3
Men., Witt a-dFil  t"UD
Moisten, Delor.ihieaiidiiiU'imeiliato
points daily ox Sun   7.40 IM
N.tpinka, Alnmeihv nud Intermediate
1 oints. Men., WskL, Thurs. Ss liat   7.s(.
Nlon., Tui s., Thurs. and Fri  IMP
Gls nboro, Sourls, ond lntermediati
points,tlai:vex Sun    7.3013.45
Na-.iinka.Melitii, Alametln and inter
li-pillatoTHiintB,   Mon., Wed, Fri.  ".3'
Tues., Thurs. andt at  Is •■'
Pipestone, Re ■ton, Areola and int.-.-
mssliato point*,   Mon. Wed.,  Fri.  7.811
Tues.. Thurs. and Sat  8-43
Fr.ibysnlre, Hirsb. llienfait, Uste-
v i ', Sat. ,. ■    7..10
Men.,  J „-'5
f.rs-ina.Kt. Paul, lOhiersgO daily U-lu '-3. 5
Si'Miewall, Tuelon..'1'tu-s. Thurs, Sal 12.2.18.C0
West Selkirk Mon, Wed, Fri 1&S0
WestSelklrk Tues. Thurs,Sat 10.0
Ktuerson M"n.*sVe-l n-id Frl 7.nn 17.10
Geu. Supt.
C. K. Mcl'lII'RSO"**,
U-n. Pass. Agent
It   Ih  er*«|er   to   approach    luxiirie.i
then It Ih Ao breuk nwny from  thein
I i cave
I'ATIONH AMI DAV8.    (ioilir*
Leivo from C.viasllan
Norther.i depot—
VS'iniiipoit I'i M:irrts Km
t-rson.ht. l'..nlct<s.dly
St l"aui io Emm-i n
Morris, W'ninip k illy
\\ l;mt;iog so 11- linil.
Mi mil. Bel out Hart*
in-y & llru-.tdun, Man.,
We I a-ul ITI.    -   -  -
Brandon. Hartney. Bel-
mnit. Miami, *xi 1 ■nisi,
t i \VinnI:;oi;, Tues.,
s htn-9 inn! 8 it.    -  •
Wi:.r.l M to Vssitnitola
P. oiiif Intannoiliite
r atlons, dally ex bun.
I's.vt ne la P. nnd inter-
lufitlii'le fstisili'iu t i
Ulntitpesjsll/ ex .''tin.
Wlnntpefftot ta ions.m
r.e.wcrtinil Helta liran
dies, Tues. and Tlnr.-s
B  iver und LVUa br'sli
bi nio'.is. to Winnipeg
"i'r.o1. and Thurs.
iVIiiiiipeitto Portnnrnla
l'.,l>laustere.   -  *  •
P'tistililn,   etc.,    Men
Wsil and 1**if.     •
lauphln. Oladstona, P.*
la l'ralrlo, Wlnnlpei*
Tues.,  Olinrs. «.   S:;t.
VVInot .Oflr'«  Vs' p'irojii,
Tuei mid Titers.  -   -
WsiiiilpPKotil!  to   WpB
Mon. nnd Frl	
V.'ln-ilppi      to    Gram
Viow, Mm,, and  Fri
Jr ind Vl-j-.v lo    \Vpi;
Tuc. and Sat 	
Dauph'.n to   Wp'^nsi*
rtid return, sat	
Pniiiili.ii to ttvmn l.ivct
It   I-lwoiisl. Weil	
RlvtrnmltuUwiiu   Kiv.T
"i Dauphin, Fr!	
I.i-avofrismC. P. depot
\\ innlpcr* to Warroatl
lloiimlettn and int r
UiO:tlat.i- statlniiS,.AIon,
t\'e I., nnd Frl ,
Bsauil tlss.WarrontU'ts-
to Winnipeg,    Tues.
Tlntrs. Htul Sat.
Leave |
ISolnr* Airive.
. MS
1 .0
l'a|ti. Gpn.Crinilftll.nf Lindsay, T.-Hs How
lis,   SsM-ssrs*si    Ks'l.'isss'     Frsslll    tills
Mssst   lusnits roiiB    Mulsuly.
From  the Watchnmn,  Lindsay,   Ont.
In the town of Lindsay and surrounding country no man is better
known or more highly respected than
t'apt. George Crandell. Forty-seven
years ngo he was owner and captain
of the first steamier that navigated
the Scugog. Since that time success
has crowned his life both on land
and water. For forty-nine ys-ars he
was a member of the Lindsay town
council. Ile is now 73 years of uge
unl enjoys the best of health, but it
has not always been thus. Some
years ago the exposure and worry
incident to his calling began to t.ll
upon his health, ami his heart showed signs of weakness. His sufferings
uml complete restoration through the
use of Or. Williams' I'ink 1'ills are.
b.*st told by himself. To a report -r
the captain gave the following slory'
"Several years ago my heart, began
to bother inc. At first I took a 11-
notice of it, but the trouble gradually grew worse until I hml to summon medical aid. I Buffered much
pain anil at times wns attacked by
smothering spells, whieh caused me
great distress. Frequently these
spells attacked me during the night
and it wns with difficulty that 1
managed to breathe at nil. I consulted several dot-tors, but tin ir
medicine failed to benefit me. I Lhcu
tris-tl a much advertised remedy, but
this also tailed to help me. I had
always been fond of smoking, but I
was in such poor health that a few
pults from a cigar woultl distress me
so much thai 1 had to give it up altogether. I grew worse day by day
and began to think niy end wns near
and thnt. I woultl die trom tin*, trouble. Some time ngo I was atlvisesl
to try Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills. Af-
nr taking one box I noted an improvement in my condition and so I
continued their use. I kept on improving till now I am ns well and
strong as I ever was in my life before, and have not been bothered
with lhe hast, sign of my former
malady for months. 1 nm now able
to enjoy a smoko ns I us.tl to without ftvling the least distress. All
this I isw-s*. to that greatest of all
remedies,  l'r.  Willinms'  I'ink 1'ills.'*
Rich, red blood nnsi strong nerves
are the keystone to health. Pr. Willinms' Pink Pills are the most, widely   known nmi praised "f   ttwdlclnos
because from first dose to last they
make new, lifo-giv ng blood, ami restore ln'iiitii and shattered nerves,
bringing new health nnd strength tsi
hitherto despondent BUftcrjcrs. Do not
hitherto despondent sufferers. Po nol
anything that does not bear the full
name, "Dr. Williiuns' pink Pills for
Pale Peoplo." on the wrapper arbund
the box. Sold by nil dealers su- by
mall, post paid, at 50 s.nts a box or
six Iiiim-s for S2.."iO, by addressing
flu* Dr. Williams' Medicine t'u..
Brockvllle, Ont.
"Il«*iir.v IX."
It Is Interesting to reen.ll "thnt, Just
is Edward VII sif (England chose his
second baptismal name as the oue by
.vhith he wished to be designated
when he mounted the threne, so likewise his great-uncle, William Henry,
would hnve preferred to be known as
Henry IX. One of the reasons for this
luefei-enf-e was the desire to establish
lawI'ul right to ,-i title which had already been arrogated by the cardinal
ef York, the last of the Stuart pretenders. When the question, however,
.nine up for discussion In the privy
council, the hitter decided In favor of
King William IV. This story was told
hy the king himself to Miss Helen
Lloyd, the governess of his children,
lie added that the privy council was
moved to this choice partly by fear of
exeilffig the superstitious fears of the
populace, who still bore In their memory a prophecy dating from the seventeenth century, which runs us follows:
lletirv tlie Eighth ps.ill.-d down monk, .nd their
Henry   tlie   Ninth  shall   pull   slossm   bishop, nil
—Liternry Era.
In his Vr.nKTAiii.E 1'ii.i.h Ur. Parmelee has
given to the w.irld the fruits! of Isms ncien-
title rtseiireh in the whole realm of medical
Kiienec, essmbinesl with new nnd valuable
discoveries never before known to man. For
Dkijcatb aud Dkhii.itateh Constitiitioms
Purmcico's Pills act like a diarm. Taken in
small dosses, the effect in both a tonic and •
stimulant, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving tone and vigor.
The dentist   anil   the   farmer    are
both practical stump pullers.
One  of the duties  of today is    to
quilify yourself for tomorrow.
TTicks—You say you haven't a single superstition. Woultl you ever
Start on a journey on Friday.
\s uks—Never !     Saturday    is   pay-
Is. a iiAN*-n.
Gen. Supt
nm h. BHAW,
Truf. M«i
Men  are  like     wngsms—they   rattle
most wh.-ti there Is nothing In them.
ffiuia'i Liniira! Cores Onset li Cqvl
Mrs. Mowed (nt the cigar store)—
I'll  like to see    some    cigars  for a
Stout, dark man. please !
Excessive  economy  makes     a   ninn
an untlesirnble acquaintance,
The clerk who aspires  to a higher
life  objects   tss  a  life of  hirs*.
A-O-EN-TS     *WA."fSrT"B*D.
We are In need of a few reliable Agent*
throughout the enuntrv to handle our
i i. ii.(l [srolit und quick salets.   Por partlcn.
us address
313 Main St., Winnipeg,
Mtalillsbed. ID years truX A boms I siittti »■
I<:iifi>iirapn It. I'.KWAl'r" "( An s*rts;iti r*n|«*s
F.'lllne. which CTSCks In onro.llnial.i. t-'.sr *.suss
pit ■. un I lcstliniitil;u.-s:i|s i y lo
W. G. FONStCA. ISO's sfuenU
001 Malts Street. "A l.NMI'M,
Itsaef s,l Mnrrla:;s*. MesMsSOS
What   BOme   men   live   nn   is   of   h'ss
Interest to th.* world than why thoy
live on.
/\ num of few words ami many
ih'iils is like a garden of many VPgvj-
lebh-s and fs-w weeds.
Sefpre colds are easily curd  hy the use
of Btokle'S AntU'sitis'iiniiitive Syrup, n mod.
loino .if extraordinary penetrating and heal-
Ing properties. It is acknowledged by those
win. have u-i'si It as being die ii«>st medicine
fold for coughs, ot Ids,Inflammation ot ihe
Innga, and nil hflections of tha throat and
ch st.   It-ii.tri nl.lriic-ss to ills-tiist ■ tutil.es it
a favorite with ladies nnd children.
Barber—Shall i shave you with
seen lot) or unsccntod soap?
Customer—Use scented soap, please,
it tastes nicer.
and so would many n jutinil
lady, ruth, i- than titke a tmtn
wititsstit the "Albert"
mn own soap
It lens-is Ills- -kin vs-'nili-rtnllT «nfl
and 'iv-h. nnsi tn suite fTSgrsae. I- *-i
tr.-isselv |s1s'AHing
llrssssr* of  liiiltellnns.
w. n ii. Nn. n:ta.
*.. •»*■
St 5
i-. 1
1 -■
- I'M
• &***,
.    tSsisV'
" W"
i   -
ii. f'
M; ::•".
v .
■ :
- -M
■>S)    1
¥'' :?■
C K, S-.iiTiiioniNf.AU", J-:ditor and Prop
•SI.OCAN,       ---        -       B. ('.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
(the first insertion ansl,*) cents a line each
iBiilissHiuent insertion.
Ortilioatet' of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient adverti-*.i-niont8ftti*iiiiie rates
•as legal adve-tumi*-.
Locals will be -"Imrgt'sl 10 cents a line
ifor each insertion.
Commercial Kates made know-i upon
The Subscripti-su in $2 per year, st.-ict-
Ay in advance; f'-Wa year if not so •paid.
AddrcsB all lettei* to—-
Slocan, P.. C.
'"Triday, July iinh, mm.
A pencil mark in Iho space
.opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
.considers there is something
scorning to him on yonr subscription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
KIUTOKIA1.   l'imi'1-IMIS.
It is understood thc Chinese commission will report to tho Dominion
government in favor of the exclusion
of tbe Chinese and the restriction of
•tbe Japanese. Once more the west
-has declared for the country to be
preserved to the use of white men and
it is up to the federal authorities to
•make a record forthemselves.having
-always the fate oi thc Chapleau coins-mission report and the prohibition
iplebiscite before their eyes.
With tlie fishermen on the Fraser,
the miners at Rossland, and the
trackmen on the C.P.K. all on strike,
thc necessity ofa nicasireofconipul-
-fjory arbitration is apparent to all.
Ho evidence in opposition to it can be
.advanced. The interests of the public and the welfare of the province
•demand direct legislation that will
nullify the evil results of industrial
-disputes. Compulsory arbitration
•would meet every case. Get it on
.the statute book.
The Nelson Tribune says Slocan is
starting off wrong as a municipality,
dieing a house divided against itself.
Differences of opinion are bound to
arise, even at council boards, nnd it
would be a mighty funny world if
they didn't.   Thc  local municipal
machinery cannot lie expected to be
in smooth running order in a month,
any more than in other plnccs, but it
is wearing down into sbapo and may
■lie looked for to do good work. Econ
•oinv is the by word of the council and
'the members will not plunge thc city
into heavy debt.   There has been no
.mistake made by the government iu
giving the people of Slocan a chance
to govern themselves, and if thc Tribune will have patience that fact will
.be demonstrated.
-W. II. Sandiford, manager of the
.Bosun mine,  New  Denver,  told  n
Vancouver Province man the other
day that "the cryingnecd ofthe Slo-
-can country was a government smelter on Slocan lake."   Other mining
men have expressed the same opinion, as the output of ore would be
larger and the net returns considerably   increased.     Many   properties
now sidle in the camp would be encouraged  to   active   development,
while promising prospects innumerable throughout the lake country in
particular would receive attention.
•No place on the lake can compare
with Slocan as the site for a smelter,
Here, apart from tho excellent com-
..munication provided by  water and
-rail, there arc all the advantages nature can bestow.   Water power of the
best can.be easily obtained, with an
abundance of room for the necessary
buildings.   Close   by  are huge de
posits of pare lime, and on the various creeks may be found largo bodies
.of iron ores, thus satisfying the flux
question.   Slocan Is also the gateway
•to tho most extensive dry ore belt in
-the province, the richness of which
is  demonstrated   by the Arlington,
AU wet ores from the upper Slocan,
via the C.P.R., now  pass  through
here to Trail or Nelson, and why not
have them stop here?   Coke only is
required and it cau bo landol  as
■cheaply hero us at Trail.    Kaslo is
oiot in it with Slocan as a smelter
fsite tor the Slocan ores.   The former
is miles away from its supply and
fluxes, while here everything is convenient.    By all means let a smelter
sbe bulk ou Slocan lake and this city
.will get it.
A gang of eight or ten men came
•in on Wednesday o train to work nt
thc Arlington.
Malcolm Cameron has the contract
for bringing down a cur of ore from
■the lismeraJda,
Jack Aitobison returned from his
eastern trip Friday.
The lake has risen considerably
during the past fortnight.
tleorgo Bulko and family have removed to the Enterprise mine.
Mrs. D. McLeod and family removed to Morisey, near Fernie, on Monday.
Harry Strickland, of P-ourne Bros.,
New rienver, spent Sunday in the
Charles Culver and Miss E. White
were married at Sandon on Thursday
A. Harlow and family left for Na-
kusp Monday, on a three weeks' vacation.
Neil Settling is erecting a neat
cottage on tho river hank, in West
Bert Wilhclm left on Monday for
Dawson, taking passage from Vancouver.
Firo destroyed the Nakusp House,
at Nakusp, last Wednesday, at a loss
The Slocan brought down ft car of
ore from tho Marion, at New. Denver,
Services will be held in the Methodist church next Sunday, morning
and evening.
Chief of Police Clark has been supplied with his equipment and is ready
to do business.
The tug Sandon was taken ont with
the freight barge Sunday for tbe first
time this season.
The Kelly Merrymakers will hold
the boards in the Music Hall next,
Wednesday evening.
The elections of the mayor and nl-
dermen havo been gazetted by H. R.
Jorand, returning officer.
J. Thompson, inspector of boilers,
was in Tuesday passing upon the
machinery of the Sandon and Slocan.
Fred Smith, representing Gage &
Co.. Toronto, was here Friday. He
reports business reviving through the
Dan Cronan. one of the owners of
thc Independence group, Ten Mile,
sailed from Seattle this week for the
frozen north.
Walter Wright, brother of Purser
Wright of the Slocan, has been promoted mate on the Rossland.. on the
Arrow lake run.
Thc football contest for the Slocnn
challenge trophy did not materialize
on Saturday, as Silverton failed to
put iu au appearance.
Before Judge Forin in chambers
at Nelson, Monday, an order was
made for an examination for discovery in the case of Felt vs Dickinson.
There bas been no change in the
situation this week relative to the
trackmen's strike. No men, other
than track walkers, arc working on
tho. local branch.
Extensive clearance sale of hats,
shirt waists and colored lawns now
on, at Bennett & Co.'s. Everything
marked away down and some big
bargains offered.
Nelson realized $158 from dog taxes
for tho six months ended June 30.
That figure won't be a circumstance
to thc rake-off Slocan ought to get
from the same source.
The local Orange society has purchased the lot south of St. Paul's
church, on Arthur street, and tbey
will proceed at once with the erection ofa hall for their own use.
The Oddfellows royally entertained their friends Thursday evening.
A short programme was given, followed by refreshm nts. The local
members of the order are capital entertainers.
Ike Loughced and party came in
Monday from repairing the trail over
the Ten Mile summit and up the
creek. The trail has lieen put in elegant shape, particularly from the Arlington over.
Con Murphy returned last week
from the Similkameen country,whore
he and Dad Allen were doing assessment. Thev have some promising
copper properties, which will eventually net them a handsome figure.
R. P. Rithet,of San Francuco.head
man in the Arlington Mines, Ltd., as
well us in the Ricowilabi Mines, op
erating the Speculator group,arrived
in on Monday, with his son, J. A.
Rithet, and K. V. Munro, of Victoria.
The party was met here by Supt.
DuBois and at once went to the Arlington, spending a couple of days
Inspecting that property andtheSpec-
ulator. Mr. Rithet's operations in
the camp aro conducted in a close
manner and his companies are at all
times averse to newspaper notoriety.
Occasionally inklings of what it*- going on or in contemplation may be
picked up, but. for the most part,the
respective managements prefer to go
on with their developments without
talk. It is on the boards that the
otiioes at the Arlington are to be
doubled in size, new bunkhouses put
up, and the force of men employi-d
considerably Increased by fall.
Since Mr. Rithet's last' visit here,
the holdings of his companies on
Springer creek have been largely
. ugmentcd and arc being constantly
added to. On many of these outside
claims work is being .prosecuted,
with a view to getting crown grants.
At present taking in the Speculator,
Arlington, tbe sawmill, and other
centres, the combined companies have
about lf>0 or more men on the payroll. There is no outfit in the country
thnt is working more carefully and
with better success than is Mr.Rithet
and hisconfreres. They havebrought
the dry ore belt of this camp to the
front, and whatever prosperity it enjoys is due almost entirely to the Arlington's operations. J. Frank Collom is the managing director of both
tho Arlington and Ricowilabi companies and his inherent shrewdness
in business affairs has brought his
concerns with rapid progress to the
pinnacle of success. Associated with
him is Wm. Thomlinson, as superintendent ofthe Speculator, and W. F.
DuBois, superintendent of the Arlington.	
Ts'insla Tournament.
A tennis tournament was commenced on A. R. Bolderston't*. court on Dominion day, and the finals were
played off ihis week. Mixed doubles
wero played, A. E. Rothormel nnd
Mrs. Johnson defeating W. S. Johnson and Miss Bennett by the score of
(i-4, .r>-7, and G-4. A new series has
been commenced in ladies' and gents'
singles and doubles and mixed doubles.        	
l'lsssusslx Ojivsslsig up Ore.
Six men are working at the Phoenix, with the certainty of a very
early increase in the number. A
good chute of ore is being opened up
iu both drifts and the valnes are satisfactory. The management has been
making* tests of the ore at Trail and
Nelson, three one-ton shipments having been sent out during the past
Tamiirai- Isst'i-s-nissssg Force.
Things are in an encouraging condition at the Tamarac nnd the management is enth usiastic over the outlook. There Is an improved showing
of ore on the property, particularly
in the lower tunnel. At present eight
men are employed, but it is the intention to increuse the force at once.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, II. 1'. Christie being mining
July 8~Little Dorritt fraction,Springer
creek, B Iiradnlinw.
Little Dorritt fraction No 2, same, J F
9—Royal, Ten Mile, H Nelson and T
10—En, Robinson creek, A B Mother-
Exe, same, J If McGregor.
Troy, sums'. \V K Newman.
Albany, same, Frank Dickinson.
Troy You, Springer creek, A Johnson.
12—Florence, 2nd n f Lemon, W D
Josephine, Cedar creek, J Dearin.
Patti, sanib, D C Robertson.
Julv 8—Bessie.Truro.Majavo, Toronto,
Hamilton, Danuiie, Sunbeam, Colorado,
Hazelton, Hamilton, Pendleton, Little
Chiffie, American Eagle, Bell No 2, Republic No 2.
9—Gatineau, Simcoe, Deadwood, Eva,
10—Kilo, Superior, Uother, Ranger,
Skylark, Violet, Susan G, Susan S.
11—Stockton, San Jose, Emtuctt.Sars-
fleld, Own Roe, Bright Light.
12—Smuggler paid fl00, Diwabik.May,
13—U & I, Clipper.Three Guardsmen.
Julv 8—Pioneer and Pioneer fraction,
E Brown to J P Reid.
11—St Lawrence, V A Munro to Alex
Dalhoucie No 2, F E Griffith, same.
12—Morris ',, W Seaman to A Owens.
July 10—Climax No 3.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Muroutt Branch
oi* the W.C.T.U., Slogan,
Meets tho second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t; join.
Has. W. J.Axiikkws, Mkh.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
Every man
to his trade.
Jack of all trades and roaster of none, is an old saying.
I devote the whole of my attention to my own business
and therefore In the position
to snpply the public with all
their wants in my line on
more favorable terms than
' some bouses ln the City who
are dabbling in my business,
New lines
in ladies' shoes
havo just been opened up.
They are this season's goods
and the best over seen here.
Remember, ours is the only
exclusive shoe store in the
W. J. Adcock
Repairing a npecialty.
Gwiilim 6c Johnston,'
Slocan,        - - .       B. C
J, I. MUitntuiun, a a sc
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - « B. C.
Stan Git? Min' lo!
No. 6j, W. F. of "I.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in thc Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren Cordially
invited to attend.
„ President
Financial Secretary
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Mines,   Real I'state,  Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Titles   Furnished.
B. C,
We carry a large
assortment of flies
fly books, minnows, lines, etc.
Bamboo Rods,
25 cents up.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
T, F. C. Green, acting as agent for
"Thc  Enterprise (B.C.) Mines, Ltd.,"
?;ive notice that two months after date 1
ntend to apply to the Chief Comtris-
sioner of Lands and Works for "senilis
Hion to purchase the following described
tract of land, containing 10 acres,'more
or less, situated on Ten Mile creek, one-
quarter mile northeast of Enterprise
mine, in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked "E. Mines,
Ltd., S.W.Cor."; thence aloni* north
boundary of Habana mineral claim in an
easterly direction to intersection with
Blocan Queen; thence northerly along
westerly boundaries of Slocan Queen and
Iron Horse mineral claims to southerly
boundary of Homestead mineral claim;
thence westerly along said southerly
boundary of Homestead to Montezuma
mineral claim: (hence southerly along
easterly tioundarv of Montezuma mineral claim to point of beginning.
Dated this 25th day of Mav. 11)01.
14-6-01 F. C. QUEEN,
You Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting .Suit,
cut in tbe latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Postolfice.
Rc-opencd under
the old management.
Former customer*-,
cordially invited to return.
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Stre-*t and DtsUn**-/ AVMMM, lUru.
Building thoroughly renovated
and restocked witli the best
thos. Lake,
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        .      -SLOCAN
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
Corker Na. il Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the first north
fork of Lemon creek, adjoining tbe
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre-
for, acting as agent for Joseph Davis,
ree miner's certificate B26889, and Wm.
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to applv to the Mining Uecorder for a
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of Detaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice tbat action,
under section  37,  must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 18th dav ofMav,19Cl.
24*5-01. j. m. McGregor.
Slsx'siii Hob Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Four miles from
Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, William A.
Bauer, acting as the authorised agent of
James 1). Ryrne, free miner's certificate
No. B44971; liolis Svenceski,free miner's
certilicate No. K2055; and John Wafer,
free miner's certificate No.P>38!*.'2,intend,
sixty days from thn date hereof, to apply
ts the Mining Recorder for n certificate
of improvements, for Ihe purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant of tho above
claim. *
Antl further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, in list be commenced
biiforu the issuance of such certificate of
Duii-ii this 31st dav of Mav, 1901.
31-5-01     WILLIAM A. BAUER, P.L.8
Seattle Mineral Claim.
•Sltuato in tho Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatsd: On the north fork
of Lemon creek, north nnd west of
the Chapleau mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur R.
('arrow, as a-jenl for George K. Weinsnt,
Free Minor's Certificate No. B3SSJ33,
f-'lilhuan C. Jackson, Free Miner's
Certificate No. I'2lW17 and John D**mp-
bey, Free Miner's Certificate No B38034
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the'Mining Recorder (or a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June, 1901.
7-0-Ul A.R.BARROW.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To M. B. Merritt, or to any person or
persons to whom he may have transferred his one-fifth interest in the Nix
Fractional mineral claim, situated at
the head of tha last south fork of Ten
Milecreek.Slocan City mining division.
You are hereby notified that' wo have
expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars in labor and improvement*
upon the abova mentioned mineral
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under tho provisions of the Mine-
i ral Act, and if within B0 days from the
date of this notico you fail"or refuse io
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claini
will become the property of the subscribers, under asectioft four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tha Mineral
Act 1900."
Dated this 30th dav ef April, 1901.
b. o'neil,    j.m. McGregor,
3-5 p. nolan,    j. radcliff.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee when
you can get one so cheap? They
are preferrablc to stoves and givi-
liettcr satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Hunllgbt Fractional Misss-nsl Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Minim* Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Bounded im the
northeast by the Bell, on th9kouth
' west by the Bonanza, southeast by
the Republic; one half mile west of
tlu headwater* of Robertson creek,
a trilnitniy of Springer.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert E.T.
Huultain, of Nelson,B.C..acting as agent
for the Hastings (British Columbia)
Exploration Syndicate, Limited, free
miner's certificate No. B38710, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, (or the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dstted this 11th day of June, 1901.
14-0-01 H. E. T. HAULTA1N.
G.H.MIisrrnl Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On upper Lemon
creek, adjoining the Lucky Georg-.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J.M.McGregor,
acting as agent for George E. Uanibly,
Free Minor's Certificate No. B31909, and
D. C. Lindsay, F. M. C. No. B69665,
intend, sixty nays from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder fora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 21st day of June, 1901,
12-7-01 J. m McGregor
The Drill,
$2 per year
There ia abaolntelv no risk in
purchasing your watches, fine jewel-
ery, nnd silrorware from us. We
guarantee safe delivery, and cheerfully refund money if goods do not
Our repairing department is in
flrstclass hands nnd our work is of
the best.
Mail order*
promptly filled.
Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
Pan-American Exhibition,
June 18; July 2, 10; Augfust 6. 20.
Epworth League Meeting,
San Francisco, $50,
July 13, 14, 15.
Christian Endeavor Convention,
July 2, 3.
National Education Association,
DETROIT, $7i-35-
July 2, 3.
For time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address ueare-«
local agent, or—
GEO.T. MOIR,   _..„
Agent, Slocan City
J. S. CARTER,     E. J* COVLEi
ll P A A. O. P* A*.
tfeir*a. Y-M****-


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