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The Slocan Drill 1900-10-12

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VOL. I., No. 28.
SLOCAN,   It.   ('.,   OCTOBER    IL',   1000.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co
Giant Powder,    Qutta Percha Fuse,   Jessops' Steel,
Stoves and Tinware,    Gasoline and Coal Oil,
Miners' Supplies.
Just received a large quantity of Dimension Glass, large size; also a quantity of
Iron Pipe, all sizes.
■ I
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Just Receive
A Carload of Fine Dry White Potatoes.
New Stock of Dry Goods, Sox,
Blankets,Etc. See our Fleece-
Lined Underwear.
Doing! <>f Btratlioona's Homo Description, of I'll,pi., and Country—Trouoli-
ery of Boon—Praise tot Buller—Life
In Hospital.
The following interesting letter is
from one i f Slocan's representatives
In Strntbcona's Horse, now serving
with distinction againsl, the Hoers in
South Africa:
Hazing a few days' rest,] am very
pleased to drop you n line or two. I
expect most ofthe news will already
hi' known to you through tho papers,
im'. 1 will give you a brief summary
of oar actions since landing iu South
Africa. We remained in Capetown
six weeks, leading the ttsual military
Iffo in camp. We had remounts
given us here, having lost over 180
horsescomlng across and about another 30 from sickness since lauding,
On the 24th of May we all embarked
at Capetown "ti three transports, two
Bquadrons bound lor Durban and one
squadron was to go up the east coast
to the Ivoosl river, to destroy a rail
way bridge across the river and ihus
cut off the enemy's communication
with the si.i coast. Our two squadrons landed a; 1 turban mi May 2*J,and
we took tlir train to Lower Tugela
I where, after crossing the river, we
eami lM* 'lid wire I lien in X lluliind.
I We stayed here awaiting orders until the '-'i'i of .June, when we were
rejoined by our othei squadron, who
I had not landed at Koosi river, as a
despatch boat, had ui"t them an:!
given them ordere to return, as the
Boers were massed in too strong a
We now reci ived orders to march
through /.'ilulaiiil into Swaziland, t" Colony,
cutoff h party ot theoncmy who had beniftifu
. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Blocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp MeKinney, B. C.
half a mile before we were out. of
range and the bullets were whlBtllng
past our ears the whole way. We
iuul hot skirmishing the rest of the
day ami lost one non-com, the enemy
losing several. While our detachment was at Water Val the brigade,
which had joined Clery, had some
hard; engagements, and'had driven
the enemy in ;i north-easterly direction.
On July :>i Dundonald's mounted
brigade camped at Water Val and
we Wire relieved, and wo then
marched back to Standerton with
ihemt from there to Paarde Kop,
'■bout2-1 miles east where weaguin
j lined the   rest of Buller's division.
0 i Ait1.'. 7 the brigade moved off towards Ermelo and I was sent down
bv the hospital train to the Mooi
Rive? FieU Hospital, with paralysis
ofthe foot, caused by a kick Irom a
horse on ihe side of tho knee. I have
been here ever since and I am afraid
1 shall not be able to rejoin the regiment fi r some time, which is very
annoying, as I see from the papers
they.pre having some decfljft skirmishes. Buller sa'd the Strathcona's
were th" finest body of men he had
ever hnl under his command, and
the col .in*! of the infantry in charge
of out camp lit Water Val congratulated our captain on the way in
which our corps worked. I am afraid
this guerilla warfare is liable to last
some lime, unless severe measures
are taken. Thc Boers never open
fire on you unless they have an unassailable position, and it is seldom
that \ cu can get within range of
them on equal terms.
Wo are being asked to join a military ne tinted police corps they are
forming", and I believe a number ot
our fellows intend doing so. 1 am
not sure what   I  shall do  when the
inotit and Viscount de Dusniit, both
of whom are on the board of directors
ofthe company controlling the mine.
They were accompanied by J. M.
Williams, the manager, and a caiv-
flli inspection was made of the mine,
tramway and mill. The gentlemen
will remain in the country till the
end ofthe month, to witness the commencement of operations at the new
stamp mill.
Tills Ben ion In Fur the Beit on Ilc'-inil —A
Healthy Evidence of the Life >m<l
Wealth «f the Camp—Enterprise the
UlKKfxt Shipper.
All records for shipments in this di-
Appended is n complete list of the var-1 vision were broken by thc Arlington
ions records registered nt the local regis- j daring thc week, it having sent out
180 tons of ore to Nelson, most
of which was iu bulk. Nothing was
done at. the Enterprise, but it will be.
on deck next week. Three tons was
-.hipped bv the Alberta and Duplex
to the Trail smelter, thus adding another to the list of shippers for tho
division. Altogether, shipments for
tiie year so far aggregate 1700 tons."
Following is a list of the shipments
this \ear to date:
try office, H. I*. Christie being mining
Oct 5—Loa Gatos, Lemon creek, Til
6—Leeds, east of the town, S Whittn-
ker ami I) McGraw.
Bargurman, Lemon creek, J Crawford.
Oct. 1— Frome, Enterprise fr.
2—St Lawrence, li fr.
8—Michaelmas Ir for two years.   ■
4—Stephenite fr for five veins, Harold
5—Tailliolt for two years.
Oct 1-A fr, A S Farwell to I. I Kirkwood.
Diadem, Century, First Century, Industry, Snowflake, Luke Citv, Queen
v'it_.*. Stayner, Kalamazoo, Dandy,Carby,
St Charles, Last Chance. Michigan,
Franklin, Georgia; Northern, Christmas
Tree and Reciprocity, Elmer ,1. Felt
gives notice that bo claims U quarter interest in each.
8—*>Crazy Jane \£, T Denton to Mark
4-Skylark & Ranger, W A Coplen, F,
C CowIb* and D M Hynian to Warner
Miller. \V K Spier una PDickinson, all
I'.liick l'rince.
Hampton . . ..
Two Friends.
■■■■.'  s over, but lam sliro there are I interest, fortl8,poo. lebineuD
Same, Elmer J  Felt gives notice that I"     °   '
Work was commenced on the Erin
group,near the Republic Wednesday.
Tony Long came down Saturday,
having completed the. road to tho
Speculator group.   Teams are now
coing to be some great chances out
here. I think the probabilities are
thnl 1 shall return to Cana 11 for a
while. We did not s to much of Capo
ut Nnial and Znluland are
countries,  and the  Zulus
retired there with stock. On the llth ifro the finest race I ever saw. Their
of June wo reached Esh iwe, die c ip   costume would hardly he appropriate
tia v. inter, a-* it
a piece of tdde
Victoria, I&Iotel.
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a larjce number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.    It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, -        Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Mi ai Personal Haipiit of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with hiin^	
it il . f mainland, when, to'our sur-
l rise in doi"s c iiue that wo had to
inarch Lack to Durban and to be
' there in three days, 110 miles. Wo
e isilv accomplished this nnd were
then shipped by rail to Newcastle,
where wo m'rivi .1 nn the 17th of June.
We passed through tho rci ent scenes
of lighting ni Estconrt, b'rere.Uolensn
where we saw the remains of the
j iiridge . i lliievcley  saw w h to Lieut.
' i; iii srts. V.I'.  was buried), Lady*
, smith saw where Long Tom was in
pi sition I,  and 11 lenci e, w here < Jen.
Symonds was killed.   <In the t'Jtli of
lune we left Newcastle aud started
to inarch to Charleston, doing it in
two day-. We passed Majuba II.1:
and s:iw the luonuineht en ctcd in
memory tiff tl urge 'olloy and the
men wholi II with him. Laing's Nek
i- liuini diately beside Majuba and
thev had h i 1 n sijvere fiijht a few
,1 iya prcvio i- t i our arrlv il. At
i Iharleston wej ined the 3rd Mounted
Brigade Lord Dundonald's), with
i;, n. Buller's division.
on the 2lsl the wh de brigade
st rtcd to march up the line and
reached St nidi rton on th • ±Jud,nnd
Ing it evacuat d. Wo had to utav al
Standerton until the railway i loin rs
had the lines In woi i order, mid
we patri lied the d untry, I ui found
in. enemy i the n linity. i In July
1 we moved 11 »a tin nl »t R '■'■>'
mid came in c ititact  with h party ol
■ io i   Hoers.    \        idron   of
■ liconn'ri wa ■ sent out tu give
i rtttio ■ mugh wc i vcntually
made them retire, wc had i n
killed: and n c iptaln 11 id trot
In cull clntl I tho I
rn i, had t'" Ir i
:u,,| \>. ||kl 'i p 'is IK I'     'i'i i» B*'1 :'-
■   men.   We continued
nut* march nli n : the  ; ;i >lir
2nd of July   r< ache l (iraj lin rstnd
i in tho r»tli niv tr i ip m '1  twoi thcra
iv .in our squadron, an I li ill :i !
Hon of infantn ,w< i 'sent i o'1* along
il„. im,* to  Water Val, half w   .   be
• rtc ii Standerton and Ura\ liugatad,
to guard n bridge thai  tin   i    mj
were Intent on destros Ing.   Wc w ire
nl \\',,i, r   Val   n lll*l\   a   mo i'i. and
were carrj Ing on it i warfare
th,. whole' time.    Wc lost two non
coma and   had   one  matt   severely
wounded,  with quite  a  number of
liorses shot,
A- an on mple of tho treachery ol
the li ier*, the 'ii ' dav thai wu nr
rlveil nt W-iter Val, we saw ii num
i„.r ,,i mc i on n rliign, aboui two
miles oil, mui, n • wu did noi know
u iiothci thoj "' re the onem*, or one
for n Bi itish I lolum
simply   consists of
ar.'U",-l t'-u* loins. The Nntalinns were
very hospitable, and when we were
marching through there thoy would
scud out their Kaffirs with baskets ot
fruit of every description. The
orange and hanini groves,pineapple
and sugar plnntatli ns were novelties
to most of us,but we did them justice.
I have mci sovi r.il regulars who have
been through the campaign with the
Canadian contingents, and thev all
speak of thorn with the highest praise.
Thejournoy irom Durban to tne
Transvaal is through a country covered with hills, which gave tho Hoers
almost impregnable positions, ami
we realized tbodilllcultics Buller had
to contend with, and think him deserving ol the greatest credit for the
manner iu which he overcame them.
flic soldiers simply worship him,and I
there Is noi the slightest doubt that.
the work theothorgenerals have had
todo is play c im pared to the task
v had before him
1 trust that   British  Columbia
he claims an eighth interest In seme
Woodland; all, \V A Coplen to Percy
Same, P Dickinson to Warner Miller,
VV E spier mui V Dickinson.
5 —Hoodoo, A K Teeter, D Sloan, A
McVYilhanis. F S Shcrey and A McDonald to ,1 M M Benedutu.
6—UAI'ii, W Ii Beamish to T 1)
Dnuik'u ',,, J  G  McCiilluni  to
<), Fortune is nn idle j.iud,
Wlia joys iii lien's lemoval,
An' lightlies niony a caliant, braw
Wlitt seeks for her approval.
An' niony an nnc she beams upon
An' h.mils him high in favor,
An'whiles she wales the dour auld carle
An' whiles she wales the shaver.
At ither times, wi' sudden freak,
Men's pair estates she withers ;
Ueluk's the cuts she made tae them
An' males them ower to iiln-rs.
An' whiles she hits men Struggle sair
ah' win thoir bread wi Pvveatin';
An' ithers—no the least bit fusli —
Atten's them in the gottin'.
ah' itbera gang the hale wail' roun'
Tae win her smile the\ seek her,
Ail' ithers live their lives nt Inline
ah' jnist as weol bespeak her.
Sae, men wi' rowth o' warldly geai
.  1    VVi' men thet may he poorer,
,s ! Maun nvu be eourtin' Fortune here
Ing and that youarenll making ;    Tau „Kll. their [ncomea MirL.,..
small fortunes; that the  mines in the
in are all  in full swing and  all   0, Fortune Is a panghty jaud,
ttled.     Sincerely >   *9 Pumftn ,llv,e* hu0 Bhttwn her»,
AH   thousands has en tae applaud
The anew she duigns tae honor.
, 11, wad tae me that smile sill 'd ^ie,
Squadron C, Slrathconai      vVhilk proves her chief attraction
lab ir  troubles
'    :'-:'~,
Geoiigk Ai.r.u.
i', Strathcona's
Cniinpton DuT'ois. of Mobile, Ala.,
and a brother of W. Y\ DuBois, sup
erlntendont of the Arlington, arrived
on Saturday,
Ground sluicing on an extensive
scale is being carried on at the Speculator. A new ore house and framing
shed are also being erected.
AMc- **• '^- Rinwbury,- engineer of the
Warner Miller people, went np lo inspect the V it M group. Twelve Mile,
Saturday, accompanied by W. Harrington.
British Columbia won the grand
nrize in the mineral exhibit at the
Spokane fair, while the Nelson display won the blue ribbon for the best
individual offort.
J. MacMastcr, who inspected the
V ec M croup, on Friday, was greatly
taken with the property, and will
endeavor to effect a deal on it for
New York capital.
Hert Pieison received his fourth
payment, amounting to$1,0G0,on the
Green Lake fraction, on Oct. 1, from
Ernest Mansfield. The property is
situated in Camp Mansfield.
T. Waring and W, George returned home l'Viday from the Bummer's
work mi their properties on Woodbury creek. They brought back
some elegant specimens of ore.
The new lmnkhouse at the Tama-
rae has been completed and work en
the vein is now being pushed tit three.
different points.   Some fine mineral
c. In Mo li li'iver Ho:
-   ii i Africa, August 21.
I'.S    1 would like to add that not-
u -■ mdlng the reported hospital
lals, that 1 have, pers mally,
i the hospital arrangements per
lei  .
I'd write a
Wad glu 1
nt O  poesie
iOr satisfaction.
R, T. Anokri ox.
r.iiMiii*  It.
i ironl Intere
ng ol the
Is being takon in the
ilvlllc Indian res r
-ii, which the United states government has announced i- to take
pin Bhortly The country is said
to ii i f oxtrcmo fertility, and a rush
ir to that which took place when
11     h 'tna wns thrown open to settle
ii ' •  In being I »oked for.   The re
tion I   :u thc northern  part ol
\\ ushlngton Btato, and close up to
the i an i<Ii.-111 boundarv.   The priii
el pal fauces In   the   Boundary   are
Mols hi, I hi saw and  Uolstor, which i
are within a few miles of tho b mud- J
line, and they are lies! easily
run tlied by the '' inadiun I'acillc
li iii\va> 's new  Ijnundurv creek ex* |
on to Midway, the distance from
■      p lint i" Ing only I'J miles to Bob
•' IJ to (Ihesnwi and 23J to M il
> hi, b\ ii g tod  wagon road.    Iu iIn
Lemon <'reek. R ('.
Discover-1 on iiie.i.i.inii.
By a partial cave in in what is
known as tho Wiley tunnel on the (ll
tawa, a promising i> dy oi mineral
lias   I eell   ( XpOSed   On   the  I" I wall
The tunnel had heeii driven through
the ledge and partially timbered up,
but little   ore   Having  shown   in the
vein. The ore body now exposed is
18 Inches w Ide and mixed with spar.
Native silver is splashed through the
rook, making the valui b go pretty
high, The Ottawa is owned by Mui*
vej, I 'luincnts and Wichmanu, Preparations are being made to develop
the propertvduring the winter.
is being taken from the property.
A Rasslnnd Deal.
L. A. Thurston returned Saturday
from Itossland, where he successfully
negotiated it deal on the Derbv fiml
Nelson claims, for  I.,  Weyl, who is
known here iu connection with the
Chapleau. The deal was t-r RjP.OOQ
and Is the largest put through iu that
camp for many m mths    The pro
perty has,a good had and is situatiii
only tu i feet from the famous I.■• ttnl,
The surface rights on the Dorbv inch.de |*22 town lots which, in themselves, are a valuable asset.
sa»mill Complete
four patrols front Standerton, my
. | |  ;    ■  difficult4, has been experienced •
A. B. Wood, who has bad charge
ofthe erection of tho Arlington saw
mill, returned to the coast on Tiles-
day morning, having completed his
task. The mill is now complete in
' all its details .and has been taken
over hv tho company. It is equal to
,mv mill of its size iu the province
and has ,in abundance of power, It
eSmiigglei ore- hns a capacity of from 12,000 to 16,
mentioned in last weeks Issue re ,,n t;.r, , (T day, and Ic "ill run
moved, came beforo Judge form, In gteiidilv gelling out material for tho
chambers Ml Nelson, lie ordered
that the 2 m sacks of ore in question
sum tgler Oro to bo Shipped.
The case of Greenlee vs.Dickinson,
in which the latter applied to have
thc Injunction "ii
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not ko past  its
you are dry, weary
door when
or hunzrj
iclf and live others « ire seni
Investigate,    I'll   ridgo thoy wi re un
wns bi ; d circular nnd   thev   were
, I * .«it the centre,    Wesawth v n   n
loi i-. ■>! ml 10of them n id nn In ik
■ throiiH    tho   fin iv   linn
N were it li under cover of
i while flu
ihem till within nboui ml
ibl i to   Im
Immediately we did i t i'usl
Inde   I int    • dl ii
lhe  i I'll      lliVU    Wltll  l'nei'H,  wil
. ||  ..       ■  .     ...     Ill]     III fill'    ' o
\. : ip    ■ ■:.    , r
•i ting   ihlnnients of Ireight to
points owing to lack of customs
tics ' ii  i . • will be now com*
pletclj    ovuic une,   a.-   the    United
■_■ ivei nmenl hn < just nsdgnod
',er i i Midway, to lo "1
.'• ■ : isl \m ir can freight
:  go p   ii
c Hhlpped •   tho smelter and the nel
pr 'ds paid Into the Hank of Mon
trcnl to the i redltof b ith parties. J.
I**,! I lot up| em il i r i'ercy I lickins n
and VV, A Macdonnld for C. Un en
r.lui'li I'rin
.(Ml *40<1.
', , , i, i, i .
'nn hnvo
nmenl on
A, l'. Bund, ol
i la Bltuuted i n
[iiial ••' il tirdiij ihe < 'li iph in had n
lo ' f promliii ■'   /isltoi    ti'-in
I'ii  ., I'r.v io, Ip Manjul de Ot'iitp
Joe S,mlier and   D,
returned from doinj*
tho Burn   .■    ed  bj
New Wi -'minster,    I
tho north f ;'   i f Ten Mile, cl
tho Btltl      in ! Is a   line prospect.    If
has a   bl«       I) e,   dlOW 111 ■•      ■•oral
Hi'-cul*        i   ii
!•'. Sherey hai secured a 12 months
louse on tho Black Prince and .--tailed
in on the property Saturday, w ith
four nun.  The toi tnsof the lensi
vui's   slinilnr to those on tho Two
iii   n certain nmouni ul dei el
npment having to be done c ich  and
every month during tho life of tl >■
leise     A new tunnel hn • bei n
ed,   which will give a depth i f t ft)
feel on Hi.' vein    On   I  lo bi    ikej
out and • hlpp • nl
: ''ti
)    ) I
1 ? I
Frank  H. Smiley Has Made
a Written Confession
The Developments In  the Curious
Chicago Poisoning Case of
Local Interest
It is confidently believed that
Frank Ii. Smiley, who today made
a confession of bis connection with
the death of Marie Diefenbach, at
Chicago, was in Rossland for a
period of three months this year.
As the dispatches yesterday sho.ved,
tbe victim was one of the confederates, who, after securing heavy lite
insurance in Canadian and other
companies, feigned death, the inten-
tention being to replace her supposedly lifeless body with another
corpse. She was to have shared in
the proceeds of tbe policy, but the
plotters wanted it all. The means
of death was effective instead of being a sham.
Registered at a Rossland hotel in
the early part of the year was a
man by the name of F. H. Smiley.
He was here nearly three months
and nobody knew his business,
although it was generally believed
he was a detective, and it is known
tbat he possessed a doctor's certificate, although he has never practiced. The fact that his mail and
general correspondence was from
Chicago, today caused inquiry to be
made from the chief of police of
that city, but up to the hour of going to press no reply bad been received.
Chicago, Oct. 9.—Frank M.
Smiley the detective of the Mooney
and Boland agency, who was one
of the men arrested yesterday in
connection with the death of Marie
Cefenbach, August 25, bas made a
full written confession of bis part in
the crime. His confession,i t true,
implicates with him Dr. August
I'nger and Frank Wayland Brown,
assistant manager of the Mooney
and Boland agency, the other two
men under arrest.
When tbe case goes on trial,
Smiley,' it is announced, will turn
states evidence. States attorney
Deneen expects that all three men
will be convicted of conspiracy to
delraud the New York Life Insurance company, and the two berev-
olent orders, the Canadian order of
Foresters and the Knights and Ladies of Security, but it is very
doubtful whether any charge of
murder can even formally be made
on the evidence available.
At least one other man connect-
nected with tbe Mooney and Boland
agency is now under surveillance
for suspicious actions at tbe time of
Miss Defenback's death. It is not
improbable that several other conspirators may be connected with
the crime.
the Lines
A   Serous   Blunder   in
Strnging   Dawson
Victoria, Oct. y.—Passengers arriving by tbe Tees state that,
through mistaking directions, two
parties working on tbe government
telegraph line to Dawson have over-
'apped, tbe distance which was
passed between the two euds of
the line being over a hundred miles.
It is feared this will prevent completion of tbe line this year.
Dawson officials estimate tbat the
recent order of the government will
throw 8000 claims open for location
in tbe Klondike.
An Indian woman, whose husband
was tried ai Vancouver and acquit*
ted on tbe charge of murdering a
boy;in the Cassiar district, committed suicide by hanging herself on
the steamer Amur on the way north.
Hiram Brown, furniture dealer,
of Grand Forks; the Cariboo Lumber Co., carrying on business at
Clinton; John Tobin & Co., Ltd.,
tea merchant, of Vancouver and
Halifax; and S. F, Ouinlivan, contractor, of Cascade, have assigned.
James M. Dunn and the company,
in which he claims a declaration
that he was induced by tbe defendant Dunn, representing himself to be the secretary of the company, to buy 11,000 shares in tbe
company on May 3, 1897, upon the
representation made by Dunn tbat
company owned an undivided half
of the Sunset mineral claim, being
lot 970, group 1, Kootenay district, and a declaration that the
said undivided half is the company's
property. The plaintiff also claims
judgment for tbe amount paid for
the shares, $2200, and tbat tbe
shares may be cancelled, and the
register of members rectified. He
also asks fcr an injunction restraining the company trom enforcing any
call in respect of the shares, and
for damages.
The Army
and Navy.
Two    Hundred    Million
Will   be  Asked  for
Their Support.
New Vork, Oct. 9.—More than
$200,000,000 will be asked for the
support of the army and navy for
tbe fiscal year ending June 30J 1902,
says tbe Washington correspondent
ofthe Herald. Secretary Long has
been caretullv considering tbe estimates of his department, cutting
them wherever feasible, and Secretary Root is sharpening his pruning
knife so that it will be in condition
lor use in war department estimates
when be returns Wednesday.
Chiefs ol bureaus ofthe war department are estimating for expenses
on tbe basis of an army of 100,000
Under the present law all volunteers and regulars in excess of about
jo,000 men must be discharged
before July 1. 1901 and Quartermaster General Ludington is making arrangements for the transportation home of lhe volunteers beginning next month. It will be
necessary to recruit regiments to
fill tbe places of the volunteers in
case more troops are authorized,
and when they are ready for active
service they must be transported
to Manila. So Quartermaster Gen.
Ludington has asked for considerably more money than be needed
for the present fiscal year.
Thc Lenora Mount Sicker Copper
Mining company give notice tbat
they intend to build a tramway Irom
their mine around the north end of
Mount Sicker to a point about 500
yards from Westholme station, on
the Esquimait & Nanaimo railway,
in a southerly direction; thence to
an easterly direction to a point on
Osborne Hay, and also to build,
construct, etpiip and operate a tele
phone in connection with the tramway.
By the payment of dividends to
shareholders, the capital of the
Nelson City Land it Improvement
company has been reduced to $1.^4,-
R. S. Davis, for himself and
other shareholders of the Sunset
Gold it Silver Mining company (for-
eign, bas en'ered an   action against
Offer of a 10 per Cent. Increase In Wages-!    .
Thee    or  Four   Individual Operators Who Have Not
Hazelton, Fa., Oct. 9.—The A.
S. Yanwickle estate, operating the
Colesain and Milnesville collieries,
and Calvin Pardee & Company
owners of tbe Lattimer mines, posted notices today offering the 10 per
cant advance in wages to their mine
workers. There are only about
four other individual operators in
this region that have not yet offered
the increase, among them being G.
B. Markle & Co. These firms,
however, are expected to make the
wage concession within the next
few days.
Negotiations between tbe Yaqui
Indian emissaries and President
Diax, for tbe settlement of the hostilities between the Vaquis and the
Mexican government, have failed to
accomplish   anything. Fighting
continues and the government
troops seem to be making a slow
but steady advance into the Indian
The laws of British Columbia pro
tect lawyers from competition, by
compelling applicants to comply
with the rules and regulations of
the law society. Within tbe past
lew days several legal firms of
Rossland have received, from Toronto, cases of letterheads and other
printed stationery, which they can
buy there cheaper than in this city.
If they would go to Toronto to
Toronto to practice they would
perhaps do business on a cheaper
basis in many other respects.
More   Than  Qne  Thousand Unionists Have
Quit Work.
Seattle, Oct. 9. -From 1100 to
I200 trade unionists are idle.
Work was stopped on over 20 residence buildings and six large brick
business blocks under process of
construction, and a threatened paralysis of nearly the entire building
in tbe city is thc result thus far of
the fight between tbe Trades Council and Builder's Exchange of
Seattle, a fight that bas been brewing for several weeks.
Placer claims in Cariboo can be
laid over from November 1 until
June 1,   1901,
Victoria proposes to have a twentieth century exhibit of all the resources and products of tbe district tributary   to the coast.
An unprecedented drought is
prevalent in the districts of Cachar
and Sylhet, Calcutta.
Dues on square timber and saw-
logs cut on Dominion hinds in
British Columbia have been reduced lo .Si.50, with the exception
ol oak, the dues on which remain
The Moyie   Water company   has
been incorporated.    The   object   of
the company is lo  supply  water  in
the town of Moyie.
Tbe interest in tbe differences between tbe powers seems to have
temporarily subsided and has given
place to the elections, which, just
now, are commanding attention in
the English speaking world. In
the United States, kthe people are
talking of nothing but the outcome
of tbe presidential contest which
takes place in November. The general elections in Great Britain are
now proceeding,and in the Dominion
we arc preparing for a political
struggle, which will lake place
sooner or later.
The British army headquarters at
New Orleans are to be closed soon.
Since August, 1899, 15,000 horses
and 42,000 mules have been shipped
to Capetown, as well as large quantities of forage and other supplies,
the pay therefor being about $10,-
000,000 in English gold,
NeUoii Cniixcrvnllven Oi-tfauUe.
The Nelson Conservative association met last night to discuss organization lor the approaching campaign. The following committee,
for the purpose ol completing a
scheme of organization, was appointed: John Toye, convenor;
W E McCandlish, Jacob Dover, J
F Amiable, John Houston, J A
Kirkpatrick, F Starkey, W A Mac-
donald, 11 R Cameron, J Fallon, D
M Carley, Freeman Lake, J Elliot,
Cyril Archibald, Chris Morrison, W
Irvine, A Ferland, frank Fletcher,
J A Irving, C Hillyer, D McArthur,
Fred J Bradley, Thorburn Allen, H
G Neelands and C H Smvell. Tbe
officers of the association are ex-
officio members of tbe committee.
Gen. A. W. Greeley, chief of tbe
United States army signal service,
who was at Nome during the disastrous storm of September 15 and
16, says the loss of private interests
was variously estimated at $500,000
to 8750,000. Over 3000 persons
were rendered homeless.
Depew's Republican Enthusiasts Assaulted By
a Chicago Mob-
Chicago, Oct. 9. — Bloodshed
followed in the trail of Chauncey
Depew and his three mile escort ot
Republican marching clubs hist
night. The last company in line
was charged by an organized gang
of men, who had concealed themselves in tbe dark recesses of an
alley. Tbe rioters were repulsed
by the marchers, but not until four
or five ol tbe republican marchers
had been injured, some quite seriously. Tha most seriously injured
were Michael Ball, found on the
street unconscious after the struggle, his nose was broken and bis
eye out. He was struck on the
head with a brick, George Hughes
suffered a contusion of the skull.
The men who precipated the riot
llOlf      I'll,**,!!!-.
Brisbane, Oct. m - A fresh case
of bubonic plague is officially reported here.
itriiiKinii '...Men Crown.
Tbe Rossland special correspondent of tbe New York Engineering
and Mining Journal recently wrote
lo that journal respecting the Brandon and Golden Crown: ''W. I..
Orde, secretary and treasurer of
this company, gives the result of
thirty returns from the Canadian
Pacific smeller at Trail, of ore
treated from May a6th to September
4th this year. Tbe net ore returned
by the smelter was 1,87(1 tons,
valued at $11,407.
Surpasses   Anything on
Record in the Past
Ten Years.
Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 9.—Tbe
crop yield of Iowa for the current
year show tbat Ihe total of all cereals will be 531,439,028 bushels,
which is ten million in excess of any
previous year, and 1;, 1,000,000
above the average yearly output
tor tbe past ten years.
Gen. Chaffee and the other generals have the assurance of Li Hung
Chang tbat if the allies desire nao
Ting Fu the Chinese will readily
surrender that city.
The Canadian Manufacturers association of Toronto ia to have ;i
meeting to adjust grievances concerning treight classifications to
British Columbia.
That Is the Policy of the Anarchist Organization
Society   -"Idvocates   Abolition   of
Government Restrictions and
Individual Liberty
New Vork, Oct. 9.—One of the
men examined by Supreme Court
Commissioner Trimble, in the
investigation into the alleged anarchist plots in Patterson, N. J.,
which resulted, it is charged, in
King Htimberi's death, was Ma-
zotli, who is reputed to be usually
the secretary of anarchist meetings.
When questioned as to his testimony
said :
"I told the commissioner that
there were several anarchist organisations in Patterson. But they
were divided on tbe question of
killing the heads of governments,
although as a rule they do not
question the killing of kings, as a
matter of policy. The purpose of
our organization is to advocate the
abolition of all government restriction and substitution of individual
To   «>|i|i..*.r    Powell.
Monckton, N. B., Oct. 9.—Hon.
II R Emmersun, former premier of
New Brunswick, bas been nominated by the Liberals to contest the
riding against Powell. The light
will be a hot and interesting one.
Powell's majority last election was
over Soo.
A meeting of the British Columbia-Yukon Railway company will
be held on Wednesday next to
elect directors to receive tbe annual reports. The annual meeting
of lhe Victoria & Sidney Railway
company will be held on the
same dav.
Thirty - Five   Thousand
Men Employed by Tin
Plate Company.
Pittsburg, Pa,, Oct. 9. — The
Ainericun Tin Plate Co , will have
in operation this week twenty ol its
tin plate plants out of thirty fi\e,
giving employment to at least 35,-
000 workmen. The tin plate company employ in all 50,000 workmen,
and within a few weeks, is is
said, every plant in thc country will
he working.
Court  <>l   Itcvixiou.
John Kirkup, gold commissioner
for this district, {jives notice in Ihe
B. C. Gazette, that he will, on Monday, the fifth day of November next
at 1 1 o'clock a. m., hold a court of
revision at the court house, Rossland. for the purpose of hearing
and determingobjections 10 the retention of any names on the register
ot voters for the Rossland riding
of West Kootenay electoral district.
Lord Wolseley, late commander-
in-chief of the British army expects
to pay :i visit to Canada next year.
He was invited to a gathering of
Red River veterans in Winnipeg
this (all, and in declining stated that
lie purposed crossing the Atlantic in
11,01, to visit tbe   places   connected
with his military career in Canada.
He says he looks forward with extreme pleasure to this trip, Winnipeg and other points in the west will
give him a great reception,
The Avon Mining company owns
the Ennesmore, a promising properly in the Burnt Basin, adjoining
the Mother Lode. The Ennesmore
has a strong ledge ol gold-copper
ore, carrying good values. It is
expected that the company will resume operations in a short time.
The  BleetlOMi
London, Oct. gT—Arthur Connor
the Irish Nationalist has   been  ue
feated for North  Donegal,     Total
number of members now elected bv
the ministerialists is 334; opposition
<72*        ,	
Island of St. Helena, Oct, <,..-,
The British transport Idaho land.
ed 2000 Boer prisoners today
General Cronje and other prisoners
are preparing a big celebration of
Kruger's birthday for tomorrow.
■ II. il    I10111    I'lin,!)»,..
London, Oct, 9.— John Patrick
Cnchton Sturat, Marquis of Bute
died this morning of paralysis.
A     « ar I.Oil 11
Capetown, Oct. 9.—The Cape
house of assembly today passscj
to second reading, tbe bill to raise
the loan of 400,000 pounds sterling
to ensure immediate payment oi
half the losses sustained b\ pi i\uie
persons thhrough the war.
The    Strategical    Positions Being Looked After.
London, Oct. 9.—The Shanghai
correspondent ofthe Times, wiring
October 7, says: "It is reported
Chat French troops held Lu Ko
Chiao, on the Lu Han railway. The
Russian and Germans hold Pei Tang
forts and have also taken Tong
Sban and the Kai Ping mines, cornering the coal supply in north China,
It is expected that Count Von Wal-
dersee would maintain an even h.il-
ance between the powers, whereas
the actual result of the operation!)
places till the strategic; jiosi ^is
in the hands of other nations, \
strong feeling prevails thnt the Miction is daily becoming more gloomy.
Illill I'I. in:il DIUCOVBIUKS
Provincial Mlnermlofctfri Report! New
• linl lu I'on ii|>iui.  DUlrlcl.
W. P. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, who has just returned
from an official   tour  of  Porcupine
district, brings ncws]of one ol 1 lie
greatest placer strikes ever made 111
the northern country by McLean
and Miller, tiie discoverers ol tlir
Atlin  gold   fields.
The diggings were discovered on
the 2<ith of last month, and are situated on Hear and Clear crecto,
tributaries ol the upper ChiNs**'
river, which empties into I}11"
canal. They are well on the Canadian side ofthe international boundary. They extend tor upwards ol
20 or 30 miles along the creeks and,
according 10 the discoverers, arc us
rich on the surface as thc best
claims in the Atlin country have
proven at bed  rock.
On Bear and Clear creeks the
bench lode is high and bed rock is
stated tu he 20 feet.
When thc news of the discoveries
reached Skagway there was   a   big
stampede foi the creeks. This was
a week ago on Sunday last, a"*'
when Mr. Robertson left for the
coast, on the following Wednesday,
50 claims had been staked oil. He
states thai probably by this time
the whole country has been taken
up, as it is very easy of access,
At the recent meeting ol tl**"
Trades ahd Labor Congress of Canada at Ottawa, il was moved ami
unanimously carried that a suitable
testimonial recognizing the servics
of the retiring secretary George " •
Dower, he presented to bun, the
amount required to be raised b)
subscription. Mr. Dower has acted as secretary ol the congress for
eighteen years, wholly without remuneration, Ibis in ilsell is *■
striking commentary on the untiring devotion of this gentleman  to
lhe cause of labor. lie I as alwuyi-
been an indefatigable worker am
his retiremeul removes Irom the
ranks of officers a strong and valuable personality WINTER IN PEKIN
Germans Will Retain About
8000 Troops.
Some Coolies Started   for   India
Already—Chinese Troops **.re
Dispersing Boxers.
What the army needs is reasonable,
thinking men in all ranks,
With these conclusions we think
the public ofthe British empire will
heartily concur.
Canada will have one more representative in the imperial parliament
now Gilbert Parker has been elected
for Gravesend.
pekin, Oct. i.—A small body of
, *n,peria! Chinese troops appeared at
| pei Ta Chu yesterday. They informed the British garrison that
their purpose was to disperse the
Hoxers. They were not molested
by the British.
' It is announced that the Germans
will winter 8000 men in Pekin. The
British are reducing their force in
preparation tor tbe winter. One
thousand coolies will start for India
soon and the Indian cavalry will
probably be withdrawn.
French capital would appear to
be taking a lively interest in British
Columbia. French companies have
now acquired extensive and valuable holdings in every district in
Southern Kootenay. The Paris exposition seems to have done the
province some good after all.
Ministerialists Still Making
Big   Gains.
The Boundary country is now assured of lower freight and treatment
rates on its ores than Rossland,
with all its tonnage, seems likely to
get at present. The Greenwood
smelter has announced that after
December 1 it will receive ore from
mines in that section at a charge for
freight and treatment of only $4
per ton--Si.50 less than is being
charged by the Granby smelter at
Grand Forks. Should the pyritic
process prove a success even this
rate is likely to be reduced 50 cents.
Strikers Succeed in Clos-
iucj  the Big   Mine
Coyle is Dead.
Dr. Conan Doyle, in the October
number of McClure's Magazine,has
an interesting article under the
caption, "Some Lessons of the
War." His views as to the lessons
which our army has or should have
learnt are somewhat startling at first
especially the suggestion that what
the army needs to make it most
ellicient is not an increase but a
reduction in numbers.
He says the first lesson is that
the army should not be left to the Shenandoah, Pa., Cct. 5—Ad-
professional warrior, with a modern vices received here early today state
ritle every brave man makes a good that the North Franklin colliery ;*
soldier. He also says that the Treverton operated by the Reading
danger of an invasion of Great Coal and Iron company, is idle, the
Britain is absolutely nil as with a employees having tailed to report
moderately efficient rifle.and without for work. There was no disturb-
fhfetAo,  0|   the   Meet   or the ; ance.    The   mine   employed  about
professional soldier, the able bodied    600 men and boys
population could defend Great Britain against the united forces of
Kim     . : war bas  proved   the
tremendous advantage of defense
over   attack   and     a   country     of
low the heart.    A widow   and large
family survive him.
Edward Coyle, a miner, aged 50
years, one of the victims of tbe
riot here two weeks ago, died today. While the riot was in progress Mr. Coyle left his home to
hedgerows would be the most terri- j look after the safety of his children
ble entanglement an army could j when a stray bullet struck him be-
wander into.
As the  war has   further  demonstrated that intelligence   and   good
shooting are  the   prime   factors  in
making good   soldiers,   the   army
should he reduced to  100,000  men,
every one of whom   should   be   in-
ttlligent and a good   shot.    To   secure this  class   of   men   tbe   pay
should be increased to half a crown
per dayand lie thinks the new army
Would not   cost    as   much   as   the
present    one    there    would    be
100,000  men   less to   clothe,   feed
and transport.
General Laurie Carries Pembroke
In the Conservative Interest.
London, Oct. 5.— At 6 p. in. 431
members of parliament had been
elected, as follows: Ministerialists
2i)4, Liberals -t>, Nationalists 58.
In the Pembroke district Lieut.-
Gen. John Wimburn Laurie, Conservative, was returned by a vote of
27IX) against 2607 for his Liberal
oppoi.ent, Mr. Terrell.
lor infantry the lessons oi the
war are the folly ol all movements
in close order and the necessity ot
learning to select cover and improvise proper entrenchments prompt-
» BValry has been proved useless
and should be superceded by highly
trained mounted infantry.
Artillery must learn to screen
themselves instead of always occupying the most exposed positions
and each gun in a battery should be
taught to act independently.
Hie backbone of the new army
Would be 40,000 mounted infantry,
Who should he the elite, trained to
"■8 last point and every man a picked rider and  shot.     The  artillery
(VON   THHKE   Plltvr   PKI'/.PN
Rowland mineral Exhibit at KaaSpo
kiim-   Fruit  Fair.
British Columbia did nobly with
her mineral display at the Spokane
exposition, having won the big gold
medal for the best collection exhibited from any state or province.
Rossland also did well, winning
first prize for her gold and copper
ores, first prize for the district exhibit, and first pri/e for the industrial exhibit, tlie latter won by the
British America Corporation.
Messrs. Ordd Hanauer and
White arc to be congratulated for
their untiring efforts in making a
success oi the exhibit, which was
largely due to the generous contributions oi our citizens (and city
council, and the kind assistance oi
Messrs. W. I- Carpenter & Co.,
with views of the camp.
Till-:   COOK   IStuANDS,
>,.« Soiitli WatwOWactt i« *>" ■•■'
laud'*   Aiiii*"*.i«Moii.
Sydney. N. S. W., Oct. 5*—The
government is preparing  to protest
strongly against New  Zealand's annexation oi the Cook islands, on the
Corpsshould be composed to jo,000 I „round that the huge trade ot New
"■en armed with the best weapons
Wainable. The engineers, who
"esays have been superb in this
war, army service corps and medi-
cal corps would absorb another  to-
""" men and there would remain JO-
°°0 men io form thc skeleton of
'"" regiments of infantry.
This army could be Idled Up
VVl,h 100,000 recruits from the
n'ihtia and volunteers whenever
required and behind them would be
■■°oo,ooo or so picked, from the
Manhood ol the country,form the reserves,
■he officers musl learn to lake
•ne|f profession seriously nnd fllSS
*nt> feathers   should   be   discarded.
South Wales with the islands
would probably be diverted if New
Zealand were to arrange a taril
tended to accomplish thai object,
riff in-
Mrs F E II ill, u y°img married
woman whose husband is said lobe
a New Vork newspaper man, was
found dead in bed in Toronto yesterday from the effects ol illuminating gas, turned on either bj
accident or with intent   to   commit
Ai the annunl meeting of the Lake
ofthe Woods Milling company yes-
divideut of 10,. on the paid
stock was, aselare-d.
tenlay a
The returns from the first shipment of ore from the Humming
Bird, on the north fork oi Kettle
river, tire reported to have been
over $19 per ton. Five hundred
tons of ore are said to be on the
dumps now.
The Chapleau mine on Lemon
creek, Slocan, is being equipped
with a 10-stamp mill, which will be
ready to begin work in about three
week. The property is owned by
a French company and two of the
directors, the Yicompte de Gram-
mont and Marquis de Dusmet are
now on their way to inspect the
property. L'p to date 1 too feet of
tunneling and shafting have been
done and it is claimed that 13,000
ions ot high grade ore are in   sight.
At the annual meeting of the Sullivan company, held in Spokane
yesterday, the chairman announced
that recent work had proved the
ledge to be a fissure vein and not a
blanket -is hitherto believed. The
mine is now shipping 5° lons °'
good grade galena ore daily.
T. li. Proctor, who went to Silverton to supervise work on the
Silverton Boy, paid a visit to the
Emily Edith and says regarding the latter property that il the
lower levels cow under way open
up as good ore bodies as those
shown by the upper workings the
property will make one of the best
silver-lead mines in the Slocan, A
force ef 40 men is employed. Mr.
Rammelmeyer, formerly a resident
Of Rossland, is manager.
A deal is pending on the Royston
group, which adjoins the Venus, on
Morning mountain, and shows three
feet of free milling ore.
The Venus company has decided
to erect a 10-stamp mill at once.
The Bosun mine, near New Denver, has shipped Si 70,0011 worth ol
ore in the past two years and has
paid from the grass roots. More
development is going on now than
at anv time in its history and the
shipments iasl mouth were SO tons
larger, being 140 tons in all, than
in any month shue work was
The mill on the Mountain Lion,
in the Republic camp, is said to be
saving 70 per cent ol the values.
Unless the mill does better the ore
will probably be shipped to a
Boundary smelter.
The Cariboo of Camp McKinncy
has declared another dividend oi
one and a half cents, per share payable on October 31 to shareholders
of record September 30, A new
chute Of 01c has been opened on
the Okanogan claim, belonging to
the Cariboo group, which appears
to be *50 feel long without a break.
A cyanide plant is to be added to
the mill al once.
The Morning Glory, til Republic,
is shipping   to   the   Grand    Forks
fterinan*  Will   Tako    Po»»e**loii ol'
I'rkiii    1 (in ■-in Hull way
Tien Tsui, Oct. 3.— Orders given
to Vung Lu, the commander-in-
chief of the northern armies and one
of the most Influential men in China,
to join Li Hung Chang have been
A landing party from the British-
armored cruiser'Aurora has occupied
Ching Wan Tao.
An order has been sent to Shanghai for the immediate delivery of a
plant for the construction of a
branch railroad from Tang Ho, on
the Gulf of Liao Tsang, to Ching
Wan Tao, also for the erection of a
pier to which ships may be moored,
t is expected that the work will be
completed within two months, thus
securing facilities for a  winter port.
It is reported that the Russians
are moving from Shan Hai Kuan towards Chin Chau.
The Germans have demanded
possession of the railroad between
Tien Tsin and Pekin, and the Russians have agreed to let them have
it. The Germans will shortly begin
to repair the road between Vang
Tsun and Pekin,
Russians Evidently Have
the Whole Say
With Him.
Tien Tsin,Oct. 3,—Li Hung Chang
and M. Dc Giers, the Russian minister to China, had a lengthy conference today after which it was announced that Li Hung Chang would
depart for Pekin tomorrow. Li
Hung Chang   will  be  accompanied
j by the Russian admiral, a Russian
guard and his own guard.     Peace-
! tul conditions prevail.
The failure of the Russians to
rebuild    the   railway   to   Pekin   is
j causing talk among the   command-
i ers of the restoration of the line
to the English owners tor reconstruction and_oper.it ion.
Thc sick among the Americans
are being sent to the hospital ship
Maine, wh'ch will sail soon for Nagasaki and Vokohoma.
•Mil NT    KAKPIt     HOI MM It \
Galdner Won 011 Point*.
Newark,   Ohio,   Oct.    5.    Oscar
Gardner of Wheeling   and   Eddie
l.iimey of Philadelphia foughl 30
rounds here last night. Both men
finished strong, but Gardner clearly
outpointed Linney and was awarded
the «ei»iiiion.
Tiiini 'loiiumriit itiM'otiti'iI  Govern*
■•■•■•ii Rnrveyor* will i><*«-idp.
Chicago, Oct. 5.—A special to
the Record from Tacoma, Wash.
says: A new boundary marking
has jusCheen discovered in the
disputed portion of the Mount
Baker district by the surveyors ot
a railroad. They found the monument in the vicinity of Chilliwack
Lake, in the middle of a wide swath
which was years ago cut through
the timber. If the boundary follows the line oi this ol d swath
Red mo untain and all of the disputed strip is on the American side.
This is the third boundary mark
to be discovered.
It is expected that the report of
the Dominion surveyors will be
made in a few days and the boundary dispute will then be on a basis
different from   a   miners'   squabble.
The Canadians claim the line is
south ol the present location .and
the Washington authorities will be
asked to make a sure survey at
Mo Change in su-iki- situation
ll.i/elion, Pa., Oct. 5.—There is
no material change today in lhe
number ol men working in this
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Oct. 5,  -There
is no change iu the strike situation
today in the Wyoming valley.
Scranton, Pa., Oct.   5   There is
no change today in lhe strike situation in the Lackawanna vallev, not
.. mining industry being a' work
except the live washeries which ihe
Lackawanna company has kepi
going since the strike began.
KPAIIK*    KIt 11,11   TIM,   Wilt UN
The concession for building tbe
Chihuahua & Pacific railway has
hern formally transferred to the
Kansas City, Mexico Si Orient Railway company. The stamps on the
document amounted to $6000.
A serious fire has gutted tbe Oxford wing of Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire, the famous seat of
the Duke of Portland. The full
extent ol thp damage cannot be estimated at present. The priceless
pictures and   furniture   were saved.
The steamer Santana with 265
passengers and $500,000 to $600,-
000 in Klondike and Nome gold arrived at Seattle today.
Corpses of those killed in the
great storm at Galveston are still
being recovered at the rate of 15
to 20 a day. It is now certain that
the dead in that city will exceed
6,000, beyond the city 1,200,011
the mainland more than iooo.
Captain Duncan brought down
to Nelson on Wednesday from the
Granite mine, another $7000 gold
brick, the result of I he last clean-hp.
The police authorities of Montreal
have been requested to look out for
Win. R. Atkins, late sergeant of the
Provincial police at Victoria, B. C.,
who absconded Irom thai city with
$1200 last June.
The liabilities of Win. Levack,
the cattle dealer and butcher of Toronto wiio assigned a few days ago,
are now placed at over $100,000.
The House of Providence at Dun-
das, Ont., a home for orphans and
old people, was destroyed by fire
yesterday afternoon. All the inmates escaped without injury. They
will be housed in the drill hall until
more suitable quarters are found.
Mrs. Jane Brotherton, a widow
65 years of age, while attempting
to take a short cut through the railway yards at Toronto junction, by
crawling under freight cars, had
her head severed from the body by
a car running over her. Death was
An explosion at the Bury powder
mills, near Shamokin, Pa., last
night caused the death of two men,
Daniel Burke and Daniel Halebusch.
Richard Dewitt was so badly burned
that he is not   expected  to recover.
% illow Paver m ita» mm
Havana, Oct. 4.—Thc yellow
fever situation is not improving.
During the month ot September
257 cases were officially reported.
with a mortality of 25 per cent.
Eighty-four cases are now under
treatment and 2S new cases have
been reported during the last 48
hours. Until Fehrvary Havana
cannot be considered secure against
a yellow fever epidemic,
POLB1   Till*:   NOniNBBi
It'llltM    WHhilri'U    Hill    Will    RtUIUp
Por Labor   Purl).
The nomination of James Wilkes
by the Independent Labor Party
convention in Nelson yesterday afternoon did not end the proceedings.
Mr. Wilkes wanted time to consider
the matter and two hours later decided that he could not in justice to
himself and the party accept.
The nomination was offered to
Chris Foley of Rossland who accepted it by wire and will make the
contest.     His acceptance   greatly
pleased the convention with whom
he had been a strong favorite from
the first.
JamesDevine was chosen secretary-treasurer ol the campaign
committee and the Industrial World
ot Rossland was made the official
organ of the party.
James Wilkes declared his loyalty
to the movement and said he would
stump the country tor the nominee.
The convention adjourned at
11:30 last night alter having been
In session two lull days.
ni itritiM i» Tin:  NATIVE"
Itruriulalloii ol ( hi 111-1.,■ Olll, hil« nt Por
•■lull Oh lull.hi   \«lolil»lli il Tin-in
Shanghai, Oct. 4. The astonishment of the Chinese was great when
they received today official notification from  thc   viceroy   to   the effect
that foreign pressure had necessitated the degradation ot prominent
members of the court.
The new German cable from Chefoo to  Tien Tan has been Opened.
It is reported that   lhe   allies will
demand indemnity which will aggregate $24,000,000.
So Nii)«    "llnl*.!, r   of  '.limilfi*     Mill*
Pi*«|il.*'»  »'n it, I \ il;i|
Toronto, Oct. 5,—Hon. David
Mills, minister of justice, has offended the members of the People's
Party by pointing out to them in a
letter the uselessness of a third
Toronto Conservative Candidate
Toronto, Oct, 5,—The Conservatives are endeavoring to get W.*
R. Brock, the well known dry
goods merchant, to run in Centre
Toronto, and President Kemp, of
board of trade, in East Toronto.
Ki mum k)   lllni'i*. obtained   It anil a
ll, .In, lion In Wage*.
Owensboro, Ky., Oct. 5,—A
strike of miners at Baskett for
recognition of the union has been
won. The settlement carried with
it a reduction ot wages. The owner
of the mines never recognized the
union hut paid wages averaging
live cents more than the union
schedule. This probably is the first
strike for lower wages   ever   made.
'lomiio  m   WOMEN.
Non'Strlklng   niiii'r*   Al    llii/.rliou
sioiii'il unit Clubbed.
Hazelton, Pa., Oct. 5.—Eight
Italians, employed on the night
shift of the Cabin Pardee it Co's
colliery at I.attimer, were attacked
on the public road leading from
that place to Hollywood early this
morning by 25 women, who had
marched from Milnesville.
The women were mostly Hungarians and Italians. A few of the
women were armed with club*-,
but most of them carried stones o:
various sizes in their aprons. The
working men did not attempt to
defend themselves, but ran away
aud were soon out of reach of the
fury of   the   excited   women.
What Tlir Politician* in   I h.i, ru  (a
mida in.' Doing.
Montreal, Oct. 5.—The following
nominations took place yesterday:
New Brunswick; St John city, Hon.
G. F. Foster, Conservative; St.
John county, Dr, Stockton, Conservative,
Ontario; Kingston, B.    M.   Brit-
ton, O. C. M. P.,  Liberal.
'II   I UOItlsl    MISSION i|(|,.:s
Wmil   sioii.ixm   Thi*    Year     Not    lo
Klumi* lor Clilni'vi' Trouble*
Kingston, Out.,    Oct.    5.—-At   a
public missionary meeting of the
general board of the Methodist missionaries here last night, the Rev.
Dr. Sutherland, general secretary,
asked for S^oo.ooo from Ihe church
this year and said in a few years he
hoped to obtain hall a million.
Mr. Endicott, from China, said it
was a coincidence that the troubles
in tbat country had broken out
where the powers were engaged in
selfish ends and not where missionaries were located.
Cms] Won't it 11 n
St. Thomas, Ont., Oct. 5.—-G. F.
Casey, M. P. foi West Elgin has
d.-dined the   renomination   in West
Elgin, owing to differences existing
among the Liberals ol the riding as
to the choice of a candidate.
ut THEPOIROn him ri:.
I hnrlr* AiIiitioii Niilrlili'il In RpolMM
— I «<*d lo W ork II f re.
Charles   Atherton,   formerly   ;m
employe of the Columbia it Western railway, committed suicide in
Spokane on Wednesday by taking
poison. The only cause assigned
for lhe rash deed was temporary
nsanity due to despondency. He
had made an   attempt    on   his   life
with a revolver on Sept. 25, shortly
after his arrival in Spokane and
just alter a three days' spree, fot
which he was kept lour days in jail.
Atherton worked for a long lime
for the Columbia it Western and
was well known in Trail, Robson
and Rossland. as well as Nelson,
He was a quiet fellow on the whole
but went on periodical sprees alter
which he was frequently in the habit
ol threatening to commit suicide.
Nothing is known hcic .ibout his
) )
► *.
<•   (
A){. .1.1.   '•>•  wi,  Uw
iv.nr.i; 1-. ittuu.
»C. E. Smitiii:ui\u.\i.i:, Editor and Prop.
is pi'Hi.i.snrm p.vkuy ruin.w at
SLOCAN,      ....      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
■the tirat insertion undo cents a line each
jeuliBPquont Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $10 each.
Transient advertisements ut same rules
i«8 legal ad ve. Using,
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
•for each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.'ict-
Jy in advance; |2,60 a year if not bo paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean. B, C.
Thc period of suspense is ended, as
the date of the Dominion elections hae
nt lust been sot. Nominations take
place on Oct. 3lst and the elections
on Nov. 7th. The timo is short, and
a snappy and soul-stirring campaign
will 'jc the result.
At a special meeting of the local
Miners' Union, held on Saturday
night, the following resolution was
unanimously adopted: "Resolved,
that this Union commend the attitude,
-taken by Tiik Slocan DRILL, and we
pledge it our heart** Bupport.mprally
jind finaiicinlly."   Thanks, boys.
Labor will have n candidate in the
Dominion election for the Yale-Cariboo constituency,   in  the  person of j
-Chris Foley, ot Rossland.    Such was 1 {■
tne decision arrived nt by the eon-
Nowspnpors of ancient date for sale
at this ollice.
Bob Allen will build a large stable
in the Arlington basin.
Chief Engineer Crosble, of the Slocan, is away on his holidays.
P, Swan has disposed of his blacksmith business to YV. Bragg,
F. A. Card has taken possession of
the blue front hotel, Arthur street.
A movement ia on foot to re-organise the Athletic Club for thc winter.
Work has commenced on the Silver
mountain wagon road, New Denyer,
The local Orange lodgo pappose
holding an At Home in a week or so.
Some men from town went up to
work at tho Enterprise during the
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving
dav and all the easiness houses will
close up.
McKinnon & Driscoll's store, in the
basin, will bo ready for occupation in
a few days,
Thisoflico may now be Identified
by a neat, sign, trom tho skilful hands
of Hilly Kerr.
R. 11. Trueninn.of Vancouver,with
his face shooting apparatus, arrived
in Tuesday evening.
The Southern cud ol Main street is
being opened up and graded to the
new Arlington road.
.1. M. Williams, manager of the
Chapleau, contemplates a visit to
Europe early next mouth.
Con Murphy left on Wednesday for
Wyoming to visit friends. He, will
bring Mrs. Murphy hack with him.
Mate Riley of the Slocan has rented
house in   West Sloean   and   will
bring his family here from Veriitui.
veniion of the, Independent Labor
Party, held at Nelson last week. In
Mr. Foley's nomination, the Independents have secured the strongest can-
-didate they could have picked on,and
one worthy of the honor conferred.
JJe is known personally or by rcputa-
' tion all over the constituency. This,
together with the strong influence of
the various labor organizations,gives
him a decided advantage over the
nominees of tho two old parties. Mr.
Foley's nomination has boon received
with enthusiasm In this vicinity, and
thc Unions are standing put to his
support without a dissentient voice.
The platform of the Independent Li-
Scldom does one. see in a small
town a better window display than
that in the Main street stores of late.
A force, ot 2~> men is employed at
the Enterprise.     The upper crosscut
tunnel is breaking into some tine ore.
Campbell it Lindquist's hotel, in
the basin, is almost completed. The
dining room will bo running next
Invitations arc out for the Oddfellows'fourth annual ball, which is to
be held in Schonberg's hull, on thc
26th iust.
0. McMillan is erecting a stable,
2 Ix-tOfeet, in the Arlington basin, to
accommodate his stock working from
the Bondholder.
All accounts owing to P, Swan for
.bor Party appears in another column j blacksmlthlng must be  paid by Oct
ami it will bear close Inspection. 20; otherwise they  will be placed in
court for collection.
DO sign of genial Tom McKinnon.
They did not know whether prohibition had come to hand or the C.P.R.
gone out of tho business.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
15. C
B. A. So.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. 0.
Tlie Mnrcutt Branch
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at ll p.in. Next meeting In the Pres-
hytcrhuichuri'h.    All meetings open
to those wishingt. join.
Mhb. W, .1. Aniuikwh,   Mks. T. B. Hai.i.
President. Cor. Secretary.
Procrastination is a deadly disease
Condnctor Irving is in charge of
..to afllictanyconiinunity'aiid it should | tIie x-*lson train. Conductor Bra
not be permitted tu obtain a foothold
in Slocan, particularly in respect to
the incorporation of the place, The
facts,figures and general data in connection with the movement arc pretty
well known throughout the town and,
apparently, the one essential lacking
to bring thc matter to a successful is
sue, is the want of a leader. A town
is to be judged by the enterprise and
progressive spirit of its citizens, and
it would be a crying shame for this
town to miss the oppoitunitv now
presented to take its proper place in
the ranks of wide-awake, burgs. No
city in British Columbia has regret
ted the step it took in shaping its own
destinies, nor would Slocan. Mineral resourccs.boundless in extent and
.unsurpassed in richness.surround the
town, and each succeeding week is
demonstrating to the. world their values. Slocan sliould keep up with the
•development Of her resources. The
outside public realize what is tributary to and supporting the town,and
the citizens should not be slothful in
taking advantage of lhe present situation and acquire for themselves tho
material benefits accruing, rather
than that the strum er should come
s'naw taking another vacation owing
to his injured thumb.
Thc tug Sandon was brought down
from Hosebery yesterday morning.
She will lie up here in future, in case
ol accident to the Slocan.
The C.P.R. Is offering single fare
return to all points for Thanksgiving
dav; good to go on the 17th and 18th
and returning on thc 2Uth.
The contractors on the Neepawa
have exceedingly hard ground to
drill, the breast of the tunnel being
seamed with a very close quartz.
The New Deliver KnightS of I'v-
thias will give, their annual ball next
month, and in vital ions will be forwarded to Slocan citizens to attend.
Mark Mauley and J. FraukCollom
have a case in the courts affecting
the ground covered bv the Native
Silver and Arlington No. 1 fractions.
A young fellow bv the name of
McGee.a recent arrival from tho east,
was killed at the sawmill, down the
river, yesterday by a tree falling on
A Bpeclal meeting of the Miners'
Union was held on Saturday night,
lor perfectinghi'rangeraentstor Chris
Foley's candidature iu the coining
Alex Rogers will move bis harbor
shop Into part of 8. Suroll's building.
Alex 's place will be occupied by the
in and peases* t heir gates.   The very  P^^.^'ent Labor Party a   a c ,m
appearance  nnd   condition ci   tbe ■ mitt«*i* room.
streets, walks, and bridges are saffi j    Business am
NOTICE is* hereby (riven that we in-
tenil to upplv tO the Hon .the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and curry away timber
from the following described hind, sitn-
uted in the Sloean City Mining Division
of YV -nt Kootenay District, Province of
British Columbia:—Commencing nt a
post on the north siile of Springer creek,
about 10* 10 feet north from the upper, or
"Provost," bridge; thence south-easterly
at right angles to Springer creek (111
chains; thence nt right amies southwesterly 100 chains; thence at right angles north-westerly (iochains*, theuco 160
chains to the point of commenceni nt,
containing 960 acres more or less.
Dated this 24th day of Atitrust, 1000.
Non-Personal Liability,
By J. Frank Collom, Managing Director
Certificate i liii
KoKt'luiil, Qraphlo, Graphlo Fraction ami
Balaam Minora! Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatad: On the divide between Ten Mile and Springer creeks.
TAKF. NOTICE that 1, Archie Main-
waring Johnson, free miner's certilicate
No. B36901, intend, sixty days from the
ilate hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further  take  notice  that action,
under'.]', must be commenced before the
issuance ol* BUUll Certilicate of  Improvement
Dated this 8th day of September, 1900.
K.i.i Ifruotlonat Mlut'i-til Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On the north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKF. NOTICE thnt I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Ronert I. Kirkwood, No. R2G881, and Charles E.Smith-
eringale, No. B26S10, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a ceitifieateof improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before thu issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 15th day of September ,1000.
21*9-00 A.8.FARWELL
—or the—
and Glassware.
We aro tho exclusive dealers In
those goods in the town. Largest
stock on the lake to select from.
Large assortment.   In
also we have some special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  1$. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Hoarding Stables; Saddle Horses tor
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Wood and  Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Orders for Coal to be accompanied
by cash and left at the Office:
Mines,  Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,       - B.  C.
A.   C.   SSVHTH
SLOCAN,      -      -      B,   a
Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco, and Fruits.
Agent for Brantford Bicycles.
Leave Your Order With
For a Nice Fall Suit. Perfect Fit Guaranteed.      "Wo use only ai
Trimmings and the Finish is First Glass,
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN. Three Doors South of Postoflice.
Underwear  .   .   .
Now is the time to replenish your Underwear. We have a new and elegant stock
in Unions, Shetlands,and Natural Wools.
Wide range in quality and price.
 T. McNeish & Co.
Your Feet
Will be kent warm this winter, If you buy a pair of our nice,
comfortable Shoes. We have Dress Shoes,Street Shoes,Working Shoes, Miners' Shoes, and, in fact, any kind of a Shoe you
want. All now goods and a largo assortment kept in stock.
Come and see our display and you will have no trouble in
finding exactly what you want.    Prices, right.
Large stock of new Coal
and Wood Stoves,Steel
Ranges, and the best
assortment of Heating
Stoves in West Kootenay have just been received. Call and see
Main Street,
E. M. Shupe, Clothier,
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        -       SLOCAN
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and  Blacksmith Cn.i/.
eient evidence of the fact that the
people ought to govern themselves
and the public, taxes they contribute.
The men in business here today re-
general receipts at
the local C.P.R, ollice wire double
during September over the sjiiue
mouth last year. A third man has
been asked for.
T. .1. Scott, of Brandon, Man., a
cognize the necessity ol  municipal\morroloi|t0, pleasing cipabllities,
protection from the ravages ol roving I took part iu the song service in the
pediers, agents, and boom-chasing Presbyterian church on Sundn\ eve.
fortune-seekers. Stability in bus!- The building was packed to the very
ncss is identical   with the material  '  "'   '
proireuotnco, unlty.andthemenL^ff t^B'£S& ^Si
whohave been identilied with the naraea ,,,■ the new license coramis*
town's history in ihe past and who sioners. Those, for the Slocan are:
are seeking' return on thocnpital they R* O. Matheson, D. J. Weir and B.
have Invested, should be protected Atherton'
from thc incursions of boom-time pir     ,TJl,0,OJCil)bi-i,,on,of -P?t,on P,i.ctn,:°8-
,,,   , .    ,. ,. '.     given in the Music Hall, on Mondav
ates.    Electric   light,   water service   niD.nt.    ,,v   _,    ,*„,,.,,„.,,   .„„,    ■,,.„,•
and efficient sewerage areothcres Harris, wns one of the best ever seen
sentials to the life of the town,  That, intheenmp.   Standing room was at
bogyman, higher taxation,   is the ;| !'1V|nil|m-
greatenemv at present in tlie minds Pnwengers on  the Slocan  were
of many, but tho man who is afraid Ifcntly surprised tl ther morning
or too uiggardly to supjon and on lr'S1''' the bar seourely waled up and
courage the progress of ihe town ho
is living in. belongs to tho effete en I A ]i r-.»r         Th r\ rv> aian
rather than tho bustling and nerve. /|f Y        fftfilPrJ \
demanding west,   Citizens, the situ *****VAi     AW/^ vi .Jo
Bthn Is beforo you.   Grasp it nnd Tnncnt-lftl Ac-Hef
achieve thc desin d goal ere the rush ' on501 u" Al Hst'
(if greater things come ui>on you and The Leading Parlorsi
main street, slocan I Eleotioas, Nov. 7th,
Adopted in Convention at Nelson
on the 3rd of October, 1900
1. free compulsory education,
2. Legal working day o( ri^ht hours.
8. Government inspection of allin-
d us tries.
4. Abolitiou ot contract system on
nil public works.
5. Public ownenhip of all franchises.
ii. Prohibition of Asiatic Immigration and tbe regulation ol all Immigration by an educational test as to lmm!.
grant's fitness, and tlie abolition of all
special Inducements aud privileges to
foreign Immigrants to settle In the Dominion.
7.   Abolition of child labor under 12
H.   Abolition of the |250 deposit required of nil candldutes for the Dominion
9. Compulsory arbitration of ull labor disputes.
10. Prohibition   of   prison   labor   in
competition with frej labor,
11. All election diiVB to be made public holidays.
12. Abolition nf Dominion Senate.
Fellow-Laborers.your vote
and influence are solicit
ed on behalf of:
•hris Foley
The Labor Candidate.
And you totally unprepared
We keep Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Etc,
Carefully   Compounded.
Mail   Orders  receive prompt
and careful attention.
Jo L. WHITE & Co,
K3CT f
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers on
all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Cars,passing Dunmore
Junction daily for St.
Paul; Saturdays for
flontrea! and Boston;
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. The
same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one ox the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting, Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, School
Hospital, Public Halls and
Enterprising Citizens aro some
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
thisTc-wn, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
ilocan is
the Town
Come and be convinced that this tale is
pointer" rega'rding"the I no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.	
Eastern Trip you con
template taking. Fall
and Winter schedule
now effective.
For time tables, rate-*, and full information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
Speculator mineral Oliilm,
Situate, in tlie Slocan  City Mining l>ivi-
Hion of tlie Went Kootenay District
Where located i   On the north fork
ol Bpringer creek,
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirk*
wood, Ko. 112(1881, and Thomas Ktlpat-
rick, No. B48387, lntend,sixty days from
the date hereof, to spnly t the Mining
Recorder for a certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant ol the above claim.
And further take notico that action.
,.,..., | under section 37, must I nmencea
w, I'. .A.Mii'.Khti.N,    I'j. J. COYLE,  beforo the issue f such certilicate of
,.,  .,   . improvements
'• ' ■ **•' A*U. '• A., Dated this 18th day of Septombor.lOOO.
Vancouver. 21-0 00
Ulnm-alMountain nnd Speculator l''""'
Hon mineral Ulalmi,
Situate in tin* Slornii City Mlninff Dlvj*
slonoi tho West Kootenay Distrw
Whore located:—On the north foil'
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthnr 8. Far-
well, acting as agent for Robortl Kir*'
wood, Free Miner's Certificate No.U'2i>'wl
Intond, sixty days from the date lioreoii
to apply to the Mining Recorder for ■"'''
tiflcatesof Improvements, for ll"'t,'.'!I
pose of obtaining Crown grants of w
above claims,
And further take notice that action,
under section ■!", must be comment
beforo the issuance ol such certlnctttoa
Improvements, innn
Dnied this LSth day o! September, i
21-0-00 '   A. 8. FARW-W


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