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The Slocan Drill 1904-01-22

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VOL. IV*. Ne. 43.
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agents for the celebrated "rii$ij. Leaf
Rubber," which is the bestCanadiaiiY7"*-*W>
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SLOCAN,   15.   C,   JANUARY   S3,   1904.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.]
jr\.w li ngton    Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thi» popular hotel ts convenient to the. boats snd train**..   The -linin-Jr re.-*n.
Is-siTieily up-to-date nhile the bin* is supplied witb the bt-st in the market,.
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h A Few Lines of Gents'  Furnishings j§
>8 are still left from tho stock of tin* Into A. ■§
5JJ David and thoy must be sold off nt onco. BS
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Ol'** WITH Till:   OLD   AND ON WITH
llotli Ruarda Meet anil Tiainuit Bnelneee
—Offleee ot Gltr Clerk mid Treasurer
are Daolarod Vacant lu 30 Uayt-One
More A Ial ia tin mi Wanted.
M,-»"day night's proceoding** at the
■"*• .J*A. lUvero long and decidedly
intero.*-v„\ Of The old board first occupied the chairs, disposing of the old
business on hand before making way
to tho new dads.
Communications read: From the
city solicitor, enclosing one from D.
D. Giiuii, Orillia, solicitor for tho O.S.
Lumber Co. The latter refused to accept the lease drawn up by the'C.P.R.
for their right of wav through block
F. The mill company wants tho city
to draw up the lease and pay for it,
tho cost bung JIO. The railway company wanted a rent of |6 a year.
The agreement between the mill
company and the citv was read and
the difference bctw.e.i that and the
lease drawn up by the C.P.K. pointed
out. The first was absolute for ten
years at Sl a year, the other being for
25 years at $5 and terminating with
80 days' notice at any time. The city
solicitor was instructed to correspond
with the railway company and to have
the lease altered to tho original lines
of agreement with the mill people.
Returning oilier made his report of
the recent electiou.   Filed.
Tho clerk reported a balance in the
citv treasury c,f $617.82.
Aid. Worden brought up question
of a grant to City Treasurer Anderson.
He and Aid. Teeter moved the payment of S25, which was granted.
The clerk reported that the auditor
had not yet completed his task, aud
theu lhe old board adjourned.
New Ciie-.ifl'll.
Ths new council as embled its. follows: Mayor McNeish, Aid. Worden,
Smith, Madden, Henderson and
Teeter. Each of the board elect subscribed to and presented the necessary
declaratioas'of qualifications and oatli
of aiiKee. Justice Curiis acting as ms***
ter of ceremonies.
Aid. Smith congratulated the city
on having almost a full council and a
The aldermanic o.iths of office were
ordered filed.
Mayor McNeish presented iiis list
of committees, as follows: Finance
Aid. Teeter, Henderson and Madden,
Board of works Aid. Worden, Smith
and Teeter. Fire, water and lighl
Aid. .Smith, Henderson and Teeter.
Health A hi. Madden, Worden and
The mayor said th**re was aa important work to attend to at once, that
is with regard to Springer creek, antl
he wa*i sure the council would boar
him out in tint. A survey of the creek I
ought to be mid . and a working plan
drawn up, fo that, they might call for
tenders. A plan was really necessary
for the protection works to the mill
property. To obtain means to pay for
this work, thoy must pass a bylaw at
once to collect the delinquent taxes.
Even with the passing ol the bylaw
there would certainly be a delay of
some weeks before ths money would
be in. Econom y should be the watchword in a'l thing*. The aldermen
should all work together aud strive to
get good value for all monev expend*
ed. Nest, the mayor thought, would
come the appointment of the city officers for the year, he not lieing sure as
to whether the old ones had to Ik- reappointed or not.
Aid. Teeter stated that lust summer
th.- council had voted to amalgamate
all the offices under on * salary. Tliey
were DOW  employing  two men and it
was giving rise to un] 1 lasanl talk. He
did not know whether the council intended to oontinue this.
Aid. Smith believed things were going along satisfactorily.
Aid. Teeter said unpleasant things
were being uttered against the present
arrangement. He woultl favor calling
for applications for thc combined positions. Ho had no hostility against
tho present incumbent of the clerkship
and the business had been thoroughly
done, but there might lx. other applicants for the position. If these were
given a chance there could then ha-
no kick about the awarding of the offices.
Aid. Smith did not approve of any
change in the office, though a small
position, without, reason. The council
sliould re-appoint tin-old officer, as In-
had started in on the new year. He
would just as soon see the present
clerk continue, if his work ami Ixmd-
were satisfactory.
Aid. Henderson said the salary of
the office wai SO small that tliere could
be no aspirants. The present clerk
was used to his work and he should
be continued. A new clerk might not
be acceptable and, as Dr. Bentley bad
given satisfaction, ho should lio continued.
Aid. Teeter remarked that sometimes it was   necessary   to  make a
change. Tho doctor might oven want
to resign. Ho knew of no aspirants
for tht; position, but he wanted all citizens to have an equal show.
Aid. Worden said that when thoy
got a good man in office there wa.s no
uso changing. The clerk was giving
good satisfaction, but if thero were
otlier aspirants they had a right to a
show. For himself, ho wanted to see
no change.
Aid. Teeter remarked lhat it was not
necessary to think thero woultl bo a
change, Tho public had a right to
participate in these things and no man
had a lifo claim on an office. The
c iiincil was trving to do what was
right by all and the clerk's work was
satisfactory. There should be no imputation placed on any member of the
boa cd,
Mayor McNeish, as a police commissioner, said the policeman held
office till he was either fired or resigned. If the mayor had anything to do
with the appointment of the clerk,
there would nave lieen no deadlock
for tho past half hour.
Aid. Teeter said that he was in a
minority, and he knew if he made a
motion be would bo voted down. Not
being sufficiently posted on the law,
he hardly knew how to act in the matter. He, however, would move that
the combined office of clerk, assessor,
etc., lie declared vacant 80 days from
date, as also that of treasurer, and
that the council be prepared to receive
applications Tor the positions.
Aid. Smith held that the various
speech, It was a new experience to
him to lie an alderman and he hardly
knew what to do. Ho had beon a long
une in town, but it was tho lirst timo
he had been iu tho chamber. He
believed the council should work in
harmony together for the good of the
public. He knew of no real issue dividing them, and he supposed it was
the duty of the council to go in for
electric lights and waterworks. That
was what the town was incorporated
for and thoy should do something.
Tho citv's finances did not allow mnch
margin to work on, but all must work
to the advantage of the people.
Aid. Madden could not bo induced
lu make a speech.
The mayor wanted to seo a survey
mado of tho creek, as they should get
to work on the Improvements at once.
They would havo to get permission of
the mill company to pile some of their
Aid. Worden moved that the mayor
be instructed to obtain tho required
survey. Seconded by Aid. Teeter and
The clerk asked to have the Ixmds
of himself and treasurer returned from
the bank.   Granted.
Aid. Worden said there was still a
chair vacant at the lxiard. The council had power to fill it and he would
like to see it done. Left over for one
Clerk asked for $5 to gazette the
election returns.   Granted.
Council adjourned.
Arlington Reduction
Works Are Assured
•   •   •   0
It is an assured fact thnt the Arlington people will erect their
reduction works at their mine this season, a statemeut that will be
gladsome news to the people of the camp. As is known, J. Frank
Collom, managing director of the Arlington Mines, has been in the
eastern mousy market off and on for months, and has final ly suc-
CGoded in raising tli3 necessary capital to erect and operate the
works. A reserve fund will also be maintained wherewith to purchase custom ore^ from nei (hboring properties, the owners of which
will br* able to realto at onca on their output without the heavy expenditures for freight and sm -Iter treatment. The information re-
giirdin I the mill was contained ia a letter received here Friday by
H. D. Curtis, thj company's Nkiceaentatura. It came from Mr. Collom, who has been in consultation wilh the Arlington directors in
San Francisco.   The letter rays:
"Bf building the mill we will spend a larger sum of monev in
outai le improvements than ever before on the properties, and it
shouhl but!r- best possible evidence of our confidence iu the mines.
You are at liberty to state that neither Dr. Hendryx or our friends
in Vancouver have any i-.tore t in the process employed in this mill;
that w>j will pay no royalty to anyone, and that there is no possibility of any successful litigation ov.-r tho matter, and uo likelihood of
any litigation being commenced by any of the parties concerned.
We shall not infringe on their right > in any matter and have taken
all necessary precautions to secure the absolute right to use the'pro-
ccss and machinery which we will employ.
'•Active operation .upon the mill cannot be begun until spring.
Tho lirst work will lu the preparation of the site, which cannot be
done till tho snow is pretty well gone. By that timo the timber,
etc., will be on the ground nnd the machinery will be ready as soon
as the buildings. The mill will be a custom mill ami will bid for all
ores similar to those of the Arlington which can be made tributary
to the Arlington basin. It will take six months to complete the mill
after active operations havo begun, so it will not be treating ore before next fall."
The erection of the Arlington mill would mean the expenditure
of a large sum of money, much larger indeed than at first contom-
plated There will 1h> a great many men employed and the results
will be most beneficial to all tbe varied interests in the cam]), ushering in a now era of progress and prosperity. At the Arlington thev
have sufficient ore on the dumps and in the stopes to keep the mill
running-for three years, to which maybe added the great reserves
at the Speculator. In order to treat these bodies antl the ores from
olher claim's, the capacity of the mill mast be enlarged, while general
operations will beon an extensive scale. Onco established the mill
will bring untold lieneiit to the, camp.
I,ait Year'* Shlpmeati Were 1330 Tons—
A ll.'iillliy HvJ.lonce ef the I.lfo ud
Wealth of the Cenip—Keterprlee th*
Ulrteil Shipper.
The week's exports from the local
division were fairly satisfactory, 47
tous having beon sent out. Forty tons
came from tho Enterprise, while the
remainder came from the Port Hope,
which enters the shipping list for the
first time. To date the output is 103
For 1903 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 1888
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Kim. WBKK.
ICnterpris*      40
Net-pawn ...
Port Hajarra.
city officers wero only holding office
temporarily, as the old council could
not appoint for the new year.
The law was read and it was shown
to be unnecessary to re-appoint tin-
officers, as they could continue ill office.   New  bonds  would  have to  Im
drawn up.
Motion was seconded by Aid. Madden ami carried.
Aid. Teeter gave notice that at next
meeting he would Introduce an amendment to bylaw 13, reducing the number of hotel licenses from eight to
seven; also of introducing a delinquent tax bylaw.
In answer to a query, the mayor
said the city solicitor was the man to
draw up the necessary bylaws, as that
was what he was paid for.
A query was made as to who woultl
comprise the new commissioners. Aid.
Smith was the only one qualified to
act from the council.
Mayor McNeish stated the school
board wanted  a   few  dollars to cover
December accounts.   He was opposed
to employees having to wait for their
wages. They should get theni on the
first of everv month and not wait till
the 15th.
Aid. Teeter coincided and moved a
standing order for school money to be
paid on lirst of each month. .Seconded by Aid. Worden and carried.
A resolution was passed giving the
trustees $10 to wipe out December accounts.
Under the head of new business,
Aid.   Henderson   made   his   inajtien
Cuugrfgatliinitl Hruling.
On Tuesday evening the annual
meetiug of Knox church congregation
was heltl. there being a fair attendance. The readiug of the various reports was interspersed with a musical
programme, in which Mesdanies Worden and Brooksbank, W. E. Worden
nud I). Arnot, with the choir, participated. Tho reports revealed a small
deficit in the finances, though the income has been good considering the
times. Iu the election of officers,
Messrs. Arnot, Anderson, McCallum,
Craig and Campbell wore selected ns
managers; Messrs. Worden aud McNeish auditors, and Rev. Mr. Simons
superintendent of .Sunday school.
Before dispersing the ladies served
refreshments to the audience.
Vert Hope Shlpe Ore.
Bob Allen rawhided down a small
shipment of ore from the Tort Hope
during tho week. There was about
seven tons of ore in the lot, and it was
sent to Nelson Tuesday in chargo of
0. McNicholl. one of tho lessees. It
is all of paying grade and the lessees
will get fair returus for their labors.
In the spring they will ship eonsidir-
j able second class ore from the dumps.
Another 20 feet will complete their
i crosscut tunnel and then tliey will be
in a position to take out. much ore. ■
Mrs. J, Gnrvey arrived In from Se
nttle v.-st'i'dii v.
Sandon mines last week shipped 110
tons of ore.
Boundary mines last week shipped
16,290 tons.
The new tram at the Idaho is in
running shape.
Last week Rosslaud mines shipped
10,955 tons of^ore.
The Idaho is one of the foremost
shippers in the camp.
Shipments from the npper Slocan
are starting out better this year thau
iu 1903.
A couple of men were in last weok
aud took a look at the Chapleau, with
a view to leasing it.
The lessees of the Sovereign have
commenced shipping, tho first output
from that property in years.
James Cross has transferred his interest in the. Duplex and .Southern
Chief chums to Rojieit Cooper, i
The Payne will ship 500 tons of zinc
to Kansas. The Ivanhoe is also shipping 300 tons to tho same place.
W. D. McGregor is applying for a
crown grant on tho Rome and Garibaldi claims, at the head of Ten Mile
As a result of the recent reduction
In freight rates ou zinc, the Payne will
ship its output to Belgium.there lieing
a saving of $4.50 per ton over the old
Following are the results of the
municipal elections held hero on
Thursday last, a complete victory
resting with the McNeish ticket, Dive
Arnot and his policy of civic ownership b;ing turned down:
Arnot        24
McNeish        30
Majority for McNeish  (.
Spoilt ballots  1
Arnot  19
Curtis i  30
McNeish  80
Sinitheringale  23
Majority for Curtis and McNeish         7
Spoilt ballots  2
Thero was but a scant measure of jubilation when the result was made
known, quite different to what there
would have been had the result been
otherwise.    .
Speceliil.il- Sluitv flown.
On Tuesday night operations wero
suspended at the Speculator mines ■adjoining the Arlington, and operated by
the Ricowilabi Mining Co, Eleven
men wore affected bv the shut down.
The reason for the suspension is the
same as that advanced in the case of
the Arlington a year ago thero being
no call for further development until
the Arlington mill is erected, tho reserves of .low grade ore being very
large. Until these can bo realized
upon and a profit earned in tho mill,
nothing more will be done. The
Speculator has lieen in continuous
operation for almost four years and
an immense sum of money has been
Sllrur Qiiotutlei.il.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
weok since last issue:
Thursday  59  cents
Friday  59     "
Saturday  59     "
Monday  581    "
Tuesday  604   "
Wednesday  5<*jj   t
" "tV"-^!****"'^
"'!i'"-.Li''"''-Tl"'Wf"'1' ■'■'  ' i    .'■ll<l'l|l1*IIT1""l'li|1 ' "'' Edward Whymper, whose name recalls the greatest fiats in mountain-
climbing the world has ever witnessed—be being the first to sea!,- the
Matterhorn—and whose ascents of 'ha
Alps and the Andt*s plan* him in the
forefront of daring mountaineers, r».
ccntly returned from his third trip
over the Canadian Kockies, says Ths
Montreal Star. Honors sit lightly on
Mr. Whymper, and he always d.xlin-
es to talk of those successes which
ordinary individuals would t>o proud
to discuss. Having conquered the
greatest of the Old World's mountain
peaks, a couple of years ago. Air.
Whymper sought new fields to exploit on this bide of tho Atlantic,
and his contributions to the twentieth century knowledge of tho mountains of Canada it most vuluahlo to
everybody in general, and particularly to that increasing broih'.'ihooil
of mankind, who, urged on by the
spirit of adventure, delight in climbing upon tho roof of the world.
Wtfteptr, tu* llountela 11 lea bar.
Mr, Whymper will tell you, wh.n
you ask his age, that he is in his
760th month, and while you aie lig-
uring out that ho is in his 04th year,
you will wonder that timV* has dealt
ao gently with him. Iho average
man would suy that hn wus in hi*
"fifties," and Mr. Whymper would
rejoin that years 'do not make
age," and that his seemingly perennial youth ls owing to the care he
takes of himself, and the bodily exercise ho daily undergoes. To him,
exercise is plcasuro and health, and
all that makes a man happy oni contented. So, after his victories
amongst the Old World's peaks, he
invaded the Canadian Rockies, and
this year ho saw a great deal of
what thero is in the Canadian mountains, lie walked across tho three
ranges which lie between the prairies
of Western Canada and the Pacific
Coast, to see for himself the hidden
beauties of that picturesque region.
Laugh* et Hardship!.
Hale and hearty yet, as strong anil
lusty as a youth in his twenties, Mr.
Whyinper laugns at what those who
while away tho time ut five o'clock
teas would call hardships. A tramp
of 600 miles is not on easy one,
even in an old settled country; io
walk that distance through the
mountains of British Columbia is a
task from which many would shrink.
"And yet," ho says, "it wns merely
a pleasure excursion. I havo gone
from Laondou to Aberdeen, from
Paris to Lyons, untl from Paris to
Marseilles, and, while Great. Britain
and France are beautiful countries,
they cannot comporo with the mng-
nificenco of these Canadian mountains. I started from east of Knha-
naskis Falls on August 6th, reaching
Yale, the head of navigation on the
Fraser, on September Oth, and n>er-
aged twenty-flvo mites a day whon
the weather was favorable. I did
not keep to tho raiiway track all
the time, but when 1 thought there
was something out of the ordinary
to see off the line, I made del ours,
and was amply recompensed for my
trouble. There arc many spots worth
ueeing—and this leads mo to suy
that people should not rush through
the mountains in railway trains, ior
they miss a great deal Ihey otherwise would see; the.v should stop
over at several places to thoroughly
worship the grandeur of nut ure.
Which places aro they? Well. loo
many places to give in detail, but lor
COO miles, as I havo sold, the lover of nature has n world lo admire."
relate Especially Kotleeable.
"The upper valley of tho Uow," ho
said, "is not inferior to the best
parts of tho Upper Thames, jet along
the entire distance from Uunll to
Laggan, there is not a single seta-
tier." Putting aside such features ol
iho country as are now well known
and places on tho' railway that are
frequently visited, Mr. Whymper indicated ii few points in the vicinity
of the line, which lie considered were
especially  noticeable,   Tlu-y  wore.
The country around Donald, which
Is extremely fine, and almost entirely unexplored; the grand lon-st trees
and the neighborhood round nbout
Albert Canyon; "JSaglf Blvsr," connecting GriUin Lake ami tho «" r.-nt
Shuswap Lake, which latter combines
the charms of Windermere and
J.iiguii. Gri/lin Lake,'almost ns attractive as the famous Lakes of
Thun and llrlonz, but has not yet
got a settlor; thn s I renin from tho
Great to tho Little .Shuswa!> Lake,
culled on tho spot "The Little Itiver," with beautiful bunks mirrored in
lis tranquil waters; the western end
of the Littlo flShuswiip Luke, With its
coves, and foliage overhanging hundred yartls wide, with waters as
clear as the Mediterranean.
A Cellectlon or Fontwesr.
Sproad on his bed were seven pairs
of loot-gear—from sunMitls and slippers and moccasins to h-nvy-solcd
hobnailed mountaineering boots—
which Mr. Whymper uses in his travels. At night ho luxuriates iu Blip-
purs. When tho hard work of the day
begins, he dons his heavy boots or
his sandals, according to circumstances nnd plods along. Thc sandals, ho soys, by ths way, wilh
stockings, nro nn abomination. There
aro mosquitoes, nnd if you have no
stockings on they nro not so bud,
but when you put on this footwear,
the bills of tho mosquitoes fh.d a
tlrm hold in Ihe hose, and then look
out for trouble. The moccasin is
tho be.st footdre.'s under certain circumstances, and the aborigine knows
better than tho cultured white man
how to uso them. Civilization does
not teach us all things that are uso-
ful, and in somo matters our brother in red could give us pointers.
It was a granai tr:p Mr. Whymper
made through tin Kockies. almost
unaocompan.'-il except by his own
personality. He had an assistant
with four tents, who \v< ni ahead to
prepare camping places which Mr.
Whymper occupied, and No 1 tent cf
to-day became No .*> of to-morrow.
0«rub—food we <-om»tinies call it?
Well, he took a smalt hamper with
him, and contrived with the ingenuity of a trained mountaineer, to never find himself hungry without opportunities for gratifying his wants.
"Ono thing was noticeable." he
said, "I never saw a ferocious animal in all ray walks. Porcupines
there were, and squirrels, but no
boars nor mountain lions." Tliis
evidently was a disappointm<ni to
A  Mecnincant  Mennlein.
Tbo Crow's Nest I'eak is a magnificent mountain, ho sn>s, but little is
known of it. The I a*.**, ihe source of
th? Old Man Diver, which Hows from
a largo mountain, is ulso un interesting point, and the Crow's Nest
Lakes have a beauty of their own.
There is an abandoned part oi the
railway near tho Loop, and between
Iho Loop west of that and the Arrow Lakes aro many places which
would prove very uttracti*.e to tourists, and especially to tho**o who carried a cameru. Through lliis country, in tho valleys, wero fine fields
for settlement, but as yet tlvy have
very few inhabitants. ln his opinion, it will not always ba thus, for
the fertility of the iand appeals io
the agriculturist.
On the subject of the relative antiquity of the higher partR ot North
America,  Mr. Whymper snid:
"T am traveling to learn, nnd to
learn about matters which are not
found in books. Tho fact that a
little lo tho east of Winnipeg, and
thenceforward to the Fast all the
way through to Halifax, the exposed
rocks havo been obviously ice ground,
and havo not only lieen ico ground,
but have been ground by ice for Ci n-
turi'S, is a matter of considerable interest. In going westward towards
thn Rockies I cxyiectcd to see still
moro emphatic signs of ice action.
but I hnve not found anything of
tho kind. There aro a number of
large glaciers ln the immediate neighborhood of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, but so far as I have been
abl<» to observe, thoy do not present
any Indications that they have over
beon materially larger than thoy oro
at present."
Asked in regard to comparison of
Canadian scenery with other places
which he had visited, Mr. Whymper
said: "1 do not know any other
part of the world of which it ctin
be said that there is not a dull milo
Sn over 500 miles. My walk across
tho Canadian Kockies was undertaken because I felt that it was impossible to see adequately tho beau-
tiofl of this wonderful region. They
cannot bo seen in traveling by railway alone, even ii ono went over il
twenty times."
Ml»   Kketerlaa   Aroseendera, Whe   Wee
l.rc.iatly le the Tbleh ef Fighting.
An Interesting personage who hns
been prominent in tho recent fight in?
In Macedonia in Ekaterlna Arnaou-
dova, a young lady filled with a
lively hatred of Turkish rule. Miss
Aiuaoudova. who is twenty-six years
of age, was teacher in a Macedonian
school, in a village which became
an object of attack by Turkish
troops Tho horrors she then witnessed roused her to tako an active
part against the Moslems, and being
a good rifle shot her help  was glad-
uu» ekatki'.ina a::v*.ouuova.
ly accepted by tho revolutionists.
She  wears  a  uniform  something   liko
tlmt of Jia-r companions—namely, a
gray military tunic and trowacrs,
dull plica woollen loggings, and a
black fur cap. siu> carries bandoliers containing cartridges both for
tiiie und revolver, Miss Arnaoudova
is very strong and active, and finds
no difficulty in keeping up with her
mal" comrades during thoir long
marches through rough and rooky
country. .She hns been responsible
for tho deaths 0( mnny Turks slnco
she joined ''the bands," and has I'orc-
sworn all Idee of domestic life until
she sees her country frea.
It,nl. In Itialr.
Tho wholesale slaughter of birds
foi- footl in Italy has one advantage,
lt Includes the sparrow, which in
that country is consequently a rara
Ill*  Ila*   prat   Well,
The deepest well in tho world Is
situated in the village of Speienberg,
about twenty miles from Berlin, it
has a doptli of 4,l"i feet.
A Naiaaalr la ibe Fullest Senee— Perlli
WLIcb the Ouei bunt era. Face la Ibe
VV 11 al l~.ra.la el I or.nola—Chief lato
•r Pressor, Greet Mrman<i 1> Feue.il lo
tbe Manufacture ef Smokeless Fonder.
Since the acquisition of Formosa
by Japan at Uia clos« of iho Chinese-
Japanes*.* war Japan hus controlled
the camphor product uf the world.
Japan, China and Formosa are the
only countries in which tho camphor
treu grows in profusion. 'Jhe thin*
ese yi.id has never exceeded uuu.ouu
pounds a year. Jupan produces
about 8,000,000 annually, Tho production of Formosa is over ti.oou,-
000 pounds and would it uncurbed increase rapidly.
To lake lull advantage of this
situation tho Mikado's IJoveninnni
four years ago declared lhe camphoi
forests of Formosa to be crown land.-
and mado a monopoly of lhe sale o.
tho camphor taken from lh«*m. Clini*-
recently both houses of the Japan
ese diet passed a bill extending thai
monopoly over tho whole Empire.
Permits are necessary before anj
one can engage iu lhe mnniifartiiii*
of camphor in Formosa, but these
permits are freely granted. The(!o*-
ernment, however, names tho maximum amount of camphor to be produced annually, an.l .very porn I
must be sold io the ('ovi-ninn-iit al
a fixed price.
Camphor enters largely into lh
composition of celluloid and Similar
products, and tho moths get awn;,
with a good deal of it, but the chic:
cause of tho great demand for it at
present is its use in tho manufacture
of smokeless powder. However, the
monopoly and tho increasing demand
are not entirely responsible for the
high retail price. Tho dangoroi.s
character of tne work of gathering
camphor, and lit" consequent need
of costly military protection of the
camphor camps, is u large clement
in  tho regulation  of prices.
Tho eust coa*.t of lhe island ol
Formosa   has   been    inhabited     iron
An Oehewa l.mlr Uli.i Ureal lu the Ureal
Age cf Four Venn Over
a Cen.ur..
Mrs. Hichard Hopper, who died ln
Oshawa on Nov. 21, ut ihe age of
103 yeara and eight months, was
probably the oldest resident of Canada. She retained her reason, hearing and sight up to tho tlmu of hor
dtalh and exercised her senses with u
keenness and intellicr-nco that were
nothing short of remarkable. Mrs.
Hopper was born on "Mutch 25th,
18u0, in Devonshire, England, and
when she was six years of age all
England colebruted the great victory
of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar. Sho remembered, and never tir«l of telling,
how ihe bluffs all along the Pritish
Channel sparkled with the bonfires
in  honor of the occasion.  She was u
an unknown timo by savages of the
most bloodthirsty and treacherous
sort. It has been the great dread of
sailors, for one shipwrecked tliere, if
he escaped the sea, was sure to lio
murdered by the natives, who wore
on the constant lookout for loot.
Tho camphor forests are located in
the mountains back of tho east
coast, ond it is among thi*se wild
devils that the gum gatherers have
to work. They an*, sent up into Iho
mountains, pitch their camps and
gather camphor with one hand while
they hold a gun in thc other. Though
their wits aro sharpened by the ever
present danger, whole parties of them
aro sometimes slaughtered.
The savages aro very dark and go
about nearly naked, 'ihey aro urm.-d
with bows and arrows, knives and
swords nnd not Infrequent]}* with
rifles. 'ihey nro as crafty as the
North American Indians. 'J hough
armed guards stand over the men
whilo tliey are foiling tho trees and
getting out the guin, they may bo
at tacked at any moment unless the
savages consider tho force too largo
for them to overcome.
Tho task of transporting the gum
to the plains is even more dangerous than lhat of callccting it. The
paths aro narrow, and tho carriers
cannot present a broad front to tho
enemy. A strong escort, front, and
roar, beating the bushes and srrub
for savages who may be lurking
thorp, is always essential to safety.
As a preliminary step tho Government has detailed l,,r>o0 soldiers to
guard I lio camphor camps aud convoy    the    carriers.      If  this    i.s   not
enough the Oovernment will send a
larger    force   to   Formosa,  for    it
means to put lhe camphor business
on a safe basis,  whatever the cost.
The camphor tree looks something
liko a linden, lt grows to great ago
and si/o if left alone. A tree centuries old antl fifty feet in diameter
is not remarkable, llut to get out
tho gum it is necessary lo kill the
treo. Every part of it, including tho
leaves, contains its share of camphor. The first process is to reduce
tlio tree to chips, which ore put into
iron vessels having C0I10 shape rovers lined with rice straw. Tho vessels nro then heated unlil tho camphor i.s volatilised, The vapor condenses on tho straw- lining of lha
vessels' covers ami is Bcrapod oil in
tho shape of tiny lumps of camphor. |
Theso lumps ore i*r*Iin.xl and pressed
into blocks nnd aro then ready for j
shipment. j
The  Oovernment   hns   lately   intro-j
tlucetl  an  advanced  system  of  foros-
try  in   the  interests of  the camphor
trade,   and   now   ior  every   tree    cut
down     unother    must     bo     plenti-d. |
Violation of this rulo means the   re- I
vocation of tho manufacturer's permit. '
lilt lilts. HOPPEK.
true llritish subject and her face
would light up when she told of the
rejoicing that followed the news of
the defeat of tho French at Waterloo, and tho sullen retreat of tho
formidable French Emperor.
This remarkable woman lived during the reign of five British sovereigns, and in three centuries. Horn
in the eighteenth century, she outlived the nineteenth, nnd enjoyed
health nnd happiness for nearly three
years  of tho  twentieth century.
Mrs. Hopper was married in Devonshire, England, at the age of twenty,
and with her husband emigrated to
Canada In 1853. locating ut Whitby.
Ontario. She resid.-d there about two
\enrs. then came to Oshawa, whore
iho made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Tctrie. Tn 1898 sho wont
to live with her son. Mr. Thos. llop-
por, Oshawa, nnd remained with him
up to tha time of her death.
A great mnny years ago she was
presented to the late Queen Victoria.
who gave her a rare coin, which is
still in Ur- possession of hor family.
At the age of ninety-eight she composed a series of verses. Her husband
died in 1885. nl the age of eighty-
(i.e. Four of her nine children nre
still living. They ore: Mrs. John Col-
well of Lcaskdnlo, aged eighty-four
\ear9: Mrs. Matthew Hodson, llcspe-
lor: ](. Honper, Grand Rapids. Mich.,
and Thos. Hopper, Oshnwn. Tho ac-
compnnyintr cut was made from a
photo of Mrs. Hopper taken at the
age of one hundred  and one years.
Hill Margaret  Anglin, Daughter of   Former Commons Speuket.
Miss Anglin is a daughter of tho
.'ate Hon. T. VY. Anglin, Speaker of
the House of Commons, and was educated nt Lorelto Abbey in Toronto.
Her theatrical career has been almost
phenomenal and sh.* is to-day    easily
in the first rank of actresses. Miss
Anglin's co-star this season, Mr.
Henry Miller, is also a Canndian and
mnili; his lirst venture into lhe dramatic field from Toronto. Tliey hnvo
been playing a Canadian engagement iu Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.
Chinese Saaamen.
Hcamcn on nativo river craft In
China get $8 a month and on seagoing Chinese vessels {8. They fur-
nlsh their own food.
Hoantalneering ll*-<'*aaaU.
Mountaineering records have recently been broken in two respect a in tho
Ilunza Nagar peaks of the Himalayas on thc northwest frontier of India. P'or four yours past Mr. and
Mrs. Dulloek Workman havo boon carrying on climbing operations in thoso
parts with the aid of .Swiss guides.
A short time ago Dr. Workman and
two guides climbed an unnamed peak
near the Chogo Loongma glacier to
a height of 28.894 feot. They did not
miMe reurh tho top, but lliis is higher than the previous world's record,
which is the summit of Aconcagua in
tho Andes, 2.'t,.i83 feet. Mount Everest, however, tho highest peak in tho
world, still remains utironqueied. On
tho samo dny Mrs. Workmnn reach.-d
a height of 22,.**.r>8 feet, which breaks
tho previous record for women—held
by herself—bv l.fiOS feet. Mrs. Workman is mild-looking and middle-aged,'
with gray hair and a by no means
athletic figuro.
Ten In Indlr..
The half million acres cultivated in
tea in India produce 1110,000,000
pounds, tho investment being about
$100 nn aero. The labor required Is
thirteen persons to iho acre. Ono
pound of India tea will produce seven and one-half gallons of ten of a
given strength, while the teu of
China will produce but five gallons.
Two Years' Kicuratlons Just Termiealeil
l£t Reveal Ibe History of  Greece fer Fifteen Centurire -1 he Viitlcaa ef Aoelenl
World,  From   Which   Her  Prlesle lx"
erciseal Very Great l*«lllic«l Power iu
lliguu* Tlrai-s.
The French Archaeological School at
Athens hus finished iis ten years* e\-
cavutions upon the silo of Delphi.
the grent sanctuary of Apollo, and
has turned over the site to the Greek
Oovernment. 'lhe work accomplished
has been of almost inestimable value
to science. The inscriptions, monuments und sculptures brought to
light comprise offerings to lhe Delphic oracle from all parts of lhe ancient world. Magnificent buildings,
statues, columns and altars tutted
by great princes and states have been
found side by side with thousands
of rude \olive images from lh.* poorest and humblest,
I'he Delphian shrine, as it now
lies exposed, consists of a largo ir-
regulur quadrangle upon the hillside
below "Mount I'urnassus, with Kni.-s
at intervals In iis walls, the iimiii
entrance being al tha* southeast cornel- opposite the I'nstiliun >\n\tiu.
From this gate the Sacred Way.
paved and lined on either side with
VOtive buildings, eic, lends up in
winding curves to ihe great temple
of Apollo, of which only tho substructure remains, revealing thc
chamber where the oracles wore de-
llVOfod. liefore thi*- tiMiiple stood tho
altar of thi' I'hinns. dedicated in tho
fifth century 11. C . but the excavations have proved that it had boon a
place of sarrilii'.*  from  a  remote  age
Abovo the temple stood iha* theatre,
one ol* the best preserved buildings in
Greere, and the Leschfi, a building
mentioned by     Pausanins as contain-
ing two celebrated series of paintings
by l'olygnotus.
Thc most important of the buildings from the point of \ iuw of tho
artist aro tlie treasuries, small
temples in which Iho various citi'.-s
deposited their offerings. These are
all in mine, but so muny of tho
fragments have been recovered that
it has been decided to re-build one of
them, the treasury of Athens, a
trophy of the battle of Marathon.
This stands on the Sacred Way, and
just beyond it nre tho Hock of tho
Sibyl nnd the famous Stoa of the
The bas-reliefs, sculptures and Inscriptions now in thu museum are of
so varied character and so great
number that it is Impossible to
enumerate Ihein. The richly carved
Omphalos, tlio stone which was supposed to mark the centre ot the
earth, und a bronze statue of a charioteer of tho greatest artislic beauty,
dedicated about .171! il. C, by l'oly-
lelos, brother of the tyrant of Syracuse, would alone have justified the
expense ol the excavations.
Tradition connects tiie name Delphi
with tho legend of Apollo transformed into a dolphin accompanying and
guiding the ships which brought ilm
lirst Cretan set I lets to this shore.
Homer called it. Fylho. which numn
connects With a still euiller time,
when Apollo dispossessed tho original deities of the place and slew tho
python   which  guarded   il.
From tlio ninth century beforo
Christ the fame of the Oracle of Delphic Apollo wns fully established and
rontinuod unlil its abolition by Theo-
dosius, about .'!8."> A. D. Ila rich
treasures exposed Delphi to attacks
of tho enemy, nnd in 480 T\. 0.
Xerxes attempted to takf. it. In 27!)
11. C, D-rennus ni'd his Gauls made an
ntlnck  on  the sacred city,  but     weto
unsuccessful, In the sixth century the
temple wus destroyed by an earthquake, but was rebuilt. It was agnin
destroyed nnd rebuilt in the fourth
century 11. ('. It uns plundered
sevoroJ times by the Phoclana in :ir,r,
1) C. and by Sulla in Hd II. C. and
ngnin by Nero in a fit of rage bo-
rnuse (he oracle disapproved of his
killing his mother, Constnntino tho
□real carried off some of its treasures, and the bronze pedestals of tho
PlataOAfl trophy i.s to bo seen in Constant innplo to-day,
From the earliest mythical times
down to tho time of Julian Iho Apostate thO whole civilized world sought
enlightenment from the lips   of   tho
Pythian prophotess of Apollo, and
'hiring nil thnt long period her commands were obeyed, antl her priests
exercised a political power r-qiial to
that wielded bv the Church of Homo
over Catholic Europe in the middle
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured l.iitlo
Edith Harris'  Dropsy.
Here Wae a Terrible tw* It Prov..« t|„(
the great Kidney Remedy U gaiutl fw
Old and Yoang alike and Curui »u
forme of Kidney Dleraer.
Weyburn, Assa., N.W.T., Jan n-
(Special)—No more remarkable rur»
of dropsy haa ever been put on record
than that of littlo Edith Harris, th«
two-year-old daughter of Mr. und
Mrs. H. J. Harris of this place.
The littlo girl hud dropsy in tu
worst form. Sho was swollen from
her feet to her shoulders so badly
that the doctor was afraid one of Iter
feet would Jwrst. Her natural waist
measure was eighteen Inches, but
when the disease wns at its worst,
shy measured thirty-four inches. Two
doctors attended her, but aft it three
mouths struggle with the disease th*
child was gradually growing worse,
and the parents hud about givin up
all hope of saving the life ui llieir
At this time the.v determined to u«
Dodd's Kidney Fills Imagine their
surprise and delight when under thia
treatment the child began to rapidly
improve. Hy the time she had tiikon
three boxes, half a pill at a dose, tht
swelling was gone and the helploM
little invalid was transformed into s.
merry laughing healthy child ;ij;aln.
Dodd's Kidney l'ills cure old and
young alike. They cure kidney dl*.
eafo without regard to where a^r In
what form it is found.
A dredger is about to be launched
from a German yard which will bt
capable Of rnising s.ooo tons of i„ud
per hour. After it has been at v ork
tho bottom is left os level as it road,
Thorp   never   wan   and   never   wiii   l.e 8
universal panacea, in ono rsmedj   r..i ,\\>
ills to which flosh is heli— tho very im-
ture <.t many curatives beinc such thai
were the Borma of other and differenllv
seated disease rooted m the system ,,|
the oatienl—what would relieve ono III
In turn would ttituravatv tlu* other ll>
have, however. ia Quinine Wine, ehen
obtainable in sound, aaadnlterateii iUhw.
a reme<lv for many nnd ffrievoUfl ill- Hv
Its trrnduail  mid   lu.licious uso the liaiia.v.
-'..'.teii-.s un* leal Into convalescence nmi
itrenetli lav tho inllui'iiap whiil. Quintal
exerts on nature's own restorative* It
relir.ps tl:o riroonina spirits ial lhosa
with      whom   a   chiaTnic   stnte   ol   niairl.iil
itesnondency and  luck  of Interest  in
is ii ilisoiiee. mid bv trtuiqullizlnc thi
■icrvcs. dispose*, to fiajnnd and refreshing
nIoop—impnrts vicor lo the action ut tliaa
l.luoal wblcb, being stimulated, com
ihrouifh tho veins. Btrensrtheninff tlie
'-enlthy nniiniil functions ol the lystetn
thereby lniiKimr activity ii necpf.su: \ re*
eult. strenirthenlne the Inline anil trlvltn
uie to the digestive orenns. which mitu
reltv demand iiii*reHf-d siibslnnce—r.'sul*
Improved npTaetite. Northrop it- Uvinil
of Toronto. hnve civpn to lhe tm!t!i
tha*ir Superior Quinine Wine at lhe aa^ a
ra*t,. nnil. *»niiiTed bv Iho nralniaanv a,!
scientists the wine approaches i>a „■
periei'tiaui oi any in tne luark.-t U
Irucirists sell It.
*x*km Last SlrtW:—
It was Saturday night, and owing tl
the temporary absence of his wife 11
fell to Ur. Brown to attend to thi
nsual process of giving his eight-year*
eld son a bath and putting him to bed.
He had left his evening paper with i
man's reluctance and bad hurried matters along with more speed than tbi
little chap was accustomed to. now.
ever, be endured it all without a protest until it enme to the prayer. It *u
his habit after ".Now I lay me" to uk
the divine blessing upon a long list ol
relatives and friends, calling each \,
'Tlense God," he begnn, "bless pnpi
and mamma, grandpa and grandma sub
Aunt Edith and Uncle George and"-
A pause. Ills father, thinking to curtail tbe list of beneficiaries, softly Insinuated an "Amen." Not heeding thi
Interruption, the little supplicant drew
a long breath and continued, "And
Aunt Alice and Cousin Annie n inland"— Again his father said "Amen"
This was more than flesh and bloo*
could stand, and, lifting his little bernl
ho exclaimed, with tears of iodlgni
tion, "Papa, who's running this prayer;
you or me?"—Harper's Monthly.
Bravery Immortalised.
At an entertainment at which NelM
met Benjamin  West jnst before ii
went to sea for the last time he remarked to the artist.. "I never pass a print-
shop where your picture of the 'Dent!
of Wolfe' ls ln the window without being stopped by It." West, of course, acknowledged the compliment, and Nelson went on to ask wby be had painted
no more like It   "Because, my lord'
answered the artist, "there are no mon
subjects."   "Blank it," said Nelson, '1
didn't think of that," and asked hlm •»
take a glass of champagne.   "But, mf
lord, I fear your Intrepidity will J«
furnish me wltb another scene, and"
It ahould I ahall certainly avail ih.tm'
of It,"  the painter observed.   "WI
yon," said Nelson, pouring out bum^j
ers and touching his. glass vlolontljl
against Wesfs-"wlll you, Mr. Weit'l
Tben I hope I shall die In tbe next t>»'1
tie."   He sailed a few days later. Mjl
West painted "The Death of Nclson."-
London Chronicle.
Aa Accident.
"Fuhlhardy met with an acclden
"What kind?"
"Sat on a dynamite keg Just before I
went off."
"Did you see blm?" ,
"Yes; he seemed all broken up abow
1"-Clnclnnatl Commercial Tribune,
Little  Thlnss.
Little words lire the sweetest to MJ*
Little chnrltlcs fly fnrtbent ninl »t«
loiiRCMt on tho wing. Littlo Inl*''3 "J*
"tlllcHt, nnd little henrts nro the ful'**
and little farms the bout till*'-' A°
when Naturo would miiUe nnylMuR
peclnlly rnre nnd lienutlfiil she nit*
It llttle-llttlo pearls, little dlaOOj"
little dewdrops - multum lo PJJJ
Much In little Is the great beauty 01
' that we lore best
**»-**Aj«r' O F*A* ILL-,T*1cre ale n"'ro rellgioun sects In
^^^^^^^^^^ Asia than in any other pari ol Vhe
' " '    | world; Confucius. Brahma.Mohautmed
and   Buddha are tho   most    popular
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
-    TW* Kplcoreun Btidirer.
The badger iu a great epicure ln eggs,
,, i much of the  hostility of gniae-
" ,„era to this animal lies undoubtedly
|, ii,o fact that It will, when lt gets the
l,.,nce, devour a whole nest of par-
,'!,1},(. ',„• pheasant eggs.    Badgers nre
„ij nlso to he fond of honey, nnd,
nowlng the extraordinary craving of
,!r iSuiitli African cousin, the rutck
/this delicacy, I should sny It is not
inrobable ihnt Ihey may occasionally
n-tnke of It.   It Is certain that these
titnala '"*ve n PBttlcufar liking for
i> nest nnd larvae of wasps and wild
,es, digging down with strong feet
id Infinite perseverance till they at-
In their object    These animals aro
U by keepers to kill nnd devour free-
,01111;,' rabbits. That they do partake
this fare nt times ls, I think, certain,
tt that Ihey destroy any very consld-
..i,|e number is more than doubtful.
Ill, the bndger is carnivorous In his
iiis .ind is not, even by bis kindliest
•mis, to be absolved from devouring
times tender rabbits uud even tbe
wig of gnuie birds wheu he cun get
ij uf them.—Longniu u's.
<:« m   * tlt-aTilllf.
"To 'hew gum lor live or ten minutes after n meal is absolutely bene-
Uclal." said a physician, "especially for
Imsty enters, who do not half mastl-
cute their food, because the action of
tlie Jaws causes thc Rustrlc Juices to
flow, und thnt Is good. But so few
ni oplo can use and not abuse It. They
g, t the gum ln their mouths and keep
ut it till they fairly dry up tbe saliva
■supply, bring on a headache and get
generally nervous.   This will cause In*
ll -"StiOll."
11 >
it ■
,.  offer  una*  Hunaiaa-al   Dollars   Reward  for
ra^a, r.f Catarrh  that cannot  bo cured by
I's Catarrh Cure.
F. .1 CIIBNET A CO., Toledo, O.
... Haa* nnflei-Hli?na.a. have Known F. J.
na-y for the liiht 1', fttrt, and believe hlm
,,ily honorable In ..* 1 business transactions
financially nl'lc tu 1 airy out any obll-fatlaine
a b| their firm.
WEST A -.'-'.VAX.
Wli'.l. -..;.■ llruirirlsts. Toledo, O.
Wholes*!* Druggists, Toledo. O.
Ul'i a'iatairli Cure l.i taken Internally, act-
dlrei'tly upon the blood and mucous str*
1 . '. tiie system. Ti'S'.lnioiiUta s»nt fres,
c 75e per bottle. Sola! by all Druggists.
ill's '.'amity l'ills arc lhe best.
Uin-1 some men give a social blow-
iitil they never stop blowing nbout
.', I..it   they  blew   in  on the  affair.
.,a-li creasy dishes, pots or pans with
Lexer's Dry Soap [ft powder) lt will
.   avs the grease with the n-eeteet ease.
Towels nn.1 eggs can never i.u too
KinanTs liiiimeot Cures iiiphiheria.
A hundred yeaA ugo the average
rllcsl iiieasiiiein.'iii of men. ns recorded  111  tailors'   I.tx.Us  was   1h  in     now
It   is   lH   in.
Baby Humors.   n>.  /Unew's   Ont-
a aa iii banal hen, rpiit-ts. and effects uuiuk
uud ellectivo cures in all skin eruptions
.amnion to baby during teething time.
ii i- harmlMis t•> lhe hair In cases ol
Saiald lUual. und iures Kr/eiiui. Suit
Hlii'um     mui   all   Skin   Diseases   ol   older
|i(.fla|ilfl'       .''."a   .'fills     -.".5
Don't  consider everything  Intpossi*
i.i.* thut vou me unable to perform
ll"-,  weot her is no more dangerous
t" inl   poople ill.111 to lean.
\   \i\<;ir    ph.t. —Dyspepsia  is a loe
illl  uliii-li  ii'i-n  nre ciinstti nt ly urairpltnir
ai     Cannot    exterminate.      Subdued   anil
all  appearance  vanquished  in  one.  it
lakes    Hs  ttlipenrancc   In  another  e'irec-
in  many  tbe digestive apparatus
us  delicate    n«     t|,e  mechanism  of «
• a.ali    oi   fa lent ni,-   ins! ruiiient   in   teli'.ch
• ii a in en iii ..f air win make a varia-
..«     Wiih such persons disorders <al the
' wn     ensue    from     Hie   most   trivial
lusei   aai.il   cause   much   Suffering.        To
■ .■  Parmelee's  VemtabTe  l-itis are re*
inmcnded  as  mild   and  mire.
Ni..i,• was n great swell  in Japan
wiiaa... name on a Tuesday began—
it lasted through Sunday
I'll   twilight   .in   Monday
Ami sounded litu* stonos*«)n a can.
Harvard   Lampoon.
Falling hair means weak hilr.
Then strengthen your hair;
feed it with the only hair food,
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It checki
falling hair, makes the hair
Hair Vigor
grow, completely cures dandruff. And it always restores
color to gray hair, all the rich,
dark color of early life.
* Mr bstr was falling out btdly snd I -was
■ frslal I would loin It all.   Then I Irl.rt SyaTa
llslr Vlunr.  It quickly stopped Uie filllBf SM
usdsuiT tnttr alii could wiih It lobe." _
Bsbkooa k. Ajj.ru. KllsasMh, X.«?.
p.j»s bottle. s.o.ATwaoex,
*£*____—— fr%r ^m__]Z*"^**£±
Falling Hair
A woman likes to have kimges stolen from her so that she can light to
iuk« them back again.
In Sweden tlio railway HtatluM Mt
which meals are eeved are ksens l»y
the Kliupiu bat sniriroBtiw. picture of
a crossed kntfe aad fork «**pf>eatte the
name of thu ste station.
'lhe man with the short mater
practice iti sure to make Che l*ng
meter prayer.
You Need only to Negleot Coughs and Cold*.
Tho Great Safeguard is
Successful   prise   fighters  «et   their
'•'> bj  the in.iipii
Miiard's Liniment Cores CsMs, «k
11   la said tlmt the   proOtablg Jn-n
east   I',  times  her  weight   in  a  year. !
Her     ecus     are     six   times   her   own
nnil  are  worth  mx   limes  the cost  of
her fniiii
Like othor people, you dread the
thought ot pneumonia, consumption,
fir any form of lung trouble.
Did you ever wait to think that if
■ulUs wore not neglected there would
he no consumption or pneumonia ?
Theso ailments start with colds,
ind any cough or cold can be cured
hy tho timely use of Dr. Chase's Syr-
ip of Linseed and Turpentine.
"Oh, it will wear away," you say,
and in tho mean time the cold ls fust-
eiiing itself on your system, and
gradually creeping down the bronchial tubes towards thc lungs.
This word of warning may be ot
priceless value to you If you heed It.
Dr, Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine has won the good-will of
many thousands because of Its wonderful   promptness   in  curing  serious
colds and lung troubles.
Mr. John Clark, coachman, Port
Hope,  Ont., states :—
"Last winter I was so bad with a
cold tutu 1 could not speak above a
whisper, and had great pains ln the
chest. At last I feared It would develop into consumption. A friend advised me to use Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed und Turpentine, and one bottle cured my cold, which I believe
would have proved very serious If I
had not used this medicine."
Dr. Chuse's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine i.s sold by all dealers at
the advertised price, 25 cents a bottle
(family size three times as much), 60
cents. Edmonson, Dates & Co., Toronto. To protect you against imitations, the portrait and signature ol
Dr, A. W. Chase, tho famous receipt
book author, are on every bottle.
Since 1852 mora than 26,000 convicts have lieen sent to French Gui-
una, of whom 84 per cent, died ol
disease. hardship und ins-efticient
It is proposed to cut a railroad
tunnel through the mountain known
as tho Ktvicillo. in lhe Jura Alps,
nnd to shorten tbe journoy between
Paris and Switaerland hy two and a
heW hours.
Dear  Sirs:—Your MINAHD'B     LINIMENT is our remedy for sore throat,
colds nud all ordinary ailments.
It never fuils    to relieve and cure
Port  Muljjrave.
Silent     men
seldom      contradict
Many a girl shatters her ideul when
she marries bim.
Theru tiu*.e been Imitations of Dr. Thomas' Ki:lectriu Oil which mav hiivu -teen
iiiliirlous lo its irood n.iuie. but 11 ao. thu
Injury !ins only been temporary Uood-
ncSK must ah.uys come to the front and
throw Into the shade that which i«
worthless So It has be«ii with Kclectric
Oil; no Imitator ran maintain Itaell
avtalnst   the  irenulne  article
No inun hus the heart to say No"
when a girl asks if he really uud
trulv  loves her.
0;ie of the features of tbe L'oris
motor show is un absolutely noiseless cur. Persons in the neighbair-
hood of one of these will not know
thut there is car wllhin a mile unlil
the.v wake up In the hospital —
THK DEIION, IiVSl'El'SIA -ln olden
time it wus 11 popular belief that detnoni
moved invisibly through the ambient air.
HeekliiK 10 enter into men and trouble
them At   the   present   day   the  demon
dyspepala. is nt large in the same wny
Heekinu habitation in those who by rnre-
letis or unwise living invite him And
onre he enters a man It is diffi.'iilt to
dislodge him Ile lhat finds him^lf so
poeeeeeed should know that a valiant
Iriend to do buttle for him with the unseen foe is Parmelee's Ve^ett-ble l'ills.
which are ever readv for the trlil
It is said that Texas alone markets S50.000.000 worth of cattle annually.
Binard's Lintmeit Cares Dtsteaper.
Two   millions   of   London's   inhabitants  never go to church.
Tlis  An.lillloaa Climber.
The Oulile—Well, here we pre on tbe
peak nt last.
The Tourist—Oh, pulde. do you mean
to sny we ean get no higher? Don't ssy
thnt I enn ascend no further.
The Guide— Well, you enn climb np
this nlpciistoel* If vou want to. It's seven feet long.
Mer  Preference  !■  Uames.
"Does jour ilnughter play Mozart!"
Inquired the young man wltb gold
"I think she doee." answered Mrs.
Control nfTnbly. "But I think she prefers whist."
As  Host  Cats (let  Them.
rcislo-l don't believe thst story
nl-out "Puss In Boots." How could s
cat hnve seven league boots?
Itoin.e— Mnyle n giant threw 'em st
hlm one night.
It Is better to live rleh thnn to die
rich — .inbi'M*.!*.
A  Patient  Servant.
"Yes, sir," said Uncle Kliner, who
wns telling nbout his life nnd experience In the Sandwich Islands. "Yes,
sir, we hud ono of tbe laziest cooks you
ever save."
"Is that so?" politely nsked one of
his nlt-ees.
"Indeed, yes. Muny's the lime our
I'.lnner bus been two or three dnys late
Just because she waited for tbe volcano
In lhe buck yanl to erupt, so she could
broil the steak over It Instead of klu-
illiiig 11 tire lu the range."—Judge.
Weak, sickly babies are a .great
trial to mothers. They need constant
care both night and day und soon
wear the mother out. Baby's little
stomach is the cause of mont of tlie
troublo; it is very weak, and in consequence very easily upset. Baby's
Own Tablets will cure all baby troubles. They are mildly laxative and
give prompt relief. Concerning tha>m
Mrs. H. J, Balfour, Omemee, Ont.,
says: "I hnve used Baby's Own Tablets for stomach troubles and con-
stipution. from which my littlo girl
suffered, and they entirely cured her.
They produced sound. ivfreshing
sleep, and I regard them us india-
pensible in any homo where there are
little ones."
Mothers from all parts of Canada
write in favor of Baby's Own Tablets, proving the claim that Ihey arc
the very best medicine for all the
minor ills of infants and young children. Ouaranteod to contain no op-
iute. Price 25 cents a box at ull
druggists or direct from the Dr.
Willium." Medicine Co.. Brockville.
Ont. I
Mnrr'ii.ges muy be made in heaven
but a lot of them end in the other
Tho pence strength of the Russian
army is oier a million men. .Japan's
army numbers about 136.000 men.
Prussian railway cars havo only
ubout three-t<*nths the carrying capacity of those used in tho United
Littlo but searcmng.-Pr. v..D
BUN'S Pineapple Tablets are not hi*
uiiusequs     dosos    that   contain   Injurious
drugs or narcotics—they sre the pure
vegetable pepsin— ihe medicinal extract
from this luscious fruit, and Hie tiil-lru
sre prepared in as palatable form ns lhe
fruit Itself. The.v cure Indigestion. 00
In a box,  35 cents.—10	
The dollar you have to pay back is
twice as big as the one you borrow.
Over 22,000 people wero killed in
India by serpents Inst year. How
would you like to live there?
Bright's Disease-Insidious I
dec'BMve ! rslentless ! tun foils-)
hundruis of trials by medical science te
stem Hie tide of Its iSTiicea—and not until S.iuth American Kidney Curs proves
beyond a doubt lis power to turn the
the tide, was there a glea*m of snythlne
but despair for the victim of this dread
form  of  kidney  disease—54.
Ktidoxus, born 401s D.0V »'"" (n'
first man known lo history to ex
plain planetary motion nnd to mnki
a map of the heavens with the plan
els antl fixed situs marked
In eases 01 infectious illness it li
well to know that nn onion cut into
/our quartan anil placed in n .saucer
In the sick room lukes in much of
the infection.
The thousands of people who
write to me saying that
CVirC   Ths Lung Tonle
cured them of chronic coughs
cannot all be mistaken.
There must be truth in It
Try a bottle for that cough of yours.
Prices 26c, 60c and il.00
S. C WILLS a ca
Toronto, Can. LsRey, N.V.      II
Wear Best
It is the fence that has stood the test of time-stands the  L<savieat strain-never
vagi- the standard-tlis world over.   Order through our local agsntor direct from ns.
THE PAGE WIRfe i-ENCE CO. LIMITED tValkervlUe, Out.     Msatreal, Oue.    St. Jeha, S.B.
aVaaS at flO an Ounce.
"J. few days ugu." saial u elubrunn,
•1 received u small jar DHed wltb n peculiar brownish paste, which was seut
ow as a present by a young Chinaman
wbu used to hnve a laundry here, but
lo i«w living In 8nt» Francisco. A letter which aeeompanlcil tbe gift explained tbat tbe pusto wns n combination of peanut buds anil ginger jelly.
Thfrt sounds like a joke, but It Isn't.
"It you will break open the kernel of
ft pc*3uut, you will Hnd at the base u little cone shaped formation usually surmounted liy two microscopic leaves.
It Is the life germ of the nut, nntl If
planted would develop Into a tree. As
my friend Wong explained to mc, tho
ntits are tlrst rousted and then theso
mlr.ute growths ure carefully extracted. They are so small it takes mnny
thousands of them to fill n teacup, but
wtcu a sutflcleut number are collected
they are put in u mortar aud ground
Into a flue flour, which ls subsequently
mljcd with ttie ginger Jelly antl rubbed
down to a smooth paste.
"That sent me was about tbe consistency of cream cheese, anil It bail a
peculiar aromatic taste that was rather
pleasant. It Is one of tbe queer seml-
confectlous that tbe Chinese like to
nibble nt between courses, nud ns It
costs $10 an ounce It Is literally worth
alu.ost lis weight In gold. I have eaten
ft little of tbe preparation, but I dou't
think I'm apt to acquire a taste for lt."
—New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Willie's Hens.
Ttie New Knglnnd small boy generally tbows business capabilities at a tender age, if he is ever going to have
theiu. I bave beard of a certain small
Benton boy who got into the bal.lt of
teasing bis mother for pennies until at
tart she said to bim: "Now, Willie, 1
den't like to give you pennies. If you
want money, you should go to work
and earn it."
The boy remained thoughtful for
same time. Tben within u few days
the mother perceived that Willie bad
plenty of pennies. She wondered a
bit where he got tbem, but did not
question blm. But one summer day
she noticed that some sort of a hullabaloo was golug on In the back yard.
Looking out, she saw Willie surrounded by n mob of boys wbo were yelling
with delight Sbe went dowu into the
yard to see wbat was going on, nnd us
she passed out she saw stuck up on tbe
back wall of the bouse tbls notice,
quite neatly "printed" out witb a pencil:
1 sraall cret-n worm l..r    1 cent
t large green worm for    2 ca-nti
1 imi.ll iu:'.i*i worm for    8 c-cnti
1 large fuzzy worm for    6 cents
1 small gTern toad for £5 cents
Willie wns apparently doing a thriving business. His mother Interrupted
It—at any rate. In her own back yard.
I dou't suppose that she bad any assurance thnt be wasn't still carrying It on
somewhere else.—Boston Transcript
Mere Than Imagination.
A commercial traveler, whose wife lo
one of those womeu wbo borrow trouble Indiscriminately, had occasion to
make a trip east.
His wife was very anxious nbout
him ami felt certain that be would
fall a victim to smallpox, wblcb was
reported to be prevalent iu the city to
which he was going. She begged blm
to carry a little lump of asafetlda In
bis pocket to ward off contagion.
Naturally he objected and positively
refused to be made the permanent
abode of sucb n persistent odor.
When he came home from his trip
he said to his wife:
"It Is wonderful, the power of the
Imagination. Why, dou't you know, I
Imagined that I smelled nsnfetida
the wbole time I was gone."
"It wasn't Imagination nt nil," quietly replied the wily little woman. "I
sewed a bit of nsafetidn In tbe corner of your coat before you went
awayl"—Memphis Scimitar.
A Fifing Star.
On a summer evening you may see
Arcturus high up In the south or southwest In Juue-or July and farther down
ll the west lu August or September.
Vou will know It by its red color. That
star has been Hying Straight ahead
ever since astronomers began to observe It nt such a speed that It would
run from New Vork to Chicago In a
small fraction of a mluute. You would
have to be spry to rise from your
cbalr, put on your bnt and overcoat
and gloves nnd go out ou the street
while It wns crosslug the Atlnntlc
ocean from New York to Liverpool.
And yet If you should watch thnt star
all your life, and live ns long ns Methuselah, you would not be nble to
see that It moved at all. The Journey
that It would make In n thousand yenrs
would tie as uothlng alongside Its distance.— Professor Simon Newcomb lu
Youth's Companion.
An  Brror of  Pronunciation.
The circuit rider Is taking dinner
with the family of the mountaineer In
Kentucky. As preliminary to the meal
hojs pronouncing tbo customary grace.
"Bless this our dully food," be appeals.
The mountaineer, with native courtesy, waits until the "amen," then remarks:
"Excuse me, puhson, foh correctlti'
yo' all, but up in theso pnbts we don't
speak It like yo' do."
"Don't speak wbnt?" asks tbe pus-
sled preacher.
"Why, yo' asked fob a blcssln' on
ousb dally feud an' pronounced It th'
wrong way."—Judge.
The necesiity of Rcl':bility — saves labor—saves carpets—
saves time—saves money.
Sherwd Buyers need no urging—they insist upon being supplied
with these Brooms that stand a'one.
Aro   Vou   Building T      If*  so,   —mam
It Is very much atroncer ond thicker than any other (tarred or balld-
Ing) paper, lt is impervious in wind, keepa out cold, keepa Ui heat, carries no smell or odor, abaorhi no moiiture, Imparts no taata or flavor to
snythlne with which it comes in contact. It Is largely used not only for
sbeetlne houses, but for lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, creameries, and all places wbere the object ls to keep an even aud
uniform  temperature,  and  at the same time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents, TEES A PERSEE, Winnipeg, tor temples.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Do You Want
If so, the iiiifllersiifiieil wonts yoar business aud will endeavor to give satlsfactle
Cash advanced on consignments.     Keforeuce:   I*sion Bank of Canada.
Ths oldest established Drain Commission
Merchant in Wtnnip<*g.
Grain  Exohange,   Winnipeg.
C3 on MacArthur, commanding tho
Military Department of California,
reports    1,344   desertions, or   moro
thnn  30 pt'r cent,  of enlisted Strength
during 'ho last year.
Pain over the Eyes
Headache and Catarrh
Relieved in 10 minutes.
Thnt dull, wretched pnln In the head
just over llie eyes is one of the purest
siniiM that Uie si*eds ol catarrh have been
sown, ninl I's your wiirninif to administer  the quickest   nnd surest treatment to
prevent the seal mit ol this dreaded mai-
nily.    l'r   Agnew's Catarrhal Powder will
stop nil  1 .ai  In ten minutes,  and curo.
Sold lay all dru(tc'sls.
Liver Pills
That's what you need; somo
thing to cure your biliousness,
snd regulate your bowels. You
need Ayer's Fills. Vegetable;
gently laxative.        fc&eTKS:
Want your moustache or beard
■ beautiful brown or rich black? Uso
nm ca, a.r.%x\x.eo,»it»tu.s.a.
Two olton cease to tn* company nl*-
Inr tht-v nro mado om-.
it is twin' ns easy to fool yourself
us it is tn foo] othor poople.
it isn't always tho long-haired man
who has tlu* most  brains.
The average mnn wants others to
sc-o him as he si-i-s himself.
Shirt waists and dainty
linen are made delightfully
clean and fresh with Sunlight Soap.
Many a man's  respect for old eg*
ends at boarding house poultry.
Some candidates get thero with
both feet nntl other' put both feet in
"There is dancer in nei?lettin(f a cold
Many who have died of consumption
alat.-al their trouliles from exposure, lot-
lu«ed by n rolal which settled on their
Mines, and In n short time the.v were beyond the skill ol the best physician
Iiud they ukm! Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup before it «ns too late, th^r
lives would have been spured This medicine hns no equal for curing couvlis
colds ninl nil unctions ol the thront nntl
In r.ermnny 4*t"a piano factories
mnko 80.000 Instruments annually.
Half of theni, or about six milHion
dollars' worth, are sold abroad, principally in England	
liflartf s Unimeal Cures Garget is Cm
If more men would Ihink uud foWCT
wonder, the imnilier of failures iu lif«
would be greatly reduced, Think !
Tbnt ie tho word. ond. hnvtri*
thought,  BCt,
\e*tf. IM.  «J.
». aea
-^-r"--r- -:.—.—: THK DRILL, SLOOAN, 1). C, JAiNUAKY 2:.'. 1904.
C. E. SminfiaiNOAUS, Editor and Prop.
Legal Advertiiing 10 cents a line for
(he first insertion and e cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates oi Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisement! at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
|er each insertion.
Commercial Ratei made known upon
Tha Subscription is $2 per year, et.-ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocnn, B. C.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 1904.
Hon. H. R. Emmerson has been taken into the Dominion cabinet us min-
istor of railways.
Hon. Mr. Brodeur, late speaker in
the commons, has boon taken into the
Dominion cabinet as minister of inland
revenue. Where does Temploman get
off at!
An effort will lie made by the government to wind up the business of
the legislature and prorogue by the
end of the month, boing much sooner
than expected.
' The -Slocan riding must wiggle
along this year on a government appropriation of $15000 for its roads and
trails. rt"i8 better than Nelson or
Rossland, .however, for they were
given* nothing.
W. A. Gidliher, the Grit M. P. for
Kootenay, thinks so much of the Slocan country tbat he has never obtained a single dollar of a government
grant for it since he .was elected, although other sections of the constituency have been systematically cultivated.   It is time for a.change,
Duncan Ross, of Greenwood, has
secured the Liberal nomination in the
Dominion constituency of Yale-Cariboo. A superior system of wire-pulling
secured him the position over a more
popular and able man, Denis Murphy,
of Ashcroft. Conservatives should
have uo difficulty in defeating Ross.
British Columbia's credit is not
quite so bad as the pessimists would
have one believe. The $1,000,000
worth of 5 per cent bonds, authorized
under the new Treasury Debenture
Act, were all absorbed by three insurance companies at par, no commission
being paid. It is quite evident Tory
rule has not been so very damaging.
British Columbia has been securing
au unusual amount of attention of late
from prominent mining journals in
the United States and Great Britain.
The last two years have been most depressing to the mining industry and
capital drifted away to Africa.Mexico,
and elsewhere. Now there appears to
be a disposition to consider the merits
of the resources of the province again,
and it is believed a better state of
things is in store for the country. It
has beeu anxiously awaited, and the
wonder is that the rich and varied resources of the various camps have not
attracted attention of the investing
public and held it secure.
Laurier has funked and will hold
another session of parliament liefore
'appealing to the people.the Dominion
house being called to assemble on the
10th of March. One reason for the
change iii the programme is thut tin'
Grand Trunk Pacific scheme has fallen flat, and is proving a heavy drag
on the Liberal party. Another reason
is that Clifford Sifton, who has been
practically dead for six months, has
suddenly come to life and urged a
delay in the elections. He has discovered public opinion In the west to
be decidedly anti-Grit, and he wants
time to get his Doukhobor and other
"foreign friends on the voters' list, so
as to enable his party to make some
sort of a race. Delay is proving dangerous to the Grits, while Tory stock
is going up.
Brond-Mladed Headier*.
The Northwest benchers, in session
at Calgary last woek, have decided to
admit United States advocates to
practice under very strict rules. It
carries also reciprocity with the other
provinces and colonies, as soon as
these are ready to grant the same
privilege to the Territories,
Pay up your subscription.
James Cross removed to tho coast
on Saturday.
W. E. Hodder was elected mavor of
Kaslo by acclamation.
Trail and Phoenix elected thoir
councils by acclamation.
The C.P.R. had three wrecks on the
Crow's Nest braach last week.
John Hamilton is mayor of Nelson,
defeating John Irving by 99 of a majority.
It is quite likely a number of Slocan
properties will ship their zinc to Belgium.
Express money orders aro payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Col. Lowery spent Monday night in
town. He found the corpses very
much alive.
There will be a dance tonight in the
Miners' Union hall, in aid of tho Colorado strikers.
Alex. Lucas, Kaslo, hns lieen appointed assessor and collector of the
Slocan district.
A court of revision on the voters'
list of the Slocau riding will be held
hereon Feb. 1.
The New Denver electric works have
received a new water iiiotor,which will
improve the light.
A logger named McLean was caught
in a log iam below Nakusp, last weok,
and fatally injured.
Mrs. W. Brandon, of Silverton, and
a couple of lady friends, aro visiting
Mrs. J. M. Benedutn.
The Dominion government has
made a grant of $110,000 to the Winnipeg exposition this year.
Dr. Kirkwood, who has been visiting friends here for a month,' left ou
Monday for Salt Lake City.
James Brown was killed at Eholt
last week while cutting down a tree,
by a branch striking him on the head.
Rev. Fi H. Graham, of Nelson, will
preach in St. Paul's church on Sunday, Rev. Mr. Mount going to Nelson.
Miss Jennie Hammond, formerly of
this place, is to lie married in Seattle
on the 26th, to Dr. McLennan, of Nelson.
The C.P.R. threaten to turn loose a
horde of tourists in these parts next
summer. The solitude is certainly
A tremendous snowslido this week
at Laggan demolished the railway
track and telegraph wires, delaying
traffic considerably.
A subscription list wns circulated on
Monday, in aid of John McTntosh.
who had had his eyes injured in an
explosion at Phoenix two years ago.
F. L. Christie, formerly of Sandon,
has been disbarred and disqualified
and struck off the banisters'and solicitors' roils of the supreme court of
British Columbia.
Mrs. Win. Sen man, a former resident, spent a few days here during
the week renewing old acquaintances,
having been visiting friends in Vancouver for the past two months. Cajit.
nnd Mrs. Seaman are about to take up
their residence in Nelson.
' W. H. Brandon came down from
Silverton on Monday, having in company E. Cass, president of the Manitoba Construction Co., Winnipeg.
They, in company with J. Tinling,
were going over to Kootenay lake to
examine some timber lands.
I.O.O.F. Office™.
Following are the new officers of the
local lodge I.O.O.F., J. V. Purviauce
having been the installing officer: N.
G„ H. A. Cleve; V.G., Chas. Snyder;
R.S., Frank Purviance; F.S., Heber
Baker; trea., D. Arnot; D.D.G.M., J.
V. Purviance.
Conaervatlve Convention.
The convention of the Liberal-Conservative Union of British Columbia
will be he'd at  Victoria on February
1, commencing at 9.30 a.m. All Con-
servnlives will be welcome. The right
t.i vote is confined to delegated chosen
by Conservative association* or district vn 'ctings convened for this pur-
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claini. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Mnke cash
offer to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancoovbb, B, C
Paul Hauck left for Kamloops yesterday morning, where he anticipates
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
Skis new accident policy, with participation in profits, coverine sickness and •pcratleiis.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
•pose. Five delegates/for every member of the provincial legislature is allowed each constituency, such delegates to be elected by the Conservative voters of the eloctoral district or
riding. Proxies can ouly be used by
members of the Union. Business-
General, election of officers and such
other matters as may bo brought forward. The call is signed by J. R.
Seymour, Vancouver, chairman of the
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that, 80 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B.C., for n special
license tocut and carry awav timber from
the following deecribed lands: Commencing at a postmarked "D. St. Denis'
N.E. corner," enid post being planted on
the west side of Slocnn lake, about 00
chains from Alexander McKay's southwest corner, in a westerly direction;
thence south 80 chains; tlience west 80
chains; tlience north 80 chains; tlience
east 80 chains, to place of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 30th day oi
December, 1903.
If you
are troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Once used, always used.
NOTICE ia lieroby Riven that thirty days after
date, we, lhe undersigned, intern! tn apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Land* A W-orKs,
et Victoria, for special licenses to cnt and curry
•wny timber from tlio followimt described tracts
of land, situated on Mosquito rreok, in West
Kootenny District:
First Locution.
Commenrinu tt  a   post,   marked   "William
Sutherland's   northeast   corner  post,"   thence
south Hi) chains; thence west SO chains; thence
north .mi ohains; tlience east 80 chains, to point
of commencement.
Seceixl L<Matlon>
Comnifliirinc et a posl, markeal "William
Sutherland's southeast comer p,»st." thence
west .*() chains; thenco north I**n chains; thence
east SO chains; thenco south SI chains, to point
of commencement.
Till id Leoatloli.
Commencing at a post, marked "A. W. Sutherland's northwest corner post," thence east ml
chains; thonce south 8U chains j thence we--t K0
chaim; thence north W chains, to point of
fa'enrtli l.nciitien.
Commencing at a post, market "A. "'. Sutherland s southwest comer post," thenco north
•Ulchains; thonce east ,*0 clinins; thence south
H.) chains; thence west 80 chains, to point ol
I mil  Location.
Commencing nt a post, marked "Geo. Lester's
southwest corner post,11 ruuuitlg thence noath
ISO clinins; thenco cast SO chains; thenco south
SO chains; thenco wost SO chains, to point ol
Sixth   Let'Ktlen.
Commencing at n post, marked "(j;.o, Lester's
northwest corner, .running cast SO attains;
thence south SO chains; thence west80chains;
thence no. th 80 chains, to point of. commencement.
Sevenlll Locution.
Commencing at a post marked, "Hus Ou-,tef-
son's southeast corner, running west 80 chains!
thence north Sil chains; thence east SO chain-;
thence south SO chains, to place of commencement.
Eighth Locution.
Commencing at n post, marked "(Ins ftiibtef-
son's northeast caarner post," running thence
south 80chains; thence nest SO chains; thenee
north 80 chains; thence east 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
Ninth l.ecifltlou.
Comniencini; at a post, marked "R. Glenalen-
ning's northwest corner post,*1 running thence
east SO chains; thence south M chains; thence
west SO clinins; thonce north 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
Tenth Location.
Commencing at a post, marked "R. Qlendin*
nine's northeast corner post." running thence
south HO chains; thence west 80 chains; theme
north SO chains; thence cast 80 chains, to plnce
of commencement.
F.levenlh Locution.
Commencing ut a post, marked "J. G. Lover-
iu's northeast corner post," running thence
south SO clinins; thene west 10 chains; thence
south 40 chains; thence west 40 chains; thonce
north SO chains; thonce enst 40 chains; thence
north 40chains; thenco east 40 chains, to place
of commencement,
Twelfth Locution.
Commencing at a post, markeal "S. Loyerin's
northeast corner post." running thence south SO
ohalasI thence west 40 chains; thence south 40
chains; thonce west 40 chains; tlience north so
cuius; thence east 40 chains: thence north 40
chains; I hance east 40 chains, lo place aaf commencement.
Thirteenth Location.
Commencing at a post, markeal "J. Harlow,"
running enst 80 chains; thonce south 40 chains;
thence west UK) chains; thence north 40 chains;
thence cast 80 chains, to place of connneaee-
lainitoeiith Locatlen.
Commencing nt a post, markeal "S. Harlow,"
running east SO chains; thenee south 40 chain-.;
thence west 110 chains; thence north 40 chains;
thence east so chains, to place of commencement.
Fifteenth Locution.   '
Commencing at a post, markeal "A. Htrflow,"
running east SO chains; thence south 10chains;
thence west Hit) chains; thenco north 40chains;
thence east 80 chains, to placo of commence-
Sixteenth Location,
Commencing at a post, marked "J. Parent's
southeast corner post," running thence wesl so
chains; thence north Sl) chains: thence enst 80
clinins; thsnoe south SO chains, to placo of commencement.
Nevcnteenth Location.
Commencing at a pint, markeal "A, Parent's
southwest corner post," running thence north
sodiaius; thence east ,SO chains; thonce south
SO chains; thence west SO chains, to place of
Eighteenth locution,
I 'aamineiii'iiig ill a post, Dinrked "J. R, Lorer-
in's northwest corner pest,."running thencs east
80chains; tlience south 80 chains; thence wost
80 chains j thenoe north SO chains, to pluce of
Nineteenth leiatlen.
Commencing at u post, markeal "If. LovSrlll'l
northeast corner post," runuingsoutli80chnlnsj
thence west 80 chains;  thence north 80 chains ; I
thenee east so chain--, io place of commence.
men! I
Appended is a complete list ol the var
ions lecords registered at the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie being raining
Jan 9-Maud S ft, P M Sehouiberg to
P Deuel.
15-Sonthern Chief 7-16, Duplex K. R
A Bradshaw to James Cross
)(i—Sitme, same, James Cross to Robt
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full stock of the best
linos of cigars and toliac-
cos always kept on hand.
M  I.nuvfl.iflef Itrenil tor Sl . &
Full Weight nn«l Quality (fi
Caittmntceal. <aV
Slocan, B. C.        I
for $18.25.
Why be without a range, whet
you can Ret one so cheap? They
arc preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
a j.
Meats cl IiM-iits.
Weymouth Mlaeral Clulm.
Situate in the fclocat)  Citv Mining Division of the Weat Kootenav District
Where located * —On Printer creek,
a tributary of Ten Mile creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I.W. p. McGregor, acting na s\teni lur John L. Fan*, in,
free miners' reitilirato Ni). B7102S, and
C. K. Smitheringale, free miner's retti.fi-
rate No.D599fl7, intend, l'O tlnys from Hi*
.late hereof, to apply to tiie Mining He-
cortlerfoiii eertiflt-iitoof improvement, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown gram
of the above claini.
And further tnke notice thnt action,
nnder section H7, iniiHt lie commenced
before the issuance ol inch certificate of
Dated this I2lh dav of Nevemlwr, 1008.
13-ll-it'i W. H. McUREUOR
Crusader, uidil*n Treaeare and Houiilei'
Mineral Claim*,
Situate in the Slnritn  City Mining Division of the West Koolenny Ilistrict
Where located:— Between tlio lirst
sind  second  noith  folks of  Lemon
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, \V. D. McGregor, acting aa ajji'iit for Chns, Faaa,
F.M.C. 1.57897, anal Wm.  II. Crawford,
Free   Miner's   Certilicate   No   H57698,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t   the minin-* recorder for certificates of improvement, for thc purpose of obtaining Crown grants of tlie
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must l.e commenced
before the issuance of such certificate! of
Dateil this 12th dav of November, 1908.
13-1103 W D. McUREGOR
Silver Leaf Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan Citv* mining division of West Kootenay district. Whom
located:—Sptlni er creek, south of Arlington mine.
TAKK NOTICK thnt  I, Herbert T,
-ajwlgg, as agent for George D. Long, free
miner's certificate No. B64448; N. S.
Tucker,frc« miner's certificate Ko>B04449
Martin Maurnr, free miner's certificate
No. B69720: and Eri Thompson, free
miner's certificate No. B6098n, intend,
sixty days from thu date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Kecorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the ahove
And further take notice thnt action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ot
Dated this 2ith dav of December. 1908.
Kerne and t.ilrllimlill   Miner al ( luluii.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, on the north side.
TAKE NOTICK tbatl.W D. McGregor,
acting ns agent for Joe Trafieanti, KM,
0. No. * -JVOfi-13; Frank Romano, F.M.
C. No. 156(042; nnd J. M. McGregor,
fre* miner's certificate No. B60093, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder or certificates of improvements.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the issuance ofsuch certificates of
D ited this 20th dav of January. 190*1.
22-1-04 W. I). McGREGOR
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Mpdern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
I Mill
Is Advertise youm
| Business
to all persistent und liberal advertisers! it is rend
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for
Jj      y°ur
O local paper:
gj THE DRILL,   $2 per year
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on eary terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is thebe.it finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
Grwillini & Johnsoii,
B. C
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
•- *.
x...x ss>ss»sa)«>s«».ese>eese«
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Win. J. Andrews, or to any perSM
or persons to whom lie mny have transferred his interest in the lilin-k Diamond mineral claim.situated on Lemon
creek nnd recorded in the Heco.tier's
ofliee for tlie Slocan (. ity mining division.
You are hereby notified thst I,
Andrew I'rovost, F.M.C No.B64707,have
caused to hn expended the sum of two
hundred and live dollnrs in labor
and improvements on the above mentioned mineral claim, in order to
hold said claim under tlie provisions of
tho Minernl Act; ind if within !!0 davs
from the date of this notico you fail, or
refuse, to contribute yonr proportion of
such expenditure,together with all costs
of advertising, yonr interest in said
claim will become the propeity of the
suhseriher, under section A of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Minernl
Act, MI00."
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this  1st day of
December, A.D. 1008
HATITS: Regular snhsertb».rs.tl per mont'i
air $ III u y«;ir: nojUSUbscrlbSr* (•XcltuifS nf
intiiia'nl attendance) fS i'er a iny. Private wr.i.i*.
$1 i»rrdayextr%i bpeoJalfatuities formutern*
ity cases,
Kor furtlmr particulars npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THE DRILL hits mnde an
arrangement with tho Toronto Mail-Empire, ro
thnt its weekly edition may be
clubbed with the former.
New fuiliseribers, therefore,
may olitnin the Weekly Mail
Empire acknowledged to be
one of the best papers in the
Dominion aid Sloean's leading journal, The Drill, from
now till .Inn. 1, l!Kir,, for thn
Hum of $2,f>0. With thll exceptional offer will lie given as a
premium, a beautiful afto*
grarure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture de
picta a seene in the Inte Doer
win*, dene in ten colors, and
well worth framing. iSoaii in
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.


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