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The Slocan Drill 1902-11-07

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 TOI.. HI., No. 32
11 02.
We are in receipt of a large ouaoHtv, „**
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
 Slecan, llritish Columbia.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
i£Vrf_1NQ OF   COUNC5L.  S,<K),000 hasten extracted,   The ca-
"-!*"**" **   | pacity of th ■ mill ia tobodoubled mid
WNISHINQ   lOlJCHKS   PUT   Tl)   T1U1 I ? ^''-','• ^'T'' "! ,'!"'" "'l] !)",' '''l'l*.'''<■
-,,,,,  ,,„ ,v..„ "immediately at the mine and mi .   J.
mill iiDBUAW, P. Stevens, of Murray, Idaho, termor
  superiutepdenl of the Golden Chest
ItisGivee it* Thirii its.isiiinif, isReebu-   *nill, takes   charge  of the properly.
sldered Hiid Finally signed- oity «»i-   "W*r** has gone down to lhe mine,
loiter Thinks it Unnecessary tu Pats » i
ThnMcCiilliiin Blnoh  Almost Destroyed
Monday evening's moeting of tho tost Thursday.
COUncll |iiisscil   without   uuy business '
being dbhe.thoso presi ul 1, ling Mayor The business portion of the'city had
Jbrki Aid. Smith, Worden ami Rob ;l ";m'"w escape from n disastrous
ertson. Thr me •!in--: iflinplj stood eouflagratiou lost Thui*sday night,
adjpiu'ned till the next night. Fire started ai  midnighl  in the rear
OnTuesday evening the'same qua^i*  Pari; of the hnrdwiu ■  storeoi  McCtd
ti'ttc wns present. \\\m f.^'l8. "tore, haying cnughl from
;i »..
n ?. i..
You want value for your money.   ■  V*-/e
carry the best lines of Rubber Goods made
, ■/*■. 't   •
in Canada and the United States.
Wc sell at Eastern List Prices. '   Our winter
■stock is now complete.   Remember this.   .  .
- C'linnnunicaiioiis  i   id
Prom R<
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. YORK <fc
i thechimn iy, and ii hu i q"ol con i Ier
able headway before In in-' noti ■>■ I
tornrng Officer Bentley, stating resull, Dr, Bentley, I: in ■ on tin Sai abo*  '
of tho ballot by*the ratepayers on by- firsl discovered Hi i.i,-, obi. the imokc
law No, 14, being41 forand 7.against; coming up through the stairway and
al.-o his (illis'iiil declaration rijgai'ding  promptly gave the alarm,   ltdidnol
Bame.' Afjcepted and filed. take long for the town to turn oul
City Solicitor Jorand submitted ad-' and in n tew minutes half a hun I   d
'vii'f'that it was mit   necessary to di-  willing    workers    were    employed.
vide tiie citv into wards.   QMered  Bucket  brigades were formed to the
filed. near by  pump.; and  in half nn hour
The Victoria Colonist and the Van-  thedanger wii   over, but only after
I'litivs'i' Province submitted specimen thehardesisJdnd of work.   The rear
copies'of debentures, as asked for by part of the store and tho stairway
I the council.   The Colonist also tele   were badly scorched and some damage
I graphed a price uf $17.50 forpriuted done to the store and stock bi kiuoko
debentures and $65 for lithographing ~ . '
I same.    Laid ou table for one week, to ■      _^*^:>.*t*fe*.^"S*i*2*f*iSl tbmtSisyt
j obtain prices from the Province. -sjj-s■*'■*■■*'■*■'■*'■>>>.■<*.■'* •-•
Bills presented:   D.Arnot, lumber    >.f
H" had run  in a crosscut from the
main drift to the fool wall, a "distance
of 10 feet, and opened up another line
streak of ore. The quartz is alive with
black sulpliiirets and is of shipping
quality. .
BVliA.1V   <'AKKII'.S.
Uisls.ptl.v.s'l'a   l'\liin'   I'.uiu,   to  Siisimill ill
Pronounced ttanaor.
..-. i   #
Oue would hardly imagine thai anything of very rital Import were taking
placi hore Tuesday, so little iuterest
■ li'! there seem to bo evinced in the
voting on bj law No. 11, granting a
bonus to the Ontario-Slocan Lumber
Co. to establish a big milling plant in
Sloean. Yet, notwithstanding the
seeming quietude, there was a satisfactory i'ile easl.alioul evi'i'v available
ratepayer using his franchise, As
.•.as to be expected, the vote was a
very one sided affair, the ayoa having
it on a ratio of about   six   to one.    In
all -IS voles were cast, as follows!      ,
For the bylaw        41
Against..         7 -
Majority for the bylaw.... 34'
Had all the vote* been brought in
from the hills and outside place the
majority woultl haw Iw en even more
pronounced, the seven against being
aboul the*unl strength of thebpposi*
-.^. ,-aw .vw .^la. .'<v»*;». .**x•****-*•***- '^V
"»•-•■ *> »V „» •_^*a«*''_*'*rf' --^ •*£■.-!
$ ft and spikes, S17.92; 11. R. Jorand, for *•$
y  tvDi'wi'iliii''   voters'   list. 81.25.   Re-  /i\
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
rieats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
typewriting  voters'   list. $1.2;
ferrcd to finance cbmmittei
The Knocker.
; it  If there's one thing in this country wot the hWriire man detests,
reported on tho work done to the to- r%\
proach to the" lower bridge ov6y th
His worship, lor the board of works
Wot is h'injurin' the country quite a lot.
'i**,  , ,  ,."'   V    *•"_■ '.i ot ;-n ii'.uiic, ine countrv oiute a lot,
proach to th-   ower bridge over tt\- ffi Hit's thai pure on' -uiuplo noosnnce wot'sn productof tltf-WAt's:
Slocimnvar.   It was a very credible  A H'ifs the'nocker; hit's the'uoeker   that is wot.
job ami the cost was less than the «t26 w *,,,*.,., breaker up of minin'deals, which wins for im the naime,
llPP^P"at?i9'    ,    .     , ,    -       ';•        For'ee kn6cics foil many a scheme upon the'eadi
, Aid-Smith ^ib.ii'i   'ii:te,i'_r.p>.u ^ 'Ee's a tini raid kicker nil W. h'at hit all the time,
L.bxellyfor clearing oast   Oehtoev   A An'hit's wonderfurowsmill opinions spread.
ave and north springer street.   Lett  _*
sunsTANTi \i,  siioiviNs;   mai-E  by
bait Tear'l siilpmi'iiti Were (1.-.14 Tssna—
A Health; Kvldenee. of tlio lire nisrt
Wsiiltis s>r tits* Camp Arlington tlse
Bluyeet Bhlppor.
Thc Arlington alone figures In the
shipping list for the week, having sent
out 60 tons in Trail. Tbioga are niov-
lug -lowly ;ii the Enterprise, all effort
being centred upon development. At
ih" . it ii. -i- mines in the camp the outlook is bright. The Ottawa will commence moving.ore sustson as the snow
will permit, antl the Bondholder and
Hampton  will  also  have some to go
out. The winter shipments promise
fobe fairly 'g mi' 1 ami steady. To date
the output o'.' the division amounts to
5385 tons. '*
Lor l.Hlst the e\poi;ls from this division amounted to lis 17 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
exports totalled 0529 tons, from four-
tei'ii pVoperficJ,.' Following is a full
list of the local shipments this vear to
MINK, W-Bstt fp TOTA.IS.
Arlington     c>iy
Ottawa ..." ".....'" "■
N'sjfpawa -.	
rmirtli of July	
l'lsj re nee	
Hampton ,".-..'	
'Love Lightens La
So docs SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.      Get some and try it yourself.
over for one week  for rbe board oi sfj\ 0, don't vou fo for sayin'that the times'ave gone behind
works to report.                                  * \ If you do, yoa nit a 'noeker, that is true
Bylaw No. 1! v.\.    taken up audi it We get ouciiaTh opuiious for the jnost congenial mind,
sriven its thii'd i*ea ling.                          ; Aa' n ■ .• aost fail to frra p '. a. so w • d >.
Aid. Smith and Wordsia moved !'■    :'-s Ifyon'ven   rl   a   tot !1us, lot u 4 ava hit with a smile,
adoplbn of the'bylaw as read a thitd jfA Let hit In thit-.v*ji*o pro    •   in'   lis we are;
time.   Carried. .       . '•         ■ "'■ vithyoughi-ilvJ if we see hit's worth ourwl
The m.'.'lin.,' l!i":i   stood atljouvnidIW A .'!..■'..,.• .     '. -     i ..- ,i ja:.
till Hi "i-\t u'u-'il. in  o:'.l'i'lo !".'>:'- ' £'•, ,,,:,.,      ■,..,,     i       ,,   ,
sidcr the bylaw and finnllv adopt it.     ik We »   !       ' r iu the days that-now are gone,
The council accotdingly met again \T ■       l! J,oj:i?    ',' _■" ■» sv   '    U*ow ;,'',l;.
on Wed.,"dav evening, when  bvlaw   _} •'    '.," ":" •,     '    ' ' :' ■ '■* "'   '.    i tiling togi*ieve upon,
No. 14 was reconsidered, finally ndop- \t%        B«t, another s iw* is pre eni in lhe laud.
i.-si. and didv sisned by tho mayor /iV " ™;^ill,d ™>™. i]}°^.moiiutmgs, as the Boible says h it wil
and ci* v clerk.
Co-operative Association,Ltd.
An' the 'nocker's faith w uld eq ial 'is desire,
**:? Som   ;..  'uin* light mighl Bnd ui ivithout a bloomin' ill,
;>N Liuneatin* n catastit phe so dire.
(fj\  Bul don'l yon go for tbinkin' thai th ■ Camp is gettin' dead,
At the close of the poll on Tuesday, m        li'.'. m do you an a 'noeker, donch r know;
Mayor York wir.nl the resull to Geo.\A\ A:1" '! :;;':';'; ■ pooi-tuDuthel logic ueyer boosts a plane a'ead
Chew, Midland, Ont., managing di
.. p
Lik ■ a i li • if-.'! bil ol bo un u' m ik • il go.
If you caanoi s ■ i liJ<=■ othei   I   -. Lh ■ • i i is shiniu' bri rht,
Slocan, British Columbia,
. -  ?t;i 11 . iu e.riu'u .. • • tiiis* o..i •! ■ ,   ii    : ■• i i i- siiin.il ungni
iv* tor of the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co. iM      *  Do not tak   li'it in vour'ead «   all are wrong;
Mr. Chew replied in these woids: *". But, bv hopin' for thn bstl •••. you may later see the lighl
__      "Accept  for yourself anrJ citizens •■ ■' That the others'ave been seeiu'right along.
our  appreciation   oi   wise  decision. t,\ .... .,      ..      . . ,     .. ,       ,
Trust our association with you may A\ vVe ami no bloomin annerchists n bowhu out for gore,
warmnl continued confidence.   Tire. T        An we mos ly hud- the world n pn '
Chew left   for  caist  Saturday.   Be \_* But wen weisees a grumbler wot is alius foehn sore,
there two davs and return to Slocnn." A __   We could almost victimize untheuhii there.
.,, ,    •       r       ,,     ,       .,   .'/ifa the mnn wot as a gricvauco, an the man wot thmks ee aa
Itwillbeseen from the nbo-.et h.i    H\ ,   •,,,,,,,,,,,,,„,.,.., „,. „„ the t,
the company purpose losing no time ^ Tha< lin„ i,.,,..,..,., u00 .,..„.. .,„■ „ ,,,,tt1 wo) ;.....,,Vi,
inhving up to their agreement, and   A 'Ee's a'noeker;'ee's a ' ker, all the saime.
meau business  from  the turn  loose, '.v"*
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GRTMING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Upon the arrival here of The-. Ch \"
the work of constructing the shingl •
mill will be commenced and rushed
through to completion. Ii is the intention to have the shingle mill iu
operntion this winter.
siiiptiiis* Zlno to Kansas.
TO So, don'l you go for teWn' "ow Slot an ia on the wan ■.
/**\ If you do, you are a 'nocli • :
iai An' our outlook nl the i resent is enough to quite explain
-Jj? Ul those petty little statements <    in i way.
r*>N Slocau is ere pin' upwani h'on the ladder, rung by rung,
tAn' Ihere isn'l any prospect of a fall;
But, if anything is wnntiu' tiiiii we niu'l nlready sung,
H'it's the nliseuco of the noeker   thai is nil.
Bar silver is still away below 51
The price of zino ia still on the upward trend.
Twelve men are employed on the
Alamo group.
Sandon mines shipped lS'l tons of
ore 1.1st wtvk.
The Bosun sent one cur of ore to
Trail this week.
The trail to the Ottawa is being
v. id *ned into a sleigh road.
Ore shipm ints from the Slocau this
year will equal those of last year.
The Tribune prophesies big steel
works, as well  as a  lead refinery, for
There is talk of the old Pilot Bay
smelter li"in^' put into shape to treat
/ine op's.
A temporary  adjustment   has Im'uu
■ijv I made of the coal miners' troubles at
Ore commenced coming into the
face of the drift on the Legal last
Friday night.
A couple of cars of ore w-ent through
this wees from th.' Hewett for the
Nelson sucker.
Jo ■ Saulter and Dune ('raliani have
y.\ been doiui" considerable development
if on the Erin group.
}]'.'! \Y. IL Davidson Is having some
\J/i work done on the Clyde claim, one of
\j}'f th • Chapleau group.
■$* The lirt consignment of /.ine for
k»j' ile Kansas smelter went forward this
A-. v e •!., comin'.' frnm the Payne
►rs.]    Tho shipment of zinc ore from the f%  UmQuCreol. R* i'Asi:;^"x
Sloean coiintry to Iola, Kansas, hai     |y?,_'<   '" ..»,«*> lioothti
|materialized, as  consignments   have     '^*$^f^^^«« ■»»»»'*€€€€*€€€<g      tleduP
Ton.' forward this weok botli bv wa\ =       Ml,,.,,,. .,„.i<s were S(.„t up to the
if Kaslo aud Slocan. Ou tuesitay the1
Ni'!~oii   legal  circles  are  stirring
s. r Chapleau affairs, stating for tlie
/.f,i>"   *l!X)th time thai things are to be set-
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
.■[ii*      si, -,|*.   I*,:-       •,»■   11       .^1   Hi     1»|*    I**"   Ilia'
  mid  wnter.   How the Iii" was kept Hon.    3   i       : nj \       '■'    i      '   ol  Ottawa duriug the week.   Twooai"sof
Bosun niluo, at New Denver, made its  emm spreading  through   th tire thebyl   * <     viug  thut no effort wiu*i
iiiitiisl shipmoul  of one car, the ore ;,.,•■,-;./- ;.  ,,  marvel, as tho Humes mndo to rustle vot«s,   ft was not till
being transferred  here.   It  was con- were fa] *jy the oil-soaked lluorofthi rtfl      on  thnt  lhe   ."••    i     .
signed to the Lauyon Zinc Co., and is storehouse. in    i  I to pile-up'ind then they cam
to 1» followed nl  regular intervals bv |    tl ,. .       rv  fortunate thai  it hi I qitickl*
hi h grade ore Is to Ih> shipped oul as
,i ie i instalment.
• » *                           *                                         ,                    .                   . .    |                11       t ' I t    *          .sll           I ■  M   I   ll ' ■* I '            I  11    1 s          II  * ] ' • ■       .....
a dozen other cars, aggregating in all  ,-.t;.,..|   heavily   for  hours   previous, The bvlaw  is   for  the raising ol
2n0tons.   These shipments are in the elso had the outside of the building SlilXK), wherewith  to purchase a site
nature of an experiment, tho smelter |.L.eu dry the wholo block would have for the proposed_mill_,nnd i   repayable
company contracting for   l"'i* tons  ,,..,,,.    Once h odwaj was gained, iho iu ten  veal's, with   interesl nl  Reven
r       ... I. *   l'l   ...  1   ,.,f 1'... /,sis Isl ,■ :, ll, I     ,' ll       S  '       , , . .i .'        ",-l  ' .1.	
■  would   have swop!  clear to the perceut.   The compnny's works nre
cuaracter  ui   mo  ,;,. ^   , u-    si.i.-iin.  >. |., j; ■ J J; i 11.   Nothing could hnve pre nlso to bo exempt  Irom taxation for
Payne,  ivanhoe and Slocan Star are v .-,*,. ] ;  either spreading to th   drug the enme  leu Ih of time,    l.i return
I    l •  *■  1 ■      - . I.  .   is Vs 1. I    1. ,.i.s  Is. .1 .,-,...»,   I ls..iii   i     . .i ...... * J r    I .   i .1      : 11       .      .    I    ..      . .
from the Sloean to test the quality and
character of  tho ore.   Thi
Un .opened under
•he old management
L-'ormor customers
cordially Invited w return
The Royal Hotel,
t'.tyne,   naunoi' ,i,ni  ....^.,., .-..., , ,. venteil 1   eunci spreainng ro in   orug inosniue   lenjfiu m   11in -.    luiunuii
dividing the 1000 tons between them. store on the opposite sideof Delanet lhe company will irect n   iw, planing
The gi'ndo of the ore is not less than nve Bnd then the whole town would and shingle mill, ni  n cost of at least
B0 per cent sdnc and running about ' - * }, i v., • }. ■ *: i \ \ i > .• -' <-•.:•.  As it was mnn** 5100,000, and  thej  guaranteu t i s*ni
oz, in silver,   .should  the experiment ul  ,•,.      ■  v.,.',i: resident.-bognn ploy not less than  100 hands,   Thoy
sfactory. as is confidently I ppj-yao  up 111   r good      >r n hn •. will also suppori  tho   uhool  to th
believed, there will be a steady outputJex*(.(   gr. Bentley's I    iii;   Itiultogel I une of S50 a year.   Thomillisto bo
of zinc from  the Sloean mines, the (),lt  nr ,1,,.;,. |,.,.,,,. |n ;,  hurry, thoy fully equipod and iu operation within
bulk of which will behaudlodby the mee(lu*2f with  nonio  loss  by   having two years.   The bargain i  considered
their belongings damaged  by bMng a good one for the city   a fact tl iti is
thrown out the windows, evident -d by the majoritj piled up in
Mayor Vork has purehafied from B.
P. McNiiughl n twelfth Interest iu the
Star Point ii group, adjoining the
Hampton ou the north.
A magnifi-*-*nl specimen of ore from
the l.ilv Bison view nt the Arlington,
It wa.-' taken from the winze and is
studded with grey copper;
Zinc ores Bhip*ped to Kansas from
the Slocnn gel n .\-ll freighl rats'. The
profit i an 91 n  ton greater than the
' roturns from Antwerp, Belgium.
«•„-. Arthur Iti -•■'t-H.1 DeL.M.T 'v-"'". sl"'""'
Hulldlng thoroughly renovated
Mid rest, eked with tin bcsl,
Lauyon company.
Murk ".lisnli'.v lis ii KIk DshI.
A despatch from   New   Voih slab
McCallum ,V Co.'s loss on bulldin *  fn-ffor i - it hy ih>' ral payei
nnd stock was alum'  $2000, which i
lulls-1 overt! I by Insurance.   The eit*,
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
cept fresh and well assorted,   We handle^tne
>est the marl
li   VToodin, the mining     nnd the insurance companies in pnr
wtoh.and Mark Manley tjcutar   is under tV   deepest oblign
 j that George U
' operator of Bohh.     ■ • •
' , _, , 1    (ton ■ is. i he men  wlio  toughl the lin
formerly of Slocau, but •"
,  ■*■;"',".; ; ,- "',"';' l.',,"''',: so successfully and well, the   by pre   ,,,  ", -,■■>,.. .,
lyof Spokane   have bondotl theif• ,,nli     , s ,,[,| ,,,,,,,„
 us Entei*prifte gioup ol mines m
t.      'a. £ l«_„.l    .....II    -IS* ISl'l I'll Wf   ll'l"'   "      .     I      , ;   I,,,,,. I      1 ,,.,,...    .,,,1   ■■   i l '' I   I'. VI Oil,   Will I    I- III IIII' un-    sail s s     ,,,,.,. ..•■ ';","
ke^f^shand ^1   assoriUl | a b , ;   a J   -.-^V, '. tllilipiExcN  „,,,.,,„,'„ eoldost and mil severewlnl      time there will be n big rush for Ita*
hc.si Hi,*  market   .illuiils. QQAJV1 Swil claims, from tvLh more than!■•iuturdjj^d iv -ted u ulcoatdko. ««rd. IbetUmlto.
Trinity county. California. Tho group
consists of nine full claims, iueludi i
water rights, 10-stamp mill and sove
ral  buildings,    A  lai'tfu iimounl   oi
•Sluis' Os's  ill ?; .i liiinj*..
'I'.'I Eyton, who Is doing the whole
it.'as rvs* Cauoslled.
Notice is given by the land.--and
work", department, Victoria, that  the
s, ..,'iv itnblished In pursuance of the
Columbin A Western Railway Suli-
r Gc receiptsof the CP.R. forthi idvAetof 1890, isi cancolled ou th«
,s it ending Octoljer 81 ware SI.347. following land iu Kootenny: lo tne
(XK).nud for the ii i « *ek In I vear « *< ol lots 230 and4689; to the north
$1,210,000.   Themilengo his inert i     ol lhe northern boundary of tojvnsmps
sA and 9A; and to the south ol tno
iouth 'rn liuill of tho righl of way of
W.  I).  Metlregor this week  pur   ,,„,  rjolurnlitn  .v   Western   milwny.
t'hasi I thiuMillerpropertj in Brandou The enucellntlon  releases the laud iu
and will Iii ii up lor a resid nc ■■ ivn i ;,|Vnnd the Little Slocnn. It takes
no ni"  sn   ii iii' i.'i is  n -ri   iss    ■ nj] i ruOUnd I ll" l.lllle ruocuu.   ll  Lines
The Iudiaiu" predict this will be the  offect   afler three  months, at   which
.. a ' . . ' x I * 1 I     1 ..        !.:._... . .   I .     I , .1*    t 1 I 11 . 'TWEEN LOVE
A Novel by Amie Thompsou.
fer monthly visits to Glasgow,
broke the monotony of Kate's life in
tl.e l'Yldrossitn "stuns.*. Sbe had left
Ier home in England ten years tic-
fore this story opens, in order to re-
s;rie with and cue for her father's
only surviving brother, the Kev.
Matthew Ferris. She was then an in-
exper enced girl, aged eighteen years;
that she was still inexi erienced in
many mutters was perhaps Inevitable, since her splure of life was this
snail I'Shtng village on the Ayrshire
coast, There she devoted herself to
Uo interests of her uncle nnd his
I nt'Shon'is and tried to forget cer-
t.i u visions of great achlevementa to
come, that had glorified her youth.
formerly, sho and lu-r uncle went
into town together; she to collect her
household supples, und he to maintain his acquaintance with old friends
nnd attend to his few money inat-
t rs. i if late ye rs, Increasing ape
and he Infirmities connected thero-
w ith made Mr. Ferris dread the fa-
ttguo entailed by tlio journey to and
irout town. Kate therefore undertook
h a business in addition to her own;
"li ted" his sti] end for him when it
v.i.s due, paid h s bills, and chatted
with his old friends. She was not un-
willin'a; to leave bim on these occasions, because Mnry Forester, a
join ger nis.se of bis who spent much
of her time at the Manse, was so
gentle, so sweet, SO companionable a
girl, that Mr. Ferris never wearied of
her society,
Kate hnd not attempted to discover why it was that these days
spent in town were more dear to
her than any others in the year. Sne
fretted for them till they came, enjoyed them fully while they passed,
and dwelt on the memory of Itieni
when they were gone. Life et Fel-
drossan seenuid to ber so small, so
narrow. Ho ono knew how the Rirl
chafed over the duties that occupied
her. True, they were varied enough to have satisfied most minds.
There were household affairs to be
ordered, linen and clothes to be
mended, letters to be written for
her uncle, nnd books and papers to
lie read to him: ulso the garden must
be tended, and fruit nnd flowers with
sympathy and advice, carried to
this parishoner or that. Enough
scope here, surely, for tbe most vigorous young lady? Knle found it
Insufficient. Her former life bad
been passed in a great town, a centre of ceaseless activity, where she
hud studied nnd brooded nnd dreamed through her youth of the great
things to lie dono by her when her
opportunity came. Her uncle asked
her to live with him, and she
thought her opportunity hnd come.
Exactly what she hail oxpecls'd she
did not know: but year after year
her horizon instead of widening
seemed to narrow itself, her mental
powers instead pf developing became
to her thinking dwarfed. Her aspirations bad been so grent. her attainments were so dismally small.
All tiie philosophy which she drank
in greedily from the works of Mr.
Emerson and Mr. Carlyle, did not
prevent her bursting into bitter tenrs
sometimes, when, after having had
her sensibilities Wounded in a do/en
places, she would make some such
discovery os that the Incorrigible
Holla hnd committed on unpardonable sin in mixing too much <lri[>-
ping with lhe Mtcakes! The tears
were shed in private, of course:
Kate stormed at hersi'lf for her war**,
of sense—crying nl n trifle, when
real  troubles  found b"r  tearless.
Such a climax us this, was invnri-
ably reached at tbo end of the
month; but her day in town brought
comfort to th" girl. From the moment tn which sho entered the
crowded streets, her own life
with Its over - familiar sur-
rounding! was lost sight of She forgot her humiliations, she forgot to
loisthe and desptso herself: she lvecome
engrossesl in th" study of others. Her
own personality was thrust upon her
notice every day in tho month save
th's. when she vould study other per-
eonallttos  Every fare she pasted had
a history written on It for ber to
decipher There Wal no scope for her
imagination in the Fetdrostan fni-e-,
und iivi« mui dwellings, tie. details ot
which silo already know too intimately; hero ex ery ih ng wus unknown,
und therefore intensely interesting.
Having noted down hi\r uncle's commissions on this particular morning,
sho added to her lint Mnry Forester's
re piirements ns the cousins walked
logs ther to tho Manse gate.
"One skein of the pink anil two of
tho   apple-green     flfoselle,   plcaae,"
saisl Mury, as she broke a dusky rose
from its tree, and fastened it into
Kate's slress. "This rose is a charm,
to bring you back from your beloved
town; 1 believe some day you will
get so fond of tie dirty place that
you will nevsT leave it again. Pon't
I 0 away long to day, dear, and bo
sure to tell me if you sec any one
wo know."
"Why, Mary, who am I likely to
see, except tlio tradesmen? And how
can l possibly con o back before the
usuul nfternoon train?"
Kiito s voice hnd a touch of asperity in it, as sbe said this. Linked to
ecu other though these two girls
were, by tie' of relationship nnd
lovo. thoro were constant little frictions between them. They lived
much in each other's company, but
I hey had littlo In common. To Kate,
life seemed a vsiy tragic thing, Its
sorrows were always before her; she
bold decided opinions on many subjects; she neither spoke nor ncted
Without definite intention. To Mary,
life was one long ray of sunlight,
wherein lay infinite possibilities of
liiisling nnd giving enjoyment; opinions seemed  to her tiresome    things
which  it  was a  ludicrous  waste    of
t mn  to  form;      m   to  intention      in
s, ivrli or action, she was entirely in-
nocent   of   it.        She    had  her  little
i ri - s,  of course, and wept over them
copiously;        but       her        radiauco
w-ns       soon   restored    to    her —
whence  Kate    deduced    that  Mary's
feelings  wero shallow, and     allowed
herself an unexpressed sense of satisfaction   in  the  greater  depth   of  her
own.    Each misjudged and misunderstood the other.    On the present occasion.   Mary   thought   "Kate   is     In
ono of     her   touchy moods to-day."
Raising herself on tiptoe, to kiss her
cousin,  she  opened  the  gate for her
without  further   remark.     With  the
soft pressure of Mary's lips upon her
cheek   and  the  scent of Mary's rose
surrounding    her,  Kate walked    up
the road to Oarleigh Station, which
was two miles distant.    Sho enjoyed
the     wulk—every      step     she  took
brought her nearer thc town: she enjoyed the railway ride, leaning bacjc
In     tho    enrr ago  with  closed eyes,
while  her  thoughts,  travelling more
swiftly   then  the    train,   anticipated
her arrival.     Yet when  the journey
was over, she hesitated to enter tbe
dirty  prosaic streets which had never failesl hitlu'rlo lo yield  the exhilaration  she  craved.     This day,     her
depression of spirits was so extreme,
that  it  seemed as  though   the usual
remedy  must     be     inadequate.     She
feured  to  grasp  the pleasure within
her  roach,  lest  it should  prove    an
added  disappointment.     As he stepped out into  the crowded thoroughfare,    sho    said to herself half petulantly,  "Even the days in town are
all alike: there never is any change!"
To-day, thore was u change. The
lirst )ierson upon whom Kate's
glunee fell, was ono sho had Imagined to be thousands of miles away.
His face was turned from her, and
sho, irresistiWly impelled, followed
him, to assure herself that sho was
not mistaken in his identity. He
Walked slowly, pausing presently before a shop window: Kale stood
aloof to watch him. Her eyesight
was keen: sho readily satisfied herself that it was indeed John Cayford upon whom she looked, yet she
seemed unable to stir from the spot,
a spell was upon her holding her
there. Although her gaze was directed toward him, she did not see
him now; she saw nothing outwardly. Her Inward vision, however,
was doubly clear. Slowly a mist
seemed to lift itself away from her
post lifo, nnd a truth, hitherto
shrouded,       lay       revealed. The
momenta of time that passed were few, but they wero
epoch-making moments, such as
come to all of us.
We shrink from examining our
highest joys and deepest griefs, save
in an environment of calm and
quiet. When some one in the passing crowd pushed against Kate, the
material touch rouses! her to a sense
of her surroundings: she moved
awuy to attend to her errands, saying to herself, "I will think over
this to-night."
Where was now the close scrutiny
with which sho had be;*n wont to
examine the faces she passed in the
streets? Her eyes were dilated, it is
true, but she was unconscious of the
passers by. f*he walked rapidly forward, her mind tilled with ono
thought—Ho has come back! These
words rang in her ears, drowning the
tumult and din of the city; they ap-
|x*aretl to be tracesl in glowing characters over her own sharp pi'ncillings
when she glanced down at the list in
her hand. The grocer who took her
orders, did not know how nearly
he hud received this same sentence
Instead of a request for coffee and
tea; and the woman who served her
with silks unsl watched her intent
study of shasli'S, would have teen
uinazed to see Knte open the parcel,
later on, to assure herself that she
really had executed her cousin's orders.
When her business was finished it
was time for her to return to the
Station. She never doubted that she
would find .lohn Cnyford there. This
was the most convenient train by
whieh lie could travel to Oarleigh,
and of course Felslrsissan was his
destination, She congratulated herself that she wus now prepared to
meet him with outward composure:
yet when she reached tho platform
her heart beat bvi violently ns almost to BUflocate her. He w»s not
fliers*. Twice her eager eyes searched
the group by the train: it ci id not
contain him. Bhe turned away with a
sickening sense of disappointment,
Cruel, cruel of ber eyes to hnvo deceived her, and caused her to dwell
for hours in a fool's par ad lio, She
had time to think several very bitter thoughts, before a hand touched
her shoulsler and a fainlliur Voire sum
in her our. "What good luck br.ngl
you to town tr* day, Kan.'? Are you
giud to bee me home again?" There
was little doubt us to Kate's glad'
our endowments, considered apart,
may be unalloyed blessings; but,
qualified as each of them is liy
other gifts, they often beome productive of pain rather thun pleasure.
Kate Ferris possessed a vivid Imagination, but her power of sympathy
wus not less acute, untl When, with
Impish cruelty, Imagination stirred
her too ready sympathies into activity, their owner suffered much unnecessary distress,
To-<!ny sho hud been dazzled With
illusive visions of bappiiisss. she was
now to bo tormented with Ideas u<
illusive—suggested to her by the air
of gravity und abstrution Which set-
tied upon her companion after she
luni answered tlio eager questions
asked by him as soon as they were
ss'uts'd in thst train now carrying
them to Oarleigh,
"l.ivo mo news, Knts*. I urn
hungry for it. Itomeml or that I have
been away for seven yc.irs, ami tell
mo all about everything."
"Where shall  I  begin?"  sho asksd.
"With Feldroaaan: has it changed?"
This was not the question ho longed
to utter, but It would lead to it.
"Surely you haie foegotton the
place, John; did it alter all the years
that you lived In It? Stay,the school-
house bus been renovated I think ;
and certainly tho ol_ flour    mill    at
I oith Point his been wushod awuy
by the sou,, since you let. Other'
wise there is no difference."
"Aud tl.e people?"
"They aro all seven years oh'er."
"Willi h means—?"
"That somo who were litt'e moti
than children, are grown up: and
others who usesl never to know a
days illness aro rheumatic: on I a
few more are deplorably deaf. Also,
thero have of course been births.mar-
riags-s, and—de.iths." She lowered
her voice at the last word,for John's
only sister had died recently.
"How are they at the Manse,
"I believe you will think Un-le
moro i hanged than any one. He has
aged very much lutely; ho is not so
active as he usesl to be."
"And Mary?" He waited anxiously
for her answer.
"You will think her altered, too,
porhaps. She is very beautiful and
very sweet. Everybody loves Mary,"
addest Kate involuntarily.
"Then she cannot be at all altered. Does she live with you still?"
"She is with us just now. .'ho
gives us what time she can spare
from her cousins in Glasgow,"
"How good of her!" he said, so
fervently, that Kate looked at him
in astonishment.
"Well 1 don't know; I Imagine these
newcomers can hardly be so deur to
her as we are. Why didn't you let us
know that you were coming, Jo n?"
';Because I could not. My urrun^e
ments were very hurried at the last,
until a day or two before I slariel,
I was uncertain whether I should
get away. Besides, I wunted to have
tho pleasure of surprising you all."
"It is a delightful surprise. We
have spoken of you so often lately ;
wondering what you were do ng, and
when we should see you again. Can't
you imagine the astonishment and joy
in Uncle's fuse and Mnry s, when
they seo you walk up to the Manse'
Hut how you will miss Alice!" Again
Kitte's voice sunk almost lo a vvhls
Her companion did not hear her;
his mind was full of the wc'.co.i.e
awaiting him. Noting his silence and
preoccupation, Kate set hers..If to
divine his thoughts, and at ome concluded that sad memories of h s
dead sister must be pressing upon
him. How could it be otherwise?
Alice had beon so much to him;
bis intimate, companion till he left
home, his faithful correspondent
thereafter—the b.ank made by her
alsencu must be terrible Kate loo'.-
ed at him With eyis too full of pity
jo discern anything but sorrow In
bis countenance: she moved away to
tho further end of the carriage, that
her presence might seem less of an
intrusion on his grief. The railway
journey appeared interminable to her,
and yet she dreaded its conclusion:
for, if tho scenery unfolded before
them as they hurried south were potent to rouse memories of Alice,what
a crowd of reminiscences must te
stirred nt every step of the fuinilar
road lying between Oarleigh and Fel-
drossan. Sho recalled her own deso-
lntion of spirit after the death of
her favorite brother; such a devolution must now have fallen upon her
companion, and sho was powerless to
lessen It, "These things are worse for
men than for women." Concluded
Kate, "because w-e can speak abotii
them, nnd they cnn't." By the time
they reached (larleigh, she hail worked herself into an agony of apprehension lest Barron the station master,
who greeted John Cayford with
warmth, should make some jarring
allusion to his bercaveins nt. Sh"
wes amazed at the readiness with
which Barron's remarks upon topics
of local interest were responsled to
afterwards it occurred to her that
this self-control was admirable, but
that strong natures, most capable of
exercising it. were also those most
capable of suffering keenly.
It would have been less pnin'ul for
this imaginative young lady to hnve
walked with bare feet a'ong th*'
flinty road from Oarleigh to tho
Mnnsv, than it was for her to traverse it with feet uncut, and a h"art
'hnt bled for her companion at e erv
step she took. "Here." she thought,
"is the old dyke Alice loved be'ii'se
It was so picturesque, how he will
hate to 8*89 that it bas been rebu lt
and is hideous And here is the very
soot nt Which Alice always made us
stop to admire Ailsa Craig. He must
remember: will he stop now. T wonder?"—sho looked at him apprehensively, but ho walked Straight on—
"He cannot bear to stop.' thought
Kate And thus did she torrr.ent herself the whole way home. Hnd she
been less engrossed with thoughts of
him. she might hnve ri'tV ted on the
lbrhtnes*-- -' h»«rt with which we
weave associations ol those we love
into our closest surroundings; heed-
loss that a tune shall co.s.s.* v. hen
deuth shall divide. or Utrangeuient
alienuto—uml leave us environed
with such sad or bitter meiiior.es,
that we cannot bear to look upon
tho landscape or listen to the music
or pluck the How ers whish once were
BWeot remembrances.
[TO bi cowrii-u-t-.]
Only Newspaper Ia Greenland.
Until 1850 the only printed book In
(ireenland was tbe Bible. Tbe first
printing press was Introduced In 1801,
and Dr. Burk used lt to establish s
weekly Journal which still exists, lt is
managed, edited, printed, folded, mulled und even illustrated by one man.
Addison's Essays.
Addison wrote his essays In the Spectator to be read at tbe tea tables of the
upper clu8ses and attempted by this
means to Improve the condition of society.
Sherbet, or sorbet, as it ls sometimes
called, Is water Ice beaten rapidly
while freezing, so tlmt lt Is light and
frothy. It ls served ut luncheons, dinners and suppers. Water leo is stirred
only occasionally and is more solid and
compact than sherbet
Hiccharln Is so sweet tbat one part
ln ten thousand of iS1*^ ls easily
et.1   isius. uu
A Short Bsvlew of the Stirring Times ln
Whloh They Were the Storm Centre-
History of Grent Importance Masle
Within the Old Brick Walls Now
Doomed to Destruction—Ghosts That
Haunt tlse Pile.
"The   old   Parliament Buildings on
Front street, Toronto, have been sold
1 to the 1'aving nn.l Constructing Coni-
I puny. The purchasers must
remove all material by July 1."
So the pile of quaint old buildings
Is to vanish Into air,
With their esirioslini and chambers,
Teuuutltss for  muny  a year!
Soon tbelr bricks will make our pavements,
While tbelr beams and Boors, tbat thrilled
With the eloquence of statesmen,
Factory ami house will  build.
Empty hallways where tbe sunshine
Crept along tbe dusty floor
Many a aummer, many a winter,
Silent now, will be no more.
Itootless  now  will  stand  the forum,
Where the men of former days—
Government or opposition-
Strove to win Immortal bays.
Where, when parliament wns opened,
Many a buiom, sonsy dame,
Ds-ckesl  ln gayest  silks ami  sai Ina,
Bright with smiles and glory, came.
Tear away tbe haunt of pressmen;
Some of them are gone to r.st,
Or are busy now, reporting
In the regions of the blest.
(Perhape, 'tit sermons they are wrltta**,
Or a sweet and holy psalm;
Perhaps tbelr "copy's" turned to halo,
Slump of pencil to a palm.)
Ii there yet a little garden
In the shadow of tbe halls?
Do not vex Us peace, we pray you,
Wben yon tumble down the walls.
Let the treeg yet wave above It,
Let Ita ahrubbery antique,
Dear old flowers, and mossy  burners,
To our fondest memory speak.
Tear away each dusty office;
Let the ghosts no longer dose.
Where tbe former years of struggle
Mixed their poetry and prose.
Raze the masonry Insensate,
Give the cellars to the light;
Let the brute force of the  Present
With the Past  make doughty  flight.
But keep yet tbe little garden,
As the heart tbnt once has known
fateful throes of living passion,
Kvtr keeps, for Love, his throne.
—Bernard   McBvoy.
In view of the sale of the old Parliament Buildings on Front street,
Toronto, and the early demolition of
the historic pile a sh.irt review of
the stirring times in which they were
the storm centre will prove of more
than passing Interest.
History of the greatest importance
has been made within the aid brick,
walls now doomed to destruction. Between the oi-cning of the lirst Parliament in 1R.V2 anil the prorogation of
the last that was h.-ld within its
elsniss.t,era sisany iusi'ortisn*s, questions
have been settled. The struggle for
responsible government ended in victory, the secularization of the clergy
loserves was consummated under its
roof, the bill being passed In the
session of 18158, ejections were
thought to have been purified to a
large degree; manhood siirtrage has
tftt.en the place of the former restrictions of the franchise, education has
made great strides, the country has
developod marvellously, villages be-
coming towns and towns cities, antl
in place of fifteen assembled men elected for the first Upper Canudu
Parliament in 1792, the Provincial
Legislature now consists of *.»8 members.
Not only has the old structure served the state ns a House of Parliament, but it has I seen a court of law,
a college, a barracks, an arsenal and
an asylum for the insane. In 1S2G
the money was voted for its construction, 1829 tenders were called
end in 1837 and 184t it wan occupied by the Legislature of Upper
Canada'', Huring lH'M the Court of
Queen's Bench held sittings there ami
seven years later the Medical school
in conneition with King's College
isiiind a home there. It was an asylum in 1818 and 1849. Tho sessions
of tho united provinces were held
here from 18*19 to 1851, and again
in 1858-50. It was utilized us a
military barracks in 1801-07 and
from lhat up to the construction of
the present pile in the Queen's Park
it was the home of the legislature
of course the buildings were
haunted, What enterprising spirit
could wish for a more romantic doin-
lelle? When the building was used us
un insane asylum one of the female
palimts took her life by banging herself from a hook ln the wall of the
basement, and for years afterwards
sm dark ansl stormy nights she reverted to the tragic Ipot. .Shu ulso
bail n rival who frequented the subterranean aisles Another chose the
western cottage lor her midnight per-
egriiieutions, wjai'e tlie fourth waa a
soldier ghost in full regimcntuls who
itiusle himself at home in the gallery
of the Queen's Printers' ollice. Twlco
tho buildings narrowly escaped destruction by lire nntl once the sacred
precincts were desecrated by burglars.
Many memorable scenes have lies n
enacted within the old chamber, Mention may bo made of the exciting in-
cid»nts arising out of the burning in
effigy of the Lieutenant-Governor,
Sir John Colborno In connection
with the Invcsticrntion Sir Allan Mo-
Nab was Impris- ned for fourteen days
for refusing to nnswer the questions
of the Committee of Privileges.
The ten years preceding the "flare
up" of 1837 have been described as
tije most turbulent in the parliament***" history of the province, when
nearly every session witnessed debates where vituperation and Invective theio chief weapons.
In 1829 William Lyon Mackenzie
earriod the warfare, which he had
boon conducting in his paper, Into Ihe
Legislative Chamber. Tbo Oovernment made an attempt to risl thoin-
• stives of this stormy petrel by reviving on obsolete rule, which forbade tha publication of unauthorized
„, parliamentary proceed-   _   WQRD   -JQ    f^   -JQJ^
'"The tigitatlon for his exclusion
from tho House commenced iti the session of 1831. A charge of broach of
privilege was mad,* against him in
thu following    session,      when      tho
House, by ii vou* of twenty-four to
tifte n derids-d to expel him. I his
nroclpitated the stormiest scenes ever
witnessed in the historic old building.
The expelled member was re-elected
In the same year, wh?n his friends
tarried him through the Streets in
triumph to the Parliament buildings.
Thev forced the outer doors of the
House nntl took possession of every
available space. He was again expelled on a new charge, that he had
deliberately repeated in The Advocate
tlm libellous statement that "The
pre ent Houso Is an assembly of
sycophants," although the real of-
fi nee seems to have been th" 'barge
that they wore a band of public robbers.
Some Indication Of tho sentiment
of lhe time ina*y be learn 'tl irom a
notice of motion given by Mr.
Thompson of an address to the King,
praying him to remove Iho scat ol
of Government to some more sale
antl convenient , osition.
After Mackenzie's ro-olecttm In
183."' another great crowd followed
their leader in another attempt to
enter Ihe House The Sergeant-nt-
Arnis orderid Ma.' enzie to leave end
drew his sword, but Mackenzie refused to move, when the custodian cf
the maco attempted to eject him, A
stalwart Highlander, however, Interfered on behalf ol the little Scotchman, tireat confusion reigned in 1 Le
galleries nnd lobbies, and, fearing
bloodshed, tho crowds were addressed
and a truce was called
Admirers of the two statesmen
whose statues grace Quoin's Pail.,
Sir John A. Maedonald und Hon.
George Brown, will recall with interest tlie memorable alt nek of l lie former on the latter dining the sessions
of 1856-9, which culminated in a
chars0 ot "falsifying testimony and
suborning witnesses" in connect ion
with un Investigation concerning
Kingston penitentiary. The charge
w-ns ultimately proved unfounded, but
tho pers*n.ii hostility between the
two lenders never fully died  out.
In 18ii8 came the "double shuffle"
which his characterized by the usual
displays of bitter party feeling. The
want of confidence motion In the
Brow 'n-Dorlon Administration was
fiercely debated till midnight, when
the two davs old Cabinet vvus defected.
During n debute in lSliS Mr. Brown
aid tlie ilim Inspector-General, Mr
Cayley, concluded a woidy duel by
throwing ink-stands al each olher,
i.tid it was quite common for members to throw leniks nntl cushions at
une another when aroused by taunts
or Innuendoes, tn the same si'ssii n.
nnd amid much excitement, a bl
which the Legislative Council had
returned to the House with a particular clause left out s***J kicked along
the flsior unsl through the door
Since the lirst session of thst Hew
Provincial Parliament in 18(17 interesting ovents have    transpired.     On
two      OCCaaiOUS   denth   In* ud.'il      the
House while it was in session. On
February 11th, 1881, Dr. Ilarkin.
member for Prescott, was strit:Uin
with paralysis while the Speaker was
loading tin. prayers nntl died almost
immediately, and on March Stfith.
1892, II. B, Clarke, one of the Toronto members, droppod dead wiiji*
at'd.'ossing the House.
Hon Hiihard Harcourt Is the
veteran of the present (lovernuient in
point of Service, antl his memory is
stored wiih Interesting reminiscences
of the sessions in the sibl  buildings.
"\\h"n I was lirst electeii I vv;is
28 years o'd," he remarked, "and
although I have seen a lot of my
contemporaries pass away, l um not
as old us I loiik."
"Nhast nge slo you think I nm?" he
asked Jocularly,
At a Hi tie distance his very gis*y
hair lends an octogennrian air to
his countenance, which is- not borne
out by bis erect figure and keen, alert
"Well, 1 om fust 62 i n I I blame
>hit sdd bouse fsir turn ng m.\ hair
grey. 1 wns givin a seal nn th"
Government side of the House very
far back ond Immediate!} beside m
radiator. Thc heat pound oul until
the chamber, which wn. iways badly ventilated,i was most uncomfortable, and l had almost perpetual
headaches which, I believe, turned
my ban- grey."
Turning around he pointed to a
small group of six, the Cabinet of nti-
Other day Two of the si v. rnly are
living tss-day, Sir Olive Mowai and
Hon   S.  c   Woi d
One of tin* group was T. B. Pardee
unit ins face suggested t reminiscence
of this able parliament uian
"lie was a most inusii,»l man,"
said Mr Harcourt. "lie had an experience in the gold fields before going Into politics which gave him a
knowledge ol men that few leaders
possessed. He was a must persuasive
speaker, nnd so was C v. Pra*-er,
but Strange to say both men disliked
speaking very much and would nevei
address the House unless urged by lhe
Premier,     un i then thev  would    le
cross, nervous and restless for ubout
a week before dellverlnfl their speeches. Pardee w„s very keen and quickwitted.     I reitieinlier on ol BCoalon,
when the session was drugging somewhat, nnd a man named Bishop 1
think, while addressing be House
introduced some stories, Ho wns relating a story ot an old Scotchman
who wns attending church, nnd when
the collection plato Was pr-ssntl drop,
ped a gol'tl pOtoe in by mistake Although nobody appeared lo !«• paying much atienti, n. ,,i ihiH Juncture
Pardee snapped out as quick us „
flash, "l don'l believe 1¥ word of It "
The Improbability of such a mistake
then appealed to everybody mui the
remark was greelod with roars of
The I.«,K(.»|   Ubrsjy,
Th« largest library in the world is
the  National Library „f |.,,riH   u|l|
contains forty miles 0f shelves  l„,i,
ing 1,400,000 books.   There are also
i75,ooo   manuscripts, doij, ,,'
and charts mad lrsO.OOO coins and
The Home Friend of the Farmer and His Family in
the Autumn -Season.
After the lubors and toils of the
summer time, and harvesting of
crops in tho early autumn, muny ol
our farmers, their wives, daughter.*,
and sons, lind themselves in a condition of health demanding careful
attention if suffering is to be avoided later on. Many experieni'e kidney
troublo of some form ; with some the
liver is torpid; there is biliousness,
nausea and vomiting, with loss of
appetite and depression of spirits.
Thousands who have been exposed tsi
cold, damp winds and rains, now feel
tin- twinges of terrible rheumatism ;
others rundown by worry, overwork
and Irregular dieting, are tormented
with the pangs of dyspepsia.
To the thousands of rundown, sickly and half-dead men nnd women iu
farm homes wo recommend with all
honesty and confidence the worker's
frlond, Paine's Celery Compound, the
only medicine thut can quickly and
fully restore strength to the weak
body and vigor to the muscles.
Paine's Celery Compound tones the
stsiinach: it removes poisonous nrids
from tho blood which cause rheumatism; it feeds the wenk and diseased
nerves and banishes neuralgic tortures; il purines the blood und gives
true  vitality  and   life.      Tlu*     use  of
Paine's Celery Compound In autumn
means the establishing of a perfect
physical vigor to withstand tbe rigors of a severe winter.
It sometimes happens that a fool
girl will throw a millionaire overboard for a man Who can't borrow
80 tents.
Are Particular -and Critical
In tin* large majority of homes,
consumers ol butter—old nnd young--
are particular about tbe color of
butter placed before them. Whitish
or Imperfectly colored butter dm-s
not attract the eye or tempt the
taste. Il is the well made butter
colored with Wells, EUchardson &
Co s Improved Butter Color, thnt is
hulked    for     and    appreciutesl.      The
; lovely, delicate June shade produced
• by    Wells,    EUchardson &• Co.'s Improved   Hut ter   Color   is   well   known.
Ill is  >aa) to deteel tin- Gutter colored
with crude nntl common csiissrs. Bueh
; butter is iisunlly bricky in colssr,
sometimes mottled, nnd often strssng
and rancid, ll pays liuttei makers to
use \v..iis. ttlchardson A Co.'s Improved Butter Color "Alien usesl by
biitleriiiuk.i s it gives un extra value
of from - to •! cents |M>r pound
Don't lie deceived by any dealer ; insist upon the kind tbnt mtiken prize
butter     All  druggists  and   dealers
It seems that the Iseef trust gets
everything out of the steer hut the
bellow—mid it gets thut out of the
Wlis-i    a   woman  cuts  n   man's    ac
cause bis head is level.
It  is apt   to make a young man hoi
whi-ti bis rival casts him in lhe shade
Winter Tourist
Excursions. • •
Through . .c!tet«.      Uwwt Rate*
.Best ilme to all Points.
"Or   lull   Inlorsnstlon   ■. sisult  sue/  Oan-
sdlaa  Morlbtin   Ily    A(*   t
raSJc   Mat-as*'
Canadian Pacific
And the Orient
Tra-el by the C. P. R. and be assured of SOLID COMFORT.
First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers -  the best.
Tourist Rates quoted to all points
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
Ttzzs desiring Information In .•-
(*ard to any part of th' world reaches* by the C. P. R. or its connections'
are requested to apply to any 0. ?■
R. representative or to
c. b. Mcpherson
*, initi1
mny guah "*,""*r t woman, or
but the "rustling is seldom
,   (j   l\ Richards & Uo.
PSa'ntieinon.-My deiughter, 13 yours
.v„a thrown from a sleiKh   unit
1(i |„.|- ciiiow so badly it remaln-
" (j mid very painful     for thtei
ed sti
Bliss Hs»si Suffered from Severe llmsdssuhas,
Vomiting anil Extreme Nervousness,
•nd   Fenred   She   Wssuld   Not
KagHiu Iler Strength.
(Compiled from The Oommerolal)
WHEAT  CUuiera!  Situation: Wheat
hus been firm this week, uml trsrllng
has   b« , ii„. iiiH.,.t,i scaie, _t u
uu now i'uiikl    	
there hus been
This Wonderful Case Borders on
I the Miraculous.
Pour bottles of    MINAHD'S |   Every prudent mothoi
BNT completely cureil her uml carefully tin.   health   uf   hei
IT hns not been troubled  for two  duughtei
W' ' Yours truly.
will     Wllts'll
J. B. IsBVESQUB.     hood
Joseph, V.Q.. Aug. 18, 1900.
at the   period when she is
passing from    girlhood   to   wotnan-
This period is the most crlt-
icul in the young girl's life,     it   is
ionics   pule, easily
then  thut   she beCuiuua    puie, easu;
tired   nnd   troubled   with headaches
ti the average man could only sell
ts,, advice ho gives    away  it  would
without, apparent c
The blood
...    r>* - — "
busy   looking  alter
        comes thin und watery, und unless
would   prompt  steps ure taken to restore it
his  in-   to  its rich,  resl,  health-giving condl-
Ition, decline', und perhaps   consurnp-
Icons! "
people's lack of sense is more
nous than their lack of   dol-
HIKiRD'S LINIMENT Relieves Menrslgta.
It |., astonishing  how   fur  u    few
Bauiii.inc tears will go with a man
Anv yo
|ik.-s   i"
ing  mnu     who   is   in     line
suy   good   nl^ht     the  next
the "
»H.  '
ton i I
lit "
em '
i snd Actio And Ililious Derange-
„ii. ii.sitiii.lv curs-sl hv tlis* uss* sil
is' « "l'ills.   Thev   nut   only   cleanse ,
niiisrh  lind  bowels  from  till  bilious   cities
hut   thev open  the excrs-tisrv \ph-
utiMfiK   them  to   pour  coplOUl  eflii-
,,^      ........     .w     ,.w«.      n,.,...     ......
the liloosl  Into the bowels  el-
tion will follow, Dr, Williiuns' I'ink
l'ills tune cured more pule, anaemic,
lOaslly tired girls thun uny other medicine, und mothers will moke no mistake  if  they  insist   upon  their  unm'-
|lli|{ daughters taking these pills from
time to time. Mrs. l\ Qage, a lady
well known in Howiintown, (inc., tells
what these pills huve done for her
daughter, sin* snys —"My daughtor,
Catherine, aged fourteen yeurs, wns
Buffering groatly   with   severe   hoad-
I aches, vomiting nnd nervousness,
She wns so completely run down thnt
I we fenred thut she would not  recovpv
jher strength.    We tried several medi-
liut  they  tlid  not seem  to du
her  any  good.    I    then  thouuht     we
would  try  Dr.  Williams'   I'ink    PUI
tiie  isiossis   ins.o wss* dowvib   mi- i  ■   --.-
the corrupted   muss   Is   thrown I anil   the   result   hns   liei'ii   up   to     our
ihe  nistural  iiassae-e s.f Ilie I.sisi;    | fondnst   hnpes.    Shi'   bus   fully   rOCOV-
used  as a Kenerul  fumllv   medl-
ths* best results
it says pearls nre like wo*
require a lot  of ut ten*, inn
inte is the man  whose '.nst.H
lur to the tnstes of his ro.ik
$100 REWARD $100.
•Ftn* I'si'li'i*. ot this pssper will tn* pls'iis-
al tu 'Sin that there is al leusl one
tmiis-'l slisease thai science hiss been
< ure In all Its stages, uml thst
ill Hall's Catarrh I'ure is the
-itive cure now known to the
fraternity. Catarrh being ss ron-
ssl disease requires n conitttu-
"a tni'iit. Hall's I'litimh Cure
•ernally.  actlus; directly
|s - t
I tats
Iaiv i
ered her health untl strength,   uml I
shall  In* wry glad  if tbis experience
will   help   some other   Buffering girl
|regain her health."
Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills moke rich,
red blsuiii nnd give new strength with
every dost*. They sure anaemia,
headache, henrt palpitation, di/./i-
ness unit luiiiK the glow of health to
pole und snllow cheeks These pills
are nlso a certain cure for tho nil-
ments thnt make the lives of so many
Women a burden. He sure you get
the genuine with the full name "Dr
Williams' Pink Tills for Pale People," sm the wrapper arounil s-\s*ty
box.   Solsl Uy ull medicine dealers or
...  uf prices.       While mill
j kets  have   been flrn.,	
very   little    change in values, prices
.remaining just ubout where they
were a week ago. llusiness in l'nited
Slates markets in u speculative way
bus been largo.
WHEAT—Local Situation: Tho
marketing of wheat ut country points
has continued sm a fairly liberal
scule, though ihe desire of (armor? to
get their lull plowing done bus kept i
the movement to market considerably smaller than ii would otherwise
huve been. There is, however, ull tlio
.wheat coming in (hat the railways
I appear  In  be able to   handle,   titiil  lid
it   is   occasional complaints come in
about   essirit'v  elevators bein/j  lull.
I Thrashing is well advanced in muny
'districts,   and   in  some  sections is
about finished,   The grain movement
by rail untl water uml stacks at principal points ure shown in our stnlis-
tical   statements    mi   other    paces
Prices in the local market have beun
firm,   with   littlo variation,   At the
close    of yesterday's business prices
| were almost  (he siune as a week ago,
vlr.., 71 jc for l hard, Q9fc l northern   spot  or October delivery.     Ho-
livery    first   hall November, I burs).
71c;    1    northern, 80c; and delivery
Inst half November,   I   hard, 'nl,'    I
northern,  88ic;  2 northern,  is -lc. .''
northern   'ic   and   No. -I wheat J"c
ii'ssis"     1    l.iutl.        All    prlft"8    nn'    in
store Kurt William or l'ort Arthur.
COUNTRY WHEAT— Farmers have
been delivering very freely uud many
country elevators nre now lull of
wheat, which has the effect .>i «.«■■■. I:
s'liinK prices. Complaints that buyers are not paying full prices are
numerous, and this is duo io thoir
liability i" toko core uf grain owing
In  want   ni sturiiiic space,    From  55c
Nothing Like II Hu Ever been heard olio N.wiounul-iod, where the Story
comet from It has Crested e Protous*
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put up ln all sized packages.
per bushel  is being paid to
ut  country points for their
111 tun, a
fill a
Ullllll        ■ '_^_^_^_i
uml  iiiiurous surfaces "of   the  sprit   post paid  nt   'r>" cents per bos
Hiereiiv destrojunc .the found** Jo_ bJ_ l)QXes f()|. $o.50, by addressing
The    Dr.     Williams    Medicine    Co .
Brockville, Ont.
i*. re
lyine   tlis*   fiiu
he   sllsesse   anil ,i;H iiiu   the   |sh-
■   .'Ms   liy   Isiiililiiii'    un   the    'iin-
ii sill   assialliiit   nature   in   dolns
lhe proprietors  have  so  timi'h
Its curative powers tluit   thi'V s>(-
ll.iiidrcd     Dollars   lur   uny    suss*
tails   to   cure    Send   (ur   list    ol
mis       Aslstress.
I    CHENEY A Ci)    Toledo. O.
Snal   |\   ilrucfcTists.  7*x-.
Hall's'Family  I'illa are  the  Best,
Mss*-',   women-haters nn* floor-walkers in departmental stores
v. nbedienl wife is the renl power
behind  the domestic  throne
There an' few faces thai  can afford
not   to smile occasionally
Some   wire-pullers   nre    telegraph
\iiipii.ii, uml Hsissis* Hi-.* politicians.
Worms cause fevertshness.  rooenlnff and
resUeesnaai during sleep.   Mother Oraves'
tVssrm I'.'xtftniiiiiitnr is pleasant, sure.
I ami effectual If \ssur slrucnint has none
lin stock,   crt   him   is,  procure  it   for yssu
i Filence may   be golden bu*  "he gol-
«>ii eagle talks.
lt  is better to have a  turn-up nose
I than ;i cabbage bead.
1111   BEST  PILLS— Mr   Wm    Vender-
•    Sydney   Crossing.   Ont        mtitern :
. Hi* hste  been    usinir   Parmelee's  Pills,
FUll ' ■ them bv far the Isest mils we
1 »\rr u'-.I        Kor delicate  ssnsi   debilitated
Const si s.> n.nH      these     Hills    art      like   ss
ehaim laken In small dose*. Use effect
ss   tonic  and   a  stimulant,   nulillv
lotting   the secretions ol  the  body,  Riv-
Uif Us. i'  and  visor.
Minard's Liniment Cra DipiWa.
Muny .1 man who believes in giving Ins sent an ic majesty his sine
le&vr_i bis ssths'r creditors tn hold thr
empty bus.;
*l It,- vr.'iit demand fnr a nleasant    sm','
lantl reliable antidote for nil affections of
!ihs*  ihrsmt   antl  lunjrs  i"  fully  met   with
I •! Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup      it
I i.s n .surelv vesretable compound uml acts
romutlv  snd  macirnllv  iii  Biibdutnn all
coughs   ioills   bronchitis   Inflammation ol
the lime*,   etc    lt is mi palntable tlmt a
.'t.il.l  will ii.it  refuse it   and is dui nt  a
•ni* tlmt «ill not exclude thi' poor from
its benefits
Faith-cure physicians ure wise
guys. They exp.*ct their patients t"
furnish the faith and cure themselves
Some people spend half their lives
in making a reputation and the other
bnlf iii trying to live it down
U h ..'iii'ulo entertainer the average
mini is not  in  it with  a cheap   look-
lU   KI.IS.S
Win", a man buys a piece of prop-
irty [su ii souk hi- may regret his vocal ni. iity   later  on.
In sss shins woollens nntl flannels
U." * liry Hoap (a powslorl will he
fouinl  ,,-iv  satlbf-AOtory.
tt '*>"•""
km.i ss is memory that Iuih begun
.» (fiinent
"is- fault-finders would soon
il this old world if there was
i k to kick about.
Eadorsed by best lagllsh medleel Journals,
Supplied to BrltUhaoldlariln South Sfrloa.
Per ell Throat and Oland Troublea, tusnps,
•beoessea, Old teres. Ulcers, Falsns. Skin
Diseases, Cotema. Plmplaj, Stiff Joints.
Bhaumatlam, Lumbs|e, Sprains, Bruises,
Piles, Cute, Sore Feet. Pleurisy.
Said bf Druielsts, ISe.   Try It once.
•in. doesn't some genius come to
the iiiiui with firoproof material for
pocket * ,n which money couldn't
burn n hole
it j.-. tiitvicult to persuade yourself
that a man is a line when he says
ti'ie things nbout you.
\fter capping a climax one should
drive a nail In it tu prevent some
iot.hnr fi ilow from uncapping it.
■iisiiiiK is    the    smoko and
"■ I'i'tiriige of lire
HinariL's Liniment Cures Uistcmpur.
Art is long and tiine is fleet Inland somo artists' tune is ns valuel.'si
us tho 11 art
A i an  is always brond-inin<l''<l  ll<'*
"l»iiii t.iiue she looks doggers ul h"i»-
ls   t here   iiuvtliiiic   more  ntuiovins.   than
having your conl stepned upon 7 is there
anything,   more delightful    thnn Koltlnu
I riil ol It ?    HollOWaV s Oom  t'nti' ssill iln
I ii    Try it and la* convinced
A man moj  be color blind, !nit he
can always tell a greenback when ho
sees  I'
,,,„ 1,    worth    living de-
,„• otherwIsonosS'
OPINION   iiti"1'-
ln Use l.sssssp.
Theie is _ diS.tooltioB on the part,
ol many persons to do up their rellg-
Ion ipnckly, or in r lump.  Win n "»o
Eutei -season comus they seem   very j m-nirets    tin
•tovout.    They read so many chapters      XU|n      0    Ben8|b 0    men  K"       )(
'» the Dlble. abstain from so many I wo),t ,,- it he makes tu.
**"1    practices     and   say so   many I  —
Prayers, that they think they can |
■ake it easier for a while in the ser-
v'"e of Ood. They forget that the
Lord looks upon the henrt and re~
JttlrM them to walk humbly, love
■Wfey, and do Justly day by day. The
■Peeln.1 religious activity upon which
\n«y rely tnmff have IU place and rc-
's'len. but they, cannot dispenso with
tri,«     pealtential feeling,  deiMmdcnco
uPon the I.ord  Jesus  Christ as   thci
•Ih-utontng sacrlflco,   and a spiritual
•**■ Roiily life year by  year.  Wo aio
••0* to b-e so religtoue on specified oc-
cMlon9 that we have neither lnclina-
J'oa nor time for doing regular   nnd
["Jibfiil duty at the house of Qod on
th» Babbath and In the family. In *o-
I'liiiiii'i's    ai
l"'sl   wheat!	
OATS — There is no change In the
i market here as compared with u
fu    A firmer feeling is i •,,.>i t
i in* eastern markets, but hero
I"."'.* are unchanged.     Fariiiri..   ds~
li**1 a  ms.  not   heavy.   Tn nay
- v 'nie outs nre wort li 20" li
pei bushel at Fort Wllliuti,
truck hc'i's" NU. n white oals
Worth :'.'■ t, 26c per buslv),
about 23c is the price for feed white.
\i country points farmers are net-
tniL' 20e per bushel at central points.
r.\lil.l-.Y~!tereipts ure liuht. Dealers are paying 88c per bushel for
carlots nf malting crude on track
here, and 27 to 80c for f.s'il
I LAX SEED — The market tuus d.*-
elined Dealers are now paying 97c
t.s SI per bushel in termors at country  points.
Sl'ELTZ—The market holds steadj
ut .'Hie per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered in Winnipeg.
IIAY—!*■'!> iii $7 per ton fur fresh
baled  in carlots on  track,  Winnipeg
POTATOES—80c per bushel
!'.' 'ITI .1! - ('reami'iy -liaii-is nre
pu\ sin; 1 sc per pound f.o.b. factory
BUTTER—Dairy—Choice quantises
are scarce and firm in price. Poorer
grades are plentiful and not much
wanted Commission houses are pay-
Inn 1J tn l-is- for choice to finest
ilaii\. commission basis, here, in
pails or bricks.
POULTRY—Spring chickens, "0 to
("Oc per pair, alive; fowl, 00 lo Tin
ducks, 9i per pound; turkeys. L0 to
lie, live weight,
CHEESE—Manitoba cheese is very
scarce and    mostly of poor quality.
One  lot   brought   Ills'  last   week.
EGGS—The rulitiij; price is llijc per
to/en isn choice s'.trg.s, subject to
dressed, '•■, to '>!*.■. country stock. Jc
less; mutton, S to i'c, lamb, UJc ;
hogs, '.» to lO'r.
HIDES—Dealers are now pay ing
Osjc for No 1 hides, 5*Jc for No. 2,
and -li  for No, 8.   Calfskins    same
price   us   hisles     Ilsirse  liisles  50c    to
•jl  each.
si'.NSi'A ROOT—The price is 58c
for best rout, delivered in Winnipeg.
Infciior grades range from _ to .'ic
i slow ibis figure.
CATTLE— Exporters are moving
freely Hest export Btoers are worth
■Is- per pound, point of shipment, and
pmes range from 8| to 4c Butchers'
i nit le are steady at 8c to 8ic
SHEEP—Receipts are moderate and
the market steady at 'ijc per pouml
ofl litis Winnipeg. Lambs are lower
at -I',  to  lie
HOGS—Live hoi's arc eusier, but
imi ipiotulily changed, and we quote
•.;. per pound lur choice weighls i*"*
day Heavy ami underweight hogs
are ',c to |c less than this flguro,
HORSES uie scarce and the prices
which have prevailed for the pasi
two years continue
Oottol's Cove, New Hay, Newfoundland, Oct. 27.—-(Special)—This part
of the isliuiil Ims been thoroughly
aroused by the most miraculous cure
sif u man named Joseph Boon.
Por eight years this man had been
ailing, and for seven years of this
time he was unable to work, lie hail
Daok Ache and Kidney Complaint, tn
fact he was all pains and aches lie
hail been treated from time tj time
by several doctors and although he
always carefully attended to theii
several prescriptions exactly ns ordered by them, he got no relief, but
was slowly growing worse.
Finally he went to the hospital,
where he remained for seven months,
only to be sent home us nn Incurable
lie bas tried every remedy he could
hear of, electric belts, liniments, oils
nnd other medicines, but all of nn
avail. No one evs'r thought he could
ever be well again.
However, one daj ho picked up e
newspaper containing an account ol
how Mr. Richard Quirk, of Fortune
Harbor hnd been cured of Lumbago
by Dodd's Kislney Pills. After rending Ibis Mr, Iloun ninde up his mind
to try this remedy and at once began
a trentiin'iit
He used altogether 21 boxes before
he was able to go to work again.but
now he is able to nttend to his daily
duties as strong nntl vigorous ns any
mnn along the coast.
Mr, Doon is a fisherman, and is nt
present encaged at lobster fishing
with no thought whatever of his old
lime backache and other pnius.
The people here regard tbis cure as
little short  of miraculous.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist ors getting "OGILVIE'S," as they are better than the Beat.
Jlmong thosewhouse > 9> *>
I LA    ^%w^^^
Jhere is but one opinion
It leads them all. $ > 9
are: you  building?
The pineapple crop in Cuba for
1902 is estimated at nearly 200,000
barrels, holding an aggregate of 14,-
000 ooii
It Is very muds «1i»ssk.t ansl thicker tlnui assy other uisrr.il or bullsltna)
paper. It Is Impervious tis wind, keep* out OOlll, keeps Iss heat, eurrles no smell
or odor, aliaoros nss moisture. Imparts no taate ssr flavor to anything with
which It comes In soiitiii t. It Is largely use.l ssot only for sOisolliu; houses, bnt
for Utilise cold storage bnllsllisgs, rt-frlgeratora, slalrles, creameries, and all
places where the object Is tss keep an even uud uniform temperature, and,at
tha same time avoiding slarapness.
Write our Ageuta, TEES A I'ERSSE, Winnipeg, ror samples.
: BE. B. KDDV CO.. Limited, MUL-U.
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
cows and get only
about half the milk
they should produce.
strengthens tbe digestion and invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment is all tlrawn from the
food. It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow wheu sbe
gives three quarts as wben ahe
gives a pail, flick's Blood Purifier
will pay back its cost with good
interest in a few weeks.
50 cents a package.
I.eeming, Mllee & Co., Agents,
nor* TBE AL.
/Hyd <(«& **>*» hy &
■^^ f______tg,Qytm -\
Kntir. lj vegetable. Used lor 10 years bj lead-
ing Physicians. The heat pill tor event ill of
the hsimsn >tomaeh, liver ami bowels. KrV
your dealer (or lt or send to FLKJUNO's
-vs powerful is the new electric
light in Dunkerque lighthouse that
its beams are visible ut a distance of
forty  miles
all   athsM.'   Cigars   s«ll
Just   because   of   that   swes-t   flavor   wa
keep   telling   yssu   about.    It's   there.
Try   osse.     You'll   Aud   It.
',t>. nnu tn business uumsg
***«. but should cultivate conlii'al
2 the Rre.ce of find and bo so con-
r*»Uy In touch with him ami his
•■Bgdoin that everything ihail M
""'".• to the Kl„rv of Ood and the
^"nmendratlon of our holy Chrlstlan**
and   in business   during    lh<s
Ing tin* iioiuilitr Internal atltl oxtarnal
remedy, Or, Thomas' Eclectric Oil—sto
not sii fur as known s»xim The testimony     Is   positive  und   concurrent   thai
i' article relieves physical pain,   ruren
liiini'iirs*.    checks ft  t'l.tiL'li    is nn i'\i I'lli'iil
reineri.v tor pains and rheumatic cuni*
nliiiiits   nnd  It  has    no     nauaentli '   oi
" I,it siiiiili'iisnnt cITci't when InUi'ii in-
Ssi-cnlleil honor among thieves   is
morel*,   traditional;  thlovos ore  inst
us bad as ulher people.
Her   slreiHIOIIS   effort    tO   live   U|i   In
the expectations of her neighbors is
what chases the roses from ii woman s cheeks.
To orr maj bo human, bul to forgive is not.
Scorched rood.
For the treatment of scorched food
take the kettle at once from the Are
and set ina pan of cold water for a
nionient or two. This will greatly sub^
tract from the disagreeable taste or
the slightly burned food. Of course
nny reiiHy burned bits should be removed.	
Carbolics  Acid.
The opinion Is expressed by a medical
Journal that even weak carbolic solutions ns external applications are to
be either completely discarded or to
be used only wltb tbe strictest precaution,
r.ineisslvi*   .".rissniisenl.
,rUe nrmios nmt navies of Europe fib*
,,:, twelve davs* earnings yoari* *''
lie entire population.
Ths "dls" will last s lifetime.
Vrlta lor our sew satalsn**
Ryrie Bros.,
Tongs snd Adelalds Stmts,
The horses thut are best nhle to
stnnd hard drains are those which
work sti'iiilii-.   every dny in the week.
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolen*
nor the surface off linens.
It Tour Home Is   Illesaesl   with   a   Baby
Tou WUl Appreciate1 This.
A baby t, a priceless comfort, but
in its utter helplessness is also a
(treat cure. Anything that will relics' the tired mother and add to
baby's health nnd happiness is both
a help uml a friend. This is what
inal.es the stateiu.nt of  Mrs. Tlmtnus
Little, sif Kingston. Ont., so Inter-
eating to all mothers, She says :—
"Whon my baby wnaoightoon months
old   he   was     troubled    wilh     a   sour
stomach and was iiaillv constipated
These troublea made him cross and
resUeSS, and I had to lie up wilh him
a number of times during the night.
1 Anally got a box of llaby's Own
Tablets, and after Rivinu them to
bim for a few days his bowels became regular, his stomach was sweetened antl he slept well. T think these
Tnhlets are just whut mothers need
for their little ones " llaby's Own
I Tablets are the best and most con-
Ivenlent form for administering medicine to the very young. They ate
safe and harmless and free from opiates. Sent post pnid on receipt of
pries*. '2~, s's'ttts pel box, by the Dr,
Willinms'   Medicine  Company,   Hiock-
viiie. Ont., or Schenectady, N.Y,   A
book On the care of infants and children sent fn*o on request. Write
for it.
A tramp cnn't understand why the
Siiliballi is called n day of rest: be
cnn't rest any more on Sunday than
on week slays
Minard's Liniment Cnres Col, Etc.
W,  N.  I". No.  "'''J.
The qssalltj atstuitarrt frosss   Ocean  te
Orean.   Your nioisey back If not   satisfactory. .....
Arrow L.-»U«», \m%. O.
sittn,t«'-t mliUi nnMiiry unrivalled tam
gran-leur. Th* m«-«t cumulM* h-sal-th ray
■urt on the continent of North Ainerio*.
It* 'Math?* cure nil Nervona end Huhi*
lar dlit-ait'i. Itn wata-rn li.-inl ell Klduej,
Liver and Stomarh allm-'tii*.
The> nre a nrvrr-ftiillng romedy -foi ell
Itheiiiiintlu trouhle*.
 - $15 to $1& per week,  •coidina
to reuidence In Hole' or VilUe
Grain and Commission Merohants.
Illl-licat prlcs'a piilil for ., heal, oats, barley or ll.sa In .nrlnta. Wire or write me
fssr prls's'H bs't'ssre a.-llltiK. Liberal is.Wen.
cea issasle ssss eonalgnntsentl uml bansllad
.sn cominlasli.ss.   Lls-essscd ansl n.ssisleil,
P. O. Boa ft.-.o, Winnipeg, Mais.
It sometimes happens thnt n married man dlallkOB to visit people who
try to make bim feel at home.
ASA fer tke Octagon Bar.
When n mat. marries ap-mss widow
don't present him with u lawn-mower
if you  would  retain his  friendship.
«onslii'i'S the maximum ul Unlit
with tin. uii iiiiiini uf heal, thn
aiiniuiuui uf tuitiiils', tlm luiriim-
nm ol est'isiiss.   I -..-.i iss
< III III lll*fl
Kte.1 i.i.'.
II  ll   1'l.lfSS.
tu'ii  in luht-
iniC. 'I'le-l Still
  that     never
_________ fioU.   It sues
enliiiiiri ci'iil "il un" ouait 111 lt> liours No
■ in.'!..., no uslsir. no slruwiMK OP, ms r.*movine of
(tkilio sir t'ip to I>Kt>t. lllloil while burtiniff, tha
only Unlit li.niiu; no uiiilcrabailows. Applv
Us your 1 cal s osslor or neml fsir catislswue mid
Ina iv, in Hilton, (ilbaou Jt Co.,   I".  O.  Bos
lin. Winnipeg. THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, .\t iVKMUF.lt
C. E. Smitiikkingalk, Editor antl Prop.
.^LOCAJs,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a lino for
the lirst insertion and 5 cents* line each
subsequent insertion.
Certilicatos of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at aame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is tf*2 par year, st.-ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year ii not so paid,
Address all letters to—
Sloean, 15. C.
A pencil mark in lhe apace
opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers thero is something
unming to him on yonr subscription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash anil oblige.
Thc courts aro proving very favorable to Premier Ross in Ontario, as two
naughty Tories have been forced out
of their seats. There is a chance for
that majority of one, by the; help of
the threshinfl machine gang.
Dominion custom receipts for October iutTeass-*d half a million dollars
•over tlie same month last year, so
keeping up the steady expansion for
19()2. The revenue for the month
amoifhted to $3,240,901, nnd for the
three previous months to $13,811,618,
making a total increase of $1,591,893.
By a vote of 126 to 01 the coal miners of Nanaimo have voted to alliliate
with the Western Federation of Miners, In the past the Nanaimo men
have had no outside affiliation beyond
that with the Dominion Trades Council, and this was cancelled some time
ago, Gradually the mine workers of
the west are being gathered under one
lieail, forming an organization of ever
lncreasi**g strength and influence.
There was no meeting of tin* board
of trade on Monday nif-lit.
Born.- Tn  Slocan. on  Nov.  2, the
wife of John Foley, of a son.
J. B. Foley left on Wednesday to
join his family in Vancouver.
License Inspector Black came down
from New Denver on Tuesday,
Andy Provost purchased J. Foley's
residence in Brandon on Tuesday.
Tho first fall of the beautiful made
its appearance on Tuesday moming.
Jnmes Lawrence, the Nelson hardware man, was inthe city on Tuesday.
There is trouble brewing on the C.
P.R. and the carmen are liable to go
A court of revision for the voters
ofthe Slocan was held in Kaslo on
Capt. and Mrs. .McLennan returned
Thursday eve from a month's vacation
on the coast.
H. P. Christie and family are expected back from England at the end
of the month.
E. M. Sandilands. of Sandon, has
been appointed stipendiary magistrate
for the Slocan.
Robert Adams was shot by Walter
Willis on Monday,at the International
hotel, Rossland.
A large number of fruit treea were
distributed here this week and planted in the various gardens.
The city dads are to make an effort
to organize a system of fire protection
and a volunteer fire brigade.
An effort is being made to form a
hockey league among the towns ofl
southern Kootenay and Yale.
Harry   McMillan   canis-d   off   the]
honors at Saturday's shoot of the rifle
club.   He #ot a silver  napkin holder.
The Catholic congregation are going to considerable expense in fixing
up their church, putting hi new scats,
C.B. Taylor is laid up with a bad-
looking anil, the result of a blow from
a hammer while drilling' a hole at the
ness on Tuesday afternoon. The insurance companies are repairing the
A bad accident occurred on the
Crow's Nest road, near Pinoher creek,
on Monday, Tlie roadway bail given
awav in a soft place, into which tumbled the engine and a number of cars.
Charles Dempster was aboard the
train, ret urn ing from the "east, and he
says the passengers had a very narrow
And the cat came back. Did you
think he was a goner; if so, you must
have been a-dreaming. If that was
your dream, please wake up, for I am
here. If 1 owe you anything, please
call and be paid; and if you owe me,
please don't hide, but come up like a
man and pay up, I am waiting for
you at the Arlington Eotel, Room
10.   ('has. K. Shales.
Prof, lamldch, greatest of all conjurers, will give two performances
nere, commencing Monday night next.
Nov. 10. There is no fake about the
entertainments given by this greal
magician. He is uoat and clean in his
work ami a must clever exponent of
the magic art. Prof. Zamloch will
introduce many new and original fea-
tures,giviug an entertainment throughout thai positively can b i surpassed
bynouem hia profession.   His work
musl be e i  to b ■ appreciated,   In
the Music Hall.    Prices, 60 ami 7.V.:
children, 25c.
Furnished I'ooiiis, by duy or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire en tho
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Gwiilim <Sc Johnson,
11. C
J, I, WM >■■ ■ -
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining-
B. C
A newspaper man has at length attained his reward in this province. I?.
A. Heiiwick. of the News, has
appointed government agent and gold
commissioner, stiptjndiary magistrate,
etc.,for the Nelson liding.a position lie
will handle with ability and a good
deal of common sense. Bob knows
something of the milling lav's, having
with the writer staked the Slug Ten
claim, on Ten Mile creek, away back
in 'iKi, It proved a winner, too for
Thanks to tlie influence of one man
a more cheerful feebug prevails in the
Slocan than k***.s been the case for the
past three years. Thomas Jones, acting for a Kansas firm, has contracted
for and commenced shipping zinc ores
from   the   country,   thereby    giving
mineowners a chance for needed pro
fits from their properties. Zinc is no
longer scorned, but is heralded as the
salvation of the camp. Eventually
zinc will be treated in Panada, so giving the great masses of the low grade
article in the country an opportunity
to be handled at a profit.
By a pronounced majority the ratepayers on  Tuesday  assented  to the
city  council's   (Vgreadlent   with   the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co. for  the
establishment of an extensive milling
plant here.   The  total  vote east wa-
not a* large as expected, explainable
by the fact that many voters were ab
■en* in the hills.   The smallness ol
the vote la offset  by  the  scanty bu
opposing the bylaw, proving concilia
ively the unanimity among the pro
perty owners in their d aire to se i tin
.city prosper and advance.   There hai
been no question of this from the first
no public meeting being deemed nt*
cessary to further the proposition
With the advent of the mill the cit-
will assuredly advance, as the expend
itiire of the vast sum of money entail
ed by the. agreement on ths* part o
tin* company will give a great Lmpetllf
to business and encourage population.
Even as it is, the prospect of the mil
locating here has stimulated Inquirie
for realty, sales have been made, an
values lire increasing.   The addiliona
taxation   $903a year for ten yens
will be scarcely noticable, the Otlvnu
tv-es accruing from it large and per
inanent payroll being ti more Impor
tiinl coiisitl'vatioii. Oth r town-* hav
struggled hard to get the mill and Ih
prize i- all the more valuable becau*
of that. The ratepayers have d mi
w.*ll to approve the bylaw, and b
iK'xt summer they will hnve every reft
son to congratulate themselves upoi
tbe wisdom of their action of Tuesdi
D. A. Ross and Dune McPherson
returned home from Alberta on Thursday, having been prospecting for
ranching land.
The body of Alvin Foley was exhumed here Tuesday and taken to
Vancouver next day for interment in
the family plot.
T. D. Woodcock & Co. aro doin*? a
been ] great business this fall   in powder;
they had another carload of the Am sr-
icitn article come in on Monday.
Very little realty in this neighborhood will com.' und r the auction ■ n*'s
hammer for taxes at Kusloou lb ■* 18th,
as nearly all the delinquents have paid
Chas. Walmsley nnd Dr. Gk>mm
have been elected aldermen at San Ion
and the co uicil of that city has been
able to organize and got down to liu--
Hallowe'en was a big event for tie-
kids and youths, Wlr.it they didn'l
do that night is not worth talking
about. Saturday morn the town looked like a wreck.
A ni'vting of St. Andrew's society
will be lteltl tonight at the residence
of D.S. McVannel, for the purpose oi
electing officers and arranging for the
annual blow nut.
The agreement between tho sawmill
company and the city has been sign sd
by the mayor and oity clerk, li will
be in the hands of the company n ixl
week for signature.
L. Henderson, a brut her of Tom
Henderson, f"l! betwe n tho cars of a
work train at Granite on Friday. He
had two ribs broki
fo it, and Beveral cuts an I bl. -
i badly la • rated
The Underwriters' A -•>•; i; in*, went
in an expert  Monday lo ud;U*>l lhe
losses caused by tho lire in thi .'*lc' '.<!
bun  block,   'i'ii ■ in itter tva    - ttled
111> and  tiie slot's' iv opened for busi
PACH ONE of the nine
*"■ Diamonds in thc Brooch
shown here is a faultless
This is our No. 4704,
which wc sell for $ 175 -We
guarantee the quality.
Write for our ness. dialogue. It
Illustrates on iinllmliod v ricty ot
choice jewel prices.
Ryrie Bros.,
Ynn/Jr ansl AdeUisle Street!,
-AMI OP 111 A",KS,
We l!i" undersigned, take this opportunity of thanking the many citizens (we v. i-h we could name them)
who worked so strenuously and successfully in protecting our property
and beloniriuija during lb'' lire on
Oct. .'list. We feel that il was only
by great effort ami hard work that our
property was not totally destroyed
and we are under the deepest obligation to tho citizens in question.
McCalldm sk Co.,
R. i. Bentley and Family.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered nt the local registry office, 11. 1'. Christie being mining
Oct 20—Rc-gont, Twelve Mile creek, T
Dakota, Bpringer creek, II Calbick.
Hamilton fr, Bauie, It .1 McPhee.
23—Amphipn,Twelve Mile crock,Alice
M McUregor.
L'l -Algieis; Turn a rac creek, FG Car-
Alford, faiiie. A (' Smith.
A;:_'i . same, same.
1 Wonder, same, I'" ti Cm lid •.
23 -"ex (", Robson crock, II D Curlia
ami L A Tipping.
Whale back, Lemon creek, [da May
M.ao't l'.*.i;.e. Funis', John Williams.
Whet nisii'. li Mi'l.ne.lil in.
:;!—Jupiter, thus* miles from city, w
Oct 11    [lolly, Miall itoe.
13—Staunton. Greenwood. ICrncat.
1"—Ahhntsford, Mount 'V Myers, * t
os India, Comment ttor No 2
l 1—Zella.
20—Nis fr, Snowflake, Bancroft toi
two years, Monterey tor two years.
22—Fhrenco V.
23—Black Jack, Mojavo.
27—Lanark, Shannon,
80—white Star.
TIC.',*.: ERS.
Oct 22—Rita |, A R BolJorston towS
Same '... -at,it* to A S Johnson.
2:!— AbhoUford, Jami n ('ampboll to A
Stewart.     ,
29—Tin Plato fr *... T .1 Rsty, w E
word.cn and I A Foley to J l' Driscoll.
29—.Jack Franklin, Dipper, sin- Pointer, Frying Pan, Tea Pot nnd Ton Potfr,
L-12 in cacti, II !• McNiiuj-ht  to A York.
80—A T >,,. A I* Teeter to w  T Shat
Fodcrnl ';1. .1 li Skinnei tn fame.
Wo have a Inrgfl stock to choose
from, both ni'iits untl ladies.
\Vb nlso carry thu largest and
best assorted stuck of ladies' and
cents' boots and shoes,
Vfrtl kip ami English kip miners
Insists!. They givo the Left of
aatit-faction and are guaranteed
•'sir six months.
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next lVliiHi.v.
eel flanges
! Mo.ZD.
Why bo without a raniro when
you can pot one so cheap? Tbej
are prefbiTnble to stoves and give
better Bntlsfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up (rue.
1101! a", i tion is re peelfnlly
'•a''■•■! i" the < litetnm Tailor*1
Unio i I nhe , s cut of whi h
tippft \       1 ,.-■■.   ii   |y rigu
V'.,'.-:i'iiv   i ).".   on   H Mil • ■ 1 ;*s':t:ll„'
il, t ." •'•.. -.1      i        '        -   ....
1;. .. a. nu \our order foi  a Fall
Suit,   : r,i isora or Ovi re >at with
A. David, fillers' Tr.ilor,
yon.will Hnd tho Union Label uu
all Cli'lhei in.i'lc liv bim.
Gents' Furnishings
of a wide range and of Qrtt*ulasa
quality kept in stock.
ri lees
win be
r.iisnii right.
Stores :it Sloe in and Sandon.
Alex. Rogers
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Piirlorai
per an no
Your Local Paper
is a necessity to you, financially
r.nd socially. A NEWSPAPER
conl-iininp; thc latest news of thc
world, is equally necessary to
you. The "up to dr.tc man" will
provide himself with these two
be found tbe very latest news of
thc world, its matter including information on politics, commerce,
agriculture, mining, literature, as
well ?.s the local happenings in
tbe states of Montana, Oregon,
Idaho, Washington, and thc province cf British Columbia. In addition, its columns for women, its
popular science articles, its short
and continued stories, its "Answers to Correspondents," and
"Puzzle Problems" combine to
form n home newspaper that at
$1.00 per yecr can nowhere be
l',ii,i.|.i ...ii hnve untnothlno ts, ,.,.11-11 rurm,
n   t'-alll.    f.11 111   Hat   1,11 . 1 , . i]    ,,,„.,    wj,(.   tn
1 uy * m thin ■ 1 1. ' p HMiisie ua,,- to com-
munleiiti  - 11 ti 1 ■ . . Uuv or wii
I" of imm rtlns n   1 ;. 1.,,,,., ,.„.,„  ,    ,h,
H|,.,k.«.liat,iK'V.W.     r,„,   ,„!,,.   ,,   Ummm„   ,„
lis.' slally nis.1  Ua' T..I'.   . \\.. i,
Slocan Ciif Miners' Dun,
No. 62, w. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7,;)0 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Did You
Hear About It ?
No; what? Why the druggi.it
has juat got in a lot of    .     ,    .
Poultry Food
tho greatest thinu out to niiiko
bens lay. It will pay you to
give it it trial.   Only ".5e a *>ki*u.
Aj-Tnts for the Ileiiitzinaii i-i Co.,(lor*
hard Ileiniziiian. and Karn l-innes
Geiiti oIppeHts.
Miss-s-u Miniissi oinlm.
Situate In Ibe Slocan City Mining Divi-
cioii nf thi' Wt'M   Kiiiilsiiiiy l>inlrii't.
Where located:—On the north*tide
nf Springer creek, uear the Ar_o
mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICK Unit I, Arthur S. Fhi-
vvi-ll, acting n? agent for tlm Arlington
Mini's!, I.iniiti'il, l'.M.i'. Nn. Brj9800, in-
ti'tiil, sixty daya from tho dato hereof, to
apply to tin* Mining Kecorder for a certificate <>f Improvementa, fsir the purpose
nf obtaining a Crown (irant ut tlie above
And further take notice tlmt solton,
under section ;!7, tun*1! he commenced
before the issuance ol such certificate ol
ini'ir ivomehta.
Dated tbla B8th dav of August, Hki2.
5-9 02 '  A. S. I'AliWKI.I,
l*.,rl Hope .-slii'viisl I Issim.
Situate in tbo slocan Citv mining divi*
Finn of \\'c*t Kootenay district Where
lorn led !—Hall mile not th of S|nin; or
creek, sdjoiniug 11 iu Gold Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that 1. 3. M. Mc-
Uregor, acting aa agentfor T. J. llatv,
(roe initiirs's i.Tiiliciiti. Ko. UR0R86; 11.
I.. Iii'.*, I". &f. c. No. I'..".! iss.-. and J.
'.. McCallum, P. M. C. No. t36O02*i, in
tend, Bixty davs from tbo date lioreof, to
ipply to tlie Miniiii; Kecorder Isn » cerlifl
•ali* if improvctnen s, for ilns pni*|>ose
•I nliUiiuing u crow n (jiimt on tlie above
.'!: III 11.
\ii.| further t:ike notice that action,
under section ii", must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated tint* 3rd dav of October, 1902,
L0.1002. ' J. M. McGKEGOR
l-!x.'tissssi;ss ssi.sl Sltvoi1  1'list.i Mlsscrssl
llssf sssss.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi*
sion of the West Kootenay district.
Where located: ('n Dayton creek,
TAKK NOTICE that I, .1. M. McCin*-
gor, acting aa agent tor ll.i!. VntiTuyl,
free miners'certificate No.BMr!l34,intend,
aixtv, daya from the date-hereof, toapply
to the mining recorder for certificstes 0!
improvemi nt, for ths purpose of obtain*
i>n crow 11 granti of tlie above claims,
And further inks' notice tlmt action.;
under section :.", must bi commencedI
I efors the Issuuuce of sucb cerllficatea ol
Dated this 3rd .lav of October. 1903.
io-jo-02 '.1 m McGregor
Slug 1 ■ "i Ulnaral "JlHlra,
Situate In tbo Slocnn City Minin Divi
aion of West Kootenay District.
Where located I- On Ten Mile crack,
cast oi tbe l.i.t.* prise,
'I \l.i; N IT1CE thai I,.I. M McGre*
sonneting an ngenl for I'. W, Bills,
free miner's certificate No. r..v.i|K.s, anil
C, E. sfmilhcrlngalp, I'.M.r. No. 11607*13,
IlllCIld, ^i\ty ilavi* from  tin. data I I,
to apply to the Mining Kecorder or a s's*r-
tlflstateol Improvoraunts, for the purpose
oj obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe sboro
And fttrtIter take notice that notion,
under acction :.T, ninn bs commenced
'"•fori' tin* issuance ol such certiflcate of
11 ted tiiii«*. 111 iiav of September 1908
l''-l""- ' .1. M. McGREGOR
d. d. Robertson!
Keiiresentin-*;  the    strongest   com* I
panics  d-iiiijf  business  in Canada.
See new accident poucy, with par
tlclpatiori  in profits, coverinjj »icl(. |
ness and o|M*r*_t,inii_.
IL D.CURTIS, Notary Public J
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
SIcscan, a C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
To J. W. Millard, Kate Scott and Tlioi.
Heist, or to any person or perinini to
whom they may have t'ai.ifericl their
several intcreata, in whole or In {.art,
in thu Sin.* Ten mineral claini,situated
near the Knterprise mine, in Slocan
(.'ity milling division ol Weet Koote*
nay, located September Oth, lHil.'s, and
recorded September Uth, 18(15:
You are hereby notified lhat I lnvi
expended tho sum of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cent:1 in perform-
Ing and recording aeseeement work lot
the nbovi mentions*-1 ntinenil claim,
since the Oth da*" of September, 1901
und if within'.KI days from the 1 lite ol
thin notice yon. or any of you. fait or
refuse to contribute your several pro*
portions of piich expenditure, together
with nil roetaof advertising, your imer-
ests in said claim shull become tin* via
perty of (be subecritier, under fcdiors
L'.'ilt.'.f the Mineral Aet.
Dated st Slocan thla 11th dsjr of September, liKI'J.
12-0-03 P. W. ELLIS
Notice to DelinquentCo-owner
To Hurry Williams, or to nny -senon
01 pereonato srhooi he may have traii»-
fi'iieit bin iisUsrect in the Chilksl
uml Delphian mineral cliiins, situated
011 tlis* bend watciR ssf Lemon creek,
and recorded in tbo Kecoeder'a titfira
lor ibe SIsM-an I ity miningilivilinn.
You are hereby DOtiflsd that l,0M|l
V. White, free miners' certificate No.
B50427, have canaed to l>c expsndedtlM
sum of six hundred and fifteen dollars
in labor nnd improvements on the ebon
mentioned mineral rlaime, in order lo
holsl mid claims under the provision! ot
tha Mineral Act; ansl if within '.'tl Jan
from the date of this notice yon fail, or
refuse, to contribute yonr proportions'
such oxpcndlture,tog*thsr with all coin
of advertising! your interest in ••i'i
claim? «ill luiciime the propotty of Ilia
subscriber, under section l of an Aei
entitled "An Act to anieinl the Mineral
Act, 1000."
llatisil nt S.inslon, ll.C, thia'."11111 dar ol
Ss.ptMiulser, A.It. I'.tO*.'.
20*0-02 OfCAR V. WHITU
World's Scenic Route.
East West
1  llmis ...
1   1 me
8 times,.,
. KM
. .M'a
Me si Mineral < lalm.
Bitunto In tho Slocan <'iiv Mining Division "i Iho Weal Kootenay Diatrlcl
Wbeie located: -On tlu*'.iivii|p bs*
tvyeen 1,1'imin ami Sprlngor creeks,
sdjolnIn_ the Two Frieiids mineral
TAKE NOTICK thst [.Arabia Main*
■ranna-Jo-linaon, nctlni*ai itj.*ciit lor I'io
n-wr Mlnlmr Co., Limbed (uon-psrsonsl
sblity , tree Miners Uertlflonts .No.
B68180,lntond, sixty dnyi tr.m. ibe,hue
horeof, to nnply to the Mining Reeordnr
or n certificate ol Improvements, for
thepnrposeo  obtslnlng a Grown grant
.il tbe nbOVS chum.
If    J'.lll    Wl'll    l'l T-.-T li    I  .1 ■ I I,. •.   Hl,.|l   ,|,„|    n,..,V.
       "     ,:" 1'.' II.V,    I'siiiiis in, ttockmnn,
iiimi.s mn 11  isii'i imi.. ii  tjRr  11,u   iwicu A*
'. 1 1 .a.
And further bike notice thet action,
under sec Ion 87, mum bs commSncod
heforothoisfunnce ol such oertlficsts ol
Histi'd thia 1 in, dny nfOctohor lisw
Lake Route
From l'ort William.tho favorite aum*
j mer route, te all eastern pointa.
Via S00 Line
j Vot St. I'nul, Duluth.Sault Hte.Marla
Chi"*")""***, etc.
LSSTSI Dunnrsoro Junction draily for •*■
Haul; Kootenay Landing Tueaday aaa
kiatursliiy for Toronto, Montreal, eta.
LSSVSI Revelaioke daily for Beatilc smi
'Tliroiiffh boaklngl to Europo ris all
Atlantic lilies. IVopahl ticket* at
lowest, rutoa from nil Kurep*""
Ouuntrlos. For rates and fall l"ir'
tloalari apply to local •fenta,nr
J. 8. CARTER,     B. J* (™']'T\
I) 1* a A.O. P. A..
"   Nolson. Vancouver
^gent, 81oc«u WJ


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