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The Slocan Drill 1903-02-20

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rOL. HI*, No- 47-
SLOCAN,    11.   C,   FEbKl'AUY   20,    100.!.
$'.2.00 i'i"-It ANNUM.
Bid you try our genuine
Outario Honey
It is pure and unadulterated.    5-lb.
tins for $1; also in small jars.   .  .  .
Try a tin of Schilling's Best Baking
Powder.  None better.
e a .       .
W. T. Shatford & Co.
, York
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
IS*-*  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ■_
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .     .   3
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and IWining Men.
QETH1NQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Re-opened under
Uie old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
C»r. Arthur Street »»d Delaaay At«»i«.. •!••»■«
Ihiililing thoroughly ronovaied
aad re at eked with tlie best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
r*^rr= ; _-_-=,
Kami Tax h.vImw Beoemei I.biw mis! Col-
lOOtlous (n lio Mssslii :sl Oii.'si Now l*s»-
iiuk KjIsh Introdueed—>t*otlDg to lis.
Held on Miircli 3rd.
A special meeting nf lhe elty coma*
oil waa held on Saturday mornlng,the
business lieing the final reconsldeta*
tion and adoption of bylaws 15 and
18. Present: Mayor York, Aid. Worden, Smith. McCallum and Arnot.
Both bylaws were finally passed and
signed and the seal of the corporation
attached thereto. The bylaws were
sent t:> Nelson tor registration,
Aid. Worden gave notice of intro-
ducing bylaw No. 17. for granting a
bonus of $10,000 to thoQntario-Slocan
Lumber Co. This bylaw is to take
the placo *>f bylaw No.l4aa cancelled.
Council adjourned.
MsiSBsliiy   Ms-lit.
Mayor York wns the only absentee
from Monday night's meethig of the
council. Ala. Smith was voted to the
Correspondence read: From David
Morris, Nelsi in,acknowledging acceptance of Iiis offer to make survey for
the wati rworks,   Piled.
From Royal Hunk, Nelson, stating
thai bonds of city officers had been
placed iu the vault for safekeeping.
Communication Eiom Bunk of Commerce re deeds to millsite was again
laid over.
li. A. Bradshaw's letter, raising the
rent of the city kall,was taken up and
d •'.) .!■ "1. Finally ace iptedj at a rental
of $7.50 per mouth.
Bills presented: Payroll for January, $146.66.   Ordered paid.
Finance committer reeommensded
payment of bills amounting to ?~'.:&.
Ordered paid.
The sSro, water and h* rht crum;.'"-
issi'imitted their estimate, r ■(';.*:.•. • *. n.i-
iu * purrhn •■ of throe lire l.-dd■•.'■■ and
sit; axes, am luntin ; to ;';> wi Sat. l ii
all; also thai the ■■■ iiineil h il i  '': ■   .
for pr iliurinary survoj for sTOterwork. •
The ostimato of the Ixjard of wor! .-
was as follows: Exteu. ion of sidewalk
from hospital to comer of Rletel
ave; four foot walk on north em> oi
Fletcher  ave   from   Main   to Hume
■ ii.' st; exti ision to G >■ hall; gfadin
Delauoy avo betwoou blocks 6 and 7;
grading Hum.' street from  Delaney
.ims in  Park ave; repairing Sprfr
era ■';   bri I :■ i; new   culver! 1) itwe
Lake ave an i Arthur street; gradi
Mniu streot from Ftetcher avo to Fitz
ave   .;;n Hinting {.o $682 ia all.
The sohool trustees submitted th ;
sstimate, asking for $2162 for  alaric;
und incidentals.   < H i'ii- $14 Ow iuld
be received from the governmontjea**
ing $762 to !>,• raised from the city.
Aid. McNeish,as on lof the trustee .
was wiilin, •• 11 forego $100 from th
school estimates to help out the board
of works.
Aid. McCallum wit-- not "so willing,
as In* wantod to e-ee the$100 expended
In grading the sohool grounds, so as
to permit lhe boys and girls having n
separate portion.
The various reports were laid on tho
table for future ref irence.
Some talk ensued upon the question
sf wh 'ii 11 pay Hi" regular month 1*.
allowance to the school, lt is now
dono .rn the 1 t of each month and the
city's accounts fall due onthelotli,
•md the idoa was to make all payments fall due on tho 16th, but tho
trustees objected.
Aid. Arnot moved that the school
allowances be paid on the 15th of each
month,   Seconded by Aid, Pei ter.
Aid, McNeish maintained that the
teachers should bo paid as they o n n
their salary, at tho end of each month
Motion carried, Aid. McNeish vot*
ing nav.
til was held on Wednesday evening.
Pre sait: .Mayor York. Aid. Smith, Arnol, Worden and McNeish.
Mayor York reported on his trip to
Nelson that tho deeds to the millsite
were now in the Bank of Commei'ce,
in thai city, awaiting the payment bj
the corporation of $1600. Block F was
included in the deed and everything
Was at length in order. Included in
the deed were also lots 1 and 2 in
lilock 5, which had been considered
private property, so was that much of
again. The city would have to pay
the $1600. Two lawyers had passed
the deeds us sound, Copies uf the
do d were read.
The principal businesa before the
cpunoil was the consideration of tho
report of Engineer Morris, of Nelson,
upon the advisability of putting in
waterworks and electric light plant.
Mr. .Morris was present and read and
explained Iiis report, which was decidedly favorable, figures being submitted showing a healthy surplus each
year over expenses, Goal creek is the
point chosen for the supply of water,
The waterworks and electric light
plant would cost not mors' than S15,-
<ii!0.   A copy of thereportwill appear
in next issue.
The clerk staled he had sent a
quart of the water to the government
for analysis.
Bills presented: D. Morris, report,
$150; expenses, $9.60,   Ordered paid,
' leeting adjourned,
Hlssfiiu Boy a Have si Vnrled Experience at
Uo.tis* rtistl   * brand.
The pas! week has been aatirrihg
ssn:* in hockey i ircleS) so far as the li -
eal hoys are concerned. On Thiir-il.iv
.'•• seniors won a Well-earnod victory
over a combination team 'rom Silver-
ton and \ ". Denver The men from
up thc lake had been threatening for
i ■ tirn * t i !otn • & iwn for a game
aud finally realized. The match was
witnessed by a fair crowd and was
.v Hi mtc ted tor th i Bret half, but
ih" stayiu ; qualities of the home
roy oui by ft scorco "• .•'<•■•' to
1. Only s.'i.' oil hap occ ivr I, rack
Pi* •!.:.' •'. ri • sa 'in ■ nu v:i;, cut un-
,i "■ the ri fht eyi fr >: i . ll; in " puck.
His place ■■ is i r en '•. !'' Auurewu.
Tho team; lini ! uo as follows:
I '.
Han berger
I Pinchbeck
Din rou
No, 17, a   verb;.(im   copy of
which appear... in another column, wa
Introduced by Aid. Worden and read
n first and second time.
1". (. B mtloy was appointed returning officer for holding a poll on tl.e
bylaw, which will In* submitted to lhe
ratepayers on March '■',.
Aid, Worden queried if a trader's
license were transferrable, and was
Informed no; also that uo reduction
could be m.uie for any period loss than
llis' full six months.
Aid. Arnot Inquired if the council
had any right to instruct the assessor
how to make up his assessment, the
idea being lo make it high enough to
furnish all the revenue required; also
to shift the heavy end from improvements to land, A regular fusiladeof
ideas followed, the matter eventually
being left to the assossor,with a broad
hint as to the "Mty's needs.
The Ure, water and light committee
.V ire instructed tolo ill after En -hieer
Morris and render him all tho assistance possible in getting out his survey
and report ou the waterworks.
Council adjourned to Wednesday
".V.'.l'11'..il s>   Nl flit.
The adjourned meeting of tbe coun-
all sort* of styles, and, in foot, treated
that poor puck In a really shameful
manner, the like of which was never
before seen hers'. The sport on this
paper was called out by a man up
town just along about half time, but
when ho left there was a whole oalen-
darful of goals piled up against the
home talent, and when the circus
ceased you couldn't see the local ni't
it was so bunged up with O's. The
local boys did not win.    Unless those
Sandonitea promise to behave themselves next time and not treat the
puck iu so undignified a fashion, they
will be excluded from the privileges of
the .slocan rink, hoik here are not
used to such proceedings. It was
great fun, though, while it lasted, and
no .me was hurt. The victims and victors were:
Slooin Sandon
L. York goal            Hoggan
Andrews point                  Hood
Wilson j
liarber \ cover                Cliffe
Bull    j i DsCrawford
ilieks   c forwards i      llowarth
Doiron \ I K.Crnwford
Referee, F. McKinnon.
:*.' ruhTON
Bi   ■
Byra «
Barclay     t
I    0 'i'i-''!.  [
R ferce   il. Cleve.
A; i;  laland.
Slocan i ml i ' im of juniors to the
Rosslaiid carnival to compete for thc
championship cup,ba1 the bo*ys found
themsi Ives o itcla sed in playing with
the senior teams. Still '.hey put up a
plucky light and mado a good showing, Thi i were drawn against the
Rossland Victorias and succumbed bj
a score of -I goals to 3. The lads returned homelSatiirday and stated they
had had a royal lini ha- ing lieen
treated in a mo I !. ispitablo manner
the Rossland toll; doing everything
they could to give them a good outing.
"ihe Miner sa*, ■ of th i match:
The Victorin • had an easy time disposing of the team from Slocan. The
boys from th ■ lake svere overmatched
at ovory p i-int, b" t put up a plucky
e.ini' :'. and had the Victorias guess
iter at ono stage oi the game. The
York boys, sons of the mayor of Slo
cu). played a star game, as did voung
Bull. The goalkeeper had his hands
full trying I i k< p the puck away
from the goal. At nn time tho Victorias tried no loss than 20 shots for
th- goal. Tho goalkeeper, youn:
York, has a greal future ahead of him
a .a hockey player, The final score
was 1 goafs t • 3 in favor of the Victorias. The teams lin id up as follows:
Ra si wn. Suhmn.
McCreary goal L. York
Winn point Barber
Carmi-diaol       cover McMillan
McPherson*! I   McKinnon
Felion        1 J. Vork
Clothier       '   forwards   ] Smith
Harris I. Bull
Btoeen v* s^mioss.
No one for a moment considers that
the hockey came in tin* local rink on
Monday nignt was anything i lse than
a huge burlesque. Tin* Sandon hoc
keyists stopped over here a day on
theii' return from the Kossland carnival, and consented to oxhibit themselves before au admiring audience of
Slocanites, At least six of them did.
Slocan was suppospd to oppose them
in a game, but the accent must be
placed on tho "supposed," for never
at any stage of the performance did
their opposition approach tho strenuous, li was remarkable what thoso
follows from th i Silver City did with
that puck, ami when they tired of putting it through the Slocan goal, they
varied the programme by sticking ii
throiigb thoir own. They horsed it ;
around the rink, li d il i'i fancj knol
around their oppOnouts, poked it in,
Value of the Kf ports frein iisin uivininss
L*mt  Ys*ni',
Figure-! have recently been mude
public giving the value of the ores
shipped by the various properties in
tho Slocan City division di'ring the
past year. Despite the low price of
silver during 1U0'2 the value per ton is
high, more so on the average than in
the older portion of the Slocan camp.
There men total of 6333 tons shipped
during the year and the average value
per ton works out at $91, or an aggregate value of $576,808, which is slight-
ly above the value placed thereon by
lug Drill at the end of the year.
Appended is a Hat of 10 of the ]*•
properties shipping uud the value por
ton of the exports:—
Arlington    Slot)
Enterprise        50
Ottawa      1"A)
Florence  *    fiflv
Neepawa       40
Duplex         Tiii
Speculator       55
Uiuiiptou      250
"slav         55
Paystreak       55
These figures are an excellent Index
to the richness of the ores contained
in th • drj ore belt, and they are high
h to attract the investing public.
A little careful calculation will convince the capitalist thai there is money
to be .aad • iu mining in this camp.
in willi silver at present piics's.
Ad'iel to th ■ fi '.. t 11. of less cosl in
general development to other part-, i f
the country, i; the much smaller rate
charged for treatment by smelters on
the dry ores than i * the ease with the
lead ore-. Confidence in the future
of mining iu this division is well
Vol.- his MsBiii'\ Bylaw.
Th ■ rah payers will be called ou to
vote again on a bylaw, on March 8rd,
graiiting a bonus to the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co. Bylaw No. 11 was
for a bonus of $6000, but was after*
w .-.' cancelled by the lieutenant*
gove aov, owing lo an error therein.
i\t the same time, the townsite com*
panj hold up the city for $1600 addi*
ti aal oa account of certainlota in the
millsil ■ ass the amount to be raised
has beeu increased to $10,000. This
amounl is r payable ai the rate of
$1(K)0 a year without Interest. The
uet • um accruing to the city is $6300,
which i deemed amply sufficient to
secure th ■ whole millsite complete.
Judgii*: by the vote on tin- lasi ocsca
si a, bylaw 17 will carry easily. Very
little i uteres) Is being evinced In the
matter, for the conviction is pronounced that the bylaw is as good as carried.
The 1'iiivBi nail.
As usual the annual ball given by
the Minors' Union turned out a success. This time the affair took the
form of a masquerade und some very
pretty costumes wen' in evidence.  An
Lest Thus-1!! Slii|iini.|ilH Vr**i*a 8888 Tosiss -
a ii.a.uhy Bvldenee *r in* i.ira  and
Wealth ut  tli* 1 ,'amp -ICaterprUa tlia
BIcRcsst Khlpper.
No shipments wero made this week
from the division.being the lirst blank
this year. Ore is being rawhidi'd from
the Meteor und will go suit shortly.
The Ottawa will likely ship a carload
next week, ns ore is coining down
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6888
ions, masle up from 1^ properties.
Following is a full list of the ship-
ments this year to date:
Bnterpriie  145
Arlington  48
Ottawa  ho
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  1
Pnvlmi  4
Repvtblio  20
Al Teeter has thrown up his leaso
on the Kalispell.
J, Roberts, Silverton, is now foreman at tin* Kepublic.
A certilicate of improvements has
lieon Issued the Wasa.
Arlington shares were listed in Nelson this week at 55 cenl i.
The Sloean Star has contracted to
ss'tid all its or • to the trust smelter at
Denver, Col.
The government will sell all crown
granted claims in the Slocan which
are behind in their taxes.
The owners of the Crooleon Lemon
creek, are applying fer a crown grant
through .1. M. McGregor,
The lessees of the Meteor are raw-
hiding diswn some ore this we "k. They
will have half a carload to go out.
The strike of the conl miners is
compelling various mines and smelters
iu the province to curtail their output.
The Paystreak asserts the ore body
struck in the No, 8 tunnel on tho
Payne is on a separate und parallel
Finch & Campbell, of Spokane, forin .'ily owners of the Fnterprise, nre
selling out their big Kendall mine in
Monianu. their share of the proceeds
amount ing to $1,000,000,
I. Itol Osst iif Mi-lit.
amusing feature was the inarching in
of 21 monks and nuns, all disguised
sufficiently to puzzle everyone, There
were quite a number of visitors present from New Denver and Silverton.
The committee awarded the prize for
the ladies to Miss Winnie McMillan,
wh-1 was attired in a handsome costume us Itosalind, while W. II. Davidson bore off the honors for the gents
a- Lord Chesterfield. The supper was
giveu in the Union hall by the members of tho organization audit gave
overy satisfaction. .Music was fur
ni'-hed by the Adcock orchestra, i'hej
net proceeds of the bull will lv donated to the hospital.
Oovernment \""nt Chipman camo
over frnm Kiwlo vesterday, arran in
for the i ale of delinquent cron n "•rant-
i".l el.ems. Those tiot paying up next
week will come under the hammer.
The annual meeting of the Le Roi
mine. Rowland, was held in London,
Fn;,'., 00 Jan. s30. It was there stated
that the property was bee of debt and
with a good surplus, nnd that a dividend ink-lit shortly U' expected, In
the course of his remarks, Anthony
McMillan, noanoging director, stated:
••The Hunk of Montreal has stood loyally by the company, rendering it tho
greatest assistance, und our warmest
ih,inks are due the bunk. The December accounts huve not yet arrived
from Boesland, therefore \ have not
the ex,mt details, but on December 81
there were Coating liabilities amounting ts> about WMHiO.pivsuiiiabiy connected with such Items ns accrued accounts ainl wages, interest, tuxes.ete..
I at Rossland nnd Northport. At the
| same time there was an advance of
' 69000 or £10,000 "»cured on the
second-class ore dump at the Le Roi
mine, which is retired gradually out
1 of profits derived from the sales of ore
I therefrom. Since Hay last this par
tlcular advance had been discrwsea by
about £10,000,   Apart from this then
is not   today one penny of debt so tur
as the Le Roi mine is concerned.
"To make this matter still clearer,
if possible, the position viewed in the
liL-lit of the latest advice from our
manager appears to be this, that if we
choose to suspend operations for a lew
weeks and clean up everything on
hand nt the smelter, nnd pay nil- tho
bank, we should then have about
£60,000 to the goo* I In cash, In addition to the mine and its machinery,
the smelter and its equipment, lauus
and quarries,"
Lots »i Etna.
T. Jones, ore buyer for the Lauyon
/.in.' Works. Io!.i,K.in..says the Payne
mine has already formed plans for the
erection of a miiMetlo""eparator,whtch
will treal about 20 tons a d.iy.   With
this operating the pei*Contags8 of /ins-
will be raised from 15 to 60 per cent.
The contracts that hav.' been In force
called tor ore running 46 per cent and
over. There was but little profit in
thi-, but In the .shipment and treat
ment of 65 per cent ore there will be
"ii.ai margin. He further believes
the Slocan district can produce 8000
Ions of zinc ore per mouth. .»f
' ,•"
qf the
♦ 0**s0*>O*>O->
8>      J
[Been      1
Moretta   ♦
■•*. •-•» %
CnpvrlOrtU    *
:»!. by ss>
A. S. O
R(-*lO-tI»or» ♦
♦ O*»0*»0*0sf/0*»O-»s»O*»O40#0**K>*»O*
The honor of the Tenth hail been
smircheU. The rank and file growled
lt out ln barracks, the officers whispered It to each other, and ns the Lionel sat on the veranda of his bungalow and admitted tt to hluiseif be laid
much of the blame on his owu shoulders.
The robber bauds of India, known as
dacolts, had been busy around Aliwal,
and squads of British cavalry were being seut out every few days to destroy
them. Your true dacoit Is not only a
robber, but a fighter as well. He robs
his owu race wheuever opportunity offers and fights the llritish whenever
and wherever he meets them, lie Is a
good shot, a brave foe, and there are
honor and promotion to be had lu wiping hlm off the face of the earth.
Young Danforth had lately joined the
Tenth. He had family and political in-
flueuce and a fortune behind him. and
he had a personality which made
friends. There could be no greater
privilege than to be ss*nt out at the
head of a detachment to givo the da-
coits a whirl. When the time came
that the colonel could do young Thin-
forth this favor, he had a long and
quiet talk with him. He posted him
as to the characteristics and tactics of
the foe aud warned him of the pitfalls that even veteran officers might
fall into. He was to find tlie enemy
•ml ds-stroy him. but he was cautioned
against iuipctuousity and u- is**s sacrifice of men. Tliis expedition was to
be the young otfii-er's "try out." He
had never Ueeu under fire, and he could
not claim full kinship with the regiment until lie has;.
They gave young Danforth a British
eergeant and corporal and thirty-eight
Sikh troopers. Under an officer In
•whom he has conii.lence there Is no
better soldier that the Sikh. His only
weak point is that he must have bis
fs* In trout of hlm. Danforth had the
luek to strike a band of robbers within
twenty miles of tbe post. They had
captured a village and were pillaging.
lt was testlfled to by a dozen Sikhs
that he was as cool as an old veteran.
He seut scouts forward to ascertain the
strength of the • ie my and the lay of
tbe land and at the head of his forty
men he charged Into tbe village aud
routed out the ban.l of 150. He lost
two men and killed a dawn, and It was
a little affair to be proud of. He held
bis men well lu baud and was on the
watch for trickery, aud had ull tbe
troopers been Europeans all would have
gone well. As the robbers retreated
over broken ground men were tluug off
from cither flank to create an umi.usb.
They were few in number and ouly
half hearted, but as thvy cp. ::. <1 tire
the Sikhs boltesl. There were confusion
•ud a rout and the pursuers became In
turn the pursued. When the flight end-
sedt the sergeant «nd corporal were
A court martial was demanded by
young Danforth. No sootier had tbe
detachment returned than the remnant
of the Sikhs began to whisper about
Incompetency ansl cowardice. They
praise-d the officer for his tight at the
village, but tbey decfau*ed that his cow-
ardlee wheu be f iund himself in a
tight place had brought about dls -*.- r
His defeuse was straightforward aud
clear. There was not an officer who
doubted one of Iiis statements, and he
was honorably aojultted of the charge;
but a stain had beta left behind. It
was felt by men nnd officers tbat to be
even suspected of cvwardiee was a
smirch ou the name of the regiment. It
was agreed that the K.kbs bad lied to
excuse their own cowardice, ainl there
was the verdict of tbe cuurt martial,
yet the cloud was not diss-ipated.
Young Danforth could not fail to notice the change lu the attitude of bis
brother officers. Ths y did not cut him,
but tbey had to make an effort to be
frieudly. Pretty soon hints wire
thrown out that it would be well for
bim to transfer or leave the *>rvlce.
Then be weut to tlse colonel nud s-iiJ:
"I was charged with eowardica by the
Blkhs. Hail my sergeant and corporal
lived to come based with me 1 couid
have had witnesses to prove to the • ■ :,
trary. Tlie court martial took u.y word,
however, and I was honorably aojuit*
tod. I reu!.z>- tbat 1 am tainted. There
are bints tbat I ought to transfer or resign. With your permission I shall remain right here ami hope for scinctbiog
to happen."
"I believe that tbe Sikhs [asrlured
themselves." quiet y replied tbe colonel,
"and perhaps It Will be tbe wisest tblng
you can do to stay tiis."
Tbe words were klis.1 Hnd fair, but no
grip of tbe hand accompanied tbem. lo
bis heart of b<-arts tbe colonel bad
hoped tbe subaltern Woiiid go uway.
though at tbe aame time be !-■
that only an Innocent mun would have
cared to remain. Youug Danforth ls*sl
no more expeditions, aud mouths roil.-.l
away before anything happened to pal
his rase lu a nnsre fnvoruble light. Then
a number of dacolts were captured.
Among them were two or three who
bnd fought him thnt day. Tb.y UxiRt
ed of how tbey hnd drivs.ii bis Sikhs;
tbey praised the COOragf le* hasl exhlb-
lts*d In seeking to rally them. Tin re
was nn Increase or cordiality after that
but the subaltern gave no sign that he
noticed lt or wus ptaaed over It.
A few months later there arrlvi'd a
party of civil oinsinis and tbelr wives
who were on a Junket 'I ley had several elephants willi tbem for tlgi r hunting, and within twentj in Ilea of tbe
•Bost waa tbe game ths-y were after.
Young Danforth waa oue of the three
officers cietaiiiHl to arraiis>* a" I mat • p
the hunt. With the en .; • ■■ ... '-.'lur
of Nepal ansl his wife was I.a.iy i "if
ton. aud the two ladies were by uo
means novices in the simrt of tiger
huuting. When the hum bad been fairly entered upon, tbey occupied a bow-
dan on the Isaek of a big elephant to-
gether and would not admit any on*
else. A tiger had been driven by the
beaters iuto a swamp a mile loug by
half a mile broad, aud Into this spot,
grown up to r*?eds aud boabea uutil the
eyea could scarcely penetrate, '-mslied
the elephants and horses. The Idea was
I to drive the tiger out upon clearer
j ground to the west, where he could be
reached, and everybody made as much
j noise as possible. He was a crafty
bsiist. nnd for two hours he refused to
| break cover.
The elephant on which the two ladies
were mounted bad taken the l.'.id and
been steady enough, but after awhile
something rattiest him, and he boltesl
across the swan.p toward the tr«*s.
His mahout used every exertion to stop
or turn blm. but the old fellow wus in
a panic. To the surprise of everybody,
the tiger followed at bis bee'.s. though
In a furtive way, as If bent mil} on et*
eai-e. Witb tbe elephant making a
mad rush for a low branch, tree that
he might get rid of the bunion on llis
back Lady Clifton took swift aim at
the tiger and wounded blm. The
wound provoked Ills auger, and be
sprang forward on tbe elephant's n*iir
Just as tbe trs?e was readied am! the
branches swept the bowdah to the
ground. A 8e<*ond later and the two
ladies lay on the earth among tbe fragments, both stunned by the fall, aud
the tiger stood with bis paws upon the
body of Lady Clifton and growled and
snarled at the dozen spectators.
Fortune had given young Danfortb
his opportunity. As a sort of terror
held everybody else helpless, be flung
himself from his horse, grabbed a bog
spear from the band of a chattering
native and advanced npon the beast.
He bad to cover sixty feet of clear
ground, and those who looked on said
that tbe tiger's eyes biased lire and every hair on bis liaek stood up as tbe
officer walksad steadily forward. A
dozeu voices called to blm lo look nut,
but he made uo halt. As be drew
nearer the beast croucbed for a spring,
and when be wns within ten feet the
spring was made. Down went the
mau on his knees and up went tbe
spear, and when the onlookers glanced
again the mau was ou bis feet ami unhurt aud the tiger was rolling over and
over on the earth with the point s.f the
spear sticking out of his back.
The ladles had not been seriously
hurt, but at least ore of tbem bad been
saved from the timer's maw. Young
Danforth was the hero of the hour.
Every officer ln the regiment took bim
by the hand and offen-d congratulu*
tions, and his cotatel patted hlm on the
shoulder and said:
"My dear boy. it was the coolest.
bravest thing I ever heard of. and it
makes us all proud of you."
"But the Sikhs swore that as a leader
I gsit rattled and lost my bead." r«*i»li.-.l
tbe oflicer. "1 was honorably acquitted, but I have been made to feel that
I sinirclis*sl the honor of the Tenth
Until I can wipe tlmt out I mn an outcast."
The civil commissioner wanted to
show his gratitinle. nnd Lady Hifts.n
had influence she wanted ts> bring to
hear, but the subaltern remained tbe
.subaltern. He wns biding bis time, nnd
lie had not lorn; too wait. Tin* she
i-iuie dowu from tbe hills again, and
he was given tbe chance be so longed
for. Tliis time his Ufty tro>ips»rs were
all Englishmen, uud he not only attacked aloottan, the greatest robber
chieftain of tbem all. in a cboses position, but routed bis force and captured
the leader. That would bave Ik»cti fi
deed to boast of. but the subaltern was
not aailMW.    Leaving part of his force
to hold tt.e posttioa and th" prisoners,
he pressed on into the foothills with
tlie remainder ami attacked and cai>-
ttired a camp ansl brought iff tbe s r-
ceai'.t and es.rporj.1 who bad ln*eu made
;•• ......rs iu the first affair.   There was
a s«x'ond court martial at Aliwal on
tlie return of the troop, and when the
sergeant aud corporal had proved that
tbe ***kba were Lois and cowards the
old Tenth held a jubilee ansl sU< lar.-.l
that its honor was never so bright. At
the dinner they toasted "our cviiira !••
ki.d hero."
**   ar.sl   tbe   I'aisooisa.
There la HO 0* ruing for a slent'.-** ll
New Guinea. Tbe 1'apuan can s>'\.r
ti... wtreUks rattan ueeptra wliis-h i n-
tangle him ln the forest ut oue bite
and shari-en bis ts-eth *.;i the flint!"
sugar cane sticks Which he is constantly chewing la "A *'oiis« tor's
Rambles'' Mr. S.e-ri.i.m P. Denton re*
lates an amuslug Incident whieh attended a display of Yankee dental
The natives had bei n going through
some very clever tricks fsir our BJDUse
ment. but we lu turu were unal '•■ to
astonish them by anything wc i .••. ! do
until us.v companion. Sbeliey. told tbem
be could take hla teeth smt insd put
tl.sm bach again "No," they
"you cannot slo thai, for that is iiui*«■ -
sible." lu r.-ply Shelley tapped bis
tst'th  witli   h>  nail  'o  »hOW   bla   audi
ibat tley were ts*eth. aiid then
extracting tbe plats- on Which be bad
two or throe artificial oiiss. be 0| • !
his moutb. ebowj-.g ii,e gap whirs- I    ..
bHd beta.
The Papuans wnlted lo see no in..re,
but oil started for the small door at
once. In their haste to get out tlu-y
•tu.'k. ond I feared for a few momenta
they would tear the house down. Those
who wi'ie unable to get out at once
bowled In their fngbt and crent.-sl a
great uproar, and. in spite of our <■ Q
lug them tbnt wa were only In fan
tbey could not bs- perauaded to coma
back again for a long time, ninl I bet!
they came only nader the promise that
wa would uavar do tbat sjulxu.
Sfrlssii. Itsppsslt ot a   '     ol  Man   1 r> tn»
«o   lie   ra.veli.sa*>.
A weD known eitlsen of Clay Center
:. ■! I - ■ : . ted to an evening party.
ile wuutestl iss go, but bis uif-.* declared
that, she bad no ~own suitable for the
occasion aud asked him to scud "re*
greta" to their hostess. The man went
down to bis ollice and penned tbis facetious note of declination;
"We regret that your kind invitation
must be declined for a!', the convention
al reasons, but the real reason Is that
half tbe family has nothing to wear
My wifs'*s latest dress is over three
weeks old. and her hat is twelve hour*
out of date. Vou will appreciate the
hopelessness of the occasion and excuse us."
He thought this pretty gootl. nnd be
determined to write a note to his wife
nlso explaining that he would not be at
home for an early dinner, as she had
asked him.   He said iu this note;
"I have turned down your Invitation
because I am going out to another even-
In*' i arty where tbe gus'sts are not ex-
ported to wear anything of Importance
Berry 1 won't be Ihere to kiss you good
And then the fool man carelessly sent
h!s wife's note to the hostess aud the
host.-ss" uote to his wife.
••y.... "
"Say, l am going to spend thc ev
; ig Brtth the si.i'ight.r of old Prol
I he dot   l llk< i...' a bit
iranl .* "•) to b Ip tne throi -
-Mel   W i it can i do toh ip yeu
I oo blm In his' i >ibu.'.
u's l ... and iis* I. in ihia question: 'l
fs'-s-.r.  :o wij..i nu .uu attribute
deca     • *  i *•■ 'Va.:-:;.':
-Wbat good will that do':"
"He'll spend the whnle evening Bring in prove that Durwlolstn unit
- .
( H
.IisIiiiisi'•   Atvf'.il   rredls-fts.it-nl.
Johnny—I wi->!i my folks wonld
agree upon on* thing and uot beep un
•i!i ibe time iii a worry.
Tommy—What have they beeu doing
Johnny—Mother won't let mo stand
on my bead, and dad Is all tlie tlun
fns<iuu because l we.ir'iuy s-h ies out
so fast.
s.i nssusi.-is is-nl.
Mr. Kallow I'.: bvg pardon, Miss
Bnappe, but can I smoke?
M;>s Etnappe- I'm sail- i don'l know,
but if you've never tried befon pleaae
.lout begin h re.
••."slcrcurlsslc  Sworda."
When was It ii**ual to Insert running
nis.. my in the backs of swords':
Ties was a comparatively lommon
practice among tbe Italian. Fieiuli and
•seanisb aws-mlinaken of the sixisvntii
aud seventeenth centuries, but it was
more o." a fancy than anything «'lse. for
it aever came im.i general use. it wi ■
oot, of cours.. u»*<l for r.ipisrs or the
lighter kinsl ol swords, but for tbe
heavier cutting sw,■;■:■;
Tbe method wus to s.-ast the bias!**
rather broader at the back than usual.
with :. hollow ruunlng down it. Thi-
na-. ban* tilled wltb quicksilver and
sealed up. The idea was that when a
blow was struck with sm h a aword
the quicksilver would tiy to the point
and so Increase the weight of tbe blow
This Uieoretli al advantage, however,
.!:d uot at .-iii counterbalance tbe get;
ernl clumsiness of the weapon and Its
uii!iaii(iiue>s iu guarding, and so th"
an: oriole sword-, as tbey were called
from which their Ingenious Invent -
hoped so Ri'.is-h. uiie rather military
curiositis's than practical successes.-
London Answer-*
Uo. Is   SI .lea.
Doctor's I.litis' (!lrl Vour papa owes
psj paps inouey
I/awyer'i Little tllrl That's nnllilng
Pups said be was jji.ui to gel off with
bla life.
Some r.is'ii stall wrong ami are In I
t every- station ull through li'1-
Sssmetlstni;  fo  Ur Thankful   For.
a Kcotcbman who bus a keen appreciation of tlie strong characteristics of
bla countrymen delights in the story of
a drisv'lst known both for his thrif*
and his philosophy.
OiiB-e be wns aroused from a ds?s'i'
sleep by the ringing of his nlgbt bei'
He went down to bis i!:t!s' shop am;
sold a dose of rather nauseous medicine
to a distressed customer.
"What   protit   slo   you   make  out   e*
Tha Trick In sn„«lt-t MaklnK.
The omelet is the supposed "impOBai-
ble" in the average kitchen, when in
reality it is but a momenta' work whieh
any ordinary cook cau accomplish Ami
once a simple omelet is achieved thcro
is uo end to the pretty and toothsome
variations easily within one's skill in
tbe tirst place, omelets Deed uot be
"tossed.'' but just handled calmly and
practically, und, iu the second place,
the puffy omelet is the "souffle," by
far inferior to what might be called
tbe "true omelet," which is uot puffy
at all nor subject to falling.
Tbe one point in omelet making
which umst be imperatively observed
regards the pan. It is not at all nee -
eary to buy a regular omelet pan. as a
si otb, rattier beavy, medium sized
spider answers the purpose equally well
But it umst be kept sacresl to omelets
—abssslnt'ly never appropriated to other uses. It must neves be washed, but
cleaned by salt and brisk robbing Before using melt a little lard in it. drain
it off and rub ont well with a dry cloth
until thoronghly clean and sliiuiug
su;ss..th. It is not too much to say thut
a proper pan la two-thirds of thu but lie
in successful omelet making.
Never make an omelet for several
persons nt onee, individual ones bcins
both more satisfactory mid more eaailj
managed.—Ella Morris Blretachmar is
Wonian'e H.si.se Companion.
The Coming
" Pinto Shell" Cordovan \ra\fo
for H.B.K. mitts and glovej it
bound to displace all othet
leathers for hard-wear mitts and
—because it is the tougheit
most flexible and lightest
leather made.
—because it is a pure vegetable.
tan without a vestige of oil to
chill the hands or stiffen the
glove in cold weather or crack
it when dried out
••Pinto Shell" Cor.
dovail can be boiled without
injury, in fact it is boil and
scorch proof.
•i in and «**nst bts name.
11" Cordovan !./
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
«6 St. Oiotls] f. l:•«*.. atoatriaL     ltt Prtoceu Sbrstet, Winnipeg.
I       Makere of V. mm Ctotiiiafi MliU, Gloree, Uuderwrnr, Box, aloccatlut, ete.  104
Bold bj all slon.li: si.   t^vo tlila brand
If four i!i*alssr hai no'. l;ot tliein writ
Every pslretampssl "I'lntoSh
Strike Terror to Every Mother** Heart—
Prevention and Cure Is Found In
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food-
Tlie most pitiisil condition into
which any child cim outs*? is lh.it ol
ner*.ous and physical exhaustion,
which ofts?n ls/nds to convulsicus, *--;.
Vitas'  Dance, rickvts or epilepsy
Because or its si,-ntle action ami
marwlloua upbuilding inftuer.i-e on
the blood, nerves and s*.str::. generally. !•■• Chaae'a Nerve Ko..J is es*
pecially eflective iu restoniig pals'.
weak and puny children vo robust
Convulsions are son.etin.e*, pn
ed by Irritability, (retfurness, reatr
lessne-s-s. griisilinc; oi tlie teeth during sleep and twitching ol the muscles of the fac?. winch Boon extends
through the body. The aims and
ls»ga are violently bent and straightened, the head thrown ba. V, the eyea
opened widely. a*.d breathing is temporarily arrested A« tho spasm
passes off the chili to a '!"• -p
sleep, and n.ny be days "r e\»*n
vrs?eka In regaining str.-ngth To piss-
vent a rsypetition of eonrulaiona Dr.
Chase's  Nerve   Food  should  be  usad
regularly after each meal.
St. Vitus' dance is usually preceded by decided puiior. emaciation s.nd
a low stale ol heath. It is first
made manifest in a lameness or drugging of the feet. The trouble ih.-n
goes to the arm and hand on the
same side, and the more the patient
tr es to control his movements i!ie
more ridiculous he seemi. As this
tru'.tile la likely to become chronic,
and iast through life, no time should *
be lost in treating it.
These dreaded diseases,  as well as
many   other     ailments  of childhood,
are directly due to low vitality, and
can   be thoroughly  driven from    the
system  by  the  persistent use of  Lr
Chase's  Nerve   Food.    For  a    young
child you can divide the pill in two.
Tliis     food    cure  forms     new,     rich
blood,   creates  new   nerve  rclls     and
builda up the system as no prepara-
jtion  was ever known tsi  iio       Fifty
j rents a box.  6 boxes for 12.50      ,\\  I
.nil d.-alers. or F.dmanson.  Dates     A
I Co., Toronto.
I'li.ssfi'.'I.B'   Ms   Ilia   Hi»l,
"li,,i.~ 1.a- 11 s en 11 liiir-ictui ?' wild
nu ol - 1 vanl 1 i-"'i '> !.'•-•■ sp' dully Is
clioructir read! ■.    ">>i 1 lurat1 it <l ies,
"Th • man w li me bnl Uti hlm i*xiict*
ly nml la tet b iu fi aud Btrnlgul on liln
head i- iMMrly ulwiij's nn orderly, deliberate man. regular In his Uablts, but
very often commonplace »** 1'i'gorda
mi ntal attainments.
"Men ol I :- ■ mental powers, tblnk.
sts and pail sopbeis, affect ImtH 11 tilile
too li ."* f 11 them, They are men uf
large Ideas I tbelr bla lints will often be found to c njunctlon wltb looae,
easy fitting cloth t, f.n- In this, ns In
other mat! re, tbe body nil 'eta tbe
11..... l
"1 sissi;".>t equally th.' mun who
1 wen re bis bat at the back of hi- bend
and I;-' wbo habitually l'"B's aboui wltin
' It tilted to one Ride. The ti^st is .,f a
candid, eaay :■■ 1 type, but apl to lie
flighty; tbe latter, wltb a QTsprtsltlon
for sp irt and I lie, la at the -am.'
time often frivolous and conceited.
Neither of tbem, bowever, will be a
coxcomb, like thc man whose b.il is too
■mall for blm, 1 or v' ;•' aud crafty,
like the wearer of n bat wblcb 1* ul-
waya pulled down over the eyes."
linn, r  In  P.ilxona.
It is lamentable lhat neither repeated
warning nor sad experience a 1 ms to
nave the desired sti'srt sif making the
ordinary person cautious in tbe nae "f
poisons. In tin' last few dais thrw
children have iiis-d presumably from
taking pohwn that was carelessly left
within their reach, one would suppose
that sucli accidents would by this I me
have become almost Impossible, yet
tbey are constantly recurring with a
frequency that demands further warning. If parents would learn to feeep
•soisous In a place a bere they could not
be reni'lied by others there wonld be
fewer accidents.
It is the old principle of familial tj
breeding contempt It cannot he too
strongly Impressed upon every one that
the only immunity from danger is
through constant care nnd prvcautlotv
It is a lesson that needs to be lmp*reased
upon everv Individual without excep
i  it" Brembled iiis w'lfa
'. !..: ji-Mii." sias um cbeerfnl on
•   I for tbat bit cf money you'll lie
awake maybe an 1. - • • *. 1. * * -!,.■ >:,;.i iu.pa-
"Never gruml le o'er tbat woman,"
waa bla placid answi r.   "Tbe di se will
*.i him iiw.il.e a.; isi/ht. We must
tbauk boavei we ha' ti-..' protit and
hmm <'' tne ;■ iln "' thi- transaction.''
A   I'rls-tliUe   I I.s. U.
A   naturalist,   n btle   1,- 1 ng  c.tr.i
>..:,j■■   one of        •  |i     da of tlie In*
• d as the 1       - s. or
• islam!*   found a 1 ".r   1BJ8 tlUie le-
•-'_■ .! .it the hi^ ••■'' -if a raj
;      Isotttea wen in . •  .-
'  .-v d in 1 a
tstlty of bli : d on"
■ into l       . just half 1 n
n tbe 'ij':" r I   lili  waa
euptj 1 lie tr..,i - r. .•
. with nol     - ;
bung u;*..
■ l. a aa placi il •
l • ip number of 1   1
ng lu the l.'-tsr In it am      nnd
• .      I
•   b]   Mriklng the
• 1;    ■ n i^'B..
!>!.! y   • •
your   i
'Thi the 1
If yo
Will ki.■.. .. :
r bla fi
• - three Is
When be falls ts  ana
t-'il blm that l
tbe .instance . Iti ■; 1- alni| Ij
iizi-U furm ol tbi  I*ut• is won
renhaaz" • r "S 1 iraven ■ ..
which in the Dutch laogi ngi
"the  count's  hetlge"  ur
grove" in   •.    • -
Orlg   ..,1. thi   local
hy  tli    ci .   s.f   iu.-  H ,
■■ intlng gi      da 1 ' tbe    ■     -■■::'
land.   About  Ibe  , ,,;.,,
'   iu  the  grove,   l\
village -sprung
Mill It 1 : , ||
am)   Un
■vi... 1 in 1 .
original  si)
o  n pirl
Into' .: ■ li ,. :
An   Old   KaulUls   s „,.,.r.: i 11,,-,.
Attention baa been called t" the sur-
viv:;l of f I parts Of  I''
laud by evidence given in a stubbing
case tried at the Basex aaaliea To
quicken tbe healing of the wounds, the
knife wiih wblcb they were Inflicted
was imeared with grease and laid 00
the bed of the patient Tha purpose
served by the app catli n 1 .' gi  . -•■ "r
Oil til the klr.f" 1 ;   tO ;.'...   UM I
ment that has Inflicted wounds I
prevent it from rusting, fsir if tin
is allowed to beci n e ruatj tl    •■       ;
is supposed in be all    ti •! aud ;   1
bag I'issi mortlfica! on follow the pi ^
n-ss of the rust.    Another quaint belief is that tii" api of an oiled
kuifs- is a certain and quick remedy
fur scalds and l 11  1
Hlla   Waa   n  iluliun.
Ulte. tl •  1 Bnc  nl
On .■ 1 snu . 11. I'.,, was victor at
both i'U- . j\
fonalx times . ,    s
caalo - : with no 11 on
hia - killed tbe animal with u
blow of ins !'.;-: nnd then ate tl." entire
car< '■ I" 01 ■• dnj An ordinary meal
for thia glu torn ,. T 1 n was twenty
pounds of b id. 1 ■ ■ ( much meat
mi'l Of teen pints 1 . .
Frnnklln'a  FruKnlltr,
Mr. Fisher. In hia biographical ik^fJ
"The True Benjamin Franklin," "3
a ftory to Illustrate Frankln. s fmgalitjl
and method of acquiring property
On the eastern shore of Maiylarj'i
young man called one evening on J
old farmer to ask him how it waitafl
he had become rich. "It la a \<dr
atory," said the old man, "ami whiiej
am telling it wu might aa well savet
candle," and he blew it ont
"Von need not tell the story,"-**■
the youth.   "1 see."
Franklin's method Of gnii)ingwt>al
ns ss en iu hia narrative of now he 1
hia wife livid tsigi ther, wus the one I
ancestors practiced.   "We kept do
servants  ' lie snys. "Our table Wasp
] ansl simple, onr furniture of the chi
I est.   l'i.r instance, my breakfast wail
• a long time brs'ad and  milk—im tss
1 ami 1 utc smt of a twopenny earthen ]
; ringer with n pewter spoon.  But ma
bow luxury will enter  familiea
make a progrrss in spit6 of princij!
"Being called one morning to l.ra
fast, 1 found it in a china bowl will
spoon of silver 1  They had been ban]
for uie without my knowli dge
wife  and   had  cost  her  the enorn
fnin of three and twenty ahillingi
wliis'li tne bad no other tdtcnaeorap
gy to make but that  she tb< nght
husband deserved a silver s\ n
chiua bowl as well as any of Ins g-J
A Dar*S Talk.
Few of ns {an bably ever tliiDki
onsly about the amisiint of talktnt
du iu a day and how large a-fact
mere talk Is in tbe life of the world fi
both good and evil It liasbeenL
matitl that n public ipeaker ntteal
one hunr, on an ,.\ ■ rag what 11 isiml
esl, would occupy IA octal page*.
dinary conversation is even inure pn
Let us fuppose, says Th- Winoaiii
that all the talk of one day 1 -i-;....ji*l
as equivalent to fntir li"-
ip aking   In a single wi .. the a
would make what, if prinl   I «
an octavo of ISO pages In a v,... .ical
would compli'te 69 siiih v IntsM isl
111 '20 years he would hav.- a   nia-iliial
m library of   I,MO vol * "I
talk. What value wonld moat at ■
place on such a library :; ■*' am
of ns conld einlr.r* ton . I It Hi wninjl
would f. el latitfled t.. b ive >ncii bda\
go on the market I I
It i< related of Dean ,;'   ft tbat lit]
evening party, on oni  ■        ;i. bfti
tired to a cornet of the 1 ■
menced noting down tbe t:;-'i"^j
is'inj any H> ing ass. i wbal B"
doing, ha prodnced a vei r'i •
• loonvi reatioa which b 11 ;''*'*""!|
pl.u-e Most of the ap< ikera. It la adaH
felt d> small  bnmllj : ••"'"^
p- itiiial and trifling character of ft
utterances when confi !■*■ j_vvi"*** ,*,e*|
l.al W|
Tsi.i Isqnlslllv*
Wife—Kuril 1 s
■ -   . di. rl
11      rl -Vay i bear 1'    ' :'-
"Well ies.  1 . ' I ,va!
1 gi • at eetnbllsbmeol >■        ' '•'
husbands.  Thi re were beantlea, m
.  iaa ' a*, s and marked al tam
. and "Mi ra were «   - -: ,,#'*
nrea.  Oirla were paylna •■ •' f','''°"
and getting the I ai '-    -1 '•»''" *^
taw,  It was woodi 1 ful."
"I'id you rare  any   Ilka nw m
,lr:ir'" '       1 0*1
' v-s. ,!.,st H> l waa 1 n ■-' '
wbole ls-t like yt 11 i> on ■ ' Ul
•will. oui '' r."
s > si.|ilrarr.
e still rc| -for
Um b. Uj ,.: ..... „,. n't >oui"
A   **eis...   nf   (irlalnl,.
"la ymi Bbo'  bi   lovea j
•u own
M*"1 * "'■'•>"■" •' ther pity-
Ingly. "Is I aho'! Dl In't be r"fu-,''a
Imitation to a dog fl •■ -. - be conld
come a-c-surtln' ba' vt'edneadaj nightT
Sick Headache, Constipation, VVjj]!J>
Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion!
Disordered Liver & Female Aijmgnt»
Prepared only by the Proprietor, Thomas Peechaji. St Del*"*. *•
Sold hverywhere in Canada ami U. 8. Ainedcs.   In boiei, V> -•uM- The
Tsi   8^8
somo idea of tho Increase
...,.•,■'transportation in   cities.,
'   v |„. mentioned that Now York
'     i Hi*8  fewer stables,   and 8,600
.. ^ases than in 1800; and that
|,arlfl omnibua companies got ild
, „o0 horses last yeur.
Sirs,—1 was for seven years
!■[,,,.',,,. 'from Uronchlal trouble,
would !»' B0 hoarse at times
I c0Uid Bcarcol** apeak above a
,.,,,. | got no relief from uny-
1 ,|ll   1   tried your
V"lI."ill'sAM."Two bottles gave
mui six tiottles made a   eora-
cur0    l   would  heartily rocom-
i ji to anyone    Buffering    from
, ,,,- lung trouble
,1.  1-.  VAN1U1SKIKK.
, „ remains hot longer than ar.y
*,.,. , i ii'.uii subitance, Lava which
L.'.i'i n-um M»"nt Etna, In 1787 waa
i,e abovo the temperature
Mater a  foot bolow    its
■nis!    In
1840, B8 yeara   after its
Nloari'i Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
[•   ,.  Kdward bus atood irssilfulher
*',,,   fewer than 7!*. ch bbe"     In
k.l0 instanco he stood god uther   I >
th fl,ther and son, theae two bo-
- .,,. nuke of Marlborough and
I       .    ,:,. Marqula of Blandford.
v n  manv nereona .lis* Annually from
. ,. id kindred  Bummer complaints*
s ,   have  been     si.vi'ii   it  proper
i„,,i I,,-,, usesl    if attacked il"
•   in  netting si  hoitls* of l>r   .1
.. •., |u ti'tv Cordial   Hie men-
,   never  ts'its   to   eflert   n   cure
. s,,  have    uaed     ii     H«v  It acta
.,   ,..,,i   thoroughly aubduea   the
■  .I,.' aaa
In tin* H.-.sis t i.t iiimlih, Visjor aisd Happl-
Good blood—rich, rod blood—l**. the
greatest enemy that disease can have
It stimulates overy organ to throw
nil any ailment thnt may attack it.
flood blood is Lhe only positive euro
for such complaints ns anaemia, nervousness, neuralgia, skin aruptiona,
iiiflicesion rheumatism, HtO., ba-
civ.isi! I.hisc discuses cannot exist
Whom the blOOd is good. Plie secret
of good blood—rich, red life-giving
blood-is Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills.
Where these pills are used it, means
life, health and vigor. Mr, Robert
Lee, a well known resident of jCew
Westminster, it. C, says :—"Before I
began using Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills
my blood wus in u very Impure con
dltlon, und us u result, itchy pimples
was smooth und clear. The pi Hi are
appotito was fickle,, and 1 wus easily
tired. I tried several medicines, bill
they diil not help me. Then my wifo
urged me to try Dr. Willinms' I'ink
l'ills.   I got half a dozen boxes, and
by the tims> 1 had used them, I was
fully restored to health, and my skin
was smooth and clear. The pills are
the best medicine 1 know of for purifying the blood." Sold by ail medicine dealers Or sent pOBt paid nt .'.iu
per box. or six boxes for $2.60, by
Writing direct, to Ihe Dr. Williams'
Modlclna rn., Brockville, Ont, I1"
not take ii substitute, or something
snid to be "inst is good." The
",iust mt good" medicines novov ciirod
liuinptlwl  Irom  Th»  Ooiiiujsjn-tftll
Tl        ttro now  3,*"rt*"0 miles of    tli.
a,,,,, to Cairo  railway  finiv".! leaV-
■ --.I miles to connect th*3   ii*'"
• ;  systems.    At  Du! .wuyo  tbo
I i  |60 feet above sea-level.
Ai   iflar Ona Hundred  Doilurs Reward
, ,..mi. ssi oatisirh tint cannot he
' ,    )   MibU'h  ('utarrh  Cure.
i !,,.in>v  A Co.,   Props.,   lsileslss    O
.,,     e uiidorilgnad, have known F. .i
I  ,.,        |„i    the   last   18   year*,   uml   be-
... i ii   perfectly honorable In hu bust-
'is,as and  tinaai'iully able to
liar uui na\ ebllgatlons wede by tbeli
.'    I'ruisx,  Whnleaiile  Drutrglata,  Toil    0,
Rinnan    A    Morvbi     Wliul.-ssil.'
: i ,: u'isiss.   Toledo.   I)
iBnll'ti Catarrh  Cure la  taken  Internal-
as hub  directly   upon   the  blood  mist
i, .     surfaces   of   the   system       Price,
,- i,i   l.ssttle.    Slid   bv   all   Uriumists
ullu     ails fri*e
lli,   *  Family   l'ills  are  the   best
Hi.' sh coal minus possess sinly 420
oal-i " ng machines. Those of the
ial. si States have already 8,600,
ai ihe number is increasing at the
tab       300 t*. year.
A young mnn muy be a I rifle sadder, but he certainly Isn't nny wiser
whon ho culls to sic his ix>st girl and
Amis her oul.
" I am sure if baby could only
talk," says Mrs. 11. CJaffney, l.'An.-.-
lils*, Ont., "slu* would praise Daisy's
Own Tablets too Thoy have iiiven
bettor results than any other meili-
i im' I have ever used for my little
one." This is the verdlr.l of all
no1 hers who have used Uaby'a Own
Tablets, and it is the vi i * '"■ -'
in oof that no other medblne can
equal Ilium for tii" Bpeedy rellof and
euro of 'in' common ail'iiunts of nt-
tli> onus These Tai lets i >li*o folic,
cibtisi li ui ion, Bour stom i *h. diar-
i hocn nnd simple fevers: I nej I
• ij. , ni ' i, i'1'i'vi'iii en) in. and ..'.'...y
ilu: Irritation accompanying the en t-
tlnc "i tee! h, and nro pnsi! I' e'y
guaranteed to contain n'i opiate. \il
rh'sldrcn take theni readily,  ami   f.'f
very     young    infallls    tliey     i an     lie
cruahod to n  powder.   Yon nui   u<'i
liaby's Own Tablota ft i anv drua-
irist ui 85c n box, or they will be
mailed, postage paid, by writ ine; direct to the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.. Dvockvllle. Ont., or Schenectady, NY Bend for our book sm
tho earn of Infanta and young children    Everj' mother should have it.
WHEAT—The past week has been
rather quiet In the wheat trade. Tho
feeling, however, bus been firm, and I Whut T
although the volume of trade in ihe
speculative markets haa been coui-
ptiiutively light, prices in these markets show a gain of li to ljc over
closing prices of a weok ago. France
has required to import but little
wheat since the season of 181*7-8,
When, owing to the serious winter
iluniiigi' to tho crop of 181)7 thu
l1'}enohinon roquired to import 8>),-
000,000 bushels. Should they this
•yeur huve to buy in oven 25,000,000
't would hnve a very bullish influence sm the general situation. At
the prosont time, although the duty
or. wheal Imported Into Franco is
87c por bushel, prices thero are on
en import level. Ill connection Willi
this we quote tho Liverpool Corn
trade News of January uu ; "lhe
severe weather of the past week.
which was general over western Europe was probably kmrmful to Lhe
v inter sown crops In certain locu'i-
ties  where  I hey are not  protected  lay
n snow covering, but sovoral weeks
will have to olapso before any definite knowledge on the subject will
be obtainable."
Manitoba wheal has been vory
qulol during the weoki A very large
amount of wheat changed hands lor
Immediate delivery, nlso for February and May delivery during the
vi'i'i. previous to laat when tho tnar-
I its wero advancing, Since they
broke and prices declined, sellers
having shifted their loads to other
shoulders, have withheld from selling
ins!* at tho lower prices, and the
buyers being well loaded up huvo nol
bi in anxious to take more In I he
meantime, and the consequence has
been very small trading during Hie
. t i'ii slays. At the close of this
week the feeling among dealers Is
firm, bul tin-re is no attempt to
• nsli business. On tlie week prices
have advanced ic to lie, and al
tlu close of business Saturday auo-
ti'.tlons Were i 1 hard, 74-gc* 1 northern, 7'JJ; 2 northern, 71lc; !! northern, i.'.'li', spnt. or February de-
i *i.!v. ami for May delivery, i hard.
77ic; 1 northern, 75Jc. 2 northern,
7 1c. :; northern, 71."c: all in store
Fort William. I'nit Arthur, or Duluth.
Liverpool—No. i northern aprlns
closed on Saturday at 6s. 9|d
H.iil'l'- Hest. Hungarian Patent
s2 10 per sack of 98 pounds deliver*
.*sl tss the trade; Olenoro Patent
81.95      strong  baks'is.    91.0*1;     and
\\\\. si.:',-b.
C. Marsh Says Dodd's j
Kidney Pills Did for Hlm.
Btory of a Nssvai Scotlsi Mass wlio had
AlsisoHt l.li'B'ii Up llsi|i« ssf I'.s'.r being
Well Again.
Central Economy, N. S., Feb. it
(Special)—"! feel as if Dodd's Kisl-
■ey l'ills hud saved tne from tho
grave," is the way T. C. Marsh, of
this place, talks of those wonderful
oxteriniiiutoi's of tlie pains and aches
arising from Diseased Kidneys. And
Mr. Marsh sliould know whereof he
speaks. He was under the doctor's
care for kidney complaint for some
time, and, despite their efforts, con
tinui'd to grow worse, He wus almost in despair when B friend nil-
vised him to use Dodd's Kidni'y l'ills.
Ill Blich a severe case the progress to-
words recovery was naturally slow,
but ho persevered, and now he feola
justified In using tin* strong words
quoted above. Mr, Marsh thus describes his case :
"1  was under the doctor's care,but
didn't seem to gel any better, onlj
Worse. I Mas udviss'd liy a friend to
use Dodd's Kidney l'ills.    Alter I hau
used i hem for a time I began to feel
a difference, and I never slopped un
till I had taken 22 boxos,   I suppose
til! have to use something as lone
I live, hot I feel as If Dodd's K id
luul saved    nie   irom tin
l   is   a   OREAT    run.IC    Iil'.NI'.-
I Ih'Mii sluniliciint  words  wen* Uiod
■•luHon to lir. Thomas' Ecl-sctrlc Oil
li s s-sii iriiisiii who hail thoroiiL'hlv
— merits in his own case— hssv-
I i-'u cured bv it ol lssssiens'ss ol thief three or fsiur years' standing
ever fssils to remove sors'iiPHs hh well
 nsSS, nntl is sm Ini'titiusaristile pulls' ami corrective
The msilsir is driving out the horse.
mt  not  the  cyclo.    In   France  there
me now 1,106,768 bicycles, as com-
iriresl with only   18.'!,ill  five yeara
nard's Liniment Cares Colds, etc.
lhe stick Insect of Borneo   is   the
l.uis'si insect known    Specimens i'.l
rhoa in leiintii hav.. been captured.
(lhe stick insect exactly resembles   a
il   of  rough  stick.
■• Everything comes    to tho   man
waits."  but   not   while he waits.
TI1F.Y Nl'.VIT. PAIL.—Mr 8 M
noiiRhner, Lanaton. a-ritm ; "For about
two veins l wns troubled with Inward
Plies, l.m Uv using Parmelee'a l'ills.- I
wns ieim'lets*lv cored, ssnsi nlthnneh foul
yeara have elapsed since then they hnve
nol returned " Parmelee'a l'ills are isn-
tl-bllloua and a aps»clftc for the cure m
I.ivoi and Kldnev Pomplalnta, fryapepala
Coatlveneaa. Hendn.he. I'liis etc and
will rn!Biini>. the secretlona nud remove
nil billoua matter,
He who plans  trouble for others is
tin. ari'iiit.'s't of bis siwn misfortune.
ney   l'ills
gra\ e.
"I li ve recommended Dodd'
ney Pills to overyono been use i
i he*,  have done for mc "
s   K
*x*=isvi   won
Ogsilvio   Oats
Oelioloua flavor.    "Free trom hulls.    Warranted Pure.
Put up In all alied paekagea.
H u r% f_ m r I a o
ta now manulaeturad, tha great Family Flour.
"Mitt on getting " OGILVIE'*," a* thoy ara better than tha basr-l
$7 4d aUUy   ftJ   &Slls   sf/   'ftssij   ~4
fs+rHs- ^m^MasT  insiJrUs fi
PiMrty ^<df^„
Opportunity generally knocks
rng office hours.
Hoalth  brings  wealth  more
Hum   wealth   brings  health.
oft.i n
quoted     at
imd short*
Mr     Half.nir    possesses   one   parlia-
iii.t.iry record.     He    haa    led tin*
('nss.* of Commons for a longer con
inuous periosl than any other leadoi
Ince tho Reform Bill of is:t2.
w^,W^*^C*wJSS-->.EJ,S I ll >-J  . A
\l % m &*xr*trZ*W%i
is carefully prepared from
Red Spruce Gum, retaining
all itslicalino, soothing properties. It is pleasant to
take and is always effectual.
"5 cents.    At all Druggists.
Mll.I.l'I'.I'I.-lSrnli     is
*1 i 50 per ton in sacks
nt   SKI 60 per ton.
OATS—The price of oats hns aifuii)
ti ... up and the market is firm at
li advauu Receipts are very light,
end not at all equal *.■.• the reqnire-
nunts. There are,  as everyone h.no*"8
■ nt j   ssf oats In the country,    but
tbey cannot become a factor in   the
marki't without    Bhlpping faxiltties
ami  apparently  these are not  to lie
had      fms for loading at  country
o nis ure very scarce. No. 3 while
suits are worth 29c per bushel at
Port William. On truck. Winnlpei"
his grade is worth 28 to 28!,c Dtr
bushel, und about 27c is the price for
fees! white, in the country farmers
are getting 10 to 20c per bushel at
rpntral points.
ilAHLEY—Brewers quoto 84c for
itm.ll ug in carlo's on track. Feed
barley is worth 25 to 26c.
FLAXSEED—Market nominal.
SPELTZ—The market holda sts'Hilv
at 80c per bushel of ii" pounds, delivered in Winnipeg,
HAY—Dealers ure paying 5">--j»' to
Sii.on per ton for carlots on track.
1'OTATOES—80c i>ei' bushel.
DUTTEll— Oroamery—City makers
| hove reduced their price 2c por pound
nntl are now quoting 2-lc for choi'i'"
fisash made in one-pound bricks, deli v 01 I'd
Mt  lvl l-.lt- Paii•>'—Receipts are mod
wate siml mostly of inferior quality
Peal ors are paying 2lc net for daur.
siaralor in bricks, delivered atWiu-
eg, nnd 1*4 to »» uet for tub but-
OHEESE— The market is quiet.
Orders are being filled with Ontario
stock. Jobbers are sellinir to the ie-
ttii'   Unite i-.t.  Hiic per pound
I.l'CS -I'.g'Rs are scarce at 22c per
dorem, net, delivered ia W'lnntpeg
sujjflct to candling.
om ri ng in'a wholesale way  10c   pei
pound for chickens, dressed; t»'s'
Dis* foi ducks and geese, and 15c
Many     so-called   " specilics "     and
"sores"   for     Rheumatism   have   already been brought before the public; but when rheumatism, Kouralgla,
and     kindred    diseases    hau   becomr
chronic and threaten serious insults,
.. :  in iy  rest assured thnt they  will
alp   b t     very    little,   if  uny.      Al
though not recommended   as "inful
lible,"  the peculiar qualities oi   Si
Jacobs im    especially adapt, ii    to
those   cases     which    may   le  termed
"chronic," und which have prevlous-
.*.   withstood all  known  "specifies,"
.is well as the prescriptions of   the
best physlciaju.
We would mention, as an example,
the case    of    Mr.    A.  Heilmuiin,  of
Pittsburgh; who suffered with Rheumatism for four yeurs, after valnlj
usine all the best recommended remedies, and exhausting Hie skill of the
most experienced physicians without
even temporary    relief,    it   required
only two bottle* of St. Jacobs Oil
io effect  a permanent cure.   Mr.   •'
Iiaiini.     a    Well     known    cui/.;i    of
Ysiutu'siowii,  Ohio, secured  for    hin
wife, who for twelve years had been
a constant sufferer from Neuralgia In
the  lu'ad.   the  services  of the  ablest
physicians of the land, but they were
unable to do anything for her; half
a bottle of St. Jacobs Oil cured her.
Mr. Wm    Keinhnrt,  Elmore, Wis.,  reports  the case of a neighbor who for
twenty-four years had Buffered so terribly    with   Rheumatism    that,    at
limes,   ho could  hardly move:  a  few
bottles of St. Jacobs Oil cured him.
"To cap  the climax,"   however.   Mr
A   Nelgor, of Taylorvllle, Pa . writes
; h it his mother, who had been a continual sufferer with Rheumatism for
)he past  thirty years,  used one bsit
Ile of St. Jacobs Oil and was imme-
riiately   relieved  of  nil   pain       These
We results which truly deserve to hi'
brought   to  public notice:     but  tliey
.ne nol  exceptions, as will bo- m*oo
•i\   the numorous    other   certlticates
from all parts of the I'nit,'d States
n should be the duty of everyone 'o
call   the   attention of his   Buffering
friends    and  neighbors  to  this  wonderfully efficacious    preparation,   especially  as  tlie low  prise sif  2.**s and
."in cents per bottle places i'  within
reach  of all   persons,   rich  uml   poor.
Holding the breath occasionally is
suiil to lie restinp; If it doesn't rest
ilie holder it Will at least ni\e tin'
others a rest.
HI.KKl'I.KSSNKS.S   is   ilue   tu   ni-rvoiis
excite it       The delicately constituted,
the financier, the businesa man. soul those
whoae occupation neceasltatea are&t mental Btratn or worry. «il sutler le-is or
mora Irom it. Sls*ep is the groat restorer of a worriesl brain, and to net
ateeti cleanae tin* hi munch frnm nil ini-
u'lriti.'H with n lew iluses of Parmelee'a
Ys'L'eiiilile I'illa, irelistine coated, contain*
bis: ni. mercury, uml are guaranteed io
Bjlve sa i isfsii-i ieu or the money will he
The average man is a good muse
when it comes to nursing a grievance
The more a mun is wrapped up iti
himself tlie colder lie ia.
s'..T*. CCNTtY
■ ■' ;,t,v tc LB * ER
'••'lIUAL''-'   ntrriMAKirwriY
*t,0 6^
' ft Ml D!.,1J6GISTS. PlclCt SOc.l'tftQClTlL
Horse Health
Is one of the most important
thing's for every farmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
it tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, wsirms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 eta. a package.
AOtNTS.     -    -    -     MOMTHstAU
I'KKSSKli MKATS — lts-ef. cltj
dressed, •> to Tic por pound; conntrj
sunk. |c under these figures; mutton
.-■ 1 , Ds. lamb, 11 *,<•; hogs, Tc
H.liES—Countrj froaen hide* an
bringing from 6Jj to Qc per pound
delivered at Winnipeg, less 5 pounds
tare; sheep pelts, :'<> to Wc..
Wool—Market nominal.
TALsLOW—No. 1 tallow is worth
CjC per pound deliver.'d here, and
No.  2,   lie.
SENECA   ROOT—Mark-it   nominal
CATTLE— There are very lew cattle Offering, and it is believed thai
among the farmers of Manitoba the>
arc scarce. Buyers are now out for
Blockers, ami are taking all they can
get at Rood priceai. Finest sis*, is
me worth 4c; butchers' ordinary 8*Jc,
and ''nun thai figure down to 84c,
according tss quality, Btockers.year-
lin.es, SU to S17; two year olds. $18
to £2'2 each
SHEEP—Worth :tic per pound ofl
curs here.   Lambs, *IJ to 14*'
1100 S—Packers are still paying Oc
per pound for host weights of hogs
delivered, Heavy and light weights
are  Jc  lower than choice.
MILCH C0W8—Price* are firm al
"■;i(l to 146 each, according U c|«ttl-
A iis-w apparatus haa been iTrvent-
ed for purifying wnter by electricity.
lt  will purify water at a cost of 2.'
ss'iits per million trillions.
A woman's mind is on something
higher thn!) slress when she wants a
iis-w  I oimet.
Arrow    Lake,
Theae  miraculous   springs,
Minister to a missal diseased.
Pluck Irom Uie memory a rooted sorrow.
Kaze    out  the    written  troublea  ef  the
And with sweet oblivious antidotes
Oleanse  the  atuOed bosom  ot  those perilous  stutts
Which  weinh  heavily  upon Kidney,  Liver
and  Ktoitiaich
Therefore,  all  ye  who ssunVr—OIti fhy-
sslr   to  the   dons;   have   none  ot  lt, bet
come and be cured at
The Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, IC
TKIIMS-ll-   to  118 per  week.
Minard's Liiiinieni Cares Distemper.
Due might ns well attempt to re-
arrange the rainbow colors of a soup
bubble ns to undertake the reformation of one's neighbors.
There never was ssinl neier will he a
infveraa! iienswea, in one remedy, for al'
iiis to «hii-h Hesli is heir—the very na
ture of many curatlvea being such this'
sie*e tho aerma ..I ssther ssml differently
•ii'sileii dlaeaaea runted in the system of
the patient—what would relieve en** ill
In turn would aei:riB\ me the sillier We
time, however, in Quinine Wine, when
obtainable in Bound, unadulterated atate
d remedy for many ssml irrevtoue ills   iu
its BTadua! ami ludlclOUl UM the fniilesl
system> Hre led into coiisrala'sceni's- and
itrenath by Use Influence which Quinini
BXerta ssn nature's own reslorut i\ e> lt
-eiis'.a'N tlie drooping spirits of iliu.-S'
\itli whom a chronic state of morbid
Is'Si'.uiiii'iH'V unsl lai'k of sisterest In li'1
11 disease and bv tsrnnqullUtna ths
•lerves. dtapoaea lo aound anil refreshlna
-li*s*| 1—hup.1 rts .iiisir lu lhe action ssi ths
blood, which, betna stimulated, couraei
tliris'i^i, the veins, strenethenlns ihi
heiilthi animal functions ol the system
thereby maliina activity a neceaaary remit, Btrehgthent-na tbe frntue siml ciiiiu
Ufa to the dlgeatlve organs, which tuiiii-
rnilv demand mcreuseil substance—resull
Inip'roved appetite Northrup A Lyman
it Toronto, hnve given to the publii
their Superior Quinloe Wine nt iIn* usual
rate, nmi, srusss.'ed hy 'he opinions ol
Kleuttsts, ihi-- wine approachea neareal
aerfs'i-tisiii ol nny on the market AP
Irueifiats sell   It.
I orrespondenee
^m—r ,a
Drug Using.
Uver   SOO.OOe
:i Oatsorna  Street*,
Grnln and Commission Morohanti.
nisjhest prices paid for wheat, oats,
barley or In In carlots Wire or write
tn« for prices before Helllrm. Libera!
advancea snaale on consiirnsnents and
hand'ei! on a-omrnlsslon Licensed ansli
T   O. Box,  6.10.  Winnipeg,  Haa
TO  ENClBl'KA   K   IT--  USB  are KiTing the
following prues for ciimpetition at tha Vila*
uipeg Exail'ition sif ls?OH.
$175 IN GOLD
At Wtisnipeft
The mun who hns never been tempter1 mnv lie unintentionally honest.
Minard's Liniment Cures Carget in Cows.
When some men bear of bi neighbor
isisine; his p*ood name they nre probably Kind they huve none to lose.
There ara tew women ln Canada
who have not heard of " free alkali,"
but there are many who do not under-
atand the terra. The terra ls always
used ln connection with soap. lt
any think lt ls meant to convey that
it Is alkali given free with the soap,
then alkali is very dear at the price.
But it does not mean that. A soap
containing free alkali ls a soap In
which the alkali ls not properly Incorporated with the fatty amis used ln
the making of soap, and such a soap
is most Injurious to the clothing nnd
hands. Free alkali ln soap will burn
the nap oft wool and the surface off
linen, coarsen tho skin of the hands,
rendering them liable to eczema, make
the nails brittle and chip off. Sueh
a soap does not possess thorough
clcaiiBing properties. The difference
between a soap containing free alkali
and a neutral soap is easily tested.
Sunliglit Soap Is a neutral BOap, and no
one who has once used Sunlight Boap
for auy time could with satisfaction
go hack to any of the common laundry
BOaps on tho market. Complaints
about the hands and the clothes are
unkuown where Sunlight Soup is used.
l'es.jsie who lament thut they me
not ai pi'i'iuiii'si seidoui appreel ite
Were   il   inst   for   love,   mnny   B   girl
wonld ii" unable to make hcraelf mis*
The tirst thing to do, if vou hnvo
not done it. i.s tO full in love with
your work.
When n man gives health tor
money ho makea the poorest investment of his life.
Kor the Heaviest Calf, uny pure bread,
or grade,   nom  after   the  1st   January,
1006.  fail on iJuriiefssc Stock  Food,  $t0a)
in   s-i.M
Fssr  the   Second  Heaviest     Call,  unv
mire   hreeil.   ur   grade,   horn   after   1st   <■'
January.   1908   fs-d  sin  Carnefas    siock
Fond, *f.*>n in Isold.
For th.' Third Heavloat  Call   unv  pure
breed   m  grasle, born alier tsi  of .Issnu
mv.   1008   fesl  on   Caraefac  Stock  •■ood
S:'->    i'i    l*as:s!
luily one entry will he allowed from
each Farmer or Btockman, and stork
n uiil be exhibited at the Winnipeg K.x-
hibit Ion
Kvidence must In* produced ist Ilie time
of axhlbltton to show thm the animal*
vsere fed on Oarnefac Btock Food.
s 1 riii'hi.' hits proven n decided auccesa
'•li.iuini!  Into    condition    and    fattening
v, I    other   fooils  fuil     Send   for  le»llel,
it.'lng   the   views   of   veterinarians   sss   \o
tha inorita ot  Carnafac.   Thev isii sneak
When   waahlng   grenay    dishes    or   pott
nntl   pana,   Liner's   Iny   Sent'   (n   powderl
will remove tha grease with the greatest
It is sltiRiilar thnt
ran   always   toll how
done never did It,  or
tlie man who
it should be
anything like
W. G. Douglas, Manufacturer,
Prlnoos.s Stroot. Winrdpog.
You can obtain 11 fri
your deal**!
fc   f LOR I ST AmSm
Six hundred and eighty thousand
lucres of Lincolnshire, England, Is
llnnd reclaimed from the sen.
Tobacco pipes of    meerchaum  sue
I boiled In oil wax before boing Brooked,
(<     "LTC
Wir'r.iiPtsi    ^^sW"'
The average human body contains
Bib 18 11/. ol calcium. Pure calcium
is nt present worth nearly 1800 an
I     Klei'tric power,  chiefly derived from
I water, is now  employed upon I16UB
1 miles  of  Itnliun   rail  nnd  tramways.
The largest ormour-plnte ever rolled waa made by the firm of Krupp.
nt   DlISBOldorf  lust  yeur     It   WOlghed
Lord Kitchener's post us comman-   ''"' '""s'
der-ln-chlef In India is worth £0.01.0  _,        ..   . ■--.-    --- -_■-
a year, nnd Is tenable for yenrs.       |        *******.   "**•-   ***-"-   p*"--"-   *A,*S
. ',- v.-
•THE DRILL, StOOAN, P.. C, PEBUUAliY 20s, ion;".
^|«**WB>n«^e i  in '■ .•".'l.._ll    '.""—'
C. v  *vi*i***rbi1"bBaU*, Editor sail Prop.
is reBLrsaan ivirt ragniY AT
•SLOCAU,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Lei-al Advertiaini 10 cents a Vine toi
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertiaements at same rute?
aa legal advertiaing.
Locals will lie cliarged 10 centa a line
far each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, Its'lot*
ly in advance; 12.150 a year il not ao paid.
Address all letters to—
Blocan, B, C.
FRIDAY, 1'EI'sRl'ARY 2'»»b, D-oS.
A pencil mark iu ilia spaca
•ppoaite will be an indication to veil that ye editor
oenaiiteVa there is aotnalaiiir".
ceraing to hiin on yftnrauW-
auriptioi). Kiiullt ai'Vaaw-
}edge  ia cash and oblige.
A call 1ms been Issued for the lesfis*
lature to meet for the dispatch of business ou Mnrch 12. Tlu* agony will
soon In? over.
It's all off with the Pro**inei"U Mining Association. The Kuslo Kootomi-
ian venture** the opinion tluit it is a
political graft.
The Staiulard Oil people are credited with tlu* Intention of investing S2.-
600,000 iii coal lands in the Nicola
■/alley. B.C. mining law« -Mom to have
no terrors for American capital.
Jot* Martin is most deteriniaed in
opposition to the Prior government,
tuul says thi* Colonel cannot possiblv
command more than **ixts*<*n vots's in
the house. To hasten the inevitable,
Joseph is doing all he can to elect
Sf.nlin in Weat Yale.
Tlio Ice crop is being harvested.
The ilngs are being i-xtei'ininateil in
New Ds'liver.
Sandon shipments fell away to •**•
tons last weak,
Another loe carnival talus place at
the rink on Tuesday,
Tlu* railway simps at Nolson are to
lie extensively enlarged.
A break in the weather tlii-i week
makes one think of spring.
Upwards of 11,000 tons oi Slocan
ore paid no taxes last year.
boat enmtnoiuvs on Wednesdav
next.   Piah diets will be In order,
Tin* now government bridge at New
Denver will cost fully $6000 complete.
Rev, Mr. Hall, of Trail, will occupy
the pnlpit in Knox church next Sunday.
Bom, In Now Denver, ou Feb. I i.
the wife of 11. Strickland. >>f a (laugh
Kobt. Eslgar, late foreman at the
Republic, is going to Western Australia.
to enjoy the hospitality of Mr. and
Mrs. Anderson.
1 nst i notions wove received from tin*
O.l'.K". Tuesday, for the owner of the
old boathouse on the lakeiront to remove it at once.
Manitoba capitalists havo purchased
the sawmill at Arrowhead and timber
limits on the Columbia, Thoy will
greatly enlarge the mill.
Hugh MoKaeliivn, of Kossland, was
drowned at Bonniugton Falls Thursday, by falling Into the electric power
canal.   His body was recovered.
Sandon hookoi ists aro not sati.-lisii
with their dofoat by Nelson and wnnt
to arrange to play t he lattor at Rossland
early next month for $500 a side.
Sneak thieves havo beeu inuoh in
evidence of late, their attention being
paid principally to the purloining ot
provisions trom hotels and private residences.
Don't uso ready-made stationery in
your business; it looks cheap and vulgar. The localprintery will turn you
out mat and attractive work at reasonable rates.
Joe Purviauce returned on Tuesday,
While away ho visited Greenwood and
says tin* Boundary mines are already
The Slocan towns do not take very I laying off thoir bauds owing to the
kindly In the Provincial Mining Assi
coal strike in the Crow's Nest.
W.T. Shatford departed Friday for
It is oxpeetod the government Bide , Buttle Creek, Mich., where ho will be
of delinquent claims will take place joined by Mrs. Shatford.   Together
on Mav S. | thoy will spend a couple of mouths at
George Harmon, of Ainsworth had I the noted sanitarium in that city.
his home partly destroyed by fire on
Miss Bessie Tipping, accompanied
by her grandfather, left for Phoenix
on Monday.
John A. Craig, formerly of the En* |of 9to 8' 	
terprise, is now located at Port An-1 KUtntc
geles, Wash.
Pom. In the Now Denver hospital,
on Feb, 17. the wife of Wm. Hunter,
of a daughter.
The C'.P.R. will -spend about S300,-
000 this year in improving its Kootenay branches.
Mrs. M. McKay aud M. McAn-
drews, of Kaslo, were married in Nel-
s.ui last week.
Don't forget the band intends hol.l-
ing their annual masquerade ball on
t!i" 17th . f March.
C.P.R. engineers were here Thursday ruuning lines for the new switches
intn the lumber mill yards.
Nolson won the championship <".;p
for hockey at Rossland, defeating
Grand Forks, Saudou and Rossland.
The Piuoher Creek team afterwards
defeated them for medals bv a score
The Presbyterian synod of Kootena]
met at Neltton on Tuo-da\.   Rev. Mr.
Moro troublo in  the  Crow's N, st
coal fields  and an ominous situation
nt Nanaimo.   When will our legiskv\ Simons attended from heire
law .
aud oulv ths-n. •>• '''•**>3f.dn:i'v.M.io period of tbe
Appended la a completoltst ol the vr.r-
ious records registered at the local regit
try ofliee, II. P. Christie being mining
Feb IS—VI naa.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The beading: Parlors:
cure all forma of
Diiticii after eating
Soar Stomach
ami Bilious Headache
Ter sale st—
•igenti for the Etalntzman A Co.,Ger*
hard IlelntZman, and Earn Punas
BY-LAW NO. 17.
A H.i -Law to authorize tke borrowing of money
lor th? purposo ol granting a honm to tht
0atr,rl3.Hlu.ao l.umLer Company, Limited,
un! fcrt'.-.r.t pu.-po.io ij prwhh lor the Issue
ohliuctsl^irc:- lor /."is! sum o! SW.000.00.
\y li ERE.AS it i. advisable tlmt the Corpora*
'' tion of tin* fjltj of yii.ri.n slinulil s-rnut a
bs uua to s'a Ontario-Slocan Lumber CiBiiipiiuj.
Liruite '.. for tbe promotion of tha nmmifacture
s.f lumber within tha -ni.l Municipality:
AN1 • WHEREAS tins ■.iii! manufactory U suit
Intended to compete wilh any Industry or on-
dart iking already established and currying on
Its operations within tiie liunlolpal limit) nf
the Corporation 1 f tha mid City:
AM' WHEREAS fur tlio purpose iifiBresni-1 it
will ba necessary t«. issue debentures of the ..nisi
Municipality fsir the sum ot JlO.lt.si.iiU as hereinafter provi i«-».I (which is tha amount ot tha .l«in
Intended to lie created I17 lliis rsy-luwi, tlit* proceeds of Ut snisl debentures to be applied ti> the
p r; ise aforesaid and to no other 1
AN 1) YV ll EREAS i'. i * sic. med desirable t.i iv
sm tho -.i 1 debentures at oue time and to mnlie
ili» principal of i!;e said slsbt repayable by
ye&rry sums during tha period ol tenyeara.be-
ing tha currency nf ilie said debentores, said
yearly suhns being sif such re.-pec'.ive ismsiiini*-
llii.t the iiggris; ite amount pn; nl-ln in oacb yasi
RltuilUeil, Hamilton   KiHCtlOBllll, .llssittr,
Toronto, and Wlotsom  fnislli.imt
MliiB-nil Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located t—On Springer creek,
siljuiiiiiig the Ottawa mine,
TAKENOTICE that I.Aivhie Main-
waritig-JohnBan, aotlns nu agent tor A.
Bruce Coleman, Frew Minor's Certtflcats
No. B59936, Intend, lllty duya from the
ilate hereof, u> apply to the Mining lle-
Border forcertlBcatei sif Improvement,lor
the purpose ol obtaining Grown grnnta
ol the above claims.
Ami further tnke notico that action,
uniler lection '•',", must bs commenced
before tlm isMiiaiica o! inch certiiicnteaol
Dated this J'tli slav of December, 11)02.
I.oistlse  l's'isrll.iii,   Ul In.  Iti.su*  unsl   l.***f«l
ftllus'rsil I'l.ilsuH,
Situato in the Slocnn City Mining Divi-
aion of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—Five miles tip lirst
north fork ol Lemon creek,adjoining
the Violet minoral claim,
TAKK NOTICE thnt I, W. 8. Johnson, for mysslt, F.M.C. B69721 • am! as
agent for \V. J Johnson, F.M.C. B69722;
A. 8. Johnson, I'.M.C. Ku'.iT'.':!; I'rank
Diek.F.M.C B59777jJ.il Tatter»all,
P.M 0. B5B703; and A. R. Bolderston,
Free Miner's Certiticute No. B69809,
intend, sixty daya Irom the ilato hereof,
to apply t thc ininiiin recorder for certificates of improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grunts of the
above claims.
And further take notico thnt action,
uniler section S7, must be commenced
before the iBstiance of such cerllticates of
Datni tliisi 16th day ol Jaanarv, lt>03.
23-1 o:( ' W, s. .H HI Nsi in
Iruill! Miiiruil I  lulu.
Situata in the Blocan City Mining Division of the Wesl Kootenay District.
Where  located:—On Lemon creak,
11., miles from the month,
Take notice thnt I, J. M McGregor,
acting as ajient for \V, D. Mclnl.ish. F.
M.i'. No. B$8000j J.R. Greenfield, K.M.
C. No. B6254B; C. s. Baxter, F. M.C.
No. I'.rusiO, ami P. \V. George, free
miner'a certiflcate No;. BH0241, intend,
p'mv inns (rom tliednto hereof, to apply
to'he Mining Recoi der for* certificate
of improvement?, for the purposo of obtaining a crown grant for tlie ahovo
Aii'l further take notice that action,
uiular section 37, must be commenca-l
liefore tho issuanco of Biich cartlflcata of
Dated this 12th day of February 1'irw
13*2-03 J. M. MoGRlG OR,
Gwiilim <fc Johnson,
Slocnn,        • • •       11 C
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
«. C.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee wlm
you can get one so cheap? Thr*
are preferrable to stoves and eWa
belter iati8factlon. These ranf-sit
burn wood or coal and tvill It
set up free.
Femie strike f
their own use.
The farmers  Lnve  |>'t*; >:'  1 the     N'Mtlv  printed   visiting rimls ave
Diuiiiiiion  p-tverum-nt   to  gnat 11 \ •mi.-h t-> b•• pnifem 1 ovei those writ-
more sul isitli*?-- to r ■.'.   ■-. M public
Ds90assitj dsOsBB UOt  ib-m.t'B<l   the s.uri
licv. Th.' airnciilturi*!** an ths' main-
*-t;iv of Oanjrda aoil th-'ir a.i-ti.>i* !»•
speaks a rapid deralopottenl of national
spirit and true p*trogTess.
The Liberal leasders have taken to
henrt the lessous of the recent contest
in Bun-anl and have tuinounced,
through Aulej Monison. member for
Westuiiu-tei', that legislation will 1*-"
passed by the Dominion government
excluding the Chinese from Canada.
Folev'.'' lifriit was not in vain. The
Japs will be tho next to walk.
The man responsible for that spiel
in Tuesrlav's Nelson News upoti the
hockey contest at the Uosslaml ciuni
val ahould feel thoroughly ash
of himself, fsir it was about the most
insulting j|iatribe Kootena** has yet
setui. No gentleman would malign 11
bc-iten foe. and outsiders have always
held the opinion that Nelson sports
wore at least niaiilv.
?un lay, >t 11 a.m. anu 7.:" 1 p.m.
Sablisth School at 2.SO p.m.
f/rayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.SO p.m.
St angers a>ul young man
ar» Cortlinllv iiivitcil.   .   .
"3" •
5'  . ,tir
ten by ban.!.   -Get some at this offic
Lowery's Claim has been relieased
by the pobtoffice authorities anil i.-
again given the free use of the mails.
The election srow-off between Col.
Prior and T.W.Paterson has fallen  flOlieer LilVQTy
through   and  each  protest is to lx*
Wednesday evening the band boys
serenaded Mr. and Mrs. Boie at their
residence. Tbey were cordially wel-
k rumor is current in the city that
another Bawmill is about to be located
here, utilizing the waterfront facing
the depot.
David Muni- came up from Nelson
Monday to run the lines and make a
preliminary survey for tha proposed
Saturday was St. Valentine's day.
it was remembered principally by ths'
ladicr*! returnin : th 'enlist';: yr ceived
on S   • Y- ir's.
Sevi al sleighload of merrymakers
.'.•".:• to ia mon i".'''; Tuesday night,
and Feed StaMos,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing stul Forwarding atti nded to at tha
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at, reasonable rates.
Agitation for government action for
the benefit of the silver-leail camps of
the province, by increasing the tariff
on tho ini**orti*d article, is 1> iu 5 Fur
thert'd to noino purpose.   Tho piv\ in
cial uicmljors of tho senate find com
nious were waited upon by a strong
delegation from Kootenay at Vaiicou
*/S$ >".*•—- v*MrEi
',■ -•■       ■ *.'   '--'>*
■^.j-**    —- X-rMj'r V
LVf*? •   1 ."".    . .
1   HENRI li. J   I.V DS l.'iTHINIKRl*:.
EDWABD VII.. by tlta Qra<M o( God, of the
United K  ,.* :■'■!. "' Q eat Britain aad lr»
ind of tha British Dominions haj in-l
tlss Saas, Kiso, Dafsnder of tbs  faith.
Bts ., elr.. etc.
il. E. ALLEN, • ifanaeer
ii it? Mors'
No. 62, \v. f. of n.
ver last week, and thev have promised  r"   ^     '   ''(.'•,*."      ', -"; • •,«> rv* ■'
uniteil action on the sulijift.   Union         of Br ■■ r , itj of Vii
and deteriniiiiUion  will  win   for nu 	
oppressed Industry the relief it r. -
quires, and the Increased tariff will j **-,;,„,;,..,        seWni. Ivy "i-V".
uot itorxx ba
coiamiinil v.
anil interest:;-. ben (natter | n ii le 1 i---'. OCO.00:
AND V,'V:.!S.VS Die o-aoonl of tbewhola
rajtenbla reaJ ,>:.■■■. ■ it) 1 f ;tsn said <i!;, hicit!-
ingtotlu Inst n-'.i .-.; r.si>*jisn;s:iit roll thereof,
is MTV.:.. •
AND WIIER-EAS there ii "..1 1 x;-*.im' debenture debt of the said City and no 1 rincipalor ir.-
t**re.*-*. in i.rr.-iir:
s\N!) WH '.. :'.'..* 11 petition \-r.. Ing tbat Ui!
by-law be-iuti Klucad ausl sulA.iltted to the elec
'.nr^ ha Iseeii ire-snted to tbo >';.. s r .111
Cooccll 1 ? 1 !..• 1.11 11 1.:•. •■ ■',.'•■ li petition ll Murn-
oil by tlio a.wtii'r- s.f uis.r** than oni -tenth ol 1! e
selnsi if tbe real 1 n aportj 1 as shown by the ln.-t
revise I n-^ss--iiieni r.ili 1 In the filial I itj ;
THBBEFOBE the Municipal Council of tl.e
"ai'! City of Blocan on lets aa foUows:—
1. r.-r tin- pnrposoof rni-ia ; thoneceasar]
-ma. debanturosof tbo >:•.! I City to tbi amount
s.f .*:"i.uu'.(»iii- nf ireani I, in turns of $100,C0i ich
sball be issued on the 6tb day of April, A.D.1 ■
encli nf which debentures 1 lusll bo 'ImiciI on the
day ot tbe Issue thereof, and iln-j shall bo pa;
ssblc ns follows;
Tan of tlio said debentures shall be paynbli
.me year, ten two yenrs, ten thros yeors, ion torn
——I yeara. ten five yeara, tea --ix years, ten seven
I yenrs. ton eight ycars,ten nine ;s*:ir-. nnd ten
ten years, from tli'.* date li.-reiii mentione I fs r
!   ihis by-Inn t" take effect, at tbe It.;. .1 Is ink ..f
Canada In Nelson, B.C.. or ni -mcIi otber bank
j sir place na may hereafter be agreed upon by t :b..
  j wid Corporate '■' and tlio dobenture holden.
Mei'ts everv Wednesday **"«t.inrl   -' *each°'**-• -mM t•■be,,t',-*• •■••aUlM
•   sd by the Mayor "I i',r aaid <iiy and bj ibe
in   the   Union   Hall   Sl'Can   City, at | Treasurer thereof, nnd sliall bo scaled with the
corporate seal of 111«- Municipality,
3. T!,o said debentures -.:mll l". repayable
without inti 1 rat.
l.   During the currency of thc said lebeni
p,„, j.lnrit    ,!,er,! •ball be raised annnnll) b] a ipeclal rate I
on oil tlis ratenlile real ptqporty iii the laid
City tin. -am of s I.'<«'.' 0. fnr the purpose of ] s)
lag lli'' amount 'Ine in each of ttu- >ai'l jcar. for
principal and interest in respect of thi    aid
5, It staaU ba l.r.vfnl fnr the Municipal Conn-
ell from time to time o> repnrchase any ot the
-,.i.| debentures at such price as may ba agreed
npon with the l.-tr-sl holders ilic-'-a.f. and all tbe
debentures io purchased shall i»' r-.u.i-. lied, and
,.ii rs*-i—in' uf such 'li bentnre shall be ma le in
a  y (neb tuirijiiM!.
a Home;
7.:.0 p in. Visitinf brethren cordially
invit-*d tn attend.
l'itianeini s-sreretarv
B. \. M
- .Jilt JT   VI
t i „„„   l......ll«   .,,,   ,,,,v   ii-ii't nf thn I 'ad ressilved .   .
uot Item- baitlly on nny  p.ut oi in. i ,„,,,,,„,,,,,, , ,
to have their n i. ..- -..
M1U KNOW \ : th i   for   livers ca
| s- mi i li'rn'.i.ni-. .'lit i  ■ - .;a •   I-     s   I        ,     -    ■
Free trade was the ihiiiiinaiit ths-nic  ih'B-in.fi.ii'i.'.'v.-   ■    t of Our
x siv n.»v.v. vteliave thoug il 111, \>, and with the sdiics  ol
ofthe  Liberals when   in Opposition, OarExecutive(Jouncil.toliereb) conToke
. ,  ... hr tlm-e pr»""ii- en,   roa.and sueh ,.f
but now they are elevated SO the tfov-   that sm Thursday, tha twelfth das . t Man
. , /.j c-    thouaand nine hundred and three    •.
eriiinent lioncties tliey unci, as Dir I (n Qot aaid Leglstatura or Parliament of Om
-. , ..si 1,1 s„....i.i si... ».,..r, 1 vni.l Province, at Our ("ity nf Victoria. Vol
John A. Maccloiiald taiiTht the conn- T„K„|S1.ATCHOF ,:1sinkss. e, tr« i
il    s il       .     .1     r.t   I',., is si irin    >ir,« I aet und conclude  npon  th  *e things  -.iliis-!,
try, tluit the needs ol  the nation <ir  | 0,lr L»B|Kiatnro of the Province of ItritlshC.
heal --'"ived liVirivillff it protection.   It  *•,•**•*••.■■. **•»  "'•; ('''"™m  Council of sOor aail
sitns .   iiiuujb>i».b   «i I ProTlnca may.by the favour of Qod.be ordained. ]
ih do use disguising the situation,!
Liberals today are as much alive to
the advanttlgei of the National Policy'
iis ever the CteiTttwrativee were. Everj
dny or no delegations wail on Sir Wil
fi-id Laurier asking for Inot^eosed pro
I, • on on thin or tint, Industry, and
thi people will bave it,   Canf-da'ses
pansion la promoted by protection.
Free trade talk is like the Liberalism
of opposition, ■ Imply oul of dut*-*'
sjt Centapiysfor th-co muntlis'mcmbernliip.
&J r.-. ':. r- .t'crrecolveatbeetSelalolaborgaa
everyis .;.   .Oi a'.'.-s'.!li.(.-h-cla:.8va>cal
a- 1 ii '.-i.cf. .1 new r.iu-ie e:.s.h nsor.tb, 18
; * - .n all: al.:o a t.rti.icato ol Ms;uiljr.T*hip
v;jich irirei tbo r"''.*^*'s<e ot Club Uoom in Ntsr
York Cay. and of b -... .nRliterssture, niu.se or mst-
ala cf any daaeilBllon at wl*<slss**-*sa
prices, urmit y.-j (roi.-s *•'; lo -"'',' 0*1 your jar-
cl.»«.... D n . failtoj3inslonc«.Ymiwinsetmucb
more thsnjossr cso-inyis worth. Mt'TrssX IjTra-
•jn-Uvsirj Cl.ris, Den.     , IM >'m«*u St.. R.Y*
C. li.i- by-law shall tnlteeffect "n the5th day
ssf April, 1WJ3, nit' r ii bas received iv a ■ ii al of
tli" electora i f tbe said t i*> it. u. mm r pn . It >l
by la a.
;,  The votea of the electora of said I It] shall
is., i.iis.-n ms t'li-. by-law nl the follow ngtlme
ind place, tbat i- to say, on Tni day, the ;'rd
laj ot M ' om i enclng ki tlm t unr uf
eltjbt o'clock In the forenoon and continuing till
four o'clock tn tbe aftemoonof the tan
at tlsa* (*ity Hull. Blocan, H.i'.. b)  .!.. i ,;i ,,..,,,,.
returning of&cer, Unit is to sny: R. I. Denlley,
.    | i : rk.
Tlicn ccnic to Slocan, for it is
ono of tlie fairest spota on this
earth, of ours. Levolncss,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Roads, Railway
Steamboat!;, Ck"arche5,School
Hospital, Public Halls .and
enterprising ci lizem arescsne
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed aud ProvenMiner.nl
Resources.  Natur© and Mtin
hath decreed that
G    '
Is  Ti   i" mi m   Wm '.' ■'.  Wa Im v.-  eai -•
tliesc Our Letters to be made Patent anil
thoOreat Seal of Osii    s I Province to bs
hereunto nllixeil:
\Yi ini:*h. the HonouraliloSni Hi m.i '.:
TAVK   .llli.l     Ht.    I.'BI lllMKItl.,    K.C.M.O., I
l.i ia i ina.i iii Qovernorof Our snld Pr via ..
pf British Columbia, nt Our vlovernmenl Representing   the     •.•.rr;fir *••.'.    USm*
II t>, In Onr Cllyof Victoria, In Onr   ild        "
Province, this thirteenth dayot Feb |.nilr9   il**;i,^'    I iU :i.*-«   in   Csntda.
in tin  ■■■■.'■ if O ii' Lssr ' one tliniisnnd nit
    ree, and in the third 8KE NKW AOCTOES1  POLICY, *""ith par
";",rl;'i';"' tlclpalion in proats. tJOTsriDf*; sick-
,!'' ' ■'''•■ ■'"■• '■ | ness ainl operations.
t.CAMPm i i   •'    DTK,
e and pai i I In I ouni I! thb
Pebrnary, t.O,
f February, A.P.
Beconsl It ro! thli
ttecetvi ! ilu a-^'-it nf mon thnn three fifth,
..f the elect r- voting f.»r ar against Ull. by-law
tbla       day of March, 1901,
Final!) pn -'"I nnd adopted tlii-
Mnreli. A.l>. l««,
Slocan is
the Burg
'!.!'.    i.f
ml i• provli
' i, 3J •.-. \ Pabllo
■'   ■
i-i.- Cl, p|
Come and be convinced that this tale
no mere idle dream, but a stem reality*


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