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The Slocan Drill 1905-01-20

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 JAM 23 1905      «<•
U, O*
Ir  -. '    ■■  '■    ■
VOL. V., No. 43.
SLOCAN,   B'.   C,   JANUARY   20,   1905.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yoti can get anything in these lines thaifV z(b.
require from us.   Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
...Skating Shoes...
We have a few pairs of Ladies'
Skating Shoes, in sizes 5, 6,
and 7, were $2.50, to clear
Children's Skating Boots, in
sizes 11, 1*, 13 and 1, were $2,
to clear at
Come early before they are all gone.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor,
THIS Hotel is one of tho best known ind mosi popular house*
iu the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the lieautiful
Sloean lake     Good fishing is to  U' found closo at hand, while
overy facility is offered for lioating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
~hf dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
witb only lhe best brands of goods
Is reached by any trail er road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mall
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and theevents of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2.50 fora Year
"■«y --•». Holds What li
Afterwards . .'* ' Oho be nu Illegal
Meeting—Court of llevl.lon to be Held
ob February Twentieth.
Members of the old council met in
the city hall on Thursday night, as
per agreement from the preceding
Monday, those present being Mayor
McNeish, Aid. Smith. Teeter and
The mayor stated that, before relinquishing their seats, it was de.*med
necessary to cancel tbe bond given bv
H. L. Fife a year ago for the piling of
Springer oreek, at tho same time releasing David Arnot and Ales, liogers
as bondsmen therefor.
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved that
the mayor sign a release for Mr. Fife
from the said contract, safeguarding
him from auy liability.   Carried.
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved that
a similar release be given D. Arnot
and Alex, lingers, as bondsmen for
Mr. Fife, absolving them from any
liability to the city. The release is to
lie signed and sealed by tlie mayor,
Mayor McNeish, iW resigning his
seat to the new mayor, said he trusted
the new council would be able to work
together in harmony, and do even
better thau the old board had done in
New Members Sworn In.
The mouibers of the new board were
then sworn in before H. D. Curtis, J.
P., takiug their seats as follows:Mayor
Arnot, Aid. Teeter, Aitchison,Madden,
Smith and McNeish. The board at
once got to work and transacted a pile
of business, keeping at it till about 11
o'clock. When thc members recon
ven id on Friday night, they were informed that all their work hail beau in
vain,theprevious mesting having beet
illegal. Under the statutes the uctv
council could not meet to transact
auy busiuess before tin: third Monday
iu January. It was aii interesting tsi '
' On Monday Night.
The council m :t in regular statutory
meeting on Mondiy night. Present:
Mayor Aruot, Al 1. McNeish, Smith,
Maddeu, Aitcuis-on and Teeter. C. E.
-iinitlieiiiigale acted us clerk pro teni.
Minutes of meetings of old board
held ou January 'Jtu and 12th were
read and approved.
Minutes of a meoiiug of the new
council held on the 12th were also
An animated discussion ensued at
this point, the mavor holding that, as
the meeting was illegal,no cognizance
should Ixi taken of the minutes.
Aid. McNeish wanted the portion
dealing witli the appointment of A.
Stewart to the vacant position on tlie
alderinauic board kept intact, holding
that the appointment was legal.
Moved by Aid. Smith and Teeter,
that the portion ofathc minutes of the
meeting of Jan 12.*905, dealing with
the taking of the oaths of ollice by the
new lioard lie accepted as read, and
signed by the mayor.   Carried.
Moved by Aid. Teeter and Madden,
that all busiuess transacted at the
meeting of Jan. 12, 1905, excepting
the swearing in of the mayor and the
council, be declared null and void,and
is hereby expunged from th** minutes.
Mayor Arnot named the following
standing committees: Finance -Aid.
McNeish, Smith and Teeter. Hoard
of Works -Aid. Teeter, Mndden and
Smith. Fire. Water and Light Aid.
Smith, Aitchison and McNeish.
Health -Aid. Maddeu, Aitchison and
The mayor   stated   he   had recommended Aid. Smith aud C. E. Smith
eringale as police aud license commissioners for the present year.
Bills presented: D. S. McVannel,
postoHice box rent to Dec. 81, $1.60.
Referred to finance committee.
Mayor Arnot asked that all motions
be written and signed by the mover
and seconder, excepting motions to
Aid. Teeter brought up the question
of having the assessment of thecity
made at once.so as to get in the taxes.
He moved that the assessment roll of
1904 be adopted for 1905, Seconded
by Aid. Smith and carried.
Moved by Aid, Smith and Teeter,
that the court of revision be held in
the citv hall. Slocan, on Mondav, the
20th of February, 1905, at 10 a.m.
Next in order came the appointment
of the city officials for the year.   The
mayor stated he had seen D.B.O'Neail,!
who consented to do the work of as-1
sessor, collector,   treasurer, and city j
clerk, at a salary of $200 per annum.
Moved by Aid. Teeter and Madden,;
that we elect one   officer to   perform
the duties of  assessor, collector, trea
surer and city clerk.   Carried,
Aid. McNeish  nominated  H.  R.
Jorand for tho above positions, wiih
that of citv solicitor, at a salarv of
$300. I
Aid. Teeter ncmiuated D.B.O'Neail
for the offices of assessor, collector,
treasurer and city clerk, at a salary of
Upon a ballot being taken on the
above nominations, tho result stood
O'Neail 3, Jorand 3. A second ballot
was takeu, resulting thus: O'Neail 5,
Jorand 1. Mr. O'Neail was then declared elected to the combined positions of assessor, collector, treasurer,
and city clerk.
A Id.Teeter moved,seconded by Aid.
Smith, that the salary of the official
appointed to perform the duties of
assessor, collector, treasurer and city
clerk be made 3200 per annum, aud a
bond of $1000 be required.   Carried.
The mayor appointed Aid.McNeish,
Teeier,. Aitchison, and Smith, with
himself, to sit as a court of revision.
Approved on motion of Aid. McNeish
and Smith.
Aid. Teeter introduced the question
of a city hall. The present quarters
cos*t $7.50 per month, while suitable
quarters could be had in the I.O.O.F.
block for $5.
Aid. McNeish said he should have
mentioned it before, but the owners of
the present quarters had reduced the
rent to $5 per month from Jan. 1, and
that the room adjoining could lie used
for storing the tire apparatus free.
It was agreed to continue on with
the present quarters.
The mnyor asked the names of the
Toronto parties who, some months
ago, inquired after the townsite. as he
desired to open negotiations with a
view to dispose of the lots purchased
by the city at the tax sale. It was
desirable that that money should come
into the city as soon as possible. At
the same time a reservation should he
made of such lots as would be of use
to the city to meet public needs.
It was urged by the mayor that all
liceuseholders should bo compelled to
go to the collector and take out their
licenses at, once, those not doing so
having blue papers served on them.
He did not propose the city should
lose any money by delinquents.
Aid. Teeter drew attentionfto several dangerous places in tho sidewalks.
Left to board of works to make the
Aid. .McNeish again introduced the
question of tilling th« vacancy-a£ the
aldermauie board. Alex. Stewart hud
been appointed at tin** meeting on the
12th aud had taken the oath of office.
Mayor Arnot held the meeting was
illegal and lie did not consider the
appointment valid.
A   long  and animated discussion
The mayor brought up question of
Chas. Lionel, who was destitute. The
man had asked for more supplies, but
when tin* man trot better he would see
to it that be did not remain here ;i d
become a further burden on the oity.
Nor would be stand for other person*.
in the same condition. Matter left
over for a week.
Moved by Aid. McNeish,' seconded
by Aid. Smith, that Alex. Stewart Imi
appointed to the vacancy on the council board. Motion declared lost ou a
tie vote.
Moved by Aid. Teeter, seconded by
Aid. McNeish, that the assessment
roll be returned tothe city council, on
Thursdav evening next.    Carried.
Council adjourned to Thursday
evening.  .
Big Oral in YmlrCniiip.
Patsy Clark.^one of Spokane's leading capitalists, has bonded the Queen
and Kootenay Belle mines at Salmo.
both being gold propositions. The
properties adjoin one another and are
Situated alxiut 10 miles tip Sheep
creek from the Nelson & Fort Shep
paid railway. The Queen mine is
owned by -I. A. Turner. M. Scully and
W. Waluie of Nelson, but for the last
nine months Mr. Waldie has had a
bond and lease on It. He has assign- ]
ed the bond to Clark for 880,000 cash j
within 00 days, so that be is likely to
make a good clean-up out ofthe trans
action. Mr. Waldie has worked the
property off and on for two years and
a half, and recently broke into a fine
chute of high grade ore. The claims
of the Kootenay Belle group lie further up the bill from the Queen. A
short time ago Bell Bros., of Salmo,
leased the property from the owners,
Billings &, Bennett, and put a number
of men on to develop the property,
Within the last few weeks three cars
of ore has been shipped to the local
smelters, netting the lessees about $50
per ton. This group has been bonded
lor $100,000, the lirst payment of live
uer cent falling due in May. The
lessees have been Imught out,receiving
$4000. Mr. Clark has commenced
operations on his properties.
CP.lt. BUilneiH Last Yenr.
Robert Kerr.gcueral traffic manager
of the   C.P.K., makes   the - following
statement of  the business of the road
in 1901:   The volume of travel during
the year just closed has been very
large, both on the company's steam
ship and railway lines. Of the steamship lines the most notable increase
has been on the I'acilie ocean, and it
was due almost entirely lo the natural
growth of business. The war iu the
lax cast, if anything, had a favorable
effect ou the company's busiuess.
Business was also good in the company's 15 hotels, situated nil the way
from Quebec to Vancouver, ami the
number of tourists at the different
mountain hotels was about 20 or 25
per cent greater than in 1903. The
motive power and car equipment of
the road have been largely increased
during the past year una plans are
already made for further additions
during 1905. Iu addition tothe regular dividends, the earnings of the road
were sufficient to give a tonus to the
old shareholders.
KNOX (111 HI 11.
Annual Congregational Meeting Held on
Friday Night.
Friday evening tho annual meeting
of Knox church congregation was held
the attendance being small. Various
reports wese presented, demonstrating
that the several departments of the
church work were in a satisfactory
condition. That of the treasurer gave
the receipts for the year as $533.75,
with a balance ou hand after all expenses of $24.25. In the Sunday
school report the Expenses were $59.-
81, with a balance on hand of $3.71.
In 1903 there were 0 teachers and 48
pupils, while at the closo of 1904 there
were 7 teachers and 63 pupils. The
average weekly collections had also
increased. The sessional report showed there were 23 members on the roll,
t of whom are located at Winlaw.
During the year 7 removals took place
and 1 new membet went on by application. Despite the heavy removals
from town, the church work has progressed in a satisfactory manner.
Next came the electiou of officers for
the ensuing year. Rev. T. McCord
was elected superintendent of the
Sunday school, and D. Arnot, J.Craig,
J. Anderson, J.Campbell, aud P.Swan
board of managers for the church. A
short programme of music was given
by the choir, after which refreshments
were served by the ladies,nil combined
making a pleasant entertainment.
Dividends In Mining.
That mining pays may be judged
from the dividends paid by American
companies during December. Besides
those given below, there wore many
other dividends paid by close corporations, of which uo record can be
given: ,
Creeds United*.".-„•........
Boston i'i Montana	
Strnttou's Independence..
Mammoth Mining Co....'
Daly-West Co	
Grand Centra!	
Dhole s.iin Consolidated,a
North Star	
Free Coinage	
Acacia Gold	
Silver King	
Old Town Consolidated...
Guggenheim Exploration.
Iron Silver	
Tennessee Copper	
Pacific Coast Borax	
L'tali Consolidated	
Blkton Consolidated	
Findley Consolidated	
Spearfisb Reduction.   ....
The Centennial Eureka paid $1 per
share,and the Reward Gold Mining
Co. 7i cents a share.
A llii; /In*' I'mitracr.
Substantial results have followed
upon the visit of Edwin Anderson, of
Pueblo, Col., tO the Slocan last week.
The Slue,in Star mine is to ship 2500
tons ol zinc to the united States Zinc
Companv, who have it cent ly erected
a million dollar smeltet at Pueblo.
The ore will run 35 per cent /.inc. and
three months will be needed to Iill the
Dempster in tha* Lardcan.
Charles Dempster, Ct Rossland,who
occupied a prominent position in this
cauip two years ago. i.s now operating
in th'- Lardeau country. He has bunded the Mina and No, 3 claims, on the
Silver Cup slope, from the Gold Belt
Syndicate. The property is to be
turned over to eastern capitalists.
Slilpmi'iiU of Kllror.
According to Dun's review (New
York) th'1 exports of silver to India
and thp far east foi Hie year ending
November last.ain.muted to L'8,73'.l.993
08 compared with £6,426,069 for the
same period a year ago. Of this
amount only .t'l.'10,825 went lo points
outside of India.
Last Year's Shipments Wars H87B Tons—
A Healthy Evidence mt th* IAtm a„*
Wealth of the Camp—Ottawa Is tbe
Biggest Shipper.
Ore has been coming down freely
during the week from the Black
Prince, with the result that two carloads have been shipped, going to the
Trail smelter. The road to the mine
is in good shape and not much difficulty is experienced in handling the
ore. From the Ottawa one carload
was shipped, to the Nelsou smelter.
Shipments for the week 66 tons, for
the year 191 tons.
For 1904 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 2375
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa       22
Black Prince     44
TOT*. I.
The Tamarac has a car of ore ready
to go out.
Last week the Sandon mines had an
output of 116 tous of ore.
The stamp mill at the Eva mine,
Camborne, is again in operation.
The Mayeta shutdown on Saturday
and the men came dowu the bill.
The initial run of the Cork concentrator will be made early next month.
A carload of ore was sent out by tho
Home Run, at New Denver, last week.
In five years Boundary mines bavo
produced oro valued ut $12,600,000,
mostly copper.
A cmwu ffmnt is being applied for
on the Evening Star Fraction No. 9,
on Erin mountain.
Ore is coming down uow freely from
tlio Black Prince. It is lieing handled
iu bulk from tbe Arlington chutes.
One of the latest properties to join
in the output of zmc is the American
Boy. which has large reserves to draw
James Cronin, manager of the St.
Eugene mine, Moyie.has accepted the
general management of the Centre
Star and War Eagle miues. at l\oss-
land, in succession to E. B. Kirby.
Three men are now at work on the
Big Five.
A contract tunnol is lieing driven on
the Handy mine.
The Mother Lode has been steadily
worked all winter and good progress
The tramway to lie erected by the
Riblet Co. ut the Triur.e will arrive in
a few weeks.
The development of tlm Nettie L is
proving up to thr expectation of the
The Spyglass people are starting in
to develop the Homestake group, oA
Rapid creek.
Development work is still the programme at the Surprise. A crew of
six men is nmplfyeu.
The Silver Cup is holding its reputation for producing high grade ore.
A big force of men is employed.
The Horse Shoe lessees are getting
out some line ora thai will average
■$150 per ton. A shipment is to bo
Work at the Five Mile plant goes
along merrily. The bullion and concentrates conic down to the lako regularly for shipment.
The Lucky Boy will ship another
car of high grade ore, The develop
ment being done is proving very satisfactory to tbe management.
The Mohican is being worked, tho
long tunnel lieing in .'UK) feet.    Aliout
200 feet has yel  to be driven before
getting under the big ore chute shown
in the upper workings,
Latest advices from tbe Triune are
Bncoursgii ■ Th ' lower level is being e,Jttoinled md au upraise pushed
through tu  connect   with   the upper
drifts.   Tl " strikes reported a few
weekaago   -11'' proving continuous.   ■
A Boundary Hon I. An • cn»e Output.
Last week tho Montreal & Boston A cn nil compilation of the ore
Consolidated made a third p-nymertt'output > tin* Cicur d'AIene district
,.| |20,0Q0 on the Athelstan? mine, in I mines foi the year 1904, recently com-
the Boundary country, Two more pleteri, li""'*1 that the enormous sum
payments, amounting to W0,000, are of |ll,liii.i.*l7*i.82 was added to lb*
vot to be made. Wealth "' the **«•*-' of Idaho. '   ,-,, J
CovvrigM, mi, by fipei H*. Sargeni
Perkins' real name was Chester Albert Montgomery Pflster, aud it was
bis graceless uncle, Jack Pflster, who
bad shortened it to Perkins, u title tbe
bearer wore with meek resignation.
It was Jack Pflster also wbo had declared Perkins to bave been horn a
professional philanthropist. From his
babyhood Perkins bad been possessed
by a love of giving excelled ouly by bis
desire that bis gifts be heralded to the
world. Mrs. Pflster labored In vain to
Instill into his mind tbe value of unostentatious charity. Ouee she had even
sought to enforce her argument by aid
of a hairbrush, only to lind her offspring an bour later watching a In nie
boy eat tbe apple given him ns a hiilm
for his wounded feelings nml gleefully
informing the passersby that It was
through his sacrifice that the other's
enjoyment had been brought nhout.
After tbat she decided that It would
be well to wait until Perkins should
have arrived at more mature years before continuing her argument. Then
one afternoon Jack arrived with Perkins under his arm, the hoy clad only
in his trousers. Between roars of
laughter Jnck described how Perkins
bad started in hy giving his shoes to a
barefooted bootblack nnd, enthused by
the Imaginary appreciation of the pas*
•ersby, who hnd been attracted by the
unusual sight, hud gradually parted
with bis raiment, piece by piece, until
his uncle's opportune arrival alone had
saved the youngest member of the
house of Pflster from coining home in
a barrel and a state of nature,
Mrs. Pflster deckled that heroic
measures were necessary nt once and
turned Perkins over to his father. The
latter succeeded in convincing his son
that popular applause was not an essential accompaniment to charity and
that secrecy and good Judgment were
more to be praised than ostentation—
all of which, being reduced to words
of one and two syllables, was duly ab-
■orbed by Perkins.
Tbat night nt the table Perkins was
permitted to come In for dessert, nnd
he gravely listened to nn argument between Jaek nnd pretty Grace Tyson as
as it was too prniiio a place to kiss
JACK BUB KISSED l'l.l:i;j\s.
to the value of fresh air funds. It was
a hobby with Miss Tyson, and Jock
was Jealous of tbe time slu* devoted to
the fund because It interfered with
their mutual pleasures.
Perkins drank In Miss Tyson's glowing description of the joys of the city
child in the country anil the willingness of the fanners to lake them for
ii week, lie decided that she must be
right, though. He was unacquainted
with fresh nir funds. Usually he was
sent to the country'In May, but this
year, some especial club business requiring his mother's presence In town,
their departure bad been deferred.
Fresh nir funds, be gathered, meant
taking poor children to the country,
when* tlie fanners fed them fresh milk
and let them walk on the grass. Smh
enterprises were greatly to be approved, sliu'e Uncle Ju^k condemned tbem.
It hnd been through I'ncle .lack he
had had thnt awful hour with his father In the library. Of course he did
not know that after dinner, in the
snme library, Grace handed bade her
ring, declaring thnt she could not marry a mnn so thoroughly selllsh. Had
he seen Jnck Pflster pacing tbe (lour
of his room that evening even Perklai
might have been sorry.
Hut since It wns not considered necessary to Inform Perkins of his uncle's
nffnlrs be continued in the belief that
fresh nir fluids were most excellent
things to he encouraged. They wero
very simple too. It would he ensy to
And a   lot  of poor  children,  and   his
Uncle Montgomery would finance tbe
•offalr. u wag to thnt maternal relative that he nppMied the following
morning, dropping ensunlly into his
office. Five dollars wns promptly
forthcoming, Mr. Montgomery having
no Idea that the donation wns for Perkins' own particular fund.
* Armed with the crisp note, Perkins
rounded up half a dozen small boyi
tJTid Invited them for n two weeks'
trip to the country. These he march'
ed to the railway station, ami on Iiis
vague   announcement   that  it  wan a
fresh air fund the ticket sellet fell Into
the error of supposing that it was a
belated part of an excursion which had
gone out tbat ver-.' morning from the
real society. He provided Perkins witb
tickets to a town a short distance up
the river. With tbe change Perkins
purchased a generous luncheon of
cough drops and peanuts, and, thus
equipped, the first personally conducted
excursion of the Perkins fresh air
fund made a start.
It was a ride of an hour and a half
by slow train to their destination. The
lunch disappeared, and the children
were tired and quarrelsome. Wben
Perkins, with blind confidence, announced himself and his party as a
fresh air fund and demanded to be
shown the farmers wbo delighted to
take in children, the station agent, who
had been tormented that morning trying to handle the real party, promptly
sent for the police force of two constables. The party was taken Into
Huddled Into one small room ln the
village lockup things were not well
with Perkins. He bad promised an
outing, and instead they had been arrested. Boylike tbey took prompt and
summary vengeance upon Perkins, who
formed the lowest layer of a pyramid
of six energetic youths just as Miss Tyson was ushered into tbe room. The
constables soon separated the combatants, and bit by bit the story came
out Miss Tyson flrst laughed; then
ahe cried, and then sbe kissed Perkins
a very great many times, for Perkins
favored his mother—and Jack Pflster.
Meanwhile there was anxiety in the
Pflster home. Perkins had not come
home for lunch. All of tbe relatives
were telephoned, and a clew waa secured from Mr. Montgomery, who related the Incident of tbe five dollar donation.
Jack Paster's quick wit solved the
rest of the problem. Perkins' freaks
were a constant source of delight to
him, and he saw in a moment how the
argument of the nlgbt before had borne
fruit A telephone inquiry at tbe railroad station confirmed his theory, and
barely had Miss Tyson made Perkins
and his companions comfortable at
the "fund" headquarters when Jack arrived on an express and made straight
for tbe headquarters as the first place
of Inquiry.
Perkins did not know whether Jack
was the more glad to see him or Miss
Ty***vi, but he was certain that Miss
Tyson cried very much more over Jack
than she had over bim. At any rate
his explanation that he was merely
trying to carry out the paternal injunction not to make a display of bis good
works fell upon unheeding ears, for
Jack was protesting that be bad been
a cad tbe night before, and Miss Tyson
was vehemently declaring that he was
a shamefully neglected and decidedly
dear boy, which explanation being
made she took back tbe ring.
Then because lt was too public a
place to kiss Jack she kissed Perkins
even more than she had in the lockup,
to that young man's great bewilderment, for lt had been more than an
hour since he had been found. Tben he
and Uncle Jack went back to town,
where Perkins was made much of by
the family.
"I think," he said late ln the evening
as his golden bend drooped drowsily
upon bis mother's shoulder, "that when
you dou't tell more people find out than
when you do." With which sage conclusion be wertl to bed, while Jack
Pflster went to the library to write to
A Han.
"So," aaid the head of the firm,
"you've decided to go Into business for
yourself, hnve you? Do you think you
can make more money that way tban
we are paying you?"
"I'm afraid not," replied the employee.
"Then wby do you want to leave
here? Haven't we treated you well?
Vou get a vacation, with pay, every
summer. When you hnppen to be sick
you're not docked, and I've always
made it a rule to treat my men as well
ns I know bow. If lt isn't going to bo
to your flnauclnl advantage 1 can't see
why you want to leave us."
"Well, you see, I wns reading the
other day thnt uo man can serve two
masters, and I've been thinking about
It a good denl since nnd about made up
my mind tlmt It's so."
"Two musters? What do you mean?
I guess I'm the ouly master around
bore, ain't I?"
"But what? If there Is anything going on In this establishment thnt I
don't know about I'd bo very much
obliged If you would tell mc of it."
"It's not here. You see, 1—1 got married nhout a yonr nnd a bnlf ngo, and—
nnd the honeymoon's over, nud the
Indy bns nssutued control. She hne
found thnt the wife of u ninn on a
snlnry doesn't seem to Inspire much enthusiasm lu society."—Chicago Record-
Cutting OlT <l><* End of a Cigar.
"No, Indeed. I do not think much of
the ninn who will cut the end of his cigar off wilh a knife, nip it off with a
nipper or clip lt off with a clipper,"
said the smoker, "though I suppose
most persons will regard the matter as
of smnll consequence, From my wny
of looking nt It thc habit of cutting the
end off a clgnr before beginning to
smoke It Is barbarous.
"So fur as I know no question of etiquette Is Involved ln tho matter. You
can eut, nip or clip or bite, just ns you
plense, so fnr ns the etiquette of the
matter is concerned. It Is not n matter
of form. But thero ls a question of
getting the best results, nml that's the
only point I hnve In mind. Bite the end
of your clgnr off, old man, If you wnnt
the best results, nnd I ought to know
what I'm talking nliout, for I hnve
smoked a long time nnd l.nve tried nil
systems."—New Orleans Times-Democrat
It   Has   Withstood    Vtela»ltBdats   *H
Over Twenty Centuries.
The Pantheon is the most interesting
of all the Interesting places of Borne.
It waa used for its present purpose as
a place of religious worship before the
foundations of the Coliseum were laid.
Its huge doors have opened to admit
the great ones of the earth, from Augustus Caesar to Napoleon, an assertion that will scarcely be disputed.
It stands ln the very heart of old
Borne, and tbe vicissitudes which have
befallen tbe Eternal City during the
2,000 years of ita existence have left
it practically unchanged. The gilded
bronze that lined its roof has been carried off to "decorate" St Peter's, wbere,
In the form of clouds and Cupids, cords
and curtains, it fills the beholder with
displeased amazement.
Its tiles of bronze and gold were removed to Constantinople 1,500 yeara
ago, and the statues which adorned lt
have long since perished. But the
mighty walls yet stand, firm as ever,
sweeping up to tbe majestic dome, the
largest though not the highest In the
One hundred feet across, a hundred
feet high and perfectly circular, no
architect could design a building more
perfect in its proportions, more harmonious as a whole. It is lighted solely
by an aperture in the dome, a circle
thirty feet across. Standing on its marble floor one looks up to tbe greatest
dome man ever raised and through
that to the blue dome which bends
above it sending summer sun or winter rain through those bare ytft-ds of
Tbe effect ls so Impressive, so entirely unmatched and unrivaled, that the
dullest of hearts and most untaught of
minds must perforce acknowledge ita
Influence. A man may think St Peter's "disappointing," may condemn
the Coliseum as barbaric or decide
that be does not care for tbe catacombs, but every man who has viewed
lt bas been impressed, even to the
pitch of respectful silence, by tbe Pantheon.
The huge leaves of the bronze door
revolve on their mighty hinges as they
have done since the days of the Caesars, and so perfectly balanced are
they that a woman's wrist can unclose
them. Through those doors tbey carried Julia, Caesar's daughter, with all
the pomp of her imperial power about
her. And after the lapse of twenty
centuries King Humbert was brought
across the selfsame threshold to sleep
his last sleep in the ancient place.
The Archbishop's SoBBeatlon.
The late Archbishop Corrigan was
j one of the gentlest of men, but when It
\ was necessary to reprove any one un-
I Her his charge, whether priest or lay-
1 man, be never hesitated to do so. At
! one time there was a vacancy in the
i rectorship of one of the large churches
| ln New York city, ond several clergy
men were talked about for the posl-
i tion. Two prominent women who were
members of the church called upon the
: archbishop and urged the selection of
! one of their clerical friends. As they
: were leaving one woman turned to the
other ond said impressively:
"Wheu you get home pray that the
noly Ghost mny give the nrchbishop
i the grace to appoint the right man."
Like a flash the archbishop turned
around and said in icy tones:
"Whlie you are at it ask the Holy
Ghost to give women the grace to attend to their own business."'
Lord Byron, brilliant, benntiful nnd
unscrupulous ns his own Don Juan,
left behind him the maxim tbat tliere
was but one real form of happiness in
love— where a ninu and woman so
adored each other that tliey could conceive of no happiness out of each other's sight, and this for their whole
lives. Qrant that this is to demand a
great deal, yet it is true that all the In*
fiuencea of long life combine to Identify two who dwell together. Their very
faces often grow more alike, and how
frequently tbe death of one is followed
•speedily, without sufficient visible reason, by that of the other also:
The wife of a burglar wns being examined by nn eminent lawyer. "Yon
nre the wife of this man'.'" asked the
barrister. "Yes." replied tlie witness.
"You kuusv he wns a burglar when you
married bim?" continued the lawyer.
"Yes," she answered. "And how did
you come to contract a marriage with
each a man?" "Well. It was this wny,"
snld the witness iarcastlcally, "I wns
getting old and bad to choose lietween
ft burglar and a lawyer. What else
could I do?"
Hla and Her Work.
"Woman overworked? Fudge! Think
Ofthe men!"
"Ah, but you know the old saying,
'Woman's work Is never done.' "
"I know lt, and Hint's the reason sho
oughtn't to complain. A man has to do
his work or lose his Job."
Doctors   Said  There  Was   No   Hope
For Him but He la a Well
Man  Now
Mount Brydges, Ont., Jan. 9.—(Special)—That Dodd's Kidney Pills cure
Bright's Disease completely and permanently has been clearly shown ln
the case of Mr. Robt Bond, a well-
known resident ot this place. Mr.
Bond does not hesitate to say that
he owea hia life to Dodd's Kidney
"My attending physician," Mr. Bond
states, "said I was in the last stages
of Bright's Disease and that there
was no hope for me. . I then commenced to use Dodd's Kidney Pills
and no other remedy. I used in all
about twenty boxes when my doctor
pronounced me quite well. I have
had no return of the trouble since."
Bright's Disease is Kidney Disease
in its worst form. Dodd's Kidney
Pills always cure it. They also easily cure milder forms of Kidney Complaint     • ,
Tibetans and Jewelry.
Tibetans, like all people of a low
civilization, delight in showy and mass*
ive jewels. A man is only poorly
adorned with a heavy silver earring,
coral mounted. The women wear regular jewelers' shops on their heads.
Among the nomads their balr, arranged In Innumerable small tresses tbat Involve more than a whole day's work, ls
decorated with three great bands of
woolen stuff or red silk strewn wltb
rubies, shells, artificial pearlB, corals,
turquoises, amber beads, red agate,
gold, silver or copper reliquaries.
..■en nm 4.1. . ",■ ■    •.,...   .
■•w the Speaker Sn*/ed • CoagreM.
■u From • Costlr Joke.
It was a gay time in congress one
night wben there was .an all night session on the Mills tariff bill In 1888. It
had been difficult to keep a sufficient
attendance, and tbe house bad adopted
a resolution directing the-sergeant at
arms to compel the presence of absent
members. One by one they were
brought'before-the bar-of the house
and after making all sorts of excuses
and .explanations were permitted to
go unpunished.
About midnight Congressman Henderson was brought before the speaker.
He bad, he said, no excuse to offer.
"I was at a theater party," he continued, "when- I was arrested and
brought bere. There is no sort of excuse for absence without leave."
"I move that tbe gentleman from
Iowa be fined $5,000!" called one of
Henderson's colleagues.
"I second the motion!" shouted twenty or mere members, all of tbem bis
"It is moved and aeconded," said
Speaker Carlisle, "that the gentleman
from Iowa be fined (5,000. Those io
favor of the motion will say 'Aye.'"
Two hundred delighted voices shout
ed "Aye!"
"Those opposed will say 'No.'"
Henderson's agonized voice waa alon«
tn yelling "No!"
There was but one way to slip out
of the Joke and prevent the motion
' from being carried, and that waa for
Speaker Carlisle to overrule the house.
"The nays bave lt," said he gravely.
"The gentleman la excused."
Hla Waning Lore.
"I am afraid George is beginning to
prow cold toward me," half sobbed the
young wife.
"What's be been doing now?" inquired her mother sharply.
"In his last letter he only sends me
a thousand kisses, nnd always before
he used to send 10.0QO.O00."
One View of Wedlock.
An Englishwoman hnd had a good
deal of trouble with her husband, who,
according to her account, was a monster of iniquity. Some one asked why
she had married a person of such character. "Well, you see, be ain't my
first," was the reply. "1 was pertickler
about my first. This here's my second,
and a bad un at that. But there"—with
a shrug of the shoulders—"he's a shade
better than the w.ork'us!"
There is no telling when a medicine
may be needed in homes where there
are young children, and the failure
to have a reliable medicine at hand
may .mean much suffering, and perhaps, the loss of a priceless life.
Every mother should always keep a
box of naby's Own Tablets in the
house. This medicine acts promptly
and speedily, cures such ills as stomach and bowel troubles, teething
troubles, simple fevers, colds, worms,
and other little ills. And the mother has a guarantee that the Tablets
contain no opiate or harmful drug.
One wise mother, Mrs. Geo. Hardy,
Fourchu, N.S., says: "I have used
Baby's Own Tablets and find them a
blessing to children. I am not satisfied without a box in the house at
all times." If your dealer does not
keep these Tablets In stock send ?5
cents to The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont., and you will
get a box by mail postpaid. '
A Vibrating Wheel Takea the Place
of tha Clock's Pendnlnm.
A watch differs from a clock In Its
having a vibrating wheel Instead of a
vibrating pendulum and as ln a clock
gravity la always pulling tbe pendulum
down to the bottom of its arc, which is
Its natural place of rest, but does not
fix it there because tbe momentum acquired during its fall from one side
carries it up to an equal iheight on the
■ other, so ln a' watch a spring, generally
, spiral, surrounding tbe axis of tbe bai-
i ance wheel, is always pulling this toward a middle position of rest, but does
not fix it there because tbe momentum
acquired during its approach to tbe
middle position from either side carries
it Just as far past on the ■•other side,
and the-spring bas to begin Its work
again. The balance wheel at each vibration allows one tooth of tbe adjoining wheel to pass, ns tbe pendulum
does ln a clock, and tbe record of beats
| ls preserved by the wheel which fol-
j lows. A mainspring ls used to keep up
the motion of the watch Instead of the
weight used in a clock, and as a spring
acta equally well, whatever be Its position, a watch keeps time, although carried ln the pocket or lu a moving ship.
. In winding up a watch one turn of the
axle on which the key is fixed is render
I ed equivalent by the train of wheels to
about 400 turns or heats of tbe balanct
wheel, and thus the exertion during a
few seconds of tbe hand which windi
up gives motion for twenty-four oi
thirty hours.
He    DronKlit    l
■■Kilt    lb*    Only    Cnnt
Mint  Hf Could  Final.
_   DODD'S \
If the report of the Fulton Gazette is
true n Missouri fnrmer, accompanied
by several of his hired men, went into
the woods one morning in the full of
the yeur to cut down some trees. When
about to begin work It was discovered
thnt the cnnt hook hnd been left behind. Turning to one of the men, nn
Irishman not very long over, the farm*'
er Instructed blm to drive back to the
burn for the missing tool. 'I'he Irish*
uinn did not know what n emit hook
looked like, but wns averse to exposing
his ignorance, so drove off on his er-
rnnil, trusting to lind some one al the
farm who would enlighten him.
At the barn, however, thcrti'was no
one to help hlm out of his ilileuuna.
Casting his eyes about the place for
the thing that would he most likely
to bear the inline of "cnnt hook," ho
saw a lnulley eow with never a sign of
a horn upon Its head and concluded
lt wus whnt he hnd been Bent for.
Procuring a rope he fastened the cow
to the rear end of his vehicle nnd exult Ingly drove buck to the woods.
"Whnt the  Sum  Hill  have,you  got
there?" shouted the farmer ou peeing
his messenger aud the cow, "I sent
you for the cnnt book to use .In moving
the logs. Whnt have you brought Unit
cow for'.'"
"l.e jnbers. boss, dlvll another thing
could I see nrouiid Uie barn that can't
book but this."
Doit'i Memory of a Bee Stlnc
"Something must have stung your
dog," said a resident of this city to a
suburbanite, whom he was visiting a
few days ago, as he noticed the antics
of a large collie which, after snapping
frantically at a flying insect, lowered
his hend und carefully licked his right
"No," replied the owner of the dog,
'that Is only a little delusion of his.
When he was a puppy a bee stung him
on that foot you see hlm attending to,
and ever Suite he has cherished a
standing grudge against flying Insects
Apparently the sight of one not onlj
arouses his anger, but recalls mos|
vividly his flrst experience with one,
for ea.ch time after running after one,
whether be catches lt or uot, he stop!
and tenderly licks the' place where b<
was stung two yeurs .ago. Aa far aa I
know he has uever been stung since
<hen.J*    ;
The  First  f.lRhtlionoee.
The first lighthouses had fires of
wood aud conl kindled ut the top of
What  It  mil  For Her.
"I suppose your du lighter's trip
abroad did her a wonderful amount of
good ?"
"Yes. She always snys.'I fnney' In-
Stoad of 1 gu-fsa.'•'•- Baltimore News.
'-'■>■■      ■   ■  i.        .: .
How's This!
We offer Ona Hundred  Dolltri  Hsw.m «.
KtfWHgfeap wanot tfs&fc
We. th.F^e?&dET^90'k^ofcO.
Cheney (or tha last16 «•?'andiKK *L J
Gnaandflnaucially ,1.1. to carry out .'.'•'fr
ligations made by hia firm. '     ' *a* <•*"■
la. dlwctly upon th. blood,nandt6nr„ncaou','"--
faces of tha system.    Testimonials Sit JS*
Price 15 cents per bottl.. Sold by all Orut.iT*
Take Hall'.feamily Pill. tot%_i_?$__*-
Ian  Maclaren  recounted this storv
in a lecture on Scottish humor- in »
dull Scottish village, on a dull morn
ng, one neighbor called at another's
house. He was met at the door bv
his friend's wife, and the    con versa
ion which ensued was thus: "Cauld?"
"Ay." "Gaun to be weety (ra.ny'i
I'm thlnkin'." "Ay." "Is .John inV»
"Oh. ay! he's ln." "Can I see hlm?"
"Na." "But a wanted tae see hlm"
"Ay, but ye canna Bee hlm. John's
deld." "Deld?" "Ay." "SHilden-"
"Ay." "Verra sudden?" "Av, verra
sudden." "Did he say onything about
a pot o' geen pent afore he deed?"
We publish simple, straight tosti-
monials, not press agents' Interviews,
from well-known people.
From all over America they testify
to the merits of MINARD'S LINI.
MENT, the best of Household Remedies.
C.  C.   RICHARDS   &  CO.
She Knew Hlm
Here is a tale from Los Angeles,
where divorce is remarkable easy,
Two children met at a dancing school.
Said the little girl: "So you have
a new father at your bouse, I hear."
"Yes," replied the little boy, "and he
is the nicest ohap I ever saw/'
"Pooh," said the little girl, "I know
all about him; he was my father
A    Small    Till,    bnt   Powerful.--They
thut Judge of the powers of a pill by
It's size would consider Parmelee'i
Vegetable rills to be lucking, it is
a littlo wonder among pills. What
it lacks In size It makes up tn potency. The remedies whlob  it parries art
put up III these small doses, because
they are so powerful thnt only 8m.il
doses ure roquired. The full Strength
of the extracts Is secured In this form
and   do  their  work  thoroughly,
Oh   the  neatness  of    their  neatness
when   they're  neat,
And the sweetness of their sweetn.
when they're  sweet.
Ob.  the gladness of    their    gladness
when they're glad.
And   the   sadness  of    their    sadness
when they're sad!
And  their  neatness  and   their  sw» I
And their gladness and iheir Badnei 9
Are  as  nothing    to   their    madness
when they're mad. „
Migard's Liniment Cms Dyptheria
Only an Episode
Breathlessly the young man who
bad declared himself stood over her.
awaiting  his  answer.
Breathlessly—yet  it   was  better  sii
He  was  chewing  a  clove.
Not    a    Nnuaeatln*.    Pill.—The    ex-
olplent    'if ii    pin  is  tho    lukstanci
which enfolds the Ingredients nn.l
make! up tba pill iiinss. Thnt ofl'nr-
melee'a Vegetable mis it so compounded ns to preserve their moisture, and thoy can Vc .carried Into any
latitude without Impairing theii
strength. Many pills. In order to keoi
them   from    adhering,    are  rolled  In
pewders,   which   prove     nauseating   to
the   taste,     rarmoleo's   Vegetable I'll
•nro  so  propnrod  that   thoy  are  agri" -
nhlo   to  the  most  delicate.
The International committee of tbe
Young   Men's   Christian   association
which has the oversight of the ass.
OlatlOD in North America, gives some
astonishingly large figures in Its rovh".
of the year's work. The associations
now number 1,116. their membership
Is 37:>,r>02, and their receipts and ex
pendltures In tbe year Balanced at
Minird's Liniment Caret Colds, etc
A  puff Is  a  poor  prop.
Conviction I create character
All   power  Involves  prlVUeg'
Fast   living Is  but   Cagtqr  i
Only a fool's tomorrow ruins today,
Right motives make good manners
Blessings are hidden In the blows
Of pnln.
It Is the opportunity we make that
makes us.
A  Lesson   In  liming.
"What are you going to (in, Henry?"
asked Mi's*. UptOdate OS her husband
LLwr.ipped a pair Of boxing gloves.
"I'm going t:i give Willio some ies.
SOni in self defense," he answered.
"Every boy pliQUld know how to take
caro of blmaelf in an emergency. Come
on, Willie.   I won't hurt you. •
Twenty minutes later Mr, Optodats
returned, wilh a hand up to his face,
"(let me ii piece of raw meal to put
o/i my eye and some arnica," be said.
"Why, you dou't  inuau to say that
"No, ! don't. Of course I don't. I've
discovered that the only way to teuch
that boy is with a strao."
4 spa-P of doubt is * destroyer of clothes.
Ihere is no doubt e^bout
Sunlight Soap
We back Itspurity with * $5000 gunrcntee.
rny,.i01not Vom wash your clothes the easy
sunlight wa.y ?
Equally e^s good with h&rd or soft water.    ...
v  . Buy Sunlight-Give it a. trial.
rour money back for exixy cause of complain
Lever Brothers
Llnuiod. 1 oi '•>'*to DRI
A series of articles describing
tbelr lives, their alms and
their Influence.
No. 16.
Worry wont cure a cough. • Whan
you find a cough holding oa—
when everything else hu tailed—
? j Consumption
# Cure ffilcturt«
It is guaranteed to cun. If It
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
J*!^., SCWmixsACe. m
t~.tOo.ml.   LeRoy.N.Y..Toronto.Cal
Editor  and   Proprietor   of  the
Edmonton  Bulletin
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
ooap Powder dusted in the bath, softens
the water and disinfects. 38
Newspapermen, like lawyers, have
a faculty of drifting into public and
parliamentary life, and Chose of the
West, are no exception to the rule.
Its number of parliamentary representatives Is few, but included therein are at least two men who reflect
equal lustre on journalism and on
.politics—Walter Scott, M.P., and
Prank Oliver. M.P. A sketch of the
former has already appeared in these
columns and it now remains to say
somewhat of the member for Edmonton and the editor and proprietor of
the Badminton Bulletin.
At the outset one Is confronted
•with a serious, an almost insuperable
difficulty. Frank Oliver is one of the
most reticent of men in anything that
concerns himself. That is, on paper.
In personal conversation few men are
more frank and outspoken, and he
will ;;ive his views on any subject
requested with blunt directness. But
lie is the despair of reporters and interviewers, who, as often as not, find
themselves the victims, rather than
the operators, of their modern journalistic methods. Mr. Oliver can,
whenever he desires, bo as uncommunicative as a clam. His bushy
brows will lower threateningly over
his piercing grey eyes, and then, if
lie is wise, his interlocutor will grow
wary. From submit ting patiently to
cross-examination the Edmonton edi-
tor-iiolitician will become restive—
Bonreumes combative—in his replies,
and turn the tables upon his tormentor. And, while Mr. Oliver recognizes
the right of the public to know his
views on questions of public policy,
be altegether, and properly, denies its
right to an iiiip.-rtlueui prying Into
personal matters, and woe betide the
reporter with tht* hardihood and temerity to take counsel of his own presumption rather than of the character
of the person he desires to interview.
Discomfiture, swift and certain, will
be  llis assured  portion.
Tlle Parliamentary Guide stales, in
a four-line skeleton biography that
constitutes almost the only printed
record of Mr. Oliver's career, thai he
was born iu Peel County. Ontario, In
1853, and is. therefore, in his lil'ty-
lirst year, llo came to the North*
west at an early age. aid followed his
irade as a printer's journeyman,
wmklng on the Free Press and other
Winnipeg papers. Prior to' 1SSS he
went lo lhe Territories and in that
year was elected a member of the
Territorial Assembly', the governing
body which, with wider powers, succeeded ihe Northwest Council, In
ibv general election of isiit; he resigned from tin* assembly to contest, the
Dominion seat of Alberta as an in-
dependent, mui was returned by a
majority of nearly sen.    ai the eleo*
tlotl of l'.IUll lie won over tWO opposing  candidate*' by   about     Ilie     same
plurality, while on November '■'• last,
at   the  general   election,   his   majority
over bis .opponent was in the neighborhood of 3,000, and was one of Uie
largest, if not the largest, in the Dominion. 'I'lils brief record of his public
('.'.reel*  tells  Its  own     story,     ol'    tlle
growing strength of Mr. Oliver^ pop-1
In tho Territorial Assembly Mr.'
Oliver was, in the old days, one of'
'be most forceful and striking figures,
and; In the wider arena of Dominion
politics, his downright, upright, forthright, fearless statements of policies
and issues have wmi Inr bim national;
fame. He was returned to Hie Canadian Com 111011s as an Independent,
but tho passage of time has found
him working in more and more complete harmony with the Liberal party.
In Hie Ottawa House tliere nre many
'""ti wltb greal cr grace or expression
and of more attractive  manners as|
■i   speaker,   but   few   are   listened     tO|
wiih more attention than the plain*
Poken member from tbe Western
"rnlrles. lie has the faculty of going straight to the gist, mid heart of
''lings when he discusses Ihem. There]
is no Indirection, no Indecision, nm
'"•nting about the bush, in Whal be
Ims to gay. Mr. Oliver bus thought
"ii wlint he propones lo discuss, bus
reached definite conclusions there-!
■'"eut, and In speaking has no other
purpose than to convey, In as few
words as mav be, nnd wilh Hie utmost possible'lucidity nnd straii'.lil-
forwardness,   wha<   those   conclusions
are. After he is throiigh speaking no
one has any doubt of what Mr. Oliver's opinions are, nor that he will
defend those opinions with courage
and tenacity. He believes that words
were given to express, and not to conceal, thought, and acts and talks accordingly. If he has not yet come to
fixed conclusions regarding any subject of public Interest, he is no whit
ashamed to state the fact and never
pretends a knowledge he does not
possess, or to hide it under an assumption of oracular wisdom, or befog a plain issue by a cloud of mva-
tifying claptrap. For the rest he'is
a plain citizen, a man who believes
in democracy, who is ever on the side
of the masses against the classes,
who hates with all the strength of
a strong nature all forms of injustice
and oppression, who nevor seeks and
never avoids a fight, but who, once
engaged, will struggle on to final victory with a tenacious courage that
no obstacles can crush and no difficulties subdue. His is the the temperament of the pioneer; his the disposition that snatches victorv out of
the jaws of defeat. Withal, he has a
level-headed cannlness that seldom
permits him to be placed in a false
position, a shrewdness that foresees
contingencies and avoids errors.
Frank Oliver is no Don Quixote to
run n-tilt into windmills, or to batter
his head against stone walls. Caution,
equally with courage, are his outstanding characteristics, both in his
personal ani  political career.
As   un   editor,   Mr.   Oliver  exhibits
the same characteristics of energy as
he has shown in public life.    Ho took
hold of the Bulletin when Edmonton
was the most northerly of all Canadian   towns,   was  practically   isolated
from  the rest of the Dominion,  and
known   principally    as   a   convenient
starting  point  for the  journey    into
the hunting  and  trapping  regions of
Athabasca, the Peace and  the Canadian    sub-arctics.    The    Bulletin    at
that time reflected the pr-sent position  and  the future promise of    the
town.    It. was the day of small things
in  Western  journalism,  and  the  Bulletin   was  no  exception   to  the  rule.
Its   news   was    fragmentary   and   ill-
arranged   and     its     presswork     and
make-up no better than that of dozens
of otlier  papers  in  Western  Canada.
Hut.   even   in   those   early   days,   Its
editorial   utterances  were   impressive
in  their Influence, and  it  became    a
proverb  that   what the  Bulletin   snid
would  soon   be  what the  Territories
thought.   And. as time went on. every
department   of  the   Bulletin   showed
the  growth   and   development  of  the
country in  wliich  It circulated,    and
of the wider-reaching influence of the
mnn wVo controlled its destinies.    It
grew   bigger;   it   grew   better.     From
a   weakly   weekly   It   developed   into
the most forceful and influential daily
ln the Territories, ns is fitting to lie
In the case of the citv that Is destined to be the one second in importance
in  Western  Canada,    Locally,  municipally,   polltleallv   nnd   territorially
it   has  kept   itself  abreast   of  its  opportunities  nnd   the  develonment     of
the West.    When one considers  ho\r
rapid has been that developr.ent, how
largo   nnd    ever-wi'leniim   the   opoor*
1 unity, and how ndeeuntelv nnd with
whnt  enterprise tho Bulletin has discharged   Its   duties  in   these   particulars,   none   enn   denv   thnt   its   editor
is one of Western Cnnndn's most able
journalists,  as  lv-'  is  undoubtedly one
of its foremost   public men.
Only  One  English   Kin*.   Henry   IV.
Has   Been   Entombed   There.
The ancient cathedral at Canterbury
shelters the remains of only one English king, Henry IV. That this par.
tlctilar monarch should have been entombed there is the more remarkabU
since he breathed his last ln the Jem
sal*ro chamber of Westminster abbey,
and It might naturally bave been supposed ln the circumstances that he
would have been laid to rest in the abbey, where so many other of England's
kings sleep their last sleep. It seems,
however, that Henry before his death
gave orders that he was to be burled
ln the cathedral at Canterbury opposite the tomb of bis uncle, Edward,
the Black Prince.
For hundreds of years a story was
current that on the way down the river a hurricane arose and that the people on board tbe vessel, convinced tbat
the storm was caused by the fact that
a king's body was on board, cast the
corpse into the water ln the dead of
night nnd, filling the coffin with rubbish, brought It with all pomp and circumstance to the cathedral. Some
years ago the dean nnd chapter resolved to get at the truth of the story.
So they opened the royal tomb and
the king's lead coffin. For one brief
moment dean and chapter gazed upon
the kingly lineaments of that monarch
whom Shakespeare describes as "sky
aspiring Bollngbroke." Only for a moment, however, as the body crumbled
to dust almost at once. But Canterbury now knows beyond all doubt that
an English king rests within Its walls.
Costly   ( lilpprnnnir.
A suit of Chippendale furniture belonging to nn old London family has
just been sold privately at Saffron Wal-
den Tor £1,800. It comprised a settee
on six legs, twelve chairs and five
stools, eighteen pieces in all. The
frames were of walnut, elaborately
carved, with cabriole legs and claw
A Process   Reversed.
regard campaign calculation!
ss a distinct branch of mathematics?**
"Yes." answered the erudite person
age. "'I'lie method differs from all oth
ers. You start witn the answer and
then work backward and evolve s
problem to demonstrate it"
tint  Too Timid.
An officer in the army laughed at o
timid woman becnuse she was alarmed
ut the noise of a camion when a salutt
wns fired. He subsequently married
tbnt timid woman, and six months aft
erwnrd lie took off his boots in tht
hall when be came in lute at night.
Accuatomed  to  lt.
Ada—And weren't you a bit nervou1
when Ik* proposed*} Clara—Ob, no! A
proposal doesn't make me nervous unj
Mnch bending breaks tbe bow; muiu
ralieudlnn the ijind
An   Arcurnlr   Markainiin.
Accuracy ls one of tbe best business
accomplishments. However, it is seldom, drawn to u liner point than in tlie
following story, taken from the Chicago Journal:
During the bombardment of Alexandria in lH.su Lord Charles Beresford
nsked a gunner if lie could hit n mnu
wbo was on tbe fort. The gunner replied:
"Aye, nye, llr'.**1
"Then lilt hlm In tne eye." said lord
Beresford. lie wus surprised wlici
the gunner Inquired]
"Which eve. sir'/"
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, hacking coughs, pain in the lungs.
It  relieves congestion, sub-
dues inflammation. It heals,
strengthens. Your doctor will
explain thisto you- He knows
all about this cough medicine.
"We liare uied Afur'i Cherry PerUirsI In
onr rnniily for 2» yean for throat ami lung
troublea. »nd w« Hunk nomealstn*equals«•
Hits. A. I'omiioT, Appleton, Mian.
All .Irnl'l''-'*.-
J. C »T1R CO.,
I,owell.    Mnwa.
Weak Throats
Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Ayer's   Pills   greatly   aid   reovory.
Purely   vegetable,  gently   laxstlva.
Good digestion, ruddy complexion,
splendid circulation, clenr bruin,
steady nerves, sound, restful sleep,
better henlth nud greater1 strength of
mind and body is whut you mny ex-
lied from the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Not in nny mysterious wny but
from the hard fact, that Dr. Chase's
Nervo Kood Is composed of the elements of nature which go to form
new, red corpuscles In the blood, or,
in other words, make the blood rich,
ln the nutritive principle which ('rentes   nerve   force - the     power   which
runs the machinery of the body*.
Impaired digestion. Irregular action
of the feminine organism, weakneM
of heart, lungs or other bodily organs,
pains and aches and ull the annoying
consequences of weak nerves and
blood disappear because the cause of
their  existence  Is  removed.
Ily noting your Increase in weight.
you cun prove that new, iirm Bosh
nnd tissue are being added by this
great restorative.
Mis. VV, It. Sutherland. St. Andrews, Man., writes: "in February,
1903a I wns stricken with paralysis,
fell helplessly on the floor and bad
to be carried tor bed. 'I'he docto
pronounced it a bad case as I bail no
power in my tongue nnd left leg. 1
remained   In   that   condition     for   six
month) without obtaining benefit
from ibe doctor's prescriptions or
other  medicines.
"My husbaqd advised me to try
Dr. ('base's Nerve food and by the
use of ibis treatment nil .symptoms
of the disease disappeared, I enn now
talk plainly, my leg is all rlghl and
1 can do my housework, I low grateful 1 um to be cured by so wonderful a remedy."
Test Ilie extraordinary upbuilding
power of 111', ('buses Nerve Pood. BO
cents a box, at all dealers, or I'M-
malison, Hales & Co., Toronto. The
poll rait, and signature of Ur. A. W.
Chase, the famous receipt book nu
thor, aro on every box.
Very Likely
A very stout farmer and his equally
stout wife drove out to call   on   the
minister.    The oae sat iu the front
of the trap and the   other    behind.
They had to cross a pretty deep ford
on the way.
Arrived a-t the roanse the    farmer
was greeted by the    minister,    who
"But why did  you not  bring Mrs.
Brown  with you?"
"She's thera3—In the trap behind."
"No, she is certainly not. there."
"Weel, she was when we left home.
Guldness gracious!   that    must    hae
been the splash I heard."
Chronic Catarrh
Always Catching Cold
No Return in 14 Years
N.     Ba,
w r 11 es,
May 24.
1004, an
interesting letter regarding
the cure
of her
daug liter, 14
y ea r ■
ago, of
of the
Throat s
"My daughter, when she was 5 yeaa-a
old, was troubled with a very bad cold
tor over six months.
She was short of breath, and seemed to be choked up all tho time.
"The doctor said it was caiarrh of
the head and throat, and gave her
medicine for it, but it gave no relief.
Seeing Psychine advertised, I decided
to try it, and before she had finished
the first bottle she was as well ns ever.
The catarrh never returned, although
14 years have passed away since then,
and she is now grown to young wor
manhood."—Mrs. Wm. Garratt.
PSYCHINE   ls   pronounced   SI-KEEN
Tie- rir. Slocum Remedies are sold by all
druggist., and many general stores.
Phyohlne at $1.00 per Bottle.
For fun her advice, information or free trial
bottle write Dr. T. A Slocum, Limited. Head
Offices and Laboratory, 179 King street west,
Toronto, Canada.
TRY IT ONCE, It wlll do you good.
CEYLON TEA is the Purest  and Sweetest Tea in the
world.   It is sold only in sealed lead packets to preserve its
native goodness.    By all Grocers.
1 E_9 Tour Grain to es to be sold oa arriyal or afterwards, as yo* may
wiih. Wo do a strict!* Commiaaion Business, in which we hsvtm kae
M yea' '< exp rie-oe. Prompt and reliable work guaranteed. Liberal Advances, done.
apond*.a.wOi      'ted.   Lioenaed and Bonded.    Reference-Bank of Hamilton, BzohUM
416 Grain Exchange,
Mill OAHATT, Sussex, Mai.
Ws make a specialty of low grade   -wheat Write us before shipping. W«
will show how we can serve you.
References:—Any   Bank  or  Commercial Agency.
 j. ' i       I "*■*
 Jl\_____    AlJ.^i      ESTABLISHED GRAIN
am trie ijiqcsl commission merchant
^   <m    vnnw    vi-Mvotv     |N w|NN|pEQ>
Consign your grain to me and get prompt service, careful attention
and highest market prices. -,     CrblVTIV DRAWER
Rsference: UNION BANK OFCANADA.   S.   Orl 1> IV,      1300.
•rein la mm* Uts w*«ajM eta trask  tr seM en   *w***\m   BoMonMg
a*t*m* asm*.     PreaaM ftet-ama.      CrTeepoadeeee  aeUstfteS.    Reference*
Anr mrnak * Winnipeg.
The ffest rale of health-
Keep die bowels regular.
And the great medicine—
Ayer's Pdlg.       jg&V
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in It than
any other brand of shirt In
Canada. Made on tha
H.B.K. scale it requires ___
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 3a
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why tht
H.B.K "Big" Shirt ntvtr
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells tht whole history
of tht "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that th* H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39H
to 4a yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
BRANfl      _
■ratml       Wltalpeg       Dswsee
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps <mt Cold.
Write for   Samples   and Prlees.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Equal   Distance
A travelling man who drove across
the country to a little town In western Kansas the other day met a
fnrmer hauling a wagonload of water.
"Where do you get water?" he asked.
"Up the road about seven miles,"
1] e  fanner  replied.
"And you ha'.l your water seven
miles for your family and  stock?"
"Why, in Ihe name of sense, don't
you dig a well?" asked the traveller.
"Because It Is just as far one way
as the  other,  rtranger."
Assuredly Not
By the terms of an election bet a
man in Emporia, Kansas, obligated
himself to burn his shirt in front of
the state capifcil in Topeka. In Kansas the wind Is not always tempered
to the shirtless idiot, either.
IItiinrnnre Ia a Curat.—"Knew thyself" Is a good admonition, whether
referring to one's physical condition
or moral habitudes. The man who Is
acquainted with himself will know
how to act when any derangement in
his condition manifests itself. Dr.
Thomas' Klectrlc Oil ls a cheap nnd
Simple remedy fer the eradication of
pain from the system and for the
ours  of  all  bronchial   troublea.
on Eastern and Southern Grown Nursery stock
that will not grow, but write (or our eulalogne
of hardy Apples, Crahs, I'lums, Cherries,
Gooseberries, Raspberries, Currants, Strawberries, Roses, OrnamentHl Shrubs and Trees
Hedge and Windbreak Tree*, Perrenial Plants,
•tc, Trees that will arow in Manitoba ana
the Territories.      Address
st. Charles, Mnn.
A Russian has devised a means for
preserving dead bodies by embalming them in glass. The body is first
covered with a thin coating of liquid
glass. It is then placed in a mould
and melted glass poured round it.
The body thus becomes enclosed in
an airtight, solid and transparent
mass r.f glass, and would  be preserv
ed Indefinitely.
liaard's Liniment Caret Pistes^/.
\w do nol enrich -tho present by
ridiculing the  past.
Wc shall be measured by what we
might   have  been.
I Im
'hnlera   ntul   all   summer   complaints
so  iiulck  ln  their  action  that the
1    hand   of  death   Is   upon   tho  vic-
■   before   they  are   aware   that   ilan-
1" near,   if attacked, do not de-
in   getlng  the  proper    medicine,
11 dose of i>r. Kellogg's Dysentery
Hal, .'ni'i you win Ket Immediate
i.f. It aet.s with wonderful rapld-
and never falls to effect  a cure.
THK OBBAI KNI.l.lsIl  ttaMKhY,
TESTIMONIAL from th* late  SIR 8AM-
UEL, BAKER,  the famous bill* Eijlore*",
"Newton Abbot, I'tvon Pear Sire—I
have delayed my thanki as 1 wlfetaM if
test the -fleet ot lllair's I'ii.* by a a*—*
clent Interval  ot time
•'For ten years 1 had suflered aeatetf
from Gout and IK* had lost Ita attrefc
tion owiiin to th* uncertainty ef health
and sudden visitations of the tmmmt
which prostrated uie tor months, or weeks
according  to   tha vhulrnr* of th* attacks
"Blair'a Pills hav* rendered m* Immense
service, aa 1 no ;.■■ ti l*ar an at task
of  Gout.
"Kor the last •.,-< it months I have
been comparatively '10s. as one or twe
attempted visitation! hav* been ImmeeV
lately stamped out bv th* assistance mt
lllair's Pills.
"Truly yours  island) Saml.  W   Raker.
Lyman Simis 4 Co . ilomreal and Tesa
onto; The nol* Plain Co , Winnipeg; aa4
Martin, Bala A  rV>ua* Co.. Wtnalpeg.
Would  Not   Like  to  Say
"Now, Tommy." said    the    teacher,
-what is tins word i bave written on
the  board   s-io-w?"
'.'On, v,,s you do—tblnk. What does
your papo call you  when ynu go on
an errand and don't get  bud- tor a
long  time""
"You'd licit me If I told you, ma'am"
Minard's Liniment Cores Garget in Cows.
We do nol earn heaven by pining
tor paradise,
Iletter   ii   deluded   enthusiasm   than
a  dead  heart.
Slick  lips aro    not    accepted    for
shining lights.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Electrolysis, X rny or depilatories are
offered you on the bare word of the
operators and nairiufacturers. DE
MIUACI.K ii not. Uis tlie only method
wliich is indorsed by physicians, Burgeons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines, lionklct will
will be sent free, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question if
it fails tn   lo all iluit is  claimed for it.
UK MIKACLE mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, otareceftrt of Sl. Write
for Ifc to-day to DH MIUACI.E CHEM-
ICAL CO., *^3 Qiksn Strmt West,
'liiKONTO, (INT.
•w   ix   vj   No   eta THE DRILL, SLOCAN. B. C, JAKTJARY £0. 1905.
<J. X. SutrmxatftashK, Editor and Prop.
•LOCAV,     -      -       -       •     B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
at legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fir each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
malar .1 ' '    '
Hon. Charles Wilson, attorney general, has returned from his trip to
England, and is busy getting things
in shape for the meeting of the legislature.	
For the first six months of the current fiscal year the receipts of the dominion amounted to $35,130,598, and
the expenditures $21,875,214, leaving
a surplus of upwards of $13,000,000
over ordinary expenditure.
The dominion parliament opened
last week with rather more than the
usual ceremony, Earl Grey, the new
governor-general, creating n favorable
impression. The session promises to
b6 «hort,the principal feature outlined
in the speech from the throne being
the granting of provincial autonomy
to .the Northwest Territories.
" Hon. R. L. Bordeu will continue as
leader of the Conservative party in
Canada, such being the decision of
the caucus held in Ottawa last week.
A aeat for the commons will be found
tfdf Mr. Borden in Carlton county,
Ont. It is the intention to call a dominion convention at a later date and
thoroughly reorganize the party.
Ontario is experiencing the warmest
provincial campaign in its history, the
struggle daily growing more heated
and bitter.' Premier Ross is putting
forth evfery effort to win, but so many
of his followers hare quit him because
ot the political corruption and temperance cries, that it is felt victory will
liest with the Conservatives on Wed
nesday next.
J. J. Campbell.manager of the Hall
Mines smelter at Nelson, has written
The Drill, denying that his institution has raised the rate of treatment
upon Slocan ores, nnd stating that no
foundation for such a report exists. A
couple of weeks ago this paper stated
mineowners were complaining that the
local   smelters   had   increased  their
rates coincident with the bestowal of
a bounty on lead ores by the dominion
government, and that the major portion of the bounty weut to the smelter
rather than the mineowner. The Drill
did not make the statement recklessly,
but rather upon the authority of one
of the prominent members of tho Silver-Lead Miueownera Association,* ho
made the assertion unreservedly and
without solicitation.   On the one side,
therefore, is a plain statement; on the
other  a  flat  contradiction, and   the
public must draw   their own conclusions.   TJiat there is, however, something radically amiss with the mining
industry in the   Slocan, both in   the
wet and dry ore belts, is lieyond cavil,
and there is not the genuine prosperity
prevailing the inhabitants would like
to seo.   Records of the weekly output
sustain this contention, and dissatisfaction and unrest do exist.   The output of the Slocan is far short of whnt
it hns beon, or what it might reasonably be  expected   to lie.   One thing
sure, thc element of hot uir has been
eliminated and the district  is rapidly
getting to the   point   where   its real
worth aud   value   may   be   realized.
That point, to the hundreds who have
acquired real estnte or embarked in
business in the various towns, is by no
means cheerful  to contemplate; and
to  this  factor  is  undoubtedly due
much of the dissatisfaction existing.
Yet, it must not be forgotten that the
mining industry   is', not in a healthful condition, as only a small percentage of the properties are working.   It
cannot be laid to the  wage question
for the   daily   pay of the worker has
seen no advancement, but the cost of
living, mining supplies, etc., have increased.   Despite Mr. Campbell's assertions, the impression  prevails that
the snwltors are partially to blame for
the state of   affairs existing.   If they
are nut,then the mineowners owe it to
smelters to set them right before
lie public,
Pay up your subscription.
W, R. Megaw has closed his store
at Sandon.
For first-class bread go to J. H
Sugar took another 25 cent raise
during the week.
Tee snow has disappeared from the
towns up the lake.
A small force of men is still working at the Chapleau.
The Kootenay bonspiel commences
at Nelson next week.
Trail as a city has $6000 worth of
assets and no liabilities.
Extreme cold weather prevailed in
East Kootenay last week.
Provincial Officer Black, New Denver, was here on Saturday.
The soft weather this week put the
skating rink out of business.
No settlement has yet. been made of
the labor troubles at Coleman.
Phil Waters has been having a hard
time this week with his cut foot.
Greenwood and Kaslo largely reduced their civic debts last year.
The city authorities have been rustling in the license fees this week.
M. S. Giegerich, brother of Henry
Giegeiich, died in Kaslo last week.
Died.--In Nelson, ou the 17th. Ida
Helen,infant daughter of M. Gibbs.
Aid. Smith has been in everv council from the incorporation of the city.
Dr, Brouse came down from New
Denver on Tuesday, on professional
Sandon had it six below zero IttRt
week. Cranbrook got it to the tune
of 20 below.
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class coudition. Apply
at this office.
Last week's cold weather put part
of the waterworks in the east end out
of business.
The skating rink was opened to the
public on Fiiday night. It is being
well patronized.
For .Sale.—A full set of Dickens'
novels, comprising 15 volumes. Apply at this office.
Rossland defeated Nelson seniors at
hockey Friday night, at Rosslaud, by
a score of 4 to 2.
Rev, Mr. Holman, one of the lessees
of the Chapleau, hns given up the
ministry in Nelsou.
Rossland Miners' Union congratulated John Houston on bis lieing
elected mayor of Nelson,
A number of people from here went
down to Nelson on Thursday, to vote
in tho mayoralty contest.
Born.—In New D''"'e1'. on the llth
inst., the wife of P. E. Taylor, of the
Bank of Montreal, of a son.
The shortage of wnter is seriously
inconveniencing industrial enterprises
and the railways in tho Boundary.
A whipping bee took place at the
school on Tuesday, alxiut 21 pupils
figuring in the wholesale castigatton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Boie purpose
leaving here nt the end of the mouth
to take up their residence iu Boise,
Three below zero wns registered on
Thursday night, being the coldest of
the winter. It was six below at Lemon
O. G. Dennis, formerly government
agent and gold commissioner at Nelson, died recently at Nylstrom, British
East Africa.
An unknown man was killed on the
Boundary rond,near Fanou,last week,
by a train. The body was takeu to
Nelsou for burial.
The C.P.R. will develop its conl
measures at Hostner, on the Crow's
Nest. It will tnke two years to put
the mines into shape.
Joshua BelK the colored murderer,
wns banged nt Kamloops on Friday.
He murdered Annie Allen, a colored
sporting woman, of Phoenix.
Visitors at the Arlington durinjr the
week wire: P. Chapman, Geo. Bate,
Vancouver; A. C Mitchell. Cals'arv;
J, J. Mille, Nelson; Jas. Tonkin, Rossland.
An interesting police court case has
lieen occupying the public's attention
this week. "The plaintiff was fined $5
and costs and the defendant $10 and
The assessment commission, sitting
at Victoria, adjourned Tuesday for n
week. If no other evidence is volunteered the commission will conclude
Its labors.
Mayor  Arnot issued   Instructions
this week to strictly enforce the curfew bylaw All children oatlght on
the streets at night after hours will lie
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statemeiitsjettcrhcads,
notehends, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc, etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
secured four supporters in the council.
In the evening a huge triumphal procession was held and a general jollification followed. The Rose men were
so confident of winning tbat they sent
to Spokane and brought in 500TOses,
to be worn as emblematic of victory,
but they were not needed. Houston's
followers cleaned up over $17,000 by
their victory, and to show their appreciation they presented John with an
address and $500 in gold.
Silver Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday     592 cents
Friday     591    "
Saturday * *    60$    "
Monday    60*    "
Tuesdav     60?    "
Wednesday     60|    "
Appended is a complete list ol the various records registered at the local registry office, U. P. Christie being raining
Jan 13—Moonraker.
San ,0— Mrs Julia Baty revokes power
of attorney given to '1 J Baty.
Court of Revision.
VTOTICE is hereby Riven tlmt tlie annual sit-
ll ting of the Court of Revision, for thu purposo of hearing nil complaints ngninst the ts-
sessmeut for tho year 19U3, at made liv th« Assessor of tho City of Slocun, R. I'., will beheld
in the Council Hall, in the snid City of Slocau,
on Monday, the Mth day of February, A.n.1905,
nt the hour of ten o'chv k a.m.
Dated nt Slocau, B.(      his 16th dayofJnnu-
ury, 1U05.
H. D. CURTIS, AiSM-sor
The Queen's
KATES:    »3.00 PER OAT
First-class Dining Room
• ■   Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
''   Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelsort, B. C.
**-** *********************
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given  in  the town
HAT1CS—»S per d«j/ i with
nainple room., SKRO. N|»a»-
cliil rwtei to Kti-ml v boarder*
Arthur Street, Slocan
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works,
at Victoria, for a, special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the smith side of Kvium
creek, about it) chains from Slocan lake.
and marked "M. & V. Lidgate N. R. corner post," running south 80 chains;
thence.west 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; tlmiiro east 80 chains, to point ol
of commencement.
Hated Dec, 2tJtb, 11)04-
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Tlineral
Uhe Only
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
It talks, sings, reproduces the Piano, Violin, Piccolo,
Flute, Banjo, Comet or Trombone; Full Brass Baud or
Orchestra ; Church Choir or Chime Bells. It will play
a Waltz, Lancers, Quadrille or any other dance. It will
sing Hymns and Songs or repeat Sermons. It gives the
popular, sentimental and coon songs, as wel! as selections
from Grand and Comic Opera.   "A child can operate it.'
Berliner Gnuit-o phone   Record* are  hard   flat   dincH-7 mid  10  inches iu
diameter, made of maroon substance—will   last   tor  yrmmrx.
Prices of Gram-o-phonei *jj» "I f" A_-a.   &*A C
complete with 3 Record. W W  ap^D
Uunraiiteed for five year«.   "It L. made In Canada."
Sold  on  mmaT monthly payment! If eSmmli-eee*.    Writ.
tor particulars. Catalogue aad Hat of Records.
Agent trill exchange ytttr old Berliner Grani-o-phome Records
FREE when you buy Ivo new Records /or each one you return for
exchange: for instance, you return ttvo Records : receive six : pay
f*r J'"""-    ' yaau-acTuatn ev
J. A. ANDERSON, Local Agent
A Residence for Sale
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.p.
RATES: Rpsulnr mhwrlbpn. $1  ver monlli
or$IO 11 ymir: iioii-*iihscriha>rs (exclusifiMif
meilicnl attendance)V! per dnv.   Prlfutewardi
tl per dny eitra.   BpeoilU facilities fur muUrn-
ity casos.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
4l* T   C*fi w'"   '"•''l>r**'   a   full  Mlol
Jt *\      ]|8 j Hirkrin'    novnU.   15   Tail*
•4/Ve»-/v/ Well bound, legible prim.
[\f_ '■■•'ill patchw>wall v>i»s«*-
llll burner ronl Btovu.      1« hi
• gii'id * new.
The Drill Office
Certificate of Improvements Certificate of Improvements
Evening Star No. 9 Frnctlon.
Situato iii the Slocnn City Minin.' Division of West Kooteimy District.
Where lni'iiteil:—Aliout 2'/* miles
in ft riot th easterly direction from
Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I.the undersigned
(F.M.C. No. 1177412) and w» mi agent for
David Satilter, free miner'* certificate No. B7867J3, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Kecorder 'or a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notire that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dittd thii 22nd dav of Decern ber, 1004.
20-1-05 DUNCAN G1U1IAM
Iloluton Won Out.
A good deal of interest was taken
hero in the mayoralty contest in Nelson, tlm feeling bei if,- strongly Houston, and satisfaction was felt whim it
was learned he had defeated Dr, Robb.
John won out by a majority of ir>. in
upwards of IOOO votes polled, and be
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 12617)
sells for $40.00.
In a aivvnr pold-filled ca*.
(No. itfuS) tnt name exe.t-
lent "Hyrie" movement .ella
for fat-oaa.
A lady's solid gold
watch (No. 12576) with
guaranteed "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
ill a a.vrar £"1H filla-i ea.e
(No. laSSo) it ...,ta omIv
917.00.    Send for catalogue.
Sllgo Mlnriial CUIm.
bit until in the Slocan City Mining Division of llui West Kootenay District.
Where located : -Adjoining the Cameronian mineral claini.
Take notice thst I, M. !.. Grimmett,
ai'tisu fur myself, fie* miner's certificate
No. 6771*88j and ss agent fnr Duncan
Cameron, free miner's certificate No.
B77rS80j Angus Cameron, free miner's
ceitilicate No BAM 11; William Pavies,
free miner's certilicate No. HH4520; It.
McDowell, free miner's certificate No.
M2S40; O. A. Ixivt, free miner's certificate No. IUi.rilH7; and R A. Bradshaw,
[ree miner's certificate No. 1177428,in tend,
siity davs from the date hereof, to apply
tothe Mining Kecoider fora certiflcate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certiflcate ef
lialed this 1st day of   November. I'JiM
0-12-04 M. L. GRIMMETT
J. L Anderson
Me licines
DRCOQtflT * HI A liolicrt,
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms  apply to ,
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
I                                                                                                                                                      1     a<    I          .         ,                                       1
. „ j 1 r^i-a 1 ,_ . aa-, e"	
• ,'.
55 A dvertiseyour 81
I At All Timesfx
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to illl persistent nnd lib-
nnil n<lvt*rtiK-
eiH: it i.s ivad
by everyone",
It Kiiiinuiters
Subscribe for
local paper:
53 THE DRILL,  $2 per year gj


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