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The Slocan Drill 1902-12-26

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 TOL. 111., No. 39
Slide, Kelly; Slide.
Wc huve just opened up a full lino or
Also boys' and men's hockey sticks, pucks, etc.
Anything in thc Line of Sportin^-MM^'
Rifles frem $3.05 to $86.   Shot-run.- and a full supply of ammunition.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
 ■ Slecan, British Colnmbia.
Now is the time to buy your
We have opened up a lot of fresh Currants,
Raisins, Peels, Spices, /Mincemeat aud
Jellies. Come and procure your Goods for
that Christmas Cake and Pudding.
MEETING OF   COUNCIL, leleotod werei Prosldent, George Hen*
il.Tsnii, vice, Mayor York; captain, W.
Hicks; secretary, Alf Bull. There was
a surplus of Sii.lti carried ovor from
last yeiu*.
st lau Empowered by Qovernuienl *.<> Hold | 	
>*n..,IJ i,,.i... <~,,,.   in. ■.„]„,, ,., i..-(.,,-a. it..i«-'ra*..;li,iy K.snensbered by thi
JtsW 1 03 f»' Clrs'ls  i.s  A „i,oi... I,-1                                        M.'lliodUla.
Ki'lui ulsi|: liill, ri' fur laU-t'llaiic.	
— The residence of Mrs. Bennett was
City council mel in regular i*    ion fhe scene of a very happy gatheripg,
on Monday
Voi-:-. Aid.
ordi q, Smith,  Nichol,
W. T. Shatford & Co
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
'Love Lightens Labor
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will 6o
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.      Get some and try it yourself.
Co-operative Association,Ltd.,
Sltv-ap, British Columbia,
Offer* up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It te thc home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OF/THING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
, i I'i U *&_ "i3*11
fed* ki*.*"
Is r-Mschttd by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not %o past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re opened under
'In* oh) management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel
* ■ m    tine an.
Building thoroughly renovated
■••id restocked with the hest
require irom u».    y— ——        .«■   handle trie
kept fresh and well a/sorted.   We hanai
best the market aftords.   Prices «-^0AN
night. Present: MayorJ FridiljLniglit, when tho members of
tho Methodist chnivh met k). demon -
; Irate in a practical manner, their ap-
preciation of the services of Mra. boh
Mi'( sillniii and Robertson,
Communications read: Prom \,
Campbell Roddio, deputj provincial
secretary, Vi.-i iria, stating lhat H, D.
Curti i, in accordance willi the re olu
tion passed by the council, had been
appointed police magistrate for Slocan^
ata yearly - li rj ol 8300, to h paid
by Hi city; also n letter t'i Mr. .':"!is
from the di partment, utating he had
b - u ompowere i to hold ti small dobta
court in thia citv. Mr.( lurti ' appi inl
men) will date from Jai      y 1.
The mayor sai I tho appointment
wic. most sari factory, particularly
with regard to holding n small d bts
court. S;> far i a the police magistrats
wa- concerned ho thought the office
would I b s -1! sustaining.
l.-'sii ra w< re ordered Bled,
Bills  proseuted: U. A. Bradshaw,
alf renl i ;i/ hall  for November ana
Deci - iber, $5; al ointen it on the iiisi othera by your zeal and example. We
city note, $18.80. Left ovor till next feel that we havo especial cause to
meeting. .   iress our appreciation of your con*
The treasurer reported a balance on |tant and soff-sacrificing devotion to
haud, after providing for all oufetand- the best interests ofthe choir. As
ing accounts of  *-.:'74.J:J.   There bad prgauist of the churcli we found in
been cousid rablo expense on a iint ***ou.amost  reliable, promp       defE-
ofthe   r.  nill site that would bo re- cleat.worker, and whatever success we
fund. Itotheg ;. ral fund'from the may have had in  the service of song
i! -'.- •■■■■ ■ -.-. | was due laip l\ to yo ir untiring zei 1.
inniiltoe reported iijjatoic  Four labors iu this capacity did much
• Pi m    ■ Livi ■■  bill of $12, an t  to rend >i  iur
■; ordered paid. -   -   trtily n • welc ime ■■     n ■■•. t.i our
■--..:   tion of a return!   ■ offij*  ■■■ I I  ind  hop? th ii   yo i  m iy !■ ng
cei !■   the   -,'.."' - ■■ • and in i ir •
brou ;:.'  i  .   lerk B rati ■  said !■ • wa
i :- : ■ ■ •■■ if 1 ikuoWl
law. 1 here wi u I oi g
th   ■■'
fn •• Bennett) as thi ir organist.   An
■ njoyable evening waa spenl by the
company.   Rev,   Mr,  Seymour road
**\V<*. the m imberaand adherents of
Slocan Methodist church, wish to extend In you our mosi hearty con 'al
u)ations on the greal joy and happi-
■ thai has lat ily beialh n you, n id
thi "'i- id r joy and haziness that has
illen to the lot "I Mr. Boie,   We also
.-is io i iprosa to you onr most hearty
i | preci ition of ymir labon among ua
as a member of our i on •: ■ *ation,
which is bul a pari of thegreal nouse-
h i!d of I ■"■!. Ever i ince the organi-
:a!i >'i of our church, you have bt en
: i -i Intimately connect! .1 with all its
irk.aud have proved yourself a mosi
ted,    I     :   and'  Indefati abl
worker,   inspiring  and  eneouratrin
rid to en u   hi our lab >r
Wi- ,"'    ■ ' .     '       ■ ';      I
1   ' II   -.     at. aud hi po
. -           ..-■.,
:'..-,■   ,.'    |ife'
may (-rr>w 1 tilo t'i
!.   .     icil did     I       it tin ' -  ■    . ■ ....v. and       '   I
...  Ihi     ■' >.;'..' - • iui        - - '    iat;     r ;*i i:.i-
-    -«r-,    . »        ' ... .   .      » ' ' . 1      I  ' . .. I    .  .'        .'     _        . t
ice"    Th      . ■ '.   "■ ml t~h
."."',   ■ ' ' ■   doputy,
a        ' a ::'■'•    Q (Ts   ! Ih   I
Cl ■•'■ D    tl     I ■.;;..■■: ' turnin ,
oliicer,   Oarii d.
[t wi      tated a  wire had lieen re
•> i\   j fro a  the atlorn -y g   eral, it
t that the i -     in elin '
.   .     . I    '   : s!   :''■■■;■-   ■:  I   ."*    .ii
liri    ter d:ii      and lhat, w]       'or
yo ' :.!:';  Iw,       i   will 11 id
■- '   !) ■   I   v. ith  11■••:'. :.- in and
; '.   • ia His work.    \\
• . ' ■ mall ffift, nol as
ii;.* ro ■■ . ■ ar ! '- irs, but ai d
token of I aud      11 wi, lies
bylaw 141 ■       th the adherents of oar con r gation
cutivoand  w   .: I  !- •'■•- to at and thoir a  ■     ' ti   lof your labors,
un.'".   Smceth .     Ihiug fiuther had Signed on I   h      if thc i mgregation,
been learned. __ '■ ■** Sbtm n a,] i itor."
I!       ifl   ;is   t'-:i -i  wn-.i A 'd of-tt
Al 1.       Cal  im   said  th ■   i ppcr
brid     - ' i • dan
i    eonditi . -   •
veigl   of si       "ii it.   Ou
bout gont        I if the brid     b
down i: would be an ine ur   i   nee -■
the aii..   !■■ ":-i uol   .i iv .1 the city
had any right to touchthe brid       - -
• i -..-. d do no har nto havetl
ih . ■ the    i - ■•  off.     Ri -,.' ■*. was
Lid. Wordon Ih i [hi  il -■   -   '■ u
time some alt mtio iwaa bein ; i   : I to
the .-in- vs!:.   and  th • * iovs led
off,   Tho  policeman,  as      i ybod**
knew, was n it worl  d very hard, and
'i iir • ' ,'i cul glai
vases, i    I . : .-■ i'c! i •'; i  i k title an !
-.    Mr.   Boie, on  b ' 'If oi
ife, tn 11" u  fitting roply to th ■ ad
Dxi*iissBf<t to Kesunto.
be should i lean off tho walks.
Th ■ mayor had already t       thi
chiel i" !■ it p iii ' wa
would du so again.
Charles Dempster haa  returned to
Rossland from a  suo<*es8fu] t:i;ii"--t.
ata' be gi it thai tho Exchan ;■.
ni ' . on  Dayto i en  k, in tin- divi
D,-irill be started up in full force
iu !is'\t month.   He says there Is a
lin r prevailing in th'.' east
ibo i British Columbia and more con
cl ; n ind In.    ; l.i.   i Is boij   ■ cpr - i -I in its mines.
rh ■   Exel    ' ■■ boen  und ir thi
wouiu ao so ajraiii. "    ,.••"',"."-,   ,  . ;.        ."
The qu  ition of sending photos 'if tiinnsn   i ol i- I Jbyton oyer since
thocitytoth   aa   it general in Lon- the shutdown last fall and Is in shape
don was again laid ovor, there being tiresi       il  i .    lime.   What ore is
no [uml8   vailnble, ' ■   :  inir-'-1,» '" shipped ai once
finuncil adi iru  I. '° !■'-' :''"!* '•■ smelter,  li will averaj  ■
a.-il adji im  I.
I.r .•*.* "I' I'1"' K.i.vliiiB
ua' e
!. David
■cured a
: au i  W. Hai
1 :
.;!    thi
mouth of  Dayton creek.   They will
immedi'itely,    The
\. Tims'
Kinney, am'
,m the Dayton  claim,
common  ■ work
Dayton is own d Ir   John
i    Mils  nils' .is"     ill
1 • .'■  i • gold,
'. rtiliisti* With llsa tVf.ti'iis  I'oiler.ltlon.
On Satu  I     ni :it the Minors' Un*
a of N'annimo completed thi ir affili
ti m with the Weal    .   Fe leration of
a--.   James  Baker, ol thi-- city,
British (lolumbia n s of i\v
exec 'ivi   '•' i   p ■'- it to ai'range th*
slipped'and K'ot cftughl underneath,
resulting in a pratty bad sprain. Dr.
Forin placed tin* Injured member in a
pla Nr oast for support.
HAS  I sslai UF tilth'.
The Hspnbllo lias Oprneil   up  Four Feet
Of Min-i-Hl.
On the Republic today is one of the
largest and Itest. Bhowlngs (if high
grade ore the camp lws yet witnessed.
it. is located close to the old shaft and
was made from a surface cutting a
few days ago. After stoping out a
carload of ore at the Bhaft, another
opening was made 70 foet to ths* ws*st,
following down two streaks. These
have Ixvn stripped for about 80 feel
and have been found to unite Into one
Imj lv, forming a paystreak four feet in
width. It is nil shipping ore and
carries native silver, argentite and
gold-bearing iron pyrites, It will assay over 200 oz In silver and $1 in
k'nl.l. There is easily four carloads of
ore In sight at the new opening, As
yet the ore body has not been cut in
i'io drift run from the ravine,but may
be tapped at any time.
The firi t car of pre lobe sent out by
tho Republic undor the new owners
shipped on Tuesday, amounting
to 22 tons. It was sent to Nelson,and
the returns will be available in a few
il-'---. The ore will average about 160
02 diver and •**'**' in gold. Things are
looking very \\''ll at the mini*.
a I 111   l.< I   lYlUliU) , isss.s    i' *' *      '       i-  .--    "•
first locations and crown grant ■ in Ih linal details.    Ii'nlph Smith, M.P., for
camp.   There   ia   some  woud  fully nim years secretary and representa*
rich oro on  the claim nnd assays nt* tive, resigned, stating that he hnd no
high as S700 in all values lur   ' longer time to attend to the duties of
obtained. A sample test tho other dai tli • po itiou, and thai be obje ite I to
nd ?13.S0 in gold
gave 298 oz silver an
The lessees expeel  to make a goi i
thing out of their deal.
. Jlowlng is a lisl of the olfieon for
L.O.I,. Nn. 1683 of this city, for tho
ensuing tenn. they having been  In
stalled  at   the rej-rulai' meeting
lidav nisrhl
meeting last
,]. 'l'. Beaucln me, W.
M,';-lames Horrie,   D.M.;   l>. Palmei
R.S.: \l C. Andrews. F.S.i G
trea.: II. A, I licks, D.i.ft'
J. A. Se\
ti'i'ii.: ii. ft, iiii'i.s, i/. i.i v ■.. ...... ■ - •
mour, Chap.; J. Cross, Lecturer; .T..D.
Reid, C. Barlier, i). Gilchrist, l>. S,
McVannol, W. Thompson, Btaudlng
Iliirk.} I'lisli Ke-Orgunlseil.
lei's o
f 1
club met  il
* week
d for
nil.    '1
li ■
i'i  couii   tak n !"- th  union in join-
in * a I uitcd Stai - organization.
i.f.ll. OhatifM.
\V. R, Mclnnos, assistanl frelghl
traffic mauugi r, western lines, al \\ In
eii "--.I" i-iiim ■ ii-.:■ i : i tffic manager
ol i. ■ entire Cl'.Is. system,with office
at Montreal. F. \1.. L'oti . . gi neral
frelghl agenl al Vauc i iv ir, sue, owls
Mclnn* ; al V innipeg, and \V. B,
Greer, Mr. Peters' u sistant, • ucceeds
bim. M, V.. Ki. kpatrii k,of Montreal,
goes to Vancouver  lo  succeed Mr,
a rui n ful uistt.it]>,
Sislii■■;• manager  of the
Bl i '. i'ii i  •. n    with .i p Inful ml
.   morning   In   coming
d     | [rom tl - mino.   He was rid
on il    ..i   if n sleigh > hi u his tool
H. J. Lipsett returned from Cr;,n-
I r "i\ n i Tuesday, lo spend Christmas
ivitli hia family.
Bob '. 1! -a si'ut nn oul fit of horses to
x mir on Monday, where he has secur*
ed'a contract to rawhide »tK) tonn of
The Miners' Qni in will hold thoir
annual smoker nexl Saturday evening,
at which all union men are expect* d 11
i. ■ present.
Normau aad George Clement ;;rn
rn ining a Im ch roott at th.<' Two
Friends. They are putting up high
class mi   : .
."tiin fiill- mmonnces that the contract has been let for'the. building of
It I inii serf railway from Curlew to
Midway, being part df his proposed
lino to the coast.
Mr. and Mrs, Baty will give a fare-
-. " dance to all their friends and acquaintances at the Slocan Hotel on
Monday evening. A cordial invitation
i  extended to all to be present.
Vancouver Liberals are hopelessly
split on Macphenon as a candidate
for the commons. Several hundred
i| the disafl -s-t.,-! promise to Bupport
('..-i- Foley if the Labor men bring
1 im 'ut.
The Canadian Pacific Railway will
issue tickets to loeal points on account
of Christmas and New Year's at fare
and one-third for the round trip,
Tickets will be goodgoingon Dec. 23,
21. 25, 30, 81, and Jan. 1. and good to
return up to and blinding January 8
A sis,-a cenl postage stamp, yellow
in color, will be issued in a few slays
from Ottawa. The new stamp will
be ir th • que m's head, the department
nol having yel decided a design for
ih- kings head issue. A four cenl
stamp will also make Its appearance
in tb*> near future.
Here's Vour Ghaneo.
L. E. Dudley, Cnlted States consul
at Vancouvor. has publishi d the following letter: "1 bnve received a lei
ts r from a prominent lawyer in the
of New York, askin-,' me to put
him Into communication with persona
who havo mining properties for sale.
This gentleman informs mo thai he
will shortly come to British Columbia,
bringing a number of clients who are
anxious to invest In mines if ttey (•an
find i romisingopportunities. If mine
owners d Hiring to find purchasers will
c municate with mo, I shall be glad
to pui  them In communication with
the gentloman who has written to me."
Hops il win iuooeed.
Om'.* again Carpenter creek has
been plastered with a water right, the
Slocan Lighl and Power Co. applying
for 1000 inches nl Box canyon. The
company aims to furnish lighl and
power to the Sloean towns and mines
at a oheap rate. The enterprise *\ill
greatly benefit New Denver and il is
to in- noped will be pushed to a sue*
cossful conclusion.
Luni Tear's Shipments Win or.it Tona-
A Hs-islthy   IC v i sir si s'e of tho Life   unit
Weislth of  tho (,'sisssp- Arllngtosi the
i;i;,,.i".! Shlppor.
Ore shipments havi" been eminently
satisfactory this week, iu that four
properties were on the list, one of
which, tin* Republic, has not sent out
anything before in years. Their shipment was 22 tons and represents the
first return the Detroit capitalists have
won from their heavy expenditures to
date. They have much more ore to
come down, TheOttawa sent out an*
other car, making three this month.
Thsre is pari of a fourth car-down and
it will be ready to go out next week.
But 20 tons was sent out from ih" Arlington and 'iii tons from the Enterprise, -10 of whieh was zinc ore and
went to Nelson. The Arlington and
Enterprise will run light from now on
and the Ottawa will likely be the
leading shipper.   To date the sh
ments total (i2S(j tons.
For 1900 the exerts from this division amounted to 2S-17 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year tho
exports totalled 6629 tons, from fourteen properties, Following is a full
list of the loeal shipments tlii.s year to
Arlington  20              9770
Enterprise  00           ?2S0
Ottawa  20                 07
Neepawa  101
Mav  <r,
I'avstreak  S
lHi|sl*?x  7
Fourth of July  11
Florence ".  l
Speculator ,  4
Hampton  13
Republic  22               22
122 6286
The Ottawa has a force of i6 men
The Sandon mines last week shipped '112 tons of ore.
Last week the Payne Bhipped 1*46
tons of zinc to Kansas.
Ths* Rambler has shut down its
concentrator for the winter.
All the properties granted a lay-off
to their men for the holidays.
.Some on* from the Bondholder will
be brought down next week for shipment.	
The owners of the Black Prince
have received a cash price for that
Stoping haa lven commenced at the
Ottawa and ;i large quantity of ore
broken down.
The Ottawa people will apply for a
crown grant on the various claims
comprising that group,
After penetrating 20 feet of a lean
streak, the Ottawa is again coming
into a second fine chute of ore.
Thirty tons of zine ore passed
through here this week from the Bosun, bilk'd to tbe Lanyou Zinc Works
at Iola. Kansas.
Ore continues with sinking in the
shaft on the Iron Horse and the management is confident of having a good
mine in Bight.
Malcolm Cameron has a contract to
get out several thousand feet of mining timber for the Ottawa. Ho has
two men employed.
Tin* Payne will In* a heavy shipper
next year, it shipping 600 tons of zinc
monthly to Kansas and the galena to
tin* local smelters.
a ni.iii. i Ueserve Canoollad.
The government has given notice
that the resi rvowhleh was 6«tnbllshed
on th" ITtli of March,. 1892,is cam"!
Inl in so far as it relates to a block of
land   in: 1,,-d al the mouth of a creel-
Into SI au  Ial e al its north
WO* I   i  -id.
Appended \* « complete list of the various record! rejiistrrei-l at the local regli
try office, H. P. t'hriatie being milling
Dee la-Now Dodworth, on Tamarack
creek, (' M Qethlng.
17—Silver Star, 1st n   f l.e men. Miko
He,' 16 -Moonlight and Starlight, ouch
for three veins.
18-Oro Mo 2, Kuty fr.
Do.' 17—Publishir'l notice ro the Slug
lS-Spokfino, Xf lanei to Sidaey Nor-
Siiniinerseith Je**, J Doiron toI'Schom
UUck I'i hid fr ',, Con Murphy to
I'uirast *:. L Dolron to Fame.
Blocan Frincsand Dundee V.l. Dolron
1 nnd II E Allen to same
lour Frlendi Vi, *< E Bols to fame.
f-ioi'-si! Prince and Dnndoa |; Blsck
Prince fr, Burnminalth, Four Friends
and Dolreit \, PSchomberg to Kobt A
I'-m l«baw. 'TWEEN LOVE
A Nord by Annie Thompsoi.
"lie did not. say much, at first. He
was surprised, of course; then ho
snid how glad ho was that 1 nm so
happy, lie spoke very, very kindly —
nil very kindly indeed; us ho always
dues, you know."
Knte realized then, with painful
Vividness, whnt. that interview on the
rooks must have meant, to the man
concerned. A great, flood of pity rose
up In lii'i' heart, sweeping away beforo
it (he passionate jealousy, envy, nnd
hatred cherished thero. The sel-
llshnoss that had bound her affection
until now, fill from her: nt last,
thnt    greatest     love      wns   revealed
which can lay down its life unheal-
talingly.    She COUld have knelt there
beforo Mary, and Implored her to go
nnsi nil the place in this mini's heart
that  she  eoveieil   for  herself Vet
she must say nothing, her lips were
Ni*ali'il the heart to Will was present
with her, but not the power to do.
Measuring his suffering by her own
llliserj , she put up her hands to her
hi'iid and burst into tears. Mary
wus lerrilied. With her, tears wero
a daily occurrence, but to see Kate
cry, suggested something dreadful,
mull us a death.
Kate recovered herself instantly.
"I beg your pardon, Mary, dear;
something must have unnerved ine.
Please don't look so unhappy."
"Oh, Kate, I have been hatefully
selfish: I ought not to have disturbed you when I knew that your
head ached.    I had better go."
"Stay, Mary, I wnnt to hear more.
Who is this Mr. Wishart? I don't
know that I remember him."
It was a subject on which Mary
could have spoken for hours.
"You must remember him, Kate.
You saw him three months ago,
when wo lunched at Uncle Forester's. Afterwards I asked you if you
did not think he had kind eyes, and
you said you did."
"Did I? I can't recall his face.
Did you care for him then, dear?"
"When I think of it," said Mary
meditatively, "I am quite sure that
I must have. Indeed I can't tell
now, when I did cure for him."
"You never said anything to me
about it."
"Why, Kate! how/could I? I did
not know until yesterday, that he
loved mo. Hut you don't know how
wicked I have been. Ever so many
nights lately, I have not said my
prayers properly—because I was
thinking of him ull the time; and I
have often read a chapter in my
Ilible three timi's over, and not
known then what it was about!"
The gathering darkness hide the
emile that stole involuntarily to
Kate's lips.
"It is a very wonderfnl thing,"
continued Mury, "that 1 should be
allowed to huve such happiness: it
Just shews how forgiving God isl
Oavin is so generous and good, Kate.
He has been busy lately, helping the
Cooper's Mill Belief Fund. He is always doing good things. The Forester girls told tne, that their father
heard from Mr. Anderson, how Gavin paid a large sum of money to
save from disgrace a man who had
got into debt nnd used some money
that didn't belong to him. Gavin
Wanted him to have unother chanco. i
lion't you call that noble! I am not j
worthy  of such a  man " j
Purine; the somewhat incoherent
account of Gavin's excellencies,
Kate's mind had wandered from tho
favored suitor to his rival. Only
her cousin's lust  words reached her.
"Unworthy    of     him?    nonsense
Mary!" she said sharply. "You ure
worthy of some one much better. I
am constantly telling you that I
will not have you talk nbout yourself In thai fashion. Why do you
perpetually under-rate your own
value? I suppose you went down on
your knees to tin's young mnn, and
thanked him for Ins astonishing condescension in asking    you    to marry
"Tell me thi'n, whether you did or
diil nui Intimate to him that you
w.'ii' not nearly goosl enough for hlm,
and i hut vou could nsit uniliTHtaud
how he came lo take any notice of
"Of course you did," railed Kate,
"I knew it us certainly us if i had
hi'iird you. And vou will ilu it again
too. Every tune lis* kisses your
li.'.mtiliil face, you will thank him
for his kindness, unsl when he shews
you any ordinary attention, you will
bo Qllod with wonder at his rcmark-
ubie thoughtfulneesI" she stopped
abrupt ly, drew Mary tow-ard her,
und pressed kiss after kiss on her
Hushed cheeks. "There, my dear,
don't be vexed with me. You are a
ds'iir, sweet, humble-minded girl, and
if I were more like you I should bo
a better woman than I am. Go to
bed now, and dream of hlm, aud be
happy. No, wait while I ask you
ono thing more. Are you sure, are
you quite sure, Mary, that you truly
love hlm? Thnt—that 11 would bo
utterly impossible for you to care for
nny one else?"
"Oh, Kate," cried Mary in genuine
distress, "I don't know what 1 have
done that you should all doubt so
whether 1 love Oavin, indeed I
know I am very childish about a
gnat many things, and 1 daresay
you none of you think I know my
own mind: but I do, I do. I have
no words that are strong enough to
nuiku you understand how- dear he is
lo me. As to my caring for any
ono else, it is nn insult to talk of
such a thing!"
"You ure right, dear," said Kate
very gs*ntly. "Believe me, I only said
It beoause 1 want to be very sure
ii limn your happiness I was wrong
to speak  to you  in  lhat way;    yeu
ss*e 1 kt's'ii forgetting how olsl you
ure, und think of J'OU as a little child
that I huve to look nfter. Please forgive nie, Mury, und forget what I
huvo said."
To bo asked by Kato for forgiveness, was much worse thun to be
scolded by her. Mary tried to convey unspeakable things in a caress,
and went to her own room in a very
subdued state of mind.
"Dear, dear!" she sighed, "I wiah
I could think of something that Kate
would like to have me do for her."
-she lit her candle, opened her writing case, and drew- therefrom a large
envelope. The sight of the address
written upon it, appeared to afford
her infinite satisfaction: she studied
it closely for three minutes. Then
sho took from it the letter and the
photograph it contained, A thought
occurred to her. Smiling with delight, she slipped tho letter into her
pocket, and went over to Kate's
"Would you like to see what he
looks like, Kate?" sho called softly.
"Very much, Mary, come and shew
Mary hurried to her cousin with
her treasures, and found Kato still
by the open window.
"Hero is his photograph, Kate; and
this is his writing. I-et mo hold the
candle higher, so that you can seo
"llo has a nice face, Mary; he ls
quito good-looking."
"Very goosl-looking," amended
Mary. "I don't wnnt the envelope,"
sho added generously.
"Thank you,    dear,"    aaid    Kate,
with perfect gravity.
Mary retired to her room again.
"Women — are —• fools!"     commented Kate, as the door closed.
Her hand rested on the window
sill, nnd a sudden breeze caught the
paper from her lingers, whirling tt
away Into tho darkness. She reflected
that Bhe would probably have other
opportunities to admire Gavin's
John Cayford watched Mary's retreating figure until it disappeared
from view, then he returned to the
rocks where he and she had stood
together. Arrun was now half
shrouded in mist, and more vividly
than before it recalled to him his
Tenerife experiences. In Imagination
he saw again the light from the
Molo flicker over tho water as Marco
rowed the boat to shore, he felt
anew the pressure of Alan's Angers,
ho heard distinctly those faintly-
spoken last words—"tell Mary."
Mary! that was the name that was
so dear to himself!
Ho shivered; the evening air was
growing chill. It had been chilly
when he stood on the Mole, looking
at (irand Canary, with Alan's silent
form beside him. How long ago was
that? Years ago, surely. What had
filled his life since then — since then,
sand for years before?    Mary!
"Now it is at an end;
it is all over and done
with," he said; uttering the words
aloud, as though the sound of them
must force upon him the conviction
that silent thought failed to give.
But the hopes of years are not to be
effaced by a sentence, though It be
repeated a hundred times, and in
tones of thunder. This night, he
had taken her hands and covered
them with kisses; this night, he had
lifted her in his arms and held her
close to his heart; this night, hia
dream was over? he was forever
parted from her?    Impossible!
A wave broke at his feot, dashing
the salt spray up into his face: he
became aware that the tide had
arisen. Had hours passed, or minutes? Dnrkncss made the figures on
his watch indist inguishnble: damp
mist had closed uround him, drenching his coat. Through the mist he
groped his way over the rocks and
down the road to the Manse; conscious only of the monotonous moan
of the waves. and of wondering
Vaguely whether that was thc sound
tho sea had in it when it made Mary
cry. Within the Munsc gate a piece
of white paper stared nt him from
the dark grounds: he picked it up
mechanically and thrust it in his
pocket—Mr. Ferris disliked to see
litter of any kind on his premises.
The house door stood ajar, he pushed it open. When ho hail shut out
the moaning of the sea, death-like
Stillness seemed to surround him.
Kays of light issued from the Study
dsior, but he Went past them ti' 'he
KllCUJBn at the far end of the pas-
Sage, where u brilliunt lire blazed,
before which regiments of socks and
stockings wero hanging, llo pulled
oil hi9 coat und seated himself in the
genial glow, appreciating the sense
hi warmth and comfort that stole
ovei him, It wus his turn now to
sxperlencs that numbness of heart
which Kate found preferable to the
puin of feeling
Por. Mr. Ferris, the evening had
been one or unusual agitation, tt
series of trilling circumstances having combined to upset his equanimity altogether. He w-as now nearly
seventy years of age: it was no
longer possible for him to accomplish without great fatigue the
work that had formerly
seemed so easy, und on the
early days of each week he invariably suffered a sense of lassitude and
depression, commensurate with the
amount of nervous fsirce expended
in his preparation for nnd execution
of the Sabbath services. Kute. quick
to notice this sign of decrensing vitality had hitherto been us quick to
minister to It. She saw that her
uncle fretted over his loss of power,
anil sho made it her business to divert his thoughts whenever he was
liable to feci his weakness most
keenly. Monduy and Tuesday, therefore, found her prolific In devises for
his distraction: she arranged to be
much with him: she consulted him
ou u variety of small diiiicultics,
guiding hlm so deftly to the right
solutions of thorn that ho was often
aina7.od at his own perspicacity:
when she was obliged to leave him,
an open novel would be found near
his chair, and Mr. Ferris, who was
wont to inveigh against novol-read-
ers, would take up the book—Just
to see what Kate wasted her time
over—and become engrossed in it
immediately.     By    Wednesday,     re/*.*
THI3 PICTURE PUZZLE represents a Celestial washing. About him
are pictured faces of three customers* Find these three faces, mark each,
then read and sign the accompanying request, return It to us and we will
give you ABSOLUTELY FREE, without any money,« «nely gold finished Chatelaine Brooch and Secret Locket. We wish to impress upon any who may be suspicious
owing to the unusual generosity of this proposition that there is no catch word or scheme in it to
deceive or disappoint you. We do actually give the prize if your answer is correct, frankly, we
have adopted this method of prize giving, simply to interest you in our business. We want your
goodwill, and enlist your services only by offers that will merit your approval Upon receipt ot
the prize you cannot help being impressed with the generosity of our business methods, as
it is admired and worn by the most fashionable ladies. The Locket opens and will hold two
photos. It is the embodiment of artistic skill and beauty, and makes a most charming decoration.
With the prize we will send you io boxes of Standard Electine Medicines to sell, if you can, at
25 cents each, then return us our money and we will give you, absolutely free, a beautiful warranted
Solid Gold Shell Ring, set with 5 Simulative Rubies, Emeralds or Orals, a Nethersole Illusion
Bracelet, an Imported Parisian Belt Buckle and a complete set of Table Tennis (the most
popular game in the world). Never before has there been gathered together such an array of beautiful premiums for so slight a service. We know this from thousands of testimonials praising them.
QCHE'IIDCD *•**■' y>" havetodo is to solve oor puzzle and sign and
HE IBE MP Ell return tl-to rect-ucst.   The prize) and medicines will be
mailed postpaid, and even if you do not sell the medicine you at least get a beautiful prize for simply making the effort and
Elk-tine MidiciniCo., ],,»,„
Toronto, Oot
Sins—I hnve found and marie*-". Irsr three Facta In
           - -S Tossr Pictura
Puzile, and if cos reel aend ns* * Chatelaine Brooch and Locks! ami
Ten 13-crnl llssxcs of Electine Medicine. I 4ferec to make an earnest
tffsirt 10 fall Ihe Medicinet and return yon the money wilh Use under.
Handing that lam to receive for thlaaervio a Solid Os.lsl Hla-u . MoM
King, a Netlienola Illusion Bracelet, a Paiiaian Belt Buckle and a hi
of Talile Tennis. If I fall lo sell the Medicine 1 will return it t0 y
in 30 slays, and retain my Pi sm for answering your Psusla.
NAME. .^.....—_ ~——-...■... 	
W. N. 1.
interpieting our Picture Puzzle.    Write us now "to-day." You
risk nothing, as we do not ask one cent of your money.
nnd recreation having done thoir
work, his energy was usually rt*-
Hut this week Kale had shunic-
fully neglected her duties. She luul
absented herself fnim the Munse
throughout Monday, she had not
volunteered to accompany her uncle
to Main's of Overton, she had scarcely spoken to him during Tuesday afternoon, and hail left him early in
the evening in solitude. Her neglect
was most reprehensible, because it
was his intense desire to be of service to her, that, had 11 roused Mr.
Ferris to make tltoso extra exertions on the proceeding Sabbath for
which he was now paying an extra
penalty of weariness.
He sat listlessly in his study, looking first ut the Chinese Mission books
still unread, and then at an unopen-
ed letter that lay before him. Kate
should have been at hand to make
excerpts from these books, Kate
should have been at hand to discuss tho contents of this letter—
and Kate was absent. He felt very
feeble, very unfit for any exertion,
very old, very near death. Not long
since, Mury had llown into the room
in bewildering haste, had clasped
her arms about his neck, and kissed
him many times, giving him
to understand, in incoherent
phrases, that sho was very, very
happy I This wus as it should be. He
triosl to rouse himself from his leth-
nrgv. to banish all thoughts of old
age nnd death, and to evince a sympathetic interest in >outh and lovo.
But sho mentioned a strange name,
anil h..' became once more bewildered.
With great patience Mary repeated
her facts, producing finally a letter
given to her by her uncle Fssrester
for Mr. Ferris, which would make
the whole mutter clear; then she betook herself to Kate, that the great
news might be spread further.
For a long time, Mr. Ferris gazed
helplessly at ths* letter and wished
that Kato would come: at length,
ns she did not come, he opened it.
Tho tightly closed envelope resisted
his nerveless fingers, he tore it angrily apart, flinging it to the ground,
and then was vexed that he
had been so unreasonable petulant. Mr. Forester's cramped handwriting was not easily read, eyeglasses had to bo found, and the
words und the sense laboriously interpreted.
"Mary," wrote Mr. Forester, "will
tell you her good news; I feel it due
to you, to supplement the information she can give. Mr. Gavin Wishart, to whom she has engaged herself, is a most s>stiuiable young mnn.
1 have beon acquainted with him for
more thnn a yi*ar — ever since I set-
tlesl in Glasgow, in fact. A neighbor
of mine in Chicago, who is also rt relative of his, gave me a letter of introduction to him. While 1 mention
th.it u distant cousin of his recently
left him a fortune of £200,000, you
Will understand that ho is an excellent mutch for Mnry from a worldly
point of view, lie is ft member of
tin' church to which I belong, and
is well known In Glasgow to bo a
mint benevolent and honorable young
ninn 1 told him that you are Mary's
guardian he begged mo to refer you
to Mr Claverton. of Messrs. Claverton •*. Anderson, who will answer
any enquiries you please to make
regarding Mr Wishart. lie desires
to  marry  Mary  soon,  and hinted    at
most liberal settlements; but these
are points which you and he will no
doubt discuss  when you  moot."
As thc meaning of this dawned
upon him, Mr. Ferris' color rose, he
dropped his eyeglasaea and the letter,
and began ta pace up unsl down the
room forgetful of fatigue, 'lliis was
Indeed extraordinary news! lie became as anxious lo speak of it to
somo one, as Mury herself. Where was
Kate? or, failing her, whore was
.lohn? Ho started; the thought susl-
di'iily Hashed upon him that he could
not. very well talk over this matter
with .lohn He sut down helplessly
In his chair again, bewildered, dazed
us before; thoughts of Mary's good
fortune, and ol her hopeless suitor's
ill fortune, distracts'd him alternately. He went after a while to the
Ma'iso door to look out; there was
no one within sight and thick mist
wns falling,
"When he does come in." sighed the
old nan.    he will lie wet   through."
A glanctl at tho parlor ansl sluily
reveali*.' lhat them waa nn lire in
either 'ihe oinbera In h • kitchen
grate   sti.l   glowed   fu n ir.   (•'or
ris   piled   on  logs   then .   the  lire
1    ■-...  INVINUIO,]
Tbe   V.mrllr.t   Library.
The earliest library wan that of Nebuchadnezzar. Elver*" book was a brick
•ngruved with cuneiform characters.
I 1
loma More Lively I tenia Fruiu n Has-
Ulna Weekly.
(Copyright, IWi'J. by (J. B. Leirta."
Major Underbill called at the Kicker
ofliee the otlis>i afternoon to shoot ub
but we happened to be over ni  Lone
.link thai day. Sorry he missul us, uiul
we hope he will call again Aiwa;,s
ready tu he shot if notified Iii time.
The Grass Valley Hugh* haa nus-
pended publication, and its lnii> editor
hus gone to driving n mule num. We
have always wilt.ted to Speak a good
word for Brother Wntkins. uud we |
shoot it off now.   We believe he haa
struck his gait \
A reservation Indian chief known sa i
lie That Weeps got hold of 11:1 uu- I
busked cocoaaut at one of tin* groceries
the other day nnd tried for an hour to I
lake 11 bite .nil "f it. He dually gave I
:ii in disgust and traded the nut for a j
chew of tobacco. The dawn of civilization is a pilule to the red man.
Joe Hnlton. proprietor of lhe White
Wolf saloon, is :i cross eyed mnn. aud :
we made mention of tbe fact iwo or
three weeks ago lu writing sip something about our prominent men.   Joe
I-UIIS     III, l.,ll>. Sill.
There d*.v«*it n miller bale nmi in>i.t
Bests'* tbe  Rivet U.e;
lie worked ami sens* from moro tin nlgotl
No  lark  lis.as'  I.Mile Hum  be,
Aud tbla tin- burden ot bit bung
Forever need 10 be;
"1 eiis.s   iii.Iiimi.v,  DO,  nut   I,
Ami nobody envies ore."
"liissii'it   wrong,   my    Mend,'1   «iisl   old
Klnj;   llui.
"I'linuii  ulung us wrong «'nn tie;
Tor could ni\  heart bo light us thine,
IM gladly change with its•*«*.
Ami tell ins1, iiuss.  wbnt ni.iku Una- sing,
witb voice mo loud ami tv,-e,
Willie I 11111 nail, tlio'  1 Hill king,
Beeide the River DeeT"
Tin* iislller milled unsl ilislfe'l tils cap,
"I earn my bread," nuiBth he.
"I Ims. my wif.., 1 lore my friend,
1 lose my children thrs 0;
I sum. no penny I cannot pay;
I thank tin* River l>ee,
Tlmt turns the mill sod grinds Uie siifn
Tu feed  my  IiibIbbs uml mo."
"Good  friend."  aal.l   Hal.   ami  KtiCl'ed  the
"Farewell, and bappy  he;
Itut  aa*.   du  mon*.   If  Ihou'dat  lie  true,
That ns. man envies tb.ee.
Thy nn ..I. rap is wo'tb tn    crown,
ni.. mill my kingdom's r< ■!
Sm-h mssi .1- ileai   ...   Kngluad's lioaat,
0, miller of lbs I>s*s'"'
Thr Son 011 Every Sltle.
A Texas iltlzon, says nn exchange, Is
worried because llu* aim shines on ouch
of tin* four sides of his house at ioom
time of the day. The structure faces
due north and south and Is situated
011 parallel 'J'.i'.j of latitude, ur prac*
tic-ally 0 degrees north of ths* tropic uf
Cancer, where the sun Is vertical lu
gammer. He Is carrying the problem
about the country, offering prizes fur
Ita solution among school children.
"Why," be asks, "should tbe sun penetrate my front door In the morning, desert It for the greater part of the day
and again penetrate lt ln the utter-
ItislliiBi Mils Workers.
In the allk factories of Italy the usual work boors are from 4 In the inurn*
lug till 8 at night and the wages 10
eeuta u day.
113 8JJOT SIX  HKl.l.IiTS AM. AllOCKD C8
•ot mad about It. nnd Monday Insl hi
sintered our sanctum and shot m\ bul
lets all itriniiid us. We now lnsi-t thai
uo is not only itoss eyed, bnt be can't
shoot fur shucks.
Some unknown person in Nebraska
line gone to the trouble of writing us a
letter to say that death Is on our trail
and that we won't live out half our
days, and a postal card from Utah
warns us thut our time limit has been
set ut Oct 1. We always like to have
something In prospect, und our thanks
 due to both writers.
Mr. John Calhoun, miner and pros
pector, Informs us that be has dlscov
ered a solid ledgs of gold seven feet
thick and a mile long on 008 of our
mountains, nmi be thinks we ought to
be worth $30,000,000 at the end of a
year or so. We have always wanted to
sit in a poker game when lhe ante
was $5, aud perhaps things are coming
our way. M. gUAD.
Not a Us!»pects,r of (.'tsssrrlsssa.
A  few  nights   ago   a  Winnipeg    pr>
llceman arrested a shep walker who
had wandered far awuy from ins
home In his night Clothes. On arousing him from his Slumbers, the prisoner enquired: "Surely you aro not
going to lock tne up. 1 can't be
responsible for the condition yisu
found mo In. I am a somnambulist." "I don't rare what church you
belong to," replied the policeman;
"if you belong to every church In
the city you cant walk the si roeta of
Winnipeg in vour night shirt."
Sk«*tob 1.1 l*.sss«' I.s. keretsfj*
The above souk, The Miller of  ths;!
Hoe, in  lis present  form  «,i      either]
written or adapted   by Isaac Die'or-'
st ti it. wins was 1 ni- n in  Ireland about I
it.i.'i. sin 1 in i>i-. a   .1 i.os. he was
page in  1 lis-s-t.-: ii.-lsl,  tlie Luul    Lieutenant of Ireland,   lie attained a po-
son 11 iii the society of nun ol    lot-
tois. bul,    sus|.. ted    ol    .1    1 ui'it.sl
1 rune, I..il,   111   177L',  to St    MalO.   lie
afterwards leturned io London, wrote
comic operas, in one s,f win h. "Love
ina Village," "The Miller of the
Dee" waa sun-}, .lust when or how
Im died no ons* knows.
The old mill at Chester, Bag*, nn
the River Dee, where the legendary
miller ia said to have uttered his
sententious wisdom, was burned
down in May, 1805. The mill waa
establi leal m tbe llth century,
I-'Irat Sitvlnaa Rank.
The first savings bank wus 111 s 1 ituted
at Berne, in Switzerland, In ITS", it'
was   Intended   for  servants   only.   In
ti'.!'-' another was opened at liasel for
persons of any elites.
Dntrh   Public   llisssara.
Pui.ii.- booses in Holland nrs* closed
only betwei'ii :i und fs a. m.
Ki-ssssirka Minis. Ity  Men uf All .ss- III loss -
sI.bss lss its'.-s'tit Ipssshsa.
Sone* ol the bright remarks made
by public men during thc week <*inl-
ing Nov. h, lt)02, were ns follows
The creiiiiss nf n mil imi is made
by its greatest mon."—Colonial Secretary Chamberlain.
"Unless a nation is morally healthy ns well ns physically, tl  Is but
littlo hope fnr iis future."—Sir Wll-
Iin 111 lll.sko Richmond, the painter.
"Uneducated, nations like uu iim.ii-
ed Individuals must bs content to do
ti... rougher work and take tho lower
places     iu      the  world."—Lorsl   Am*
bury, president Centra] Association
of Hankers
"Landlordism in Ireland must go."
—Thomas Wallace Russell, Unionist
M   r. for Tyrone
"Drunkenness si bl be treated prl-
marlly and throughout as a Bin."—
sir Thomas Barlow, King ESdward'a
I Hunk precedent has bs sn the
curse of this counti > "• I • *.r • 1   Rose*
Is.-his Trens'ls'H Clevrr Snub.
Deun Trench's clever snub to on
pudciit young Subaltern deserved h
rank as a piece    of repartee,
youngster bad  iisKeil  the dean   w
was   the difference between a   d
snd   a  donkey.     To   which   the   r
was that while one had    a    cross
his back ihe other won* it. on
breast. ""Ami whnt," returned
dean, "is the difference between n
haltern and a donkey?" "i (|
know," was the response "Nor
1," wns tho dean's prompt reply
he turned awuy.
■ ns
l.i.ill-l,    I'lrl.
Mui* I don't see why Ili-ssle accepted young Itoxe.
Ethel Don'l .vou know ".but his father is a multimillionaire?
Mne Thais just it Why doesn't
•die marry the olsl geiitls'iiiuiiV  Qa Is 11
\inl   Voir   llo   Joins   all   Ih*   llttMn <•
Praising Ti.iMsi   ite llnst RaB*s***»s! i»i
Veisr* issssl Ih Now   ('i,iBi|Bls*t..|y I ustsl.
Lower Windsor, Carlctoti Co., N.B
—Nov. 17, (Special).—(,'arleioii county people huve long recognized Doddi
Kidney l'ills hs b sun* cure fur all
forms of Kidm-y Disease, and ns si
consequence there is u marked de-
crease In the number of those suffering from pain in the buck, lumbsSgO.
Rheumatism, diabetes, Bright's disease), and nil other ailments resulting from diseased kidneys
still ns each fresh cure is reported
there  is  revived   interest  in  the ini1'
ter nmi there are more ]«m-* "'
Dodd's Kidney Pills. One ol the latest cures reported Is tbnt ol Postmaster T. II Delyen of Lower Windsor, ninl he is spreading broadcasl
ths gossd  ni'ws.
"I hnd a bad spell ol ICidney
Trouble" says the Postmaster,
"which had bothered me for son**
yeara, 1 tried several kinds ol plasters nnd medicines, but dul nol W"
lo get much lasting benelit But
hearing Dodd's Kidney l'ills so Mgf**
Iy recommended for Kidney Trouble,
1  thought  1  WOUld try them
■ 1    received    mors   benefit   fr""1
Dodd'a    Kidney Pills than any "'IW**
medicine 1 ever tried, tor they tstn
to runs' muds* u complete eure, as
am a.-, well  ns ever     1  believe  Doddi
Kidney    Dills ure the right   in.-ln'ii**
for   Kislney  Trouble."
Tl.e   Oulf stream   is 200 tothomi
ih*s*|i off Oape l'Moridn. Near I'm"'
Hat terns     the    depth is only hall »•
great, the stream appearing I" ,",v*1
run uphill, with an asci'iit ui Ul m
tss the mile.
Bilious and Nervoum Disorder*
Sick Headache and Constipation,
CoLYcSnt. : l',tt%' -""lln"'»"'> Swelling after -neairDUtTneai and g««£2
Wotche ',""Ju"",0' ""•• 1'°" of AppeUte, Sh.itne.1 of Breath, 0ffig£.
lias Wn I'.' 5S"- r ■■ur*>,-d SleeP> -fwS" -Oi-essss, •ndallNervow.nd Tr*1***-
LtW lor ' % L-'S First I)'-" "'•■ «"• •"*"•'••'»" •''-■•••J n,,nU,e,U 2lJ!JtJbfl
.her act like 'MaW"k.Stomach" &*&** Uver .o/lmpalredDlf»**J
an/thcT Wni hr [*[* 1   fe,,,,ir*"rer '« r"™"l W «0*r-» ■ B°* °' "*
had u    Th« , ;LS Uken " lllre<-""'l. *»1 q-J-ckly reitorefemsleito comp*-*-
ml1 J Pr0rn*,lly remove ,-nr obitrucUon o? irregularity of the system.
»-»IS by .11 Druggl.t. la Caaasla ana U. S. AsstrilS.   Is ***»«•». M ■**•"* The Drill.
*s,w tenors have been discovered
In Stockholm for evil-doers in the
telej hone. Tho creditors of a business man who had doubts of his integrity employed a detective to obtain information about him. The detective 'tapped' the telephone wire of
the houRe at which tho suspect was
living and overheard enough conver-
Bfttiont, to make out a case against
tho  man.
ii™..'",1:'"'" """  ""> inrna
: ; ■- SttSJuTJ	
|80Ut" "i tho Antarctic,
not one
Messrs. c. c. Hicimi-ds &, Co.
(leiitlemen,—My three children wero
dangerously low with diphtheria, tin
the udvice of our priest my wife began tho use of MINAItii'H l.lNi-
MKNT. In two hours they were
greatly relieved, and in live days
they were completely well, and I
firmly believe your valuable Liniment
saved the lives of my children.
Gratefully yours,
Man's Mills, June 10th, 181*9
iinly three war VOBSOlS each are ul-
lowsii by treaty between the ihiit.'d
Stall's     und     Caniidu  to  be kept  by
cadi country on the great  lakes,
The atmospheric pressure upon the
surface of an ordinary man is 82,400
pounds, Tin* ordinary rise and full
nt  the   barometer   Increases   or de-
s I eases   this  pri'Ssuie  by   about   11..11I1
and a quarter.
Siiiisi if Ohio, City nf Toledo. / ^s
1,11. ah   C.llllst,. J
Frank J. Cheney makes sisslls that lie Is
M-iiust partner of Uie lirni ul V. .1
rtieney 4 Co . doing business in the Cits
uf 'J s.ledo, County and .State aforesaid,
and Unit said linn will nay the sum nl
ONE HUNDRED HOLLA lis f..r each and
and every cane of Catarrh thut cannot
bs lined by the usse of Hall's Catarrh
lure FRANK   .1    CHUNKY
Sworn to before ma ansl subscribed in
mv |nenence this Oth slay of December,
A   I).  1880.
A.  W   QLEA80N.
(Seal) Notary   Public
Hulls Catarrh Cure ia taken internally
unsl is,'is directly on the blood siml mucous surfaces Of the system Hend for ti'S-
t.m,si.i.iis.  free.
K    J.   CHENEY  A  CO . Toledo.  II
Hold   liy  all  druggists,   "So.
Hulls  Family I'illa  are  the best.
Thirty years ago there were scarcely sny trained nurses iu Berlin. T.i-
dny there are muny, but it is oil en
diOlcult to find one at a moment's
notice. It is, therefore, proposed tu
organize the nursing profession by instituting a central ollice where the
public and medical men may be able
to ls'urn at any moment when nurses
ar.* temporarily unemployed.
Tin-  blood   is   life.    Ws*  derive  from
the    iilosisl    life, power, beauty, and
reason,  iss ths* doctors have been say
n.g from time Immemorial    A heal
thy   body,    ii fresh appearance, and
generally all the abilities we possess
de|.,*ii(l sin that source of life,    11   Is
therefore, the duty of every sensible
man   to    keep the blood as purs' and
normal  ns possible.     Nature,  'n it--
inflnits wisdom, has given us a thermometer    indicating the state of the
blsisssi.    which appeals to our reason
by    giving    notice    of Its Impurity
Small    eruptions    of     the    skin,     to
which we pay scarcely any attention
headache,  ringing noises In the ears
lassitude, sleeplessness, are generallj
a  sign  that  the blood   is  not   In  the
normal stnte.  but   is tilled with nox
Isms substances.    These symptoms ile
serve our full attention     If more attention were paid to those symptoms
and sts-ps taken to remove them, thei
mnny Illnesses from which ws* Buffer
wouisl become unknown, and the human bodv wouisl become stronger and
healthier        Attention,      therefore,
should    be   paid   to   those warning
signs,   and the blood can be purified
and    poisonous   substances removed
from    it   by    the use of Dr.  August
Koenig's Hamburg Drops, discovered
more thnn fiO years ngo.
One of the common met hods of
transporting cargo in the towns and
cities in Chili is upon the backs 01
horses Groceries, ment, milk—in
fact nil Classes of freight, from bar-
rele of oil and cement to huge timbers and piles nre carried upon the
backs of horses
No s.ne iii'osl fear eholsira or any sum-
•aer oomDlainl It ths-y lusvc n bottle O
iiP i fi Etellogg I H.vsenierv uoraiai
iSuJ*/foF u-wTltTeorrecta all looseness
n* u,e boweli promptly ana _*»»»**■ "
healthy ssini natural action rail is a
SsfHiisine adapted for the row** and old.
rids   siml   poor,   sin.l   in   raplillv   bs*•issniiie
the    iBisBHt,    pupulnr  ineillclns*  for  slioleiii.
dysentery, ete„ In the market,
Port Said has only 86,000 unlives
and 13,000 Europeans; yet while only 18 natives died of smallpox in
i»oo, then* were '18 deaths among
the whites. Vaccination is strictly
enforced by law on the natives.
Luver's Y-7, (Wine Head) Disinfectant
Boap   I'owdisr dusted   In  tho Instil  softens
Use wnter sit the same time that it dlsln-
The tlulf stream is 800 fathoms
deep off Cupe Florida. Near Cape
Hatteras the depth is only half us
great, the stream appearing to have
run uphill, with an ascent of 10 In.
to the mile.
What frayed your linen?
Not Sunlight Soap—
'— No, indeed!
Aak fer the •eUgea »"*r 'M
Tin*   rlvor
gained its
''■"''in    is   sa id to have
name   because  thirty   dif-
Hawaii's population  Is one  of the
nost mixed on earth,   of its 180,000
People, (■o.ijoo ure Japan       30000
■-illness, and another 15,000 forei-m-
Brs from  Europe and America.
■W? %$ ac'''ne tor y,ver and
At the Jubilee feBtlva) of the Masonic Benevolo**! Institution, .too 000
was collected. This is tho record' for
a charity dinner.
norr Noll, of Berlongen, In Ger-
mnr>y has mi  B clock warranted to
go 9,000 years without, winding
it is calculated that everj dej
nearly 3,600 poundi of shoe-leather
is worn from the Boles of London's
foot passengers.
*CT«S°"J*i/Ss **-'^R
KlD*^ BOWtt**
OVERCOMES        _lOAT.,-u
t3UY THEGENU1NE--r*1Af"*n>BV
@ii^rnia|Tg5vrvf -^
^'k,     -^*,'*A*CV      m*""**
*-?ky v«*     ar C4L# -*i*»     •"""■sot T
Horse Health
is one of the most important
things for every farmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.     •    -    -     MONTREAL.
A request, with your
address attached, is all
that is necessary to
obtain our new and
handsomely illustrated
II will pat yam In loueh wilh
Ihe lineal aasortnscnt of FINE,
JEWELRY in Canada.
The price, which la plainly
given with each article, ia lhe
coal ef Ihe article delivered le
We cheerfully refund year
money if you detira it.
Ryrie Bros.
hlfriaHttlMYo^fSt. Taraqto
'Compiled from The Commercial)
WHEAT*—The situation in the local
liarket has boon cpliet all the week,
•Ut linn in sympathy with the con-
I1U011 of the American speculative
markets. There has been only a
moderate demand, and at the same
time sellers are in no way anxious to
sell freely. At the close of Priday'e
business prices were us follows : No.
1 hard, 70*,e; 1 northern, 68Jc; 2
northern, 67|C| 8 northern, t'.r.'c,
December delivery in store Fort William; und May delivery 75Jc basis of
1 hard. In store Port Arthur or Duluth are not wanted unless at a ic
or bo under Fort William prices.
OATS—Tho market is unsettled and
values not well deiins'si. Notwithstanding the fact that there must be
nearly 18,1100,000 bushels of oats ill
the country over and above its seed
and feed requirements, and Ier which
there Is now no shipping out let,outs
ure scarce in Winnipeg and comparative!*, high in price, This i.s entirely
due tss the absence of transportation
facilities, Which prevents the oats
from finding their way to market, ln-
qulrles for quotations are numerous,
which shows that there are plenty of
wi uld-be-Bhlppers, but us they cannot  give Immediate    delivery buyers
are mil willing to quote prices for
future   delivery      Carloads   on    track,
either nl Winnipeg or iu the country
can always find bidders. A sharp decline In prices may be expected as
Boon aa the mils begin to move, No.
2 white oats are worth 28yC per bus.
at Fori  William.   At country points
fanners are getting 2H ivnls per bus.
ni  central points.
UAHLEY—Inability of railways lis
move the grain is having mush the
same effect  upon barley as upon other
grains.     Buyers complain that they
have In pay higher prises than t he
situation warrants, ami this is no
(li.sibi tniB* in some eases where the
bei lev is wanted at once. Brewers
are bidding :i2c per bushel for No.
H extra barley, in carlots, on truck.
Feed grades are worth 26 to 27c.
FLAXSEED—Receipts    are niooer-
ate. anu the market steady at ^j .O0
per bushel    for carlots   at    country
SPELTZ—The murket holds steady
at 30c per bushel of r>0 pounds, delivered  in  Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers are paying $6 to
$8.60 per ton for carlots on track.
POTATOES—tTOe per bushel.
BUTTER — Creamery— Crtlamerles
are asking 2(ic per pound from city
customers for choice makes.
BUTTER—Dairy—Receipts are light
with the demand about the same.
Prices are firm at 19 to 20c per Ib
for dairy separator butter in bricks,
mid 11 to 17c per lb. for fresh tub
bin ter nnd rolls.
CHEESE—The price is firmer at
IU to 18Jc per pound.
EGGS—Eggs are scarce and have
advanced to 22c per do/en, net, in
Winnipeg,  subject  to candling.
POULTRY—Dressed    chickens    are
worth 9 to 10c per pound, ducks and
geese, IOb-, nnd turkeys ]2jc.
DRESSED Ml'.ATS - Beef, city
dressed, <i to QJc per pound; country
stock, sjc under these figures; mutton,
8 to 0.;  lamb.  lljc.  hogs, 7c.
HiDES—Country frozen hides ore
In nging from 6c to (ijc per pouml,
delivered at Winnipeg, less li pounds
tain   shsvp pelts.  50 to (10c.
\\( 'ill,—Market  nominal.
SENECA ROOT—Last purchases
wi-iv mails* at 58c per pound for clean
dry  root,  slelivered at   Winnipeg
CATTLE—There is a good demand
for Christmas beef, and animals suitable for this trade readily bring •lc
per pound in Winnipeg For PXllS
laics' ansl fancy stock better than
tins would be paid. Butchers' ordinary are worth 8jC, anil from that
ugllie quotations run down lo 2Jc.
according to quality. There is nothing lining in storkcr cattle
SHEEP—Worth 31c per pound oil
cars here.   Lambs, ll to 4Jc.
lines—The market is unchanged
at 6c per pouml for hogs weighing
from 100 tsi 200 pounds. Heavies
and lights are worth  '   to lc less.
Ml I, (11 COWS—There are very few
mi'.kers to be had. nnd prices nrs*
drill nt SHO to $15 each, for such ns
are to be hail,  according to quality.
HORSES—There is a good demand
for teams for the bush, and prices
are stiff. General purpose horses are
ulssi wanted,
Tlss* Abbot of Poole.
Ths. nblinl nf rools, Who was also
known in different purls as the archbishop sir bishop Of funis, the abbot of
misrule, the lord of misrule, the imis*
ter Of unreason anil l.'Ahbe de LteSSO,
was the person who used to superintend the saturnalia, which were com*
iium lu different parts of Europe from
the fifth to the slxts-eiith century. The
toast of fsiols was un Imitation of the
heathen snturnnlla and. like this, was
celebrated in December; hence the confusion of Ideas which hns arisen ln
mixing this fenst wilh Uie ordinary
Christmas revels The chief celebration of the least of fools fell upon Innocent's day. bul the whole revels
lasted frsim Christmas to the last day
ol' i'plphaiiy. The young people generally elected a li'iisler, wlin went by
one of the muni's quoted, nmi lie was
s'onseerateil wilh muny grotess-iie nnd
ridiculous ceremonies,
England, Heotlund, Trance and (ler-
ninny all practiced these wild saturnalia, nnd il was with great dillleiilty
that llisw were finally nbolishi'd. The
n hi ml wits not responsible for any trh'k
or pfitrtli'iil Julie played on the rest ut
the enintntinlt} by his orders, end ths
victim* had simply to "grin and bear
* •■ I,, (he temple (law heailipiarters,
|,o**doni (he nHlee nf the lord of mis-
,.,.i inn tu hnve in*en a coveted une,
i.a we nm! thnt it was only given to
roii|]|! uu n Of good family.
How do you liko folks who always
refer you to the dictionary.
Almost any niiui can save his money by not betting it on a horse race.
Some men never get anything done
because they are too full of i.cheiiins.
Some people carry a heavy stock
o' wi6dom that never yields a dividual.
Mr. J W. Wilder, J. P., I^atersteville, N.
Y., writes : "1 am subject to severe at-
liuks sil Colic and Kidney Dilllculty. und
find l'lsnne.ee's l'ills afford me great, relief, while other remedies huvo (ailed,
Tliuy sire the hest medicine 1 havo ever
iiHesl." la fact bo great Ih the power of
this iiii'sticine to eteaiiNe asid purify, that
diseases oi almost every name and nature
are driven from the body.
A man who combs his hair over a
bald spot to hide it is guilty ol'fruud.
Perhaps you have heard it before,
but whiskey und water is a dilution
and a snare.
HE hah TRIED IT.—Mr, John Anderson, Kinluss. writes I "1 venture to huv
le«v. It any, have received greater benefit
fioin the une uf Dr. Thulium' Rcloctlic
iiii. ther 1 lusvc. 1 have usiesl it reiru'.m-
l\ foi ovoi tcsti years, and huve recommended il to ull bUtierorti 1 knew of, und
Ihey also fuund lt of great value In
cases   of   severe   bronchitis   und   Incipient
We laugh nt the weaknesses of others and yet we object to .ither laughing lit  OlII'S.
Linen is a very fair conductor <sf
Electricity but silk is un almost perfect, insulator.
Six planets of our system have between l hem 30 moons.
There never wus and nover will lis* a
unlvorsseJ panacea, in ons* reuis'sly, fos- all
ills to Which tlesh is heir—the very nature  of   muny   curatives   being   such   that
were the germs ssf other unsi differently
seated diseases rooted in the system of
the patient—what would relieve one ill
in turn wuulil uguravsste the ist-her. We
Iiss.v*■ however, lis Quinine Wine, when
iilitiiitiubls' iu hound, uuuslullerutesl state,
a remedy for muny und greviuus ilie. Ity
its gradual und judicious use the frailest
systems are lesi into convalescence and
strength by the influence which Quinine
exerts on nature's own restoratives, lt
relieves the drooping spirits of those
with whom a chronic state of morbid
despondency unsl luck of interest ln life
ls a disease and by truuqulli/.lng the
nerves, disposes to sound and refreshing
sleep—imparls vigor to the action of the
blood, which, being stimulated, courses
through the veins, strengthening the
hen I thy uuiniul functions of the system.
thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening the frame and uivine
life to the digestive organs, which naturally demand  increased  substance—result,
Improved appetite.   Northrup  *i  Lyman,
of    Toronto,    huve    given   to   the   public
their Superior Quinine Wine at the iisuul
rule. Bsiiil, iiuuged by the opinions of
scientists, thrs wins* approaches neuresl
perfection of any on the market All
druggists  sell   it.
Tulse Hill, ti Yetnor, is said to he
ths- stsvpest hill in the country. Its
gradient runs to l in 5.
When green seems the predominant
color of a rainbow, it is generally
found thut rain and cooler weather
will follow.
For a Cold
that hangs on
For obstinate coughs and
colds there is nothing equal
to that old reliable remedy
Gray's Syrup of P^ed Spruce Gum.
Prepared from Red Spruce
Gum it is soothing and
healing to the Lungs and
Throat It stops that tickling in the throat, and after a
few doses that tight feeling
in the chest is relieved and
the cold and cough pass
Try a 25 cent bottle.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
If all the houses in the United
Kingdom were grouped together,
they would cover about 480 square
miles of ground.
The   Chatham   Dockyard   crane is
1:11 foet long and can lift 350 toim
Minard's Liniment Cnrcs Colds, Etc.
I.a.sl     year     1118,000     copies  of  the
Mills' in .1 ii|.;ini'-..  were circulated In
The Escurla, Palace, iu Spain, is
nearly 9 miles from Madrid. 11 luis
1,860 rooms, ho staircases, 48 wlns-
eellars, and 8 organs.
Men  wilh  blue or grey eyes ure almost invariably the best shots.
A8»is« :ron
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Purs,
Put up In all sized packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Aa now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Iastet os getting "OOILVIB'S," as they are better than Us Best,
*** i'
ie war is over! Don't pay
-war prices for highly puffed
.  .. >
—test valueinlhe world
Winnipeg Picture Frame Factory
     *93-*95   Alexander   Avo.
'  —~      •■ ,
"dS I t^%^^% s^or lifc-Bizo Crayon Portrait taken ou'
*^l« Vasr\a*y   of a BToup, or from aay photo.    'Iheee
h (th-grade plotures are sold all over for $8 50. Vou can hate
thu same foi $1.1X1. with or without frame. Should j (m want s
Iniiuc to suit the plctOTe, we win sell 11 6-inch nitiumental Oak
aud Gilt Frame for $1.75. A factory price. Mail orders receive
prompt litis n'isin.
"•*/.   J.   CRAKE,
Winnipeg,   ISsflaan.
U sff      I 1     ' j^A f
$£tu>s ^Mrns rfetsj Screes,
f$aJUsiy(frutiljW', fuwdwj,
$(rnJ' AtneS aJrriU nuwiU
One in every 200 of the population
of India belongs either to the French
or Portuguese colonies.
It costs £650,000 u year to feed
the horses of the British Army when
on a |ieace footing.
Tlm light cavalry is composed,of
18 Hussar regiments. There are 12
regiments of medium, and l only in
the  heavy   brigade,
Minard's Liniment Cures Dinbtbcria.
Zuydcote, near Dunkirk, wus overwhelmed by snnil in 1777. Only its
cjiurch steeple can now be si'cn
A.-.iiist every man think** he could
mnke n speech if he tried real hard
The temperature of a swallow's
body is extraordinarily high, no less
than 112 degrees Fahrenheit.
Minard's Liuimcut Curts Distemper.
Twenty psv cent of the strikes are
for hlRher wages; only 11 per cent,
for shorter hours.
Plans are being prepared by the
Canadian Pacific for a new stsvl elevator nt   l'ort Arthur.
Ths. Conslncslnr'a Union.
Aceonlini* to tin* investigations of a
Frenchman the credit of inventing the
conductor's baton belongs to l.uliy, tbe
composer, who eventually bad cause to
regret his Invention. Before in> adoptad
the baton conductors were in the habit
of pouiiillii*; ou the floor wiih iluir
feet or clapping their hands t.. mark
the time, l.uliy found it wearisome to
keep bis foot constantly In motion and
so used a stick io strike the tloor and
beat time, lie uss'd 11 pole six teot
long. One day ho brought down the
pole with such force that It Struck his
foot find tnnde a deep Wound. Ile paid
no attention to the matter. The wouml
grew worse aud ultimately caused bis
After his time conductors trh'd more
and more to Improve the baton, uml it
was ultimately brought to Its present
For Goodness Sake
Granby Rubbers
The Rubber that has the largest
sale in Canada, simply on account
ofits goodness. Made from
(JR.!!  ) new rubber.
"Granby Rubbers wear like iron"
Ailvlses  sifter   you   enjoy  your   Christmas
Turkey,   continue  the  pleasure  by  smok-
Ini,' a
No other hns that peculiar sweet flavor.
Manufactured by
GEO.    a-*".    BRYAN    A.   CO.
Arrow  i-aaWas,  SB. .O.
Situated sislilss as-euai-7 tsnrWalUd SaS
(ranslaur. Th* nnsat complete health M>
aort on the continent of North Ames-lea.
It* hatha cure all Mervona and *dusee>-
lar dlassuea. Ita waters heal all Kldssee,
l.lrer and Stomach stllsssasita.
They are a ss»v.*r falling roaedj for all
'.thfliiiiinilc troublea.
TERM *  113 to HI per week,   eeoettUm-*
to residence In Heia> er Villas.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Wlnnlpeff,  Mun .  March  'stli.  1902.
W.  O.  iml (.LAN,   ESQ
IV.ir Sir—Thi.s is to certify that I have
oxainined the ItiEredlentl uss*d in miiklm;
Doufflae' Oarnefac and have no hesitation in recommending it to all stock
ownere sss a nrst-claei food, and is iroosl
for   fattening   and   keeping all kinds ol
stock in good ronditiou — Yours truly, S.
.1. THOMPSON, Provincial Veterinarian.
You cun obtain it frsuu your dealer.
drain and Commission MerohanU.
Hlghs-at prl. is. ,.sil.l for wheat, oata, barley or Una ln • ail.sU. IsVlrst or write me
for prl.a'• before aclllug. Liberal advan*
a-ea made on consignments and handles!
on commlsalon.   Licensed and Bonded.
P. O. Ho*. S50. Winnipeg, Man.
The quality stanslsirsl from   Ocean  tse
Ocean.   Your rannsjr back If net  satisfactory*. -
Hi!SK»l.*l-l.AJIMl*,.lB*ts„ MONTHKST.
and can lie ruled at
1S3 Oabornu 8t„ Winnipeg.    Estshlished 1K80.
Orsr «00,(X)0 cnr.s.   Don't ho ds*oei?ed   " Jon
; want a cure    Take The K**«l**y   where yoa
! are treuted bt a Qualified physician.   Corn***.
I pondeuce strictly private.
vs-r.    N.    «-".
*r*»07. ■
'I UK DRILL. SLOGAN, B. C, DKCEM llKli 20, 1902.
C. E. 'SMiTRHtuN'.Ai.i*, Editor ami Prop.
IS *i«IM» BVa**V I ntllAV AT
BLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. 0.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a lino for
the lirnt insertion anil5 centi a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
locals will bo charged 10 cents a line
for each Insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tho Subscription in $'-' per year, strictly in advance; (12.50 a year if notio paid,
Address all letters to—
Blocan, B. ('.
FRIDAY, DBOEMBEH tl th, 1902.
A pencil mark in ihe ipacs
apposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
••iilidurB there is Burnetiiing
liming tw hiiri on yoursnb-
mipiioii. Kindlyaokaow-
letlgo   in Cash ami cdilige.
Wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas.
Another forceful Illustration of tin*
development and expansion of the
minin,'' industry of the province is the
successful blowing in of the Tyee
smelter at Ladysmith, making the
second reduction works to be erected
and placed in operation on Vancouver
Island during the year. Smelters
soetn to be the peculiar property of
copper propositions.
A grain of comfort is given the people of British .Columbia in thai the
privy council upholds the contention
that naturalized .laps and Chinese
cannot register as voters. It is bad
enough to have thc objectionable
Mongolians residing in the country,
but it would have been exiasperating
had they been permitted the full
privileges of citizenship. If British
Columbia Is not allowed to legislate
the Asiatics out of the country, she
has the satisfaction of knowing thai
they will never become a menace as a
political factor.
on the government, and to introduce
legislation in the house restricting
Mongolian immigration, This Mao*
phei'sou promised to do, and so far so
good. Persistency and determination
foi-a right principle will eventually
win but. Royal commissions have
found against the Asiatics, the legislature has voted unanimously against
them, senators and commoners have
importuned against thorn, the press
has agitated against tbem, and the
electorate has universally and repeatedly condemned them: how then can
the government, with justice, any
longer refuse to meet the situation and
remedy a glaring evil,
An amendment that mi^'iit with ac
oeptance and favor be inade to thi
Mineral Act—and one that would in
no way impair the simplicity and general operation of the statute would
be tbo enactment of a clause making
it compulsory upon locators of olaims
testifying in their record whether or
not their claim is a relocation of a
previous prospect, no matter how far
back the old location may run. If a
relocation, the mini)'.1* recorder should
insist upon a map of the location,with
approximate compass bearings, being
drawn upon tho back of the affidavit
by the locator, so showing whether it
followed tlif exact lines of the former
location. Purchasers of property and
surveyors In this locality have time
and again realized the need of some
such amendment, as it would obviate
to a large extent, Indiscriminate and
careless staking, which often times
gives rise io vexatious adverses nnd
lawsuits. Many men locate a claim
partly on new ground and partly on a
lapsed location, without bo describing
it as such, though fully aware of the
fact; yet were another to relocate the
old claim according to iis former
boundaries the latter would hold thc
ground. One cannot be too careful in
staking, and claim holders must not
In* surprised if buyers in tho future
Insist *)n crown grants boing git n be
fore the purchas • mon •; Is paid ov -r.
Then it is claim hoi lor will realiz ■
the advantage of ■ ound 1 icating.
Old papers for sale at this ollice.
Local merchants report a good holiday trade.
Lumber has again advanced In
price lately.
The Imperial Limited train will be
run daily next summer.
The children are enjoying their
Christmas Bchool holidays.
Geo. Stoll left on Friday for Klona,
Wash., to spend the winter.
Judge Iloiran holds his annual
banquet this (Thursday i evening,
Ths* upright timbers of the frame of
the shingle mill are now looming up.
The Woman's Guild of Si. Paul's
church cleared '"..i'J on their recent
Rossland hotelmen are agitating for
an increase in their  licenses to $1000
a year,
The shootists have had much sport
(his week at the range shooting for
\V. E. Boie and wife and Mrs. Bennett are spending the holidays in
Sidney Norman, wife and daughter
lift for Spokane on Monday to spend
Tho Ontario Slocan Lumber Co.
have 35 men employed in their lumber camps.
Tom Waring has been doing turns
at the hospital during the week with
a •-aine leg.
K, J. RlcPhee, manager of the Ottawa, is in Spokane, spending the holidays with his family.
For thcoleven months ended with
November the immigration into Canada amounted to 80,000.
'J'h" adjourned sale of delinquent
': -: lands at Kaslo last week itiruized
$250 for tho government.
The W. F.of M. has decided upon
forming women's auxiliaries in conncc
tion with I heir < rganization.
Tho i. ('hew, of th" sawmill company, ha ■ L - m in the doctor's hnn Is
this week, Buffering trom a severe
The government office will beclosi d
Thursday, Fridaj and Saturday this
week and Thursday and Friday next
For the Week ending December 1!.
the C.P.R. traffic receipts amounted to
$824,000, and for the same week last
year $789,000.
Geo. Hindh' occupied thepulpil ol
Knox church, Stmday, very acceptably, Rev. Mr. Simons having gone to
Kaslo for th j day.
Miss Edwards, teacher in the junior
division of the public school for the
past two vears, left this week for her
home at the coast.
Judging from the talk hoard fully
one half of tho city's population purposes 1 Hiving here in the spring, mostly for the far north.
Saturday's Spokane Review con-
taim d uotice of a i uit t ir diyorco entered '•■. I . -1. ;■'■ ih luberg tt "ainst
\.        n Sch mbc 'g.
Th   li •■•' ■;■ club   vill  "*h   a dance
in   tho   Mi
Had   i. - i   Tu   din
At the nomination last weok ol R
G. Macpheraon, as th • Lilieral enndi
dale for the vacant .Dominion sent o
Burrard, Hon. Jog Martin seized thi
opportunity to deliver a few em]
words of truth and coun el ( i tin
nominee upon the shortcomings of th
Laurier government in refer ince to thi
Mongolian question, !!'• pointedoul
how tho Natal Act, restricting alien
Immigration, had again beon disallow
ed by tho Dominion aut'joriti s.tli nigh
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,the British
colonial secretary, had recognized ii
legality and justice when applied t<
South Africa and Australia, Mr
Martin contendod British Columbia
wa • a unit upon tbe exclu lion of tin
Mongolians, but that the Ottawa gov
r-iuiieiil had not b*aU" trui to il pn
ini-i*    to  . -.p-" I   thc  v. i -'■      of tl
i pie of lhe west In tbo mat! ■■
in.- influenced by the lur ■ r
. ■- shin , cheap I ib »r.   Mr, '■■ ■
,   lied upon Mr,  . i i ,        »n, should
-1   |    ,       -. 1
THE Brooch which we show
1 above (is'o. 000) is a Sun
Burst Pattern of 14k. fjold
mounted with sixty-live pearls.
U'c tend it to any address for
Vt'e huv; hundreds of olher styles.
Vou may i sss. a grimily Btnount on
your Christmas purchases by sending
Lu-our l'.IU2 camlonim-We send il lice
of SMI.
Viai will find In ii Illustrations of Innumerable gift pieces al pikes most
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonnc and Adelaide Streeis,
Em. 1854.
evening, seekiugto raise funds to purchase some needed equipment,
Miss Merrill, of Nelsons who was to
have addressed theKoeialist club here
on Sunday, was prevented from coming owing to illness in her family.
Blah Carter and Erie ILemieux left
heri' nu Tuesday to work at the Enterprise mine, in Trinity county, California, managed by Mark Manley.
Jack Aitehison, another of Sloean's
contribution to the South African war,
returned here on Saturday. He spent
some time iu Ontario on his way back.
Eobt. Thompson, New Denver, the
accountant for the Ontario Sloean
Lumber Co.. spent Sunday in the
city. He will probably take up his
residence here.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 l.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath 8chool at 2..it) pan.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Sti'iuin'TS anil young men
aie cordially invited.   .   .
j, m. mm »■
A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B, C.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt I intend
to apply at a special litting of thr Hoard
of Licensing Commisiiontri fur the City
of Sloean, to be hold after the aspiration
ot .11) days from the dato hereof, for a retail liquor license for the promises
known as the Slocan Hotel, situato on
Lois 7 and8, Block 12, Sloean.
Doted at SI can this loth dav of December, 1002.
Notice of Nomination
School Trustee
1 )'.•;>!.;(' NOTICE ia liercbrglvon to Lhe Eleo-
x tpra ut the Municipal's.)' ul tlioCitj i.f Slocan, - ,ie. ! renolre the presence ol tho saiil
Electors at tha City Hall, Slocau, on t'.io 12th
day of January, lB03,(i*om the bour of 12 o'clock
noon, till.2 p.m., for tho purpoge of elocting a
per3on to represent i5*ora on the Bohool Board
aa Schu il Ts,: tea.
Tli ■■ ra a li* a.* ii imination of candidates shall
In* ::- foil "■-:
Tip* candidate! shall bo nominate'! in writing;
,i ■ ivritina shnll bo subscribed by two »oten nf
i'ii- aii'aicii 11111* Rfl proposer ana seconder, ansl
shall !.- 'is livsTi'.l t.i tho RoturniiiK Officer al
.my i - '..-': * voen the date of tho aottcs and 2 p.
in. of tlie day of nomination:
An I in the nsi nt of :i poll li"ii!-- necessary,
s-.ic!i |ssi!l will b ■ open on t'.'' 15th day of January, 1908, at said building, of which everybodj
i- lii'.-s'by roquired to take notico and govora
liim.a.'lf accordingly.
Tin- persons ......liflivi to yotc at tho sal I election shall bo such pers ins ■■■ have their names
registered as voters on the rotors' list of the
Municipality of the Ci y s.f Slocau,
Given under my hand and seal at tbo City of
Slocan thlf 2Srd day ssr De ember, A.)'. ISM!,
Returning Officer
pUBLIl NOTICE Ishoroby given to the Eleo-
■ i ,- of tho Municipality of Un City of Slo
s-a'i. 'nil I r.» jiiins tt,, preeence of tho '■
Electors al tho < Ity Hall, Slocan, sa, i! n 12th
la, of Janu iry, i 03, from the liour al 10 o'i loci
a . in, till 2 p.m., far the puri of oloctlng i- -
ons to represent them in tlio Municipal I oua-
s-il iss Mayor nnd Aldermen.
t    The mode of nomination ssf candidates ..Im 1
ll" iu Follow!
i'i"' candidates shell hi nominated tn writing*
! i 'in writing shall be subsci Ibe I by ; wo voter  "f
the Municipality us proposer an i ioc Ier, nnii
ihall beileliten i ii the Returning Oflicer nl
any time hotwoen the date of the notice and 8
p.m. i r the day of nomination;
•'.a l In tlio ova il 'if a pull being necessary,
Bitch poll will be open i.n tha IStli flay of January, 1003, at said building, of wlflrli overybody
is In !*isj required to take notico and govern
himself ace ir ii . ly.
Tlie : ■■' wns quallQed i ■ be nominated for uml
elected Mayor of sue! ' Ity at the said election
sii ill ho snob i" rs ms a in ■ mal ■ ll: Itlsli - ub
jects ofthe full age ot twenty ono years, an i are
inn disqualifies I ms li i on  inw, nn I
(n.) Save been for the six mouths tiexl proof nomiiiot i"ii tin   ri'ui .•! , .-.1
Tlie 11--   n  .ns illfle I to bo oom in itoil for 'mfl
olsctod '■' la -   ra if   Boh City ol tli •   ud otoc-
II boi        per ms o    are male Ri ii i.'i
(if tlio full   (b of tv oni     at •. mr . aad
  ••      -   ll j    ■ lil '■ i    lllll        . '    I IV . aa I
Havi bo n i ir the   li   m ntl    n si pro.
'■■■ ling the dny of no   Ination Ilia ro     -'a.-fl
■!HI   I Oil •   l*l*gl    i .   Oflli'fl  of  laud or
eal |        i  .       ha i      ■ < the a       si , ,1,,,,,
on tho I.. ; munlcits  In   esi i roll, ofl ■
■ i       '"■•-: and nbovi   nuj  ri       i     ;   hu nm.
hi relm   -       I win   ire oth    svlso flnlj
1 ■'■'  • ' Iplll  foil I.-.
Olven unci , n , las--.1 a   I seal at   I    ' a , s.f
Sloi <"i th    3rd  la) of D iei   \ I), 1902,
''. I. I I3NT1 :..
Profit i** noi'nssnry t*> busi-ioss
(■(inUnumice, tlmt la 6hv(ous.
But a (lrm that makes profit th«
bite Bold tM»l ntmeii at soon discovers iLs mistake. Quality to
my mind is primarily t'sseiitiul.
With nm profit in tlm narrow in-
torprnLatiou is always subordinated to it. This is thn safost
polioy both for you and for mo.
The greatest enopurftgtmeut T
receive Is that myouatomer* always st-ok quolity first. They
know and rightly- that, in so -.to-
in»r their profit will hn moro real
and lasting.
We nro showing Votwa. Candelabra, Mirror., Call 1.. IU.
Inii 8tands, Flower Btauda,
LantpatPiano LautpstFioture
Ladle t' and Qentlomen'a l'm-
broUos.   They ara beautiesi
%$ In Bronze
K Goods
W Engraving not exceeding three letters will be done free of charge.       Mail
gj and express orders will receive prompt attention,
1 Jacob Dover, the Jeweler, NERLSr0N'
S 'B.C.
Wi. kei'p the Meri'len Brltnn-
nin Company's kooiIk. "Silver I'lati* that wears." Nut
UsswIs.Tiii Ware,Mnke Dishes
'•1847 ROOERS BROS."
Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc.,
are Kiniriitites'il  by   both   us
and them to bo the bust that
is made in plots*.
The Mcriiii'ii Britannia 1*0.,
by ovar 60 years of OOntUlUOUS
manufacturing, have made a
reputation in this line thai
none ean tinicli. I'"in,- iii an,j
si'e some of thoir late prsiiluc-
American   Cut   Qlaaa
kintis ami deaigm,
if   nil
Wiiii'iu's, Cloolci and Jewelerjr
cf ovory inscription.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Insurance !
Representing tho stronfest cam-
|!:4iii(*) lUinjf business In Canada.
See new aicipknt pouct, with par-
ticipation in proftts. coTarint iick-
noss anil f*prrat',»ns.
II. D, CURTIS, Notary Pnblk:
■ i'j ■-■
Slocan GStF Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets erery Wednesday aT-rning
in the Union Hail. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visittnf brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Notice to Municipal Voters.
N*OTK*iE is horeby Hlren jfc.iat mtJtr the pro-
rUtona of tlio **M' II   id   ni   Vet,"
the rollovriug nrafliilill-frltc] vote for Mnyor Riid
Al I--- , *-■[ ... ;' nl il)  MuuUipul Klcctlon, via.:
Any mnlo or female.being a British inbjftct, of
tbe full Ti*.- (if 2J y ■'*.
"Who i t; e owi *■ of real Mtateof tl e :i im*
sfld value of not 1ms than $J00:or i*. th-erepre-
< ■ itive, beiug ;i j-*1 (Wont BritUh b tbjects only
authorizeU by tlie- director! »>f an lucorporateu
companyt which i- tha :- - ad owner of land .
or of improvements on lands, iltnuted within
tha municipality; or who Es the holder of a tra I.-1
liceuso, Uie a mual fee of which la aot 1*'***> than
IS; i r who is a houwliol Ier who hai paid, on <>r
\>rfi.re tl a Slat <!?»>' of Da< omber in the year Im-
mediately prior to the dayoi nomination, all
municipal ratoi. taxos,asaai Bmenti, rontala and
license fees (which ara not chargeable on lai I
parable by him or her t'i tlie municipality: pnv
vi le I, however, that iu i'ip oasa of the holder -<f
a trade llceuae <>r In the ■• i ia of n householder,
lio or ihe shall, during tlio month of i" eember
ii. each yoar, mak** and causa to h** delivered t•>■
the clerk of the munlcipaHtj n statutory d***--
claration, nm l«» and subbcribtd before a su<
preme <ir county court Judge, stipendiary ur
poHco magistrate, commiiUioner for taking affidavits in the supreme courtju - let of tl i i eace
or notary public,'
li tu seholders and license hoi !*■*••> «:■? required
on or before the 31 day <»f December to hand
nr a i t'< tu-- citv cleric their names as a voter,
an I al the • ne time a sta tutor] declaration In
the form provided by tbe sta tut".
Househol loxs au 1 license In11»J***• r■* r*»s-iiiro to
have! rod continuously in the city since January I last,
Applicants ara required to name tba lot and
block on which tlu-y wish to register,
Form***, of application mny be bad nt t!ie drug
R, I. HKSTI.KY, City Clerk
Bit ran, B.C., Decembei iu. 1003,
ted Ranges
for $18.25.
Why I>t without a ran**:* when
yon oan get one so cheap ? Tbaj
are [ referrable to stoves and give
butler satisfaction. These rang;***
bum wood or coul and will he
bet up fret*.
I J,
YOUR at tin tion i« respsotfully
called i" tho Custom Tailors1
Onion Lal'i-l, a cut ol which
appears below. It Is the only sign
irhereby a person ,h nuio uf letting
cliitliffa maoe In *t fair shop.
j Uy leaving your order for a lull
)  Suit,  TrouiicrH or  Overcoat  with
I A. David, Miners' Tailor,
you will Hnd the Onion haliel on
nil Cltthoi inii'lss by him.
Gents'  Furnishings
of a wiiln  niiitfe ami of flrst-Class
ijnulity kept ii. stock,
win bu
:.-..! i ■■•li'-
Stores nl *—'l<n*nis ane" Snnilon.
Wi* hare jtutrsceired an elegant
line isf  giiuili  for   the   holiday
trade, Including
flanicurc .Sets
in Rlsony, and Silver Mounted
Leather Traveling Cases
Tuilet Sets
Brush Sets
Perfume Atomizers
Perfumes, etc.
We also carry Eastman's KoilakH
ami genoral ■upphra,
Aftei t.B for tin- Ueintzman c\ (>.,(l.-i
hard Ueintzman, and Karn I'iatius
I Mci i impmits,
MmsU.ru; Knu tintsal Mluarat Olalnt,
Sititale in thi* Blocan City Mining I>ivi-
ilon of tlm WcHt Kootenay District.
Where located! In the Arlington
Take notice tlmt l,.I. M. McGregor,
acting an agent for Thos. Tobln, F.M,
0, No. n.rii)"'J7, ami ll. Cameron, freo
miner's certilicate No. 1)60705, Intend,
slaty days from the date hereof, to apply
to tlm Mitiini* Recoider for a certificate
of Improvempnts, for the pnrposo ol obtaining a srown grant for tho ahove
And further  lake  uotice  lhat tuition,
under section 87, mint I ommenced
before t Tts.- Issuanco of such cerlifirala of
Imi rovements,
I'ateil this I7ih dayof November 1002
81*11 02 ,i. M. McGREGOR
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, 11. C.
General Packin-r and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle ar.d Pack Horses far
hire at reasonable rates.
K. i:. ALLEN, -        Manajrer
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Harry Willinms, or to nny pereon
nr persons to whom ho may Iiiitb trans-
fi*ris*d hia interest in tho Chilkat
ansl Delphian mineral claims, aitnated
tin tlm head waters of Lomon creok,
and recorded in the Recorder's office
for tlit. Slos'im l ity mining division.
You an? hereby notified that I.Ofrar
V. While, free minerH* certificate No.
B00427, hays* caused to he expended il ie
sura of six hundred ami fifteen dollars'
in labor nnil improvements on tlie al ovs
raenti ned mineral claims, in order to
hold said claims under the provisions of
the Mineral Act; and if within DOdays
Irom the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure,together with all costs
<>f advertising, your interest in said
claims will become tho property of the
subscriber, uniler section 4 oi an Aet
entitle.i "An Act to amend lhe Mineral
Act, 1000."
I'ateil at Bandon,B.C.,this20tb day el
September, A.D. 11*02.
26*9*03 OSCAR V. WH1TB
All ucnsiblo psepli) ti'arel
In UieC.r.U.
SI'l-K I)
A -ci.itis-* wt. the undeniei
timetable will convince yoo
•f tlilt fact, Leave .*>loean
CIlV »t I 20 p.ill :
Arrive Winnipeg 3rd (lay 8.60 a.m
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day at G.40 p.aa
Arrive Chicago Itrh day at (.).3Ua.ni
Arrive Tarcnto 6th day at 2.46 p,M
Arrive Montreal 6th day at 6.80 p.m
Arrive New York fith day 8.fi5 a,m
"Flying ]).ilneosbvdny.lnx-*
uriniisi rustiny: places at
■ight," litly describes the 0.
P.K. 'J'euriat Cars, which
leave as follows:
Leaves Dunmore Junetion daily for St.
I'aul; Kootenay Landing Tuesday and
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, eta.
Further proof of the unequal-
Iwl serviee of the C.P.R. ean
be had on application to
A. OP. A.,
Vim couver
Agent, Sloean City
1H '■''■$.
fflk e\
V'/i ..
m '■'.
! /:


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