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The Slocan Drill 1901-10-25

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tOt*. IL, N-K80.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   25,   1901.
Lamps, Lamp Chimneys, Coal
m Scuttles, Coal Shovels, Granite
ware and Tinware; also Washing Machines that will wash.
A **M*Ǥ.lg!iinent of these Goods has just been received.
Hardware Merchants. . SLOCAN, B.C.
J. D. KING sf CO.'S BOOTS have just arrived in fall styles.
They .ire tbe very best made und turned out by Union labor.
See tbem And you will buy them.
C. B.-KUTAN & CO.'S HATS aro also Union made aid are
tbe beat obtainable and you can buy them from us.
If you are looking: for a Union-made article,
remember the one store to o-et it is at
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview. and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
ileats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is tire home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINd & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skilled and Personal Hanapient of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
^^^   who tarry within a while with him.	
li reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Council Donates • Cup to th* Rifle Club
—Assessor Granted Another Week's
Extension—Transient Tullor Agents
Must Pay Full License.
Those present at Monday night's
meeting of tho Citv Fathers worci
Mavor York, Aid. Bradshaw, Smith
and Word-m.
Communications were read from
the King's Printer, Victoria, returning* $1 excess on advertisement oi
court of revision; Roval Bank, Nelson, acknowledging letter re city
finances; A. W. Allen, city clerk of
Kaslo, stating that city had now decided to keep theirsafe. All ordered
H. D. Curtis, secretary of the Slocan Rifle Association,wrote soliciting
a corporation prize for the forthcoming shooting matches. The mayor
favored tho proposition, bat it was
allowed to rest for a while.
J. G. McCallum and 37 ethers petitioned for a six-foot sidewalk on the
north side of Delaney ave from Main
street to Springer bridge. Mayor
York recommended tho building of
the walk, as it wonld only cost about
Aid, Worden and Smith moved
that the petition be referred to the
sidewalk committee, with instructions to build came.
Thc mayor suggested a six-foot
walk to the corner of Arthur street
and then a three-foot walk, planks
laid lengthwise, from there to tbe
Aid. Worden thought a four-foot
walk would be more desirable. Aid.
Bradshaw supported Aid. Worden,
snd the walk will go down four feet
Motion, as amended, carried.
Chief of Police Clark reported re
collection of dog taxe**, showing that
$105 had been received. The repoh
tickled the aldermen immensely,
there being more monoy collects!-.!
than expecual. litpoit ordered to lie
Clerk Foley asked for another
week's extension for return of assess
ment roll.   Granted on motion.
The clerk was instructed to notify
the owner of the blacksmith shop on
Delaney avenue to put a proper
chimney on the building.
In reply to Aid. Worden, the clerk
said he had received no further word
about the cemetery from F. Fletcher.
As the latter was coming up during
the week, the council decided to interview him on the subject.
Mayor York was given authority
to get a sign pnt up at the city hall,
so as to inform inquiring stranger*! of
its whereabouts.
Tlie Brandon waterworks question
was again laid over.
In reply to a query about the fire
hall supplies, tho mayor said the
matter was being satisfactorily ar-
Mayor York brought up tho question of Geo. Powell, a traveling tailor
agent, who had taken out a local
trader's license, but as he came under the classification of a transient
trader, the mayor thought something
sliould be done to enforce the bylaw.
The aldermen concurred, so the $50
tax will bo enforced.
Mr. Curtis' letter was again taken
up and it was decided to donate a
silver cup by tho city to thc rifle as
sociation, to bo known as the Slocan
Challenge Cup.
Carried, on motion of Aid. Brad
shaw and Smith.
Council adjourned.
Anyone wasting a good suit of tailor-made clothes, or
an overewt, made by Union Labor, can leave their
order at,my«saniplo room for goods manufactured by
D- G. DqjUflLAS & CO., Toronto.
•Hie Union label is on Every Garment.
I have or. hand snaps in unclaimed customs goods;
•tlaoch-ut-p r«a<lv-made suits, gootl Mucklnawa and
rain coats. Agent for the STANDARD ORAM)
FAMILY SWING MACHINES, two in-one system,
tMm        lock and chaUi stitch rotary. •-*-—•»
*^£*rw,jt, Uooans JOHN BUIX
Slocan Socialist League.
The Slocan Socialist League held
meetings on Friday and Tuesday
evenings, each timo tho Miners' Union hall being filled. A number of
ladies were in attendance at Friday's
meeting. At that meeting a resolution was passed condemning the government for the non-enforcement of
the Allen Labor Act at Rossland; also
one to form a committee to communicate with thc various Labor organizations in the riding with a view to
compiling a platform and nominating
a candidate for the next provincial
elections, report to be presented next
Tuesday. On Tuesday night a permanent committee was sanctioned
for securing names lor the voters'
list. At both meetings addresses
were delivered on socialist subjects
and freely criticized, affording en
tcrtainmeht and instruction to the
audience. Many new names hare
been added to the membership roll,
and the library has also bean increased. The meetings are open to
lleatll sif Hill)' Hi,!'..
Billy Kerr, one of the best known
characters in tho camp, died in the
Minor."'1 Union ('oueral Hospital, on
Friday night, of cancer of the stomach. He was 46 years of age and a
widower, ha'ing a son 19 years old.
By birth ho was a Canadian, but very
little is known of his antecedents.
Deceased owned some good property
on Cedar creek and when not working his claims followed painting.
The funeral took place from the Oddfellows nail, Sunday afternoon, the
I.O.O.F, Miners' Union, and band escorting the remains to the cemetery,
and forming one of tbe biggest processions seen here.
N. F. McNaught has won out on
bis suit affecting a quarter interest in
the Hampton group. The case was
tried at Nelson last week before Mr.
Justice Irving. On the 31st of May
last the sheriff seized the quarter in
terest in question, it belonging to J.
McKinnon, of Silverton. The latter
had failed in business and bis creditors issued the attachment. McKinnon on the same day allowed his free
miners' license to lapse, which date
license wlthont McKinnon's request.
In connection with these points, it
was argued by counsel for McNaught
that a sheriff's seizure gives no title
to either execution creditors or tbe
sheriff, but simply gives the power
to sell.
His Lordship, without expressing
any definite opinion, was inclined to
believe that if the special free miner's
license had been taken out by McKinnon, under section 4 of the statute
of 1899, it might bave revived his
title, but as the certificate was taken
out by the creditors, who, under the
authority cited were absolute strangers to McKinnon, nnd who had no
title by reason of seizure, that therefore the special free miners' license
taken out by them conld be of no
value. His Lordship therefore gave
judgment for McNaught annulling
the seizure of the defendants and
putting the sheriff out of possession
with costs. The case was on an absolutely new point of law.
Miner*" Union Resolution.
At the regular meeting of the Slo-
of the Slocan Rifle Association Shooting Match,
Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25-26,1901
MERCHANTS' MATCH:   200 yards standing, 7 rounds.
1st Prize—Pair boots, $5; cash, $4
2nd Prize-Cuff Links, $2; cash, $3
3rd Prize-Three Prizes of $2
4th Prize—Five prizes of $1
Total, $25 00
LICENSED VICTUALLERS' MATCH: 200 yards kneeling, 7 rounds.
1st Price—Quart bottle champagne, $5; cash, $4
2nd Price—Box cigars, .$3.50, cash, S3
3rd Price—Bottle wine, $1.60; cash, (2
4th Prise—Two prices at *2
5th Price—Five prices ut $1
% 900
128 00
VICTORIA CROSS MATCH: 200 yards standing; 7 rounds in 1 minute
1st Price—20 pound ham, *4; cash, iU
2iul Price—Year's subscription to Drill, $2; cash, $3
3rd Price—Three prices nt |2 each
4th Price—Five prices at 11 each
f 800
124 00
200, 600 and 600 vards; 7 rounds at each range.   200 yard range to be fired
on Friday and th * 500 aud 600 on Saturday.
1st Price—(50 cup nnd cash |5
2nd price—Queen heater, |5; cash, |3
3rd price—Felt hat, S3 50; cash, $2
4th price—Suit underwear, (3; cash, |2
5lh price—One price at $2
0th prize—Five prices at (1 each
Special Prices—Best score at 200 yards, steel pick
Best score at 500 yards, writing cabinet
Best score at .600 yards, box cigars
$55 00
ToUl, $88 50
GRAND AGGREGATE: Best score in Merchants' and Corporation matches
1st Prize—Silver cup
2nd price—Pair military brushes
3rd price—Tonsorial ticket
$10 00
$17 50
300 yards lying down; 7 rounds.   Open to those who have not won prices in
any olher match.
$ 5 50
3 25
. Sllljs   USUI'S    USSS.I..SI
1st Price—Rocking chair, $2.50; cash, $3
2nd price—Year's subscription to Drill, $2; cash, $2
3rd price—Livery ticket for saddle horse, $2; cash, $2
4th price—Box cartridges, $1.25; cash, $2
6th price—One price at $2
6th price—Nino prices at $1
$27 75
All ties to be decided by counting out according to Dominion Rifle Association rules.
One sighting shot to be allowed, if requested, before firing.
All ammunition will be issued free of charge; fee, each range,25c.
Lee-Knfield rifles, with minimum pull of S lbs, 1 "• to be used in all thc
Firing commences each day at 9 o'clock a.m. sharp.
The Slocan Challenge Cup, offered by the corporation of the city of
Slocan, before becoming the properly of the winner, must be won two years
consecutively, or two years out of three, on the Slocan Kills-* Range.
President & Range Officer. Secretary. Treasurer
Last Tear's Shipments Were 3847 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life anil
Wealth of the Cbu>|>— Arilugtea th*
Blssest Shipper.
For three weeks ia success^n the
record for ore shipments in this division has been broken. Though the
present week's figures are bat half a
car more than last, vet it is remarkable for the number of properties
shipping, no less than five being on
the list. Of the 2<S9 tons exported,
the Nelson smelter secured all bnt
30 tons, which the Black Prince
shipped to Trail. The Arlington
shipped .230 tons, raising its total to
4148 tons, abont doable that of any
other property in the entire Slocan.
From the Enterprise 20 tons was exported; Hampton G, and tbe Bondholder 3, the latter having been
mined under the Mo Vicar contract.
The sum total of the Year's exports is
5003 tons, which is in pleasing contrast to last year's figures of 2847
Last year the exports from this-ii*
vision amounted to 2847 tons,, made
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list st tlie shipments this, year to
jHNsB. WKKK.      * TOTAL.
Arlington  230            4141
Enterprise  2*J               540
Two Friends  40
Black Prince  30              IM
Bondholder  S               26
Chapleau  Ui
Speculator  Is)
Phoenix  22
Esmeralda  t
Hampton  6                12
Fourth of July  7
Tamarac  »
299 600S
was afler seizure but before the sheriff had sold. McNaught, owning the
balance of the property, claimed, tlmt
under section 9 of tho Mineral Act
the lapsing of the license gave to him
the undivided quarter interest belonging to McKinnon in the Hampton, then under seizure.
The defendants in the case, who
were tho crediters of McKinnon, contended that the seizure of the property by the sheriff curried the claim
over the 31st of May, and that ns the
execution creditors on June 7 took
out in McKinnon's name a special free
miners' license, under section 4 ofthe
Mineral Act of 1899, that by such
special license thev secured the interest of McKinnon in the Hampton.
McNaught held that McKinnon s interest could only be revived subject
to his (McNaught'.-*) rights, and that
he haa, under section 9 of the Minn*
nil Act, taken over McKinnon's interest on the lapsing of the latter's
free miner's license, as the said co-
owner. He further contended that
the creditors being strangers, notwithstanding tho execution, could
not tako out a special freo minor's
can Miners' Union No. G2, held on
Oct. 23, thc following resolutions
were adopted: "Whereas, on the
morning of Oct. 19, 1901, it was the
will of Almighty God to remove from
onr midst Bro. Wm. Kerr; resolved,
that by the death of Bro. Kerr, Slocan City Minors' Union has lost an
old and trusted member; and be it
further resolved, that wo, the members of the Slocan City Miners' Union,
mourn the untimely taking off of our
deceased brother; and be it further
resolved, that our charter be draped
in mourning for a period of 30 days;
and a copy of this resolution sent to
the Miner s Magazine, and a copy be
furnished the local press, and spread
upon the minutes of this meeting."
"Resolved, that thc members of
this Union, in regular meeting assembled take this occasion to express their sincere thnnks to tbe band
boys of Slocan City for so cencrously
aiding in the funeral obsequies of our
late deceased brother, Wm. Kerr;
and be it further resolved, that a
copy of this resolution be famished
the local press, and spread upon the
minutes of this meeting,"
Mine- managsfrs. complain of a
scarcity of men in 'the upper can*-**.
Supplies were sent np to^hsj Iron
Horse, Tuesdaj^for ihe commencement of operations.
Thos. Andrews,of Thornbury,Ont,
is applying for a crown grant on tbe
Scerpien, adjoining tbe Rainbow.
Preparations are being made for
the extensive working of another
Springer creek property tills winter.
The Para, on the north fork ef Ten
Mile, is being surveyed for a crown
grant. It is owned by Now Weft-
minster parties.
The Tattersall boys have their cabin up on the Myrtle group and are
now engaged on a shaft house. Three
men will work tho property during
the winter.
In the case of Manley vs. Collom,
before the full court at • Victoria,
judgment was given by, Justices
Irving and Martin that the appeal of
the defendant be dismissed with,
costs, Judge Drake dissenting.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, 11. P. Christie boing mining
Oct 14—Thotghot, 1st n f Lemon, G
I'ssiiorah, Robson creek, J P Aichison.
Norawa, same, same and J Law.
Goodenough, same, same.
Oreenwood, Springor creek, Charles 12
Ernest, Hell creek, same.
Morning Light, 5th s ( Lemon, Richard
16— Sam'-son, Springer creek, G I toll,
16—Delhi, divide 1st and 2nd n f of
Lemon, A Wentxel.
Cosmos, tame, G Stoll.
Staunton, 2nd n f Lemon, J A Foley.
Oct 14—Dodworth. Tamarac No 2 fr,
Lanark, Zella.
16-Silver Bear.
17—Native Silver ir, Venice, Rome,
Potomuc fr.
Oct 15—Monterey, Bancroft, Oregon,
1-9 in each, R W Milluy to Mrs Mary I,
Will Hurry l'l* Sidewalks.
The committee appointed by the
City Council to superintend the construction of sidewalks will have the
work pushed next week. Several
tenders were submitted for supplying
the necessary material, McCallum A
Co. being the successful bidders. The
committee hopes to have the several
new walks down ere the inclement
weather commences.
$2.00 PER ANNUAL      IB
A-.     {•;
iii •
si *
si -j*;- ■
_    J
Rev. J. Ferguson is leaving ^a*
doli for tbe cast. ran
$ I
'Hi *m'.r-'--.
■i _#£•+•
i imp-
■ t   _*> iSiiii'}
1  1 II'.*   ''
9     Jjlfv :
**i -
5-l'R-*,.; ''
(>•■"•'    *
iir.* "•
■*'_ 3
■ I
p an humble 1
/.*.'%■*•>'.*• ■^.•*i•^•■J/.•.'•^•^'.'.v.•."c•^'.'•''.•.'•^•.• .'•■;.•./.■•;'..• Jl
BY THOMAS       Sf I
Tbe little village of Beckett's Mill
had never been In such a state of ex
cltement in all Its history.
Women, bareheaded and wltb rolled
up sleeves, rushed wildly to and fro
across tbe town's single street or leaned from their open windows and called
excitedly back and forth, asking a hundred questions that no one pretended
to answer. The children huddled
about tbelr mothers, clinging to tbelr
skirts, their faces white and their eyes
wide with wonder and fear. Tbe men,
awestrlckcn. collected on the street corner ln front of the postofflce and talked together in low, hushed tones.
The cause of all this excitement WU
tbe heavy booming of cannon away ofl
to tbe south and the barely distinguishable rattle of musketry which told only
too plainly tbat a battle we a being
fougbt and that men were being killed
end mangled by their fellow men.
It was In the spring of 1861, at tbe beginning ef tbe long and bloody war between the south and the north. The
people at Beckett's Mill and all over
tbat part of Missouri known as Possum
Ridge bad beard rumors of a coming
war, bnt tbey bad gone on lo their
quiet, uneventful way, giving little
thought to wbat they beard and feeling
confident that even If war came It
would not affect them.
And now, right at tbe beginning, a
battle was being fougbt almost at tbelr
very doors. Just a few miles away
General Sterling Price and bis army of
men In gray were laying siege to Lexington and Its garrison of men In bine.
Unused as tbey were to war, tbe people of Possum Ridge saw a dreadful
meaning In tbe rattle of tbe musketry
end tbe booming of tbe heavy cannon.
As bad as war is in reality, to tbe Imagination of those people It was a thousandfold worse. It Ailed tbem wltb a
feeling of awe and terror tbat Is Indescribable, and tbey could scarcely bave
been more affected bad tbey known
tbat tbe end of time was at band.
One old man known as Pap Samp*
eon. wbo bad Ion?-/seen looked np to an
tbe village oracle, shook bis bead
gravely and predicted sad and awful
things to come.
"As I bave said time an ac'ln." be remarked, "tbe people have grown wicked an unruly In their stiff necked pride,
an tbe Lord, he's a-gwine to bumble
'em, an he's a-gwine to bumble 'em
down Into the very dust I've see It
a-comln for years, an I've knowed tbe
mind of tbe Lord. I knowi*d be was
patient an long sufferin. hut I knowed
be wa'n't a-gwine to bear wltb these
people forever an that sooner or later
he was a-gwine to bumble 'em."
"Ob, my Lord, my Lord."" an old woman wailed as sbe paced slowly hack
and forth, frantically wringing her
bands. "Ob, my Ixird. Jest n-llstcn to
tbem cannons a-bootnln an tbem puna
a-poppln. Ob, Lordy, It's jest awful!
They're a-klllln on a-slaugliterln an
a-slayln 'em by the thousands, nn afore
Ifs over wltb they'll all be killed an
there won't be nary a one left Oh.
my Lord, my Lord. It's Jest awful!"
"Well may yon say thai. Uinn'ma
Fell," another woman, a rell**loua enthusiast, remarked, "an well mny you
trlmble for all them thousands that
ere a-beln killed, for they are n-slyln In
tbelr sins an never sioppln to ax Uielr-
selves tbe question, 'Where are we
a-gwine? It's the doty of good Christians to pray for 'em, an I'm a-gwine
to do It"
Suiting ber actions to ber words, the
-woman knelt In the street and prayed
long and fervently, but sbe prayed all
alone. Everybody else was too excited
to listen to ber petitions even, much
less take part In tbem.
"It's sboly awful," Jacob Hicks remarked, wltb en ominous shake of his
bead. "'Pears Jest like the whole
world Is goln all to smash an that
pretty soon tbere ain't goln to be no
end to nothln. Seems like I can most
bear tbe groans an the cries of the
thousands that are mangled un dyln.
My Lord, my Lord! I wonder what
the world Is ever goln to come to anyhow."
"An tbe wust ain't begin to come
"fit" Bbeoezer Sparks snld solemnly.
"Lord, the war ain't fairly got started,
an this figbtln ain't nothln io what It
will be before It's over. Jest wait till
you've seed figbtln as I've seed It wltb
thousands an thousands of men o-flgbt-
In an evei-body a-glttln kllledl Tbat
mar's war sbure enough."
"I wonder If that war-ll gtt barer
some one asked In trembling and fear.
At tbls question tbe men and women
all looked Inquiringly and wltb wide
eyes In one another's face as. If inviting an answer. After a short pause
Ebenezer Sparks said Confidently:
"Landl Of course tbat warMI git
here. How can It help It wben It's so
nigh? Yes, sir-eel You bet It'll git
here. Why, tbem two armies will wallop each otber all round over the
country Jest like a passel of dogs wallop one another all over ever'whar
when tbey git to figbtln. Course that
war-ll gtt here. Jest as Shore as anything."
"An we'll all be killed." ona of tbe
women exclaimed lo terror.
"Most shore to  be,"   Ebenezer  replied consolingly.    "Don't see bow It
be helped with ail tbem gun   an
tbem cannons poppln away all the time
ever' which away. Yes, slr-ee! Ever*-
body is most shore to git killed, women
an children as well as men."
At this encouraging prospect the women set up a wailing and tbe children
began to scream, while tbe faces of the
men grew white and their limbs began to quake.
"Lord, Lord! Thar ain't no sparin nobody when them wars are* a-gwine on,"
Ebenezer continued relentlessly, "an
ever'body an ever'thlng Is Jest shot
all to pieces same as so many hogs.
Yes, slr-ee! What one army don't git
l_e other does, and ntwlxt 'em they
make a clean sweep, -yon bet Oh, my,
but them wars Is dreadful things! I've
fit In 'em enough to know, an to people
tbat ain't never bad no experience
they're Jest awful. But thar ain't no
use of bein skeered, .an If yon all bad
ever been In tbe tight places I have
been In you wouldn't be neither.
Land, I jest love war, an I ain't no
more afraid of tbem guns than I wonld
be of tbat many gnats. I'd rather tight
than to eat, an If tbat battle keeps up
much longer I don't believe I'm a-gwine
to be able to bold myself out of It. I
got to keep a powerful grip on myself
to keep out of It now."
At tbat moment Jacob Hicks gave a
start and stood listening Intently. From
the bard road leading south from tbe
village tbere came tbe sound of a horse
In full gallop. Tbe rest all beard it
and stood waiting in breathless silence.
An Inquiring glance passed from one
to another through the group, but not
a word was spoken.
Ten minutes passed, and then a lone
horseman, wrapped In a cloud of dus't,
appeared on a little rise a quarter of a
mile away. The women screamed, the
children set up a cry and the men
grew whiter than ever. Ebenezer
Sparks—well. It was not nntil the excitement was over tbat any one knew
wbat be did wltb himself.
Tbe horseman was bareheaded, and
as he came madly charging into tbe village bis hair was flying wildly In tbe
wind, and bis face looked almost ghostly In Its pallor.
"Fly for your lives!" be shouted wben
be was near enough to make himself
heard. "Fly quick, for they're a-com-
In, an you'll all be killed!   Fly!   Fly!"
No one moved or spoke. Tbey were
all so terror stricken tbat they bad lost
tbe power to move either limb or
"They're a-comln; they're a-comln; a
million of 'em!" the horseman shouted
hoarsely. "An they're a-klllln an
a-slayln an a-slnughterln an a-burntn
as tbey go!   Fly. fly. for your lives!"
Then as the .full meaning of tlie horseman's words began to dawn on tbem a
new and uncontrollable fear seized on
tbe people. .Some of tbem turned to
mn away ns fast as their trembling
limbs would carry them, some sat down
and, biding their faces, burst Into lamentations, while two or three women
fainted. Tbe whole population of tbe
village was on the verge of a wild panic, and In another moment tbere would
have been a general stampede to tbe
"Ilold!" suddenly cried a voice among
tbem. It wns a firm, confident voice
aud a voice to be beeded and obeyed.
"Hold! There Is no danger, and nobody Is going to be hurt"
Tbe people looked around, and tbere
In their midst tbey saw a tall, mild
looking young man wltb a pair of keen
black eyes and a firm cast of countenance tbat were calculated to command respect and even obedience. He
was a stranger there, and from whence
" Fly for your lives!"
he bsd come snd bow be bad se suddenly appeared In the village were
mysteries, but tbey were mysteries the
people did not stop to consider Just
then. Had an angel from beaven appeared among tbe denizens ef Beckett's
Mill at tbat moment tbey would scarcely bave considered it strange, for to
tbem It was a day of strange and mysterious happenings.
"What do yon meanf' tbe stranger
demanded of the borsemaa. "And wbo
Is It thst Is comlngr
"Tbem armies," tbe horseman replied. "Oh, my Lord, they're s-coniln.
a million of 'em, wltb guns an cannons,
an they're a-klllln an a-stnugbterlu an
a-slayln an a burnln ever'thlng In tbelr
track.  Ob, fly, fly before It's too laul"
The horscmnn spurred bis horse and
attempted to ride on. but llie stranger
took hold of tbe bridle with one hand
and with the other drew a pistol from
his pocket, which he pointed at the
borsemnn's head.
"Damn you!" he said. "You make
another squeak or try to move another
Inch nnd I'll blow your head off. What
do you mean by scaring all these women and children out of their lives?
Haven't you got a particle of sense?"
"But they're a-comin, I tell you," the
other protested tn trembling tones, bis
eyes starting from their sockets, "a
million of"-
"Shut up, I tell you, or I'll shoot you
down like a dog. Haven't you sense
enough to know a drove of cattle from
an army of men? Look behind you
onoe, and you'll see what your nUllion
of men amounts to."
Tbe people had already looked and.
realizing tbe ridiculousness of the situation, Indulged in a little nervous laugh.
Just coming over the rise was a herd
of cattle which the farmers from near
Lexington were buwying back Into the
hills In order to save them from thi
depredations of the soldiers.
The horseman had caught a glimpse
of the cattle back down tbe road nnd,
being In a nervous state on account of
"Shut up, or ril shoot you like a dog."
the firing of the guns and cannon, had
taken it for granted tbat the soldiers
of both armies were coming.
Tbe coolness and the firmness of tbe
stranger reassured the people directly,
and, casting aside a portion of their
fear, tbey gathered about biro and looked up to bim as a superior being. Tbe
men admired bim for his coolness, and
tbe women admired blm for tbat and
also for bis handsome features and bis
magnificent and manly form.
One woman, yonng and bcantlful and
strangely unlike tbe people about ber,
looked first on tbe stranger, tben on
tbe horseman. The first*-sbe regarded
with unmistakable admiration, but unconsciously tbat look changed to one
of shame as sbe turned ber eyes on tbe
"He's ao sucb a man as tbat man
there," sbe said to herself. "Ob, my
Lord, If be only was. If tie only was!"
Tbe people, crowding about blm,
would bave made a hero of tbe stranger, and be allowed tbem to fawn on
blm and make over blm, though be felt
that be bad done notblng to merit tt
It was all very pleasant and be en-
Joyed It especially wben he surprised
a look of admlratiosfj in the eyes of tbe
young woman who hnd contrasted bim
with tbe horseman, and tbey bad both
blushed and cast tbelr eyes down. In
that meeting of eyes there was recognition—aye, more than recognition.
Yes, it was all very pleasant to
tbe stranger until suddenly bis past
life flashed before blm; tben bts face
paled, and bis heart grew sick, and a
wistful, furtive expression came to bis
eyes. Tbere was something there tbat
notblng conld blot ont —notblng bnt
"Yon nns may all say Jest wbat yen
uns pleases, but I've done said wbat 1
tblnk, an what I've said I stick to, an
I'll contlner to stick to It till I know
I'm wrong even If it kills ever' bug In
tbe boardln house an ever* calf in tbe
old man's barn. I bave said, an I still
say, that tbat feller la a preacher an
tbat he's on his way up to Deacon Smy-
lar'a to make an app'lntment to preach
at tbe Coon Run meeilu bouse."
"Pap Sampson, you bave said tbat
an you can Jest keep on a-sayln It till
tbe cows come borne, but I tell yon
rlgbt now you ain't n-gwlne to change
my mind none. Tbe words I spoke at
first I speak ng'ln. an tbem words Is
that that feller ain't no more a preach*
er than a rabbit Is—nary a speck more."
"Jason Roberts, If thst feller ain't no
preacher, an yon air so dead shore of
It maybe you'll Jest be good enough to
tell us wbat under the sun be may be."
Pap Sampson thumped his cane
down oo tbe ground and straightened
himself up wltb the air of one wbo bas
thrown down tbe gauntlet and Is waiting to see If anybody Is going to be
foolhardy enough to take It up.
Tbe yonng stranger, having quieted
tbe rears of the people at Beckett's Mill,
bad departed on bis way giving no account of himself further than to state
that h's name was James Melvln. He
said nothing of whence be came nor
whither be wos going nor bow be Imp
pened to be among ihem.
Very naturally tbe people were curious about biro and equally as naturally tbey fell to discussing him as soon
as be was gone.
Cap Manipson being recognized as the
village oracle very properly resented
tbe audacity of Jason Roberts In daring io dissent from his conjectures, and
In attrri&g his last s's-m'ti he felt tbat
lie luni eertnluly put Jason down for
gooii nmi nil.
lini Iiimsiii wns more tenacious tben
I'ii11 hi ppuHi'ii. and after pondering the
ui am'i a hit he snld:
(To be Continued.)
Description    of  the El-der-Dranpster's
New Coat Lake Manitoba..
The Lake Manitoba Is atwih-ecrew
steamer, a combination of the passenger and cargo ship. She is rigged
as a four-masted schooner, and is llt-
ted with one well-proportioned funnel. She is b-uilt to Lloyd's three-
deck rule, special attention being also had to the trade in which the
ship will toe engaged. Her principal
'dimensions arc .--Length, 463 feet,
•beam 56 feet, and depth (moulded)
34 feet 10 inches. She has a cubical
capacity of 748,000 feet, and a d.w.
capacity of 10,000 tons, her re-jiater
tonnage being 8,850 tons gross. The
ship's water ballast capacity is about
3,400 tons, and is included ln the
cellular double bottom deep tank.
She has a .shelter deck extending fore
and aft, with extensive midship erections, the bridge house extending
some 162 feet. The cargo arrangements and deck machinery are all of
modern type. The hatches are large
and conveniently placed, and the
holds are of great capacity and free
from obstruction. The ground tackle
and steering gear are massive aud
of the most approved make, whilst
for the navigation of the ship every
provision is made that can conduce
to safety. Provision is made for 123
first-class, 102 second-class, and 350
third-class passengers, though by fitting the, after part of the vessel for
this class some 400 more can be accommodated. Tbe main dining saloon is a splendid apartment, extending Uie whole beam of the ship,
and is situated at the fore end of
the bridge. The furnishing of this
room is done in polished mahogany,
in which wood also the sides gie
wainscot ted in a pretty diagonal
pattern. The lighting is accomplished by a central skylight and a large
number of circular ports round the
two sides and across thc front. By
night an array of electric lamps illumine the saloon. The upholetery
is in maroon plushette, and curtains,
carpets and other fittings are to
match. Abaft the saloon, which is
approached by two side doors opening off a wide hall at the bottom of
the main stairway, the firat'class
staterooms are situated, the majority of which are two-berth cabins,
well warmed and ventilated" and comfortably furnished and lit ted with
enclosed lavatories. A pleasant music room is placed over thc saloon,
and is entered from cither side of
thc main staircase upper landing.
The room is luxuriously furnished
and upholstered in a blue shade mo-
quette, the curtains and hangings being of rich tapestry. A rich velvet
pile carpet covers the floor. The
wainscotting, with furniture to
match, is of light polished oak. The
panelling is effective, and the light
of the room is perfect, being principally obtained from the main saloon
dome skylight, which passes through
the. apartment. The first-class smoke
room is located across the fore .*ud
of a house on the bridge deck, this
house also containing a number rtf
outside staterooms along each side,
with a stairway down to the stats*-
room alleyways on the shelter deck
below. Thc smokeroom is a vs»ry
commodious room, well lighted nnd
ventilated, and wainscotted and furnished in polished teak and walnut.
The couches and settees tire most
comfortable, being set low nnd deep
in th? seat, while a number of cosy
chairs ore provided. Tho Mxnitary
arrangements aro excellent, tlio lavatories toeing tiled, while the baths
are supplied with patent water heating apparatus. The s^ond-ilass
quarters are situate between the upper and shelter decks, whero i rovis-
ion is made for a largo numh.*r of
people. The rooms are four-berth,
ami comfortably furnished and fitted.
Every convenience is provided to adsl
to the comfort of these passengers.
Third-class passengers are placed forward, and these ure provided with a
largo smokeroom and a ladies' ail-
ting room. A number of seats of
the garden pattern are fixed on deck
for the third-class passengers. The
officers ami engfnsMrs are accommodated at the after end of the alleyways on thc shelter deck on either
side of the ship. The quarters aro
comfortable, and bathrooms and lavatories arc also provided. The machinery consists of two pairs of
triple-expansion engines and various
other auxiliary machines for purposes of lighting, refrigeration, air
and water circulation, etc. The diameters of tho cylinders are 22</a In.,
88 in., and 64 In. respectively, the
piston stroke being 45 inches. Steam
In supplied by fivo single-ended boilers, measuring 15 feet by 11 feet 8
inches, at a pro-smro of 180 pounds.
Tho engines have an Indicated 4,000
horse power.—Montreal Gazette.
I don't see why they should stick
-mch an ugly thing as you right in
front of me, complained the rose at
the 'flower show.
Age 'before beauty, my dear, replied the century plant gallantly.
The man with tho hoe Isn't In it
with the woman who wishes to dirt-
play hosiery.
"My thoughts are couched," tho
poet cried, "in words that burn."
To his dismay the callous editor replied, "Forsooth, I burned triero yesterday."
To tho young man who has Just
got on the voters' list It may bo remarked that a constituent Is a (el-
low who expects someone to got him
a Job.
"I saw a capital thing In your lust
pamphlet." said Daniel O'Conncli to
a conceited author. "Did yon 7"
cried the delighted litterateur, '"What
wns It ?" "A pou id of buiter," rejoined Daniel, coolly.
Tough Party (In hardware store)—
I want.er buy a dog mu;_*Ie, sec ',*
I   Clerk      (affably)!-—All    right,    Mr,
Whnt size do you wear ?
An   Intei.nilsii*/   lls-pssrs   ssss   lists   I'lioalrn
IkI issslis -..
According to Commander Knowl-,
Ing, of H. M. 8. Icarus, .who visited
Pitcairn Island lust February, an almost Utopian state of existence prevails among its inhabitants, tho descendants of the mutineers of the
In his report to the Colonial Office, *
published ns a Parliamentary paper,
Commander Knowling states that of
tho total population of 126 a largo
proportion are young children.
Thero is a Parliament ot seven
elected members, including Mr. Jas.
R. McCoy, the president and magistrate.
No one smokes or drinks intoxicants, and each adult man works
from five a. m. to two p. m, for the
public good, directed by the local
Parliament. Two p. m. is the dinner hour, and the remainder of the
day the people employ themsolves
about their own businesses. The women of the family do all the housework.
All rumors that the islanders are
deteriorating In morals or physique
are contradicted, and it is stated
that disease Is almost unknown, notwithstanding the fact that the taking of medicine is discountenanced
by the leading members.
Tho only troubles ahead mentioned In the report nre the difficulty to
select a successor to Mr. McCoy, the
surplus of women, und a tendency
among the Islanders to use a species
of Pidgin English, somo of them already appearing slow of comprehension when addressed in English.
Grssnny nnsi th* Prioress
In the village of Dersingham
(writes a Sandringham visitor in M.
A. P.) there is an old, old lady, living in the cottage nt the corner, who
is very proud of many things in her
little homo. They wero given her
from time to time by Queen Alexandra. On sunny mornings "Granny"
comes out in her white sunbonnet
■nd potters about among her dowers. Then is the best time to talk
to her. —
"The Queen?" she says, with a puzzled look. "I don't know who you
mean, sir." Suddenly she remembers,
and a smile lights up the old eyes
and plays with tho wrinkled features.
"Is it the Princess you mean?"" she
You tell her yes, rind she says suddenly: "Ah, my dear, you don't know
the Princess, do you?", and then,
speaking softly and smiling to herself, sho tells you thc following chur-
atteristic talc.
"One morning,* two winters ago-
let mc see, it was a Tuesday, 'cause
I was doin' my hit of ironin' —there
came a knock at the door. 1 didn't
lake notice. I thtjttght it were Jim,
my son-in-law, und he just knocks
and walks in. So 1 went on with my
ironin'. Presently there enmo another
knock. So I calls 'Walk in!' hut, be-
cuu.se tho iron was nice arid hot, 1
didn't stop. And there, my dour, It
was the Princess and her daughter,
■mil I'd kept them outside knocking,
und it wus u bitter morning. I was
so flurried thnt I didn't know what
to do. I stood with the neuter in my
hand, and all I could do was to
make my curtsy. But Her Highness
didn't seem to mind a bit. "She
says, 'Good mornin'. Granny. We
just walked in to seo how you were
this co|d mornin'. I got over my
flurry by this time and dusted two
chairs for them to sit on, and pnt
my iron on the fire Hut the Princess
wouldn't have mc stir. Sho turned to
her daughter and said. 'You take
Granny's iron while she sits slown
nnd talks to me.' So tho young
Princess took tlio iron nnd ironed,
while I sat down and talked with
her mother."
Granny rose and went to a drawer. She took out a handkerchief with
a gay colored border, and btfctight it
across. "She ironed that, my dear.
Just as you sec it. I put it away,
nnd never used it since. Well, tho
Princess, her mother, nnd ine tnlkrd.
She told me as how she liked the
country letter than London, where
•she couldn't walk about or go out
very much. Then she asked me ubout
.Mm, nnd Sarah, and the bnhy. 1
told her the child wns troubled with
her teeth, and sho said sho remembered quite well when her own bubles
were bad with their teeth, and the
trouble she had with them. She
stayed and talked for nearly an
hour. I was afraid to ask her to have
anything, but she remembered my
ginger wine, and asked if she ond her
daughter might have a glass because
It waa win-miner in winter time."
A  broad smile is never sn nii^-,
bracing as when an antique be ,7
flattered, *     Deau '«
Laughter* is    the    nxle < r    ,
Laughter    is.   the axis of      '""'•*!
health - hysterical     uoico    is     '"
.luughter. not
Woineft Who object to swenrinr*
make strangely oblique affirmation!
at times.   . 0,ls
Woman was created foredoomed tn
suffer.  Man wus told to wm-k      «.
man is-often o'bliged'-to "do both     °"
Politeness ia in.Vjnjksd to. "djow'-mod
breeding, but it is often used .«
punctuuto satire.      *
Never pay a vuin old man the respect due h!H-age., Gliaf* li»V an,!
■he'll feel young."*     , *    •      ■ .   *um
~~    "   '   ~    ~~" ■
Ttl-sprl  ls,.t.4<I.,r lls.tNrr.
Lord Sol borne, first Lord of t*,,
British Admiralty, recontlv p„j(| hi"
first official visit to Wlmlo Island
the home, of British naval jrunners'
Whale Island prides itself**bn its
importance lis a naval centre, and
its inhabitants, with a view to adding to its glories, have been desi**I
ing the. .wj^ishinent' there of a
new gun battery. .As Lord Rel-
borne made the rounds plentiful
hints were dropped,- Then the- time
came for him to; go. "The-place "
he said, "is perfect1 savs* for one
thing that I must .certainly reiinslv "
The gunnery ' officers.jj'uUuQd ca(.h
other. "No wonder ymi tell mo tho
place lacks completeness," he f(,,,_
tlnued. "7 pen you have no clm-
oel," •   " £JJ •
At the Faneral.
Rlfftf— Poor old Mtideel lie doesn't
look like Ibe aamo^taan.
Tlgg— No, and just listen to that on.
\ngy It doesn't sotiiid as If it were tot
lhe same man ***UI»eft.-B*altinioK> Amer*
How to Lear* to V'**."* Pletnrci.
Tho following suggestions. If you
please, are not from nn artist nor even
from a counoisaeur,.,ttu*. writer being
notblng more than an ordinary picture
lover. In -general tW-prlm*lple to he
followed Is to get as much In an atmosphere of pictures As possible. Alw.-i.v9
go to the museums **-hen.yotij. are traveling, and If'yoti.^lve hesr*enough
make occasional plcinre visits to Hns-
ton, Chicago.or'New. Yor_-.D*o not
mnke the mistake of Staying too lun<*
In a gallery. .'Von, only tire yonrsclf.
Half an hour Is quite long tamogli. < But
do ndt>iidonvs*>i**fo look nr every picture In the gallery In that lime, l.nok
long at a few good ones and let those
you look at be those you like or at least
thdse which you prefer above the others. Also ask yourself why you prefer
them. Always get a catalogue. Snmc-
times'thepictures nre not marked, find
yoi*. as a student wan' always to know
the painter of yonr picture.—Frederic
M. Smith In Woman's Home Companion.
Whale lloaaes.
At one time not very long ago there
was on the ^L-incos-iIre coast, near
I.ytlian. England, a listings' aud boat-
house that were mriile almost .enjlrely
from the remnlps of a"score or so of
whales that had ber-_ u*ri"/c"n ashore
some years before. The framework of
the edifice consisted wholly of whale*
bone*: and tbe dried skins cf the huge
creatures were neatly nnd strongly fastened ns a covering for walls and roof.
There Is another building of exactly
the pnme kind at Peterhead. In Scotland, nnd In this case the skulls of the
whales nnd some ojf the heavier bons-s
nre used with great effect as outside
.ornaments.       .     <* ',
•Uook-><! I.HO Efs-Msowir.
Uncle Illrnin (J"s* J*S.ck from the bis
city)—I don't- think' Hnit nephew of
our'n Is got ns much inoney, os lie
makes out be bus. «"
Aunt Kmlly-Wlrj*. I thought you sail
he hnd such a nice home In the city.
Uncle IHrnm-I.nt *| dldii'i.tell ye
nothln about him linvl-f both tbem lit tis*
glrla o' hls'n p'ny'u on Ibe.same pin"
tier at once. 1 tell ye he's agettln haul
Crmtle  rrtfolfBnS.   **"
From crude pelrojeiim nre made kero
sene, gasoline, nn-plithn. paraffin ami
vaseline. A still heavier oil. left as »
residue, Is used for nxle grease, and tlie
carbon Is turned Into slicks for elocti Ic
lights. The sulphuric add which I"
used for purifying tbe: products of petroleum Is recovered nnd turned Into
fertilizer for fnrins where {beta'(a ts»i
much phosphate rock, wblcb Is thin
Why Beauty Fades
and Sufferings Come.
Real beauty is rare. It belongs to pef-fed He_kh: Just
as soon as the blood gets thin and vroteiy and tht} trte-ryed become exhausted beauty fades, wrinkles show themselves, thc.
beautiful curves give way to lameness and angles. Nervousness quickly destroys beauty of face and form. The female
organism becomes deranged and there are sufferings almost
unbearable at the monthiy periods. Too often women come
to believe these mysterious pains and aches a part of their ex-
istense. They fail to realize that by keeping the blood and
nerves In perfect health they can preserve youth and' beauty
and avoid an endless amount of suffering. ':''«, f
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, the great" blood "builder and
nerve restorative, is woman's createsf blessing'from youth to
old age. It helps her'over the trying periods of her life and
prepares the system in every way to perform* naturally the duties of womanhood. It enriches the blood sUpply, keeps the
nerves calm and steady and assists in the de-yeloprjffe^^Js^ow-
ing, healthful beauty. A few weeks' treatment,with this great
Food cure will do wonders for every woman who is pale, thin,
weak and nervous.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Foo^
50c a box.    All dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. The Prill.
wresl  )'"lt    V*  l,T*>'eT  yauT "~  1"*T«
nleil I
In is
,, ,   ,„■ ol heart these m«nr years'?
'" <    i, begin to fill. i» hope dspsttlfsg,
ink you all iu vain those falling tesrsT
, ' ,„,"ihi. Katbtr hath oot heorJ your prsyer.
v u .; i I liuve your sleslre son)* time, somewhere.
iT„»n*«s'i"*si yot? Tlioui'h when you lirst presented
•This ■ ne pt-titlois nl tlse Katbcr's throne,
.. „,„... i rs,u soiiW -lot wnlt thc time ol asking,
i.i . nt was your- heart to mnke it known.
;. ssssrs have |jssse*l since then, do you not
So t
•The Ui J will answer you some lime, somewhere.
t'tianf.'.' rest vet?   Nay, sir, not say ungnntedj
IVr! ,|,'j vour pari is not yet wholly done.
j!,,. v.   !< I'egin when lirst your prayer wm ut-
i •-.■si. .      .
An,j c„d will finish what ho lias begun.
jl vuii s. .11 keep the Incense turning -there,
Hii gl-.i-v you shall see somo time, somewhere.
I'nan"  resi yetf   Faith cannot "is unanswered;
ll,r i 11 arc firmly planted on thc rock.
j^U i .   svilijait storms she standa undaunted
S r     si si before thc loudest thunder shock.
P|.'(. i.   ... iiiunipotence has heard her prayer
•,„,) ,.   4,   "It  shall  be slssus! aame  time,  some-
, ,Lrel" —Christine Rossettl.
I \v.,s cured of terrible lumbago by
i . • '     .    .
I was s'ured of a bad case of earache i y MINAIUV8 LINIMENT.
1 wus cured  of  sensitive lungs  by
lvl s ate    .situations     aro     usually
nmre slelicate than others.
Thu ii iiuiiro in the game of life   la
cuiiUii.mlly yelling "l'lay ball I"
i __J_ 0-* HEALTH
Learn This Lesson Well and tbe Kav-
ai;s s of Uiseaae Will No Longer
ll.' So Prevalent/—The Story of
One Who baa liecn Benefited and
Who Offers Her Experience to Aid
• Others.
Fru-i L'Soreloie, Sorel,  Que.
Among the multitude of ailments
that uillict humanity there axe few
thut cause more acute misery than
indigestion or dyspepsia, aa it ia
•rariounly called. Both young und old
ar» & .■■ pubis.: to Hs attacks, and
its. victims throughout tho. country
wi' i.iimbend by tons of thousands.
Ainoni; ihe disagreeable symptoms
which accompany dyspepsia and make
it eus.ly recognizable, are . weight,
uiivuisint'ss und a heavy feeling in the
Btouiiu'h ufior. eating, a feeling ol
weariness, sick headache and dizziness, pains in tho stomach, ollensive
breath, irritability, etc. Ordinary
medicines will not cure dyspepsia.
'1 he*, nmy relieve lis symptoms teni-
1'sn-ai ily, but tke trouble always returns nnd uucli time in an intensified
form. Dr. WilliainB* I'ink Bills la tho
only medicine that will thoroughly
and s*;l,ri ivcly cure dysiiepsin. These
1'ills act not merely upon tho symj*-
'oiiis. but on tlie ■ disease Itself
through iho blood, hinco through
tho sisinmch, which is strengthened
und restored to its normal functions.
•Mrs. Alp. Luas-ier, st lady well
known in Sorel, Que., Is ono of thn
many who have Iwen rolcass*d from
the sjiitelies of dvspepsia through
the use „* i),., Williams' I'ink Bills.
Il'"l m tho hope that her experience
will bo nf benefit to some rther sul-
crer she gives the following Hory
'or publication : "For over two
>'■*"*•"'* I was a sufferer frsrni riyspep-
•*"' or had digestion, The disease
b cuiii,. (iiironlo and I was an nlmoet
ci>nt iiuuil sufferer from b-adiuhci*,
heartburn und heart palpitation. All
•»n»e of taste left me and at times
"•y momaoh was so weak that I wus
unable to k.'op any food, sm it, and
"in 1.1used nie moro distress than
""" '""Id imaglno. Although I tried
f""v'r"' ri'iiisdlss none of them gave
""' ""' roll-**, nnd 1 Ivgan to regard
•"•v '"«• us a burden, rather than a
J,|*v •"* >t *hould bo. One day while
reading j came across a case slmlliir
ii issv own, cured through the use of
"r .siiliouis' I'ink Mlla. so in the
""'"•. Hiat I would receive similar
"■n-jflt I decUM to srive tbe pills a
|r"1'* I hud uot tak*-n tho pill* long
,or"|*'' l coi,w Me mut'-my hop" '«*••"
n-covery wore being roallwsd. By the
*""" 1 had taken' half a dowm boxes
<*■ HMiiptoms of Uie trouble had dls-
»PPoiired    and 1 was able    to enjoy
*" "' I   did boforo being seized with
"'  nml.uly.   i |Irt-v0 no hesitation in
""'"'H that   1 think   that Br.   Wll-
'*•••»*  I'ink l'Hia are tho best known
' *r"    f'»r dyapepsla.    and   I   would
"U "'.)•.>'   ftt|vlB0   __„   -uffp-,,,.,,   to   glvo
ll"'"i a trial."
Iiiys |
>'d- adage " "sJcporlcnco la the
'"'"•h'T" might well bo applied
' '*i*i<*t of dyspepsia, ami If sufferers
(|""1'1 <>'dy bi* guided hy tho oxperl-
'' »f thsme who have suffered but
»'-w \VeTl and happy through the
.'?,„ "■   »r.   Williams'    rink    Pills,
',V''W?»I<1 tw less distress through-
1'iu       In*,d'     Dp-   Williams'   Tink
'-••nn.bo.had at   all    dtmlera   In
Mi .   ?° or   by "■■»'«. pwtpald,   at
is'iits o,.ko_ pr.g'x hoxos for »3.n0
M,.-n\"   lr':eHln*   -*1-0   w.    Williams'
""Heine Co., BroekvlUe. Ont.
tiiw'f!'"'iSs*Plonty of space-to lot   I
vmrnii-nso room for Iniprovemen
"f ,
(       ' »>nn has a ssmso of humor he
",VVH when not to got funny.
A Convincing Piece of Evidence as to
the Wonderful Power of This
Hemcdy—Bright's Disease, Heart
Disease and Bheumatism Each
Afflicted Mrs. Brovosta—Dodd'a
Kidney Pills Positively Cured
St. Magloire, Que., Oct. 14.-(Spec-
ial)—The following letter waa written by a well known and highly respected lady of this place, being a
copy of the original sent to tho
Dpdd's Medicine Company of Toronto.
" When I wrote you for some
Dodd's Kidney Pills I was so discouraged that I had no hope of being able to find any remedy to save
my life. I suffered wilh Bright's Disease, Heart Disease and IlheAimatism
and 1 was much bloated also with
Dropsy. I was so feeble that I was
unable to do anything. I suffered for
sixteen years with rheumatism.,There
were two years and a half that 1
suffered with Bright's Disease. I
have tried all the remedies in the
world and always grew worse and
"Theje was ono time when for
throe months I abandoned all my
remedies and resolved to let myself
die without taking any medicine. I
received by chance one of your almanacs and a paper. I read them
and 1 decided to write you and try
again with your remedy.
"Great was my surprise at the
good that Dodd's Kidney Pills gave
me with the first box you sent, .1
took them and my health was greatly improved. Since then I have token
twenty boxes. I am cured of my
Bright's Disease, my Heart Disease
and my Itheumatism. I have still
two boxes to take, and by the timo
I havo finished them I shall be in
perfect health. I will permit you to
publish this letter with pleasure and
I hope later to give you facts of my
recovery more completely than at
present. 7 am still weak, but with
time I shall be as strong as over. I
recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to
all who suffer with any of the diseases that I did."
How Pepper I* rrs'pns-es*.
The pepper plant Is propagated by
■'linings, comes Into bearing three or
four .wars uft,*.*. u i8 Het um) y|P|,|s
two crops auuually for about 12 jfiwra
When a few of the berries change
from given io red. all of them are gaiii
ered. beeitusi^lf tbey were allowed to
ripen nny ioiu:er they would be leis.-s
pungent. To in them for market they
are dried, separated by rnbblug with
lhe hniids and cleaned by winnowing.
The black pepper of commerce consists
of the berries thus prepared.
The It lulu IlissssJIIn-f of Books.
A book sboulsl not be bent back till
the binding is cracked and loosened nor
laid face downward ou a chair or table
uor left out over night In the rnlu. uor
should Its leaves be turned down to
mark the place. Cultivate a good mem
ory as.to tbe page where you leave ofl
and be Independent of external alds.-
I.adles' Home Journal.
In a  Virion.  Circle.
"I wonder what makes n man's hair
fall out so fast when it ons'e starts?"
"Worry: N'otliuij! isiisls to make b
ninn buhl so much ns worry, and not!)
Iiij; worries a mnn no much as the Idea
that   be  is   heeoniiiij*   bald."
Minari's Liniment Cures Bum, Etc.
Currency given to false rumors is
obtained by drawing upon tho imagination.
Thi*re may be more ways than one
to kill a cat, but the majority of
them are failures.
When a man fails to back the poorest horse in the lace he's very apt
to get there just the same.
First Silver WeddlBK.
Asfcordlng to a historian, this- Is tbe
way tbe first a'lver wedding came
about. It was lu the time of Ungues
Caput, Two of hla most faithful norv-
•ani.s. a uinii and a woman, luni grown
pay In ills employ. How could he rewind tbem?
Culling the woman, he snid: "Your
service Is great, gru:iler than the mini's,
whose service is frrent enoiijrh. for the
woman always lir.ds work harder than
n man. and therefore 1 will give you a
reward. At your age I know of nous*
belter than a dowry and a husband
The dowry Is ln'ie. This farm from
this time fnrih belong! lo you. If this,
man who lias worked wilh you for Bvc
nnsi twenty years Is willing to marry
you, thou the husband is ready."
"Your majesty." sahl the old peasant,
"how Is it possible that we should mnr
ry. berlng already sliver hairs?"
"Then It shall be n- silver wedding."
Anil lhe king gavp the couple silver
enough 10 keep tin*tt) in plenty.
Si.ch was lhe origin of Iho silver
wedding, n custom wblcb, spreading all
through Prance, lubaequently became
known to tin* world.
I'iiItii*. on  n  l.olsiitrr.
A lobster Is foiKiil lo the water, but
not always-Ill furl, soma of the most
successful lobsters that ever lobstercd
wi'i'c born and raised 00 dry land.
One can usually tell a lobster by its
actions. For Imnnncc, If n young mnn
enters a crowded drawing room aud
walks all over the feet of the assembled guests without their cousent or
approval the jouug man at once becomes a lobster.
The fathers of lobsters usually have
money. 10 f<" t. It It illluViilt to be a
real stand lip nod fall down lobster
unless the lobster'* father bus money.
It Is nu oild furl that uinny girls
•..■em to nili'ili" lolirtcr* It Would
M(-m rim' ii Kill Olig-I lo know better.
Iml she ilss.* n't until she marries a
lobster.  Then nbi* lurnblf*
Lobsters h.i.o do bralna,    If you
don't believe It. rjilll a lob-tor's bond
open wlih an ax If you don't care any
thing abimt the as.
I his world would be n linh'h more
sh'sliiible nl hllim place If Ihere were
no lobsters In II.
Tho average man doesn't ss*em to
think lt counts when ho breaks a
promise made to himself.
people suffer unts.ld misery dny after day
With Headsche. There is rest neither day or
bight until tho nertos aw all unr-trum*. 1 tie
cause Is genarslly a disordered HU.mneh.snd
a sure can Ik. effected by using 1 '>""•■•"•
Vegetable Pills, contalnlna Mandrake aajl
Dandelion. Mr. Fnley, Wart. M«i
V. Q., writesi "1 Hud .'armele-* » 11 a a
ant-el*--, article for Bilious Hcaducho.
All the world loves to laugh at
the lovo letters that aro read In
Nine** the first of the year M nj>
rfa-oea have ben lynched by mobs In
tho United States. Of the number.
thlrtcon occurred in northern stat.s
and  tbo balance in Uie south.
Stats of Ohio, City of Toledo, | „
Lucas t'ouKTY, (**•
Frank .1 i iiknev msskes oath Hint h« 'n ilie
senior partner of the firm of F. J. CBBs-T A
Co, do i g IsOisl* ess lis th* C'ltv of Ts.eslo
i sssiiii y Mid Mutt, aforesaid, ansl that faid firm
will pisy lhe sum of (MB HUNDUK.D DOL-
i.AKb lor each aud everr case of catarrh th .1
I'.'iii'i'.t be cures by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before nie and sisbs*crili<-d in my
presence, this tith day of Uccsnsber, A. D., leSts
,  -, A. "W. UI.E*.-ON,
•!s_ALJ Aus-ry ;-*iiWtc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tak n internally nnsi
sets slhectly on the lil sod and isss oosss .surface-;
of thesyateni.   Hsu i   sir tsssUmoulals, lice.
F.J CHKNEY & CO., Toledo O
Sold bv Drugg.sls, lie.
Hall a Vamtly Fills are the Lest
Many a girl with missionary tendencies marries a man who is a perfect  heat-hifi.
The Cry of an Infant is Nature's Signal of Distress.
Babis*s never cry unless there is
some very good reason for it. The
cry of a baby is nature's warning
signal that there is something wrong.
Every mother ought to get to work
irainedialely to lind out what that
something wrong may be. If t.he
fretfulncss and irritation are not
caused by exterior sources, it is conclusive evidence that the crying baby
is ill. Tho only safe and judicious
thing to do is to administer Baby s
Own Tablets without tho slightest
For indigestion, sleeplessness, thc
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth, diarrhoea, constipation,
colic nnd simple fevers, these marvellous little tablets have given relief in thousands of cases and save.I
many precious baby lives. Do not
give a child so-called " soothing "
medicinss; such only stupify and produce unnatural sleep. Baby's Own
Ta'ilets aro guarantc-ed to contuin no
opiate or other harmful drugs; they
promote sound, healthy sleep became they go directly to the root of
baby troubles. Dissolved in water
tins.' tablets can be given to the
youngest infant. Mrs. Walter Brown.
Milby, Que., says: " I have never
U8s*d any medicine for baby lhat did
ns much good ns Baby's Own Tablets.   1 would not be without them."
Baby's Own Tablets are for sale at
all drug storsjs, ,or will be sent direct on receipt of price (25 cents" a
box) by uddrossiag tbo Dr. Williuins'
Medicluo Co.,  Brockville,  Oni.
When you boo a man sympathizing
with tho under dog In the light the
chances aro he has a bet on him.
CO. srethe proprietors of DR. THOMA8'
EOLKOTRIO OIL, whloh Is now being
sold In Immense quantities throughout
the Dominion. It la welcomed by the
suffering Invalid everywhere with MHO*
(Isms of delight, bimauso lt baulshsM pain
and gives Instant relief. This valuabh'
spoolllo for alinssst "every 111 that flesh In
tiolr to," Is valued bv the sufferer a«
mora precious than gold. Il Is the ellilr
sif Ufa to many n w»stxd frame. To the
fanner It Is Indispensable and should be
In ever-* house.
There Is a thought In nearly overy
lino of poetry; the versemaker has to
think of one word that will rhyme
with anolher.
Eow men havo enough self-confidence to enable them to ignore tli-'ir
own  mistakes.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale iminm.
Home charity begins at homo, but
the best, brand Is directed toward
the homeless.
The healthy glow dlsapiiearlng from the
cheek and moaning and restlossness at
Hlght are sure symptoms of worms In
children. Do not fail Jo get a bottle of
Mother Graves' Worm Kiturmlnalor; It Is
nn effectual medlolne.
When two women are bitter enemies, there is always some man at
tho bottom of It.
A Kansas farmer ni*ar McPherson
has 'nlrodueod a steam plow on his
place which plows 2.1 ncros per day
of ten hours. This represents tlie
work of '24, horses and eight men.
It Is easier to    pay a compliment
than a biH.
Two daughters of the Emerald Isle
were having a talk about thier husbands one day, when one said: "Luk
h>are, Mrs. Murphy, I always know
•when Pat's been drunk by lukin' at
his eyes." "Shure that's nothln',"
replied Mrs. Murphy, "I always
know when Molke's drunk by lukin'
at me own eyes.
A Lady Who Cures Her Husband ol
His Drinking Habits Writes
of Her Straggle to
Save Her Home.
*£i€T- : Y'M
ip. — "•"_, . if
"I h.id for n lonff tiinol'- :s :'.!■ ' '.n;re."i 'y;rg
■be Tasteless fSotaorla P.eeriiptjon troutu.s.. t
on my huabansi i'-sr his diiiis.i::.,- : ■ , Ui, 1'ut '
was afraid ho w..ukl discover t!s; < t ,*_ "ivlnti
him tncslicino, a1*-' tho thought unpen ed r \ 1
hotiitated fortsou.::/;'week,''at cos*, day (vhen
ho sumo homo very much in'ssj,- i.i) o*al3 !.
week's (salary nearly n l\ •-•■•:'., I K»rcW oft e. I
fsvir nntislo'.erniintssl to in: !:o an el ■■'■ '.<• .:i-
our home frssia theroia t •.",.,' cumi: f. iii: oil ha:.
rsrsiis. I sent for yoor Tn-teless Bsitnaria Pn-
scription und put it in hiMcssi-.Vy n-. ;.,-,.;•,,.t i.o: I
moruinff and watched and pro) ed for t He resul*.
At noon I Rare him isioions'ij s.! s.ui-'S' i«-r ]!•.■
never suops'rtoda ths:-M'.-i;.(li Uit'.i 1 -.' -ly koj t
tight on fiivin/; it nguloita, as 1 !•■..'! dlscovc'c"
sumethinR that ?s*t .'ic.-y i.crvo i.i.. v 1. ,<'y tins-
bni? with joy and haftiiafes au31cojlJ , - s
bright futuro spraad opt boforo ma—a peftccfi I
happy homo, a sjhnro in ilia Rood tuircs of liTo,
nn attentive, lovinsi busb^rd, comfor, - axsd every thine c! s. dear toe. woman'* heart ; f.:r mv
husband had told mc thnf v. i.i -.key v,T.;-Yilostoll
and ho was takinsi a dis li!.-". to i'. li wris only
tootruo. for bci'oro I Iiari j7;tcii him tho full
cour=e ho had stoppoddii:ik:c«[ii;ci;ether, bet
IkoptKivinf,*hinitl.asr.,V.icinoti:lif. -saa R'sr?
nnd then tent for.-.nothsrh;''. tsi hi'.vo on lie.nd
If he should relapse, as he h.sd dc:.o fr'iin pi-em-
isos boforo. llo never has nnd I ail writ—ih vssu
this letter to toll von how thanlifr.ll'nm. I honestly holiove it will euro the worst en cs."
monials and price sent 5n pliiin senls»d onvelore.
rorrospondenea sacrsvily confidential. E.iclose
Stamp lor reply, AdslressTlso Sss*ji»rln Kouse<
*y Co., ao Jordan t.i root, Toronto, Canada.
When Den 0<dell was a boy he was
so fond of hard work that he would
get up at 4 a. m. and drive an ice
wapon. He iB now governor of New
York and works harder than when
he -drove the ice wagon. This should
be a warning to all boys who become infatuated  with  hard work.
The musical crank ia always ready
do a tura.
Canadian Northern Depot, Water Street
8 00
Moms! Emerson, St.  Paul, eto.,
I's.i.ssi, Miami, Belmont .Hartne**
and   ttraisrtoii,  —sinslav, MM-
 us**.lay ami Kr day ■■■■-..■ ■ • ■ ■
Tns«iUv, 'I hiis-day, Mstursfay
Portsg« la Frairle anil  iut.'rmo-
sline  stations,   Daily   except
Hundsy  _
Bs'ssver,   I «ha  and  int«srinedr»ts«
Staijonp. Tn«slay <s Thu Sjtay
laeduiiHhl,    s\ ,«rUHirne,    lilast.
st.'ne. tlasviih'n s'nsl  inlr.iii,*.
dais* point*, Muisslar, vAsBdueaJ
Amy, Friday.	
TnovLsy, lliuSst iyj ftstnrslay
vVjnnls«.)to«ls. Mssrs _,  Wssslnsmlar
Tusiastay anss lliurssday
Or and View, Wonslsty, Krw.y .
lamdny ansl Wat il nla j*
Swan Klvrr, Krwovsl and Intrrnn-
siials* psslnta, Wndis.wlay
Hat unlay	
BprisBru.. Wuirssad, fioiusletl* sussl
1 .Ivrmiilhito atotlons. Mon-
d»y, Ts'sxlsisraday, J*Vlstisjr
*lnaiKlay, Thurssi-y, Matssrday
'0 4.1
U ist
li. B HANS l.
Us.li. Kupts,
GEO. H 811 AW.
Iraf. Mirt
rt. S.   Marie. Uiron Sonnd,  Tor'tit"
nnsi IC ist, Vi» 1 ,nke%  *>loa, Thurs
snd, .-at	
Tues ,l"rl -ndHun	
Una!real, 'i'o.onlo. Now York ami
east, via nil rail, dally..,	
Hat    l'ssri-iiro   and    interme-lute
is-slnli), M..n., Wert. *sl"r*.	
Vuos./lliiira, a Hat 	
Rat    Port uro    anil     lntc-modl.ito
ii lnls/1'us.s-Thutn, sbu bat	
Mon., Wed. und Frl	
Molson, Lao Duflinnot and  Inter
me linto Points. Thnrs only	
PorlnRis Ul'riilrlo, Brandon, Colnory
Kelson unsl all Koulcnay und Const
p.slnts. dally 	
1'ort.iR.i la I'rislrio, lirnmlon, and in
tormcdlttte lulnls. dully ex Bun....
Portage la l'r.s rlo. llr.inloii. M o o
jaw nnd Intcrcwdlnto |ijlnts dully
exHuiii'av ,
3hd'toni!. Nropawii, Mliiiiinlomnisil
Intermci.iuto po'. its, slnlly ox Bun.
•aval Lako, Ynrkt3n nnd IhI.tiviII-
nte points, Mon., Weil and Frl ....
Tura. Thiin*., and Sit urdaf ■••
Rnnld   Oily.    Himlot.i,    Minota,
Tnei,Thnrs. anil.Sii	
Mon., Wid. n d Ki I	
Morduli  Delsiralno and int i'i mss;l Into
isolnt■• dnlly ex Suns i
N.iplnhn, Alnmo.'a and Intermedials'
iiolnts.Mntt., Weil.,Thnrs. A 8at
Mon.. Hi' j., Thins, nnd Frl ......
fillnlsnro, s-mvln, and In. sinui'iist.
|ii.li.ts,(hiiiv ex Sun	
N'apiiika.M.'litn, Aliinicihs niillntsr
niedlntsi IKiltits,   Mon., Wed, Frl.
Tues., Thurs. and hut ,	
PIpi'Htsine.lie   si'si.Arissln nnd Inter
ini'd ntss polutn,   Mon. Wed., Frl.
Tues., Thorn, nud Bat.....,,.._.,
Frobysblra, Hindi, lllstiifslt, Esto-
Orelna.Kt. Paul, Oilcigt) dally
Ktoi.4\vnll, Tuvlon.. 1'iis'S. Thurs, Sal
Went flolU irk ..Mon, Weil, Krl
West Selkirk Tuos. Vhura. "at
Kniorwn Mnn. Ws'il nnd Vr{
7 8:
8 ■
vi. t
ran. _u_f_
Uen. Pass. Aaront.
ffl fer a Bit
Pre-eminent ly appropriate, supremely acceptable
anil delitjlitl'ully lasting ia ita consoqueueeg Is ona
of our isuporb WILLIAMS' PL4NC*« that confjner
tho s'vo and the car at ono and tha game time. The
WILLIAMS' PIA.NO has attained perfection In Its
vishI quality, durability of tone, and parity of all
tbo notes ia the scale. Ther are the climax of Canadian art. Tho ahove applies with even greater
force when respecting yonr wife who has shared
your joyatind sorrows for years and who now is
I-'.ind of your prosperity. Orgaos and Eldredge"B"
bowing machines.
Y. M. C. A- lilk.,       Portage Are.,       Winnipeg.
U Afv4/ rvf Wti, fuMutttS <bns(/ as*rf(/
jiisLjAA Aw Mt, <msutty U wfcr
\once. Try it we will positively give thsj money away, and you may be the'
t» fortunate person. Should there be more than 1 set ol correct answers, the(
A money will be divided equally. For instance should 5 persona send in correct]
.answer*, each will receive $40; should 10 persons send in correct answers,"]
reach will receive f20 ; twenty persons, (10 each. We do thia to introduce!
iour firm and goods we handle asquickly as possible. BEND NO MONEY,
_ WfTH YOUR ANSWER.   This is a FREE contest.   A post cud will do.'
0     ~       Tlinsss who have not received anything frssm other contests, try this swia.
A girl may not think a certain
young man is good enough for her,
but she always considers him too
good i'or any other girl.
Mr.T. J. Humes, Columbus, Ohio, wr'tesi
'"1 have bi'en nfflicttd for tome tim** wit-
Kidney and Liver Oomplaintg, anil find l'er-
melseo's Pills the best modiuine for these disease.*. Th so pills do uot cause pain or
ftriping, and should be u-e 1 when a cathartic
s required. They are Gelatine Coated, and
roi.eo in the flour of Licorice to preaerytt
their purity, and give them a pleasant, agree,
able taste.
This is a sad world for the poor
girl whose only new clothes are some
of her mother-s old ones.
Hodge, Ibe Single Minded.
An election petition wns beiug tried.
anil  a   witness  was railed   to  prove
"Ono of the gentlemen says to me.
'Hodge, you must vote for the Tories,'''
•snid the witni'ss.
"And whnt dill yon answer to that?"
take- the counsel.
" 'Well.' snys i. 'How much?'"
"Anil whnt did the ngent say?"
"He didn't sny nothing.    The other
gentleman coins'*, to me and snys, 'Yon
must vote for the Liberate, Hodge.'"
"And what did you auswer?"
"1 saisl. 'Mow much?'   So be nrst mr
trlinl t'liihor gi nilrinan offered me, anil
i lolil iiitti ."> Bhilllngs."
"And whnt ills! tlio Liberal ngotit do?"
"Hi* gsivo me 10 shillings."
Counsel sits down triumphant, and
up stints tin* othiT side.
"Disl you vote for tlie Liberals?"
"'Did you vote for tbe Tories?"
"No.   I uiu't got a vote!"
Restoring Ihe Polish.
Pays a lioosekeeper: "My piano.
Which bad beeil snvereil with n cambric
trover, wns loaded with dust that luul
sifted tliiougli the sleazy cloth. The
dii'l was too thick to be wiped off. It
slisiulil hnve been blown nnd lightly
Whisked off first, but this my maid did
not do, ami In coiisi'iiucnce the grlini'
wns wiped In for nil I know with P
dump Cloth. Al nil evetits tlie highly
polished surfing was clodded over nl
most to a giny. aud I wus iu despair
until u friend sug,s*sied a remedy. She
uilvlscil me to wring ns dry us I could
a piece of Chamois from out n basin
nf water anil rub lhe piano until the
chamois was boOtf dry. 'Ibis I have
stsiue untl enitipli'lcly restnn*il Ihe psil
S ver colds nrs* fiinily ODfOd bf ihsi use
of Hislshr Ant -t',>iisiiiiiiitivi* rjjrup, is tin d-
0 tie ol exliii.srsl'iiiiiy | HlttfltlBg and ha ll<
iig properties, lt Issokuowlssdijed hy ilisnw
win. hava uiuri I im Mnn tha baat medielne
•isld fur ooilffhl, i' I.I.., ii.lliiininiilisin ssf ihe
lungs, and nil iil.cti.sns s.f i>i«* throat snd
ell hi.   ll   m."-. nl'1* : i *■-. '" ill'' us ist   nns.sv) 11
a favoritsi with ladlsf and children.
1'lie river Hows quietly along Inward Iho sen, yet It ulwnvs gels
there. It niigbt lie well to reiiionilber
this wlis'it ys>u uro trying tsi rush
When some men got into the public
eye the** uro appreciuti*d nliout ns
much ns cinders in tho aya ol an individual.
Tilts year's harvest in the m.utli of
Ireland Is itated to ba Iho bant ex-
perienn'd for iv quarter of u cenlury.
A IT'llIl.OUS Ill'.MF.DY.
To prevent ssvi*rsls.s*|iing istisl I bus
risking tha loan of their i«niplo.'in.'iit,
the mall curriers of MorOOCO resort
to a unique ninl perilous scle'nio.
They lie a string to 0H8 foot, and
as they know bow long a yard or
two will burn tliey ragulata Uie
length of tha Htrlng by tha time ths'y
have to sleep,   They tight tha siring,
which burns sltiwly, and when the
fire ciinie.H to tliolr fsmt llis*y nre
painfully reminded lluii. It Is time to
Alloway & Champion
Write to ns for prices of SCRIP.
Get oor List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and Sold.
We can furnish the exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cash.
We are now serving thousands of patrons throughout
"Greater Canada" by mail.
y    v    v
They have proved for themselves that we can give them a
choicer selection of Diamonds,
Silverware, Watches and Jewelry, and at closer prices than
is possible outside of a large
V      V      V
Allow us to prove it to you.
Remember, you run no risk, as
we cheerfully refund money in
full upon return of goods if so
R O N T O.
Dealers     P^PJh R  WINHIfEt
Printers'  Supplies
Billheads, "Envelopes, Stationery
When the tindi'rtaker met thu dyer
in a narrow pussugo be was right iu
holding buck ami saying, '"After
When a man has guns' lis Mad it is
time to plant   hint.
When all other Corn iiri'imrHlissna fall, try
Hs.iisuviiy',- Corn Core. Ko pain uhutcvor,
nnd nn I noon van lance in uninu it.
ThiTe    nre    even    fall    styles     in
Good for Brad Tooth
Not Brad tor Good Tooth
Snzo-Jont Tooth Powder  25c _* f* <'**"'
Large Liquid and Powder 75c ***■•*"'«...' ^-  '
HALL, •- RUCKS!, Now York.
W. N. U. No. 840.
-    ,'- •     f. - ;■ -THE'DRILL, 8L0C.V-VB- C, Ot'TOBKU to. 1M1.
Iwl' «_'■■
H v'
Bfiti ,i
.:    *
:  -ngV*,!
\ Is.'
L     I
•C. E. 8MITOKRINOALB, Editor and Prop.
-SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 1*0 cents a line for
•the first insertion and*, cents a line each
•Bubsssquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at aame rates
.as legal Advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
■sjtor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is .$2 per year, st.-ict-
,'Jy in advance; *2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
•opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
-considers there is something
-coming to him on your sub-
-acription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
-Another Canadian of prominence
-and ability has passed away in the
person ef Nicholas Flood Davin, the
Bard of the Saskatchewan. .Sad to
-relate he died from his own hand,
-havinj-r shot himself at Winnipeg on
Friday. Davin possessed one of the
-bi iglitest minds that ever graced the
House of Comaons, being at bis best
.during the regimo of Sir John Mae
,-donald, of whom be was a devoted
follower.   At a time when the party
is sadly disorganized, the Conserva-
rUvea will feel deeply the loss of such
able men aa Clark* Wallace and
Nlchola- Flood Davin.
Doukhobors are being brought in
"from the Northwest Territories to
work in the Rossland mines. Strange
ruses are Clifford Sifton's pets being
.put to.   It has cost the Canadian people a princely sum to clothe and feed
these European undesirables   since
they came to thc Dominion, while all
, efforts to civilize the creatures seem
to bave failed.   Nice spectacle of our
. Ottawa sapheads squandering public
t monies in inundating the country
•with dumping! from Europe in order
-that tyrannical ci pital may debauch
honest Canadian workmen.     The
next elections will be an eye-opener
to the weak-backed officl Is.
•"Slocan, by reason of its gepgrnphi-
- cal position its the bub of a great
mineral district, ita nearness to the
•ounces of supply of the various raw
•materials, and because of ita superior
communications, is the site designed
for a smelter to treat the ores of the
,-SIocan country.   Other places may
.imagine their claima as such, but
iSlecan bas ihe bona fides to present.
Were more inducements required,
one has but to size up the splendid
ibuilding sites here offered, free of
, cost and exempt from taxation; the
.-magnificent water power available,
and the command ofthe lead i rip dry
ore resources of tbe province. It may
surprise outsiders to learn that ore
running only IH oz in silver per ton
vis now being shipped from here at a
I profit   The exigencies of the skua*
, tion will compel the construction of
an electric tramway up Springer
, creek at an early data.   When this
ds an accomplished fact, 10 oz ore mav
•be handledikero at a fair margin of
•profit, as freighting charges would
be cut in twain.   Vast deposits of
mineral would become available and
,once that supply were rendered permanent, the wet ores would naturally
gravitate to the local smelter.   As
the Victoria Mining Record says.that.
,in the general demand for smelters
ln the province, thc requirements of
the Sloean lake region cannot be
•overlooked.   Hero is where a smel
ter must bo built and here is where
the citizens aro determined to have
one.   A imelter would benefit all
.classes of the community, enhance
land values, and by providing a payroll attract population.   Additional
■impetus would be given to an already
promising camp, and the sister towns
.on the lake would feel the beneficial
•Influences resulting.   There is no
speculation about a smelter here paying.   The time Is ripe, the opportunity excellent, and the field unlimited
and at onee available.
Rev. E, S. Rowe, a Mothodist divine from Victoria, gave a lecture in
•the Music Hall, Wednesday cvenin-r,
,-on the Christian Socialist subject of
/> 'My Brother ft f. ■   There was a big
andienco present.   Socialism is an
.absorbing topic in these parts, but
•many who were present at the lec-
•jtare gained a new Idea of its import.
' 'T^e ipoture was a treat.
The dog poisonerhas been at work
in the suburbs.
A great deal of lumber is being
brought into town.
Rev. M. D. McKee preached in
Nelson last Sunday.
Miss Maybee, sister of Mrs, Shatford, is visiting in Nelson.
W. T. Shatford and wife have
gone to Vernon for a month.
Tom Montgomery returned Monday
from his trip to San Francisco.
Murdock McLean started work on
Worden Bros.' new stable Wednesday.
Four different sawmills* ne anxious
to supply the city with material for
C. F. Wichmann has given up the
barber business and gone to the
Crow's Nest.
AU. Smith will erect a new residence just over Springer creek, from
the old skating rink.
Fred Sammons is nursing a pretty
sore hand, it having got caught under a dog at Koch's sawmill.
Just opened up the finest line of
Japanese goods ever seen in tbe city.
Inspect them at thc drugstore.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
churchi next Sundav, morning and
evening.   C. Arthur Mount, vicar.
C. F. R. traffic receipts for the
weekending Oct 14 are $759,000,
and for the samo period last year,
E. J. Felt spent a few days in the
city during the week, having run up
from Nelson, where be was engaged
on law business.
Willie Robertson, eldest son of H.
J. Robertson, returned this week
from spending the summer in New
foundland and Labrador.
Harry Strickland was married to
Bliss Blanche Gil lis at New Denver,
Wednesday. They passed through
here to Nelson the same day.
The monthly business at the depot
is averaging ahead of last year's
high water mark and the prospect
for the winter months is very bright.
There is a great dearth of cars on
the C. P. K. and no car is allowed to
stand more than 48 hours. Demurrage is charged on all cars remaining
unloaded after that time.
Supt. Downie is stirring np railroad
circles in this division and is improving the train service The road bed
on the Slocan river branch is also to
be improved and smoothened,
The Labor men sent a representative to Kaslo last week to place a
big budget of new names on the pro
vincinl voters' list. Many naturalization papers are also being taken
Dr. Forin has received an evasive
answer from the Ottawa government
upon the resolution passed by the local Liberals calling for the enforcement of the Alien Labor Law at Rossland.
Mrs. Gordon Grant, of Victoria, addressed a large audience in the Pres
hyterian church last Sunday evening
in the interests of tbe W.C.T. U. She
sustained her reputation as a pleasing speaker.
E. M. Shupe returned during the
week for a short visit with his family.
He is in business at Michelle, East
Kootenay, and is doing well. He
says the demand for men is far greater
than the supply.
The Ladies' Aid ofthe Presbyterian
church will hold the second of their
parlor socials at the residence of Rev
Mr. McKee,on Monday evening next.
An excellent programme bas been
prepared.   Collection taken up.
The Oddfellows hold their annual
ball this Friday night in the Music
Hall. They have prepared for a big
time and are assured of success. Sup
Ker is to be served at tbe Slocan
otel.   The Oddfellows ball is ono of
the events of the year.
Rev* C. Arthur Mount and family
are going to England for several
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        • . b. C
J. M.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, . . n# (j.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Corporation of the City of
Notice Is hereby (-iver* that the annual siUIn**
of the Court of Revision, for the purpose of
hearin/* all complaints arainst the assessment
for tho rear HUB, as made by the Assessor of the
City of Slocan, B.C., will be held In the Counell
Hall, In thc City of Slocan, on Friday, Novem*
bar 2ttli, lgoi, at 10o'clock, a.m.
City of Slocan, B.C., October 18th, 1901.
City Clo-lr
months, having been called thither
on urgent business. Mr. Mount will
preach his last sermon in St. Paul's
church next Sunday. During his
absence Rev. W. H. Hedley will
have charge of this mission.
The reopening services of the
Presbyterian church were held last
Sundav, Dr. Wright of Nelson being
the preacher. The services were
bright and interesting and the congregations large. A vast improvement has been made to the church
building by the renovation.
The Muroutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan, ■
Meets tha second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t j join.
Miss E. Stouohton, Mrs.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 davs
after dato I shall apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 40 acres of land,
more or less, in the West Kooten-*** district, and described aa follows: Commencing at *a post abont one quarter of
a mil* east of the city of Slocan, and ad-
Joining the townsite of Brandon on the
north; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north; thence 20 chains east; thence 20
chains south to the point of commencement.
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -    B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Miners' Oil,
No. 6_, W. F.ofn.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial .Secretary
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get oneeo cheap? They
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
From $3.00 to $50.00.
Also j
Plates, Films, Paper,
Cards, Toners, Developers, Tripods, Printing Frames, etc. etc.
Everything required
to make and finish
J. I*. WHTTE 6c Go.
Certificate of ipviaite.
Little Dorrlt Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division ol the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the south side
of Springer creek, about two miles
south from the Arlington mino.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur 8. Fai-
well, acting as agentfor J.Frank Collom,
free miner's certiflcate No. 37294, intend, sixty days from the date bereof, to
apply to the Mining Recordor for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of such certiflcate of
Dated this 5th day of August, 1901..
30-8 01 A. 8. FARWELL
V * M, Get There Kll. Jf I. C, Reno, r»nd
Accidental Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Twelve Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I. William A.
Bauer, acting as the authorised .agent of
The V sfc M Mines Company, Limited,
non-personal liability.F.M.C.No. B46203,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t. tha Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of tbe
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 29th day of August, 1901.
30-8-01     WILLIAM A. BAUER. P.L.S
Monument No. S Mineral Claim.
Situate in tha Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Joseph Duhamel,
free miner-"certificate B50080,and Arthur
Powys, free miner's certificate No.B60029
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvementa, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12th day of August, 19C1.
30-8-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Monument No. a and Monument Km.  S
Fractional Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head ot the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek, on
Grohman Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre-
?or, acting as agent for Joseph Duhamel
ree miner's certificate No. 1*50080, and
Louise Sinkan, free miner's certificate
No. 1150238, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements,
(or the pnrpo«e of obtaining. Crown
grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates ol
Dated this 12th dav of August, 1901.
30-8-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Hallroad Oroapof Mineral Claims—Ureal
Western,  Great Northern,  Grand
Trunk and Northern Pacific.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin. Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre-
f;or,acting as agent for Mrs .Emma Gray,
ree miner's certificate No. 1150095; Thos.
Blench, free miner's certificate Ne.
B38388; E. H. Stubbs, free miner's certificate No. 52144, and A. R. Bolderston,
free miner's certificate No.B59549,intend,
sixty daya from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certi-
ficatesof improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
claims. ,
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
piled this 8th day of August, 1901.
30*01 J. M. McGREGOR.
Bonanxa No. S, Mepnblle No. S, American
le, Bell Ne. », nnd Ve Fraction
Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of
Robinaon creek.
Take notice that I, W. D. McGregor,
acting aa agent for L. J. Hanos, Tree
miner's certificate No. B4M03, intend,
sixty days from tliedate he.-eof, to apply
to the Mining Reeoider for certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this Vth day of September, 1901.
13-901 W. D. McGREGOR.
Victoria, Wasn and Skaekum  Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On west side of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, P.L.S., as agent for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Minor's Certificate No. B46036,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo the issuance ot such certificates of
Dated this 0th day of .September, 1901.
naby  Keyal  and Lexington Fractional
Mineral Claims.
SituatelntbeSlec.au City mining divi-
Re-opencd under
the old management.
Former customew
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Delaner A venue, Slooais.
Building thoroughly renovated THC&'.Is&ki*.
•rietor:  *
and re stocked with the best
are now arriving daily ^ are the
best to be obtained. Our Confectionery has a reputation second to none.
, Sole agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Staves!
Just look up McCallum _ Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,  for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
$16 up.
This is the best assortment of fjrstclass
stoves that ever came te Slocan. They burn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow'a Neat Coal; prlee delivered, $6.25 per ton.
sion of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Republic hill, adjoining
tbe l'hoenix-Yiring.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor, acting as agent for Fred O. Carlisle, free miner's certiflcate No. B3S371,
intend, sixty daya from the date hereof,
to apply to tlie Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of tbe
above claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 87, must bo commenced
before the issuance of aucb certificates of
Dated this 80th day of 6eptember,1901
4-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Ex*.  BU  and  ttym   frartlonal  Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining divi-
sion of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. I). Mc
Gregor, freo miner's certiflcate No.
Bfi'WiOO, acting for myself and as agent
for J. M. McGregor, free minor's certiflcate No. B59U07, and A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certificate No. BsM)655, intend, sixty days from the dato hereof, to
apply to tne Mining Kecor.ler for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining crown grants on the above
And further take notice that action,
under'section 37, nuist be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 30th day of Soptemher.lOOI
410-01. W. D. McGREGOR
Klk Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatisl: Between Springer
and Lomon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Thomlinson, as the agent for Herman
Clever,   Free  Miner's   Certificate   No
B3sS094, ir.tend, sixty days from tho date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recordor
for a Certificate ol   Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tbe above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvementa.
Dated this  24th  day of September,
Scorpion Mineral Claim.
Situate ln the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay district.
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Thos. Andrews,
free miners'certiflcate No.B463I9,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to tho mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements,for the purpose of obtain*
ing a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bs commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25*10*01 J. M. McGREGOR
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J. Banfleld, or to any person
or persons to whom thoy may havo
transferred their one-ball interest In
the White Beauty mineral claim, situated between the second north fork of
and the main Lomon crock, Slocan
City mining division.
You are hereby notified that I havo
expended tho sura of ono hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in labor and
Improvements upon tbe abovo mentionod
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under tho provisions of tho Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from tho
dato of tlits notico you fail or refuse to
contribute yonr proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become tho property of the sub*
scriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J. Banfleld, or to any person or
persons to whom thev may have trai.s-
.f erred tbelr one-half UUerast In tho
Black Beauty) mineral claim, oituated
between the second north fork of aad
the main Lomon crook, Slocan City
mining division.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the sum ef ono hundred snd
two dollars and fifty cents in labor snd
improvements upon tho above mention*
ed mineral claim, in order to bold said
mineral claim under the provisions oi
tlio Mineral Act, and if within 90 days
from the dato of this notico you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with all cost!
of advertising.your interest in said clair*
will become tbo property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled
"An Aet to amend tho Mineral Aet,
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1901.
Notice toDellnquentCo-owier
To Thomas Henderson, or to any persea
or persons to wbom ho may have transferred his one third (>•*.) interest ia
Uie Lone Dutchman mineral claira
situated on tho last south fork of
Lemon crook, in the Slocan t ity min
ing division.
You aro hereby notified that I have
expended (ihe sum .of ono hundred and
two dollaia.'sud fifty cents in lalior aad
ituprovemf lite Pi> the above mentioned
mineral claim, in order to hold ea*_ mineral claim, under tho provisions of the
Mineral Aet; and if within 90 days, fro*
the dato of Ibis notico you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such oa*
penditnre, together with all coats of advertising, jour intereat in. eaid claier,
will become the propeity of the subscriber, under section 4 of an Act entitled
"An Act to amend the Mineral Act.1900."
Dated at Slocan, thia 18th day of Sep*
teraUr, A.D. 1901.
^wTcan Mako
A  Striking Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cnt in the latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can bo purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Foatofleo.
Economy with comfort
for your
Eastern Trip,
Effective Oct. 13th.
Will operate in addition to tbo nannl
Crow's Nest Section;
Leave Kootenay Lending on
Tuesday and'EVIday to St. ?»ol
Tia 800 Line; Fridays only te
Toronto; Montreal, Bo-ton, and
all eastern points.
For timetables, rates, and full Information call on or address near***
local agent, or—
Agent, 8loe_»Ot»f
J. a CARTER,     E. J. COTLI.
D.P.A., 4-fl. «••-••
.Neltpn. VatMfm-r-K


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