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The Slocan Drill 1902-10-31

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Full Text

Wa arc in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
KlecMii, British Columbia.
You want value
carry the best lint:
In Canada and thc
•We sell st Eastern j
stock is now coiupl-J
)r, your money.      We
;of Rubber Goods made
Jnited States.   .   .
(st I'ricps.      Onr winter
Bonienrinr this   .  .
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
.any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C
That is one point on which we pride ourselves.
Our Stock is made up of the purest and beet
^oods to be obtained and is always fresh. . . .
Ws make n specialty of llu tier, Eggs
Fruit, and all  kinds of Vegetables
'■ovkiinmknt to HAKB ni'iivri: or
.m 1 06.
Hiili*|inyi*r« I's-tlllon tn lliivs. F.uat llsilu-
nssy Avenuo Opens*] Dp—It, I. Heiitley
Appointed lie turning OfBosr forVota
on Suss niiii Bylaw,
AI Monday night's meeting of the
city oounoil there were present: Mayoi
Vork. Aid. Worden, Smith, Nichol and
('o;r.'s;i.indeiic,' read: From Vlo
torio Colonist, enclosing copj of i
debenture* from govenfmenl office,
Kaslo, statin.'.,' thai the rebate of taxes
in the I'il.v would be attended to at
once. Former left'over till the next
rneefingand the latter ordered filed,
Bills presented: T. J. Armstrong,
expenses of prisoner to Nelson, $4.60;
It. A. Bradshaw, balf renl of citv I,all
for fiinriii mths. $10, Referred to the
finance committee.
\\. H. Davidson and other ratepayers petitioned the council to clear out
Kast D.'laiifv iivi' to Springer ijrtreo.
and tlience north to block !•'. Referred to board of works to report al the
next meeting, on motion of Aid. Worsls ii and Robertson.
His worship stated M r. Woodcock
would shift the telephone pole complained of as being on a crossing, and
the latter also hoped tho council would
Ti:.t permission for tin* ]>ot<*s to be
erected on tli«' street.
Moved by Aid. Smith and Worden
thai   R. 1. Bentley be  appointed re
turning offic fr to hold the poll on bylaw No.!! a! tin'tit.■ hnllon Tu-'-'l iv.
No . ': from s a rn. till 4 p.m.   Car*
Co-operative Association,it
A talk tlica ensued upon tlie advis-
abilitv or dividingtho city into wards,
tb nld ri'i.-a agreeing that the time
wa n I oppor in ■ for thai step just
now. In-1 ■ ictions were accot-diagly
given the city solicitor tod aft a byJ
law doin : away ivitb ll ard sysl tn,
Aid. Rober! ai  ic ■ 111 -l  b •
wonld introdu ■■■   am i at   th.   n •■ t
IM-- ■!:.I ' of 11 C.}.
One • again the i  in I '.■ \
cropped up nud i:, •.-■:::'       ngro  i
to    ' oni t i thi pro I - I - an !
i !,  up the bu in - - on   We ia ■ ft ij
afl iruoon.
t's'iin il adjourn •■!.
i.o.o.F. .tss..ii u r.iiii.
'Ih • Bixth •    the
lo Igo ol i Iddi Uow .li J i i;i tha Mu it
Ha I Frid iy nigl  . ■ as an enjo;
affair, there boi .; i Ixnil   I I couples
|.r- at.    \ ii ii ■: programun was pre-
Slncan, British CslumUin,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for thc
Public.     It  Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
•flETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
encountered in the No. 8 tunnel ofthe
Ottawa **»idened out tg 2*) feel of l!i i
solid ahlpping ai'tiele, Il had been
luuulng along at a uniform width oi
18 iii.'in's. '.ih,' pre carries it great
deal of nalivi* silver and i-qnshigh.
The formation has bee ime tapre solid
and ther.' is every ohance naw of the
ore living. The finite has hi',ii proven
to feet nmi ir it continues another 20
feel thero will Im sufficient oro hi sighl
to pay for the fnino ami all expenses
to date. sSliiuiiH'iits will commeuoe
bo soon a i iii" Snow comes,
Of tlis nits Aaasi.-iis.tiim Hsld sm Friday
l.llll  Ss.t ill-tils*,-.
The Ivid,. Association beld its an
iniiil shooting match on Friday and
Saturday and th.- members enjoyed
two days of good sport. The weather
was lair and ther,-was a numerous attendance of competitors. Contrary to
exp.'i'tation.s no one put In an appearance from Nolson or New Denver.
Following are the prize winners in the
various aveilts:
CospOBA*n6s Match   Seven rounds at
200, 50 land fJOO yards.
\V. S. Johnson, 550 cup and $5,.    Td
Geo. Nichol. $i     c,7
Harry McMillan, 13    (1!
.J«s<* Bean ti'A
Jas. Cross, P. Nichol, I). McVannel.
II. Bobortson, F.  Dick, J. Pinchbeck.
Special  Peizes.
Joe B -ia. 203 sas'sls, writing outfit    26
W. S. Johnson, BOO yards, pair of
rubbers ....."..    82
■John Wafer, 600 yards, razor....   2."i
Merchants' Match   200 yards.
\V. S. Johnson, 96pr boots and -51   31
toi i Wafer, S3 tin ware and $3..   30
Jam ■ Cross, S3    29
r, B an and  D. Nichol $2 each; IX S.
.";.■-.  miel, R. McTarlaneand George
Nichol, SI <-:i'.i.
Vi .   ..\ Cm•■-. Match   Seven rounds
iis pne minute, lyin :.
I '■■ i,  Ni h".!. $2,G i watch chain
an i 9i    26
*   a   ...  er, S2.50 livciMr ticket
 f    ::.;
\y.,;. -i i'.i.i ...i,  .1   26
Du i Nichol, & -     :>.',
Joo Bean, Si    23
!. ■' boi sou and  K. MeFarlane 81
nch; H.Fifo.
:   Mi.-. ;:\ Match   201 yards,
u ro lads, kna ling.
r. 13 i -. ■*--.'■'.'!.! iiunitiou and "-'■!   28
D. .;    ii i2 shaving ticket and$3   28
r. Uro   . *$*!     26
!I.(';,t;,*'J     2l!
!l. \i iMillan, 81    20
R. McParhnc, W. La-iand H. Robert-
s m, §: each.
Executive Comvittbb Match   Seven
rounds nl 1000 and 90 ' yards.
Win. Hi ■<•*■>. 512field glassesancl
*^a g^F3
ll reached by any trail or road
that rung into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
fa-opened under
we aid inanagonient.
Former onstoinera
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel
,    seal   I . ud il   was in  Hi i   .ve i sum
boui ■ ■ In    thei hino was broughl to
uo I1... i Baty, ol the Slo
can bol 1, v bo provided the supper,
put up the b -i  spread the burg has
vi i  ,'. a. ,'M ii,.- til b'cacies in the mar*
i.i i being on uarade.   The A.dcoch or
chestra pro>*ided Iho mush nnd Wm.
Ui ■:,. iu '. I  aa   llcor  manago .    A
■ mail cash balaue   roaulted   to the
Ion • aftei all expense**, tl   ball
!«ing voted a success.
ll, »!!.,»i il li>  l-'sri'.
Friday nighl tha n ideac i of W. D.
McGregor, situ iled on bi - ranch to
thr south easl of th -civ, v..i-d stroy
id by lire- ill" blaze bavin ■ caugbl iu
the i-oof from the kil<' ■'■| " •'; • a\i
the lin: ■ Mr. McGregor and the two
children were asleep, Mrs. McGregor
being iu attendance al the I khlfellows'
hall.   K "-1   »'ith difficult* thesl   p
i ,.. :■■., '. i practically none ol
i„, ,-,,. | mil il di" place wore saved
There was iusurnnce <m the hou • t"
theoxtonl ol 5300, in lb • Ottawa Co.,
ii ..| |,; i ,.ii iii ■ furniture, li is the
lirsl Bro to occui' round th. .-s- parts in
Iron li.'i»s- Looks IVoll.
Pat McGulro has been making good
headwaj with his contracl in sinking I demon, Clev
the shaft  on   tho [ran  HOrse.   The ■""■:. amlTui: Ditiu-
""    "'"'      ,      , .„,.   ,    i    The executive also wish to express
I,,!.:,, has widened oul  lo •'''""•'"';,:„,-,. ,,!,,,..„•.. ;i, the decided improve
ondastrong streak pf oro has made ment*gj ,),,. ghooting thla year over
its appearauco on the [~f»"^ that of last vear.
looksaslf 11 would absorbth   ivhole     0_ (li, fa ,fl hi|.tll,".,v the Wiil"
letlge.   A heavy  flow ol water was A,„IM.j;,,-m        I)sl, holding another
Htrucli hwt week, giving much trouhle ,     ^ ,   vvl'iir|i (        MllHltM is as!v.
hs'lor.'il wai gol under control, ana (
causing ii lay oil of two or three days
to gel a pump Installed.
Oil III.* l.sslrlill  I'l.llS*!.
.1. McVickor, 52 Ho and $4    29
G     Ni.'h.il. $3    27
■!. Pinchbeck, 82     27
Wm. Howison,S2s 11. Fife, W. Hans*
berger, II. Robertson, and ■). Bean,$1
Gband \i'.i.i:i-..\t   Besl scores in the
1':;. cutive, Eleserve, Corpora*
■itioii and Merchants'
•I. Beon, silver mi da!	
\V. S. John "it '•" " ■■ med tl...
Dan Nichol	
James Cross	
-I. Bean	
Consolation Match.
Aif Bull, a year's Biibswiption to
I>mi." and -l     >J>
W. H. Davidson. r<ia-i of beef and
vi     16
Luke Ss illj     12
'I'ii • i-\ oiiti ve commit Isseol the club
wish tocouvey their thanks to the following contributors to the prize list;
Messrs. Hendoi on, Madden, Baty,
Kirkwood, Curtis, Thomlinson, Dick,
Smith, McVannel, Fife, Cross, Hicks,
.loiand. McCallum, Shatford, Bradshaw, Nichol. Wafer, and Sowison;
also for prises in kind to Messrs.Guest,
Robertson, Allen. York. Adctsck, Anil si'.varib. Rogers,Wood-
100 sacks, or close to Ki tons. This
has been taken out in the course of
development of the property during
He summer und is all high grade.
Mr. McNaught anticipates closing
down the Hampton shortly for the
iTOh TUBs.llYllll,l„
Company B»*d*f in ODin'msnooOiiarallons
at Once,
In a letter to Ths Ur.n.i., received
during the week, Geo. Chew, of Midland, Ont.i managing director of the
< hit a lio SI'i,'an l.uinlief Co., who pup
pose ei'ecting a large milling pjanl
bere, expreRses satisfaction ai the negotiations witli the city finally reaching the desired stage where tho necessary bylaw caq be submitted to the
ratepayers'. Tho negotiations Wsere
long drawn out, bul the delays were
unavoidable. Mr. Clew Btated his
brother was leaving Orillia th" next
week for Slocan to commence the
enaction of the mill buildings. Tin*
shingle mill would be erected and
equipped first, followedbythe lumber
null and other departments nbxt summer; The company now felt adex-id-
ed inlei'st in the placo and would
work for its upbuilding, while they in
return hoped the citizens woultl unite
upon making their enterprise a complete success.
On Tuesday next the ratepayers
will !v called upon to vote on the by-
bvw granting the mill company abo-
aus of 16000, with which to purchase
the site for their establishment, also
exi 'njiti,'!,.;' the plant from taxation for
ten years. It behooves the voters to
consider seriously the question before
them i ud to act in accordance with
theii-ideas of. malarial advaucemani
and prosperity to tlie city. A casual
-fiance al the situation her.' now existing will convince anyone that new
ilood must Ih; injected Into tho indus-
trial being of the place to *_ri \ t* i t life
and vigor. Xo property holder feels
.• mteiW to ,-ce his inyestmeni running
to /.*i*o. hut rather expects to see his
holdings enhancd in>value. If cannot
iventuate, howevsk', unless there com i
,i steady payroll and isa*eased pepu-
kition. The advent of the mill assures
these two principal factors to the- city,
•eiulting in increased buMness and
•;■".:. f rev inues to the municipal ox-
With larger population will follow
those accessories which go to make up
a modern town, such as electric lighl
and waterworks. To the unemployed
will come with the establishment oi
the mill an opportunity to secure
steady work, bo enabling a man lo
provide a permanent home for Ids
family. No man can gainsay the advantages certain to accrue from the
expenditure hereof $100,000and thi
providing of a payroll of S5000 to
17000 a month, an 1 the result of the
ballot on Tuesday will undoubtedly
be practically unanimous for the bylaw, Gel in and vote early and give
tlie other fellow a chance.
I.ml. Yims'a Hhlpsui nl« Wsrs* 6514 Tuns—
A iioiiitiiv Kvidenos of tha l.lfs. nmi
Ws'iillls  of   tlss. t'lssssp - Arlington Uso
U'Ki;.-"! SI'li'l".ii'.
All tho ore from tiiiii camp now k'oi's
lo Trail, ihs- Nelson smelter being
given the go-by. During the week
100 tons was sent out, <!'• tons being
from the Arlington and the balance
from the Enterprise. The. hitter's
output consist.*!I of one ear of eoneen*
t fates and one of clean ore. One * thu
question of zinc shipm"*nts to Kansa-i
is seit led the Enterprise will figure in
the shipping lis! pretty heavily, as it
has great reserves of zinc ore ready to
draw upon.
For 1900 the exports trom this divi-
; ion amounted to 2847 tons, made up
from ten properties, Last, year the
exports totalled 6529 tons, crop four*
teen properties. Following is a full
list of the local shipments this vear to
I>tl|>lf X	
Fourth of July.
Cr. Arthur Btr.M »nd lJ-*li.iiP.r At"**"*****. sl,"',,n
"liltlinp* tlmrouglilv renovated
•to re st «ked with the best
to participate.
iiuim {ii-ia six Months.
John McOullough, the holm, who
was committed for trial from bere two
wooks ago, for at! impting to criminal
fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is nh. ays
kept fresh and well assorted. W e handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are rigni.
E. Eiammelmeyer, of Silverton, bas
had two men workln ; for some time
,   „ ,,      ., , .      • i ly assault n girl of tender yenrs, gol
| on tho Golden Crown claim, situat-xl |:.   ,,„.,,.;.„  $Qtmn  ,„,   M,,I1(ia v.
.     .1   .   I ..l:...., Ill
■lose to the Arlington sawmill.   They n,,,.],.,.t-.| forrmcedy trial and came
imve drifted a little over 200feoton j,. r< > i-< • Judge  I'min.   Mr. Hobo got
I   ni slo,. u for six months.
Hi,* lodge and hnve some or ■ now ox-
posed in ihe breast. The oro nm**
Ws'll in ("old value* and surface I
were pretty high,
Otl.lii ll Or,. ( Im!,. Vs'lils-na.
I , i  Friday nighl   the oi ■ cliul    ofa few dByB, li i\;i! consU
ii sssi|iu.ss iii Ship.
anothor shipment of oro i i to be
made from the Hampton in the ecu' e
1 about
Support tin- Hospital.
It is surprising how littl i appreciation appears to bo evinced by tie citi-
,.. . ■ rally towards tho local hospital, the establishment of which has
proven of inestimable b meflt to the
community. The capability and char-
actor of the institution are th i e pial
of similar coucsarns in neighboring
burgs, while the e mipm ".it aad m in
ag ■ -in aro far above the average.
The hospital has bean the mean • of
circulating many tdiousa ids of dollars
bere nnd the du"*eus ought to takes
lively interesl and pride in ii- main
tcnanco. \ Isitors will be heartily
iveli omed, while giftn of old linen for
iiand.i I-. Bowers, el •.. >-ili be appreciated. Be i h o itable and support and
: acourage the hospital. Vou mav require a cot there nny old time.
Zisis' Shipments ts Conimenoe.
Thomas Jones, representing tho
Lanyon Zinc CJo., of lol.i. Kansas, has
partially suoceeded in his design for
securing a supplj of zinc ores from
the Slocan. As an initial move he has
contracted with the Payne, Ivanhoe,
Slocan Star and Bosun mines to each
ship 250 tons of vine to his works, so
na to demonstrate the feasibility of
ii milling the ores nl n profit. If buc-
cossful th ■ KanSiis p loplo will contracl then for all the available zinc
ore In sight in the Slocan. The 1000
tons are to I"' sliipp -d at once via this
oil v.	
Preparing for Win tor.
The gang of men sent up to i\v
Montreal two weeks ago by the Pioneer Mining Co., of Nelson, have been
doing considerable surface stripping.
Thoy have al to f main d tho bulldiugs
on the Two Frientls adjoiuing and m
other ways lixe I up for th • wintoi -
s| .-•■ elopment,
Born, In Now I) mver, on Oct. Ui,
the wife of A. funks, of a son.
Several buyers for /.ine ores aro after
the Slocan produot.
Eighty-three tons of ore was ship's' 1 from Sandon last week.
F<.r th- ys-.ii* to dare''the Slocan
mines have shipped 24^0*90tons of ore,
P. Gr'siih- of Xsilsii-r,' Ti'ii>sk(»d the
survey ol the Bl.u'k i'i'iii*Jo group this
we ik.
The Vs'ak.'ficld mine* Pane Mile, is
closing'down and Manager Lane K°'llg
tsi England.
Tii■■ raihv.iy.-i have granted a rate"oi •
$11 per ton on Sloean zinc ores to the
Kansas works.
The various SliK-an mines having
zinc ores are preparing to develop
their deposits.
More ore socks wero sent up to the
Otta to on Friday. Two men are em-
p oyed sorting the ore.
Supplies are now being sent up to
tho Kepublic by wagon, Quite a
quantity of steel rail was taken up.
An assay made Tuesday on the rich
streak of on'id the Ottawa gave the
phenomenal returns of 1945 oz of silver per ton.
At the Mercury group,near Sandon,
new buildings are being erected and
a tunnel run in l«> catch the win at
greater d**pth.
The taxation of costs in the case of
Manley vs Collom, in which the latter
won out, came before thi registrar at
Nelson on Friday.
('. 15. Taylor was down from the
Meteor op tfriday. The crosscut tunnel had met the break and the ore
body was expected any day.
Through an error last week the on*
chute at the Ottawa was placed iu the
N'si. *j woridngs. It .sliould have Been
in No. 8 tunnel and  it's a dandy. tOO.
\l Teeter and John Thomas,lessees
of the Kalispell, on Ten .Mil", report
a marked improvement in (hs- ledge;
there being now a healthy showing or
The Bosun sent ou< one car of ore
this week. It is -stated a chute of ore
four feet wide has just ln-s'ii tapped in
tin* mine ami the force is to lie increased to (in men.
A. W. Wright, acting for Indianapolis capitalists, has bonded the Portland group of four claims, in the As-
pen Grove camp, for $100,000. Several porties in this town nro interested
in that country.
The Scottish Colonial Syndicate,
owning fl throe-qiiarter interest in the
Alama group of claims and concentrator, has purchased the remaining quarter interest from George Hughes,Miy-
ing him therefor 1575.000 cash. The
property has paid 9^00^)00 in dividends. 	
Huvo ii (imsii Thlngi
Howard Guest and Dan Nichol have
H good thing in ihe Cripple Slick
claim, adjoining the Port Hope, am!
which they located two months ago.
in lit • an endeavor has been made to
trace the lead up the hill and this
week it was uncovered 600 foet away
ir.nii t's • discovery. The surface
quartz is honeycombed, carrying rich
iilti] id.- ore. {-.;■.•'
A Novel by Annie Thompson.
Th ro fo'lowed months of beatified
exfsteine. Having early acquired the
faculty of closing Iiis ayes to painful sights, he rnrPlv looked upon his
past, lt was now and then brought
to h's rotnombraneo In ehnreh. when,
his Impressionable senses being stirred to their depths by solemn music,
somo allusion in the service tsi tho
groat deliverances wrought by Jehovah for His peoplo, betrayed flavin
Into momentary introspection. At
such times ho found himself thanking
Hod very fervently for hav'ng raised
him up out of deep waters, llo invariably distillled his contribution to
iho si'eissry on these occasions.
There won- ulso times — tho faintest
ri* ollstl ion of which made him shuil-
dPr — when he found himself Obliged
to give utterance to words which all
the cns'iirtry he had at his command
could n I prevent him from knowing
to he untrue: these, happily for his
peare of mind, were Infrequent.
of Inte a new Influence had stolen
into his lie, diminishing his pleasure
In finely flavored cigars, distrait ng
his thoughts when he was bent on en-
jov in'-; a sonata of Mozart's, or Iliun-
erton's "Intellectual Life." IV <|ii'S-
tioned vaguely what, the cause might.
be: and vvhs>n for n brie' space a s's.'ii-
dor hand lay within lis nun and
timid eyes raised lliomsolves to meet
his glume, enllgh enraent came t*i
him — ho loved, ror two hours one
night sleep desa.ted him while lc
meditated on th'S momento s s.tb
ject. '-'he wns t-eiuti'u'. sle Fho hud
not chant o I his Ivautv-lovlng Rtn e-*:
but she was of o'S'lTO Inei'ir-e unit
had no moh»v. if be mnrrled her. I'
..o-siu lo suii-i ib.it he hull thrown
liiis.tjs.-ii a..mi.., in ins pi went position
lio c.iiutl liisiuo u UHls.ll better inal.cu.
..ii t..e olher lusji.i, ho was ah but
..n.siH-.-u t. ai sm was m-.suensabiu
to ll..-. nappUkSB. lie mot her utju.u,
t.n. thu du. itLiun became a ce.ttiin-
i$. 1.0 wouid marry her — h.s w as
noi one of thosj sordid souls forever
un she ositluos. for pecuniary advantage. Tie lonBes- he thought of li.s
resolution, tuo more, certain
i.e became that it was additional evidence oi thut iii.iute nobility of his.
which must have moved a iiu*-
cernlng r/r*vldence u, treat bun
with such favor.
it was ut this juncture in his
affairs, that a terrible lire- occurred
ut Cooper's Mill, causing such frightful loss of life and property, that a
feeling of profound distress was excited by it in thu public mind, it
broke out ut a lute hour in the afternoon when ull hands were at
work, and' a high wind drove the
flames through the great building
with fatal rapidity. The foreman
seemed quite unable to control tho
mill hands, who rushed hither and
thither frantic with terror, blocking
lhe passages, crowding ut the doors
and windows, crushing against each
other, praying, shrieking, cursing.
Outside aiil was lung in coining and
Inefficient when It came: there was
little left to save when the fire was
at last subdued, ami meantime such
scenes of horror had been witnessed
that the newspaper readers shutldcr-
ed over their comfortable breakfasts
next morning. They censured the
mill owners (who were absent at
ihe lime) for not leaving more coin-
1 eti-nt men in charge; for not pro-
\ Idlng more numerous exits to a
building where so many people were
employed; for having allowed the
fire extinguishing appliances that
were on thc premises to fall into
such disrepair us lo be almost useless; they began lo censure Ihe foremen for not keeping lietter order
niiinng the panic stricken workers—
but the foremen's names were in thc
list of the dead, and censured ceased. Every one agreed that something must be dono at onco to aid
the survivors. The question was,
who would take the matter in
hand? The Provosl wus out of
lovvn, most of the inllucntial people
had gone to their country houses—
thc fire coulsl not have occurred at
a more unfortunate timo-of year.
"Every one's business" would
have been ls'ft to lhe proverbial No-
one, had not the Itev. ltr. Forbes of
St. Martin's, wiih Mr. Claverton,
Mr. Twiss, and other representative
men, met in consultation, and decided lo enlist tho sympathy of Ga-
vin Wishart.
"If he has inherited anything of
my old friend's benevolent spirit,
along with his name und his money,
he will be eager to 6Cizu this opportunity to help the needy," remarked
Dr.  Forbes hopefully.
•'It certainly is an excellent chance
for him to take that leading place
in the ranks of philanthropists
which I um persuatlesl he intends to
occupy. If the Provost had oeen In
town we must have applied to hlmi
I look upon lt as quite providential
that he is absent," said Klcnard
"Very providential—when you
compare the Provost's Income with
Mr. Wishart's," added William Clav-
Mr. Twiss with his usual practical
forethought, suggested that he should
go at onco to tho scene of the f.re,
and bring back word of the extent
to which help would be needed: the
reinainsler of the deputation, afler
some delay, retirs*U to Uuvin Wish-
art'B house.
They were ushered into a room,
where, for many years, |ietltioners
of all kinds had hivn welcomed by
the remarkably benevolent old man
whose death hud thrown such gloom
over the whole of the churitablc
worlsl. That section of the charitable world, which maintains itself
by extracting money from A and
handing  part of  il  over  to  B,     hud
ne;n bitterly grieved to learn thai
beyond bequeathing considerable
sums to be administered in trust for
two special bobbin of his—tho Aid
of Discharged Prisoners, and the Ke-
lief of Indies in Distressed Circumstances—olsl Gavin Wishart had done
nothing for the numerous other
schemes he had starled and assisted,
but had left the bulk of his property to a very distant relative, a
young man not yet thirty, hitherto
a clerk In a lawyer's office. There
was just u chance that the heir might
prove to le lavishly generous: it was
considered ominous, however, that
he lost no time In transferring to
the hands of Messrs. Claverton nnd
Anderson, his lato employers, the
fortune that Hiihiird Twiss had hnd
the management of for years—Rich-
ard Twiss having come to be Identified In tho public mind with his client's benefaction's, since he was the
channel through which the olsl man
chose latterly  to be approached.
"Wo always looked to your relative for help in such distressing
cases as this." said Dr. Forbes,
when Gavin had greeted his visitors.
"Old folks nre slow to learn new
wnvs; that, must be our apology for
finding our way here, as usual, now
that we are In want."
Gavin assured him, gracefully
en muli. that there was no need to
apologise. "How can T help?" he asked. "You must have money, of
course; Is there anything else I can
They rs'-ed leave fo send out their
appeal for aid in his name.
"Does that mean that you wish mc
to act  as seretiry,  Dr.  Forbes?"
"Not at all, not at all: we could
never dream of making such a de
m nd on your time! Our good friend
liich >r I Twiss. who is always ready
to indertnle the drudgery of Ihs
kind of th'n-r, authorized me to ofo"
Ivs services as secretary anil treasurer, if he were not hire in time to
offer them hin self."
Mr. Claverton was tinders'ood to
remnrk that as .Mr. Twiss had a goo I
deal of such work on his hands already, it was scarcely fair to allow
him lo burden himself with more;
nnd Dr. Forbes, who was a little
c'ssat, responded warmly, "Quite true,
Sir! a must experienced man. as ,vou
say. We are all agree 1 think that no
ono could be better lltted for the
task?"  'Iho majority assented.
So far, they had been staniling; but
now at Gavin's requsst ihey seated
themselves around tho table, uud
prococdrd to arrange the details of
the r ssheine. Most of them being business men to whom time was valuable, they discussed point after point
with great rapidity, delayed occasionally by having to explain some
matter at length to Ur. Forbes, who
wus more benevolent than practical,
Their work was almost complete
whin Hichard Twiss arrived, und ilie
information he brought proved the
necessity for immediate action. Some
of those present left at once to relieve the more urgent cass'S. others
went to canvass for further aiil—the
meeting wus at un end.
"1 fear you have seen some slis-
tressing sights, my dear sir." said
Dr. Forbes laying a sympathetic hand
on Twiss' unn. There was some cause
for his remark; Richard's face was as
white as the papers he held, and his
eyes vvoro still that look of extreme
terror that tells of clos* acquaintance
with what is horrible. He had riss>n
to leave — he. Dr. Forbes, and Mr.
Claverton, alone remained with Gavin — but he now drop|>ed back into
his chair as though his limbs had
suddenly lost their strength.
"It was sickening." he said, with
a shudder, "absolutely sickening: I
hope to God, I mav never see anything so awful again! I thought ijie
notvepa] er accounts were exaggs-rat-
ed, but tliey give a very faint h'ctx of
the reality. I can't get the sight out
of my mind. And I have had bud
news since I left the mill. I found
a note ut my oirce telling tne of my
brotltr Alan's death."
"Dear, dear, dear!" euculu'ted Dr.
Forl.cs.  "Wus he at the Cape'.'"
"No, ho sooms to have been on his
way home: h ■ vent ashore at Tenerife, and died thsre."
"Can ho have gone to Tens-rife in
tho hope of meeting John Corbett. I
wonder? they were such friends, those
two. Hut he must have heard of Corbett's death. Dear, dear, dear' Well,
Mr. Wishart, we will not trcspar-s
furthi'r on your time."
Gavin went with them to    the hall.
Mr. Claverton was tho last to
leave. Vtunsling on the doorstep
while he fastened his coat, he said,
"Dr. Forbes misunilerstood my remark a' out Hichard Twiss and the
"Very evidently," laughed Gavin
'And I hoard you dissent from his
opinion; why did you do that?"
"I'e-auso I thought you knew much
moro about the matter than he did.
lie looks 111, Richard Twiss, I nii-an."
"Yes, ha does. They ure not a
strong family. Andrew Twiss. the
father, had heart complaint. I sup-
I ose consumption killed Alan, poor
lellovv; it astonished me to hear of
his death to-da.v, because Mr. Anilcr-
son believed him to be dead some
months ago. Vou remember him, of
couis i?"
"Perfectly. I too heard a rumor of
his death, it nn.st have been unfounded."
"A sad career, his,
ertun,      "It    is    a
did     not    transmit
mural  spiulitiis      lo
" said Mr. t.'lav-
pit.v     the father
some     of     h s
his sons,     An
drew Twiss had an extraordinary reputation for Integrity: you are too
young to remember It, but 1 never
knew another man as universally esteemed. 1 should ihink that in
four-fifths ' of the rases that have
come to my knowledge Of private
disagreements settled by arbitration,
he was the arbitrator. I don't
know that Hichard has altogether
sustained his father's reputation,
although your lato relative had such
implicit confidence In him: and as lo
Alan—we know  what he  wns,  eh?"
"Yes," answered Gavin thus appealed to, "we know what he was."
When Mr. Claverton had gone, Gavin returned to the room he hud
left. lie stood for some minutes
staring into vacancy, with eyes that
looked     as     those of Hichard Twiss
hud loo'.ed,     dreadfully afraid.    He
felt,     shaken.     unnerved;  his hands,
even,  were  noticeably  uiistiudy.
" 'Deter began lo curse and lo
swear,' " he rs*poa.tod to himself In u
Whilpor, "1 feel like cursing and
■wearing. How many more times
shull 1 havo to acquiesce in thai
lie? Bach time is to be lhe last,
and yet I do ii again. Whut was it
they sail'? He went ashore at Tenerife in the hope of meeting Corbett.
He did, I know he dtd! Merciful
God! ho is dead, nnd the other is
deud, and at lust 1 um safe! Dut
the Insane folly of it nil! 'For
ii.-iO! I, who was to have thousands
a tow weeks later: 1, who ean fling
away hundreds to-day on a few
burnt creatures; I, to be in despera-
lion then for Sf>o, nnd to do a mean
dishonorable thing and to have the
blot of it soak down through all
my life! And I can't wipe it outl
I have given the money hundred! of
times over—I have hunted other
debt driven wretches and helped
them—1 have dono every single thing
1 can think of-and jniter all, someone
brings tho whole thing back upon
me, and I havo to Uo over again,
anil curse myself, curse myself, curse
myself!" His breath came in quick
short gasps like sobs. •Cud! it's
not a fair thing tluit I slmuld be
tormented so! My life is clean enough every other way: no
ono can point       a       linger
at me. I was oaroless and
evtravaqant, nothing more. And to
be haunted like this! to be di'ven to
lie like this! it's not fair, it's cruel,
God of love!" His voive broke suddenly into a low wail. "Mary, 1
can't come to you and snv thero is
nothing in my life I urn ashamed of.
I shall always have to think What if
you know! I seem nearly perfect to
you, and I daren't let you si*e." He
was s!li*nt for a time; gradually he
breathed more evenly, he grow calmer. He sat down, feeling rather
ashamed of his hysterical outburst..
nnd a good deal fatigued, lie leaned
his head back, and rested with closes!
eyes for some minutes, his lips moving, ns he silently repeated over and
over again words that seemesl to act
like n .iuirm uuon him. Ile did not
suy them Irreverently or thoughtlessly, lie really meant them.
Turn tlee unto ine.  nnd have mercj
upon me, for I am afflicted.
Forsake     me    not.  I)   Lord.  I)  Lord
make baste to help mo.
Bring me up out  ot the miry    clay,
and set my feet U] on a rock,
Lend me In the plain path, because of
my enemies.
.lohn Cayford lingered in the stern
of the "Curlew" until Tenerife had
disapearesl from view. As he watch-
eel the island, it teemed to lower itself gently into the si'a until it was
but a dull blue line on the horizon,
then it vuuiohed. As gradually and
almost as completely, the Bad ov-
periencea at Hanta Cruz vanish.*!
from his mental vision. At lirst
he thought of them all duy long,
with a pitying sorrow Ior the iteusl
men und an eager detenuinat on to
lose no time in carrying out his
wishes; then the recollections lost
their vividness and locume infrequent;
finally, us Kngliinsl Came into sight,
his own pluns begun to re-assert
their claims upon his notice, und to
dwarf every other consideration. The
more he thought of them, the more
impatient ho grew of the hinslrance
to their accomplishment which the
settlement of Alan's affairs might involve. It was a relief to him on inquiry that Mr. Anslerson, to whom
Alan's papers were to lie shewn, was
travelling on the Continent nnd likely to be absent for several days. T9m-
luy was thus forced upon him. At
■nrs8c*iit he could do no mope than
acquaint Hichard TwisSs with his
brother's death; having done this, he
dismissed the matter from his mind.
lt was on the day following the
disastrous tire at Cooper's Mill, that
.lohn Cayford found himself at liberty
to carry out his own projects; and
us ho niovesl away from Mr. Antler-
son's oil co, revolving plans for the
(ilment of his wishes, he was seen
and recognized by a young lady who
came from thc very spot round which
his hope; centrsd — Miss Kate Ferris, niece of the Fstubliahod Church
clergyman at Feldrossan.
Many Visit Khartoum.
Lord Kitchcne*', It ls said, nioy pay
A visit to Khartoum beiore taking
up his duties as Commander-in-Chief
In India.   	
Lawyer—In  order  to  defend  you   I
mast  know   the   whole  truth,     I lave
you told me everything**
Client—Everything  except   where  1
hid the money.    1 want lu keep that
for myself I
04U^e/ sisM/ /uh> rtorLdd of 4€4l/-
044*4. osnxts Jits *&i^ tf'-'jtiClf^
St___^ ^MfZ!^ ^_____^
Tliey Can, Without Much Tronltle, Do
Made to Blarnal "Yes" anil "Ne," to
Shake Hands and Iv Me Down nl
the Word of Command.
There nre so many things that a
horse can be taught to do, snys Success, that it Is hard to tell which to
seleet as best illustrating the methods
by which we tench them. The following, however, will furnish tbe key:
Take n pin In your hand, nnd, standing abreast of a horse's near shoulder, prick him lightly on tbe breast.
This resembles the bite of a fly. und
to drive off the nuisance be will bring
down his nose to his breast. Tbls you
accept us "Yes" and Immediately reward blm by feeding hlin u lump of
sugar or some otber trifle that be likes.
Repent the operation till he brings
down bis head at tbe slightest movement of your hand toward his breast.
By degrees you can substitute a simple
downward movement of the hand,
which Is less noticeable to an onlooker, but equally effective.
Standing In the same position, priek
him lightly with u pin on the top of his
neck. He will nt once shake his bead,
which Is accepted as "No;" then re-
wurd him as before. Repeat tbls until
be shakes his head nt the least upward
movement of the band. This signal.
as he learns his lesson more perfectly,
can be gradually lessened until It Is
very slight indeed. To say "Yes" or
"No" Is n very simple trick, uud yet
there is none thnt shows to better advantage. Of course when a horse litis
thoroughly learned to obey the Signals
yon ean usk him some questions and
then, by the motlou of your band,
make him say "Yes" or "No" its you
To teaeh a horse to shake bunds, fas
ten fl short strap to one fore foot below
the fetlock. Then, standing lu front of
the horse und having the strap In your
hand, say, "Shake hands." nnd Imine
dlntely pull up his foot and lake it lu
your hand. Then, still holding the root,
reward nnd caress blm exactly as you
would If he had given It to yrfn of his
own accord. Keep repeating the operation, being careful to reward him only
while his foot is in your baud. He will
very booh learn to give you bis foot
the moment you reach your hand toward It.
To teach a horse to lie down at a
word of command first select n good,
smooth piece of greensward, where he
will uot hurt himself. Harness him
wltb a surcingle and bridle and strap
up his off fore foot. A common breeching strap Is best for this, the short
loop iiround his foot between the fetlock and the hoof ami the long oue
around his forearm, l-'ntiten one end
of a strap to the near fore foot below
the fetlock, pass the other end up
through the surcingle and take It In
your right hand and the bridle rein In
your left hand. Push him slightly, and
the moment he steps pull sharply on
the strap.
This of course will bring him to his
knees. If he Is a horse of any spirit,
he will generally fight very pertlnn
eiously before he goes down: but. Iinv
Ing the use of only his two hind legs,
he Boon becomes wearied and rests
with his knees on the ground. Now
pull his head toward you. aud be will
full over the otber way.
Hold him down for some minutes,
menu while speaking to him very soothingly. Feed him lumps of sugar; In
fact, make as much as possible of him
while In this position. Then release
him and repeat tbe lesson. He soon
learns to lie down very readily, nnd
then you can omit strapping his off
fore foot Later you con also abandon
the use of the strap and surcingle by
taking his near foot ln your hand.
Then you can accomplish the pui'imse
by simply touching the near fore leg
witb your bund and tlnalty by a motion of your bnnd toward his leg.
You should always accompany the
signal by the command. "Lie down!"
Ily degrees he learns Its meaning, und
the signal can be dispensed with. If a
horse is large and strong, the trainer
must be cool, wide awake and alert;
otherwise be may make a botch of lt
nud injure the horse or himself or
Flral  Ksill  SrsnK.
The summer winds art patting,
The s'oolc-r iluys ure near!
Ths perl bluejay Ik tasting
Anil suys thst fs-11 Is i. tr,
Ami soon each hardy 'levon
win tiuni ths bull and train,
And In six wi-.-l!:. or levtn
We'll have fiiolliull in;; In.
—Chls-RRO Nana.
An English traveler who has visited
every nation In tbe world ls authority
for the statement that one food is universal throughout all countries "There
ls not n part of the world," he says,
"where you cannot get on egg." While
In western China, however, he at tlrst
had some difficulty In getting even
eggs. The natives could mit understand
him and refuseil to rsTCOgnlso the pictures be drew us pictures of eggs. "The
way I got out or Ilie difficulty," he
nilils, "was that I ti|iiatt(*d down on
my liuunclies. tluppcil my wings and
eoek o-doodle-ilou'il until the entire nation grasped what I wanted, nnd I wus
simply   provided   with   hundreds   of
Possibilities of  lhe   l-'eet.
if instead of the crumping Imprisonment of boots and shoes the foot from
Infancy were allowed n free und natural development, It may he questioned
whether under sueh condition! It might
not be rendered erpnlile Of performing
other functions besides those of loco
motion and stisiululng lhe weight of
tin* body. Certain at least It Is that
some unlucky mortals hern Without
nrins have iiuinngeil to use » Itnlfe,
fork, spoon, pen, paintbrush und s'ven
a violin bow.
Good  as   Ills  Word.
Mortified Rrldegrooui- You told me
your father's wedding pri'ss'tit would
iie n check for four tlgines.
Blushing Hi'Ide-Well, bm't $11.0(1
fruir tlgures!
'l'lse builders of s-llls's, of worlds, are we,
'lin* unnamed   tcribn, ami of itnknowe
Kor we me lite klusn.en of Progrest, nnsi lie
TUe   one   l'rli.es*   wc   serve  on   ills*     svli.il-.*
wide carts.
Nor uokl, nor glory, aor nnme sve el rin—
We ask but the right, unfettered to Hpbtl
To aniiH* a wrong by Ut thtraelitt nume;
To slny the wrong for the luve    or    itie
Tin- sent lies of cities, of worlds, nre we,
Koch standing nioue lu bis high wtteb*
\V'<- are looking away  to the land,   to  th'
We hnve   only n lamp In the midnight
Then li>ini* us the rlsht to Unlit or to full.
An   (iod     mny   will,   In   the  front  of  the
ri'.elinlleniri'sl,   unquestioned   for  Ilie  good
of nil,
For the truth thnt lives, for ihe love of
the Right.
The glvern of glory lo nntlons nre we.
The littllslfrs of slmfts nnd of inoiiimis-ii's
To soldiers nud  grs-nt  dining  ini'ii  uf  thu
But v.e nre the lionielens, strung" d.vcl-
ers In lents,
With never :i tnlilet or hlgh-liiijlt stone.
Yet  whnt s-are we who go down la   thsv
Thousili   we  live  unnamed,   though   we   lie
If otilv nt ilve mil die fer the Right,
There nre brighter thlngt in the worlsl tUnu
Tlv-i-e nre noisier things  n this world tlmn
tin me—
To lllentlj do with your deeds untold.
To silently die unnolted to fsiins*.
Then forth lo the tight, uiinnniel and a'ons.,
I.s-t  us lend    the    world  to  Its destined
height I
Rnongh to know, If but t!il« be known,
*i\ hen we live und die lu the ranks for the
—Joinnilii  Miller
How lie   la   ISi-m-iilis-.l   by   Use N»w York
Comlo life.
New York Life gives the following
satirical sketch of Mr. Aide I Austin, English poet laureate, In its
"Dictionary of International Dio-
"Au English trochaic, Iambic,
heroic ami hot-air poet, deitilly rival
of Ella Wheeler WllCOS und I-uiua
.lean Libby, and all around ods-
tnaker to the King. This gentleman
was born at the rear entrance to
Westminster Abbey about fifty years
ago. As a boy. Mr. Austin early
evinced remarkable talent. At twelve
years of ugc, iu common with all
geniuses, he became convinced of his
own future greatness, and composed
for the world the following lines to
show his own confidence In his destiny:
" 'There    was    un    old    grands-u of
Who constantly grinnesl   while   In
These lines, done,her know,
Are merely to show
I can write in a humoious vein."
"Recognition enme slowly bul surely, and ivheti Tennyson died it became evident thut Jlr. Austin was
tho worst mun for tho place, Alge.-
non Swinbiit tie's sense of humor being in total collapse.
'•it was Shakespeare's privilege to
make people weep. Mr. Austin does
better. lie makes the world smile,
and sometimes iwear. It is said that
in another century no poetry will be
written. It will bo seen from this
that Mr. Austin js a hundred years
ahead of his time.
"As poet laureate he has achieved
a remarkable success in binding to-
gethor ihe two gnat Anglo-Saxon
branches ol humanity. Whenever he
has written an ode we havo felt
drawn together by a common sorrow."
Thick  Headed  Whalea.
The bend of the whale has' been
known to attain a thickness of over
'wo feet.
Tennyson's Taetlotsness,
Several stories nre told <>f Tennyson's thoughtless speeches. "What
lish is this'" ),,. , „ .,. nsked his hostess Whore he Wus dining. "Whiting,"
Miis replies*! "Tlv. meanost lish thoro
is," ho rumnrknd, (mlto unconscious
that he n,nil! |,avc. wounded any
one's   feelings.
Yet his kindness of honrl wnssuch
that wh'.n his partridge was afterward given him almost raw he ate
steadily through it, for fear his hostess might bo voxorj.
On one occasion Tsnnyson w.is very
rudo to Mrs. Ilrothorlon, a neighbor
at Frethwator, Tha njxt day h>
came to her house with a great cabbage under each nrm
"I hoard you    i,k,.,i ,)inS),    N(>    ,
brought ihsin." he stiit, genially   It
war his Idea of n 1'eace-offering,
liniBiiis. (ircnl Ourera],
Viscount Kitchener has done his
work well, nnd l„. has accomplished
oven more in thu .mm alKJ honorable
peace he has orrungvd th„n |n ln(,
brilliant, military skill wil|, which he
mado it posslhlu, T|„. Ilriliq, ),„,.,.
good reason, therefore, to bo proud
sif I heir general, for ho is both ablfl
in diplomacy and brilliant in th-.'
Iield.-I.« Temps, Paris,
Paine's Celery
The Only Medicine That Successfully Cures This Terrible
Nerve Disease.
Experienced physicians know well
that the variable weather of this
autumn month decided the fate uf
thousands in ill health. At the present time, men and women ure falling
around us like leaves before the chilling north winds.
Amongst the diseases prevalent at
this time, terrible neuralgia with its
sharp, lacerating and darting pains
is doing ite intolerable work. Tha
cold, winds, damp air and sudtlen
changes in temperature, favor this
pain-racking disease. Thc best physicians of all schools admit thnt
Talne's Celery Compound is tho only
known specific for the curo of neuralgia. If you are experiencing the
torments of this most terrible of
norve diseases, we counsel you to
give Paino-'s Celery Compound an immediate trial. it has permanently
cured others; it will, without fill.
meet your case. Mrs. T. McMaster,
Toronto, Ont., says :—
"Ten years ago I was attacked
with neuralgia, and though treated
by six doctors, the disease grew
worse and nearly made me Insano
Day after day I suffered the most intense agony, and I became utterly
disheartened. One day my deliverance came. A Indy who had suffered
as I had, told me that Paine's Celery Compound had cured her. 1 used
the compound, and It simply made a
new woman of me. The pain vanished, I grew well, and I never felt happier In my life. All this Is due to
Paine's Celery Compound.
MlllpnlliiK   Clri-uniaSisnrea.   .
"Are yo'.i aware of any mitigating
circumstances In your cnscV" asked a
magistrate of n negro convicted of
stealing a coat.
"Ys's, sail; lots oli 'em. I'.f 1 had
time, *"-dge, I conld talk to you for u
week on dat subjs'ct."
"If you know or any mitigating sir
cumstanee. please state It."
"Yes. aah; I'll tell you 0b one right
now, sab. How sasy would It have
been for me to bring my family Inter
disgrace ond misery, *:ih l jess remained single, I in-bber murrled. nab.
Anutisler mltlgatln' clrcumstflnee duj"-
"Olllecr. rfiiinv.* Ihe prNcner."
Fireflies In J saps si.
Fireflies are snisl ulgbtly by pesldlers
In the crowded quarters of Tokyo and
olher Japanese cities. The Insects sell
for 3 rin apiece, a rin being equal lu
value to the twentieth part of a cent
Come Tlot*otn Chairs.
When tbe seats of cane bottom chairs
have become limp nntl stretched, provided none of the canes nre broken,
tbey mny be restored by being well
.vashed lu hot wnter nnd exposed to a
current of uir. This treatment causes
the canes to tighten up, and when dry
the seat will be Quite flat
fr*, •*—*.*m
yj lib. M
""""-aW*    Vs.-, A .1
jw §1
m___,    js&_W$i
•K.T5 GCNTTJ.Y     .Q    |J W £ f\
kid!n£v bowei£
Ritual c°pERManently.
?*>«!   *»1XS  <l°\
fOP SAU BY ail DRUGGISTS. "PRICC 30c.PtBC_l!lit The Drill.
in    ono respect may now
ulIh    lliinnibal and  Napoleon
c0nquered the Alps.
Sprained Ankle
,    ...   C   <-'• Kiclmrds & Co.
Mo!,,tie..ien.-My daughter.  KI years !
il   was thrown from a sleigh    anil j
i lured her elbow so badly it remain- i
'7.1111 and  very  painful     lor  three I
6(1 „    Knur  bottles  of     MINAItli'S
flslMEsNT completely cured her and
hns  not  boon   troubled  for   two
Yours  truly,
J. D.  l.EVKKl'l'l**
IU.*.,  Aug.  18,  1900.
yon 1
St   Josephs
on,, of tbe greatest drawbacks In
KMico is the scarcity of fuol. Hopes
_,<■' placed In the probable discovery
0f oil m paying (juanUtlos.
KJKABD'8 UN1MEKT Relieves Nraralgla.
Csse Where
•St. Jacobs
a Wonder
Mr. W.  H.  Allen, Jr.. of 17     Pen-
mark   street,    Aston, Birmingham,
under   dsito      of   Muy   ■2'Jth,
"I _m a driver for tho Keystone Bottling  Co.,  of  ltlrmlngham,
iComplle' from The Oommarciall
WHEAT—The market has bsaou
much stronger this week, and thero
hus been increased speculative business us well us u good demand for
the commodity, Millers havo been
(airly liberal buyers in the United
States,   anil  thu  mills  are  doing     a
Large and apparently prohtabls business. An actual gain iu prices at
the close ul the niiirkct on Friday
amounted to •'J to 2Jc for the week
Tho reports ol damage to tho crops
in Europe, which ia making the outturn smaller than was earlier estimated, is a factor in strengthening
ihe market,
Local   Situation—The    local   wheat
market bus held Arm this week,   in
He Says He Is Now Feeling Better Than He Has For
Many Years.
An Open Letter In Which a Prominent
< llla.11 Gives a Miong lieiisiiiuis mls,-
tlois fur Dodd's Kidney Pills, a Reuses1 jr
Which u* says Itestured Hlin to Oood
and  I had     the m'lsfortunoTo ""be ' "••V'"l>"ihy with  leading outside mar
pitched oil mv waggon, and besides  «••*•■ "1,d l'ri(','H httVe Bhown a *»raU'
*--*-    .... ....        i,i..i    appreciation,    with    an activi
Peti tie tho rainy weather ihe lat-
it r-rop reports prove that umbrellas . — -.»., -..- • -„<» „.,.., ™ Bw
,,,-,.   nut    the only thing raised this | Work as li  nothin!*  had happened,
s.**ss«si   us.   ...,y    nuK.e.'iii.   ttnu   ue»sues
being bruised from lead to foot my
ankle Joint was put out and my
foot severely sprained. I tried many
embrocations, but received no benefit; I then went to tho hospital, but
after having been treated for a considerable time, i left, not any
better. I then determined to try St.
Jacobs Oil, end 1 can uw.i.re you
that before 1 used the contents of
one bottle ray ankle was as sound
•ver,  and I  wan able to go     to
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.   Fret from hulls      Warranted Pure.
Put  up  in  all  sized  packages.
. Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OGILVIE'S," aa they are better than the Beet.
WAVE.   Ni
el i'1
ul tl
iH   10
lis ri-
nu mini si1.
11 nil*1
Ip's Antl-Consumiitlve Hvnip hIiiihIh
. ii-issl of the list for nil diseases
throat anil lsintrs. It ssrls like
In breaking un u colli A chul'Ii
,1 subdued, tlirhtness of the chtll
.-\eil. even the worst s-ishs* of con-
on   is   relieved,   while   In    recent
11 mnv lie saisl never to full It Ih
,iiie prepared from lhe active tuin-
,,r virtues of several medicinal
and  can  be slepemlesl  upon   for all
pulmonary complaints.
Many n son of his father woultl
never ho heard of were he not fined
lor n seeding an automobile. Thia is
the I'm-iipcst kind of fame
$100 REWARD $100.
to tt
19 t'l.
readers of this paper vsill lie pls-as-
earn    that   there   is   at   least   one 1
1   disease    that    science   bas   been .
1 sure in all  Its Hisses***,   and    that '
srrh.    Hall's   Catarrh   (ure   is   Uie 1
     ,1 isitivo   curss    now   known   to    the .
BFdlrnl  fraternity.    Catarrh  beliiK  a eon-
stitu' is'11I    disease   reciuires   a   ronstitu- I
tion.. i   treatment.   Hall's   Catarrh     Curss |
la ta 111   internally,  m-tliii*  direst ly    upon I
tin'   hlood   and   mucous   surfaces   of    the I
minis,     thereby   destro*fJne_ the   fnun.lsi- j
lion   < 1   the   disease   ana -i:n nu-    the   pa- I
Hint     ireugth   by   bulldliiK   uu   the    rsin-
illtuUiui   and   assisting   nature   in   dolus*; I
its work,   'lhe proprietors have so much ;
filth in its curative powers thai  i lu--.  ol-
In- t> s-   llunslred    Hollars   for   any    cats
Ilia I   It   falls   to   cure.   Hend   for   lisl    of
testimonials.      Address,
I     .1.   CHKNKY   A   CO     Ts.le.lo.  O,
Soli  lv   druggists. 71k.
HiiI -   I isunly   Tills  are  the   Hest
When linking rakes or scones, it the
soda is dissolved in a little boiling
milk it prevents tho disugroealih*
lumps which are so often seen.
A   document    on vellum signed by
siuy l-'uwki'S, and relating to a hale
ol iiuii ui 1892, has been sniii far
£101 ut Sotheby's.
For ftillnu* and Ketvttiis Disorder!, IttGfa aa
Wind end Pnin in the btomach. Sick Headache, GidditMtM, rulri'-ss and Bwelttog nfter
meali. l-tzzinrsi and Drowiines*-, Cold Chilli
Flunhingaoi Ilcnt, I.nHs of Appetite, Short-
neatof Hrenth, CortivencM, Blotchei on tht
Skin. Disturbed Sleep, Fnffhtfol Dreams,
and tU Nervon- nnd Trwnbllnff Benaatlona.
TWEMTf„ MINUTES     '••>"< >■ no fiction.
Kveiy autferer is eu.nier.tly l*i*7tttdt0 try one
Bos of these l'ills, ami they Will lie u<-_-
nowledEs-diobc WITHOUT A RIVAL.
BKECIIAra'S PILLS taken ss direo
ttd. will quis-kly restore l'enmles tocompletQ
health. They promptly remove any rstssituo.
tion or irregularity of tne system.   For t
Weak 8tomach,
Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver,
tlieyset like ciat;lc-s few Cows wilt work
•srrouderi upon Die Vital Oralis; Strengthen-
Ins the nsuacular System, re-.is.nng the long.
lust Complexion, bringing hick the keen
es'.ue <>f sispellte, snsf sioumiiiz with the
. losehtld of Hi e.llls tlio \v bull- l>hy«
sl.-ssl energy uf Ibe lmman frame. Tliesa
are ''facta'* admitted by thousands, In all
classes of society, awl one of the hest guarantees   to the   Nervous mid  Debilitated is
that BEECHAM'S PILLS have the
Largest Salo of any Patent
Medicines In tho World.
"fleSOtieni't Pills linvo been before
the public for tsnlf is c.sitiiry, nsisl
aro the issssat isiipsihsr family medicine.
No testimonials aro pulsllah. .1, as
Ueeelsnsis'a  I'illa
Prepare.)   snlv  liy  Thosssai   Brss-ham, St.
Iltlrna, I ni lass'.
So.si r.sii i.iis-i" In Canada sr.il I . S.
America,   la buiea. '.'0 ceuts.
W.   N    I'
I'll I lit
up-to-date actress is n good ar-
\i    least    she knows how ta
"Oood management is better thori
a good Incomo." hut hoth together
are better than oithor ■separately.
France wus using 250.000 bicycles
in LHOS and 087,000 In r.*"i She
loves tlis- wheel Uu ths- peaceful revolutions tlmt it makes.
■ lie who sums drives away sorrow
but often causes sorrow to his neighbors "
tr  t. .T^muaaa
son si
o-.sa.s-S '
Sunn, people aro afraid,
\ Utile
mui call  i>
To clean stone .iu^s and Jars nil
them with wnts'r. adding a tulils*-
tpoonful nf baking soda to »'u«*ii k!,i-
lon ol water. 1-ot it stand ovei
nli;ht If not thoroughly eleansod,
repent the oporntiiiii.
tsdort.4 b| b^jjOa^Wl"'***'
gypplltd to BrUlsa soldi." in South Afrlot.
For all Thrott tnd Olsnd Troublts. Lumps
ril.t. Cuts. Soro Fast. PlsurHJ-
Sold bt OrustH't. **°-   '*•' " *
Pome women come down town sn
seldom that they ure so timid tney
always sus-f-pst s (at thai is crosmng
the strs.vt.
A Sciws in a Grocer's Store.
Elr, I have Just come round mjeelii the wool, and the question «>>•-**
to tell you that you have absolutely separating the two because. ^™»-T *•"
moiled a pair of blankeu on me • ** "**■- -■*"•»-» throughout, and It
I have !
Yes, sir, you have I
Burely you are mistaken, madam I
I am not mistaken. 1 sent round
niy little girl a few daya ago tor a good
ttiong aoap to wash out some heavy
tilings, ln all Innoctnco I used what
you tent me, and the retult Is that my
llanketa are Jutt the skeleton of what
tiey were. They aro ruined, sir, ami
li t your fault I
xe». but I sent what 1 usually seui.
in tuch cases.
What you usually send ! No won
tier Mrs. Moore, my neighbor, com
plains of her clothes wearing out; 1
find yon usually send her the samo soap.
Hut, madam. 1 always ijive my customers what they ask for. H»d you
named a particular brand of soap you
would have had It- ' ,   ___,
Named a particular brand! How
was I to know anything ot brands
Hut I know better now, and 1 know
what ruined my blankets—and my
hands are in a nice pllfht, too I -
I can assure you, madam, that it is
not mj desire to sell anything that
WUl be Injurious to either the hautu
or clothing of my customers, anil 1
ahall be glad to know bow you prove
that what 1 sold you injured your
blankets and your hands.
Well, I was telling Mrs. Ne 11 my
trouble, and she lent me a little cutting, ana here tt Is; you can read it -
"Dr. Stevenson Macadam, {-««uJcr
on Chemistry, Surgeon's Hall, n.."*'-
burfh. describes the destructive property ol soda upon wool very grapm-
" After mentioning how strong alkali
tuch as potash and soda, disastrously
affect cotton, linen, and wool, hu
"On one occasion I employed this
property of soda ln a useful way.
There wss a large quantity of new
blankets sent to one of our hospitals,
Which, when given out. were said by
•he patients to be not so warm as tne
old blankets were, and that led to an
■s-'eitlgatlon as to whether tne
biauketa were genuine or not They
tooket well, and   weighed   properly
thoroughly woven throughout, and It
was only by detaching the fine fibres
from each other that you Identified the
cotton fibre.     I fell on the device of
using soda.     I took a bit ot blanket
and put lt In a vessel wltb soda, and
boiled It thcro, and very quickly the
wool got eaten away by the soda, and
thcro was left behind the cotton as a
kind of skeleton—a sort of ghost—of
tho original blanket out of which lt
was taken.     1 invntlon this merely to
Indicate to you tho pernicious effects
of   using   caustic   roaterlaU,   which,
..lien employed strong by themselves,
affect woollen articles In this way, and
which,   even   whon   not   very  ttrong,
will more slowly, but with et*.nal certainty,   tend   to   ili'Htroy   the   woollen
Now, 1 want to tell you that we
neighbors have had a talk over the
matter, and wc aro not going to hare
our clothes and hands ruined In this
way. Several of our neighbors who
know have proved to us that Washing
Sodas, Potash, Chloride of Lime, and
" soap substitutes" are most injurious
to clothes and hands. " Free alkali "
ln soaps Is practically the caustic soda
that brims tho clothes. Why, you
daro not keep Caustic Soda In a Un
canister; lt must bo in an earthen Jar,
or It will even corrode the tin ! Now,
it's for you to provide ua with pure
soap Without free alkali, or we must
find It elBowhero.
Madam, you enlighten me! So
many soaps are advertised as pure,
that I really took littlo heed to any
mil      _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
movement, Favorable weather for
threshing, which hus prevailed all
this ispnson, 1ms enabled farmers to
get their crops threshed out rapidly,
and this is reflected In the heavy
movement ol wheat to market. At
the end ol lust week uiimit 1.0*000
cars rn' wheat had been Inspected, in
round    numbers, or   su.\    8,500,000
liusliels. This Wheat has either lvaili-
Od  Lake Superitsr porta or  is now  in
transit between    Winnipeg and    the
j lake.    Stocks at lake ports hnvo been
Increasing,    notwithstanding   liberal
Shipments by  wnter from    our  upper
inks? ports.   Stocks nt Interior points
have accumulated rapidly, and mnny
country elevators nre reported to lie
jftill of wheat.   One concern okoratitiK
111 line of 00 or 70 elevators reported
that over 20 of these elevators were
full.   Tiie  number  of  reports   of  this
inutuio    would    Indicate very    much
j larger storks in the country  than  is
j indicated by the figures given   out of
I Ilie quantity Of wheat marketed.    At
! some   points   in     the   west,   however,
very  little wheat  hus yet Iieen  mnr-
Iketed.     The   farmers appear to   be
1 helping each othei to finish up their
threshing  before  they  sturt   market-
1111.'.      The sinily    movement   ranges
Irom 250 to 400 cars
Prices are firm.     At the doss*   of
Isusiiiess on     Friday   tho close    wus
71 Jc for 1 hard, and 09Jc for No. 1
northern,   spot  or  October   delivery,
and for delivery lirst half November
7»r,e for No   l  hard nnd 60Jc for 1
I northern.   The value of '2 northern is
1.7 ;.i-   :i   northern, 65">c' and    No   1
[wheat, ui Jr. October delivery,    and
\c less for delivery lirst half Nbvom-
jber    All quotations are for In store
1's.rt William or Port Arthur.
Country Wheat—'Ilie iivernpo price
Iiis funners at country points is about
' 57c  per  bushel.
HATS—Tbe market is steady and
I not quotably rbatiRed from a week
ago. Receipts are moderately largo.
Today No. 2 white suits nre worth
20} to 27ic per bushel at Fort William M country points farmers nrs'
getting 20 ss'iits per btishi'l at central
llAIU.l'.Y—A fair s*,nsuility of bsu-
ley is odering und the market is
steasiy Dealers are paying 33c per
bushel for carlots of malting grade
on truck,    Winnipeg, and 27 to 80c
FLAXSEED—Receipts are Increasing. Healers are still paying $1.10
per bushel for carlots on truck, and
:>1 05 per bushel to farmers nt country  points.
SPELTZ—The market holds steady
ul 80c per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered   In  Winnipeg.
HAY—SO to *>7 per ton I'or fresh
baled in carlots on track. Winnipeg.
POTATOES—80c per bushel.
BUTTER— Creamery—JThere is not
very much doing in creamery butter
and the market is quiet. Dealers are
paying 18c per pound, t'.o.b. factory
BUTTER—Dairy—Receipts are light
and there is not very much to say
about the market. Commission bouses
a,-,, paying 13 to 14c for choice to
finest dairy, commission basis, Winnipeg, in pails or bricks.
CHEESE—Manitoba cheese is very
scarce and mostly of poor quality,
One lot brought 11 Jc last week.
*..-(• CIS—The ruling price is lOJc p-er
dozen for choice eggs, subject to
dressed, :>4 to r.jc, country stock, -Jc
less; mutton, 8 to OCi lnmh, UJc ;
hogs, 0 to lOJc.
HIDES—Dealers are now paying
61c for No   1  hi'1('s' 8l° for No'  '*■•
and    1!   for   No.   8.    Calfskins     Same
price  as  bides.    Horse   hides  60c    ts.
Si each
SENECA   HOOT—The  price  is  56c
best root, delivered in Winnipeg
Weiland, Ont., Oct. 20.—(Special)—
Mr. J.J. Yokom, grocer and provision merchant of this place, has givon
for publication an open letter us follows :—
"For a year or more 1 hud been
ailing with Kidney Trouble in all
of its worst forms. 1 hud a very depressed feeling in my heud and litUe
or no appetite, a constant feeling of
langour, and I became greatly re-
sluced  in weight
"At times 1 was entirely Incapacitated.
"1 have spent considerable money
in medicines of different kinds but
did not get any good results. 1 ulso
doctored with a physician of vast
experience,  but got no benefit.
"At last I became discouraged and
hopeless 'of over being well again.
One duy by luck I heard of Dodd's
Kidney l'ills and began to uso them.
"From the first they seemed to
suit my case exactly, and when I
had taken five boxes my old trouble
had entirely disappeared, and 1 wat
feeling better than I had In many
"I am now iu splendid health and
able to stand gret,t exertion, In fact
my general  health  is better than it
Is a blen dofch oicest  ^J
Un ecjua lied forPumn^SfRtmih
has been in a long time
"Since my recovery I have told
many others of Dodd's Kidney Pills
and how they cured me to stay cured. Many of them say it seems impossible and yet they know It is
(Signed),   J. J. YOKOM.
Mr. Yokom has been a resident ot
Welland for years and is known to
every man, woman and child in the
town. He was born in the neighboring township of Orowland, within 3
miles of his present home, and is
known as a man of Christian principles who would not make a statement that would in any way be misleading.
Mother—"I wonder how thin new
book got in such n horrible condition ? " Little Mux—"I heard papa
say it was too dry for him. So I
poured wuter on it."
Ham. Liniment Cares Diphtheria.
By buying llritish coal, which pays
11 shilling export tux per ton, the
United States is helping ICngland to
pay the cost of the Boer war, says
the New York World.
On Christmas every policeman In
the city of London receives from
Lord Rothschild a brlarwood pipe
and  nn  ounce  of  tobacco
Camillo l'lamiiinrion. the astronomer nnsi social reformer, hus introduced a. bill in tho French Chamber
of Deputies for the rationalizing of
the calendar. He wants the year to
start with the vernal equinox, nnd
to consist of 864 days.
There never was,  anil  never  will  b»,  a
universal  panacea, in one remedy,  for all
ills  to  which  flesh  ls heir—the very    nature  of  many  curatives  being  such  that
were the cerms of other ami differently
seateil  sllseases   rootesl   in   the  system  sif
the  patient—what   would     relieve one III
In   turn   wogld   ag;/;niv<>.t.'*  the  other.   We
have,   however,   in   Quinine     Wine,    when
obtainable in sound, unadulterated state,
a remeilj  for many anil grievous ills.  Hy
its    gradual   and   judicious  use    the frailest,    systems    are   led    into   convolesetne
and strs*ni;th by the influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It   relieves tlis drooping  suirits  of  those
with   si-horn   11    chronic    state   or   morhlsl
despondency   ansl   lack   of  Interest   in  life
Is   a   disease,   antl,    by tranaullizintr the
nerve;*,  slisnoses  to  sound  and  refreshing
sleen—imparts viffOT to the action of the
hlood    which,   being   stimulated,   courses
through     the   veins,     strenethenini;    the
healthy   animal    functions of the system,
thereby  making  activity  a   necessary   result, strengthening the frame, and giving
life to  the digestive organs,   which  naturally demand  increased substance—result,
improved   appetite.   Northrop   &   Lvmiin.
of Toronto,     have given    to     the  public
their superior Quinine Wine at  the usual
rate,     nnd,     guaced   by    the   opinion  of
scientists,  this  wine approaches    nearest
perfection   of  any    in    tho  market.      All
druggists sell   it.
all  ether  Cigars  sail
just   bncause   1'*   that   sweet   n»vor   we
keep   telling   y«»   about.    It's   there.
Try   one.     Yssu'll   flsid   H.
is one of the most important
things for every farmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites -which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.     -    •    •      MONTREAL.
a young sportsman had mistaken 11
calf for a deer, and the calf was
breathing its last. "T-Tell mother,"
gasped the dying martyr, addressing
the sympathetic sheep, who stood
nenr by, "t-t.ell mother t-that I died
if you suffer with what is generally known at a
Had l.iver.
Fleming's No. O Liver Pill*.
will effectually relieve the worst case of BlUout
lleinlisi-l.s, 1 'ine-t iputiii . In .inestlnn. ana by
ckjiiu- uu and purif'ing the stomach relieve
th. sss Mum «f mnny uf the p <i.*sous that bring
on fever.. Ask your druggist tor them; lt be
has none scud u -. i'10 for a bottle, or 11.00 foe
I bottles.
Inferior gi-adss range from
below this nguro,
•2 to  3c
FAGGED OUT.—None but those who
have become fapiresl out know what a ds*-
pressesl.    miserable    feelinsr     it    is       All
strength  is p;one,  and  despondency   bus
taken holsl of the sulTerers. They feel ns
though there is nothing to live for
There, however, is a cure—one box of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will do won-
ders In restoring health nnd Strength.
Mandrake and Dandelion are two of the
articles entering Into the composll Ion of
Parmelee's  Tills.
One small portion of the Wankie
coalfield tn Rhodesia is estimated to
be capable of yielding 1,000 tons per
day for 100 years.
—..- .....no atatiriaird from   Oestf   to
Tlse quality atatnlnrd (rom .
O.ean.   Your msssssy back tt not satisfactory. • •
Postage stumps tlon't get  licked for
sticking to business.
that 1  .».•••■..   —     .
difference betwe_eajhei^    ^ mM
It'hJ guaranteed pure
1 havo.rC; «T7u' Vrccd'om from
»• "fu" 1      It   . miSntsed pure:
freo alkali.     It W I*"*"** d t0
and the »«*« °«"'T, ,. not pure.
any one who can prov» « retura
and further, I am M**«JJ" 0Ili nnd-
the purchase money W any
mg cause for cojaplslni* .^.^
ualngSunlllMbW Sew.    »*"!", „„„oi.i coiiooo-
i"„. ol .Ik." sWtaWt!.but.I* 1       „„„ ,„,,*   II lis.
Miosef well, and   weignea   i"-™""*"""'; fflViiffijo'-m^^^ »J"
•a*. I got a blanket sent to me for  Bthf^W-€^ir*5^^ *&*-$"
lamination and analysis.    We found ,    wi0 M, tor sur-iiia" W ts*
■Won that there waa cotton mixed witn | !t*>—»-
,..TT1 -..--Exporters    are    moving
frS^ both east and south.   Quite a
States nr™xPo°rinKS ale
.tockersi farmers are too busy to
,00k nfter this business. The1 abuna
onc0 of feed now available wU   un
to sell their young rattle tins
SHEEP-RocolptB are modern.e ami
lhrmarKet steady at 8fte per■~unj
off  curs  Winnipeg.    Lambs  are  lowei
nt •!!  to 'lie.
I    ,iOCS-The local  market   is  firmer
I   t   '*.,■ per pound for choice weights,
„ 'ns high ns 7c is named by «ome.
^^vv and underweight hoga are i
t0  j,.' loss than this figure.
.    MTi.0H    OOWfl-Cows   are scares.
Oood  milkers  readily  bring  •*-••'
(his market,    the   ranRo being
-jnr. to 845 each.
HORSES are sra-ce and the prices
WS, have prevailed for the past
two years continue.
THE Brooches here men-
1 tioned may offer a desirable suggestion for Christmas
Each one is of artistic merit
as well as surpassing value.
Na. 13320, at SS, Is 1 Star and
Oescini design of Snt Pearls sad stolid
No. 13317, at $10, Its rococco scroll
design fn solid Cold, mounted wilh s
Hoc Amethyst surrounded with Pearls.
No. I3369, al $24, Is s Pearl "Sua
Burst" of exquisite beauty.
No. 13400, at $42, Is s Clover Leaf,
paved wiih fine Pearls, having lor lit
centres beautiful Diamond.
We guarantee safe delivery, tnd cheerfully refund lhe full price If t aeleciio.
Is Is sny way unsatisfactory.
Writ* for our new catsUotfua.
Minanl's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The railroads employ In the State
of Nebraska 18,ol)0 men on their
Arrow _.«.!<•, SB. O.
Sltisisteil midst s.'s*ns>ry unrivalled fat
iris.iiil.-isr. The usual complete health ra-
sort on tlse .-..siiiiisnil of North America.
Its balhs cure sill Nervous and MuMt-
lisr disease*. Its waters heal all Kidney,
Liver and Stomas Is ailments.
They are a nr.... fuillng remedy foi all
Itlieumntlc troubles.
TKHM- $n to $18 per wti'k. ateordlna
to residence lu Hois1 or Vlllu.
It is usually
gives affront.
the backbiter    thut
Mr. Thomns Iitillisrsl. Syrnciisi*. N V .
writes : "I have been utilk-tcil tuv iu*nrl\-
11 ynisr with that iwiHt-to-bswlri'iiilod ilis-
I'liHs* I).v.pppsin4 ansl at tiitis'M wiun mil
with   pain  ntisl   want   of  sleep,  anil    after
trying almost everything reconunendtd, 1
tris'sl one box of I'anneleo's Vegstablt
lii've thev ss-lll cure sue 1 sioulil tint bt
without   them  for anv  mom".  "
Grain and Commission Marohants.
III cheat pries'* pistil for ss heat, oats, barley ssr flax In siirbit*. Wire or write me
for ptistes before s.llin^. Liberal s.lvan-
s-es sssasls* ssn s-osialciimetits aissl haiisllad
on s'ssmnslaaloss.   l.leeused ansl Itsisssled.
r. <>. Boa sV'11. wiiiiii|„'g, Man.
It     is
can nicks
with  lii'iited
mistake to think thut we
our    homes    comfortable
A  dark secret is tho kind that usually conies  to  light.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise rlaadl Disinfectant
Soap Powder tliisteil In the bath softens
the water at the mime time lhat it disinfects
Most Use It To Be SoccessfoL
\ noM'lty in divorce is reported
from a littls* town in Austria, svlieie
tho ]iiirtii's In a recent case iss'is'.l
cards of invitation to their Mends
to lie present at tlie trial.
Ryrie Bros.,
Tento snd Adelaide Sirteis,
In the autumn and winter seasons
the best and most successful butter**
■takers in Canada use Wells, Rich*
ardson & Co.'s Improved Butter
Color in order to give the butter that
lovely and delicate June tint that Is
so much admired by lovers ot fine
table butter.
Wells, Uichardson & Co.'s Improved llutter Color is to-day, almost
the only kind that Is used ln the
Creameries and Dairies of Canada.
'I bs'i u ure other colors sold and soino-
times substituted for Improved Dut-
I ter Color, but wise and experienced
buttcrtnakers avoid thorn, knowing
1 tht-y are not reliable
When you are buying butter color,
insist upon getting the best, the
strongest nnd the most, economical.
Your neighbors and friends will tell
you that Wolls, Uichardson A Co.'s
Improved Ilultor Color is the best.
All druggists and dealers.
Ambition never grows old; in fact
it seldom gets beyond the age of in-
Men    going   down    In the new sub   | *.
marines  for   the   first, two or three
times become almost stupefied by Hi" T,1C    wnx    '>"11"t     i"v','**t'u for •*•
strong fumes of gasoline used in | ro- harmless Vmis duo! may be added to
pelting the vessels. tbo accessories of future war gamer
T.eoil.   Severn   Brislue.   writes:    '-.I   osve   11
debt of gratitude to Dr. Thomas' Bcler-
trie Oil for eurlnir me of a severe rolil
thai troubled me nearly all Inst winter "
In order to give a siuiettis to n Insi'kl'i'/
Cough take a ilosse of llr Thomas' Kcler-
tilc.   Oil   thrice,   a   Slav    or   ofleaer   if   the
cough spells render it necessary.
Ontario (armors are having iiiiicli
tt'Oulili.1 with foxes which ate cuiivi'tg
off tln'ir hens, lt is very many ji'lirs
since foxes were so ptpnllfitl in ll.C
esist ns they uie (his season.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc. THE DRILL, SLOGAN, I'.. C, OCTOBER 31. 1902.
."C. E. Smithi-'kinoau:, Editor and Prop,
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first Insertion and 5 cunts a lino each
.•subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, V each.
Transient ailverlisemcnts at same rates
as lsgsl advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
{or each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription ie $2 per year, st.'ict-
iy in advance; f i*.50 a year if not IO paid,
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. OCTOBER 81st, 1602.
A pencil mark in tho space
opposite will bo an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
coming to him on yoursub-
Ssiription. Kindly atkiiuw-
-leslgo   in cash and oblige.
who hus Im'oh visitipg tin* various
(Xldfi'lltnv lotigea in tie prsiviiu'ci'iill-
oil on Hus iiK-al oixiitiizaiiim Friday.
He afterwards took in tho ball given
bv the society in Iho .Music Hall.
A second oKJp of strawberries is an
iiniisiuil oeourronoe in this vicinity.
yet such is the experience of Andy
Provost, who gathiared in quite ii nuin-
bet from his garden last week: The
exceptionally one weather thisfall is
the cause.
H. D. Curtis, booming down to the
Arlington office from his residence on
Saturday on a bicycle met with a
painful accident. The front tire of
his machine suddenly oolJapsed,throw-
ing him violent lr over the handle bars
on to the ground, straining the tendon
of the right leg and barking the shin.
Henry Dempster returned from Victoria on Tuesday.
A. H. Lewis lias been appointed ('.
P.P. agent at Sandon.
Winnipeg parties are reported to be
after the Crenelle sawmill at Nakusp.
Born.   In New Denver, on the 19th,
the wife of J. T. Kelly. Three Forks,
of a daughter.
A. David, the Sandon tailor, came
down this week to inspect his kx'al
R. McFaiiane is getting his skating
rink in shape fsir the early opening of
the winter's sports.
R. I. Kirkwood has cleared off his
property in the east end and enclosed
it with a neal fence.
Neil Gething got home on Monday
night from his wanderings in the
northern part of the province.
Tonifrht the ubiquitous and mischievous youth gets in his mra 11,under
the free banded license of Hallowe'en.
Ralph Gillette and Charley Snyder
■have returned to the Lardeau, where
they have leased a property for the
The city has cut down the brush
and cleaned out the stumps on Delaney avenue, east from Arthur street to
the bridge.
Angus MeLeod, of Bracebridge,
Ont., and Theodore Liidgiile, of Vancouver, will erect an immense sawmill
at Arrowhead.
The Misses Newcombe, who have
lieeii visiting Mrs. \V. Et. Davidson for
tho past week, returned to their home
in Nelson on Wednesday.
Next Monday night the regular
meeting of the board of trade will be
held iu the city hall. All members
are requested to Ix* present.
John Loriinour, mate on the tug
Columbia, was drowned at Nakusp
last week in attempting to rescue a
Chinaman who had fallen iuto the
(iertie and Jennie Foley, daughters
of John Foley, will spend the next two
years in the convent at New Westminster, acquiring a more complete
Capt. and Mrs. Duncan, of Nolson,
cams up to attend the funeral of thi
infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. ('.
Campbell-Johnston, which took place
Friday afternoon.
Thirty business men from Hancock,
Michigan, and vicinity, have this week
been visiting the mines around Cam
bourne, the gold camp i'i Lardeau
A. F. Rosenbergor brought in the pilgrims.
Grand Master Graham, of Victo ia,
Furnished lttomns, by day or
week. Second to none in
tho city. Enquire en tho
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Gwiilim & Jolmsoii,
B. 0
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
J. I
B. A. Sc.
.IllUU SJllj
Provincial Land Sur
veyor & Mining
I!. C.
Rubber Goods
Wa have a large stock to choose
from, both gents and Isdiss,
Wo nlso carry tlio largest ami
belt assortod stuck of ladies' and
gent**)' boot! antl shut's.
Veal kip and English kip miners
bonis. They give tha best of
satisfaction and arc guaranteed
for six months.
Aclcock's Shoe Store,
Xcst Postofflce,
(~\UR  NEW Illustrated
^ catalogue, which we
send free of charge to any
address, offers an assortment of gift articles
almost unlimited.
The Pansy Stick Pin
shown above has the
natural color effects hard
enamelled on 14k. gold.
The centre setting is a
perfect diamond.
We guarantee the safe
delivery of this to any
address for $8.50.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ranee when
you can get one so cheap? Tbej
nre profcnable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These run'"■••8
liurn woixl or coal and will be
set up free.
I. J.
To Orasieil Wor:
Yon: attention is ro pectfully called
to the Custom Tailors' Union Ls*
bel, a cut of which appears below
It ts the only sign whereby a person if
sum of getting clothes miulo in a fail
[ramber Company, Liniitcsi, by way s>f boons,
uptin tin* terms uml conditions in said sonednle
set forth :
Ami whereas iii ordsr to House tbe said lands
in tlm siiM schedule iiiisiitioiusii to bis conveyed
tss tlm snisl Ontario siiti'iin Lumber Company,
l.iiniti'il, it is niicnasiiry that, a certain sum of
mono? should he proylded and raised hy way of
loan on the credit sif thn City of Slocan:
And whereas the said industry or uiiilssrtnkin;;
is not intended to compete with any industry sn
undertaking already established carrying on its
operationa within tbe Municipal limits:
Anil whereas il i.s necessary for the purpose
aforesaid thai _thsi City should raise, hy way of
debentures, a loanof 16,000.00, repayable on the
1st dny of November, 1012, with  interest in  the
iiiiianiimi' payable yearly at the rate of 7 per
cent tier annum, such loan when raised to lie applied fsir the purposes aforesaid;
And whereas it is deemed expedient to arrant
the said bOQllJ aud  ta provide for the issue of
debentures of Uie said City of slocnn for the
sum of $o,ixxj,oo, payable as herein providedi
Ami whereas it will lse necessary to raise annually the sum of "000.00 for a term of ten (ill)
years for the paying of the snisl debt and inter-
es( us hereinafter mentioned!
Anil whrivas tlie whole ratable property of
the s.ii 1 City, according to Uie las! revised ns-
tassmonl roll, Is 1173,127,00.
Ami whereas there Is ao existing debenture
debt of the snisl City, and no principal or interest in nrrearei
And whereas a petition praying that this by*
law be Introduced and submitted to the electors
ha> bei'ii presents I to the .Mayor and Counoilof
the said City, which petition is siguod by the
owners of more thou one-tenth of tlis. value of:
the real property (as shown hy the last revised
assessment roll) i" the said City:
THEREFORE the Municipal Council of tho
saisl City of Slocan enacts es follows:
I. It shall In* lawful for the Corporation of
the Qlty of Sloean, for tbe purpose and with thr
object hereinbefore recited, to issue any Lumber of debentures of the saisl Corporation lo the
amount of $0,000.00, in such sums as iuay bo required, of oot less thon S100.00each,tbo sai.l debentures tsi he s'-ah*'! .villi the seal of tho Corporation of the City of Slocan, and to he signed
by the Mayor and Treasurer of the said City.
'i.  The sai 1 debentures shall be payable In
ts'ii years from the dais' herein mentioned for
this li.v-l.aw toteJco effect, at tbe.Boyal Bank
of Canada^ In Nelson, !>.('.
II. The sail debentures shall have coupons
attache 1 for the payment of itits'resl at ths* rate
of sovendollars per contum per annum on the
amount of the said debentures, and shall be
made pnyablo yearly on tho lath day of November in each and every year.and th" saisl Interest
shall he payable ul the Royal Hanlv of Canada. '
a I Nelson, B.C. 1
4. Thoro shall be raised and levied annually
by a spocial rate on all tho ratable property In
the Said City the sum of IjilsO.UO, for tlis" purpose
■ sf providing* (I sinking fund for the payment of
the snisl debenture debt: and tho sum of S12O.G0
for tin' payment of the interest, at the rate
aforesaid, to Income due thereon, during the
currency s.f the scid debentures.
5, It shall lis' lawful for the Municipal Council from time to time to repurchase any of the
sai.l s!ohenturcs,at such prices as may be agreed
upon with sV !;*,::i! holders thereof; mid al! lo-
1 aloios so purchased shall bo cancelled, and
uo re-issue of any debenture shall be made in
consequence of any  iich purchases.
0. Itshnllbo lav/ful for the Corporation ol
the Ci( .■ of Sl.si'.-.'i tn enter le'.'. nn nsfptfiin nl
with the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Company,
Limited, which si il r.greemenl shall be ::■ t' is
'..r.n ani to the effect sol forth in Schedule "A"
t:i ci- by-law.
1. Thi. 1 e.»mont shallbei xecuto ! nnd sliall
b.'.ir date .ome ilay afts-r the passing of this bylaw, and the Mayor and Clerk ot tbe Corpora-
ii m :,-. 1 hereby authorized an I directs I, after
the passim of this by-law and after tbo ex
'. isssi s.f the suid agreement by tbe Ontario >'
can Lunicor Company.Limited, :■' sigu Un
aame of tho C irporation of tho City of Slocan,
an I affix tho Corporate seal ol tho Corporation
tosahl agreement and e. liver sai.l agreement
as duly execute I.
s. Tlsis by-law shall go Into effect sm tbo 15th
•lay of November, A.D. 1002, after it has receive 1
tbo ojsont of the electors of tho Corporation in
manner provided by law.
0. Failure on behalf of tlio Ontario-Slocan
Lumber Company, Limited, to observe the time
limits for tho commencement, as '..> I! ■■• for.; e
completion oud operation of thosaid Industry]
shall render litis by-law void.
10, Schedule "A" hereto shall lie deemed to
bo ':.• Iude.1 lu, and form par: of. this by-law.
This by-law shall l 1 known antl cits loathe
">:,ll Ai 1 Bj Lew, 1902."
Done au I passo I In 01 oa Cotincll on the nth
day ot October, A.D. I802.
**»•   sS    fo-aiSHtltffl.     >0*">
iafe )i
__   M&Wfaij^
**3sfHg(   *•&•*. l_H&>
Uy leaiin.* youi order foi n Fall i uit
["routers or < ivercoal with
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
roil will liiul tl.e Union Label on all
llotbei made by him Btorsi st Blocan
ind Sandon
BY-l.AW NO. l(.
A  Hy-I.aw hi n.yit'J tn a Saw,   I'lnnlng SB,
iUagta **"*', to bu Ihtnblklicd fit Sln.an.
117 BBBEAfl tho Ontario-Slocan Lumber Com
»» pntiy. Limited, has offered tooaderteki
he construct ion, maintenonee and npnratl	
i Saw,Shingle and Planing Mill, a In tlis
1 'He bei in described, at Blocan, upoi
. ,..,i 11> r as sm i ■■ mdltloni In "ii'11 sheduli
• f ,rl!i:
\n\ whereas it I   deemed advisable that tin
iliinli Ipsl Coi :   ■ ■   i'i ihs   si i offi
■ use the Ins. Is ll lid sobcslule
is . I to Ui eonvryoi to tho Ontario-Slocai
A. l'OBK,
CityCIs rk,
Beeets "1 tin
• of tho eli ■ "i ■ an ! con
1    them
I,     a .i Ion 1, a I 'i
it    i s.'i ! I'm illj pa ISO I
. I'.'.J.
M i.. -.-.
Cltj fieri;.
T Mil". NOTICK thai the sbovo bs true copy
•>f the propoeod by law upon which tho vote of
the Municipality wilt be taken ot the Citj Ball,
•loans, B.C., on Tui - lay, tha Ith day of Novom-
'x>r, A.D. i'.".'. I..*1 .sees, the hours of eighl o'clock
In the forenoon and four o'clock in theafter*
Clerk of tho Council.
sc II E lit' I, I*  "A."
TBIS AOHRKJlLNTmedo (lndnplleate  II
dij of . i'i the year "f
■s'ir I.s*  I, ono thousand nIne It indrcl i ml i wo,
The Municipal Corporotls f the City of Slo-
c in. herein fler calle<l tha "Corpssrnl Ion,
of lhe 11 r '  part,
ti'ii-i i Lumber (  imi .... Limlt«-1,
. i die I the "Comi si   he
«. Bond i ii
\VH C, KAHIl    i irti     nf :' I p  i   rlo
inis.ii I ■>..■-.    ■ ill, e;|
. hi .!■   I 'i :'.       til i i
■ .,■.' i ritfl
li nil ni '■■■    irj i|i| :•■ ■
r>nl    in i ni  i and i il   nrpo  i   i
:i ,  i   pleated the  aid uh rl      of thn        iisl pari
.!"■      i ..iliiin I'ii' Isniil - nl lis i I
.' 'i-rpis' ,' i. si. aii.j hi- offered mid priitnlsetl is.
convey certain Interests, rlghtfi and privileges
-s ihe - ilsl pnrtle   nt the seconsl pari i nntei
nto the ngreemenl    and i u ss
n in i'i.
sti\V Tills   VORRBMKNT   Wli'M;.ssi,ni
hat, iu con > !'■. iii.ni s,; 11. - - premltvsaiid tho
due performance of the covenants ansl agreements on the part of the snid parlies of the
 ,ln| pari, the said Corporation  doth hereby
undertake, promise and agree with Uu* Company in the manner following, that ts to say t-
I. Tho -aisl I'i irporation hereby Undertakes to
grant and convey, or cause to be granted and
convoyed, by a good and sufficient deed or deeds
in fee simple, free frssm nil encumbrances,
charges and liens of every uattirs* and Itiml
whatsoever. Block lettered "F" and the foreshore right- Incidental, appertaining and at*
taclied theretoi also Blooks number Five ansl
Bight; also the west halt of ll)sis:k number Six
unsl th.' oust half of Block number Four, in the
said Corporation of Slocan, in tho Province of
British Columbia, according to a map'orplan
of Lot number 292, Group One, in the West
Kootenay Distriot of said I'rovincn, save and
except any Improvements on Lot number Three
In said Block Bight] 'ind also save and except
the right of way over saisl lllock "F," behl by
tiie Canaslian Paolflo Kailway Company, of
which saisl right of way the said Corporation
hereby undertakes and agrees to procures lease
for ten years, to be executed in favour ofthe
saisl pn nil's ssf thi' second purt, ut. a yearly rental of sine dollar per annum.
n. The said Corporation further agrees and
promises to oxempl from nil Municipal taxation
nil saisl lands, i aw,shingIo ansl pinning mill and
all attachments, appurtenances and accessories
Including nil the plant au'I personal property
of Svory kind aad description of the said
parties of tho second pari within lhe
said Corporal ion, or that may be situated,
erected nnd maintained therein by the said
parties of tho sooond part on the said above de*
scribed properties, or any part thereof, for the
full term of ton consecutive yenrs from the date
of the delivery of the saisl conveyance of the
■aid lands ana premises to the said parties of
the second pari, save nnd excepting the Ssiisssil
tax. which -aid School lax shall not further exceed the sum of Fifty Dollars luauy year of the
said term,
8. The said Corporation further oovenants
ami agrees to (.'rant the rlghl and privileges to
tl," tald parties of the second parttoplace
piid maintain rnilwsy tracks or Ridings across*
litmus Street, iii the s:'i,l City of Sloean, at any
point north of Luke Avonue, In said Corporation, provide I that when and in case sai.l Hume
-'reel ts cleared, graded, nnd opened up by the
Corporation to the shore of Slocan Lake, the
Company shall, at its own expanse, place sai.l
tracks aud sidings ou a level with the grade of
saisl street at all points where tin; said tracks
or sidings cross tne same to tlie satisfaction and
under the supervision of tin* Corporation, or of
• ss:ue enirineer appointed by the said Corpora*
lion for that purpose.
I. Tho snid Corporation further covenants,
promises ansl agrees to well and suffieientiy protect and guard the real and personal properly,
works and promises of the said Company from
all injury, loss and damage arising out of or by
reason of tho waters of Bpringer Creek by constructing, erecting lind maintaining atlnoces-
sery protect Ion, guartls an.I Humes along or upon the hanks of Springer Cres-k. in order to prevent and prolitbit.nl] waters Bowing down or
along sii'.I crcok from overflowing or flooding
il.c bi ip.- thereof, or reaching and injuring the
properly, works, walls or [■■ m:.;..-. U* the said
pnriles of tho second part.
by and hei ween lhe parties hereto thill I hay, the
aaid parties of the second r»nrt, in et insideration
of tho due inrformanco nil fulflllmnnl of the
coveniuits herein cnntalno-i ou tht purt of the
said partici «>t* t':<* first par*, that tbo snld parlies of''"• -i con I pari si:a!l and will .'reel, construct, build nnd ctuir, end maintain a saw
mill, shingle mill, an I planing mill, with all is.-
cesson attachments, plan! and appurtenanctf
upon tlio said promises above described al tho
expense, i os:. and outlay of tl00,000.00, sir more
or less.
AND the s.ii I parties of the second part bore-
by further covenant and agree thai theyshall
c'ommenco the erection of thn saisl mills and
works after the delivory of tho i invoyoucoot
thc-ail lands by the sail parties id the first
pari 'si i!s. aid parties or the second pari, in
.ni'in I., i,re with the terms hereof, l.l.sl they v. ill
carry on tbe construction, erect! ind equipment nf t!." sni I milla anil imi Cie same iu operation fortbe purposoof producing lumber or
shiugle*i therein, within  j yearfrom tho delivery of ths. said eonVeysin i above mentioaesl,
and s'inl] fully complete an i put same in operation within two vo.irs lis,..: t.in date of tho delivery of -a.: i s onveynnco, as cording to tin-11 .•<-
Intent and moaning of this agreement.
\i;!!KI"li by and between the parties boreto
that the snid parties of the aeeotvl purl ihall
and will ; ..•.! nn I nftor t to erectftn, construe*
!i.. ni.i i1.-" Ilati ei "f 1.11 the - ii mill i. plaul
und works, employ uot I - Uiai I'JO cmr.Ioyoos
or workmen Iu or about sail mills, works cud
tiinh".- limits Iii con li.ei therewith, ai ;i car-
rent rate of wages fssr bucIi chins orclesses of
wori. ul ss i.siissi us,. un.,,-,, the I'neiil" ('on : ssf
tl 0 Pr > Inefl i.i' orftish Columbi I, i: In Ing tiie
nndorstsi I|n>r ni : . tr • i n • i' fin "white" la-
boui ihi 11 he ■ ..;.'. lye I .. f i 13 possible in nil
II ■ .ni - ."i I In conns'ctiou svitii i ial 1 mills
by the s.ii.i Camp: '.y.
Thai thel pi.* from ihe r     pi:'i-sn of the
s:si I sn ivmill, j'siu a! mill a l'l pi nhig mill.and
access iries, will eti ' and opernti
tha -a un i'.i',:. in tilth ' 1 n ic'i 1 nl every yoar
thai 1 •■ ide ■ I'lditio .. i'i ■. ■ renl sit I " oaths '
pnrmil ir I 1 ..1 Di .■ 11 years' ti nn lhe date of
this urn   rs   ■;'.
T'.a ' 'ne ''■'., :■ i" ' '■''. "■! 0 ■ . . ' -.rect.
k.'.'p -        ■ i '. ' the C s.-j.■ >r-
allon, or  \      in n rn 'i. ■   s.:' 1 •,•    is' ~ tin r
fries,, am          nny kind; and thai
the C'sia    ■     s in -,..., ;, ■    itlier
iliree';. 1 .1.1 iii '.• ly, li ani - ire *u ires, of
a".' ki' ■ • M - '.' t.'oniorali.-in Hi its, or
isliiui. ni ! *. ■ • ■: - therefrom. II Is ngreod,
however, hetween tho parties hereto thai the
Company may keep on hand supplies and provisions for thc uso of the Compnny'sown h.m-
berorotherc mps, but inst. forthe u-.* of. uor
f.sr lhe pnrposo of selling the si n e, or any pari
tiie.s of. ro the I '1 mj ani - employees an I workmen re-i lent within tlio iieii.-. i* 1! ■ t', ■ j.s ia-
tion. or ss radius of (lvo mile  therefrom.
That the Company will not construct or erect,
upon any pari or parts ssf the limits hereinbefore mentioned, any bnildlngsor hou mi. 1 ..r<':'i
fssr the pnrpt ss -'.: ' ■• 1 lompany, or for ii ■ own
warkmi u or om] 1.   • ei.
'II. 11 tn caso t iss. Company should fa 11 In working and operating tho sold saw mill, shingle
11,ill. planing mill, or no os -'irie. for live consecutive yonrs, during the ;ii i term oftenyoar.
from the dato of completion "f sal I mills, ssr i"
any other manner sbonld f: il t 1 obs.orva oud
iv in out any ut i '■• • provl ilous or 1. , is isn 1 (
thlsagreom 'nt, the nnl I Company, in con lei
atlonof the ricbts ant privileges lieroinbefore
mentlonesl as being grarite I '. tho C irpn . ia i
'... .ii.' 1 'omp n . ngroes y ills ll 1 'orpor t:ou to
irriinl and convoy  unto lhe ''ssrpssn li in, by  a
x I as, I ■ llllcionl rl 1  I i', : u'.i   ':  1  frssm
I il nncumbr in ■■- lhe ai 1 Blocs "1 ," »n\ ■
Canadian I' 1 iii" Uallwny risrhi ur way ovor
sai I Blsicl "F," Block Five and Uiglst, the
weal hai' of HI >cl Sis nnd 11 ■• Kosl 1 alf ..1
Block  1 .si:r.    II    is   1   ,.'i'l'- roOD,   HOW.
Ii\ Kll   t] a: the 1'      ■ lilt  . i. ,•• iiitlnK -in li
lands, |   to have t he 1 rfyite :»• of 1.      111
I juts' a . I   erss nal prop r . 1 horefrom,
Ti . 1 rrnipni    forlhwltli upon roceh ng a d   ■.;
or s s,'i>,,;. ,!,,'.    .,   ; lock "F    !.' reiubefssre men
I, iiii.1 on  I. . innii  -      Ized of the      1 ie,
1    • r Iss t!       I      ! . ,  ■ , I \    : 11  H    I    ,   ,
put Innd from lllos      I
.    '.\ '.. ' In width In 1 •...ti 1 ■ 1...'...• 1 of and in
astral        in ■   . iiii  ll line  HI n el from Lake
Am line i'i 1 rn- vi ni. ra s.r si., ,,n Lake,
IT I-. ,L30 I■I'lfiili'i: AQBEED liy 1 nd ho*
twi      th   pari i"- hereto thai the f' pin . mil
isi.ii'in .'-. ail ne hnrmlesj the Corporation
from all anil evnry action or suit which may
hcreattei. at an> time arise, lie commoncod,or
Instituted again 1 the Corporation for any net
or acts, omission or umlsslom of the Company
in the commencement, building, or carrying on
of the works or undertakings of tho Company,
'• .■ - pt mcii suits or actions as may bo Instituted
and carried on becnuse of tbo oroctlon ansl
maitttonancs of tho ail works, plant and opor-
atiom s s' n,s   ml I Company.
AND AGREED by sn I botweou the parlies
hs rs'11 thai tn- undertaking entoroil Into and
agreed on behalf of the Company shall bind nnd
extend tss its Successors and assigns, nn.l thnt
ilertiil.'kigi mere I Into and agn r I on behalf of the Cornorutlon shall bind the Can  -;i
lion ansl shall extend ts. its SUCC0   ors nnd  a •
1 ■.. .
s'llfl'Kli in  and botwoen tho partlen hereto
a. caRO the Sis til   panic- of   lhe     colli! |  ,:l
iii any v.av. directly or Indirectly, an' hindered,
prevented, or  nimble to oxectltn the lull per-
.11101 hj     uiuvu)
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening*
in tlio Union Hull. Sloean City, at
7.30 p.m. Visitin-r brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
<,1 isi.'ssis-.- o
f lhe Covenant - and Conditions here
f rinls. ||„o,|
by .1--111111 il liy llu- 11  by  reason of rinls. Iloosl
.t rikess comblnei. ocls of (ind. vi- m.'.js.r, poni
Ing or iii existence in tho h Itty, nr atfeclltt
the locality, or by reason of the destruction rif
il... worl -. or any pari 111 roof, fisiui violence ssf
,  , kind, not ihe result, however, "i 'in' n,.kds's 1
nr omission ol the said pnrtic   of 1 '.n- ■ ■ csmd
p ,.'. ila a they Uin snisl pari 1  tin   oconil
pan. shall not lse liubl■• in wbol    in p ,n f„,
.rn ..I the pennlties or brenelu 1 ,.i il,,.,■,,., n
ants iu the in presentseoiitnlne 11", . i„( titer ibl
bui.s,a tho otber lund. the   aid 1  pan-, -hull
be full) exi used thercfroi 1,
IN v, |'|.m;*s WBERKOFthn i.ariie. hereto
ha..' hereunto ■ 'I and c 111 nil ll i>fr mun ■   in be
'. crlbml. end their corporate     nl. hen to nf*
'.,..■ I. the dav nmi year llrsi obovi  ■.■ ritti 11.
in lhe pis-    BCOof
Did You
Hear About It ?
No; what? Why tlie ilruggii-t
lias just got In » lot of    .    .   .
Poultry Food
the greatest thing out to make
liL'tm Iny, lt will pay you to
give il ti trial.   OnlySfJO u |ikge.
Agents tor the Helnlzman & Co..Gerhard Helnizninn, mui Karn l'i,ini,s
CliliI iiiiS
nioia is niiiici'iii Claim.
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division of the West Kouii'iiny District.
Where located!—On the north elde
of Bpringei creek, near the Ar_o
mineral claim.
T-AE-SNOTICE Ihnl I, Arthur8.Far-
well, acting us aci'iil for llio Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C No. r360896, Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, lo
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a certi-
ticuta of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above
Anil further inke notice lhat action,
nnder f.'s'iimi :'7, miist la. commenced
hs'fure the issuance of such certificate of
Dateil this 28th day of August, KXi2.
5-9 02 '  A. S. FAKWF.I.I.
Hurl Hope Mineral < lalui.
situate in tho Slocan Citv mining.division of West Kooienay district. \\'liere|
l.i. .iteil :—l lull' in ile imi l!i of SpriuiCi
creek, iislj lining tho Golsl Viking,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. Mc*
Oregor, acting as agentfor T. J. liatv,
free miner's certificate No. [1511886; l'l.
I.. Fife, r*. M. C. No. rJf.0882, an.I .).
ii. Mft'iillnin, F. M, ('. .No. II.'!'.Hi.'l, in
tend, fixty davs from the date hereof, to
npply to tin* Mining Recorder for it riTiiii
rate oi itnproveineirs, for the pnrpote
of obtuiniiig a crown grant on the above
And further take notice that action,
under section .'7, must be commenced
before the issuance ol sueh cortificuto ol
Daii-il this 3rd day of October, 1002.
10*10*02. " .1. M. McGREGOR
Kxohnugo and Silver Plato Mineral
situate in tho Slocan City Mining Divi |
sinti of the West  Kootenay district.
Where located : <>n Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICK that I, J. M. McGre*
■/ni', acting as agent for il. i>. VanTuyl,
freo miners' certificate No.DhO!i34,intend,
sixti days from the date hereof, to apply
to tho mining rororderfor certificates of
improvemt nt, for lhe pnrposo of obtaining crown grants of tin* above claims.
And furtlior lake notice tlmt action,
under section 'i7, must bi commenced
; eforo ihe issitnuco ofuueli certificates of
iinprOvem *nt.
Dated this 3rd day ot October, 1002.
10*10-02 .)  M   McGREGOR
Sing Ton Mineral t:i»isu.
Situate in the Slocan City Minim Division i'f Wesl Kootenay District.
Wliere locnteil i *(in Ten Mile creek,
east of tho Bntei priso.
TAKE KOTICE Dial I, .1. M McGre*
L'or.iicllug uh n'.'i*;ii for I'. \V, Kllit.
free minei V ccriificitto Nss 1159*188, anil
('. 10. . mitberingale, F.M.C. No.R50743,
intend, sixty iluys from Ilia date hereof,
tsi'ipply id tin* Mining Recorder oracer*
lifleateof Improvommits, fur Lliopm |sissc
of obtaining a Crown Grant ol tlio above
And further tako notice (hat set ion,
under section 87, must lie commenced
before tlio Issuance ol sm-li certificate ol
I)itedthii Clli ilav of September. 1002
10-10-02 ' J. M. McGREGOR
Montreal Mineral « latin,
Representing tho strongest companies diring business in Canada.
SEE new accidknt rounv, with participation in profits, covorinr sickness and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and For*
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Situoto in tlib Slocan City Mining Division of the Went Knotenay llfitricl
Whero located: -On lhe divide be*
tivii'ii Lemon nnd iSpi-ingei creeks
adjoining (he Two Mends mineral
TAKENOTICE that I,Archie Main*
•varlng-Johneon, acting as agent for i'io
neor Minlu-g C!o., Lltnitcil (non-personal
liability), tree Miner's Certificate No
B6818fl,intend, sixty days from lhe date
hereof, to iippiy totho Mining Recorder
for u certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining r Crown grant
nf tho above claim.
And further take notico that action
uniler section 87, mini i         ^
beforo Ihelssaanco of such certifl into nl
Dated this Uth day of October inno
17*40-02 *   *N
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
To .f. W. Millard, Kate Scott and Thos
Keiil, or to any person or persona to
whom they may have transferred their
several interests, in whole or in par|
iu tiie SlugTen mineral claim,aitnatml
near the Enterprise mine, in Slocan
City mining division of Weat Kootenay, located September Oth, 1895, and
recordod September 9ih, 1895:
You oro hereby notified that 1 have
expended the suid pf one humlreil antl
two dollars ami fifty cents in perform*
ing end recording ssssssment work for
the uIhsvi mentioned mineral claim.
■ince Iho 9th day of September, l'.KH.
nmi if within IM slays from the dato of
this notice you, or any of you, fail or
robins*) to contribute yonr several pro-
purl ions of such  cxpcutliturt,, together
with all costs of advertising, yonr intor-
i'Hta in said claim shall liessunu the pro
perty of tire sultfgiloer, under section
25Bof the Mineral Act.
Dated nt Slocuu this   litis day of Sep-
lember, IW8,
19.0-03 P. W, ELLIS
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To  Marry   Williams, or  to any  iM'rien
or |ierioustO whom be may have trans-
[erred   bis   interest   in   the Chilkat
nntl Delphian*mineral claims, siiiiate.l
on the head waters of  Ix*iiion creek,
and recorded in   the   Recorder's olliie
fur the Blocan I ity mining division.
You are hereby notified th.it I,Oscar
V. White,  five miners' certificate No.
B30437, have caused lo l>u expanded the
sum of fix hundred ami fifteen dollars
in lalior and improvements on the abo\«
mentioned mineral cluims, in order to
I.old said claims  under the provisions of
Ihe Mineral Act; nud if  within IK1 slava
from the il*ic of this nolico you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
sm!; expenditiire,together with all costs
of advertising,   your interest    in   said
ulnims will bt-eomotbe projserty of the
niliseriber, under section 4 at an  Act
entitled "Au Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Sandon, B.C., this SOU* day of
Beptembor, A.D. 1902.
20-9*02 U'-CAK V. WHITE
World's Scenic Route.
Hast West
Lake Route
I'lom Fort William,the favorite sum-
nior route, to all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Duluth.Sault Ste.Marlo
Chicago, etc.
Leaves Dunmore Junction dally forft.
I'aul; Kootenay Luiiiling Tuesday aad
•Jatiirslay for Toronto, Montreal, els.
[-saves Revelstoke daily for Heatile aad
Throajfh sbookln-fl to Europe -/ia all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tiekets at
lowest, rattiH from nil BanpMI
Coantl'loJ Vrr rates nnd full l">r-
tlculara apply to local agenta, or
IM'.A., A. (LP. A.,
Nelson. Vanronvnr
Agent, Slocnn City


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